male enhancement

2.01 Dianne and her son come to the Beach House:

2.02 Dianne meets her Entities:

1. Shower Preparation:

2. Breast, Nipple, Clitoris Enhancement:

3. Vaginal enhancement:

4. Vaginal testing:

5. Morning Encounter, Fisting:

2.03 Daniel meets his Entities:

1. Shower Preparation:

2. Erection and Nipple enhancement:

3. Entity, Deep Throat:

4. Suppository, Rectal enhancement:

5. The Mating, Doggy style:

2.04 Susan, Dianne, Daniel, Morning:

2.01 Dianne and her son come to the Beach House:

Susan made it a point of meeting her neighbors and soon an intimate relationship formed with her next door neighbor Adrian and Jessie. Both were bisexuals and occasionally, all three would enjoy each other’s sexual affections and all enjoyed the ‘services’ of the basement. Adrian and Jessie were also ‘serviced’ by the house’s Entities.

One morning, Susan got a call from one of her closest friends, Dianne. Susan felt or sensed tension in Dianne’s voice and asked if she and her 18 year old son, Daniel, would like to spend a couple of weeks with her in the Beach House.

Dianne and Daniel arrived the following morning and Susan showed them their rooms. Both were amazed at the hugeness of the bed/sitting rooms. Dianne blushed at all the mirrors. Susan told her that she hadn’t changed any of rooms layouts or furnishings.

As she helped Dianne unpack, Dianne explained her situation.

“I know it’s wrong, but I have not dated any man since Adam left me, three years ago. I have gone out with women. At first it was because I didn’t like men anymore. Then something happened, my girl friend kissed me, just a casual goodnight kiss.”

Dianne paused and looked at Susan,

“I liked it .. but am afraid to go out with her again. I now have strange feelings when I look at other women.”

Susan held Dianne’s hand and said,

“I have always felt that there is someone for each of us. I know you will find that special someone and trust me, the gender does not matter.”

Both the female and male Entities were listening to the conversation.

“I guess it must run in my genes. Daniel seems to have a strong feminine side and the Doctors say there isn’t much they can do for him. One Doctor suggested hormone therapy but that would give him breasts and turn him into something called a Shemale.

There have been occasions when I have came home from work and found him dressed in my ‘see thru’ panties and bra. He isn’t so well developed down ‘there’ and that could be a part of his problem.”

Susan decided it was time to fill in Dianne with the inner secrets to house. She blushed a little as she told Dianne about her unseen Lovers, leaving nothing out.

Dianne was a bit apprehensive about ghosts and things like that.

Susan said,

“These are different, assuming that there is a standard. They are, friendly, affectionate, understanding and very loving. You have absolutely nothing to fear from them.”

Dianne said,

“Well, that might make Daniel happy, I hear him talking to himself as if someone is with him. Probably making up for his lack of friends.”

Susan knew the Entities were with them and reached out and took Dianne’s hand and asked,

“I know its non of my business, but what would be the best for Daniel, wait for him to find his own way or help him out of the ‘closet’?”

Dianne sighed,

“Probably helping him out of the ‘closet’, but I really don’t know what his sexual preferences are.”

Susan said,

“Well we have lots of time, I have a big house, a lot of empty bedrooms and I am by myself.”

Dianne smiled and hugged Susan.

In a few minutes Daniel joined them. He casually mentioned that he liked his bedroom, especially all the mirrors. He also said that he had a feeling that he was not alone. Not a scary feeling, more of a warmness that made him feel comfortable.

Susan and Dianne smiled knowingly.

Soon all three were sitting at the kitchen table enjoying lunch. As time progressed, Susan could clearly see, the feminine side of Daniel.

Thoughts filtered into Susan’s mind,

‘We will help them both find their sexuality.’

Susan wasn’t expecting a response from the Entities so quickly and it caught her off guard. Dianne looked at Susan wondering why she had stopped talking.

Susan apologized and suggested a grand tour of the house. She left the basement for a later time. They then drove into town to do some shopping for food and personal items. After dinner, they relaxed on the sectional and watched the HDTV.

Around 10:30, Dianne said,

“Its been a long day and I think I will have a soothing shower and get some sleep.”

Daniel echoed his mother’s words.

Susan entered her bedroom and lay on her bed. She was thinking about Dianne and Daniel, hoping that she was doing the right thing.

In almost a whisper, so her voice wouldn’t be heard beyond the room, Susan said,

“I would like Daniel’s first sexual encounter with a male to be as if he is a virgin. I know you will test him, but does he have to remember the encounter.”

Almost immediately, thoughts filled her mind,

‘The only thing he will remember is the wonderful time in the shower where his hair was removed the enhancements were done to his body. He will be bisexual.’

She smiled and sighed as light soft touches and kisses began flooding her body.

2.02 Dianne meets her Entities:

1. Shower Preparation:

Dianne entered her bedroom and looked at the doors to bathroom and the Jacuzzi.

‘Shower’ she thought, ‘the Jacuzzi in the morning.’

She undressed and walked into the bathroom with its large walk-in shower. She looked at her naked reflection in the full length mirror and frowned when she saw her 34A breasts. She was 38 years old with a 18 year son and despite her breast size smiled at her still curvaceous body. She saw the thick thatch of hair hiding her labia and frowned again. She could remember when she just had a small landing strip down there.

She opened the glass doors to the shower and was surprised to see that the three walls were all mirrored. She put on a shower cap, turned on the multiple shower heads and when the waters were nice and warm, stepped into the shower. In a about a minute, she picked up the bottle of creamy soft soap that was sitting on a corner ledge.

She sighed as her hands and fingers spread the liquid softness over body. Her breasts, nipples and labia tingled as her fingers cleaned and caressed all her ‘vital’ spots. Dormant yearnings began to come to the surface and she quickly stopped her exploration.

She stepped back panting. She hadn’t felt those kinds of sensations for a long time.

“Oh God, How I miss it ..”

Dianne was in a state of denial and abstinence.

She let the waters wash away the soap and relaxed in the warm flow of the waters. In a few minutes, she turned off the shower heads and looked at herself in the mirrored shower walls.

It started with soft, almost indiscernible touches along the back of her neck and spread to her shoulders. A voice .. no a thought, filtered into mind, calling her by name.

Dianne flinched and quickly looked around but saw no one. The Soft touches returned along with gentle kisses.

The thoughts returned,

‘Dianne your body is beautiful.’

Again she looked around, her nervousness was growing. While the kisses on the back of her neck and shoulders continued, she felt soft ‘hands’ and ‘fingers’ begin to explore the front of body. Her startled mind made an attempt to reach for the shower door but ‘hands’ held her firmly in a standing position.

Again she felt the thoughts.

‘Don’t be afraid Dianne, We are here to help you.’

She wanted to scream but only a soft gasp escaped her lips.

“Noooooooo .. Let me go ..”

Something in the back of her mind recalled the conservation Susan had with her about the secrets of the house and its Entities. A sigh of acceptance escaped her lips and the tenseness ebbed from her body as she succumbed to caressing touches of her unseen Lovers.

The ‘hands’ on her abdomen worked their way upward toward her breasts and Dianne flinched when she felt her breasts being lifted and gently kneaded. ‘Fingers’ slipped onto her nipples and began to caress and manipulate the rubbery buds. The ‘fingers’ left the nipple of her right breast and a warm ‘mouth’ descended onto the nipple with a delicious suckling action. A slippery ‘tongue’ swirled around the tingling tip and a reluctant sigh escaped her open lips. Another set of ‘lips’ moved onto her left breast and nipple. The combined sensations of the massaging ‘hands’ and suckling ‘lips’ caused the sigh to grow louder as her nipples stiffened and grew erect.

‘Hands’ moved onto her thighs and began to knead the soft skin. They slowly worked their way toward the junction of her thighs. The soft ‘finger’ tips caressed the outer lips of her labia and then slipped down her thighs to her knees. The exquisite sweep continued and a dazed Dianne moaned softly as ripples of arousal began to seep across her loins. The ‘hands’ molded themselves onto her labia and began to massage and knead the soft skin of her folds. ‘Thumbs’ pressed and swirled onto her clitoral hood and her pink organ began extending outward. She gasped at the ecstatic contact and laid her head back onto the shoulder of her unseen Lover.

She felt light pressures on her back, thighs and legs and then felt her legs being bent at the knees and pulled upward. She looked at the mirrored shower wall and watched as her bent legs were spread apart. It was as if she were sitting on a soft chair of thick air. She saw her swelling folds flare open, the pink tip of her engorged clitoris and her erect tingling nipples. She looked with aroused amazement as her breasts and labia were being manipulated by unseen ‘hands’ and ‘fingers’.

Susan saw a bottle being lifted off of one of the corner shelves. As it got nearer to her, she saw that it was labeled ‘Permanent Depilatory’. Her mind was filled with mixed emotions.

‘Yes .. No .. Permanent? .. What if she wanted her hair back?’

She felt her arms being pulled up level with her shoulders and her sitting position was slightly reclined. She could now see her sex and the cheeks of her buttocks in the mirror. The bottle floated toward her and the silky liquid was poured onto her left arm and arm pit. It moved to her right arm and it too was drenched with the thick liquid. The bottle moved down toward the junction of her thighs and the silky liquid saturated her genitals, inner thighs and between the cheeks of her spread buttocks. Both of her bent and spread legs received the same treatment.

Dianne looked mesmerized as she felt a multitude of ‘hands’ massaging the Depilatory onto arms, legs and genitals. The ‘hands’ on her thighs and labia worked the warm, thick liquid into the thick thatch that covered her sex and she began panting when the ‘hands’ and ‘fingers’ went from mixing to arousing. Soon wonderful ‘popping’ sensations flooded her genitals, arms and legs. It felt as though thousands of bubble were forming and bursting all over body. As she looked at the mirrored wall, she watched in awe as all the hair on her body, below her shoulders began dissolving.

The ‘popping’ sensations soon faded and Dianne saw the removable shower head being turned ‘on’. It drifted toward her and she gasped as the pulsing waters flooded her sex and body. As the Depilatory and remnants of her hair were washed away, she saw for the first, in a long time, the full folds of her labia and clitoris could be seen without obstruction.

She smiled at her ‘new’ hairless nakedness and whispered,

“Thank you ..”

The shower head moved so it was in direct alignment with her labia and clitoris. Her mind wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Intense jolts of joy flooded her loins as the pulsing waters rushed onto the flared folds of her labia and protruding clitoris. Her hips began an ecstatic grinding and sawing motion into the pulsing flow. She moaned and gasped as her Lovers gave her pleasure that she had not felt in years.

She felt a ‘tongue’ curl around her protruding organ and ‘fingers’ slipped into her excited vagina. Her mind was awash with waves of ecstasy and she squealed with joy as a quick, tension relieving, orgasm exploded across her body.

The shower head was returned to its holder and turned ‘off’. Dianne sat within the supporting air-like chair, gasping as she came down from her orgasmic high.

2. Breast, Nipple, Clitoris Enhancement:

Thoughts entered her mind,

‘Now that had to feel good. How do you like your hairless body?’

Dianne smiled and whispered,

“Oh God, did it ever and I love what you did to my body.”

The thoughts again,

‘That’s just the beginning, How would you like firmer breasts and a clitoris that will guarantee you an orgasm every time you have sex. A clitoris that another female would love to get their mouths and fingers on.’

Dianne’s heart pounded with anticipation,

‘Another female .. would another woman do that to her?’

In an obvious hesitant voice, Dianne said,

“I .. I’m not sure .. Another woman .. maybe .. No .. Yes .. Ok”

She felt a light kiss on her forehead and the thought said,

‘I know you would .. I have much to teach you.’

Suddenly it dawned on Dianne, her unseen Entity was female.

Dianne saw a bottle appear out of nowhere and watched as it floated toward her. She watched in awe as the bottle was tipped and she saw two pools of a thick golden liquid forming in the air above her abdomen. A third pool formed in front of the junction of her thighs. The pools moved toward each of her breasts and inward toward her sex. She gasped as the liquid made contact with her body and the ‘hands’ began massaging the thick liquid onto her breasts, nipples and protruding clitoris.

Wonderful and intense tingling sensations flooded her breasts, nipples and clitoris.

Within seconds, she felt an exquisite warmth flood across her chest and into her clitoral hood. A wonderful firmness gripped each of her breasts and her nipples had never felt so hard or so excited. A deep kingliness saturated her rigid clitoris and a need to touch it became almost unbearable. She tried to reach down to it but the unseen ‘hands’ held her arms firmly.


NIPPLES: 5/16″


As the ‘hands’ massaged and kneaded, she felt a delicious firmness building in both breasts. Dianne looked at the mirror and her eyes opened wide and she gasped when she saw her breasts becoming fuller and firmer. Her clitoral hood was thickening and the pink tip of her clitoris was expanding outward.




Delicious quakes pulsed across her as her breasts and nipples grew in spurts and her hips began jerking as her clitoris extended further out of its protective hood.


NIPPLES: 7/16″


The hands on her breasts and the fingers on her clitoris intensified their loving actions as they had more and more to massage and knead. More of the thick lotions were poured onto her body and Dianne began moaning and gasping as her breasts, nipples and clitoris were enhanced.




Dianne saw her sexual enhancements in the mirror and look of sheer joy flooded her face. Her 34C breasts pushed proudly from her chest and her erect, bullet- like nipples felt as though they were going to explode. She saw her clitoris standing out like a rigid pink beacon and again, a desperate need to touch it caused her hips to jerk with a sense of urgency.

Reassuring thoughts filled her mind,

‘One more thing left to do, then we will take care of your needs.’

3. Vaginal enhancement:

Dianne saw what looked like a tear drop, oval shaped mass appear in front of her. It was gel-like, transparent and bluish in color. It was about 4″ tall and 1″ wide at its top and gradually widened to 3″ at the bottom. Protruding slightly outward from within the ‘tear drop’ was a replication of the head of an erection. The body was made up of thick accordion-like folds. Attached to the oval casing was a small opened ended circular tube, also with accordion like-folds. The entire casing glistened in the light with its oozing thick fluids.

Suddenly the accordion folds began expanding and Dianne gasped when she saw a life-like erection growing before her eyes. It slowly lengthened to 8″ inches and thickened to 1.75″. When it was fully formed it drew back into its folds and then expanded again. A stunned Dianne saw the phallus intensify its expanding strokes.

The small tube at the phallus’s base now expanded to 2″ x 5/8″. Its open folds began to ripple and clench. Dianne’s breath quickened and her arousal vaulted as her eyes locked onto the erotic and sexual ‘device’ that was swaying in the air in front of her. The more she looked at it, the more she wanted it.

The Entity sensed Dianne’s attraction to the floating phallus and drew close to her.

‘We call it the ‘surrogate’. Just think how wonderful it will feel as it slips into your vagina. The perfect mate for a needful woman. It does other things to. The surrogate will ‘deep throat’ your clitoris and will secrete chemicals that will enhance your vaginal sheath, inner lips and labia.’

Dianne’s eyes were locked onto her potential Lover and her breathing was coming in deep pants. Her clitoris tingled as it strained in the air, begging for attention and her inner lips fluttered with need and desire. The Entity reached down and palmed Dianne’s wet, swollen labia and her hips jerked her more than ready sex into the massaging ‘hand’.

Dianne saw the ‘surrogate’ move between her bent and spread thighs. She felt its radiated warmth flood onto her sex and then felt it form over her flared folds. She gasped as it made contact and then moaned as its protruding head nestled into her eager inner lips. She then felt an incredible jolt of joy as the suckling tube slipped onto the tip of her engorged organ of joy. Her hips thrust and ground against the clenching tube as suckled its way into her clitoral hood.

The nestled head began flexing within her clasping inner lips and she moaned as the pulsing thickness deliciously nudged and traced the eager opening to her vagina. She held her breath when she felt an exquisite pressure stretching her excited opening and then an ecstatic hiss was heard as the clasping entrance stretched over the phallus’s flexing crown. Her mind was flooded incredible sensations as the phallus twisted its way into her eager vaginal passage. The flexing thickness with its twisting nubs teased and tantalized the sensitive flesh of her vaginal walls as it burrowed inward to a depth of eight inches. Her mind reeled with the ecstatic fullness and her vaginal muscles clenched deeply onto the flexing nubs.

The ‘surrogate’ began releasing its enhancing chemicals and Dianne gasped as ecstatic antsy sensations gripped the entire length of her vaginal sheath. The elasticity and vaginal depth was slowly changed to accommodate an 8.0″ x 2.0″ erection. The sexual sensitivity was expanded to take in 50% of her vaginal sheath and her ‘G’ spot or Skene’s gland was expanded. Her mind was immediately flooded with waves of intense joy as her spasming womanhood was enhanced.

4. Vaginal testing:

The ‘surrogate’ rested for a few seconds while Dianne cooed and gurgled with joy. Then, it slowly withdrew and plunged back into her seething vaginal sheath. The phallus slowly expanded to 2″ as it flexed deep within her vaginal passage then it pulled out and twisted its way inward, again and again. All the while the sucking actions on her clitoris matched the stroking actions of the phallus. Dianne’s glazed eyes open wide and incoherent sounds of pleasure were heard as her body was pushed into a sexual frenzy.

The phallus’s girth expanded and contracted as it stroked inward and outward from Dianne’s enflamed vaginal passage. Her frenzied body was now totally controlled by the insatiable ‘surrogate’. She instinctively fell into the same rhythm and began urgent counter thrusts with her twisting and bucking hips.

“Oh God .. Faster .. Deeper .. Oh God ..”

The ‘surrogate’ sensed the building of Dianne’s orgasmic contractions and intensified its assault on her enhanced sexuality. Dianne slumped back into the supports of the air-chair, surrendering herself to the ‘surrogate’. Loud slurping sounds could be heard as Dianne’s clenching vaginal muscles expanded and contracted around her long, thick Lover.

Suddenly, her mouth opened wide but no sound was heard, her dazed eyes opened wide but saw nothing. Her entire body arched upward and froze as her orgasm was unleashed. With a deep intake of breath, Dianne’s orgasmic wail echoed around the bathroom as her first orgasm was unleashed.

The ‘surrogate’ felt the easing of Dianne’s intense vaginal grip on its phallus and waited until her body came done from her orgasmic high. It then renewed its ecstatic thrusts and lunges and the suckling of her engorged organ of joy. Dianne’s hips began bucking and heaving as she was catapulted into a second orgasmic frenzy. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced across her mind and eyes. Her hands fisted tightly, her toes curled and she threw head back, wailing again as her second orgasm exploded throughout her body and mind.

Dianne’s mind and sensory system became saturated with her orgasmic sensations and her body went into sensory overload and slumped onto the soft supports of the ‘air-chair’.

The ‘surrogate’ released another set of chemicals into the frothy passage. Dianne’s sexuality would be bisexual and her sexual rejuvenation would be immediate if stimulation were present. She slowly regained consciousness and moaned as the delicious aftershocks rippled across her body. She clamped her thighs together in an effort to keep the ‘surrogate’ within her vagina.

Slowly the ‘surrogate’ withdrew its accordion-like phallus from Dianne’s reluctant vagina with a loud slurping sound. As the head of the thick penetrator slipped out of her stretched entrance, torrents of orgasmic juices gushed from the gaping opening.

Dianne moaned as the delicious fullness left her body.

The ‘surrogate’ slipped away from her swollen sex and her still rigid pink organ strained in the air. The suckling ‘mouths’, ‘lips’ and ‘hands’ moved away from her breasts and nipples. The shower head was turned ‘on’ and again began washing the remnants of her orgasmic juices from her spread thighs and buttocks.

Her Lover’s thoughts entered her mind,

‘You body is now everything you have ever wanted it to be. You are now a perfect sexual match for any male or female.’

Dianne smiled at the unseen Lover and whispered,

“Will I .. can I .. be with you again?”

She felt a warm ‘hand’ palm her swollen labia and a ‘thumb’ press onto her organ of joy. She gasped loudly as her sexual rejuvenation kicked in.

‘Yes, I will help you shake the cobwebs out of your sleepy mind tomorrow morning.’

The waters were turned off and Dianne sighed as towels began drying her body. and moaned with disappointment when they finished.

She left the bathroom and as she walked toward her bed, she saw the covers being turned down and then she felt ‘hands’ helping her onto the bed. A sheet was pulled over her body and the lights were turned off. Dianne rolled onto her side, hugging her pillow and fell into a deep, restful sleep.

5. Morning Encounter:

Dianne awoke around 7:00 in the morning and she stretched sensuously under the sheet as the satiny fabric caressed her breasts and nipples. She got out of the bed and stood in front of the mirrored wall and smiled as she gazed at her enhanced body.

Her hands and fingers lifted and played with her firm, 34C breasts and perky nipples. They slipped down toward the core of her sexuality and a long moan escaped her open mouth as she coaxed her enhanced organ of joy out of its thick protective hood.

She excitedly thought to herself,

‘It wasn’t a dream, nor was it her imagination, it really happened, and .. she has an unseen Lover, a female Lover .. Oh God, thank you Susan ..”

Suddenly she felt a soft presence pressing against her back and felt soft kisses being planted on the back of her neck and shoulders. She closed her eyes and sighed softly knowing that her Lover had come back to her.

“You have come back to me .. thank you ..”

Thoughts entered her mind,

‘Good morning sleepy head.’

Her Lover had returned, as it said it would.

She felt the presence move to the front of her body and she closed her eyes and parted her lips. Two ‘lips’ moved onto her mouth and began to gently suck on her lips. At the same time, she felt her Lover’s ‘breasts’ and ‘nipples’ pressing against her breasts and nipples. Two soft ‘hands’ touched the sides of face and a warm ‘tongue’ slipped into her mouth.

The ‘tongue’ found her tongue and began to caress and play with it. Dianne sighed and returned the kiss.

She felt ‘hands’ move onto her hips and then felt herself being drawn closer to her Lover. The feeling of a ‘female’ pressing against her body added to her growing excitement.

The Entity withdrew its ‘tongue’ and moved back a little from Dianne’s body. Dianne stood there with eyes closed and her breath came in quick pants. The gentle ‘hands’ and fingers reacquired her breasts, nipples and inner thighs. The soft kisses again bathed her neck and shoulders.

Dianne, in a daze, looked in the mirror and saw her breasts moving as they were being massaged and kneaded and her erect nipples being pushed and swirled in pleasurable circles.

She shut her eyes and moaned softly as the ‘lips’ and ‘hands’ caused her arousal to spread across her body. The ‘fingers’ left her nipples and then warm, moist breaths of air bathed each of them. Suddenly, two ‘mouths’ descended onto each of them with a delicious sucking and suckling action. Dianne gasped and instinctively pushed her bullet-like nipples into the unseen ‘mouths’.

Her hands reached up and closed over their ‘heads’ pulling their devouring ‘mouths’ further onto her excited nipples. The ‘mouths’ and ‘tongues’ intensified their suckles and she gasped as waves of pleasure flowed across her chest.

The wonderful ‘mouths’ and ‘lips’ on her breasts, neck and shoulders drifted away and Dianne sighed with disappointment. Suddenly a warm pressure of air pushed against her legs, back, shoulders and neck. It was as though a thick, soft mattress of air was pressing against the back of her body. Her legs were lifted upward and bent at the knees. Slowly, she was laid onto her back and her bent legs were spread apart. As her thighs parted, so did the folds of her labia and she moaned knowing that her unseen ‘Lovers’ now had open access to her aroused womanhood.

Her head rested on a pillow of thick air and she now looked up into the ceiling mirrors and smiled when she saw the erotic position of her body. The ‘hands’, ‘fingers’ and ‘mouths’ once again descended onto her breasts and nipples, she moaned softly as her arousal flowed back into her body.

Dianne closed her eyes, savoring the sensations that her invisible ‘Lovers’ were giving her. Again she felt her Lover moving between her spread thighs. She felt it lean over her body and once again she could see nothing in the ceiling mirrors. Her breath quickened at the delicious contact of ‘breast’ to breast, ‘nipple’ to nipple and ‘mouth’ to mouth. The kiss this time was deep and passionate and she wrapped her arms around her Lover, moaning into its mouth.

The Entity broke the kiss and Dianne lay on the blanket of air gasping and panting. Its soft ‘hands’ began massaging her face, neck and shoulders. The ‘hands’ slowly worked their way down to Dianne’s breasts and lifted them, its ‘fingers’ slipped up onto Dianne’s nipples and tantalizingly played with the erect rubbery tips. All the while, it planted soft butterfly type kisses along her shoulders and neck. Its ‘fingers’ slipped deliciously around the nipples, pushing and pressing and then back to kneading of the firm mounds.

Her Lover’s ‘hands’ started a massaging action down Dianne’s body toward the apex of her thighs. Dianne knew where they were headed and she panted with anticipation. The ‘hands’ stopped at but not touching the folds of her labia then started back up toward her breasts. The ‘fingers’ found the eager, erect nipples and once again started to caress and tease them. Her engorged organ of joy throbbed in the air and her swollen labia oozed with her early wetness, making the folds glisten in the light. Her body moved where ever the Entity’s ‘hands’ moved and she moaned as her arousal soared.

The ‘hands’ repeated the massaging process over and over again. Each time they came closer and closer to touching her swollen labia. The kisses flowed from neck to both shoulders as the ‘fingers’ slipped and tantalized the engorged nipples. The Entity felt Dianne’s breathing become rapid and her head thrashed back and forth as waves of arousal flowed throughout her body.

The ‘hands’ and ‘mouths’ left Dianne’s withering body and her hips circled frantically on the cushion of air.

She saw a bottle floating in the air and the Entity took the bottle, flipped open the top and began pouring the some of the slick contents onto an unseen hand. As the oil spread, it began to highlight a bluish right ‘hand’, ‘wrist’ and lower ‘forearm’. Dianne’s mind knew what her Lover was going to do and her mind said, ‘NO’ .. ‘NO’, but her body was screaming, ‘YES’ .. ‘YES’.

Her Lover slowly slipped the tips of its grouped ‘fingers’ between the swollen folds and pressed them against the eager opening. The slick ‘fingers’ nudged inward twisting and turning. Dianne felt a great pressure as her vagina was stretched opened and then unbelievable sensations exploded across her loins as the ‘hand’ and ‘wrist’ slipped inward. Dianne gasped at the ecstatic fullness of her stretched vaginal passage.

Her hips ground hungrily as spasms of joy raced throughout her sex. She thrust upward and wailed as she impaled herself deeply onto her Lover’s lower ‘forearm’ and her vaginal muscles clenched ecstatically around the embedded ‘hand, ‘wrist’ and ‘forearm’. Her Lover waited a few seconds and then withdrew the ‘wrist’ and squirmed it back inward. Dianne had never experienced such ecstatic joy. The Entity now varied its thrusts from fast to slow, all in and all out, part way in and part way out. Dianne’s stretched vaginal muscles were ecstatically clenching and spasming, jolts of pure joy shot directly into her stunned mind. Her breath came in deep gasps and pants and her thick vaginal juices spurted out past the lunging ‘hand’ and ‘wrist’. Her head thrashed back and forth as waves of joy cascaded across her body. Her hips and chest thrust wildly into the air as every nerve ending in her body began screaming for orgasmic release.

Her Lover thrust forward burying its wiggling ‘fingers’ deeply into Dianne’s vagina. The entire length of her vaginal passage went into deep spasms and contractions as the magnificent penetrator stroked relentlessly into and out of it. She was close to fainting from the incredible sensations that the tantalizing ‘fingers’ of joy were giving her as they caressed the excited lining of her womanhood.

Dianne gurgled and moaned incoherently. Her Lover moved its ‘head’ inward, and Dianne squealed as her erect clitoris was sucked into its ‘mouth’. The ‘lips’ and ‘tongue’ began a deep suctioning action and her body bucked upward and jerked wildly as all the ecstatic sensations merged into each other.

Her Lover started its final series of masterful strokes. Dianne’s mind could no longer control her bodies actions. She lay there and let the orgasmic pressure cooker build to the exploding point. The thrusts and lunges began to vary, all the way in, all the way out, part way in, part way out, fast and slow. Her breasts and nipples swelled to the bursting point. Her vaginal fluids gushed out past her swollen lips and flowed down onto the cushion of air and quickly disappeared. Her whole universe was centered on her clenching and spasming vagina. Her eyes and mind became saturated within an ecstatic, euphoric fog. Her body trembled and convulsed. Her hands clenched into fists her toes curled up tightly. Small orgasmic waves rippled up and down her body from her head to her toes.

Dianne was being catapulted toward her orgasmic trip point .. and then it came. Her Lover felt her vaginal muscles clench tightly around its loving ‘hand’ and ‘wrist’. An orgasmic cloud flooded Dianne’s mind and flashes of orgasmic lights danced around her eyes.

She gurgled, moaned and screamed with orgasmic joy as her body arched upward, once again impaling her seething vaginal sheath, onto her Lover’s lower ‘forearm’. Dianne’s arching body froze as her all consuming, total body orgasm was unleashed.

Her mind and body went into sensory overload and she lost consciousness, slumping down onto the supporting blanket of air. Her body continued to buck and jerk as her internal orgasms continued. Slowly the contortions of her body ebbed and she regained consciousness, moaning as delicious aftershocks saturated her body.

Her Lover smiled at Dianne’s satisfied and fulfilled face. A loud slurping sound was heard as the Entity slowly withdrew its lower ‘forearm’ from Dianne’s clasping vagina and torrents of vaginal fluids gushed out past the gaping entrance as it slowly returned to normal.

Dianne’s Lover leaned over her body and they kissed deeply and passionately.

When they broke the kiss,

Her Lover’s thoughts said,

‘Whenever you need me, I will come to you.’

Dianne felt herself being put into a standing position. In a few moments she knew the Entities had left and she looked at her post-orgasmic body as it glowed with sexual fulfillment.

She walked on weak, wobbly legs to the bathroom and took a long, relaxing shower.

She thought of her son Daniel,

‘And Daniel .. what about Daniel. He had to have been visited by the Entities last night. Is he now a Shemale .. or fully Gay .. or fully straight? .. and what did they do, if anything, to his body?’

When finished she put on a robe and decided to make herself some breakfast. Perhaps Susan and Daniel were up also.

2.03 Daniel meets his Entities:

1. Shower Preparation:

Daniel entered his bedroom and decided to have a shower now, rather than tomorrow because he liked to sleep in. He undressed and stood in front of the mirrored wall. He smiled when he saw his nakedness and frowned when he saw his small penis hidden within his thick pubic hair but it gave him pleasure when he masturbated and that was all that mattered.

He walked into the bathroom and to his delight he saw mirrored walls everywhere, including inside the shower stall.

The Entities were watching him closely.

He turned on the multiple shower heads and stepped into the flowing waters. The waters soon forced the wet hairs against his body and his small penis became visible.

In almost a silent whisper, Daniel said,

“I wish you were bigger, I wonder if I inherited this.”

One of Entities wanted to go to Daniel, but was held back.

Daniel stepped out of the flowing waters and picked up the bottle of creamy soft soap that was sitting on a corner ledge. He had never used any gels or lotions on his body and he became excited wondering what it would feel like.

He poured a liberal amount onto his right hand and began to apply the liquid silkiness to his body. As his hand spread the silky soap across his chest, he felt a pleasant kingliness spread across the areolas and nipples. The sensations intensified when his slippery fingers swirled around his small male nipples.

Daniel sighed as exquisite sensations spread across his chest,

He poured more of the liquid onto his right hand and began massaging the liquid silkiness onto his penis and balls. The feelings were unlike anything he expected and his penis stirred and grew hard as his slippery hand and fingers caressed and manipulated his genitals.

He gasped as the palm of his hand swirled deliciously over his tingling gland, causing him to drop the bottle.

The Entity moved toward Daniel and this time it wasn’t held back.

As if in a dream, Daniel saw the bottle of soap rising up from the shower floor and stopped about level with his abdomen.

His eyes just stared at it as it floated in the air in front of him.

The same feelings that he felt when he was unpacking returned, feelings of a warm presence that made him feel comfortable and at ease.

A thought drifted into his mind,

‘Don’t be afraid Daniel, you have nothing to fear from me. I am here to help you, I want to be your friend.’

Daniel smiled when he ‘felt’ the words and then a nervousness crept into his mind. If someone was really there with him, then it could see his naked body and small erection.

They Entity smiled,

‘You don’t have to be shy or embarrassed in front of me, I like you and your nakedness.’

Daniel in almost a whisper,

“How .. who .. You can see me?”

A reply filtered into his mind,

‘Yes, I can see you, do you want me to leave? I would like to stay with you.’

A whirlwind of thoughts flooded Daniel’s mind,

… was this for real?

… was this his imagination?

… yes, he wanted it to stay

The Entity sensed Daniel’s emotions,

‘Your mother knows about your sexual conflict and would like you to openly embrace it.’

Daniel’s penis had softened with its head poking through the thatch of hair. He as no longer nervous or embarrassed. He looked at the floating bottle and slowly reached out for it. He was about to pour the soap onto his hands when he did something that would change his life forever.

He handed the bottle back to his unseen ‘friend’.

A mesmerized Daniel saw the bottle being tipped and two pools of the silky liquid formed in front of him. The bottle then moved off to his right. His ‘friend’ began to apply the liquid silkiness onto areolas and nipples. Daniel closed his eyes and sighed as the ‘fingers’ caused a pleasant kingliness to spread across his chest. The sensations intensified when the slippery ‘fingers’ swirled around his small male nipples.

“Ohhhhhh .. that feels so good ..”

The Entity poured more of the silky liquid onto both of its ‘hands’ and began to massage them downward over his abdomen, onto his inner thighs and then inward toward his testicles and small flaccid penis.

Daniel gasped as the unseen ‘hands’ and ‘fingers’ lifted and swirled his small penis with an exquisite massaging action. The Entity smiled when it felt Daniel’s penis begin to stir and grow hard within its ‘hand’. A ‘hand’ slipped down to his testicles and lifted them with an exquisite massaging action causing Daniel to moan and thrust his three inch erection into the Entity’s slick, squeezing ‘hand’.

The sensations of someone else ‘masturbating’ him was too much for Daniel and he could feel the tell-tale signs of his ejaculation forming.

His hips arched outward, pushing his straining member into the massaging and squeezing ‘hand’. It felt the throbbing spasms of Daniel’s erection as his assisted ejaculation surged toward the excited gland and spewed outward into the shower’s flowing waters.

The Entity smiled as Daniel’s quick orgasm gushed from his flexing penis.

Thoughts filtered into Daniel’s mind,

‘I bet that felt real good, didn’t it?’

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. Yesssssssssssssssss ..”

Daniel felt his right hand being gripped gently and pulled downward. His fingers touched what felt like a soft penis. He wrapped his hand around it and gasped as it stiffened within his circling fingers.

His mind was immediately flooded with conflicting thoughts.

… My ‘friend’ is a male.

… Oh God what do I do now?

… It feels hard yet soft and its pulsing.

He wanted to remove his hand but something was making him squeeze and massage the unseen hardness.

The Entity pulled Daniel’s hand away,

‘It is time remove that thick patch of hair that is hiding your penis.’

The shower was turned off and Daniel felt light pressures on his back, thighs and legs and then felt himself being put into a sitting position. He looked at the mirrored shower wall and watched as his bent legs were pulled back toward his hips and spread apart. It was as if he was sitting on a soft chair of thick air. He cringed when he saw his softening small penis receding into his pubic hair.

Daniel saw a bottle being lifted from one of the corner shelves. As it got nearer to him, he saw that it was labeled ‘Permanent Depilatory’.

His breathing quickened. He had seen pictures of males and females on the internet with hairless genitals and always wondered what he would look and like with no hair down ‘there’. He felt his arms being pulled up level with his shoulders and his sitting position was slightly reclined. He could see the head of penis, swaying testicles and the spread cheeks of his buttocks in the mirror. The bottle floated toward him and the silky liquid was poured onto his left arm and arm pit. It moved to his right arm and it too was drenched with the thick liquid. The bottle moved down toward the junction of his thighs and the silky liquid saturated his genitals, inner thighs and between the cheeks of his buttocks. Both bent and spread legs received the same treatment.

Daniel looked mesmerized as he felt a multitude of ‘hands’ massaging the Depilatory onto arms, legs and genitals. The ‘hands’ on his thighs, penis and balls worked the warm, thick liquid into the thick hair that covered his sex and he panted when the ‘hands’ and ‘fingers’ went from mixing to arousing. His small penis stirred and soared to full erection

Daniel moaned as waves of pleasure radiated across his loins.

Soon it felt like thousands of bubbles were exploding across his body and wonderful ‘popping’ sensations flooded his genitals, anal area, arms and legs. As the ‘popping’ sensations faded, Daniel saw his bodily hair dissolving in front of his eyes.

He saw the removable shower head being lifted and he gasped as the pulsing waters flooded his sex and body. As the Depilatory and the remnants of his hair were washed away, he saw, for the first time the full length of his erection and a look of dismay washed across face when he saw how small it really was.

The Entity sensed it and his thoughts said,

‘Don’t be dismayed Daniel, that will be taken care of next.’

The shower head was moved so it was in direct alignment with his erection and swaying testicles. His mind wasn’t prepared for the intense waves of pleasure that flooded his loins as the pulsing waters caressed and massaged his hard manhood. The excited gland at the head of his erection throbbed and tingled.

Daniel squealed and his hips jerked forward at the ecstatic contact.

His hips began thrusting his engorged member into the pulsing flow. Suddenly the shower head was removed and Daniel wailed with disappointment as he was pulled back from his orgasmic trip point.

He felt a warm breath of moist air bathe his small erection and then an incredible suckling sensation gripped his straining hardness. The ‘mouth’ of the Entity descended onto his smallness with an exquisite deep sucking action. Its ‘tongue’ curled into the drooling opening and began to suck up his preseminal fluids as though it were a straw.

The unseen ‘mouth’ and ‘cheeks’ squeezed and sucked the engorged organ and Daniel’s hips bucked and jerked as the Entity catapulted him toward his orgasmic edge. His ejaculation started at the base of his erection and surged upward. The thick liquid of joy swirled and teased his highly excited gland and then spewed into his Lovers thirsty and waiting ‘mouth’.

The Entity reached down and lifted his churning balls and Daniel wailed as another thick stream of semen pulsed its way up his jerking member and erupted into the feasting ‘mouth’.

The Entity pulled his ‘mouth’ away from Daniel’s semi-erection and watched as the head drooled with the remnants of his ejaculation.

Thoughts entered his mind,

‘Now that had to feel good. How do you like your hairless body?’

Daniel looked into the mirror and gazed at his hairless genitals. Despite its smallness, the sight of his nuded and softening penis and balls excited him.

He smiled and nodded his head.

2. Erection and Nipple enhancement:

Daniel saw two bottles appear out of nowhere, floating toward him. He watched in awe as the bottles were tipped and saw four pools of a thick golden liquid forming in front of his body, two in front of his chest and two in front of the junction of his thighs. The liquid had been poured onto unseen ‘hands’ that were now moving toward his breast and genital area. He gasped as the liquid made contact with his body and the ‘hands’ began massaging the warm liquid onto his areolas, nipples, penis and testicles.

Within seconds, he felt an exquisite warmth and firmness grip his chest. His penis began to tingle and stir, his testicles became bloated and heavy. In a few more seconds the wonderful, massaging ‘hands’ that were adorning his body caused Daniel to experience sensations that dreams were made of. An exquisite firmness gripped his areolas and Daniel looked into the mirror and saw his breast areas expanding. His nipples had never felt so hard or so excited. The relentless ‘hands’ and ‘fingers’ caused his penis to soar to full erection and he moaned as his straining member throbbed in the air with a hardness he had never felt before. The need to thrust it into something .. anything became almost unbearable.

ERECTION: 3.00″ x 1.00″ .. 3.50″ x 1.00″

Daniel felt an incredible surge within his erection and thought his eyes were deceiving him when he saw it become just a little longer.

NIPPLES: 3/16″

ERECTION: 4.00″ X 1.25″ .. 4.50″ X 1.25″

As the ‘hands’ massaged and kneaded, his erect nipples grew larger and his erection continued to expand with ecstatic spurts.

“Uhh .. Uhh .. Uhh ..”


ERECTION: 5.00″ x 1.50″ .. 5.50″ x 1.50″

His erect nipples stood out like hard bullets and the head of his erection glistened in the light with its drooling preseminal fluids.


ERECTION: 6.50″ x 1.75″ .. 7.00″ x 1.75″

The swirling ‘fingers’ and massaging ‘hands’ on his nipples, erection and testicles intensified their actions as they had more and more to massage and knead. More of the thick lotions were poured onto his body and Daniel began moaning and gasping as his sexuality was enhanced. As his erection expanded and nipples grew, Daniel’s testicles became heavier and a deep, needful ache spread across his loins.


ERECTION: 7.50″ x 1.75″

Daniel saw his sexual enhancements in the mirror and look of sheer joy flooded his face. His erect, bullet-like nipples stood out like two beacons and his engorged erection stood tall and hard between his spread thighs.

The ‘hands’ moved away from his body and again Daniel moaned in disappointment.

They were quickly replaced with the removable shower head and the moan turned into excited gasps as the pulsing waters washed the enhancing liquid from his tingling nipples, erection and testicles. His hips thrust his engorged manhood into the massaging waters, desperately looking for relief.

3. Entity, Deep Throat:

The massaging shower head was returned to the holder and Daniel’s hips continued to thrust his hardness into the air.

The Entity’s thoughts filled his mind,

‘Let me give you the relief you so desperately need. I am going to feast on that wonderful nectar that shoots out of that huge, hard penis of yours.’

Daniel’s breathing quickened and his erection jumped excitedly. His Lover looked down and saw Daniel’s precum was drooling from the tip of his thick gland. Daniel felt his ‘friend’ put its ‘hands’ on his shoulders and moved inward between his wide spread thighs, its ‘lips’ gently touched his lips. Daniel opened his mouth and they kissed passionately.

A low, guttural moan escaped Daniel’s mouth when he felt the Entity’s rigid member pressing against his own erection. The sensations were unlike anything that he could have imagined.

It broke the kiss and a dazed Daniel gasped and panted.

It starting planting soft butterfly kisses on Daniel’s neck and shoulders. It’s ‘hands’ reached in and palmed Daniel’s firm areolas. A low moan escaped Daniel’s lips and it became louder when the caressing ‘finger’ tips moved onto his enhanced nipples and began manipulating the erect buds.

The suckling kisses continued from shoulder to shoulder and Daniel’s breathing quickened. The ‘mouth’ and ‘lips’ now trekked downward toward Daniel’s right areola. He felt a warm, moist breath bathe the excited nipple and then he felt it being drawn inward, into his Lover’s suckling ‘mouth’. He moaned as the ‘lips’ and ‘tongue’ kissed and swirled around his excited, straining nipple.

In a few seconds the suckling ‘mouth’ kissed it’s way over to Daniel’s left areola and devoured the left nipple. All the while the ‘hands’ continued to massage and knead both of Daniel’s areolas. His Lover equally divided its attention to both nipples and Daniel’s breathing came in quick pants and gasps and he started to push his tingling nipples into his Lover’s wonderful ‘hands’ and devouring ‘mouth’.

While the ‘mouth’ continued to suck and suckle on his excited nipples, its ‘hands’ massaged their way down his abdomen. Daniel’s pants deepened as the ‘hands’ neared the base of throbbing erection then moved to his inner thighs. The ‘hands’ slipped inward toward his heavy, swaying testicles and gently began to massage them. Daniel moaned again as waves of pleasure radiated outward from his Lover’s massaging ‘hands’. While his Lover’s ‘hands’ pushed Daniel’s arousal level higher and higher, its ‘mouth’ left Daniel’s tingling, erect nipples and began a delicious kissing journey downward over Daniel’s abdomen.

Daniel knew where the suckling ‘mouth’ was headed and his sex rippled with excited anticipation. His erection jumped and jerked and precum drooled from the twitching head. He closed his eyes and waited with baited breath as the suckling ‘mouth’ came nearer and nearer to its destination. Daniel felt the suckling ‘lips’ leave his abdomen and then a warm, moist breath of air bathed his highly-sensitive gland.

He screeched and arched upward as the moist ‘mouth’ descended onto the head of his straining manhood. The ‘lips’ and ‘mouth’ suckled their way down to the circumcision ring and its ‘tongue’ swirled ecstatically around the highly excited head.

His Lover moved its ‘hands’ from Daniel’s testicles and put them on his bent knees for support. Its ‘head’ and ‘mouth’ now started a slow descent onto Daniel’s throbbing erection. It raised up a bit and tilted its ‘head’ and Daniel’s thick gland glided into its clenching ‘mouth’ and ‘throat’.

He gurgled with joy as his Lover’s warm ‘throat’ muscles ecstatically kissed and squeezed his pulsing hardness as it was sucked into the depths of the Entity’s clenching passage. Daniel felt the ‘chin’ pressing against his heavy balls and then felt his Lover shifting its ‘head’ back and forth causing Daniel to gasp loudly from the dual sensations.

With a torturous twisting motion, his ‘friend’ lifted its ‘head’ and Daniel’s throbbing erection was slowly pulled outward. When the agitated gland reach his Lover’s ‘mouth’, it closed its cheeks around the excited crown with a forceful suctioning action. Its ‘tongue’ swirled around the pulsing gland and played with the oozing opening, sucking up Daniel’s precum with its curled ‘tongue’ as if was a straw.

Daniel’s hips began bucking and thrashing, his hands reached out trying to find his Lover’s ‘head’. He found it and gripped it tightly as that wonderful ‘throat’ made love to his engorged manhood. Its grip on Daniel’s knees tightened. Again, Daniel felt that ecstatic sucking and milking action as his erection descended into the depths of the incredible ‘mouth’ and ‘throat’.

The Entity knew Daniel wasn’t going to last for very long and it pulled upward just enough so that one or two of Daniel’s hardness remained within its ‘throat’. It then began flexing and clenching its ‘throat’ muscles around Daniel’s excited member.

Daniel was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. He gurgled incoherently as his thick load of semen entered the base of his erection and surged up his highly agitated erection. The thick stream of semen spewed into his Lover’s eager and receptive ‘throat’.

Daniel wailed in orgasmic ecstasy.

His Lover feasted on Daniel’s free flowing, gushing nectar. It increased its exquisite milking actions, knowing that it could coax at least one more ejaculation from Daniel’s wildly jumping manhood.

Daniel’s hips arched upward as his mind and body became submersed in a cauldron of orgasmic explosions. Another huge stream of thick semen exploded up his undulating organ. Again, his Lover feasted on the spewing gushes of his nectar.

Daniel slumped back onto the soft supporting air-like chair and his still spewing erection slipped out of the unseen ‘throat’ and ‘mouth’. His Lover wrapped its ‘hand’ around his spurting hardness and Daniel moaned as ecstatic aftershocks gripped his loins.

4. Suppository, Rectal enhancement:

The Entity leaned near Daniel’s face and whispered,

‘Time for the last step. We are going to enhance your rectal area so it will give you the same sensations as that of a female’s vagina. But first we have to clean your rectal sheath.’

Again conflicting thoughts filled his mind,

… Does he really want that?

… I don’t think I am ready for this.

… And I don’t want an enema.

Before he had a chance to protest, he saw the shower heads come back ‘on’ and then saw a probe rising up from the shower floor. The nozzle was longer and thicker than what he expected. He flinched when he felt the long, thick nozzle edging between the cheeks of his spread buttocks and shifted his hips trying to stop its advancement as its warm thickness slowly pushed toward his rectal opening. His squirming abruptly halted when he felt a warm, thick liquid oozing into his anus. The effect was immediate, the tight sphincter muscle loosened and waves of pleasure radiated around the opening and flowed inward. A soft sigh escaped his lips as the head of the nozzle slipped through the prepared opening and nudged inward.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. Nooooooooooooooo ..”

Daniel flinched as the 5″ x 1/2″ probe slithered into his rectal area. When in place, the enema solution was released through the holes in the probe, filling his lower bowel with its cleansing solution. As the pressure built, Daniel moaned in discomfort. Just when he thought he couldn’t take any more, the nozzle withdrew and the evacuation of his bowel gushed into the flowing waters of the shower.

Daniel moaned again as the probe re-entered his rectum and a second bowel cleansing was administered. This time the solution flowed further inward. When it was finished, a dazed Daniel slumped into the soft supporting chair of ‘air’. The nozzle was withdrawn a second time and disappeared out of his sight.

Daniel sighed with relief as the humiliating thickness left his rectum.

The shower head cleaned his buttocks and thighs.

Daniel’s long session in the shower stall was finally over. He now had perky nipples and a penis that would be the envy of every of most teens and adult males. All that remained was his rectal sheath to complete his enhancements.

He felt himself being moved out of the shower. He watched in awe as thick towels appeared out of nowhere and began drying his body. He moaned as the softness lifted his long, thick flaccid penis and swirled it in delicious circles. It quickly stirred and rose to full erection.

The towels fell onto the floor and Daniel felt a ‘hand’ grasp his hand. He was led from bathroom into the bedroom toward a mirrored wall. He saw that a mattress, with a support rail at the head of it, was sitting in front of the mirror. As he was led toward it, he saw his engorged manhood being reflected back at him and a blush spread across his face.

An packaged, 8″ x 3/4″ suppository, was ‘floating’ beside the mattress and Daniel’s nervousness and apprehensions soared.

The Entity’s ‘hands’ reached out and began to caress and manipulate Daniel’s new erect and excited nipples. His mind was trying to cope with all the new sensations and how quickly everything had happened. He moaned softly as the Entity continued its wonderful caressing and fondling. Its ‘hands’ reached down and began to glide up and down his throbbing hardness with exquisite squeezes and massages. Daniel gasped and panted, thrusting his manhood into the unseen ‘hands’.

A thought filtered into his mind,

‘Kneel down on the mattress and grasp the rail.’

Daniel did so, and when he looked into the mirror, he saw his glistening erection throbbing below his abdomen.

Another thought,

‘Now spread your knees apart .. wider .. that’s good ..’

Daniel saw the sealed suppository floating in the air toward the rear of his kneeling body. He saw it being opened, then a warm ‘hand’ began to massage the right cheek of buttocks. The Entity knelt down behind him and again thoughts were telling him what to do.

‘Hunch down a little Daniel.’

Daniel lowered his hips and a low gasp escaped his mouth when he felt a warm, slippery thickness press between his open buttocks and nestle against his anal lips. The tingly sensations seeped onto his anus and spread inward. The tight sphincter opening immediately loosened and Entity nudged the 8″ x 3/4″ thick suppository into Daniel’s rectal sheath.

The low gasp turned into moans of pleasure as the suppository slipped over his prostate on its delicious trek inward. His straining hardness jumped and he saw his preseminal fluids drool outward from the thick gland in the mirror. The Entity inserted the entire 8″ length deep into his rectum. The lips of his anus settled into the indented ring at the end of the suppository, holding it snuggly against his rectal opening.

All the Entities huddled around Daniel waiting for his reactions.

The suppository began to liquefy and Daniel’s rectal lining quickly absorbed the enhancing liquid. Daniel moaned excitedly and ground his buttocks in circles as new, sexually sensitive nerve endings, were formed all along his rectal sheath to a depth of 8″. At the same time a set of sexual nerve endings were attached to his rectal opening.

The enhancing chemicals seeped into the sensitive tissues of his prostate and seminal vesicle. Daniel’s semen production would be four times greater than that of a normal male. He moaned and ground his hips back and forth as his rectal ‘womanhood’ was formed and connected into his sexual sensory system.

His massive 7.00″ erection throbbed and jumped under his kneeling body. All the Entity’s eyes were focused the highly excited gland of his straining hardness as it drooled with his enhanced preseminal fluids.

“Ohhhhhhh .. What’s Happening ..”

The Entity’s thoughts reassured his mind,

‘Let it happen Daniel .. Let the sensations flow throughout your body ..”

The feelings intensified. His rectal sheath started to spasm and his anal lips swelled deliciously against the ‘end’ of the suppository.

“Oh God .. Oh God ..”

Daniel’s hips began thrusting his enflamed erection toward the mirror and his rectal muscles clenched and spasmed with new found joy. The suppository was now fully dissolved and the ‘end’ fell away, exposing his swollen anal lips. Daniel’s dazed mind was filled with ecstatic sensations that he had never felt before. The dissolved suppository was about to induce his first rectal orgasm.

The Entities smiled when they saw Daniel’s frantic, thrusting hips.

His entire body was saturated with new sensations of sexual ecstasy. His erect nipples stood out like bullets and they felt as though they were going to explode. He lunged his engorged member forward into the air and then thrust his enflamed womanhood rearward, desperately looking for something .. anything .. to penetrate it .. anything to satisfy the sheath’s deep needs.

His rectal sheath began a series of ecstatic clenches and spasms. The ripples of joy flowed outward toward his excited and clasping anal lips. Daniel felt his ejaculation form within his enhanced prostate and the ecstatic sensations spread to his bloating testicles and then flowed into the base of his engorged erection. He gripped the support rail tightly as his hips shot forward and froze. The ecstatic pressure caused his gland to swell and twitch as the huge stream surged upward toward it. The liquid joy swirled deliciously around the excited head and erupted out of the puckering opening and spewing through the air and splattering on the floor in front of him.

His wail echoed around the room.

As he ejaculated, his rectal sheath exploded with joy and the thick enhancing liquid gushed out past his enflamed anus. The Entity reached between Daniel’s spread thighs and lifted his churning testicles. Daniel threw his head up and wailed again as a second, more forceful stream of semen jettisoned from his straining manhood. This time the thick stream splattered onto the mirror and drooled down to the floor.

Daniel slumped down onto his knees in front of the rail, his jerking erection continued to gush with his thick semen. He moaned as intense aftershocks from his dual orgasms rippled throughout his body.

The chemicals in the liquefied suppository were now flowing throughout Daniel’s body. He would be bisexual and his sexual rejuvenation would rapid, almost immediate if stimulation were present. His ‘womanhood’ would form whenever sexual contact was made with another male or Shemale.

One of the secreted chemicals was an ejaculation controller. The surface of his erection would be able to sense the orgasmic contractions of the rectal muscles. If they were present, his ejaculation would be permitted, if not, his ejaculation and rectal orgasm would be kept at the orgasmic edge until the contractions were sensed or his erection was removed from his partner.

Daniel moaned as intense aftershock slowly diminished. His erection slowly softened and his ‘womanhood’ returned to their normal state.

A thought filtered into his mind,

‘Daniel, lift yourself back up onto your knees .. Keep your hands on the rail and spread your thighs.”

Daniel did so. As he hung on to the rail, he saw the splatters of semen on the mirror and floor disappear. He then saw wash cloths and towels floating toward him. He closed his eyes and sighed as the Entities began cleaning his juices from his thighs, swaying balls and slick, soft penis. The ‘hands’ swirled the warm, wet cloths across his rectal opening, lifted and massaged his balls and then sensuously squeezed and manipulated his soft, thick penis.

Daniel savored the wonderful sensations that the ‘hands’ and the wash cloths was giving him. A delicious ache seeped into his balls, his rectal area began to tingle and his penis stirred. The ‘hands’ were relentless as they reached under his kneeling body and deliciously cleaned Daniel’s genitals.

One ‘hand’ concentrated on Daniel’s penis and another on his rectal area. The soft, wet fabric and insistent ‘hands’ soon had Daniel sighing and his arousal stirring and his hips began pushing his genitals back against the loving ‘hands’.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh .. That feels sooooooooo good ..”

The wash cloths were replaced by massaging ‘fingers’ and his penis soared to full erection. His erect nipples tingled on his chest, his heavy testicles swayed in the air under his body and his engorged erection throbbed under his abdomen. The Entity knelt down behind Daniel’s raised buttocks and began to massage the spread cheeks. Its ‘hands’ slipped between them and the ‘fingers’ began to tease and tantalize the swelling anal lips.

Daniel gasped as his ‘womanhood’ formed.

Daniel was now ready to have his ‘womanhood’ tested.

5. The Mating, Doggy style:

Daniel began to pant with anticipation as his invisible Lover rubbed its ‘hands’ up and down his inner thighs from bent knees to the cheeks of his buttocks.

The Entity smiled at the exposed sight of Daniel’s sex and its right ‘hand’ slipped inward and palmed the swelling opening of Daniel’s anus. The left reached further forward and gently lifted Daniel’s heavy, swaying testicles. Daniel moaned as the ‘hands’ massaged and fondled his aroused body.

His Lover nestled two ‘fingers’ into the clasping anal lips and deliciously traced the wet, sensitive opening to his rectal sheath. Daniel gasped and pushed back excitedly against his Lover’s ‘fingers’ and spread his knees and thighs wider apart. He gasped again when his Lover’s ‘hand’ left his aching balls and wrapped its ‘fingers’ wrapped around his throbbing erection with ecstatic squeezes and massages.

The Entity leaned up and over Daniel’s kneeling body. Its ‘hands’ left Daniel’s anus and throbbing member and reached under his kneeling body and palmed Daniel’s firm areolas with a delicious kneading action, its ‘fingers’ pressed and swirled around the erect bullet-like nipples. Daniel’s mind and body were floating in a cloud of swirling pleasures.

Daniel felt a warm throbbing thickness slip against his inner left thigh and work its way upward toward the junction of his thighs. He moaned as the thickness pushed upward under his testicles, the warm throbs seeped into his erection and rectum. The long, pulsing thickness moved forward along the full length of the sensitive underside of his straining hardness. His Lover paused his ecstatic sweep and then pulled back, only to slip its engorged member forward again and again.

Daniel gasped at the incredible sensations and began matching the sweeping actions of his Lover with his own counter thrusts’.

“Oh God .. Oh God ..”

Daniel felt the Entity slip off his body and kneel between his wide spread thighs. He moaned as his bullet-like nipples, erection and testicles swayed under his body.

The moan turned into a gasp when Daniel felt his Lover’s ‘hands’ spread the cheeks of his buttocks further apart and its ‘head’ dipped inward. A long, thick ‘tongue’ slithered onto Daniel’s swollen, pink anus with ecstatic licks and darting probes. Daniel gasped and in a reflexive action, spread his thighs wider, hunched upward and pushed his sex rearward onto the exploring ‘mouth’ and ‘tongue’.

His Lover’s ‘tongue’ began tracing the enhanced opening. The warm tip kissed and caressed the fluttering anal lips with an ecstatic probing action. The sensations caused Daniel to buck his hips rearward and he squealed in joy as his erection jumped and jerked below his abdomen and his agitated gland drooled with strings of his preseminal fluids. He froze when he felt his Lover’s lapping ‘tongue’ nudge past the excited entrance to his ‘womanhood’ and slip deeply into his rectal sheath. His mind went ballistic with the sensations and his grip on the rail tightened.

His Lover’s long, swirling ‘tongue’ drove Daniel insane with joy as it slipped in and out of his steamy rectal sheath. It played havoc with his clasping anal lips and then slithered back inward to caress the sensitive lining of his rectal sheath. Daniel laid his head on the rail gasping and panting. His hips pushed back, grinding his enflamed sex in ecstatic circles against his Lover.

Daniel’s stunned mind told him he was going to orgasm and he lifted his head up from the rail. He felt it start at his toes and move up to his anus, into his straining erection, across his abdomen and up onto his aching areolas and erect, tingling nipples. His Lover’s ‘tongue’ lunged into his enflamed passage again and again. The swirling ‘tongue’ nestled onto his excited prostate and Daniel squealed in joy as jolts of joy exploded across his loins.

His dual orgasm thundered throughout his loins like a series of freight trains. He cried out as his hips ground in the air. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced across his mind and eyes. His straining erection jumped wildly as it jettisoned his thick essence onto the floor in front of him. His Lover’s relentless assault on his enflamed sex continued as his body rode his orgasmic waves.

A weak and gasping Daniel knelt on the mattress with his thighs spread wide. His head returned to rest on the rail and he closed his eyes tightly as he savored the delicious spasms and ripples of ecstasy that were again flowing throughout his body. His sexual rejuvenation had his arousal soaring.

His Lover’s foreplay ended and he now concentrated on the taking of Daniel’s virginity. The unseen Entities were gathering around Daniel, eagerly waiting for the ‘main event’.

His Lover restarted his sexual assault. Again Daniel felt the delicious tracing around the entrance to his ‘womanhood’ and his hard member throbbed within his Lover’s squeezing and massaging ‘hands’.

Daniel gasped loudly. He couldn’t believe that his body had become so aroused, so quickly and so completely.

Again, Daniel felt that wonderful pulsing thickness as it throbbed against his thigh. It was warm, long and thick.

He looked under his body toward his spread legs but saw nothing. He tried to shift his excited anal lips toward the unseen thickness but his Lover teasingly kept moving it away. The Entity slowly slipped his massive ‘erection’ upward. The thick head finally pushed between the flared cheeks and, with agonizing slowness, gently nestled into Daniel’s clasping anal lips. Daniel didn’t move, he couldn’t move. His hands gripped the rail, his kneeling body tensed and his eyes were tightly shut as his mind tried to will his Lover’s magnificent hardness to penetrate his enflamed ‘womanhood’.

With an almost incoherent plea,

“Ohhhhh .. Please .. Now ..”

His Lover smiled at Daniel’s torment and obliged his frantic plea. In one fluid motion, the thick ‘head’ nudged past the eager lips and slid slowly inward. A loud hiss of ecstasy escaped Daniel’s wide open mouth as the massive thickness stretched his eager entrance and burrowed into his virginal rectal sheath.


The sensations were not like anything Daniel had ever felt before or expected. He felt the most incredible stretching of his rectal sheath and a wonderful sense of fullness. The enhanced sexual lining of his rectal passage was exploding with ripples of intense pleasure.


The flexing, thick ‘head’ nestled onto his excited prostate and Daniel squealed in joy. His erection jerked wildly as ecstatic explosions thundered across his body and his mind. Daniel wanted more, he begged for more.


Daniel’s virginity had been taken.

He felt his Lover slowly slide his long, ‘member’ outward and then slip all the way inward. Then it withdrew part way, flex, wiggle and then lunge deeply back into the depths of his rectal sheath. The Entity now started a methodical rhythm to its massive strokes. Sometimes sliding all the way in, filling Daniel completely, once, twice, three times, before pulling back to stroke over his spasming prostate, again and again.

Daniel gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch his breath. He lewdly thrust back and ground hips in ecstatic circles. His rectal muscles desperately clenched around his lover’s thickness in a frantic attempt not to break the ecstatic connection. His highly excited erection jumped and jerked with urgency below his abdomen.

Daniel cooed and gurgled as his Lover’s flexing ‘erection’ plundered his spasming rectal sheath. His Lover’s thrusts were now full inward and full outward. Daniel’s mind was being saturated with ecstatic waves of joy and ecstasy. He was catapulted into an orgasmic frenzy. His body began lunging back onto his Lover’s thrusting hardness and a sense of urgency griped his enraged erection.

His fists tightened their grip on the rail as he gasped for air.

The Entity’s massaging and kneading ‘hands’ were once again adorning his aching areolas and bullet-like nipples. His orgasmic wave was building higher and higher. The sensations were like a pressure cooker about to explode and his hips became blurred as they counter thrusted like a pistoning engine. Suddenly his Lover lunged inward and froze. Daniel could feel the incredible thickness enter the depths of his sexual being. His eyes flew wide open and he felt his rectal muscles clenching around the imbedded thickness as an ecstatic flood of a warm, liquid pressure, boiled and gushed into his convulsing rectal sheath.

His eyes snapped opened as his body was gripped with a series of intense, ecstatic seizures.

The sensations were mind ripping, his hips swung madly around his Lover’s erupting, buried ‘erection’. His own engorged erection began flexing wildly. His Lover’s ejaculating ‘member’ unleashed another torrent of hot thick ejaculant. Daniel’s entire body was spun into a whirlwind of orgasmic explosions. His scream echoed throughout the room and bright colors swam in his vision as his body shook and trembled.

It seemed to go on and on forever and he wailed in joy as his dual orgasms were finally unleashed. His thighs shot out wider and he frantically hunched up and down trying to draw his lover deeper into his spasming sex.

A ecstatic pressure built at the base of his erection. It pulsed upward and stalled deliciously at his hyper-excited gland. The liquid joy swirled around the thick crown and then exploded into the air under his body. The first stream of thick semen jettisoned outward and splattered onto the pools of semen that lay on the floor in front of him.

A second, longer, thick stream of semen pulsed its way up his straining erection. The churning liquid again swirled around the highly agitated gland and surged toward the mirror. The orgasmic rush to his mind blended seamlessly with his exploding rectal sheath and ejaculation erection.

He drew in deep heaving breaths which were matched only by his Lover’s massive pulses and throbs. A second total body orgasm was unleashed and Daniel’s ecstatic wail again echoed across the room.

The intense orgasmic sensations that saturated his mind threw Daniel into sensory overload and he lost he lost consciousness. The Entity’s ejaculant began conditioning Daniel’s mind. As per Susan’s request, he would remember nothing of the sexual encounter with the Entities, only the encounter in the shower where his hair was removed.

His Lover withdrew his softening ‘penis’ from Daniel’s ‘womanhood’ and a thick mix of ejaculant and orgasmic juices gushed out of the gaping opening and flowed onto Daniel’s buttocks and thighs. In a few moments, his ‘womanhood’ returned to its normal state.

An unconscious Daniel was washed and cleaned and ‘carried’ to his bed. The sheet was pulled over his body and the lights were turned off. Daniel’s consciousness and sleep merged together and soft sigh was heard as he rolled over on his side and fell into a deep sleep.

2.04 Susan, Dianne, Daniel, Morning:

As Dianne walked out of her bedroom, her intention was to have breakfast, but as she passed Susan’s room she heard moans of sexual pleasure through the door. It was slightly ajar and she wondered if she should peek in and see what was happening.

After some soul searching, she closed the door and continued downstairs to the kitchen.

Daniel was already there and eating some cereal at the table and jumped up and hugged his mother when she came in. Dianne smiled and when she saw her ‘new’ son. It was like night and day, the depressed and confused looks on his face were gone, replaced with an air of bubbling excitement. A wave of thankfulness washed across her mind, knowing that with the help of the Entities, Daniel may have found his sexuality.

Daniel looked at his mother and saw his ‘new’ mother. Her robe couldn’t hide her new curvaceous. Both knew that each other had been ‘visited’ last night.

Dianne sat down at the table with a cup of coffee and after a few awkward moments they began talking about the sessions with their ‘friends’. As they talked, their embarrassment and inhibitions quickly faded.

They minds couldn’t help but fantasize about each other. Dianne wondered just how big her son’s penis would get when it was erect and Daniel, being bisexual, kept looking at his mother’s robe, trying to visualize the size of the breasts that were pushing the fabric outward.

Susan came downstairs and Dianne smiled when she saw the changes in her guests and knew that the Entities had not let her down. They talked for a while and Susan suggested that they go for a walk on the beach and get some fresh air.

Dianne whispered to Susan,

“I have to get a new bikini and bra and I know Daniel needs larger underwear.”

Susan smiled knowingly and said,

“Let’s all go to town first and do some shopping and then go for a walk on the beach.

But first, I must show you something.”

Susan led Dianne and Daniel into the Entertainment room in the basement.

She had upgraded the room from her parent’s original design.

A friend had recommended a contractor that did specialized renovations for clients. In the center of the room was a 20′ x 20′ square platform that could be raised or lowered. Beneath the platform were the ‘devices’ of pleasure, including a bed and all could be raised to up to the floor of the platform. Three sexual Harness arrangements could be lowered onto the platform. In front of the Platform was were two 9′ sofas and two recliners. HD monitors could be raised from the floor or lowered from the ceiling in front of the sofas, recliners and the platform. Zoned lighting was installed so specific areas of the room could be turned on/off or dimmed. A dozen HD cameras were imbedded in the walls, ceiling and platform. All could be panned 360 degrees with an optical zoom of 70x.

For complete control, a laptop is required. A remote could be used to control the devices under the platform.

Susan was relieved when she saw their smiling and flushed faces. Dianne looked intently at the different Sybians and a warmth flooded her vagina. Daniel saw the semen extractors and his penis tingled. Susan showed them how to raise the HD monitors. Next, the bed rose up and they saw the bed from all possible angles on the monitor. Finally, she showed them the changing rooms with their walk-in in showers.

Susan smiled at her flushed guests and said,

“Your welcome to use the room at any time, day or night. Now let’s go into town and do some shopping.”

it took only a few minutes for the three of them to get dressed. Dianne was braless and Daniel was ‘commando’ inside his pants.

Dianne loved all the shops along the main street. Their first stop was at ‘Le Unisex Boutique’. While Dianne looked for the things she needed, Daniel was busy picking out the things he needed. Susan smiled when Daniel reached the checkout with his ‘pouched’ underwear and Speedo swimsuit.

They returned to the house to change. Dianne looked incredible in her new bikini. Both Susan and Dianne gasped silently when they saw Daniel in his new swimsuit. It was pale blue and his enhanced testicles and thick penis were well defined under the velvety fabric.

Susan went into the den and made three phone calls and returned with a smile on her face. She told Dianne and Daniel that on their way back from the beach, they would stop by Starbucks for coffee.

The spent the next hour enjoying the sun, surf and sandy beaches. Susan looked at her watch and said,

“Time for Starbucks.”

Susan was timing it so they got there first.

As the they sat sipping their coffees, a strikingly beautiful woman walked toward them. Susan stood up and said,













Dianne’s marriage lasted only one year. Not wanting to repeat the heartbreak, she has remained single and dated only when she felt the need for stress relieving sex. She is 40 years old and a writer of romance and science fiction novels. At times, she combines both genres into a her stories. The Lovers are always her vision of physical and sexual perfection.

The Aliens decided to give the frustrated Dianne an experience out of one of her novels.

Dianne was moved into the Entertainment room and placed in a sitting position in front of a mirrored wall. Her legs were bent at the knees and spread apart. Her feet were then brought back slightly toward her hips.

Between her and the mirror was a small clear gel-like mattress with a rail at the end nearest the mirror

The vapor was released from the ceiling and she slowly awoke. She saw herself in the mirror and a sense of excitement gripped her mind. She felt her nipples tingle as they stood out from her firm breasts. Her rigid clitoris and vagina rippled with need. She looked at the mattress with its support rail facing the mirror and her heart beat a little faster. It was just like the story she wrote a few months ago.

Dianne saw a swirling, tubular circle of light in front of her and a form materialized. The Alien had a human-like body and was male. His tanned body was smooth and completely hairless.

Her eyes feasted on his muscular body and then locked onto his magnificent genital ‘package’. His flaccid penis was 5.00″ long and nearly 1.50″ thick. His testicles, the size of tennis balls, were heavy and bloated as they swung between his thighs.

Dianne was looking at the fantasy character that she had spent so much time and satisfaction creating in her story. Her nipples stiffened and tingled, her clitoris pushed outward from its hood and her vagina ached with need.

The Alien moved between her spread thighs and her eyes got a close-up look at the Alien’s penis and her breathing quickened.

Her right hand slowly, tentatively, reached out toward it and gently lifted and cradled it in her hand. A small gasp escaped her lips when the warm thickness pulsed and stirred within her cradling and massaging hand.

A sense of awe and excitement flooded her mind as it grew longer and thicker, pushing her curled fingers apart.

5.50″ x 1.50″, 6.00″ x 1.75″, 6.50″ x 2.00″ …

7.00″ x 2.50″, 7.50″ x 2.75″, 8.00″ x 3.00″

Dianne’s fingers were barely able to wrap around the engorged hardness and her heart beat faster as her hands glided up and down the erection she had written about and always dreamed about.

Her hands reached down and lifted Alien’s swaying testicles and sighed openly as she massaged the wonderful silky, heaviness. She smiled when the massive erection jerked before her eyes.

She saw the Aliens large hands reached down between her thighs and as if in a trance watched them mold themselves onto the folds of her labia.

The contact was electric.

She gasped when they started to massage and knead the swelling lips and his thick thumbs pressed and swirled against her excited organ of joy.

“UHH!! UHH!! UHH!!”

The fingers slipped between the flared folds, pushing them further apart and the slick fingers began caressing her clasping inner lips. She threw her head back and moaned loudly,


The Alien moved further inward between her wide spread thighs. His engorged hardness pressed ecstatically against her rigid organ of joy.

She squealed in joy and reached out grasping his buttocks and pulled him in tightly to her sex, not wanting the ecstatic connection to be broken.


Dianne felt her position being adjusted so her breasts and genitals were in alignment with the Alien’s shoulders. She saw his eyes roaming up and down her body, feasting on her breasts and the slick sexual treasures between her spread thighs.

Dianne saw the Aliens head lean inward toward her and she knew she was going to be kissed. Breathlessly, she closed her eyes and parted her lips.

The Alien lowered his mouth and his lips pressed gently against her lips. Dianne’s mouth eagerly opened and the Alien’s tongue slipped through the parted lips and their tongues danced and played with each other.

Dianne moaned into the Aliens mouth,


He broke the kiss and began planting light butterfly-like kisses over her face and neck. His hands started a slow soothing, massaging action along her shoulders and slowly they worked their way down to her breasts. Dianne sighed as the hands began a gentle massaging and kneading of the firm mounds. His fingers slipped up to her nipples and tantalizingly played with the stiff pink buds. All the while, his mouth continued to plant soft butterfly kisses along her neck and shoulders.

A sigh filtered out of Dianne’s, open mouth,


His fingers slipped deliciously around the nipples, pushing and pressing and then back to kneading the firm mounds. Dianne moaned and began pushing her aching breasts into the Alien’s loving hands.


Dianne’s breathing was now quicker and deeper.

The Alien’s suckling mouth moved downward from Dianne’s neck. Dianne knew where it was headed and the pants became faster. She felt a warm, moist breath bathe her right nipple and then the suckling lips descended on the stiff nipple. As the lips suckled, the tongue deliciously swirled over and around the excited nipple. Wonderful sensations radiated all around Dianne’s chest. She gasped at the wonderful sensations and thrust her breast into the Alien’s loving, suckling mouth.


The Alien’s mouth suckled its way to the eager left nipple and a soft moan was heard as the lips and tongue adorned the erect, tingling nub.

Again Dianne arched up and gasped at the delicious sensations.

“OHH!! OHH!! OHH!!”

The suckling lips and massaging hands now left Dianne’s aching breasts and moved downward across her rippling abdomen. Her body squirmed as they approached the junction of her thighs. The Alien’s hands finally met at her swollen labia and his hands massaged and kneaded the flared and swollen folds.

Dianne gasped loudly and her hips arched up when his slick thumbs pressed ecstatically against her engorged organ of joy.


The Alien’s open mouth neared Dianne’s enflamed sex and she felt his warm, moist breath bathe her hard, excited clitoris. Her entire sex rippled with anticipation and finally his suckling lips and swirling tongue slipped over the engorged organ and began sucking on it as though it was an erection.

Dianne bucked outward and squealed in joy.


As Dianne thrust her hips toward him, the Alien slipped his thumbs down the slick crease and played deliciously with the opening to her clasping womanhood.

Dianne wailed again and her hips squirmed as her treasured entrance was caressed and teased.


The Alien sensed that Dianne was nearing her orgasmic edge and backed away from her body.

Dianne screamed in orgasmic agony,


A dazed and highly aroused Dianne felt herself being put into a standing position in front of her Alien Lover. Her nipples stood out like bullets and her rigid, pink organ of joy throbbed in the air with a desperate need of attention.

The Alien held out his arms and Dianne melted into his soft embrace. As they kissed, she felt the Alien’s massive, throbbing hardness pressing against her abdomen and she moaned deeply into his mouth.


They broke the kiss and a flushed and highly aroused Dianne looked at her Lover with a deep need and desire. He took Dianne’s hand and led her toward the gel-like mattress.

Dianne didn’t have to be guided onto to mattress. She quickly knelt down on all fours and grasped the support rail. She looked into the mirrored wall and saw her Lover kneel down behind her. His hands gently spread her knees wide apart and Dianne knew his eyes were feasting on her wet, swollen sex. Her breath quickened knowing the erotic pose that her body was in.


The Alien’s eyes were fixed on her swollen labia folds that were pushed outward from between the spread cheeks of buttocks. He crawled forward until his face was within inches of her sex.

Dianne could feel his hot breath on the backs of her spread thighs and heard him breathe in through his nose, deeply inhaling the scent of her arousal. The sound sent delicious tremors up her spine.

With a start, Dianne felt the his face press into the space between her spread legs.


His lips pressed against the sensitive spot where her legs met, and then his tongue snaked slowly up, up, up, and into her open furrow. She felt it slither like a warm, moist snake within her wet crease.

Dianne’s back stiffened and arched, and she reflexively raised her hips and pressed back to give the Alien’s tongue greater access. It began sliding up and down, over and inside her swollen folds. Dianne spread her thighs wider and the expanding appendage reached all the way onto her engorged clitoris.

The contact caused Dianne to buck and cry out.


The Alien’s hands now slid up and down her buttocks and legs. She trembled as his hands massaged their way down to her calves and then up her inner thighs. Her hips began to rotate and rock back and forth as his tongue and lips did things that were incredibly exciting to her sex. The fingers joined the tongue in the exploration Dianne’s swollen sex and then massaged their way back down the soft skin of inner thighs in an exquisite cycling motion.


She began cooing and mewing as she rode the rising waves of pleasure. The tongue danced across her most private parts, circling and dipping into her. She felt her juices flowing, dripping in thin strings down her thighs.

The Alien’s suckling mouth and long tongue continued their ecstatic exploration of her swollen labia and clitoris.


Her cooing and mewing gave way to more incoherent sounds as his fingers and mouth drove her inexorably toward her first orgasm. It started at her toes and followed the pattern of his moving hands up to her labia where it exploded into something else altogether. The tongue manipulated her organ of joy then slipped downward and dove deep into her seething vagina. The long, thick appendage slithered inward, circling ecstatically around her spasming vaginal walls.

“YESS … AHH!! AHH!! AHH!! OH! GOD!!”

The tongue’s circling tip intensified as it neared its target. Suddenly, Dianne’s hips thrust back sharply and began franticly grinding her seething sex into her Lover’s mouth. The Alien had found her elusive ‘G’ spot and Dianne screeched ecstatically as the excited tissues exploded with of joy.


Dianne orgasmed, crying out loudly as her vaginal muscles clutched at the invading tongue and unseen fingers that teased her flinching folds. She saw flares of light around her wide open eyes and her body shook and trembled from the power of her orgasm.


The Alien’s face stayed where it was, his tongue had slipped outward and began lapping at Dianne’s thick nectar that was flooding between the flared lips. The ecstatic cries slowly subsided to low moans and gasps as she came down from her orgasmic high. Her head and shoulders rested on the support rail.

She shuddered again as the long tongue finally withdrew from her labia and he rose up, his body sliding over her upturned, rear, exposed buttocks and onto the back of her kneeling body.


His hands never left her body. They glided forward over her hips, slipped under her body onto her abdomen, coming to rest on her swaying and aching breasts with a delicious kneading and massaging action. The fingers caressed and swirled around the erect, rubbery nipples. She flinched a little as he leaned over her kneeling body. His massive hardness lay between her spread thighs, pushing upward into her flared, wet folds of her labia.

Dianne gasped as her folds were pushed apart by his straining member and the exquisite caresses of his soft manipulating fingers.


His hardness now began dragging itself back and forth between her slick, flared folds, from her eager inner lips to her extended organ of joy. The thickness slowly pushing upward, further separating the swollen lips


Dianne froze. Her hands tightly gripped the support rail, her legs tensed, her dazed and aroused eyes were now tightly closed. Her rejuvenated arousal was flooding her mind and she joined in with the ecstatic sawing motion that was spreading the folds of her sex.

She pleaded with her Lover,


The Alien smiled and moved the thick, slick head of his erection so it was nestled within then clasping lips of her excited vaginal entrance.

He nudged his straining hardness inward.

Dianne felt her inner lips being stretched wide apart and knew her Lover was at the portal to her treasured passage.


In one fluid motion, the thick head pushed her excited inner lips apart and slowly slid inward. Her frantic plea turned into a loud hiss of ecstasy as the massive thickness slipped inward.


Dianne felt the most incredible stretching of her vagina and a wonderful sense of fullness.

“AWW!! AWW!! AWW!! ….”

Four inches of hard, thick joy pushed and stretched its way into her enflamed passage. Dianne wanted more, she begged for more.


She gurgled and drooled as the Alien’s organ slipped inward, inch by glorious inch. In a few seconds, Dianne felt the gates to her womb flare open to receive her long, thick penetrator.



Dianne’s eyes opened wide as her vagina was ecstatically stretched and filled. She gasped as the thick erection kept slipping into her. Sliding in further and further until she was almost out of breath. The twin sensations of the Alien’s pelvis pressing against her and of his thick pulsing gland pressing into the very core of her sexual being filled her mind with incredible erotic images.


The long, member slowly withdrew, almost all the way out, and then slipped all the way back in. Then it withdrew part way, and seemed to wiggle slightly as the Alien adjusted his position behind her. The angle of penetration changed, and pressed oddly into her for a moment, dragging back and forth until …

… something electric shot through enflamed sex …

An intense wave of ecstatic joy surged through her highly excited vagina and shot upward, connecting with her rigid organ of joy and then shot up to her excited bullet-like nipples.

She wailed as the flexing head teased and caressed her elusive ‘G’ spot, stroking shallowly on and off of it. Shards of electric joy charged across her dazed and stunned body


The Alien quickly lunged all the way into her then came back to tease her magic spot again and again. It was incredible. Dianne was overloaded with raw pleasure, and realized that she was rapidly climbing again towards another incredible orgasm. The massive member continued to enrage her enflamed vagina, sometimes sliding all the way in, filling her completely, once, twice, three times, before pulling back and sparking her again. She gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch her breath. Her body was frozen, open and lewdly thrust back, unable or unwilling to move, not wanting the incredible connection to be broken.


Her eyes snapped open and her mouth opened wide as her body ecstatically exploded for the second time.

The orgasmic lightning struck inside her ecstatic body and she screamed. Her toes curled, her bent legs stiffened, and her back arched rearward as her vaginal muscles clamped around her lover’s massive erection as it plunged one more time into her enflamed vagina.


Dianne couldn’t stop convulsing or screeching as her body wide orgasm exploded throughout her sexual being. She was so completely full and her orgasming juices squished and gushed around the hard organ which was buried all the way in her.

It was glorious. It was perfect and beautiful.

Dianne’s foaming wetness gushed outward past her swollen and clenching folds. Her inner muscles squeezed and massaged the pulsing flesh that embedded within her. Her bullet-like nipples throbbed excitedly. Her whole body shook. It lasted almost forever. Her mind and body convulsed and spasmed in the ecstatic aftermath.


Her Lover let her rest while his flexing manhood remained buried deeply within in her. Soon, Dianne cooed again as her lover withdrew and began to thrust into her with gentle, full length thrusts. It felt good, just enough to sustain her sexual glow. Delicious aftershocks continued to flood her satisfied body.


Then it registered in her mind.

Her Lover had not orgasmed!

Dianne knew that it was not over and her arousal came rushing back like a tidal wave.


She felt his huge, heavy testicles swing upward and bounce onto her still engorged clitoris with each thrust. The hands left her breasts and grasped her waist, pulling her back onto him as he stroked forward.


His hand had left her hip again, this time coming around under her kneeling body. A finger slowly pressed and teased her rigid and excited clitoris. Her hips jerked, her organ of joy spasmed and her vaginal muscles clenched hungrily around the wonderful thickness that was slowly boring into her eager vagina. The loving hand left her labia to re-assert itself on her hip and help pull her back onto his long, thick erection.

She felt his warm groin press against her buttocks and then wiggle ecstatically in circles. It drove her mind and body into a whirlwind of ecstatic sensations.


He lunged inward and Dianne felt incredibly full when the wonderful thickness re-entered her cervix and pushed against the flowering portal to her womb. She breathed heavily in quick pants in response to the delicious impalement. The Alien withdrew so the thick head teased the puckering inner lips and then slithered back into the depths of her seething passage.

Dianne once again moaned and gurgled as her body vaulted up the arousal ladder.

Both of the Alien’s hands now moved to Dianne’s hips and he once again started a slow, building rhythm of thrusts. His thick member stroked steadily in and out of Dianne’s, frothy, excited vaginal passage.

Dianne’s gasping sounds registered her body’s rising levels of ecstasy. Her Lover had already made her orgasm twice and she was being pushed rapidly toward a third orgasm.


Dianne was thrusting and grinding her hips back onto the thick engorged organ that was plunging into the depths of her sexual being. For the first time she was hearing the Alien’s deep, gasping pants as his lunges took on a sense of urgency. She wanted to return the ecstasy that he was giving her and began clenching her vaginal muscles with exquisite squeezes and massages.

The Alien gasped as his straining member became encased within a deep sucking and milking sheath.


Dianne now wanted, now needed and now craved for the Alien’s thick gushes of his thick essence to flood her enflamed sex.

Dianne pleaded and begged for the Alien’s ultimate release,


The lunges became more urgent. Dianne intensified her loving grip on the engorged erection. Suddenly it plunged inward and began to thicken and flex wildly within her milking passage.

Dianne felt the most incredible ballooning sensation in her cervix as copious amounts of thick, hot ejaculant jettisoned from the flexing gland. She thrust her hips forcefully rearward and squealed with joy.


He Lover pulled his spurting hardness outward and then thrust inward again and again as his spasming gland unleashed another forceful, flood of ejaculant. The ecstatic feelings spread through Dianne like a series of freight trains, shooting from her vagina and connecting with her exploding organ of joy, to her breasts, nipples and then flooding into her mind.

Dianne’s third and final, climatic orgasm was total and all consuming.

Her toes curled, her hands again tightened on the rail. Her orgasmic wail scream drowned out the deep moans of her lover. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced across her wide open eyes. Every cell in Dianne’s body vibrated with ecstasy. Tears streaked down her face as she shook uncontrollably. His spewing essence went on and on, his hips grinding his turgid shaft deep into her frenzied sex, flooding clenching womanhood again and again with his liquid joy.


Dianne’s sexual sensory system went into overload and her shoulders slumped onto the support rail as she lost consciousness.

The Alien slowly withdrew his softening member from her unconscious and reluctant vagina with a loud slurping sound. A mix of Alien ejaculant and orgasmic fluids gushed out of the gaping entrance as it returned to normal. An unconscious moan escaped Dianne’s lips as the thick gland ‘popped’ past the clasping inner lips.

The vapors from the ceiling kept Dianne in an unconscious state and she was returned to the holding room.


The Aliens wanted to test out one of their new technologies that would replicate a sexual encounter with unseen entities. This invisibility was designed to enhance the human sexual experience.

Michelle entities were programmed for a heterosexual session.

She was moved into the Entertainment room and placed in a standing position about ten feet in front of the mirrored wall.

A soft, silky robe was covered her nakedness.

She had been given the normal preparation, including an arousal inducer.

The vapor was released from the ceiling and she slowly awoke. She saw herself in the mirror and smiled. The silky cloth clung to her body and any movement she made caused her rigid clitoris and erect nipples to tingle.

She flinched slightly when she felt the first touches on the soft fabric of the robe. They were light at first and Michelle thought it was the air moving across the fabric. Soon the touches changed into persistent presses and massages. She closed his eyes, savoring the sensations that seemed to be all over his body.

She felt what seemed like hands lifting her breasts and then push onto her nipples, always moving, always pressing. More hands moved onto her hips, lower abdomen and thighs. They also, teasingly pressed the soft fabric against her inner thighs, coming close to, but not touching clitoris and labia.

As the wonderful touches flowed across her body, her nervousness and apprehensions slowly faded and a soft sigh escaped her lips. She felt light, butterfly-like kisses, spreading across her face and neck, a wonderful warmth began to spread throughout her body. The hands intensified their massaging of her breasts and the swirling fingers soon had her nipples begging for more attention. The hands on her inner thighs were now, gently pushing, the fabric of her robe against her tingling labia and rigid clitoris.

She began to unconsciously push herself into the unseen ‘hands’ as they roamed freely across her body.


Suddenly she felt the fabric being pushed onto her protruding organ with exquisite swirls and massages. Her hips jerked and she moaned loudly as the pink organ throbbed against the silky cloth. She would have crumbled to the floor had not been for the invisible hands that were supporting her.


Michelle felt flushed and her mind was totally enraptured by the adorning of her body. She felt soft lips touch her lips, then a warm moist tongue slipped back and forth between her lips. The tongue slowly slipped inward and Michelle took a deep breath when she felt her tongue being touched. Delicious sensations flooded her mind as the tongues danced and played together. Soon the kiss became deeper and more passionate.

Michelle moaned into the unseen ‘mouth’.


The kisses on her neck and face continued along with the massages on her breasts, nipples and near the swelling folds of her labia and clitoris. The robes soft, silky fabric was adding to the stirring arousal of her body.

The passionate kiss continued and a dazed Michelle was barely aware that the sash to her robe was being loosened. The soft fabric of her robe was pushed from her shoulders and Michelle broke the kiss gasping as her firm breasts and erect nipples sprung into the air. Her rigid organ of joy stood hard between her thighs.


Her breath came in quick pants when she saw her aroused nakedness in the mirror. The mouths and hands now reacquired her body. This time they had soft, bare skin to massage and suckle on.

A soft finger pressed onto her extended clitoris with an ecstatic twirling motion and Michelle gasped loudly. Her hips bucked forward at the incredible contact.


The mouth and lips slipped from her face and suckled their way down toward her right breast. A massaging hand seemed to hold it for the advancing mouth. She gasped as a wonderful warmth bathed her erect nipple and then descended onto the excited nipple with an delicious sucking and suckling action.


She felt her left breast being gently lifted and another mouth slipped over the tingling nipple. Ripples of pleasure flowed across her chest and merged with those radiating from her clitoris. At the same time she felt the hands on her inner thighs move inward and form themselves around the swelling folds of her labia. Both thumbs pressed and swirled her rigid organ in ecstatic circles.

Michelle instinctively spread her legs and hunched down. Her hips bucked forward as jolts of joy shot throughout her body.


Michelle’s wide open eyes still saw nothing in front of her or around her. Her mind and body no longer cared about the ‘whys’ or ‘hows’, only what ‘they’ were doing to her aroused body.

She felt pressure against her legs and back, it was almost like a blanket of air. Her body was slowly moved from a standing position to a prone position. The loving attention on her body never faltered or stopped. A sense of excitement gripped her when she felt her legs being bent at the knees and spread apart. Her feet were pulled slightly back toward her hips.

Michelle knew she was in the classic position for ‘all’ things sexual and she smiled and panted with anticipation. While the hands and mouths adorned her body, another third suckling mouth gently slipped onto her abdomen and worked its way downward. The fingers of the hand that was molded to her labia slipped between the folds, pushing them further apart. They began to deliciously explore her wet pink furrow.


The suckling mouth was now approaching the junction of her thighs. A deep intake of breath and a long hiss was heard as it left her abdomen and a long, warm tongue curled around her straining clitoris.


The tongue was joined by suckling lips and both began to suck on her organ of joy as though it was an erection.


The exploring fingers began to tease and tantalize her clasping inner lips and her hips began pushing her excited womanhood against her unseen Lover. Slowly two fingers pushed into her steamy passage with an exquisite twisting and turning motion.

She gasped as jolts of intense pleasure flooded her vagina and merged with those from her throbbing clitoris.


Her clenching vaginal muscles were trying to draw the twisting fingers deeper into its enflamed sheath. The slithering tips began circling her excited vaginal walls as if they were searching for something.

Michelle suddenly arched up from the ‘blanket of air’, her hips bucked her enflamed sex in wild circles and she squealed in joy. ‘They’ had found her illusive ‘G’ spot and began an ecstatic massaging of the ultra-sensitive tissues.


All the unseen forces came together now and intensified their actions on her body. From breasts and nipples to her rigid mini erection-like clitoris to her spasming vagina. They suckled, they massaged, they stroked, they teased and they caressed. She thrust her breasts and engorged nipples into the devouring mouths and ground her enflamed sex into the sucking mouth and thrusting fingers.

Michelle was in a sexual frenzy.


Her thick, orgasmic juices spurted past her stretched folds and drooled down her thighs. The unseen Lovers continued with their ecstatic manipulations of her body and Michelle screamed again as her first orgasm was unleashed across her convulsing and spasming body.


Her body slumped down onto the supporting ‘blanket of air’ and she moaned as delicious aftershocks rippled across her body.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!! Thank you … thank you …”

She felt all the unseen mouths, lips, hands and fingers slowly leave her body.

She whimpered in disappointment.

“Oh .. please don’t leave me ..”

Michelle felt a new Lover lean over her body between her wide spread thighs. She looked down her body and in the mirror and saw nothing. Something long, thick and throbbing came to rest on her abdomen. It pulsed and throbbed and she could feel a warm wetness seep onto abdomen from the head of her Lover’s massive, unseen erection. Her mind said it was too big, but her body vaulted up the arousal ladder screaming,


She sensed the head of her Lover as it neared her face. She closed eyes, parted her lips slightly and waited. Its lips touched her lips and its tongue slipped into her mouth. Michelle moaned into the Entity’s mouth as she eagerly returned the kiss, it was deep and full of passion.


While they kissed her Lover settled further onto her body. It shifted its mid section and its heavy testicles came to rest on her engorged organ of joy. She pushed up, sinking it between the soft, heavy balls in an ecstatic swirling motion and a deep guttural moan was heard from her mouth.


They broke the kiss and Michelle lay there gasping and panting as the soft heaviness massaged her excited clitoris.

“OHH!! OHH!! OHH!! OHH!!”

The presence began planting wet suckling kisses over her face and neck. The kisses trekked downward from her shoulders toward her chest. As its head moved downward, so did its body and she squealed again as its throbbing hardness slipped over her mini erection-like organ.


The suckling mouth reached her right breast, slipping over the firm mound and descended onto the bullet-like nipple. Its lips and tongue swirled around the rubbery tip and Michelle moaned her gratitude.


The presence shifted its mid-section again and Michelle’s eyes shot opened as its massive gland slipped between the swollen folds of her labia, pushing them further apart.


The suckling mouth began an wonderful journey over to her left breast and nipple, bestowing equal time to both. While its mouth adorned one, its hands massaged and kneaded the other. Michelle gasped and moaned, pushing the breast and nipple into her Lover’s mouth. Back and forth, back and forth, no one had ever given her breasts so much attention or pleasure.


Michelle wasn’t really aware of it, but her hips were deliciously sawing her wet pink furrow over the pulsing girth of her Lover’s hardness. On one sweep, the thick head nestled into the clasping inner lips and Michelle screeched loudly,


Her Lover now shifted downward between her spread thighs. Its hands gently wrapped around each thigh as its head came nearer and nearer to he open sex. Again Michelle held her breath as the wonderful moist breath of air bathed her hyper-excited clitoris. Her Lover’s lips slipped over the rigid organ and its mouth began sucking on it as though it was an erection.

She squealed as her hard clitoris exploded with joy.


Her hips bucked and jerked wildly and the grasping hands on her thighs prevented the ecstatic contact from being broken. The mouth slowly loosened its suckling grip and moved downward onto the twitching folds of her labia. Michelle cooed and gurgled as the large lips and thick tongue pushed into the wet furrow and began to suck and kiss its way up and down the swollen portal of her womanhood.


On one downward sweep, the tongue’s thick tip began an ecstatic tracing of her clasping inner lips. Jolts of pure pleasure shot directly into her dazed and aroused mind. She spread her thighs as wide as she could so her Lover could have complete and open access to her seething sex.


It did not disappoint her. Its long tongue slithered inward and she almost fainted from the incredible sensations as it twisted its way into her seething passage. Its curled tip circled her clenching walls and quickly nestled onto her exploding ‘G’ spot. Streaks of joy rolled across her loins like a series of freight trains.

The unseen forces released the hold on her arms and Michelle’s hands immediately grasped the unseen head and pulled it deep into her enflamed sex.


The long, thick tongue pushed deeper into her vagina sucking up her oozing vaginal nectar as though it was a straw. It withdrew and slipped back in, again and again. Michelle’s hips were bucking and thrashing, her clenching vaginal muscles desperately trying to draw the wonderful appendage deeper into its clenching sheath.

With each inward and outward sweep, the swirling tip massaged and caressed her excited sweet spot throwing her into a sexual frenzy. her body arched upward and froze and she screamed as her second orgasm rolled throughout her body.


It took several seconds for the ecstatic convulsions to subside into delicious aftershocks. Her hands adorned the loving head that was still latched onto her spasming sex. She moaned with disappointment as the loving tongue slipped out of her clasping entrance.


Michelle slumped back onto the soft ‘blanket of air’, cooing and gurgling.

She felt the presence again shift upward between her wide spread thighs and gasped when she felt its massive, thickness settle between her wet, swollen folds. It began a slow, ecstatic sawing motion within the swollen furrow, burrowing deeper between them with each stroke. Michelle vaulted up her arousal ladder as the pulsing hardness swept over her engorged organ and down onto her excited inner lips. Her hands reached out and grasped her Lovers hips and pulled them forceful inward and she squealed in joy as its warm, throbbing hardness pressed onto her rigid clitoris.


Her hands moved between their bodies and her Lover lifted upward a little causing its erection to slip out of the her clasping folds. Her hands searched for and found her Lover’s incredible erection. She moaned when her hands and fingers were barely able to wrap themselves around it. Both her mind and her body now needed, now wanted, now craved for this magnificent organ to penetrate her.


She felt hands pulling her hands away and at the same time she felt her Lover pull its straining hardness back down through her folds until the thick head nestled against her excited inner lips.

Michelle closed her eyes, her breath quickened and gasps of anticipation flowed from her open mouth.

“UHH!! UHH!! UHH!!”

She felt her oozing entrance being stretched as the thick gland nudged inward. The pressure was almost unbearable and for a fleeting moment, apprehension gripped her mind. It quickly disappeared as the elastic rimmed entrance stretched and popped over the head of her Lover’s pulsing hardness.


She wiggled her hips and the stretched feeling moved further inward. Her eager vagina excitedly expanded to accommodate her advancing Lover and her vaginal muscles began to kiss and caress the incredible thickness.

Her Lover slipped further into the enflamed passage and Michelle gurgled with joy.


It burrowed inward four inches and then slowly withdrew, repeating the pleasuring cycle until Michelle’s vagina got used its thickness. It slipped further deeper and Michelle’s mind was being saturated with ecstatic sensations that she had only dreamed about.

She wanted more of her Lover’s magnificent ‘manhood’, she wanted it all. She held her breath and lunged her hips forcefully upward, skewering her enflamed womanhood onto the enormous phallus.

Michelle wailed as the 8″ x 3″ hardness plunged into the depths of her sexual being.


She and her Lover froze in sexual union. Her body had never felt such fullness and her mind was flooded with intense jolts of joy as the stretched, spasming vaginal walls rippled up and down over the flexing surface of her Lover’s hardness.

It slowly, almost teasingly pulled outward and Michelle gasped at the ecstatic friction. The throbbing head reached her clasping inner lips and then sunk slowly inward.


Her Lover now started a cycle of slow and fast strokes. All the way in, all the way out, part way in, part way out. Michelle was in orgasmic heaven. Her stretched vaginal muscles were now used to the girth of her Lover and began to massage and milk the wonderful thickness that was thrusting and lunging into her enraged cavern. On occasion it would delay over her hyper-excited ‘G’ spot and Michelle would arch up and wail in ecstasy.

She felt hands grip her flailing legs behind the knees and pull them back toward her shoulders which pushed her flared sex upward, allowing her Lover full penetration into her body. Its erection bored into her seething passage and the flexing thickness of the head pushed into the flowering portal to her womb.

Michelle locked her legs around the lower back of her Lover and her hips began a frenzied counter thrusting action. The thick juices of her steamy passage were now flowing and soft slurping sound could be heard as the long, thick shaft plowed into the depths of womanhood.


Michelle felt the beginnings of her orgasm building in a way that she had never felt it build before. It started as a series of wonderful spasms deep within her vagina. It rumbled outward past her twitching folds and onto her rigid, ruby red clitoris and swept upward onto her aching firm breasts and bullet-like nipples. The sensations intensified and she began moaning and gurgling incoherently.


Her legs shot out in a wide ‘V’ and kicked franticly in the air. Her thick juices spurted past the stretched opening of her vagina. She arched upward impaling her Lovers massive erection deep into her cervix and womb. Her eyes opened wide and saw nothing, her mouth open wide and no sound was heard.

The ecstatic rumblings turned into orgasmic explosions and Michelle came out of her euphoric freeze and wailed loudly as her third orgasm shattered her mind.


Her saturated mind lost all touch with reality and she floated on an orgasmic cloud between consciousness and unconsciousness. Slowly she came down from her orgasmic high, moaning as the delicious aftershock rippled across her body.


She suddenly realized that her Lover’s engorged erection was still deeply imbedded within her body. Her arousal vaulted up the orgasmic elevator knowing that this wasn’t finished yet.


Her Lover now began its final series of masterful strokes. It brought her to new sexual heights like a maestro of a symphony orchestra. Michelle’s orgasmic cloud returned and she cooed and gurgled as her body became immersed in an orgasmic pressure cooker. Her body began to match its pounding thrusts with her own rhythmic counter stokes.


Suddenly Michelle felt the most ecstatic sensation that she had ever felt in her life. An exquisite pressure built rapidly within her cervix. It was warm and thick as it gushed into her with the force of a fire hose. Her entire sex spasmed with joy as her Lover continued ejaculating deep inside of her convulsing passage.


Michelle’s mind and body exploded with ecstasy. Again her legs shot out into a wide ‘V’ and kicked desperately in the air as her vagina exploded with her fourth orgasm.

Her Lover’s jerking and throbbing erection began to jettison heaving torrents of its ejaculant..


She was going insane with the feel of it!

She never wanted it to end, never, never!

Michelle abandoned all body control. She reached frantically between their bodies with both hands and began massaging her Lover’s huge swaying balls. New torrents of thick semen gushed into her convulsing vagina. Her cycling legs froze in mid air with her toes tightly curled. White flashes of orgasmic light saturated her mind and eyes. Her wide open eyes saw nothing but orgasmic explosions, her drooling mouth was opened but no sound was heard.

Suddenly, the silence was broken and a shrill wail was heard around the room as her sixth and final orgasm was unleashed.


Her sensory system went into overload and she lost consciousness. Her body continued in its orgasmic throes. The Entity slowly withdrew from her body and it spasmed as the long, thickness slipped out of her reluctant vagina.

An unconscious Michelle was returned to the holding room.


The Aliens wanted to test out one of their new technologies that would replicate a sexual encounter with unseen entities. This invisibility was designed to enhance the human sexual experience.

Daniel’s entities were programmed for a Gay sexual session.

He was moved into the Entertainment room and placed in a standing position about ten feet in front of the mirrored wall.

A soft, silky robe was covered his nakedness.

He had been given the normal preparation, including enhancements to his rectal opening, sheath and nipples. The arousal inducers had his penis fully erect.

The vapor was released from the ceiling and he slowly awoke. He saw himself in the mirror and smiled. The silky cloth clung to his body. His arousal was evident by the tell-tale ‘tent’ in the cloth. His hardness and male nipples tingled as the silky fabric brushed across them.

He flinched slightly when he felt the first touches on the soft fabric of the robe. They were light at first and Daniel thought it was the air moving across the fabric. Soon the touches changed into persistent presses and massages. He closed his eyes, savoring the sensations that seemed to be all over his body. He felt what seemed like hands pressing onto his areolas and then onto his nipples, always moving, always pressing. More hands moved onto his hips and lower abdomen and thighs. They also, teasingly pressed the soft fabric against his inner thighs, lightly pressing against his erection and testicles.

As the touches flowed across his body, his nervousness and apprehensions slowly faded and a soft sigh escaped his lips. He felt light, butterfly-like kisses, spreading across his face and neck, a wonderful warmth began to spread throughout his body. The hands intensified their massaging of his areolas and the swirling fingers soon had his nipples standing at attention. The hands on his lower abdomen and inner thighs were now, gently pushing, the fabric of his robe against his hardness and tingling anus.

He began to unconsciously push himself into the unseen ‘hands’ that were roaming freely across his body.


Suddenly he felt the fabric being pushed onto his engorged manhood with exquisite swirls and massages. His hips jerked and he moaned loudly as his penis throbbed into confining silky cloth. A moist spot appeared at tip of the ‘tent’.


Daniel felt flushed and his mind was totally enraptured by the adorning of his body. He felt soft lips touch his lips, then a warm moist tongue slipped back and forth between his lips. The tongue slowly slipped inward and Daniel took a deep breath when he felt his tongue being touched. Delicious sensations flooded his mind as the tongues danced and played together. His response was reluctant at first, but soon the ‘kiss’ became deeper and more passionate.

Daniel moaned into the unseen ‘mouth’.


The kisses on his neck and face continued along with the massages on his areolas, nipples and erection and the swelling lips of his anus. The robes soft, silky fabric was adding to the mounting arousal of his body.

The passionate kiss continued and a dazed Daniel was barely aware that the sash to his robe was being loosened. The robe’s soft fabric was pushed from his shoulders and fell to the floor. Daniel broke the kiss and gasped as his firm erect nipples and engorged hardness sprung into the air.


His breath came in quick pants when he saw his aroused nakedness in the mirror. The mouths and hands now reacquired his body. This time they had soft, trembling, bare skin to massage and suckle on.

A soft finger pressed and swirled around the tingling gland of his hard member and Daniel gasped loudly. His hips bucked forward at the incredible contact.


The mouth and lips slipped from his face and suckled their way down toward his right areola. He gasped as a wonderful warmth bathed his erect nipple and then descended onto the excited nub with an delightful sucking and suckling action. Another mouth slipped onto his left nipple and ripples of pleasure flowed across his chest and merged with those radiating from his erection.

Two hands moved onto the cheeks of his buttocks and spread them apart. Daniel felt a third hand slip between his spread cheeks and a sense of nervousness filled his mind.

“Nooo … Nooo …”

Soft finger tips nestled against his prepared anal lips with a delicious caressing action filling his mind with sensations that he hadn’t felt before. The fingers nudged inward just a little and then withdrew. The delicious caressing was renewed and Daniel instinctively spread his legs and hunched downward as the wonderful probing repeated itself again and again.


Daniel’s wide open eyes looked in the mirror and still saw nothing in front of him or near him. His mind and body no longer cared about the ‘whys’ or ‘hows’, only what ‘they’ were doing to his aroused body.

He felt himself being lifted upward and then turned so he was in a prone position. It was as though he were laying on a thick ‘bed’ of air. The loving touches never left his body. Soft hands gently gripped his lower legs and he felt them being bent at the knees and then spread wide apart. As his thighs spread, his heavy testicles slipped downward and swayed in the air. His hips were raised slightly so his anal area came into view in the mirrored wall.

He saw and felt his swelling, pink anal lips moving and spreading apart as the unseen fingers continued their exploration of his aroused ‘womanhood’.

Suddenly, the hands and fingers were removed from his buttocks and anal area. Daniel moaned with disappointment as the wonderful sensations stopped and the spread cheeks closed over his aching entrance.

He felt a presence snuggle between his spread thighs and then lean over his hovering body. As it did, a warm thickness pressed between the cheeks of his buttocks, pushing them apart. He moaned softly as the Entity’s thick gland nudged against his twitching anal lips and then move outward onto his balls and upward onto his engorged erection.

Daniel gasped as his Lover’s hardness swept back and forth along his excited sex.


He felt his Lover lower its upper body onto his and then felt the touch of lips on his lips. Daniel’s lips parted and a warm tongue slipped into his mouth. The tips of their tongues met and he sighed as the tongues danced and played together. Another delicious sweep left Daniel’s excited anal lips and this time the flexing gland pressed and swirled around the tingling head of his straining member.

Daniel moaned loudly into his Lover’s mouth as he submitted his body to his unseen Lover and their kiss became deeper and more passionate.


Soon his Lover broke the kiss and he gasped in disappointment.

Its mouth began planting soft butterfly-like kisses on face and slowly suckled its way down to his neck and shoulders. His arms wrapped around something he couldn’t see and massaged his hands along its back. Its lips trekked downward toward his right areola and its hands quickly followed. He felt a warm, moist breath bathe his nipple and he held his breath as the suckling lips and tongue descended onto the excited, bullet-like nipple.

Daniel gasped and pushed his aching nipple into his Lover’s mouth.


The presence slowly suckled its way over to his left nipple. Daniel mewed and cooed as his Lover divided its attention equally to both erect nipples, again and again and again.


Daniel’s hands reached down between them.

His hands were searching for something in the air above his abdomen. Both of his hands wrapped around something hard, thick and pulsing, and an excited gasp escape his mouth.


Daniel’s hands had found the Entity’s massive erection and he gurgled in joy as his swollen anal lips twitched and tingled with need and anticipation.


His Lover shifted downward, its kisses flowed onto Daniel’s abdomen and its hardness slipped out of Daniel’s squeezing hands.

He knew where the loving mouth was headed and spread his thighs as wide as he could. Its breath bathed the engorged head of his erection and his hips bucked upward, moaning loudly as his throbbing gland slipped into a warm, suckling cavern. A slick, swirling tongue and sucking mouth slipped downward over the tingling head and Daniel squealed in joy.


His hands quickly shot down, sought out and grasped his Lovers head and pulled the loving mouth and throat deeper onto his straining hardness.


While the Entity devoured his manhood, its hand dipped below its sucking mouth and palmed his eager, swollen anus. Its fingers nestled onto and traced around his clasping anal lips.


Daniel’s mind and body were being flooded with sensations that he had never felt before and began grinding his enflamed sex against his Lover’s unseen mouth and fingers. He felt a teasing finger nudging into his excited anal opening and slither inward, twisting and turning. It was soon followed by another and then another. All three were began stroking into his clenching rectal sheath.


The tips of the fingers seemed to be searching for some special place and suddenly Daniel’s floating body began bucking and jerking. His legs kicked wildly in the air. His Lover had found his excited prostate and the tips of its fingers were ecstatically caressing and massaging the highly sensitive tissues of his prostate.


Slowly the Entity withdrew its fingers and its mouth slipped away from his jumping and jerking hardness.

A stunned Daniel lay on the soft mattress of air gasping and panting.


The kneading and suckling of his rigid nipples continued without letup, more hands and fingers continued massaging his body and Daniel now knew that there were multiple entities adorning his body. He felt his Lover shift its weight between his spread thighs and then felt the tip of its wonderful appendage return between his spread cheeks pushing them far apart.

He gurgled with pleasure knowing the thick crown of his Lover’s erection was nearing the portal to his ‘womanhood’.

Any reluctance or apprehensions were long gone and Daniel begged and for his Lover to penetrate his body.


Daniel felt hands guiding something thick and throbbing against his swollen anus. He pressed his hips slightly forward and his eyes opened wide as his eager and excited anal lips began kissing the flexing, thick gland that was nudging against his rectal entrance.

His mind went into an ecstatic hold as his Lover slowly nudged its engorged head through the clasping entrance into his rectal sheath. His stretching opening teasingly resisted for a moment and suddenly popped open and slipped ecstatically around the thick, pulsing head.

He moaned as the unseen penetrator slipped inward, twisting and turning. The mirrors showed his rectal opening being stretched widely apart.


His rectal sheath closed over the first three inches of his Lover’s huge organ like a tight fitting glove and his mind was filled with filled with waves of intense pleasure. The flexing gland settled over the ultra-sensitive mound of his prostate and Daniel moaned loudly as ecstatic explosions thundered across his loins like a series of freight trains.


He was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. His stunned mind now wanted all of his Lover’s twisting hardness deep inside of his body. With one determined thrust, Daniel lunged his enflamed sex onto his Lover’s hard, thick erection and it plunged into the depths of his sexual being.

His ecstatic wail echoed around the room.


Daniel ground his hips in frantic circles as his rectal sheath ecstatically stretched and clenched around the thick, penetrating shaft of his Lover. He could feel every fleshy ridge of the massive organ inside him, as it bore into his enflamed sheath.

He wrapped his arms tightly around his unseen Lover,


His Lover waited a moment, flexed again, watching Daniel’s face light up with ecstasy. Slowly and tantalizingly it withdrew halfway and then slowly pushed back in. Again it moved forward, again and again, setting a slow teasing rhythm to its strokes. It smiled as it heard Daniel’s mewling and gurgling sounds of pleasure.


A maddening electric tingle that began deep within Daniel’s rectum began to build and rippled outward past his enflamed anus onto his straining manhood, across his flat, rippling abdomen to the tips of his erect, bullet-like nipples.


He ground his hips in tight circles around the massive penetrator trying to get more and more of it into his frenzied rectal sheath. His whole body became detached from his surroundings. Nothing mattered to him except the ecstatic waves that were exploding from his seething sheath.

His enflamed erection danced above his abdomen, spewing his precum in all direction.


His breath was now coming in deep gasps and pants. The mouths and lips on his erect nipples intensified their ecstatic sucking actions.


His orgasmic dazed body were now totally encased in a euphoric cloud of ecstasy. His Lover withdrew its thick erection until the flexing gland was once again pressing onto the spasming tissues of his prostate.

Daniel squealed as his prostate exploded. His head thrashed back and forth and his hips arched up and ground his enflamed sex onto the his Lover’s magnificent, impaling erection.

Daniel was in a sexual frenzy and fast approaching his first orgasm. His grinding hips became a blur and his sounds became incoherent. He bucked and jerked wildly as his rectal orgasm exploded across his body. Daniel squealed loudly as his engorged manhood began jettisoning its liquid joy in forceful spurts and gushes onto his body.


His Lover withdrew its engorged thickness until just the tip of the head rested within his clasping entrance, then, thrust forward. The massive appendage again lunged into the depths of Daniel’s sexual being. His rectal muscles clenched and spasmed around his Lover’s throbbing shaft.

Daniel was riding his multiple orgasmic elevator.

It began long hard strokes into the steaming passage that was now wet and slippery from its orgasm, withdrawing the swollen head until just the tip was inside the hot, foamy opening and then thrusting forward with its hips.

Daniel wailed incoherently.


He reached down and his hands searched for and found his Lovers heavy, bloated balls. His mind reeled in joy as he lifted and massaged the Entity’s wonderful, churning testicles. His hands then reached up and grasped his Lover’s hips and thrust his own hips upward, impaling his seething ‘womanhood’ on his Lover’s long, thick member.

His frenzied body began to match his Lover’s pounding lunges with his own rhythmic counter strokes.


Suddenly his Lover dove into the depths of his clenching rectal sheath. Daniel felt the entire length of his Lover’s magnificent organ begin to wildly jerk and flex. His eyes shot opened when he felt a wonderful, ecstatic pressure flooding into his rectal sheath. His arms and legs tightened around his Lover as it unleashed torrents of its warm, thick ejaculant deep into his convulsing passage. His back arched up and he froze as his body screamed in joy and his second orgasm was unleashed.


He was going insane with the feel of it!

He never wanted it to end, never, never!

His legs kicked out in a wide ‘V’ and kicked franticly in the air as his climatic orgasm built to a crescendo.

His eyes opened wide and he saw nothing but white flashes of ecstatic joy. His foaming rectal sheath again clenched and spasmed along the entire length of the incredible penetrator. His straining erection jerked wildly in the air as his second thick stream of thick semen surged up his straining hardness. The liquid joy swirled around the thick, excited gland and then jettisoned outward into the air. It splattered back down drenching his abdomen and chest.


Daniel’s second orgasm was intense and all consuming. His body went into orgasmic shutdown and he lost consciousness.

The Entity slowly withdrew from the reluctant anal opening. Daniel’s unconscious body continued to twitch and spasm with delicious aftershocks.

Daniel was returned to the holding room.


Emily, a natural Hermaphrodite, was a returning ‘guest’. The Alien’s liked her earlier ‘performance’ and wanted her to experience the ultimate of sexual joy with their unique Plant Lover. The encounter would also provide great excitement for the Alien viewing audience to see a human with both male and female properties, being brought to full orgasm and ejaculation.

The Plant rose up from the floor about ten feet from the mirrored wall. It was six feet high and four feet wide from top to bottom.

Emily was moved into the Entertainment room and placed in a standing position in front of the plant. Along with the normal preparations, Emily had been given arousal inducers.

The vapor was released from the ceiling and she slowly awoke.

As Emily regained consciousness, she smiled as recollections of the room and mirrored walls returned to her mind. Her Hermaphrodite nakedness was vividly reflected back to her from the mirrors. She saw the huge plant in front of her and a wonderful warmth flowed throughout her body. She stared mesmerized as all of the Plant’s flowers and stamens begin to weave back and forth, coming close to each other then slowly drifting apart and her heart beat a little faster as she watched their intimate dance. Small droplets of nectar were forming at the end the ends of the thick stamens and the tulip shape flowers were opening and closing with gentle suckling motions.

Emily watched transfixed at the wonderful display and her need to feel its embrace grew stronger with every passing second. The Plant began to extend its soft stems toward her as though they were beckoning her to come closer.

A few leafy stems reached out and began caressing her bare shoulders breasts and nipples. The tips released a chemical that made Emily want to feel more of their soft touches. She sighed and her breathing quickened as she moved toward the Plant.

Soft, withering stems flowed around her legs, thighs and waist. She felt herself being turned so she faced the mirrored wall. Emily sighed and surrendered herself to the Plant, she felt her legs being bent at the knees, pulled upward and then spread apart.

Her excitement escalated when she saw her erotic position in the mirror. Her nipples stood out like bullets, her rigid clitoris stood out like a beacon and her ‘manhood’ strained between her spread thighs.

She cooed as her body nestled deeper into the loving grasps of the Plants stem’s, silky leaves and thick satiny flowers.

She felt a warm thickness push tantalizingly against the cheeks of her buttocks and lower back. Stems with soft small tulip shaped flowers spread over her shoulders and started a slow, soothing, massaging action.

The flower’s ‘lips’ started to plant light butterfly kisses along her neck and shoulders and she closed her eyes and leaned back, sighing softly as their kisses and the gentle stokes of the soft stems adorned her body.

Emily felt two satiny flowers move onto her breasts, encasing each within a massaging and kneading pouch. Over each nipple, an internal mouth-like depression formed and each descended onto her erect nipples, enveloping them within their warm, moist, suckling ‘mouths’.

She gasped at the delicious contact and pushed her breasts into the loving pouches.


Emily’s breathing was becoming quicker and deeper. She felt a warm moistness spreading across the thick gland at the head of her straining erection and saw it glistening in the light.

She moaned as the Plants relentless foreplay continued on her breasts, shoulders and neck.


The suckling stems and flowers started an exquisite massaging action down Emily’s body toward the apex of her thighs. Her erection jerked in anticipation of the Plant’s touch but the Plant just brushed against Emily’s throbbing hardness as it slowly slid further downward. The stems flattened out and gently formed around Emily’s labia with an exquisite massaging and kneading action. She gasped softly, and leaned her head back into the soft foliage. She hunched down a little and spread her thighs further apart to give her loving Plant more maneuvering room between her thighs.

“UHH!! UHH!! UHH!!”

In a few seconds. The Plant’s thick stems slipped between her flared folds and slowly teased and caressed the oozing opening to her womanhood.

Emily gasped loudly and hips jerked her sex onto the Plant’s exploring stems. Her erection jumped wildly in the air.


Emily’s flared folds swelled and started clenching and her labia glistened with its wetness. Precum continued to drool down her throbbing member. Her body twitched excitedly wherever the Plant’s stems and flowers moved and she moaned as her arousal soared. Her hips jerked her swollen sex forward, desperately looking for the Plant’s loving stems.


The Plant repeated the massaging process over and over again and again. Each time it came closer and closer to touching her raging erection. The flower’s suckling kisses flowed from neck to both shoulders as the suckling ‘mouths’ devoured her erect nipples and the silky pouches massaged her aching, firm breasts. The Plant felt Emily’s breathing become rapid as she pushed her aroused sex outward toward its exploring and teasing stems.


Two thick stems extended up between her spread legs. They flattened as they came to rest on the soft skin of her inner thighs and began a massaging and kneading action.

Her enraged erection twitched and jerked at the exquisite contact. She groaned as the massaging stems worked they way inward, toward the junction of her thighs.


The Plant’s wide, thick massaging stems slipped upward and formed themselves over the folds of her swelling labia. The stems continued their upward trek and the Plant wrapped both of them around her slick straining erection.

Emily’s hips arched outward and she gasped loudly at the ecstatic contact.


The rippling stems glided up and down her thick tube of flesh with a gentle squeezing action and Emily’s drooling precum began oozing freely from the puckering opening of her excited gland. Her intense arousal now caused her hips to shift and grind into the manipulating thicknesses that were encasing her straining hardness.


In a few seconds, Emily felt a wonderful soft warmth forming around the folds of her labia. The Plant’s labia massager had slipped upward across her left inner thigh and settled over the folds of her labia with a wonderful massaging and kneading action. Its internal suckling ‘mouths’ slipped into the flared pink crease pushing the folds further apart and began sucking on the excited entrance to her vagina.


Emily felt the suckling ‘mouths’ and ‘lips’ exploring her swollen folds. More ‘lips’ slipped between them and joined in the teasing and caressing of the excited entrance to her womanhood.


A thin, sheath-like flower, with a suckling ‘mouth’ at its open end, slipped upward over her inner right thigh and suckled its way over her rigid mini erection-like clitoris and into the clitoral hood.

Emily screeched in joy. Her legs and thighs spread wider apart and she hunched forward driving her enflamed genitals into the Plant’s loving stems and flower. She was awash with ecstasy, her erection throbbed and her precum drooled and spurted out of the excited gland.


Emily was jolted out of her euphoric daze when she felt a slight pulsing pressure nudge against her vaginal opening. She gasped when she felt the Plant’s thick stamen gently spreading her clasping inner lips. She knew the head of her ‘Lover’ was at the opening to her sexual being.

“YES!! YES!! OH GOD!! YES!!”

She felt a warm liquid oozing from her Lover’s thick tip and a delicious warmth spread around her eager entrance as the opening was being pushed apart and the warmth spread inward. Her inner lips stretched excitedly over the pulsing head and Emily moaned as waves of joy flooded her sex.


Emily pushed down and ground her vaginal entrance against the slowly advancing head of the Plant’s stamen and she squealed as it slipped inward, twisting and turning.


Unbelievable sensations exploded within her as the twisting cilia nubs teased and tantalized the sensitive flesh of her vaginal walls.


As Emily basked in her thick cloud of arousal, she wasn’t aware that a long, wide stamen with a mouth-like opening was moving out of the Plant toward her upper abdomen. The open end formed into wide, accordion-like sheath and the ‘lips’ slowly descended toward the head of her engorged erection.

Emily felt a warmth bathe her tingling gland. She looked into the mirror and saw the clenching sheath with its open ‘mouth’ and her breath came in deep pants of anticipation.

“AHH!! AHH!! AHH!! AHH!!”

The ‘lips’ and ‘mouth’ slipped over the excited gland, encasing it within an excruciating, ecstatic cavern of joy. She squealed loudly as the deep suckles settled over the head of her erection. Her hands fisted as jolts of joy rippled throughout her erection and clenching vagina.


The Plant’s ‘mouth’ slowly descended downward and her straining hardness slipped deeper and deeper into the Plant’s suctioning ‘mouth’ and ‘throat’ and she gurgled with joy.


The Plant’s clenching throat agonizingly inched its way onto her massive straining hardness. Her mind was flooded with the most ecstatic sensations she had ever experienced. After one or two teasing twists of its ‘throat’, the Plant pulled back upward until the thick gland rested again between its kissing and caressing ‘lips’.


An imbedded stem slipped into the oozing slit and sucked up her drooling preseminal fluids as though it was straw. All the while, The Plant’s thick, flexing stamen continued its deep assault into her enflamed vaginal passage and the sucking clitoral ‘throat’ intensified its actions on her throbbing organ of joy.


The Plant plunged its milking ‘throat’ back down onto Emily’s thick, hard member and then pulled back, again and again. Emily moaned and gasped and her hips joined in with ecstatic counter thrusts. Her mind was flooded with pure joy as her orgasmic wave built up higher and higher.


Her hips became a blur and her thrusts became deeper and faster. Her vaginal muscles clenched around the Plant’s lunging and twisting phallic.


The Plant knew Emily was just seconds from ejaculating and its ‘mouth’ and ‘throat’ now matched her urgent thrusts with deep counter thrusts. Emily was catapulted into a sexual frenzy, her hips drove her raging erection deep into the Plant’s loving and milking ‘throat’ and her seething vagina clenched and milked its magnificent penetrator.

The Plant felt Emily’s erection begin to jerk wildly and her vaginal muscles clenching around its stroking stamen. Emily threw her head upward and wailed loudly.


Suddenly, the stamen lunged inward and stopped. It swelled to a full three inches inside Emily’s enflamed vagina. Emily’s mind went into an ecstatic freeze when she felt her ‘Lover’ begin deep jerks and flexes. Emily was at her orgasmic trip point and her spasming vaginal muscles could feel the expanding pulses surging upward through her Lover’s massive ‘erection’. Her hips excitedly ground her sex onto both massagers.

Suddenly, the Plant unleashed its forceful torrents of ejaculant which gushed and jettisoned into her seething passage. Her spasming vaginal sheath ballooned ecstatically.

Emily screeched as waves of ecstasy flooded her body. Her own orgasm was unleashed. Her vagina went into deep convulsions, her organ of joy exploded and Emily’s total, climatic orgasm was unleashed.


She felt the exquisite pressure of her ejaculation building at the base of her erection. The thick, liquid pressure pulsed up her straining member and seemed to stall when it reached her highly excited gland. Emily gasped for air as her liquid joy swirled around the tingling crown and then spewed out the puckering slit into the Plant’s thirsty ‘mouth’ and ‘throat’.


Emily screamed as the orgasmic waves hit her. Her hands fisted tightly and her toes curled. Her legs kicked outward in a wide ‘V’ kicking wildly into the air as her entire sexual being exploded with the ultimate Hermaphrodite orgasm.

Her spewing ‘Lover’ renewed its deep thrusts. The Plant knew it could coax another body wide orgasm.

Her convulsing body thrashed and squirmed within the Plant’s soft supports, her head twisted from side to side. She gasped and wailed. Her rigid, dark crimson, organ of joy jerked wildly within the suckling ‘throat’.

Her second ejaculation was just moments away. Blinding orgasmic flashes of light danced across her eyes. Emily was now plunging her straining hardness into the Plant’s milking ‘throat’. Her mind was in a sexual frenzy and her body bucked and thrashed as her dual orgasms were again unleashed. Her rigid, granite-like erection again jettisoned its thick essence into the Plant’s feasting vaginal ‘throat’.

Deep orgasmic spasms rolled throughout Emily’s body like a series of freight trains.


This time Emily’s exhausted and drained body shutdown and the Plant’s stamen rested within Emily’s vagina with delicious ‘purrs’.

Sara remained unconscious for about minute. As she slowly recovered, she felt the imbedded ‘purring’ and moaned as it induced delicious post orgasmic aftershocks. Her ‘manhood’ continued to spurt its thick essence.


The Plant slowly withdrew from her stretched and clenching vaginal passage with a loud slurping sound.


Torrents of orgasmic vaginal fluids and ejaculant gushed past the gaping entrance onto her thighs, buttocks and foliage.

Emily slumped unto the Plant’s supports. She was sexually fulfilled satisfied.

She whispered,

“Thank you..oh God..thank you.”

As if in response, the Plant ‘tweaked’ all of her erogenous zones.


The clasping ‘vaginal sheath’ slipped off of her deflating erection and the wonderful pouches and ‘throat’ withdrew from her breasts and rigid organ of joy.

Vapors from the ceiling once again flowed downward and Emily lost consciousness. She was released from the Plant and returned to the holding room.


Shawn is a ‘closet’ Gay. Despite his open denial of his homosexuality he inwardly wants and needs male companionship. He was first selected as a candidate for male enhancement along with an introduction to a gay sexual session but the Aliens felt that Shawn’s enhancements and sexual awakening should be seen and enjoyed by all of its members.

The Plant rose up from the floor and spread outward into wide, ten foot circle with a depth of six inches. The surface was soft, almost grass like, which hid the Plant’s stems, stamens and petals.

Shawn was moved into the Entertainment room and placed in a standing position in the middle of the circular bed of the Plant.

The vapor was released from the ceiling and he slowly awoke.

Shawn slowly awoke. As his head cleared, he saw his naked and hairless body being reflected back at him from the mirror and a sense of apprehension and nervousness filled his mind. He tried to walk off of the grassy circle but something held his feet on its surface.

“Ohhhhh!! Nooooo!! What is this place?”

Suddenly thick shoots rose up from the surface. One on ether side of him, one in front and one behind him. He saw the leaf-like buds on the stem in front of him begin to quickly grow and expand. The size of the leaves ranged from small, 3″ to larger than 8″.

Shawn reached out and laid his left hand on one of the large leafs. It was soft and silky and he felt a pleasant tingling sensations ripple onto the palm and fingers. He smiled and laid his right hand on the other leaf and now both hands now tingled.

He tried to move his hands back but the two leaves held him firmly. As he struggled, multiple stem-like streamers rose up from the grass bed and entwined themselves around his feet and ankles. They swirled around his lower legs as they made their way upward toward his hips.

Shawn squirmed and shifted trying to break loose from the plants grip. The same tingling sensations that were on his hands were now flowing upward seeping into his legs and thighs. The stems quickly covered his hips, flowed onto his back, then spread onto his arms.

Two large, thick leaves blossomed from the stems that wound around his upper thighs and pressed themselves onto each of his buttocks. Within seconds, the Plant’s stems had full control of his body.

The stems now worked in unison. While the large leaves supported his buttocks. His legs were bent at the knees and pulled upward. When he was in a comfortable sitting position, his legs were spread apart and his body slightly reclined.

Shawn trembled when he felt streamers inching along his bent legs toward the junction of his thighs and his swaying testicles and flaccid penis.

Shawn began shifting his hips back and forth, up and down, in a futile effort to free himself. The restraining stems secreted a sedation chemical followed by a mild aphrodisiac. Shawn immediately calmed down and warm euphoric feeling washed across his body.

Two, three inch, silky leaves blossomed from the stems that were wrapped around his upper abdomen and they slipped onto each of his areolas with an exquisite massaging action. Within each leaf, small depressions formed into suckling ‘mouth’s and as they descended onto his small nipples.

Shawn couldn’t suppress a soft moan as the suckling mouths swirled and caressed his stirring nipples.


Shawn sat there with his eyes closed, hoping everything would stop. His nipples twitched with mounting excitement as the plant’s mouths continued to suckle on them.

Suddenly Shawn felt the soft stems that encased his body start to reposition him. He was tilted forward and then downward toward the grassy surface. With mounting apprehension, he was quickly put into a kneeling position on ‘all fours’ with his legs spread wide apart. A frightened Shawn looked under his body and saw his penis and balls swaying between his spread thighs. When he saw the two soft leaves sucking on his nipples his breathing began to quicken as the tingling sensations intensified. As he continued to look under his body he saw a stem rise upward below his abdomen, sprouting a long, thick accordion-like flower. As it came nearer and nearer to his swaying penis, Shawn began a frantic shifting of his hips. The ‘mouth’ yawned open and slipped over the head of his penis and slowly tugged the tingling gland into it suckling ‘mouth’.

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