Roxanna was seated on the cushioned bench at the foot of her bed when Caesar entered. The sight of her stopped him in his tracks and, when she slowly rose and faced him, he did not even try to conceal his astonishment.

Roxanna’s great wealth of natural beauty did not require any additional adornment to draw the eye. She had never worn any jewelry or cosmetics in his presence and he had never found her lacking in any way. It had never occurred to him what power she might wield if armed with such embellishments. Standing before him now, Roxanna was a queen.

She wore a chiton of transparent Coan cloth. The chiton was draped so that, on her right side, the edges met only at the fibula upon her shoulder, leaving a two-inch gap of bare flesh from just beneath her arm down length of her body. The cloth was the same shade as the emeralds she wore. They sparkled from the combs in her hair, from her dainty earrings, from the fibulae holding the fabric in place upon her shoulders, from the fine gold collar at her throat, the bracelet on her wrist, and the ring on her finger. They were sewn into the braided cloth-of-gold ribbons that made up the belt cinched loosely at her waist. Her face was made even more exotic by the carefully applied cosmetics. She smiled at him and, when she lifted the front of the gown to step in his direction, he saw the sparkle of more emeralds from one ankle. She wore gilded sandals. The dark green cloth and jewels were the perfect counterpoint to her flawless pale skin, her large green eyes and her bright red curls. Everything about her was regal, from her proud bearing to her graceful walk.

She acknowledged him with a majestic tilt of her head. “Good evening, my love,” she said with a wink.

Caesar knew there was a purpose behind her wink; the thought made him slightly uneasy. “Good evening, Beautiful Queen.” Caesar held out his hand for hers and, when she placed her hand in his, he bowed and kissed it.

Roxanna smiled as he opened his mouth slightly, sucking one knuckle before he released her hand and stood before her. “What magical occasion is it that has rendered the most beautiful woman in all the world yet more beautiful?”

Roxanna stepped close enough to whisper into his ear. “Tonight is special. You have mastered all the usual channels to a woman’s bed; but times are changing and more channels are opening. Besides, you will likely have need of your skills in different cultures that observe different traditions. Tonight is for the exotic.”

Roxanna turned back to the bench and reached for a small box. She opened it and withdrew a swath of black fabric that was wide in the middle and tapered at both ends. She carefully placed it upon his face so that his eyes were visible through the cleverly crafted holes and then wrapped the cloth around his head and tied it. Caesar lifted his hands to his face. The mask stretched from just beneath his hairline to the tip of his nose, concealing his identity while allowing him freedom of all his senses.

“Roxanna,” he whispered, “I do not know what you have planned, but…”

“Shhh… You will enjoy it. I promise.”

Roxanna walked over to the table and poured a cup of wine, which she handed to him. She closed and bolted the door before returning to his side to find that he had already drained the cup completely. She refilled it and Caesar drained it again and held it out to be filled a third time.

“You do not normally imbibe so freely, and this wine is not watered. Perhaps two cups are enough?”

“For now,” Caesar nodded, already feeling the effects of the strong wine.

Roxanna sat his cup aside and took his hand to lead him back to the bench. She motioned for him to sit, but Caesar pulled her against him and wrapped his arms around her.

“You are, truly, the most beautiful woman in the world,” he said as his eyes moved slowly over her.

“You have not seen all the women in the world to make such a judgment,” she retorted, playfully.

“I have no need. Rome would be well aware of any military engagement rivaling that of Troy.”

Roxanna laughed heartily. “Rome would never sully herself fighting for an unchaste wife.”

Caesar smiled, “I fear you are right; we have always been far too cynical where our women are concerned. Still, I would wager that your beauty would rally many men to the Eagles.”

“Kiss me,” she requested with a smile.

Caesar obliged, locking his eyes on hers as he moved in slowly. He had discovered that Roxanna had a weakness for teasing; the fastest way to her undoing lay in the slowest route. He smiled when she locked her hands behind his neck and pulled his mouth to hers. The kiss was particularly passionate as each was aroused by the other’s costume. Caesar ran one hand down the naked flesh of her side, which was made all the more erotic by the braided belt. His other hand caressed the curve of her bottom. Roxanna’s stroked his face with one hand and toyed with the lengths of fabric falling from the knot at the back of his head with the other.

He slid his hand beneath the loose fabric and ran his palm across her quickly swelling nipple before squeezing her breast. She made a little sound of pleasure against his mouth and dropped both of her hands to the small of his back. She pulled the length of his body against hers and ground herself against his growing erection until they both moaned.

Roxanna stopped him when Caesar began maneuvering them back toward the bench. “Patience, love; this night holds many surprises.”

“None of which could possibly compete with my desire for you,” he whispered before nipping her neck with his teeth, making her smile.

“We shall see,” she said, her voice rich with mystery. She sat upon the bench and beckoned him to join her; once he had made himself comfortable, she clapped her hands two times. From the adjoining room walked a man in Greek dress with a diadem tied beneath his blonde curls. He carried a golden ram-horned helmet under one arm. A woman in Eastern garb, including a dark veil that hid her face completely, followed a few steps behind him. Neither showed the least bit of attention to Caesar or Roxanna.

Caesar recognized the helmet at once, but was impressed by Roxanna’s attention to detail. Most people would have made do with any man with curly blonde hair, or slapped a wig on any man at all; Roxanna, however, aimed for perfection. The man was short, though muscular and, when he turned to face the woman, Caesar was astonished to see the man’s eyes- one blue, one brown.

“You certainly know your history,” Caesar whispered to Roxanna.

Roxanna shushed him before admitting, “He’s a bit too young for this particular performance, but he does bear a striking resemblance to Alexander’s statues and recorded descriptions.”

The woman stood, facing Alexander, who had cast the helmet into one of the chairs and was now smiling at her as he approached. He lifted her veil to reveal her lovely dark skin and large brown eyes. She, too, wore a diadem.

“Ah, I believe this must be your namesake,” Caesar teased. Roxanna shushed him again.

Alexander stroked the face of his young bride. He looked at her with complete adoration. She, on the other hand, looked rather timid. Alexander kissed her softly and her eyes became wide with fear, which he gradually dissolved with his sweet caresses and tender kiss. When her eyes finally closed, he stepped closer and wrapped his arms around her. The movement of their heads and their lips soon indicated that she was returning the kiss as she warmed to his embrace.

Alexander removed the dark veil and let it fall. Her straight black hair fell almost to her knees. She stepped back and unclasped her dark garment, casting it to the floor. She wore nothing beneath it. She stared at Alexander without shame, but shied away from him ever so slightly when he moved to touch her. He calmed her with words spoken in perfect Greek. “You have nothing to fear from me, Roxana; I will do nothing without your consent.” She reached out hesitantly, her eyes still fearful, and unclasped the fibula on one of his shoulders. Her hands were shaking and Alexander took them in his and kissed each of them tenderly before dropping them and unclasping the other side of his short chiton.

Roxanna of the red hair and pale skin turned her attention to Caesar, who was watching the couple most intently. She knew, now that the two were disrobed, things would likely heat up quickly and she was not exactly certain how Caesar would react to this spectacle. He had seen vulgar Greek comedies, but these beauties were not going to be feigning the most intimate of acts. “More wine, my dear?” Her voice was barely over a whisper in respect to the ‘performers.’

Caesar smiled at her, “Yes, thank you.”

Roxanna gave the young lovers a wide berth as she padded silently to the table and poured two cups of wine before returning to the bench. They sipped the strong beverage as they enjoyed the entertainment.

Caesar was drawn to the contrasts between the young woman and young man. Her skin, hair and eyes were dark, while his were pale. Her body was soft and feminine, while his was hard and muscular. Her skin was smooth and flawless; his bore many scars. They were matched only in height. Alexander moved to stand behind Roxana, his chest against her back, giving their audience an unobstructed view of her body. Caesar’s mind moved to another set of contrasts, those between the woman before him and the woman at his side. There was the difference in their coloring, of course, but their shapes were also vastly different. His Roxanna was tall and lean with long legs, a perfectly flat stomach, slightly flared hips, a highly toned and curvaceous bottom and large, firm breasts. Alexander’s Roxana’s was pleasantly fleshy. Her breasts were pendulous, her belly soft, her hips were wide. Her flesh rippled enticingly beneath Alexander’s hands. Her sex was crowned with a large patch of dark hair. Caesar appreciated the many variances in the female form and saw the beauty in each.

Alexander kissed her shoulders and her neck as he caressed her arms. She was still tense with fear. When he cupped her breasts and gently massaged them, her relaxation was visible as she leaned back into him. He increased his attention on her, stimulating her large, dark nipples with his fingers. She sighed.

Caesar’s attention was focused on the woman’s slow arousal; beside him, Roxanna’s attention was focused on the desire shining in Alexander’s eyes over her shoulder as he lifted them to Roxana’s face to determine her pleasure, and then lowered them to watch his hands on her breasts.

Alexander let one of his hands drop lower, stroking her belly. He whispered something into her ear and she smiled. Her eyes were closed and she nodded in agreement, nuzzling her head back against his shoulder with a small sound of growing desire. His hand dropped lower, his fingers rubbing over the dark hair between her legs. He waited for her to respond before continuing. When she spread her legs slightly, he touched her lower, bringing a soft moan from her.

Alexander led her to the bed and laid her down gently across it. Caesar and Roxanna turned to watch this much closer exhibition. Alexander kissed her thighs, slowly working his way upward. He spread her legs and lowered his head. When he began licking her, she cried out softly in pleasure.

Caesar was amazed that the couple paid absolutely no attention to their audience. Less than two feet away, Caesar was clearly able to see all the signs of the young woman’s growing arousal. Watching Alexander worship her with his tongue and lips and hearing her soft moans, Caesar’s own desire awoke and he shifted his position on the bench. He brought one leg up and stretched it out behind his Roxanna. This afforded him more comfort in watching the couple on the bed. Roxanna took his empty cup and placed it, with her own, on the floor. She then followed his lead and brought both of her legs up to rest on the bench, moving so that her back reclined against his chest. Caesar wrapped his arms around her, one hand stroking a firm breast, the other working between her legs, over her chiton.

Roxanna was relieved that Caesar did not protest; she was thrilled at his response.

Alexander pressed his face closer against the young woman, sucking her clitoris into his mouth and Roxana lifted her head to see her husband. He locked the fingers of one hand with hers and smiled up at her. Her heavy breathing and the slow undulating of her hips against his mouth foretold her nearing climax. It was a beautiful sight. She wound her fingers into his curls as her back slowly arched and her head went back, exhibiting her lovely long neck. Her dark skin was infused with pink. Her large nipples swelled, their tips becoming long and pointed. She closed her eyes tightly. Her lips parted and she gasped loudly; otherwise, she was perfectly silent. Her entire body jolted. Alexander watched her body as he continued his ministrations upon her. Her body was seized again and again by the strong sensations until she was no longer able to bear the pleasure and she pushed Alexander away with her fingertips. Her spasms continued even after he raised his head.

Alexander crawled up the bed, over her, keeping his body raised above hers. He kissed her chin and she lowered it, opening her eyes as she gave him access to her lips. She entwined her fingers in his hair again as they kissed, their tongues flashing as they moved their heads.

Caesar was transfixed by the experience of being so close to two people performing such a private act. As much as he loved engaging in the same movements, actions and reactions, he found the role of spectator thrilling in a different way. He realized with a bit of a shock that his hand had found its way into the open side of his Roxanna’s gown. The erotic feel of her full, warm breast beneath his fingers was strangely enhanced by the presence of the other couple. Roxanna was also enjoying this voyeurism; the nipple between his index and middle finger was hard and her gown was damp beneath his other hand. He clenched his jaw to suppress a moan and pulled her closer to him, his erection pressing against her round bottom. He closed his eyes when she wiggled against him. She stopped wiggling and he opened his eyes to find her attention riveted on the bed.

Alexander and Roxana were still kissing, but her hands had fallen from his head and she lay beneath him, her arms spread in complete submission. Alexander broke the kiss and reached between them. He gave a low ‘ah’ when his stiff member made contact with her. Caesar realized the seduction had been completely one-sided; she had neither touched, nor even looked at the part of him that was about to join them together. Alexander withdrew his hand and lowered himself on her. Roxana sighed at the feel of his warm skin against hers. His head was directly over hers and he looked into her eyes as he entered her in one slow, gentle stroke. She gasped softly and her dark eyes widened for a moment. Alexander lowered his head and whispered into her ear. His words brought a sweet smile to her lips. When he raised his head and looked down at her, she nodded and her smile widened. She wrapped her arms around his neck, twining her fingers into his hair, and closed her eyes. A single tear escaped the corner of her eye and tracked slowly into the dark mass of her hair as his lips met hers and he began moving inside her.

Caesar did not realize his Roxanna had tensed until she relaxed against him and exhaled softly. He wondered if she was thinking of the first time she had lain with a man. Was it the man she had loved before coming to Rome? He knew nothing about her past and precious little about her present; she knew almost everything about him. What series of events had shaped her personality? What history had woven the strong yet delicate fabric that was Roxanna? Surely, her life was worthy of his interest. He kissed her shoulder and then her ear. She wiggled against him and he smiled as he turned his attention back to the bed.

Alexander and his dark Roxana were completely locked together. She had wrapped her legs around his so her ankles rested against the muscles of his calves. His movements kept his body parallel, and in total contact, with hers. Her palms were flat against the middle of his back, holding him close to her. His forearms rested on the bed, pressing against her upper arms. His hands were on her shoulders. They held each other’s eyes in an intense gaze.

It was Roxana who initiated the change. She spread her legs, pulling her feet up to the backs of his thighs, as she began moving beneath him. Her movements did not lend themselves to his technique, so he lifted his upper body to accommodate her. This position allowed him to vary the strength and depth of his thrusts and the ability to see her body. He took advantage of these freedoms, but only to the extent that she desired, remaining true to his promise that she had nothing to fear from him.

Alexander stroked one dark nipple, making Roxana sigh. He caught the other in his mouth and she hummed in pleasure as she spread her legs even wider for him; her feet were now locked around his lower back. She bucked against him and he thrust deeply into her. She closed her eyes and moaned. Her hands stroked down his back to his waist, which she clasped, pulling him even deeper. Alexander followed the pace and depth she set with her hands and her little sounds of pleasure. He watched the sway of her breasts and the movement of her hips.

Caesar also watched, his own excitement rising as Alexander awoke the young woman’s passion. He could tell by the angle of Roxanna’s head resting against his shoulder where her attention was focused and he followed her gaze. Every time Alexander pulled back to make another thrust, three or four inches of his manhood, slick with his lover’s arousal, were visible. She was watching him move in and out. Her wiggles had settled into a soft back and forth rhythm; Caesar realized her rhythm matched Alexander’s thrusts. Her breathing was fast and shallow. She was highly aroused at the sight before them; Caesar found her arousal unbearably erotic. He withdrew his hand from the top of her gown and pulled her closer against him before slipping his hand back into the gown- below the belt. He slid two fingers inside her and, when he began pumping them to the rhythm of Alexander’s thrusts, her hands fell to his thighs, clutching them in pent-up passion.

The speed of Alexander’s thrusts increased at the insistence of Roxana’s hands and body. He closed his eyes and raised his chin and Caesar was surprised by his recognition of those two small actions. He knew what was going on inside Alexander’s mind; he knew the desperate search for a thought capable of distraction. With his open eyes, Caesar saw what Alexander did not- that no distraction was needed. Roxana’s lips parted and her eyes closed. She was already sliding down the slope to oblivion. Alexander suddenly opened his eyes and looked down at her with a low groan.

Caesar was so caught up in the scene that, for an instant, he thought Alexander’s strangely harmonic groan was somehow infiltrating his own body. He quickly realized that the harmony was provided by Roxanna and the odd sensation was the vibration of her moan through her flesh and against him. Her hands opened and closed on his thighs. He held her against him and continued pumping her with his fingers as he watched her lovely counterpart writhe in ecstasy upon the bed, pulling Alexander along with her in one final thrust that made his entire body quake. Caesar felt Roxanna tighten around his fingers. The air he breathed seemed to be alive with the moans, sighs, heavy breathing and pure energy of three simultaneous orgasms. His cock throbbed against Roxanna.

His frustration was short-lived, for Roxanna turned almost immediately and pushed him back against the bed. He knew her intentions and raised his tunic just before she straddled him. He swiveled, bringing both his feet to the floor while he untied her belt. She pulled the sheer cloth open and Caesar held his erection away from his stomach as she lowered herself onto him.

Caesar and Roxanna enjoyed devoting hours to the long, slow and teasing build up of desire. They loved bringing each other to the brink of release and then easing back slowly from the edge only to dash back again and again until they could no longer restrain the starving beasts within them and, so, released them to devour each other. This, however, was not the time for long and slow. This desire demanded immediate gratification.

Their faces were mere inches apart as Roxanna rode him. His hands on her hips pulled her back and forth roughly as she ground herself into him. Her fair flesh would bear the marks of his fingers for days. The teasing banter they usually shared as they coupled was replaced with the panting and grunting of animals. This was Roxanna’s dark territory, the meeting place of pleasure of pain, and Caesar held her there, driving into her viciously. She wailed and dug her nails into his back as she came, drenching him in her juices. He groaned but maintained his speed and force as he filled her with his seed. Feeling him coming inside her, Roxanna shuddered in another powerful climax.

She collapsed against him and he wrapped his arms around her as they caught their breath. He felt her laughter a moment before it bubbled out of her. Caesar smiled. He had learned early on that Roxanna’s post-coital laughter, far from being derisive of his performance, was the highest form of praise. Tonight, he joined in. They held each other, laughing softly, until he felt her jump as if she had been startled. He understood at once, for he, too, had forgotten they were not alone. He comprehended yet another contrast- the sweet and gentle lovemaking of Alexander and his Roxana, followed by the overheated and near-brutal coupling between himself and his Roxanna. What a spectacle they must have made! The thought made him laugh harder and his laughter was contagious. Roxanna’s laughter joined his, followed by that of Alexander and, finally, a soft giggle that could only have come from the young Roxana.

Caesar and Roxanna sat in the two chairs beside the table while Alexander sat upon a cushion on the floor with his young bride in his lap. They were all dressed, though decidedly disheveled. Roxanna opened the door, clapped her hands and three servants appeared at once. One bore a pitcher of wine, one a tray of plates and cups, and one a large platter of warm bread and oil, cheeses, fresh fruits and pastries. The four talked quietly as they enjoyed the light meal and excellent wine. Caesar drank three cups, Roxanna slowly sipped one, as did Alexander- for that was his name and, better yet, he had been born and raised in Macedonia. He had come to Rome as an indentured servant, having sold himself into a term of slavery to pay for the upkeep of his younger siblings after the sudden death of their parents. His master had been a leader of a street gang and Alexander had saved the man’s life in a midnight fight in a dark street in the Subura. The man had discharged the remaining three years of Alexander’s servitude and had elevated him to the status of freedman. Young Roxana, whom had taken that name a year ago, had been born and raised in Sogdiana, just northwest of Bactria. The two had been actors in a successful troupe for a while, but Alexander had decided to return to Rome when Roxana, a slave belonging to the owner of the acting troupe, had agreed to marry him. Alexander had purchased her and, when the two had reached Rome, manumitted her so the two could be married. Roxana imbibed two full cups of wine, which made her giddy and loosened her tongue. Caesar was shocked to discover that Alexander and Roxana had begun their married life this very day.

Roxanna stood and pulled Caesar to his feet. She kissed his lips and smiled. “I have had a bath drawn,” she said, looking into his dark eyes as she held his hands in hers. She turned her head slightly, addressing the younger couple, “Shall we all retire to my bathing chamber?”

Roxanna had to exert more force than she had hoped to pull Caesar along. She could tell by the young woman’s loud whispers that Alexander also had a somewhat reluctant partner on his hands. All four were well lubricated with wine, however, and, the decision being made for them by Roxanna, they accepted the idea quickly enough and followed her lead in high spirits.

The bathing chamber was as transformed as Roxanna herself. Rich tapestries had been draped over all the walls, the floor was liberally strewn with red and white rose petals, low tables held pitchers of wine, platters of grapes and strawberries, thick towels and cloths, dressing gowns, sponges and an assortment of bathing implements. The bath was completely filled this evening and more rose petals floated on the surface of the sweetly scented water. Two corners of the room had been screened and, as the party entered, someone behind one of the screens began plucking the strings of a lyre.

The guests were awed at the sumptuous atmosphere; even Caesar’s eyes widened beneath his mask. Young Roxana whispered to the fair beauty that was her host and Roxanna took a few steps to one of the unscreened corners and gripped the small handle that opened an otherwise unnoticeable sliding door within the wall. The young woman’s eyes grew large again. Only the wealthiest people in Rome had personal toilet facilities. She disappeared inside, tugging Alexander along with her.

Caesar caught Roxanna in his arms and laughed as he held her close to him. “Do you plan everything in such detail: Alexander of Macedon, a brave warrior, and Roxana of very-near-to-Bactria, and on their very wedding night! They are even excellent actors. They perfectly portrayed the frightened virgin bride and the gentle loving groom. Will you ever cease to amaze me?”

Roxanna gave him a bewitching smile, “Probably not. Here is another surprise: you have not seen them act.” She pulled away, untied the belt of her chiton and slid it off, tossing it over the empty screen. Caesar stood perfectly still. “Come, now, let us enjoy the bath.” She lifted his tunic and pushed it up over his chest, pausing to allow him to free his arms before she pulled it over his head and draped it alongside her gown.

She took his hand and led him into the warm water, but he paused on the second step down and tugged her hand so she faced him. “Do you mean that…” he nodded his head toward her bedchamber, “was no act? She was a slave and an actress, and a beautiful one at that; surely it’s not possible that she…” his words trailed off.

“Maintained her virginity until her wedding night?” Roxanna finished. Caesar nodded. “I can assure you, my love,” Roxanna smiled up at him, “that far stranger things have happened. Come, you have not lived until you’ve enjoyed fine wine in a warm bath full of beautiful people.”

Caesar laughed again, “Then I suppose my life shall begin shortly.”

Alexander and Roxana reappeared. Roxana stepped behind the screen to disrobe; Alexander was less modest in doffing his short chiton, though he waited for Roxana to shyly emerge and led her by the hand to the bath. She hid behind him until she was able to hide her nakedness in the water.

The wine flowed freely and the lyre player was skilled, playing lively melodies to match the merriment of the bathers. Roxanna fed Caesar strawberries as he reclined against her. Young Roxana tossed grapes at Alexander, who caught them in his mouth. Cheered on by their audience, the two moved farther and farther apart, until Alexander was at one end of the bath and Roxana the other. Despite Roxana’s alcohol-altered aim, Alexander did not miss a single toss. Caesar and Roxanna laughed and cheered at Alexander’s lunges and jumps. Alexander bowed deeply and rejoined Roxana, planting a kiss on her mouth.

“We would ask you to entertain us in turn, but we fear that you’d either slosh all the water out of the bath or one of you would be drowned,” Alexander said, his voice perfectly serious. Young Roxana covered her mouth, but could not suppress her embarrassed giggles. Caesar and Roxanna joined in the laughter at Alexander’s allusion to their earlier robust performance.

When the laughter died down, Roxanna surprised Caesar again. “I believe we could provide more…civilized entertainment,” she purred as she stood, baring her perfect body from the waist up for the first time. Caesar was entranced by the water dripping from the engorged pink buds of her nipples. His gaze passed from her breasts to Alexander’s face for an instant. The man, whom Caesar guessed to be near his own age, perhaps a year or two older, was looking up at Roxanna as if she was Venus herself. When his eyes fell to her breasts, the lust on his face was plainly evident. Alexander’s obvious desire for Caesar’s lover triggered something within Caesar, some element of competitiveness. Roxanna’s voice commanded his attention. “Could we not, my love?”

“I believe we can manage not to drown,” Caesar said, rising to stand before her and cupping the bottoms of her breasts, supporting their weight without obscuring their magnificence, “but there may be a great deal of sloshing.” He held her eyes as he slowly inclined his head to hers and brushed a kiss across her lips. He continued teasing her lips with his own until she lost patience and pulled his head down for the passionate kiss he had made her want.

Caesar ran his hands around to her back and Roxanna pressed herself fully against him as he ran his fingertips slowly up and down her spine until she shivered. He made a quarter turn, pulling her with him, and then he spun her around so she was facing the visitors. He massaged her breasts and squeezed her nipples until she whimpered and bent slightly, pushing her lovely ass against his middle. He drew her back up and, keeping his left hand busy with her breasts, he slid his right hand down across her flat belly and then underneath the water. Her head rolled back onto his shoulder. He looked down over her shoulder to his hand on her breast and the ripples surrounding his forearm as he caressed her clitoris with a finger on either side, rubbing up and down.

There was movement from the other side of the bath and Caesar looked up to see Alexander pulling his Roxana close beside him and kissing her passionately. Even as his tongue penetrated her mouth, his eyes were on the woman in Caesar’s arms. Caesar decided to up the ante. He stepped from behind Roxanna and guided her back, whispering for her to step up onto the bench beneath the water. When she did so, he lowered her down onto the edge of the tub and spread her legs with his hands, giving Alexander an unobstructed view of her luscious womanhood. Alexander broke the kiss to focus on the goddess across from him.

Caesar moved between Roxanna’s legs and rested his knees on the bench. He lifted one of Roxanna’s thighs onto his shoulder and began licking her. She moaned and leaned back, taking her weight on the palms of her hands spread behind her. She loved watching him and did so now as he ran his tongue up and down her swollen slit, pausing at the top to flick her clit and pausing at the bottom to tease her entrance. She moved against his face as her sighs grew into moans and she pushed his head away, her eyes upon something behind him. Caesar turned his head to see young Roxana close behind him.

She blushed and lowered her eyes for a moment before raising them back to his. “I could not see what you were doing. May I come closer to watch?”

“Yes,” Caesar whispered, holding her dark eyes for several seconds before he returned his mouth to Roxanna’s sensitive flesh. He was acutely aware of her presence and found it both distracting and exhilarating. The young woman stood beside him, her eyes locked on the movements of Caesar’s lips and tongue. She slowly moved closer until the front of her body was pressed firmly against Caesar’s side. She steadied herself with a hand on his hip.

Roxanna looked down from her perch on the side of the tub. Seeing the beautiful young woman’s dark flesh pressed against Caesar’s fair skin, she whimpered.

“What does she want?” Young Roxana asked, innocently unaware of the sensory overload she afflicted upon Caesar with the soft sound of her voice and the brush of her breath against his ear.

“She wants to be penetrated,” Caesar managed, turning his head and looking down to address her and, again holding her dark eyes.

“I cannot imagine any greater pleasure than that she must be experiencing right now,” Young Roxana whispered, lowering her eyes to his lips.

Caesar was inclining his head to plunder her lush little mouth when, from above them, Roxanna whimpered more loudly, bereft of Caesar’s mouth against her.

“Watch,” Caesar smiled seductively before he sucked Roxanna’s clit and stroked her entrance with two fingers, making her whimper again, more loudly still. He slid the fingers inside of her and she moaned, throwing her head back and whispering something unintelligible. Caesar released her clitoris from his lips, teasing it with his tongue as he fucked her with his fingers. Her moan grew louder.

Caesar groaned against Roxanna’s flesh as he felt a soft hand encircling his shaft.

Stroking him vigorously under the water, the young woman pressed her lips against Caesar’s ear and sucked his earlobe before whispering, “She cannot possibly be satisfied with your fingers.”

Caesar closed his eyes. His voice was hoarse when he asked, “Where is your husband?”

There was movement in the water behind him and, when Caesar opened his eyes, Alexander stood behind his wife. “I was absorbing the sights and sounds.”

Young Roxana laughed softly and whispered into Caesar’s ear, “Alexander has a great weakness for red hair and large breasts.”

“What secrets are you sharing, Roxana?” Alexander’s voice was low and teasing. He ran his hand down her arm that was submerged, following it all the way to her hand, which he covered with his own. “What a wicked wife you are,” he whispered; squeezing her hand more tightly around Caesar’s erect phallus and pumping it once from base to head. “Ah,” he laughed quietly. “Well, if you must cuckold me on our wedding night, it is only fitting that it should be with such an…impressive man.”

Roxanna was losing patience. She grabbed Caesar’s head and pulled his mouth firmly against her aching flesh.

Alexander laughed again. “You are distracting him, Wife.” He withdrew her hand from Caesar’s shaft, bringing a frustrated noise from her. “Here, put your knees on the bench, that’s right. Now you can see the magic he is working with his tongue and his fingers. Look at how excited she is. His fingers are coated with her desire. Ah… I want to taste those juices.”

Caesar flicked his tongue quickly over Roxanna’s clitoris. She bucked her hips and moaned. Beside him, it was evident that Alexander was working his wife’s button with his fingers. She sighed and gasped, watching Caesar eat Roxanna’s pussy.

“I want to taste her, too,” Young Roxana whined, her breathing fast and ragged.

Caesar switched hands without missing a stroke inside his lover’s already quivering hole. He brought the fingers he had just pulled from her body to the lips so close beside him. Roxana sucked them greedily, eliciting moans from both men.

“Kiss me! Let me taste her on your lips,” Alexander ordered her and she complied.

“Don’t stop!” Roxanna cried.

“Gods, she’s coming!” Alexander’s voice was desperate. Caesar did not know of which woman he spoke, for it could have been either; they both shook and cried out.

Roxanna eased back from Caesar’s mouth and he slipped his fingers out of her. He was surprised when the woman beside him caught his wrist before he could drop his hand into the water. She looked directly into his eyes as she licked his fingers slowly. Her hand found his throbbing length beneath the water and began stroking him again. Alexander’s moan told Caesar that her other hand was similarly employed upon her husband.

“This is not at all fair,” Roxanna said. She was sitting now, her lower legs dangling into the water. She spoke to the younger woman. “You have both their cocks and I cannot even see them.” The women shared a secretive smile and Roxanna stood above them. “I think we should retire to the bed now.” She turned and walked through the door leading back to her bedchamber. Alexander was out of the water and behind her in a flash. Young Roxana placed her hands on her hips and gave a huff before racing after her new husband. Caesar shook his head and laughed to himself.

Caesar stepped back into the bath chamber, sliding the door closed behind him. Walking through Roxanna’s dressing room, he heard Alexander speaking in a low, pleading whisper. Caesar paused at the doorway to listen.

“Please, oh, please, grant me this and I shall ask for nothing else- NOTHING; my delicious wife has all else I desire in a woman, after all.”

Roxanna’s voice was the next to reach Caesar’s ears. “We shall let your wife decide; perhaps she would prefer to have her husband’s undivided attention on her wedding night?”

There was a giggle. “I knew THAT would be an impossibility the second I saw YOU. I have protected my virginity and delivered it to my husband, but Alexander and I have not lived in complete chastity all these long months. He is a voyeur. He goes out most evenings, climbing trees and garden walls to spy upon beautiful women and men in their most secret moments. Ah… the stories he tells me when he returns; it is a miracle I’ve not given in to him! I find the idea of watching HIM very exciting; and I can… well… he always returns home from these adventures in such a state that I…”

Alexander’s loud groan cut off her words. “You would… Oh, you truly are a princess!”

Roxanna laughed. “You two have piqued my curiosity. Let me see, what would be the most comfortable way for all of us? Ah- I know.”

Caesar listened as cushions were tossed about and fluffed; then the room when perfectly quiet for a brief moment.

Alexander whispered, “Perfect. You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted to do this.” He moaned again, but this moan was muffled.

Caesar stepped into the doorway. Roxanna was on her knees atop several cushions piled upon the bench. She was facing forward, though her eyes were closed. She had taken her hair down. Alexander stood before her, one hand groping a perfect breast, the other hand supporting the breast upon which his mouth was latched. His wife was on also on her knees on a cushion, but she was on the floor at his feet, smiling in pleasure as she looked up his body. She rubbed his thighs and stomach and he moaned louder. Alexander released Roxanna’s breast from his mouth long enough to look down at his wife.

His eyes flashed in pure lust that his wife mirrored back in the smile she gave him. Alexander pulled a handful of Roxanna’s red hair forward, letting it fall between her breasts. He stood still, looking at her for a long moment before he pushed her breasts together and moved his mouth rapidly from one nipple to the other.

Roxanna opened her eyes and immediately saw Caesar in the doorway. She gave him her wicked smile, raising her head slightly and looking down at the bodies below her. Caesar knew this gesture was an invitation to join them in whatever way he liked. He nodded his understanding, though he held his position, choosing to be a silent observer for the moment.

Alexander truly did have a great weakness for large breasts and red hair, for his attention to both of these traits in Roxanna was nothing short of worship. He wrapped her hair around her breasts, brushed the ends of her hair over her nipples, ran his hands through her hair as he suckled and fondled her beautiful orbs. Young Roxana had stopped her teasing and was stroking him slowly as she licked his scrotum. Caesar noticed that she had shifted and was grinding her crotch against one heel.

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