Kathleen looked around the plush master bedroom in the mansion. She wondered if there were secret cameras behind the mirrors or hidden in the vents. The room was bright and the colors of the carpet and bedding were light. Everything had the feel and smell of new and expensive. The powerful men her husband set her up with were the type to have video of their debauchery and that was one line she had set; she would not be photographed or videotaped.

The butler had shown her to this room and let her know that Mr. Davis would be with her shortly. He had then politely excused himself, closing the elegant double doors behind him. Kathleen began to explore the large, expensively furnished bedroom.

By the vanity, there was a bottle of Chrystal chilling and a single glass, beside it a white box with a card on top. She read the card to her self: “Enjoy some champagne if you like. Put on what is in the box. I will be with you shortly- Mr. D”.

Kathleen found in the box a pair of black fishnet stalkings, black thong panties, and what looked like a black satin corset which zipped up in the front. All the garments had designer labels. She took a glass of champagne, and drank it down. Then she set to dressing in the outfit provided.

Kathleen was not sure if her husband really needed her to perform for the men he brought her to for the business reasons she claimed, or if it was just some sort of fulfillment of fantasy for him. She had to reach back far to remember a time they had been happy together sexually. He seemed to have less and less regard over the past four years for her pleasure. In fact, at this point he just wanted her to blow him and then roll over and go to sleep.

She looked around the room for some sense of what this Mr. D was like, some sign of his personality, but there was nothing. There were no pictures or paintings on the wall. The furniture was top of the line but the room had a sterile quality, like a photo out of a catalog.

She looked at the mirror and adjusted the corset and thong. She ran a brush through her long, bone-straight brown hair. in this bright light she thought her make up looked a little too heavy. She sighed, hoping this would be over soon.

She considered having some more champagne. She always took a Xanax before one of these dates her husband set up, and she didn’t want to drink too much and make herself woozy. One more glass wouldn’t hurt she thought, pouring another. Most of the creeps her husband set her up with to further his business interests were not by a long shot attractive to her. They were old men, fat men, balding men. Men who had money and influence and were used to the world catering to them, to women seeing past those flaws and beholding only their wallets full of platinum cards. Boring men who thought themselves charming, insecure about their smallish cocks and eager to be reassured about them by beautiful women like herself.

She downed some more Chrystal. She knew nothing about this man she was waiting for, only that her was some super-rich businessman that her husband told her would be his big break.

“Whatever he wants, you do and you love every minute of it Kathy, you understand?” He had said excitedly on the drive over. “This is it! The big time. We can write our own ticket once we’re in with this guy.”

The pill and the booze had produced a smooth, relaxed frame of mind but she was beginning to feel a little annoyed. Was this guy making her wait to make a point? It bordered on rude. But then, what were the rules of etiquette when your husband was loaning you to a stranger for the evening? Who knew after all, she thought.

The door opened and a man entered. Mr. D was not at all what she expected. In fact, she was so taken aback that she wondered if it really was him, as he was nothing like the old pervs she had entertained for hubby in the past. The clothes fit; he wore a fine, tailored suit, shiny shoes and designer sunglasses. Everything else was a departure.

He was black, dark black like the color of Hershey’s chocolate. He was tall and broad shouldered, and appeared very fit. He was handsome, with his head and face shaved to the skin. He might have been 25 or 40, it was hard to tell. She could not see his eyes and with no hair to show a trace of gray, making it hard to say.

She stuttered a greeting, caught off guard. She was attracted to him, which was rare in this situation, and she felt a twinge of taboo. She had never been with a black guy, had never considered it when single. She would certainly not say she was racist, it just wasn’t something she had looked for in a man. He put a hand to his lips, making the “shhh” gesture without the sound. Kathleen was quiet.

He closed the doors behind him, and moved across the room toward her with purpose. He walked with a calm, a control that she could tell he exercised in all arenas of life. not too fast, not to slow. With each step he took her heart rate rose a little. When he was about five feet away he eased out of his suit coat, and then his shirt. His body was muscled, she could see lines in his abdomen that boasted a strong commitment to the gym. She felt a warmth between her legs. This was going to be one of the nights she enjoyed helping her husband’s business.

He put a hand on her shoulder and gently guided her down to her knees. She reached up and with both hands undid his belt, and his big, thick cock- she guessed it at 10 inches, conservatively- rolled out. It was half hard already.

She took it in her mouth and began to give him some of her best work. While it didn’t get much longer it became thicker, and hard like a rock. Through half closed lids she peered up at him. He was now naked with the exception of his fancy sunglasses, concealing his eyes, and a pair of leather gloves he had calmly slipped on as she had began sucking him.

What did the gloves mean? Was he a germaphobe? One of those people who was always washing his hands and wiping off the telephone? No. that would be latex gloves.

He gripped and handful of her long hair and pushed her head further down on his large tool. She normally would have pushed a suitor off for that, but she was not angry. Something about his manner, not to mention his physical size and strength, brought from her submission. She wanted to please this man, and if it pleased him to force himself into her throat, then she would let him. She relaxed her throat and fought the gag reflex, but she couldn’t help gagging. He let her up for air for a few seconds, and then pushed her back down on his knob. Her eyes watered a little as she gagged and coughed a again.

Stroking her hair, he relented. Eager to please him, she deep-throated him herself, without him pulling the back of her head. She wanted to hear him grunt, encourage her in some way, but he remained silent, eyes hidden behind shades, facial expression flat. He touched the side of her face with his gloved hand as she bobbed on his big, hard, cock, and she turned her eyes up to him. Looking down at her, he slapped her on the cheek twice.

It was not a hard slap; not meant to hurt she thought. It was just to show her he was in charge, which she knew. Her clit was throbbing with desire. Who was this man? Why did he need a goofy little man like her husband to set up this tryst for him?

He pulled her up and unzipped the corset, exposing her breasts. He fondled one of her nipples, which grew hard. His other hand was around her arm, which it easily encircled. He pulled her close and leaned down and kissed her.

Again, normally she didn’t like kissing in these encounters, but this was different. She kissed back. He was aggressive, jamming his tongue in her mouth. She felt hot all over, turned on in a way that she never had before.

He pushed her on the big bed and climbed on after her, standing on the bed and she got back to her knees. This time he held her head again and pushed that big black dick in her mouth. He began thrusting his hips forward, holding her head in place, aggressively fucking her mouth. She tried to accept it all, but still gagged and coughed, covering his massive prick with slobber. He didn’t slow down; he just kept sticking that big pole in her mouth.

She reached down the front of her panties and began to rub herself. The sense of being dominated by this big, powerful man was intoxicating. Her pussy began to drip, wet and hot from the excitement.

He pulled his dick out and rubbed it on her face as she caught her breath. She reached up with her free hand and began to stroke him. He took her by the hair again and pushed her down underneath his spread legs. As she rubbed his hard cock, she licked his balls. She could tell he was liking that by the way he began stroking her hair as she did it. they were salty, musky balls, shaved clean like the rest of him. She took them in her mouth and sucked them gently, the whole time stroking that big, hard cock.

He pushed her further down and she realized he wanted her to lick his ass. She had never done that for anyone and would have been offended at the thought that a man would want that from her normally, but in her highly aroused state she went for it. She flicked his perineum with her tongue, and when she felt the stroking of her hair quicken with his enjoyment, she began to tongue his anus. He pulled her back forward and began to fuck her mouth some more.

He took it out and then pushed her on her back. He ripped the panties off and got on top of her.

The fucking he gave her was more like a pummeling. He pounded on her hard, rough, with fast thrusts. He moved like he was trying to rip her. But each time she thought it was too much, he would slow down and be almost gentle with his gyrations.

He pulled out of her, sweating. He pushed a pillow underneath her. Suddenly her heart was hammering. Was he going to put that huge thing up her ass?!?! She had done anal with other men, and she could enjoy it. Some times she craved it in fact. But she had never attempted with someone so big.

He was gentle, easing it in. She was moaning and panting as he worked it about halfway in. she frantically rubbed herself, driving for the orgasm, incredibly turned on as she tried to control the pain and accept him fully inside her.

She came, and it literally squirted out of her. He began pumping harder and she was screaming, waves of orgasmic pleasure flowing all over her as she tried not to clench from the big black dick being pushed up her ass. Soon he was sticking it all the way up in her but she didn’t care. She was moaning and babbling but no words; it was like she was speaking in tongues.

He pulled out of her ass and grabbed her by the hair again. She didn’t protest at all as she stuck that big dick back in her mouth, the tang of her own ass not making her gag at all. She began sucking as hard as she could. Without warning, not a sound, he filled her throat with his cum. It felt like she swallowed a pint of his thick, salty load.

But he wasn’t finished. He pulled it out and jerking it himself sprayed more all over her face.

He sat there on his knees, breathing heavy for a few seconds. then he stood up and pulled her up next to him by the arm. he faced the mirror, standing behind her, turning her gaze towards them.

She saw her self in the mirror, naked but for the fishnets. Flushed, panting, having trouble standing from being battered by a big, black dick so roughly. Still too much eye makeup, even though quite a bit of it had flowed down her face in tears from all the gagging. Globs of thick, white cum in her hair and on her face. Suddenly she realized why he put on the gloves.

This was what he liked to do. He liked to take nice girls and turn them into what she was looking at in the mirror. He wore the gloves because he didn’t want to touch her. She wanted to ask him why. She wondered if she would ever feel the same after tonight.

He walked out of the room, as silently and abruptly as he had walked in. He had not said a word the entire time. She went into the bath and stepped in the shower. She had dressed by the time the butler returned to tell her her car was waiting.

Hubby wanted her to tell him every detail as usual but she could not. She could only look out the window as he drove, wondering about mysterious Mr. D…

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