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‘Hey Alex?’

There was a knock on my bedroom door, and I looked up from my text book as Sarah opened it and peeked round.

‘Oh hi, I didn’t realise you were back.’

‘Yeah, Mum picked me up on her way back from work, she’s sorting something out for dinner now.’


There was a pause. She stood, weight on her left leg, head on one side and her hands behind her back. She seemed to be thinking. Eventually I jumped in.

‘Is everything OK?’

‘Yeah, it’s just,’ she paused again, chewing on her bottom lip, ‘You know I’ve been helping to organise this charity thing at uni?’

‘Yes.’ I said, slowly.

Well, it’s next weekend, and everyone I know is taking a date, and I don’t really want to go by myself, but I can’t miss it after all the work I’ve put in,’ I interrupted her.

‘You want me to go with you?’

‘If you don’t want to, I completely understand, it won’t be your kind of thing, and I wouldn’t ask otherwise, but, you know,’ she was rambling again. She was clearly nervous about asking me out. It was very cute, but I decided to save her blushes and jump in again.

‘I’d love to.’


‘Yeah. I don’t get much time to hang out outside of the house much, and you’ve put so much work into it, it would be a shame to see you miss out.’

She beamed, and rushed over and gave me a hug. I was sitting down, and her chest wound up pressed into my ear. I patted her on the back.

‘OK, it’s not that big of a deal,’ I said. She stood back. ‘So what is this thing anyway? What have I let myself in for?’

It’s a kind of dinner-dance thing. We’re having a posh meal, and there’s a live band, and we’re having an auction of stuff people have donated.’

I nodded. ‘OK, why don’t you think it would be my kind of thing?’

‘It’s going to be fairly formal. You’ve never struck me as one for formal attire. Thinking about it,’ She went and opened my wardrobe, ‘Yeah. We’re gonna have to get you something to wear.’ She turned back to me. ‘Looks like we’re going shopping.’

She had a glint in her eye, that most women I know get when they know they can go shopping. I sighed deeply. It’s not my favourite activity, but i supposed that some new threads couldn’t do me any harm.

‘OK,’ I said, ‘I’ll go tomorrow. See what I can find.’

‘Tomorrow’s no good for me, how about Tuesday morning? It’ll be quieter then anyway.’

‘Do I need you?’ I said warily.

‘Well yes.’ Sarah snapped, playfully. ‘I’ve seen some of your clothes. I can’t take the risk you’ll turn up in something wholly inappropriate. Women are just better at this kind of thing.’

I sighed again. ‘OK,’ I have a lecture first thing, I can probably make it for half ten, eleven maybe.’

‘OK, eleven it is.’ She beamed again, and left the room.

The following Monday, I was back at the books in my room, when there was a knock at the door. Sarah came in.

‘Hello,’ I said not looking up. I finished the sentence I was reading and looked up. ‘How can I help you this fine evening?’

‘Just because we’re going to a posh dinner doesn’t mean that you’re in any way posh all of a sudden, so you can stop talking like that.’


‘I thought it would be a good idea if we got your measurements before we go shopping tomorrow.’

‘I can save you the trouble. I’m an extra large. Job done.’

She smiled sarcastically. ‘That may be good enough for your baggy t-shirts and jeans, but we are going to be buying proper clothes.’ She emphasised the word ‘proper’. I clasped my hand to my heart.

‘Young lady, you offend me. There is nothing wrong with my clothes.’

She raised an eyebrow, knowingly. ‘Look, whatever you think, I am going to need to know your measurements. Stand up.’

I did as I was told as she took out a tape measure from her pocket.

‘Arms up.’

I lifted my arms. She wrapped the tape around my chest, but the material of my baggy shirt kept bunching up.

‘You’re going to have to take this off.’ Sarah smiled up at me.

Of course I did. I lifted it over my head, and tossed it onto the bed. Sarah made me lift my arms again, and she measured my chest again. She took out a small pad and a pen, and made some notes. She measured my arms, my stomach, my shoulders, even my neck. I wasn’t entirely sure all this was necessary, but I indulged her. This was her project she’d worked so hard to organise, this was just another thing to make her happy, and I was happy to oblige.

Sarah knelt down in front of me, and without waiting for permission, undid the buttons on my jeans.

‘Woah there, missy.’ I grabbed at the waistband of my jeans.

‘If we’re going to get a proper measurement these need to come off.’ She smiled warmly at me.


She reached up to my waistband, and yanked my trousers and underwear down in one movement.

‘Hey! That’s not necessary.’

‘Yes it is,’ She said, matter-of-factly, and made me step out of my clothes. I now stood, in just my socks, as this pretty girl folded my trousers neatly and slowly placed them on my bed. I covered my junk with my hands, at least feigning being shy. She turned back to me.

‘I can’t measure you with your hands there. Just put them up again.’

She grabbed my biceps gently and moved them so i was standing with my arms level with my shoulders. She moved my legs so my feet were about a foot apart, and began measuring. She started with my ankles, and then my calves and thighs. I was positive this wasn’t necessary.

Sarah had just started my outer leg measurement, when there was a noise downstairs, as the front door opened, and then closed again.

‘I’m home!’ Lauren yelled from the hallway, ‘Is anyone home?’

‘Yes!’ Sarah bellowed back, ‘I’m with Alex in his room.’

A few moments later my door, which Sarah had left ajar, opened fully and Lauren stood there. Her mouth opened, but she quickly gathered herself as I clasped my hands to my crotch again. Sarah slapped my thigh.

‘Hands UP!’

I did as I was told, but she stopped measuring me. Instead she turned to her mother.

‘We’re just measuring up for our shopping trip tomorrow.’

‘OK,’ Lauren replied. They then proceeded to have a, I thought rather long, discussion about their days, apparently ignoring the stark naked lodger in front of them. I stood, as still as I could, patiently waiting for them to finish. Eventually, The conversation finished, and Sarah turned back to measuring my waist. Lauren silently blew me a kiss behind her daughter’s back and backed out of the room. I smiled awkwardly as she left.

Sarah then wrapped the Tape around my buttocks, and over my pubic hair just above my penis. She made another note in her book, and looked up at me.

‘Now for the fun one.’

She held one end of the tape measure at the base of the inside of my foot. She slowly ran the tape up the inside of my leg, until her hand was resting against my junk, and pressed the tape against my taint. She held it there for an unnecessarily long time, before removing the tape and making her final note. She patted me lightly on the bottom of my balls and stood up.

‘All done.’ She smiled at me and bounced out of the room.

The next morning I walked from my lecture to the shopping centre. It wasn’t far, and the rain had held off for the last couple of days, and it was quite nice to get some fresh air. I was actually looking forward to spending some more time with Sarah. Her organising this party thing had taken her away from home a lot recently, and we hadn’t been able to hang out much.

We had arranged to meet at a coffee shop just outside the shopping centre. Sarah was already inside when I got there.

‘OK, heres the plan,’ she said before I had even sat down. ‘There are a few shops in the centre we should check out, but they’re probably going to be a bit pricey. They may have some stuff on sale, you never know. Then there are some very nice clothing places a few roads away, that are usually quite quiet, but often have a few gems for a decent price. I think we should check out the mall first. Sound OK?’

‘You’re the boss.’

‘That’s what I like to hear.’

We ordered a coffee each, and chatted about this and that. It was nice to talk to her again. We had become so close, and then began to drift apart again. We finished our drinks and headed off into the shopping centre. It was probably the quietest I’ve ever seen it, not that I’d been there often. It was a Tuesday morning after all.

Sarah made a bee-line for a store directly ahead of the main entrance. The prices in that place meant we barely stayed two minutes. I trudged around behind her as we visited store after store, finding a couple of nice things, but nothing at a price I could afford. Sarah then led me on a short walk outside, and a few roads over. There was o row of six or seven clothing stores next to each other. I had had no idea that this was even here, and nor did many others because the first place we went in was completely empty. We roamed the racks and Sarah picked out a few things, without even asking if I liked them. She was in her own little world, like she barely knew I was there. When she had a decent arm full she turned to me.

‘OK, the fitting room is upstairs.’

I followed her up the stairs. There were cubicles with floor length curtains along three walls, and mirrors along the fourth. Sarah ushered me into a cubicle and silently handed me a shirt and a pair of trousers. She closed the curtain and I stripped off my current attire. I stepped out. I walked over to the mirror, and quickly decided that it wasn’t for me. It looked OK, but was very uncomfortable. The shirt was tight under the arms, and the trousers were trying to give me a vasectomy. We went through all of the clothes that Sarah had picked out but nothing suited.

I took off the last piece of clothing and handed it back out of the curtain.

‘Wait there, I’ll be back in a minute.’

I heard Sarah walk back down the stairs, and a little while later came back with some more stuff. I was wearing just my boxers when she flung the curtain open and handed me some more stuff.

‘I think that these should work, and then there’s a couple of other things I want to see you in before we finish. Not necessarily for Saturday night, but still good for you.’

‘OK.’ I closed the curtain and put on the shirt and full suit. It was a bit pricey, but within budget and fitted perfectly.

‘All good?’ I asked Sarah, as She looked over my shoulder into the mirror.

‘Very dashing.’ She brushed some fluff off my shoulder, and hugged me. You look great. Now, take it off, and I’ll be back in a minute with some stuff that’s more,’ she paused, ‘Fun.’ She smiled and waltzed downstairs again. I did as I was told, and was again in my boxers when Sarah returned. She flung the curtain wide open again, and I noticed a pile of stuff on a chair in the corner. She handed me a small piece of fabric and beamed.

I looked down at the speedo in my hand. ‘You are kidding right?’ She pouted at me, and gave me a puppy dog expression. I rolled my eyes and closed the curtain. After all, she’d seen me in less than this, what harm could it do?

It was too small. That was evident as soon as I stepped into the thing. My arse hung over the top at the back, and the front left nothing to the imagination.

‘It’s too small!’ I called out.

‘I’ll be the judge of that. Come on, get out here!’

I opened the curtain gingerly, hoping no one would come up here. I looked at Sarah, who had produced a digital camera. The flash went off.

‘Hey!’ I said covering my crotch, but far too late.

‘Come on, it’s just a bit of fun! You look good by the way. Walk up and down, let’s have a fashion show.’

I did as I was told, trying to have fun with it, playing with Sarah, striking poses, as she snapped more photographs. Maybe Lauren’s photos of me made me less bashful about it. At least I was a bit better dressed in these ones.

‘OK,’ Sarah said, next one. She handed me another small item.

‘You are kidding me right?’


‘I went into the nearest cubicle and swapped over items. This new one was a pair of shiny satin Y-fronts. Again, they were too tight, and my genitals were clearly outlined in the material. As I left the cubicle I realised my clothes weren’t here. I must have come into the wrong cubicle. I didn’t pay any attention to it, and stepped out to more flash photography. I threw the speedo at her and struck a few more poses. I was actually beginning to enjoy the attention, and my cock began to stir.

I headed back into my original cubicle, to find my clothes weren’t here either. Odd, I thought. I could have sworn this was where I left them. Sarah must have picked them up when I went in the other cubicle.

‘Give me those, and I’ll give you the next item.’ Sarah said.

I peeled off the pants I was wearing and tossed them over the curtain. It occurred to me at this point I was naked in public again, with no clothes in here with me. A slight sense of panic gripped me, just as Sarah’s hand appeared holding the next item.

There’s no way to sugarcoat this. It was a leopard print thong.

‘I’m not putting this on.’

‘Well, then you don’t get your clothes back.’

Like mother like daughter it seems.

‘This isn’t funny.’

‘I think you’ll find it is. And anyway, I have photos now that My little sister might be keen on seeing. So you’ll do what I say, anyway, no one will see you.’

‘You will.’

‘That’s true. And my camera.’

The curtain whipped back and the flash went off in my face.

‘And I now have a photo of your junk.’ Lauren beamed at me. She had a very pretty smile, but I was losing my enthusiasm for it.

I caught movement behind Sarah, and I saw someone coming up the stairs. I ripped the curtain from Sarah’s hand and pulled it closed.

‘Are you alright up here?’ I heard a female voice say.

‘Yeah,’ I heard Sarah respond, ‘My friend is just trying a few things on. Perhaps you could give us another opinion.’

‘Sure, anything to help.’

She must be the sales assistant. Damn.

‘Come on Alex,’ Sarah called out, it can’t take you this long to put it on. I slid the thing on. It offered very little support and looked ridiculous. I slowly opened the curtain and saw the newcomer for the first time. She was young, no more than nineteen or twenty at a guess, petite with dyed black hair, with a couple of pink streaks in it. She was petite, but was wearing a revealing shirt displaying a healthy amount of cleavage for someone so small. She nodded appreciatively.

‘I like it,’ she said, with the air of a connoisseur.

‘Me too,’ Sarah agreed. ‘Perhaps you should move around in it. See if it’s comfortable.’

Wordlessly I walked towards the mirrors. It looked worse than I had thought it did. My junk was clearly visible, and having stretched out a bit was very see-through. As I turned, my balls slid to one side, and the whole thing gave way and my cock and balls slid free. The flash went off again.

I clutched at myself and tried to put myself away. The Salesgirl was wide-eyed and open mouthed.

‘It’s perfect,’ Sarah said, ‘We’ll take it.’ She turned to me.

‘Take it off and we’ll go pay.’ She gave me a look to suggest that I’d regret it if I didn’t comply. Slowly I did as I was told.

‘Good boy. We’ll be back in a minute. Don’t go anywhere.’

I stood, naked, and waited.

I few minutes later, Sarah came back, alone.

‘And now, I think, for your reward.’

She waltzed past me and into a cubicle. A few moments later, the curtain opened, and she stepped out. She was as naked as I was, and was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Her strawberry-blonde hair cascaded onto her shoulders and down to the top of her perfect, gorgeous breasts. My eyes wandered down her flat stomach to the thin wisp of pubic hair above her sweet lips.

She grabbed my arm, and pulled me into the cubicle, where she knelt in front of me and took me in her mouth. I was already on my way to being erect, and I was full in seconds. She worked at my shaft, moving up and down with her hand as much as her mouth, jerking me off into her mouth. When she was satisfied, she stood in front of me, and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue snaking into my mouth. She turned and pushed her arse out towards me. She reached back between her legs and grabbed my cock, easing it into her dripping pussy. I slid in easily, and slowly began pushing in and out. I reached around her, and began caressing her breasts with my right hand, steadying myself against the cubicle wall with my left. Sarah leant back , and began kissing my neck. My strokes got faster and faster, until I felt a familiar tightening, and I whispered to her that I was going to cum. She pulled away from me and knelt down. She began to massage my balls, and she sucked on my cock until I exploded into her mouth. She milked my softening cock until she had taken all of it, and in one gulp, swallowed my load. She smiled up at me.

‘See, it was all worth it. Let’s go home.’

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