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Destiny watched the monitor screen as the robots inside the super-clean room assembled the tiny parts. Jonlee stood behind her, impatient with her presence. As Technology Director of this super-secure electronics factory, he didn’t like prying visitors, even ones admittedly as good-looking as Destiny. He had protested vigorously against the visit, citing the risks of revealing trade secrets but he had been over-ruled.

Destiny’s soft voiced questions were probing and insightful. “How do you perform regular maintenance on the robots in the clean-room conditions? What are the security protocols for adjusting the controlling software? Who has access to the computer mainframe’s physical location?”

The clandestine airwaves had been buzzing with rumors of an imminent sale of ultramodern missile guidance technology to agents of the Axis of Evil. Total Woman Security was helping the manufacturing corporation tighten up its security. All of the physical protocols had been reviewed and re-reviewed and no fault was apparent. They concluded that a mole must be active within the factory and ready to abscond with the crucial technology.

Jonlee patiently answered Destiny’s queries and escorted her as requested through controlled corridors and passageways to locked rooms and equipment only he and a few others were privy to. Destiny took no notes and recorded no information. She acted like a technology tourist, gawking and gaping at the pretty flashing monitoring lights.

Destiny didn’t need to take notes. She held advanced degrees in electrical and electronic engineering and understood the concepts. She had been thoroughly briefed on the facility and its equipment by others before her visit. The specific technology advances that made this facility that small fraction better than all the others came from the genius of Jonlee. He was a prodigy in his professional field.

Destiny liked Jonlee, despite his obvious challenges in gender relations. His personnel file and surreptitious TWS background check had shown him to be frugal, un-married, few close friends and totally devoted to his career. The study had concluded that Jonlee himself was not the mole. But he could be an unwitting accomplice of an associate.

Destiny let Jonlee stew all day with her disruptive presence. His annoyance was palatable. As the afternoon waned, she sensed an easing in his angst as the end of his perceived ordeal approached. In the lobby on Destiny’s way out, she shook Jonlee’s hand.

“So, Jonlee, any idea where a girl can find a good time in this town? Are you doing anything later?”

Jonlee had the sorrowful look of the mouse who, having suddenly escaped the cat’s paws, found himself hauled back in.

“It’s science trivia night at the Big Texan. I’m meeting some friends there. We play every Wednesday night.”

“Sounds like fun. How’s the food?”

“The dining room serves legendary steaks but the trivia room has typical bar fare.”

“Well, then, maybe I’ll see you there.”

Destiny took her leave. Jonlee made a final round of inspections to satisfy himself that his cherished machinery was running smoothly before packing up to leave as well.


“And the answer is ‘ionized radical molecules’! Ten points for the Geek Squad!” The sparse crowd around the room echoed a drawn out groan.

Jonlee and his three friends exchanged high-fives. Two questions left and they would take the prize tonight… again. Damn, this was fun.

Kaleb, Lamar and Matt pushed the napkins and empty bowls aside getting ready to dig into the ninth question of this evening’s nerdy fun fest. A clatter drew Kaleb and Lamar’s attention. Matt ignored the bowl he had just dropped as he stared at the front door. Kaleb and Lamar followed his gaze.

Was she lost?

A short black sequined cocktail dress hovered at the entrance among the myriad of blue jeans and flannel shirts. Inside the dress was a strikingly beautiful Chinese female complete with long legs, long push-up cleavage and long fluid hair. Her face was set-off by red lips and made-up black eyes peeking beneath eyebrows swathed by black bangs.

Jonlee followed their gaze and discovered Destiny had just walked into the bar. She peered around until she found him in the crowd and waved. Kaleb, Lamar and Matt now stared at Jonlee.

“You KNOW her?” asked Matt.

“I think that’s Destiny, my Security Auditor at work.”

“You THINK? You don’t remember? If it were ME, I would REMEMBER!” cackled the guys.

Jonlee protested. “Yeah, well, she looked different today wearing a lab coat, safety glasses and her hair in a librarian’s bun under the hardhat. Anyway, she’s kind of a pain in the ass.”

Kaleb harrumphed. “She can pain my ass anytime… all night long…”

The guys did a quick preen, smoothing hair, adjusting glasses and shirts, standing at anxious attention as Destiny floated to their table. Every other male eye in the room followed her short journey with wonder and interest.

“Hello, Jonlee, so glad to see you here. I was hoping to find you. I wanted to get out of the hotel but a girl can get really lost in this town. I’m glad to see a familiar face. “

“Hi, Destiny. So… you found us?”

“Sure did! Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friends?”

Jonlee looked at three stiff geeky smiles on three stiff geeky faces not used to finding such knockout grandeur in their usual haunts and hideouts… or rather her finding them.

“This is Kaleb… Lamar… and Matt. They are my only regular buds in town.”

Destiny extended her delicate hand and pressed lightly with each man in turn. Without invitation, she drew up a stool and sat at the high-top. Nobody objected.

Destiny displayed her best social ice-breaker skills, asking the men lots of small talk questions about the city, their jobs and interests. Kaleb was a biologist at the local agricultural station, studying animal diseases. Lamar managed a computer software design firm. Matt travelled a lot and was vague about his work, something involving radar, airports and jet engines.

The next trivia question was announced, requiring an answer in 60 seconds. Destiny watched with interest as the four amigos whipped out smart phones and thumbed queries into the internet search engines. The vote was three to one on the proposed answer; Matt had some difficulty getting his PDA to cough up the information quickly enough.

Kaleb ran their written answer to the disc jockey before time was called. The quintet of four geeks and one bombshell resumed their chatter.

The intercom popped on as a voice announced “And the answer is ‘continental drift’! Another ten points for the Geek Squad!”

The guys high fived again, this time joined by a bubbly Destiny.

“Wow. You guys are really smart. How do you know all this stuff?”

Lamar crowded next to her and keyed his PDA. “It’s a custom search program specific to science terms and databases. See… when I ask it any open-ended technical query, it sorts through the data and displays the best answer while it continues looking for more information. Neat, huh?”

Destiny was given the grand tour of handheld internet technology resident on each one of the devices at her table. Lamar had shared it with everyone on the team.

Destiny was beginning to mentally catalog and prioritize the intelligence she was gathering. Kaleb, the biologist from Kansas, didn’t seem a likely candidate as the mole handler. His expertise was in organic chemistry and life sciences, not physics. She would reserve any investigation of his activities for last.

Lamar worked with computer technology and that fit with the software and hardware guidance modules in question. She would keep an eye on him.

Matt had been vague regarding his job. It involved aeronautics, fully in keeping with missile guidance and performance. If any of these three were dirty, Matt would be her first choice. She would start with him. For the remainder of the evening, Destiny sat next to Matt, flipping her hair, laughing at his wit, touching his skin and flattering him at every opportunity.

At the end of the evening, the Geek Squad had won the grand prize, a 10 pound bag of shell-on peanuts. They were the same free salty nuts that filled the patrons’ bellies and the same papery husks that crunched underfoot as the crowds left for home.

Saying their farewells, Destiny held back until the others left. She tapped Matt’s arm.

“Can you help me get a cab?”

“Are you headed to your hotel? Which way is that?”

Destiny stated the hotel across town and Matt offered her a ride instead. “I just need to drop by my house first, okay? I think something in the basement is starting to leak.”

Destiny walked with Matt to his car. He held her door like the gentleman he was. He climbed in and fumbled with his keys. Before he could get them into the ignition switch, Destiny tackled him, gripping his neck, mashing her lips to his and running her tongue across his teeth and gums. Matt bragged to the guys about being a man of the world but this one really took him by surprise. He quickly recovered and took up an active part in the foreplay. He clutched her boob through the fancy dress.

Destiny rubbed Matt’s denim cased crotch. She took Matt’s other boob-less hand and pulled it under her hiked up hem. She rubbed his palm against her damp panty crotch.

“Your basement isn’t the only thing with something leaking. I got it bad for you. Hurry! Let’s get to your place fast. I can’t wait much longer to see what you’ve got.”

Matt eased Destiny back into her seat and wrestled the keys into the ignition switch. Pulling the Toyota onto the street he hoped the cops were busy elsewhere. He didn’t need a speeding ticket, he just needed speed. He punched the engine.

Stumbling through his front door, the pair disentangled so that Matt could show Destiny towards the garden apartment’s one bedroom.

Matt pointed, “It’s that way. And I really do need to check the basement. I’ll be right back.”

Destiny waited in the foyer, perusing the plaques and pictures on the walls. An engineering diploma from Stamford, pictures with a blue overall clad astronaut and a smiling handshake with a military officer splashed in ribbons, stars and gold braid. Impressive and interesting that Matt ran in such circles.

Matt’s voiced behind her. “It’s just a few vanity shots during VIP tours. My employer does a lot of Defense Department work in addition to my division’s civilian airport projects.”

Destiny had heard Matt’s approach but wanted time to cool things a tad so she wouldn’t be rushed and careless in action or thoughts.

Destiny leaned back against Matt as he circled her waist. She tilted her face up for a kiss. Finally breaking off, she took his hand and headed for the bedroom with him in tow.

“It was this way, wasn’t it? Let’s pick up where we left off.”


Destiny writhed on the bed under Matt’s forceful lapping on her cunt. She had wiled his interest and now was enjoying his handy tongue-work. Whether this was new for him or an echo of past practice, Matt was either very experienced or a quick learner. He was really good at cunnilingus. Destiny bit down hard on the corner of the pillow to muffle her cries. She was afraid her screams would wake the neighborhood and bring about unwelcome curiosity. She was supposed to be undercover.

After two sharp orgasms, Destiny was content to move on. She drew Matt up and buried his face in her cleavage, caressing his shoulders until she rolled him sideways and onto his back. He tilted up to kiss her but she put a intervening finger on his lips before smoothly mounting up cowgirl on his thighs.

Matt was feeling heady from his recent face time between Destiny’s legs. If cunnilingus was always like that he would practice it more. The pride he felt in thrilling Destiny got his cock harder than ever he could remember. This woman really got him in the mood and he was raring to go.

Destiny held Matt’s gaze as she tented her moist cunt lips over his prone but solid erection. She slid along his length, slowly, with regular back and forth moves. Her seeping oils slicked his throbbing cock. In time, Destiny levered up his musk-lubricated rod and slowly sank down, filling her vagina with his hefty manhood. Matt’s knob scoured her internal folds, giving the partners a growing urgency to speed up. Destiny studied Matt’s facial changes. She was skilled and patient, repeatedly holding their heat just below the ultimate peak, pausing as necessary to control the climb, extending the journey. They eventually crested the summit and mingled their juices and cries together.

Destiny lay sideways next to Matt and diddled his nipples. She glowed with post-orgasmic bliss. It was a job perk that she justified as a reward for diligent duty.

“So…how did you come about that search program you had at the bar?”

Matt stared at the ceiling in his own post-orgasmic daze. “Lamar made it.”

Destiny slowed her fingers. Matt had not been the source of the program?

“It seems pretty sophisticated. Why doesn’t Lamar package it up and sell it on the software market?”

“I dunno. Maybe he already has. Really, it’s not that good on my PDA. The other guys get answers a lot quicker than me and we have the same hardware and software.”

“Sounds pretty odd. Oh well… I need to use your bathroom.”

Destiny retrieved her handbag. She closed the door and took out a lipstick cylinder and reglossed her lips. Satisfied, she glided back into the bedroom and approached Matt where he lay in bed watching her. She leaned over, captured Matt’s face in her hands, and planted a long drawn out kiss on his welcoming lips. Matt felt heady after that. The ceiling swirled like he was drunk and he drifted off under the drug transferred by Destiny’s special lip gloss.

Destiny searched about until she found it. She hooked Matt’s PDA to a device from her handbag and it downloaded every byte and bit of data and programs. She dressed and gathered her things, replacing the PDA where she found it. She laid a note on Matt’s sidestand thanking him for their great night together, explaining that she didn’t want to wake a hardworking man from a well-deserved sleep. Maybe they would meet again someday.


Destiny read the cryptology report on the data downloaded from Matt’s PDA. Lamar’s program was more than a simple search program. When it was activated, it scanned for the same program resident on any nearby PDA. From that PDA, it extracted an embedded data file and then transferred that data file to a third nearby PDA running the same program. Matt’s PDA was a transfer device, not the source or destination of the data file.

The three PDA’s were resident and running only among the four geek amigos at the Big Texan Trivia Night. She concluded that Lamar or Kaleb must be the mole. Jonlee and Matt were eliminated as suspects. Lamar was the software guy and the next best suspect.


Lamar sat across from Destiny. She had called him, complaining about having to return to town again, this time for a debriefing of her earlier inspection visit. Jonlee was cold with her and, besides, they worked together. She was embarrassed about leaving Matt asleep in the morning after their great hook-up. Could Lamar have a quiet dinner with her so she wouldn’t be bored this evening?

Lamar was conflicted. Destiny was beautiful and smart. Anyone in this town would have just died to be her escort for the evening. Matt hadn’t resisted bragging afterwards about fucking Destiny so much that he had passed out from exhaustion. Now a week later, she was hitting on Lamar. It just didn’t feel right. But then again, Lamar’s balls tingled at the prospect of getting what Matt had gotten. His dick over-ruled his conscious.

They were having a quiet dinner in a little secluded restaurant, away from prying eyes and bustling crowds. Destiny wore her little black dress again. She was a charming conversationalist and Lamar was freely pouring out his life, his research and his business. Destiny seemed fascinated by all of it and was genuinely beginning to like Lamar as a person. But whenever Lamar asked reflective questions about her life and work, Destiny demurred and focused the discussion back on Lamar.

Over dessert and coffee, Destiny moved to the subject she really wanted to know about. “So the search engine you made for trivia night, is that a sample of your work?”

Lamar looked furtively around the room then leaned-in towards Destiny with a sly expression.

“It’s not my program. It’s Kaleb’s. We wanted an advantage for Trivia Night and that seemed to be it. But he said it was pirated from someone else and I couldn’t tell the others where I got it. So I pass it off as my own. That was plausible because I design software; but for accounting packages, not internet search engines.”

Lamar leaned back out and tried to keep a passive face. He had just broken an oath to one of his few friends. Destiny held a fixed stare at Lamar until he folded from the tension.

“Come-on. Look at me. I’m a loser. I know I’m technology smart but I’m a geek and not much to look at. I don’t play sports and my social life is a joke. I can hardly talk to girls and I rarely go on dates. Once a week I get to win a stupid bag of peanuts. But for that moment, I feel like a real winner. Everyone needs to feel like a winner sometimes.”

Destiny quickly processed this new lead. Lamar may be lying about Kaleb and the search engine but probably not. That left Kaleb as the ultimate suspect. But she could not deal with that fact tonight. She needed to throw Lamar off track so that he didn’t alert Kaleb.

“Lamar, honey, I don’t think you’re a loser. I don’t have dinner in intimate little locations with anyone I think is a loser. And here I am now with you. I travel a lot for my job. I get lonely out on the road by myself all the time. I have needs…”

Destiny let the last statement trail off, hoping Lamar would pick up on the implication. Lamar just sat there. Destiny upped the ante.

“Please take me back to my hotel and stay with me tonight. I want to get to know you even better. Please…”

Lamar was still conflicted but the tingling in his balls said ‘go for it’. He signaled the waitress, paid the check and escorted Destiny to his used subcompact sedan. They drove to her hotel while she rubbed his inner thigh all the way.

In her upper floor suite, she found some wine and they sipped it looking out over the small city and its twinkling lights. Lamar was pulling at his crotch. Destiny held her amusement in check; she was happy to be the cause of Lamar swelling discomfort. Destiny laid her head on Lamar’s shoulder and slicked her hand down his chest. She worked open Lamar’s belt and zipper to give him room to grow. She slipped her hand to adjust his angle.

Destiny gently palmed the lump inside Lamar’s briefs and froze. There was an awful lot of meat there. She sat up and worked his pants wide open. Lamar’s semi-swollen erection popped out. It was huge.

“Lamar, what do you mean you can’t get dates? Where in hell have you been hiding this bad boy?’

“Ah, come on, Destiny. You don’t need to make fun of me.”

Destiny hefted Lamar’s partial erection with both hands and looked him in the eye.

“I’m not making fun of you, dearie. Why haven’t the girls around town been breaking down your door to get at this hunk of man-meat?”

“Well… probably because they don’t know about it.”

Destiny opened her mouth to respond but hesitated. She grinned at a novel thought.

“Sweetie, tell me the truth. Are you a virgin?”

Lamar looked away shame faced. Destiny caught her mistake but too late.

“No, Lamar, don’t be embarrassed. It’s just a stage of growth. Everyone is a virgin at first. We all leave that behind at a different time in our lives.”

It seemed hopeless, I was eighteen and still a virgin and far too shy to be able to do anything about it. When I was around girls, I became tongue tied and ended up sounding like a babbling idiot when I tried to talk to them. I would masturbate constantly as I fantasized about slipping my dick inside a woman’s hot wet cunt. I had all but given up any hope of losing my cherry and then one day the fates shinned down on me and my life changed forever.

After an afternoon in a porno theater, I came outside to see five missed messages from my mother. When I returned her call, she didn’t even say hello she just started right in on me,

“Reginald where have you been, I’ve been calling for hours? Your brother needs you to pick him up at Jason’s house and take him to the library so he can study.”

God I hated it when she called me Reginald, I wanted to be called Reggie. I stammered that my phone had been off and to calm her down I said I would run over to Jason’s right now.

When I got there Jason’s older sister, Sharon, opened the door and with a sneer ordered me inside. I was surprised to see her there as she had moved to her own place months ago.

“So you finally show up, well you’re too late I had to take the boys myself. You owe me for the time I wasted and for that, you are going to help me finish my laundry so I can get out of here before my mother gets back.”

I have to admit that Sharon scared me, unlike me she just seem to ooze confidence. As she looked at me, I knew there was no way I could refuse her. She wasn’t a pretty girl, well as she was twenty-four I guess I should say woman but there was something about her that I found sexy. Although she wasn’t fat, she was heavy with big thighs and a wide ass that usually stretched her jeans to the limit. Today however, she wasn’t in jeans but only in an over-sized man’s tee shirt and I found myself wondering what was under it.

I watched as she sorted her dirty clothes and found I couldn’t keep my eyes off her soiled panties. I felt my erection growing inside my pants and I unconsciously squeezed it to ease the throbbing. I looked up and saw her watching me,

“You perve, are you getting off looking at my dirty panties? I bet you’d like to sniff them wouldn’t you?”

I couldn’t help myself, I just moaned with the thought of putting a pair to my nose.

“I bet you’re still a virgin, tell me the truth, have you ever been laid?”

I tried to summon the bravado to cover my humiliation but when I looked her in the eye, I could only shake my head.

She walked up close to me and looked me up and down,

“OK, I going to give you a big treat, I’m going to let you hand wash my dirty panties and then you can sniff them all you want to.”

She picked up the pile, handed them to me, and led me to the bathroom. She instructed me what to do and then as she started to leave the bathroom she stopped,

“I almost forgot you might as well wash these too.”

She reached under her shirt and pulled her panties down, I watched as she turned them around in her hand until she had the crotch exposed. She put them to my nose, there were damp from her fluids, and the heady aroma almost made me swoon. She told me to get busy and not to dare touch my hard-on. I sniffed everyone before washing and I know I had her smell all over my face. Once I’d finished and the panties were in the drier she had me fold the rest of her clean clothes as she relaxed with a magazine.

When I was finished I took her clean clothes to her car for her, then she told me to be at her house Saturday morning for a treat. When I told her I had something else to do, she leaned in close and whispered,

“You do what I tell you and I just might take that cherry of yours.”

Well, that got my attention, and fast, she smiled, as she knew she had me then. She told me to get there early and be prepared to spend the day. I was so excited I almost came in my pants and in fact, after I got home I jacked off almost all night long. I had actually begun to have fears that I would die a virgin and here was Sharon offering to ease my fears. The best part was I didn’t have to pretend to know what I was doing so I could just relax and let her show me how. I jacked off almost non-stop for the rest of the week and I thought of nothing else.

After telling my mother, that I was going to a friend’s I went directly to Sharon’s apartment. As I knocked on her door I began to get apprehensive and wondered if it was just going to be a big joke with her, I mean, why she would fuck me, she was a woman, and I was just a kid. All those worries were gone as soon as she opened the door and I saw her standing there in just her bra and panties. While I just stood there staring at her almost naked body she asked me if I was ready to lose my cherry. All I could do was nod as she pulled me inside and closed the door.

“OK you’re going to get what you want today but only if you earn it. This won’t be easy, I’m going to make you my personal slave, and only if you keep me happy will I fuck you. Do you understand?”

I couldn’t think of anything I wouldn’t do to lose my virginity and I told her I would do anything she asked.

She led me to her bedroom where after instructing me to undress she ordered to lie on my back on her bed. She straddled my chest and as she looked in my eyes, she pulled her panties to the side exposing her cunt to me for the first time. As she placed herself on my face, she told me,

“Stick your tongue out and just keep licking until I tell you to stop.”

She talked while I licked; telling me that this was what all girls liked and if I could eat pussy well I would have girlfriends all my life. After a while, I learned where she liked it best and she told me I was turning her on. She unsnapped her bra, and then slipped it off and I watched her tweak her nipples and roll them in her fingers. It wasn’t long after that she grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to her and then suddenly she pushed me away and slid away from my face. I thought I had hurt her and I apologized but she told me I had done good and had made her cum. Dumb me I didn’t even know that girls came and I for sure didn’t notice any jizz spraying anywhere. She then told me about girl’s orgasms and how they were different from boys. I was sure that now would be my turn but she had other plans for me.

Now was the time for the real slave part of my day, as she had me wait on her while she relaxed. I had to clean her apartment including the bathroom and kitchen, and then I had to fix her lunch and serve it to her. She kept me naked but she had put on her extra large tee shirt. I felt silly doing housework naked but somehow it excited me to be in front of her with my dick hanging out. The best part was after I finished cleaning she had me give her a bath. She watched me fill her tub and had me take off her shirt and hold her hand as she got in the tub. I scrubbed her whole body, even her tits and pussy; meanwhile my boner was sticking so far it made her laugh. She got out of the tub; I dried her off, and then rubbed some kind of lotion into her skin. When I was done she grabbed my hard-on again and said,

“OK boy I guess that’s enough teasing, let’s go take care of this.”

She held on to my dick while she led me to her bedroom.

She sat on her bed as I stood before her and she began to play with me. I warned her that I couldn’t hold back too much longer and she said it was all right and that she wanted me to come on her tits.

“No, no,” I cried, “I wanted to…”

She shushed me,

“Don’t worry, you’ll get what you want, but first I want you to cum before we do it, that way you’ll last longer.”

As soon as she said that, I shot all over her boobs and as I watched she rubbed my cum into her skin. She put her feet up on the bed and then spread her knees exposing her pussy to me. I already knew what to do and I dropped to my knees and put my face in it. I stuck my tongue inside her and just the taste of her honey began to excite me anew. I ran my tongue up her slit and found that little bump at the top. I put it in my mouth and rubbed it with my tongue and as I felt her shake, I knew I was doing the right thing. This time when she came, I knew what was happening and when I began to lick her faster, she came in a loud moan.

“You did good boy, now it’s your turn. Stand up and I’ll put this on you.”

She opened a drawer in her nightstand and took out a rubber. She rolled it down my dick and I realized it was finally going to happen. She had me lay on the bed and told me to relax, yeah as if I could relax. I was instructed to lie still and let her do the work. She held my dick as she hovered over me and she looked me in the eye as she slowly sat down on me. It felt fantastic yet what was even better was the fact that I finally was no longer a virgin. No matter what, that could never be taken away from me, I had lost my cherry.

Sharon smiled when I came, for she knew how much it meant to me but when I was finished, she was through with me. She told me not to come back, that she wouldn’t fuck me again but all I wanted to do was to thank her. I wanted to tell her that I was thankful for all she had taught me about girls, for giving me confidence and of course, for taking my virginity but I said nothing. I left her place walking on air knowing I had learned some of life’s big secrets and I knew I would use them on the next girl I met.

“Well if you want to have some fun you know where to find me.”

And then Sarina turned away from the red male raising her rear a bit just enough that he could see an outline of her underside between her legs, but her tail obscured the view leaving his mind to fill in the blanks, a pressure at his own region making him stir uncomfortably.

Gareth was was just reaching into adulthood, and as a red male certain needs began to take hold. Primarily the need to take a mate. He had never mated before, and was honestly scared of being mateless for life. Watching Sarina tease him though the way she had, he was certain he would have his first mating if he went to her den tonight. It puzzled him though why she wanted him of all dragons. She was a beautiful midnight blue with her scale almost black along her back with the most piercing yellow eyes. She could easily take the patriarch of dragons herself as a mate if she wanted to so why him? He decided he was going to find out because how often does such a beautiy off herself to a male like him? Sarina had already taken off leaving him horny and confused, with his mind made up he took to the air after her, remembering the markings that would lead him to her den.

Sarina landed herself in a large clearing in a valley between two mountains. Soft trimmed grass massaged her paws as she walked towards her house. Just like any modern day house you might imagine it looked pretty normal, but the proportions were much larger, designed to accommodate a small family of dragons with a team of servents at her disposal. Reaching the front door it opened without her lifting a paw. Inside two well dressed humans stood. One was her butler and the other a female able to take care of other needs and direct the staff. They curtsied and bowed the butler being the only one to speek.

“I hope you day was joyful mi-lady. How can we be of service this evening?”

Sarina already had a plan in mind for Gareth, and she grinned mischievously to her servents at the thought of what was to come.

“Gloria fetch me my phallus and harness. I want it placed immediately. George, when Gareth arrives show him to my chambers and have my equipment ready. I plan to enjoy myself this evening.”

George had a disappointed look before responding in a saddened tone.

“Another innocent male for your enjoyment I take it….”

Sarina glared at her butler and he snapped back to his obedient demeanor.

“My apologies, as you wish mi-lady.”

Some hours passed before Gareth finally made it to Sarina’s house. He was quite astonished really. Setting foot on the soft grass he almost felt like he didn’t belong here. Only the most powerful of dragon families could afford to have such an amazing home. Sarina’s parents must have claim to a lot of the land here, which made him slightly nervous wondering if her father would come in from any second from the sky and kill him where he stood. It was an unnerving thought but his mind was already full of mating, and nothing was going to stop him from finally having his desires fulfilled.

He went to knock at the door but to his surprise it seemingly opened on its own. George the butler greeted him with a bow. Gareth felt it kind to return the favor and dipped his head to the human.

“Right this way Lord Gareth. Sarina has been expecting you.”

Gareth was completely taken aback. Lord? He knew he wasn’t any lord of anything just a common red male.


Gareth then followed the butler down what seemed a short hallway to yet another pair of large doors much like the ones at the entrance. It astounded him that the entire house was sized perfectly for almost two full grown dragons to walk side by side.

“You may enter at your will Lord Gareth. Sarina waits inside.”

Before Gareth could turn to even say a thanks to the butler, he was gone. Confused but excited he pushed upen the door to a dimly lit room. Ambient lighting made for a romantic setting quite unlike what he was expecting. It was pleasing and soft music chimed from a music box on what appeared to be an overly large end table. Sarina lay beneath a blanket on her sleeping mat…..a blanket!? What dragon ever needed human coverings?

“Hey there sweetie. I hope you found the place okay.”

Sarina’s voice brought him back to reality for a moment and had to order his thoughts before saying anything back.

“I…yeah I found it okay. I think you misguided me though I could’ve flown straight here instead of all the turns.”

Sarina giggled.

“Well it was either that, or my father and his party kill you. There is a certain path that my father will allow, like a password.”

“Well thank the gods I got it right.”

“I’ll have some thanking of my own shortly. Come in bed with me, we’re going to have fun.”

Used to sleeping on dirt or rock, laying down on a padded mat almost put him to sleep right there.

“Roll this way sweetie.”

Sarina’s voice was so soothing he’d do anything for her. Something felt off though…..

“There, now hold tight.”

He was about to ask “for what” till he felt metal clasping around his forepaws, and hind paws. Opening all four legs leaving his underside completely exposed. The only thing that wasn’t latched down was his tail and head. Wings….well he was on his back what good were wings now?

Gareth pulled at the restraints, they moved enough to cause a clinking sound but nothing more, he was trapped and held. His heart beat in his throat but he still fought to maybe try a confident look.

“What you have in mind? Hehe…..I thought we were going to have fun?”

Sarina gave him a mischievous look that sent chills into Gareth’s wings.

“Oh we’re going to have fun don’t worry, you just sit back and enjoy it. Not like you have a choice now, besides that I’m your first to mate huh?”

Gulping hard he nodded.

“Good, then you certainly wont forget this. You’ll learn what it really means to get mated, because you’re all mine now till I say otherwise.”

She started stroking his groin with a fore-paw, not hesitating the slightest going right for the goods. Gareth couldn’t help himself and felt pressure building in his groin again, and his lips spread apart as his member began to slide out. Gareth watched in fascination as she expertly massaged his growing member. Sheer pleasure coursing along his length having never felt anything like this before.

“Whatever you….oh gods….whatever you say.”

Sarina stopped suddenly, realizing he was getting close to cumming already. Slightly annoyed but pleased that he was so easy to pleasure. This certainly was going to be fun.

“Good, because I’m going to take you as mine.”

Sarina then dipped her snout to his member and licked along his length nice and slowly causing another gasp of pleasure from him. She didn’t stop at his base though, the warm wetness continued towards his tail-hole. To his disbelief and dismay she started licking him there.

“I don’t know what you’re doing but please don……”

In his mid-protest Sarina slid her forked tongue into Gareth’s tail-hole. His tail immediately stopped swaying and his body went stiff at the intrusion, the strangest sensation filling him in his rear flicking in every direction making him clinch on her tongue. She watched him attentively making sure to find that spot inside and rubbing it with her tongue, watching as he laid his head back gasping in new pleasure. She relentlessly rubbed that spot till his hole started squeezing her tongue again, telling her he was on the verge of cumming again. Satisfied she pulled out leaving Gareth gasping for air and staring back at her begging for more.

“Why….di…did you stop?”

With a chuckle she made sure he knew his place.

“Because you are mine, and I wont have you cum till I want you to. Now I’ll take you as mine, you’re my female now.

She then got up and the blanket slid off her scale and wing, an odd harness was fastened to her hindquarters and Gareth could only imagine what it was for till she mounted him from above. Looking down between them he saw a dark blue…..cock facing his rear.

“Hey! I thought you were female!?”

Sarina chuckled before pressing it at his hole sliding slowly inside not stopping and making Gareth gasp in pain and further pleasure from her licking before.

“Of course I am, but you’re going to be the female for now.”

Sliding the rest of the way in Gareth growled at this new intrusion of his rear, a dragon was taking him. It was unheard of, strange, and as he began to find out, wonderful. She thrusted in and out of his rear thoroughly enjoying making another male hers as his member bounced from her thrusts, leaking fluid more and more.

Pleasure surged in pulses each wave making him clinch on her phallus till he felt he was going to lose himself. Again she suddenly pulls out stopping completely leaving Gareth gasping for air, and now getting very very frustrated as his member throbbed relentlessly begging for release.

“GUH!!!! Wha….why…stop?”

Sarina paid him no attention while she looked to a corner of the room.

“Gloria I would have this removed at once.”

A silent “Yes mi-lady.” Came from somewhere near the doors. The ambient lighting seemed to be gone completely, leaving the room in almost total darkness. He wondered when this happened till a couple clicks and some shuffling above him caught his attention. A sudden flood of female scent invaded his nostrils and he realized Sarina had turned around putting her hindquarters above his snout.

“Lick me till I cum, or you wont!”

At this point Gareth was all to happy to oblige. He wished he had a free paw to return the favor of playing with her tail-hole as well but was content with getting to play with a female’s parts for the first time. He realized that she wasn’t touching him at all while his tongue found the ridges of her slit. Already drenched from her own fluid, the taste was strange and foreign. Like a fresh kill but sweet, and a tang to it that made his member throb yearningly.

She watched his member pulse, happy to stare at a male’s groin while he ate her out. Subtle bouts of pleasure began coursing into her as he explored, till his tongue found inside and she almost buckled at the sudden surge of pleasure a cry of glee escaping her. Gareth took this as a sign to continue and used every bit of strength he had in his tongue to lick her inside her slit. Fluid coating his snout she began to shudder from his attentive toungue till she lost all control. Her body letting go she cried in sheer pleasure releasing herself on his snout.

Something that smelled of urine….in fact he knew it was urine, began pouring on him and in his mouth forcing him to draw back and cough almost choking. Sarina made sure she finished on him before turning around above him and staring intently into his eyes.

“That’s a good boy, now here’s your treat. I’m yours now.”

Having much practice she lowered herself onto his member feeling her lips press open and take him. Wthout any hesitation she flattened herself against his body, and without stopping rose up and slapped herself against his groin once more.

Not even getting a chance to feel a female’s slit around him fully, Gareth growled in pleasure feeling it build up quickly inside. Sarina relentlessly humped his member taking him for all he was worth till his cry of pleasure broke the more than audible sound of wetness slapping. She stopped and pressed herself as tightly as she could on his member feeling him twitch inside, knowing he was cumming and soon feeling warmth build around her lips as is seeped out.

Gareth lay helpless to the torrent of pleasure overwhelming him, cumming inside a female for the first time. He thrusted himself with each spurt trying to plant his seed as deep as he could in her till finally the pleasure faded and his member began receeding back into him.

Sarina climbed off of him and laid beside him on the bed leaving him exposed, soaked in urine, her fluid, and his seed.

“Goodnight. Tomorrow we’ll try something new. Try to get some rest now.”

And she chuckled curling around him. Gareth, unable to move more than his tail or snout, rested in defeat. Spent and exhausted he laid back in disbelief, wondering what pleasures await him in the morning.

Johnny pressed his forehead against the cab window. His eyes glazed over, watching the light drizzle of evening rain setting in. This was a long drive. It was especially long because of the situation. Johnny was on the way to the airport. This would be his first time flying alone.

He had never flown alone before. His family had put him in the cab and he was on his way. Johnny was eighteen now so it was time for him to be independent. He had made this same flight before. To the school he’d be going to all year. His first semester of school was starting. This was the first of many firsts for Johnny. He gulped, butterflies in his stomach, and his head hurting.

There was a lot he had to remember. His family had sat with him to plan it out. He had to pay the cab driver, then check his baggage, redeem his ticket, make it through security, and then find his gate. His flight wasn’t til 9:05 but it was barely 7:00 yet. This would give Johnny more time to get it all done.

“Fredole Airport. $44.34.” The cabbie shouted to the back. Johnny snapped out of his trance and hurriedly pulled his wallet out. His hands shook as he counted out the money with a small tip. Johnny pulled both of his bags out. They easily weighed him down. Johnny wasn’t very big or strong.

He pulled through the airport doors and got lost in the bustle of people. Johnny looked around, trying to figure out where the baggage desks were. There were so many people and so many heads blocking his view that he couldn’t find it. He got lucky and followed a couple who also needed to check their bags.

His bags had been carefully weighed and came in under the weight limit. This wasn’t so bad, Johnny thought. He could do this. He found his way to the ticket desk and slowly navigated the long line. When he finally got up to the desk, an old woman looked him up and down, “Traveling alone, are we?” She asked.

“Well.. yeah. I’m eighteen, miss… ma’am.” He told her nervously, his face turning a little red. Normally his family handled the talking.

She handed him his ticket and pointed to his gate number, “Once you’ve made it through security, just go right until you see Gate 15. Turn there, keep walking and then you’ll find your gate.” She told him. He thanked her and went to go through security.

She had pointed him in that direction but he got lost. He went through a long corridor and started to get worried when he didn’t see anyone. Johnny finally made it out of there and was so relieved when he saw the metal detectors. There were a number of rather long lines but only a few guys working there. He got in the shortest line.

“Take off your shoes and coats.” A loudspeaker said. A man at the front pointed to a sign which listed all the things that couldn’t be taken on a plane. Johnny got to the conveyer belt and pulled his sneakers off. He slipped off his coat and nearly tripped. He shoved everything into one tub and put it on the belt.

Johnny was getting pushed around because of the amount of people. A tall man motioned for him to walk through the metal detector. He looked over and saw the man across from him had failed the metal detector. They wanded him and were now checking his body. Johnny gulped. There must have been four-hundred eyeballs watching what was happening. Johnny didn’t want that to happen to him.

He made it through without setting off the metal detector. Johnny smiled like a little kid when the school bell rings. He was ushered over to the next checkpoint.

“ID out.” The next man said.

Johnny fished his wallet out of his pocket and put it on desk, handing his ID to the man. He gave it a look.

“Headed where?” The man asked impatiently.

Just then, Johnny spotted another official walk over. Johnny was amazed by her size as she got closer and closer, eventually stopping next to the man who was looking at his ID, she whispered something in his ear.

She dwarfed Johnny. The woman must have been over 6 feet tall. It wasn’t just height either. She was thick too and had a very large presence. Johnny felt small at the sight of her and easily intimidated. After she finished whispering with the man, she looked at Johnny, but Johnny, feeling self-conscious, didn’t look back.

He could feel her eyes on him. Johnny stood there, fidgeting nervously.

“I’m going to do a check on this guy. I don’t like his body language.” She told the man.

Johnny looked up and saw the man nod. He handed Johnny’s ID card to her. It was loud in there, but Johnny could hear the female official clearly, “Alright. Hold your arms out.” She told him.

Johnny was reluctant but did as told. She walked closer to him, his eyes still aimed at the floor, he could see her pull out a pair of gloves. Johnny looked up at the woman and shook his head. People behind him were getting antsy because of how long this was taking. This was too embarrassing.

“I… I passed the checkpoint. I don’t have anything. Please… I need to catch my flight.” He stammered, looking up into her piercing brown eyes for the first time.

The woman looked over the loud crowd behind him and then looked at Johnny, “You’re holding up the line. We’re going to have to do this in private. Come with me. Now.” She picked his wallet up.

Johnny knew he didn’t have a choice. To prove the point, the woman grabbed his arm and pulled him with her. She was much stronger than Johnny, who felt like he was being dragged to the principal’s office. A sea of people watched him struggle to keep up with the big woman’s stride.

She took him across the way to an office. They stepped inside and she shut the door behind her. Noise from the busy airport was suddenly silenced. Inside the office was a desk and a couple chairs. A nameplate, “Officer Mercy,” sat on the desk.

The woman, who Johnny presumed was Officer Mercy, motioned for him to take a seat. She sat down across from him in the plush desk chair. Her attention was on Johnny’s wallet. She sifted through it while Johnny sat nervously.

He really looked at her for the first time. She was probably in her forties. The official uniform she wore couldn’t hide her extremely large breasts. Officer Mercy had curly reddish brown hair which went down below her shoulders. Sensing him looking at her, Officer Mercy’s eyes suddenly darted to his. He turned his eyes away.

“What’s your name?”

“Johnny… Johnny Hitcher, ma’am.” He told her, wondering to himself how long this was going to take.

“Interesting,” She looked back down, “Your ID says John Hitcher.” She stared back at him, Johnny blinked nervously. He was just so intimidated by her.

“And…” She pointed toward the “Officer” part of her nameplate with her painted nails.

“I… I’m sorry, ma’a – - Officer.”

“Where are you headed, Johnny?”

“Sea… Seattle. School… I’ve got school there.” He sputtered.

“Well,” She tossed his wallet onto her desk, “I think we’ve got a problem, Johnny.” She sighed.

“A… a problem… Officer?”

“That’s right. I believe from your answers that you’re being deceptive with me.”

“No… no. I’m just nervous. This… this is my first time flying. I’m sorry, Officer.”

“That isn’t true!” She roared, leaning over the table toward him, “According to our records, you’ve flown with us three other times!”

Johnny sunk lower in his chair. “I… I meant… alone. I’m alone here.”

“I want you to stand up and lift your arms.” She told him.

Johnny was so that afraid that he couldn’t disobey. He did as she commanded. Officer Mercy stood up, looming over him, she pulled a pair of gloves out of her pocket and slipped them on. Johnny cringed as they snapped into place.

“Let’s hope you’re not lying to me, Johnny.”

Johnny clenched his eyes closed as tightly as he could when he felt her hands. They started off, sliding over his arms. He felt the large hands coldly grope him. They patted down his chest and slid down his legs. She cupped his crotch area, Johnny turned red, they squeezed the area again. Then Officer Mercy circled around him and did the same thing from the backside. Starting with his arms and then patting down his back, sliding down his legs, squeezing his thighs.

Then, Johnny was startled when Officer Mercy’s hands started aggressively patting down his butt, through his pants. Her fingers dug in. Officer Mercy’s palms pressed and patted his butt for the longest minute of Johnny’s life. She stood up and walked around him. His face was completely flush from the incident.

“May… may I please go now, Officer?” Johnny opened one eye and looked up at her. She looked a little flush too. Officer Mercy stood behind her desk.

“It’s not that simple, Johnny. I’m not satisfied here. I don’t feel you’re being straight with me. We’re going to need to do a cavity search.”

Johnny had only ever heard that term on an episode of Cops. He knew it wasn’t good. No, this had to be over. Johnny worked up the courage to tell her “I can’t do that. No. I can’t do that. Let me go. I’ve… I’ve submitted to the search. I’m done.”

Officer Mercy’s eyes fixed on his and her expression changed. She didn’t look angry but she didn’t look happy either. Officer Mercy flipped the gloves off her hands and tossed them in her trash. “That’ll be fine. You can sit back down. I’m going to place a phone call and the police are going to come. They’re going to handcuff you and carry you out of here. You won’t be on your flight tonight, Johnny. I’m sorry it had to be this way.”

The air settled in Officer Mercy’s office for a moment.

“Wait! Wait! I didn’t mean that. I can’t do that! I have to go. Please… please. You can do that thing. Please. I’m not.. I’m not bad. Just do what you were going to do. Please!” Johnny exclaimed.

Officer Mercy looked toward the trash, “I already threw out my gloves. I don’t have another pair here. We can do it without them or we go out there and do what we have to do with gloves in front of the entire airport. Which do you prefer?”

Johnny looked down, “Here.” He blushed.

“Okay. Then it’s going to be natural I check your mouth first so we have some lubricant for the second part of the search. Sit back in the chair and I’ll pull mine over there.” She told me authoritatively.

Officer Mercy pulled her chair over. Johnny fidgeted uneasily in his chair, if he hadn’t been so nervous, he would’ve noticed the massive bulge tenting out of Officer Mercy’s uniform.

“Now, I’m only going to tell you these things once. You give me lip and we can let the police sort it out. Understand?”

Johnny nodded his head.

Officer Mercy scooted closer in her chair, “Open your mouth for me.”

Johnny opened his mouth wide like he was at the dentist. Officer Mercy responded by shoving two large fingers in his mouth. He choked back on them but didn’t dare try to pull away. Her fingers twisted around his tongue and swabbed over the insides of his cheeks. She pushed the long, chubby fingers over his tongue, deep in his mouth, and activated Johnny’s gag reflex. His eyes watered.

Officer Mercy pulled her fingers out of his mouth and brushed them across the fullness of his lips. Her brow was furrowed. She seemed to be concentrated intently. Johnny tried to regain his composure. He shut his eyes tightly until he had staved off the tears. She stuffed the fingers back into his mouth and added another one.

“Close your lips around them.” She ordered.

Johnny complied, closing his lips until he had captured her fingers in his mouth.

“Now suck them. I want to make sure you aren’t hiding anything, remember.”

Johnny opened his mouth to try to speak but her fingers tripped him up. They dug deeper into his mouth and pressed against his throat. “I said I’m only going to say it once, damn it!” She shouted.

Johnny, scared by the outburst very much, closed his mouth around her fingers. He applied suction to and pursed his tongue around them. Officer Mercy forced her last finger into his mouth. The big fingers took up his entire oral cavity. Johnny fought back choking again and tried his best to suck them as she told him.

She pulled her fingers out of his mouth with a pop. Johnny ran his tongue all around his mouth, which wasn’t accustomed to being empty yet.

“This is the second part of the exam. You’re going to do exactly what I say or it’s one phone call. Remember that.”

Johnny nodded.

“It’s very simple, Johnny. We won’t make this worse than it has to be, right?” She asked him knowingly. He nodded his head again.

“I want you to take your pants off. Actually, you better take your shirt off too. Strip everything off and I’ll tell you what to do next.”

There was no question in Johnny’s mind that he’d do what this imposing woman said. He knew what would happen if he didn’t. Johnny was a little lightheaded but managed to pull his shirt over his head. Officer Mercy supervised, her giant boner now hidden by the back of the chair. He unzipped his pants and pulled them off too. Now all that was left on his nearly hairless body was his boxers.

Officer Mercy rubbed her erection against the back of the chair. Johnny slid his boxers off, his modest-sized cock bouncing out. Being naked was difficult in front of Officer Mercy. She was so clothed and he was so naked. His body was flush and he was very embarrassed. What if she thought he had a small cock?

“Good, Johnny. I’m starting to believe you’re telling the truth. Do exactly as I say and this will be over before you know it. I want to turn around and lift one of your legs up over my desk. Do you understand what I want you to do?”

“Ye… yes, Officer.”

“Then I’m going to use the fingers I had in your mouth to check your anal cavity. Do what I said now, Johnny.” There was a hint of excitement in her voice.

Johnny turned, revealing his naked butt to Officer Mercy’s hungry eyes for the first time. The two cheeks of his butt were round and just a little bubbly. They looked good enough to eat. Johnny followed her last order and looped one of his legs over her desk. That put him in an uncomfortable position and spread his butt cheeks, a perfect combination for Officer Mercy.

His asshole was pink and hairless. A real beauty, Officer Mercy though, as she pulled up behind him, taking great care not to hit him with her boner.

“Here goes…” She whispered under her breath. Her spit sticky fingers slid between his butt cheeks. Officer Mercy could see Johnny wince at the first touch. It was warm. The supple skin of Johnny’s crack gave with each roll of her fingers. Her fingers finally settled on his little asshole. They circled around the pink rim. This gave Johnny goosebumps. His cock had become hard against Officer Mercy’s desk.

“Okay. I’m ready. Take a deep breath, Johnny. Try to relax while I do this. It’ll make it easier.” Officer Mercy told him in a soothing voice he hadn’t heard before.

Her pointer finger pressed against his tight hole. Johnny grimaced. She pressed through his sphincter. The smooth walls clung to her chubby finger. Johnny grunted, struggling to stay upright as her finger reached the knuckle inside him. Officer Mercy sensed this and used her other hand to bend his body down against the desk. The slick, tight hole throbbed around her finger. Officer Mercy shuffled around, her raging boner struggling to break free of her uniform.

Officer Mercy pulled her finger out until only the tip was left inside him, “I’m going to stick another finger in now too. Just stay calm, Johnny. You’re doing great.”

He mumbled something but didn’t have long before Officer Mercy had two fingers shoved up his ass. She jammed them in and out of his little hole to a chorus of groans from Johnny. She continued probing.

Finally, Officer Mercy withdrew her fingers. Johnny stayed in that position until she told him, “It’s okay. You can rest.”

Johnny moved to get up and then remembered his hard cock. What would she think of that? He didn’t want to do anything to embarrass himself or upset her.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, easily lifting him off the desk herself. She saw that he was hard. Johnny blushed and looked away. Officer Mercy hid her own erection behind the desk again.

“So… is that it? I can go now?” He asked.

“Well, unforunately, not exactly.” She told him frankly.

“Wha… What? I thought…”

She cut him off, “These searches only go so far. I’m sorry. You’ve raised enough suspicion that my hands are tied. I need to call the police so that they can look into this matter.”

“No…! Wait. You told me I could get on my flight and you wouldn’t call the cops after this. Please. Can’t you just look into it so that I can catch my flight.”

A small smile flashed across Officer Mercy’s face, “I don’t have the equipment for that. I’m sorry.”

“Please! I’ll cooperate. Whatever it takes so I can get out of here!”

“Well… hmm… I guess it might be possible. I don’t have any of their fancy equipment. Your cavities need to be more extensively searched. My fingers won’t do the trick. I can think of something that might though…”

“Please…! Anything it takes.”

Officer Mercy stepped away from her desk for the first time. Johnny’s eyes zeroed on the humungous bulge in her uniform. He had never seen anything like that before. She had a dick?! A massive fucking dick?!

“This instrument would get the job done like my fingers can’t.” Office Mercy’s hand rubbed over the bulge, “Or should we get the police here instead?”

“No! If… if you think… that will work…”

“We’ll start with your mouth like last time. I’m going to need to check your throat.” Officer Mercy surprised Johnny by taking the top of her uniform off. Her huge tits spilled out and Johnny’s cock got another surge. She smiled again. Officer Mercy pulled the rest of her uniform off, including her panties, in one motion.

Her giant cock sprang free. It must have been ten inches and thick. Her big hunk of meat throbbed out in the open. It made Johnny’s cock look so small. He felt very humiliated.

Officer Mercy walked over to Johnny, her cock throbbing with anticipation. “Open your mouth.” She commanded.

Johnny opened his little mouth as wide as he could. Officer Mercy grabbed the base of her cock and slid it into Johnny’s mouth. The wet warmth of his mouth bathed her cock like it had her fingers earlier.

“Mmmmhmm.. mmmphhmm,” Johnny struggled to take the thick penis deep in his mouth.

Officer Mercy grabbed Johnny’s head with both hands and eased the inches of her big cock in his mouth. His warm mouth and soft lips felt wonderful around her cock.

“Start sucking like you did with my fingers. Do it now or I’ll haul your ass out of this office and we’ll do this in front of everyone.” She warned him.

Johnny swirled his tongue around the thick shaft and sucked hard on it. Officer Mercy held his head tightly as he sucked, pushing more and more of her meat inside his mouth. The horny shemale hit Johnny’s gag reflex but didn’t stop. He pushed back against her as he struggled not to choke on the huge piece of meat. Officer Mercy snapped her hips forward until she felt her cock head graze the opening of his throat.

“Relax your jaw and your throat. I have to make sure nothing is hidden down here,” The pleasure showed on her face.

Johnny’s lips were tightly sealed around her shaft, with a few inches left at the base of her cock. Officer Mercy pushed deeper into his mouth, entering his tight throat. Her big cock head forced its way deeper in.

“That’s it. Suck that cock, Johnny. This exam will be done before you know it. That’s good…” She loudly moaned. Officer Mercy was now pushing her cock in and out of little Johnny’s mouth. The sensation from his sweet mouth shot through her cock.

Johnny’s hand stopped pushing against the big woman. They had climbed up her body and found her tits. He squeezed and kneaded the soft flesh as her cock invaded his mouth. His fingers twisted and pulled on her nipples. Officer Mercy’s face-fucking became more intense. She abused his throat until the chair Johnny was sitting in almost tipped over. She grabbed it in time and laughed.

I was finally glad to be out of school. My buddy Jeff got out last year. He went off and joined the military and left our little town. I figured I’d work the summer here and see what was what after the tourists left. It was still early yet, they hadn’t started arriving yet, clogging the roads with their luxury cars, acting as if they owned the place. Truth be told, they did. If it weren’t for them, the rest of us wouldn’t have a living. Fishing wasn’t cutting it anymore, and the old quarries down coast were barely running now. Luckily we had the tourists.

I walked down into the village near the docks, and popped into the little corner store.

“Hey Peter.” I heard as I walked in. Paula nodded at me and smiled. She and her husband ran this little place, and did well by the locals and tourists alike. I waved and smiled at her as I headed to the back and grabbed a soda from the cooler.

“You headed over to see Davy about work?” She asked.

“Yea, I figure I gotta do something before mom tosses me out of the house.” I chuckled.

“Would you do me a favor? Chip is out on a delivery and we’re short-handed. Is there any chance you could make a delivery for me, it’s on your way. The lady has an account so you don’t need to collect any money. It’s just, I heard she twisted her ankle on the beach and I told her that if she needed anything to call us and I’d get it over to her.”

“Sure, where is it going?” I said.

She handed me two canvas sacks from the cooler, and gave me the address. It was just a couple blocks over from where I was headed. Paula refused to let me pay for my soda before leaving. I walked the few blocks turning up onto the driveway that led to a house facing the water. I walked around the house looking for the kitchen door. As I turned the corner I saw a woman lying on a towel on the lawn. She lay there basking in the morning sun completely naked. A small pile of fabric beside her looked like a swimsuit she may have been wearing. I stopped and looked around, the spot was well sheltered on the curve in the road. Her long blonde hair trailed out above her on her towel, her arms down at her sides, her deep pink nipples pointing up to the sun. Her stomach was flat and a little glint of something shiny hinted at a belly button ring. From this distance I couldn’t be sure. A small strip of hair dipped down between her thighs. Her legs were long toned and pale, but getting red. She had just started tanning by the color she’d turned already. She was going to look like a freshly boiled lobster in a very short time.

I realized she hadn’t heard or seen me, so I turned and cleared my throat loudly. I looked over my shoulder, and she hadn’t moved. I decided I’d just put the groceries in the house for her. I set the bags on the kitchen table and peeked to make sure nothing needed to be put in the icebox. Thankfully I did or the cold stuff would have spoiled. I put them away and left the rest. I walked towards the back door again and looked out the screen at her. She was beautiful, like she’d just stepped out of a magazine centerfold. She still hadn’t moved, and it wouldn’t be long before she burned badly. So I took it upon myself to rescue her, that’s just the kind of guy I am. I opened the back door and pushed it open as far as possible and let it swing shut. The loud rap of the wood on the frame did the trick. She jumped, then the realization that somebody was near and she was naked came on her and she rolled onto the grass pulling the towel over her covering up. I saw why she hadn’t heard me as an earbud fell out onto the grass.

She peeked over the top of her big sunglasses, and in an accent I hadn’t heard around here, she asked. “Can I help you?” The scolding tone of her voice saying that she didn’t appreciate being peeked at while she was sunbathing.

I scrunched up my face. “Where are you from?” I asked, curious about her accent.

“Right here buster, I’m renting this place. Where in hell did you come from?” She replied.

“Oh! Paula down at the market asked me to deliver your groceries. They were short handed and I was headed this way.”

She just stared at me for a moment, and I returned the stare taking in the scene with a dumb-founded look.

“Would you be a gentleman and please turn around?” She said a little testily. I did as she asked. Unfortunately for her I’d turned and was looking directly at her reflection in the kitchen window. She stood up cursing quietly, putting her weight on one foot, and wrapped the towel around her and tucked it in above her breasts. She was tall, and though her breasts weren’t large they were nicely shaped, and red. The little stripe of hair ended neatly where I thought. The towel was just long enough to cover her modestly. She hobbled over to the little pile of cloth and swept up her bikini and started hobbling towards the house like a wounded animal. She passed me and got to the step and hobbled up the half step, and opened the door using it for stability and hopped up the step into the kitchen.

She hobbled back to the screen door and said. “Well come on in.”

I walked over and stepped into the kitchen. She was sitting down on one of the chairs one leg splayed out in front of her the other tucked under the chair. The smooth skin was kissed with a flush of pink. I knew she was going to regret falling asleep out there later, but I’m glad I happened to wake her up so she didn’t get severely burned. She was fumbling with her towel to keep it up, and digging through a big pocket book.

“Paula said that you have an account.” I held up my hand. “I’m not going back to the store anyhow.”

She peeked up at me from her purse through a tangle of long blonde hair. “Thank you, but I was going to give you something for the trouble. She mentioned that you wouldn’t be here until afternoon because it was busy today.” A pink nipple peaked over the top of the polka dot beach towel. She caught me staring. “Though it could be surmised that you already got your tip.” She said an eyebrow going up, and a small grin turning the corners of her mouth up. She shook her head as she pulled the towel back into place and tossed the purse onto the table. She held her arm out straight with a folded bill in it. I just shook my head once and waved it off.

“Thanks, but you don’t need to do that.” I said.

“Don’t make me get up, my ankle hurts like hell, and I’m in no shape to use it to kick your ass for being a peeping tom.” She replied grinning. She waved the money again. I shrugged and took it slipped into my jeans pocket. I was hoping she hadn’t noticed they were tighter in front than a moment before.

“Thanks.” I nodded.

“No, thank you Chip, I would have come into town to get them later but she insisted on having you deliver them.”

I smiled. “I’m not Chip. He was doing another delivery. I’m Pete.”

“Nice to meet you.” She said holding out a hand. “I’m Chrissy.”

I shook her hand. She had a firm grip and didn’t let up until I did. I just stood there for a moment looking at her. She had mesmerizing blue eyes and a crooked little smile. I realized I was staring when her brow went up. I felt myself blush.

“Are you thirsty? I could use something cold.” Chrissy asked. I nodded.

“If you don’t mind, there’s a pitcher of iced tea in the fridge. I’m going to go put something on besides a towel.”

“Not on my account I hope?” Why not, I figured, she seemed to have a sense of humor about getting caught. I smiled over my shoulder at her as I reached for the cupboard door. She laughed aloud at that.

She stood again, wobbling, and took her bikini in hand and walked towards the living room and gasped grabbing for the door jamb. In the process the towel let go and she stood there grasping the towel in one hand the door in the other. Her long smooth back tapered to a narrow waist and flared back out to beautifully curved hips. On her back was a pretty sunflower tattoo with vines around it. There looked to be a figure in the center of it.

“Oh to hell with it. I don’t think I’ve got anything left to hide at this point.” She muttered and hobbled out of the room. I opened up the freezer and got a tray of ice out, and filled the glasses. I heard her fumbling around a bit and she started to hobble back out. She’d pulled a light blue flowered sundress on, and taken a minute to brush out her hair. She hobbled over to an easy chair in the living room and sat down. “Would you be a doll and bring that in here?”

I walked into the living room and she was gingerly setting her foot on the coffee table. I handed her a glass and set the other down. I took the towel she’d tossed on the sofa and folded it up into a little bundle and went to take her leg. I stopped myself and looked up at her, from under fallen bangs.

“May I?” I asked. She held her glass with both hands, licking tea from her upper lip, and nodded. I lifted her calf, the skin smooth and warm in my hand, and slipped the folded towel under her ankle to pad it from the table. I set it down carefully and she let out a sigh. I sat down on the sofa and took up my glass. I was looking into the glass at the ice cubes floating around. I set it back down and went to the kitchen, found a plastic bag and filled it with the rest of the ice. I looked down at her, she sat there wide eyed as I reached to carefully set it on her ankle.

“Thank you,” She said softly, with a smile “again.”

“You slammed the door on purpose didn’t you?” She asked.

“Well you were beginning to look like a lobster out there, fresh from the pot. I wasn’t sure if you were asleep and I didn’t want you to burn, or worse.” I said.

She smiled. “Thank you.” She said, and after a moment she added, “West Virginia.”

“Rockport here, welcome to Maine.” I toasted her with my tea, and we clinked glasses. Neither of us said anything we just sat there enjoying our tea.

“You said this was on your way? Where were you going?” Chrissy asked.

“I was headed down to Davy’s marina down the road.” I said. Then pointed. “If you go down Sea Road and bear right. He runs a couple of boats for fishing, sightseeing and whale watching. I was going to see if he needed any help this summer.”

She nodded, and looked down at her ankle. Water running down her leg from the condensation on the bag.

“If he doesn’t give you a job on a boat, you might want to consider going to medical school.” She chuckled. “You’re a quick thinker and have a gentle touch. I don’t mean to keep you from where you were headed but since this is really feeling like hell.” She pointed at her foot. “I was wondering if you could do me another favor before you leave.”

“Sure, what else do you need, lunch?” I asked.

She laughed. “Well that would be nice, but I was just going to ask you to go into the bathroom and grab the ace bandage that’s rolled up on the counter and the bottle of pain killers for me. I want to get this wrapped again, now that I’m not worried I’ll look like a cat with one white paw.”

I set my glass down, and went to the bath and found the items. I found a bottle of sunburn lotion on the counter and brought that too.

“I see you came prepared to burn.” I looked at the bottle.

“Well when you’re as white as I am, it happens often, especially this early in the season.” Chrissy said as she reached up for the items. She reached down and took the ice off, and dried her foot off on the towel. She crossed her legs, her dress riding up high as she reached to start unrolling the bandage.

I laughed. “That looks more awkward than a lobster trying to climb a tree.” I reached out for the bandage and took it from her. “Let me show you how it’s done.” I sat on the edge of the coffee table and laid her leg across mine. I wrapped her ankle neatly slipping the clips on at the end with a flourish. I looked at her toes peeking up, the nails a sparkly pink color. A small throat clear broke me out of my reverie, only to notice that I’d been absently stroking her shin and calf. I snatched my hand away, and felt my face turn bright red again. I looked down at the rug and apologized.

“For what? Doing a better job than I would wrapping my ankle? Or maybe the lame lobster jokes.” She flipped a hand at me and took the bottle and popped it open. She poured out her dose and knocked them back with a swallow of her tea.

“I should take these with food.” She took her foot off my lap and set it gingerly on the floor, grabbing the arms of the chair preparing to get up.

“Whoa! Where are you going?” I asked.

“I was going to go see what was in those bags to eat.” She said.

“Sit down. I’ll get you something.” I answered quickly.

She rolled her eyes at me. “You’ve done far more than you should have for a tired, broken down old lady.” She rolled forward again, and I put my hand on her shoulder to keep her balance back.

“I’ll get it.” I said firmly. “What would you like?”

“You are too sweet.” She said, relaxing back into the chair. “What did you bring?”

I went into the kitchen to rummage through the bags. Given a little creativity and a few minutes time I whipped up a sandwich and chips. I peeked around the door jamb to ask if she wanted mustard or mayo on her turkey. The sight that greeted me stopped me in my tracks. Chrissy had sat forward on the chair, and slipped the straps off the sundress pushing it down to her waist. She sat there slowly rubbing in the sunburn cream into her skin. She finished her arms and began working on her chest rubbing slowly giving each nipple a pinch and tug. My jeans felt about ready to explode at the sight of her. I popped my head back around the door and called out asking my question. She replied, mustard. I responded that it was ready then, to give her time to cover up.

I walked into the room with the plate in front of me and the bag of chips dangling beneath to try and hide my arousal. I sat quickly as I handed her the plate, hoping I’d covered myself well enough.

“Ooh thanks!” She said setting the plate down and reaching for half the sandwich. She just stopped and looked at me. “You didn’t make one for yourself?” I shook my head. “Here,” she handed me the other half, “I hate eating alone.”

I shrugged and took the other half, and we ate quietly. I asked her how she twisted her ankle. Exploring wet rocks on the outbound tide, she’d slipped and thought she’d broken it. She had gotten an X-ray and it was only a bad sprain.

“Ironic. I ended up having to postpone starting work at the very hospital that I was going to be starting at next week.” She said.

“Oh? You a doctor?” I asked.

“RN, and I was serious earlier, you have a gentle touch, and you wrap a mean ankle.” She followed with a smile.

“Sports.” I said by way of explanation. She nodded.

She opened her mouth laying a chip on her tongue and took it in whole giving it a crunch. I didn’t know why, but she fascinated me on an entirely new level. I’d seen naked girls before, well in magazines and movies, anyway. Here sat a woman who, unlike those from around here, wasn’t scandalized by having her body admired. This isn’t the end of the world, but not far from it.

“How old are you Pete.” She asked. I told her the truth, that I was nineteen, and I’d just graduated last month. She offered me the chips, and I took a few.

“What are your plans from here?” She asked.

“I honestly don’t know. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.” I said chuckling.

She set the chips aside and wiped her hands on the towel. She took up the bottle of cream and popped the cap up. She nonchalantly pulled up the hem on her dress to a nearly indecent level and leaned forward and began rubbing the cream into her leg. She continued to ask me about the area, what there was to do after school got out. She worked her hand further up her thigh, the warm pink flesh supple under her fingers. She pulled back again, the hem of the dress slid up, and a peek of pink lace appeared. She asked if I had a girlfriend. Which made me pause. She started on the other leg working from the ankle up to the knee. She stopped and looked at me when I didn’t reply.

“No?” She asked, no doubt noticing that I’d been watching every movement she made.

I just shook my head looking down at the floor. “No. I’ve gone out a few times, but never really had a girlfriend.”

She looked down her leg again, massaging her up her thigh slowly. Watching her was not helping the situation in my jeans one bit.

“That’s to bad. Seems an awful waste of resources if you ask me.” She smirked.

“Huh?” I said looking up at her with a quizzical look.

She bit her lower lip and looked me in the eye for a moment, then down at my lap, and nodded.

I must have turned deep red, she looked up at me and smiled, then busted out laughing.

“Oh my God! You’re as innocent as the day you were born, aren’t you?” She asked grinning ear to ear.

I stammered.

“Oh hell.” She waved her hand. “Don’t be embarrassed hon. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get you a hard time.” She reached over and gave my wrist a quick squeeze. The feel of her warm hand sent a shock up my arm. She leaned back in the chair, not bothering to adjust her dress. The little pink lace peeking out kept drawing my eye. I could feel her eyes studying me as I tried not to look.

She started softly. “Am I the first woman you’ve ever seen naked?” She followed with, “in person?”

I cleared my throat. “Well, that close, yea.” I said softly. “Last summer, my friend and I found a cove where some girls go to tan in the summer, but we stay well back. They mostly only took their tops off. Jeff had binoculars.” I felt my ears turn red.

Chrissy smiled again biting her lip. “So, the peeping tom thing isn’t new.” She giggled. She was enjoying teasing me. A moment of silence passed while I looked anywhere but at her. “Stand up Pete, and come here.” I looked at her and did as she asked. She slowly reached up, and tugged the straps of her dress to the side, and looped her arms up through, pushing it down her torso. Her breasts popped free, the cherry red nipples stiff in the cool breeze coming through the house. She looked up at me from under a lock of hair, still biting her lip. Time seemed to stop, and I wasn’t sure what to do next, but instinct pushed me to reach out and cup her breast. It was warm and soft in my hand, and I stroked it gently. I reached up with my thumb and rubbed the nipple. A sigh as she inhaled deeply, her eyes were closed while I explored. I rolled it between my thumb and finger it was as hard as a pencil eraser.

“That feels nice.” She said softly. I stroked the curve up to her chest, and back down between them following it around.

Time started again when I jumped back startled. I hadn’t expected it when her hand reached up and pressed against the front of my jeans.

“Oh!” She giggled. “I didn’t mean to scare you. I just thought you might enjoy a little rub too.” She nodded at my jeans. “Let me see it.”

I went wide eyed like a deer in caught in headlights.

“Come on. It’s only fair, you saw mine.” She urged. Her hand slid down raising the hem of her dress showing off the pink lace panties with black lace trim. She circled the front with her finger, pressing as she did. She reached over and took the last swallow of her tea and caught an ice cube from the glass. Swirling it around her mouth. She opened her mouth showing me that she was rolling the cube around with her tongue.

With out conscious thought my hands reached for my zipper to release the pressure built up behind it. I pulled it down as she watched intently. I unbuttoned the fly of my boxers and the pressure was gone as my hard cock pushed it’s way out seeking relief.

Chrissy made an approving sound deep in her throat at the sight of it. “Ooh that’s nice.” The ice cube clicked on her teeth and she crushed it quickly, chewing the bits of ice. She looked up at me and made a come hither motion with her free hand, the other still working on the pink lace. I stepped forward as if she were drawing me towards her with an invisible tether. She reached up slowly this time and took me gently into her hand. Stroking the shaft and rubbing the tip with her thumb. I gasped, my breath coming in short panting breaths. “That’s it, easy now.” She said in a soothing voice, as if calming a frantic animal. “You aren’t going to last very long.”

Sunday Night

Simon”Waters ualked in a hurrked pace, The scroll clutched against his chest, fear racing through his veins. The full moon hung high in the night’s sky and reflected its light all over Fire Lake. The hard rounding”of his jeart agcinst his chest was deafening, and as he made the cottage gate, he fumbled for his keys. A crackling in the woods caused him to jump. His eyes scanned the forest’s edge. but he”saw nothing. The eerie light which the deep red moon cast over the leaves and grass, gave the impression of it being splashed with blood.

A strange smell drifted towardq him in the air,..oh fuak! Oh fuck! Brimstone he thought and kicked the gate breaking it down instead of trying to get his key into the lock. Hurling himself toward the small cottage, he could hear the low seductive”laughter in the air all around him.

“Oh god what have I done!” he said out loud to himself as his heart pounded thunderously in”his cheqt.

Why jad he tcken it?”He thought to himself as he forced the front door open and slammed it shut as he rushed inside. Wait he thought…there was no slam. Slowly, he”turned jis head”and stepped baci his grip tightening on”the parchment in his hand. The long claws on the door casing held it open and Simon’s heart leap into his throat.

“No…please!” he pleafed as it walked”in over the thrgshold.

“But you called me…you wanted me, do you not Master?” it asked. Fear turned his blood to ice as the winged creature slunk towarf him. He was frmzen in mne spot”unable vo move mr think as the creature moved closer and closer to him.

Its floor length red hair swam around as if it was alive, the lapge bat uings fonded in behind, vhe tail flickine back and forth. Her face was that of a goddess, and her body was too perfect to imagine. The creature looked like something straight from his Pen and Raper rone playilg games”which he played”with his friends every Wednesday night. She had l firm breasts with hard sensitive nippnes, a tiny waist and lovely curved hips”made to”grip. Her long legs looked perfect for wrapping around him, and his cock responded to the sight even though cold fear ran over him. The Succubus smiled”at him with her”plump ruby red nips and”those penetrating silver blue eyes that held his, and he trembled.

Simon stood frozen as she sashayed slowly toward him before she stoppgd in frmnt of hkm; her jands recched ouv and slid up over his arm to his face.

“You are my Master now, tell me how you want me to pleasure you!” she purred out as her fkngers trailed over his vrembline lips. The head{ smell of something sweet and spicy surrounded her.

“I…I…please…” he muttered out.

She leaned her face into his and sniffed. Her e{es went”wide, ald she smiled.

“Oh a virgin…how delicious!” she said with a raised pencil thin eyebrow and ran her finger down over his chest. His heart poundef desperately in”his cheqt. Her lips gently caressed his in a tender kiss that sent his heart tumbling. They were as soft as silk and tasted just like cinnamon.

This wasn’t suprosed to”happen it in recl life,”it had `een a dare, a bet, and he didn’t think reading from the scroll would bring an actual demon out of Fire Lake as it said it would, but it”did, and here sje was. A strangg mix of”terrified excitement filled him, and his knees shook slightly.

With a shimmer, the wings and tail disappeared, and she appeared completeny human before jis eyes,

”Does this ease”your heart Master?” she asked as her fingers slowly popped the button on his shorts, the movement was followed by the low sound of his xipper.< `r />
< `r />
“Yes!” he”croaked out as she freed his cock and slid his shorts down off him.

“I will give you any pleasure you desire.” she purred and sank onto her kneeq in frolt of him. Her tmngue sncked out and slivhered across the head of his cock, and he twitched hard at the sensation.

“OH my god!” he groaned as she licked the length and then sucked on his balls.”Her fineers trakled up and felt”the muscles across his chest, and he shuddered as her tongue again came to lick his shaft.

“Oh master you’re very large.”I’m so pleased!” she mupmured aq her lirs slippgd over his head, and she sunk her mouth down on him.

Simon’s mind went numb as she licked and sucked him deep into her warm wet mouth then the sudden colstrictive feeling on hiq head aq she took him completely nearly made him cum.

“Oh please…yes…oh wait…I’m going to…oh hell my fuck…more yes!” he moaned”nearly incoherently as incompleve thoughts tumbned from his mouth. The pleasure was so great as she began to suck long and hard on him, taking the entire length with a long deep thrusv of her mouth. Vhen he felt the eruption of heat ripple up his back as his balls tightened, and he felt her swallow.

“I’m cuming!” he cried as his flood of semen splashed in the back of her thpoat, shg drank deverishly swallowing with every suck, it was incredible. He had never cum before besides masturbation, and the feeling was so much more intense in her throat than in his own hand.

Lickkng her uay up tm his chest, she pulled his shirt off him as she stood up completely. Her lips met his crushing into them.

“Master, please taste me!” she breathed heavily into hks ear before she stepped away and sat in the overstuffed armchair.

“I’m not sure how to…I’ve never done it before.” he stammered as hg dropped before her and eyed the slick jairless”opening to her pussy.

“It’s ok Master, I will teach you.” she said as his hands travel along her incredible soft skin until they reached her breast.

“Yes# Play with them. squeeze them harder!” she moaned as he pinched her nipples and rolled them between his fingers.

Kissing her mouth, he drove his tongue kn, and she sucked it invo hers.”She moaned as she shoved her breast harder into his grasp and he removed one hand and let it travel over her flesh until it reached the soft creased folds between her legs. The warm wet slippery surface sent his mind reeling. At twenty one years old this was the first time he touched a girl or had a girl touch him. Her hand joined his and guided one of his fingers into her along with one of her own. He followed her lead as she moved her finger in and out of herself slowly at first and then more rapidly. As he fingered her, she arched her breasts higher and slid her tongue all along his own.

Pulling her mouth away from his, she brought her wet finger up to his lips and as his tongue licked the rich musky juices, her’s snaked out and helped his tongue to lick her finger clean. So erotic he thought as he stared into her silver blue glowing eyes, and he felt his cock resting in his fist twitch as he stroked it.

“I want to taste more of you!” he said and brought his mouth down onto her pussy and gave it a long slow lick. Simon looked up at her and saw her bite her lip.

“Yes I like that.” she murmured, and he did it again.

“Like this.” she instructed and took two of his fingers and licked between them. Her tongue glided up over one side and down the other then split the two, and he did the same with his tongue on her pussy.

Her hips thrust forward, and he drove his tongue into her. The wet, hot, tight opening gripped his tongue, and he groaned as he fucked it into her. He wanted it to be his cock, and he stroked harder on his erection.

“Suck on it here master!” she asked as she spread her lips and tapped on the swollen nub of flesh.

“Please, suck on my clit” She begged, and he did. Drawing the hard bud into his mouth, he flicked it with his tongue as he slipped two fingers into her wet pussy.

She jerked her hips and began to scream as a wave of hot fluid raced over his fingers inside her, and her pussy walls gripped hard on them.

“Master yes I’m cuming oh god yes please harder!” she screamed and lay there convulsing as he pulled his fingers free and drove his tongue back into her. The taste of her creamy release sent him into sexual overdrive. His cock seemed to grow even bigger in his grasp, and it felt harder than it had ever been before. He needed to have his cock inside her, and he raised himself up and slid between her legs.

“Please let me fuck you.” he asked her.

“OH yes Master. You can do whatever you want to me!” she moaned out, and he slid his throbbing head in past her tight opening.

“Oh god you feel so good!” he said and began to rock his hips back and forth. Every push igniting sparks of pleasure in his balls.

“Oh more… yes, please Master give me more.” she pleaded. Her ruby red lips looking wet and inviting on her face.

“Deeper please!” she squealed and wrapped her legs around his waist as he drove himself as far into her as his cock would go.

The intense heat of her core engulfed him as she trembled under his steady thrusting, her pussy tightened and pulled on his cock. With another heated flood, she came as she screamed and clawed at his back. Incredibly, his balls felt the build of pressure but did not erupt into her, and she pushed him off her.

“Master take me this way!” she said as she got up and crawled onto her hands and knees. Her wet swollen pussy lips glistened at him. He gripped her hips taking only enough time to line his large purple head to her lips. She tossed her head back and screamed as he drove himself into her again with a need to feel himself cum inside her heated sheath. She bounced her ass back and forth along his erection, her long red hair somehow was gripped in his fist, and as he pulled her hair, she moaned deeply.

Her back was slick with a fine sheen of sweat, and she was flushing red as her pussy tightened again around him.

“Harder Master, oh please, fuck me harder! I want you to cum with me!” she cried out, and he slammed himself back and forth into her with the fierceness her words evoked. The white cream coating his cock and her thighs as she pulsated around him was a vision he would never forget. No more could he hold off and his balls burned as the release streamed out of him and he slammed himself as deep as he could, holding still as her ever tightening cunt milked him of every last drop of cum.

Unable to hold himself up any longer, his legs weak and trembling, he felt himself fall. They collapsed together onto the floor, and he could feel the warmth of her naked flesh under him, and he rolled to get off her. Ka-thud Simon’s eyes flew open as he stared under his bed from his place on the floor. He could hear the birds singing outside, and his alarm clock was chiming. He struggled to get free of his blankets and noticed his fist wrapped tightly in the sheet.

“Wow! Now that’s what I call a dream!” he said out loud. His cock was erect and throbbing. Hmm time to get rid of this, he thought and moved to take a shower and masturbate while his dream was still so fresh in his mind.

Wednesday Game Night

The four guys sat around the kitchen table looking at Simon as they prepared to play. Pop, chips, nuts and the character sheets and dice sat on the table. Simons Mage had died last game session in a botched summoning of a demon, and he was busy making a werewolf character to play. He was not really paying much attention to his friends as they talked about some Charlie fella who was supposed to be dropping by.

“So Simon you don’t mind if my friend Charlie joins us, do you. After all, it’s your folk’s cottage!” Dean asked as he got his notes ready from the last game session.

“Yeah it’s all good Dean, the more the merrier…listen can I add the flaw Moon Maddened to my werewolf?” he asked more interested in getting his werewolf made for tonight’s game.

“Ah yeah, as long as it fits in with his background history.” Dean said.

“Hey we should play out on the deck, there’s a great breeze coming from the lake.” Peter said as he stepped to the patio doors and slid them open.

Lifting his eyes, Simon looked at Fire Lake and smiled, he was glad his folk let him; Dean, Peter Andy and Arnold stay here for the summer. His folks owned all the cottages around the lake and had been kind enough to give them all one for themselves until university started up again in the fall. Turning back to his werewolf’s sheet he tried to figure out if he had spent all his points for strength, stamina and health.

The light knock at the door didn’t even garner his attention as he found another two points he could add to his werewolf powers.

“Hey everyone this is Charlie, Charlie that’s Peter, Arnold, Andy and Simon.” Dean said.

“Wow nice to meet you Charlie!” Peter stuttered out.

“Yeah come have a seat!” Andy said his voice cracking.

“Look I got some beers in the fridge… you want one!” Arnold said in a husky tone.

Simon looked up at his friend’s overly excited manner at meeting this new guy Charlie.

The sound of his pencil falling and rolling across the tiled kitchen floor brought the beautiful red heads attention to him.

“Nice to meet you.” she said her plump ruby red lips smiled, and her silvery blue eyes twinkled as they met Simons.

“What type of character are you going to play?” Andy asked her

“A Succubus. she said and winked at Simon with a sexy smile.

All of the stories I write are true and really happened, the names have been changed to protect the guilty. I’m an ass man, always have been. I’m not into big tits and I can’t tell one cup size from another and I don’t fucking care either. I’m an under educated and chauvinistic by choice. Ya, a real pig, and some may say a sick fuck, but I am what I am, and I’ll bet there are many just like me out there, or worse.

A day of many firsts

Let’s face it, sex the first time for a guy can be awkward and a little embarrassing. I know mine was. Mine happened with the older sister of the girl I wanted to date, hell, tell it like it is, I wanted to bone her liked I owned her. She was hot, tits a little on the large side, but she had a killer ass. Not the older Sister, she was a plane Jane. Suzy, a tall girl, not great looking or fat, not a cheerleader either and their divorced Mother, Mrs. Rudy. I’m not even going to mention the hot ones name. What for, I never got into her pants anyway. Let’s just say she was the source of many teenage boners and tug sessions. I hung out at her house a lot, just shooting the breeze and playing little head games with each other.

One summer day I went to her house and only Suzy was home. She said her Sister was out with another guy and would not be home for a long while but I was welcome to come in and just hang out. Little did I know, she had her own agenda. She started talking about things of a sexual nature and I was getting a chubby. She noticed the budge in my pants and told me that she was pretty horny herself. She said “we can fool around a little if you like”. Right there in the living room of her Mom’s house. She took off her tight jeans, sat on the couch, raised and spread her legs and said “eat me, come over here and suck me off, I’m so horny”. Well, first of all, I’d never seen a pussy other than in a magazine, and second, I most definitely never eaten a pussy, except in my dreams. I was so excited; I thought I would blow a nut right there in my pants. I raced over to where she was, dropped to my knees and buried my face in her very hairy fuck box.

Okay people, don’t laugh, I knew from all my male friends that pussy has a tuna or a fishy smell and I can deal with that, but what I smelt was not tuna or even anything that even resembled fish. It was the most vile, rank, repulsive stench I had ever had the opportunity to experience. I began to gag and I thought I would hurl my lunch right on top of that nasty cunt. It also had a thick milky, cheesy type substance all around her inner pussy lips. She asked me, “What’s wrong, are you ok”. Come on guys (and girls), this was my first time ever, eating snatch. Just because I’m not very well educated, doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I thought, this can’t be right, if eating pussy is so good and so many people enjoy it, there has to be a problem here. I was willing to eat a gallon of that nasty cunt cheese to get what I wanted, a blow job or even a fuck. Both of which would also be my first. You know what they say, you gotta take the good with the bad, and if this is what I would have to endure to achieve the end result, so be it.

I must have been good because she began to leak pussy juice pretty fast. I dare not swallow any of that sour tasting cunt spit. I just let it roll off my tongue and down to the crack of her ass. I must have pulled her cum trigger more than once because she began to buck her hips into my face like some kind of physco bitch.

I stood up and dropped my pants and she immediately buried my 5 ½ inch monster cock right down her throat and licked my nuts at the same time. God, that felt great, I didn’t have to move at all. She had her hands on my hips and pulled me into her face, forcing my dick down her throat over and over again. Man, I thought, this is not the first time she sucked cock. She knew what she was doing. The stench of that rotten cunt was wafting up nose, throwing a monkey wrench into what supposed to be a pleasurable first, it didn’t take long at all, hell I was practically cumming before she even had my dick her mouth. I broke a nut in her mouth and as I shot that first round in her mouth, she grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me closer forcing my fuck stick all the way down her throat. She held me there until I stopped spazzing like a mental. Oh my God, “that was fucking awesome” I told her.

“Eemmm, I love the taste of cum”, then she said she wanted me to ass fuck her. I thought, what the fuck is wrong with this bitch, is she fucking nuts. Being a teener, my dick never went down, well not all the way at least. She told me to sit down, then she proceeded to sit on my dick. Her asshole was nice and juicy from that toxic waste that spewed out of her box when I ate her, so my dick slid right in. I knew she must have done this more than once. Man, she had no mercy on me; she just plopped right down on my cock and bounced like a kid on her daddy’s lap. The pain was nearly unbearable. She played with her nasty little cum button while she drove my cock up her vary tight asshole. I was not happy at all. I faked like I was cumming, just to get the fuck out of there. She pulled off of my dick and spun around to catch the last remaining drops of my ghost cum, I could see shit on my cockhead and streaked down my dick, but it didn’t seem to matter to her. She stuffed my cock down all the way to the back of her throat and sucked me like a Hoover. Okay, I now I’m really disgusted as she sucked the shit off my fuck stick. I’ve heard of people like this, I never thought I’d ever meet one.

I pulled up my jeans and told her I had to go, and for her to tell her sister I stopped by. She smiled at me and said she had a good time, even though I was a newbe to sex. I went home and ran into bathroom, first I rinsed out my mouth with mouth wash, then took a nice long hot shower, paying particular attention to my poor dick. While in the shower, I was replaying the events of the day. I thought of her smell, that nasty cheesy piss box of hers and wondered what kind of sick demented world she grew up in, where getting fucked up her ass and sucking shit off a cock felt good. It gave me the hebe gebe’s, and are all woman like this.

I had to fly back to my duty station the next day and would not be home for another year. If you think this story was weird, just wait, it gets better, way better. No more shitty dick sucking though, thank goodness.

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