male submission

Chapter 7 – “This is how it feels to be fucked by a real man!”

I hung suspended in the sling, spread-eagle with my privates displayed like a two dollar whore. He had restrained my hands above my head, denying me any modesty or protection. My legs were spread wide and hoisted into stirrups, laying bare my ass cheeks which now were smeared with lube. My ass-hole was exposed, having just been primed and stretched open by several large dildos. Aroused but also frightened I watched his hand slowly move up and down the length of his cock as he applied a generous layer of lube. The girth of his cock so thick, the grip of his hand could not reach all the way around the shaft. He pressed the head of his cock against my anus, it was cold from the lube. An icy shutter ran through my body reinforcing my sense that a major turning point in the storyline of my life was about to happen.

It was clear to me now that my life up to this point had been a sham. I had merely been going through the movements of living a life. Much like an actor playing the role expected of him by his audience. Never completely comfortable in the role, it had caused me to become shy, reserved and unusually modest regarding my body. However the raw, naked connection between the two of us was so intensely intimate, there could be no acting or falsehoods here. As if for the first time, my heart had suddenly come alive in my chest, erratically pounding out my fear.

Since the first day I met Jim, he had been determined to shove his massive cock up my asshole. For weeks he had been attempting to stretch me open by cramming increasingly larger dildos into my asshole. Unexpectedly tonight he had become frustrated with the delay, announcing “I’ve had enough of playing with these toys, your hole is long overdue to be filled with my cum. It’s time to fuck the hell out of you.” Jim’s sudden tantrum unnerved me, undermining the little confidence I possessed. I was worried, I suddenly felt like a virgin unexpectedly presented with a lover’s huge endowment. It had been a struggle to take Jim’s collection of dildos up my asshole, it was difficult to imagine how I could be fucked by his massive cock without being split apart. I searched Jim’s face for any sign of reassurance. His dark eyes clouded with lust and booze, offered me no comfort.

I was overwhelmed, much like the first night I met Jim. I had been so nervous and sexually inexperienced, it had taking Jim only moments to both subjugate and sexual arouse me. After sitting me at his feet, he stuffed his large hairy balls into my mouth then seduced my body and mind with only the sound of his voice. That is when my fascination with this charismatic leather-man and his porn-star sized cock began. My fascination soon developed into a kind of obsession, bordering along the lines of a devout worship of his magnificent phallus. These last few weeks, it had become increasingly difficult to play my role as the good boy when my every waking moment was filled with the memories of the touch of his leathers against my hot naked flesh, the pungent smell of his cigar and the sweet, sweet taste of his cum.

“You look frightened!” Jim suddenly declared. He was squinting down at me in the sling, studying my face for clues to my state of mind. This was my opportunity to voice my hesitation about having my ass-hole ravished. Yet, I found myself unable to speak, too afraid of what might come out of my mouth. If I angered Jim and he kicked me out, I knew I could never return to play-acting my way through my old life. Fluctuating between two unthinkable paths, I lay there as a limp and speechless as a half deflated blow-up sex doll.

Jim smiled down at me then skimmed his leather gloved hands gently across my chest, the touch of his soft leathers against my skin calmed me instantly. He pinched my nipples between his finger tips, gently at first but soon he increased the force. Pressing his finger tips harder and harder into my flesh, he bent down close to me. I could smell the strong smell of liquor on his breath. Wrapping his lips around my left nipple, he sucked it into his mouth then began to dig his teeth into my flesh. I closed my eyes and relaxed as his gentle nippling on my tit increased in intensity. I involuntarily arched my back and released my breath, letting the sensation of both pleasure and pain flood out into my body.

Suddenly with a quick forward movement of his hips, he plunged the head of his cock into my anus in one sharp violent jab. A shock wave of pain rippled throughout my body, just like I had taken a punch. My mouth flew open as a rush of inward air sucked a scream back down my throat. Abruptly there was no air in the room, no thought in my head, only a intense increasing pressure as my ass-hole was being wrenched open.

My hands clawed out into the air, grabbing onto the straps of the sling. I tried to pull my body backwards into the sling and off Jim’s cock. I managed to crawled backward a few inches as I sucked enough air into my lungs to cry out, “No, No, Stop!” Despite my pleads, Jim bit down harder into my nipple as he continued to bulldoze forward into my asshole. My anus being no match for Jim’s battering ram of a cock was forced to stretch out under the mounting pressure. I screamed out “It’s too big, it’s too big!” as Jim’s corona, the projecting ridge that encircled the base of his cock-head reached my anus ring. Jim’s corona was thick and hard, roughly callused from years of friction. With one final shove Jim squeezed his corona through my anus ring, it felt like sandpaper against the tender flesh around my ass-hole. I experienced a very slight relief as my anus contracted slightly as it sunk into the narrower neck of his cock. Jim’s cock-head was now fully inside my asshole, it was like being impaled on the end of a heavy metal spike.

Jim slowly released the pressure of his teeth on my flesh, letting my sore, wet nipple drop from his mouth. He straightened up and said almost jokingly, “Do you really want me to stop?” He wore that wicked little smile, the smile that meant he was again testing his ability to manipulate me. Sex with Jim was a continuous power struggle. He was determined to expand my sexual boundaries, always wanting to know how far I would debase myself to please and obey him. Dominating me gave Jim the adrenalin rush that made his cock throb. If my domination included ways to sexually humiliate me, his immense cock grew all the harder.

“You show up naked at my door each week. No matter how badly I abuse you, no matter how many loads of cum I dump down your throat or how many toys I shove up your ass, you keep coming back.” Jim stated in a calm, cool matter of fact tone. Then raising his voice with each word he added, “Tell me why boy, why you keep coming back for more?”

“I don’t know, Sir. I just…want…need…” I stammered. Unable to voice a response under the stress of his stare and the pressure of his cock staked into my asshole, my voice trailed off into silence.

“I’ll tell you why you’re tied to my sling with your ass in the air, your balls strung up like punching bags!” to emphasize his point Jim smacked my balls with the back of his hand, sending a shock wave of pain rippling though my body.

“Your happy little life means nothing to you, you wear it like a fucking disguise to cover your own deeply seeded need to be controlled.” he paused letting the impact of his statement take it’s effect. Meanwhile his hips forced his cock further into my ass, putting enormous pressure on my anus to expand. “You come to me because you can drop your disguise of being the good little boy. There is no one here to judge your actions as amoral or obscene, no one to assign guilt or whose shame you must endure.”

“You think your desire to be dominated makes you a victim, makes you weak and powerless but you’re wrong. It takes strength to withstand the kind of pain and humiliation I administer!” he said as the increasing girth of his cock’s shaft stretched out my anus. It felt like my anus had been stretched to it’s limit but I knew Jim’s cock well, there was still so much more girth to come. I gripped the straps of the sling harder, preparing myself for that was to come next.

“If you have the guts to stick it out, you might discover your self-worth in being a submissive! Now, you don’t really want me to stop, do you?” he said with a smile. I heard the sling creak as Jim’s body weight shifted forward. I remember my whole body tensing, my eyes and mouth stretched wide open as if they also needed to absorb the great lump of flesh that was about to invade my body. I trembled uncontrollable, reacting to the continuous physical force being exerted to push my body beyond it’s limits.

Jim bent down, laying his body down on top of mine. His body weight pressed me deep in the sling as our bodies interlocked. My nostrils filled with his liquored breath as I lay there struggling with the pain. His hands slid over my body then up my arms to grip me tightly by the wrists, reinforcing his intention I was not going to escape from him.

For a moment the caress of his smooth leathers gloves against my skin distracted me from my suffering but then I felt Jim’s hips push forward as his cock sank further into my ass. I held my breath as there was a brief battle between the thickest section of his cock’s shaft against my anus ring, I knew I could not win.

I rocked back and forth in the sling, gripped by an overwhelmed desire to flee but trapped under Jim’s weight, I could barely move an inch. The strain upon my ass-hole to extend beyond it’s limits kept growing as more of Jim’s massive cock penetrated further into me. Inwardly I screamed out as the volume of hard cock flesh expanded my insides to where the pain and pressure began to consume my body. It felt that soon there would be nothing left of me but physical and emotional suffering.

“It drives me crazy when I see that look on your face.” Jim said. I watched the words come out of Jim’s mouth but I could not hear them. I was already escaping from my body, removing myself from an unbearable situation. Abruptly I was across the room, a voyeur spying on a depraved scene of the strong overpowering the weak, the old corrupting the innocent.

Clad in only leather boots, chaps, vest and gloves, an older man was bend over a younger man. His leathers were old and wore from years of hard wear, much like his body. He had the body of a lifelong labourer, his muscles once bursting with youth and strength were now long and lean, depleted by the ravages of time. His face was a roadmap of his years of hard living which had etched deep lines across his features, they had not yet completely erased the traces of a once handsome face. He was forcing his beast of a cock into the ass of a young man who was bound naked and spread-eagle in a rubber sling. The leather man was smiling but his dark eyes betrayed him, this was not a joyous smile.

The young male in the sling, gave the impression of being much younger than his years. His hairless body was small with narrow hips. His chest, arms and shoulders still on the brink of blossoming into early manhood. His dishevelled dark hair was a striking contrast to the pale, milky tones of his skin. He still had the blush of youth on his plump crimson cheeks which with his full, rose coloured lips contributed to his youthful appearance. However, his most striking feature, the one that captured your complete attention was his large azure blue eyes. One glance into his clear, bright eyes was to be lost in a cloudless sky.

He had the type of remarkable and angelic looks that drew out the generosity and kindness in people, assuring him a easy, carefree life. There was however also a dark side to his enticing appearance. It acted as an aphrodisiac to the kind of men whose uncontrollable desires drove them to pursue, seduce then corrupt the innocence and the beautiful, therefore tarnishing it’s radiant glow forever.

I watched as the leather top pulled his hips backwards only to tighten his muscular ass cheeks and jam his hard cock forward, squeezing it between the lily white ass cheeks of the trapped boy. I watched him smile as with each stroke his massive cock sank deeper into the boy’s ravaged, pink hole. I watched the expressions of suffering distort the boy’s handsome face that accompanied each of the top’s cruel thrusts.

A striking display of lust, power and domination as well as one of pain, vulnerability and degradation. Difficult to witness yet impossible to turn away from. A scene of such raw capitulation, where the dominate man breaks down the boy’s self-esteem one stroke at a time as his over-sized manhood reshaped the boy’s ass-hole into his own personal fuck hole. It would not take long before the boy viewed himself as little more than cum-bucket, a receptacle only worthy of being abused, fucked and filled with spent cum loads from every man who desired him.

Despite my discomfort at witnessing this scene of such violation, it was so mesmerizing I could not look away. The raw, naked intimacy of the two males seduced my full attention, drawing me to them. I was difficult not to admire the energy and the virility of the older man with his throbbing fuck tool, a phallus worthy of a Greek god. While watching his coarse omnipotent cock repeatedly disappear into the boy’s cherubic like butt, I developed an empathy with the dominate male. I sensed that this was not an assault but one of nature’s beautiful contests. Violation being part of the natural order was no doubt brutal but not tragic. What could be more understandable then the survival of the strongest? What could be more natural then the instinct to spread your seed by breeding the conquered? It was for this very reason, cultures all over the world had worshiped the phallus for centuries.

It was while I watched this exhibition of the eternal sexual battle play out, a powerful urge rose up within me. I recognized my life-long urge to be physical and mentally dominated by strong and powerful men. I’ve battled with this compulsive desire all my life. Seizing hold of me once again, I offering up no resistance to my nemesis. Allowing it to crush me under it’s dark embrace. After witnessing this display of sexual violation, I no longer equated willing surrender to superior forces as defeat. I knew that I could no longer play the role of the good boy, no longer would I suppress my desire to surrender myself to an alpha male. Instead I would spread my legs and offer up my ass for breeding as tribute.

The moral code of “does and don’t” which I had faithfully wore like a heavy yoke around my neck, was useless to me now. Corrupt and rotten, it dropped from my neck, falling into dust at my feet. Released from this righteous burden I stood up erect and tall with the sudden confidence that “I alone” directed my life. With my dark urges pointing the path ahead, I took my first cautious steps into my new role. No longer enslaved by my guilt, I began my transition into being a free submissive. Behind me I abandoned the dead weight of my inhibitions, having dragged them along with me far too long. I stepped closer towards the boy in the sling. Envying his initiation, envying those magnificent powerful thrusts being lunged into his tight, pink hole. I looked into the depths of his azure blue eyes and recognized myself.

In the blink of an eye, I was back tied up to the sling and looking up into Jim’s face. He had released my wrists to grab me by the ankles so he could pry my legs apart. The next thrust of his battering ram of a cock into my asshole came with the full force of his body behind it. I suppressed a scream as his cock hammered it’s way into my hole. Shock waves rippled into my gut and through my body knocking the air from my lungs.

I knew the next assault would be as forceful and cruel as the last but I braced myself, gulping down a breath of air then released it slowly as the next thrust come at me full force. Jim soon established a rhythm, each forward thrust would slam into me with such force it would send my body briefly into the air before falling back into the sling. He would then withdraw his cock until his corona with it’s hard raised ridge sat scraping against the tender flesh of my anus, ready for his next attack. There were moments between thrusts without Jim’s cock inside me I felt empty and hollow inside but they were short lived as each thrust was soon followed by another.

My subjugation continued with each thrust, he pounded into me the fact I was nothing more than his fuck-hole. There were moments when I began to panic, certain I was going to be split in two as he penetrated further down into my fuck tunnel. I am sure Jim recognized my moments of distress but he did not stop riding me, only smiled down at me and redoubled his resolve. His strokes were coming at me so fast and hard, I knew it was not enough to mentally surrender to Jim, my body had to become more receptive and absorb the force of Jim’s endless fucking. I released my grip on the sling and allowed my body’s weight to drop down further into the sling. It was then that I realized how exhausted I had become fighting against each of Jim’s lunges.

I took a breath and tried to release my over strained muscles, allowing my body to relax and melt into the sling. The sling began heaved wildly up and down. It was not long before I was seeing stars before my eyes as the room began to spin around me. I closed my eyes and concentrated on absorbing the force from each thrust as it knocked into my butt. With my eyes closed I could clearly distinguish Jim’s rough corona scraping back and forth against the tender flesh of ass-hole, a sensation of friction somewhere between torture and ecstasy.

This sensation of friction was followed by the pressure from the girth of Jim’s broad shaft as it penetrated into my hole. Jim’s shaft was rock hard and so absurdly thick it exerted incredible force against the inside walls of my hole. It felt like my body was being pried open from the inside. My straining flesh forced to surrender and then to submit to being stretched beyond it’s limit to accommodate Jim’s increasing demand for deeper access into my hole.

Seeming without end, the invasion in my body continued. The ordeal of having my ass-hole overstuffed with his hard hulking pulsing cock, overwhelming all of my other senses. I understood that with each bulldozing stroke Jim was forever perverting me by expanding the limits of my cavity. I knew that he would not stop until his cock was ball-deep in my hole. I felt my weary body go limp as any last remaining resistance and tense disappeared, my flesh yielded to Jim’s unstoppable lust for control.

Sensing my body’s surrender, Jim slowed the tempo of his strokes, no longer slamming his cock into my body. He began toying with me, teasing me by gradually penetrating bit by bit, inch by inch ever further into my fuck hole. Continually and deliberately testing my receptiveness to his thrusts. The massive volume and considerable weight of Jim’s meaty cock burrowing into the depths my body was like being invaded by a great beast.

One moment, it was as if was possessed by Jim’s demon cock as he stuffed my hole until I felt I would burst. Only in the next moment, to feel abandoned as he withdrew his cock, leaving me cold, empty and yearning the return of his tormenting cock. It was maddening; back and forth, in and out, advance then retreat, pain followed by pleasure.

I could feel my body heat raising up in me, Jim’s relentless fucking had caused the smouldering mental turmoil within me to ignite, it burst into a searing blaze. A cleansing flame swept through my body, fuelled by the dry, stale remnants of an un-lived life. The flame consumed everything, left in it’s wake only an aching, charred shell remained.

Cunt’s cherished secretions filled Eric’s mouth. He was lost to the world, his face utterly immersed in a slick pool of pussy. Eric swam in doing the tongue stroke. That he was at his place of employment, that the woman using his face was his subordinate, Maria, or that knelling on the floor of his office in the middle of the day eating pussy off his desk top might be deemed inappropriate workplace conduct by some—none of this registered in the abandoned practical quarters of poor Eric’s mind. The passionate salesman was engrossed and every nerve and sinew was dedicated to the service of pussy. Dry deliberations on propriety had vanished.

Maria was an ample girl with an ample, well-used cunt. Eric had to squeeze his head deep between her plump thighs to reach the thick, slack folds of Maria’s viscous gash. His face burrowed into the warm, wet slop. With perfunctory diligence Eric’s tongue fondled the piss hole, and then, with the instinct of a blind and ravenous water snake, slithered into the chasm below and gorged. Maria sprawled back across Eric’s desk, thighs spread wide, bucking her hip rhythmically, pumping her pussy into Eric willing face. Ardor got the best of Maria, she squealed, her sumptuous thighs grasped Eric’s head tightly, and the world disappeared. The lovers dove together through the surface of the mundane world into the watery caverns of transmogrifying, phantasmagoric, erotic rapture. Yummy, yummy.

Eric could barely hear her moans of delight or the bitching demands for more. He floated in the warm throbbing hum of heart-pounded blood rushing through Maria’s fleshy thighs to the hot core of her cunt. Eric’s overwhelming desire to consume, devour, and serve cunt, and a perverted compulsion to show off his eager, well-trained tongue, sucked him into her maw.

He did not hear the door open. He did not hear the gasps of the startled woman looking down on the star salesman squirming his way into Maria, exploring her sunken treasures. Only when Maria pulled back and jerked Eric’s head out of her crotch did the angry voice of his boss Ashley echo down into the deep undersea cavern where Eric happily wallowed. He heard a muffled cry from some distant surface.

“Stop! What is going on here?” Ashley?

Dazed, Eric mechanically turned to feminine command and fell to all fours. Torn from its hot obsession, Eric’s face stared into cold truth—three women standing in the doorway of his office. One was aghast, one was aghast and angry, and one suppressed triumphant glee. From his knees Eric looked up at Ashley, boss Ashley, looking down on him smirking with hands on hips. Eric forlornly beseeched sympathy from his former confidant, Shyanne. There was none. Wide-eyed shock froze her hand to her mouth and stifled an appalled cry. And then there was Claudia, Ashley’s newly hired General Counsel. Eric had not yet been introduced.

Eric recalled office etiquette, but could not bring himself to perform the ritual greeting, “Hi, great to meet you. It is great to have you aboard. I look forward to working with you. It will be great, just great.”

Claudia stood by Ashley’s side holding a clipboard, a pen propped behind her ear. If she could have controlled her gaping mouth she might have said, “It is pleasure to meet you, Eric. I see you do admirable work here. It’s going be great, just great.”

The accumulated pressure of Gina’s regime of orgasm denial, the daily drain of self-esteem, the constant dreaming about degrading sex, and the gorging on Maria’s sweet womanly brew were too much. The dam burst. Eric’s penis had its way. Eric knelt before the women, convulsively rocked his hips, and uncontrollably humiliated himself. His cock erupted and filled his pants with come until semen drooled onto the floor.

Maria jumped off Eric’s desk only to inadvertently again catch him in the headlock of her luscious thighs. She pushed Eric’s head down and he dropped his face to the floor. Now Maria stood astride her fallen boss, teetering on her ultra-high heels. Eric dumbly looked up her dress. Something dripped from her pussy onto his nose.

Panicked, Eric crawled out from beneath Maria toward the three women at the door until he bumped into the toe of a practical women’s pump. Eric looked up. He was staring directly up another dress. Eric’s was tongue-tied; his heart sank; his only thought—loss, loss, irretrievable loss.

Eric saw the crotch of Ashley’s panty hose, then stars. She kicked him in the eye. Ashley began barking orders, “Get back, you pervert. Shyanne, Claudia, get in here and close the door. Maria, poor Maria, please come to me. I will protect you. That beast, what has he done to you? Here in my company’s main office, in broad day light that animal raped you.”

Like snow falling on red-hot iron, apparitions of consequences materialized with a stinking hiss in the vacuum of Eric’s brain.

Attorney Claudia interrupted, “This truly awful…but Ashley…please excuse me, but perhaps we should be cautious regarding the labeling of this vile act as rape. The word has legal meaning, which could commit us to actions we might come to rue. If we call it rape, we might be required to notify criminal authorities and that might not serve the company’s interests. Don’t mistake me; in a cultural context, this is plainly rape, an alpha-male imposing his sexual dominion upon an economically weaker female. However, it might be prudent to be circumspect with to regard to the semantic filters we employ and cautious with respect to considerations of publicity and politics, contracting issues, and possible legal consequences to the company. Of course, we must address this offense as if it were an offense against all women. We must show solidarity with all socio-economically disadvantaged women, especially our poor Maria, in order to maintain our credentials as progressive women who seek social justice.”

Ashley, Shyanne, and Maria looked at Claudia as if she had dropped in from Mars.

Martian Claudia wore her alien uniform—formless grey business attire, little make up, and ugly glasses. Her hair was pulled back severely affecting the look of a helmet. She wore sensible shoes. Claudia was way too young to be the General Counsel of a large company. She had been hired as a favor to a friend of Ashley’s even though she had no business experience. Claudia knew everything about philosophical social theory and academic law, but nothing of the subtle ambiguities of commerce. However, Claudia was just what Ashley needed—a legal counsel utterly beholding and dependant upon her, and so someone she could control absolutely. Claudia thought she could camouflage her weaknesses and look older by adopting the cosmetic aesthetic of a filing cabinet. This came naturally to her.

“Justice demands that we discharge our duty swiftly, provide some sort of due process, and expeditiously determine a course of action. I suggest convening a discharge hearing immediately. Further study of Eric’s personnel file is not necessary. I am fully acquainted with it as a result of an ongoing review being conducted regarding certain expense account matters. Ashley, perhaps you could allow me to gather some documents, and then we may convene in your office in fifteen minutes. Justice delayed is justice denied. Shyanne, would you please look to Maria’s comfort and arrange for trauma counseling?”

Ashley interrupted, “No. I’ll take care of Maria. I feel some personal responsibility since I assigned her to work on, I mean with, Eric. I’ll take Maria to my office and comfort her. She can lie down there and recover. Shyanne, you go with Claudia to assist in preparing an immediate hearing. Let me have thirty minutes to comfort Maria.

“Claudia, call security. The new woman-owned firm you recommended started this week. I can’t imagine what they will think of the goings-on in my company. Have security take Eric to my waiting room. Under no circumstances let anyone enter my office while I calm Maria. She has suffered enough trauma. Maria, come with me. Let me hold you. Everything will be made right. Come, let’s go to my office.”

Eric was bewildered, paralyzed, and his eye throbbed from Ashley’s kick. He watched Maria’s ample ass roll away, her high fetish heels enforcing a sexy saunter worthy of streetwalker. Ashley balanced Maria, putting her arm around her tightly corseted waist and her hand on that gorgeous excess of ass, fondling the voluptuous, undulating pulchritude. The seams up the back of Maria’s stockings were still perfectly straight. The glossy polyester of her skimpy dress rode up with each step revealing the novelty garters that Eric so recently scrutinized while kneeling between Maria’s thighs. “Eat me, eat me, eat me.”

Eric finally spoke, “Wait, Maria, please tell them the truth. Tell them what really happened. This wasn’t rape.” Maria looked over her shoulder, shrugged, and threw Eric a crooked little smile as if to say, “Sorry, but as you can see, there is nothing I can do. I’ve got to save my own ass.”

Still on his knees, Eric reached out to Maria. Claudia stomped on his hand. “Leave her alone you beast. Haven’t you done enough already? Don’t even talk to her. You may say whatever you like at your hearing, but for now—Shut Up.”

Shyanne bent down to help Eric up. She looked him in the eyes and softly whispered, “Oh, Eric, how could you have been so stupid.” Claudia picked the phone, “This is the General Counsel. Send two guards to Eric’s office immediately. I will explain when they get here. Hurry.”

Claudia critically looked Eric over. He was a mess. He was drenched in sweat and his eye was blackening from Ashley’s kick to his face. “You look uncomfortable. Take your jacket off.”

“No thank you.”

Claudia laughed, “I didn’t take you to be quite that stupid. If you do not cooperate, I will see to it that you spend the next ten to twenty years in jail for rape. Don’t you get it? I’m sure you don’t like taking direction from a woman, but you have no choice. You are completely at my mercy here. So when I tell you to do something, don’t talk back, just do it.”

Eric was warm, but he did not want to take his jacket off because his shirt was soaked in sweat and his crotch was soaked with come. His cock pressed against his pants still hard despite the disastrous interruption. He thought, “Jail. Bullshit. She asked for it. She started it.” Nonetheless, he thought it best to do what Claudia demanded. He removed his jacket.

Claudia stared at the clear outline of Eric’s persistent erection jutting out against the damp, spreading come stain. She admired Eric’s muscular form showing through his soaking dress shirt. The odor of sex filled her head. Claudia had never smelled semen before, and she had never had a man at her mercy before. Dampness spread in her own crotch.

Claudia was staring at Eric’s crotch when the guards entered. The guards, women from the security firm Claudia found on a feminist internet site, wore blue uniforms with wanna-be-cop hats and batons in their belts. One was a six-foot woman with thick thighs, a bulging butt, and heavy breasts hung between broad shoulders. The other guard was a thin, mousy middle-aged women reeking of tobacco. They entered Eric’s office and stood coolly at attention awaiting orders. Each knew instantly what was going on, if only from the smell of the closed office. “The boss girl’s in heat and that one just shot his wad in his damm pants.”

Claudia breathlessly attempted to control the situation. “I don’t want anything about this incident being repeated to anyone. All that occurs is confidential. Thank goodness, I am dealing with women. What we have here is yet another example the rampant domination of our culture by rapacious, unchecked masculine impulses and patriarchal values. How long must we endure repetition of this age-old narrative? Guards, you will have the opportunity of assisting us in this battle, perhaps only a small skirmish, but nonetheless a vanguard action in our struggle to repel male exploitation of women and gender non-specific persons. In solidarity together, we will cleanse the cultural milieu of this company of retrogressive influences and patriarchal dominance tropes to provide a civilizing environment wherein all can achieve their full potential as autonomous persons. The iteration, rearticulating, and convergence of these hegemonic masculine tropes are homologous to work advancing structuralist social relations and power strategies that move toward the obviation of a renewed conception of social order or inauguration of rehabilitated conceptions of hegemony.”

The guards exchanged silent furtive glances, “Crazy bitch.”

Claudia prattled on, staring at Eric’s crotch throughout her oration. The hotter her pussy got the more obscure and bizarre her post-modern, feminist rhetoric became.

Finally, choking on lust, she finished, “Take this individual to Ashley’s waiting room. Make him sit there until further orders, do not let him out of your sight, do not let him escape the premises, and absolutely do not let him disturb Ashley.”

The guards pulled out their batons. The Amazon prodded Eric in the small of his back, shoved him out the door, and the guards escorted Eric through the open office space toward Ashley’s office. Everyone had stopped pretending to work. The whole office stood by their workstations and stared. Eric’s coworkers whispered and giggled at the weird procession of the office hot shot being led away through the labyrinth of cubicles to the boss’s den. What the hell had happened? Eric must have flipped out. He was finally going to get his.

The big guard thrust Eric into Ashley’s waiting room. The pasty older guard pulled a chair into the middle of the room, pointed her baton, and ordered Eric to sit. They took up positions behind Eric and stood at grim attention holding their batons at the ready. Eric asked, “Could I please go to the bathroom? I need to get cleaned up.”

The big guard said, “No. We was told not to let you out of our sight, and we ain’t going in no men’s room. You can piss your pants for all I care. You wouldn’t smell no worse.”

After several minutes, odd sounds emanated from behind Ashley’s door. It started as heavy breathing, then soft mewing, and morphed to panting cries just as Shyanne and Claudia arrived with a cart filled with folders and binders. “Yes, yes, oh please don’t stop. Oh, harder, hard…ohhhh yeah there, yes, more, please just a little…oh I’m…coming yes, yes…yaaa.” Muffled squealing warped to swearing in Spanglish—then silence.

The guards exchanged sneaky glances. The smaller guard surreptitiously ran her baton through a hole fashioned by her thumb and forefinger, and suppressed a smile. Claudia and Shyanne pretended nothing had happened. After another five minutes, Ashley’s door opened. Ashley walked Maria to the exit holding her close.

Maria’s big prom hairdo had come undone. Curls and extension flopped all about her sweaty face. The seams up the back of both stockings were askew. There was a run in her left stocking. Crimson fingernail scratches streaked up the back of her leg and ducked under the disarray of her skimpy dress toward the abundance of her plump bottom. Maria’s sniffling nose was red. The abused victim staggered on her high-heeled, sequined slippers averting her eyes from everyone. Ashley kissed Maria on cheek and said, “Go home now. Take as many days as you need. Just call me tomorrow and let me know how you are doing.” Turning to Claudia she said, “Bring him in. Let’s get this over with.”

The big guard pulled Eric out of his chair and shoved him into Ashley’s office. “If you did that to that poor girl you deserve whatever.”

Eric was sick and beyond caring. He thought, “Just get it over with and fire me. Ashley I hate you, you prissy tight ass cunt. Keep your fucking job. Look at her; she looks like she just sucked on a lemon. What the hell was going on in here with Maria anyway? What lies was that bimbo telling this Ivy League cunt? I hate this office; all decked out like a damm museum. That painting, that ‘Modern Art’, what the hell is that? It makes me nauseous.”

If Eric only had had the imagination and the nerve, he could have gotten sweet revenge as he stood there in the dock to be judged by Ashley. He really was nauseous, but he was too polite to puke all over the judge sitting directly in front of him.

Ashley sat calmly behind her desk, and gestured for Claudia and Shyanne to sit. Eric remained standing framed by the two guards. “Claudia, proceed.”

“The purpose of this hearing is to determine the facts in the matter of the incident that has just occurred between Eric and Maria, and to determine a remedy. On the face of the matter, it appears we must decide between two possible outcomes: discharge with referral for criminal prosecution, or simple discharge for sexual harassment. Eric what is your excuse.”

“This is ridiculous. I didn’t do anything to that girl that she didn’t ask for. Just ask her. I am sorry, it should not have happened in the office, but I did not force anything on her. I have never had to beg for sex. Besides what we did was not intercourse, not really sex, so it cannot be rape.”

Claudia asked, “And so Eric, if it was not sex, what was it?”

“Well we just…I mean what we did…well she asked me to…she requested oral sex, and I did it…because she asked. She started it. She asked for it. Besides, that’s not real sex.”

“So you forced her to submit to fellatio. Sorry, but the legal precedents are clear—that’s rape. And that age old, threadbare excuse, ‘She asked for it’, won’t do. What a pathetic lack of imagination. We just saw what you did to that girl, I mean woman; we saw the abrasions on her thigh. And your black eye is clear proof that Maria resisted.”

“Wait a minute. Maria didn’t do that. Ashley…”

Ashley slammed her fist down on her desk. “Enough. I interviewed Maria and she said she was raped. I will not force that young woman to stand before her rapist and account for her innocence. She has suffered enough. Case closed. Claudia, I am getting a headache. Proceed.”

“It might seem our only option would be criminal referral. However, there are serious downsides to that, if only because of the publicity. This is a very political business and our rivals will exploit any stain on our integrity. The particulars of this incident would make us a laughing stock. Also, our access to minority and women’s defense contracting set asides would be compromised if sexual harassment were found to have occurred in our workplace. Therefore, criminal referral and discharge for sexual harassment are both problematic. Furthermore, Eric has over five million dollars in his profit sharing account, not to mention other open stock options and his 401-k account. It is outrageous, perhaps criminal, what this company has been paying him. As you know, I have been examining his expense accounts and there are substantial irregularities. If we discharge Eric he will gain immediate access to his accounts, and recovery of possible overpayments would be compromised.

“Therefore, I would recommend unpaid administrative leave, pending possible discharge, with a requirement that Eric engage in treatment for his misogynist personality disorder. We would thus recast these events under a medical, rather than criminal formulation—Eric had a mental breakdown. This would provide time to recover company funds from his accounts. The disadvantage to this approach is that left to his own devices Eric would certainly continue his predatory adventures against women. What is needed is a sort of house arrest and a stringent treatment protocol.

“An additional advantage of operating within the medical category is that it provides an unfettered ability to invade Eric’s privacy and to negate his autonomy. To wit—poor Eric suffered a mental breakdown, thus we would be negligent were we not to supplant the judgment of a sane person for his medically impaired decision making capacity. In this, we have finally come upon some good fortune in this otherwise sad history. I have taken the liberty of calling Eric’s emergency contact. Eric signed papers ceding to her remarkable powers in the event of an emergency, and of course, this is a medical emergency. She is a young woman named Gina, and our discovery of her could not be more auspicious.

The new friend/new submissive man I entertained Tuesday evening had requested a 2-hour spanking session. New subbie sent me details of his previous experiences (pretty damned hot)of service to a Dominant Woman and his desire and need to serve a Dominant Woman, now, new subbie sounded like my kind of guy…and you know, he exactly my kind of new submissive and more!!!

I am always clear in my instructions to a new friend/new submissive about the need to be punctual in arriving. How exactly they are to come into my home and what will immediately take place. I do my best to make sure there is a clear picture of safety and interest upon arrival but, there is always an air of the unknown.

Last night’s new subbie arrived right on time. I’m always excited about opening the door leading into my garage from outside and the man I will find there waiting to gain entrance!!! New subbie is a very tall man, not really thin, but definitely not heavy…just right in body size. We talked for about 5-minutes; I like to make sure the new friend/new subbie sees me, takes a look at his surroundings, discuss safe words if it is a BDSM friend and then get right to our session.

I had new subbie strip naked before me in my living room, ready for his initial full-body inspection. new subbie’s cock was already rock hard and he was wearing a cock ring, which seemed to be embedded in his hardness…I took his erect cock in my hand and began touching him all over…asking if his nipples were sensitive, I examined his shaved cock and balls…nice, very nice. new subbie’s cock was rather thick, a good 8.5 to 9-inches in length. A little larger than I like, but hey, he was erect/hard and I really have only a couple of submissive friends that truly get an erection when sessioning with me…this new friend had great promise with the erection he had going on.

I decided new subbie needed to have his ass cheeks warmed up, so I had him place himself across my lap with his erection between my inner thighs. I started off with an open hand smack on each ass cheeks…slowly alternating my swats…slowly and steadily increasing the intensity of my hand-to-skin connection…I like to rub the ass cheek a little after my hand makes contact with the bare skin…I enjoy feeling the heat beginning to rise with each swat.

After about 10-swats with my hand, I had my new subbie lay over my red leather ottoman, present his ass for further paddling. I then took one of my flat, leather paddles and positioned myself where I could place a good smack of this paddle on each cheek…his ass cheeks were starting to glow…he made little grunts and sighs with each lick of the paddle…I traded my leather paddle for one of my thin-string-rubber floggers…a couple of good swats with the flogger, then the thicker-strand flogger, which made nice little flog-strand prints on his red-glowing ass cheeks…I’m very particular in both ass cheeks being colored-up the same…the same print inlay on each side…

I was impressed with how wide this new subbie could get his ass cheeks when placed on all-fours…his ass-hole was offered up so perfectly…he had been trained well by his previous Mistress…I was so lucky to have this subbie contact me to continue his service and discipline!!!

I took new subbie from laying over the ottoman to standing on my coffee table where I could have a better view of his cock and balls, as well as his ass-hole…after completing my inspection with his standing, I then had him get down on all fours on the coffee table, which put him at a perfect height for my continued spanking administrations.

I used the riding crop on my friend’s glowing red ass cheeks…his whimpering was a bit stronger at this point…time to have him on display and rub some ice on his ass cheeks to cool them off a bit, as well as reduce the pain that seemed to be growing! I continued to touch and feel my new playmates naked body bit-by-bit I took my own clothes off, as I, too, was getting quite warmed up spanking my new friend…so, off with my clothes, though I left my high heeled shoes on for a while longer I couldn’t stand it any longer; I needed my pussy licked, time for my hard-cocked new friend to pleasure and please me orally!! I took him by the hard cock and led him back to my bedroom. All the while, subbie was not allowed to look at me, though I couldn’t resist dipping two of my fingers into my hot, honey-pot covering my fingers with my juices and then having him smell and lick them clean!!! A few more swats with my leather paddle that has the word “bitch” cut-out which makes a delicious word imprint on the subbie’s ass cheeks, it was time to take my friend back to my bedroom for my own pleasure and enjoyment…

I had subbie get up off of the coffee table, standing fully erect, his erect cock protruding eagerly out in front of him…I had him place his hands behind his neck and I led him by the hard cock back to my bedroom chamber!! I love pulling a subbie along by his hard cock…the power that ensues from holding that piece of man-meat in my hand is simply intoxicating to me, better than a good stiff drink of alcohol!!! Fabulous, simply fabulous!!!!

Back in my bedroom, I swatted subbie a few times before commanding him up on the bed. I had subbie get on the bed on all fours, in the middle of the bed while placing the TV pillow under him for support. I continued his ass-warming-spanking with two of my leather paddles, alternating between the two till I got his ass glowing a nice red again. I took off my heels and climbed up on the bed behind my subbie, ¦the heat from his ass was wonderful and so exciting, ¦my pussy was dripping wet by now, I was thoroughly enjoying my new subbie!!

It was time for my new subbie to eat my pussy…I was so hot and turned on. ¦I had him get up off of the bed and sit in what I have deemed the pussy eating chair. I then laid back on the bed, propping myself up on the TV pillow, spreading my legs wide, while holding my ankles so he could have full access to my hot pussy. I had both riding crops laying next to me on the bed to use if he didn’t lick my pussy just right.

My new subbie began to work his tongue, oh, gawd, it felt sooooo good!!! I prefer a delicate, feathery tongue on my clit, licking ever so gently all around my pussy lips, up and down my slippery slit to my ass-hole and back to my clit, it didn’t take me long to get close to orgasming, he applied a feathery tongue, though a few times I had to pick up the crop and whack him with it when he applied too much pressure…he eventually began to suck on my delicate, tiny clit but the pressure he applied was just right, not too much, not too light, just right and it didn’t take me long to achieve my orgasm by his mouth. I quickly pushed his head away, as I become too sensitive for someone to continue to touch my clit the waves of ecstasy surging through my body, subbie was allowed to sit back and watch his handiwork until I was able to continue on.

I had subbie get back up on the bed, I had a renewed vigor to tending to his ass cheek but, I had other ideas of what I wanted to do with my new friend. I paddled his ass red and hot again and then had him lay on his back while I applied the leather ankle cuffs and hand mitts. Having my new friend on his back and chained to the four-corners of my bed, I could play with his cock to my hearts content. After all, I had received my pleasure and fulfillment, time for me to draw more pleasure and fun out of my new submissive friend!!

My friend had not been restrained in this manner, so we were embarking on a new direction for him. I gathered up different toys and placed myself between his restrained legs. I had covered him with my thick terry robe as he was experiencing a bit of cold in the room that didn’t last long, as I had him back in full heat with my ministrations to his very nice cock. His erection was remarkable but then, I’m such a lover of erections that every erection is unique and special, just as the individual that is serving me. I love it when my ministrations are welcomed and received in such a reactionary manner!

I placed one of my small vibrating butt plugs in his ass-hole and took out my vibrating Fuku-gloves, working his cock into one frenzy after another, he would get close to cumming and I would admonish him that he was not allowed to cum unless he had my permission. I had to smack his hard cock with my hand a couple of times to get him to calm down and back down from his impending orgasm…

I kept my hands lubed up and continued to use various vibrators on my new friend, ¦fucking his ass-hole, slowly but surely converting his ass-hole into his man-pussy…¦it didn’t take long until my subbie was begging me to fuck his man-pussy with my Feldo-dildo. I covered my two-person dildo with a condom and proceeded to find his man-pussy opening, then placing the bulb in my own pussy, I released subbie’s legs so he could spread them wide to allow me to fuck him and fuck him I did! I got frustrated when my part of the Feldo kept coming out of my pussy, the angle is just never quite right but the bulb part makes a great handle in which to fuck someone else. I was aggravated that I’ve neglected to get a couple of new bullet vibrating insertions for my Feldo. I need to pick-up a couple of those little wireless beauties to have on-hand for just such occasions!!!

I continued to fuck my new subbie’s man-pussy, he was so close a couple of times to cumming, but it wasn’t time. I denied him permission to cum…I would allow him time to calm down and then I would start again, building the frenzy, building to his orgasm again and again.

I did decide I had to have some of that hard cock and covered him with a condom before climbing on-board. I rode him to one of what I refer to as a series of mini-orgasms, but his cock went limp and that was simply not acceptable!!!

I returned to my sitting position between his legs and then my new subbie asked me if I would fuck him with my fist!!! Oh my, fist his man-pussy!!! You bet, no problem for this gal!!! I quickly put on one of my surgical gloves, lubed up my hand and began to insert one finger, two fingers, then three, four, five!!! Keeping my hand in the cupped, swan-head, or some call it a snake’s head position ready to strike!! I found my hand inserted into my new subbie’s asshole clear to my wrist. I commanded subbie to jack himself off while I fucked his man-pussy with my fist..I had released his hands from the leather mitts so he was able to grab a hold of himself, it didn’t take subbie long to beg this Mistress to allow him to cum…permission granted and off his cock went with immense squirts of his jism which fell on several places on his chest.

I slowly pulled my fist out of his man-pussy…what a delightful adventure!!! How hot and nasty!!!

I have a confession to make. I sometimes fantasize about dominating a man, sexually. Being in complete control. Making him my sexual slave. Making him do anything I want him to do, solely for my own pleasure.

I would do anything you want me to do.

Would you really? Would you wear leather pants for me, and a collar around your neck? And let me whip your naked back with a soft leather whip, trusting me not to hurt you too much, but just enough to punish you, with the promise that once you take your punishment I’ll reward you by letting you lick my pussy until I cum?

Absolutely, anything you say.

What a good response, slave. I am going to test you though, see just how far you are willing to go. Would you like to enter my dungeon with me? Think about your answer first. Once you enter, you are mine to do with as I will.

I will go anywhere you tell me to, Mistress.

Excellent. What a good slave. Now lie down on this soft pallet on the floor, and raise your arms above your head, so that I can chain your wrists to the wall. I want your hands and arms out of reach, and you flat on your back, so that I can straddle your face and make you lick my pussy.

It would be my pleasure.

You look so good, lying on your back like that. It gives me a thrill to see such a big, strong man, shackled on his back and at my mercy. I have to peel these leather pants off of you … your dick is relieved to be free of them. It’s so hard, I know it must have been torturing you to have it confined in these leather pants while you’ve been so aroused, hmmm?

I would do anything for you, no matter how much it tortures me.

I love looking at your dick, long and hard with arousal, standing up straight against your abdomen, twitching for me, begging for my touch. I would love to take it into my mouth, to suck it deep, feel the head touch the back of my throat, suck it until I feel the warm gush of cum releasing into my mouth … but you will have to live only with the fantasies of that right now, because tonight is all about me, my body, my pleasure … and tonight, your mouth will be on me.

Anything to please you.

Naked, I straddle your face, my pussy hovering above your mouth. Lick my clit, I order you; I want to feel your tongue flat against it, giving it long, slow licks. Then when you’ve made my already aroused pussy even wetter, I want you to shove your tongue inside me, reaching as far inside as you can. I want you to taste me, drink from my pussy, and then fuck it with your tongue, like you’ll be fucking me with your cock tonight.

Anything to please you. Your pussy tastes so good, I hope my tongue feels good inside you.

Your tongue feels warm and wet and erotic. See how hard my nipples are? That’s how good it feels. Too bad your hands are chained down … I’ll have to caress and squeeze my breasts and pinch and pull and twist my nipples myself. You may watch, while you continue to lick and fuck my pussy with your tongue.

Watching you touch yourself while I lick your pussy is making my cock swell even more than I thought it could. It’s all I can do not to cum while I taste you.

I love watching your tortured cock grow hard and thick, pleading for attention. I’m going to make you lick my pussy as long as you can, as I watch your cock get redder and redder, swollen until you think you could cum without a single touch, just from seeing my naked body straddled and writhing over your face while you pleasure me.

Anything to please you. All I want is for you to cum as much as you want.

I’m close, so close. When you wrap your lips around my clit and suck on it hard, it almost pushes me over the edge. But I do not want my release yet …

I slide my naked body down yours, leaving a wet trail from my pussy on your chin and chest and stomach, until I come to a rest over your magnificent cock. You must lie perfectly still while I rub my bare, wet pussy up and down the long length of your cock. You may not thrust your pelvis, you may not do anything to take your own pleasure … you must lie still and let me have mine, no matter how insane with lust and the need to cum it makes you feel.

What happens if I move or thrust?

I will rise and pull my pussy away from the reach of your cock, depriving you of that sensual contact, and refuse any touch of any kind until you lie still again.

In that case, I will do as you tell me.

Sweet, submissive, eager slave: your obedience will be rewarded. I wrap my fingers around the base of your cock, point it up in the air, line it up with my body, and sink down until my pussy makes contact with the head of your cock. I’ll torture us both more by refusing to let you inside though; I’ll just grind my pelvis so that my pussy rubs over your straining head in light, wet, hot circles … and then finally, finally, when you think you can stand it no more, I will come down on you hard, taking your cock in fully, the breadth of it stretching the walls of my pussy.

My pussy clenches your cock tight, contracts and spasms, adjusting to the invasion. And then I press down even more, until your balls are pressed up against my ass, and your dick is pushed in as far as I can take it.

Your pussy feels incredible on my cock. and I want nothing more than for you to use my hard cock to cum as much as you want. Use me, please.

Your giving response is again rewarded. I roll and grind my pelvis against yours, while your cock is fully seated inside me. I love the raspy feel of your pubic hair against my bare clit as it rubs against your flesh. But I need to ride … I need to bounce up and down on top of you, pulling my bent legs in close to grip your sides and hold you tight between my thighs … I want to feel your eyes on my breasts as they bounce and sway … I want to do this until you groan and beg for the release of the chains from your wrists so that you may touch me with your hands…

As you wish. If you free my hands I promise to use them only as your direct me. I would love to have your breasts in my hands, helping you to your orgasm.

Your begging pleases me. I unclasp the chains from your wrists, and instruct you to place them on my breasts. I cover your hands with mine, urging you to squeeze them, harder, rub them, push hard against them and move your hands in circles, while I ride your cock hard … pinch my nipples … yes, that’s good … harder … I’m so close … you cannot cum until I tell you to, until I cum first …. I shove your hands away, lean down and press my chest against yours, and rub my breasts against your chest, feeling the rasp of your chest hair against my sensitive nipples …

Now fuck me hard, I tell you; hold onto my hips, hard, and thrust up against me ….suck my nipples … suck them harder, as I grind my breasts in circles against your face, as I ride your cock with my pussy …

As you wish. Nothing would please me more. I grab your hips and thrust my cock hard into you, over and over. It’s a hard thrust, almost violent. I suck your nipples into my mouth and caress them with my tongue. Your pussy feels so good on my cock. Your wetness is incredible. I want to make you cum.

You thrust one hand between our pelvises, and rub my clit with your thumb, driving me closer and closer to the edge … Oh, God, I love having my nipples sucked hard while your cock thrusts deep and fast inside me …

I will suck harder, bite your nipples, nip them with my teeth and lave them with my tongue, while my hips drive my cock deep and fast into you … anything to make you cum …

I moan and cry, cry for more, fucking back against you, and I feel more orgasm approaching … the walls of my pussy clench tight against your dick as I get close …. You shove one hand between where our bodies are joined, grab my clit between your finger and thumb, and squeeze hard and rub, and I fly away … my orgasm grabs me, and I scream in ecstasy as you continue to fuck me ….

I am so happy I could make you cum. That’s all I want, to please you.

I order you to cum too, to release deep inside me, and you pull my hips down hard against your pelvis and hold me still as you shoot your cum over and over and over again deep in my pussy … I feel it filling me up, warm and powerful and intoxicating, and my own orgasm continues ….

I am so happy you let me cum. It felt so good, and I am glad you enjoyed feeling my cum. Anything to please you.

You have made me happy indeed, slave. You have pleased me well. Well enough that I may come back and visit you again soon.

Mistress, this may be out of line, but may I make a request?

That is not appropriate, but … since you have pleased me so well … what is it, slave?

Well, mistress…this may sound weird, but as your slave, would it please you to piss on me? Because I would be happy to let you…

Oh, my slave, you please me to no end. Yes, I shall grant your request.

Your cock is still embedded inside me, I can feel it beginning to soften after your orgasm …

I let go a stream of piss, it flows all over your pelvis … it feels so good against my still tingling clit … ahhh, yes, slave, you give me such pleasure with your submission ….

Thank you….I look forward to the next time you use me.

The text read, “I’m still celebrating! Join me.”

My heart raced at the invitation from my Mistress to join her monthly celebration of womanhood. She chooses the day depending on her mood, level of power she wants and humiliation she desires. Usually she calls on me near the end when things have slowed to a manageable level. It is such a natural process and yet filled with taboo overtones. We embrace it at as a celebration of her womanhood and use the social taboo to polarize it into a dominant and submissive act. I willing submit to her needs. Plans are quickly made to meet that afternoon at her place.

My cock hardens at the anticipation and I start to enter sub space. It is the mindset that makes me compliant, eager, willing and longing to please. It allows me to overcome my fears, anxiety, apprehensions, and taboos. I feel at home, suddenly comfortable, knowing my place and my use in life.

I get to her place on time and knock. She opens the door with a warm smile followed by her devilish grin. The one that tells me I’m here for her. Today she is wearing a little black dress that follows the gentle curves of her succulent body. The dress frames her chest and shows off her breasts with just the right amount of cleavage. Her short dark hair dances on her shoulders. Her eyes captivating.

We greet with a deep passionate kiss full of lips and tongue. My cock responds. Her kissing me is in no way a sign of me obtaining equal status, in fact, it is just another way she teases and torments me, giving me a taste but never enough to satisfy my hunger. As her kiss breaks away I feel the weight of her hands on my shoulders urging me to my knees. I lower my eyes to her feet, delicately encased in black stilettos. Removing my clothing is awkward, yet rapid, as I am on the floor. My cock now free from my silk boxers stands up straight searching for some attention. Her hands on my head guide my face toward her womanhood. I close my eyes and in darkness my other senses take over. My nose now pressing against the fabric of her dress. The hint of her heavenly aroma filling my senses. I inhale slowly and deliberately, her scent filling me and taking over my body. The ache in me becomes more than a want, it’s a need, no longer a simple desire but a necessity. She releases my head and walks away, the sudden departure startles me, confusing my blissful state, opening a void, leaving me empty. I open my eyes as I watch the dress flow delicately across her ass. She picks up a glass of wine off the table as she departs.

Several steps away, without turning I hear her simple and direct command, “Follow me.” I crawl.

By the time I caught up with her she was removing her dress and I watched it fall to the floor as she stepped out of it. I picked up the dress and laid it on the chair. My eyes indulging in her body clad only in panties bra and heels. She smoothly removed the black bra and her breasts now set free for me to feast my gaze upon. She is a sight to behold and the view looking up from my knees is that of a Goddess. She plays with the glass of wine swirling and sipping. I guessed it to be a Bordeaux a favorite of hers. A sly smile across her face and she enjoyed watching me.

“Come closer,” she teased, in response to my dazed state, “smell me.” The breath is intoxicating. The scent of her arousal mixed with her monthly menstrual cycle. I relished several deep breaths filling my body with her aroma. My state of arousal and submission is all encompassing. The world beyond us no longer exists just me here to completely give myself to any of her wants needs and desires. My lips and nose occasionally grazing the lace of the thong.

“Remove my panties,” she demanded. I reach up and touching her, my thumbs against the soft skin of her hips. I fumble and search slightly until I slide them under the band of her thong and pull. Slowly pealing them off of her, revealing her womanly treasures. My eyes now fixed upon her shaved mound. I lower the thong to the floor and she steps out of them, each movement teasing me with glimpses of her pussy.

She stands with her legs spread apart and uttered the words that drive me, “Lick!”

Slowly I touched her upper thigh and ran my tongue towards her mound. She moans softly. I lick again wetting her lips and outer folds. Nibbling and sucking awakening her pussy lips, encouraging them to swell. Long patient strokes from the bottom and just barely touching her clit as I pass by. I part her inner lips with the point of my tongue. I working it deeper. My tongue exploring and finding the string of her tampon. I swirl my tongue around and draw the string into my mouth. “Mmmm,” I moan.

Encouraging me, she says, “Good boy, pull it out.” With my teeth firmly holding the string I pulled back and removed the last barrier to her inner depths. Dangling from my mouth I crawl to a nearby trash can and deposited the tampon.

Before I could get back where I left off she has other plans. “I love this wine, do you want some?” she giggles.

What I want is to lick her pussy, fearing that is not the right response, I hesitantly replied, “Yes Mistress, I would love some wine.”

Withe another giggle she teased, “Guess what my little sub? I’ve already drank most of it today and I am saving the rest of the bottle for later, but I’m not going to be completely selfish. How about I share my own special vintage with you. I’ve got to pee anyway. Come here and put your mouth on my pussy. No licking this time, just open up and swallow when I tell you.”

“Yes Mistress!” I exclaimed eagerly and complied. She raised one leg up on a chair. I raised my face higher craning my neck while covering her pussy with my open mouth. My eyes meeting hers. Her smile full, sexy, and devious with a look of complete control. I now eagerly awaiting the first drops of her sweet golden nectar. I was quickly rewarded with a stream filling my mouth. The taste was exquisite. She stopped each time my mouth was full and paused making me hold it before allowing me to swallow her personally flavored wine. This went on till her bladder was empty and I had swallowed each drop of her pee. A sense of belonging to her came over me now filled with part of her. The taste is quite enjoyable to me and the act is one of complete submission.

“I need to ride your face,” she uttered next, her aroused state suddenly obvious in the hasty tone, “go lay on the bed.”

“Certainly Mistress,” I quickly replied with a big smile. Lying down with my hands over my head I watch her crawl on the bed. Swinging one leg over me facing my feet and giving me another view of her exposed pussy. She came to rest above my chin and chest with her ass toward my face. I enjoy the view of her round firm ass and delicate rosebud that is now filling my vision.

“Lick my ass first!” she exclaims while lowering her soft firm cheeks on my face. My tongue dives in as I lick her hole. Lapping from her taint across her asshole. Slowly wetting it and tasting the opening. I settle in losing myself in the task of licking and darting my tongue around the sensitive skin. Pressing and probing until she relaxes and the tip of my wet tongue darts inside. Moaning and slowly moving her hips, she is pushing on my face my tongue deeper in her ass. She loves my attention to her ass and it shows.

Her swaying and rocking increase, rotating her ass to my nose while I lick across the sensitive skin that separates her two holes and find the bottom of her slick pussy. The taste of her wet arousal mixed with the scent of her ass sends my head whirling in ecstasy. She shifts her hips back and pressing lower allowing my tongue to explore her inner folds and circle around the swollen engorged skin. My task now shifts to licking, sucking, swallowing each decadent sweet drop of liquid that flows from her sacred spot. To worship her, putting all my other needs, desires or wants aside.

I flatten my tongue and lick from bottom to top and circle back with my tip alternating along each side. Pausing after several strokes to dart inside and flick her inner walls. She lets gravity take over as she lowers herself trying to get my tongue deeper inside. Her ass temporarily covering my nose restricting my breath. I am fully engulfed and working to please. I hear little of what goes on around me, my eyes are closed and my breath is lost, my focus is on my tongue and what pleasure it can bring to her. The licking continues and time is irrelevant. She shifts and rides my face, giving me short opportunities to inhale and fill my lungs with air.

As she leans forward shifting her clit right over my mouth, I can focus solely on her clit. I am alternating soft delicate licks with faster darting flicks on her nub. Using my lips to suck her like a small cock. She writhes and moans and I know she is getting close. Legs and thighs are squeezing my head while her hips push and grind getting to just the right spot. Her pleasure was building to the point of no return. Closer we climb together. I am frantically licking her nub while her breathing become ragged.

The release is phenomenal. She starts to shake, with small high pitched gasps and squeaks. Her body tenses, she yells, then her pussy opens with a gush of fluid. Enough to fill my mouth. I lick as the contractions unfold, her body throbbing on my face as her orgasm takes her to a place of pure bliss.

She collapses slowly rolling off my body spent and satisfied. I lay gasping for air. We lay opposite each other while she returns to the moment. My cock bobbing and searching for some small touch or connection that will provide my own desperate release.

“Worship and denial.” She declares, “I’m done with you. Go clean yourself up and enjoy the rest of your day.” I leave her on the bed to rest and head for the shower, my cock stretching the limits, bobbing involuntarily. A mixture of complete satisfaction and frustration. How my mind spins, feeling so happy and complete and yet my body yells for just a little more please. I am in heaven knowing I was used to provide her with such pleasure. Such sweet torture.

My parting words are sincere and filled with gratitude, “Thank you Mistress.”

Part 3 – El bastón

Cecelia pulled me close and started kissing me assertively on my lips. As soon as I opened my mouth for her, she quickly started deep french kissing me again. Before I knew it she had me backed up against the door jam. The more I let her explore my mouth, the more it distracted me from the aching of my freshly paddled arse. When Cecelia paused for breath I pulled her close, “Will you rub my arse for me, it hurts like hell” I asked.

“I really shouldn’t, but …,” Cecelia responded as I felt her hands drop down to my arse. “Happy now” she asked. Wordlessly, I responded holding her tightly kissing her gently on the lips. The more she massaged my arse, the more I opened my mouth for her. As I let her french kiss me, I felt myself harden. As soon as Cecelia was aware of what was happening to me, she pulled my hips close to her so she could feel me harden. If she kept this up much longer I would not be able to stop myself coming again over her bañador.

“I think you are ready for me again, Honey” Cecelia whispered as she looked into my eyes with a gaze which told me that she was ready to conquer me again. She darted off to the drawer that held paddle as well her supply of condoms. In a trice, she was back and led me into the kitchen. Before I knew it she had me sitting on the kitchen table. She ripped the condom packet open with her teeth, pulled out the condom out and deftly rolled it down over my cock. Then with one deft movement, she pealed herself out of her bañador and let it drop to her ankles. She was naked again.

Without wasting a second she pulled herself up onto the table and straddled me. I think that she wanted to ride me again, but then sensed that if she mounted me like this we might both fall off the table. She then pushed me backwards onto the table. My shoulder hit some battered saucepans that were on the table. Cecelia swept these aside and they clattered down onto the floor. Then she manhandled me, or was it womanhandle me until she had me square in the middle of her table, flat on my back.

She climbed on top of me and eased her cunt down to fully swallow my cock. Then, she used her arms to lift her shoulders up. With her arched back, all her body weight was over my devoured cock. I was pinned down. I could feel the rough wood of the table against tender freshly paddled arse. Then she just started rocking herself. All I could do was squirm uncontrollably about on the rough wood of the table as I felt the orgasm relentlessly build in my balls. I could do nothing else, not even look into her eyes. I was completely exhausted by the time my cum spurted into the sheath that enclosed my cock. As I caught my breath, I could only wonder whether I was the first she had fucked on her table.

Cecelia was exhausted too and flopped down on top of me. She was very hot and sweaty. Beads of sweat rolled down off her body and on to me. She was all over me so much that I felt that my body had become one big cock for her. And it seemed that her appetite for me had not yet been filled. After she had caught her breath, she started French kissing me again. “Michael, we will have to leave shortly, we can’t stay here together tonight.”

“Do we have to?.” All I could think of was that my tiny thong would not hide my freshly paddle arse. It felt like it was cheery red, and any one who saw it would know that I had been spanked. The last thing I wanted now was to go out now in public. Perhaps latter would not be so noticeable.

“Yes, unless you would like to keep giving me a good time”, Cecelia said wickedly. I think Cecelia knew the predicament she had me in. Cecelia looked me directly in my eyes. “Michael, is there some pleasure you would like to treat me to?” Cecelia giggled.

The first impulse that sprang to mind was to eat her pussy again. My smile must have betrayed to Cecelia that I had a thought on how to indulge her. “Michael, what have you thought of?” Cecelia kissed me again and climbed off me. She then gave me a hand to help me off the table. I embraced her and kissed her on the lips. “Cecelia, I want to eat your pussy again.” Cecelia’s wide eye smile told me she could hardly wait. I took her by the hand and lead her back to her bed.

I lay flat on my back in the middle of her bed. Cecelia then kneeled on top of me with her legs straddled my chest. Her pussy was barely a couple of cock lengths from my mouth. As she wiggled her self forward I watched her pussy advance to my mouth. I could smell her juices. Cecelia was fully aroused. She lent forward and put a pillow under my head. My mouth was snug up against her pussy as Cecelia wiggled her legs closed. She now held my head firmly in place between her thighs. I put my arms around arse and pulled her closer to me.

As I darted my tongue inside her pussy, I could feel the warm air of the room circulating around my cock as I became harder and harder. I knew I when I came I would not have the warmth of her pussy around me. I would be shooting into thin air. So I just concentrated on French kissing her pussy. Her juices were flowing well and I was getting wet. The aroma of her arousal was overpowering. I stroked her clit with my tongue more and more the hotter and hotter she got. As when she came she swamped me with her juices.

Cecelia was now almost unable to draw breath. I think that I had exhausted her so much that she almost fell off me. But all I knew for sure was that my face was full of her pussy. I could feel the warm air of the room circulating around my completely hard cock. I was primed and ready to shoot. Cecelia through her pants started sighing, “more, … more, … more.” She had me pinned down on her bed by her body weight. I knew that if I wasn’t compliant with her wishes I’d found myself being paddled again. I was in no position to argue.

So I gently slid my tongue into her cunt and started slowly French kissing her pussy again. I was now so ready I was unable to stop myself from coming. I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy as the inevitable happened. My cum burst out of me with such force, that I shot her in her back several times. I could feel some of my spray on my hands. After I was spent, I relaxed my tongue.

Cecelia started running her hands through my hair. She started giggling “You have cum and could not help but shot me in my back.” I still had a face full of Cecelia’s cunt and I knew she still wanted more. I started caressing her back with my hands and massaged my come which had sprayed all over her back into her skin. As I slid my tongue back into her pussy it had dawned on me the only way to I could satisfy her was to slowly exhaust her sexually. So I took it slowly, gently probing her pussy, then licking her clit. Only when she was close to another orgasm would I push her hard and concentrate on her clit.

After two more orgasms Cecelia seemed to wearing out and had grabbed hold of the bedstead to steady herself. This time I would push her as hard as I could when she was ready for another orgasm, and I would try to catch her by surprise. So while I gently started probing her again, I gave more attention to massaging her arse, which was the only part of her back which I could easily reach. My cock must have gotten wind of my plan, because as I massaged her back, I could feel myself slowly harden.

A dream like trance seemed to have enveloped Cecelia, as her sex lips again engorged themselves with blood, offering her clit again to me. I licked and flicked her clit in every way I could imagine as I was drowned in her juices. I was pushing her as hard as I could, and she was moaning so deeply she could hardly draw breath. I knew that I was so aroused I would again shoot her in the back again. Then she came, feinted and fell off me. Cecelia was lying asleep on her bed

My first thought was to flee the hut but I was completely naked, had a full erection on. Moving quickly I went to the door to check if the coast was clear. I sensed danger as I unlatched the door to peep outside. I knew that I was about to come and had no idea where Cecelia might put my g-string. As I gently opened the door, I heard voices. I froze. But I knew could not freeze, the orgasm which was about to burst out of me. My next impulse was to put on Cecilia’s bañador, and make my escape in a girl’s costume. As I gently latched the door my I came.

My heart raced as I quickly stepped into Cecelia’s bañador. I pulled it up over me, and then slipped the straps over my arms. This was the first time that I had ever worn a girls costume It clung to me because it was still quite damp from her earlier swim. I though how much more comfortable my tiny thong would be. I went to the door and cracked it again and peeped outside.

Again I heard voices. I saw two girls near a neighboring hut who looked about 14 years old. They would surely notice me if I walked out into the open wearing a girl’s costume. I closed the door again. I slid the straps off my shoulders and rolled Cecelia’s bañador down round my waist. This might help disguise the fact that I was wearing a girl’s bañador.

“Michael, why are you wearing my costume?” Cecelia asked. My heart jumped as I turned to face a naked and now very angry Cecelia standing at the door to her bedroom.

“I wanted to see what it felt like to wear your bañador” I lied as I looked at her nipples rather than in her eye.

Cecelia smiled and looked my straight in the eye. Then in a friendly but confident voice she asked, “I see you know the Spanish for swimming costume. Now that you know what it is like to wear my bañador, please relatch the door and take it off.”

As I latched the door at her instruction, I knew that she knew that I had been caught telling fibs again. I turned to face her and undressed in front if her. I pulled her bañador down over my hips and let it drop around my ankles. I was again completely naked.

“Michael, please be good boy and hand me my bañador.” Cecelia glanced down at her costume which was still around my ankles. Obediently, I stepped out of her bañador, and handed it to her.

“Michael, you were being very naughty and trying to run away with my bañador “, Cecelia said with a smile.

“No Miss, no I wasn’t”, I responded, looking again at her tits.

“Then why was the door unlatched?” Her smile told me that she had decided my punishment.

“Michael stand there for a moment and think about how naughty you have been.” Cecelia threw her bañador over the chair and disappeared into her bed room.

Moments latter I knew my fate since Cecelia had now returned, still completely naked, but was now had a cane. “We call this “el bastón” in Spanish. Its gender masculine, and quite appropriate for a senorita to chastise what we call in Spanish, novio travieso – a naughty boyfriend.” Cecelia informed me. To emphasize its maleness she held it up at the angle of an erect cock. “I am going to use it to swat your naked bottom.” She swung it through the air so I could hear the swoosh it made. It was a bit over half a meter long and the swoosh suggested that it would sting very much.

“How many strokes do you think you deserve, Michael”, Cecelia enquired with a smile on her lips. “If you suggest to few, I will double the number of strokes you receive.”

Still looking at her boobs I almost said “dos”. “Seis” I suggested, “Six of the very best I think I need.” I hoped that I would not end up getting twelve.

“Seis will be most appropriate” Cecelia agreed.

Now that my punishment was determined and imminent, a wave of sexual excitement hit me. I could feel the blood flooding into to my cock. The sight of Cecelia standing there confidently with her cane knowing she would soon use it on me was a sexual turn on I could not stop. And Cecelia could see what was going on just by glancing down at my stiffening shaft.

“Michael, don’t move yet. In a moment I am going to ask you to bend over and put your hands on the table. If you take your hand off the table before I have delivered the final stroke I will need to start again.” He eyes looked me down and up. I could feel my shaft becoming harder, knowing that it was on full view to Cecelia. “Do you understand?” she asked.

“Yes mistress” I replied.

Cecelia waited for a few seconds. When she was satisfied that my shaft was pointing fully skywards, she directed me with her cane to where I should stand. I was about half a meter from the table. Without waiting to be told I bent over and put my hands on the table.

“Eagar are we Michael”, Cecelia giggled. I then felt the cane resting on my the middle of my back. “Arch your back down so your bottom really sticks out” Cecelia instructed. I complied with her request. I could not help but look her bañador draped over her chair, the cause of my predicament. “I need your bottom a little higher, can you stand on your toes please.” Since all my weight was on the table, I could not get my bottom out of the way, even if I tried. It still felt tender from my previous paddling.

As soon as I was high on my toes – Swoosh — Whack, Swoosh — Whack, Cecelia delivered two quick cuts to my arse. The initial sting from each cut was deceptive: it did not seem to be very bad. But a couple of seconds latter the real pain set it. I wanted to get my arse out of the firing line, but did not dare. I then felt the cane pressing gently against my balls. She was easing my bottom back so that it stuck out even further. When she was satisfied that my arse was perfectly positioned, she took the cane away. All I could do was wait and look at her bañador as I offered my completely unprotected bottom to her cane. Then Swoosh — Whack, she landed another stinger. “Micheal, what do you think has most effect, my cane or my paddle?”

By now I knew full well that it was her cane. “Your cane, Mistress Cecelia, your cane” I moaned knowing full well that I still had three strokes to receive. “With my paddle, a cushion or air offers some padding.” Cecelia advised. “But with my cane, there is no air cushion. Just my cane and your bare bottom.” Swoosh — Whack she landed her fourth stinger. She let me reflect on the complete absence of any padding, as she delivering her final two strokes to my now very contrite bottom.

My bottom now felt sorer than after the worst caning I had ever received at school. I stood and turned to face Cecelia. She was completely naked, but all I can remember is how she now held her cane. Her right hand (she was right handed), with which she gripped her end of the cane, was down near her right hip. Her left hand, with which she was now held the cane about 2/3 along it’s length, was to the left of her left boob. The upper third, the end with which she had swatted my bottom, was in the air. I desperately wanted to rub my bottom, but knew that if I did this, this would confirm that her caning had hurt.

“If you want to be a novio travieso – a naughty boyfriend, I will cane you again” she informed me as she gently flexed her cane. I did not know what to look at – The part of the cane she was flexing, her breasts, of the tip of her cane. I knew that all I had to wear was my tiny g-string, which left my bottom completely bare to that tip if I dared to be a “novio travieso” again. I now knew the Spanish for a naughty boyfriend, as well as knowing that I would prefer to be paddled rather than caned anytime. But I knew the choice would be hers.

I was now willing to do anything to avoid another caning, so I offered my self to Cecelia. “I am really sorry for trying on your bañador. I would like to make it up to you. Would you like to fuck again? Your choice of position?”

“Would you like to sit down again on my chair, and let me climb on top of you”, she said with a wicked smile pointed to the wooden chair with her bañador draped over it. I looked at the chair. The last thing I wanted to do was to sit down, especially on a wooden chair. “Anywhere but there” I pleaded with a kiss.

“It is the perfect position for me to ride you. Surely, your bottom is not that sore. I think it is possible that you can still sit,” Cecelia declared. “You don’t want to be disobedient, do you?” she dared as she flexing her cane again.

I knew I had no choice, so I gingerly sat, trying not to wince as I placed my throbbing arse on her hard wooden chair. It was not very comfortable. Cecelia was enjoying being cruel. She straddled me, putting her cunt against my half erect shaft. I knew that as soon as my cock went hard she would ride me. I could see a condom in its packet on the table, so I knew that she would not need to climb off me before she rode me. She ripped the condom out of the pack with her teeth, and then looked me in my eyes, as she waited for my erection.

As soon as I was hard, she had my cock clad in her condom. She did not want to mount me completely, but just use my shaft to massage her cunt as she repeatedly lowered her self on to me. I could not rise to meet her; she had complete control over how she fucked me. My cock was just there fully erect, and she was doing with it what she pleased. All I wanted was to feel the warmth of her cunt around my shaft so I would come, but she was not going to let that happen. She wanted to spin me out, so she could enjoy me as long as possible. I could feel my cum inexorably building up in my balls. I was doing all I could to hold out, and she knew it. She sensed that I was completely primed and she just paused. She waited until I was coming before she let herself sink onto my cock.

I could not relax in her arms for long. My throbbing arse reminded me that she had first spanked it, then paddled it and finally canned it for me. “Have you had any other naughty boyfriends that you have had to spank or cane?” I asked.

“A couple of the young men in town I have had to put over my knee paddle their bare bottom” she told me. “One of them had promised me a nooky if I took him to my hut. He was good looking in just his swim shorts. But when he got here he broke his promise. Unlucky for him, I had my table tennis bat, the one that you found. So I had him take down his swim shorts, and I paddled his bare bottom till it was glowing red. I knew it must have been sore. I told him to come back when he was willing to give me a nooky. I got my cane as a surprise for him again if he ever came back. He hasn’t been game. That was a couple of weeks ago”

“And then today I met you,” Cecelia continued. “When I caught you with my paddle, I realized that you needed to discover what it was like to be paddled. And then, when I caught you wearing my bañador, I knew that I would have to try out my brand new bastón,” she told me as she kissed me on my lips “Michael, usted es el primer hombre que he azotado con un bastón” she added in Spanish I knew enough Spanish to know that she was telling me that I was the first man that she had caned.

She then looked down at my now limp shaft, and then looked me in the eye. “You had an erección when I was about to cane your naked bottom. You were turned on by it” she proposed.

I knew that my cock had completely betrayed me. I kissed her on the lips and said “Si”. I realized I was practically asking her for another paddling.

“What excites you most, being paddled or being caned?” Cecelia then asked with another kiss.

“They both excite me, but I know your cane hurts more” I replied. “Can we talk about something else. I think I am telling you too much.”

“Did they cane you in school?” Cecelia inquired. I told how I had misbehaved, so that I would be caned by the teachers. And how I earned the awe of my fellow students, by hiding the fact that it hurt.

“Michael, I have accomplished something today what your teachers failed to do” Cecelia informed me with a proud smile. “I don’t think that I will need to cane you again today. You are now behaving like a perfect angel.” I felt relief at hearing this that I kissed her on her neck. “Michael, we can’t stay here tonight, but we can’t leave now. All you have got to wear is your g-string and the cane marks are much too red.” The way my bottom felt, I knew that she was telling the truth.

I lay there just listening for a while, to a room still on fire. I hear the beautiful sound of a woman climaxing. The party carries on but I need a time out. Someone pulls my blindfold off of my eyes. I open and find Kurt over me. I grab hold of his neck and he carries me on to an empty section of couch. He lays me on my side and lies down behind me. While spooning, I put my head on his arm. He gently strokes my torso. The oil on my body feels good as it warms. We watch a couple on the opposite couch fuck vigorously and in another spot two women lick each other deep. We say nothing at first. “It was so exciting to watch you totally uninhibited out there.” Kurt says, kissing my temple.

The mushrooms are coming in stages, my head is still flying now and then. The blond bartender, dressed now like a Chippendale in a bowtie, shirtless and black short-shorts comes by with a tray of drinks, with both alcoholic and non. We take one water and two red bull and Stoli’s. As we sip our drinks and rest, Sue comes up to us and asks us if she can lie down. She lies down next to me and like a good host asks us if there is anything we need. She is sipping the drink from my hand while I consider the question. Instead of answering verbally and thanking her for her beautiful husband and his beautiful cock, I’m pulling her to us and hugging her tight. We wrap against each other. I like the way her breasts feel against mine. Her body is so soft and I’m pushing my mound against hers. Behind me I can feel Kurt’s cock swelling against the cheek of my ass.

“I owe you something.” Sue says, kissing me softly and deeply. She then pulls me onto my stomach. Sue is kissing down my back and starts making her way down my spine. She gets to my ass and is wasting little time. She’s taking a long lick from my pussy to my tail bone, then repeats. Licking and licking the crack of my ass with the flat of her tongue. Her tongue is so soft on my raw asshole that it feels as if she has power to heal my soreness. Kurt and I are gently kissing and he is stroking my cum stained hair. Sue is driving her silk tongue deep in my reservoir and I’m feeling Mike’s cum spill out.

Reaching behind me, I spread my ass with my hands. “Please don’t stop. Don’t stop.” I beg softly, repeatedly, as she circles her tongue inside the ring, again and again. After glorious minutes of making my world spin she rolls me over and starts to work on my pussy. Kurt and I continue to kiss. She is covering my clit with her mouth and massaging my button. Her skill is uncanny. My clit has never been worked so completely. Sue knows exactly what will push me to the precipice, knowing confidently that she can bring me there again anytime she pleases. Finding every crevice with her sensitive tongue, I’m pulling her head in closer with my feet on her back. “Pleeaassse…” I’m begging, but by the time I’ve finished the word she has me cumming hard, my center spasms and I fight off curling into a ball. The incredibly sexy woman still between my legs knew what I needed before I did. I pull Sue’s pretty face that is covered in my juices up to me and thank her sincerely.

“You’re welcome.”

After Sue slides away, off to be a good host somewhere else no doubt, Kurt and I make a bold move to leave this den of inequity and find a bathroom. The rest of the suite is only a little brighter that the orgy room. Naked and hand in hand we find a bathroom almost as big as our hotel room. Kurt pees first and then I do. Kurt turns on the marbled walled shower. At first I’m a little hesitant. My knees are a little shaky as the mushrooms are on the decline. We climb in and right away the hot water feels amazing on my tight, oily encrusted body. Kurt rinses my skin and my hair and we hold each other like old lovers. Kurt unbuckles the collar from around my neck. He massages my neck before kissing my open mouth. I’m soaping Kurt’s swelling cock and stops me, holding my hand there. Kurt calms, “This night is about our sexual fantasy out there, Lily. Going further than we ever have before, making every decadence come true.”

I kiss his lips and linger there, “Tomorrow, before we have to leave, let’s spend the morning in bed ordering room service and making love, nice and sweetly.”

“Promise?” Kurt says while kissing me softly, suspecting that he and I, us, are part of a fantasy as well.

The wetness on our skin feels good in the hotel room air and we only towel pat ourselves half dry. We agree to go to the bar and slam back a couple of cocktails before returning to ‘the room’. I tell Kurt I’ll meet him there and head to the foyer to see if I can find my clothes and maybe put them where I might find them later. All I can find is my heels. I pick them up by the straps and hear a voice, “you’re not leaving are you?” It’s Mike. This is the first time I’m seen him naked and his body is ripped just how I imagined.

“Ah no.” I stammer smiling, “I was just wondering where my clothes are.”

“I have something for you to wear if you’re interested.” Mike, naked, offering me in a flirtatious way. I agree to check it out and he takes me to one of the bedrooms. It is a white lacy paneled corset and it’s expensive looking and beautiful. I agree to try it on. I’m stepping into it and Mike starts tying the long laces in the back. While he’s trying to tie I’m stepping into my strappy heels, bending over at the waist and buckling them. When I come upright, Mike continues to lace me in but I can tell he has trouble focusing. The view of my ass and pussy from behind has had the desired effect.

“Tighter Mike, I like it tighter,” I tease. Once I’m in tight, I turn to him. My tits are pushing up and together, nipples almost exposed.

“What do you think?” I say, looking so hot and in control, I want to fuck me. He’s lost for words, but he doesn’t have to speak, his swollen cock says it all. “My wife tells me you have the sweetest tasting pussy.” Mike says standing erect in front of me.

“This pussy?” I answer fingering my hole, “Too bad, because I need your cock not your mouth.” Feeling empowered, I look around the room but don’t see what I need. I grab Mike by his hard perfect cock and lead him out to the foyer. I push him back, his ass onto a cold hard marble bench. I’m taking his thick meat and lining it up with the opening of my cunt. I put my long legs around his back and begin to work him into my pussy. This is the first time I’ve felt in control all night, and I’m showing him all my moves. We kiss passionately like new lovers as I grind down on him, taking more of his perfect cock. He’s grabbing me tighter by the corset, and I’m digging my fingernails into his back, trying to lessen my moans through the foyer. I move his hands to my throat and he gives me what I need. I wrap myself tight around him and I climax on his cock, shaking gloriously for the second time. New guests enter the main door, but Mike and I maintain being wrapped together. I slide off his sticky tool. With my hand I lift up his chin and give him a quick kiss. I want to fuck someone else in my heels and corset, on my terms, and I head for the bar.

As I enter the room with the bar I see three people and the bare-chested blond, surfer-type, Chippendale bartender. Kurt is sitting at one of the four stools, talking to a woman, and Tom!, our waiter who I had incredible sex with on the diving board of the hotel our first night in Vegas. “What are you doing here?” I enquire, excited to him.

“Having a margarita, what else?” Tom answers me reminiscently.

I approach casually and mirroring the woman leaning back against Tom, I lean back against Kurt sitting on a high stool, “I see you’ve been busy,” Kurt says in my ear, smiling, commenting on my corset and long absence.

I order some drinks from the bartender and while I’m waiting for them I notice Ms. Jess’ riding crop on the bar. Although my head is spinning from being a submissive, now, in the corset and having just fucked Tom so completely, I’m realizing the advantages of being in control. Fuck! I had to wait half the night to have one cock in my pussy, and with a dozen men here I’m way behind! I have a mind to pick up that crop and use it. I could start with Kurt’s ass, Tom’s, or the handsome blond bartender who is pissing me off by ignoring me.

I order some drinks from the sexy bartender. He lays down four shots of tequila and four beers for me and Kurt, Tom, and Tom’s friend. The bartender walks off with a tray full of drinks for the main room.

I introduce myself to the sexy black woman leaning against Tom. She has frizzy hair with a reddish tint, and speaks with an English accent. We start with small talk about the show they went to and how they think the party is going so far. I want to see Tom’s extra-long cock, the cock that gave me so much pleasure the first night, but Senegal is blocking my view.

While we continue to chat, the bartender returns from the other room with an empty tray. I call him over. I make him wait. He’s standing there with only his tight, black shorts and a bowtie on. He’s holding the tray in front of his hard naked chest. I reach down with my right hand to the bulge in the bartender’s shorts while continuing to chat with Tom and Senegal. I’m taking my index finger and slowly teasing his balls and then his cock through the fabric. His cock is growing while I’m asking him what kinds of rums are available. Still with only the tip of my index finger, I slowly touch the underside of the growing tent in his shorts, up and down, as he stammers to answer.

“Mmmmm…, maybe we’d prefer some bourbon, what kind of whiskey do you have?” I ask while pulling the elastic waist from his shorts, down exposing his hairless cock and then tucking it up under his shaved balls. I have no idea whether or not this stud knew what he was getting into when he took the job, but regardless I’m going to play with him all I want.

“C and C, umm, Chivas, Jack Daniels, Makers Mark,…” The bartender answers looking forward as I’m using my middle finger and slowly running it back and forth on just the top of his attentive exposed cock.

“Excuse me.” I say to Tom and Senegal as it’s becoming harder to carry on two conversations. Turning to the bartender, “You seem a little nervous,” I say while squeezing and slowly pumping his cock, “maybe what you need is a little personal release,” Now I’m directing his free hand there. Like a good servant he begins to pump his erection. I’m pulling his balls down and away from his body. I turn back to my guests.

“I really enjoyed watching you being blindfolded and then being used on the table.” Tom, excitedly, offers up.

“Actually, I was using them.” I reply smiling, “I wish I knew you were watching.” I turn to the bartender standing by the four of us, but looking at me. I let go of his balls and take the tray from him and put it on the bar. I remind him patiently, “Eyes front,” while he pumps his erection. I reach into my cleavage and pull out the nipple clamp I had been wearing. I pull on this stud’s nipple with my two fingers and attach the clamp with the other hand. He winces but takes it. I kindly put my hand to the center of his bare hard chest.

“And then with you having anal with Mike, I came twice just watching you two, and Jess.” Senegal adds, seemingly still turned on.

“Mmmm, Mike is so sweet, and such a generous lover.” I smile, opening my thighs and now with my left hand free, touching my sticky pussy. I blatantly bring my hand up tasting Mike on my fingers as a reminder of the fuck session they didn’t see. I feel Kurt’s cock stiffen against my ass and I wonder if my playing with the bartender is having a similar effect on Tom’s long dick.

We chat for a few minutes more as I’m feeling the blond’s heartbeat quicken against my hand. I turn back to the hard body, looking like he’s about to ejaculate on my calves and I stop his hand. “You know, I think we’ll…” dragging his waist band out and snapping it back into place “just have four more shots of Patron.” He walks back around the bar, looking defeated, with his straining erection in his shorts.

I turn back to Kurt, spit in my hand and wrap it around his cock, giving him pleasure. The bartender pours the drinks and serves us while not looking up. I take the drinks from him and the four us throw back our shots. I pick up the riding crop and nudge Senegal to one side. Tom’s cock is standing very tall in his lap. With the end of the crop, I run it the length of his tool, “Mmm,” I moan and smile as if I just tasted something delicious I haven’t had for a while.

“I’ll see you inside?” I confirm with Tom, Senegal, and Kurt.

“That wasn’t very fair.” Kurt smiles, referring to me teasing the bartender.

“No? I’ll fix it.” I turn to the blond surfer stud, “Find me later.” He nods, his ego still bruised.

I look over my shoulder, imagining the three hard cocks I’m leaving in my wake, popping my hips and holding the crop at my side, empowered, in corset and heels.

I reach the entrance of the room and stand tall, my feet apart, with my hands on my hips, my hair slicked back in a ponytail, surveying my options. Nothing much is happening in the middle of the room. Couples are mostly giving and receiving oral on the couches. Still sitting at the far end is the black gentleman with the horse cock. His monster is stiff and I’m recognizing Sue from behind grinding down her pussy on the knob. The sub with the red jewel still in her ass is on her knees below them using her hands, keeping it hard, while Sue bears down on it. Her nice ass is bouncing up and down but she doesn’t seem to be gripping really any of it or making much progress.

I want this room. To control it. To dominate every cock at this party, with as much control as they had over me when I was pinned to the bar and on my knees. I move to a table on my left and gather some toys and stick them under my corset. Not looking back I move forward into the darkly lit room totally in charge. Lenny Kravitz is playing off the walls in the background. I walk almost to the center of the room and stand feet apart, all heels, legs, and corset. I see my first victim to my right. It’s one of the men who held me and used me against the bar. He’s standing not five feet from me beating his cock, trying to cum. Sweet Lips, my fellow veteran, is on her knees and he’s gripping her hair tight, stretching back her neck, her open mouth and tongue waiting to take his cum.

I come up behind his nice muscular frame, hugging him from behind, sliding my hands to his chest and pinching his nipples hard. He acknowledges it’s me and let’s go of the submissive and reaches back with one hand pulling me against him. That’s not good enough. I bite his shoulder and slide my hand on his cock joining his hand, stroking him from behind. Now, with both hands behind him he holds me tight. When I have his confidence, I slowly lean back pulling his wrists together and handcuffing him tight.

“Oh, you like to play,” he says turning to me unafraid.

“Oh, you have no idea,” I reply, smiling, in my strappy heels almost as tall as him. I squeeze his cock but push down on the swollen head with my thumb. “Oh, I’m sorry, baby, did you want to cum?” I hold him close with one hand behind his neck and with the other I continue to grip his meat and tease the head by rubbing it against my mound. “Maybe you want to fuck me?” I push his hard shaft down between my legs. He thrusts his hips against me, but I keep his cock down, not allowing him to penetrate my wet slit. “Come on, fuck me.” I encourage and tease while looking him in the eyes. We stand tight together, but I keep my feet apart, offering him little friction. He won’t admit defeat as he tries to rock into me, but he is becoming more frustrated with his arms locked behind him. “I know what you need.” I reach into my cleavage and pull out a medium size butt plug. He’s looking a little scared, but this alpha male has nothing to say. “Don’t even pretend with me your ass is a virgin.” I say while lubing it up with only my spit. I reach behind him and with both hands, pushing the point into his asshole and twisting it in while he’s panting. “That’s it, my big stud,” lightheartedly, pushing it in until the thickest part, “Tell me you want it.” I’m letting it slide out. My steely eyes are looking right into his running the gambit of emotions. “Tell me you want it.” He tries to kiss my mouth, but I duck his insolent advance.

Now, he’s aimlessly thrusting between my legs again and again, then finally admits, “Give it to me.”

“What do you want?” I ask, nodding, as if talking to a moron, “You want me to fill your ass, is that what you want?” He drapes his head over my shoulder sticking his ass out. I push slow, hard and deep as he whimpers and shakes. “You can take it. You can take it.” “Open. Open… Good boy.” His cock is still nestled between my thighs. I’m hot and my pussy is soaked, but to let his cock in my pussy now would be to give back control. I take the riding crop that has been wedged under the side of my corset and lift it up between us, pushing underneath his cock, holding him in place. He pumps against it furiously. “Isn’t this fun?” I tease. With his sensitive side of his cock fucking across the hard round cane, I have my slave just where I want him. I’m giving him just enough friction against the stick and the top of my pussy. “Faster, faster.” I command. I stand closer, making him more unbalanced so if he pumps too hard, and slips out, he’ll crash on his ass. When I think he’s earned it, I close my legs and he sprays his seed between them. “Good boy. Good boy.” When his dick stops pulsing, I squeeze out the remnants with my thumb and forefinger, and stick my thumb in his mouth. He’s sucking my thickest digit clean, loving my power over him.

I take him by the balls and lower him to the floor on his back. “Lick it up.” I order, straddling his face, on my knees and facing down his body. He tentatively licks his cum from my thighs as I sink lower. “Don’t miss a fucking spot, use that tongue.” I demand further as I put most my weight on his face smothering him. His legs are bent and apart, the result from still having his ass plugged. I’m tapping his balls with the end of my crop. He’s licking the folds of my pussy clean. “Now my ass!” and he does eagerly. I’m moving my hips around reveling in being rimmed for my second time at this party. I look around the room and notice that once again I’ve drawn some voyeurs. I’m hitting his legs hard with the crop for affect and grinding my asshole against his tongue. My head is swimming in pleasure, but I don’t feel the need to beg this time, “Come on! If you have a three inch tongue, then I expect three inches up my ass. Do you understand?” Berating him, as I’m continually striking his balls until he’s doing me perfectly, “That’s it. That’s it,” cumming, squeezing his face with my ass and thighs.

I lean forward, letting him breathe. “Good boy.” I rub his cock and balls with my hand as a reward. I’m wondering if I should let him up and uncuff him, but I’m enjoying him so much. I’m sitting upright on his chest and a different naked torso and dangling cock are in front of my face.

“You see, we let the women be on top occasionally,” snidely adds the man in front of me, the other half of the team that treated me like their bitch in the bar.

“Well, how about ‘from behind,’ or can you only fuck with your fingers.” grinning, I reply, while setting up on all fours, taunting him. He quickly comes down on his knees behind me, but thinks twice before straddling his buddy’s head.

“It has to be right here?” he asks moving slowly behind me.

“Yes, I’m afraid it may take both of you to make me cum,” I answer in my bitchiest voice. I’m arching back and his cock slides into my ready pussy. He’s holding my hips and corset, fucking me at a nice even pace. Although his cock isn’t as big as Mike’s or Tom’s, it’s very hard and is hitting my channel in all the right places. With my head over my first man-toy’s equipment, since his hands are still handcuffed beneath him, I’m palming his balls and cock because I’m a generous Dom. I’m well on my way to cumming. I’m spreading my knees apart, lowering my hips, forcing the cock behind me over his friend’s face. “Suck my clit.” I demand as I start to roughly work the plug in and out of his ass. He’s painting my clit with his tongue, but I shift forward making sure he’s scraping his buddies shaft and balls. I’m pulling the stud’s head behind me to my back, so he can have a front row seat to me now sucking his associate’s cock. “Do you feel his tongue on your balls?” He’s nodding while grinding into me, “Doesn’t it feel good, baby?” Fucking me faster as response. I squeeze the bottom of the wet shaft, swelling the head further and point it at my target, “Put it in your mouth,” these two alpha males are now connected mouth to cock.

Ella texted her mentor. ‘I can’t get past the guilt.’

Her mentor texted back. ‘Why are you feeling guilty?’

‘Because I’m manipulating him, not letting him have any orgasms while I have more than ever. Because I’m hurting him and liking it. Because I’m afraid he’s going to wake up one day and hate me for changing his life so much. He’s not the same guy I–’


Ella recoiled at the order. She sipped her wine and waited for her friend to continue. When she didn’t, she typed, ‘Am I supposed to be okay with this?’

She got a smiley face. ‘He’s ready. You’re not.’

‘What does that mean?’

‘It means,’ her friend explained, ‘your boyfriend has made his peace with being controlled by you. You feel guilty because there’s some part of you that worries what people will think, that it’s not normal, that’s it’s weird and kinky and abnormal.’

She ran the flat of her finger around the rim of her glass, then typed back: ‘Yes. That’s true.’

‘Then stop. If you don’t like it, if you don’t want to do it, don’t. Just stop.’

Ella’s heart sank. ‘I can’t.’

‘Can’t or don’t want to?’

‘I’m afraid we’ll break up if we go back to the way we were.’

‘Saved by kink, hm?’

Ella didn’t want to laugh, but she did, then she felt guilty about that, too. ‘I’m all messed up, aren’t I?’

Her friend gave her a big LOL. ‘I hate to break it to you, Sweety, but that’s not so special. We’re all messed up. Let me tell you a story.’

‘Okay.’ Ella relaxed back in her chair.

‘I didn’t have an orgasm until I was 22. 22!!! And I only had it because I was drunk and doing it with a guy that picked me up at a party and I was feeling like such a slut. But what made me have the orgasm was I was just drunk enough to really let go, and then I realized I loved feeling slutty. I wanted to feel slutty. I didn’t want the reputation of being a slut, but I wanted to be the total slut that all boyfriends and husbands want their girls to be. We’re the ones that get it all mixed up. We believe the hype that we’re supposed to be virginal and innocent forever, that our sex is some gift. Gift means it’s something we give away and never get back. We miss out on so much until we finally surrender to our desires with a good lover, then we kick ourselves for not having figured it out sooner.’

Ella typed: ‘Lol, that’s pretty messed up.’

‘Once, when I was thirty and relaxing with my husband, he started pinching my nipples and playing rough with my breasts. I never was very sensitive in my breasts, but this started to turn me on. REALLY turn me on. The more he mangled my poor breasts, the hotter I got. It was crazy. I couldn’t understand it. I probably spent a month wondering what was wrong with me, then I decided the only thing wrong with me was that I was 30 and still didn’t know what turned me on. That . . . that was the true sin.’

‘You’re trying to make me feel okay with all of this?’ Ella wondered.

‘I’m trying to inform you that to be abnormal, you’d have to be different than everyone else, and even if you are abnormal, well, then that’s who you are. The sooner you make peace with yourself, the sooner you can really enjoy your amazingly hot sex life.’

‘Okay,’ Ella replied. ‘So, how do I get past the guilty feelings?’

‘You want the secret?’


‘You’re not going to like it.’

Ella was getting irritated. ‘That’s okay.’

‘Are you sure?’


‘Okay,’ her friend typed. ‘Here it is. Ready?’

Ella laughed and cursed as she typed, ‘YES!!’

‘You just do.’

* * *

She drank wine. She thought about her friend feeling like a slut and liking the sensation. Good sex, it seemed, was all about letting go. Why was it so hard to let go?

She put Jim in the corner, giggled at his forlorn expression. He asked quietly what he’d done wrong. She sipped her wine and smiled, replying, “Nothing, Baby. I just want you there.”

He knelt in his spot, pressing his nose to the tape she’d stuck to the wall, arms behind him, one hand grabbing the other wrist, his naked butt all shiny and beautiful. She sipped her wine and let her eyes roam over his body, the thick neck, the broad shoulders, the muscles of his back, his white ass and strong thighs. “My man meat,” she thought to herself and giggled. She sipped her wine and picked up the remote, cranking up the stereo, feeling her buzz taking hold, making her feel wild, making her feel like taking risks.

She was losing her inhibitions. On purpose. Tonight was the night she made peace with herself. She sipped her wine and sang to her favorite song, danced over to him, ran her fingers through his hair. She thought to herself, “Tonight, I’ll do whatever I feel like. Tonight, I’ll fuck him or make him fuck me. Tonight, I’ll be a slut.”

She slipped off her panties and placed them on his head, giggling. She snatched her panties up in a hurry and leaned over him, letting her silky chemise brush against his back, kissing his neck, feeling him shudder. He turned his head and she planted a kiss on his lips. She tasted like wine. She parted his lips with her own and found his tongue. Their tongues did the waltz in their mouths, slow and soft, the way she liked; she was leading. She’d never appreciated tongue kisses before, but perhaps that was because he considered it an Olympic sport. For the first time, she was kissing him and being kissed the way she wanted to be kissed.

When she was done, she crumpled up her panties and pushed the wet wad into his mouth, then ran giggling to the bed, leaping into it.

“Now,” she ordered, still giggling, “you be a good boy and stay right there while I play. Do you understand, Slave Boy?”

“Ym, Mmstrss.”

She sipped her wine and opened her bedside drawer, seizing the little pink vibrator that she had fallen in love with back in college. She held it up before her and cranked it on full power, giggling at Jim, wondering what he must be thinking.

Was it her imagination or was he groaning? His cock cage was filling up again, she was sure of it.

She laid back on the bed, nestled in, made a nest among the covers, propped her legs up and open, and spent a few minutes rubbing herself, warming up. She tried pinching her nipples, giving her breasts a little rough massage. Her friend was right; it DID feel good.

In another few minutes she had her little pink vibrator just above her clitoris, not daring enough to apply it directly, just teasing herself, but doing an amazing job of it. She wasn’t just wet, she was flooding, soaking the bed. She glanced over at Jim, so stiff, so male, so obedient. She panted, “Don’t you . . don’t you wish this was . . you?”

His whisper was soft and desperate. “Yes.”

She risked it, put the tip of the vibrator right on her clitoris, making circles. “But,” she panted, “it’s not, is it?”

His reply was equally desperate. “Nm, Mstrss.”

She squirmed and moaned, probably a little louder than she needed to, because she felt like it, because she was making her peace with his pain, with his denial, with his need, and her own. “Why,” she panted, “why are you . . . in that corner . . . instead of fucking me?”

He whimpered; she could hear it. “Becm, ym pt mm hm, Mmstrss.”

He wanted her. Wanting her was becoming an every day hum in his body, no longer a special event, but a normal intense background. He forced his mind away from imagining her body, all limber and female, her smooth, soft skin stretched out before him. The metal cage around his cock controlled him, re-purposed his mind elsewhere, not on sex, not on her beautiful body, but anyplace that wouldn’t arouse him. Pain had enormous power to change one’s thoughts, he realized, even when it was a small nagging pinch.

His mind had found other places to go, places that startled him. He thought about her, her thoughts, her desires, what she needed, what she wanted. He thought about her happiness. Inevitably, because he was a man with male hormones and a man’s needs, he couldn’t stop his brain from turning back to serving her. That need had deepened in an alarming way over the last few months.

Had she done that on purpose? Was he now being the man she wanted him to be? He had no complaints. It was hard to feel you were missing out on life when you came home and saw the smile and blush of love in her eyes. That filled him in a way nothing else in his life had and reinforced his deep, unabiding desire to give her whatever she wanted. It also reinforced his desire to do whatever she said, which was the more insidious and exciting of the two.

She laughed and watched his body sag. Even to her own ears, it sounded . . . unsympathetic. No, she decided, it sounded cruel. “Are you my good boy?”

Hopeful now. “Ym, Mstrss.”

She felt herself twitch with pleasure, feeling a new wave of erotic tension building. She hummed, purred, caught her breath and ordered him. “Come here.”

He scrambled, the metal of his cock cage biting into the flesh of his cock. It was instant erection when he saw her, laid back in bed, propped up by pillows, legs wide open. He moaned with pain and desire the moment he laid eyes on the gleaming moisture coating her swollen lips. The words, “I can’t stand this” ran through his head. It was too much. She was too sexy.

He knelt and was ashamed of the very real whimper that left him. He could feel the tension on his face. There was pain in his eyes. The pain of his cock trapped and squeezed by metal and the pain of excruciating, unending desire.

She removed the wad of panties from his mouth. “Yes?”

He nearly cried. “Please, Mistress.”

She prolonged it until he was sure he would go mad, running her hands through his hair, combing it with her fingers, feeling lazy and drunk and sexy. How could she not feel like a supermodel when she saw that look his eyes? How could she not feel like a porn queen? A Goddess? It was the look of a man with utter sincerity. It was the look that said, “I will do anything you ask if you’ll only let me touch you.”

“What do you want, Slave Boy?” She grinned, let out a little giggle.

The thoughts ran through his head: I want to touch you; I want to fuck you; I want to devour you; I want to be devoured by you. So many choices. He opened his mouth and let the first words that popped into his mind come flowing out his lips. “I want to please you, Mistress.”

She laid back and moaned. “But it’s not about what you want, is it?”

The tension in his face increased. His heart was going to burst. He felt nauseous. The butterflies were churning. Yet, somehow it all added up to the agony of desire and arousal. It shouldn’t feel good, the pain of need, but it did. “No, Mistress.”

Her grin was lazy. The pleasure glazed her eyes and made him fall in love with her and her body again and again. “Fortunately, that’s what I want, too.”

Now he was Pavlov’s dog, mouth salivating, fingers tingling, cock crying, a terrible mixture of wonderful pains and pleasures, waiting for her to give the “go” command. She hadn’t touched him, hadn’t spoken more than a few words, but he was utterly focused on her. She loomed as large as the world. She was all he could think about. He stared at her, tense and anxious, and waited with absolutely no patience, but no choice either.

She bit her lip and smiled and rolled over. Her ass made him weep with desire.”Please, Mistress Ella!”

She tossed her long brown hair to the side and saw the priceless expression on his face. With a start, she realized she was hurting him, but she hadn’t touched him. He was hurting solely from the need alone, the need to touch her. “Go get my purse.”

His eyes brightened like a toddler tasting ice cream for the first time. Her purse was where she kept the key to his chastity device.

He scrambled and retrieved her bag, half thinking he should hold it with the straps through his teeth. She collected it, sat up and bed and rummaged through it. “I can never find anything in here.” She grinned at him and watched a flush of heat spread out across his face. She stopped moving her hand, gave him a surprised expression, and giggled. “Oh! What is this?”

She dangled the key before him. He licked his lips.

She grinned. “Time to let out the monster.”

It took them a few minutes. His cock was not cooperating. It was almost as if it didn’t want to come out. When they finally managed it, she giggled. It popped up like a flag, nice and strong and happy.

She ran her fingers around his face, letting them slip beneath his jaw, down his neck, enjoying the thick tendons that connected to his collar bone. She let her fingers wander down over his chest, flicking a nipple and watching the reacion cascade down his body. She could do anything she wanted with him. He was her little Ken doll. She wondered why she hadn’t though of that before. She had not been dressing him. She made up her mind that he would start wearing the kinds of clothes she wanted him to wear.

She sipped her wine and pulled him on to the bed. She had him sit on the edge, good posture, back straight, arms behind him, then she slipped to her knees.

He blinked with shock. “M-mistress?”

She gazed up at him and his heart began to thud. A heavy pulse began to run through him. Her eyes peering up at him, slightly drunk and full of mischief, she whispered, “I want to play with my toy.”

Why did she have to call it a toy? He felt his mind rush to another place, a place where he could no longer think or reason, a place where he was one raw nerve being caressed with the softest silk. She was soft. He was hard. The contrast was maddening, yet she was in control, controlling his hard male her body with her soft one. It made no sense, but it was so clear and right.

She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock, wet her lips and applied the tip of his penis as if it were a bold new lipstick. She moaned and peered up at him again.

Jim was no longer there; he was gone, far, far away, overwhelmed by pleasure.

She giggled to herself. She might actually breaking him with pleasure.

He didn’t just moan; he gasped, and it was loud. It echoed off the ceiling, bounced back at them. He felt her mouth like a wet furnace envelop his cock. “OH . . . GOD!”

She began to stroke him and already the tip was glazed and leaking. A long drip left him and landed on her knee. “Does that feel good, Baby?” She knew the answer, but she liked asking it. She wanted to see if she’d driven him past the point of speech yet.

When he finally pried his eyes open, he gazed down at her, seeing her face, so pretty, her eyes so big and beautiful, and all of a sudden a wave of tears began to trickle down his face. He nodded.

“I have an idea,” she said.

He shook his head, the sensation of her hand on his pulsing cock too much for him stand.

“I thought of it when were training you.” She drove her mouth onto his cock and withdrew it slowly, letting her lips caress its length. When she was done, she smacked her lips and started to stroke him wit her hand, whipping it away the moment she sensed his imminent orgasm.

His cock twitched once, twice, then a third time to a lesser degree, then let out a long stream. She giggled and watched it as he thrashed his head back and forth, his body tense, his hips helplessly thrusting his cock out into the air between them.

He groaned with misery and delight.

When she was certain it was safe, she wrapped her fingers around the base of his cock again, marveling at how hot it had become.

“Don’t you want to know what it is?” she teased.

His lips parted, his jaw dropped, worked a little, but he couldn’t manage a sound.

She gave his cock a long stroke with her wet hand. His cock was sloppy with cum and saliva. “I thought, why just train you so formally. You should be trained to show me your devotion whenever and wherever I want.”

He nodded and kept nodding. She wasn’t sure if he was still listening, but she continued anyway. She gave his cock another long, wet stroke with her mouth, watching for the telltale signs of an orgasm. “From now, Honey, no matter where we are, no matter when, when I snap my fingers, I’d like to see you on your knees.”

He groaned. Wherever? Whenever? Did she mean . . . in public?

She kissed the tip of his cock, put her wet mouth just over the tip and peered up at him. His face was naked. He was so easy to read these days. She had never been sure what was on his mind before their little game. Now, she felt like she had the blueprints.

She stood and gave him a kiss. She tasted like his cum, which he would never have permitted before submitting to her. He didn’t want to taste himself. Now, it was a new taboo, a new level of pleasure. Their tongues did another waltz with her leading the dance. He got the full flavor of himself in her mouth, getting a whiff of it on her breath. His heart and hard-on blossomed to a powerful euphoric mixture of love and lust.

“Do you understand, Jim?”

Without hesitation, he said that he did.

Some Sven and Mimi based kink. I’ve been wanting to write this for ages. Sven comes to term with being masculine and submissive. Mimi shows him how. Enjoy!


The ropes were coiled neatly around his wrists and pulled taught above his head. He stared ahead into the half-light and listened to her moving behind him. She brushed his spine with her fingers, running them over the back of his neck, reaching up. He exhaled nervously, knowing that she was watching him twist and writhe. That he was caught on her hemp lines like some delectable fish. She sighed and he knew that she was smiling behind him. The evening was balmy and there was no noise but for the distant hum of traffic. He should have been driving now, but he called Mark and told him that he had to cancel, that something had come up and they would have to reschedule. She had sat cross-legged in an armchair while he made the call, telling him what to say and he had gone with it.

It frightened him just how easily she slipped into this role, how naturally it came to her. One night, he told her this and she laughed at him. Telling him not to be so stupid, that it wasn’t a role she was playing. That it wasn’t something she could put on and remove at whim, but that it was a part of her in the same way she liked watching sitcoms and eating french food. And, she added, she loved him like this. She told him not to be afraid. That submission was okay. That she loved him all the more for it. That it was beautiful.

And so now, here he stood, arms pulled up above him, gripping the doorframe, waiting. Waiting for everything that he had ever wanted and never found. Sometimes he found it easier to make this a game, to play a role because he could separate his desire from himself. He could stand back from his shame. Mimi pulled the blindfold around his face and brushed his cheek.

“Give a man a mask,” she whispered, “And he’ll tell you the truth.” She pulled the knot tight and Sven groaned, his head jerking back towards her. It was still so difficult to admit that this was what he wanted. But more so, Sven found it even harder to believe that Mimi wanted it too. That she enjoyed it. That, hell, she even found it attractive. Found him beautiful and brave and brilliant for doing it. She walked around him, the click of her shoes reverberating off the walls. He couldn’t understand it. She loved him for this. It seemed so odd when everyone else had told him his desires were wrong or odd or inappropriate for a man like him. But Mimi had laughed, that thick rolling laugh she had and curled into him. “Silly, silly, silly.” She had chided, “they don’t know what they’re missing. A big, strong man at my beck and call, all tied up and nowhere to go? I’d take that over some wormy cliché any day.”

He laughed aloud at the memory of her saying that. It made no sense. Mimi grabbed his erection and smiled to herself.

“What’s so funny?” she stroked his face and he pulled himself forward to meet her.

“I can’t believe this is happening. I never thought that it would happen.” He replied, excitement tainting his voice.

“I know, baby. I know just how difficult it’s been.” Mimi breathed against him and ran her hand down his chest, “But now,” she kissed him and a shiver rolled through his body. “Now, things will be different. No more worries. No more fear.” She laughed in the dark and rubbed his chest comfortingly, ” Well, Maybe a little bit of fear.”

He kissed her back and arched his torso, pulling against the ropes, feeling her hands splay out around his body. He heard her shoes click against the marble floor and he fell silent. Waiting. His body aching for her, for anything. Just something to take his mind off the pain in his shoulders and the ache between his legs.

She sighed and he turned his head toward her voice.

I could look at you all day.” She mused, “I think I might just take my time…”

Sven groaned and Mimi moved again. He could hear the smile in her voice as she spoke.

“Or maybe,..” she drifted off and he felt her breeze past him. The room fell silent and he shivered. He could hear nothing except the sound of his own breathing, tense and heavy in his head. All he could do was wait, anticipating her next move, longing for it. There was a distant swish and a sudden dull thud of rubber across the tops of his thighs. He groaned and twisted against the dull impact.

“You going to take this for me?” Mimi purred. “Is this what you want?”

Sven gasped and nodded, twisting his wrists against the ropes.

“What?” Mimi questioned, “I didn’t hear you.”

“Oh yes.” He breathed, “Yes. It’s what I want. I want it.”

She struck him with the flogger again, over and over in a steady succession of neat, dull swings, the heat rolling through his body. He had ached for this, fantasized about it a million times, needed it and now it was here it seemed more dream like than ever, as if he was outside of himself, watching it happen from above.

Mimi kicked off her shoes and walked silently towards him, a smile on her lips as she watched Sven listen for her and hear nothing. She stood behind him and grabbed his erection. He jumped and hissed through his teeth, grinding his bottom towards her.

She laughed loud this time, pure delight in her voice and slapped his bottom, “Easy baby, I’m not quite done with you yet.” She rubbed him gently, teasing him, watching with delight as his penis glittered with pre-cum, “there’s so much more I want to do to you.”

Sven moaned and she ducked around him and kissed his chest, winding her fingers into the tiny, dusky hairs. She pulled quickly and he winced, groaning at her touch. Leaning forward she sucked his left nipple and crushed her hand against his torso, her aching slit brushing against his erection. He tried to grind up toward her but she trapped him between her thighs, pushing back against his hips.

“Patience, sweetheart.” She whispered and leant upward pulling his neck down and making him stoop painfully so that all of his weight went to his arms. She kissed him hard on the mouth, her tongue finding his as she watched his biceps quiver under his weight. Her sex spasmed and she pushed herself further into his mouth, moaning against him, her fingers skating over his sides and down his shoulder blades. She pulled the rope from the door handle where she had tied it off neatly and dragged his arms down. He sighed as the rope gave way, rolling his shoulders. Mimi bunched the rope into her hand and tugged his arms forward, manhandling him, turning him around and leading him toward the bed behind her. She guided him forward, pushed him down, her fingers against his neck. Obediently, he slid onto the bed, his hard on brushing against the cool sheets. Mimi pulled off his blindfold and he turned his head to the side, blinking in the lamplight, his eyes flickering quickly.

She walked around the bed and climbed onto it next to him. “Get up onto the bed.” She directed, “Lie flat on your back.”

He did as he was told and twisted around awkwardly, holding his still bound hands outward as he did so. Mimi grabbed his wrists and pushed them above his head, tying the loose rope to the headboard above him. He moaned again and looked at her reproachfully. “Mimi, no, no it really aches, I can’t-”

She pouted theatrically and brushed his cheek with her hand, “Oh poor baby. Does it hurt?” she grabbed his cock and tugged hard. “Want me to kiss it better?” She winked at him and straddled his torso, her naked body warm against his. She leant down and kissed him on the mouth, pushing the hair from his eyes before leaning back to admire his body spread out beneath her. He whimpered again as she rubbed her bottom against his erection, leaning forward against him so that the wetness between her legs taunted him.

“Ugh. I need you.” He grunted, “Need you…please, I can’t go much longer, I-” His hands opened and closed above him desperately and she leant forward against him, pulling open the bedside drawer.

“I know.” She smiled and kissed his neck, “Tell me how much you want me, baby.”

He breathed heavily and nuzzled into her hair, breathing in her scent as he did so.

“Oh,” he moaned, “I want you so badly. I need it, I need it, I need your, your-” he broke off and shouted out as Mimi leant around and slowly, began to edge a thick dildo between his thighs. “You like how that feels, baby?”

Sven gasped and nodded, his hard on glittering against his stomach, “Oh yes, yes, I-Ohhhh God, it’s so fucking good, I-”

Mimi smiled, watching him pull against his bonds as she pumped it in and out of him, his cock bouncing wildly. She sped up and shifted, sinking her own bottom over his erection, guiding him into her.

“Ugh, FUCK.” He groaned, his eyes widening as she engulfed him, he pulled again against the ropes and screwed his eyes shut. “Ugh…ugh…ugh. Oh, don’t-don’t stop baby keep going. Oh, oh, oh.”

Mimi ground herself against him, pushing the dildo into his ass faster, grinding against his cock slowly.

“Hmm…so good.” She whined and gave the toy one last thrust, leaving it inside him and leaning forward again to kiss him. “Hold it.” She purred, “Hold it inside of yourself and don’t let go, you understand?” She nibbled at his lip.

Sven nodded and she pushed her hands up his torso, leaning backward onto him again, moving her legs and pushing her weigh backward onto him. She planted her hands on his sides and thrust against him, bouncing against his erection and pushing her head backward. “Ugh, oh…” she whined.

Sven watched her, clenching his buttocks tight, knowing damn well that if he let go she would make the pain he felt go on for even longer. The tension was killing him, burning through his body in a horribly delicious combination of pain and desire. Sven shifted against the pillows and tried to push up against her. He felt his stomach get heavy and he cried out, his face presses against his upstretched arm.

“Ugh, I can’t, I-I-I, Ohhhh.” He let out a high whine as he shuddered under her, flipping and bucking like a trapped animal. She held him down and leant back against him, her foot pressed against his ar, her fingers gripping the sheets as she pounded against him. At last, when Sven thought he would go mad with desire, she came hot and heavy and silent as ever. Her quick, heavy breaths against his chest as she rolled forward. She hung over him for a moment and then mover herself off him, pulling out the dildo and kneeling over his chest. He kissed her damp thigh and moaned happily. “Oh.” He breathed, “Thank you, I-”

She pulled his arms down by his side and lay against him, Moving his aching arms around her. “Shh.” She whispered, “It’s okay, there’s no need to say thank you.”

He smiled and kissed the top of her head, curling his limbs around her tightly.

“I never thought I’d be happy. That I’d find someone who understood, that didn’t find it disgusting or odd or-”

“I know,” she smiled, “I know.” She brushed his hair from his face and rubbed his shoulder gently. ” You okay? It can be intense.”

Sven nodded and shifted his weight against him, awkwardly pulling a blanket over them. “Perfect.”

“You see,” Mimi whispered, watching him, “You can’t deny it, you can’t let yourself be disgusted by it.” She turned to him, lying on her side and resting her head on her palm. “It’s beautiful.” She mused, watching intently as he trailed his fingers over her blanketed hip. “It’s part of you.”

Sven’s chest fizzed as he looked up at her, the light caught in her hair. Watching her glittering eyes, he felt for a moment that he had found it. That he suddenly knew what completeness was and that he would never let it go. Because it was Mimi that had reached into his heart and fixed what was broken. She had soothed his doubt. Submission was part of him; natural and organic and vital. And, for the first time in his life, he realised that he was happy about it. Ecstatically, perfectly happy.

I studied the bottle of luminous green liquid carefully before introducing it to the bathwater. As the instructions directed, I then stirred it in until the formula had uniformly dispersed. Its sickly look mirrored the growing feeling in the pit of my stomach. I then attached a curious gauze just above my genitals covering part of my pubic hair and gingerly stepped into the toxic looking bath. Very quickly hairs of various lengths floated to the surface as I submerged. Disturbed by what was happening, I hopped out and wiped my leg to find that all of the hairs had somehow been scythed off by the chemical, leaving smooth patches wherever I touched.

“What the hell?!” This was too much for me to take. Why should I remove my body hair, for whose benefit? The more I considered things, the more I edged closer to plucking up the nerve to do something about it. But when? How? My lack of knowledge of the outside world made me feel small and ill-equipped.

My intense deliberation was broken as Mistress Walker cooed through the door, “Are you almost done in there, sissy?”

That word again. “Almost, Mistress.”

Fearing the consequences should She walk in, I stepped back into the bath and doomed myself to a hairless body. With a sponge I then quickly introduced another more viscous formula to my chin for a few minutes before washing it away. If I’d had any hairs on my face, I’m sure it would have removed them too.

After the requisite amount of time had passed, I got out and dried myself off before letting the water and all my body hair go. I continued to read the instructions and to my horror I found that it was a single-use hair removal fluid and no hair would grow on my body again where the substance made contact! So that’s why the instructions were so precise. Unnerved I looked down at my slim, pale body, forever shorn of its hair save for the gauze. My pinkish nipples seemed to stand out. “That does it.” Subconsciously I began priming myself for an escape attempt. I then removed the gauze to find a very feminine looking tuft where my once thick pubic hair had been. If possible, my heart sank further.

The next set of instructions told me to spray myself with the purple bottle. It was nothing drastic as far as I could tell, just perfume, sweet, sugary perfume. As I removed my shower cap, Mistress knocked at the door.

“You should be finished by now, sissy!” She didn’t wait for an answer before entering. Instantly, Her eyes found my body as I embarrassedly tried to cover my half-erect willy and nipples. She stifled a grin once more, “looks like we’re 90% there already!”

My face turned red with horror and anger at my visibly emasculated, smooth body as She reached for my arm and powerfully dragged me back into ‘my’ pink room. “I bet you’re so excited to see your new wardrobe, aren’t you?!” The dominant, curly-haired redhead seemed impatient and determined. Again, She didn’t wait for a response. The doors were flung open and dress after pretty pink dress stared back at me. Finally, it was more than I could take: a tear rolled down my cheek, then another and another which I tried to catch, with my hands I tried to cover up my face, my eyes turning red. I hadn’t cried in years.

Mistress looked for my response, “Oh, oh sweetie, I KNEW you’d love it! You’ll finally be like you always wanted! Oh, there, there” That was the complete opposite of how I felt; I wanted to push Her off and run far, far away, but encased in Her strong, tight hug, I once again found myself paralysed. I could feel the pressure of Her large breasts against my chest as I continued to cry, shudder and snivel.

“Lets get you some makeup so you can get dressed, hmm? Will that make you feel better?” I wiped away my tears trying to steady myself and locate the anger that pervaded my being not 2 minutes ago. Her voice rose in volume slightly at my lack of a response, “Will that make you feel better, SISSY?” I looked up into Her sparkling green eyes once more and they told me to respond. Feeling evermore broken, I nodded.

“OK!” She lit up once more and sat me down, before turning to the dresser which was cluttered with makeup. “Aside from being so obedient, I picked you for a sissy because you aced all of your makeup and fashion exams. Sooo… show me – beautify yourself.” It was true. I had spent many long years practicing putting makeup on the lifelike dummies at school, simply because I was told to. I was considered an ‘expert’ at it and always got very good grades in this class.

“I know perfectly well how to do my own makeup, of course” Mistress Walker continued as she studied her pencil skirt that bulged with her large round bottom in the full length mirror, “but I would eventually like you to do it for me, exactly and as quickly as I desire. I know you’re capable of giving me the most professional looks.” She then sat and watched me as I fought to hold back tears and gradually applied the makeup automatically thinking about what colours and tones my face would suit. Of course, when handling makeup and fashion at school the thought had crossed my mind what it would look like on myself, but never once had I acted on it.

Mistress seemed genuinely intrigued as She observed me struggling with my emotions. I wanted to throw the makeup down, push Her out of my way and run. I glanced at Her as She propped Her head up on Her hand which in turn was propped on Her knee. Could She tell what I was thinking? Through all of the trauma and confusion I couldn’t help but realise how beautiful She was. Her reddish curls hung about Her pale face and Her green eyes gleamed at me with rude health. Being this close to a Female was intoxicating, drunkening and more than a little disturbing. She looked so delicate but seemed physically stronger than me, taller and more commanding, sure of what She wanted, especially from me. I gradually turned back to the mirror and soon mascara covered eyes and glazed lips jumped out from my boyish face in the dresser mirror.

Mistress smiled and clapped, “bravo, very impressive, now for clothes!” She pounced over to the wardrobe and delighted in picking an entire outfit for me, everything from underwear to shoes. I started to snivel again as the frilly clothing built up on the bed.

“Hmm, stockings or tights?” She asked Herself before grabbing the nude stockings with pink lace tops and matching garterbelt. She placed them with the other clothes as She sat once more, this time much closer to me. “It says in your Sissy Bible that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” She began, “This means that every feminine sissy must make herself a tribute to Womankind. You must always take pride in your appearance, dressing in the most feminine articles possible. You have all the attributes to keep both me and you looking beautiful and sexy. I expect you to never let me or yourself down, do you hear, young miss?”

I gulped hard and snivelled a bit more, my bottom lip quivering, “Yes Mistress.”

“Good. I want you to read your Sissy Bible every chance you can. It contains lots of useful information about the big wide world you’re stepping into and your place in it. After you’re dressed, come find me downstairs.” With that She got up and left.

The book was very large and heavy in my hands and as one would expect, it was pink. I flicked through a couple of pages as my nail polish dried, careful not to get it anywhere. On first glance there seemed to be a lot of stuff about breeding, DNA and good stock, which left me nonplussed. I closed the book and dwelled on my predicament again, as I inspected my new sugary pink fingernails and toes. All this time in school I thought that I’d be helping Women wear all these things, little did I realise it was partly intended for me too. I can’t believe I didn’t ask more questions – why did I have to be so obedient and diligent?! Why was I such a pushover, a goody, goody? I guess I liked receiving the praise of the teachers too much, addicted to the pat on the head and the approving smile. Especially from Female teachers.

The dress was utterly horrifying with puffy pink petticoats and a large bow in the back. I assessed the underwear: a high leg lacy thong with a stretchy sheer front panel all in pink, a matching bra and garterbelt, a pair of high heeled court shoes. Gulping, I picked up the thong and noticed the logo, ‘Miss Priss’. Am I really expected to dress like this? Do Women dress like this? With a sudden rush of adrenaline I put the thong down and decided to make a break for it, resolving to find my old clothes. Did I leave them in the bathroom where I took them off? With absolute caution I cracked open the door of my pink room and checked the hallway before tiptoeing down the corridor. In the distance I could hear the muffled sounds of laughter from a television. I made it safely to the bathroom but there was nothing on the floor! Nothing. She had taken them. My heart was knocked so hard and heavy I swayed and perspired as I tiptoed back to my room, suddenly conscious of the makeup on my face, my hairless naked body and my very nearly dry pink finger and toe nails. Choices: I could attempt to leave naked and find some clothes from somewhere; I could wear these horrible sissy clothes and at least cover myself up; Or I could bide my time, find my clothes then make a break for it later.

If Her behaviour so far was anything to go by I knew Mistress would soon be coming so I defeatedly picked up the thong. It felt so delicate and fragile in my hands as I stepped into it and pulled it up. But as it passed my hairless knees and I saw my feminine pink toes covered in nail varnish, something unexpected happened: my willy became incredibly hard and stood straight up. I panicked trying to somehow force it down or think of something that would take my mind off what I was doing. 5 confusing minutes later, as I looked at it encased in these pretty pink knickers, my erection was harder than ever. I sighed once more in defeat and pulled on the sheer bra. Everything fitted me so well, it was hard to believe that She could have known all my sizes so accurately so quickly. The nude stockings came next and I bunched them up before pointing one of my hairless stems into the slender fabric. The stockings coated my legs with a thin film of nylon subtly evening out the contours of my legs. They had to be less than 10 denier, maybe even 7, since I could easily see my painted toenails through the nylon. I attached them to the garter belt and turned around.

My bottom lip quivered as I caught sight of my lingerie clad body in the mirror. The image instantly created a strange frisson in my body, like a war of hormones and emotion, just like the girlish image before me tainted by the still boyish, short-haired look to my musculature and face. This was surely a form of torture, of slavery, and I felt so fractured, in pieces almost. The dress came next and I lowered it over my head before pulling it down until it looked even in the mirror. I gulped hard feeling ridiculous, utterly ridiculous – how could this possibly be a tribute to Womankind? The worst thing was that the dress was so short you could see my bare backside, and even worse, my erect willy. I tried pulling harder on the dress to cover myself up but it made no difference, it was clearly designed to not cover up my nether regions. Unless I could find a way of getting rid of my erection, my body would betray me and Mistress would see. She would then think I liked all of this horrible stuff!

There was only one way. My breath laboured as I pulled down my sheer thong and began to stroke my 11cm willy. As I did so I couldn’t help but notice how feminine my hands now looked. Neither could I believe how hard or how close to orgasming I was so soon. I watched as this very feminine boy cum hard in the mirror with one or two spurts. It was one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had and it caused me to grunt. As my senses returned I found some convenient tissues with which to clean up the mess. Thankfully, my erection faded and I tucked it into my thong.

Steadying myself, I then put on the 4.5 inch pink court shoes. Again they fitted perfectly, with the stockings giving just enough of a slip to make them easy to get on. I stood toppling on them and wobbled very carefully over to the door not wanting my erection to return so soon.

Mistress Walker was lead on Her couch watching the television as I entered the room. “Oh!” She cooed at the sight of me as Her eyes fell embarrassingly to my crotch. “Oh.” Her intonation noticeably dipped, “do you not like the clothes I bought for you?”

I gulped getting the distinct impression She was very disappointed. “Um, y-yes, Mistress.”

Her brow furrowed, “Are you lying to me, sissy?” The large bottomed redhead sat up, “I would have thought you’d like wearing pretty, feminine clothes that suit your physique so much better than that boring sexless school uniform. Maybe you don’t like sensually rolling stockings up your legs pretending you’re a beautiful Woman like me?”

I looked at Her pleadingly, feeling a heat rising in my cheeks but also, devastatingly, in my groin.

“I would have thought you’d love learning to walk in those sexy pink heels that make your pantied bum stick out. Hmm? Maybe I was wrong about you, maybe you wouldn’t like to worship me and my body while wearing all of these clothes?” She writhed on the couch basking in my torture before continuing, “And maybe I won’t introduce you to other Mistress’ sissies so you can fall in love and rub your little white willies together?” With that She laughed loudly and watched with satisfaction as my willy shamefully hardened, tenting my knickers once more. I was utterly horrified at the sight and once again couldn’t help the tears streaming down my cheeks as I cried really hard, unstoppably so, rooted to the spot.

“Good, very good.” She seemed pleased at my predicament. “There are plenty of tissues in your room. I think you’re going to need them both for your constant crying and… other things.” With that I charged out of the room and tried to get out of the front door. It was locked. I tried another door, it was locked too. A window? Locked. I could hear Her laughter still ringing out from the living room and with it the futility of the situation dawning on me. After 5 defeating minutes trying exits I slinked back to my room. While there I did everything I could think of aside from masturbating again to get my erection to disappear but it wouldn’t. If anything it just grew stronger, especially when I caught sight of myself in the mirror and felt all of these delicate fabrics against my skin. What was happening to me?

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