male domination

This is the conclusion to the three part story, and was always intended to tie everything up. I do however have a sort of epilogue in mind, that I might get around to writing one day. Thanks for reading, and as always, comments and feedback welcome!


I’d had the phone in my hand for nearly an hour now, if I held it much longer the sweat would render it unusable. I knew the number, I knew what I had to do – why was it so hard to just do it?

I had spent the last seven days alternating wildly between fear, excitement, lust, and shame, thinking of nothing but the plan that had germinated in my mind and strangled all other concerns. Looking at the worn printouts now, for the hundredth time, it seemed a lot less simple.

The printouts were emails, which I had printed a week ago during my last… meeting… with a woman called Heather Dean. Heather was about as successful as you can be – she had an excellent job, was wealthy, respected, and beautiful. And she hated me. Ever since she’d first come across me, watching her undress in her hotel suite (at this point I cannot pretend to feel guilty about that), she had devoted herself to destroying me. Twice now she had ‘summoned’ me, so that she could harass, demean, and humiliate me in the most graphic and obscene way possible.

Except last time, I stumbled across something rather interesting in her office, once she’d had her fun and left me. Something which could get my tormentor in a lot of trouble.

Two days I had spent holed up in my little apartment since then, sat at my computer and obsessively researching what I had found, and making sure it meant what I thought it meant. I didn’t even bother phoning work. When my manager e-mailed me telling me not to bother coming back, I barely registered it – all that mattered now was this. And as it turned out, I was right – she was stealing thousands from her company, unbeknownst to anyone. Until now anyway.

Not that she had any idea of course – I’d printed the evidence and bolted, clearing my tracks. She was still sending me her taunting little e-mails, dropping sly hints that she might release her humiliating videos of me, or report my voyeurism to the police. They used to make me quail. Now I just burned with anger.

Anger in the safety of my apartment was one thing, but I still had no idea what to do with this information. Report her anonymously? She’d know it was me, of course she would. She’d take me down with her, without a doubt. Maybe I could confront her myself with the printouts? Yeah, right. The thought of marching up to Heather, whom I could barely look in the eye most times, and threaten or blackmail her, was absurd. She’d take one look at me and laugh, and then start giving more of her ‘commands.’

But yet, every so often wild ideas would rush through my mind, ideas of what I could demand of her if I did blackmail her. Images of Heather subjected to all the ordeals I had been subjected to raced through my head. I would picture her stripping for an audience, her having to abandon any trace of modesty for a video camera, her lying naked on her back with a dildo deep inside her… It was almost impossible to picture it properly though – she would never allow anyone to do that to her. The ideas would die almost as soon as they came to me.

And then, five days after our last meeting, she sent another of her emails. It was typically short, and simply said ‘Hope you are free next week…’ Attached was a picture of a truly monstrous red dildo, thicker than any real cock, and her video camera. She knew full well that my imagination would take over from there, letting me know exactly what she had planned for our next meeting ‘next week.’

I snapped. Suddenly the whole situation rearranged itself in my mind – there was no way I was going to throw away this golden opportunity. She had wrecked my life, lost me my job, humiliated and degraded me sexually for the amusement of her followers, with no end in sight, and I was going to let that go because I was scared to face her? I would just have to deal with it…

Now that it was time to make the call though, all the meticulous planning and mental steeling seemed hopelessly inadequate. But, enough was enough – I either did this now or forgot about it. I dialled the number.

“Heather Dean’s office.” It was her secretary.

“Hello this is Peter Baines can you tell Heather that I want to see her this evening at 6 pm please.” I groaned inwardly – I could not have rushed that more.

“Excuse me?”

“This is Peter Baines,” I forced myself to speak slower, louder, more confidently. “Could you please tell Heather Dean that I need to see her this evening at 6pm, at her hotel suite. It concerns…” I glanced down at the printout “…account 776809. She’ll know what it entails. Thank you, good bye.” I hung up and threw the phone onto the couch as though it were a live grenade. Had I sounded too nervous? Had I made it clear enough? Would Heather get the hint? God she’d be furious when she got that message. Had I done the right thing?

Despite the anxiety that had descended on me, I couldn’t help but feel a little exhilarated. I’d done it, this was happening! Now I just had to wait.

The afternoon passed quickly. I went over the plan I’d prepared over the last couple of days, rehearsed what I would say, and just generally tried to calm myself down. No word from Heather – would she even turn up? What if she just called the police now? No, I told myself, she’ll need to know what I know.

5pm came. I showered, dressed, grabbed the prepared backpack, ran over the plan one last time, and headed for the hotel suite.

Circumstances could not have been more different from the last time I had walked into the lobby of the Playfair hotel, but I found I was just as nervous, if not more so. At least last time I’d had no idea what I was getting into. I’d only been to the suite once before, but my feet seemed to know exactly where to go. At six o’ clock on the dot, I was stood in front of the Elizabethan suite once again, telling myself to breathe normally.

I knocked. Three loud knocks.

The door burst open violently, and a set of hands seized me by the collar and pulled me into the room. By the time I’d recovered from the shock I was pinned against the wall of the suite, the door creaking closed beside me. So much for ‘she might not even turn up.’

What, do you think you are doing?” hissed Heather. She was still holding me painfully against the wall, not that I would have dared to move anyway. She looked like she had just come from work – she was still dressed for work anyway, just like all our previous encounters she was smartly dressed, albeit without the suit jacket now. “You think you can just summon me? Is there some confusion about how this works? I own you. I summon you, you ignorant low-life pervert.”

Nothing had prepared me for this, for getting the full force of her rage in person. What the hell had I been thinking? I thought miserably. Why had I thought I could get away with this? I tried to come up with some way of backing out of this, of apologising…

“And why were you bleating about that account?” she demanded, after a slight pause. The instant she said it all my doubts and regrets vanished as quickly as they had materialised. She was afraid, I realised. She might be trying to wear the mask of her usual anger, but I had rattled her…

“Let me go,” I demanded quietly. With a snort of disgust she released me, backing off a little. Still, I couldn’t help but notice the way her eyes darted to my rucksack, the way she was pacing…

“Well? Explain yourself before I call the police!” Without a word, I took off my backpack and pulled out copies of the printouts that I had devoted the last week of my life to. Once I was reasonably sure I could control my hands, I gave them to her.

Heather was doing her best to keep her face expressionless and calm, but I knew I had just confirmed her fears. She scanned the pages, all of them, without moving, before hurling them angrily at the couch behind her.

“You used my computer? You stole documents from my computer?” For a second I genuinely thought she was going to hit me. I had seen her angry before, but this was different, she looked out-of-control angry. I tried to look calm as her rant continued. “You are going to pay for this, you have no idea. You think what you’ve had so far was bad? You think that was humiliation? Just you wait! Did you like the look of the lobby downstairs? How would you like to have to march naked through there? Jerking your pathetic little cock? You think last week’s little show was embarrassing? I’ll have you fist fucking your own asshole on the fucking street corner for this! I-”

“No.” I cut her off, before she lost control completely. I wasn’t so sure I could handle this anymore. “W-we aren’t going to do that,” I stuttered, “because this is what I’m going to do.” This was it. Please let this work. “I’m going to send my copies of those transactions to the police, and to your CEO. If by some miracle you don’t go down for embezzlement, you’ll definitely lose your job, and your money. A-and you’ll never get a position above ‘typist’ ever again.”

I let it sink in for a few seconds. At least she wasn’t tearing my skin off straight away. As a matter of fact she looked briefly like she wasn’t sure what she would do.

“You don’t have anything concrete,” she said finally. I only just held back my snort of derision. Between her enraged reaction when she had first read it, and her oddly deflated look now, I knew I had her. My confidence was building with every second.

“We both know that’s not true.”

“Yes well I could take you down with me Peter,” she hissed.

“What, an embarrassing video, voyeurism and stealing a document, versus blackmail and embezzlement? I’m going to need more than just for you to leave me alone Heather.” It was the first time I had called her by her first name. I think we both felt the weight of it.

“What do you want?” she asked stiffly. OK, this was the payload.

“This is my proposal. For the next two hours, you will do whatever I ask- whatever I tell you to do. You won’t ask questions, you’ll just do it. And, after two hours, I’ll leave, and we’ll never contact each other again. I’ll keep my documents, you’ll keep the videos, but we’ll both keep quiet.”

The bombshell hung in the air for an agonisingly long time. I held my breath until I was sure I must be going red. I honestly hadn’t been able to predict how she would react. Despair? Fury? Would she even care?

“Do… whatever you want?” she said at last. We both knew exactly what I meant by that. As if to emphasise the point, I pulled out the video recorder I’d bought yesterday.

“Yes. And, I’m going to record everything that happens. Seems only fair…”

“I won’t. I won’t do it.” She looked serious. “Do your worst Peter, you don’t have the balls to take me on.” I laughed humourlessly.

“After everything you’ve put me through, you think I’m going to bottle out?” I looked her straight in the eye (God I hated doing that) and I saw the realisation stir in those icy blue eyes of hers. She knew I was serious. She knew I had her.

“Fine, whatever,” she snarled. She gave an uncharacteristically frustrated groan and sank back onto her leather couch. It was weirdly unsettling seeing her like this. Nevertheless, my whole body sagged with the sudden relief. I knew she was thinking she could impose her will on me somehow, control what happened for the next two hours, but I was determined to make this count.

As I went over the plan again, I began to smile. Now that hard part was over, I could finally focus on the fun part…

I walked over to her minibar and pulled put a bottle of white wine. I could feel her eyes on the back of my head as I shakily poured myself a glass. I couldn’t stand wine, but that wasn’t the point. This was what she had done on our first meeting, and I wanted to make it clear that I was in charge.

“Stand up.” My first command. She seemed to toy with the idea of refusing, but she did sluggishly get to her feet eventually. I looked her up and down hungrily – natural blonde hair, slim, well-toned figure, pale skin, It had been a long time since I’d thought of Heather as a sex idol, as anything other than an evil, sadistic tormentor bitch, but now it seemed my anonymous Ms. Tits was back, the sexy businesswoman I used to watch from that rooftop. I made a show of turning on the video recorder, making sure it was working. “Take off your clothes.”

We both knew that was coming, but still she did not take it well. She grimaced at me, teeth bared, and not for the first time I wondered if she might just attack me.

“I was right about you,” she snarled. “You’re just a low-life pervert.”

“As you say.” I took a sip of the wine, trying to hide how disgusting I found it. “Now please, the clothes, take them off.” Another pause. “I will report you Heather…”

Heather gave another angry snarl, and started furiously undoing the buttons on her white shirt. This was really happening! I stared unashamedly as her cleavage came into view, held up alluringly by her white bra. No sooner had I run my eyes over the rest of her exposed torso, than she began unceremoniously pulling down her black work pants. This was almost beyond belief – after everything she had done to me, after that whole month feeling like everything was hopeless, I now had my torturer standing before me in her underwear. She didn’t look at me. I know that feeling, I thought. An excited glance at the video camera confirmed it was all being recorded.

I took a few steps toward her. She started to take a step back, before apparently deciding she wanted to appear defiant and unconcerned.

“The bra too.” Heather tutted with derision, reaching behind her back for the straps. I almost put in a remark about how she would have reacted to my ‘tutting,’ but suddenly the bra was falling to the ground and all other thoughts went away.

I had never seen her naked tits up close before – from a distance yes, but this was so much better than even my over active imagination could have made them. For a woman well into her thirties they were very perky. Not overly large, but firm. I’m staring at Heather Dean’s nipples, I thought to myself incredulously, the mighty Heather Dean has got her tits on show like some cheap stripper. How could I have almost not done this?

I knew she was fighting the urge the cover herself, that she was trying to seem unfazed. Well, that was fine by me. It struck me then, gazing at her as she stood with nothing but her panties, that if I could get her to do that, the rest would surely be easier, now that she had agreed to this first humiliation.

“Happy now?”

“I guess. I mean it’s nothing I haven’t seen before.” I knew she would rise to that taunt and I wasn’t disappointed. She bolted for me, ready to strike me any way she could. All I had to do was take out my phone though, and the once formidable Heather Dean stopped dead. For another second or so I thought she was going to just go for it anyway, but no. She saw sense, even if it made her hate herself.

“Fuck you,” she said quietly. I smiled grimly, picked up the camera, and walked out to stand before her. Even scowling like that, she was still beautiful, still unbearably sexy.

“You think this is embarrassing?” I queried. I began caressing and squeezing her left breast with my free hand. She made to push my hand away, but I persisted. “You think this is degrading, being filmed like this?” I unbuckled my jeans, letting them fall to ankles. Still she didn’t answer. “You’ve got a lot of catching up to do Heather…”

“You can’t ‘degrade’ me,” she said at last, with a trace of her old defiance. “We both know you’ll always be my little bitch Peter.” The angry retort died in my throat, and I smiled instead.

“On your knees.” I made to put my hands on her shoulders, in case she needed encouragement, but she threw them off angrily, and crouched before me. She had nothing to look at but my crotch, and the very visible bulge where my dick was straining against my underwear. “I’ll let you take them off…”

“It never was very impressive,” she muttered as she pulled those too to my ankles, letting my cock spring out. “You should read some of the comments on that video – they all thought it was pathetic.” Once this little reminder about my first humiliation might have cowed me, but now I was just caught between amusement and mild irritation. Time to show her just how pathetic it felt.

“Yes, yes. Put it in your mouth,” I said simply. She looked up in disgust. “Don’t make this difficult Heather…”

She gripped my already hard shaft gingerly, as though it were poisonous, and hesitantly wrapped her lips around the head. I had never had a girl go down on me, and it was unlike anything I could have imagined. Not even Heather could take away the overwhelming warm, wet envelopment.

When it became clear she wasn’t going to do anything else, I thrust my hips into her face, burying my cock in her mouth. She made a surprised noise of protest but there was nothing she could do. As she swallowed around my hard shaft, her tongue rolled over me, sending me further and further into ecstasy whether she wanted or not. She was all but sucking me off now.

I greedily fucked her open mouth faster and faster, my eyes fixed on the top of Heather’s blonde mop of hair. She looked flustered and angry, but I was in my own world by then, no longer caring.

I had fantasised about this for days, and now it was finally happening I knew I was going over the edge very quickly. There didn’t seem much point in resisting. For a brief second I thought about warning her, but then her smug face swam before me, the one she wore so often when she had just sprung some hideous surprise on me.

“Gnah!” I spurted my load into her, the first jet hitting the back of her throat, making her gag and throw herself backward in horror. The second jet sprayed over her face. She almost got out of the way for the third one, but I turned just in time to land a stream of cum over her tits.

When I came back down to reality, I was face to face with a visibly disgusted Heather, covered in my ejaculate. I brought the camera up to take in the sight.

“Why the fuck didn’t you warn me you couldn’t last past one minute?” She didn’t even seem able to bring herself to touch it. “OK fuck this. Fuck this and fuck you!” She stormed away to her discarded bra. “Do your worst Peter, we’re done here. Turn off that fucking camera.”

“If you really thought that was an option, you wouldn’t be standing here topless with cum dripping from your nipples.” We both knew it – if she’d had the slightest hope that there was another way, she wouldn’t have gone this far. She looked down in dismay at her almost naked body – her chest was covered in the sticky white stuff, as were her cheeks and nose, not to mention the load she’d had to swallow.

“Yes, well… you’ve had your ‘revenge.’ We’re even,” she replied lamely.

“Even?” I stepped out of the jeans still around my ankles, casting aside the shoes and socks too. “We’re just getting started here.” My shirt came off too, leaving me naked. I had been naked in this suite last time I had been here – I had been so mortified I couldn’t even look up. It could not be more different this time – this time I took a perverse delight in making Heather see me naked. Still, it wouldn’t do to have only one of us like this. “Now take off the last of your clothes Heather, you’re still a little overdressed.”

She threw down her bra and swore under her breath, but only when I started to walk toward her to yank them down myself did she obey my order. I zoomed in the camera to her crotch to capture the moment, the moment Heather Dean was forced to get her pussy out.

I had seen this before of course, but in rather different circumstances, as she was raping my face over on that table. I zoomed in as far as I could on her newly exposed pussy, taking in the light hair and puffy lips. This time would be somewhat different…

She seemed to sense the camera’s attention, and this time she couldn’t help but cover up, hiding her crotch with her hands and looking oddly flustered. I never thought I’d get to see Heather Dean look embarrassed, but here we were. For a fleeting second sympathy rose up within me – she looked so much less formidable, naked like this. But no sooner had it done so than the memories came roaring to the surface. I remembered standing where she was, being made to strip for an online audience. I remembered being forbidden to hide my modesty and listen to the beep-beep-beep of derisive comments. I remembered her smiling as she violated my ass with a dildo. She did not deserve any sympathy from me. Anger and hate rose up to quench the pity.

“Move your hands,” I barked. She obeyed – every command seemed to have less and less resistance now. “Now, what was it you did next? When you’d made me strip off?” She stared daggers at me, knowing full well what she’d done, but said nothing. “Yeah that was it – ‘poses.’”

“Just get them over with…”

“Very well,” I grinned. “Sit on that table, the one you made me jerk off on. Good, now spread your legs nice and wide…” Sullenly and hatefully, she nevertheless did everything I asked her to do. She spread her legs on the table, giving the camera a gorgeous shot of her delicate pussy lips. I even got her to spread the lips with her fingers, flashing the soft pink interior of her tight little hole. Drunk with my newfound power, I couldn’t stop there. I had her squeeze her breasts, and lift her legs up in the air for the hungry recorder, and my hungrier gaze. When I was sure there would be no more protestations, I had her bend forward over the table with her ass in the air. The number of times I’d fantasised about having her in this position in the old days…

“Now, spread those cheeks for the camera Heather.” This time she did pause, and I knew she wanted to snap at me, but nothing came. With a small sigh, she brusquely grabbed her buttocks and prised them open. The last of her modesty was gone as she crudely displayed the little brown bud of her asshole. There was no part of her body left now that she hadn’t shown off for me.

It wasn’t until I felt a stirring down below that I remembered I was naked too – it honestly didn’t concern me anymore. My hardening cock was a good sign, I’d soon be ready again.

When I was sure I’d got a good shot, I let her stop. She got to her feet, actually red in the face. She knew she’d been posing like a common whore, I supposed, and the shame had robbed her of her usual cutting remarks. I knew from painful experience how hard it is to be cocky when you’ve been humiliated like that.

“Satisfied?” she said quietly. I saw her eyes flicker briefly to my semi-erect dick.

“Almost. Lie down on the floor, over there, in front of the couch.”


“Just do it.” She walked slowly over to where I’d indicated, and lay down on her back. I followed her over. I understood now why she’d always had that infuriating gloating expression her face at times like these – there really was something to relish when the other person was trying to work out was coming.

I stood over her head and pointed the camera down the length of her nude form, giving her no choice but to look up and stare at my balls dangling over her face.

“What are you trying to do? You’ve had your ‘poses.’ Just wrap this up n- hey!”

I had crouched over her and grabbed her legs, squatting my scrotum over her face as I did so. Before she knew what was happening I pulled her legs up into the air, further and further, pulling them back over head so that her feet were touching the ground again by her head. She was bent at the neck, her pussy sticking up in the air and her legs splayed open around her head.

“No,” she gasped. I smirked at her new position. I could understand her horror – it was hard to imagine a more obscene position. Standing above her like this I could see her completely bared pussy, gaping open, and her ass cheeks were similarly forced apart. Both her holes were on display for me, and she knew it.

“Yes.” I backed away and sat on the couch by her head. “Stay like that please,” I added, when it seemed she might move out of position. I took the sight in for a few seconds, savouring it. The best thing was, she had no choice but to stare up at her own body like this, to see her pussy open above her. “So, do you like it?”

“Fuck you!” Soon, I thought.

“Do you want to come down?”

“Yes,” she said, through gritted teeth.

“Then this is what you’re going to do.” She must have known there’d be conditions. “Take your finger, and bury it inside your pussy.”

“Please, Peter…” Pleading sounded weird and unnatural in her voice.

“Do it.”

“Not on camera…”

“Do it, you don’t get a say,” I said, a little more forcefully. And with that, she did it. While trying to keep her balance, she brought her middle finger up and sank it between her inviting lips.

At my insistence, she brought her finger in and out, in and out, while I reclined back and watched as she fingered herself. If I’d had any doubts about my ability to get hard again they were completely dispelled. My cock strained at the dirty show Heather was performing.

I couldn’t take it much longer – I had to go in for a closeup. She seemed to be having to force her finger in, God it must be tight in there. I had been in her once before, with my tongue, but I’d been in no position to enjoy it at the time, considering the circumstances. Now it was all I could think of.

And, unless I was very much mistaken, her finger was covered in a wet sheen as she finger fucked herself.

“Heather I do believe you’re getting wet,” I teased. She looked genuinely distraught at this rude betrayal her body had dealt her, and pulled her hand away.

“Please… enough…”

“If you’re finished I guess I can take over,” I grinned. Before she could protest I traced my finger along her wet slit, and pushed it deep inside her hole. Her warm, pink innards seemed to constrict around me, almost sucking me in. Heather’s ongoing attempts to seem unfazed collapsed even further, and she gave an involuntary gasp at the unexpected violation.

I had planned on drawing this out further, teasing and toying with her, but I was harder than I’d ever been, and I had to feel her tight, hot pussy with more than just my finger.

“Stay there.” I rushed over to my rucksack and pulled out the last item – a cheap laptop I’d ‘acquired’ from work a few months ago. I turned it on as I walked back over and put it on the table behind Heather. A few more clicks and it was connected – it was displaying the feed from the camera, live.

“What are you doing?” demanded Heather, a little shakily. She couldn’t see the laptop on the table.

“I got this idea from you. You should be grateful it’s only showing on this laptop, and not on the internet.” When I was satisfied it was all working, I came around and crouched by her head. The meeting so far hadn’t lessened the amount of sheer hate she could blast at me just by looking at me. “Now, this is what you’re going to do. You’re going to take this video camera,” I put it in her hands, “and you’re going to point at that cute little pussy of yours. And you’re going to keep it pointed there.”

“You want me to do your job for you?” she spat.

“That’s right. And if you don’t, if you turn it off, or point it away, or try to damage it in anyway, then I will upload it here and now to the internet. I’ll bet your followers will have a few things to say about that.” She couldn’t hide the apprehension from her face. She’d be good, I knew. “Now, into position…”

She could probably have guessed what was next, but her face remained stony and impassive as she pointed the camera at her own gaping vagina as ordered. I stood over her face, where I could see the laptop over the top of her ass – its screen was filled with a shot of Heather’s pussy, with my cock and balls on the edge of vision.

This was it. Ignoring Heather’s feeble protests, I grabbed my cock by the shaft and guided the head into her waiting vulva. She gave a loud gasp.

I grasped her ass cheeks with both hands and drove deeper and deeper into her. I hadn’t known how badly I’d needed this release until I was physically sinking my cock into her.

I’d had sex before, once. A drunken, awkward, unmemorable encounter that I’d nonetheless clung to as my ‘at least I’m not a virgin’ card. This was not like that, in any way. Heather’s pussy was tighter than I could have ever dreamed, pulling me in, more satisfying than anything else she could offer. I may have seen her naked, made her pose in embarrassing positions, made her masturbate for me, but it wasn’t until I was actually inside her, actually penetrating her cunt as she had penetrated me, that I felt I had had my revenge. Only now was her humiliation really beginning.

And she knew it.

“You son of a bitch!” she grunted. I looked at the laptop. From her perspective she had a clear view of her pussy being violated by my dick above her. Time to give her a real show.

I gave a hard thrust, unexpectedly driving into her hole until my balls met her eager lips. Heather groaned but I would give her no time to recover. Again and again I thrust as deep into her hot little cunt as I could, grasping her quivering ass cheeks to steady us both.

Her protests soon gave way to ragged breaths and involuntary gasps and grunts as I smashed into her, filling her up, taking from her everything she’d taken from me. She may have been disgraced and humiliated, and no doubt she’d have given anything not to have to subject herself to this, but no one could say she wasn’t wetter than ever now. As repulsed as she was by me, her greedy pussy was betraying her.

Not that I could think of much else other than the sight before me, the obscene view of Heather’s two tight little holes – one being stretched open by my thrusting dick, the other being crudely exposed as I spread her ass cheeks as far as I could with my hands, wet with sweat now.

I had come only recently, and as overpowering as this was I wasn’t shooting my load any time soon. Both our bodies were slick with sweat before I began to feel the undeniable pressure build, and we were both reduced to animalistic grunts with every vigorous thrust inside her. The only other sound was the rhythmic wet slap as my balls hit her wet vulva with every penetration. If this was going to be the end, I was determined to make her pay for it.

“Do you like that? Do you like my dick inside you?”


“Do you want me to come inside your pussy Heather?”

“No… ohhh.” I was so close now.

“If you want… me to pull out… say you like… being fucked.”


“Do it! Say you like having your sloppy… unghh… cunt… fucked by my cock.”

“Peter… gnah!” I couldn’t hold back much longer…

“Say it!”

“I- I like having my sloppy cunt fucked by your cock!” she gasped desperately. But it was too late. As soon as I heard her say it, lying though she was, I couldn’t hold back. With a buttock in each hand and my dick balls deep inside her, I unloaded torrent after torrent of hot, wet cum into her soaking, warm hole.

Heather cried out when she felt me fill her insides, but in that moment I cared about nothing and no one. This was what it had all been for.

I staggered back and collapsed onto the couch when finished, Heather’s suddenly empty pussy still gaping open. The only sounds in the room were our deep breaths as I came back down and she tried unsuccessfully to compose herself.

After a moment or so, Heather brought her legs back down and got to her feet. She was no longer the calm, cool, intimidating entrepreneur who’d once intimidated me so much. Her skin was covered in sweat and, still, my cum. Her sleek blonde hair was a mess now, covering a face which had only a trace of her former defiance. She looked a little unsteady on her feet.

“Stay there,” I said quietly. I glanced at the clock – only an hour had passed, I still technically had an hour left. I hadn’t really planned past this point, if I still had time left I was just going to draw out her punishment a little longer, see if I couldn’t think of some new way to humiliate my tormentor. But I was spent. Still, no need to give her the good news straight away.

I got to my feet and took the camera from her without a word, wandering into the middle of the room. She didn’t try to stop me, just stared at me as I did so with a sort of weary disgust. I did feel a sort of thrill at knowing she could never feel superior to me again, after that. I wondered if I should play the film back for us both? That might be a fun way to finish off – both of us sat on the couch naked, watching footage of her being stripped and fucked. Perfect.

“I need a towel,” I announced. I was getting sweat on the recorder, wouldn’t do to break it and rob Heather of her film.

“Bathroom,” she said monotonously. She was still stood where I had left her, trying to regain some composure. I strode off to the bathroom I’d seen her emerge from all those weeks ago. “No, wait!” she cried out, suddenly alarmed.

As soon as I stepped into the cavernous bathroom, with its ornate round bathtub and delicate scents, the first thing I saw was a large cardboard box by the door, like the sort you get with online purchases. Against Heather’s increasingly desperate protests, I pulled out its contents.

I knew what it was from the feel of it in my hands, before I’d even brought it into the light. It was long, thick, and rubbery. The sheer size of the dildo wasn’t apparent until I saw it however. It was well over a foot long, with the end shaped like the head of a penis, and its girth was thicker than any I’d seen her produce yet. Also in the box was some kind of stand or base, a casual examination of which showed that it was meant to fasten to the base of the dildo, allowing it to stick up from the ground. It was the monster she taunted me with by e-mail, just days ago.

“What is this Heather?” I kept my voice as level as possible – somehow I doubted this had been meant for her. She didn’t look like she could bring herself to say it. “Who was this for?” I asked, a little more forcefully this time.

“You,” she muttered reluctantly – maybe she was trying to be intimidating again.

Of course it was. I looked at it again, and tried to imagine how things would have gone at our next meeting if I’d never found those account details. She would have stripped me again, maybe for a camera, maybe for some other intern, and made me squat over this monstrous dildo, trying to fit it into my ass for the amusement of her and her followers. And she’d had it ready for me today, I thought. She was going to make me do this today. I gripped it hard, my knuckles turning white.

“Here,” I spat, throwing the dildo to Heather.

“Peter I didn’t-”

“Quiet. I guess we’re not finished yet.” Heather’s face fell as I brought the camera back up to view, instinctively trying to cover her pussy, and naked breasts, for the first time. “Go back to the table and have a seat.”

I followed her over, my mind racing again, and my desire to see her humiliated rekindled. To think I’d been about to throw away the last hour, after what she’d had planned for me…

I took my seat on the couch again, with Heather sat facing me on the table where the laptop had been.

“I’m sorry if I went too far,” she began, desperation oozing from every syllable, “I just…”

“You were never going to let me go were you? You were never going to stop.”

“I would have – today was going to be the last time!”

“What were you going to make me do?” That threw her.

“I- I hadn’t planned…”

“Oh, so that monster you’re clutching there, that wasn’t for me?” She seemed at a loss for words there. “Well if it wasn’t for me, I’d hate to deprive you of your toy – spread your legs.”

“You don’t need the camera for this…” she pleaded.

“Spread them,” I repeated through gritted teeth, “show us more of that pretty little hole between your legs.” She opened them up. Her pussy was still wet from her pounding earlier – wet, red, and raw. “Now, shove your little toy inside your pussy while I watch.”

“I can’t! It won’t…” she turned red, “it won’t… fit…”

“If you’re having trouble getting it in I’d be happy to come over and help.” That was all the encouragement she needed. She brought the head to entrance of her pussy and awkwardly tried to fumble it in.

After a few failed attempts, she managed to slide the head into her hole – apparently to her own surprise as much as mine, judging from the loud gasp it elicited.

“Keep going,” I commanded lazily, stroking my limp cock as I watched greedily. It would take a lot to get me hard a third time, but if I could…

Heather fed the thing in further slowly, inch by inch. She looked both appalled and amazed that her pussy was accommodating such a huge phallus. I zoomed in for a close-up – her lips was stretching obscenely open now.

I made her keep going, until almost half of the dildo had been swallowed up by her hungry cunt. Still not satisfied, I made her fuck herself with it, stuffing it in and out as fast as she could. She may have protested and pleaded, but the rude squelching her pussy made every time she shoved it deep inside her betrayed the wetness of her pussy. I knew that the fact she was deriving pleasure from displaying herself like a whore was more humiliating for her than anything I could do.

As the dildo got wetter and wetter, and her breaths came louder and more haggard, I felt my dick stirring faintly once again. Soon. Heather began to give the occasional moan to match the wet squelching of her pussy. She’s actually having to struggle not to come on that thing, I realised. I couldn’t imagine a worse humiliation for Heather Dean than to be brought to orgasm against her will.

Suddenly I couldn’t take any more. I dropped the camera on the couch, jumped to my feet, rounded the table, and grabbed her by the cheeks. Before she could react, my semi-hard cock had been thrust into her mouth.

“Keep fucking yourself…” I grunted… “and suck my cock.” She was wide-eyed with shock, but she didn’t pull away. Her hands carried on feeding the plastic cock into her hole while she sucked and licked at the dick thrust into her mouth, more vigorously than she ever had before. Her nipples were rock hard and erect, her thighs were soaked in her own wetness, and her toes were curled. For this moment at least, she seemed to be lost in her humiliation, eagerly filling two of her holes with cock.

It wasn’t long before I was hard again, not with this sight before me, and the feel of Heather’s hot, wet mouth around my dick. I waited until I knew she was close to the edge before dropping the bombshell I’d been gleefully hiding since I first saw the dildo.

“You know, you’re gonna want that cock as lubricated as possible,” I whispered to her, “considering what’s happening next…”

Heather was dragged back to earth in an instant as she realised where she recognised those words from. She yanked her head back, suddenly aware of what she was doing.

“No!” she gasped fearfully, her eyes wide with realisation. She awkwardly slid the dildo from inside her and staggered to her feet. I could only smile at the piteous state she was in now, as she had smiled at me. “No – I won’t do it!”

“We’ve been through this,” I replied lazily. I reached for the discarded dildo at her feet and held it up for us both to see. It was actually dripping with the sticky, wet contents of Heather’s pussy – she almost seemed to go red at the sight of such clear evidence of the pleasure she’d given herself.

I was so much annoyed and irritated by this low class man’s dirty objectives that I did not feel talking to him. His touches were as if still lingering on my body. The way he touched my panty and clenched my ass cheek I was feeling like slapping him. How dare he touch me there I was thinking! Then I realized these people were like that only, they always look for opportunity and helpless conditions of girls and tries to take advantage of that. The servant class!

“Aunty! Aunty!”

I was as if called from my sleep. The magazine was still open on my lap, but my mind went back to my teenage days relating the embarrassing moments I had in the hands of our house servant, which was very similar to the one I had sometime back here in Mr. Yadav’s residence though today’s experience was awfully shameful myself being a married woman of almost 30.

Shilpa is calling me.

Shilpa: Aunty! Aunty!

Me: Ya… err… Yes, what is it?

As if I woke up from a slumber and tried to look composed.

Shilpa: Guru-ji is calling us.

Me: Okay, okay. Lets go.

I kept the open magazine from my lap to the table and adjusted my sari and followed Shilpa. As she walked in front of me, I did note the alluring way she was swaying her kundi. I was as if envying Shilpa for her tight figure though I knew I should not, as she was at least 7-8 years younger than me. Her proportionate ass was dancing within her dress as she walked briskly. I hurried along to keep pace with her. As we entered the puja ghar, I found there everyone of the family – Mr. Yadav, Mrs. Yadav and their daughter who came along with me. Of course, Sanjeev and Guru-ji were also there.

Guru-ji: Now we have arrived at the pinnacle of this yagya and Shilpa Beti has to now carry forward its epitome further.

Shilpa: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, distribute the bhog to Nandini and Kumar. The regulation is that the parents must complete taking the bhog before their lass sits for her part in the yagya.

Sanjeev: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, your role in the yagya is also over. You can relax outside. Anita, you need to stay to help Shilpa attain the spiritual goal.

Mrs. Yadav offered pranam to Guru-ji and helped his husband also for pranam and then they left the place. Sanjeev also followed suit with a couple of bowls of bhog already cooked by him. Now we were only three in the puja ghar — me, Anita, and Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Anita, can you make sure if Sanjeev has kept all the basic ingredients for the yagya? Check for bilva leaves, china-rose flowers, milk, ghee, rose water, honey, sandalwood paste, and turmeric.

I nodded and sat down to check that. As I sat down I realized that my panty cloth was getting inside my ass crack in the form of a rope slipping on my smooth skin. I could not stop or adjust in front of a male and allowed my panty to roll inside my deep ass crack making my ass globes virtually bare within my petticoat. I remember I was hasty while putting on my panty in front of that bastard house servant and hence this happened. Not focussing much on that simply because I could not adjust my dress in front of Guru-ji, I started checking for the items Guru-ji mentioned.

Guru-ji was expounding Shilpa on spiritual explanations of life, human goal, devotion, studies, etc. and Shilpa was obediently listening to Guru-ji. Only if did he know that this schoolgirl do watch soft porn and sometime back was expertly supporting me in an lesbian act even! I noted that Sanjeev had nicely sorted out everything on the floor for the yagya to proceed, but only thing that was missing was milk. I waited patiently till Guru-ji finished his speech.

Me: Guru-ji, all other things are there except the milk.

Guru-ji: Okay. Can you please get around a liter of milk from Nandini and get it boiled on the stove here? Also ask Nandini that I asked for a new white sari, I am not seeing it here.

Me: Sure Guru-ji.

I went out of the puja ghar and as I passed the door outside I heard Guru-ji again getting back to explain spiritual facts to Anita. The moment I went outside the vacant corridor towards the steps, I thought of adjusting my panty. It was giving me a torrid time now, because as I walked its giving me a frictional feeling on both my pussy and ass hole with its rolled edges. I have to get it straight, but this area was not at all safe, as I did not know if that rascal servant was around anywhere. So I did not take any chance going to this toilet, as the passage was completely empty.

I went down through the hallway towards the drawing room and could realize from a distance that someone was sitting there. I looked intently and could well realize it was Mr. Yadav. He was sitting there with…

Me: My goodness!

He is drinking alcohol and that very servant who molested me was sitting near his feet. My feet were as if cemented immediately and I knew if given a second chance they would surely strip me and tear off my choot with their rods. I briskly went to the other side in the direction where Shilpa’s room was. I thought this was a rather secure place away from everyone’s eyes and quickly started adjusting my panty. There was no other way but to pull up my sari to my waist and adjust it. I briskly pulled out the edges of my panty from my ass crack and stretched it over my ass flesh as far as possible and also fiddled the panty front over my hairy choot. There was no one, thankfully, and I was so much relieved after adjusting from this continuos ‘sexual’ tickling offered by my undergarment.

Suddenly I heard some light sound of bangles, as if a woman was moving her hands there. I stepped ahead, but could not find anyone. Here the passage turns to the left and ends in a balcony and yes, the sound is coming from the balcony, which could not be seen from here. I could have called Mrs. Yadav, but was curious to see who was there, as I did not see Sanjeev with Mr. Yadav in the drawing room. I tried not to make any noise and peeped into the balcony. The full moon was splashing on the balcony and I could see very, very clearly — Mrs. Yadav and Sanjeev.

But, but… What are they doing? Uuuuuuuuuuuu……………

I exclaimed within myself. As I said Mrs. Yadav was plump and though middle-aged was fleshy at the right places and in the bright moonlight in the white sari draped tightly on her figure she was surely looking sexy. Sanjeev was holding her hands and whispering something. My timing was just about right as soon I realized that Sanjeev was trying to persuade Mrs. Yadav in lovemaking in that open balcony, but she was obviously hesitant as her husband, though disabled, was very much present in the house. I could jolly well see that Sanjeev’s pleading to lovemaking was getting more physical. His persuasion posture from holding Mrs. Yadav’s hands was now getting into a half hugging scene, and certainly her objections were also melting. After some moments of inappropriate hugging by Sanjeev, I heard an affirmation from Mrs. Yadav.

Mrs. Yadav: Okay Baba. Do what you want.

Sanjeev was as if only waiting for that nod, since the way he embraced her was exceptional, and envious too for any woman! He now was feeling Mrs. Yadav’s back over her white blouse and extended his arms to touch the naked skin of her midriff. Mrs. Yadav almost jerked to his touch and as she was facing me, I saw she closed her eyes in ecstasy. I completely forgot that I came to Mrs. Yadav for milk and the white sari, but was completely absorbed in watching this horny activity. I saw Mrs. Yadav had closed her eyes and why not? Getting passionate hugs from this energetic male who had now started caressing her smooth and fair midriff with his palms and hugged her matured figure at his free will. In no time Sanjeev turned Mrs. Yadav within his arms to face her away from him so that he could massage her heavy jiggling tits abundantly.

I saw Sanjeev put his big-sized palms on Mrs. Yadav’s mammaries and cupped simultaneously both of her large, round, firm and full boobs. Mrs. Yadav naturally started wriggling in elation, as any female would do. I noticed her hands were scratching her own choot over her sari. Now suddenly Sanjeev stopped all motion and stood still, but kept his palms just holding her globes over her blouse, but not fondling them. Mrs. Yadav was a bit surprised as if someone had come, but I could well understood Sanjeev was relishing the feel of her very attractive sized boobs.

Mrs. Yadav: You naughty.

Saying that she turned again to face her, but Sanjeev was still cupping her blouse-covered breasts and it looked so indecent! Sanjeev’s hands were now under her pallu and I knew what they were doing under that cover. Sanjeev for the first time now placed his lips onto Mrs. Yadav’s lips and they were lip-locked for sometime. And like all men Sanjeev also craftily pulled down her pallu displaying her blouse-covered bobbling breasts and now to my sheer disbelief I saw he was whiffing off Mrs. Yadav’s sari from her waist also.

I was really shocked that Mrs. Yadav being a fully matured woman allowing such lewd acts by an outside male standing in the balcony of her house. Though the road cannot be seen from the balcony, but anyone approaching the house would surely notice her. Mrs. Yadav was clutching Sanjeev in such a way that it seemed to me as if she was a teenager experiencing her first date. Sanjeev was doing his job quite swiftly and in virtually no time he unhooked her white blouse and with both hands slid her white bra upwards to expose her rotund mammaries. Being the mother of a 19-year-old girl, Mrs. Yadav had enviously large and firm breasts, which jumped out of the tight bra. I saw the nipples were almost black in color and very erect for obvious reasons.

Sanjeev now encircled her waist with his arms and lifted up her chin towards him and propelled his tongue through her lips and into her mouth. Mrs. Yadav was hugging Sanjeev and scratching her fingers on his broad back. By this time, Mrs. Yadav’s sari was completely off her body and lying on floor. Her blouse was open and her bra uplifted and her petticoat was saving her dignity. I noticed Sanjeev started pushing his crotch into her pussy over her petticoat. The scene was extremely heating up and I stood there simply gulping every bit of this very hot lovemaking.

Sanjeev’s palms were now openly fondling Mrs. Yadav’s big boobs, while he had pulled her tongue into his mouth and was sucking it.

Me: Uhhhhhhhhh………

It seemed I was more excited and thrilled seeing this scene. I remembered Uday’s kissing on the boat. I truly cherished it. I was repenting if Uday was here, we could have had another steamy love session. The very next moment I thought why did I not think of my husband? He also did kiss me like this at times though not on a regular scale, as he is not a big believer in kissing. He is more into the direct act. But Uday’s kissing was so spontaneous and he resembled very much like Sanjeev was kissing Mrs. Yadav. I saw Sanjeev’s arms now came down on the lady’s gaand and he started caressing and squeezing her big buns. My right hand was automatically scratching my pussy over my panty and my left hand self massaging my breasts and pinching my nipple over my blouse and bra.

Sanjeev then peeled off her blouse and bra completely from her body and threw on the balcony chair and Mrs. Yadav, the mother of a 16-year-old girl, was now standing wearing only a petticoat in a full topless condition. I was stunned to see the courage of this housewife – she was hugging a male in a topless condition in the balcony of the house knowing that her husband was very much present in the house! I could never ever do that in my house. Even when my husband was away at noontime and if even a salesman had come, I made sure that I do not attend him in a nightie or without wearing my bra because in most cases it was the nap time for me and during that period I was surely not properly draped. However, Mrs. Yadav here was crossing all limits!

Sanjeev made Mrs. Yadav raise her hands in air in order to lick her armpits and I noticed that she was having an absolutely clean armpit. Sanjeev gurgled with pleasure and pushed his head to it. He started smelling and deeply inhaling her armpits, which though looked extremely vulgar and then started licking them vigorously and Mrs. Yadav was writhing in exhilaration. I was unable to take it anymore and was now wondering how to enter in this sweltering scene to tell Mrs. Yadav to provide me milk and a white sari, which Guru-ji had ordered. It was also getting late I realized and Guru-ji might just be angry. I apologized to Mrs. Yadav in my mind, as I had to now stop her blow hot love episode.

I went back at least a dozen steps. I still was midway in the passage towards the balcony. I was also at a safe distance from the drawing room where Mr. Yadav was having a drink and I started calling Mrs. Yadav.

Me: Mrs. Yadav. Mrs. Yadav.

I did not deliberately move a step ahead as I knew hearing my voice she would immediately try to wear her clothes back and I need to give her that time. After a moment or two, I called again and took only a couple of steps. After sometime, I heard a feeble reply.

Mrs. Yadav: Yes, I am here.

I walked very slowly towards the balcony. As I stepped on the balcony, I saw Sanjeev was sitting on the chair as if enjoying the beauty of the moonlit night and Mrs. Yadav looked extremely sexy with the blouse on her body with all the hooks open and the sari draped in a very lewd fashion. I knew I should have given her more time to recompose.

Me: Guru-ji asked for a bowl of milk and a white sari that he had already told you of.

Mrs. Yadav: Oh! Yes, yes Anita. I forgot about the sari. Why don’t you sit here in the balcony? I will get you both in a minute.

I did not want to embarrass Mrs. Yadav. She was panting as she conversed and the sexual heat was showing on her face. I nodded and took a chair. Mrs. Yadav hurriedly left the place and from the tingling of her chudi I could make out she was probably dressing her standing in the passage. Sanjeev was absolutely normal and conversed with me and within another five to seven minutes Mrs. Yadav was back with a bowl of milk and the sari. I thanked her and left the place. As I walked down the passage towards the stairs I speculated whether Sanjeev and Mrs. Yadav would again engage in passionate lovemaking in the open balcony or take me as an alert and go in some room to fulfill their desires. But I could well apprehend that if this is the nature of Mrs. Yadav, I could not blame her daughter much for watching porn CDs.

I knocked and entered the puja ghar. Guru-ji was still explaining something to her and she was listening intently with folded arms. Guru-ji looked up and noted that I had got the things he ordered for.

Guru-ji: Anita, lock the door and get the milk boiled in the stove.

I nodded and handed him the sari and went up to the stove to get the milk boiled. As I handed Guru-ji the sari I noted for the first time that it was a thin cotton sari, the type generally worn by widows. I could not understand why that was needed in this yagya. I was about to ask that, but Guru-ji by that time was directing Shilpa for the first worship.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, now we will do the first worship to Linga Maharaj. One needs a medium for this worship and as your parents used your Sanjeev uncle and Anita aunty as their mediums, you will use me as your medium. Okay?

Shilpa: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Beti, the focus has to be worship and worship only. You must not deviate. If you deviate you will have to undergo the ‘dosha khandan’ (=eradicate the error) process. So only concentrate on your worship for studies. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Shilpa nodded and stood up. She did not know what to do and Guru-ji indicated through a gesture to me for the start. I took her to the area where I lied on the floor and I told her to be on the floor in a prone position, i.e. her bottoms facing the ceiling. Shilpa’s back was looking very attractive as she was lying on the floor wearing the tight salwar kamiz. While giving her the puja flowers, I noticed her face was red in natural shame, as then she got the hint that Guru-ji would get on top of her back. I handed her over the puja flowers and asked to stretch her hands in the worship form.

Guru-ji: Thanks Anita. You can sit there and mind you no noise. Shilpa Beti, I will whisper in your ears the mantra five times and you will chant that loudly to Linga Maharaj. Then in turn you will whisper me what exactly is your wish and I will transfer that to Maharaj. Okay?

Shilpa: Okay Guru-ji.

I thought I should ask Guru-ji that previously the process was different because as the medium I was no floor and Mr. Yadav enjoyed me from top, but did not gather the courage to ask Guru-ji. He roared forward to Shilpa’s body chanting “Jai Linga Maharaj” time and again. Guru-ji’s gigantic figure was no match for this teenager and her body was fully covered by Guru-ji’s mammoth stature as he placed himself on her.

Guru-ji: Don’t mind Beti, as this is the norm of this yagya. I will not place my body weight on you. You just concentrate.

Guru-ji was now riding Shilpa’s body and I was watching from a distance of few feet. I noted that Guru-ji very cleverly adjusted his body length, pretending to straighten his saffron garment, to place his pelvic area exactly on Shilpa’s buttocks. He was not even finished whispering the first mantra in Shilpa’s ears that I saw the subtle movement of Guru-ji’s pelvis on her gaand. I was shocked to see Guru-ji also deviating by Shilpa’s young flesh. As the mantra chanting was getting to an end, I found Guru-ji’s pelvic movement was getting more obvious on Shilpa’s hips.

Now Shilpa had to whisper her wish to Guru-ji and he would transfer that to Linga Maharaj. I saw Guru-ji took his face very close to her face, his thick lips almost touching the girl’s cheeks. Guru-ji’s hands, which were till then on the floor on both sides of Shilpa, now moved. He kept his right hand on Shilpa’s shoulder very casually as he dropped his face near her lips. Soon that part was over too and Guru-ji alighted from her body. Believe me, I clearly saw Guru-ji’s erect tool protruding like a pole his saffron dhoti. He quickly adjusted that before Shilpa could raise her head from her lying position.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, did you concentrate fully during your worship?

Shilpa: Yes Guru-ji.

I noted that her voice was almost trembling, probably in excitement.

Guru-ji: Then why is your voice shaky? Why are you not confident?

She was breathing heavily like any woman if a man rides her back. But Guru-ji’s voice was stern and harsh.

Shilpa: Believe me Guru-ji, I was thinking only on my worship.

Guru-ji: Why are you telling a lie Beti?

There was pin drop silence in the room as the cozy atmosphere has changed. I was also a bit puzzled seeing the proceeding.

Guru-ji: This is the reason for your failure. Your mind is not steady, it’s curious about things other than studies. The same thing happened here, your mind was more inclined about my physical touch, and not on the worship.

Shilpa was still trying to save her face.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, believe me, I was praying only for passing the final exams.

Guru-ji: Beti, you are forcing me to prove my point and I will do that. Anita, just come here and check if her mind was diverted or not.

I was baffled. How do I check that? Shilpa stood with her face down and I was sure she was telling a lie. Her concentration definitely was focussed on the male touch.

Me: But Guru-ji, how? I mean err… how do I check?

Guru-ji: Its simple. You just check her nipples and you know that she was excited or not.

Myself and Shilpa both were rather appalled hearing that, especially from a male. But as I gathered back, I thought that Guru-ji had hit the bull’s eye, because to catch a woman if she is sexually excited or not, the appearance of her nipples is the best catch.

Me: Okay Guru-ji.

Shilpa: But Guru-ji…

Shilpa was red in shame and probably realized that she could not fool this Godman, as he was much more experienced and wise.

Shilpa: I am sorry Guru-ji. You were right.

Guru-ji: Hmm. So you see Beti, there is no point in misleading people. Always tell the truth. Okay?

Shilpa simply nodded and I could well understand her position in front of this gigantic male character. I noticed Guru-ji now took out a couple of replicas of Linga Maharaj from his bag. They looked exactly like the deity that was there for worship here.

Guru-ji: Anita, please hand me over the milk, bilva leaves, rose water, and honey. Also pour some ghee in the yagya fire.

I did as Guru-ji said and he started making a mixture out of them. He crushed the bilva leaves and mixed it with honey. Then with the other ingredients, a thick fluid was prepared. Then Guru-ji started pouring the mixture on one of the replica of Linga Maharaj. He massaged and stroked it slowly so that it was fully laminated with the fluid mixture. Then he took the other replica and made it shudh (=purify) in the fire and then cleaned with rose water. Lastly he performed some puja on both the models. Shilpa and myself were both watching him silently.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, come here and stand by the fire. Close your eyes and pray to Agnidev the mantras that I chant.

The yagya fire had already flared up as I had poured ghee in it and the heat, the smoke along with Guru-ji’s loud vocal narration of mantras made the atmosphere of the room very gripping. I saw Shilpa’s lips moving as she was repeating the mantras. This went on for another three to five minutes.

Guru-ji: Beti, now this is a very important part of the yagya. You must dedicate your mind fully on this. These models of our Linga Maharaj will now energize you. It is called the Jaagran Kriya (=wake up process). You will have to gulp down holy fluid on it and concurrently I will guide the other model through your body to invigorate you.

Shilpa nodded her head with a question mark on her face and I was damn sure that she could not fully interpret Guru-ji’s words, but she did not have the guts to ask him. I was also not fully sure what Guru-ji would do exactly. Shilpa had closed her eyes with her hands folded for worship standing in front of the yagya fire and the fire had supplemented a reddish tinge to her body hugging white salwar kamiz. Guru-ji was standing just beside her, very close. I was on the opposite of the fire.

Guru-ji now was shouting mantras and held the fluid laminated Linga replica to Shilpa’s mouth. She opened her lips initially just a little, but then realizing to accommodate the Linga diameter she had to open it wider, did that. Guru-ji inserted the Linga model in her mouth and she started sucking it. The fluid must have tasted good as Shilpa was licking it up fast. Guru-ji was slowly pushing it more and more into her mouth and now it looked so vulgar to me. It looked more like an oral sex scene where the female takes the erect male cock in her mouth sucking and licking it. Shilpa was exactly doing that.

Guru-ji: Hold the Linga with your hands and mind you throughout this ‘jaagran kriya’, you should have it in your mouth.

Shilpa followed the command. Her eyes were closed throughout as Guru-ji originally ordered. She held the Linga structure in both hands and was sucking it. She was gulping it further, but she looked so crude that I had to lower my eyes. Guru-ji was watching her closely and must have been enjoying the scene – a 19-year-old sexy teenage girl standing in front of him with a structure, which very much resembled an erect lund, in her mouth. As Shilpa was almost complete with sucking the tip part, she lifted her face and almost inverted the Linga over her mouth and more fluid trickled in her mouth. She continued to sop up the fluid and inadvertently was producing a very sexy sound, which reminded me of my married bedroom life.

I had done this oral thing for my husband only on one day and was not at all comfortable with it. The first day when my husband offered me to do this, I quivered in shame and promptly refused. He requested me the same thing on some other days too, but then not seeing my urge in this act did not poke me further. But one rainy evening, I was feeling very horny reading a novel and when my husband returned after work, I was quite eager to have sex. Apparently he was very tired and was not in the ‘mood’. That day deliberately I went for my bath late and made sure that when I got out of the bathroom my husband was on bed. I went to the dressing table and purposefully got out of my panty from under my nighty standing there, so that my hubby got a sexy view and myself also could watch his reaction on the mirror. It worked as when I came near him on bed, I noted his semi-erect tool under his pajama.

But he was visibly tired and only after a couple of kisses he was planning to sleep. But I desperately wanted lovemaking at that time. I started playing with his hair as he was lying on bed and also adjusted my nighty a bit so that my big tight boobs remained half open over my nightdress near his face. In general I am somewhat conservative on bed like most women, but that day in trying to ignite my husband was behaving shamelessly. I noticed my husband was gearing up, but definitely slower than other days and he inserted his fingers within my nighty to feel my private parts. I was myself so eager that I had already exposed my body by lifting up my nighty to mid thigh and was giving him the feel of my naked plump thighs. He was responding to me, but I found his lund was not getting erect to the same hardness that I would like. And by the time my husband switched off the lights to make more intense lovemaking, I was stark naked on bed except for my ornaments. Today I was trying to stroke and massage his cock more to get his full hardness, and probably realizing his physical tiredness he offered me to suck his cock. I did not refuse and did this cock sucking for the first time. Honestly I did not like it at all, which I also told my husband next day, but that day it worked for me as my husband was charged immediately and we had an enjoyable intercourse.

Today as Shilpa was sucking the Linga model, that day I also sucked and licked my hubby’s hard cock and his precum did make his lund slippery and the same sound was yielded through my lips, which Shilpa was producing now. Guru-ji was already chanting mantras and now he started to guide the other Linga replica from his head downwards. It appeared as if a magician doing some trick with his magic wand. Guru-ji was stopping at one place on Shilpa’s body and verbalizing mantras and then was proceeding to the next stop. First on her head, then to her neck and now further down brushing all over her back. Shilpa almost jerked as Guru-ji grazed past her full salwar kamiz covered back with that Linga. Then Guru-ji did something, which would appear very offensive to any woman.

Guru-ji had positioned himself to Shilpa’s backside now and as he slid the Linga structure to Shilpa’s waist, he pulled up the end of the freely flowing kamiz from Shilpa’s buttocks and exposed her pajama-covered round butts. Shilpa naturally was shocked and stopped her sucking process and was probably going to take out the Linga from her open mouth, but Guru-ji indicated her to continue.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, as I told you — you concentrate on what you do. And for your information, this energizing process through Linga model allows for a maximum of two cloth covers on an organ. If there are more, one must remove that. You are wearing your undergarment Beti, over that you have the pajama — a double cover already, so I had to pull up the kamiz.

Saying that Guru-ji paused to see the teenage girl’s reaction and seeing she understood, looked at me.

Guru-ji: Anita, can you please pour in some more fluid on her Linga?

Me: Sure Guru-ji.

As I answered I noted that light was falling from the opposite side on Shilpa’s back and as Guru-ji had pulled up her kamiz to her waist, Shilpa’s pantyline could clearly be seen over the thin material of her pajama. It is a fact that we girls bother very nominally about the thinness of our pajamas that we wear in a salwar suit as our pelvic and bottom areas remain covered securely with the kamiz flowing over them. But in this case, as Guru-ji had pulled Shilpa’s kamiz up, I was shocked to see that I was able to see the exact position of her panty on her ass cheeks. And Guru-ji as a male must have been enjoying her pantyline.

I picked up the bowl of fluid and went up to Shilpa and she also took out the structure off her mouth and was virtually gasping. Her eyes were still closed and due to that everything what Guru-ji did seemed more erotic. I transferred some fluid onto the replica in her hand.

Guru-ji: Hurry up girls! We are losing out on the auspicious time frame.

I went back to my position and Shilpa too inserted the Linga in her mouth and again began to lick the rod thereby sucking the fluid. All this time Guru-ji stood behind Shilpa having pulled up her kamiz till her waist revealing Shilpa’s pajama-covered full gaand. Now as she started to lick the Linga again, Guru-ji now rolled the Linga structure onto his round hips. I adjusted my position a bit so that I could see Guru-ji’s activities. I noticed Guru-ji now left the uplifted kamiz cloth and held the Linga in both hands beneath her salwar kamiz tip and was articulating mantras. His hands beneath Shilpa’s dress were constantly moving and only Shilpa knew what they were doing as I was unable to see that. The way Shilpa jerked and moved in her standing position I could guess Guru-ji must be feeling and massaging her panty covered gaand over her thin pajama.

The process looked extremely vulgar till it stopped. Shilpa for the first time was visibly uncomfortable. Why not? She is an unmarried grownup college girl and if a male rolls a rod on her gaand with both hands and simultaneously she has to suck another rod, even a married woman would feel horny. Guru-ji was constantly chanting mantras and continued his energizing process. He had now come to Shilpa’s front and held the Linga model on her knees and slowly rolling up over her pajama-covered thighs. I was having butterfly in my stomach, as now Guru-ji was approaching her love spot. But unexpectedly Guru-ji called me.

Guru-ji: Anita, come here once.

I took a circular route to come down before the yagya fire near Shilpa.

Guru-ji: You hold her kamiz up and let me energize her yoni.

I was a bit taken aback hearing that word from Guru-ji’s mouth, but realized it’s a yagya process that had to be followed. It was very humiliating for any woman to have her dress pulled up and a male touching her pubic area, but it was ‘accepted’ due to Guru-ji’s presence. Shilpa also did not react much, more so probably due to my presence. I gently pulled up her kamiz with one hand from the front till her waist, but Guru-ji asked me to pull it up properly with two hands and further more. Hence I lifted Shilpa’s kamiz up a bit more exposing till her beautiful bellybutton along with the waistband of her pajama and the knot. Again due to light falling from the opposite direction, Shilpa’s panty position could clearly be assessed from the front.

Guru-ji started rolling the Linga rod with both hands on her pussy and now his mantra expressions were louder than ever. I noticed due to touches to that very sensitive part, Shilpa’s face naturally turned red and her sucking process was also ceased though she was still holding it in her mouth. As I turned my eyes to Shilpa’s pussy area again I clearly saw that Guru-ji was probing his fingers over her pajama and panty on her pussy trying to trace the slit and inserting his finger. I immediately got hardened nipples within my bra seeing that sight. With Guru-ji’s fingers openly touching her pussy over her clothes, Shilpa started to almost moan now with her eyes closed.

Shilpa: Ummmmmmmm….

Guru-ji was now practically feeling and pressing Shilpa’s pussy area with his fingers and the role of the Linga was negligible. He was kneeling before this sexy teen’s honey pot and doing this Jaagran Kriya. Shilpa was now constantly moving from her standing position and I could very well understand her uncomfortableness. But she did not have to wait long, as the process was over and Guru-ji stood up to proceed towards her another sensitive area, her mammaries. I dropped her kamiz and she looked visibly comfortable.

Guru-ji: Pour some more mixture.

I took the bowl and poured the thickish fluid onto the Linga structure not even asking Shilpa to get it out of her mouth. The fluid naturally overflowed the rod to her lips and chin and even glided down her slender neck into the top of her dress. Guru-ji by that time had rolled the Linga model through her flat stomach and was approaching her twin peaks. With a male hand groping Shilpa’s gaand and pussy area, she was now breathing very heavily and her perky breasts looked more firm and jutting out within her salwar suit. Since I was standing pretty close to her, I could clearly make out her left nipple impression above her dress and honestly she was now looking extremely tempting. Since Shilpa was not even using a chunri, things were worse.

Shilpa was gulping down the fluid, which I poured and it seemed even Guru-ji was somewhat out of place after groping every inch of this sexy 19-year-old girl because I noticed his jaws were hanging and he was himself breathing heavily now and his manhood was alarmingly sticking out through his dhoti. As expected, Guru-ji lost some composure and though he was narrating the mantras, the voice was lower, and as he placed the Linga rod on Shilpa’s youthful boobs, his fingers were directly trying to touch her kamiz-covered jiggling flesh. I noticed Shilpa had closed her eyes and Guru-ji was probably more charged by this and completely ignoring my presence, he took his left hand off the Linga rod and directly grabbed Shilpa’s left boob.

Shilpa: Ummmmmmmmmmmm…

She could not utter much, as her mouth was blocked by the Linga rod and her eyes were also tightly closed, probably in excitement. Guru-ji was now crossing the limit, I thought, groping this girl who was virtually her daughter’s age. He was now feeling the roundness and firmness of Shilpa’s left breast with his palm from the front and it looked so very indecent that I had to turn my eyes elsewhere. Guru-ji was taking undue advantage of the situation and feeling the body of this rosebud. But it was short-lived as Guru-ji quickly recovered and was again chanting the mantras loudly and held the Linga rod in both hands and rolled it on Shilpa’s breasts. To finish off this ritual, he pressed Shilpa’s round boobs with the base of the Linga rod and his act appeared as if he stamped her boobs with the Linga structure as we see post office workers do when they put stamp marks on the letters.

Guru-ji: Okay Shilpa Beti. Open your eyes. Your Jaagran Kriya is complete. Take the Linga out from your mouth also.

Shilpa: Uffffffffffffff……………..

Shilpa exhaled a sigh of relief. She was sweating profusely now I noticed standing close to the fire and also due to the male touches on her private parts.

Guru-ji: I hope your full concentration was here. Otherwise you will face ‘amangal’ Beti and also will not succeed in your exams.

Shilpa: No Guru-ji. I was concentrating.

Guru-ji: I hope so. Well, the first part of the yagya is complete, now for the next part. Anita, please get me the sanctified rope from my bag.

As I went to the other side of the fire to get Guru-ji’s bag, I heard Guru-ji saying something very shocking for Shilpa.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, if you are ready, we will get along with the next part and as per custom, the devotee needs to wear her medium’s clothing.

I turned back and saw Shilpa was looking questionably at Guru-ji. Quite natural. I was also a bit surprised. Guru-ji explained.

Guru-ji: As the medium I have put forward your plea to Linga Maharaj and now you have to authenticate that from the materialistic angle by wearing my dress and perform the rest of the yagya together, i.e. now the medium and the devotee are one and the same. Jai Linga Maharaj!

We both chanted “Jai Linga Maharaj!”, but I could clearly make out the lack of confidence in Shilpa’s voice as she jolly well understood that she needs to take off her salwar kamiz now. Guru-ji did not give Shilpa much time to think and took of his saffron cloth that he was wearing from the upper part of his body and forwarded it to Shilpa. Guru-ji’s massive hairy body was half exposed now. He was only wearing a saffron dhoti. Seeing him in that condition would make any girl frightened.

Guru-ji: Beti, don’t waste time. The auspicious time is running away.

Shilpa was standing like a dumbstruck. A grown up girl like her being asked to change her dress in front of a male probably made her so astonished that she forgot to react even. At least she got back her voice.

Shilpa: But Guru-ji, I mean… How can I wear this? This is just a shawl like cloth!

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, you are not going now to attend a party so that you need to dress up properly. This is a yagya. You need to abide by the norms. There are so many yagya you know where the devotee has to attend it fully naked. One must devote in the purest form. There is no term called shame in front of Linga Maharaj? Silly girl.

Guru-ji’s voice was firm as steel. Shilpa did not have the courage to utter a single word after that.

Guru-ji: Anita, she need not open her undergarments. You wrap it on her waist like a lungi.

I looked at Shilpa and her eyes were telling the story. She drooped her head and quietly went to the corner of the puja ghar and started opening her kamiz. She took it out over her head stretching her arms up in the air. Then she untied her pajama and started pulling it down and as she bent to pull it down, her panty covered full gaand looked so inviting that I noticed Guru-ji for a split second stroked his lund. Shilpa’s back was towards us and though she quickly tried to drape her in the saffron cloth, Guru-ji had a clear view of her undergarment clad body from the back. I stepped forward to her now and helped her cover her lower part of the body starting from her navel till her knees with that saffron cloth and tied the knot securely below her navel. Honestly I thought she would look less vulgar if she remained in her bra and panty only, but now she was looking extremely sexy, as her white undergarment was so very prominent through this semi transparent cloth.

She now came in front of Guru-ji with her eyes to the floor in shame as she was so much exposed in front of a male. Her boobs jiggled within her bra and young flesh was oozing out of her bra cups. In fact, seeing her limitless exposure in front of a male I was myself feeling uncomfortable. Her 19-year-old bubbly body looked so very fascinating that myself being a woman was getting green with envy. Her boobs looked so firm and erect within her scanty bra and her flat abdomen dancing into the thin waist and further down into her curvaceous ass appeared so captivating.

I handed the rope to Guru-ji and he bent down to tie that to Shilpa’s waist. She was so shy that she was also bending a bit towards Guru-ji to his touches at her waist. When the tying of the rope was over and as Guru-ji ascended from his bent position, his head directly collided with Shilpa’s jiggling bra-covered boobs as she was bending inwards. Guru-ji looked up and Shilpa’s pomegranate boobs were right in front of his lustful eyes. Naturally she blushed heavily and though Guru-ji said “Sorry”, I could read a different story in his eyes.

Guru-ji: Beti, hold this rope for now. Anita, please forward me the sandalwood paste once.

I took the sandalwood paste dish and handed that over to Guru-ji. He now closed his eyes and started chanting mantras. Shilpa was looking down at the floor; she must be feeling immensely ashamed to be standing only in her bra and panty in front of a male. Though the saffron veil was hanging from her waist, but practically that was nonexistent as her tiny white panty was visible like daylight. Guru-ji opened his eyes and came right in front of Shilpa and placed a sandalwood tilak (=mark) on her forehead.

Guru-ji: Now repeat the mantras loudly as I say.

Narrating the mantra he now bent again to put a sandalwood tilak on Shilpa’s navel and then squatted in front of her before her legs and pulled up the veil to make her thighs naked and then put tilak on her smooth thighs.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, now we will do havan together. Havan is the procedure of eradicating inner imperfections prevalent in our being. If you are through with it, you will overcome your problem of studies.

Shilpa nodded and stepped towards the fire as Guru-ji was already there. I was standing at a distance now, not directly facing them, but watching them from the side. Guru-ji now picked up the ghee pot.

Guru-ji: Beti, now hold this.

Now Guru-ji came to Shilpa’s back and positioned himself right behind her. Now he inserted his hands through the underarms of Shilpa and he also held the ghee pot. I noticed as he did that Shilpa had to raise her both arms slightly to accommodate Guru-ji’s inserted arms. I saw Guru-ji’s strong arms were now holding the ghee pot and simultaneously pressing Shilpa’s bra-covered boobs from both sides. But the way Guru-ji adjusted his pelvis into the buttocks of Shilpa, I was shocked and doubted his intentions. Now both held the ghee pot and slowly poured ghee into the yagya fire and Guru-ji was chanting extensive mantras.

As I was viewing them from the side, I could see their every movement. Guru-ji was now very deliberately rubbing his arms on the sides her upright boobs and the touch of young firm mangoes must have ignited the passion in him, otherwise why would he start gyrating his pelvis on Shilpa’s panty-covered gaand. Shilpa also must be feeling the heat — from the yagya fire as well as this man’s hot touches. She was looking like the goddess of Venus clad only in a bikini like clothing in the arms of Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, now I will face you from the front and you put in your arms from my both sides to pour ghee in the fire.

Shilpa: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji took out his arms from below Shilpa’s armpits and came to her front. Shilpa now extended her arms through the underarms of Guru-ji and started pouring the ghee. I noticed Guru-ji adjusted his position so that Shilpa’s boob tips were now touching his flat hairy chest. Naturally like any woman, Shilpa was also uncomfortable as her boobs were touching a male’s chest and retracted from her position, but I saw Guru-ji drew her towards him to get the proper posture. Shilpa was avoiding eye contact with Guru-ji and most times kept her eyes closed as she was repeating the mantras chanted by Guru-ji. This probably gave Guru-ji a better chance to milk her. Guru-ji was now moving his fingers up and down her tummy and to her bottoms over her panty. She was wriggling subtly as I could comprehend that Shilpa was unwilling to make her reactions to the male touch very evident. This went on for a minute and then suddenly Guru-ji stopped sounding the mantras and pulled back from Shilpa.

Guru-ji: Beti, what is this? I did warn you to concentrate on the mantra and worship only. But it seems you have not taken any lesson!

Shilpa’s face was pale. She was dumb. Her nipple impressions could clearly be seen over her bra cups and that proved certainly she was entertained by Guru-ji’s touches.

Guru-ji: You are not able to succeed in studies because you are more curious in other things, which are not a part of your concern till you are a virgin. I am very annoyed with you.

Guru-ji seemed very upset and there was pin drop silence in the room.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, please forgive me.

Guru-ji: There is no question of forgiveness on my part. That means you have throughout this yagya concentrated on your physical excitement rather than the worship. I need to tell this to your parents.

Shilpa hearing this reacted so vulnerably that she made a mess. She immediately held Guru-ji’s legs for a mercy and started crying. But she did not know this posture made her look so enticing that I had to almost take my eyes off her. Her whole back was naked except for the sheer bra strap and as she bent on the floor with folded legs, her panty was stretched by her fleshy buttocks sliding it down marginally exposing the tip of her ass crack. I figured out that the panty Shilpa was wearing must be an old one with a slackened elastic waistband. Any male would get a hard on by that scene. Shilpa’s ass crack was unmistakably noticeable over her panty through the semi-transparent saffron cloth that she was wearing at her waist.

Guru-ji: Beti, beti get up. Behave yourself.

I now had to step in and tried to get Shilpa up from Guru-ji’s feet. After much pleading she got up, but as she ascended from her bent position, she displayed her deep cleavage, the insides of her breasts, and the exact shape of her boobs, which would be enough to get a turn on for any male, any age.

Guru-ji: The only way out for completing this yagya is now the ‘dosha khandan’. Are you ready for that?

Shilpa: I will do whatever you say Guru-ji.

She was sobbing and with her exposed condition it seemed as if she was crying to get back her clothes. Guru-ji quickly went towards the other side of the yagya fire and started preparing more sandalwood paste.

Me: Guru-ji, I can do it if you say.

Guru-ji: Thanks Anita, but I can manage. You take care of her and ask her to stop weeping. She is no more a child.

I went ahead to Shilpa. She was looking so helpless from all angles — physically and mentally too. I kept my hand on her head and asked her to be quiet. I wiped her cheeks with my sari pallu and Shilpa started getting normal.

Guru-ji: Anita, is she okay now?

Me: Yes Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Fine. Now stretch on the floor here the white sari that Nandini had given you.

I nodded and obeyed him. Shilpa was standing quietly in her semi-clad condition. Guru-ji had prepared sandalwood paste in a large bowl and I was wondering what would he do with so much sandalwood! Guru-ji now stood up and suddenly opened his loin in front of us. As he did that I almost exclaimed seeing his large tool draped in the tiny brief. Guru-ji himself was quite an enormous figure and now standing only wearing his undergarment looked rather fearsome for any woman. I saw that his thick lund was stretching the cloth of his brief very awkwardly and we both girls had our eyes glued on his manhood.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, don’t panic, as this is the custom for ‘dosha khandan’. When you are offering yourself to Linga Maharaj, you must be in your purest form.

Saying that he stood in front of the fire on one leg, closed his eyes, and stretched his hands upwards in folded form and started vocalizing mantras. The glowing fire was making him look quite dreadful. I looked at Shilpa and she was still staring at Guru-ji’s underwear-covered thick lund. Following her, I also again directed my vision to the same item, unmistakably any woman’s favorite thing, and confessed in my mind that all the male penis that I had seen till that day, this was the most gorgeous, even within the underwear. Guru-ji completed the episode and opened his eyes.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, since are no more a child and you have completed 19 years of age, what you are doing as hide and seek from your parents and thereby hampering your studies, you should know like daylight.

Guru-ji was still in that one-legged position before the fire, and seeing that almost mechanically Shilpa folded her arms in the form of worship and looked into his eyes.

Guru-ji: I can clearly see the natural astonishment in your eyes Beti, which I do not see in your Anita Aunty’s eyes. You know the reason? That’s because she is married and had seen and felt the male sexual tool, which you have not.

My ears immediately got hot listening such words from Guru-ji and I simply could not look directly at him though he was not talking to me at that moment.

Guru-ji: Every girl has this curiosity about male body, their touches and the excitement, which is the normal behavior of this age, but getting diverted from you focus is a poor action and you must do a behavioral modification. And this ‘dosha khandan’ will help you do that also.

He paused and then again continued.

Guru-ji: What inquisitiveness you have today, I also had the same at your age. We males are similarly interested in female bodies, their touches, and the excitement. This is life.

The environment seemed to be getting a bit cozier now with Guru-ji explaining things.

Shilpa: You are right Guru-ji. I am unable to concentrate and all the time…

Guru-ji: I can understand that, but ought to have a talk with Nandini when you saw it was hampering your studies. Isn’t it? But actually your psycho did not allow you to do that, as you believed your parents would come up with a stick if you share such things with them.

Shilpa: You are absolutely right Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Come near me Beti.

Shilpa went up to Guru-ji and stood by the yagya fire with folded hands. Her almost naked body looked reddish in the fire flame.

Guru-ji: Do not hide anything in front of Linga Maharaj. As your medium, I am also his part. Tell me do you have a boyfriend?

Shilpa blushed and was dumb for a minute. Guru-ji patiently waited for her to reply.

Shilpa: Yes Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Hmm. And I believe you are deviated from your studies mostly once you have met him.

Shilpa nodded affirmatively.

Guru-ji: How often do you meet? Is he in college?

Shilpa: Yes, he is in college Guru-ji. We meet twice or thrice a week

Guru-ji: How long do you know him?

Shilpa: For about 3-4 months.

Guru-ji: And how far has your relation progressed?

Shilpa lowered her eyelids and kept looking at the floor. I was quite amused the way Guru-ji was craftily digging out her personal details.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, you have not done a sin that you are feeling guilty. Tell me how far it has progressed?

That was a tricky question for a girl of 16 to answer, as she had to tell how far she had allowed her male partner touching her body.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, we spend time together, I mean err… that’s all, nothing more.

Guru-ji: Have you kissed each other?

Guru-ji now started hitting directly the bulls’ eye. Shilpa after keeping silent for a while, replied.

Shilpa: I tried to protect me from doing such things, but Guru-ji believe me, the situations made me so weak that…

Guru-ji: Hmm. Where do you spend time generally?

Shilpa: In the Waterworld or in the Lumbini Park.

I was not much aware of these places, as I was not a resident of that area, but Guru-ji seemed to know the places.

Guru-ji: Lumbini Park! That’s a dirty place. Especially in the evening it becomes a den of crooks and unsocial activities.

Shilpa: But Guru-ji, we never went there in the evening, we go there after school around 4 p.m.

Guru-ji: Now tell me how situations made you weak as you said. Do not hide anything Beti. Tell everything in front of Linga Maharaj and feel free at heart.

Shilpa was now sweating and I could see beads of sweat on her naked upper half of the body. She was also breathing a shade heavier making her ample boobs ooze a bit more over her bra.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, initially it was just chatting sitting on the park bench and holding each other’s hands while walking, but as days went by I could feel the urge to get his touches. Then one day it was drizzling and we were walking under an umbrella. The bench where we sat generally was occupied that day by a couple and we sat by their side. That day I could not resist him, but it was not my fault completely.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, tell everything that happened. This is also a step towards your “dosha khandan”.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, as we sat beside that couple on the park bench, they were already quite close and soon started touching each other’s lips and in no time the man made the woman almost lie on the park bench and was they kissing feverishly. Guru-ji, they were just a foot away from us. The woman was almost Anita Aunty’s age and she was by that time in a horribly disrobed condition in the open park to the extent that I had to stop my partner from seeing her.

Guru-ji: As I said Beti, tell me everything because from that actually you got close to your boyfriend. Right?

Shilpa: Yes Guru-ji. Just imagine in the open park they were kissing and the woman’s sari pallu was flowing on the ground and one of her tits was flashing out from her open blouse and bra.

Me: In the park?

I could not stop myself asking that question.

Guru-ji: Anita, you do not know this place. Since one has to purchase tickets and go inside, there is no disturbance. Moreover there is no security inside also. Okay Beti, then?

Shilpa: Guru-ji, we both were quite excited seeing such things at such close proximity and then when he embraced me I could not resist. That was the first day, I mean I was kissed.

Guru-ji: Then?

Shilpa: We were both quite excited about our meetings and simultaneously I was getting distracted from my studies. We met, chatted and had a nice time in the Park. I could realize his temptation was growing and the silence of the Park added fuel. In the third or fourth meeting there, the kissing extended to his touches on my whole body and inside my dress. Guru-ji, believe me, each day I made up my mind when I met him that today I would not indulge in intent body contact, but…

Guru-ji: Hmm. Linga Maharaj wants to know Beti how far you have proceeded? Have you gone to bed…

Shilpa: Ssssssssssss. No, Guru-ji. Never.

There was pin drop silence in the room. Guru-ji still standing on one leg with his hands up in the air in folded form, but the bulge within his brief had grown further and was looking so very odd. It looked like a thick pole covered by a rag.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, believe me, we chat mostly, but most times there is a couple nearby in the Park doing spicy things and we get influenced also. He has touched me over my dress, but not directly… err… I mean…

Shilpa paused a little and Guru-ji threw a very indecent question at her.

Guru-ji: Have you touched your boyfriend’s tool?

Saying that he indicated with his eyes to his lund and Shilpa immediately blushed, and blushed very heavily. I was also feeling a hardening of my nipples within my blouse and bra and simultaneously felt an itching in my pussy.

Guru-ji: What happened Beti? You told your boyfriend has touched you on your breasts, but did you not touch his tool?

Shilpa nodded, negatively.

Guru-ji: Tell the truth. You are in front of Linga Maharaj.

Shilpa was again silent for a while and was looking down at the floor. Then she let the cat out of the bag.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, you know everything. Yes, he touched me inside my inner wear and I also felt his manhood. While in the Park everything was restricted to kissing and cuddling me over my dress, though at times he inserted his hand within my top, but I always tried to avoid such situations. But when we started going to the Waterworld, we got closer. As we started spending time in the pool, I could not resist when he came closer to me in the water. And under the water, he touches me everywhere over my costume and Guru-ji, I also touched and felt his tool over his brief under the water.

There was a slight pause as Shilpa took a long breath and then continued her confession.

Shilpa: Naturally I longed for his touches, but one day things went a bit too far and I immediately made restrictions on his approaches and he also told sorry to me for what he did. In the Waterpark the costume changing rooms for boys and girls are side by side and these are small rooms for individuals. On weekdays in any case the crowd in the pool is very thin and that day due to heavy rains it was very sparse. The changing room area was also very desolate and the guard was also not there probably due to rains. As I was half way done in the changing room, I heard a knock and the voice of …

Shilpa avoided naming his boyfriend.

Shilpa: I opened the door slightly and he just pushed in. I was just clad in the same way as I am now. I was about to wear the costume over my undergarments that he entered. He had already changed into his brief and he embraced and started kissing me. Guru-ji, I tried to escape, but being almost I mean err… naked, each of his touches made me so weak…

Shilpa was silent as she lowered her head.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, for the first time I got touches inside my undergarments, and so you can understand my condition. The fear factor was also working and I literally threw him out seeing no one outside the changing room and fortunately the episode was over.

Guru-ji: Did he not try to do anything more?

Shilpa: He almost tore off my, I mean…. my inner wears, but due to my strict resistance he could only pull it up halfway.

Guru-ji: And what about?

Guru-ji indicated through his eyes towards Shilpa’s panty. How outrageous! But little could this teenage girl do.

Shilpa: Yes, err… Guru-ji, I mean he pulled it down, but I quickly recovered before he could do anything more.

Guru-ji: Hmm. So he saw your choot? Did you see his lund?

I was struck by thunder listening to such direct words from Guru-ji’s mouth. Shilpa also was not prepared to reply to such direct things. It was a very clumsy situation for her, I understood. In fact I was feeling heat in my ears hearing to such a question. Shilpa could only reply after a while with a drooped face.

Shilpa: No Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: But you must have felt it with your hand in such a situation.

Shilpa: He forced me to touch his…

Guru-ji: Okay. Its good to know that you saved your virginity. But this conclusively proves Beti why you are distracted from your studies. But you also must keep in mind that before your marriage a physical relation or even a boy kissing you or touching your body are not within accepted norms of our culture and society. Right?

Shilpa: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: So, you better keep distance from your boyfriend, but do not spoil the relation if you really like him. And as you have confessed your mind to me in the presence of Linga Maharaj, you are through with half of the “dosha khandan” process.

Shilpa nodded and smiled for the first time after a gap, visibly much relieved.

Guru-ji: Okay then. Anita, can you please get my Beti ready for the rest of the yagya?

I nodded, but questionably looked at Guru-ji not knowing exactly what to do now. He read my face.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, now I shall alleviate you from your distraction. You were sidetracked in the mantra chanting and worshipping sessions to Linga Maharaj and now offering yourself to him, you would get rid of your indulgences.

Shilpa, not understanding anything, nodded affirmatively.

Guru-ji: Anita, stretch the sari that Nandini had given you on the floor here and apply the sandalwood paste on her body.

Me: Ji Guru-ji.

I stretched the sari that Mrs. Yadav gave me on the floor where Guru-ji indicated and indicated Shilpa to come and sit there.

Shilpa: But this is not my mother’s sari.

Guru-ji: Beti, I know. I asked Nandini to buy a white sari for yagya purpose.

Me: Yes, this looks more of a widow sari.

Shilpa lied down on the white sari. Her bra-covered boobs were appearing like two peaks. I took the big bowl in which Guru-ji had prepared the sandalwood paste.

Guru-ji: Anita, now you can take that cloth off her waist.

Shilpa reluctantly lifted her buttocks and I pulled off the last decent clothing from her body. Though her white panty could clearly be seen while she was draped in that cloth, still it must have been giving this 19-year-old girl some comfort in front of Guru-ji. Now she was in an absolute two-piece — clad only in her bra and panty. She immediately kept her right hand on her panty to save some honor. I took the sandalwood paste in my right hand and started rubbing it on her forehead and cheeks. Then completing that I came down to her neck and her upper chest area. The color of sandal and her wheat-colored breast area were as if complementing each other. I naughtily put some sandalwood in between her bra cups in her cleavage. Shilpa was not even in a position to smile at this point.

Guru-ji was sitting now in front of the yagya fire and had his eyes closed. Seeing that Shilpa raised her head slightly to tell me something.

Shilpa: Aunty, why am I being rubbed sandalwood on the whole body?

I nodded negatively to her whisper. Then she asked a very obvious question.

Shilpa: Aunty, shall I have to remove my…?

Shilpa asked indicating towards her undergarments and I really had no reply to that because if the doctor ordered, no way she could shun that. Shilpa probably understood what I meant from my facial expression and put her head back on the floor. I had completed layering her abdomen with the paste and her body was filled with the sweet fragrance of sandalwood. Now I started rubbing the paste on her naked thighs and I could feel she was shivering to my touch on her bare skin. I noticed Guru-ji had opened his eyes and shouted “Jai Linga Maharaj!”

Me: Guru-ji, do I need to rub it on her back also?

Guru-ji: No, only on her frontal part. Thanks Anita. Now you can sit aside.

Guru-ji alighted from his sitting posture and his manhood was still very awkwardly poking out of his brief. His gigantic naked hairy body was looking rather fearsome in the glow of the fire. He came and sat by Shilpa. I noticed Shilpa had already closed her eyes. This time I noticed Guru-ji was proactive in his approach. Shilpa was lying in front of her on the white sari wearing only her bare necessities. He threw some flower petals on her body and chanted some mantras and went towards her feet.

Guru-ji: Beti, first I will wipe your “dosha” from your body surface. You remain in the same position as you are. I will do the needful.

Shilpa remained silent and I was shocked to see Guru-ji now kneeling over her feet and started licking her and giving her no chance to react or move, he gripped her naked legs firmly with both hands and was licking up the sandalwood that I had massaged on her moments ago. His tongue was sticking way out and briskly moving on the sexy teenage girl’s smooth skin. Naturally her body was mildly shaking with each stroke of Guru-ji’s wet tongue on her legs. I could see her fisted hands and she was clenching her teeth to control her emotions. The male wet tongue must have made her libido flow, which was just about very natural in any female.

I could very well understand Shilpa’s condition. She was an unmarried girl and myself being a married woman and vividly experienced about sex still gets a shiver each time my husband did this act. Though not a very regular feature in our conjugal life, but my hubby had given me this pleasure a number of times. One thing I don’t like about my husband’s approach while licking my naked legs and thighs is that he wants to do this making me fully nude on bed, but I prefer to enjoy this being in at least some kind of clothing. It’s probably my natural womanly shyness, which compels me to think that way, because when am allowing a man to sniff my thighs, its most likely that I am naked in his arms, but my problem is that when my husband skims his lips and nose on my legs, his hand constantly rubs and pulls my pubic hair, which makes me very, very uncomfortable. Hence for me it is always a better experience in this sort of love making if I am wearing a panty, but seldom could I do that.

Guru-ji was very eagerly licking the sandalwood off the well-formed legs of Shilpa. His hands were kept on both sides of her legs to keep his body balance. I could see the prick within Guru-ji’s brief getting stiffer and more prominent. Quite natural, I thought. He might be a god-man, but a human after all. Guru-ji was already up around her knees and his tongue was gliding and sweeping her well-formed thighs. Her teenage skin was naturally very taut and I thought Guru-ji surely was having a wonderful time. Guru-ji now gave a halt and chanted some mantras loudly and then again became engaged in licking the naked legs of this sexy teenage girl lying on the floor in a bikini as if. Shilpa remained stationary in her posture with her eyes tightly closed and a fully blushed face. As Guru-ji was nearing her panty-covered crotch crossing her marble like thighs, he lifted his head to say something.

Guru-ji: Uncross your legs a bit Beti.

Shilpa opened her eyes with a question mark on her face. I was certain that she could realize that if she spreads her legs, Guru-ji would surely put his head between her legs. She was naturally very hesitant.

Guru-ji: Beti I need to perform the act properly. You must unfold fully before me and not shy at all.

I was watching all along. Shilpa very reluctantly uncrossed her legs before Guru-ji’s eyes, but he was not fully satisfied and Guru-ji somewhat forcefully parted Shilpa’s nude legs creating a triangular gap between her legs. Before she could say anything, Guru-ji shouted “Jai Linga Maharaj” and placed his head near her love spot and started licking the inner sides of her milky white thighs.

Shilpa: Uhhhhhhhhh! Guru-jiiiiii!

Guru-ji paused again and lifted his head.

Guru-ji: Beti, just keep recite this mantra in your mind and do not concentrate on your physical emotions.

Saying that he gave a six-word mantra to Shilpa and she started murmuring that while Guru-ji continued his sexy act. I could see Guru-ji’s tongue lapping up the last bit of the sandalwood from Shilpa’s upper thighs. Guru-ji’s mouth was now dangerously close to her panty and Shilpa was visibly very uncomfortable and was shifting and moving on the floor. Guru-ji’s nose was poking her now at a position, which always remain covered by clothes — for that matter not only for her, for any woman, for me also. Guru-ji’s tongue was now actually roaming on her upper thighs, very up, just below her panty and even if a girl wears a miniskirt, this part of her body would surely remain covered, and to have a male tongue and nose probe that area would surely make any woman go crazy in excitement. Shilpa was no exceptional and she was giving out moans and screams loudly.

I noticed Guru-ji avoided touching Shilpa’s love spot, but made Shilpa more crazy, as he shifted his attention to her sandalwood paste covered navel and belly. At the same time, now Guru-ji was almost over Shilpa’s body also and the scene definitely would remind me my husband climbing my body on bed for a steamy intercourse session. I was myself breathing very heavily now seeing all this in front of my eyes and I felt the same tightness slowly again within my bra when I was enjoyed by Mr. Yadav an hour back. I would never forget the way he molested me in the toilet and the way I jerked made him masturbate to save myself getting fucked.

Guru-ji was now almost complete with his licking the middle part of Shilpa’s body. Now as he proceeded further, he was stretching his body on Shilpa’s tender body and things were really looking very hot. Though Guru-ji was chanting mantras from time to time, but my focus was now fully physical. Shilpa was murmuring the mantra, which Guru-ji gave her minutes ago, but how can a girl concentrate on anything else when a male is licking her body? He now completed licking Shilpa’s neck and shoulder and was almost over her face. For the first time, I noticed Guru-ji placed his body weight on Shilpa lying on the floor and he started licking gently her forehead. The sandalwood was briskly vanishing as Guru-ji’s tongue was slurping her skin.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj!

Guru-ji uttered this and now did exactly as my husband would do on bed, i.e. placed his full body weight over Shilpa’s body and with some slight adjustments made sure his lund was exactly over her panty-covered honey pot! Guru-ji’s heavy flat chest was now crushing her bra clad budding boobs as his body lay over her. The way Shilpa was uncrossing her legs I could easily realize that she was fully excited by this continuous male intrusion on her body. I tilted my head a bit to see the whole scene and saw Guru-ji held Shilpa’s face with both hands. Shilpa’s eyes were closed. And, then Guru-ji slowly proceeded to meet Shilpa’s lips! Guru-ji was kissing Shilpa. Initially like any woman, Shilpa was a bit hesitant, but probably due to Guru-ji’s personality, she succumbed in fear and respect.

The kiss was slow, but long. I was sitting and watching all this with a dry throat, honestly wanting to be touched again, but obviously not the way Mr. Yadav treated me. I could still feel his lips on mine when he was enjoying my youthful body in the toilet. Seeing I am not watched I scratched and rubbed my pussy a bit over my sari and adjusted my sitting position and parted my legs a bit. Guru-ji on the other hand was making very definite moves. The kissing was complete and Guru-ji lifted his head off Shilpa’s wet lips. Shilpa was virtually gasping for a breath after being kissed by a personality like Guru-ji. Her face though depicted she enjoyed the lip lock, but the fear and astonishment was also telling on her face. Guru-ji now pulled his body off her body and sat beside him.

Guru-ji: Beti, now I will help you relieve from all distractions and “dosha” from your mind and body. I noticed you were shivering while I was cleaning your lips. Why? What are you afraid of Beti?

Shilpa: Err, yes Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Why Beti, did you got afraid when your boyfriend kissed you? I must follow the “dosha khandan” norms of the yagya, otherwise Linga Maharaj would be unhappy and not only you, I will suffer in life too. So, instead of being afraid, you just relax Beti.

Shilpa just nodded her head. Guru-ji continued.

Guru-ji: For example, just see how long you have been in this two piece garment? You were feeling shy and afraid initially, are you feeling that much shyness now? No. So, do not bend your mind on these aspects, just worship the mantra that I gave you in your mind and let me do whatever is needed to clean your soul.

Shilpa looked visibly very shy again, as Guru-ji reminded her that’s she is only wearing her bra and panty and nothing else and a pair of male eyes was watching her constantly. She could not answer anything.

Guru-ji: Yes, I know there is a ‘but’ in your mind and that’s why you are getting distracted each time. I want you to attain that ultimate level so that your distraction ends.

Shilpa: How Guru-ji?

Guru-ji: Just close your eyes, murmur the mantra, and respond to my actions. No ifs, no buts, no questions. Okay?

Shilpa nodded not knowing she actually signed the visa for Guru-ji to enjoy her sexy virgin body.

Guru-ji: Jai Linga Maharaj! Beti, close your eyes and worship the mantra again and again till I say to stop. In “dosha khandan” the next step is to wipe out the salt off your body. Anita, can you pass me that bowl please.

I was not prepared for any command from Guru-ji at this stage and was not expecting he would look at me also. I fumbled a bit, as I was then feeling and pressing my nipples over my blouse with my right hand, actually quite turned on seeing Guru-ji’s hot acts with Shilpa, but tried to quickly recover.

Me: Yee. Yes Guru-ji.

I alighted quickly and picked up the bowl of herbal water from beside the yagya fire and went in front of Guru-ji. He took the bowl, but indicated with his eyes towards my gaand. I was heavily surprised at his gesture. I looked with a question mark on my face at him and he without spending a word turned me slightly by holding my thigh area towards my right side and with his hand pulled out my sari that was tucking in my ass crack. I virtually flushed, as I was feeling so ashamed to be caught and corrected like that so openly by a male. Since I alighted quickly from my sitting position I did not remember to straighten the sari over my hips and my sari remained tucked in my ass crack as I walked before him. I very well knew I look pretty much indecent when this happens, more so since I possess a rather heavy gaand. I turned red naturally in shyness like a newly married bride standing before this Godman and my eyes automatically dropped towards the floor.

It was not the first time this has happened though I try to remain alert in most instances when I stand up from a prolonged sitting posture, but there were occasions when I missed, like today. The other problem especially for me as I mentioned before is my panties not fitting properly on my buttocks and slipping into my ass crack, which fosters this. Once I remember I went to the market via a bus and got the window seat and when I alighted from the bus I was unaware that my sari had tucked within my ass crack. That day also my panty must have slid into my deep ass crack and I loitered the whole market like that and every male must have had a feast for their eyes with my swinging heavy hips making the scene more alluring. I was made aware only when a female customer at a cosmetics shop alerted me. But honestly, never ever in my life did a man have the courage to indicate me that my sari was sticking in my ass – not even my husband. I believe my husband must have seen me doing daily household chores many a times and once or twice when I was unmindful ‘this’ must have happened, but…

Wait! Wait!

Then did he purposefully not alert me and watched me walking in front of his eyes with my sari tucked in my ass crack? ‘Rajesh! You naughty brute’, I murmured within myself.

I came back to my senses as Guru-ji started narrating mantras as he sprinkled the water on Shilpa’s body and indicated me to get back to my position. In no time I noticed Shilpa’s body got wet and Guru-ji was cleaning the last bit of sandalwood off her shinning naked skin. It seemed someone was buttering bread with a knife, as Guru-ji’s right hand effortlessly worked on her almost naked body. Shilpa remained on the floor in the lying position with her eyes closed, but was shaking just a little to the touches of Guru-ji on her thighs, navel, belly, and neck. I noted her bra and panty were getting wet as Guru-ji was sprinkling ample water on her body. Now I could clearly see her nipple impressions over her semi-wet white brassiere. She must be quite heated up through Guru-ji’s prolonged licking. The watering episode was over.

Guru-ji now was watching Shilpa intently sitting just beside her on the white sari spread on the floor. I observed Guru-ji looked down and feasted his eyes under Shilpa’s deep cleavage. Her fair and taut skin, being watered, looked shinning and very, very inviting. Now Guru-ji was on his knees and balanced with his hands on the floor on both sides of Shilpa’s body and bent down over her face. What would he do I wondered? He gently touched and kissed both her ears. I saw Shilpa’s whole body trembled to his touch. Then his lips grazed down her cheeks and moved to her neckline and kissed her all over my neck. Shilpa was gasping now and her legs getting gently parted. I was pretty sure now what was in store for this teenage virgin 19- year old girl.

I was no doubt enjoying this sort of a love scene. Guru-ji then kissed Shilpa’s hands. His lips grazed her whole naked arms, one by one, up to her armpits. The kissing and touching was very slow. I could see Shilpa breathing very heavily now because I feel this was for the first time she was touched by a male in her lying position wearing such scanty dress. Guru-ji completed this process touching her navel, thighs, and knees. Then he sat down near her legs and took Shilpa’s left leg in his lap. I saw Guru-ji’s lund was very erect by now within his mini brief and he deliberately made Shilpa’s naked foot touch his lund!

He closed his eyes for sometime probably feeling her feet on her covered manhood and then lovingly did the same to her right leg. Then what Guru-ji did would make any woman go wild with excitement. He simply lifted her feet and started licking the sole of her feet!

Shilpa: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Guru-ji. Please.

Shilpa uttered in ecstasy, which was very natural. She was moving her hips on the floor forcefully with each of Guru-ji’s tongue stroke on her foot sole and with her foot up in the air in Guru-ji’s hands and her hip gyrating, the scene looked utterly vulgar. I had to drop my eyes for a moment, but action continued. Guru-ji did the same process with her other foot and Shilpa must have been already wet within her panty. She had her eyes closed — I was not sure what the exact reason was — may be in shame or in sexual delight or both.

I observed Guru-ji acted cleverly and did not give Shilpa even a moment to respite and made her stand up. Shilpa could not meet my eyes and was looking at the floor. Guru-ji’s now positioned himself right behind her. Very clearly, his erect manhood was poking Shilpa’s bulging ass cheeks. Guru-ji encircled her with his large muscular arms feeling her upper belly region. I noticed Guru-ji was whispering something in her ear, which I was unable to hear. Shilpa stood motionless with her eyes tightly closed and lips murmuring, probably the mantra Guru-ji told her to narrate in her mind. Guru-ji’s fingers for the first time crawled on the most sensitive part of a female body, her love spot. Guru-ji was slowly moving his fingers on Shilpa’s panty covered pussy. Shilpa leant back on Guru-ji’s body and seeing the scene my nipples were then and there rock hard piercing the fabric of my bra. I subtly adjusted my blouse and bra to be somewhat comfortable.

Guru-ji by that time had made Shilpa more uncomfortable by unhooking her bra, which resulted in a weak protest from her.

Shilpa: Guru-ji please, I am feeling so …

Guru-ji: Beti, you must have the mental makeup to sacrifice physically to Linga Maharaj. And what is the shame in front of me? I hope you are not feeling any discomfort due to your Anita’s presence?

Now as Shilpa made the slightest movement within Guru-ji’s arms, her open bra was accenting the jiggling of her youthful mammaries.

Shilpa: No, no, am okay in front of aunty, but…

She was still leaning on Guru-ji’s body while speaking and Guru-ji was also replying while moving his fingers on her lower belly region. That was the height, I thought.

Guru-ji: Beti, this is not the first time I am executing this “dosha khandan”. Isn’t it? What is your age? 18 or 19. Women of your mother’s age during “dosha khandan” has to open their undergarments in front of me. That’s the norm Beti. And if they don’t shy, why are you getting so withdrawn?

Shilpa: But…

Shilpa was still trying to put up an argument, when Guru-ji suddenly inserted his fingers within her panty and started scratching her pussy area.

Shilpa: Ouch! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The scene was extremely hot and now Shilpa was virtually struggling and gasping with an open bra and a male hand within her panty front. Guru-ji was executing each step very tactfully.

Guru-ji: Beti, if you really feel very shy, do one thing. Close your eyes and keep your arms crossed over your yoni.

The Bonding


By ten that morning Michael, my master, was $200,000 richer, and I had a spot of blood on my favorite shoes. I’m not allowed shoes often, and comfortable shoes are a special treat.

Still things had gone amazingly well. The criminals we’d robbed, though apparently very important men, had only brought one bodyguard each, which made this the easiest job we’d done in some time.

Michael was so pleased that he took me to a park on the way home. He even bought me ice cream. I’d only had ice cream once before, but it was as delicious as I remembered.

He held my hand as we walked, which drew a few second looks because of the age difference, but no one called insults at us, or told us we had to leave. It seemed strange after living through slavery and segregation. Of course, I am still a slave, but no one that day knew it. It was… nice.

Suddenly he pulled me to a stop near a tennis court where four teenage girls were playing. However, my master wasn’t watching the girls, he was watching an old man in thick glasses sitting on a bench with a newspaper. The man was watching the girls, and occasionally rubbing his crotch behind his paper.

“Go to him,” he told me. “Sit next to him, don’t speak. Put your hand inside his pants and stroke him til he cums. Lick it from your hand, and thank him politely. Then come back to me.”

I have been a slave to a sexual sadist for over 200 years. I should have grown immune to humiliation. I have not. The bond I share with Michael ensures that I never will. Every humiliation, every pain is as sharp as the very first. I am the eternal innocent, the eternal virgin.

My hands were shaking when I sat on the bench. My heart was racing, and I could feel my face flush. I was trying very hard not to cry. The man stared at me as I scooted close to him. When I reached for his crotch he jumped, then quickly held the paper to block what I was doing as I unzipped his pants.

I could feel Michael watching me, enjoying my shame. He knew how much I hated these random sexual acts with strangers. This is not what my life should have been.

“I don’t have any money, kid, if that’s what you want,” the old man said, his voice full of his need.

I shrugged and slid my shaking hand into his pants. His cock was smallish, very hard and oozing pre-cum. I fought down a wave of nausea and felt Michael smile inside my mind. This was only mild amusement for him, but if I went to my knees, took the old man in my mouth, right here in front of these young girls… that would bring his passion to flame.

The thought brought on another wave of nausea and deeper shame. To even think such a thing! But I knew what pleased my master, and pleasing him was life. Luckily his instructions had been specific, or I may have acted on my wicked thoughts. It will be shame, I have often thought, that kills me in the end.

The old man never moved or tried to touch me, but he lasted much longer than I would have thought, given the circumstances. He grunted softly as he shot his load into my hand.

I licked the thick mess from my palm and fingers and said, “Thank you very much, sir.”

“Oh god,” he moaned. “Look kid, come back tomorrow. You can blow me in my car. I’ll give you 50 bucks.”

I shrugged and stood up. He grabbed my arm.

“How old are you, kid?” he asked.

“Sorry, I’m no kid.” I freed my arm, and walked away.


I’m not sure why I had Anya jerk off the old man on the park bench. Maybe because she had seemed so happy and innocent moments before. Also, I find beauty in contrasts. Light and shadow, hope and despair. A young girl with an old man.

I have to admit I enjoyed watching her happy face crumble into shame. The fact that after all this time, I can still catch her off guard is just amazing. Her suffering is always so exquisite. It’s the most precious thing in the world to me.

I really do love her. As much as a man like me can love. When I found her I was a very bad man, quickly on my way to becoming a monster. I was 39 years old, which was far from young in those days, and a mercenary. I had killed more men than I could remember. I had tortured. But I had never raped. Until her.

I had witnessed plenty of rape, had allowed it from my soldiers. But I had hopes of being a gentleman. I daydreamed of weeping women, but I held myself in check. It was my last claim to being a civilized man.

And then I saw her. I pulled her from her palanquin thinking to strip her of any jewels and leave her for the men. Instead I threw away all humanity and ravaged her like a beast.

It wasn’t just her beauty that captured me, though she was the most lovely creature I’d ever seen. It was the way her fear played across her features, enhancing every lovely line of her face. The way pain lit her eyes, and shame made her whole body tremble. It was as if she had been made just for me.

And the bond made all of that forever. More, it let me FEEL her suffer.

I haven’t hurt another woman since, or tortured another man. I have killed, though only the worst of men. I have Anya to hurt now. Now and forever.

“What did the old man say to you?” I asked as we drove from the park.

“He asked me to come back tomorrow, sir,” she answered, blushing prettily. “He… said he’d give me 50 dollars to blow him in his car.”

I laughed. “Something to think about. Anyway I need you to begin packing my things. I’ve been in California too long. Our new I.D.’s can be ready in a day or so, and the house in Tennessee is all finished. I’m ready for a new life. I think I’ll make you my wife this time.”


“Why not?” I laughed at her shock. “I’ve bought up a few small factories in the area. I’ll be a big fish in a very small pond. A much too young trophy wife is just perfect.”


Wife. I was Michael’s wife, at least in this time and place. We had never done anything like this in all our time together. At first, I had needed no cover. I was his slave. Later, I was a servant, occasionally a ward, often a nameless whore. I was seen by his friends for an hour or a day, as long as a week perhaps, and then I was secreted away again, to be enjoyed when he was alone.

I didn’t know how to live a life in the open as a free person. To be seen, known by others as a WIFE. It sounded like a fairy tale. I now had a real closet filled with pretty new clothes, a cell phone, even a car! Of course all these things belonged to Michael, not me. But there were so many new things to experience.

I had been a killer and a con artist for centuries, cars and cell phones I knew. But I’d never been inside a supermarket, never been to a hairdresser. I hadn’t had a casual conversation with another woman in over a hundred years. I found myself exhilarated by all the possibilities.

The movers were still unloading Michael’s things when the only close neighbors paid their customary visit. This was a very rural area, and theirs was the only other house within a mile.

They were in their sixties, but still healthy and attractive as people that age can be in this century. The man, Bobby, was retired; his wife Grace still worked as a school teacher. They both seemed surprised when Michael introduced me as his wife. Grace was openly disapproving, her husband quite the opposite. In fact he stared at me with such obvious hunger that his wife had him heading out the door before I could even offer iced tea.

Michael said something quietly to Bobby as he left, something his wife couldn’t hear, something that brought a wolfish grin to his face. Then they were gone and Michael was pulling me into the kitchen, out of the way of the movers.

He pointed to the floor, and I knelt on the marble tiles, wearing my new pretty yellow dress, and locked my arms behind my back. Michael took his enormous cock from his trousers and fed it down my throat. As I serviced him, he told me his plans for our new life.

“I’m going to let that old man fuck you, you know. In fact, I’m going to hand you around to every dirty old man in this county.”

His cock was hard as steel now, and far enough down my throat that I couldn’t breath. I choked on it, my throat convulsing around the impossible thickness of it, then I slowly pulled back to take a breath. My tongue danced over him and I sucked lovingly on that monstrous head before taking him into my throat again. He held my head down this time, forcing himself fully into me as I choked and fought to breath.

“You’re going to be the biggest slut in this town, Anya. Everywhere you go, you’ll run into old men who have cum on your face, played with your tits, spanked your naughty little ass. Their wives will suspect what you are and spit on you in the street. Strangers will hear about you, and pull you into allies in broad daylight so that you can suck their cocks behind dumpsters.”

He pulled his cock back to allow me to breath. I gulped in precious air, as I sobbed in horror at the picture Michael was painting in my mind.

“No matter how many pretty dresses I let you wear, you will always be a slave, Anya. You are property, and everyone in this town is going to know that. You will let anyone touch you anywhere, in any manner they choose. You will display your body to anyone who asks to see it. You will perform any sexual act asked of you by anyone.”

He began thrusting his cock in and out of my throat, fucking my face harder and faster as my horror at his words overwhelmed me. He had shared me with others in the past, many times, but not like this. Not publicly. Not so freely to any and everyone who might want me. I was supposed to be a protector, a fighter, not a common whore. Why call me his wife and then have me do these things?

“You will keep your eyes lowered to everyone, unless told otherwise. You do not speak unless directed. Everyone you meet is better than you, remember that. You will be obedient and respectful, always.”

His thrusts were getting more and more violent as the horror of my future fed his passion. The violence of his assault terrified me as it always did. He was very, very much larger than I. Rationally, I knew the that the bond would not allow him to kill me outright. But in these moments my rational mind was gone. There was the violence and the terror, his passion and joy at my fear, and the pure life his joy gave me.

My sex was dripping with his passion, burning hot, swollen and ready for him. My body craved him despite the horror and fear and pain. He pushed me away finally and sprayed his seed on the tiles. I licked it up, moaning at the pleasure of his release, though my body still ached for its own.

I looked up at him as he caught his breath and put away his softening tool.

“Michael, please.” I stopped. Tears burned my blushing cheeks.

“Please, what, Anya?” He smiled down at me.

I swallowed hard. “Please touch me, Michael. Or… or let me touch myself? Please… I haven’t cum in so long.”

It had been nearly a year since he’d allowed it. I woke him every morning by sucking his cock, and every morning he came before even rising from his bed. And whenever Michael became aroused, my body readied itself for him instantly. No matter how much I hated the things he did to me, or had me do, as long as he was aroused, my body remained wet and throbbing.. He took his pleasure from me in every imaginable way, but he was a master at denying me any pleasure of my own.

I hated begging him for this. It was worse than degrading.

He continued to smile a me for a moment. “I think not,” he answered finally.

It was pointless, as I had known it would be. He never gave permission. Rarely, he would command me to cum while hurting me, or even more rarely while fucking me, but never if I asked. I bowed my head and sobbed.

“Still, don’t lose hope. You’re going to be doing a lot of fucking in the near future. I’m sure if you’re especially nice, one of the old men in town will let you play with your pussy for him. Maybe he’ll even go down on you. Wouldn’t that be nice? You have my permission to cum anytime some old fart is playing with you. Okay? Isn’t that sweet of me?”

“Yes, Michael. Thank you,” I whispered.

But I knew unless he was present and enjoying himself, there would be nothing for me from anyone else. It was impossible for me to become aroused without my master’s passion to feed me. I wasn’t capable of hating Michael, but I hated the bond that linked me to him with every fiber of my being.

“Now how about making some lunch for the nice movers? But put on that new bikini before serving it to them. I have a meeting to attend. I’ll be gone most of the afternoon. After lunch, go for a two mile run. Wear the bikini top and a tennis skirt. I’ve cut the hot water to the bathroom under the stairway, so you can shower there when you’re done. Then start unpacking.”

“Yes, Michael.”


By the time I returned from my meeting in town, my new home was in some semblance of order. The movers had done most of the work, of course, but Anya was hard at work on my office. When you’ve been a criminal for over two centuries, you learn not to trust the movers with your personal stuff.

She went to her knees as soon as I entered the room, of course, and bowed her head.

I ignored her for a moment. I left the door opened as I moved around the room, checking that my computer was set up properly, my books placed on the shelves the way I liked. It looked like she was down to the last box of books, and then there was the box that held my s&m paraphernalia.

I’m not one to make use of a lot of toys. Punishment play is a bit silly with Anya. She is incapable of deliberate disobedience. Any inadvertent disobedience, such as ignoring an order to save my life or failure to perform some impossible task, is punished more severely by the magic of the bond than by anything I could possibly do to her.

I do keep a willow switch on my nightstand, and as I said I enjoy costumes. But I reserved the ropes and chains, clamps and whips and paddles for public display. Many people enjoy such things, and that’s fine. Myself, I prefer watching her strain to comply with an incredibly difficult command, and savoring the pain of the bond if she fails. Or I can simply elicit the magic by giving conflicting commands or demanding something impossible, like that she fly to the moon.

During the first week of my possession of her, when I was still trying to understand the bond, I ordered her to kneel in a certain spot. Then I commanded her to try to move from that spot while making it plain I desired for her to remain there and not move at all.

I watched her scream for nearly 20 minutes before I rescinded the order to try to move. I’ve never let the magic punish her for that long again. I think it very nearly killed her. It was incredibly erotic, don’t get me wrong, but I found the limits of my sadism that day. I still give her over to the pain quite often, but never for more than a few moments at a time.

I much prefer humiliation to pain, anyway. And Anya is so very easy to humiliate. She was raised from birth by eunuchs, and though they somehow seemed to have taught her a great deal about pleasing men, they managed to keep her naivety completely intact. Something of a minor miracle compared to the bond itself, but still impressive.

“You may stand.” She stood but kept her eyes lowered.

Bowing her head to me and kneeling to greet me when I came home, were not things I’d ever ordered her to do, by the way. I play a lot of little games with her, but her slavery isn’t one of them. I own her, body and soul, and she knows that even better than I do. She has shown me proper respect from the very beginning.

In fact I’ve had to order her to temper her demonstrations of submission at times. With the abolition of slavery, I had her begin calling me sir rather than master. Later I even had her refer to me by name, though she’s never been one to abuse that privilege.

I sat a my desk and booted up the computer. “Did you settle your things in the downstairs bathroom?”

“For the most part, yes sir. The wardrobe is in the basement laundry room, of course, as it wouldn’t fit in the bathroom. The movers placed your new clothes for me in one of your bedroom closets, but I can move them to the basement if you’d prefer.”

“No need. In fact, move the contents of the wardrobe to the bedroom closet as well. I’m not hiding you away this time, so I may as well have everything close to hand. But that can wait.”

I turned the web cam to face her and began recording. There are hundreds of websites for older men to ogle teenage girls, and I’d found a couple that I thought would appreciate my little Anya.

I smiled. “I thought I’d post a film on the internet to let the men in town know what a prize you are”

I turned to the camera.

“Hi, my name is Michael, and this is my lovely bride, Anya. I married Anya shortly after brutally raping her. Now she’s completely submissive to me. Aren’t you, baby?”

“Y..yes sir.” Her shame shot through our bond like fireworks.

“Anya, tell the nice gentlemen watching how old you were when I raped you.” As I spoke I began rifling through my box of paraphernalia.

“I was 18, sir.” Her voice was a mortified whisper.

“You’ll have to speak up, sweetheart.”

“Eighteen, sir,” she squeaked.

“Were you a virgin when I raped you?”

“Yes sir.”

“How long ago did I rape you, sweetheart?”

She hesitated before coming up with the right answer.

“About a month ago, sir.”

It had been nearly a month since we’d played at rape. It’s one of my favorite games. I command her to fight me as if she were a normal girl. She’s not a wind up doll, and perfectly able to fill in the blanks to give me what I want in our little games. Fighting back during these games doesn’t seem to trigger the full pain of the magic, I guess because it’s clearly what I want, but it does make her somewhat nauseated for hours afterward.

“How many times have you sucked my cock since I raped you, baby?” I asked stepping up to her holding what I had pulled from my box.

“I… I’m not sure.” She began to tremble. She truly hated my toys for some reason.

“That’s okay, sweetie, take a guess.” I leaned down and took her left nipple in my mouth, biting it roughly.

She cried out, and her trembling grew more pronounced.

“I… I guess about 50 times,” she sputtered as I chewed her flesh.

I straightened up and quickly snapped a vicious alligator clamp to her deliciously long nipple.

She gave a delightful scream and her eyes filled with tears.

“That sounds about right. And how many times have you licked my cum from the floor?”

“M..maybe 20 times?”

“Now tell the nice gentlemen what you asked for after the last time you licked my cum off the floor.” I took her right nipple between my fingers and began to pull and twist it.

She was sobbing in earnest now, but she had no choice but to speak. “I asked you to… to let me cum, sir.”

“And did I allow it, baby?” I snapped a second clamp on her right nipple. She gave another beautiful scream for her future audience.

“No, sir.”

“In the month since I raped you, how many times have I allowed you to cum?”

“None, sir.”

“How many times in the last month have I pissed in your face, sweetie?”

“Um… five times, I think.”

“And the last time you had my piss burning your eyes and dripping from your chin, what did you ask?”

“I asked you if I could touch myself, sir.”

“And did I give you permission?”

“No, sir.”

I moved to zoom the camera in on her beautiful bare cunt. Even standing with her legs together you could seen the glistening wetness. I moved the angle back to show all of her. Didn’t want the old geezers missing the look of desperate shame on her face.

“Would you like it if I let you touch yourself now, sweetie?”

When I am going to fuck you in the ass, I like to tie your hands behind you and gag you. I know you like to take it in the ass for me, but I like the illusion that I am taking you that way against your will. With your hands tied behind you, you cannot stop me from doing whatever I want. With your mouth gagged, you can’t even protest. I like that. I love to have you tied up and helpless, unable to stop me from doing anything I want.

I wake up with a hard-on and get up to open the shade, letting the glow from the street light shine in so I can see you. I love to see you with your hands bound behind you. I go to my dresser and take out one of the old ties I have stored in the bottom drawer and an oversize handkerchief from the top drawer.

I pull the covers from you and reach for your hand to fasten one end of the necktie around you wrist. You turn over on your stomach and put the other hand up for me to bind your hands behind you. I do not say anything. I just put the handkerchief in front of your mouth and pull it between your teeth before tying it behind your head. I like to look at you when you’re like that, tied up, gagged and helpless, unable to stop me from doing whatever I want to you.

Then I kneel between your spread legs and plunge my cock into your juicy pussy. It is already wet and waiting for me. When I begin to tie you hands behind you, you know you are going to be fucked, and your juice begins to flow.

Until I have you tied up, I do not say anything. There is no foreplay, or the binding itself is the foreplay. Once I have you tied and helpless, I begin to talk. “You love that, don’t you? You love to be tied up and helpless, so I can do anything I want to you.”

You cannot speak, but you moan through the gag.

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass tonight. Do you want me to do that?”

Again you moan through the gag. Is it a Yes or a No? It doesn’t matter because you are helpless, unable to stop me from doing what I want, and what I want is to have my cock up your ass.

Just a few strokes in your pussy, enough to get it good and wet before I put the head at your back door. I take it easy and push against your ass. Soon I have the head inside you. I stop for a minute, letting your ass get used to the cock that is stretching it. Then I push a little more of it in. I wait another minute and then draw it partway out and then push it all the way in.

I have my cock all the way in your ass. I just hold it there for a while. Do you like that? I know you do. I can tell by your moaning. You love to have my big fat cock all the way up your ass. You love it when I tie you up and fuck you in the ass.

You get really excited when I fuck you in the ass. I love the tight feel of your ass around my cock, and I love the nastiness of it: my cock in your ass! I want to go slowly. I want to make it last, to continue feeling my cock in your ass, but it is too exciting for me. Soon I am pumping away, fucking your ass hard and fast, and despite the gag, you are making a lot of noise.

Then I’m ready to come. I can’t hold it back any longer. I keep pumping my cock into your ass until I start shooting my juice right up your ass. I love that! I love to shoot my juice up your ass.

Do you like it? Do you like it when I shoot my jism right up your ass, when I tie you up and gag you and then stick my cock up your ass, when I fuck you hard and fast until I come in your ass? Do you like that? I know you do. I know you love to get fucked in the ass, and I love to do it.


version 2.0

13 August 2012

This is an edit, containing a few corrections, for my original manuscript. Thanks to my hot little British slut for a round of proofreading and editing.

I hope you enjoy.



It was 5:20pm and past the usual time I went home. With every passing minute, since the agreed meeting time, my frustration was increasing. Shit this is ridiculous, I thought to myself. I finally got up from my desk and started walking towards the door of my office. Just at the moment, I heard footsteps on the tiled hall floor approaching. Determined to make my point, I walked out the door of my office and started to close it.

“Here I am Professor!” her voice echoed through the hall of the newly built science building. I turned my gaze to her with a stern frown.

“You’re late,” I said showing my annoyance as she arrived at my door. “I agreed to see you at five o’clock, as a courtesy to you. The least you could do was to be on time.”

“I’m very sorry Professor, I was studying at the library and lost track of time”. Unlikely, I thought to myself. Perhaps she was in the library, but I’d bet serious money she wasn’t studying. More likely flirting with some football player, if not getting fucked in some secluded place on the premises. Although I hadn’t spoken my thought, she probably guessed most of it from the way I looked at her.

She was difficult not to notice. She had a body most girls on campus would have killed to have had. She looked good. She knew it and accentuated it. Today she was wearing a short light blue skirt and a low cut, translucent white blouse. It didn’t take much effort to see the line of her bra under her top. Her breasts were shapely, C cups probably and she liked to show as much skin as she could get away with, and often even a little bit more. My eyes paused for a split second too long on her breasts, and she smiled coyly. No doubt she had become proficient at reading men’s reactions to her body.

I quickly regained my composure. “Well, since you’re here, come on in. Let’s try to make this as brief as we can, shall we? I would like to go home this evening.”

“Certainly Sir, I am very sorry to have inconvenienced you.” I held the door open for her, letting her enter first. She brushed against me as she passed me. It gave me a small thrill but I didn’t betray that reaction as I felt my heart beat a little faster. “Oops, sorry,” she said, with the same coyness she had shown earlier.

I moved to my chair behind my desk while she sat, in a much less comfortable chair, in front of it. I secretly enjoyed this configuration when students came to talk to me. It gave an added boost to my authority. “What can I do for you Miss Jones?” I said, allowing a bit of annoyance to drip into my tone.

“Well Professor, as you know, I’m not doing very well in your class.” An understatement, I thought to myself. This girl couldn’t do addition with a calculator.

“I’m aware,” I retorted.

“The thing is Sir, if I don’t pass I won’t be able to graduate.” She paused, apparently waiting for me to extend some sympathy. I was unmoved and showed it, so she continued. “I have this great job lined up, but it’s contingent on me graduating, so I really need to graduate.” She paused again. This time I was momentarily unaware of the silence. I was staring at her. Her pretty face, gorgeous tits, and shapely legs which were crossed. I recovered, again a split second too late, as a brief smile crossed her face. A smile that inaudibly said, caught you again staring at me.

“Well, Miss Jones, you and I both know that you will not pass my class unless you score a 95 or higher on the final.” I stopped myself from adding that we both knew there’s no way in hell that was going to happen.

“I know,” she said, as she looked down, obviously agreeing with my unspoken thought.

“Miss Jones, I can be sympathetic if the situation warrants it, but from my point of view you just aren’t mentally present when you are in my class. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you take notes, you look at me while I lecture, but it just seems to go in one ear and out the other”.

“Oh, you’ve noticed,” she said, looking tentatively back towards me, although not meeting my gaze. I nodded.

“Is it just my class, or are you having problems in other classes, I’d like to try to understand what the problem is.” She bit her lip, I couldn’t tell if she was going to answer. “You don’t have to tell me if you aren’t comfortable doing so,” I said, “But, as you can see I really don’t have many options here as to what I can do.” She visibly took a breath; I saw her breasts heave and then I realized my cock was hard. Crap, I thought to myself, you need a bit of self control dude.

“Sir, I really would like to tell you, I’m just not sure how.”

“Well, take your time,” I said, my facial expression softening as my cock hardened. She seemed comforted by my more sympathetic demeanor, which I reserved for cute female students of whom I was fond.

“Well Professor…”, a long uninterrupted pause, I urged her on with my attentiveness. “It’s just your class. I know it looks like I’m a ditz or just plain stupid, but really I’m not that dense.”

“I know you aren’t stupid Miss Jones,” I half-lied. “What is it?” I prodded gently.

“Well Sir … it’s you … I mean … not you, it’s about you, but it’s me, it’s my problem.” Growing genuinely interested, and also feeling a bit light headed, perhaps from her perfume which had become more apparent as we talked, I leaned forward and stared directly at her with my head on my hand. “This is stupid, I shouldn’t have come,” she said uncomfortably, as she fidgeted and looked around uneasily. I was surprised, I suspected she seldom felt flustered. “I’m sorry to have wasted your time Sir, I’m just gonna go.” She started to get up.

“Miss Jones, we’re not finished here, please sit down.” Part of my reaction was due to genuine concern for her, but part (and admittedly the much bigger part) was due to the fact that I didn’t want her to leave. I knew I had to avoid allowing myself to be sexually attracted to a student, but there were times I had permitted it, although nothing unethical had ever happened. But once I allowed the attraction, there was always the possibility. She sat back down. “Miss Jones, if there is a real problem here, I’m sure we can find a solution for you. But I’ll need to know what the issue is.”

Again, she looked down and then slowly started, “Sir I’m, … ummm … attracted to you.” I was surprised. There had been times in the past where it was obvious female students had been attracted to me, but none had ever explicitly admitted it. I must have had a comical look on my face, but this was a first and I honestly was trying to think of a good way to respond. But I didn’t have to, it seemed that now that she had made it over the initial hurdle, she was about to reveal all. “It’s stupid I know,” she continued, “but I sit in class staring at you and thinking of … things … and well, things … happen and I start thinking more and it just builds and builds and there’s no way I can pay attention.”

Fuck I’m good, I thought to myself, but kept my composure. “What kinds of ‘things’ do you think about, Miss Jones?” She blushed. I found myself switching from Professor mode to horny-guy-who-wants-to-get-laid mode. This isn’t good, I thought to myself, but I was quickly approaching the point of no return. The point where my dick would win out over my logical, responsible, ethical side. “Miss Jones, I’d really like to know.” I noticed my voice was slightly deeper, slightly slower. It was obvious my dick was nearly in control of my brain now.

She continued, obviously oblivious to my internal struggle that was playing out silently in front of her, “Umm … sex things. Like I wonder what your, umm, … penis looks like, and I, well, want to do things to it”. That was all I needed to push me over the edge.

“And what ‘things’ happen when you think about this,” I asked, my gaze fixed on her.

“Well … I get wet,” she said, a little less shyly, seeing my genuine interest displayed.

“You mean your pussy gets wet?” I knew the answer, but I wanted to hear her say it.

“Yes Sir, my pussy gets wet, God I’m so embarrassed!”

I then realized my office door was still open. Jesus Fucking Christ dude, if you’re gonna do this, at least don’t be totally fucking stupid, I thought to myself. I got up silently. “I’m sorry,” she said, “please don’t be mad.” She got up from her chair, mistaking my move as an indication that the meeting was over.

“No, stay there,” I said to her abruptly, “Just closing the door since our conversation is should remain private”. And I don’t want someone to come by and hear it because my ass will be fired for sure, I thought to myself. As I returned to my desk, I stopped by the side of her chair. I placed a hand on her shoulder. And so it begins, I smiled to myself. “It’s really okay Miss Jones”. I felt her tremble at my touch, but I left my hand on her shoulder. And then I caught her. In my panic to close the door, I had forgotten about my hardon. My cock was easily visible bulging in my pants.

“Omigod,” she said softly, I’m sure she didn’t realize the words actually were audible. She looked at my face, then back to my cock, then back to my face. “Sir, is … that because of me?” she said softly.

“Well, yes it is Miss Jones,” I confessed, feigning a bit of embarrassment. I knew but didn’t care that my career was now seriously at risk. My cock assured me this hot piece of ass would be worth it.

“Sir, could you please call me Stephanie?”

“Sure Stephanie,” I smiled.

“Sir, I know this isn’t right, but I have a confession,” I noticed she was breathing a bit heavier.

“And what might that be Stephanie?”

“Sir, I really just want to touch your cock.” I feigned hesitation; at least I could say I had tried to resist when they grill me about my unethical behavior, right?

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea Stephanie.” OK, I guess I really didn’t resist that much, but I was certain I could convince myself I had done so later. Anyway it didn’t matter, before I could finish my sentence her fingers were pressing gently against the fabric of my pants, rubbing my hard cock. She took a very audible breath.

“It feels so nice,” she said dreamily. I smiled, any pretense of resistance melted away. “Sir,” she looked up at me with her needy big blue eyes, “May I please see your cock?”. My hand moved from her shoulder to her shiny golden blond hair and I began stroking it.

“Yes, you may Stephanie”. I began to move my other hand to remove my belt and unbutton my pants, but she was quickly out of her chair, on her knees in front of my, almost in a frenzy fighting her clumsiness unleash my cock as quickly as she could. She managed to accomplish her mission of undoing my belt and unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. As she pulled them down, my hard cock was poking out through the fly of my boxers. My boxers were already wet with precum, and the head of my cock was covered in the juice. She let out an audible gasp.

“Ohmigod your cock is beautiful Sir!”

“Thank you Stephanie, I’m glad you like it.”

“Like it? No Sir, I absolutely love it!” By this time she had pulled down my boxers and was stroking my cock, using both her hands. I awkwardly freed myself from my fallen pants and boxers, and stood in front of her, my cock hard and throbbing and jerking from her touch.

She was licking her lips. She looked up at me with those big blue eyes and smiled. “Sir, may I please, please suck your beautiful throbbing cock?” The hint of begging turned me on even more.

I smiled back, “Yes Stephanie, you may”. She began feverishly licking the shaft of my cock, up and down, looking up at me as she did. I gasped, “Fuck!”.

“Does that feel good Sir?”

“Very good Stephanie, be a good girl and lick all the precum off the head”.

“Yes Sir, mmm your cock juice tastes so sweet.”

“Very good girl, swallow it all for me.”

“I wouldn’t waste a drop of your luscious precum, Sir.” Fuck, is this really happening? I asked myself. Oh god, in which I don’t believe, if you are actually there, please don’t let me wake up if this is a dream, not until I cum at least.

“Stephanie, be a good girl and take off your top, I want to see your pretty breasts.” She hesitated. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I’m worried you won’t like them.”

“I’m sure I will like them Stephanie, now be a good girl and do as I say.”

She gave a thin smile, “Yes Sir,” she meekly said, and pulled off her blouse. She was kneeling before me in just her bra. God, I wanted to see her tits. She reached slowly around behind her to unhook her bra. She pulled off the straps and hugged the bra against her breasts.

“Stephanie, don’t tease me now,” I scolded. “Be a good slut and show me your tits.”

“Yes, Sir.” She slowly pulled her bra away.

Her breasts were exquisite. They were even perkier than I had expected a 22 year old’s tits to be. But better than that, were her nipples. They were large, at least the size of a Kennedy silver dollar. They were dark, and contrasted nicely against the lighter skin of her breasts. “Do you like them, Sir?” she asked tentatively.

“They are very nice Stephanie.”

“Thank you Sir, I’m so glad you like them!”.

I took her hand, “Stand up”. She quickly stood. She was a few inches shorter than me. I cupped her breasts with my hands and she sighed. They were firm and oh so squeezable. As I played with her tits, I leaned over to kiss her. I wasn’t prepared for her reaction. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled herself to me as tightly as she could. Before I knew it, her tongue was in my mouth, seeking mine. With my left hand still squeezing her right breast, my right hand moved down to her ass. She quickly moved her hands, removed and stepped out of her skirt, and returned to holding me and french kissing me. She was wearing a thong, so my hand was free to roam her ass. So smooth and soft, and like her tits, so squeezable. I gave it a firm slap. She didn’t seem to notice. Her tongue was dancing with mine, licking my lips.

“Oh god, I need you so fucking bad,” she whispered.

“Well, if you’re a very good girl, you might just get me,” I responded. She pushed her insatiable tongue back in my mouth.

When we next came up for air, I looked at her face. God, she was gorgeous. But there was something I hadn’t seen yet, and I needed to. “Turn around for me,” I told her. She smiled mischievously, and slowly turned around. She stood before me, facing away. And there was her ass. Nice, round, perfect. The blue thong she wore ran up her crack. “Take off your thong”. She slowly pulled it down. I reached out and slapped and then squeezed that beautiful ass. I could have held onto it for hours.

“Do you like my ass, Sir?” she asked, again somewhat tentatively.

“You have a great ass, baby,” I responded.

“Oh, I’m so glad you like it, Sir!”

“Bend over for me Stephanie.” She remained standing. “Stephanie? Be a good girl and bend over.”

“Sir, I’m just … worried.”

“Why are you worried?”

“I’m worried you won’t like it.” I know what she meant but I wanted her to say it.

“Worried I won’t like what?”.

“My … pussy”. I took a step forward and cupped and gently squeezed her breasts from behind.

I bent over and whispered gently in her ear, “Stephanie, I’m sure I will like your pussy. Do you want to be my slut?”

“Yes, Sir. So very, very much,” she whispered in return.

“Then be a good slut for me and bend the fuck over.” She took an audible gasp. I was even surprised I had said it, and with the tone I used; it might be described as a growl. For emphasis, I had pinched her nipples fast and hard when I said “over”.

“Yes Sir, I do so want to be a good slut for you and please you”. She slowly bent over. Her pussy was magnificent. Holy fuck, I thought to myself. I couldn’t begin to imagine how good my cock would feel in it. It was shaved and had such pretty pink lips. I could almost hear it calling to my cock. I started rubbing her ass, slowly moving my hand down. I could hear the rate of her breathing increase. I brushed her pretty pussy, oh so lightly, with a single finger tip. She shuddered and let out a soft moan. “Do you like my pussy Sir?” I liked the tone of her voice; she was implicitly pleading for my approval. I purposefully didn’t answer. “Sir, do you not like it?” I could hear the disappointment, almost devastation in her voice.

“Stephanie, you have an incredible pussy, baby.” Her sigh of relief was audible.

“Oh thank you Sir! I’m so so happy you like it.”

I began tracing the lips of her cunt with two fingers, now placed gently, but firmly in contact with her skin. She moaned a bit louder. I began running three fingers from up and down her slit. “Oh god!” she gasped. Her juice covered the tips of my fingers. I could smell her pussy’s musky scent. I removed my fingers. She remained bent over. I silently knelt down and began flicking her pussy slit and lips with my tongue. “Oh shit!” she gasped. I continued. Her pussy tasted heavenly and in a short amount of time my tongue was greedily licking and tasting every square millimeter of it. Her moans were growing louder. I spread her lips with my fingers and buried my tongue in her hole. While tonguing her, I fingered her tight little asshole. “Oh god, yes. Oh fuck, you are so hot Sir!” I knew she was close to cumming. I tongue fucked her as deeply as I could, until I knew it would be just a few more seconds before she came. And then I withdrew my tongue.

I couldn’t believe how willingly she was submitting to me. It was a huge turn on, and I found myself feeling more aggressive, pushing toward the limits of anything I had done before. I wanted to see just how far she’d let me go. I stood and walked around in front of her. She looked at me, I could tell she was unsure of exactly what I was doing, no doubt wondering why I stopped when she was on the verge of orgasm. I held my pussy-honey covered fingers to her mouth. “Be a good whore, and clean your cunt juice off my fingers,” I said sternly. She immediately drew two of my fingers into her mouth, and began sucking and licking. “Look at me while you do that,” I commanded. She complied. I could have got lost in those eyes for hours. “Be a good slut and stick out your tongue.” She opened her mouth and held her tongue out, obviously willing to let me do whatever I wanted to it. I held my cock out. She started to move to suck it. “No. Just stay as you are.” She moved back to her original position. Holding my cock by the base of the shaft, I began slapping her tongue with it. She smiled as I did it. I then moved slightly closer and began slapping her face with it. First, a few slaps on her left cheek, then her right, then back. When I was done, her cheeks were smeared with the precum that had dripped from the tip.

“Mmmm, fuck Sir, I love the way you treat me.”

“Very good Stephanie, you have real cumslut potential.”

“Sir, I’ve wanted to be your little fuck toy since the first day I saw you in class. This is a dream come true for me. I want you to use me however you want. I want to make you, and your cock, feel so good.” I smiled. I’m going to thug fuck you, like the little slutty bitch whore you are, you dirty fucking cunt, I thought audaciously to myself.

“Take my cock all the way in your mouth slut,” I said. She moved forward to meet my cock and hungrily began sucking. I took her head in my hands and stopped its motion. “Just stay like that,” I said. After enjoying the feeling of my cock submerged in her wet, hot mouth for a minute or two, I began moving my hips. “That’s it, be a good cunt and let me fuck your mouth.” The feeling was incredible. I couldn’t get enough, my cock loved it. I began pumping her mouth harder and deeper. She took it like a true whore. I was grunting and growling, “Mmmm fuck yes, take it bitch!” I was losing control. If I continued for just a few more seconds I was going to shoot my creamy load of cum down her throat. Part of me wanted to do that, but I wasn’t finished with her yet, not by a long shot. I pulled out.

Jennifer completed the entry in her punishment book and filed it. She was just a few minutes ahead of the deadline time so there was not long to wait before Master would enter the punishments that she would receive for her failings this week.

Punishment books are networked so that all club members could view the books of all playthings. If they wished they could come and watch the punishment being given and punishment sessions were scheduled throughout the day to give the maximum opportunity for these viewings.

Today, Jennifer had to make two entries. In her eagerness to please her Master she had failed to pass a message to one of her fellow playthings. It had been her silly hope that by being present on her own to service Master would make him see how much she could please him and mean that he would call her more often. Instead he was properly annoyed when the other girl did not appear on time. Jennifer’s pretence of having forgotten to pass the message was futile. She was not only given a punishment, but she was also sent away and that hurt far more.

The second entry was because she failed to show a Member proper respect when she was upset over the first misconduct. Jennifer knew she needed to be punished and she actually wanted it so that she could move on and get back into pleasing Master.

Using the next computer was the woman who had received one hundred cane strokes about three weeks ago. She seemed fully recovered. There were only some pale yellow blotches on her tits and around her belly and buttocks. Jennifer could not help looking and they started chatting when the woman finished her entry. She was smiling.

“My third week with a nil return.”

“Really.” Replied Jennifer. “That is very good.”

“Yes. I chose to be a plaything, but after a few months I started to forget why I had done it and I behaved badly. After I had my big beating I was carried back to Master’s room. He told me I could leave if I wanted. My life had been a miserable mess before Master took me as his plaything and I was really frightened about going back to being poor and unloved. Even though I was hurting like hell I knew I wanted to stay. I asked Master if I could rim him to show I had learned my lesson.”

“After a few minutes with my tongue in Master’s ass, my body was glowing all over. Pain gave way to a really hot, tenderness that was just heaven. When he was ready to cum I took it in my mouth and promised Master that I would show my obedience. Today Master is going to invite twenty of his friends to cum in my mouth for the forty five minutes of my punishment slot. I hope to make them all happy and maybe some will be able to give me more than one load before the time runs out.”

“Wow!. That we will be hard work. It might be more difficult than some punishments.”

“I am looking forward to it. I want to make Master proud of me.”

Just then the clock ticked to the hour and the seven women sitting by the computers all looked to see what might be in store for them. Jennifer waited a few moments until her screen changed.

Punishment 13

12 strokes


She gasped a little and a tingle ran down her back. Thirteen was a tough one. It meant that she would be on her knees with her wrists cuffed behind her back. Her tits would be clamped between two round, chrome bars and then they would be beaten with twelve strokes of a riding crop.

Jennifer’s tits had been spanked a little in the past, but never as much as that. The Members usually liked a tit whipping so there would probably be a good audience as well.

She looked back to the screen to see what her second punishment would be.

Punishment 1

3 Strokes

Cane size 2

This was not too bad. Three strokes of a medium cane on her ass. That was lenient really and Jennifer didn’t mind a caning. The only thing was that this punishment would be administered by the Member she had disrespected. She did not know how hard he would be and she thought to herself that he was a big man.

Jennifer’s new friend also saw her screen.

“Don’t worry. Look how my breasts are now. The day after my caning they were swollen, multi-coloured and hurting like hell. The pain doesn’t last too long.”

There was a hum of nervous conversation as the women drifted out of the room. It was one hour until the first punishment session. Everybody would prepare in their own way and reflect on what awaited them.

There were six fully equipped punishment rooms in the palace. Only half a dozen girls would be punished today so only two rooms in use. That way there was plenty of opportunity for viewing. Jennifer was allocated to room one. This was the largest with plenty of comfortable chairs for viewers and a large punishment platform where she would be on display to them all as she received her sentence. She was in slot number three so it would be nearly three hours before she was dealt with. The afternoon would start with the group cock sucking that she had just heard about.

Dora placed the cushion on the centre of the stage and knelt. She was nervous and excited. Master and his twenty guests were relaxing in the lounge with a drink. He would bring them in very soon. There were a few Members sitting in the viewing chairs already and then the Gentleman himself came in accompanied by Jennifer and two of his other playthings. The Members stood and greeted him.

All Members had access to the networked punishment books so they knew what was going to happen in each room at all of the scheduled times. When a girl did not have to receive any punishment a Member could still reserve a slot to put on a show. Sometimes these occasions were more interesting than punishment sessions and viewing seats could be popular. Today in punishment room one there were so many Members taking part in the proceedings on the platform that they outnumbered the observers.

At exactly the appointed time Dora’s Master led his guests to the platform.

“Good afternoon Sir and honoured viewers. You may know that a few weeks ago my plaything disgraced herself by lusting after men and she received severe punishment. Since the correction she has performed well and shows every sign of having learned her lesson. However, as she obviously wanted other men I decided that she should have some today so she will eat whatever my friends choose to give her this afternoon. We will not waste any time. Gentlemen be my guest.”

While the others stayed back to allow a good view the first man took out his prick and offered it up to Dora’s waiting mouth. Within seconds he was pushing his rigid prick deep into her throat and it was not long before he gripped her head hard to pump a good load into her throat. As soon as it was swallowed the second guy put his stiff dick in her mouth and set to work.

The waiting men shuffled into an informal line. The one at the front stroked his hard prick and gazed at the beautiful woman on her knees. His friend was working her head and the look on his face told of his coming climax. Dora knew from the increased intensity of her face fucking that she was about to get her second helping of cum. She looked up as he grunted and filled her mouth. She was sucking on prick number three as soon as she had swallowed. Only four or five minutes into the session the first two men chatted quietly at the back of the line considering whether they would be making use of Dora’s lovely mouth again.

In the audience The Gentleman enjoyed the show by having one of his playthings suck his dick. His very large friend joined them and the Gentleman had a plaything suck him too. This was the man who would be caning Jennifer later and seeing his enormous size made her worry more. The Gentleman and his friend chatted quietly as they watched Dora working on the line-up. Occasionally they looked down at the pretty faces in their own laps or grasped a handful of hair to direct the action.

Thirty minutes after she had started sucking, Dora swallowed her fifteenth cum load. The next engorged penis filled her aching mouth right away and she worked on it with all the professionalism she had given to the first. After such a long wait the anticipation caused this Member to release a large load into her warm mouth in seconds. As Dora swallowed she allowed her mind to wander for a moment. From past experience she calculated that sixteen cum loads would be getting on for half a pint of jizz in her belly by now. There was no time to think any more about it. She could tell that the seventeenth was just about to arrive.

When the gong announced the end of the session Dora finished off the third man to have a second go with her. Twenty three times she had brought a man to completion in three quarters of an hour. Not a drop was spilled and Dora glowed with pleasure as her Master raised her to her feet for her to bow to her audience. The round of applause which followed drove away the feelings of jaw ache and the soreness in her throat.

The Gentleman gestured to Jennifer. She knelt before him and he emptied his bladder into her.

During the ten minute interval, ushers were moving a whipping frame onto the platform for the next session. The Gentleman took his small group to the lounge. Jennifer noted that she only came up to the shoulder of the man who would cane her and his great bulk suggested he was a body builder or something. She suddenly felt more fragile, smaller and more naked than she usually did. They all had a drink together and then the Gentleman sent Jennifer to prepare herself for her session.

At the appointed time Jennifer knelt nest to the clamp bars which were already adjusted to the correct height for her. The Gentleman grasped her nipples to place her breasts between the bars. He turned butterfly nuts bringing the top bar down until her tits were firmly clamped. They went pinker immediately the blood flow was restricted and began to darken further in colour.

The Gentleman took a leather flapped riding crop from the stand. He offered I to Jennifer’s lips for her to kiss. Taking careful aim he brought the crop down hard on her left breast. A rectangular blotch appeared on the tit which was now purple due to the clamps. The second stroke gave her a matching mark on her right breast.

With the skill acquired from a lifetime of wielding the crop, the Gentleman spread his blows across the top of the compressed tits so that by the twelfth stroke the whole surface flesh was covered with evenly distributed welts. Tears streamed down Jennifer’s face and she flinched when the pressure of the bars was released. She grabbed her tits when the returning blood flow intensified her pain. The Gentleman took her hair, raised her to her feet and kissed her fully on the mouth before pressing his face to her scorching breasts. His mighty friend ascended the platform and Jennifer was handed to him.

Instead of leading Jennifer to the bench, Karl simply took her under his arm and strode across the platform. In the second or two before Karl draped Dora into her caning position she could not help imagining what it might be like to be fucked by this man. Her wrists and ankles were secured with leather cuffs so that her legs were spread and her ass high. Jennifer’s sore and swollen tits were crushed into the hard surface of the caning bench.

Karl collected a size 2 bamboo cane from the rack. He followed the example of the Gentleman by presenting the instrument for Jennifer to kiss.

“Only three my dear. You will call out the number as I deliver them.”

Jennifer shuddered. The instruction was filled with menace. She had no idea why that should be so. Her whole life consisted of taking orders from men and there was nothing at all uncommon in being required to number the strokes of a punishment. It was just the physical presence of Karl. She could not help fantasising about his prick being in proportion to his great body and her holes being stretched while the air was squeezed out of her by his massive body.

The good light and perfect display position meant that Jennifer’s glistening cunt betrayed her thoughts to Karl and the audience. They could not know the detail, bet everybody was aware of her arousal. The puffed , pussy lips stood out as proud as her ass. Karl raised his arm and delivered a crack of the cane that made Jennifer’s body leap in its bonds.. She screamed. The stroke landed perfectly across her buttocks at a low point where her labia took part of the impact as well. Even for a woman accustomed to regular canings, this was a different experience.

Fuck fantasies were completely driven from Jennifer’s mind now. She only just managed to pull herself together enough to call out “One Sir. Thank you.”

Karl smiled at the thank you. He hadn’t demanded that, but it pleased him. That’s what you get from a quality woman. The Gentleman should be proud. Usually when he gave punishment he heard screams, but not thanks. The second stroke was equally hard, but it landed higher up the ass cheeks and did not strike her cunt again. When Jennifer offered her thanks this time she had a little more breath to do it.

The final stroke of the cane was too much for the bamboo. It shattered as it struck Jennifer’s lovely ass. Three livid lines lay in parallel across her buttocks and the final one was accompanies by a light graze where the wood had splintered on impact. Through her sobs and tears Jennifer managed to call out the stroke. Karl quickly released the cuffs and lifted Jennifer gently from the bench. He cradled her in his arms and carried her to the Gentleman at the base of the platform.

“I am so sorry Sir. I misjudged the implement. It is unforgivable to have broken the skin of your very lovely lady. I must make reparations.”

“Not at all my dear friend. The fault is all mine. Our equipment is obviously below the required standard for a proper disciplinarian.”

Karl had lowered Jennifer to her trembling knees. The Gentleman now looked down at her.

“I am going to give you to Karl for the rest of the day so that you can properly show your thanks to Karl for his correction. Your arousal was apparent when he was disciplining you so you may not be unhappy with this decision.”

The Gentleman left. Had her wayward mind offended her beloved Master? What would Karl do with her? Jennifer did not know whether to be excited or upset. She would have little time to worry about her bruises.

Letter from the author: This is a story of an older unfaithful promiscuous woman who loves sex and is not ashamed of it. If you don’t like this or have a moral issue with this, please move on to another story.

This story is dedicated to………well you know who you are. Thank you for the inspiration of this story with your many e-mails which I read with cock in hand. If you are for real I would like to be your Jared. .


“Tell me what a filthy whore you are for my big fat cock.” Kyle demanded as he drove around town with his cock stuffed in Addison’s mouth.

Addison lifted her head from his lap and looked up at him, “I am, I am a dirty, filthy whore for your cock.” Then she returned to her duty.

Addison was a 58 year old civil engineer for a prominent firm in Chattanooga Tennessee. Kyle was her boss’ roommate, and he was only 23.

Her head bobbed up and down on Kyle’s rigid pole enticing the cum from his balls. Kyle’s hand moved down her back and over her ass until he reached the hem of her short skirt. He lifted it up exposing her ass. He moved her g-string to one side and buried his middle finger in her ass.

“Mmmmmmmm.” Addie moaned, still bobbing on his cock. She pushed her ass up toward the intrusion. She didn’t care if someone could see as they drove by. Kyle was usually careful where he drove on these lunchtime jaunts around town, but occasionally someone would drive past and get quite an eyeful.

Kyle’s finger was sliding in and out of Addie’s ass almost as fast as his cock was sliding in and out of her mouth, and she was about to cum all over her sexy silk panties. Her right hand accompanied her mouth on his cock and her left hand was rubbing her clit through her panties at the same time.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Kyle groaned and his balls exploded a huge hot load of cum into Addie’s mouth.

She took every ounce down her throat enjoying the taste immensely. The excitement triggered her own orgasm a moment later and her body shook uncontrollably as she finished drinking Kyle’s love juice. He never removed his finger the whole time she was cumming.

When it was over, he pulled his finger free and she sat up in the passenger’s seat to recover. Kyle offered her his finger and Addie gladly sucked it clean. They drove around for a few more minutes, and Kyle’s cock lay exposed on his slacks through the unzipped fly and unbuttoned waistband. Addie leaned against the door with her legs spread. Her skirt was hiked up, exposing her sexy panties and thigh high stockings.

Kyle stared at Addison. Her body was incredible for a woman her age. Sure she had done quite a bit of work on it: tummy tucks, face lifts and of course the boob job, but she did work out and it showed. He stared at her beautiful tits as they strained against the buttons of her tight blouse. Addie noticed and began to fondle them through her clothes.

“You like my big tits baby?” She asked. “If I play with them will that magnificent cock get hard again so I can suck it?”

“You know it will.” He answered. “Tell me what you will do when it gets hard again.”

Addie unbuttoned her top presenting her perfectly round tits in her silky red bra. She squeezed them together and pinched her already hard nipples.

“When it gets hard again, I am going to swallow that big hard cock like a 20 dollar prostitute. I am going to suck it in and play with your balls. I’m going to slide it down my throat until it makes my eyes water. I’m gonna lick the head and suck the tip. I’m gonna lick it like a melting ice cream cone. Then I am going to bob up and down on it until it erupts down my throat. Then I am going to drink your cum again.” She told him, the whole time she was molesting her tits through her bra.

Kyle’s cock was pretty aroused by now and Addie did everything she said she was going to do. Her firm tits bounced on his thigh the whole time, and that along with her hungry mouth brought on his orgasm within minutes. As he grunted with pleasure, Addison delivered on her promise, gulping down his second load without leaking a drop.

She rose up from his lap and tucked his cock away. She straightened up her clothing, and a few moments later Kyle dropped her in front of her office. She exited his car without a word and returned to her respectable position in the office.

“How was lunch?” her boss asked as he passed her office.

“Filling.” Addie replied.

Addison performed her job tasks like nothing had happened at lunch. When it was almost time to go, she opened up the locked cabinet behind her desk and pulled out some sexy lingerie. She went to the ladies room and put it on. It was Tuesday night. That meant she would be meeting Brock at the Holiday Inn out on the highway for fun and games.

Her husband believed she would be at her weekly bible study. Well, that is what she told him. She really didn’t care what he thought. He had lost interest in her many years ago, and she had found young men to be a great substitute for their boring pathetic sex life.

She pulled her knee length coat over her undergarments and buttoned it up so some cleavage showed. She placed her skirt, blouse, and red panties and bra in a bag and left the restroom to go meet her beau.

“Hi Mrs. Cameron.” Jared said excitedly, almost bumping into Addie as she exited the ladies room.

“Addie, call me Addie please.” She corrected him.

“Going home for the evening?” Jared asked, staring at her exposed cleavage the whole time.

“No, I have bible group tonight.” She retorted.

“Holy Shit! I wish I belonged to that bible group.” Jared said to himself, wondering why she would be dressed that way if she was going to a church. He didn’t think southern ladies dressed like that to go to church. But if they did, he wanted to go to church. His eyes never left her tit flesh as he told her he would see her tomorrow.

“Ok hun, see you then.” Addie replied and she walked out the door.

Jared stared the whole time as she walked away from him. He noticed her high heels and the seam that run up her stockings until it disappeared under her coat. His cock stirred in his pants and he hurried to the bathroom.

Jared was a 38 year old project manager who had moved from Southern California just two months ago to accept a job with the firm where Addison worked. He was married with two kids, and although his loved his wife and sex with her was fantastic, she was stingy with it and this made him resentful and horny as hell all the time. He was a sucker for older woman and big tits. So Addie was a wet dream to him. He had lusted after her since the first day he walked into the office. Her tits were always on display and her short skirts, dresses and high heels seemed to say, “Fuck me now.” Little did he know that is exactly what they said to many men, many young men. Her confidence was intoxicating, and he fantasized about her constantly. However, she was way out of his league, so he just admired her from afar.

Addie chuckled to herself about how Jared acted around her. She knew when a man was smitten with her, but Jared was too docile and nice. She was not attracted to those kinds of men, but it was always a boost to her ego when she encountered him. She got into her car and headed out to meet Brock.

Jared opened the stall in the bathroom, walked in, then closed it and locked it behind him. He pulled his thin, growing 4 ½ inch dick from his slacks and stroked it furiously as he remembered what Addison was wearing just moments before. He imagined what it would be like to see her naked. He could only imagine what those tits looked like. He wanted to squeeze them, suck them, cum all over them. He wanted to kneel in front of her and worship her pussy. He was sure it was sweet to taste. He wanted to stick his tongue in it and feel how velvety smooth it was. He wanted to suck her clit, nibble on it, show what a great pussy eater he was. He wanted to fuck her cunt with his face until she came all over it. His hand was a blur as he stroked his feeble little cock while dreaming of Addison. His thoughts moved to that perfect pear shaped ass. He had watched her walk away from him so many times in those short tight skirts and dresses, admiring it, dreaming of sticking his tongue all the way up it, bathing it with his tongue.

His cock exploded and he spilled his seed into the toilet grunting under his breath as his orgasm consumed him. He wiped the cum from his wilting prick, stuffed it back in his pants and headed to his home, where he was sure he would not get any sex tonight, after all it was not Saturday.

Juices leaked from Addison’s pussy as she got nearer to the Holiday Inn. She couldn’t wait to get in the room so Brock could fuck her and treat her like the nasty old slut she was. She parked the car and walked through the lobby to the elevator to get to the room number Brock had texted her. She stood in the elevator as it rose to the sixth floor, and she could not help opening her coat with her hand and fondling her dripping pussy. She parted the lips with her finger and rubbed the slick fluid all over her clit, sending wonderful sensations throughout her body. Her knees got a bit weak and a shiver coursed through her. Without thinking where she was she slid her hand down and inserted two fingers into her sweltering cunt. She was fingering herself pretty hard when the elevator dinged and the door opened on the fourth floor. A man that looked to be in his late thirties was standing there, and entered the elevator with a stunned look on his face. Addie slowly removed her fingers from her pussy and smoothed out her coat. She opened her mouth and licked her fingers clean as the bewildered man looked on. The door chime rang and the door opened on the sixth floor. Addie gave him a sexy smile and walked out.

She knocked on the door of room 609 and waited for an answer. The door opened and Brock invited her in. She walked in, reached the bed, spun around on her heels and dropped the coat to the floor. She was wearing a black lace push-up bra, matching g-string and garter belt, black seamed stockings and her 5 inch “come fuck me” heels.

Brock approached her and ordered her to her knees. He pulled his swelling cock out and offered it to her. Addie opened her mouth and enveloped it with one motion. She loved the feel of a cock in her mouth. Brock’s was different than the cock she had in her mouth earlier, but it didn’t matter, they all turned her on. She energetically, sucked Brock’s cock and fingered her own pussy at the same time. Brock grabbed her head and forcefully guided her head on and off of his cock.

“Yea, suck my big hard cock. I want to cum down your throat.” He told her.

Addie soaked it all up. She loved being controlled, and Brock was the nastiest, most forceful stud in her stable of young men. He was also Addie’s daughter’s former fiancé. (more about that in a later chapter too.)

“That’s it you horny slut, take it all.” He said to her as he slowly forced his cock down her throat until her nose was buried in his thick curly pubic hair.

Addison just opened her throat and took it all. Her hand was now rubbing her clit hard and fast. Her pussy was leaking down her thigh and she couldn’t wait for Brock to put his cock in it.

Brock pulled her off his cock and then forced it down her throat again. He repeated this again and again for several minutes. Addie’s orgasm was building from the excitement of his dominance, not to mention the vigorous massage she was giving her clit.

Brock pulled her off his cock again and began to move faster and faster. He was holding her head and fucking her face hard and fast now.

“You like it when I fuck your face hard don’t you slut?” He asked.

Addie just moaned.

“Here it comes you cum sucking whore.” He told her.

His cock erupted in her mouth and he grunted out loudly. Then he pulled her off his cock and pushed her back on hard and deep, holding her there as his cock spasmed and emptied his thick hot cum down her throat.

The force of his orgasm and the amount of cum blasting down her throat caused Addison to gag a bit. Her eyes watered and her mascara ran down her cheeks. Her own orgasm was not forthcoming, and she had to concentrate on not letting his seed spill from her mouth.

Brock’s orgasm settled down and he fell back on the bed. Addie remained on her knees savoring the taste of his cum and wiping the tears from her cheeks.

“Get yourself cleaned up bitch.” Brock told her, “I aint done with you.”

Addison rose to her feet and exited into the bathroom. She wiped her face with a damp cloth and returned to the bedroom. She lay next to Brock on the bed for a few moments before he ordered her to get his cock hard again. This was not a tough task since he was only 28 years old, but even if it had been tough, Addie would have loved every minute of it.

She leaned over and began to suck the life back in his cock. When he was nice and hard he pulled his cock from her mouth, spread his legs wide and as he began to masturbate, ordered her to lick his asshole. Addison loved this. She had learned how much she loved it some 21 years ago when she had her first young stud. (More about that in a later chapter) She moved between his legs and lowered her mouth to his hairy pungent asshole and plunged her tongue deep inside.

“Oh yea you nasty tramp. Clean my asshole.” He ordered.

Addie did exactly that. She licked and licked his sweaty hairy ass and again started to finger her own pussy. Brock was stroking his big fat young cock the whole time and Addison watched him as she devoured his rear end. The vision of his hand sliding up and down his shaft, plus the taste of his ass and the fingering of her clit sent Addison over the top. She screamed moans of ecstasy into Brocks ass while never slowing the efforts of her tongue on his ass.

A couple minutes later he ordered her to her feet. She stood and he positioned himself behind her and pushed her over so she was hunched over the bed. He plunged his cock into her sopping cunt and she screamed with pleasure. Brock only pumped her pussy a few times before he pulled it out, causing a whimper from Addison.

“Spread your ass cheeks.” He demanded. “I’m gonna split that ass like a piece of fire wood.”

Addie reached back and did as she was told. Brock placed his cock at her rear entrance and buried it to his balls.

Addie moaned approvingly.

“You love that don’t you?” Brock asked.

“Oh yea!” Addison groaned.

“All good filthy whores love it in the ass.” He scolded her.

“You are a filthy whore aren’t you?” he teased.

“Yes, I am a filthy whore.” Addie returned. She knew how to answer; they had been through this many times. It did excite her when he talked like that, and she liked doing it too.

Brock proceeded to pound her ass for the next 15 minutes without reprieve. Addie came twice in that time. Her tits jiggled below her and she masturbated her pussy too. She could feel his balls slapping her pussy and she loved the feeling.

Finally, Brock announced his orgasm, burying his cock deep in her and blowing cum deep into her bowels. The last of it would still be soiling her panties well into the next day. He collapsed on the bed beside her and ordered her to clean his cock. Addie loved this part too. It always seemed the dirtiest nastiest things made her the hottest. As she licked his cum and the taste of her own ass from his cock, she fingered herself to another orgasm. She always had to fend for her own orgasms with most of her young bucks, especially Brock, as none of them really paid any attention to her needs or pleasure. They just used her as a fuck toy and a way to get themselves off.

When she was finished, the two of them would order room service and eat before doing it one more time. Addie would mount him and ride him until he shot the last of his cum in her pussy. Then she would dress and return home to her inattentive husband for the evening. Two men and 5 loads of cum in her in one day were quite satisfying to her. She would sleep well.

Later that night, Jared lay in his bed with a hard-on remembering Addie’s outfit. He wanted to again jack his cock off, but his wife was lying next to him. He knew it was useless, but he rolled over and tried to entice his wife into sex. After she shot him down, he lay there for an hour with a stiff cock dreaming of doing things to the sexy fifty-something year old in the office next to his.

to be continued………

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