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After a long week at work, I decided to kick back at a strip club. I decided to go to Centerfold’s which is a little out of my way, but the quality of women they have working there makes it worth the hour drive. Ever since my divorce, I have frequented the club every couple of months. I recognized a few of the dancers, but there was one that I hadn’t seen before and I found absolutely stunning. She was a brunette that I guessed was about 25 years old with a long, tight body. Her legs went on for days and were accentuated by the high heels she wore. She had a tight stomach and breasts that I could guess were about 34c. She had the most beautiful face with big brown eyes. The moment I saw her, I went to the stage she was dancing on. Naturally, there were many horny men gathered around, but I found out her name was Dylan and spent most of the next few hours flirting with her when I could, although most of the time she was off giving private dances to the other men.

After a few hours and several beers, I was ready to head home, but not before I treated myself to a private dance from Dylan. When she was free, I approached her and took her up on her earlier offer of a private dance. Dylan led me back to the private dance area and I took my place in the oversized chair. When the music started up again, she started working her long, slender body over mine, rubbing up close against me. I have had a lot of lap dances, but nothing compared to the one Dylan was giving me. While leaning back to whisper in my ear how much she wanted me and how much she wanted to get me off, her beautiful ass rubbed against my fully erect cock. After the second song, Dylan had me almost ready to explode. We kept going and every time I came close to orgasm, Dylan would slow down and flash me a knowing smile. After the fourth dance, I told her that I would need to go to the ATM to get more cash.

Dylan snuggled up next to me in the oversized chair and whispered in my ear, “I promise when you pay for one more dance, I’ll make sure you cum even if it takes more than one.” She had a mischievous look on her face that I just loved.

“I’ll be right back,” I said as I started to stand up but was held back by Dylan.

“Wait a second, Steve,” she said as she smirked. “You look like a fun guy who is up for a challenge. Please hear me out before you say no. I like knowing that I can get men to do things they never would think they could for me. Have you ever sucked cock before?”

“No,” I quickly answered. “And it’s something that I have no desire to do.”

“That’s just what I wanted to hear because I want the first cock you suck to be for my enjoyment.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t stood up to leave. The seductive look on Dylan’s face and her hands roaming over my body kept me there. I kept listening to her.

“A lot of men leave here so horny after us girls work them up and don’t give them release. I know that there have been a few guys that wait out there and proposition the men coming out of here. In the alley, it is secluded enough that you can blow a guy and not have anyone watch you. It would turn me on so much knowing that you gave a guy a blowjob for $20 just to have another dance with me.”

Dylan rubbed my chest, then down to my cock and purred in my ear. “Will you suck your first cock for me?”

“Yes,” surprisingly came out of my mouth. Then I realized what I had just said, but the look of delight on Dylan’s face made me realize how much I wanted to please her.

“Oh, you’ve made me so happy. You’re going to suck cock for money for me.” Dylan stood up and took my hand. Then she led me to the door. “And just to make sure you’ve earned the $20 you come back with, give me your wallet so you can’t use the ATM.” I instinctively gave her my wallet and then she told the doorman to make sure I get back in.

Before I could completely register what was happening, I was standing outside without my wallet having agreed to suck a stranger’s cock for money for the most beautiful and seductive woman I had ever met. And if I go through with it, she will rub herself on me until I get off. I tried to reason with myself that I could just leave and replace everything in my wallet as if I lost it, then never come back here. But the thought of never coming back, meant I’d never see Dylan again. Would that be worse than actually asking a man for money to suck his cock and going through with it? I looked around and thought that nobody knows who I am here so if I suck one cock, none of my friends will ever know and I will please the most intoxicating woman I have ever met. I mustered up the courage to do it.

I waited a little while and then saw a man walk out alone. I went up to him and made a little small talk as he was walking to his car. Then I asked him if he would give me $20 to give him a blowjob. He told me to get lost and I started questioning what I’ve agreed to. I did the same with another solo man and got the same result. I decided to give it one more try and if it didn’t work, I’d leave. An older man I saw in the club came out. I went up to him and told him that I really need $20 and would be willing to give him a blowjob for it. Surprisingly to me, he agreed.

While we walked to the alley, he assured me that he’d done this before and has a spot where he knew we wouldn’t be disturbed. He led me to that spot and then placed a hand on my shoulder guiding me down to me knees in front of him. I thought about standing up and running out of there as the older man loosened his belt then slipped his slacks and underpants to his knees. I looked at his cock and imagined Dylan’s voice urging me to suck his cock for her.

I reached up, fondled his balls and started stroking his cock for him. As it started to grow, I moved my mouth to his cock and let it touch my lips for the first time. I kept imagining Dylan’s voice coaxing me to go further as I closed my eyes and took his cock into my mouth. I felt the stranger’s cock continue to grow inside my mouth as I thought about how I like to have my cock sucked. I slowly worked his cock deep into my mouth, my tongue working on his shaft as I felt his hand on the back of my head. He slowly moved his hips, fucking my mouth as I did my best to please him. I tried to keep my thoughts on how sucking this man off would please Dylan when the man held my head tightly and I felt his cock tense up and erupt down my throat. I was strangely pleased with myself that I had not only sucked cock for Dylan but also swallowed this stranger’s cum for her.

I continued to lick the man’s cock clean until he withdrew it from my mouth. He pulled up his slacks and fastened his belt. I was still trying to absorb what I had just done. The stranger took a $20 out of his pocket and handed it to me while I was still on my knees. He looked down on me and said, “I’ll tell Dylan that you were a good cocksucker.” Then he turned around and left.

I then realized that she sent him out to be sucked by me and this made me what her even more. I waited a few minutes, tried to straighten myself up, then returned to the club. The doorman let me in and I was wondering if he knew what Dylan was up to. Stepping inside, I saw Dylan was in the private area grinding on another man. She was in the most public chair in the private area and I took a seat at a table that had a direct view. A waitress came up to me and asked me if I were Steve. I said that I was and the waitress said that Dylan had reserved this table for us, she gave me my wallet back and handed me a shot of Jack saying Dylan had bought it for me.

While the man she was dancing for was in heaven, Dylan looked over at me. I took the $20 out of my pocket and placed it on the table. Dylan had the biggest grin on her face as she ground harder and harder on the gentleman. I then took the shot and toasted her as I could tell she was bringing him to orgasm. I had a moment to think about what I had just done. I had actually sucked another man’s cock. But the look in her eyes when she saw me back made it worth it. As she led the gentleman away from the private area, they walked past me and Dylan said she would be right back.

When she returned, she was beaming. “Do you know what a big turn on it is for me to know that you would get down on your knees and suck another man’s cock for me?”

“Yes,” I said. “That’s why I did it. I never thought I’d do anything like that, but for you it was worth it.”

“That is so sweet. We are going to have an awful lot of fun together.” Then, Dylan took the empty shot glass in her hand. Her other hand reached up with a used condom. She was careful not to let anyone else see as she drained the contents into the shot glass. “I didn’t get to see you drink cum before, so I had that man fill one up for me. You watched me get him off, now you can drink his cum. Then I’ll get you off.”

I couldn’t believe how nasty Dylan was, but it also turned me on. I figured that I had already swallowed one man’s cum, so I took the shot glass and downed the other man’s cum. When I looked to see her reaction, she was already out of her chair on her way to giving me a big hug. She felt so nice rubbing up against me, and then she took my hand and led me to the private area.

I gave her the $20 I earned from sucking another man’s and she proceeded to start grinding on me. I was in heaven with such a beautiful woman rubbing her body on mine. She started grinding on my cock faster and faster and I lost it. I whispered in her ear that I was going to cum and she went harder and harder.

“It’s been a very fun night thanks to you. I do hope to see you again very soon, cocksucker,” she said as she ground onto me even harder.

My cock exploded, filling my pants with cum and Dylan leapt off me. She slapped my face hard and yelled “You pervert!” The bouncers came over and lifted me up off the chair. With everyone looking there was an obvious stain on my light pants as they escorted me out. I looked back and saw Dylan wave with her mischievous grin. I wanted her more than ever.

She ties him to a chair, because she wants him to feel helpless for this. He’s naked, and she spreads his legs wide and ties them so he’s straddling the chair. No way for him to hide his penis and balls, or keep from exposing any erections he sports. She ties his hands behind his back; it makes his chest thrust forward just a little, and she pinches his nipples tightly before she leaves him there, exposed and sensitive.

“Now, be a good boy,” she says. She strokes his cheek and kisses him deeply, possessively. She steps back and ogles him, running her eyes up and down his body. He flushes at her scrutiny. He’s already more than half-hard.

She reaches down in front of him and strokes his penis. “I’m going out now,” she says. “I won’t be long. Remember, you haven’t earned the right to come yet. I want you hard and waiting for me when I get back. Don’t even think about getting a hand out of the rope so you can touch yourself.”

The instant she says it, it’s all he can think about, and she laughs as she sees the expression on his face. “If you’re a good boy, I’ll suck your dick later,” she says with a filthy wink, and then she turns and walks from the room, her gorgeous ass swinging.

He has the biggest boner he’s had all week, which is saying something considering that she hasn’t let him come in five days. She’s teased him every morning with her hands and warm wet mouth, and made him masturbate for her every night before sleep, but she stops him every time just before he’s about to orgasm. He doesn’t know what she’s up to tonight, and the anticipation is killing him. He can’t stop thinking about touching himself, or her sucking him hot and hard until he comes.

He’s just starting to calculate his chances of getting free of the rope long enough to jack off very quickly before she returns when he hears the click of the door latch. He jerks his head up. No one should be here!

A man enters the room as if he owns it. He leaves the door open behind him. The man in the chair thinks he recognizes him from somewhere, but he can’t quite place where. He’s about to protest that this is a private residence, but the man makes an imperious shushing gesture. He’s carrying a piece of paper in his hand and he brings it over to the naked man on the chair, holding it up in front of his face so he can read it. It’s written in bright red marker in a familiar bold script.

*Sweetheart, if you’re reading this while tied up nude and waiting for me, do whatever this man says. No questions asked. Nod if you understand.*

It’s her handwriting. He flushes hot all over at the thought that she planned this. She actually asked someone over to see him like this! He gapes at the man, deeply humiliated to be seen naked and hard and vulnerable–and also turned on as hell.

He finally remembers to nod, and the man smiles and folds the message away, tucking it into the back pocket of his jeans. He’s tall, dark hair shading to salt-and-pepper, with a commanding air. Even through his jeans, he’s obviously hard, and as he starts to unzip his fly, the man in the chair swallows hard.

“Kiss it,” the tall man says, and the man in the chair leans forward as much as he can. He kisses the tip of the man’s cock, and the man shoves the head of it just past his lips. He tongues the head of a pretty big, solid cock for a few moments until the other man pulls back and wipes himself on his cheek. Then the tall man starts to stroke his dick, holding the seated man’s eye and smiling with a look of self-satisfaction that has everything to do with being free to pleasure himself while the man in front of him has a raging hard-on he can’t touch.

He jacks himself in long hard strokes, obviously enjoying himself. It doesn’t take long until he’s coming, and he shoots all over the naked man in the chair, leaving white stripes all over his belly, chest, and thighs. He shoves his cock up against his lips again, and the seated man licks him clean. Then he tucks himself back into his pants, squeezes his shoulder, and is gone.

The bound man watches him go, feeling stunned. He’s rock hard, absolutely aching. It feels like every ounce of blood in his body has pooled in his cock. The wet white cum on his overheated skin mocks him. If only he could get one touch, just one, he’s sure he would come so hard he’d see fireworks.

He hears footsteps in the hall, and he opens his mouth to beg her–to promise anything she wants, to take anything she wants to do to him, if only she’ll just touch his cock. Please.

But it’s not her. It’s another man. No, two, one skinny and pale with shoulder-length dark hair, the other tall and elegant and brown. They don’t seem to notice him immediately, even though he’s right in the centre of the room, naked and tied and hard to miss. They stumble into the room, already entangled with each other. The pale man presses the darker one against the wall and kisses him roughly, and his partner moans, pulling their hips together. It would be hot even if he wasn’t already nearly on the edge, and as it is he can’t help the groan of pure sexual frustration the scene rips out of him.

They freeze at the sound and turn to look at him. “Oh, right,” says the pale man, and grins lasciviously. Oh God, thinks the man in the chair, she sent them too? From the eager way they’re looking at him, he’s sure of it. The darker man pulls the other across the room by his belt loops, and they stop right in front of him and start to kiss again. It’s a full-body kiss: they’re grinding against each other and pulling at each other’s clothes as if they have to be naked *right now*. When the pale man starts to tug his partner’s trousers down, there’s a quiet word and a laugh, and they turn to face him, standing back to chest with the darker man in front and the pale man’s hands down his pants, pulling him out and stroking him just inches from the seated man’s face.

For the second time in ten minutes he’s face to cock with a man rapidly hurtling towards orgasm. This time there’s noise and movement, and he’s sharply aware that this man doesn’t even have to jack himself off, he’s got someone else to do it for him. The first spurts of cum hit him right in the face, and then they shift their movements so they coat his cock and balls with it. The hot cum hitting his engorged, sensitive cock makes him buck his hips and cry out. He squeezes his eyes shut, trying to keep from losing his mind.

His eyes snap open when he feels hands on his wrists. It’s the pale man, freeing one of his hands. The man comes around in front of him again, and folds the fingers of the freed hand around the erection straining out of his pants. It takes a little longer this time, with the awkward angle, but then the darker man kisses the pale one again, and he spills into the seated man’s hand, adding to the mess.

They straighten their clothes, ruffle his hair, and then they, too, are gone. He sags in the chair, mentally exhausted and utterly turned on.

He absolutely cannot take any more of this, so when he hears more footsteps in the hall he actually winces. And then he realizes these aren’t men’s footsteps.

They’re her.

He sits up instantly, back straight, eyes drinking her in. Finally. Finally.

But her beautiful face is hard as she sweeps her gaze over him. “I can’t believe you,” she says in disgust.

“W-what?” His throat is dry and his voice scratches.

“Did I or did I not specifically tell you *not* to touch your dick? What, you think this is a game and it’s really just peachy to jack off as soon as my back is turned?”

He gapes at her. “I didn’t!”

She snorts. “Yeah, right. Just look at yourself. You obviously got your hand free somehow.” He looks down at himself in awful, dawning realization. He’s covered in cum and his hand is free. He looks like he’s spent the whole time she was gone jacking himself furiously. His cock is standing up stiff and nearly purple, but that only makes it worse. He looks debauched and insatiable, like he’s been trying to make up for the whole week’s denial in one go.

“But the note,” he stammers.


“The man gave me a note, it said–”

She raises her eyebrows incredulously. “The man? What man?” He stares at her, trying to form a coherent sentence. She reaches down in front of him and slaps his cock, hard. He gasps at the pain, and she does it again. Then she grips his dick tightly and runs her thumb tortuously around the head. “Get your story straight, mister. I’ll tell you one thing, though. You just lost *any* chance you had of coming tonight.” His gasps turn to whimpers as she rubs her thumb hard over the slit in the tip of his cock, pushing straight past pleasure into pain.

She stands up and starts to untie him. “Get up and go take a shower. Then bring me the big butt plug, the one that makes you wince to sit down when it’s in. And my black dildo. You’re going to get such a reaming tonight that you might even remember that all the cocks in this house belong to me.”

And she walks away from him. As she goes, he sees a red marker tucked into the back pocket of her jeans.

She knows. She’s always known. She did the whole thing on purpose.

And she’s enjoying the hell out of it.

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