My wife’s note was enough to excite me. The details of her sexual exploits with the maid sent waves of energy through me. Then, to go upstairs and see her and Angelica sexily clad in lingerie, booted heels, and strapped for play was so exhilarating that I could barely resist cumming in my pants.

“Hello, Ladies,” I said from the entry way to our bedroom.

My wife answered, “Shut up and come here.”

I did as I was told. I walked over to them, looking each of them over as I approached. I caught myself starting at their centers, each with a large rubber cock protruding from their hips. I arrived in front of my wife and we kissed long and hard. Our tongues danced back and forth passionately and I felt Angelica’s hands moving over my body. I tingled to her touch and the excitement of my wife’s kiss. I twitched a little when Angelica began rubbing my hard on through my pants.

My wife moved her hands downward and un-tucked my shirt to pull it over my head. Angelica undid my pants and pulled them, along with my boxers, to the floor. I stepped out of the cumbersome clothing and stood naked and vulnerable to them both.

Angelica stayed on her knees and my wife joined her. They stared at my cock for a moment then looked at each other. They locked in a kiss as passionate as the one my wife and I had just shared. Angelica continued to kiss my wife as she reached up and took my cock into her hand. She rubbed her soft hands up and down my shaft. Then she broke her kiss with my wife. They smiled at each other and Angelica grabbed the back of my wife’s head. She guided my wife’s mouth to my cock.

I nearly exploded to the warm wetness of my wife’s mouth. My wife took me full into her throat. Her tongue pressed tightly to the underside of my cock. The sensation was delightful. Then Angelica moved around behind me. She ran her hands up and down my legs, over my ass, and to my lower back. She moved her hands to my ass cheeks and opened me for her access. I felt the firm point of her tongue press hard against my hole, and I nearly came in my wife’s throat. Angelica’s tongue danced tight circles around my hole as my wife continued to suck. Then Angelica reached up around me and held my wife by her hair. My wife’s face held in place and Angelica buried her tongue in my ass. I began rocking back and forth, alternating between fucking my wife’s mouth and my ass with the maid’s tongue. I was so close to cumming that it was hard to stop when Angelica pulled away and let go of my wife’s hair.

Angelica stood up behind me and motioned for my wife to stand as well. She gave a quick order.

“Bed,” Angelica said with a hard slap on my ass.

I moved to the bed and crawled onto the high mattress. I looked over to see my wife rubbing lube all over her rubber cock. My wife then gave her order.

“On all fours.”

I got onto all fours and felt the weight on the mattress shift behind me. My wife had moved in between my legs and was rubbing the tip of her well-lubed rubber extension over my hole. Then Angelica positioned herself in front of me with her toy at my mouth. They both pushed forward simultaneously and I was immediately filled from both ends. My wife pumped into my ass while Angelica began to fuck my face. Each of my wife’s thrusts forced Angelica’s cock deeper into my mouth. I did all I could not to gag at the oral invasion and cum to the anal delight.

I covered Angelica’s dong with my spit before my wife pulled her cock from my ass. I could feel my ass gaping and begging for more. Angelica grabbed the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth feverishly. The back of the dildo was rubbing her clit and she soared into a moaning orgasm.

I heard my wife unbuckle her harness and she moved around next to Angelica. She gave Angelica a quick kiss and Angelica pulled her cock from my mouth. My wife then moved beneath me and were linked up in a “69″ position. She took my cock into her mouth once again and I buried my face into her pussy. My tongue was immediately soaked with her juices.

Angelica moved behind me and slid her slick cock into me. My begging ass was answered with a single, hard thrust. Angelica pounded into me while my wife and I exchanged oral favors. Suddenly, I felt my wife’s pussy clench my tongue. She reached down and grabbed my head. She held me still as she began to grind her clit against my mouth. She came hard against my tongue.

Her orgasm subsided and Angelica slowed her thrusting. Then my wife pulled away and turned over and around. She laid face-down beneath me.

“Fuck me,” she ordered and I eased down into her. My cock had no problem finding her sweet center and sliding into her. Angelica then picked up her thrusts once more. She pounded into me as I pounded into my wife. The sensation became too much to bear. I exploded. I sent stream after stream of thick cum into my wife until I was completely spent.

I collapsed onto my wife’s back and Angelica collapsed onto mine. We lay there panting in ecstasy until I broke the silence.

“Thank you, ladies,” I said exhausted, but grinning.

Angelica answered, “You’re welcome,” with one last hard thrust that sent a shockwave through me and my wife in simultaneous pleasure.

I was 19 and pretty much failing out of college. I mean, what can I say, I loved the parties. I loved the booze. Most of all, I loved the attention I was getting from ALL the guys. I mean, I was popular in high school, but not like this. Guys knew I put out and I was always the life of the party because of it. And I can understand why! Not to sound overly confident, but I knew I was (and still am) attractive as hell. I’m 5’6″, blonde hair, blue eyes, with size 30C boobs and a pretty decent ass.

Maybe it was the fact that I was sleeping in a different dorm room almost every night, but I just never found myself studying. I knew that given my grades my parents were not going to allow me to go back to college. That was fine. I just needed to find a job so I wouldn’t have to live at home. Honestly, all I wanted to do was continue my life of slutty indulgence.

My “redemption” came in the form of a flier posted in the university dining hall. It called for “live-in maids for a brand-new, never before seen style of tropical get-away.” I’ve always been a fan of the tropics (I made the trip to both Hawaii and the Bahamas plenty of times with my family when I was younger), so this seemed to be a god-send. I immediately called the number listed on the flier and was called in for an interview the next day.

I arrived the next day wearing a slim fitting black dress that showed my cleavage rather nicely, and, even better, showed off my lack of panties if I crossed my legs right. As expected, the interviewer (male of course) was rather taken in by me. “Well, you certainly fit the bill,” he said. “Unfortunately we have a very limited number of positions available. I’m only allowed to hire one, MAYBE two girls from each site. I’d love to hire you but you’re going to have to give me a really good reason to.”

“I understand completely,” I said as I got off out of my chair and down on all fours. I crawled towards him while saying, “Maybe this will help convince you.” He said nothing as I unzipped his pants and pulled them and his boxers off. I slowly began stroking his cock as I pulled the top of my dress down revealing my boobs. His cock quickly stiffened to attention as I began licking the had and playing with his balls. As he got harder, I took more of his cock into my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and forced more of his cock into my mouth. I obliged and began to deep throat him. He took his hand off as he leaned back and groaned in ecstasy. Before long I felt him begin to stiffen and I knew he would cum soon. I immediately took his cock out of my mouth and said, “If you hire me I will swallow every last drop of your hot load. If not, I leave right now and blue ball the hell out of you.”

“Yes! Yes!! The job is yours!” he said somewhat urgently.

“Mmmm good boy,” I replied as i took his cock back into my mouth. I began to flick my tongue around the head making him moan. I soon had him back at the edge, although this time I forced him over. He grabbed the back of my head keeping his cock in my mouth as he began to spurt a heavy load into my mouth. I swallowed a little but kept as much in my mouth as possible. Once he finished and pulled his cock out, I opened my mouth and showed him his big load. I then swallowed the entire thing as sexily as possible.

“There is one thing, however, that you should know,” He breathlessly as he pulled his pants back up, “this isn’t actually for a tropical getaway. It’s for a “micro-country”. The people I work for, and who you will be working for, are conducting an experiment. They have converted an oil rig into what is basically a small town, able to support around 250 people for months at a time. This rig is in international waters and is a small country in every sense of the word. This means that it has its own laws. I just need you to understand that before you agree to join.”

Two weeks later, I left college without even telling my roommates goodbye. They knew I was leaving, just not when. I wrote to my parents to tell them I would be leaving the country for a while and not to worry. Both of these were mistakes.

I arrived at the rig more excited than I could remember being in a long time. I was nervous, of course, but also looking forward to new experiences. I was shown to my room (which I got to myself!) then told to change out of my street clothes and into the outfit in the closet. The outfit I found in the closet seemed a tad revealing, although I figured I should not have been surprised. It was the classic “french maid” outfit. While I found it a little odd, I acknowledged that it was their right as my new employers to ask me to wear whatever they wanted. That and the pay was amazing.

After days of “introductory training” during which I learned more than I did the entire time I was at college, I began my real job. For the first few weeks everything went amazingly. I was enjoying the position, and all the free time I had. I made a few friends, mostly the girls in the hall I was in. We all had our own rooms, but regularly had “sleepovers” like we were kids again. All were just as attractive as myself, so it was easy to see what the company was looking for in the women they hired.The only thing I was missing was guys. All of the guys on the boat were older and definitely NOT my type.

The next week, however, everything took a turn for the worse. Up until this point the laws in our little country had been based strictly upon US law. Unfortunately for me and the other girls on the rig, after 3 weeks the laws were allowed to change based purely on a majority vote. And, of course, there were far more men on board as women. The first change that was made was that women became property of the company, not citizens.

I was not informed of this and went to work as usual the next day. As I walked into the first room I had to clean, the door swung shut behind me. I turned, surprised, and saw the owner of the room standing there naked, massaging a rather large, erect, cock. “Oh my!” I yelled, “Sir let me get out of your way, I thought you weren’t home.”

“That won’t be necessary,” he replied, “I want you here. Or more specifically, I want you.”

“No doubt, but I DO NOT want you!”

“Hmmm, you must not have heard. You are now the property of the company. Because I am a shareholder in the company, you are my property. You are the property of every male on this rig. Now, please bend over.”

I tried to run past him, but he slapped me in the face and I fell back onto the floor, stunned. He wasted now time as he got on stood over me and forced his cock into my mouth. “I swear to god, if you bite I will make you wish you never had,” he said threateningly. I submitted to him and began to suck on his cock. He refused to be sated with just a blow job and quickly picked me up and threw me onto the bed.

I was on my hands and knees trying to crawl away when he grabbed my ass and pulled me back. He quickly pulled my panties down to around my knees, then completely off. Likewise, he pulled down the top of my dress exposing my boobs. I slowly began to realize that, in spite of myself, I was wet. The old man quickly realized this and called me on it.

“Damn, you little slut! You get off on this, don’t you!?” He said forcefully as he began to rub my pussy with his cock. “I’m gonna fuck that pussy of yours so hard. Then you know what? I’m gonna fuck that ass too.” With that he forced his cock (probably around 7″) deep into my pussy.

“FUCK! UGHHH NO!” I moaned/screamed. It had been a while since I’d had sex, the longest I’d gone in years, and my pussy was TIGHT. “Please sir, stop!”

“Not a chance in hell, girly.” He replied, “I’m gonna stretch this tight pussy out, and that ass of yours is next. Hell, that looks even tighter!” Before I could reply, the door burst open and one of the security officers walked in.

“Oh thank god!” I yelled as the old man continued to drill my pussy, “Sir get this man the fuck off of me!!”

The security officer pretended not to hear me, addressing the old man instead. “That’s a fine piece of ass you’ve got yourself, George. Mind if I join in?

“Not at all Frank!” The old man replied as he pulled out of my pussy. “I was just about to give her ass a workout anyways, so you’re just in time.” To stifle any more of my objections, and possibly to avoid attracting anyone else, George picked up my panties and shoved them into my mouth. He began to finger my asshole and apply lube that he pulled out of his nightstand as Frank stroked his cock to life. I’d only ever done anal a few times so it took plenty of coaxing and lube to open me up.

Before too long, however, I was up to George’s standards. He had Frank lay down on the bed with his 8″ cock sticking proudly up into the air. George made me mount Frank and take him inside my pussy with I did with little struggle. Once Frank was all the way in, George positioned his cock at my ass and began to slowly force his way in.

I took his cock in my ass gradually, inch by inch. After what seemed like forever, he finally fit his whole cock in my ass. I felt fuller than I ever had before with two fairly large cocks inside of me. After giving me a few seconds to get used to it, George began to fuck in and out making me moan around the panties that he had stuffed into my mouth. As George increased his pace, Franke began thrusting into me as well. With two cocks fucking me I knew I wouldn’t last long and I soon began to cum.

As my pussy and ass tightened around Frank and George’s cocks I felt them begin to stiffen. Both began to cum at the same time, filling me with their seed. “Finally, it’s over,” I thought. I was wrong.

“Wanna switch?” Frank asked. “I wanna get at that fine ass of hers. And now that you’ve loosened it and lubed it more with your cum, I know I’ll fit.”

“Why sure thing Frank!” George replied as he pulled out of my ass. “Turn your slutty ass over, lower it onto Frank’s cock before my cum starts dripping out.” I did as he commanded, positioning my ass over Frank’s cock and beginning to sit down onto it. Immediately after my asshole made contact with the head of his cock, Frank forced himself the whole way in as I tried to scream around my panties. Frank grabbed my hips and began to force me up and down on his cock, making me ride it with my ass. His cock was definitely bigger than George’s and oh boy did I notice.

George stepped up onto the bed in front of me and pulled the panties out of my mouth. Before I had a chance to scream for help George forced his cock, fresh out of my ass, into my mouth. “Suck your ass juices off my cock you fuckin slut,” George commanded me, “You better get it nice and clean cause it’s goin in your pussy next and you wouldn’t want your nasty ass juices in there, would you?” As I continued to suck his cock, George began to slap my boobs and twist my nipples, making me scream around his cock.

After a few minutes of this, George fucking my face and Frank forcing my ass onto his cock, George decided his cock was clean enough and forced it back into my pussy. I screamed loudly, half in pleasure, half in panic, before he stuffed my panties back into my mouth. I could feel the two cocks slamming into me at different speeds, it was insane, amazing, and although I hate to admit it, I loved it.

I could tell that both Frank and George were getting close to cumming again. Sure enough, George got off of me, and Frank pushed me off. George pushed me to my knees and pulled the panties out of my mouth while saying, “Let’s cum all over this bitches face, I want her to leave here marked.” Almost immediately after he said that, almost in agreement, Frank began to cum on my face and boobs, covering me. I don’t know how he came so much again after cumming not so long before but he did. George managed the same, and before I knew it I was covered in cum.

“Get the fuck outta here,” Frank said as he opened the door and pushed me out, “Your work here is done.” As I stumbled out the door I knew my day was not going to get much better. My face was covered in cum and I knew I had more in both my ass and pussy. If what Gorge had told me was true, the guys on the rig were going to be all over me before I knew it.

This is a story containing graphic sexual content. If you are not legally allowed to view such a story, or might be offended by it please do NOT read it.

While this is a work of fiction I have based it loosely on my first experience of a Domme TV.

If you do read it, send any comments through the link below. I am interested in any feedback, critiques, or reviews, good or bad. I will continue to write this story but it will make the effort worth it only if I receive mail telling me what you think.


The Adventures of Philippa, a submissive TV Maid. Part 1

Tomorrow was the day, the day I had been dreaming of for a long time, the day my Domme was coming to see me for the first time.

Let me explain a bit. I have been for as long as I can remember a submissive TV. My wife bless her has tried hard to Domme me but I have tended to lead from the bottom. As a result of that and my bi-curiosity we had talked long and hard about it and decided we should try to find a Dom or Domme TV to take the pressure off of my wife and also to give me what I needed, domination without the ‘love’ angle, to be submitted to humiliation and domination by someone who enjoyed having a submissive slut to play with.

I spent a lot of time chatting on-line to various people, most of whom turned out to be time wasters and then I started chatting to Davina or Miss Davina as I was now to call her. She was easy to talk to, and although she did not dress fully, because of circumstances at home, she wanted to and so our on-line relationship grew. We discussed all kinds of things and then had decided to meet socially, to make sure we got on and for my wife to meet and hopefully approve of Davina.

This we had done a couple of weeks ago, the meeting went well and my wife gave me permission to arrange for Davina to visit our home, which is in the middle of nowhere, in fact our nearest neighbours are at least a half mile away.

And so tomorrow was the day, the day I hoped would allow me to start my training to become the slave slut I had longed to be for years.

I was of course very comprehensive, it needed to go well, not only for me but I am sure for Davina so that we could continue into what I hoped would be a lasting relationship.

We had agreed limits in our discussions on-line and had also discussed what I should be wearing when Miss arrived for the first time since she did not know my wardrobe, after the first time she would dictate to me what to wear for next time.

Tomorrow I was to wear a matching bra and panty set, my false boobs, a waspie type corset that was comfortable if not too tight, but still gave me some shape, black hold ups with seams up the back, must get them straight, 4″ high heels that are not so comfortable if on my feet for a long time, and my short, what I call my serving, wig. To finish it off I wore my Maids uniform, the short one and a nice petticoat that made the skirt flair and made it even shorter.

Tonight I was in the bath having that all important shave to make absolutely sure I was hairless for my Mistress, my wife had even offered to do the parts I couldn’t see. I have to admit I was hard just with the thought of tomorrow but my wife was not interested so I got out the bath, dried my self and set about painting my toe nails and finger nails so that they could harden overnight and I would not ruin them in the morning when dressing.

I went to bed in my usual long satin nighty, and fell into a disturbed sleep, too busy dreaming of what she might do to me, not that I really knew as we had not discussed that, nor did I really want to, that was the whole point, I wanted to be helpless and at her mercy, if she had any.

The morning came, and I got up as usual and showered, I had plenty of time, Miss was not due until 10am.

I dressed leisurely and did my makeup, spending lots of time over it so I looked as good as I could for my Miss, I only hoped she would like me.

I then got out the whipping bench and assembled it as instructed in the lounge, and then got out the implements that we had agreed she should have to hand to use on me if she so desired, the last thing we wanted was to stop the session so that I could go and hunt for something, obviously after the first visit things would be different as she would know where things were and help herself.

I put on my wrist and ankle cuffs, the ones that locked on with padlocks and I was ready, gosh was that the time, it was by now 9.50.

Just as well as at that moment there was a rap on the front door.

Shaking more than just a little I went and opened it, I was so nervous, this was it, my first real Domme, and my first real domination session.

“Good morning Miss,” I said nervously “I trust you had a good journey”

“I did slut” she answered “Don’t just stand there take my bag and let me in”

“Yes Miss, I’m sorry Miss.” I said as I took her bag from her and moved to one side to allow her to enter.

“Now before we start you are to show me around your home and garden, then I will inspect you, then you will help to dress me, understand”

“Yes Miss”

“Turn round” she said which I did immediately and she locked my wrists together behind my back.

We then started the tour of our house showing her every room, then taking her outside and showing her the very secluded garden that we have. At the end of the tour we returned to the lounge, which was the room that had been decided, was to be the main centre of the session this first time.

“Stand still girl, I want to inspect you” Miss said, and I stood before her with my head bowed.

She walked round me, then lifted my dress at the back, and felt my ass, then pulled down my knickers, and said “stand with your legs apart” I spread my legs dutifully. She pulled my ass cheeks apart, then let go and continued to move round the front of me where she got my small clitty and balls in her hands and pulled them hard, this of course had the reaction of making me get hard, at which point she let go and slapped my clitty “did I tell you to get hard”

“no Miss” I replied to which she said “did I tell you to talk.”

It was at this point that I realised that I had a lot to learn to be able to please her.

She stood back from me. “Firstly your seams are not perfectly straight at the back, secondly I will not tolerate your clitty becoming unsightly all the time, we need to do something about that, and thirdly while I can see you have tried to make yourself presentable there are still half a dozen hairs that you have not shaved properly.”

“All of these are punishable but I will delay that until you have helped dress me, now turn round and bend over legs apart.”

I did as commanded wondering what she was about to do, I was not after all to be punished so why was I in this position with my ass exposed.

She unclipped my hands and reattached each wrist to my ankles effectively keeping me in this bent position. My clitty had subsided by now without any attention to it and the next thing I felt was something go round the head, which I quickly realised was a boot lace, so that’s what she wanted them for, which she yanked up my back pulling me firmly between my legs, I assume she then tied it off to the strings of my corset.

She unclipped my wrists and told me to stand upright which I did. “There that’s better now if you get a stiffy it wont show or do you any good, now pull your knickers up and show me where I can get dressed.”

I showed her upstairs to the dressing room that we have, and she said “Just stand there and watch me, if I need help I will tell you.”

With that she started to undress, she had a very bronzed body, and quite toned for her age, she was obviously quite fit unlike myself who had a sedentary desk job. As she removed her knickers her clitty popped out and so did my eyes, it was enormous. Well that was my immediate reaction, I had certainly never seen anything that big in the flesh so to speak, although I had seen it before on web cam.

She saw me staring at it and deliberately started to stroke it gently making it grow even bigger. “This is what my little slut wants isn’t it.” With that she slapped my face. “Stop staring. You will get used to it soon enough”

All the time she had been stroking it gently and there was some pre cum dripping now from the end of it. It had to be at least 8″ and seemed to be very very thick, at least compare to my tiny clitty which when fully erect and tied up only managed 5 1/2 inches on a good day.

“Now what have you got me to wear” I shook myself out of my trance and hurriedly found the short leather skirt I had got out for her together with my spare falsies, a white, partly see though school mistress blouse, and my long wig.

She had her own underwear but because of her situation at home was unable to dress fully so I was providing some clothes and other items for this first session, after today if all went well she would order some for herself and get them delivered to our address.

As she got dressed and did her make up I stood as directed and helped when asked, although I could not stop thinking about what was between her legs, and whether I could actually get that in my mouth, I had really chosen a challenge for my first oral experience which I knew would happen today at some point.

Once she had finished dressing, she looked at me “Now we need to deal with your misdemeanours” she said ominously. “You better get yourself downstairs and into the lounge, take your knickers off and wait for me”

I hurried downstairs and into the lounge to wait for her. She walked in, she was stunning in her new outfit and the wig suited her perfectly, and in the high heels I had provided seemed so confident and dominant.

“Now slip your outfit off and get yourself onto that whipping bench” I slipped my maids dress off and sat on the bench, leant forward so that my ass was exposed while she strapped me to it, two straps round each arm, one round each thigh, and one round each ankle, I was then helpless and hoped she would be gentle on me.

“Now then I seem to remember there are 3 offences that I have mentioned, plus another that I have not. Your punishment will be with the crop, 2 stokes for the incorrect seams, 2 strokes for the unsightly clitty, 4 strokes for the unsightly hairy ass, and finally another 4 stokes for not paying attention and staring at my clitty. You will take your punishment and you will count and thank me after each stroke. Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss thank you Miss.”

With that she pulled down my knickers and I felt the end of the crop on my ass as she obviously lined herself up.

Then there followed a swish and an explosion of pain as the crop hit me. “One thank you Miss.”

After a brief pause a second blow hit me. “Two thank you Miss” and so it continued until I had received all twelve strokes. By then my ass felt as if it was on fire and I was sure that I was marked for life, although in reality I suspected I would just have some wheals and bruising that would disappear in a few days, but it would make me remember today for a while.

“There’s a good girl,” she said sweetly “Now lets hope you remember this and try and do better next time I come.”

She then released me form the bench and told me to get dressed and sent me to make her a drink while she relaxed after her strenuous efforts. When I came back into the lounge I gave her the coffee I had made and stood with my hands behind my back while I waited for my next instruction.

“Right come here, turn round, I think a little bondage is called for to make sure you don’t go anywhere while I take a walk in your garden and drink my coffee.”

I turned round and she proceeded to clip my wrists together, then she tied my elbows tightly together behind my back forcing my chest out, then told me to lie down where she continued to tie my ankles together and again above the knees. She then lifted my legs and tied my ankles to my wrists so that I was in a perfect hogtie.

“Now don’t go anywhere.” she said as she disappeared onto the patio at the back outside the lounge.

I do not know what she did after that but what seemed like an age later she came back in and said “I think I might just leave you like that, it is such a nice day out there I am not sure I can be bothered with you”

I was about to beg her not to when she continued “but I am feeling very horny so I think it is time for you to satisfy me.”

This was it the moment I had been waiting for, but what could I do tied up like this.

No problem she knelt beside me, undid the hogtie, my knees and ankles, and told me to get on my knees before her. I did this willingly. She lifted her skirt and lowered her knickers and I immediately saw she was telling the truth, she was horny, and I believed my dream was about to come true.

She got hold of it and said “Open your mouth” I did so, “Wider girl you will have to do better then that” and she pushed this wondrous thing towards my mouth, would I get it in.

“Now lick the tip, I am sure your wife has sucked you so I assume you know what you like, I am sure I will like the same”

I tasted the tip, my first cock, all kinds of thoughts were racing through my head as I started to lick her, she tasted salty, she slowly stroked herself which made her produce some pre-cum which she rubbed against my lips, making me lick them and want more of her.

I licked all round the head and then slowly took it into my mouth, it really was stretching me but I didn’t care, this was what I had wanted for a long long time and with such a magnificent cock as well it was every girls dream come true.

As I got a little into my mouth I started sucking and moving my head back and forward on her, then she put a hand behind my head and said “You will have to learn to take me all, to control your gag reflex and deep throat me.”

And she pushed herself into me, I couldn’t help but try to gag but she held herself there until I was over the worst of it and then slowly withdrew a bit and pushed again.

After a while I found that I was gagging less and that she was starting to pant as the feelings built up inside her.

Suddenly without warning I felt her swell and something hit the back of my throat, she was Cumming, and she held my head firm as she continued to cum for what seemed like ages, I had no choice but to swallow although some did dribble from the side of my mouth, I just could not take it all.

“Well my little slut you may now lick me clean and do a good job. I see you have spilt some, I will be kind today as this is your first time, but if you EVER spill some again you will be severely punished, understand.”

“Yes Miss thank you Miss.”

“You are my slut now, and this will become an on demand thing, when I say “suck” I want you to, wherever we are, drop to your knees and suck me until I cum, and you WILL swallow everything, do you understand.”

“Yes Miss.”

“Now come here and turn round” I did so and she untied my hands and elbows.

“Now lay down face up on the floor”

Once I had done this she went to work on me, tying my hands to my sides, my legs together at the ankles and knees, so that I was lying totally helpless at her feet.

She moved her chair so that it was beside me and sat down, “Now for some cleaning” she said as she pushed one of her heels into my mouth and made me lick it. I soon realised there was dirt on them from her walk round the garden earlier and I dutifully licked them clean, and then the other one as she changed over.

She then pushed her chair back, stood up and removed her panties. She then sat down on my face, pulled her cheeks apart and I knew I was to lick her and clean her most ass.

After what seemed an age she got up and I clearly saw she was aroused again as she turned to face me, then she sat down again and pushed herself into my mouth, I knew that this time I would have to swallow all and not let anything escape.

It took her longer to cum this time and thankfully there did not seem so much of it, so I swallowed and I think she was pleased with my effort.

She stood up, put her knickers back on, and untied me. “Upstairs” was the curt command.

I did as told and she then made me take off my maids uniform, made me lay face down on the bed and proceeded to tighten my corset significantly so that I was almost unable to breathe.

I was the told to get my sleep sack out and get into it, which I did, it has two separate sleeves inside for my arms so when done up I am immobile. She then fastened my hood on me and did the lacing of the sack up tight so I was totally immobile.

Then she rolled me over undid the zip that is located in the back for access to my ass and tied back clitty and used her hand to smear some kind of lubrication on my ass hole. I then felt something pressing against me and she pushed harder and I felt myself being penetrated.

It felt huge but that was possibly because I was tied so tight in the sleep sack that my ass cheeks were pressed together. Once she was happy it was in far enough she released my clitty and pushed it to the front, and zipped me up again with whatever it was firmly planted in my ass.

She rolled me back onto my back, undid the zip and pulled my small clitty out and proceeded to tie it up tightly.

Once she had finished she said “Right it is time for lunch, you have a rest while I go and eat”

To be continued …

Reader Notes

This is a fantasy story patched together from a series of e-mails I have sent to a very sexy lady. She loves bisexual men and she loves men who wear panties. She is dominant but in a very genteel way, if that is possible.

It’s told and written in a different style than I usually employ. I feel this style is rather staccato, telling her what would happen if we met. Hopefully, it suggests the urgency of our passion and the need to satisfy our kinky needs.

I would be glad to receive feedback regarding whether this works as a narrative. Thank you for reading.

We meet at a hotel bar. You are sitting on a bar stool at the bar. You are wearing a short black, tight leather skirt over sheer black nylons. You see me. You recognise me from my picture. You smile a dazzling smile. You shift on your stool ever so slightly and part your legs. I realise immediately that you are not wearing panties. I can see your beautiful smooth pussy and it is obvious by the sheen on your pussy lips that your anticipation has turned you on. I kiss you and immediately I am aware of the heady fragrance of expensive perfume and sex. I state simply “I am here Mistress.”

You lead me by the hand to the elevator. The doors close and you immediately tell me to hike up your skirt and slide two fingers inside you. After two or three strokes you grasp my wrist and withdraw my hand from your pussy. You raise my hand so it is between our faces. We lick my fingers and taste your juices. The doors open and you lead me quickly to your room.

We quickly remove our clothing. At your command I am wearing sexy black lace panties on and sheer black stockings. Your cum is now dripping down your thigh as you savour the sight of your very own panty slut standing before you. You order me to get on the bed on all fours with my cute ass in the air. You tell me my hole looks so inviting. You surprise me with a litte smack on my ass. You are using a small whip to make my bottom pink. You tell me to spread my legs. I can feel my shaven balls and cock fully exposed and dangling. I make my first request of my first Mistress. I ask permission to stroke my cock and balls. You tell me I’m a naughty slut and that if I stroke them you will have to spank me some more. I begin to stroke my rampant cock and beg you for punishment. You deliver a series of hard, sharp strikes to my reddened cheeks. You tell me again that my hole is so inviting and that you simply must insert your tongue inside it and tongue fuck my sluts ass. I moan, I squirm, I thrust my hole back onto your tongue gyrating my bottom against your face. You slide away from me and put on a huge strap-on cock. You rub your pussy juices and some oils on my pretty hole and in one smooth, determined movement you slide your cock inside me. You mount me, you fuck me hard, hanging onto my hips, sliding in and out of my man cunt. I tell you that I’m ready to cum and ask your permission to release my load. You immediately withdraw and tell me to squirt my hot spunk all over you; your face, your tits and your stomach. And then you release a gush of pussy cream, squirting your juices all over my cock, balls and thighs.

You order me to clean you up like a good Maid. I immediately get to work. Sucking and licking my cum off your tits, nibbling and lightly biting your erect nipples. I rub my hands all over your breasts massaging my cum into your flawless skin. I then lick my cum off your face and kiss you deeply, our tongues entangled, duelling each other for a share of tasty spunk.

Your tight pussy has fully opened up and your juices are flowing freely leaving a widening stain on the bed. I reach under your strap on cock and insert two fingers and work them in and out of your drenched pussy in a scissor movement. Then I ease in a third finger, and a fourth and you gasp with pleasure. My entire hand is covered in your sweet cunt cream and then………………I stop. I ask you if I may remove your strap on. You agree. I then ask you, my Mistress, if you wish to freshen up. You do and you retire to the en suite bathroom. I explain that, with your permission, I have a surprise that I would like to deliver for you and ask that you don’t come out until I come and get you. I need to change my outfit and lingerie and make a phone call. Before you go I reach into my overnight bag and take out his and hers butt plugs. I kiss you deeply, my cock now rock hard again brushes against your proudly erect clit and we grind our pelvises together. Before it gets out of hand I ask your permission to pleasure you like a good sex slave should. You smile and I pull away. I gently bend you over onto all fours on the bed. I lick you from your dripping pussy up to your rosebud where I force my tongue into your ass. I plunge a butt plug into your pussy until it is fully coated in your cum. I then ease it slowly into your ass right up to the hilt. You are pushing back against my hand urging the dildo deeper into you. I then hand you the other butt plug and ask you to ram it up my ass. You insert this dildo into your pussy to lubricate it and keep it there. You bend me over, spank my bottom hard two or three times and then you remove the butt plug from your pussy and without delay you ram it forcefully up my tight hole causing me to jerk and moan. I explain that we need to keep the butt plugs in our asses to prepare for what is to come. You gather your toiletries, make up and your chosen outfit, I lead you to the bathroom and then I make my phone call.

I arrange the door to our room so that it is slightly ajar – unnoticeable to the casual observer. I then select my outfit and join you in the bathroom. I find you bent over the toilet and reaching behind yourself to slowly but firmly work your butt plug in and out of your tight anus. I stand and watch for a minute – watching how your ass expands and contracts as the bulbous head of the butt plug goes in and out of your hole. I then step behind you and place my hand over yours, my growing cock rubbing up against your stockinged thigh. You’re startled for an instant but then you look back at me and smile and you relax. You move your hand away from the butt plug and place it over your pussy using your fingers to squeeze and roll your distended clit. I take over on your butt plug, withdrawing it almost all the way out before forcing it back in to the hilt. You begin to moan softly and to rotate your hips and ass. I increase the pace, thrusting the black plug in and out of your ass as you start to rub your clit so hard and so fast that your hand is a blur. Suddenly you stiffen and you arch your back getting ready to cum. I read the signs, ram the plug once more into your ass and leave it there. I get onto the floor and place my mouth over your fingers and pussy just in time as you orgasm strongly, bucking your hips and letting go with a flood of pussy juice. I try greedily to catch it all in my mouth but you are so wet your sweet cum is dripping off my chin and splashing onto my chest. You are grinding your pussy down onto my mouth and face as you enjoy a series of mini, after shock orgasms. As you come down from your sexual high I move around and kneel up so I can support you as your legs tremble and start to buckle. You pull me to you and begin to lick my face, my lips, my mouth eagerly tasting your own pussy cream.

We pull apart and I turn on the shower. We get in together and begin to gently soap each others bodies, stealing frequent kisses, nibbling each others ears and necks. In one such clinch you reach around me and begin to work my butt in long slow circles, pressing down delightfully on my prostate. I can feel my cum rising but I want to save it. I know what the night still holds for us.

I step out of the shower and towel myself dry whilst I watch you soaping your pussy. I slide and smooth on a pair of hold up fish net stockings. I then put on a pair of panties. They have white lace frills on the bottom and sheer gauze front through which my cock is clearly visible. Then I put on a very short, tie around white maids apron and a sheer nylon vest top with thin straps and a pair of patent leather, high heeled pumps. I am ready. I lean into the shower and kiss you and then I leave the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later you emerge looking radiant and every inch like the nymphs of legend. You are wearing a short black, totally transparent negligee that falls to just below your bottom. Your magnificent breasts are straining at the delicate material and your large, long, erect, dark brown nipples are clearly visible as they attempt to force their way through your negligee. As you walk into the room your negligee rises and falls seductively exposing the tops of your sheer, seamed, fully fashioned silk stockings and giving tantalising glimpses of your smooth, completely shaven pussy. As you advance into the room you are stopped in your tracks and gasp at the scene in front of you.

For there I am. In my heels and sexy maids uniform standing between two muscular guys – one white, one black. I speak; “Mistress. Let me introduce you to Marlon and Julian. With your permission I will prepare them for you and then they will be your sex slaves for the rest of the night. They are both bisexual and they will do whatever you tell them and you can do whatever you like to them. Would you like to inspect your slaves Mistress?”

You smile your radiant, seductive smile and walk towards us, slowly, prowling like cheetah approaching her prey. Marlon is wearing a white thong and Julian is wearing a black thong. Although both boys are not yet erect, their tiny briefs can barely contain their cocks.

You stand between them and run your red painted nails across their smooth, hairless chests – scraping across their erect nipples. Neither of them flinch but continue to look at you – pure lust in their eyes. You move your hands down and slowly run your finger tips and nails over their pouched bulges – so delicately you are barely touching them. Their bulges immediately increase in size. You slide your left hand around to Marlons buttocks and your right hand around to Julians buttocks. You have to pull them closer to you so you can reach. This means you are now in full body contact with both of them as you stroke and squeeze their firm peachy bottoms. Then you pull away and say, “Boys. I fully expect you to fuck me in all of my holes at least until day break or until I tell you to stop.” Then you turn to me and say “Ricky, my darling man, my dirty, clever little slut. Prepare the sex slaves for your Mistress.”

You stand in front of your maid and your sex slaves and slowly run your bright red tongue around your glossy bright red lips. I ask to be excused to make preparations. You give me permission and as I sway past you I feel a sharp slap on my bottom which makes my cock jerk in my panties. I go to the wardrobe and remove two black latex sheets. I place one over the bed and one on the floor. Then I retrieve a large bottle of silicone oil and return to stand in front of you. I ask your permission to prepare your slaves. You step forward and kiss me deeply while with one hand you grip and squeeze my cock and balls through my panties.

You turn away and we can just about see the globes of your beautifully round bottom showing beneath the hem of your negligee. You reach the bed and bend over so that your negligee rides up and you blatantly and wantonly show us that your butt plug is still deep in your ass. You ease it half way out and then clench your ass muscles to hold it there. You turn to face us reaching up with your hands to pinch and pull at your big nipples through the material of your negligee. Your maid and your slaves gasp as we notice a rivulet of pussy juice running down your creamy white inner thigh. You spread your legs and thrust your bottom out and then you sit down with force. A force that rams the butt plug all the way into your ass in one go. You cry out and at the same time a stream of sticky pussy juice erupts from your gaping cunt. Instinctively your three slaves move forward eager to taste your honey. But you raise a hand and shout ‘Stop. Maid prepare cock and man cunt for me.’

We take our positions on the latex sheet and I begin to cover Marlon and Julian with oil. It drips over their broad shoulders and across their prominent pectoral muscles. I rub the oil over their solid biceps, over their backs, across their six pack abdominals, up and down their delta shaped muscular thighs and massage it into their bare, firm, tight bottoms. But I do not touch their cocks or their anus. However, without even touching them there it is obvious that Marlon and Julian have enjoyed their massage. They both have huge bulges straining to escape from their tight, tiny, shiny, sexy thongs and their buttocks are clenching and their hips are slightly thrusting involuntarily.

I leave the beautiful boys, the slaves in position on the sheet while I bring over two high backed chairs from the dressing area. I place the chairs behind them and tell them to turn round. They now have their backs to you. Their broad muscular backs tapering to their narrow, almost girlish, tight waists. Their firm bottoms are glistening with oil and I tell them to bend over the chairs. I get a spanking paddle from the drawer and present it to you. You stand up. You smell of sex. Your stocking tops are soaked with your pussy juice which is flowing freely as you’ve been finger fucking your pussy throughout the massage. You tell me to kneel down and you turn your back to me. You bend over and instruct me to remove your butt plug. Your tight, puckered asshole stretches as I ease it out and I gently blow into your gaping ass as the plug springs free. ‘Tongue me bitch,’ you order me. ‘Tongue my throbbing, gaping ass.’ I can’t get there quick enough. I can’t get my tongue in far enough as I devour your pulsing, clenching hole. You force your ass back against my face as my tongue worms its way in and up and around your fabulous fuck hole until suddenly you shout ‘Enough.’ You tell me to stand between the slaves facing them and you approach the three of us slowly. A prowling, hungry, eager, sexual predator with her prey firmly in her sight.

Without warning you bring the paddle down hard on Marlons firm, glistening black buttocks. He jerks and moans with pleasure. You spank him again. And again. This time across the tops of his muscular thighs. Marlon is squirming with pleasure, gyrating his beautiful ass and thrusting it upwards to meet your swishing paddle. His cock is hugely erect and straining at his lycra thong. You lean forward across Marlons broad back, grinding your pussy into his bottom and forcing your erect nipples into his back and you whisper into his ear ‘Suck my maids cock through his panties. But you mustn’t use your hands.’ I turn towards Marlon and offer up my rigid, panty covered cock. He engulfs it with his generous mouth in one lunge. You moan with desire and pure lust as you move across behind Julian. Once more without warning you sting his tanned bottom with a sharp crack of the paddle. Unlike Marlon, Julian speaks. He says ‘Oh yes Mistress. I’ve been so bad. Please spank me some more.’ You smile and and growl a throaty, sexy, chuckle. Your left hand reaches for your pussy while your right hand repeatedly brings the paddle down on Julians reddening, warm bottom. You speak; ‘Maid. Take your cock out of your panties and fuck this slaves mouth.’ I fuck Julians mouth until he gags but he doesn’t back away. He wants more. Both slaves have stained their thongs with pre-cum. You notice too and warn us that none of us are allowed to cum until you say so. You tell us to stop and order the two slaves to stand on the chairs. You put down your paddle and approach Marlon. You stroke his thighs and his spank warmed bottom. Finally you squeeze his cock and balls and then…..and then you grasp his buttocks firmly, pull him towards you and grabbing the top of his tiny thong in your teeth you begin to pull his thong down and off. As you release his huge black cock it springs up past your face and bounces alongside your cheek. You gaze at his massive rod and groan with excitement but you don’t touch him. You order me, your maid to finish removing Marlons thong and you turn to Julian. This time, as you grasp his buttocks, you move in swiftly and actually bite his cockhead through his thong. Julian groans moans and bucks his hips and his cock towards you. You kiss his cockhead through his thong gently and smile knowingly. You’ve guessed right. From his reaction to his spanking you knew that this was Julians fetish. The fine line between pain and pleasure and you immediately begin to make plans for him.

You then order us to line up again. I have removed my apron and my vest top and stand before you in only heels and fishnet stockings. The slaves are completely naked. All three of us are sporting massive, vein bulging, throbbing erections as we prepare for the next stage of what was to be a sex filled night.

To be continued………………….


This is a story set in the India. It involves nonconsensual activities and power inequality. As such, racism, abuse and rape are part of the story. If you are not comfortable with these topics, I urge you NOT to read on. Thank you. Please note: all characters are over the age of legal consent.

This is a part of the Robert Hamilton expat series. I will not recap previous chapters in the current chapter. So, for this story to make the most sense, please review prior chapters.

Robert was in heaven. He finally had his dream – a cushy expat assignment in India with a housekeeper who had just willingly sucked him off. Well, maybe she wasn’t all that willing.

After that night, things returned to normal. Robert didn’t push his luck and force Piya to suck his cock again and she continued doing a good job and staying out of his way.

Things went on this way for nearly a week. Then, late one night Robert woke up very late and very horny. The clock said 3:16am. The house was quiet. Oddly, there was an odd stillness and quietness outside as well.

“Fuck it,” thought Robert. There was nothing to do but force Piya to suck his cock again. She was still sleeping in the guest bedroom – over the objections of his cook Sunil. Having an Untouchable in the house was a bit more than the neighborhood could handle.

Robert quietly walked down the hall and opened the door. He could her Piya’s quiet rhythmic breathing. The darkness was penetrated by the small green light on the TV in the room. Piya was facing him near the edge of the bed.

Robert dropped his boxers, making himself totally naked. He walked to her and put his knees on the bed. Her breathing didn’t change. Doubts filled him. It was wrong to force her to do this. She was young and poor. She was only doing it because she thought he’d fire her. Hell, if she didn’t suck his cock, he would fire her. That would thrust her back into her life of poverty. “To hell with that,” thought Robert. “I’m her boss and this isn’t some charity camp.”

He spoke a little more loudly than he meant to. He wanted it come off just above a whisper, but it was more commanding and louder. “Piya, wake up.” And he leaned forward sticking his cock right up against her lips.

She awoke with a start and bumped her nose against his cock. It took several seconds for her to remember where she was. And then it several, more seconds to comprehend Robert and his cock in front of her face. She spoke several words in Hindi, but that was several words to many. As she opened her mouth to speak again, Robert leaned forward and stuck his cock into her mouth.

Piya got the message. She started rolling her tongue around Robert’s cut head. She was generally reserved and timid. Last time, he had grabbed her head and used her like a fuck doll. This time he took a more supportive approach.

Robert started gently touching her shoulder. From his elevated position above her, he could have shoved all the way in. Instead, he kneaded her shoulder with his left hand, encouraging her to do more. With his right hand, he took her hand. He could feel her shudder below him with this intimacy. He brought her hand up to the base of his cock.

By now, Piya was more awake. She was lifting her head off the pillow to take more of Robert’s cock into her mouth. She was moving up and down. But Robert’s legs tired, so he flopped down onto the bed next to her.

Piya didn’t move. Robert moved his hand behind her head and gently started pulling her head back to his cock. Realizing she was still wanted, she gobbled his dick up. A deep moan left her throat just before Robert bottomed out. “She’s actually enjoying this,” thought Robert.

Without really thinking, Robert reached up and cupped her breast through her gown. Piya froze. Robert didn’t need for Piya to take this moment to develop morality. He grabbed the back of her head and shoved his dick all the way in. He also firmly squeezed her breast, staking his claim to her body and her life.

At that moment, Piya realized she had a certain amount of power here. If she could keep her new employer satisfied, she could be more than an Untouchable. He would take care of her, but she’d need to keep him satisfied. Despite being a virgin and having no experience with men, she decided there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t let him do.

With that, Piya began bobbing her head up and down with absolute religious fervor. “Damn,” thought Robert. “This is awesome.”

As she sucked his cock, her spit had him complexly soaked. Her spit ran all the way down his balls and she was marking some slurping sounds on the upstrokes. It was driving Robert mad with pleasure. The thought hit him, “There’s nothing she won’t let me do.”

At that moment, a massive torrent of cum left his balls, travelled the length of his shaft and erupted into Piya’s waiting mouth.

Piya wasn’t prepared for it, but she did feel his dick twitch. She was going to let that be a signal to her in the future. After last time, she knew Robert would expect her to swallow. And swallow she did. She swallowed all his cum, enjoying its salty, musty texture.

She kept sucking, but Robert quickly pushed her off. She learned that his cumming was a signal that it was over.

Robert lay in the afterglow of his fantastic orgasm and promptly fell asleep. Piya was perplexed. Should she wake Robert up so he could sleep in his own bed? Should she stay here and sleep with him? She didn’t know what to do. She agonized over it for nearly a half hour. Robert’s breathing deepened. It was clear he wasn’t going anywhere. Piya decided to move to the far end of the bed and go to sleep. She would be close if Robert decided to use her again.


In the morning, Robert woke up in the guest bedroom naked. His groin was covered in dried spit and cum. It was coming back to him. But Piya was not in the bed.

He went to his room and changed for work. He went down to the kitchen and greeted Sunil, who responded coldly. “What’s wrong Sunil?”

“I do not question you sir, but I may not agree with your decisions. You do not understand the culture here. Piya is not one of us. The community would not approve and now you’ve taken her into your bed. I do not judge you, but I hope nobody learns this terrible secret. The punishment is most severe.”

“First, I’m going to do as I damn well please. Second, she hasn’t shared my bed – I visited her in her room. Third, she’s my toy and is here for my pleasure – I’m going to keep using her. Fourth, I did not fuck her.” Robert paused, but quickly added. “Sunil, I enjoy your food and your companionship, but if Piya makes you uncomfortable, maybe this won’t work. Will you stay and work with her?”

Robert didn’t realize that he had just insulted Sunil more deeply than any person ever had. Robert had just valued an Untouchable who was nothing more than a whore as more valuable than Sunil.


Sunil could work with Piya. After the humiliation, Sunil planned to take Piya. There was no reason why he couldn’t enjoy a little of the flesh and since Piya can’t speak English, well, Robert would never know. Sunil began to make his plans.


Life has a way of keeping you on your toes.

Robert returned home to find a police motorbike in front of his house. He went in. The officer was sitting in his kitchen like he owned the place. Piya looked extremely uncomfortable by his presence and was at her most demure. But she looked relieved that Robert had arrived.

The officer explained in broken English that Sunil had died – probably a heart attack. However, when they discovered Piya in the house they decided to wait. It was most inappropriate to have her kind in the home. Robert assured him that Piya was a servant and she belonged in the home.

The officer hesitated. Robert dismissed Piya and pointed upstairs. Privately, the officer said that it was bad to have her kind in the home. They are most untrustworthy. Robert thanked him.

After he left, Piya returned downstairs. Robert went into the living room and sat sown. Piya sat on the floor in front of him. If he’d made a motion, Piya would have sucked him off instantly. But Robert wasn’t interested in getting head right then.

Instead Robert was troubled by the affairs of the house. Fuck. He could probably hire another cook, but would they be understanding of Piya? And she still fucking didn’t speak any English.

One of Robert’s two problems resolved themselves the next morning. Piya cooked the most delightful breakfast. She’d paid attention to how Sunil cooked eggs – it was perfect. This girl could cook!

The continuing story of Aurora – hypnotised ready for humiliation. If you want more, please leave a comment.


Aurora had spent the evening as an assistant in a sex shop as part of a game she and her husband were playing. The game had started when Aurora had herself hypnotised with the intention of being completely helpless to resist her husband’s pleasure. It hadn’t been her intention for the game to become so involved and she certainly hadn’t bargained for strangers to be included. The humiliation of being teased by customers in the sex shop had excited her but a young woman had gone too far. Lynne, the young woman, was a complete stranger. She had offered Aurora a lift home in such a manner that it had triggered the hypnotic state so she couldn’t refuse. In Lynn’s apartment she had been ordered to play with herself and then Lynne had actually joined in. Aurora hadn’t enjoyed the sex session though having a desultory orgasm had brought some relief from an evening of continuous stimulation by strangers at the sex shop.

There had been no choice. Lynne ordered her to come when she did, and being under the influence of the now deep hypnosis, she had obeyed. Aurora hoped this hadn’t been part of her husbands plan, preferring to think this young woman had gone too far on her own initiative. Aurora was still under the impression that Bob, her husband, had planned for Lynne to pick her up while it had all been a horrendous blunder. Bob had no idea where she was or even that she had gone missing and she was unaware she had been lost like some family pet. Aurora was afraid of what Lynne might do to her next before she was moved on to the next round of the game. It was all the more frustrating that at thirty-six years old she was being ordered around by this young thing of around nineteen years.

Tidying up the apartment as though she were the errant youth, still dressed in the little girly dress that Lynne had bought for her, Aurora felt used and humiliated. “I like that make up much better.” Lynne told her. “The pigtails are nice too.” Aurora was a responsible businesswoman handling investment portfolios for wealthy clients and here she was being dressed up like a doll. “I don’t think I’ll lend you a pair of my knickers after all. I want you available. I’m getting horny just watching you move around.” Lynne said, while her doll bent over picking up coffee mugs from the floor. Aurora could have answered back saying anything to this young mistress, except ‘No’, only she was trying to keep her mouth shut to avoid making the situation worse.

A knock at the door wasn’t a welcome respite rather she wondered if it might be one of Lynne’s friends, what then? Recognising the familiar voice of Daren brought feelings of relief knowing she was at last being moved on. Darren had looked after her before guiding her through a naughty evening of humiliation. It had occurred to her that this might not be part of the game, meaning no one knew she was there. The horror of having to spend weeks as a living sex doll, pandering to Lynn’s pleasures until found, had been hard to suppress. ‘Which would be worse’, Aurora thought, ‘having to live in this despicable apartment or forced to have sex with her?’ Still following orders Aurora carried on tidying up able to hear only a murmur of voices at the door.

“You can’t have her she’s mine.” Lynne said. Seeing the young woman pouting, almost stamping a foot, Daren wanted to spank the spoilt bitch. On arriving at the sex shop to pick Aurora up he found she had already left with a young woman. With no name and only a sketchy description he dad frantically driven around until spotting the battered Beatle parked outside a block of apartments. Now the spoilt brat was claiming ownership of Aurora like some lost pet she had picked up off the streets.

“You can’t keep someone against their will.”

“I’m not. Ask her. She will stay here with me.” Lynne said defiantly. From the look in her eye he could tell that would be something he couldn’t do. This young woman had found out Aurora was hypnotised and had ordered her to stay. This was going to be tricky. Daren didn’t want to bring the neighbours out, or worse, the police.

Daren tried a different approach. “I’ve got to take her home. She has a husband, a job, and a life to live.” After awhile he saw, at last, some semblance of reality setting in.

“Why is she hypnotised? Where is her husband then?” She said. Looking crestfallen as though having to give up a cute puppy he knew he was getting through to her.

“It’s just a game they’re playing. That’s all. I’m supposed to look after her and take her back to her husband. Maybe if your parents had spiced up their marriage they might still be together.” He said, just guessing her parents might be divorced, hoping to hit a nerve.

“I won’t get into trouble will I?” She said, having at last decided to let him in.

“No. There’s no problem. You looked after her well I’m sure.” He casually told her, careful not to alarm the young woman. He didn’t need a noisy confrontation after losing someone’s wife. He didn’t want to alert Aurora to what had happened either. At first he hardly recognised Aurora she looked so much younger, even innocent, dressed in the young girly getup. He hoped nothing had been done to his charge, at least anything more bizarre than the make-up. “Here, take this. It’s for the dress and your time.” Daren said, handing her some money.

Seeing his eyes roam the shabby apartment she felt obliged to refuse. “It’s OK. I have a rich dad.” She said, then noticing his critical look, she added with a sneer. “My father pays for all this.” It wasn’t that he thought she meant a sugar daddy he was just critical of anyone who didn’t work hard for their keep.

He whispered to Aurora “You must not obey Lynne. You must obey me.” An enigmatic smile upon her lips confirmed she wanted out of there and he hoped to get out before there was trouble.

In the car he sat with her a moment giving them a moment to relax. “Did you leave anything there?” She shook her head. “Do you have anything on you she gave you?” He asked. Again she shook her head. “Do you have anything inside you?”

Looking puzzled she asked. “What do you mean, sir?” Attempting to be delicate was an uncharacteristic approach for him, only brought upon by his failure to protect her.

He tried again, “Do you have anything in your pussy or bottom.” He asked, not wanting to know if anything had been there that evening.

“No!” She exclaimed. “Sir.” He drove off toward the planned rendezvous hoping Bob wouldn’t be too miffed, as he couldn’t afford to lose Bob’s skill in court. His need of Bob’s good will was the single reason why he was involved in their silly game. He was late returning her and above all he didn’t want either of them to realise he had temporarily misplaced a helpless female.

Bob read Daren’s report of his wife’s adventure while she showered and prepared herself. The familiarity of the house, she had been dropped off outside, made it less daunting a place. Yet this time it could be a stranger she had been given to for the night. Dressed in the same little girly dress from the sex shop she wondered what was to happen this time.

A man sat anonymously behind a bright light bringing on a familiar thrill of the unexpected, leaving her shivering with excitement. “Turn around. Bend over.” The voice commanded. Knowing her readiness was exposed dishonoured her, adding to this evening’s torments. “Stand up. Pull your breasts out. Put the blind fold on.” Again the anonymous voice spoke from out of the darkness. She had felt violated by the young woman now fresh feelings of humiliation were resurging.

“On the bed. Did I tell you to spread your legs?” She pulled them together in shame at the wantonness, afraid too that he might punish her. Having the pleasure she needed withheld was becoming an unbearable torture.

The quiet darkness closed in. Sounds of the house creaking grew sharper as though they were gathering closer. Fingertips startled her when they gently brushed a breast. A rough hand clamped the other squeezing, pinching, twisting a nipple. It was as though two strangers were vying for her focus, one gentle, and the other rough. Were two men touching her? The clever rouse was working her up to frenzy pitch without the possibilty of responding – under orders to lie still – while all she wanted was to thrash about screaming. Having received the order – lie still and take it – this was exactly what she did. One hand gently slid up the dress then the other roughly pulled the hem around her waist almost tearing it. A leg was gently moved aside the other pulled roughly almost splitting her in two. A hand stroked her lips on its way back to a nipple.

Of a sudden, her lips were pulled, stretched painfully exposing her, then a bite upon a nipple, no it was heat, then she realised it was ice. Unable to scream out in pleasure the emotions stayed locked inside, pent up, desperate for release.

Between her distended lips the ice plunged without warning. Inside, deeply penetrated, she felt the coldness, every inch of it invading her body. It did not melt from the heat of her lust rather it was a glass phallus fresh from a cooler beside the bed. With its agonisingly slow withdrawal she was both relieved and distressed by its loss.

When a hot hardness entered there she felt every inch of it in contrast to the cold of her sheath. A roar ripped the air, a primal scream. No disobedience this, for this was an unconscious, unordered self. The animal within was letting rip. “Let go!” The voice rippled in her ear and she did.

In bed Aurora awoke slowly coming to in the master bedroom of their mansion. “Oh! I’m safe.” She said. “The danger. That’s what it is. The unknown, the lack of control.” She looked serious a moment then giggled. “The sex!” A laugh escaped her wide open mouth, “It’s only Saturday, what’s in store next? Oh! A whole weekend.” Shaking her head in an attempt to clear it she hoped she would survive the emotional battering.

Sliding her legs over the edge of the bed she felt a twinge. “Will I survive the physical onslaught?” Humming merrily toward the shower she wondered if there might be another message written across her forehead in crimson lipstick.

As always the kitchen was in perfect order from having no time to use it and the maids fastidious attention to detail. While sharing the usual monotones of conversation over breakfast, Bob cleared his throat meaning he had something to say. She hoped it wasn’t an embarrassing reference to last night, anxious in case it broke the games magical spell. Besides it would be highly embarrassing.

“I’ve arranged a meeting this evening. Here. Some important clients are in town visiting the office. I’ve invited them over to discuss something before they return.” He said, while looking at his toast, examining the marmalade sloping off the edge, not wishing to meet her eyes.

“You what? Its! Its our weekend together.” She couldn’t say it was their special weekend, what could she say. “The maid is off.” She countered.

“Couldn’t you lay something on. There must be something here to heat up or defrost.” He said, looking hurt as though it were she who was being awkward. She silently telegraphed the words, ‘You bastard!’ So vehemently he dropped the toast onto the floor. Picking at crumbs he said, “I’ll make it up to you, promise. Just some bits and pieces. Nothing elaborate.” He said.

If she had Daren’s number she would have arranged an adventure for this evening. “If you prepare something I’ll try to get a maid to serve them. You could escape for the evening, do something.” He said lamely. That typifies us; he hasn’t a clue what I might do outside of the office. Would it be a film, a theatre or playing chess, what would she do with free time? A look of puzzlement crossed her face as she realised it wasn’t his fault. She didn’t even know herself. She looked at him fussing around looking for a cloth to wipe the floor. What does he do outside the office? Then it struck her. He was arranging something. Another game.

Pretending to be annoyed at him was difficult and she felt silly preparing lots of dishes for non-existent guests. “Well you’ll be pleased I’ve found a maid to serve the guests. You can go gallivanting on the town.” He said. ‘Now that was as close a reference to her adventures he had ever made.’ She thought. He patted his pockets absently looking for something. “Oh! I left the agencies number upstairs. Could you phone them to confirm?”

She went to the bedroom and picked up the piece of paper to read the phrase before noticing what it was. Once more she was deeply enchanted in the grip of an overwhelming desire to obey. Stepping into the spare bedroom she found the outfit ready for this evening. “Damn!” She said. “The swine. How could he?” One glance at the outfit told her she wasn’t going out tonight rather she would be serving his guests after all. After picking it up she realised it wasn’t a trick after all. The thing was far too risqué. It wasn’t a cheap naughty French maid outfit it was an expensive one.

The doorbell rang and a little flutter went through her stomach to her pussy. The guests filed in each abruptly ending their conversation on catching sight of the delectable delicacy she had prepared. The make up was a toned down version of last night’s naive style leaving her looking young and innocent. A little white cap was settled in a nest of hair pinned up to show off a long slim neck. A black silk dress hugged the figure framing a pair of large breasts in white frills. Several layers of stiff cotton petticoats were visible pushing up the hem of the dress. Sheer stockings seemed to support the whole ensemble with shiny black high heels as a precarious foundation. Setting off the image was a starched white apron, ruffs at the wrists and a silk black bowtie about her neck. Aurora was pleased with the obvious impression she had made upon the guests anticipating an interesting evening.

Drinks were served during stilted conversations between her husband and the strangers while they tried hard not ogle her body. Each of the men was dressed casually almost as if it were a uniform. If there were designer labels on their clothes it would read ‘old fart’. They looked as though they had returned from an accountant’s conference. At least they seemed safe which was something, for she couldn’t run far in the high heels.

Finally Charlie, the most boisterous of the three quiet men, gave in to ask. “Where did you find her, I’d like to know the agency for sure.” Aurora was interested to here the explanation too.

“A favour from a client.” He said. “The client owns a club as well as some other establishments. He got involved in something he shouldn’t have now I’m working on getting him out of trouble. Cherie works for him at the club and was chosen because she needs some help with immigration.” He said, nonchalantly peering at her over the lip of his glass of brandy. ‘Well said.’ She thought. The written instructions had been for her to be a young uninhibited French girl from a small village in the Dordogne. They had included the usual order to obey him but to merely keep his guests happy.

In an accent as close to French she could manage, Aurora held out a tray, “May I give you one, sir?” She asked. Charlie looked up from the low sofa at the long legs and tried to smile, failing with an absurd grin. Bending over him with the tray she felt the cotton of her panties pull tight between her lips giving his colleagues too much information on the state of her excitement.

‘Never mind, I’m safe with Bob here.’ She thought. Continuing to enjoy the effect she flirted and swished the short dress around knowing these men were lusting after her right in front of her husband. Bob was playing it cool but she wondered how far he could be pushed.

When a hand wondered up her thigh she wanted to tell him off, only the instruction to ‘keep their guests happy’ came to mind preventing the intended outburst. It seemed this instruction to keep people happy was more powerful than she had anticipated. Taking their cue from Charlie the other two men took advantage of her becoming bolder with every drink.

With their smiles broadening she knew she was keeping them happy leaving her more helpless to resist them. What was worse, she felt her body was beginning to respond. Having men touch her while helpless had become a normal routine only now it was happening in her own home. She desperately needed her husband to rescue her only he pretended not to see.

“What do you do at the club Cherie?” Charlie asked. It was difficult to concentrate while he was stroking her thigh. As instructed she answered. “I am a dancer, sir.” Their eyes light up with ideas of what a club dancer would perform.

“So where is this club I’d like to see you perform.” He asked. Remembering Danny’s club she said, “The Jazz Bar, sir.” All the time hoping Bob would return knowing where this may lead if the conversation wasn’t stopped. “I’d like to see you dance, that would be great.” He said. She hadn’t been told to obey him but knew the original strict wording she had programmed herself with was becoming broader every time she was under the hypnotic suggestion, so she would have to try and steer the conversation in someway.

“I am sure you would be welcome at the club, sir.” She said in desperation. They looked at her greedily feasting their imaginations from what they could already see leaving her feeling frightened yet aroused.

“I’m sure we would all be happy to see you dance.” He said. As the words left her lips she almost groaned with anguish.

“Any time at all it would be my pleasure.”

“That is an offer I can’t refuse young lady.” He laughed. Inwardly she shivered at the image of these men making a visit to the club to watch her dance. What would her husband say when they found no one had heard of a Cherie?

Reginald, their accountant, spoke for the fist time. “We’ll be gone tomorrow morning so regrettably this is one attraction in your city we’ll miss.” With some relief of anxiety she wanted to thank him only to blunder into another entanglement.

“I am so disappointed you will miss my performance. Perhaps another time?”

“So negative Reg. We don’t want to disappoint the young lady do we guys? There is no time like the present, is there. We would be happy to see you perform. A private show would be perfect.” He said, with sounds of agreement and vigorous nodding from them all, she wondered where Bob was.

“Very happy to.” They said.

If only they hadn’t said the word ‘Happy’. She thought. Careful not to attempt the forbidden word ‘No’, instead she attempted to steer them away from a direct order.

“Perhaps Mr Bob should be asked?” She said. Only to be countered with more enthusiastic encouragement from the small group of eager men.

“Don’t worry about him. I shall insist. He needs our business guys, he won’t object. I insist.” He laughed. “We shan’t be denied. I insist you dance for us.” He said seriously. With that last phrase she knew the only person to save her was Bob and he was still missing. With no chance to delay them the music was on and their encouragement was enthusiastic.

Swaying her hips to the music she moved close to each of them in turn regretting the earlier tease about lap dancing. The zip was down and the dress was off. Continuing to gyrate her hips seductively in bra and panties she moved Charlie’s knees apart to stand between them thrusting at him. Shaking her hair out of the clips she whipped him with it. Moving onto Reginald was some little relief on seeing his ashen face.

He was more frightened than she was so perhaps she could frighten them all into submission. “Sit down, sit down, man.” She heard Charlie say, knowing it must be her husband finally returning.

– CHAPTER 2: The Staff –



“Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please.”

I ceased my conversation with Cassandra and glanced over to Taylor, who surveyed her audience with regal bearing and a saucy smile on her face. She wore skimpy lingerie all in electric blue, basically a g-string and a brief bra beneath a silky robe. Her sandals had four-inch heels, and she fixed me in particular with a predatory leer.

Taylor was also standing before the wide double-doors behind which I had never been. It was my house, and yet there was one room I’d never been allowed to enter.

Based on the physical layout, it would be a decent sized-room, maybe the size of a typical boardroom. There were patio doors leading off towards the backyard pool, but the shades had always been kept closed so I could never peek inside. And so I stood with my closest friends, all clad in brief bedroom attire like Taylor. With another concerned glance at Cassandra, I sipped my cocktail and quivered inside with barely-restrained curiosity at what was behind the doors.

That curiosity had only been further fueled when our two young maids, Brittany and Melissa, came out of the room wearing the porn-star version of french maid outfits, revealing as much skin as they could get away with while still covering up the naughty bits. Cassandra had found several maids who were equally qualified and then specifically hired those two because they were the prettiest and most open-minded to our sexual lifestyle. I knew they wouldn’t be joining in, but extra eye-candy never hurt.

I watched Brittany’s ass shaking in her frilly skirt until Taylor had ushered them out a crack in the door and then closed it promptly. Then the two maids hurried back to the kitchen for further instructions.

By now, everyone seemed more than a little curious. Even Jeff Lee, who’d been the home’s architect, had no idea how the room was decorated. That part had been left to Mia and Taylor.

Speaking of Mia, she was trembling with excitement and practically hopping up and down both in eagerness to see her design revealed and for the festivities to begin.

“Thank you all for coming to my birthday party,” Taylor said gleefully. “I trust everyone’s been having a good time so far.” Everyone smiled and nodded as we glanced back and forth at each other.

“Well,” Taylor continued, “We FINALLY finished this part of my birthday present, and I’m telling you, I’m already wet just thinking about it. I only wish we had this place ready sooner. But better late than never. I now present to you… Taylor’s Playroom.” With a flourish, Taylor turned and popped open both doors, pushing them wide to the sides as she stepped forward. The other seven of us quickly followed after.

Two steps in, a very specific word came to mind: decadent.

Recessed lighting had been angled to point at the walls and illuminate some rather erotic statues and artwork scattered throughout the room, and yet there was also plenty of overhead light. Heavy drapery added to the rich, luxurious feel in harmony with the wall colors.

My feet automatically noticed the soft padding beneath. The floor material was firm and yet cushiony, textured without being rough, and soft while feeling smooth. I could already imagine throwing a woman down and fucking her on this floor without worrying about rugburn or sore knees.

The furniture was all custom. There wasn’t an obvious couch in sight. There were, however, many, many cushions and geometric objects around. The largest pieces could be considered couch-shaped as they had a flat sitting surface and a cushioned backrest. But it was clear that every piece of “furniture” was designed to be fucked on (or in). Only the coffee tables with built-in cupholders and softened corners had a more real world functionality.

And then there was the A/V system. Mood music with a heavy bass thumped quietly all around us. Some of the ambient lights were even synchronized to react with the music. And then there were the three big-screen plasma TVs spaced out across the walls, apparently running an endless loop of porn, complete with audio.

“Wow…” Jeff spaced out for a moment, actually staring at the room’s decorations and not the porn video.

“Cool!” Kaitlyn gushed and then promptly sprinted across the room and then launched herself into the air, crashing down onto some of the cushions. “Come here, baby,” she beckoned to her boyfriend. And then the young couple was energetically french-kissing while Kaitlyn had settled into a little valley of velvet that cocooned around their bodies.

“Niiice,” Rebecca cooed while sidling up to Mia, who looked on with a proud smile. “You did this?” she asked the Chinese girl.

“Well, I had a lot of assistance from Taylor. But yes,” she stated in her clipped British accent and smiled.

“So tell me… how do you use… THAT?” Rebecca stepped beside Mia and pointed towards the left wall which was dominated by an elaborate framework of metal and rubber that looked rather intimidating.

Taylor caught the question and stepped forward. “Charlotte.”

“Yes, ma’am,” her personal assistant was immediately by her side.

Taylor’s eyes glittered. “Let’s go show our guests how to use the… ah… equipment.”

Charlotte’s blush turned her entire body pink and she quivered with excitement. “Yes, ma’am.”

Taking another look, I realized the apparatus reminded me of Taylor and Charlotte’s little dungeon. I chuckled to myself as my wife led her submissive assistant and Rebecca to the equipment and then heard the gasp of surprise as Taylor clapped a fur-lined handcuff around Rebecca’s wrist.

In the meantime, Mia sauntered over to where Jeff had just rolled off Kaitlyn and the two panted for air. Jeff’s lower face was smeared with Kaitlyn’s lipstick.

“Hi, I’m Mia.”

“I’m Jeff,” he replied easily. “You designed this room?”

“Uh-huh,” the slender Asian nodded. “And you designed the house?”

“Yes, I did,” Jeff drawled.

“Ooh… I’d love to talk about the design work,” Mia sighed and absently caressed the upper slopes of her breast while turning her head and posing prettily.

“Uh-huh,” Jeff answered while letting his eyes roam up and down yet another beautiful woman hanging around my house. He glanced at Kaitlyn for a moment, who just smirked at him and then nodded.

“Well,” Jeff started. “Why don’t we find a quiet corner where we can… talk… about the designs…”

“Ooh, lets!” The cute Chinese girl reached down and helped Jeff to his feet. Then the two of them scooted off towards another mound of cushions while *actually* starting to talk about architecture and lighting.

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn held a hand out to me. “Hi John. I’ve missed you.”

“What, Jeff not making you happy anymore?” I teased and took her hand.

She pulled me to her and we rolled onto a long, bedlike couch with an angled backrest. “Of course he is,” she laughed. “But you’ll always be special. And I’ll forever be your cute, horny, mistress.” And with that Kaitlyn pulled me into a kiss.

But after a few moments swapping tongue with the gorgeous young blonde, she pulled back and smiled at my personal assistant, who was patiently waiting to the side. “And Cassandra! It’s been such a long time since I got to play with you!”

Kaitlyn opened her arms to the taller blonde and the two women embraced warmly with firm hugs and a few pecks on the lips. “Is John treating you right? Paying enough attention to you with all these other hot women around?”

“I don’t know,” Cassandra glanced at me with humorous mirth in her eyes. “He’s been kinda mean lately about this whole Crown acquisition.”

“You can’t be mean to her, John!” Kaitlyn protested. “After all, this is the woman who taught me how to properly blow you. And where would we be if she hadn’t done that for us?”

“Hey, hey, I was lonely,” I protested. “SHE was the one not paying enough attention to me!”

“Well in that case, YOU should make that it to HIM, Cassandra.” Kaitlyn rolled me onto my back and then sent the taller woman to my other side so they could both hover over my crotch. “WE should make it up to him.”

And with that, the young blonde dragged my lounge pants and shorts down to my knees while Cassandra ducked her head and took a long lick along my shaft from balls to crown. And when Kaitlyn came back to join her, my assistant held up my rapidly hardening cock vertical so that both women could tongue me from each side.

I reclined my head back and just enjoyed the sensations as Kaitlyn laid down to start running her lips along my shaft while Cassandra moved to the head and began licking it like a lollipop.

Meanwhile, Taylor was introducing Rebecca to the art of bondage. And rather than ease the fit athletic trainer into it, Taylor was metaphorically throwing Rebecca into the deep end.

The athletic brunette was naked and actually suspended in mid-air. She was dangling by her arms, which were cuffed at the wrists and elevated on pulleys. Her ankles were similarly cuffed and spread to the sides. And a thick black blindfold covered the upper-half of her face. That bit of cloth was also the only thing left covering her body, and her toned musculature was on full display and covered with a fine sheen of nervous sweat.

“I… I don’t think I like this…” Rebecca stuttered while Taylor circled her and rubbed the sensitive nipple of Rebecca’s right breast.

“Oh, I think you’re liking this just fine,” Taylor said softly and then motioned to Charlotte, who was kneeling on the floor between Rebecca’s legs, stretched wide by the chains. Charlotte leaned forward and took a long lick of Rebecca’s bare slit from bottom to top, and the trainer quivered in her bonds.

“It’s too late now, Rebecca,” Taylor intoned. “You’ve already agreed and there’s no backing out. You’re not responsible anymore for what happens to you. It’s entirely in my hands now.”

And with that, Taylor seized Rebecca’s head and plunged her tongue into the back of the bound woman’s throat. Charlotte similarly gripped Rebecca’s rock- hard buttcheeks and shoved her tongue deep into Rebecca’s very wet pussy.

Familiar twitching in my cock and balls brought my attention back to my own situation, where Cassandra and Kaitlyn were still alternating blowjobs. I didn’t want to cum in anyone’s mouth just yet. Not when there were so many more pleasant options to choose from. So I motioned for them to let me up while I twisted my head around looking for a suitable piece of new furniture.

I saw it a moment later. The long, curving object made its purpose quite clear, and with a grin on my face I started directing my lovely blonde goddesses into position.

Cassandra sat in the reclined chair, her back tilted comfortably with her legs supported on the split “arms” that jutted off at angles away from her, as if she were on a gynecological table. With her butt in the shallow “seat”, and her legs spread to the sides, a curving object like a three-foot oblong bench was situated between her knees. And when I placed Kaitlyn on her belly atop this “bench”, Kaitlyn’s head in the *perfect* position to lean in and start lapping away at Cassandra’s pussy.

It also supported her torso so that Kaitlyn’s ass was pointed right back at me. It even had grooves cut into the sides so that Kaitlyn could kneel on the padding and wriggle her ass back at me.

I was really starting to like this room. Stepping into position, I gripped the young blonde’s hips, aimed my cock, and slowly began sinking my cock into her juicy wet snatch from behind.

Kaitlyn moaned as I filled her up with my thickness, and for a moment I closed my eyes to revel in the old familiarity of the young woman’s wonderful pussy. And then licking my lips in anticipation, I held her hips and began to pump myself in and out of her while she whimpered happily, “Fuuuuck, John. So good!”

I also had a great view across the room. After a minute of watching my shaft disappearing into Kaitlyn’s body and then reappearing, I looked up to survey the orgy unfolding.

Somewhere along the line, Mia and Jeff had dispensed with the architectural discussion and started their sexual “conversation”. Mia was suspended in a mesh hammock and tugging on some pull cords to swing her own body back and forth and up and down. Jeff had his dick in her pussy and he was just trying to hang on for the ride as the energetic young girl fucked herself upon him.

Meanwhile, Taylor and Charlotte had graduated their victim to toys and whips. Rebecca’s restraints were on tracks and moveable before locking them back into a new position. Her arms had been pulled forward a few feet and her legs pulled back so that her body was still suspended but tilted forward at a forty-five degree angle. I could see Rebecca’s muscles tensing as she strained to maintain her position. With her physical fitness, I knew under ordinary circumstances she could endure for a good long while.

But these weren’t ordinary circumstances.

Charlotte had stripped naked as well, leaving birthday-girl Taylor the only one in the room with some clothes on. But Charlotte was also wielding one of the girls’ double-ended strap-on dildoes, fucking Rebecca from behind almost as hard as I was doing to Kaitlyn. Meanwhile, Taylor had lost her bra and was feeding her tits to Rebecca, whipping the poor girl’s body with a riding crop whenever her oral attentions seemed to slacken.

From the visuals around me and the aural stimulation of six women exclaiming their pleasure, plus the porn videos still playing on the TVs and the pumping music, not to mention the tight blonde’s pussy squeezing my dick, my heart was racing and my sexual stamina was taking a severe beating.

Kaitlyn had already slurped Cassandra to orgasm while my assistant was caressing her own heavy tits. And Kaitlyn was just now cresting over into her own climax while I pounded her pussy and bounced my pelvis off her buttcheeks. And when Kaitlyn came, her final spastic contractions just about set me off as well, naked pussy and fertile womb or not.

Desperate for control, I pulled out and started panting, just barely keeping myself from the edge of my own orgasm. Kaitlyn sagged against her sex furniture and then craned her head around to me. “Cum in Cassandra,” she panted. “Cum in her so I can slurp it out of her.”

Sounded like a plan to me. Kaitlyn rolled out of the way and tugged her “bench” away. That gave me room to step between Cassandra’s spread legs and with my Aussie bombshell beckoning me to her, I slid my throbbing cock into her sodden pussy.

“Fuck me, Jonathan. Fuck me and fill me.” She gasped and licked her lips. Cassandra turned to Kaitlyn. “You’ll share, won’t you?”

“Of course,” the blonde 20-year-old smiled. “Cum in her, John. Don’t make me wait any longer. I want to taste you both.”

That was all it took, and with a grunt I gripped Cassandra’s hips and pounded her as hard as I could for the final few strokes. Then I buried myself in to the root and let fly with a massive load.

Cassandra actually came with me, holding my back and moaning up a storm as she felt my pecker injecting her with blast after blast of scalding cum. And as the dizzy wave came over me and I collapsed against her chest, Cassandra cooed in my ear and stroked my back lovingly.

I was only able to rest there for a few moments before Kaitlyn impatiently tapped my shoulder. “Don’t make me wait,” she complained.

I grinned and then pulled out and backed out of the way while Kaitlyn quickly sank to her knees and fastened her facial lips around Cassandra’s vaginal lips. Cassandra’s eyes fluttered and she moaned while the young blonde hoovered out all my spooge. And a minute later, Kaitlyn stood up and extended her tongue out to pass some of my cum for Cassandra to suck off.

Just then, Jeff started grunting as he pinned Mia’s light body against his pelvis, obviously blowing HIS load into the slender Asian girl. A gleam caught in Kaitlyn’s eyes and she quickly left us to go hoover her boyfriend’s cum out of yet another pussy.

When Jeff pulled away, Mia was still in the aftershocks of her own climax and even though Kaitlyn was as much a stranger to her as Jeff was, she simply held the blonde’s head to her crotch while Kaitlyn happily slurped away.

Somewhere along the line, Taylor and Charlotte had released Rebecca, who was now slumped against the wall and gasping for air. Her entire body trembled from the exertion, but from the puddle of fluids on the floor just beneath her crotch, it hadn’t been an entirely unpleasant experience.

Our first round thus complete, Taylor went to the door and pressed a button. A minute later, our french maids came into the room bearing trays of water, Gatorade, and cocktails.

Brittany, the young blonde maid whose ass I frequently stared at, simply came to a halt as she entered the room, her hazel eyes wide in shock at the scene before her. She’d probably had an idea of what to expect, but to actually see it was more than she’d been prepared for. And from the way she started rubbing her thighs together, I knew that maintaining her professionalism was going to be a small challenge.

I smiled to myself. I’d have to keep my eyes on her.

But in the meantime, I had my guests to entertain.


With minimal effort at moving furniture, there actually WAS an arrangement that formed a large circle of couches with coffee tables in the center. We all came together and chatted while the two boys recharged… at least for a little bit.

Rebecca decided she wanted a little revenge and while there was no way she was going to get Taylor into the harness, Charlotte was more than happy to be tied up and continue. So the two pretty brunettes returned to their jungle gym and soon the rest of us were more interested in watching Rebecca using a riding crop on Charlotte’s naked ass than our conversations.

Taylor also took the time to sidle over to Jeff. “Hello Mr. Architect,” she said demurely before taking a sip from her Cosmo.

“Hello Miss Supermodel,” he replied easily.

“You miss me?” Taylor grinned.

“Well, not really,” he deadpanned while winking at Kaitlyn. “But I’m always, always happy to see you,” he smiled.

Taylor pouted but held her hand out to him. Kaitlyn kissed him one last time on the cheek and then Taylor helped him to his feet and the two of them headed for what looked like a circular sinkhole completely surrounded by a wall of cushions. Taylor had immediately dubbed it the “lovenest”.

At the last second as they approached, Jeff suddenly seized Taylor around her waist and flung my wife into the six-foot diameter recession. He growled loudly and then pounced, the pair’s laughter filling the room as an odd contrast to Charlotte’s shrieks of pain.

Kaitlyn and Mia seemed more interested in continuing their conversation. From the snippets I’d picked up, the two young ladies had a lot in common, their nymphomania and energetic enthusiasm just two of their similar qualities. Mia also wanted to pick Kaitlyn’s brain about being a kind of third wheel (fourth wheel?) onto mine and Taylor’s and Cassandra’s convoluted relationship.

Speaking of which, Cassandra kissed me passionately and then stood up to take her leave.

“What?” I complained. “The party’s just getting started.”

“And you have more than enough beauty around you to keep you entertained. Go to them,” Cassandra gestured. “I’ll be fine.”

“But I don’t want you to feel neglected.”

“I’m not,” Cassandra smiled. “I’m here to make sure you’re happy, and you are. Besides, I enjoy things more when we have some private time to ourselves.”

I looked regretfully at my ever-loyal assistant. She ran her fingertips over my cheeks and then leaned in to kiss me. I let it linger and massaged her lips with my own until she broke the kiss. “I love you, Jonathan.”

“I love you too, Cassandra.” I replied sincerely. “Come sleep with us tonight.”

Cassandra blushed and nodded. “I will.” And then she gathered her clothes and left.

I felt an odd tug watching my beautiful assistant leave. We shared a connection, something special. It wasn’t like the bond I had with Taylor; it was less hot and passionate, but steadier and stronger. And as the statuesque blonde walked out the door, I felt a tremendous compulsion to go with her. Forget the mass orgy behind me and all the carnal pleasures. I could be just as happy cuddling with Cassandra right now.

“John!” Rebecca called from behind me.

I turned to see a writhing and panting Charlotte flat on her back across a padded bench, all four limbs spread to the four corners. She was low enough that Rebecca could stand and straddle Charlotte’s face, forcing the pretty brunette to eat her out. She was also rubbing the riding crop across her bound victim’s chest, flicking it against an erect nipple every now and again. A black vibrator was currently buzzing in Charlotte’s pussy, but with Charlotte’s legs spread wide, I could also see the dark rosebud of her asshole.

Rebecca grinned and held up a bottle of lube. “I need to pay back this bitch for what she did to me.” Rebecca rubbed her own sore butt. “Will you help me?”

I smiled and took one last look out the door, but Cassandra was gone.

Then I looked around. Taylor was folded over some wedge shaped cushion while Jeff drilled her from behind. Mia and Kaitlyn were sixty-nining on the couch. And Rebecca moved around to start pressing globs of lube into Charlotte’s anal chute in preparation for me to ream out Taylor’s pretty assistant.

I started walking towards Rebecca and Charlotte’s bondage apparatus. I was living the good life.


“Wait, WHAT?” I glared at Cassandra with fire in my eyes. “WHO gave Richardson an alternate deal?”

My gorgeous personal assistant looked helplessly at her Blackberry, then slowly and deliberately took off her earpiece and pocketed everything before returning her gaze to mine. The intervening seconds had let me stomp around the green a little longer and blow off some steam. I glared at my wife as if to say ‘I TOLD you so.’

Taylor held her putter in a tight grip and looked at me with some concern, fiddling with her cap and waiting for the inevitable repeat of Cassandra’s bad news. Charlotte just seemed to hide behind Taylor.

Cassandra composed herself, her eyes a flint grey as she looked at me. Very calmly she repeated, “Martin Dean offered Richardson a counterproposal. The deal’s off.”

“That’s what I thought I heard you say. Call the jet. We’re going home.” I started stomping towards the golf carts, all three ladies in tow. No one complained that we hadn’t finished our round. It’s not that they minded me trying to teach them golf; but they’d come for the warm beaches and spa pampering, so I don’t think anyone particularly cared that we were cutting our golf round short. They’d already enjoyed enough of our impromptu vacation to Florida.

“Since when did Dean go into acquisitions? Did he leave the firm?”

Cassandra shrugged. She kept track of our competitors and Martin Dean clearly hadn’t even been on her radar. “I’ll find out,” she promised.

“He KNOWS this is my deal. He’s doing this to fuck with me, isn’t he?” I glared again at Cassandra. Just last week, the devastatingly handsome but colossal asshole of an ex-coworker had gotten a hold of Taylor’s cell number and sent her a couple of suggestive text messages. Now he was interfering in my business.

I squeezed my putter and had half a mind to try breaking it over my knee. “Dean doesn’t have the capital for this. Where is he getting the capital for this?”

“I don’t know. I’ll have the guys look into it,” Cassandra assured me.

“Sixty-million net profit!” I threw up my hands. “Everything was perfect! Dean doesn’t have the resources to deliver but he’s somehow convinced Richardson to table my offer and listen to his horse-shit? I’ll bet he’s not even planning to finish the counterproposal. He’s doing this just to fuck with me!”

“You don’t know that, Jonathan.”

“Watch… You’ll see,” I pointed at Cassandra. “In a week Richardson will call us back wanting to reopen negotiations because he sees Dean can’t pull it together. And a week after that, we’ll finally close it. But it’s going to cost us time and manpower to redo all this shit, and in two weeks we might not have the buyers anymore. Fucking asshole cocksucking prick!” I yelled as I flung my putter into the bag.

Automatically, Taylor went to the second cart while Cassandra joined me, knowing I wasn’t done bitching about the business deal just yet. A second later, Cassandra’s Blackberry beeped. She checked it and then her face fell.

“What?” I sniped.

“Uh, nothing, nothing.”

“Cassandra, don’t try to lie to me.”

“Trust me, it can wait.”

“Cassandra…” I said warningly.

She sighed. “Sharpley just told me that Martin Dean is coming to the party tomorrow night.”

Twisting my face up into a wicked snarl, I reached out and slammed my hand as hard as I could against the steering wheel. “FUCK!”


“I know how you feel, John. But don’t worry. We’ve done too much good business together to let some brash gunslinger muscle in. As soon as you can get Richardson to sign, we’ll be ready.” The white-haired CEO smiled as he shook my hand. I knew I could always count on Morse. In two short years we’d already done a lot of business together.

We said our pleasantries and then I took Taylor’s arm and we headed for the patio. The heat lamps were going full blast and from this Central Park West high- rise, we had a gorgeous view of the park lit up at night.

She patted my arm and reassured me, “It’ll all work out, Johnny.”

“I hope you’re right.”

My wife touched her palm to my face and looked at me adoringly. I smiled and placed my hand over hers. “I love you, Taylor.”

Taylor’s radiant expression was all the response I needed. Rarely did I initiate those three words, but I meant them every time. “I love you too, Johnny.”

It was days like today that made me wonder why the hell I was doing all this. Why was I stressing out when I could just stay at home and be in love with my wife? I already had way more money than I could ever spend in my lifetime. I had more money than my *kids* could ever spend, the imaginary kids that Taylor had recently begun to ask me about. So why was I getting anxious about financial mergers and corporate handshakes?

Couldn’t I just be happy staying at home, taking exotic vacations and screwing the bevy of beautiful women around me?

I’d get bored. I knew I’d get bored. There was a reason I’d gone into finance and it wasn’t just because of the high income. I actually LIKED the deals. I LIKED the adrenaline rush. I LIKED making money out of thin air.

But when a deal failed, I could be absolutely miserable.

Sighing, I told myself it hadn’t failed yet. Dean had yet to deliver. And if Dean was going to deliver, he was going to have to get Aaron Morse to commit to him. The same Aaron Morse who just shook my hand and guaranteed me he’d stick with me.

Of course, that was why Martin Dean was crashing this party. He was coming to try and change Morse’s mind. And as if on cue, there he was.

“Ah, shit,” I snarked under my breath as I saw Dean and his date. “Do you think he does this on purpose?”

Taylor wasn’t quite listening to me. She just stared and inhaled sharply in surprise at the woman wrapped around Dean’s arm. “Ashlyn?” she gasped.

Ashlyn similarly saw us and started pulling her date with her as they headed for us. At first Dean just grinned while I glowered at him. But then he saw Morse off to the side having a conversation with some of the other movers and shakers on Wall Street.

I couldn’t hear what he said over the din of the other guests, but Dean excused himself from Ashlyn and then headed for Morse. That left the stunning redhead free to scamper straight to us.

“Taylor! John! So good to see you guys!”

Taylor managed a smile and the girls did their hugging and air kissing thing. “What are you doing here?”

“Duh, Fashion Week starts in six days!” Ashlyn’s smile lit up the room.

“I know THAT,” Taylor drawled. “But here? At this party?”

“And why are you with HIM?” I growled in a low voice.

“What?” Ashlyn shot me a flirty look and giggled. “Are you jealous?”

“Dean’s got a history. He’s dangerous, Ashlyn,” I said seriously.

“All men are dangerous around me, Johnny,” the redhead sassed and kicked her hip out. “I can handle myself.”

Then Ashlyn grabbed Taylor’s hands and glanced over her shoulder where I could see Dean working himself into the conversation with Morse’s circle.

“He IS gorgeous though, isn’t he?” Ashlyn gushed.

“Ash…” Taylor held her friend’s hand and squeezed them. “Johnny used to work with him. He’s not a good guy.”

“Hmph,” Ashlyn yanked her hands away. “What do you know? Marty already told me the whole story. Your husband here couldn’t deliver for a client and he got upset when Marty rode in to save the day. So John and Marty are rivals. So what?”

“Ash…” Taylor cautioned.

“Don’t worry. I only met him last night, and he has done at least one good thing for me. He knew you’d be at this party and he invited me because I wanted the chance to see you again,” Ashlyn smiled prettily at Taylor. “Who cares about the rest? Men and their business. It’s all just little zeroes anyways. Ooh…”

Ashlyn interrupted herself for a moment when she snatched a champagne flute from a waiter cruising by. “Forget the finance stuff. Oh, did you hear about Zdenka? She totally coked out last week…” With that, Ashlyn tugged Taylor away and they got into their model-gossip. I wasn’t paying attention anyways. I was too busy glowering at Dean across the room.


For the rest of the evening, I left Taylor with Ashlyn and went around mingling with current and potential business associates.

The pair of models split up every now and again to rejoin their respective dates. Taylor wanted to fill me in on some of the juiciest gossip that I didn’t honestly care about. Ashlyn was drinking more and more champagne despite her rather light body weight, and she was getting quite flirty with Martin Dean before he had to scurry back and present his sales pitch to another Wall Street guru.

Of course, the few times he tried to do so with Ashlyn by his side backfired on him. Whomever he was talking to spent more time ogling Ashlyn in her short dress and plunging neckline than listening to his spiel.

When the party started winding down, I finally got the conversation I’d been hoping for when Aaron Morse came over and shook my hand. “Don’t worry, John. Dean’s got a silver tongue and he charmed the boys; but loyalty is loyalty. If nothing else, I did a LOT of business with your father. I’ll see you in two weeks when his financing crashes out and we’ll close the deal.”

I walked out of that party with a big smile on my face…

… at least until we got to the elevator to take us back to the rooftop helipad and catch our ride home. While we were waiting for the elevator car to arrive, the apartment door opened and a giggling, half-drunk Ashlyn stumbled out with Martin Dean holding her up. He smiled and pressed her against the wall, then leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers.

The elevator dinged and Taylor, while glowering herself, tugged me into the empty car. But just before the doors closed them out, I saw Dean slip his hand beneath the hem of her dress and tug on Ashlyn’s ass to grind her crotch against him.

And at the very last moment, he looked at me and winked.


“Whoa! Stop hitting so hard! This is about form and exercise, not wasted energy.” Rebecca took the blocking glove off her hand and shook it out.

I kept bouncing up and down on the balls of my feet, like I was in a boxing ring, burning off more nervous energy. Three days after the party, Dean’s proposal wasn’t showing any signs of falling apart. And for some reason, three days later, I still had a vision in mind of Martin Dean fucking Ashlyn.

The very thought made my blood boil.

Rebecca dropped her other blocking glove and reached out to grab my right hand. Despite the tape, she quickly saw that one of my knuckles was actually bleeding. “Dammit, John! What did I say about punching so hard?”

“Sorry,” I spat, not really meaning it. Still I kept bouncing.

My personal trainer sighed. “Okay, do you want to go swimming or do you want to do the stairs again.”

I hopped up and down and thought about it. “Swimming.” Some part of me felt like I could release more tension out of my whole body that way. I could stroke as hard as I wanted without waiting for a damn stair machine to catch up to me. Besides the outdoor pool and jacuzzi in the backyard, which were for looking pretty and for warm days, we also had an indoor 25-yard pool for lap swimming and the occasional volleyball game.

“Well too bad, ’cause you’re doing the fucking stairs,” Rebecca glowered at me and rubbed her sore hands.

I felt a quick flash of anger at her, but obediently stomped over to the endless staircase and started the machine up myself.

When I’d been going for a couple of minutes, Rebecca came and folded her arms over the rail. “What’s gotten into you?”

“Nothing. Business,” I growled.

“Ah…” she nodded, as if understanding. “Well the next time you feel like punching something? Let me know and I’ll let you wail on the bag instead of me, okay?”

I sighed. “I’m sorry, Rebecca. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“I know. We do a lot of things we don’t mean to.” She sighed and turned to rest her cheek on one hand. “Jeremy was the king of ‘I didn’t mean to’.”

I looked over and saw the expression on her face. And now I felt three times as guilty for taking out some of my frustrations on her. “How are you doing, Rebecca?” I asked softly. It was easier to focus on what was bothering her than stressing about my own issues.

She exhaled again and then stood up straight, turning around and walking towards the windows while staring off at the ocean. “I’m okay. Just takes a while to get used to being alone again.”

I kept stepping and waited patiently, both calming myself and giving Rebecca time to process.

Still looking out the window, she continued. “We were together for four years. Four years…” She turned and looked at me. “You’ve been with Taylor what? Two years?”

“A LONG time, off and on. But really together, together? Less than three.”

Rebecca looked out the window again. “Do you know what it’s like to have to get used to sleeping alone again? Jeremy was this big bear of a man. I never felt safer or more at peace than when he was cuddled up behind me. And now… it’s just me.”

“I’ve noticed you’re spending a lot of time here, even when you’re not working.” In the past week alone, Rebecca had spent every day with us except last Tuesday, when she was working out another client.

Rebecca managed a wry smile. “Yeah. Actually, I spent 3 out of the last 4 nights here too.”

“Keep this up and you won’t even need an apartment.”

Rebecca looked out the window. “Funny you mention that. My lease is up end of March. Jeremy was a good enough guy that he paid up half. But that apartment is just too expensive for me by myself. I don’t even know what I’m going to do a few weeks from now. I’ve got to start searching for a new place.”

I shrugged. “You can always crash here for as long as you like.”

The pretty brunette spun and looked at me intently. “Seriously?”

“Seriously. It’s not like we’re short on space, Rebecca.”

She started pacing, really thinking it over. “You mean it? I mean, I don’t want to be a burden. I’m not sure I could really impose.”

“Rebecca,” I said firmly. “It’s fine. If you’re not comfortable, that’s OK. But really, you’re a friend now. And friends let friends crash on the couch when they need to.”

She pouted for a moment. “You’d make me sleep on a couch?”

I grinned. “Maybe I’ll just have Charlotte tie you to the rack.”

Rebecca spanked my butt while I kept climbing. Then she smiled. “Thanks, John. Really, I think I will take you up on that.”

“In a guest room,” I added, just to be clear. “Besides, you’ve been keeping Taylor so much company the past few weeks, I think she might actually try gossiping with ME if you left. And that’s NOT going to happen.”

“Yeah, Taylor’s just been such a good listener for me.” A wry smile crossed Rebecca’s face. “And without my Jeremy… well… your wife’s really good with a strap-on, too.”

I grinned salaciously at the thought. “I can see that. Sorry I haven’t been able to keep up. I’ve just been so busy.” The last few workouts we’d had together had not ended in sexual encounters as I’d hurried off to various meetings and other functions.

“No, no. You’re under no obligations to me, John.” Rebecca waved me off. But then she stopped pacing and looked at me hungrily. “Although… you think you can give me some real cock when this workout is done?”

I grinned and hit the emergency stop on the stepper. Hopping down onto the rubberized floor, I glanced at the clock and then grinned predatorily at Rebecca “We’ve got fifteen minutes left,” I growled. “How about right now?”

Less than a minute later, Rebecca’s sports bra and shorts were wadded up in a corner while she sat on an exercise ball and repeatedly inhaled my cock. My legs were a bit shaky after so much exercise. But my desire to stay upright and continue having my pecker blown vastly outweighed my desire to sit down.

“Gawd damn I’ve missed real cock,” she gasped before returning her mouth to my shaft. I felt her wriggling and bouncing up and down with the spring- compression of the ball, and I already knew I was going to fuck her over it.

Sure enough, after a few minutes making sure my dick was rock hard, I bent Rebecca face-down over the exercise ball and plunged my cock into her from behind.

She howled in ecstasy and pushed her forward along the ball until she had to plant her palms on the floor to maintain her position. And as I pistoned in and out of her, her whole body would roll forward and then back with our fucking motions.

“Oh, gawd. Fuck me, John! Harder! Harder! Oh!”

Rebecca’s asscheeks felt like stones in my hands. And then I walked my palms up her back, the friction enough to help me rock us back and forth while I impaled my personal trainer on my shaft over and again.

“Fuck! Fuck!”

It didn’t take long to set her off in a quick orgasm. And with low grunts of exertion and forceful bucking of her ass back at me, Rebecca powered her way through her climax.

After she came, I flipped her over onto her back across the floor and then drove my prick back into her clenching pussy. Rebecca pulled her legs back, crossing her ankles behind my head while I folded her body in half. And then she wrapped her arms around my back, tugging so that I pumped into her harder and harder and harder.

“Ohhh! So good!” she wailed.

“I’m gonna cum!” I grunted.


“I’m gonna cum in your mouth!”

“Yes! Yes!” Rebecca screamed and came again. Her internal spasms, vibrating against my embedded cock, finished me off and for a second, I didn’t think I’d break free of her leg or hand grips before I spunked into her pussy.

But at the last second, I pulled free and cleared her snatch just as the first jet arced out and splattered across Rebecca’s round silicone melons. Kneewalking forward over her body, the second shot formed a line of sperm from her forehead to chin, and then finally she managed to suck my head into her mouth so I could pump out the rest of my load into her mouth.

When we were done, I certainly had rubber-burn on my knees and Rebecca probably had it worse on her back. But for now, we were feeling nothing but pleasure.

I bent and kissed her gently. “Welcome to the Kwong residence, roomie.”



“So Rebecca will be moving in on the first of April?” Cassandra sat behind the desk in her office, entering in the note in her computer’s calendar while I lay comfortably on the couch, tossing a football up and down just to keep my hands occupied.

Officially, it was MY office. All the financial records and ownership documents etcetera, etcetera were in my name. The primary login name on the computer was mine. But Cassandra spent ten times as many hours in the office as I did.

To the rhythmic thumping of the ball every time I caught it and the rat-a-tat of Cassandra at the keyboard, I tried to calm all my senses. But the question I hadn’t asked yet still weighed heavily on my mind.

“What’s the word on the Richardson deal?”

Cassandra checked her watch. “I’m impressed. You lasted all the way until eleven-thirty before asking.”

“Ha, ha,” I growled. “Anything new?”


“Dean’s not folding, is he? Did he get one of the buyers at Morse’s party?”

“No, I don’t think so. Morse and company are sticking to their guns.”

“Or he’s got someone in his back pocket we don’t know about.”

“Jonathan,” Cassandra looked over at me. “It’s been less than a week. Relax. Worrying isn’t going to help.”

All went silent again save for the rhythm of the ball.

Changing the subject, I asked, “You have an idea where we should put Rebecca?”

“There’s plenty of room in the guest wing. We can probably just let her choose a room.”

A thought came to me and I glanced over. “Do you mind Rebecca moving in?”

She looked surprised that I even asked. “Not at all. Why?”

“Well, I just realized that I never asked for your opinion before extending the invitation.”

She chuckled. “You don’t need my permission, Jonathan.”

“But… I still want to know you’re okay with it,” I said with honest sincerity in my voice.

Cassandra smirked. “If you’d really wanted to know, you’d have asked first. Did you even ask Taylor before inviting Rebecca into her home?”

“Uh… well, no.” I looked abashed. “But I knew she wouldn’t mind. And she was quite happy when I asked her later.”

“And shouldn’t you know that I don’t mind, either?”

“It’s just… sometimes I feel like I don’t spend enough time with you, Cassandra. One more woman in the house isn’t exactly going to help that.”

“Jonathan…” Cassandra pushed her chair away from the keyboard and came over to the couch with me. I scooted onto my side so she could sit while I curled around her body. The statuesque blonde leaned down and pecked my forehead before looking at me luminously with her sky blue eyes. “You spend more time with me than anyone else in the world, including your wife.”

“That’s work. That’s following me around taking notes at my meetings and giving me status reports on this tornado of my life.”

“You’re right; that’s your life, Jonathan. And I’m a part of it, spending a LOT of time with you.”

“But I feel like I’m not paying enough attention to you as a woman.” I wrapped my arms around her waist and leaned in until my nose was pressed to her side. “Cassandra, all philosophical bullshit aside, you’re as much a wife to me as Taylor is. And since you’re so involved in the operations of my life and of this family, in a way you’re even closer to me than her. You know that, right?”

Cassandra sighed and looked away for a moment. “Jonathan, we’ve talked about this. You shouldn’t think about me that way. I work FOR you and Taylor. I’m not an equal.”

“Of course you are.”

“Jonathan,” she said my name firmly and with conviction. “I do not stand beside you. I stand behind you. I’ve given myself TO you. I BELONG to you.”

I shook my head. “No, you’re not my slave, Cassandra. I respect you too much for that. You’re an independent woman who has mutually chosen to share in this relationship with Taylor and me. Bringing someone like Rebecca into OUR home has to have *some* impact on you and I want to know how you feel about it. Your opinion on everything matters a great deal to me.”

“As an advisor. As an assistant to you.” She started to get out of my grasp.

“No!” My voice escalated as I tightened my grip. “As a wife! As a partner in my life! I love you, Cassandra! Don’t you get it?”

“Jonathan, I love you too. But you’re not supposed to get that attached to me, *sir*.” Her eyes flashed as she looked at me.

The “sir” was a slap in the face. The word was said formally, without any hint of playfulness or seductive purr. I sat up quickly, releasing her from my arms. I glared at her, clearly waiting for her to say my name. But it wasn’t forthcoming.

Steeling her jaw, Cassandra looked away from me. “You are my employer and you are married. I love you and I love this family as much as any assistant would feel about the people in her care.”

“What? Are you saying you’re not IN love with me now?”


“Aren’t you?”

She took a deep breath and held my gaze. “I’m not supposed to.”

“That’s not an answer.”

“I…” she purposely turned her back to me. “Clearly, we’ve gone too far. If you think of me as a wife, then I’m not doing my job right.”

“Cassandra, I think of you as a wife because I love you.”

“Then stop loving me in that way, please.” Tears began to roll down her cheeks as she glanced over for a second. “Don’t you remember what I said? I want to be here for the long haul. I want to support your life until we die. Wives can come and go. Once a woman becomes your wife there’s no going back. If things don’t work out then there’s nothing left but separation and divorce. But as an assistant, I can be by your side until you die, the way my mother was with Jonathan Kendall. Loyalty is more important than love. And I would be happier if you trusted me more than you loved me.”

“This isn’t like being ‘just friends’ versus crossing lines to fall in love, Cassandra. If it is, we crossed that line a LONG time ago.”

“That’s exactly what it is. I’m your assistant, serving your EVERY need. But I am not your WIFE.”

“What if I don’t want that? What if I want to fire you as my assistant so you’ll stop this philosophical bullshit and be a wife to me?”

“If you fire me, sir,” Cassandra said coldly, her eyes sharp despite the tears rolling down her cheeks. “Then you really will have broken my heart and I could never be with you again.”

My own heart chilled hearing her say that. The thought of never being with Cassandra again seemed a fate worse than death. With my own jaw quivering, I said quietly. “You don’t mean that.”

“This job means everything to me, Jonathan. I’m not an ordinary girl. I don’t want to be your wife, don’t you understand? And I’m living exactly the life I want, with you. I live FOR you. Every time you succeed is when I feel like I’m succeeding. It’s what makes me happy. Can’t you understand that?”

“But I want you to love me as an equal,” I pleaded, willing my heart into my voice. “And when you make love with me I want to feel like we are together and the same.”

“But that’s not what *I* want. Jonathan, when we make love I’m happiest when I feel like I’m pleasing you. What makes me happy is entirely dependent on making YOU happy.” Her pale blue eyes shimmered, pleading back with me to understand.

“Cassandra, that can’t be healthy,” I said with worry. She was simply handing me too much power over her heart.

“It’s who I am.”

“Well, it would PLEASE me if you would forget this stupid concept of *serving* me and be an equal partner in my life!”

“It doesn’t work that way.”


“NO… Jonathan.” Her tone was clear that she wasn’t going to budge on the subject. She hadn’t budged for years.

Frustrated, I looked away as my shoulders tensed up. And in a heated voice I stated, “Fine, I’m in charge. I’m the boss. You just work for me. Is that it?”

“Yes,” Cassandra sighed, exhaustion apparent in her voice.

I stood up, shaking my head. And without looking back at her, I stated, “Miss Cooper, make the arrangements for Rebecca: moving vans, boxes, whatever. And set up a status meeting with Sharpley this afternoon at 3pm.”

Quietly, I heard her say, “Yes, sir.”

Still shaking my head, I spiked the football behind me and then stalked out of the room.


It had been two weeks of hell.

Dean still hadn’t folded yet. Richardson still wasn’t calling us back. And on top of everything else, I hadn’t gotten laid in five days.

Taylor was off on a shoot in Cabo San Lucas. She’d be home tomorrow morning, but since Monday, she and Charlotte had been gone.

I’d had two workouts with Rebecca. But my moods had tended more towards angry. And really angry moods don’t usually get women wet.

Mia had flown out to San Francisco for the past week on a new design project. We’d let a major interior design magazine showcase our estate, and her phone had been ringing off the hook ever since. One of those calls introduced her to her new boyfriend, so I wouldn’t have been getting any even if she was in town.

And Cassandra and I were still going through our emotional standoff over how much she meant to me. More than once, she’d offered to “relax me” or “serve me” and thus satisfy my current sexual desires. But I wouldn’t let her. I couldn’t let her.

To let Cassandra give me a blowjob or have sex with me during a period like this would only reinforce that she was an employee. True, an employee who loved me, but still an employee. Before I could let myself touch her, I had to believe that she was doing so solely out of a desire to love me, with zero obligation involved.

Unfortunately, the longer we went without sleeping together, the more I began to wonder if she’d ever wanted to sleep with me just because of our own mutual attraction. Or had it ALWAYS been out of a desire to please me on some servant-obligatory level? Was that really just the way she was wired?

Was it really so bad that I wanted her to want me without the concept of “boss” or “employer” being involved? For her to desire me selfishly for how it made her feel and not be related to how happy she made me?

And so I didn’t have sex with Cassandra or anyone else but my own right hand. I was starting to get random erections in the middle of the day for no apparent reason. It was as if my dick had gotten used to shooting off multiple times a day, and now that it wasn’t anymore, the sperm buildup in my balls was threatening to burst.

For a moment, I’d even thought of calling Jeff and Kaitlyn. But I wasn’t so desperate that I wanted to interfere in their still growing relationship. And how would that conversation go, anyways? “Hi, my usual girls are all out of town so can I borrow your girlfriend for a fuck or two?”

So here I sat, on a Friday night, alone in my private lounge. There was a stack of Blu-ray DVDs I hadn’t seen yet in the media room. Hell, we had quite the porn collection as well. But I couldn’t even bring myself to get up and walk all the way over there. Sometimes there WERE drawbacks to living in a big mansion.

So I channel-surfed a bit, spacing out as I contemplated my pathetic existence.

I was stirred from my stupor when Cassandra knocked on the door and walked in. Even with her hair pulled back and wearing her wire-rimmed glasses, she still looked incredibly beautiful. She was clad in jeans and a thin sweater that hugged the curves of her large breasts. Almost immediately I started to get hard.

“Evening, sir.”

I winced and almost felt like crying. She’d been calling me “sir” for the past week straight. And it was never in her husky, seductive “sir”-voice. But biting down and tensing my jaw, I stifled the impulse to cry and looked up at her. “I assume you have news?”

Cassandra nodded and looked at the floor. Whatever it was, to be coming this late on a Friday night was not good. “Aaron Morse just called.” Her tone was that of defeat.

I closed my eyes, steadying myself for the bad news.

“They just got word that Dean closed the deal with Richardson. He should be clearing escrow by Monday.”

I visibly sagged in my chair. How was he doing it? Where had he gotten the capital? Or had he poached some of my buyers?

Cassandra continued. “Aaron Morse sends his apologies, but his investment group really wants those companies they were targeting. If Dean got them on his own, then he’s got them. They’ll have no choice but to deal with him.”

I’d lost. I exhaled loudly, feeling my blood pounding in my head. “I understand. Thank you, Cassandra.”

“Will there be anything else, sir?”

“Yeah, call Morse’s assistant and book us a golf round. Maybe Sunday. No hard feelings.”

“Understood, sir.”

“And Cassandra?”

“Yes, sir?”

“Have someone send up two vodka-tonics. And make them strong.”

“Yes, sir.”

The door closed after her.

Angrily, I started pounding the channel select on the remote. Not because there was anything I wanted to watch, but simply to have something to expel some adrenaline on. For a second I contemplated going to my gym and working up a good sweat.

But then someone knocked at the door. After yelling “Come” it opened and one of the maids entered in carrying a tray and two tumblers filled with clear fluid, ice, and limes.

“Thanks, Brittany,” I looked up at her as she bent at the waist to set the tray down and then move the glasses onto the coffee table.

The hardon Cassandra had given me had only flagged somewhat, and now it was stiffening back up as I saw that the young blonde maid’s uniform had several buttons undone, and as she leaned over I could see the creamy swells of her breasts hanging forward.

She caught my gaze as she stood up and with an impish smile, she asked in a helium-voice, “Will there be anything else, Mr. Kwong?”

“Uh… no, thank you, Brittany.” I stammered and averted my eyes. I hadn’t been laid in a LONG time. And I had to be pretty desperate to start contemplating it with one of my maids. Sure, I’d hired them to be extra eye candy around the house, but I wasn’t supposed to actually touch the eye candy.

“Are you sure… Mr. Kwong?” She posed prettily, bending one leg to bring her knees together and tucking in her arms to squeeze her tits forward. “I’m here to serve you in ANY way…”

“Uh… yeah…” I began and the cute blonde perked up. “I mean, yeah, I’m sure I’m okay. I’m okay.”

Her face fell and she pouted with a very cute face. Then she turned around and bent forward to pick up the tray from the coffee table. This put that adorable ass right in my face, the one I loved so much, and I swear she put an extra jiggle into it while she was bent over.

Almost too slowly, she stood up and then craned her head around to me. “Are you sure I can’t interest you in anything else?” she asked.

My mouth was suddenly dry and my heart was thumping so hard in my chest I thought it would burst out. But I managed to shake my head slowly in a ‘no’ gesture.

She frowned and then turned away. And then without realizing it, my hand had shot out and I palmed her right buttcheek.

Brittany shuddered at my touch and stopped just before walking away. And then she shifted her weight back just fractionally and pressed her ass harder against my hand.

Unbelievably, I started rubbing her ass.

“So you DO see something you like!” she bubbled. And then setting the tray back down onto the coffee table, Brittany pivoted so that her butt was facing directly at me, and slowly she bent forward at the waist until she was practically touching her toes.

I was still caressing her ass while she reached up with both hands, and then she pushed her own skirt up, dislodging my hand in the process. She kept pushing the black skirt and flipped it above her waist to reveal the bare skin of her buttcheeks split by a white thong. And then with both hands at the sides of her thong panties, she pulled them down her legs to show me her naked ass in all its glory, centered with a rosy puckered asshole and plump pink pussy lips already wet with her secretions.

My hand was still hovering around my knee. Looking at me upside-down between her own legs, Brittany grabbed my hand and put it right back on her ass.

“Play with me,” she urged, her voice squeaking.

For a few moments I just rubbed her creamy skin with my right hand. The young blonde was in great shape and she seemed quite proud of her ass. She had every right to be; it was a perfect peach to rival the best I’d seen. My second hand soon joined the first, squeezing and rubbing. And as my thumbs started circling closer and closer to her nether regions, Brittany began to pant softly.

My young maid was quite worked up. She wrapped her arms around her own legs, locking them in place to hold her position as I leaned forward and began to kiss and rub my lips against her pale buttcheeks. And after running my thumb along her outer labia, causing little excited gasps from the face-down girl in front of me, I popped my thumb into her pussy and was rewarded with a squeal of delight from her.

That sound threw away all the rest of my hesitations. I hunched forward on the couch and gripped her butt with both hands, ducking my face lower so that I could spear my tongue into her sweet channel. And while alternately grabbing her ass, licking her pussy, and shoving my thumbs into her, I quickly had the girl writhing and panting for release.

I had my right thumb in her pussy from behind and was licking her clit when I reached up and popped my index finger into her asshole. That last move set her off and I suddenly had Brittany’s entire body shaking and quaking as she came, howling her climax and clamping down on my invading digits with both of her orifices.

No sooner did she cum than I was spinning her around and pressing on her shoulders to get the blonde maid to kneel before me. I was hopping my butt off the couch to yank my shorts and pants down to my ankles. And by the time they hit the floor Brittany had bent over, grabbed my erection in her hand, and ducked her head to swallow the first four inches of me in one gulp.

“Ohhh… Brittany…” I groaned.

She rotated her hazel eyes up to look at me intently. Hearing me say her name seemed to only spur her on and I soon had a hot young blonde giving me very enthusiastic head. She was wet. She was sloppy. And she was extremely energetic. I knew she was in her early-20s. But with her cute face and helium- voice, I could almost believe she was even younger than Kaitlyn.

Meanwhile, I’d often fantasized about stripping away the uniform of one of my maids. While Brittany bobbed up and down my cock, I started unbuttoning the rest of her uniform top. Once completely undone, together we shucked her short- sleeved blouse and then I reached around to pop the clasp of her bra. And all the while Brittany had reached between her legs and was frigging herself off while she literally salivated over having my cock in her mouth.

Brittany had cute B-cups that spilled out into my hands once I freed her of the boulder-holder. And after squeezing and experimenting, I soon found that she had VERY sensitive nipples.

So while I teased her mammaries and she fingered her own clit, Brittany’s eyes soon rolled up into her head and she moaned around my dick in her mouth as she came.

Her second orgasm kicked my pretty maid into high-gear. Pulling her right hand out of her crotch, she started jacking me with both hands while going to town sucking on the head. As the pleasure mounted, I squeezed my eyes shut and leaned back into the cushions of the couch as I felt my balls uncoiling.

“Oh, FUCK! I’m gonna blow!” I grunted.

Brittany just stroked me even harder, and she was soon rewarded when my hips bucked, shoving me an inch deeper as my cock head separated and began spitting out wads of hot cum into my maid’s mouth.

Brittany’s lips curled into a smile and her eyes danced as she began to swallow me down. I was cumming so hard and so much that she couldn’t even keep up, and rivers of jism began to spill out and down her chin while she vainly tried to keep up.

My whole body trembled until I was done spurting and I sagged happily into the couch cushions. But even after gulping down five days-worth of semen, Brittany wasn’t done with me yet.

“I want you to fuck me,” she growled and resumed suckling my cock. “I’ve dreamed of you fucking me.”

To be honest, now that I’d gotten my rocks off, I wasn’t really in a hurry. Brittany had certainly given me an amazing orgasm, but I didn’t feel a damn thing for her. She was just the maid. So apart from my usual desire to get up close and personal with fresh pussy, I wasn’t particularly interested in continuing.

Just then, a familiar logo came on screen. The clock clicked over into the new hour and the generic news channel I’d been watching switched to a program I was only too familiar with.

“And welcome to Celebrity Sightings! Where YOU see the stars FIRST.”

And then her face came on screen: perfect cheekbones, coppery hair, and brilliant blue eyes. I felt a surge of lust course through me and Brittany oohed as she felt me hardening in her mouth once again.

“Sad news all you bachelors, or even taken men who were still hoping to trade up. The most beautiful woman in the world has a BOYFRIEND.”

A cold numbness spread through me as I saw video of Ashlyn walking hand-in- hand with Martin Dean from a Mercedes SL55 and into one of the finest restaurants on Sunset in Hollywood. A collage of still photos then started popping on screen showing the two of them, still hand-in-hand, walking in a park, watching a USC football game, buying coffee, and sharing a kiss at a restaurant dining table.

The breathy young reporter girl went on and on about how the glamorous pair met two weeks ago in Manhattan and how they’d been inseparable ever since. They explained how Martin Dean was a successful finance guru on Wall Street. And while I watched the video continuing with Ashlyn smiling and snuggling into Dean’s arms while he slid his hand down to her ass, I found my blood absolutely boiling once again.

“Ooh!” Brittany gasped as I became rock hard in her hands and she quickly stood up to strip off her skirt and panties. I noticed, with approval, that she kept her shoes on. While comfortable, they were still cute heels. And when I flicked my gaze to hers, my young maid smiled and straddled my legs before guiding my cock between her bare-shaven pussy lips and sinking herself down onto me.

I reached beneath her armpits and grabbed both of Brittany’s shoulders in my hands. And then with a violent tug, I yanked the young girl down around my cock, driving myself all the way into her in one powerful thrust. She shrieked at the sudden invasion, but already I wasn’t paying attention.

For the next thirty seconds, Celebrity Sightings kept showing more video and commentary on the latest celebrity couple. And while I started jerking Brittany down and she flexed her legs to push herself up in that ancient cycle of fucking, my eyes were firmly locked over her shoulder and on the TV. Seeing the gorgeous woman – the gorgeous woman **I** wanted – with that slimeball lit a fire in my veins, and my hands tightened against Brittany’s shoulders as I started slamming her against me.

But eventually, the segment ended and they moved on to something else. I ceased caring about what was on the screen and refocused on the cute blonde bouncing in my lap and along my shaft.

My hands dragged down Brittany’s naked spine, causing her to throw her head back and moan while we fucked powerfully and angrily, at least on my part. When my hands got back to her ass, I gripped her cheeks firmly and used them as handholds to piledrive the girl’s lighter body up and down.

“Holy FUCK!” she exclaimed as I roughly manhandled her. And when I rubbed my finger over her rosebud, she started trembling.

“I want your ass…” I growled.

“Take it,” Brittany gasped as her eyes flared.

I didn’t waste another moment, lifting her off me and spinning the girl around. I kicked her feet to the sides so that her legs formed an A-frame and then pushed at her lower back to bent Brittany over and plant her hands on the coffee table.

And then with my hands spreading her asscheeks, I leaned in and started tonguing her anal sphincter. It was slightly bitter, but pretty clean. And I didn’t want to deal with hunting for lube at a time like this.

“Holy SHIT!” she wailed as I rimmed her out. And when I stopped and stood up behind her, Brittany just started panting while trying to lean her ass in my direction.

First my right hand and then my left clamped onto her hips. And with Brittany’s ass held still, her arms trembled as I nudged my angry cockhead over the tight star and started pressing forward.

Coated with pussy-lubrication and spit, her anal resistance was soon broken down and I gasped as I felt the head pop through. Brittany moaned and then started whimpering with mild pain as I stretched her out more quickly than she’d expected as I crammed more and more of my meat into her rectum.

“Oh gawd… fuck my ass…” she crooned.

“I’m fucking it! I’m fucking it!” I growled as I suited words to action. No sooner did I hit rock bottom than I was pulling back out until just the ridge of my mushroom head was still keeping me inside. And then as hard as I could, I pumped back into her. And then again… and again…

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Brittany started crying as I pounded away at her backside. She gasped and panted and reached back with one hand to rub her own clit while I wailed on her backdoor.

All my hatred for Dean. All my anger for the bad deal. All my frustrations with Cassandra went into that fuck. I was gripping the poor girl so hard that I knew she’d be bruised by tomorrow. I didn’t care. I fucked her abused asshole *hard* and without care for her feelings.

If she came, good for her. If she didn’t, oh well. I just had to FUCK something.

And fuck something I did. She was an object. She was nothing. She was just a tight tunnel and a cum dumpster. And I fucked her even harder.

“Ohhh! Unghh! Owww!” Brittany cried. The rest of her moans and grunts weren’t even *that* intelligible.

Somewhere along the way, Brittany did get an orgasm. She moaned in agony and ecstasy and tensed up and tightened up. For a minute I had to work rather hard to keep thrusting through her tightness. And when it was over I kept going.

“Ungh…” Brittany hung her head and started drooling. Her legs became wobbly and her arms shaky from the physical pounding I was giving her. I was far stronger and in much better shape from frequent exercise, and the poor girl simply couldn’t keep up. She couldn’t even moan anymore, only emit little whimpers.

When her arms gave out she nearly face-planted into the coffee table. I wouldn’t have really cared so much if this motion didn’t also nearly dislodge my cock from her ass. So I held her up and then spun us both around until she was kneeling on the couch, her chest pressed up against the backrest while I kept reaming out her lewdly stretched-open asshole.

Brittany started crying then. Her body just couldn’t take anymore and she soon went limp against the couch, just trying to endure until I was done violating her.

Fortunately for her, that wasn’t much longer. With a firm grip on her left titty with one hand and on her right hip with my other hand, I yanked and tugged and thrust a few final times before sinking my cock as deeply as I could up her anal chute, and then with gasping grunts of my own, I began spewing out a violent torrent of jism into Brittany’s rectal cavity.

She whimpered softly with my final thrusts, and she gasped when she felt that impact of fluid against her innards. And while I pumped out more and more semen up Brittany’s ass, no longer shaking her like a rag doll, she finally stopped sobbing and became silent.

Only then did my anger abate.


I was passed out on the couch by the time Cassandra stormed into my private lounge. My two vodka-tonics had been drained rather quickly, and combined from my post-ejaculate crash I’d quickly surrendered to the bliss of unconsciousness, still naked and still with Brittany’s drying fluids on me.

As it was, I only came away when Cassandra started slapping my face. And she wasn’t holding anything back, either.

“Wha-?” I groggily came away and tried to shield my face at the same time.

“What the FUCK is wrong with you?” Cassandra spat.

“Wha-?” I wasn’t sure where I was or what I was doing. What’s going on?

“Dammit, Jonathan! Wake up!” Cassandra kept hitting me.

“Stop! Stop! I’m awake! I’m awake!” I protested while trying to shield myself.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Cassandra repeated.

“What are you TALKING about?” I complained.

“There’s a poor little girl downstairs trying to put on a brave face in front of Dorothy. But you fucked the SHIT out of her!”


“So? SO?” she asked incredulously. “She’s got wicked bruises on her hips and her chest. Why the hell did you do that? And why the hell were you even screwing HER?”

“She wanted to!” I moaned.

“She wanted you to beat her up?”

“I didn’t beat her up!”

“Well it sure fucking looks like it!” Somehow, Cassandra’s Aussie accent made her swearing even more unreal.

“And I haven’t gotten laid in five days!”

“Whose fucking fault is that? I’ve offered every three hours for the past two weeks and you won’t touch me!” Cassandra looked ready to pull out her hair.

“No! You’ve offered to ‘serve’ me. I only ever wanted to make love with you.”

“It’s the same thing!”

“No, it’s not,” I started crying even while fresh anger came to my face. All my resentment at Cassandra for holding herself back from me came to the fore. I wanted to love her. And all she wanted to be was my assistant.

“You want to serve me?” I yelled. “You want me to treat you like a servant? You want me to treat you like just another maid?” I raged and got up. Roughly, I reached out and grabbed Cassandra’s shoulders.

“Turn around, bitch!” I yelled and tried to forcibly spin Cassandra around, even as the tears poured down my face.

“Bend over before me!” I screamed and tried to yank down Cassandra’s pants. I’d never fucked Cassandra’s ass before. She hadn’t wanted it and even when I’d asked she’d told me it just wasn’t her thing. Taylor, Kaitlyn, Rebecca: they all got off on it, as did I. But I could never have pushed Cassandra. I loved her too much to ever order her to do something she wouldn’t enjoy. Until now.

“I’m going to fuck your fucking asshole, bitch!” I thundered and put all my strength into subduing my personal assistant while she struggled to free herself.

The problem: Cassandra was much bigger and stronger than Brittany. I was having a hard time pushing her around into position, especially since I couldn’t focus very well on what I was doing. I’d only managed to twist her half-away from me when she suddenly turned and with a powerful closed-fist, popped a good punch just beneath my eye.

“Aahh!” I shouted in pain and turned away.

“You are FUCKED up, Jonathan!” Cassandra yelled at me. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

I just held up my cheek and collapsed back to the couch.

“You’re going to be damn lucky if Brittany doesn’t press charges. You could go to fucking JAIL for what you did to her!” Cassandra seethed. “And to me!”

Cassandra didn’t wait for further response. She threw her hands up and stalked out of the room.

Everything was going to hell.


I stirred awake when I felt arms gripping and moving my body. The morning sunlight pierced its way through the room and seared my eyeballs when I tried to open them. “Wha-?” I slurred and a female voice said “Ah, shit, his breath stinks.”

The next thing I knew, I was slumped on cold marble and then felt the spray of hot water raining down on me. “Aahh!” I yelled and lifted my arms to try and ward away the water. But still it kept pouring and I spat out what had gotten into my mouth before rotating away so I could breathe.

“I leave you alone for less than a week and *this* is what happens to you?” Taylor said from somewhere just outside the shower.

I looked up and my gorgeous wife smiled at me. Her deep blue eyes shone and with her short black hair and long bangs, she was just how I’d always pictured her in my dreams. “Taylor!” I gasped in happy relief.

“You’re heavier than you look,” she commented.

“I’ll say.” I glanced next to my wife and saw Rebecca leaning against the other shower wall with her arms folded across her chest. Both women were casually dressed, suitable for a Saturday morning.

Satisfied that I was in decent shape, Rebecca turned away. “I’ll see you downstairs,” she told my wife.

“Sure thing. And thanks for the help,” Taylor nodded to her friend.

“No problem.” And then Rebecca left.

“You want to talk about it?” my wife asked as I woke up and started to move.

“Not really,” I said quietly, wincing at shooting pains in my forehead.

“That’s quite a shiner you’ve got on your cheek.”

Gingerly, I touched the spot where Cassandra had punched me and winced again at the fresh pain. “Yeah, complicated story.”

“Cassandra told me,” Taylor leaned against the wall and folded her arms. “But I still wanted to hear your side.”

“She tell you we lost the deal?”


“She tell you I fucked Brittany?”


“She tell you Brittany’s going to press criminal charges?”

“No, Brittany’s not. The girl’s a little roughed up, but she doesn’t want to do that to you. We’re going to have to talk about that.”

“Cassandra tell you I assaulted her?”

“‘Assault’ is such a harsh word isn’t it?”

“But accurate,” I moaned and held my head.

“It’s not that bad.”

I sighed. “You know Ashlyn and Dean are a couple, now?”

“Yeah. Heard it on the grapevine while I was in Cabo.”

“I just feel like my world is spiraling out of control.”

Taylor stepped a foot into the shower, just barely keeping herself out of the spray zone. She crouched down and looked at me intently. I was already curled up and seated in the corner of the shower. But now a part of me wanted to further shrink away.

“Johnny, there’s nothing we can’t fix together. Look, you’re still fabulously wealthy and you’ve still got me. Cassandra’s more worried than mad at you. Ashlyn can take care of herself. And Brittany’s not even upset with you.”

Quietly, I said, “It doesn’t change me being an evil person.”

Taylor sighed, her eyes rolled, and then Taylor did something patently ‘Taylor- ish’. Something she’d only done once before in a similar situation. She reached up and slapped me, hard.

My jaw felt like it dislocated with the impact. The slap was twice as hard as Cassandra’s punch, and I couldn’t even say ‘oww’ it hurt so much. I just cowered down for a moment and held my cheek.

Taylor cocked her head to the side and glowered at me. “Johnny, stand the FUCK up and act like a man!” she ordered while brushing the water off her sleeve.

I stood.

“Clean up and then I’ll see you downstairs.”‘


Cassandra was on the couch with Taylor in the family room when I arrived. The two stopped their conversation and Cassandra stood up.

I became a statue in the entryway as the statuesque blonde I loved so much wouldn’t even look me in the eye as she walked towards me. Neither of us said anything until she stopped politely just a few feet a way and bobbed her head. “Sir,” she nodded deferentially and then slipped past me.

I turned to follow her with my pained expression but she never looked back.

I heard Taylor sigh and then she held her arms out to me as I approached. I sagged onto the couch and let my wife embrace me and set her cheek against my shoulder.

“Don’t worry, honey. She’s not going to leave us,” Taylor soothed. “This is just Cassandra’s way of dealing with things. When she feels like you and her are getting TOO close, she walls up her feelings.”

“But why does she have to make things so black and white?” I groaned. “In love… not. Wife… assistant. Things have never really BEEN that way. She’s ALWAYS been kind of a hybrid. She’s never fit into any preconceived role.”

“Why do YOU have to make things so black and white?” Taylor looked into my eyes.

“Huh? I’m not.”

“Yes, you are. You’re the one wanting to push her in one direction or the other. Cassandra has some internal sense of balance between loving you and serving you. And from what I understand, you’re the one pushing her towards ‘wife’. You try and get her permission to move Rebecca in. You tell her flat out you think of her as a wife. And then you say you’ll fire her from her assistant responsibilities!”

Taylor slipped her hand into mine and intertwined our fingers. “You screwed with her sense of balance and she’s trying to counterweigh that by overly emphasizing her servant-assistant role.”

“Overly emphasizing? She flat out refuses to touch me with out making it clear she is ‘servicing’ me. I never wanted that! She’s not a sex-slave! I respect her too much!”

Taylor exhaled and waited several long seconds for me to calm down from my momentary outburst. “You’re arguing semantics, honey. To you, it’s making love like man and wife. To her, it’s fulfilling your every need and feeling good about herself for doing so. You’re right, the word ‘servicing’ has a negative connotation. But what she wants to do with you is the same thing she’s always wanted… to make you happy.”

“Then get her to stop using the fucking word!” I grumbled.

Taylor chuckled. “I will, I will. As long as YOU stop trying to corner her into being a wife. You’ve already GOT ONE, remember?”

I turned and looked at Taylor. “I do. But you KNOW how I feel about Cassandra.”

“I do,” Taylor looked at me, her blue eyes reflecting the depths of the ocean. “I understand. And while I don’t think she’s as special to me, I’m happy with her role in our lives.”

My wife squeezed my hand and looked at me intently. “Weren’t you happy with our arrangement? Hadn’t we found a good balance for the three of us? Or do you really want to push Cassandra in a direction she doesn’t want to go?”

I sighed and looked down. Then I pulled Taylor to my chest and hugged her tightly. “No, we’re good. I may not understand her… not like you two understand me… but I can accept that it’s what she wants.”

“Good.” Taylor pulled back and held me at arms length. “You know, she’s just as miserable as you are. She said you hadn’t had sex for what, five days? Since you wouldn’t let her ‘serve’ you, she hasn’t had any sex for two weeks! Gawd I would have gone crazy after that long!”

I blushed and managed a small smile. “Should I go track her down?”

Taylor touched her hand to my cheek and said, “No, I’ll talk to her first and then send her to you later.”

I nodded. I wanted to make things right, but I was happy for Taylor’s help.

Taylor started chuckling then. “Who’d have thought I’d end up playing marriage counselor for my husband and his assistant?”


Taylor had just left me and went in search of Cassandra while I lay back against the couch and contemplated my next move. It was another lazy Saturday morning. The markets were closed and my usual activity of choice would have been morning sex with a beautiful woman; but at the moment, I seemed fresh out.

As if on cue, Brittany walked into the family room, clad in her usual uniform with white blouse and black skirt. I sat up straight and immediately evaluated her for injuries.

“Hi, Mr. K,” she said in her cute helium voice. “Ooh, what happened to your face?”

I reached up and touched the bruise beneath my eye where Cassandra had punched me. “Uh, long story. How are you Brittany?” I asked with concern. “Are you hurt?”

“No, no. Just a few bruises.” She smiled tightly, forcing a cheerier expression onto her face as she stood before me. She saw my probing gaze on her body and she untucked her blouse and lifted the side to show me the purplish marks around her waist where I’d gripped her too hard. There was nothing visible on the exposed skin of her uniform, her face and arms just fine.

She started tucking her skirt away again and winced. “Although, it DOES rather hurt to sit down.”

“I’m sorry,” I said with deep emotion in my voice. “I’m really sorry.”

“It’s OK, really,” she said as she absent-mindedly rubbed her butt. “But you think you can be gentler the next time?”

“Next time?” I asked with my eyes wide open. I hadn’t really considered that she’d want to continue.

“Yeah. Aren’t I one of your girls now?” Brittany asked hesitantly, the first trace of real concern on her face.

“Uh, well, I hadn’t really thought of it like that.” My face screwed up as obvious concern crossed my face. She was cute, to be sure. There was no question I was physically attracted to Brittany. But she hadn’t been a planned encounter and her position on the household staff made things very, very complicated. To have sex with her in the first place had been a mistake and I was certain we shouldn’t be continuing.

Brittany misread the sudden panic on my face and she quickly stepped forward, waving her hands side-to-side. “No, no. I mean, I know you’re married, Mr. K. I’m not going to try and make you fall in love with me or something.”

I DID visibly relax at that, and my positive reaction spurred Brittany on.

“It’s just… well, you make me so HOT, Mr. K. I mean… you’re handsome and so… so POWERFUL.” She looked up and around the house as she said this. Obviously, some of her attraction to me and my ‘power’ had to do with my wealth and the luxurious house she saw around her.

And then her gaze turned to me and the hazel in her eyes seemed to transform into golden hue. “And you FUCK like a machine,” she husked with serious heat in her voice.

I was hit with a wave of sexual energy as the cute vixen stared at me with obvious lust. In the past five days, I’d only gotten off the one session with Brittany and I still had quite the buildup of semen in my balls.

But my brain held me back. “Brittany, I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. After all, you DO work for me.”

She took two steps forward, crossing her legs with every step like an exaggerated model’s walk. “So does Miss Cooper. Mia Cheng is your interior designer and Rebecca Raymonde is your trainer; they both work for you.” Her jaw quivered as she started panting.

“Besides,” Brittany said in a hurt voice. “You’re not just going to fuck me once and then dump me to the side like so much trash, are you Mr. K?”

“No, of course not,” I immediately protested. I didn’t ever want to think of myself as someone who just used people.

“Then you’ll let me suck your cock, won’t you Mr. K? Please?” And with that, Brittany sunk to the floor between my knees and reached forward for my pajama pants.

‘I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t be doing this. I- Holy SHIT that feels good!’

Brittany had swallowed half of my dick and she was working it firmly with her tongue and the roof of her mouth. I looked down, and she swiveled her hazel eyes up to meet my gaze while she started bobbing her head up and down, her wet slurping and obvious enthusiasm just as thrilling as it had been last night.

Her blonde hair was already tied back in a ponytail for functionality, but she reached up with one hand to brush her own bangs out of her face before turning the hand to my shaft and using a combination corkscrewing-stroking motion while she suckled on my head.

“Mmm…” she moaned before backing off. “I looove feeling your cock in my mouth,” she growled like a porn star and then swallowed me again to continue her fantastic blowjob.

I melted into the couch while Brittany blew me. Her technique couldn’t compare to my favorite women, but her youthful looks and raw enthusiasm more than made up for it. And very quickly I felt the pressure building in my balls.

“Shit, I’m gonna cum,” I grunted.

Brittany pulled off me with a popping sound and smiled, now stroking and corkscrewing my shaft with both hands. “Cum in my mouth, Mr. K. I looove the taste of cum. Spurt your hot stuff into my mouth and watch me suck it all down. I’m your cumslut. Use me. Use my mouth. Cum deep in my- URP!”

Her words set me off. Before she’d realized it, I’d gripped her blonde head and thrust my hips forward, skullfucking her deeply for two strokes before my cockhead expanded and I started blasting my wad right against her throat.

Moaning, Brittany got a grip on my thighs and pushed me back just enough so that she could move my cock to the front of her mouth and resume stroking me while I spewed more and more jism onto her tongue.

I’d gagged her with the first blast and she had rivers of semen trickling out the corners of her mouth. But the girl had recovered very quickly and started swallowing. And pumping my rod to squeeze out every drop, Brittany drank all of me down.

When I was finished and uncoiled my spine, landing against the backrest with a heavy thump, Brittany held my shaft in one hand and used the other to scoop my cum off her chin and pop her fingers into her mouth. “Thank you for letting me serve you, Mr. K,” she smiled and tucked me away into my pants.

Brittany stood and posed cutely, thrusting her tits at me and cocking her hips to the side. “Just let me know if you need anything… *anything* at all… *sir*.” She had that purr in her voice.

She turned and started walking out the family room. Her walk hesitated in surprise, and I looked over to see Cassandra was standing just outside the entryway, casting a dark look on both of us.

Brittany nervously nodded her head to her boss. “Ma’am.” And then she turned and headed away.

Cassandra flicked her gaze to me, her eyes a cold grey. Then without a word, she turned around and walked in the opposite direction.

Hurriedly, I got up and tried to fix my pants around my hips, stumbling out of the family room after her. “Cassandra!” I called.

Her back to me, she held up a hand and angrily waved me off before turning the corner. And then she was gone.


The rest of the weekend proceeded relatively smoothly. With Taylor once again with me, sharing her love and sharing my bed, my life couldn’t be that bad. But it wasn’t like everything else was suddenly better.

Cassandra had minimal contact with me as there was no pressing business to attend to. Taylor at first tried to talk to her, but Cassandra had asked for some space and for the moment, we seemed to be at an impasse.

On Monday, Rebecca felt like trying to cheer me up during our workout. But Dean’s deal cleared escrow that day and I’d gotten the perfunctory news that Morse and his buyers were negotiating with Dean to get their acquisitions. Morse had been apologetic during our golf round Sunday, but business is business.

Needless to say, I wasn’t in a very amorous mood.

On Tuesday, things between me and Cassandra came to a head. A friend of mine was the speaker at a finance symposium downtown. I was already scheduled to attend and support him for the all-day event, although I planned only to join part of the discussions and the luncheon.

As a business event, Cassandra was coming with me and it would be our first prolonged contact in quite a while. At first, I was looking forward to the chance to talk to her alone.

On the ride over, Cassandra rebuffed my every attempt to start a conversation. She answered my every question with as few words as possible, and despite my best efforts to switch to open-ended questions, she stonewalled me completely. By the time the helicopter was descending, there wasn’t a single sound inside the cabin.

And so I slogged through the boredom of a finance symposium. Maybe my father had it right. He’d spent at least some of his time investing in movie productions, which HAD to be more entertaining than this. I was especially down not being able to chat with Cassandra throughout the conference, the way we normally did together.

In fact, every waking moment beside her served to only remind me of the wall she had once again risen between us, keeping her within view but out of reach.

Things only got worse when the luncheon started. While not dressed provocatively, Cassandra was dressed to impress. Her skirt showed off the length of her fine legs and there was no just way to hide her abundant cleavage. We mingled with the other businessmen and she attracted her usual amount of extra attention.

One of Cassandra’s adoring fans stood out from the rest. He was young, but instead of being cocky like many other young finance gurus, he had a subtle charm and wit that quickly had Cassandra giggling and smiling in a way I hadn’t seen her do in weeks. It probably helped that he managed to talk to her face and not to her cleavage.

Throughout the day, while not friendly, Cassandra had been professional with me at all times, answering my every question and feeding me information like any good personal assistant. But there had never been a light in her eyes nor had she initiated any conversations with me.

But now… with *Tyler*… Cassandra was positively flirtatious.

Tyler followed us to our table when we sat down, making a point to talk about business news and the shifting world market with me, but clearly making every effort to engage Cassandra in conversation as well. And as the lunch hour passed, I felt a twinge of jealousy begin to gnaw at me from the inside.

She used to chat and giggle like that with me. She used to share with me her cutting observations and laugh at my dumb jokes. She used to be MINE.

She still was MINE. She worked for me, but more than that she BELONGED to me. And while just barely maintaining the civil veneer on my face, I pushed my chair back and stood up while checking my watch.

“My apologies, Tyler,” I said to Cassandra’s social companion. “But Miss Cooper and I have another engagement.”

Cassandra turned to me and her eyes sharpened. She knew quite clearly we had nothing on the schedule for the rest of the day. But she couldn’t very well contradict me.

“Oh, oh, I understand,” a dejected Tyler began, the first cracks showing in his otherwise charming demeanor. He seemed genuinely sad that Cassandra had to go.

“Well, Tyler, it was very nice talking with you,” Cassandra returned to him and smiled warmly. She deftly flipped open her portfolio and with a quick glance at me, she grabbed a business card and flipped it over, scribbling her cell phone number onto the back.

Tyler’s eyes bugged out when he saw what she was doing and he glanced at me.

I just stared back with my outwardly calm exterior but felt the flaming green in my eyes.

But then Tyler returned his gaze to Cassandra’s beautiful face as she held out the card. “Call me sometime. We’ll meet for drinks or something.” With her Aussie accent, the invitation for drinks carried an air of adventure and excitement.

“Great, I will.” Tyler took the card warmly and they shook hands, with just a little extra squeeze from both of them. As Cassandra stood, Tyler perfunctorily shook my hand as well, and then Cassandra was instantly on her earpiece, calling for the helicopter since we were two hours ahead of schedule.

Nothing else was said between us until the chopper arrived. And soon we were in the air for the short hop back to the Montauk house.

“What was that?” I verbally blasted after a few minutes of trying to contain the feelings inside me.

“Pardon me?” Cassandra turned in surprise at my tone and volume.

“What was THAT?” I waved back towards the departing building. “With Tyler?”

“That was nothing. That was flirting. I do it all the time.”

“You don’t always give out your cell phone number,” I turned my seat and glared at my assistant.

Cassandra set her jaw. “Is that a problem? Am I not *allowed* to give out my number to a gentleman who interests me?”

“No!” I immediately answered, quite upset. Cassandra was practically cheating on me.

“And why not? You’re not my husband, Jonathan. I am a free woman who can do as I choose.”

“You never have before!” In the entire time since she’d started working for me, Cassandra hadn’t shown the slightest inclination in men besides me. Even in our group sex activities, she had refrained from any cock but mine. In fact, we only had two rules for our playmates: that no girl but Taylor or Cassandra could try and make me cum inside their pussy, and that no guy could touch Cassandra. She just wasn’t interested.

“Perhaps I never met another man who held my interest,” she said calmly.

“But you can’t!” Jealousy raged inside me.

“And why not? Do you not think of me as an equal? Like a wife? Like Taylor?” She asked with venom in her voice. We both knew Taylor had free reign to pursue other men, albeit with mutual approval.

“No!” My eyes went wide and a thick vein started popping up on my forehead. The very thought of Cassandra with any other man sickened me and stirred up a righteous fury. “You’re MINE!” I practically yelled. It seemed like such a selfish, egotistical thing to say. And yet it was exactly what I felt inside.

“Am I? I thought you respected me as an individual, as my own person, capable of making my own decisions and seeing whomever I please!”

“NO! You BELONG to ME.” I finally started outright yelling. “Isn’t that what YOU wanted?”

“But it’s not what you wanted, Jonathan.” Her voice was so much calmer and quieter than mine.

“Well I want it NOW.” I felt my temper flaring and in another moment I would lose control of myself, my arms already twitching with an unholy desire to simply seize Cassandra and physically submit her to my will.

She saw the look in my eye. The last time I got this heated I’d nearly tried to rape her and she’d clocked me with a vicious punch. With a cold expression, she said flat out, “Don’t make me match the bruise beneath your other eye.”

Her statement was like a bucket of ice water on my rage. No matter how upset I felt, I couldn’t try to get physical with her. Not with my Cassandra. I still loved her too much.

The helicopter started its descent to our home’s helipad. Cassandra looked out the window and I made one last attempt to get through to her. “I want you with me, Cassandra. Please.”

She turned to me at the quiver in my voice.

I bit my lip and forced myself to say the word. It was just semantics, wasn’t it? To her, serving me and making love were the same thing. That’s what she’d said, right? “Cassandra, I want you to… serve… me.”

For a second, her eyes softened and the baby blue color shone. But then just as the landing struts hit the pavement, her eyes narrowed and that steel grey came back.

“Go find your little slut… sir. I know she’ll be happy to serve you.” And then she popped the door and went out.


I was angry, and I was hurt. And right now I just wanted to fuck something.

I should have known not to go to her. To do so would only further justify Cassandra’s anger at me. But I did anyways.

She was my willing cum dumpster. I knew almost nothing about her personality or character. She was just a sex object. For what I had in mind, she was perfect. So I went to the kitchen and asked Dorothy where she was. Without a second thought, Dorothy told me and I headed off towards the staff quarters. In the final hallway, I passed Melissa, the other maid, who’s eyes went wide as I simply opened the bedroom door and went inside without so much as a knock.

Brittany looked up at the sudden intrusion with obvious surprise on her face. She was on a break, sitting at her computer desk surfing the net or doing email or instant messaging her friends. She barely had time to gasp before I crossed the room, picked her up, and with a squeal practically tossed her onto the bed.

No words were exchanged as I stripped away her maid’s skirt and yanked her thong panties down her ankles. Then the only sounds were incoherent moans as I knelt and shoved my tongue into her young twat and began munching on her sensitive clit.

When I was satisfied that she was wet enough, I stood and dropped my pants, the buckle of my belt jingling when it hit the floor. And then holding Brittany’s ankles in my hands, I held her legs aloft in a big-V and then thrust my cock forward and into her juicy cunt.

We didn’t come out for an hour and a half. Sure, Brittany had housekeeping responsibilities and Melissa even came and peeked at us through the open doorway to the Jack-and-Jill bathroom the two maids shared. But what was anyone going to do? I was the head boss.

By the time we were done, I’d cum three times. Brittany had my spooge in her hair, on her face, and running down her chin. Her pussy had been fucked raw and she’d even taken another load up her ass, as painful as it was from her previous reaming. It didn’t matter, she was my cum dumpster.

And in the end, I just passed out in her bed, leaving the young girl a disheveled mess and wondering what the hell she was supposed to do.



I gripped her blonde head in my hands and roughly jerked her towards me over and again. Brittany made little gurgling noises as she fought to breathe, not an easy thing to do with my cock halfway into her throat.

She was still rather new to deepthroating. She hadn’t been able to push past her own gag reflex the first few times, and when I’d just forcibly impaled her a few weeks ago, she actually threw up in my lap.

Undaunted, she tried again after we got cleaned up and managed to wrap her lips around the very base of my cock and hold that position for a full two seconds before coming up sputtering.

But now, Brittany had learned to control her reflex and with the exception of a week when her throat was too sore and ragged, she’d practically turned the trick every single day.

My conscience bothered me at first for using and abusing the girl. But she never complained once. In fact, Brittany was clearly happier when I just took her and used her whenever the mood struck me. She genuinely wanted to please me, any way she could.

With Brittany kneeling before me, I skullfucked the little blonde for another minute, and when I slammed all the way in a final time and held her head there, she started moaning in anticipation of my load.

“That’s right, my little cumslut,” I growled. “I’m gonna spunk directly into your tummy. I’m gonna cum so deep in your throat you won’t even be able to taste it.” And then I blew.

Brittany’s head jerked reflexively when my cockhead expanded in the narrow confines of her throat. But I held her in place with my hands as I fired a shot straight into her belly. I heard her choking and only then did I let go.

The moment she wasn’t being held up by my cock anymore, her body began sagging downwards as she sat back on her heels. Brittany gasped for air and hung her head, fighting for breath at the same time the rest of my jism splattered all over her face.

Eventually, she caught her breath and eventually, I stopped cumming. By that time, she was practically dripping with cum. It was matted into her hair and eyebrows and drizzled all over her forehead and cheeks. She wiped a glob away from her eye socket. The last time I’d cum in her eye the thing was red for hours.

“Was I good?” she asked in that helium voice.

I smiled. Brittany had always been enthusiastic, but her technique had been sorely lacking. Well, practice makes perfect, and she was getting better every day.

“Am I a good cumslut?”

“The best, Brittany.” I put away my dick and zipped up.

She smiled happily at me and then I left her bedroom.


“… and then you’ve a meeting with Carson at 3pm. That’s it for today.” Cassandra took off her glasses and turned away from the computer monitor. “Will that be all, sir?”

I stared off into space, the melancholy I’d been feeling for more almost a month had practically taken over my life, at least around Cassandra.

She cleared her throat. “Ahem. Will that be all, sir?” she repeated.

I nodded and she stood up to leave the room. She’d taken three steps away from me when I said weakly, “Cassandra?”

My voice was so pitiful that she seemed to sag at the sound. But when she turned around, she stood erect and looked at me disinterestedly. “Yes, sir?”

“What will it take?”

“Pardon me?”

I sighed. “I want things to go back to the way they were. What will it take to do that?” My eyes pleaded with her to understand.

“That’s something you need to figure out… sir.”

I winced at every ‘sir’. The way she said it was so… cold. I hungered to hear her purr it, the way she used to. I’d even settle for a casual ‘Jonathan’. “Just tell me. Tell me what you want.”

“I can’t.” Her jaw set in determination. “If you can’t figure it out without me telling you, then you don’t understand me yet.”

“Understand what? I LOVE you, Cassandra!”

“What do you love? Do you love having sex with me? Do you love the work I do for this family? For your business?”

“I love everything, Cassandra. I love you just the way you are.”

“Then why couldn’t you just let me be the way I was? Why couldn’t you just let things be the way they were? Then we wouldn’t be having this conversation!”

“I will! I’ll let you be! Let’s go back!”

Cassandra closed her eyes and looked down. “You can’t uncross a bridge, Jonathan.”

And with that, she turned and opened the door. To both our surprise, Brittany was just outside, dusting the hallway. I actually saw Cassandra’s nose crinkle and her blue eyes sharpen to grey. And then sternly she stalked past the maid and down the hall.

“DAMMIT!” I yelled and punched the wall. The painted drywall wasn’t designed for that kind of abuse, and my fist went straight through it. A small jagged hole remained when I pulled my hand back, where a few pieces of sheetrock actually broke off and fell into the recessed cavity. The rest of the drywall cratered, but held.

Brittany jumped at my outburst, but said nothing.

After another moment, I strode out into the hallway. Cassandra was nowhere to be seen. I hurried off in the direction where she’d gone, but Taylor intercepted me just after I turned the corner. “Johnny!”

I was ready to cry as my wife put both her hands on my shoulders.

“No, no, Johnny,” she soothed.

I hated to appear weak, especially in front of my wife. My male ego just wouldn’t allow it. And so gritting my teeth, I stifled the tears and stood up straight. I started boxing up the sadness inside me and pushed it out of my mind.

With the pain of abandonment being locked away, all that was left was my anger and resentment. I wasn’t happy, and it was all Cassandra’s fault. First, she wouldn’t let me love her. Then, she wouldn’t let me just go back to the way things were. I’d finally figured out that Cassandra walked to the beat of her own drum. She wanted me just to love her the way she was: not as wife, not as assistant, not as any label. She just knew the way she wanted to love me and I had to let her do that.

Only she wouldn’t do it anymore. And her stubbornness pissed me off.

Rage flew into my eyes now that the tears were gone. A low growl started in my throat and for a second, my grip tightened on Taylor. She was surprised by the sudden change in my temperament and for a second, she actually looked frightened.

I wanted to vent my frustration, but I couldn’t take it out on her. This was Taylor. This was my wife, my love. Setting my jaw, I let go of her and stalked away. I heard my wife sigh as I stomped back the way I came and turned the corner.

Brittany was still in the hallway outside the office. I grabbed her arm and pulled her into the room, then slammed the door behind me. I pushed the young girl towards the desk and growled, “Bend over.”

Immediately, the young blonde complied and dragged her panties down to her ankles. Then, while I went to a drawer and retrieved the bottle I was looking for, she pulled her uniform skirt up and over her ass, exposing her creamy skin for me. “Am I a good girl?” she asked innocently.

I set the Astroglide nozzle to her sphincter and started squeezing. Brittany just shivered as I opened up my pants and then started lubing up my own cock as well. “You’re a naughty girl, Brittany. You’re my naughty girl.”

She giggled happily. When I tossed the bottle aside and reached forward to grip her hips, she spread her legs to the sides and hunched over further, wiggling her ass at me. And as I pushed my dick up Brittany’s backdoor, I thought about all my frustration with and longing for Cassandra.

For a brief second, I wanted to start crying again. I missed her. I loved Cassandra, and having this wall between us was tearing me up inside. But I was also angry. And when I suppressed that urge to cry again, all that was left was my anger.

A snarl was on the tip of my lips when my pelvis pressed up against Brittany’s buttcheeks, with my hard, throbbing dick fully embedded into the young blonde’s rectum. And then I let the rage take over.



Rebecca moved in on the first of April.

At first, we went through a little reverse-haggling. She insisted on paying us rent while neither Taylor nor I wanted to let her. But in the end, Rebecca’s need to keep her pride coupled with a very rational argument on her part: adding a full- time guest would mean more work for the Dorothy and the maids, etc.

So, Rebecca paid a nominal rent, which Cassandra completely paid-out in extra salary to the household staff. Taylor and I didn’t need the extra income; Rebecca didn’t feel like she was sponging, and the staff made more money. Everybody won.

Taylor was thrilled to have her friend to hang out with and talk to. I think Taylor especially liked having someone around who could power-fuck her (with a strap- on) as hard as I could.

Still, Rebecca wasn’t moving into the happy-go-lucky home she might have been expecting. Despite her fun with Taylor and occasionally me, she could tell that there was something very wrong in the house.

On the surface, everything was as it should be. We were as typical a Hamptons household as could be. I was the wealthy businessman, Taylor my gorgeous trophy-wife, and I was even fucking one of the maids. The rest of the household staff was professional and competent, led by a woman of remarkable efficiency in Cassandra.

But that’s all Cassandra was now: professional assistant.

One Wednesday, I woke up just after 12noon after an all-night fuckfest with Taylor, Charlotte, Rebecca, and Taylor’s box of toys. I was alone in bed, bleary- eyed and idly wondering what I’d do for the day. After the Dean/Morse debacle, I’d taken a step back from work and chosen to just enjoy my wealth and leisure for a while. Hell, I was making more money on savings interest than I could spend in a day.

It never failed to amaze me just how much your life changes when you no longer have the daily struggle for money to survive. They say money can’t buy you happiness (true enough), but it certainly washes away the basic worries of housing, food, and clothing so that you can spend your time TRYING to find happiness.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’d give up all the money to be with Cassandra again. But I’d give up a LOT of it. Just leave us one house and enough money to be comfortable, if not extravagant, and I’d gladly trade the rest to have my old Cassandra back.

Not that it was going to happen anytime soon. Cassandra seemed to be firmly locked into her “just an assistant” role and nothing I could say would sway her. She wasn’t even slacking in her professional responsibilities, and I felt I had no moral grounds to complain.

So on this Wednesday, I got up and waltzed to the bathroom to go through my morning (er, afternoon) routine, but voices from the Master Lounge caught my attention. For some reason, I felt like eavesdropping and I crept to the doorway.

“…can she stand there and do nothing?” Rebecca was asking. “I see the way he looks at her. He’s like… he’s like a lost puppy who wants her to take him home. She HAS to see that.”

“Of course she sees it,” Taylor answered with a heavy sigh. “But sometimes she can be so… *stubborn*. I guess that’s why she’s so good as what she does. She sees the way things *should* be and then she does everything she can to make it that way: every detail, every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed, whether it’s a contract or travel arrangements.”

Taylor exhaled. “I’ve seen her get the hardest hard-cases to back down just because she had a stronger will to make a stand than they did. Well Cassandra’s made her stand. It’s just that when it comes to her own emotions, her judgment gets clouded and she’s making a stand in front of the wrong choice.”

I nodded in agreement from my spot behind the wall.

“It’s not all on Cassandra,” Rebecca put in. “John’s being a MORON about this.”


Taylor sighed. “They’re BOTH being morons.”

“What’s he doing with that girl?” Rebecca grumbled. “Can’t he see that it’s just pissing Cassandra off even more? No matter what he says, she’s never going to listen as long as he’s boinking the maid.”

“He KNOWS he shouldn’t be doing it. He doesn’t show it on the surface, but subconsciously it’s in there. Why do you think he hasn’t once had her in our marital bed? Why do you think he’s never tried to get her in a threesome with one of us? No, he sneaks off to her bedroom in the staff quarters like he’s ashamed of her.”

What? I wasn’t ashamed. I had nothing to be ashamed about.

“Hmm…” Rebecca mused on that. “You know one time I walked in on him screwing Mia on the pool table? He just turned and invited me to join in. Said it was one of their favorite places together. But yesterday, I walked in on Brittany giving him a blowjob in the laundry room. He freaked out and zipped up. Nearly caught himself in the zipper too. I think he IS ashamed.”

“Not ashamed enough to stop,” Taylor sighed. “Don’t get me wrong, I do not begrudge his ability to get pussy. As long as he keeps me satisfied, he’s welcome to bang the maids. But he’s got to see that Brittany’s a poison in this household.”

“And not just because of how much she affects Cassandra,” Rebecca added. “That girl’s got a lip on her.”

“What? What’d she do?”

Rebecca shifted in her seat and groaned, “Oh, where to start? When I moved in, you guys said I was a guest, same as I’d been all those times just crashing overnight. Brittany used to be so polite to me. But ever since she started fucking John, she’s picked up an attitude.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I tell her my laundry basket is full and she says, ‘What? Your big muscles can’t carry that thing all the way to the laundry room?’”

“She did NOT,” Taylor’s sounded positively scandalized.

“I KNOW! I mean, I’m paying rent and that money is boosting her salary. I’m actually paying her to give me attitude over her JOB?”

“Have you told Cassandra?”

“No. I wasn’t sure what the staff’s responsibilities were. I mean, I know they do YOUR laundry but I thought that maybe as a renter, I’ve got access to the laundry room but it’s on me to do it myself. No biggie.”

“No! I can check with Cassandra but that’s not the way it works around here! You’re a houseguest!” Taylor was more upset about it than Rebecca was.

“And the other day,” Rebecca continued. “I was talking to Charlotte in the family room and Brittany came in with a vacuum. We were about to get up and leave so she could do her thing, but she just sat down and joined in the conversation.”

“Wait, what? On duty?” Taylor’s surprised tone was starting to get annoying. “The staff has never done that.”

“At first, I thought it was no big deal because technically, isn’t Charlotte part of the household staff?”

“No. There’s a reason Charlotte and Cassandra have rooms upstairs. Yes, Cassandra runs this place but those two are employees of me and Jonathan personally, and they’re our friends. The household staff like the maids, the drivers, and security are all… staff. You’ll notice they don’t join us for meals. And it’s not proper for Brittany to join you socially either. If it was her off-time, that’s one thing. But especially not while she’s on-duty with a vacuum.”

“Well, she just plopped down and started chatting with us. She even made a comment about being one of quote, ‘John’s girls’. And when Dorothy came to scold her into going back to work, she barked at Dorothy to leave her alone.”

Taylor sighed heavily. “It’s not right. I love that man to death, but he can be such a blockhead sometimes.”

“Men…” Rebecca mourned. “I can’t stand them sometimes, but they’ve got a monopoly on fantastic cocks.”

“I have to talk to him about her,” Taylor said sternly. “This is my house as much as his now, and I can’t let this continue. Thank god he’s only been screwing her for less than two months.”

“And look at what she’s done in so little time,” Rebecca added.

A knock sounded off against the far door.

“Come!” Taylor called. “Oh, Brittany!”

“Lunch is ready, ma’am.”

“Thank you, we’ll be right there.”

The door closed and then Rebecca piped up. “Should we go wake John?”

“No, let him sleep.” Taylor then hummed. “After lunch, maybe you’ll help me give him a proper wake-up call?”

Giggling, the two women left. I turned and leaned my back against the wall, not realizing how uncomfortable I’d gotten twisting around like that to eavesdrop.

I sighed… I’ve got a problem.


After getting dressed and doing my routine, I managed to slip downstairs without anyone noticing me and headed straight for the staff quarters. I was in luck in that Brittany’s door was closed, usually a sign that she was in there. I wasn’t sure what I was going to say yet, but I knew that stopping our affair was most likely the best thing to do.

Just when I was about to knock, I heard a loud female voice saying something in anger. My hand froze, and my hearing sharpened as I focused on the sound. Apparently this was a day for eavesdropping.

“Young lady, you have GOT to learn your place.” Cassandra’s stern voice carried an extra vibration through the door.

“And who are YOU to tell me my place?” Brittany’s helium-voice cut right through the obstruction clearly. “You’re just another servant in this house.”

“I am your boss, young lady. And if you can’t respect that and respect the other members of this staff, then there’s no place for you here.”

“I do! I have. But things are different now. You can’t just treat me like another maid.”

“That’s your JOB.”

“But that’s not all. I’m one of you now.” Brittany paused. “Actually, I’m BETTER than you now.”

“Excuse me?” Cassandra couldn’t have sounded more shocked.

There was a giggle in Brittany’s voice. “I’m one of John’s girls now. I’m not just a member of the staff anymore. I’m special to him. He LOVES me. And you? You’re not even one of his girls anymore. He won’t touch you. Everyone in the house knows it. So what can you really do to me?”

“I can FIRE you, young lady,” Cassandra sounded both angry and hurt at the same time.

“Try it. I’ll go to John myself. Who do you think he’s going to choose?” There was a taunt in Brittany’s voice now. “He doesn’t need you anymore. He’s got me.”

“You come back here RIGHT NOW, young lady!” Cassandra thundered.

“Young lady, young lady. You’re not even thirty yourself. Or is that why he left you? You started acting old and boring and he got tired of you? You couldn’t make him happy anymore?”

“I’m not going to let you bait me.” Somehow, Cassandra had managed to calm herself and her voice was icy cold. “I wanted to talk with you alone for one reason, and that’s because you’re disrespecting the staff, Brittany.”

“Why? I’m better than them. I BELONG to HIM now.”

“No one *belongs* to him, Brittany,” Cassandra said with a hitch in her voice. “You work for this household.”

“Whatever. I’m one of his girls now. Why should I have to keep doing all these menial chores?”

“Those chores are your job, Brittany. If you won’t do them then we’ll have no choice but to let you go.”

“Fine. You do that, and I’ll move into one of the guest rooms.”

And with that, the door in front of me popped open and I came face to face with a very surprised Brittany. Behind her, Cassandra looked ready to cry, something I hadn’t been expecting to see from the usually strong and stoic woman.

In a quiet voice, I said, “That’s not going to happen, Brittany.”

“What?” she asked, not understanding yet.

I looked at the blonde maid warily. “We’ve got to stop sleeping together.”

In disbelief, the young girl turned back to Cassandra and then looked to me again. “You mean, I can’t work for you and keep sleeping with you. I need to stop being a maid and become a girlfriend instead, right?”

“No, Brittany.” I sighed. “Look, I know I’ve taken advantage of you. You *were* trying to seduce me, but the fact is that I’m your employer and our relationship is not proper. And it can’t continue.”

“Wait, what?” Brittany asked with a touch of fear in her voice.

I sighed and summoned all of my internal strength. Talking to Brittany like this was harder than making a speech in a packed auditorium. “I’m ending our affair. I’m sorry, Brittany.”

“You can’t,” she started crying. “You love me!”

“I don’t.”

“You do! I’m… I’m special. I’m your cumslut.” The tears were rolling freely down her face.

“Brittany, I’m sorry.”

“So that’s it? You use me and then throw me away?”

I winced and closed my eyes. “You still have your job here. Uh, you WILL need to do the duties Cassandra is asking you. I’m… I’m not throwing you *away*.” I sighed, “But we need to stop sleeping together.”

“You’re dumping me,” Brittany said flatly.

I sighed. “Yes.”

The young blonde’s jaw quivered as the look of despair on her face gradually transformed into a look of pure hate. A tear dropped off her chin and she sniffled loudly before barking, “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!” And then she marched past me and disappeared down the hall.

The whole time, Cassandra had been quiet and standing aside, her expression unreadable.

After Brittany left, I turned to look at her, trying to see some reaction of any kind. But there was none. We just looked at each other for a long while.

Eventually, I told her quietly, “Cassandra. I’m sorry for being such a moron.” When she didn’t respond immediately. I hung my head and then walked away.


Like everything in an enclosed house, word spread within minutes. I think Melissa, our other maid, overheard at least part of the conversation. Then she told someone on the staff, and he told, and on and on. My guess is that Dorothy told Taylor.

In any case, when Taylor came to me I was reclined on my favorite chair in the Master Lounge. It was a plush “cuddle chair”, more like a twin bed with a backrest and padded arms. The thing was designed for two to snuggle up together and ideal for watching a movie.

“You want to talk about it?” my wife asked as she silently crossed the room.

“Not really,” I furrowed my eyebrows and generally radiated get-the-fuck-away- from-me signals. But Taylor simply slid onto the chair and I automatically opened my arms so she could spoon herself against my chest.

“It was the right thing to do,” she said softly.

“I feel like a jerk. I used that girl.”

“She wanted it.”

“That doesn’t make it right.” I sighed. “I’ve got to find a way to make it up to her. Send her to college or get her a good job or something.”

Taylor didn’t have an immediate response to that. She just snuggled her head against my shoulder and pulled my arms tighter around her body. I couldn’t help but look down into her perfect cleavage and then quickly looked away, feeling like an immoral letch.

I sighed against the back of Taylor’s head. “And I’ve been so wrong about Cassandra, too. You’re right. I pushed her too far.”

Taylor was silent and just waited for me to get it out.

“One thing,” I began. “What happened with Brittany cleared my head about the issue with Cassandra.”

“How?” Taylor asked softly.

“Brittany really did want to ‘serve’ me. She just wanted to be my fucktoy. And I never really respected her. But Cassandra? She would have never let me do that to her. There’s a difference between ‘serving me’ and Cassandra’s idea of ‘serving me’, you know?”

“Huh?” Taylor craned her head around to give me an odd look.

I sighed. “Cassandra’s… unique. You were right, honey. I was too black and white. When she said she didn’t want to be my wife, when she said she wanted to BELONG to me, I thought that meant she wanted to be submissive to me. I thought she wanted me to dominate her and tell her what to do, force myself on her. But the second I tried that she punched me in the face.” Absently, I touched the spot on my cheek where the bruise had faded but the pain had not.

“And then, when I thought she didn’t want me to force her but she still wanted to ‘please’ me, to ‘serve’ me and thus feel happy just by physically ‘serving’ me and making her into my sex toy or something, she got even angrier.”

Taylor put in. “And it didn’t help when you made Brittany your sex toy.”

“No it didn’t. It just reinforced to Cassandra what direction my brain was taking me. I couldn’t wrap my head around a middle-ground. Either I loved and respected her as a wife or lover or girlfriend, or she was my property to use.”

“But that’s not Cassandra, honey.” Taylor reached up and stroked my cheek. “You need to love and respect her for what she wants… which IS to make you happy. But she’s already got an idea in her head of how to do that. Like everything else, she’s already decided the best way to make you happy. And she’s stubborn enough that she won’t let you or anyone else change her mind about what’s best for you.”

“You knew all this?”

“Of course. I’m your wife.”

“Then why the hell didn’t you tell ME?”

“Until now, honey, you wouldn’t have understood if I tried.”

I sighed in annoyance and squeezed Taylor harder. “Women…”

We were quiet for a few moments. And then Taylor asked, “So what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know. I’ve got to convince her I’ll let her run my life.”

“That IS her job,” Taylor chuckled. “And mine. Johnny, the sooner you let the two of us make all your decisions for you, the happier you’ll be.”

“Whoop-SHH!” I made the sound effects while miming a whip.

“That’s my man…”


The intercom buzzed. “Sir, madam,” Edward’s voice rang out.

Taylor leaned over and hit the switch on the end table. “Yes?”

Our butler stated, “Miss Cooper would like to meet Mr. Kwong in the entry foyer.”

Taylor looked at me. I frowned at the formality of the whole thing. Why wasn’t Cassandra just coming to see me directly? With a tight expression, I nodded.

Taylor hit the transceiver. “We’ll be right there.”

A minute later I came down the main stairs and my heart fell into my stomach. Cassandra was dressed for the outside cold and a roller suitcase stood on the floor beside her.

“Cassandra?” I said with obvious worry in my voice. “Please don’t tell me you’re leaving.”

“Sir. I’m requesting some time off to visit my mother.”

I exhaled, relieved that she hadn’t just said she was quitting. If she’d gone, she would have taken part of my heart with her. “Just promise me you’ll come back.”

Cassandra looked at her feet for a moment before fixing her gaze on me. “Jonathan, I *want* to come back, but…” she trailed off and looked at me with sadness.

“Look, I think I finally understand.” I spread my hands wide and tried to project all the honesty and acceptance I felt inside.

Cassandra nodded, searching my eyes. “That’s good. That’s good. I just need some time to think and… and to be away from you, Jonathan. I’m afraid that seeing you every day is clouding my judgment.”

I nodded. “Fair enough.” I gave her a frank look. “Cassandra, I love you.”

She practically melted when I said it and for a moment, I thought she might change her mind and stay. But then Cassandra drew her shoulders up and straightened her spine. “I’ll always love you, Jonathan.”

My lips began to quiver as I felt moisture forming in my eyes. Her statement had a finality to it that almost sounded like a goodbye. But before I could say anything else, Cassandra turned all business. “Call me if you need anything. Charlotte is more than capable of running the day-to-day operations while I’m gone. And-”

“Just go,” I interrupted, fighting back my tears. “We’ll be fine. Just go.”

With a tight smile, Cassandra nodded and then turned, heading for the helipad.

When she was gone, Taylor slipped her arm around me. “She’ll be back.”

I exhaled, releasing my control and I felt the first tears hit my cheeks. “I know,” I sighed heavily. “I know! I KNOW.” I kept reminding myself verbally, doing everything I could to convince myself.

In the end, I hung my head and bent over, bracing my hands on my knees. “But it still hurts like hell to see her walking away.”


Still depressed, I finally pushed my plate away and let out a long exhalation. From my spot at the head of the table, everyone else was able to look over at the sound of the placemat gliding across the wood.

From my left side, Taylor glanced at Charlotte and Rebecca for a second before turning her gaze to me. My own eyes were on the empty seat where Cassandra always sat to my right.

Taylor got up and walked behind my chair, her hands going to my shoulders and neck where she began to rub me. “Good lord you’re tense, Johnny.”

“It’s kind of been a trying day.”

“Well then,” Taylor slid her hand down my arm and interlaced her fingers through mine. She started pulling me out of my seat. “Come my husband, let me relax you…”

My eyes immediately shot up at her word choice. The phrase ‘relax you’ reminded me immediately of what Cassandra had offered me for those weeks I’d been rejecting her.

“Yes, Johnny. That’s what I mean by ‘relax you’,” Taylor said with a gleam in her eye. “It’s love… not servitude, understand?”

I did.

Taylor managed to pull me to my feet and then she glanced back at the table. Something non-verbal was communicated between her and Charlotte, and then the pretty brunette was standing to join us.

I looked over just in time to see Rebecca express something in her eyes as well, and when Taylor smiled and nodded my personal trainer also got up from her place at the table.

“You know we’re supposed to wait a while after eating before engaging in strenuous physical activity,” Rebecca said with a smile on her face.

“I won’t tell my trainer if you don’t,” Taylor grinned. And then she led me to the stairs, followed closely by our two friends.


Fifteen minutes later I was limp and naked and face-down on my bed. The three women had been working in concert to relax my body with the relatively innocent method of massage. Charlotte stood at the foot of the bed stroking my legs. Rebecca was pulling on my arms and stretching out my fingers. And Taylor was literally straddling my lower back and putting all her weight into her arms to work the kinks out of my back and neck.

They worked slowly and firmly and with every long stroke, I felt a bit of my stress melting away and another part of my brain turning off. By the end of the fifteen minutes, I was practically asleep and floating on the bliss of physical relaxation, all worries about Cassandra and Brittany and Ashlyn and Dean and Morse gone from my mind.

I was barely conscious when I felt myself being rolled over onto my back. I smacked my lips and felt ready to go to sleep when a new sensation of warmth began spreading through my body. It actually took a while before I realized the sensation was coming from my crotch, and as my eyes fluttered open I finally figured out that my cock was encased in the wet caress of someone’s mouth.

I looked down to see a dark-haired head bobbing up and down me, sucking firmly while delicate fingers tickled my balls. My erection was probably the only tense part of my whole body. And when she turned her head up, saw her face at the same time Charlotte smiled around my cock and then continued blowing me.

A second after Charlotte smiled, her eyes flew open and she squeaked as her body jerked to the side. She was kneeling on the bed, pretty much on all fours while she fellated me. She got her balance once again and then her face mellowed considerably as pleasurable sensations were certainly coursing through her body. I looked to the side and saw Rebecca standing at the foot of the bed behind Charlotte, grinning with satisfaction as she manipulated Charlotte’s crotch from behind.

I realized then that both women were completely naked. Rebecca’s obviously- fake and obviously-wonderful tits stood out proudly on her chest, barely jiggling despite her motions. They held my attention for a few seconds before motion to my left caught my attention and I saw my wife climbing on the bed, fully naked herself.

For a moment, I evaluated the three brunettes, all so different from one another. Taylor’s hair was almost black and cut short, her deep blue eyes intense and her lingerie-model body the very definition of what made other women jealous. Charlotte had more of a girl-next-door prettiness, with loose light brown hair and clean features to go along with an average bust and slender figure. And then Rebecca the Amazon, her chestnut brown hair long and braided, light muscular definition throughout her body enhancing that supernatural bosom.

But then Taylor moved over my face, stopping any further comparison as her bare pussy was lowered over my lips and I extended my tongue into my wife’s snatch to get at her honey.

“I love you, Johnny,” Taylor looked down at my eyes, now that she had my full and undivided attention. “Whatever happens, you’ve got me.”

I nodded and then focused my attention to show my wife how much I appreciated her. It was kind of odd. I’d always thought of Cassandra being the ever-loyal and permanently by my side kind of love. Taylor had been the flighty one, dating me and dumping me and then screwing me and leaving me and having other boyfriends. But ever since I finally made my choice to stop pursuing Nicole and settle down with her, my wife had become the permanent fixture by my side.

Sure, she had her dalliances and I spent more time with Cassandra, but Taylor had still always managed to provide the adrenaline rush and thrill of excitement that had first attracted me to her, and yet be supportive and dependable at the same time. And now, as she brought two other beautiful women into our bed to help cheer me up and relax me, I was reminded again of why I loved my wife.

I looked up, smiling at her with my eyes while she looked upon me adoringly. Kaitlyn had once spoken of the way her boyfriend Jeff looked at her. Taylor had that look right now.

While I’d been eating out Taylor and having our wordless bonding of love, Charlotte was making use of my other end as she’d turned around and started riding my cock, feeling my thick shaft penetrating her while facing my feet and having Rebecca lick at our junction.

I brought my wife to orgasm first, Taylor dumping an ocean of nectar onto my face. But just one didn’t fulfill me just yet. No sooner did she start coming down from her high than I gripped her thighs tighter and started pushing my gorgeous wife towards another climax.

“Ohhh, Johnny… so fucking good…”

Her voice was joined by Charlotte’s, who moaned, “Oh, Rebecca… your tongue is sooo good…”

Charlotte came rather quickly, the triple sensation of cock in her pussy, Rebecca’s tongue on her clit, and Rebecca’s nails on her nipples setting her off just seconds after her boss. Momentarily satisfied, she dismounted and then Rebecca pounced onto my glistening wet shaft to taste Charlotte’s love juices wrapped around one of her favorite popsicles.

I got Taylor off a second time shortly thereafter. This time, when my wife was done howling at the ceiling, she collapsed onto her back. A re-energized Charlotte took the opportunity to lick Taylor’s fluids off my jaw, pausing every once in a while to actually kiss me, giggling before returning to slurping up her boss’ flavors from my face. And when she was done with that, Charlotte went directly to the source as she buried her head into Taylor’s crotch.

But I had other plans. I motioned Rebecca to stop sucking me and then moved Charlotte out of the way. Taylor grinned and shrieked as I grabbed her and repositioned her on the bed. Then grabbing her ankles, I lifted and folded my wife before me as I nudged my rampant erection between her thighs and then pushed my cock into her drenched pussy.

“Oh, FUCK, Johnny,” she crooned as I penetrated her. “Fuck me, honey. Fuck me HARD.”

I was only too willing to comply. And as Taylor reached her hands up to touch my face lovingly, I held her legs and worked to slam my dick in and out of her.

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Charlotte rolled together on the bed beside us, quickly maneuvering into a sixty-nine with Rebecca on top, physically dominating the smaller Charlotte beneath her and attacking the young brunette’s pussy with gusto.

But for now, all my focus was on my Taylor. I’d moved my arms to her shoulders while Taylor hooked her legs over my thighs, her feet pointing toes-forward like arrows. We rhythmically humped at each other, our tongues intertwining as we kissed and kissed and breathed and moaned in the heady passion of lovemaking.

“Oh, Taylor, honey.”


“I LOVE you,” I said with a conviction borne from my absolute adoration of her. Even in this emotional nightmare with Cassandra and Brittany, my wife had been a stabilizing force. Who’d have ever thought Taylor Brynn would be the dependable one in this relationship?

She reached up and cupped my cheeks in her hands. “I love you too,” she answered with the same conviction. And at the same time, she started on some incredible inner muscle massaging, a technique she’d begun to master for getting me off whenever she wanted to.

“Oh, Taylor…” I groaned feeling her pussy contracting like a third hand around me.

“Cum for me, Johnny. Cum inside me. Fill your wife…”

I groaned again and sped up, hearing the answering whimpers as Taylor also started in on her next climax.

“I can’t wait! I wanna feel you shooting inside me! Bathe my womb in your sperm, honey!”

“Oh Taylor!” I groaned.

“Johnny!” she moaned.

And then I blew. My hips slammed forward, driving my cock as deeply into her channel as I could, pushing my mushroom head all the way to the front of her cervix as I began spitting out great wads of cum, hosing down my wife’s innards with what felt like a gallon of semen.

Taylor started cumming around my second or third blast, her inner muscles spasming out of control as she clutched my back and bounced her hips. My consciousness started to get fuzzy as the incredible feelings surrounded my entire body. And as she held me and I pumped out more jism into her body, my wife and I felt as one.


“You relaxed enough now?” Taylor asked as I became aware once again of our surroundings. I blinked and realized I was still buried inside my wife, my cock slowly deflating.


“Are you finished?” She asked. There was a gleam in her eyes that told me she was hoping I wasn’t just yet.

“I got one more in me,” I told her.

She grinned. “Good. That was lovemaking. But now, I feel like some… *dirty*… fun right now.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Taylor looked over and motioned for Rebecca to move. Charlotte was practically drooling as she lay flat on the bed, delirious but happy. She moaned at first when Rebecca stopped crushing her but then her eyes lit up as Taylor straddled her assistant’s face, using her hand to pinch her own pussy lips together until she was in position and then I had a clear view of Taylor letting my spooge dribble out of her onto Charlotte’s waiting tongue.

Meanwhile, Rebecca returned to reviving me, alternately licking me clean and then sandwiching my cock between the fun pillows on her chest as soon as I was hard enough for her to pull it off.

Taylor and Charlotte soon occupied themselves together while Rebecca lay back and hurried me into her as soon as she got me hard enough. I was still perhaps only 85% erect, but once inside Rebecca’s tight pussy, she quickly got me all the way there. We started happily thrusting away at each other before Taylor flopped over and got Rebecca’s attention again. “Becca. Get the strap-on.”

“Hmm?” Rebecca looked over while I slowed, but didn’t stop drilling her pussy.

Taylor got a wicked grin on her face. “I want Charlotte to sit on my face while you pound me with the strap-on. And all the while Johnny will be sandwiching you with his dick in your ass. How does that sound?”

Rebecca smiled and looked at me. “Is your wife great or what?”


For the next few days, Taylor managed to keep me occupied and not too depressed. She arranged a quick hop to Washington D.C. to visit museums and run around the Mall on Segways and act like tourists around the Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, etcetera, etcetera. Charlotte was proving almost as efficient as Cassandra is making all the arrangements for us. The city was also quite pretty in April.

The little trip also kept me out of the house, away from Brittany and away from more obvious reminders of Cassandra. And as the new week approached, I found myself rather reluctant to return home. I didn’t want to face all my troubles just yet.

In fact, on the Monday we were scheduled to fly back home, Taylor called up Charlotte and was about to ask for details on hopping down to Orlando and being kids at DisneyWorld when Charlotte uncharacteristically interrupted Taylor.

I was reclining on the bed in our suite when Taylor went rigid so abruptly that I was immediately on alert. “What’s wrong?”

Taylor started barking questions into the phone. “Are you serious?”


“How much?”

“Fucking BITCH!”


“Yes, of course, of course.”

“Sure, go ahead and call Cassandra.”

“I knew this could happen.”

“Okay. An hour? We’ll be ready to go.”

Taylor finished up and hung up the phone. When she looked at me, her face was ashen.

“What’s going on?” I asked hurriedly.

Taylor’s lips were tight. “Brittany’s extorting you for five million dollars.”


“It’s not much, but there’s enough here to make a civil lawsuit.” Richard, my lawyer, looked at me across the table. Taylor was sitting to my left, holding my hand. Cassandra was to my right, fire in her eyes.

It wasn’t the reunion with Cassandra I’d been hoping for. We’d been apart for five days, but all we had time for was a chaste hug and a word of encouragement before we went into our meeting with the lawyer, who’d been poring over the documents.

Richard continued, “Miss Chisholm has semen stains on one of her maid’s blouses. There’s no bruising or major physical damage. But since she got checked out by a doctor on Friday evening, only three days after your last sexual encounter, there is some slight anal tearing. But still, they can’t prove rape.”

He turned over the medical page and went to the next one. “The only real thing they’ve got against you, John, is that she was a member of the household staff and one of your employees. She does have grounds for a sexual harassment case.”

I nodded. That was the big difference between someone like Mia or Rebecca, who were independent contractors, and an actual employee of mine. One of them could of course still sue me, but Brittany being my maid just made things so much more complicated.

Richard looked at me and then at both women flanking me. “Realistically, a jury wouldn’t award her anything close to this kind of money even if she managed to win a sexual harassment case. The bigger problem for you is the publicity. They know that. Just before you arrived, I spoke with Miss Chisholm’s attorney. I don’t think they really have any intention of filing a lawsuit. They’re simply holding a potential lawsuit and all the public exposure over your head. It’s extortion, but I’m not sure you have much choice in the matter. Still, the decision on how to proceed is up to you.”

It was all my fault. And now it was coming to bite me in the ass. I already swore to myself I wouldn’t cum inside a woman I couldn’t completely trust to avoid any paternity issues. And even though I thought I could trust Mia and Rebecca and Kaitlyn, there were still some risks involved.

But I’d KNOWN I shouldn’t have touched Brittany. Not only was she an employee, I didn’t know anything about her personality. If I had learned more, I might have known that she was capable of this.

Still, I supposed I couldn’t even blame Brittany. I HAD used her and she was quite hurt. She’d gone home for the weekend and someone had talked her into taking the opportunity presented in front of her. Even though she was extorting me, I couldn’t bring myself to hate her.

I tapped the table and sighed. Everyone was waiting for me to decide. I looked up at Richard. “What do you think they’ll settle for?”

“Hard to say.” Richard steepled his fingers. “Based on typical attorney posturing, I think the 5 million figure is ridiculous. My best guess ranges from five-hundred K to two mil. That’s high, but it’s because you’ve got a very high net worth.”

I looked at both Taylor and Cassandra. “What do you think?”

Taylor looked down. “Settle. She’ll take the money and run. I don’t think she really wants to hurt you.”

Richard put in, “I must point out, John, that your public image would not be severely hurt if they filed the lawsuit. Things like this happen every day to a man of your wealth and stature. I believe Donald Trump was sued for sexual harassment six times last year.”

“But not me. And like it or not, I do deserve this.” I sighed. “Cassandra, what do you think?”

My personal assistant looked at me, her eyes wavering for a moment as she warred with a set of emotions I didn’t comprehend. But after taking a deep breath, the cool, calm Cassandra came to the fore. “I think you should talk to her.”


“Set up a meeting. Talk to her, just the two of you. And then you can decide. I think Taylor’s right. She doesn’t really want to hurt you. Brittany is young and impulsive and she got swept away by dreams of being your girlfriend and living like a pampered trophy wife. But she’s not evil.”

I looked at her and then looked at Richard. My finger waggled back and forth between the two of them. “Set it up.”


“Hi, Mr. K.”

“Hi, Brittany,” I said and took a deep breath. She looked at my shyly for a moment, looking intimidated by the whole situation. She nodded to someone outside the door and then stepped inside, closing the door behind her. At once, she seemed to shrink as she looked around my office with its cold metal surfaces and black finishes.

I’d planned to chat in the office because it was a closed room with comfortable chairs facing each other. A bedroom was out of the question and the various living rooms were too exposed. But as I saw how nervous Brittany looked and the way she kept scanning the room, I decided the location was a bad idea.

I got up and went to the patio door. Putting my hand on the handle, I looked back at the young blonde, clad in casual clothes. I wasn’t used to seeing her wearing anything but her uniform. “Would you like to go for a walk?”

She looked at the door and then around the room again. Silently, she nodded.

I opened the door and then Brittany followed me outside. She visibly relaxed once outside the confines of my office. Slowly, I started walking around the pool, heading for a path that would take us down to the beach. The salt air blew through our hair and felt great on the relatively warm and humid day.

Brittany soon fell into step beside me. “My lawyer didn’t want me coming here, today.”

“Why did you?”

“I… I wanted to see you again. Not for… well, just to see you.” Brittany hesitated, and I just waited her out. “I’m sorry about all this. I wasn’t really thinking and this is all so… so big.”

“It’s not too late to call it off.”

“He said you’d try to talk me into dropping the whole thing.” Brittany hugged herself and squinted against the wind.

“Your lawyer?”


“That’s because he gets a cut of any settlement. He’d be really pissed off if you dropped it.”

“I suppose.” Brittany looked down at her feet, her flat shoes sliding along the dirt and sand as we got closer to the beach. We walked on in silence the few yards further until we came to the dunes.

“Why are you doing this, Brittany?”

She came to a halt and I stopped two steps ahead of her, turning around. The girl grimaced and swallowed. “He was right. I shouldn’t have come.”

“Why not?”

“Because… this is wrong. This is extortion, right?”


She looked up at me, her hazel eyes beginning to tear up from more than just the wind. She took a deep breath and looked away from me. “Can we go back?”

I sighed. “If you want.” I started walking but Brittany made no move to leave the spot where we were standing. There wasn’t anyone around for a hundred yards.

“It’s easier not to feel guilty when I can’t see you. I know what I’m doing isn’t right. I haven’t even told my parents. It was a friend of mine in town who told me I could probably get a boatload of cash from you.”

“You can,” I said honestly.

“I could really use the money,” she said quietly. “But… but I worry that the guilt will eat away at me. The money would be tainted, wouldn’t it? I’d always have to remember how I got it. Like I was a whore or something, sleeping with you for that money.”

I looked down, not wanting to comment on that particular point. Brittany turned and stared out across the ocean, still arguing with herself. What was her price? Could she live with herself?

“What do you want, Brittany?” I stepped to her side, my elbow just inches away from hers. “If it’s money you want, you can have it. But you WILL have to live with yourself for how you got it. But if it’s something else, tell me and I swear I’ll do my best to help you figure it out.”

She turned on me and glared. “You threw me away, John. You USED me.”

“I did.” I said and looked down. “I’m not proud of it. But I did. And for that I will forever be sorry.”

“Why?” she wailed and started crying. “Why’d you do it?”

“I…” I sighed. “You’re beautiful, Brittany. You’re beautiful and sexy and you were offering yourself to me. I was going through a very rough patch and I couldn’t resist.”

“Didn’t you have feelings for me?”

I closed my eyes and looked at my feet again. “No.”

“Then why’d you keep going? Why did you make me believe I was just like your other girls?”

I bit my lip. “I don’t know. Brittany, you were very, very good. Even now I can’t help but look at you and remember how fantastic the sex was.”

Even in her anger, I caught the slight glint of pride in her eyes before she looked away.

“But that was it, Brittany. I was sexually attracted to you and nothing more. And these things don’t always go beyond that. Surely a girl like you knows what that’s like.”

She shrugged. “Sure. All men are the same. They see a nice ass and a pair of tits and nothing else.”

I turned to her and stepped right in front of her. Without thinking, I put my hands on her arms and looked at her closely. “Brittany, I’m ashamed to say that’s all I saw too. But I know there’s more inside you, even if I never took the time to see it.”

My eyebrows canted to the sides and I looked at her sincerely. “How can I help you? I don’t think it’s just throwing money at you. You’ll never be able to live with yourself. But I DO have a lot of means at my disposal. So what do you want to do with your life?”

Brittany looked at me oddly, as if she didn’t understand.

I looked her straight in the eye. “Did you want to go to school? I can set up a fund to pay for your tuition and books and everything and talk to the admissions staff. It wouldn’t be a payoff for sleeping with me. It would just be… I don’t know… a scholarship for a person of significance in my life.”

I could see the wheels start turning in her mind.

“Did you want a particular career? I’ve got great connections and I can get you an internship somewhere or get you into a cooking school or…”

“Could you send me to California?” she interrupted, true excitement on her face.


“Well… I always wanted to go to Hollywood. As a little girl, I always wanted to be an actress. But I don’t have any money or know anybody or anything about how to start. I hear horror stories about girls showing up on the bus without any money and trying to be a waitress or winding up as prostitutes just to make ends meet.”

“It would never come to that,” I said hurriedly, latching onto the hope of averting a legal disaster. “I’ll get you a condo on Sunset. I’ll pay for acting classes and get you some spending money. And my father used to be a producer. I’m sure there are some connections we’ve got.”

“Really?” Brittany seemed really excited by the idea.

“Really. Look, let’s forget the lawyers and the money and everything else. Brittany, I am very, very sorry for what I did to you. It was totally wrong and I was doing it for the wrong reasons. I DO want to make it up to you. I’m only sorry it had to come to this but you’ve got to believe that I would have wanted to find a way to make it up to you anyways.”

Brittany blushed and looked down. “OK. OK.” She nodded and looked off towards the ocean, her brain obviously running a mile a minute as she contemplated just how much her life would be changing.

“Okay!” Brittany then shouted and turned to me. And before I realized it, the young blonde launched herself into my arms and hugged me tightly.

After everything we’d been through, I was shocked. “Brittany?”

“Oh, oops.” She let go of me and stepped back. “I probably shouldn’t be doing that.”

“Well, I’ll bet your lawyer’s got a pair of binoculars on us right now.”

“Hmm, well then maybe he’ll see this.” She got a wild look in her eyes and before I could stop her, she grabbed my head and kissed me.

I felt a shudder go through my body. For all we’d been through, Brittany HAD been quite good in bed, ready and willing to “serve” me in any way. But then she pulled away and left me gasping. “Wha-?”

Brittany smiled. “I don’t HATE you. I mean, I’m not HAPPY with the way things turned out, but… I get it.”

“Thanks for being understanding.”

“Thanks to you too, Mr. K. For the whole Hollywood thing. I… I’m sorry it came down to this.”

Bewildered, I tried to ignore the kiss. “But we have a deal?” I asked hopefully.

She put her hand out. “Deal.”

I shook her hand. “Your lawyer’s going to be pissed.”

She shrugged. “He’s a scumbag anyways. Cousin of the friend that told me to sue you. He’s been hitting on me ever since we met.”

“Well, he’s probably going to try and collect some legal fees. Let me know and we’ll take care of them. And if you want, we’ll get everything in writing.”

“You don’t have to, Mr. K. I trust you.”

I arched an eyebrow. I hadn’t actually be very trustworthy to her in the past.

She laughed. “Besides, if you don’t I can always sue you again,” she grinned. “And you ARE a decent human being. Since I started working here I knew that. Even if I WAS dreaming about being a rich man’s girlfriend, I wouldn’t have tried seducing you if you weren’t a GOOD man, too.”

“There are plenty of rich men in Hollywood.”

“Why do you think I want to go there?” Brittany stuck her tongue out at me. And together we started walking back towards the house.

As we came up the ridge, we could see that Brittany’s lawyer was waiting for us by the pool. Richard, Taylor, and Cassandra weren’t much further away.

Brittany nodded ahead. “She still loves you, you know.”


“Miss Cooper. She’s still madly in love with you.” Brittany sighed and hugged herself again as we walked forward.

“I know she’s a big reason why you needed to stop sleeping with me.” Brittany furrowed her eyebrows and glanced down before looking back up at me. “I hope you two can work it out again.”


“You got REALLY lucky, you know that?” Cassandra took off her glasses and rubbed her temples.

I was looking over her plans for Brittany’s move, ranging from shipping of her personal effects and first-class plane tickets to acting schools and a place to live. I gestured to the real estate dossiers. “Well, condos in Hollywood aren’t CHEAP.”

“You KNOW what I mean,” Cassandra sighed and looked at me.

“Yeah, I know.”

Cassandra looked over the whole package. “Do you realize that this whole thing will end up being more than you’ve paid ME since I started working for you? Especially with the condo.”

I frowned and looked more closely. “Really?”

Cassandra cracked a smile, a very welcome sight that I hadn’t seen in a LONG time. “Maybe I should threaten to sue you and walk away with a big settlement. After all, I DO work for you too.”

With quiet seriousness, I said, “I’d give you everything to make you stay.”

The smile evaporated off of Cassandra’s face and she sighed, looking at me intently, her paperwork forgotten. “You mean that?”

“You already know I do.”

“Why is it so easy for you to say that and so hard to just let me be me?” Cassandra sighed again and looked hurt.

“Because you’re incredible, Cassandra. I’ve never met anyone like you. I don’t think I’ve ever even HEARD of anyone like you. And our relationship is just so… so… strange. You’re not my wife. You’re not my girlfriend. And you’re not just my assistant. You’re… you’re just YOU. And it’s hard for me to wrap my head around that.”

“I bust all categories,” she said with a hint of pride in her smile.

“You do. And you break my heart.”

“Mine too.” She sighed. “You’ve talked with Taylor?”


Cassandra gave me a Cheshire grin and looked away. “She surprises a lot of people. You think she’s just a hot, sexy vamp out to have fun as much as possible. But she’s pretty perceptive.” She rolled her sky blue eyes over to me. “You married a good one. You don’t need two wives.”

“Maybe not. But I still need YOU. Just as you are. The way I love you.”

Cassandra seemed to melt with happiness.

For the past year, people who knew about our situation would often ask me, ‘How do you make it work, loving two women at the same time?’ I had to tell them honestly, it wasn’t me. Cassandra was simply incredible. I loved my wife and my wife loved me. Cassandra just found a way to always be a part of our lives and never be intrusive into it. She made it work almost entirely on her own, without jealousy or expectations.

I finally understood, and Cassandra knew it.

But then she got a sharp look in her eye. And with a huff, Cassandra bitched, “Do you realize I haven’t had dick in over a month? While you’re mourning with Taylor and Rebecca and Charlotte I’ve been going to sleep every night masturbating to thoughts of you!”

I suppressed a grin. “Sorry. I’ll make it up to you.”

“You’d better,” Cassandra pulled the clip out of her hair, letting her long, fine blonde tresses fall free. She shifted her posture and all of a sudden I was much more aware of her incredible bosom trying to bust free of her blouse.

“Yep. I’m declaring this week Make-up-with-Cassandra week. All Cassandra, all the time. Nothing but you and me.”

“No!” the statuesque blonde pouted as she got out of her chair and moved to loom over me in my chair. “*I* want Taylor’s tongue on my clit.”

I grinned.

Cassandra matched my smile and then pressed her lips to mine. I felt my universe being washed away as the thrill of kissing Cassandra, my Cassandra, came rushing over me. I felt as well as heard her sharp inhalation for oxygen as she bore down even tighter, clamping our mouths together while our tongues snaked out and intertwined.

A desperate moan of relief left me to be met by a whimper of happiness as she cradled my head to hers and we let our passion and love take us away.

Somewhere along the line, her hands were at my slacks and my fingers were at her blouse. I felt the stiff, unyielding pad of my chair pressing into my back, and for a moment, I pulled my lips away. “Bedroom?” I gasped.

“No time,” she husked and then planted her lips on mine again.

I took the time to refocus on unbuttoning her blouse, and then she was frantically yanking off the sleeves and then unclasping her own bra, spilling out her heavy orbs out onto my chest. Cassandra’s tits would always be the biggest, roundest, most amazing things I’d ever seen.

I lifted her up so that I could bury my face in her cleavage. My tongue and lips thrashed her nipples, suckling and biting and licking. Cassandra chirped my name over and again while clutching me to her chest. She’d also managed to settle her crotch over the boner in my pants, grinding herself against my hardness.

“Oh, Jonathan! I need you in me! Now!”

She got up and hurriedly began unfastening her pants. She’d already gotten the clasps on my slacks undone, and I quickly jerked them down my legs and kicked them off my ankles. Once I lifted my undershirt over my head, I was buck naked in the office chair.

Cassandra soon stripped herself, and as she wriggled out of her panties I stared hungrily at her wet slit, topped by a finely trimmed patch of blonde fuzz just above it. And when she stood up straight, my blonde goddess took my breath away. Long, long legs. Shapely hips tapering to a tight waist. Firm torso with just a hint of her ribs, and of course the voluminous breasts. Strong shoulders and a slender neck led to her breathtakingly beautiful face, and I wondered again why such a gorgeous creature loved pathetic, stupid me.

“Are you ready for me?” she asked in that otherworldly sensual Aussie accent.

I just nodded dumbly.

She slid onto the chair, her knees on each side of me. And while she stared hotly into my eyes, the sky blue almost a sparkling turquoise, without looking she grabbed my shaft in hand and guided it into place as she sunk down and impaled herself.

“Yes…” She hissed and closed her eyes as she descended. More than a month without a cock had tightened her up considerably, and I groaned at the exquisite pressure as she slowly buried me to the hilt.

And after she hit bottom, her eyes snapped open and she looked straight into my soul. “Fuck me, Jonathan. Fuck me…”

She suited her own words to action as she began to rise and fall, pistoning herself along my rod. She started into her familiar rotating gyrations, circling around my pole in wide arcs while her torso undulated to a rhythm only in her head.

I clamped my hands onto her hips, guiding her for a bit before I started tensing my ab muscles, hunching myself into her. It was not an easy thing in the chair, designed really just to tilt back and not for up and down motion.

And then with a growl, I stood up with her still impaled on my cock, lifting Cassandra and then planting her butt on the edge of the desk. Brittany’s papers were forgotten for now. We’d figure them out later. Cassandra sighed and laughed as I lay her back across the desk and then started pumping into her.

“Oh yes… like that… like that!… Mmm….”

I moved my hands up to her jiggling breasts, squeezing the heavy titflesh that I struggled to spread my fingers around.

“Fuck me, Jonathan! Fuck me! Oh, Jonathan! It’s sooo good! Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck…. Fuck me, Jonathan!”

I was more than happy to oblige her, ramming my cock to the hilt on every stroke. She began to buck her hips against me, even though she had nothing but the hard desk surface to push off of. I ducked my head down and started taking little bites out of her tits and suckling her nipples. And after a few more minutes, Cassandra’s body began twitching in the pre-tremors of her impending orgasm.

She lost the rhythm, and then I lost the rhythm, but neither of us cared as our hips automatically knew the dance as we both crescendoed towards the climax of our morning. I dropped my head to the desktop next to hers, my lips rubbing at her neck as she clutched my chest against her own, crushing her tits into me.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and You were hosting a small party, for a few friends. You had not told me who those friends were – only that dinner would be served for six people – of course, as You did tell me, I would not be included…

…for You told me that my role was to serve You, Him, and Your guests…but I had not expected for You to insist on certain details…or perhaps I did, knowing You as I do.

I was in the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on a cheesecake, with fresh strawberries as a topping, and my skirt swished against my stockings as I moved to and fro…

…oh, skirt? Stockings? Of course You would have me dress as a maid for this party. Perhaps You were testing my submission, perhaps You wanted to see my reaction to being shown in this manner to Your guests tonight. But You dressed me in an outfit that was somewhat less revealing than a French maids’ uniform, with a black sheer silk blouse and a relaxed crepe skirt, protected by a knee length apron, and the skirt hem about three inches above my knees. Of course, I was wearing a garter belt and stockings – this felt most unusual to me, but I soon savored the feeling of the garter belt around me.

My hair was coiffed and styled beautifully, and I was wearing makeup, personally applied to me by You. This was the first time that I had ever worn mascara, and I still was not used to the feeling, but I had to admit, after shaving my mustache off, that I did look pretty. And You seemed pleased, especially when I put the five inch stilettos on my feet…or tried to…

…this, You admitted, would be easier if You put them onto my feet, so I saw a sight that I never expected to see – You kneeling before me, holding my stockinged feet, and gently stroking them, before putting the black stilettos on to my feet.

Of course, You took pleasure earlier, as You prepared me for this evening, by making me endure an enema. Then, You waxed my body, removing my body hair, bit by bit, as I did my best to hold still for You. And the stockings felt very wonderful, as did the sleek black girdle panties You had told me to wear tonight. I felt very secure in the panties, which made me forget that my cock would have wanted to harden, to swell, to grow…

…but I was too busy, finishing the cheesecake, for dinner would be served in ten minutes, and You had told me that every course would be served at exactly the scheduled time, or else.

At that moment, I felt You standing behind me, Your hands gently rubbing my nipples through the apron and blouse. Not satisfied, You untied my apron, and removed it from me, and set it on the counter. Of course, all I did was breathe – I did not move from my position. You then stroked my nipples through the blouse, more insistently, more quickly…but my cock could not move, could not grow, imprisoned in the girdle panties as it was.

Then, I felt something being placed around my eyes – I was now blindfolded. Then, You told me to remove my blouse, and face You as I did, slowly, button by button, and You smiled at me, appreciating my performance for You, admiring my handsome chest and belly, framed from below by the suspender belt, framed from above by my made-up face.

Then, as I stood still, You lowered my arms, which were fully extended above my head, wrists crossed, as You had instructed me to do, and bound my wrists behind my back, with a wide band of something sleek and smooth, perhaps silk. Following this, You fastened a collar around my neck – not leather, but something very soft and plush. Clicking a leash to the o-ring on the collar, You led me out the kitchen door.

I guessed that I was in the dining room, but You led me past it, and into the living room. “Head straight,” You prompted me softly, and I stiffened. Then, You removed the leash, and told me to kneel. I felt a pillow beneath my knees.

“Thank You, Mistress,” I said, softly.

“Now, Mine,” You told me, “three of our guests are very damp, and they need to be cleaned.” I heard several women laughing. “But, in order to clean them, they have to have cum first – so you must make them cum, then clean them, with just your mouth.”

I heard a male voice now – it was Master. “There will be another test, of course.” He pulled me to a standing position, and removed my skirt, leaving me in panties, stockings, stilettos, and suspender belt. “You should do something with him,” He told You.

In a moment, I felt a brush tickling my nipples. “Some rouge will make you look very pretty,” You told me. “Now, you may kneel.”

He spoke. “This test will be simple – you will see who you have made cum after you are done, and you must correctly identify the order in which you did so. You will be rewarded in any event, and punished in any event also – they will be determined by Me, based on how well you do.”

“Oh, there is one more thing that we will do first,” You told me, pushing my back down, so my chest touched a pair of ice buckets, so my nipples were touching the ice. “Lift your ass, Mine, and do not move, because you will be Mine tonight.” I did so, and You removed my panties, down to my ankles. Then, You pressed against me, and I felt something press against my ass.

I knew what was coming, but You gently stroked my back. “Just relax, Mine, and it will be easier for you.” I relaxed as You thrust into me. It hurt, even though You had thoughtfully lubricated the strap-on, but You took Your time, and I became overwhelmed with the pain from Your strap-on, the pain of my nipples from the ice, and the embarrassment of knowing there were guests watching me be taken by You…but I held still, kept my nipples in the ice, and my ass in the air, even as you told me, “Yes, Mine, I am going to fuck you now, and maybe, if you relax, you may cum too…”

…and, since someone was stroking my cock, a someone with a warm and gentle hand, I knew that You were doing this to me, because You were proud of me, and wanted to show Him that I was a wonderful submissive to You, and pleased You.

You began to thrust faster now, and began to moan. At this moment, the hand left my cock – a moment later, I felt a warm, wet mouth begin to take my cock, and fuck me with her mouth. As I heard Him say, “Wow!” at this moment, I knew that it was one of the guests, and she was fucking my cock in perfect timing with You fucking my ass – it was very hard keeping my nipples in the ice.

A moment later, I heard You cry, utterly in ecstasy, and that made me cum – that, and a mouth deep throating my cock – and I felt the woman sucking my cock cum as well – apparently, someone had been fucking her, and very well, too.

After a few moments, still blindfolded, almost in a state of collapse, my nipples aching and harder than my cock had ever been, with my stretched ass throbbing in excitement and some pain, damp with lubricant and probably my own blood, I was gently lifted onto my knees. I heard His voice, “I do hope that you paid attention to all that as well.” He sounded pleased.

Then, a pair of hands gently held my temples, and pulled my head forward, where I sensed a gentle warmth, and felt my lips touch a very wet and very smooth pussy. My tongue reflexively reached out and began licking her. She smelled of cinnamon, which excited me, especially as she pressed my mouth firmly against her, so I could not breathe anything else except her scent and her excitement. She shifted my head slightly, so I could touch her clit, and when I began licking it, she moaned softly, and gently stroked the back of my head. When I sucked on her clit, she cried in ecstasy and she came in my mouth. I swallowed her, not caring that my whole face was very wet, not caring that I could barely breathe. When I was through, she knelt down, and kissed me, ravishing my mouth with her tongue, caressing my nipples, making me moan in helpless pleasure.

Then, immediately after she arose, I was pushed onto the floor, on my back, and someone sat upon my shoulders, pressing her bare pussy onto my mouth. I had lost my breath for a moment, I was knocked onto the floor that hard, so I did not begin to lick her immediately. She slapped my face – and hard – on both cheeks. I began to lick her, sticking my tongue as deeply inside her cunt as I could. When she began fucking my mouth with her cunt, my tongue went deeper than I had thought possible, and I was intoxicated by the scent of citrus – orange? tangerine? Whatever it was, my tongue fucked her cunt back as hard as it could. And her moans indicated that she was close to cumming, and her movements above me showed me that she was desperate to cum. And so she did, and her cum poured into my mouth, as I swallowed, and licked, and kept fucking her with my tongue, making her cum more, making her press her pussy onto my mouth more firmly, continuing to fuck my mouth until I had licked her clean. She did not kiss me, but slapped my face twice more, then arose, leaving me helpless on the floor.

Then, after a moment, I felt a woman lie down beside me, her face by my thighs, her hips by my head. She gently touched my cock, and it began to swell, and began to harden. She climbed onto me, her pussy pressing against my mouth, her breath blowing gently onto my cockhead, and I began to kiss her very smooth pussy, began to fuck her cunt with my tongue. It became harder to concentrate on her lovely scent – lavender – as she gently flicked my cockhead with her tongue. And she controlled the speed with which I fucked her, by the speed with which she used her mouth on my cock. Finally, after some moments, she pushed me into her throat, and I thrust deeper into her cunt, and she cried out onto my cock as she came into my mouth. She kept pressing her cunt into my mouth, and I cleaned her dry.

She then lifted herself from my prone body, then gently lifted me to my knees. I tried swallowing, but choked – despite all I had drunk, I was dry. A glass was pressed to my lips.

“Slowly, Mine, slowly…” You crooned, as I drank the ice water gratefully.

You then knelt beside me – this had never happened before. Obviously, He had told You to, and now, He spoke to me. “Now, for your test. You should know all three of our guests tonight. First, the order in which you made them cum…”

I thought carefully. Then, I knew. At that moment, I heard a lot of tittering. Apparently, they were quite amused by my discomfiture.

“Master, the first was Katarina. The second was Belle, and the third, Nichole.”

“And who was where when Mistress was fucking you?”

This required some thought. “Nichole touched my cock with her hand, then Katarina sucked it, while Belle fucked her.”

In a moment, a hand was touching my chin, lifting my face upward. I held this position once the hand was removed. In the next moment, my blindfold was removed, and I gazed upon Him. He was smiling – that cat who ate the canary smile…

“And now, for another test, which will be both punishment and reward…” He had that “and you’re the canary” voice. “I know that you are Hers, and you know that She is Mine.” He stared into my eyes, unblinking, fixed upon His face. “But I am not certain that you know what all that could entail.”

“Your submission to Me,” You said into my ear, unseen by me, “has been very well done so far. But you have not yet been tested, at least until tonight. So when I asked Master if He could test you, in addition to My tests tonight, He agreed at once.”

“She told you,” He continued, “that She can be a very demanding Mistress. But Her test that She wished Me to give to you is going to be very demanding on Me as well, so your risk of more severe correction is quite high.”

I said nothing, having not been given permission to speak. He gently held my chin in His hand. “I would like to give you the opportunity to refuse to take this test, because it is very difficult, and I think you could fail quite easily. I will not punish you, nor will Mistress, if you do refuse this test.”

I still said nothing, but looked back into Master’s eyes, as He looked into mine, for a few moments more. “Sir,” You said, “You might remember that I have trained him…”

He broke contact with my eyes, and smiled at You. “Of course You did,” He chuckled. Turning back to me, He apologized, “I was not trying to test your submission, but I do appreciate your obedience to Mistress, which is also obedience to Me. I would like you to tell Me if you would like to skip this test.”

I shook my head slowly. “If Mistress asked You to give this test to me, She must think that either I am ready to achieve this, or that I need to have my limits stretched in that manner. In either case, I cannot refuse Her, or You.”

He gently lowered my head, and I saw His cock for the first time. It was slightly larger than mine, and it was definitely very hard. I gulped.

“Are you certain?” Your soft voice asked me.

“Yes, Mistress,” I said, not turning away from His cock. I trembled, then looked up at Him. “Please, Master…”

He slapped me in the face. “You are Mine only because you are Hers,” He reminded me, with a hint of menace in His voice. “I do appreciate the respect that you give me – but you must do so only through Her. You may call Me ‘Sir’, not because I do not deserve to be called ‘Master’, but because I have given you to Her, and She deserves your primary care and attention, and this respects Me quite satisfactorily.”

I lowered my head. “Yes, Sir.”

He gently lifted my chin to face Him, then gently wiped a tear from my cheek. “We wanted to correct you today, because one learns more effectively from correction, than from any other means – even when one’s will to submit perfectly is very strong, one does benefit from correction.”

You added, from behind me, “And I have wanted to correct you from the moment that we agreed on your becoming Mine, but you have tried very hard to please Me – perhaps, too hard.”

His voice was very soft now, comforting, as He continued. “You are crying – why?”

I hesitated, unsure of how my answer would be received. “Because…because…I did deserve to be corrected, Sir – thank You, Sir.” Turning my head to You, I added, “And thank You, Mistress.”

I noticed that You were also nude, as I was, for the first time in my presence. “Very good, Mine.” You pressed Your body against my back, wrapping Your arms around my chest. “Now, you are going to be tested – rather severely. You will be rewarded afterward, and the better that you do, the better your reward.”

My head was turned back toward Him, the back of my head in His hands, and He pressed his cock to my lips. I gently blew on his cockhead, then cautiously flicked my tongue on it, and I felt His precum, slick and warm. He moaned, and I slowly took Him into my mouth, gently caressing His cock with my tongue. His cock was rock hard, and He groaned with every movement of my tongue on it.

Then, He pushed my head forward, impaling my throat with His cock, my hair in His hands. Then back, almost completely removing His cock from my mouth. Then forward, and back, every stroke back, I felt more precum from His cock. Every stroke, and Your body moved against mine, Your nipples hard as diamonds, Your breathing becoming more ragged.

He began to speed up, His breathing becoming more ragged as well. Then, I felt something pressing inside my ass, something vibrating hard – You were sliding a vibrator inside me, deep inside me. As it shook me from inside, You slid something onto my cockhead, just past the tip – and it was vibrating too. “Do not cum, Mine, until He does,” You whispered into my ear, as Your hands began pinching my nipples.

I felt as if I would burst, with His cock inside my mouth and throat, Your vibrator inside my ass, and Your cock ring driving me to the point of no return. But my tongue and lips were busy, and He was just fucking my mouth, yanking my head back and forth, my hair being pulled until my scalp started aching. Finally, He held my head in place, so His cockhead was just inside my lips, and His cum began to spurt inside my mouth.

I continued to suck on His cock, my tongue reveling in the sensation of His cum sliding from His cock onto my tongue, and down my throat. It tasted sort of like a salmon mousse, and I could not stop sucking and licking Him, and pressing my tongue against His cock, so that I could dam his cum for a moment, then release a gush of Him into my mouth, and make Him cry in utter ecstasy.

I wanted to hold Him, pull Him closer to me, caress Him, to make Him cum more, but I could not, with my hands bound behind my back. Then, You licked my ear, and whispered, “Cum for me, Mine, cum for me…”

…and I came, and I moaned with His cock still in my mouth, my tongue still caressing His cock, Your vibrator in my ass, and He moaned more. Finally, mercifully, You removed the cock ring, and the vibrator, and placed the blindfold back over my eyes.

He slid His cock out of my mouth, and helped me to my feet – since I was still wearing the stilettos, this was none too easy. Then, He led me to the coffee table, and laid me down on it, face up, my cock still wet.

Then, I felt a cool, damp cloth caressing my body, from my throat to my navel. Then, I felt something being placed on my nipples – and they began to swell, and hurt. The pain was not unbearable, as my cock began to swell once more. Then, I felt something cool and damp being placed upon my belly, then something else, and then I realized what was happening.

“Yes, Mine,” You whispered in my ear, “Tonight, you are serving us, as the serving platter…naked sushi, as it happens.” I thought I could tell where what I had prepared was being placed. The salmon, below my right breast; the ahi tuna, below my left breast; the wasabi sauce, on my left breast and nipple; my special cucumber and garlic dip, on my right breast and nipple; the rice, on my navel; the seaweed, in a circle about the rice on my belly; the cucumbers, radishes, and leeks, all placed in a pattern outside the seaweed. But where was the thick soy sauce I had prepared, much thicker than the watery substance they sell in the stores?

That, I soon found out…because it was gently spread on my cock and balls, mixed with my cum gently but firmly, by a gentle hand, whose hand, I could not tell.

“There is one more thing,” He whispered in my other ear. “Your reward has two parts; the second part will be a bit of, well not exactly punishment, but you will have to suffer a bit as you enjoy your reward.” I heard a gentle chime, and everyone apparently sat down. Then, I saw a bright flash through my blindfold, then another, and then one more – someone had taken pictures of me. A few clicks of what sounded like a keyboard, and then, I cried – my pictures were no doubt being seen on the internet by hundreds of people, and would be shared with thousands more in hours.

“Mine, please do not cry,” You softly told me, kissing my neck, caressing my face. “You are a very beautiful person, and you have pleased Me greatly tonight, and you have made our guests very happy.”

I choked back a sob, saying nothing.

“You are very beautiful, and I wanted to share your beauty with my friends, for your beauty alone, as well as for another purpose.” She moved Her lips to mine, and pressed Her tongue into my mouth, ravishing my tongue, as I was completely helpless, and could not move.

“I did not want to give you the test that She wanted Me to give to you,” He said very quietly, “just as I am certain that you wish She had not asked you to submit to it. But, you did please me very much, and I know that you were pleased also.”

“And you did please Me, Mine,” she continued. “I promised Him that I would not ask Him to do that again, unless you gave Us permission to do so. This is a free decision for you, and you may say “no”, without penalty. And He may choose never to do so, even if I do ask Him to. Do you wish to have Him take you in that way again?”

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