It had been almost a month since I last fucked Alice. Even though I’ve thought about her all day, every day, I had convinced myself that I was. I had even gone out the night before and tried to get laid. Even though I had come home with nothing but a potential hangover, right then I was lying on the sofa in my boxer flipping channels and feeling stellar.

The doorbell rang and I figured it was my landlord Carroll looking for this month’s rent.

I got up, put on my bathrobe and sauntered to the door. Carroll was an out of shape, homely and old enough to be my mom, but she was my landlord, of course I wanted to bone her.

I pushed my chest out and swung open the door. Standing there crossing her arms with a pitiful look on her face was Alice.

I frowned inside but my mood lightened quickly. She was wearing tall brown boots with a short skirt and a western blouse with a silk scarf around her neck. She looked to die for with her hair all curly and flowing over her shoulders.

Alice on my face, Alice in a bathroom stall, just plain fuckin Alice. It was the only word on my mind for the last couple months and all I could think about now.

“What’s your name?” She asked shyly through a tiny smile.

This shocked me more than anything, but she didn’t insist, she just pushed past me and headed inside.

“Your kitchen is small.” she said. “But it could definitely work with a little attention.”

“What the hell are you saying?” I asked. “My kitchen is perfect.”

She grabbed my arm and pulled me close to her. This was a part of Alice I’d never seen, soft and affectionate.

“The living room could definitely use some work, and where’s the laundry room?”

I just looked at her and frowned. “I’ve never had an interior decorator before.” I said.

She pushed me down on the sofa and I laid on my back as she undressed for me. Her skirt was the first to go and she was wearing a cute pink thong. I could see her lips clinging to the moisture that had appeared on it and I was starting to bone up.

She left me there long enough to go dig some ice out of the freezer and make herself an ice water. I was laying there thinking to myself. “Who the fuck is Alice?” When she came and climbed on top of me and ripped my pants down.

She just stared at me for a moment. Once again I didn’t know what to expect. I laid there trembling as she slipped off her shirt and bra.

I smelled fear on her for the first time ever, as she leaned in for a tender kiss. This was it, exactly what I was looking for, some tenderness from Alice.

She climbed on top of me and I felt my mind spin. Was Alice really capable of love?

My dick slid inside of her and she moaned passionately, but then stopped abruptly. “Can we finish this in our bedroom?” She asked.

“Ours?” I asked.

She pulled me up and led me to the bedroom. “Come get me Daddy!”

I was completely blown away now. Who is this Alice? I was ready to take advantage of it though. I threw her on my bed and climbed on top. I put my hand on her throat and slammed my dick into her mouth.

She laid there as I came all over her face and fell exhausted and fell onto the sofa. “Put your lips on my white rod and suck it.” I said.

She looked confused and I flipped her over entering her from behind to avoid her perplexed face. I felt every inch of her as she slid against my cock and once again the love came back.

“I gotta tell you a secret.” She said. “Promise you won’t tell anyone?”

“Who would I tell?” I asked.

“I’m gonna have your baby.” she said. We can turn half of your office into a nursery.”

My balls shriveled up like marbles in a matchbox, and I yanked my dick out of her. “What? Are you sure it’s mine?” I asked.

“Who’s else would it be? She begged as she laid there with her legs spread willingly. “Do you love me?”

Love is a strong word. I knew I felt something, but I started to question myself.

“I like you Alice.” I said. I think we could definitely pursue something.”

“Pursue!” She screamed. “We are having a baby. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

I licked two fingers and buried them in her ass. She squirmed, indecisively at first but I knew the further I buried them the more she wanted. I started to wiggle and twist them. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her fingers dug into the sofa.

Then I busted out the cock. She squirmed at first as I tried to enter with it but after feeling my helmet push up against her anus she relented.

I burst inside her and felt myself tremble. She tightened and begged me to cum. I continued to tremble uncontrollably and when I finally came I screamed. “I love you, Alice!”

She got dressed and walked out of the room. I followed her out to the kitchen. “What? Isn’t that what you wanted to hear?” I asked.

She pulled a piece of paper out of her purse, set it on the table and handed me a pen.

It was a marriage license.

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Harry and I arrived back at the flat a few minutes after Sai Fong and Teruko. As I climbed out of the Jeep, Sai climbed in, kissing her fingertip and tapping me on the forehead with it.

“See you about four o’clock, and pack warm, it’s snowing all the way home!”

With that she slammed the car door and the Jeep pulled away, the two of them heading back to their place in West London to pick up their bags for their weekend trip home.

Teruko led me back indoors and disappeared into her old room, lugging back a wheeled suitcase, which I took away from her with an enquiring look.

“We stay few days, so take warm clothes, mummy say it very cold now, must stay warm!”she smiled, looking hot, and sexy, and very appealing. Without thinking, I pulled her in close to me, enjoying immensely the feel of her against me, the scent of her hair, and the feel of her lips on my neck as she nibbled and grazed lightly on me. Teruko could feel my arousal as I held her, her own groin grinding deliciously against mine as she wriggled slowly against me. I looked down at her to see her looking up at me, her eyes huge and expressive as she smiled up at me.

“Jakku-san relax now?” she asked softly, again rubbing herself against my straining cock before letting her hand trail down from my waist to brush against my throbbing erection. My own hands slipped from her waist to cup and squeeze her buttocks, hands instinctively remembering what my head had forgotten as I squeezed and kneaded her firm cheeks as I pulled them apart. Teruko responded by curling her hand around my neck, pulling my head down to kiss me on the lips, her tongue insinuating itself between my lips even as her other hand grasped and squeezed my cock through my jeans.

Teruko abruptly broke our kiss and pulled back from me to look into my eyes.

“Jakku-san still love me?” she asked, her face serious, and I nodded.

“Yes, I still love you, Teruko, very much!” I grinned, and she grinned back, her small hand on my cheek.

“Good, Jakku-san, I am happy, now show me!”

I kissed her, a little tentatively at first, then more strongly, with more conviction as she kissed me back. Her hands fumbled with my belt as I slid my hands down inside her jeans to fondle and squeeze her tight, globular buttocks, enjoying the silky feel, and the springy firmness of them in my hands. Teruko tugged my belt open and popped the button on my jeans, tugging down my zipper to release the pressure against my suddenly raging cock. As she pushed my jeans down, I popped hers and pushed them down as well, running my hands over her smooth, silky thighs, the warm flesh exciting and arousing me as I continued to push her jeans down.

Teruko stepped away from me to pull her jeans off, then pulled my sweater up, helping me pull it up over my head, along with my polo shirt. She then crossed her arms at her waist, and in one move pulled her sweatshirt off, revealing her tightly fettered breasts in a gauzy mesh bra, her nipples clearly visible through the filmy fabric. Her panties were a match for the bra, a few inches of lace-trimmed fabric that that swooped down to barely cup her pussy and disappeared into the cleft between her cheeks; wearing that ensemble was more erotic and arousing than if she’d stood before me completely naked, and I could feel my body responding in all sorts of ways to the beautiful sight before me.

I kicked off my jeans, levered off my shoes and yanked my socks off, to stand before her in just my shorts, my arousal clearly visible to her. Her eyes glittered as she closed with me again, one hand around my neck as the other slid into my shorts, making me gasp in anticipation as her fingers encircled my rigid cock, a smile of anticipation on her lips. My response to her was to dip my head down and catch her erect nipple between my lips, feeling the firm rigidity of it through the material of her bra, making her gasp in return. As I gently nibbled her, I slid her panties down to catch and squeeze her buttocks, before sliding one finger between her slim thighs, rubbing it along the crease between her labia and feeling her sharp intake of breath as I slipped inside her.

Teruko began pushing back against my hand as slid my finger in and out of her, following instinct, as I really didn’t know what I was doing here, only that whatever it was, she liked it and definitely wanted more. As I increased the speed of my fingering, she did likewise, her hips thrusting her wet pussy against my hand faster and faster as her body responded to what I was doing. Her nipples were rigid, like two fingertips, pressing solidly into my mouth as I nibbled harder, alternating between both nipples and lightly tugging the stiff, rubbery flesh with my teeth through the mesh fabric of her bra. At the same time, her hand around my cock tightened its grip as she pumped me faster and faster, her movements in sync with mine, each of us driving the other on, our breath loud in our ears as we touched and rubbed so intimately.

Teruko suddenly released her hold on me, and stepped away from me, her eyes mysterious, and a small grin on her lips.

“Not like this, husband, this not way; it will be better here!” she whispered, indicating the bed. I nodded, sliding my shorts down to be fully naked, and hooking her panties as she turned away from me, sliding them completely off her to bare her spectacular backside in all its glory.

I pulled her back against me, suddenly needing to hold those superb breasts again, my arms around her as my hands fondled her tits, my thumbs flicking her nipples through the damp cups of her bra where my saliva had soaked through when I was nibbling her. Teruko gasped and pushed herself back against me, slotting my aching cock into the cleft of her glorious bum, the cheeks cool and soft and firm against my overheated flesh.

My hands slipped under the cups of her bra, to lightly pinch and squeeze her solidly erect nipples, Teruko gasping again and pushing herself even harder against me, my cock now a nexus of sweet agony at the touch of her, the feel of her, and the scent of her honey-dark hair as I kissed and nibbled her earlobe and her soft, delicate neck.

We never made it to the bed, not really, not then; Teruko reached behind her and unclipped her bra, letting the garment hang from her shoulders as she leaned forward, one hand on the bed, the other holding my drooling cock, rubbing her thumb in the clear liquid pouring from the end, spreading it around the head. She took hold of me and rubbed me across her slit from the back, my cock jumping as the sensation of wet heat jolted through me.

As she held me in place, driven by instinct and no certain knowledge of what I was doing, I pushed forward, both of us gasping out loud as my cock slid into her tight sheath. She let go of me as I drove forward, sliding in her to the hilt, then withdrawing, to slide in again, pumping my bone-hard erection into her enveloping warmth, little tremors running up and down my length as her cunt rippled around me.

Teruko rested both hands on the bed, pushing back against me as I rammed forward into her, my hands around her hips to give myself purchase as we fucked standing up. I felt her hand underneath us, and realised she was rubbing herself even as I jammed myself into her, the tremors in her tight pussy becoming more marked a she approached the point of no return, the knowledge making my orgasm even more imminent.

Her orgasm hit her like a hammer-blow, making her scream in release as her pussy squeezed and rippled along my length. The sensation was overwhelming, the newness of all this still resonating in my mind, and I couldn’t hold back any longer, much as I was enjoying myself. I came with a loud gasp, a wordless groan of release as I exploded inside her, my seed bursting out of me in white hot streams, spurt after spurt as I poured myself endlessly into her, her pulsating sheath squeezing and milking my cock as I pumped my sperm into her.

I could barely see or hear her for the roaring tumult in my head as the almost overwhelming orgasm exploded inside me; all I knew was the unimaginable sensation of release from that ball of tension that had been building in my groin, the apex of my thighs, and the pit of my stomach.

My knees sagged as my orgasm vented itself, the flood of sperm dying down to a trickle inside her. I released her hips, and Teruko leaned forward to collapse on the bed, groaning as my cock slid from her, and a fat trickle of spunk running down her inner thigh, mute testimony to the amount of sperm I’d pumped inside her. As she lay on the bed, panting, she turned her head to look back at me, giving me a sweet, happy smile, and reaching back to take my hand. She turned to lie on her back, and held her hands out to me, calling me to her, and I couldn’t resist her; this beautiful girl loved me, was in love with me, and I was in love with her, sister or not.

I knelt on the bed, pulling her up to me and sliding into her embrace, her lips soft and warm, needful and hungry as they fluttered and drank in mine, and her tongue was sweet and warm as it darted between my lips, rubbing and touching mine and stirring something deep inside me.

As we kissed, her hands roamed gently over me, touching my back, my shoulders, my chest and sides. Each touch of her hands sent a thrill through me, and an answering thrill at the apex of my thighs. Even after coming so hard, my erection hadn’t really abated at all, and Teruko made an appreciative noise as her hands found me. It was my turn to groan, now, as she wrapped her small hand around me and squeezed as she slowly pumped me as she kissed me. As our kisses increased in fervour, she pushed me gently backwards, urging me to lie back, until I was flat on my back, her lips glued to mine as she pumped and squeezed me, making me hot for more of her.

Teruko broke our kiss to sit up and swiftly throw her leg over me, straddling me. My hands instinctively reached down and caught her firm bum cheeks, squeezing, kneading and savouring the taut flesh. Teruko sat up, then, with her hand still wrapped around my cock, slowly rubbed the wet, sticky head across the wet lips of her pussy. The sensation of wet heat as she did that felt amazing, Teruko holding me in place, aiming me, as she slowly sank down, impaling herself on me.

Once again my cock slipped into the hot, smooth, tightness that was her pussy, the feel of her enveloping me almost indescribable as she sank down on me. When I’d bottomed-out in her, she leaned forward, placing her hands on the bed on each side of my head, and dipped down to kiss me, slowly rocking her hips as she did so.

As she lay along my chest, her lips glued to mine, her nipples poked solidly into me, and when she sat up again, I reached up to squeeze and lightly pinch those nipples, enjoying the firm feel of the stiff nubs between my fingers and against my palms as I cupped and fondled her spectacular breasts. Teruko held my hands against her as she rose and fell, her pussy clenching and releasing rhythmically as she pumped. My hands slipped down to her waist, holding her as she ground against me, our world narrowing down to the just the two of us as we moaned and gasped and whispered as we made love.

Teruko stopped abruptly, her breathing heavy but not yet blown and breathless. I opened my eyes to see her smiling secretly at me, her eyes dancing. She slowly raised herself up, holding me as I slipped from her, then once again holding me in place as she slid down on me again, but this time it was different, harder to penetrate her, her entrance now suddenly tighter and more sinewy. I suddenly realised what she was doing, where she was putting me, and my surprise must have shown in my eyes, because she smiled and leaned down to lick my lips.

“This was Jakku san favourite way, this a good way, make Jakku san feel very good!” she smiled as my cock slid slowly into her glove-tight anus. When I was all the way in, she began sliding herself up and down on me, her rectal tube gripping me tighter than her pussy had, her anal muscles milking me even as she slid herself up and down. I began lifting up to meet her, pumping into her as she ground down against me, my hands clenched tight around her superb buttocks to pull her into me as I pumped into her.

Teruko smiled at me, and suddenly stopped grinding against me.

“There is better way, Jakku san, please to wait!” she whispered, sliding herself off me, my cock slipping out of her anus with an almost audible ‘pop’. She lay on the bed, lifting her legs behind her knees to pull her pelvis up, her stretched little anus winking at me.

“Now Jakku san continue!” she grinned, and, moving like a man in a trance, I shuffled between her outstretched legs to push my cock against her tempting anus. Almost immediately, the head of my cock slipped into her, past her already open sphincter, and, as I leaned up over her, all the way back into her beautiful arse. Teruko slipped her calves over my shoulders, the backs of her thighs virtually against my chest as I leaned over her until we were almost nose to nose. My penetration felt much deeper in this position, and I was able to pump into her harder, something I wanted to do so badly.

“This feel so good, husband, please, do harder, it feel good…!” she gasped as I hammered into her, her tight anus rippling and sucking at my cock as I jammed it into her for all I was worth. I was fucking her hard now, no gentle love-making this, no, this was raw fucking, primal, animalistic, something out of the blood and the bone and the dark forests of the hind-brain, primitive and instinctual. Deep down inside, I knew I was claiming her for myself, as mine and mine alone, my woman, my mate, the instincts and drives of a million years pushing me to sate myself with her, to imprint myself on her and mark her as mine, and keep her at all costs.

Teruko was gasping as her cervix clenched and fluttered inside her, beating against the thin membrane separating her pussy from the place I was fucking, orgasms rippling and chasing through her as we fucked wildly. Her round creamy thighs pressed up against me, her lovely face contorted in the rictus of orgasm again and again, and her proud breasts and stiff nipples danced as we pumped and hammered against each other.

I came with an animal roar of release, my cockhead swelling to wedge inside her as what felt like gallons of spunk bulleted out of me, splashing inside her in long thick jets of man-syrup, coating her bowels with my tribute. Teruko screamed as she came, the sensation of me exploding inside her setting her off on her own gargantuan climax, her entire body shuddering and spasming as wave after wave of pleasure roared and rushed through her.

I slumped down on top of her, Teruko holding me tight as she spasmed and shuddered in aftershock, her own storm ebbing and gradually dying away. We rolled onto our sides, my cock sliding from her easily, lubricated by all the sperm I’d pumped into her as it trickled out of her to drip and pool on the bed.

Teruko finally opened her eyes to smile at me and kiss me gently, her eyes sparkling with unshed tears.

“That is how husband make love to wife, my husband! You are truly my husband, and I am your wife, and now we go home and be with family. This is what we must do, it is right thing, yes?”

I suddenly realised that I did indeed want to go ‘home’; she needed that other part of her family, and I had been too churlish and self-involved to understand that until now; everything Harry had said to me came back into focus as I realised how right he was, and how wrong I’d been, and selfish, and cowardly. My girl wanted me to take her home, so home was where I would take her, and I would just have to rely on her to guide me around my mother, trusting her to make sure I didn’t put a foot wrong, the thing I was most concerned about.

It was fine, and warm, and loving, to lie there holding her, seeing her glorious eyes light-up and sparkle as she laughed and smiled, her beautiful, generous mouth with its natural smile curve, her cute little button nose, and the cascade of dark honey-blonde hair, long and glossy, and fine as spider-silk, a gossamer net of spun burnt gold that veiled us both when she leaned over me to kiss me. Eventually, though, we had to stop; we needed to have showers, pack, strip the bed and throw the sheets into the washer for a quick cycle (and after what we had been doing, they needed it!), make sure all the windows were locked, and all the appliances off and unplugged. Teruko did all that while I was having a shower, then she ran in while I was drying-off and getting my stuff together. I didn’t know what to take; so much of my stuff was for someone bigger-built than me, so I just pulled everything out of my wardrobe and waited for her to come out of the shower to help me choose.

We were all packed long before four o’clock, Teruko helping me pick out and pack the warmest clothes I had that actually fitted me, and a pile of thick sweaters and winter socks. She’d packed a selection of jeans and T-shirts, and her suede Ugg boots, ugly, graceless things, but very fashionable, and apparently very warm. She’d chosen to travel in tight, bright red ski salopettes and a light sweater, with a red North Face snow jacket over the top, Salomon snow boots and a red Peruvian felt hat, and with her long dark-gold hair in two braids ended in Christmas bows hanging down under it, she looked cute and adorable, like one of Santa’s Little Helpers, and delicious enough for me to take a large bite; perhaps I would, when no-one was looking…

Harry arrived not long after four, helped me stow our case and flight bag with the few Christmas gifts Teruko had managed to find for our mother when she wasn’t sitting her vigil by my bedside, and we set off, Harry driving with Sai Fong in the front passenger seat, and Teruko holding me tightly in the back seat, all smiles now that she was going home again for the first time in months, since my…’accident’, in fact.

The drive home was uneventful. The roads were mostly clear until we were outside Bicester in Oxfordshire, when the snow, a minor annoyance on the motorway for most of the way, began to make itself felt, occasionally so thick that Harry had to slow to a crawl. We could feel the Jeep shuddering as the wind slammed into it, the snow at times flying almost horizontally ahead of us.

Sai Fong flicked on the radio, tuned to BBC Radio Oxford, and pressed the Radio Data System button. We immediately began to hear snow reports for most of the county, blizzard conditions and treacherous road conditions as far as Birmingham; the M42 Westbound, the M5, and the M40 were all being closed, so Harry had to take a long, looping, eastward detour to pick up the M1, which was still open, as was the M6, which would then give us a clear run West to Shropshire via the M54.

The going got steadily worse, the Jeep skidding and slewing in the slippery new snow piling up ahead of us until Harry finally shook his head and stopped, cranked the car into neutral and engaged the 4WD, before starting up again and putting her into gear. The car immediately lightened as the 4-wheel drive engaged, and Harry looked back over his shoulder to grin at me

“You know, Jack, I was going to buy a Bronco, but it had manual hubs, so right now, you and I’d be out in that, trying like buggery to rotate the free-wheel hubs to lock them! Thank you Chrysler for Shift-On-The-Fly!”

I had to grin, he seemed so happy, although I hadn’t a clue what he was talking about. But whatever the difference was between this ‘Bronco’ and the Jeep we were in, at least now we weren’t skidding and sliding, the car seemed sure-footed again, and we were actually making some headway against the weather conditions. Teruko was looking sleepy, so I undid her seatbelt and urged her to lie down on the seat, taking her jacket off and wadding it up as a pillow for her on my lap, and covering her with my warm Barbour jacket. As she lay down, she slipped her hand under my thigh, holding herself against me on the seat.

“Thank you husband, I sleep for little while, wake me, please, when we get home?”

I stroked her hair, enjoying the feel of the silky strands, and she smiled at me, yawned and sighed, and fell asleep almost immediately. The car was warm, and I was unoccupied, there was no scenery to see, just snow falling in the dark and the lights of cars going the other way, and I must have fallen asleep myself, lulled by the muted growl of the Chrysler V6 up front, because the next thing I knew the car was cornering, shaking me enough to wake me up. I looked blurrily out the window, seeing street lights and houses, traffic, and no sign of snow. Sai Fong looked back at me, smiling.

“Welcome back, Jack, you’ve been out like a light for three hours! Nearly there, we’re just at Frankwell, so two minutes and we’ll be back at your place. You might want to wake Teruko up…?”

I took the hint, and kissed Teruko on her ear, making her smile as her eyes fluttered open.

“Wake up, little sister, we’re nearly there!” I breathed into her ear, and she turned to look at me, smiling.

“Thank you for let me sleep, Onii-san, it very nice to sleep next to you, you are very warm, most comfortable!”

She sat up, yawning and stretching, the sight of her thrusting breasts as she stretched making my cock stir in my jeans, and shrugged her snow jacket back on just as we turned into Kennedy Road, where Teruko told me I had grown up. None of it looked familiar, nor did the high-walled series of buildings and rolling ground I could see. I asked Teruko what that was, and she looked sadly at me.

“That where you go to school, Onii-san, it where you play rugby for school, and for county, you love rugby more than anything, you still not remember?”

I drew a complete blank; nothing here was familiar, nothing was giving me any flashes or images. As I stared out the window, Harry pulled into the drive of a large detached house, light flooding out as a door was suddenly opened and a figure stood silhouetted there.

Teruko was opening the door even before the car came to a halt, flinging herself into the arms of the tall woman who stood there, my mother, a large dog by her side with its tail wagging hysterically at the sight of Teruko. Sai Fong joined her, my mother hugging her as well, while Harry helped me bring our stuff in, spits of snow beginning as we walked to the door.

My mother smiled at me, and I saw fleetingly my resemblance to her, my eyes looking back at me from her, then haltingly, tentatively, she hugged me, almost as if she was afraid of me; and she was, but not of me; she was afraid I would reject her, that I would resent a stranger being so familiar with me. Teruko was watching me hopefully as my mother and I embraced, waiting for a sign that something had changed. But I had no sudden flash of returning memory; I still didn’t know this woman, and it must have shown in my eyes.

The look of hope faded, to be replaced by one of disappointment, and a momentary sadness, before she smiled again, pleased that at least I hadn’t pulled away, hadn’t rejected her out of hand. I went to pet the dog, a large, muscular-looking black Labrador, but he backed away from me, tail low and rigid, a warning growl rumbling in his chest. Teruko looked shocked.

“Senshi, no! This Jakku-san, you know Jakku-san, what wrong with you? Bad dog!” The dog looked at her and whined unhappily, backing up against her legs to place himself between us, his hackles still raised and threatening, obviously not at all happy about me being there.

“I sorry, Jakku-san, not know why he do that, he bad dog!” At her feet, the dog whined again at the tone of her voice, but refused to sit or leave her side.

While this by-play was going on, Harry dragged in the suitcase from the porch and put the flight bag down, my mother smiling at him.

“You must be tired after that long drive, Harry! Please, stay for dinner, you’re both very welcome, you know that!”

Harry grinned his thanks at her.

“Thank you, Mrs. C, that’s very kind of you but we really have to be going; Dad’s expecting us, and the snow’s coming on; it’s a 25-mile drive home, so we really need to get a move on!”

She hugged him, and then Sai Fong again, then waited while they clambered back into the Jeep. Harry started the engine then wound down the window.

“See you in the morning, Jack, weather permitting! The girls want to go shopping in Telford, so we’ll be here early. See you then!”

He wound the window back up and backed out onto the road, turned, and was gone. Mother shut the door and ushered us into a large, comfortable sitting room with big, soft couches and armchairs, and a large fire burning in the hearth. She had to take the dog by his collar, though, and drag him into the other room, as he wasn’t happy about me being anywhere near Teruko, his growl a continuous threatening rumble in his throat, the kind of growl that ended in someone’s throat…

Teruko was at a loss to explain it; the dog’s behaviour had unnerved her, and she took pains to reassure me that he was never aggressive and must be unwell, that was the only possible explanation. Mother came back and sat down, asking me about the drive up, if I was comfortable, if I’d like a hot drink, small talk and pleasantries, doing her best to put me at my ease, bless her, but it wasn’t necessary; this room was somehow immensely comforting, and I already felt at ease. I leaned back into the couch, following my mother’s injunction to ‘relax, don’t be so formal, this is your home, you know!’, and found that I did indeed feel at home. Teruko snugged herself up against me on the couch; she’d removed her salopettes, and was wearing a short, knitted sweater dress that she must have had on underneath the whole time; it was tight and very brief, barely covering her bottom. She sat with her legs folded and her delicate little feet tucked underneath herself, resting her head on my shoulder, leaving me to admire her sexy knees and long, shapely thighs.

After chatting for a few more minutes, mother excused herself, Teruko following her, to get dinner on the table while I sat and looked around the room, examining somewhere that had once meant so much to me, but was now completely unfamiliar, not even one of those little twinges of memory I was becoming so used to hinting that I had been here before, that this was where I was from. I was still gazing around when the door, into the dining room, I assumed, opened and Teruko popped her head in.

“Please to come, Jakku-san, dinner ready now,” although the delicious smell had already alerted me. Teruko directed me to the cloakroom to wash my hands, and I followed her to the dining room. Mother had cooked what she assured me had been my favourite, Cottage Pie, and it smelled wonderful, and suddenly, now , here were those little twinges of memory, telling me that I had indeed eaten this before, here, cooked by her. Someone once said that smell is the most evocative of all the senses, that a single smell can recall a whole lifetime of experiences; I can attest to the truth of that; nothing here had seemed familiar, but now, the smell and taste of my mother’s cooking were flicking switches I wasn’t aware I had, and now that sense of home was growing, that feeling of near-familiarity, stronger and with more associations than déjà-vu, the feeling of recall tantalisingly out of reach, but near enough to sense and feel the reality of it; these were not phantom memories or fantasies; this was me, still buried deep down, but awakening, I was sure.

The meal was fabulous, hot and savoury and delicious, and all the way through it I was remembering those aromas, the tastes and textures, the other associations crowding closer and closer, almost, almost, bursting through. I now had no doubt that this was my home; every sense I had was screaming at me ‘you know this place, you’ve been here before, you’ve done this, you’ve sat here before, this is yours, this is your home!’

Everywhere I looked, almost-memories pushed at me, things catching my eyes and beckoning me, pleading with me, shouting at me, shouting ‘look at me, Jack, remember me, you know me, Jack, it’s me, remember me, try, jack, try!’

It was getting harder and harder to concentrate on eating; whatever was happening in my head was too deafening, too much was trying to happen, overload was setting-in, making me dizzy as I spun and reeled in the midst of a chaotic swirl of the almost-familiar. I stopped eating to rest my head in my hand, a pounding wave of dizziness making the room waver, and suddenly my mother was there, her hands soft on me, hands I could almost recall, the feel of them warm and reassuring; she was my mother, this was my home, I belonged here…

In the distance, from wherever he was confined, the dog began barking, a continuous high-pitched excited belling as he gave voice, something disturbing him, his clamour adding to the pounding inside my head. I was only hearing him with one corner of my mind; everything else was being swamped by waves of something like, and yet somehow completely different to, déjà-vu, my head swimming as my brain tried to cope with the sensory overload. A blizzard of half-remembered feelings and blurred images was unreeling relentlessly in no sense or order, a meaningless jumble of fragments, but an avalanche of them, blotting-out the room as they roared into me.

“Jack, darling, what is it; you’ve gone pale, are you alright? Jack, what’s wrong?” The concern in her voice sent another jolt through me, another tumult of almost-memories making my head spin again, making me groan as the room orbited around me. My stomach lurched, teetering on the edge of violent nausea for a second, before backing down again as a fresh wave of dizziness flooded through me.

“Teruko, get his jacket! Jack, I’m putting your jacket on you, try and help me here, we have to get you to Accident and Emergency, can you stand up?”

“No, no more hospitals, please!” I managed to gasp out. “I just need to lie down, must be tired, please, just let me lie down!”

Somehow, and I have no clear notion how, my mother and Teruko managed to get me up that one short flight of steps and into the bedroom at the top of the stairs; I felt gentle hands unbuttoning my jeans and pulling my snow-boots off, and the covers being pulled up over me, the room spinning and gently revolving around me as whatever was happening to me ran its course. I tried shutting my eyes, but it didn’t help. I tried focussing on one thing in the room, something to fix my attention in an attempt to brake the spinning room, and an oblong plaque on the dresser caught my eye. It was a ceramic ornament of some sort, but even as I stared at it, I could feel more prickles of memory popping and fizzing like microscopic bubbles against the surface of my mind, as it too began to shout at me, demanding that I recognise it; and I did, in a shock so profound that the room slammed to a halt as I saw Teruko give me that plaque, and once again heard her read it to me, mother, and an elderly man, my grandfather, there in the room, dancing firelight, the smell of pine needles and…and…

I woke with a start in my bed, and glanced at my dresser clock; almost 2 a.m. and I was starving. Teruko was lying next to me, deeply asleep, wrapped in my bathrobe and thick fluffy slippers on her feet, so I eased out of bed and slid my jeans on, wondering why my snow-boots were next to the bed, why my jeans were so loose and having to pull my belt in another notch past the usual buckle-hole, and briefly, why the dog was lying across the door; usually, if Teruko fell asleep in my room, or anywhere in the house, for that matter, Senshi would be found stretched out snoring on the floor right next to her; he was never more than a couple of feet from her, but now he was all the way across the room, lying like one of Landseer’s lions in Trafalgar square, in the classic ‘couchant’ position, on his stomach, paws stretched out in front of him, his head up and watching me closely. Odd, I thought, and then dismissed the thought as my stomach rumbled again. I slipped on a pair of loafers and a sweater, and made my way downstairs to the kitchen, Senshi watching me and making no effort to move out of the way, forcing me to step over him.

When I looked in the fridge, oh joy, mum had made Cottage Pie, my favourite, so I spooned some onto a plate and popped it into the microwave, then wandered into the living room to wait while it heated-up. I sat down and picked up the TV remote, Senshi suddenly appearing from nowhere to jump up on the sofa and huff gently at my neck, looking for a share of my snack, no doubt. For some reason, he seemed intensely interested in me; normally, once he’d figured out I had no snacks for him, he buggered off back to wherever Teruko was, as I was no longer important enough for his attention. He was a one-woman dog, and yet now he was all over me, sniffing and nipping at me, licking my face, which I hate (only one person on this entire planet gets to lick my face, and he didn’t look anything like her…), and sticking his nose in my ear. I kept pushing him away, but for some reason he’d suddenly decided I was irresistible; mum had one unbreakable rule; chairs are for humans, and dogs belong on the floor, and if she’d seen this idiot dog trampling all over her couch there would be things said, I knew that for a fact.

“Down boy, down!” I shouted softly, anxious not to wake everyone else, but Senshi wasn’t having any of it, he was excited about something, and he wanted me to share in it with him. Eventually I gave up, unable to push him off the couch: it’s quite difficult to budge an 80lb Labrador when he doesn’t want to be budged, so I settled for clamping his head under my arm to stop his incessant attempts to lick my face.

I flicked on the TV and the satellite box, and turned to the news channel, to watch in puzzlement and growing alarm as weather reports started talking about blizzard conditions in the Midlands and across the Oxfordshire plain, road closures, downed power lines; in June? What the hell was going on?

And then that damned dog decided to start barking at me, his ‘play’ bark, the one he uses when he and Teruko are outside with a tennis ball and his squeaky rubber chicken, a huffing, breathy bark, high-pitched and attention-seeking, his tail going like a propeller as he barked happily at me.

I wrestled with him, trying to grab his snout and clamp his mouth shut, confident that he wouldn’t bite me, he wasn’t that kind of dog, and finally succeeding, hopefully before mum or Teruko heard him and came to see what was going on.

I picked up the remote to turn the volume down even lower, and my eye caught the date at the bottom of the screen. I froze in disbelief, the pit of my stomach dropping away as though I’d swooped down a fairground slide; December 21st, not June, not summer at all. I dropped the remote in shock, staring at the screen, knowing it couldn’t possibly be right, but the evidence of my eyes was irrefutable; it was there on screen; news reports, pictures, and that shocking date at the foot of the screen impossible to argue with. Where the hell had six months gone, where the fuck had I been, what was going on?

Answers, I needed answers, mum would know, she’d tell me. I ran upstairs, the dog racing after me, my hunger forgotten, to knock, and knock again at my mother’s bedroom door. I guess I knocked louder than I knew, because suddenly Teruko was there was well, looking sleepy, and rumpled, and delicious. Mum opened her door and saw the look on my face.

“Jack, what’s the matter, what happened, how are you feeling, is something wrong?”

I was nearly gibbering with panic now, trying to make things come out right in my head.

“Mum, what happened to me, where’s six months gone, why don’t I remember them, what’s going on?”

Mum had started when called her ‘mum’, a strange look in her eyes as she looked closely at me.

“Jack, you…you know who am, don’t you?” she whispered, and I nodded.

“Of course I know who you are, what kind of question is that? Tell me, mum, please, what’s going on, where’s the year gone, why is it nearly Christmas, why don’t I remember anything, how did I get here?”

Mum was crying, as was Teruko, and no-one was answering my questions, until she took my hand and led me into her bedroom, sitting me down on her bed. She kept hold of my hand as she sat next to me.

“Jack, what’s the last thing you remember?”

I looked at her sideways; what was she on about now?

“That’s easy, mum, Teruko and I were planning on having Harry and Sai Fong over for dinner…so how did we get here? I don’t remember driving up here at all! What…?”

Mum squeezed my hand so hard it hurt.

“Jack, you’ve been…sick, since June. Harry brought you home yesterday, both of you, to spend some time with me. How much do you remember, of anything? What’s the last thing you remember, seriously?”

I had to think for a few seconds.

“Going shopping in Lewisham, I parked-up behind the Matalan store, and we took a short-cut through the Docklands Light Railway station. Harry and Sai Fong were coming to dinner and…and that’s all I remember. What happened to me, how did I get sick? Why can’t I remember anything else? Tell me, please!”

Mum looked away, her lip trembling, picking her words carefully.

“Darling, you were…mugged, in Lewisham Station, the boy had a gun, you tried to get to Teruko, and…and, he…shot you…oh Jack, we thought we’d lost you, it was so bad, you lost so much blood, they got you to hospital in time, but the damage…the bullet…!”

She was crying again, obviously deeply distressed, her grip on my hand like iron. I could only sag in shock; I’d been shot? Why was I still alive, HOW was I still alive, if that were true? My total shock and confusion must have shown on my face, mum taking my face between her hands to look into my eyes and speak slowly, calmly as I flinched in shocked reaction.

“Darling, you were in a coma, in hospital in London, since June; Teruko stayed with you the whole time, six months day and night. You finally woke up almost two weeks ago, but you had amnesia, almost total retrograde amnesia, they called it; you didn’t know me, Teruko, Harry, anybody, nothing about your life, your job, nothing; it was like losing you again…! Harry brought you home hoping that this would happen, that you’d remember us, everything…” She paused to wipe her eyes.

“This evening, at dinner, you got sick, confused, we put you to bed, do you remember any of that?”

I shook my head numbly, too stunned to think coherently.

Teruko climbed into my lap and laid her head in the crook of my neck, her arms like a vice around my neck as she cried silently. I tried to make sense of all this, to try and make things match-up and come out even, but even in the extremity of my shock and disorientation, I couldn’t help but be hotly aware of how beautiful a girl I was holding on my lap, and I suddenly realised just how it might have been for them. For me, no time had passed, I had lost six months, but they hadn’t, they’d had to wait for me, perhaps waiting for me to die, and yet mum, and Teruko, especially, had never given up, they’d waited and hoped and now I was back. Perhaps I should wait to find out what came next; right now my mum and Teruko were crying, they needed me, and I needed them if I was ever going to get past the shocks of the last few minutes.

Something she’d said was troubling me…

“Mum, you said I woke up two weeks ago; what have I been doing, where have I been since then?”

Mum smiled at me through her tears, her fingers warm against my cheek.

“You didn’t exactly ‘wake-up’, it was a lot slower than that; it took several weeks, first your eyes opened, then they started moving, vague and unfocussed, to be sure, but it was a sign that things were returning to normal with you, then your arms and hands. The hospital said the biggest breakthrough was when Teruko woke up one morning to find you’d turned over in the night and were lying on your side.”

“When you were fully awake they kept you in hospital while they ran their tests; you only came out a couple of days ago. Your specialist at the hospital warned us that what was likely to happen after you woke up would be that you would enter what he called a ‘fugue’ state; I didn’t really understand, but he told me one of the characteristics is sudden unplanned travelling or wandering off, which is why Teruko stayed by your side twenty-four hours a day. Mr. Hunter also said that the fugue would pass, but it could be days, weeks, or even months, but when it did pass, there was usually no memory of anything that took place while you were in that state. I suppose you’ve come out of the fugue now, but we still need to get you to the Royal Shrewsbury in the morning; you really frightened us this evening!”

Teruko loosened her hold on my neck and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

“Please to forgive, Jakku-san, I am sorry, please forgive me!”

I stroked her hair as I held her tightly against me, brushing her hair out of her eyes as I looked into them..

“What is there to forgive, Imoto?”I asked, watching the tears gather again.

“When you…when you in hospital, I wait and hope and pray, I beg the ancestors, make offering to the gods to help you, bring you back. Every day I ask, every day they not help, they not bring you back, I stop hoping, and I give up, I pray that you go, so I can follow you. I give up, Jakku san, I lose hope and wait for you to die, I am sorry!”

She was crying now, hot tears streaming down her cheeks, tears I tried to wipe away, but I was shaken by her confession, that she’d lost hope and planned to follow me when I died, and I hugged her fiercely, feeling her soft yielding body mould against mine.

“You would do that, little sister?” I whispered in her ear.

“My life for you, Onii-san, only for you, cannot live without you!” she replied, her arms tightening around me again as she hugged herself even closer, her lip still quivering.

Mum straightened up and brushed my cheek with her fingertips.

“Jack, darling, I know you’re feeling confused right now, and you have every reason to be, but you’re home now, and I want you to stay for a while; will you do that? You need to have someone look after you for a while, someone who can answer your questions, and you need to recuperate. Teruko’s been doing an incredible job, you’ll never know what she went through, but she’s close to the edge herself, she was too young to take on so much, and she’s almost worn-out; she needs some proper rest and care before she has a breakdown. Before all this you originally planned on going back after Christmas, but I really think you should wait until after the New Year. Will you do that for me? Will you stay and let me look after you? Please?”

She had tears in her eyes when she finished, and I could only do one thing when she put it like that.

“I’d like that, mum, I really would, and thank you; it will be nice to be home again for Christmas!”

Inside I was still reeling from the shock; half a year, gone, it made no sense; for me June was yesterday, and suddenly I’d stepped through a door from summer into the deep mid-winter, the calendar in my head spinning crazily as it tried to account for the lost time. I needed to sleep on this, I wanted to think, but most of all I wanted to find that magic door back into summer, before all this weird nightmare ever happened…

“Mum, what about my job, do I still have one, what am I going to do?”

She smiled gently.

“It’s okay, Jack, you’re on Sick-Leave, you have been since you were first injured. General Sullivan has been in constant contact with me, so he’s fully up to speed on developments, you saw him this morning, but of course you don’t remember that, do you? As far he’s concerned, you’re no earthly use to him or yourself until you’ve rested and recuperated fully, so you’re on the sick list for the next few months, on full pay, of course; there are still some benefits to being a Civil Servant!”

I felt quite indignant.

“I feel fine, how can they put me in dry-dock like that, I have rights…!”

Mum held up her hand to silence me.

“Darling, look in the mirror, please…”

Puzzled, I did as she asked, pulling the cover off her dressing mirror, and reeling back in shock; who the hell was that? Not me, surely! I looked again, and the gaunt figure in the mirror aped my movements, his eyes deep-set and ringed with dark circles, his cheekbones standing out in high-relief, his cheeks sunken and pale, and deep hollows at the temples making his face look harsh and angular.

I was shocked and appalled at my appearance; I’d lost so much weight I could barely recognise myself, I looked like I’d just come off a radical crash-diet, or something that lived in a crypt and only came out at night; my skin looked dry and sallow, my hands were like skeletal claws, the tendons in my neck were taut and clearly visible, and my hair was lank and lifeless. Teruko slowly pulled me away from my horrified study of myself, slipping the cover back over the mirror; now I really believed mum’s story, now it all seemed real; no wonder none of my clothes fitted!

“You not need mirror, you still my Jakku san, eyes not changed, still beautiful, still Jakku san eyes! Everything else need time only, you are back, and you are well, that is all I need. I help you, mummy help you, all your friends help you, very soon you be OK again, I promise!”

Mum and Teruko led me back downstairs, where my food was waiting for me, almost forgotten in the shock of discovering what had happened to me. Mum’s Cottage Pie was as savoury and delicious as it had always been, and I stuffed unashamedly, mum filling plate after plate as I wolfed it down; I was owed this, I rationalised; after having been fed God knows what for six months in the hospital, mum’s cooking was a joy and a feast for the senses!

As I ate, mum filled me in on what had been happening while I was busy being comatose; she told me about Harry and his unflagging faith that I’d pull through somehow, of grandad and his distress and despair, tugging yet another string in my heart, of Teruko’s months-long vigil by my bedside, heartbroken, but undefeated, that small spark of faith and optimism guttering low but never quite extinguishing, keeping her there by my bedside even as hope languished and despair crept in. I looked at her, unable to believe how lucky I was to have her for my own, Teruko turning away and blushing as she saw my thoughts in my eyes.

Eventually I’d had enough, mum and Teruko grinning as I finally pushed my plate away, stuffed to the gills and satisfied in a way that I couldn’t remember being for a very long time. Teruko stroked my face as I finished eating.

“It good to see you eat well again, I have missed you do that, I never thought I see again! It is good you eat well now, Jakku san, you must put weight back on, you must exercise, but not now, gradually, little by little. Headmaster at school say you can use gymnasium there if you wish, he is happy to hear you getting better, all school send good wishes for you!”

While Teruko and I talked, mother had poked the fire back up in the living room, and now she beckoned us through, a single table lamp and the fire filling the room with a soft golden glow. I plumped down on the couch in front of the fire, Teruko taking up her usual place huddled against me, her feet tucked up under her and her arm through mine. We sat there companiably, mum smiling happily as we talked in low voices about what came next, our immediate plans, such as they were, and how we were going to celebrate Christmas, normal, family things, no more trauma and weirdness, well no more than usual, given the history of my family…

Finally, mum yawned for the last time and stood up, wrapping her robe tightly about herself.

“Kids, I’m going up; I can barely keep my eyes open, don’t forget to put the fire-guard on when you go to bed. Goodnight, darlings!”

She trailed her hand across my cheek then stroked Teruko’s hair and went upstairs, leaving the two of us cuddled together on the couch, enjoying the warmth of the fire and the softness of the couch. The shock was receding as I began to emotionally accept that I had lost half a year, my rational side gradually overruling the emotional side, some sort balance beginning to assert itself. Eventually Teruko climbed off the couch and pushed the fire-guard into position, making sure it was locked in place, then took my hand.

“Come Onii-san, it is very late, must get rest. I am going to Telford in morning with Sai Fong, you cannot come, please to spend time with mummy, I will not be long! Come, bedtime now!”

With that she took my hand, and I willingly followed her, switching off the lamp as we passed, and looking around the room in the warm firelight, my home.

Teruko went to go to her room, but I pulled her into mine, listening to her suppressed giggle as I gently tugged her along the corridor. Mum knew about us, she had no real problem anyway, as far as I knew, so I saw no harm in having my girl stay with me for the rest of the night. She seemed to feel the same way, dropping my robe from her shoulders to stand before me in just a bum-skimming Tee-shirt and tight panties. I was almost drooling when I saw this, it was my favourite sleep-wear, apart from her bare skin, that is, and her cheeky grin only served to make her look even more desirable and, to be honest, madly fuckable.

I beckoned her closer and lifted the hem of her Tee, Teruko lifting her arms so I could pull it over her head to leave her standing there in just her little pussy-cupping panties. As I slipped my hands around her to clench and squeeze her lovely, firm bum cheeks, she grasped hold of my almost supernaturally hard cock and squeezed, making me groan with the need to unload something inside her, soon!

Teruko unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down the zipper, her hands slipping inside to squeeze me through my shorts. That did it! I pushed down my jeans and kicked them off, tugged off my sweater and pulled her close, my hands pushing down her panties and pulling her cheeks apart, making her gasp into my mouth as our lips crushed together. My steely cock was trapped between us, something she took into account as she began rolling her hips from side to side, rolling my cock between our bellies as we kissed like mad things, consumed with lust and need. Her hip motion was torturing me, inflaming me as images of us making love, of the things we’d done, and still wanted to do, rose up and danced in my head; right now, I wanted to fuck her in every hole, I wanted to fill her up as never before; they’d told me I had been in stand-by mode for six months, but I was awake and aware now, and that meant I had a lot of catching up to do; Teruko said I needed exercise; good, right now I knew exactly what exercise I wanted to do the most!

Teruko felt my cock stiffening even further as I thought about her and what we could do, and broke our kiss to turn to the bed, obviously intending to climb in. I had other ideas, snaking my hands up her torso to cup and squeeze her breasts, feeling her bullet-hard nipples as I pulled her in close to me, kissing her neck and nibbling her ear as I groped and plundered those spectacular breasts. She moaned and pushed back against me, trapping my cock in the deep, warm valley between her cheeks. I could only hold her like this for so long; I wanted more, I wanted her, I wanted to be inside her, making love to my love, and so, reluctantly, I released her, leading her instead to the bed.

As soon as we climbed under the covers, Teruko turned to me, pulling me in for a fierce kiss, her arms locked around my neck. She surprised me with the intensity of her kiss, but I kissed her back with equal firmness and commitment; I loved this girl, and kissing her was still my favourite pastime!

As we kissed we drifted down the bed until she was somehow under me, and it was the most natural thing in the world to slide my aching cock into her warm tightness, the feeling drawing a mutual gasp as we coupled. Her lips were a magnet I couldn’t escape, nor did I want to as we made love, our sexes drawing together and breaking apart as I pumped into her and withdrew, to pump in again, and again and again. Her gasps were becoming shorter, breathier, her hands holding my back as she writhed underneath me, her wet pussy sucking and clasp at me as she raised her pelvis to pump back at me, meeting me stroke for stroke as we raced and strained to meet in fulfilment.

She came first, her orgasm breaking over her like a crashing wave, her voice a scream of release as her pussy clamped down on me, halting me in my tracks. At the sudden constriction, the sensation of heat and pressure on my cock pulsing and rippling along my length, I too gave in to the orgasm that claimed us both, sperm blasting out of my over-stimulated cock to paint her insides with my milky seed, pulse after pulse, long, satisfying spurts of life-giving seed filling her up, coating her cervix.

At the feel of my heat filling her, Teruko erupted in orgasm again, a hot spray of her own sweet-scented ejaculate coating my lower belly and cock as she came on my cock all over again.

Her rippling, milking pussy squeezing and wringing every last drop of my seed from me, the sensation of ejaculating continuing even after I had given up the last of my seed for her, my body wrung dry.

I slumped down next to her, gasping for breath, my heart thudding and hammering in my chest as the emotional intensity of making love to my girl crashed over me. My chest was rising and falling like a bellows, trying to gulp in enough air, and my body was so depleted of strength I felt like I’d just run a marathon in lead boots.

Eventually my strength began to return, but not much; I still felt like the last noodle on the plate, limp, flaccid, and not much use to anyone. Teruko slid closer to me and kissed me gently on the side of my mouth. I turned to her, my hand reflexively coming to rest on her rounded rump, pulling her closer to me, suddenly feeling the need to hold her close to me. She smiled at that, placing her warm hand on my hip as she held herself against me, her heart fluttering against mine.

“Yesterday we have sex; today Jakku-san make love to me; it mend my heart to know my husband know me and love me again! One day perhaps Jakku-san forgive me for lose hope; I love him very much, nothing else matter to me except he come back and love me again. I let Jakku-san go, I never let him go again, I promise!”

I wiped away the tears as they rolled down her cheek, concerned for her; how much more could she beat herself up, how much more could she take? Mum had said she was exhausted, that she was close to the edge, she needed to be cared for now as well, and I certainly had no need to forgive her for anything; quite the opposite; she’d kept her vigil over me even as she lost hope that I’d ever return, she never left me alone in that place for one minute; no, I had nothing to forgive her for. Perhaps it was time she learned that for herself.

I sat up (discovering for myself just how weak I really was, it took a real effort…) and urged her to sit with me. She did so, sitting cross-legged in front of me as I caressed her face, her lips, her hair, drinking in every detail of her, and seeing, really seeing for the first time just how much weight she’d lost, the hollows under her eyes, the tiredness in the back of her eyes. My heart broke for my beautiful girl, so much loss and heartache, fear and loneliness showing in her eyes, her big, beautiful eyes, and yet, with all that, she’d still stuck by my side, love for me keeping her there when hope had finally died. I reached out and pulled her close, hugging her tightly as I kissed her hair, her neck, her shoulders, enfolding myself in her as I wrapped myself around her.

“Never again!” I whispered, “I’ll never leave you alone again, I swear! You mean more to me than anyone or anything, and I’ll never let you go, or give you reason to cry, I swear on my soul! I love you Teruko, in so many ways I don’t know how to say them all!”

Teruko looked up at me, her eyes huge and mysterious.

“Jakku-san ask me before to marry him, and I say yes; I still say yes! I want to be wife of Jakku-san more than whole world, there only one thing I want in this life, and it is my Jakku-san. I will marry him, and we will have many children, strong sons to take his name and be our joy and pride, many sons to please ancestors and make sure name is not forgotten. I will marry Jakku-san, if it pleases him, when time is right, and we will be happy, this I promise!”

She reached out to touch my chin, caressing my cheek, and pushing my hair back out of my eyes.

“And now you must rest! I see tiredness in your eyes; I feel it in your body, you still not strong, must rest and grow strong again, please to lie down, you must rest; not to worry; I not go anywhere!”

I allowed her to push me back down (although, right now I felt as weak as a kitten, she could have done it anyway and I couldn’t have stopped her!), and luxuriated in the feel of the bed beneath me, the soft pillows, and the soft warmth of her body as she slipped under the covers and pulled them up over the two of us. I fell asleep to the feel of her hand slowly rubbing my back, the smell of peaches from her silky hair, and the soft sound of her breathing.

I woke late; the clock on the dresser said it was almost 11 a.m., and Teruko was nowhere in sight. I panicked for a second, before I remembered she had said she was going in to Telford do some shopping, so I climbed out of bed, staggering slightly as I stood up; I still felt washed-out, but hungry and ready for some of mum’s cooking; there better be some of that Cottage Pie left, because I was having it, if I had to fight everyone else in the house for it! I made my way to the bathroom to shower and brush my teeth, and then, refreshed, wide awake and starving hungry, staggered downstairs to raid the fridge.

As I got to the foot of the stairs, I heard voices from the kitchen, and upon peering in, saw Harry seated at the kitchen table chatting to mum, and then I heard Grandad’s voice. He and Harry were talking about me, and I will admit to a small lump in my throat as I heard Grandad tell him how much he was looking forward to seeing me again. I pushed the door open, Harry jumping up to grin at me as I walked in.

“Jack, your mum told me what happened! How are you, any after-effects?”

I had to grin; this was Harry, my best friend since I was an eight year-old prep at Kingsland, looking as handsome and friendly as ever. Subjectively, I’d only seen him a couple of days ago, when we’d arranged to have him and Sai Fong over for dinner; it was weird to think that had been six months ago, at Midsummer, and now it was a couple of days shy of Christmas. The strangeness and sudden disorientation was a little disconcerting, but I guessed I was going to have to try and get used to that. A small sound behind me, someone shifting in their chair, and I remembered I’d heard Grandad’s voice, so I turned, and there was the old man, looking suddenly, shockingly older, his face lined and worried, his eyes rimmed with tears.

“Hello son, I…I…!” he faltered, the tears spilling over, shocking me even more; I’d never seen him give more than a wry grin, and now…

Wordlessly, I held my arms out, and he embraced me, pulling me to him strongly, still no hint of frailty in his tough old frame.

“It’s good to see you son, I thought I’d…I never…I was so…oh Jacko, I thought we’d lost you…!” he faltered, his voice thick with emotion, and for once I didn’t object when he called me the same name as his foul old dog, caught up in his emotion as I was. He continued to hug me, wordlessly pounding me on the back, and I was immensely glad, and immensely comforted, to have my Grandad here, along with my mum, the only constant in my life as I grew up. I glanced up, to see mum and Harry slipping out of the kitchen, giving me some time alone with him.

At last he let go of me, turning his back to mop his eyes, and then turning back to me to take me by the shoulders.

“Let me see you, Jacko, let me look at you!”

He looked long and hard at me before sitting back down at the kitchen table, motioning me to take a seat, his gaze flicking over me, subjecting me to the closest scrutiny, his sharp old eyes not missing a thing. He poured me a coffee, and handed me the toast-rack and the butter-dish.

“Your mother will do you a cooked breakfast in a minute, you and Harry both; he deserves another one, he’s a good lad; he came with me this morning after breakfast to Ludlow to help me cut and load the tree, the two of you can put it up later. How are you feeling, lad? Honestly?”

I was so glad he wasn’t fussing around, that he was just being himself, a little more talkative than his wont, but not intrusive, just friendly and concerned.

“I feel fine, Grandad, just weird; six months have just vanished, and suddenly I look like something out of ‘Nosferatu’; I’ve had better awakenings, believe me!”

He grinned at that, and passed me the marmalade pot.

“A couple of weeks of your mother’s cooking should take care of that, don’t you worry! There’s no rush to head back down to London, Harry has to go back just before Christmas, give him your keys and he’ll check on the flat for you, and pick-up any bits and pieces you want; he’ll bring them up when he comes back to spend Christmas with that lovely little girl of his. In the meantime, rest, eat, sleep, get your strength back. If the weather’s still acting-up after New Year, take the Trooper back down to London; I’ve still got the Land-Rover to cope with whatever the weather throws at us up here. Otherwise, your mother will take the pair of you back down when you’re ready to go.”

He poured himself another coffee.

“Thing is, though, why do you need to go back any time soon? You’re on the binnacle list, and will be for a while yet, Teruko’s already deferred university until March, you could stay here a while and let us look after you; Harry is going to be spending a lot of time at Woolwich over the next few weeks, so he’ll keep an eye on your place, actually, it was his idea, so you can rest, relax, and recuperate here at home, and you don’t have to worry about anything except getting back to normal. More importantly, Teruko needs to stay here, near her mother; she needs some serious care too; I look at that little girl and all I can see is exhaustion and fear; she needs her home, and she needs her family. Think about it, son.”

I already was; that was probably the longest speech I’d ever heard him make, and he was making all sorts of sense; I’d talk to Teruko when she came back from this mysterious shopping trip to Telford.

At that point, mum came in, with Harry in tow, asking what I wanted for breakfast. I plumped for the full English, Harry’s eyes lighting up at that, so we adjourned to the sitting room to sit in front of the fire and enjoy the smell of fresh pine needles from the wrapped Christmas tree leaning against the wall while mum set about making my favourite breakfast.

To occupy ourselves, we set up the tree in a corner, Harry and I lifting the tree, an eight-footer, while Grandad slid the tree-jack into place and tightened the clamps. Mum and the girls had already brought down the lights and decorations, so Harry, Grandad and I whiled away the time untangling and testing the lights while we waited for breakfast.

Mum called us in to eat, and it was as good as the best of all the breakfasts she’d ever cooked; sweet-cured bacon, butcher sausages, none of your supermarket rubbish, fried eggs, grilled Irish White Pudding, mushrooms, crisp fried bread, and a jug of coffee, the food of the Gods!

Once we’d finished breakfast (my first and Harry’s second, but he’d earned it…) Harry and I cleared the table, loaded the dishwasher, and joined mum and Grandad in the sitting room to start decorating the tree, just as the girls returned.

I was quite surprised they were back so early; Sai Fong is a well-known shopaholic, and Teruko can’t resist trying on every single garment in a store; Harry had speculated that we might have to send in a search and rescue team and sniffer-dogs, as he was all too aware of what our girls were like when they were out shopping, collectively or individually; he’d stayed behind this morning expressly to avoid subjecting himself to that particular form of Chinese Water-Torture. He was also of the opinion that Shopping Malls were actually huge predatory creatures that sucked you in, turned your brain into pancake batter by a combination of sensory overload and brain-softening background music, sucked all the money out of your bank account, then kicked you out into the street penniless and brain-dead, clutching shopping bags full of cheaply-made expensive crap. It was a theory, I suppose, but it certainly fitted a lot of the known facts…

Once the girls had shown us all the purchases they were prepared to, with a few they said would have to wait until Christmas morning, we set about trimming the tree. The very act of doing so sending me back to my childhood, mum and Grandad putting the tree ornaments in the places I pointed out but couldn’t reach, and a set of ornaments for me to put anywhere I liked. Once they’d finished the tree, Teruko and Sai Fong began putting up the Christmas decorations around the room, the Holly wreath made with Holly from mum’s garden, and twining the green and gold glittery stuff around the stairs and along the picture rails.

Mum hadn’t put any decorations up this year; with me in hospital and Teruko refusing to leave my side, she’d had no inclination to celebrate Christmas; now she was back in the swing, especially with Harry and Sai to help.

The last thing they hung was the Mistletoe, a large bunch clipped from the apple tree in the garden, and I was the first lucky one, as Teruko pulled me under the bunch to give me my Christmas Kiss.

“Welcome back, Onii-san!” she whispered, her face wreathed in smiles while everyone else clapped and cheered.

Harry and Sai Fong declined lunch as they had a lunch planned with their father, so we walked them out to their car. As they were leaving, Teruko called them back, reaching up to kiss Harry on the cheek and turn to hug Sai Fong.

“Thank you for all you do, thank you for be best friends of Onii-san!” she murmured, reaching behind her neck to unclasp her jade pendant and place it around Sai Fong’s neck.

“This is present from Jakku san and me, and from mummy, too. This is symbol of good things happening, it is good luck and bring good fortune. Wear it always, it bring you much luck and happiness!”

Sai graciously tried to decline it, saying it was a family piece, but Teruko was adamant.

“I already have my happiness, and all my wishes, now it time to pass the luck on. Please to wear it and enjoy!”

Sai Fong smiled, her eyes sparkling as they filled with tears, giving Teruko and me a big hug each before climbing into the car, wiping her eyes and smiling at us.

Harry reached into his jacket pocket handed me an envelope.

“Almost forgot, this is for you!”

When I opened it, there were two tickets inside for the school Old Boys Association New Year’s Eve dance at a hotel just outside town.

“You be there, Jack, everyone’s asked if you’re coming, all our friends will be there, and it’s time to have a little fun! If I don’t see you before, have a fun Christmas, and we’ll see you Boxing Day before we head back down to London!”


Christmas was the quiet family affair I’d always enjoyed, just mum, Grandad, Teruko and me. I was a little sad that I hadn’t bought any gifts for anyone, but Teruko had been well ahead of me there; that mysterious shopping trip to Telford. She had gifts for Grandad and mum, from both of us, but I still had nothing for her.

“Not need Kurisumasu present, Jakku San; I already have what I want; you are here, that is all Kurisumasu no Okurimono I need; I am happy you well!”

She pulled my head down to kiss me, and whisper in my ear.

“Later, Jakku San give me special present of his own, yes?”

I grinned at her, my jeans suddenly tightening as I realised what she was saying, and suddenly the day just couldn’t end soon enough! Mum had made her usual superb Christmas turkey lunch, topped-off with a flaming Christmas pudding. We pulled crackers and ate mince pies, drank Rum punch and mulled cider, and Teruko sang Christmas carols in her sweet, bell-like voice, relaxing me somewhat, enough at least that I could enjoy Christmas Day with my family, and especially with my very own Christmas angel, who’d stayed with me and been there for me even when she thought there was no hope. I had a special Christmas treat planned for her, but it would have to wait until later that night.

We sat up until late, enjoying the firelight, the room filled with the sweet smell of apple wood from the Yule log in the fireplace, sipping mulled cider and watching the standard Christmas night television (‘The Great Escape’ on one channel, ‘White Christmas’ on another, a Christmas ghost story on ITV, one of the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies on Channel 4, and ‘Jurassic Park’ on Channel 5). Grandad was snoozing in front of the fire, an empty brandy glass next to him and the remains of a turkey, sausage, and stuffing sandwich perched on his chest. Mum had had a long day, and was fast asleep in her chair next to the fire, a shawl pulled around her.

I was in a mellow mood, no doubt helped by the Rum punch, Teruko curled up next to me, her arm through mine as we sat and watched the fire, ignoring the TV in the background, enjoying being home again for Christmas. Eventually, she got up, stretched, and began tidying up, removing Grandad’s sandwich, kissing him good night and walking him, a little unsteadily, up the stairs to the guest bedroom while I damped down the fire and gently shook mum awake.

“Wakey Wakey, mum, it’s late, better go to bed, Teruko and I’ll clear up. Goodnight, mum!”

“Jack…I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…!” she began, but I shushed her.

“It’s okay, mum, you’ve had a long day, we’ve all had a great day because of you, now go to bed, we’ll clear up and switch everything off. Off you go!”

She smiled and stood up, yawning and stretching after being asleep in her chair for so long. She wrapped her shawl around herself, kissed her fingertip and touched my forehead with it, and made her way upstairs, passing Teruko and giving her a goodnight hug on the way. I sprawled back onto the couch, reluctant to go to bed and admit Christmas Day was over for another year, a hangover from my childhood, and I wanted to enjoy the fire and watch the tree lights for a while, maybe snack on some Christmas cake or snag a couple of sausages and a mince pie or two, something I always did on Christmas Night. Teruko came into the room with a platter with some bread, butter, sliced stuffing, turkey slices, mince pies, sausages, and a few slices of Christmas pudding, good girl, she remembered!

Once again she cuddled up against me on the couch, nibbling at some turkey while I worked my way through a sausage, turkey and stuffing doorstep sandwich of my own, the smell of her hair filling my nostrils as she hugged herself close to me, her legs long and golden in the firelight. I could feel another sort of appetite beginning to make itself felt as I munched, but before we did anything, I had a special present for her. Gently disengaging her arm from mine, I went over to the tree and took out a small box out from where I’d hidden it among the needles and tree decorations. When I sat down, I pulled her round to face me, smiling inwardly at her puzzled expression.

“Teruko, this morning you asked me to give you a present that was just from me. I still have that for you, but this is from all of us, but especially from me. I asked you if you would be my wife, and you said yes, and I asked if you would wait until I could give you a special ring. This is for you.”

I opened the box to show her the beautiful diamond and Burmese Ruby ring inside.

“This was my grandmother’s ring, mum wanted you to have it, and gave it to me so I could give it to you. You never left me, you never once walked away from me, and this is to thank you for being there, for loving me enough to stay by me no matter what. This is a family piece, and no-one deserves it more than you; I once promised you a special ring; this is it, truly a special ring for the most special person in the world. I want you to wear it for me. Teruko Cameron, once again, will you marry me?”

Teruko looked at me, her eyes shining.

“Jakku san ask me once before long time ago to marry him, and I say yes; he ask me again, each time my answer same; yes, I will marry him, I will wear ring that is part of family, I will be part of family in this way as well. My heart only belong to Jakku san, his heart belong with mine; we will be husband and wife, we will have many children, this will please mummy and Grandad, and all ancestors, strong sons and proud daughters, our children. I love Jakku san, and so I will wear his ring, become a part of him, as he is already a part of me!”

She moved in close to me, holding my neck as she kissed me, her lips soft and tempting, sealing her promise as the antique engagement ring sparkled in the firelight.

Teruko climbed off the couch, checked the fire-guard was locked in place and the hearth was clear, and took my hand.

“Come, my husband, we still have Kurisumasu no Okurimono to exchange!”

I followed her, once again that pleasant tightness in my groin awakening as I watched her lithe figure ascending the stairs in front of me, then turning at the top of the stairs to wait for me, a pale glimmering figure in the reflected fire-light from downstairs.

She led me into my bedroom, although it was rapidly becoming our bedroom, and turned to help me unbutton my shirt and pop my jeans while I slid her dress off her shoulders and pulled it down, Teruko wriggling delightfully to get it past her hips, to stand before me in just her panties. I slid my jeans down and tugged my shirt off, my excitement obvious by the bulge in my shorts. Teruko giggled, her hand stroking me as I pulled her close.

“Jakku san not tired, then?” she asked, squeezing me deliciously, and for answer I slid my hands into the back of her panties and pushed them down so I could cup and squeeze her firm, squeezable cheeks in retaliation.

“I’m never tired when you’re around, little sister, I thought you knew that!” I grinned. Teruko responded by holding me a little more firmly, less playfully, her eyes shining as I pulled her close so I could kiss my girl. She let go of my cock to slide her arms around my neck as she kissed me back, her lips soft and sweet, then breaking off to gently pull me back towards our bed.

“It Christmas Night, Jakku san, now is time to exchange gift!” she smiled, slipping her panties all the way off and padding over to the bed, her twinkling buttocks captivating in the mellow golden light from the bedside lamp. She climbed onto the bed, remaining on all fours, her pussy slick and juicy with anticipation, the scent of her excitement calling to me. I held her hips, running my hands over her smooth flanks, her taut belly, her firm, rounded buttocks, enjoying the feel of her warm, silky skin against my palms, my hands “seeing” her even as my other senses revelled in her nearness, her excitement, her readiness for me.

As I touched and smoothed and fondled her, she reared up onto her knees to lean back against me, her arms going around the back of her neck to hold herself against me, my cock iron-hard and firmly lodged in the deep, warm cleft between her taut, springy cheeks. My hands automatically slid round her ribcage to catch and squeeze her firm breasts, weighing those beautiful globes, feeling the heft and sway of them even as her nipples stiffened into hard points between my gently squeezing fingertips.

I squeezed and teased her nipples, her hand slipping down to gently rub and slide between her labia, touching herself even as she slowly raised and lowered herself, masturbating my cock with the cheeks of her lovely arse. I gave myself over to what she was doing to me, nibbling and gently biting her neck, her earlobes, her shoulders, as she moved against me, the pleasure slowly building into an unstoppable need for her as she ground away at me.

When she judged she’d worked me up enough, she sat up straight, my cock falling between her thighs; she reached under herself and positioned me, to slowly sink back down, impaling herself on me with a hiss as I filled her. I gasped at the feel of her wet heat engulfing me, the muted rush of sensation as she slowly slid herself onto me until I was in her to the hilt. Holding her as I was, I only had limited movement, but now she began a slow rise and fall, her tight pussy squeezing me as she rose and fell, fucking herself on me, and taking me with her.

My head was spinning with the slow eroticism of what we were doing here; low-key as it was, it was still enough to light me up inside as my beautiful girl made love to me. Now her breath began to come in staccato bursts, and I could feel her heart beginning to race, my hands clamped around her as they were, her movements harder, faster, as she ground herself against me, pumping faster now, moving against me like a wild thing, jamming herself down on me, her hand rubbing and pulling at her engorged clitoris as I pumped harder and harder into her.

“Harder, Jakku san, please to …oh yess, like that, harder…harder, oooh yesss, yesss YESS! YES, Jakku…YESS! Ooooohhhhh! OoooHHH! Yesss! YESSS!”

She screamed as her orgasm hit, a flood of warmth bathing my groin and upper thighs as she squirted her hot juices over me, the sensation almost making me lose it there and then. I held her against me as she shook and gasped in the throes of orgasm, her hands clasped tightly about my neck as she held herself against me, shaking and wailing as wave after wave of pleasure rolled and crashed though her, eventually diminishing and dying away. Her death-grip around my neck relaxed, and she slumped forward to lie prone on the bed, her sides heaving as she fought for breath after her incredible orgasm.

At last she opened her eyes, to smile at me sleepily.

“Thank you Onii-san, I love you! Now it your turn!”

With that, she spread her legs and raised her beautiful bottom into the air, sliding a pillow under her midriff to support herself. Smiling wickedly at me, she slowly pulled her buttocks apart, and slid a finger into her soaked pussy, rubbing it in and out a few times before withdrawing it and slowly sliding it into her anus. She pumped herself a few times, lubricating herself, before repeating it, this time with two fingers, opening and loosening her anal ring for what she wanted me to do to her. Her eyes were tightly closed all through this, she was in a world of her own as she plunged her fingers in and out, masturbating her anus, before opening her eyes to smile at me.


My cock was like a steel bar after witnessing this, and I didn’t need a second invitation, believe me! As I hovered over her, she reached up to pull me down and kiss me on the side of my mouth as her other hand fumbled with me, aiming me at her wet and slippery cunt.

I slid my cock into her swollen pussy, savouring again the feel of her hot wetness enfolding my rigid cock, pumping into her a few times to lubricate myself, to finally place my throbbing cock head at her anal entrance. I slid my hands round to once again hold and squeeze her gorgeous breasts, and slowly, steadily, pushed my aching cock into her tight little anus. Teruko gasped as the head invaded her, pulling her cheeks apart to stretch her anus open as far as she could to accommodate my girth even as I pushed forward slowly but unstoppably.

My head suddenly popped in past the constriction of her ring, Teruko giving a gasping little cry as it did, then slowly slid all the way in, until I was buried to the root in her hot, tight rectum. I stopped for a few seconds to give her a chance to catch her breath, waiting for her signal before I did anything else. After a few seconds, she began pushing back against me, so I began pumping into her tight hole, fucking her arse slowly at first as I squeezed those fabulous breasts of hers. As her bum hole loosened, it became easier to slide out and pump back in again, Teruko pushing back against me as I rammed into her. Her hand slipped down to rub and squeeze her clitoris, frigging herself as I fucked her in her tight little arsehole, both of us working into a frenzy as we fucked in this raw, primal way, the rest of the world forgotten, just the two of us humping and pumping against each other.

Neither of us could last long like this, Teruko came with a deep groan, her rectum rippling and squeezing me as her uterus fluttered against the thin membrane separating her uterus from her rectum. As she clenched in orgasm, the pressure became too much for me, my already hyper-stimulated cock feeling like it was being squeezed along its entire length all at once by a wet velvet-covered fist. That was it for me; I felt my cock head swell and jam inside her rectum as the spunk literally bulleted out of me, spraying inside her and coating her bowels with my seed. Jet after jet sprayed out of me, more that I think I’ve ever done in my life, all for this girl, my beautiful wife-to-be, my gorgeous Japanese half-sister.

I was left feeling weak, drained, almost too tired to move, withdrawing at last to collapse down next to her, winded, exhausted, more dead than alive. Teruko finally opened her eyes, kissing her finger and touching it to my lips, before standing up, somewhat shakily, to throw my robe over herself and stagger off to the bathroom to get cleaned up. She was back a few minutes later, tapping me lightly to wake me so she could gently wash my cock and balls properly with a soapy wash-cloth and a bowl of warm water. Once she was satisfied I was clean, she towelled me off, finally urging me to move so I could get into bed properly, then climbing in with me and pulling the covers up over both of us. The last thing I remember is her kissing me goodnight, her small hand gently rubbing my chest and her leg rubbing over mine as she hugged me close, the smell of her hair filling my nostrils as I finally fell asleep.

I awoke to the sight of white swirling outside my window; it was snowing, big fat flakes, the settling kind of snow. Teruko was still fast asleep, her lovely rump spooned firmly into my stomach, my morning erection fitted nicely between the cushiony cheeks of her soft squeezable bum. As I came fully awake, her eyes flicked open and I wondered how she knew, even fast asleep, when I was awake and so woke up to be with me.

“Good morning Onii-san, look, it snowing!”

I had to grin at her expression and the happiness in her voice; she looked twelve years old and ready to play in the snow, but then she turned to face me and my erection stiffened even further; nobody seeing those curves could mistake her for anything other than what she was; a beautiful, sexy, desirable young woman, and once again I marvelled that she was mine, that she wanted me, Mr. Ordinary. I had to reach out and touch her, slide my hand down her flank and cup her buttock, just to convince myself she was real, that she wasn’t some figment of my imagination, the head trauma playing a last, cruel trick on me.

Teruko saw the look on my face, perhaps she saw a flicker of what I was thinking in my eyes, because she cupped my face in her soft hands and drew me down to kiss me gently.

“Husband, I am here, not go anywhere without you; soon we will be married, this is what we want, and nothing change that; bad dream is over, it will not return, and I not go away; I will always be at your side, this is what marriage mean to me, this is what I want for you. Be happy now, no more sadness; that is over!”

She grinned impishly and poked the end of my nose.

“See, I am really here! What does Onii-san want to do?”

She slipped her hand down to hold and squeeze my cock, making it abundantly clear what she wanted me to do to her, and who was I to argue with such a lovely girl? So I squeezed and stroked her taut bum cheek, pulling her closer so I could kiss her while I groped her splendid bum, the feel of the taut flesh stiffening my cock even further, quite apart from the feel of her stiff nipples rubbing solidly against my chest as we kissed. Teruko moved her hand so she was cupping and squeezing my scrotum, and now I was having a real problem concentrating on fondling her; all I wanted to do was ravage her, stick my solid cock into her somewhere, anywhere, and pump her full of the sticky stuff!

Teruko solved my problem for me by pushing me over onto my back, her lips still glued to mine as she pumped my cock, then breaking off to kiss her way down my neck and chest, grazing my nipples with her teeth just hard enough to send a zing through me that made the hairs on my forearms and the back of my neck stand up. She continued kissing and licking my torso, ruffling her tongue in the hair clothing my chest and between my abdominal muscles and pulling them gently between her teeth, kissing her way down my abdomen to finally lick and swirl her tongue in the tangle of hair surrounding the root of my cock. I sighed as she slowly licked and kissed her way up my, by now, truly epic erection, to grin at me as she slowly licked my swollen cock-head, making me groan out loud.

With slow deliberation, and a big happy smile, she slid her lips over the head of my engorged cock, sealing her lips over the end as she licked and gently sucked me, her tongue tip in the slit driving me wild, making me shake with the effort of not just wildly fucking her face. As she sucked, she kept up a gentle pressure on my scrotum, squeezing and fondling my balls as her mouth slid up and down over the head of my cock. I slipped my hand between her legs, feeling her pussy lips damp and open, and began sliding two fingers inside her, gently frigging her as she suckled on me. I wanted to taste my girl, so I pulled her up to me, grinning at her look of surprise as I pulled my cock from her mouth, her surprised look giving way to a small grin as I pulled her across me into the classic ’69′ position and pushed my tongue into her hot, moist little pussy.

She gasped as my tongue slid inside her, her hips making involuntary circling motions as she sat up astride me, all thoughts of sucking me forgotten for the moment as she began to grind herself against my mouth and tongue, rubbing and squeezing my cock as she moved against me. I took hold of her thighs as I pulled her closer to me, her cue to lie back down on me, sliding my cock back into her mouth to suck and tease me once more. As she licked and sucked me, I sucked on her labia, making her gasp around my cock, the movements of her pelvis suddenly more pronounced as she bore back against me, putting her clitoris and tempting little anus in easy reach. I licked her with the flat of my tongue in long strokes, from the hood of her clitoris all the way to her tight little rosebud, pointing my tongue and teasing her with just the tip of it pressed into her anus, barely penetrating her, lightly rimming her and making her gasp and suck me harder.

I could feel her clitoris engorging more every time I flatted my tongue over her, until at last it emerged from its little hooded hiding place, stiff and firm and slick with her juices. I gently swirled my tongue around it, enjoying the feel of the hard rubbery little pearl, her succulent pussy slick and dewy as her juices ran freely as my tongue rubbed and stimulated her.

Her pussy was running with her juices now, the taste driving me mad with need for her, and so I bored in even more, making her suck all the harder as she squeezed my cock and massaged my scrotum. I shoved my tongue into her arse as hard as I could, and Teruko groaned loudly as her orgasm crashed through and over her, a flood of her delicious juices squirting in a hot spray over my chin and neck, some of it even splashing into my mouth as she came, her pussy convulsing and her rectum tightening, forcing my tongue out as her pussy and anus spasmed together. As she moaned, my cock still deep inside her mouth, the vibration was too much, and I came, hard, a jet of spunk roaring out of me to blast into her mouth. Jet after jet of spunk pulsed out of me, filling her mouth, Teruko almost choking in her haste to swallow the enormous amount of semen I was blowing into her hot, eager mouth.

At last I was done, as was she, slumping down on top of me, her pussy and anus still twitching and winking at me as the aftershocks echoed inside her. Finally she was still, her head resting on my thighs as I surveyed her beautiful pussy and tight, wrinkled little bum pucker, so close to my face while I stroked and gently squeezed her glorious cheeks, the taut, fleshy globes a fabulous view no matter what angle I viewed them at!

Teruko groaned and sat up, sliding off me and sprawling next to me, to kiss me once, softly, then grin at me, her eyes sparkling as she smiled.

“Thank you, husband, now I really sure you will be okay! I must have shower, must be clean, you too! Come, we go shopping, sale is on, there is something I want to buy you!”

After a long, enjoyable, but chaste shower, the two of us keeping our hands to ourselves by mutual agreement, Teruko took me shopping; the Boxing Day sales were on, and she wanted to buy me some clothes, as nothing I owned actually fitted me, and we had a dance to go to. I eventually ended up with a new dinner suit and a nice dress shirt, all in my size, so at least I looked more normal and less like a refugee from the health spa from hell…

Mum was happy for Teruko and I to go to the dance; she was going to a long-planned dinner party to bring in the New year with some old school friends, and Grandad was away with his friends, ready to be up and about bright and early for the New Year’s Day shoot at the Chillingmore Park Estate in Staffordshire; he’d stayed for Boxing Day, mostly because a brandy hangover is a nasty one, Teruko dancing attendance on him while he suffered manfully, enduring mum’s raised eyebrow every time she saw his expression of imminent death. I was highly amused; Grandad never drank, except maybe a nip from a hip-flask on a frosty morning if he was out on an early rough-shoot, but this Christmas had been special for him. I’d come home, and Teruko and I were engaged, so he’d celebrated, perhaps a little too much, and mum was enjoying torturing him, so we let her.

Teruko was fooled by his agonized expression, so of course he laid it on thick, hence the waiting-on hand and foot mentioned earlier, but eventually on December 28th , The Feast of the Holy Innocents, he eventually took his leave, hugging me, which was unusual, but understandable, and his darling Teruko of course, his little girl, telling us to bring the Trooper back when we were ready, there was no rush.

The dance was at a large hotel on the outskirts of Shrewsbury, most of my old school friends, some of whom I’d not seen since I was eighteen, nearly four years ago now, were there with their partners, girlfriends or fiancée’s. I spent the early part of the evening being congratulated on my recovery, my head spinning from the number of people who apparently held me in high regard, to judge from their warm welcome and hugs.

Teruko looked particularly delicious in nude seamed stockings and a tiny black sequined Bodycon dress that showed off every curve and contour, and contrasted beautifully with her glossy dark golden hair and pale, creamy complexion. She was concerned that I not overtire myself, so we didn’t dance much, opting instead to spend the evening chatting and reminiscing with old friends about school days and the various escapades and scrapes we’d managed to land in. Harry and Sai Fong were there as well, of course, most of our friends capturing her for one dance each, still lusting after her after all this time, much to Harry’s amusement, and hers. Teruko politely refused all requests for a dance, and I asked her why.

“I am with you, it would not be…proper, and I do not want to dance with anyone, only with husband!”

I grinned at that, pulling her a little closer.

“Aren’t you worried someone will find out about us, that they might guess the truth?”

Teruko looked at me oddly.

“Not ashamed of what we do, I not care if anyone know about us; I am wife, you are husband, there is nothing more to say!”

After that, there was only one possible thing I could do; I led her out onto the dance floor, and held her tight as we danced to a slow, romantic number. After a while, I began to notice the other occupants of the dance floor were giving us small, knowing smiles and nudging their partners. I leaned down to kiss her ear and whisper in it.

“Baby girl, I think our secret’s out!”

Teruko looked around, then smiled back at me.

“I think you right, Jakku san!”

With that, she hugged herself closer to me, holding me tightly as we danced, my world shrinking down to only her, the smell of her perfume, the music weaving around her as she swayed, and the feel of her as I held her close to me. When the number as over, we threaded our way back to our table, my friends and schoolmates gently patting me on the arm or shoulder as we passed them, nothing in their eyes or expressions except understanding and acceptance of us.

And then it happened.

As I was pulling out Teruko’s chair for her, somebody buffeted me between my shoulder-blades, nearly sending me flying. I staggered forward, nearly falling onto her, her expression startled as I teetered before recovering to turn and see who’d done that to me.

“Hello Cameron, looking a bit scrawny there, been ill, have we?”

It was ‘Slimy’ Fineman, looking very smug and pleased with himself.

“Don’t look so tough now, do we, eh, Jackie-boy?” he smirked, reaching out to prod me in the chest hard enough to make me stagger.

“You want to hit me again, Cameron? Go ahead, this time I’m ready for you, and when you’ve done your pathetic best, I’m going put you down on your arse and spend some quality time with that chink sister of yours! She looks just slutty enough for me, I bet she’s really filthy, so here’s what I’m going to do; I’m going to find out, and while I’m having my fun, you’ll be too busy bleeding to stop me; who knows, maybe I’ll even put you back to sleep again! Go on, Jackie-boy, take your best fucking shot!”

That statement was the final proof that Slimy truly was afflicted with weapons-grade stupidity; I actually saw red as pure rage boiled up inside me, and Slimy must have sensed it because he took a step backwards, fear flashing across his eyes, right into the arms of Andy ‘Eggy’ Edgeworth, 250 pounds of muscle and a brain like a steel trap, and the finest Prop-Forward to ever lead the British Lions out against Australia, the Springboks, and the All-Blacks. As he effortlessly held the struggling Slimy, Andy looked at me, a grin creasing his craggy face as he held him off the ground by the scruff of his neck.

“Say the word, Jackie, or just nod, and I’ll snap his neck for you; it would be a pleasure, believe me!”

I made to speak, and Teruko put her hand on my chest, silencing me.

“No Jakku san, now it my turn. Please to say nothing!”

I looked at her as she faced Slimy, her chin held up proudly as she looked into his eyes, her eyes glowing like banked coals.

“What you going to tell people, that Jakku san love me and I love him? Go, do it, I not care, Jakku san not care. This what I think of you!”

With that she turned and slid her arms around my neck, her lips suddenly against mine as she kissed me deeply, her tongue probing between my lips, my arms crushing her to me as we kissed for a few seconds, or hours on end, I couldn’t tell. As she kissed me, a soft collective sigh went up around us as everyone realised what was finally being confirmed here in full view of all of them. Finally she broke our kiss to turn to Slimy once again.

“Now what you do? No-one care what you say about Jakku san, no-one care what you say about me, I not care, nothing you say can harm me, or Jakku san. You are sad man, you have no-one to love you, so you try to harm; why you not see you only harm self? Everyone here have someone, where is someone for you? You try and hurt, and so you are alone, and you will be alone until you learn to be different person. I very sad for you; you try to hurt me, and it not work, now you have nothing. Go away, there is nothing here for you, and it is your fault!”

Andy shook Slimy like a terrier shaking a rat.

“Come on, you, we’re going outside to have a talk!” he growled, Slimy turning the colour of old yoghurt as he looked around and saw nothing but cold anger on every face in sight, no friends, no allies, not a single friendly face. He turned Slimy around, preparing to drag him out, when a tall dark-haired girl stepped up to him, her pretty face grim and her eyes hard as agates.

“Jack Fineman, you are a despicable shit, a coward, and a disgusting piece of work. Happy New Year from everyone!” and with that, she slapped him hard, a real zinger, her face a study in disgusted anger as his head snapped round from the force of the slap. A cheer went up as Andy hustled him out, ably assisted by a couple of my friends, the girl turning to me and grinning as she shook her hand to ease the stinging. I was struggling to place her, she looked familiar, then suddenly it dawned on me who she was; Eggy’s sister, of course! I hadn’t seen her since 5th Form Prize Day, when I was 16, so she would have been 14 or so; she’d certainly grown since then!

“Hello Jack, it’s good to see you again! I’m sorry about that, I couldn’t resist it; he’s such a repulsive little shit!”

Teruko looked enquiringly at me, so I introduced her, stumbling a little over her name, Linda, as I hadn’t seen her in almost six years. Just then, Andy came up, a satisfied grin on his face.

“All done and dusted, Jack! Don’t worry, I didn’t hurt him, I just stuffed him in a cab, and reminded him that I knew where he lived, and all his grubby little hang-outs, and if he tried his tricks again on anyone I’d shove him head down in the river and watch him blow bubbles until he ran out of them! I don’t think he’ll be back; tonight he finally ran out of whatever lingering friendship or sympathy anyone might have had for him. We’re done with Slimy Fineman! I just feel sorry for his parents; they’re good people, I can’t imagine where he gets it from…”

Andy and his sister, and Harry and Sai Fong sat down with us, all of us chatting about what had happened, and what Andy thought of our relationship; the answer I got surprised me, although it really shouldn’t have.

“Jack, you’ve been crazy about Teruko for years, the whole school knew it, it was so bloody obvious to everyone; you remember my younger brother, Freddy? He told me about the word you put out about her. It pissed him off no end; the scrawny little squirt actually thought he was in with a chance! Of course, no-one was going to chance anything, not with Scary Jack Cameron standing guard over her! Besides, you’re not as alone as you think…”

A light went on inside my head, so I innocently asked Linda who she was there with, watching as she blushingly locked eyes with her brother, Andy nodding slightly. Bingo!

“Actually, Jack, about that…” she hedged, smiling shyly as Andy took her hand, looking me directly in the eyes.

“Linda and I are…together, Jack, we have been for a year now. That’s why I didn’t say anything about you and Teruko; we’re in the exact same situation, and we couldn’t be happier! Mum and dad know, but so far they haven’t said anything; to be honest, I don’t think they ever will; they’re so rarely on the same planet as the rest of us that when they do come up for air they don’t even register what’s going on around them. Just between you and me, I think they took one too many hits of the old Maui Wowie back the days of Flower-Power! I think Freddy was hoping he and Linda would…you know, but she chose me, and here we are!”

Harry grinned and excused himself, returning with a tray of drinks so we could toast each other for the New Year. At midnight we all sang ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and indulged in a frenzy of balloon-popping, backslapping and wailing party-blowers. Harry was originally supposed to be taking us home, but he’d had a couple of drinks, so Sai Fong took the wheel. We could tell Harry never drank; he was fast asleep by the time we arrived back at the house, not even 10 minutes away from the hotel, so we helped him indoors, walked him upstairs and dropped him on the bed in the guest bedroom before having one last nightcap and retiring for the night.

I wasn’t in the least bit tired; I’d really done nothing except dance with Teruko a couple of times, and the feel of her moving against me had been playing hob with my hormones all evening. It would be true to say that I had a major woody by the time I managed to decoy her into the bedroom (without too much effort, I had to admit…)

As soon as I had her behind closed doors I pounced, clamping my mouth on hers as I wrestled my trousers down over my unruly erection with one hand and unzipped her dress with the other, panting in my eagerness to get her naked all over again. Teruko pulled away from me and stepped back, pulling her dress down over her hips, her nipples dancing as she shimmied her dress down past her hips and onto the floor. Aside from her seamed stocking, teetering heels, and teeny-weeny little panties she was naked, the sight of her stiffening me even further, almost painfully so; wearing those four-inch heels made her legs look impossibly long and sleek, and all I wanted was to feel those firm rounded thighs wrapped around me as I pounded into her.

She definitely seemed to feel the same way, waiting until I was fully naked before walking me backwards until my knees contacted the bed, causing me to sit down hurriedly. As though on cue, she climbed astride me, taking hold of my throbbing cock and slowly rubbing it back and forth across her dripping wet pussy, coating the head in her honeyed syrup. When she judged I was ready, she slowly sat down on my lap, sliding me into her tight wetness, her pussy clasping me in its hot succulence as I slowly slid into her. Teruko was in control here, and as she draped her arms around my neck, and kissed me long and deep, she slowly, agonisingly slowly, humped herself up and down on me, her pussy alternately squeezing and releasing me as she did so. I held onto her lovely firm, globular buttocks, enjoying the feel of her gluteal muscles flexing as she slid up and down on me, concentrating on feeling her warm silky flesh as a distraction from the sweet suction as her strong pussy muscles squeezed, rippled, and massage me inside her.

Now she urged me to lie down, she still clamping her lips hungrily to mine as she followed me down, my hands still holding tightly by her taut arse. She sat up and smiled down at me, her long, silky hair forming a shimmering golden veil as she hung her head down, concentrating on rocking and gyrating her hips, still squeezing me as she pumped back and forth faster now, her face flushing as her orgasm approached. I relinquished my hold on her beautiful arse to hold and squeeze those firm, protuberant breasts and lightly pinch and squeeze her stiffly engorged pink nipples as she rode me ever nearer to her fulfilment.

Her movements became faster, wilder, her breath catching as a flush spread down her neck and suffused her chest, her nipples seemingly even stiffer and fatter.

She came with a with a loud, hissing scream, her pussy convulsed and clamped down on me so tight I literally couldn’t move, the rippling finally pushing me over the edge, as her orgasm rocketed around and through her, my spunk pulsing into her as she ground and pushed herself against me, rolling her orgasm on and on as she rubbed her engorged clitoris against me.

At last she slumped down on me, her pussy twitching around my still hard cock, my own flood finally reduced to a sticky trickle as I blurred-out, barely able to move in the aftermath of the intense, shattering climax she’d brought me to. At last, she slowly, groggily sat up, her gentle smile widening into an amused grin as she saw me spread-eagled, looking like a starfish at low tide, too buggered to move, but with a look of happy concussion pasted on my face. With a little encouragement from her, I managed at last to ooze my way up the bed and under the covers, where I collapsed and lay like a dead thing, fucked to a complete standstill by my beautiful kid sister.


Teruko and I stayed another week, letting the weather settle down a little, but we had to leave eventually; I was worried about the flat, our things, living as we did in an area not over-policed at the best of times, and eventually mum conceded that I was well enough to travel down without her shepherding us. I was relieved, not because I was embarrassed by having my mother driving me around at my age, but because I didn’t want her driving the 200 or so miles back from London alone, in the dead of winter; even though there was no snow to speak of just now, the weather could turn nasty at the drop of a hat; the temperature was worryingly low, and black ice on the motorways was an invisible killer. I could never let my mum out in that, I’d never be able to live with myself if anything happened to her, and Teruko felt exactly the same. Between us we convinced her that Grandad’s Isuzu Trooper was safe; it was the best kind of car for the road conditions, but to put her mind at ease, we’d take it down in easy stages; besides, there were two of us to share the driving, and we promised we’d stop every hour so we could rest.

We left early the following morning to give ourselves daylight all the way back to Lewisham; at this time of year, it could be full dark by 3.30 p.m., so the earlier we got away the better, and we’d come home again soon, anyway; I was still on the binnacle list, and Teruko didn’t re-start university until March, so we had plenty of free time; as soon as the weather got better, we’d come back up to drop Grandad’s car off, Teruko driving my Frontera, as she was used to it, and me following in the Trooper.

When we arrived back at the flat, we discovered Harry and Sai Fong had already been there ahead of us, turning on the heating, the fridge and the hot water heater, and leaving fresh bread, eggs, sausages and bacon, milk, tea and coffee, and a bowl of fruit on the table. They’d locked up and posted the keys through the letterbox, and Sai had very thoughtfully piled the bed linens and quilts on the bed, so we made up the bed, then I made myself a coffee and brewed a pot of green tea for Teruko as we settled back into our own little home away from home, the place where we had first acknowledged who we were and what we meant to each other.

Life soon settled into a kind of normal again. I had numerous appointments to meet with Mr. Hunter at the national Hospital, who’d apparently been my surgeon and specialist while I was comatose. He was fascinated by my recovery, and the circumstances leading up to it, and we spent most of my appointment s discussing what had happened, and how the brain works, a subject he admitted vast ignorance about. Also, as I was still significantly underweight for my height, and still had a tendency to fall over in a light breeze, he put me in touch with the hospital dietician and several consultations with the physiotherapists, setting me a target weight and date, and slowly getting me used to physical exercise again.

Finally, a week before Teruko was due to restart at uni, he pronounced me as fit as I could be, given the circumstances, and signed me over to the tender mercies of No. 3 Field Hospital Assessment Unit preparatory to taking me of the sick-list and putting me back on active deployment in my role as an Engineering Project Manager. From then on, it was down to the Civil Service to prove me unfit for work, which of course they couldn’t, and so, with a sigh of relief, I was back at my job, another major milestone passed.

My first day back at work was an endless cavalcade of people stopping by to welcome me back, to enquire about my health, and to wish me well. The apprentices at Donnington sent me a gift, a Mk.VII helmet made of polished stainless steel with a note attached to the effect that I should probably wear it in future when walking through Lewisham, just in case anyone wanted to shoot me in the head again…

And so life went on; I soon fell back into the routine of my job, splitting my time between Woolwich, Donnington and Abbey Wood, picking up the threads and strands of my work-life, very quickly burying myself in the complexities of keeping Britain’s armoured capability up-to-date and available for our armed forces. Teruko re-started university in March, and our life together became one of simple, happy domesticity. There was no question that one day I would marry this girl, but not until she’d finished university; she wanted to graduate, and I wanted her to as well, so we had three years to save, make plans, and fall even more deeply in love.


Teruko, mum, Grandad and I were there the day Harry and Sai Fong married, in the beautiful Wren Church in Ludgate in the City of London; Teruko was Sai’s single bridesmaid, and I acted as Usher, while Harry’s grandfather was Best Man. It was a short, traditional ceremony, as was ours three months later. Teruko and I married in St. Chad’s, a beautiful round church on Claremont Bank, in Shrewsbury. Harry was my Best Man, Sai was Maid of Honour, and Grandad gave her away. Again, we opted for the simple, traditional service. All my school friends were there, Andy and Linda proudly showing us her engagement ring, and we held a reception at another hotel in the centre of town. I had a special surprise for Teruko, part of my wedding gift to her.

The reception was a gift from mum and Grandad, as was the cake and flowers, and I was nearly bursting with pride as I led my lovely bride out to dance with her for the first time as husband and wife for real; she’d been calling me husband for so long, now it was real, official, and true, and my heart was nearly bursting with love and longing for this beautiful girl who’d given me so much. As we danced, the room faded away until there was only her, holding me forever, her eyes like huge dark embers, love and happiness welling up in them; I’d brought her here after heart-breaking tragedy, made her part of my family, and now she was mine for real, forever, sister no longer, now she was my wife, the owner of my heart and soul.

After we’d circled the dance floor, people began filtering on, gradually filling the floor, even mum, dancing with Harry’s dad, and Grandad flirting with the girl he was dancing with, having a great time. As our friends danced, I pulled Teruko to one side, and took out an envelope from my breast pocket, handing it to her.

“What this, my husband?” she smiled.

“Open it, go on, I think you’ll like it!” I urged her.

Teruko tore open the envelope and gasped. Inside was two First-Class round-trip tickets to Japan; her parents were long gone, but they still loomed large in her life, and now was the time for her to return to them, and for me to pay my respects.

She turned to me with tears in her eyes.

“Thank you, my husband, thank you, this best thing you do for me! Now I can ask mother and father for blessings too! Thank you, my husband!”

Mum had elected to drive Grandad home to Oswestry, and stay there for the night, giving Teruko and me the house to ourselves on our wedding night. When we arrived home I carried her over the threshold; even though it wasn’t our house, it was still our home, and it felt right doing it this way. I swore to myself that one day I would carry her over the threshold like this of our very own house.

Once we were indoors, she took off her veil that she’d put back on for the journey home, folding it carefully and laying it across the back of mum’s recliner chair , then took my hand, smiling naughtily at me.

“Husband come with me now; we are husband and wife, and this our wedding night. Come, Jakku san, you have much to do!”

I followed her up stairs to our room, seeing how mum had cleared the room of everything and had scattered rose petals over the bed, the subtle scent complementing Teruko’s own special, almost subliminal scent, that complex that identified her immediately to me.

“Please to help…!” she smiled, reaching for the back of her wedding dress, and of course I was there; this was one gift I was more than capable of unwrapping myself!

I slid the zipper down, and unhooked the little hook-and-eye fastener, watching her as she slid the dress down; as she did I caught my breath; she was wearing a tight dark-blue Basque holding up white stockings, with a miniscule blue thong over the top, barely concealing the lips of her pussy. She stepped out of the multitude of crisp white petticoats and lifted the dress off the floor, to slide it onto the hanger I wordlessly handed her. I took the dress from her and put it on the dressing rail, and turned back to admire her. She truly was an awesome sight, her long legs accentuated by her heels and the high sides of her thong panties, the crown of hair piled on her head further adding to her height.

“Husband help me…?” she smiled, indicating the back of the Basque, but I wasn’t going to, not yet; I was still ogling the perfection that was Teruko Cameron, my wife.

I gathered her into my arms, her arms going around my neck to pull herself up as I dipped down to kiss her, our lips meeting in the perfect kiss, all my heart and love and longing for her expressing itself in that one gesture. As we kissed I could feel her slowly grinding herself against me, the feel of her almost unbearable after the enforced separation tradition demanded; I wanted her so badly I could taste it, my need and lust for her flaming up inside me.

Teruko was obviously feeling the same way, rhythmically shoving and grinding her mound against my cock as I pulled her to me by her stunning backside, my hands squeezing and separating the firm globes as I kissed her wildly, passionately, all rational thought or reason flown out the window as the need for her flared even higher.

“Help…me…!” croaked Teruko, her voice thick with need, and I responded in a fumbling flurry of unhooking and unsnapping, getting that wonderful lingerie creation off my wife so I could feast on her nakedness once more. Teruko meanwhile was busily unbuttoning my formal shirt and collar, popping out studs and unhooking my trousers, stripping me as I stripped her, until I was naked. She still had that tiny wisp of a thong around her perfect hips, but I wanted to peel that off slowly, not yank it off.

Teruko sat on the bed and held her arms out to me, calling me to her. She reached out and took hold of my cock, squeezing me as I flexed involuntarily, before dipping he head down to slide her lips over the end, her mouth almost unbearably hot and moist. I was having a very difficult time not coming there and then, and doing polyphase equations wasn’t going to help, not this time, so I backed away, seeing the look of surprise on her face, knowing as she did that this was one of my favourite things.

“Not like this, baby, not tonight!” I gasped, a slow smile spreading across her face. She slid back up along the bad and patted it, inviting me, and as I climbed onto the bed she turned to face me.

“Husband know what tonight mean, yes?” she smiled. I must have looked a little puzzled, as she leaned over to tap the tip of my nose gently with her little pink forefinger.

“This wedding night; tonight we supposed to make a baby. Is husband ready to make babies with me?”

That did it for me. With an inarticulate growl I grabbed her, pulling her close as I slid that wisp of string and lace off her, my cock throbbing with the need to have her. When I rubbed her labia, my fingers were slicked with her juices; apparently she was as ready for me as I was for her. As we kissed I rolled her into her back, her legs parting as I slid between them; there was no need for foreplay; we were both keyed-up by a day of anticipation of this moment. Teruko broke our kiss to smile and rub noses with me.

“Make love to me, husband, make baby in me tonight!”

I slowly thrust forward, Teruko lifting her hips to meet me as I penetrated her, my cock harder than it had ever been, the thought of finally making love to my wife on our wedding night more aphrodisiac than any Rhino Horn or other mumbo jumbo could ever be. Her hot, slick pussy was tight and glorious, the feeling of finally being in her after waiting for what felt like forever, but had in actuality only been a few days, almost beyond description. As I pushed further into her, she pushed herself back at me, meeting my thrusts in perfect counterpoint. And so we thrust and pumped at each other, not having sex, not screwing, not fucking, we were making love, on our wedding night, in our marriage bed. Tonight I was making love to my wife for the first time, and praying I was making a baby in her, the one thing I wanted above all other things.

We were too highly keyed to last for long; the emotional charge of this, our lovemaking, was pushing our arousal to beyond any limits we’d ever explored before; as Teruko began to gasp and thrash underneath me in the throes of orgasm, as mine hit me too, making me groan out load as pulse after pulse of sperm jetted out of me, bathing her insides with my seed, hopefully accomplishing its purpose this time and planting itself inside her. At the feel of me exploding inside her, Teruko screamed as her orgasm peaked, jolting and crashing through her, the walls of her pussy rippling and squeezing as she milked me, more and stronger jets of sperm erupting from me as we convulsed together again in mutual orgasm, our bodies stiffly melded together as we pleasured ourselves.

I’m sitting here on the edge of the bed, with this lady whose situation most would say was desperate; totally hopeless, helpless and subjugated. In fact, this lady is my wife Asha and she’s had four orgasms already and I can see another building inside her, judging by her muted sounds and movements of her hips. So there must be degrees of desperate, hopeless, helpless and subjugated; don’t you agree? And I don’t think that’s how she feels about it.

For a moment, let me describe her situation. She has an inflated dildo in her vagina which has been expanded to about 4 inches diameter and it is 8 inches long. It isn’t all inside her but the pressure is clear to see from the stretching of her labia and the erection it’s causing to her clitoris.

In her rectum is a Doc Johnson’s large ace-of-spades butt plug. It’s 3½ inches in diameter, with a one-inch diameter stalk and a wide flat base to prevent it disappearing up her entrails. All I shall say is that she’s totally and utterly stuffed up between her legs and can’t put her knees together.

The most noticeable feature of Asha’s appearance is her waist which is crushed to her anatomical minimum by a tight laced and boned corset of fiendish, ferocious and even malevolent design. It fits beautifully up to her breasts, where her bra would be if she had one on at this moment. And over her bottom, it fits equally perfectly. But at her waist it is designed and made to crush her waist to any proportions I wish. Tonight it is practically closed and her waist is no more than 16 inches round. Quite soon now, I’ll hold that waist and enjoy myself inside her, inside it.

My latest addition to Asha’s situation is protruding from her mouth. Her head is bent backwards and about 2 inches of a 24-inch double-ended dildo is visible. The rest of it is past her teeth, past her vocal cords, past her trachea, down her gullet and is curling round in her stomach. She is impaled on this device although it has some flexibility; and she had difficulty breathing past it. I can see her now struggling to get breath, especially as her orgasm is building nicely.

Excuse me for a moment, while I take it out of her.


Wow. That was amazing. I took hold of the protruding end and pulled gently, but it seemed to be stuck. With a little more force, it started to move and she arched her back as it snaked out of her body; the full length of her torso from the bottom of her stomach until it emerged in her throat and past her back teeth. At that point she called out in an orgasmic frenzy, and her whole body shook. Well, she shook as much as she could, all trussed up in a tight laced corset with 44 steel bones and a tightened 5 metre lace at the back. To be honest she couldn’t move at all but that’s what Asha likes and she was ecstatic by the time she could take a deeper breath. I leaned over her and she clung to me as her thrill subsided.

“Thank you,” she said softly and then closed her eyes to relish the moment, I suppose.

I suppose, also, I should tell you how Asha came to this situation and how I got involved in her passions


From early adult life, Asha had been pleased by her own development and especially her figure. Her breasts were as large and full as her mother’s; and her waist was nicely defined in a way that was very much preferred in her community.

She was born into a comfortable business family in South Gujarat, India. Her father, Milind Desai, owned a chain of general stores, two hair-and-beauty parlours and a car-repair garage. In terms of their locality and milieu, they were well-off. She was well-educated to Standard 11, spoke Gujarati, Hindi and English, and was adept at household skills such as cooking and sewing. A good and satisfactory marriage seemed assured and Asha looked forward to her parents arranging it in due course.

In fact, that part went wrong immediately. Through some business deals and financial need, she was engaged at the age of 19 years to another successful businessman. He was also Gujarati and had moved to the hill-station of Sapudana, close to the border with Maharashtra State, and at 8000 feet; so the alpine climate was very pleasant all the year round. A prosperous small town of perhaps only 10,000 inhabitants but at the centre of a massive tribal area for the Dangs, who number over 120,000 members.

Asha’s husband was to be Ratan Kumarbhai. A man three times Asha’s age; massively overweight [we would say clinically obese today with BMI of over 50.0], diabetic and impotent mainly because of his medicine regime, he said. So young Asha and old Ratan were married in February 1986 and she moved to his bungalow in Sapudana. The incongruity of the match was apparent to everyone, including Asha, but it was the culture for young women in those times to obey their parents in such matters.

Ratan was a caring and considerate husband and lavish in his financial allowances for his pretty young wife. She bought whatever she wished and enjoyed her life as best she could, but not to the extent that she could leave the house alone, or visit her parents, or invite friends into the bungalow. Still, it could have been a comfortable life.

But Ratan was impotent. All that Asha had heard about first-night mental terror and physical torment was lost on her. Nothing happened. Well, nothing happened that night; but within a few days Ratan was probing into his wife with fingers and kissing her labia with his moustachioed lips. Asha didn’t object because she got some nice sensations from his actions and, anyway, he was her husband and could do as he wished. That was also part of her culture.

Within a few days, Ratan was exploring his wife’s rectum also. A single finger at first, then two fingers and gradually his entire group of four fingers. She wasn’t cleaned-out and Ratan seemed to enjoy moving his fingers inside her stuffed rectum. When he withdrew his fingers, he carefully wiped Asha with a rose-scented towel and dashed off to his bathroom to wash and scrub and scent his hands, before returning to the marriage bed. I say “his bathroom” because he maintained two; one for each of them so that there would be no embarrassment over their daily ablutions and those time so of the month when women like to take special care of themselves.

Asha had no complaints because Ratan’s manipulation of her anal sphincter and her rectum gave her new pleasurable sensations, which weren’t only new, but she hadn’t even heard of such things before. So she felt like a pioneer and thought that her husband was a special kind of lover. The more fingers he used, the better she liked it and she had not a single thought of restraining him in anything he wished to do. Over the weeks, her anus and rectum became accustomed to regular nightly dilation. She started to empty her bowels with the use of the traditional enema bowl before coming to bed, to make his task of penetration a little easier. And less messy.

The night came when Ratan brought to the bed a dish of olive oil, and placed a towel under his wife before lying down next to her. That night he pressed a little harder and a little longer, and slowly but surely his entire hand slipped inside his wife’s rectum. She gasped, partly with the sudden relaxation as her sphincter clasped down on Ratan’s wrist; but also with the realisation of what they had done. Now she was truly Ratan’s wife: he had possessed her in a special and intimate way. Asha learned to gain orgasms from this activity and became as demanding of his hand and wrist as he was in his desire to penetrate her in the only way he could. Her days became suffused with the sensations of having been stretched the night before and wondering what Ratan would do with her the following night. Some nights, Ratan would sleep with his hand deep inside Asha’s rectum and she would slowly pleasure herself as he slumbered. She learned to bring herself to satisfying orgasms using her right hand against her clitoris. Sometimes Ratan would wake up during these pleasures and would move his hand back and forth inside her as she climaxed. Her pleasure was multiplied many times when he did this, and it became part of their erotic repertoire.

As I said, Ratan was a caring and considerate husband. He obtained for Asha an ivory penis-shaped dildo, so that she could simulate the penetration he couldn’t provide. And also he had a special plug made for her anus: shaped like a pear with a stalk and a T-handle about 3 inches long. She wore that most days, all day, because her anal and rectal muscles became so slack. They could no longer keep inside her the daily load of excrement. So she voided every evening in preparation for his hand. Such a caring and considerate husband, don’t you agree.

But it did not last. After two years of marriage, Ratan succumbed to his diabetes and his obesity. One evening, he uttered a strange guttural sound, opened his eyes to stare at the ceiling, and slumped sideways in his chair. By the time Asha got to the room, the house maid Lalita was with Ratan and trying to prevent him from crashing sideways to the hard marble floor. Asha joined in but they couldn’t support his deadweight and he was truly dead before he even hit the marble. The local doctor had been treating Ratan for many years and simply wrote “cerebral haemorrhage” on the death certificate, without thinking of any alternative cause of death. Of course, Ratan’s family blamed it on Asha; “Such a young wife and him so sick; she wore him out, you know.”

At 21, Asha was a widow. She continued living in Ratan’s bungalow but was expected to accommodate and cater for any members of his family, whenever they wished to visit, and for as long as they stayed. Asha became the keeper of a free hotel for the 200 or more members of Ratan’s extended family and their circle of friends. It was a big change from her life of ease and erotic pleasure, only a few weeks before. And so Asha adopted this life for the same reason as before — it was her culture to accept whatever the older generation decided, and especially the men.

After a lengthy period of mourning, going on for two years, Asha received a proposal of marriage from a man younger than Ratan had been but, at 36, still older that herself and very respectable. He was a Maharashtrian from Nasik named Rajesh Adgaokar; with the same social status as her parents; a multiple business man like her father; and all that convinced everyone that he was just the right man for Asha. And so they were married in May 1990.

Rajesh most definitely was not impotent. He entered his wife every night and almost every morning as the sun was rising. He took her as soon as he arrived home from work, and again as they got into bed. At weekends, he would take her by the hand at any time, and lead her to the bedroom or the bathroom and enter her as she lay, or leaned forward, or perched on the sofa, or leaned with her back against the door of her clothes closet while standing on the little step. He’d been surprised on their wedding night to find her rectum plugged up, but also intrigued and excited to have discovered so unusual and liberated a woman. Rajesh enjoyed his young wife every way he could and began to plan new ways to know her body.

This was an interesting period for them both. Asha showed him the pleasure she got from rectal play, and he resumed the late Ratan’s regime and later extended it to filling his wife in both orifices. Putting it crudely, he thought and sometimes referred to this as “…doing her back and front…” and Asha liked it as much as he did. Rajesh’s hands were smaller than Ratan’s had been and slowly, as the weeks and months went by, he reached a little further into his wife. He learned ways to fill her bottom with his hand and then to fill her vagina with his erection also. Of course, he pleased himself in both places and filled her with his sperms “…back and front…” Asha needed to wear pads and towels every day and all day because Rajesh was voluminous in his output. She was never dry and spent most of her time longing for the next time he would fill her.

But more than that, Rajesh began to explore his wife’s intestinal anatomy and discovered that he could press even further into her than either of them imagined. Slowly, over a period of months, Rajesh pressed his hand to the top of Asha’s rectum, then into the corner that was her sigmoid, and finally into her colon. From a starting position with just his wrist inside her, he came to possess her gastro-intestinal tract right up to his elbow. And Asha responded in ways he could not have foreseen. Whenever Rajesh got his forearm into her, Asha reached an orgasm. She had turned into a “sigmoid freak” in the sense that just that very location seemed to possess new sensations for her, as he stretched her muscles and her passageways.

Being an arranged marriage, and to paraphrase the old adage “widows can’t be choosers” [not in India, anyway] there was little affection in their relationship but considerable respect and excitement as they discovered each other. Hindu marriage is not about friendship or affection but about respect, consideration and pleasure. It is part of the Hindu philosophy that humans should not impose burdens on Creation; and that means other humans, animals and the natural environment. But Hinduism is not a religion in the true sense. There is no mysticism and no “secrets-known-only-to-God.” No heaven and no hell. Therefore its adherents adopt a flexible attitude towards its teachings which are largely ignored as regards other humans and the physical environment. India is a dirty place with piles of plastic bags and empty water bottles along the sides of practically every road; and massive hoardings blocking out magnificent views of a wonderful countryside. Rajesh took his Hinduism seriously and applied it strictly to his marriage with Asha; he lived to please her and keep her happy.

Ratan had been grateful to find a beautiful young wife. Rajesh regarded her as his prize for his success in business and as her lover. Asha accepted his commitment and gave her enthusiastic agreement to anything Rajesh did, so long as it gave her pleasure also.

Of course, Rajesh realised one day that his wife’s two openings were available to his hands as well as his erections. Slowly, over many weeks and months, he stretched her and contorted her until both hands could be squeezed inside her at once; “…back and front…”. The first time was not without some discomfort for Asha although they had been on the verge of his double entry many times.

“Naahi, naahi,” she’d moaned as he reached the knuckles on his second hand in her vaginal labia; his other hand already deep inside her rectum.

But Rajesh ignored her moans and said simply “Haan” in Hindi, meaning “Yes.”

As his hand had finally slipped inside, Asha changed her words: “Ho” she said in the local dialect, “Ho,” also meaning “Yes.”

Asha experienced again the familiar sensations of pain mixed with pleasure; and her orgasm shook them both. Getting both hands out was also a trial, that first time. Which to extract first? Certainly not both together. And so they developed a technique for entry and exit; and Asha came to orgasm at both events.

Her orgasms came partly in her head with the knowledge that she was impaled and that her husband had no hands to do anything else but fill her. On one occasion, Rajesh lifted her off the bed using both his hands buried deep inside her; but that was not a success because her weight caused her to slip off his hands and she was a little hurt by the fall. Her openings were so very slack by this time and they did not try that manoeuvre again.

The years went by. Rajesh was successful and Asha needed for nothing. She became pregnant in their second year but the baby miscarried at 20 weeks. She was pregnant again in their fourth year, when Asha was almost 27; but that baby boy was stillborn. Even so, a proper funeral was conducted, and the baby was named Milind after her father, before being cremated. She became pregnant again the following year but the baby girl was also stillborn. Asha’s felt grief of course, and also shame at not being able to produce children for her successful husband. Rajesh did not hold it against her and seemed unaware that his daily invasions of her body may have contributed to their childlessness. Even in Asha’s sixth and seventh month of pregnancy, Rajesh had continued squeezing both hands into her and also shagging her “…back and front…” whenever he wished. Which meant more-or-less every day and night.

Rajesh Adgaokar was also a generous and considerate husband, but he was not a careful man. In particular, his approach to driving his big MPV was typically Indian. And one day, Asha’s second marriage came to as abrupt an end as had the first. Rajesh was killed in a head-on collision on the highway when he was travelling at 130 kph in a monsoon downpour; and the truck travelling towards him, without lights, at night, on the wrong carriageway was doing over 80 kph. Both drivers died instantly and Asha was widowed for the second time at the age of 32 in August 1999.

And now we reach my part in her story.

In 1999, I was coming to the end of a 5-year contract with a big international electronics company in Bombay; recently renamed Mumbai. I worked in the regional office in Nasik, recently renamed Nashik since that was always its proper pronunciation. I visited businesses and municipalities who’d bought the company’s equipment for control of lighting, ventilating, air-con, elevators and so on. I’d been divorced almost 12 years by then and was alone. And lonely. And in a foreign country.

At a social event organized by the city fathers in November 1999, I was introduced to Asha as the widow of one of Nasik’s prominent businessmen who had died recently. In front of me came this exotic creature in her saree and diamante shoes; she shook my hand after her Namaste. Something about her attracted me immediately and she stared into my eyes; an unusual gesture for an Indian woman, especially a widow.

Let me shorten the tale to say that I asked her to join me for a meal, then for a trip to a local tourist site, and finally to move in with me. She declined, of course, since such open living-together would have been utterly unacceptable in her social circle even in the late 1990s. So we had trips to interesting places, stayed in hotels, and got to know each other very well. And still no sex, although a lot of touching and feeling. I discovered very soon that she was plugged up her rectum, and that she responded immediately to any pressure or manipulation of her pubic region. I thought, “This is the woman for me, if I can get her” and I set about capturing her. It did not happen quickly but I was resolute in my pursuit of Asha and she came round to the idea of being a Britisher’s wife. Eventually. She came to me as a much married and thrice pregnant Indian woman in her 30′s. No longer the sylph-like figure of the girl she once was and not demure either. Her breasts were larger and needed firm support from bra styles not available in India; so they were among the first purchases as soon as we arrived in UK. And her tummy showed the signs of her pregnancies; so a range of firm and supportive foundations were obtained for her. Unfortunately, the old makers such as Berlei, Triumph, Warner and M&S had stopped producing the kind of garments I wanted for her, so we made do with Rago and styles from suppliers such as Woods of Morecambe, all mail order or online. Open girdles, high waist, zippered closure and suspenders for stockings. Asha has been as delighted with these clothes as much as she was surprised when she was first put into them. She came to wear such clothes every day.

We’ve been married for 10 years and we live in Surrey, south of London, England. How shall I describe my discoveries with Asha? For some weeks before we were married in a civil ceremony in Mumbai, we spent days together in my house at Nasik; but not overnight. That would have signalled a loss of respect from me to her and for her self-esteem. But you can do anything in the afternoon that could also be done in the night. Yes? So I found her rectum and withdrew the plug and learned from her how to give her the pleasurable fullness she craved.

I find out my wife had been cheating with my best friend for ten years.

This story has everything nasty you don’t want to read. It is a cheating wife, a cuck husband, lies, retribution, lesbian sex, black girl/white girl and black girl/white man sex, possible incest and maybe a little orgy too. Did I forget to mention light bondage, reluctance, blackmail, cock sucking, cum drinking, pussy eating, pregnancy, anal, pregnant sex, and I am sure that there is something else to piss people off.

It also has a very stupid man.


My name is Delano Collins and I am a rich employer and I am an asshole, ask anyone. They will tell you that since my wife was caught cheating on me I have become a monster, especially to women.

The fucking slut was my first and only and I took her cherry and she got mine. But my best friend, some years older than us, got to her before I could get a second bite of the apple and she loved it, from him.

The first always sucks for two virgins. For me it was too fast and for her it was pain and nothing else. Well the damn condom broke and then came off when we did it. When he got to her he at least knew how to fuck, Donna was already healed from the first fuck and tearing of her cherry and that is what they did until she turned up pregnant and I got the privilege of marrying the slut. He had been pumping cum into her daily, but I did not find that out for a long time. But it gets worse.

Ten years later she finally said she wanted to do both of us, my best friend Jim and I, at the same time and actually tried to but I said “fuck no” and that is when I learned from them that they had been fucking almost daily since he first did her more than ten years ago, less than a week after I took her cherry. No, I never had any idea she was fucking him until she and he told be after their botched threesome attempt. Hell she even fucked him when she had her period and if he did not want that she would give him her ass or would suck him off because she did not want him to go without. I went without all the fucking time. What a friend Jim was. What a fucking cheating cunt Donna was. I never got her ass or a blow job, not ever.

I filed for divorce and she demanded child support and all the other stuff and of course Jim was there to support her, I was counting on that.

Court was interesting. First it was a public record and second transcripts could be freely distributed without reference to invasion of privacy or defamation laws. But as it turned out even I was surprised at the depth of their betrayal.

I took the stand and was able to say on the record what I wanted to say to her; and since she and good ole Jim was there I could say it to them both at the same time and they could not leave as my lawyer had them both under subpoena. They could not answer back until I left the witness stand.

The issue became one of support and that was an issue for the equity side of the court so I was able to get a lot of bullshit in.

“Donna, I don’t have any idea what you were thinking. We were both virgins and then you went off and had sex with Jim. You kept having sex with him until you found out you were pregnant. You refused to have sex with me after that first time until after we were married, so I had sex with you once and Jim did you at least twice a day for more than two months. It was not until we got married, then it was only our wedding night that you had sex with me again. That was my second time to have sex and I knew I was not very good but thinking back I now know that you sure as hell were experienced, but I was too stupid to realize it then. You could have at least helped me out with a suggestion or two.

“Of course sex with me was not good. We should have been learning together, experimenting together. Reading books and laughing at the pictures and trying it out until we got it right. We should have been renting some porn to see all the things that get done and experimented with them ourselves. Maybe even gotten some kinky things and experimented with that too. But you already had someone to do that with, my good friend JIM! I now realize you already knew all about anal so if we had done it you would have had to admit that an open ass was not because you had been passing some real big turds recently.

“I just realized that my best friend Jim drove you to the wedding. Deny it if you can my devoted wife, you married me with his cum in you? [Donna only looked down as did Jim; they denied nothing.] Shit, other than the first time was I ever first?

“I was working ten to twelve hours a day and my good friend Jim was there with you, helping you out around the house and with the landscaping. As a landscaper he had a lot of free time. Now I understand why you only wanted sex at night with all the lights out, and never in the morning before I left for work, that way I was fucking in his cum wasn’t I? You immediately went and cleaned yourself out after you were with me but you sure as hell did not do that with him. You wanted to be fresh for Jim and took a shower in the mornings and I got sloppy seconds at night every time, which was not all that often. You never took a shower before you and I had sex in the evening, you were too tired to have a shower then. But then again I never saw your naked body so he could mark you up and I would never see it.

“Damn Donna how many times did I eat you with Jim fresh inside of you? Shit you did not have a problem helping me learn to eat your pussy!

“I was going to school at night, running home to be a good husband and taking care of you and the baby and you just kept fucking good ole buddy of mine, Jim.

“I was taking care of you when you were pregnant, but you did not feel like sex you said, but you were fucking Jim every day. So I cared for you and he fucked you and me at the same time.”

During the hearing on child support I served Jim with an alienation of affection complaint, changed the grounds of the divorce to adultery, and denied parentage of June, which just happened to be the name of Jim’s mother, as I found out during the hearing. I had been waiting for them, it was an ambush.

I had some video and lots of audio. I had been planning to leave the whore a few months before but when I heard about her wanting both of us at the same time, well that was great for the viewing audience; her asking and demanding and me saying no. I heard them planning to try and get it so I stuck around to get it on video. No I was not fucking her during those months after I found out, and she did not even notice.

How did I find out? That was an accident. I had little tape recorders all over the house, no one paid attention to them. I used them for work and school, and I was still studying because Donna wanted me to have this promotion so she could make me buy her a bigger house. I guess her and Jim needed more room. I was working so much I hardly spent any time at the house. Jim sure spent time there. The grounds looked great as he had to pretend he was doing something when he was fucking Donna.

Well I got a new small recorder and evidently it had something called VOS. How the hell did I know that it means “Auto Voice Recording?” How the hell do they get Auto Voice Recording from VOS? You guessed it, they talked and I listened. Soon all the recorders everyone was so used to seeing lying around were all VOS and I had it all. Toward the end I got crazy and put in video too.

Shit, my good friend was at my house every day fucking my wife. I had days of their fucking and bad mouthing me. My good friend and my loving wife loved to belittle me and ridicule me. Hell they fucked when I was there. I would be doing the cooking on the grill and one would go one way into the house and Jim would head out the side to go and get something out of the truck and they would have a quickie. They thought it was funny to hit the garage from different directions and knock off a fast fuck of less than five minutes and then leave and come back to me with Donna full of Jim’s cum. She would kiss me after she sucked him off too; she said that it got her so hot that she had to find a way to fuck Jim again. The recordings were crystal clear.

One time I heard, on one of the recordings, him ask her if I had recently screwed Donna because he did not want sloppy seconds and Donna said: “You know I would never do that TO YOU.” They both laughed about it. Hell, they even went into June’s room and fucked more than once and no June was not there; not my baby.

You are beginning to get a feel for how deep the betrayal went and how deep my desire to get revenge went to meet it.

It was then during my testimony that I got a real surprise when my daughter said from the audience.

“But dad, mom said you knew all about it. Mom said I should not talk about it because it would make you sad to know that I knew.” June said.

A little more information came out and it was determined that June did not have a memory of Jim and Donna NOT having sex. Her earliest memories were of “Uncle” Jim and Donna NAKED and KISSING. She saw them doing things she never saw her mother and I doing. I did not believe in kids seeing sex, they grew up fast enough as it was. The other reason is she was doing things with Jim she said she would never do with me and if she started to and already knew how to do them when she did them with me I, even as stupid and blind as I was, might figure it out that she was a cheating whore. Ok, she did not exactly say that last part, that one I figured out on my own. Evidently seeing mommy and “Uncle” Jim in the saddle was just a “ho hum” moment for her, she had seen it so many times, like daily.

“June you never told me anything.” I yelled.

“I’m sorry daddy, I just did not – - well mom said that” and June stopped talking.

“I’m glad you did not get your grandmother’s name, you are worse than your mother. You mother and Jim stabbed me in the back, you stabbed me in the heart.” I told her.

I looked at my attorney and said “burn the bitch down.”

I saw the eyes of my attorney, they glowed almost red and I am sure somewhere on his body the number 666 appeared. I think he actually came in his pants he was so excited. He lived for this. I had just offered him fresh red bloody meat and he was actually salivating so much he was dripping on his tie.

I know that a lot of people call lawyers bad names and say they are blood suckers and would eat their own young but I feel that those who express that should only use nice, friendly, loveable lawyers. Me, I want one that has just consumed his own newborn for breakfast and is looking for my opponents for desert. You have the warm fuzzy lawyer, not me.

Then I looked at June, then ten years old, and Jim and Donna. “That is no longer my daughter. She is definitely a product of a lying cheating whore and a back stabbing piece of shit that pretended to be my friend. Hell, you piece of shit you couldn’t even quit fucking her after we were married.”

I was almost held in contempt of court but I later found that the judge had been raped during his divorce and hated a cheating wife.

On the spot my attorney, who was loaded for bear, amended the Petition to add a cause of action for Fraud, plus, in the alternative to the divorce, seeking an annulment. He added recovery of all sums spent on raising THEIR daughter, the value of my support for Donna under the theory that I never would have supported her to be another man’s whore and raise their kid if they did not commit fraud to get me to marry her, denial of all support and I sought the damages be confirmed to be fraud, so that they could not be discharged in bankruptcy.

June never came back to court after a stipulation was entered that Jim and Donna had been having intimate conduct in front of June from her earliest memories, which had to be at least eight years. I never saw June again.

A little recess for lunch and at one thirty a few more witness came to the stand, including the DNA report and birth records showing June to be a full term baby and the sample from June did not have my DNA in it. I had submitted it to the lab a few months before the divorce was filed. I remember the day that I got the kit. My secretary Susan was surprised but went over the instructions with me. I told June that I needed to check her for the flu and I needed her to rub the stick with a cotton ball at the end on her inner cheek. She was pissed and took the stick and ran into her room, slamming the door. Seconds later she came out and angrily thrust it into my hands. She then signed the little paper for me. I did not understand why she was so mad, but who can figure children at ten; especially girls.

After the negative DNA on June from me, Donna’s attorney immediately surrendered and stipulated that Jim was the father. That was enough. That means Donna was pregnant with Jim’s baby when she married me.

I already had the financial documents to show reasonable value of the home, food, clothing and her car and all the other shit Donna just had to have for herself as well as for June. Funny that good ole Jim never contributed anything except sperm and dirty sheets, to our household. I added interest to it.

You know the rest. June was not mine, I did not have to pay support but I was restrained from seeing her, like I ever fucking wanted to see the conniving duplicitous little bitch. An annulment was entered in the court records and the birth certificate was amended to show Jim as the father and my name, first and last name was removed from the records. Donna and Jim’s attorney was shell shocked, he was a nice guy type of attorney. His case had turned to shit in front of him. He had managed to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory, or so he thought. He even stipulated to immediate entry of judgment, just to be a nice guy.

But that was only the beginning.

I bankrupted Jim and took everything he had for his support contribution for ten years plus the alienation of affection suit and his complicity in the fraud which resulted in my marrying his whore and raising his kid, all with his knowledge and participation. I guess I was lucky that Donna had some problems and then could not have any more children or I would have been raising a bunch of the whore’s bastards. My attachment of his assets did not pay the entire judgment, it hardly put a dent in it, and a fraud judgment cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. Each year it would grow at the interest rate established at law for unpaid judgments, usually ten percent.

The debt would follow him and Donna for the rest of their lives as I made sure to renew it every ten years. Donna ate it big time too. The granting of the annulment means she was not entitled to alimony either, plus she had to pay for the value of the support SHE received for over ten years, which included fair rental value of the house I bought, food, clothing, and punitive damages and added to that was the amount she owed to me for raising HER AND JIM’S DAUGHTER! She tried to argue the value of her services to the home and the judge just laughed at her and told her a fake wife, screwing someone else every day in the family home and contributing nothing but occasional sloppy seconds and having him eat Jim’s leavings was not worth anything to the husband, then he doubled her amount owed to me as additional punitive damages. I had no obligation to keep the house, so I sold it and I got all the money.

After the decision I spoke with Donna and Jim, they wanted a word with me. It did not go as they planned.

“You stole my youth, you stole my innocence, and you took more than ten years of my life. I intend to make sure no matter where you go that everyone knows what and who you are. For the rest of your lives everyone you work with, every neighbor you have, every church you go to, every club you join, will be provided with transcripts of the hearing and the evidence. How many men will want to socialize with either of you, especially a back stabbing piece of shit like you Jim? How many wives will accept a cheating whore like you around their husbands? But then again Donna, being the three team slut she is, she will get more than enough friends. You can always try swinging like Donna wanted and maybe you can get AIDS and experience a slow and painful death. You stole my life and now I am going to take the rest of yours in payment. But you will know I am taking it, minute by minute, you will dread the new day knowing what you will see when people look at you and know what you are.” I told them.

Donna went running out of the court house crying and Jim just looked at me as if he wanted to say something but couldn’t. I’m sure that isn’t how they expected this little conversation to go when they asked for it.

Pursuant to the judgment entered that day, this was the last night they would spend in my house and Jim would spend it with her, now without my potential interference. He had this landscaping business with about ten guys working for him. He did not worry about the judgment yet, he was numb and he figured this would work itself out. He did not have millions of dollars and figured he would just hide assets until I forgot about it.

While he was outside the courtroom having a few words from me someone had waived a bloody dying rat in front of my lawyer and he followed the bait. First he followed it to the court clerk where he got thirty ‘abstract of judgment’ needed to actually collect money. Then using them he got thirty writs of attachment.

Then he followed the dying rat to the Marshal’s office where he paid to have them served the next morning, some even sooner, on the bank accounts of good ole Jim as well as on all of his other assets. See I knew Jim for years and knew everything about his secrets, except his fucking my wife. At nine the next morning five different banks were hit all at once. We cleaned his accounts out. We did not even let checks that were going to come in to get paid. I got close to a million dollars, most of it hidden and with no taxes paid on it. We also got bundles of the stuff from safe deposit boxes. And it was tax free to me because it was recovery of past payments by me, as in recovery of capital, which was not taxable.

When good ole Jim’s workers went to their respective places of work that day following court they were met by a Marshal who demanded from the business they went to service all of the money the client’s owed to ole Jim as part of the attachment. When they got the money they took all of the tools and the truck and any equipment of Jim’s that they could find. His workers had to find their own way home. The Marshal even took the employee cell phones which were bought by Jim’s business.

A nice man called a “keeper” was put in Jim’s office and all mail and any money that came in went to him to pay the judgment and this lasted for the next two weeks, until the money quit flowing from Jim’s clients, who were not getting any service as ole Jim did not have any trucks, tools or employees. A keeper was also assigned to each bank to collect all money that came into his accounts for the next two weeks.

The morning after that court day we were moving at flank speed and ole Jim was just having his wakeup coffee for the last time in my home. Since Jim owned his building I attached that too, and took everything but the walls and the chair the “keeper” was using. I even sold the phone number of his business to another landscaper who was in competition with Jim, so now all calls to Jim went to his competition. I did the same with the cell phone numbers of Jim’s employees on the possibility that they were doing business on the side and had people call them. I even sold the business name, and website so anyone who looked it up would be directed to the new buyers landscaping site with a note that Jim was no longer in business.

Jim should have spent the night at his house instead of mine with the whore Donna, because then he would have known that a writ of attachment was already served that evening and everything but the walls, ceilings and floors was taken. The officers knocked, rang the bell and when no one answered they broke the door down and I had movers take everything to impound. They even took Jim’s special safe; that I happened to know about and tool great pride in disclosing as it was behind a false wall, which I just happened to open for them. I got the cash from the safe and the drugs were booked as evidence. Jim was going to have a little problem with that drug stuff. A pound of cocaine and two pounds of Marijuana is not a minor offense. Hell the Marshal’s even took the carpets.

Jim was arrested the next day and did not have money for a lawyer; he used a public offender. Yes I know it is a defender but I just like offender better.

I filed a Lis Pendens and locked up any attempt to sell the house or his office. The bank went nuts. I took over the payments on the house and office building then sold them.

In less than twenty four hours following the judgment Donna went from a millionaire’s whore to the slut of a very poor and broken man awaiting trial for a number of crimes. I was loving every minute of it.

The three of them were going to move away but Jim’s little problem got him twenty years for trafficking in drugs. He is still complaining that he was framed.

I went into business for myself. I was already pretty successful, having a degree in engineering and an MBA. Like I said I worked hard and went to school to provide for my family, but I really did not have one. But it prepared me for life. It was a pretty easy transition. Of course Donna got none of that in the divorce.

Here I am, ten years later, rich, and an asshole and hating every married slut I see. But I did not forget them. Every six months I found out where Donna was and sent everyone in the neighborhood a DVD with the court records on it, including the testimony, some of the audio I had as well as the video. Eventually I even gave them their very own web site, but initially it was sending everyone the DVD’s. She did not stay long in any one place.

Even when Jim got out after six years, the prisons were just too crowded, I made sure everyone knew he was a drug dealer and would take your wife if you turned your back on him. Jim was still on parole and would be for fourteen more years.

I promised myself that I would take at least five years to concentrate on building my business and then when I had enough money I would begin my revenge on women, all women. I did get a lot of money from the attachments on Jim’s property, but I wanted more, lots more.

Did you know the word “women” is actually a contraction of three words “woe” and “to” and “men?” It should be spelled “wo’men” and that would show it missing is the letter “e” and the word “to”. Woman is a contraction for “Woe to men,” because that is what they sure are, nothing but woe. Ok, I made that up but that is what I think, fucking cheating cunts.

It was in the third year that my secretary buzzed me and said my daughter was on the phone and wanted to speak to me.

“Tell her exactly this. I was never married. I have never had a daughter. I don’t know who she is and I never want to hear from her again.”

My secretary, Susan, told me the girl started crying and said “ok” in a soft voice and then hung up. Thank God the back stabbing little shit never called back.

I decided I needed sex and used whores. Screw upscale escorts, I wanted whores that I could treat like whores. I never was kind or gentle and never cared about their feelings; I just fucked them until I got off and then left. The more degrading I could make it for them I did it. I never hit or beat them but I let them know that I thought they were lower than shit. I would fuck them, get my nut, and have them blow me hard, take their ass, cum again and just walk out when I was done. No “thank you,” no “that was great,” no bull shit about “you look good today,” I just got up and left. When I was done I was fucking done.

I called married women hanging out in a bar looking for some action, “cheating cunts” to their face. I was not a popular guy and I did not give a rat’s ass.

A few whores refused to see me again even thought I paid top dollar and never hurt them; I made them feel that bad. I was happy when I heard that. You have to be a real mean mother fucker to hurt a god damn whore’s feelings. One whore told me I did not know how to fuck a woman and I told her I did not give a shit how she felt, I was only looking out for me. “I can tell” was her response.

It was a few days later that I decided I needed to know how to fuck. I mean I knew how to stick it in and all that but nothing great and I never had a chance to learn; that was Donna’s fault. I had wanted to make love to Donna but all I got was a fast fuck because she was making love to Jim while I supported her and the bastard. Donna was like a whore I had to be nice to because the little sex I was getting and paying top dollar for was not worth a shit.

I paid a lot of money to learn how and do it all so I would never again be found deficient. I was not looking to make some whore happy; I was looking to be good enough to make a married slut come back for seconds. I had an above average cock, a little over seven and a half inches and plenty fat but for some reason Donna the whore only wanted Jim, or both of us. Ok, I had to grow into it; I was pretty young when we did it the first time. I gained a lot in length and girth but it did not matter to the whore, she wanted Jim so now she could have him, once every six months during the mandated conjugal visit. I did get that “I love you” bullshit but we all know that means, “I want to fuck other men but I want you to support me and the bastards I give birth too.”

Well by hard work and a little idea I now have money, and that means power, and that equates to my getting some big time payback on the fucking part of the world that pisses sitting down.

Susan was a married woman and had been working for me since I started my business. She was a secretary and I brought her over into my new business from my old firm where she was also my secretary.

Even when I first met her I spotted her right away as a good target for sex, but then I was happily married and stupid. It was about eight or nine years down the road and she had been with me all that time. She knew a little about me and knew I was an asshole but I never hit on her. Now I knew enough about her to get some payback on the female of the species, and I would start with Susan. She was a warm up for me. In sports you would call it a tune up game.

Since a woman had a hole and she was a woman I decided to fuck her and turn her into my company whore. She was having some problems at home and I knew about them, she liked to talk; what a stupid cunt.

She was a crier too. It took months to move her along slowly. I broke the mold and began to be nice to her, because all she needed was someone to be nice. She began to talk about how her husband did not listen to her and so I listened to her. She complained that she would do things for him and he never said “thank you” or complimented her so I said “thank you” and gave her compliments on her work. Then I slipped in a few compliments about her dress, her hair, her figure, her beauty, her nails, her perfume. Hell I complemented everything but the smell of her piss after she ate asparagus; she ate it up.

I would smile when we were alone and that was more and more because I promoted her to my assistant so she was always alone with me in my office. I would touch her arm and reassure her about what ever she needed at that time. She began to talk about the lack of touch and affection at home and I would hug her and she would get tearful around me. I would move the back of my hand over her face, pretending to move a hair that went astray, but she knew I was just touching her. What a fucking chump. With any luck I would have her fucking my clients by the end of the year.

She was a nice looking woman, nothing to write home about, well maybe an honorable mention. Five foot six, one thirty, thin, red hair, maybe “B” cups, very fair skin. When I started my revenge she was about forty five. I know she was an old cunt but I needed practice and she was there.

She was particularly depressed one day when I decided to move on her. She was crying and I was holding her and I just happened to kiss her neck and then her cheek telling her that it would be alright, we would get through it together. Cunt’s love that “together” crap. Her ears and lips next followed and in just moments we were involved in deep passionate kissing. I pulled her ass and that moved her pussy into me and she began grinding against my cock. We broke the kiss and I smiled and kissed her tears. She ran from the room crying again. I smiled, it was going so well.

Susan came back in the room still upset. I was sitting in front of my desk in one of the guest chairs and she walked up to me.

“I’m sorry, it is that I have been having such a hard time and my husband is just being so difficult, he isn’t even touching me, you know, like a husband should.” Susan said.

I reached out and touched her leg and smiled at her. “It’s ok Susan, I’m sure it is not your fault. Your husband is an idiot” I said talking softly and I ran my hand up and down her leg. Her nylons looked and felt wonderful. She was hot and I could feel her need to have some intimate contact with someone she respected and maybe feared.

My hand went higher and higher until I lifted her much to short skirt and began to feel the skin of her upper thigh. She had been wearing shorter and tighter skirts lately. She did have a nice tight looking hot ass. It was obvious she was looking to be a cheating cunt and this was just part of her act. She was wearing thigh high’s; “perfect” I thought. She was breathing hard and my hand moved inside and she unconsciously moved her legs slightly apart. Now she was most vulnerable and at the same time most likely to run.

My hand found the silk of her panties and my fingers began to move through the crease of her pussy, stopped only by the sheer silk. Her panties were wet and she still was rocking back and forth over my fingers.

“You are a beautiful woman Susan and there is no reason for you to go without companionship, warmth, affection.” I said with as much fake concern as I could manufacture, as I felt her panties get even wetter.

“I’m a married woman, oh no, don’t do this. Please stop, please?” Susan begged.

“Stop what?” I asked as my finger slid under the panties, which being silk had no elastic leg hole. “This? Should I stop this Susan?” I asked as I slid a finger up and into her wet engorged pussy lips and into her cunt. With my thumb I strummed her engorged clit.

“You don’t want me to stop Susan, you need this. You need this for your own peace of mind. You deserve some pleasure in life, you are a beautiful and loving woman and you need to be loved, you deserve to be loved.” I told her as I pulled her panties down and they fell to the floor. She stepped out of them without my asking. What a whore!

Susan was shaking and lost her balance and put her hands on my desk for support. “Please stop. I am begging you to please stop. I am married. I never cheated on my husband. Please don’t do this.” Susan begged.

The cheating whore should beg because by now her skirt was up around her waist, my pants were off and I was standing right behind her. My cock was right at the entrance to her pussy, after I rubbed up and down her wet slit, and I just had it touch her cunt hole, that is what it was. It was not a pussy or a kitty; it was “a nasty cunt of a cheating whore”.

“What do you want Susan? What should I do? I just want to give you comfort, I just want to give you want you deserve. I want to take away your pain Susan.” I told her. What I did not say is you deserve a fucking divorce and have your ass kicked out of the house for being the whore I am going to turn you into. This would probably be one of the few times I could do her bareback before I turned her out with the customers.

I know she felt my cock and her resolve was dissipating. She was shaking. She moved slightly looked back over her shoulder at me. My face was one of compassion, love, concern, I practiced that look in front of a mirror for just such an occasion; I was an asshole, I already told you that.

“Oh God, please forgive me.” Susan said as she just pushed back and my cock slid deep into her adulterous fuck hole.

“It is ok, He will forgive us both.” I lied. I did not know one way or another but now I had my first private slut.

I began to fuck into her, slowly. I even reached around and undid her blouse and bra to let them fall to the floor. For some reason I liked that she still had the nylons and skirt on. Even her old small tits felt good hanging there so I played with them and told her how wonderful they felt, how loving her pussy felt to me.

I gave her a good slow fucking, changing up on speed and angle, just like I was taught. There was no love involved, as she would soon find out but I lied and pretended that there was. When I felt that nasty whore cunt start to spasm I pumped into her harder and with more speed; we needed to cum together. I then fucked her good and hard, like I would a whore. Let’s give the cheating cunt the complete whore feeling, I thought.

As she started to hit her orgasm I grabbed her hips and pushed into her cervix and unloaded. She actually yelled out. Now the people in the office would know she was a whore being fucked in my office.

We had this little Japanese lady working in the office filing documents and she would learn Susan was my company slut. It was even better than that because she and Susan were friends and she even brought Akemi into the company. We did not have a lot of employees in the office, most were consulting in the field, but Akemi would know her friend Susan was my slut and that was enough for now.

Susan fell onto the desk and I held and kissed her neck, just like a lover. What fucking garbage. I should just fuck her ass and make her scream but I wanted her degradation to last a long time.

“I’m not on the pill. I need to get a morning after pill.” Susan told me.

“No worry Susan, I had a vasectomy, you are safe with me.” I said.

You could see the worry leave her face when I said that. I turned her around and sat her on my desk and I was between her legs and I began kissing and caressing her, adoringly playing with her breasts, make that “tits,” telling her how I felt about her and that she was a good person. She was dripping cum on my fucking desk. I should have made her lick it off but I didn’t. I guess I was not that big an asshole, yet. Actually if I was truthful I would have told her she should be stoned to death for cheating on her husband, but I was on a mission and that resulted in my cock getting hard again just thinking about ruining her marriage and I fucked her looking at her. Pistoning my cock in and out of her cunt, looking lovingly into her eyes, another look I perfected, and lying my ass off about what a wonderful person she was, and how this would not effect her marriage; if anything it would make it better, stronger. I wanted to puke in the trashcan just saying that shit.

This time it was a longer fuck. I even pulled a cushion off the chair and laid it down for her to lean back on. I put her legs over my shoulders after first resting them in the crook of my arms, and gave her a good fuck, because that is all it was to me, just a fuck. I could see it in her eyes, to her it is love. I left her clothes on her because it made her more of a whore in my eyes.

The next day I continued my seduction. It was not over by any means. She was still concerned and feeling guilty. She had never cheated before. She loved her husband. It was a mistake and we should just go on like it never happened. Of course I agreed, it was a mistake but I told her that my long smoldering feeling for her overcame my resolve and I could not stop myself, and bullshit like that. The cunt ate it up.

Before the day was over I had fucked her two more times and in between she sucked my slimy cock hard again for the second fuck and after the last fuck she sucked it clean. Tomorrow would be another day.

“Oh Susan, you have really nice breasts, maybe tomorrow you can leave to bra off, it would be very hot.” I said with a smile. She smiled back and waived and walked out for the day. Forty five and had nice breasts, now that was a fucking joke. Actually they may not have been all that bad. They were sort of firm and she never had kids so they were a bit of ok.

The next day she showed up with a white silk blouse and no bra. Her tits bounced when she moved and looked hot. The more she moved against that silk the bigger her nipples got. They were already big but they got fatter and darker. She never had kids so her tits did not look all that bad, actually they did look hot. Hey nothing wrong with her making me hot, she was going to be ruined and my whore at the same time; as long as I got my pleasure what the hell.

“Del, I hope you don’t mind but since I was not wearing a bra I thought that maybe I should not wear any panties either.” Susan said.

“Le me see” I said as I sat her on the desk and lifted her little skirt up. Susan you are not only not wearing panties you are not wearing any hair either. It looks like a teenage pussy.” I told the forty four year old as I bent down and began to slowly lap at her cunt and suck her clit too. I did have cunt eating lessons so I put them to work and it was nice not having to worry about disease when I was doing it. Now that I think about it this was the first woman I went bareback with since I divorced the whore.

“Oh Susan, you taste so good. I could eat you all day.” I said as I reached up and undid her blouse and opened it so her tits were out and I played with her nipples. She was a stupid cunt to believe it but she actually did taste really good. I decided that I would indulge in eating her pussy more often, for my pleasure only of course.

I felt her orgasm a number of times, drank a little nectar which was really good tasting, then when she was relaxed I dropped my pants and laid my cock on her slit.

“Do you want this? Tell me my sexy little slut, is this what you want?” I demanded.

“I’m not a slut!” Susan said indignantly.

“Not yet, but with some practice you might get there.” I said back.

“Just fuck me Del, please, just fuck me hard.” Susan said.

I gave my new slut what she wanted. I fucked her good and hard, no finesse, no style, I just pounded her until she screamed and everyone in the office knew that my slut was getting fucked by me again and again.

“What am I doing slut? Tell everyone what I am doing?” I demanded.

“Fucking my pussy. Dell is fucking his slut’s pussy.” She screamed and came again.

This was going to be fun. One married whore down and one hell of a lot to go.

Susan walked out into the office, her blouse was open and her tits were bouncing all over the place. She had cum dripping down her legs and a smile on her face. She announced by the way she looked that she was the office slut, Del’s slut.

I fucked her again that day, calling out to her from the door that I was horny and needed a good fuck. Susan came on the run, tits bouncing. Damn she turned into a fucking whore over night.

The next day she was in full slut whore mode. She could care what people in the office said. She came in, dropped to her knees and sucked me off and drank my cum. The whore even left the door open so Akemi could watch.

“I was hungry boss.” Susan said with a smile.

A few hours later I walked her out, tits fighting each other in a see through blouse and those old nipples puffed out in passion. My office was actually behind my house. Out the back door of my office and across the parking lot and into my house’s back yard and then into my house and that was my commute. It was not a big office but it was two stories and all mine. The house was bigger than the office. Actually the house was very large and I just cut part of the back yard off and made it my commercial space for the office.

I told Akemi, the Japanese woman who worked for me, that I was going to be home fucking my slut. She blushed but acted like I said something no more offensive that we were going to Burger King.

We went home, I stripped her naked and fucked and sucked the entire day. She called home and told her husband that she had to work late and I was sliding in and out of her pussy doggy style when she made the call. I was pulling on her nipples and rolling her clit with my fingers all through the conversation. I did notice she did not say “I love you” when the conversation was over. I made sure to put her over the top before she fully disconnected. I hoped her husband asked her about it. I lied and said she could use the home phone which was blocked, but that was a lie, it was my home number and it was not blocked. Her husband would have all the evidence he needed that the call came from my home.

From that time on she was my personal whore. I knew what was coming but she didn’t, and I did not care. I fucked her daily, sent her home full of my cum, and let everyone know when we went out for lunch that I was fucking her. No, I did not say it, but I did squeeze her tits in front of people and even fingered her at lunch when the mood struck me. A few guys wanted a piece but I wanted my slut whore clean for me. She could give her husband sloppy seconds, for me she was clean and I don’t fucking share, Donna my whore wife wanted that and I didn’t so I dumped her, her bastard and her fuck buddy.

Six weeks after she started being my slut she came into the office crying. She missed her period and she was pregnant. She was almost forty five [yea right] and too damn old to have a baby. There was no mistake, she had taken four tests and they were all positive.

She wanted my help, and I was going to give it to her. She wanted an abortion.

“I thought you said you were fixed Del?” Susan demanded.

“I lied.” I told her.

She stood there with her mouth open.

“Well I’m going to get an abortion.” Susan said.

I smiled and hit the play button on the computer. I had been waiting for this day and I had it cued up for a long time, just waiting.

“You are not going to kill my baby.” I told her.

Then the show started. It was highlights of her being my personal slut, yelling for me to fuck her harder, walking around the office with her tits bouncing and my cum dripping down her legs and a few of me balls deep in her ass. Let’s not forget pictures of me fucking her in the office and in the home. I even had movies of me fucking her as she talked to her husband saying she was working late. I had audio of both sides of the conversation with me fucking her, pulling her nipples and her having an orgasm, as they talked.

“You are my whore, my slut, and now you are my pregnant whore and if you hurt my child I will post hundreds of hours of you being my private slut, on the net. I will list your real name and address and your husbands name and his home and work numbers, and that is just for a start.” I told her. Damn I loved fucking up her marriage.

Susan cried and plead and said she would do anything I wanted but she needed an to abortion to save her marriage.

“You will already do what I want and there is no way in hell I am going to let you kill my baby. You are pregnant and you will take care of yourself and you WILL have my child. When you talk about your marriage I presume you mean the one you are in when you fuck me and get pregnant, that marriage?” I said.

She was broken. She was crying and I left her alone. She went home to tell her husband she was pregnant with my baby. She was back in an hour. She looked like hell.

“I told him and he kicked me out. You cost me my marriage Del, why did you do that?” Susan forlornly asked.

“Because you are my slut and I wanted to breed you. I don’t need a reason with you. Get your ass to the house and clean up, I will be there soon.” I told her. She walked out the door and to the house where she had spent so many carefree hours being the whore of a man not her husband. I thought it was fitting.

Actually it was pretty cool having a pregnant woman who actually had my baby in her. Since her husband kicked her out I just kept her at the house when she was not working. Yes, I made her work. Hell I might need a blow job or a fuck at the office. Women had babies forever and they worked, this slut could work too. After all she was my fucking slut.

I took her out and got her some clothes that very day. I got her some almost decent stuff for work but she was going to get fat in a hurry. I made sure to get her some cheap whore outfits to wear for me; she was after all my whore.

I got to fuck her to sleep, wake up in the middle of the night and fuck if I wanted, and give my morning wood a nice place to get polished. At first I was not sure if she got off but you can’t fake what happened to her. If she was faking she was doing a damn good job but I did not care. But I made sure to give her my best. After all she was like bating practice and my next slut would have to get my A game in the beginning just like Susan did.

I was going to keep her around for “afters” so that she could raise my child so I wanted the old cunt in relatively good shape so I did all that crap that women need done with the oil and shit.

I got sort of hot with the oil and rubbing her body and that belly swelling. She was an old bitch so the doctor prescribed extra stuff, but the truth was I was hot for the old bitch. She was a good fuck, could suck like a Hover and never said no. So yes, I made sure I had a good time and she and the kid was kept healthy.

I had to keep buying her clothes and the bitch was expensive. I wanted to dress her like a whore, but for some reason I kept getting her these cute mommy things to wear. Special clothes that made her look good and not like a slut. I don’t know where the hell my head was fixing the whore up to look good.

Susan told me that she thought with her being pregnant that I might need someone else to fuck so she took it on herself to find me some new pussy. I told her to start looking but I would have to agree.

Susan began to think she was not sexy, you know all pregnant women go through that. I told her she was beautiful carrying our baby. Where the fuck did that come from? What I wanted to say was that she was a fucking fat whore and I could not make a fucking quarter off of her she was so bad, but I just ended up telling her she was beautiful. Shit!

I still fucked Susan all over the house and office. Old or pregnant, she was randy as a Billy Goat. She also had that pregnant woman in love glow and I was pretty randy myself every time I looked at her. At the office I discontinued any pretense, Susan was my pregnant whore and she lost her husband and was getting a divorce because of it. I did not give a shit. Susan pranced around like a pregnant slut should. She showed herself off at every opportunity, even when we were out. Susan glowed and I went into daddy protect mode with her. Shit I wanted to act all big and bad but it was not working.

She stuck that pregnant belly out all the time and rubbed it. I would rub it and her tits too. Hell I even lifted her skirt in front of Akemi and fingered her pussy and gave it more than a few licks. I am positive that Akemi saw me fucking Susan more than once.

Susan told me she had a possible; Akemi. Akemi verified that she had seen Susan being fucked by me and getting blow jobs and she never said a word about it but never looked away either. She said it made her hot, or that is what she told Susan.

Akemi was having some family problems Susan said and was at that time in her life when she did not feel desirable. Akemi was almost forty five years old, just like Susan. I told Susan her idea had possibilities. Akemi would be another tune up game for me, until I hit the big time and started doing the young ones, and screwing up their marriages. I also decided that ones from outside the office, those I would turn into real sluts and make them whore for my clients too.

While we planned a way to get to fuck Akemi, Susan went through with her divorce. She got nothing but then again they had nothing. Susan even gave up her married name and chose a new one, Collins. It was a good choice since the baby would have Collins as her last name, because it was my last name. No I did not marry the slut, she just changed her name.

Akemi was not a hard play. It did not take long before she was bent over the desk getting it from the rear by me as she ate my pregnant Susan. I got to play some real sick nasty fuck games with those two at the office and at home.

I decided to end it fast this time. One day Akemi was at the house. She had her ass in the air and my cock buried balls deep inside of it and she was eating Susan until she was screaming. It was kind of cute to hear Akemi scream in orgasm into Susan’s cunt as Susan screamed out her own orgasm and I joined them by bellowing as I filled Akemi’s ass with cum. Akemi was a real butt slut for me.

Akemi soon found out that I had camera’s everywhere when Akemi got her husband on the phone as I fucked her. She did not realize it but I sent him a link to a site that showed me fucking her as Susan ate her pussy as she talked on the phone to the hubby. In a corner of his computer screen it played a collage of Akemi and my fuck scenes.

Akemi had no idea why her husband was yelling and calling her vile names until I opened a screen that showed her what he was seeing, including me fucking her as she talked to him on the phone at that very minute.

Akemi reacted differently than Susan did. With typical Asian stoicism, accepting the inevitable, she put her arms around me and kissed me deeply, and said in Japanese and then in English to fuck her hard and cum deep inside her married pussy and to give her a white baby. Then she looked at the picture screen to make sure her husband saw it and gave him a good screaming orgasm to remember her by as I shot cum in her not for long married pussy. Damn near busted my ear drum when she screamed and started bouncing around. She was always a screamer but that one was loud. Evidently she loved that her husband saw it all. On the end she bent down and after kissing Susan started sucking her pussy too. What a fucking slut.

The divorce was done in Japan. Akemi moved in with Susan and me. Now I had two sluts and I used them both as I wanted. They were great fuck toys. I have to admit that I really enjoyed my time with both of them. I was once fucking Susan when she was on her back and Akemi was looking on and I pulled her in and gave her a deep kiss when she returned.

I could see that Susan was looking longingly at that kiss and it came to me that it was Akemi she wanted to kiss so I sort of pushed Akemi to her face. Akemi took the hint and moved down to Susan, who put her arms around Akemi’s neck and pulled her in for a deep soul kiss. All this time I was rocking back and forth in and out of Susan.

Then I bent down, careful to avoid Susan’s bulging stomach and I began to nurse on her fattened tits. Susan was moaning into Akemi and I kept sucking. Then I pulled Akemi away from Susan and brought her mouth to mine and after a kiss I pushed her down to Susan’s bloated tits. Akemi nursed as I did at the same time. Susan was pumping up into my cock. But Susan wanted something else and I could see it in her eyes, which were pleading with mine.

I lifted Akemi and sucked a breast and then moved her so that she was close to Susan’s head. Akemi did what she knew Susan wanted and spread her legs and put a knee over her head and Susan pulled Akemi’s pussy to her mouth. Now Akemi and Susan were both on the verge of orgasm and I was too.

I traded kissing Akemi, sucking her tits, and doing the same sucking with Susan. This was the first time Susan had her tits sucked as she ate Akemi and I was fucking her. This was a lot more than the routine “forced” sex from before.

Soon all three of us were making love together. Damn, there is that love word again. For some reason we did that a lot now.

About the time Susan was a month or so away from delivery I told Akemi to go off birth control. Evidently she did not like hearing how I lied to Susan and Susan got pregnant without knowing it and had been taking the pill. I already knew that so I did not mind, after all I needed a toy always at the ready.

Now I told her that as my slut, I wanted her to go off the pill, it was time for her old ass to get pregnant. She walked over to me in that little sexy Asian walk women seem to know how to do, and kissed me and lifted her skirt; she did not wear panties and pulling my cock out sat down on it. As she rocked back and forth on me she smiled.

“Del, I went off the pill three weeks ago. I don’t know how much longer I will be able to get pregnant. I am getting pretty old for that. We better hurry. Actually you better hurry.” Akemi said with a smile.

Susan and I did everything we could to make sure we got her pregnant. An orgasm is the key. While I could give them to her, having Susan eat her as we fucked just added to it.

I would eat them both after I fucked them, before I fucked them and when I was fucking them. The last one would require a brief fuck break; I just love eating a sweet wet pussy. Susan was getting close and I made sure to talk to our little girl, usually through the vaginal megaphone.

I was beginning to act all gooney. I mean running around and worrying about how Susan felt and what she needed. I would just stare at her and our daughter all the time. I was losing the battle to only think of her as a cheating whore.

Akemi spent a lot of time talking to her the same way. I soon realized that they seemed to take some of the pressure off me. I could do twice a day without any problem but with two women that means only once a day for each and they needed more than that. Pregnant they were just extremely randy.

Then I realized that I could actually do it three or more times a day if I wanted too. I loved morning and midnight sex so I hit that every day and then there was once or twice during the day. What happened? That was easy, they put me into training. If you can train to run a marathon, or do an iron man, you can train to fuck and as long as you are not always cuming, just enjoying the feeling of a warm pussy surrounding your cock, you can fuck forever. After all, a cock is just a muscle you need to train to stay hard and nature wants that to happen anyway.

These two had no shame. They would finger each other and eat cunt and suck tit faster than I would and do it in such a way as to dare me not to join in. Hell I was representing all men everywhere and more than once I literally fucked them to oblivion. Ok, they fucked me to oblivion. I would wake up between the two of them, with one or both glued to my neck with their lips and a leg over my leg. Susan would have that belly on me and I could feel our little girl moving around and I just wanted to tell her how much I loved her. I think I did more than once but I sure hope she did not hear that shit.

Susan was so fucking horny when she was pregnant I could not believe it. I was enjoying finally being with a pregnant woman I made pregnant. I went above and beyond and Akemi was there with me helping and adding to our bonding and enjoyment.

This was no hit and run quickie action. These were long drawn out love sessions where we each tried to give the others pleasure and they understood that I could only cum once and then needed a rest so they basically decided who would get the cum shot. That is really a bonding event between a man and a woman, and I wanted it with them so it was always one then the other, unless they decided otherwise.

Just to keep things even when I did the oiling on Susan I did it on Akemi too. Funny, I could go from one pussy to the other and they did not get those yeast infections that are so prevalent. I guess it is all that pussy rubbing they did with each other. At the end of a session my sluts and I were full of, and covered with, the same mixture of oil, pussy juice and cum. It was all over the place. We even had a set of pull off sheets so that we did not have to sleep in the wet spots.

Between the two of them acting like whores I was beginning to fuck three or four times a day, every day. They kept my energy up, kept me fed, had be back running to stay in shape as well as some lifting, and in everything, took good care of our babies and me.

Shit there was one hell of a problem I now had. I really wanted to hate them and use them but somehow it was not working out that way. Every day that we did the “my slut” thing, every time I said it; well it seemed like play acting. I did not feel it anymore. The last thing I wanted to do was turn them out and make them service my customers. I did not even want other men looking at them much less fucking them.

How do you keep that whore part up when you sleep together, wrapped around each other every night? When even in your sleep you search out the others to be close too and end up holding them both? When you say “I love you” without thinking about it and hope it was soft enough that they did not hear you and you pray they did not say it back.

You make breakfast and laugh and tell jokes and discuss the pregnancy of Susan and then Akemi talks about getting pregnant soon. You talk about the baby and your plans for her and what kind of school you want her to go to. There are clothes you look at when you walk in the mall. Hell they even cried before she was born and when I asked why they said our daughter was going to be married soon.

The women talk about how good I am to them and all the silly little things I do to keep them happy. They talk about how much I love them to be pregnant and how great a loving father I am going to be.

We read together and go to the movies and out to dinner. We dance and go to the park and feed the ducks in the ponds and play with the children at the petting zoo. We played games, card games, board games, guessing games, you name it and we played it and they cheated together when they felt they had to win, or just wanted to win; I loved it. They made me laugh.

I don’t exactly remember how it happened or when it happened but I seemed to quit treating them like whores. I guess I would have to watch that shit in the future when I fucked up other marriages.

Then there is fixing up the house and stuff like that. Buying baby clothes and getting them little gifts. Going to the mall and paying attention to what they like and when they are in a different store you run back and buy it and then hide it in a pocket and put it on the table someplace in the house for them to find. You have to make sure you get one for each, not the same thing either, something they wanted individually because you want them all to know you love them equally.

Damn it, I am a fucking bitter fucking asshole; I am not someone that women chuckle about because I am fucking cute! I have to quit that gift thing. At least it should be some silk crotch-less panties, not real gifts. This has got to stop or my reputation for being a complete asshole to women will die a slow and painful death. Then some women might even find me attractive.

Then there is lunch and they decide what I can eat and it was at one other those that they jointly decided that I should go back to running every day, not just a few days a week. It was another fucking setup. They are right of course. My stamina gets better and better. Every decision appears to be made for me and my independence is slipping away from me, except those dealing with business, those I make, sort of. The worst part is that I am beginning to like it.

As we got closer to the day of delivery we were talking about names for the little girl and I suggested Mary, my mother’s name and also the name of a favorite aunt. Ok she was not really an aunt but like some second or third cousin of my mother, but she was always real sweet to me and never forgot a birthday or Christmas, or graduation. She was always around when I was younger. I remember that she did not like Donna. We all have a relative like that, for some reason she picks you as a favorite. Susan rejected it out of hand. Susan and Akemi decided on Elizabeth as that was my grandmother’s name. So that is what they decided on. Now what kind of shit is this? I am the man of the fucking house and the head of the office and I am the owner of the business. I own the home we live in and now I am being told what name my daughter will have? I don’t believe this shit.

That day I assert my authority and spanked Akemi. I would have spanked Susan too but she is too close to her due date. Then just to show her who is the man I let Susan sit on my cock, and rock back and forth, she likes that, but only after I eat her bald pussy.

I made Akemi sit on my face too and then just to really show who was boss after Susan had a nice little cum, I tossed Akemi on her back and jumped into the saddle and took her for a little spin. She always loved the change up when we fuck especially speed and angle and she goes nuts when I pull all the way out and slide in again, it is like the pleasure she gets when we first start fucking, you know that “first penetration” pleasure. When it was over I had given her little Asian Eggs a nice sperm bath. Damn it, I am the fucking man in the house and I give the orders to my sluts.

It was not long until we needed someone to help with the housework. I mean little Elizabeth was just such a cute baby and I loved helping deliver her. I sat in the hospital for two days, having Akemi bring me clothes and taking showers in Susan’s room. Susan had to stay a few extra days to get the tubes fixed, she was getting a little old for babies and she might have problems if she tried again. I did not mind and told her I would still love her and she was so beautiful.

Did I just say that to Susan? I can’t believe I said that shit. None of this is going right.

When we got home there was a little black girl there as a cleaner/house keeper. Well not all that little, but definitely black. Akemi is only five foot and maybe one hundred and ten pounds but nice and round. I love making love to her and can’t wait for her to get pregnant.

What the fuck is that? Making love to her, did I really write making love to her? She is a fucking cheating slut and she is my slut and I don’t make love to her, I knock the fucking whore up! Something is really wrong with the way I feel.

But Helen is five foot three and maybe that same one hundred and ten pounds. She is a hard body, with great small tits that just stick out, a hard bubble ass, and long strong dark legs. She has a pretty face, no make that beautiful, and has green eyes, deep pale green eyes. Her lips are full and succulent, I dream of having them on my lips and on my cock.

What the fuck am I talking about? I have a new daughter that I had with my slut Susan, who now has my last name so it can be the same as our daughter. In six weeks she is going to be back being my fucking slut machine. I have this hot Japanese slut that I am knocking up and am I really taking about the hot black chick that is there to clean the house?

Shit if Susan and Akemi did not spend a lot of time eating each other’s cunt I would never be able to keep up. So now I need a black girl of eighteen or twenty?

Well Helen was cute enough but I had other things in mind and Elizabeth was it. She was a darling little girl and I was having a great time with her. There were times when I held her that I remembered another little girl who broke my heart, but that was now almost ten years ago.

Now Elizabeth was the sweetest little thing you can imagine. We even slept with her in our bed. I would lay awake for hours just watching her breathe. Now I was sleeping with three women, that way Susan could feed her and I could change her and Akemi could suck my cock and I could fuck her pregnant pussy. Yes she was pregnant now. That would have to end when Elizabeth became aware of her surroundings, but until then I had them all with me. At times I would ignore Akemi and Susan and just hold Elizabeth in my arms as she slept.

Six weeks after Elizabeth was born I finally got to fuck Susan again. I really missed it and to my shame I did not fuck her as I actually made love to her. Damn it, she was a cheating whore why was I making love to her?

Akemi was getting a good fucking too and between the two of them I was getting lots of sex and having fun too. We all played with the baby and laughed as she got older, even Helen laughed with us. We all fed her when she got a bottle but she preferred Susan’s tits, but so did I and I am sure that Akemi got a taste too. But then we could have pay back with Akemi.

We all did the same things together so we were always right there with the others. It was like a really large unrelated family, if you get my meaning.

Susan needed new clothes and so did Akemi and what the hell, Helen got some too. Elizabeth had more clothes than Paris Hilton because I just could not quit buying things for her.

It was about six months into the life of Elizabeth that I came home early to a new experience. Isn’t that the way it always is?

I walked into the bedroom and saw a little lesbian sex happening. Now this was not in itself unusual but Susan was naked on the bed with her tits dripping milk from a recent feeding. Akemi was naked on the bed with her legs open and her cute pregnant belly out and her breasts all puffed up and she was getting her bald Japanese pussy licked by HELEN!

Helen was naked, black ass in the air and her face between Akemi’s legs licking her pussy. When she heard me she stopped and looked over her shoulder to see what it was. Everyone was looking at me. Helen with her large lips and big doe eyes and her dark coffee skin looked at me with those eyes and then Akemi turned her head gently and pushed it down back to her pussy. Then Akemi moaned a little and laid her head back on the pillow and began to float into the pleasant sea of getting her pussy well eaten by another woman. Helen gave a similar contended moan and went back to Akemi with pleasure, and wiggling her black ass.

I thought, “What the fuck? I can use a black slut as well as anyone else. I will just get over then and power fuck that hot black pussy.”

I got right behind her, my clothes already off, and was ready to ram it home when I remembered that look. It was sort of passion, and questioning, and pleading and acceptance, all in one. I reached out and touched her outer thigh, running my hand over it gently. Then I felt the swell of her tight round brown ass, it was soft and firm and the skin glowed and was so warm. Then I had to run my fingers through her brown crack and felt the heat and wet. I licked it off my finger.

My cock was hard as iron and I was going to ram it home but then I just slid the head up and down the wet engorged black lips watching the secretions glisten on both of us. Helen was making some funny mewing noises.

“Baby, are you sure you want to do that first?” Akemi asked. “She has never had a cock; don’t you want to just taste a little chocolate virgin pussy first?”

Well they were right so I bent down and grabbed two hands full of virgin black ass and spread her gently and began licking up and down her slit. Helen was wiggling around and soon I was sucking with my mouth all over her small black virgin pussy, mons and all. Then I would lick, suck, and nibble gently, very gently, on her clit. I felt her cum a few times, and drank some virgin pussy juice and it was delicious. But she was a lesbian and got eaten all the time by women who knew how to really eat pussy, so since I had something no woman had, unless it was on temp loan from a man and he was attached to it, or I hope he was, she was going to get it from me now.

Sliding my cock gliding up and down her wet slit and finding the hole I plugged it with the head of my cock and left it there. She was very tight. Then I removed it and saw the head all wet and stroked it up and down her slit and did it again but going in a little further this time.

Now Akemi and Susan were both watching me with a smile. I am not sure of what they thought was going to happen but this was something they liked. Ok, I liked it too. Akemi was feeling pretty happy and Susan had that pleasant, I just fed the baby look; and me, I was getting the little head happy, but there was something else.

Susan was looking serious now. At her age her breasts no longer looked like they did at fifteen, or twenty five, or even forty five before the baby. Now they had gone from full to empty and they sagged and she was embarrassed and had her hands over them, like she was ashamed.

Here I am sitting there on my haunches with my cock a few inches deep into this very hot black girl/maid and I am admiring my woman who just gave me a baby. Helen was less than half Susan’s age but I was admiring Susan and the body that gave me a baby. She moved her hands away from her breasts and sort of lifted her chest and I smiled and she smiled back. Akemi saw it too and smiled too. She and Susan were the same age and she saw in my eyes desire and love for Susan and knew it was for her too.

Susan moved to me and we kissed. I pulled out a little and moved back into Helen, but a little deeper. It was like Bordeaux filling in a chocolate candy, except it was wet and very hot. We continued to kiss and I slowly rocked back and forth into Helen.

Susan broke our kiss and I leaned down and took one of her breasts in my mouth and sucked it dry, watching Susan feel the intense pleasure of having her breasts emptied. As I did it I felt myself sink as deep into Helen as was possible. It was like hot quicksand, it just sucked me in. Damn she was tight.

I moved all the way out and then back in, with a gently push until I was at bottom again. The forth or fifth time I did it, I was strumming Susan’s clit with my hand and she began to orgasm as we kissed, and as deep into Helen as I was she started to spasm, which caused Akemi to orgasm from the vibrations on her clit from Helen’s mouth. It was one of the great moments of my life.

Susan slowly moved back onto the bed pillow and looked at me with a cat that ate the canary look, smug, satisfied, and contented and in love, in love with me, and I think Akemi too. Funny, but Akemi looked the same way as Susan.

By now I was stroking doggy deep into and out of Helen. Then I pulled out and went into missionary. I don’t care what anyone says, the best way to make love to a woman is to look her in the eyes and join your soul to theirs; and that is what we did.

We got a rhythm going, which I promptly broke, as well as the cadence of my strokes and the angle. At seven and a half I was not the largest man on the planet but I was pretty thick, and Helen was getting the benefit of that, as was I. I could not believe how tight she actually was.

Akemi came over and kissed us both and we sucked her tits. I even bent over and licked her pussy and kissed our little son and nuzzled him through Akemi’s stomach.

It was all too much for Helen and I and I unloaded as deeply into her as I could possibly do. As I was cuming she joined me and we were glued to the other with arms and legs.

As we lay their together Susan and Akemi joined us in the hug and lay. I was a bit heavy for Helen so I rolled off and kissed Helen and then Akemi who was next to me. I made sure to rub the baby.

Now I had a horny pregnant Asian woman, a horny white woman who just had a baby and did without for six weeks, and one hell of a hot black girl, who had no problem fucking a man who was, well older, than she, as she ate the pussy of another pregnant woman more than twice her age. Wow that was way hot.

Alone they all could have killed me; all at once they were even deadlier. I began to appreciate that they found intimacy with each other a blessing for my health and well being.

I had told myself that I was going to whore the next one out to my clients but that did not happen. I did not even try or think about it. The girls just did what they did and I just did what I did, which was fucking all three of them, eating all three of them, and the worst part was talking to all three of them.

Shit, the talking was the worst. When you talk to people you actually have to listen some time too but then, damn, they become people and not just a whore for you to fuck. Shit we became friends and then lovers, but I tried to hide that from them.

They began to develop personalities and their qualities came out and they treated Elizabeth with such love and devotion. Three women who never told me no never told Elizabeth no either.

Shit, shit, shit, my plan for reeking havoc on the females of the world was going nowhere fast. Yes I was fucking three and had two pregnant, one already delivered, but that was not what I was hoping for. Shit I was not fucking anyone, every time I was with them I was making love. No matter what game we played I was making love. I knew that one or all of them would break my heart and I did not actually care.

I would come home and find contentment. At work I did not yell at any of the women but Akemi and Susan and Helen made sure everyone knew I was their property and they were mine. Where had all my plans gone? Yes Helen was there too as was little Elizabeth. I was never actually alone and I mean never.

I still contacted everyone around Donna and Jim and I still attached their wages every time they got a job. I still attached every asset they had and had it sold. If it cost five hundred dollars to hold a Marshal’s sale and I only netted fifty dollars then their debt increased by four hundred and fifty dollars, plus interest. Yes it cost me money but I just wanted to fuck with them.

We were about a month away from Akemi giving birth to Delano Jr. and we had this great meal. Then I remember floating and next I felt my face touched with something wet. It was a warm wash cloth and I could see Susan looking down at me and smiling. I smiled back and tried to stretch and reach for her but I could not; I was restrained.

Now I have to admit that I did have a moment or two of panic. Ok I had a lot of panic. I had broken up two marriages, was fucking some black chick that I was falling in love with just like I was in love with Susan and Akemi, and now it was time for payback, I just knew it.

“Kiss Elizabeth good-night Del.” Susan said as she held her out for me to kiss. Being a creature of habit I did, I always kissed Elizabeth, I could not help it. It was a conditioned reflex like yawning. Elizabeth was there and she got kissed. She was just so beautiful, I could not stand to be away from her, which was one reason she slept in the same room as us, at least for now, at least when were not in the throws of hot four person sex. No child should have to listen to that.

Now Elizabeth was in a warm tit milk stupor and would be down for the night, almost. Tonight she would be put into the other room with a monitor showing and listening to what was happening. We even had a little device that fit on her ankle that monitored her heart beat, just to make sure she had one.

Before Susan left she wanted me to take some pill but I shook my head to stop her from putting it in my mouth. “Baby, it is ok” Susan said and she showed me the blue pill. Yes I knew what it was. Now I figured it was going to be a long fuck session and I took my medicine, twice. They had big plans I thought, but after I took the second one I was beginning to wonder if they were going to give me a heart attack.

After the water I was given to drink by straw I was given something else to drink out of a straw; it was a strawberry milkshake.

“This is for a little energy” Helen said. “A little treat.” She added.

Susan left with Elizabeth and then came back into the room alone. She was smiling.

“Baby, this is a ‘come to Jesus’ moment. Or a ‘Sister Soldier’ moment, or even a ‘reality check’, but we need you so you can’t move because you may not actually like what will happen and what we have to say. We are not going to physically hurt you baby, but you have to listen and see, to help you understand.” Susan said.

“We are with you every night and we know that you cry in your sleep. We know you still hurt even if you don’t know it. We love you and all of this we do because we love you so much.” Helen added.

“Del, you are not a bad woman and marriage destroying man; you are a wimp. There is nothing wrong with that, you are just a nice guy. That is a good thing. That is why we are here, because you are a nice guy.” Akemi said.

“Del, you did not ruin my marriage; it was already dead. You did not seduce me, I seduced you. I had been trying for years to get you to notice me and make a move but you just sat there. I was about to get naked and run into the office and beg you to fuck me but then I got an idea; actually we all got the idea.” Susan said. Then she went on.

“You did not need to blackmail me, I was already yours. We have access to your tapes since the beginning and there was no way you could actually do anything with them. My husband had been cheating on me for years and yes I was faithful, sort of. I was not having sex with him because he was fucking everything with a hole and apparently he did not care if the person had a hole in the front and the back or only one in the back. He hit me and constantly yelled at me. He gambled the money I worked for away and did drugs. I was with him for two decades and I still don’t understand why I stayed. You were my way out but not just that; I fell in love with you.

“He did not throw me out when I went home. I told him I had another man and I was carrying his baby and I was leaving him. I just turned and walked out. There was nothing I wanted from that place. We had no credit cards, we had no credit. We had one used beat up old car and I left that in the drive of the rented apartment. I gave the landlord written notice that day and cancelled everything with my name on it. And you did remember that I have all of your records, including your medical records. I knew when we started you had not been fixed. I got pregnant on purpose to see what you would do and if you would like to be a father. I was betting my being a single mother or a woman with a loving mate and I was hoping you would be the man I thought you were and you are.

“I came back to you that day in a taxi. There was no way in hell I was going to hurt our baby, I wanted it more than anything. Yes you played the blackmail thing and your little slut whore game but I knew then it was all bravado.

“And what did you do that day? The big bad seducer and impregnator of women bought me a new wardrobe. Yes some was sexy but it was me that picked them out not you. I kept telling you not to spend all that money but you were just so happy to be doing it. You bought me things, beautiful things, that I would only wear once or twice because I would be growing so fast, but you wanted me to have them. You wanted me to look like a loved woman and I did.

“That night you held me in your arms and made love to me. Yes you talked big but you made love to me over and over, just like you had been doing from almost the beginning. Sleeping with you is like being in a warm safe blanket, you feel wonderful and secure and loved.

Do you realize that it was me and not you that suggested I go without a bra? It was me and not you that left the door open and yelled every time you fucked me. You think it was an accident that I got pregnant and changed my last name to yours? And when I complained that I was fat and ugly you told me I was beautiful, you held me and kissed me and despite not wanting to say it, on more than one occasion you whispered so softly that you loved me. The big bad seducer of women, what a joke.” Susan ended.

While this little dialog was going on Susan and Akemi were kissing me and telling me how much they loved me. Helen did join in but she did spend a lot of time with her black lips wrapped around my cock, which was good and hard. But her story was different but she did come and we kissed more and more too.

I raised my head to kiss Akemi and she moved closer to me so I could kiss little Del still in her belly. Then she moved her pussy over to my face and I licked and sucked her as she spoke. It was hard to talk with her pussy in my face, but I could listen easy enough. She was just lightly rubbing my lips with her pussy and Helen was sucking my cock.

‘I can’t stand it” Akemi said and she moved back quickly and with practiced precision, sat her pregnant self down on my cock, which was being held at just the right angle by Helen, for immediate and painless insertion.

“You did not ruin my marriage either.” Akemi said. “The reason my husband kept going back to Japan for business is that he had another family there. He had a few women and some kids by them. I found out right after I married him. I tried to have children with him but I didn’t have any. I really tried believing that it would bring us together, but it did not happen.” Then Akemi smile and said, “It was not me, I asked the doctor, it was him. He thinks he has children, he can’t have children; they are not his.

“Susan and I are lovers and have been for more than ten years. Your seducing Susan and then me was part of a plan. We knew you were a nice guy, we knew about your divorce and the public record. We were the ones sending out the DVD’s and the attachment orders, it was not a secret from us. No one else knew, but we did. Susan broke your computer code and read your diary and we knew what to do. Yes it was not really a diary, just a jumble of thoughts but with everything else, we picked you.

“And your big punishment was to spank us and then give us as many orgasms as we could handle. Wow, what a punishment. We love to be spanked by you, because you do it with such care and love. You never hurt us, it is just a big game to get us naked so you can play with our butts. Del, you have become a master of holding out. At first we thought it might have been us but then we realized that it was you training yourself to stay hard for more than one woman at a time. That was so sweet of you to do for us baby. You punished us by making love to us. Look how you treat me now? You love me and treat me better than any wife could expect, and we are not legally married.

“And in case you are wondering, Helen was always part of the plan too.” Akemi finished.

While all of this was going on I was treated to many delightful events and feelings. Watching your pregnant woman rocking back and forth with your cock in her is one of them, her breasts swaying, with a little smile on her face from the pleasure of it all.

Then there are the other two, who spent a good amount of time kissing me and each other as well as kissing Akemi. Then Helen moved over and started licking where Akemi and I were joined and Akemi with the help of Susan moved off of me and Helen suck my cock down into her mouth. She positioned herself in such a way that I moved my head and tried to get to her pussy to eat and noticing she moved to give me access and I licked her beautiful brown pussy until she had an orgasm.

Then I watched as Helen smiled at me and everyone else and Akemi sat back down, impaling her pregnant pussy on my shaft.

“You see what you did baby?” Susan asked. “A big tough woman hater you are. The first thing you wanted to do when Helen sucked your cock was to give her pleasure and suck her pussy and you even gave her an orgasm but didn’t cum yourself. That is why we love you; not for the sex but for the way you want to take care of us. But there is a lot more baby. Now we have to put a scarf over your eyes so we can play a little game.” Susan ended.

The scarf was silk and I could not see through it but I could smell it. My women had given it their personal scent, I was sure of it. It was not exact but I was sure it was the combination of all of them.

“Now here is the game” Akemi said as she moved still on my cock. “First kissing and in the end you tell us who kissed you.”

I felt one then another then another then strange, well there is a lot of things I may not get. We kept kissing until Akemi said, ok we start now. Four kisses and tell us who. By this time Akemi was off my cock, she could not bend and kiss me, our baby in the way. One of my girls took her place of that I am sure.

“Ok the first was Susan, and then Akemi and then Helen and then one of you went a forth time, but I am not sure which one.” I said.

I was not told the correct answers and we went to the pussy test. Now I did like this one, I liked it a lot. The practice was a pussy over my mouth and some licking and tasting and then another and another and it kept up until I was lost in the count. By now I had tasted all of them a number of times so the contest started. The combined smells, juices and tastes on my face and tongue and in my nostrils threw off any memory that might have existed. Then it started.

I guessed Helen, then I was not sure but then it was Susan and Akemi. Again I was not told if I was correct.

We did breasts next and I did my guessing. One set appeared to be really big and heavy that confused me. None of the girls had real big breasts.

The last was my cock. First it was cock sucking and then guessing and then it was a little cowgirl on my cock. I was damn happy for the chemical assistance. Again with all the up and down and on and off before the game actually started I was on sensory overload. They did give me a little rest between contests so that I would not shoot too soon. Chemistry or not this was a tough way not to cum; I was ready most of the time.

Being restrained just seem to add to the game, but I did feel some additional tension in the air.

When it was over I still had my cock inside of a very tight pussy and then there was the kiss, obviously from lips I was not used to. Those lips smelled and tasted of the same pussy I had been eating as did all the women, they loved to eat each other too. Then there were breasts on my chest during the kissing. Then she got up and let me lick her a little so I took the opportunity to find and suck her clit some and after a few moments got my mouth around her and sucked gentry until she had a small orgasm. Then she kissed me and moved back onto my cock.

Now then tension was so heavy the room was thick with it.

“Baby I am going to take the blindfold off. You still are restrained. We love you baby, just listen and don’t hurt yourself. Please baby remember that we love you, we all love you so much, and this is all for you.” Susan said as she took the blindfold off with hands that I could feel clearly shook.

The next words I heard ripped at the very core of my being.

“I love you daddy” said the beaming face of a much older and mature June.

I started to struggle to force her off but she was impaled on me and all that moving around was not something that was going to make my cock go down. If anything I got harder.

“June, what the hell are you doing? Get off of me right now.” I said. Even ten years later I could recognize her.

Her body had changed though from ten to twenty. She had huge breasts. I knew my family and no big tits there, they must be from Jim’s side of the family, I thought.

“My name is not June daddy; it is Mary, Mary Collins. I changed it as soon as I turned eighteen. I am named after your mother. Don’t fight it daddy, I know all about it and you. Susan and I have been talking since I called you all those years ago, even before then too daddy.”

Mary was rocking on my cock, not hard, but just enough to give us both pleasure.

“I loved you so much daddy. You have no idea how it hurt me to find out I betrayed you. But you forgave me immediately, I know you did, and I loved you even more for it.

“How many ten year old girls are given scholarships to special schools for gifted students and the scholarship includes school and non school clothing as well as books and computers, transportation to and from school. That scholarship included riding lessons, ballet lessons, and music lessons and any other lesson I wanted as well as trips to Europe.

“Even when mother and that man had nothing and were broke I still had my scholarship and it even included room and board if I wanted and meals even if I didn’t want to live at school.

“I never called that man father or dad, or even uncle after I left the court that day. I never spoke with him again, not one word. If he went to hug me I pulled away before he got to me. He disgusted me even at ten years of age after I learned the truth of what he and that woman did to you. I love you and they hurt you, and they lied to me so I would hurt you too, and that was all I needed to know.

“I chose to live at school and yelled and screamed until they agreed. I never let anyone call me June I made them call me Mary and I never answered to that man’s last name. I told them my name was Collins and I did not care what their records said.

“I preferred to never go to their home, even after they got married. I stayed at the school even during holidays but then something happened to me that I did not expect; I fell in love. I was already in love with you but I met someone else and we were deeply in love and still are.

“You are my first man daddy. I am a virgin, but without a hymen, that is long gone. No, a boy did not do it, a finger did and it was another woman.

“Susan, and Akemi and I planned all of this out. They love you and loving you myself I knew how it happened. But I was afraid, so I needed more information and I needed someone I trusted to see if you were like they said. I needed to know everything about you and how you might treat me. How you treated Susan and Akemi was a good indication.

“But daddy, even though you are not my real father, you are my daddy, I sent someone I trusted to find out about everyone, I sent someone who would tell me the truth, I sent my lover to be here with you, I sent Helen, and she was in on it almost from the beginning. You did not even approach her and eventually we had to get you to see she was a sexual being and having sex with Susan and Akemi. Even then you did not hurt her and you treated her like the virgin she was. You were kind and gentle and I knew you had not really changed.” Mary said.

“And I know about the pictures too. I know about the books, one for each year, pictures of me at school, graduations, awards, playing sports, you have every year of my life from our separation. Year books from school, report cards, even birthday cards you never sent me but saved where you wrote how much you loved me and forgave me. I know you love me daddy, even if you are not my father.” Mary added.

“There is one last thing. I am the one who turned the VOS on with your recorder. I eventually knew something was wrong and thought you did not really know, so I turned it on. If you knew about it then you would do nothing. If you did not know about it then you could decide what to do.

“It was Susan that gave me the idea. Yes I have been talking to Susan for many years; she always answered your phone even before you got your divorce.” Mary said.

All of the women in my life had betrayed me, had lied to me, had tied me to a bed and foisted this reality on me. Hell even Susan had shown them all my hidden diaries and photographs and mementos of Mary. Yes I loved her and wanted to take care of her. They were all looking at me, with some apprehension. Then Susan, my first lover Susan, the mother of my daughter, who did not let me name her Mary because there was already a Mary Collins, moved in close and kissed me and I kissed her back moving my head into hers. She smiled and moved back and all of my women kissed me, with Mary last, but still rocking on my cock.

“Baby, you need to know one more thing. I helped that little scene at the trial with Mary saying she did not know you did not know. That was my idea too. And the phone call after a few years, we pushed just a little too hard. We all knew about you paying for everything for Mary and I thought that you might be ready for contact but you were still hurting. Mary never got your exact message but we kept talking all the time.” Susan added.

I did not even realize that it happened but I had moved my arms around Mary and held her to me and listened to her as she cried in my arms and I cried with her.

“You are the only man I have had and the only man I ever will have. You are not my father but you will be the father of my children, our children. Helen and I are both twenty and finished with college, gifted you remember? You even paid for her to finish school with me, although Susan took care of the bills. Sorry daddy, but I think you should know. Not a night has not passed that I have not cried in my sleep dreaming of losing you daddy.

“You have a choice again daddy. You can kiss me good-bye and I will leave, you can kiss Helen and I good-bye and we will leave, or you can roll me over on my back knowing that I finished my period just two weeks ago and I am as fertile as I can be right now, and we can start on making you the real father of my children.” Mary said.

I rolled her over, told her she was never going to leave, that I loved her and always would, and after a few orgasms gave her eggs the warm bath they needed. I am sure that between our all crying and my cuming deep inside of her, we made a baby that night. I could not believe how right it felt, to have her back with me.

When she was finally done and I was shrinking, despite the pills, she smiled at me and said “I think I need to finish this way” and moved me close to her head and began to suck my cock clean. I was going to do the same to her when Helen moved into the way, kissing my cum from Mary’s pussy.

The I saw Mary put her arms around Helen’s waist and pull her over and Helen opened her legs and straddled Mary’s head. Then Mary, white hands on black skin pulled Helen’s pussy, her lover’s pussy, to her face and I could see how Mary was between Helen’s engorged black pussy lips. Looking I could see Helen’s black face between Mary’s white legs.

It was so hot looking that I revived immediately. Mary saw and taking a hand gently tried to move my body close to her and Helen. I wanted to fuck Helen, I wanted to slide my cock over Mary’s tongue and into Helen’s pussy as my daughter sucked on her black clit. I wanted to feel us cum together.

Mary pulled at me and my cock was there at the entrance to Helen’s pussy and I could feel her black pussy lips on my cock helmet as Mary licked the underside. Then Mary opened her mouth and sucked the head of my cock and then placed it at Helen’s hole and I pushed it in.

Helen looked up at me and I bent over and kissed her, tasting myself and Mary, as well as Susan and Akemi on her cum drenched mouth.

“Mary and I are on the same cycle. I decided I would quit taking my birth control pills before my period started. I am as fertile as Mary is.” Helen said. And then almost as an after thought she smiled and said, “I changed my last name to Collins two months ago.”

I was already at her entrance and bent over her and I just slid my cock into her and she moaned, smiled and went back to eating Mary as I told her I hoped to make a baby in her too tonight. Helen stopped and looked up at me and smiled, with a face full of my and Mary’s juices. You probably already did this morning she said as she went back to exciting her lover, Mary.

Finally we finished, or at least I did. I was exhausted. I turned to lie next to Akemi as she was near giving birth and needed the closeness as did our baby. I found Mary had taken my other side and I held her too. Susan and Helen took their places next to Akemi and Mary. I suggested that maybe I should take a shower as I smelled of sex but Akemi said this was our scent and we all had the same scent, it was us. We went to sleep.

It was not that I heard it, more that I felt it. I got up without waking the others and went to see Elizabeth. She had not begun to fuss but I knew she would. I picked her up and held her and stroked her little face and checked to find she needed a little change. She was still out, like only a baby can be and was not in the slightest upset by the fact all of us were in the house or that I had interrupted her favored sleeping position. It would be that way with all of our children, I would feel it rather than hear it and come to care for them; after all I was their father and protector.

I did all the standard things and got her diapered and ready for sleep when I felt the first contact. Standing next to me and smiling was Susan and Akemi came up to the other side. Then Helen and Mary came over and each stroked Elizabeth’s face. Mary took Elizabeth in her arms, and Elizabeth did not act alarmed and remained asleep.

Mary carried Elizabeth into our bedroom because that is what it was, our bedroom, and put Elizabeth into bed with all of us. I guess we are going to need a new and bigger bed. We slept through what was left of the night. Elizabeth did wake up hungry and when I held and kissed her and put her on Susan I noticed three other pairs of eyes looking at me.

“Is this the way it was with me daddy?” Mary asked. “Is this the way it is going to be?”

“Yes baby that is what I did with you, except I bottle fed you but I cared for you. And yes, this is the way it will be for all of our children. The children will be OUR children, not your children, or Helen’s children, or Akemi’s or Susan’s children, they will be all OUR children. You will all be mommy and I will be daddy no matter which child it is that calls. I can’t be any other way.” Del told them.

I would have two virgins, two women who would love me no matter what happened, would be my best friends and lovers and would join my unique little family.

I had started this journey thinking all women were cheating whores and bitches. Yes I did provide for Mary, she was only ten, and well she was only ten, and I had loved her from the time even before I saw her. I did not give up on her. I am glad to know she realized it from the beginning.

Susan and Akemi were too old to have more children but wanted to have some anyway, and because they loved me I was to be the father. But one was enough at their age and since Susan had been talking to Mary all those years, they began the discussion that eventually hatched this part of their little plan.

Susan and Akemi did confess to being a lot older than they said but I never asked what their real age was, I just did not care. I loved them and they loved me. Suffice it to say they were separated from me by more than the years I was separated from Helen and Mary.

We have a very big bed, a very big bed.

Akemi had a beautiful son for us and all the women doted on him, and I can’t blame them at all, he is a real looker and I doted on him too, just like I did and do with Elizabeth and all that followed them. I went from lonely to sublimely happy.

Love and trust, two things I thought for the longest time I’d never achieve in my lifetime.

I was an innocent boy, untouched by the ugliness that life sometimes throws at you when the incident happened that set everything into play.

There is a line from a Charles Dickens classic that best describes my childhood, ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..,’ Forget my parents, if it weren’t for my grandmother and my best friend in the world Jeremy, I never would have even made it out of grade school much less through college.

It took twenty years before I could finally look in the mirror every morning and not think about what it took to get me this far. The nightmares are all but gone. And the anger? Well, that too is under control. Regrettably, however, there was a price to pay.

We buried my grandmother just before my twenty-fourth birthday, a loss I still feel today. Jeremy and his wife, Cindy, continue to be there for me when I need a sounding board, which thankfully isn’t often anymore. Regina, the love of my life, says she understands how I feel because she, like me, has seen adversity in her life but always had the backing of a loving and caring family, which I didn’t have. So I smile, give her a kiss, and thank her for being in my life.


It was three days before my fifth birthday when my mom walked out on my dad and me. Looking back the first thing I remember about that day was it being loud—louder than it usually was around our house.

I couldn’t hear what they were arguing about, and at five I probably wouldn’t have understood it anyway. However, when I heard glass breaking along with screaming I walked from our living room, where I’d been trying to watch television, to the doorway leading into our kitchen.

My mother was pulling everything out of the cupboards and throwing it on the floor, all the while screaming at my dad, who was standing less than five feet away on the other side of the counter, screaming right back at her.

Frightened, is how I felt at that moment. All I could think was grown-ups don’t act like that, or weren’t supposed to, were they? I must have started crying because I heard my dad yell at Mom.

“Look at what the hell you’re doing! You’re scaring the shit out of your own son.” I remember him coming over, picking me up, giving me a kiss and a hug while carrying me out of the kitchen. “You really are a piece of work, you know that?” he yelled over his shoulder at my mom.

She yelled something back that I would have had my mouth washed out with soap for saying, and continued throwing everything around the kitchen. He put me down telling me to go watch television, but I wasn’t going anywhere. They went at it again.

Names were flung back and forth and when Mom stopped, I figured it was over—until the next time that is.

“I don’t need this shit,” she yelled, grabbing for her coat and car keys. “I’m out of here, and I’m not coming back!”

“Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, you tramp,” was my dad’s quick reply, but all I heard was what my mom said—she was leaving us. Crying hysterically, I ran after her, out the kitchen door, and into the garage.

“Mommy, Mommy,” I yelled, following close behind her.

“Damn it, go back into the house,” was all she said to me, but I wasn’t going to let her leave. She was practically running to reach her car parked in the driveway.

When I caught up to her tears were running down my cheeks as I reached for her.

“I said go back into the house, you hear me?” I was reaching for her, grasping at anything I could get my hands on. Now with both my arms around her waist I figured I’d stopped her from leaving. She pried my small arms off her. “Stephen Joseph, I said go back into the house, now!” I was reaching for her one more time and that’s when it happened. Whether she meant it or not, she still did it, and to this day it’s burned into my brain.

I felt the sting and heat from the slap immediately, and for me, time stopped. My mother had never slapped me before. Hell, she had never even spanked me. I was in shock. I just stood there looking into her tear stained eyes. Something died inside of me that day. I was innocent, untouched before that moment, and now I would be marked for the rest of my life.

“You bitch! Get the fuck away from him,” my dad screamed. He grabbed me and carried me back into the house. But even that move didn’t stop my little brain from trying to process how my mother could have done this to me. I thought she loved me. I wasn’t crying anymore. I was numb.

My dad sat me on the couch. He stared out the front window watching my mom drive off. Those neighbors who were home at the time got quite a show that afternoon, and to this day they still talk about that little display on our driveway.

The next twenty-four to forty-eight hours were a blur. My grandmother came over, and some type of plan was made about the who, what, where, when, and why of my meager existence. From that day forward my grandma was there every morning when I woke up and would stay with me until Dad got home from work. And my loving mother? Well, that became my problem after my dad and his family washed their hands of her.

It was almost a month before I saw my mother again. My grandma brought me over to her parents’ house. I got to spend all of Saturday and most of Sunday with her. Loving and caring is what she was that weekend. Nothing was said about what she had done the day she left, and all I really cared about was that I was with her again.

“As soon as I get settled you’ll come live with me,” she kept promising over and over, and at five I had no reason not to believe her. But no matter how many times she said it, it never happened. Her weekly visits became bi-weekly, then once a month, and finally it seemed I only saw her on holidays and special occasions, especially as I grew older. I think things came to a head when I was dropped off at my grandparents one Friday after school and she never showed up to see me all weekend. Her parents, my grandparents, always made sure I was kept busy, but they weren’t the one I had come to see. I wanted—no, I needed—my mother, but did she still want me?

“Honey, your mom had to work this weekend,” they told me. “She has an important job and you should be proud of her.” I didn’t care about her important job. I just wanted her. Guess I just wasn’t important enough.

After that weekend, if Mom wanted to see me, my dad made her pick me up at our house. She said she loved me, only when I saw her now she always had some man with her. I think I was thirteen when she came to pick me up one Friday night with another one of her boyfriends in tow. I took one look at her and shut the door. I never spent another weekend with her after that. She would call, e-mail, and text me, that was about it. As I said, in her eyes I wasn’t important anymore. I’d been replaced by something or should I say someone else in her life. I finally came to this realization: I no longer wanted to be another obligation for her.

Kids can be mean, especially if you’re not a member of their special group or clique. At first it was just questions about why I didn’t have a mother. I would tell them I did have a mother, she just didn’t live with us anymore. Later came the taunting, name-calling, and finally the pushing and shoving. I don’t know how many times I came home from school in tears. My grandmother was always there for me with a kiss and a hug. As I grew older that did nothing for my cuts, bruises, and hurt feelings.

After a particularly bad day at school I came home with a black eye. A kid at school said that his father told him my mother was a tramp and my father had kicked her out because of it. We went round and round with ‘is not, is so’ probably a dozen or more times before I finally ended up pushing him. He and two of his buddies then proceeded to kick the shit out of me. If it hadn’t been for Jeremy I don’t know what would have happened.

He came up from behind them and dragged them off me. With two against three we put up a pretty good fight, still we got the worst of it. Hard not to since they were older and bigger than us. After that day Jeremy and I became inseparable.

When my dad saw me he was livid. He looked at my face and his turned red with rage. “Who did this to you?”

“A couple older boys,” was my reply, looking down at the floor, embarrassed to look him in the eye.

“How many were there?” When I told him the full story, including what Jeremy had done, he sat me down on the ottoman in front of his chair. “Steve, life sucks most of the time. Unless you’re willing to fight for what you want, someone is always going to be there to try to take it from you. You’re never going to be a fighter—you’re too small—but that doesn’t mean you have to give in to them, it only means you have to be smarter and willing to do whatever it takes to win. You understand?” I didn’t, but I was soon to get an education on what an equalizer is.

It was eight inches long and had a leather strap I could slip my hand into. It was made from what used to be the handle of my old wooden baseball bat. Now it was my equalizer.

“Don’t look for fights, however if one comes up don’t run away. If they see they can’t bully you anymore they’ll stop, and if they don’t, make them pay until they do.”

My grandmother wasn’t happy and told my dad the Good Book said to turn the other cheek. “Ma, the only thing that does is to give them another place to hit. The sooner he realizes that nothing in this world is free, much less easy, the better off he’ll be.” Dad showed me how to use it, and for the first time in a long time, I wasn’t afraid to walk to school.

Three days is all it took. Jeremy and I were walking home from school when the group that attacked us, plus one more, stopped us.

“Your mom’s a slut and your dad’s a pussy,” the big kid in front said, with a stupid smirk on his face. I remembered what my dad said about trying to avoid a fight, so we tried to walk around them. “You hear what I said? You’re dad is a pussy, so I guess that makes you one, too,” he yelled. Laughing, he grabbed me from behind and pulled me to the ground. I was able to reach into my backpack, slipped my hand into the leather strap and waited.

I was just getting to my feet when he tried to kick me. With my equalizer in my right hand I swung it hard and caught him on his lower left leg. His screams were music to my ears. I swung it again and caught him on his upper left arm. He was the one now on the ground bawling like a little baby. With newly found courage, I turned around and faced the stunned group. I saw fear in their eyes. I watched as they all took a step back. I turned and faced my attacker.

“If I ever hear you say another word about my mother or father, or touch me again, I’ll break one of your arms, do you understand?” I whacked him on the arm again when he didn’t respond. That got his attention.

“Okay,” was all he said, looking up at me.

Jeremy and I walked right through the group. Even though I was still scared shitless, I felt good just the same. My heart was beating a mile a minute, I was covered in my own sweat, but for the first time in my life I didn’t feel like a victim.

When I told my grandma she read me the riot act. “Violence never solves anything. If you would have just walked away they would have left you alone.” I loved my grandmother to death, but she was from a time when people were nicer. That just wasn’t the case anymore. All my dad did was smile when I told him. He cautioned me about getting too cocky, saying maybe now they would leave me alone.

Even though the fight hadn’t happened on school property, two days later my dad and I, plus all the other parents and kids, were called into the principal’s office for a conference. My dad told me to say nothing as we listened to the parents of the kid I’d hit.

They went on an on about how much pain Timmy was in and that I could have broken his arm and ruined his chances for a potential baseball scholarship. The other parents also said their children were greatly traumatized by the violence they witnessed. It was not looking good for me. When my dad stood up and started walking out the principal asked where he was going.

“After listening to all this bullshit for the last twenty minutes I think I need some fresh air.”

“Mr. Moore, you don’t seem to be taking this matter very seriously,” the principal said, standing up to confront my dad, a bad move.

“But I am or I never would have made that club for my son and shown him how to use it. Maybe the next time four bullies decide to pick on one smaller kid they’ll think twice about what can happen.” My dad turned to confront the parents of the boy who had initially attached me. “But to tell you the truth, I wish to hell he had broken your son’s fucking arm. Then maybe he would understand what it feels like to get picked on day in and day out. And if you’re interested, I also have a witness who will testify that the four of them started it. My son was only defending himself.” It was now pretty quiet in that room.

“As I see it we have two options here. One, you can give each of these little creeps detention for being general pains in the ass, or I can contact the school board and inform them that the principal of our school is openly allowing the bullying of his students.” My dad turned and faced the principal. “The choice is yours.” With the principal now stuttering, my dad grabbed me by the arm and we started to walk out with our head held high. Just before we walked out the door he turned to the father of the kid I’d hit. “Oh, by the way. I knew your wife when she was in high school, and she was one of the biggest sluts around, I guess that makes you a pussy too.” My dad smiled. He didn’t wait for the reply he knew would ever come. Instead we just walked out. I loved my dad.

I’d like to say that growing up my dad was there for me all the time, but why lie. He gave me everything I physically needed, but didn’t give me what the two women in my life had, love and warmth. To him it was important to be strong and hard, and to never show your vulnerability because it was a sign of weakness. Real men aren’t weak was what he instilled in me.

It was my grandmother who became my surrogate mother and always went the extra mile for me. She made me feel loved, wanted, and did her best to instill in me how to treat others. And by others I mean the members of the opposite sex.

Though my dad dated on and off he made it a point never to flaunt the women in front of me. He always made sure I was in bed if he did bring someone home with him. Every once in a while I’d hear my dad and his date in his bedroom, but I never said a word about it.

With him, there was to be no birds and bees discussion. He simply assumed I knew, or would pick it up on the street like he probably had. However, when I did get old enough to date, he told me if I even thought about doing it with a girl without protection, he and I would have a heart to heart and I wouldn’t like it very much. Three days later I found a box of condoms on my bed—guess he was taking no chances.

“Your dad is so cool,” my best friend Jeremy said. “My dad would never have done that for me.” I gave him half the box because at the time I wasn’t even dating and he was.

Jeremy and I were best friends ever since he had helped me ward off those bullies that one day after school. We were in the same grade just not usually in the same class. We lived a couple of blocks from each other and after school we congregated at either my house or his. My grandmother called him her adopted son, and his parents liked me enough that there was always an open dinner invitation. They knew about my mom and dad, but never once brought it up.

When we hit high school Jeremy played football while I ran cross country and played soccer. We were still thick as thieves. Even when we started dating it seemed we continued to put each other first. Well, Jeremy did until his senior year when he met Cindy. He fell so hard and fast I told him he’d need a shovel to dig himself out, he was so deeply in love with her. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl in class, but you’d never know it by the way he talked about her.

I wished I had someone like that. I had my share of dates. I just never found that special one like he had. Most of the girls I dated were scatterbrains and thought they were God’s gift to men, or boys in my case. When a couple of them played games with me I called them out on it. If they didn’t want to go out with me, all they had to do is say so instead of lying to me, because I always found out. Guys, unlike girls, weren’t good at keeping dating secrets and were usually bragging about it the next day. I supposed I could have gone a little easier on them, but lying and trust were two huge issues with me.

In college I thought I was in love not once, but twice. Debby was great. We jelled in many ways, then I found out she wanted to travel the world, and kids? Well, she was going to be way too busy for that nonsense. Our relationship didn’t last long.

After six months of dating, I introduced Rosemary to my family. Everyone thought we were made for one another, even me, until I caught her in a lie and not a small one at that.

We’d had a bit of a rocky start. She was going out with a guy named Kenny. The relationship had run its course and she was trying to break it off with him. We talked, went to a couple of movies, and I even sprung for dinner a few times trying to convince her to dump the jerk, her words not mine.

“Look, let me make myself perfectly clear,” I told her at dinner one night. “I really like you, but I’m a one woman man. I don’t share with anyone. If you want to go out with me, it’ll have to be on an exclusive basis. I don’t want to have to wonder what you’re doing when we’re not together.” I thought I’d made it perfectly clear, but it seems I hadn’t.

How many times she lied to me I’m still not sure. The issue was not the quantity—it’s that she did it in the first place. That was the big issue with me. I don’t even know if she slept with anyone else and looking back now, she probably didn’t, but once I had it in my mind that she lied to me, she was history.

It was a Friday night. Rosemary said she was getting together with a few of her girl friends to hang out. No problem. It would give me a chance to hang out with a few of my friends I’d neglected lately.

On Friday nights there were normally a ton of parties on and off campus. Even if you weren’t of legal drinking age there was alcohol to be had, and you didn’t have to search too far, especially if you were a girl.

Frat Rats is what I called them. Guys in the fraternities whose main mission in life was to get girls drunk at their parties just to have sex with them. Everyone knew what happened at those parties, especially at two of the better-known frat houses that were always in trouble with the college and usually on probation. I never went to their parties, though a lot of my friends did.

As I said previously, it was guy talk. Guys have no loyalties, especially if they have the chance to get a little stray pussy. As it was told to me by one of my friends, Rosemary and three of her friends were at one of the frat parties Friday night. He said he wasn’t sure if she was drunk, but she was definitely making out with one of the guys while on the makeshift dance floor.

“Steve, I don’t know how far she went with him, but they were going at it pretty hot and heavy for at least a half dozen songs. I didn’t want to have to be the one to tell you, but I thought you should know.”

I was pissed. Even if she was fucking drunk she shouldn’t have been making out with anyone but me. That weekend I waited for her to call me—I wasn’t about to call her. Finally, Sunday morning she called.

“Where have you been? You didn’t call and…” I cut her off.

“Rosemary, I’m working on a problem I can’t seem to get my head around.”

“Can I help? I know something I could get around your head.” She laughed, I didn’t.

“How was Friday night with your friends? What did you girls end up doing?” I was fishing and wanted to see what I was going to catch.

“We just stayed in with a few bottles of wine and shot the shit all night—you know—girl talk.”

“So you didn’t even go out?” I tried to give her one last shot at telling me the truth—she didn’t take the bait.

“Nope, after a couple of hours none of us were in any condition to walk much less drive.” I cut the conversation short, and when I hung up I really think Rosemary thought she’d put one over on me.

Over the next week her calls, text messages, and e-mails all went unanswered. “Where are you and why aren’t you taking my calls?” she asked, a little frustrated I imagine. It came to its inevitable head when she was waiting for me outside of my accounting classroom.

“Steve, what’s going on with you lately? I can’t seem to get hold of you.”

“Why would you want to?” was my flip reply.

“Steve, why are you talking to me like that? If I didn’t know better, I’d think that you were mad at me about something.”

“Rosemary, I want you to think real hard and tell me again what you did last Friday night.” She could see something was definitely wrong. “You just hung out with a few girl friends and a couple of bottles of wine? Right?”

“Yeah, just like I told you before.”

“So you’re saying Gary lied to me when he said he saw you and three of your friends at the Alpha fraternity house on Friday night. And there was no way you were dancing and making lips with some guy there, is that what you’re saying?” She was fidgeting. The look in her eyes said I was right.

“Steve…” she started to say before I stopped her.

“Because if he’s right, we would be done, finished, because you know how I feel about lying. Thank God, you’re not like that type of woman, and I can trust you implicitly no matter what.” Tears were starting to well up in her eyes. She knew she’d been caught.

“I didn’t say anything because I knew you’d be mad. They talked me into going.”

“Did they tell you to stick your tongue down that guy’s throat? How much further did you go that night? Did you give it up to him? Did you give him your panties as a souvenir of his conquest?” Her tears were now falling fast. I was over it and her, too. How come I kept meeting women like my fucking mother? “I’ve got to go, I’ve got a class.” With that I walked out of her life.

I didn’t answer any of her e-mails, especially the ones where she tried to explain it all to me. It was only one time and she was sorry. So was I, but it didn’t make any difference, we were history.

“Sorry, man, Jeremy said sympathetically, as we tipped a few later that night. I thought you and Rosemary were a match made in heaven.”

“So did I. I’m just glad I found out now instead of ten years down the road like my dad did. Let me ask you a question.” I looked him right in the eyes. “Has Cindy ever lied to you?” He looked at me strangely. “You know, have you ever caught her in a lie?”

“Nope, not that I can think of. And besides, if she did, it would have to be a pretty big one for me to dump her like you did Rosemary.”

“Well, then, would you mind giving her to me? I can’t seem to find a good one and you did on your first try. With your record, you can always find another one.”

“Even if I said yes, which I’m not going to, Cindy would never go for it. She thinks you’re a hard ass and expect too much from people.”

“Come again.” I could not believe what I’d just heard.

“She just thinks you expect too much from people. Steve, everyone lies, even if is just little white lies so as not to hurt someone’s feeling. And don’t give me any shit, because I’ve heard even you lie.”

“Those aren’t the lies I’m talking about. The ones I take to heart are the ones that affect relationships. If Rosemary was your girlfriend, what would you have done? She flat out lied to me. She was seriously making out with another guy. I even gave her a get out of jail card not once but twice, and still she lied to my face.”

“Steve, I think she was ashamed about what she had done and thought maybe if she could get out of it this time. she would never put herself in that position again. The problem with you, Steve, is you don’t forgive and forget. With you everything is black and white.”

“I had two great role models!”

“You can’t blame your parents forever. People get divorced all the time. So your mom cheated on your dad, not every woman cheats.” I knew he was right, I just hadn’t met the right girl, and since he wasn’t giving up Cindy, I’d have to find my own good one.

They say the first week after college graduation is one of the greatest weeks of your life. No more papers to turn in or tests to study for. You can kick back and enjoy your free time for a change, and that’s just what I did. I had two job leads and an interview for another Thursday morning. My life was moving on, alone, but moving forward just the same. That’s when it happened.

Wednesday evening rush hour traffic was moving slower than normal, and I was kicking myself for venturing out into it for no particular reason. The asshole in the car behind me was continuously trying to weave in and out of traffic, desperately trying to get an extra car length ahead. I looked in my rear view mirror at him, shook my head, and turned the radio volume up a little louder. As we inched forward, he must have seen an opening up ahead somewhere because he gunned his engine attempting to pull out while everyone was again stopping—everyone but him, that is. He smacked right into the left rear end of my car pushing it into the one in front of me.

“What a dickhead,” I thought, turning off my engine and getting out to assess the damage, knowing I was going nowhere now.

He was ranting and raving about how he thought it wasn’t his fault and what an idiot I was for stopping right in front of him. That’s when I walked to the front of my car to see the damage my car had done to the car in front of me.

She was good looking, arrogant, and extremely loud. She got out of her car and started tearing into me using language worthy of a longshoreman. The driver of the car that hit me slithered back to into his car before she could see him. There was Jesus Christ this, motherfucker that, and a bunch of dumb shits thrown in, along with a couple dozen other foreign words spoken by what appeared to be a tall, hot-blooded Latina.

“Holy shit! I just make my last payment on my car and you hit the son of a bitch! Do you even have a fucking driver’s license? And if you do, did you get it out of a box of Cracker Jacks?” she screamed. When I didn’t respond or say a word, she wanted to know what the hell I was going to do about her car. I wasn’t quite sure how to answer her at first. I was just thankful she wasn’t hurt.

“Look, I’m sorry I hit you, but the guy in the Mustang behind me hit me and pushed me into you. I’m just glad everyone is all right.”

“Well, everybody isn’t all fucking right. Because he couldn’t wait ten damn seconds for the light to change, I’m going to be late picking up my little girl at day care.” She lit into us, standing there in a light blue sundress with her arms crossed in front of her. Her eyes were burning a thousand holes into the other guy, while he sunk lower into the front seat trying to hide from her.

“Look,” I said, “even when the cops do come, which could be twenty minutes or an hour from now, all they’re going to do is take a statement from everyone and make sure we all exchange insurance information. Why don’t we exchange driver license numbers, phone numbers, insurance numbers, and we can all get out of here?” She looked at her watch, burned a couple more holes into that guy’s head and said okay. I got out a pad of paper and started writing.

Dickhead didn’t have his insurance card with him but we got the rest of his information. When he started talking to Regina, that was her name, telling her how sorry he was, he made the mistake of glancing down at her breasts, which weren’t small, and they were all out there.

“Hey, asshole! My eyes are up here not down there,” she spit out, getting in his face.

I could tell Regina was getting ready to blow. “Why don’t we all relax and get this done so we can get out of here?” I turned to look at her. “And don’t worry, he is a hundred percent at fault. His insurance company will pay our insurance companies back,”

“Who’s going to pay my deductable to get my car fixed?”

“I guess you’re going to have to, but you should get it back from either his insurance company or mine.”

I gave her all my information saying I hope her insurance company takes care of her. No, I was praying they’d take care of her. This was one lady I wouldn’t want mad at me.

“Don’t worry, because if they don’t, the rest will come out of that guy’s ass,” she said, burning one more hole into the center of his forehead just for good measure. I pitied that poor son of a bitch if his insurance company didn’t come through. I wasn’t sure mine would, the accident was not my fault. And I sure as hell didn’t want to deal with that wild cat.

Within twenty-five minutes of the accident we each had everything we needed, much to the delight of all the cars that had been trying to get around us. In the meantime the cops had finally arrived, giving us each an accident report to fill out. When they found out the guy in the Mustang didn’t have his insurance information with him, they cited him; served him right. After what seemed like hours, but was really about forty-five minutes, I was finally on my way.

Over the next week I went on two interviews and scheduled a third for the following Monday. The job I really wanted didn’t pay as much as the other two but had the most chance for advancement. I would be a coordinator between engineering, purchasing, and manufacturing, responsible for making sure everything was scheduled, in on time, and if engineering changes needed to be done, I would hand walk them through the process so there wouldn’t be any delays.

“It can be a bit stressful at times. I can guarantee you that you won’t be bored,” the interviewer both informed and cautioned me. It sounded exactly like what I was looking for. A few weeks later after a second and third interview I accepted the position and was ready to start work. Life was pretty good about now.

My insurance company informed me the reason that guy didn’t have his insurance card with him, was that he had no insurance. My car’s damage would be repaired under my policy. I knew I wasn’t going to get my deductable back from anyone. I called the asshole. He said he’d been laid off weeks earlier and was broke, adding that as soon as he got another job he’d make things right. Yeah, when pigs fly, I thought.

I should have expected the call but I didn’t. However, when I answered the phone I immediately knew who it was.

“That low life doesn’t even have insurance much less a fucking job,” were the first words out of her mouth. “He said he’s going to pay me back. Yeah, what bullshit. I’m not holding my breath. Guess that means I’m going to have to get it from your insurance company.”

“Good evening, Regina,” I said, trying to start our conversation over on a positive note. “I have already submitted my accident report and everything else. If you’d like to call my agent, I’ll be more than happy to give you his name and number.”

“Give me the name and phone number just in case I hit a snag. I’ve got my car in the shop being worked on, so I need to put this to bed once and for all.” I gave her everything she asked for.

“Hope everything turns out okay for you,” I said on an upbeat note.

“Don’t worry, it will.” She hung up.

“I wonder if I’m going to have to find a new insurance agent after she calls him,” I thought, pitying the next call my agent was going to receive.

Two weeks after Regina’s phone call Jeremy, Cindy, and I went out to celebrate my new job. It was a big step for me. I was looking forward to getting my own place, and finally getting out from under my father’s wing.

We had dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant. After our meal we went to one of the newer dance clubs. Truth be known, I wasn’t much of a dancer. I move my feet, arms, and try not to look like a total doofus while out there on the floor. Personally, I like it when it’s dark, crowded, and after about three beers.

We had just finished our first round of drinks when we got lucky enough to grab a table from a group that was leaving. As crowded as it was in there, tables were worth their weight in gold. It was a nice club, the music was great, and I was really having a good time when out of the corner of my eye I caught someone walking towards our table. “Shit,” was all I got out before she was on me.

“Steve, your insurance company came through, thank God,” Regina said, without even a how are you doing, or any other introduction. “I’d still like to take a big fucking hammer to that other guy and his damn car.” Jeremy and Cindy sat there with their mouths open listening to Regina’s rant.

“Regina, this is my best friend Jeremy and his girlfriend, Cindy.” I tried to change the subject. “Would you like to join us for a drink?” She gave me a once over, looked over her shoulder at the group she’d just left, and nodded.

“I guess one drink won’t hurt.”

“What can I get you?”

“Surprise me, why don’t you.” she said, with a full mouth smile that went from ear to ear, which was easy for her because she didn’t have a small mouth. I grabbed Jeremy and we headed towards the bar.

“Is that the girl you hit?” was the first question out of his mouth. “She’s kind of cute but what a mouth. I thought Cindy was going to choke on her drink.” We both laughed at that statement.

Regina was not a tiny girl by any means. She could look me right in the eye, which had to put her at least at five foot eight in her stocking feet. She possessed a huge rack and had a booty that would rival any black girl’s. She wasn’t fat, but was far from being thin either. I guessed she had to weigh somewhere in the range of one fifty to one sixty-five. She, my friend, was built for comfort not speed.

“She’s got a nice set on her, and how they’re staying in that dress is an architectural marvel.” Jeremy was just about drooling. We walked back to the table drinks in hand and I offered Jeremy a word of advice. “If you don’t want to die a horrible death do not stare at her boobs. I can tell you from experience she doesn’t like it.” We both looked at one another and laughed once more before arriving at our table.

“Here you go, ladies.” We gave out the drinks. Regina glanced down at hers and then at me.

“What makes you think I drink red wine?” Now I was on the spot.

“Well, you don’t look like a white wine type of girl, though I think on occasion you like something a lot stronger. But, for a casual night out and not wanting to get hammered, a smooth red wine is what you might like,” I answered her, then took a sip of my Corona.

“Not bad, not bad at all.” We touched glasses. “Where’s your girl?” she said looking around.

“No girl, just the three of us celebrating my new job.”

“You gay?”

Beer coming out of your nose burns like a son of a bitch, and the choking that followed wasn’t much fun either.

“Gay? What the hell do you mean by that?” I was still recovering.

“Well, you’re a nice looking guy, and if you don’t have a girlfriend I just assumed you must be gay. You know it’s the new thing now, don’t you?”

“Well, I’m not gay if you’re interested. I like women, it’s just that I’m not going with anyone right now.”

“Got dumped, huh?”

“No, I didn’t get dumped. If you must know I dumped her.” Cindy was now doing her best not to laugh at our exchanges.

“So, she wouldn’t put out or did you just get tired of her?”

“Regina, why do you care?”

“Just making conversation. Seems like I hit kind of a sore spot, huh?”

“She lied to me. That’s why we’re no longer together. Satisfied?”

“I suppose, but it must have been something pretty big for you to almost take my head off, huh?” She just wasn’t stopping. I looked over at Cindy and Jeremy for help. Forget it, they were using us for their evening entertainment.

“Lying and cheating are two things I don’t put up with from anybody,” I said, maybe a little too loudly because more than a few people looked my way.

“I’ve been there also, and it’s not fun. But the way I see it, most men can’t be trusted. They lie to you to get into your pants, and after they get it, they’re long gone.”

“Bullshit. Women are just as bad as men. They lie hoping they won’t get caught, and if they do, they blink their eyes, wiggle their ass, maybe shed a few tears, then say they are sorry, thinking that will make it all go away. Not in my book, it won’t.” We were now knee deep in it.

“They do it because that’s what has been done to them all their lives. There is a double standard out there and you know it. A woman goes to bed with a couple of guys and she’s labeled a slut, but when a guy gets more than a couple of girls into bed he’s a stud. Then when a guy decides to get married, he wants an untouched virgin, not some girl who has been around the block like him. It’s a crock of shit.”

“Like girls don’t play games? If a guy’s a hunk and has money you girls fall all over yourselves just to go out with him. But if he’s a normal guy with say a ten year old car, most women won’t give him the time of day much less go out with him. Girls like to date the bad boys and the ones that treat them like shit, but when it’s time to settle down they go back to the solid, stable ones they wouldn’t have even given a second glance at before: the accountants, the computer geeks, the regular nine to fivers, and the like. All of a sudden they’re all lovey dovey, telling them how much they would like to go out with them. Bull shit! All they’re looking for now is that fucking security blanket because their bad boys aren’t the marrying kind, and aren’t going to give them what that poor naive son of a bitch will. After they hook the trusting bastard and someone better comes along they’ll think nothing of cheating on their husband because they know he’ll probably forgive them.” I was hot, my heart was beating a mile a minute, and I was going off on a girl I barely knew. Now everyone really was looking at me.

“Looks like someone had their ego bruised pretty good,” Regina said, looking right back at me. “You may be right about some women, but not all. Like you, I’ve been screwed over a few times so maybe I do keep my guard up, but unlike you, I give people a chance before jumping down their throat.” Regina stood up. “Well, it’s been enlightening. I’ve got to get back to my friends. Call me if you ever want to have this conversation again.” With that said, she walked back to her group. Cindy and Jeremy were just staring at me, and after she was out of earshot they broke out laughing.


“Boy, does that girl have your number,” Cindy said. “Smart, good looking, and comes with a ton of baggage. If I were you, I’d marry her and fast.”

“Ha ha. Now I’m one big joke? Look, I didn’t ask for any of this. People have walked over me and fucked me over my entire life outside of my grandmother and Jeremy. And, excuse me, if I have a few trust issues, you would have them too if you’d gone through what I’ve gone through.”

“But, Steve, don’t you see how it’s holding you back from moving on and becoming the man I know you can be?” replied Cindy. “Steve, I love you to death, but one of these days you’re going to have to open up, lower your guard, and trust someone even if they end up hurting you. Life is too short for you to wonder, what if, every time you meet someone. Take a chance for once and maybe one of these times you’ll find what you’re looking for.”

Two more drinks and we were ready to leave. Regina looked over at me, gave me a little wave goodbye, and we were on our way home. In the car Cindy gave me another round of shit. Jeremy knew to keep his mouth shut—he was no dummy. Cindy gave me a hug goodbye, and I went into my house with way too much on my mind.

I waited almost two weeks before I called her. I still had her phone number from the accident and thought what the hell, what did I have to lose? It was Tuesday, I figured early enough to ask her out to dinner on Saturday. She had plans. The next week it was the same story, the third week I called on Monday. Guess what she said? I didn’t call the following week but lo and behold, who did I see Saturday at the same club I had a month earlier? When she came over about an hour after I’d gotten there, I was ready for what was going to come next.

“Evening, Steve,” is how she opened her conversation, but that’s all she got out of her mouth.

“What, are you slumming or looking for a free drink?” I replied before she could say another word. “Because if you are, please find yourself another patsy.”

Damn, the words came rolling out of her mouth in both English and Spanish. She called me everything but a tall white boy. I don’t think she even took in a full breath while she exploded with her second round of what I think were insults. What really pissed her off was when I turned my back on her after telling her that I had better things to do than to argue with a stuck-up woman.

Now there were only a few English words being spoken as I watched her eyes get red, her cheeks get flushed, and her voice move up two octaves. I was getting tired of her never-ending tirades. We were starting to draw a crowd, I needed to end it.

“Regina, if you didn’t want to go out with me, all you had to say was that you don’t date skinny white boys instead of giving me a line of shit. I would have understood. Lying just supports my theory that the only thing hot women care about are themselves.” I was done arguing. She stormed off and the crowd that had gathered around us soon dissipated. My friends Gary and Rick just stood there looking at me.

“That was so incredibly cool,” Gary said, giving me a high five. “I never would have had the balls to say that to some chick. I’m still in shock she didn’t slap your face or kick you in the balls, or something. My ex-girlfriend would have probably hit me with a damn chair.”

“Don’t look now, but one hot Latin woman approaching at ten o’clock,” Rick said, giving me a heads up.

When she reached to me she made sure we were face to face before she started in. “For your information, I actually was busy those days and if you would have called me this week you would have found that I would have gone out with you, but now that’s never going to happen.” She made sure she said this with her eyes glued to mine so I couldn’t turn away from her this time. “Furthermore, you’re never going to get your hands on this hot body, and that will be your loss.”

There was no way I was going to let that slide. I retaliated back. “So tell me, what are you going to do when all your homies are done with you and have slobbered all over your hot body and left you alone in bed? Are you’re going to wonder what it would have been like to go out with someone who wanted to be with you for who you are, instead of what you could do for them?” Her wide-eyed look said it all. I left that night feeling pretty good about myself knowing it wasn’t my fault this time.

Tuesday night I was eating dinner with my dad when my cell phone rang. I looked at the number and debated whether to answer it. “Dad, I need to take this,” I told him, walking out the patio door onto the deck.

“What do you want, Regina?”

“A truce to start.”

“Okay, I’m listening.”

“Look, you don’t know shit about me. If I said I was busy I was busy, I don’t lie. And another thing, I don’t allow anyone to talk to me like you did, understand? I think we got off on the wrong foot right out of the blocks. If you want to try again I’m game, if not, like I said your loss.”

“You keep saying that.”

“Well, you keep saying I look hot!” We both chuckled at that statement.

“Okay, how about dinner Saturday night?”

“Can’t, I’m busy.”

“But you just said…”

“I said I’m busy Saturday with a church bazaar, but not Friday.”

“Okay, how about us getting together Friday evening?”

“I’d love to go out with you Friday night. See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it?”

We talked for the next half hour about mostly crap or fluff, as I like to call it. She gave me her address and told me to pick her up at about seven o’clock.

“Be warned, I still live at home with my parents, and you’re going to get more than the once over.”

“I think I can handle myself.”

“Steve, you don’t know my family.”

She was right. Why couldn’t she have been ready and waiting for me so we could have rushed out the door? Her dad greeted me at the door with a firm handshake. Peering in I could see two other large men leaning up against the fireplace mantle in the living room. They were partially hidden by what must have been eight women all looking and watching me when I walked into the house.

What did I do for a living? Was I Catholic? Where did I live, and since I live with my dad was I looking at getting my own place? And finally what did I think about kids? I’m just glad they didn’t ask if I had my own teeth and proceed to check them out because at that point I would have screamed.

“I warned you,” Regina said when we walked out to my car.

“I didn’t think there were going to be so many people.”

“My parents, my older brothers, my grandmother, and my aunts all had questions when I told them who I was going out with. My family is very protective.”

“But did your dad have to take my fingerprints?” We both laughed at that one.

We had a nice time. It was a little tense at times given our brief fiery history, including more than a little baggage we both were carrying around. Her ex-boyfriend had gotten her pregnant and booked when he found out. As far as she knew, he’d gone back to Puerto Rico where they both came from. Regina told me up front her three-year old daughter, Angela, came first.

“Steve, what are your thoughts about dating a woman with a three-year-old child? You have to understand that sleepovers would be out of the question and it would never be just the two of us. I always have to consider Angela when we make plans. It could be complicated, and if you don’t want to go any further I’d understand.”

“Why don’t we take it a day at a time and see how it goes? I haven’t been around that many kids, so it’s going to be a new experience for me, but I don’t scare that easily.” They kicked us out of the restaurant at eleven.

I was driving her home when she asked me to pull over into a parking lot about a half-mile from her house. She unbuckled her seat belt, moved over to me and gave me a kiss that melted the soles of my shoes, not to mention giving me a huge hard-on. After three more kisses she moved back over to her side of the car, fastened her seatbelt, and straightened her hair. I had a very surprised, but pleased look on my face.

“Did you really think I was going to let you kiss me parked in front of my house or on my parents’ doorstep with everyone staring at us? Besides, I wanted to see if you had any potential without being under pressure. Now drive, I need to get home before they send out a search party.”

When we got to her house, I opened her car door, walked her up to her front door, and got a peck on the lips for my trouble. Out of the corner of my eye I saw shadows moving from window to window inside the house.

“They can’t be this protective,” I thought to myself, walking back to my car. “She’s not a kid by any means. She has a daughter, for Christ’s sakes.” I gave her one final wave before getting into my car and driving off.

All right, I knew it was a stupid thing to do and I probably would have gotten away with it, if it hadn’t been for someone in her family seeing me drive by the church Saturday night. They waved at me—I waved back—then felt my stomach clench up. “Shit,” I said under my breath.

“You were checking up on me?” Regina shouted into the phone. Her loud, harsh words resonated in my head.

“It’s not what you think. I just wanted to see what you were doing.” That sounded about as stupid as her saying I did a drive-by.

“Then why didn’t you stop in?”

“Would you believe I feel a little intimidated by your family?” That was no lie.

“Steve, I come from a large, close, Catholic family, and we all look out for and help one another. It’s probably no different that yours.” She had no idea what she was saying.

“Regina, let’s just say my upbringing was a little different from yours, and let it go at that. Look, if I embarrassed you in any way, I’m truly sorry.”

“You didn’t embarrass me. It’s just that I think you have some major trust issues we’re going to have to deal with if I decide to go out with you again. I’m not going to lie to you and the sooner you get that through your thick skull the better. However, I will not put up with you spying or stalking me. Can you understand that? So, if you want to act like a normal person then we can go out again, if not, do not call me anymore.” No question, her cards were on the table.

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. How about if I make it up to you this Saturday? You are free, aren’t you?”

“You’re in luck. There is nothing on my calendar, not yet anyway.”

“Good. Pencil me in. I’m going to let you pick the restaurant this time.”

I’m not a racist, I’m really not, but I felt more than a little uncomfortable with the restaurant Regina picked. It was nice, the food was fantastic, but from the moment we walked through the front door all eyes were on me as if I’d come from another planet. It felt like I was on display

“This is my most favorite restaurant in the whole world. They make everything from scratch and the portions are to die for.” She was right about that because I couldn’t even finish my meal. “If I close my eyes and take a deep breath, I can make believe I’m back home in my grandma’s kitchen in Puerto Rico, eating at her big wooden kitchen table.” Regina was all smiles, but looking over at a few other tables, the guys there weren’t. Can you say moving in on one of their women?

Then it started. It began with just an innocent question. Sadly my answer opened up a chapter of my life I had tried hard to keep closed.

“Steve, when you think back, what is your most vivid memory of your childhood?” Like I said, it was an innocent question, and I think she expected some cute story of my mom baking cookies for me, something sweet and innocent, but that’s not what came out of my mouth.

“My mom slapping my face when I tried to stop her from walking out on my dad and me.” I said it in a soft monotone voice with an expressionless face. Well, that sure as hell wiped the smile off her face. What followed was a discussion that I only ever had with Jeremy and my grandmother.

I tried not to let my anger get the better of me, but my quivering voice got louder and louder. Regina finally thought it might be better if we carried on with this conversation somewhere else. I paid the check and for the next two hours we continued the conversation in the front seat of my car. It brought me back to my own personal hell.

I didn’t tell her everything. I gave her just enough of the highlights so she’d understand why I was the way I was— including my closeness to Jeremy.

“Steve, not every woman is like your mother. Some are, but most aren’t. And not every woman out there is on a mission to screw you over, believe me.” I wanted to believe her, but damn, it was hard.

We dated and saw each other at least one night a week over the next three and a half months. Our families were total opposites, and although I resented some of their glares, and what I thought were way too personal questions, they finally decided I was probably harmless and eased up on me, not entirely, but a little,.

I was happy, Regina was happy, even Angela seemed happy to go with the flow, though still a little reserved around me. When I went to Regina’s Sunday family dinners it was fun, enlightening, and a little stressful all at the same time, only because I was sure everyone’s eyes were constantly on me.

“Relax, you’re the new flavor of the month. When my cousin Carla brought a guy with her out of the blue to church no less, no one would leave the two of them alone until they had all the dirt. Steve, women are naturally curious, unlike men. And they want to know all the juicy details.” I felt better, just barely.

My family never went to church, but I was expected to accompany her every Sunday. Her family still wasn’t completely sure about me, and I them. This whole family thing was all new and foreign to me.

When I said Regina was hot I wasn’t lying. I liked the fact that I could look her right in the eye when I kissed her, and I could give her a good squeeze without worrying about her breaking. She was a fantastic kisser, with a body I wanted to explore, but she wasn’t about to share, at least not yet. After getting my hand slapped away more than a few times we had a come to Jesus conversation.

“Steve, I really like you. You know my past, so I hope you can understand why I’m not ready for that next step yet. I know you’re getting a little frustrated,” she said, sporting a wicked smile, “but think how great it’ll be when we actually do it.” Can you say blue balls? I told her I understood and would wait until she was ready, but not happily. What choice did I have? I’m just glad I hadn’t divorced my right hand yet.

Then came the day one of my hidden flaws showed its ugly head.

Be it a bad case of insecurity, jealously, or just not wanting anyone touching my girlfriend, our next round of discussions cut deep into our happy relationship.

You see Regina loved to dance—not liked to dance, LOVED to dance. As I mentioned I was no Fred Astair, and although I like to dance I preferred slow dances with her in my arms. Because I kept turning her down when we were at this one club, I stupidly told her, “go knock yourself out,” when she asked me if I minded if she danced with a few other guys. Huge mistake.

Now week after week, I was forced to watch from the sidelines as she did every dance imaginable with any Tom, Dick, or Harry who asked her. Let me rephrase that last statement, with every Emilio, Marcos, or Roberto. Some were past friends, others new friends, and the rest, well who knows. I just think they just wanted a piece of her action. It was waning on me.

We had a bit of an argument especially after I told her I didn’t like her dancing with every guy who asked her.

I tried to explain I wasn’t too happy with what she was doing. I wanted her to sit with me and listen to the music. She laughed and said that this was called a ‘Dance Club’ for a reason and not to worry she would dance every old person’s song with me. I let her know her condescending attitude didn’t amuse me. I, or should I say we, let it slide that night but I knew it wasn’t over.

We were on a double date with Jeremy and Cindy at one of our favorite clubs. Jeremy, like me, lasted only a couple of songs and then the girls went off to amuse themselves. Cindy came back after about a half dozen dances but Regina was nowhere to be found. After another half hour went by with no Regina, I went looking for her.

She was dancing, if you could call it that, to a Salsa number. She looked hot, but that guy had his hands in places it took me over three months to put mine without getting slapped. By the time that song ended the next one had started, so I never had a chance to cut in. I waited for that song to end and made my move. I cut in, and by the time the song had ended I was the most embarrassed guy on the floor.

All right, I’m a shitty dancer, but Regina danced around me highlighting what I already knew and now everyone else did, too. Then she did the inexcusable, she laughed at me. Whether it was because of the way I moved on the floor or I just looked comical, it made no difference. The final insult came when another one of her friends whisked her away when the music started again leaving me on the dance floor—alone—while everyone danced around me.

The only word I can use to describe how I felt was humiliated. I watched her float around the floor with her new partner, dirty dancing with him. Making my way back to our table I was livid. I had reached the limit of my patience.

I slammed down two more beers watching Regina go from guy to guy. However, one guy in particular was monopolizing her time on the floor. My anger grew, and the beers I was throwing down weren’t doing me any good trying to control it.

“Steve, relax, they’re just dancing,” Cindy said, watching the top of my head blow off seeing this guy gave Regina a kiss on the lips when the music stopped. I almost made it to the dance floor before the music started again, but that didn’t happen, she and her new dance partner disappeared somewhere on the crowded dance floor.

“I don’t need this shit,” I mumbled, walking back to the table. I slammed my beer down, grabbed my jacket, and headed for the door.

“Steve,” Cindy called out to me, but I never turned around.

Jeremy followed me out the door. “You know this is going to piss her off, don’t you?” he said outside the club. “I see your point, and she probably did go overboard tonight, but you getting pissed and leaving her here isn’t going to solve anything. Besides, you are already half in the bag and shouldn’t be driving. Come back in and cool off. At least take a cab home.”

“If I stay here any longer she’s not going to like what I have to say when she finally does decide to honor me with her presence. You can drive her home unless she decides to go home with one of her many dance partners.”

I don’t think either he or anyone else could have convinced me to stay. I felt like everyone in there was laughing at me for the way Regina was acting and treating me. She had come with me, hadn’t she?

Driving home drunk was a totally stupid thing to do. When I staggered in through the front door my dad took one look at me and let me have it with both barrels.

“If I ever even think you’ve been driving drunk again I’ll call the cops on your ass myself. I don’t care if you kill yourself, it’s the poor son of a bitch you take with you I’m concerned about.” I tried to explain why I’d done it, but he said it made no difference to him.

“If you can’t hold onto your girl that’s your own damn fault.” That’s when the five beers I drank that night got me into a whole lot more trouble.

“Is that what happened to you and Mom? She went looking for someone better?” I knew as soon as I said it I crossed the line. I may have thought it over the years; it’s just that I never before had been stupid enough to say it.

I didn’t see the punch, but I sure as hell felt it. I went down like a ton of bricks.

“You don’t know shit, you hear me?” he screamed at me. “Your mother was a fucking whore and still is. I treated that woman like a fucking queen and she stabbed me in the back time and time again. You’re just as ungrateful as she was, and I want your ass out of my fucking house by next week. Do you hear me?” I did, but it wasn’t completely registering since I was three sheets to the wind, and unsuccessfully trying to clear my head. My dad went off in a huff leaving me lying on the kitchen floor. Life wasn’t looking so good right now.

When you get your back up, it’s hard to listen to reason, even if you know it’s the right advice.

I found a small apartment close to work and took off Wednesday to move. My dad wouldn’t talk to me, and Regina? Well, she didn’t call either. I guess she was as angry at me as I was at her about Saturday night.

Jeremy helped me get my remaining items out of my dad’s place Wednesday night. Just before walking out, I took the house and garage key off of my key ring and left them both on the kitchen counter. Now I truly had no family.

“Give him a couple of days, he’ll come around,” Jeremy said. I knew, though, this was something that could be a real deal breaker. When, after three weeks, he hadn’t returned any of my messages, I pretty much gave up.

After that, Regina and I had a huge blow-up about her attitude, and what I saw as her disrespecting me that Saturday night. She ended up telling me to go fuck myself. Life really was not looking good right now, and it was about to get worse. I was alone and for the first time I didn’t have to answer to anyone but myself, and maybe my new boss.

Cindy thought I was being a total jerk to pretty much everyone. When I told her to get the hell off my back, Jeremy and I had our first real argument in twenty years. He was upset that I had put him in the middle, and although he understood how I felt, he was in love with Cindy. I made it easy for him. He didn’t have to choose sides, I stopped calling him too.

I started hanging out with a new group from work. It was a mix of both women and men who loved to party, especially on the weekends. I started forcing myself out on the dance floor, and in doing so I think my skin got an inch thicker. I no longer cared what people thought about me on and off the dance floor, and maybe for once I got a little bit more of a backbone.

I saw her dancing up a storm with more than a couple of guys. She knew I was there because on several occasions I caught her looking my way. I danced more than I normally would have, especially when they played a slow song. We were playing a stupid game and we both knew it. I just didn’t know which one of us would take it to the next level.

I didn’t see her walk up because I had my back to the dance floor, but everyone else at our table did.

“Steve, do you want to dance?” she said, with not even a hint of a smile or any warmth.

“Regina, didn’t you humiliate me enough the last time around, or do you just want to show everyone here how much better a dancer you are than me? I’m sure you can find a lot better partners, you never seemed to have a problem before.”

“You’re really an ass, you know that? And for your information, it wasn’t anything like what you just said.” I could see her group of friends watching us, one guy in particular.

“Thanks for asking, but no thanks. I wouldn’t want your new guy to get the idea I was moving in on his territory.” I am not sure what I saw in her eyes, but what was on her face was pure anger as she turned around and stomped back to where her friends were sitting.

I was getting bored with the whole club scene. I liked listening to the music. It was just that the crowds, the smoke, and the pressure I was putting on myself to be someone I wasn’t made it much less fun each time I went.

I watched him walk towards our table but that wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. It was the guy at Regina’s table who had been giving me the evil eye, but with the bar right behind me I figured he was headed for it. He didn’t look angry, he wasn’t a bruiser, he wasn’t even making eye contact. Looking back I should have been on my guard, but hell this is a dance club, for Christ’s sakes.

One of the last things I remember was seeing him pull something shiny out of his jacket pocket with his right hand. He never said a word when he walked up to me, he didn’t plan to. The pain in my stomach was sharp and intense. Operating on instinct, I pushed him away and saw the knife in his hand was covered with blood—my blood—I think at that moment I was in shock. Someone at my table screamed, and with me holding my guts in with both hands, I dropped to my knees, then collapsed on to my face on the dirty floor.

I’m told the place went totally wild. My table pelted the guy with bottles, not wanting him to get within arms reach of me again. They watched him struggle to get away before a bouncer grabbed hold of his sorry ass. Never try to hurt a six foot six, three hundred and fifty pound man with an attitude even if you have a switchblade. Someone said the bouncer almost ripped his arm off. Me? I was on the floor for no more than five minutes, before being put on a stretcher by the paramedics and carried out to a waiting ambulance.

I didn’t have a clue what exactly happened because I had passed out. Even after I woke up in the hospital I still wasn’t sure what had gone down. The room was dark and for a split second when I first opened my eyes I thought I was blind. When I started focusing I was thankful until I felt the pain, then it all came rushing back to me. At least I was still alive.

How in the hell do they know at the nurses station when someone wakes up, magic? Within seconds I had a nurse taking my vitals and asking me how I felt. I was stabbed, how did she think I felt? Some questions don’t even rate an answer. She said I was lucky, I would have to spend another couple of days in the hospital, but after that I would probably be discharged. I wanted to know about the guy who went looking for what I’d eaten that morning in my stomach. She informed me the two policemen outside my door would answer all my questions.

It was the usual questions I’d seen on most of the cop shows on television: Did I know him? Had I seen him before? Did he say anything to me before he did it, and finally the big one, why?

“I think he was angry with me because of the argument I had with my ex-girlfriend.” I gave them the nickel version.

“All this because I dance like a clumsy white boy? I’ve got to take lessons when I get my ass out of here.” I said, shaking my head in disbelief. They weren’t laughing and saw no humor in it—neither did I.

“Your assailant is currently in custody, being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. When we review the facts the charge may possibly be upgraded to attempted murder.” I liked the word attempted. I finished giving my statement, signed it, and they left saying they’d be in touch.

I must have fallen back to sleep. When I woke next the room was dark. “You didn’t have to go to this extreme to get me to talk to you,” a voice out of the darkness said. My dad got up from a chair in the corner of the room and sat down in the one next to my bed.

“I’m sorry,” I started to say before he stopped me.

“We’ll talk later when you’re out of here. I called your boss at home. Said he already knew about it. He told me to tell you not to worry about your job, to just get well. The doctor said you’re going to be sore for a while but nothing vital got cut, you were damn lucky. You lost a lot of blood. Luckily a couple of your friends applied a wet compress to make sure you didn’t bleed to death before the paramedics got there. I think you’ll need to pick up a few dry cleaning bills and maybe buy someone a dress that was used for the compress. Anyway, you’re alive and kicking. For that I am grateful. Maybe next time you’ll learn to keep your mouth shut and your head out of your ass.” My dad always had a way with words. That’s when the doctor came into my room.

“Good evening, Mr. Moore, how are you feeling?” he asked, looking at my chart.

“Son, I’ve got to go and make a few more calls. I’ll catch up with you later.” My dad started walking out of my room, I called out to him.

“Love you, Dad!”

“Love you too, son. Get some rest and I’ll see you soon.” The doctor started again.

“You were very fortunate. Like I told your father and your wife, an inch further in either direction, and we would have had major complications.”

“Excuse me, Doctor. You said my dad and my wife?”

“Your wife came in on the ambulance with you. Steve, you probably don’t remember, you were pretty much out of it. Please explain to her that hospital policy dictates we destroy anything that comes into the hospital that has been contaminated with blood as in the case of her skirt. First time I ever saw a beer soaked silk compress, but it must have worked because you’re still here. I will be back to see you later today.”

“My wife?” I repeated silently to myself

“I leave you alone for a couple of weeks and you’re out there pissing off some local gang banger. I think for Christmas I’m going to get you a Kevlar vest, then just maybe I won’t have to come down to the hospital in the middle of the night to rag on you. And you don’t even want to hear what Cindy had to say.” Jeremy smiled. “Well, now that we’ve got that out of the way bro, how you feeling?”

“Just fucking great. At least now I know what a shish kabob feels like.” We laughed. We apologized to one another and brought each other up to speed.

“So you’re married now, does she know?”

“Very funny. However, there is only one girl I know whose got balls big enough to pull that one off.”

“I thought the two of you broke up?”

“We did, or at least I thought we did. When she asked me to dance and I turned her down, she got upset. That’s when her hommie decided to open me up a bit.”

“Well, you’ll be out of here soon. Just think of the story you get to tell your kids some day. And if you’re lucky, you’ll have a great looking scar—the women will love it. It’ll be, ‘Oh poor, poor, Steve,’ all the way to your bedroom. You’ll probably get more pussy now than you ever dreamed of.” I doubted that.

Jeremy stuck around for about another twenty minutes before saying something about dinner and needing to get a few hours of much needed of sleep before going to work tomorrow.

Just before he made his exit he warned me of his next visit. “I’ll bring Cindy with me tomorrow night. She says she has a few choice words for you.”

Be still my heart. That’s just what I needed, another woman ragging on me. I told him to wait until I got out of here before bringing Cindy over. I hoped to be home by Wednesday night at the latest. That is if I lived through all my visitors. The doctor returned just after a not-too-good hospital dinner, announcing I was doing as well as could be expected and would see me tomorrow.

I slept great Sunday night, the best sleep I’d had in months. I guess a lot of it had to do with the amount of drugs I had in my system. I’m sure I was checked on a couple of times during the night, but I never knew it. I woke up hungry, happy, and if it weren’t for the stitches in my abdomen, I would have loved to have taken a walk around the park. Legal drugs are wonderful, aren’t they?

By Wednesday late morning I was in my apartment, bored, and ready to go back to work. “Just don’t overdo it,” were the only instructions the doctor left me with. I had one final follow-up appointment in a week and then I was on my own.

Get-well cards and cookies covered my desk my first day back at work. I was the center of attention for all of the first two hours. After everyone’s curiosity was satisfied, it was back to normal except for a few final well wishers who occasionally stopped by.

I’d left three e-mails and two calls to Regina to thank her for all her help, but got no replies. When Cindy came over the following night, and after reading me the riot act for the third or fourth time, she said she had talked to Regina.

“She’s sorry about what happened and feels responsible. After your blow-up she went back to her friends and basically told them what an ass you’d been to her. One of the group, a guy she’d only met once before, took it that you had disrespected her and decided to teach you manners, as he put it.”

“Manners! The son of a bitch almost killed me. Nice people she hangs with.”

“Steve, Regina said that even though she didn’t know this guy from Adam, she still feels partly to blame.”

“She should.”

“After all this, didn’t you learn anything? You moron, she likes you. Why? I haven’t a clue. You got your little ego hurt and maybe she wasn’t paying enough attention to you, but weren’t you the one who told her she could dance with all those guys because you were too lame on the dance floor?”

“Dance with them, yes. But she let them put their hands all over her. That’s not dancing, that’s mauling”

“Did you talk to her about it? No, you just got angry and walked away, how in the hell was she supposed to know? Between your hot temper and hers, the two of you are going to have to learn to talk not yell at one another. Steve, girls are smart, but we’re not mind readers. Call her and explain in a calm, quiet voice why you got angry. I know she’ll listen.”

“Tried, but she’s not taking my calls or returning my e-mails. I think it’s about time I move on with my life.”

“For what the fourth, fifth, or maybe sixth time? When are you going to get it through your thick skull that one of these days you’re going to have to take a chance on someone? People are human. We all make mistakes, including you. If you want to be by yourself for the rest of your life just keep walking away every time life throws you a curve, or you start to feel a little uncomfortable. Take a chance and maybe—just maybe—you won’t be disappointed.”

“Cindy, maybe you didn’t hear me, she’s not taking my calls!”

“Steve, you’re not a cripple are you? And correct me if I’m wrong, you still have a car and know where she lives? Suck it up, show her you have some balls for a change.”

I tried Friday and Saturday without much luck. At one point I thought she actually had picked up my call but a second later I heard that familiar dial tone. I took Cindy’s advice.

Saint Paul’s Catholic church has five services on Sunday. I knew she wouldn’t be at the seven or eight o’clock service because of Angela, which left me the nine fifteen, ten thirty, and the noon masses. I camped out front on the church steps and waited.

I struck out on the nine fifteen mass but hit pay dirt when I saw Regina and her entire family coming up the sidewalk at ten minutes after ten. I’d gone over in my mind what I wanted to say, but seeing her I forgot about ninety percent of it. She saw me standing there and looked over at the rest of her family, it didn’t look good. She didn’t even acknowledge my presence. She just walked by me and into the church. I followed her in, sitting down in a pew four rows back from her.

My family never went to mass. Hell, up until I met Regina I’d only seen the inside of a church for weddings and funerals. When I went with her, I followed what everyone did. I stood, kneeled, and sat when everyone else did. Today an elderly woman next to me handed me a prayer book and showed me what page we were on. She smiled at me and went back to reading her own hymnal.

Even with her head lowered, I know she saw me when she came back up the aisle after getting her cracker, or whatever they were giving away up at the altar. Fifteen minutes later the service was over and everyone started leaving the church. I lost track of her a couple of times, there were so many people and everyone was talking to everyone else. I caught up with her when she was halfway down the stairs.

“Regina!” She stopped—crap—everyone stopped.

“Steve, what do you want?”

“I just need to talk to you.”

“Didn’t you say enough last time?”

“Please, just give me ten minutes. That’s all I’m asking for, and after that I’ll leave alone if you want me to.” By the look on her face I couldn’t tell what she was thinking. Her mom whispered something to her, then looked up at me.

“Come on, I’m not going to have this conversation in front of God and everyone,” Regina said. I followed her to her car.

“I assume you still know where I live?” I nodded, yes.

“Follow me and we can talk there.” I did as instructed even though I didn’t like the thought of having this conversation with the whole family there.

“Momma, I’ll be out back for a bit. Make sure Angela stays inside, will you?”

“Will Steve be staying for lunch?” Regina looked at me.

“I’ll let you know shortly.” She stormed out the back door with me a step behind her. We walked into the backyard, and I’d like to say away from everyone’s prying eyes, but that sure as hell didn’t happen. “Okay. Talk. You’ve got ten minutes,” she instructed with an attitude, her arms crossed in front of her.

“I’m sorry, I must be taking up too much of your precious time,” I said, turning to walk away. “I’ve been dictated to all my life and I’m pretty much sick of it. I guess we really don’t have anything to say to one another after all.”

“Damn it, Steve, just talk to me. I have no idea what happened between us. We were good, then you bailed on me, it made no sense.”

I spent the next fifteen minutes explaining to Regina why I was so angry with her.

“You never said a word to me. Why not?”

“I did, or at least tried to a couple of times. Couldn’t you see how angry I was that night? Hell, I must have been beet red with steam coming out of my damn ears, yet all you did was ignore me.”

“Steve, maybe I did ignore you a little, but it was never intentional, you’ve got to believe that.”

“The next time I saw you I told you I felt like you had humiliated me out there on the dance floor. I became the laughing stock of all your friends.” I made sure I enunciated those last few words. “Those guys had their hands all over you, and you did nothing to stop them. And when the music stopped I saw your last partner gave you a kiss, I finally had enough, and just lost it. You were supposed to be with me, not them.”

“I was with you.”

“No, Regina, you weren’t. Cindy came back to the table in a half hour, back to Jeremy. After another half hour I had to physically find you, and then you still didn’t come back. If I wanted to be treated like shit, I could have stayed with one of my ex-girlfriends. I thought you were somehow different.” After that statement there was this huge moment of silence.

“But I do want to thank you for what you did that night. I guess without your skirt I may have bled to death.” Now came the tears, hers not mine.

“I’m sorry. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that guy would do what he did. There was so much blood and everyone was more concerned about him than you. The only thing I could think of was to stop the bleeding. That’s when I used my skirt. Someone poured beer on it saying the alcohol would keep the wound from getting infected.” We looked at each other and broke up laughing at that statement. After a few seconds, she continued. “Hey, what do I know? If you’ll recall, it was a little chaotic at that point—it worked, didn’t it?”

“I guess I owe you a skirt. And by the way, how did we get married from the last time we talked until I was loaded into the ambulance?”

“They weren’t going to let me come so I just said we were married,” she said casually. “One of the paramedics gave me a blanket to cover up, and away we went. I didn’t have answers to all their questions so I fished out your wallet and gave them your insurance cards. That’s when I saw the card with the list of phone numbers and called your dad. I met him at the entrance to the emergency room and told him everything I knew. You were already in surgery so we just waited together. When the doctor came out and asked for Mrs. Moore we kind of looked at each other. The doctor said you were going to be okay but would need to say in the hospital for about two to three days. After he left, your dad and I had a little talk. He told me to go home and he would call me after he saw you.”

“But you never returned my calls.”

“I figured you just wanted to yell at me some more. I already felt bad enough as it was. I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt you.” We were now holding hands, looking at one another, but saying nothing.

“Regina, honey, lunch is on the table,” her mom yelled out the back door.”

“Are you hungry?” she asked.

“For food, no,” I replied, kissing her.

We had lunch with her entire family. Afterwards we grabbed Angela and headed to the park. While Angela played we set down the ground rules for going forward.

No more arguments, or should I say no more walking away from arguments. If we had a problem with the other it was to be addressed and handled immediately. When we went out together we were together, unless we both agreed otherwise. Dancing was one thing—being screwed and tattooed on the dance floor was an entirely different matter. The next two were going to be the hardest for me.

“Steve, you have to trust me if we’ve got any chance at making it. You have to believe I have only your best interests at heart and will never—I repeat never—cheat on you. But you have to promise to do something for me that you may not like doing. ” I was getting a little uncomfortable. “You have to make peace with both your dad and your mother. You can see them separately or together, but it needs to be done.”

I couldn’t believe what she was asking of me. “Hell, no! No way, no how. I don’t have a problem with my dad, we’ve already talked and we’re okay, but my mom, that’s a whole other can of worms. I don’t even have a clue where she’s living.”

“It shouldn’t be too hard to find that out. You’re smart, computer savvy, and still know her last name, how hard can it be?”

“What’s the point? I haven’t seen or spoken to her in years. I have absolutely zero interest in seeing her again.”

“Those two made you who you are now, and you need to confront, or should I say talk to the both of them. There are too many unresolved issues and open wounds. You’re not that little five-year-old kid anymore, and you need to close that chapter of your life forever. Forgive them and move on with your life, which hopefully me and Angela will be part of.” She was asking a lot, but I knew she was right about this.

Regina didn’t want to be there, but I insisted. Be it good or bad, if we were going to move forward together I wanted her to meet the two people responsible for molding me into what I was.

It took a week for my dad to agree to a sit down meeting with my mom. I wanted to see them together. First, I did not want to have to go through this more than once, and secondly I didn’t think anything could be resolved unless they also made peace with each other. He finally relented as long as it was on his terms and only if we agreed to do it at his house, something about home turf.

And my mother? Well, she agreed almost immediately, something about wanting to see me again. So on Saturday at two o’clock in the afternoon, with nothing stronger than ice tea to drink, we all sat down in my dad’s living room. You could have cut the tension with a knife. My dad had moved the living room furniture around so everyone would be sitting in a big circle around a large coffee table. This way you could see everyone without being close enough to touch anyone.

Before we started I introduced Regina to my mom. My dad already knew her, having met her that night in the hospital. I told them it was my idea to have her there and that her presence and support was important to me. After the “pleasantries” were over I began. “I know this is hard for everyone, but it’s long overdue,” Everyone seemed to be either playing with their drink or nervously fidgeting in their seat. “We may not all like each other, but we’ve all got a common denominator, me. Mom, Dad, I don’t know what transpired between the two of you nor do I care at this particular point anymore, but what your actions did was to scar a five year old boy in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.” I turned to address my father. “Dad, telling me to suck it up and be a man might have worked for you, but I went from living in what I thought was a happy home to one with a hard ass father and an overly protective grandmother. The only thing you taught me was to keep my guard up because someone was always going to fuck me over given the chance. Up until only a short time ago I believed you, that is until I met someone who has only my best interests at heart.” I gave Regina’s hand a squeeze. Then it was my mom’s turn.

“Mom, what you did to Dad and me was inexcusable. You don’t bail on your child. If you and Dad weren’t getting along that was your problem. I can see you thought your only way out was to leave, but leaving the way you did tore my heart out. You are my mother, you were supposed to love me, not leave me! All those promises you made that we would be together again were like giving me a taste of candy and then pulling it away. It got to the point where I felt you no longer wanted to see me anymore. You were building your new life without me being a part of it. How long has it been since you last spoke to me, six, seven years? How many phone calls, cards, and birthdays did you miss? And why? Didn’t you—don’t you—care about me anymore, or were you—are you—just too ashamed you’d let it go this long?”

The tears were falling as my mother tried but failed to get the words out, so I continued. “No matter what, you’re still my mom, and nothing can ever change that. But going forward how much you’re going to be in my life depends on what happens here today. Both of you need to realize one thing, I don’t need either of you in my life. I want you there, but I no longer need your support or acceptance. We’re all getting older and one of these days I’m going to get married and probably have kids. I want the two of you to be part of all our lives, and I think—I hope—you do too.”

That opened up a round table discussion. For the next hour, ‘I’m sorry’ was the phrase of the moment. My dad talked, not yelled, at my mom for the first time since the day she walked out on us. They were never going to get back together or even be friends for that matter, but if they could at least remain civil towards one another I could accept that. For the first time I found out that my mom had remarried and was happy, but would give anything to have me back in her life. My dad was still bitter and when he started hashing up old issues. I put an immediate stop to it.

“Dad, this is about me—or should I say the three of us—not you and Mom. If the two of you want to go at it again, please wait until Regina and I leave, then you can tear the house down if that’s what you want to do.” I’d gotten control back.

When things settled down again, I let Regina tell them a little bit about herself. She explained to them about our rocky relationship, adding that she was committed to it. She told them she felt this discussion was important if the relationship was really going to flourish. In the two hours we talked, issues were resolved, and get togethers were planned especially around the holidays. Though total peace wasn’t established, at least the hatchet wasn’t buried in someone’s skull this time around. We all hugged one another. Exhausted and emotionally drained, but with smiles, we called it a day.

Driving back to her parents’ house Regina let me know how she felt about what had just taken place at my dad’s. “Stephen Moore, I am so proud of you. You’re a strong, wonderful, caring man, and I’m so glad I’m with you.”

“How glad are you?” I said with a wicked smile.

“Drive on. We don’t have time for what you’re thinking about. Remember you promised Angela we’d take her shopping and out to dinner if she was good.”

“I think I’d rather have her mother bad, and in my bed right now.”

She wasn’t taking the bait. “There’ll be plenty of time for that, but later.” I pouted, even though I knew it would do me no good.

Regina’s mother’s eyes wanted to know it all when we walked through the front door, but she held her tongue. I figured she and Regina would talk later. We grabbed Angela and headed to the mall in less than five minutes.

Regina and I each picked out an outfit for Angela. Personally, I think my choice looked a whole lot better on her. I paid for both outfits and dinner at Pizza Hut. It had been a long day for all of us, and we were all pretty well drained from it. After Regina put Angela to bed we sat out in her backyard holding one another and sneaking in a few kisses when we thought no one was looking. At nine o’clock after a very nice kiss I decided to call it a night.

“I want to go to the nine fifteen service, so be here no later than a quarter to nine,” she announced, walking me out to my car. With one more kiss I headed for home for some much needed sleep.

“Where is Angela?” I asked the following morning.

“She’s going with my mother to the ten thirty mass. It’s just you and me this morning.”

Everyone knew everyone else. It was more like a social gathering outside the big Catholic Church with everyone updating everyone else about what had occurred during the week. I wasn’t a fixture, but I could tell they all knew who I was, probably knowing more than I cared for them to know.

It was the same on our way out. Saying goodbye to everyone and telling them we would see them next week took at least fifteen minutes. With Regina next to me in the front seat she announced she wanted to stop at one of the local bakeries. She picked out a couple of items we both liked and got us each a cappuccino.

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to have breakfast at your apartment for a change.” Did I mind? Hell no! I lived for the time when I could get her all to myself, which wasn’t often enough.

It was nice, sipping on coffee and enjoying the warmth of a nice summer Sunday morning during the ten-minute drive to my place.

Relaxed is what I felt. We walked hand-in-hand into my apartment. Arms, lips, and tongues are what I was greeted with when I turned around after shutting the door. There was no discussion, no idle conversation, or any of the like. Regina had her own agenda for this morning and it wasn’t breakfast. I was just thankful my bedroom wasn’t as messy as it usually is. Breakfast was delayed by about two hours that morning.

Do you know what it’s like to have a curvy woman in your arms? Wonderful! Full breasts, hips, an ass that could take a pounding, and a mouth that made me forget every other lover I had ever had.

I had expected this to happen sooner than later, but after yesterday I thought we’d just be talking again this morning, working out the rest of our issues. I guess this morning there weren’t any pressing issues to work out.

When I went down on her neatly trimmed pussy I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. Regina wasn’t as vocal as I thought she would be. I wasn’t sure she was even breathing until I put her long clit in between my lips and started sucking and nibbling on it. After climaxing the first time, her hands never left the top of my head as she guided me to every fold and crevice that needed a little attention. After two orgasms she pulled me up to her face by my head and we exchanged spit for the next ten minutes. Some women I’ve known thought it was gross to taste themselves on my lips, but Regina wasn’t one of them.

So maybe I don’t have ten inches of hard steel and maybe I’m not as big around as a Coke can but I get the job done. It might have been my insecurity showing through, but I was out to prove to her that I was the best lover she had ever had. I did everything by the numbers and even had to think about my ugly fifth grade teacher when I was about ready to shoot off before Regina had. As soon as I felt her let loose, I gave her the load I’d been saving just for her for the last four months.

When she climaxed I thought she’d cracked a couple of my ribs with her legs tightly wrapped around me. She was still pushing up against me twenty seconds after we’d both finished. I was starting to shrink and beginning to feel the discomfort from leaning on my elbows for so long not wanting to crush her with my weigh, when she suddenly rolled me over on my back.

“That was nice, that was really nice,” she said, licking my lips and then inhaling them.

“Nice?” Nice, I thought to myself thinking I’d given it my best shot and it was only NICE? I think I at least rated a ‘great’ or maybe even a ‘wonderful.’ Nice didn’t seem to cut it for me right now. My male ego had taken a shot and I think Regina picked up on my dilemma.

“That was the nicest and most gentle lovemaking I’ve ever experienced. I felt so close to you that if I would have been any closer I would have been inside you.”

“Well, that’s good because I only want one of us inside at a time.” It was a stupid joke, which earned me a punch in the arm, but also another kiss.

“I need a shower and so do you. We can’t very well go back to my mom’s place smelling like sex, can we?”

“I don’t know, why don’t we try it and see what happens.”

“Let’s see, a close, overly protective, and extremely traditional Catholic family on one hand, and a guy who they are just starting to trust, bringing their daughter back from church smelling like they’ve been screwing all night? You’d be dead before you made it back to your car.” She was smiling, but I’d lost my erection as she pulled me towards the bathroom.

“Regina, they know you’re not a virgin. They must figure you’re doing it at least a little.”

“Steve, thinking it and having it thrust in their faces are two entirely different scenarios. If they don’t see it, they don’t worry about it. They trust their daughter.” We got each other off again in the shower without killing ourselves, but it was touch and go when she pulled the shower curtain down. After devouring our breakfast—sex sure works up an appetite—we headed out to Regina’s house.

I held the car door open for her, she got in, adjusted her seat belt, fluffed up her hair, and was looking in her vanity mirror putting on some lipstick when I moved over, kissed her, and just before I turned on the car engine I proceeded to further complicate matters. Without thinking I nonchalantly announced, “I love you.” Just as nonchalantly I started the car, began heading out of the parking lot when she yelled, “STOP!” She leaned over and turned my car off.

“What the hell did you just say to me?”

I unfastened my seat belt, reached over to a surprised Regina, kissed her on the lips, and said again I loved her. I restarted my car and took off for the second time.

“Steve, we have to talk about this.”

“I know, but is this the time or place?”

“Well, my parents’ house sure as hell isn’t the place.”

“Just answer me one question, do you care for me?”

“Yes, but…” she started to say when I stopped her.

“There are no buts. I care for you, you care for me, what else matters?”

“Well, I can think of one person that comes immediately to mind.”

“Regina, you and Angela are a package. I’ve know that from day one and you didn’t see me heading for the hills, did you? There are probably going to be a lot of issues but together we’ll tackle them one at a time. If we love each other the rest is just superfluous bullshit.” She didn’t quite agree with me because right now she was up there somewhere in the clouds.

“We need to talk, just not at Momma’s house. I still don’t know where you want to take this, and your ideas and mine may not be the same.”

“Well, we could turn around and head back to my place. Only I’m warning you once I got you back inside, I would have other things on my mind.”

“Just like a guy. Give him a taste and he wants to make a steady diet of it.” We looked at each other and burst out laughing. “Just drive, Mom is expecting us for lunch.”

Lunch was good as always. And like always they kept pushing food at me and then looked disappointed when I refused it.

“How you going to gain weight if you don’t eat, you’re skin and bones,” her mother would say, putting this or that on my plate.

Regina couldn’t take her eyes off me, especially when I was talking with either her mother or grandmother. When I let my hands wander a bit she’d elbow me, her eyes saying her family was watching.

“You want to give them a show they won’t soon forget?” I whispered in her ear. The look I got in return said no way, no how. I kept my hands to myself.

Regina’s grandmother was sitting to my other side. Just guessing, she had to be at least eighty, but could have been ninety for all I knew. She was spry but thin, and looked old. During dessert she leaned over to me and pointed at my plate.

“You like this?” she said, referring to the dessert.

“Yes, it’s very good,” I said, with a smile on my face, trying to be overly polite.

“I made it,” she replied, puffing up her chest. This was followed by another proclamation. “My granddaughter is a beautiful woman, no?”

“Yes, she is.” I looked to my other side at Regina who was talking to someone on the other side of her.

“Since you’re already sleeping with her, don’t you think it’s time the two of you got married?” With that business out of the way, she put the last fork full of her dessert into her mouth.

I only choked a little, reaching over for my tea to wash down what was left in my mouth. My mind was racing. How could she know? Shit we had only done it for the first time this morning. Was she a witch or something?

When Grandma swallowed what was left in her mouth she picked up right where she left off. “The way the two of you look at each other reminds me of my late husband. He was never satisfied, that man could go on for hours. How I ever got anything done with him around still mystifies me.” I looked over at Regina and mouthed the word HELP hoping she would understand my meaning. “Well, I hope it’s soon, I’m not getting any younger, you know, and I’d hate to die before it happens.” With that she patted my arm. I was very glad when Regina came to my rescue.

“Grandma, I’ve got to introduce Steve to Aunt Clare before she leaves.”

“No problem sweetheart, Steve and I were just getting to know each other a little bit better.” When Grandma’s eyes met mine they said it all.

“You didn’t tell anyone we had sex before we got here, did you?”

“Steve, do you think I’m nuts. I sure as hell don’t have a death wish, do you?”

“Well, your Grandmamma said that since we’re having sex, I should make an honest woman out of you. That, along with a brief history of her sex life with your grandfather. Holy shit, way too much information.” Regina was now laughing into her hands. “Go ahead and laugh, you saw I almost choked on my custard. Think how cute that would have been with her giving me mouth to mouth. Yuck!”

“The only one who is going to be giving you mouth to mouth is me.” With a quick look to make sure no one was looking she gave me a big kiss.

It was kind of spooky, but every Sunday Grandma kept her eyes on me, especially if I was with either Angela or Regina.

My discussions with Regina became more serious and included all topics, including Angela. Would I adopt her if we got married? Would I become Catholic? Where would we live? How many kids did I want? These were all questions she wanted answers to, only sometimes I had none. Things were progressing rapidly, and it was scaring the hell out of me. We double dated a lot with Jeremy and his wife, Cindy. They’d taken the plunge last year and wondered why I was dragging my feet.

My family was closer than it had been in years. I made it a point to talk to both my dad and my mom weekly. We were working on our relationships but sometimes it was like pulling teeth. It was hard to recapture so much lost time in a few months. But I was about to shake things up again.

It happened Sunday, March fourteenth. Regina and I were as compatible as anyone I’d ever met. Work was going great, and for once I was happy with my life. My lease was coming due the first of May and I’d already told them I wasn’t going to renew. Instead of replacing my ten-year-old car, I got the engine rebuilt and a few other things done so it was good for another hundred thousand miles—I had better things to do with my money.

Often there were twenty to twenty-five plus people at her mom’s most Sundays after church. It was potluck and everyone brought something to share for the meal. Regina and I had stopped off at the bakery after church and picked up four loaves of freshly baked Cuban bread. They were still hot when we put them in the back seat next to Angela. In the trunk of my car I had a large cooler of ice and a few other items I’d need a bit later.

When we walked into the house Regina went into the kitchen and I left to find her grandmother, which was quite a challenge. Luck was with me because that Sunday she was sitting by herself on the couch just watching what was going on. I went and sat down next to her. “Hi, Grandma, how are you feeling today?” She smiled and said with the exception of a little cough, she felt like a seventy year old. “I’ve got something to show you,” I said, looking around for Regina and her mother. “It’s a little something I bought for your granddaughter. I just want to know if you think she’ll like it?” I pulled out the ring from my top pocket and showed it to her.

She didn’t cry, scream for joy, or much of anything. She just looked at it, smiled, nodded her head, and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

With her wrinkled hand on my arm she said, “She’d love it if it was a cigar ring given to her by you.”

“So, I have your blessings then?” She didn’t respond only again nodded her approval. I gave her a kiss on her forehead.

My palms were sweaty, my heart was racing, and I had no appetite, but managed to force down a few bites. Regina was sitting on a bridge chair, with a plate of food on her lap next to one of her aunts and her mother. They were all talking a mile a minute. I took my last swallow of tea, relaxed my shoulders, took a deep cleansing breath, and move forward. I knew if I hesitated I’d chicken out, I had already chickened out once before.

Regina saw me walking towards her and was smiling at me. I loved that woman more than I had loved anyone ever. She was about to say something to me when I dropped down on one knee in front of her. I had this grandiose speech planned about how much I loved her and Angela, which would have probably gone on and on way too long. What happened is, I got a little tongue-tied and cut it short.

“Regina Diaz, I love you, and you would make me the happiest man on earth if you would consent to be my wife?”

She didn’t expect it, especially not right there in her parents’ living room, no one did except her father and grandmother. I knelt there holding that damn ring, waiting for what must have been an hour as she teared up, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me. Everyone went nuts.

I’d already done the proper thing by asking for Regina’s hand from her father a week ago. When I walked through the door today, I handed him my car keys and I told him there was a cooler in the trunk of my car with a few bottles of champagne we might need a little later. He took the keys, shook my hand, and told me good luck because I would need it afterwards. He was right.

Pandemonium is what broke out as every woman in the place wanted to see the ring that was already on her finger. And Regina? She wasn’t letting go of me, no how. I was at arms length and that’s all the further she’d let me go for the next hour. The women were now all talking at once and loud. When Angela walked into the room to see what the ruckus was all about, Regina grabbed her and told her that she was going to have a new daddy. I think it went in one ear and out the other, but I did get a hug out of the deal. Looking over at her grandma I could see her smile, it was a big day for her, too.

Her father and brothers brought in the champagne. Glasses were filled, toasts were made, and I was officially welcomed into the family.

While the women started planning the wedding, her dad, brothers, and the rest of the men took me out back where the hard stuff was brought out. I only lasted three rounds until I thought I was going to hock up a lung—they laughed, telling me I’d get used to it. That was the longest Sunday brunch I can remember ever having attended.

By seven o’clock it was winding down. Everyone congratulated us one more time as they walked out the front door. I was going to be leaving soon, therefore I was sipping on a glass of cold ice tea. I had already drunk too much earlier and wasn’t taking any chances of getting a D.U.I. today of all days. I watched Regina help her mother and grandmother with that smile still plastered on her glowing face.

When she came over to me, the kiss she gave me about pushed me over the edge. I guess it was okay to show me a little affection in front of her family now that we were engaged.

“Why did you do it in front of my whole family?” She asked me when we were alone, giving me another kiss for good measure.

“I thought about it for a long time. Considering how close your family is I decided to include them in what I hoped would be one of the happiest moments of our life together. It would be like, in a way, bringing our two families together.”

“Well, it worked and you sure as hell impressed my parents not to mention making a few boyfriends in the room a little uncomfortable. You never cease to amaze me.”

“I do my best.”

“By the way, what would you have done if I had said no?”

“Well, I know this hot older lady, and if she is half as good as her stories, she probably would have killed me on our honeymoon.”

“Asshole. I can guarantee you that you aren’t going to be able to walk by the time I’m finished with you.”

“Isn’t that what I’m supposed to be saying to you?”

We laughed. The sexual tension was hanging heavy in the air right now. With Regina in my arms, I wanted to take her home with me and spend the next two hours showing her what we’d be doing nonstop on our honeymoon. It seemed her mother was not ready to let me leave just yet. She wanted to do a little wedding planning first. So, for the next hour me, Regina, her mother, grandmother, and two of her aunts sat around talking wedding. Not exactly how I had planned to culminate my proposal day.

Monday and Tuesday nights were spent made the rounds telling everyone the good news. We first met with my dad who wasn’t surprised at all, and then with Jeremy and Cindy who both said it was about time. I couldn’t tell if my mom was surprised or not. Though she seemed genuinely happy for us, I detected something under the surface. No matter, I really didn’t care if she liked it or not, it was a done deal, in our eyes, anyway.

When Regina asked when I wanted to get married, I told her the sooner the better because I had to be out of my place by the end of April.

“We’re going to have to find a new apartment and be ready to move the last week of April, so we don’t have a lot of time.” Location, location, location, became the main issue. She still wanted to be close to her parents, and I wanted to be close to my work. We had a bit of a conflict. I finally located her job, my job, and her parents’ house on a map and drew a circle around all three. “This is where we need to look!”

A friend of her second cousin’s neighbor had a two-bedroom place for rent. I guess marrying into a big extended family has its advantages. The place was spacious, clean, and I could live with the shitty view of the parking lot for what he was charging us. We signed a year’s lease and were told we could move in anytime after the twenty-seventh of April.

After our first wedding get together on the day of my proposal, I tried to stay as far away from the wedding plans as possible. I would be there, tux or no tux. As long as there was something for me to eat and drink I was happy. It was, after all, the bride’s moment to shine.

I thought they were pulling my leg when they told me that they’d set the date for first Saturday in May. I figured the earliest it could be was at least June—guess I underestimated the Diaz women.

Within two weeks, the hall had been secured and the food taken care of. The invitations had been ordered and were already being printed. I asked my mother if she wanted to have any input. Besides her being there she was letting my future bride’s family run with it.

“Not until our wedding night?” I said a little too loudly when Regina told me her plan the following Saturday night.

“Think about how excited you’re going to be by then,” she explained, now a little more hesitantly.

“Honey, by then all the priest will have to say is, ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife,’ and when you kiss me I’ll probably shoot my wad in my pants.” I wasn’t kidding.

“Well, I didn’t say we couldn’t do anything, did I?” She snuggled up close to me. “There are other things we can do besides that, isn’t there?” I could think of at least ten off the top of my head at that moment. Later that evening we quietly tried out at least three. I just might survive until the wedding.

I could go on forever about our wedding, so let me just sum it up this way: When I saw my bride walking down the aisle with her father and mother, right then and there I realized she was by far the most beautiful creature on this blessed earth. I may be a little biased but mere words can’t come close to describing how utterly lovely she looked, and she was soon to be all mine.

Secondly, there was enough food and drink to feed a small third world country. Of the one hundred and twenty-eight guests, my side amounted to all of eleven people. On her side—the other one hundred and seventeen—most brought something to eat or drink. I’d never been to a potluck wedding—I knew it wasn’t going to be my last.

Finally, my mother and Regina had planned our honeymoon without telling me or giving me any input. “Trust me,” was all they would say. It was a nice wedding gift sentiment, only I would have liked a little say in the matter. And the worst part of it was that she wouldn’t tell me much more than I’d love it just like I loved her family. Was I scared? Well, maybe a little.

“Babes, how can I pack if I don’t know where we’re going?”

“Just pack for very warm and humid conditions.” That wasn’t helping. “But, you will need your good suit and your dancing shoes.”

“Regina, I have a much better idea, why don’t you and my mom pack for me, this way I’ll be sure to have the right clothing.” I said it in a sarcastic tone of voice, she must have missed that part of it because the day before our wedding, two of the biggest suitcases I owned had a tag with my name on it. I was screwed.

It was almost midnight and the wedding was still going strong. As much fun as I was having by now I had other ideas on my mind. My blue balls were going to get a little relief tonight.

I snuck up behind my bride, kissed her on the neck, and told her that she’d made me the happiest man on earth. She looked at her watch, yelled for her mother, and told me it was time to get changed.

“Changed for what?”

“Our honeymoon, silly!”

An hour later the four of us were packed into her dad’s SUV with enough luggage for a trip around the world. With her mother and father in the front seat, Regina and I cuddled up as close as two people could get in the back seat. When we pulled into the airport forty-five minutes later I’d had just about enough. When we stopped at the curb by the South West terminal gate, I decided it was time for answers.

I stopped dead in my tracks put up my hand to halt the whirlwind happening around me. “Okay wait! I’m not taking another step until you tell me where we’re going.” The three of them looked at one another. Regina finally answered my question.

“Puerto Rico to start, and we’ve got just over an hour and a half before our plane departs.” Well, at least I knew we were headed south.

In our seats—first class no less—just before we finally lifted off, Regina handed me our itinerary for the next seven days. We were going on a seven-day southern Caribbean cruise starting in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Her extended family met us at the airport where we were whisked away to someone’s house just outside of town. English was spoken occasionally; Spanish being the main language of the moment. Introductions were made and we were shown a room where we could get cleaned up and some rest.

“Get some sleep or whatever else the two of you want to do. The rest of the family will be here about eleven thirty in the morning for the party.” Her cousin winked at us and shut the door.

I turned to Regina with a big question mark on my face. “Rest of the Family? Party?’

“My family down here wants to throw us a wedding party.”

“Family? Just how big is your family?”

Call me a wimp, but my body let me down. I had the hottest woman on the planet lying naked next to me on my wedding night and I fell asleep. In my defense, it was six o’clock Sunday morning, and I’d been up for the last twenty-four hours getting married and partying like there was no tomorrow. I was dead on my feet.

I woke up with a thick pair of lips around me. I was a little disoriented for a couple of seconds before I realized I wasn’t in Kansas any longer, and I loved what my new bride was doing. A little mutual oral pleasuring culminated with a quiet quickie, and we were in the shower laughing and trying not to damage anything.

There must have been fifty people at the party. First and second cousins, old friends, new friends, everyone was there. Again, more food and alcohol appeared on tables set up all around the living room. More than enough it seemed, to feed the whole island. After partying for another three hours, I started silently praying we’d make it to the ship on time and sober. Everyone wanted to meet the new husband and since Regina had been gone for ten years there was a lot of catching up to do. At five o’clock I told her it was time. We loaded everything into the car and headed for the port. I was looking forward to seven days alone with my new bride.

The cruise was nonstop activity, that’s if you wanted to do anything. There were six stops: Saint Thomas and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Saint Kits, and Saint Maarten. We would end back up in San Juan on Sunday morning.

We never made it to dinner the first night at sea. We ate in our cabin on the balcony and reconnected with each other after the previous two days of non-stop action. Regina said she packed a special treat for me for each night of our cruise. If the rest were half as hot as Sunday’s we’d probably never make it to the dining room for any meals.

By Tuesday we needed a break. One of the legs on our bed had broken off. The steward assured us it would be replaced by night. He gave me a wink, telling us they’d bring one that was a little sturdier.

We took leisurely walks in the Virgin Islands and Barbados, purchasing a few souvenirs, though most of the stuff was geared towards the tourists and didn’t interest either one of us.

While we dressed for dinner, I thought about skipping it again.

“Hon, you want to skip dinner and order in again tonight?”

“Not on your life, I want to see something of this ship before we dock back in San Juan on Sunday morning. Besides, I really want to check out the food in the dining room.” I relented after a promise of something special when we got back to our room later that night.

Our whole table watched as we took our seats and ordered a bottle of wine.

“We weren’t sure if we’d see the two of you at all this trip,” said one of the middle-aged women. “I understand you are on your honeymoon.” Regina smiled and said they were replacing the bed in our room because somehow we’d worn it out. I think I turned red when the whole table broke out laughing.

The food was great, the company entertaining. We were having the time of our lives.

“You’ve got to make it to the adult comedy show at midnight,” one of the woman told Regina. “It’s only for adults if you know what I mean.”

“I’m not sure I can hold off my husband that long, but we’ll try and make it. Save us a seat for tonight, will you?”

We walked the ship after dinner, played a bit in the casino, and finally hit the dance clubs. I did better than I’d ever done before—I made it a whole hour before sitting down. As I rested, Regina kept moving to the music standing next to our table. When a guy came up and asked her to dance she looked over at me. It didn’t take her long to make up her mind. She smiled at her suitor then politely refused his offer showing him her wedding ring.

“You could have danced one dance with him,” I whispered to her.

“Been there, done that, and never again—especially on our honeymoon.” I got my ass off the chair and went back out onto that dance floor.

The comedy club was packed, but we did finally find our dinner companions. Most were feeling no pain, since no one was driving, most likely they figured they might as well enjoy themselves.

The comic was so funny I almost peed in my pants, I laughed so hard. When he started picking on people in the audience I slid a little deeper into my chair.

“Where is that newlywed couple that broke the bed in their cabin and had to have it replaced?” Our dinner group pointed to us. “Looking at how hot your wife is it’s no wonder. If you get too tired, I’m in room 1041, that’s one zero four one.” Everyone was laughing, but it was the good-natured kind.

Regina, not one to let anyone get the best of her, shot right back at him. “Well, if you’ve got more than my husband’s twelve inches let me see it, and then maybe we might be able to work something out,”

“How about if I give you six inches twice?” was his quick comeback.

“To be half as good as my husband, you’d have to be able to do it at least four times.” The audience again erupted into gales of laughter. “But if you don’t mind, we have another bed to try out,” she said, taking my hand. “I’ve also been told no one has ever gone through more than two beds on a seven days cruise, but they’ve never met my husband.” We walked out to a standing ovation.

“Babes, unless you’re confusing me with someone else, I don’t have twelve inches.”

“I know and you know, but the rest of the women on the ship don’t.” She was smiling now. I got more than a once over by lots of women the rest of the cruise. I’m sorry to say, we didn’t break the broken bed record. We gave it our all, it didn’t happen.

Sunday morning saw us back in San Juan and by ten thirty we were on the big bird going home. It was an exhausting and memorable seven days, to say the least. Through those seven new outfits, we could relive our honeymoon night after night.

We slept most of the way back because we knew our new reality would hit the moment we got off the plane, and it was waiting for us.

“Mommy, Mommy,” Angela screamed, running up to Regina. I got a hug and kiss but ninety-nine percent of her joy was directed at her mother.

All the way back to our apartment, we tried to summarize seven days into forty-five minutes. With work starting tomorrow we all went to bed early, knowing we would be waking up to our new normal.

Life was better than good. I was usually met at the door with kisses and hugs from both my women. I made it a point to bring home something special for Angela every Friday evening. It didn’t have to be much, she just knew something was going to be there. Once I almost forgot. I got to our house when I realized I’d forgotten her little gift. I quickly hit the corner drug store to pickup a small stuffed animal.

“You know you’re spoiling her, you’re never going to be able to keep it up.” She was right. So from that Friday forth I gave her a dollar for her piggy bank. Now she would meet me at the door holding her bank. After a big kiss and hug a dollar was deposited into her pink piggy bank. The only thing I did was mix it up. Sometimes change and sometimes paper money, but it was always there.

It was the week before my out of town inspection. Regina seemed a little off and by that I mean the honeymoon feelings seemed to be waning. She was still waiting for me, but something was missing. Though we still made love most nights, if I didn’t know better I’d swear something was on her mind.

I had to be out of town for almost four days. I called every night and she said she missed me, but that damn undertone was there. On the plane ride back I slept as much as possible because I knew I most likely wouldn’t get any sleep my first night back. It was the first time we’d been apart since we got married three months ago.

Medbh heard the kitchen door slam to, and through the open window the girls’ voices disappeared into the distance. They sounded quite excited, but she couldn’t hear what they said.

She broke their kiss. “You’re really good with the girls,” she said.

“It’s as if I’ve known Josie for years,” Ted said. “And they are much easier to deal with than grown-ups. Maybe it’s because I can appreciate what they want from me; grown-ups far too often have a hidden agenda. And besides, we just like each other.”

Medbh nodded and sought his mouth again. She turned his way completely, so that he had to let go of her breast, rolled him onto his back and lay down on top of him.

“Now, she said, “to go on where we left off…”

She enthusiastically kissed him and rubbed his chest with her breasts. She felt him grow hard under her ministrations, but she was in no hurry. The morning air was warm, and the light in Ted’s bedroom made her feel lazy, and she knew it would be hours before the girls returned.

Ted smiled at her. He shared her feeling of well-being and slowly stroked her naked back before going lower down her body. He loved the curves of her buttocks and explored them slowly. Then his hands returned to her back. She shivered for a moment.

“Suppose I’d not fallen ill,” she said. “Then we wouldn’t be here together.”

“It’s an ill wind…” Ted said. “But you know we’ve got two scheming little minxes who have some ideas of their own. I wouldn’t wonder but they’d have got us together some way or other. It might have taken us much longer, though.”

She grinned. “Yes, they’re a great couple, aren’t they?”

She ruffled his hair and bit his nose. “I still can’t believe you’re mine, big boy. When I asked you if you could paint my portrait as beautifully as the girls, I never thought you’d come with anything like that. It felt like a proposal.”

She smiled at him.

“You look exactly like it now,” Ted said and felt for her bottom again. “Maybe I can get you to sit for a full length nude?”

“Not if you reveal it at my next birthday.” She put her arms round his neck and pressed her breasts into him. It made her nipples tingle. “But for private purposes…”

Ted nodded and ran a hand through her crack. She shivered again.

“We will get married, won’t we?” she said.

“Yes,” Ted said, and he felt for her pussy. “We’ve already got two beautiful bridesmaids, and we could ask Janice to be a witness. She never cold-shouldered you. Mrs Mills can be one, too. That’ll serve the ladies right.”

When she felt his fingers touch her pussy she raised her hips and felt between them for his cock. She guided him inside and lay down on top of him again.

‘Oh,” she said, “this just feels wonderful. And we have all the time in the world.” They found each other’s tongue and happily enjoyed exploring each other’s mouth. Ted ran his hands through Medbh’s hair. He lifted it and arranged on her back like a large fan, and then he went down her sides to the soft sides of her breasts.

“I love your breasts,” he said. “They are the perfect size for my hands, and they feel just the way they should.”

He found her nipples and squeezed them softly, and he moved the muscles at the base of his cock. Medbh wiggled her hips in response, and then she sat up, drew her knees up until her feet were on either side of his hips, grinned at him and started to move her bottom back and forth.

The feeling was fantastic. Ted felt his cock rolled and kneaded by the way she fucked him. All he could do was lie back and enjoy it; her weight on his hips prevented his taking an active part.

Medbh looked at him with an impish grin, and gradually moved a little faster. Her hair falling over her breasts, her eyes and the wide mouth he liked so much almost moved him to tears. It was quite different from the night before when she’d ridden him and he’d been able to counterbalance her motions – somehow it seemed even more intense.

Medbh held his waist with her hands to steady herself. Smiling beatifically she rocked herself into a sweat, almost mangling Ted in the process – but he loved it. He stroked her belly with one hand and held her hand with the other.

She suddenly stopped. “Your turn to do something, lazybones,” she said with a grin.

She got off of him, turned round and pressed her pussy into his face. Ted felt overwhelmed by her smell and her warmth and he stuck out his tongue and touched her. She moved her hips to ensure the best contact, and took his cock in her hands.

Ted parted her pussy lips with his fingers and drank in her looks – the beautiful colours, the glistening labia and the down of soft hairs around them, and then he put his tongue between them. Medbh softly squeezed his head with her hips, and took him in her mouth. She worked up a lot of saliva. When she had him good and wet she began bobbing her head up and down, while revelling in Ted’s tongue touching her. When she felt close to coming she got up and asked Ted to take her from behind.

“Please, baby,” she said, and she rested her head on the bed while Ted pushed inside and brought them to the top. When she felt her orgasm ebb away she stretched herself out and Ted sank down on top of her. She turned her face his way. “Good?” she said

“Wonderful! Thank you very much,” Ted said. He rolled to his side and held her close, and put his hands around her on her breasts.

She smiled and said, “Like when we started this morning. Oh Ted, you’re sweet.”

“So are you,” he said. “I can’t remember ever having been so happy before.”

It was past ten when they got up. They showered together, and made themselves some coffee.

Then Ted took Medbh all over the house and asked her to comment on the way she’d like it to be, and how she wanted to distribute her own furniture and things.

She made a series of suggestions that were eminently sensible, and decided she wanted the gouache of their daughters over the living room fireplace. “That was a crucial moment for me, too,” she said. “It made me understand how much you like Josie. And I hoped you’d come to like me as much.”

“I do,” Ted said. “When you looked at your portrait and you didn’t say anything I thought I’d get a heart attack. I was afraid you’d be furious and I’d ruined everything.”

She nodded. “I can see what you mean. But it did the opposite.”

She put her arm round his waist. “Let’s lay the table and get the girls,” she said.

Josie and Kim came home giggling and looking very smug.

“Did you have fun together?” Kim said.

“You’ve been kissing, haven’t you? I went home to get us some water, and you were still upstairs!” Josie chimed in.

“And it was almost ten o’clock!”

“Are you going to marry?”

“Then we can be sisters -”

“And bridesmaids -”

“And you can have babies!” Kim concluded triumphantly.

Medbh smiled at them. Ted thought she looked even happier than before. “Yes we are,” she said, “and yes, you can. But more babies… Don’t you think three’s enough?”

“Three?” Kim asked.

“Your dad – Ted – is a baby, too – he’s mother’s baby.” Josie giggled.

“Yes,” Medbh said, “My baby – my darling – my sweetheart… It’s all the same thing.”

“Am I your sweetheart, too?” Kim asked eagerly.

Medbh nodded, and Kim beamed. Ted smiled at Josie.

“We’ll have to think about more babies,” Ted said. “And after all, we want to be married first. We’ll talk about it later; let’s have lunch now.”

The girls were very excited, and kept asking questions. They insisted they share a room; no, it didn’t matter if it wasn’t too big. They just wanted to be together, and the rest was alright.

After lunch Ted took Medbh for a walk in the small wood. They went to the edge and sat down on a log, and they looked out over the fields and across the valley to the town.

“It’s ok in itself,” May said, “but I’ve never been really happy there. This is a happy house and I love the country around it. When Kim had asked Josie over for her birthday one of the bleak spells of that place was lifted. She’d never gone anywhere to play before.”

Ted nodded. “Kim had, but she didn’t like it much there. The parties these people give are all about showing off, and when she just went to play she came home to tell me about all their toys. But they never had any real fun, it seems.”

He smiled. “When Josie first came here I had her change into Kim’s clothes, because I didn’t know if you’d object to her getting dirty. The girls were outside most of the time, and I had to help her scrub her hands afterwards. But she absolutely loved it.”

“Yes. She was so full of it I couldn’t understand half of what she was trying to tell me. But it was clear she’d had a great time.”

She put her head on Ted’s shoulder and they just sat together for a long time, simply enjoying each other’s presence. Then she kissed him and said they should go home.

They went through the house twice more and decided the books for the shop would go to the conservatory; it would be easily accessible through the French windows and it was by far the largest room in the house. What was more, it was as yet waiting to be used. They stopped pottering about at five because it was time to do the cooking.

Medbh and Ted had a long pow-wow that evening. Medbh told him she was on the pill; she’d taken it since she’d come home from her stay at the Aulds’ after her appendectomy. After all, she said, you never knew, and even now they had to be very certain a new child was welcome to everyone concerned – didn’t he think so?

Though Medbh had some qualms at first as to whether they hadn’t better keep on living at their various addresses till they were married, Ted thought it wouldn’t really make a difference. Their getting married as such would take a lot of wind from the ladies’ sails. Medbh agreed and they decided to initiate arrangements when the children had gone back to school after their Sunday together the next morning.

They spent a long time in the conservatory. Medbh had a good eye for proportions and furnishing, and Ted saw with joy how enthusiastically she devoted herself to the task, armed with a measuring tape and sheets of paper.

“This will house a lot of books if we do things right,” she said.

That night they made love twice, once before they turned off the lights and again when Medbh woke up to find Ted sitting on the edge of the bed. He had opened the curtains and was looking at her by the light of the moon that was just a little past full. It fell all over the bed. She had loved his looking at her and put out her arms to him; and he had accepted the invitation so tenderly it made Medbh sing inside.

After breakfast they drove to town together, and the ladies that were there saw the four of them get out of the car.

“Now look at that,” one of them said. “They’re really four of a kind.”

Janice Bond, who was no fool, noticed something was up immediately. She went to Medbh and asked her what it was.

Medbh told her the four of them were going to be one family, and Janice wished her luck and kissed her. “Oh, good!” she said. “That’s wonderful! Oh, I wish it were me – I’m out of boyfriends at the moment. I’m always unlucky with them. Oh well, who knows…” Medbh saw she had tears in her eyes.

One of the other mothers, who belonged to the group that in the past had at least nodded to Medbh, overheard.

“Hey,” she said to her companions, “did you hear that? Let’s wish them luck – they must make a good couple.”

“Alice! You can’t be serious. They’re not our kind.”

“Well, they look happy enough, and I’m going to if you don’t.”

She walked over to where Medbh and Ted were talking to Janice. She felt a little uncomfortable, but she shook their hands and said, “I’m Alice Stubbs. I overheard your conversation and er, I’d like to congratulate you. Best wishes, and I hope you’ll be as happy as you look!” She blushed.

Ted smiled at her. The four of them stood talking for some time and then Alice went back to the others. “They actually seem quite nice, you know,” she said.

They went into the school building to talk to Mrs Mills and tell her that Josie would be living at Ted’s address from then on.

“Really?” she said. “I’d asked myself for some time when you would eventually get together. Kim and Josie are very close, aren’t they?”

She nodded and entered the new situation in a computer file. She blushed when they asked her if she’d be willing to be a witness at their wedding.

“Oh,” she said. “Why, er, yes of course. With the greatest of pleasure. What do the girls say about you marrying?”

“They suggested it before we had even talked about it,” Ted grinned. “They’ll probably tell you all about it.”

When they asked Janice she jumped to the suggestion. “Wow,” she said, “I’ve never done that before. When is it going to be?”

Ted said it would be in about two months’ time; they had to arrange a lot of things first.

“I’ll go and get myself a new dress,” she said enthusiastically. “Oh, groovy!”

The very first day Medbh immediately put up her picture over the head of the bed. They stood looking at it hand in hand, and she smiled at her own image. Then she kissed Ted, pushed him over onto the bed and without bothering to undress him she took out his cock. She pulled her panties aside and rode him hard, biting his lower lip and pressing him so close it almost hurt.

When they lay quiet together she said, “I think I would like to have a child with you. Shall we?”

Ted nodded. “Yes,” he said, and stroked her face. “Let us try.”

“Then I’ll discontinue the pill once we’re married,” she said, “or a little sooner. I don’t want to give the ladies something else to talk about.”

It turned out to be a busy couple of weeks. They rented a small van to move Medbh’s things to Ted’s place, and they had to shift a lot of furniture. Eventually the piano was given a good position in the living room; the conservatory was turned into Medbh’s stockroom entirely.

Josie moved her possessions in with Kim’s. The girls’ bedroom was quite big enough; they usually played in the living room or outside if the weather allowed.

Ted smiled when he saw the alterations to the bedroom, which had been rather empty when he lived alone. Now Medbh’s wardrobe filled some wall space and there was another chair that held a selection of feminine clothes. On the shelf in the bathroom there sat some perfume bottles and a few make-up articles. She wasn’t given to using a lot of it; she only wore some when she was at the bookshop in town.

The gouache of Kim and Josie was duly put up over the fireplace. Medbh always looked at it whenever she came into the room; the girls seemed to follow her with their eyes and she often nodded at them. Some team, she thought.

They made all due arrangements for their marriage day and sent out invitations to their few remaining relatives and a couple of old friends. Kim and Josie had asked if their class could come, and Ted had taken it up with Mrs Mills, who immediately agreed.

They also sent an invitation to Alice Stubbs, who after their first contact had decided that she liked them and often came to them for a few words before or after school. Much to their surprise she had actually apologised for her previous behaviour towards Medbh.

Medbh, who didn’t care for any official lace wedding dress, had bought a simple cream coloured one, and a couple of matching dresses for the girls. Kim, who’d never worn a dress before, stood admiring herself in front of the mirror in the big bedroom.

“Nice,” she said. “But I like trousers better.”

Ted was hopeless with clothes, so Medbh had taken him on tow to go and buy a fitting suit; she thought he looked wonderful in it.

He smiled. “Always happy to please,” he said.

One night, five days before the wedding, when they were sitting together Medbh told Ted she’d stopped taking the pill. Ted grinned at her broadly. “Let’s drink to that,” he said, “and let’s hope we work out together that way, too.”

“Yes,” May said. “But if we don’t there’s always Kim and Josie.”

They cracked a bottle of wine and clinked glasses.

“To the loveliest woman I know!” Ted said.

The girls were very excited. They loved parties and this one promised to be even better than Medbh’s birthday party had been.

“But not as good as yours last year,” Josie said. “We won’t have the time to play in the wood, and we can’t make a fire, and -”

“But we’ll be sisters. Bet you can’t catch me!” Kim ran off giggling while Josie was on her tail in hot pursuit.

When the day eventually arrived the grown-ups were anxious things might not be exactly the way they’d wanted them to be, but all went as well as could be.

The girls beamed through the entire ceremony; they followed their instructions to a t. Ted had told them first, and Medbh had given them a résumé afterwards; they’d just listened and smiled.

During the party Janice struck up rapport with an old friend of Ted’s. She’d fortunately dressed in a way that was positively conservative in her own eyes – it still was rather more daring than Medbh would ever dream of – and Charles, a registered accountant who was a self-professed bachelor fell for her head over heels. And Janice was funny, and not naturally promiscuous – she had told the truth when she said she was just a little unlucky in the choice of her boyfriends, and the rumour that she didn’t even know who her son’s father was, was positively slanderous – and Charles’s staid, calmly humoristic bent on life appealed immensely to her. They kept talking and laughing and seemed entirely oblivious to the world at large.

Medbh and Ted saw them together from a distance and Ted whispered to her, “You’d never have guessed, would you?”

She smiled. “Let’s hope it’ll work out alright for them,” she mouthed.

“Yes. She’s a good girl. I always thought she was happy – but she must have been quite lonely, too.”

Kim and Josie teamed up with Mandy, Alice’s daughter, and tried to get Janice’s son Bill to dance with them. “But he’s much too blue,” Kim complained afterwards.

The party came to an end. Ted and Medbh were happy and tired. They grinned at Janice when she told them Charles would come around that weekend. When they’d said goodbye to all the guests they looked at their daughters.

“So now we’re sisters?” Josie said.

“Yes. But you actually already were, I think,” Medbh said. “It’s just that no one can deny it now.”

Josie grinned at Kim. “Hey, sis,” she said.

They were home at around ten, and after some talk at the kitchen table they put the girls to bed.

“Well,” Ted said with a smile. “Finally alone. I wish it were still warm enough to go out into the garden.”

“Let’s just go there for a moment,” Medbh said. “We could keep our clothes on after all. I’d like to look out on the town for a moment.”

She linked her arm in his and they went downstairs, put on their coats and went out onto the lawn. There was no moon but the sky was clear and brilliant with stars, and they stood looking at them with the day’s activities on their minds.

“No falling stars,” Medbh said. “Now I cannot make a wish.”

“You could not tell me what is was anyway. Not that I couldn’t guess. I think I wish the same.”

After some time Ted said, “I never thought I could ever be so wildly happy. You, Josie, Kim, all of us together here… It’s wonderful. I love you so much.”

She took his face in her hands. “My life has made such a turn for the better,” she said. “I was so lonely for so long – if it hadn’t been for Josie I’d probably have gone to Africa or something.”

She kissed him deeply and very tenderly, and rubbed his crotch. Then she said, “Shall we go in? I’m hungry for you.”

Ted smiled at her and lifted her off then ground. “I’ll carry you across the threshold properly,” he said. He walked the short distance with big steps and carried her inside. They climbed the stairs and Medbh opened the bedroom door.

She went in and said, “Wouldn’t you like to unwrap your present now?” And she put her hands over her head to facilitate the removal of her dress.

“Hmm,” Ted said. “The most wonderful present ever.” He took the hem of her dress and lifted all of it over her head in one slow motion. Then he looked at her and gasped. “Wow!” he said. Medbh had bought herself a beautiful set of lingerie for the occasion. She had kept it secret from him because it was meant as a surprise and Ted looked at her wide-eyed.

“Medbh! It’s almost a pity to take it off.”

“Glad you like it, big boy! But you’d better take it off anyway. I’ll wear it again for you but I want us naked now. Please!”

Ted felt her lovely body through the seductive underwear, and stroked her nipples. They had already gone quite swollen and when he touched them Medbh shivered. “Please,” she said again.

Ted reached around her back

“No,” she said, “It opens between my breasts.” Ted opened the clasp a little clumsily – it didn’t really help that his fingers were trembling. Medbh put her arms a little behind her back to let the thin piece of clothing slide onto the bed.

Ted kissed her breasts while he moved down to kneel in front of her. He kissed her belly and paid a lot of attention to her navel. He knew by now that it made her shiver, and she usually reacted quite forcibly to his touching her there.

“Oh, please, go on! Take my panties off and don’t be a brute!”

Ted grinned and sat down on his haunches. He hooked his fingers into the elastic of her panties, but before he slid them down he kissed the front, and looked at the top of her slit thought the thin material. It aroused him no end.

When Medbh was naked he got to his feet. He’d already taken off his jacket when they came home so she unbuttoned his shirt while she rubbed his cock through the front of his trousers. Then she undid his trousers, and pushed them down his legs. His cock sprang free and he felt her hair sweep against it. He loved the feeling. She smiled up at him, and then she quickly planted a kiss on the tip on her way up.

“Ted,” she said, ” I want your sperm inside – and I like you to go on top now.”

She got on the bed and lay down on her back in the middle. She drew up her legs and presented him with the best view he could have. “Come,” she said. “Please!”

Ted needed no prompting. “I’ve been looking forward to this all day,” he said as he joined her on the bed and took her hips in his hands. Medbh took hold of him with both hands and pulled. When she felt him completely inside she held him motionless for a moment, She looked into his eyes with a mixture of love, hungry longing and something Ted couldn’t make out – hope, he thought. “Let’s hope our lucky stars will be with us tonight,” he whispered.

Then she wrapped her limbs around him, her husband, her love, and she let herself go on the waves of hope and passion that surged through her waiting body. She held on to him for dear life and used her cunt muscles on him the best way she could. She wanted to feel this with each and every nerve end and with all her emotions, and to remember every second and all the love she saw in Ted’s eyes.

Ted sensed her mood, and rejoiced in it. He felt the silken skin of her vagina walls work on him, and he enjoyed the feeling of her nipples grazing his chest. He rested half on his elbows. His arms were under Medbh’s and he stroked her hair while she almost spurred him on with her feet.

When her orgasm washed over her she pulled him in as closely as she could. “Please,” she whispered, “please!”

Ted had tried to hold back his orgasm and now he could give in to it – he came with a low moan of joy and Medbh let go of his back and pulled his face to hers.

She held him close for a very long time while they felt their heartbeat slowly go back to normal. They felt Ted go limp, but he stayed inside her for as long as she held him close, softly biting his ear and whispering sweet words. Eventually she stretched herself and Ted rolled off.

“Ted,” she asked, “Could you get us a drink? I’d like to lie here and talk some more.”

He got up and returned shortly with two glasses of red wine.

“Don’t spill it,” she said, and sat up. “I hope my wish will come true.”

Ted sat down next to her and put his arm around her. They slowly sipped their wine and talked until they’d finished their drinks. He took her glass and put both glasses on the chest of drawers.

“Come,” Medbh said. “Let’s go to sleep – we can have our shower tomorrow morning.”

He took the duvet and spread it out over his new wife’s reclining body; then he got in next to her. He kissed her goodnight and she turned around and pressed her bottom into his crotch. “Please hold me,” she whispered

Ted wrapped her in his arms and they lay close together, loving every minute of it until they drifted off to sleep.

They didn’t go on honeymoon. They didn’t really feel like it and the girls would rather go back to the Yorkshire Dales than to make some boring journey to a grown-up destination; and Medbh and Ted heartily agreed with them. They could go camping some time in spring; it was too cold now to have fun outside.

Five weeks after their wedding Janice, who had obviously been waiting for her, told Medbh that she was going to spend the weekend at Charles’s place. She glowed with anticipation. Could Medbh please, please, please help her a little with what to wear? She didn’t want to scare him off, and she wasn’t sure about what to wear at all. Medbh promised she would help her out the next morning. Janice told Medbh all about Charles, who apparently was an entirely different person than the one Medbh thought she knew – witty, funny, tender, a true paragon of manhood. She smiled and nodded; most others probably would not recognize the image they had of each other either.

Medbh left by way of the chemist’s.

Back home she told Ted about Janice and Charles. He nodded. “I’m glad for the two of them,” he said. “It may put some life and fire into old Charles. I don’t think he could ever restrain Janice too much. I expect lots of people would be quite surprised to find her go steady.”

“I think it’s her greatest wish, though,” Medbh said.

The next day Medbh spent a couple of hours at Janice’s place. They went through the wardrobe together and talked a lot about Charles, Ted, children and life in general. It appeared Bill’s father, who’d promised her to marry her, had got cold feet when she got pregnant. She’d chosen her child rather than him, and that was that. Afterwards she’d desperately tried to find a father for Bill, but to no avail. And then, when she wasn’t looking… Charles was a real dear.

Medbh was happy to find she quite liked Janice. She tactfully managed to make Janice put the rather more daring creations at the back of the wardrobe and got her to promise not to wear two or three of them again. Janice understood. A little to Medbh’s surprise Janice’s taste in underwear was much more conservative than in her outer apparel. There was no need to caution her in that field at all.

They had coffee together and then she spent the rest of the day at the bookshop.

That night she sat beaming at the world at large. Josie and Kim looked at her during dinner; then they looked at each other, and Kim shook her head. Josie made a face, and the girls demurely devoted themselves to their food. Ted smiled back at Medbh and raised his eyebrows, and she embarked on a story about her day’s activities. She had made a couple of good sales at the shop, and she told her family a few things about her coffee party with Janice.

Ted looked at her from time to time. She looked very happy, and he hoped she’d tell him the reason – but she just went through the evening without saying a thing.

It was only when they had retired for the night and she lay cuddled up to him closely that she said, “Sometimes wishes do come true – guess what? I’m pregnant!”

Ted had expected it – but to his surprise he got tears in his eyes anyway. “How wonderful,” he whispered, and he pulled her face to his and kissed her long and tenderly.

“That’s good news indeed,” he said after some time. “Aren’t you dying to tell the girls?”

“I wanted to tell you first. My period’s stopped, but I wanted to be sure so I bought the test material yesterday. Oh Ted, I’m so happy!”

“We could all see so, darling. I think the girls will guess – it’ll cost us our eardrums tomorrow!”

“Oh, they’ll be alright. Now just shut up and kiss me!”

She wrapped her arms around his head and rubbed her belly against his while her tongue entered his mouth. Then she took his face between her hands and kissed him all over from his forehead to his chin while he stroked her back, her breasts, her buttocks – everything he could reach – and found himself smiling so much it made his muscles ache.

He stopped stroking her body and moved his hands to her hair. “So we’ll have to convert the nursery after all,” he said.

Medbh nodded. “We’ve come a long way since we stood in the schoolyard waiting, haven’t we?”

Ted kissed her, and she manoeuvred herself on top of him. “Remember you promised to sit for me naked?” he said. “I want to do you twice – now and when you’re really big-bellied. You must be very beautiful that way, too!”

She nodded. “They’d better be good!” she said. “Oh, I’m too excited to go to sleep. Let’s just talk and daydream a little.”

Ted wrapped his arms around her back. He cuddled his love as closely as he could, and whispered endearments in her ear, and she just lay beaming on top of him, now and interspersing his whispers with some of her own.

Medbh felt herself go very wet – and eventually she couldn’t wait any longer. “Please,” she whispered, “make love to me.”

Ted rolled her onto her back and went to work with his mouth. He paid a lot of attention to her nipples and then he sampled her pussy, first slowly teasing her a little by just not touching her clitoris, and then taking her between her lips. He tickled her belly and ran a finger through the crack between her buttocks. Medbh lay back enjoying his ministrations and moaned softly.

Eventually she said, “Ted – please – do come into me now – please -”

Ted got onto his knees and sat back on the bed. He put his arms round her back and lifted her into a sitting position, and then pulled her close to him. Medbh understood what he wanted. She put her legs around him and took his penis in her left hand; then she lowered herself on top of him. She squeezed him hard and then she sank back onto the bed. She dug her nails into his back and drew him into her as deep as they could; then she almost growled while they made love, fiercely and intensely, looking into each others’ eyes all the while.

Ted loved it – Medbh received him with as much passion as she’d ever shown, and she stroked his hair and held him tight, and if all the world had disappeared at that moment he’d never have noticed for the love he felt for her.

“Ohh, so good…” she whispered – and then they came.

They lay panting together for a long time, stroking each other and feeling happy in the new life to be – theirs, and their daughters’ sibling, and Medbh put her hands on Ted’s cheeks and moved them slowly to the tip of his nose.

“Last time I had to go it alone,” she said, “and now we’re in it together. I’m so happy – and it’s so good to share!”

A few tears trickled down her face and Ted licked them up. “It is,” he said.

Ted had been entirely right. When Medbh told the girl the good news the next morning they danced and shouted and were all over her, and they were talking at once at the top of their voices. For once they differed in opinion as to what they’d like best – a sister or a brother.

“If it’s a girl she can have our toys” Josie said.

“But most girls are Barbies.”

“Not if she’s our sister.”

“But we could play footers with a boy.”

“Well,” Medbh said, “you’ll have to wait and find out. I don’t mind either way.”

Ted started to paint her. Medbh felt a little self-conscious at first, but Ted managed to put her at ease, and the canvas progressed quite rapidly. “Do you mind if I ask Kim’s opinion – if she’s willing to have a look, that is?” he said.

Medbh considered it for some time. “No,” she said at last. “She made you paint my portrait the right way, too.”

Kim saw no reason not to; after all, she thought, I’ve seen Medbh in her bathing suit often enough. She looked at the nearly finished painting for some moments and nodded. “Yes,” she said. “Good. Ok?” Then she skipped off to join Josie in the living room.

“Why did you ask her now?” Medbh wanted to know.

“Oh,” Ted said, “you’ll see.”

He had her sit a few more times while making most of the final touches and then worked a little longer from memory. When he was ready he told Medbh to come and have a look.

“Wow,” she said. “So that’s why.”

The painting was beautiful – but certainly not one to put up in the living room. Ted had just poured out all the love he had for onto the canvas, and she was shown with taut nipples and a smile that was, if possible, even sexier than the one in the portrait.

“It’s almost like a declaration of love,” she said.

“That’s what it’s meant to be. You know, I wouldn’t have dared to do this back then.”

She took him in her arms and kissed him. “Thank you,” she said.

A couple of weeks later Janice met Medbh in the schoolyard with an invitation for the four of them to come and have dinner at her place that Saturday.

“It’s to say thank you for having asked me to be your witness,” she said. “Otherwise I’d never have met Charles. We’re really serious and I’m going to move next week. Bill will be at another school without the stigma he’s got here, so he can actually make friends. Isn’t it lovely?”

Medbh nodded, wished her luck and accepted the invitation. “Let’s have some coffee in town together,” she said. “I’ve got some time left before I open up shop.”

They had a long chat together. Janice was obviously completely infatuated, Medbh thought. She hoped for her that her relationship would prove as much a success as her own.

That evening she told the others they’d be having dinner at the Bonds’, and that Janice would move to live with Charles.

“Are they going to marry, too?” Josie asked.

“I don’t know,” Medbh said. “I suppose so, but it’s not the most important thing in a relationship.”

“It helps for the children,” Ted said.

“Uhuh. Anyway, Janice is really very happy. You can see it in the way she looks. There’s been a shine in her eyes ever since she met him.”

Ted grinned. “Who would have thought Charles would ever become a family man… It only goes to show how little you know about others.”

Medbh smiled at him. “Sometimes life’s not too bad after all, isn’t it?” she said.

The dinner party was even more proof of the many sides a person can have. Charles, who had always seemed a rather introverted, shy person turned out to be very much at ease, very attentive and quietly entertaining, while Janice was a good host. The little apartment she dwelt in showed she had good taste in furniture and she obviously liked reading. She sat talking books with Medbh for some time while Ted and Charles talked with the children.

When it was about time for the Aulds to leave Janice told them they were going to get married in spring. “You’ll be invited,” she said, “and I hope you’ll return the compliment, Medbh, and be a witness for us.”

“I’d really love to,” Medbh said. It made her feel all warm inside.

“I’ll let you know the date in time – we’ll keep in touch.”

They drove back slowly. Medbh sat looking out into the November night, thinking of all the changes this year had brought. Then she looked at Ted and said, “This has not just been a lovely year for us.”

He shook his head. “I’m so glad for the three of them,” he said.

The year turned into a long winter with lots of snow. The girls had the time of their lives with a sledge and a bucket to build an igloo with Ted’s help, and sometimes Mandy came to play, too She didn’t have any opportunity to do so in town, and she felt rather attracted to her tomboy classmates.

The four of them had a lovely Christmas, playing games ands sitting together basking in the warmth of the woodstove.

Then spring rolled around. There were clumps of daffodils in the garden, and when the daffodil time was over bluebells appeared in the little wood. Ted and Medbh often went there to sit on their log and stare across the valley, talking or just enjoying each other’s presence.

Alice Stubbs turned out to be a really nice woman, once she’d allowed herself to overcome her prejudices, and they had the Stubbs over for dinner one evening. With a little blush she asked the Aulds if they knew what had happened to Janice. When she heard the good news she was clearly very happy for her.

“I’m so ashamed of myself sometimes,” she said. “Oh well, one’s never too old to make amends. Can you help me to her address? I’d like to drop her a line.”

The ladies, it seemed, treated her somewhat distantly now. It made her understand a little of how Medbh and Janice must have felt – “And you, of course, Ted…”

But Ted shook his head. He hadn’t really noticed, he said, and he had kept his distance as much as they had. Alice thought that wasn’t entirely true, but she appreciated his effort to take some of her embarrassment away.

Medbh looked at the circle of people around the dinner table and smiled. Slowly but surely, she thought, the isolated position they’d been in was changing.

She went to hospital a couple of times – to her surprise she was told she was going to have twins. Did she want to know if they were going to be boys or girls? No, she didn’t. They were welcome any old way, and she liked surprises.

Still, it was with some hesitation she told Ted – what if he thought it was a little too much? But he said, “Isn’t that lovely? You are a champion!”

“Aren’t you afraid it’ll be too much hassle?” she said.

“Of course not. I don’t mind getting up now and then, and it’s just the first year. Besides, we’ve survived Josie and Kim, so these won’t be a problem.” Then he added with a grin, “We’d better not partition the nursery then.”

They spent the evening discussing things and deciding how to furnish the twins’ room. There were two small beds, Josie’s and Kim’s, and they were quite different, so they asked the girls if they would like two new, identical beds or their old ones.

The girls looked at each other and grinned. “Our old ones, of course,” they said in unison.

They received a card from Janice and Charles asking them to come to their wedding in late April; Janice had added some lines in pencil to remind Medbh of her promise. “As if I’d let myself be done out of a treat,” she said with a smile.

They told the girls there would be another party.

“Can we go, too?” Kim said.

“Of course you can. They’d be very disappointed if you stayed away.”

“But we don’t have to wear dresses again, do we?”

“I don’t mind dresses,” Josie said.

“I prefer jeans.”

“You don’t have to, but you can if you like. The main thing is that you’re there.”

The girls grinned and went out into the garden.

The wedding turned to be a very formal affair. Janice looked beautiful in lots of lace, and she was duly given away by her father, who looked a little bewildered – he’d never expected her to marry and they’d omitted to tell him unto the very last.

“I thought you already knew,” Janice had said.

Charles was dressed in a severely cut black suit with a white carnation in his buttonhole, and they made a striking couple. The best thing was their facial expressions, though – they looked as radiant as you could wish.

“But our party was better,” Kim said on the way home.

This is fiction, not reality. Like reading HG Wells, or Dickens, or even Homer and no I don’t mean Simpson, I mean Homer as in the Iliad, so suspend credulity, because if this was a library you would be in the FICTION section.


How to start this? My parents were just killed in an auto accident and I was upset. So I joined that Army. Pretty straight forward shit so far.

On May 1, 1970, as part of Operation Menu, elements of the 3rd Brigade, First Cavalry Division decided it was a beautiful day to go fishing, so we went fishing. Ok we were involved in Operation Fishhook where we did a little work in Cambodia. Now the operation was going great and we were doing our thing against a very tough NVA division. These were regulars, tough, disciplined and not afraid to fight. They were battle hardened and most of us were not, but it does not take long to get that way in the Nam.

While we were “airmobile” it also means that we were in the middle of the shit and no way out except by air; so we fought. We ended up in some shit hole they called a village and civilians were everywhere and well I did something really stupid, I got my picture taken with a little kid, about four or five. It was the height of stupidity but I did it anyway, I jumped up in the middle of a fucking firefight and grabbed her and got her out of the area. I mean I was in the middle of one hell of a gun fight and I was ready to piss and shit all over myself I was so scared, except I was carrying this kid that ended up in the middle of the shit and trying to shoot as I ran toward my lines, if you could call a squad a line. Someone got a picture of me with this ball of fire behind me, it looked a lot closer than it really was, and a 7.62 mm tracer round from an AK47 came ripping through my side. Yes we know it was an AK because by then we were using the .223′s and the NVA used green tracers and we used red. So in the picture you saw this green light passing through my side, a red ball of fire behind me and I got this kid in my arms. It was one hell of a picture and this little kid was looking at me with this “you saved me puppy dog look.” It was lucky it was a tracer, and it only grazed me, I still have a scar from the burn, but it was a cool picture.

You know how kids don’t understand shit. I got the kid to safety and she stayed with me during the entire firefight, I even put my vest on her and gave her my steel pot to wear. She did look cute and there is a picture of that too. Her sitting in my lap as I look up over a damn log in a hole and doing my best to play Audie Murphy until we got enough help so I could give her to the medics who took her to a Catholic Hospital for the locals and gave me a quick patch job, and because my shift was not yet over so I did not get to go home. [We call that black humor.] Damn, it would be my second Purple Heart. That is one decoration no one fucking wants. What I did not think about until later was who the fuck was the photographer, why didn’t I see him and when did he fucking take the pictures?

We kept fighting for the next eight hours until the gun ships came in and Puff the Magic Dragon came in to raining smoke and fire on the NVA. You really had to see Puff to believe it. They did not have the 105 cannon on it yet, but this lumbering C130 that flew only counter clockwise and in a slow arc was like it was a real dragon. As it opened up with those two 20 mm Vulcan 6 barrel Gatling canons that shot 6,000 rounds a minute, all you saw was the smoke and the red tracers forming a line you could almost walk on. If you have ever seen a .50 caliber machine gun round, well add another 10 to it because you are talking a .60 caliber for this bad boy. It was pared with one Bofors 40 mm anti-aircraft autocannon that was not used to shoot at aircraft, but some dumb assholes on the ground that made the mistake of being under it and not being American. The 40 mm projectile was a 2 pound exploding messenger of death, and it was pumping out shells at the rate of 120 of them a minute. It was smoke and fire and it rained death on everything below it. It was a true weapons platform and it could fly around up there for five or six hours on end. And when Puff was firing everything at once you had all this hot brass raining down on you too. It had no defenses, unless you consider that the best defense is a good offense. When Puff showed up you had mixed feelings. The first was you were damn glad it was your gun ship but the second was, damn we are in some deep shit, they sent Puff out for us. In our case it was both.

Well the picture ended up in a few magazines and people saw it. Now I was in trouble, big trouble. I wanted a career in the Army, maybe getting a commission and spending the rest of my life being taken care of, or getting killed. But as of now the best I got was getting into the Instant NCO program and I became a Staff Sergeant pretty damn quick; it was usually a ticket to a body bag, instant NCO’s were the first to die in combat. Not going to happen to me boys and girls; famous last words.

So we are still on the operation, the kid is gone, and we are someplace else in Cambodia, and I get hit hard, real hard, ticket home, third Purple Heart and I had actually extended my tour to say in Nam, because I am a real dumb ass. After all, the NVA know the ground, especially after all the years of war, and they sight us in pretty good. There is something inherently dumb about being someplace where no one looks like you and we get to wear uniforms that let the locals figure out we are not them. We might as well have been wearing bright red coats with white belts forming an X over our chests. I am wearing none of that, but round eyes and GI issue clothes mean: “Shoot at me.” So I end up with lots of holes in me, and my blood in their mud; and I am in very deep shit. Don’t believe what you read about morphine, it does not work all that well. A medic stabilizes me and a bunch more like me and then it is a nice flight in a chopper that is dodging ground fire, and sometimes not, to a field hospital; and then one in Saigon and from there, Germany. Back in the day all of us wounded ended up in Germany or the Philippines first then state side.

Now people are looking for me and they are pissed. The picture seems to be a problem, some relatives see me and reports are made, congressmen are contacted. I am talked at, not with, by people with more stripes than a Zebra. Keep my fucking mouth shut, were my orders and that is it in a nut shell. Don’t die, hang in there, but keep my fucking mouth shut.

Four months later I was standing in front of the Secretary of Defense and someone was pinning the Distinguished Service Cross on me and I was promoted to Sergeant First Class, which is three stripes up and two rockers under. That pay grade is E-7; there are only nine enlisted pay grades. When that was over I was surrounded by a shit load of Command Sergeants Major, that would be E-9, three up and three down, a star in the middle with a wreath around each side of the star. A Sergeant Major is an enlisted man’s general and they let you know it if you ever forget. They were all wearing CIB’s and that would be Combat Infantryman’s Badges but the part that was scary was they had two stars on the damn things. Shit these guys went through WW2, Korea and now the Nam; they were some fucking bad ass dudes. Each had a Purple Heart with stars on them, DSC’s, Silver Stars, Bronze Stars with V devices [V means Valor as in got it in combat], and every other decoration you can imagine, and one wore a ribbon with stars on a field of blue. Shit the Medal of Honor, I came to attention and saluted when I saw it, as I was required to do; how the hell did I miss that when I was with the Secretary of Defense? I knew I was being ambushed, and by the best too, I was not sure when the shooting was going to start but there was no way to get out of this one, I was just along for the ride. I followed along as they led me from location to location in the Pentagon. I was still moving slow but they never let me stop.

I got a new picture and now I was given a Grey ID Card. It was not supposed to be grey. They were all glad handing me until we got into this one special little room. I called it the attitude readjustment room.

“You are at attention Sergeant. Listen you little fucking jerk, you fucked with our Army, you asshole. Yes you are a fucking hero, who the hell isn’t, but god damn it you are out of here as of today. You are going to keep your fucking mouth shut forever. Do you read me young SFC?”

My only response was “Yes Sergeant Major!” in a very loud and clear voice as I now moved to and then stood at the ridged, but comfortable, position of attention; feet at a 45 degree angle, head and eyes forward, fingers slightly cupped and my thumbs alone the seam of my trousers. Hell I had so many people yelling at me I was not sure who I was agreeing with, but agree I would.

It was the picture, that damn picture. Yes it got me promoted to SFC, and it probably got me the DSC when what I did was hardly worth an Army Commendation Medal with a V device, and it got me recognized. You see, I was only sixteen years old at the time it was taken. I had used the birth certificate of an older brother that died shortly after birth to get into the Army and I was only fifteen then. Now it got me kicked out, but because of the photo and the publicity, and my wounds, I got a disability retirement and a 100% disability rating because I was shot up and I was gone. I was lucky I did not get a “void enlistment,” but now I had a pension at sixteen. There was hell to pay and I was in hell. So the military followed the tried and true rule, “up and out,” and that is what they did to me.

How do you go back to high school and finish your sophomore, junior and senior years when you have been banging whores in Saigon, and spent over a year playing soldier in the mud and blood? You don’t. I was a prisoner waiting for a prison. I was an emancipated youth by this time so who would take me in, who would teach me something more than shooting at someone who pissed you off. And where could I get some pussy, hell I was sixteen.

Actually, I never got rid of my taste for a good Saigon whore and for the next fifty plus years I would get my fill. The slut would be dressed in nylons and garters, hot pants, and vest while wearing sexy boots, and getting my cock sucked, watching her sit on my cock and after a reasonable amount of discussion and negotiations, get them to agree that even if their husband was the only one to get their ass, for a few dollars they would share it with me. And Velcro, everything would come off with a pull. Ain’t progress grand?

After what I call my attitude readjustment conference things mellowed out in that room for the remainder of my active duty military career, about two more hours. Actually you are out at midnight but no one was going to wait around for that. I told them I loved the Army and wanted to stay, but that was a “no go.” I got my one and only drink in the United States at that meeting; and I gave the toast. “Infantry, Queen of Battle,” and they were satisfied with that, since they were all Infantry and wore the insignia. I could hardly keep the damn liquor down because it burned like hell. That was my last drink for many years.

I was given some Levis and a shirt and a few other items and I was a civilian; almost. Looks like the Sergeants Major took a liking to me and I was given a place to stay and a military school to attend; and I fit right in. Except at this school I did not have to wear pretend decorations, I wore the real thing, which also kept me out of the hazing route. Even the teachers, every one a combat veteran, treated me with a certain amount of respect. Hell all I ever did was get shot at, and hit, three times, and one was only a scratch.

I finished High School at a military academy in Georgia in two years and then I was told that a military college was in my future but not a commission; or I could go to a regular civilian college. I went for the military one but I am not supposed to say the name of the college but its initials are VMI. I even did OCS but that was just for drill, I was not someone they wanted in the Army or Navy, or Air Force or even the Marines. But the Army takes care of its own; and I was now obviously adopted.

It was also during this time that I went to a restaurant in a China Town area on a trip to New York but it was not Chinese, it ended up being a Vietnamese restaurant. Anyway the husband and wife were arguing back and forth and I just interrupted and told them what I wanted, I was tired of waiting. They stopped and just stared at me; then they asked me a few questions about my order and I responded. Then I stopped. I had been talking to them in Vietnamese. I had not even thought about it, it just happened. From that time on I would go in and eat at a Vietnamese restaurant whenever I had the chance. The language was second nature to me; must have had something to do with learning it at a young age; remember I was only fifteen when I went to Nam.

So now I am twenty two and six years have passed and I got a job in the defense industry back home in California and by that time the war was over. Ok that war is over and they will not let me play in any other wars; its women and children first, then they would ask for me. I had a degree in engineering and worked on military projects. For some reason I had a pretty high security clearance despite my little error in taking my dead brothers birth certificate and using it to enlist at fifteen; but I was depressed, that was my excuse, parents killed and I was depressed, so I enlisted. Now that is a military career. In the Army at fifteen, in a war for over a year, get the DSC, three Purple Hearts, the CIB, a few other ones, and get retired as an E-7 SFC at sixteen; and all because I did something stupid, like picking up a kid in a war zone instead of keeping my dumb ass down. Hell, they are not legally allowed to send you even close to a war zone unless you are eighteen. Damn that was a short career. Well that was one good deed that did not go unpunished.

So at twenty two years of age I had my degree and a good job. I was in Southern California so I bought a house with two bedrooms in Redondo Beach. As luck would have it the place next door became available and I bought it too. The guy at the bank was in Korea, First Cav., just like me, so he approved both loans. So now I had a real nice size piece of property and I went on a building frenzy and ended up with four bedrooms plus the master bedroom. I also added a pool and a swim lane and a Jacuzzi. I left the second house alone and rented it but the back yard was the size of a postage stamp, I used most of it for a pool and a few other things. This is where I wanted to stay. I did not worry about any property line because I built where I wanted to, I owned it all.

The place was too big for just me now but I would have a family and we would fill the place with kids. Now I am twenty four and my building phase is over, now it is the living phase.

But I needed help. I went down to the Vietnamese center to see if there was someone who would be a live in house keeper and the older the better. I seemed to spend a lot of time at Vietnamese centers and locations. I sort of grew up into adult hood there in Vietnam. There was a lot of discussion going on and I was told they would find someone for me to talk too. So they found me a nice older woman about one hundred and fifty, ok she looked that old. She was nice and I moved her in to keep the place clean. I called her “bà,” which is sort of my way of screwing up the word grandmother, or old woman, without identifying which side of the family she is from. She would call me “cháu,” which means grandson, but a very young boy-grandson. She always smiled when she said it and I knew that we had a connection. She even did some cooking too. I had developed a taste for Vietnamese food, except 100 day old egg, or sometimes it is called 1,000 day old egg. If it is more than a few minutes old I don’t eat it. I hated that and just would not get into an egg buried in the ground for 100 days and then you get to eat the rotten dead duck inside. And the smell of that thing, I am never, never, never going to eat it again; way too salty too.

I spent as much time on a military base retired as I did off of them. I shopped at them, got my medical on them, they were part of my home life. Fort MacArthur, Long Beach Navy Station, the U.S.S. Repose hospital ship, even the Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo. I was home with the military.

During this time I did the dating thing, I was in demand. Employed, single and had a home. The first one I fell for was Rita. By then I was twenty six and I mean she was everything a boy could want. She was a twenty two years old, tall, red hair, with DD tits, a waist you could put your hands around, long legs and a knack for giving the best damn blowjobs this side of Saigon. I banged her like a drum until I could hardly move and neither of us could even get out of bed we were both so sore. After six months we set a date.

Bà told me “no good cháu, no good.” Now if I wrote it in Vietnamese you would not be able to read it so I am using English but we used Vietnamese when we spoke. She kept telling me “no” but I was bound to screw up my life on my own.

One day I got an envelope with pictures in it; I did not like them. They were four by five glossy prints, twenty or thirty of them. Back then there was no such thing as digital prints or e-mail.

I went to see Rita at her parent’s house and we had a very frank discussion. I wanted my engagement ring back, things were not going to work out, we should both move on. Her mother and father were incensed; Rita was incensed. “Rita are we supposed to be exclusive?” I asked. She agreed we were. “Who is this Rita?” I asked as I produced a picture that showed her with a man who was definitely not me. Standard shit was the answer. Just a friend, nothing happened, just happened to meet and say hello, only met him once. Where did I get this? It was standard stuff. Are you following me? I never answered a question. Daddy was getting mad that I was questioning his daughter.

Then I showed her another picture of her with a different man and the same answer. “Rita looking at the clothes they are wearing you will agree that they were taken at different times?” was my next question as I showed her two more pictures of her with the same men. Of course she agreed. “So you met them more than once, didn’t you?” again there was some agreement, which was definitely different than we “only met one time.”

I just tossed the remaining pictures on the table with her entire family sitting there looking at pictures of their daughter/sister getting double fucked by the same two guys. Doggy, blow jobs, anal, she did it all and I gave them a picture of a good representation of each. Rita was in shock, and when I said “May I have my grandmothers engagement ring back please” while still in a trance she took it off and handed it to me. I walked out and never talked to her again and never told anyone why we broke up. If they asked I just said “we decided it would be better to move on.” But I knew that the guys would talk and she would talk, and her girlfriends would talk, and her parents would talk and soon everyone would know, but not from me. I just wanted out and I got out. Don’t get me wrong here, I like a woman with a good sexual appetite, and even a good whore once in a while, but not when they are engaged to be married to me. I don’t share my pussy, ever.

I never did find out who sent me the pictures but I was glad I got them. It got very strange with anyone I was getting to close too. I would get a picture or a cassette recording or something that would show me that I was getting to close to someone I should not be getting close to. I never got engaged again, I just moved away from that person, as if it was nothing at all, just moving on. No confrontation, just called less frequently, fewer dates, until it was a thing of the past.

As time passed Bà, it almost became her name, was getting slower so when she asked for someone to help her in this big house and I agreed. It took a few weeks but soon we had a new house guest, her name is Lan, which means Orchid. She is sixteen years old and is going to school here. She is also Vietnamese and is a very sweet girl. She has all those things that girls have and does all the things they do. She is very pretty and has lots of dates but keeps to her school work too. I try to stay out of her way and since I am not her father I don’t tell her how to live her life, Bà does a good job of that. She is like a guardian for her.

We eat dinner together and go out together; and by together I mean all three of us, I don’t date sixteen year olds. But it is not unusual for all of us to sit down and have a meal together at the end of the day and talk about what was going on. Lan was like having a little sister around.

On one weeks notice I let her have sleep over’s and pool parties, and I tried to stay away. I don’t let them drink and I would know if they did, I don’t drink and there is never any alcohol in the house. Drugs are always available but I don’t allow them either. Lan is a bit rebellious but not more than any other girl her age.

During this time I found myself in love again. I was now twenty seven and it was time I should be settling down. I met Sheila at work. Sheila was tall and blond with nice “C” tits, a small waist and long legs that she loved to wrap around me. She was a southern girl with a cute accent and so soft spoken there were times you could hardly hear her. She was smart too, very smart and she knew her job well. This was a woman who would breed some smart kids. Yes I wanted children.

We dated more than a few times and then I asked her if she wanted to come over to the house to hang and have a little barbeque and she agreed. Since the event would not take place until Saturday and this being Friday and her driving all the way from Hermosa Beach would be exhausting, it was decided she would stay at my place Friday night. She thought about it and agreed, because only a fool would want to make that drive she said with a smile and a loving kiss. We stopped at her place for clothes and then made the 2 mile arduous drive to my place.

Sheila was pretty good in the sack. We ate each other and fucked for an hour, took a nap, woke up and did it again, and then around seven am I got up and gave it to her one more time. It had been a while. Sheila went back to sleep and I took a shower and went to make breakfast.

Bà just glared at me when she saw me that morning. Lon has girls over and they will be up soon. Shit she was right, one of the never ending parties that young girls have. Well shit, this is my house and we can share. The master bedroom was purposefully designed to be away from the others for when my wife and I want to romp and not let the kids know what was happening.

I made some breakfast and went back to the bedroom to feed my latest girlfriend. Only a few had seen my home and now Sheila was one of them. We ate breakfast in bed then I gave her the bad news about all the kids going to be at the house. She said it was ok and she would handle it.

We headed do to the beach and took a little five mile run then a walk back to the house. Sheila looked pretty good in a sweaty sports bra and her long legs shined with the effort. She was not pale but not too tanned either. She wore those nylon running shorts that would open at the sides when she ran. I had a hard time running with a woody, but I managed.

When we got back to the house the party was in full swing. Sheila and I took a shower, fucked again, a little oral, in that order, washed and went out to see the war in my backyard. There were high school kids all over the place. I bet we had thirty to fifty of them, Bà never did make a head count but she knew where every one was. Every girl had on something they pretended was a bathing suit and the high school boys were just as bad. If I had to bet I would say a good number of the “boys” had not seen a High School, except to drive by it, in more than two years. There was the “would you put some lotion on me” ploy, or the tossing in the air in the pool, and even the “Marco Polo” game where you had to touch the other person. Kids I thought. It was so much easier when all you had to do was walk into a place, and someone would say “hello cowboy” and offer you a ‘suckie fuckie” and name a price. Damn I missed Saigon.

I was going to get some food ready for Sheila and I when I heard some of the kids playing grab ass in the butler’s pantry. I opened the door to find one of the “boys” with his tongue checking to see if Sheila had tonsils, his finger looking for her cherry and her hand around his cock. “I will call you a taxi” was all I said and I closed the door. Lan was there just looking at me with sad eyes. Then she opened the door and said “You’re a taxi” and giggled. This kid watches way too much TV. She walked over to the phone and dialed yellow cab and gave them our address. Five minutes later Lan had Sheila’s clothes in a paper bag and handed them to her as she opened the door to tell her the taxi was here. It was funny but Sheila never did come out of the butler’s pantry until that happened. I could hear her talking to the guy and saying things like Vietnam and kill and shit like that. When Sheila walked out he ran out and headed in the other direction.

Needless to say there was no discussion, no walk to the taxi, no kiss good-bye, and I did not give her any money for the taxi, it was only two miles. Lan took my hand and led me outside and to a waiting deck chair and handed me an ice tea. She still looked a little sad but I told her to have fun. When I thought about it I had another close call, but that is what dating is for. Periodically I would see Lan looking over at me but I would just smile and waive. It was not like anyone was going to shoot me.

There was a “Loves” barbeque over on Hawthorne blvd., so I went over there for dinner and let the party go on without me. I did eat a rack of pork ribs and some beef ribs too, just as filler and brought a bunch home for lunch for the next day. Bà and Lan laughed at me, saying they were overcooked and had too much sauce on them but damn I thought they were good.

Sunday the family went to Mass and I wrote out my check to the Catholic Hospital in Vietnam. Lan asked about it and I told her I sent them $20.00 a week because they had taken care of someone for me and were probably still doing it and if not her then someone else and they did not exactly spend the money on drugs and sex and their boss did not need a new Cadillac, He had a fiery chariot, or some such thing.

Monday Sheila came into work and was looking like she had a bad weekend, probably took the “boy” home and he pounded her into the bed for the rest of the weekend. I did not ignore her, when it was business it was business, but there was no banter and people noticed. I never said a word about it and ignored any questions. I did see her and “boy” a few times driving away from the parking lot together but after a month that seemed to stop. Dumb bitch really fucked up. Three months later Sheila was putting on some major weight and soon took a leave of absence.

It was getting time for me to do some serious work. I decided to leave gainful employment behind and start doing some consulting. I had a bunch of offers every time I went to a reunion with the guys. I would see the Sergeants Major from my attitude readjustment conference at least once a year and the guys from the old unit and some I never met before. There would be formal dances and I would put on my “Dress Mess” and my black Stetson, which was standard for the First Cav., but not actually issue. It was fun but I always went stag.

Anyway I had met some fellow soldiers and their offer for consulting work finally got to me and at the ripe old age of twenty seven I packed in my employment, kept my security clearance, and went into the military consulting business. I was making twice the money for half the work, but I had to do all the paper work and pay taxes and all that shit, but in the end it was worth it.

I was hitting twenty eight and Lan was coming to the end of her senior year in High School. We were having dinner and she was talking about her Senior Prom and I was ignoring it until my name came up. We had a very upsetting talk. Apparently Lan thought I should take her to the prom. She did not have a date and needed an escort. That was bullshit of course. She had guys falling all over themselves to get to her. She was five feet tall with one inch heels, one hundred pounds dripping wet, long straight dark hair, almond shaped hazel eyes, and her skin was that wonderful color that Southern California girls spend hours at the beach trying to get. She had the cutest little butt and small breasts, maybe a “B” five days out of the month and smaller on others. Her nipples were big fatties that puffed out like golf balls when she was excited, and I think she was always excited.

Since she was now eighteen I had to agree. And no, I never once thought of those hot Saigon whores and their “go go” boots and garters when I looked at her — not much anyway.

Having got that out of the way Lan decided to properly prepare me for the Prom. We took dancing lessons together. I already knew how do dance and so did she but we needed to dance together. So we took some ballroom dancing classes. Then Lan decided that we needed to practice at home and we did every day. Soon she put on her heels so that she would have properly practiced. She was slowly sucking me in and doing it like a general setting a trap.

Then she decided that when ever we were together we would dance a little. She did date and I did observe her going out in mini skirts and revealing blouses and I had to admit to a slight pang of jealousy.

She told me it was going to be formal so I had to dress appropriately. I begged off wearing a light blue or pink tuxedo. She saved me by stating that I should wear my uniform and she was specific, she wanted me to wear not a tuxedo but the “Mess Dress” and my First Cavalry black Stetson.

It was almost a month to the Prom and now we were dancing all the time. I have to admit that I was getting affected by holding her in my arms all the time. Then there was the time that she decided we needed to dance at the pool. Both of us in bathing suits, holding her in my arms, moving to music that no one could hear but us, feeling her flesh in my arms, her body molded against mine, flesh to flesh, my hands roaming over first her back and then down to her lovely butt and back again. I could feel her breath on my chest, the nine inch difference in height hardly mattered to each of us, as she laid her head against my chest. Then our movements became less and less until we were just standing there, arm in arm. I looked down at her as she looked up at me. It was slow motion for me as I moved my head down and her lips moved toward mine. They touched so softly I almost doubted they touched at all, save for the shock I received.

I felt her pucker and kiss softly back to me as if moving too fast would break the magic spell we were both under. The kiss was repeated by us both but more was added, the pressure was firmer now, there was no doubt that we both were moving to fully embrace what was happening to us. We broke and I looked into her eyes, not a word was said, she and I moved even closer into the other, our lips opened, the sweetness of her breath excited my passions, her warm skin added to the feeling, my tongue briefly entered her mouth only to be met by hers, seeking entry to mine. Her arms moved to go around my neck, holding me to her lips. The thong bikini gave me access to her brown soft butt, but I did not do anything but touch, and caress.

We broke the kiss and she looked deeply into my soul and finding that which she wanted to find pulled away from me. There had been a wall that existed between she and I and the keeper of the gate was Bà. Bà was standing there watching as these events took place. Lan started to walk back to the house but stopped and took my hand and we walked passed Bà and into the house. we were just inside the door and I pulled her back, and as she came back to me her arms moved to surround me as mine moved to pull her into my grasp. This time our kiss betrayed a rising and unrestrained passion.

I carried her to my bedroom and laid her on my bed. “Are you” I stopped in the middle of my question because she pulled my lips to hers. “Sure about this?” I finally finished my question. She kissed me again with additional passion and I had my answer. “Are you a. . .” again she stopped me.

“No, but I have never been with a man.” She told me. My look must have caught her off guard. “No not a woman either, a boy, young like me, just a boy.”

I smiled, I had my job cut out for me but if all she had before was a boy, he had set a pretty low standard. I picked her up off the bed and carried her into the bathroom. As we took a shower and washed each other I let the Jacuzzi tub fill. I could finally feel her body in my hands. We kissed many times as we washed and explored each other’s bodies. Her breasts were small this time of the month and I lavished care and attention on them. First my touch was with only my finger tips, and I took care not to touch her nipples, which began to puff out from our first kiss downstairs. As I explored her breasts I was kissing her neck and face, and running my hands down her back and then to her breasts. I wanted her to experience as much touch at one time as possible. I nibbled at her lips and let her learn to do the same.

Her hips had not yet expanded with childbirth that would come later. But from her hip I let my hands wander to her stomach and then down to her sparsely covered womanhood. As my hands worked her body hers worked mine, taking care to trace every battle scar and even expressing a little sob when she touched the one at my side. She washed my chest and all too quickly, oh the rush of youth, did she find my hardened manhood. She explored me as I explored the entrance to her passion, without entering it.

I spoke to Lan as we touched. I told her she was so beautiful, that she was what any artist would want to immortalize female perfection. “I am in love with you Lan. I did not realize it until now, but I know that I love you.” She held me tight.

I felt a breeze but I paid it no mind. We expressed our feeling for the other and then I rinsed her and she rinsed me and we got out to go into the Jacuzzi. There on the counter were plates of fresh fruits, strawberries, melons, cherries, sliced pineapple and chocolate, of every kind made by See’s. And drinks, we had apple juice, orange juice, and grape juice, everything to provide energy for our time together. There was even ice water. Evidently Bà was pleased with us and our change of status.

I helped Lan into the Jacuzzi and fed her a strawberry and a chocolate then gave her a drink of orange juice; but in between very hot and loving kisses. Her body molded to mine first front to front and then front to back so that I would be able to kiss and nibble at her neck and ears. Her hair was long and black and now it was plastered to her body and looked even sexier than when it was dry. I ran my hands over her breasts and pulled at her nipples with one hand as she turned her head to kiss me. The other hand went over her stomach and into the soft valley between her legs. She opened her legs wide actually putting her heals on the seat we were on and I could feel even more of her passion.

“Fuck me” she said, “fuck me now!”

“Lan I don’t know how or when it happened but I am in love with you.” I spoke as I caressed her most intimate places. “I am not a little boy and this is not the first and only time we are going to do this. If you decide to tell me it is over sometime in the future that is your right, but now, this time, I claim you as my woman, my lover. Today we make love; not fucking but love. I am not buying a Saigon whore for a few hours; I am making love to my woman for as long as she will let me. Slow down and enjoy the view, we will get there soon enough.”

All this time Lan was purring into my kisses, caressing me back, undulating into each other. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. She did grab a bath towel as passed the rack. I laid her on her back and dried her off then got the oil from the bathroom, the kind you use for aroma oil therapy as an emulsion. It is fine and very slick. I applied it to her body by giving her a massage. She was humping her body in mock sex as I caressed her. I massaged her face as she looked at me, kissing her lips with a familiarity unknown with anyone else, ever. Her neck fell pray to my touch and then my lips.

I moved down her body, feeling every inch of her, and massaging her arms, and forearms, and then her wrists and hands and fingers. I left those sensual places for later and I turned her over onto her stomach and did the same to her back and legs. I never neglected to kiss and lick and suck anyplace I could get to. She was mewing now. Her ass was perfection and breaking my rule I touched every inch of it with all the tenderness I could muster. I was on fire myself but she needed to remember this forever. I was taking every inch of her, not a spot on her body, from her scalp to the bottom of her feet lacked for my personal loving touch.

Turning her over I spread her legs and ran my oiled hands between her thighs, which she spread as far as she could without my asking or hinting it needed to be done. My hands followed their course to her waist and stomach and then to her breasts and back again. Each pass went closer and closer to sexual stimulation and not relaxation. The perfection of her body was overpowering, and I had to have her immediately but still I restrained my passions, this was to be about her.

Perfect skin, the same color without a tan line coupled with sparse fine hairs on her pussy added to the reality of the perfect woman that was now in my hands. Bending over her to kiss and then suck her nipples as my cock grazed over her hot skin made me want her even more. But that was not to be. My words of love and adoration flowed with my rising passions and my touch. Soon I was down between her legs, my thumbs moving up and down close to her small opening crease. As my thumbs moved closer together her movements and sounds became more animated and demanding. She needed some relief even if only partial. She looked at me as my head dipped and she felt my tongue from ass to clit. My fingers had uncovered her hidden pearl and I kissed it and gave it a little suck. She lost all control. She pulled my head between her legs and I responded by licking and sucking at the font of her womanhood. Her language moved from Vietnamese to English and back again, confusing and unintelligible. Her orgasm caused her trashing and I could see her stomach muscles in spasm and knew her pussy was doing the same as it flooded my mouth with her sweet tasting juices.

She fell back and relaxed as I watched. Was she sated, not even close; she was just beginning to be a woman, my woman. She pulled me up to her and I gave oral attention to her entire body on my journey first to her breasts and then her lips. “Now my love; now, make love to me now” she said. Her thin small little entrance to her inner soul was now red and puffy with desire. I took my cock head and slid it up and down, spreading my lubrication with hers. I was careful not to hit her already over stimulated clit too much. Then I found the entrance and placed my head there and pushed, allowing myself the luxury of entering her for the first time. She was tight and I had to recite the Greek alphabet backwards to stop myself from cuming the first second I entered her. Moving in and out, fractions of an inch, then deeper in, I took more than two minutes to find myself fully engulfed within her. In that time she had at least two more orgasms.

Time had seemingly flown by since meeting the man I was to fall head over heels for on a drunken night in the town centre, the type of guy you would never expect to be dating a transvestite but here I was waking by his side as I had done for the past 6 months or so since we moved in together after my life taking a complete change of direction and in doing so giving me the life I had always craved the life of a girl a woman with a protective and loving partner to guide me along and make me feel every bit the girl I had always secretly felt deep inside.

As I woke early I had the privilege of seeing Danny still laid out fast asleep and he had every right to relax following the evening we had together the previous day, he is such a soft loving guy despite his large muscular build and don’t mess with me attitude but his look comes with his job and as a door supervisor for the local bars and nightclubs you need a don’t mess with me look about you and of course that is why Danny did it for me. I loved finding the soft centre to this hunk of a man and I well knew just how soft he really was behind the muscles and hours in his home gym day after day toning his body to its peak of fitness and satisfying my needs too which would keep any guy fit with my huge craving for his thick meaty cock.

As much as I wanted to pull back the covers and indulge myself and my hunger for cock I decided I had things I needed to do this morning as today was Valentines day and I needed to go get the gift I had bought for Danny as the shop keeper had kindly held it for me for a few weeks. Sliding out of our bed still in my corset from the night before I quickly tucked away my privates as I slid into a pair of panties that had been removed from me the night before and grabbed a pair of jeans and a jumper and slid out of the bedroom dressing myself as I went and almost stumbling over whilst trying to pull myself into my tight fitting girlie jeans.

As any trans girl well knows the problems with facial hair and makeup were priority and as I had to go out there was no way I was going in drab male mode besides the owner of the shop had only ever met me as Lisa and I decided that was how it was going to stay, quiet as I could I snuck into our bathroom and quickly shaved and applied my makeup layer by layer fortunately I had been doing this so long now I could look totally feminine within a few minutes and as I looked into the mirror all I saw was a young looking woman staring back at me as I fixed my now shoulder length jet black hair back into a ponytail for speed and ease besides I knew I needed to shower so the makeup would have to come off before it went back on today.

I knew I was now on borrowed time as Danny always set himself an alarm whether he needed to or not and I had an idea he would have his own plans for today as well but right now I needed to go and without a second I headed to the front door grabbing the first pair of heels I could get my hands on and sliding them on almost at the same time as I opened the front door. Tottering down the steps from our flat in 4 ½ inch heels was never easy but as I was also half awake right now it made it twice as difficult so by the time I made it half way down or so I decided the heels were coming off till I could get to ground level so with that I quickly sat on the freezing cold metal steps and slid my heels off only to realise just how cold it still was out as I darted down the steps.

Making the pavement I steadied myself on the metal banister and slid back into my heels but as my feet were so cold it did make an interesting sight for any passers by as I rubbed frantically at my freezing toes before sliding back into my stilettos, right now I wish I had left my trainers by the front door but fashion normally equals pain and although I was very used to my high heels and adored wearing them this morning as I was in a rush they were a nuisance.

All I could think as I made my way to the two shops I needed was I hope Danny is still asleep but two seconds later my mobile began to ring and checking who it was I should of known that because I was not in bed by his side Danny had woken up and found I had gone out, I quickly made some excuse that I had to pop a present round to a friends place across town and Danny seemed to take my excuse for running out so early. Just as I managed to get rid of Danny from my mobile the shop keeper I was going to meet caught up with me in the high street saying he was late opening up but had my present put aside for collection so as he rushed along I tried to keep pace with him.

Finally we reached the shop and the owner ducked off behind the counter to get my gift out from his night safe passing it to me he said my assistant even wrapped it for you and with that we said our goodbyes as I rushed back out and off up the high street to my next store which wasn’t exactly important but more indulgent. I had to have new lingerie for Valentines day and I knew Danny never bought me any but usually gave me the cash to buy what I wanted so this time I took the chance to indulge myself, rushing into the store I knew exactly what I wanted as I had been in with a girl friend in the week checking out the lingerie.

As the assistant came and said can I help you madam I had already picked a satin red basque and lace panties set that was guaranteed to thrill my man along with a new pair of luxury seamed lace top stockings and quickly said I need to pay for these, the girl serving just said that’s cool an easy customer just what I needed this morning. I had to admit she did look a little worse for wear and although I was packing a large secret in my panties I looked a million times better even after a late night of drinking and dirty sex with my man.

All of a sudden though it hit me how the hell was I going to get back into the flat with bags of shopping after I had told Danny I was going to a friends quickly but knowing I had no choice I made my way back and fortunately for me as I got back I could hear water running down the waste pipe meaning Danny was in the bathroom so as quick as I could I bolted up the steps and slid in the front door and kicked off my heels and ran for the spare bedroom to hide the bits I had bought as I frequently dressed in the spare room as it had a big mirrored wardrobe and I had to look my best but this time I stripped down to my panties and slid on my dressing gown so as Danny appeared from the bathroom I was laid out on the sofa watching television.

As soon as Danny saw me he plodded over with his thick cock dangling between his thighs and bent down to kiss me lightly on the lips and as we broke our kiss he just said morning baby before he plodded off back to the bedroom, for some reason Danny was not his normal self but I just guessed he was hung over from the night before as we had been out with friends most of the evening drinking in the gay bars and ending up in the swingers club as usual having lots of kinky fun with our good friends. Thinking I had better do the good girlfriend bit I put on the kettle and wandered into our bedroom to see if my man was ok but as I went to push open the door Danny pulled it open from inside making me fall into his arms.

I knew it could have been worse if Danny had of been half asleep like me today I would of probably knocked him out with the door but this time he just caught me as I stumbled and pulled me against him and kissed me lightly again before saying now I have to pop out to see a friend before chuckling and letting me go from his grip, it seemed my plan was all going to work out just fine now and as soon as Danny went I jumped into the shower paying extra attention to my privates and long dark hair as I wanted to be spotless for him when he got back in. As the water washed over my tight butt I started to feel aroused again and soon I was slowly massaging my hard clitty and pert nipples right up to a beautiful orgasm making my wet body tremble with pleasure as I imagined my man pleasuring my tight butt with his thick 8 inches of meat.

Stepping from the shower I headed for the spare room to grab my new lingerie and go through my wardrobe of dresses as I wanted to look amazing for my man today and as I trawled through my piles of jeans tops and dressed I found the perfect dress that was tight in all the right places to show off my figure but respectable enough to go out if he had plans hatched that I didn’t know about. Before I dressed I decided today I was definitely going to need a bit more cleavage than usual so I looked out my breast pump and slowly increased my bust a little as I have a nice small cleavage in a corset but the basque wouldn’t give me the support my corset would.

As I picked all my new lingerie out and laid it out on the bed with my dress and stilettos I thought everything went together very well so slowly I allowed my body to dry and patted off the last of the water with a fresh soft towel then pulled on my basque and made sure it grabbed at my small breasts perfectly, as soon as I was comfortable I slid into my new stockings and panties and fastened the basque suspender straps up and made sure I was pulled in tight from every angle in the huge mirrored wardrobe before pulling my tightly wrapped body into my dress a beautiful crimson satin mini dress that followed my every curve making me look as slinky as I could. As I was finally happy with my look I decided to go sit in the living room and fix my makeup so grabbing my two bags of creams and powders I popped myself onto a high stool at our breakfast bar and began applying the layers of make up making myself more and more fem with every stroke of the brush, I adore seeing my transformation from guy to girl and as I finished up by applying my lip glaze and fixer I had to sit and admire my girly look and with my long raven black hair falling gently to my shoulders as I brushed my hair into place and carefully sprayed it lightly with a hairspray just to keep it in place and looking as I wanted till later I hoped.

As Danny was still out I didn’t know what to do with myself but as I sat watching the world go by from the large glass windows with a cup of tea in hand my mobile suddenly rang and checking who was calling it was Danny, I wasn’t sure why he would be calling unless something was wrong but as I answered he said to me are you sat by the window babe? Answering him of course I’m waiting for you babe then I got the biggest shock as I heard a car horn below I looked down to see a black stretched limo sat in the car park and as I watched it the driver walked round and swung open the door but no one stepped out. Sat watching and a little confused I guessed it may be for someone in the flat below ours but as I sat starring my mobile rang again and once again it was Danny.

As I answered I did not let him speak as I blurted out there’s a limo in the car park babe im waiting to see who it is for, all I could hear for the next few seconds was Danny laughing as he told me its for you babes im waiting so come on its cold with the door open. As soon as he said its for you I grabbed my handbag and flew out the front door almost forgetting to lock it behind me, suddenly the 40 or so steps down to the car didn’t seem so dangerous even in my sexiest of peep toe satin stilettos with a 5 inch heel as I knew Danny loved them and besides they were very comfortable for such a high heel so I did love to wear them as often as I could and as I made the car and slid into the soft black leather of the seats Danny was sat waiting for me in a suit he wasn’t wearing when he had left this morning so he obviously had big plans for us.

As soon as I was sat down and comfortable the driver whisked us out of the car park and off to a secret location that Danny had obviously planned but for all my asking he would not tell me where we were going or what his plans were so to shut me up he handed me a glass of champagne instead, as I sat drinking bubbly and cuddling up with my boyfriend I felt a million dollars and as Danny constantly kept telling me how beautiful he thought I was and how much he loved me as his girlfriend of course I lapped up his compliments before I pushed myself against his side as we kissed gently making me very horny indeed but making sure I didn’t get erect with the driver probably watching our every move from his position up front.

Soon the car pulled up to a hotel I knew well from my days working in the catering industry it’s a beautiful old stately home with the long sweeping drive and a full 5 star service for its impressive list of clientele ranging from big stars to the mega wealthy business customers as it is tucked away in the forest far from prying eyes, within a few seconds the driver had popped open the door and as I slid off the seat and up onto my stilettos I was met by a porter from the hotel who instantly greeted me as madam which made my day. As Danny stepped out he graciously took my arm and led me to the front doors of the hotel which were opened by yet another porter who welcomed us on our way in.

Stepping into the impressive reception I felt like I was walking on air as my heels disappeared into the soft deep pile of the carpet but as I was led forward by Danny a young looking but very smartly dressed lady welcomed us and as Danny gave his name she welcomed us both and led us off through the hotel finally reaching a beautiful lounge come sun room where we were met by another member of staff who took us to our table pulling out my seat for me and then pouring more champagne. Once he had left us Danny asked me are you surprised but I couldn’t give him a sensible answer so I just told him I had always dreamt of being waited on hand and foot and have always admired this hotel.

Once I finally started to relax Danny reached across the table and as our hands met he said to me you know you are the only girl for me don’t you, you are beautiful intelligent and everything I have ever desired and as if by magic a waiter appeared by his side with a silver tray with one small box that he placed into Danny’s waiting hand. I knew what it was or at least I thought I did but I could never be sure with Danny as he had played tricks on me before but this time and the setting I thought this is it and then the words fell from his mouth slowly and precisely Lisa will you be my wife, my partner for life no exceptions ever.

I knew it and knew Danny was the one for me but again my mouth opened as I went to speak but nothing came out not a word not a sound even I was totally in shock at his words I knew he loved me but I had never thought he would ask me to marry him after all I was a transvestite all be it a convincing one but still a transvestite. Again Danny asked me babe I love you be my wife and this time as a single tear rolled across my made up cheek I nodded gently as I looked down Danny slid the white gold ring onto my finger and as he pushed it into place he stood walked round the table and lifted me to my feet and pulled me tight against him as my tears fell from my eyes soaking his jacket shoulder as he held me close.

It took me some time to pull myself together but once I had we settled back into our seats and then I thought I would give Danny my present to him but as I reached into my handbag I suddenly realised I had left the gift at our flat, I had to tell him and as I explained he just chuckled and told me you sounded so excited by the limo I’m not surprised you forgot it. It so amazing to be sat with him now not just as his Tgirl girlfriend but now his fiancé as we enjoyed a full 3course dinner served by a team of silver service trained waiters who attended to our every need but as soon as we finished we headed out to the garden and sat by the stream that split the garden in two just enjoying each others company.

Soon Danny said to me well my beautiful wife its time to head back to Bournemouth I’m afraid and as he stood he helped me to my feet and led me back to our waiting limo in the courtyard, as soon as our driver saw us he jumped into action and opened the door for us again I climbed in first and as Danny went to get in I heard the driver ask did she say yes and Danny replied yes mate she did eventually so guess I’m a married man now. As Danny took his seat the driver got back to the front of the car and before we pulled away he lowered the privacy screen and offered us both his best wishes before saying to Danny so where to, Danny just replied I think you know and with that he put the privacy screen back up and pulled away.

Soon we were being whisked back towards town but as we approached our usual junction to get off for our flat the driver kept going but as I mentioned it to Danny he said I have one more surprise for my wife and within a few minutes we were pulling up outside one of our favourite bars in the gay area of the town, this time Danny didn’t wait on the driver to open the door and as he climbed out he beckoned me to follow which of course I did as I had no idea what was going on or what he had planned I just guessed we were going to have a few drinks at our favourite bar to celebrate our engagement.

As we entered the bar all the lights were off and I expected them to suddenly all flash on with a crowd shouting surprise or something but there was no one the place was empty and pitch black, as Danny took my hand he led me up the stairs to the function party bar upstairs and as I reached the top there was all our best friends waiting to congratulate us on getting engaged. The first being my best mate Kes and her boyfriend Adam who bounced over it their usual energetic style and as Kes near knocked me from my feet she threw her arms round me sending me into tears for the second time today, as she released me she told me I have something to show you and as she put out her hand it seemed me and Danny were not the only ones celebrating and the boys had been busy planning again as they always seemed to without Kes and me knowing.

The day was exhausting to be honest and once we had a few drinks I had to ask Danny to take me home but I had no plans of sleeping I wanted my man and I wanted to give him my present as well so we said our goodbyes and Danny led back outside and off down the hill back to our flat, as we reached the door Danny suddenly hoisted me into his arms and carried me inside telling me we were meant to do that once we were married but as he already considered me his wife he felt it only right to do so. As soon as he laid me back onto our soft leather sofa he lent down to kiss me but as he did I almost rolled off onto the floor and made it to my feet before running off to the spare room, once I got back Danny said jokingly I have never seen you move so quick especially in your stilettos.

Ignoring his humour I sat myself by his side on the sofa and passed him a slightly larger box than the one he had given me and as he sat and looked at it I thought you have no idea what’s in there, slowly he peeled back the paper surrounding it and popped open the box to see my gift. Pulling it from its box he sat and looked at me then thanked me with a long passionate kiss but as our lips separated he passed it to me and said you had better put it on as I did for you babe, I had seemingly the same plans as Danny as I had bought him a beautifully diamond cut neck chain with a solid silver ring that I knew would fit as I had pinched one of his others just to make sure.

As I squeezed the ring into place he said I would never of guessed you would buy me a ring to sweetheart but as I went to answer he put one arm round me and pulled me close kissing me deep and long on my fully made up lips, I knew I had one more present for him and he seemed very keen for us to celebrate our engagement so as he released me I instantly reached for his groin only to find he was rock hard in his suit trousers and begging to be released but I had one more thing to do and as I stood and turned my back to him I asked babe will you unzip me please.