After strolling through the shopping malls at the center of the Cancun hotel zone Lydia and I went directly to Senor Frogs.

It was as wild, as sexy and uninhibited as advertised. One very drunk woman grabbed one of my hands and placed it on her tit. Lydia put her hand on the other tit. The woman took my hand off her tit and placed Lydia’s other hand on it then gave her a lascivious kiss. She then simply walked away.

This happened on our way in.

We got beers and hung around the stage as a girl hung from her feet and spun around rapidly. Everyone seemed to be waiting for her tits to fly out of her top and a large roar went up when they did. I told Lydia that hers were much, much better.

A guy asked me to dance. Lydia told him I was busy.

We joined the dirty dancing on the sawdust-covered floor for a while then walked around the place and took in the sights.

In contrast with Carlos and Charley’s this was a much younger crowd. We were in the twenty percent minority of the over thirty group. We ended up in a loft area where the brave and foolish went to take the slide plunge into the lagoon.

A group had just vacated a table in the corner and a waitress motioned us over, we ordered drinks from her as we sat with our backs to the wall facing the action. She was back our drinks in a surprisingly short period of time and we commended her for it. I also tipped her well to insure she did not forget about us. We were as far away from the center of action in the place as you could get.

But forgetting us was the furthest thing from her mind.

It was her third visit to our table before I realized she was flirting with Lydia. On her fourth visit I noticed Lydia was flirting back. Lydia was sitting in a posture that allowed the waitress to see down her sundress.

Lydia looked at me in apparent search for my reaction to all that. I smiled and said, “Interesting night so far.”

Lydia leaned towards me and said; “The next time she comes over I am going to ask her to lead me to the ladies room.”

We both knew where the restrooms were so I understood what she was saying. As expected the girl returned shortly and they both left the table. I noticed that Lydia was not being led to the restrooms we had seen. I assumed the girl knew a more secluded space, possibly not a restroom.

Lydia returned in about five minutes, much sooner than I expected. She said, “Poor girl was so horny it took me less than a minute to get her off. I let her taste my tits for a few seconds then went to pee. When I got out I intended to give her a bit more time on my tits but there were several other women in the unmarked restroom including the girl’s supervisor.

She told the supervisor that she was checking a report that there was a sick woman there but did not find one and guessed it was at another bathroom. Unseen by her boss I pinched the girl’s ass as I walked past them but she managed to ignore it. Here, smell the strange pussy.”

Lydia placed two fingers up to my nose and they indeed smelled of pussy. She then had me smell two fingers in her other hand, they smelled of piss. She unbuttoned the top two buttons of my new guayabera and rubbed her fingers on my nipple. My erection was instantaneous which she saw and immediately grabbed.

“You’re so easy,” she said as she kissed me then unzipped my pants and slipped her hand inside. When our waitress returned Lydia made it easy for her to see what she was doing.

I heard the girl say, “Please,” and Lydia pulled my cock out for her to see. The girl groaned, dropped her tray on the floor and as she bent down to pick it up her mouth briefly engulfed my cock. When she straightened back up I noticed that Sylvia’s arm was inside the girls miniskirt. I heard the girl say, “Oh!” then she shuddered as she gasped for breath. Lydia was right, the girl was amazingly horny.

The place had suddenly become wall-to-wall people and it was a while before we saw our waitress. When she returned she had a somewhat older couple with her and seated them at the other side of the table from us. Conversation was pretty much impossible by then as the music and the crowd more than filled up all the spaces with noise so we just nodded and smiled at them as they sat.

We did notice that the woman’s hand plopped on the man’s crotch as soon as they sat. We also saw that the top of the woman’s sundress gapped considerably and we all had a clear view of her smallish tits and her very long and very hard nipples. Lydia and I now understood why the waitress brought them to our table.

The woman apparently asked Lydia where the restrooms were. Lydia stood and led her to the unmarked one. When they returned ten minutes later they were holding hands. As soon as they sat Lydia leaned over to me and said, “Her nipples are awesome. She can orgasm by just having them sucked. It took me less than five minutes.”

I noticed that the lady was holding up two fingers to the man’s nose. I looked at Lydia who nodded and smiled as she again pulled my cock out of my slacks and gave me a long passionate kiss.

Our waitress returned with drinks for all of us. As she stood behind us waiting for me to pay Lydia again ran her hand up the girl’s skirt. Her small whimper could not be heard but was definitely seen by the woman. When the girl stood by the woman we again saw the whimper and soon after saw her mouth form an “Oh.”

After the girl hurried away the women at the table had their men smell their respective fingers.

Lydia was slowly masturbating me under the table. Her movements were small but the lady across from us had no problem figuring out what was going on. We saw her arm go through some motions then settle into the same slow rhythm Lydia had. Two men tried hard to disguise their great pleasure.

Lydia suddenly decided we needed to fuck.

She left her chair and sat on my lap facing me. Without releasing my cock she flared her sundress around our laps and swiftly inserted my cock into her pussy.

Her loud moan briefly drowned out the loud music, which brought the woman’s attention to us.

She stood and walked behind me. While balancing herself with a hand on my shoulders she took off her panties and motioned for her husband to sit in the chair previously occupied by Lydia, it gave better cover than their seats did.

The man grinned in understanding and had his cock ready as soon as he sat. His wife straddled him and made sure Lydia and I could see insertion.

The ladies were demure in their motions at first, anyone paying attention to them would have likely decided that they were just teasing their men. Lydia kissed me often and the woman kissed her husband often before offering her lips to Lydia.

She accepted the offer and the women alternated kissing their men and each other for a while.

Then our companions lost it and fucked hard for about ten seconds before letting loose orgasmic groans. Lydia and I were so turned on that we both had major orgasms immediately after.

The women remained on our laps for a few minutes and kissed each other and us for a while.

Our waitress came by and the women decided to give the girl a treat so the ladies held their dresses up as they stood giving the girl a good view of two cocks plopping out of two pussies. The girl groaned and the ladies immediately led her to the unmarked restroom.

The man and I made use of our waitress’s stack of napkins then made ourselves presentable. He returned to his seat.

Lydia returned in about ten minutes. My companion’s lady returned after another five. Our waitress returned about a minute later. She looked at the women and they nodded. Our waitress then placed finger in front of my companion’s nose and mine.

Lydia looked at me and nodded as she mouthed the word “me”. I slipped the girls fingers into my mouth and sucked on them for a few seconds.

Neither Lydia nor I needed another drink. In fact neither of us needed anything except sleep by that point. I stood and gave our waitress a kiss and slipped a $50 bill into her blouse. She moaned when I squeezed a nipple.

Lydia was kissing her new friend and lover but as soon as our waitress released me she gave the girl a long tongue filled kiss.

As we walked past our tablemates Lydia hugged the woman from behind, slid a hand down her dress and rolled a nipple between her finger and thumb. The woman moaned and turned her head for another kiss then waved us good night.

When Lydia and I left it was around midnight the partygoers had become much younger and wilder. We agreed we were leaving at the right time but also agreed it was probably not an age related thing. It was more likely that our own wild behavior was already done for the night due to our efficient use of time.

We went back to our room and just kissed and cuddled. My hand caressed a tit and hers caressed my chest. She covered my body with hers with my cock between her thighs.

We fell asleep just like that.

The next morning was the start of our last full day. We began it as usual then dressed and got our gear and drove to the pier where the jet skis were.

We followed the convoy out of the lagoon into the Caribbean and enjoyed the coral reef even though it paled by Chankanaab standards. Our ride back was at a more leisurely pace and Lydia took advantage by once again reaching inside my swimsuit and gently play with my cock. When we got back to the dock we decided we were not ready to end our riding around so I rented our vehicle for two more hours.

We slowly explored the lagoon and were fascinated by the fish, sea turtles and birds. The clear amber tinted water was less than six feet deep in most areas.

I took us into the mangrove swamp and we were royally entertained by its raw exotic nature, and each other. After I stopped our vehicle to admire a large barracuda Lydia grabbed an overhead branch to steady herself and slid around onto my lap. She moved our swim suits to the side and suddenly my cock was in her pussy.

We enjoyed the feel of fucking on a floating platform and our orgasms reflected that. We maintained our positions as I slowly glided us around the mangroves with my cock still in her pussy. After a while she slid around behind me and grabbed my still exposed cock as we explored further.

She began to use my cock as a throttle and rudder, forward or backward for speed, left and right for direction. It was fun and kept my cock from deflating completely.

We saw the bottom move more than once until our eyes resolved the image as the reaction of dozens of stingrays to our passage overhead.

We saw many fish that we would have given anything to hook and fry cruising leisurely past us. They knew we were unarmed.

We were pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful Volkswagen sized spotted eagle ray gliding just under the surface about five feet from us. I kept us up with it for a while until it took a turn between the mangroves we could not make.

As we slowly turned we had our biggest surprise of all, a black crocodile about eight feet long was seven feet and one tangled mangrove root away from us.

I did not want to disturb it any more than we already had so after taking a couple of pictures I pulled away at a slow speed. Lydia would have preferred a more rapid exit and was pushing my cock/throttle forward but she understood the need to maintain our cool.

The crocodile never acknowledged our presence, it never even blinked.

As we continued our explorations we saw the only shark we had seen in our days there, a not so small bull shark.

Bull sharks are demented, they travel up-rivers and eat raccoons and snakes and the occasional human leg, or so it’s claimed.

I discarded my idea of snorkeling the lagoon.

We left the mangrove and sped back to the dock as Lydia steered me into wide turns at a fast pace using my cock.

She was enjoying herself, so was I.

As we passed the back of Senor Frogs we saw the end of the slide jutting over the water and wondered how many of the people taking the plunge the previous night would have done so knowing that there were sharks and crocodiles in the lagoon.

Lydia did not release my cock until we were close enough to the dock that anyone watching us approach could have seen her slowly re-insert it into my swimsuit. As we handed our vehicle to valet parking on the dock an older couple grinned at us as the woman said to Lydia, “We saw that you had a fun ride so we decided to rent one for ourselves.”

Lydia told her, “It was a lot of fun especially when we were in the relative seclusion of the mangroves. Try that too. Use an overhead branch for balance.”

After a few seconds the couple suddenly grinned in understanding and hurried to the rental counter.

We did love our adventure and congratulated ourselves for our decision-making prowess once again. We went to the locker room, dressed, and then found a place to eat.

As we ate our lunch we agreed that the waverunner fuck had been part of the excursion and not an official quickie so we needed a quickie and hurried back to our room.

But that afternoon in bed it was anything but a quickie. We were probably already feeling the regret our parting would be causing the next morning.

I needed to make love to her; she needed to make love to me.

We did fuck hard once but our afternoon and evening were spent at a much slower pace and with many more kisses than our previous trysts. Hugs had become very important to me.

Cuddling had become very important to her.

We made love to each other.

It was time for supper when we paused.

I called the desk and asked if anyone around us delivered food and he said, “Yes, Pizza Hut. They deliver beer and wine too.”

He connected me to them and we soon had dinner in our room. Lydia never dressed and stayed in the bathroom until the delivery was completed.

After we finished our second beer Lydia took my hand and led us to the shower. We kissed as our warm fluids bathed us. We rinsed and she dried us with a still wet towel and led us back to bed. Lydia again put us into a sixty-nine. We were gentle with each other’s sex organs that time and our treats lasted a long time.

We took turns getting each other off. My cock was near its total daily limit so when Lydia had me close I stopped her and dedicated myself to her pussy. After she had a nice orgasm she would spend some time loving my cock and stopped when I resumed eating her pussy. We spent so long in that position she managed to get me off twice.

We never considered going disco hopping as we had planned. We did not even bother crossing it off the list. We had found something much, much better to do.

Once, while we waited for my cock to recover, we decided to pack our bags, which turned out to be a very fortuitous thing to have done.

Our long slow lovemaking session continued well into the night. It lasted almost twelve hours before we fell asleep. We were naked against each other and as sexually sated as a man and a woman could be.

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