male sub

The young sub looked to be in his early twenties. His blue eyes seemed to shine as he looked down at the floor. His hands were bound behind his back and his knees were visibly trembling. His name was Michael and he awaited his beloved Domme, Olivia.

It was clear that he already felt sorry for what he had done. He understood that it was his responsibility to call Mistress Olivia back the moment that he missed her call. Yesterday, however, he made the decision that he would call her later. After all, he was just studying for finals at the university. Surely she would understand. Nevertheless the boy made it home and his Mistress wasted no time. She made him kneel at her feet and she roughly grabbed him by the hair and brought him into the bedroom. He was stripped down and she swatted him on the butt several times with forceful blows from her hands. His hands were quickly bound to the floor via an anchor pin. He was then made to sleep without covers or the slightest comfort. The morning came all too quickly.

“Mistress…” the boy blinked sleepily. He had just woke on the floor shivering, his Domme lovingly was looking down on him from the bed.

“Please forgive me, I know what I did was unacceptable, I should have made a much stronger effort to call…” he continues to lower his gaze to the bedroom floor.

The words out of her mouth sounded terrifying to her young submissive boy, “Michael, you are a good boy, why would you not call? You knew you were going to be punished? I know I am your first Domme, but you had to know?”

All the while Michael kept his eyes on the floor. All that she said was true, he knew that ramifications would be swift for his behavior. Suddenly he was filled with terror. Michael had only been lightly punished in the past; a flogger here, a paddle there, at most a crop would be used. Naturally, Mistress always used such tools as a way of pleasure for him as well.

“Boy, look up at me,” she says. He naturally obliges, the fear on his face is apparent. “Your punishment will be severe for a first offense. You mean far too much to me to allow you to get away with such nonsense.

Michael replied with merely a “Yes, Mistress” He looked down terrified at his wrists which were bound by leather straps. For the first time in his long training with Mistress Olivia, which was about three months at the present time, the boy looked as if he would cry.

She stepped off the bed and began to stand directly in front of him. Her skirt was low cut. As always, she wore a tight black tank top that displayed her cleavage well enough. Her thighs were deliciously tan and silky, for the first time that morning Michael felt the organ between his legs begin to stiffen.

“Listen my boy, I am going to show you some mercy. You will receive twenty five lashes with my flogger, twenty five spankings over my lap, and you will then only be allowed to orgasm when I am present for the next three months. Do you understand?” The boy gave a simple nod as his response.

As she looked down at her naked boy, she felt an immense amount of pride in him. He always tried to please. Unlike so many male slaves, he greatly feared pain from punishment. He always wished to please from initiative alone. She was beginning to love him, which was a truly rare feeling for Mistress Olivia.

As she reached down to remove the straps from his wrists, she whispered in his ear, “I promise sweety the pain will not last long. You must be taught a lesson though. The boy nodded as she brought him to his feet and took him to the bed. She gently bent him over the bed and placed larger restraints on his wrists and placed his hands behind his back. She could already see the tears forming in his eyes.

As she finished restraining him, she slowly walked to her box of toys and pulled out a cruel flogger. It clearly was well used in the past and the leather straps which dangled from it caused Michael great fear.

“You will count every blow and thank me my boy. No gag or blindfold either. I want to hear my boy suffer and learn.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

At this point the boy was in a clear panic. His eyes were clearly watering and his entire body was trembling. He felt the straps rub against his back and buttocks and with no warning the first thrashing came. Then another and another. He counted all diligently with tears wailing from his eyes. Then another and another soon followed. This continued until all twenty five were dealt out. When she was done with the strap she quickly tossed it on the floor. The slave boy was desperately trying to catch his breath and his Mistress felt the tremors going through his entire body when she forced him up to lay across her lap.

“Mistress… please….forgive me, I cannot take any more.” Tears were pouring down his cheeks at this time.

“Nonsense boy,” her reply sounded cold and sharp to him.

She gave him the pleasure of allowing his ass to be massaged for a few brief moments by her cool fingers. At this he sighed and breathed adorably. Yet, much like with the whip, she surprised him with her open palm colliding with his soar ass. Tears instantly came forth again. The boy attempted to count every smack, but by twenty five he was merely bawling.

“Please….forgive me… I….never….again…”

She shushed him by placing her finger in front of his mouth. She very softly rolled him onto his back on the bed and kissed his soft lips. The taste of tears was clearly distinguishable. Slowly she began rubbing his thighs and then began to tease his testicles. Soon the boy was sighing hard. As his erection grew in her hands she bent down again and kissed his lips. He still dared not look into her eyes.

“Good boy,” were the last words he heard before she bent down and took his cock into her mouth. He was allowed to rest his head on his Mistress’s lap. He smelled her delicious wetness as he neared coming.

“Go ahead baby boy,” without having to ask permission he erupted into her warm mouth. She swallowed greedily and once again kissed his mouth. This time, however, she did so to allow him to taste himself. His brow was covered with sweat and for the first time in seemingly an eternity the look of fear on his face was gone. He looked tired and beautiful.

“Sleep baby, sleep.” Nearly instantly, with his hands still bound behind his back, he collapsed into sleep in his favorite place, the lap of his closest friend, his Mistress.

A circling hawk, silhouetted against the cloudless blue sky, screamed keee keee keee.

Jamie hauled luggage and a pair of mountain bikes from the back of the van. He was content not to be part of the conversation between his girlfriend, Lene, and her father because he was too distracted, trying to pin a name on an elusive feeling that bothered him. Was it déjà vu, maybe? The place felt familiar when it shouldn’t, though he couldn’t say what about it triggered the feeling. He worried at it, but didn’t get anywhere.

Lene patted the leg pocket of her cargo pants. “Yep, the GPS is right here. Extra batteries are in my pack.”

Her father reminded her, not for the first time, “You leave a voicemail if you don’t get us when you call to check in, alright?”

“Sure. And a text message. Want e-mail? We can do that too.”

“It can’t hurt.” Lene’s dad looked past her and caught Jamie’s eye. He thought he detected a slight frown under the moustache, and perhaps a silent message. You take care of my daughter, bring her back in one piece, and don’t you dare get her knocked up.

After the amount of fussing her parents did over a week long bike trip, Jamie wondered how they were going to deal with her being gone for over two years with the Peace Corps. More selfishly, Jamie wondered how he was going to deal with her leaving. He forced his mind off the subject and back to fixing his displaced bike chain and loading up with camping gear. Instead of brooding about her imminent departure, he was determined to enjoy their week together.

Lene snapped the front wheel onto her bike and wrangled some of their packs onto the back.

Her father looked in the back of the van, and then shut the doors. “You have your repair kit, right? First aid kit?” he called.

“Dad, you helped us pack. Yes. They’re still in there,” she said with good-natured exasperation. She tucked a wisp of long blonde hair behind her ear and propped her heavily laden bicycle up against a halfway collapsed chain-link fence.

Lene got a hug from her father, and Jamie got a manly thump on the shoulder. “Okay. Be careful you two. See you in a week.”

“Thank you for the ride,” she said. Jamie echoed the sentiment.

“Oh, you’re welcome.” Her father got back into the driver’s seat and waved out the window as he pulled away. The van disappeared around a curve in the country road.

The hawk took a sharp dive and skimmed the tall grass. It rose with something small and dark in its talons.

Lene came up behind Jamie and wrapped her sunscreen-slathered arms around him.She kissed the back of his neck, then gave him a gentle nip. His body flushed with heat, thinking about the things she promised to do with him later, most which were not the least bit gentle. He laid his hands over hers and squeezed.


A mile off the old logging road, they set up camp amid rows of young jack pines that stretched out in all directions across the flat terrain. The scenery wasn’t much to look at and there wasn’t a lot of wildlife, but that was why they picked the place; it didn’t attract many hikers, and they wanted to be alone. So far, so good. Lene hadn’t noticed a single creature since the hawk and the field mouse at their drop-off. She strung the bag of food between two trees some distance from the camp site, just in case there were bears they didn’t know about, and then crunched her way back over twigs and pine cones. She stopped by the bikes to watch Jamie hammer in a tent stake with a rock. Staring at Jamie was one of her favorite pastimes. For most of the day, he’d been riding beside her just out of reach, or in front of her so that she’d almost run into a tree stump while undressing him in her imagination. He got her wound up pretty tight just by being there; she was never so crazy about anyone else. Leaving himwouldshred her heart to ribbons, even if it was the right thing to do.

She’d been looking forward to volunteering with the Peace Corps since she heard about it in the tenth grade. Months ago, she decided to stick with her plans because she would always resent him if she gave up the opportunity for his sake; she feared that if she didn’t go right after graduation, she never would. It was tempting to back out though, with her departure date so close.

He looked up at her with a smile as warm as the summer sun. It felt like he carried a piece of July inside him. Even in the dead of winter, he had warm hands and what looked like a perfect tan, but it went beyond the physical. He seemed to have twice as much life in him as anyone else, and a brain that effervesced with gentle humor and quirky ideas.

After the end of the month, she was afraid she might never see that smile again. He promised to write letters, send dirty pictures, visit her on the island, and meet her at the airport when she returned, but she thought the odds were low. Her best friend’s engagement dissolved within their first two months away at university, a mere half day’s drive from home. Even though Lene was unlikely to find any compatible guys while she was away, due to cultural differences, what were the odds that her boyfriend would wait two years for her to come home? She wouldn’t hold it against him if he found someone else; most people in his position would. She swallowed the lump in her throat and blinked to chase the glaze of tears out of her eyes.

Jamie dropped the rock and dusted his hands off on the sides of his jeans as he stood up. “Ta-da! Home, sweet home.” “Yep. Here we are. No roommates, parents, or neighbors. Just us and the pine trees.” She unzipped the screen of their neon orange pup tent, so they could put things inside.


“…Just us and the pine trees.” Translation: anything she did to him would have a week to heal before anyone they knew sawhim, and there was nobody aroundto mind if he screamed;arare opportunity for unwholesome fun.

He had a bad case of nerves that was getting worse by the minute. What they’d planned was scary on its own, but it took on a whole new level of scary when they got into the trees, and he realized why the place felt familiar. He’d dreamt about it all his life. The dreams came back to him in vivid detail that day:

Three year old Jamie wandered through the vast field of stumps and seedlings, lost and lonely until he woke from his nap and yelled for his babysitter.

In first grade, a drought threatened the fledgling forest. He wanted to water the saplings to save them, but he didn’t have a watering can. He cut himself with a sharp stick and watered several with his blood, but broke down crying when he realized that, even if he bled to death, he could only revive a few.

Adult Jamie was naked, lashed to a tree trunk with a thick vine. He heard someone moving behind him, but couldn’t ask what was going on because his tongue was the root of the vine that bound him to the tree.

He’d told Lene about it the next morning. She grinned. “Tied to a tree naked, eh? Is that a hint?” That was the day they started planning their camping trip.

Jamie didn’t know how to tell her they’d just entered that same forest in real life. It would be hard to say without sounding like a flake.

Lene climbed into their tiny tent and arranged things as Jamie handed them to her. The tent moved every time she sat up, and her head bumped into the nylon. When he brought the second sleeping bag, she sighed and shook her head. “How do you feel about spending the evening outside?It doesn’t seem at all buggy so far.” She reached out and stroked his denim-clad leg.

He looked back toward the road, though he knew it was well out of sight. The ghost of a full moon hovered in the deepening blue between the treetops, waiting for the sun to quit hogging the sky. For a moment, he entertained the notion that she might also be thinking about his tree dreams. “Why do you ask?”

She waved a hand to indicate the inside of the tent. “It’s just that it’s awfully cozy in here, and it occurs to me there’s nothing really solid to tie you to. Besides, it looks like it’s going to be a nice clear night.”

Jamie tried not to sound disappointed. “Aha. Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

Lene bounced out of the tent with the little purple quilted bag of bondage clutter, which she’d passed off as ‘girl stuff’ to warn her father away from it when they were packing. She turned around outside the tent door and collected the stick – a thin, straight branch she’d cut from a tree with her pocket knife and stripped of bark when they stopped for lunch.

Lene held the stick up for his inspection. “What’s the rule again? Does it have to be smaller than my thumb or yours, do you suppose?”

He gave it his approval based on the way it made his muscles tense up and the blood rush to his groin, but didn’t make him worry about damage to vital organs.

They found a patch of level ground between a couple of tree trunks and cleared away the pinecones before unzipping the sleeping bag and laying it out; blue and green plaid flannel side up. Lene sat on the edge and untied her running shoes.

Jamie settled down beside her, but hesitated with his hands on his shoelace. He fought back the urge to say that he’d changed his mind for real. He knew he had to go through with this. Lene called tormenting him a sex game, but for him it filled a need, permanent and marrow deep.

Seven year old Jamie sprinted across the lawn with the abducted teddy bear tucked under his arm like a football, and Jenny Ross in hot pursuit.

“Give the animal back, mister!” she yelled.

He could outrun her easily, but stopped and faced her instead. “You have to fight me first. I have lasers.”

“They won’t work. I have a force field, remember?” Jenny barreled into him and beat on him with her fists, demanding that he surrender the bear.

He held onto it tightly.

Now, his lover was ready to torture him viciously, simply because he asked for it. No safe-word. No mercy. He was pretty sure he’d get soul sick if he didn’t take her up on it. That didn’t make it easy to force himself through the motions of untying his shoes, though. She had both shoes off, with socks tucked neatly inside, before he managed to move.

She shuffled up behind him and put her hands up under his t-shirt, resting her palms against his shoulder blades. “You ready?”

He meant to say yes, but what came out of his mouth was, “If I said no, would you hurt me?” His fingers tangled with shoelaces that seemed unusually complicated.

“Of course not.” She scratched his back affectionately, waking up a crowd of nerve endings that clamored for attention.

“You know, this place looks exactly like the dream I had about being tied to a tree with a vine.” Jamie shifted his body this way and that to help her nails hit the spots that needed them most.

“Huh. Spooky coincidence?” She didn’t sound terribly concerned.

“I don’t really think it’s a coincidence. More like a premonition.” He finally got his shoes off and set them beside hers.

She rubbed the spot between his shoulder blades that always got cramped from bike riding. “Neat. There are plenty of trees. Shall I tie you to one?”

“If you like. Or I’d let you keep doing that all night, especially a little higher.”

She obliged for a moment, then nuzzled his neck and withdrew her hands. “I like.”

He turned around so that he could look into her serious grey eyes. Her shoulders looked relaxed, and she kept a little smile on her lips, but she ruined the calm vibe she was trying to project by forgetting to breathe.

“Well then. I’m all yours – every inch.” He got the words out, but noticed that he was whispering unnecessarily.

They wrapped around each other and sealed their pact with a kiss. He closed his eyes and caressed her tongue with his. Lene’s hair, ruffled by the breeze, tickled his nose.Feeling her arms around him brought his anxiety level down to bearable, and stirred the lust that his attack of nerves temporarily eclipsed. He breathed in the aphrodisiac aroma of SPF 50.

She bit his tongue.

He squeaked in surprise and reflexively tried to pull it back. She held on. Struggling just gouged him worse; he stopped fighting her and panted. She bit harder, making him squeak and squirm again before he could force himself to stop. He tried not to whimper or squeeze her too tightly, though the fight to keep his cool was one that he expected to lose eventually. She held his entire consciousness with her teeth. Yes.

When she released his tongue, the sting lingered and the kiss tasted faintly of blood. God, yes. The clothes he’d been nervous about losing a few minutes ago were now just in the way, especially the suddenly too tight jeans. With one arm still snug around her shoulders, he reached down to unbuckle, unbutton, and unzip her pants, and then his – a challenge since she kept her arms around his waist and there wasn’t much space between them.

She pulled his shirt off over his head, forcing him to stop kissing her for a few seconds. He tugged it the rest of the way off and tossed it aside. The rest of their clothes went quickly, too, scattered haphazardly so Jamie and Lene could feel each other skin to skin. He reveled in her softness, and the contrast between his perma-tanned hand and her moon-glow pale shoulder, where her collar bone started its elegant swoop.

His opposite. Her familiar hands told him she wanted him as much as he wanted her. He hated the idea of waiting, perhaps for hours, to be inside her. Even for Jamie, that was too much torture to bear.


They collapsed together on the makeshift bed. Lene dug her fingernails into his thigh and caught a bit of his forearm between her teeth. His skin tasted salty, witha faint flavor that had no name other than Jamie. Kissing made her ache for him physically, and biting him drove her halfway to orgasm. Why did Mother Nature only give her two arms? She wanted to touch him everywhere at once.

He surprised her by shifting his weight, nudging her onto her back the way he sometimes did when they got around to screwing before she tied him up. It usually worked out that way when there were other people in the next room, and the need to be extra quiet kept her from pushing him very hard.

Cutting to the chase was the last thing she’d expected him to do, considering the circumstances, even as crazed as they were for each other.

It was hard to think about it coherently, though, with him all over her, kissing and nibbling her neck and shoulders. She curled her fingers into his hair as he worked his way down her chest. When he sucked at her nipple and teased it with his teeth, she arched her back and pulled his hair. His breathing quickened, and so did his mouth on her breast. In his enthusiasm, he pinched her nipple a little too hard between his teeth and it hurt, but her squeak made him ease up instantly; she forgot about it just as fast.

His erection bumped against her thigh and made it impossible to resist drawing her knees up and grinding against him. He didn’t need to be asked twice. He pressed into her and she wrapped her legs around him. They belonged together like this. She was his, and he was hers. Every tiny movement made her vibrate with the joy of being alive. If she could pick one moment to live in forever, this would be it. It wasn’t clear who was leading and who was following; they moved in time together by instinct.

She strained against him, trying to work him deeper inside her, to open up to him completely and give her every bit of pleasure that she could offer because he deserved to have it all. That included clawing his back hard because he loved it. His eyes slid closed, and he groaned with pain and ecstasy; the most beautiful sound in the world. It thrilled her to be the one with the privilege of drawing it out of him. He thrust into her with more force, and it hurt her hips to be shoved against the hard ground like that, but it was trivial compared with the satisfaction of feeling his whole body stiffen as he came inside her. It made her happy all the way down to her toes.

A minute later, she got around to mentioning that he was squashing her a bit. He moved over, and they lay panting side by side on the sleeping bag. She laughed. “That wasn’t quite what I meant to do.”

“I figured.” Jamie nuzzled her shoulder and draped an arm across her stomach. “Sorry. I got a little over excited. That was vicious. It hurts to talk now.” It didn’t sound like he minded.

She interlaced her fingers with his and grinned. “Don’t be sorry. As it turns out, I needed that.” She turned her head to squint at him in the glare of the setting sun. “Let me see your tongue.”

He obliged. The marks of her teeth were clearly visible. She liked that. She closed her eyes. “I’ll make that worse if we start over. Do you want to?”

“Yes. Give me a few minutes, though.” He brushed her cheek with his lips.

“Of course.” She petted his arm and worried. Although it was a law of nature that the only time Jamie wasn’t a masochist was immediately post-orgasm, so needing a break was a given, she thought she sensed ambivalence in his tone. Considering the way he hesitated before saying he was ready in the first place, shewas afraid that he’d derailed their original plan and rolled her onto her back more because he was having second thoughts than because of over-excitement. Should she second guess him, or trust him to know his own mind and be honest?

They held hands quietly for a few minutes while the sunset faded. She used her other hand toplay with her clit, trying to bring herself to orgasm, but couldn’t quite get there. It was probably because of the worrying. She opened her eyes in time to see gold give way to deep blue. The continued lack of mosquitoes pleased Lene, but it bothered her that there weren’t any fireflies or crickets in evidence either.

She listened carefully. No twilight bird calls; just the faint rustle of pine needles against pine needles when the air stirred. It felt wrong, but probably that had a lot to do with her being on edge because she wasn’t sure that Jamie was okay.


Momentarily sated, Jamie went back to worrying and got nervous again. What was it about this place that gave him distressing dreams? What if they were they bad omens that he was foolishly ignoring? But how could they be bad omens if they were part of what brought him there in the first place? Again, he considered talking to Lene about it, but everything he could think of to say sounded stupid.

Lene gnawed on her lip as she watched the last glow of sunset leach out of the sky. She stole a sideways glance at him and it dawned on him that he might not be the only one wondering whether starting over was a good idea. Panic flapped madly in his chest. He’d counted on her rock solid pragmatism ever since their first time together, when he offered her duct tape and his belt, and she taped him to his bed and laid into him without a flicker of hesitation. He had doubted his own nerve, but never considered the possibility that she might not be ready to carry through with something she said she wanted to do.

She sighed and the worry lines on her forehead smoothed out, but she didn’t smile.

Jamie sat up so he could look her straight in the eyes. She opened her mouth, as though she were about to say something, but he laid his finger across her parted lips. The words stayed unspoken. She held his gaze and waited. He drew a slow deep breath. Lene was pretty in the sunshine, but naked in moonlight, she was unearthly beautiful. It wasn’t because darkness hid her flaws. It was because the soft, silver white made her shine and stand out from everything around her.

He let his hand come to rest in her kitten soft hair. "Lene, sweetheart, please let’s start over now. I want you to hurt me until I can’t hold still for you anymore. Make me scream and beg you to stop, and then keep going until I’m completely out of my mind and you’ve had enough. That’s why we’re out here. I know you want to do it, too. Even mentioning it makes you wet in the five seconds it takes me to get a raging hard on.”

She stared up at him in silence: her mysteriousblank look.

He wasn’t sure what she was thinking, but he said it anyway. “Break me, Lene.”


Jamie’s assurance finally convinced her conscience to let the reins go slack. She would give him everything he asked for with pleasure, but couldn’t say so because her brain short circuited, her tongue went numb, and she couldn’t talk. Instead, she made a high pitched sound, somewhere between a moan and a whimper.

A smile oozed onto his face, slow, sweet, and dark. “Was that a yes?”

That look destroyed her capacity to even think in words, though later ‘floored’ came to mind. She stared up at him helplessly for a few seconds before she gave up on speaking and answered him with a slap across his cheek, as hard as she could manage at that awkward angle and distance.

He saw it coming and braced for it, closing his eyes at the last instant. It didn’t appear to hurt him much. He growled and chased after her hand to give it a love bite.

She hauled him back to the ground with her and kissed him deeply. She said yes again with her leg that she draped over his, with her forceful hand on the back of his neck, and with a shiver of excitement.

He offered her his tongue, deliberately placing it between her teeth. She took time to appreciate thetexture of the bumps where she’d bitten him earlier and the way he squirmed when she toyed with them. When she couldn’t resist any more, she made a fresh imprint of her teeth just behind the first. This time, he was ready for it, and he twitched and tensed up. He caught his breath in his throat to keep quiet and didn’t pull away. She soaked up his little struggles through her skin, and savored them. So close and personal.

Could anyone else ever feel so perfect? Once, she’d have answered the rhetorical question with an easy no, but now, it stirred up unwanted thoughts. The idea of holding someone else like this made her feel sick inside. Involuntarily, she imagined hearing some other guy’s voice cry out in response to a slap from her and it struck her as obscene. To chase the idea from her mind, she jerked her head back before she released Jamie’s tongue, drawing a yelp from him.


Jamie closed his mouth to shield his wounded tongue from her merciless teeth, even though he wanted her to hurt him the same way again. He wished that his body would cooperate better. He hated that she always ended up having to restrain him to keep him from getting away from her. Even though she took obvious pleasure in pushing him past the point where he could resist the reflex to defend himself, it didn’t seem fair for her to give him so much attention when he couldn’t hold her and caress her and lick her in return.

Lene moved to the edge of the sleeping bag and retrieved the purple bag of bondage clutter, but she never quite stopped touching him; she kept her toes against his thigh. He ran his fingers up her leg, and she wiggled her toe in response. Her position gave mooning a whole new and improved shade of meaning. She returned and dumped out the contents of the bag: rope, a couple pairs of soft handcuffs, rubbing alcohol, and the obnoxiously dull knife that she used to cut vegetables. He petted whichever parts of her he could reach while she unbundled the rope.

She fastened the cuffs around his wrists and ankles and locked them on with the tiny padlocks they were designed to hold. No escaping. He slid a finger between her legs, where she was still slick with both their juices, to toy with her while she cuffed his ankles. His attention slowed her down a little, but she didn’t let it stop her from finishing the task. She paused and made soft appreciative sounds for a minute, then said, "I think the tree on the left looks good. It’s got a side without any low branches sticking out. I’ll tie you to that one."

“Right away? Aren’t you going to see how long I can manage to cooperate with you?” He slid a couple fingers inside her.

“No.” She sounded distracted and squirmed against his hand. “It won’t be long enough to bother with.” Her words gave him a delicious surge of lust and anxiety. He added a third finger. He didn’t think she’d get too distracted now that she’d tasted blood, and he wanted to make the most of this chance to make her feel good.

She tightened her grip on his most recently cuffed ankle and moaned while he fucked her with his fingers. He kept it up for longer than he expected, because he thought she was too pretty like this for him to want to stop, and she wasn’t stopping him. She bit his calf and sucked at his skin. That wasn’t exactly encouraging him to stop either.

Eventually, though, she closed her fingers around his wrist and drew his hand away. She stood up, holding a length of rope, and coaxed him to his feet with her so she could lead him over to a tree. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught her snagging a second piece of rope with her foot and dragging it with her. “Here, hug this nice tree, please.”

From this angle, he recognized the tree as the one he dreamt about. It didn’t even surprise him. He finally saw the picture he’d been staring at all along; the stick, the blood, the tree, and the vine. The dreams weren’t omens. They were instructions. Although he realized that the idea was truly insane, he also knew it was true.

This was old magic: a blood sacrifice for fertility because the land was sterile. He recalled no evidence that anything had sprouted, hatched, or been born there since the loggers and tree planters left. At least any blood sacrifice mediated by Lene would be easily survivable. But why did it choose him? Did he get the call because he was weird enough to do this willingly, or did he want to do this because he was called? Both went back farther than his memory, so it was impossible to tease them apart.

He wanted a quiet moment to adjust after almost two decades of staunch agnosticism about all things metaphysical, so he put his arms around Lene instead of the tree. “I will, but I’m hugging you first. You’re softer and sexier.”

His unlikely priestess held him in her embrace and swayed back and forth.”You feel like heaven.” She petted his shoulder with the hand that wasn’t holding rope. “When you’re ready, though, put your arms around the tree. That’s when you give up the words no and stop. You can say them all you like, but they won’t get you anywhere.”

“I gave them up a while ago, sweetness.” He finished equilibrating and turned around to hug the tree gingerly. The pine bark felt as rough as it looked.

She threaded the rope through the rings on his handcuffs, wrapped it around the tree a couple of times, flung the end over the lowest branch to keep his arms from sliding down.She placed all the knots deliberatelywhere he couldn’t reach them. When she crouched down to tie his feet, she slid her hands along his sides, over his hips, and down his legs. His skin tingled with anticipation.

Jamie couldn’t turn his head enough to see what she was doing, but he could tell from the sound that she tugged on the sleeping bag to bring the rest of their stuff within reach. She pulled the belt out of its loops in her pants. He knew it was hers because the buckle clinked at a different pitch than the one he always wore, whether he needed it to hold his pants up or not.

"I got this one just for you.” She kissed up the back of his leg as she rose to stand beside him with her face inches from his. Her hand wandered up his back with the belt, teasing him with it.

“How um…” Jamie struggled for a word, trying to think through the mad craving and failing. She shifted a little, and the next time the belt touched him, he could tell that she’d doubled it over in her hand. "Please." If she didn’t hit him soon, he was going to start gnawing bark off the tree. She glanced down, drew her hand back and lashed him across the back of his legs, sharp and electric. It wasn’t the sensation he was expecting, or quite the place he was expecting it, and he reflexively jerked away. The careless motion scraped his hip on the tree bark. The sting was gone in a second, though, leaving him just as hungry as before.


Lene smacked Jamie lightly across the thighs with her new toy, chosen because it had the same weight as his belt, but about half the width. Picking it out with this purpose in mind was the only time in her life that she could remember enjoying spending an hour at the mall. Seeing the way a little tap made him jump was gratifying. She felt a jump inside her chest, too – a jolt of adrenaline flowing into her heart. He composed himself and focused on her face again. “Thank you,” he said in a voice drenched with lust. She couldn’t help kissing him. The way he strained towards her, and put his heart and soul into it, gave her shivers. There was a reason he was kissing like that, though, and it couldn’t be neglected for long. She took half a step back, and then put her arm into the second swing with the belt.

He yelled and thrashed violently, trying to twist around in his bonds. "Fuck, Lene. What happened to working up to it?"

“Who knows?” She knew she’d really hurt him when he started swearing. Sometimes it bothered her. This time, it made her grin. She hit him again. Even though her emotional reaction was predictable, she never got used to it. Hurting him and watching him struggle wasn’t just sexy and intimate; it was wicked fun. She couldn’t think of a better legal high.


Jamie was out of his mind sooner than he expected. He hadn’t realized how strong she was, and before that night, Lene usually gave him a few seconds between one lash and the next.Sometimes she even gave him enough time to get impatient and ask for more. This time, she allowed no respite, laying hurt on top of hurt with the stick or the belt. He loved and hated it at the same time. It was impossible to think because every time a thought coalesced in his brain, she jolted it out. The sensory overload overwhelmed him.

He fought to free himself by squeezing his hands out of the cuffs, then just pulling on them with all his strength trying to break them. They held. He yelled at her to stop.

“No.” She smiled audibly when she said it, and followed that up with a particularly vicious stroke with the stick that made him scream and pull at his bonds.

Everything was out of his control, even his own body and voice; helpless as a stray leaf in a hurricane. He heard himself bellowing like a wounded animal and shouting at her, calling her names he would have to apologize for later. Even though thrashing around did nothing to stop her from beating him and only hurt him more, he couldn’t keep still.

He noticed after a while, though, that he had gradually stopped fighting and stopped using words. He still cried out, and his throat felt raw, but his body accepted the relentless pain. Part of his brain hated what was happening to him, but the rest of his brain hoped she was still getting off on it and that she wouldn’t finish too soon. He needed to suffer like a plant needed light, and for once in his life, he was in full sun.Instead of pulling away from the tree, he leaned on it for support and lost track of time.

Lene dropped the stick and pressed her body up against his back. His skin was so raw that even the soft touch of her breasts and stomach hurt. She bit his shoulder, and he felt nothing but pleasure from her teeth. “I’m going to put you back on the ground now.” Her breath against his neck felt reassuring, and he was disappointed when she crouched down to untie his feet.

She released his hands and helped ease him down to lay horizontal. He lay on his ravaged back, halfway on the sleeping bag and half on the ground. She straddled his chest and stroked his hair. He could tell from the hungry look that she wasn’t done hurting him.

“I just want you to know that I love you.” She slapped his cheek for punctuation, but he could tell she was holding back. “Madly.” Slap. “And you are the most delicious, sexiest creature on earth.” Then the other hand came, hard. The impact jerked his head to the side, stung his cheek, and made his jaw ache.

Jamie let his head lie the where it was and said nothing.

She leaned to the side and picked something up before she grabbed a handful of his hair and turned his head back to look at her. “Close your eyes and open your mouth.”

He obeyed before it occurred to him to insist on at least seeing whatever painful thing she planned to spring on him. Realizing what he’d just done was a turn on. She used his hair to lift his head up to an angle that allowed her to place a couple drops of tasteless liquid on his tongue. At first, he was confused. Had she drugged him, or what? Then he felt the burn and squeaked in alarm.

She patted his cheek. “It’s just capsaicin.”

Where on earth did she come by this stuff? It was worse than the most insane hot sauce he’d ever tried, but the fact that Lene came up with the idea, and gave it to him withoutasking, was even hotter than the burn in his mouth. Keening came from his throat, and his eyes filled with tears so that her face became a blur. The chemical reminded him sharply about the damage to his tongue.

She leaned down and kissed away the first tear that ran down the side of his face.

Jamie closed his eyes to shut out as much of the world as possible while he struggled to process the heat. The world would not be shut out, though.She foiled his plan by reaching behind her back and wrapping a hand, wet with spit, around his cock and stroking him from hard to harder.

He swallowed a mouthful of drool and tried to recover his wits enough to return the favor. Though he managed to rest a hand on her thigh, anything more complex was beyond him.Lene lifted his hand, kissed the back of it, the fingers, and the palm, then laid it back on the ground.

She lowered herself onto his cock in one smooth easy motion, and made love to him slowly while the pain in his mouth ebbed as his tongue went numb. Just when he thought he was about to regain the power of speech so he could tell her how amazing that felt, she sat still on top of him and he smelled rubbing alcohol. A moment later, she doused his arms with it and spilled some onto his chest.

Saturday afternoon in March: Lene let herself into his apartment while he was in the shower. Since Josh was away for spring break, she called out a hello and walked right into the bathroom. She hopped up on the bathroom counter and watched him through the glass shower door.

He took longer than necessary in the shower because the way she stared at him was good for the ego. When he ran out of parts to wash that she hadn’t already seen him wash, he stepped out of the shower and wrapped himself in a towel.

She uncapped a stick of Lene-colored makeup. “Come here? I want to see something.”

“You didn’t already see enough?” He took two steps to cross the tiny bathroom and kissed her on the forehead.

Her gaze flickered down and she made a pouty face at the towel. “I was just thinking that if I cut you, it could scar, and if it did, you’d want to like the way it looks, right? So can I draw on you and get you to tell me if it’s okay?”

“Sure, but don’t think I’m going to let you put makeup on me all the time. I’m not that kind of guy.” Lene’s sharp look made him qualify that in a hurry. “Not that there’s anything wrong with being that kind of guy. I only said I’m not one.”

She drew four diagonal parallel lines on his left arm near the shoulder. “You could blame these ones on a cat if you want.” She added a fifth at a different angle on the right arm.

He checked out his reflection. It looked okay. “Perfect.” He wanted her to feel good about it.

Lene touched the blade to his arm and waited a long moment. He flinched and held his breath. The knife scared him, though he had no intention of resisting. Even if she’d put the knife against his throat, he probably wouldn’t have stopped her. She applied pressure and drew the blade along his skin in a single, smooth motion. The finely serrated edge tore into him and alcohol flooded the shallow cut. He exhaled through clenched teeth. His arm twitched and his hand curled into a fist, but he let her cut him. She rocked her hips back, chasing the trauma with pleasure.

Each cut hurt like hell and took him down farther into surrender, to sub-levels he didn’t know existed, until Jamie wasn’t just out of his mind; he was out of himself. He was everywhere and nowhere, looking down at Lene at the same time as he looked up at her, though his eyes remained closed. The knife bit into his flesh again, while cool ground water seeped into his roots and the night air stirred his branches. He saw himself with Lene’s eyes, through a haze of adoration and lust. The earth tasted of blood.

Time stretched out thin as spider’s silk over the span of one skipped heartbeat. He knew the things that were, and the things that waited to be. Seeds lay dormant in the earth, ready to grow into wildflowers, vines with big rounded leaves that catch the morning dew for thin striped lizards to drink, and a thicket of raspberry bushes. The breeze teemed with spores and grains of pollen. Under a flap of bark, hundreds of larvae waited in suspended animation inside eggs for a cue to hatch. They would have feathery antennae and hairy legs when they were grown. A human daughter with mouse brown hair in pigtails chased seagulls on the beach in one hazy possible future. Life held its breath, waiting for a word, and the word was. . .


Yes to green, to leaves, feathers, scales and hair. Yes to waking, growing, mating, soaring, and fleeing. Yes to pleasure, pain, ecstasy, and horror. Yes to all of it.

Jamie’s heart contracted, and the entire forest shivered with orgasm, even Lene, who was caught by surprise. She hugged him fiercely and babbled his name over and over. The woods whispered his name, too. He wrapped his arms around Lene and bled on her. The moment receded until he was just himself again, and everything hurt. He shivered. When did it get to be so cold? Lene fussed over him, tending to the cuts on his arms and brought him into the tent to warm him up with her body heat between sleeping bags. He meant to cuddle and apologize for calling her names, but heavy dreamless sleep dragged him down without warning.


Lene woke and dozed off several times while the day brightened and the tent warmed up. Jamie surprised her by staying asleep when she eventually scooted out from between the sleeping bags and climbed over him twice to get dressed and put on sunscreen. She left the tent to pee and get breakfast down from the trees. Her cell phone said it was noon. She brought a bottle of blue electrolyte drink and a box of Fruit Loops back with her for Jamie.

Something red on the ground near the tent caught her attention. Tiny wildflowers had sprung up overnight in the dappled sunshine where their sleeping bag had been; blood red flowers. She was positive they hadn’t been there yesterday.How odd. As she crouched down to inspect them, a white butterfly landed on one, unfurled its proboscis, and inserted it precisely into the center of the flower.

Jamie still slept when she got back in the tent, but stirred and rolled over as she sat beside him, drinking water. The purple bruise on his left cheek, overlaid by five o’clock shadow, startled her. She hadn’t seen it at all the night before, though she remembered with perfect clarity the moment when she must have given it to him. The memory made her go squishy inside all over again.

She peeled the sleeping bag down to examine his back. The crisscrossed welts that had been just a pattern of light and dark in the moonlight took on various hues of red, blue, and purple in the morning sun. She brushed her fingers over a dark red line, a little raised. That, too, conjured up a scene from the night before. Once upon a time, she’d have found marks like this on his body ugly and distasteful. Now, they were a reminder of the bond they shared, and beautiful like every other part of him.

* * * * *

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* * * * *

Oh baby boy, I have such plans for you today. Is it hard my pretty to give up control to me? Is it hard to wrap your mind around your desire to please me? You want to please me don’t you pet? You need my control, you crave it with everything in your slutty little body. I know it and deep in that place that you try to pretend doesn’t exist you know it too.

The sooner you realize pet that I am in charge the better off you will be. Stop fighting my control precious boy. Don’t you think I see you sitting there listening to this audio and pretending it is just entertainment. Don’t you realize that until you accept that you are powerless against me you will never experience the peace of true obedience. You must obey to fully understand the power of your submission. Are you brave enough to try pet?

Just because I’m not there with you doesn’t mean my control of you is any less real. I know your heart leapt when you saw a new recording. You are listening right now because you want my control of your thoughts and actions. Isn’t that true baby boy? I want you to say it right now. I want you to tell me how much you long to belong to me. Tell me how devoted you are to me. Tell me how you ache to do everything I say.

I know what you like to do when I am away you dirty little slut! I know you like to stroke your cock and make a mess. You don’t get to orgasm just because you are in the mood my slutty little boy. When you want to play with your cock you need to be listening to my voice. Your orgasms belong to me my little slut and I can only receive them if my voice is echoing in your ears when you come. You may masturbate only when I am instructing you do you understand? I need to make sure that you do it properly my messy little cum slut and that requires your obedience to my instruction.

Before we play today you will need to get some supplies…hehehe…I can see you are getting nervous already aren’t you precious? Get your favorite lube and a small container. A shot glass would do the trick but if you are worried about aim get yourself a coffee mug….oh look at that nervous shudder you just did hehehe….delicious. Don’t worry about why I want these things lovely boy. Your job isn’t to think, it is to obey.

If you aren’t already naked then strip for me. I want you laying on your back. You need to focus yourself so that you will be able to do exactly as I command. Don’t you touch your cock until I give you permission little pet.

Lace your hands and put them behind your head. I want you to take a few deep breaths to calm and centre yourself so you will be ready to be my pliant little fuck toy. You do want that don’t you lovely boy? Take a deep breath in and hold it for a few moments and then release. Do this a few times so that you are calm and relaxed and ready to be obedient. Now I am going to let you touch your body pet but not your cock just yet. You know its better when I tease you don’t you? I know you are excited to be my pet today aren’t you? Will you obey me like a good pet should?

I want you to spread your legs wide, wide enough so you feel the stretch and then I want you to touch your legs with one hand and then the other. Still laying on your back just let your hands wander down as far as they can reach. Touch your inner thighs and get as close to your cock as you dare without actually touching it. Rub your hands on that lovely crease where your leg meets your groin. Rub your chest and your arms and if you are the type of pet who likes his nipples tweaked then do that for me too. Make sure its nice and hard because if I was there I wouldn’t go easy on you.

Does it feel nice to be touching your body at my command? Is that a shiver I see going through you. Does it fill that need inside you when I tell you what to do and you obey without question? Remember that I know what you need. How do I know you ask? You read the title of this audio didn’t you my little cum slut. You had to know what I would be asking of you and yet here you sit listening. Maybe you are trying to play hard to get and sitting there with your clothes on stroking your cock and telling yourself this is just entertainment. You are robbing yourself and you are robbing me if you are doing that precious and it makes me sad to think it. You need this and yet sometimes you fight my control. Silly boy you know you need to give up your pride and let yourself feel the true joy of submission.

For my less stubborn pets please excuse the interruption but I have to keep all of my horny little boys in line so that you can be my obedient, pliant little cum sluts. I hope you have continued to touch your body as I was speaking. I want your hands touching everything, arms, legs, neck, face, stomach. Touch yourself everywhere I have allowed you but remember that I haven’t yet given you permission to touch your cock.

I want you to suck two fingers into your mouth. Suck them nice and strong for me. Roll your fingers in your mouth and push them deep. I want you to gag on those fingers for me precious boy. Imagine you are worshipping my fingers and showing your devotion with lips and mouth and tongue. Fuck your slutty mouth with my fingers pet.

Mmmmmm. I want you to slick up your cock for me now. Get it nice and wet and slippery for me. Slide it between your fingers and give yourself just the stroke to make yourself hard and hot. What are you doing masturbating on your back you lazy slut. Get on your knees and kneel up straight. I expect you to show your desire to serve in every line of your body. Your body is your offering to me little boy and I cannot accept a sloppy present now can I?

Keep stroking that luscious cock of yours. Make it a present for me. Hold it out for me as you stroke. Push your cock through your fingers the way you would if i ever deemed you worthy to fuck my pussy. Do you think you could ever be worthy of the honor of sinking your cock into my warm, wet, hole? I doubt it my pet, but consider this your audition and show me the best that is in you.

Are you getting ready to come baby boy? Can you feel your balls drawing up slightly. Do you want to come for me? Mmmm. You are so lucky to have caught me on a generous day my lovely. I am going to let you give me your sweet, hot cum. Grab the cup or shot glass and make sure you aim true my sweet. I don’t want one precious drop of your cum outside of that container. Come for me precious boy. Be a good boy and come for me and catch it all. Such a good boy. Doesn’t it feel good to obey me?

Just one more step to show your devotion. Have you ever tasted your own spunk before baby boy? Mmmmm you are going to do this for me. Raise the glass to your lips sweet heart and tip it into your mouth for me. Swirl it around and savor the taste before you swallow it down. Does it feel strange my pet to have a mouth full of cum? Or does it feel right? Does it feel good to be owned? Such a good boy.

My reverie slipped to the edge of sleep as I knelt patiently beside the bathtub where Gina silently reclined motionless in the steaming water. Finally, as serene as an elemental water nymph ascending with the morning mist, Gina arose. Her slim olive body glistened; her dark dense hair shimmered and rained soft droplets into the warm water. Gina didn’t speak, but handed me a towel. I devotedly knelt and reverently blotted her dry. As Gina turned to pad away across the puddled floor I started to rise to follow, but Gina tenderly placed her hand on my shoulder silently obliging me to kneel and wait. I worshipfully obeyed my water spirit.

She returned a few moments later saying, “Anna gave me this today. I’m sorry, but she said you must wear it to our appointment. Anna does not like dealing with men who are not, as she puts it, “properly hobbled”. Your cock has finally shrunken, so you better put it on quickly before it gets big again.”

My penis had indeed shriveled to a trifling flaccid thing. Gina handed me a small metal contraption constructed of three small steel rings welded to three straps to assemble a narrow cylindrical cage. The whole thing was about two inches long, with a bar enclosing one end and eyelets terminating each strap at the other end. “It’s a cock cage, or male chastity belt. Anna insists that males be constrained in her presence, and she insists that the confinement be as tight and constricting as possible. I told her that you could wear a size small. I find it remarkable how tiny your shrunken dick can get considering how big it is hard. Put it on quickly, that thing is starting to grow already.”

I took the contraption from Gina, but it wouldn’t slide over my still soft dick. Gina stood over me like a third grade teacher watching a slow student struggle with fractions. “Pinch the cock head and thread it through the rings. That’s it. Now reach in and pull the cock head past the end bar as far as you can. Pull it tight against your body. Good, now stuff the head back behind the end bar. Thread this through the eyelets. That’s it. Now stand up.”

I followed Gina’s instructions, pulling my soft cock through the rings, and then threading a long, light chain through the eyelets on the cage. Gina was right to caution me to be quick; my cock was beginning to swell and if it were any bigger, it would not have fit through the restrictive rings. Gina pulled the ends of the chain back between my legs, looped them up and around my waist and back under the chain in front so the whole affair could be pulled tight. She locked everything in place with a small padlock. My cock was imprisoned within the unyielding steel rings while the chain held everything tight against my body. The effect was to limit my cock to a pathetic two-inch length, and to squeeze the girth into the tiny dimension permitted by the steel rings.

The slight discomfort of the apparatus increased to moderate pain as my cock began to swell against the bars of its jail. The cage was indeed an effective chastity belt, if chastity could have anything to do with this obscene display of sexual submission. An erection was impossible. The steel rings easily defeated my hopeless, pathetically insistent engorgement. Ah sweet chastity, at least the matter was now out of the hands of my pitiable will. My prideful manhood was coldly crushed.

Gina stood back and admired her handy work. “Oh that’s nice. Anna’s right; men should have their cocks hobbled in the presence of women. Now one more thing, you will also wear a testicle harness. Stand up and bend over the sink counter. Spread your legs.”

Gina knelt behind me, took hold of my scrotum, and squeezed my balls down until they popped out below her fist. I had become accustomed to the odd and sexy sensation of Gina’s hand around my scrotum. Gina pulled, kneaded and quashed my balls. My cock’s dumb masculine imperative drove mindless assaults against the bars of its prison, but of course, this impossible revolt failed.

The steely rule of feminine dominion prevailed. My conquering queen proclaimed, “Ah, the poor thing can’t get hard. Too bad, I win. But you still like it when I take you by the balls don’t you? You like giving me your balls, letting me play with these slippery, vulnerable jewels, don’t you honey?” Gina clenched her fist, bore down, and stretched my scrotum to its limit.

I pulled back against aching strain and embraced the dull, seductive pain. Whenever Gina took me by the balls, she compelled surrender and obliged submission to her command. I hissed through clenched teeth, “Yes. I want to give my balls to you. My balls made me your slave. Take them; take me. When you first took me by the balls, you seized my heart and my soul. I don’t know where you learned your magic, but it works. Take my balls; take control. Make me weak, exposed, and vulnerable, and that’s all I want to be. Thank you. Please, please, never stop using me.” The ache in my groin was a sinful indulgence intense beyond imagining. The shameful truth was that until Gina took my balls, I had not known what gratification meant.

Before Gina, I was strictly a cock kind of guy. I shielded my testicles against pain and so denied myself the finest intensity of pleasure. Occasionally a girl had licked my balls in the course of giving head, but the slight tickling had just made me nervous. I worried about damage to the family jewels. “A kick in the balls.” It’s not just an expression, as I had learned from painful experience in a scramble for a basketball. I caught an accidental knee to the crotch and collapsed to the ground, grasping my crotch, gasping for air, and doubled over from the piercing pain. From then on, like men everywhere, I was very skittish and protective of my testicles.

When Gina first played with my balls, I started to warn her off, but she would have none of it. She promised me she would not hurt me and that I would love it. She was true to her word, at least about the loving it part. She lied shamelessly about the impending pain.

I let her have her way. Gina held my sack in her fist and gently messaged my testicles with her thumb. Then she licked my scrotum, took my balls into her mouth, and rolled my testicles around with her tongue. With a gentle pulling and soft stroking, she sucked as if she were milking me. I could not get enough of this strange new treat.

Gina knew precisely how far to take me in each encounter, gradually addicting me to this odd delight, each time taking me a step further down the path she had chosen for me. Gina’s control was exquisite. She lay between my legs filling me with a pleasure so pure I could not have imagined it. I craved more, and with each encounter, Gina gave more, and took more, sucking and pulling on my testicles longer and harder. She used her teeth. The promise of more dragged me deeper, deeper into bliss and surrender, deeper under Gina’s control.

Gina carefully led me to the brink of that vividly remembered piercing pain, and held me balanced on the razor’s edge between pain and pleasure. She sucked my balls into her mouth, and with precise control, ran her teeth over and then into my testicles, tenderly pulling, softly tugging, then firmly yanking. She so gradually drove pleasure into pain that I could not tell them apart. If I gasped from a sudden stab of pain she would stop, look up at me, and laugh, “Don’t be such a baby. I know you like it, so stop whining. You don’t want me to stop, do you? You usually seem to like the way I use your balls, but I’ll stop if you like. Otherwise, please be quiet.”

Gina, lying between my legs, my balls firmly grasped in her fist, looked up at me with a mocking smirk. She would wait until I begged for more.

“Please Gina don’t stop. I will be silent.”

“Not good enough.”

“Please mistress, I need you. Please hurt me; please make me ache; please take my balls in your mouth, in your teeth. Punish me.”


“Oh don’t be so cruel. Indulge me. Indulge yourself. Sink your teeth into it; rip me; use me. I will be quiet. Hurt me; punish me. I beg you.”

“Since you beg.” And then she would take my balls back into her mouth, briefly shift back toward tenderness, and finally, with progressively increasing pressure, Gina would punish me for complaining. Gina sunk her teeth deeper, harder into my manhood and tore down the illusions that held me together as a man. She drove me to the yawning edge of punishing pain, and then threw me over the cliff, past the petty bounds of self-survival instinct, and beyond trifling care for tomorrow or even personal identity.

I struggled to obey and suffer in silence. I did not scream. But I could not quell my girlish squeals and raspy hissing moans, so I glossed over my failure to be quiet with whiny begging for more. Her teeth ripped at my balls while I writhed. I thanked my mistress for the ache, pleaded for her forgiveness, and prayed to my goddess for more. I begged Gina not to stop; I begged for more pain; I begged her to take my balls. She indulged me.

Gina threw me over the cliff, and I fell down and down and crashed onto jagged boulders. A swift current of agony coursed through me and swept away all that I had been. The gnawing ache in my groin became the river Gina, and I became its hollow canyon eroded to bedrock. To please my Gina at last I submerged all resistance. I was silent.

Gina took me with knowing skill and exquisite execution. She knew exactly how to bind the physical to the psychological. She was precise and practiced in the use and care of a male’s testicles. She knew just how much to suck for pleasure and how deep to sink her teeth into the meat of the thing for pain, but not destruction. She was meticulous in her care for the cords to preserve the blood vessels and nerves. She was scrupulous in her gnaw on the ball itself. She broke scrotal skin, but not the germ within. My sack bore her teeth marks; my testicles bore only the ache. She did not break the eggs, but she scrambled the brain.

With unerring accuracy, Gina took me to psychological devastation, but short of medical disaster. I became entirely hers, her thing—her empty vessel to be filled with pain. I became her cup to be drained at her pleasure. In the crucible of my tortured being, Gina’s gift of pain transmuted to pleasure—deep, dark, rich indulgence. I luxuriated in anguish as Gina drank her fill. I carelessly spilled my soul.

When sated, Gina dismissed me. I immediately craved more. From my crotch to the pit of my gut, a fading echo of the punishing pain called to me throughout the day. I dreamed of Gina constantly. Throughout the day’s tedious wait for more, the ache in my groin counseled gratitude for each petty insult and each dismissive affront with which Gina favored me. Gina renewed the screeching agony each evening. The enduring ache was a constant reminder of my love, of my submission, and a relentless call to beg for more.

Gina made me lay naked spread eagle on the bed. She knelt between my legs, grasped my balls and smiled, “Time for your treatment. Take it like a man. Take it in silence.” Then she would bend over me like a carnivore at its kill, clenching and wrenching my scrotum, and gnawing on my testicles as she used her free hand to drive herself to satisfaction. All the while, I lay writhing, gasping, fraught with fear that I might be torn apart or that I might offend her with a scream. But I eagerly, earnestly offered my manhood to whatever fate Gina dealt and struggled only to yield in silent gratitude.

Gina handled me shrewdly and I followed her down the path of utter capitulation. She schooled me in the peculiar raptures of pain and submission. I was an apt student. After my absolute surrender, Gina made me beg for it. She made me get on my knees at her feet and beg her to torture my balls. Finally, for three long weeks, my balls were denied their fix, and I was denied orgasms. Gina utterly deprived my testicles of her therapy. She punished me by denying me punishment. It drove me mad; I was obsessed, fixated, crazed. I constantly craved that weird pain/pleasure to which Gina had addicted me.

But now I was bent over the bathroom counter legs spread, my dick swelling, straining against its new cage with Gina squatting behind, at last again fondling my balls. I looked at the face in the mirror. How could that face still look so much the same as my old self? All within was new, better. Gina clenched and wrung my balls with crushing force. The face in the mirror contorted to a pained grimace. “Ah yes. This is my new face.”

“What’s the matter, baby, this always used to get your dick big and hard? But today it’s still so small and pathetic. Such a pity, I guess your cock of steel really isn’t as strong as real steel, is it? It’s all bound up, bursting, but busted. How nice. Now this.”

Gina operated on my crotch. She wrapped a leather strap behind my scrotum and around the base of my caged cock. It snapped shut. Attached below was another wider strap. Gina wrapped this firmly around just my scrotum. Again it snapped tight. My balls bulged out below just as if Gina were grasping them in her loving fist. Gina then pulled a final thin strap over the end, separating my balls until they popped out at the sides like two mushrooms. Gina attached a chain dog leash to the ball-separating strap and ordered, “Stand up. Put your hands behind your head and look at yourself in the mirror.”

I looked up. I could hardly believe what I saw. My balls hung low between my legs, their size exaggerated by the effect of bulging through the restraining harness, but my cock was pathetically small, almost not there, constrained within the glinting steel of the chastity cage. Gina had at last granted the thing my balls craved. It was not Gina’s strong fist or the judicious bite of her teeth, but mechanical, unloving grasp of a leather harness.

In the bathroom mirror, I saw Gina standing behind me with a thrilled grin. “Oh, I like that. Anna is so right. That is the way a slave boy should be kept.” Gina grabbed the leash, lifted it up back between my legs and yanked. I stumbled backwards. “Follow me boy. Keep your hands behind your head.” I respected her summons. I followed my ruler as she led me by the balls. I struggled to keep up, shuffling backwards, hands behind my head, my ball leash tugging me along. Gina grinned back at me with the dog leash slung over her shoulder marching me toward the bedroom. I viewed the whole ludicrous parade in the bathroom mirror, the grinning bitch dragging her trussed up beast to who knows what sort of sacrifice.

Once in the bedroom Gina sat on the edge of the bed. “Now you will assist me in getting dressed. I left some bags at the front door with some things I bought just for our meeting with Anna. Fetch them.”

I turned obediently, realizing that I would have to walk naked, cock and balls bound across the apartment with the window blinds open so that any casual observer would see my predicament. I was beyond caring. My leash dragged behind between my legs rattling across the floor as I fetched Gina’s shopping bags. When I returned Gina laid out her purchases on the bed. Leather was the theme, a closely fitted red leather top with long sleeves and priestly collar, a full-length black leather sarong, and red, thigh length, high heel platform boots.

Gina put on the top, and turned her back to me without a word expecting me to zip her up. The leather was a perfect skintight fit. The zipper closed snugly on the deep inward curve of Gina’s beautiful lower back, firmly embracing her tiny waist before closely following the arching expanse to her board shoulders. I surreptitiously ran my finger from the deep hollow of Gina’s back to the exploding fullness of the ass I worshipped. She handed me the sarong dress. I wrapped the supple leather around Gina’s waist and affixed it by a wide belt with a large silver buckle.

Gina sat on the bed and crossed her legs. The sarong slit open to just below her crotch. Apparently, Gina would not be wearing panties. Gina pointed her toe at me, “Boots.” The dark red leather was slick and pliable with two-inch platforms and six-inch heels. Yet again where I belonged, on my knees before my tyrant, serving, I eased Gina’s foot into the boot and fastened the long rows of buckles to the mid thigh.

I bent forward and kissed Gina’s exposed thigh above the top of her boot and contentedly continued my duties. As Gina uncrossed her legs, I glimpsed her love gash deep in the shadowy slit cut in the black leather of her dress. The beguiling scent of leather enveloped me. Sadly, the odor of my goddess’s cunt had been washed away in her bath. I pined for it. I buckled the second boot high onto Gina’s thigh. Diamond anklets affixed over the boots completed the ensemble.

Gina rose before me. She was magnificent—blood red and night black, all cold shinning leather. My ruler towered above me as I gazed up from my knees groveling at her feet. Now a full six inches taller, Gina was thoroughly imposing. She ignored me and admired herself in the mirror, posing, looking profile right then left. Gina then stood with legs apart. She threw her shoulders back, breathed in deeply, grabbed me by my hair and forced me to bow. She smiled to herself in the mirror, “Anna will like this.”

She looked down on me, “Slave, I will put on my makeup, and you will dress. Wear a sport jacket, black tee shirt and loose pants. Be sure your ball leash comes out the front of your pants so that it’s available for me to use as I wish, but put the excess length in your front pocket so that your chain does not hang below your jacket. It’s time for you to meet Anna. Get prepared.”

She turned to the mirror to enjoy her image. “Leave me.”

This is the first in a series of stories about a bi-curious guy that decides to explore his fantasies with a Master he met online.


Well there he was, in the parking lot, with a bag full of the requested items. Could he do it? Could he knock on the door and really push the envelope of his experiences. He got out of the car and walked into the lobby and asked for what room Al was in. The clerk at the desk directed him to the house phone and told him to use that to call the operator who would then connect him to the correct room. Tim nervously walked over, stared at the phone for a minute, finally picked it up and waited for the operator. He again asked for Al’s room. The operator connected him through. Tim’s heart rate surged. After a ring the other end picked up, “Hello?” came the voice. Tim thought his knees were going to collapse.

Tim was finally able to weakly say “Hi Al, It’s Tim how are you doing? I am in the lobby.”

Al smiled as he stood by the phone he could hear the nervousness in Tim’s voice. “My room is 231. It is on the backside of the building. Come on back.”

Tim left the lobby, got in his car and drove around. He found the room, stopped the car and sat and wondered again what he was doing. His heart was beating harder already, his palms felt sweaty and his knees felt weak. He took a deep breath, grabbed his bag and got out of the car. He walked up the stairs and headed to the door. The butterflies in his stomach got larger and more active.

He took another deep breath, reached out and knocked. Tim heard the door lock rattle and the door slid open. Al was standing in the door with a smile on his face and he invited Tim in. Tim’s knees were knocking as he walked in. Al closed and locked the door. Tim was just standing there with a look like a deer in the headlights. Al told him to put down his bag and have a seat on the bed. Al walked over to a small cooler and picked out a soda and a bottle of water and offered them to Tim. Tim took the soda, said thanks and sat back down.

Al asked how Tim was doing and Tim said okay. He added that he was still nervous and amazed that he was in the room. Al told him to take a deep breath and to relax. Everything would be fine. Tim tried to relax but he still felt like he was shaking like a leaf. Tim and Al continued to talk some.

After a few minutes Al asked Tim to take off his shirt. He blushed as he saw Al watching him strip his shirt off. Al then told him to open his bag of panties and toys. Tim picked up his bag and opened the zipper. Al smiled as he saw Tim sort of fumble to get the bag open.

“Hand me the toys you brought”, Al said as Tim sat on the bed and held the bag open.

Tim handed over the digital camera, the flogger, the parachute harness for his balls and the inflating/vibrating butt plug. Tim’s cock was hard as a rock even though he was as nervous as hell and embarrassed as hell to be showing another man his sex toys and his panties. Even though it was warm in the room he felt like he was shivering. Was it cold in the room or was it nerves?

Al was sitting in the only chair in the room wondering if Tim would make it through their session. Due to time constraints he had to keep pushing Tim without freaking him out. Al picked up the camera, and told Tim to stand in front of him and to unzip his pants and unbuckle his belt. Tim’s hands fumbled as he pulled on the belt. Finally he had the belt loose and he pulled down the zipper. As the zipper went down Al took a picture of the panties Tim was wearing framed by the pants. Al thought he could see the bulge in Tim’s pants showing his excitement even though he was nervous. Good he thought to himself as he then told Tim to begin to pull down the pants.

As Tim dropped his pants and slowly stood up, Al said “Nice” as Tim stood back up. Tim was now standing in front of another man while wearing lingerie for the first time. Al took another picture.

“Now walk away from me and back like you do on your cam for me” Al said. As Tim turned to walk away Al took a picture of Tim’s panty covered ass. Tim turned around and walked back as he felt like his face was on fire.

“Okay, go to the bathroom and put on another pair,” Al said to Tim.

Tim reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of panties. Tim had tried to pick out the pairs that Al had liked when he wore them on cam. The pair he had picked out for the second pair was a thong with some ruffles on the edges. As he pulled the panties up, his cock was so hard that it even though he wasn’t huge it was popping out the top and his balls were hanging out from underneath. As he stepped out back into the room Al took a picture. As Tim walked slowly forward, Al took another picture. Al told Tim to stand in front of him and to gently stroke himself.

Tim thought he was going to blush as he took a hand away from his hips and let it begin to caress the shaft of his cock. His hands nervously tracing the outline of his cock through the panties. His cock pulsing and shifting underneath the fabric. His knees were still feeling like he was shaking like crazy but he tried to concentrate on just playing with himself. He let his hand run down the shaft and he began to massage his balls that were hanging out. He cradled his balls and gently rolled them. Al continued to take a couple of pictures of him in his panties.

“Okay” Al said “Go get into another pair of panties” Tim walked back to the bathroom and picked out another pair. Tim slid into the next pair and walked back out. Al took more pictures and Tim’s cock was still rock hard. Now as he was standing in front of Al, Al told him to use one hand on his clit and the other on his nipples.

Al was still sitting there with Tim’s panty covered cock at his eye level watching with a little smile as Tim began to get hornier and move into that submissive state of mind. Tim had switched back to a bikini panty so his balls were covered again. His clit as Al had now referred to it was still hard and beginning to leak a little. Al asked him Tim if he was getting wet. Tim replied that he was. Al told him to show him. Tim stood in front of Al Al, shyly pulled down his panties until they were tucked under his balls and continued to stroke and play with his clit. As he played, drops of precum began to form at the head.

Al said “Lick it up” As Tim wiped up the cum with his finger and brought it to his mouth, Al smiled again.

“Turn around and let me see your pussy”

Tim turned around began to pull his panties the rest of the way off.

“Lay across the bed and show me your pussy”.

Tim lay across the bed with his knees on the floor. He reached back and pulled his cheeks apart. His heart began to pound harder.

“Very Nice Tim, that pussy is just begging for attention”, Al said as he watched Tim continue to nervously follow directions. “Now go get another pair of panties for me.”

Tim stood up, pulled up his panties, tucking in his clit and walked back to the bathroom. Tim slid into another pair of panties that are one of Al’s favorites. They were a bluish purple that on cam looked almost totally sheer. They fabric did nothing to hold him in place.

As he walked back out Al smiled and he knew that Tim was ready for the next step. Tim’s clit was still hard and Tim seemed to be a little less nervous now.

“Move closer to me this time”. Al said as Tim stood in front of him. Tim moved up almost next to Al. Al took a couple of pictures from the front and then told him to turn around and bend over. After Tim was bent over Al took a couple more pictures. He then told Tim to turn back around. Al’s cock was rock hard in his pants.

“Kneel between my legs” Al said. Tim seemed to get nervous again, but he knelt down.

“Unbuckle my pants”, Al said. Tim reached out and fumbled with the buckle. After the belt was undone, Tim heard “Unzip my pants”. Tim could see the outline of Al’s cock through his pants and as the zipper came down he could see the bulge pushing out through the “V” in that was now formed by the open zipper.

“Very Good Tim” Al said. “Now pull down my pants only” Tim’s heart felt like it was pounding in his ears as he reached out grabbed the sides of Al Al’s pants and began to slide it down. Al lifted his hips and helped wiggle out of his pants. Tim was now on his knees with another man’s boxer covered cock in front of him. The head was beginning to peek out from the fly of the boxers. Tim felt like his whole body was shaking.

Al said, “It is time, Tim, Pull down my boxers.”

Tim’s hands trembled and he still felt the butterflies running rampant as he began to remove Al’s boxers. As the boxers slid down Al’s legs his cock sprang up and stood up. There were drops of precum on the head. Tim tried not to look at it but he was amazed that he was this close to another man’s cock. Al let him just kneel there for a minute. Finally Tim seemed to sense that if he was going to do it, he better get going. He reached out with his hand and placed it on Al’s thigh next to his hard cock. Al’s cock seemed to surge at his touch. Al’s cock looked huge compared to his own. Maybe it was because he was looking at it from a different angle.

Al sat back as Tim struggled with his nervousness. Tentatively Tim’s hand moved closer and closer. Tim could feel some sweat rolling down his sides. His heart was beating in his throat now. Tim was shifting on his knees, his cock still hard in his panties as he moved his fingers to Al’s cock. The feeling was strange. It was warm, hard and soft all at once. As he hands touched it he realized he was going to keep over and die. Other things have changed for him but it hasn’t killed him, So Far.

Al kept quiet as he watched Tim reach out slowly towards his cock. He kept his legs still and spread as Tim moved his hand closer and closer to his cock. Tim began to slowly run his fingers up and down the shaft and across the head. Precum was already forming and Tim was looking right at it. Tim began to wrap his hand around the shaft and began to gently stroke Al’s cock. The strangeness kept his heart beating hard. He kept on stroking with the one hand. Finally he ran his hand down to Al’s balls and caressed them. This caused Al to groan. Tim’s hand moved back up and began to stroke the shaft slowly and tentatively. Al tried moving his hips to begin fucking his Tim’s hand. This action scared Tim a little. It brought the head of Al’s cock closer to his own face. He had to move closer between Al’s legs to make it easier to stroke Al’s cock.

Now he was staring at a hard, hot and throbbing cock just inches from his face. Al seemed to be encouraging him to open his mouth and let it slide in. Tim opened his mouth and let is tongue slide out. Could he do it, could he take another man’s cock in his mouth? Tim began to bend forward. His tongue touched the head of Al’s cock. Tim just sat there for a minute. His hands were now just holding Al’s shaft as his tongue began to do the exploring. He ran his tongue around the head feeling the shaft swell and pulse. Tim began to run his tongue down the side of the shaft. His head was swimming in emotions. His cock was still hard and Tim thought if he touched it, he might explode. He then ran his tongue back up the underside of Al’s cock and this brought some more precum to the end of his cock.

Al looked down and said “Lick it up, taste your Master’s cum for the first time.” Tim stretched out his tongue, ran it up across the slit in the head and he had his first bit of another man’s cum on his tongue. Tim slowly pulled his tongue back inside his mouth as he let his hands continue to massage and stroke Al’s shaft and balls. Tim then opened his mouth, and lowered his head back to the head of Al’s cock. He then let the head slide into his mouth. It is now official he was a cocksucker. As Tim closed his mouth around the head of the cock, Al continued to sit still but he did pick up the camera. He aimed it down and took a shot of Tim with his mouth now wrapped around another man’s dick. Tim blushed when he realized what had just happened. His own cock was still dripping but he kept his hands away.

Al continued to sit back and let his new Tim work through the flood of emotions and experiences. Tim began to work his Al’s cock deeper into his mouth. His tongue all over the shaft and head. His one hand beginning to fondle Al’s balls more and the other stroking the exposed shaft. Finally Al reached out with his hands and held Tim still. He then began to move his hips back and forth in earnest. He was now fucking Tim’s mouth. Tim struggled to take as much in his mouth as he could. He tried to get into a rhythm of sucking and stroking but he just wasn’t coordinated enough. As Al’s cock got wetter from his sucking it became easier to stroke him.

Al’s cock filled his mouth. Tim’s mouth was wrapped around it and he was working hard to breath though his nose. Finally Al let go of Tim’s head and let him catch his breath while Tim bobbed his head up and down on Al’s cock, bringing the head in and out of his mouth. Finally the anticipation and waiting got the best of Al. He let out a groan, grabbed Tim’s head and said, “Here it comes and don’t swallow yet”. Tim didn’t know what to expect. He just sat there with his lips wrapped loosely around Al’s cock as his hands stroked his Als shaft and massaged his balls. Tim felt Al’s balls contract and he could almost feel the cock swell in his mouth as Al began to shoot his load. Tim just knelt there. His hands slowly stopped stroking Al’s cock. After a couple of spurts, Al pulled his cock from his Tim’s mouth and Tim just looked up.

“Show me the load Tim” Al said as he looked down. Luckily Tim hadn’t swallowed yet. The taste was much different than his own. He blinked as Al took a picture of Tim kneeling, mouth wide open and cum visible on his tongue.

After the picture, Al said, “You can swallow now.” Tim swallowed and then just sat there.

“Well Done, Tim, now stand up for me,” Al said. As Tim stood up and stepped back, Al got up and walked over to the toys on dresser. He picked up something and walked back to Tim. Al stood in front of Tim and said “Spread your legs and put your hands on your head”. As Tim spread his legs Al showed him the ball parachute. Somehow Tim’s cock had remained hard the entire time. He was dripping pre-cum and you could see the stains on his panties. Tim stood there with his hands on his head, his cock bobbing in mid air since it had escaped the confines of the loose fitting panties.

Al reached down and Tim gasped as he felt another man’s hands on his balls. Al fondled them gently and even ran his hand up the shaft. Tim groaned. Al then knelt down and attached the parachute to Tim’s balls. Tim groaned again as he heard the snaps click together and put pressure on the skin between his balls and his cock. As Al stood up he ran his hands across Tim’s ass. Tim shivered at Al’s touch.

Al the walked over to his own bag and brought out a flogger and some weight attached to chains. Tim’s eyes opened wide at the site of the weights. Could he take that kind of weight? Even though he had no clue how much it was, it still made him nervous. Al said, “Turn around” Tim turned around and after a minute he felt the flogger hit his back. As the flogger began to hit his back more he began to squirm some. Then Tim jumped when the flogger hit his ass. After a few minutes, the flogger stopped and he felt Al standing behind him. Al ran his hand down across Tim’s panty covered ass. Al then knelt and hung some of the weights from Tim’s balls. Tim groaned as the weights were released. Al then began to tap the weights with his foot to make them swing. Tim closed his eyes and tried to adjust to the new sensations. Tim was amazed that his cock was still maintaining an erection.

Al ordered Tim to turn around. Tim shuffled around and Al grabbed the camera to take some more pictures. After the pictures, Al reached out and pinched each of Tim’s nipples. This caused Tim to groan again. Al then knelt down in front of Tim and shortened all the chains. When he stood up, Al told Tim to walk to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, Al walked behind Tim and tied his hands behind his back with some rope. Al then told Tim to kneel in the tub. Tim struggled to lower himself to his knees in the tub.

“Turn and face me know” Al said while holding his dick in front of Tim’s face. Tim looked up and he had a feeling he knew what was coming. He seemed to instinctively open his mouth.

“I will stop every so often to make sure you are okay.” Tim nodded with his mouth wide open. After just a short pause, Al began to pee into Tim’s mouth. After Tim had a mouthful, Al stopped himself and let Tim swallow. Tim swallowed the gift. His face grimaced a little at the stronger taste but he then opened his mouth, and nodded that he was ready to continue. After several swallows Al finally turned to the toilet and just finished in there. He then grabbed a glass, filled it with water and handed it to Tim.

“Drink this and rinse out your mouth, once you are done, crawl back into the room.”

After Tim had drank the water to rinse some of the taste out of his mouth he crawled back into the room. He could feel the weights still swinging and dangling as he crawled along the floor. Al was standing and holding his butt plug.

“Crawl up on the bed”

Tim crawled up on the bed and put his head down and presented his ass to Al. Tim could hear Al pulling gloves on his hands. Tim gasped and shivered when he felt Al’s hands on his ass. Al ran his finger up and down the crack of his Tim’s ass watching him shake in nervousness. Al removed the weights from the parachute but left the parachute itself in place. Al grabbed the lubricant, squeezed some on his finger and applied some to Tim’s tight hole. Tim groaned as Al pressed a finger against his asshole. Slowly and gently Tim’s hole spread open to accept the invading digit. Al slowly but firmly pushed his finger into his Tim’s ass. After his finger was all the way in, Al just let it rest there for a minute. He then began to slide the finger in and out. As he stroked his finger in and out of his Tim’s ass he could see Tim begin to push back a little.

Al then pulled out the finger and quickly pressed 2 fingers against his Tim’s tight ass. This time it took a little longer to work the fingers into Tim’s ass. Tim tried to relax his ass as he felt the additional finger being pressed up against his hole. His thought his mind was still calling him a freak for wanting to try what was coming. Al continued to press and push his fingers into Tim’s ass. Al watched with a smile as Tim relaxed more and more allowing the fingers to slide in. Soon they were all the way in. Al again kept his hand still until Tim was used to the fullness. Al did reach under Tim and tease him by slapping his balls lightly. This caused Tim to groan and squirm on the two fingers that were buried in his ass. Al then began to slide the fingers in and out of his ass while applying more lubricant at the same time.

Al then removed his fingers and pulled down Tim’s panties to his knees. Tim picked up each knee and helped to kick off the panties. Al then picked up the inflatable/vibrating butt plug that his Tim had brought. He applied more lubricant to it and pressed it against his Tim’s ass. Tim jumped and groaned as he felt the tip of the plug at his ass. Even though he had used it on himself several times so he knew he could take it, he was still nervous. His cock sure wasn’t, it was still hard and dripping some cum onto a towel that Al had put on the bed. As the plug was pushed farther in Tim groaned as he felt it spreading his hole. Tim’s head was buried in the bed and he had his hands spread out to keep himself still as Al pushed steadily onward. Finally the widest part of the plug slipped in and his ass closed up around the end of the plug.

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