Hi everyone. This is my first story. I guess there may be some minor errors. Suggestions and comments will be appreciated. All characters in this story are above 18 years of age. This is the first part of the story; other parts may follow depending on the response. I hope you enjoy the story…..Please leave your comments…

Hi I am Diana. I am an American and I am staying in India for research. India is quite a conservative country and it had been months since I had even masturbated. But I had found a rather strange attraction. Actually I was watching a porn video that one of my friends had given me. It was a BDSM video in which a husband was spanking his wife and she orgasmed merely by the spanking.

I went to bed hot and bothered and dreamt of being spanked and fucked hard by a stranger.

Then I googled BDSM stories and I found I logged on to the chat. I was just curious and wanted to know more. In a few minutes my screen showed

“Whatamyth has invited you to private chat”

“Whatamyth”. Strange name. However I accepted.

Whatamyth: Hi Diana

Diana.coulter007: hi…hmmn “Whatamyth”??

Whatamyth: I am David…so what brings you here?

Diana.coulter007: curiosity

Whatamyth: Oh so what are you looking for?

Diana.coulter007 I don’t know…I’m just new to this but I have fantasies of having a man dominate me.

Whatamyth: So you would like to be trained as a sub?

Do I really want to get into this? I was about to close the window but my inquisitiveness took the better of me. It wasn’t like I was ever actually going to meet thi

Diana.coulter007 Yes…I guess so…So you are a Dom?

Whatamyth: Yes. I like to train women to bring out their submissive nature. So how old are you Diana?

Diana.coulter007: 26.and you?

Whatamyth: 36. Are you married?

Diana.coulter007: No I am single. Are you married?

Had I gone too far? I mean how can I possibly tell some random person all my secrets. And how can I expect him to do the same?

He took rather long to enter his answer.

Whatamyth: I was. She was my sub for 13 years.

Jeez. 13 years. Didn’t they fall in love and have that ‘Happily ever After’ that they show in most movies.

Diana.coulter007: What went wrong?

Whatamyth: some things aren’t meant to work out. I want this to be strictly D/s I don’t approve of vanilla relationships and as long as you are my sub you may not have any sexual affairs with anyone else unless you are ordered to. Do you understand?

I gulped. “Strictly D/s”?? What was I getting into? And who the hell is he to control my sexual activities? “Your Master” My subconscious whispered in my ears. Jeez. This was turning me on. My panties were wet and there was a wet spot on my jeans.

Diana.coulter007: Yes

Whatamyth: Address me as “Sir”.

“Sir” This was so arousing and humiliating at the same time.

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir.

Whatamyth: OK. So, do you wish to start basic subbing now?

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir.

Whatamyth: So tell me what you are wearing

Diana.coulter007: A top and jeans.

Whatamyth: bra?

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: remove bra please

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: Diana, do you want to use webcam/voice?

Diana.coulter007: I am in India for my research so I don’t have a webcam Sir

Whatamyth: OK

Have a mic?

Diana.coulter007: no…I am here only for 3 months.

Whatamyth: ok

Describe your breasts/nipples

My subconscious asked me. “Are you really going to tell that to an unknown person?” YES. Because this is getting so damn erotic.

Diana.coulter007: well my nipples are a bit hard and my breasts fuller than usual and wt else can I describe Sir?

Whatamyth: what size?

My subconscious stood there with her mouth open wide. I ignored her.

Diana.coulter007: 34B

Whatamyth: how do you feel about being topless when ordered by me?

Diana.coulter007: somewhat awkward but a little I guess turned on?

“Little turned on” That was the understatement of the year.

Whatamyth: Diana, knowing your thoughts/feelings is very important to the relationship.

So where are you now?

Hotel room?

How did he know that I wasn’t totally open with him?

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: remove t shirt please.

Imagine me there. You do it to please your Dom.

I slowly took off my T-shirt. I felt the cool air from the air conditioner on my nipples and a shiver of excitement ran through me.

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: Diana, feel free to ask anything you wish. This is a two way process.

Diana.coulter007: I don’t usually speak a lot and I like to be told what to do, to be controlled completely.

Whatamyth: Are you shaved?

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: good girl

How long have you been shaved?

Or when did you start shaving?

Diana.coulter007: when I was 18

That’s when I lost my virginity.

Whatamyth: You like being licked, washed all over there with mouth?

Diana.coulter007: No Sir

Personally I never enjoyed a man’s lips on my pussy. It was too feminine for a man to lick a woman. But I did enjoy giving blowjobs. I preferred rough sex as opposed to vanilla. It was the main reason I never could handle a serious relationship. When men are serious they start getting a little too soft and sweet usually.

Whatamyth: So what do you like Diana?

Control I know.

Diana.coulter007: fellatio

Whatamyth: you like giving?

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: forced?

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: mouth fucked?

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: difficult online

You like to feel cum in your mouth?

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir. The salty taste of cum, dripping all over me. On my breasts, my chin…my whole body covered in cum

Whatamyth: how long since you last did this?

Diana.coulter007: I have given deep throat blowjobs in the past but I have always fantasized of being mouth fucked forcefully in public.

Damn! That was personal. Why did I tell him that?

Whatamyth: you would like to do it? Do you want to be told to do this with someone?

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: Tasking is a way of testing subs obedience.

This might be a future task for you.

I need find out what you need, lead you along a submissive path of control.

Diana.coulter007: I often dream of being spanked and of nipple clamps

Whatamyth: You can do this now if you wish.

Put a clothes peg on each nipple

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: Have you done this before?

Diana.coulter007: No Sir…I never really got the courage.

Whatamyth: can you put it on now?

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir…Just a second…let me find it

Whatamyth: k

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: how does it feel?

Diana.coulter007: a little stinging

Whatamyth: yes

Diana.coulter007: n a little erotic.

Whatamyth: good girl.

Do you have a camera Diana?

Diana.coulter007: No Sir

Whatamyth: Not even a phone cam?

Diana.coulter007: I had an accident last week a local stole my bag n ran away

Whatamyth: hmmmmmm

Pity seeing your tits clamped would be nice

Which city are you in?

Diana.coulter007: Mangalore

Whatamyth: How is life there?

Diana.coulter007: it’s a bit dishelming to be in a world full of strangers but some of the local students of manipal medical university that I met here they have been really nice

Whatamyth: you are a medical student too?

Diana.coulter007: no m a physics girl…bio is not really my cup of tea…it’s just that their hostel is close to my hotel I met them after the accident n they have been very good,

Whatamyth: It’s ironic. I was close to going to India myself

I’m a photographer. Street photography; documentary; travel etc.

Teaching gets me visas for stay in China for my photography.

I’ve a media background.

Diana.coulter007: Oh wow photography..That’s


Whatamyth: Asia offers stunning opportunities.

So was fly to Mumbai then train to Mangalore?

Diana.coulter007: I stayed in Delhi for a week…the capital it’s really beautiful…n then to mangalore flight

Whatamyth: jeans off please Diana

I took my jeans off. The wet spot had become a wet patch by now. I moaned imagining what He might make me do.

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: Cock worship… do you know this term?

Diana.coulter007: No Sir

Whatamyth: It’s a D/s term meaning a cock is literally worshipped. Washed with mouth; licked; cleaned; sucked.

In a subs mouth for as long as possible

Even sleeping with it in mouth

Diana.coulter007: wow…that wud feel good.

Jeez what was I saying?

Whatamyth: it does

A sub is often told to masturbate while doing it, so the Dom feels the sub cum with his cock getting increased sensations.

I feel, if I was in Mangalore, you would be worshipping my cock.

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir I wish You were.

Whatamyth: have you washed cock and balls with mouth before?

Diana.coulter007: No Sir

Whatamyth: might be a task if you so desire.

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: How often do you masturbate Diana?

Diana.coulter007: depends…once in a week or something like dat.

Whatamyth: So, how do you feel about being told to do it?

Diana.coulter007: Turned on, Sir

Whatamyth: Are you wet now?

Diana.coulter007: Almost dripping wet Sir

Whatamyth: good

Diana do you know what holding back is?

Diana.coulter007: hmmn…I guess it’s trying 2 stop yourself from getting an orgasm…especially when your Master tells you to do so.

Whatamyth: yes exactly. You stop at point of climax

This shows obedience/control.

But, Dom/Master start stops several/many times. To the point subs are almost crying sometimes.

But, the release is huge.

Subs close to passing out.

Diana.coulter007: would u do it to me Sir?

Whatamyth: I think so.

But, wondering how.

It needs voice. Me instructing; touch by touch.

A sub must ALWAYS ask permission to cum

There is a lag in typing.

Plus, I want to hear my sub release.

I control masturbation. Build up a subs climax. In truth, train the sub to cum when I say so.

Diana.coulter007: so if we can’t do that now…we cud do someting else

Whatamyth: There is a lot. I will masturbate you though.

Diana I will ask you do things to tease and excite.

How are your tits feeling?

Diana.coulter007: The pain is increasing and they are really hard and red

Whatamyth: take the pegs off

Diana.coulter007: it’s completely red n swollen

Whatamyth: the blood rushes back

Are your nipples usually hard/long?

I’ve no idea of their looks.

Diana.coulter007: hmmn mostly

Whatamyth: good, I have many other plans then.

Diana do you use lipstick?

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: Would you like to try an unusual task?

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: Panties off

Wipe your pussy dry

Put a lipstick inside your cunt

Leave a little protruding.

I took my panties off. They were a mess. The smell of my sex was evident in the air. I took a tissue and wiped of a large amount of precum off my cunt lips.

I found a lipstick and started pushing it up my slit. It opened readily taking all of the lipstick’s length.

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

It’s a weird feeling…I feel like m going to cum real soon

Whatamyth: Now put panties back on

Diana.coulter007: After taking out the lipstick?

Whatamyth: no

Leave it in place

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: Now put on jeans and t shirt

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir

Whatamyth: Now, go out your room for a short walk. Up down hotel stairs…… whatever. Come back in five minutes.

Diana.coulter007: Yes Sir


5 minutes later

I was on the verge of an extremely huge orgasm. I could feel the lipstick sliding up and down my muffin. My clit was swollen and moisture was dripping down my legs incessantly.

Diana.coulter007: Sir…I really need to cum Sir

Whatamyth: how was it?

Diana.coulter007: well I felt as though everyone in the lobby was looking at me…and I just wanted to touch myself but I could not…and it felt good to be controlling my desire for u Sir.

Whatamyth: Diana… please Sir can I cum… say this in future.


Cum for your Dom

I want you to imagine I am there

You show me yourself brazenly cumming for me

You ask for mouth fuck as you rub

My sub must cum big

Long climaxes

Your reward for submitting, long long climaxes

If I was there I would stroke you. Pet you like a dog as you rub.

Say good girl. Good girl.

Let you know you please me

Look in your eyes

Lick your mouth

Listen to your increasing excitement

Wait for you to ask…. “Please Sir can I cum?”

Listen to your gasps

Squeeze your breasts

Suckle your nipples.

….To be continued.

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