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“Damn, I am so bored,” I groaned as I leaned back in the kitchen chair.

“Well, what game do you wanna play, Derrick?” Nicole asked me.

I made a face.

“I’m kinda getting tired of drinking games,” I told her.

“Me too,” said our friend Cory. “We play the same stuff every week, and I always kick both of your asses at quarters every time anyway.”

We were sitting in Nicole’s apartment at the kitchen table, with shot glasses and red plastic cups in front of us. There were ping pong balls, quarters, a deck of cards, and other items spread across Nicole’s table. It was our usual drinking routine when we each had the following day off from work, and perhaps that was our problem at the moment.

“Okay, so let’s go somewhere,” Nicole offered.

Cory stifled a laugh. “Where are we gonna go, Nikki? It’s a Wednesday night. There’s no “happening” places on a Wednesday night.”

“We could just hit a bar in town somewhere,” I suggested.

Cory cringed and looked at me. “Sorry, dude. Local bars aren’t my scene. Remember the guy at Norton’s that wanted to kick my ass because he found out I was gay?”

I nodded. “Right. Not a good idea.”

Nicole sighed and grabbed the remote to her stereo to change the song. Her awesome stereo system began blaring the song of some punk band she liked. She ran a hand through her completely pink dyed hair and bit her lip thoughtfully.

I reached for a bottle of tequila in the center of her kitchen table and poured myself another shot. Cory slid me his shot glass.

“Hit me,” he said.

“Me too,” Nicole said.

I filled our glasses and set the bottle back in the middle of the table. We clinked the shot glasses together almost passively before we each threw them back. As I set my glass down and cringed at the trail of fire that blazed down my throat, I couldn’t help but watch Nicole. She looked absolutely stunning tonight. Her long pink hair was curled, and was adorned with a hair clip that doubled as a decorative black bow with a skull in the center. She wore a simple sheer white T-shirt, and her black bra was slightly visible underneath. Though her breasts were a petite B cup, they always drew my gaze.

I glanced away before Nicole caught me staring. I realized then that Cory was watching me. He pushed his glasses up on his nose, shook his head, and visibly suppressed a grin. He knew that I had quite a crush on Nicole, though we had been friends ever since we were young. I had always balked at the idea of making a move on her, for I didn’t want our close friendship to turn sour.

“I’m gonna get another beer,” Nicole said as she stood and headed for the refrigerator. “You guys want one?”

“Yeah, bring us two,” I called after her.

My eyes followed Nicole as she walked, or more pointedly, her hips and ass. Nicole had always been a tomboy as a young girl and a social outcast as a young woman. It really showed in her sense of taste and style. Her tight blue jeans were ripped here and there, from her calves up to her thighs. I watched her ass sway as she walked and eyed the exposed flesh where her pants were torn. Nicole opened the refrigerator and bent over to fetch our beers. The rips in her jeans made her tight round ass appear to be bursting from within.

I felt a nudge at my leg and glanced over at Cory.

“Stop drooling,” he scolded me playfully.

I smirked but again turned my eyes toward Nicole, who was already walking our direction with an arm full of drinks. She was looking at me, though, and something in her eyes told me that she had heard what Cory said. She smirked at me knowingly. It wouldn’t be the first time she had caught me undressing her with my eyes.

Nicole took her place on the opposite side of the table from us. She slid us our beers and I wasted no time cracking mine open.

“Oh shit,” I heard Cory mutter.

I followed his gaze to a tall bottle that Nicole had also brought to the table, which was clear and filled with an amber colored liquid. There was no label on the bottle or anything else to identify what was inside. She also had something hidden in her closed fist.

“What’s in that?” I asked motioning to the bottle.

“You don’t wanna know,” Cory muttered.

Nicole looked at me with a sly grin. “Since there’s nothing else to do, I got an idea. It’s a little game I used to play with Holly and her friends when we were dating.”

I remembered Holly. She had worked with Nicole for a while, and the two dated for almost a year before they split. Holly was bisexual just like Nicole, obviously, though nowhere near as attractive.

“I thought we already said that drinking games were out,” I pointed out.

Nicole’s green eyes flashed as she said, “This is different. I’ve never brought this game up before because I figured that neither one of you would play it, but seeing as we’re bored out of our fucking minds, I wanna give it a shot. I think it’ll be fun.”

“Not if it involves drinking that,” Cory groaned.

Nicole ignored him. “The game is called Sex or Suicide.”

At the very mention of sex from Nicole I grew excited, though I did well to hide it.

“We play it using that bottle of alcohol, and these,” Nicole said.

She rolled three dice out onto the table. I saw that one had the usual numbered sides, whereas the other two had words written on them in place of numerical dots.

“We take turns rolling the dice,” Nicole went on, “and if you don’t want to do what the dice tell you then you have to take a shot.”

“Wait a second,” I said catching on. “Those are sex dice, right?”

She nodded slowly. “Yep.”

My heartbeat skyrocketed. Nicole was wanting to play a sex game! My blood was starting to really flow thinking about getting intimate in any way with my long time friend and secret crush. I did my best to play it cool, though.

“Are you sure about that?” I asked sounding skeptical. “I mean we’re all friends. Wouldn’t that be sort of weird?”

Nicole rolled her eyes and laughed. “Oh, c’mon, Derrick! We’ve been friends forever. Don’t you think I’ve noticed the looks you give me? Or the reasons you come up with just to touch me?”

Instantly, I felt my face flush red. Everything was out in the open between us in that moment and made me feel like an idiot for thinking Nicole hadn’t been onto me all along. Cory was chuckling to himself beside me.

I swallowed the lump in my throat. “I… don’t-”

“Yeah, right,” Nicole interrupted. “You’re just as gooey-eyed over me as Cory was over you when he first met you.”

My eyes widened in shock. I glanced over at Cory, who had suddenly grown silent. His face had turned beet red and he didn’t look in my direction at all. He ran a hand through his short cropped black hair nervously and sent a glare Nicole’s way, who sat with her hand to her open mouth.

“Oops, sorry,” Nicole squeaked. “That slipped. I’m half lit as it is.”

I glanced again at Cory. He adjusted his glasses and fidgeted with his beer can, never once looking my way. I had never imagined that he felt any sort of attraction towards me. When I first met him, he was already really good friends with Nicole. He seemed like a pretty cool guy, even though his only friend was a girl and was a bit of a shy guy. It took me five months to learn that he was gay, and I only found out after someone walked in on him making out with another guy in the bathroom at school. Of course, Nicole had known all along. After finding out, it was a little weird knowing that my friend was gay, but it didn’t really make a difference to me. He was Nicole’s best friend, and he and I actually hung out very often.

It startled me now to find out that he used to be attracted to me. He had always seemed so normal and mellow around me. I began to wonder how many times he had looked at me the same way I looked at Nicole. Then I started to wonder if he had ever really lost interest in me. I wasn’t gay by any means, and even though it creeped me out a little, it was still a bit flattering that he thought of me that way.

“Okay… uh… so now that we all know each other a little better,” Nicole said with an awkward laugh, “I’ll finish telling you how to play the game.”

Nicole cleared her throat, reached for the remote to her stereo, and slightly turned down the volume.

“Um… there’s three dice,” she told us. “We each get two numbers. You roll the numbered die to see who you perform an action on, and of course, you can’t roll yourself. Then you roll the other dice. One tells you the action you perform and the other tells you what body part to do it on.”

Cory and I exchanged nervous glances. I could tell he was still a bit rattled that his secret had been let out of the bag. A shutter inducing thought crept into my head.

“Isn’t it a bit unfair if I roll Cory, though?” I asked. “I mean, no offense man, but I’m not gay or bisexual.”

Nicole flashed me a wicked grin. “Yes it is, but it’s just as fair as Cory rolling and having to do something to me.”

I nodded absently. She had a good point. It had to be just as odd to Cory to have to get intimate with a girl as it was for me to do the same with a guy. My head swam in a sea conflict. I was so aroused by the idea of getting to do some sort of naughty act to Nicole. On the other hand, it made my stomach crawl to think of having to do something even remotely sexual with Cory. He was my friend and I just wasn’t attracted to guys. A cold anxious feeling pulsed in my chest while moths fluttered in my gut.

“If we choose not to perform the act we can just take a shot instead, right?” I asked her.

“See, that’s the catch,” Cory interjected. “The object of the game is obviously to prompt you toward sexual activity, because you are not gonna want to take a shot of that stuff.”

My brow furrowed as I studied the amber colored liquid in the large bottle on the table. “Why… what’s in it?”

“It’s why the game is called Sex or Suicide, baby,” Nicole said with an evil little laugh.

“It’s horrible,” Cory told me. “She pours all different kinds of liquor and whiskey and god knows what else into that bottle, and expects a human to drink it. I’ve had a shot of it before and it’s like taking a shotgun blast to the head and having your insides lit on fire.”

“Oh hell, it’s not that bad,” Nicole grinned. “I just mix like sour mash whiskey, spiced rum, vodka, tequila… and maybe some energy drinks… uh…. I forget what else. It’s all top shelf stuff, though.”

I cringed at the mere mention of the ingredients. “Are you trying to give us alcohol poisoning?”

Nicole chuckled. “It’s a suicide. C’mon, I thought you girls wanted to have fun. If you’re chickenshit just let me know and we’ll go back to doing nothing all night.”

I stared at the large bottle on the table. I knew I could hold my liquor, but it turned my stomach to think of drinking several kinds mixed together, when any one alone could put me out. I glanced up at Nicole, who was biting her lip and looking me up and down. I knew she was trying to tease me and it was working. Tonight I had a chance to touch her skin, kiss her full lips, and whatever else a roll of the dice could get me. I had to play the game. At the very worst, I could always just drink myself stupid instead of doing anything sexual with Cory.

I took a deep breath and sighed heavily. “Fuck it. I’m in, I guess.”

Nicole gave me an approving smile. She looked at Cory. “Well? What about you?”

Cory threw up his hands. “I guess I don’t have a choice.”

“Sweet,” Nicole said. “There’s one little thing I didn’t mention about taking your shots. If you choose suicide, you loose an article of clothing. No shoes or socks allowed either, boys. I hate that crap. So take ‘em off.”

Cory and I exchanged glances before we each leaned over and unlaced our shoes. We pulled them off along with our socks and tossed them aside.

Nicole opened the suicide bottle and poured a shot for each of us. “Okay, so we each have numbers. If anyone rolls a one or a two with the numbered die, they perform a task on me. If we roll a three or a four, that’ll be Derrick, and a five or six will be for Cory. Then you roll the other dice and see what you have to do. If you decline, you take a suicide shot and take off an article of clothing. Are we all clear?”

Cory shifted in his seat nervously. “Man, this is gonna be so bad in the morning.”

Nicole snatched up the dice and turned them over in her hand. “The actions are lick, squeeze, kiss, suck, blow, and rub. The body parts are lips, neck, breast, crotch, ass, and thighs.”

Nicole’s eyes fell across me. The look she gave me made the hairs on my arm raise. I glanced at Cory to find him staring my way. He quickly averted his eyes and a shiver rippled throughout my body.

“I’ll start us off since it’s my apartment,” Nicole stated.

She brushed her pink hair over her shoulder and shook the numbered die in her left hand. I suddenly grew tense and my breathing grew shallow. Cory must have felt the same, for he fidgeted with the stereo remote, turning up the volume and spinning the remote on the table.

Nicole let the numbered die fall to the table, where it bounced and rolled to a stop in front of Cory. He looked down at the die and smirked.

“Four,” he announced. “That’s Derrick.”

My heart sailed, though I showed no emotion. I looked at Nicole who had her head in her hands. She glanced up with a wide bashful smile.

“Alright,” she conceded. “Your dreams may just come true tonight, Derrick.”

She shook the remaining dice in her right hand and dropped them to the table. I held my breath as my eyes followed the tumbling dice. Nicole smiled as the dice came to a halt.

“It says to lick your neck,” Nicole giggled.

I shrugged smoothly. “You could always take the shot.”

“Oh, please,” she laughed as she pushed her chair back and stood. “You don’t have to act anymore Derrick.”

Nicole made her way around the table to me. I slid my chair away from the table. I was almost shaking with excitement. Nicole locked a seductive gaze on me. To my shock, she came close and threw her leg over me and sat in my lap. I froze, unsure of how to act. I had never been close to Nicole quite like this, and it felt a little weird. She leaned close to my face, her cheek inches from my own. My breath caught in my throat. She snickered and threw her arms around me. Her head dove for my neck.

I felt her lips first, soft and pleasant on my skin. Her hand caressed my head, comforting me and causing me to grow limp beneath her. Then her mouth opened and I felt her warm wet tongue slide across my neck. A chill ran up my back and my lip quivered. Nicole licked her way gently up my neck to my ear, and then back down to my shoulder. I could smell the lovely scent of her hair and her sweet perfume. I felt like grabbing her petite little body and crushing it against me. Instead I let her do her work and tried to act somewhat normal, however that was possible.

Suddenly, it was over as Nicole climbed from my lap. She giggled when she saw my face, for I must have appeared disappointed.

“I figured I’d let you calm down since you’re already so worked up,” she told me.

I realized that my dick was straining against my jeans. I could feel myself blushing as I slid my chair back under the table. I glanced at Cory who appeared very amused. He smiled and shook his head.

“How long have you been waiting for that to happen?”

“I think it’s your roll, man,” I replied.

Cory sighed heavily and reached for the dice. He wasted no time as he let all three dice roll to the table. The three of us examined the dice.

“Dammit,” Cory muttered.

“Aww, what’s the matter, Cory?” Nicole teased. “You don’t wanna suck my crotch?”

“Sorry, Nikki, you’re not my type,” he told her.

He pulled his shirt over his head and flung it aside, and I just barely caught saw his shy glance towards me. Cory was in pretty decent shape and it wasn’t the first time I had seen him without a shirt, but now it made me a bit uncomfortable after hearing that he had once been attracted to me. It made me feel like I shouldn’t see any part of his body bared. He grabbed one of the three shot glasses and brought it to his lips. His eyes closed and he took a deep breath and let it out.

“Just don’t think about it, man,” I said.

My words must have encouraged him somehow, for he turned the shot glass up and swallowed the contents quickly. He immediately began chasing the shot with his beer. I watched as his face warped into an expression of pure disgust. Cory slammed the can down with a gasp and let out a sickly groan, his face still contorted in revulsion.

Nicole tossed back her head and laughed. I gave a small chuckle, but I was really amazed at the impact that the shot had on Cory. He might have been gay, but usually he could drink me under table. I had never seen him react that way to a shot before. He was still shaking his head and holding his stomach. He gave me a very pained look, and I couldn’t help but dread taking a suicide shot after watching Cory.

“It’s you’re turn, Derrick,” Nicole grinned.

I rubbed my hands together and fetched the dice from the table. I shook them in my hand awkwardly while Nicole watched with amusement. She sipped her beer and studied me with her sparkling green eyes. I looked over at Cory who was still recovering from his suicide shot. He was breathing heavily and watching my shaking hand. It suddenly made me awkward making the motion. I found myself wondering if it turned him on to see me jerk my hand back and forth.

Ignoring my absurd thoughts, I let the three dice fall to the table.

“Awesome,” Nicole laughed. “Derrick has to lick your lips, Cory.”

I saw Cory’s wide eyes flick over to mine with anticipation.

“Unless I take a shot, that is,” I said as I reached for a glass without hesitation.

“Oh, c’mon,” Nicole complained. “What’s the fun in that?”

“There isn’t any,” Cory told her.

I honestly wasn’t sure if Cory said that because he was being sympathetic about the horrible shot I was about to take, or if it was because I had declined to perform an action on him. I chased the thoughts from my head again and held the shot before me with my beer prepared in the opposite hand.

“Ah, shit,” I groaned.

I put the glass to my lips and turned the shot up and into my mouth. I swallowed quickly and began chasing it down with beer. It helped very little. I felt like my head had been blasted full of helium. Spider webs of shock enveloped my skull. The liquid scorched its trail to my stomach, and a violent shiver crawled up my spine. The suicide hit my gut and tumbled, immediately disagreeing with the contents of my stomach. I felt nauseous and dizzy as I slammed the beer can down and slid the shot glass away. I could hear Nicole laughing wickedly, and glancing over at Cory I saw him cringing with what could only be sympathy.

As the immensely terrible sensation subsided, I glared at Nicole.

“That is the worst shit I have ever drank it my entire life,” I growled at her with a cough.

“It lives up to its name, baby,” Nicole winked. “Now you owe us an article of clothing.”

I sighed. With a troubled look at Cory, I began pulling off my shirt. I tossed it to the floor and crossed my arms. Nicole eyed me with a grin, but I saw her glance at Cory briefly. I could practically feel his gaze on me. I wondered distantly if he found me arousing without my shirt. It was a weird thing to think about. I was in pretty decent shape. I was athletic looking aside from the small beer belly I had developed. I then began hoping that I looked good to Nicole. Was she fantasizing about me now like Cory likely was doing?

Nicole already had the dice in her hand. She dropped them to the table and the three of us looked to see the verdict.

“Rub Cory’s neck,” she stated flatly. “That one’s stupid, so I’m gonna copy you guys this time.”

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