It was a beautiful warm June day, Marian found herself daydreaming sitting on her docked boat, lately she found herself spending a lot of time on the boat it’s her little get away, and it’s a beauty over 40 foot long loaded wit h all the extra’s! when her husband Sid is on his so called business trips, and as of late even when he’s home. Her marriage hasn’t been that great lately, ever since Sidney hired a new secretary who happens to be young and very beautiful, things haven’t been the same.

Marian finds herself alone quite a bit, their sex life is the pits, and she’s caught Sid lying on more then one occasion all to do with bringing Mary his big breasted flip job of a secretary on all his business trips and telling his wife that’s it’s not true, but little does he know that I have his pin number for the business account and I sure know how to read two plane tickets on just about every occasion.

Marian refuses, to let it get her down, this 47 year old very vibrant, mother of three all daughters one married two away in college, keeps herself busy in the gym working on her mature body that still looks very good and nice and firm in all the right spots and keeping in touch with a lot of old friends!

It’s been a little over a year since she’s had her tryst with her young neighbor Mike! She was so nervous that somebody would find out especially when her period came a little late, but all seemed to work out pretty good, and besides the whole thing lasted maybe a half hour, she was horny and a little drunk and Mike showed up right at the right time to take advantage of a lusting wife! It’s not like she was having an affair! She gets an occasional hello from Mike over the fence and it’s been their secret but when she finds herself horny which has been a lot lately Mikes hard young cock is always in her mind when she masturbates.

Her husband Sid doesn’t even come home early anymore on Fridays for their sexual role playing dates. Marian finds her self very sexually frustrated anymore, they both used to look forward to their Friday dates Sid would leave work early, And Marian would be at home warming her self up it was hot sex, they basically had three fantasies one that happen to come true.

Marian as a cheating wife taking on a young lover while her husband was at work, and almost getting caught when hubby came home as her young buck was running out the back door! Her young neighbor Mike made this one come true surprising her in the back yard and took full advantage of her being very horny and a little drunk!

The second one is Sydney’s favorite Marian’s out on the town with her other married friends, and being approached by Melvin who happens to work with Sid, and supposedly is very well endowed! Well Melvin feeds his shy, naive, wife drinks and get’s her dancing having a good time while his hands grope her, and his bulge grinds up against her on the dark dance floor, and eventually talks her into going back to his apt, stopping on the way in an abandon parking lot, so excited about his triumph with the boss’s wife he forces her head down to suck off his huge cock, filling her mouth up with cum, then continuing on to his apartment where he has his way with her well into the night!

Sid never gets too far with this one, he gets very excited and usually is blasting off in Marian’s mouth or on her, he just can’t last too long!

But Marian has her favorite, and that’s getting pulled over by one of these young muscled up handsome cops, where she unbuttons her blouse and seductively talks her way out of a speeding ticket! But not before the trooper tells her to drive to this secluded dark road where she sucks him off in her car, then climbs in the back seat and rides him cumming all over his hard manhood till he shoots off deep inside of her, No ticket there!

The charter boat across the dock is starting to load for it’s afternoon trip Marian always enjoys the parade of men walking past ready for some fishing, which today is a beauty of a day for it Marian being an avid fisher herself is in the mood to see how their biting, something she used to do with her daughter’s quite often, When all of a sudden a familiar figure starts walking down the dock it sure looks like Melvin but something is different he walks right by he’s with a young boy.

“Melvin! Is that you!”

“Mrs Sherman, How you doing sure it’s me! Oh you haven’t seen me in a while not since I shaved my head! So this is where Sidney parks his boat! Man it’s really nice, by the way this is my nephew Jamil I take him fishing down here when ever he’s in town!”

“Melvin you look so different I almost didn’t recognize you! But listen if you were only going out to the bay that’s where I’m heading, So save your money, I sure can use the company and besides it’s no fun fishing by myself!”

Melvin hasn’t seen Mrs Sherman in a while but he sure didn’t forget how beautiful she was! Her auburn hair, sparkling hazel eyes, and the one feature he never forgot was her mouth, it was just so sexy, her wide grin, would make his cock stiffen just thinking about what he would love to do with it, not to mention her well preserved body, it always struck him funny what a beauty of a women, would be doing with Sidney?

“Oh sure Mrs Sherman! I never tuned down an invite from a beautiful lady, and I’m not going to start today, especially when it’s going to save me money!”

“Alright it’s settle then, You and Jamil get on the boat, bait up the poles I’ll start her up and we are on our way out to the bay!”

Marian was in her glory telling the guys the in’s and out’s about bay fishing, she was having so much fun, Melvin is nothing like how Sidney described him, he’s very charming and has a great sense of humor, he had them both laughing so hard most of the day, Sid would always say he was a lazy nigger with a lazy nigger attitude! How Marian hated that word, her father used it quite often bringing her up as a strict Jewish girl, he would never say it but me and my sister’s knew that it was forbidden to mingle with the blacks in our neighborhood! Not that there was many but Marian would always treat everyone with the same respect that they would give her!

Jamil was having the time of his life we were catching so much fish, but more then once my mind wandered thinking about Melvin’s so called big cock that Sid had mentioned, he had heard about it at work, and that we had played it out in our role playing fantasies,Marian had never seen a black man’s cock until recently on Sid’s computer she briefly stopped in Sid’s office upstairs and went to his computer where she had recently found his stash of saved porno sites! This being relatively new to her, Marion wasn’t one to ever view such stuff, raising a family and being bought up a strict Jewish women she just never gave it a second thought!

Viewing Sid’s porno made her realize just how naive she’s been about the whole sex scene, and just what she’s missed out on all these years. Her heart would beat so fast and she would get so flush looking at the young studs and their hard member’s! and the interracial porno Which Sidney had quite a bit of would get her so wet! The young black bulls with their big black cocks fucking them horny white women would send her heart racing it was too much, a feeling of infidelity and guilt would come over her just watching it for a couple of minutes, and that’s all she could usually take before sliding her hand down to her moist pussy and going off to relieve herself but this morning was different she was so horny! Having had no sex for weeks she laid around on her bed and masturbated which seemed like hours Imagining what them beautiful big cocks would feel like!

Marian never realized just how dark Melvin really was, it had her thinking about his long dark meat dangling inside them sweatpants, it sent a lustful chill right to her moist pussy! Today Melvin had worn cut off sweat paints and it wasn’t hard for her to see that there was quite a bulge there, Once or twice he caught her glancing at it! Just as Marian had caught him, at one point one of the fishing lines had gone under the boat and she bent all the way over grabbing on to it, sensing her thong was sticking out, and the bottom of her ass cheeks were exposed, she turned quickly to see both of them were enjoying her womanly view.

Suddenly we got a hit on one of the poles it almost went over, we both quickly launched up to grab it, and found ourselves in a awkward position with his long muscular arms wrapped around mine both holding the pole and my ass pressed tightly against his loin area “I’m so sorry Mrs Sherman!”

With a slight grin I said “Don’t be silly it’s quite alright! What’s there to be sorry about? and let’s lose the Mrs. Sherman and start calling me Marian!”

Well they had caught their limit, Marian went up top, to pull up the anchor and start heading back Melvin set Jamil up with a trolling rig, and walked up to talk to Marian, he surprised her walking up the stairs quietly and once again wrapping his long muscular arms around her to grab the steering wheel, whispering in her ear “Is it possible to teach me how to drive this home!” His arms had her boxed in, but this time she didn’t try to break free.

“Why Mr. Williams do you realize I’m a married women, who happens to be married to your boss!”

Playfully rubbing her ass against his groin area, then acknowledging Jamil downstairs, she smiled and broke out of his grip

“But if it’s really the Boat!, that you wanted to drive home!”

She said with her wicked grin! “It’s easy to drive this baby, it’s simple!” and she showed him the way, to get them back, letting him captain the wheel.

“Melvin if you don’t mind we have about a forty minute ride back, I’m going to get some sun!”

Marian starts to disrobe taking off her thin cotton tee shirt, she has on a bathing suit top underneath, But to Melvin’s surprise and viewing pleasure she drops her white cotton daisy duke’s shorts down, exposing her round full sexy ass, with just a dark blue thong on!

“Excuse Me! Would you mind looking the other way for a minute!”

Marian laughed knowing that she had his utmost attention! Throwing caution to the wind and just not caring she loves playing the tease, She whipped off her thong and quickly put on her bathing suit bottom but not before he got an nice eye full of that sexy bottom of hers. She starts to lotion up standing beside him rubbing the lotion over her breast area lathering up her still firm tits one at a time Melvin could see her erect nips poking through her bikini top, Melvin’s cock starts to stiffen up this is one sexy older babe putting on this show for him and he’s enjoying every minute of it!

“Mrs Sherman If I didn’t know better I would say your trying to tease me!”

“Oh C’mon were both grown ups here! Can you do my back”

She hands him the tube of lotion, he starts to squeeze some onto his hands and goes to work on her shoulders, slowly working his way down to the small of her back, she cautiously pulls her bottoms down about an inch and his hand makes it’s way towards the top of her ass, his hand creeps it’s way under the waist band her heart starts to beat fast and she get’s all goose bumpy!

“Aright that’s far enough for now! What about the back of my legs?”

He gets on his knees he’s eye level with her plump ass, he starts at the bottom of her shapely legs and makes way to the top, she gasps lightly as his fingers come real close to her throbbing damp women hood.

“O.K. That’s enough thank you!” and she goes and places towels down onto the seat cushions and lays on her stomach, Melvin’s glad she got up first, she doesn’t see him get up and go back to driving the boat, and just as well cause he’s fully erect and tenting his cut off sweat pant’s he stands there admiring the view her oiled up body her ass raised up a little, when all at once the throttle revs up high, she jumps up comes running over!

“That Damn Sid he told me he had this fixed!”

She adjusted a couple of things, She then began to get up from her bent over position but as she did, her bottom inadvertently grazed Melvin’s groin and she felt something very hard and something very big. It could only possibly have been his cock. His big erect cock and it was hard because of Marian’s body. Of that there could be no doubt.

Even this casual graze, which only lasted a second or so, told her everything she needed to know! Then she walked back to her towels to lye down. Glancing back quickly to admire the bulge she created, Turned on by the thought that her body was causing such an erection! It made her pussy damp with anticipation!

“It will be alright! That fucking Sidney is worthless! There’s not much I can count on him to do anymore!”

She unties her top and lays down flat, the fun and the sun must have gotten to her she fell asleep, because the next thing she remembers is a towel being placed over her breasts and Melvin standing over her.

“You fell asleep and flipped over, I sure wouldn’t want them beauties to get burnt, and Jamil surly don’t need to be viewing them!”

Melvin’s cock was at full mast, the whole front of his pants was one big bulge she looked right at his tenting pants and says ” It sure looks like you been getting your viewing pleasure!” She let’s out a little sexy moan, and looks down at Jamil who’s facing the other way and is not paying one bit of attention to what’s going on upstairs. Melvin knew what the moan was, with out her saying it, she was very much interested in finding out more about what that huge cock of his would be like, but not with Jamil being on the boat! Nothing was happening!

Well the boat docked everybody helped tie it down and clean it up, and now it was time for good byes and thank yous, Melvin apologized if there was anything he did to make her feel uncomfortable, and then tried to offer her money for the fishing trip “Don’t be silly I should be paying you guys for your company it’s been nothing but fun!” and they were off.

Marian went downstairs to shower, the warm water felt good, her nips were erect she washed away the days grime and oil, never seeming to get the thought of Melvin’s big hard cock out of her mind! Slipping fingers in and out of her damp pussy Oh she was so horny! It’s been weeks since her and Sid had any kind of sex! She got out and laid across her queen size bed her fingers making their way down to her erect clitoris “Mmmmm this is what I need!” she thought to herself some nice sexual relief! Then the phone rang jumping up to answer it, it was her oldest daughter Barbra.

They hadn’t talked in awhile, and they ended up chatting for a long time Marian opening up some of Sid’s champagne and eating some food that was leftover, they finally hung up and she went back up to the dock still sipping the champagne watching the charter boat pull off for it’s night excursion, now she was feeling all alone thinking about Sid somewhere with his bimbo young secretary she was feeling like a scorned women and lonely tonight. When she heard the phone ring, but she was holding her phone? She searched it out and found the ringing was coming from downstairs in the bathroom she found Jamil’s phone and picked it up!

” Hello Marian! It’s Melvin, Jamil left his cell phone on the boat, typical teenager would forget his head if it wasn’t screwed on! Would it be alright if I run over real quick and pick it up! It’ll be real quick I’m sorry to bother you!

“Melvin it’s no bother I’ll be here just come by and get it!”

Marian’s heart started racing she didn’t know what to think, did she come on too strong today, is he coming over for sex, is he just going to pick the phone up, is it a innocent thing? Well she knows one thing she has to get changed she dashes downstairs and grabs her youngest daughters white cotton thong, and her little mini velour shorts, with her black bikini top that just manages to hold her tits in, yea the one Sid always gets pissed off about when she goes out in public “It’s way too revealing!”

Marian just made it back up to the deck ice bucket in hand and sits down “Hey pretty lady looks awfully lonely out here and a little scary aren’t you scared?”

“Melvin damn that was quick! Besides that I got a big strong handsome man to protect me now! Come sit, you don’t have to rush do you? C’mon and drink some of Sid’s expensive champagne with me, he hates when I drink it, if he’s not here”

Melvin was looking real good to Marian, all clean fresh out of the shower and smelling extra good, loose Bermuda shirt an even looser white cotton shorts she sits him down and pours him a glass full and tells him he has to catch up she already got a nice buzz which is helping her be pretty brave her hearts still pounding and she feels like a cat that’s ready to leap on it’s prey!

Melvin couldn’t help but notice how sexy Marian was looking tonight she was the picture of a sexy mature lady, if only she wasn’t his damn boss’s wife he lay her right down right now and slip her his big cock!

She sits in next to him their both drinking and making small talk, Marian can’t figure if Melvin is just here for the phone or is she going to have her first black man with his so called well endowed cock, as Sid would say! Well if she has her way he’s not getting off this boat anytime soon!

After a couple more drinks their small talk turned to sex talk, or should we say, lack of sex, for Marian her hand falling on his thigh every time she put it down, Melvin starting to get a slight buzz from the alcohol but he’s no fool, he’s realizing Sid hasn’t done the right thing by his hot and horny wife and she’s in heat!, and he’s about to reap the rewards of Sydney’s short comings

On Sid’s number one prize possession, his boat, that he brags about all the time, drinking his coveted expensive champagne, and about to fuck the hell out of his trophy wife that he only brings out to special work gatherings to show her off like a expensive piece of jewelry, well obviously he doesn’t keep her satisfied, he’s sensing that the champagne has gotten to her and she’s getting more and more brave with her roving hand rubbing the inside of his thigh when he leans over and says

“Marian you realize your husband is my boss! and can fire me on a whim!”

She leans in and plants a long wet kiss, her hand is under the table rubbing his stiffening cock, her tongue is swirling around his in a very seductive way, she breaks free continuing to grab him through his shorts and say!

“Oh don’t worry about that I’m going to make it worth your while!”

Again she leans in, her tongue making it’s way deep into his mouth and plants another long wet kiss! Grabbing on to his stiff cock and stroking it’s whole length! This time Melvin plants his hand right on her crotch area and rubs her through her shorts, he could feel the heat of her excited pussy!

“Marian your so sexy! I wanted to fuck you since the first time I laid eyes on you! But where is Sid tonight?”

“Don’t worry about that asshole he’s half way across the nation with some young big titty bimbo! Besides touching you down there has gotten me so horny! Melvin I need it in the worst way!”

Melvin stands up his hard cock tenting the front of his shorts, pulls her up and into him, his cock pressing into her stomach he wraps his arms around her and slides his hands into her little shorts and cups her ass cheeks and starts to grind his hips rubbing his cock against her!

” Oh Please!” Then she whispers “What ever happens here tonight is our little secret! You can’t have the boss’s wife, fucking his employees!”

Melvin’s eyes lit up it was music to his ears! Marian grabbed the bottle and started for the steps downstairs flinging off her bikini top on the way and by the time she got downstairs the white mini shorts were pulled off! When Melvin made it down she was standing there in just her white cotton thong on! A picture of sexiness to Melvin who wasted no time shedding his own clothes, saving his boxer shorts for last his cock springing loose! Her heart was racing so fast, she quickly ran around the cabin closing all the curtains and locking the door behind them realizing that there’s no turning back now!

Marian smiled a wicked smile as she laid eyes on his huge cock for the first time, half hard it was swaying back and forth the anticipation was driving her mad! She could feel her pussy dripping with excitement! Her heart’s beating so fast it felt like it was coming through her chest, In a second they were at each other her trembling hand went right for his cock grabbing it, and stroking him thinking to herself “Christ he’s so big! So thick!” nervous about what she’s getting herself into! Goose bumps covering her whole anxious body!

Melvin quickly whipped her thong off with one quick motion exposing her throbbing shaved little notch with a little triangle of auburn hair above her clitoris, she could tell by his look he was really enjoying this view! He bought his hand slowly up the inside of her thigh, Marian slightly parting her legs to let his finger explore her unbelievably wet pussy She gasped as his hand drove forward and found her quivering pussy. He rubbed her erect clitoris with his thumb and forefinger. Marian couldn’t believe that this was happening! His long fingers working their magic she could’ve came right there! “Oh Mrs. Sherman your so wet!”

This was something they both wanted for a very long time Marian has been curious ever since her and Sid’s role playing included her fucking Melvin with his big black cock, and Melvin knew the very first time they met at a work function how beautiful and sexy she was, An out of reach hot babe! The boss’s wife, with her sweet sexy smile!

Inevitably Marian slowly dropped to her knees she was eye level with his cock, she took him in her hands slowly began jerking him, not believing what she’s holding in her hands the weight of it, and the length, is like something that she never had given a second thought to! He’s uncircumcised she never had seen a cock like this where his foreskin it’s like a collar and it’s much thicker there!

She keeps jerking him, he puts his hand on the top of her head and she knows what he wants! Thinking to herself well this is my first black cock it’s no turning back now and it’s a big one at that! The pretty cheating wife opens her mouth wide to take in his plumb size head, He slowly starts to pump his hips

“Oh yea I’ve waited a long time for this, that fucking sweet mouth of yours! Do you even realize what your smile does to men?”

Marian looks up at him and bats her big hazel eyes at him and smiles one of her pirates smile!

“Oh you little fucking tease if I didn’t want to fuck you so bad, I’d cum in your mouth right now!”

She can’t take much of him in, but she’s swirling her tongue all around the head and drooling all along his shaft, she has him rock hard and fully erect now, his shaft is all slobbered up and glistening, she just keeps jerking him admiring this huge black piece of fuck meat! She doesn’t want it to stop, She’s like a kid in a candy store, loving it, but being driven crazy with lustful anticipation she wants it inside her so badly! He lifts her up and lays her on the bed, Marian lays back and hesitantly spreads her legs.She feels like a virgin high school girl, being hesitant, but so horny she dieing with anticipation!

They both know what they want! They need to get fucked! She needs to feel that big cock inside her and he wants some relief in the worst way! He runs his tongue up her legs stopping at her throbbing pussy, her clitoris standing erect his thick tongue slipping in her wet hole and all over her clitoris! She pulls him up by his shoulders and Whispers

” Melvin Please put it in! Please!”

She reaches down and grabs his hard cock and pulls him to her wet opening! She panics thinking that This is crazy! Fucking Sid’s employee, she blurts out “This isn’t right I’m a married women!” She hardly even knows him, today was the only time she ever spent any real time with him, he’s still a stranger to her, but lust prevails and she continues pulling him into her.

The white wife lay beneath the black stranger in her bed. Her legs were spread wide and her hands gripped his muscular arms. The black man’s cock was beginning to push ever so slowly into her married pussy. The guilt she felt in the betrayal of her husband of twenty seven years was easily pushed aside by the compelling need to feel the large black cock inside her body. The mother of three had married her childhood sweetheart at the age of twenty and had never experienced a cock other than the 5″ cock of her husband. and Her neighbor Micheal with his young hard cock! But that was just once, a quick tryst!

By all means this was not new territory for the large black man. He routinely had several white wives that he could depend on for servicing his sexual needs on demand. He would meet them at the local mega mart and seduce them over a period of time! As he pushed his cock to the halfway point in the married woman’s pussy, enjoying the tightness, her scent, and her willingness to receive him, among other things. Her pussy feeling so nice and tight to him working it in out nice and slow, he’s past the point inside her where no cock has ever been.

Marian gasped as Melvin’s cock pushed the rest of the way into her pussy and came into contact with her cervix. Her husband, who was half way across the nation, as another man’s bare cock became fully buried in his wife’s pussy, had clearly never reached this area of his wife’s womb. “Oh my god! Yes I’m gonna cum!……….” She whispered. Her body rocked by an orgasm like she’s never experienced before!

Melvin really began working his magnificent tool in and out of her pussy. Marian was moaning constantly. She began to visualize the cock that was giving her such pleasure. It was then that she realized that the strange cock pounding deep inside her was completely bare. “Oh no!” She managed to verbalize in between moans. Sid always placed a condom over his 5″ cock before entering his wife. The black bull ignored the married woman and increased the speed of his thrusting, causing her to forget about the possibility of insemination.

Melvin was ready to burst, Marian was so sexy to him, and fucking the boss’s wife added to his excitement, It had only been a few minutes, but he had not had sex for a few days, so his strong cock and large balls were filled to the point of bursting with potent sperm. The large black man was now pounding away over and over again!

Only for a brief second did the Marian come to her senses. “Pull out” she managed to request in between one of lover’s thrusts!

“Pull Out! Oh please!”

It was too late. Melvin slammed his cock fully inside the cheating wife one last time and held it in deep, he shot his sperm over and over again into her body. The warmth of the sperm and the feel of his cock caused something within her that had never happened before. She began having another cock induced orgasm, multiple orgasm so close and so powerful. Wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling him into her tighter as the black man’s semen continued its assault on her womb. Using her pussy muscles to milk him dry!

Her husband was only able to give his wife an orgasm with his tongue, but it had been awhile since he last ate his wife’s pussy, so she wanted this moment to go on forever.

Marian expected him to remove his cock immediately following their copulation. Sidney always removed his condom clad cock immediately in order that the condom wouldn’t slip off his tiny cock inside his wife. This black bull had other ideas. He began kissing the her as he lay upon her. She was taken back at first, but quickly began enjoying the feel of his tongue probing her mouth. The large black cock inside her had softened but was still far too large to slip out of her now soaked vagina. As they kissed in the afterglow of their first sexual experience together, he began sliding his soft cock back and forth within her stretched pussy.

Marian had been so mesmerized by Melvin’s tongue probing her mouth that she hadn’t realized his cock beginning to regain its strength until once again the enormous black cock made contact with her cervix. Her soft pale legs instinctively wrapped themselves again around his large black torso as she prepared again to receive his hardening cock.

Her mind was caught up in all the the passion, but she remembers thinking “Oh Christ I can’t believe he’s already hard again!”

Marian gained much more confidence. The low moans from the first fucking were now replaced with shouts of “Fuck Me” and “Oh God this feels so good”. The second coupling would be a much longer and more satisfying than the first. The black man was again thrusting his thick hard cock deep inside her over and over again as they lay joined! Her pussy was overflowing with her juices and the thinning seed of her black lover’s first orgasm.

Marian rolling her hips up to meet his thrust, the champagne and her sexual excitement had gotten to her, she was really enjoying this now! The way she was fucking like a school girl in heat you would think she’s been doing this with Melvin a hundred times! They had been fucking for over a half hour now. The huge black balls again were filled with the seed that would soon be searching for the white wife’s womb. Melvin felt the rising urge deep within Arghh!

He begins to tense up, he leans over and slides his tongue down my throat , we lock in a long wet kiss, I can feel him growing bigger, and throbbing inside me, I’m panting away and moaning in between, he grabs my hips and holds me still, and buries himself deep .

“Oh Marian fuck yea I’m cumming” His hot spear thrusting into my wet cunt as hard as he could He took a handful of my hair and forced his tongue down my throat as I responded to him instantly. My breath came in gasps in between my orgasms.

He’s keeping it deep, he has my pussy so stretched, I’m feeling every spasm of his cock exploding inside me! Spurt after spurt of his hot sperm flooding my pussy, pouring out of me onto the bed. I’m whispering in his ear “Oh yes cum inside me!” She followed with “Oh fuck yes! I’m cumming! I’m cumming………..her body going limp, as she felt jets of his hot sperm invading her body once again! His cum pouring out from my well used hole!

I’m biting his neck, keeping my legs locked behind him, draining him, Oh man so much cum! He’s laying on top of me still having little spurts and I’m milking him with my pussy getting every last drop!

He’s lying on top of me, he rises up ,his arms stretched out to either side of me, not to crush me, I smile up at him, and tell him how good that was, he’s still inside of me, I can feel him starting to grow soft, but even soft he still has my pussy stretched. Melvin tried not to think about her sweet puckered pink ass bud looking so soft and inviting, he knew that her virgin asshole would have to wait until later meetings.

Melvin liked the way this married pussy felt around his cock. He liked the way the she returned his kisses with passion. He wanted to eventually taste her sweet pussy, so for now would simply work at pleasuring her as best he could in the missionary position, which he know would be most familiar to her.

They lay there for awhile Melvin finally growing limp plopped out of her worn out pussy she felt their juices run out over her ass soaking the bed she reached down between her legs and brought the combined juices of herself and her black lover to her lips! They lay there exhausted and out of breath!

She thinks to herself how unreal the whole day has been, never imagining anything like this could’ve happened, all the fun fishing with him and Jamil and all this hot sex, it felt so fucking good! her first big cock and her first black man and he is definitely all man, it’s scary because she could get really used to this!

Well they both must have passed out, Marian awoke first they were both sprawled out laying naked on the bed, glancing over at the clock it’s only 9:00, smiling thinking to her self how crazy this is! What if somebody dropped by, this is nuts! But in the same breath she surely didn’t want it to end! and besides she knows her daughters are all out of state and her husband is somewhere across the nation with his young secretary and it’s very unlikely her friends would come down to the boat for no reason!

Marian can’t help but to glance at his spent cock laying over his leg, doing all she can to not reach over and fondle it, slowly moving her hand to her well used pussy rubbing herself ever so slowly, she was glowing, she’s never been so satisfied, or remembering having so many orgasms never thinking it was possible! She drags her self into the shower, trying her best not to wake him! In the shower she realized she never ate and she’s starving she gets out Melvin’s still out like a light,she quickly orders some food to be delivered!

“All right Mrs Sherman I hope you and Sid enjoy it!” Melvin jumps out of bed startled as Marian comes back down the stairs she’s laughing, she can tell what happened the delivery boy scared the shit out of Melvin he’s peering out of the bathroom now a smile comes over his face. “Wash up! I hope you don’t mind I ordered up some food I’m starving!”

Melvin came and sat down and they both started to eat, Marian opening another bottle of Sid’s champagne they talked and laughed. Marian found it so easy to be around Melvin he was such a funny guy and so good nature of course the subject again turned to sex and Marian confessed about never having so many orgasm’s she couldn’t remember ever enjoying sex as much as what occurred earlier, they talked a while more, him making her laugh both of them getting a nice buzz from the champagne!

Marian at one point hesitantly told him about her fantasies that her and Sid would act out, and the one that they had with Melvin in it! Picking her up at the bar and seducing her, he got a good laugh out of that! But just thinking about the part where he pulls over and forces her to suck him off in the car, cumming in her sweet sexy mouth has gotten his dick to stir!

They talked and talked, and they laughed and laughed more, and they definitely drank and drank more but in her horny mind it was time to fuck and fuck more she stood up and untied her robe which fell to the ground! The alcohol helped her be so brazen, Marian grabbed his hand and placed it on her dripping pussy he stood up taking off his boxer shorts springing loose his black tool and they were at each other “Hold on little lady! Let me at least jump into the shower, keep this warm and I’ll be right out!” lightly patting her pubic mound!

Melvin couldn’t shower quick enough, knowing what he had waiting for him just outside the door, a women that in his mind was so untouchable just a mere day ago, now is in heat and ready to fuck knowing that he was a part of her fantasy was just too much for him to take, he’s gonna give her everything she could handle and more!

Opening up the door he walks out naked, the shower had rejuvenated him but his thoughts had kept his cock hard and he was more than ready his huge erect cock swaying back and forth, he looks over and sees that Marian had started without him she had towels piled up on the bed and at the foot of the bed,laying there spread, her knees up in the air her ass and pussy at the edge of the bed, and her fingers working their selves in and out of her moist opening, she quickly eyeballed his hard manhood and smiled one of her wicked smiles!

She motions him over “You come stand right here big boy….Oh yea that’s it!” Her hand working over her pussy at a furious pace, “I’ve never touched myself in front of a man before! Oh man I’m liking this!” She motions to him to jerk himself, Melvin doesn’t have to be asked twice he’s standing above her his cock just inches away from her pussy, the room has a strong scent of women’s sex it has his nostrils flaring she’s watching as his jerking motion quickens with each stroke his huge nut sack moves up and down his swelling head on his cock looks like it’s straining for release!

Admiring this sexy women in front of him, looking at her sexy body her full breast with her nips stiff sticking straight up, they continue this for awhile more, Marian rolling her erect clitoris between her wet thumb and forefinger her moans grow loud her eyes roll back in her head, and her hips rising up off the bed! She now has her two fingers sloshing in and out of her dripping hole buried deep inside her.

“Oh Melvin Oh Fuck Yea!!”

Melvin’s jerking away never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that he would be standing here jerking his cock, watching Marian ‘of all women’ masturbating away in front of him, she’s hot and so sexy, she has her fingers pulling back on her erect clit as she rubs it in quick circular movements she’s panting louder now her low moans are like music to his ears she’s ready, she looks over at Melvin’s fully erect cock and motions him closer his cock hoovering just inches above her throbbing pussy she grabs it and starts to rub herself against it sliding her wet pussy lips up and down along it’s long length, using it like a big dildo.Her moans growing loud and fast!

“Melvin…….Oh my god!…… Oh my fucking god! I’m cumming!……..Oh it feels so good! So good……”

Grinding herself against him, her wet pussy’s making sloshing noises as she holds onto his cock till she’s totally drained. “That cock of yours has got me so horny! Smiling one of her sexy smiles “Whew that was good! Man that was really good!” gathering her composure “Come sit down beside me, let me take care of you.”

Marian has him sit on the edge of the bed she grabs a little ottoman and kneels on it ” Melvin your cock looks so inviting!” grabbing it with both hands she starts to jerk his whole length.

Marian thinks to herself how unreal this whole day has been she feels horny like a teenager holding onto this big beautiful cock! Melvin could tell she’s done this before, having just cum now she could stop and think and concentrate on getting Melvin off, she always loved sucking cock this one is a little bit of a challenge “It’s so big!” but she’s determined to give him one of the best blow jobs he’s ever had, smiling up at him his poor cock looks like it’s ready to burst!

Opening her mouth nice and wide she takes him in, her head’s bobbing up and down as she slowly sucks on his cock. She would go down until she felt like she would gag, then lift up until her lips brushed over his tip, then back down again. She picked up speed with every turn. She reached her hand to cup his balls. Gently she rubbed and tugged on them. They were huge filled with cum to Marian’s delight!

She brought his cock out of her mouth, and began softly kissing it as she looked up at him.Wiping away the drops of pre cum with her tongue leaking out of the tip of his cock head, She could see that she was pleasuring him real well she could tell by his low moans!

I reach down and start to fondle his balls, he jerks back, He’s starting to moan, I slow it down, Running my tongue along it’s long length

“Hell this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be” as she opened a little wider each time she went down a bit further managing to get more into her mouth, now she got a nice rhythm her heads bobbing up and down at a nice steady pace. She wanted to bring him close, but not too far, and when she judged that he was at that point, she took him back in her mouth and began sucking him hard and fast, making loud slurping sounds.

Melvin knew he wasn’t gonna be able to last much longer looking down at her pretty face stuffed with his hard cock, Marian’s sexy round ass moving back and forth as if she was wagging her tail, her hand making it’s way down to her pussy she began to rub her self off as she sucked, she was really into it now! Her head moving up and down she has her hand wrapped around his shaft jerking him, lubed up with her drool taking half of his swelled cock into her mouth with each stroke, Within moments she felt him tense in her mouth and he was moaning “Oh fuck Marian it feels so good!”

Simone woke from her sleep to find Henry standing over her, putting on his tie. “Did you sleep well?” he said with a broad smile. She smiled back at him and nodded. “I hate to wake you, but I wanted to say thank you for last night.” He bent down, brushing her hair to the side and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

She sat up slowly, then reached up and pulled him toward her by his tie. Wrapping her arm around his head, she kissed him deeply. It was the longest kiss they had shared in years she though as they separated. Looking him in the eyes, she said “You don’t have to thank me. I meant what I said last night. I want to learn to please you.”

He pulled back the rest of the covers, and his hand traced down her face, between her breasts, and finally between her legs. “Well you can start by removing the rest of this hair like you promised last night, and have on something I haven’t seen before when I get home from dinner.” The tips of his fingers slipped between her lips. “After that we can work some more on teaching you how to please me.”

He smiled again as he left her to go to work, but it wasn’t the same smile that had greeted her when he woke her, but rather the same sneer that he had when he told her to strip and get him another drink. It was the smile he had on his face whenever he got his way in life. Normally, that smile repulsed her, but the afterglow of her husband literally carrying her to the bedroom after fingering her to an orgasm the night before gave her a new perspective. She could still feel the warmth of his chest on her cheek as she snuggled with him after the best sex she had ever had in years. She wondered in excitement at what her husbands return tonight would bring.

She bathed in almost too warm water, allowing herself to relax. After a few moments of allowing the tension to leave her body, she found her hand between her legs. Slowly, she placed two fingers inside of her smooth sex. She closed her eyes, and the memory of her husbands’ voice telling her to take his cock deeper down her throat. She could see his face smiling in satisfaction as she worked to pleasure him. ‘This is unreal. How can this feel so good?’ she thought. ‘Even thinking about servicing him makes me hot.’ She moaned, almost dizzy from the heat of the water and the heat between her legs, and cried out when her orgasm came upon her.

‘I need to speak to someone’ she thought once she had washed herself off and climbed out of the tub. None of her friends would do, but calling Dr. Ryan after only a single day seemed rude. Finally she gave in and dialed. The secretary had scheduled her for an early afternoon meeting immediately, telling her that Dr Ryan took only a few clients at a time, and only met with clients in person.

Dr. Ryan did not keep her waiting once she arrived. She stiffened when she sat down. ‘How can I describe private sexual matters with a woman I have known for less than a day?’ Once she looked into Dr. Ryan’s eye though, all her fears seemed to wash away.

She described in detail the events of the night before, and even her masturbation in the morning. Somehow, Dr. Ryan’s eyes had made her feel secure. She concluded with a small smile, as she said “I guess I should thank you for the best night of sex I have ever had.”

“You have taken some wonderful steps and rest assured your sex life will only get better from this point forward.” Her face was kind, but her tone became somewhat harsh as she continued. “I do have to say, considering your situation, you seem a bit preoccupied with the pleasure you felt, and not enough with the pleasure Mr. Rand received.

Simone opened her mouth to protest, but Dr. Ryan raised a hand. “I know what you are about to say. That Henry had fingered you without you prompting, and that you deserve to experience as many orgasms as he does.”

“Well it’s true!” Dr. Ryan’s eyes grew cold, and her stare felt like daggers. Within seconds of that stare, Simone began to shake slightly. “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“Apology accepted. Now I think you know the truth. You may not have asked your husband to pleasure you, but you must have given him signs, isn’t that true.”

‘It wasn’t, was it?’ she thought. She had stripped and knelt, served him with her hand and then served him with her mouth. ‘How can any of what I did be wrong?’ She looked back up at Dr. Ryan, and in an instant she knew she was guilty. “Yes I must have done something wrong.”

“Very good, it is very brave of you to admit your fault. The next step is to correct the problem. Try to remember always that Mr. Rand has suffered a great deal due to you behavior, and you need to work very hard to undue the damage you have caused in your marriage. For the time being, you need to consider Mr. Rand’s pleasure only.”

She drove home, repeating that over and over in her mind. ‘You need to think of Mr. Rand’s pleasure only.’ She whiled the day away, repeating the thought to herself whenever something made her think of her husband. Once the roast was safely in the stove, she retreated to her bedroom.

She stripped, and as she stared in to the mirror at her nude form, it was as if she could she Dr. Ryan’s beautiful gray eyes staring back at her, somehow giving her the confidence she needed. She dressed in a black corset and garter set that Henry had bought for her years ago but had never seen her wear. Adding what she thought was just the right amount of perfume, she returned to the kitchen to set the table while she waited for Henry.

She had just finished setting the table when she heard the front door close. She watched her husband once again scan her body as she approached him for a kiss. His fingers danced on her shoulder as her asked, “So what’s for dinner.” with a dirty smile. They chatted about his work, something they had not done for years, as Henry ate quickly. He looked at her somewhat guiltily. “I hate to say this, but I need to go to the study and get a bit of work done.”

“That’s OK Honey, you do that while I clear the table. I will bring you a drink when I am done.”

She watched him wander off, and then took a few more bites of her food before giving up. She had cleared the table and was half way through washing the dishes when she felt his hands around her waist. “I decided to take a little break” he said before starting to nibble on her ear. As she turned off the water, his hands came up to cup her breasts, pulling the corset material down just enough to expose her nipples. He was kneading her ample chest, and started to tweak her nipples. When she moaned, he whispered in her ear, “So you like that?” When she moaned in response, he began to pinch them painfully. Simone bit down to avoid making any sound of protest as he became rougher and rougher with her breasts. His weight pressed her tight against the counter, and she could feel his hardening cock through his pants, pressing into her.

Suddenly, he stepped back and spun her around. His hands moved behind her head and he pulled forward to kiss her long and deep. His right hand drifted down along her back before he quickly moved it between her legs. “Nice, very nice.” he said as he pushed aside the thin materials and inserted his fingers into her. She pulled his hand out, saying in a breathy voice “Don’t worry about me, just take it out. I want to feel it in my mouth again.” She licked her lips as she thought ‘God help me, I really do want to suck his beautiful cock.’

He smiled as he stepped back. “If you want it, get on your knees and take it out.” She quickly dropped down and removed his belt and zipper. She yanked his pants down quickly, and his cock pointed straight at her face, hard and ready. Before she could react, Henry had grabbed her by the hair and jerked her head upwards. His face showed no emotion as he said, “So you wanted some instruction on how to suck me off. Let’s try a bit of deep throating. Open wide.”

She obeyed and he plunged his cock deeper into her mouth than she thought was possible. She forced herself not to gag as he went deeper and deeper still. Within minutes, he was holding her firmly by her hair, and was fucking her mouth like it was her pussy. It took all of her will power not to vomit as he pummeled her face. As she leg his upper thighs in a desperate attempt to stead herself, she thought ‘Keep still and keep quiet. Let him take his pleasure.’

Finally he came, landing a good amount of his cum on her face. “Be a good girl, swallow it all.” Without a word of protest, she scrapped it up and swallowed it. She found that while the taste still repulsed her, it was a little easier for her to mask her displeasure.

Looking up at him, she ignored his smirk and smiled up lovingly. Without any acknowledgement back, he said, “Now lick it clean.” She paused for a second, but that voice in her head seemed to say, ‘Do you think his whore makes him clean his own cock?’ Without wasting another second, she pressed her tongue firmly on his shaft and made sure she covered every last spot.

Stopping once she felt his fingers lightly touching her chin, she looked up at her husband. He patted her on the head, and said “That was much better, you are learning fast. Ok, I better get back to work. I will come to bed once I am done.” He pulled his pants back up and walked out the kitchen, leaving her kneeling on the floor, hot and unsatisfied. She thought for a moment about the degrading way he had patted her on the head and then suddenly her hands were between her legs. Silently, she brought herself off, the soreness of her knees and jaw not affecting the explosive orgasm she now felt.

Once she had recovered her composure, she lifted herself off the floor and finished her cleaning before returning to their bedroom. She lay in bed, breathing heavily, until she heard Henry come in. She watched him silently as he stripped, dumping his clothes in the corner. Grabbing her by both ankles, he looked at almost expressionless. “Now where was I” he said, as he pulled her to the edge of the bed, roughly parted her legs and still holding her ankles firmly, started to enter her. Simone helped him gain the perfect angle for entry and then just quickly placed her hands under her body, forcing her body to arch up. She had been in this position once before at his suggestion years ago, but told him ‘never again’ due to the force of the trusting. She knew that she would be sore tomorrow but that voice inside her said ‘lie back and let your husband enjoy himself’.

She moaned like a whore as he thrust himself repeatedly into her, harder and harder, pushing her legs back and spread until she felt like she would snap in two. She offered no protest as her head swam in a sea on pain and pleasure, circling around for what seemed like an eternity. She snapped into full consciousness to the sound of Henry bellowing, “Cum for me, you slut!” The wave broke over her as she and her husband came together. He released her ankles as he collapsed on to her, kissing her passionately.

Rolling off of her, he said “God that was amazing.” She could barely move at first, just stare at her husband’s form as he lay next to her. Slowly, as he seemed to be drifting into sleep, she slinked up his body, kissing his stomach and chest before finally collapsing in his arms.

All day I waited hot and horny for you to come home. I kept thinking of how you would feel inside me and how I wanted to suck you and taste you and fuck you long and hard. I took a long hot bath so that I was perfect for you when you got home and dressed up in that innocent nightgown that you like me to wear. I put my hair in curls and tied a pink ribbon in it; I was making sure you wouldn’t be able to say no.

Finally you came home and I met you at the door and took the mail from your hands and set it on the table without even looking at it. I walked right up to you and kissed you softly on your lips and closed the door behind you, our neighbors don’t need to see what will happen next. You’re just kind of standing there, not sure what I’m about to do next and I giggle as I kiss you again and start to undo your pants and back you against the door as I pull them and your boxers down. I’m down on my knees in front of you and I look up at you to see you looking at me as I lick my lips in anticipation and then take you in my mouth and lick and suck you to hardness. You’re almost there when I take my right hand and place it at the base of your cock and my mouth moves down to your balls where I gently lick the left and the right as my hand keeps moving on you slowly up and down. Knowing that I need fucked I look up at you again and take you all the way in my mouth into the back of my throat and swallow; I know that drives you crazy and I love doing it.

I stop and let you out of my mouth so I can stand and I take you into the bedroom that I have set up for our bit of fun tonight. On the way there you take off your pants that are around your ankles and I giggle as you say something about needing to walk. I lay you down on the bed and climb on top of you making sure you can’t see what I have in my hand and I slowly take each of your hands and put them above your head as I kiss you over and over, trying to make sure you don’t realize what I’m about to do. Now that your hands are above your head I slide half way up your chest, my bare pussy right in front of your face and taking the pink silk scarf I had hidden in my right hand I tied both your wrists to the bed. You let me of course, surprised that I was doing it, but you went along. I made you promise that you wouldn’t rip my scarf, it is my favorite, and you agreed. After you were tied up I played a little, just to test how well the restraints would hold, tickled you a little bit in your most ticklish of places and then I moved down your body till my mouth was near your hard cock and I couldn’t resist tasting you again, licking you all over, getting you to the point that you would have cum if I hadn’t stopped and I softly giggled. I loved hearing your moan of frustration, I am such a tease and I liked knowing I was in complete control of you and when you would cum.

I then rose up and settled my smooth, wet pussy over you, but not letting you in, just letting you feel how wet I was. I rocked back and forth letting you come inside me little by little until you are completely embedded in me and I hear your moan of pleasure and I giggle so wickedly again because I know you’ll be moaning in frustration very soon. I rock backwards and now you’re not inside me anymore, but you can still feel my wetness and I reach for the bottom of my nightgown and take it over my head, leaving me completely naked and on top of you. The only piece of fabric left on me is the pink ribbon I tied in my hair. I now look like such a naughty little girl and I like it, and as your hips move trying to get yourself back inside me, I know you like it too. I smile at you and ask “Do you want me?”

You say “yes” and I move down a bit, letting the head of you inside me.

Then I ask you “Do you want me to fuck you,”

And you nod at me and say “yes”, and I move downward just a little more, you try moving again, but I tell you to stop or I’ll leave you to finish yourself.

You freeze and I ask you the last question, “Do you want me to let you cum?”

You’re so focused on not moving that you say “yes, please” and I let my body go the rest of the way allowing you completely inside of me.

You feel so good as I rock back and forth, riding you and as I fuck you I feel your cock hitting my clit and I know I’m going to cum soon. My hands go up to my breasts and I see you watching me through barely open eyes as I pinch my nipples and arch my back and I cum drenching you in my release, I can hear the sounds of all the liquid that I’ve just let go as I keep riding you hard and fast. I’m constantly cumming now, but I know not to stop, I know you’ll be cumming so very soon. Your legs start to tighten up and your whole body freezes as I keep going and you cum deep within me, I feel spurt after spurt as your cock releases inside of me and I cum one last time and tighten my muscles so I can feel you flinch because you’re so sensitive. I collapse on your chest and giggle as you put your arms around me, your hands are still tied, but I must not have tied it too well to the bed. I’ll work on that for next time.

I raise my head up and look at you in your blissful state of relaxation and I kiss your lips and whisper in your ear. “Have a good day at work, honey?”

You smile at me and say “Not as good as this.”

I flew into New York to meet with several clients. After a very long day, I agreed to meet an older client for some drinks at my hotel bar, which had a small dance floor. Before I get to the story, let me tell you about myself. I am 47 years old, married with 2 older kids, 6’2″ 220 lbs. (trying to stay in shape)

I walked into the bar, and my client (Pete-who is 55) wasn’t there. I sat at the bar for a few minutes. He came walking in, but not alone. With him was a lady wearing a revealing short dress. I couldn’t take my eyes off her cleavage! After what seemed to be minutes, I tried my best to be professional, not wanting to offend him. He told me this was Geri, his wife. I shook her hand politely (being sure to make eye contact). She was maybe 50, a bit of a bigger girl, but was so sexy. She had that sexy air about her. Her short, tight dress made me want to grab her ass. Her breasts were awesome size, maybe 38DD?? Needless to say, I was smitten with her. I would have to be careful tonight!

All that was available was a small booth in the corner, so we managed to fit in there, with Dani in the middle. Our legs briefly touched and my cock stirred. Easy boy, I thought. We ordered drinks, made small talk and simply got to know each other. Geri was drinking white wine. I noticed that Gerry kept topping off her glass when she wasn’t looking. The music got a little louder, so we had to lean in to talk to each other. This didn’t help my erection, as Geri would lean over and could look right down at her barely covered tits. Pete kept rubbing her shoulders and I could see that it was getting her excited. She would close her eyes briefly and I thought I heard a slight moan. Damn! I needed to get back to my room and jack off!

When a certain song came on (I can’t remember which one as I had other things on my mind), Geri opened her eyes, perked up and told Pete she loved this song and wanted to dance. Pete said he was tired. Maybe I wanted to dance with her. I politely declined, but Geri insisted. I quick adjusted my hard on and we went to the dance floor. Geri sure could dance! She was shaking what she had!! After the song ended, a slow song came on. I went to walk off the floor, but she grabbed my arm and said she wanted one more song. I noticed a slight slur in her words. The wine must be working.

We danced slowly. She put her arms around my neck and I put mine around her waist. As the song went on, she rested her head on my shoulders and my hands slipped a little lower, brushing her ass. I heard her moan. I gave her ass a squeeze, knowing it was wrong, but overpowered by her sexiness. She thrust her hips into my crotch, pushing against my very hard cock. I could feel those wonderful breasts against me. Damn, I wanted to see them! But this was way out of bounds!

The song ended and Geri went to the ladies room. I sat down and Pete was smiling. “She’s very sexy, isn’t she? I could see you enjoy her” He said. “Yes” I replied. “She is very sexy, and I’m sorry if I went over the line.”

“Not at all” Pete said. “When she drinks wine, she gets very horny, and I was hoping to spice things up tonight. Let’s get her back to your room and see what happens.”

I was stunned! But not wanting to offend a good client (lol), I agreed.

Geri came back from the ladies room. “I have a good buzz going, honey” she said. “Let’s go home.” (smiling)

Pete said that we wanted one more drink, but we could do it in my room. I was surprised when she happily agreed.

We walked to the elevator and Pete held her by the waist. The elevator shifted when it started and dani leaned into me. My natural reaction was to grab her and my arm went around her and I accidently grabbed her big breast. No bra! She must have taken it off in the restroom. I went to remove it, but she held it there. I saw Pete looking at me and smiling. I continued to hold that fantastic breast in my hand and feeling her nipple get hard.

She reached her hand down to my crotch, feeling my 7 in cock very hard. She smiled.

The elevator door opened and we walked to my room. My hand now grabbing her ass. I felt Gerry push my hand under her short skirt….No panties! WOW!!

I opened the door to the room and we walked in………

(To be continued)

I started on my journey to happiness a few years ago when I turned 49 and realized that my life was probably more than half over. My husband and I had become empty nesters after our son and daughter went off and graduated from college and found jobs so they finally moved out of the house. My husband made a six figure salary, so I did not need to work, though I did spend a few days a week down at the shelter cooking meals.

One day, one of those reality TV talk shows did one about women with an obsession, the desire to find men that were very, very endowed. At first, I giggled at the remarks and explanations that I heard from the women. How could they cheat on their husbands or boyfriends to get someone like that? Anyway, I enjoyed the show and went off to do the laundry or something.

Afterwards, as described in the previous story, I began my journey looking for that big, hard cock. I tried to meet & greet with three men who responded to my online add, meeting only with two of them. I decided based upon that experience to better screen them in the future.

Meanwhile, my husband with his five inch cock knew how to use it just right on my pussy, clit and in my ass after he came back after almost two weeks in China. And after a week of that, I changed up a little by meeting my best friend Meg when her husband went to a Celtics game on Sunday afternoon.

During the day, I would log on to AFF and check my in-box. Most of the emails were vulgar and clearly they could not even read my tagline, which said LOOKING FOR CAMBRIDGE MASS AREA 8+ MARRIED COCK ONLY!!! I mean, did that guy in Los Angeles really expect me to travel out there to suck his cock? So generally, there were only two or three emails a day that I bothered to open up their profile. I did pay for a subscription that allowed non-paying users to send me emails, opening to find that nugget of a cock that was married and did not have the money to spend for a subscription. After all, I was looking for someone with the right equipment, decent looking, a nice personality and good grooming habits, not someone who I wanted to fall in love with.

This step seemed to open up a few more candidates, as my profile and headline indicated that they could send emails to me. It also doubled the number of emails, again, most of which were either vulgar, not married, not from the Boston area, etc.

For those that seemed promising, I would reply to them via email, having decided to take my time and correspond for a few weeks, taking my time. It was unlike my first experiences; when I selected three guys and scheduled meetings with them. So I had about a dozen guys I was corresponding with, some of whom did not respond everyday (which made sense to me, if they were really married and doing this in secret). I created folders for each of them, and about once a week, I realized I would have to “catch and release” a few of them who did not sound right, or wanted something that I was not looking for.

I had used the friend feature on these dozen guys, so once in a while I would see them online. That gave me an opportunity to chat with them in real time. It also led to some of them being voted off the island.

Most of them kept asking to meet, at least in some public place to get to know each other better. They also wanted to exchange photos, but I decided to go with about ten pictures on my profile that showed off my body, and showed a shot of my head and hair without revealing my face. There was a Playboy-style shots of my ass, pussy, legs and tits that my lover Meg had taken on Sunday afternoon. So I figured I had given them enough information about myself, without putting myself at risk to the general public. I was mainly interested in seeing a well endowed individual, and then moving on from that.

It did get me thinking about how we would get together and what time that might be. For me, with husband traveling twenty days a month, I had complete freedom to plan for such activity. I could even invite Meg as an escort on a Sunday afternoon if need by. I had decided that I would probably not meet them at my apartment, what if things went bad, or if the affair ends, would I really want them to know where I lived? Also, I was calling myself Diane on my profile, to further protect myself. I decided that one of those small hotels near the Harvard campus would be the best place to meet, something that I could afford if the guy could not swing that.

I also realized that I was usually logging on during mid-morning, and I was probably focusing on the guys who worked second or third shifts, and were home and should be sleeping, while their wives were out working. So I made it a point to log in at different times during the day and evening, to provide more opportunities to chat with someone of them, which provided a lot of information on them and me quickly.

During my once a week review of candidates, I began to consider meeting a couple of them for a meet & greet and see if their reality matched their computer personality. The pushy guys were already close to elimination, I was attracted to those who were in it for the long term. So not wanting to be a tease, I suggested to five of them my desire to meet at some coffee shop in the next week, suggesting a Wednesday while hubby was off to Dallas. Three of them clearly could not make that day, and one offered an alternative on Thursday afternoon. So I scheduled meets for three of them for the next week.

Meg and I met Sunday afternoon at my apartment, and she spent most of the time reading the three profiles while I pinched her nipples and finger fucked her lovely pussy. She also looked at the other two candidates who could not meet on Wednesday, and actually thought one of them was the one I needed to fuck. I promised I would contact him for a meet later. I then pulled Meg to my daybed, and ate her out as she fantasized about me meeting one of the three this week, and quickly dragging them off to a hotel room for an afternoon fuck.

Meg was quite satisfied when she got dressed. She kissed me and wished me luck on my mid-week adventures.

I was going to meet Dan at 10 am at one coffee shop in Cambridge. I chose Cambridge because it was easy to get to from my apartment, but far enough away that lessened the chance of me meeting someone I knew, or more important, knew my husband. I was less nervous than the first time I had done this, getting to the coffee shop about five minutes before the appointment, and got myself a drink and was looking for a quiet spot to sit when Dan walked up to me and introduced himself.

Dan and I moved over to a booth, and he sat across from me and we leaned our heads forward so that we could not be overheard, but more so because the place was very noisy. Dan is a charmer, putting me at ease quickly, and I was laughing at his humor. I had seen his pictures, and if they are of him, he clearly was in the ten inch class. Dan had been married seven years to his college sweetheart, and they had two boys aged two and four. His wife had continued working after having the oldest, but after the second one was born, they decided she should stay at home, as the cost of daycare exceeded what she could be making. Dan managed the Asian financial desk at his company, so he worked evenings until 3 am, and it gave him lower six-figure income that they lived comfortably in a northern Boston suburb.

With his wife staying with the kids all the time, plus his job, led to a severe reduction in his sex life and led him to search for online adventures. It also turned out his wife had had some medical complications due to a third pregnancy after the second boy, and they had lost a girl after five months. His wife had been a bit depressed, which they had worked through, and clearly was not interested in getting pregnant again.

Dan had considered prostitutes but felt he could not handle the risk of disease or being arrested. He really did not make enough money to use escort services. He had moved here to go to college, and most of his friends were first his wife’s. So he was interested, seemed to be a nice guy and we did seem to get along. I thought about inviting him to a local hotel, but Dan said he had worked late this morning because he had a dentist appointment this morning at 8 am, and had to get home to not raise any suspicions with his wife.

I wanted to physically check him out, so I suggested we head for the restrooms to do a quick grope session just to confirm and verify his ten inches. The restrooms were in the back through a narrow hallway, and I went to mine and it was locked. Dan looked in the men’s room and discovered it was just a small room with a toilet, urinal and sink, so we both slipped in there and locked the door.

Dan quickly pulled me to him and kissed me, a very nice one that began exploring and ended in a nice French-style with our tongues twirling in each mouth. I could feel him get hard as he moved his leg to between my thighs. I kissed him again, and my hand reached down to check the equipment. Dan’s cock was pointing upwards and it clearly was long and wide. I stopped kissing him, and asked him if he would like a complementary blow job to go with his validating his parking ticket.

Dan nodded, and I lowered myself to my haunches and unzippered his pants. I tried to remove his dick, but it being so large and hard, I ended up unhooking his pants, which dropped down below his knees. He was wearing boxers, and the opening allowed for his cock to be fished out, a nice large purple head and a length with one nice vein popping along the bottom. After massaging it a few seconds with my hands, I moved my mouth over its head and licked it around, it tasted so well. Since time was of the essence, and I had completed my required pre-takeoff equipment check, I quickly put about half his cock into my mouth while using one hand to jack him off and my other hand to gently rub his balls. Dan’s moans showed I was making good progress. He spread his legs a bit to give me better access to his balls. My bedroom blue eyes were looking upward to Dan’s face.

I reached my ball handling hand up to my mouth, dipping several fingers into my mouth to get them nice and wet. I wanted to make him cum quickly, so when my hand reached back down to cupping his balls, they explored towards the back to his ass crack. Dan shifted first one leg and then the other, giving me more access, and my finger was quickly at the opening of his rosebud. Meanwhile, my other hand was sliding up and down his shaft that was not in my mouth and I was moving up and down sucking and licking the head and about five inches of his man meat. As my fingered entered his asshole, the palm of my hand could feel his balls start to constrict. I finger fucked him and palmed his balls a little, while I jerked his cock and sucked hard. I felt the first jism hit the back of my throat, and moved my mouth to completely suck on his head, getting three squirts of cum into my mouth. Dan closed his eyes as he relieved himself in my mouth. I swallowed some but then I rose up to Dan’s face and opened my mouth showing his cum filling it. I then swallowed and licked my lips and smiled.

Dan won the sale when he then kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth, tasting his own cum. He was going to the next round!!!

After disengaging from the kiss, I moved over to the sink to wash my hands and check my face for any unexploded rounds of cum. I don’t wear much makeup, so I looked good enough to leave the restroom without having to pull out my lipstick. Dan pulled up his pants, buttoned them and zipped his fly. I looked at my watch; the blow job had taken about seven minutes.

We kissed again briefly, and I told him that I would look at my calendar and send him an email for our next meeting, which would be a long one. Dan unlocked and opened the door, with me standing behind it, and saw no one standing in the small hall. I then slipped out the door followed by Dan. I walked through the shop and out to the street, not looking behind me until I was a block away. Dan was still standing at the entrance watching me, waved and turned to walk the other direction.

I entered a dress shop and walked around it, not buying anything. I then went out of the shop, looked up and down the sidewalks, and did not see Dan. Since it was now about 11:15, I decided to go to a sandwich shop for a light lunch until my next appointment at 1:30 pm.

I was to meet Bill at another coffee shop about two blocks away. I stopped in to the restroom of the sandwich shop, and washed my face and put on some makeup. I really enjoyed the excitement of blowing Dan, and looked forward to having another afternoon adventure.

I bought a coffee and found a booth at the back of the shop. The bathroom doors opened up to the back of the seating area, so no small hallway to sneak in there. Bill arrived about five minutes late, had mistimed the T a bit, but that was understandable. He then went to get a coffee. After he returned, he shook my hand and sat next to me in the booth.

Bill mostly asked questions about me, some of which I answered very truthfully and some with my Diane persona and her background story. It seems that Bill worked for twenty years on the Boston Globe as an investigative reporter until the layoffs about five years ago, now he spent his time as a private investigator for several criminal lawyers. Because of all his questions, I hardly ever got to ask one of my own.

Bill was wearing a wedding band, as was I, but he never mentioned his wife or why he was trying to cheat. I did get to ask him if he had ever cheated before, and he seemed honest in saying that he had about six times over the years, but nothing for the last three years when a former newspaper co-worker retired down to Florida. Sounded like most of his affairs involved women he had worked with in the newspaper, but most of the investigative work was now behind a computer instead of hitting the pavement, so he did not get to meet a whole lot of people. And the people he met, while he would not have invited them home for dinner.

Bill seemed to be all that he had said he was before in his emails and chats, and his questioning of me seemed to satisfy him that I was legit. Because it would be impossible to slip into one of the bathrooms without three or four folks seeing us, I decided to reach my hand towards his leg in order to check him out. I whispered that I had a rule to trust someone, but my father had told me a long time ago to verify and check. Bill laughed.

I asked Bill if there was something sexual that his wife would never do with him as I moved my hand to his lap. He said his wife would never take it up her ass, and he was looking to finding a woman who would and could accommodate him. I felt him get partly hard, and it seemed that he was thick and about eight inches long. I whispered in his ear that I love to cum with a big cock up my ass, and his dick got very hard then.

I asked Bill what his schedule looked like the rest of the afternoon. Bill replied that he had to get back to his computer, as one of his lawyer bosses was expecting a report on a client’s finances by the end of the day. I was disappointed in not being able to really play with Bill, but I did set this up as only a meet & greet, with no expectations of being able to play. I told Bill that I would see him on AFF chat sometime over the next few days, and we would set up a morning or afternoon to meet at a nearby hotel.

Bill kissed me on the cheek, got up and said goodbye and walked out of the shop. I waited about five minutes, seeing him dash across the street and head to the right to where he could catch the T. I then walked out of the coffee shop, went about a block and went into another shop for about ten minutes shopping, then hailed a cab towards downtown to where Meg worked.

Security called up to Meg’s office, and they handed me a pass card to get on the elevator. I got off on her floor, and headed straight there. Meg closed the door, wanting to immediately know about today’s adventures. I started with my meeting with Bill, giving her all the details. She knew I was holding something back, so then I talked about Dan. Finally, she begged me, and I described what Dan and I had done in the men’s bathroom. Meg was not too surprised by me blowing him, but pushing my finger up his ass to make him cum did cause her to compliment me.

Meg called her husband and told him to meet us for an early dinner downtown. Meg finished a few things in her office, and then we left for the restaurant and sat in the bar until her hubby came. We had a nice dinner, and then I headed home in a cab.

I got home, took a shower and put my pajamas and a robe on, sitting down at my computer. Hubby had sent me an email with his working location number, so I called him and explained the boring parts of my day and dinner with Meg and her husband. My hubby was still at work and he was going to grab something for dinner and take it back to the hotel and continue working that evening. I said goodbye and hung up.

I logged on to AFF, seeing what was in my in-box. After deleting about twenty emails, I had one from Bill thanking me for meeting me and saying he would try to log on Thursday afternoon to chat. I replied that I was going to be out, but hopefully we would be able to chat before the weekend. I expected hubby to fly home late Friday, so I did not plan anything for the weekend, either online or in person with my AFF friends.

I did send an email to those other two guys who could not meet today, suggesting meeting sometime next week. I then wrote a slightly vulgar email to Dan about how I enjoyed how he tasted, and I hoped the next time he would cum in both my pussy and ass, as well as filling my stomach. I then watched some television and went to bed. I thought about my meeting with Todd tomorrow afternoon, hoping it would turn out to be one ending with a large cock plowing my pussy.


This story starts out with the obligatory description of us. We are a middle aged couple living the average American life. All things are good for us and we have a great life. Physical descriptions being a necessary component of an erotic story, I am tall, slender and 54 years old. My wife is 5’3″, 120 pounds, well toned, red head and gorgeous. While she is 48 years old, no one knows it. She recently was at the gym and a 20 something physical trainer did not believe she was 48. He said he thought, maybe, 30 years old. She’s in great shape, has a youthful appearance and is very limber as you will see.

We have a great sex life and fantasy is a large part of it, mostly on my part. She’d be just as happy to avoid fantasy, but she doesn’t deprive me of it. This story, however, is not fantasy. It happened in South Georgia on I-75 and we will never forget it.

The day started with a trip to Atlanta, a little more than 120 miles away. We had gone there to do some shopping and as the night came upon us, we stopped at a restaurant for dinner. The restaurant was in the southern part of town and had a mostly black clientele, but that only accented our night. One of my fantasies is to have a gang bang in a crowded restaurant, but there is a reason why that is a fantasy, it’s called arrest for public indecency. I made mention of that fantasy and my wife smiled and joked about it a little, with all the big, strong black males in the room. Several times she would reach under the tablecloth and stroke my cock through my pants, but not for long, as she would abruptly stop. Our dinner arrived and we enjoyed it, with the occasional tease about my fantasy or occasional groping of each other’s crotch. I paid the bill and we headed home.

No sooner had we gotten onto I-75 than my wife reached over and started caressing my cock. She whispered things in my ears, mostly about how thrilling it would be to have a big black cock in her tight little pussy. She said she knew I’d love to watch that. My cock was as large as it could get within the confines of my pants. She said “Oh, your little man needs some relief, doesn’t he?” She freed him by unzipping my pants and releasing him. We weren’t 10 miles down the road at this point.

“Oh, he’s big and hard now, but back in the restaurant, if he’d been a bad ass then, he’d have taken me on that table, then and there.” She engulfed my cock in her mouth and began to suck up and down on him. With every other thrust or so, she’d come off and say something like “Oh, you’d love to see my ass getting pounded, wouldn’t you?” or “Do you think those black guys back there ever had a tight, hot, redhead pussy?” Talking dirty to me is something she’s great at, but it’s always for me, not for her. I know that and I love it. She loves me and tries to keep me satisfied. For miles and miles, she kept up the terrific blowjob while giving me play by play commentary on various fantasies that we’ve enjoyed over the years.

One of our favorite activities has been having sex in the car as we drive around. We’ve enjoyed car sex at 70mph, 30 mph, in a parking lot and at the airport watching the planes land. So this was nothing new, but this night was far different than most. She is so limber that climbing into my lap is as easy as putting on pants for her.

Normally she can make me come in no time with her hot mouth, but this time she kept pressure on the base of my cock with her hand and wouldn’t let me cum, which was fine with me so long as she kept sucking. She took a break long enough to remove her clothes, a risky feature as she is always worried that someone will see inside the car. At 70mph down a dark Interstate highway, I’m not too worried, and on this night, neither was she. As she resumed sucking my cock, her beautiful ass was up in the air, which lets me play with both of her holes. She was dripping wet and my fingers easily entered her tight little snatch. As I thrust my fingers into her hot hole, her sucking became even more enthusiastic. My cock was as hard as a rock as she bobbed up and down on it, though she continued to hold my cock by the base and keep enough pressure on it to keep me from cumming.

She suggested we get off the Interstate and get a room, as she didn’t want to wait for home. I was more than willing to do that so we got off the Interstate at McDonough, about 40 minutes south of Atlanta. She quickly threw on her pants and blouse, but no bra or panties, and she went in the hotel to check on the room as I waited. She told me to not bother zipping up until she had us a room. She came out a few minutes later and told me that there were no rooms for miles as there was a NASCAR race that weekend, which I had forgotten about. I directed the car back onto the I-75 and she disrobed again and proceeded to start sucking on my again erect cock. Between thrusts of her mouth on my cock, she mentioned that the hotel clerk was happy to see her, as her tits were erect and pointed, showing through her thin blouse. She commented that she knew he didn’t have a room available as she could have gotten anything out of him. I commented that she might could have gotten us his office if she had agreed to bring him in, but she said she had all the cock she needed and continued to engulf my cock into her hot mouth.

I began to slide a finger into her ass, which really invigorated her blowjob. I was intent on cumming and blowing a massive load into her mouth, but while she was moaning and carrying on, she maintained pressure of my cock base and wouldn’t let me cum. We were quite a sight for miles and miles, until we got to Forsyth, about 20 miles below McDonough, were we tried to get a room again. Same thing, she got dressed and went in, only to return with news that the “inn was full for the night” due to NASCAR. As she disrobed again, she mentioned that the clerk was a pretty little Hawaiian girl. She wore a t-shirt that said “Get Your Dream On In Hawaii.” My lovely wife, who only occasionally mentions pretty girls, was so turned on by the miles and miles of sucking my cock, she now was talking about having a girl join us sometime for a threesome. With each thrust down my cock, when she came up for air she’d say something wildly erotic. “You’d love to see a pretty girl with a strap-on taking me from behind as I was suck you, wouldn’t you?” or “One day I’m going to grind my pussy in a pretty redhead’s face just for you.”

I don’t know that my wife has ever been turned on that much before, but I was having the time of my life. At this point, it was a 80 mile blowjob that just kept giving and giving. I know it’s hard to imagine going that distance, but she kept her hand on the base of my cock at just the right strength to keep me from cumming, but the ecstasy was immense the whole time. We had only gone down to Macon when she again said she needed a hotel room now! We weren’t far from home, but she wanted a hotel room and I wasn’t about to argue with that. Again she threw on her clothes, but her tight tits were clearly visible through her blouse. I mentioned that to her, but she said she didn’t care, she’d even fuck the clerk if she could just get a room. In she went, out she came a few minutes later. This time she was laughing. She said “It’s the fucking Cherry Blossom Festival now! No rooms available anywhere in Macon. I even told the clerk that “I’d do anything for a room” and he said “I’d love to take you up on it, but I’ve even rented out the owner’s suite.” I couldn’t believe that my lovely bride was being this bold, but I didn’t doubt her for a second, she was HOT and ready to get physical. She said “You’re a luck boy, now I guess I gotta suck you all the way home.” She disrobed and I threw the clothes in the back of car, telling her she’s not getting out of the car again. She gave me a wicked smile and went back down on my manhood. My cock was throbbing, wanting to explode but she continued to squeeze him just enough to keep him rock hard and bulging.

As we neared home, she said she couldn’t take it anymore and she moved over into my lap. I mentioned that she is limber, and boy is she. She’s petite, has a tight little body and she can get into some really tight positions. She straddled my lap and clung around my neck. As she lowered her sopping wet pussy onto my dick, she whispered “Don’t kill us.” Her tight little twat sunk onto my throbbing dick as she lowered her body all the way down, slowly. She then rose on her hips and sunk back down. As my cock was fully slick now, she sank farther and farther with each lift and drop. We were 10 miles from home and I wasn’t sure if she was going to let me cum in the car or wait until we got home.

Then the blue lights appeared. I looked at the speedometer and realized I was going too fucking slow even considering I was in the right hand lane. My cock was shriveling up quickly but she was telling me not to stop. She meant screwing her, to not stop screwing her, but I knew I had to stop. I pulled onto the shoulder as she said “what are we gonna do? My clothes are in the back.” In a flash, the officer was at the window, tapping on it with his flashlight. I rolled it down, hoping he’d see the predicament I was in and cut us a break. There sat my beautiful wife, completely naked, in my lap. He didn’t miss a beat, “Sir, do you realize that you were going 35 miles an hour on the Interstate?” I tried to explain how sorry I was, but that my wife and I were acting like teenagers and we would gladly go home if he’d forget this whole thing. He said, “Most couples get a hotel room.” I told him we’d tried to get one from McDonough all the way here, but with NASCAR and Cherry Blossom, none could be had. My wife just kept staring at the officer, never taking her eyes off of his. He, however, was using his eyes to size her up.

He said, “Ma’am, get in the front seat of my car, I’ll have to get some information from you.” She asked if she could get her clothes out of the back of the car, but he said she wouldn’t need any clothes for the interview, which I found odd, but the whole thing was odd and fascinating at the same time. He opened the door and she ran to the patrol car and got in. He told me, “Sir, pull up your pants and get in the back seat of my patrol car. Bring your wallet, as I’ll need your license.” I pleaded that this wasn’t really necessary but he just said for me to do as he told me.

As I got out of the car I sized up the officer. He was white, 6 foot tall, 185 pounds, maybe 30 years old. He was muscular and obviously solid. He was not showing any expression on his face when I looked at him. He opened the car door and I got in the back seat.

The back seat of his car was just like every other patrol car. Vinyl seats, very spartan and a plexiglass cage to protect the officer. It was March and it was a cool evening, but thankfully the officer had the heat on and my wife wasn’t shivering as she sat there waiting for the questions. But there were no questions forthcoming. He climbed in his seat, leaned over and grabbed the back of her head, pulling his mouth to hers. He kissed her and she kissed him back. She wasn’t pulling away. I was thinking that she ought to resist somewhat, but she didn’t.

In about 10 seconds, with him holding the back of her head, her head disappeared into his lap. I heard his zipper go down and then I heard her slurping on his cock. No introductions, no small talk, nothing, just straight to giving head. She wiggled into her favorite position, her ass up in the seat and her face down, but this time it was on the officer’s cock, not mine. He did the same thing I do, what most guys would do in that position, he reached over and started toying with her pussy and ass. I can see fingers disappearing into her holes from my vantage point, but I couldn’t see her sucking his cock without raising up, which I wasn’t inclined to do at that moment. Unlike when she was sucking me, she wasn’t talking, she was all business. I assumed that the officer would get an incredible blowjob and we’d be done, because he sure couldn’t do a report on this, could he?

Apparently she was doing the same trick on him that she does on me, because he wasn’t exploding as I thought. He fingers were busy going in and out of her holes, and she was moaning in ecstasy. After less than five minutes, she came up off of his dick and climbed over his console on top of him. He looked surprised but happy at the outcome. My cock was bursting at the seams at the sight, but I couldn’t bear to touch it as it was just too strange to be jacking off to my wife having sex with another man. Just like she did for me, she lowered her body onto his cock and began to ride up and down on him. I could hear her pussy slurping on his rod as she went up and down, almost hitting her head on the top of his car. About then I saw more blue lights behind us and thought “Oh shit, this is getting nuts.”

My door opened and a big, black officer asked me to get out. He put my hands behind my back and cuffed me. I didn’t say a word as there wasn’t much I could say. The black officer opened the front passenger door and put me in the seat, where I could see my lovely wife riding up and down on that officer’s cock. She was looking at me, smiling, almost laughing. She said, “Well, honey, this fantasy is really coming true. Hope you’re enjoying it, I’m doing it all for you.”

The officer said “Oh my god, I’m cumming. She’s a hot little piece of ass. Wait til you try her out.” I realized he wasn’t talking to me. She kind of sighed, which I knew meant that her tight little pussy had squeezed his cock out of that tight hole without getting an orgasm of her own. I’ve seen that look, but I also knows that it means she isn’t finished. The black officer opened the driver’s door and helped my wife out, where I saw cum running down her pretty legs. The back door opened and in went my wife and the black officer. The door had barely closed when he unzipped his fly, revealing a large cock. With no hesitation, she bent over and began sucking it. I didn’t know whether to watch or look away. On the one hand, it was fascinating and a fantasy come true, on the other hand, I never actually thought we’d carry this one out.

She was blowing the big black boner with gusto, although it barely fit in her mouth. It certainly stretched her cheeks out when she sucked on it, and he appeared to be enjoying the hell out of it, as I had many hundreds of times as well. After a few minutes of sucking, she abruptly stopped and crawled onto his lap, but she was facing me. His hands were massaging her tits as she stared at me. It was an absent minded sort of stare, the one that comes when she is working on an orgasm of her own. As she rode up and down on that black monster, I could tell she was approaching ecstasy. Her lovely pussy was being reamed by a big black cock in front of my eyes, her tits were being mauled, and her approaching orgasm was sure to rock her world.

Their timing was impeccable. He blew his load at the same instant she came. It happens to us sometimes, but not enough. They both were panting for air as the car was kind of stuffy by now. She wasn’t given much time to recover before they escorted us back to our car. No words were said and the two officers drove away, having never spoken to each other. We sat in the car for a minute and then I pulled back onto the road. In minutes we were home, not having said a word the whole time. I grabbed her and told her I loved her. She told me it was my lucky night, as she wasn’t finished. She tossed me a tube of KY and my night was getting even better.

“Well hello my love! How was work?”

Shocked after walking in the door seeing you naked sprawled out on the couch. Trying to hide my smile as I notice your hand slowly and softy stroking your hard cock.

“Wow, work was… Who cares? What is this? Were you waiting on me? Fuck you are so cute. You – me – bedroom now.”

Walking right past you peeling my clothes of as I walk down the hallway. Stepping aside as you go to walk past me. But instead you push me up against the door, grabbing my waist and pressing my body against yours.

Grabbing my hips sliding your hands down to my ass, as mine run up your back to take your neck and face in my hands, kissing you long and passionate. Feeling your desire as your fingers start to make quick work of my tiny little clit.

“Not so fast… You waited all this time for me to get home, and now you want to rush?”

“I need you, I want you. The waiting was torturous but you…”

“Shh,’ covering my mouth with yours for a brief minute, ‘Mmm lay down, let me take care of you.”

Crawling on the bed centering my body over yours leaning down to kiss your lips one more time, letting my lips linger on yours. Moaning softly, tasting your mouth and tongue. Feeling weightless as I pull away.

“Mmm Fuck, you are so Very Sexy!” I say as I move to center myself between your solid thighs. Rubbing my hands down your chest, letting my fingernails scrape as my hand moves to the long hard cock twitching at me, begging for attention from my lips.

Taking your hard cock to my lips; licking the bit of precum dripping from your tip, licking from your balls to head all the way around and down your shaft. Licking and flicking softly at your cockhead, holding your balls in my hand; slowly rubbing them with my thumb.

Sucking softly on your cockhead, before taking your every inch into my mouth savoring you. Stroking the underside of your balls softly, applying firm pressure. Stroking your cock with my tongue and lips fast and hard.

Moving my mouth to your balls, kissing and licking them. Pushing your thighs out to the side wide; rubbing your asshole with my thumb, while still slowly stroking your long cock. I begin to lick you from your ass to your balls, sliding my tongue into you and back out again. Sliding one finger very slowly into your ass.

Taking your cock back to my lips; stroking you firm and slow, pushing my finger deep inside you twirling it as I pull it out again. Licking your shaft as I finger you, feeling your ass begging for more. Feeling how your ass clenches on my finger tight, I hold it there rubbing inside right behind your tight hole.

Stroking your cock with my mouth quickly as I stroke your balls with my fingertips. Suddenly you grab my arms and pull my face to yours, kissing me more. Rolling me on my back as you push my thighs wide apart, pushing my feet into the headboard hard.

Looking at me, staring into my eyes smiling, as you slowly start licking my pussy. Slipping your tongue between my lips and dragging it all the way down to my tight ass, licking around it, then dragging your tongue back up to my clit.

Sucking, softly on my clit, taking it inside your lips; flicking it quickly with your tongue. Nibbling at it hard with your teeth, as you begin to slip two fingers deep inside me. Pushing your fingers in all the way to your knuckles, slowly pulling them back out.

Tapping at my clit with your fingers, rubbing hard and fast, as your tongue pushes inside of my wet pussy. My fingers running through your short dark hair. Pulling handfuls of it softly as you bury your face into my pussy harder.

Clawing at my thighs lifting my hips off the bed pushing myself harder against your stubbly chin. Moaning loud as I begin clawing at the sheets. Feeling my dam break and my river being unleashed, flowing hard from me onto your waiting tongue. Letting ecstasy wash over me as my body settles back down into the bed.

Looking at me, longingly as you take my lips to yours closing your eyes, kissing me; letting me taste my remnants on your lips and tongue. Grabbing my legs and hooking them on your shoulders you bury your cock into me.

Slipping it quickly and easily inside as it pushes deeper and deeper into me. Holding and stroking my thighs, as I lift my ass off the bed and start gyrating on your steady cock. Getting lost in lost in the love and lust written on your face. Reading your features as I slowly fuck you, titling my hips up and down as I thrust your cock very deep inside.

Spinning my hips in slow circles, as your balls press hard against my ass. Feeling them massaging me, as you begin to thrust yourself hard into me, overcome by your desires. Holding my thighs very tight, rubbing your prickly face against them as you start to bite them, softly nibbling my soft hot flesh.

Pushing my thighs off your shoulders wide to the sides, laying your chiseled chest on mine. Taking my breasts in your hands squeezing them as you thrust very quickly, deeply but gently into my quivering pussy, clenching on to your cock tightly.

Sucking my nipples hard, biting them softly, my hands wildly stroking your face and hair as my body shakes beneath you. Moaning loudly, crying out as your lips cover mine. Rocking our bodies against one another as your tongue dives in and out of my mouth.

Your hands under my hips grabbing my ass tightly, as you push harder and deeper into me with each rapid thrust. Hearing your grunting as you take my hands above my head, our fingers entwined together as you bury your face into my neck.

My face pressed hard against your head, as I cry out next to your ear. “Oh fuck Baby, I’m going to cum for you, Oh Yes!!” Holding your ass tight as you respond…

“Mmm yes, I’m cumming for you.” Kissing me so passionately as you spill your warm load deep inside of me. Holding my hands very tightly as your thrusts stop only holding yourself deep within my swollen walls, until you have given me your last drop.

Laying your body next to mine, holding me tight as you place a single kiss upon my nose. Looking me in the eyes as you say;

“Welcome home my love!”

Finally, my girlfriend went out of town for the weekend and I had a chance to live out my fantasy with her.

I’d been thinking about spending a night with her now for at least six months. It had been about six months since we drunkenly made out in a bar. I still remember her lustful eyes, her legs quivering on the bar stool, her mouth open, ready for me to take her entirely. But I couldn’t. I had to go back home. It was irresponsible, given that I’m attached and everything. But I thought about her so many times afterwards. What it would be like. I got hard instantly thinking about all the things I would do to her. How she would take care of me. I stroked my cock many times in the shower picturing her eyes again, wondering what she would look like on top of me, riding my cock. Imagining how good it would feel to grab her ass while she bounced up and down on me.

We had known each other for years, but that night was the first night we gave into our impulses. And since then I had been wondering if it would ever happen again. But like I said, finally my girlfriend went out of town for the weekend and I did it. I contacted her.

She lived far away, relatively. I had to take a lot of public transportation to get there. But I liked it that way. I wanted this experience to be far from home. I wanted the excitement to build on the train. I wanted to travel to her, so she could take care of me, and I her.

Nervously, I knocked on the door. I was only nervous because what we were doing was wrong. But I couldn’t help it, that made it more exciting. I wished it didn’t, but the fact that we weren’t supposed to be having this night, that I was cheating, that we were stealing this night from the world, made my blood rush through me. She answered.

She was wearing a modest outfit, nothing cliché. Nothing like one would imagine in a story like this. But it was definitely revealing in subtle ways. I could see the tops of her breasts very clearly. And my eyes instantly went there. She had on a skirt, not crazy short, but enough that I could drink in her legs a little. I couldn’t wait to wrap them around me. I didn’t think she minded my ogling her, since we both knew what was going to happen. I think she wanted to be the object of my lust. She wanted to know that I wanted to devour her body.

She’s a little younger than me. She’s petite, cute, brunette. She has beautiful eyes, a nice body. She nervously said hello and invited me in. There was no initial hug, no quick make-out session. We were both nervous and sober. There was no reason to rush, we had all night.

We have known each other for years, so the conversation was easy. It got easier as the wine flowed. The first bottle got killed quickly and the conversation began to heat up. We were on the couch and her legs were curled up next to me. I knew that this was the time to act on all these fantasies I had been dreaming about. In the shower, late at night, half-asleep, I had been thinking about her, and there she was in front of me. Ready.

She got up to refill her glass and when she came back, I repositioned myself so that she had to walk back into me. She walked slowly, seductively. We both knew it was time. I grabbed her by the hips and placed her in front of me, her standing while I remained seated. She leaned down and we kissed. Passionately, picking up where we had left off at the bar six months ago. This time less drunk. This time with no limitations.

She stood back up and I grabbed her body with my big hands. I touched her all over. I lifted her skirt, played with her panties. I rubbed my hands up and down her creamy thighs. She lifted one leg up on the couch. I began kissing her leg, my hands still exploring her body fully. She grabbed my head, ran her fingers through my hair. Her pussy was soaking wet, I could tell as I brushed against it slightly with my fingers, over her panties. She leaned back and let me get deeper in between her legs. They began to quiver as they did at the bar. This time bare, this time in front of me like I wanted her. My fingers found her pussy. I teased her outside of her panties. She started to breath heavily, soft moans escaped her lips.

I grabbed her by the hips and stood up. As I did, she grabbed my cock outside of my jeans. She found it easily. It was rock hard by this point and got even harder as her small hands explored my shaft. It felt so good to have her finally touching my dick. I wondered if she had thought about it before, playing with herself imagining my cock in front of her, fantasizing about what she would do with it. We’ll get to that, I thought, as I put her down on the couch.

She sat down on the couch, legs spread, skirt long forgotten about. I pulled her panties down to her ankles, slowly taking the last step to remove them completely. I grabbed one of her small feet and lifted it in the air. I kissed her foot, sucked on her toes playfully, then worked my way up her calf. My hands were all over her legs at this point as I worked my way up the inside of her thigh. She smelled sweet down there, I couldn’t wait to taste her. I teased the outside of her pussy lips with my tongue and lips. Her legs were up on the couch now and I knelt in front of her in worship of her body. I pushed my tongue inside of her soaking wet pussy and tasted her fully. She moaned and panted. I found her clit and flicked it with my tongue, at first slowly, then faster and faster. I fingered her with one, then two of my long fingers. Her pussy juice was dripping down her leg, down my face. I loved it. I kept licking her clit, fingering her pussy, harder and faster, until she came in my mouth. Her legs tensed and wrapped around my back. She screamed as she came. She grabbed my hair violently. She came hard on her couch, in my mouth, just like I wanted her to.

I lifted myself up and stood in front of her. We both got completely naked in front of each other. We explored each other’s bodies, with our hands, our mouths, our tongues.

We moved to her bedroom and melted into each other, naked, wet, hard. She took her time with my cock, looking up at me while she wrapped her lips around it. Those pretty eyes, the parted lips, this time with my dick between them. She stroked it, sucked it, licked the tip. I wanted to fuck her so bad. I needed to be inside of her.

I slid easily into her, locking eyes with her as my cock found its way through her wet pussy, sliding in and out, softly. I sucked her tits, rubbed her clit with my fingers, savored every moment of us finally fucking after all this time. She wrapped her legs around me, I put them up on my shoulders, we found a few different positions to fuck in, each one felt better than before. Our bodies were completely in tune, it was the hottest fucking I had done in a long time. She ended up on top of me, riding me as I sat up against the headboard. She looked deep into me as she bounced her pussy on top of my cock. She fucked me harder and harder, faster, until I finally shot my cum deep inside of her pussy. I didn’t care what that meant for us, I had to fill her with my cum, I needed to. My cock pumped generously inside of her as we slowed down and caught our breath, eventually collapsing next to each other on the bed, a mess.

This was the beginning of the night.

I don’t care how straight you say you are, but I’ll bet you’ve seen my hard cock and watched me get off. Two things before you read the rest of my story. First, “fuck you!” (Trust me, in a moment, you’ll deserve those words.) Unless you only watch lesbian or gay porn, you’ve probably seen me. And if you like your porn with an edge, like to ass-to-mouth, gang-bangs or coat-my-face crap, then you’ve definitely seen me.

I’m not famous like Peter North or Seymore Butts or any of those other guys. Hell, most the time, you don’t even see my face. I’m the anonymous POV (“point of view” for the uninitiated) dick you’re watching that hot blonde, brunette or redhead suck off. I like it like that. I don’t want to be famous for being a porn star. I’m just a guy trying to pay the bills, okay?

Wait. Did you forget what I said back at the top? Fuck you, okay? I know, that’s rude, but you’re mind already spinning, isn’t it? You’re thinking How hard can your job be? Or, Lucky stiff gets to fuck hot women for a living. Keep reading, okay?

I didn’t start off to be in porn. I’m just a guy. Yeah, I’m in shape. That’s always been important to me. I’ve always done okay with women so I guess I’m good looking. I don’t think a lot about it. I’ve tried to look good for me, not her. I do have a hot wife. Beth is really hot. Hotter to me than any of the girls you see on camera and smart, too. There are few girls working in porn who are smart, but only a few. Most of them are what you see, airheaded bimbos out for a quick buck today without thinking about tomorrow. It’s sort of a turn-off.

I know most guys start with how she looks and if she looks hot, she’s halfway there. And most of the girls in porn look pretty good. That’s fine when you want to rub one out and need a bit of inspiration. But you don’t have talk to these airheads. You don’t have to negotiate with them or deal with convincing them that a porn set isn’t a rave party. We’re there to get a job done as quickly as possible, get paid and get the fuck out. I’d rather work with a girl with a dozen credits behind her than some newbie to the industry who still respects herself. But new girls sell. Fresh, new faces attract dollars. Unless a woman can make a name for herself, she’s a flash in the pan and done before she has half a dozen credits behind her. No one wants to believe how professional we get on set. It ruins the “behind the scenes” illusion.

My porn career (damn, I hate writing those words) started as an accident. It was the old “friend of a friend” routine. A buddy of mine knew someone who was in the industry. This guy was shooting a gang-bang scene with a bukkake ending. For those who don’t know, bukkake is when a group of guys paste a girl’s face with their orgasms, one after the other. Anyway, this friend of mine said his buddy needed more guys for an upcoming shoot. “You don’t have to fuck or suck her, unless you want to,” Rick to me. “You don’t have to show your face, either. You just need to jerk-off on her face. It’s not as if anyone is counting how many dicks do her.” I wasn’t going to do it until Rick told me what it paid: three hundred bucks.

“You’re kidding me, right?” I had asked him. I didn’t believe a word of it though Rick was never a bullshitter.

“I’m serious. You hang out, watch this hot chick fuck and suck in every way possible for a couple hours and then step-up to paste her face. It’s fun,” he had told me.

There was no way I was going to do it without telling my wife. I won’t lie; we needed the money. I had started by saying it like a joke, “So Rick knows this guy who…” But when I had gotten to the pay-off, I could see the wheels turning behind Beth’s pretty blue eyes. It was only three-hundred bucks but that was enough to pay some bills that weren’t going to pay themselves. That’s when Beth surprised me twice. The first was when she had said I should do it. The second surprise?

“Can I go and watch?” she had asked. That had required a phone call to Rick and Rick to his friend and you get the rest. But it that’s how it had happened the first time.

A few words about my Beth; she’s not the jealous type. Neither one of us are. We never got that gene, I guess. She wasn’t going to keep tabs on me. She wanted to go for the experience, to see what it was like on a real porn set. Beth and I had watched porn together. We have a great sex life and we’re desperately in love. She’s tall, skinny and has a rocking, tight body. She works out as much as I do and can match my distance runs even if she can’t match my speed. She has strawberry blonde hair that gets streaked more blonde than strawberry during a summer of running. Personally, I love her freckles and the way they fade away before you get to her tits. She’s busty, which frustrates her when she runs because she has to bind her tits in place. Like I said before, I think she’s hotter than any porn chick. I like her pointy chin, pretty smile and the way her clear blue eyes show that she’s always thinking.

So, I did that first porn shoot and learned a lot about how hard it is to be on a porn set. The girl was pretty enough. She wasn’t stupid. She knew what she was doing and it was strange how much non-sex conversation goes on during a porn shoot. Beth pointed out how the female performer needed to be half a contortionist and athletic to move into the all the positions required. The primary male performers all popped Viagra before the shoot. Rick and I were bonus pops after the main action had been recorded. In the final video, we were marked as Cameraman #1 and 2.

After the shoot, Beth and I went home and had fucked like bunnies. I teased her about seeing all those hard pricks and she had laughed about it. “They were hot enough but you’re as big as any of them.”

That’s how it started. In the months to come, there were more invitations for more shoots. Beth went with me every time. We got to know the director/producer/cameraman and the couple other people who were usually on set. They’re good people. The girls kept changing, but most of the male talent were repeats. Let me tell you, it’s very strange to see your wife talking to a naked man with hard-on between takes, but you get used to it. Hell, it’s damn weird for me to talk to a naked guy stroking his cock to keep it hard.

I won’t lie, the money mattered, but that wasn’t what kept us coming back for more. What sealed the deal for me was the after shoot sex I had with Beth. Fuck that was hot! The closest I can compare it to would be the time she went to a bachelorette party at a night club with male strippers. When she had gotten that night our sex had been so hot and over the top that I said she should visit strip clubs more often.

Being on a regular on a porn set begins to feel as if you’re a member of a very odd club. Everyone gets along and pitches in. The jobs are shared. I think Beth helped me get more jobs by baking cookies before each shoot. Everyone would cheer when she and I showed up with warm cookies. I never saw any drug or alcohol use at a shoot, aside from the guys popping Viagra.

During the shoot, Beth would spend her time visiting with offset talent, the make-up girl or the fluffer. The fluffer has an interesting job. If a guy’s having a difficult time keeping his hard-on, it’s her job to get him hard again. Sometimes she can do it with her hand and sometimes she sucks him hard again. For the shots we were doing, it was always the same girl filling the role of the fluffer. Karen was a nice girl. She was funny and pretty enough without an interest in becoming a performer. Like a lot of people behind the scenes in porn, she had a film degree and had backed into working for a porn production company. She did the make-up and a lot of post-production work. I never asked her how she became a fluffer, but she was good at what she did.

Karen was busiest right before the cumshots started. Off camera, she was sucking the guys as close as she could before they would dash onset to finish on the talent’s face. If seeing my wife standing around talking with naked guys sporting hard-ons was strange, watching Karen work was even stranger. At a moment’s notice, she would drop to her knees, suck a guy hard again and then bounce back up to pick up a conversation wherever it had left off. All the guys liked her and she would joke about her skills.

Okay, more truth telling. When I’m being paid to pop on a girl’s face, I’m just jerking off. That’s all I’m doing. The girl doesn’t touch me. She’s usually coated with half a dozen loads from the other guys. The way it works, the guys need to be ready to come on command. First, they shoot all the positions and combinations they need and then the series of cumshots. For Rick or I? We need to get ourselves ready for our cumshots as soon as the rest of the talent starts shooting off. Think it through. If we’re coming in at the end as “Cameraman #1 & 2,” then the other guys have to finish on her first. That means neither Rick nor I have had the fun of fucking her, but we’re expected to be ready to pop. So we’re standing over a pretty girl with a cum-splattered face who’s ready to be done for the day. She’s tired and sore from fucking and sucking. Two more orgasms before she gets a shower and a paycheck. It’s a pressure situation and what works for me is seeing my wife sitting off camera. Having Beth watching me jerking it is what gets me off. She smiles and I can see the eager, excited look in her eyes. That’s what gets me off, my wife.

Two months ago, I learned Beth was part of the reason why Rick got off, too. Whenever we get close to the end of a shoot, Beth gets frisky towards me. It helps me get excited and I need that. I don’t want to waste the talent’s time (or the cameraman or lighting or anyone else). You learn the timing of a shoot. You get a feeling for when the primary shots are done and it’s time for the orgasms. That’s when Beth will rub up against me. She’ll kiss me and rub the front of my pants to get me going. I need to be hard and ready for my scene, so she fluffs me. Rick confessed it helped him, too. He admitted to Beth and I that watching us getting me ready did more for him than the previous two hours of fucking and sucking on the set. It was cute when he admitted it. He was embarrassed and a bit drunk and the three of us had a big laugh over it.

Last month, Rick had a real problem. It was near the end of the shoot and he couldn’t get hard. Beth and I were kissing and carrying on. He watched us with his hand in his pants but I could see the frustrated look on his face. “Dude,” he whispered too low to be picked up by the on-set microphone. “I can’t get it up.”

“Visit Karen,” I told him.

“I can’t find her,” he said.

“She had to go. Something about picking up her parents at the airport,” Beth whispered.

“What do you want me to do about it?” I asked Rick. Beth’s lips against mine and her hand rubbing my pants had done it for me. Knowing the delights that were waiting for us at home helped, too. I was hard and ready for my scene.

“I don’t know,” he said. He glanced at the set. “She’s just not doing it for me.” The female talent was covered in tattoos and piercings and she didn’t do much for me, either. “Man, I really need this paycheck, too.” The rules were simple: no pop, no check. He looked desperate as he opened his pants and tried caressing his exposed prick. He was staring at Beth caressing the lump inside my pants. “Can she do something more to you?”

“Like what?” I asked. I felt for him, but it was his problem. I was hard as hell.

“I don’t know. Suck you or something?”

I looked at Beth. It was up to her. I wasn’t going to tell her to do anything like that. She glanced at Rick before looking back to me and said, “Hell, I don’t care. Pull it out.” She worked the front of my jeans for me and pulled it out for me. She sat down again, looked past me as if to check who might see and then drew my hard cock between her lips. That was all it took. Rick rose to the occasion and we finished the shoot.

She and I were quieter than usual as we started our drive home from the shoot. Beth was first to break the silence. “Is it wrong that I got really wet sucking you for Rick?”

“Was it because Rick was watching?”

“I don’t know. Maybe a little,” she said as she stared out her window and put her thoughts in order. “I don’t think it was Rick. I think it was because anyone could have seen me doing it.”

“Did you see how hard I came on the talent’s face?” I asked. I hadn’t caught the female talent’s name. It didn’t matter. Beth nodded and smiled. “You did that,” I assured her.

“Because I sucked you?”

“And did it in front of all those other people,” I admitted. It was what made the difference for me. Like Beth, I barely noticed Rick watching. I didn’t care about Rick watching. All that mattered was how my wife was sucking me in front of a room full of people. That had made me harder than usual and my extra thrill showed up on camera.

Beth caressed my thigh and it felt good to have her touching me. “For a minute, I was afraid Rick wanted me to suck him,” she laughed.

“Would you have done it?” I asked. My cock was growing hard again and her fingers found the growing lump.

“Really?” she asked with raised eyebrows. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “Maybe that’s what I should do if you can’t get it up.”

“If you’re around, I’ll always be able to get it up,” I told her and we went home and had outrageous sex.

Beth and I never talked about it. I guess we never needed to talk about, but we don’t question why the other person got excited. Most of the time, it is obvious why it happened. Like the night she came home from that bachelorette party. I knew seeing the strippers had wound her up and I didn’t care. I appreciated the extra zeal in the bedroom. We had had a great time together. Like I said before, I don’t get jealous. Either Beth wants me or she doesn’t. I don’t want to be with a woman who doesn’t want me, that’s just the way I’m made. Beth seems to have the same attitude towards me, too. It’s not about whether she notices another guy or if I notice another woman. It’s not about where you work up your appetite; it’s about coming home to eat.

When Beth and I got home that night, she was a wild woman. As soon as we were inside the house, she spun on me and insisted I get naked. She stayed dressed and dropped to her knees in front of me. She shoved my hard cock inside her mouth and sucked me close to an orgasm. “Don’t you dare,” she told me, squeezing my cock and forcing me to hold back. “I want this inside of me.” She ripped off her clothes, grabbed the spindles of our stairway and pushed her bare ass in my direction. I plowed into her, surprised and thrilled to find her so hot, wet and needy. She clung to the railing and came before I had given her more than a dozen strokes. “More,” she begged, turning and sucking me again.

“You’re going to make me cum,” I warned.

“No, not yet,” she said. She pulled away and led the way upstairs. She crawled into the middle of our bed and laid spread-eagle. “Fuck me, baby.” I climbed on top of her and buried my throbbing prick inside of her wet pussy again. She pushed up against me, grinding against me as she came again. I remained on the edge, ready to do the same thing when she pulled out from beneath me. “Not yet,” she panted. She opened the drawer of her nightstand, pulled out one of her toys and shoved it inside her pussy before going down on me again.

I was taken aback by how anxiously she sucked me. It thrilled me knowing my cock had just been inside of her. She didn’t care. She sucked me with a wild abandon I had never known from her or any woman. I came and from the sounds of her reaction, so did she. I kept her toy and continued to stroke her deeply as I went down on her. Beth came again and again before she was spent. We laid in the afterglow when Beth said, “I don’t know how Karen does it.”

“Keep all those guys hard?” I asked.

“Keep them hard and not get any for herself,” she said. “I could not have picked up my parents after tonight’s shoot. Not without this.” She caressed my prick. “How do you think she does it?”

“I don’t know. Ask her next time.”

“I’m serious. I mean, it’s one thing to see all the guys naked and hard. I won’t lie, it’s fun. It gets me going, you know?” she asked. I nodded. I knew it got her motor going and it didn’t bother me. After all, I was the one getting the benefits of Beth’s excitement. I leaned over and kissed her cheek. “But touching them? Sucking them? That would drive me crazy.”

“Tease,” I said, caressing her ample chest as I tried to imagine Beth being more worked up than she had been tonight. I wasn’t hard. I wanted to be hard, but my balls felt spent from their previous two orgasms.

“Let me suck you again,” she said.

“You can try,” I said. She did more than try. Beth got me hard again and we fucked until we both were walking funny the next day.

It was later the next day when Beth gave me a funny look. Her blue eyes danced over my face as she flashed me a whimsical grin. “Can I try something?” she asked. I nodded. “I need you to do two things for me. I need you to get naked and for you not to be hard.”

“Okay,” I said finding the second part of her request more difficult than the first part. We were in the kitchen. Beth had been cooking and supper smelled good. It felt funny to be naked with supper so close, but I wasn’t going to argue with her. As soon as I was nude, she dropped to her knees and sucked me. In moments, I was hard and she stopped.

“Thanks,” she said, smiling at me.

“And that’s all you’re going to do?”

“For now,” she said. She turned back to finish chopping vegetables. “How long do you think you can stay hard?”

“I don’t know. How long do you want me to stay hard?”

“I don’t know. Stay naked and let me see how long I can keep you hard, okay?”

My cock throbbed. “Sure,” I said, confused and excited. The next three hours became very interesting. Whenever I started to get soft, Beth dropped to her knees and sucked me back into shape. After three hours, I had had enough and so had Beth. When I entered her, she felt as wet as I was hard. After one orgasm for me and three for her, I grinned. “If you want a real challenge, try to keep me hard now.”

“Okay,” she said. My cock was still wet from being inside her pussy; wetter because I had an orgasm while fucking her. Beth didn’t balk. She sucked with me until I was hard before suggesting we go back downstairs to watch TV. Another two hours passed with her keeping me excited. My second orgasm felt as good as my first one.

“I feel as if I have a personal fluffer.”

“Maybe you should do more during the next shoot,” she suggested.

“But I’ll be having sex with another woman,” I pointed out.

“Yeah, but it’s not cheating if I’m watching, is it?” Beth asked.

Carson, the producer and director, had given me an open invitation to appear on camera in a full scene. I hadn’t been interested but after six months of cameo appearances and Beth suggesting I should do more, I decided to give it a try. I mentioned as much to Carson during the next shoot. “Great! I have a smaller shoot scheduled for later this week. It’s not a gangbang this time. It’s a POV shoot, you know what those are?”

I did. We talked money and the pay was better, too. Every time Beth and I talked through the idea, she got excited and we end up having sex. We abstained the day before the shoot. The afternoon of the shoot, I was surprised to find myself nervous. We met the female performer. While she had appeared in a dozen or so scenes, she’s not famous. No one you would recognize. As far as porn was concerned, she was a generic twenty something who had yet to buy fake boobs or decorate her body with tattoos. I don’t know her stage name, so I’ll call her Renee. She was shorter than Beth (most women are), small chested by comparison and had an allover tan I thought was vaguely attractive. If I had been single and clubbing with my friends, I doubt I would have picked her out of a crowd.

He arrived an hour late, and alone. He was supposed to fix my deck, promising it would only take two hours. Now it would take four. If he wasn’t such a hunk I would have screamed at him. He stood about six feet tall and had a very toned and tanned body, from what I could see.

Once he got started on the deck, I went upstairs to take a shower, leaving the doors open for the air to brush away the steam.

As I lathered myself, I fantasized about the Adonis banging on my deck, wishing he was banging me. I normally don’t have these thoughts, I am happily married and our sex live is very fulfilling, but thoughts of being in this man’s arms were overwhelming.

When I turned off the water, I peered out the window. He was still out there, sweating away. Now he wore a t-shirt and jeans. He looked up at the window a few times, standing tall, hopping to get a glimpse. I could clearly see the bulge in his pants.

I wanted to call him up here, for some reason; I knew he wanted it, like all men. But not yet. I wanted to tease him some.

It was a warm September day; the sun was heating everything up just right. Last week, my husband had closed the pool, but left the chaise lounges outside.

I slipped into the sexiest bikini I had, the one that was almost not there, and headed to the pool.

As I walked slowly past him, he glanced up, almost not being able to look away.

Without looking at him, I continued to the chaise lounge and began rubbing the lotion on my legs at first, slowly moving from my feet to my inner thighs, my fingers sliding in under the small string bottoms I was wearing.

Through my dark sunglasses, I could see him watching me as his hands went to his pants once to straighten something out. It was like he couldn’t look away and I was loving it. I could even feel myself getting wet as I thought of that huge cock inside me.

I continued watching as he tried to get back to work, glancing at me a few times as I applied the lotion to my stomach and breast, which were still covered. Even my nipples were hard. I even licked my lips seductively once, but the man kept working.

He would still pause every once in a while to stare between the railing, and the hammering continued. Occasionally, I would hear a loud curse that echoed through the neighborhood, followed by more hammering.

It was hard to control myself as I lay there on my back, wishing he was on top of me. My hands inches from my wet pussy were being drawn to it.

Suddenly, from the deck, I heard another curse, then footsteps. I held my breath as my eyes remained closed, hoping he was coming to me. But instead, the back door opened and closed. This time, I cursed under my breath.

Ten minutes later, he still wasn’t back, so I went to find him. The deck was scattered with his tools, along with a few drops of blood leading inside. “What the hell?” I muttered as I opened the back door.

I didn’t have to travel far to find him, my hormones were still wanting him, but I was getting pissed off now. I didn’t know if I wanted to fuck him or kill him.

Once in the house, he wasn’t hard to find. He was sitting at the bar in front of the kitchen, drinking a wine cooler and nursing a finger with a small cut on it.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked as I snuck up on him.

He moved quickly, dropping the drink on the table as he stood up. “I’m sorry, I cut myself and I needed a drink.”

“So you come in here and help yourself without asking?” I said with a raised voice.

His face got a little red then, anger maybe? I wasn’t sure. His eyes never strayed from my body as I came nearer, he took in every curve seen and covered. He still didn’t say a word as we stood close enough to each other to feel our breath.

Thoughts of him entering me quickly flashed through my head, but I wanted to smack him instead.

He grabbed my wrist when the open palm was inches from his rugged face. As the other moved, he grabbed that one too. Now he was smiling as he stared into my eyes.

I struggled a little; I really didn’t want to loose this fight. Before I knew it, his lips were on mine, we were kissing. The shock of the touch relaxed me a bit — but I couldn’t give in now. The next thing I knew, he was pushing me backwards to the wall, until we couldn’t go any further.

I continued to feign a struggle as his mouth went to my neck, his teeth nibbling at my tender skin as he raised my arms above my head. Holding both my wrists with one hand, his free one released the bra, freeing my breast which he began massaging. Once I began to melt, he loosened the grip on my wrists and my hands went for his belt, franticly working to pull it off. Somehow, my bottoms disappeared and I felt one hand spread my legs wide.

Our lips met again, our tongues entwining as he lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. I was so wet; he easily entered me, thrusting with all his might into my wet pussy. I felt the entire length of his shaft stroking my insides as we kissed again.

It didn’t take long for me to cum, my pussy throbbing against the hard rod, making me scream softly. He soon followed, his cock bursting inside as I felt his sperm coat me.

Our heavy breathing was the only thing that could be heard in the empty house as he caressed my skin, causing goose pimples with each touch.

Minutes, or hours, went by before he released me and I slid down the wall to sit on the floor.

I watched as he put on he clothes and walked back outside to finish the job, not one word coming from his mouth the whole time we fucked.

A few minutes later, my knees weak and my pussy still tingling, I moved to the couch and lay down.

I don’t know how long I was out, but I woke to the touch of a finger to my breast, drawing circles around my nipple before it moved to between my legs. I didn’t want to open my eyes, if this was a dream, don’t stop it.

Large rough hands moved my legs apart as I heard a sigh, not sure if it escaped from my lips or not.

I did gasp as I felt a tongue caressing the outside of my clit, getting closer and closer as the seconds passed. Then slowly, two fingers entered me, moving independently and stroking my insides. My hips found the rhythm and pushed into the hand holding me there. The tongue went deeper until my body shook in multiple orgasms.

For ten seconds, nothing but the couch touched my skin. As I was about to open my eyes, I sensed a shadow between me and the skylight in the ceiling. Then I felt the hard rod of steel that was this mans cock inside me again, just the tip at first, moving in a little, and then going away. With each entrance he went deeper until he couldn’t go further. Slowly at first, then picking up speed, I felt him slide in and out, faster with each thrust as he moaned in unison. My nails dug into his back as I came yet again, soon followed by his load.

All movement stopped as we kissed passionately, tongues entwined. I thought I felt him get hard as he was still inside me, but before I could check, he was out of me and standing next to me getting dressed. He didn’t say anything until he was clothed and was heading out the door. “It’s been a pleasure meeting you Miss, your bill is on the kitchen counter.”

“Yes it has,” I whispered as I rose on my still wobbly knees and walked to the kitchen. The bill was right there on the counter top. It made me smile.

All the totals were there, coming to the amount of $4,000.00. The totals didn’t make me smile, what was hand written under the totals did. In big red bold letters, circled and signed, he had written “PAID IN FULL.”

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