machine sex

Molly Stood naked at the edge of the pool. For the first time ever, she had walked around a house naked and experienced a thrill that she had not known until then. She had then masturbated in the bed of the stranger whose house she was watching. It had been weeks since she had been able to experience any form of sexual release as she never felt comfortable touching herself when her parents where in the same house and somehow that summer one of them was always home. Now, she was house sitting in one of the most luxurious and secluded houses that she had ever visited. Somehow, the pent-up sexual tension of the past few weeks had led her down a path that she had never taken. She had just experimented with nudity in places other than a bedroom or a bathroom and it had excited her so much that she had decided to remain nude.

So here she was. She had just dropped her bath towel as she stood naked outdoors for the first time in her life. The wind was blowing its gentle warm breath caressing her and stimulating her every pore. She remained motionless, eyes closed and arms raised and extended to the side enjoying the feeling of the air passing over her. Her senses were alive with excitement. Every hair, every cell, every molecule was tingling and reacting as if an electric current was flowing through her.

A stronger gust of wind startled her from her meditating state. She looked around once more and dove into the pool. “Ahhh!” she exclaimed as she came up for air. She was not prepared for the new and additional stimulation. Her sexual arousal was almost as strong as it had been before her release earlier in the house and the streams of water that touched her very excited nipples as well as the flow that caressed her sex had nearly brought her to another orgasm. As she swam on her back, the splashes and the trickle of water brushed past her breasts stimulating her further. Once she was standing in the shallower part of the pool, she brought down a hand between her thighs. It shocked her to realize that she could feel so hot to the touch in spite of the cool water. What was happening to her? She needed and wanted to bring herself off again. She wanted that sweet sense of bliss now but she was not prepared to do it out in the open. Her eyes wandered to the pool house as she swam back to the towel.

She approached the “pool house” as she toweled herself dry. The building was as big as the house that her family lived in but she guessed that in comparison to the main house it was small. When she slid the glass doors opened she was surprised to find that the entire place was one giant big open space of a room. It felt like an artist’s loft. At the furthest part of the room, there was a bed in one corner and an open kitchen with an island and a small dining area in another, couches and a dance floor in the center of the room. She was standing in the “gym” part of the room and that corner of the house had walls covered with floor to ceiling mirrors. She was shocked to see her reflection staring back at her and another flash of the humiliation she had first felt earlier in the main house ran down her spine. For some reason she could not comprehend, that feeling made her blood boil with even more passion. Like a diva, she dramatically dropped her towel to the floor and stared at her naked form under all the angles that were being reflected back to her.

The gym had many traditional machines but off-to-the-side she noticed right away a big armchair that looked like one of those mechanical or electrical massage chair. It was somewhat bigger than the ones she had seen in the mall but the liquid heat between her legs reminded her that there were pressing matters to attend to. That chair would do nicely for that purpose.

Had she been paying attention to the owner, Sam, when he gave her instructions about the gym then she would have known not to sit in that chair. But she had been distracted at the time and so she picked the one piece of equipment that she was not supposed to touch.

Molly looked once more around the vast room. Being naked in that huge hall of a space made her feel even more undressed. The thrill of feeling small, vulnerable, exposed and out of place was arousing and a true awakening.

As she sat on the chair she enjoyed the sensation of the soft leather on her skin. The chair took on the contour of her body and she felt so cozy and comfy that she started relaxing right away. The chair turned on automatically after a few seconds. Two mechanical arms popped out as a very faint vibration started shaking Molly the length of her body.

The first arm carried a camera and a scanner that went quickly into action to map-out the shape of the chair’s new subject. Once the scan was performed, the computer had quickly determined where to position the digital touch screen located on the second arm so that the girl could read and operate the machine. Molly was impressed by the technology and she quickly looked through the choices that were offered. She needed to extinguish the fire in her loins and the complexity of the machine was distracting her from doing just that. There were 4 options to choose from: a. short program, b. 30 minutes of light bliss, c. 30 minutes of deep tissue workout, d. 45 minutes full body massage and more!

Option d. sounded good and intriguing so she picked it. The chair’s massaging system kicked into action and the faint vibration that she was feeling earlier increased steadily. A variety of things were happening all at once while the chair started to recline in a horizontal position. Rollers and air pressure systems kicked into actions as if she had a team of expert masseuses at her disposal. Yes, bliss fit the description of what she was experiencing perfectly.

Now that the machine was in motion, Molly thought she would finally take care of her needs. She brought her hand down to touch her sex and to feel the slippery heat between her legs.

“DING! DING!” a gentle bell went off and the digital touch screen lit up with a message “Please place you arms on the armrests.”

Molly was surprised and placed her arms obediently on the designated space. The massage started anew and Molly once again started relaxing and drifting off. After a few minutes she absent-mindedly brought her hand back to her lap, the desire within still unquenched.

This time a loud bang woke her from her dreamlike state and a computerized voice spoke “MALFUNCTION! MALFUNCTION!”

She put her arms back in the designated spot but this time the chair did not restart the massage as it had earlier.

Something was definitely wrong. The chair started swinging back and forth and swiveling on its axel. Molly who was easily subject to motion sickness started feeling dizzy and queasy. It was time to get out of that chair! Cuffs came out and trapped her wrists and ankles just when she attempted to pull herself up and off. She was now prisoner of the contraption. A third arm suddenly appeared. This one looked like it had a tool in the shape of a human hand and it began to pull very soft silk belts across the neck, belly, and hips of its captive. The belts tightened and Molly was now completely restrained to the chair.

Before she could comprehend what was happening, two curved sections rose from each side of her headrest. They closed in and formed a black helmet over her head. Molly now sat in total silence and obscurity. The helmet had been designed to play the role of a blindfold and earplugs at the same time. Only the sense of touch remained.

The machine stopped moving. Molly sat still. She did not know whether she should be afraid. In absolute silence and total darkness, the only sense that remained was her sense of touch. She had been hyper sensitive and aroused since her last orgasm and now that her only sensory function left was that of touch she became fully aware of her body’s tingling nerves. After taking a few deep breaths she decided that the machine would not scare her. She would just need to wait until the massage cycle was over and then it would release its hold on her. “Whatever this was it would not hurt her,” she thought. So she might as well go with it… And anyway there did not seem to be any other way.

She could not tell how long she had been lying still but eventually the massage cycle rebooted. Molly felt each of the bumps and pressure points applied to her back intensely. She started relaxing again, resolved to enjoy the massage.

Now that there was nothing to do but enjoy, Molly felt the pulse in her pussy acutely. That is all she could think about. The chair stimulated every inch that it touched and it only worked to increase her arousal. The pressure applied on her butt as it was pushed and squeezed sent shivers up her spine increasing the smoldering heat within her. Another squeeze on her thigh made her writhe and squirm. She tensed trying to move down on the chair attempting to bring her sex closer to the rousing mechanism. “God!” she thought. This was delicious torture: a pressure point next to the small of her back, a caress next to her feet, and a soft gust of air blown by her hips. The massage was totally asymmetrical and she did not know where the next sensation would come from. The chair had a system of vents that would blow cold or hot air in various places sending shudders as it blew on her sensitive skin. “Ahhh!” the tease was incredible but if there was nothing to touch her sex she did not know if she would be able to reach her ultimate goal.

“Ooooh!” escaped her lips. A soft rub slid by her belly. The silk scarves that were binding her to the chair were put in motion. Gently, oh so gently, the bands began a maddening to and fro from side to side and up and down. One of the strips reached her erect nipples. “Hhhhh!” the soft caress ignited a burning sensation at the tip of her tits. It was so soft and barely perceptible but it was there like a delectable infuriating torment making her blood boil. Heat. Could her heart take it any longer? The pressure was building within her chest making it impossible to breath. She was straining against her restraints trying to increase the pressure of the silk caress on her chest. The tension within her chest was also increasing. She was hoping that something would burst and would allow her to reach that sweet release. She was so close.

The chair stopped. Cool air was blown into the dark helmet and she took a deep breath. Was it over? Would she be let go? She hoped that it wasn’t so. She did not want it to stop. She knew that if the massage cycle was completed she would have to bring herself off in a hurry but she liked the fact that the machine was in control. She wanted it to continue and wanted the crazy contraption to prolong its insane dance of a rubdown on her.

After a few more seconds of anticipation, she felt the chair coming back to life. A gentle vibration began anew on her lower back. Again, the silk strips of bliss stirred over her rock solid nipples. One of the mechanical arms was now pointing a device that blew pressurized air on her. The air jets were gentle and cool. They moved over her collarbone tickling her. When it passed over the silk strip that was rubbing her breasts it stopped. The strength of the jets increased and began quickly pulsing over the engorged tips of her tits. Her nipples were being rubbed and flicked! “Hhhh! Hhhhh! HHHHH!” Molly felt as if she would finally reach the orgasm that she had been longing for. She had never been able to climax with only breast stimulation, but this time she would. She arched her back as much as she could despite the tight embrace of the soft scarves. The added pressure felt wonderful. Another blow of air and she would reach Nirvana!

The machine stopped again.

Molly was going crazy now, straining against her restraints. She needed additional friction and additional stimulation. The tender skin at the base of her neck was a dark hue of red. Had anything or anyone ever had such an effect on her? The madness, the fever, the heat were all rising to her head from that spot at the center of her loins. She was at the edge of that cliff… and then it was gone!

Another cool burst of air was blown into the helmet but she would have none of it. She wanted her release. How long did she lie there this time? She waited and, in time, cooled down a bit. She was not a happy customer though. She was on edge and anxious to get her groove back on. After a few minutes, her wits came back to her in a hurry. She realized that her legs where no longer extended below her on the chair. While she had been distracted by the electrifying flutters of the scarves, her legs had been pulled apart and raised in the air by the chair. She now felt open to the world as if she had been sitting on a gynecologist’s chair.

Just as she made this surprising discovery, the chair started moving again. The massage, the scarves and the pressurized air all started their ballet on her skin at the same time. It was delicious, overpowering and elating all at the same time. It came at her from all sides. Here, there, everywhere and nowhere, one inch of her skin at a time and then all of her at the same time. She did not know where and when it would come. The machine was toying with her. She was on a merry-go-round of thrills and sensations. She was like a puppet on a string each motion of the machine pulling her in a direction or another.

The machine was now in overdrive doing as many things to her as it could possibly do. It was making her squirm with desire. It was relentless and her desire had risen once more to the verge of the sweet bliss that she was craving. She needed it now and she wanted it. “Please! Oh please make me come!” escaped her lips.

As if the machine had heard her, a fourth arm came out from a panel between her legs. That arm was carrying two dildos that the girl could not see and it put each of them at the entrance of her orifices.

“Yes,” exclaimed Molly. The touch that she had experienced between her legs was just what she had been missing and an orgasm erupted from within the deepest parts of her. It came in waves making her vibrate with pleasure “Oooh! Ooooh! Oooooh!” was all she could say as the chair kept up its relentless manipulation of her. She felt as if she would never stop coming. Molly was no more. Only a bundle of nerves reacting to the ministrations of the machine was left.

The sensory depravation provided by the helmet had left Molly unaware of time and space. She had been under the influence of her captor for over three hours but it could have been fifteen minutes or six hours and she would not have known the difference. She was now in such a state of arousal and bliss that she was not thinking anymore. She just felt. Her body had become a receptor to touch and pleasure.

The machine would not stop because it had not completed its programming.

Lubricants started pouring out of miniature holes located along the length of the two metal phalluses. When the surface of each was fully coated with the fluids, the arm started applying pressure on the pussy and the ass of the girl. The penetration was slow and exquisite to Molly. It added another wave of pleasure to the never-ending ecstasy that was coursing through her. If she had been in a different state of awareness she might have been grossed out by the anal play on her rectum. She had never played with that part of her anatomy until then. Now however, her ass was just another extension of her nervous system. It was just another link in the chain of nerve endings that were bringing her layers upon layers of pure unadulterated joy.

At that stage, the girl felt and reacted to every sensation. Whenever the orgasm would start to linger on and lighten its intensity, the machine would move to stoke the fire of desire back to a higher level. Like the string of a musical instrument stroked every so often to keep the same note going, the vibration of her orgasm would be roused over and over.

Sam, the owner of the house, came running back into the house. He had been delayed in the airport due to a technical problem with his jet plane. He had been conducting his business from the lounge at the airport while his plane was being worked on. Out of habit, he had decided to check the security video feed on his computer prior to boarding the flight. When he saw the activity in the pool house, he knew that he would have to cancel his flight to get home.

Sam had built the chair to detect the arousal of its occupant. The chair was supposed to obey voice commands to stop. If no order was spoken, it was programmed to just keep on working until an orgasm was reached. However, the try-outs that he had performed on various subjects had revealed that the sensory depravation created by the helmet had been known to put some of its subjects in some sort of altered state. In some of the cases that he had observed, the machine seemed to be able to prolong orgasms forever and when that happened it would just keep on going. From what Sam had seen on the video feed, Molly seemed to be one of these subjects whose orgasm would linger on forever. Since she did not know about the voice operated functions, Sam knew that the machine would never stop and never release her from her orgasmic state.

When Sam walked into the gym, Molly was still under the influence of her never-ending orgasm. He took a minute to look at her. She was such a beautiful girl and seeing her in the throws of passions was a sight to behold that took his breath away. He wished that he had been the reason for that passion but he knew that after he released her bonds she would leave this place in a hurry. If he had been another type of man, he might have taken advantage of the situation.

However, he was not. He simply walked over to a closet and took out a fresh bath towel that he laid over her. Once she was covered up, he unplugged the chair and slowly withdrew the two dildos from her. He then released her ankles and wrists before opening the helmet.

When the helmet opened up, Molly had a relaxed “just fucked” smile on her face. She was still on cloud nine and it took her some time to get back down to earth. When she had finally regained all her senses she gave Sam the shock of his life when she simply asked him, “When can I do that again?”

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