make submissive

How has my life sunk to this, I was 52, had a good job, everything was going great, I’d had a couple of younger lovers, life was pretty good. Then a bombshell, the top brass resign and a new CEO is appointed who clearly is going to shut my section down. It didn’t take him long either within 6 months redundant with time on my hands.

Yeah it was fun at first, take some time out, have a holiday, waste time on the internet. Bloody internet. A hot blooded male right, so I do what any male does I surf for a bit of porn and what happens, the mind wanders and you search for more and more.

Younger women, glamorous women, celebrities, big tits, all pretty normal stuff. As a white guy I have always wanted to feel a black woman’s lips around my shaft so I search for a bit of that. Heh why don’t I join one of these hook up sites, might as well make a dream a reality now I’ve got some time. So that’s what I did, a whole bunch of them in fact.

OK it didn’t take long to figure out they were full of fake profiles, I mean one day these woman are from near me, next thing is they are hundreds of miles away, still I was only after a fit black woman. Wow some of these women look pretty hot on all fours, I wouldn’t say no.

A blow job, well yeah things had progressed a bit while I was doing this, my mind had wandered to much at night and I wanted to taste one now. Being a relative novice I could do with the practice, but could I find a black woman willing to teach me?

Why don’t I put up an Ad on one of these free sites, well if you don’t ask you won’t get, go for it, let’s face it I ain’t having no luck with the dating sites am I. So I did about four in all. Didn’t expect anything but I still checked morning, noon and night and then wham, a message. Just someone telling me to get lost probably, well I still eagerly opened it and read it with a smile on my face.

I’d love to teach you to eat pussy. That’s all it said, short but oh so sweet. I rushed an email back and we started talking. Well we mailed back and forth, I told her I’d only ever been down on three woman and I was keen to learn. She wanted to see I was real so I got a cam and we used that but she didn’t let me see her, I could hear her she was definitely a woman and this is what I wanted right, so when I suggested we get together she gave me her address telling me to be there Friday night at 8.00pm when she would make me her Bitch, her pussy needed some tongue. I readily accepted, presumably she liked to be in charge, if I get to learn that’s Ok with me.

What a bundle of nerves, is this really happening am I really going to get my wish. I can’t wait for Friday, she has not been online that week and I am early so I wait down the road. Excited I walk up the street and ring the door bell a few minutes early.

A black woman opened the door, medium build, rather good looking, I’ve done all right here I thought to myself. “Get your ass in here White Boy.”

I was a little shocked, my mouth slightly open, I just walked through the door without a word, my mind was a blank, I couldn’t think of anything to say. She shut the door and lent back against the wall. “On your knees.”

Dumbly I followed orders, like I didn’t have a mind of my own. She lifted her dress and slipped a rather nice leg over mu left shoulder. “I’m now gonna make you a black woman’s Bitch white boy. She pushed my head back so I was looking up at her. “Once you taste my pussy you don’t go near another woman unless I say so, you understand, now eat.”

Clearly that was a rhetorical question, I’m not getting any anyway so that’s no problem with me. I moved forward and licked her slit. I put my hands on her silky thighs and ran my tongue along her lips trying to ease them apart.

“Firmer Bitch, you really ain’t done this much have you.” I pulled my head back to answer and she just showed it straight back before I could say anything. “You’ll learn when I want an answer and when I don’t.”

“Now bury your tongue as deep as you can get it, I want to feel your face crushed against my pussy.” I obliged.

“Now remember this Bitch, that is where you White Boys belong, at the feet of a superior black woman with you face buried in her pussy” and at that point she crushed my head into her.

“From now on you will refer to me as Mistress and nothing else. You will come here when I text you without fail, I don’t give a shit if you have something on. You want to learn to eat pussy, well you will do it on my terms. You do as you are told and you will get all the pussy you want.”

That suits me I thought to myself as she released my head. “Now lick my clit Bitch.”

And that was how it started, week after week I went there, she told me what to do, how to do it, I didn’t mind the orders one bit, in fact I was quite enjoying being her Bitch. I went round to her house as usual looking forward to another session but I never got in the door.

“Hello White Boy, we’re going out tonight, you need to learn that black women are your total superiors. You are to serve every single black woman who wants to use you, all of them without question, you hear?”

“Yes Mistress.” This should be good I thought to myself and happily followed her with a smile.

It was a bit of a shock when I walked in here to see all these big fat black women but it was Ok, we got a drink and Mistress was chatting to some friends so no doubt we’d be moving on soon. We sat down and this big woman beside us said “I love getting sucked. I just can’t get enough of a hot mouth on my pussy.”

I was startled when my Mistress replied “Borrow mine.”

That’s how I ended up here at a Black BBW Oral Lovers Group, start naked, eating out huge black women. I didn’t know such a thing existed. I don’t even want to begin what she did next.

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