marvin the martian

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Jenny’s eyes snapped open. She hadn’t needed an alarm clock for years. Sure, on occasion she would have to get up earlier, or she would decide to go back to sleep, but every single day at seven twenty-seven in the morning, she would be awake. It started in grade school and she never saw a reason to try and change it.

She sat up in bed and stretched, listening to the sounds of the house. Cassie was in the shower down the hall, and the snow outside still damped down the wildlife’s wild lives. Jenny pulled off the quilt she slept under, and felt a slight buzz of excitement as the morning air hit her skin. Her nipples immediately stiffened as goose bumps rippled across her arms and chest.

Not for the first time, Jenny reflected on her nighttime attire. She used to wear pajamas, when she was younger, and then switched to nothing. Shortly after the switch, she started getting her period. This meant that a few days a month, she’d had to wear underwear to bed anyway, to hold the pad in place. She started wearing panties to bed the rest of the month as well, because the inconsistency got on her nerves.

Once she got to high school and went for sports, switching to tampons became a no-brainer, but wearing a thong or such to bed was still a habit. And so, this morning, she rose from the bed wearing a solid black number that would have made almost any man looking at her drop to his knees. And while Jenny liked feeling so sexy first thing in the morning – it was a great way to start the day – she did wish that it did not so often include a wedgie.

By the time Cassie was heading downstairs to cook another breakfast, Jenny was ready for her shower. As she headed into the bathroom, she heard Veronica start to stir. Upstairs, Mike’s room, was still quiet. He had worked the entire previous day, and so she hoped he finally got to relax today. He might even do something fun for a change.

After her shower, Jenny considered what she would do for the day. She was supposed to have exercised yesterday, but shoveling snow took its toll and she considered it her workout. Unfortunately, that was strength training, and she really liked to include a fair amount of cardio. Today, then, she’d see what activity she could do around Mike’s house. Running the stairs, playing Ping-Pong, cleaning the floors as an excuse to zip around the house, and as a last resort, there was always the exercise bike in the basement.

All of that told her what to wear for the day. Boy shorts, for a start – one wedgie per day is plenty, thank you very much. By design, she had a matching sports bra. All black. Jenny rarely if ever bought undergarments of any kind in any other color. It’s not like she wore fabrics thin enough for the color to show through.

Because she’d be running around all day, Jenny opted for yoga pants. And because these left not quite enough to the imagination, a nice, big, loose t-shirt with Marvin the Martian on it. That left the hair tie once her hair was dry enough, and the day was ready to be faced.

Coming downstairs, Jenny became a bit worried. There was nothing to smell. No bacon, pancakes, eggs, or even toast wafted from the kitchen. Veronica was already downstairs, having showered the previous evening, and Cassie was cooking… cereal?

Catching her confused look, Cassie said, “The milk’s about to go bad, so I figured we may as well. Don’t worry – I still cooked.”

Jenny sat down and looked at the contents of her bowl. Cassie had apparently concocted a cereal salad, mixing proportions of several boxes or more of the stuff. Jenny shrugged. Cassie had yet to make a bad meal, in her opinion. It was worth a try. After the milk was poured, Jenny took a bite and nodded. Who knew that Fruity Pebbles went with Lucky Charms? Jenny never thought about it, but apparently Cassie had.

Mike finally trotted down around eight-thirty, and Jenny tried not to think of him as “late.” After looking at the morning’s selection, he smiled at Cassie.

“Does this mean I can have oatmeal again?” Cassie blushed slightly, but smiled back.

“Only today,” she said, “The milk’s almost had it.”

“The fresh milk, anyway,” said Mike, “I made a trip to town not long before the blizzard. There’s a case of evaporated downstairs. Even if we don’t drink it straight, it’ll be more than fine for cooking. Speaking of which, how’s the fresh fruit and veggie supply?”

“Doing fine,” said Cassie, “We’ll manage to use it up before any goes bad. Remember, you bought a supply one person could use before that point, and there’s four of us.”

“Right, of course.”

“Are you working all day again?” asked Veronica, “We could have our Ping-Pong rematch.”

“That sounds good, Veronica,” said Mike, “But I think we’ll do that maybe tomorrow. I do have to work today.”

All three women groaned their disappointment.

“But it’s only for a few hours,” Mike continued. “I’ll be done by lunchtime. My major deadlines have passed, and I won’t be accepting any new jobs until the road is clear and things get back to what other people call normal.”

“So then what are you doing, if not Ping-Pong with Veronica?” asked Cassie.

“I was thinking I might chill with Jenny today,” said Mike, turning to her, “If that’s alright with you.”

“Um, sure,” said Jenny, “And, don’t take this the wrong way, but… why?”

“Well,” Mike said, chuckling, “I’ve had pretty good chances to get to know Cassie and Veronica. Cassie and I chatted a few days ago after I cleared the roof of snow, and then again last night when she brought me dinner and scolded me for not eating it sooner. Veronica and I had our first Ping-Pong match, and I taught her how to play Duck Hunt. So now, I’d like to get to know you better.”

Mike’s face was the pinnacle of innocence, when what he just described was anything but. The bonding moments he had referred to had really been intense sexual encounters. But he hid it so well that both Cassie and Veronica did not even suspect one another of anything at all.

Jenny, however, prided herself on being able to read people. She knew very well the first rule of body language: no information is still information. People radiate things about themselves all the time, from the words they say and their tone, to the clothes they wear, to the length of their stride, their breathing rate, and on, and on. More importantly, when and how a person carefully omits parts of this tapestry, and which parts, can speak volumes as well, much like seeing the gap where exactly one puzzle piece fits.

Somehow, Jenny observed, Mike was able to mix his signals. And she was sure that it was intentional. His voice was perfect, as if every word he spoke was nothing more than its face value. But his shoulders hardly moved, a potential sign of deliberate control, and something about the pacing of his phrases gave her the slight suspicion that his words had been rehearsed.

So had something happened between him and Cassie, or Veronica, or both? Or did he just manufacture an excuse to get her alone? And why? He sent absolutely no other signals. The more Jenny thought about it, the more she realized she had no idea what Mike was thinking, and what his time with her later was going to be about. And damn it all, she had already agreed. She wouldn’t be able to buy any time to figure it out. Oh, well. Time to play it cool and see what happened. It may very well be nothing.

“I’m glad,” Jenny said, “Considering we were accidentally thrown into this situation, it’s a relief that we’re becoming good friends.”

Mike smiled at her, but said nothing.


Mike did indeed spend the rest of the morning behind his office door, flipping pages and reading online journals, typing and collating, and in general, finding those golden nuggets of information that his clients didn’t realize they were really asking for until he told them. Veronica exercised, showered, and practiced a bit more on Duck Hunt. Jenny retreated to the Library, connected to her room by the closet for reasons unknown, searching the book titles for clues into Mike’s mind. But the sheer number and variety of books in the room was prohibitive to even scratching the surface. Damn again, she thought as she went back downstairs for lunch.

Mike took one sniff as he entered the kitchen.

“Ah!” he exclaimed, “You found the Old Bay.”

“What is it and why haven’t I heard of it before?” Cassie interrogated.

“It’s a seasoning from the Chesapeake Bay area. You know, Baltimore and Washington? Anyway, one summer in college, I went down there for a seminar and we went out to a local seafood place. I took one bite and accosted the waiter. On my way back, I brought a case of the stuff with me, which by the way was a fun story to tell to the security guards at the airport as to why I was carrying a dozen small metal boxes with me on my flight.”

The women all started laughing.

“And you know,” Mike continued, “Offering to bribe them with one of the boxes is pretty much always a bad idea, especially when they don’t get that you’re joking. And the security boss at BWI is really a nice guy, once the strip search is over.”

Veronica and Cassie were red in the face from laughing so hard. Jenny probably was, too, but it was hard to tell with her complexion.

“Oh, come on, Mike,” said Veronica, “Did that really happen?”

“Sort of. I told them it was Old Bay and we didn’t have it where I lived, and when they saw my face as I talked about it, they believed me and relaxed. I still had to show them, but all the same it was just a formality. The box you used is the seventh. I have five left.”

“This is really good, Cass,” said Veronica.

“Just doing my part,” said Cassie, “Besides, I hardly did anything but cook the filets and add the Old Bay. I can see why it’s popular.”

They interrogated Mike for the rest of lunch, about his trip to the nation’s capital. He’d spent an extra week there, just going to all the museums and taking the White House tour, and even going to some other places in the area, like the National Cryptologic Museum to the north.

“So what are your plans after lunch?” Mike asked Cassie as they cleared the dishes from the table.

“Veronica suggested that we keep shoveling, now that it’s the warmest part of the day, and try to reach our car. If we clear enough snow, could we move it into your garage, out of the elements?”

“Absolutely! That’s a great idea. Let me know when it’s time to move the car. I’ll move the stuff in the garage for you.”

With us,” Cassie corrected, putting her dishes into the sink, “We’ll pull our weight around here, mister.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mike said, with a slight bow. Cassie gave him a playful smack on the arm. He turned to Veronica. “You guys can go ahead and get ready to shovel. I’m sure Jenny and I can handle it from here.”

Veronica and Cassie shared a glance. Now they understood. Mike wanted to talk to Jenny about something, he just wasn’t saying what. With brief but friendly parting words, they went upstairs to their bedrooms to change into outdoor clothing.

Mike turned on the water and handed Jenny the drying towel when she came over. After about half the dishes were done, he turned to her.

“I’ve been meaning to ask,” he started, “Not that it matters, or that it’s any of my business, but I’m just curious-”

“My mother is Czech and my father is Brazilian. Everyone prefaces asking me the same way. What’s so funny?”

“Nothing,” Mike said, still smiling. In truth, Veronica had said pretty much the same thing when he had trepidatiously asked her a question just as personal. “So what kind of name is Jennifer for a Czech-Brazilian girl? Again, if you don’t mind my asking.”

“My parents are both professors. When they had immigrated, they met at some naturalization meeting, and spent most of the time with each other, being the only two who spoke English fluently. From that chemistry was I eventually born. I learned Portuguese but never got the hang of Czech. As for the name, my parents both love this country. They decided to give me a very American name. And so, I am Jennifer Eliska Azevedo.”

“Pleased to meet you again,” Mike said, holding out his wet hand. Jenny shook it.

“What about you?”

“Dunno,” Mike shrugged, “As far as I know, my family’s been here one way or another since this was the colonies. I think they just picked a name that sounded good to them: Michael Thomas Evans.”

“Pleased to meet you. Again.”

“I’m sure. So: now that we know each other, what’d you do all morning?”

“Oh, I , uh… I was browsing your library.”

“Find anything you like?”

“A few things.”

“Tell you what,” Mike said, “Once we’re done here, you can show me.”

“Um, sure.”


Veronica went into the closet connecting her room to Cassie’s once she was ready to go outside. Cassie was already inside, putting on her shoes. They didn’t have proper snow gear, of course, because they never intended to be out in it anyway. However, since it wasn’t actively snowing, they could make do with what they had.

When her shoes were on, Cassie stood up and gave a twirl for Veronica.

“How do I look?” she asked playfully.

“You look good, Cassie,” said Veronica. She bit her lip to keep from saying more, like just how good Cassie looked to her. Veronica never had a problem seeing in Cassie what men saw. She didn’t really like to think about it much, either.

“Thanks!” Cassie said, “Let’s go get sweaty!”

Veronica groaned inwardly. Now why did she have to put it that way?


Mike and Jenny heard the other two head downstairs just as Jenny had decided on a book to show Mike. She pulled it off of its shelf and handed it to him.

Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett,” Mike read, “A good choice. What did you think of Lupin Wonse?”

“I didn’t actually read it,” Jenny confessed, “It just looked interesting.”

“So what else in here would interest you?”

“You tell me; you’re the librarian, aren’t you?”



“Never mind. It would take too long to explain. Anyway, I think you’d like Michael Crichton’s Airframe. Female protagonist, mystery investigation. Spends a lot of time inside the character’s head.”

“Just because that’s my expertise doesn’t mean I always want that,” Jennifer reproached him, “Sometimes I like books as an escape.”

“Ah,” Mike replied from behind the bookshelves somewhere. His voice bounced around in odd ways, being absorbed erratically by the shelves of books. “Your geekdom is assured. And by the way, you were only two-thirds right the other day.”

“About what?”

“About being a geeked-out, geeky geek. Geeked-out? Yes. Geek? Yes. Geeky? Not in the least. I’ve found you to be quite confident.”

The inflection he put into quite caught her attention. She started looking around for him, but still couldn’t find him. Was he avoiding her, or was it just an accident?

“So, what books would you recommend as an escape for me?”

“How about the Dune books? I think you may rather like the Bene Gesserit.”

“I’ve read them, and I do.”

“Manipulative witches who use men as means to an end?” He was deliberately goading her, she realized. And worse, it was starting to work.

“Strong women with talent, independence, close ties to one another,” she countered, “and the ability to think long-term. Women who are-”

Suddenly she was facing Michael, his face blank.

“Say it.” His tone was flat, but his eyes were locked onto hers.

“Women… in control,” Jenny finished. Michael smiled.

“Ventriloquism lessons when I was seven. I developed the skill, but not the rest of it. Moved on to other interests.”

“So what was all that about?” Jenny asked, hoping her nervousness didn’t show. It did.

“Oh, nothing,” Michael grinned, “We wanted to get to know each other better. How about we just sit down and talk for a while?”


“But we don’t want to be interrupted, do we?”


“So let’s go to your room.” Jenny wanted to object, but couldn’t think of a clear enough reason. Damn it, she thought. What is he doing?

Mike led the way through the closet into Jenny’s bedroom. Along the way, she noticed that a pair of her panties were the top item in the laundry basket, one of the things she borrowed from the linen closet to use during her stay. And now her growing anger split, as it now directed her way as well as at Mike.

The guest bedrooms were fairly large, as non-Master bedrooms go. Each was furnished with a bed, a nightstand, a full dresser, a low set of shelves, a recliner with an ottoman, and a desk with an office chair. Mike took the office chair and gestured for Jenny to take the recliner.

After sitting, she looked unwaveringly at Mike, doing her best not to glare.

“So how did you want to get to know me better?” she prompted.

“Oh, I’m learning more all the time,” Mike grinned.

“Okay, look,” Jenny started, “I’m grateful for everything you’ve done for us. And I do think we could be good friends. But, and please don’t take this the wrong way, what the Hell is up with you today?

Mike grunted. “You mean you don’t know? Really?”

“Not exactly, no.”

“Take a guess.”

“All right… I know I pushed a little hard, too soon, before I got to know you better. And I’m sorry about that.”

“Thank you. And you’re not wrong. But you’re not right, either. Keep guessing.”

“This is about the first night, isn’t it?”

“Bingo,” said Mike, with a sarcastic clap, “Tell the lady what she’s won, Don Pardo.”

“What’s your problem? As I recall, you liked it. I bet your shirt is stained with the proof.”

“The handjob? A gorgeous woman surprising me with a handjob? Gimme a break. On that score, part of me is disappointed that’s all it was. I’m a man, not a mannequin. I’d have had to have been seriously disturbed not to enjoy that.”

Jenny threw up her hands in exasperation. “So what the fuck is wrong with you, then?” Mike leaned forward, now displaying anger openly, “What’s ‘wrong with me’ is the mindfuck you decided to pull at the same time as my cock!”

“So I let you know a few things that got you to stop being stuck in a rut. It was obvious, Mike, you needed it.” She was raising her voice to meet his.

“And did you think about the unexpected consequences?”

“How could I, if they’re unexpected?”

“Exactly! Problems have solutions, but solutions have problems. Basic sociology, and I bet for psych, too.”

“Oh, and how exactly have you suffered because of what I said?”

“For a start I go from being alone to rampant hormones in a matter of hours. That is not an easy transition to handle. All kinds of complications show up, and now I have to deal with them.”

“So, what, you don’t want to play like grown-ups?”

“Oh, so that’s what you were really after, isn’t it?” Mike’s eyes gleamed.

“Excuse me?”

“Playing like grown-ups. That’s what you want? Fine.” With swift movements, he grabbed his shirt and pulled it off over his head, then crumpled it into a ball, and lobbed it at Jenny. It draped over her head.

She took a deep breath, ready to really let him have it, but his scent on the shirt distracted her. She whipped the shirt off her head, tossed it to the side, and settled for glaring at him defiantly.

“This is what you wanted, right?” Mike said.

“Not in the least,” Jenny said, but they both knew she was lying. On their first day, Cassie mentioned how strong Mike had to have been to save them from the blizzard. Jenny now saw the proof. She could see his entire upper body, now bare in front of her. He wasn’t merely cut – he was carved. Mike grinned again. God, Jenny thought, that grin is getting on my nerves.

Jenny got up to relieve some of the escalating energy and tension she was feeling. Then it hit her, and she pointed accusingly at Mike.

“You never really answered my question. What was so bad about the effects of what you called the mindfuck?” Mike stood up.

“You really want to know? All right, fine! I barely even knew the three of you when you did that, and the next thing you do, you pour fantasies into my head! Vivid, erotic fantasies!” He grunted with derision. “You want to know the first one?”

She knew she didn’t really, but some perverse defiance made her answer, “Yeah, all right.”

“That night, I dreamed about you. That’s right. You came into my room, wearing nothing but a solid black thong. You come up, straddle me, and start jerking me off. You lean in to whisper something to me, and it’s my alarm going off.”

“Gee, what a compliment,” Jenny said, dripping sarcasm, “Your worst torment is that my voice reminds you of a staticky radio station.”

“Shut up; I’m not done. That’s not the worst part. I could have had that dream anyway for all I know. But thanks to what you did-” Here he pointed his finger in her face. “-I’ve been wondering for the last three days whether or not what I saw in my dream is what you look like under the clothes. It ain’t the dream you I’ve got a problem with- it’s the real one.” His face was inches from hers by the time he said this.

“HA!” she shouted, causing him to recoil in reflex, “That’s you’re issue? Okay, great. I’ll solve it for you right now, pal.”

Jenny yanked off the Marvin the Martian t-shirt as hard as she could, wrapped it into a ball and aimed for Mike’s gut when she threw it at him. While he dealt with that, the bra came off, and her breasts swung free. And while he deflected the bra, she pulled down her yoga pants, and then once free of her feet, kicked them at him. She stepped back further and held her arms out.

“There? Now you know. Happy?”

“Let me think for a second and I’ll tell you,” Mike growled, his eyes raking across her near-naked form.

“It was a thong,” he said, “not boy-shorts.”

“Oh, puh-leeze,” she said, but took them off anyway.

She was exactly as he had dreamed her. Her natural complexion gave her skin a warm tone that no time sunbathing could imitate. Her honey-golden breasts were round and full, with a deeper tone flushing her erect nipples. Jenny’s trim waist gave way to sensuous hips, the tops of her firm, athletic legs. Mike felt himself getting very aroused, and knew she would notice. He wanted her so badly… but he wasn’t finished with her just yet.

“Yup. Same as the dream,” he said aloud.

“So, what are you gonna do about it, huh?” Jenny was still radiating defiance.

“Do? Who says I have to do anything?”

“Oh, please, we both know you want to.”

“Okay, yeah. But you want it even more.”

“Get over yourself.” Mike’s eyes gleamed again, and this time, his smile set off alarms in her head. Mike moved in close to her, not touching, and speaking in a low rumble.

“You could have teased me without the handjob. That would have been sufficient for your therapeutic purposes, to get me to see the three of you as viable sexual or romantic interests, as opposed to mere houseguests. But the handjob was you being selfish. You were hoping that would take my newfound horniness and use it on you in gratitude.”


“Shut up. My question is this: how far would you be willing to go? ‘Cause that was pretty far. You mentioned that Cassie and Veronica would come after me too. Did you plant the idea in their heads? Are they just your puppets, too?”

Jenny slapped him, hard. He had to brace against footboard of the bed for support. Jenny was now glaring at him, incensed.

“How dare you! How dare you even suggest that I would use my friends like that! I would never, ever, you hear me? And if you say it again, we are out of here, snow or not!”

Mike rose again, and matched her, decibel for decibel.

“Oh, so you’d never do it to them, but to me, that’s not big deal, right?”

“Like I said: you needed it.”

That is not- your- call. You barely knew me!”

“It’s my job!”

“Really? Who’s your employer?… That’s what I thought. You may have the knowledge, but you have little more experience than an amateur.”

“It’s experimental! No one has experience!”

“What, so the first schmuck you meet is as good a guinea pig as any?”

“No, that’s not it!”

“Then what?”

“It was… I…”


“I liked you!” Jenny finally shouted. “And wasn’t ready to like someone again. Not after… nevermind, it’s a story for another time. I’m sorry, Mike, okay? I screwed up.” She hung her head.

Mike lifted her head by her chin, to look into her eyes again. When he spoke, it was soft, and gentle.

“The truth. That’s all I wanted. I just had to make sure you could tell me. Apology accepted.”

“I kind of hate you for how you did it, but thank y-” Mike stopped her from speaking with a kiss.


“What do you think they’re doing right now?” Cassie asked.

“Who?” Veronica said, yanking her attention from where she had been staring.

“Jenny and Mike.”

“Bookworms like them? Probably re-enacting some obscure bit of Shakespeare or something. Why?”

“No reason.”


Jenny’s lips still played along Mike’s, caressing, nibbling, even a few playful nips. It wasn’t long before she felt his tongue graze the sensitive skin, seeking invitation. She opened her lips just a little wider, but before he could take advantage, her own tongue darted out and began to wrestle with his.

They stood for some time, summoning their pent-up frustration, anger, and passion, and pouring it into the heat of the moment. Jenny could already feel herself getting wet, and knew exactly what she wanted from Mike. Even if he didn’t want to give it, which she thought unlikely, she would just have to convince him. With this in mind, she redoubled the energy with which she kissed Mike.

He pulled her into a one-armed embrace, and Jenny felt her breasts yield to his hard chest. With his free hand, Mike idly explored her contours, coming to rest on her tight ass, which he then grasped firmly. Her hands resting lightly on his waist, she could feel Mike’s full arousal behind his jeans, and broke off the kiss.

“This doesn’t mean,” Jenny said breathlessly, “That I’m not still mad at you.”

“You think I’m not still ticked at you?” replied Mike, his breathing just as ragged.

Jenny brought her hands in and unfastened Mike’s jeans. Free of their constraint, his erection showed even more prominently. When she dragged down Mike’s pants, taking his boxers with them, it brought Jenny to her knees, looking right at it.

Without waiting for a cue from Mike, she leaned in and dragged the tip of her tongue up his shaft, then briefly took the head into her mouth. His whole body stiffened at the stimulation. Mike’s cock itself couldn’t. Jenny had noticed it before, that when Mike got hard, it was as solid as bedrock, with only his skin pliant around it, like a billy club in a velvet sheath.

Mike brought his hands down and gently held the sides of her head. She continued her tease, sometimes licking the shaft longways, sometimes flicking her tongue across the width, sometimes grazing around the rim of the head. And of course, every time she took him into her mouth, she went only a little deeper than the time before.

She could feel Mike’s speeding pulse through the throb of his erection, and hear his deep breaths and satisfied groans. This told her what to do again, if and when the fancy took her to do so. On occasion, he would guide her with a slight change in pressure from his hands, and this told her what not to do.

Jenny was a quick learner, and soon Mike was starting to leak precum, which Jenny appreciated as an entrée. This surprised her – she’d never liked the taste of a man’s juices before. Eager to see if she would like the rest, she suddenly took a mouthful of his hard cock and started the real blowjob. Everything up to now was just teasing.

Mike gasped at the change, and made an involuntary thrust into Jenny’s mouth. She had taken as much as she thought she could of him, but for that brief moment, she had Mike’s cock partway down her throat. This gave her another surprise. She’d never tried to deepthroat before, and it turned out she only had a very minor gag reflex. Incredibly urned on by the sensation, Jenny moaned around the cock in her mouth, and held the base of it with one hand, to steady herself.

Jenny started to work her mouth slowly, up and down Mike’s shaft, each time seeing how far down she could take him. The unyielding stiffness of his member forced her to turn her head sideways to accomplish this, bringing her body closer to his, causing her breasts to brush against his legs, and adding to the stimulation for both. With her free hand, she touched herself. She was so aroused now that her clit was almost beginning to hurt with unmet desire. Not only did her masturbation ease her discomfort and heighten her arousal, it made sure she was well-lubricated for… whatever she and Mike might do.

That thought spurred Jenny on even further, and she quickened her pace, pistoning over Mike’s cock. This wasn’t a blowjob anymore, not to Jenny. She was flat-out fucking him with her mouth.

God, it was hot. Jenny closes her eyes, moaning, now able to bury Mike to the hilt down her throat. Her clit was radiating waves of pleasure which buried themselves in her core, building to an explosion. She felt Mike’s climax approach, which only spurred her hand faster, her head farther, until he suddenly pulled away.

Jenny was stock-still for a second, and blinked.

Mike pulled away?!

Before she could figure out how to kill him and still have sex with him, which she later reflected was not the most rational thought, as she was not remotely necrophilic, Mike knelt down in front of her, grabbed her by the waist, and looked into her eyes.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, Jenny,” he said, “You didn’t really think it was going to be that easy, did you?”

That snapped her out of it.

“You bastard!” Jenny said, but she didn’t really mean it.

“Bitch,” Mike stated, just as seriously, and then kissed her. He’d never kissed a woman’s lips after she’d gone down on him before, and discovered that he didn’t have much of a taste to himself. Well, actually, there was an exception to that, but he had other plans. “Get on the bed.”

“Why?” Jenny’s defiance was back.

“Well, if you don’t want me to return the favor…”

Jenny smirked at him with a mischievous look in her eyes, then got up from the floor and positioned herself at the edge of the bed. In the meantime, Mike divested himself of his boxers and pants, which had still been around his ankles.

Now it was Mike’s turn to kneel. As the bed had a footboard, Jenny had arranged herself towards the side of the bed, and propped her upper body up on a couple of pillows. Mike faced her shaved lips and licked his. Jenny laughed.

“The feast ain’t just for your eyes, boy; get to work,” she said. Mike growled and grabbed Jenny’s hips, guiding himself in under her spread legs.

He inhaled deeply, taking in her powerful scent. At first, Mike only kissed her, tasting her, finding the best places to explore further. Jenny was very responsive, and also now impatient. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled it into her pussy. Smiling, Mike parted his lips, and used his tongue to part hers.

Once he started eating her, Jenny’s hands went up to her breasts. While Mike took care of her below, she fondled and caressed them, pinching her nipples, and squeezed them tightly whenever Mike did something especially stimulating.

Mike tried almost everything he knew, to see what she liked, which was apparently everything, though some more than others. Sometimes, she liked to have her clit flicked, other times circled, other times sucked. It took some time to figure out the patterns, but Mike was a patient and thorough lover. The only thing he did not do was penetrate her. He would circle her opening, which made her writhe with frustration, but if he was going to fuck her, it would not be with his tongue.

While his mouth explored Jenny’s pussy, his hands began to explore the rest of her. Her legs were now pressed tightly into his back, holding him against her. Mike ran his hands up and down them, feeling the smooth skin and toned firmness. He cradled Jenny’s hips, slid his hands behind her, and though he had softened for a time as he concentrated on her pleasure, feeling Jenny’s ass brought his erection roaring back to life.

Mike groaned into Jenny’s pussy, gripping her ass and pulling her into his face as he did so. Jenny could tell it was her ass turning him on so much, and knowing he found her so sexy turned her on further as well.

“You like my ass, huh?” she whispered. It was all the volume she could manage. Mike groaned again, the vibrations setting off new waves in Jenny. “What else do you like?”

Mike responded by letting his hands resume their exploration of Jenny’s body. When they reached her breasts, she settled for gripping the bedsheets.

Before long, Jenny was gasping and openly moaning. Good god, she thought, How does he know what I like so well?

Mike would never say, of course, because magicians don’t reveal their secrets, but it was a rather simple matter of looking up from her crotch to see what her hands were doing, and imitating it. He used this to his advantage, now timing all of this stimulations combined. Sometimes, he would alternate from her breasts to her pussy, to spread the sensations around her body. Other times, he would suddenly hit everything at once, which would make Jenny buck with abandon.

Jenny could feel her climax approaching, and brought her hands back up to her breasts. Mike, however, took her hands in his and pinned them back down onto the bedsheets. This prolonged her approach to climax, depriving her of every stimulation except for his mouth, which was by now hitting every spot at the right time, again and again and again.

But climax was inevitable for Jenny. When it finally, finally happened, she was slammed by her orgasm before her body had a chance to react. She had a brief gasp, but her body remained relaxed. Jenny’s mind reeled. Without the overload of full-body tension, she felt every scrap of her orgasm, every sensation of every wave. But her body was calm. Mike finally took his mouth from her, and as she opened her eyes, he furrowed his brow and spoke with a spot-on impression.

“Where’s the ka-boom? There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering ka-boom!”

Jenny looked like she wanted to be really mad at Mike for ruining the moment like that, but he just looked too damn cute doing a Marvin the Martian impression. She laughed. The laughter continued even through an aftershock, contrasting it deliciously in a way. Mike finally cracked a smile, joining both Jenny on the bed, and in laughing.

“I’m going to get you for that,” Jenny said.

“Oh, goodie,” Mike replied, and resumed kissing her. Jenny decided her taste buds must simply be malfunctioning, because she didn’t mind her own taste today, either. Maybe it was just something she could tolerate only if she was turned on enough.

And, god, was she still turned on. She had to admit that she wanted the Earth-shattering ka-boom. But Mike seemed in no hurry, so she relaxed and kissed him back. They lost track of time, laying on her bed, their mouth hungry for one another’s again.

After a while, though, Mike’s resurgent hard-on begged him for attention. With swift movements, he rolled Jenny over and positioned himself on top of her. His shins held down her legs, and his hands held her by the wrists above her head. She was pinned, and they both knew it.

“So what’s this?” Jenny asked playfully.

“What does it look like?” Mike said, “I’ve got you where I want you.”

“And what are you going to do about it?” Jenny prodded, a slight edge to her voice. Mike leaned down to whisper in her ear.

“Whatever I want,” he intoned, “I am the one in control here. Right?”

“Yes…” She tried passing it off as passionate tremors, but he could sense her fear threatening, just under the surface. Inwardly, Mike sighed. He did so hate to be right sometimes. But at least he had planned for this, and as quickly as he had pinned her, he had turned the tables.

Before Jenny knew what was going on, she was on top of Mike. Her long black hair spilled over her shoulders, and he’d even managed to somehow get her knees tucked up so she was now kneeling over him. Her pussy was now a tantalizing few inches from his rigid erection.

But now she was mad again.

“What was all that about?” she demanded.

“I could have done whatever I wanted. I wanted you to be on top,” Mike replied.

“I am never going to understand you, Mike,” Jenny said.

“I could have told you that,” said Mike, “Oh, wait, I already did.” Jenny playfully smacked him on the shoulder for the comment, then leaned in and kissed him, her breasts smashing against his chest again, a sensation he surmised he could really get used to.

The kissing quickly got hot and heavy, and their hands ran wild over one another’s bodies, until Mike pulled her face away from his and held it, locking his eyes onto hers.

“You want it?” he asked huskily.

Yesss…” she replied.

“Then take it.”

Jenny groaned, used one hand to aim Mike as well as his solidity would allow, and managed to get him part of the way in.

Mike growled deeply. Jennifer was very tight, and very hot. She started with small rocking motions, coaxing him further inside her as their combined juices smoothed the passage. When, with one final thrust of her hips, they found him buried to the hilt in her pussy, they both cried out at once.

Used her hands to support herself, Jenny began to slide up and down on Mike’s shaft, reveling in the feeling. Mike’s hands found their way to her ass again, and his mouth to her breasts. Judging by his gusto, Jenny guessed he had been wanting to kiss them for quite some time.

Jenny was not simply fucking Mike. She would never set standards so mundane. As she pounded herself against him, she would occasionally alter the angle of entry to set off new sensations, before resuming her old rhythm. This refreshed the position, for both of them, allowing them to keep being pleasured by it without orgasm or it getting old.

Mike, too, knew better than the average lover. Instead of being what Jenny thought of as “nipple jockeys,” Mike showed full appreciation for the entire breast. He loved nipples, as most men do, but he did not neglect the rest of her. She shivered when he oh-so-slowly traced the faintest line with his tongue from the bottom of her cleavage up through to the top of her neck. When he was done, she bent down to give him another satisfied kiss.

They continued in this way for some time, but Jenny could feel Mike’s climax begin to approach, more certain than ever, and she had one more thing she wanted to do, so she slowed down, and when he opened his eyes to look at her again, she gave him the smile he was now beginning to recognize as her mischievous grin.

“Alright, Mike. I took it. Now take it back.” With a smile, Mike lustfully complied.

After pulling out, he one last time flipped Jenny over, until she was flat on her back, and Mike was poised to impale her again. In a single motion, he slid all the way into her, until she felt his pelvis slam into her pussy. They both gasped, and Mike immediately began his long, slow strokes: nearly all the way out, all the way in, nearly all the way out, all the way in…

Jenny noticed Mike had left her hands free this time, choosing to support himself on his elbows, with one hand behind her shoulder, and the other still relentlessly exploring her body. The way he seemed to not get enough of her was an intoxicant to Jenny. A girl could get used to this, she thought.

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