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Sanya watched the curtains bluster outward. Or was it inward? They were moving towards her and away from the open window. It was these types of questions she pondered when sleep despised her presence. As far as she was aware, there were no Gods or Goddesses of sleep to offend, but she was beginning to wonder if some sort of sacrifice might be in order anyway.

She lifted her wrist grudgingly to see what time it was. On the final ascent to her face she remembered she’d ditched the watch hours ago with a nice toss towards the far wall. She’d gotten tired of knowing how few hours for sleep she still had to grab before her alarm clock blared. Speaking of which, where had she hidden her alarm clock this time? Oh well, she’d remember soon enough when it went off in its hideously soul piercing call of doom.

Drumming her fingers on her stomach, she pinched at her satin night slip. It clung to her in an annoying way. It felt more like a mourning shroud than something sexy and alluring. Not that anyone was there to take in the way it draped over her perky breasts, dipping just slightly into her cleavage, suggestive of a hidden landscape ready for exploration.

Deciding whether to take it off or leave it on was her next predicament. Moving would show defeat in the eyes of sleep. Did she want to admit she’d been a failure at sleep again? Not that being frozen in nearly one place was conducive to sleep. Damn, life questions were too much to face alone, in the dark when too exhausted to sleep. Of course had she been able to sleep any of the previous nights she wouldn’t be exhausted.

Sanya put a track mark of teeth down her lower lip. There was still the remnant of her cherry lip gloss. It was wrong, just wrong that no one else’s teeth or tongue was wicking away the last taste of cherry for her. Life wasn’t fair.

Here she was in an expensive night slip, her hair was freshly washed and conditioned for lively buoyancy, according to the label, and she had the dorm room to herself. This wasn’t even taking into consideration her kickass body from being on the gymnastic’s team.

Her mind harkened back to class earlier in the day about the fall of the Roman Republic and Caesar’s antics. Maybe it was time to relive history and go and conquer a sex slave for her very own. Caesar never had a cold tent at night. Now thousands of years later she was living with indoor plumbing and heat but her mattress was getting cold.

She punched her mattress for its insolence in only supporting her and sat up. It was time to go and hunt for a man. If Caesar could do it, so could she. She had Roman blood in her on her father’s side after all. An army wasn’t in her arsenal, but her legs could slay by contour alone and her slip did leave a lot of her body available for eyes to prey on. The little bit of her body covered could easily be shoved out of the way by insistent hands. Battle ready she was. Now she just needed an available cock to soothe her tired limbs by and thereby be granted the blessing of euphoria induced sleep. Now that would have been a great Roman name for a woman. Euphoria.

Sanya mentally jotted down that idea in her brain so she could bring it up in class and watch the men try to refrain from squirming and her teacher play with his suspenders. She did notice he played with his suspenders a lot when she opened her mouth or waltzed by him to find a place to sit. Suspenders were a great guide into the lower regions of a man’s anatomy. Men should wear them far more often than they did, she rationalized, shifting her legs off the side of the bed and getting to her feet.

Shoes and slippers were unnecessary. At this time of the night, the only place she was going to find a captive was in the TV room at the end of the hall. Maybe, if luck was going to bless her, like it often had Caesar, a poor pitiful, male, soul would be watching TV instead of faking sleep. A poor pitiful, male, soul that didn’t have a Macedonian war-prone, girlfriend hidden away would be even better. But she was desperate and would deal with any ignited war flames later, after she’d had her conquest and was satiated.

Giving her hair a toss to undo any damage lying down had done, she slipped quietly over the carpet out of habit. Not that her roommate came back much. Bitch. How dare she be more successful in bed than her.

At the door she turned the nob and listened. It was one thing to go half naked into a room that might be empty, but she really didn’t want her floor masturbating to her image if she wasn’t going to get any action out of it.

Outside sounded empty, so she shifted into the hall and left the door ajar behind her. An exit plan was always a smart move history taught, and she prided herself on being a fast learner who could apply history to daily life.

Sanya opted for silence over speed and proceeded down the hall under as much stealth as her poorly clad body allowed for. She certainly wasn’t going to fade into the institutional off -white paint should somebody’s door open to answer the call of a bladder or middle of the night hunger pain.

She now stood pressed against the door frame, her neck craning around the open door to see what exploits lay in wait.

Ah, the gods of sleep might not look kindly on her, but clearly the priestesses of sex did put in a good word for her. One, lonely, soul was contained by the room. And it was a man. Cock be with her.

The guy’s back was to her as he slumped down in the sofa angled for prime TV viewing. Either he was asleep or her gymnastics were coming into use. Had she wanted, she could leap onto the sofa right now, but she needed her prey alive, not in the ER from a heart attack.

Hair style was too college male to help in identification so she crept closer. Not that it really mattered who he was, but it seemed polite to at least know who she was about to confront.

It was the shirt that eventually gave it away. Only one man that she could remember was married to grey plaid shirts and khaki pants, and that man was Xander. For his sake, she hoped the name was short for Alexander and not something his parents had intentionally done to him. It was almost as bad as misspelling women’s names to make them sound cuter. How emasculating.

Xander was room number four-zero-four. Sanya noted in her in internal filing system in case she decided to start marking territory later. You never knew when sex would turn to civil war on campus.

He still was comatose.

Sanya looked up at the TV. The sound was too low to hear, but it was clearly a nature show about the less than moralistic sexual practices of ducks. Interesting nighttime choice but then again at this unholy hour the choices were probably limited as the TV didn’t pick up cable stations.

Sanya approached as close as she dared before he might notice her presence looming over him. “You know,” she said huskily, “males have to impress the females with their looks and prowess before a female will consent to sex without force in the animal kingdom.”

She knew it wasn’t entirely true, but it got the point across and proved he was alive and breathing as his body stuttered in a failed jump then fell back onto the sofa. “Don’t worry,” she murmured, leaning over the sofa and grabbing onto his shirt collar, “I don’t expect much from you tonight. You can just lie there and let me do all the work. I just need you for your cock.”

Xander started to open his mouth.

Sanya placed a hand over his mouth. “Shh, don’t blow this for me by talking. Like I said, you playing dead is just fine by me, and I really don’t think you want an audience, do you? Or are you into that sort of thing?”

Sanya’s hand shook his head back and forth for him. “Good, but depending on how well you please me we can negotiate that for another night,” she paused with a glint in her eyes, “perhaps.”

In a well-practiced move out of the context of normal gym equipment, she let go of Xander, grabbed hold of the sofa’s top edge and jumped up, legs out wide in a split. One hand came up and let the other pivot so her legs whipped around and she came down with enough force to pin Xander under her as she faced him off.

Xander’s eyes fought for which would out bulge the other as his diaphragm let out all the air his lungs had stored up. He actually began to cough and wheeze.

“Now really pull yourself together. I can’t have you going emphysema on me when I’m this close to fucking you. I’ll even let you come if you want though that is a side issue to my own orgasm. I’m that considerate a person.” She cocked her head to the side and smiled. Her thighs tensed to show him what he was up against.

She leaned forward and cupped each of his shoulder with her grip to push him back into the sofa. “You learn only so much from nature shows. Sometimes you have to get in field experience to really know what life is like.”

Xander sat under her paralytic.

“Come on, I’ve seen the way you and all the other guys look at me. You can’t deny you wanted to fuck me, and here I am. So let’s do this nice and quietly.” Her off hand slowly released its clasp.

Xander’s mouth opened but nothing came out.

“You know,” Sanya pondered his mouth, “men are best when not talking. It’s not like I can believe anything that comes out of your mouth anyway. And certainly no one you tell this too will. So really it’s best you just shut up before you even start.”

Xander’s mouth hung open for a moment then shut.

“Much better, and I like how well you follow directions.”

Xander’s eyes dilated.

“Now this is how we’re going to play this out,” Sanya patted his shoulder. “I’m going to get that dick of yours out for inspection. If I like what I see, I’m going to mount you and pump up and down until I’m dripping wet. Don’t even think of moving those hips of yours. This is my pole vault and routine. I don’t like competition when I’m in it for the win. Got it?” She waited to see if his head would bob. It did. “Good.”

Watching him, she assessed the body under her, a bulge propping up his pants and hitting at her unclad pussy.

“Well now, that’s more like it. I was beginning to think you were calling me ugly,” she pouted. “That would make me angry and less inclined to let you have any pleasure from this. I don’t like being put down. I get cranky.” She wrinkled her nose.

In answer, his cock butted her through the khakis, and he quietly groaned.

“Aw, does the poor cock want freedom? Are you being pinched?” She pressed her free hand down on the bulge to push it between his legs.

Those very legs fought against her, but she didn’t relent until she saw him biting his lip to the breaking point.

“Wimp.” She slowly let the bulge spring back.

She flicked her finger at the bulge and laughed as it contracted away then rammed right back into stretching his pants towards her. “Aw, how cute is that. So ready to come out and play. I like that.” She smiled and pinched the bulge between her palms, trying to get her palms to meet up.

Xander’s ass pressed into the sofa, but his cock and bulge stayed where it was, trapped in her grip. He choked back a growl which made her try again to press him flat like an iron.

“Remember who is in control here. You know that’s me, right?” She let up on the pressure then intensified it in one last offensive strike.

Xander tried to bob his head without moving his legs or torso.

“I knew I liked you. You’re a fast learner. I see that as a sign of respect.” She let the captive cock go and watched the bulge lash about like a caught fish deprived of water.

“Hmm, button or no button? Do I just go for the zipper? If you try to squirm away you get trapped by your own clothing, maybe even snag your tender self on the ends of the zipper?”

Xander closed his eyes.

“Fine be that way. Cower in the darkness of your own oblivion.” Sanya pulled down the zipper ignoring any reticence the tines or fabric had. Her hand darted in and snatched at the cock through the fly of his boxers, yanking it out of cover.

The legs under her tensed and stayed that way.

“Does this make you a scaredy pants?” Sanya laughed, ignoring the fact Xander didn’t join in with the merriment.

A hand flat to his chest helped her raise up so there was enough of a gap between them that she could stick the tip of his hard cock into her. Lubrication was not an issue, and she ignored any tightness that might have appreciated a slow procession. Accompanied by a mutual grunt, she bore down on him with one swift push that buried him deep within her.

Now she was back to the split on top of him and a large smile on her face. Her eye lids fluttered and her throat relaxed into a sigh. “This really is so much better than sleeping pills.”

Xander didn’t answer, but one eye did open to snatch a look at her then close.

“You ready for my routine? You do play an important part. Equipment should never be taken for granted. Someone needs to oil and care for the wood.” She pinched his lip between her thumb and pointer to dissuade talking back. “You might want to grab onto the back of the sofa. I’ll be miffed if you slide and disrupt my mount.”

Xander’s hands flew up to the top of the sofa and latched on clamp-like.

She wrapped her hands around his shoulders, her trimmed nails digging into his shoulder blades and back of neck. The shoulders blades were cloth protected, but the neck was bare skin with a smattering of curly hair to ensnare.

Sanya tested her mount, seeking the point of balance as her hips rotated and rocked back and forth, bending and twisting him in her so he touched all the good parts. At the slightest hint he might be making a sound, she let up on one hand to slap him across the cheek then return to her normal position.

Base of her palms rammed under his collar bone as she started to push up and down. Her legs used the friction of the sofa to help in the ascent and then slide out as she started slowly then revved up, pummeling his balls with each premeditated crash down.

To prevent a cramp from forming in her hands, she released the kinks with a slap to each side of his face. Her glazed eyes didn’t catch the look on his face as she went back to her shoulder crush on him.

She felt his cock grow, pressing down on her stretched perineum. She reveled in the pressure and pressed down on his thighs with her ass, wishing she could take his balls inside her too, but liking the way they squirmed against her as she let gravity win momentarily.

Need built with each twitch of his cock, refusing to listen to her admonitions of being still. The animal was alive and she wanted to tame it back, make it beg for mercy, beg for release. Her hips swayed in a gentle back and forth motion, but her control began to ebb away. The animal inside her was ready for the kill. She could smell him now wanting her and it ate away at her control.

Her hips upped the speed and ferocity of hitting into his stomach. Clit against hairy balls and groin sent her close to the edge. Part of her wanted to hold on a bit longer, but her body had other ideas and overruled desire for lust.

Hips were now on autopilot, knowing just how to jut back and forth to force his body to please every bare piece of pussy that grabbed at him. Her muscled seized his cock as her clit ignited into sparks that travelled up her spine and shot out her head.

Euphoria had started with the first wave.

Her fingers dug into his neck, pieces of his skin building up under her nails. Her torso rotated, forming a cyclic oval with his cock locked inside. She twisted and bent him to her will, her need, as she squirmed to get her clit as satiated as her g-spot. Bending towards his chest, she angled his cock right up deep inside to the spot that crested her over on a second wave of spasms that left her drenched inside and out.

Loosing cohesion, her body slumped onto him, spine and muscles no longer enough to keep her erect. As her head eddied in and out of consciousness she realized he was no longer erect either.

With the last hint of arm strength she levered herself up enough. “Get out of me.”

Xander shakily moved his arm and with robotic motion pulled himself out limp.

Sanya retracted her legs and slid down him, landing with a gentle thump on the floor. Using his knees, she hauled herself up onto faltering legs and looked down at him.

Nodding, she shuffled out of the room, trying to get her night slip back in place over her thighs. She tugged at the hem to get it covering enough ass and thigh. It was time to finish off the night with sleep.

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