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I love eating your pussy.

I don’t know why you think I don’t but I do.

For me it is a labor of love.

There are few things I find more rewarding than going down on you.

It’s the ultimate power trip….my tongue/fingers/mouth controlling your pleasure playing your body like a musical instrument.

Sometimes I like to get creative when I eat you.

I love seeing you tied up powerless to do anything but enjoy the gift I am about to give you.

I love seeing you tied spread eagle across the bed with a blindfold covering your eyes.

You get so easily distracted you worry too much about little things instead of enjoying the moment.

I want your head where it’s supposed to be, focused on me and my tongue and on enjoying yourself.

Tonight your body belongs to me to use however I want and I want to make you crazy.

I am in control not you and I am going to use your body the way I want.

I am going to make you concentrate on your clit and the tongue fucking I am about to give you.

I know you love giving up control to me.

You especially love having your arms tied above your head allowing me to kiss and tease your breasts then moving down to your stomach and finally between your spread thighs to kiss and tease and taunt you.

You find it so exciting letting me take you and make you do things you could never allow yourself to do on your own.

I know you love it! Giving up control, being at my mercy…oh yes you do don’t even try and deny it.

Eating good pussy requires me to utilize every inch of your body.

Your mouth is where I like to start.

I start with a slow deep intimate kiss made to make your entire body react unleashing the pure raw emotion inside you.

The most delicious part of a kiss is the moment of hesitation when our lips are almost touching.

I love to make you wait and wait and plead and beg for it.

I slowly work my way from your lips to your jaw, pressing my lips gently up along your jaw line while I softly caressing your neck with my hand.

I rest my lips right under your ear, letting it linger on that sensitive spot before tracing the outline of your earlobe with my tongue.

After that, I make my way down to your neck kissing gently down the side of it.

I hold the nape of your neck as I work my way slowly and methodically down your collarbone, your shoulders and eventually to your tits.

My mouth explores every inch of your bare tits.

After kissing and licking your sensitive nipples, I tease them gently between my teeth.

I like to grab your tit with my free hand and squeeze gently, just enough to bring your firm nipple closer to my lips.

I then suck on your nipples and roll my tongue against them while there in my mouth.

After giving your tits the attention they deserve, I move down to your stomach and grab your hips as my mouth inches down your body.

I finally make my way between your legs.

I like kissing your calves/inner thighs, occasionally parting your lips to suck on the skin.

I inch closer between your legs.

I get to the area where your inner thigh and pussy meets.

You feel my breath against the soaked material of your panties.

This drives you fucking crazy doesn’t it?

I wrap my arms around your thighs and keep my eyes glued on the inch of skin peeking from the side of your panties.

I move in and focus on that wet area between your inner thigh and your pussy with my tongue before sucking on it lightly.

This makes your arch their back and spread your legs more.

I start tracing the outline of your pussy through the thin material of your panties which is plastered to every crevice, drenched with your sweet juices.

I can see your juices seep through the panties and it’s the most delicious thing in the world.

When this happens, I gently lap at it, letting you feel my tongue slither lightly outside of your panties.

When I think you’re frustrated enough, when you’re trying to fuck my face I shove my head between your legs, I slowly pull your panties aside and expose your wet pussy.

I use just the tip of my tongue and slowly move it around the edges and the outline of your swollen clit.

This is when you usually whimper under your breath or start trying to grind against my tongue.

The eager movements of your body give me the biggest fucking power trip ever.

After exposing your pussy, I let the cool air gently tease your wet skin.

I tell you to tighten your pussy for me…and I spread your outer lips just to watch it contract.

You’re completely helpless and you’re willing to do pretty much anything for me to touch you.

While holding your pussy spread open, I run my fingers up and down your outer lips… just massaging them.

After a few seconds when I can’t wait anymore, I lap your pussy up in one deep stride from the bottom up, burying my tongue deep between your exposed slit.

I play with your labia running my tongue between them and brush your clit a little bit on the way up.

I suck on your labia pulling them in my mouth teasing them gently between my lips.

After you’re completely worked up, I suck your clit.

I push the hood of your clit up and completely expose your clit before sucking on it.

I take your clit in my mouth starting slow and then sucking harder when your body language says you want more.

I flick my tongue against it a little while I suck it circling your clit and the sides of your labia.

I like slipping my tongue as far in as I can and feeling you slowly push it out with your tight muscles.

While I am tonguing your clit, I slowly stroke the opening of your pussy.

I get my fingers nice and wet before easing them in.

I curl my fingers up to find your gspot

I slowly rub your gspot while my mouth works your clit.

While I’m licking and sucking on your pussy…I tend to groan and growl a bit.

I like to use my tongue, lips, teeth, hands, fingers, arms, the vibrations from my voice and anything else I can think of to make you crazy.

I let my tongue drag a trail up and down the length of your slit, rubbing across your clit before trailing back across your opening.

I take my finger and start sliding it in and out as I nibble on your clit and suck it into my mouth.

I slide that my finger in and out with a slow steady rhythm and you start bucking and heaving as your pending orgasm grows in intensity.

My finger is going in and out of you and your body is shaking violently.

Your orgasm is gaining in power and you feel it getting ready to break and send you into waves of pleasure and every muscle in your body is tensed and ready to be released.

Your body tightens completely and my finger is sliding in and out and then suddenly you hit the top and the convulsions of pleasure take over your whole body.

As you reach your climax I increase the speed and strength of my thrusts with my finger just slightly as you start to peak and then easing back slowing as your orgasm increases.

You start moaning loudly, begging, calling my name, screaming, thrashing about and pulling against the ropes.

I love to hear you scream when you cum it lets me know you are enjoying it and I doing the job right.

At that moment I feel your pussy squirting all over the place and I continue to suck on your clit.

My finger continues the assault while you are still squirting all over me.

You beg me to stop, saying you cannot take any more.

I remove my finger and begin cleaning your up with my tongue.

You are sobbing and shaking like a little girl.

I enjoy watching the aftershocks and tremors throughout your body and the occasional shake from the intense orgasm that I just inflicted on you.

That’s a good girl you did good.

Now enjoy it, saver it.

Feel and enjoy the moment.

Rest for a minute cause I am not done with you yet.

In a few minutes I’m going untie you and you’re going to get down on your knees and you’re going to repay the favor.

It is going to be a long night for both of us my pet.

We are just getting started. There is a lot more to come.

I had some requests to describe my oral technique, so here it is…

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