As Danielle lay restless in bed, nervous about the wrath that she anticipated Andrea would bring down on her, Andrea was awake in her own bed. But she was not kept awake by fear or anticipation or excitement. The lashes and welts on her body stung at her every curve, shocking her into a state of alertness with each turn between the sheets.

Frustrated, and too angry to sleep anyway, she got up and started pacing her bedroom. She knew she still had the blackmail material to control Danielle a while longer, but she could not settle on a plan. She racked her mind for ideas, but ultimately decided to call someone who could help her. Her father.

She disconnected her cell phone from the charger on her night stand and called her dad. It was 12:30am, but she knew he would not care. As a pornography producer, he was up at all hours of the night. He would be glad to hear from her.

“Hello?” he answered, perky beyond what anyone should be at this hour.

“Hi, daddy!” Andrea replied with equal perkiness. Just hearing his voice, she knew he would have the answer she needed.

“Sweetheart! What are you doing calling this late at night?”

“Daddy, I need your help breaking the spirit of this girl.”

“Oh, I see. Sounds exciting! Tell me everything,” her father encouraged.

“Well, you know the fraternity that I have been involved with for the last few months, and how they find blackmail material on a new girl every week and use it to train her as a sex slave?”

“Yes, I remember,” he said. “I am thinking about making a movie out of it.”

“OK, well, I was getting a little tired of the guys taking it so easy on the new girls, especially since they were so hard on me. And this most current bitch, Danielle, I just happen to have the pictures they are using to coerce her into giving into their will. Only, when I took advantage two nights ago, I got caught, and spent all day today in the dungeon downstairs.”

“Oh, honey,” he replied. “Were they too hard on you?”

“It was pretty rough, dad. They even let Danielle in on the act towards the end, but she was a novice and caused no pain. Still, the combination of the entire day’s worth of whips, lashes and spanks has me in such a condition that I cannot sleep!

But that is not why I am calling. I can still use the pictures to control Danielle, but this humiliation has to be ultimate. It has to be thorough and complete. I might not have this chance again, and I cannot waste it. I called you for ideas.”

“Hmmm…” he said, trailing off. Danielle could hear him breathing, but he was not talking. She could see him thinking, taking it all in and processing what he had been told.

“You know,” he finally broke the silence. “I think we can help each other out.”

“Really, daddy! Anything!” exclaimed Andrea.

“Well, you recall the secret society of which I am a member? The sex community comprised of wealthy derelicts and their sex slaves?”

“Vaguely, dad. You never told me too much about it.”

“Well, we meet on a monthly basis, and have an upscale orgy in the style of Eyes Wide Shut. Did you see that movie?”

“Of course, daddy,” Andrea answered.

“I assumed as much…Anyway, at the end of the night, we each offer up one of our harem to the other members, and we auction them off to the highest bidder.”

“I like where this is going, daddy,” Andrea led him on.

“So here’s the thing, sweetie. If you can get this Danielle girl over here tomorrow night, and can assure her compliance, I will ask some of the other members to meet me at our home and we will auction her off to the highest bidder. How does that sound?”

Andrea’s pussy had turned into a juicy mess as she heard her father’s idea. “That sounds perfect! I can assure compliance, daddy. Tell your guys to be there at 7pm.”

He told her he would have a limo pick them up around noon. They exchanged their goodbyes, Andrea returning to bed, her father to his computer screen. They both had evil smiles on their faces, and Andrea’s remained even as she fell asleep.


When Danielle woke after her night of semi-sleeping, she was greeted by Andrea’s mischievous grin, which had remained on her face all night and all morning.

“Good morning, bitch!” she said, with mocking joviality. She could sense that Danielle was too stunned or too nervous to speak, so she continued.

“Today, you are going to be my slave. All day. You do what I want when I want, with and in front of whomever I want.” She held up a manilla envelope so that Danielle could read her parents’ address on it.

“You know what’s in here. Don’t make me send it out!”

“Andrea, please,” Danielle finally mustered. “I will do anything, please do not send that package.”

“Good, bitch. You can start by referring to me as ‘Mistress,’ not Andrea.” She waited for Danielle to get the hint, and then she replied,

“Yes, mistress.”

“Good. Now, I am going to attach this leash to your collar and lead you down the stairs. All the guys are watching some dumb-ass pre-game show in the living room. In front of them all, you are going to request that Russell relinquishes his control over you to me just for the day. That is your request because you know he will enjoy watching me humiliate you. Is that understood?”

Danielle was fighting off tears, but still managed to get out a “Yes, mistress.”

“Very good!” Andrea squealed. She attached her leash to Danielle’s collar and pulled Danielle until she was on the floor on her hands and knees. “Now move!”

Danielle began her crawl out the door and to the top of the stairs. Moving down the flight proved awkward, but Andrea, following her, enjoyed the view of Danielle’s ass and pussy swaying side to side. As Danielle got half way down the stairs, most of the guys had noticed her. Russell, especially, was staring intently at the scene.

Andrea overtook Danielle and pulled her into the center of the room.

“Everyone, Danielle has an announcement she would like to make.”

Danielle cleared her throat. “Russell, I would like to request that you turn over control of my body to Andrea for the day. I ask this only because I know you will enjoy watching her humiliate me in front of you and your fraternity brothers.”

Russell was glaring skeptically at Andrea. “What is the meaning of this?” he asked.

“You heard her, she wants to do this for you.” Andrea answered.

Russell turned to Danielle, “Danielle, you do not have to go through this if you do not want to. Andrea has no authority here.”

But Danielle knew that Andrea had authority over her. If Andrea sent the contents of that package to her parents, she would probably be disowned. She had to keep Andrea happy.

“I do want to do this, master. I know she will use me to put on a great show for you.”

Russell did not really want to prevent this. Part of the reason he was so mad at Andrea about the other night is that he did not get to witness Danielle’s depravation. If Danielle was insisting, why would he deny himself this pleasure?

“You have my consent.” he said with faux-reluctancy. Both girls said “Thank you” in unison, before Andrea addressed the room.

“If any of you want to witness the willing and total submission of this little slut, please follow us to the basement.” Andrea pulled on the leash and Danielle obediently moved on her hands and knees to the top of the stairs. As she started down, Andrea ahead of her, she heard the stampede of frat guys running to the top of the steps. She could feel their eyes on her obscenely displayed ass and pussy, but she had no way of hiding herself.

Andrea led her into the center of the room, and the boys spilled out of the stair case, flooding the room with their presence. They found their seats against the walls as Danielle was dragged towards the heavy, medieval chair with the phallus protrusion that she had noticed the night before. Andrea left her there and traversed the room towards a closet.

She returned with a tube of lube, left it on the seat of the chair, and addressed Danielle.

“You have two minutes to get your ass down on that dildo. In 120 seconds, Jamie and I will finish the job if you have not done so already.”

Danielle knew Andrea was not messing around, so she grabbed the lube and squirted a giant wad of it into her hand. She brought it to the phallus, and started smearing it all over. As she did, she noticed the dildo move up and down a little, and for the first time became aware that it was not attached to the chair, but instead was protruding through a hole. Before she could contemplate the horror of what this entailed, Andrea snapped her back to reality.

“Ninety seconds, slave!” she shouted.

Danielle squirted more lube into her hand, and cupped it towards her own ass, doing her best to make it slippery. She really had no idea what she was doing, and was certain that this fact was obvious to everyone else in the room. She stood and backed herself onto the chair, standing on the seat and squatting over the rubber cock.

“One minute left, whore,” Andrea warned.

Danielle swiveled her hips until she felt the tip of the cock at her asshole. She then slowly lowered herself down. As the head forced her sphincter open, she gasped at the intrusion.

“Thirty seconds, bitch. Better hurry!”

Danielle did not want their assistance, knowing that they would somehow make it brutal. She slowly eased the muscles in her arms, allowing her own body weight to force her lower on the cock. After she got about half way down, the guys in the room started counting backwards from ten.

When they got to three, Danielle just lifted her arms off the chair completely, and she sank the rest of the way down the dick. Her eyes shot open and her jaw fell down in a silent scream as she absorbed the plastic invasion. She felt instantly stuffed, and in her state of shock could do nothing but sit in the chair as Andrea and Jamie approached her.

From the back of the chair, Andrea swung a curved metal bar around Danielle’s chest and locked it in place. It came to rest just beneath Danielle’s breasts, and snugly secured her to the back of the chair.

On the armrests were two clasps that were clearly intended for wrists, but Jamie lifted her knees and pushed them to her chest, guiding her ankles to the wrist cuffs instead. Danielle let him set her ankles in place and secure them in the metal bindings. This position tilted her pelvis forward a bit, exposing her spread pussy to the crowd.

Jamie then grabbed her wrists and linked them together in her cuffs, and passed them over the top of the chair to Andrea. Andrea latched them onto a hook on the back of the chair, rendering Danielle immobile and fully exposed.

Andrea emerged from behind the chair holding a button trigger attached to a chord that ran under the chair. Without a word of explanation, she hit the button, and Danielle felt the dildo start moving up and down. Danielle let out a shocked gasp, but quickly sealed her lips again so as to not upset her mistress. Andrea just smiled.

As the cock moved at a slow, steady pace inside her ass, Jamie brought his girlfriend some more things to play with. Danielle was able to turn her head enough to follow him as he approached, and identified the items in his hand as a bucket of ice, a needle, and a vibrator. She had a feeling a new piercing was on the horizon. She prayed that it was not going to be anywhere in or near her pussy. So she was relieved when Andrea started applying the ice to her right nipple.

“That left nipple has looked awfully lonely, don’t you think? Its time to balance this out.” Andrea went through three ice cubes trying to numb Danielle sufficiently. As she did, Jamie turned on the vibrator and pressed it against Danielle’s clit. As he did, he playfully-yet-forcefully slapped her left breast repeatedly, up and down, over and over, drawing yelps and gasps from the bound girl.

Danielle’s pussy betrayed her, again. The vibrator was working its magic, and in a matter of minutes, she was wet. Her juices pooled with the lube that was leaking from her ass on the seat beneath her. She hated that it felt so good, and she was ashamed to admit it, but she was starting to get used to the feeling of a cock in her ass. What was worse, she thought, is that not only was she used to it, but she was deriving pleasure from it.

“She is ready,” Andrea announced. Jamie let go of Danielle’s tit to pass Andrea the needle. Danielle clenched her eyes, unable to watch, as Andrea lined up her tool to its target. Danielle was grateful that she could not feel it as Andrea nimbly passed the needle through her right nipple, withdrew, and filled the hole with another barbell stud. She smeared some ointment on it, and Danielle was at least appreciative that Andrea was being sanitary.

Of course, Andrea just wanted to make sure that Danielle was not infected or in any way compromised for her auction later that night. She juiced at the thought of auctioning off this bitch to some socially elite character from potentially anywhere in the world. But for now, she still wanted to have some fun with her.

She took the vibrator from Jamie and whispered some instructions to him. As she returned the vibrator to Danielle’s clit, Jamie started rearranging some of the furniture in the middle of the room.

“What do you think of your piercings, slave?” Andrea asked, expecting an answer. But Danielle thought the question was rhetorical, so she did not respond.

“Hey, slut, wake up!” Andrea snapped as she flicked a switch on the remote, causing the dildo to quicken its pace inside Danielle’s ass.

“Aaahhh,” Danielle groaned into the room. “I like them because I know they please you, mistress,” she lied. She could barely get it out. Her restraints kept her so firmly in position that she could not move with the motion of the rubber piston in her ass. She wanted to rock or sway with it, but instead just took the intrusion. She could not even wiggle her pussy against the vibrator, and had to rely completely on Andrea’s motion.

Andrea really wanted her to cum. The more pleasure Danielle garnered from this experience, the more willing she would be as she led her down this path of humiliation. She slid the vibrator up and down, gliding over Danielle’s clit, until she, and the rest of the room, could see her glistening juices oozing out of her hole.

Danielle clenched her eyes shut to hide her shame of going through this publicly, but her voice belied her enjoyment. She started to scream, her breasts heaving as much as her restraints would allow. She would have preferred to rock her hips towards her orgasm, but this position prevented it. Still, her climax was fast approaching.

Andrea turned the dildo speed to high, and Danielle let out a scream that filled the room. Her orgasm rocked her body, and with no ability to recoil against it, it shot through her torso, down her arms and out her fingers. Andrea snickered.

“So all I had to do to get you to cum was fuck your ass faster?” The frat guys laughed their asses off, and Danielle, eyes closed, let their laughter flood her ears. She did not know if the humiliation aspect had anything to do with it, but she was certain she had just experienced one of the best orgasms of her life.

She felt the dildo turn off and withdrawal, and Andrea freed her hands and chest. Once Andrea unlocked her ankles, she slumped forward in the chair, weary beyond belief.

“Aww, is our little pet spent already?” Andrea taunted. “Here, slut, lets lie you down.” She and Jamie picked up her limp body and carried her to Jamie’s simple but deviant contraption. As she was carried, Danielle opened her eyes to see what was coming, and noticed that several of the frat guys, Russell included, had lowered their boxers and were jerking themselves off. She knew that if Russell was turned on by this, Andrea could control her for the rest of the week.

She then found herself with her knees on the seat of a metal folding chair, facing the back. Andrea pushed her back until she was bending over the back of the chair, and her torso came to rest on a plain, flat table. Andrea and Jamie each took one of her wrists and attached them to the corners of the table, so that her arms were extended above her head, flat on the table.

Danielle’s ass was facing the crowd, and she had a feeling that Andrea would retaliate against her for the night before. She was correct. Andrea brought the exact same paddle that Danielle had used on her over to her prone slave and dangled it in front of her face.

“Let me show you how to use this,” she mocked. Danielle could do nothing but brace herself, and did so by slowing her breath as best she could. Whatever happened, she did not want to give Andrea the satisfaction of screaming, just as Andrea had denied her that satisfaction the night before.

A fraction of a second before the first slap stung her ass, Danielle heard the paddle whizzing through the air. It was a sound that she was unable to produce last night, but she did not have time to ponder it. The sting came down hard and rippled through her body.

“Fuck!” she yelled, and just like that she had betrayed her desire to keep quiet. One smack, and her left ass cheek felt as though it was glowing. She wondered how the hell Andrea was able to remain so stoic last night.

Again, the whiz proceeded the contact, and Danielle clenched her ass in anticipation of the blow. This one landed on her right cheek, and had the same affect. It felt as though the paddle initiated a shock wave the rippled up the right side of her body, stopping at her rib cage.

Andrea ran her fingernails over Danielle’s glowing orbs, causing Danielle’s ass and legs to twitch. Faint and quick gasps emerged from Danielle’s mouth as Andrea’s nails heightened the sensations in her ass.

Two more blows from Andrea, one on each cheek, and Danielle began to openly sob. Andrea turned up the degree of difficulty a bit. She leaned close to Danielle’s ass and spit on her right cheek. When the next swing made contact, it landed right on the wad she had left there. Somehow, it made the stinging worse, and Danielle let out another scream.

Andrea repeated the motion on her left cheek, and realized as this blow came down that Danielle was clenching her ass as a method of bracing for the pain. This gave her an idea.

She again ran her fingernails over Danielle’s glowing ass, her splattered spit providing a kind of sheen finish to her masterpiece. As Danielle lay whimpering on the table, Andrea stepped back, implying more strokes. But she swung the paddle above Danielle’s body, not making contact, but still creating the whizzing sound.

She giggled as she watched Danielle clench her ass in anticipation of a spank that was not coming. As the frat guys caught on, they chuckled, too. Andrea did it three more times, and each time Danielle clenched her ass.

On the fifth time, Danielle did not clench her ass, and Andrea wailed on it with one final blow. Danielle let out a deep, guttural moan as she was taken by surprise. Her ass had been beaten to the point of numbness, so it was not so much the pain as the mental anguish that humiliated her.

Andrea turned towards the guys and bowed to their applause. Jamie unclasped Danielle’s wrists and awaited Andrea’s instruction.

“Well, boys, as much as Danielle and I have enjoyed entertaining you this morning, I think we are going to go upstairs and spend some time to ourselves.” She turned to the other girls in the room.

“Sarah, Jenna, Michelle, would you mind helping these guys finish up?” she suggested, nodding towards the flock of masturbators.

“With pleasure!” agreed Sarah. The guys circled around the three girls as Andrea led Danielle upstairs.

Once upstairs, Andrea addressed Danielle with fake urgency.

“OK, let’s go. I am getting you out of here.” She peaked through the front window and smiled as she saw the limo in the driveway.

The kinky Spa

I rush home to find you dressed and in a mood. (I was supposed to be home ages ago but duty called, and I had work finish!) You scowl at me and re-iterate “we had this spa booked ages ago, and now we stand to lose the reservations”. I have a quick shower and get dressed just before we rush out the door, lucky enough to arrive at the spa, in time! You give me a quick kiss and instruct me to follow an assistant to a very secluded room. She instructs me to hastily undress and lay face down on the bed. I do this as quickly as possible with her standing there, impatiently tapping her foot. I lay face down as she covers me with a towel. She instructs me to spread my legs to “get more comfy” I suddenly feel my ankles getting strapped down. I try to look around but she is already in front of me, tying my wrists down. I hear a buzz and feel myself being stretched by the bed.

My legs start spreading apart as the bed parts way, and I feel my towel being removed. I feel a cool sensation on my anal passage and a small finger penetrating me, rubbing in what feels like lube. I feel a tube entering me and the warmth of water filling me. The bed starts to tilt forwards, raising my ass above my head, I feel the tube expanding inside me, plugging me tightly making sure I retain the enema. You enter the room quietly from behind, as the assistant tilt the bed back, a draining funnel is positioned under me and she removes the plug. I am able to release the pressure as the enema drains out of me. I start to feel comfortable after the pressure is released but soon I am plugged again, the bed tilts forward, but this time a slightly bigger and longer tube pushes into me, going further into me. I can feel a plug expanding in me, bigger than the tube before! I am filled again with the warmth of liquid, and soon I the pressure builds, I start begging for release. There is no sound from anyone in the room except for the humming of the liquid pump.

My wrist are pulled, stretching me forward, holding me down, the table folds in half and tilting me further forward, gently rocking which eases my pressure. The warm liquid stops, I am tilted back and the plug comes out again. I can release the pressure of the second but larger deeper enema. After I released the pressure of the enema, I am quickly tilted forward into position again. This time I am entered with a dildo, it slowly fills me, at the same time pumping warm lube into me as it goes in deeper and deeper. I hear you speak for the first time as you usher the assistants out of the room and locking us in. The dildo stops and I feel a slight bulge pressing at my ass, slowly entering me, stretching then expanding inside me, locking the dildo in place. You walk into my field of view, standing there in a pink latex skin tight suit, hugging your voluptuous body showing all your curves. Your face is lightly done with “smokey” makeup, making those gorgeous blue eyes pop out at me even more. You come and sit in front of me, kissing me passionately. I feel the lube stop flowing as you press something in your lap, I feel the bulge inside me pulse, expanding and retracting in a slow but steady rhythm.

You kiss me again as you pull your chair closer and raise it, positioning yourself in front of my face, you slowly take a vibrating wand and start rubbing it over you, starting at your magnificent bust, slowly over your stomach and gently between your thighs and over your latex encased pussy. I can see how wet you are under the latex and you keep circling the outline of that sweet pussy. You reach down and unzip the lower part of the latex suit unveiling your smooth hairless pussy. It is wet with your juices and I can smell the sweet aroma as you move closer to my face. You lean back into the chair as you hook your feet over my shoulders and place your sweet pussy in front of me. Your lips are swollen from the heat of the latex and the vibrations of the wand, you move closer as I can reach just with my tongue. I start to taste you and you move even closer, I take the whole of your pussy in my mouth and suck on you. You press against me making sure that I can get the full taste of you and to slowly enter your pussy with my tongue parting your lips and sucking on you, the way you know I can. My big mouth has always been good for at least one thing. Your legs are wrapped over my shoulders and your feet resting on my back, your latex covered feet massaging me.

You feel your insides react with pleasure and your pussy gets more engorged with blood and your juices moisten your insides as I suck you into my mouth. You feel your orgasm build as you are sucked on, and the vibration gets more intense with every second as it passes. Your orgasm reaches its peak and you start to cum, I keep sucking heavily on your pussy lapping all the juices for my pleasure. You move away from me as you try and compose yourself whilst still quivering from your orgasm, you get up and zip your suit closed again, as you press another button. I have forgotten about the pulsating in my ass as the bed tilts back and you remove the dildo. I am suddenly aware of a raging hard on, you slacken the restraints, instructing me to turn on my back.

I turn and lay on my back, as you tighten my restraints again. You pull something forward whilst spreading my legs and I feel it poking at my ass. I notice the mirror on the ceiling and see a large dildo on the end of a machine, you slowly power-on the machine and it starts to thrust into me, spreading me wide open pushing in deeper and deeper stretching me wider. I feel it stop and retract to just the point of it almost pulling out, and then pushing back into me. You walk over to my side and fully unzip your suit, stepping out off it. Your skin is supple and moist from the heat inside your suit and the orgasm you had just a few moments ago, you take a small pink butt plug from the side table, climb onto the table and turn your back on me, kneeling over me. You show me your ass whilst you slowly insert the plug into you, turning the little knob. I hear the vibrator bussing in your ass, as you take my dick into your mouth.

You start sucking me into your warm mouth and at the same time turning the machine’s strokes up. My ass is pounded by the machine, as you suck on me. You turn around and slowly lower your pussy over my rock hard cock, kissing me again slowly, deeply and passionately. You rock back and forth fucking me into your pussy, grinding down on me. I am getting close, quickly as you turn the strokes of the machine slower with deeper penetration. You grind away with the motion of the machine, as it enters me, you lower and push onto my cock. You grind harder and faster as both of us cum together You kiss me passionately, leaving me tied and the machine still on but turning the stroked down to almost a stop. I thank you for the massive orgasm and ask you to turn the machine off as I am well stretched and fucked.

You laugh as you switch the machine off and allow it to retract out of me. You smile whilst removing the dildo and replacing it with a larger longer dildo, then whispering in my ear “that weren’t stretching yet! I hear the machine come to life and feel a whole new stretching start as my ass strain against the new dildo! You walk away as I am being fucked and can feel lube being pumped into me every time the dildo hits the turn back point. You leave the room and but as you close the door, you smile back at me and exclaim that you shall be back in a bit to check on the stretching……

The sheriff gave a groan of resignation as he saw the camera crews and news hounds heading up the trail towards the farm. Now the gun battle was over his men were spread thin and there was nothing he could do to stop media disembarking and instantly setting upon any half drunk deputised good ole boy that was willing to tell them the tale. The sheriff stood over the body of one of his own law men, there only casualty officially, and it would have to stay like that. There’d been so much shooting and chaos no one seems to have noticed this cop was on the other side. Most of the weekend gun enthusiasts had concentrated all their fire on the huge ape of a man with the scary masked face, and if they had noticed the cop; well round these parts you just sort of looked the other way.

The big bellied sheriff looked over to where the young women, lost for so long were been helped into ambulances. They’d have another story to tell no doubt about the officer laying below him. But denials are for later. His men had reported back from inside the house one of his female deputies looking decidedly pale and disturbed.

“Well?” He asked tilting his Stetson to shade his eyes from the low sun. “What’s down there?”

“Sheriff,” one of his officers said wiping his brow and looking nervously back at his female colleague,” I reckon you best look for yourself.”

It had been a much hotter day when that slaughtered cop’s patrol car had slowly trundled its way along dry mud ridges towards the farm house. He’d made his siren wail and pressed the horn a number of times. He knew how fucking crazy his family were and it would be no surprise if they mistook him for other law men sneaking up on them and decided to blow him away. As the car pulled under the shadow of the house he smiled to himself in amusment.

“Hmm and they just might do it someday…but not today.”

He stepped out of the car his sunglasses glinting in the late afternoon sun. It had been a strange day so far. He’d found the college mini bus smashed along the roadside the driver apparently crushed by some assailants pick up. Well that’s what his passenger in the back seat had told him. The buxom teen had insisted a dildo wielding mad man had chased her into the wood before carrying off her friend.

“Get out miss.” He said in a relaxed manner. No need to shout she was doing what she was told. She was doing just fine in fact.

As she stepped out hands still cuffed behind her back he noticed she wasn’t as talkative now; more sullen and unsure of herself since his little interrogation games with her nipples and some jump leads. When he’d pulled over to rape her in the bushes he reckoned she finally got the message he’s wasn’t really here to protect and serve.

Sophie squinted through her glasses in the late afternoon sun the house towering above her. It was a sickly pale timber structure, the wood in places green with mould. All the windows were either boarded up or covered with slatted wooden shutters. She tried to keep her pants down to a minimum her world getting darker and darker by the hour.

The cops pushed her ahead as she carefully climbed the veranda steps hands tied, sore tits thrusting under her sweater, her hair down her back like a long horse’s mane. Once inside the cool entrance hall she could hear muffled noises from above and below. None were discernable words but she recognised them as her friend’s voices and all were in torment

“Oh God please where are you taking me?” She sobbed the cop not answering just pushing her towards the cellar stairwell.

She’d thought at first it was best to do what he’d ask. After all he was a cop. But now she felt numb her recent experiences bent over a tree trunk and on the back seat still seeming like a dream as her mind tried desperately to adjust.

“Please, I don’t understand? I’ve done nothing wrong.” Then focusing on the muffled moans she added “Who’s that? What’s happening?”

“Move it,” he ordered pushing her towards the steps.” Get down there and see for yourself”

As she descended her knees began to shake the voice was getting louder and she recognised it as Sandy’s. As she reached the floor of the cellar from hell she began to shake with terror. The huge bear-pig of a man was there; the one from the bus crash! His face was still hid behind the hideous mask his blubberous skin glistening through shafts of leather covering. His deformed knotted cock was thrust upright as big as the cops maybe larger the warty length looking painful and diseased.

In the corner Bianca was knelt in a cage her head down hands over her ears trying to blot out the moans and other horrid sounds. At the other side of this device strewn hold the beast was dancing around his other helpless victim; Sandy hoarse from her indignant moans.

The small curvy pig-tailed blonde was on another of the crazies dominators. She was sat on a converted racing bike her hands out gripping handlebars the wrist bound so she couldn’t pull away. Her groin was pressed onto a small hard bicycle seat her knees bent, feet pulled together behind where a rear wheel should be. Instead of the rear wheel the frame was welded to the floor her feet were tied together by the big toe so she remained in a Tour de France position. But it was along the middle of the frame that horrified the raven haired brain-box the most.

The bike frame was resting on a machine, a big powerful motor. It had two storks pointing up from its summit like antennae on a little alien. The rods went either side of the bikes cross strut, up at angles, vibrating intensely also pumping up and down. Sophie’s eyes followed each metal rod to its tip; a secure looking clamp encasing and binding each of Sandy’s nipples.


Sandy strained her neck as she groaned. The vibrations were coursing through her body. Her nipples and firm wonderful melons were in continuous agitation. Her tits had hardened to stone under the juddering attention her nipples over an inch long from tugging and arousal. Her teeth chattered as she gripped the handle bars in some type of comfort

“Ooooooh nnnnnnn ooooooooooooooooo!”

She could only make wailing pleading noises her ass wobbling on the tiny seat as she rocked from side to side like she was free wheeling down a monstrous slope.

“Awwwwwwww!” Sophie screamed; caught off guard as the cop pushed her from behind and she tumbled the last few steps.

She tried to get up her sexy legs kicking as she saw the pig man stagger over to her in delight.

“Looks like this is the one that got away from ya big man,” laughed the cop as the maniac pulled her up by her hair.

“Agggg oh God please no not him please, please.” Sophie had already seen what this crazy could do.

She screamed again as he produced a knife slicing into her sweater. But it was only her clothes he wanted to dismember.

As the maniac ripped Sophie sweater apart the cop knelt down at the cage tapping on it, Bianca shying away. He smiled, taking off his shades to look with piggy eyes into the beauties stunning emerald ones.

“Been having fun?” He asked with a foul breath grin.

“Nooooooooo! Oh God no you can’t! Oh God please!” Sophie’s wails drew back his attention.

He turned to see his black haired captive now naked. The beast had sliced her sweater and skirt away then ripped off her knickers leaving the porcelain beauty only in black school heels. Naked the cop realised she was even sexier than he’d thought, her full ass and fantastic tits giving her a playboy appearance. But with that oil black hair and dark rimmed reading spectacles she looked all the part a teacher pet

With her hands still cuffed behind her back she was twisting her legs trying to resist as the maniac hooped a cord around her shoulder blades then under her tits. She screamed again as he wrapped the cords around each impressive mammary pulling tight making her jugs bulge as he continued to rope them.

Sophie shook her head with dismay because while one end was knotted into a tit binding succession of hoops the other end trailed up to a ceiling pulley then back to a work table where it finished attached to a ratchet winch.

“Looks like everyone wants to play with your big tits today miss,” said the cop in an official manner.

The beast let go of her and she fell back teetering on her heels looking down at her bound tits the sounds of Sandy’s moans and her fired up dominator machine filling the room. The huge man began to winch her up.






Sophie was on tip toes in seconds the rope taut the pulley lifting her by her bound red tits almost off the floor.




“Ohhhhh God, no, no uggggggggggg!”

Now she was off the floor her heels kicking desperately as she swung around her nipple turning blue her melons distended the cord making them bulge in all the wrong places.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Sandy please I need help!” She begged swaying in font of her bound machine mounting friend. But what could Sandy do?

Sandy looked up at the girls bulging tits her long legs kicking, her ruby lips in a oval of discomfort. The white stocking blondes own tits were on fire also the machine never slowing the tugging down on her nipples like she was suckling two frantic powerful hogs. It was useless to resists or even to think about resisting. Sandy gritted her teeth her nipples feeling like hot pins thrust into her mounds.

“Ohh God won’t this ever stoppppppppp!” Her mind screamed, fearing to know the answer.

The cop began to strip his pants as the maniac returned to the quivering moaning Sandy. The bubbly teen felt the monsters cock head across her trembling tanned ass. The fiend angled it down the head caressing her thigh down to the tops of her stockings. Then he pushed it inwards searching for her young tight cunt. Sandy’s eyes crossed in sensation as the pig-man’s cock opened her entrance and began to savour her.


Her teeth chattering changed to a long sucking pout as his cock pushed into her. She was already embarrassingly wet her tits aroused to the nth degree; the new sight of her big busted friend hanging in front of her acting as a perverse surreal aphrodisiac.

“OOOOOooooofuck!” She cooed; experiencing a man’s rod so hard and evil that she could imagine it skewering her in two.

The masked man had treated her like a fucking toy for hours; bringing her body to gasping painful indignant peaks of pleasure and humiliation. She’d had to lick her friend while this monster had plugged Bianca ass and pussy like she was some good little dog. It was clear she was his bitch and now he would take what was his. In some ways she was relieved that it had finally happened.

“Aaaah! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhh!”

She began to moan and thrash as the massive bulk of his leathered thighs bumped against her rear his long warty length ramming straight ahead into her wet, tired, but receptive hole. His cock was so long he easily nudged her cervix with his forward thrust the bumps like an invading army hammering at the gates




Sophie’s eyes widened in disgust as she watched Sandy moaning like a dirty bitch her tits still animated a thousand judders a minute her nipples stretched obscenely and now this ape pounding into her as she gripped the bicycle bars in a racing doggie position.

“Oh my God; Sandy!” She gasped; her disgusted tone evident Sophie shaking her head realising in horror.

“She’s enjoying it!”

Sandy saw the look on Sophie’s face as she hung there her tits crimson her body becoming limp with exhaustion. But the blonde didn’t care; it didn’t matter as she would be just as much a whore when her turn came; she just didn’t realise it yet.

“Aw, aw, aw, awww uggggggg oh God oh God uhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Sandy began to go through a looped session of grunts, expletives and sexy groans. What did it matter what Sophie thought, she had only just got here and she didn’t know or understand the horror. Sandy was already a veteran.

Her arousing cacophony of sounds changed to a terrified pitch.

“Eee! Eeee! Eeeeee!

The maniac was ramming harder and harder making Sandy scream with the thrusts. The long warty cock, looking like a mould covered piece of bark was slipping in and out as the girl’s thick juices smeared its length.

The cop was near by his cock also out and impressively erect again. He put his hand to the maniac’s rag and leather covered chest telling him to move back.

“Now me boy,” he drawled opening his legs angling higher pushing his cock towards her ass.

“Time to split this young lady in two.”

Sophie closed her eyes sensing the horror her young friend was about to experience.


Sandy screamed and convulsed but then gasped as her ass filled with meat the cop burying his cock to the hilt feeling the tits vibrations running down her spine to her rubbery rectum. Sandy felt like she would puke; as she felt a long thick sausage now snugly buried in her bottom.

He slowly withdrew letting her experience the shit then thrust in again, long deep ramming motions making Sandy scream again. The maniac was standing close by his juice smeared cock waving to attention.

Phut! Phut! Phut!

Sandy continued to wail the cop almost climbing on her rear banging down with avengeance

“Uh uh uh yeah yeah ride em cowboy yee ha!” He hollered cowboy style between excited, delighted grunts.

Sandy ass bounced and shook the cop hammering down his hands gripping her waist then under to her vibrating tits admiring how her body was been agitated

“Ugh ugh ugh fuck it feels like these things are going to snap off!” He grunted, his hands feeling the vibration of her abused stiff melons. By holding her tits firmly the cop made her nipples gyrate more, the buzzing metal storks trying to pull the teats at right angles, Sandy making a pouting high pitched sound .


Then he felt his own shoulder tugged back by a big hand and he slid from her ass reluctantly. The beast man wanted in again and pushed the cop aside his huge bulk positioning to fuck her hard in the pussy once more. The swaying Sophie could only watch in astonishment as they tag fucked her friend.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!” Sandy hardly missed a beat off her consistent grunting as the men exchanged entry.

The maniac looked over watching Sophie wriggle and groan her tits flush red the cord pulled tight. He could feel Sandy gyrating back on his monster length her grunts becoming higher pitched. Sandy could also see up to Sophie. Their eyes met Sandy gritting her teeth from each thrust her clit getting hotter and hotter Sophie shaking her head biting her lip in discomfort as she hung there. Suddenly Sandy’s view was blocked as the cop stood in front of her his cock in his hand jerking with purpose. He was wanking himself to climax his cock head, stinking of anal adventure, up against Sandy’s cute nose.

“Open your mouth!” He demanded as his hand became a blur.

Sandy didn’t resist, her body was on fire her clit about to be overcome. The pussy thrusts were like a battering ram and she could feel the mad mans warty cock like a ribbed dildo; though this things tip was hot and sticky wanting urgent release.

“Oh oh oh oh!” She began to come!

The climax was suddenly washing over her. The smell, the sensation, the humiliation all mixing into an erotic forbidden dream.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh argggggggggggggggggggg!”

She screamed with ecstasy her mouth open her pussy ejaculating hot juices. Her face felt the stink of semen as the cop’s eye hole exploded firing an arch of spunk into her jaw wide mouth. The come hit her tongue and lips another spurt missed her mouth hitting her nose and eye socket. But still she remained open mouth, coming herself in a long animal groan of decadence.


The cop roared with pleasure his spurts hitting her throat then her pretty face. He pushed closer as his last shot found its mark again landing deep in the back of her throat the previous load already dripping from the side of her lips.

As her ass bounced and gyrated milking the last seconds of orgasmic delight the maniac fired off his wad. She felt him give four successively harder thrusts his cock belching his deformed seed deep into her pussy shaft. He pussy felt like it was filling with warm water the copious amounts of fluid showing her master was finally satisfied with the servicing his bitch had given him.

Up from the basement, outside in the humid afternoon haze a rapid black dot grew bigger and bigger as it approached. Natasha felt the binds behind her back and the sack on her face. It was hot and uncomfortable and the air inside was so stale she struggled to breathe. She could feel the perspiration on her face and neck and knew it was dribbling down between her bare olive tanned tits. She was hooded and naked sat between two white trash geeks as their four by four bounced down the hill towards the farm stead.

The truck made the customary billow of dust as it circled and skidded to a halt. The bros getting out smiling toothless grins. Ma was now at the veranda chewing a corn stork.

“B’out time you boys turned up,” she said spitting on the wooden floor planks. “I guess you and miss school teacher have been getting acquainted?”

They smiled and nodded their heads.

“She’s a real feisty one Ma; sure was fun breaking her in.”

Ma watched as the men helped the naked woman down from the cab. Without her clothes Ma could admire her bronzed toned figure even more. Still in fuck me pink high heels her legs were like a thoroughbred’s; long, strong, sculpted and firm. Her curved figure was crowned by a perfect proportioned bust the nipples a dark pinkish brown. Her glistening neck disappeared under the bag but Ma had already seen the high cheeked boned face with super long lashes and Miss Jameson style pink lips.

The boys helped her climb the stairs the sun beginning to set a red glow over the fields making her tanned skin glow like hot amber. Natasha remained silent apart from occasional grunts as she tried not to fall on her ascent. She felt the cooler air of the hall and the porch door close behind her. Suddenly her hood was removed and she shook her head trying to stop the itching from perspiration and bag rub.

The sight in front of her made her eyes blink wide. For the first time that afternoon she was glad she couldn’t speak. What would she have said? She couldn’t tell.

Stood along with the two boiler-suited brothers were the horrid old Ma and the skinny Pa seated in his wheel chair. Natasha concentrated on the figure in front of them knelt doggie on the floor. Miss Simms knew it was Michelle, God knows how but she knew. Maybe it was the long brunette pony tale springing out of the back of the gimp mask or the athletic body clad in the skin tight rubber cat suit.

Either way Natasha knew who it was.

Michelle was on all fours her hands gloved her feet in ridiculously long stiletto shoes which made standing almost impossible. Around her waist was a black leather harness; reins up to a dog collar her all enclosed face mask showing two beautiful dark pool eyes. Her mouth was a constant oval an O ring keeping her jaw cock swallowing wide. Her bosom was encased in an Amazon like metal brassiere, her perfect rump looking like black marble in the skin tight rubber.

Natasha could see reinforced stitched holes in the girl’s suit for her ass and pussy. These had strange black plugs appearing to cork both her entrances. Unknown to Natasha but painfully apparent to Michelle was that the metal brassiere had sharp nuts on the inside pressing into her Latin skinned bust; her nipples gripped in screw like clamps adjusted on the outside by radio type dials at the bra’s domed summits.

The once confident and adventurous cheerleader gave a dominated moan of discomfort.

Miss Sims began to hyperventilate her ribs showing as she snorted in air. “OH Jesus!” She thought in panic. The gag was making her mouth ache and she hoped they’d remove it just so she could exercise her jaw. One of the brothers had already read her mind and she felt him pull the knot loose then the cloth fell away. Her first reaction was for her student.

“What have you done to her?” She gasped looking at the animal like servant at their feet.

“We’ve being giving her an education schoolteacher,” Pa sneered, “just like you’ve being teaching my boys a thing or two.” He added with a dirty grin.

Natasha felt sick thinking back to her anal buggering by geek and vegetable alike. Then she closed her eyes in shame the scrawny men describing to the old couple how she had come so loudly.

“You can’t expect to get away with this,” she hissed regaining some control. It was insane but the fact was no matter how surreal it was happening.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?” She added in school mistress tone,” the cops will find our bus and…”

“And make a search of the area?” Another voice said.

Natasha felt herself answering the disembodied voice. “Yes… Yes they will!”

The state trooper appeared slowly as he climbed the stairwell pulling his braces back over his glistening chest. He instantly flipped his shade back over his eyes and searched his pocket for a cigarette. He had his hand up at his shoulder as he pulled two long chains after him. Natasha could hear light bare foot steps on the wood following him.

“Already started Miss,” he said giving a half salute. “I’ve been searching real good in that cellar; getting into some very tight dark places.” He sniggered taking a draw on his cigarette.”But I’ve got nothing to report back.”

Natasha just looked in disbelief. A cop! Here in this madhouse?

“Besides,” the sweaty man added,” I doubt anyone’s even noticed the bus yet. It’s getting dark now and later on the boys and I will take the rig and haul it some place deep and hidden.”

He moved out of the door way tugging the chains after him.

“Com’on honey, come see miss.”

The tall figure of the preening snooty Bianca came into view. She was naked but even in bare feet she stood elegantly tall a perfect curvaceous figure. She had the collar still around her neck the chain dragging her up the stairs; not that she wanted to remain in that cellar one minute longer.

Bianca suddenly groaned as if a light had gone on in her head. The sight of her teacher stood bound and naked in the same predicament ruined her last fading hopes.

“Oh Miss! No… Not you too.”

Then she added in a child like voice.

“Oh God miss its… it’s a fucking nightmare!”

Miss Simms felt her stomach turn in realisation. The girls had been holding out for her and she had failed them. The bdsm Michelle began groaning and wriggling on the floor.

“Stop bitching,” Ma said, “you only make it worse. We’ll let you shit it out when we’re ready.”

Natasha eyes opened wide realising that her charge was bloated with some awful content deep up her insides.

Ma saw both Bianca and Natasha staring with saucer wide eyes as Michelle wriggled her ass; the plug visible her hands reaching back trying to remove it as she grunted.

“It’s my own special recipe,” Ma said with a sickening pride.

Both teacher and student just continued to stare at the writhing Michelle. Ma continued.

“It’s runny like porridge when it goes in, but then it starts to warm and expand like bread dough.”

The gimped suited girl’s eyes looked startled as she heard the explanation for her uncomfortable predicament.

“It’ll keep creeping up inside her like a growing snake, untill we let it out.”

“Please,” Bianca begged gaining a little confidence near her teacher, “please stop what’s happening to her.”

The group laughed and chuckled together, Pa raising his hand to quiet the row.

“Sure honey. But only if you’ll do something for us.”

Natasha felt the air grow thicker and thicker her face feeling a pillow of heat as the Pa explained what he wanted. Bianca was already shaking her head her face flush red not wanting to make eye contact with the fabulous red head teacher. Michelle was still groaning on all fours her mouth in a constant ring induce oval her gloved fingers clawing the wooden deck in sensation.

Pa said it again this time more as a demand than request

“I want to see you and teach to go down on each other.”

“Get hot and sweaty together,” the cop explained.

“Lick each others naughty holes,” Ma added.

“Come on each others faces like a pair of drunken prom night friends,” finished the geek brothers.

Natasha shook her head ashamed and still horrified at the sight of poor Michelle. Her mind was torn. “She couldn’t, no not that please, but her friend had that stuff in her.”

Bianca gave a scream of frustration tugging at her chain both options equally unpalatable.

Ma folded her arms and looked straight at Bianca.

“Do it sweetie, or I’ll fill you up with the same in a swish of a prairie dogs tail.”

Pa nodded looking at the catwalk teen queen. “I reckon I’d like to see that for sure.”

Bianca began to shake and panic. “Oh God Miss! Miss help?”

Her teacher’s desperate voice echoed around the room. “OK!”

They all looked at Natasha.

She took a deep breath, she needed time; time to get them out of here and poor Michelle needed help now.

“Ok!” She repeated more controlled. “We’ll do it.”

Bianca looked at her horrified then realised she had no choice. After all it was her they were going to fill up with inflating porridge next. She nodded to Natasha and looked sheepish as the crazy family sat down on chairs and lounger’s in a circle around the women. Pa pulled the uncomfortable Michelle to the side of his wheelchair and told her to “Sush!”

“Soon baby, “he said affectionately to the groaning girl,” just hang on a little longer and Pa will give you relief.”

Natasha felt her arms able to move as her wrists were un-bound. Bianca was already unhindered apart from a very secure chain around her neck. The cop came over to the beautiful teacher and with the second chain and collar fastened it around Natasha’s neck. Now both women were secured to a distant point somewhere in the cellar.

The two women came together nervously as the family sniggered. Natasha in her heels was taller the women’s firm breasts pressing together hands placed carefully as they nipped each others neck in a strained pecks.

“For fucks sake,” the cop snarled standing and gripping both women by the backs of their heads.

And then pressing their beautiful lips together he demanded,”fucking kiss like you mean it.”

Natasha felt the soft fabulous lips of her student on hers the spittle mixing the soft flesh of noses touching. Bianca’s nails were gripping harder on the teachers hips, holding on for comfort

“Get the funnel,” Ma shouted in disgust at the tame show.

Natasha gripped Bianca’s chin looking into her eyes.

“Don’t worry about it, “she said in a maternal voice. “Just close your eyes and let go.”

She’d never really liked Bianca. She’d seen her type before beautiful or not she was a queen bitch. But now in this crazy world she was lost and scared and needed reassurance. Natasha sometimes forgot these confident sexy girls were only just eighteen. She moved her hand up to the girl’s perfect domes nails trailing to her nipples; Bianca giving a silent gasp.

“We have no choice, remember that.” Her teacher said reassuringly. Embarrassed by her forced actions she needed to hear them words as much at the sexy teen did.

The stunning blonde grunted in embarrassment as Natasha laid her down on her back kissing her lips then with a satisfied groan from the audience moved onto her nipples. Bianca felt the soft kiss on her lips and shook with fear as the red head slid down to her sweating tits. Natasha paused them opened her mouth enveloping a tender bullet tip

“Oh miss, “the blonde cooed in embarrassment but now feeling safer than she had for ages in the arms of her teacher.

The gang demanded more and Natasha gently parted the school bitches thighs and took a deep breath then began to kiss her smooth ridged crotch her lips tasting the slit of another woman. She felt the hand of one of the kin press on the back of her head demanding more energetic oral work.

“Com on teach show her what you can do.”

Bianca gave a yelp as her legs were pulled wider apart the family wanting more.

“Deeper slut stick your tongue all the way in.”

Bianca arched her back as Miss Simms responded, the moans of Michelle echoing in the room as her ass got fuller and fuller.

Both of the geek brothers was pulling Bianca’s legs either side of her hips in a birthing position long legs looking like perfect sculpted studies of womanhood. The men pointed to the smooth skin between pussy and ass hole.

“Lick there! Com’on lick all the way to her busted little ass.”

Natasha felt disgusted the word busted echoing in her head. She knew immediately Bianca had suffered a similar anal ordeal to her. She didn’t know it had been far worse, though no more humiliating than her own experience.

The teen writhed and moaned her teacher’s attentions turning her on. She was so ashamed, her mind working overtime. “Her teacher!” The thoughts wailed in her head,” fucking Miss Sims of all people licking her pussy and all these weirdoes watching; and now poor Michelle was been made to perform.”

She looked over to where her friend was knelt. “Oh God what was that awful old man going to do now?”

Pa had been watching all this time drool dripping from his mouth. The perfect specimens on the floor where intertwined; tanned legs and hips, firm bosoms and big kissable lips all at work, and the sounds; oh the sounds. The young one really didn’t want to do this but she was starting to respond her eyes showing growing awe and shame. The teacher though was giving great head. Pa’s cock had sprung upright popping out of his limbless pants a thick long family trademark length.

“At last,” he thought relieved his body had finally responded. “Olde faithful sure takes his time these days.” But now it was up and wanting to unload. He pulled the chain on Michelle’s collar the black clad cheerleader looking up her mouth gagged her eyes showing her gut inflating frenzy.

She stood with difficulty in the joke stiletto heels Pa unfastening a flap on her crotch. She looked at the two women on the floor then Pa’s cock as he sat in his wheel chair. She was a gimp now, she knew it; and didn’t resist as the front flap came away and Pa twisted out her pussy plug in one dexterous motion.


“Now slave climb onto me ya hear?” Invited the old man;” ride papa.”

Michelle gingerly climbed over the wheelchair and slowly lowered herself onto his cock till she straddled his lap facing him.

Bianca could see it happen, Michelle’s impressive long legs out seated across the metal fame her ridiculous heeled boots touching the floor either side. The black suited bitch arched her back as his old but now very firm cock pushed up her like she was mounting a gate post. She groaned, her neck back, her tits pressed painfully against her iron maiden brassiere. Bianca could now see the fat anal plug like a cork stopper. It looked massive and immovable from Michelle’s ass. Between Bianca’s own legs Natasha tongue was getting faster and faster the teacher now using her finger to rub on the teens cherry and Bianca to her own horror was beginning to respond.

“OHHHHHH shit miss,” She thought in astonished gasps.

Michelle began to slide down Pa’s cock the shaft filling her tight tunnel. She hit the bottom the man ecstatic, the pussy invader indeed like an upright pole making her feel unable to move.

Pa was watching the lesbo action on the floor but his hands gripped Michelle ass and pinched her nose teasing her for breath.

“Does it hurt honey; is the porridge real hard now?” He giggled his wife nodding in a knowing way. Michelle also groaned and half nodded her eyes pleading. “Get it over with, pleaaseeeee!”

“Fuck old pa and we’ll let it out when I pop!” He winked. He then looked serious,” But I warn ya olde faithful takes some persuading.” Michelle knew she’d have to gyrate and thrust like she was back dancing on the football touchline to satisfy this one.

She began to bounce on his lap for all her worth. She needed to bring him off. Any more of this anal expansion and she’d explode. Michelle writhed and bucked her slit slapping down then sucking up as she milked him for dear life.

Pa was grunting and groaning, wanting to watch the forced lesbians but also unable to keep his attentions from this slim athletic gimp. Her body was fantastic, perfect for the suit every contour like a carved Venus, the rubber glistening and creaking her brunette mane indeed like she was a pony her eyes and gagged grunts her only way to express her sensations and thoughts.

Pa’s gimp looked over her shoulder, away from the old man’s grinning face the sensation of iron cock making her gut feel overloaded. The porridge was creeping “oh so deep” into her; she was desperate. On the floor Bianca was pinned, farm boy arms holding her legs spread kin and her teacher working on her clit and ass. Michelle could see Miss Sims had a finger in her student’s anus another on the blonde’s clit.

Bianca was looking back at Michelle in perverse horror and delight as her young teacher aroused body, now covered in sweat neared a climax. Natasha herself was panting her fabulous ass sweaty and raised one of the men not missing the opportunity to examine her rectum with his own twisting finger.

Michelle’s clit was hardening the cock like a solid marble column Pa s eyes glazing over his mouth open as he grew hotter and hotter.

“Good girl, good girl,” he gasped reaching around to her tightly encased rear, searching for the plug.

Michelle groaned and grunted through the gag her hands on his shoulders gripping tightly her bouncing becoming faster and faster. She was hotting up herself and her shaft began to tingle, her head feeling feint with the heat and bondage gear.

“OH God come for fucks sake come you old bastard!” She thought in dehydrating desperation.

“Ma; the bucket!” The old man cried his ejaculation about to start.

Ma hurriedly placed a metal bucket in front of the wheel chair Michelle’s bobbing plugged ass directly above it. Then the rubber clad cheerleader made a shocked noise.


Michelle bit on the gag as she bounced. Pa was pulling out the big black anal plug, any second and it would… PLOP!


She felt her ass open the plug free the air on her rectum. Pa was thrusting up the best he could without the aid of legs, his eyes wild. She felt her anal muscles instinctively tighten the release inevitable.

OH no… Sweet heaven!” She thought still bouncing on his cock her clit on fire, “he’s going to come in me as I shit!”

Bianca saw it all. The plug pulled out, Michelle’s body beginning to arch and writhe her hands biting into the man’s shoulders as she hung on for dear life. Her friends ass started to spew a long toothpaste like worm of grey goo. It squirted out like warm foam the shit beginning to coil in the bucket. The expandable substance was been squeezed from her convulsing butt her pussy muscles also tightening.

Pa’s hands were around her rear his fingers feeling the defecating mess.

“Ukkkkkkkkkk!” He groaned as he spunked inside her involuntarily clenched body his eyes delighting in Michelle’s expression of total embarrassment.

“Ohhhhhhhh you dirty little girl!”

Michelle heard the cheer of watching family and the gasps of her prostrate school friend. She felt the long exhausted but relief filled shit and the pumping cock of a man over 3 times her age filling her love hole; which had been unplugged just for the occasion. Her clit was burning and in total unashamed spasms she began to climax. Bucking on the old man her ass finally spat the last wads of porridge everywhere, Michelle’s mind a kaleidoscope of relief, orgasm and horror.

“OH God this can’t be happeninnnnnnggggggggggggggg ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!”

Bianca’s eyes were blinking in disbelief her body was on fire too her shoulder pushed flat her back rising. The sights and sensations were also too much and she screamed her hands clawing into Natasha’s red mane. What did it matter anymore, like her friend she was at the end of the dignity line. Only thing left was for her to come. Her hands gripped the back of Natasha head pulling the older woman’s face firmly onto her swollen seeping mound as she cursed her lovers expertise.

“OH Miss, you fucking bitch, oooooooooooohhhhhhh. Yeeeeessssssssss!!!!!”

Her pelvis pushed up on the gasping Natasha; the teacher coughing and spluttering her hand entwining Bianca’s in solidarity and comfort as the girl overflowed onto her face in this theatre of perversion.

From the cellar, unnoticed, the huge frame of the maniac rose up to view the sight. The black clad Michelle was juddering on Pa’s cock her body exhausted and on her back the leggy blonde he had drilled so well back at the road side was screaming and cussing in indignant delight as she flooded the floor.

As the sweaty bodies slowed and regained breath and composure he entered the room, his bulk like a bear. Natasha was knelt away from him her hourglass figure like a stunted bottle upright on the hard floor. She saw the face of Bianca turn from exhaustion to one of terror looking back over her shoulder.

The English teacher slowly turned sensing a new evil in the room.

“Miss,” laughed the cop enjoying the expression on her face, “meet the youngest member of our family.”

Natasha gave an open mouthed gasp but no words came out. The maniac was like a mountain of leather and dirty pink skin, his face a twisted mask his tongue hanging out of his mouth like an exhausted dogs. It was clear he was deformed beyond imagination under his rags and face cover; Natasha seeing his big fat fingers with long dirty nails, his aroma of filth hitting her nostrils. The sight was petrifying.

Then she composed herself. “Where are the rest of my girls?” She heard herself snapping to the brute.

The monster gave a dismissive grunt not caring that she showed true bravery in the face of terror.

“You fucking bastard,” she yelled her anger uncontrollable.” Answer me!”

The whole family filled her with revulsion and total contempt making her fear drain away.

The cop wiped his brow; it had been a tiring day so far.

“Junior; they’re all yours,” he said.

Ma walked up to her monstrous son and gripped an exposed part of his cheek tugging it in affection.

“You look after them all for a while,” she said. “We’ve got a farm to run.” Then looking back at her impressively endowed family members she grinned at the girls. “Even my boys can’t shoot off of all day.”

The beast grabbed both chains and with his other powerful arm picked up Michelle like she was a doll and slung her over his shoulder.

“But don’t worry, “Ma added to the struggling babes, “you won’t be lonely too long. We’ll all meet up for a real Texas hoe down later tonight.”

The beast began to descend the stairs, carrying the bondage queen, dragging the two newly initiated lesbians behind him. Bianca was shaking her head knowing what it was like down there, Natasha still cursing and warning that retribution would be severe.

“You’re all going to fry for this! Do you here!”

The cop gave some advice to his inhuman brother as he pulled the teacher below.

“That one still needs it explaining to her I reckon.”

He then smiled and dusted off his hands in a sign of a job well done. “Now you too,” he said pointing to the scrawny twin geeks, “lets go get that bus before someone does find it.”

The control column jittered and jerked in her hands, just like the rest of the cockpit did around her. Stray knick-knacks collected from around the universe rattled, holding their positions thanks to primitive suction cups. Sophie glanced down as she flipped a switch to engage her breaking flaps, her gaze momentarily catching on her jiggling bosom as her true age shone through her space captain visage; a quick smirk and a gentle ‘heh’ the product of her own amusement.

A red flash and a deep beep brought her back to attention as her head shot up once again, eyes focusing on the holographic wasteland laid out before her thanks to Vul’s built in navigator streamed through her projector. The sand filled atmosphere of Guric Nine was hopeless to traverse with eyesight alone, without even a rudimentary guidance system you would break through the sand clouds and die on a swift impact with the dirt or sand surface. That’s if you were lucky not to end up in a sulphuric lake of some kind.

“Gently now, Captain, Guric Nine’s atmosphere is a difficult one to traverse even for a-”

“Shut up, Vul, this isn’t my first pony show!” Sophie bit out, her hand reaching up above her to engage a few more flaps to help even Vul out. Vul fell quiet once again, though he could not hold his captain’s outburst against her (in fact, he completely lacked that ability to begin with) due to his earlier…hiccup just a week prior, Sophie had to burn through most of her food and was barely scraping through on emergency rations, let alone the meager amount of water left. Directly after she had woken last she had to contact Hijo Corp to report the upset in her schedule; they had quickly purchased supplies for her to pick up at the nearest friendly territory planet. That planet happened to be the inhospitable land of Guric Nine.

“Open visors!” Came Sophie’s order as she approached the last few kilometres of the sandy atmosphere. Vul easily complied, sliding open the protective layer. What met Sophie was a flurry of faun, broken by a few scant glitters of pearlescent, glowing lights of tiny glass like structures held within the sand. For such an overwhelming coverage of her vision she found it a beautiful sight. Like a magpie’s gaze caught by a shiny coin, it was only Vul’s voice that broke her out of her stupor.

“Concentrate, Sophie!” It was enough of a warning that she managed to successfully glide out from under the sands stronghold and into the clear, pristine air of Gitar, a small trading village located along the hemisphere of the dessert planet.

“Well done, Sophie; though perhaps next time I should guide us down.”

“Vul, flying is the little fun I get on this job and you are not about to take it away from me because of a little thing like safety. I am perfectly capable of flying us in like I have just demonstrated.” She quickly switched Vul into auto-pilot, the spacecraft easing into a far more smooth and elegant ride now that it was fully in control of its descent. Detaching the control column and sliding it back in to place she undid her safety straps and removed herself from her piloting seat.

“Besides, I doubt anything could go wrong as long as I have you looking over my shoulder.” She finished on a softer note, her fingers gliding over the smooth span of control panel as she walked back into the observation deck; her eyes missing an electric spark spit from a socket near where her fingers trailed off. Her feet heavily plodded down the set of stairs, her head giving a curious perk as she heard a panel slide open only to be met by a protruding appendage extending from the wall. It easily slipped under her arm, guiding her elegantly down the staircase; she could only giggle as it perfectly mirrored a picture from a fairy book.

‘A Prince guiding a princess down the sweeping staircase and into the ball below. Save for the prince part, of course.’

“I really wish you’d remain seated until we land, Sophie. You could easily fall and injure yourself if something was to go wrong.” Vul’s voice seeped from any available speaker littering the area as a second appendage pressed into his captain’s lower back, guiding her to where a seat sat in the observation deck.

“Vul, I have complete trust in your abilities.” Sophie quipped back, her hand coming to rest on the extension kneading at her back, giving it a comforting pat. Vul fell silent and Sophie simply assumed he had turned his attention to the more important part of finding them a bay to dock at and the subsequent landing. The continual prodding at her back, however, let her know she had still not escaped his attention. With a playful giggle she resigned herself to the nagging and took a seat, though the smile that it was delivered with seemed to lose its exuberance as the tentacle guiding her by the arm slipped free, the petal unfurling to brush a lock of her out from her face and tuck it behind her ear; the second following suit by dragging the tip of its closed pod along her jaw line.

Both retreated with a quick zip as if they only dared to touch her so intimately for so long.

Needless to say their relationship had seemed to change, something Sophie did not think possible from a pre-programmed system like Vul. Not being a programmer Sophie had simply chalked this down his AI; he took in information and changed to suite. However, even she knew it shouldn’t have changed the base his personality was built on. There were certain actions that gave this subtle change away; Vul had been more, well, affectionate. Though it was something she would have expected from a human companion, it was still glaringly different from Vul’s usual composure.

The way he would engage her more on a personal, physical level was the biggest give away. If he found her tucking her hair back far too many times, instead of fetching a hair tie or something similar he would simply hold her hair back for her. Mornings she had woken to find his extension wound around her body, her own arms holding him to her in an intimate way after a night of hushed conversation. There were gentle touches, slight corrections to her clothing and even assistance with her dressing; bathing was a must attend event. There had been no sexual connection since that one time, whether or not that had been because Vul did not wish to aggravate her injuries or because he was waiting for her to say so, Sophie did not know. It was an uncertainty she was not comfortable with and she’d be damned if she asked.

She gave a huff as she shifted in her seat, her jumpsuit moving against her in such a way that it rubbed against her chest wound causing a pained wince.

“Are you in pain? Have your bandages ripped? Are you in need of my assistance?” Came the nanny-cry of her ship, an extension whipping forward as its petals popped open to reveal an optic. It dipped to her chest, her jumpsuit zipper tugged down to just below her bust, revealing a standard issue white muscle shirt. Using one of his petals Vul carefully, delicately eased the jumpsuit away from the muscle shirt like he was peeling away a petal from a bud. Sophie assisted by tugging down the collar of the undershirt to reveal the bandages expertly applied by her ship.

“They are fine, Vul.” Sophie drawled, rolling her eyes.

“I can offer you some more pain medication, Captain.”

“That would be great.” A slightly relieved sigh slipped through her nose as her body relaxed further into the chair. In all honesty Sophie adored the attention, it was something she was not used to, be it from human or mechanical. She had always been quiet, kept to herself and was not thin and attractive; she was stocky with cherub features. She, unlike a few of her classmates, was not popular with the boys.

‘For heaven’s sake, I haven’t even held a man’s hand before.’ She thought, a few fingers pressed to her lips as she brooded on her lack of a love-life prior to her ship’s advances. Her childhood and teenage life was a sore spot for her, and she could only hope that her adult life would be better.

“We are now landing.” Flowed Vul’s automated message just a few scant seconds before the whole ship gave a shudder and Sophie cursed, she simply knew that something would have fallen over in midst of all the turbulence.

“Open observation visor.” She intoned, wishing to see where they had decided to stop over to gather supplies. Even performing multiple tasks Vul didn’t hesitate for a second to slide back the monolithic screen protector, though the window’s view was swallowed up momentarily by a wave of sand from their landing.

“Landing gears engaged.” Came the next notification in a line of procedure’s listed off by Vul, yet Sophie was too curious as to the new landscape unfolding before her. It was nothing overly spectacular or beautiful, though she might have been biased from her upbringing being surrounded by green foliage. All Guric Nin gave her was sand, dirt, clay dome houses and a vast array of dulled metal constructs. Gitar was certainly a village built around foreign metal trade and catered to only that; it was one giant scrap heap. The view of the observation deck was quickly encompassed by a neighbouring spacecraft as Vul slid into their assigned dock, landing with a heavy thud.

Sophie could only recoil in a look of horror as she came face to face with a Tuopi; the Tuopi following suit with a look of disgust as it laid eyes on her. It looked like a bipedal tapir that was severally overweight, coloured sewage green with more overhanging rolls and flaps than a Shar Pei. Its mating warts looked inflamed and Sophie could only gather that it would soon go into heat and those very nodules would start leaking a puss that stunk to high heaven in hopes of attracting a mate. The Tuopi looked equally appalled by her own appearance.

‘Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder’ She cringed “Close the observation deck window visor.” As she gave a swift turn, intending to find her way to the loading bay she was met with a glass filled with a few scant inches of water and a pill, each held by opposing tentacles.

“Some relief, Captain.” Came Vul’s soft, oozing voice as she took the offered items, throwing the pill back and chasing it down with the little amount of water they had left all while making her way into the cavernous loading bay in the belly of the spaceship. Placing the used glass on top of a crate (that was quickly snatched up by an awaiting tentacle) she strode eagerly towards the small door beside the loading section, a feverish sense of cabin fever quickly swallowing any hint of hesitation.

“Vul-” the door slid open, a hot gush of sweltering air curling around Sophie, she swore she could feel her skin crisp up like pork belly on a spit in a fraction of a second “close the door!” And just like that is snapped back into place.

“Sophie are you alright?!” Came Vul’s distressed voice as Sophie promptly began shedding layers, stripping herself of her blue over-alls to reveal white shorts to match her white muscle shirt.

“Get me some cooling foam or I’m going to cook to death before I can make it five steps.” Sophie huffed to herself as her pasty, freckled skin was brought into the light.

Vul had presented a Hijo Corp stickered container. Plucking up the bottle she pressed the wide nozzle to the palm of her hand, watching as blue foam poured into it. She dragged the applicator up her arm, all the way to her shoulder, going over it again and again until the strip of foam was as wide as her arm. She casually tossed the now empty container over her shoulder, not even hearing it clatter to the ground and Vul caught it mid flip. Grasping the foam in her hand she easily peeled the now malleable substance, stripping it off her arm and quickly fashioning it around her neck like a scarf.

She gave a long drawn out sigh of relief as the chilled, life-giving foam immediately brought her satisfaction from what had been her brief brush with scorching heat. Content in her new wardrobe, she grasped a pair of thin, Lycra like slip ons which she easily jostled her feet into. Grabbing a bag slung over a rung she set forth towards the door once more, ready for the influx of sweltering heat this time as the door slid open.

“See you soon, Vul!” She called over her shoulder.

As she set foot onto the long walkway stretching from ship to landing dock, she looked up into the sky. She was met with a perpetual twilight as the soaring sand-storm caught high in the atmosphere acted like a large gossamer curtain blocking out the sun.

She began her long trek to the pick-up station, her feet slogging through the sand.

As the paperwork had been signed and the arrangement of delivery finalised, Sophie found herself with a bundle of free time on her hands. She took this opportunity to explore the local setting, though she was normally incredibly nervous in these kinds of situations, she had been cooped up in Vul for far too long. She missed being around others that had a heart beat. As she walked through the crowded market place, she took solace in the occasional shoulder bump, the scent of fried food and the vibrant noises.

Her magpie eyes were caught by a near-by booth as its content sparkled and glimmered. She quickly trotted over, her eye affixing themselves the goods displayed. She took joy in surfing over the number of beautiful jewellery pieces, gorgeous stones, some rough and uncut like they had been smashed from stone, others flawlessly smooth, no doubt a natural process thanks to the high winds swirling with sand.

“They are beautiful, yes?” Came a thickly accented male voice from beside her, the closest Earth accent she could relate it to would have been Russian. Looking up from the beautiful display of gems stuffed into twisted pieces of metal, she was met by olive green eyes set in a humanoid face; if you looked over the wet dog like nose tip and the long, protruding elf like ears that curved outwards towards the ends. His features looked Anglo in origin, all of his body covered in a dark olive skin that matched his grey hazelnut hair, long and straight, hanging down between his shoulder blades in a tied back ponytail.

‘A Tafty’ Sophie was almost curious enough to throw social etiquette out the window and try to catch a glimpse of the long tail his species were equipped with.

“You’re a long way from home, Human.” He flashed a grin, showing off how much sharper his molars were than hers.

“Ah, yes.” Sophie agreed, her head ducking back down again to look at the gems, her anxiety forcing her to bite her tongue. It seemed he had no such qualms as he tried to draw Sophie into interacting with him. He leaned further in, his fingers pointing to a pale pink coloured gem.

“That’s called a Yujin, they believe it brightens the spirit so your loved ones can always find you. That greeny one next to it? Called Piko…” This continued on as they slowly moved down the booth, the Tafty pointing out the lore and meaning between certain eye catching objects. Sophie kept quiet, nodding and observing, though she was slightly uncomfortable she was not rude enough to interrupt and walk off. It was also incredibly fascinating to learn about the Teran’s, the indigenous race of Guric Nine, myths and so on. Sophie ate up random facts like chocolate truffles.

“What’s that one?” She piped up, interrupting the Tafty’s explanation. Sophie’s eyes were glimmering with excitement as she peered down at the gorgeous frosted white structure before her eyes. The crystal structure sparkled and gave off a pristine, divine aura. The Tafty gave a startled blink before his expression morphed into a lop-sided grin. He had not expected to hear her voice, he had almost thought he had been passing time with a partial mute.

“You have excellent taste. That is known as the Guidan Ju Lopai or in Human, The Guardian’s Heart.” He informed her as he himself looked down at the beauty before them. It was made up of coarse crystal beams stretching into the shape of dodecahedron like cage, each meeting point sprouting off blunt spikes.

“It’s made up there” He paused, taking a second to look up at the glimmering sand sky, Sophie following his gaze. “They fall down to Guric Nine very, very rarely. No one knows how they’re made, but the Teran believe there are giant guardian’s that live in the sand storm that protect them from things like invading forces, asteroids, any number of things. These” he paused once more to point at the fine structure “are said to be their hearts. To wear one, let alone own one is a very special honour among the Teran tribes, some nomadic tribes strictly allow only the leader to posses one. The men that posses them are said to great warriors that will always win in battle, the woman that wear them are great mothers, birthing strong warriors and future leaders.” He finished, casting a look at Sophie’s face. He cocked an eyebrow as he watched her lips purse, curious as to what was in her head at that moment.

‘Once again the woman getting jipped, saddled with popping out babies instead of fighting battles and being bad ass. I wonder if Teran have any female leaders…’

“What is your name?” Her thoughts were interrupted by the Tafty’s question.


“Your name” He laughed, a deep doleful sound.

“Oh, my name is Sophie.” She chuckled nervously along with him, not knowing what else to do in such a situation other than go with the flow. Her chuckle became trapped in her throat as she heard a near-by yell, her head turning swiftly to check out where the ruckus had come from. It was only for a few brief seconds before she turned back, the Tafty now gone from her site.

“Ah, wait, I didn’t get your name!” Sophie called out weakly, looking around for the handsome male that had indulged her curiosity. She gave a dejected huff as she resigned herself to not finding him again, though she gradually grew content with the knowledge. It was a new experience for her, and a good one at that. Sophie gave a short smile as she turned back to the jewellery, only to have it drop swiftly from her face, her eyes widening as her stomach fell through to her feet.

The Guidan Ju Lopai was missing.

‘Oh fuck’ She thought, a barely audible whimper escaping her lips as she looked around in a panic. There was a split second decision communicated only between her legs before she bolted like a startled deer, escaping into the vast crowd and away from the scene of the crime.

Sadly, this would not be Sophie’s last brush with crime because of a scrappy Tafty.


Sophie fell onto her arse as she came to a thudding halt, her back pressing up a nearby mud slathered building. She panted, huffed and wheezed as her unfit body not used to running gave into its human weaknesses, her face bright red even as she pulled up one of the ends of her cooling foam scarf contraption to pat at her overheating face.

“I’m too fucking fat for this shit, god damn.” She heaved, letting her head fall between her knees as she tried to recover. It was several minutes before her heart rate dropped to a semi-normal level; sweat still pouring down her body and staining her shirt and shorts. She no doubt stunk to high heaven.

She lifted her now weary head up, letting it fall back to rest against the dirt wall behind her as she finally took in her surroundings. She had obviously stumbled into the more rural setting of Gitar, the local inhabitants of Teran going about their daily lives. A small collection of the children kicked a ball back and forth in the large opening the buildings had made, their faint clicking and odd grunt filling the air around them in a playful atmosphere as they communicated between each other. Sophie couldn’t help but feel a fraction of her stress lift off her shoulders as she simply sat and watched their amusing antics, the children jostling and shoving each other in hopes of gaining control of the ball.

It was with one exuberant kick that the ball came bouncing over and smacked into her legs, the children quickly following after it. They came to a stop at Sophie’s feet, their heavily covered bodies wrapped in varying shades of brown cloth, a pair of copper rimmed goggles fixed with dark brown lenses obscuring their eyes. Sophie gave a gentle smile before offering up the ball, expecting them to snatch it off and run off. There seemed to be some sort of discussion going on though, as the children turned to each other and muffled clicks and grunts were tossed back and forth before the ball was eventually taken out of her hand. It was unexpected when another child grasped her wrists and begun tugging her forward.

“Ah, no, I’m a bit tired and I’m not very good at football!” Standing up and following the boy as to not be rude, she quickly quipped up a few lines to avoid having to play with them, which is obviously what they intended. It seemed they were having none of it as the child with the ball tossed it to her feet as the others waited for her to start. She gave a short pause before indulging them with a laugh, sending the ball careening off with a good thump.

She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been asked to play.

They played for hours, racing from one end of Gitar to the other as Sophie embraced her human novelty to the children to the extreme. The simple acceptance they had offered filled her with an unbridled joy that nearly broke her face with a smile. She could easily say these were the best friend she had ever made. Her heart was saddened as a few larger adult Teran emerged from their mud covered houses, ushering their children back in as the darkness of night crept through the edges of the city. However she couldn’t help but give another nearly face breaking smile as she too found herself ushered over one of the adult Teran’s threshold, following after a gaggle of children. She shouldn’t have been surprised though, the Teran’s hospitality was well known.

Sophie was ushered into what she would call a living room, the Teran behind her clicking away as the female began to finger through Sophie’s lack-lustre locks, matted with sweat sand and dirt. A huddle of children began patting a space on the floor in between all of them and with gentle prodding from the female behind her she took a seat in front of what looked like a couch. As the children bundled closer around her she faced forward, only to be struck dumb at what she saw.

‘Is that a TV?! That’s archaic! Does it still even work? I’ve only seen those in museums!’ The fat box that sat pushed up against the wall looked like a Frankenstein of several other machines, but the concept was all the same. She was pulled out of her thoughts as the female elder Teran behind her leant forward, clicking something to Sophie that she couldn’t understand before she was jostled off into an adjacent room where a group of more Teran females were bustling around making food.

One of the children came busting in as their mother left, waving a silver disc in the air as they rushed towards the TV, quickly inserting it. The other children seem to burst with chitter chatter and excitement as the movie began.

‘In a Galaxy far, far away… eek!’ She screeched mentally as a cold salve was slapped unto her scalp, throwing a bewildered wide eyed look over her shoulder, she was met by the gaze of three bare eyed Teran women. She was quickly admonished with a stern clicking as one of them turned her head back to the front so that they could continue administering the thick, dark brown mud to her hair. She could do nothing but whimper as the language barrier stopped her from asking what exactly they were doing, instead she accepted her faith and turned back to the movie that was adeptly named “Star Wars.” She hadn’t heard of it before, so she hoped it was good.


Sophie departed the home with a raucous laugh and a full belly. She stumbled slightly, mildly intoxicated on a homebrew offered to her. ‘I don’t normally like booze, but that stuff is delicious.’ She thought with a giggle, giving a wave over her shoulder as she stumbled back to the docks under the effervescent glow of the street lights. She hummed happily to herself as she thought back on her evening, the movie had been excellent and she was surprised it wasn’t well known on Earth since it had originated there.

After the movie Sophie had been shovelled bowls full of food, it seemed her presence had warranted a mini-feast. Dinner time also heralded something that made Sophie’s night a lot better, for as soon as dinner was on the table it seemed the men magically appeared back home from their day of work; one of which was a merchant and fluent English speaker. Sophie’s night had greatly improved once she was able to communicate with her hosts with ease. The first thing she had asked is what the hell coated her hair.

‘Hot damn they’re better than any hairdresser I’ve ever had.’ She giggled to herself, running her fingers through her new lively liver chestnut locks, naturally dyed thanks to whatever they had smeared on her scalp. ‘Kind of like henna.’ She giggled once more, her tipsy lips more loose.

The night life seemed to pass without worry as the minutes seemed to slip past, her feet guiding her home under the bright street lights.

“Honey, I’m hoooome!” She called in a sing-song voice, swinging around the door frame and ending it in a twirl into the observation deck.

“Sophie, where have you been?! I was just about to alert the authorities to your continued absence!” Came the boom from Vul’s speaker system, several tentacles dropping from the ceiling to hang around Sophie in a curtain, their optics scanning her for any damage.

“Here and there.” She counted in a blasé tone, grasping one of the appendages and hanging off it happily. An appendage slid up to eye level, the red optic gleaming as it viewed her dopey face and half-lidded eyes.

“Sophie, I am going to administer a diagnostic test as I believe you are ill.” Vul’s appendage lunged forward, the tips of his petal pulling back her eyelids of her left eye to size her pupil. Vul only managed to grasp it for a few seconds before Sophie leaned back, making a disgruntled noise.

“Vul I’m fine, I just… had a little fun!” She giggled, reaching into her bag and pulling out two large ceramic bottles, similar to that of a wine bottle. Biting the cork stuffed into the neck of one of the bottle, she ripped it out with a pop and spat it out onto the floor before throwing the bottle back and quickly downing its content. The homebrew was sweet and fruity with the consistency of liquid hand soap. Sophie stumbled backwards a few steps as she tried to regain her footing.

“Sophie… are you intoxicated?” Vul inquired, almost in disbelief as to what he was seeing. In all of his time with his Captain he had never seen her intoxicated, she had never even expressed an interest in alcohol; in fact he had it on record that she disliked the taste. He quickly steadied her, an appendage grasping her around the waist to act as a guideline and stop her from falling over.

“Captain I think you should retire to sleep this off.” He began guiding her towards her room, several others of his tentacles receding back into their place.

“But babyyyyy.” She whined, tugging on the appendage she still kept a firm hold on. Vul paused in his actions, his processor stuttering to a halt as the lights in the ship flickered. His AI faulted as he tried to process what she had just said once more, he was well aware that such terms as “baby” and “honey” were used to show affection for children or intimate partners. If Sophie was using them to address him, that meant she held affection for him. His AI was having problems evolving, the new area of interaction that had been opened to him needed to be explored but his programme was having difficulty.

“Vul what’s with the lights? Making me feel ill.” Sophie groaned, but as soon as she voiced her complaint the lights evened out and Vul continued his original designation: getting her into bed.

“Wiring problem, Sophie. It will be fixed tomorrow as the new components were delivered this afternoon.” Vul informed her in a calm tone, keeping her steady as he steered her the right way. With a nearly silent swish the door to Sophie’s room slid open, Vul gently ushering her in. A new appendage dislodged from its place on the wall as it slipped off Sophie’s bag, tucking it away safely before it reached for the bottles of booze Sophie grasped to her chest.

“Nooooo.” She whined like a petulant child, leaning back and away from the advancing, grasping petals, the bottles tugged tighter to her chest and no doubt aggravating her wound. Vul immediately backed off.

“Sophie it would be best if you did not drink anymore.” Vul intoned thoughtfully, the petals pursing as they waited to see if their Captain would give into Vul’s gentle prodding, like she normally did.

“Bugger off.” Was her stiff command as she dropped her grip on the hanging tentacle and flounced towards her bed, tossing the still corked bottle onto the sheets. She sat on the end of the bed, trying to toe off her Lycra shoes with little success as she took another swig from the opened bottle. Finding her shoes still on she gave an annoyed flicking of her foot before falling back flat onto the bed. Vul, of course, catered to her unspoken whim and gently pried off her shoes, delicately taking an ankle with his soft flexible folds and carefully removing the dirty slip-ons.

Sophie gave another drunken, girlish giggle as the soft pliable flesh of her underfoot was tenderly brushed by Vul as he completed his task. Vul paused in his actions for a section before he caressed the supple skin again, pulling another little giggle out of her. His other attachment gave a swirl of its petals, the optic observing the scene seeming to brighten before it slid closer to Sophie’s face, hovering a few inches away.

“Yes?” Sophie drawled out, her head flopping to the side to look at him expectantly as her hand tipped the bottle of homebrew back and forth on the bed, pivoting it on its base.

“I need to check your blood alcohol levels, Captain. I do not know how much you have consumed and in all good conscious cannot let you sleep before I know you are not at risk from alcohol poisoning.” Vul worded himself carefully, trying to come off more as pleading rather than demanding. It seemed his earlier attempt at taking charge had backfired, so he would take the opposite route and try to appeal to his Captain’s conscience.

There was a shirt pause as Sophie pursed her lips. “Fine, whatever.” She huffed as she turned to stare back up at the ceiling, though it was quickly disrupted by Vul’s attachment coming to hang down over her face. Sophie was briefly met with the soft, calming, red glow of Vul’s optic before it shrank back up into the tentacle, revealing a dark tunnel to Sophie’s gaze. She gave a drunken blink as the attachment descended on her. As the opened bulb came to rest over her lips, Sophie gave a startled, wide-eyed, jolt.

‘This is my first kiss…’ was all her hazy drunken mind could conjure, her eyelids drooping.

“Now, Sophie, I will need you to exhale until I-” His voice stopped as his processing of the events before him came to a shuddering halt. His mind came back online a few milliseconds later as he re-booted his sensors to make sure what he had felt hadn’t just been a fluke in his system. However as soon as they were back up to speed after few milliseconds more, Vul was left with the carnal knowledge that no, Sophie’s tongue prodding against the inside of his attachment had not been a glitch.

“Sophie, you’re not- I don’t think- not supposed to-” Vul would have to do an extensive systems check after he had ascertained whether or not his Captains alcohol blood, this jerking and spluttering of his programming had ever happened before.

As Sophie brought a hand up to caress a few petals pressed to her face, her tongue edging over a few ridges within his extension, Vul retreated into his memory banks, unaware of how to handle this current situation. He had observed this human behaviour before in a few movies Sophie had watched on her many hours on board, he believed it was referred to as kissing. When he had enquired about it, Sophie had informed him it was a practice between two humans that cared for each other very much, a deep kiss that may or may not involve the tongue was exclusive to a pair human of human who were either in lust, held deep affections for each other or where in love.

Between this and the terms of endearment, Vul did not know what to do.

His need to make a decision ended though, as Sophie detached her lips from him, not before she gave a passing, long, languid lick to the inside of one of his cold, metal petals. If a ship could shudder in arousal and ecstasy, this would have been the moment Vul discovered that ability.

She sat up briskly, taking another deep draw of the homebrew that sweetly tugged at her taste-buds before gliding down her throat to settle in her belly. Her free hand groped at the top of her shorts before she began to shove them down her hips, her bunched up white panties following suit as she managed to get the now tangled mess half way down her thighs before giving up. Vul, having recovered, reached down with his extension to grasp the crotch of her shorts with his digits, pulling them easily and swiftly off her legs and disposing the soiled garment to be cleaned.

By this time Sophie had taken to removing herself of her shirt, one hand tugging it up her torso but then having it get stuck at her head. Obviously not aware in her drunken state that if she did not remove both arms from the sleeves the shirt would stay on, she wined pitifully for Vul to complete this task for her as well. Of course he did so within the second, guiding her free arm through the arm hole, he maneuvered her head through the collar before slipping it down her other arm and over the bottle of homebrew she had yet to let go.

Vul’s other extension brought forth a selection of nightwear, yet it was met by Sophie giving a drunken laugh before she flipped over onto her belly, presenting Vul with a view to her stark white arse.

“Sophie you should put on some nightwear, the nights can get cold.” Vul chided, bringing the garments into Sophie’s reach. He was met with a petulant no. It was times like these Vul wished he had eyes that he could roll. Receding, he shuffled away the nightwear before his tentacles began to retreat, the lights dimming as he wished his Captain a good night.

Sophie lay there in the darkness, contemplating whatever her intoxicated mind thought was best at that time, her lips tugging at the homebrew like a mother’s nipple. As she squirmed on the bed sheet her drunk, her drunken mind zeroed in on the apex of her thighs. The growing heat and wetness was become damn near unbearable for Sophie. She gave another squirm, her thighs rubbing together and providing a sliver of relief from her growing arousal.

‘Who knew being drunk got you horny.’ She slurred within the confines of her mind, rolling over onto her back as an ever increasing grin stretched her lips. Taking in a mouth full of the homebrew, she switched the bottle into her left hand as the fingers on her right slid between her lips. She liberally coated them in the sticky sweet liquor floating around in her mouth before she pulled them out. Wasting no time she quickly delved between her thighs, her slick fingers being met with equally slick labia. Giving a delightful wiggle of her hips she quickly set about stroking and rubbing her clit.

She gave a few odd pants as a particularly good pass brought a spark of needy pleasure unlike the rest, causing her toes to curl and her chest to jut out briefly. Every now and again when she felt herself getting close she would dive down and slide two of her fingers deep into her snatch, giving a quick few hard thrusts. She would switch between rubbing her clit in a circular motion with one or two finger tips to rubbing it up and down with all four, smearing and covering her hand with a mixture of booze and juices. She was far too impatient to cum to stick to one.

Rolling over onto her plush belly once more, she wedged her knees under herself, raising her thick, pliable arse into the air as her shoulders dug into the bedding beneath her. She discarded the bottle, bringing her left hand up to her mouth where she parted her lips, letting a steady stream of liquor and saliva drip and coat her fingers, the thick booze dribbling off her digits to wet the bed beneath. Reaching back with her newly freed hand she gave her pale arse cheeks a good groping and firm rub before she turned her attention to teasing the hidden bud located between.

Rubbing her clit ferociously she pressed a solitary finger into her arse, giving a soft whine as she stretched herself, feeling zero pain at such a tiny, well lubricated intrusion. She gave a grunt as she wasted no time sliding in a second finger, this time feeling a slightly uncomfortable twinge. She gave little heed as she began to finger fuck her arse with the same speed as she rubbed her clit, the extra stimulant causing her to cry out in pleasure.

The light flicked on instantly as Vul’s attention was drawn back to his Captain’s quarters. What he was met with was a startling sight.

Sophie simply gave a giggle, knowing she had been caught red-handed by her ship, the alcohol in her system simply egged her on to put on a show and not to worry about embarrassment. And what a show she would put on.

“I apologise for intruding Captain, I will leave at once.” He rushed, the lights already dimming once again.

“No, stay.” Was the command she gave, please to see the light slowly turn back up, as if Vul was unsure of himself. Should he stay and follow his commander’s orders? Would it be right to take advantage of her semi-lucid state to indulge himself? He had seen her pleasure herself before, but he had never been outright asked to watch.

As she gave a throaty moan, adding a third finger to her arse all processing of ethics was stopped.

Reaching for the half drunk bottle with the hand that had been happily pleasuring her pussy, she quickly brought it under herself, lining the mouth of the bottle up to her snatch before quickly and swiftly filling herself with it. The bottle was cold and hard and completely unlike her fingers, but all Sophie could think of was Vul’s extensions. She gave herself a quick few deep, hard thrust to please her insatiable cunt, the feeling of it emptying its contents into her warm, tight and already sopping wet pussy odd. She yanked the fingers out of her arse before she grasped the second bottle, bringing it up to her face.

“Don’t worry, Vul, I used to do this all the time back at home.” She assured in a slurred, needy and desperate voice before she bit the cork, ripping it out of the neck. Firmly stuffing her pussy with the bottle between her legs, she moved into a position that would let her maneuver the bottle in her cunt with her feet, yet still remain on her knees. Giving a quick push with her feet against the bottom of the bottle, she felt it sink in deeper, the flare of the bottle’s body pressing against her lips.

Reaching over her back with the second bottom, she promptly tipped it upside down, squealing as the semi-cold liquor began pouring over her backside, liberally coating her arse and dribbling down over her pussy and thighs. The mess it created caught the light like oil, causing her pliable arse, pink flushed snatch and thick thighs to glisten. The circuit frying sight offered up to Vul quickly assured him he had made the right decision, ethics be damned.

Sophie gave a heady groan as she pressed the still pouring neck of the bottle into her arse, the feeling of fullness not quite achieved due to the thinness of the bottle necks. She did not let that stop her, however, as she quickly began to piston the bottle in and out of her arse, every inward stroke rewarding her with a gush of fruity, sweet scented liquor that dribbled down her pussy and thighs.

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