married woman

This is weird for me. I’ve heard stories about guys getting off watching their wives with other men. How they set it up or beg until the woman gives in. Wives performing for their husbands. Not my style or Dan’s. We are not swingers by any stretch of the imagination. I think we have a good sex life, although like many busy couples and parents, opportunities to get away to enjoy each other are rare. We like each other and one of the secrets of our success as a couple is that we have somehow managed to blend our needs without sacrificing either of us. Compromise yes, but not sacrifice.

Though we are not afraid of attractions with others, neither of us has ever expressed a desire to act on them in 12 years together. I belong to the ‘I don’t care where you get your appetite…. as long as you eat at home’ school of thought. So I still don’t know which of us was more surprised about what happened!

We have a lot of friends, no, more than friends, more like a very extended family. The group has it’s share of sexual history, but it’s mostly ancient history and we’re more like old shoes with each other. And so we both felt Jason was a little brother to our family. Not that he’s a baby or anything, more like late 20′s. It’s no secret that I think Jason is attractive and would make a good catch for any smart woman. Actually, I think his ex is a fool. Not that he’s some God, but down to earth, considerate, good-looking, great body, yes. A little naïve and inexperienced maybe but on him it’s attractive.

Many of our friends live more than a half hour from the city, so our house often is used as a central meeting place. Stop off to change or shower before an appointment, or place for an impromptu party, whatever, our door is open. So it was not unusual when Jason showed up to shower and dress for a Halloween party in town.

Jason’s costume was pretty much the standard devil costume. Little devil boxer shorts, red silk pants and shirt, red cape, horns and tail of course. And lots of red grease paint. Anyway, after his shower, Jason threw on the boxers and pants in the spare bedroom and asked me for some help in applying the grease paint to his face and neck.

I was glad to help and started to apply it on his forehead, cheeks, jaw, etc. I must admit to being aware of the closeness and slight eroticism of the situation. I took my time, making sure every spot was covered and enjoying the feel of the grease paint and Jason’s skin against my hands. I had to step closer to apply it under his chin and neck and couldn’t help but notice some tension in the room. Not enough to make me uncomfortable but palpable. It was then that I noticed my husband leaning in the open door frame. Dan uttered simply “whoa” and I knew he was not commenting on Jason’s costume.

He stepped into the room and up behind me, unaware (I think) of his adding to the tension by sandwiching me in between two attractive men. I didn’t exactly feel it between my legs but higher up inside me and deeper. I went to reach for the black lipstick to paint on eyebrows and black lips but I couldn’t hold it for all the grease paint on my hands. My husband grabbed it from me and said he would do a better job anyway. He reached around me and behind Jason’s head to hold him still in order to apply the lipstick. The result being that he was up against me from behind and pressing me even closer to Jason. I had to put a hand on Jason’s chest to keep from falling into him. I could smell the peppermint scent of our dr. bronner’s and the grease paint. I love that fresh showered odor. With nothing to do I started to spread some of the grease paint on my hands over Jason’s chest. My hands were moving in a soft, circular motion that ended up being much more sensual than I intended.

Dan finished Jason’s makeup and stepped back to admire his work. I was relieved yet disappointed to suddenly have breathing room. Then he started teasing Jason about his chances that night, but if he did get lucky, might not his conquest be disappointed to find that not all of him was ‘little devil red’? Startled, Jason blurted out that he was not going to apply the grease paint on there. Equally startled, I was annoyed but curious that my husband had pushed our playful mood in this blatant sexual direction.

About the time I started to feel like this new twist was going to die an embarrassing, silent death, my husband shocked us further by saying that he would do it. The swaggering undertone in his voice was not missed by any of us. Jason, sure that it was a bluff, scoffed and took a step closer. My husband reached out for the tube of grease paint.

“Drop ‘em, Jason”, Dan challenged as he waved the tube of grease paint. “No way, you started this” Jason replied. I couldn’t help but wonder what Jason looked like. I realized it had been some 15 years since I had seen any penis but Dan’s. And by the thumb method of evaluation I suspected Jason’s was worth seeing.

My body began to tell me I was interested. I telling them I was enjoying seeing Dan get humbled when he stepped forward to grab Jason’s waistband. With a panicked look Jason grabbed his pants and held on for dear life. I told him I’d seen them before, it was no big deal and Dan was bluffing anyway. Jason let go disbelievingly and we all waited.

Dan looked straight into my eyes and said ‘I dare you’ knowing that I hated refusing a dare. It was a challenge I couldn’t resist, even though the bastard was trying to weasel out of a tight spot, so I reached over and pulled them down to his knees. I bent over to drop them to the floor, bringing my face ‘innocently’ inches from Jason’s crotch. I couldn’t help but notice the musty ‘male’ smell of him mixed with peppermint from his shower.

The fact that it was so different from Dan’s cock made my heart skip a few beats. Jason’s cock was darker than Dan’s, especially his balls. It looked to be about the same size though maybe having the potential to grow a bit larger. Honestly, size was not of much interest for me right then. Which is good because it seemed that Jason’s cock actually shrank a little from embarrassment. At first anyway. And I was looking at the cock of an attractive man other than my husband for the first time in 15 years.

To break the awkward silence, I handed the grease paint to my husband and said “you’re on big boy”. I was sure this would be the end of it, much to my relief and disappointment. But Dan stepped toward Jason looking ready to go for it. Jason backed quickly up against the wall. I was surprised and felt that ‘tickle’ again when he didn’t pull his boxers up. “I’m not gonna let a man grease up my dick”. “Well, are you gonna do it yourself?” Dan asked in response. “NO!” retorted Jason. “I guess that leaves Jeri then”.

I couldn’t believe Dan just put me in this position. But then, I had just hung him out to dry myself didn’t I? Jason was sputtering something about she wouldn’t want … and Dan chimed in with some stupid taunt that put me over the edge. I was going to do this just to show him! He would be the one to back down. He started this. He’s gonna have to be the one to tap out.

I held out my hand for the grease paint. Dan hesitated, a look of disbelief on his face, then took the cap off the tube and squeezed a big glob in my hand. Now it was my turn to hesitate. I swear I would have chickened out right then but Jason’s cock began to grow. Not a full fledged hard-on but standing straight out at this point. This time I did feel it between my legs. With the challenge from my husband and the thrill of Jason’s cock pointing straight at my secretly wet pussy, I found my courage.

I stepped up to Jason and wrapped my hand around his half-hard dick. I moved my hand in circles around his shaft and up and down its length. He was hard in an instant. He was a little bigger then Dan, maybe an inch, but definitely thicker. And standing straight up at me. His whole shaft was red by now and looking kind of angry against his white stomach and thighs. I turned to get more grease paint from Dan and from the look on his face I didn’t know whether he was going to run out of the room or fuck me. He wordlessly squeezed more paint into my left hand. I got down on one knee so that I could smooth out the heavy globs on Jason’s cock with my right hand and rub grease paint onto his belly with my left. Unbelievably, as turned on as I was getting, I was actually trying to do a good job.

Holding his ass cheek in my left hand (later, the hand print looked kind of cute) I turned my attention to his thighs. I started on the inside area about mid-thigh slowly working my hand up until the back of my hand was caressing his balls. I reached back without looking (I was afraid to) to get more grease paint from Dan. I gently cupped his balls in my right hand and grabbed his shaft with my left so I could hold him and stroke him while I applied the paint to his ball sack. I spilled some of the paint on my shorts and stood up, without letting go of Jason, to let it roll off. When it stuck there I decided to ask Dan to take the shorts off me instead. I figured it was an opportunity for him to stop things before they went too far or, if he dared take them off, let things go further.

I flushed at the excitement and fear of asking my husband to remove my shorts while I my hands were filled with another man’s cock. Dan’s stepped up behind me to show me his hands covered with grease paint. I looked at Jason and his hands went immediately to my button and zipper. The shorts fell away and I quickly stepped out of them. Jason’s hands lingered on my hips. He rubbed them up and down over my French cut bikinis, then back up to my waist. He pulled me closer, matching with his hands the look in his eyes. He ran his hands over my ass and grasped a cheek in each hand from inside my panties. He reached down between my legs from behind with his right hand to stroke my very wet pussy. I froze, with knees turned out to give him access. My panties pooled my juices in the crotch. It turned me on that he would know I was so wet and a new wave of moisture flowed out of me. I felt my lips swollen and protruding. I was at that point that most women try to hide from men. That point where we want it as bad as they do and we would beg to get it.

Without looking, I could feel Dan moving. I turned to see him slip from the room. My heart pulled me from the room but my body wouldn’t move quickly enough. Jason instinctively wrapped an arm around my waist and held me there. He continued to rub my pussy and though I stiffened, he wouldn’t let me go or stop touching me. I squeezed my legs together. “Jason stop!” No response. “Jason, what about Dan?” Jason’s simple reply was that Dan started it. I flashed back on Dan’s challenge and between the anger and the heat my resistance weakened. I let my legs relax…

I can’t believe this. I know I could have backed down too but …. Did I want to? I didn’t want it to go any further then playful but I have to admit to not wanting it to stop either. I know how Jeri gets when she is challenged. And I know better then anybody how she gets once she is aroused.

I love to see her when she gets to that point that nothing will stop her. I love that look on her face, the pink color of her neck and chest when she is hot. I knew exactly how wet she was and how her lips puff up and swell. But to see her go for Jason’s cock like that, to see her react to his touch the way she does to mine,,, no, to see her react even more. I couldn’t stay there anymore.

As magnetizing as it was, I couldn’t watch, I couldn’t deal with all the feelings happening at once. I still can’t. I am hurt, sad, scared, lonely and ashamed. And hard. I think that’s what I am most ashamed about. I’m not one of those men that get off on slutting their wives out. I don’t harbor desires of seeing Jeri perform for me with other men. Yet here I am laying in my bed alone with a hard dick and a brain as confused as it has ever been. And too guilty to cum and get it over with. I can’t stop wondering what they are doing and hating myself for wondering. It seems like hours but I know it hasn’t been that long. If I could sleep or pass out somehow…

At last I hear the front door open and close. The lights go out in the rest of the house and I sense more then hear Jeri come to the bedroom. I, of course, pretend to be asleep.

“Dan?” …….”Dan?” I hear her move almost silently to our bath. “Where are you going?” “I was going to take a bath.” “No, come to bed”. “I want …” “Come to bed.” Jeri slides under the sheet staying an arms length from me. She is naked. I am relieved to feel her body in our bed but unable to reach out and touch her. Neither of us knows what to say. We have been together a long time, know our reactions, and most of our feelings. But this is new to us. I think to make a joke but can’t. I start to speak but no words come out.

Jeri opens her mouth, stops, starts again and is finally able to ask if I am angry, if I love her, if our marriage is over, do I hate her. Now that she has broken the silence she can’t stop. I put my hand over her mouth to quiet her and tell her I am not mad, at least at her, I am hurt and confused and scared and I don’t know how to let it go. In unison the tears come for us and we reach out for each other. We hold on to one another for what seems like hours as the fear fades away. I gently kiss her on the forehead, cheeks and finally on the lips. I can taste the grease paint on her lips and the realization of how it got there stiffens my body and propels me to turn my back to her.

“Dan?” “Dan?” “How can I help you?” “How can I help you get past this?” “Do you want to?” “Dan?” Images are spinning in my mind so fast that I have no words. “I’ll do whatever you want about this.” “Should I leave you alone, do you want to talk about it?” I don’t know and tell her so. Jeri moves closer, puts her arm over me and keeps silent.

After the longest time I turn on my back and put my arm under her head. Rubbing my chest with her fingertips, almost absently, Jeri says that she thinks she knows what needs to happen but that it is completely up to me when, how or if it happens. I don’t have any ideas so I ask her what she is thinking of. After a long hesitation, she says that she thinks she needs to talk about what happened. It makes me angry that my dick starts pulsing. But I also know she is right. I asked her if she could be completely honest about everything, be willing to reveal all the details and answer every question I ask fully. It will be hard if she thinks it will hurt or threaten me but she agrees.

“Ok, tell me what happened and tell me everything.”

After I felt you leave the room I got scared and wanted to go after you. Jason sensed it and put his arm around my waist to hold me there. I squeezed my legs together to stop him from rubbing me and asked him ‘what about Dan, you’re his friend?’. His reply was that you started it. Between my anger at your challenge and the Jason’s fingers working my slit, I gave in. Willingly. I relaxed my knees and let them open for him. He stuck a finger inside me and before long a new wave of juices soaked my underwear.

He had me then and he knew it. I liked that he knew and reached out for his cock. He moaned, leaned back against the wall and pushed my shoulders down. I resisted his push for a few seconds and then willingly got on my knees, his cock in front of my face. He told me to lick his balls and rub my face all over him. I was surprised at how much I liked being told what to do and doing things I don’t do with you. I wished you were there to see me licking his red balls and between his legs with his balls in my face.

He turned around to face the wall, reaching back to hold my hair loosely in his hand. I looked at his muscular ass cheeks and imagined you pushing my head between them. I licked his balls with my nose at his asshole. He told me to use my tongue. He smelled clean and I knew he just showered so I stuck my tongue in. He moaned and pushed back against me and I pushed my tongue in as deep as I could. I knew you would be jealous and angry and hot all at the same time because I won’t do this for you and it just made me more excited. I reached up with my hands and spread his cheeks so I could get my tongue in deeper. Part of me felt like I was watching someone else but most of me just loved it. I know how you love it when I lose control and the thought of you watching me lose control with my tongue in another man’s ass made my cunt pulse and gush in waves.

As Jeri recounted her story, she gently moved her palm around my stomach and chest, carefully avoiding my embarrassingly hard penis. She lay there with her head on my shoulder, whispering her story an inch from my ear. Her breathing was measured and regular, as if to avoid any appearance of arousal. She asked if I wanted her to stop. I asked her if telling the story, thinking about what had happened was turning her on. She said that telling me the story was a turn on for her, that seeing my dick hard and being afraid to touch it was making her wet. Telling the story was almost like having me there with her when it happened and sharing it with me made her feel closer and more intimate than she had ever felt.

My dick rather obviously believed what she said but my mind was confused and I struggled in a turmoil of emotion. I turned onto my side, facing away from her. She pressed up behind me, put her hand on my hip and asked if I wanted her to go away. I responded with a quick ‘no’ and she remained silent but resumed rubbing my chest and stomach once again, ‘accidently’ bumping the back of her hand on my semi-hard penis now and then. She told me to tell her if I wanted her to stop the story. I was in silent confusion. She waited a few seconds, then gently wrapped her hand around the base of my cock with her fingers covering my balls. When I didn’t stop her, she began casually stroking up and down my hardening shaft and ball sack as she resumed the story.

Jason was bent over with his hands on the wall pushing back onto my tongue. I thought about how this scene would look if I could see myself, how it would look to you if you were there. I pulled my tongue from Jason’s asshole and pulled my head back some to look at his hanging balls, tight ass and even the pink hole that my hungary tongue had just been willingly violating. Still holding his ass cheeks spread wide apart, I moved back in.

I started at the very bottom of his ball sack and licked all the way up through the crack of his ass. On the way back down, I paused at his hole to slide my tongue in once again and roll it in circles as deep inside him as I could get it. I let go with one hand to reach between his legs and stroke his cock. He breathlessly moaned, almost begging me not to touch his cock or he would explode. I told him not to wait, I wanted to see him cum now! I was ready too and seeing his balls contract, his shaft twitching and his semen spurting from the head of his dick would put me over the edge.

Jason spun around with his cock in his hand and told me to open my mouth. He pumped his shaft exactly twice before his first stream of cum shot straight down my throat. I choked a little and closed my mouth. His second spurt hit my face and the next few my face and hair. I opened my mouth again and took the last of his load in my mouth. I swallowed it and licked his cock clean. He asked if you liked it when you came on my face and down my throat. I told him that you have never done that to me. He asked if I liked it with him. I told him yes, it made my pussy so wet that he probably wouldn’t feel it when he fucked me.

Emboldened by my admission, he told me suck him hard again because he had more plans for me. I hesitated but we both knew I would do as he wanted. He moved his soft cock toward my open lips, pulled my head back slightly by my hair so that I had to look up at him as he stared into my eyes.

Startled by her ‘BASTARD!‘ outburst, Kirk rolled over and saw Carmina in the just emerging sunlight. She was wearing a short white robe tied loosely at the waist sitting cross legged with her laptop resting on her thighs. He took in the sight of her still swollen pussy before glancing up to her angry face.

To his obviously puzzled glance, she looked up and smiled brightly “Good morning, my lover! Your coffee is on the nightstand behind you. I just brought it in.”

“What are you talking about?” Kirk asked, still fuzzy from just having awakened “What did I do?”

“What you DID was completely and thoroughly fuck me like I wanted and NEEDED to be fucked! What I AM TALKING about is this!” she said turning the laptop so he could view the screen.

He glanced and was amazed that she was working on a PowerPoint presentation. He was stunned by what he saw. Even in thumbnail view it was easy to make out in the left hand column that she’d inserted some of the pictures he’d taken last night. However he couldn’t make out the right hand column.

“What are these?” he asked

She said “I’ll show you” then clicked a button to display a full screen view of the shots side by side. On the left were pictures they’d taken the night before, neatly cropped so his face didn’t show. On the right were pictures of her husband and some women.

Kirk guessed some of the shots were the German bimbo she’d told him about based on Carmina’s earlier description. Her stumpy cellulite dimpled legs should never slide into thigh high hose. Her ‘spare tire’ waistline and flabby tummy would cause nightmares instead of wet dreams. Yet there she was, sucking Carmina’s husband’s pencil dick.

Each of the side-by-side poses of them and her husband and his wenches was virtually identical!

“And who is this other one?” he asked, pointing to a keen faced, bleached blonde that was straddling Gio on the patio lounger mimicking shots they’d taken last night. “She’s my floozy neighbor, just divorced and clearly willing to accept any ‘lil dick she can get!”

“I found these on his laptop along with the emails I told you about. If he denies it, I plan to smack him with a six pack of ‘Whup Ass!’ and show him ours so he can see what a real man, a black man, can get me to want to do! I wanna be fucked — NOT FUCKED OVER!”

Extremely agitated, she continued “I also might show his shots to his boss who already gave him a written warning that he’d be fired if he didn’t stop ‘stumphfing’ the company tramp. His patents be damned.”

“He might guess its you in the pictures but can’t be sure its not one of the muscular attendants at the gym that he’s seen leering at and flirting with me.”

Kirk laughed so hard that tears rolled down his face. Gasping for air, he finally managed “I see you had a plan! That explains your insistence of what pictures I should take. Ahhh … the wrath of a woman scorned?”

“It started out that way but now its more the joy of a woman awakened!”

“I’ve got a lot more pictures I want you to take in the next two days. But only one, of you fucking me in his car in front of the entrance to his office, is a payback picture. The rest are for me. You see, since you first fucked me, I haven’t been able to cum at home. I barely did before — only tiny ripples. But since you allowed me to feel what a mind shattering climax is, I close my eyes and imagine you fucking me. Being able to look at us will keep me cumming for years.”

Kirk corrected her. “We’ve got the entire upcoming week to fully explore your sexuality and take pictures in your new Victoria’s Secret outfits.”

“Oh yeah, THAT’S RIGHT!” she exclaimed, smiling broadly.

And boy did they ever take advantage of the time!

He screwed her at least three times a day, at her house or his, in every room and in every piece of sexy attire she’d bought. He fucked her on the bathroom countertop, standing with her feet straddling a mirror on the floor so she could see his meat plowing her, in midair with him standing upright, cupping her ass with her arms around his neck and as his cock plowed deep into her pussy and a finger deep in her ass.

Several of their white-hot sessions were exceptional — one with her red special occasions dress around her waist as he pounded her on top of his desk. Another as he rammed her from behind in the running suit she climaxed in during his speech rehearsal. He ripped out the crotch and gave her what she’d fantasized about that day long ago.

Some others were more of her special requests.

“Give me something I’ve dreamed about since I first met you!”

“What’s that?”

“I want you to overpower me, tie me to your bed and ravish me!”

As she retrieved rope that she’d tucked in her gym bag, he grabbed her waist lifted her into the air and flung her forcefully across the bed.

“You asked for it and I’m going to give it to you — my way!”

A glimmer of fear flashed across her face as he grabbed the neck of the bare midriff t-shirt she wore and savagely tore it open exposing her diamond hard nipples.

He stretched her arms above her head and secured her wrists to the headboard posts.

Kirk then ripped her jeans open, not bothering to unsnap them sending a button flying across the room and yanked them off in one swift motion, taking her shoes with them.

Leaving her panties on, he lashed each of her ankles to posts and stood back taking in the view of her helpless plight.

“You want to be tied up and ravished and that’s exactly what you’re gonna get!” As he began to slowly undress.

Her fearfulness had given away to excitement as a large wet splotch on her pink panties broadcast.

“Since I was a teenager, I’ve been dreaming of being force fucked by a powerfully built black man and I need you to make my dreams come true. Fuck me hard!”

Now nude, Kirk straddled her hips.

“Are you going to fuck me with my panties on?”

The sharp sound of tearing cloth was the only response she heard. Kirk slid his strong hands into the leg openings of her panties and ripped them into shreds. The tattered cloth remained in place only because they were still attached to the waistband.

In one swift lunge, he rammed his hard cock deep into her making her squeal.

“Oh that hurt! You’re treating me like the little Italian slut that I am! Take all of me you want! You know that every single inch of me is yours don’t you?”

“I know it and I’m staking my claim deep inside your tight slutty pussy! I want to feel it when you cum on the hard black cock you worship!”

Although tied, she somehow thrust her hips upward and began screaming at the top of her lungs.

I’m cumming you sweet black Adonis! I’m cumming all over that black meat I love!”

Her voice and pulsating cunt sent him over the edge. He plunged powerfully into her and filled her aching womb with thick cream.

Her last request was for the ‘Man-Milk bath’ she alluded to long ago. She took a bath sheet from his linen closet, spread it before his floor to ceiling mirror, stripped and lay back.

“Give me a bath with your hot sweet cream! Cover me from head to toe!”

He stripped and stood above her, straddling her hips.

“Pump that black hose and come all over me!” she demanded and started frigging herself with both hands. One hand worked her clit while the fingers of the other probed her ass.

Kirk pumped his cock in concert with her humping hips and felt his balls tighten.

“Can you see the throbbing black cock that’s about to wash you?”

Her eyes alternated between looking directly at his meat and their reflection in the mirror.

“I can both see it and want its hot cream NOW!” she grimaced as a hard orgasm wracked her.

The first hot rope of jism arced into the air and splashed her face from her chin up into her hair.

“Get some on my breasts too!”

He shuffled back and saw the second eruption splash from her breasts to her navel.

“Cream my hot slutty pussy!”

A third milk rope coated her hands and wet mound.

Scampering to her knees, she spread her cheeks.

“My ass, cover my cheeks and make it run down to the asshole you fucked so well!”

She slumped and began massaging his just deposited cum all over her body. Paying careful attention to her face, she covered it completely.

“I’ve heard a cum mask is good for the complexion.” She chuckled. “I want it to dry and then have you take pictures of my new beauty treatment!”

During their nonstop week together she went from passive to assertive then hyperactive lover, once even straddling his face and humping it hard until she came. By week’s end, she was exhausted, barely able to walk with deep dark rings beneath her eyes. On the night before her husband’s return, they enjoyed a quiet meal she’d prepared and snuggled together on a lounge.

As they undressed for bed, she said “Kirk, would you put on some music?” As he turned to get into bed after loading a CD, he saw her lighting candles. She rested her head on his chest, stroked his muscular arms and began to whisper.

“Thank you for indulging me and my curiosity. You let me explore my sexuality which I totally and completely enjoyed. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. I want only one more thing to cap off the best week of my life — to have you make long … sweet … slow and sensuous love to me while the music plays.”

Kirk rose above her, lowered his hips and entered her slowly.

“Perfect! she murmured “This is absolutely perfect!”

They came in unison and drifted off into a deep sex-induced sleep.


Their respective partners returned, contrite and pledging to make up. Kirk’s fiancé finally managed to land a position about an hour’s flight away. He was recruited to the same city and accepted a CEO position. The board accepted his recommendation that Carmina be promoted to a manager’s position in the merchandising department.

He enjoyed the tributes from colleagues and co-workers at his going away party in a large ballroom. Carmina, decked out in crisp red suit, and he exchanged knowing looks whenever they glanced at each other. Upon arriving home after the bon voyage dinner he found a card with familiar handwriting in his mailbox.


Thank you for respecting me and my marriage. You knew that I wanted you, but like the gentleman you are, you didn’t take advantage of me.

Thank you too for your trust. When, finally, you became my lover. You took me at my word that our respective relationships could remain intact.

And finally dearest, thank you for allowing me to fully explore my sexuality. You accepted me, never questioned my needs/desires/fantasies and filled them far better than I’d dared even dream.

Because you respected me, trusted my word and allowed me to explore my fantasies an unexpected benefit emerged. I not only willingly opened my legs to you, I also opened my heart. You also taught me a lesson that I only wish many others would learn — skin color matters little. While I enjoyed the erotic contrast of our skin tones, only one color really matters, the color of one’s heart. You my dear friend and lover truly have a heart of gold!

Though, as we knew would someday happen, we go our separate ways so I have one final thought to share.

I’ll love you dearest always and in all ways for being you and helping me become the fulfilled woman I now am.



Although Carmina and her hubby stayed together, Kirk lost the tug of war with his fiancés’ mother. And irony of ironies, his now former fiancé married (unhappily he learned) an Italian guy. In one of their infrequent phone calls, he learned that the relationship was abusive and his former mother-in-law to be voiced her regrets.

“I am so sorry that I came between you and Kirk, he treated you like a princess.”

It was just as well because the courts granted Kirk full custody of his now teenaged children. He was now a fulltime single parent, returned to the Midwest and established a consulting practice.

Carmina rose through the ranks and was appointed Vice President. She was no longer a conservative trailing spouse or an Executive Assistant. Though she earned her position through excellent performance, she credits Kirk for bringing out the best in her.

As luck would have it, she had several employees posted in the town where Kirk now lives. They got together when she visited occasionally and explored her newfound womanhood in great and vigorous depth over the ensuing years!

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