male-female sex

Chapter Four: Office Hours

“So I should… mmmhhhh… warn you… oooh… that I might be… unh… suffering from… sexual addiction,” Monica finished with a sigh. She straddled my lap on the bed, fully naked and indulgently riding my cock. I sat propped up by a pile of pillows to provide her with a welcoming perch. Her arms lay around my shoulders in a loose embrace. This wasn’t about passion or urgency. This felt nothing short of decadent.

Granted, it would’ve been more decadent with Stacy there, too, but she had to head back to work before the day was out. Monica had things to do, too, but she had a little more freedom to remain with me until the evening. Amazingly, both of them plainly had the desire.

Friday night through Tuesday afternoon, having hardly separated and having indulged in every sexual urge, the three of us were perfectly content to go on. As I might’ve mentioned, it was the best long weekend I had ever had.

“You, too?” I grinned. “At least you and Stacy can control yourselves. I mean if you said to stop, I’d stop, but it’d make me nuts.”

“Nah,” she murmured. “you’ll learn. And we’ll keep seeing each other. Keep enjoying this. You. Mmmh.”

My hands were on her ass, squeezing it selfishly while helping her lift and lower herself on my cock. We’d been at it for awhile, never increasing the pace, and enjoying one another’s orgasms as they occurred. The bed beneath me was more than a little damp, but I hardly cared. Hell, if it had been a point of conversation, I might’ve confessed to being a little proud. I’d gotten Monica off more times than she had gotten me.

The affection in her eyes made it even better. She drew in for a long, sweet kiss, the kind two people can easily lose themselves in.

And then the bedroom door opened. “Oh!”

Our eyes snapped open. Alyssa stood there in a loose white garment somewhere between a kimono and a toga, with her long brown hair hanging over one shoulder. Her big brown eyes were as wide as they’d ever been. One hand swept up to cover her open mouth.

I about had a heart attack. I froze stiff. Alyssa blurted out, “Ohmygosh I’m sorry!” and shut the door.

There was a heartbeat of utter shock. Monica remained in my lap, with me sheathed inside her, and I heard Alyssa say on the other side of the door, “You guys, I am so sorry, just—I’m home, okay?”

I blinked, and couldn’t form words. Monica laughed.

“I’m sorry!” I heard again. The series of thumps on the door that followed could only have been Alyssa’s head. Monica just kept laughing, holding my head close to her chest as she did so as I stared at the door with wide, mortified eyes. I have to presume that was just to help her keep her balance. I mean, she clearly appreciated how much I loved her breasts, but the moment just didn’t seem to be about that.

“Oooooh God,” Alyssa moaned, “Kyle, I’m sooo sorry. You guys just. Um. I’m gonna go downstairs and put some headphones on and you come down whenever you’re ready, okay? Just don’t rush anything or… I mean… um… just finish on your own time, and, uh. Um. Okay, I’m gonna just walk away now!”

I grasped for words to say. Nothing came to mind. Monica spoke for both of us. “Welcome home, hon!” she called back, and then turned her attention to me. “Well, she’s home early,” my partner grinned.

“I can’t believe that just happened,” I said.

“I can’t believe you’ve got it in you to be embarrassed after all that’s been going on,” Monica replied. “You’re kinda red right now.”

“I’m not sleeping with Alyssa,” I argued, my voice dropping.

Whatever her first reply was, she thought better of it. “You two have a lot to work out,” Monica said.

“Yeah,” I nodded. “Maybe we’d better just…?”

Monica reached around me to pull several of the pillows away and pushed me onto my back. She deliberately ground her hips into mine, indulging my cock with a squeeze and roll within her that left her cooing with delight, too. “You’ve always had a thing for her,” Monica said, laying out on top of me. Her hands caressed my shoulders as her breasts pushed up against my chest. She felt every bit as amazing now as she had our first time. Familiarity and repetition didn’t reduce sensation one bit.

I groaned with appreciation for her body and all it did for me. “Yeah,” I said, having admitted at least that much already this weekend. “Yeah, I always did. Didn’t prevent me from being interested in others.”

Monica smiled and kissed me. “I’m not afraid of this. You shouldn’t be, either.”

“I’m not afraid.”

“You are. You’ve never laid it all out on the table with her. Never made a move. You’re afraid it’ll change everything, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” I conceded. “She means the world to me. I don’t want to make things weird or lose her.”

“You think she doesn’t know?” Monica’s grinding never stopped. She was using me as a lover should use another even while discussing my other interests. Monica never stopped blowing me away with her confidence. She knew damn well that whatever I might say or feel about someone else was no reflection on how I felt about her.

“All these years you’ve been close. Everything you’ve done for her. You think she doesn’t at least suspect? And after everything she’s given you—and think about what all that is and how much trust it involves—you think she’s not willing to take that risk?”

I didn’t respond right away. My hands just moved up and down her sides and her back as she slowly fucked me. “She’s family.”

“She’s the family you chose, not the one you were born with,” Monica said. “Different rules for that. And really different rules when you start mixing in the aliens and the biological adjustments and stuff. She knows damn well what they did to you.

“I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t do anything. Maybe deep down you prefer things the way they are between you two. I’m just saying you shouldn’t be afraid. Alyssa’s a stronger girl than anyone I know.

“But I am sayin’,” she grinned, rolling her hips around on me again, “that you’d better finish me off good, and yourself, too. Don’t go down there to talk to her still feelin’ horny and anxious. And don’t forget that whatever goes on with you two, there’s still you and I.” Her grin turned a little more wicked. “And Stacy.”

Her mouth came down on mine once more. We grew passionate. I slipped one hand up to the back of her neck and hooked my other arm around her waist. Instinct and lust took over. I thrust into her hard, and then again and again. Monica’s mouth came off of mine so she could gasp and grunt freely as I fucked her harder and faster. I kept her down close to me with that arm around her waist and thought about absolutely nothing other than how good it felt to lie beneath this sexual beauty and pound her from below.

Monica stopped trying to be sensuous or even a participant. She was just along for the ride now, just the beneficiary of my animal lust. She couldn’t have said anything even if she wanted, overwhelmed as she was by all the sensation. Monica let me have her and loved it.

I came hard and didn’t stop fucking. It didn’t matter how good it felt to have all of that fluid pump through me and into her. It didn’t matter how audibly she appreciated it. I had her and needed more, and fucked her well through my orgasm, and then through hers, ignoring the wet sounds of our relentless joining until I finally reached a second, more violent climax.

“Wow,” Monica breathed as she relaxed on me. “You’re just… wow.” She showered my head and neck with kisses, weak and trembling with pleasure but overwhelmed with affection. “My guy.”

“Yeah?” I huffed.

“I hope so. We’ll have to see how it plays out. But wow. You keep getting better. I ain’t always gonna want it like that, or even often, but… yeah. You’re worth all the complications.”

“So’re you,” I told her. “Thank you. For this. For everything.”

“My pleasure. Obviously,” she grinned. “We should get you cleaned up. And I gotta get out of here or I’ll never leave.”

“I’m not asking you to.”

“Tempting,” Monica said, “but let’s not rush things. C’mon. I’ll help you get cleaned up.”

I couldn’t say no to that. I’d only showered alone once all weekend, having quickly learned that my playmates were almost as much fun in the shower as they were in bed. Monica led me by the hand into the bathroom, got the water running… and then got to cleaning me up with soap, shampoo, a sponge, and her very satisfying mouth.

* * *

Alyssa sat on the couch, game controller in hand and noise-cancelling headphones covering her ears. The electronic streets of Miami ran red with blood as her game character galavanted along in a wild rampage. She didn’t look particularly invested in whatever was going on, and I knew that was likely the case. Alyssa was a gamer through and through, and had always been a bit of a geek (which was how we first bonded), but for the most part games like this were about turning her brain off for awhile.

The pensive frown on her face had nothing to do with the difficulty of shooting her opponents.

I sat down beside her, freshly showered and dressed in cargo pants and a clean shirt. Sensing me coming even before I reached her, Alyssa paused her game, turned the television off with the remote and pulled off the headphones.

“Hey,” I said, leaving some space between us on the couch.

“Hi,” she said, and grumbled, “I’m so sorry. I really didn’t mean to do that. I didn’t hear anyone up there, and… ugh.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I told her with a shake of my head. “That’s just the risk of living together. I—we know it wasn’t deliberate. Monica just left, by the way. Said for you to call her.”

She gave a long, accepting “it’s cool, bro” nod and played with her hands for a moment. “So, you and Monica, huh?”

“You set that up,” I pointed out.

“Yeah. I knew you would hit it off. I was hoping you’d have a good time together,” she said, grinning and blushing somewhat. The arch of her eyebrows and the naturally mischievous curves of her lovely face made it clear that she’d hoped for pretty much exactly what happened. “Um, did Stacy…?”

“Yes,” I said, and now it was my turn to blush. “Her, too. All weekend. Had to go into work today for a little bit. We’re all, uh… we’re all open to seeing more of each other.”

Alyssa’s smile broadened. “That’s great,” she declared. “Kyle, you have no idea how hard it is for them to find a good guy. It’s all douchebags who want trophy girlfriends or guys who don’t know the difference between being confident and being jerks.”

“Yeah, well, apparently I meet some other desired qualifications now, too, thanks to you,” I noted.

She bit her lip. “Are you mad? I mean I know you had a good time, but I did a lot without your permission or knowledge.”

“You did,” I agreed calmly.

“I won’t anymore. Promise. I just wasn’t really sure how else to arrange the, um… the first disclosure? I mean I didn’t know how to make it all real unless I introduced you to one of the Konlogath, and they don’t really make a habit of coming to Earth except for specific reasons.” She played nervously with a lock of hair and then tucked it nervously back behind her ear. “I mean I could’ve just asked for it as a favor or a payment or whatever, but that just seemed…” Her voice trailed off. “Are you mad?”


“You’re sure?”

I took a deep breath. “Alyssa, I’m not mad,” I told her. “I’m a little annoyed at how everything has gone down, and I’m… thrown for a loop, I guess? I’m really thrown. But you haven’t lied to me or hidden anything out of malice right? Right. And the whole thing about your job is just, uh… well, it’s been in the back of my mind all weekend, obviously. Monica and Stacy didn’t want to talk a whole lot about what they knew because they felt like that was your job. But ultimately I guess it’s just not really my business who you go out with? Or have sex with. Any of that.”

“Except I’m making it your business,” she ventured tentatively. “Explicitly. Literally.”

“Yeah. Well. There’s all that. It’s a hell of a lot to absorb, even now,” I told her, “but anyway, I might have mixed emotions about all this, but it’s not like I’m mad.” I looked her in the eyes and said, “You mean everything to me. You always have.”

Her eyes had become a little watery in all this. Her lower lip was still somewhat pinned by her teeth until she said, “Can I have a hug?”

“Always,” I said, reaching out to put my arms around her. She held me tightly, burying her face in my shoulder. Alyssa’s slender body felt wonderful in my arms. She smelled wonderful. She always did. Now more than ever.

She also held onto me longer than she usually did. Maybe not as long as when I finally got off the plane at SeaTac to come home for good, but still. She held me tight, rubbing my back with her hands, and I had no reason to let go of her until she cleared her throat and pulled back a bit. Her eyes went over my arms and my chest curiously as she withdrew to her original spot a couple of feet away from me on the couch, but honestly, I thought nothing of it at the time.

“Um. So, I know we’ve got a lot to talk about,” Alyssa said, “but, uh… what happened to my coffee table?” She gestured to the very obvious empty space in front of the couch. I’d gotten rid of the wreckage three days earlier.

“Yeah, so,” I grunted, “there’s some stuff I need to tell you, too. About this weekend. I mean I’ve got way more questions for you, but in case this is more urgent than getting me caught up, I figure I better tell you about some things that happened while you were gone.”

Her brow furrowed. She looked worried. “Okay?”

“We had some visitors. Couple officers showed up from the Air Force on Saturday morning wanting to talk to you and I about ‘unauthorized flights’ in the neighborhood and wouldn’t come right out and say it was aliens. I stonewalled. They left their card.”

Alyssa’s eyes went wide. “You’re shitting me,” she said. “That’s never happened! Kruune and his people are so careful! I mean they’ve been coming and getting me and then dropping me off at home again for years.”

“Yeah, I figured that might be the case, but—” then it was my turn to furrow my brow thoughtfully. “Is it always Kruune? Or his people?”

“Usually,” Alyssa nodded. “Sometimes it’s others, but I’ve generally made it part of the deal that transport is arranged through his house. They know what they’re doing and they are always sensitive to my concerns. The Konlogath have this policy… it’s not exactly the Prime Directive or anything, but it’s close. They don’t want to fuck up my planet. I mean that’s why I can’t just give ‘em an invoice and tell them to pay it off by curing AIDS or showing up at the UN and explaining how to address climate change.”

I’d wondered that. “Fair enough. Well, it probably wasn’t Kruune’s ship that got spotted. We, uh, had some other visitors on Friday night a few hours after you left.”

Once again, Alyssa’s eyes went wide. “Who? What happened?”

“Prince Orrtraan of Artrulth mean anything to you?” I asked.

She gasped a little with obvious excitement. “Ohmygod he’s ador—uh. I mean. Yeah?” she corrected.

“Nice save,” I smirked.

Alyssa sighed. “Kyle, there’s so much—God dammit, there’s so much we need to talk about and I don’t want to hide anything from you, alright? Yes, I’ve heard of him and he’s adorable. He seems like a really nice guy. Is he?”

“I guess? I don’t know what the standard is with these guys. He seemed like a straight-shooter to me, just young. He showed up with his mom of all things.”

“They do that,” she snorted. “So what happened?”

At that, I told her pretty much everything, on up into the appearance of Gravlith. Alyssa made a face. “I’ve been dodging that guy,” she said.

“Yeah, I kinda figured, but I didn’t come right out and say it. Is it bad form to straight up deny these guys?”

“Well, yes and no,” Alyssa said. “I mean, I try to be tactful about it is all. It’s like anything else. Some people take it well, others don’t. To be honest, most of them are just fine, but sometimes you just don’t want to create any tension, y’know? And his house is largely kind of, um… douchey.”

“Uh. Well. On that note,” I grumbled on, “I should probably explain why there’s new glass in the living room window.”

Alyssa listened with awe as I told her the other story about Friday night’s escapades in interstellar prostitution negotiations. “Oh you are shitting me,” she blurted. “You punched him?”

“Kinda more than that,” I shrugged sheepishly. “Window? Remember, like I just said?”

She buried her face in her hands and groaned loudly. “Oh god that’s gonna be a thing.”

“Look, he pulled a sword on Orrtraan, and then it was just on, y’know?”

“No, no, I get that,” she grumbled, dropping her hands. “I just… this isn’t gonna be forgotten about is all. Gravlith’s probably gonna make a real stink about this, if he hasn’t already. I’m not mad at you, Kyle. You didn’t know any better. Hell, I’m not even unhappy that you did it, I just know there’s gonna be blowback from it.”

“Orrtraan left his, uh, bracer thingie or whatever to contact us. Said it was kind of time-sensitive.”

Alyssa nodded. “Yeah, I know the calendar out there. We’ve got a few days, but we should make a decision soon.”

That brought us to the real discussion, then. I frowned a bit, wondering if we were ready for that or if it needed to be put off for any reason. “So none of the rest of that needs to be dealt with immediately?” I asked. “Nothing needs to be done?”

“Well, I dunno what to do about the Air Force knocking on the door other than tell Kruune about it and have his liege put his foot up some asses about coming out here,” she shrugged. “They shouldn’t be doing that. Odds are it was Gravlith’s ship that got spotted and not Orrtraan’s, especially since he did the whole jackass herald and honor guard bullshit. But the rest is just…” she thought for a minute, then shrugged again and looked me in the eyes. “Business.”

“Yeah,” I grunted. “Okay. So.”


“Business,” I said. She nodded, looking at me pensively and waiting for me to speak. “I’m not… I’m not really sure where to begin with all this. I imagine you’ve thought a lot about how to tell me?”

“For years,” she nodded. “And I still haven’t really figured out how. I’m sorry. I’m just so… nervous. I don’t want you to freak out or be mad or think I’m nuts or filthy or just… bad. And I know it looks that way.”

“I’m not gonna judge,” I said. “I already decided that. If this is what makes you happy, then that’s what matters. It’s just a lot to wrap my head around. I suppose I should ask how this all got started, but I just—I’m still trying to wrap my head around all this. I mean you never struck me as the materialistic type, right? So it can’t be about the money.”

Alyssa shook her head. “It’s not that at all. I mean you’re always told that you should find a way to support yourself by doing something you enjoy, right? So yeah, that’s kind of part of it. But if I didn’t love what I do, I wouldn’t do it. I do this because it makes me happy.”

“How did all this even start?”

“I volunteered for a study in college,” Alyssa deadpanned. I waited. She didn’t elaborate. Apparently that was supposed to just answer everything.


She let out a sigh. “Back when you were still supporting me, I looked for anything I could do to stand on my own. So yeah, I did some research studies at the U. I mean some of them were just dorky and a couple of them weren’t exactly well-designed experiments, but it’s not like I was taking experimental drugs or anything.

“I’d been dating guys at the time. I mean once I hit college, I started to get the clue that guys find me attractive.”

“You didn’t figure that out in high school?” I smirked.

“Not the same. Not remotely. High school guys are dorks and they change their minds at the drop of a hat. Anyway, I dated a little, but every guy I was with got all possessive on me right away and I found that really frustrating. I liked exploring things. I liked flirting and you know what? Yes, I liked sex. A lot. But I didn’t want to get tied down.”

I blinked. “You went to college and became a frat boy?”

Alyssa snorted with laughter and kicked my leg. “Maybe. I dunno. Maybe I’m wired all wrong. I always suspected as much. Stacy and Monica both said I’ve got the morals of a guy in a hot girl’s body. But it’s not like I wasn’t up front with the guys I was with, right?”

“Anyway, yeah. I didn’t like the douchey guys who wanted one-night-stands. I didn’t want to do a walk of shame out of anyone’s frat house or dorm room or have guys high-fiving each other about whether or not they banged me or whose cock I might’ve sucked, and it’s because of that fucking attitude. I mean you have an intimate experience with someone and everyone’s gotta mock it? Oral sex feels that good to a guy and yet guys use the whole concept like an insult?”

“Did that happen to you a lot?” I asked. She’d never spoken of it.

“No,” she said, “because I knew that would happen. So I was choosy about who I’d date, but like I said, that led to other problems. I was up front about things with guys. I told them what I wanted. But they heard whatever they wanted to hear and resented the hell out of me when I did what I wanted to do.

“I mean, you gotta understand, Kyle, I really like sex. I like boys. I like girls. I’d be happy to have sex forty hours a week, like a job. I thought for a long time about whether or not I should just go into porn, but the more research I did, the less I figured it was for me. Too public, y’know? Too permanent—I mean, what if I didn’t always feel this way about relationships? I honestly think I will, but that doesn’t mean I gotta get a tattoo. I wasn’t sure I could deal with the industry, either. And you only get so much say in who you work with, especially at the beginning. Just because I’m crazy about sex doesn’t mean I’ll sleep with just anyone. Far from it.”

Alyssa scowled again. “And that’s another thing. Everybody wants to make fun of the porn industry and talk shit about the girls like they’re just fucked up, but look how many people sink their money into the product.”

“Guy who sleeps with lots of women is a stud, girl who sleeps with lots of guys is a slut,” I nodded. “I know. Hypocrisy.”

“Yeah. Pretty much. So I figured I’m just broken and I’m never gonna find a nice balance. Anyway, I heard about this whole study on how sexuality affects the brain, and I figure hell, they’re just gonna have me look at some pictures or read some dirty stories while they did a CAT-scan or whatever. And yeah, there was some of that, more or less, but they kept asking me to come back and do more and different stuff. It was all pretty benign. A lot of it was just surveys about my non-sexual interests and stuff.

“There were only two women running the program. They had plenty of oversight. The university knew what they were doing, or so I thought. Really, they were doing legit research, but they also had a hidden agenda. They were scouting for someone like me. Turns out I’m not the first quislanan from Earth,” she grinned slightly. “I’m just the best.”

I blinked. She blushed. “Maybe you’ll meet the professors. I don’t know. One of them is still here on Earth and she’s retired. The other one hasn’t been home in a long time. Too busy out there in the stars. I could be out there all the time, too, but I like my home planet and having time to chill out. Got people I care about here, too,” she noted, nudging me.

“So, what, they just studied the hell out of you and then pitched the whole space prostitute thing?” I asked.

“Pretty much! At one point they asked me if I was willing to put some sensors on and then step into a room and watch porn and masturbate, and I figured sure, why not? Pretty damn good video, really… especially since it wasn’t recorded with Earth technology. It was a video of one of the professors when she was younger, with one of the Konlogath. I mean, they had told me it had a sci-fi theme that I might appreciate, so I wasn’t like, ‘Hey, what the fuck with the green guys?’ But I watched, and I got off pretty hard, and that gave them all the data they needed.

“Then they introduced me to Lord Kruune, and it took off from there.”

We stared at one another in silence. “What?” Alyssa asked, seeing a grin playing at my lips.

“I kind of expected a racier story than that.”

“Oh, I can tell you plenty of racy stories in smutty, dirty detail if you want,” she snickered. “I could. Wow, I could. But that’s… I don’t know, do you want that? That’s really what we’ve gotta talk about, isn’t it? How do you feel about all this?”

“I think it’s your life and you should do what you want with it,” I told her. “That’s the bottom line, regardless of all else. You’re not hurting anyone else, right?”

“Am I hurting you?”

I blinked. “What do you mean?”

“Kyle, I could count on my fingers the number of people on Earth whose opinions of me I really care about. And you’d probably amount to more than one finger. I care more about you than anybody. So, does this hurt you?”

“What if it did?” I asked hesitantly.

She swallowed hard. “I don’t know,” she answered in a small voice. “That’s what I’m afraid of. I love you, Kyle. I love my role, too. I’m not sure how I could stand not having both. If you had just gotten angry and rejected everything out of hand, I’d have probably just…” she hesitated, swallowing again and looking a little teary-eyed. “I probably would’ve let you go. But that’s because you wouldn’t have been the guy I know you are.”

It took a lot of courage to lay that out in front of me. I could tell. She didn’t say it to insult me. “You mean like I did with my family by joining the Navy?”

“Yeah,” she nodded. “That’s—that’s why I was willing to take the gamble. Stacy pointed that part out to me.”

“Stacy’s smart. They both are.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“I’m a little freaked out,” I told her. “It’s still a lot to take in.”

“Tell me,” she said quietly.

I didn’t know what she meant at first, or maybe I just didn’t want to face it. But there it was in front of me. Monica had told me not to be afraid, but I was. “All this kind of means I’m never gonna get out of the big brother box, I guess. I love you, Alyssa, and I always have and always will, exactly like you’ve always thought I have.

“But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t always think you were attractive. Or that I hadn’t thought of things becoming more than they’ve been. I just knew you weren’t interested, so I didn’t push things, and now it’s… kind of like that’s out on the table, too.”

It was out in the open now. Not a heartfelt “I’ve always loved you and you’re the only one for me,” because that’s not how it was. No wrist-slitting professions of undying devotion. But yeah. I’d always had feelings for Alyssa. Can’t always have what you want. There you go. Life goes on.

She gave a little nod. I could hear the struggle to speak as she asked, “Can’t see yourself being a whore’s boyfriend, huh?” It wasn’t resentment or pain that I heard in her voice. It was acceptance.

“I didn’t say that,” I blinked.

“What did you mean, then?”

“I’m not talking about what I want. I’m talking about what you want. You said yourself that human guys just don’t interest you anymore.”

She tilted her head a little. “That’s not entirely accurate,” she said. “I just generally know better than to go there. I like Konlagath guys a lot, but there’s a lot to be said for Earth guys. When they’re good guys. But good guys wouldn’t like a girl like me. Not seriously. Only for a booty call.”

“You always said I’m a good guy,” I pointed out.

“I don’t think there’s a society on Earth that wouldn’t call me a dirty whore, Kyle,” she said seriously—without shame or tears, just matter-of-fact acceptance. “I sleep with people and accept payment for it, sometimes up front and sometimes after the fact. Sometimes we negotiate for more during the act. I’ve lost count of the guys I’ve had sex with. I’ve slept with married guys and had breakfast with their wives the next morning, and sometimes the wife has been right there with us in the bed or just sitting in the room watching.”

“Alyssa,” I tried to interrupt gently.

She shook her head. “Kyle, you need to know. This is who I am and you have to know it, okay? You’re a part of it now. You have to know I do this stuff.

“I’ve been watched. I’ve sat on guys’ laps and fawned on them in front of their friends just to show off who they were with that night. And I’ve been in threesomes and been spit roasted and gang-banged and DP’d and all of it. I don’t even think twice about swallowing. And sometimes it feels dirty and sometimes it doesn’t, but either way I only do what I want to do and I enjoy it, and I don’t want to stop.

“Only thing is, they’re not from this planet. And they respect me afterwards, and anytime I’ve said no to one of them, the least I’ve gotten was a sincere apology and a polite and courteous goodbye. They cherish me for it what I do. It’s not about the payment for me. The payment is what makes it okay in their society. I like getting paid, and after awhile that part of it turned into a game for me, but honestly, I never did it for the payment. The payment just meant that I could.”

When I was sure she was finished, I said, “I can’t think of a logical reason I should flip out about any of that.”

“We’re not talking about logic,” Alyssa countered. “We’re talking about feelings and we’re talking about personal choice. There’s nothing logically wrong with being a vegan, either, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily want to date one.”

I smirked. “You just compared vegans and space prostitutes.”

“I just gave two examples of deliberate lifestyle choices, jerk,” she chuckled back. Her smile didn’t last. This was too serious. “All my life, I figured I could never get married, because I knew I’d never stop looking further afield. I like being coveted by my neighbor. Maybe I’m not gonna take advantage of it, but still. I like it and I’m too honest to claim otherwise.

“But none of that means I can’t love somebody. Just means that my relationships would have to have different rules from most.”

My heartbeat grew heavier in my chest—not faster, but certainly harder. Heavy, slow, steady thumps. “I’m not worried about what’s right for other folks.”

“Can you do this, Kyle?” she asked, her voice growing quiet and nervous again. “I sprung everything on you in an ambush and then I ran off. But now you have time to think. Can you do this? Can you let me go off to fuck other guys?”

“Is it just that?” I asked. “Or do you have feelings for some of them?”

“Some of them,” Alyssa nodded. “Kruune. A few others. Mostly it feels like friends with benefits, but yes. I have feelings. I don’t turn my emotions off while I’m having sex. It’s exactly the opposite, and that’s half the reason they want me. When I’m with someone, my feelings can run pretty strong. When I’m with a Konlogath on an engagement, I’m his, and I feel it and I enjoy it. If I don’t enjoy it, the deal’s off. Thing is… I never stopped having feelings for you, too.

“It’s not just that you have to let me go,” she added. “You have to be part of this. You’re the face man. The negotiator. I can handle things on my own just fine, and sometimes that’ll be perfectly appropriate, but they’re gonna want to talk to you. You’ve got veto power here, but if all you’re ever gonna say is no, then there’s no point. I want to keep doing this. I want you to be okay with it.”

“I can do all that,” I said. “I already decided that much. You need me to back you up on this, and if it makes you this happy, then yeah. I’m here for you.”

“And what about you and I?” she asked. Her voice trembled a little. “Can you still love a dirty whore?”

“I don’t want you to call yourself that unless you actually like it for some reason.”

She paused. “Sometimes?” she mumbled.

“Okay. But I’m not judging you on that. I believe what you say.” I let that sink in. “It’s not like this is a one-way street. You made sure of that with this weekend, didn’t you?” She nodded. “Yes, Alyssa, I still want you.”

Her breath caught. “You sure? This isn’t gonna tear you up?”

I shook my head. “It’ll be a little weird and it’ll take some adjusting. But no. It won’t tear me up. Not if we’re both playing by the same rules. Or similar ones, or whatever.” I shrugged. “I want you, Alyssa. I love you. Always have.”

She shifted a little in her seat. “Me, too,” she said, and then looked me up and down a bit nervously. “Kyle,” she said, and then the rest came out in a rushed breath, “they did a really good job on you.”

“Yeah, you oughta know, right?” I huffed. “I mean you ordered up the whole package. Kinda making me insane talking dirty like you were a minute ago. It’s. Uh. Getting hard to, um. Control myself.”

Alyssa reached out a hand, put it on the couch cushion between us, and leaned on it as she crept over to me. It had all the feeling of a predatory cat creeping up on me, except there was innocence and awe in her face rather than hunger. Well. There was that, too. “No,” she said, her voice dropping. “I just asked for the adjustments and told them to be careful with it because you were the most important person in my world. I didn’t know this was how you’d turn out.”

“Do I look different?” I asked, watching her.

“Only a little,” she said, and reached out to slide one hand up my arm, then across my shoulder, and then down my chest. “But you feel amazing. Smell amazing. Like sex. Like love.” There was no more trepidation in her voice, no more guarded sense of possible heartbreak. No more barriers. Alyssa slipped into my lap, looking at me and touching me with reverence and trembling need.

“If it gets you crawling all over me, I’m happy with it,” I replied. My hand reached out to brush the hair spilling down in front of her shoulder.

“No,” she whispered. “I was gonna do that anyway. I love you, Kyle. I wanted this so much. This was what I’d hoped for all along. But after all the changes I’ve had and after all they’ve taught me, I thought… I didn’t think I’d be quite so responsive for you.

“I kinda like it,” she said, settling down on me. Her arms came around my neck and we kissed for the first time.

I lost myself in that kiss. So did Alyssa, who seemed to melt into me as she devoured my mouth. It was more than I’d ever hoped for; maybe it was just what her alien friends had done to our hormones and our libido, or maybe it was the result of years of build-up. But you crush on someone for so long and put them up on a pedestal when you’re young, and then you get a little older and wiser and realize that they can’t possibly live up to the hype you created for them in your own mind… except Alyssa totally did.

Her hands slid down from around my neck as she kissed me to explore the rest of my body again. She writhed gently in my lap, pressing her hips and her chest against me and then back again. It was like a lap dance from a pro, if those ever came with make-out sessions and resolutions to years-old unrequited love.

Alyssa’s eyes shined with awe as she looked me over, removing my shirt and then exploring my chest and arms again with her hands and her kiss. Her caress had me trembling with pleasure, and she hadn’t even really gotten to any erogenous zones yet. Then again, she seemed to make my whole body into one. And then there was that look in her eyes.

“You look like I feel,” I told her quietly. That wasn’t completely true. I felt pretty goddamn awesome for her to look at me like that. But I also felt entirely unworthy of this.

Alyssa slowly shook her head. “I get to have you,” she murmured. “I get to live with you. I get to sleep with you. I get to feel you and have you as my partner. My lover.” A twitch of naughty glee hit the corners of her mouth. “You know you get to have me whenever you want me, right? You are my house lord. I have to do what you say.”

I shuddered as she kept exploring me, amazed to feel this alive when her hands hadn’t even gone below the belt. To be fair, she was also grinding against me, but we both still had clothes on there. “Is it like that for all the Konlogath?”

Alyssa shook her head slowly, still mostly absorbed by feeling my skin. “They’re like us. Blood relations are off-limits. But adoption of adults into a House can mean all sorts of things. They all know you’ll have me.”

“It doesn’t have to be like that,” I told her. “You know I’m not gonna power trip on you.”

“I know,” Alyssa nodded, “but it turns me on so much. I want this, Kyle. I trust you. It’ll be wonderful for both of us.”

“Seems like a lot to expect of you. Go out to have sex with alien guys as a job and then come home for more with me?”

“More than you know,” she nodded, and kissed me again, and we got lost within one another once more. I felt her nails dig across my flesh. Felt her tongue invade my mouth, wrestling with mine, enjoying a friendly struggle for dominance that neither of us really cared if we won or lost. I felt my desire rise. Four days of nothing but sex and indulgence, and here I was again feeling like this would be my first time ever.

Alyssa was still shaking. We both were. It was great. Her mouth fell away from mine again, her eyes fluttering open with another heavy breath. “Oh god I’ve wanted you since you got off the plane, Kyle. You don’t even know.”

“You could’ve had me then,” I nodded. She slipped off of my legs and got to work unbuttoning and loosening my pants. “Could’ve had me at any time.”

“No,” she shook her head. “I didn’t want to mislead you. I didn’t want to bring us to that level and then spring all this on you. It wouldn’t have been fair to you.” She slid my pants away, and her eyes widened once again with joy and wonder. “Wow,” she breathed, her hands slowly sliding up my thighs toward my erect-as-ever dick. “I haven’t had a human cock in so long and yours is… wow.”

The sensation of her soft, smooth fingers gently touching and caressing it sent a rush through my body that initially made it hard to keep my eyes open. “Kyle, you’re just… oh my God,” she said.

It can’t be that big a deal, I thought, figuring that after all the alien guys she’d slept with I couldn’t really be that impressive. But I wasn’t gonna argue. “I’m all yours,” I told her.

“Deal,” she said, and then her head came down onto my chest and started trailing kisses across it, slowly moving downward while her hands roamed the rest of my body and eventually came back to my cock. She knelt in front of me on the couch to do all this, leaving me feel a touch self-conscious.

“Hey,” I said softly, “you are gonna let me do something for you here, too, aren’t you?”

Alyssa smiled up at me, one hand now fully around my shaft and stroking it. “Anything you wanna do, lover,” she assured me. “Anything you wanna do to me. From now on. I just want to explore you first. Get to know your body. It’s a little different with me than with… normal women,” she winked.

I was about to respond with something flattering when her tongue touched the head of my cock for the first time. Somehow it came as a surprise, but she had me in her hand right there under her chin while she spoke to me, and her eyes never broke contact with mine as her mouth opened and she brought it in line to lick the underside of my cock, just near the tip, just above her hand. I let out a sort of “haaahhh” of pleasure. She grinned widely.

“This is us now, Kyle,” Alyssa told me in a sultry voice that I’d never heard out of her before. “You get this whenever you want.” Her tongue came out again, licking slower this time. I was less noisy, but still just as stunned. Alyssa’s licks turned to kisses. Her eyes never left mine.

Our relationship changed forever in that moment. She stayed there on her knees, held my gaze, stroked my body with her hands, and devoured my cock like it was the most important thing in her world.

It wasn’t the first time I’d been so lucky as to have a woman do this for me, but Alyssa brought it to a whole new level. Normally I fought with myself over whether or not to watch her or close my eyes and focus on my partner’s touch. This time there was no question. Those eyes meant too much to me. They conveyed consent, and eagerness, and affection and lust. Those eyes told me how much she wanted this.

She brought me in and out of her mouth, kissing and sucking my cock and jerking me off at the base of my shaft. Occasionally she let out a happy sigh of her own. She enjoyed the feeling. I didn’t know how or why, but she did. Alyssa was in no hurry at all… and then she took it to the next level.

At a glance, I’d have said I was too big and too stiff for her to take me all the way. After my experiences with Monica and Stacy, neither of whom were shy about going down on me, I was even more sure of it. But again, Alyssa stunned me. Maybe it was because of the changes made in us or maybe just pure I’ve-been-fucking-aliens skill, I don’t know. Alyssa crouched down and pushed her ass back, straightening herself out, and with her eyes still on mine she deep throated me all the way to the base and then held herself there while I groaned in absolute heaven.

She stayed there, too. Her hands roamed my naked body. Her eyes spoke of total devotion. Her mouth and throat remained full of me. My breath quickened and deepened and soon I was absolutely robbed of any muscle control at all. I was too weak. Powerless. Enthralled, and steadily rising to orgasm.

Alyssa hardly moved, but the warm, wet encasing of my cock just brought me to greater and greater excitement. I cried out as I came in her. Liquid pleasure pulsed through my member and into her. I couldn’t tell if she was literally swallowing or just accepting it through magic, but it didn’t matter. Her lips stayed clamped around the base until I was finished, then lingered for a bit more, and then slowly, luxuriously, Alyssa’s mouth came off of my cock.

“Oh my god,” I breathed in shock.

She wiped her mouth with a single finger. “I know, right?” Alyssa said. “Want another?” My seductress leaned in on me, still on her knees, her head coming no further than mid-way up my chest. I felt the fabric of her kimono-toga-whatever and the swell of her breasts along my cock, which lost none of its hardness.

“How did you do that?”

“Trade secret. Well, you’re my house lord, so I suppose I have to tell you if you insist, but… that was my show-off blowjob. I’ve got a small but exquisite repertoire. Goes beyond just the basics.”

I didn’t know what to say next. My lips were still electrified, just like the rest of me, but at least I could move now.

Alyssa gloried in my awe. She rose up a bit, straddling my knees again to lean against the couch. “Anytime you want it,” she said. “Anything you want. You have no idea how much I enjoyed that… but you will,” she winked.

“I want to make you feel as good as you’re making me feel,” I said. “I want to reciprocate. And I want you.”

“You are making me feel good, Kyle,” Alyssa smiled. “I’ll show you.” Her hands ran up and down her body, accentuating her curves for me in a little show while she gyrated in her seat on my lap. My hands joined in, reverently mapping her slender curves as she undressed for me. There was little teasing, but at this point she knew I couldn’t stand much.

I’d seen her in swimsuits, and just the other night in lingerie, but this took my breath away. Her skin was flawless. Her breasts were small but full, and the instant I saw them nude I fell in love with them. And her belly. She loosened the slips inside her garment to open it at the sides and let it fall away, revealing a well-groomed, three-finger-wide landing strip, and I experienced love at first sight all over again.

It would happen at least once more. Alyssa’s tight, pouty bubble butt was against my legs, but as yet I couldn’t see it, and I knew I’d have heartfelt feelings for it, too. For now, all this was more than I’d ever dreamed.

I could smell her arousal. My heartbeat quickened again. She slid against my legs, leaving a trail of her wetness along my thighs. Alyssa kept my cock upright and pinned between myself and her strip, grinding against me and melting into my embrace so we could make out again.

I would have begged if she’d told me to, but she didn’t. I stroked and massaged her back and her sides, my hands never actually going further than to caress the sides of her breasts. Knowing now just how amazing she was, I wanted to let her work her magic. But before long, it was clear that she wasn’t the only one capable of driving her partner wild. Her moans became pleading and her breath became heavy.

I didn’t wait for another cue. Truthfully, I’m sure if I’d thrown her down on the couch and spread her legs without any foreplay at all, she’d have gone along with it, but I wanted to show more appreciation than that. Eventually, though, we writhed together with such need that there wasn’t anything for it but to go all the way.

Gathering my waning self-control, I swept Alyssa off of my lap and lay her back onto the couch—which, I had already learned this weekend, was wide and plush enough for all sorts of sports. Alyssa let me have the moment, but hooked a hand under my neck and drew me in rather than allowing me more than a few seconds to admire her naked body laid out for me. We kissed as we maneuvered together, Alyssa’s legs spreading open in welcome as I slid into place.

I had it in my mind to take her. Make her mine. Drive her wild. Give her a ride so good she couldn’t do anything but lay back and enjoy it. And then my sex touched hers for the first time and I suddenly realized that this one was not my coupling to control or direct at all.

She had her eyes on mine again as I began to push into her. I was slow and indulgent, but relentless. She was tight and warm and welcoming, and her eyes were full of messages. I saw erotic pleasure. Seduction. Love. And even a little bit of pride, as she knew I was fully in her control for that moment. We didn’t talk about it. Didn’t need to negotiate. It just happened.

We joined together, one centimeter following another, and she opened for me only just enough to allow me inside her, and no further. Her sex put up glorious, sensual resistance and clamped down on mine as if I were too big to begin with—only I fit in just right.

Alyssa sighed happily as I bottomed out. Her legs closed in just enough to hug mine and her arms came around me. Her embrace changed the feeling of powerless ecstasy to one of ecstasy and strength. She’d taken all of my control, made me weak, and then made me feel strong again.

“Stay with me, Kyle,” she whispered, smiling up at me. I could almost feel her shudder with pleasure at having me inside her—and then I realized that there was no “almost” at all. I honestly felt her body’s pleasure. I felt her skin against mine and mine against hers. I felt her contract around my cock, and in the back of my mind it was like I could feel what it was like on her end to be filled. I didn’t actually experience it, but I somehow knew what it was like for her.

I held myself up with one hand on the couch behind her shoulder. I slid the other up her side and found the sensation left me trembling just the same as it left her. Alyssa’s eyes held on mine. My hand came softly to her breast—which I knew somehow was quite sensitive, and quite responsive, and would love to be touched—and then as I gently squeezed, we both let out the same moan.

Our voices were different. Mine is deeper than hers, after all. But we moaned with the same appreciation, and the same surrender, and in perfect synchronicity.

I stared at her in wonder. The line dividing us blurred. I was me and she was Alyssa, but as far as our touch went it became hard to tell where precisely I ended and she began. Our bodies each became pleasure-sensitive extensions of the other. Alyssa just grinned. “Feel me, Kyle,” she said. “Feel deeper.”

My first thrusts were gentle, tentative, and wondrous. I knew how tight she was, that I was stretching her a little, and that it felt great for her. Something about me was a treat for her different from all the other partners she’d had. I got the sense that she loved her alien partners, but that a good human male had a slight advantage in natural design for pleasing her human pussy. There was also deeply unique emotional connection…

…and that, I discovered, was what she wanted me to feel. I could feel Alyssa’s emotions much as I felt her body’s sensations. It wasn’t as if I experienced them, but I could sense and explore them intimately. I felt her excitement. Her lust. Her deep need to give herself over to me, and her hopes that our relationship would be all that she dreamed of for us.

I felt her love for me and knew that regardless of time and space and however many other partners she had, I truly was first and foremost in her heart, and that she loved me as deeply as I loved her. My concerns about jealousy and mistrust weren’t at the forefront of my mind anymore—and now that I’d had this connection with her, I knew they would be greatly diminished even later. It didn’t make the situation any less weird, but I understood where she was coming from now. I got it.

It wasn’t telepathy. I couldn’t read her thoughts. But I could understand her emotions so well that when I asked, “Is it always like this with you?” I knew the basic answer before she spoke. I didn’t know the details, but I knew the answer was no, and that she was deliberately doing something special.

“Not like this,” she said, her voice wavering with appreciation of our physical bliss. “I’m not this intimate with others emotionally, so it just doesn’t go this far. There are… nuances. I naturally connect more than just physically with anyone I’m with. But I can choose to let it go beyond that first level or not… I just can’t consciously control how far it’ll actually go once I allow that second step. That’s all emotion and sub-consciousness.

“Oh god, Kyle, it’s never been this good.”

I thrust in and out of her, still gently, mostly just enjoying the feel and the fit. Alyssa enjoyed the hell out of it, too. “I want to know more, but—”

“I know,” she said, and shared a moan with me. “It’s too good right now. We’ve got time. All the time in the world. Just… oh, just give in, Kyle. Give in with me.”

My thrusts became more needful. I found my strength again, and felt some control, and could finally rise to the challenge of focusing on her pleasure. Connected as we were, I knew just how to thrust, and I had just the right tool for her. Alyssa let out a joyful noise as if she were already coming with that first thrust. The rest took her breath away. I felt just removed enough to focus on pleasing her rather than having the feedback of our shared pleasure cripple me, but just the same I knew exactly how to fuck her to drive her wild.

For the next stretch of eternity, I did just that. Alyssa gratefully surrendered to the ripples of pleasure that rolled from her pussy out through the rest of her body. She felt beautiful. Alive. Spoiled rotten. And loved.

She couldn’t hold out long. Alyssa came hard, but I knew it was just the beginning, and so I kept up my steady assault even while she throbbed and spasmed and moaned. I felt her eagerness to come again and pushed her toward it, and within minutes I had her over the edge once more.

Her body had been altered for this. She could accept more pleasure than an ordinary woman while enjoying it just as much, if not more. I gave her no choice but to accept; she reveled in my lack of mercy and surrendered to my desires.

How I didn’t explode right off the bat I couldn’t understand, because she had me on the edge the whole time, but it was a good long time before I grew close to climax. All the shadows in the windows had changed. We were coated in sweat. Alyssa was nearly out of breath. And I finally built toward orgasm, feeling a sensitivity and an expanding need in my cock and in my groin, and Alyssa’s hissed intimacies and emotional accessibility goaded me into it.

She longed to be my vessel. Opened herself to it, emotionally and physically. She wanted me to come inside her, as much and as often as I wanted.

It was so good, I couldn’t cry out. I just bottomed out within her and breathed in short, shallow gasps that Alyssa matched as I burst into her over and over.

Our breathing synched up. Our bodies trembled on the same wavelength. Alyssa and I looked at one another, half-smiling and half in awe, and agreed wordlessly that this had to go on for a good while longer before we could actually talk again.

I thrust into her once more, and found her just as tight and welcoming as when I’d first started. Her emotions, laid open before me, begged me to take her willfully, to control this and make her mine.

Thrusting into her a few more times to keep her body weak and pliant and also just because it felt good, I sat up, admired her beauty and decided that the couch was comfortable enough but I wanted something more. Alyssa whimpered in protest as I slipped out of her, but complied as I drew her up into a standing position by her arms.

Then I brought her up against me, hiked one leg up over my hip and held her cheek with my hand, and she knew exactly what I wanted. Alyssa grinned as she hooked her arms around my neck and raised her other leg up so I could hold her up by her ass while she hung from my shoulders. She was lighter than I expected, and I was much stronger than I realized. When I speared her again, we let out a light, shared half-sigh, half-laugh of contentment.

And then I carried her, fucking her with each step, through the living room, up the stairs, and to the bed where I’d spent the last four days fucking her two best friends.

“Oh god yes Kyle,” Alyssa whispered almost hoarsely as her head hit the mattress and I stood over her thrusting into her, “I’m yours. Do anything you want with me. It’s so good. Make me your whore.”

“We don’t have to be like that,” I said, surprised at the warmth and joy of emotion in her when she said that.

“No, I want this,” Alyssa smiled at me. “It’s still me. I’m still Alyssa. I’m your lover and your best friend. But let me be this, too. All the time. I want you to have all of me. This is how I want to love you.”

In spite of myself, I considered it. I couldn’t help it, given our enhanced intimacy. Alyssa wasn’t telepathic, but I felt the details and the nuances through her. We were both wired for sex at the drop of a hat now. She wanted to be mine. She wanted to enjoy it, and loved her role, deep to her core, and wanted me to be the primary beneficiary of it. We wouldn’t lose anything between us, and I didn’t have to lose respect for her, but I could take her and use her as I liked and she would love it. There would be no turning back. This was who she wanted to be with me because she knew we could be happy.

It was a little dark. A little gritty. She wanted that, too. What she offered wasn’t all bright and happy warmth. There was that, but there was also lustful, intimate need. She wanted me to be demanding sometimes. Rough. Selfish. Very selfish. She loved me and knew she could trust me with this.

This emotional intimacy felt every bit as good as sliding into a woman for the first time. It had that undeniable pull, that pleasure so good that once the head touches those welcoming lips with the first tentative thrust it’s impossible not to want to sink in all the way. I probed this offer of hers just a little, and despite my objections and my concerns, it felt too good—for all its wrongness, and maybe a little bit because it was so deliciously wrong—it felt too good to deny.

Alyssa’s passionate surrender an ecstasy intensified as temptation won me over. We would still be best friends. Lovers. Respectful and compassionate toward one another. All of that. But now there was something newer and darker and irresistible.

I put all of those things aside and selfishly fucked my whore. She cried out with joy as my emotions turned and with orgasmic satisfaction as her body responded. All that was good, because there was no turning back. This was no longer about making love. This was about taming my loving whore.

* * *

Alyssa laid across the bed, offering up lingering, indulgent licks and kisses to my cock. Her naked body was a decadent luxury. I had one hand on her small but perfect bubble-shaped ass, letting her please me. The empathic bond had abated, as had the physical one, leaving us with nothing more than ordinary, wonderful human connections.

It was long into the night when our rough passions finally abated. We considered, briefly, a moment of tenderness and romance before we uncoupled, but decided wordlessly to skip that and remain as we’d been. This new relationship was too fun, and we both knew the score between us. Cuddling could happen later.

“I have everything I want now,” Alyssa smiled at me.

“You’ll find new things to want,” I assured her. One hand stayed on her ass. The other played with her hair. Her hand and her mouth kept idly playing with me.

“Oh, material stuff, sure,” she mused. “I’m a girl, after all. I didn’t really want to delve into the money until I could do it with you. But now that it’s all there, I’m not in such a rush. We should get a new place, though.”

“We’ll have to work that out,” I nodded. “I’m not making that decision for both of us.”

Alyssa grinned a little. “See? I knew you’d understand how we should be together.” She took me into her mouth just a little, just an affectionate and rewarding kiss. “I knew we’d still be equals.”

“Yeah,” I nodded. “You could never be anything less.”

“Well,” she winked, “obviously I can and I am, but you know me. Have my cake and eat it, too and all that.”

“There’s nothing else you want? This is enough for you?”

“My life is all about sex. And love, now, too,” she smiled, kissing my groin. “Isn’t that all the best stuff in life?”

“Oh,” I shrugged, “I dunno. There’s always crushing your enemies.”

She grinned. “See them driven before you.” We finished the line together, laughing, “And to hear the lamentations of their women.” She smiled. “I dunno. What else do you want?”

“Make the world a better place, maybe?” I asked. “Kinda sad we can’t leverage all this to really do that.”

“No, but we’ve got a lot of money we could use to fund charities,” she mused. “I didn’t want to make any presumptions, but I always figured you’d want to go with that, at least for some of the cash. Just promise me we’ll also indulge in travel and the high life and all that?”

“I promise,” I told her. “Glad Earth living is still good enough for you. But is there anything else you want?”

“Well. There’s, uh, stuff with clients, I suppose,” she mused. It was her first tentative approach on the topic of her job since we got naked. Her eyes looked up at mine.

I wasn’t bothered. “We need to give Orrtraan an answer soon, right?”

“We do. Tomorrow would be good, but we can take another day if we need it.”

She meant if I needed it, but I didn’t make an issue of that. She was just being gentle with this first time. “Monica said this was more like dating than real prostitution,” I said, “just with different customs.”

“It is and it isn’t. To them, it’s like a limited romantic engagement, and the gifts symbolize that. It’s kind of like saying up front, ‘All you’re getting out of me is dinner and a movie, don’t start looking for a wedding dress.’ It establishes boundaries for both parties. It’s a thing for them. You have to remember that their brains and their culture just doesn’t work the same as ours.

“Even then, when I’m with a date or a client or however you want to call it, I’m not obligated to go through with anything. I have to give the gift back, but if I’m not feelin’ it, that’s that. I’ve never had any one of them say, ‘Bitch, I paid you, you owe me X.’ They’re generally a bit beyond that. Then again, it might be that I’ve been really good about selecting clients.”

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