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This story is a continuation of an earlier submission “Michelle Finds Out.” It will be much more enjoyable to read the first story before this one but it’s not really necessary!


It had been a little over a week since Michelle had confronted her husband Allen about reading porn and masturbating. Starting that evening she took control of his cock and balls. It was easy! One might think that Allen had let it happen and perhaps he did but the result was far from what he had anticipated. For one thing, he really didn’t expect Michelle to be so ….shall we say…. enthusiastic. For another, Allen was now a full time nudist at home. Michelle insisted that she must be able to see his …no… her cock. That’s right. It was her cock now! She made good use of it too!

Allen happily settled into his role as the dutiful husband. He was content to follow Michelle’s lead and why wouldn’t he? Like all newly married couples they made love at least once a day…. twice on the weekends and Michelle had taken a keen interest in “exercising” his cock. Well, that was what she called it. She said she was concerned that there might be a “back up.” She didn’t want him to be “uncomfortable.” And she said that he seemed to be a better lover… more “stamina” she called it!

At work during the day Michelle had even popped in once for a “quickie”. She brought lunch and as he ate she gave him a hand job. A well placed napkin prevented Allen from making a mess. Little did he know that Michelle had confided their secret to Mrs. O’Rielly, Allen’s secretary, and she was only too happy to prevent any intrusions. Life was good he mused. Allen was getting more sex than he had ever imagined possible. Michelle had even taken an interest CFNM. She liked to find stories for Allen to read to her in the evening. Their TV hadn’t been on all week!

Michelle had purchased some new lingerie too! Sexier than anything she wore before the “incident.” It was always so exciting for Allen to discover what was hiding under her outfits. Michelle had always dressed stylishly but now there was the mystery of what was under those outfits. Lace bras and panties, teddys, bustiers, garter belts and stockings! He loved those stockings! She had long sexy legs but those silk stocking made them even sexier.

It was little price to pay for losing his privacy at home. Doing the dishes in the evening was only fair. After all, she did cook their meal. And tidying up the front room, dusting and vacuuming the carpets only took a few minutes. Folding their laundry and putting it away wasn’t so bad. When his chores were done it would be play time. He’d get her a glass of wine and massage her feet. Those sexy feet were attached to her sexy, stocking clad legs that led to her sweet, juicy pussy. She played with his cock as he read stories about naked men and clothed women.

Mornings were another matter. Michelle insisted on “helping” him every morning. She said she didn’t want him to be “uncomfortable” during the day. For the first two or three days she did it in their bed but she decided that was too messy. Now she liked to do it in the kitchen. They tried the bathroom once. She jacked him off into the sink. It was convenient and the mirror was a plus but it was tight quarters. The first morning in the kitchen she jacked him off into the kitchen sink but that proved a little troublesome because the counter top was so high that Allen had to stand on a stool. To say it was precarious was understating the situation.

This morning Michelle had toast and coffee on the table. A rather large soup bowl was strategically placed to catch the load that had been building up over night. When Allen came into the kitchen he found Michelle talking to her mother on her cell phone.

“Yes, Mother! I haven’t forgotten we are going shopping this morning. Can you hold on a sec? Allen just came in.”

Michelle pointed to the bowl and said, “Stand right here, dear. That’s good, now hands over your head.” She took hold of his cock and gave it a squeeze. She let it drop and cupped his balls. “These feel nice and heavy! Have you got a nice big load for me, honey?”

“Hm.m.m.m” Allen moaned.

She held his cock again. “Now don’t make me do all the work, big boy, let’s see some hip action.”

Allen began thrusting his hips as Michelle squeezed and released in rhythm with his efforts.

“Now where were we, Mother?” Allen kept thrusting as he tried to hear his mother-in-law.

“Oh yes, shopping. I remember now. I promised to take you to that new lingerie shop I told you so much about. That’s right, it’s called ‘Naughty Nights’. Allen just loves the teddy I bought last Saturday.”

Allen’s motion slowed considerable as he listened to his wife talking on the phone. “For heaven’s sake, Allen, you’ll never be ready for work at this rate! Now pay attention.”

Michelle went back to her conversation with her mother. “What was that, Mother? What am I doing? Ah…nothing really. Ah… just helping Allen get ready for work.”

Allen’s face was beet red. His wife was casually talking to her mother as she “helped” him get ready for work. He was having a hard time concentrating and his ability to deliver a load was seriously compromised!

Michelle noticed his lack of concentration and paused to scold him, “Pay attention, Allen, fuck my hand! Can’t you see I’m preoccupied?”

She went back to her conversation with her mother, “What was that, Mother? You heard me say what?”

Allen could only hear half of the conversation but he was embarrassed as hell. How could he face his mother-in-law?

“All right, Mother! Yes I did say that, but it’s not what you think…..”

“Well, maybe it is what you think but really, Mother, it’s a private matter between Allen and me!”

Allen’s erection was fading, in fact, he was so embarrassed that right now the idea of getting his rocks off was the furthest thing from his mind.

“Allen, honey buns, what’s the matter! You’re getting all soft. You’ll be uncomfortable all day if you don’t empty those balls! Just a minute, dear…… Mother? I’ll have to call you back…….. Allen’s having trouble finishing and I’ve got to let you go for a minute…… You’re where? Oh Good!…..See you soon….Bye.”

Michelle stood next to her husband and stroked his semi-erect penis. With one hand rubbing his back and the other bringing new life back to his cock it wasn’t long before Allen’s knees began to buckle. “Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! That’s it Michelle! That feels so good! Yes! Oh.h.h.h Geeze! I’m coming, Michelle! Yes, I’m coming!

“Hi, kids! Whatcha do’in?” Michelle’s mother knew exactly what they were doing. They’d been planning this surprise for Allen since the day Michelle saw him masturbating at his computer.

“I’m just taking a little pressure off for Allen so he won’t be uncomfortable all day.”

“Is that what they’re calling it now? It looks to me like you were pullin his puddin!.”

Allen felt like he might feint. “Keep those hands on your head, Allen. That’s a good boy.” Michelle handed a wash cloth to her mother. “Be a dear, Mom, clean Allen up so he can go get dressed. I gotta go pee!”

Michelle’s mom cupped his balls in the warm washcloth and whispered, “It’s alright, Allen. I know all about your interest in being naked in the company of clothed women. We’re going to have so much fun! You’re not going to have to read about it. You’re going to live it. She kissed him on the cheek. “Off you go! You don’t want to be late for work.

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