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Hello again. God, I just can’t stop thinking about you. So, here I am, once more, making myself cum for you. Lately I’ve been wanting to just bury my face between your legs and eat your pussy until you scream. So, this time that’s exactly what I’m going to think about while I stroke myself for you…

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Shaun lies on the mattress, seeing nothing but a warm red haze behind his closed eyelids. Somewhere off to the right of him, a woman with a lot of enthusiasm but not much vocabulary moans out, “Oh, fuck, oh FUCK, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh FUCK!” over and over and over again as her partner does something extremely perverted to her body. He doesn’t wonder what’s happening to her. He doesn’t really feel much like thinking at all. There’s a certain timelessness to this moment, a dreamy peace that fills both mind and body and leaves him completely content. His body is utterly sated, his thoughts totally still; he simply luxuriates in the warm feeling of the perfect body held tightly against his own and lets everything go but that.

Slowly, thoughts and memories return to him. He regains enough will to gently play with Judi’s nipple, rubbing his finger against the very tip and feeling a warm surge of happiness at her sleepy sighs of pleasure. His thoughts drift back, from the mattress to the bed to the massage table to the elevator all the way up to the hotel room.

Shaun blissfully replays it all in his mind from the beginning.


It wasn’t the beginning, of course. It wasn’t even the first day of the convention. But when Shaun returned to the hotel room with Judi, he knew it was the beginning of something, even if he wasn’t sure what. He could feel something stirring inside him…a desire, not just for sex but for submission as well, that almost scared him with its intensity. It had been a long time since he’d felt nervous about it like that–he’d been Judi’s “pet” (she never really liked the term “slave”) for years, now, and he liked to think that submission felt natural and comfortable to him. When she’d suggested coming to a kink convention, he hadn’t really thought it would be anything more than just an interesting and fun way to spend a weekend. They’d agreed on boundaries–no public nudity, at least none for him, and no public play. But now, after a couple of days at the convention, he felt like he wanted to give her something more of himself–a deeper level of obedience than ever before. Something like the things he’d seen over the last few hours.

Judi had sent him out of the room while she gave one of her other pets some much-needed private attention, and he’d spent the time wandering through the open “play spaces” set aside for attendees. He’d wandered in a daze, feeling as though he was watching more than just sex–they were the same actions that he’d seen on pornographic websites time and time again, but seeing real people perform them with passion and genuine devotion to each other gave the actions more meaning, more power. They’d seemed joyful in a way he’d never seen before, not just erotic but actually beautiful and loving. Shaun hadn’t been able to bring himself to join in, even though he had Judi’s permission–he didn’t know how to begin asking two other people (or three, or four, or in a few fairly spectacular instances even more) if he could participate in their uninhibited BDSM play–but he’d watched from a respectful distance. And as he’d watched, he’d wondered, and as he’d wondered, he’d imagined, and by the time Judi had found him and brought him back to the hotel room, Shaun was filled with a desire to do things he’d never thought of before tonight.

Shaun didn’t know how to explain it all to Judi, though. He just stared at her, imagining what it would be like to gaze into her eyes down there in the play space, to let his mind sink into a deep hypnotic trance and hear her command him to strip naked in front of all those strangers. He imagined knowing–really knowing, deep down in his heart–just how much power she had over him as he helplessly obeyed. He felt his cock stiffening inside his pants at the thought.

She looked over to the bed, where her other pets had already fallen asleep. A few hours ago, Shaun was just about ready to join them, but the sexual energy that filled him had burned away all the exhaustion he’d felt just a little bit ago. When he’d left the hotel room, all he could think about was getting back inside and collapsing onto the bed. Now, all he wanted to do was go back downstairs with Judi.

She turned back to him and smiled. “Go into the bathroom,” she said quietly, “and grab the paper bag with the massage oils in it.” He saw it, then, a light in her eyes that he knew matched his own. It was well after midnight, but Judi wasn’t tired either. Shaun just about raced into the hotel bathroom to get the bag.

He stepped back out to find her putting a few items into a backpack. She slung it over her shoulder, then reached over to the counter and picked up a leash. “Come on,” she said, clipping it onto the bracelet he wore around his wrist. “Let’s go for a little walk.” Shaun sighed contentedly as he felt it click into place–the collar he wore around his neck was just for show, here at the convention where people placed store in such displays. The tiny bracelet around his wrist, scarcely recognizable as a collar unless you looked closely enough to notice the tiny metal loop where a leash could be attached…that was his true collar. That was the one he wore always, even at work or with friends and family. That was the sign of his total and permanent devotion to his Mistress, and it felt right that the leash should be put on him there instead of on the more obvious collar around his neck.

They carefully closed the door behind them as they stepped out into the hallway, so as not to wake the others. Shaun took Judi’s hand in his own, feeling the leash in her grip and her warm, soft flesh around it. He never got tired of the touch of her skin; it was practically an addiction for him. “Do you know why I asked you to come along with me to this convention?” Judi said as they headed towards the elevator.

“Um…” It was already getting a little bit hard to think. Shaun felt like he was already beginning to slip into a trance simply from the atmosphere. Something about the walk felt like a ritual, like a procession of two heading with measured steps down towards some great temple dedicated to submission, with Judi as a priestess leading a supplicant to worship. He felt like he’d slipped into a dream. “No, I don’t,” he said quietly. Even the care they were taking not to wake residents of the other rooms gave the whole thing a church-like hush.

“I asked Daniel to come along because he needed my care,” she said, “and Kat came along because she had something she needed to explore.” She gave the leash an affectionate tug. “And you are here for me. You’re here because you don’t need anything except to serve me. Whatever I need, you can be there for me, completely and without reservations. That’s your gift…and I wanted to let you know how important that gift is to me. Always.”

“Yours,” Shaun said. That word said so much between them, a summation of the bonds of love, friendship and ownership that tied them together tighter than any wedding ring ever could. He didn’t just love Judi, he belonged to her. He was hers.

“Mine,” she whispered back as she pressed the elevator button. “And I’m keeping you.”

Shaun smiled as the elevator doors opened. The elevator was empty, no real surprise at this time of night. The two of them got inside and pressed the lobby button.

“So,” Judi said, “we’re going to go down to the play space now, and we’re going to find a massage table. I’m going to take my clothes off, and let you give me a full-body massage just like you’ve been wanting to. And then I’m going to let you eat my pussy, right there in front of everyone. You don’t have to take your clothes off, and you don’t have to do anything else.”

The boundaries they’d negotiated so carefully now seemed distant and unimportant, but Shaun still didn’t know how he was going to express the desires that the evening had stirred up inside him; it was almost as much of a surprise to him as it was to Judi when he said “Can I?” in a tiny voice.

But she must have known what kind of thoughts led him to say it, because she hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear, “Of course.” She kissed him on the lips. “And I love the way you begged without even saying ‘please’ just now.”

As always, as soon as he’d processed the thought that she was pleased with him, he felt a warm blanket of pleasure descend onto his mind that stayed with him all the way through their walk across the lobby to the other set of elevators that took them to the lower levels of the hotel. Obedience is pleasure. The first command she’d ever instilled in his mind, and the one that had sunk deepest. He had pleased his Mistress. He had obeyed. Years of hypnosis made the connection with pleasure almost instantaneous.

They descended the second set of elevators in silence, anticipation making it difficult for either of them to speak. Shaun just focused on the nearness of her, the physical pleasure of her touch, and let his mind sink deeper into the reverent trance he’d started to feel as soon as he’d left the hotel room. He wasn’t hypnotized yet, he knew. She could still send him so much deeper with a word, a touch, or just a look. But he wasn’t awake, either. He was lost in the moment, and he didn’t want to be found.

The elevator doors opened onto a very different view from the one they’d left behind. It was as though they’d traveled into a different world as they showed their badges to the volunteer and turned the corner. Here, in the safe space established by the convention, clothing was simply one of many options. People walked around in latex, in leather, in cunning costumes that exposed breasts and nipples and buttocks and cocks and pussies or simply in nothing at all. There was no sex–that was reserved for the play spaces–but Shaun still felt the sexually-charged atmosphere even in the everyday conversations he walked past.

But they hadn’t come down here for conversation. Judi led him swiftly through the open area into the play space. During the day, these rooms had been closed off into orderly little classrooms, each one filled with tidy rows of chairs where attendees could sit and listen to seminars on proper flogging technique and how to tie a perfect knot for a bondage session. But now, the area had been transformed completely. The rows of chairs had been replaced by a profusion of mattresses, couches, cushions and pillows for people to lie on, and the doors of each room had been thrown open to the next. A stereo played bumping, grinding music in the background–not loud enough to drown out the moans and sighs of the sex, but enough to give the back of Shaun’s mind a rhythm to move to.

Judi led him deeper in, from one room to the next. Between the half-light and the floating sensation of his trance, Shaun felt almost as though he were swimming. Each time they stepped into another room, it felt as though he’d dived deeper down into a sea of sexual bliss, seeking some unimaginable fathoms of submission. It seemed like with every room, the couples around them became more uninhibited, moving from kissing to touching to licking to fucking as they headed deeper into the play space. The cushions and mattresses were joined by fuckswings and stirrups, the couples became triples and quadruples.

Finally, just one room away from the very back, Judi spotted the massage table, right next to a woman in stirrups being enthusiastically fucked by two other women with a large dildo. Judi stopped briefly at a cleaning station to pick up a long sheet of paper, then led him to the table. She spread the sheet out over the table, then turned to him.

He drank in the sight of her disrobing, his cock hardening completely inside his pants as he watched. She took the purple shawl off of her shoulders and let it pool down onto the ground. Then she undid the purple sash around her waist, letting her dress billow out as she set it down as well. She smiled at him, knowing exactly what the momentary pause was doing to him as she finally eased herself out of the dress.

Underneath, she wore black satin lingerie, and Shaun shivered in delight at the sight of her. He ached to help her out of it, but somehow without even speaking, they both knew that this was part of the ritual as she pulled the top off to reveal her breasts, then slowly slid the panties down to the floor. She picked them up for a moment and dangled them in front of his face to let him inhale the scent of her arousal.

“Green,” he whispered, realizing almost before he said it that it was a post-hypnotic command. He couldn’t hide it from her when she found something that turned him on; the word would just slip out and let her know that he didn’t want her to stop. He never knew he’d be turned on by the smell of her panties, but his subconscious knew that the mixed scents of silk and pussyjuice were driving him wild and it needed to let her know.

“Good boy,” she whispered, dropping the panties to the floor and climbing onto the massage table. “My good boy.”

“Thank you, my Lady,” Shaun whispered. He knew that some of Judi’s other pets called her “Goddess,” but he’d always wanted to celebrate her humanity. He liked the thought of her being a courtly Lady, granting her favors to him when he proved worthy–and he always wanted to prove worthy to her, because obedience was pleasure and pleasure was obedience…Shaun realized he was shaking with desire. “May I please touch you now, my Lady?”

She smiled indulgently as she lay face-down on the table, enjoying the pleading tones of the request even as they both knew she’d grant it. “You may, pet.”

He sighed, pressing his hands to her flesh and feeling her warmth. Even as he did so, he knew hands wouldn’t be enough and he began to kiss her, working his way down her back to the soft curves of her ass and planting soft, trembling kisses. His tongue slipped out, wanting to taste her body, wanting to worship her and never get enough as he kissed and licked all the way down to her toes. He felt dizzy with need as he kissed and licked the soles of her feet, feeling a devotion to her so complete that he wanted to lavish it onto every inch of her.

It was hard to tear himself away, but he knew his duty. Shaun reached into the bag and pulled out a small bottle of massage oil. He opened it up, letting the rich scent of coconut fill the air, and poured just a tiny amount onto Judi’s back.

Behind them, the woman in the stirrups moaned and grunted in ecstasy, but Judi’s tiny sighs of happiness somehow seemed clearer to Shaun’s ears as he massaged the oil into her back. Her skin glistened now as he worked her flesh with his fingers, slowly and carefully spreading it over as much of her body as he could before dabbing a little more on and proceeding further. He massaged the oil into her ass with devoted care–he’d always thought of himself as a breast-lover, but somehow it always seemed different with Judi’s body. He always seemed to find new parts of her to admire every time he looked–and touched and tasted and stroked and kissed and…

He put a little too much oil on her feet, but somehow it just seemed right the way they shone and gleamed under the soft lights. He felt like he could rub them for hours, and on some occasions he had. But there were so many parts of his Lady that needed attention, and so while one hand rubbed the slick and shiny skin of the soles of her feet, the other hand found its way into the perfect triangle at the top of her thighs, where they met her ass. His questing fingers slid down, feeling the heat radiating from Judi’s pussy. He didn’t even need to touch it to know how turned on she was by all this.

She took a long, shuddering breath as she felt the nearness of his hand. Shaun didn’t know how long he’d been massaging her. Time had stopped meaning anything to either of them. But she said, “I think…it’s time to move to someplace a bit more comfortable,” and his cock agreed for him.

“Go get some paper towels to clean off the oil,” she said, and he moved quickly to comply. After a few minutes of soaking up the excess oil, she was ready to step off the table, and from there it was just the work of a moment to clean the table off completely. She gathered up her things, and the two of them headed that last little distance into the very heart of the play space.

She led him over to the corner, and looked into his eyes. “Down,” she whispered, and Shaun felt his mind still even more as he sank into deeper trance. “Good boy,” she said. “I want you to take your clothes off, now.”

It felt like everything he’d hoped for as he complied. Even if the other people in the room were probably too involved in their own private fantasies to pay much attention to a relatively unremarkable man taking his clothes off, Shaun felt like all eyes were on him as he pulled off his socks and shoes, then slipped his shirt over his shoulders. He knew he was helpless to disobey, and that knowledge made his cock so hard that it practically sprang up as he slipped his pants down to the ground. He wore no underwear. She had commanded him not to.

“Good boy,” she said again, taking his cock into her hands just long enough to watch the shiver of joy cross his face. She set another sheet of paper down for him. “Lie down.” Shaun obeyed, lying on the small bed that was pressed up against the wall and once again drinking in the sight of her as she leaned over him. In the background, he absently noted that the stereo was playing a favorite song of his, ‘Master and Servant’ by Depeche Mode, and he and Judi shared a private grin before he sank even deeper.

She leaned even closer, letting her long hair brush over his cock for just a moment as she trailed it up his body to his face. “Green!” he gasped out at the feel of it, and her smile was magnificent to behold.

She finally leaned right over his face, her hair forming a halo around her as it brushed his sensitive skin. “Deeper and deeper,” she said, locking eyes with him.

“Deeper and deeper,” he responded helplessly, years of mantras making his words automatic.

“Good boy,” she said. She grasped his hands and pulled them up over his head. “Your mind is bound.”

“My mind is bound,” he whispered reverently in response.

He felt her looping the leash around his wrists, then tying it into a loose knot. She reached down and picked up the sash from her dress, tying it loosely around the ankles. “Your body is bound.”

“My body is bound.” The knots didn’t need to be tight. Shaun knew that her words and her spell held him tighter than any ropes ever could.

She reached into her bag and pulled out a small device attached to a pair of mirrored sunglasses. She slid the glasses over his eyes, and pressed a button. Shaun’s eyelids slammed shut as a wall of dazzling light bombarded him. He knew this machine so well–how many hours had he spent staring into the endless patterns of lights through closed eyes as she had whispered her programming into his mind? He didn’t need to remember. No matter how often it had been, he always wanted more. “You are my deeply hypnotized, deeply brainwashed tranceslut,” she cooed into his ears.

He responded in vacant tones as his trance deepened, “I am your deeply hypnotized, deeply brainwashed tranceslut.” He barely had a chance to finish the words before she draped her panties over his face, still damp with her juices. Now he was completely gone. Every sense was lost in pleasure–he heard her voice, he smelled and tasted her scent, he stared into the swirling lights, he felt the bonds holding him tightly. His body sagged onto the bed as he gave in even more to the hypnotic spell.

“I’ll be back in a moment,” she said. He nodded, but he’d lost track of time completely by the time she returned. It could have been an instant, it could have been an hour before she returned to his side and rolled him over onto his hip. All he knew was that one moment, he was alone, then the next, she was stroking and petting his skin. He whimpered in pleasure.

That night Laura couldn’t go to sleep. She thought about the chain of events that had started since she spotted Josh and Natalie last night. Deep inside she was in turmoil; on one hand she felt ashamed to even entertain such lustful thoughts. On the other hand there was a deluge of raging fantasies, things which she had dreamt of before but dared not speak of them to anyone, lest she be cast aside as a sex freak. Now an opportunity presented itself. “Carpe Diem” as they had been taught in Latin. “Opportunities multiply when they are seized” as her father often liked to say. “But what to do?” she thought over and over and no easy answers came to her. The worst part was that she could not even trust Alice with such a secret, there was no one she could confide in. With these thoughts in mind she drifted off into a fitful sleep.

She had lost all track of time. Blurry flashes darted in and out of her vision. When she tried to focus on one, it would vaporize, only to be followed by another. Laura was tormented; she wanted to shout “what do you want of me?”

- “What do you want from yourself?” came back the answer.

- “I don’t know, I don’t know! I can’t decide! Please help me decide!” pleaded Laura.

A deep rumbling laughter mocked her.

- “Help you decide? Do you think it’s that easy? I’ll help you decide, but at a price.”

- “What price, please tell me!” begged Laura.

- “You’ll soon find out” said the voice and abruptly everything turned pitch black around her.

- “What’s happening? What’s going on?”

- “Patience child, you’ll soon find out” echoed the voice in a soft, almost hissing tone.

She was alone in a room dressed only in her underwear and a t-shirt. The room had furniture in it and a faint light could be seen beaconing from a corridor. Come to think of it, the room seemed familiar and she was most certain she had seen it before but she was surrounded by this haze which made her thinking almost lethargic. Annoyed that she couldn’t remember where she was, Laura decided to head towards the source of light, perhaps there lay some answers to her questions. As she stepped into the light, she realized that the corridor stretched to both directions as far as the eye could see. The corridor was lined with doors some of which were ajar while others seemed firmly shut.

- “Where am I? What is this place?”

- “This is the place where you’ll find answers, child” said the voice.

- “How am I to find answers here? Why are some doors closed?” asked Laura in a childlike voice.

- “Do you think this is some sort of a guided tour? Answers, child, come at a cost. Nothing is given for free” the voice scolded her in an austere tone.

- “I’m sorry, I meant no offense. It’s just that I’m so confused and there is this annoying haze everywhere, which makes me dizzy.”

- “Once you start searching the haze will go away, that I can promise child” said the voice in a distant, softer tone.

Laura started to move towards the first half open door. As she moved towards it, the haze lifted and the light dimmed. She looked around and a revelation came to her; she knew where she was! She was outside Alice’s bedroom. Just as she was ready to open the door she heard giggles and laughs from the interior. She stopped trying to figure out to whom the voices belonged. One laugh certainly belonged to Alice, she was sure of that. The other didn’t register with her mind. Intrigued, she peaked through the door. What she saw made her gasp. There was her best friend Alice clad in just her panties laying on top of another girl.

Without realizing it Laura pushed the door open and stepped inside the room to watch. After taking a better look she recognized the other girl as Anna, a friend of Alice’s from her piano class. The girls didn’t seem to take note of her presence; it was as if she wasn’t there. Dumbfounded, she watched as Alice begun to kiss Anna all over. Gently at first, with more passion as time passed by, Alice roamed with her lips and tongue over Anna’s body, while she writhed in sensual delight. She left no part of Anna’s body without attention; she nuzzled her neck, succulently sucked on her nipples and planted wet kisses on her abdomen. Anna was bucking her navel towards her, a sure indication that she craved more intimate attention from Alice. Alice though would kiss and bite her genitals above the fabric of her underwear, mercilessly refusing to take them off.

Suddenly, Alice stopped what she was doing and stood beside the bed. Like a vampire, she swooped on Anna’s neck biting and nuzzling her with animal – like ferocity, while at the same time her hands grabbed hold of Anna’s thong and ripped it to pieces. After this display of brute lust, Alice climbed back on top in a sixty nine position and proceeded to suck on Anna’s clitoris with renewed frenzy, while at the same time she forcefully grinded her navel on Anna’s face. Laura watched flabbergasted. She couldn’t fathom that Alice had such a fiery temperament in her. As she stood beside the bed watching, she felt the familiar hardening of her nipples, soon followed by a swelling in her vagina. Transfixed, she continued to observe as Alice, now flushed red allover and glistening with sweat, rode Anna’s face towards a cataclysmic orgasm.

Laura felt her labia moisten as her excitement rose higher and higher from all the visual stimulation she was receiving. Hungry with desire she looked around for a place to sit and relieve her tension. She sat on the chair beside Alice’s desk and took of her thong, mentally preparing herself for her orgasm and the relief which would soon follow. Slowly she moved her hand down her abdomen towards her throbbing genitals. Touching her clitoris, she felt a powerful current of intense pleasure course through her whole body. She closed her eyes concentrating on her own feelings, while in the background she heard the sounds of ecstasy that Alice and Anna where emitting.

Just as she was ready to climax, the room vanished and the haze returned. She was back in the corridor once more, just outside the door she had previously entered. Anxiously she tried to get once more inside; she desperately wanted to see this to the end but despite her efforts the door wouldn’t budge. The throbbing in her genitals had subsided somewhat, but to her dismay she was left with a frustrating swelling and wetness in her vagina. “What’s going on here? What’s the meaning of this? Why can’t I get back inside?” she asked aloud but no one answered. Miserably, she looked around. She could see another half open door nearby to which she headed with caution. As she peaked through, the haze lifted and she could see clearly once more.

Inside she saw someone very familiar to her. It was Robert, a friend of hers from the swimming pool and for whom she used to have a massive crush. Robert was apparently peacefully sleeping on his bed. Afraid of yet another sexual encounter she decided to leave when she noticed Robert stirring in his sleep. Horrified, she tried to close the door, when all of a sudden, a strong gust of wind picked her off her feet and landed her in the room. Behind her the door closed with a loud bang. Looking around once more she saw that Robert had just shifted his head around and had resumed sleeping once more. As she gazed at him her stare was fixed on his genitals, which where tantalizingly within reach. “No…no…please no…” Laura thought as she averted her sight. She closed her eyes trying to think about anything else but Robert and his nakedness. Alas, her body seemed to have a mind of her own and the gentle throbbing she had endured since her last encounter quickened in pace and intensity. Opening her eyes she saw that although Robert was still soundly asleep, his cock was beginning to stir. Right before her eyes it grew, first exposing his scarlet colored glans, until finally it reached its full, rigid length. Laura gulped with amazement at what she was seeing. Inside her mind a battle was raging:

- “Can I touch it without him getting awake? Just a small touch nothing more. He won’t mind will he?”

- “Oh God, what am I talking about, what kind of a monster have I turned myself into? What’s happening to me?”

- “Come on…just a touch, he won’t mind, in fact he’ll probably enjoy it. If he wakes up even better for you.”

- “No…no…It’ll ruin everything, he’ll hate me, he’ll think I’m some kind of a freak creeping like this in his bedroom.”

- “Can’t you see his smiling in his sleep? He’s obviously enjoying himself! Perhaps it’s you he’s dreaming about. Why don’t you lend him a helping hand?”

Laura stared at Robert’s throbbing cock as it twitched and pulsed with his heartbeat. Unable to resist, she raised her hand and with her index finger she touched his cock just below the glans on what seemed like a pink landing strip. To her surprise it jolted upwards in response. Immediately she withdrew her hand, looking to see if she had woken him. Robert appeared peaceful, unaware of the intrusion. More boldly this time, she traced her finger on the entire length of the shaft, exploring his scrotum and his perineum before stopping to check on him. A thin smile had appeared on his face and he seemed to be murmuring something which Laura could not make out. His mind was obviously in a dreamlike state making him unaware of his environment. Emboldened, she continued her fondling, paying more attention to the sensitive tip this time. Her fingers swirled around his glans, paying special attention to the Y shaped pink area on the front. His cock responded by hardening even more. The bulbous tip darkened in colour appearing now deep purple in tone. His muscles started to flex as he stretched his legs and arched his back. Soon, a few drops of clear liquid appeared at the tip. Curious, Laura touched these with her fingers and saw that they were much like her own sexual fluids, acting as a natural lubricant. She proceeded to coat the glans with her fingertip and soon the upper part of his shaft was glistening.

Laura had never felt so aroused herself; her nipples where fully erect and their friction on her t — shirt felt almost painful. Her labia where completely engorged and she could feel her juices leaking beyond her panties now. Her own relief was not far, she was sure. Her hand was now fully stroking his penis which felt as hard as wood to the touch. Robert stiffened and arched his back, his chest flushed red from excitement. Laura saw his scrotum sack rise and constrict in preparation of his ejaculation. She saw a tiny white droplet appear on the tip of his cock. And then everything vanished, the haze returned and she was once more lying outside in the corridor. What had not gone however was the stickiness in her palm and the maddening throbbing of her genitals.

- “No…no…please…no…Why do you torture me so? Please let me relieve myself!”

- “There is one final vision for you to see, child. Then you’ll have the answers you were looking for.”

She was instantly teleported on a double bed, in a room which she didn’t recognize. Twilight filled this room from some distant source of light which she couldn’t see. She had been completely stripped of both her t-shirt and her underwear and lay naked on the sheets. Something stirred from behind her pillow and before she knew it, she was blindfolded. Before she could react, her hands and legs were tied to the bed. She laid spread eagled, unable to move much, unable to see or hear anything. Fear crept inside her as she started to thrash about trying to free herself. Finally, panting with exhaustion she gave up her struggle. She felt a warm breath gently blowing on her genitals. Then she felt a face burrow itself on her pubic hair. Whoever it was, Laura could feel his nose firmly pressed on her mons pubis deeply inhaling her aroma. She felt a pair of hands gently massaging her inner thighs, whilst the face moved towards her outer labia. Soon, a playful tongue was swirling around her clitoris, while at the same time she felt a finger penetrating her inner labia.

Laura was certain that if there was a sexual paradise she was in it right now. A mouth clasped firmly on her clitoris and began to rhythmically suck on it. The finger she had felt before started making circular movement on the roof of her vagina while another one started to massage her anus. Laura closed her eyes and felt her body go tense in anticipation of a massive release. Her heart was racing, her breathing was labored and she was audibly whimpering now. As she opened her eyes…she was back in her room, in her bed. She gasped as the most powerful orgasm hit her again and again in what seemed like eternity. Clasping her hands over her navel she felt warm liquid being forcefully expelled from her vagina in short squirts. After a full minute of contractions, she collapsed on her bed unable to move a limb.

“Wow!” was all she could think. “Talk about a wet dream”. Her bed was a complete mess. The sheets where stained by her juices and the bed cover was off, exposing the mattress. Her underwear was damp and so where her thighs. Fearing she had peed herself she sniffed at the liquid but it was neither urine nor her normal vagina secretion. She looked at her digital alarm clock by her bed; it was nearly four AM. “I’ve got to clean up this mess before someone wakes and sees this” Laura thought. She bundled all her bed linen and put it in the laundry hamper as she did with her t — shirt and underwear. Next she had a quick shower as she felt hot and sticky from all those bodily fluids. There she noticed to her amazement that her genitals must have been so aroused in her dream, that they were still sensitive to the spray of water. After toweling off, she changed into a clean t-shirt and underwear and hopped on her bed. She drifted off to sleep with a big smile on her face.

Chapter: 3 – The Ravishing begins

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By the following week, I knew what had to be done. I decided to refer Adriana to a female colleague of mine as I had compromised my professional integrity. If I continued with Adriana now, it would only be to gratify my sexual need – which was to make her mine. After my first two clients, I had to briefly meet a colleague across the boulevard.

I’d given Phyllis instructions to allow Adriana into the clinic when she arrived then she could go home. I think I must have been about ten minutes late and hated her having to wait for me but I had no choice, the meeting was important.

When I arrived back at the clinic, Phyllis had already gone; I walked into my office expecting to see Adriana waiting for her talk therapy session, but it was empty with no signs of her. I was confused, so ventured into the massage room where I was met with the most erotic sight. Adriana was dancing to the music completely naked. Her eyes were closed, unaware that I was watching her. Her body was beautiful and amazingly flexible.

Her hips undulated to the beat as she swirled her hair around and manipulated her arms and legs to the rhythm. Her breasts bounced together and swung apart and her tight firm buttocks clenched and wobbled as she gyrated and stamped her feet. This sight was too much for any red bloodied man to endure, I knew I wasn’t strong enough. She looked like a goddess on heat performing the mating dance of her tribe trying to attract the male of another tribe.

My penis was growing, pushing its way upward as I surveyed her honeyed garden, complete with open-winged butterfly. She opened her eyes; I quickly straightened my stance and smiled, placing my hands directly over the crotch of my trousers.

‘Hello Adriana, how are you?’ I asked clearing my throat. I tried to keep my eyes directly on her face.

‘Hello Troy, I thought I would get ready for the session.’

‘Actually, we normally start with the talk therapy.’

‘Well, last week you cancelled my massage, so now you owe me two hours of massage, no?

‘Yes, you’re right, forgive me.’

‘ Of course, there is nothing to forgive. Just be gentle with me. I’m looking forward to having your hands on me’ she said with a wink. My heart skipped a beat and my face broke out in instance sweat.

‘So we should start. NO?’ she said authoritatively, with her hands resting on her fantastically shaped hips.

How was I to manage two hours without losing control? That would be impossible. If I touched her inappropriately she could sue me and I’d lose my licence and business. No, there was far too much at stake to let anything happen. She was out of breath; her breasts heaved up and down, her nipples trembled and grew harder as she cooled down.

I felt my mouth salivate as I grew an extra few inches. I had forgotten to wear my massage coat and it was obvious that my long hard dick was pushing against my pants. She glanced down at my wide throbbing bulge and the wet patch it had produced, and she giggled teasingly. I gestured for her to mount the table and reminded her to lay on her front.

After washing my hands I prepared my mobile table. She was now lying down with the towel across her middle. Her hair was draped neatly to one side of her head. I poured the pungent smelling oil into my hands and started at the top half of her body. I felt like a teenager again, a knot arose in the pit of my stomach and my sweat glands began leaking like a broken tap.

My hands glided over her silky body with ease. I kneaded the muscles in her shoulders, upper back and down to her waist. Her eyes were closed as she sighed and whimpered with pleasure. I squeezed her biceps and worked up and down her arms steadily, stretching and bending her hands and fingers. She breathed deeply and smiled at me.

Her eyes dropped to my growing member and I saw her lick her lips as she moaned. My hands continued to press and pulp her skin as I moved down to the hump of her buttocks. I whipped the towel away and dropped it to the floor.

I added more oil and massaged her firm round cheeks one at a time, kneading and rubbing as I went along. She wriggled, jutting her butt upwards towards me as she moved in rhythm with the force of my hands. With a cheek in each hand I circled her buttocks inward towards each other then outward, exposing her ripe fleshy vagina and the inner lips of her labia which opened wide to reveal her dark cavity. My erect penis began seeping, as if crying from unfulfilled desire. My breath quickened with every circular motion and my temperature soared. My shirt clung to my chest and back, sodden with sweat.

By now Adriana was moaning and groaning, writhing and undulating up and down on the table. Her legs growing wider and wider apart, as she jutted her butt up towards me, goading me, provoking me. Every muscle in my body was tensed hard and dripping with hot fiery passion. In a flash she was kneeling, her legs spanning the width of the table. Her fantastic sweet smelling arse was now in my face.

I couldn’t take anymore; I pushed my head right between her butt cheeks and thrust my tongue into her anus. I tore her cheeks apart with my hands, licking the valley betwixt her anus and vagina. I tongued her with broad heavy strokes up and down, lathering her upper hole, and prodding inside with hot saliva and wet greedy kisses. She screamed with delight and she thrashed her black mane up and down, as her backside gyrated and pushed back into my craven mouth.

My lips met with her moist fleshy labia and we kissed each other again and again passionately; my tongue lapping up her sweet sap which seemed to cascade wantonly from her honeyed chasm as she climaxed. I thrust my voracious tongue inside her hole, forcing myself further and further with each jab.

Her engorged clitoris felt firm between my lips, I sucked it vigorously not wanting to ever let it go. I lovingly nipped, licked and kissed as I went along not able to satisfy my ravenous appetite. My long stiff penis dripped ashamedly; aching to be shafted into the fleshy lips of her hot wet pussy. Before I knew what was happening; Adriana jumped off the table with the grace and agility of a black panther.

‘I am in control,’ she whispered as she grabbed my shirt and tore it asunder; the buttons seemed to tap dance as they collided with the wooden floor. I drank her in completely, her eyes were hypnotising me.

‘Yes, you are in control.’

When her firm round breasts pressed against my bare chest for the first time I thought my head would explode with the fire that burned within me. Our lips met passionately, I couldn’t get enough, I was so fired up I swear I could have eaten her alive. She started undoing my belt then a few seconds later my long hard penis sprung to freedom.

She knelt on the floor in front of me and studied my cock. Her incredibly long pink tongue extended out of her perfect mouth to say hello. Her hot wet saliva lathered my bulbous tip and trailed down to the base just above my sac. She continued licking my shaft over and over slowly and lovingly. Each stroke coursed through the veins of my member like an electric current and sent warning signals to every other part of my body. I stood tense, with my buttocks clenched and my eyes closed, as I tried to keep composed, not wanting to spoil the sensation by coming too soon.

Part of me thought that I must be at home in bed dreaming; it all seemed too surreal to be true. Her hot sultry mouth was now over my cock, as I surged deeper into her. Her head rocking back and forth as my length travelled further and deeper into the moist crevasses of her mouth. I held hair on the top of her head, as I steadily eased in and out; it was an unbelievable sensation.

It wasn’t long before I had to quicken the pace; to short, sharp thrusts. I envisaged my cock inside her sweet syrupy tight pussy and before I knew it, my essence had erupted full force inside her mouth. I held her there while my member pulsated further and my body shuddered from the ecstasy. I looked down at her to see my semen overflow her mouth and drip slowly down her neck.

I felt a pang of embarrassment for just a moment, before she began licking the residue while I watched in amazement; that act made me want her all the more. This wonderful woman was not frigid or unexciting as her husband had claimed; she was fiery, orgasmic and insatiable. Now, she was mine.

Adriana took my hand and pulled me down onto her voluptuous body, her legs opened wide inviting me inside. We kissed, sucked each others’ lips and tongues passionately. We both breathed heavily, panting with desire. My cock lay directly on top of her moist pussy lips; I couldn’t help but grind my shaft hard against her.

Her taut nipples each found solace inside my ravenous mouth; I sucked them like a child drinking his mother’s milk and groaned with pleasure. She dug her long manicured finger nails into my back as my sucking grew more intense, her body quivered underneath me. My sac became drenched with her juices as she climaxed again, screaming my name into in my ear.

‘Yes Troy, yes.’ Her lustful cries were too much for me. I felt her pelvis rise as my eager head teased her opening and rubbed slowly up and down her moistness, then I entered her walls easing my way into her magnificently tight passageway to fulfilment. I began a slow thrusting, up and down, my hips meeting hers in glorious rhythm and to the sound of the sensual music.

Her legs were wrapped around my waist and I pushed myself deeper inside, as she sucked my tongue. Each inward drive gave me unimaginable pleasure; our bodies were in complete sync. She moaned and held me tight against her, her legs rose up to my shoulders as I pumped to a quicker pace. Her flexibility was astounding; every facet of my being was turned on to full power.

I watched her reactions to my forceful shafts into her very core. I saw her face contort as she began to wail loudly, her eyes shut tight. Her climaxing matching mine as I shafted repeatedly, until I felt my hot oozing liquid escape from my member to fill her empty chasm. I collapsed on top of her and I gazed down at her, looking for any signs of regret or disappoint within her dark sultry eyes. She smiled at me and breathed into my ear,

‘I am yours now.’

‘Are you sure Adriana,’ I whispered, wishing I had never asked the question.

‘Yes, I am sure, very sure,’ she replied, searching me with her intensity.

‘That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.’ I reply cradling her head in my arms and lovingly stroking her perspiring face.

‘I think I love you,’ I add confidently. We both laugh and clutch each other tightly, our bodies entwined forever.

Author’s Warning:

This story contains a brief daydream of a woman performing oral sex on another woman, male masturbation, a brief daydream of female masturbation, a man performing oral sex on a woman, a woman performing oral sex on a man, a man and woman having missionary and “doggie-style” intercourse and a man reluctantly performing oral sex on another man. I offended people the first time I posted this by not alerting them to the twist at the end. For that, I am sincerely sorry.

The variety of sex acts made it difficult to select a category for it. Literotica doesn’t have a “little bit of everything” category. Gay male readers wouldn’t want to sit through the beginning of the story. Obviously the gay element is a problem for some straight readers. Non-Consent readers would be disappointed by the short section of reluctance.

I suppose that my difficulty in categorizing the story should have told me that really NO ONE would like it. This story started as a blog post to vent my frustration at a truly unfair situation, and it turned into “My Reference.”

This is my first attempt to write from the man’s perspective. I don’t have a penis myself, but I’ve slept next to one for 15 years so I’m hoping I got it at least mostly right. This one is set in Fantasyland, that magical place with no STI’s, no unplanned pregnancies, and no guilt that isn’t specifically mentioned in the story. I had fun writing it, so I hope you have fun reading it. (I’d appreciate some gentle feedback to let me know if I handled that penis thing correctly.)


Carrie stormed into the faculty room and slammed her binder on the lunch table where I sat, eating my lunch. It was Taco Tuesday, my favorite. She scared the crap out of me, which made me spill taco guts all over my tie.

“That man has had it in for me since the minute he stepped into this building,” she fumed.

“What happened now?” I inquired. I didn’t really care for Carrie’s sake, but we were all trying to get a feel for what life was going to be like under the “Roberts Regime”.

“I am under direct orders to clear every training session with him before I even post it! How am I supposed to know which training I need to do if I cannot post it? I have been responsible for faculty technology training for two years now, and I have never needed administrator approval to schedule training. People sign up, I schedule the training. Simple as that,” she ranted as she took the mail from her mailbox and grabbed her binder.

“I don’t understand why he cannot just trust me, like Sandy did.” She slammed the door as she left the room, and I could hear the clacking of her high heels fading away.

“What the hell was that?” the math substitute at the end of the table asked.

“Hurricane Carrie,” I explained. “She’s a little intense. She’s just pissed because she won’t get all her ‘special privileges’ now that Sandy is the Curriculum Administrator instead of the building principal.”

“What did she do to earn those privileges?” the math sub asked with a raised eyebrow.

“They graduated from here together in the ’90′s,” I told him. “Sandy takes care of her friends.”

“Takes care of them, huh?” he asked wickedly.

I finally got his meaning. “No, no. Nothing like that,” I said. “Her friends, her former teachers, the people she hired- they get the best schedules, the air conditioned classrooms, and the cushiest duties. Things like that.”

“Oh,” the math teacher said. He sounded disappointed.

For the first time, I thought about the possibility that Carrie had slept with someone to get this Faculty Tech. Trainer gig. Thanks to Mr. Substitute Math Teacher, I suddenly had a very clear, very naughty vision of Sandy, on her back, completely naked, legs spread wide with Carrie’s head between her thighs. Her tongue was lapping gently at Sandy’s pussy. In my vision, which was so vivid that it practically had its own background music, Carrie was wearing nothing but a red thong and her high heels as she bent her head in for another taste. Sandy’s hands were rubbing her tits, and she was moaning as Carrie’s fingers spread her pussy lips again…”

At that moment the bell rang, bursting my daydream like a soap bubble. “And not a moment too soon,” I said to myself. My cock had just been starting to stir when I heard the bell, so I was grateful for the piercing sound.


“Can you believe Carrie quit that sweet tech trainer job? She had the life there for a while. Roberts must have torn her a new one after Sandy got involved,” my buddy Sean said as I placed my empty beer bottle on the bar in front of me. Sean’s chemistry class was across the hall from my biology classroom, but Mickey’s Bar was a much more comfortable environment for discussing the morons we worked with. “I heard she told him he could go fuck himself.”

“No way. Ms. English Teacher wouldn’t dare use a word with only four letters,” I said. “What’s a really long word for fuck?”

“You’d know better than I would,” he retorted. “I teach chemistry, for Christ’s sake. I just wonder who they’ll replace her with. This Roberts guy probably has a niece that needs a job or something.”

“I applied for it, but I know I won’t get it,” I said, shaking my head as I placed my empty beer bottle in front of me on the bar.

“What won’t you get?” asked Crystal, as she joined us at the bar. Crystal sometimes stopped by for a drink or two, but she was married with kids, so she never stayed long. She taught algebra and geometry, and her outspoken nature kept her from getting any slack from the administration.

“The Faculty Tech Trainer job. Cruella De Carrie quit,” I explained.

“You would be so good at that job,” she told me. “You do everything on those computers.”

“Yeah, but he doesn’t kiss anybody’s ass, so he won’t be first on that list,” Sean added. He signaled the bartender for another round.

“It’s just so frickin’ frustrating,” I said. “I work my ass off all the time, but because I didn’t go to high school with Sandy, I get nothing. Who do you have to blow to catch a break in that place?”

“Careful what you wish for,” teased Crystal. “We don’t know anything about Roberts yet.”

“Hell, I’d take it up the ass, if I thought it would get me the job,” I said cynically as the bartender handed me my beer. She was young and cute, and she giggled a little when she heard what I said.

I blushed and held my hands up in front of me as I said, “You know that was a joke, right?”

She smiled and said, “Oh, sure. A joke,” but when she returned with our change, she looked me in the eye with a playful look and slid something toward me. “Call me. Maybe I can help you get that job,” she said in a low voice.

She sauntered off to wait on another customer, leaving me with my chin on the floor and her number in my hand, wondering what the hell she meant.


When I got home, Mousse, my Chocolate Lab, was practically tearing down the door to get out. I walked her and thought about the bartender at Mickey’s and her offer. I thought that she was offering to blow someone for me, but I really kind of hoped she was offering to blow me. Fortunately, Mousse knew the way home because I was completely lost inside my own head.

I put Mousse’s leash on the counter, grabbed a beer from the fridge, and headed for the shower. As the hot steam swirled around me, I convinced myself that she probably meant that she could get me a job at the bar or something. It didn’t seem like a bad idea either, especially if it meant working with a hottie like that.

My cock was already in my hand when I allowed myself to picture her. She had to be ten years younger than I was. She didn’t even look old enough to be in a bar, which I found oddly appealing. I started to stroke myself as I remembered our brief encounter.

I could see her working behind the bar. Beautiful hands pouring drinks, long legs barely hidden by her short shorts… I grabbed the bar of soap and washed quickly then returned my soapy, slippery hand to my erection.

As I stroked the length of my cock back and forth, my imagination was undressing her. I saw her leaning over to pick something up and her shorts falling to the floor. I moaned and gripped my cock a little tighter when I saw that light blue slice of fabric resting between her buttocks. “Of course she wears a thong,” I thought, forgetting that this was all happening in my mind.

I was sure that she would be clean-shaven, and when she turned toward me and removed her panties, I saw that only a thin swath remained. I took my fingers and spread some of the pre-cum that was pooled at the tip of my cock around my shaft and started stroking a little faster. I was starting to move my hips back and forth in time with my fist.

I gazed at the swell of her breasts under her shirt and wondered if her nipples were pierced. She removed her tight, Hollister top, revealing the sweet, little bra that matched the panties that she had already dropped to the floor. In my daydream she looked down at my erection and licked her lips. I returned the look to her sex to find that her pussy lips were swollen and damp. I wanted to reach out and stick my fingers between those lips. Again I tightened my grip, imagining how tight her pussy would be.

Finally, her bra fell to the floor, revealing the most beautiful pair of tits that my imagination could conjure. They would fit perfectly within my hands.

I was pumping my cock with my hand, hard and fast, and I could feel my orgasm approaching. My hips could hardly keep up with the pace of my jacking hand.

My mind returned to those beautiful, luscious tits, to imagine her nipples. Mmmm… Just as I expected. Light pink areolae, long nipples and a glint of gold. Each nipple wore a small gold ring.

My tongue flicked out of my mouth to tease a nipple, to play with the pink, pierced nub. Suddenly, my cock felt like it was exploding. My whole body flexed, and I stroked hard. The cum began spurting from the tip of my cock, just as my lips closed around her nipple in my mind.

My orgasm lasted much longer than it usually does when I’m by myself. I’m also sure I yelled louder than I normally do. This orgasm was by far the best that I’d ever achieved without an actual woman there to help me. I finished my shower, brushed my teeth, and went to bed without even finishing my beer.

I knew it was crazy, but I also knew that I would call her in the morning.


I sat on the couch with a cup of coffee, a stack of lab papers to grade, and my cell phone on the coffee table in front of me. I wasn’t usually nervous about calling a girl, but I just didn’t know what her intention was, and I certainly didn’t know what I planned to do about it.

I tried correcting some papers to calm my racing thoughts, but after reading the hypothesis on the first paper four times, I knew I was wasting my time. I looked down at the slip of paper in my hand. Chelsea Bauer. I picked up my phone and dialed.

“Hello?” she answered in a perky voice, which immediately reminded me of her perky tits. My cock was already twitching, so I took a deep breath and jumped right in.

“Hi, Chelsea. It’s Steve, from the bar last night?” I said uncertainly.

“Are you the one with the new Porsche or the one who wants a new job,” she teased.

I wasn’t prepared for teasing so I started to stammer, “Uh, you gave me your number…”

She only let me flounder for a second before she said, “I’m kidding you! How are you?”

“Good. Confused, I guess,” I fumbled. “I’m just going to bite the bullet and ask. What did you say to me last night?”

“Oh, about the job? I just meant that you could use me as a reference. I can be very persuasive,” she replied.

“For the job at school, right?” I clarified.

“Of course,” she laughed. “Did you think I was gonna get you a job at Mickey’s?”

“Well,” I said sheepishly. “The thought had crossed my mind.”

I could hear the smile in her voice as she said, “Well, I can’t recommend you for a job if I don’t know you. I suppose we should get together so I can make sure you are the right candidate for the job. What’s the job again?”

“Faculty Tech. Trainer,” I replied. “Can we have dinner tonight?”

“No good. I bartend, remember?” she said. “The boss frowns on taking Saturday nights off. How about tomorrow around noon? We can meet for brunch at the Battlefield Inn.”

“Sounds great. Should I bring my resumé?” I teased.

“Meet you at noon,” she said.

“Can’t wait,” I said sincerely.

I hung up the phone and returned to my lab reports. I still had trouble focusing, but I forced myself to get them done.


Over brunch we chatted and got to know each other. I learned that she had a degree in Special Ed, but was taking some time to decide if that’s really what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. I told her about my bachelor’s life, Mousse, my job teaching freshmen and sophomores, and how I was looking to move on from teaching biology all day long.

“Is this why you want the tech job so badly?” she asked.

“Yeah. I got my master’s in Educational Technology, and I feel like I’m wasting my degree. I’m just ready for the next step.” I paused and took a sip of my coffee. ” In my career and my life, I guess. I’m starting to feel old.”

She slapped me gently on the arm, and said, “You’re not old!”

“Ok, but I’m not getting any younger, and I’m not making any progress,” I said. “Take this job, for example. I’m not going to get it because I refuse to kiss anyone’s ass. It pisses me off that certain people are given opportunities because of who they are instead of what they can do.”

I drained my coffee, trying to cool my temper. This was a hot topic for me, and it didn’t take much for me to lose my composure.

“I work in an environment where half of the employees were hired because they were related to someone on the school board. The other half gets special treatment and opportunities because they went to high school with the boss. And the woman who just quit this job, I swear she was hired because she wears high heels and has big tits!”

I stopped and looked at her, shaking my head. “I’m sorry. That was out of line.”

She smiled, and put her hand on my thigh, “Let’s get out of here. I want to meet your dog.”


When I opened the door to my apartment, Mousse barreled out onto the porch and knocked Chelsea into a chair.

“Christ, Mousse! You’re heavier than she is! Down, girl!” I pulled Mousse back and clipped her leash to her collar. “She needs a walk.”

Chelsea rubbed her ears with both hands and baby-talked, “That’s a good girl.” She grabbed the leash and the pooper-scooper from the floor, and started down the stairs.

“I got this,” she yelled over her shoulder to me.

“Just take her down to the corner and back,” I returned, “but I hate to make you scoop poop on the first date!”

They were half-way down the block already, so I took the opportunity to tidy up quickly. I’m not a slob, but I didn’t want her first impression to be clutter. I put my coffee cup in the dishwasher, dumped the rest of last night’s beer, and made my bed in a hurry. I sat on the porch, and waited for the girls to return.


Chelsea and Mousse made themselves comfy on the couch while I got some bottles of water from the fridge.

“Sorry this is all I have to offer,” I said. “It’s water or beer. We just finished breakfast, so I thought we’d be better off with water.”

“This is great. Thanks,” she replied.

I sat in the recliner opposite the couch and watched her love up my dog. I saw her delicate hands running across Mousse’s back, and I felt like I was sucked back into Friday night’s daydream. I could almost feel her hands on me now, running over my back, my head, my ass…

“Steve. Steve. Are you ok?”

I jolted back to reality to find Chelsea approaching me. I jumped out of the chair, realizing too late that my little reverie had made me hard enough to see my erection outlined through my jeans.

I saw her eyes travel down my body and come to rest on the bulge in my pants. My cheeks felt hot, and I was trying to stammer an apology.

Chelsea stopped me with one hand on my lips and one hand on my fly. “Shh,” she whispered. “I was coming over to wake him up, but I guess he’s all ready to come out and play.”

I didn’t have a chance to say anything before she knelt down in front of me and unbuttoned my jeans. I closed my eyes and heard my zipper going down slowly.I took a deep breath as she pulled my jeans and boxers down to my knees, and I felt a little relieved when my cock sprang out in front of me.

“Ooh,” she cooed as she took my cock in her hand. “Someone’s happy to see me.”

“It’s been a while since he’s seen anyone but me,” I admitted.

She started stroking me, and I moaned. I touched her hair gently as she touched the tip of my penis with her soft tongue. I shivered a little. It really had been a long time.

I leaned into her a bit, and she responded by opening her mouth and allowing my cock to slide along her tongue toward the back of her mouth. She closed her lips around my cock and started moving her head back and forth, taking the length of my cock deep into her warm, wet mouth. I could feel her tongue moving along the underside of my penis. She pulled her mouth off and licked from the root of my shaft to the head. I felt her tongue licking the pre-cum out of my slit and swirling around the head of my cock.

I laced my fingers through her hair and groaned, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to hold on for long. “Oh, suck my cock. Suck it hard,” I moaned. “That’s it, baby. Suck my hard cock.”

She took my balls in her hand and started sucking. “Oh, God, that feels good. Do you like that cock in your mouth, baby?”

“Mmmm, hmmmm,” was her response. That pushed me right to the brink.

“I’m gonna cum. Oh, you’re making me cum. Here it comes. I’m cumming. Unghhh. Oh, God. Oh, fuck. Ooohhh.”

She sucked me right through my orgasm. I had expected that she would take my cock out of her mouth as I came, allowing my cum to spray her face, but that was probably because my only recent sex “partners” had been the porn stars in my stash. Before I could gather my wits to offer directions to the bathroom sink to spit it out, she stood up and kissed me. Her tongue ran through my mouth, and I could taste my cum.

“A swallower, huh?” I teased.

“Why do you think I sucked your cock? Just to make you happy?” she said sarcastically. “Where do you sleep?”

“Tired already? You work for ten minutes, and you need a nap?” I asked her.

“Um, no. You’re going to eat my pussy until I cum on your face, then you’re going to fuck me,” she replied. “Take your pants off. You look silly like that.”

I took all of my clothes off and left them on the chair. I took her hand and led her to my bed, suddenly grateful that I thought to make it for a change.

I lay back on my pillow with my fingers laced behind my head. I was nude and my cock was already hardening again. Chelsea was still completely clothed.

I said, “You are way over-dressed for this party.”

She didn’t say a word. She unbuttoned her shirt slowly and stared into my eyes. She opened the front, and let the fabric slide down her arms onto the floor. Her bra was white, not blue like in my vision, and the anticipation of seeing her tits was almost too much for me to handle. I put my hand on my cock and stroked it lazily. I was so fixated on her tits, I didn’t notice her skirt coming off until I heard it flop to the ground.

I made some sort of soft sound as I exhaled, betraying just how aroused I was.

She smiled as she reached behind her back to release her bra. I stroked harder, not knowing how else to contain myself. As her bra came down, she cupped her breasts, teasing me. I was surprised to see that her nipples were not pierced as I had imagined. They were, however, completely erect, long and delicious-looking.

Creel dropped the last of his clothing into the recycler and padded bare foot and bare assed to his bunk. With a bone weary sigh he sat and then swung his muscular legs up onto the almost double sized sleeper. Captain’s privileges he thought wryly as his feet hit the end of the bunk. Pushing the pillows up behind him he reclined back with another, quieter sigh and closed his eyes. Taking a deep breath, expanding his massive chest as far as he was able, he held it for long seconds before releasing it with an explosive whoosh.

He opened his eyes slowly, catching sight first of her legs. She stood in the far corner of his cabin. A mere 6 steps away. He allowed his gaze to slide up her shapely calves, taking in the toned look of the faintly lavender skin. He briefly wondered if it would feel the way it looked, like expensive and very real suede. She moved, turning toward him, and his eyes lifted to her face to find that she was watching him, taking in the shape of him as he had been doing to her. He was captured by the intense look in her stunningly slanted, amethyst eyes. Her eyes tilted up at the corners a fraction more and he lowered his gaze to her lips. Her smile widened, became playful as she turned half away from him as she began to discard her clothing.

No hauler’s overall covered her body. She teasingly shrugged her way out of some sort of fuzzy, perhaps furred, coat. Her shoulders bare she playfully shrugged again, the pure white of the robe emphasising the lavender and wisteria shading of her skin and setting off the hip length purple-black hair that twisted its unruly way down her back. Creel licked his lips. She lowered the furry garment another few inches and he was rewarded with the sight of the generous top swell of her breasts.

With a low chuckle she dropped the robe and to his delight he discovered that she was completely naked beneath it. She paused, allowing him to take in the visual delight that was her body. His gaze lingered on her breasts. Large and firm with berry coloured nipples that his mouth watered to taste. He moved his scrutiny downwards only paying a passing attention to the slim waist, the toned belly, and the generously flared hips before he settled his gaze on the tiny, neatly trimmed triangle of purple-black silk at the apex of her thighs. He heard her chuckle again and knew she was staring at his cock that had twitched as the robe lowered and was fully erect by the time the robe had hit the floor.

He felt the aforementioned organ twitch again as she began to walk toward him. Her steps were slow, sensual; her hips almost snake-like. She crawled onto the bed and over him, on her hands and knees and tilted herself forward to brush her mulberry stained lips briefly over his. Her tongue slipped out to trace the outline of his lips with just its tip, teasingly circling before darting to insert itself between his lips. Her nipples brushed lightly against his skin barely disturbing the light sprinkling of chest hair, but managing to disturb the rest of him thoroughly. He groaned and lifted both hands to cup her breasts.

Her skin did indeed feel like the softest suede as he palmed her nipples. Backing his hands off a little he captured both nipples between a thumb and forefinger each, teasing and rolling them til they were hard between his fingers and he could hear her own muted sighs of delight.

She slithered her tongue down his neck and onto his chest, trailing saliva through the light sprinkling of dark blonde hairs as she suckled and then gently nipped at each of his nipples. Creel felt a shudder go through the length of his body and he reached to curl his fingers around her generously fleshy breasts. Kneading them gently, testing their weight, squeezing them together as he flicked his thumbs up to tease her beaded nipples once more.

She lifted her head and her wine coloured lips stretched once more in a lazy smile, amethyst eyes glittering at him. Creel gasped and closed his eyes as he felt one set of slim fingers curl themselves around his cock. His eyes snapped back open as she backed down his body and out of reach of his hands. He didn’t want to miss a moment of her show. And she was clearly putting on a show for him, her movements exaggerated a she swayed her hips a little more than necessary as she slithered even further down the bunk.

Her breasts now out of reach, her smile widened and she lifted her free hand to drag her fingernails down his side. Gritting his teeth Creel groaned as the sharpened tips left starkly pink furrows behind them on his space-pale skin. At the same time he felt her warm breath on his penis and the fingernail tips on his flank became pleasurable, intensely pleasurable. Gooseflesh skittered across his skin. It had been too fragging long if a seductive smile and a set of purple talons could have him so on edge.

He grabbed a double handful of the bunk covers and pushed his head back into the pillows as her wine coloured lips closed around the very top of his cock and her tongue flicked at the tiny slit at its tip. Gritting his teeth he tried to think of anything else but the way her lips pushed firmly against the silken skin of his penis, the way the slid slowly but inevitably over the bulbous head and down onto his shaft. Baseball. One of her hands curled around his balls and began to gently roll them in their sac as the other slid down his shaft in advance of the leisurely descent of her lips. Nope. Not helping.

Engineering. The overhaul to the port thrusters. She wiggled her pale mauve body further down his legs, feeling her breasts alternately pressing onto his thighs and her nipples scraping down his skin. She lifted one leg over one of his, and suddenly he felt the damp spider-silk soft pubic hair pressing over one of his shins. Nope. No help there either as the word thrusters anchored itself into his mind.

He lifted his hips to encourage the insertion of his cock deep into her mouth, and felt the gulping swallow of her throat as she took his entire length. With a hungry purring sound she began to slide her mouth equally as leisurely back up his iron hard cock. Agonising. He wanted to thrust himself repeatedly deep into her mouth, releasing himself as soon as he was able. Tormenting. He wanted to take his time. To watch her mouth encircle him, to take him slowly back between her lips til they were almost touching his pubic hair.

She sped the movement of her head, bobbing down on him more quickly, her tongue curling around his throbbing shaft as she kept up a steady suction. He drew in a quick breath and matched the movement of his pelvis to the rhythm of her mouth, one of his hands slipping into her hair. Sweet torture. He felt his balls tighten up against his body, felt her mouth tighten, felt the head of his cock slide over and over into her throat.

He felt his penis lift, and swell, as his hips moved involuntarily in an attempt to thrust himself even deeper into her mouth…as the emergency klaxon went off.

Cursing savagely, he tore the tiny neurotransmitter from his left temple and watched her dissolve into thin air.

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