Thanks to everyone who read Chapter 3. Please remember this is fiction, all names are fake and no offense to any Seal, past or present is intended. Thanks Dawn, you did a great job. Please enjoy Chapter 4.

0700 hrs, CJSOTF Conference room.

Kevin Dvorska and Bravo squad’s point man, Frank Griffin, were two of the fifteen Seals that were at the Navigation briefing for the Bosnia Herzegovina Operation area. The N5 Planning and Targeting Officer was going over the current Intelligence of the area including known mine fields the Serbian forces have constructed.

Most of the fighting was taking place in an area around Sarajevo but reports have been made that ethnic cleansing operations and mass rapes were underway well north of the city in Slovakia and rumored to be spreading into Slovenia. Once the Officer was complete with his briefing he issued every Seal current topographical maps of the entire area to study further.

Kevin looked up at the large display on the wall and thought of his Grandfather. He knew he had lived on the eastern side of Slovakia and wondered how in the hell did he get his family to the states through all that countryside, the SS Troops, and the German Army. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard Lieutenant Dawson’s voice.

“Kevin, if you’re done memorizing the map, we’re due in the Intel brief in five minutes,” he said.

“Sorry L-Tee, I’m right behind you,” Kevin said and then moved quickly to join his team leader.

“I heard you hooked up with a girl last night,” Adam Dawson said.

“Yeah L-Tee, we were at a little club last night and she waited on us all night. Ended up at her place on base, but I was in before curfew,” he told him.

“That’s fine, I’m not concerned with you meeting strange women and banging them senseless. I am concerned however about security. I don’t need to remind you that you’re not in the regular Navy anymore,” Adam said sternly.

“Not to worry Sir. I wouldn’t tell my pet frog what I’m doing,” Kevin said trying to calm his team leaders concerns.

“That’s very good Petty Officer Dvorska, because I would really hate to put a .50 caliber round through your pet frog’s head.”

Once they reached the briefing room they entered and took a seat next to the other members of Alpha squad. The N2 intelligence Officer turned the lights down and started the slide show presentation.

“Good morning gentlemen. This mornings briefing will be on Command structure and coordinated troop movements within the northern Serb territory. Most of you team leaders heard some of this yesterday but now that your fire squads are with you, you can better train together for the up coming missions,” he said to the Platoon gathered there.

“First up on the hit list is Slobodan Milosevic. He leads the Serbian Government and is the head of the Army of Republika Srpska (VRS). We believe he personally gave the order for the attack on a U.N. convoy January 8th of this year that was transporting Deputy Prime Minister Hakija Turajlic to the airport. We have very little proof so any Intel you discover during your missions must be turned in to N2 as soon as possible.”

“The VRS gets most of it’s intelligence from this man, Radovan Valenta. He is said to have a spy network in Slovenia that supplies him with Croatian troop movements in the northern and concentrated areas of Catholic Croats. The CIA does have a number of deep cover operatives in the area and are trying to get us something to go on. If we can disrupt Valenta’s Intel network we believe the tide will change in the Croatian’s favor and maybe bring them all to the negotiation table.”

The slide moved on to show a balding man of around fifty and heavy set. Kevin thought at first he was looking at a picture of Alfred Hitchcock but was soon proved wrong.

“Franjo Izetbegovic is in charge of Operations. He plans most of the major offensives and we also believe the same assault that took out Minister Turajlic. We want this guy bad and he is one of two individuals that we have specific orders to shoot on site. If you tag this guy we need concrete proof that he has been taken out,” the Intel Officer said.

“Now for the grand prize,” he said and put up the next picture.

The Seals were looking at a picture that showed a man in his mid thirties with sandy blond hair in a black suit. He was tall and it seemed his entire face was square. Adam didn’t know where the picture was taken but what ever he was doing at the time, he wasn’t happy about it. Also the suit that he was wearing did nothing to hide his muscular body.

“This is the other kill on site target, Viljem Kordic. He is the head of the Serbian Secret Police and to put it bluntly, a ruthless fucking bastard. He is personally responsible for the deaths of over twenty thousand Croat civilians. His youngest victim was a ten month old baby shot in her crib and the oldest was 81, he shows no mercy to anyone.”

“It seems that the idea of ethnic cleansing runs in his family. His Grandfather was Wolfgang Gruber, a Major in the Nazi SS. He was an Intel officer and ran most of the Jewish cleansing ops in Germany and then in South Eastern Europe. Trust me when I say that Kordic makes his Grandfather look like Mr. Rogers. That ends this briefing on the chain of command. Are there any questions?” he asked.

When no one answered, Troop Commander, Lieutenant Commander Neal Hawkins got up and stood in front of the gathered Seals.

“I only have a few things to add to the briefing. Team leaders, make sure your guys get issued there pagers and leave the contact numbers with the Duty Officer before you secure. Also, I’m putting up a twenty five year old bottle of scotch to what ever fire team brings me Kordic’s fucking testacles so I can mount them on my fire place mantle,” Hawkins told them.

Everyone started laughing and bets were being placed on what squad was going to get drunk the night after. When people started leaving Adam Dawson pulled his team to the side to allow everyone else to exit the room.

“Bob, see to it that everyone gets their pagers and take care of the Duty Officer, then get me a list so I can find everyone,” he said to his Chief.

“I’m going to put together a training schedule of the team tonight and we’ll start first thing in the morning. Remember we came here to kill bad guys so I don’t want you clowns going soft on me while we’re here. Now get the fuck out of my face and get it done,” Adam told his team.

The rest of the morning was spent with getting their equipment checked and rechecked. Then all the sharpshooters were due at the range at 1400 hours to zero in their weapons. Carl, Kevin and Doc were in the Paraloft shop getting the teams parachutes inspected. Given the type of terrain they were dealing with, most of the insertions were going to be by helicopter or a HALO.

The High Altitude – Low Opening insertion was a Seals favorite. The simple fact that the Navy flew a C-130 aircraft at 30,000 feet was not significant. The idea of jumping out at six miles above the earth and flying your body down to an altitude of a few thousands feet was, in their eyes – fun.

“So Kev you ever going to spill the beans about that muffin you went home with last night?” Carl Werner asked.

“We didn’t do much. We got back to her house and drank a few beers then I got back here. We had that briefing this morning, remember,” Kevin lied.

“You’re so full of shit Kev.”

“Come on Carl, give the kid a break. You don’t really think he’s gonna tell us that they got back to her house and she ended up raping the young stud do you? I mean hell, she probably took her clothes off and he shot his wad too early so she kicked him out. So just drop it so he doesn’t get embarrassed again,” Doc joked.

“I can safely tell you this Doc. If you go over and she ends up fucking you, I doubt it, but let’s just pretend, you better bring along your med kit – you’re going to need it,” Kevin shot back.

Once they finished checking the teams gear, the three of them headed off to the enlisted club on base for a few cold ones and to meet up with the rest of Alpha squad. When they got inside, they immediately saw Bob Holiday and Daniel Vasquez over at the bar playing some dice game.

“Hey Bob, what are you guys up to? You’re not trying to teach V-man here how to count are you?” Kevin asked.

“Don’t you have someplace else to be Kev? Like out playing in the traffic,” Dan said.

“What’s the matter V, I’m not allowed to have fun and drink with you guys?” Kevin asked the team’s sharpshooter playfully.

“Actually rookie I’m teaching this young lad how to throw dice,” Bob said as he slammed the dice cup down.

“Yeah and I’m loosing most of my jump pay. Sorry Bob that’s it for me,” V-man said as Bob ordered another round of beers with V-man’s money.

They all picked up their drinks and moved over to a table farther back in the club. It wasn’t that busy yet and probably wouldn’t be until later tonight when everyone wanted to party or find a date for the night. They sat there and chatted about work, the base, and the possibility of maybe doing some sightseeing while they were deployed for six months.

Bob was talking about some of the places he visited while in Italy when Kevin suddenly turned around. There in the doorway was Martina. She scanned the area quickly and then took a seat at the bar.

“Excuse me a moment guys, I suddenly got hungry,” Kevin said as he stood up.

He approached Martina from the back and tapped her shoulder.

“Can I buy you a drink and take you home?” he asked.

“Well what a surprise. I didn’t expect to see you here,” Martina said as she flashed him a bright smile.

“My team stopped in for a few beers. Would you like to join us?” Kevin asked and extended his arm for her.

“Oh my favorite fantasy, being surround by Navy Seals who want to do strange and wonderful things to my body,” she said in a sultry voice.

As they approached the table, Carl saw who was with Kevin and groaned.

“Oh look, Kev’s gonna rub it in our faces some more,” he said sarcastically.

“I’ll take that in my face any day of the week,” Bob Holiday told his team.

“Martina you remember these guys from last night,” Kevin told her.

“Yes I do, but I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting this fine specimen of a man,” she said as she swayed over to Bob and extended her hand.

Bob took Martina’s hand in his and kissed it softly, never breaking eye contact with the beautiful woman in front of him.

“Bob Holiday at your disposal Miss.”

“Mmmmm and a real gentleman to go along with those huge arms, I’ve died and gone to Heaven,” she whispered.

She pulled up a seat so she could sit next to Kevin, and then shifted her weight so she was leaning up against him. Carl and Doc tried to get the details of the previous night out of her but she just laughed and sipped on her drink. When she couldn’t stand the suspense any longer she leaned across the table and gave them a clear view of her cleavage.

“Now boys, you know it’s not polite to ask a woman to kiss and tell, but since you’re friends of Kevin’s, I’ll make an exception. It hurt soooo good,” she said and then licked her lips to accent the point.

When she sat back, Kevin put his arm around her. He was smiling at his teammates with a Cheshire cat grin. Bob Holiday was shaking his head at the persistence of Carl and Doc and the fact that they just got bitch slapped by one of the locals. He was just about to order another round when his pager went off.

“What is it Chief? Are we on already?” Carl Werner asked.

“No, it’s the duty office,” he said and stood up to leave.

“Well Martina it was nice to meet you. I would love to stick around and watch you harass my guys some more but unfortunately, duty calls,” he said to her and extended his hand.

When she took his hand to shake it, he turned it and kissed it quickly then stood back up.

“When you’re done robbing the cradle, give me a call. I’ll show you how it’s supposed to be done,” Bob said then turned to head back to the duty office.

“So is that what I get to expect around you? Your little toy beeps and you run out the door?” Martina asked Kevin with a pout.

“Sorry Martina, that’s the nature of our job when we’re on deployment,” Kevin replied.

“And how long are you boys – I mean men – going to be deployed? It doesn’t have anything to do with that nasty mess over in Bosnia does it?” she asked the group.

“We only have to go out for six months at a time and no, it doesn’t have anything to do with Bosnia,” Carl said quickly, cutting everyone else off.

“Yeah Martina, this is just a normal training deployment. We come over to Italy for a while, drink their beer, meet the women and then go home,” V-man added with a smile.

“Well if you – men – will excuse me, I have to go powder my nose. Kevin would you please order me another glass of wine please,” she said as she stood up to head for the ladies room.

“Don’t be gone too long or I might have to come in there and rescue you,” Kevin said jokingly.

“You come in there and it’s you that’s going to need rescuing handsome,” Martina shot back and then kissed his cheek.

Martina walked away and all four Seals kept there eyes glued to her jean covered ass. Kevin was starting to remember the previous night and silently chided his stupidity for not taking her skirt off last night. If given another chance he was going to resolve that issue.

Once Martina reached the lobby of the ladies room, she looked around to see if she was followed and then picked up the house phone. Once the number was dialed she put her back up against the wall and watched the entrance.

“Hello,” her husband said.

“It’s me. My contact said something is happening up north but I don’t know where,” Martina said quickly.

“Is that all?” he asked.

“No. One of them got paged and had to leave so it might be his team but I won’t know for sure until it happens. I have to go before I’m missed,” she said hurriedly.

“Call when you know more,” he said and hung up the phone.

Martina went into the ladies room and checked herself. Once she was satisfied she returned to the table and sipped at her wine.

“I was starting to get worried and was about to see if you were alright,” Kevin said.

“Oh I’m sorry dear. I had a wonderful idea so I called in sick for work. I was wondering if I might take you out to dinner in town. I know this quiet little place that makes the best tortellini,” Martina said.

“Sounds great but I need a buddy if we go out in town. V-man, you wanna head out with us?” Kevin said.

“Oh I mean if you don’t mind Martina,” he said to her.

“Not at all. Two handsome Seals escorting me to dinner is going to be very stimulating,” she replied, and then reached over and squeezed Kevin’s cock.

Kevin raised his eyebrows at her boldness and then darted his eyes around his teammates to see if they noticed anything. He waited for them to all stand before he did. He didn’t want them see the obvious bulge in his pants. Martina latched on to Kevin’s arm as they followed close behind the others. Once outside Carl and Doc headed for the Seal compound as Martina, Kevin, and Dan Vasquez went over to where Martina’s car was parked. Kevin started to wonder how long he could hold out with V-man with them before he pulled Martina’s clothes off.

Serbian Command Center, Tuzla, Bosnia

Radovan Valenta was sitting at his desk talking on the phone when the head of the secret police, Viljem Kordic, entered and took a seat across from the Serbian Intelligence Officer. Radovan knew better than to keep Viljem waiting long. His thirst for blood and the thrill of torture was becoming wide spread news.

“Call when you know more,” he said and then hung up the phone.

“Viljem it’s always a pleasure to see you. I’m a little busy at the moment so what can I do for you?” Radovan asked.

“I’m just checking in to see if there are any new developments that I might need to be aware of. I think the more I know the better I can do my job and move the war effort along, don’t you think?”

“I don’t have any concrete Intel as of yet. Croat forces are massing to the west for what seems to be an offense strike but my sources haven’t figured out where. It appears that the recent escalation has brought some attention from NATO but they still won’t act, as usual. The American puppets flex their muscles and pass their resolutions but my contact in the U.N. said that the Security Council is afraid of direct intervention,” Radovan told him.

“I see, and that was your contact in the U.N. you were just speaking with?” Viljem asked.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but that was another contact letting me know about Catholic Croats trying to flee up into Slovenia. Most of them are women and children and shouldn’t concern you,” Radovan quickly said.

Viljem leaned forward placing his elbows on the Intel Officer’s desk and shot a glare at the slightly muscular man.

“Let’s get something straight between us Radovan. I am the head of the Secret Police. It’s my job to know everything that is going on with everything – and everyone. As for the women and children they do concern me because women give birth to more babies and children grow up to be soldiers who might be our enemies. I’m trained to solve problems before they become problems. Do we understand each other,” he said sternly.

“Fine, and now you’re informed about the refugees. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to pack a bag,” Radovan said.

“Taking a little vacation are we?” Viljem asked.

“I have a meeting with one of my operatives in Slovenia. I should be gone for about three to four days,” he told him.

“I hope you enjoy your stay. I expect a report when you return,” he said and then left the Intel Officer to his duties.

Once the head of the Gestapo like police force was safely a few blocks away from the building he entered a small café and picked up the phone. The owner was going to say something to his customer but then quickly realized who it was. He turned around and walked away so as not to anger Viljem Kordic.

“Hello,” a female voice said.

“This is Kordic, get me Tihomir on the phone,” he told her.

“Yes Sir right away.”

While he waited for his assistant, Tihomir Blaskic, to get to the phone he scanned the café for any threats and to stare at the owner. He took enjoyment out of making people nervous by just looking at them.

“This is Blaskic,” Tihomir answered

“It’s me. I need you to do me a favor. Our sneaky little Intelligence Officer is taking a trip north to Slovenia. Get a few men and keep tabs on him, something is happening and I want to know what he’s up to,” Viljem told him.

“Not a problem. What are your orders if it becomes necessary to retire him?”

“Only if it’s crucial to the success of our mission, but notify me before you do any action,” Viljem told him and then hung up the phone.

As he turned to leave he thought of all the ways that Radovan Valenta could seriously endanger his own operation. He had come too far to turn back now, and he would have his power – one way or another.


Martina, Kevin and Dan Vasquez sat in the spacious restaurant, and Kevin realized that Martina was correct when she said the food was good. He was trying to finish his large portion of Tortellini but found it difficult. V-man was having no trouble at all with his, and he wondered where his teammate was putting it all.

“Jesus V, where the hell are you putting all that? You got a hollow leg or something?” he asked him.

“Sorry Kev. This is damn good chow and I don’t intend on letting it go to waste. Are you going to finish yours?” V-man asked.

Martina and Kevin laughed at him as Kevin pushed his plate over in front of him. He picked up his glass of wine and took a drink.

“So Dan, you haven’t told me what your specialty is. Are you the leader of the group?” Martina asked him.

“Um – no – excuse me,” he said and then picked up a napkin to wipe his mouth.

“I’m the team’s sharpshooter. I watch over them and if someone comes too close, then I bring my weapon up and reach out and touch them.”

“Oh that sounds dangerous. You must be very talented,” Martina told him.

“Martina it was weird to see you at the Enlisted Club today. You don’t seem like the sort to pop into a bar on base that is frequented by the younger crowd,” Kevin said, breaking her train of thought on his colleague.

“Oh I’m always on the hunt for a fun time. I was just lucky that you were there to save me from myself,” she said then kissed him deeply.

“Hey I’m starting to feel like a third wheel here. Maybe we should go someplace where I can find my own dessert,” V-man said.

“If you two want, we can go to a club I know of just outside of town. A lot of civilians on base go there because it’s out of the way. I’m sure a good looking guy like you will have no trouble finding something young and vibrant to hook up with,” she told them.

“Sounds good to me Martina, that is if it’s alright with Kev here,” Dan said.

Kevin paid for dinner and helped Martina with her chair. Hopefully Dan would find a girl so he could slip away to a dark corner with Martina. He didn’t think he could wait till they got home. If it was busy he was going to take advantage of it.


As Kevin and Dan entered the club, they immediately scanned the room for any signs of danger. Martina noticed this and was impressed at the constant use of their skills, no matter where they were.

“Hey guys calm down. I don’t think you’re going to find any dangerous people here,” she told them and then leaned in towards Kevin.

“Although I think you’ll have to pat me down, just to be on the safe side.”

“I think I’ll take you up on that,” Kevin replied a little too loud.

“Take her up on what Kevin? We’re not leaving already are we?” Dan asked.

“No we’re not leaving yet V-man. Since I got dinner, you get the pleasure of the first round buddy,” Kevin said and then slapped him on the back.

When Dan left to get the drinks, Kevin and Martina went to find a booth for them. They found one in the corner where Kevin and Dan could keep tabs on the room. Dan soon returned and passed out drinks to everyone, then sat down across from them.

“I got to hand it to you Martina, this is definitely a target rich environment,” Dan said as he looked at the women in the club.

“I come here every once in awhile for some stress relief. You see, this is only one part of this club. Most of the people that come here use both areas,” Martina told them.

Kevin looked around, trying to figure out what she was talking about but noticed nothing. He was about to turn back to Martina when he noticed a drop dead gorgeous blond pull back a black curtain and step through.

“Let me guess, the entrance to the land of OZ,” Kevin told her.

“Not exactly the Emerald City, but you’re close,” Martina replied and then placed her hand in Kevin’s lap.

“Hey Kev, you two stay here and I’ll do a little recon of the area,” Dan said and then slid out of the booth.

“Roger that V. I’ll be standing by for a sitrep,” Kevin replied like they were on a military operation.

“Sitrep?” Martina asked.

“Yeah, it stands for situation report. It means to let people know what’s going on,” Kevin told her.

A slow song came on as Dan departed towards the curtain. Kevin turned his head and kissed Martina softly as she rubbed his growing cock. They stayed like that for a few minutes and Kevin had to pull back for air.

“Um – I think we should dance before you make me have an accident,” he told her.

“I wouldn’t worry. You can count on me to clean it up since I caused it,” she replied with a laugh.

Kevin painfully slid out of the booth and then helped Martina to her feet. They slowly moved through the crowded dance floor and when he found an open spot he wrapped his powerful arms around her slim waist. Martina snuggled up against him and ground her body against the prominent bulge.

“Jesus Martina, you just won’t give me a break. Maybe we should head out to the car so you can get it out of your system,” Kevin said and then kissed her neck.

“We don’t have to go to the car,” Martina said as she pulled his head tighter against her skin.

“Mmmmm – what do you mean?” he mumbled.

“You’ll see. Just wait till Dan comes back with his – what did you call it – sitrep,” Martina told him.

The song soon ended and Kevin was thankful that he could sit down again. He was pretty self-conscious about the large tent he had. After taking a few drinks of his beer he looked over at the curtain to see if V-man was back yet. What he saw were five couples walking through and entering the other room. Something that he found odd was one of the couples were a lot older than most of the people in the club.

“What ever is back there seems to be popular,” Kevin told her and took another drink.

“Very popular and very select, they have a few bouncers inside so things don’t get too out of hand,” she replied and then took a sip of her wine.

“What is it, some sort of dance area?” Kevin said as he tried to pry information out of her.

“Oh look, there’s Dan now. I’ll let him tell you,” Martina replied.

Dan slid into the booth and reached under the table where the other two couldn’t see his hand. When he brought his beer bottle up to take a drink, he grabbed his crotch and adjusted his own hard on to a more comfortable position.

“Ok, out with it. What the hell is back there?” Kevin said.

Dan set his bottle down. “Holy shit Martina, I think I love you,” he told her.

“By the way you were adjusting yourself; I take it you found the other room was to your liking. I kind of thought a horny Navy man would,” Martina replied.

“So you going to let me in on it, or do I got to beat it out of you?” Kevin told him.

“Let’s get a couple more beers and you can see for yourself. I think this is our new club while were here in Italy,” Dan said.

As they went up to the bar, Martina excused herself and went to the ladies room. Kevin paid for the drinks and the two Navy Seals went up to the black curtain. As Kevin walked through he had to stop for a moment and let his vision adjust to the dim lighting. He scanned the room and found the two bouncers leaning up against the wall.

Kevin saw a small stage that was raised off the floor about a foot. It was surrounded by five darkened glass fronts that appeared to be some sort of rooms that wrapped around the stage. There was a door off to one side of it that led somewhere but he couldn’t tell where it went. Just in front of the stage were over stuffed couches where the couples that he noticed earlier were sitting.

He could pick up some of the sounds that they were making and instantly knew what they were doing. He looked over at one of the couches where the older couple snuggled next to each other. He noticed the gray haired woman’s arm moving.

‘Holy shit, she’s jacking him off,’ he said to himself.

Given his exceptional hearing he could make out what they were saying.

“Wow Mario, that blond sure was hot,” she told her husband.

“You’re right about that dear. Your pussy was dripping all over the couch when she started fucking her ass with that cucumber,” he said to his wife.

“You’re right about that you dirty old man. I bet you’d love it if that young little thing came down here and swallowed that hard daddy cock of yours,” his wife said as she moved her hand faster.

“You know just what gets me off. Here it comes sweetie.”

Just then she dropped her head down in her husband’s lap. Kevin knew she was swallowing his cum as the old man dropped his head back and moaned.

“Damn she’s gone. You missed it Kevin, there was a smoking hot blond up there a few minutes ago. It was amazing. She just walked up there and opened that door and when she came out she was buck-naked and had a cucumber. Fuck me if she didn’t lay down there and start slamming that thing inside her,” Dan told him.

“I don’t get it. Why would she do that in front of everyone,” Kevin said.

“Because they get off watching and being watched stud,” Martina said behind them.

When she stood beside Kevin, she reached over and rubbed his cock. She noticed he was still hard, but then most of the men rarely went soft in the room.

“You mean these guys don’t mind that other people are watching them do shit with each other?” Kevin asked.

“It’s called Voyeurism. Most anything goes back here except kids and animals. The bouncers make sure no one gets forced to do something and absolutely no fights,” Martina told him.

They had to move out of the way as other singles and couples came in. As they stood off to one side they watched as the new arrivals took open couches. A dark haired woman in her early twenties sat down with the elderly couple.

“What’s up with the glass around the stage?” Dan asked her.

“Those are special viewing rooms. The glass is one way so it adds a certain twist to it. The person on stage can’t see in but who ever is in the room can see out to the stage and the rest of the audience. Come on and I’ll show you,” Martina told them.

As they followed Martina around the side of stage, Kevin noticed a small hallway that led to the doors of the rooms. Each little cubicle had a small window on the door and there was a red light just above it. Dan looked into the first window and saw that it was empty except for a large padded recliner.

“Are the little windows one way also?” Dan asked.

“Yes. When the light is on, it means that who ever is in there is looking for company. Just open the door and join them,” she said.

Dan noticed one of the rooms farther down had a light on so he walked up to peer inside. He almost swallowed his tongue when he looked in. The blond girl that he witnessed earlier had her legs thrown over each side of the chair and her head thrown back as she worked the cucumber inside her slick pussy.

“Oh my fucking God, it’s her,” Dan exclaimed.

Kevin walked up and looked inside. It was the same drop dead gorgeous blond he saw walk through the curtain earlier.

“Well V-man what are you waiting for? The lights on so I guess she wants some company,” Kevin told his friend.

When Dan opened the door, Martina grabbed Kevin’s arm and pulled him to an open room. Once they were inside, Martina began undoing Kevin’s pants.

“Get these damn pants off. You have no idea how much I need fucked right now,” Martina said as she slid them down and then pulled them clear of his legs.

When Kevin was stripped of his clothes, Martina forcefully pushed him into the chair and slipped her dress over her head. Kevin looked at her and noticed she didn’t have any panties on.

“You went out commando style tonight?” Kevin asked.

“No, I took them off in the bathroom. They would have just gotten in the way and I want everyone to see your cum running down my legs once were done,” she said as she knelt down next to the chair.

Kevin moaned out as he felt her warm mouth engulf his leaking cock.

“Damn you know how to do that well,” he told her.

“One of these days I’m going to try and fit this monster you call a cock all the way down my throat,” she said as she momentarily released the throbbing member.

When Martina went back to her blowjob, Kevin looked out into the other room. Everyone was slowly masturbating as they waited for someone else to get on stage.

“Um – Martina, have you ever – you know – gone out on stage?” Kevin asked.

“I’ve been out there a few times. It’s really a huge rush to have all those people watching me perform for them,” Martina replied as she jacked his wet cock.

Just then Kevin saw the young woman leading the elderly lady out onto the stage. The dark haired girl unbuttoned the gray haired woman’s dress and let it slid to the floor. As she began sliding her own dress off, the older lady removed her underwear and laid down on the stage.

“Looks like the shows starting, but that’s an unlikely pair isn’t it?” he asked.

“Oh, I’ve seen them before. She has an incest fetish and loves to have sex with old people. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman, just as long as their a lot older than her,” Martina said as she spun the chair sideways.

“Now I’m going to ride that big fat cock for all it’s worth. You enjoy the Mother Daughter show, I’ve seen it before.

When she was hovering in position, Kevin knew he was in serious trouble by the look in her eyes.

“Hold on big boy here I go,” Martina said.

Kevin screamed out as the vise like grip of her pussy engulfed him quickly. He was not alone as she joined him from the sudden pain shooting through her body. Martina didn’t allow the pain to subside as she began bouncing up and down in his lap. Kevin looked out at the stage and saw that the gray lady had her legs spread out as the younger woman was fisting her rapidly.

Kevin wondered how V-man was getting along with the blond. They way she was built; he didn’t think Dan would last very long. Hell, the way Martina was practically raping him, he wouldn’t either.


Bob Holiday and Adam Dawson were having their own dinner but they were at the Officer’s Club instead. The two had known each other for years, and any time on deployment they always found time to hang out with each other. When they finished their dinners they sat back and enjoyed the view of the few women that were there early.

“I got to meet that girl that our new point man stumbled upon,” Bob said.

“What do you mean stumbled upon?” Adam said.

“What I mean is she’s really fucking gorgeous. Don’t you find it odd that a girl that hot would pick up Kevin? Seems a little fast to me, but then I’m not his dad,” he said.

“You’re right Bob, you’re not his dad – you’re his Chief and that makes you more than his dad. Now do you think we should check this girl out or are you jealous because you didn’t find her first,” Adam told him.

“Let’s see where it goes from here. If I get nervous I’ll have her checked out,” he told his Lieutenant.

“If that’s what you want to do. Now I think I’m ready for another beer,” Adam said and got up.

When he got to the bar he saw Bravo squad’s team leader, Peter Newman, sitting with the leading Chief Andrew Stall and went over to see what was up with their fire team.

“Pete, Andy, what are you guys up to tonight?” he asked them.

“Hey Adam, me and Andy thought we’d see how the pickings are here before we head out in town,” Pete said.

“From what I can see so far Adam this place is only good for a few beers,” Andy Stall said.

“Since you’re just passing through then, grab your drinks and join me and Bob over there for a while,” Adam said.

The two Bravo members went over to join Bob Holiday while Adam got a few more beers for them. After sitting down he looked over at Andy Stall.

“Hey Andy you’re still not sore about getting busted in your own back yard by a rookie point man are you?” Adam asked.

“To be perfectly honest with you Adam, I’m kind of envious of your team. That kid has senses that I’ve only seen on bloodhounds. Not to mention he’s fucking bright,” Andy confided in him.

“I don’t blame you, I was pretty fucking impressed myself,” Adam laughed.

“If you ever want to get rid…” Pete was trying to say when suddenly his pager went off.

As he checked the number, the other Seals grabbed their own screaming pagers. They knew the recall number for an operation and all four of them walked quickly to the exit. On the other side of town Kevin heard his pager buzz and reached down to pull it off his paints. When he looked at the number he quickly pushed Martina off him and reached for his pants.

“Sorry Martina, we have to cut the night short. Can you get us back to the base please?

“You’ve got to be kidding me, I was so fucking close. What the hell is it anyway? Can’t you just make a phone call or something?” she asked as she got dressed.

“It’s not that kind of page, it’s the kind where you get your ass back to the compound as fast as you can,” Kevin replied and stepped out into the little hallway.

As he looked over to the room that V-man was in, he saw the door fly open and he stepped out pulling his shirt on. When they looked at each other, they knew what was going on.

“We’ve got to get back in a hurry. Damn I was just starting to enjoy this place,” Dan said.

“I guess this is the down side of going out with Seals. Can you at least tell me when you’ll be back?” Martina asked as she exited the room.

“No, not really. All I can say is I’ll try not be gone too long,” he said.

They walked out of the sex room and Martina was moving just as quickly as they were. She needed to get back to the house and make a phone call. Her Husband will be excited that his search might finally come to an end and vengeance will finally be had for his Grandfather’s murder. Martina knew it would come at a price, and Kevin Dvorska was going to pay it.

2100 hrs, Special Operations Task Force briefing room.

Lieutenant Commander Neal Hawkins stood at the front of the room facing Alpha and Bravo fire teams. Joining him at the briefing was a gentleman wearing a dark blue suit who appeared to be in his late forties. Directly behind them was a large satellite photo of a town nestled next to a large cliff.

“Gentlemen, we have Intel on movement of the Serbian Intelligence Officer, Radovan Valenta. We believe he has arrived at a town in the northwest sector of Slovenia called Predjama. For the Intel section of this op, I have asked Mr. Johansson with the CIA to brief you all on the situation. Mr. Johansson, the floor is yours,” Hawkins said.

“Thank you Sir. Gentlemen one of our operatives has discovered that Valenta has arrived in Predjama and is staying in one of these two houses, located here and here,” he said as he highlighted the spots on the map.

“Now make no mistake about this, under no circumstances is this man to be taken out. We need him alive so that we can interrogate him on the future operations of the Serbian forces. If it is not feasible to capture Valenta, then the mission will be aborted and your team will return to base. The team leaders have copies of the current Intel on him and a layout of the houses. Are there any questions?” Johansson asked.

“Yes, Adam Dawson Alpha squad. How reliable is the Intel on the houses? I would hate to have to smash in some guy’s house in the dead of night and find some other poor slob fucking his wife while the package is dead asleep on the other side of town,” Adam asked.

“This operative has been in deep cover for the last six years. She knows Predjama extremely well and also knows what’s out of place. She actually ran into him while visiting her friend at this house. As far as she knows he will be in town for the next 72 hours,” he said.

Hawkins thanked him and walked up to the photo to brief the rest of the operation.

“Here’s how we’re going to place this. This building imbedded in the side of this cliff is called Predjama castle. The top of the cliff is well covered with thick brush and trees and will provide cover and a clear view of the two houses. Pete, you take Bravo squad and insert with a HALO jump. Your target is this clearing about two clicks out.”

“Once you have reached the edge of the cliff you will keep eyes on the target and radio back once you have determined which house the package is in. Adam your team will be the assault squad. Once we have the location you will insert at 0300 here, just south of town and work your way in. Once you have secured the package, Bravo will cover your exit to here, four clicks west of town where a helo will pick up both fire teams. Any questions?” Hawkins asked.

“How many hostiles other than the Intel Officer can we expect to encounter?” Adam asked.

“We know that when he travels, Valenta usually has two body guards and a female companion. We don’t want to let the Serbs know that we have him, so it’s imperative that the guards and the companion are eliminated and the bodies hidden,” Johansson said.

“Not a problem, but what about the people who own the house?” Adam added.

“We believe she may be one of Valenta’s contacts. If the opportunity presents itself, bring her in also. If it appears she will cause a problem with your exit, eliminate her along with the others. Remember your primary objectives are to get in, secure Valenta, and get out with no traces,” Johansson informed Dawson.

“If there are no other questions, Bravo squad you are due on the loading area in one hour. Dismissed,” Lieutenant Commander Neal Hawkins told his fire teams.

The briefing broke up and Bravo squad headed for the equipment room to gear up. Alpha on the other hand had to wait for a while, so Dawson took them into a secure room to go over the planning of the prisoner snatch.

“All right people lets go over the town. It will be real early in the morning so we shouldn’t encounter any civilians going in. Once we get to the house I want Kevin and Doc to provide outside security. Bob, you take V-man in the front door and me and Carl will enter through the back. Once we have the package secured, we all exit the back together. Kevin I want you to lead us through this area here, then to the extract site,” Dawson told his team.

“On the way out I want Bob and Carl as package security, V-man you take rear cover. We go in quick and silent so leave the big stuff behind and take the Glocks and the H&K’s.

One of the Seals favorite assault weapons was the Heckler & Koch MP5SD-N. A silenced lightweight submachine gun that’s capable of selecting one, two, or three round bursts. The teams rarely used the full auto function because at 700 rounds a minute you went through your ammo pretty quick. The sweet feature of the ‘N’ series is why the Seals commonly used them. Even if the barrel was full of water, you could still fire the weapon effectively.

“Alright everyone, we practice this type of op all the time, so you all know what to do. Are there any questions?” Adam asked.

“Just one L-Tee, what are my orders regarding the package if he becomes uncooperative?” Carl asked.

“If we have both packages and the girl gives you a problem, take her out. If it’s just Valenta, well, the CIA guy said alive – he didn’t say anything about hurt. Use your imagination,” Adam told him with a big smile.

2330 hrs, 31,000 feet on board an Air Force C-130 Hercules.

Bravo squad did a final check on each others gear and stood by the rear hatch and waited. They were two minutes from the exit point which was still ten miles from the LZ that they intended to land in. Once clear of the aircraft they would fly their bodies the rest of the way in. Pete Newman pushed the button on his throat and addressed his team.

“Remember people we go in without NVG’s so everyone stay close and then separate at four thousand feet and we all pull at fifteen hundred,” he told his team.

The crew chief opened the rear hatch and the rush of cold air hit the team like a brick. The outside air temperature was only twenty degrees and would seem even colder as they fell down to earth.

“Bravo squad, put your game face on, it’s time to earn your 75 dollar hazardous duty pay,” Andy Stall called out.

He couldn’t see their smiles underneath the oxygen masks as the entire team gave him a thumbs up, then the green light came on signaling the team to depart. In an instant, their black covered bodies disappeared into the night sky on their way to Predjama Slovenia. The rear hatch just started closing as the large C-130 turned sharply and headed towards Germany so as not to draw attention from any Serbian radar.

Peter Newman felt the wind whipping at his insulated jump suit as he checked his altimeter. He could see Griffin, and Stall to either side of him as they descended through 25,000 feet. They had only left the plane about 48 seconds before. When he looked back down, he could just make out the lights of the city through the sparse cloud cover they were currently passing through.

He knew if people were still awake, or out taking a walk they would never see them due to the dark clothes and black chutes. They would have to have very keen eye sight and since it only took three and half minutes to reach the desired altitude, their odds were about zero. He checked his altimeter again and saw they were at four thousand feet and the team began to spread out.

They were just outside the clearing when everyone in Bravo squad pulled their chutes and began to safely float the rest of the way down. Once they landed near the edge of the clearing, Bravo squad quickly hid their excess gear and turned on their NVG goggles.

“Ok Griff, get us to the edge of the cliff,” Pete said quietly to his point man.

Bravo squad followed him as he disappeared into the woods. Each member was sweeping left and right, keeping a watchful eye out for danger. Even though this wasn’t supposed to be a hostile area, you could never tell what you were going to run into.


Most of Alpha squad were relaxing or playing solitaire, except for Kevin Dvorska who had his face buried in the topographical map of the area. He would switch from photos and then back to the map studying every detail and possible alternate routes. Adam Dawson put the blueprints of the houses down and walked over to Bob Holiday.

“Keep them loose Bob, I’m heading down to Com to find out Pete’s status,” he said.

“If they get any looser Adam, those guys are going to turn into Silly Putty,” Bob told him with a laugh.

Adam slapped him in the back of the head and left the room. The Communications room was located one floor down and the only way to get there was the elevator. When he stepped inside he inserted his identification badge into the only slot on the panel. There were no buttons because it only went to one location.

Once the small doors opened, he saw the two Marine sentries that guarded the entrance. Once they checked his ID against the access list, he was allowed to pass. Pushing his thumb on the fingerprint pad, the door cracked open and he entered the darkened room.

On the far wall were three extremely large screens. The displays on each would have confused any normal person but to Adam it was just a run of the mill display. They consisted of satellite orbits, radio frequencies, topographical images and radar showing anything that was flying in the area and their call sign. He walked up to Lieutenant Commander Hawkins and stood next to him, never taking his eyes off the screen.

“How’s it going so far Neal?” Adam asked.

“Just like clockwork Adam, last radio call put Bravo in route to the cliff. With any luck you guys should be out of here soon,” he told the Seal.

“They have to find the guy first. You know how much I don’t trust those spooks from the agency. My God damn luck, we go in there and discover Elvis is alive and he’s living in Predjama,” Adam said sarcastically.

“If that’s true, just think how many women in the world you’re going to make happy. You’ll be the Seal team that rescued the king,” Hawkins replied.


Frank Griffin had Bravo squad about a hundred yards from the cliff when he got down on one knee quickly. When the rest of the team saw this, they followed suit and searched their assigned areas. Peter Newman gave his point man some time to figure out what the problem was. It was as if he was listening to something but couldn’t make it out. The team leader quickly signaled for Andy Stall to check it out.

Andy moved cautiously up to where Griff was and looked around. Even with the added benefit of the night vision gear he still couldn’t see any trouble or what had spooked Frank Griffin.

“What seems to be the hold up Griff?” he asked.

“I don’t know Andy. All of a sudden I got a weird feeling like we’re being watched,” Frank told him.

“Ok I believe you but Intel has this area clear. Just to be on the safe side take it slow and go weapons free,” Andy told him as he took the safety off his own MP5.

Griff headed off and within a few seconds the team was hot on his heels on their way to the cliff edge. When Pete got up next to his Team Chief he paused a moment.

“What the hell was that about Andy?” Pete asked.

“He thinks someone might be watching us. I suggest we go weapons free boss just to be safe. Griff isn’t the type to get spooked easily,” he said.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Peter Newman pushed the mike button on his throat so the team could hear him.

“Bravo listen up, we’re about a hundred yards away for point alpha. Go weapons free and keep an eye out, we might have company shadowing us,” he told his team.

Peter Newman, Jim Jenkins and Rick Berkley took there safety’s off. As an added precaution Berkley switched from his MP5 to the M14 sniper rifle he was carrying. When he turned on his starlight scope he brought the weapon to his shoulder and peered through the eye piece, the small forest came to life in a soft glow. After scanning the area, he lowered the rifle and continued on with the others.

They arrived at the edge of the cliff overlooking Predjama castle and the rest of the town. Griffin still had that funny feeling as he scanned the area.

“Griffin, Jenkins – perimeter security. Berkley, hop on the starlight and find me the package,” Pete Newman ordered.

“Andy get on the horn to base and update our sitrep,” he told his mentor and then scanned the town with his teams sharpshooter.

Senior Chief Andrew Stall pulled the handset out and tuned in the frequency for the communications center. As the teams radio operator it was his responsibility to call in any updates for the situation report. It was always wise to let home base in on the current information.

“Eagle base, Eagle base – this is sparrow,” Andy said quietly.

“Sparrow this is Eagle base – go,” they answered.

“Bravo at the five yard line, looking for the ball,” he said.

“Roger sparrow, looking for the ball. Be advised place kicker is standing by for the touchdown,” the comm. center answered back.


The large black beast could smell the five Navy Seals not far away. His heightened sense of hearing allowed him to listen in on the radio chatter along with their conversations. He had to be careful about his approach. Even though the weapons they carried would not kill him, he still needed to make sure that he did it quickly and silently. The fact that one of them knew something was wrong, only ensured that he was the one he had searched for. He was about to have his revenge.

One thing the werewolf thought was strange is that he could not sense the presence of the other werewolf. He knew they would send the best they had so it stood to reason that Dvorska could mask his scent from other beasts. That didn’t matter to him. He would kill Kevin Dvorska and take the officer back with him for interrogation. He was looking forward to finding out how long it would take to break a U.S. Navy Seal.


“Berkley, you got anything through the starlight scope?” Pete asked.

“That’s a negative boss. Lights are on but I’ve only seen a female walk by a window,” he replied.

“All right keep looking for the package. If we don’t have a visual in thirty minutes we call back for instructions,” the team leader told them.

Frank Griffin watched the forest for anything unusual. Just then a small breeze kicked up and at first he thought he was imagining it but it sort of smelled like an animal or something. It might just be a deer out for a nightly stroll. Just as he was about to look away something caught his attention, two brightly glowing golden eyes.

“What the…” he started to say but couldn’t finish it.

The black beast slammed his body into Bravo’s point man, as he collided with him his back claw rested on Griffin’s stomach. When the werewolf launched itself at his next victim, Frank Griffin’s lower torso was ripped opened. As he screamed out in pain, the rest of Bravo squad turned to see a large black beast with incredible speed flying towards Rick Berkley.

The sharpshooter had not time to roll away as the beast sunk its oversized teeth into his throat and pulled back. When this happened, Berkley’s head rolled to one side and only stay attached by a small piece of muscle.

The movements of the wolf were so fast that Peter Newman only had time to swing his MP5 in the direction of the attack. The monstrous animal hit him and slammed his head against the tree he was near. As he was going down, his finger instinctively squeezed the trigger and released three 9mm rounds into the dirt.

Andy Stall had the handset out and pushed the mike button. What ever this thing was they needed backup – now. With one hand on radio and the other on his carbine he squeezed both at the same time. As the report of the weapon rang out into the night, four 7.62mm traveled at supersonic speed three feet before impacting the wolf’s shoulder. The wolf’s howl and his own scream was the last thing he heard as the razor sharp claws tore his face apart.

Jim Jenkins saw that the rounds had no effect on the wolf’s body. He jumped up and grabbed the tree branch that was above his head. Just as he swung his legs up, he felt the three inch canine teeth sink into the side of his body. When the black animal threw him roughly to the ground, his spin snapped with a loud pop.

The team’s medic tried to move his arms and legs but they would not move with his command. When the werewolf stood over his paralyzed body, he snarled and allowed his thick drool to drop down on the human’s chest. Jim Jenkins could only scream as the blade-like claws tore his body open from his crotch to his throat.


“My God damn luck, we go in there and discover Elvis is alive and he’s living in Predjama,” Adam said sarcastically.

“If that’s true, just think how many women in the world you’re going to make happy. You’ll be the Seal team that rescued the king,” Hawkins replied.

“You know what I mean Neal. If Pete can’t find this guy there, then that means whoever they have in Predjama is a real bitch. I’m pretty tired of the wild goose chases and…” Adam Dawson said but stopped when he heard the shots and screams ring out over the loud speakers.

The static was still on the air so Adam knew that the button was being held in by Andy Stall. Seconds later he heard someone else scream out loudly in pain and what sounded like something growling.

“Sparrow this is Eagle base – come in.”

The radio operator waited for the reply as Neal Hawkins ran up to the console.

“Try them again damn it,” he said sternly.

“Sparrow this is Eagle base. What is your current status?” he said as he adjusted the sensitivity of the gear.

“Sparrow – come in, this is Eagle base.”

Suddenly a loud squeal echoed through the communications room as Bravo squad’s radio was destroyed.

Lieutenant Commander Neal Hawkins spun around quickly and starred at Alpha squad’s team leader.

“Adam, get your fire team out to the flight line and get me my Seal team back – now,” Hawkins said and then picked up the phone to call the duty officer.


The black werewolf lifted its paw off the now smashed radio and turned around to look at the carnage around him. In an instant, the change occurred and he was once again dressed in black. The only difference now was his once pristine uniform was torn and ragged. When he moved over to his first victim he knelt down and stared at him.

He searched the body for any identification and found nothing. He wondered why Dvorska hadn’t changed and protected his team. Only one thing made sense, this was not the Seal team he was looking for. That means the Americans will send another team to search for their missing comrades. Since they would be in danger they will probably have air support following them. The only smart decision was to take his hostage somewhere and get the needed information.

He walked over to the unconscious team leader and threw him over his uninjured shoulder. As he walked quickly back into the forest he turned his head slightly and spoke to the Seal.

“I do hope you enjoy pain American. I need information and you will provide it to me – one way or the other,” he said as he disappeared into the darkness.

Fire team Alpha was startled when Adam Dawson threw the door open. When Bob Holiday looked into his Lieutenant’s eyes, he could see that he was extremely troubled.

“Adam what is it?” he asked.

“Listen up team. Bravo got hit a few moments ago so we have a new mission. Leave the silenced stuff here and grab the M4 carbines. Carl I want you on the M60 machine gun and Doc you better pack another med kit. V-man, bring the 50 cal sniper rifle and make sure you got a thermal scope with it. Everyone pay attention because we’re going to make it up as we go. You got ten minutes to get it done and then we’re on the C-130 – go,” Adam told his team.

Alpha squad bolted out of the door to get the gear. As Kevin passed the team leader, he grabbed his arm and held him back.

“Dvorska, this isn’t some training exercise in North Carolina, this is real. That’s our friends out there and I need your A-game,” Adam told him.

“You got it boss. You and the rest of the team stay on my ass, I’ll be moving quickly.”

Adam let the 23 year old go and followed them to get his gear. From the sounds on the radio it sounded like no one was left but if they were all dead, he had no intentions of leaving them out there. He had never left a fallen Seal behind and he wasn’t about to start now.

0300 hrs, small clearing just south of Predjama Slovenia.

Fire team Alpha went weapons free the moment they hit the ground and scanned the area. When Kevin sensed there was no danger he pushed his mike button and reminded his teammates to stay on his tail. Kevin knew the location that Bravo would have selected to cover their originally planned exit but to get there would be a hike. They couldn’t risk using Bravo’s insertion LZ incase someone was watching, so they inserted in another area that was two miles away.

Kevin moved as quickly as he could without drawing attention to the team’s movement. When they finally reached the small trail that snaked around the cliff, Kevin signaled for the fire team to stop. When he knelt down he saw footprints leading out of the trail and back into town. Adam moved towards his point man to see what the hold up was.

“We don’t have time to smell the roses Kev, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“These are fresh prints boss, someone has come through here not too long ago,” Kevin whispered.

“Are you sure?”

“They can’t be over three hours old. I’m sure of it,” Kevin told him as he looked up the trail.

“Ok stay alert and get us up there,” Adam Dawson said.

One by one they went up the trail until it split and that’s where V-man headed off to a higher position above the cliff. If they ran into trouble he could cover the area effectively and take out any opposition. About 45 minutes later Kevin stopped and peered down the path, he was not happy about the smell in the area.

“Kev what’s up?” Adam asked.

“I don’t think we’re going to be happy about the outcome L-tee. Something doesn’t smell right,” Kevin whispered.

Adam pushed his mike button and addressed his fire team.

“V-man you see anything on the thermal?” he asked his sharpshooter.

“Negative boss. The only heat signatures in the area are yours,”

“Copy that. Bob take the left side about fifty yards out, Doc you take right. Carl give me a loose trail, if anything happens get that big fucker up here – move,” Adam told them.

“Kev you got front left, I’ll take front right. Let’s get this done,” he told his point man.

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