Heather had just finished turning a trick; she was waiting on the street outside the Vegas hotel. She was mulling over the last two months of her life & how she had gone from a care-free senior in Wisconsin to a Las Vegas call girl.

She did not choose this life, she was been tricked into it: kid-napped & threatened. The threats were not only targeted at her – but her whole family. She saw no way out & nothing scared her, or protected her more right now than her pimp: Biggz.

As she thought, another call girl came down the street – she ran up to Heather & put a small old coin in her hand. She seemed a bit drunk, or high on something, she was smiling from ear to ear. As she passed off the old coin she told Heather, “I’m free, wish for your freedom honey & you’ll be free too!”

She then staggered off… Heather couldn’t help but to think she was fucked up on something, or just found Jesus, or just completely cracked. She could relate to the last option as Heather was about to self-destruct herself. All of these thoughts fled from her mind as she saw Biggz Mercedes round the corner. She snuffed her cigarette & jumped in as he pulled up to the curb.

“How’d you do?” He asked

“Alright, I took him for $500, took another $1500 that was in his nightstand while he got me a drink.” She said, almost proudly.

Biggz was happy about that, “Damned bitch, you’ all right….” he paused then his mood darkened, “How I know you didn’t find more an’ you is jus’ holdin’ out on me.”

This wasn’t the case; she was too scared of him to do that. Heather had learned how to calm him down before he got too wound up. She reached over & rubbed his dick through his pants while she cooed reassuring words to him. This calmed him down & she felt his cock growing with one hand, while her other hand fingered the coin she had just been given. Her mind returned to thought while she absent-mindedly played with her pimps growing hard-on.

“I wish I could just go, right now & never remember any of this shit. I wish he could be trapped in my shoes & have to deal with all the crap I’ve been through.”

**The coin flashed, and it granted the wish**

Suddenly Biggz saw a flash of light; its magic took him two months in the past & trapped him inside of Heather’s body. He has no power to control her, he is only along for the ride – but he can feel all of her emotions & sensations. However, he has yet to figure this out…

He finds himself looking at himself on his couch at home; he feels terrified but also a tad bit turned on. His mind reels as he hears himself say from across the room, “A’ight girl, now we got you dressed up all nicey-nice – we’re goin’ to see what we gots here. Get over here & show me how you suck a dick.”

That’s the line he gives a girl when he’s going to ‘break her in’

He feels a self consciousness that doesn’t seem to be his own & feels this body take an involuntarily peek at a mirror on the wall. He sees Heather, freshly bleached hair, all made-up wearing a tight little black dress with high heels. Her big pale-blue eyes in the mirror meet with his & he can tell they are his. He also knows exactly what’s coming next… Entrapped in Heather he can only watch as he sees the events unfold.

Heather steps toward Biggz & starts to undo his pants, Biggz stops her.

“Listen, you can’t be goin’ after a John like that. You can’t be givin’ him what he want right away – you gots to tease the motherfucker – drive him crazy, work him up so bad he’ll pay you twice as much just to get his nut off. Dig? Just start by sweet talkin’ the mutherfucker & rubbin’ on his dick – whisper in his ear, breath on his neck & shit. When you hear him startin’ to loose it offer to play with his dick BUT say it’s gonna be mo’ money, then when you’re jerkin him off and shit – keep breathing on his neck & say you’ll blow him for just a little more, don’t let that fucker bust his nut – hold that over his head til he pays. Don’t get him off until you work him up enough to pay as much as he got… A’ight? Now try it again.”

Inside Heather was scared shitless, she nibbled on Biggz ear, while her hand rubbed Biggz crotch. Then her hand came across Biggz dick, there was a reason they called him Biggz, she felt the enormous bulge in his pants which went halfway to his knee.

She whispered, “Mmm, baby, you like this? I bet you’d like to feel my mouth on your dick.”

The captive Biggz couldn’t believe what was going on, what was being said, what was coming next & the growing feeling of excitement mixing with the self-consciousness & fear.

The Biggz on the couch just smiled & moaned in appreciation – his hands felt up Heather’s cute heart-shaped ass. She was proud of her ass & knew what guys thought of it.

Heather kissed Biggz neck, tasting his cologne – she couldn’t help getting a bit aroused by Biggz huge arms & hands running over her ass & squeezing her tiny waist. She figured she should take the next step & just get this over with before she started to enjoy it too much.

“Baby, I know you want me to suck on that big dick of yours…”

“MmmHmm” Moaned Biggz as he gripped her by the waist & tried to push her down.

Remembering what he said earlier she cooed, “Eh, eh, eh! Everything nice has a price baby.” Then she really closed in & said in a husky, breathy whisper “For another $75. You can fuck my little face.”

“Hell yeah, bitch, that’s how you do…”

Heather slunk down between his legs, Biggz peeled off her dress as she slid down, leaving Heather in nothing but a satin string thong – her pink nipples hard on her shapely heavy breasts. She rubbed his chest thighs & his raging hard-on. Biggz helped her undo his belt & pull his pants off. Biggz sat there in a dress shirt & a pair of boxers, Heather saw the head of his thick cock hanging past the leg. She wrapped her hand around it & slowly made her hand up & down the bulge. She bit at the bulge through the materiel then Biggz lifted his ass & pulled a leg free leaving the boxers hanging off his leg while his dark huge cock throbbed in front of heathers face, although he was manscaped & had obviously put cologne down there it still smelled musky. It was so close; she could feel heat of it on her face.

Heather was filled with apprehension, she never liked giving head & wasn’t sure if she was good at it, the captive Biggz liked the idea of sucking a dick even less – at least, it was his, sort of.

Heather put his head to her mouth, her hand couldn’t even close all the way around it, and then she opened her mouth & took it in. She tasted it, it was salty & musky, its size filled her mouth, and Biggz hips bucked unexpectedly pushing it further into her mouth. Then she realized she’s got to blow like her life depends on it. She palmed his ball sack & started bobbing her head furiously – the big dick forced strange noises from the back of her throat, her jaw began to ache. She was watching him, he started to chant, “Yeah bitch, yeah bitch…” She could tell he was about to cum, just at the point where she could no longer take the pain in her jaw he yanked his meat out of her mouth & lifted Heather’s body up kissing her on her tits while his fingers made circles over her pussy through her panties. Heather was in all reality being raped, but her body betrayed her mind as his tongue lapped at her nipples & his hand worked her twat. Biggz felt the moisture growing in her crotch & commanded her to bend over.

The captive Biggz felt Heather’s fear mixed with his own, he thought, “No way am I going to get fucked”. He also felt Heather’s own betraying horniness; their knees were shaking with all the emotions & body heat.

Heather bent over & arched her fine little ass high in the air – her bald little pink pussy was still under her soaked pink satin g-string panties. Her blonde hair spilled over to the side as she put the side of her face against the rug. She saw Biggz get down behind her, stroking himself hard again.

Heather gasped when she felt Biggz push aside her panties & begin to work her clit with his lips & tongue. Her eyes closed, and a moan slipped out – she writhed from the pleasure which she did not want to feel. Her back started to arch up & down & her hands were now palming her nipples & rubbing her breasts, kneading them to the rhythm of Biggz mouth on her cunt.

She was wetter than a July peach, Biggz decided she was slippery enough to take his big dick, he worked her clit with his hand as he lined up to Heather’s twat. She gasped as if she had been thrown into cold water when here little cunt was stretched as he began to push inside her. Biggz only put it in about three inches, letting her ease in on it.

The trapped Biggz & Heather both felt the stretching burn sear through them when Biggz pushed his cock into them, then Biggz pulled it out a bit & worked it in a little further than before. Their little pussy was being reamed by Biggz ten inch meat, it screamed as it stretched – but then the pain gave way as their tiny twat relaxed to fit in his thick dick. What could Heather do, too scared to ask for mercy & slightly turned on by this man’s incredible muscled physique & mind-blowing size. They felt Biggz huge hands wrap around their tiny little waist & Biggz started to gently pump her, using her waist to force his dick further in. Heather bit her lip as her pimp’s huge pecker was making her internal organs play musical chairs. Biggz had worked his whole length into her; he sped up & increased his power with each stroke. Heather’s snatch was now able to cope with his size & the pain was giving gave way to pleasure. Size matters, the girth of his fat dick was pushing & pulling on her swollen clitty with every stroke. One hand found her tits while the other worked her pussy. Biggz cock was hitting her in the perfect place deep inside of her body. Moans increasing in intensity began to escape her lips; she could feel a tingly pleasure build in her tummy. Heather tried to resist the oncoming orgasm, she reached out in front of her shaking her head – but she could not stop the feeling as it spread from her tummy to her cunt & into her throat.

The captive Biggz was in awash of emotion as he felt the first guilty orgasm of Heather rip through their body. The intensity was incredible & it made the gigantic dick feel even bigger as their quim clamped down in rhythm on his black dick. Meanwhile their snatch was that much more sensitive making the fucking unbearable.

Biggz held onto Heather’s waist & rode her like a bronco through her orgasm, he was laughing a bit as she moaned & squirmed. He stopped pumping her long enough to let her catch her breath, then pulled out of her. Her resized pussy hung open for a moment before closing when the big dick was pulled out; Heather twitched from the sudden sensation. Biggz stayed silent then Heather felt the huge pecker-head rub up & down against her asshole, she knew what was coming, then Biggz dick found her entrance & he started to push. Heather had never tried anal & now she was about to have a cock the size of her forearm shoved up her ass.

The pain ripped through Heather & her unbeknown passenger’s body, she instinctively tried to get away & squealed – but Biggz held her by her tiny waist. He grabbed her by the hair & whispered in a menacing tone, “We gotta get you used to takin’ it in the ass bitch; you can charge some big ass money for that shit. Just relax as much as you can & don’t be cryin’ & shit or I’ll kick your bitch-ass! No John wants a girl looking like she don’t like it, so I want you to look like you want it.”

She stifled herself as Biggz worked his dick up her ass which was lubed only with Heathers own juice – she buried her face & clawed at the rug; it was all she could do to bear the pain. He fucked her very slowly, pulling out & then pushing it in a little further each time. The sensation was very different from having her pussy fucked; her asshole didn’t relax & enjoy the sensation like her snatch eventually did. She just tried to keep her breath & not show any signs of discomfort. Then she felt his hips against her ass cheeks & he pushed it as deep as he could inside her.

Heather squealed when she was invaded, quickly recovering she acted as if her pain was pleasure. She followed the squeal with a moan, then again tried to play his game.

“Ohhh, I love that big fucking cock, mmmmm, fuck my little ass!”

She felt a sharp slap on her ass & he started to gently pump.

The pain was bearable when his cock was not moving in her, but when he started to fuck her, the pain returned, so she played off her yelps as moans of pleasure. His strong hands still clamped on her hips pushing & pulling her on & off his dick – the speed was picking up. Heather continued to pass off her grunts & squeals as moans of pleasure. The pace quickened & Biggz was now pounding her ass, she could do nothing but scream.

Heather & the captive Biggz felt their ass getting pounded & each stroke reminded them of their helplessness in this surreal situation. All Heather could do was to pretend to enjoy it to avoid another beating. She faked her moans, said dirty things then reached through her legs and lightly massaged Biggz balls in hopes of getting him to cum. They felt so conflicted about wanting to pleasure the man that was raping her ass.

Then he started to chant, “Yeah bitch, yeah bitch, yeah bitch…”

He suddenly ripped his cock out of her, flipped her over and was stroking his cock as he stood over her. She looked up at his strong thighs, cut upper-body & the biggest dick she’d ever seen – she was like a deer in the headlights. Biggz, ready to blow, just shoved his thick cock, fresh from her ass, into her mouth. She instantly tasted a hot, cloying, salty shot of her pimp’s cum squirt into her mouth. She hated cum in her mouth, she swallowed it, but it’s taste was strong & it made her mouth numb with it’s bleachy taste – not wanting to think of what he would do if she spit it out. She wanted to divert the squirt, so she stroked the length of his cock & rubbed his balls as he shot his load on her face & chest. As he was cumming she couldn’t help but to admire his body & even though she still felt like his dick was in her ass, her ginny was still tingling with pleasure.

The pimp had fucked her every which way; Heather & her inner prisoner were horribly conflicted by the mixed feelings of fear & lust. They were betrayed by their body & the taboo of a big black dick paradoxically added to the pleasure. Their body was sore & tingling; however Heather felt like she wanted it again.

Heather went on with a captive Briggs in her subconscious feeling all the pleasure, pain & fear of being a pimped whore. Until one day, Heather was handed a magical artifact & wished her wish.

Biggz was freed from Heather’s mind; he pulled the car over, handed her the money & told her to get out of the car.

She did, Heather found herself on the sidewalk in Las Vegas dressed like a whore with a wad of money & had no idea how she ended up there, dressed like that.


A prophecy is revealed, and Lyden’s path is set. But he has more important things to worry about, like rescuing his childhood friend. Will he be too late? He has already delayed longer than he ever wanted to. The path to Brooke is wrought with peril, but will the path out be any easier?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Chapter 14

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The Prophecy

“It’s no good,” I call out, looking at the spinning tires of my car. The Orange Bubble’s undercarriage is flush against the sand and no amount of pushing is going to get her free.

Thankfully all the dents and dings the dang Grindylows had put in her yesterday have healed and my car looks almost new again. I’m still finding it hard to believe that only a short while ago, it had been a burned up husk. The connection between the Orange Bubble and Angela still doesn’t make complete sense to me, but at least I have them both here now.

The succubus, in her Amazon form to help push, brushes off her hands, shaking her head. “It’s not far to Varun’s demesne, but it’ll take a while to swim that far, and we’ll be tired by the time we arrive. Not good conditions for rescuing someone.”

We’ve tried digging the car out, but the constant rain just runs the sand back into our holes. We’ve tried to find some wood or something to put under the tires so that they can get some traction, but everything is just too wet.

“We have company,” Lisa says warily, and I turn to follow her gaze. She was also helping push, while AnnaBelle ran the steering wheel and pedals.

A single Grindylow, old, wrinkled, tentacles crooked at odd angles beneath it, and stooped with age is watching us. By the way it’s holding its trident, I can tell that he needs it for support. At least, I think it’s a ‘he’. The large body of water sits behind the short creature, as it examines us with its large, shimmering, bulbous eyes.

“I don’t think he means us any harm,” Angela murmurs beside me.

“Are you truly a generator?” the green creature asks me. His voice is rough, as though speaking while out of the water takes some extra effort.

I nod, not really knowing what to say. This seems to get the little thing agitated, his many tentacles flapping against the sand, and I prepare myself for some sort of attack. I notice Lisa and Angela doing the same. The sound of the locks on my car informs me that AnnaBelle isn’t missing out on the tension out here.

“Then the prophecy is coming true?” I’m not sure how, but I’m able to detect joy in the small monster’s rough voice.

“What prophecy?” I ask, remembering Arethusa mentioning something about a prophecy as well. In stories, prophecies are never a good thing for those they involve. Of course, this is real life, so maybe the prophecy is about bunnies and rainbows. . . .

Yeah, I don’t believe it either.

The Grindylow calms down and examines me again. Without warning, he begins speaking in his harsh voice. Even with the pouring rain, his words carry a sense of import that changes the mood of our group.

“When the air calms down,

And rain slows on Water’s door.

Comes the time for all to wail.

A deadly new enemy to abhor.

A generator comes forth,

To save all or completely fail.

A foe that’s timeless,

Even on our life’s long scale.

Colors swirl to hide our nemesis,

Our destruction, he strives to make.

Only the blind can resist his will,

Unless his choice is a mistake.

A blade to kill, and a blade to save,

A talisman to forge the path between.

To kill and save, or save and kill,

One path to both, yet choices lean.

Our hero’s life shall meet its end,

Unless he strikes the deadly beast.

His friends shall fall or rise,

Until all his efforts have ceased.”

I just stare at the green creature. I mean, what does one say, after being told something so dark and dreary. Their hero’s life shall meet its end? Friends rise and fall? What the heck? Even the incessant rain seems to grow quite at the import of those words.

“The winds have lessened and yesterday the rain did to,” the ancient Grindylow states into the silence. “Generators have not been seen in either world for millennia. Witnesses saw you use your power to calm the rains, and we know the time is near, for air has lessened his blustering in his own realm.” He uses his trident to walk closer to us, and I hold my ground despite my rising apprehension. “We will aid you on your quest, Generator.” He bows low to me, and I can feel my cheeks go scarlet as the other two women out here look at me. “We are yours to command.”

I jump as he lifts his weapon and slams the butt down in the wet sand three times.

“What the—” I start to say as the water begins to boil behind the old Grindylow. Well, boil more than the rain was already making it churn.

“Get into your transport, Generator. My people will move you to the water, where you may continue your righteous quest.” The Grindylow bows to us, and I spare only a quick glance to Angela. Her eyes are wide as she stares at the sea, and I turn back to see the green heads of numerous Grindylows bobbing in the surf.

“Best do as he says,” Angela states, and turns to open the car door. Knowing what a pain it is for her to get into the cramped Orange Bubble, I quickly send her original image to her, and marvel as her form shrinks to that of a 1600′s black-oriental slave.

Lisa follows her, and AnnaBelle awkwardly moves into the passenger seat, letting me drive. As soon as my car door closes, the sea appears to puke up a bunch of little green creatures.

They swarm my car, making it rock back and forth. Is this the mistake the prophecy had mentioned? Trusting these little creatures?

My fears are quickly proven unfounded however, as they’re able to lift us out of the sand, and carry us to the lapping waves. They continue to carry us, until the hood of the Orange Bubble is submerged. I feel my panic rise once again at entering the water, but I shove it down. It seems easier to do this time. My mental conditioning with the rain yesterday must be helping some.

Even after letting us go, the green little monsters swim next to us for a ways, before the elderly Grindylow, spry and fleet now that he’s in the water, waves his trident to us in a salute, and the Grindylows depart.

“Angela,” I turn and ask as soon as the last Grindylow vanishes, “what do you know about that prophecy?”

The succubus looks troubled, as I let the car have its way. I know we need to get to Brooke, but the old Grindylow’s words are seriously bothering me.

“I don’t know,” she says after a few uncomfortable seconds. “This is the first I’ve heard of it.” She shakes her head as if to get rid of a bad feeling, before adding. “I wouldn’t put too much stock in it, though. Those creatures aren’t known for their intelligence and are considered rather gullible. They likely believe anything they hear.”

I would be inclined to believe her, if for no other reason than that I really don’t like the line about the hero’s life meeting its end, except that Arethusa had mentioned a prophecy as well. Looking into Angela’s eyes, and a quick glance at Lisa, makes me drop it. Brooke needs us right now, and this prophecy business can wait.

As we drive, I remember something about my mystical car, and know that I should have time to get this question answered.

“Angela, you once told me that my car is powered by the same thing that generates energy for me, but never said what exactly that is.” Despite how much I’ve seen the succubus change forms, it still comes as a shock to see her as a short Asian/black girl.

“Ambient energy,” she says in that way of hers, as though those simple words explain everything. Of course, I give her my ‘what do you mean’ stare, and she sighs before clarifying. “All around us is ambient energy. The wind, falling rain, even the ground has ambient energy. This car can tap into a bit of it, and keep running. Generators are a bit different, in that they can tap into a larger amount, turning it to their own use.”

“So, that’s why the rain lessened yesterday?” I ask, understanding why there seemed to be so much more energy from our sex than previously experienced. The cute black woman actually blushes a bit at my statement, but nods.

The rest of the ride is silent, as I think about what she’s revealed, before Angela has me stop about thirty minutes later.

“Head to the surface,” she tells me, and the car begins moving without my direct control. Talk about a backseat driver! “It’s not too late to turn back,” she says to Lisa and AnnaBelle. She knows I’m going forward no matter what. “It will be dangerous down there. Once you drink from the vial, you’ll be able to breathe under the water, but if you fall asleep, or even get knocked out, it’s over.” I can tell she’s speaking more to AnnaBelle than Lisa. Lisa at least has some self-defense skills. AnnaBelle only has her faith.

“A young woman is in need of aid,” the mature woman states. “I will help in every way I’m able. Let us say a prayer, before we drink that.” She doesn’t even wait for acquiescence before bowing her head. “Dear Lord, which art above us, please watch over us as we descend into the inky depths of thine enemy. Allow us to see with your light, and guide our spirits, that we may find the young woman and bring her to safety. Amen.”

I hear a whispered “Amen,” from Lisa, and quickly mumble one myself. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the car actually brightens as AnnaBelle lifts her head back up, and I can see the fervent glow of her faith behind her eyes.

I hand over the two vials, one to each of the normal humans, and watch as Lisa pops the cork off hers, taking a sniff.

“Hmm, reminds me of fishing with my dad, when I was a little girl.” I can see Lisa as a little girl, sitting in a metal boat, an older man with a fishing rod in his hands, and hooks dangling on his vest. The girl sits staring adoringly at her father, as he explains the intricacies of fishing.

Blinking, I return to myself, a bit surprised at the peek into the blonde’s past. Especially since this time, there was nothing sexual going on, until I see a sparkle in the blonde’s eyes, as she winks at me.

AnnaBelle only shudders when she smells hers, but plugs her nose and downs it. Lisa drinks hers at the same time, but she smiles dreamily as she does so.

The smile soon vanishes, as both women begin to grasp at their throats, making choking noises.

“He poisoned them!” I exclaim, worried that this is the mistake I might make.

“No,” Angela shouts, “the potion lets them breathe underwater, but it takes away their ability to breathe normal air.”

“You just think to say this now?” I grumble, knowing that the succubus hadn’t meant any harm.

Angela looks abashed as she tries to open the passenger door from the back seat, but with AnnaBelle turning blue against it, she can’t reach the handle.

Leaning across the older woman, I hit the lever, and she begins to fall back. I only have a second to gasp at the amount of water around us, before AnnaBelle’s hands grip my shirt, pulling me after her.

We land with a splash, and already I can feel water filling my lungs. I can’t breathe! Marchosias had been wrong. I needed the potion too. Gasping, I flail about, trying to get back to the surface, but I never learned how to properly swim. It’s been decades since the last time I was actually in water above my knees, not counting when I was a dragon. My actions are counter-productive, as I lift my legs in an attempt to kick, while my arms waive uselessly. My lungs burn, crying out for air, and even though I can see the rain splattering down on the surface above me, I know I won’t reach it before I black out.

Firm hands grip me, and for a second I think it’s the water finally claiming me after all these years, until I see Lisa’s worried eyes in front of me.

Why is she worried? The thought flits through my panicked brain. She’s in the water now, and can breathe.

Somehow these thoughts are like a reset switch, and my mind calms down as I open my mouth, and fill my lungs. Air doesn’t flow in, but the water feels just as good as I take another watery breath. The sensation of something thicker than air filling my lungs is a whole new experience, and I focus on that thought, rather than the water surrounding me, to keep calm and sane.

Lisa has a hold of my shoulders, and she’s looking deep into my eyes. “Angela needs you,” she says, and despite the water, I seem to be able to hear her just fine. I also notice bubbles popping out of gills on her neck. Knowing what I’m feeling, I wonder what that must feel like to her. I truly hope it didn’t hurt truly her.

With her and AnnaBelle’s help, I make it up to the surface, and spit out the water in my lungs, before I can talk to the succubus.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, seeing Angela is sitting in the passenger’s seat, her pretty feet dipping into the water.

“Were you just going to leave me behind?” She asks, arching one dark eyebrow.

“I can’t swim,” I remind her. “Come on, let’s go.”

“I can’t yet,” she tells me, and I realize what the holdup is. With the help of the other two women, I make it over to the car, and pull myself up to her level. Bringing my lips to hers, I kiss her deeply, sending the image of her as a mermaid, then wrap my arms around her, and fall back into the water.

She tries to yelp as the water surrounds us, but I don’t release our kiss. The succubus is still able to push me away, and I smile as I watch her look at her tail, and then at her naked chest.

Angela easily swims back up to me, and puts on the most demure look I’ve ever seen. “Is this how my mastah likes his slave?” she asks in an accent that sounds authentic. For some reason it rubs me the wrong way. I have no problem playing master and slave, heck I’d done it a couple times with Sheila, my boss, but knowing that Angelica had actually been a slave, takes on a whole different connotation.

“No,” I state firmly, my own voice sounding weird in the water. “This is how I want my dear friend.” The corners of her mouth turn down for a second as I call her a dear friend, and I realize she took it the wrong way, but I don’t know what else to say.

Seeing how easy it is for her to move around the water with her tail, I concentrate, and try to form my own legs into one, but it doesn’t work. What the heck? I can breathe underwater thanks to my time with Brooke, but I can’t make a fish’s tail? Hmm, would a dragon’s tail work? A couple seconds and a bit of a drain on my system later, my tailbone feels heavy. I give it a shake, and feel myself propelled through the water.

All three women are laughing at me, and I realize that I tore my pants in making the tail. “Dang it!” I swear, as I try to pull the rags back up to cover my genitals. After a few seconds of enduring their rising laughter at my attempts, I finally just give up, and let them sink to the sea’s floor.

AnnaBelle ceases laughing as I turn to face them, and starts glaring instead, but I notice her taking a few glances at my manhood anyway.

It takes me a couple minutes to get the hang of using my tail to propel myself in the direction I want to go, and realize that swimming is a lot easier than trying to fly.

Grabbing Lisa, Angela grabs AnnaBelle, and this way we move quickly through the water, diving deeper.

* * *

“Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?” AnnaBelle asks, as we look down on a scene of wonder. Buildings of every shape and size rise up from the sea floor. Tall thin structures that seem to be made of glass and are entirely see-thru, tower over squat perfectly round buildings made of some sort of shimmering blue or purple stone. Coral homes abut fields of seaweed, and schools of fish and other creatures swim around the metropolitan place. The entire city is massive, stretching in all directions as far as the eye can see. It would be entirely dark, if not for all the lights shining at the top of every building and at every corner.

I’m sure if I had perfect color vision, I would enjoy the scenery more, but right now all I can think about is Brooke being held captive in there somewhere.

“Is that where she’s being held?” I ask Angela, pointing to what can only be described as an underwater castle. Its minarets stand taller than any other structure, piercing the water with their pointed tops. I can’t help but wonder if the artists behind Disney’s The Little Mermaid had been here, and received inspiration from this castle, though the one they drew did this one little justice on its sheer size.

“How will we ever find her in that?” Lisa asks surprisingly. She’s normally so upbeat and optimistic, but looking at that castle, I have to wonder the same thing.

“As long as she hasn’t been moved,” mermaid Angela begins, “I can take us right to her.” She swims over to me, and looks me seriously in the eyes. “You might not like what you see down there, Lyden. She was being tortured when I left.”

“All the more reason to get her out of there, then,” I state firmly, cursing myself for all the delays and detours we’d taken. Had I known she was being mistreated, I would have been quicker. I don’t even wait as I charge for the castle, dragging Lisa behind me.

“Lyden, wait!” Angela yells behind me, but I don’t slow down, until she swims in front of me, blocking my path. “We can’t just go charging in there. We have to be more discreet.”

Looking around at our group, I realize she’s right. AnnaBelle and Lisa are still dressed in clothing from Earth, and while they can breathe underwater, they still look very human. It’s not likely that any human-looking non-humans will be down there. With my tail, and Angela looking like a mermaid, we’ll likely blend in well enough, but the other two women won’t.

“What. . . .” I begin, not sure exactly what to ask.

“Relax,” the succubus says soothingly. “I wouldn’t have let them come if I didn’t have a plan to get us in there. Just wait here for a moment.” She turns and looks down, waiting for something, and I start to get antsy. Why is she just waiting?

A few minutes later, I see a group of four creatures swimming towards us.

“Calm down,” Angela says when she sees me tense up. “Just follow my lead.”

As the creatures come closer, I see that they’re three mermen and a mermaid, all topless. The men’s muscles are thick, and ripple as they swim. Even the woman looks tough. Two of the men and the woman each have a sword in hand. The third man carries a trident, and seems to be in charge.

“State your business for coming to Atlantis,” the trident toting merman states officiously.


Angela swims forward, stopping a respectful distance away, and bows to their leader. The bow actually looks odd in the water, but she pulls it off. “Captain,” she starts, “I come bearing gifts from Marchosias. These two women have been breed to look human, yet are able to breathe in your lord’s realm. I have been told that Lord Varun is expecting this year’s tribute from the demon Marchosias.”

The captain approaches the two women, and only gives my tail a cursory glance, and my bare groin an unhappy frown. “They look human, alright,” he states. “Where did you get the clothing? It looks authentic as well.”

Angela gives an easy laugh before replying. “I’m actually a succubus, only in this form to assist in delivering my master’s rent. I can travel freely between realms, as long as I’m cautious.”

“I know what you are, demon. I could smell your stink a mile off.” It takes some effort not to whip the merman with my tail at his insulting comment. The man is arrogant, and condescending, but I see a warning glance from Angela, and hold still. He notices anyway. “Seems your lackey doesn’t know his place.”

“Please ignore him, captain. He was a failed breeding experiment. A mute. I only brought him to assist in delivering these other women,” she easily lies. I knew that succubae had to be masters of deceit, but if I didn’t know any better, she’d have me believing her.

I wonder though, if the laws state that there can be no interbreeding, how would Marchosias get away with it?

The captain grunts, and dismisses me like a piece of trash. “See that he behaves.” He swims around us once more, before adding, “You can leave them in my care, and be gone.” He waves his three subordinates towards us, but Angela clears her throat.

“Respectfully, Captain, my orders were to deliver them directly into the dungeons. My master doesn’t want another incident.” Angela’s tone is respectful, but at the same time insistent.

The captain glares at the succubus, while the other three surround us. If this goes badly, we’re in trouble. Looking at the mer-people, I notice the mermaid sneaking glances at my package. I try to give her a winning smile, but she huffs and looks away. Her attitude doesn’t hide her slight blush though.

“That situation was rectified, and the one responsible punished. Do not impugn upon my honor, succubus.” There is no mistaking the anger in the merman’s voice.

What incident is this? I wonder, but things are moving too fast for me to think long on it.

“I understand, captain, but my orders were clear. My punishment will be severe if I fail my master.” My heart almost breaks to hear the pleading in her voice, even though I know the story is false.

“What do I care about the punishment of a succubus?” the captain glares at the dark-skinned succubus. The mermaid swims up to the captain and whispers something to him. He backhands her, sending her sprawling through the water. “Don’t presume to tell me my job, Ondine.” Despite being struck, Ondine rights herself, and takes up her post again, her cheek turning red where the captain had struck her. The captain turns back to Angela with a sour look on his face. “Fine, we will take you to the dungeons, succubus, and then you will depart, or face Lord Varun’s wrath.” He smiles wickedly as he adds, “And lately, his wrath has been vicious, indeed. Especially to women.”

He begins to swim away, and the other three around us indicate we should follow. I take Lisa again, as we’re escorted to the massive castle. I don’t miss the fact that Ondine swims next to me, with one merman behind us, and the other one on the other side of Angela and AnnaBelle.

Looking at Ondine, I begin to wonder if all mermaids have smaller breasts, as her brown hair streams behind her in the water.

As we enter the city, I marvel at the architecture around us. Doors open up to the water on every level; there is no need to only have entryways at the base, as anyone can swim.

“You swim worse than a newborn,” Ondine snidely says next to me, and I have to keep my mouth shut, as I’m supposed to be mute. Instead I try to smile dumbly at her, nodding my head. She doesn’t seem impressed.

Our escort leads us down to the seafloor, and over to a door in the side of one of the castle’s minarets. He pounds on the door and a moment later a panel moves aside. The unmistakable eyes of a Grindylow peep out.

“Tribute to Varun from the demon Marchosias,” the captain announces, disgust in his tone and the door opens a moment later. “Take them in, and come right back out.” He glances at the little Grindylow, and it’s obvious he thinks very little of the creature. “This thing will show you where they belong,” he states, referring to the Grindylow as an object.

“Might I ask one last boon?” Angela asks, and I see anger flare up in the captain’s eyes, but she continues. “The streets can be dangerous for my kind here, and I fear for our safety as we attempt to leave your city. Would you mind escorting us out?”

My eyes nearly bulge at her request. Is she crazy? This self-centered merman would never let us leave all together, especially not if we have Brooke with us. What is she thinking?

The captain glares at the four of us, before responding. “I couldn’t care less about your safety, succubus, but for some reason Lord Varun allows that demon master of yours to reside on our borders. It won’t due to anger him any further.” Is that a smug look I see on Ondine’s face? Is that what she’d said to the captain to get him to escort us down here? Unfortunately, I’m not the only one to see it. “Ondine here can escort you back.” He turns to the mermaid, a malicious gleam in his eyes. “Escort them all the way in and back out; then when you have taken them outside the city, return and report directly to my chambers.” His tone indicates that she won’t like reporting back to him.

Great! Way to go, Angela, I think. Now we have a babysitter. Really, what is she thinking?

Before anything else can be said, the captain gathers up his other two mermen and they swim off.

Despite myself, I feel bad for the mermaid. We had gotten her into trouble, and while she might be the enemy, she hadn’t done anything to us personally to deserve her treatment.

I open my mouth to apologize to her, but remember I’m supposed to be a mute, and close it again, glaring at Angela.

“Come on,” Ondine says dejectedly. “Let’s get this over with.”

She swims through the opening, and we follow, but not before I shoot Angela another dark glance. For some reason she just smiles at me. I wonder what’s going through the two human women’s minds, as we enter the dim corridor. They’ve remained silent the whole time.

I’m soon lost, as we make turn after turn, until we enter an area full of cells. Most of them are full, and their occupants look at us dejectedly, but none of them speak.

“Why are the cells so full?” Angela asks the mermaid.

Ondine glares at her for a second, before sighing resignedly and answering, “Lord Varun is wise, and sees traitors better than his own guards.” Her words say one thing, her tone another. Lord Varun has grown paranoid. Is this because of TanaVesta’s treatment?

Ondine leads us ever deeper, and I notice that Grindylows are the jail keepers. Are they on our side? Not very likely, I realize. They wouldn’t have had time to hear about what happened on the beach.

Finally the disgruntled mermaid stops before an empty cell, and orders a Grindylow to open it. As the little green creature unlocks the cell, the real mermaid turns to us, and for some reason I see hope in her eyes.

“Would your master be willing to take me in?” The words surprise me, but Angela only smiles. She must have known this was coming, but how?

“He would be willing I think, but you know that you would be ostracized. No longer allowed back here,” the succubus mermaid says evenly. “You would be an outcast.”

The mermaid seems to think this over for a bit, before replying. “Every day it becomes more dangerous here. Varun has grown more and more paranoid. I will never advance as a guard, and there is no place for me here.” She looks around nervously, and I’m surprised she ignores the Grindylow. I don’t miss her leaving out the ‘Lord’ before saying the Pillar of Water’s name. “Females are in the most danger. Any slight mistake and we’re thrown in one of these cells. Even after Brooke rescued our Lord from the Pillar of Fire, he refuses to trust any mermaids.”

Thinking back, I realize that most of the creatures down here that I could recognize the gender of, have been female. With Ondine ordered to come back and face her captain, I don’t blame her for wanting to get away when she has the chance. Hearing Brooke’s name, though, sends a bolt of electricity through my system, and it takes all of my effort not to demand to know where my childhood friend is being kept.

Before I have the chance to act, however, the Grindylow does, striking the mermaid in the back of the skull, and knocking her out. He then drags her into the cell, and locks it.

I stare in shock at the little creature, wondering what’s going on. “Come Generator,” the little green creature says. “Your friend is this way.”

“What’s going on?” Lisa asks, speaking for the first time in awhile. Angela and I exchange glances, but apparently even she hadn’t been expecting this.

“We can’t just leave this poor creature,” AnnaBelle says, but the Grindylow is already taking off. I can worry about Ondine later. Right now, Brooke needs me.

Grabbing Lisa once more, I use my dragon’s tail to propel me through the water after our little helper. We don’t go far, before he stops and unlocks another cell.

“Don’t look,” Angela warns, but it’s too late.

Brooke is inside. Or what’s left of her. Fingers are missing from her right hand, and the fins on her tail are completely missing. Her face is mottled with bruises and cuts, as is the rest of her bare torso. Her normally small breasts are swollen with bruises, and I can’t imagine the torture she’s been through.

Tears come to my eyes, but they blend in immediately with the surrounding water. I’m too late, I realize. She’s already dead. Once again, I curse myself for not rushing right down here to rescue her. I know I never would have made it without doing everything else, but I still can’t stop the self-recriminating thoughts accusing me of not doing enough.

“No!” I cry out as I enter the cell, not wanting to believe it. Picking her up in my arms, I cradle her damaged face to my chest, sobbing at the frustration of it all. Why couldn’t I have been quicker?

Then I remember that she had left to warn others of TanaVesta’s treachery, when she’d been captured. If I hadn’t told her about the Pillar of Fire’s plans, she never would have left, and she’d be alive now.

“Lyden,” AnnaBelle says to me softly, “we need to go.”

Looking up, I glare at the woman, ready to unleash my wrath. I know she doesn’t deserve it, but damn it, doesn’t she understand? The woman that had been there for me ever since I was a child is dead, and it’s my fault.

A groan pulls my attention away from AnnaBelle, and I find myself looking down into open sea-green eyes.

“Lyden?” Brooke asks, confusion thick in her raw voice. She pushes me away from her, shaking her head. “No! You can’t be. Lyden can’t come down here. He’s too afraid of the water.” She tries to scuttle away from me, but she’s weak and her tail isn’t working properly.

“Brooke, it’s me,” I tell her excitedly. She’s ALIVE! “I got over my fear to rescue you!”

“Not so loud,” Angela hisses at me, but I don’t care. Brooke is alive, and that’s all that matters. I wasn’t too late.

“But . . . but how?” the damaged mermaid asks.

“That doesn’t matter right now,” I say, swimming over to her. “We need to get you out of here.”

“I-I can’t,” she stutters, looking at her ruined tail and hand.

I ignore her as I pull her into a tight embrace, forgetting about her injuries until I hear her grunt in pain. I loosen my grip, but she pulls me back to her, hugging me as tightly as her weakened arms are able to.

“Generator,” I hear the Grindylow say respectfully, recalling to me that the little creature was still there, “you need to go, before someone else arrives.”

Looking to the little green guy I nod, before looking back into Brooke’s swollen eyes. “I’m not leaving you behind,” I tell her, and cut off her protests with a soft kiss.

Glittering multi-colored light suddenly shines brightly in the cell, and something tickles my mind. Almost, I feel as though I should be hearing something, but my ears feel stopped up.

“What’s going on?” someone asks, and I can hear them just fine, but my concentration is absorbed by the glowing multi-faceted light hanging right outside the cell. An orb about two feet in diameter floats there, and from time to time throws off a myriad of colors.

“Lyden,” Angela says, fear thick in her voice, “I think it wants an answer.”

I stare at the succubus, confused. An answer? An answer to what?

The colors flash again, and I have to shield my eyes, but I still don’t know what it wants.

“What’s it saying?” I ask. “I don’t understand.”

“Oh, dear Lord,” AnnaBelle beseeches the light, her tone awed and pious, “forgive this man his sins. We didn’t know you were watching over her.”

The light flares, and I swear it’s angry, but I still can’t understand the thing. I can easily sense its power, and can see the other women quaking where they float in the water.

“But . . . my Lord,” AnnaBelle says in confusion, “I don’t understand. Why would you want him dead?” The light speaks again in its colorful way, and I watch as AnnaBelle debases herself before the thing. “Forgive me Lord, for questioning your wisdom. It will be as you command.”

AnnaBelle turns to me, a deep sorrow in her clear brown eyes. “I’m sorry Lyden, but God has spoken. His will be done.” She pushes off the floor, coming for me, her hands outstretched, but the Grindylow intercepts her, entangling her arms within its tentacles.

“Go!” the Grindylow commands, but I won’t leave AnnaBelle behind, even if she is trying to kill me.

What is that light? What has it done to AnnaBelle, to make her think that this is her God? Hadn’t Angela told her that God was the Pillar of Light? Or is this the Pillar of Light?

The question is knocked from my mind, as Lisa’s foot connects with my skull. Dazedly, I look at the blonde woman, as she comes at me, and I see the colored lights reflecting from her blue eyes. That thing is controlling them!

I try to fend off Lisa’s attacks, but the water slows my movements, while seeming to aid her. She is too skilled, and I feel her hands tighten around my throat. Desperately I look around, and see Angela trying to use her arms to swim to me, her eyes clear, but her tail refuses to work. Fear and worry are in the succubus’s eyes, but not the multi-hued light. At least she is mostly free of the thing’s influence.

A quick glance at Brooke shows that she is free of the thing’s mind control also, but equally unable to reach me with her injuries.

Why is it only Lisa and AnnaBelle that are affected by the thing?

My vision starts to go black, as I’m struggling to breathe through Lisa’s choking grasp, and I focus my mind on the glowing orb. Is this the timeless foe the prophecy warns about? Is this the same one that’d been in TanaVesta’s chambers? If so, a generator is supposed to come forth, and save or fail. How can I fight something like this?

I remember something Angela recently told me about my ability; that I absorb ambient energy. Well, this thing is throwing off energy like it was going out of style. Concentrating the last of my consciousness on it, I try to absorb its energy. Perhaps if I get enough, I can block its control over my friends.

The area sudden grows dark, and I feel Lisa’s hands loosen their grip just before I pass out.

“Oh my god,” Lisa exclaims, covering her mouth. “I’m so sorry. I couldn’t stop myself. Lyden, are you okay?” Suddenly I’m surrounded by three women, all looking at me worriedly, even Brooke. “I knew what I was doing, but I wasn’t in control.”

“Get off me!” I hear AnnaBelle cry out. “My Lord, where did you go?”

“It’s okay,” I tell the Grindylow who’s still holding the older woman. “The thing’s gone now.”

The green little guy warily releases AnnaBelle from its tentacles, and swims a short distance, never taking his eyes off of her.

For her part, the older woman sinks to the floor, and weeps. I can’t imagine what she must be going through.

“We need to get going, before that thing sends reinforcements,” I say, rubbing at my sore throat. My voice is raw, and Lisa is still telling me how sorry she is, but I cut her off with a hug. “It’s not your fault,” I tell her. “I know that, but we really need to get out of here.”

The others agree, though Brooke tries to protest. “Leave me here. I’ll just slow you down.”

“To hell with that!” I exclaim, pulling the too thin mermaid up under my right arm, and grabbing Lisa’s hand, I use my tail to propel us out of the cell, following the Grindylow.

“What about Ondine?” AnnaBelle demands as Angela hauls her along. I can still hear sadness in her voice, but she seems to be recovering. “We can’t just leave her here!”

Damn her and her bleeding heart, I think viciously. I know her attacking me hadn’t been her fault, but I’m still angry at the situation, and my head still hurts from where Lisa had kicked it.

“Lyden,” she continues to plead, “what happened to not leaving someone behind?”

And there she goes, using my own words and principles against me.

“Ondine?” Brooke asks. “She’s down here?”

“Yes,” I reply, trying not to sound too angry. “She asked us to take her with us, but she didn’t know we were really here to rescue you.”

“Lyden,” Brooke’s face is right next to mine, and I can hear some measure of strength return to her voice. “Ondine was always kind to me. If she needs our help, you can’t leave her.”

“Damn it!” I swear, not even trying to hide my anger.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you swear,” Brooke says, shocked at my language, and just like that, my anger flees.

What is wrong with me? They’re right, of course. I can’t leave the other mermaid down here, where I know she’ll be punished for letting us escape. Is this the mistake the prophecy warns me of?

Shaking my head, I realize I need to stop second guessing every decision I make. That way will lead to madness and nothing ever getting accomplished. I wish I’d never heard that danged prophecy.

“Grindylow,” I call after the creature leading us, “we need to get back to Ondine.”

If he hears me or ignores me, I’m not sure, but a couple seconds later, he stops outside of the mermaid’s cell.

Ondine is awake, and she glares at us, until she sees Brooke under my arm. “You were really here to rescue her,” she says, and I can’t tell if she’s happy about that, or some other emotion. Why can’t I get Angela’s ability to read someone’s motives? “Please, take me with you!”

I nod to the Grindylow, and he unlocks the cell door.

“We’d better get moving!” Angela states, her tone filled with worry and fear. “I can hear them coming.”

I can’t hear anything, but I’m not willing to chance it either. We get moving, and Ondine swims next to me. “Let me take Brooke,” she states. “I can swim faster, and you can too if you only have to carry one.”

Can I trust her? And if so, do I hand over Brooke, or Lisa?

I hear a shout behind us, and realize I don’t have time to decide. I’ll be able to swim better with Lisa, and since Ondine can swim faster than I can, she has a better chance of saving Brooke. Lisa at least has some skill to fight, as my ringing head can attest. I hand over the broken and passed out mermaid, and redouble my efforts, doing my best to keep up with the agile Grindylow darting down the winding corridors. Looking behind us, I can’t see our pursuers, and guess that they found Brooke’s cell empty.

Looking at my companions, I groan to realize the only one of us that’s armed is Ondine, and her loyalties are still uncertain.

The Grindylow holds the door open for us, as we all zip through the exit. We all angle upwards, pushing hard for the surface. Angela and Ondine easily outpace me, but I catch up to them when they stop under my car.

My car. . . . The Orange Bubble. There are six of us now. Even if someone gets into the space under the hood, it’s going to get very cramped in there.

I look at Brooke, unconscious in Ondine’s arms, and know she can’t be cramped up right now, without further complicating her injuries.

“Angela, Lisa, AnnaBelle, and Brooke will have to get in the car,” I tell the other women. “The rest of us can hold onto the outside, while we move to the beach. Angela, you drive.”

No one moves.

“Lyden, there’s another problem,” AnnaBelle says, and I glare at her. I still haven’t completely forgiven her for being the first to attack me. She’s undaunted though, and continues, “Lisa and I still can’t breathe up there.”

It takes me a couple seconds to understand her words. What does she mean she can’t breathe. Of course she . . . oh, right. She has to fall asleep first, before the potion will wear off, but if they do that under the water, they’ll drown. Not only that, but do we have the time for them to take a nap? It won’t take long for Varun’s guards to put two and two together, and realize where we went.

But if they get into the air, they’ll choke and. . . .

“Lisa, AnnaBelle, get in the car!” I yell to them.

“But—” AnnaBelle starts, but I interrupt.

“Trust me!” I state and shove Lisa for my vehicle.

“I trust you,” Lisa says, and finishes the swim. I watch as she sucks in a deep breath, and hauls herself out of the water.

“It’s in the Lor—” AnnaBelle stops and shakes her head. “I don’t know what to believe anymore.” I almost feel sorry for her as she swims to my car, and gets out of the water. The woman had thought she was talking to her God, and been disabused of the notion very rudely. I can still see her eyes though, as she tried to attack me. They had been clear of the light’s influence. She truly had believed that her God was commanding her to kill me.

I follow after the women, trying to push all the water out of my lungs, before I break the surface. I still end up hacking and coughing, and by the time my lungs are clear, and I can wipe clean my eyes, I’m shocked to find a little four inch golden fairy laughing at me.

Three more heads bob out of the water, rain pouring down around us, and Angela is the first to speak. “Arethusa! What are you doing here?”

The golden fairy titters for a few more seconds, before merrily stating, “The generator seems like he might be fun to hang around, as long as he can keep his hands to himself this time.” Her attitude is very different from when she was being held captive in Marchosias’s chamber.

I ignore the pixie, as I concentrate to remove my tail, and crawl into my vehicle. The two human women are gasping, still trying to breathe. AnnaBelle looks at me accusingly, but my heart warms to see Lisa’s trust still in her blue eyes as she chokes.

“As soon as you pass out, you’ll be able to breathe,” I tell them. Understanding lights their eyes and both women stop fighting. Lisa actually tries to hold what little breath she has left and ends up passing out first. As soon as she does, water streams from her mouth, and it actually looks bluer than normal water. The blonde sucks in a deep lungful of air, but stays unconscious.

AnnaBelle passes out right afterwards, and again I watch the unnaturally blue water pour from her mouth, before she starts breathing normally again.

As if the potion has a mind of its own, I watch as the two streams come together, and then as it heads out my car door.

“Lyden, they’re coming,” Angela shouts from the water, and I curse as I remember our original predicament.

“There’s no way you’re all going to fit inside that little thing,” Arethusa says happily. The rain pours down around the little fairy, as she takes flight and examines my car. “I was right,” she states a moment later. “You are a lot more entertaining.” The tiny pixie begins to chant, and I notice her body glowing brightly as she gathers energy for whatever spell she’s about to cast. It still surprises me that the drenching rain doesn’t affect her.

My orange car begins to glow a golden yellow color, and everything seem to stretch out. My doors get farther away, and the back seat grows wider. AnnaBelle and Lisa both tip over, still sleeping, but breathing peacefully. A second seat pops up behind them, and the interior continues expanding, but a sudden scream from outside pulls my attention away.

“Stop it!” Angela cries in anguish, as she holds her hands against her head. “Please, stop it!” The succubus begins to sink back under the water and I dive in after her, barely noting as Arethusa stops her chanting.

Angela meets me coming for her, and together we swim back up to the surface.

“Are you okay?” I gasp as soon as my head breaks the water.

Angela nods her dark tresses at me, but I can still see the shadow of her pain behind her almond shaped eyes.

“Yes,” I hear Arethusa titter. “Very interesting.” The golden little woman looks speculatively from the Orange Bubble to Angela and back again.

I turn to berate her for her cavalier attitude, but remember that we’re being chased.

“Everyone in the—” I cut off as I look at my car. The Orange bubble is the same. When the fairy quit chanting, it must have reverted back to its original form. Growling, I realize that the only way we’re going to get away is to either leave someone behind, or get very cramped in my little car. There is only one real option. “Everyone in!” I yell, and watch as Angela and Ondine help each other get a groaning Brooke into my car. It’s too dangerous to let anyone hang onto the outside, and try to get away.

“It’s bigger on the inside,” I hear Ondine state as she crawls in.

It can’t be, I think, as Arethusa zips in through the door, and I hear her little titter echo inside. Reaching the open door, I look in, and see that it truly is bigger on the inside. Suddenly I understand Angela’s pain. She’s tied to the car, through the portions of her soul. I can’t imagine what that would have felt like. Then I remember the Orange Bubble getting burned up, and the condition the succubus had been in after the picnic at AnnaBelle’s church. I’m going to have to treat my car a lot better.

Angela and Ondine lay Brooke out comfortably in the car, as I get behind the driver’s seat. I experience an odd sensation of vertigo, as the windshield displays a stretched out version of the horizon. Willing the car underwater and back to the beach off in the distance, I stand and marvel at the way my car is laid out now. There is easy standing space, as well as walking room. There are now two rows of back seats and even a massive bed covered in golden yellow blankets behind that. The floor is covered in a lush golden carpet, and golden tapestries hang down over the windows.

“Are you okay?” I ask Angela again.

“It feels weird,” she tells me, “as if I’m too big for my own skin.”

“I thought this would be a lot more comfortable,” Arethusa pipes up. “If you’d have given me more time, I could have added in an area for a fire pit, a place to use the bathroom, a pool, and even a fountain.”

“Please, NO,” Angela moans, holding her stomach.

Brooke moans on the floor, and I look at the redhead. In the brighter light of my car’s interior, she looks even worse. I can see where her old cuts are, the flesh around them red and raw. Scales are missing from her tail, and I realize she isn’t changing back. Even Ondine has changed to two legs. Guiltily, I have to admit that she has a rather nice set of legs, leading up to—NO! I need to worry about Brooke.

With a quick thought, I send Angela the image of her as a nurse. The same nurse that had helped bring me back to health. I’m not sure if this form imparts any extra knowledge, but it couldn’t hurt. Her blonde hair drops down onto a slender body, covered in a white smock. Sharp blue eyes sit above a pert nose, and a set of deep red, very full lips.

Angela doesn’t miss her transformation, and even the fairy claps appreciatively. The succubus looks at me, only saying, “I understand,” before checking over the prostrate mermaid.

“Am I the only one who’s going to be naked?” Ondine asks, and then blushes as she looks at me. She’s not the only naked one, and suddenly I’m embarrassed to be nude in front of so many women.

“There are clothes for all in the back,” Arethusa states, and I glance at her to see her staring at my cock and slightly rubbing her behind.

I don’t waste any time before heading back to where the bed is, and finding a wardrobe full of clothing. None of it looks like any clothes that are worn on Earth, but I find a decent sized robe, and wrap it about me. The thing has a shiny golden hem—I’m beginning to see a trend in almost everything Arethusa does—but at least the rest of it is a deep blue or purple color.

Ondine puts on a pair of golden baggy pants that I think are called pantaloons, and a loose white blouse that almost looks see-thru, but I can’t make out any details.

“How is she?” I ask, as I get back up to Brooke and Angela.

“Not good,” I’m informed as the succubus frowns down at her patient. “She’s going to need your help again, just to live. I don’t know if we can restore her fingers or fins though.”

I open my mouth to say I’ll help in any way I can, when my car starts honking frantically, and Angela groans, holding her stomach again.

“They caught us,” she moans, before tipping over and groaning some more.

Rushing back up to the driver’s seat, I see we’re surrounded by mer-people. They’re slashing at my car with both swords and tridents. Most bounce off harmlessly, but a couple tear gouges in the frame. Angela groans each time something pierces my car, and I even see a few small cuts spread across her cheeks.

“Sonnuva. . . .” I curse, as I crank the wheel to the left—should I call it port since I’m in the water?— and mash down on the gas. A shocked looked merman gets pressed against the driver’s side window, and I crank the wheel the other way, scaring away a merman that had been about to jab my car with his trident. As I swerve and bob, I notice that there are no mermaids amongst them, only males. Part of me wishes to see the arrogant captain we’d dealt with earlier, but if he’s in the mix, I can’t tell.

I see the ground coming up to meet the surface of the water and remember that the portal is actually just above the beach. I’m going to have to get a running jump at it, and hope my aim is right.

Of course, I can’t do it, unless I can drive straight, but I’m afraid the mermen will tear my car, and by connection, Angela, apart, if I stop swerving.

A merman in front of me suddenly arches his back, and I can see three small tines protruding from his chest. A Grindylow tries to shake the dead man from his trident, before turning and attacking another one. The mermen are thrown into chaos as Grindylows swarm over them, and I have my chance.

I see a shimmer ahead, above the surface of the water, and aim the Orange Bubble for it, willing my car to go as fast as it can.

We break the surface, and go airborne for barely a moment. I have just enough time to see the water churning green, white, and blood red, before we’re surrounded by water again. I see two pillars zoom by, and know we’re back on Earth.

Directing my car to head home as fast as it can, I turn back to face everyone else, and find three sets of angry eyes glaring at me. Lisa and AnnaBelle have woken up, and I can tell that their ride had been a rough one while I’d been dodging the mermen. Only Arethusa seems unruffled, as she grins down at everyone while flitting around.

I ignore them, though as I rush to check on Angela and Brooke. Angela is no longer groaning, and even as I watch, her cuts and scrapes begin to heal.

“Where are we?” Ondine asks, pulling aside a tapestry, and looking out at a school of fish getting out of the Orange Bubble’s way.

“Earth,” I tell her. “Will the mermen follow?”

The mermaid’s eyes grow wide, as she looks back at me in terror. “I thought we were going to the demon, Marchosias. It’s forbidden for me on pain of death to go to Earth.”

“So we’re safe for the time being,” I state, nodding my head. “I’m also guessing that it’s forbidden to abandon your duty, help a prisoner escape, and follow a group of people away from Atlantis?” When she nods, I smile at her, until she understands. She was already a criminal, and she is going to be a lot safer on Earth, than in the demon’s lair.

“Someone help me carry these two back to the bed,” I say, nodding to the two women on the floor.

Lisa rushes over, and picks up the mermaid, while I carry Angela. The martial artist looks questioningly at the woman in her nurse’s uniform, and I just say, “Angela.” She nods, and together we get the women laid down, and under the covers.

“What are you wearing?” Lisa asks me, trying to hide her smile at my outlandish garb.

“Don’t ask,” I reply wryly, before turning to everyone else. “It’s going to take awhile to get home. We might as well get what rest we can, and thanks to Arethusa, we have the room to do so.”

The fairy actually blushes as she says, “Please, call me Areth.” I find a blanket in the wardrobe, and make myself a comfortable place at the foot of the bed. Brooke needs my help the most right now, and I need to sleep to get to give it to her.

Exhausted, I fall asleep almost instantly, but don’t find myself in Brooke’s mind.

“Why am I here?” I ask Angela without any heat as she stands in front of me, still in her nurse persona.

“I figured we could work together to heal her,” the succubus says.

“But you said she isn’t into women,” I remind her.

Angela smiles as she walks up to me, and plants a soft kiss on my lips. Her own ruby red lips are soft as they press against mine, and I can immediately feel my body reacting to her seductive presence. “She doesn’t need to know I’m there. I’m a succubus, remember?”

She takes a step away from me, and I feel a shift in the atmosphere. Everything remains pitch black around me, but things now have a red tinge that is more felt than seen. Instinctively I know we have moved to Brooke’s psyche.

“Lyden?” I hear Brooke’s voice, and turn to see the mermaid fully dressed and standing on two feet. She looks whole and healthy, and I can’t hide my smile at how good she looks. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Angela standing there. The succubus places one finger over her lips, and I know that Brooke can’t see or sense her.

This is going to be interesting. Or entertaining, as Areth would say.

“I can’t believe you came for me!” Brooke rushes forward, and flings herself against me. I catch her easily, using my own willpower to keep myself upright. “How did you get over your fear of deep water?” she cries into my neck.

Looking over at Angela, I make sure she hears my words as well. “You’d be surprised what I’m willing to go through for the people I love.”

Brooke pulls away from me, and her eyes search mine. Behind her, I can see a tear roll down Angela’s cheek and off her chin. I can no longer deny that I love both these women. I don’t care what that says about my own personality, or moral code. Brooke has been with me since I was a child. Yes, I know she may have had a hand in killing my parents, but I’ll deal with that later. We’ve been through too much history together to feel anything else.

Angela had introduced me to a whole new world. If not for her, I might never have known about my heritage, or my abilities. She’s also saved my hide more than once.

I love both women.

“But we can’t be together,” Brooke states, trying to pull away again, but I refuse to let her go. “We talked about this. It can’t happen between us.”

“Would you just be quiet, and enjoy the moment,” I softly chide her, and she stops struggling. “You need to recover, and I can help you. If you don’t want to be together out there in the real world, then fine. But don’t deny yourself what I know your heart feels in here.”

“I want to, Lyden,” she pleads with me, “I really do, but can we keep that line separate?”

“Does it matter?” I ask, raising one eyebrow and challenging her.

“You’ve been taking lessons from the succubus,” she accuses me, lightly hitting my chest with her open palm. “I take it she’s the black girl that helped save me?” I nod, and she smiles ruefully. “She’s a better woman than I gave her credit for,” she murmurs, but then her eyes grow wide as she looks up at me. “But don’t you dare tell her I said that!”

It takes all my effort not to laugh, or look at the succubus, still invisible to the mermaid.

“She won’t hear it from my lips,” I promise her.

“I know it won’t last, but I see no reason we can’t be together only in our minds.” She seals her words with a kiss, and I feel her clothing vanish a moment before my own disappear. She breaks the kiss again, and I can tell that she’s trying to come to a decision. “You’d better not make me regret this Lyden Snow, but yes, I do love you too.”

Smiling, I lift her up, and mentally tilt the world around us, until she’s lying on top of me. Her hips slowly begin to move on top of me, and I’m still rock hard from Angela’s kiss. A part of me feels guilty about that, so I pull her body up mine, until I can plant my lips against her sex.

Using my tongue, I split her labia, and taste her juices, enjoying the tangy taste. Some irreverent part of my mind wonders why a mermaid doesn’t taste fishy, but I push that thought aside. She doesn’t, and I like that!

Her fingers dig into my hair, as she grinds her pussy against my mouth. “Oh, Lyden, yes, right there.” Reaching around her body with my right hand, I find her small left breast, and tweak her nipple, sending her body into convulsions.

I immediately throw up a mental shield; blocking any energy that might come my way, but feel nothing. As she comes down from her climax, she stands, and I catch a glimpse of Angela, only a few feet away from us, her large left breast in her left hand, nipple rolling between her fingers, and her right hand busily rubbing her clit. The view ends as Brooke turns around, and sits back on my face, bends over and I feel my cock slip between her soft lips.

My moan is muffled by her wet slit, as I feel her tongue moving around the rim of my rod. My hands move around her body, grabbing each globe of her rear and pulling her down tighter against my hungry mouth.

Running my tongue around her clit, I nuzzle my nose into her hole, then suck hard, pulling her clitoris between my teeth, and nibbling lightly. She starts to go wild, but I don’t loosen my grip, until she’s done flooding my mouth with her delectable juices.

I can feel her saliva sliding down my shaft and dripping from my scrotum as her head bobs up and down. My cock conforms to her throat, as she begins to swallow it deeper, occasionally coming up for air, before dropping back down again. Her red curly hair tickles my thighs, and I try to concentrate on that sensation, to last longer.

Finally I can take it no longer, and have to pull her off me. A few more seconds, and she would have had me blowing down her throat. While I know the ultimate reason for me being here in her mind is to heal her with my own orgasm, I want to prolong the experience as long as possible.

“You’re too good at what you do,” I tell her smiling, and then smile even more as she blushes, moving her hair behind her left ear with one hand, and looking demurely away.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Angela sitting with her legs spread, three fingers buried deep in her coochy, and bringing herself off. Even when she orgasms, I don’t feel any transfer or mixing of souls. Why is it different here? Obviously it worked last time, while in the Sahara Desert. Brooke had gotten better then. But why the difference in sensations between here and reality?

My attention returns to Brooke when she crawls over me and presses her lips against mine. Her hand snakes down between us, and she grabs me at my base, rubbing my head against the entrance to her promised land. Thankfully, there was a break between her amazing blowjob and the moment I enter her, or the pure delight of feeling her pussy stretch around my penis would have set me off.

It only takes her a few seconds to get me fully inside her, and we moan into each others’ mouths at our completion. Her hands are on my cheeks, as her tongue dives into my mouth in time with our hips humping against each other.

My cock stirs around her insides, and I can feel another orgasm coming close for her, as she gasps, and hugs me tightly to her slim body.

“Oh, Lyden, I love you so much. Thank you for rescuing me. You have no idea how much you mean to me!” she moans into my ear.

“I love you,” I state simply, and feel her vaginal walls clamp down hard on me. I have to stop moving all together, as her fluids gush out around my penetrating member.

This time around in her mind is different, and not just because Angela is here. It’s more emotional, and I feel closer to both women than ever before. I guess this is the difference between making love, and having sex.

Hello everyone. Just a quick author’s note to thank everyone for reading my stories. Please take the time to rate and/or leave comments as a greatly appreciate both. As for this story it was done kind of as a joke for one of my friends. I know it may not be as good as my previous story but I hope that if nothing else it might bring a laugh to some of you out there.Enjoy.


Ela awoke to a pounding in her head so bad that it made her wince. Damn Dwarven Brewfest. She vaguely remembered telling Zee that she had enough, but he kept pushing her to drink more. She could vaguely recall something about finding pink elekks and looking for the infamous wolpertinger. After that everything seemed to just get fuzzy and faded out.

Ela groaned as consciousness slowly came back to her. Maybe the pink elekks had trampled her once they found them. She went to massage her temples with her hands … but something seemed to stop her hands from reaching her aching head. She tried once more and this time there was a distinct metallic clatter that accompanied the abrupt stop of her hands. She slowly opened her eyes in an attempt to see what the problem was.

For a moment she was actually grateful. She was lying on her back on some sort of table. Everything was very quiet and the lighting was very dim. She was unsure as to her whereabouts, but she was very grateful that at least she wasn’t waking up somewhere loud and bright as she wasn’t sure her delicate state could handle that at the moment. But as she gazed at the hand that seemed to be willfully disobeying her commands that gratefulness quickly turned into apprehension. As she bleared through her almost assuredly blood-shot eyes she could make out an intricately engraved manacle encircling her dainty Night Elf wrist. It seemed to be made from some type of dark metal that she could swear she had seen before. Once again she tugged her hand, this time in an attempt to get her hand free from the offending device. Unfortunately the sudden movement only caused her obnoxious headache to flare up more and did nothing to remove her hand from the manacle itself.

Ela gently moved her head to view her other hand and confirmed that it too was in a likewise predicament. She closed her eyes and quickly calmed her rising sense of dread. She was somewhere dark, but as she listened the only thing her long ears could discern was the faint sound of dripping water. A cave maybe? She breathed in deeply. Yes, must be a cave. It was dank and musty smelling, with a distinct aroma of bear? Yes, bear.

This actually calmed her because it helped remind her poor alcohol pickled brain that she was no ordinary Night Elf. She was a druid. A fairly well renowned druid if she did say so herself. She was the leader of a fairly good sized band of adventurers known throughout Azeroth and beyond. Her dear husband, Doth, was probably already looking for her for he was a warrior of no small repute himself. He often was the one who led the charge in front of the rest of their guild. He was strong and brave, which was saying a lot considering the fact that he was human. Still she could not deny her feelings for him and for many years now the two of them together had conquered many enemies as husband and wife.

Still, she would have little need of Doth to escape this predicament for her innate druidic abilities would allow her to escape from these silly manacles with ease. She calmed her mind further and reached inside herself. That last of the alcoholic haze fuddled her mind still, the headache a painful but distant throb in her temples as she began to slowly slip into her inner most psyche. There they were. She was a druid, a powerful one. She was specialized in the healing arts, but all druids shared one thing in common, that ability to morph their bodies into that of great animals. A bear or a great cat would be perfect for getting out of this dark cave, although to be honest the type of beast she shifted into was not really as important as the shapeshifting itself. For during that quick moment when she shifted from one form to the other her body would become completely incorporeal and that alone would allow her to slip through her bonds and get away. She decided to shift into her cat form, for it would allow her to be very stealthy and slink away into the darkness of the cave that much easier.

She reached for the great cat with her mind, giving herself into the magic as the beast rushed out to overtake her body … and ran headlong into an invisible wall. Ela’s eyes sprang wide open in shock and her headache slammed into her like a charging Tauren making her moan loudly. What was wrong? Why couldn’t she shift?

In frustration she quickly jerked at her imprisoning manacles once more but the results remained the same. She cried out in frustration as she quickly shook her trapped hands and kicked her feet in a very un-elven fashion. This accomplished two things. One it made her headache pound even more. Two, it made her realize that her hands were not the only things that were entrapped with manacles. In the quiet darkness she gave each foot a quick shake and was answered with that telltale metallic clink of chains and could feel the hard, cold metal that encircled each ankle. This was bad.

She attempted to sit up, but the chains holding her manacled wrists were only so long. About the best she could do was prop herself up on her elbows. The dim lighting made it a bit difficult to even see as far as her feet, but she could still make out the manacles around each ankle. They were again made out of the same dark metal with the mysterious engravings as the ones around her wrists. The other thing she quickly made out was that her clothing was completely gone. Her light purple toned skin was completely exposed to the dank cave air, the only thing covering her was the darkness that seemed to press in on her from all sides now. This was way beyond bad.

Ela slumped back down on the table. The rusty edge of fear started to make itself known as her heart rate began to speed up and her breathing began to take on a heavier pace. She shivered as the chill air of the cave finally registered in her mind upon her naked flesh. To add insult to injury her nipples began to harden from the combined effects of the cool air and the sense of panic that was starting to crawl its way up her spine. She once again closed her eyes, searching for that sense of calm that she felt as she tried to morph into the great cat.

Slowly her mind began to block everything out. She was a Night Elf Druid. She was a guild leader. She was not helpless. She could figure a way out of this. Her heart slowed, her breathing returned to normal. Methodically she calmed herself, letting the fear and uncertainty wash away. If shapeshifting wouldn’t work, she would just have to think of another way. Here again she may be a healer foremost, but she was not without other spells. Maybe one of them would help free her from the situation she was now in.

Wrath? Moonfire? Those might work if she could target the manacles or the chains that they were attached to, but it might also damage her in the process. She would save those for a last resort. Entangling roots? Ha, she already seemed to have that situation covered. Faerie Fire? Well that might help her to observe her surroundings better. Maybe that would help her plan her next course of action. She started to mutter the incantation for it when she quickly laughed outloud. “Oh Ela, you silly, silly druid.” For it had just hit her that there was one spell in her arsenal that very rarely ever got used. It was a simple spell, but one every druid learned very early on in their training. Druids were nowhere near as talented as a mage for being able to bounce around the world, but one thing all druids could do was get home. Of course home for all druids, be they Alliance or Horde, was Moonglade.

Ela hesitated. She would be arriving at the glade naked, but at least she would be free. Besides, all druids were stewards of nature, and being naked was really how nature intended everyone to be anyway so her pride would hardly be stung at all. With a quick sigh of relief Ela began to chant the spell that would whisk her away through the twisting nether and bring her safely to Moonglade.

The spell swirled up through her, expanding as it built to encompass her body. Then, just as before, it was like the spell ran into a wall of force that caused it to blow apart in her mind before it fully formed. Again Ela cried out in shock and pain as her headache once again burst through her mind. Was she completely unable to cast even the simplest of spells? If so she was well and truly trapped. She was not strong like her dear husband. Doth could probably snap these silly chains just with his physical strength alone. She was not agile like a thief. A good thief would find a way to pick the locks keeping the manacles enclosed around her wrists and ankles, or maybe just slip out of them all together and sneak away in the shadows. No, she was just a druid, and a druid with no magic was … well, was a very scared, naked, and alone Night Elf in this case.

A single tear slid out of her eye and glided down her cheek leaving a wet trail of shame glistening on her skin. She was trapped here, wherever here was. She was alone and helpless. A tightness in her chest quickly grew as her situation finally took hold completely. With a hiccup sob she let the panic truly take hold of her as despair washed through her.

“Oh, Ela, there’s no need to cry. I’m here!” A cute little female voice pierced the darkness and Ela gasped in shock. She quickly looked left and then right trying to spot the source of the voice, but spotted nothing.

“Down here, silly goose.” Again that sickly sweet voice, a voice she knew only all too well as she glanced down to the right side of the table and laid eyes on Armyra, the guild’s resident Gnome mage and tinkerer. Like all gnomes, especially female ones, she was a bubbly little thing that always seemed like she had to prove she was just as big and bad as everyone else in the guild. Still, she was damn good at her job, her job being to cause as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time. Ela had seen Armyra light up a bad guy on more than one occasion and they would always start running towards the cute little gnome with her death in their eyes. More often than not though they were dead before they could even get within range of attacking her. On the rare chance that they actually closed the distance and lived, well the resourceful little mage would just freeze them in place, blink away a good 30 yards or so, and start lighting them up all over again. Occasionally a smart one would get it in their mind to run away, but all that seemed to accomplish was that the bad guy would just die a little bit further away and Armyra would just be disappointed that she have to waste even more mana to blink over to their corpse to loot their scorched and frozen bodies for any goodies they may have.

Ela was of mixed opinions about Armyra. It was nothing personal really, but the little mage did have a tendency to skirt the shady side of death quite often and more than once the druid had been forced to rescue her as the gnome picked a fight that was truly beyond her. She also had a bad habit of stepping in fire when she was too focused on “blowing up the big bad”. Of course there was also the fact that gnomes only have four fingers… how weird is that. Still, at this particular moment Ela couldn’t be happier to see the chipper little mage.

“Armyra, oh thank the Goddess. Please get me out of these chains. I don’t know who put me here but we must get away quickly.”

The little gnome looked at her funny for a second and then laughed her cutesy little gnome head off. “He he He he. Now why would I do that? We haven’t even started having fun … yet.” With that Armyra turned and walked away into the darkness of the cave.

“Armyra? Armyra?! Where did you go?? And what do you mean we? Armyra?!!” Ela peered into the darkness as best she could, but there was no sign of the little mage. “Please come back. Armyra??” Ela dropped her head back onto the table in frustration. What the heck was going on? Did Armyra truly kidnap her? Was there someone else here besides her? Most of all where was this cave that they were in and why would Armyra bind her to a table like this with what she could only assume were some type of inscribed anti-magic manacles. She once again lifted her right hand up trying to get a better look at the unusual metal that was keeping her trapped here.

“You like them?” Armyra’s voice once again sounded right next to her. She must have blinked back over to the table from wherever she was. “It took me forever to make sure I got those engravings right. Ela stared at Armyra in complete shock.

“You made these? But why would you do that?” Ela was completely dumbfounded now.

“Why because Zee asked me to. Besides, I only did the engraving; he’s the one who actually made the manacles and chains. Now just be patient a little longer, we’re almost ready.” And with that there was slight pop of air and Armyra was gone again. Ela continued to stare at the space her small body had occupied just a second ago like she might get some further answers from the empty air. Finally she shook her head as her brain finished processing everything the gnome had just told her.

Zee, that rotten, smelly, egotistical dwarf. Zee was Armyra’s husband. Worse he was a priest, but not just any priest. No, Zee was a shadow priest. Where most priests were all about healing their allies and protecting them from harm, shadow priests were a group of dark, twisted pain freaks. They used spells to inflect agony and misery upon their opponents. The higher level shadow priests, like Zee, could even call forth pets from the shadow realm to aid them in battle. Ela had often wondered why she allowed Zee into her guild, but he was good at what he did which was, much like Armyra, causing a ton of damage in a short amount of time. He might not put out quite as much raw damage as his wife, but Zee did have one distinct advantage. He was like a Spring Rabbit in mating season, he would just keep going, and going, and going. Armyra would often have to take breaks to regain mana , but Zee very rarely ever ran out.

As if her thoughts of him were calling out, Zee suddenly materialized out of the darkness. At first Ela thought her mind might be playing tricks on her as Zee was in his shadow form. His body was shifted into a dark and hazy form which easily blended with the darkness of the cave. Ela blinked several times in an attempt to clear her vision, but it did nothing to help her eyesight lock onto Zee’s shadowy presence. The rotten little dwarf began to laugh as he slipped closer to the table that kept Ela bound and frustrated.

“Oh, aye, ye seem to be in a right nasty predicament now don’t ya. Ah-hahahahaha.” Ela’s blood pressure began to rise as she listened to Zee laugh at her. Who did he think he was? “The mighty guild leader, brought low by a sneaky shadow priest and a flighty mage. Oh if this isn’t a grand situation. Ah-hahahahaha. Wait until the rest of the guild hears about this.”

Ela felt her fear disappear in a white hot wave of anger and frustration. Once again she jerked at the manacles that held her captive, but all that caused was for the metal to bite into her lavender skin. She turned and screamed in frustration in Zee’s face.

“Now, now. There’s no need to get all hostile. As soon as Armyra is done with her little experiment we will let ye go.” Zee’s voice was very condescending. Ela looked him dead in the eyes, letting her anger and frustration boil up.

“Zee, if you don’t let me go right now I swear to the Goddess that I’m….”

“That you’ll what? There’s nothing ye can do right now, oh mighty guild leader. Those manacles are made from one of the metal plates that used to protect Deathwing’s back. I’m sure ye remember those, considering how many times ye made us fight him. They were forged with all those eternal embers that we got from fighting Ragnaros and his ilk in the Firelands, again a place that ye just had to keep taking us back to over and over again. Why? So that we could amass more glory and loot, of course.” This last part was said with such raw sarcasm that Ela was taken aback for a moment. What other purpose would there be for going after these horrible monsters on a weekly basis.

“Well now ye can experience what it is like to be in a position ye just really don’t want to be in. Ye see these manacles make it so that magic can be performed on ye, but any magic ye attempt will be quickly cancelled out. I’m pretty sure you’ve already figured out that ye can’t just morph into some silly little forest creature and scamper away.” With a loud harrumph Zee turned around and faced the darkness of the cave.

“Armyra, are ye ready yet?” Zee’s deep voice bellowed into the darkness. There was again that funny pop of air being displaced as Armyra blinked into existence beside her husband.

“But of course you silly goose. I just had to make some final adjustments on my new invention.” Armyra held up some type of circular device in her hands. It was about four inches in circumference and had a funny little knob on it that stuck out about an inch or so that was about half as big around as the device itself. Attached to both sides of the device were a couple of leather straps. For the life of her, Ela could not figure out what the purpose of the device was.

Zee chuckled to himself. “Don’t ye worry your pretty little elf head there too much. If my theory is right, and Armyra’s device works as she hopes, life in the guild should get a lot better for all of us very soon.”

Armyra gasped in indignation. “What do you mean if it works? There’s a 92.6% probability that it will work, ya big oaf.”

“Aye, and if that other 7.4% comes to pass, what will happen then? Ah-hahahahaha.” Zee looked over at Ela and gazed deeply into her glowing eyes.

“Well,” Armyra got a funny expression on her face as she shuffled one of her dainty little feet back and forth on the dirty cave floor. “In all actuality there’s about a 9.9% chance that the device won’t work at all. The other 7.5% chance is that it will blow up.”

Ela blinked. “Umm, doesn’t that come out to 110%?” Ela immediately knew she was going to regret even asking that question as the words left her mouth.

“Of course. A true gnomish engineer always gives 110% to everything she creates.” Ela sighed. Leave it to gnomish engineering to come up with something that would blow up if it decided not to work right. Guess it could be worse. Goblins tended to build things that were supposed to blow up, but occasionally they blew up on the person using them instead of on the target it was intended for. Still, Ela had no clue as to what this particular device was going to be used for yet, and that more than anything was making her nervous.

“Well, I guess there’s only one way to find out.” Armyra moved down the table towards Ela’s feet and hopped up on a couple of steps. Suddenly Ela was very much aware that the little gnome was now climbing up on the table and in between Ela’s very naked legs.

“Hehe, wow, even your bush is purple. I never would have guessed that.” Ela could only groan in response as the little gnome bent over and placed the strange device right between Ela’s legs.

Ela started to cry out and thrash her body as much as she could, but suddenly her mind froze. She could feel another presence within her mind taking hold of her. She tried to fight it as the little gnome continued about her job of securing the device between Ela’s legs using the leather straps to cinch it to her thighs on either side. The funny looking knob was now nestled directly onto the opening of her pussy. Still Ela fought, pushing as hard as she could with her mind to regain control of her body, but ultimately she just continued to lie there perfectly still as the gnome went about her job.

After a few more quick adjustments Armyra stood up and hopped back down off the table. “All done.” She pronounced with a chipper little voice filled with pride. “You can let her go now, Zee.” With that the presence in her mind withdrew and Ela was once more in control of her body. She groaned loudly as she finally realized what had just happened.

“Ah-hahahaha. Forgot that priests can mind control, didn’t ye?” Ela snarled in reply. The nasty little dwarf just snickered to himself and then walked over to peer at the gnome’s handiwork. “What did ye call this thing again?”

“The Orgasm Inducer 4000.” Replied the gnome. “It should work much better than the 3000 series model did. The 3000 series had a bad habit of shorting out which tended to cause a high degree of pain to the genitals, but I’m pretty sure I fixed that problem.” Ela gasped as the nature of the device finally sunk into her. This twisted duo had hooked her up with some type of experimental sex machine. As if on cue Armyra held up a little box with a couple of buttons on it and short antennae sticking out of it.

“Now please let me know if you experience any discomfort or any intense heat. Those would be signs that the device is not operating within normal parameters and we will need to turn it off.” She then pressed the first button near the top of the box. Ela tightened up her body in preparation for whatever was about to happen to her, but after several seconds of nothing she opened her eyes once more. Armyra was smacking the box with a look of frustration on her face. Zee glanced over and then began to laugh.

“Ah-hahahaha, guess there’s your 10% chance coming back to bite ye in the arse.” The dwarf was doubled over holding his gut with one hand and slapping his thigh with the other.

“It was a 9.9% chance!” The frustrated little gnome was staring intently at the box in her hand as if by sheer will alone she could get it to work. Suddenly her eyes opened wide. “Ah-ha! I forgot to put the power supply into the remote control.” Armyra reached into one of the pouches on her belt and brought out a gold cylinder. She flipped the box over in her hands and inserted the gold cylinder into a slot on the back of the box. “That should do it.”

She flipped the box back over and quickly jammed her finger onto the button again. There was a muted buzzing sound from in between Ela’s legs as the device came alive and started vibrating. Ela gasped out loudly in response. Once again she began to thrash around on the table as much as she could, but the gnome had strapped the device in place all too well and she could not dislodge it. To make matters worse the device was doing its job splendidly. Within a matter of a few seconds Ela began to feel her pussy become very warm and very wet. She gasped again, but this time it was not from surprise.

Zee moved in closer as he noticed that Ela’s breathing was already becoming deeper. The night elf’s dark purple nipples began to harden atop her breasts once again, but this time for a very different reason. So fascinated was Zee by this that he reached up and pinched the one closest to him between his finger and thumb.

“No, don’t.” Ela cried out and then gasped as Zee looked her right in the eyes and slowly twisted her nipple. Ela moaned in response, and then gasped even harder as the machine seemed to speed up its vibrations. She hated the machine already, but it felt so good. No longer was she thrashing around in an attempt to get away. Now her body was simply moving, writhing really, as she began to lose herself in the feelings that were shooting through her body.

Suddenly there was something warm and moist attached to her left nipple. Her eyes popped open and she saw Zee had latched his mouth onto the nipple that he had been pinching and twisting a moment ago with his fingers. Ela began to shake her head back and forth. She wanted to tell him no, but Armyra choose at that point to push another button on the remote.

The little knob on the device suddenly started to spin. It wasn’t fast, but when combined with the vibrations from the infernal contraption, it almost immediately sent Ela off the deep in. She moaned even louder, her cries of pleasure seeming to echo back to her from the invisible cave walls. Somewhere deep in Ela’s mind she realized she was in probably the worst predicament of her entire life. She was chained to a table in some dark cave with no idea where she was. She was cut off from her magic, unable to get away. A diabolical dwarf and his delusional gnome wife were conducting an experiment on her with a newly invented sex machine. Still, the worst part about it all was that Ela absolutely loved the feelings that were coursing through her body. She hated to admit it to herself, but not only was she very close to an orgasm, but it was shaping up to be one of the strongest she had ever had.

Zee suddenly chomped down on Ela’s nipple very hard. Ela screamed out in shock and a bit of pain, but as she did this Armyra once again hit another button on the remote. The knob began to push up into Ela’s very wet pussy, elongating and spinning, and vibrating inside of her. Ela cried out in pleasure as the device slipped further and further into her, penetrating her deeply. Again Zee bit down on her nipple, but all Ela did in response was arch her back as if to thrust her nipple deeper into his mouth. The twisted dwarf just chuckled to himself as he alternated now between flicking the hard nipple with his tongue and savaging it with his teeth. Either way Ela just moaned harder. Her whole body was squirming about on the table now and the scent of her over-heated pussy was becoming a heavy perfume in the air.

“Hey now, you are getting to have all the fun up there while I’m stuck with the remote.” Armyra glared up at her husband. Zee sighed and stepped back away from the table and Ela almost whimpered as his mouth left her nipple exposed to the cool air of the cave. Ela watched as Zee took the box away from his wife and Armyra quickly shed her robes and kicked off her shoes. The little gnome was very much naked in the span of a few heartbeats. Zee growled in appreciation and then spanked the gnome right on her bare ass.

“Hey now, don’t get me all worked up yet. I have an experiment to conduct. Hehe.” With that Armyra once again went to the end of the table and hopped up the steps until she was once again standing between Ela’s legs. This time the trussed up night elf could care less as she was too focused on the device doing its work between her legs. Armyra didn’t stop there though. Slowly she worked her way up the table being very careful not to step on Ela in the process.

Ela opened her eyes as Armyra finally stopped and sat down right on Ela’s chest. The little gnome weighed almost nothing and even with all her weight one Ela’s chest there was no danger of being unable to breathe. Still Ela’s startled gasp kept her from doing just that for a few moments as Armyra swung one leg over Ela’s face so that the little gnome’s bald pussy was aimed right at Ela’s chin.

“Sorry, no fur on mine. Gnomes don’t grow hair there. Now for this experiment to be proper I need to have an orgasm of my own so that I can compare it to what you do during yours. So why don’t you stick that nice wet tongue of yours on my little pussy and make me cum.” Without waiting for a reply, Armyra was up and sitting on Ela’s face so fast that the poor druid didn’t have time to even think about it. Armyra went one step further and grabbed ahold of Ela’s long elf ears and literally pulled her face up and into her pussy.

Ela was shocked to say the least. She had never in her life imagined her face being buried in between the legs of a female gnome. The device though seemed to make Ela lose all sense of reason. Somewhere in her mind Ela was seriously wondering what the hell was going on, but the more immediate thought was that Armyra smelled like honey. It was with that thought that she stuck her tongue out and began to eagerly run it all over the Armyra’s tiny but tasty little pussy. Armyra responded by grinding down onto Ela’s tongue. Both of them groaned as Ela complied and stiffened up her tongue to shove it up inside the little gnome’s pussy. It was actually a very tight fit. Just how the hell did Zee get his dick in this woman? Maybe Zee had a real skin dick. Maybe that’s why Zee was such a twisted individual.

As if he was reading her mind, Zee pushed a button on the remote again. Suddenly the device was no longer just penetrating her, but actually began to thrust in and out of her. It was still rotating, still vibrating. Most of all it was still causing Ela’s orgasm to build, and build. Her juices were now flowing out of her, trickling down her thighs, down her ass. Her body was hot, hotter than Molten Core hot. Ela was quite certain that at this point even Ragnaros would be nervous of the heat that was being generated between Ela’s thighs.

“Yeah, eat my pussy you prissy little night elf bitch.” Gone was the little cutesy voice that Armyra usually had. It was replaced by something that was still very high pitched, but also very aggressive and animalistic. Armyra was pulling hard on Ela’s ears as she continued to grind her very wet little pussy onto Ela’s tongue. “Fuck my tight little snatch with your tongue.” Ela did just that, but her concentration was slipping as the machine continued to fuck in and out of her faster and faster as Zee increased the speed with the remote. Ela’s moans were loud and deep now as her body began to rush headlong over the cliff. It was there, so bright. Just a bit more.

“Yes.” Armyra screamed out loudly as a flood of honey erupted out of her tight little pussy. “Eat that pussy, YES!!!” Her little body went stiff and Ela could barely breathe at all for a second as the gnome pulled her even harder by her ears up into her amazingly tasty little cunt. Then the machine went into overdrive as it rocketed in and out of her own wet, hot pussy. Ela lost it and screamed her release into Armyra’s cunt. This just seemed to set the little gnome woman off yet again. Like some magic loop that had no ending the two of them continued to erupt over and over again. Ela’s face was literally drenched with the sticky sweet juices flowing out of Armyra, and the machine just continued to thrust and twist and vibrate away inside Ela’s own molten pussy, her own juices having long since soaked her thighs and ass, as well as a good portion of the table that she was chained to.

Finally Armyra groaned loudly one last time and then fell over and off the table. Zee dropped the box and rushed over to the table and caught his wife in his arms just before she crashed into the hard cave floor. The box hit the ground with a loud Ka-thunk and the power supply popped out of the back of the remote. This in turn caused the device between Ela’s legs to immediately shut down. Even the knob retracted all the way back out of Ela which immediately left her feeling empty. She groaned, partly in relief, partly in disappointment.

“Hehe, wow, that was amazing.” Armyra’s little cutesy voice announced.

“Are ye alright me love?” Zee sounded very concerned. Ela just laid there as her body slowly began to come back down from the high that she was on. She still couldn’t seem to control herself completely. Is this what some people meant when they said they were fucked silly?

“Yeah, I’m fine, but Ela has one hell of a tongue on her. Still, I would have to say that as good as my orgasm was that her’s was still much stronger. I could actually feel her muscles convulse as her orgasm hit her. I would say that the Orgasm Inducer 4000 is a big success.”

Zee bent over and picked up the box as Ela finally opened her eyes all the way. She smiled a bit wondering if she could get Armyra to actually give her the box. She was still trying to get her brain to remember how to send the signal to her mouth to talk when the dwarf noticed that the power supply had fallen out of the back of the remote. He quickly bent back down and retrieved the missing part and slapped it once more back into the remote. Ela had a split second to cry out in complete surprise as the device went back into full overdrive mode.

Within a matter of mere seconds Ela was once again thrust back into a full on orgasmic state. The machine was vibrating, twirling around, and thrusting deeply in and out of her at a phenomenal pace. She cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Sure, it felt good. It felt absolutely fucking amazing to be honest, but the abruptness of it suddenly shooting back inside her pussy like that was less than pleasant.

She vaguely heard the dwarf laughing. “Well, I guess the experiment isn’t over yet.” Ela groaned as she somehow controlled her head long enough to look over at Zee as he propped Armyra up and handed the box to her. Armyra smiled a dreamy little smile and then giggled a little as Zee stood up and removed his robes. Ela could only stare in shock as the well-muscled physique of the dwarf appeared. Every square inch of Zee was defined, from his legs to his chest, his arms, his shoulders. Then there was his cock.

Much like the rest of the dwarf, Zee’s hard dick was very short in stature, but also very wide. He was at most five inches in length, but his circumference was a good three inches around. Ela shivered in fear just at the thought of trying to fit that thing into her. Once again she really wondered how Armyra could even begin to fit Zee’s dick inside that amazingly tight little cunt of hers. Of course at the moment she was a bit more worried about herself as Zee locked his dark eyes one her very aroused night elf body.

“I think it is time to change positions.” Zee quickly worked his way around the table as Ela continued to shake and groan with pleasure. She had no idea what he was doing at first, but there was some rattling and clanking and then suddenly her left arm was free. Ela continued to lay there. Part of her was too far gone in bliss to even try to move as her body experienced what seemed like hundreds of mini-orgasms in a row. Still, another part of her realized that now might be the chance she was looking for. If she could force her body to move once Zee had released the chains from the table then she could easily outdistance his short little dwarf legs and get away. Of course she would first have to rip off the devilish device they had on her or she would just continue to jerk in orgasmic bliss, but she was pretty sure she could manage that.

Her left leg was free now, followed a moment later by the right one. Just her right arm now. She tensed her body ready to spring into action. Zee bent down and started fiddling with the chain. Any second now … No!! He was back in her mind, locking her in place. She couldn’t move at all.

Zee stood back up and looked at her. “Ye think I was going to give ye a chance at escape. Ah-hahahaha. Now roll over and get on yer knees.” Ela could do nothing at all but comply. As soon as Zee told her to do it, her body automatically responded. Soon her body was in the required position with her knees directly in the huge puddle she had made from her overheated pussy. Zee quickly reversed course and went back around the table reattaching the chains.

The only thing good at this point was that Armyra had finally come out of her almost comatose posture and actually used the remote control to lower the device back down to a more relaxed setting. Oh it was still doing its job to be sure, but it wasn’t vibrating quite as hard, thrusting quite as deep, or spinning quite so fast anymore. Any relief that Ela felt though was quickly washed away as Zee finally finished with the chains and then suddenly appeared at the front of the table with a little step-stool. Ela gasped out as Zee’s presence finally withdrew from her mind again and she was free to act. Well, at least free to talk since it was obvious that she could not get away.

“Zee, you bastard, what do you think you are doing?” Ela screamed into his face as he set the step-stool down right in front of Ela. She had a very sneaking suspicion of what he thought he was going to do, but there was no way she was going to allow him to do that. She moaned again as the device kept up its work on her pussy. Her juices continued to flow down the inside of her thighs making the puddle her knees were in even bigger.

“Why I’m going to test out that pretty little elf mouth of yours. My wife sure seemed to enjoy it, so I figured I should make sure. It’s in the name of science after all.” With that Zee mounted the step-stool and quickly brought his manhood right in line with Ela’s mouth. “Now be a good little guild leader and suck my dick.” Zee thrust forward with his pelvis but Ela simply turned her head to the side and his hard cock grazed her ear instead.

“Hmmm, ye sure that ye won’t willingly suck my cock? It’s not like it’s very long.” Zee shook his cock in front of Ela’s face.

“Are you insane, that thing is bigger around than a two-handed mace handle. There’s no way you are putting that thing in my mouth. It would dislocate my jaw.” Ela jerked her head back the other direction as Zee once again pushed forward with his pelvis to try and get his hard dick in her mouth while she was talking.

“Have it your way then. Armyra, love of me life, please crank that device back up again.”

“No problem.” The device kicked once more back into overdrive sending Ela right back up to orgasmic bliss. Her body began to shake uncontrollably as she let loose with moan after moan. Somewhere in her mind she realized her dilemma, but there was nothing she could do about it as Zee calmly grabbed ahold of her ears and lifted her face up slightly and then buried his very hard cock into her now very open mouth. Her moans were effectively shut off as his cock completely filled her dainty elf mouth to the brim.

“Mmm, well that does feel good. Now suck that hard cock you prissy little night elf slut.” Ela tried, but the reality was far from possible. How can you suck on something that so completely fills your mouth? The answer is you don’t. Zee instead just began to piston himself in and out of Ela’s mouth as deep and as fast as he possibly could. Ela’s teeth actually scrapped along Zee’s cock, but the twisted dwarf didn’t even seem to be phased by that in the slightest.

Ela continued to moan and shake. Once again it was like a hundred mini-orgasms continued to shoot through her body over and over and over without stopping and pausing. The device was truly a blessing and a curse. Never before had Ela experience such pleasure, never before had she wished that such pleasure would end. Her body was drained and yet it still continued to respond.

Zee’s hard cock already had Ela’s jaw hurting. It was not enough to simply have her mouth open. No, she had to stretch it wide to the point where it felt like her mouth was going to unhinge itself at the jaw. She was drooling something fierce as she couldn’t suck any of the excess moisture off of his cock. Adding to the drool was the fact that although Zee’s cock was not very long, it was so big around that it was causing her to gag almost constantly and therefore making her cry.

“Yes, ye nasty little tramp. Look at ye gagging away on me cock as you orgasm over and over again. I bet your husband would flat drop dead if he were to see you right now.” Ela whimpered at the mention of Doth. Would she ever see her husband again? Part of her wasn’t sure she wanted to. She was being very unfaithful to him even if it was against her will.

Zee suddenly sped up his thrusting. “Yes, that’s it. Oh, I’m going to cum. Yes. ” Ela was gagging nonstop now as Zee began to ram himself in and out of her mouth forcefully. Suddenly the device between her legs started thrusting even deeper up inside her making her moan even deeper and longer. Zee took advantage of that and really drove his cock deep into Ela’s mouth.

Gaia reveals something that shakes Lyden to the core. She also sends him on his next mission: to get talismans from each Pillar; Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light, and Darkness. Impossible tasks followed by an impossible request await the generator.

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Chapter 31

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What Must Come

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After Cheyenne’s visit, things began moving very fast. Emily Whitefeld was very impressed with the new magical spell that I’d invented that would streamline my method of mind reading the people I was playing cards with. It turned out to be pretty flawless once I remembered that I had to carefully monitor the distance of the people I was ‘reading’ at any given time. Trying to read an entire table full of poker players, eight people at a time, was very difficult, but doable. The trickiest part was remembering to dismiss the spell if the person got up to use the bathroom or walk away. As soon as I got more than a few dozen feet away from someone that I had cast the spell on, the drain on my mana reserves became problematic very quickly. Re-casting the spell was a little time consuming, but Emily and I worked on how I could do that while seeming to consider my cards.

She admitted that she was very impressed that I’d seemed to create a brand new spell, though she admitted that she knew little about mental magic. But in her experience only the most powerful or well trained mages tried to create new spells from scratch, and she informed me of how dangerous it was. After the disaster in the elevator that left me no doubt of the danger of experimenting with what Emily called ‘wild’ magic. I vowed to be much more careful with such experiments in the future, especially after she told me horror stories about mages who’d ‘burned out’ and were nothing more than lobotomized husks that sat around drooling and giggling to themselves.

Things had been strange between Cheyenne and Erin. Both women had been pleasant and respectful to each other, but I also got the sense that they were two animals circling each other, sizing the other up and ready to pounce. I understood it from Cheyenne, she was growing very strong feelings for me, but was surprised to see Erin’s reaction was almost the same. I wondered if she wasn’t also developing feelings. I would have explored it further, but as I said, things began moving very fast and I became quite busy.

Since the magic was down, Emily began teaching me strategy. This wasn’t magic, this was just the pure art of poker playing. Pacing myself seemed to be the name of the game in Emily’s book. The experts, which I was certainly not one of, would try to draw me out. They would bet big after I’d committed to my hand in order to draw out my chips if I didn’t have a winning hand. That was one thing I learned, that just because I’d already committed thousands of dollars to a pot, I needed to be willing to dump it and walk away from a hand if I wasn’t certain I was going to win. Playing conservatively was going to win me the tournament, not luck, not boldness, and not even my magic. Since the tournament was going to be no limit, the other players were going to be aggressive, very aggressive.

Emily even explained that there was an entire theory about this called Aggression theory. Aggression theory said that playing defensively in a tournament like this was actually an easy way to bleed out slowly. That the aggressive player actually had the advantage in a straight up hold em tournament. This theory related to the fact that the aggressive players would likely control the table, but that wasn’t always a winning strategy as long as I didn’t let them scare me. Playing defensively and waiting for the right hand would give me a chance to maximize my advantage. That advantage of course was my magic. Emily knew about my ability to see the other players cards, but I still hadn’t revealed that I’d picked up her talent for manipulating random chance and letting the card I wanted most, be the most likely to be drawn next.

That was my other advantage as well. If I played defensively, I’d appear to be a weak player and that would draw out the aggressive players, who would bet big on a marginal hand, hoping I’d fold out. Emily was betting that between my magic and the fact that I’d be able to push back against chip bullies the exact moment that my hand would beat theirs, I’d be unstoppable, even with the host’s facial recognition software.

So that’s how the next few days went, with Emily constantly trying to push me around the table with some other players, showing me the time to call, to fold, and when to recognize the difference. I wasn’t going to fool people for long, and ‘luck’ would only go so far as an excuse. But the worst part was how the other players, the dealers and friends of Emily responded to my play. If I used my magic too much, they knew something was up. I’m sure they never would have guessed in a thousand years that I was using magical mind reading spells to know what cards they had in their hand, but they knew that something was up.

Jamie, the pit boss that would sit in on some of our games in my room, was the first to call it. “You know kid,” he would say, always calling me ‘kid’ because I was only twenty one by all appearances, “I don’t know what’s up with your play. Sometimes I think you’re a fish, other times you’re a rock the way you never bleed, and then there are times that you come out like a real pro, and you’ve only lost significantly when you suck out a good pocket. I haven’t figured you out yet, but there’s something up with your play style.” Then turning to Emily he added, “and the pros are going to tear him up if he doesn’t get more consistent. They’ll all fire down on him just because he’s too much a wild card.”

Emily nodded. I didn’t even understand all the terms, but I got the gist of what Jamie was saying. He was saying sometimes I played like a total new player, other times I was too conservative, not betting when I should, and finally there were times when I played like a pro. Of course it was those times that I knew the cards of everyone at the table. The thing that was really affecting my play was the randomness of the cards as they came out. He mentioned ‘sucking out’ and I learned that meant when I had a good hand, but the flop, turn, or river fucked me. For example, one hand I had pocket aces and the next best hand belonged to Emily who had a queen jack suited. She stayed in, and the flop had a jack, then the river had a queen and her two pair beat my single pair of aces.

It was very hard to ‘read’ Emily. As a mage and also as she called herself a ‘lifelong poker player’ she had an unreadable poker face, and that discipline extended to her mental shielding. It wasn’t perfect but it was enough to fool me a good part of the time. The only thing that made it tolerable was that Emily assured me that of the players that had gotten an invite to this particular poker tournament there were no mages that she knew of.

I was getting very annoyed and frustrated at this whole deal and beginning to wonder if I hadn’t made a mistake in accepting Emily’s invite. Sure, we’d agreed on 25% of the winnings, minus her initial investment if I won. First place would take home seven and a half million, which once she’d taken her cut would be seven flat. So if I could manage to take home first place would be a payment of one and three quarters of a million dollars for me. That was an outstanding chunk of change, and I knew professional poker players that ‘worked’ the circuit that couldn’t boast that level of winnings in their lifetime, let alone one single game. It was a huge carrot on a stick that was driving me forwards. But that was only if I’d actual won first place. I had to consider that I wouldn’t. I’d make a little money even if I took second or third, and while there were cash payouts down to seventh place, they wouldn’t be enough for me to have made any money. But even if I took 2nd place my payout from Emily would drop from one and three quarters of a million down to three hundred and seventy five thousand. But I was starting to question if I would be able to even make that spot. The fact was that I just wasn’t a poker pro, and that I’d be going against some of the richest and best players in the world in a very small, intimate setting where the host was using technology that would help him to win.

Feeling the press of a headache with only two nights left before the tournament, I was highly doubting my ability to pull this off, and I think, so was Emily. I begged for the rest of the evening off, and Emily and the card players left my suite. I opened the door to the other half of the suite where Erin sat chatting and drinking wine with a fellow working girl. I hadn’t caught this one’s name, but she was a cute petite girl with a heart shaped face and hair that was so white blonde that my first reaction was that it was very likely a wig.

Erin had been bringing up ‘guests’ to entertain me ever since the day Cheyenne had come for a visit. My original contract with Emily Whitefeld had called for two girls to be available to me, though for the first few days it had been only Erin. But when Erin had walked in on Cheyenne and myself cuddled up, sleeping, something had changed in her a little bit. Before that, she’d been giving me a real GFE, girl friend experience. I think that she might have been buying into the fantasy too, she may have really been considering me as a prospect for a serious relationship. But seeing some other woman cuddled in my arms as we slept made her realize that she was, in the end, a prostitute hired to service me for the entire week.

So after that, she’d been fulfilling her agreement and bringing in other girls at least once a night and I’d been having quite enjoyable threesomes. I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t a little disappointed at the cooler attitude Erin took towards me. But I was still trying to feel out my emotions towards Cheyenne anyways, so in a way it made it easier to have Erin keeping a bit of distance. She also began asking fairly often if there was any way I could use my influence to get her into a job at Ruby’s Hideaway. I needed to look into her mind and find out why she was so adamant. It felt like it went beyond just having a good job at an established brothel.

“Mike, this is my friend Kara,” Erin said gesturing to the woman with the shockingly platinum blonde hair. The woman smiled up at me, dark lashes hiding under the white bangs that curtained past her eyebrows. Erin continued, “She’s our guest for tonight.” I wasn’t sure if Erin even realized it, but she’d been bringing up exclusively petite girls. Erin herself was somewhat petite, and it wasn’t lost on me that she seemed to be presenting girls that were almost the opposite of Cheyenne. Not that Cheyenne, with her mixed heritage native american features, was heavy. But looking at the darker skinned girl, you’d call her curvy in all the right places. Erin on the other hand, and the girls that Erin had been bringing by, had been quite skinny and fair of skin and complexion. This new girl, Kara, in fact looked almost anorexic and pale beyond belief. It was almost frightening to see a girl who lived in Las Vegas so fair of skin. Did she refuse to go outside during the day?

“Very nice to meet you Kara,” I said as I entered the half of the suite that I had come to think of as ‘Erin’s side’ of the hotel suite. I shut the door to my half, making it clear that we’d be partying in this part. Then I looked the women up and down. Both were dressed in somewhat casual outfits, Erin in jeans and a t-shirt that was quite tight on her petite frame and left no doubt that she was braless. Kara was a black dress that came to about mid thigh and hugged her body tight, but left her shoulders and willowy arms bare.

The room had a slight smell of cigarettes and pot, and I noticed that the ash tray had a few butts in it. I knew Erin didn’t smoke, at least not as a rule, so I nodded to Kara and said, “Why don’t you go freshen up Kara before we start? There are extra toothbrushes in the bathroom.” I’d made sure of that after the first girl that Erin brought had garlic breath.

Kara smiled and stood, then running her hands down her body she said, “I’ve heard some good things about you Mike, I can’t wait to see if they are true.”

I waited till the bathroom door closed and then held my hand out to the lovely Erin, “Let us wait for her in the bedroom. I think I’d like to watch for a little bit before joining in.”

Erin smiled, “Watching? That’s not like you Mike.”

I smiled and led her into the bedroom. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I was just a bit too tired to jump into it. Plus my mana was quite low and I’d need a little recharge before I could use it on a new girl. The professionals always insisted on condoms, a fact I quickly changed their minds about with a little mental push. I could read them and knew that so far none of the girls I’d been with had anything I could catch. For the price these girls were earning from Emily Whitefeld as per our agreement, I’d be damned if I was going to wear a bag. But watching for a little bit would give me enough juice to weave my magic and make Erin’s friend pliable when I was ready to join in.

Erin undressed as I sat in a chair in the bedroom. She looked at me and asked, “Do you want a lap dance?”

I shook my head and nodded towards the bed, “Like I said, I’ll just watch for now. Why don’t you go ahead and get started till Kara comes out?”

Erin smiled and crawled up onto the bed. I unbuttoned the top of my pants and unzipped, but didn’t go any further than that as I watched. Erin crawled towards the center of the bed, on her hands and knees, then stopped and looked over her shoulder at me. She flashed me a smile then lowered her head and shoulders to the bed. She wiggled her bottom at me, and spread her knees a little, exposing her hairless slit and ass. With a light moan she slid her hand between her thighs from under her body, and let her fingers play across her pussy lips. She sighed softly and began caressing her labia, slowly, putting on a show for me.

Kara entered the bedroom and found us. With a smile she asked, “Where would you like me Mike?” To which I only nodded towards the bed and Erin, who was playing with herself. Kara wasted no time slipping out of her clothing, letting them pool at the floor. She posed for a moment, one hip cocked, fist perched on it, displaying her body to me. I smiled appreciatively at her body and drank in the sight of her round B cup breasts with their light pink nipples.

Then I let the smile drop and said, nay, commanded, “Why don’t you join Erin on the bed, she looks like she’d appreciate a hand.”

Kara kicked away the pool of clothing at her feet and then crawled up onto the bed next to Erin. I unbuttoned the pants I was wearing and eased them open, allowing my semi flaccid cock to make it’s way out of my boxers and into the open air. Kara crawled up alongside Erin and then took the red head’s face in both hands and began kissing her. I’d been around long enough to know a passionate kiss and one that was simply for show. What Erin and Kara were doing was most definitely for show. Their lips barely touched, but they opened their mouths wide and let their tongues duel in the intervening space, so that I could see from where I sat. It was the type of kissing that you saw in porn, and that no one ever actually did. I could appreciate the show but there was no actual passion, no heat, nothing but the show the two prostitutes were putting on because they thought it would arouse me. Which of course meant that there was little to no primal forces being generated for me to draw from, no mana refilling my system. This was only slightly more erotic than watching a dvd. The small trickle of power I was receiving was likely from Erin’s masturbation.

I sighed and said, hoping to get something a little more real going on, “Kara, why don’t you go down on Erin, she’s already started, but I’d like to see you pleasure her.”

The two looked at each other for half a second and then Kara nodded and shimmied her body back down on the bed. She reached the end and knelt there as her face went down between the redhead’s thighs. Erin, laying on her back, reached up to cup her own breasts. Squeezing she pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger, and with the moan of pleasure she let out, I could tell the moment Kara’s mouth made contact with her sex. This time Kara wasn’t just putting on a show. I couldn’t see much of what she was doing because her silver white hair was in the way, but I could see Erin’s face and I could feel the rush of mana flowing from her and into my body, reinvigorating me. Erin gasped, “Oh god Kara, I didn’t realize you’d be so good at.. oh.. at… oh…. ahhhhhhhh this!”

I could feel a small orgasm pass through Erin and the wash of mana into my system as a result was enough for my needs. I closed my eyes and thought of a mental command, then I pushed it into Kara’s head so that it would seem like her own thoughts. *Mike is clean, you want to fuck him without a condom. Obeying him will bring you great pleasure* I thought at her.

I felt a little resistance at the condom free fucking. She wasn’t used to such a thing and it went against her rules of fucking for money. But the thought did settle in and I wasn’t surprised to find that the second part of the command was unnecessary. Apparently Kara had quite a submissive streak and the only thing she hated about her job were submissive johns. When a client took command and fucked her well, she very much enjoyed herself.

I opened my eyes and saw Kara’s cute ass bouncing at the edge of the bed as she knelt there and was face down in Erin’s pussy. My cock was now rock hard and it was time to join in on the fun. I stood and slowly undressed, setting aside my tie and then folding my shirt over the back of the chair I’d been sitting in. I stripped all the way down, watching the white haired beauty really go to town on Erin.

Erin gasped as she saw my rock hard cock sticking straight out from my body. It was a bit longer than most at a bit over eight inches, but the girthiness of my tool was quite impressive. Kara stopped her cunnilingus on Erin and turned to look and gasped slightly at the sight of my rod. “My god,” She said, “That’s one of the most impressive looking tools I’ve ever seen.” She smiled and I couldn’t help but notice how her chin and mouth were already shiny with saliva and Erin’s juices. “I think I may enjoy this.” She said with a smirk.

I’d had my mental shields lower and I could tell she wasn’t lying. I grinned and said, “I didn’t give you permission to stop!” then pointed back at Erin. Kara’s eyes flashed with mirth for a moment but she turned and resumed licking Erin’s smooth snatch. I squatted down on the floor next to the bed and put my hands on Kara’s round ass. I could hear her moan even as she continued her oral attentions. Spreading her cheeks I gazed at the sight of her hairless slit and the crinkled star of her ass just above it. Already it was clear that Kara was becoming aroused. Her puffy pussy had begun to swell pink with arousal and there was already a hint of dew between the crinkled folds of her inner labia.

I could wait no more. I pressed my face forwards to taste the youthful yet silver haired vixen. My tongue delighted as it parted the folds of her womanhood and tasted her unique honey. I closed my eyes as the taste and smell sent sparks off in my brain. She was delightful, musky yet light, and while not as wet as some of my other lovers, certainly there was enough of her dew here to please. I pressed my face forwards farther, my nose pressing against the tight knot of her asshole as I worked my tongue into her cunny.

The flow of mana was now a torrent, filling me up and refreshing me. I could almost ‘taste’ the arousal of Erin flowing through Kara before it reached me, a three person chain of oral pleasure. My cock twitched and throbbed in anticipation now, and a thick drop of precum began to form at the head of my cock.

We continued on like this for a while, Kara eating out Erin and me doing the same to Kara. I did not focus on simply her sex either but spent some time rimming her. She seemed to enjoy that immensely, when my tongue teased, licked, and even penetrated her tight hole. I took it as a signal to mean that she would be agreeable to anal sex. Of course once that thought entered my head, I knew that it would be so.

Erin came several times, though most were light, weaker orgasms. Kara on the other hand came once under my tongue. It took a long time to build her up, to get her to the edge, but when she did cum, it was a powerful one. Her legs shook and she fell forwards, her slick face leaving Erin’s pussy and pressing into her belly. She twitched and shook as the orgasm rocked her body. She did not squirt or anything, but there was no doubting the validity of such a reaction.

I gave her a few moments to come down from the powerful, body shaking, orgasm. But then it was time to take charge again, I was ready to fuck. “Kara,” I said, “You’re going to kneel on the very edge of the bed on your hands and knees so I can fuck you. Erin, you’re going to get underneath her and sixty nine her until I’m ready.”

The two moved quickly into position, Erin lay with her head almost off the edge of the bed, her red locks flowing down over the edge. Kara maneuvered herself into position above and then lowered her head down to resume licking Erin’s pussy, this time in a sixty nine position. I grabbed a pillow and put it under Erin’s neck so that it would be more comfortable for her to eat out Kara. Then I just stood back and watched for a few minutes as the two women mutually ate each other out.

Then when I’d let them get comfortable and into it for a little while I moved back to the edge of the bed. A tap on Erin’s read hair brought her mouth away from Kara’s now deliciously wet pussy. But I forced the head of my cock against Erin’s lips, saying, “Get it nice and wet for me,”

Erin wasted no time, working a hand up between Kara’s thighs to grip the base of my cock and then pull the head into her mouth. She tilted her head in such a way that I could feed my dick right into her. She moved her hand to my hip and then lightly pulled me in more and more. I could feel my thick cock head filling her mouth, then moving into the very back of her mouth, and then into her throat itself. With the way she’d tilted her head, her neck was in a straight line with her mouth and I could feel my dick penetrating deep into her. I could even see a bulge in her neck to mark the passage of my fat cock head. Then her hand was gently pushing my hip back and I took the queue. I pulled back until my cock head was resting against her lips. She gasped for air, and once her lungs were filled immediately pulled on my hips again. I was only too happy to oblige, feeding my cock back into Erin’s throat again. This time I was able to push forwards until I felt her cute nose pressing against my testicles, and nearly my whole shaft inside her mouth. But again she tapped my hips and I withdrew.

This time after she gulped for air she said, “All the way this time Mike, a little quicker ok?” Then she took another deep breath. I nodded and quickly shoved my cock back inside her mouth. I pushed it hard and deep, watching her throat bulge as my cock filled it. Then I was entirely inside her. My balls were pushing against her nose and face and her lips closed around the base of my shaft. I felt her tongue swirling, licking around the underside of the base, and I began to literally fuck her face. I held onto Kara’s sweet ass, but bucked my hips back and forth, my cock sliding up and down Erin’s throat. Finally, and with a bit of a frantic motion she tapped my hip again and I drew out quickly. She coughed a little as stringy lines of thick spittle connected her lips to my now soaking wet dick. But when I looked down she was all smiles and said, “There you go daddy, nice and wet.”

I smiled at her and then lined the head of my cock up with Kara’s pussy. The woman on top was well aroused and she was ready for me. Still despite Erin’s saliva for lube and Kara’s own arousal, I still found her cunny quite tight and resistant as I pushed my way into her velvety folds. Kara let her head pull upwards from Erin’s pussy long enough to let out a low, long moan. “Oh fuck that’s nice,” she said as I began stroking deeper into her with long steady thrusts.

But then her head with it’s white hair again fell forwards and she resumed licking Erin. From beneath I felt Erin’s tongue reach up and lick the underside of my balls whenever I bottomed out inside Kara. The feeling was intense, I’d had sex with multiple partners many times before, but I couldn’t remember ever having this done. Her tongue was wet and it’s touch was gentle and only when I was fully buried to the hilt in Kara’s tight wetness.

I groaned and tried to keep my pace steady, but the feeling was quite overwhelming. I tried to focus and maintain my composure as I felt primal energy flooding into my body from the two women, my mana reserves filling up quickly. I closed my eyes and put my body on autopilot, my hands gripping Kara’s hips as I fucked her in a deep and steady rhythm.

I returned to my mental fortress inside my mind. The damage that had been done a few days earlier was pretty extensive, but I had since repaired all the damages and made some more modifications. Now instead of my mind looking like an apartment, it looked like the war room in an old movie, or maybe like the bridge of a spaceship from a sci fi show. Gleaming chrome panels and view screens on all the walls, computers everywhere, and a heavy blast door leading both ‘outside’ and another leading deeper into my mind. I willed the screens to turn on, which of course was my mental visualization for casting the spell that would read the minds of the two women I was currently fucking.

A steady stream of images came from both, though I focused on Kara first. I’d gotten much better at filtering thoughts, but it still wasn’t as easy as people made it out to be in movies. It wasn’t as simple as just ‘hearing’ her thoughts like she was speaking out loud. No, human emotion and thought was always a jumble of a hundred different thoughts, images, memories, senses, and emotions all at once.

But I’d gotten much better on focusing on the thoughts and emotions that mattered. After a moment I clued into a few pieces of information. As I’d suspected, the pure white hair she had on was in fact a wig. She’d had a bad experience when she first got into the game with some lice, and ever since been shaving her head. Pubes, underarms, and legs she’d actually gotten laser treatment for, but didn’t have the nerve to go for her head. She had a huge collection of wigs at her apartment, nearly a hundred different wigs, which was an astounding amount considering the cost of some of them. In fact, it was one of the things she liked about me, that save my eyebrows she hadn’t seen a single follicle of hair on my body.

I smiled, inside my own head, and then reviewed the other piece of information. She loved anal sex. It made her cum every time, but she was afraid with a cock my size it would hurt, and she was torn on whether or not she should suggest it. One part of her hoped I would ask, another was terrified I would. I sent a simple command back to her, “You’re going to suggest it, and you’re not going to worry about it hurting, you’ll just love it.”

Then I flipped my view screens over to Erin and began reading her. What I saw, after some filtering was disturbing. I needed to talk to Erin, alone. Of course that wouldn’t happen with Kara here.

I opened my eyes, returning to the real world, and began sawing my cock in and out of Kara’s now dripping pussy. I realized that she must have cum as she was no longer licking Erin, but had her face pressed against Erin’s thigh and was moaning out over and over. Then the suggestion must have kicked in because she looked over her shoulder at me and said, “I’d love to feel that rod in my ass right now Mike.”

“Certainly,” I replied, and then pulling my cock from her pussy, I lowered it down to Erin’s face again. The hard shaft rubbed against her face, smearing it with Kara’s cunny juices. But Erin simply opened her mouth and drew me in.

Just like earlier I began to penetrate deep into Erin’s throat, and then fucked her mouth. I’d thrust in and out a few times then pull out so she could take a breath before sliding all the way back in again. As I fucked Erin’s sweet little mouth and throat, I licked my middle and index fingers and got them nice and wet. Then I began teasing Kara’s tight asshole. She moaned and pushed back against them and with very little force I found my middle finger sliding into her. I finger fucked her tight star for a few minutes then pulled it out and re-inserted it with my index finger.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck yes,” Kara moaned as she hugged Erin’s legs. She pressed her face back into Erin’s cunt, but her focus wasn’t there and her cunnilingus was poor at best. I finger fucked her ass with my two fingers for a bit as I continued to drive my cock in and out of Erin’s mouth. But finally I felt Kara’s ass was ready and my dick was as wet as it would ever get.

I pulled out of Erin’s mouth and lined my cock up with Kara’s tight nether hole. Then I pulled my fingers out and quickly replaced it with the head of my cock. Grabbing Kara’s hips, I gave her no time to begin to tighten back up. I pulled her back towards me as I pushed forwards, the head of my cock popping past the tight ring and into her butt.

She squealed, a mixture of discomfort and pleasure, and I could feel Erin moving slightly to get back at Kara’s pussy. I decided I wasn’t going to waste time, and holding Kara’s hips pushed in, then pulled out just a touch, only to push in deeper.

She was panting and moaning, and her knees and legs were shaking, but she wasn’t pulling away from me. I worked my dick into her deeper and deeper with each thrust. Her tight asshole clenched my pole like a fist, but I continued to push deeper.

Finally I felt my balls come to rest against her dripping slit, and could feel Erin beneath me tonguing Kara’s clit. Kara was panting and moaning and she practically cried out, “Oh god, yes, Erin don’t stop, Mike please don’t move, I’m going, I’m going… oh god….I’m so close…so close…”

I thought for a moment about what I’d seen on her ‘vid screens’ when I’d read her mind. She wasn’t a squirter or a gusher, but she found such things hot. I also thought about the ‘gift’ Brookesbend had given me, to be able to control my ejaculate, and wondered if it was a gift I could share with others. I mean, why not? I was a mage wasn’t I?

I thought about the gift, and then channelled mana into a spell, operating solely by instinct and hunch. I envisioned Kara squirting and then let the mana go free, seeking Kara’s body. She was still panting and moaning, very close to the edge. So I grabbed her hips again and started slowly fucking her ass.

“Oh god, oh god, oh godohgodohgod!” She cried out then, wordlessly, and I felt it. It was like a dam bursting, both emotionally, sexually, and physically. Her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks, and the endorphin release was intense. But also she did something she never had done before. As Erin licked her clit and I fucked her ass, her pussy clenched, and then released, spraying a tremendous blast of musky girl cum directly onto Erin’s face and my balls. Her whole body shook from the power of the orgasm, and several more times she clenched and released, each time a stream of girl juices spraying from her pussy. To her credit, Erin was startled, but after the first blast, simply continued licking Kara’s clit, despite getting a face full of Kara’s jizz.

Then when she finally came down, I knew I was close, I was about to cum and it was going to be a big one. Using Brookesbend’s gift meant that I wouldn’t be able to hold back to ‘normal’ levels myself. I announced it to the two women, “I’m close, Kara, I want you to turn around and lay like Erin, I’m going to cum all over the two of you.”

She nodded though she seemed unable to speak as she still felt the aftershocks of her powerful orgasm. I grunted and pulled out of her ass, and she quickly spun around and lay on the bed next to Erin. The two women put their heads together, and opened their mouths. “You may want to close your eyes,” I warned as I jacked my pulsating dick.

Thankfully for them, they both did a moment before my cock swelled up and then released. An inhuman amount of thick pearly white jizz blasted from my throbbing purple cock head to splatter against Kara’s face. The line of goo painted upwards from her forehead all the way to her chin on the first blast, and the tail end of it even going beyond to snap around her chin and begin running down towards her neck. But that was only the first blast of many. I painted Kara’s face with my white cream, and then I stuck my cock head in her mouth. She sucked me as I came in her mouth, but then the volume of my spunk was too much and she coughed, spittle and cum burbling up past her lips and my dick to slide down her face.

I turned and then released the last few blasts of my spunk on Erin. One solid blast on her face, then feeding my cock into her, the last few in her mouth. She worked hard to swallow all that I gave, and the sensation of her sucking me as I came was mind blowing. Finally I fell backwards, falling with a long sigh into the chair I’d been watching from earlier.

“Uh,” Kara said hesitatingly as my cum slowly slid down the sides of her face, “Erin, could you help me to the sink in the bathroom, I don’t think I want to open my eyes.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle as Erin helped up the silver haired prostitute who was blinded by the magically enhanced bukkake she’d received. I felt fantastic, topped off with mana from the amazing sex. But I thought about what I’d ‘heard’ from Erin’s mind and knew it was time to talk with her. I heard the water start running in the bathroom and sent Erin a mental command, “After Kara’s cleaned up, see her out, then go and talk to Mike.”

Satisfied that my mental command would seem like her own idea, I got up and returned to my half of the suite, leaving the connecting door mostly open. A quick hop in the shower removed the lingering scent of body spray that the two women had been wearing as well as any sweat and any other lingering bodily fluids.

I changed into silk pajama trousers after my shower and flopped onto the bed to await Erin’s arrival. I was just beginning to drift off when she pushed open the door between the suites and knocked, “Mike, can I come in?” She asked.

I looked up and saw that she was wearing a silk bathrobe, bright cherry red in color. I nodded and said, “Sure turn off the lights and then come join me in bed.”

She did so and crawled onto the bed. I held my arm out and she curled up against my bare chest and rubbed her hand against my pecs, “You know, I’ve never asked you, did you get laser treatment or something? Other than your eyebrows you don’t have a hair on your body and I know you don’t even own a razor.”

She actually had asked me, several times, I’d always just pushed the question to the back of her mind with magic making her forget about it for a while. I almost did again but I decided that our week together was drawing to a close and it was time to find some answers. “Tell you what, I’ll answer you that question, but you’re going to be honest with me first. Deal?”

She tensed and then I felt her nod. “Tell me why you really want to work at Ruby’s so much, and don’t lie, I’ll know if you lie.”

She sighed and said, “I know for a fact that my dad visits there. I’m sure you noticed I have a tendency to call out ‘daddy’ when you’re really fucking me well. I guess I have some Daddy issues. He wasn’t a nice man, he… well.. he wasn’t a nice man, lets just say that. I should have been happy when he left my mother. But I wasn’t. It was at the time in a young girl’s life when she needs a positive male influence in her life and he left. I remember him yelling at my mother that she wasn’t a real woman, she couldn’t ever make a man happy.”

She sighed and I bent my neck to kiss the top of her head, her coppery locks tickled my nose, but I waited, silently, for her to finish her story. After a few breaths she continued, “I found that I was very good at making the boys happy.” She turned her head up to me and asked, “I make you very happy don’t I Mike?”

“Of course you do baby, of course you do.” I whispered and her hand idly traced a pattern on my chest. She seemed to glow with contentment and she squeezed me happily.

“Well,” she said after a nice big hug, “I don’t want anything gross, like I don’t want to have sex with my father or anything like that.” I made sure the door in my mind was shut carefully and I didn’t want to even get an inkling of her thoughts from that comment. IF I thought she might be lying about that last comment, I didn’t know what I’d do. But she kept talking even as I made sure I wasn’t picking up any of her thoughts, “It’s more that he hurt me, he hurt my mother, and he left us in the lurch. I want to work at Ruby’s Hideaway because I’ve found out that’s where he goes when he wants to hire a pro. I want to take that away from him. I want him to see his daughter and realize that he made me what I am.”

I kissed the top of her head again, “He may have made you what you are, but if so I should probably thank him. I’ve had an amazing week with a beautiful sexy woman who is a fantastic lover.”

Erin blew air through her teeth and said, “Lover, yeah, right. I’m a good fuck Mike. I’m a pro, that’s what I get paid to do. Emily Whitefeld paid my company a lot of goddamned money to make sure that you have a warm wet hole to fuck whenever you want all week long.” Even with my mental shielding up, I could sense her anger and resentment. It probably had nothing to do with magic though and just my observation of her tone and the way she tensed.

I rolled over on my side and pushed her onto her back, “Erin, if all I wanted was a fuck, do you think I would have put it into the contract that you were to remain exclusive to me the entire week? How much more did that cost? How much cheaper would it have been to just have them send a girl when I wanted, and not to have you living with me for the last week?”

Erin rolled her eyes and asked, “Yeah, well, you had ‘guests’ all week long too don’t forget.”

I knew that she wasn’t just talking about the other working girls like Kara, but the rather intimate encounter I’d had with Cheyenne. I knew she’d been bothered by it and we’d avoided talking about it, but maybe now was the time. “Why do I think you’re not talking about Kara or the other girls from your service?” I asked with a slightly cold tone in my voice.

Erin sighed and simply shrugged her shoulders and cuddled against me, pressing her forehead against my chest so I couldn’t see her face. I reached down and lifted her chin so that she was looking at me, “Erin, I think you have feelings for me, and I like that. I have feelings for you too. But I can’t be a one woman man. Cheyenne is very special to me, as you are, but I refuse to put myself in the position where I’m going to choose one of you over the other.” I sighed and added, truthfully, “and I’m not going to be faithful to either of you.”

This is my entry into the 2013 Halloween Story Contest. — Carlie Plum


Brandt carefully drew a diagonal line across the square marked 25 on his October calendar. True, the day wasn’t over yet, but he had his messenger bag across his shoulder and he was headed out the door. Chris Tickman, another quant asked, “Another day, another dollar, Brandt? Or are you counting up the number of days you’ve been Brandt the Quant?”

Brandt the Ant had been an annoying nickname, but his name actually rhymed with ant. Now that annoying little toad in the next cubicle thought it was amusing to mispronounce his name so it would rhyme with the short form of their job title: quantitative analyst. Brandt didn’t answer. It was such easy magic, really, just a few whispered words and Chris’s tongue would cleave to the roof of his mouth. He could even make it temporary, a few days, max. But those weren’t the terms. One year without magic. That was the punishment he had agreed to before coming here. He’d had two warnings for magicking above his level before his sentence was passed down. If he had only learned to suffer fools then as he was doing now. He would have let Ainsley brag about his accomplishments without showing everyone that the blowhard couldn’t even keep up with his own level while he, Brandt, could outpace him although he was a good year and a half younger.

Chris stopped teasing him, his eyes studiously on his desk as the sound of footsteps, or more specifically, a very familiar set of footsteps made by long-legged strides and Christian Louboutin heels echoed in the hallway that led the quantitative analysis department. Even three weeks ago, odds were Taylor Gillis would be looking for Brandt–his failure to make the mistakes his fellow quants made frustrated her. With nothing to bully him about, she simply piled twice as much work on Brandt as she did his coworkers, hoping to trip him up with volume. None of her tactics had worked–not in the five months Brandt had been at Dandridge, Samuels, Woodbury, and Gillis Wealth Management Partners. But after what he’d done at last week’s partners’ meeting, no one had any doubt who she would be looking for.

Taylor didn’t even look at him anymore. Just dropped the large stack of files and instructions and stalked off in the other direction before announcing to her waiting boyfriend, some utterly forgettable hedge fund manager who looked like a football player but didn’t talk about anything that wasn’t covered in the financial pages, that she was ready to go out to dinner.

Brandt snapped his computer screen back on and sent a quick email to Susan that he wouldn’t be by that night. She wasn’t waiting for him, of course. She had her own life and what they had was merely a convenient friends-with-benefits arrangement that suited them both. Next, he turned to the stack of papers Taylor had left. The worst of it was he could be done with it in an hour, error-free and ready for the full Gillis shake-down treatment, but since it would take the best of the other quants a full three hours to work through the stack, he was stuck here for that long, dragging out the work in between bouts of thinking about home and wondering how he had gotten himself in this mess.

The magicking mess was easy. If Zia hadn’t been there, watching Ainsley, enthralled by his claims, Brandt would have kept his mouth shut. He thought he had learned his lesson from the furor that had erupted the first time he had broken the rules about staying within your age group’s approved skills, even if your abilities had already progressed beyond them. But when the girl you wanted to marry was looking that way at another guy, well, logic sometimes went out the window. The mess with Taylor was equally simple. In the time since he’d started with the wealth management firm, he’d never seen her be anything but rude, condescending, and demeaning to anyone who wasn’t a partner or one of the rich old birds they helped make richer. The receptionist, the quants, the secretaries, the janitor, even the doorman, were either ignored or abused by her razor-sharp tongue, depending which of the two wrong sides of her bed she woke up on that morning. Of all the valuable lessons he had learned from his father, one of those he held closest was that the possession of power obligated one to act with care and concern for those one outranked. And from a woman who offered nothing as far as he could see but the fact that her rich family knew a slew of other rich people who were willing to put their estates in the hands of the firm because she worked there, because they golfed with her father or played tennis with her mother, or belonged to the same asinine clubs or secret societies, well, he only had so much self-control.

His disgust with her had been rising almost since the first day, and it hadn’t been helped along by her constant taking credit for other people’s work and trashing them when she couldn’t. So when she’d unveiled a new trading strategy at weekly team meeting, which she’d made a point of saying she’d developed all on her own, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Well, actually, he did keep his mouth shut, since he saw the problem on the third page of the Excel spreadsheet being projected onto the wall, but waited until page 16 to say anything. “Excuse me, Ms. Gillis,” he’d said ever-so-politely, “I think there is a small mistake in your scenario. On page 3, you listed selling Eagle Industries when it went to $5 a share, but they did a three-for-one reverse stock split last week.”

“Well, we only have a small position in Eagle,” she’d responded testily. “I’ll make the change, but it shouldn’t affect the model much.” He’d seen a few of the quants look to the side as they bit down on their lips, anticipating what was about to happen. Taylor jumped back to page three, made the change, and started clicking forward through the pages of numbers as the complex financial models underlying them recalibrated. As she clicked through the document, the spreadsheets updated based on the radically different stock value and the position that was larger than Taylor thought, row upon row and column upon column changing from black to red. Not all red, but when she finally stopped clicking on page nine, it looked to be running at least 60 percent losses.

“You fucking prick,” she’d hissed at him, “I’ll get you for this,” before the meeting was abruptly adjourned, and Samuels, who was a pretty okay guy for a partner, hurried him out of the room. She’d made good on her promise though. She couldn’t fire him, because she wasn’t his boss and even after a few months there his value to the company was more than proven. But for three weeks, she had proven she could make him miserable, piling him high with work most nights at quitting time and saving the most mind-numbing and tedious jobs exclusively for him.

Brandt set another folder in the completed pile, and then contemplated the calendar again. October 31 was just a few days away, maybe, just maybe. . . He knew they kept an eye on him, making sure he didn’t use any of his abilities, but with All Hallows Eve coming up, that would be harder to do. Witches, warlocks, magickers, clairvoyants, elves, Little People, people who could speak with the dead and people who were, at least by the definition of his current plane of existence, dead, slipped out of place, into planes like this one where things like those didn’t exist except in imitation. In a city like New York on October 31, the energy created by the one small spell that was clearly taking shape in his mind would fall like a raindrop into the ocean, unnoticed by anyone but himself and Taylor Gillis, and for her, when it was all over, it would seem like a foggy, half-forgotten dream. By the time he finished with the last file and returned it to Taylor’s office, his plan had taken shape.

Walking back to his apartment, he shook his head ruefully at the Harry Potter marathon being advertised at the movie theater down the block from his apartment. He imagined that there were some schools like that somewhere–Latin spells and eyes of newt and all that bit–but it would only play as a comedy where he was from. Every man–and a few women–had the ability to magic, but no one went to school for it. You went to school to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic, and later to get a degree in whatever profession you planned to pursue. Magicking was just a skill one developed, with age and practice, a matter of learning to focus the mind to use that energy to reprogram reality. No magic wands or fancy cloaks needed.

What Brandt did need was something to hold the magic he would make. The Saturday before Halloween, he stopped into an upscale pawn shop, the sort of place where people who had once had money went to sell their things when the cash ran low. There were cases and cases of jewelry, old wedding rings, pieces glittering with precious stones. He moved slowly down the row until he found exactly what he was looking for. A simple rectangle of platinum, the edges slightly rounded, hung from a platinum chain. It was delicate enough for a woman’s neck, but didn’t look fragile. Perfect. He paid and took it home before meeting his friend Susan for dinner and a roll in the sheets. As he lay beside her afterwards, sated, feeling happier than he could remember feeling since he came to this place, he thought of how different Monday night with Taylor was going to be.

Taylor found the elegant velvet box next to her keyboard when she came back from a late lunch on the 31st. With a full inbox from just about every quant in the department, plus at least two partners she was pretty sure wanted in her pants, it was impossible to know if it was from someone in the office or a gift her boyfriend Steve had had delivered. The card that read “Trick or Treat” wasn’t any clue; it was printed, not handwritten. As she slid her finger across the smooth platinum pendant, she felt a shiver of she didn’t know what: energy? electricity? All she knew was that she needed to put it on.

Brandt had been very specific when he had worked with the pendant. It transmitted only two thoughts to the wearer: want and obey, and both of those thoughts would be directed toward him. For Taylor, the experience was confusing, unsettling. Why was she thinking of that arrogant prick who had made her look bad in front of the whole firm. And why was she wet between the legs when she did? By four o’clock, she didn’t know what to do with herself. After checking her hair and makeup in the mirror on the back of her office door, she walked down the hall to the offices where the quants had their cubicles. In her black sweater, black skirt, and knee-high stiletto boots, she resembled nothing so much as a black cat, Brandt mused as he watched her approach. A black cat in heat and, thanks to his work, interested in one tomcat only.

“I got your email, Ms. Gillis” he greeted her quietly. This wasn’t a conversation for the whole department’s ears. “Of course I’d be happy to join you for coffee after work today to discuss the matter.”

Taylor felt half-drunk. She hadn’t sent any email, didn’t want to have coffee with a quant–she had an evening out with her boyfriend already planned–and yet the only word she could hear in her head was the word obey. She looked at Brandt and wanted to do nothing more than to straddle his lap and feel his cock between her legs. “Fine. I’ll meet you at five o’clock at the elevator bay.”

Brandt turned over file after file, little caring that he was working at least double the speed of anyone around him, perhaps drawing unwanted attention to his “unnatural” abilities. He had never noticed Taylor’s beauty before, the ugliness of her personality had blinded him to it until he had seen it uncovered by her animalistic desire. The office emptied, coworkers departing early for Halloween parties and private engagements, until he was left alone in the office.

“There’s a coffee shop around the corner that has live jazz in the evenings. I found one of the nights you had me here late, repaying me for your own mistake,” he said evenly as he gripped Taylor’s elbow and steered her into the elevator. Taylor felt the urge to slap him; no one spoke to her that way. But just as quickly, the urge passed, and she looked at the floor silently. Outside the building, Brandt stalked off toward the coffee shop, his long legs propelling him paces ahead of Taylor, who trailed behind him, walking quickly to keep up. For the second time, he thought of her as a black cat, but knowing that it didn’t matter how many times she crossed his path, tonight her luck had run out. They drank their coffees without talking, just letting the music take the place of conversation.

Brandt hailed a cab. “I’ll see you home, if that’s all right.”

“Of course,” Taylor answered, wondering how she had ever been able to take her eyes off his face. The jet black hair, olive skin, deep-set eyes so brown they were almost black. Even in her heels, he towered a good five inches over her. They were silent in the cab, Taylor compelled to sit as close to him as she could, her leg touching his. When the cabbie dropped them off, he saw her to the door.

“Have a good night, Taylor,” he said as he quickly ran his thumb across the pendant, “I can get the subway from here.” His touch triggered something he had added at the last minute, a small subroutine that gave Taylor a window to access her small amount of free will, to let him walk away. If some part of her didn’t want him in her bed tonight, she would let him go. He turned, took a few steps down the sidewalk, got just four strides away, before she called him back.

“Would you like to come up for a drink?” The window slammed shut.

Brandt glanced around the apartment, comparing it to the tiny space he inhabited. “Bourbon on the rocks,” he said, flicking his hand toward the antique bar. “You know, you have a very big mouth. A very big mouth that you use to bully everyone around you. I think tonight I can find a better use for that mouth.” Brandt gestured down to his fly. Taylor’s head was spinning. She wanted to throw him out, and yet, she wanted his cock in her mouth, wanted to show him she understood the order his hand had clearly conveyed. She dropped to her knees, and unzipped his fly, reaching into his boxers to uncover his rapidly swelling member. He was going to enjoy this, he thought. He ran his hand through her hair, grabbing a handful to pull it away from her face as she stretched out her tongue and gave him a first lick, then engulfed his head in her mouth, her red lipstick a bright contrast to his pale skin. “That’s right, let’s keep your mouth full for a while so I don’t have to listen to any more of your crap,” Brandt told her as he thrust deeply into her. Taylor opened her mouth wide to receive him and moaned, her hand coming up to grip his shaft as she took him full in her mouth. The sensation was overwhelming, her mouth warm and moist around him as she curled her tongue up and pressed it against the underside of his cock. He slid in and out of her mouth, watching her still-red lips work their way down until they reached her fingers, then sliding back to the head, her tongue swirling all around him, across him.

“That’s right, just keep sucking. You’ll know to stop when I fill your mouth with my cum.” Brandt was breathing heavily, every sense attuned to the perfection of this moment. The sight of his tormenter, no longer in charge, on her knees in front of him, the feel of her lips tight around his shaft as she continued to suck him off. Brandt took a sip of bourbon, savoring the smoky taste and smell , the drink both cold from the ice and hot in his throat at the same time. He put the glass down on the bar. Focusing on the sensations that were welling up, a tingle at the base of his spine, his balls tightening up as they prepared to deliver a load of spunk into Taylor’s hungry mouth. He grabbed her hair tighter and thrust once, twice, then felt the sweet release of his orgasm. “Swallow it,” he ordered.

When she finished, he zipped up his fly and led her out onto the glass-enclosed balcony. “Take off your bra and underthings, but leave your clothes on,” he instructed, settling in to a plush armchair to watch her comply. Taylor unzipped her tall leather boots and stepped out of them, then bent over to remove her tights and panties. Her skirt stretched tight against her ass. Brandt felt himself growing hard again. How was it that he had never noticed that ass? “It’s a shame that the ugliness of your behavior disguises your physical beauty.” The words were like a slap against Taylor’s face. She prided herself on her good looks, reveling in the power they gave her over men. Could it be true that Brandt didn’t find her attractive? Didn’t want her as she wanted him? She hurried to unzip her sweater, the platinum pendant falling against her skin, seeming to give off a small pulse as it made contact. She started to slide her arm out of her sweater, but Brandt corrected her. “I already told you, underwear off, clothes on,” his voice mimicking the same mocking tone she so often used at the office.

Taylor unsnapped the front of her bra, her full breasts springing free, the nipples dark pink against her white skin, made all the more pale by the contrast with her black sweater. Wiggling her hand up her sleeve, she was able to draw the strap off her shoulder and pull it back down the sleeve, then repeat the maneuver on the other side before dropping the bra to the floor and zipping her sweater back up. Brandt spread his legs a bit, then patted the chair: “Sit.”

Taylor settled back against Brandt, feeling his warmth, his strength. She looked out the windows. In the nearby apartments that were illuminated, she could see a few parties going on, and couples having dinner or watching TV. Brandt reached out his arm and flipped on the lamp next to him, bathing them in a pool of light. Now they were as visible as the people she had been watching. Taylor felt Brandt’s hands reach up and unzip her sweater, pushing it open to reveal her breasts again. She started to protest, but Brandt spoke over her, “I don’t remember telling you that you could talk.” In her head she heard a single word: obey. “Lift your ass,” Brandt instructed, as he pulled her skirt up, hiking it up high on her thighs and pushing her legs apart, leaving her exposed to anyone who might glance out one of the many windows of the other apartment buildings. Taylor shivered, thinking of the eyes that could be watching her. What if someone took a picture? She shuddered with worry. Brandt encircled Taylor with his arms. “You want this, don’t you?” he asked.

Taylor didn’t know what she wanted. Part of her wanted to retreat back into the apartment, but part of her, a pulse somewhere at her center, simply wanted whatever Brandt wanted. At the moment, what Brandt wanted was to lift her breasts, cupping them and running a finger of each hand across her nipples. “Nice work,” he commented. “Did you buy them yourself or were they a graduation present from Daddy?” Taylor bit her lip but didn’t answer, embarrassed as she never had been that Brandt was right, her father had paid for her implants, calling them an investment in her future when she finished her MBA. Brandt twisted her nipples, pulling them away from her body and drawing a moan from her lips. He dropped his head to kiss her shoulder, then her neck, running his tongue across the platinum chain. The contact jolted Taylor, sending a wave of desire through her body that was like nothing she had ever felt. She lifted her ass off the chair, moaning more deeply and spreading her legs wider, inviting Brandt in.

One warm, firm hand left her breast and trailed down her stomach, then between her legs. “Brazilian . . . of course,” Brandt said, in a tone that didn’t sound like a compliment. Taylor was confused by his disapproval, but didn’t have time to process a question before the hand between her legs had clasped around her mound. As Brandt moved his hand up and down, squeezing her lips firmly together, she felt the most delicious sensation of her own inner lips massaging her clit, touching it from every angle. She held as still as she could, hoping only that he wouldn’t stop. He was probing deeper now, a finger running up and down her slit, spreading the juices that were already flowing out of her across her swelling lips. The finger found her clit, sliding up from the underside, knowingly teasing her most sensitive parts. She lifted her legs and put them over his, spreading her cunt obscenely wide. Brandt saw a couple in a window across the way looking at them, moving to the window and flicking off the light to get a better view of the show.

Chapter Twenty-Six: The Third Week

Coming into the third week Jack was feeling assured. Mrs. Meter was one deep fuck from servitude, Mrs. Pratt was just about to go insane with lust, and Mrs. Mueller was already there. Even Maggie was turning out nicely, and she hadn’t even been on the agenda.

Early Monday morning, before class, Jack was in his room making up notes. He had scribbled the name of his four angels on a piece of paper and drew lines from them. Each line was connected to a name of a female target.

Each of Jack’s angels possessed a piece of his light within them. When they were worshipped then he was worshipped. He gained power from the pleasure they caused and the praise they received, and in turn he gave them power and pleasure of their own. That would be key to his great conquest.

He put away the note before leaving and met Maggie in the commons. They walked to class together. She kept close to him, and she smiled and laughed as they passed through the halls.

Through math they passed notes to each other. After math Jack kissed her on the cheek and then visited Mrs. Meter’s office privately. She was kneeling ad waiting for him, and gave him a long, loving blowjob without being asked.

For Mrs. Meter the weekend without Jack was torturous. While stroking him to hardness she told him, “I dreamt of you every day. Mostly, I dreamt of your cock.” She stared cross-eyed down his shaft before licking the crown. “I tried to suck my husband’s…thing, but it just didn’t feel right. It’s not the same. He doesn’t even begin to compare.”

She took him into her throat. It was difficult, and her lack of skill showed, but she was very enthusiastic about it. The willingness and tightness were a wonderful combination and brought Jack to orgasm. He came so much that she nearly drowned.

Jack jerked the last of his cum onto her face and into her open mouth. By the end of his climax she was sitting with her mouth open and cum all over. His flood overcame her early on, but she was all too happy to get a hot, white facial. She licked up what she could and kissed his cock before he put it away.

“You look good with my cum on you.” Jack did up his jeans and watched her eat his cum. She smiled at him. “Anyhow, I should be going. I’ll see you on Wednesday. You can blow me again.”

“Oh, I can’t wait,” she said. “I’ll see you then, sir.”

Jack stepped out of the office and closed the door, and Mrs. Meter sat in a pool of cum and contemplated the ‘sir’ at the end of her sentence. She wasn’t sure where it came from, but she knew it felt right. After all, she respected him, even revered him, and she had to show him her piety.

Jack had feared the weekend without him would give Mrs. Pratt time to regroup, but Monday found her even more broken than before. Barriers that once stood against him were now fractured, sad little things easily swept aside. Once he got his hooks in she couldn’t shake free.

Rose light had blossomed within her. Jack saw it as soon he looked her in the eye, and he toyed with it throughout class. She hardly looked away from him during the hour. With her mind open and her light turning she was more receptive and easier to tune.

Class let out and Jack waited. She smiled at him bashfully, aware of his intention, and he could see a pink flash behind her eyes. Jack twisted her, swelled her arousal to colossal levels.

She blushed and packed her things quickly. She was almost out the door before Jack called on her.

“Yes, Mr. Hillton, how may I help you?”

“Well, do you remember when we were alone last time/”

“How could I forget?” She seemed breathless and enamored. Then she closed her eyes, took a deep, calming breath, and steeled herself. When she looked at him again her eyes were cold, distant, and she was fearless. Jack admired her strength, but he also wanted to break her even more. “What about it?”

“Well, you have two hours until your husband is finished with classes, right?”

“Yes, what of it?”

“I was thinking that we could use the time to talk…privately.” He stared her in the eye and controlled the flow of her emotions. She struggled but could not resist.

She smiled faintly. “Jack, I know where you want this to go, and I am telling you that our last…encounter was a mistake.”

Jack approached her and leaned in. “Mrs. Pratt…Silly little Mrs. Pratt,” he breathed. Pink spots spread through her gaze again. Her expression softened, her smile lingered. He put his hand on her hip as a gesture of power and control, and she did not recoil. “Take me somewhere private for our…talk.”

She nodded shakily and muttered, “Okay.”

Mrs. Pratt led Jack to her car. The entire time walk there Jack kept his gaze on her ass. It swayed dramatically and purposefully, as if she were enticing him. She never looked back to confirm it though and kept a quick pace. Clearly she was ashamed, but she was also powerless.

Mrs. Pratt owned a large, spacious SUV. She unlocked the doors and they got in the back, where they would have room to stretch. Once inside she locked the doors again. “So, what exactly is so important that we couldn’t discuss it publically?”

Jack laughed. “Oh, come on, you know that we’re not really talking, don’t you?”

She smiled knowingly and twisted her brow. “Oh, then what exactly are we doing?”

He had to marvel at her control. Few women could be toy with him in such a way. From the beginning she seemed to know how things would turn, and yet she resisted and fought him on every front. He had no doubt of her eventual submission though. No woman could resist her passions in his presence.

Without a word Jack reached out and pulled her into a kiss. She melted in his grasp and wrapped herself about him as their tongues met. Their lips mashed together forcefully. The kiss was thunder, quick and hard. She fell backward and pulled him in between her legs.

Jack smiled at her. “So, let’s converse,” he said while sitting up. He placed a hand on her thigh. She quivered but couldn’t speak. Everything was happening so fast. It was all too much to process. “We need a subject to discuss though. Why don’t we start with these?” Jack put his free hand down between her breasts.

Mrs. Pratt shook her head. “No, Jack, we…We can’t…”

Jack ignored her. He moved his hand down and lifted her blouse up over her pale stomach. She helped him get it up over her head and laid back to give him a view of her shapely chest. “Well, well, I think these will be a fine conversation starter.”

He grasped one of her breasts firmly. It was dense and meaty but yielding as well. He pressed it against her chest, and she let out a long, impassions groan.

“I think you’re enjoying yourself.”

“No, I’m just…”

“Don’t lie, Mrs. Pratt. It’s unbecoming.” He leaned down and caught her in a powerful, tempestuous kiss. She clutched him tightly and pulled him into her. As their tongues met she hooked her legs about his waist and pulled up against him.

By the time the kiss ended her bra was up and over her tits. Her nipples were blood red and very, very hard. They stood out from her breasts as beacons of her arousal. Jack cupped her breast again and teased the nipple with his thumb. “For someone not enjoying herself you’re not in a hurry to stop me.”

She bit back a moan and laid there, somewhat stoic. Behind her eyes Jack could see her arousal struggling to surface. He leaned in and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. Finally, with a loud gasp, she relaxed in his grip.

“Oh, God…your mouth is so warm. It feels so…so…”

“How does it feel,” he asked while kissing his way upward. He planted a small, quick kiss on her lips before crushing her beneath his muscular form. Grasping both breasts, he leaned in and whispered, “I want you to admit that you’re enjoying yourself. I want you to admit how you crave me. Then, and only then, I will let you see my cock. Then and only then will I let you pleasure me and worship me as you want. All I ask is for complete honesty.”

“I…I…” She shook her head. Jack kissed his way back down to her breasts and bit one gently. She resisted and struggled with the monstrous lust ached in her groin, and then it hit her. All he gave her was pleasure, pure, organic pleasure. It was a natural reaction, and there was no shame in it.

This realization opened her mind to entirely new possibilities. She craved his cock and there was no shame in that either. Furthermore, she obviously needed him or else she couldn’t have put herself in such a situation. She denied it because of stifling social protocols. Her id was out of control though. It hungered for him in a way that her super ego could never understand, and she decided that guilt be damned, she would give in.

“The truth…is that I love your hands and your mouth. The truth is that they make me feel more than good. You make me feel more than good. Having such a handsome young man lust for me and pleasure me in such a way is flattering beyond words.” She smiled and cupped his head. “The truth is that I want you to ravish me, Jack, and that I need that cock of yours. Now, let me have it before I take it by force.”

He grinned around her nipple. “Well said.” He sat up. “You’ve finally earned it.”

Mrs. Pratt smiled and sat up to undo his pants. They were bulging already, but she was surprised to find his cock limp when she pulled it out. By her estimation it was nearly a foot long. She held it with both hands spaced apart and marveled at its size.

The first thing Mrs. Pratt noticed was how warm the car got shortly after Jack’s exposure. Shortly thereafter she took note of the strong smell that filled it. The scent, originating from Jack’s crotch, burned her nostrils slightly and set a flame alive inside of her body.

Shakily, she measured him one grasp at a time. “Oh my word! I’ve never…seen anyone even nearly the same size as you. You’re…enormous…magnificent…and you’re not even fully erect.” She held him up a bit and leaned in close to examine. Her cheeks grew red as his smell insinuated itself upon her. “You’re still growing and already you’re easily twice the size of my husband…” She stroked with long, slow strokes from tip to base.

When he grew fully erect she took the time to run her hands along every inch. The dimensions left her speechless. In the same way that she couldn’t wrap her hands around his thick shaft, she also could not wrap her mind around him. As with all things that confounded her, Mrs. Pratt became even more enthralled by him, finding his immensity both frustrating but also alluring.

“Here we go. It’s fully erect now, and I must say…You have a perfect penis, Mr. Hillton. I had been struggling with my feelings for you since day one, but only now do I fully understand why. Now, don’t misunderstand what I am saying. You are an intelligent, clever, and amusing young man, and you are very handsome as well, but this here is your best feature. With this you can have any woman in the world. With this…” She sighed and looked him in the eye. “What I mean to say is thank you. Thank you for this chance.”

Jack thrust into her hands, ramming his cock hard against her cheek. “You’re welcome. Now, don’t disappoint.”

“Of course,” she whispered, and she started jerking him off excitedly. She twisted her hands and threw herself into it. While stroking she leaned in and ran his cock along her cheek and face. Her eyes were closed as in prayer. His heat filled spread through her and filled her.

Jack closed his eyes and focused on her. He felt her writhing in his mental grasp. Then she struggled no more. She submitted to him. His light surrounded her and engulfed her. Her brilliant mind swelled within him and then simply collapsed. Jack felt this-the aftershock-and then he felt rapture.

Jack bulged and then exploded. Cum splashed across the car seats and the windows. It hit her full in the face and coated her breasts thoroughly. Thick streams burst from his cock, raining down all over her, drowning her.

She opened her mouth and partook of his essence, and to her surprise she had an orgasm herself. It was the second of her life, and it was electrifying. She shook and groaned loudly, and she clamped her lips tight around him and refused to let go.

When Jack finished he was breathless. Her mind had been so vast and was now hollow and ready for his light. Her worship and submission was euphoria, and he basked in it momentarily.

Mrs. Pratt licked at his crotch lovingly and mewled like an animal. “You truly are a masculine paradigm. Your cum…” She licked up some and groaned luxuriously. “When can we do this again?”

Jack pulled his pants up and slipped out of the car quickly. Mrs. Pratt sat in his cum and stared in shock. He did up his pants. “I’ll come and see you some time.”


“We’ve got class.” Jack looked around. “You might want to hurry and clean yourself up. Your car doesn’t offer as much privacy as you would like to believe.”

Mrs. Pratt looked around self-consciously and pulled her shirt up over her chest. Jack laughed and closed the door. She sat in her car and watched him go back toward the campus. He was right, the car offered no protection.

She slipped her shirt on over her sticky body and looked at the mess they had made. She would have a lot to do before her husband got out of class, that was sure. For a moment she considered whether the trouble was worth the reward, and then she laughed the question off.

No part of her entertained, even for a second, that it wasn’t.

Wednesday evening Jack forewent class and made a visit to Mrs. Mueller office. She was already drinking when he arrived and no longer made an attempt to hide it from him. He closed the door behind him and took a seat.

“Missed my class…”

“Didn’t see much of a point in going,” Jack said.

Mrs. Mueller snorted. “Just another man abandoning me.”

“I didn’t abandon you. I just have better things to do than sit in one of your ‘lectures.’”

“But you came for the sex?”

Jack shrugged.

“My husband never wants to have sex.” She sighed. “That’s not the problem though. The real problem is that he doesn’t love me. To him I’m just a disguise…a suit to wear so no one can see the real him. So that even he can’t see the real him.” She downed a shot and then poured another. “He’s a good man though, a great man. Stayed with me even though he’s…the way he is. But me, I’m just not happy with it anymore. I need something to, you know, satisfy me.”

Jack smiled. “I can satisfy you.”

“Oh, I know you can.”

Jack stood and undid his pants. His cock was limp and not even half as large, but his scent filled the room quickly. Despite its smaller size Mrs. Mueller seemed impressed. She leaned forward and examined him.

“I see that you’re a grower.”

“I am, so why don’t you help it grow?”

She stared cross-eyed at his crotch for a moment, and then she slipped from her chair and kneeled before him. “How exactly could I do that?”

“You can use your mouth.”

“My mouth?”

“Yes, use your mouth and your hands.”

“My mouth and my hands…” She smiled. “Okay, that sounds wonderful.” She cupped his crotch and inhaled deeply of it. She kept doing this until the inhalations turned to sucking, and then she gave herself completely to his cock. She throated him without being told.

In short time Jack was fully erect, and he wasted no time in taking things further. With a firm grip on her head he fucked her throat ruthlessly. She gagged and struggled for air, but she also kept firm in her resolve to pleasure him. This went on for a few seconds before he disengaged and said, “Now you need to take off your clothes. I’m going to give you what you’ve been so desperately missing.”

Panting, Mrs. Mueller stood in the small office. There was hardly room for her to undress. Jack watched her while stroking himself, and his cock was only a few inches away. It was swollen and gleaming. To her it looked in pain, and she felt a dire need to relieve it.

She yanked off a knitted sweater and tossed it to the floor. Mrs. Mueller’s figure was shapely yet sagging. In her youth it would have been tight, but years of stress and neglect had put extra weight on her. She wasn’t fat but fleshier and simply didn’t have the perkiness with which Jacob was accustomed.

She shimmied out of her jeans and panties in tandem. Like her upper body, her lower body was attractive but showing its age. Her rump, specifically, was plump, shapely, but taking a turn for the worst. Her pussy was an unkempt marsh of dark brown hair that she showed self-consciously.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting…”

“You’re fine,” Jack said while forcing her onto the table. He spread her legs and she hugged them to her breasts while he lined up. “Are you ready?”

Mrs. Mueller looked down at his cock. The crown was nestled against her womanhood. Clearly, Jack knew his way around a pussy. She swallowed nervously. He was much, much bigger than her husband.

“I’m not sure I can fit…I mean, you’re so big…Be gentle.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. With a little practice you’ll take me like a professional.”

“I sure hope so,” she said. She seemed hopeful and hungered for him. At times Jack felt guilty for his quick dismissal of her problems. She clearly hadn’t made love in years, and if Jack knew anything it was that people require love.

He took a deep breath to calm himself and remind himself of who he was. Eros was the god of lust, and Jack was a god of love, and somewhere along the way he had lost sight of that. Mrs. Mueller was a woman in great need of love, and he was simply trying to drown her with lust. It was his duty as a god, as her new god, to give her something to believe in.

He inched in slowly. Mrs. Mueller was tight, almost untouched. She clearly hadn’t spread herself for any man in years. It was almost like popping a cherry, and Jack found that thrilling.

She moaned loudly as he sank deeper into her, and she wrapped herself around him. “Oh god, you’re so big, you’re so, so big, and you’re the first I’ve had in years. It’s so big but so god…And it makes me so proud. Please, Jack, please fuck me. Fuck me hard and fuck me deep and make me into your woman.”

Jack found her depth at eight inches and he waited. He let his warmth spread through her and ease her tension. He let his scent invade her and calm her nerves. She hugged him tight and caressed him, and she idolized him.

“You’re so, so big…God, it’s been so long, and it feels so wonderful to have your big, fat cock in me.” She giggled, and Jack wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or the glamour, but she seemed happy. “It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever had, and I’m sure it’s the best!”

“You haven’t seen anything yet!” Jack straightened out and started fucking. He watched the penetration and marveled at how large he looked. Her pussy could barely handle him. Each withdraw exposed inch after inch of massive shaft, gleaming with her juices . Each new drive forward made her toes curl.

He held her thighs and fucked her like he owned her, because at that moment he did. She met him as best she could, rolling her hips and hugging him with her pussy like she was afraid to let go. She shifted, slipped from position and fell into her things on the desk, sending them falling to the floor. Releasing her legs, she braced herself for his deep thrusts.

Mrs. Mueller may have been succumbing to age, but she was in her element during sex. Her body glowed with life. She panted huskily, looked lewd, and fucked like an expert. It was a shame she had been out of practice for so long, because she was built for cock.

She came hard and started chanting. “Oh, yes, Jack, yes, fuck me! Fuck me with your huge cock. Give my pussy what my husband won’t. You’re such a stud, a beautiful, hung stud! Fuck me, use me, and fuck me some more!”

A second orgasm ran through her like a powerful current. It was the best orgasm of her life, far beyond the first in its intensity. She screamed like a banshee and fell back to her desk in a sweaty, exhausted heap while Jack continued to move.

Someone knocked at the door. “Megan, are you okay in there?”

Jack lifted her and put her to the floor. He pinned her down with her legs against his shoulder and started fucking her more roughly. While fucking he slapped her across the face. His balls slapped against her other cheeks. Her head lolled until he caught it in a kiss.

“Should I stop fucking you and let you answer the door? Or should I answer the door and let them see what a big cock you have in you?”

“Wouldn’t I be proud?” She laughed carelessly and caressed his strong arms. Her toes curled as another orgasm hit her. Another knock came to the door, and Mrs. Mueller bit back her shrieks. “D-Don’t stop…Do anything. Do whatever you want. Just don’t stop. Keep fucking me, and I’ll be happy.”

“If you insist.” Jack kept fucking her until the person lost interest and went away. He kept fucking until his cock was swelling and throbbing inside of her, and then he came in the most glorious fashion and filled her with his seed.

Mrs. Mueller had to cover her own mouth to keep the orgasm in. It settled in her throat as she wrapped her legs tight around Jack’s head and shook. Everything in her screamed out in pleasure, and she forgave god for all of those years without sex. Maybe that was all part of the plan, and she was being rewarded with Jack for her patience. The thought nearly made her cry.

Jack pulled out and found her panties. He used them to clean his cock. “I hope that was worth the long years of waiting.”

“It was,” she murmured lazily. Her legs ached, her pussy was sore and leaking, and she simply couldn’t move, but she wore a contented smile all the same.

Jack did up his jeans and then smacked one of her thighs gently. “You’re making a mess down there.”

“I can feel it…all of your hot cum leaking out of me. I think I love it. I think I may love you.”

“I expected as much. Show me you love me.”

She nodded and, with some effort, sat up to kiss his crotch. “When will you be back?”

“Later, whenever I want, I own you now.”

She nodded again.

“Good, then I’ll be seeing you.”

Jack slipped out of her office. On the way he met Mrs. Ash. She smiled at him and blushed. Sex was still thick in his aura.

“Oh, hello, you’re…Were you with Me-Mrs. Mueller?”

“Oh, yeah, she’s in her office. I just got done talking with her.”

“I see. Well, thank you,” she said, and she passed him by.

Jack heard Mrs. Ash’s gasp from the hallway. He grinned and continued outside. He wasn’t worried what would happen as a result of his hubris. In time he would fix the mess. Until then it would just have to take care of itself.

On Friday Jack continued his teasing. From Mrs. Meter he got another blow job. She took him into her throat without hesitation and swallowed most of his cum before being overwhelmed. Jack congratulated her on the progress, and she seemed genuinely grateful.

In the evening he avoided Mrs. Mueller and stopped by only long enough for a quick blow job. He owned her now, but he had his sights set on another target. Mrs. Ash, who worked across the hall, was wary of him, and Jack was eager to force himself upon her.

At the end of the day Ambrosine approached him asking to return home for a visit. Jack wanted to stay and organize the coming week, as it would be the time to reap all which he had sown, but he didn’t want to keep her. He walked her out to the car that evening and kissed her in golden light of the sunset.

They looked out at the sun set together. “I think Spring will come early this year.”

“All the girls will start undressing, showing more skin.” Ambrosine laughed. “Will you be able to keep your head in the game?”

“Don’t worry, I’m focused.”

Ambrosine looked at him for what felt like a long moment, and then she said, “I know you are. You’re really going to do it.”

“Do what?”

“Take over the school.”

“Yeah, for starters at least”

“And then what?”

“The world?” Jack shook his head. “I’m not really sure. We’ll talk about it when the time comes.”

“Alright,” she said. “Are there others?”

“What do you mean?”

“Gods, are there other gods?”

Jack shrugged. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Yeah,” she said thoughtfully. “You’re the only god that matters.”

“Exactly,” Jack said. “Now, you’re wasting day light.”

“What? Do you have big plans tonight or something?”

“Maybe. Are you jealous?”

“Never.” She kissed him on the cheek. “I’m sure your family would love to see you, though.”

“They’ll be fine.”

“My mom would love to see you, too.”

“She’ll be fine, too.”

Ambrosine shrugged. “I tried. I’ll see you later, sweetheart.”


She got into the car and Jack closed the door. He stepped out of the way and blew her a kiss before she left. Then he watched her drive off and down the street. When she was out of sight he went inside.

Nolan was in the room and would stay for the weekend. Jack didn’t particularly care for his presence, and so avoided the room during that time. He went to visit Maggie instead, knowing full well that she would happy to entertain.

“You’ve been keeping up with your room,” Jack said while walking around. Everything was cleaned, save for the dress and towel on her bed. Those were remnants of blowjobs given, and she seemed unwilling to part with them. When Jack entered the room she was wrapped up in them breathing deeply.

She smiled. “Thanks, but I do it all for you.” The admission made her blush. While a proud slut, the effect he had on her was at times unsettling. She was something of a tomboy by nature, and due to her pretty face and natural curves she could often command the obedience of men around her.

Jack was different. He dominated her, treated her like a pet and not an equal. From what she could tell he treated all women, his girlfriend included, like this. He was confident, handsome, very well hung, and just seemed to take charge in a way no other man could. That was his charm.

What startled her was that Jack was, all-in-all, a pleasant person. While demanding and authoritative, he never forced her to do anything. She submitted to him willingly, and that willingness is what concerned her. She had always been a proud woman, and yet Jack had her on knee like so many other sluts. It was like he reshaped her, molding her into his idea of perfection.

Her room and hygiene were proof of this. The blowjobs were equal proof as well. Yet she took pride in these things, and she did because Jack took pride in it. In the end, she took pride in submission, and if given a chance for a redo she would play everything the same if not submit sooner, and that was the truly unsettling part.

Jack pulled up a chair and sat before her. “You’ve really done well, shown how lady-like you are, but that’s not why I’m here.”

Maggie laughed. “That’s obvious.”

“Does it bother you?”

“Does what bother me?”

“That you’re my slut now. Does that bother you?”

Maggie wasn’t sure how to answer. Sometimes it was like Jack could read her mind. She stared at him curiously, trying to measure his concern, and it seemed sincere. Yet another facet of his complex personality opened up to her, and she found his compassion and sincerity disarming. She was stunned and even more in awe of him.

“Jack…No, I am not bothered by it. I want it.” Her tone was uncharacteristically soft. “Listen, you put the moves on me, but I’m the one who gave in.”

“I didn’t give you much of a choice. I can be really…persuasive. Especially with women like you,” he said.

“I’m sure you can be, but…” Her top was low-cut and had thin straps. She fiddled with it nervously while speaking and one strap slid down her shoulder. Her breasts were straining against the top. “You can be irresistible, but then again, I want this from you. I want to submit to you, as odd as that is for me.”

“Good, I wouldn’t want to take you away from you, if that makes sense.”

“It does.” She sashayed toward him. Her jeans hugged her thighs tightly, and the way she moved drew Jack’s attention. She bent over him, giving him a view of her bottomless cleavage. “I’m still me, I’m just happier now.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear that. I just want you to know that you don’t have to be submissive all the time. I like you for you, and that is why I wanted to fuck you.” He smirked. “That said, I don’t at all miss how hairy you used to be.”

“Okay, I get your drift, smartass.” She slipped onto his lap facing him. Her breasts were wedged up into his face with his chin nearly resting in her cleavage. “But you don’t really know that I’ve been keeping my word. My room is clean, but I may be dirty. Maybe you should give me a look over.”

“Maybe I should,” Jack said. He already had a hand up her shirt and was yanking her blouse up over her head. She had foregone a bra that day, and so her bare breasts were now in his face. Each red nipple was erect at his mere presence but grew harder at his touch.

Jack grasped a breast in each hand. Her nipples stuck out through his fingers. He lifted her breasts, inspected them, and then kissed all around them. He kissed until he heard her gasp and then he sucked one aching nipple into his mouth.

She sighed. “Well, how are my breasts?”

Jack shrugged and continued sucking. He switched between her breasts, teasing the next nipple with his teeth until she started running her fingers through his hair. “They seem fine, but they aren’t what I’m worried about. There are plenty of other places that you could be neglecting.”

“Of course, take your time.”

Maggie pulled her arms away and arched her back. This position shoved her chest into his face. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip to keep quiet. Jack clutched more tightly to her breasts and went to work teasing them all over.

“They’re well shaped, I’ll give you that, and heavy. They taste clean.” He lifted up her left breast and licked slowly around the areola. Then he repeated the performance with the right. “Each is responsive to my touch. Very responsive, like you’ve been waiting all day.”

“Just like that,” she breathed.

“Lift your arms, please, I would like to examine those as well.”

“Yes, sir,” she said while obeying. She lifted her strong arms up above her head, which gave her breasts even more lift. Jack ran his hand along the sensitive skin of her underarm, and she broke out into goosebumps.

“Smooth and strong and you’ve been keeping your underarms shaven just like I asked.”

“I’ve been doing my best to take care of myself. After all, I belong to you now.”

“You do?”

“Yes…I do. I submitted to you, remember?”

“Oh my, I guess I had forgotten. So, I own you.”

“Pretty much.”

“All of you?”

She nodded.

Jack teased her breasts again, and she squealed in delight. “These, too?”

“Yes, Jack, my breasts belong to you!”

“I see,” Jack said while wearing a devilish grin. He licked and nipped at them thoughtfully. “What should I do with them, then? They’re so big, it’s rather intimidating.” He looked between them. “More than a mouthful each…I could choke on these fat things.”

“Maybe you should…You won’t hear me complaining.”

“If you want me to suck on your tits then tell me.”

“Please, Jack, I need it…”

“Do you normally ask for things you need?”

“Please….” She quivered in his grasp. Heat was pulsing through her, pooling in her nipples. She panted hungrily for him, eager to find an orgasm somewhere in their play. If she didn’t then she would go mad. “Just, please…”

Jack shrugged. “I don’t think I want to.” He released her breasts and moved his hand down her sturdy waist and to her broad hips. He clutched her tightly, possessively, and she fell forward into him.

“Jack,” she whined, and she clutched his head. “Suck on me,” she barked while pulling him into her tits. Internally he applauded her for such authority. Externally he rewarded her by sucking her tit into his mouth. She shook in his grasp and writhed against him. “Yes, YES, YES! Your mouth feels so good. You mouth, your hands…It all feels so damn good!”

While sucking on her breasts Jack grasped her about the waist and lifted easily thanks to the war god’s strength. He carried her from the chair to the bed, where he fell atop her. Maggie clutched his tighter and growled passionately.

Free from her weight Jack slid his pants and underwear off. His cock was hard enough to kill and fall against her stomach. This simple contact had her convulsing and climaxing. She writhed beneath him as the pleasure in her stomach swelled and burst, and her mind went blank. She became an empty vessel ready for his light.

He released her breast and mounted her, sliding his cock along her face. Slapping it down between her breasts, he wedged them together and teased her hard nipple. Then he waited, using his cock as a smelling salt to waken her.

Gradually Maggie’s mind returned, and she smiled. Jack’s cock was against her chin, his hit was in her skin, and his smell was in her nose. “Your cock,” she said while giving a half-lidded glance down her body. “What exactly do we have here?”

“I wanted you to suck me off.”

She grasped him with both hands and started stroking. Lifting her head slightly and puckering her lips, she kissed the crown and licked the pre-cum it oozed. “After all that teasing earlier you have a lot of audacity to ask this of me now. Maybe I should give you the same treatment.”

Maggie opened her mouth and gazed up at him defiantly. A hint of a smile tugged at the corner of her lips. She kept stroking while poising her mouth ready to take him, but aside from that she didn’t move.

“Do it, Maggie, suck me off.” Jack’s insides were twisting. He was frustrating but also greatly amused by her freewill. He liked Maggie with a bit of fire in her. It added depth to his conquest.

She looked down at his cock and cooed softly. “Oh, sweetie, I don’t think I will.”

“You will. You will because you want to taste me.” She twisted her nipple, and she groaned in pleasure.

“Maybe I do, but I can taste you as easily as this.” She extended her tongue slowly and circled the glans. Jack jerked in her hands but did not thrust forward. She kissed his cock head again before saying, “See, just a little taste. You want more than that, don’t you? You want your hot cock in my mouth…in my throat…coming down in my belly.”

“You listen here…Either you suck me off yourself or I ram my cock down your throat and treat you like a dirty little slut.”

She hummed calmly and licked at his cock again in short, quick swipes of her tongue. Then she grinned up at him. “Maybe I’d like that…”

“Have it your way,” Jack said before lunging forward and burying himself in her throat. Maggie suffocated on him, but she reveled in it. She stroked him faster and even pulled him in deeper. She wanted him in her mouth, in her throat, in her depths. It was what she wanted from the very start.

True to his word, Jack was merciless. He rammed into her throat without restrained, and to his luck Maggie enjoyed it. Nothing in her life had made her feel so alive. While it was difficult to breathe or think, she found a simple joy in such service. To her that moment of struggle was perfection.

Eventually Jack withdrew. Maggie tugged him back in, unwilling to let him go, and only relented when forced. She watched him slide form the bed with his cock swaying before him. The sight nearly had her coming.

“What’s wrong? Was I not good enough?”

“You were great,” Jack said breathlessly. “I’m done with the games though. You’ve been such a loyal slut, and I think it’s time we finally stopped with the games.”

“What do you mean?”

“Maggie, take your pants off.”

Maggie squealed and obeyed. She nearly ripped her clothes off to reveal her sopping muff. She lied back on the bed and spread her legs for him. Jack took her thigh and lined up.

“I’m going to fuck you.”

“I know!” She was grinning like an idiot.

“When I fuck you I’ll own you. If you think you’re my slut now then you have no idea what’s going to come. When I fill you up you’ll finally understand. You’ll see the truth?”

“The truth?”

“The truth about what I am.” He pressed the head of his cock against her pussy and ran the length of it. She was hot, wet, and ready, and though she looked anxiously down at her crotch she was desperate for it to begin.

“I’m a virgin,” she said while staring at his godly large cock.

“I know you are, and that’s fine. Soon that will all be over. You’re a virgin now, but I’ll change that, and then we’ll be connected forever. Then you’ll be my slut.”

She looked up into his eyes. They were dark, deep, and beautiful, and in them she found sanctuary from the chaos around her. She took a deep breath and said, “Yeah, okay…Fuck me and make me your slut.” She pulled her legs back, pressing her knees hard against her breasts. Jack crawled onto the bed and applied pressure to her crotch.

He looked into her eyes, and inside of them he could see pink light. “Enjoy yourself, Maggie, you can only lose your virginity once.”

“I’m glad it’s you.”

Jack smiled. “Thank you. Now, hold tight. You might feel a slight pinch…” He slid in slowly to allow her time to accommodate, but this didn’t ease the pain. With each inch Maggie winced more. She hugged her knees tight and bit back any complaint. To make it through the initial pain she started thinking about the good things.

She thought about how Jack smelled. Each labored breath filled her lungs with his strong scent. He smelled like spices of some sort, though she couldn’t place them. The smell made her skin tingle and her head foggy.

She thought about how handsome he was. An image of him was burned in her brain, and at any time she could recall it with perfect detail. Always he was bathed in a rose colored light, like an aura. It stuck out in her mind, just like he did.

She thought of his taste. Her mouth was still slick with it. He burned her throat, made her tongue go numb. It was cloying but delicious, and each lick would send a fire through her loins.

She thought of his voice. Her ears still rung with it, from his subtlest breaths to his determined commands, she knew the entire rang of his voice. She found euphoria in his every word.

Then she thought of his cock. She focused on his rigidity and his heat, and she found that while it hurt to accept him, it was also the greatest pleasure in her life. He sawed into her slowly and then reached her depth. At first she feared that moment where he could go no deeper, and then she loved it. It was different, unlike anything in her life, and it made her feel complete.

Maggie opened her eyes, and she felt no pain. She looked down and stared at his pussy. It was widely stretched, like an arm was inside of her, and nearly ten inches of cock was buried into her depths. She could fit no more, and yet he had so much more to give.

“Are you okay?”

Maggie smiled and breathlessly said, “I’m great.”

He withdrew slowly, giving her time to watch each inch pull back like the tide. It felt her feeling empty but not at all in pain. There was only a void, an incompletion. Then he speared back into her with one powerful, driving push, and she felt full again.

Heat swelled inside of her. She arched her back and let out a yell as it webbed through her insides. Pressure built up inside of her and then exploded with fury, and she clawed at Jack’s back as she came.

“Oh, yes! Yes, Jack, yes! I’m coming. I’m coming so hard! Your cock…It’s perfect. You’re perfect! You’re divine!”

“Exactly,” Jack said, and he accelerated his pace. He became a piston, fucking her with a relentless rhythm, and soon he was equally lost in the pleasure. They pulsed and ebbed together, and he destroyed her tight, virgin pussy.


Uncle Blair thought Nettie was someone named Victoria, that I was her beau, and Roger was a chauffeur. Needless to say, I didn’t expect to get much out of him, but he was very happy to see us.

He had an upper-crust English accent, which was something I didn’t expect from Nettie’s family. But then, if there was a Raj from India involved…damn my sex-crazed, slow brain. We sat calmly drinking tea. Roger stood in the doorway, out of the way.

“Victoria, do sit here. That’s a good girl.” Blair looked up at me. “He does look rather thin, my dear. I hope the trip was not too tiring for you.”

“Uncle Blair,” Nettie said, slowly and patiently, “tell me the story of the Raj and my gr– your brother.”

“Story? I don’t know anything about a story.”

“Shit,” I hissed under my breath.

“Alfred had seen the Raj of some temple or other.”

I said quietly, “A Raj is a king.”

Blair turned to me. “Who’s telling this, young man?”

I bit my lip. Roger snorted a chuckle. Blair reached over and took Nettie’s hand. “It changed him, my dear. It changed him and made him very unhappy. He lost his dearest wife because of it, and sons.”

Nettie opened her mouth to say something but I butted in, “He was married twice?”

“Twice? No, young man, the only woman I know that he was married to was Emma.”

Nettie looked confused and Roger said, “I take it that’s not your grandmother’s name.”

Blair was shaking his head, lost in a memory, “Sad, so sad. The war, you know.”

“Of course,” said Nettie, and patted her uncle’s age-freckled bony hand.

He smiled at her. “Who are you again?”

I put the teacup down. “We’d better get going.”

Nettie kissed her great-uncle on the cheek and we left the nursing home. As we walked out of the sliding doors, someone hailed Nettie. “Wait! Excuse me, miss, wait.”

Nettie stopped, and a young African-American nurse came out. “You’ve been the only person to visit Mr. Ward in ages. We found something valuable, and we wanted to give it to someone in the family before one of the residents took it upon themselves to take it, but we couldn’t get anyone to come down.”

“Oh, that’s fine, I’ll take it,” Nettie said.

“Please come and sign for it.”

Nettie went back in, and we waited outside. Roger leaned up against the car, and I leaned up against him. One of his hands reached down to the small of my back, and tucked under my waistband.

Blair. Raja. Temple. Family gold.

He leaned forward, kissing my neck. “Not helping, Roger.” So he thrust his hand down the back of my pants, fingers teasing my crack. I gasped, “So not helping, Roger.”

“What can I do to help?” he kissed my neck again, and a finger found my well-abused and sore hole.

“There has to be a connection.”

Nettie came back, and Roger pulled his hand out of my pants. We both tried to look innocent. She studied us for a minute, then unlocked the car. “Here,” she said, and handed me something.

It was a crystal-shaped item made of gold, flat on the bottom. It was damn heavy, too – solid gold. No wonder they wanted someone from the family to hold onto it.

“I think, after all this,” said Roger, “you’d better talk to your mother.”

Nettie turned around to look at Roger in the backseat. “Will you be my boyfriend?”

Roger chuckled, and squeezed my thigh. “Sorry, I’m taken.”

I grinned. I know I did. His hand moved up my thigh to my crotch, and he started rubbing it. I put my hand on top of his, but he didn’t stop and my crotch swelled.

Nettie had the radio on and was bopping to the music, while I was trying to look nonchalant and keep my breathing even. My cock started to ache, pressed as it was against the zipper of my jeans, leaning ever so slightly to the left.

“You’re awful quiet back there,” Nettie said, and glanced in the back. Roger gave her a toothy grin, and then she glanced down to see where his hand was. She looked back up at me. “I’ll…um…” She turned back to the road. “Yeah.”

I didn’t know whether or not to take that as it was okay for him to continue, if it was okay for me to start moaning like I really wanted to do, or if it was okay for him to take it out. Roger assumed the last.

“Oh, God,” I sighed, and he undid my pants, fishing my soaking wet and hard cock out of my pants.

Nettie looked at me through the rear view mirror. “Wow,” she said, “that has got to be the most erotic sound you’ve ever made.”

Roger was stroking me and said, “Want him to make more?”

Nettie was watching me, then watching the road. “Yeah,” she said, and it came out as something husky and lustful. “Just keep your seatbelts on. I don’t want to get a fine.”

I said, “You’re worried about a fine when we don’t have seatbelts on and here I am with my dick hanging out?”

“It’s in my hand,” Roger said, his thumb pressing on my vein. A nail scratched my head and I crawled backwards up the back seat. “I’ll cover you.”

“Jesus, don’t do–” He caressed the head, smearing pre everywhere. His thumb played with my slit, and then he started to stroke again. I thrust my hips down on the seat, moaning, no longer looking at Nettie, not caring what was around me.

“This is so hot,” I thought I could hear Nettie say.

Roger was kissing me as the car moved, making my body slide a little to the left. Then, he was sucking me again, and my head was rolling around the back seat. I moaned loudly, not caring if Nettie was in the front seat. I heard nothing but the sounds of my own moans, Roger slurping, and somewhere, from a distance, a higher pitched moan.

“Roger, now…oh, God.” I thrust my hips upward, into his mouth and came again. It wasn’t as hard as the last time, and part of me wondered where the hell all this cum was coming from.

He lifted his head, and kissed me saying, “I love the taste of you.”

“I’m fuckin’ jealous,” came Nettie’s breathless voice from the front seat.

I opened my eyes to notice we were parked in an empty parking lot. I looked at Roger and smiled.

“Now, Roger, will you let me get back to work?”

My second submission I would love to get feedback. If you are underage or this is illegal where you are from, why are you on this site?

Jared looked nervously about as he opened the plain red door and stepped inside. He had never been here before but heard that this brothel catered to his kinky desires. Jared was a submissive and a bit of a masochist. He walked up to the counter, took a deep breath and rang the bell.

A tall busty blonde sashayed to the counter. Jared stammered out “hello” She smiled back and asked what she could do for him. Jared said he was interested in a BDSM session. She pushed a button a buzzer sounded and Jared opened the inner door. “Follow me” she said.

She led him down a dark hallway and opened a door. Jared entered. The room had a couch, a refrigerator and a coffee table under a pool of light. The madam looked him over; Jared was five foot ten, with a slender build, green eyes and red hair. She asked him to sit down. Once they were both seated. “Tell me what you would like in a BDSM session” She said as she looked into his green eyes.

Jared couldn’t meet her gaze as he replied “I want to be treated like a bitch by a dominant woman. I want to be tied up and feminized and then fucked just like a woman.” This had been Jared’s fantasy since he was a little kid. When Jared masturbated he always saw himself as the female.

The madam replied with a smirk. “I have just the woman for you. This won’t be inexpensive. It will be your wildest fantasy fulfilled however. “

As Jared paid the madam she clapped her hands and the lights in the room turned up. As Jared looked around he saw a pair of stocks, Saint Andrews Cross, spanking horse, full medical exam table with stirrups and a metal cage. On one wall hung all kinds of whips, strap-ons, humblers and speculums.

The madam told him to remove his clothes and step over to the cross. Jared complied with a bit of hesitation. The madam told him that she would not hurt him as cuffed his ankles and wrists. She said “I won’t hurt you, that is Mistress Becky’s job” With that she stepped away from him and the lights in the room went out.

Jared did not know how long he hung on the cross. It was dark and there were no lights. He was starting get nervous. He didn’t know what he had got himself into. Finally he heard the door open. A woman stepped into the room. She stood in a circle of light that followed her as she walked towards Jared. She was absolutely beautiful. She was dressed in a sparkling red dress and wore a matching red sparkling witch’s hat. The dress hugged her curves and showed a lot of cleavage. The way she walked was pure eroticism in motion. She got close to him and looked him up and down. Jared felt his cock rise to the occasion. She looked down at it and smiled. Then Becky said “You will do nicely. So you want to be the bitch and then get fucked like one?”

Jared started to say yes but his voice betrayed him and it came out as a croak. “That will do.” She said. She spun in a circle and said “Did you know I am a witch? You just gave your permission”

“Permission to do what?” Jared asked

“Why permission to be turned into a bitch and then fucked mercilessly” She replied. “Now enough talk, time to get started. I bet you thought witches had green skin, warts and black clothes?” Jared nodded. “Not all of us. Some of us are erotic witches who just happen to own brothels. We are always on the hunt for new talent. It is not often that the new talent searches us out.”

Jared was clearly confused. His heart rate was off the charts along with his blood pressure. “Enough of that.” Witch Becky said as she passed a hand over his face. Jared’s pulse smoothed out and his blood pressure came down. “I am only going to do what you requested. Besides, look at yourself. You are obviously excited.”

Becky reached down and caressed his throbbing cock. Jared felt her soft hands stroke him but then felt himself go numb. He looked down and where his manhood used to reside was a bright yellow banana and a pair of red cherries. She grasped the Banana and pulled. Jared felt a tugging and then a sharp pain as the banana parted from his crotch. Becky smiled stepped back and slowly peeled the banana. She held it up to him and said “Eat it”

Jared took a bite chewed and then another, soon the banana was gone. Becky then plucked both cherries from him. She placed them in his open mouth. Jared chewed and swallowed. She smiled again and said “much better. Bitches do not have cocks and balls”

Jared was shocked as he looked at his smooth crotch. Becky reached out and with her long red fingernail reached between his legs. He felt the nail just forward of his butt hole. She shoved the nail into his perineum and pulled forward. It burned and hurt like he was being cut with a knife. Jared screamed. She smiled at him and said “that was the worst part. You did fine.” Tears rolled down Jared cheeks.

Becky walked to the refrigerator. She opened the door and bent over. Somehow her heart shaped bottom no longer had any effect on Jared. She dug in the refrigerator, placing things in a small basket. She walked back and placed the basket out of Jared’s sight. When she came back she was holding two chicken eggs. Becky said “I can’t create, I can only modify. The closer something is to what I want it to be. the easier it is to do. “

Becky took the two eggs and one at a time pressed them into the slit she had cut with her fingernail. The eggs were cold and Jared could feel them move up into his abdomen. They slowly attained body temperature. She pulled out an olive and placed it at the top of his new slit. Cold at first it warmed up much faster. Before Becky released it, she gave it a little squeeze. Jared felt an electric jolt go through his body. Becky smiled at Jared.

She reached into the basket and pulled out two large cantaloupes. She smiled at Jared again and placed them on his chest. As she held them in place Jared watched them turn to skin and blend in with his fair skin. Once again she reached into the basket and came out with a pair of cherries. These she placed on Jared’s big jugs.

“Now for the rest of the details” Becky purred. She took her hands and placed them on Jared’s head. “Male pattern baldness will never do.” Jared felt hair on his shoulders. She passed her hands over his face and then worked her way down to his feet. Jared felt more of his body weight on his wrists as his feet left the floor. His waist narrowed and hips flared.

Witch Becky looked at him and said, “Jared is not a proper name for someone who looks like you. How does Julie sound? I think Julie will do nicely. You have had a big day. Go to sleep little girl” Julie passed her hands over his eyes and Julie fell into a deep sleep.

The room was dark when Julie woke up. She no longer hung on the cross. Instead she was strapped over a padded horse. In a position that could best be described as doggy style. The door opened and Becky walked back in. She picked up her basket and set it in front Julie. “Are you feeling better now?” Becky asked.

Julie said “yes. What did you do to me?”

Becky replied “I did what you asked. I turned you into a bitch. A hot little bitch, which men will pay to use and abuse. Before that can happen, I need to help you finish off your fantasy. That was to be fucked like a bitch, right”

Julie started to reply; Becky just said “shush. I will show you what you use that mouth for. Strap-ons are boring. They are also cold and they don’t shoot the nice thick cum you adore. So I need to do some modifications to myself.”

She then pulled off her dress and stepped out of her panties. She stood before Julie in all her naked glory. It had no effect on Julie. Becky reached into her basket and pulled out a twelve inch long summer sausage. She placed this on her pussy. Julie watched as it turned into a huge erect cock. Then Becky took out two oranges. These she placed under the base. They turned into big set of low hanging balls. The massive cock started drooling pre-cum.

Julie felt her pussy start to warm and get wet. Becky watched her reaction and smiled. She looked down at Julie and said “You know what to do” Julie couldn’t touch the cock restrained as she was. She craned her neck and licked it from balls to tip. Julie ran her tongue around the head. Then opened her mouth and slid her mouth down the rigid shaft.

Becky cooed “that is nice. Make it a nice wet sloppy blow job. You can’t get all the way down can you? Not strapped in like you are. Let me help.” With that Becky grabbed Julie’s head.” She slowly started fucking her face. With each thrust the massive meat slid farther in. Finally Witch Becky ended up with her low hanging balls against Julie’s chin.

Julie had fantasized many times about sucking a big meaty cock. She could not however believe her body’s reaction to it. She could feel her pussy drooling. Her clit was throbbing. Unbelievably she was breathing just fine. Witch Becky was really fucking her face and moaning louder and louder. The cock started to pulse. Becky pulled back so she could deposit her load on Julies tongue. Julie tasted the salty creamy load and started swallowing as fast as she could.

All of a sudden Julie’s body started to tremble. Her pussy was convulsing and she was in the throes of a whole body orgasm. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before. She felt her pussy gush. She was a squirter. Julie passed out.

Five minutes later she was awake again. She felt hands on her ass and a tongue running along her slit. Julie let out a low moan. She was getting wet and her pussy felt hot. Julie felt Becky’s hands move and sensed Becky standing up. Becky leaned over and Julie felt her hot breath in her ear. “This is going to hurt. Every girl goes through this when they become women. I will try to be quick”

Julie felt Becky’s man meat sliding up and down her slit. It was probing her new hole. It would ease in and stretch her a little then pull back. After several thrusts she felt the head all the way in her hole. Becky was telling her to relax. As Julie breathed out, Becky thrust forward and buried the massive cock to the hilt. Julie screamed as Becky’s missile tore through her brand new hymen.

Julie felt the pain slowly going ebbing away as a tear rolled down her cheek. Becky reached around cupping Julie’s big titties in her hands and tweaking her nipples. Becky cooed in Julie’s ear, “Just relax, I won’t do anything more until you are ready”. Finally Julie nodded her head. Becky started stroking her big tool in an out. Julie felt her new cunt getting wet. Then her pussy started to convulse. Clamping down on the cock and causing Becky to moan. Her orgasm started as a tingle in her clit and then turned into a tsunami rolling through her body.

Julie’s clenching hot wet pussy was doing its job on Becky and she couldn’t hold on any longer. Becky filled Julie’s pussy with hot cum. Julie felt the cock pulse and the hot man juice filling her up. Her orgasm was still coming in like the tide. She was moaning and panting. Her pussy was squirting. She was seeing stars.

As Julie was coming back to reality, Becky was stroking her back. “Well there is one thing left. Let me get out the lube. Becky squeezed the lube out into Julie’s ass crack. She started working the lube into Julie’s tiny butt hole. Julie winced as two fingers slid up her ass. Then Becky poured the lube all over her big dick. Then she pushed it against Julie’s rosebud. Julie tried to relax as the massive invader stretched her. Unfortunately no one can relax that much.

With a final push the head popped in. Julie gasped as it slid further up her virgin poop chute. Finally Julie felt Becky’s massive balls hitting her pussy lips. In and out Becky sawed her meat back and forth. Julie felt like she was being impaled by a telephone pole. Then her pussy started leaking again. The orgasm washed over her. Becky had cum twice already. She really pounded Julie’s tiny ass. Then she felt her cum boiling in her big balls. Julie felt her ass expand as Becky emptied her load in her ass. Finally Becky’s cock went soft. Julie felt the rapidly deflating cock slither out of her greasy ass.

Julie laid there on the horse still strapped down. She felt Becky’s cum dribbling out of her pussy and ass and little mini orgasms still quaking within her. Becky said. So how did you like getting fucked like a bitch? Was it everything you hoped for?”

Julie thought about it. “It was so much better, than my fantasies. Can I stay like this?”

Becky replied there is only one way. “You have to stay here and work as one of my girls. You will get fucked every day by multiple guys. You will be tied down and whipped. You will be a bitch forever.

Julie smiled and asked, “When do I start?”

Chapter 3 — Best Friends

Karen had been having a weird day. It had started oddly enough when she’d awoke after having the strangest dream about having an orgy with her friends, her female friends! They’d committed the most foul acts on each other’s bodies, things she’d never before imagined doing. The thought of being fisted had certainly never crossed her mind before but now she’d dreamt of having her best friend Laura’s hand in her pussy for what seemed liked hours. Hours, which even once awake and back in reality, she had to admit had seemed very, very pleasurable in the dream. But it was all too weird and she had no idea what it meant so quickly tried to forget it.

Which was easy enough as once again she was feeling a little rough first thing in the morning, the night before had been yet another night out drinking with her work colleagues, the fifth time in a week which was a lot even by Karen’s standards. But, of course, it had been a fun night out. She’d even talked to a couple of cute boys though obviously none were boyfriend material. So feeling rather groggy she’d showered, dressed and popped into the gym on her way to work. No matter how bad the hangover she wasn’t going to let the excess alcohol ruin her trim figure.

After a few minutes the work out had seemed to have shaken off the worst of her hangover. Soon she had worked up quite a sweat and her tight Lycra shorts and vest were plastered to her slim body. As always when in the gym she spent most of her time staring at the various boys working out, enjoying the firm muscles on display. After half hour or so Karen felt she really had better head into work, even if a couple of very good looking guys had just turned up and so headed back to the changing room.

She’d then made it into work a little late, though that was far from unusual and her boss her got used to her tardy time keeping. In part she thought he let him get away with it as the dirty old pervert had a awful crush on her. He was obviously repugnant but if a cute smile and the odd flash of leg or cleavage made her life easier she didn’t really mind.

Once settled in, the first coffee of the day on the go, she started on her main task for the next few hours — doing nothing useful. This too was far from unusual as she would, every day, try to avoid work as much as possible. Her job was dull and deeply unfulfilling so she found emailing her friends, posting on Twitter and messing about on Facebook were far better uses of her time.

The day quickly flew by with various conversations — she discussed movies and music with artsy Emma. Though as usual she got a bit lost in the various references to old actors and bands that Emma constantly made. Karen enjoyed going to gigs and watching films but was no where near the fan or had the head for remembering all the details that Emma did. More to Karen’s taste were long chats on fashion with Kim, another friend who enjoyed clothes almost as much as Karen.

The only omission to her usual flood of distractions was any emails from Laura. Laura was much more dedicated to her career than the rest of their group but she still received an email or text most days. Thinking about it Laura hadn’t been in touch for a few days, the last Karen had heard was that she was working late on Friday. It was a little unusual but was meant to be seeing her later that night so was sure it would all be explained then.

The only thing odd about the conversations was the way each time she read a message from Kim or Emma her mind would drift back to her dream from the night before. Along with Laura, Emma and Kim had made up the foursome of the orgy. Karen couldn’t help remembering the way both girls’ tongues had made her cum several times. One particular moment stuck in Karen’s mind was the huge climax she’d had with Emma’s face buried in her pussy and Kim licking out her arsehole. Every time such thoughts popped into her head Karen felt a little sick, disgusted with herself. But slowly as the day passed, her mind constantly toying with such images she started to feel the cotton of her white thong panties get damper and damper under her skirt.

Karen, feeling like the dream was already more than enough oddness for one day, was keen for the clock to hit 5pm and time for her to head home. But about an hour or so before that the day took a turn for the even more unusual. At first she just felt very light headed for a few seconds, it quickly passed and she thought no more of it. Then a few minutes later she started feeling very aroused. She was sitting at her desk trying to work when she’d felt an immense heat in her pussy and her nipples go rock hard. She felt like she wanted to be filled more than anything else in her life. Her mind suddenly filled with an image of Laura, at first just sitting naked on her bed but then slowly her friend started masturbating. This wasn’t even from the dream but a whole new scene, a sweaty, very aroused Laura thrusting there fingers in and out of her pussy.

Karen tried to ignore it, tried to tell her own imagination to stop, tried to ignore the aching hunger in her pussy, block any sexual thoughts from her mind, but it had become almost impossible to think of anything but Laura touching herself. Karen was starting to get extremely turned on by these thoughts. She couldn’t explain why, they’d been friends for years and had never thought like this but now she couldn’t help it. All she wanted to do was frig herself off whilst thinking about her best friend doing the same.

Even though she was in a busy office she started to lower her hand towards the top of her skirt, deciding she would just have to touch herself right in the middle of the room to stop the incredible feeling of need. She slid two fingers under the waistband of her skirt and into her panties. She could feel the tickle of the few unshaved tufts of soft hair slide through her fingers. Then the tips touched her clit. She moaned, just too excited, it was as quiet as she could but still too loud, the feeling was just too good. As her fingers pushed lower to her opening she looked around to see if anyone had heard her.

Then as quickly as they had arrived the feelings of desire and the images of Laura vanished. She just felt perfectly normal, sitting at her desk but with two fingers slipping into her own cunt. Confused, horrified and even a little scared she pulled her hand out of her skirt and stood away from her desk, keen to get away.

“Karen are you okay?” It was Sarah, the good looking, darked haired girl that sat next to her. “Karen? I thought I heard you moan? Are you alright?”

“I….I…..” Karen stammered, not sure what to say, feeling herself go bright red with embarrassment.

“You…you look a little flustered?” Sarah said, still staring at her.

Unsure what to do Karen turned around and quickly strode away, ignoring Sarah’s further questions. She hurried to the bathroom to splash some cold water on her face. To try and calm herself down and perhaps even take off her now sodden thong which she could feel plastered to her body.

She walked into the empty bathroom and looked at her pretty face and soft, long blonde hair in the large wall mirror. She was still flushed, mostly from the embarrassment but also from the sudden, unexplained arousal, a little bit of which she could still feel deep inside her.

As she stared at herself she’d suddenly noticed someone behind her, a dark shape that hadn’t been there before. Startled she span around but there was nothing there. The bathroom looked exactly as it had when she’d walked in. Feeling very unnerved she then turned to face the mirror again and as she did so the strange shadow appeared right behind her. Terrified she turned around again but again could see no one.

She quickly tried it several more times. When she looked in the mirror there was a humanoid shadow behind her but when she turned to look no one was there. Karen was about to dash out the room when she saw in the mirror that the shadow was moving towards her. She froze to the spot, utterly terrified, unable to even turn around. The shadow was right behind her now, an indistinct arm was reaching around her body.

She stared at the mirror as the arm grabbed at her perky breast and she could now feel the shadow through her blouse. It was cold but definitely solid, it really felt there was a hand touching her. She then forced herself to look down but as before there was no hand and the feeling immediately vanished. Looking back up into the mirror the hand re-appeared as did the feeling of her pert breast being firmly grasped.

In the mirror she then saw the grey head of the shadow bend down to her neck. As it did she could feel cold, wet lips kissing her neck. Despite her initial terror, the soft feeling sent an arousing tingle through her already primed body. Closing her eyes in pleasure she softly moaned as the shadow’s hand pinched at her now hard nipple. As before total sexual excitement instantly filled her body.

She then felt a second hand reach around her other breast, squeezing as hard as the first. In response she pushed her body back into the solid shadow, it’s arms wrapping further around her, it’s lips still caressing her neck and it’s quite obviously erect cock now pushing against her arse.

Then one of the shadow hands dropped, dipping under her skirt where it tugged on her panties, pushing them down around the top of her knee high boots. Wanting to be fucked more than anything she pulled her skirt up around her waist, then lent forward grabbing the basin in front of the mirror. This allowed her to push herself further back against the shadow creature and give it full access to her dripping cunt. She could fell the shadow slowly slide it’s dick down her butt cheek towards her hole.

Staring in the mirror she felt it push into her cunt. Like the rest of the shadow it was cold but very hard, wide and as it continued to slide into her folds obviously rather long. Karen groaned again, loving the feeling of being penetrated in such an alien way. Whether the shadow was a ghost or something else she didn’t care, she just needed it inside her.

Then suddenly she heard the bathroom door slam open, without thinking she opened her eyes and turned to the noise. As she did so the shadow vanished again — there were no hands on her tits or dick buried in her pussy. She felt very empty.

Sarah walked through the door with a look of concern on her face. Immediately she saw Karen standing over the basin, thong around her ankles, skirt hoisted up and sodden pussy on clear display. Sarah’s look changed from concern to complete lust.

“Oh Karen! You look so hot!” Sarah squealed.

Shocked, embarrassed but still deeply aroused Karen just kept her pose, her breathing coming in heavy, aroused pants. In mind screamed at her to turn and run but her body having been so tempted wanted more.

“When you moaned it sounded so sexy. I don’t know why.” Sarah continued, “And I saw you with two fingers in your skirt. Just the seeing that…I….wanted them to be my fingers. I don’t why, I’ve never wanted a girl before but I need you Karen, I need you…..”.

With that she dropped to her knees behind Karen and pushed her face between her legs. Karen tossed her head back and groaned as Sarah’s tongue pushed into her wet folds. It wasn’t as good as the shadow’s hard dick but it was something. So Karen pushed herself back against Sarah’s face, forcing her tongue deeper into her.

Then just as quick as before her excitement, her arousal, just stopped. She screamed in fright as Sarah’s tongue starting lapping at her cunt. She turned, pushed Sarah’s head away and her skirt down. She had no idea what was happening but was pretty sure she didn’t like it. She took a couple of steps towards the door and nearly fell as she realised her panties were still around her ankles. She hurriedly pulled them off and dropped them to the ground.

“Karen! Wait! I need you!” Sarah, still on her knees begged.

“No! Get away from me!” Karen screamed at the girl as she continued to walk away from her.

She reached the door and looked around, the girl had picked up Karen’s discarded thong and was busily sniffing and licking it. Utterly repulsed she rushed through the open door. In a state of total bewilderment she hurried back to her desk, hoping the juices she could now feel running along her smooth, bare legs and down boots were not leaving a trail.

For a few minutes things seemed normal again after she’d returned to her desk. Sarah didn’t reappear and she slowly got her breath back, any lingering feelings of arousal seeming to drift away. She even tried to get on with some work as an attempt to return things to normal.

It was then she started receiving a stream of emails that at first she assumed was the usual spam — they’ll all talked about sex. But then she noticed every single one was specifically about her. They named her, they talked about old boyfriends and sex they’d had, and worst of all they started to describe her deepest, darkest desires. The things she’d never done but thought about in the long, lonely nights as she touched herself. The way she wanted someone to fuck her in the arse, the way she wanted a threesome with two guys or maybe even a guy and a girl, Laura again jumped into her mind at that point, and most shockingly the way she’d looked at a horse one summer as teenager and wondered what it’s massive cock would feel like inside her.

Karen couldn’t guess how these emails knew her deepest secrets but it was too much for her. She grabbed her bag, made an excuse about feeling ill to her boss and fled the office. She wasn’t sure if she even wanted go back the next day but for now she just needed to get home.

The bus journey back was little better as everyone on the bus, male or female, young or old, just seemed to stare at her in the same way Sarah had from the moment she stepped on board. She did her best to ignore it and took a seat at the back but a very pretty blonde teenager stood up from her seat and pointedly came to sit right next to Karen. Her beautiful blue eyes fixated on her the whole time, a wicked smile on her full lips.

Karen turned away from her but could tell the girl hadn’t stop staring at her. After several minutes it became too much and Karen turned on the girl.

“What?!? What is it?” She almost hysterically cried at her, having had more than enough of the bizarre events.

The girl didn’t answer but suddenly dove at Karen, wrapping her arms around her, crushing their lips together. Karen tried to push the teenager away but her flowery scent was enticing, the feeling of her large breasts crushed against her own even more so. She gave in and started kissing back, pulling the girl closer to her. Their tongues filled each other’s mouth and Karen groaned a little as she felt the girl’s hand drop to her knee and slowly slide up her bare thigh, under her skirt.

Suddenly the bus jerked to a halt at the next stop and the kissing blondes we pushed apart. Now separated Karen’s lust again vanished. As girl tried to pulled her back into her embrace, Karen grabbed her bag and jumped to her feet heading for the bus door. It was then she realised everyone on the bus had been staring at them kissing. Most were clearly aroused and several guys were rubbing away at erect cocks. Tears filling her eyes she ran down the aisle and out the open door with three or four hands grabbing at her arse as she fled. In a state of total confusion and shock she ran the rest of the way home, desperate to get away.

Twenty minutes later she was finally home. She pushed the front door open, exhausted and desperate to be alone but as she ran into her flat another wave of arousal flooded her and again visions of Laura, her fist buried in her own cunt, filled her mind. It was far too much and Karen fell to her knees and stuffed a hand up her skirt, fingers into her pussy. Yet again however the feeling suddenly vanished and she was left sitting in the middle of the floor with three fingers in her damp pussy. Tears now streaming down her face and utterly confused she pulled them out and stood up.

She started sobbing. It was all too much — the dream, the images in her mind, Sarah, the shadow creature in the bathroom, the emails, the bus. None of it made sense and none of it was right. Worst of all was the way her body kept betraying her, causing her to do things she didn’t want.

As she stood in the middle of her flat, tears pouring down her face her phone beeped a loud reminder. Pulling it out of her bag she saw she was meant to be visiting Laura tonight. With all that had happened she felt there was no way she should go back out again, that it would be madness. Yet despite that she felt her tears stop and she walked towards her room to begin to get ready to see her best friend. She was feeling a desire to see Laura as strong as anything she’d felt in her very weird day.


Karen pressed the door bell for a third time getting impatient with her friend. The door finally opening as she did so. She went to hug her friend in greeting but stopped as she got a proper look at Laura. She was far from presentable. Her hair was matted and clumpy, a few strands plastered to her forehead with sweat. In fact all the skin she could see seemed damp with sweat and it was quite a lot of skin too. Instead of her usual fashionable ensemble Laura just wore a small, tight, low cut green t-shirt and a indecently short skirt. And from the way her erect nipples poked through the thin material of the t-shirt it was clear she didn’t have a bra on. Karen’s eyes could barely leave the smooth mounds of Laura’s large breasts that were so clearly on display.

“Hi…” was all Karen could mutter as she stared at Laura’s chest.

Having left her flat half expected to be assaulted again the journey to Laura’s had in fact been entirely normal. As she’d approached Laura’s door she half hoped the weirdness of the day was over but a still nagging sense of arousal in her pussy suggested not and Laura’s unusual appearance only seemed to confirm it. But now in the presence of her sexy best friend Karen didn’t care as much.

“Hi. Sorry, hectic day…..” Laura weakly replied as she walked back into the flat. Karen was a little shocked by the state of her friend. It wasn’t just the half naked and sweaty appearance but her apparent unease and even nervousness. Laura was usually strong, brash, even at times arrogant. These were traits that Karen really admired in her, but clearly something was up with her too. Karen immediately wondered if her own bizarre day was somehow connected.

Such questions vanished as Karen followed Laura in and it instantly became obvious what was wrong with her friend. It wasn’t a hectic day but a day filled with the kind of solo fun Karen’s imagination had been plagued with all day. Laura had clearly been masturbating — a lot.

The place stank of sex, it wasn’t a huge flat but to make the whole place smell quite as much as it did meant Laura must have been at it for some time. She quickly noticed more evidence in the shape of a black thong, apparently still a little damp, tossed in one corner and no less than three vibrators lying on various surfaces, each also rather wet from use.

Karen would normally have been horrified by discovering the sexual habits of a friend but really wasn’t this time. In truth the smell, the vibrators, her sweat coated friend was actually turning her on, even more than the visions or shadow creature had earlier. She was starting to feel a very strong need to grab Laura and kiss her.

She ran a hand through her long blonde hair, trying to calm herself down, maybe control herself but things got worse when Laura noticed the thong and quickly bent down to pick it up. Her short black skirt rode straight up and Karen was treated to a full view of her wet, red raw pussy. Almost immediately she felt dampness spreading inside her jeans and her nipples ping erect against her red crop top.

Karen could feel wet denim directly against her pussy lips and the cotton of her top rubbing her hard pink nipples as she’d chosen to not wear a bra or panties. This was very unusual for her but as she’d changed to come visit Laura the thought of wearing underwear had seemed very wrong so she’d pulled them off and had only put on her tightest jeans, smallest top and a pair of black high heeled boots. Karen realised all she now wanted to do was fuck her friend.

Laura seemed a little embarrassed by having left soiled panties around the room and was hurriedly stuffing them into a nearby desk drawer. But Karen was now well past embarrassment and so decided to take matters into her own hands. She grabbed one of the vibrators sitting on the cushion of the sofa, smiling as the juices coating it spread over her fingers.

“Sorry if I disturbed you…” Karen said, waving the vibrator around. Laura immediately went even more bright red and started to mumble some excuse but the words died on her lips as Karen ran her tongue up the length of the damp toy. The sour but still slightly warm girl-spunk tingling the tip of her tongue.

“Tastes good…” Karen whispered, her excitement and need for her friend reaching new levels.

“Karen…what…what are you doing?” Laura asked as she took a couple of steps towards Karen. Much to Karen’s joy Laura was clearly now very excited too. Her breath turning heavy, a dark twinkle in her eye. As Laura took another step both her hard nipples slipped, unnoticed, out of the top of her tiny green t-shirt.

“Tasting you.” Karen answered before licking the length of the sex toy again, “Though I’d much rather just taste your pussy.”

The once again bold and excited Laura didn’t need another incite. She took the last step towards Karen and fiercely kissed her friend. The pair embraced, breasts grinding against one another, Laura’s large tits rubbing fiercely against Karen’s own pert boobs. Tongues started exploring each other’s mouths as their red lips crushed together. Laura’s hands quickly dropped to grasp Karen’s pert butt, her fingers kneading the ripe flesh through her jeans. In response Karen placed a hand on Laura’s soft thigh, quickly slipping it up her short skirt. Her palm brushed against her trimmed pubic hair then around, pushing against Laura’s warm and very wet cunt.

Groaning a little Laura broke their embrace and dropped to the floor, on her knees in front of Karen. She then bent down to the ground. Her tongue darted out and she began to lick the black leather of Karen’s boot. Up and down Laura went, tasting the material, flipping from boot to boot. She then began to lick around the stiletto heels, wrapping each spike in her tongue.

Karen looked down and smiled as Laura continued to draw a trail of saliva over her high heeled boots. Aroused by this fetishistic display she pushed her hand against her still jeans covered clit, groaning a little as she applied more and more pressure.

Laura then lifted Karen’s foot up, sucking at the tip of the heel before pulling the boot off. She then sucked Karen’s toe into her mouth, licking the sweat off her flesh. Laura then did the same with the other foot, pulling the boot before sucking on Karen’s cute and pedicured toes. Once done she returned Karen’s, now saliva damp, foot to the ground and then eagerly tugged down Karen’s jeans to reveal her half shaved pussy, already glistening with juices.

“You look good Karen, very good” Laura said as she stared up at her friend and slid her short skirt round her legs and off her feet, tossing it into the corner of the room.

Karen, panting in excitement reached out and pulled Laura’s head into her groin. The brunette knew exactly what to do and ran her tongue the entire length of Karen’s hole.

“Taste me….please Laura….taste me…” Karen groaned as Laura continued her licking, up and down the dripping opening.

“Urrghhhh…..urrgghhh….” was now all Karen could say, her whole body shaking in arousal as her best friend kept licking away at her pussy. All the torment of the day now seemed worth it as Laura gave her pleasure like nothing she’d ever felt.

In one of the brief gaps in her assault on Karen’s cunt Laura tugged off her t-shirt, her large breasts bouncing free. One with hand now grasping Karen’s pert bum she used the other to start tugging at her own nipples. Karen seeing this then tore off her own top so that both girls were quite naked. Karen’s tanned skin and Laura’s paler flesh slowly dampening with sweat.

“Urrghhhh…..urrgghhh….” Karen moaned, close to orgasm but not wanting to peak yet she gently pushed back Laura’s head “wait….oh god wait…..I want to lick you too! Please let me?”

“Umm, I need that.” Laura replied as she pulled away from Karen. She lay herself back on the carpet and opened her long legs wide. Her pussy was soaking but also red raw from days of her self-abuse but she didn’t seem to care and ran a finger along it, tempting Karen further.

Karen just fell to her knees between Laura’s leg and dove down towards her cunt. The scent of her sex that filled the flat was now nearly overpowering but deeply intoxicating and Karen shoved her tongue forward. She began licking at her friend for the first time, hungrily sampling her sweet nectar, biting at her hard nib, playing with her, teasing her, driving her wild. Karen just kept licking away, doing everything she knew she enjoyed and was soon rewarded as Laura began to moan.

“Argghhh! Oh god Karen! That feels so good!” the brunette cried. Her hands now forcing Karen’s head harder against her groin. Minutes passed and Karen didn’t stop, she just feasted at Laura’s cunt, sucking on her lips, penetrating her as her hands worked around to grasp her arse, two fingers slowly sliding into her anus.

“Arrghhh! Yes!!! In my arse! Finger fuck me arse!” Laura cried as Karen started to slip her fingers in and out of her tight hole.

With that Karen could tell her friend was now very close to orgasm and wanting to cum together Karen stopped licking. Laura started to protest but stopped as Karen moved to slide herself between Laura’s pale thighs so that their legs were wrapped around each other and pussies were pushing together.

They grasped around each other, bodies now crushed together and began grinding away, cunts crushing together. Karen then bent down and took Laura’s hard, pink nipple into her mouth, savouring the salty taste of the sweat coating Laura’s skin.

The intense feeling of pleasure in the girl’s cunts meant they were both at orgasm almost straight away. They came with screams of pleasure. Bodies shaking as tongues licked around each other. Despite everything they’d both been through it was the greatest peak they’d ever known. Once finished both girls fell back, Laura onto the floor and Karen against the sofa, panting, their hands tugging against their breasts, increasing what excitement remained.

Karen, breathing heavily, could still feel the last echoes of her orgasm when Laura suddenly slid over to her. Laura then parted her naked friend’s legs as Karen tossed her head back against the sofa, her own hands roughly kneading her tits, twisting her rock solid pink nipples. Laura then leant forward, burying her face once again into Karen’s shaved pussy.

“Yeeess!!! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” Karen begged as she felt a second climax already building.

“Don’t worry…I won’t…we have all evening….” Laura replied.

Chapter 4 — Tentacles

It was now well after midnight and the two girls had been fucking for hours. Laura had enjoyed being abused by the demon’s but screwing her best friend had been even better. She was very pleased she’d unlocked Karen’s own deviancy with the spell earlier in the day.

In one of the brief pauses in their rutting Laura had explained to Karen all about the book, the demons and the spells. The blonde had been a little disbelieving at first but was quickly convinced as it explained her odd day and the sudden need to fuck her friend. Laura had been worried Karen might be upset by being somewhat brainwashed into fucking her but seems the best sex she has ever had was more than enough of an apology.

Once everything had been explained to Karen, Laura began to wonder if anything had happened to Emma or Kim too, they’d been in the same photo as Karen after all. She thought she should probably call them, find out if anything had happened and if not warn them. But the naked blonde next to her was too much of a distraction, so she decided to start kissing her instead.

Half hour and a couple of orgasms later Laura unwrapped herself from Karen’s embrace and stood. Smiling lustily back at her friend who was still sprawled on the sofa she walked to her bedroom, teasing Karen by sliding a finger up arse. She had decided it was time to try some more magic so she wanted to get the book.

She wasn’t sure if Karen would be so keen but figured as usual she’d have to lead the girl to what she needed, and right now that meant being fucked by a demon or two. So she decided was going to quickly cast a spell and would then take it from there.


Karen watched her friend’s naked body vanish into her bedroom, a finger sliding into her slit in response to the one entering Laura’s anus. It had been an amazing few hours, she’d cum at least as dozen times. Laura’s confidence and bossiness was even better when it was being directed into making her cum a few more times. She was, however, a little surprised and even concerned that the reason for her sudden new lust was some kind of magic that Laura was dabbling in. She hadn’t really understood everything Laura had said but if she could keep fucking her friend then for the moment she didn’t really care.

She continued to idly finger herself, another digit joining the first in penetrating her cunt. She smiled dreamily at the growing feeling of pleasure and couldn’t wait for Laura to return — she hoped the brunette would fist her again. The first time has been even better than in her dream.

Suddenly there was bright flash of purple light and a startled scream from Laura’s room.

“Laura? Are you okay?” Karen called out, a little worried.

When they was no answer she went to stand from the sofa when her hand touched something wet. Looking down she expected to see a patch of pussy juice from their earlier rutting but instead she saw a puddle of thick, green slime right in the middle of the cushion. Even more bizarrely the puddle seemed to be growing, she could see more slime was actually welling up out of the sofa.

As Karen stared at the strange slime she felt a something damp hit her head. Checking she realised more slime was emanating out of the ceiling and a large drop had fallen on her blonde hair, coating it in thick, green mucus. Looking around she could see several more puddles expanding on bits of furniture, walls or floor.

Shocked and a little scared she jumped to her feet as another drop splashed on to her pretty face and down on to her pert breasts. The slime ran down her cheek, a little dribbling between her full, red lips. It tasted sweet, fruity and not at all unpleasant. Despite herself she flicked out her tongue and licked what she could from around her mouth before again shouting out Laura’s name. All she got in reply from the bedroom was a long and very sexual moan.

Confused at what was going on and splattered for a third time from the dripping ceiling she started to move towards Laura’s bedroom. She took a few steps when something grabbed her foot. She tugged but couldn’t move. She looked down to see a rubbery green tentacle was growing out of the floor. A floor that was changing before her eyes from carpet to a soft, organic skin-like substance which was coated in a layer of the green slime. The tentacle rapidly grew to at least four foot long and wrapped itself around her leg — from her foot up to her smooth thigh.

Karen screamed and pulled against the tentacle, desperate to free her leg but it held fast. A second tentacle then burst out of the floor to her other side and wrapped itself around her other leg, pulling it away from the first so she was now standing with legs spread wide.

“Ahhhhh!!! Laura!!! Help!!!” She screamed, still struggling to free herself without any success.

A third tentacle then burst out of the slimy ceiling above her, which a torrent of slime to gush down and utterly coat her in the green substance. The tentacle then shot down toward her. It first wrapped around her arms, forcing them to press against her body before the end of then slid around both her breasts, which it began gently squeezing.

She screamed yet again but was now totally unable to move. Looking around in panic she could see that everything in the room had now been converted. Nothing man made now existed, it had all been changed into the strange organic matter, slick with slime and with now dozens of the tentacles sprouting all over the room.

But the tentacles on the other side of the room were not Karen’s main concern as the one wrapped around her breasts was now quite fiercely rubbing and squeezing them. It’s rubbery flesh often running across her slime drenched nipples. Even as she continued to try and free herself she couldn’t deny it was starting to feel good.

A new concern suddenly materialised when she looked down to see another tentacle sprout out of the floor directly beneath her. It rapidly speared upwards and she immediately knew its’ goal.

“Nooooo!!!!” She screeched as the tentacle stabbed its’ way into her waiting pussy. She was so wet from her earlier ministrations and the slime that it easily vanished at least a foot into her. Karen stared not knowing how that was possible, worse to her total shock it actually felt amazing. Laura’s tongue and fingers had been good but she was now being penetrated more thoroughly than she ever had before, it was intoxicating. Knowing it was the most foul thing she had ever done but not caring she responded to the intrusion by squeezing her cunt muscles around the tentacle hoping that it would know it meant she wanted more.

Whether it did understand or was going to do it anyway the tentacle began to piston in and out of her pussy. Filling her totally before nearly sliding all the way out. Each time it pushed into her Karen let out a squeak of pleasure.

“Ah!……Ah!…..Ah!…..Ah!” the girl cried as slowly the tentacle picked up speed and began to push deeper and deeper into her slime coated body. With each thrust she would hump herself down onto the intrusion and gently squeeze it, encouraging it to fuck her more. It seemed more than keen and was soon thrusting almost two foot of its’ length into the bucking blonde.

“Ah!……Ah!…..Ah!…..Ah! I’m going to cum! I’m going to fucking cum!” Karen continued to squeal, the feelings of sexual ecstasy greater than anything she’d imagined. Her climax was fast approaching and the tentacles abuse got even more violent, pushing her to the limit.

“Urrrghhhhhhhh…….” Karen cried as she came. Her whole body shaking in pleasure. It was the a better orgasm than anything Laura had given her, a pleasure greater than she thought possible.

With a slurp the tentacle suddenly pulled out of her cunt and seconds later the three holding her also pulled away. Still weak from her orgasm she felt to the floor, landing on her hands and knees. She was about to pull herself to her feet when she looked back to see a particularly long and wide tentacle, that was embedded in floor, slide its’ way towards her. She couldn’t move quick enough and so the massive tentacle dove straight into her virgin arsehole. She screamed in both pain and pleasure as it stretched her hole wider than she thought possible. Then screamed again is it pushed its’ way deep into her rectum and then further and further into her.

“Fuucckkkk!” Was all she could groan, overcome by the feeling of this new penetration. She’d always wanted to be fucked in the arse but had never been brave enough to try. It felt even better than she’d ever hoped.

The tentacle then pulled itself most of the way out before starting to thrust in and out of the girl’s arse. As with the one that had been in her pussy it did this with force and speed. And as before the blonde was soon screaming in pleasure. Karen would rock back to meet the tentacles thrusts, squealing in joy each time her butt was brutally assaulted.

As before an orgasm was quick to follow the start of the fucking and Karen was soon delirious with pleasure. It’s job done the tentacle pulled out of her arse before wrapping around her body and flipping her onto her back. It then pulled away leaving Karen exhausted and laying back on the soft, slimy ground.

As she slowly got her breath back Karen noticed a new tentacle coming towards her. It looked different to the others however as the tip was quite clearly like the end of a cock. Not really caring what that meant she just opened her legs for the tentacle and let it push firmly into her pussy, her hands grasping at her own breasts as it did so.

Much like the other tentacles it was soon pistoning away at her hole and her cries of pleasure were echoing around the room. However this time as she came with another mighty orgasm the tentacle suddenly jerked too and she felt a massive spray of hot jism inside her. It spasmed half a dozen times, each time spurting a huge load of cum deep inside the blonde who just screamed in pleasure in response.

Finally done it slid out of Karen dribbling a trial of cum out of her pussy and across the floor and her legs. Almost immediately two of the normal tentacles re-appeared and jointly pushed their way into her cunt and her arse.

Karen lost track of time as this continued, each of her holes being continually fucked and climax after climax begin forced from her body. However she did begin to notice that her belly was beginning to swell. After another few fuckings it was clear to her that the penis tentacle had not only cum in her but made her pregnant as well. Barely able to think between each tentacle assault there was nothing she could do and her belly was soon massively distended. It was very clear she was about to be become a mother. She knew she should be terrified but she was quite calm. The fucking the tentacles were giving her was all she cared about.

Not long after that all the tentacles suddenly withdrew and left her lying on her back, her hands caressing her large stomach which was beginning to shudder. With a sudden feeling of near pain her labour began. Karen pulled open her legs and her pussy ejected a mass of greeny-black slime which coated her thighs. Seconds later she felt something rubbing around inside her belly, pushing out into her cunt. It felt really good and to her surprise she moaned in pleasure.

The thing in her pussy flicked about for a minute or two, increasing her pleasure before it started to slip out. Looking down she could she that it looked like one of the tentacles only somewhat smaller, maybe only a foot long. As she watched it plopped out of her cunt and dropped to the floor. The spongy floor then seemed to grow slightly around one end of her baby and then it was attached to the ground, raising up to appear as a smaller version of the others.

She reached out, as her maternal instincts kicked out, and gently stroked the baby tentacle. It responded by gently wrapping around her slimy hand. She had no time for anything more as she could feel its’ brother now sliding out of her womb. This time its’ birth was enough to cause her to cum. The third and fourth of her children caused yet more juddering climaxes in their mother as did the fifth, sixth, seventh and all the rest. In total Karen gave birth to a dozen slimy, baby tentacles.

Once done she lay back, her belly back to it’s normal flat state, exhausted but very happy. Her babies were all attached to the floor in a clump between her legs. They clearly wanted attention from their mother as they started pulled at her legs, trying to drag her closer but they weren’t strong enough. Still she didn’t want to abandon her children so despite her weariness she pulled herself over to them. As she got close enough it became very clear what they wanted from their mother as one slid up her thigh and tried to push its’ way into her pussy.

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