Sarah twiddled with the pack of cigarettes in her hands, pondering whether or not she should smoke one more cigarette before she ventured down the road frequently traveled, which is quitting the stuff. Better not, she thought. She wanted to quit cold turkey. There were many attempts before in her 32 years of life, but she had an extra motivation this time. Months ago, she and her long-time boyfriend split. She wanted to cut down on her vices and be the best version of herself.

She and her brother TJ had a solid relationship. They were close and clearly cared for one another. They lived together in her apartment, but TJ lived there while he was attending college. As of late, after the demise of Sarah’s last previous relationship, it had been only the brother and sister living together. TJ had an idea on how to help his sister Sarah assuage her nicotine urges, but he had contrived a latent manipulative plot to accomplish a personal carnal goal of his: fuck his big sister Sarah in the ass.

TJ was 21. He had lusted after his sister Sarah for as long as he could remember. Sarah was rather sexy by her nature. She gave off a sexual aura by her attitude, from the way she walks with her big ass cheeks swaying back and forth, slowly and sensually, to the way she talks, softly and to the point. Sarah was of above average height; her round Duke blue eyes glistened, and her dirty blonde hair was frequently worn tied up. Her lips were full and wholesome – not too big, and not too small, just right. Sarah was thick. She carried fat in what she thought were all the right places. TJ thought so, too. In her thighs and her ass. Sarah’s ass was the source of TJ’s sexual appetite. He was insatiable, and he had a plan to satiate his lustful hunger.

TJ was tall, a bit over six foot or so, I’d estimate. He was virile, square-jawed, lean with broad shoulders and thick arms, hairy all over. Masculine to the max. He had black hair that appeared to be a bit brown in the light, with figments of very noticeable gray hair. TJ didn’t mind the gray hairs; in fact, he liked it, because he looked distinguished among his young adult peers. His deep voice gave him the aura of a dominant male, and with his charismatic persuasiveness, he had an idea on how he might sexually manipulate Sarah.

As mentioned, TJ was a college student. He dabbled in psychology and nutritional science. He had an affinity for studying the human body and physiological reactions to chemicals. One of the relevant chemicals in particular? Nicotine. He figured that he could mindfuck his sister Sarah into fucking him. After years of intense masturbation sessions, TJ had a plan to fuck Sarah senseless, but he had to be methodical.

Sarah sat on the bed in her bedroom, clad in a pair of pink pajamas and a gray tank top. half paying attention to the recorded episode of “Desperate Housewives” on her TV and half thinking about cigarettes. It had only been a couple of hours, and the cravings were already kicking in full force. She had not yet disposed of the pack of cigarettes sitting on her dresser. Every few minutes she’d glance at the smokes, mentally convincing herself – at least trying to – that she had no need for them. The physiological cravings were proving to be too much.

Around that time, TJ knocked on the door and let himself in without his sister’s approval.

“Forget how to knock and actually wait for a reply?” Sarah rhetorically asked, rolling her eyes in disgust, exasperated by her brother’s rudeness.

“Why are you so damn grouchy?” asked TJ, reciprocating with a rhetorical question of his own. “You’ve shut yourself in here like you’re some damn prisoner of your mind,” he stated with words of truth. Sarah had been in her room for the last three hours, filling up on recorded TV dramas. TJ perused the room, seeing the light pile of clothes lying beside her bed (including a pair of pink panties of hers that he recalled sniffing a few weeks back), the makeup rack scattered all over the place on the shelf, then he spotted the pack of cigarettes on the dresser. He pointed towards them before saying, “You are trying to quit smoking, and you have a pack of cigarettes sitting on the dresser? What, are you keeping them as a memento? A vigil?”

“No..” Sarah retorted, annoyed by his caustic words. She hesitated a moment. “Sorry. I don’t mean to be this way. Take them. Throw them out. Do something. I really, really want to quit smoking this time around.”

TJ grabbed the pack of cigarettes and ‘shot’ them into the garbage can as if he were shooting a basketball. “Do you? You tried every other time, and inevitably failed. Sarah, I want to help you, but this time you have to listen to me. Every single time I tried to lend my supportive suggestions, you ignored me.”

“All you say is ‘mind over matter’ this, ‘mind over matter’ that, but you don’t even fucking understand how hard it is to stop.”

“I don’t, but I can support you and help you, and I read something online this morning that is helping plenty of former female smokers stave off the cravings. Will you listen to me, and actually hear me out, or is everything going to go through one ear and out the other like last time?”

“Okay, okay… I will. What did you ‘find out’ about this ‘groundbreaking revelation’?” Sarah said with a forced half-smirk.

TJ remained calm on the exterior, but inside his mind couldn’t stop racing with the hopeful possibilities of fucking his sister. What he was about to tell her would instigate the footsteps that would lead to Sarah’s sweet ass. As Sarah bloviated about her new stop smoking efforts for the last week, TJ conjured this grandiose idea, and now it was time to put it into place.

“There has been countless scientific studies posted all over the place about…” he purposely hesitated, maintaining eye contact with his sister. “Hear me out, hear me out… don’t get all pissy about it, but I read that intermittent clit stimulation and oral sex over the course of a day has proven to be an extremely effective way to help smokers curve their addiction.”

“Uh… what?” Sarah quickly asked, puzzled all to hell. “How would that stop the cravings, exactly?”

“Well, I was getting ready to tell you. Remember how I told you a long time ago about the neurotransmitter ‘dopamine’ and how it’s called the happy hormone because whenever levels are up, you feel joy? Well, every time you smoked, you elevated the amount of dopamine that your body naturally produced, and now that you’ve stopped smoking, the stimulant effect from the nicotine is no longer there, so your dopamine levels are low, and that’s why you feel like shit.”

So far, TJ was being truthful with what he was saying. He continued…

“By stimulating the clit and giving oral, the sexual physiological responses naturally raise dopamine levels just like the nicotine did. With the woman’s lips around a penis, instead of having a cigarette in her mouth, she will stimulate her same senses like she would have done with a cigarette.”

TJ had officially turned on ‘bullshit mode’, but Sarah didn’t look so convinced. “Isn’t that just replacing one addiction with another?”

“Not really. If it is an addiction, it’s a healthy addiction compared to cigarettes. Besides, it’s basically only masturbation and a blowjob,” TJ said with a big grin.

“There’s no way I can do that, then. Well, the first one, yeah… but the oral sex? The only option to give oral is to go find some stranger and blow him, and I am NOT going to do that.”

“Is that really your only option, Sarah?”

“What do you mean?”

This was it.

“I’m your brother, and like I said, I’m here to support and help you no matter what…”

“What?! TJ, seriously? I am NOT going to suck your dick. That’s wrong on so many levels… ugh!” Sarah said, almost pretentiously as she emitted those words with a bunch of forced faces tantamount to the looks Charles Manson used to make in those old interviews. “That’s incest, and it’s fucking gross.”

“How in the hell does a blowjob count as incest? Especially if it’s not even sexual in the first place?! It’s only meant to help you stop smoking”, TJ replied, intensely defensive. “Would you rather put your lips on some guy that only wants to use your pretty lips for sexual satisfaction, or would you rather trust your brother, the one person you CAN trust in your life without a shadow of a doubt?”

“You made all of this up, didn’t you? You little fuckin’ pervert! You are that desperate for sex that you want to trick your own sister?”

“See, this is what I mean, Sarah!”, TJ emitted with a raised voice. “You never listen to my suggestions. You always write them off like you are doing now, calling me a pervert because I suggested some unorthodox advice you said you’d hear me out on. Look, I’m not going to ‘make’ you do this. I just think it would be worth a shot to try. Fuck it. Go back to the nicotine patches and the bullshit chewing gum. Pretty soon you’ll be smoking again, and I’ll have my face in my palm. If only you knew how badly I wanted to help you. Instead of actually hearing me out and understanding my true intentions of wanting to help you, you write me off as being a depraved piece of shit. I appreciate it, sister. Thanks.”

TJ gave a grade-A Oscar nominee effort in his act of guilt-fucking.

He turned around and began approaching the door when Sarah spoke up.

“Wait, stop, stop… you have to understand that you can’t just suggest that I give you oral and not expect me to blow up about it? It’s probably the weirdest stop-smoking method I’ve ever heard, but I don’t know…”

“I know, sis, but YOU have to understand that I’ve relentlessly tried to help you, and this is like a last ditch effort. Take it or leave it. What do you want to do?”

“Let me see it first…” Sarah said, biting her lower lip.

TJ unbuttoned and unzipped his pants before pulling them down and kicking them off. The only thing that remained in the way was his boxers. His heart was beating five thousand times a minute. So was Sarah’s. “It’s only a dick,” TJ quipped.

He curved his thumb and index finger over the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down, exposing his flaccid cock and the copious amounts of his jet-black pubic hair encompassing his solid pair of balls. His cock was minuscule while flaccid. He didn’t have a huge cock when he was hard, but it was the perfect length, or so he thought. He had many sexual excursions with the last couple of girls he dated, and he’d like to think he pleased the hell out of them. The thickness of his cock was a beneficial advantage, he reckoned.

Sarah gazed at his cock with wonderment. She had a blank look on her face, still biting her lower lip. She was curious, noticing for, really, the first time, that her brother was very much a handsome, hung young man.

“I’m really soft right now, but touch it. Just give it a try, sis. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. This is only to help you stop smoking… OK?” TJ affirmed. He was still very much hopeful.

Sarah was still speechless. She sat on the edge of the bed; her eyes, fixated on her brother’s cock, she took her right hand’s index finger and touched the tip of his cock, before cupping his balls in her palm, feeling his pubes in between her fingers. She licked her lips, giving them some moisture. TJ couldn’t believe this was actually happening. The image of his sexy sister licking her lips was almost too much to handle. His cock began to harden.

Sarah softly wrapped her delicate hand around her brother’s prick, clenching his shaft. She couldn’t control the natural feelings she was having over having her hand wrapped around her brother’s cock. Whether she wanted to think it was sexual or not, it was, and her body was betraying her as her pussy began to tingle. Still not emitting any words to TJ, she was speaking loudly to herself in her mind, fighting a futile battle by trying to rationalize that it wasn’t incest if she were only trying to abstain from smoking a cigarette ever again.

It wasn’t incest, she thought! She reaffirmed the idea that everything was perfectly normal and what she was about to do wasn’t taboo, but the sexual nature of the brother and sister’s ensuing oral act was very much erotogenic.

The erotic heat in Sarah’s palms had a predictable effect, as TJ’s cock grew in her hand under her stroke. He was harder than a brick, and he was fighting a battle of his own. His legs were almost trembling from the pure ecstasy of his sister jacking him off, and he was defending the urge to emit a pleasureful sigh or moan.

“When you are getting ready to cum, you better fucking tell me, or I’ll rip your balls off” Sarah said, making sure TJ understood, as she broke the deafening silence. “And when you do cum, grab these tissues and cum into them” she stated, pointing to the Kleenexes on her bed.

TJ nodded, but he had a reminder for his sister. “Okay, and for you, don’t forget about the clit stimulation. Take off your pajamas.”

Sarah released his cock and stood up, pulled down and removed the pajamas, revealing a pink pair of extremely feminine lace low-cut panties. TJ began stroking himself in order to stay hard, but it was a rather redundant act, as he didn’t need to because of the image of his sister in underwear being bestowed upon his eyes. His cock was groaning to deposit his cum all over his sister’s delectable body. He wanted, very badly, to inhale the scent of the front of panties to get a whiff of her pussy.

As Sarah reapproached TJ’s cock, he stopped her. “Wait, you have to take off the panties, too.”

“Ugh, what? No,” Sarah denied. “I’m not getting naked in front of you.”

“Seriously? I get naked in front of you, and it’s okay for me, but you can’t get naked in front of me? Wouldn’t it be annoying to flick the bean with panties constantly chafing against the back of your hand?”

“Ugh,” Sarah detested. “Alright, whatever. Just don’t use the term ‘flick the bean’ again.” TJ smirked.

She pulled down her panties, fully removing them and tossing them to the side. She was unmistakably nervous, as she knew her pussy was visible wet. TJ spotted her noticeable wetness immediately, and although he wanted to say something about it, he didn’t. Instead, he admired her with his eyes, as his lustful thoughts further sent him over the edge, but he wanted her too badly. He didn’t want to fuck this all up. Her pussy lips glistened with juice – they weren’t big, but at the same time they weren’t small. Just right in TJ’s dirty mind.

Sarah was stunningly beautiful. She looked at his cock while he looked at her pussy before her big blue eyes connected with TJ’s dark green eyes. They both stood in front of each other, her pussy becoming much wetter by the minute and his cock perennially stiff. They were both clad in t-shirts, but their genitals were completely exposed to one another.

The sexual tension between the older sister and her younger brother was evident without even saying a word. Both remained mute, as Sarah dropped to her knees, kneeling closer to TJ’s granite-like cock. This isn’t incest, this isn’t incest, this isn’t incest, this isn’t incest, this isn’t incest, she mentally retold herself.

All in one act, Sarah stuck her tongue out, looked up at him, their eyes connecting once more, as she swiped across the wet hole on the tip of his cock. TJ wanted more. He was in paradise.

Her juicy little pussy emanated even more discharge as she circularly rubbed her swollen tiny clit. She moved in with her thumb, stretching it out to rub her clit while she slid her index and middle fingers into her wet cunt. Her breathing became quick, as she kissed the head of her brother’s cock.

“God…” TJ accidentally let out with a pleasured sigh. “Sorry, sorry… it just feels good. Keep going. Think… think of it as a, a, cigarette. Mentally replace the cigarette with my cock.”

Sarah abided. With multiple, consistent kisses down the shaft of TJ’s cock all the way to the hilt, his pubes softly brushed against her pale, plump white cheeks. She continued to fingerfuck herself hard. She kissed her way back up to the top of his shaft, pressing her tongue against his head.

She pressed her sweet lips together and rubbed them down and back up his shaft once more. TJ was still in a state of shock and euphoria. He couldn’t believe his plan was working. Sarah was so fucking unintentionally horny. She needed to cum so desperately… she couldn’t even help it, and she hadn’t even taken his cock into her mouth yet!

Sarah gasped and let out a moan. Her breathing was intermittently heavy, her heart racing, she couldn’t stay still. Her legs squirmed, her pussy tingling… the taboo lust was only beginning to overcome her as she lavished her brother’s hard cock in her wet, sticky saliva.

As she made it back to the top of his cock, she tightened her lips and pressed them against his head, slowly pushing forward, before his cock finally broke through, into the warm, wet depths of his sister’s mouth. It was official: Sarah was sucking her brother TJ’s cock.

As her lips were now wrapped around his mushroom tip head, she progressively moved her head forward, nice and slowly. TJ might have told her to think of his cock like a cigarette, but it was too late for that. She was secretly enjoying herself. Sucking cock practically came second nature to her, as her ex asked her of it often.

TJ’s cock filled his sister’s mouth. “Sarah, it feels so good, I’m sorry…” he mumbled, barely audible. The fact that Sarah was sexually pleasing her brother made her pussy that much more wet. It was the greatest and most disgusting feeling she had ever felt up to that point. She felt so dirty, but at the same time she felt so right. She prided herself on being able to please a man by blowing him, and as wrong as it she felt it should have been, she was loving her brother’s thick cock in her wet little mouth.

TJ began moving his hips back and forth, lightly thrusting his throbbing dick in and out of his sister’s mouth. She began to clench her lips tighter around his shaft, greatly intensifying the sensation TJ was feeling. “Ohhh fuck yeeeah” he moaned. He relented the best he could, knew he wasn’t going to last much longer.

Sarah was lost in a sexual reverie. Her mind was spewing lascivious thoughts one right after the other. She was sucking her brother’s cock… and she loved it. She was on the brink of orgasm as she listened to her brother moan in pleasure. She took his moaning as a compliment. She knew she was pleasing him to the max, and for that reason she was on the brink of orgasm.

With every thrust of TJ’s cock sliding in and out of his sister Sarah’s mouth, loud slurping noises began to emanate due to the friction between Sarah’s lips and the ample amounts of her spit gratuitously covering all of TJ’s pulsing cock.

TJ’s pubes were doused in Sarah’s saliva. She had drooled all over his cock, and it had leaked to his balls and was dripping onto the carpet. Sarah’s thighs were drenched in her pussy juice as a result that she was dripping wet. Her juices were also leaking onto the floor. This was symbolism at its finest of their brother and sister incestuous communion, sanctifying the new covenant between them. The covenant no longer between a brother and sister, but now between man and woman.

Sarah pulled back and released her brother’s cock from the clutches of her lips. As she sinuously pulled back with her mouth open, a thick string of her slobber connected her bottom lip and the tip of her cock. She looked up at TJ, and he reciprocated. They were breathing heavily.

“I want you to fucking cum,” Sarah seductively demanded with a sinister grin on her face. She looked like a dirty, little, wanton slut, TJ thought. He had never seen her behave like this, and it drove him to the edge to hear her speak dirty like that.

Hello fans! Welcome to my next book, Jennifer’s Summer Adventures! This novella has 10 Chapters, and deals with a myriad of situations through her summer before college. The people of my stories live only in my (and yours I hope)imagination. That being the case, please bear in mind that other “rules” of life can also be bent. There are a couple in these stories. So, if reading erotically and sexually explicit offends you, or certain fantastical actions upset you, you may leave now. For all others, ENJOY!


It was a lazy summer day. Jennifer was lying in the shade of the old tree in her back yard, dreaming of her times with Eric and Angela next door. She had been friends with them ever since the beginning of June. They had initiated her into the joys of sexual congress, and each time with them brought new and wonderful experiences.

They were not too much older than her 19 years, but had infinitely more experience. She learned that Eric was an accountant, and Angela taught an aerobics class at the health spa in town. She also found they were highly sensual and sexual, and their time together was full of fucking and sucking, role-playing, and some light domination. Much of this came out in their first time together as a group, and the last four weeks had been heavenly.

They were currently on a trip back to Vermont to finalize the sale of their old home. Jennifer could not go with them, however. She still lived with her father, and he had put his foot down on this subject.

“You will have plenty of time to travel with your friends,” he had said to her yesterday, “once you decide on what you want to do with the rest of your life. You are going to college in the fall, and you haven’t even picked a major yet! Get your priorities straight, get your education, and THEN do what you want! The world will be yours, then.” Little did he know that she was doing exactly WHAT she wanted to do right now!

Her thoughts drifted to her boyfriend Alan. That thought sent a pang of guilt through her. She just finished almost a month of delectable debauchery without a single thought towards him. He had been gone on a work program to make some money during that time, and she felt just a little lonely, and put out since she was not allowed to go (her father again. Geez!). She did not know how she was gong to approach him on what she did the last four weeks. At the worst, she knew he would break up with her, calling her “slut” and “whore”, not knowing that now those words thrilled her and got her wet. At the best, who knows?

The day was getting hotter. Jennifer grabbed her drink off the little table next to her chair and drank it in one gulp. She then pulled out an ice cube and started sucking on it. It felt so good on her lips! Then she started trailing that ice cube down her chin, onto her neck, and onto her breastbone. With her other hand she opened up the tied shirt she was wearing (she still loved her dad’s shirts so her 38D’s would be free), and exposed a breast. She started to slowly glide the ice cube around her tit, leaving a wet, little trail. She started to moan from the sensation.

She reached her nipple. The instant the ice cube touched it, her nipple hardened; she rubbed that ice cube on her nipple for a little bit, then switched to the other nipple. Both tits were now exposed, and the warm breeze on the wetted skin made her shiver. She started to rub her thighs together, catching her clit between flesh and the fabric of her bikini bottoms. Jennifer had an enlarged clit naturally, and this motion engorged it, making it even bigger, and more sensitive. She moaned a little louder from the rising lust that her actions were engendering.

Once her tits were thoroughly covered with water trails, Jennifer then trailed the ice cube down her stomach and under the band of her bikini bottoms. She then started rubbing her clit with the cube, which was melting fast.

“Oooh! Ooh!” she gasped as she rubbed her clit with the ice.

Then she inserted the ice cube into her hot and juicy pussy, pushing it in as far as she could. She then returned to rubbing her clit with her fingers, rubbing her thighs together, and pinching her nipples with the other hand. Faster and faster she rubbed her clit, squirming from the sensation, coming close to orgasm.

“Aah. Oh-Oh, UUNNNNNGGGH!” she gasped as she went over the edge, and started to come. Her pussy juices made her wet inside and out, soaking her bikini. The ice cube had since melted away, adding its wetness to the flow. Her body bucked in the lounge chair as the orgasm rocked her.

In a few moments the spasms died down, leaving her a little spent, but still hot and horny. Eric and Angela were out, so she could not get satisfied there. She no longer went in for the cucumber bit as she once had. She needed a man (or woman) to satisfy her lust, and she was not sure where to find one. Being a slut sometimes had its disadvantages, she thought to herself.

Just then, her cell phone rang.


“Hi, Jen?” said a male voice on the other end. “It’s Alan.”

“Alan!” Jennifer exclaimed, trying to control the quivering of her voice. “Where are you?”

I’m home for the weekend,” he replied, “and I wanted to know if I could see you now. I got something to tell you.”

“Sure! Come on over!”

“Great! I’ll see you in ten minutes then. Bye.”


Jennifer got up. She looked down at herself, and decided to change for him. She did not think she would make a very good impression meeting him in a cum-soaked bikini and unbuttoned shirt.

Jennifer went inside and went upstairs to her room. She stripped off her clothes and threw them into her hamper. She went into the bathroom and freshened up a bit, then put on a frilly dress and bra, but no panties. She stayed bare footed. She combed her long blonde hair and tied it back with a fillet.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang. Jennifer skipped down the stairs to answer it. When she opened the door, she saw Alan, and took in a quick breath. He was gorgeous! His 5’7″ frame looked fit, and he was tanned. His auburn hair shone in the afternoon sun, and his gray eyes looked at her penetratingly.

“Jen, you…changed,” he said.

“Uh… what do you mean?”

I-uh-mean that you look so…good!” he stammered.

“Oh,” she said, relieved, “I have been working out and stuff.” She didn’t mention how.

“Can I come in?”

“Oh! Yes.”

Jennifer moved so Alan could enter. She smelled him as he passed. He had a man scent that sent shivers through her, and she could feel herself becoming wet again. She led him to the den of her home.

“Would you like anything to drink?” she asked.

“No, thank you,” he said, as he sat down. ” I just want to…talk to you. I haven’t seen you for a little over a month, and I didn’t hear from you. I need to know if you still have feelings for me.”

Jennifer sort of expected this. She sat down next to him. “Of course I do,” she started, “I still care for you. You’re my boyfriend. My dad likes you…”

“I know that,” he said, “and I know why. That relates to what I want to tell you.”

“What?” she said, confused.

Alan hesitated “Uh, I was…unfaithful. There was this girl on our crew, and she looked so good to all of us. One night, after work, we were unwinding at the beach. There was beer and stuff there, and we all got a little smashed. Well this girl put on a strip show, and the other girls on the crew started joining in. before long they each picked one of us and moved to another part of the beach. This one girl I’m talking about picked me. I mean, I tried to tell her I was taken, but the booze and her body and her smell was too much for me. I’m sorry I did it. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

All this came out in one shot from him.

Jennifer was taken aback. Here she was, wondering how to break the news to him of her escapades, and he pours out his soul to her of one night of indiscretion in an alcohol haze with an obvious slut. Something like her. Jennifer battled with her conscience, wondering if she should tell him of Eric and Angela. She decided against it…for now. His ego was fragile at the moment, and she didn’t want to stomp all over it. Also, she learned he was not as uptight about sex as he let on earlier. He did not apologize for the sex; he apologized for the action.

Jennifer brought her feelings on line. First, she was horny. Second, her boyfriend was here, admitting he had another side to him he never showed her. Third, he looked good, smelled good…she wasn’t about to let this opportunity pass.

She leaned over and kissed him.

Alan’s eyes flew wide open. He was expecting her to throw him out. Her father had assured him that she was a good girl and didn’t like filth, and had told him to treat her with the utmost respect. He had secretly fallen in love with her, and was strengthened by that love to have the courage to admit his fling. He did not expect this! He returned the kiss with as much passion as she was kissing him with.

Jennifer knew she did the right thing. She put her arms around him and snuggled up to him on the couch while still kissing him. She parted his lips with her tongue, licking the front of his teeth. Her hands rubbed his shoulders and back. He felt very muscular, the type of muscles you get from hard work. She knew her muscularity was from workouts at the health spa, so she knew the difference. She put as much feeling in her touch as she could.

Alan wrapped his arms around her. He felt her tongue in his mouth, and reciprocated. His hands were massaging her back, slightly pulling her towards him. He loved the feeling of her tits on his chest.

“What was this? Did she actually squirm closer to me?” he thought.

Jennifer started to massage his chest. She then started to unbutton his shirt, and put her hands inside. He had a light dusting of hair, and his chest was more muscular than she remembered.

Alan was enjoying this. He decided to be a little brazen. He moved one hand around to the front and grabbed a tit.

Jennifer sat. back, away from his hand. Alan immediately withdrew his hand. “I’m sorry,” he said.

“Alan,” Jennifer started, “I need to tell you something.”

He knew he did something wrong. “What?”

“Well, you just don’t grab a woman’s tit like that.” She picked up his hand and put it on her right breast. “You cup it like this, and gently rub it.”

Alan’s brain exploded from this contact. She actually put HIS hand on HER tit!

Alan started to massage her tit the way Jennifer was directing. As he gently kneaded it, her head went back and a low moan escaped her lips.

“MMMMM, that’s it,” she purred.

Alan brought his other hand around her waist and pulled her closer to him. He placed his lips on the base of her neck and gently bit it.

“Aah, yes!” she moaned.

Alan put both his hands on her shoulders and grabbed the straps of her dress. Slowly, he lowered the straps down her arms. She allowed this by dropping her hands to let the straps loose. The top of her dress now lay at her waist, and her strapless bra was all that covered her wonderful mounds. Alan then reached in front and unhooked her bra, and gently removed it. Her tits bounced free from their restraint, her nipples already hard.

Alan sat back and looked at the beautiful sight. Jennifer reached back to remove the fillet from her hair. The raising of her arms did wonderful things to her tits, he thought. She then shook her hair out, enjoying the feeling of the wisps that stroked her nipples.

Jennifer moved into Alan, raising a little. She put her left tit at his mouth.

“Suck my tit, lover,” she whispered, “Bite my nipple.”

Alan complied. He put that sexy nipple into his mouth and gently bit it. Jennifer gasped and squirmed next to him. She then straddled him so he would have an easier time sucking her tits. He continued sucking, licking, and biting her tit. Then he moved to the other tit and did the same thing. Her squirming became more pronounced and he felt a little wetness on his belly where she was grinding her crotch. Alan placed his hands under Jennifer’s arms and stood straight up, still sucking a tit, surprising Jennifer. Her dress fell all the way off. He kept her suspended like that, sucking her tits. Jennifer wrapped her legs around his waist and ground her pussy into his belly.

“Ooh, yes, lover,” Jennifer gasped, amazed at his strength.

In a little bit, Alan sat back down, and disengaged from her wonderful globes. He needed to give his jaw a rest. Jennifer had other plans. She was naked, and she was about to make sure that he was too. She stood up and struck a sexy pose.

“You like what you see?” she asked of Alan.

Alan’s jaw dropped. Jennifer was standing in a pose that was more erotic than any he had ever seen in a men’s magazine. He felt his own heat rising, and his cock started to get harder than it already was. “Uh-gulp!-yeah!” was all he was able to get out.

Jennifer giggled. “I thought you would,” she said, “and I have a funny feeling you’re going to like what’s gonna happen next!”

She walked over to Alan and stood him up. She undid his shirt, noticing it was wet around the midriff. She then attacked the belt at his waist, nearly ripping it off.

“You have seen me,” she growled, “now it’s my turn!”

“Wh-where did this come from?” Alan gasped, staggering from the onslaught of Jennifer nearly ripping his pants.

“Shut up,” she said. She had gotten the snap off and the zipper down. He didn’t wear any underwear, so she could see the top of his pubic hair. She grabbed the waistband and pulled his pants to his ankle in one shot, upsetting Alan’s balance. He fell heavily to the floor.

“Hey, watch it!” Alan gasped.

Jennifer looked at Alan. He had the standard tan lines at the waist and upper thighs. He was lily white in the crotch area. She saw his prick and whistled. He looked to be about 7 inches, and thick. It was flying at full mast, and there was a little precum at the tip. Jennifer’s lust grew at the sight, and her pussy started to itch.

“Ooh, you look deliciously scrumptious,” she purred. “Now, I am going to show you how to properly eat a pussy. You’ve eaten pussy before, haven’t you?”

“Um, yeah…”

“Well, let’s see what you know.”

Jennifer positioned herself over Alan’s face. He smelled her essence, and it fueled his lust. She lowered her pussy to his waiting mouth. He started to suck on the lips, licking her slit and clit. Jennifer shuddered, and started to grind her hips into his waiting mouth.

“Ooh, fuck,” she gasped, “you know. Ugh, keep it up! Make me squirm! Make me scream!”

Alan reached up and grabbed her tits hard. Jennifer gasped, but did not object this time. He held her in place while he assaulted her pussy with his lips. Jennifer started to squirm from the feeling, lifting her head, closing her eyes, and licking her lips. She put her hands on Alan’s arms as he roughly kneaded her tits.

Alan continued to assault her pussy. He pushed his tongue into her hole, licking the sides of her canal. He mentally thanked that slut back at the work camp for teaching him.

Jennifer’s hips continue to grind. The longer he ate her pussy, the higher her lust rose. Suddenly, she screamed and dived down to his cock. She grabbed it and shoved it into her mouth, taking the whole length at once.

“NNNGHH!” Alan said as he felt his dick enter her throat.

Jennifer started to suck Alan’s cock with a vengeance. She moved his cock in and out of her throat as fast as she could, licking the head and shaft along the way. This made Alan suck her pussy even harder. Jennifer then reached to her crotch and started to rub her clit fiercely.

Alan couldn’t take it any longer. His hips started to buck, and Jennifer felt his cock pulse. Without a word, Alan started to come. Streams of sticky, delicious cum shot into her mouth, dribbling out the sides a bit. She swallowed as fast as she could. Alan kept on shaking. The more he came, the slipperier her mouth became, and the faster she pumped that cock into her mouth. He felt as if he would not stop coming. He transferred some of that lust into his pussy eating, attacking her lips with a frenzied biting and licking.

Jennifer licked all the cum off of Alan’s gorgeous prick. She was being bucked hard. She couldn’t move her legs since Alan had locked her legs in place with his arms. She then became fully aware of the brutal onslaught of his teeth and tongue on her pussy. Her lust for his cock blinded her to this, and now it hit her full force!

“Ohhh, fuck!” she screamed. “Suck my cunt! Bite my clit! MAKE ME COME HARD, STUD!”

Jennifer removed her hand from her clit. Alan shifted under her and attacked even harder. She gasped in pain and passion as he brutally bit her pussy lips and clit, making her jump and squeal with each nibble. He held her down so she would not buck off. She said she was going to teach him? Ha! He was going to show her a thing or two!

“OH SHIT,” she yelled, “I’M COMING!”

Jennifer stopped moving and tensed. Her orgasm was huge! All of a sudden, she jerked, then jerked again. Then she started to scream.


Jennifer ground her snatch into Alan’s mouth so hard that his hips bounce from the force. She was screaming and crying, her body rocked by wave after wave of lust. Then she came again.

In the end, she passed out. Alan felt her weight, and released her. She crumpled off him and lay sprawled on the floor. He coughed to clear his throat. She had let out so much pussy juice that it was too much to swallow, and he felt like he was drowning. He tried to get up but felt weak. He laid down next to her, and closed his eyes.


“Wake up, you whore!”

Jennifer felt a foot kick her ass hard. She opened her eyes. She saw Alan and screamed.

Alan looked like he had the hell beat out of him. He coughed up a little blood. His balls looked like they had been kicked hard!

She looked around. She saw a man with a bat in his hand. It was her father…


Jennifer is in trouble! Her father is pissed! What will he do? Find out in Chapter 2!

–I really need to get laid… ::sigh::–

Jackie’s body against his, his hands holding her, her hands pulling him closer…

Cal’s eyes opened, “Dammit.” He always managed to wake up just as things were getting interesting. It’s a fact that he’s only had sex in four of his dreams, and we’re talking about a guy who jacks off four times a day! Cal’s hand went unconsciously to his throbbing member. He might not have sex in them, but they sure get him going.

He had just started to squeeze on himself a little bit, when the days events stormed back to the front of his mind. His dream might still be in play. Had he really finger fucked a tall hot blonde in her hot steamy shower five hours ago? And did her mom really bust them? Cal scratched an itch on his nose. Oh, yup! It happened. He scratched again… It was going to happen again.

His eyes darted to the clock, ten fifteen. If Jackie wasn’t home yet, she would be soon. Cal thought about all the things he might be doing in an hour, which did not help the almost painfully erect cock underneath his blankets. He imagined where his hands would explore, where his tongue would explore! The smells, sounds, and tastes of love. The neat hair turned sweaty and disheveled, all the finer details that perfected any session of hard fucking.

Still a bit hung over from his nap, Cal decided some coffee was in order. He didn’t want any excuse to be off his game. Jackie was a once in a lifetime type of woman, and, for his own sake, he needed the memory to shine. Ah, the selfless sacrifice is selfish still.

Taking his time, Cal put back on the dark jeans he had been wearing earlier. When he slid the belt around, he loosened it one hole; taking it from his ‘respectable look’ to his ‘yeah, I don’t care much look.’ Foregoing the white button up, Cal picked out a tighter fitting band t-shirt and put it on. Donning his jacket, he opened the door and walked across the grass to the basement entrance.

Inside, he hung the jacket on a hook, and went upstairs to the kitchen. Tossing the preferred amount of ground into a filter, and dropping it in the machine, Cal pressed the glowing button and watched as the steamy hot dark liquid filled his favorite mug.

“Whatcha up to?” It was Tom, despite the familiar voice Cal still jumped. He turned around and saw Tom sitting at the computer in the little office that opens into the side of the kitchen. He looked tired, but curious, as Cal saw him looking at the now full mug of frothy energy.

“Just thought I’d wake myself up a bit.” His sly grin betrayed his nonchalant excuse. “You want me to fix you up a mug?”

“No, you kidding?! My bed’s been calling me since dusk; that would keep me up till dawn!” He was probably right, and Cal thought he might have pulled his train of thought aw… “So, why yah need to wake up?” Figures.

“Well, Jackie said she is probably going to take a shower when they got back from dinner. You know, to wash off all that high society,” Tom’s eyebrow raised and Cal took a sip of his coffee, “Her words, not mine!” Not true, but he thought he might have pulled Tom aw…

“So you might fix her pipes?” He looked very earnest. Cal took a longer sip.

“Yes Tom. There’s a chance I’ll have to get that hot water pipe flowin’ again. This coffee will see me through the task.” Cal nodded at the quickly emptying mug to punctuate the emphasized confidence.

“Oh look, headlights.” Cal bounded across the office to peer out the window. It was apparent before he parted the blinds that there were no headlights on the drive. It was also apparent the coffee was still hot, his hand conveying that information.

“Ha. Ha.” He looked down at Tom with feigned dislike, “Asshole.” They both laughed and Cal sat down at his little area of the office. He flipped through the lists and plans that had accumulated in the past nine months. Burning time, and using a statisfyingly humongous Sharpie, Cal struck out of existence things he had completed. A few minutes later he was pretty sure there was sufficient material in front of him to make a paper-mache zebra… It had been a long nine months.

A flash of light bounced across Cal’s face and his heart missed a beat. Desperately trying to control the wave of jitters that washed over his body, he started deep breathing, heavily; most of us call it hyperventilating. It worked, however, and Cal leaned back into his seat as he leaned back into his head. Vertigo spun him around the room a few times, and when he was resting firmly at his starting position, he heard the door opened on another side of the house, and it started all over again.

Tom, who was watching the proceedings with a bemused look on his face, packed away his laptop and gathered a few files. As he walked out of the office for the night he patted Cal on the back and wished him luck with the pipes.

“Thanks, man…” With a wink, Tom turned the corner and made his break for home.

Cal really was nervous. Jackie was a truly beautiful woman, and despite their extremely limited social interactions, his gut told him she had a down-to-earth and adventurous soul. And she was really fucking hot.

This needs to be emphasized, really. Hott! Mmmm, hot. Pass her on the street bumping into a coffee cup held by a $2,000 dollar suit because that of that magnetic ass and knowing it was worth it as your savings account disappears, HOT. Got it?

Clearly, the pressure was on.

Now, Cal knew how to please a woman; he had no doubts about that! Dexterous, strong, long-fingered hands, an agile tongue, soft expressive lips, the endurance of a 400m sprinter, and a cock as thick as his wrist, as long as she is deep. That, combined with a powerful, lust-driven imagination; well, it makes for something new every time.

Cal hated to admit the analogy, but he felt, physically, like pre-game or pre-race jitters. He was itching to get his fingers on that body. He just wanted to get started, and it would all go away. He’d be in his zone.

It had been twenty minutes since Jackie got back. Cal spun around in his chair for the 73rd time. Needing to distract himself, he got up and went to the fridge. The milk carton was tilted, his mouth was open, but they did not touch. He’d been getting pretty good with that habit. He had turned it up again, and halfway full…

*brief sound of static* “Hello?” Sensual and muted, “Room three needs assistance …” The milk went in the fridge sans cap. In three impressive leaps, Cal covered the distance to the intercom before Jackie finished speaking.

“This is the night manager… What is your situation?” He hoped desperately she knew it was him. There was silence for over ten seconds.

*static* “I need you to make my pipes hot, again.” A drunken look fell over Cal. All but seven inches of his body relaxed. Allowing himself just a moment of reflection, he replied.

“I’ll grab my tools and be up in a second.” Cal grabbed himself. He had to do it, the irony; he gave his cock a firm squeeze and channeled the endorphins toward chilling the heck out. Mood subdued, Cal thought to grab a condom from the back of his draw. Looking at his reflection in the computer monitor, Cal brushed his hair just right and gave his face a good once over for any unseemly blemishes. He thought it kind of funny to primp before such raucous endeavors, but the cleaner you are, the dirtier you can get!

Finishing his coffee, then filling and downing a small glass of water, Cal took a deep breath, walked to the bottom of the stairs, and started up. At the top he hung the right and walked to her door.

He knocked softly, and a cool, sexy voice invited him in. Cal pushed the door open lightly and stepped in. He couldn’t see Jackie in his quick glance around the room. Turning around to close the door, he stopped breathing.

From the bottom up…

Four inch black stilettos. Sheer, black stockings. Garter belt. ::melt:: Low riding, minimal coverage black g-string, black lace bra… and minimal makeup. Her tall body was toned and her abs were absolutely delicious to look at. He’d had his hands all over her body just a few hours earlier, he had felt every ridge and valley between her knees and the crown on her head; but he never got to stare and appreciate the aesthetic beauty of his tactile bliss.

It took something like ten seconds for Cal to make his way up to her face. She was wearing a wicked grin.

“So you approve?”

“Most certainly!” Cal almost had to wipe his chin from drooling. Jackie left the corner after closing and firmly locking the door. As she walked by, Cal looked her up and down from behind; she paused before turning, clearly letting him look a little longer.

He was still standing in the same place as when he first saw her, simply in place, his body rendered useless by a brain rendered useless. His usual eloquent and gregarious inner monologue had been reduced to the most basic words: Ass, Titties, Lips, and Pussy.

“You can sit down over there.” Cal snapped out of his dissociative fugue at the sound of Jackie’s seductive voice. He walked to an armless wicker chair that was positioned facing the foot of her bed. Cal liked where this was going. He sat down.

Jackie was fooling with something she had stashed under her pillow and Cal’s mind ran through the infinite treasures that might lie in wait. Or, it could just be a condom. She bent over to fiddle with whatever it was. Cal’s eyes spiraled around the little patch of black surrounded by her ass, like a primal bull’s-eye. His mouth was wet to taste her.

He saw her plug an iPod into some speakers and a second later what sounded like a hollow, reverb and tweaked kick drum. When a similar voice followed, Cal placed the music.

“Electric Ladyland? Jackie! You just keep getting better and better!” She kept smiling and climbed onto the bed. Cal started to get up, but she motioned for him to sit.

“I want you to watch me, Cal… Don’t worry, you’ll get to have every inch of me, but for now, only your eyes can touch me.” Cal nodded like a golden retriever following a favorite tennis ball. “You’re not allowed to touch yourself either… yet. Just do what I say for now, and nothing else.”

“Ohhkay.” Cal smiled. He was in a daze; wonderful things kept happening around him and he was starting to really believe it all might be some elaborate dream. Maybe it was daylight savings and he got an extra hour of sleep, and that’s why he didn’t wake up during the shower scene in his dream. That must be it!

This woman couldn’t really want him to sit there and watch her do whatever it was she was about to do, with the promise of sex after! Maybe he is dead? Yes. This night would prove whether he’s in heaven or hell. Cal was down with that, heaven or hell, as long as he actually got to make love to the woman.

As the second song came on, Jackie leaned back onto her knees and started waving her hips from side to side in time with the music. Her hands moved across her stomach and wrapped around her torso in a sensual hug. They drug over her bra and she squeezed her breasts, pushing them together slightly and leaning forward to give Cal the best view. One of her hands continued to massage her breast while the other traveled straight down her torso and an inch or two into her black panties.

Jackie leaned forward onto her hands and moved to the foot of the bed. She leaned out, and Cal leaned in. Their lips and tongues shared the pleasure of the other for the second time that day. Breaking off just as it started to get good, Jackie showed she knew how to tease. Not that it wasn’t obvious, with the whole wicker chair in front of the bed routine.

She moved backward to the center of the bed. Leaning all the way down, making her ass stick up in the air, Jackie reached around and unclasped her bra. Pulling her body back toward her center, she rose onto her knees again, holding her bra in place with her hands. She worked her shoulders out of their straps so she was the only thing holding the bra aloft.

Jackie twisted her stomach back and forth to the music in an impromptu belly dance. Her hips curved around, pushing out her ass, pushing out her crotch. She rocked back and forth a little and started to drop the bra. Cal could see the edge of an areola, and soon her tight little nipple. One cup fell completely free, and her perfectly shaped breast dropped from it, bouncing the slightest bit as gravity did its wonder. A few seconds later, its twin joined the other with as magnificent of a revealing.

Jackie’s areolas were about the size of a quarter, and had nipples that stuck out like little pushpins. Cal couldn’t wait to have them in his mouth and under his tongue. Her hands swept down across her stomach and drug up from her panty line to her breasts. Taking them and dragging down from her collarbone Jackie crossed back over each breast, her nipples sliding between pinching fingers.

Her nipples had already been hard, but Cal could see her areolas tighten up from the sensation. One hand continued to play with a breast while the other explored. She reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling at it a little bit, lifting it up and letting it drop, then she ran her hand down her hip under the waistband of her g-string to her thigh. Jackie would pull down her panties on one side to where Cal could almost see her wet, then pulled them back up. She looked Cal in the eye.

“Stand up.” He was up. “Take off your shirt and jeans.” Not breaking eye contact, except for when the shirt was over his eyes. Cal stripped, and then stood back up at the ready awaiting further instruction. His cock pushed straight out against the white fabric of his boxer-briefs, pitching a tent for a family of six, and Jackie noticed. “You’re pretty hard aren’t you?”

“I’ve been hard since you called me on the intercom. This! This is throbbing…” Her smile was between devious and desirous. Cal wore the same smile, “You’re wet aren’t you.” She was quiet for a second.

“Take off your underwear.” Cal followed the order implicitly. He pushed down on the elastic band and his cock popped out and bounced as the boxer-briefs fell to the floor; he stepped out, kicking them to the side. Cal kept his pubes trimmed pretty short, and shaved his cock and balls, so the presentation was nice. Though, the swollen dick with a few veins and a pulsing purple head didn’t need much help.

Jackie actually licked her lips. Cal blushed, and they both chuckled an extremely aroused chuckle. His hand went to touch himself, but Jackie stopped him, assuring Cal it would be worth it. He had a feeling she wasn’t lying.

Motioning for him to sit back down, Jackie turned around and continued her tease, running her hands down her back to her ass. They worked in unison, tugging, pulling, squeezing, and spreading. She leaned forward, sticking her butt in the air again, and continued her erotic massage. Cal got a clear view of her asshole every few seconds, but her pussy remained illusive. She drug her fingers up her crack, pushing on where he knew her hot little hole was, and prodding at her tight asshole.

She slid her fingers under the front of her panties, and Cal could see them round her pelvis to where her clit was. She moved her hand in little circles, and her hips started rocking unconsciously. Cal’s dick bounced a little with each heartbeat. A finger slid back to her asshole, rubbing a little circle on it and then to her pussy. He could see it glisten with her juices.

Jackie stopped masturbating and pulled her hand from her panties. Putting one on either side of the tiny waistband holding the string running up her ass, she very slowly pulled them down, stepping them from side to side over her curves as she went. First came the pristine view of her ass and the small hole between. Then, after what seemed like minutes, he could see the bottom of her pussy; a few seconds later he could see the whole thing.

She pulled her knees together, squeezing her pussy between her legs. Her lips puffed out and a little bead of her lube ran down the edge of one, pausing to drip beside her clit; goose bumps ran across Jackie’s skin. Cal could see a thicker and creamier white love accumulating around the bottom of her pussy. He was pretty sure he could smell it.

A thick, pungent aroma; the smell stings the nostrils with a physical embodiment of lust. Cal’s stomach twisted with wild desire as it filled his lungs, his cock tried to get harder. His tongue moved in his mouth as if it was licking Jackie’s pussy. Breathing in through his mouth, he could nearly taste her too. To smell lust, to taste lust; to bury his face between two sides of heaven, driving his tongue deep to let her potion run free. Cheeks, nose, and chin all covered with the fruits of her passion.

His stomach turned in circles as every nerve in his body had reached a pinnacle of euphoric excitement, his cock feeling almost overwhelmed with the task. Jackie slid her panties over her knees, down her calves and flicked them to the side with her toes. Her knees still together, Jackie pushed a hand between her legs and slid a finger from her asshole to her clit, leaving her labia spread perfectly open for Cal to admire.

She leaned back; pushing her ass closer to Cal, then spread her knees wide on the bed in one movement. Her pink little hole opened up, and he was staring down in to her into her tunnel of love. Her hand moved back from her clit to her ass, then back to her clit again. She toyed with it, rubbing softly and hard, little circles and back and forth.

Two fingers found their way to the threshold of her opening. She wiggled them, teasing her hole, then pushed them all the way into her. Without taking them out, Jackie rocked her palm against her clit, driving her fingers in and out a little as she did. She ground her hand in circles and let out a deserved moan.

Hesitating, Jackie pulled her fingers out and rolled over so she was facing Cal. Her fully flushed face flashed a devious smile. The two fingers that had just been in her were raised to her lips and Jackie’s tongue slid out and licked the length of them. She pushed both of them deep in her mouth and sucked them clean as she pulled out. Her eyes fluttered up to Cal’s.

“Touch yourself.” Such a simple command for such a sudden reaction; Cal’s right hand was on his cock. Jackie moved down to the edge of the bed, so only three feet were separating her and Cal. She rested her feet on the antique chest at the foot of her bed and opened her knees wide. Leaning forward she watched closely as Cal stroked himself, rubbing herself to the same rhythm.

It was hard, very hard for Cal to resist standing up to lay down right on top of Jackie. He could do it in a second, she was so close; she wouldn’t resist, it might not be her plan, but his cock would be in her in a few short seconds. But No, the tease must go on. That was the point, after all.

His eyes were locked on her fingers, and her eyes on his. She was rubbing her clit hard, sliding in deep with every few spins. Cal could hear her juices easing the passage of her fingers, a sound unmistakable to the experienced ear.

Cal wasn’t the quietest either. Watching Jackie in front of him had his hand moving up and down fiercely. His balls smacked against his legs and ass as his thick, sinuous cock pulsed with every thrust. When Jackie would push into herself, Cal would stop pumping and squeeze and twist his head, wishing it were wet with her love.

Cal became absorbed in her facial expressions. Jackie’s face would smile a little, then switch to a look of near pain, then relief, then a smile again. She closed her eyes intermittently, concentrating with the look of a focused rage as her hand rubbed furiously on her clit; immediately resting into a look of cathartic release a second later with a soft moan or sigh.

Cal found these expressions of pleasure to be just as, if not more erotic to watch than the fingers massaging her pussy. When her mouth would drop open a little, Cal hand jerked involuntarily. When a half smile barely emerged, his breath would become shallow and he could taste the lust he was feeling.

Cal became so absorbed by her face; he completely forgot she was pleasuring herself. His every sense tuned to her minute changes in countenance, each little line that appeared and disappeared. When she looked up and saw him looking intently at her, it was almost too much. Her deep eyes pierced through him and understood what his expression meant. Basic desire.

Cal started to stand up, and Jackie bit her lower lip. It was all the permission he needed. She scooted to where her head would rest on the pillows if she leaned back, and she left her legs spread wide open. Cal climbed onto the bed, with a little less grace, and rested on his knees. He moved up to where his legs were between hers, then leaned forward and caught himself with one arm above Jackie’s shoulder. He was parallel and motionless about eight inches above her.

His other hand lightly grazed her cheek as he leaned down and kissed her softly on the lips. Lifting his head from the single kiss, he looked into her eyes again. Not attempting to control the smile on his face, she reflected the emotion back at him. Leaning in, he kissed her again. Her hand wrapped around the back of his head and pulled him toward her. Cal slowly lowered his body until it was resting on top of hers.

Jackie felt so small underneath him. As he kissed her, a hand slid down her side, between her hips and breasts; it pulled her to him rhythmically as he kissed her. They were deep, long, passionate kisses. Cal took his time, making sure each word of his affection for her was deliberately translated into the language they now spoke.

Their tongues would find each other. The tips dancing, as a tongue would tease the clitoris, then wrapped back around to explore them more. Her tongue would circle on Cal’s lips, making him subtlety jerk forward in attempts to complete the kiss. He sucked on her tongue, pulling back until it slipped out of his mouth like a nipple. She would bit his lower lip, sometimes harder and sometimes softer, always perfect.

Their tongues continued their intermittent ballet. Dragging along, feeling the top and sides of her tongue, tasting her lips. Jackie’s hands pulled on Cal’s back, pulling her tighter against him, as she ground her hips against his. Cal rested more of his weight against her and started rocking back and forth as well. Lifting his hips momentarily, he adjusted his length so he could better (and more comfortably) grind against her. Relaxing, he found his mark and rotated his hips, pushing and dragging on her clit with his cock again and again.

He could hear his cock sliding against her wet, not to mention feeling it. The sound alone though, was enough to pull his lips away from hers, so that he might enjoy another pair. Cal kissed his way down Jackie’s body, along the line of her neck, between both breasts, stopping to enjoy each nipple for a few suckles, then down the center of her abs, around her navel, and just the tip of his tongue the rest of the way to an inch above her pussy.

The thick musty smell intoxicated Cal instantly. Drunk with lust, he didn’t delay for a second. With a cheek resting softly against her inner thigh, Cal’s tongue slide down between her pussy and leg, curled around between her pussy and asshole and followed the same path up the other side. His tongue went back and forth from around her knee, up her thigh, and toward her pussy, tracing a path like an EKG.

Stopping, he leaned forward and lightly pushed the tip of his nose against her clit. The abrupt sensation sent a shock down her body and her hips bucked lightly; just enough for Cal’s extended tongue to push into her pussy. He used the tip to toy at the very bottom of her hole, pushing in lightly, but mostly pushing out against it in small circles. He started to move up her pussy, toward her clit. Sliding up little, then all the way back down, a little further, back down, in and out, higher still, until finally it was reached.

Cal rolled her clit around his tongue a few times to get it nice and wet, then pulled back and blew a stream of cool air across her pussy. Jackie’s hips jerked softly. The flat of his tongue pushed in on her clit, and keeping the pressure steady, he drug up until it popped from under the tip. He flicked back across it. Then pushing hard, moved his tongue in wide slow circles.

Moving back to her opening, her wet pussy invited him deeper and deeper. Cal pushed his tongue into her hole, then in again until his face was pushed against her wet. With his tongue as deep in her as he could manage, he torqued his face in wide circles, holding his tongue stiff inside her pink, his nose rubbing her clit, and his chin gyrating on her asshole.

Having abandoned the cleaner side of love making, Cal was determined to make Jackie remember his tongue. Still moving his head in circles, tongue inside her, he would lift up each time he came to her clit. His tongue would slide out of her, flip over her clit, then slide back in fluidly. Before she could get accustomed to the rhythm, his head just moved up and down, or reversed direction, spreading Jackie’s soaking pussy and rubbing her sensitive sex.

He sucked on her clit, pulling it into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue. He sucked on in like a nipple, and then pulled back letting it slide out from between his lips. Sucking it back in, Cal would pull his head back, squeezing the clit between his lips, and then sucking it in again. As it slid out, he would sometimes nibble lightly on it with super short little nibbles, like a bullet vibrator, with a tongue.

Jackie was enjoying herself, to say the least. While Cal was eating her out, her hips were grinding against him. His hands explored her back and all the sensitive places he had found before. He would tease her pussy, tease it, tease it, and then hit it with brief but intense stimulation while simultaneously dragging over her erogenous zones. Her back would arch high and her pussy would push against Cal with long pulses of rigidity.

Cal would not let up in a moment like this. If Jackie was being overcome with sensation, he strove to make it more, to make it last longer, to make her cum harder. The flat of his tongue would move quickly from side to side over her button. He would bite her lightly on the thigh; passionately lick the area right beside her pussy.

After he had felt her cum lightly at least once, Cal let a finger find its way to her pussy. As he slowly licked her clit, he started to push it into her. Jackie’s moan announced her approval. She was so wet it was hard to not push all the way into her, his finger moved effortlessly back and forth.

He pushed in against one wall, to pull out against another. Pulling out quickly, he would linger, and then push in deep to exploring her depths with his fingertip. A second finger soon joined the first. Cal would push both of them against her g-spot, not quite tapping it, but pushing on it again and again keeping some pressure continuous, then sliding in and out while dragging over it a few times, to stop and tease it directly again.

Cal would finger fuck her quick and hard, then stop and move slow and sensually. Sometimes he would slide in slow, and pull out quick, or halfway out and slam back into her deep. Cal twisted his hand, making his fingers rotate within her pussy. He pushed in while twisting one way, and pulled out while twisting the other way. Cal licked Jackie’s clit as often as his face could get there, getting a fresh taste of her love at the same time.

Jackie reached down and pulled Cal up toward her. His full weight upon her, she kissed him passionately, his face still wet with her juices. Cal kissed back equally as passionately. Their bodies rocked against each other hard as their lips explored the other’s neck, ears, and collarbones.

Jackie’s fingers dug into Cal’s back as she pulled against him over and over. The sensation drove Cal wild and in turn he ground his erection against her pussy harder and harder. With a hand on the back of her neck, and the other at the small of her back, Cal held Jackie tight as he made the most passionate love to her without making love to her.

Their bodies moved against each other, skin dragging and catching, and squeezing. Their sweat allowing them to glide like the passion they felt longed for them to do. Every few seconds, when a kiss would break, they would look into each other’s eyes and get pulled back together without a choice. Cal’s hand moved to Jackie’s ass and pulled her crotch against his cock hard as he teased it with his rigid length.

Cal pushed up from Jackie’s body.

“I want to fuck you…”

She quickly answered.

“Then fuck me!”

Cal’s eyes rolled back into his head as he looked up and thanked whatever entity might be looking down, rooting for him to get laid. It was a benevolent deity.

Cal leaned up so he was on his knees again. Jackie spread her legs a little more and Cal shifted forward to where his thighs were touching hers. His cock was hanging down, maybe two inches above her pussy. He looked down at it; the whole thing was wet with her lube; it was swollen with lust and its lips spread in a very inviting manner.

Cal spread his knees wide, spreading Jackie’s legs apart more with them. He leaned forward and put a hand on the bed beside her breast. Looking down at their anticipated union, Cal’s other hand helped direct his cock.

He pushed lightly against her opening, not sliding in, but deep enough to let her know there was a cock right there. Holding half of his head just within her pink, he moved it in circles with his hand, both making it slick with her love, and hopefully teasing the hell out of her. Pulling out what little was in; Cal pushed his dick head against her clit and rocked back and forth a little. Then worked it in small, slow circles.

When Jackie’s hips started rocking on their own, Cal figured it was due time for them both give it, and receive it. Pushing back up so he was just on his knees. Cal put his head back at her opening and rocked his hips forward enough to slide his head all the way in. Jackie let out a moan of nearly relieved desperation.

Cal kept his head still for a few seconds, and then started to rock his hips back and forth, fucking Jackie’s opening with his thick head alone. It felt so good on his cock. Impulse was screaming at him to push in, all the way in. The combined warmth, wet, and tightness was all the heaven Cal would ever need, it was hard to believe there were another six inches to go!

Cal knew Jackie wanted him deeper, and he really knew that he wanted him deeper. He leaned forward, resting his elbow above Jackie’s shoulder, and gave her a deep, sensual kiss. Cal held her lower lip between his and pulled lightly on it while he slid his cock deeper. When he was halfway in, he released her lip and pulled back out.

He looked her in the eye and with the next stroke; his entire length penetrated her depths. Her soft, slick, and hot tunnel spread willingly as he pushed. Like honey to his senses Jackie’s pussy took his all, letting out a primal moan. With their pelvises touching, Cal rocked forward and up to drive his cock just a little bit deeper and to rub her clit. Rocking a few times, Cal stopped moving. He kissed Jackie for a few seconds with his cock still buried deep within her.

Cal rocked his hips gently. Without letting any air come between their bodies, he drew his cock out about a third of its length, and then slid it back in. Jackie was so wet it was even hard not to slide his thick dick all the way in. While continuing this slow, methodical motion, Cal’s hands explore Jackie’s sides and back. He drug a hand up a thigh all the way to the side of her breast. Then repeated with the other hand while massaging the other’s nipple.

He pinched and tweaked at her nipples in time with his slow rocking. Leaving Jackie with moments not filled with pleasure, only to give it to her half a moment later. Gentle motions were not just felt between her legs, her whole body was alive with the sensation of Cal’s touch; finding every spot, and teasing it at just the right time, with just the right amount of pressure.

Soon, Jackie’s body started to tense; her back was arching and pushing up against Cal. Cal pushed up a little, and lifted Jackie’s hips into the air. He slowed down to where it took almost two seconds for him to pull out or push in, slower, but coming fully out and going fully in with each thrust. He looked her straight in the eye, one hand holding her up by the ass, the other pulling on her nipple.

Her abs starting to flex, and Cal could feel her pussy tightening. Her eyes were becoming furrowed, as if she was intensely concentrating, but her jaw was slack, lips quivering slightly. Her eyes were full of lust, but focused on a spot somewhere above Cal’s head.

Changing from his long slow strokes, Cal quickly pushed in, then pulled out, pushing in halfway, pulling out, all the way in. Two quick full thrusts, and he slowly pulled out. Her could see her muscles beginning to spasm, and her pussy was squeezing his dick with veracity, but her eyes were clearly telling him not to stop. Her jaw clenched and her arms flexed, her upper back lifted up and she pushed her breasts into the air. Cal kept fucking her through her orgasm, and then slowed as her body started to relax.

Jackie’s back fell back down onto the bed, and Cal slowed down to barely moving, but didn’t stop quite yet; he didn’t want her to just stop feeling him. He could still feel her pussy contracting and relaxing as his dick came to a rest inside her. Despite it being less than a minute since she recovered from her climax, Jackie’s eyes were full with that look a woman gets when she isn’t done yet. Seductive, Demanding, Horny; Cal was happy to oblige.

While she caught her breath, Cal suckled lightly on one nipple, switching back and forth between the two. He drug his tongue up her side from her hips, across her ribs, along the bottom of her breasts, and across her chest to her other nipple. When he did this to her other side, goose bumps spread across Jackie’s skin again.

After a minute of kissing her on the lips, but doing so much more, Cal moved his hips a little to test if she was ready for him again. Jackie smiled, so Cal continued. He reached down under the knee of her right leg and pulled it up toward her head, doing the same with her left leg.

With both of Jackie’s feet on his shoulders, Cal had a supreme view of her pussy. Its pert lips were silhouetted against the sheets below, but enough light still caught on her juices to define the soft edges. Cal held the head of his dick against her hole and leaned forward. He rocked into her, pulling her ass further into the air to for a more streamlined angle.

Not trying to hold back anymore, he’d already given her the slow sensual orgasms, Cal pushed hard into her as he raised her hips higher. He pulled himself out halfway each time he came back, and then filled Jackie’s pussy up with a quick, definitive thrust. As he pushed in, Cal would rotate his hips one direction, grinding his pelvis against her clit, then would rotate the other way during the next thrust.

Cal pushed her legs back as he leaned in closer to Jackie; his cock resting fully inside her. They kissed, and as soon as they both started to get lost in the sensation of the other’s lips, Cal pulled his cock out to the head and slammed it back in to her. He quickly built from a slow deep thrust to a fast, hard fuck. His abs slapped against her ass and thighs as he penetrated her again and again. Her bottom lip stayed still between his motionless lips, both bouncing against the others as their bodies fought to express their desires.

Cal pulled out and motioned for Jackie to turn around. As he moved directly behind her ass, Cal was pleased to find her pussy right at his cock level. With most women he’d been with, their ass was significantly lower. Cal put the head of his dick at her entrance, and without any effort on his part, she pushed back, taking his cock in one bite; her ass slapping against him as she did it.

Jackie started slamming back and forth on his cock. Cal put his hands on her hips to help her not go to far out, but the fucking was all her. She pushed all the way back onto Cal’s dick and started rocking her hips. With every inch of her love filled with his, Cal found the sensation to be amazing, every millimeter was felt because there wasn’t much movement; she squeezed him from every angle. When she moved her hips in circles, Cal could feel his cock spiraling within her pushing against her innermost walls, reaching all the angles. He could only imagine what it felt like for her.

Jackie started pushing back against him again, and Cal pushed in to her. Their actions were almost violent, you should see a shockwave pass over her ass and Cal felt it through his body each time they made full contact. Jackie started to move less, and Cal could tell she was building to another orgasm.

Trying to make it a toe-curler, Cal didn’t let up. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her onto him as he pushed. He fucked her with full hard strokes for a few seconds then held her body still as he took control. Cal fucked her as fast as he could. He wasn’t coming all the way out, and he wasn’t going all the way in, but he was giving Jackie a hard fucking.

Her back arched and she pushed her torso against the bed. Cal held onto her hips so she couldn’t slip off while his thrusts took her through the climax. She reached out and grabbed pillows, her knuckles turning white. Her pussy suddenly clamped down on Cal’s dick hard enough so he couldn’t move. He still rocked against her body, but got a hand between her legs and played with her clit until she came out the other side.

Jackie let out her breath with a gasp, and fought to catch it after that. She rolled onto her side and off Cal’s dick. Her face and chest were flushed, her hair was clumped where Cal’s hands had been running through it, she was covered in sweat, and she looked magnificent.

Jackie looked at Cal. She leaned up and surprised him by pushing him back onto the bed. She kissed down his chest, biting each nipple, sending shocks of pleasure to his main nerve. She worked her way lower until she was just above his still erect member. She took it in her hand and squeezed lightly. She slowly moved her hand up and down as she put her mouth above it.

Jackie stuck out her tongue and licked a bit of pre-cum off the head. Her lips spread over his head as she took his dick into her mouth. The sensation made Cal shiver. She sucked on his head, and her tongue teased it from all angles. She continued sucking on his head while beating him off. Pushing herself down, Jackie could only manage to get half of Cal’s cock in her mouth, so she worked what she could.

Her wet and hot mouth felt great to Cal. Her tongue teased all the right spots and had him squirming with pleasure. He jumped when she drug her teeth over his head, then he pushed back desperately toward her mouth, searching for the acute stimuli again. She knew how to jerk a guy off too! She used one hand, then the other, and the other. She beat him hard and soft, jerked slow and fast; squeezing just below his head as she licked and sucked on the tip.

After bobbing up and down especially deep a few times, she raised her head from his dick, and threw a leg over Cal’s torso. She lifted herself onto her knees and positioned her pussy directly above his stiff cock, which Cal had to hold in its perpendicular configuration. Abruptly sitting down, Jackie took his entire length, again. With her hands on her thighs, she pushed her body up and down, letting Cal’s cock penetrate her almost vertically.

When Cal was all the way inside her, Jackie would gyrate her hips on top of him, occasionally moving side to side. Her ass slapped against his legs as she let gravity pull her down hard onto his dick. Jackie’s head tilted back; if her eyes were open they would be looking at the ceiling. Her face looked like pure bliss, nearly cringing from the pleasure. She bit her lip hard as she kept bouncing on Cal’s cock.

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Megan sits on her bed and looks at her cell phone as it lights up on her nightstand.

She stares at it. “Courtney…she actually texted me.”

She quickly picks up her phone and reads Courtney text: “Thanks for the sex yesterday, Ms. Poland!”

She smiles, her hand hovering over the keyboard. “Um…,” she says to herself.

Suddenly her white and yellow Birman cat jumps unto the foot bed, making Megan jump in place, yell lightly, and then laugh. The reflex action makes her cat quickly jump off the bed.

“Sorry April.”

Megan texts back: “You can call me Megan outside of school Courtney. And you’re welcome.”

“It’s naughtier when I call you Ms. Poland. What are you doing right now?”

“I was about to go sleep.”

“Why, it’s only ten? Saving your energy for me?”

Megan smiles as she immediately texts: “You’re bad.”

“No, I’m horny. Send some inspiration my way?”


“You didn’t ask me what I was doing.”

Megan laughs at the winking smiley face Courtney sends. Megan then texts: “What do I get?”

“I’ll send something hot.”

Megan looks over her wrinkled pajamas and socks with bunny designs. Megan texts: “One minute.”

Megan jumps off her bed, runs to her clothes drawer, and quickly looks through it. “Ok…not that…that’s too formal…that should have gone into the wash…perfect!”

She takes out and switches into a black bra and matching panties. Then she puts on a white button shirt, buttoning it low enough to show a little cleavage.

She then goes into the bathroom and combs her hair. She smiles as April looks at her. “I have to make my hair look neat and give it some body.”

Just before she puts the comb down and prepares to apply red lipstick, April meows and she laughs. “I’m not going to lie to you April, this is for an added trampy effect.”

As she runs back to the bedroom, April meows at her. She looks at April and says, “Don’t judge me.”

Megan quickly straightens the sheets on her bed, scaring April enough to walk closer to the door. Megan then lies on the bed and takes several poses with her phone. April meows at her.

“Don’t judge me April!”

She looks over the pictures and picks the one of her lying on her stomach, showing cleavage, a little of her backside, and none of her stomach.

She sends the picture with the text: “Worth the wait?”

After a minute, Courtney texts back: “Damn! There is no dislike button for this picture.”


Courtney sends her pictures and Megan’s mouth is open. The first picture is Courtney standing in front of the bathroom mirror.

“April, you should see this. She’s wearing only tight pink Victoria Secret pants and she’s covering her breasts with her free arm…tease. But her lips are puckered…cutie. The second picture is Courtney showing off her ass…wearing a black g-string…oh boy.” Megan immediately texts: “Now I am going to do something on this bed now.”


“Before I do…want to do something tomorrow?”

“Sure, where do you want to go?”

Megan says to herself, “Um, my bedroom, a hotel, anywhere with a bed…but since I don’t want to come off as a creep…” Megan texts: “We could go to Red Riding Hood’s bowling? I’ll pay off course.” Megan wonders if someone Courtney’s age even went out bowling.

“You better! Just kidding, that’s fine. But you’re going down sucker!”

Megan smiles with relief and does a fist pump. “Yes!” Megan looks down at April staring at her. “What April? What?”

April simply walks out of the room.

“Freaking cat.”


Megan sitting next to Courtney at a booth table, Megan isn’t really paying attention paying attention to the words coming out of Courtney’s mouth as Courtney flicks her hair, fiddles with her chain necklace that hangs just above her loose blue racerback tank top, or plays with her stylish cuffed short blue jean shorts.

“Why don’t you kiss me already?”


Courtney smiles. “Kiss me or pretend to listen to me some more, your choice.”

Megan immediately kisses until their order of nacho covered tortilla chips and cups of water are brought to their table. Courtney immediately grabs a chip with a good amount of cheese.

Courtney says before eating the chip, “Do you want to get lucky tonight?”

“Ok…that’s not even a question. Check please!”

“Stop it,” Courtney says, elbowing Megan.

They kiss and then feed each other chips. And in her moment of nacho cheese and emotional bliss, Megan looks across the aisle and sees two of her friends coming straight towards her table.

“Be prepared for a meet and greet,” Megan says as she waves with fake enthusiasm. “The woman on the right is Dianna. She’s Saudi-American. Despite her wearing the pink Ted Baker Jersey top and tight jeans that shape her big hips and backside like a beauty queen, she’s couple’s therapist. So, don’t let her pull you in a personal discussion with her beautiful, dark…sensual…eyes.” Megan clears her throat.

“She’s vain, pushy, and you have a girl crush on her…I get it.”

Megan turns to Courtney and watches her grin. She kisses Courtney’s cheek. “The one of the left, Dianna’s partner, is Lisa. And yes, she’s wearing a gray fedora hat to match her grey buttoned shirt, grey tie, slim black pants, and stylish Prada shoes. She’s also my best friend and the lead singer of a small band that plays in bars and clubs. So…I allow her to dress…interestingly.”

“Be nice to both, gotcha.” Courtney laughs lightly as they wipe their hands with paper napkins.

As her friends approach the table, Megan stands up. “Hey Lisa, look at you! “You’re still skinny as a stick.” Megan smiles while hugging Lisa; their hug is firm, but brief.

“I know, I’m hot stuff,” Lisa jokes.

Megan turns to Dianna. “Hey you…I love those pink flats you are wearing,” Megan says before exchanging cheek kisses and a light hug.

Dianna says, “Ten percent off the full price, because I’m me.”

“And yet I still paid for them,” Lisa added.

“And then I thanked you wearing only them that same night, sweetie.”

Megan rolls her eyes as they elbow each other. “Thanks for the mental image you guys.” Megan knows the fun is over, watching Dianna zeroing in on Courtney and then looking back at her with a smile. “Dianna, this is Courtney. Courtney, this is Dianna.”

“Hey,” Courtney says with a prepared smile and an extended hand.

Dianna briefly waves at Courtney. “No offense, I see that you’re eating.”

Even with her articulate, sultry voice, Megan forgot how impersonal Dianna could be.

“I’m assuming you used a napkin,” Lisa says quickly.

“Yeah,” Courtney adds.

As Dianna’s hand remains at her side, Lisa immediately grabs Courtney hand. “Hey, I’m Lisa.”


“Courtney, nice to meet you,” Lisa says causally as they briefly shake hands.

Dianna asks, “Um…so, what’s going on here?”

Dianna smiles a sweet smile at Megan. Despite her last comment, Megan can’t help but think about how her lips look very soft and quite kissable up close. And despite herself, Megan gets lost in Dianna’s shimmering, black eyes.

“Um…hello? Megan…anyone home,” Dianna asks.


Lisa quickly comments, “They most likely finished bowling Dianna, we are in a bowling alley.”

Megan gives Lisa a thankful look. Being best friends, Megan is glad that Lisa is aware of and doesn’t care about her crush on Dianna. Their friendship means more.

Courtney answers, “We’re hanging out, you know.”

“Oh, hanging-out…with a college student?” Dianna asks maintaining her smile, but Megan assumes her widen eyes tell another story.

“You’re doing it again Dianna,” Lisa whispers. “Let’s just…”

“Hey! I have a great idea, let’s hang out together!”

Courtney answers, “Um…”

“Yay,” Dianna exclaims while clapping and then lightly pushes Lisa into other side of the booth. She then sits down, tapping the table. “Come, come…sit down Megan.”

Megan feels a sense of dread as she sits down, looking across the table at Dianna.

Dianna says, “So…how long have you two been hanging out?”

Lisa sighs. “Maybe we should order something Dianna, maybe have a few drinks?”

“What? I’m interested.”

Courtney replies, “And you are also pretty…you’re like gorgeous.”

Dianna smiles pleasantly, brushing her hair with her hand.

Megan says with surprise, “Hey.” She looks at Courtney as she squeezes Megan hand before holding it. Courtney squeezes it back.

Courtney turns to Lisa and asks, “So Lisa, Megan says you sing in a band. What type of music?”

“Oh, well…”

Dianna interrupts, “She sings like Jill Sobule, but better. But back to you two…does the University know you two are together?”

Megan feels Courtney’s hand tense.

Courtney replies, “How is what we do any of your business?”

Megan exchange looks with Lisa as they both lean back against the booth seat and sigh.

Dianna says in a mockingly, highly clipper voice, “Well, Court-ney, she’s my friend. Ok Court-ney.”

Lisa adds in, “And there goes the baby voice.”

“There are no rules against a teacher-student relationship,” Courtney snaps back with attitude.

“But a community remembers and talks…or do you not worry about having a career, house, or an education? And what you are looking for with Megan?”

“It’s whatever we want!”

Megan asks, “Could I say something here?”

“Shish,” Dianna says with a raised finger to Megan.

“And there goes the motherly finger,” Lisa comments.

“Well, Court-ney, is it a relationship? Companionship, sex, an initiate friendship, a long or short term union? Please…explain it to me.”

“Listen bitch…”

“Ok, ok…I’m cutting in,” Megan yells, while holding Courtney back as Lisa is doing the same for Dianna. Megan continues, calmly, “Dianna, I love you, but you’re a beautiful idiot if you think I’m going to let you talk to Courtney like that again.”

“Excuse me,” Dianna says defensively while beginning to stand up, but Lisa sits her back down.

“Nope, it’s Megan’s turn. Go ahead sweetie,” Lisa says.

“Courtney is smart, a good person, and confident in herself. So, why don’t you act your age and ask about situation like a lady.”

“Go ahead Megan,” Lisa yells proudly.

Megan feels Courtney’s hand on her leg and little pinch to confirm her thankfulness.

“Fine…forget I said anything.”

Megan is entertained when Dianna uses the last of paper napkins on the table to dot the fake tears in her eyes that Megan can see aren’t there. Dianna then sniffles. Despite the con, Megan gets up and hugs Dianna.

“There there, Dianna.” Megan looks at Lisa, ensuring she isn’t crossing any boundaries; Lisa only eyes roll with annoyance.

“I said what I needed to say”

“Ok Dianna.”

“Just be careful.”

“Ok Dianna…that’s enough,” Megan says, tapping Dianna’s head as it presses against her stomach. She exchanges another look with Lisa. Lisa smiles at her.

Lisa turns to Courtney and asks, “Isn’t this the Lumineers playing in the background?”

“Oh yeah, I love these guys,” Courtney answers delightfully.

“Oh yeah, tell me more,” Lisa says with an inviting smile.

Megan grins at Lisa.


Megan can barely open the front door as Courtney starts kissing her, but she manages. Megan kicks the door closed as they walk inside. “I’m so hot for you.” Megan laughs when Courtney tugs at her polo shirt.

“Oh yeah,” Courtney playfully asks, still pulling at Megan’s shirt until she screams when April leaps unto a nearby couch.

“What?” Megan turns the lights on and sighs at April’s domineering and anger stare, reminding her that she forgot to feed her before she left.

Courtney laughs as she approaches April and rubs her furry face with her fingers. Megan smiles as she watches Courtney enjoying April’s purring.

“Aw, she likes me. What’s her name?”

“Her name is April and let me have her before she leaves me for you.” Megan takes April and kisses Courtney. “Make yourself at home…I have drinks in the living room cabinet if you want. I’ll be in the kitchen with this little angel.”

Megan walks towards the kitchen as Courtney says sweetly, “Goodbye April.”

Megan sighs as April gently meows as Courtney. “No need for the guilt trip, April.”

After taking April to the Kitchen, filling her bowl with tuna, and refreshing her water bowl, Megan asks, “Are we friends now?” April’s response is allowing her head to be rubbed while she is eating.

Megan looks up at Courtney when she walks in the kitchen and stands against the fridge. “So…I got bored waiting for you and I’m not in the mood for drinks.”

Megan walks to Courtney and they kiss. “We should wash our hands before we do anything…”

Megan quickly leads Courtney up the stairs and to the bathroom, both giggling.

The moment after they wash their hands of the night’s dinner and cat hair, they make their way to her bedroom. Soon after Megan turns on the lights, they start kissing each other and taking each other’s clothes off to their bras and panties.

In between kisses, Courtney says, “You’re so beautiful.”

“Thanks,” Megan answers.

“But your friend Dianna is such a bitch.”

“Hey!” Megan playfully pushes Courtney unto her bed and climbs on top of her.

“Oh yeah, punish me.”

“Then loose the bra.”

Courtney takes her bra off and throws it aside on the bed. “Ready when you are,” Courtney says with an amused smile.

Megan takes a moment to look at Courtney lying down in all her glory like a gorgeous work of art. Then she brushes Courtney’s hair with her hand and kisses her, Courtney touches her sides. Megan quickly makes her way down to Courtney breasts, sucking them softly.

“That feels good…now a little lower,” Courtney says, followed by a light giggle.

Megan looks up at her and smiles as she kisses down her breasts and moves towards her belly button, caressing her softly.

“You’re getting a little closer.”

“Maybe this will help,” Megan says as she takes Courtney’s panties off and then slides her fingertips up and down her thighs. “Are you enjoying yourself by the way?”

“Not yet…I’m waiting to be taken care of.”

“Oh you are asking for it.”

“I know,” Courtney replies with a wink.

Megan adjusts herself, bends down, and teases Courtney’s clit with the tip of her tongue. Courtney immediately arches her back and moves her pussy closer to Megan’s face; Megan would laughs if her lips weren’t already occupied.

“There you go…oh yeah.”

Adding a little more tongue play, Megan likes how Courtney’s body shutters.

“Oh, yeah…please go faster Ms. Poland.” Courtney legs separate, to provide no obstruction Megan assumes.

Megan pulls her tongue out, wipes her mouth, and says, “One second.”

“Hey…where are you going?”

Megan laughs as she snatches her dildo, magic Jack, from her nightstand drawer. “I think you’ll like this. And by the way, don’t call me Ms. Poland.” Courtney eyes her as she sucks on the dildo and says teasingly, “Or I’ll teach you a lesson.”

“Ms. Poland, what do you think I’m going to say after that opening…”

Megan slides magic Jack in and out her wet pussy, fast and hard.

“Oh shit, oh yeah…oh fuck…”

Megan enjoys listening to Courtney’s moans getting more high pitched. “You’ve been a bad girl Courtney.”

“Sorry Ms. Poland…teach me…fuck me…oh fuck…”

“Don’t tell me what to do Courtney.” Megan uses her free hand to slap Courtney’s clit, while watching magic Jack get covered in her white love cream.

“Yeah…yeah…pound it.”

Megan laughs. She doesn’t know if Courtney is playing along or just wants to be punished. “That’s as deep as it gets.” Megan watches at Courtney bites her lips, looking back at her.


Megan rams magic Jack as fast as she can without having it slip out of her hand.

“Oh God don’t stop…make me come….make me come.”

“Look how creamy you are,” Megan says, sliding out her glazed dido to admire her handy work.

“Stick it back in me,” Courtney orders.

Megan continues using magic Jack on her, now with more amusement, she says, “Yeah, get it. Get it.”

“Yeah right there, yeah, right there…keep looking at me…you make me so fucking hot…”

“You like me watching you cum Courtney?”

“Yeah…it feels so fucking good…oh yes!”

Megan’s smiles as she is caught by surprise when Courtney suddenly grips her right arm tightly with her legs, as if for dear life. Then Megan watches with delight Courtney’s lively facial expressions as she cums with a loud moan.

Courtney ensures magic Jack’s place inside her pressing her legs tighter against her hand, Megan smiles as feels Courtney’s tight pulsing contractions against her finger tips.

“Jesus Courtney,” Megan says laughing.

Courtney laughs. Slowly, the pressure from Courtney’s legs loosens but Megan keeps her hand in place.

“Oh my God…oh my God…oh my God…that was awesome.”

“Didn’t I tell you that you’ll love it?”

“Oh yeah…I’ve learned my lesson.”

Megan jokes, “You can let me go now…I’m going to need my hand and my dildo back.”

“Nope…one or the either. You can’t have both.”

Megan sucks on her Courtney thighs and playfully slaps her butt until her hand and magic Jack is released from Courtney’s grip.

“You’re so bad Megan.”

Megan looks at Courtney with a smile as Courtney pulls her in close and kisses her warmly.

Rainer woke up to the smell of bacon. He could hear strips of bacon frying on a pan, cooked in their own juices. The aroma wafted its way from the kitchen into his room. Almost immediately Rainer began to wake up, wondering about all the ways bacon could be incorporated in every meal.

He slowly pushed himself off the bed into an upright position as he gazed at his surroundings. No one was in the bed beside him, but he could hear voices coming from the kitchen and living room. Asmodea Nerissa spoke out loud, as if their argument from yesterday never existed. Another voice joined the conversation, and Rainer realized at once that it was Lauren.

“She’s here already? Bloody hell…” Moaned Rainer, “I have no influence whatsoever with those women. At least they’re making bacon… I can at least be happy with that.” Noticing he was already dressed, Rainer made way for the bathroom.

He knocked before opening the door and entered in for his morning ritual. Rainer shaved off the scraggly hairs that covered his chin. He completely ignored his own reflection in the hand mirror on the bathroom counter. Checking his appearance in the full size mirror, Rainer was satisfied with himself. Before he left, Rainer did a double take on himself in the mirror.

What the heck is that? Rainer wondered as he rubbed his head. He noticed to horn like appendages sticking out from the top of his head, after finding them, Rainer noticed the other obvious new attachment. Two jet-black wings were closed up behind his back, as if hiding from his eyes. He reached behind his back, hoping it was an elaborate prank, but as he stretched in order to reach for his back, his wings unveiled, showing off his full splendor.

“What… The… FUCK?!” Yelled Rainer, “WHAT the FUCK is this?!” He knew it was only a matter of time before he would have these appendages. However, the sight of them fully connected to his body still freaked him out. Taking a more rational second look, Rainer saw that his skin was grey, his horns were jet black, his wings were black also, there was a black tail swishing around behind him as well, and lastly he saw that he had a forked tongue like Asmodea and Nerissa. Rainer noticed that his tail and wings were fitted through holes in his clothes, taking another second look… He’s never even seen these clothes before.

Asmodea must’ve made them or got them somehow… Ok, you’re calmed down, let’s just get eat that delicious breakfast bacon and then go to school… Wait, how the fuck am I supposed to go to school like this? I should be able to retract them somehow, should probably ask Asmodea or Nerissa.

As Rainer pondered his predicament he slowly moved from the bathroom into the living room. Lauren was lying down on the couch watching the morning news while trimming her nails. Nerissa was apparently making breakfast, bacon and eggs, humming a weird tune while she cooked. Asmodea was staring straight at me from a chair next to the table.

“So, you have finally awakened to your true self now, my lord.” Said Asmodea in her usual sultry manner, “The three of us could hear your initial shock. Well, you may think yourself revolting, but I feel even more attracted to you before. It is taking much of my willpower to not throw my clothes of now and force myself upon you.”

Nerissa chimed in, “I agree, you’re as handsome as I always thought my fiancée to be! You’re are definitely not ugly love, you’re more alluring than before.”

“That’s kinda of insulting my original self, really.” Quipped Rainer.

Lauren then added herself to the conversation, “Well, they are demons, they are of course more used and attracted to people of their own kind… But I’m with them, you have a sort of dark allure.”

“Right right, more importantly, how the heck do I go back to my original self?” Asked Rainer.

“Well, if you must interrupt our staring session at the most beautiful demon we’ve ever seen, then I will tell you. Several ways to do it, really.” Asmodea began to explain, “The first, a demon could cast a sort of illusion spell to completely hide its appendages from the common or uncommon eye, this is the easiest way, but the appendages could still be touched, so it is not very convenient. The second way is to cast a spell to automatically force your appendages into your body, and since they are forced inside, they will burst out immediately the moment the demon loses itself in Sin. The third is the most convenient way, but the most time consuming to learn. You have to sort of ‘suck’ your appendages back into your body.

“Suck them back in? How the heck do I do that?”

“Well, starting with your tail… Start off by pushing the tail inwards with one of your hands, which will help while your trying to suck it in. Then like you are clenching your butt together, feel your tail and try to suck it in.” Asmodea continued to teach Rainer how to push in his appendages, the horns proved to be the hardest, and you can’t suck in your tongue, so the forked tongue stayed. It took the rest of time before school for Rainer to figure it out; thankfully he learned how to bring in his appendages quickly.

Rainer and Lauren finished their breakfast before heading to school together in the car. Asmodea and Nerissa had a conversation before Asmodea headed to school herself.

“Now that he is whole, we will have to bring him back to the Land of Lust. The angels won’t look kindly to us staying longer than we should.” Commented Asmodea.

“I’m surprised they aren’t taking any action towards me, I mean, they should be watching Rainer, right? Wouldn’t they notice me here too? Yet, they are silent.” Said Nerissa, she felt uneasy, even though she had assured Rainer that the angels didn’t know she was here, she knew that angels were not that ignorant.

“My lord did tell me of a suspicious girl, that she seemed and acted like an angel. While he was not certain, she apparently had a sort of angelic air around her.” Explained Asmodea, “That girl may be our resident supervisor… Even so, they don’t need to send someone to watch us. They could do that from up there if they really wanted to. I plan on not making us leave until we receive a message from the angels in any form telling us to vacate the Earth.”

“Though what form this message will come in is the problem, right?”

“Yes… Just like us, angels are not the most trustworthy beings.” Asmodea said coldly, “While they may just let us go as part of the agreement, I doubt some, if not many of the angels are too happy at letting a Ruler of Sin live.”

Nerissa agreed, “Tactically, it would be smarter to have Rainer killed… Not that I would ever let that happen! Forcing a civil war in one of the Circles of Sin would deviate them from any attack plans on the angels or Earth. Sides would have to be drawn between any heirs that step up and the Rulers of Sin that side with them. Even the Shah of Sloth would be roused. Any vacant seats among the Rulers of Sin must be filled within two decades, or else the rest of the Rulers will have to intervene.”

“No matter, Rainer is the true Lord of Lust. At the first sign of trouble, we will get him back to the Land of Lust, and the Circle will have its lord again. One of original guard of the Lord of Lust should be now rousing the rest of the original guard to help him. Tozomat, as silent as he may be, is loyal to Rainer. He and the rest of my lord’s personal guard will be heralding my lord’s return.” Assured Asmodea.

“Hmmm… It will be interesting to be to see how this plays out, in my fiancée’s favor of course!”

“Well, I better get to the school. I need to be teaching some students about some human history… Need to get them to focus on something other than my tits. I understand the male students staring, but with most of the female students staring as well, rather annoying really.” Complained Asmodea.

The day passed without incident for the three women. Nerissa stayed at the house entertaining herself with various objects, books, and TV channels. Asmodea taught about how the Portuguese lost Brazil, trying her best to stop lecherous eyes from the students, yet she refused to dress conservatively. Lauren stayed silent for most of the day except for exchanging a couple sentences with Rainer during lunch and fifth period. She aced a test in her history class. After all, most of her relatives lived through many of the major events throughout history.

For Rainer however, a rather interesting event happened, during when Rainer was walking to his sixth period class. Lauren was the unapproachable pretty girl in the school. She was silent, cold, and annoyed by half of the people who talked to her. Most people, man or woman, who tried to talk to her, was almost immediately rebuffed. She even threatened to castrate Mandal during the transition time between classes.

If Lauren was the unapproachable pretty girl of the school, Rainer would be the unapproachable handsome male of the school. It was not that he threatened and rebuked men or woman on a daily basis like Lauren had. It was that he was a known delinquent who frequently got into fights. Many guys figured that if they tried to talk to Rainer, they would get KOed. Many girls wanted to talk to him, but none knew how to approach him, and they were also intimidated by rumors that circulated about him.

Rainer was actually quite nice to anyone who did talk to him; he had to on forced partner or group projects or assignments. Yet for the first time in awhile, a girl he knew, though not personally, spoke to him. Her name was Mary; she was quite pretty, yet she rarely ever had a boyfriend. She also frequently went to church; so many guys didn’t bother with her since they figured they wouldn’t “put out.” Yet she was a blonde beauty who was quite nice to whoever she talked to. She had plenty of friends of both genders and was an A-B student. She also had the same age and grade as Rainer. Rainer was walking on the right side of the hallway to his next class when she approached him.

Rainer’s Incubi mind started analyzing her. B cup breasts, good curves, nice ass, silky blonde hair, dresses conservatively which adds to her innocent allure. She was wearing a pleated skirt with a sky blue blouse, flip-flops, and a single nose stud. She was not wearing any makeup, making her a definite natural beauty.

The halls were rather empty, most students were either in their classes or skipping class. Those that were in the halls were rushing not paying any attention to the conversation between Rainer and Mary. Rainer had no idea what Mary wanted or why she would even talk to him in the first place. Mary herself was being bolder than she usually was, but she pulled her books up to her chest as if protecting her.

“Hi Mary. Something you want?” Asked Rainer.

“Um, yes there is something I wanted to ask you.” Said Mary, she was determined to get through this.

“Well, shoot, I’ll help if I can.”

“Actually, can I ask you somewhere private? I don’t really want anyone to see me asking this… It’s not because I’m embarrassed talking to you or anything.” Mary requested. With her confidence back

“Sure, that classroom over there isn’t being used this period, though we’ll be late for our classes, we can use that.” Rainer pointed to a classroom off in another hall. Rainer noticed something about Mary, lust. He could feel the lust emanating from her, and he could probably guess what she was after.

Mary’s known for her religious passion… Is it because I’m a full demon now? Probably, Asmodea did mention before that Incubi and Succubi had a sort of seductive aura, perhaps this was it? How the heck can I turn it off? Well hell, before any of this, I would’ve backed out, now I feel like having a sexual encounter every day, thought Rainer.

When Mary and Rainer entered the empty classroom, Rainer closed and locked the door. This classroom was on the second level, so no one could peek through the windows, and there were no other windows connecting to room to the hallway or other rooms.

“So… You wanted to ask me something?” Rainer decided to see how Mary would lead.

“Yes, um, well, I feel really weird right now so forgive my stumbling. For awhile now, I’ve been kind of, well, attracted to you.” Mary blushed as she spoke, Rainer could feel the lust becoming stronger.

Mary continued, “Today especially, I felt overwhelmed when I saw you in the hallway. While I really like you, I don’t want to be in a relationship… If you get what I mean.”

“Mmmhmm, I’m fine with that. I’ll be moving soon enough.” Rainer said, it could quite possibly be his last and only tryst with a normal human being; he didn’t really want to let that pass. “So what are you looking for right now?” He asked.

Mary had regained her normal composure, albeit added with lust. She made an attempt at a seductive voice, “Well, I would like to at least have…”

Rainer interrupted, “So what you’re saying is, you want to have sex.” He raised an eyebrow.

Mary blushed again, her seductive voice had the desired effect, but it needed work. “I feel weird, that’s not a weird thing to want right? I just feel hot when I look at you. I don’t know how to explain it.”

Yup, this isn’t the normal Mary, but she would have to feel some lust in order for this Sin of mine to affect her, right? Thought Rainer.

Then Mary pushed her mouth against Rainer’s, thrusting her tongue as far as possible into his mouth. Rainer accepted the tongue and used his in return, exchanging saliva between the two. Mary brought her hands down to her blouse, unbuttoning it while they kissed. The two mutually decided that it would probably be best to keep the minimum amount of clothes possible on in case someone unlocked the door. The two continued their kiss, toying with each other’s tongue while Mary placed Rainer’s hand on her butt.

Minutes passed while they continued their heavy petting, until Rainer sat himself on a chair. Mary unzipped Rainer’s jeans, pushing his underwear aside. The shaft was already hard and upright, waiting to receive attention. Thankfully the floor was carpeted, so Mary was able to comfortably place herself on her knees. “Oh lord, your just so… So, big! I don’t think you’ll be able to fit all the way in my mouth or pussy.” Commented Mary.

“I wouldn’t know, I’ve never compared myself with another guy, nor have I wanted to.” Replied Rainer. “Well, I have the utmost confidence in your abilities.”

Mary blushed again, she wasn’t a virgin, but she was not skilled at all on how to please a guy. She took her hand and placed it around the lower part of his shaft. She lowered her head until she was just above the head, breathing on it a couple times as if to cool it down. She looked up again at Rainer, which he thought was oddly arousing with her innocent face staring straight up from his shaft. Mary took a deep breath before plunging down onto Rainer’s shaft.

It took quite a lot of willpower for Rainer not to grasp her head and force Mary down as far as possible. He did, however, place on of his hands on top of Mary’s head, rubbing her cranium.

Mary bobbed her head up and down many times over the head and part of Rainer’s shaft. Knowing she couldn’t get her mouth over the full size, she took her hand, which was still wrapped around the base, and started stroking what her mouth couldn’t reach. She moved her tongue up and down along the shaft with each movement of her head. She tried to get as much of his shaft as lubricated as possible. Mary looked up at Rainer while practically sucking off his member. She made up for not being able to go down very far with her enthusiasm, making rapid movements with her lips and tongue.

“Can I see how far down you can go?” Asked Rainer lustfully.

Mary made a sort of smile around his shaft, humming, “Mmmhmm.” She removed her mouth from his cock, taking a deep breath before her attempt. She stroked his shaft a couple more times, spreading her saliva all over his pole, figuring the saliva would make it easier going down.

Mary hesitated for a couple more seconds before taking action. She opened her mouth wide, pushing her tongue down, and forced her head down as far as possible onto Rainer’s large pole. She made it down to about eight inches before holding her place. Rainer could hear her gagging on his shaft, but that mattered little to the warm, soft, and wet sensation he was getting along the covered skin. Rainer couldn’t last for much longer.

“I’m gonna burst if you keep this up… Holy shit.” He said through gritted teeth.

Mary could feel the pole hit the back of her throat; she was suppressing her gag reflex as much as possible, trying to breathe around the shaft or through her nose. She made what sounded like a throaty giggle around the shaft. The vibrations from the noise are what released the floodgates for Rainer.

Spasms of pleasure ruptured throughout his body as his dick came down Mary’s throat. Mary was surprised at first, but kept the shaft firmly within her mouth, he did warn her after all. Besides, she felt it would be more convenient, yet sluttier, if she swallowed Rainer’s spunk instead of cleaning it off her face or something else. During this short ordeal, Rainer noticed that his appendages were trying to dig their way out, he did his best to keep them in and not give Mary potential complete organ failure; luckily, he succeeded.

When Rainer was finished, he pulled his still hard shaft out of Mary’s mouth, and just in time too as they both heard a noise outside the door. Better safe than sorry, the two buttoned and zipped up their clothes and assumed a nonchalant pose as if they were talking with each other.

“Eh, false alarm, they’re just going down the hall… Though that did ruin the mood.” Sighed Rainer, his shaft was going flaccid without stimulation, but still feeling a small amount of euphoria.

Mary agreed, she was still aroused, but not as much as before, “That really… Sucks, but I guess it is getting close for this class’s time for use.”

“Should probably get heading to class, we’re already late obviously, but I’d be better to be late than marked absent. I feel sorry that you gave me a blowjob without me doing anything for you in turn.” Apologized Rainer, he was looking forward to hearing her squeal.

“I was too, I ‘m rather… Vocal, though. Someone might hear. You said you were moving soon?”

“Oh yea, that. I’m all packed and everything, I’m just waiting for the go ahead. Might be today or tomorrow, might be days from now. Heck, might be weeks.” Truth is, Rainer was rather looking forward to seeing this so-called Land of Lust. He was very apprehensive about it at first, but thinking about it today, he considered it a permanent vacation. A vacation to probably some grand palace or mansion, or whatever passes off as grand in the Land of Lust. Since he got his appendages, he was feeling more open about the prospect, he knew it was his new demonic self-speaking, but it felt and acted like him in every way, he just had to accept it as his thoughts.

“Were are you moving to? Must be a nice place if it would take so long to even be able to get started on the trip.”

“Ahm… I’ll be moving to…” Mary tilted her head at Rainer’s slow answer to the question. “Ah sorry, hair in my throat. *coughs* I’ll be moving to Mt. Rainier, ah well, not on the mountain itself, but a town next to it.”

“Sounds like a pretty place… Well, good luck to you on your move. I will hopefully see you again before you move, if not, goodbye.”

“Yea, same to you.” Said Rainer, as Mary unlocked the door and gallivanted to the class she should’ve been in.

“Not like anyone’ll believe demons and such. Shit, Lauren can’t be the only one in or around this school, excluding Asmodea, who knows about the existence of angels and demons.” Complained Rainer. Rainer continued to gripe to himself as he collected his book bag, not noticing the angel who silently climbed through the second story window. It was Aureal.

Ever since her eighteenth birthday, there was a change in Lucy. In many ways. Lucy had always been a shy, reticent girl who would fade into the backdrop of any company she was in. No-one noticed her. This had been the case when it came to dating as well and the few dates that she had been on had not been successful. It may have been that Lucy used to feel so insecure about herself that she withdrew from others. Yet now, while she did not take measures to make the acquaintances of others, people started noticing her. Now, that she was desired by someone, she felt beautiful and that manifested in the way she talked and walked. When she looked in the mirror, where before she had only seen a plain, thin girl, she now saw a happy, pretty face and a sexy body. Yes, there were also changes taking place in her body that takes place in any pregnant woman. Her breasts were beginning to increase in size and there was a fresh glow about her skin and hair that made people turn and look at her. With her new confidence about her body, she started becoming more expressive about her desires.

Lucy began experimenting with clothes and colours and was now more open to trying out clothes that highlighted her figure or exposed her cleavage. Her grandmother would shake her head as Lucy would leave for work at the local hardware store. Of course, her male colleagues who had in the past ignored her now started seeing her with fresh eyes. They wondered why they had not noticed her before. They now rushed to assist her or catch a word with her. She was friendly yet there was something about her that made them weak-kneed to ask her out on a date.

One weekend, Lucy desired to go on a picnic and a swim in the nearby lake with her demon. She packed a picnic basket for two and sauntered off to the lake. Once she reached the lake, she placed the basket on the ground. Removing her sandals, she sat in the cool, green grass. She desired to feel her demon’s strong hands around her. Sure enough, soon she felt his arms encircling her and his mouth kissing her ear lobes, as he sat beside her. She responded passionately to his kisses but before his mouth could explore further, she stopped him and smiled as he looked quizzically at her.

“Not yet”, she grinned mischievously and got up.

Lifting her arms, she removed her dress and threw it on the grass. As he watched delighted, she smiled teasingly at him and then removed her bra slowly and dropped it on the grass, stepping back slowly towards the water. Then, she removed her panty and then stood naked in the sunlight, enjoying the rays falling on her skin. He watched her, his lust for her growing. As he stood up to join her, she looked at him and mischievously winked at him and walked into the lake waters, beckoning him to join her with her finger. He removed his clothes and joined her in the lake as she played with the water and playfully wrestled her. Soon, their lips were searching each other’s mouths and passionately kissing each other. He inserted two fingers inside her pussy and slid them in and out, while he held her to him with the other hand and continued kissing her. Soon, she shuddered with an orgasm.

He loosened his grip on her and she kissed him, breathing heavily, and swam to the shore. As she clambered onto the shore, he saw her naked ass and felt his arousal increase. He swam swiftly towards her, pinned her down and inserted his cock into her anus rode her till he came. He then gently kissed the nape of her head, her naked back along her spinal cord and her little ass cheeks. Then, he picked her up and took her to where the picnic basket was and wrapped her in the picnic blanket and he lay down on the grass. Lucy smiled down at him, in contentment. Her hands gently rubbing her belly reassuringly.

As the weeks went by, the male colleagues and customers at the hardware store she worked at started openly leering at her and their eyes started filling with lust. It was not only the men but women were beginning to respond to her differently too. She would see their eyes going towards her breasts and there would be an intense look of longing that appeared in their eyes. Lucy was not quite sure how she felt about women eyeing her so but she did feel somewhat excited by this attention.

One day, she felt like getting some new lingerie. Of late, she loved indulging in sexy lingerie. After talking to the store assistant who usually recommended her to try the sexiest in the store, she walked into the fit-on room with a sexy balcony bra and matching thong. Just as she put on the lingerie, after having removed her clothes, the store assistant walked in. Lucy was surprised as that had never happened before and she felt a bit self-conscious having the store assistant watch her.

The store assistant commented looking appreciatively at her reflection in the mirror, “You have a lovely body and some magnificient boobs, girl.”

Lucy turned away from the mirror towards the assistant surprised. The store assistant looked directly at the contours of her breast that were so openly displayed by the balcony bra and without hesitating, reached out with her hands and felt her breast. “Mmm… feels as delicious as they look. Do they taste good as well?” she queried, looking briefly up at Lucy’s face.

Without waiting for an answer, her hands reached around her and undid the hook and released Lucy’s full breasts. The store assistant gasped and as if she had no control over her actions, she grabbed Lucy’s breasts and squeezed them before she leaned forward and started licking and sucking a nipple. Lucy groaned. While shocked that the store assistant was taking advantage of her, without her permission, she was also aroused that a woman was sucking her breast.

The woman paused and looked up, surprised, “You pregnant, girl? You got milk in these titties here. Mmm… but your milk sure is yummy.” She returned to sucking her tit. Lucy could feel her pussy getting wet and the store assistant’s hand moved down towards her legs and felt the wetness. “Looks like you have more sweet juices, honey.” The store assistant moved down and moving aside her thongs started licking her pussy. Lucy gasped as she felt her clit swelling and as her pussy released more juice and soon her pussy was contracting as she came quickly.

The store assistant moved up and kissed her on the mouth and said, “That was fun, wasn’t it girl? Now, come back anytime you want me to milk your tit or pussy.” She left the fit-on room and walked back into the store, leaving Lucy wondering about what had just taken place. When she came out of the fit room, dressed and with the soaked thong and bra and paid for it at the cashier’s, the store assistant was back in her place by the sexy lingerie area and did not even acknowledge her. As she was leaving the store, she looked back puzzled and this time, the store assistant winked and blew her a kiss.

She turned and went home and to her bedroom. She lay down on the bed, trying to figure out why the store assistant had just walked in and taken advantage of her. Yet, she knew she had not done anything to stop the store assistant from exploring her and sucking her tit or pussy. This puzzled her. She dropped off to sleep, her thoughts confusing her.

She heard the demon’s voice close to her, “Lucy, you have been a bad girl and I am taking you to my place to show you what bad girls get when they have been naughty.”

She felt the atmosphere in the room change and she opened her eyes and saw that she was at his place. She looked at where they had first made love to each other fondly but she saw that he was leading her beyond that room and into darker room. She could hardly see anything and she felt something cold and metallic going around her wrists and ankles. She opened her mouth to say something but he said in a commanding voice, “You will speak when you are spoken to and only answer the questions I ask you. Well, you are not going to need these clothes here.”

She felt the cold air hit her skin and she shivered a little as she stood naked in the dark, her wrists bound and tied stretched upward and her ankles bound. She could not move them. He heard his voice say, “Now, tell me what happened at the lingerie store.”

She breathed heavily and felt his breath on her cheek. “I was trying out lingerie in the fit on room and the store assistant walked in.” She stopped, feeling her cheeks blushing.

He murmured, “Go on.”

Lucy went on, “She admired my body and then touched my breasts.”

She could feel his hands, tracing the contours of her breasts. He asked, “Like this?”

She nodded, “Yes, she felt them and then undid my bra and started sucking my nipple.”

She felt his mouth licking and then sucking on her nipple, drawing out milk. He paused and asked, his mouth still at her breast, “Did she say she liked your milk?”

Lucy breathed heavily, “Yes, she did.”

He suckled her for a few more minutes and then asked, “Did that make you wet in your pussy?”

She gasped as his fingers moved down and felt the wetness between her legs. “Yes, it did but…”

He didn’t allow her to proceed as he bit hard on her nipple and she cried out in pain. His voice cut through harshly, “I said, you will only answer the questions I ask you.”

He moved down to her pussy and asked, “Did her mouth come here?”

Lucy responded, still smarting from the pain in her nipple, “Yes, she did.”

He put his tongue in her pussy and started licking. She squirmed, feeling herself aroused. Then, he abruptly arose, “You have been very bad, Lucy. You know you belong to me and that only I can have access to your milky tits or your pussy or any part of your body and soul.”

Lucy whimpered, “I know and I am yours.”

Her demon continued, “You knew you were mine and yet you took pleasure from sharing what is mine with someone else. You will be taught a lesson now that you will not forget in a hurry.”

She felt him bring something that sounded like chains near her body and she cried out as suddenly a clamp was put on her nipples and then another, on her clit. Then, as she was struggling to control the pain, she felt his large hard cock ram into her pussy from behind her and he roughly pushed in and pulled out, one of his hands over her breast and the other over her pussy. He panted as he pushed in deeper and tugged her nipple clamp chain. She screamed and he pushed in harder and harder as he came, shooting his load into her.

“Remember, Lucy, you are mine and only mine. I will have you whenever I want, however I want. Others may desire you but they cannot taste you or feel you.” He whispered in her ears as he removed the clamps from her nipples and clit.

She woke up on her bed in her room, fully clothed but she realized that her panty was soaked through. She felt her nipples and winced as they felt sore.

Lucy found with each day, the advances that people made on her increased. She tried her best to avoid situations where she was alone with anyone other than her grandmother or the demon. It was not possible to avoid the sudden grope of her breast or the pinch of her ass by a random stranger, but she was learning to predict them and steer away.

By the time she was in her second trimester, her belly started showing her baby bump. This did not seem to stop her admirers though. If at all, it seemed to have increased their lust for her. Her grandmother was the first to ask her about her pregnancy. Lucy had been waiting for this talk with her grandmother and sat down with her one evening, after dinner, and told her about what had happened on the night of her eighteenth birthday and that she was carrying the child of the demon. Her grandmother was very upset by what she heard and soon after, fell ill. Lucy was torn between trying to look after her grandmother, going to work to earn some income and trying to look after the baby growing within her.

One afternoon, she approached her boss to request if she could work part-time. He was busy and asked her to talk to him in the evening, when the store closed. She waited for the store to close and went and knocked on his little office at the back of the store. “Come in”, her boss called out and Lucy walked in.

Her boss was seated at his table and she went and stood across him, where the visitor chair was placed. He was busy looking at some papers and looked up and asked, “Yes, Lucy, what is it?”

Lucy cleared her throat and spoke, “Sir, my grandmother is not well and I need to take care of her. I want to know if I can take the week off and work part-time for the rest of the month.”

Her boss put down his glasses and leaning back in his chair, looked at her and realized he wanted her badly. He said, “Well, let’s see what I can do if you first show what you can do for me.”

She looked at him surprised, “Sir?”

He got up and walked around the table and came and stood close behind her. She could feel his hard cock poking her and she stiffened. “You can feel my desire for you, can’t you, Lucy?” he asked softly.

She quietly said, “Sir, I am pregnant with a child.”

He laughed softly, “I can see that you are a woman now and not a girl anymore” and his hands moved across her breasts, feeling them. “I can feel that they are ripe now”, he said as his pudgy hands reached within her dress and felt her breasts confined in her bra.

He turned her around and undid the buttons of her dress and slid it halfway down. He unceremoniously lowered her bra, to release her nipple, without releasing her full breast and grabbing one of her tit, he put it in his mouth. His hand worked the other tit, while his mouth moved greedily from one nipple to the other. Then, he brought out his hard cock and slid it between her tits. He squeezed her tits as he tit fucked her. He soon came, shooting his load on her face and over her tits. He then released her tits and went back to his table, zipping in his cock and said, “Lucy, you can have the week off and can work part-time for the rest of the month. We are going to have some fun together, aren’t we?”

Lucy walked out of the office, numb and knowing the repercussion she was going to have from the demon that night. She quickly adjusted her dress so that no-one else would jump her and went home.

She immediately went to the shower and removing her dress, stood under the shower reliving in her mind what had happened at the office. After making her grandmother some soup, she went to bed nervous about what was to follow. As she had expected, his voice spoke as soon as she got into bed and this time, he sounded angry, “Lucy, you have not listened to what I warned you about. You have been a bad girl again and you will be punished.”

She felt the atmosphere room change and when she opened her eyes, she realized she was in the darker room at his place and her wrists were already bound and stretched upward. She also realized she was kneeling down on the floor, in the dark. She gasped as her demon’s hands placed the clamps on her nipples and clit and tightened them. She knew there was no point in trying to explain and awaited her punishment.

The demon asked, “So, he felt your breasts, sucked them and then his cock played between them, did they? Till they shot his load over your face and breasts?”

She nodded.

“I can’t hear you, Lucy” He hissed.

“Yes” she replied, in a small voice.

“And you enjoyed licking his cum from your face, huh?”

She did not reply.

“Did you, Lucy?” he threateningly asked.

Lucy replied, “No.”

“Well, you are going to have to lick my cum now.” He said and pushed his hard cock into her mouth. She gagged a bit but he pushed his cock in and out of her, as he throat-fucked her. He grabbed her hair and pushed her face closer to his cock so that she would take more of him into her.

As he pushed against her mouth, he asked, “So, this is what you like doing, Lucy? Sucking cock?” She couldn’t reply as he worked her mouth over his cock and she could feel his cock swelling and throbbing with the load that was building in his cock. She knew he was going to cum any moment and he did, shooting his load straight into her mouth. She gasped and swallowed his cum. “No wasting any of my precious juices. Lick it all up, Lucy, suck my cock clean and dry.” She continued to suck him till his cock was clean and she had sucked his juices. “Good girl” he whispered.

She woke up early the next morning on her bed and felt her bulging stomach. She thought about how people seemed to lust after her, since the Demon ravished her on her birthday and how their lust seemed to increase with each day that the seed of the Demon grew in her belly. She wondered whether it was the seed that was creating the desire in everyone. She also knew that the Demon himself seemed to be increasingly lusting after her and from the gentle love-making, he had moved to rough and raunchy sex, enjoying his control over her. A thought crossed her mind, What if she were to take control of herself and be firm when others approached and also in her desires that she fantasized about, desired for more intimacy with the Demon in ways that included the non-sexual like heart-to-heart talks. The seed within her did have some of her as well so she should be able to control the power as long as it was within her.

With determination, she woke up, had a shower and went to the kitchen to make some breakfast for her grandmother and her. She decided to make a third breakfast and after taking her grandmother’s breakfast to her room, she went back to the kitchen and desired that the Demon would join her for a nice chat over breakfast. As she finished setting the table, she looked up to see the Demon seated at the table and smiling at her.

“Good morning, darling” she said cheerily to him, thrilled that her plan was working. “Do you mind passing me a piece of toast?” she asked.

He passed her the toast and asked her how she was doing that morning. She replied, “Splendid, darling. Couldn’t wait to see you. I wanted to share some plans I have for the week.”

He looked at her with a question. She continued, “Yes, plans for the week darling. Being in a relationship does not mean only having sex and impregnating the girl, you know. There is a house to look after here and I want you in the house with me, sharing the work.”

Surprised but attracted by the new Lucy, the Demon nodded and agreed to do the list of chores she assigned him from helping out with cleaning the house to cooking.

The two started cleaning the house and enjoyed cooking together. Then, they sat together and pored over vacancies advertised in the paper and Lucy phoned those which had asked for part-time positions. Over the week, as her grandmother’s health improved, Lucy managed to go for an interview and was selected for a part-time position, in an office run by a couple who had known her mother.

She decided to introduce the Demon to her grandmother and before leaving for work on her first day at the new place, she brought her grandmother to the kitchen to have breakfast and prepared her by saying that she had a special guest waiting to meet her.

The Demon arose and gently walked over to Lucy’s grandmother and handed her a bunch of flowers and said, “Nice to see you are better, Ma’am.”

Her grandmother was touched but looked questioningly at Lucy. “This is my Demon, Grandma. The father of my child.” She said, rubbing her belly contentedly. They enjoyed a lovely breakfast together and Lucy kissed the Demon gently before leaving for work.

That night, as she slipped under her bed covers, she felt she was where she wanted to be in her life. The Demon slipped in behind her and gently put his arm around her. He kissed her gently and slowly they spooned. As they eventually drifted to sleep, the Demon’s arms still gently around her, Lucy felt content.

Chapter Fifteen

The feel of a hot tongue sliding up her neck had her stirring from sleep. Alluna stretched her sore body and blinked open surprised eyes when she discovered her limbs bound tight. As Zak continued to lick her throat and breasts, she wiggled her fingers and toes with a frown. He’d cuffed her arms over her head and her legs spread-eagled.

A flash of gold had her gasping. Shimmering gold dragon’s wings spread behind Zak’s back as another snarl tore from his lips.


He raised his head.

Alluna stared into inhuman eyes, the sapphire taking up all of the whites and slit pupils widening out to black ovals. The bones of his face were more pronounced, and the beginnings of horns peeped from with the wealth of blond spilling down his back.

Alluna’s heart sped up, a shiver of fear skipping through her.

Zak’s clawed hands caressed down her torso. She felt the sharps tips of his talons leave bumps of awareness in their wake. His smoldering dragon eyes followed his claws.

“Mine.” His voice was like heavy gravel, more demonic than human.

“Yes, Master,” she whimpered arching as much as the restraints allowed. “I’m yours.”

What had come over him? He looked absolutely terrifying… but beautiful too. Alluna cocked her head and studied her Master. He looked like a blue-eyed, golden devil.

Zak sat up straighter between her legs, spreading his wings wider. He licked his lips with another snarl, showing fangs at her.

Alluna grew wet. The sounds he made had her aching with want.

Her eyes lowered to his belly. His cock looked bigger, and the once rounded head ended in a pointed tip.

“Master, fuck me, please,” she whispered.

His eyes narrowed to slits and he snarled at her again.

Alluna bit her lip with a sigh. Master really did not like being told what to do. She needed to switch her tactics.

“I’m sorry, Master,” she said with a little hitch to her voice, letting her eyes well up and her lip quiver. “I just want you so much…” she sniffled and batted her eyes at him with a pout, “I hurt down there for you. Pleeeease.”

At least he’d stopped snarling and growling. His eyes softened and Alluna had to bite her cheeks not to grin when a purr rumbled from his chest.

“My… girl,” he said burrowing his face between her breasts.

Alluna smiled. His voice sounded a bit more normal.

When he suddenly dove between her spread thighs, she squeaked in surprise. Master had developed an addiction to the taste of her pussy. She shuddered and pulled at her restraints in desperation. The feel of his hot tongue lashing her cunt mercilessly was driving her insane.

Alluna felt swollen with need, and thrashed her head from side to side. His tongue slid deep within her, driving repeatedly within her clenching center. She couldn’t take the pleasure. Rapture approached, coiling the erotic agony in her sweating body to the breaking point.

But Master would ease off whenever she felt ready to tilt over the edge of sexual oblivion. And then he would start the harsh tongue thrusts again, until she was shaking and screaming…begging him to let her cum.

Just when Alluna thought she would lose her mind, Master reared up and snarled, fangs bared. “Now, you will cum for me.”

His cock should have ripped her in two when he stabbed into her, but she felt only sublime pleasure. Alluna screamed as she came… and came… and came.

It was too much. Her voice grew raw from her long wail of completion. He fucked her mercilessly, tension making his arms and chest bulge. Blond locks covered her face, spilling into her mouth, but she was beyond caring. Spots of bright color filled her vision as climaxes rolled into each other. Her internal muscles clamped down on the thick cock ramming into her, until all he could do was thrust in small jerks.

Zak threw his head back and roared. Every vein and muscle stood out on his glorious body. Alluna felt the hot spurts within her, filling her womb with his seed. His wings trembled, the quivering echoing out to the rest of his body, until with a groan he crumpled on top of her. Somehow, he managed to keep most of his weight on his arms and legs, but for the most part, Alluna found herself buried under a passion-spent male. Her male. Her magnificent Master.

She passed out with a smile on her lips.

***Alarm made Alluna gape at Rowie. “Three? What do you mean by three?”

She looked at Rowie’s baby bump with a gulp before snapping her eyes back up to her face.

Rowie was about to take a bite out of the fruit, but paused. “Oh. Red knocked me up with two baby dragon’s.”

Alluna began to hyperventilate. “You mean they can plant more than one… baby inside us?”

Both girls stared at her wide-eyed.

Alluna turned away, striding rapidly to the glass wall with the view of outer space. “No. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to have lot’s of little babies squirming around inside of me.” She shuddered in terror.

“Hey.” Rowie’s hand on her shoulder made her jump. “It’s not so bad, Luna. It doesn’t hurt. Honest. Look… feel mine.”

Rowie placed Alluna’s hands on her gently rounded bulge. There was a soft push against her hands, and then…

The image of a planet filled her mind, sky roiling with clouds the color of blood and ash, burnt, dead trees, with rotting limbs twisting up in supplication to the poisonous sky. The foul stench in the air makes her gag. Near the horizon stretches a vast sea, its churning depths frozen solid. Alluna sees a funnel, as wide as the eye can see… It yawns down into absolute black within the frozen ocean.

She sees her Master, cringing on the edge of the funnel and three winged males in the sky hovering over the abyss. Two have hair red as blood with dragon’s wings the same color. The one in the middle has hair as white as driven snow, with wings that start out pure white in the center and graying out to pure black at the ends. The white-haired male looks like Devon, and he holds a flaming sword in his hands.

From the abyss rises a shadowed figure… in its arms a golden-haired Seraph… a reaper, with wings blacker than a starless night. The creature holding the unconscious death angel lifts its glowing eyes to look right at Alluna. It smiles.

“Lucifiere,” Alluna shrieked.


I was never gay okay, and I’m not gay now. There’s no coming out the closet if there was never a closet to begin with. I’m not like against gays, my R2D (Republican-to-death) friend James gay bashes people, but I just mind my business. If a gay guy told me he liked me, I’d probably tell him he can look but not touch. That’s how nice I was. But questions had arose today, the day I met Josh Dannier today at school.

At school, Josh was new and he sat next to me. That was the only open seat, the seat in the back of the classroom. I was kinda upset, because there were only 2 seats back there, and now I wasn’t all alone. I’m not really social. Josh was super tan and he had brown hair and a beauty mark on his face. He was muscled and tall. About 5’10. We were taking a quiz, and I didn’t know why I seemed so interested in him.

I stared at him as he stood up, and he walked over to hand the teacher his quiz. I noticed how well curved his ass was, and how his pants hugged his thighs when he walked back. I blushed, and I was shocked. Why the hell was I thinking about a guy like this? This was a new traitorous way of thinking…I’ve never thought of a boy like this before.

Josh looked at me and smiled. “Hi,” he said to me. I was blushing furiously, and I glared at him. Josh pretended like he didn’t even see me glare. He sat down. “Your name is Jack right?” he asked.

“How do you know my name?” I whispered so Ms. Ennis wouldn’t hear us.

“What?” he whispered back.

“How do you know my name?!”

“Speak up!”

“How do you FUCKING know my name?” I snapped, my whisper transformed into a violent hiss.

“Oh, I live on the same street as you. I heard your mom saying it the other day,” he explained.

“Oh, okay.”

“My name is Josh.”

“I’m aware,”

“Josh Dannier,”

“I don’t really need the last name,” I replied rudely. I didn’t want to talk to him. I just wanted to be left alone. “Well, what’s your last name Jack?”

“You don’t need to know. Mind your business and leave me the hell alone!”

“Sure. I’ll see you later,” he said still cheery and kind.

I glared at him. Why was he being so nice to me when I was being so gruff and rude. I figured out later that I had every class with Josh. Great, this kid stuck with my physically, but the bad and weird part of the story is…Josh was stuck with me mentally too. Maybe if I was mean to him, I could make him dislike me, and get him to leave me alone…then maybe he’d leave my thoughts alone and moral.

I turned around to look at him in my desk in 6th period. He yawned, then grinned at me. He opened his legs and his bare leg touched mine. My body was on fire, and at first I didn’t pull away. Then the body heat bugged me, and I snatched my leg away from his. I looked at Josh, and he didn’t react. The bell finally rang, and I stomped out the classroom feeling awkward.

As I walk home from school, I think of Josh, his nice voice, and his nice legs, what his body looked like under the clothes and- What the fuck?! Why am I thinking about him like this? This is sick, disgusting! I broke free from the sick thoughts and when I got home I saw my brother Mickey in my room watching my television. “Mickey, what the hell are you doing in my room? Go watch TV in your room?”

“Nah, I can’t find the remote,” he said.

“Then use your fucking hands,”

“Nah, I’m good over here bro,” he said.

Mickey was baiting me, and we both knew it. Mickey was 14, while I was 16. There weren’t that many differences between us physically except he was tanner than me, and he had a more babyish look that drove girls crazy. I had a good two inches on him. Mentally,pssh I can easily tell Mickey to get on my level (but he can say the same thing to me on a social scale).

Mickey was really dense, and dumb. He was 14 and he didn’t get things or know about stuff that most people learn about early. He doesn’t even understand half of the innappropriate jokes he hears.He relies on me, his genius older brother, but he is good with insults. Anyways, Mickey was trying to get me to wrestle with him. He was very physical, and loved football. He was definitely gonna be a jock. I decided to humor my brother and fight him. I jumped on him trying to roll him off my bed.

We were wrestling for about half an hour, and we were really hot and sweaty and took off our shirts. I had a boner and it was against his. Mickey knew I was hard and commented. “You’re THAT happy to play with me bro?” he said with a smirk. He rolled me over off of him then he jumped on me. “Oh shut up, you know as well as I do, Mr. Twelvinch comes out whenever he can, especially when he’s pressed against bodies,” I retorted.

“Twelveinch? When they say you are you eat, that doesn’t mean LITTLE you is what you eat too,”

“Oh shut up, one-inch wonder,” I snorted in derision.

“Make me, LITTLE brother,” He was sitting on my stomach with his arms outstretched pinning me down. I tried to wrestle out his grasp, but Mickey was just as strong as me. I eventually got frustrated and growled at him. “LET ME GO RIGHT NOW!” I warned him.

In response, Mickey made an all too familiar noise with his throat. “Loogey time!” I bought up my legs up and under his arms that were pinning me down and pulled them back down again flinging him off me. Mickey hit his head on the floor. “Bitch,” I said angrily.

“Goddamn, what the fuck is wrong with you?” snapped Mickey holding his head.

I took a deep breath, and apologized to my brother. My parents would be home from work in about 3 more hours. There was still daylight, and I decided to take a walk. “Hey, bro why don’t you heat up the lasagna, and you can even watch TV in my room. I’m gonna go take a walk okay?”

“Yeah, yeah sure whatever. Tell Kayla I said hi.” I snorted and somehow laughed at the same time (snaughed?).

Kayla was a girl, that I had a crush on. She was super slim, with a nice thick body with these shiny blue eyes, and long silky jet black hair. But the minute I thought of her, Josh interjected. I thought about him, and the warmth I felt next to him. I grimaced as my pants got shorter, and I went from flaccid to completely erect. I walked outside quickly forgetting to put a shirt on trying to distract myself only to bump straight into no other than Josh Dannier.

I swear to god, I felt my boner brush across something hard in his pelvic region. I hoped he didn’t notice me hard. Why the hell was this situation happening in the 1st place? “Hi J-Josh,” I said to him. Josh grinned. “Hi, Jack,” I cursed silently. Why was I stuttering like a 4-year old? What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I be as smooth as him. “Where ya goin?” he asked me.

“I’m taking a walk,” I told him.

“Me too, let’s walk together,”

As I walked with Josh I learned that he was a quarter Latino. His family moves around a lot because of his dad’s job and this time they intraregionally migrated within the state of Florida.

As Josh blabbered on about his history I just mumbled “uh-huh”, “yeah”, “i got ya” etc. As he got closer to me, his arm touched mine. I was about to say something stupid like “your arm is touching me” but I got all choked up, and couldn’t say anything. And Josh didn’t seem to care. I was really uncomfortable and Josh suddenly stopped talking. He looked down at my abdomen. “Woah, you’ve got a twelve-pack. That’s to die for man. How’d you get those abs?” he asked me. I blushed. “I work out,” I admitted.

“You must be pullin babes with that shit! God lee, you’re lucky,” he told me. I smiled, proud of myself. Suddenly, Josh’s soft hands were feeling my abs. “God damn, these are awesome. I wish I was you,” he said.

I felt even harder than before. My whole body was hot and tingling. Why was I reacting to him like that? I am not gay! I looked up at Josh’s face, his tanned face, and beautiful brown eyes, his small mouth, and those soft pink kissable lips. “Look at mine,” he said to me. He lifted his shirt with one hand revealing a six-pack. “No thanks,” I mumbled, but with his other hand he bought my hand to his abs.

I didn’t even fight him, I WANTED to touch them. I stroked in circles softly against abs, and I looked up at his face which had turned red. Or was that my imagination?

I didn’t stop, and he didn’t stop me. I eased my hand just a bit lower on his smooth body. He still didn’t stop me. I went even lower lustfully, when I heard a voice.

“Hey, Jack. The lasagna’s ready!” shouted Mickey. I heard his footsteps getting closer to the two of us. I pulled my hand away from Josh like he was on fire. Mickey came in between the two of us. “Whose this?” he asked casually.

“This is…Josh. He’s new,” I said to Mickey. I looked at Josh. “Josh, this is Mickey, my little brother,” Josh and Mickey shook hands. “Well let’s go, bro,” said Mickey. I walked away with him, and looked back at Josh. “Catch a movie tommorow at Regal?” he asked.

I nodded. As I walked with Mickey I pondered about what I just did. How low would I have went? And why did I feel these things with…a boy? I remembered his last words to me. Apparently, I had a date with him to the movies. What should I do? Then I remembered, I’d already nodded at him! What kind of idiot was I?

Leila and I both started reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Although some of the scenes were definitely erotic, we found the story a bit lame and the characters rather superficial. Indeed we found ourselves increasingly amused by some of the writing. I was thus inspired to write the spoof below. Leila loved it — I hope you do to!


‘Come on girl, get a grip.’
Doctor Leila Lispasia steeled herself and clutched her black medical bag a little tighter. She remonstrated sternly with herself – there really was no need to feel like a virgin on a first date. In any case everything she had heard or read about the famous Nathan Buggersworth made her wince with disapproval. Rich beyond belief, impossibly good looking, a string of glamorous blondes testified to the most deviant sexual preferences. She knew she would hate him with a passion. As she rang the doorbell to the impressive, yet understated, terraced house in South West London she steeled herself with every ounce of professionalism her training had given her.

The door swung open to reveal a woman who by any stretch of the imagination could only be described as stout. Very stout. Extremely stout. Leila was surprised and found herself blushing. Stout Woman regarded her dispassionately with beady black eyes, pinpoints of disdain in a slavic face. Even though it was high summer the woman wore heavy cloth in unremitting black. Gathering herself, Leila thrust out a delicate hand.

‘Dr Lispasia. About Mr Buggersworth’s bowel complaint?’

Stout Woman stared at her for a moment or two, no signs of comprehension in that fleshy deadpan face until finally she spoke, her accent thick and unwelcoming.


Leila blushed even more furiously, failing to understand.

‘Horse keeper?’ she enquired as politely as she dared.

Stout Woman shook her head emphatically and raised her hands which Leila noted for the first time were adorned with bright yellow plastic gloves.


Leila’s quick mind groped for a moment then realisation dawned.

‘Ahhhhh you must be Mr Buggersworth’s housekeeper?’

Stout Woman nodded vigorously and stood aside to allow Leila to enter the short hallway. Leila took in the exquisite oak flooring, the antique clock already chiming the quarter hour and the three twee ceramic monkeys on the shelf, one with his hands over his eyes, one over his ears and holy cow that’s strange! The third monkey had his hand wrapped around a monstrously erect monkey penis and was grinning manically. Leila blushed heavily and averted her eyes. Stout Woman was motioning her to pass through into what appeared to be a reception area. But before she could do so an even stouter woman of equally Slavic countenance appeared in the doorway, almost entirely blocking what little light there was in the crowded hallway. The grinning monkey receded thankfully into the dark.

‘Erm’, ventured Leila rather hesitantly, ‘Mr Buggersworth’s other housekeeper?’

What was it with all the Stouts? Did Mr Buggersworth have a thing for Stouts? But what about all those glamorous blondes mentioned in the extensive media coverage? Or was there some more sinister explanation? ‘Perhaps’, mused Leila beneath her proud and sensual eyebrows, ‘perhaps these were trained bodyguards scooped from some spartan East European secret service following the fall of the Berlin Wall?’

‘Niet,’ said the Monolithic Stout. Leila wasn’t sure whether the denial related to her polite confusion over domestic status or whether somehow Mrs Monolithic had been reading her thoughts. Leila’s delicate nostrils detected a sour scent of body odour and fought the urge to wrinkle her seriously cute and sexy nose. She blushed again and held up her medical bag in search of some kind of primal gesture of recognition.

‘Mr Buggersworth’s bowel complaint?’ she essayed again.

A gleam of understanding flashed momentarily in Mrs Monolith’s expressionless eyes. Leila felt the Monolith’s eyes look her up and down and felt a shiver of disapproval. Apparently satisfied, Monolith threw her head back over her shoulder and a voice like rolling thunder erupted from her chest.

‘Meeester Kreeeestian?’

From somewhere near Monolith’s massive hips a small chipmunk-like face popped into the hallway, spotted Leila and smiled broadly.

‘Aha!’ His voice was sibilant and flattened by a distinctive lisp. ‘You must be the gorgeous Doctor come to see poor old Bugger’s bottom. Come on ladies, let the luvvverly lady doctor in. My oh my, aren’t you a pretty one?’ He stood for a moment leaning back, lips pursed, his hands on his hips shamelessly admiring Leila’s svelte figure. She blushed furiously and felt very conscious of her bare legs. She knew she should have worn a longer skirt. But Mr Christian’s inspection was over and he was flapping his hands at the Stouts who were scattering before him, for all the world like a couple of bush elephants being chased by a demented wasp. Once the path was cleared he took Leila by the arm and steered her into the reception room, which Leila noticed was exquisitely adorned with the most expensive collection of posters of stunningly handsome male models.

‘Mmmmm darling’, fluttered Mr Christian, ‘I just know that the old Bugger is going to love you.’

Leila blushed furiously and suppressed an unwanted but annoyingly delicious clenching of muscles down there.

‘Now do come on, darrrrrling, let’s not keep the old Bugger waiting.’

Leila was flounced, rather than led, through a vast and impressive kitchen beyond which a neatly cultivated garden opened out, leading to what appeared to be an unimposing wooden shed. Mr Christian gave her a playful shove in the small of her elegant spine in the direction of the wooden shed. The look of surprise on her exquisite face must have been evident.

‘Oh absolutely darrrling, isn’t it the strangest business? An international tycoon like the old Bugger actually choosing to make his office in an old garden shed (at this point Mr Christian’s pert little nose wrinkled in disgust) but what am I to do?’ He sighed and shrugged his shoulders in an exaggerated fashion. Then a slow smile spread across his face and he caught Leila’s gaze with a mischievous glance. ‘Actually, darrrrrling, I find it all rather adorable. Now go on with you, don’t keep the old Bugger waiting.’ And the hand gave her another playful shove.

Leila had never felt as self-conscious in her short virginal life as she walked the 25 metres or so to the open door of the wooden shed. As she approached she heard a deep male guttural growling from within, interrupted occasionally by squeaks of feminine apology. Holy Moses, that guttural male growl seemed to stimulate some primal response in her, somewhere at the apex of her impossibly attractive satin thighs. Hesitating for a moment she stepped onto the decking on which the shed was built and peeked timorously inside. Before her eyes could adjust to the dim light within a small, stout woman, elegantly dressed, flew out of the door and passed her, sobbing and clutching a sheaf of papers, some of which were spilling into a paper trail on the garden path. But the voice that followed the fleeing assistant was calm, controlled and undeniably complex.


Holy cow! Something about that voice was like a delicious knife plunging into her abdomen. It was dark, compelling, dangerous, dominant, edged with the street and adorned with the sophistication that only the finest education can achieve. For some reason her legs felt leaden. She forced herself to take a step into the shed and promptly stumbled, falling ungraciously onto all fours, her medical bag spilling open and gurgitating dressings, syringes, packets of pills. The embarrassment was excruciating and she scrambled to grab the items rolling on the threadbare carpet and stuff them quickly back into her bag. She became aware that her firm pert bottie was protruding provocatively into the air and for the second time that day found herself fervently wishing she had worn a longer skirt. She looked between her legs and saw a distant Mr Christian, hands once again placed firmly on his hips, watching the entertainment with a wolfish smile on his chipmunk face. She realised that he could probably see her knickers and scrambled to her knees. She was again blushing furiously as she grabbed her bag and looked up to find herself looking at the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

Holy Cow!

For some reason she had not been expecting someone so young. He can’t be a day over 52. Beneath a mop of disordered spiky hair of the purest white, she was being dismantled by the coolest, warmest, hottest, coldest eyes she had ever seen. Holy Moses! It was as though he was seeing right through her; seeing theconfusion he is causing, the spasms of desire gripping her Inner Goddess. His skin was soft, softer than anything she had ever seen, soft as skin in a photograph that has been airbrushed. His jawline was strong, assertive, his mouth firm and commanding. She was overwhelmed by an insane need to snog him right there and then. Get a grip girl, you’re behaving like virgin on a first date. She shook her head and forced herself to think of a fresher metaphor. Damn, no, nothing. It would have to do for now. She could always come back and rewrite this bit later.

Summoning every ounce of self-discipline she stumbled to her feet and smoothed herself down. She was blushing furiously but somehow found the courage to stand and look this Adonis directly in the eye. He seemed consumed by a languid curiosity, which seemed to burn along her spine to her deepest, most feminine centre. His question when it came was quiet, incisive, balanced and delivered with casual precision.

‘You’re the doctor who’s come to look at my bottie?’

She blushed furiously, nodding just a little too fast.

He grinned, a predatory wolverine grin that lit up his face and made his eyes dance with some kind of infectious fever. Holy Moses what is this guy doing to me?

‘Well then doctor, we’d better get on with it then.’ His voice was soft and seductive but somehow threatening. ‘After all I do have an empire to run.’

He rose from behind his desk and that’s when she realised – that beneath his expensively tailored Italian check shirt he was wearing the most extraordinarily red pair of lycra cycling shorts. That wasn’t all. Clearly visible beneath the taut fabric was the most enormous erection that Leila had ever seen. Holy Fuck. But something stirred deep inside her and she understood that she was totally utterly wet for this exquisite, powerful man. She had to suppress the urge to fall to her knees, release the monster from its cage and take it deep into her willing, virginal mouth. She heard a moan, realising with horror that it was her throat which had produced it. She wrestled her gaze away from the sight of this magnificent manhood and looked directly into the liquid fire of the eyes of the man she now knew she loved.

His mouth was beginning to move, those delicious lips forming the words she so needed to hear – words of love, lust, passion, devotion. She knew she would agree to anything: hard sex, rough sex, soft sex, kinky fuckery, holy cow she’d even agree to be tied to a wooden cross and have his strong finger inserted in her totally unexplored bottie. In an instant her future rolled before her: immense untold wealth, wild dirty fucking, the kind of love and laughter that only true soul mates would ever understand. Her straight fingers, suddenly certain and devoid of trembling, found the clasp on her medical bag and twisted it shut, as though shutting away a whole chapter of her life. Her life before him. Her eyes shone as she met his gaze, confident, loved, wanton with love, lust and everything in between. Ask me, she thought to herself, blushing furiously, ask me!

The most gorgeous man she had ever known rose from his leather chair and moved silently to stand in front of her. Just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him. The words clamoured around her mind like church bells on a wedding day. He took her hand, gently removed the medical bag from her grip and placed it gently on the desk. Holy Moses he moved like a panther in heat. His presence was intoxicating, commanding, erotic. She felt like a mare about to be covered. Her face tilted upwards to receive the first kiss, her breath fast and furious, her nipples two points of molten desire, her sex aching with the need to feel his monstrous manhood inside her. His fingers grazed the back of her hand and the touch went right through her spine, rendering her helpless with desire. Time held itself in suspense, the world turned itself upside down and emptied her previous life into the meaningless lost wilderness of outer space. Holy cow say it, say it, say it. Make me yours. She held her breath as he started to speak, watched his mouth move in that way that sent showers of lust sparking into the void between her thighs. The first vowel was enough to send her over the edge, shattering around him in an irrepressible orgasm.

‘So then doctor. Do you need to take a look at my bottie?’

I was driving down this desolated mountain road just after midnight. I was on my way home from an office party and honestly I could say I wasn’t feeling any pain, but I was very hot and very horny. There wasn’t anyone waiting for me at home, only my videos, magazines and a few toys. The party was fun, plus I did more than my share of drinking. My head began to pound as rain started to fall onto my windshield. The rain fell harder as the road was getting slick. There was only one person that was on my mind all the while I was driving and that was Heather, this sexy blonde with a body that would not quit and legs that went on forever.

While driving the weather really started to get worse and the road was getting slick. My tires started to slip and slide, I began to swerve when suddenly my tire blew out and I hit a rock. My car was dead and no matter how hard I tried it wouldn’t turn over. I was broken down out in the middle of no where. My cock hard with throbbing veins popping out, still I am not sure why I am so horny? It has never been like this before being so hard and hot without even having a sexy woman around me teasing me. There were so many sexy ladies at the party, but Heather is the one I can’t get out of my head. The rain was coming down in sheets as I was sitting in my car stroking my throbbing cock. This was not the time or place to masturbate, but I didn’t fucking care. Oh yes! My cock was hard as a rock with the veins bulging, my heat is rising, the windows fog up and I couldn’t see anything. Mmm Getting hotter, harder I needed to cum so bad. I couldn’t wait any longer.

Then suddenly I heard a car drive up and saw headlights through the fog of my windshield. Damn! I was so close to exploding my hot thick cum. My cock went instantly soft and I quickly zipped up my pants. There was a knock on my window, I wiped the fog away to see Heather standing there with an umbrella. I was so excited to see her and fumbled for the door so she could get out of the rain. She smiled as I stumbled for words, she is so beautiful and she was here. This was something I never would have expected, only been able to hope for. Ever since the first day I saw her at the office, she is all I could think about.

I remember the first day I saw her in the office, she wore this black lacy number with sequins that glittered in the office light. She had on 2″ spiked heals, her hair was up in a bun with a few wisps hanging over her deep blue eyes. She was the most Beautiful woman I have ever seen and I think I would ever see. I didn’t think she even noticed me. Instantly My cock stood at attention for those first few moments causing me to walk funny for a few minutes. She asked me if I was ok I was so embarrassed, but I survived. The night went on and the time had come to go home. That’s when I got into my car after saying my good bye’s to everyone. Which puts me where I am now staring at this gorgeous creature I couldn’t get out of mind.

“What are you doing here Heather? The weather is so bad it is dangerous. You shouldn’t be out on a night like this what were you thinking?” I asked her while wanting to kiss those glistening lips.

“I was following you home because I really like you. I saw you were in trouble so I stopped to help, I was worried. I saw the way you were walking when we first met, I recognized the walk. Seems I have made many a man walk that way.” She said with a smug smile.

As we sat in the car my cock started to grow harder, longer and thicker. The bulge in my pants was quite noticeable. She looked down with a smile on her face and began licking those luscious lips. Fuck she was so beautiful I still could not be believe she was actually sitting there with me. The top of her dress was open slightly showing her sexy cleavage and her silky bra. My cock needed to be touched, to be loved, and needed just to explode. She started rubbing her hand in my crotch feeling my bulging cock pressing hard into my pants. She was making it more unbearable and I loved every minute of it.

She pulled her top open exposing her luscious breasts pulling her bra down and letting me see her rock hard nipples. The water dripping down her lovely chest looked so lovely, so sexy. I bent over cupping her breasts into my hands. Gently massaging licking and nibbling pinching the bright pink nipples. She unzips my pants grabbing my cock releasing it from its prison. That felt so good when she finally grabbed hold and started stroking it pulling and squeezing. She bends down and puts her lips to the head lightly kissing it. There is already some pre cum she had me so excited. She places her lips over my cock as she strokes it taking me further in her mouth with every stroke. Her mouth feels so good as she takes me deeper, the heat of her mouth drives me crazy.

The sounds of the rain hitting the roof of the car and the feelings she was giving me with her mouth were more than I could take. I grab her and bring her up and rip off the rest of her clothes so all she has on are her thong panties. The seat in my car reclines fully back so I lay down and have her climb on top of me with her hot pussy and tight sweet ass in my face.

The scent of her snatch as she moves along my body. Lightly dragging her clit over my face as she moves in place to take hold of my cock which is by now rock hard veins bulging. The scent of her snatch and her cum dripping down her thigh towards me. I run my tongue along her thigh tasting her cum.

“Oh baby you taste so good” I tell her as I start to lightly run my fingers along her thigh.

Running my finger through her cum and touching my lips and tongue. I never felt this way before and never thought I would ever be with a woman this beautiful this sexy. She was wanting as much as I was to cum. Her pussy was throbbing and dripping her juices flowing across my face. I grasp her ass checks firmly with my fingers because we both were ready to explode our juices into the other’s mouth.

“Oh Heather! Heather! I am fucking cumming Heather!” I yelled as loud as I could.

When I opened my eyes I was on a stretcher being placed in an ambulance. A beautiful dark haired woman smiled at me as she looked down to see my limp cock still in my hand with my cum all over it and my stomach. I smiled, wishing I had a shell to climb into. Before we stopped at the emergency room she slipped her phone number into my pocket and whispered softly into my ear.

“Call me.”

I could not stop smiling as they carried me into the hospital.

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