loving wives

Chapter 32

The Girls Get Their Pins

“I have a surprise for you all,” Susan said as she got up and walked over and picked up her flight bag.

Susan sat down and unzipped the bag and dug out two little black boxes.

“One is for Amy and the other is for Sam,” she said as she handed the boxes to them.

“What is it?” Sam asked like the teenager she was.

“Open them up,” Susan told them.

Sam pulled the top off and looked in and started laughing and then Amy began laughing as she looked in hers.

“What’s so funny?” Dawn asked.

Sam handed the box to Dawn, inside was a small pair of flight wings no more than an inch long. They were gold and had a stone in the middle of the wings. Across the wings were small enameled letters that said “Mile-High Club”.

“Thank you Susan!” Amy said.

“Yes, thank you!” Sam said as she took the box back from Dawn.

“You two are official members now, when the pilot gives you those wings it is special,” Susan told them.

Amy and Sam were showing them to Lieke and giggling.

“Just make sure you wear them when you fly back,” Susan said.

“Why?” Sam asked.

“It’s an honor. You want everyone to see them!”

Dawn told Susan about what all had happened when we flew over.

“Did the pilot see you?”

“Several times,” Dawn said.

“I’m not surprised, the stewardesses usually tell them so they can come out and watch. Who gave you your pin?”

“The pilot.”

“Well, if the pilot saw you, you should have gotten a nice one like this.”

“It’s nice, it is different but it has a stone in the middle.”

“Wear them proudly,” Susan said as the girls were looking.

“Oh thank you!” Amy said as she hugged Susan around the neck.

“Why don’t the guys get anything?” I asked.

“I’ll give you the website where I get these, they have nice shirts for men that have it printed in small letters so someone has to look real close to read it. They also have nice tie pins and cuff links and some other stuff. If you are real brave they have a sticker you can put in the back window of your car but I wouldn’t recommend it. This is a special club you all, there are not a lot of people that can say they had sex in an airplane, most of them are liars.”

“Thanks Susan, now I don’t have to figure out how to have sex with those two on the flight back.”

“Says who?” Came from Sam.

“Dawn, you are right we have created a monster!”

Everyone laughed as Sam looked at me with all seriousness.

“You are not getting off that easy,” Sam said.

“Just make sure you wear your pins on the plane or anytime you fly,” Susan said. “I have another surprise for you.”

“What else?” Sam asked.

Susan dug in her bag and pulled out two DVD’s.

“There is a camera on the nose of the helicopter that records everything we fly over, I know you took a lot of pictures but I thought you would enjoy the video.”

“Oh this is great!” I said as I took the two DVD’s from her. “I didn’t bring a video camera because I didn’t want to lug it around. Thanks Susan.”

“It comes with the flight,” she said. “I have something else for you, but I usually keep this, but I think you all would like to have it.”

Susan produced two more DVD’s from her bag.

“No one knows it but there is a camera in the back that records everything that goes on, would you like to have it?”

“A woman after my own heart!” I said.

Everyone but Lieke and Susan started laughing.

“What’s the joke?” Susan asked.

I told Susan how our entire house was covered by cameras and some of the stuff we had recorded.

“That sounds cool!” She said. “I just have the camera back there for liability purposes but I thought you would like these.”

“Oh we do, we will add it to our collection,” Dawn said. “I can’t wait for our friends to see it!”

“You would show that to your friends?” Susan asked.

“We have a small group of friends that we hang out with regularly that party at the house, they will get a kick out of it and you will probably get some business from it.” I told her.

“That’s even better!” Susan replied. “One question, you don’t have any cameras set up in this house do you?”

“No, I’m afraid with everything this house has, that is not one of its features,” I told Susan.

“Good!” She said and we all laughed again.

Dawn and I spent some time telling Susan about the money we had and about the house and a little about the parties, she thought it was great.

“If you are ever in the area give us a call,” Dawn told her.

“I can’t wait to watch this!” Sam said. “Can we watch it now, Susan and Lieke haven’t seen it!”

“Yes we have, there is a small monitor in the cockpit!” Lieke said.

“Oh I think I love you Susan!” I said.

Everyone laughed again.

“We can watch it later,” Dawn told Sam.

Sam looked disappointed as she took another sip from her glass.

“This is very good wine,” Susan told me.

“You think the wine is good, you should try the champagne!” Lieke said.

We all started laughing again except Susan. Everyone was getting a little buzzed on the wine.

“Now what’s the joke?” Susan asked.

“I’ll tell you about it someday,” Lieke said with a big smile.

“Lieke would you like some more wine?” Amy asked as she picked the bottle up to fill her glass.

“Sure,” Lieke said as she took the last sip from her glass and held it up to her.

Amy went to pour the wine in Lieke’s glass but missed and ‘accidentally’ spilled the wine on Lieke’s right breast when she missed the glass.

“Oh shit!” Amy said as she sat the bottle down. “Sorry.”

“Let me get a towel,” Dawn said as she started to get up.

“No, I’ve got it!” Amy said.

Amy sat her glass on the table and leaned over and licked the red wine off Lieke’s breast. Now I knew what the three of them were whispering about. I watched Amy slowly run her tongue up and over Lieke’s nipple as she cleaned up the wine. Then she leaned forward and licked the remaining wine off her belly.

“Thanks Amy,” Lieke said as Amy sat up. “Maybe we should spill some more wine.”

“Oh no you don’t!” Dawn said. “Not on this furniture!”

“I have something better in mind then,” Lieke said as she stood up and headed for the kitchen.

Lieke returned with the always present bowl of cut up fruit from the refrigerator and sat down. She picked up a large piece of pineapple and rubbed the juice on each of her nipples then stuck the piece in her mouth. Amy leaned over from one side and Sam leaned over from the other and the two of them licked the juices off her nipples. I looked over at Susan as she watched.

“My turn,” said Amy.

Amy picked up a piece of melon and let the juice from it drip onto her breasts before she rubbed it around her huge nipples. Amy stuck the piece of melon in her mouth and looked at Lieke, Lieke handed the bowl of fruit to Sam and then leaned over and began licking and sucking the juices off Amy’s huge breasts and nipples. Before she was finished she had Amy moaning from all of the sucking on her nipples. When she stopped sucking on her nipples Lieke moved up and kissed Amy on the lips. When she did Amy placed a hand behind her head and pulled her in and over on top of her as she fell back on the sofa.

I watched Susan watching her younger cousin make out with Amy. Lieke got up on her knees on the sofa so she could lie over Amy and kiss her and suck on her nipples. I watched Sam take out another piece of melon out of the bowl and set it on Lieke’s ass at the top of her crack. I knew the juice from the melon was running down the crack of her ass and over her pussy. Sam set the bowl on the table and grabbed the piece of fruit and slowly slid it down the crack of Lieke’s ass and then rubbed it on her pussy.

Sam took the piece of fruit and stuck it in her mouth, chewed it up and swallowed it. She then leaned forward and began licking the juices from Lieke’s crack. When Sam ran her tongue over her asshole Lieke moaned loudly. Sam leaned forward and stuck her tongue out and began licking Lieke’s pussy lips, Lieke paused from her sucking of Amy’s nipples and took a deep breath and moaned. While she was enjoying the sensation of Sam’s tongue, Amy moved up and on to the sofa underneath her.

“Mmmmm,” came softly from Lieke.

Lieke pushed her ass back against Sam’s mouth then leaned forward and began kissing Amy’s mound that had positioned under her mouth. Lieke wasted no time in kissing and licking her way down to Amy’s small patch of red hair and then down to her pussy. Amy moaned when Lieke ran her tongue up the length of her pussy the first time. Sam shifted on the sofa so she could get better access to Lieke’s pussy.

“Susan, would you like a piece of fruit?” Dawn asked.

Susan was startled out of her stare.


“Would you like some fruit for dessert?” Dawn asked.

“Uh…sure…I guess.”

Dawn picked up the bowl of fruit and pulled out a huge strawberry and held it up to Susan’s mouth. Susan looked at Dawn and then the strawberry and then took a big bite out of it. Dawn immediately took several bites from the remainder of the strawberry then stuck it in her mouth. Susan looked at Dawn and smiled then looked back over at the girls.

Lieke had leaned way over and had her face buried up in Amy’s pussy, Sam had slid a finger in Lieke while she licked her asshole. We were not sure where all the moans were coming from. The only thing I was sure of was that I was getting a huge hard-on under my t-shirt from watching.

“Another?” Dawn asked Susan as she held up another strawberry.

Susan turned to Dawn and opened her mouth. Dawn leaned forward and stuck the strawberry between her teeth and inserted the rest into Susan’s mouth. The two of them each bit down and chewed then Dawn leaned in and kissed Susan’s lips deeply pushing her back on the sofa. I watched Dawn and Susan and saw their mouths part as they slipped their tongues between each other. Dawn took advantage of Susan’s openness and placed a hand on one of her breasts and massaged it.

The moaning across from us continued while Susan and Dawn kissed. I was watching Sam finger Lieke’s pussy when I heard Susan say something to Dawn, I turned to look and Dawn was getting up. She reached for Susan’s hand then mine and pulled me up and led us toward the stairs.

Dawn led us up the stairs and into the master bedroom and closed the door. Dawn released my hand and led Susan over to the bed and they sat down. She pushed Susan back on the bed and leaned over and began kissing her passionately. I removed my shirt and sat down on the bed and leaned against the headboard; I just watched and enjoyed.

Dawn broke their kiss and looked at Susan.

“It’s been a long time since I have been with another woman,” Susan said.

“I don’t think you have forgotten anything have you?”

“I don’t believe so.”

Dawn leaned forward and kissed her again and took a hand and began rubbing Susan’s breasts, Susan responded by rubbing Dawn’s breasts.

Susan pulled away from Dawn and asked, “We are leaving James out.”

“You two just crawl up on the bed, I’m fine, I like to watch,” I told Susan.

Dawn and Susan moved up on the bed so they could lie in the middle and continue. They returned to kissing and rubbing each other as I watched. Dawn eventually moved down and started sucking on Susan’s nipples. I lay there and watched as my wife began to turn on our beautiful pilot. I didn’t know how long it had been since she had been with another woman but she was enjoying Dawn’s attention.

After Dawn had sucked and licked on her nipples for several minutes I watched her slide a hand slowly down Susan’s stomach and begin to play with the small patch of blonde hair on Susan’s mound. Susan moaned softly from Dawn’s gentle touch. Dawn returned to sucking one of Susan’s breasts while she moved her hand down and began exploring Susan’s pussy with her fingers tips. Susan inhaled sharply then relaxed as she let Dawn explore.

Susan let Dawn run her fingers over her pussy for several minutes then she suddenly pushed on Dawn’s shoulders and rolled her over on her back next to me. Susan got up on her hands and knees and sucked on Dawn’s nipples for a few seconds and then began kissing her way down to her pussy. Susan quickly spread Dawn’s legs apart and began licking her pussy. Dawn moaned loudly, surprised by Susan’s aggressiveness. I watched as Susan quickly raised Dawn’s knees up and then leaned into her and began to tongue and suck her pussy. This was new for Dawn because she was usually the aggressive one.

Dawn began to moan, she appeared to be very turned on by Susan’s actions. I moved down some and leaned over and began sucking on Dawn’s nipple.

“Oh yes.” Dawn moaned softly.

I could hear aggressive slurping and sucking sounds coming from Susan as she sucked on Dawn’s pussy. I looked down to see Susan furiously alternating between tonguing Dawn’s clit and sucking on it. I sucked Dawn’s nipple into my mouth and began pulling on it ever so gently with my teeth.


Dawn continued to moan as Susan and I worked on her. Dawn had already moved her hand up to twist the nipple I wasn’t sucking on.

“Oh god!” Dawn cried out as she arched her stomach up.

I paused to look down and Susan had slipped several fingers into Dawn’s pussy and was adding that to her tonguing. Dawn began to moan louder as she thrashed her head from side to side. Dawn was really getting turned on; Susan being in control was a lot different from what Dawn was used to and she was feeling it. I was enjoying watching Dawn be the submissive for once.

“Oh my god Susan!”

I felt Susan moving on the bed and when I looked down she was pushing Dawn’s legs up so I stopped sucking on Dawn’s nipples and let her push Dawn knees up until they were pressing on her breasts. Susan began driving her tongue into Dawn’s pussy as Dawn began to moan louder and louder. I sat up next to Dawn and grabbed her legs and held them up so Susan could use her hands for other things.

I looked at Dawn and she looked up at me and said, “Oh god James!”

Dawn jumped and I looked down to see Susan rubbing her clit while she tongued Dawn. Another loud moan escaped from Dawn as she squirmed. Dawn was moaning continuously now. I continued to watch Susan as she worked Dawn over.

Susan sat up for a moment then took her hands and spread Dawn’s lips apart exposing her swollen clit then leaned forward and began licking circles around it.

“Oh yes, yes, yes!!” Dawn screamed.

I watched Susan change between licking Dawn’s exposed clit and putting her mouth on it and sucking on it for several minutes. Dawn tensed up and grabbed a handful of the sheets in each hand.

“Jeez!!” Dawn let out as she began to thrust her pussy up against Susan’s mouth.

Susan placed her mouth over Dawn’s clit and Dawn let out another scream.

“Oh god Susan, you are driving me crazy!!”

Susan kept her mouth planted over Dawn’s clit but moved her hands back to where she could finger Dawn’s pussy.

“Ahhhhh! Oh god! Finger my ass!!”

Susan must have slipped a finger or two into Dawn’s ass because she had begun to jerk and thrust her hips against Susan.

“Oh…oh…oh!!!” Dawn screamed.

Dawn was beginning her familiar jerks and spasm I knew too well, she was building to an explosive orgasm. Dawn was crying out as I looked down and could tell Susan was driving her fingers in and out of Dawn’s ass. I held onto Dawn’s legs and pulled them back further as Susan continued.

“I’m coming!!!” Dawn screamed.

I knew Dawn was going to explode, I watched to see Susan’s reaction.

Dawn was trying to drive her pussy up into Susan’s mouth when I felt her tense up hard.

“Ahhhhh!!!” Dawn screamed as she pushed up.

“Mmmmmmm!!” Came from Susan over and over.

As I watched Dawn’s juices leak from around Susan’s lips. I realized she was sucking up everything Dawn was squirting out.

“I’m coming again!!”

Dawn jerked several times and Susan continued to suck. Susan continued to moan as Dawn was rocked over and over with a huge orgasm.

“Oh god, oh god…please!!!” Dawn screamed.

Dawn was jerking uncontrollably now, I knew her clit must be getting sensitive but she wasn’t trying to keep from stopping Susan as she sucked on her pussy. Dawn’s face was grimacing as she thrashed around on the bed.


Susan moaned again against Dawn’s pussy. Dawn was jerking so much I couldn’t tell if she was having another orgasm or a continuation of her first one. She thrust her pussy up as best she could and held it as she moaned.

Dawn screamed.

“Susan please stop!!!”

Susan looked up at Dawn and slowly removed her mouth from Dawn’s clit. Susan’s lips and face were covered with Dawn’s juices. I released her legs and she lowered them down. Dawn was gasping for air as she lay there on the bed. Between gasps she moaned. Susan was kissing the inside of Dawn’s thighs while she regained her breath. Once Dawn was focusing better she reached out for Susan. Susan crawled up from between Dawn’s legs and placed her mouth on Dawn’s and they kissed for several minutes.

“Oh god Susan you haven’t forgotten a thing,” Dawn said as they parted.

“I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed that,” Susan said.

“Let me rest a minute then I will return the favor,” Dawn said.

“You rest, I want to suck your husband’s big cock right now.”

Susan got off of Dawn and moved between my legs and reached up and grabbed my huge hard-on with both hands.

“My god this thing is huge,” she said as she began to stroke it up and down with her hands.

Susan stroked my cock for a few minutes and then leaned forward and engulfed the end of it in her mouth. She continued to stroke with one hand while she sucked on the head of my cock. Dawn turned on her side so she could watch.

“Mmmm,” came from Susan as she slid her mouth further down getting about half my cock in as she kept her hand wrapped around the base.

Susan slowly worked her mouth up and down, pausing each time at the top to run her tongue around the head. Susan knew how to give good head. I laid there while she worked her mouth up and down my shaft eventually removing her hand and trying to move a little further down. As she moved down I felt the tip of my cock touching the back of her throat, each time it did Susan would gag a little then moan. She continued to force her way down gagging and moaning for another 10 minutes.

“Oh my god, you are so big!” Susan said breathlessly as she paused for a moment.

“Are you tired Susan?” I asked.

“No, but I like to suck cock when I am on my knees.”

“Would you like for me to move?”

“Sit on the side of the bed and let me get on my knees so I can enjoy it more.”

Susan was not bashful about asking for what she liked. She slipped off the edge of the bed and I turned to sit. She pushed my legs apart and leaned forward and wrapped her mouth around my cock and began to suck again. Susan would slowly lower her mouth until the head of my cock touched the back of her throat leaving several more inches to go then pull back. She begin to speed up and was eventually shoving her mouth up and down on my cock with the head banging against her throat as she would gag occasionally and back off.

Dawn had crawled up next to me so she could lie and watch. Susan began moving her mouth up and down very fast. I took my hand and placed it on the back of her head just to steady her, when I did she moaned hard on my cock. Susan pulled her mouth off my cock and looked up at me.

“I’m going to need some help if I am going to get all this down my throat. You can help by pushing a little,” Susan said as she smiled and then licked the head of my cock.

Susan returned her mouth and slid it down until I felt the head touch and held it there. I looked over at Dawn and she looked at me and smiled.

“Push her head,” Dawn said.

I took the hand I had on the back of Susan’s head and gently pushed her forward. Susan helped and I felt her suck another inch in and gag and moan. She held her head there until I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Susan moaned again.

“Fuck her mouth,” Dawn said.

“I don’t want to force her.”

“Just do it!”

I held onto Susan’s hair and pushed her head forward and held it then pulled her back. Susan moaned as she ran her tongue around the head of my cock. I pushed her head forward and back slowly several more times as Susan moaned.

“Force her down on your cock,” Dawn said.

“I don’t know honey.”

“She didn’t say stop.”

I placed my other hand on the back of Susan’s head and grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head in hard. I felt the head of my cock slip into her throat as she gagged. I yanked her head back by her hair and shoved her down again. Each time I did Susan would gag and then moan. I looked over at Dawn and she smiled and winked. Susan was getting off on having her head forced down on my cock.

I shoved Susan’s head down and pulled it back several more times, I was beginning to enjoy face fucking her even though it was something I would never do to a woman. I grabbed her hair tighter and shoved her all the way down on my cock, I felt her lips touch the base of my cock as she gagged. I held her there for a few seconds and then yanked her head back. I shoved her head forward again and thrust my cock deep into her throat and held her there.

Susan moaned and after about 20 seconds I felt her push back against my hands. I yanked her head back hard, now I had figured out what turned her on, she wanted me to fuck her mouth hard like it was a pussy.

I kept shoving her head forward as I shoved my cock into her mouth and held her head for a while and then pulled her head back. Susan kept moaning as I did. I wrapped my fingers in her hair tighter and began slamming her head up and down on my cock quickly, driving the head down her throat each time and then pulling her back. I couldn’t believe she was letting me do this, I had never had a woman that got off on being forced to deep throat me until we came to Maui and then Amy jammed Kristi down on my cock. Now I was getting to do the jamming.

I jerked her head up and down the length of my shaft continually until I lost touch with what I was doing. Each time she moaned my cock felt the vibrations and it turned me on even more. I felt my balls begin to tighten up as I pulled Susan’s face forward and thrust my cock into her mouth. I held her down too long in my frenzy because she placed a hand on my leg and pushed back.

I kept face fucking her over and over and then she grabbed my balls with her hand and began squeezing them. I began rapidly jerking her forward and back as she sucked harder but not forcing her down on my cock. The more she caressed by balls the more I felt my own orgasm building. I was trying to hold on but I wasn’t going to be able to, I was just too into what I was doing with her.

As I felt my cock began to swell I began pulling her head all the way down and driving my cock into her throat and then pulling her back and then back down. I was about to come hard. I jerked her head forward and back fast a few times and then knew my cock was about to erupt. I pulled Susan’s head all the way back to the head of my cock and then jerked it forward as I plunged my cock into her throat and held her as I began to erupt.

I felt my cock shoot 4 or 5 huge loads of cum down her throat then pulled Susan’s head back up and then pulled it back down. My cock pulsed and spasmed and I squeezed every last drop down her throat before I pulled her head back up again. Susan was moaning when she wrapped her hand around the base of my cock letting me know to stop. I gently held her head as she sucked on the tip of my cock making sure every last drop of cum was sucked out.

I was spent, my cock was pulsing and jerking each time she ran her tongue around the head. I took my hands and pulled her head off my cock.

“Oh god Susan, I can’t believe you let me do that!”

“I hope you enjoyed it, I sure did.”

“I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“Oh god no, I enjoy having a man take control and fuck my mouth, I have just never had anything so long shoved down my throat.”

Susan grabbed my wilting cock and rubbed it.

“I should have left something for my pussy though.”

“Don’t worry about that,” Dawn said as she rolled over on her back.

“Do you have anything to drink up here?” Susan asked.

“I have wine and beer in the fridge, what would you like?” Dawn asked.

“Some wine please.”

“Me too,” I said.

I stood on my weak legs and pulled Susan up and leaned over and planted my mouth on hers and kissed her. She opened her mouth and we probed each other’s mouth. Dawn walked over to the fridge and retrieved a bottle of white wine and poured three glasses. She turned to walk back and found Susan sitting up on the bed leaning back against a stack of pillows against the headboard. She handed Susan her wine then Dawn got up in bed with hers. I crawled up in the middle of the bed and sipped my wine.

“Are you happy you had a problem with your helicopter?” Dawn asked with a smile.

“Very happy!” Susan said.

“Susan, are you sure you enjoyed that?” Dawn asked.

“Yes, my husband fucks my mouth like that a lot. I enjoyed your big cock going down my throat. Do you let James do that?”

“I deep throat him, but he doesn’t do that.”


“He is more of a passionate lover.”

“You should let him do that, you will enjoy it. And James, I enjoyed you kissing me after you came in my mouth, my husband won’t do that.”

“Have you asked him Susan?” Dawn said.

“I don’t guess I have.”

“Susan, James eats his cum out of my pussy.”

“Oh god that would be so fucking hot! How did you get him to do it?”

“I asked him,” Dawn said then sipped her wine.

“I may try that and see what happens.”

“Let’s take our wine out to the hot tub,” Dawn suggested.

We all got up and went outside and climbed in the hot tub. The warm breeze and the hot water felt great. I needed to relax from what was one of the best orgasms I have had in a long time.

“Susan, you are a lot of fun, do you have that much fun with Kale?” Dawn asked.

“He have fun between us, we get pretty aggressive in bed.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh, we just get carried away sometimes; I really like him to fuck my mouth like James did.”

“You like rough sex?” Dawn asked.


“Like what?” Dawn asked curiously.

“I shouldn’t tell you, but sometimes I resist and he pretends to rape me.”

“Really, we’ve never done that.”

“You should try it sometime, it can be exciting,” Susan said.

“We may have to try that,” Dawn said.

“Dawn, you have never resisted having sex as long as I have known you,” I said.

“Well maybe I should just cut you off sometime,” Dawn said.

Susan laughed and said, “You do have to get into some serious role playing. What do you two like?”

“We like to watch and be watched.”

“In public?” Susan asked.

“Anywhere,” Dawn replied. “Have you and Kale ever done it in a public place so people could see you?”

“No, I’m afraid he wouldn’t go for that.”

“Try it some time; I think you would find it hot.”

“I couldn’t get him to do that.”

“Start off simple, the next time you are out at a restaurant seduce him in the car.”

“Where is the craziest place you two have had sex?” Susan asked.

“I think on the airplane flying here, that was pretty wild!” Dawn replied.

“It happens more than you think. Tell me about your house and the cameras.”

Dawn and I told her about our big house and all the electronics in it and the cameras. When we told her about videotaping all our friends at the parties and then showing it to them she thought that was funny as hell.

“Susan, do you ever record you and Kale having sex?

“We haven’t done that, he is sort of shy.”

“I have an idea. Why don’t you get him to help you work on the helicopter, then get him in the back and get him to have sex while you have the camera running. Then the next time he wants to watch a movie slip the recording in and see what happens.” Dawn told her.

“You are pretty sly; I think I will do that!”

I got out of the hot tub and went to get the bottle of wine. I went back and refilled all the glasses and got back in the tub.

“What time do you need to get up in the morning?” I asked Susan.

“Oh, I’ll be up at sunup, I have to fly over to the airport and refuel and then go pick up a group for a charter about 10:00.”

“You may not get to sleep tonight, it’s already midnight.”

“Why, are we going to be up all night having sex?” Susan asked with a smile.

“If you want to,” I told her.

“Sounds tempting.”

Dawn looked at me and smiled while she sipped her wine.

“Susan, how big is Kale, does he fill you up?”

Susan looked at Dawn with a surprised look.

“He is average and he is a great lover,” Susan told Dawn with a smile.

“Do you let him fuck you in the ass?”

Susan had her surprised look again.

“You’re not bashful are you Dawn?”

“Not at all.”

“Sometimes, he likes it when I let him, but not very often.”

“Why not, does he hurt you?”

“No it doesn’t hurt me; I just don’t get anything out of it. Kale wants to do it and I let him from time to time.”

“Maybe you are just not doing it right,” Dawn said with a giggle.

“Maybe, Sam seemed to enjoy it today. I can’t believe she can take that thing up her ass.”

“She is insatiable some times,” I told Susan.

My cock had gotten hard listening to the two of them talk about sex. Dawn and Susan talked some more until they finished their wine. I offered to pour Susan another glass and she said no, she said she couldn’t have any alcohol within 8 hours of flying. We soaked awhile longer as Dawn told Susan about some of the crazy stuff we had done at the house. Susan asked her more questions about how to get her husband to do more things.

“You all sound like you have an interesting life; I would love to see your house.”

“You have an open invitation anytime you are in our area, just call or email. You are welcome to come and stay with us,” Dawn told her.

“I’ll keep that in mind, I have to go to that part of the country every few years to visit the FAA to keep my certification and training up. We would have to talk about the cameras though,” Susan said with a laugh.

“Maybe by then the cameras wouldn’t be an issue,” I told her.

Susan laughed when I said that.

“I’m getting waterlogged, can we go back inside?” Dawn asked.

We all got out of the hot tub and went inside to the bathroom and grabbed some towels and dried off. The more I saw of Susan’s athletic body the more I liked it. Dawn was the only other woman I knew that kept her body in that kind of shape. Seeing these two firm bodies together was a real turn on.

When we walked out of the bathroom Dawn ran and jumped on the bed and laid with her feet on the pillows and her head in the middle of the bed.

“Come here Susan, I want to eat your pussy,” Dawn said.

“That sounds good!” Susan told her. “You ready to go again?”

“I can’t wait.”

I watched Susan crawl up on the bed and straddle Dawn’s face then lean forward so they were in a 69. I sat on the end of the bed and when Susan leaned over Dawn looked at me and winked and smiled. Dawn pulled Susan down so she could begin licking her pussy. I watched as Dawn’s talented tongue and mouth went to work on Susan. About 15 minutes went by and Dawn was driving Susan crazy, she had given up trying to do Dawn at the same time because Dawn had her moaning and squirming so much. I was watching Dawn as she stuck her fingers in Susan’s pussy and pulled it open so she could drive her tongue in deeper.

“Oh shit, that feels good!” Susan said. “Please drive your tongue in me!”

Susan was holding herself up on her arms as she rocked her pussy back against Dawn’s mouth. I looked at Dawn and she winked at me again. I got a real urge to change things around a little. I winked back at Dawn and then got up from the end of the bed. I walked up to Susan and grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back.

“Ahhh!” Susan let out.

I pulled hard on her hair.

“Here, sit up and shove your pussy down on her mouth!”

Susan let me pull her up by her hair until she was sitting back on her knees while Dawn tongued her pussy. I still had a handful of her hair. I pulled back on her head and pulled her down.

“Grind your pussy down on her mouth!”

I felt Susan lower her weight down onto Dawn’s face. I looked down at Dawn and she winked at me again.

“Ahhhhh!!” Susan screamed out, I was sure Dawn was jamming her tongue up inside Susan’s pussy.

“You like that Susan, you liked being in control!”

“Oh my god!!” Susan exclaimed.

I continued to pull Susan’s head back by her hair then got up on the bed behind her.

“Well you are not in control now, I am! I want you to shove your pussy down on that bitch wife of mine’s mouth hard!”

I released my grip on Susan’s hair and placed my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down hard.

“Oh shit!!”

“Grind your pussy down on her!”

Susan was moaning but she began to grind her pussy on Dawn’s mouth.

“Are you enjoying that?!”

Susan whimpered a ‘yes’.

I removed my hands from her shoulders and reached around and grabbed one of Susan’s nipples with each hand. Her large nipples were sticking out so I pinched them hard between my fingers and pulled on them.

“Oh my god!!” Susan screamed.

I pulled and twisted on Susan’s nipples harder.

“You like that! You like having your nipples pinched!”

Susan moaned real loud and I pulled harder on her nipples.

“Do you like it!!?”

“Ahhhh, yes, yes!!”

Susan was moaning and groaning constantly now. I pinched and twisted her nipples more as she tossed her head from side to side. I released one of her nipples and moved my hand down and found her clit and began to finger it furiously.


Susan began to jerk her pussy against Dawn’s mouth as she moaned out in ecstasy. I released her other nipple and reached behind her and grabbed her hair again and jerked her head back.

“Are you about to come, Susan? Do you like my wife eating your pussy!!?”

Susan moaned loudly as I put more pressure on her clit with my finger.


“Are you about to come?!” I yelled as I fingered her clit as fast as I could.

“Oh god yes, I coming, I’m coming!!!”

I felt Susan’s stomach muscles contracting as I fingered her clit then she jerked hard and I felt juices squirting from her pussy.

“Are you coming?!!!”

“Yes, yes, I’m coming!!!” Susan screamed.

I pulled back on Susan’s hair and kept fingering her clit until she was jerking uncontrollably.

“Oh god please!!!”

I felt Susan go limp so I wrapped my arms around her and held her up pulling her into me.

“Oh god, oh god…” Susan whimpered as I held her.

I held her tight and lifted her up some so Dawn could take a break. Susan would jump ever once in a while. I knew Dawn was probably running her tongue over her pussy lips.

I reached around and started fingering her clit again.


Susan jerked again as she came once more.

“Stop!” Susan yelled.

I kept fingering her clit harder as she squirmed. I pushed her back down on Dawn’s mouth.

“Oh god!!”

I kept fingering Susan’s swollen clit until she jerked several more times.

“Please stop!!”

I let go of her hair and let her sit up, I looked at Dawn and she was rubbing Susan’s ass.

“That was incredible!!” Susan said after she caught her breath.

She reached up and placed a hand behind my head and pulled it down next to hers.

“I haven’t come like that in a long time, thanks you two.”

“We’re not finished with you!” I told her.

“Oh god, I don’t know if I can take anymore right now!”

“You can and you will!” I told her.

I wrapped one arm around her waist and took my other arm and reached up and pushed between her shoulder blades, forcing her back down with her head between Dawn’s legs.

“Eat her pussy!!” I commanded.

Susan moaned and leaned forward and began licking Dawn’s pussy. I moved off the end of the bed and looked down at Dawn, Susan was leaning forward so I could see Dawn looking at me and smiling. I stuck my tongue out and wiggled it around hoping Dawn would get the idea. She winked at me again and grabbed Susan’s ass and pulled her back so she could flick her tongue along Susan’s swollen wet pussy.

“Oh my god Dawn!” Susan let out.

I leaned forward and watched Dawn stick her tongue between Susan’s pussy lips and dig around. Susan was already moaning again as Dawn drove her tongue into her clit.

“Oh please, more!!”

I leaned forward and stuck out my tongue out and licked Susan’s asshole once.


I stuck my tongue on her asshole again and licked circles around it slowly as Susan moaned louder and louder.

“Oh…never…,” came from Susan.

I pushed my tongue against her tight hole and pushed it in, I felt her ass clench several times. Dawn was tonguing Susan’s pussy and I was tonguing her asshole and she was moaning like crazy. Susan began to push her ass back against my tongue as I wiggled it around. I continued to lick and probe as I felt Susan’s hips began to jerk. I moved my tongue and licked up and down the full length of Susan crack as she moaned louder. I even moved down so I could tongue her pussy at the same time Dawn was tonguing her clit.

“Oh my god, yes!!!”

Susan’s back began arching up and down as she neared another orgasm. I licked my way back up and shoved my tongue in her ass.

“Ahhhh, I’m coming!!!”

Susan tensed up and screamed out and moaned and I heard Dawn slurping as more juices came from Susan’s pussy.

“Oh god!!!” She screamed as her hips jerked several times.

I ran my tongue up the length of her pussy to see how wet she was, her juices were flowing. I moved quickly and got up and pushed Susan’s ass forward, Dawn reached up with both hands and stuck her fingers in Susan’s pussy and pulled her lips open. I placed the tip of my cock at her wet opening and pushed.

“Ahhhh!!!” Susan screamed as I pushed in as far as I could until I felt resistance.

“Oh god yes!!!”

I pulled my cock partially back out and plunged it in again. Susan fell on top of Dawn with just her ass sticking up in the air. Susan’s pussy was tight so I held my cock in her for a minute as she whimpered and moaned.


“Yes you can!” And I pushed more of my cock in her.


I held my cock still as she tensed up. She was breathing very hard while I waited. When I felt her pussy muscles relax I jammed more of my cock in her.

“Ahhh!! Oh yes!!”

I pulled about half way out and pushed it back into her, Susan continued to scream out. I was careful to listen and make sure I wasn’t hurting her. I began pulling out and thrusting back in over and over as she got good and wet and loose.

Susan suddenly screamed, “Don’t lick me!!!”

Dawn must have licked Susan’s clit while I was thrusting in and out. I could feel the head of my cock pushing against the top of Susan’s pussy each time I pushed back in but I was careful not to hurt her. I grabbed her hips and used my hands to help plunge my cock into her over and over. I stopped feeling the resistance at the end of my thrust and began to drive my cock in and out of Susan.

“Oh god, you’re so big!”

Susan’s pussy was tight but it was expanding as I thrust in and out. Susan kept moaning as I slammed into her over and over. Each time I thrust into her I would pull her ass back against me. I knew Susan was going to come again before I did. I was enjoying fucking her too much.

“Oh my god, this is incredible!!”

Susan managed to prop herself back up on her hands and lean back into me as she got her second wind. Susan began to shove her ass back to meet my thrust.

“Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh!!” Came from her each time I shoved in.

I sped up my thrusting some more and drove my cock deep into her each time.

“Oh my, I’m going to come again!!”

I felt Susan’s pussy clamp down around my cock as she tightened up so I began to pound her harder and harder.

“Ahhh, I’m coming!!!”

Susan shoved back against me and I pushed into her and held it as she jerked her hips against me over and over.

“Oh my god!!”

Susan’s back arched up and down several times as I heard her moan deeply.

“Shhhhish!!” Came out as she shoved her ass against me and held it.

I felt Susan’s muscles spasm inside her as I pressed my cock into her.

“Oh god James, you feel great!! My god, I can’t come anymore. Sorry I didn’t make you come.”

“You will!”

“James please, my pussy can’t take anymore!!”

I held my cock inside Susan until she relaxed and caught her breath. I began to slowly pull my cock out and slip it back in over and over, Susan moaned each time.

“Oh god, I forgot about Dawn!!”

“Dawn enjoys the view from where she is,” I said.

“Really James, my pussy is worn out!!” Susan said as I pushed back into her.

“I thought you might say that.”

“James,” I heard Dawn say.

I pulled my rock hard cock slowly out of Susan’s swollen pussy. I looked down to see Dawn and she looked up at me and shook her head no slightly. I just looked at her and smiled. I leaned forward and slid my hands up each side of Susan’s back and up to her shoulders.

“Oh James.”

I ran my left hand softly through Susan’s hair while she moaned then I grabbed a handful of Susan’s hair and jerked her head back.

“Ahhh!” Came from Susan.

“And I thought you were going to be a good fuck!!” I said.

“James!” Susan cried out.

“You couldn’t even make me come, I feel sorry for your husband, does he have to put up with this?!”

“James I’m sorry, you can fuck me again until you come!!”

“I plan on it!!”

I pulled back harder on Susan’s hair and she groaned. I grabbed my cock with my right hand and placed the tip against Susan’s asshole.

“What are you doing?!” Susan cried.

“I need to fuck something until I come and your pussy didn’t do it!!”

“Oh god James no!!”

I pushed my slippery cock against her wet asshole and felt the head slip into her rectum.

“Ouch, James you are too big!!”

“James stop!” I heard Dawn say.

“No, I’m going to fuck this bitch in the ass!!”

“She doesn’t want to James!!”

“Sure she does!!”

I pushed forward again getting the tip of my cock into her rectum as I pulled back on Susan’s hair.

“Ahh!!! James no! It hurts!”

“Here this will help!!”

I raised my right hand up and smacked Susan on the ass as hard as I could and pushed my cock past her rectum at the same time.

“Oww, shit!!!”

Susan’s asshole was clamping down on my cock tight after that.

“James, damnit!!” Dawn yelled.

“Shut up and lick her pussy!!”

I held my cock in Susan’s ass until I felt her relax some. I pushed a few more inches into her ass.

“Oh James, no more!!” Susan pleaded.

I pulled out a few inches and pushed back in.

“Oh god!!”

I felt Susan push back with her hips just slightly.

“I’m going to shove my huge cock in your tight little ass!!!”

“Oh god James, it will hurt so much!!!”

I pulled back on Susan’s hair and raised my other hand and came down on her already red ass cheek hard.


I shoved the wide part of my cock into her ass.

“Owww, shit!!!”

I could now feel the warmth of Susan’s insides surrounding my cock. She was moaning as I slipped a little of my cock out and pushed it back in.

“Oh god, shit, shit, shit!!!” Susan screamed.


“Dawn is licking my clit!!!”

I pulled several inches of my cock out and slipped it back in over and over as Susan moaned. Her ass was tight but I was sure she was okay. I had about three more inches to go until I was fully buried up in her ass. As I slipped my cock in and out slowly, Susan began to push back against me.

“You ready for me to jam my whole cock in your ass, bitch?!”

“Oh James, I can’t take anymore, if you shove anymore in me it is going to hurt like hell!!”

I pulled several inches out and yanked back on Susan’s hair and brought my hand down hard on her glowing ass again.


I shoved my cock all the way in until my balls were pressing against her pussy.

“Oww, shit!!!”

Susan’s asshole tightened around my cock but at the same time she shoved her hips back against me.

“Mmmmm!!! Dawn you are killing me!!!”

I held my cock pressed into her ass until I felt her loosen up. I let go of her hair and placed a hand on each of her hips and began to work my cock in and out of her ass. Susan was relaxed now and moaning each time she pushed back against my thrust. Once we got a good fast pace going I could hear my balls slapping against her.

“You like it now don’t you?”

“Oh god, you are too big, stop!!”

I sped up and began to pump her ass hard. Susan was moaning over and over as I shoved all of my cock deep in her ass. She was holding herself up well on her arms as I thrust in and out of her. I held on and pumped her ass for a long time.

“Oh my god, I think I like this!!”

I reached around with one hand and found Susan’s clit and began fingering it. Susan reached down and placed her hand on top of mine as I rubbed her clit. I switched hands with her and held her hand over her clit as she fingered it. Once Susan was moaning and jerking like she was about to come I grabbed her ass again and began to plunge in and out of her ass as hard and deep as I could.

“Oh my god, I’m going to come!!!”

I was pounding away at her ass as she began to reach her orgasm. I waited for it to build as I shoved in and out of her. Susan placed her hand back on the bed in front of her trying to hold herself up as she began to jerk and spasm. I was pulling out and thrusting back in with hard long strokes. My balls were so tight I thought I was going to explode or pass out.

“Ahhhhh!!!” Susan screamed and shoved her ass back against my groin. I felt hot juices squirt from her pussy onto my balls.

“I’m coming!!!” Susan screamed.

Susan jerked against me hard and I released all the built up cum.

“Ahhhhhh!!” Came screaming out of my mouth as I felt my cum squirt from the end of my cock.

“Oh yes!!!” Susan screamed.

I shoved my balls up against her pussy each time I felt a spasm and cum leave my cock.

“Oh god, I’m coming again!!!” Susan screamed. “Ahhhhh!!!”

Susan bucked her hips several times as she was rocked by a huge orgasm. Her asshole was clamping down on my cock and her insides were on fire. My cock continued to pulse and spasm.

“Oh god…oh god!” Susan let out with a gasp as she let her head hang down.

My cock continued to twitch and jerk as she squeezed it over and over with her ass. I was becoming light headed as I tried to stay on my knees. I began to pull my cock out.

“Oh please, leave it in just a little longer!” Susan asked.

I pushed back in and left it deep inside her, I knew I wouldn’t stay hard long, I was spent. Susan propped herself back up on her arms and Dawn wiggled her way out from under us. When she was out she looked up at me and shook her head. Dawn got up on her knees and began running her hands up and down Susan’s back.

“Oh thanks!” Susan said.

My cock was going soft so I eased it out of Susan’s ass. I looked down and saw Susan’s asshole pried open and cum running out of it. I fell back and across the end of the bed, Susan collapsed down on her stomach. Dawn continued to rub and massage Susan’s back as she laid there. I was exhausted but I had given Susan what I thought she would like.

I watched Dawn move behind Susan’s ass while she continued to massage her back and the top of her ass. I found the strength to get up and go rinse off in the shower. After I dried off and returned to the bedroom I saw Dawn and Susan having what looked like a serious conversation.

“Next,” I said.

Dawn and Susan turned their heads to look at me. Susan smiled and got up and headed for the shower while I sat next to Dawn on the bed. Dawn was looking at me with an unhappy look on her face.

“James you have never done anything like that to a woman!”

“She is the one with the rape fantasies, is she complaining?”

“No, I just talked to her! She asked you over and over to stop James and you kept going, you were almost raping her!”

Dawn was hot and I don’t mean horny.

“She didn’t want me to quit.”

“Yes she did James, stop means stop!”

“Dawn, she is okay, ask her when she comes out, she had a blast!”

“Damn it James, she said stop! How do you know she didn’t mean stop!”

“She didn’t say please.”

Dawn paused and looked at me with a scowl.

“What do you mean?”

“Dawn, I am a trained listener, think about it for a minute. Every time she really wanted you or me to stop she said ‘Please stop’. She said please all day when she meant something.”

“I didn’t hear that!”

“Dawn, have I ever pushed you past the point that you really wanted me to stop?”

Dawn looked at me for a moment.

“Have I ever pushed past that point with Amy or Sam?”

Dawn looked at me still scowling.

“No. But you don’t know her well enough to know that!”

“Honey, listening to people is what I did for a long time, she is okay.”

“How do you know when I want you to stop?”

“I just know.”

“James, I may not forgive you if you are wrong!”

We sat in silence on the bed while we listened to the water running in the shower. Susan was taking her time, I looked over at the clock and it was 2:30. I heard the water stop and we waited for Susan to come out. Several minutes went by before Susan emerged running a towel through her blond hair.

“Uh, oh,” she said as she looked at Dawn. “What did I do wrong?”

“Susan, you didn’t do anything wrong. Come over here, Dawn needs to ask you something.”


Susan walked over to the edge of the bed and sat next to Dawn.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

Dawn didn’t say anything.

“What’s wrong?” Susan repeated.

“Susan, Dawn thinks I raped you.”

“Oh my god, no, no, no!! Dawn, everything is okay, really!!”

“Are you sure?” Dawn asked.

“Oh god yes!!”

“But you kept telling James to stop and he kept on, he has never done that before.”

“Dawn, I don’t know how but James knew I was okay!”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh god yes. That was the most amazing fuck I have ever had!! I wish my husband would do that!”

“What about him fucking you in the ass, didn’t he hurt you?”

“Sure, his huge cock hurt some but I have never had an orgasm from being fucked in the ass. It was incredible!”

“He smacked your ass pretty hard; that had to hurt.”

“It hurt like hell but he knew it would keep me from hurting when he shoved his cock into my ass. Oh god Dawn, please don’t be mad, everything was perfect!!”

“Okay, he just scared me; he has never done anything like that before.”

“Maybe you should try it Dawn, let him rape you once!”

Dawn looked at me and smiled a little.

“I don’t know about that.”

“Sometimes fighting back can be fun,” Susan said.

“Does Kale pretend to rape you?” Dawn asked.

“No, but I have a friend that likes to pick me up in bars and then take me to his house and he gets rough and I fight him off.”

“Hmmm,” Came from Dawn.

“Dawn, go take a shower and relax, everything is okay, besides, I want to fuck your husband again!”

“I think after that you are going to have to give him a rest,” Dawn said as she got up and went to the shower.

“James, I’m sorry I upset her.”

“Don’t worry, she is okay now.”

Susan wrapped a hand around my limp cock.

“I’m ready to fuck again; I want you to come in my pussy.”

“Susan, that was one of the most amazing fucks I have ever had just now, let me rest and I’ll fill your pussy up.”

“Oh good.”

Dawn wasn’t in the shower long before she came out; her hair was still mostly dry from her short rinse.

“I’m hungry,” Dawn said.

“I am too,” Susan added.

“Let’s go downstairs and see what we can find,” I told them.

We got up and walked naked down to the kitchen. When we got to the den the TV was on showing the recording from the back of the helicopter flight. I walked over and found Amy, Sam and Lieke curled up on the big sofa holding each other as they slept. I turned the TV off and looked at them as Dawn walked over.

“Should we wake them up and tell them to go to bed?” I asked her quietly.

“They look comfortable, just leave them, they will wake up eventually,” Dawn said.

Susan was standing in the kitchen waiting on us. We went to the kitchen and I asked what Dawn and Susan wanted to eat. I opened the refrigerator door and Dawn grabbed the big bowl of fruit.

“If you take that up to bed, I want it in your mouth and not all over each other,” I told her.

Susan and Dawn tried to hold back a giggle. I grabbed a ham sandwich that was already made. Dawn said to grab some sodas or water because all we had upstairs was alcohol. Once we had our goodies we headed quietly back up to the bedroom.

“Let’s go outside and eat,” Dawn suggested.

We opened the door and went out onto the deck and pulled three loungers together and we sat. I opened up the water and passed it around, Dawn and Susan were picking fruit out of the bowl they had between them. The night breeze was cool to the skin as it blew. I looked out over the ocean as I ate my sandwich.

“Dawn, are we okay?” Susan asked.



We sat in quiet as we ate. I was tired since I had been up early that morning helping Lieke get ready. After awhile Dawn reached over and grabbed my hand and held it.

“Are you ready to finish your work for the night?” Dawn asked.

“What else do you two want?”

“You promised to fill my pussy with cum.” Susan said.

“And you haven’t eaten my pussy yet,” Dawn added.

“I want to please you both, but I am tired right now. I was up early this morning getting this little expedition together. Let me rest a little while or I won’t be able to do the job you two deserve.”

“Let’s go to bed then, you can take care of us in the morning,” Dawn replied.

We all got up and went inside and crawled into bed. I got in the middle so Dawn could lie on one side and Susan on the other. I knew I wasn’t going to get more than a few hours of sleep before these two had me up.

When I woke up I knew it was early but someone was playing with my cock so it got my attention. When I opened my eyes I could see Susan and Dawn sitting up in the bed, Susan was stroking my growing erection. I looked out the window and could see that the sun was just coming up.

“Damn, you do get up early,” I said to Susan.

“Especially when there is something I want.”

Susan leaned forward and took my growing erection in her mouth and began to suck. It wasn’t long before she had my full attention. Susan removed her mouth from my now rock hard cock and began to stroke it with both hands.

“What do you want Susan?” I asked.

“I want you to fill my pussy with cum.”

“Susan, why don’t you get on top, you can be in control that way,” Dawn told her.

Susan looked down at me and smiled.

“That sounds good. I need to get wet first.”

“James, lay back, Susan get on top.”

I did as told and Susan quickly straddled my hips.

“Lower yourself down and trap his cock beneath your pussy and rub your pussy up and down his cock, rub your clit against it.”

“Oh, I like that; it makes my husband come when I do that.”

“You don’t need to worry about that,” Dawn told her.

Susan began to slip her pussy and clit up and down on my trapped cock; she started slowly then got a good pace going.

“Oh that feels good!”

Susan went way beyond just getting wet, she had her eyes closed and kept going so long she had an orgasm.

“Oh shit!” Susan let out.

Dawn was watching Susan while she fingered her own pussy.

“I think you are ready,” I told Susan.

“I guess I am.”

Susan worked herself in place then raised her hips and took my cock in her hand and placed the head at the entrance to her pussy.


Susan slipped the head of my cock between her pussy lips for a minute then she eased down and started the head into her pussy.

“Oh yes!”

Susan eased slowly down, her pussy was nice and snug as she slipped down.


Susan worked her pussy back up some then back down a few times.

“It has been a long time since I have had something this nice and big!”

She worked her hips around and slowly eased down as she went. Susan had about 2 inches to go when I felt the tip of my cock press against her cervix.

“Oh that feels so good!”

“Just take your time Susan, no rush,” Dawn told her as she moved next to me so she could watch.

“You really like watching, don’t you Dawn?” Susan asked.

“Yes I do.”

“Why, what do you get out of it?” Susan asked as she worked her hips.

“It is just so erotic and I know how it feels to have his big cock in me so I enjoy knowing how much you are enjoying it.”


Susan was slowly working her way all the way down.

“Susan, are you enjoying it?” Dawn asked.

“Oh god yes.”

“Are you enjoying being watched?”

“By you, yes.”

Susan pushed her hips down hard. I felt my cock stretching her as she pushed all the way down.

“Oh that is so nice!”

Susan settled so that she could grind her hips down on to me. Dawn moved and got behind Susan and reached around her and massaged her tits.

“Oh my!”

Susan kept working her pussy on my cock as I watched Dawn massage her tits and rub her hands up and down her body. Susan was enjoying Dawn’s soft touch.

“You like this Susan?” Dawn asked.

“You are really turning me on touching me like that.”

“Wouldn’t you enjoy this while you fuck Kale?”


“Think about it Susan,” Dawn told her.

Susan began to work her hips faster; she was working her way toward her first orgasm as Dawn ran her hands over her tits and stomach.


Susan was working her hips hard as she began to tense her pussy muscles; Susan knew how to enjoy a nice slow fuck.

“Oh yes…oh my god!”

Susan jerked her hips against me hard a few times then I felt her pussy tighten up and she jerked again.

“Ohhh yes!”

Susan jerked softly as an orgasm slowly ran through her body.


Susan stopped moving her hips after she worked her pussy down hard on my cock, she sat and looked at me and then placed her hands over Dawn’s.

“That was so nice!”

“Susan, you obviously like a nice slow fuck sometimes too,” Dawn said to her.

“When I can get it.”

“You are an amazing woman Susan,” I told her.

“Susan, you want to watch James eat my pussy while you fuck him?” Dawn asked.

“It would be a first!”

“I think you will enjoy it.”

Dawn worked her way up on the bed and straddled my head so she could face Susan. She hovered her pussy just above my mouth and let me lick her already wet pussy.

“That’s it!” Dawn said as I grabbed her ass and lowered her down.

I tongued Dawn’s pussy for a few minutes before I felt Susan begin to wiggle her hips again.

“Give me your hands,” I heard Dawn say.

She probably was getting Susan to massage her tits while she massaged hers. Susan began to work her hips harder; Dawn was wiggling her pussy down on my mouth. I concentrated on Dawn’s pussy while Susan got all she wanted. I felt Dawn lean forward, I knew she was either fingering Susan’s clit or kissing her, when I heard the muffled moans I knew they were kissing.

A few minutes later Dawn sat up straight and began fingering her clit. I felt Susan begin to raise and lower her pussy on my cock over and over. Dawn was moaning when Susan sped up her thrusting, jamming her pussy down on my cock.

“Oh god Dawn! You are so hot!” I heard Susan say.

Dawn began rubbing her clit, she was enjoying watching Susan.

“Ahhhh, I’m coming!!” I heard Susan scream.

Susan’s pussy tightened up as she kept jamming her pussy down on my cock over and over.

This story was originally categorized incorrectly. Therefore, the second submission. I ask my readers to be patient about the arc of the story… Thank you for reading.


Lori woke up in sharp pain. She felt disoriented. What the hell was going on? Her head was hurting but there was a sharper pain.

It took her only seconds to realize she was under him and he was entering her ass. His cock must’ve been half in already. It must’ve been his cockhead popping in that woke her.

She was about to scream.

But he stopped. He softly whispered, “No one is here and screaming won’t help. So I am going to give you a choice.”

He slowly caressed her hair. Blew softly on the back of her neck.

“Look I could’ve taken you like the rest of them while you were drunk and not feeling anything.”

Her eyes got bigger. What did he mean? And that’s when she realized it. Her pussy seemed to be leaking cum and there was dried cum all over her landing strip, inner thighs stomach and tits.

“Here are your choices. I can take your ass just as we are. You pinned down. No lube but my spit. Or..”

She screamed.

“Hush. I told you that won’t help.”

She screamed again. Called out.

He let her. “Scream one more time and you don’t get the other choice.” He pushed his cock in her ass a bit more to drive the point.

“NNNNGHHHHHh owwwwww. Please stop.”

“Then listen to me, Lori Eryka Featherston .”

She stopped screaming. Oh my god, he knows her name. Does he really know her?

“Or… I can turn you over… Lube you up. Rub your pussy and clit to help ease the pain of losing your anal cherry. And I promise to be a lot more gentle… Mostly.”

How did he know she’s an anal virgin? How does he know her?

He ran his fingers through her hair again. Caressed her cheek with the back of his hand.

“Should I keep driving in or turn you over? Choose wisely.”

Lori surprised herself when she quietly said, “Turn me over.”

“Good girl. Well chosen.” He pulled out of her ass and it hurt. She closed her eyes from the sharp pain.

He turned her over and grabbed her hands and cuffed them to the bed.

“Oh, you thought you’d use your kickboxing skills to throw me off, did you?”

Goddamn it, he does know her.

It surprised her when he offered her water.

“Your head must be hurting. Drink this and take these.”

Advil. Really? Was he nursing her or trying to violate her ass? The ass that every single boyfriend had wanted since high school. The ass that even her husband hasn’t had yet.

The overhead spotlight shining down on her made it hard to make out his face still. But now she could see that he’s dark skinned. Indian? Mediterranean? Middle Eastern? She ran through names in her mind… Vijay? Wissam? Alexander?

She took the Advil and drunk the water as he held up the bottle and slowly tilted it. After she drunk the water, she felt him rubbing her down with a warm washcloth. He cleaned up the dry cum all over her body. He got up and turned off the spotlight. Then he lit a candle on each of the bed stands.

WHAT THE FUCK IS HE DOING? He’s about to violate my virginal ass and he’s making it romantic? WHAT THE FUCK? WHO THE FUCK?

He cleaned up her pussy with the washcloth. Then he started rubbing her pussy lips. Rolling them with his fingers. Squeezing the outer lips.

To her surprise, she felt herself getting moist.

He slowly parted her pussy and she felt his fingers slowly spreading her lips… And then…

A finger sliding in.

He reclined next to her as his fingers continued to do their work. He played with her hair and rubbed her earlobe. Then he softly kissed her neck and planted a few more all over her upper chest.

He slipped in another finger into her pussy and then another. He started to move them in and out. And then he curled them up to rub her G-Spot.

Lori felt getting angry at herself. She almost let a moan escape. But no. She’s a married woman. She loves her husband. She will not enjoy herself. There will be no pleasure here. She will remain a faithful wife in her mind even if she was taken by others.

He knew what he was doing. He softly whispered into her ear, “Lori, I know you love having your nipples sucked and pulled… That’s what gets you going the fastest.”

He moved his head onto her large breasts. He squeezed them one by one while his other hand kept up the relentless effort on her pussy. He started rubbing her clit while he circled around her areolas. He blew on her breasts softly. His warm breath hardening her nipples. He brought his tongue to her areolas and licked all around her nipples. But he avoided them.

FUCK! BASTARD! He’s is turning me on. He knows what he is doing. Lori promised to herself that she will not be giving into the pleasure. BUT FUCK… CAN’T HE JUST SUCK MY NIPPLES FOR JUST A LITTLE BIT? Her brain seemed to be screaming it. Suck it. SUCK IT. PLEAAASSSSE. He knows me… He really knows me. A mix of emotions clouded Lori’s brain as she felt him moving down.

He got between her legs. As he continued to rub her clit with his thumb and her G-Spot with two fingers, she felt him slowly rub her asshole.

Fear came rushing back to the forefront of Lori’s brain. She had almost forgotten about this.

He moved up to her breasts and teased all around her nipples as he drove her closer to an orgasm with fingers inside her. She realized he knows how to play her body against her. The different parts of her brain were at war and she knew which one was winning. It’s impending. It’s inevitable.

“Ask me to suck them. You will have to ask me.”

“NO! Fuck off, you bastard.”

“Oh, is that what you want?”

He took the fingers out of her pussy. He moved away. He got up from the bed.

FUCK! What did she do? She was so close. Goddamn it, Lori. Ugh. No, this was the right thing to do. She will not enjoy this. She will be faithful to her husband in her mind even if they had already defiled her. And she will not give her ass up so willingly. FUCK! Fuck! She wanted to cum so bad. Oh god, he got her so close. She was ashamed to admit it. Her legs were the first to betray her.

She squeezed them together. Then it was her hips. They bucked. Wishing his fingers were still inside her. She was watching his figure move out of the room when she cringed to hear herself say, “Come back.”

He moved closer to the door. “Please, come back.”

He turned back. And got back in bed. “Good girl. Lori, this time you will have to beg.”

“Please suck my nipples.”

He got back between her legs and moved up to her breasts. As he squeezed and teased them, he took a nipple and rolled it between his fingers. He quickened the pace of his fingers inside her. He waited to get her to the edge and then he started sucking her nipples. The sensation drove her wild and the struggle inside Lori’s brain ended. She gave in. She felt the explosion not just in her body but her mind as well. He had made her cum.

He kept rubbing and led her to her next orgasm. In the middle of her ecstacy, she didn’t realize when he had switched hands and was using her own wetness to slide a finger into her asshole.

Lori gasped. He moved his fingers in her pussy faster. She knew she was gonna cum again. She felt him slip a second finger in her ass. Then a third. Within minutes he had her rocking to the fingers in her pussy and ass. She orgasmed again.

As she was coming down, he got up and blew out the candles. Turned the normal lights on. He walked back with a bottle of lube. For the first time she saw his face.

Deuce. Oh my god, it’s Deuce. He smiled. Then she looked down. His big brown cock. His Indian uncut cock. Oh my god. No, it’s too big. Too thick. No way.

He smiled and rubbed some lube on his cock and then her ass. She squirmed and tried to crawl away.

“Please don’t Deuce. Please no. Please. Let me go.”

He grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders as he positioned himself between her legs. He leaned in. The angle left her pussy and ass obscenely accessible. She was at his mercy.


He caressed her face. Then he rubbed her nipples. Her body betrayed her once more. She knew he noticed.

“Ask me to fuck your ass, Lori Eryka Featherston. Ask me to shove my hard cock in your ass.”

“No! Never!”

He twisted her nipple. She winced. But she got turned on as well. And then he started rubbing her clit again.

“Ask me to fuck your ass.”

“You mean rape it.”

She saw the look of anger flash across his face. He slapped her hard. The shock of it was jarring. He caressed her again. Played with her hair. And finger her pussy and clit.

“Ask me. Recognize what could’ve happened. How it could’ve happened. Appreciate what I’ve done. Then, ask.”

Lori stayed silent. She was not going to beg him to violate her ass. He got her closer to her orgasm. He slipped a few fingers into her ass. They seem to go in without much effort or pain.

“Fuck my ass.”

She knew it was a matter of time. So she gave in.

He built her orgasm with expert fingers and then she felt his cockhead push at her asshole. He rubbed her clit faster and as she started to shake in orgasmic bliss, she felt his cock move into her ass.

Despite the slight discomfort of the new sensation, she was surprised at the lack of pain. He knew how to fuck an ass and he knew he was good at it. He had perfected the art of getting women addicted to his big thick Indian cock in their asses.

He shoved in a few more inches. Let her get adjusted to his size and girth. Then he stretched her ass some more. She whimpered and moaned as his fingers played with her pussy. Then he shoved the rest of it in. That big brown cock all the way in.

Lori’s eyes rolled to the back of her head. She let out a soft cry.

This was the definition of good pain. Just like when he had taken her virginity in high school.

“I was always meant to take your ass cherry as well.”

Lori moaned. He let her get used to his whole cock deep inside her ass. He knew she would stay gaped for a while. She knew she would miss his fullness inside her ass for days to come.

He started to move in and out of her ass. The good pain grew and so did her orgasm from his unrelenting fingers.

He seemed to last for hours inside her ass. She remembered his Kama Sutra and Tantric training. She was starting to get sore. He sensed it. He leaned forward further to sharpen the angle. He drove in deeper. Then he started pulling out upto the head. He looked deep into her eyes. She knew what was coming. He drove in hard in one strong stroke.

She groaned. “NNNghh annhhhh ohhhh fuckkkk”

He started ramming her ass and driving in harder with each stroke.

“Annnhh ahhhh ohhhhh”

His breathing got heavy. His fingers in her pussy faster. As she felt the wave of orgasm reach their break, he took a sharp deep breath.

“I’m gonna cum.”

He released his thick cum deep in her ass just as she felt her body convulse. Her pussy quivered. Her legs shook. He stayed hard inside her ass for a while longer and drove in a few more strokes. He seemed to want to power through to another ejaculation. But then he saw her face.

“I’m getting sore.”

“I know baby.” He caressed her face. “Want me to stop or do you want me to cum inside you again?”

Lori to her own horror said, “Don’t stop.”

To her surprise, he reached up and uncuffed her all the while driving into her ass. He picked her up onto him.

She was surprised. Part of her wanted to stop. Part of her wanted to get up and run out. Part of her wanted to hit him hard. Instead she felt herself sliding up and down on the cock in her ass.


After Deuce was done cumming in her ass a second time, he pulled out slowly and caressed her as he drove her to another orgasm.

He then got up and pointed to the cameras. Some hidden. Some not. With everything else, she hadn’t noticed them. FUCK!

“For a little memento of our current session.”

Lori got angry. She cursed and screamed. He smiled. She remembered he was a filmmaker. He had his place wired. He had cameras of all sorts. FUCK!

“This will never be seen by another soul. Don’t worry, Lori.”

“How could you?”

“Because you always wanted it this way. Deep down inside.”

“No, you sick bastard. I’m married. And faithful.”

“Did you note how you didn’t say HAPPILY married?”

Fuck him. Fuck Deuce. Fuck her husband, Will. Fuck.

“Lori, you will be my bitch. You will be my slut. You will be my whore. This you will become from this very moment. Now, as my whore, suck my dick clean.”

She was disgusted. Disappointed. In herself. As she kneeled down as sucked his cock. He smiled.

“Get dressed bitch. Your husband will be coming back from his trip soon. I want you to greet him with a blowjob. Then you will let him fuck you up against the wall. You will keep this thong on. Move it to the side and let him fuck you. I want him deep inside you when he realizes your ass is leaking cum.”

“No, please no.”

“You are my whore and you will do exactly what I say. Otherwise, the vid is going to your office, your friends and your parents. Don’t forget I am in film. I will edit them to highlight you begging me to fuck your ass. Do you understand?”

Tears rolled down Lori’s face as she nodded. Deuce kissed her. Deep. Lori was surprised to see her mouth open to receive and to feel pleasure in it.

As she was leaving, Deuce called her name. She turned.

“You shouldn’t have turned over, my whore. Poor choice.”

Once again, I included what are essentially footnotes or “pop ups” which provide extra information. They are clearly marked and feel free to skip them. They are not required to enjoy the story. This time all but one of them is after the end of the story.

This is a work of fiction and all characters are eighteen or older.

1 June wrapped her curvaceous legs around his waist and crossed her ankles while she waited to become dessert. She shivered when Theodore first painted the cold whipped cream in small circles around her nipple, but was soon rewarded with the warmth of his mouth. He suckled the cream from her right nipple, not leaving a drop, then turned his attention to her other nipple where he repeated the process.

June was so filled with emotion that she took his face in her hands and pulled his mouth to hers. Replacing her nipple with her tongue, she gave him a loving, tender kiss.

Even though they were the only two in the house, when the kiss ended she whispered into his ear, “I love you baby.”

Theodore forgot to breath when his mom kissed him and needed to catch his breath before he was able to say, “I love you too mom.”

He reached across the table for a fresh strawberry, dipped its tip into the whipped cream and brought it to her lips. Taking the hint, June took a bite. Using the newly exposed inner flesh, he scooped out more cream and traced a path downward, between her breasts to her navel where he placed the fruit. Slowly dragging his tongue across her sensitive flesh, she writhed with pleasure as he followed the sweet path to her belly button. Once there, he recovered the strawberry with his teeth and ate it.

Next Theodore turned his attention to her only remaining covering, her panties.

“Rip them,” she challenged.

Theodore heard what she said, but hesitated.

Sitting up partially then resting back on her elbows, June gestured downward with her head and repeated, “Rip them.”

Theodore ran his finger down to her flat stomach then slipped it beneath the elastic waist. Sliding it back and forth from hip to hip between the elastic and her warm skin, he eventually stopped above her right thigh. Taking the material into both hands, he obediently ripped them to the opening for her leg. Grasping the ripped edge, he opened them like turning a page in a book, exposing her pussy. He was about to unbuckle his belt when he noticed something new.

There had always been a thin patch of blond hair between her full hips. Now her outer lips were meticulously groomed. There wasn’t the slightest blemish or evidence of stubble, just two delightful hills separated by a slit. Theodore recalled pussy being referred to as a peach, but he never thought much about it. He just assumed the term was referring to how juicy they both were. Now he could appreciate the obvious physical resemblance.


I gave R the ice treatment the rest of the week, going out of my way to be a nasty bitch. I gave him a Fuck You on Friday for good measure as I left ‘for my business trip.’ I put my suitcase in the car and drove over to T’s.

The first thing in the morning we dyed our hair. I went from being a dark brunette to California blonde. T went from blonde hair to copper red. We both shaved our pussies, something I had never done for R. We spent the rest of the day going over our plans and setting things up. I practiced with the toys we might use. T set me up with her laptop and I reviewed all of R’s activities for the week. I checked out the femdom sites he seemed to like the best to get some ideas. We were pretty confident that we had him hooked but we wouldn’t know for sure until close to six.

“I got Gerald and Kris to help us. They’re dungeon friends. He offered to help us out tonight if we need anything. He’ll be around if you decided you want to use him.”

A little after 5 the three of us drove to Eve’s Ribs in T’s car. We parked between an SUV and a van to minimize the chance that R would see us. T and I finalized our bet about how far R would really go. I wasn’t sure he would even show up tonight but I said he would balk once he had to make sexual contact with a stranger. T said he would go all the way.

I went into the restaurant and found the one spot in the whole place where I could see the parking lot. Ten minutes later I spotted R’s car pulling in. He made it this far. I texted T and then waited. Two minutes later she texted me.


I glanced around and saw no one was looking so I closed the blinds enough to obscure the view of the parking lot. I left my drink and $6 and met T and Gerald as we converged on R. I pulled his head up slightly so Gerald could blindfold him while T bound his hands together tightly. T went to get the car while we got him situated. Gerald put wax earplugs in his ears as T pulled up. I opened the door and went around the other side to get in while Gerald followed R in.

We remained quiet all the way back to T’s. I wouldn’t be talking in front of R at all. I didn’t think he would recognize T’s voice but we decided she would use a heavy German accent to be sure. We wanted to keep him off guard for now.

We pulled straight in the garage. Kris was waiting. Both she and Gareth word Mardi-Gras style masks that covered the top halves of their faces and helped hide their hair from view. She opened the door for R.

“Welcome to our lair.”

As soon as R opened his mouth to respond Gareth slipped a ball gag in his mouth and secured it behind R’s neck. The two of them escorted R while T and I went to change. We helped each other into our tight outfits and then went to the bar to have one of T’s concotions. Kris and Gareth came up and signaled he was waiting.

“Vould you like a drink?”

They both looked at T.

“Vat do you tink of my accent?”

“If I tell you it’s pretty bad,” Kris asked, “do I still get a drink?”

“Dah,” T replied, “as long as you can’t recognize my voice.”

We let R stew for thirty minutes while we finished off our drinks and Gareth changed. He came out wearing tight leather shorts and a studded collar. T checked on R through one of the video monitors in the dungeon, nodded, and stood. She put a ball gag on me so R wouldn’t wonder why I wasn’t speaking and so I wouldn’t accidentally forget.

We headed downstairs with Gareth. R was tied to two spreader bars, one hooked to the floor and the other hanging from the ceiling, blindfolded, his cock trying to rip though his underwear like The Incredible Hulk. Gareth I took up position behind R out of sight. T stood in front of him.

T was wearing a black latex outfit that covered her body and a mask that covered the upper part of her face. R had probably seen her for less than 10 minutes total and I was sure he had spent a fraction of that time looking at her face. I wore a hood with slits cut out for seeing and breathing.

T adjusted the lights so they were very low. Gareth and Kris had rearranged a few things and hung some strategic black cloth up. We wanted to be able to use this again without R realizing he had been here once already.

T reached out and undid his blindfold. I so wanted to see the expression on his face but that wasn’t in the plan.

“Let’s zee vat you have.”

T stepped forward and holding a knife she had brought down from the kitchen. She pulled R’s underwear away from his body and slipped the knife in between, closer to R’s package than she needed to. She stared at R while he pulled the knife towards her. I saw R’s Jockeys fall to the floor. T studied his cock for a moment.

“So, you vant to join my harem?”


“Vat makes you tink I vould vant you?”

T’s accent was so bad I had to stifle myself from laughing. I didn’t dare look over at Gareth. R was extremely nervous.

“I would make an obedient and worthy slave.”


“Sorry Mistress Danielle.”

“Zat’s vun.

“Your application said you are married. Vat does your vife think? Does she vant to join me also?”

“My wife doesn’t know I’m here, Mistress. I don’t think she cares. She doesn’t seem to love me.”

I felt myself wavering a little bit. For a moment he sounded like the old R I fell in love with.

“Vat makes you say that?”

“She acts like a bitch. She doesn’t want to have sex with me anymore. I think she might be having an affair.”

I wasn’t wavering anymore. T waited for R to remember the Mistress part. R was too emotional to pick up the hint. T nodded at Gareth. I picked up the flogger and hit him as hard as I could while T raised her voice.


R howled in pain and surprise. He thought he was alone. His ass turned bright red and I was almost sorry. But then I remembered this is what he liked.

“I’m sorry Mistress.”

“Zat’s two. I vill punish you later. Don’t forget again.”

“Yes, mistress.”

T nodded at Gareth. He walked out in front of R.

“Zis is Y. He is vun of my more experienced slaves.

“G, bring me my stool and toy box”

“Yes, mistress.”

Gareth brought over a stool and a box and then took up his position beside me again. T opened the box and pulled out a riding crop with which she began toying with R’s cock.

“In my vorld vimen are to be vorshipped and respected. Anyting zat your vife did zat you don’t like is your fault. You vill never say anything bad about a vomen again.”

“Yes, mistress. Forgive me.”

R was really getting in to this.

“Vell zen, I vill test you physically before we go any farther. Are you ready for your punishment?”

“Yes please, Mistress.”

T nodded once again to Gerald. Gerald grabbed some lube and a butt plug and began to lube both the plug and R’s ass. T took two clips on a chain and attached them to R’s nipples. He swallowed in pain but made an effort to stifle anything more. She picked up a remote control and pressed a button. I was waiting for ‘Astro’ to come out of R’s mouth. It had to be any minute now.

I heard a machine activate above us. R’s arm spreader started to lower. T reached out and grabbed the chain and kept it taut as R lowered to a 120° angle. T released the button on the remote. Gerald used this opportunity to ram the butt plug up R’s asshole. R sucked in air once again. T nodded at Gerald. Gerald left the room.

R turned his head to watch Gerald. T immediately yanked on his nipple chain. R screamed in surprise and pain.

“You vill ezzer look at me or at za floor!”

“Yes, Mistress,” R said with a hint of a sob in his voice.

T pushed another button on the remote and R slowly returned to a vertical position, T keeping the chain taught. When he was close to vertical she winked at me and held her chain hand firm. I could tell R’s nipples were getting tugged on and pulled away from his body. I picked up the paddle and thought of everything R had done to piss me off in the last year.

T yanked down on the chain and as R gasped I went to town on his ass. I pounded him for cheating on me with the internet, I pounded him for drinking too much, I pounded him for letting his body go, I pounded him for being lazy, I pounded him for not treating me like I deserved. I tried to hit him hard enough to make contact with the butt plug. After about swats I stopped. R’s ass looked like a modern painting.

“Let me introduce you to my assistant W. She is handy with the paddle.”

We decided M was too dangerous since that was the first letter of my name. W was upsidedown M and also the first letter of my maiden name. I walked around and stood directly in front of R. I searched his eyes for any sign he recognized me as I reached down and squeezed his balls.

T pushed a button on the remote and R’s hands were stretched higher above his head. He stood on his tiptoes to take some of the weight off his wrists. T stopped him when he could barely touch the floor.

I reached in the toy box and pulled out a leather cock ring with snaps on it like I had seen in R’s study. I wrapped it around the base of his cock and balls, ran the T lead between his balls and snapped it on either side of his cock. I found a 2″ long rubber cylindrical tube and stretched it over his balls and released it. Then I stroked his cock a little bit to tease him.

“You like?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Zat is not vat ve vant.”

T reached into her box and handed me two clips like you would use to reseal a potato chip bag. She handed them to me. I attached them to his cock. I took the nipple clamp chain and hooked it back up to him. I then took the flogger she handed me and gently whipped his chest, his thighs, and his cock and balls.

“Is zat better?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

T let R down to normal height and bent him slightly again, She detached his hands and cuffed him again, this time with a special set of handcuffs that had three bracelets. She pushed him to his knees, positioned his hands in front of his cock, and then threaded the third bracelet behind his cock and balls and slapped it on tight.

“I sink you need to thank W.”

She positioned me under the spreader bar and hooked my wrists up. She moved us so R was now in front of me on his knees. She them unsnapped the large fly on my suit that provided full access to my cunt and upper thighs. T walked around behind R and shoved his head into my pussy. He began to lick me. I didn’t think he would recognize me by taste, but I had just used a flavoured douche as insurance.

When T had described this to me that morning I thought of it more as a thing for R than for me. I was not sure how I would react to my husband licking what he thought was another woman’s pussy. I couldn’t rationalize that he was being forced to, he had voluntarily put himself in this position and he had a safe word.

So I was surprised when I found myself getting really turned on. T pulled out a Hitachi masagger and knelt down behind R. She touched it to his butt plug and his head almost jumped into my pussy. She pulled it back quickly and then did it again. As the intervals became quicker he was startled less and soon I could tell he was getting really aroused. It was like his tongue was directly connected to the vibrator. The orgasm came on so suddenly I almost cried out but instead I bit down on the ball gag and spasmed repeatedly as the waves of pleasure strummed through me. T had her hand on the back of R’s head and pushed it against my pussy so that my juices leaked all over his face.

T left him there while she let the spreader bar loose from the overhead ropes. She led me over to the table and secured my arms high, racing out. Then she went to one of the toy chests and pulled out a strap-on. She unsnapped her fly and inserted her part into her pussy and then walked over to me.

“It iz my turn to tank W now.”

She pushed the strap-on into my exposed pussy and began to fuck me hard. I looked to my right and saw R sitting there, basically hogtied, entranced by the whole scene. His cock was pulsing with his heart rate. I hadn’t seen him this hard since we first started to fuck.

Between watching his cock bobbing, the look on his face, the sexiness of pretending T was raping me, and the high I was still on from having my pussy licked I came again quickly.

T nodded at me as she walked over to R.

“Vould you like to suck my cock now?”

“Yes please, Mistress.”

T unfastened R’s hands from his crotch and led him over to ‘the table’. I went behind R and fetched another strap-on that was 7 – 8″ with thickness to match. Between the build-up to this day, the drink, and the intense sexual high I was on, I was on sexual auto-pilot. I couldn’t wait to fuck this slave. I lubed myself up.

T strapped R down across the width of the table so his head was at one edge and his ass was hanging of the other. She grabbed R’s hair and pressed her cock against his mouth. I grabbed a thin plastic bag and yanked the butt plug out of his ass. As he inhaled sharply T quickly filled the vacuum of his mouth with her dildo that was covered in my juices. When she was buried in his mouth I put my hands on his hips and touched the tip of my cock to his anus. I slowly but firmly buried myself in his ass until the top of my thighs were pressing on his butt cheeks.

R was starting to gag so T pulled out to give him a chance to breath. As she reentered him she tilted his head, encouraging him to try to deep throat her. I pulled slowly out and pushed slowly back in. I had fucked T that one time put this was totally different. I felt so much power taking him from behind, controlling everything. I pulled out once more and activated the vibrator part.

I looked down to see R’s balls hanging off the table. His cock was trapped underneath his belly. I gave his balls a slow feel before going back to my fun.

While T fucked his mouth slowly I gradually increased my pace. When I was buried inside him I experimented with the angles that gave me the most pleasure and exploited them. When I found one that sent a zing through my body I went to town on R, pounding him over and over again, my skin slapping against his ass harder and faster until once more I bit down on the ball gag and screamed into it. T withdrew her cock and slipped the ball gag over R’s mouth.

T lowered the cable from the ceiling and hooked the arm spreader to it. She pulled R upright and back on his toes again while I rolled the table out and moved it to the vertical position.

T walked up to R and stared him in the face while she woman-handled his cock and balls.

“Zis feels like a penis only smaller.”

She walked around behind him. She picked up the riding crop and whipped the back of his thighs. She picked up a paddle with holes in it and whacked his still read ass a couple of times. I put on a pair of latex gloves and inserted an inflatable vibrating butt plug inside of him and blew it up slightly. Then I slid ‘the table’ behind him and helped T release him from his old bonds and strap him to the table. She lowered him down to a horizontal position.

We took up positions on either side of him. It was cock teasing time. T was the expert.. She removed R’s gag.

“You vill not say anyting except to answer questions. You vill not cum unless and until you are given permission. If you disobey ve vill leave you here and zen come back and punish you and ze Jetson dog will not save you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

T began to expertly play with R’s cock and balls. She signaled to me and I began to play with this nipples. I heard a slight buzzing noise as T turned the butt plug vibrator on low. R was taken to the edge of orgasm in record time. I could see him biting his lip and closing his eyes trying to avoid an orgasm. His cock and balls had a purplish hue. They were bigger than I had ever seen. I had a slight urge to take them in my mouth. I saw pre-cum leaking out of his cock.

“Mistress, I am going to come!”

T immediately removed her hands and knocked mine off of him with her left arm while she turned off the anal vibrator with her right. R realized his error and opened his mouth but didn’t speak, trying to decide if apologizing would be a good thing or get him in more trouble. T made up his mind for him.


She shoved the ball gag almost brutally into his mouth and secured it. She stuck in a fresh pair of earplugs and blindfolded him once more. He was Tommy.

T took me by the hand and led me upstairs, flipping off the dungeon lights for good measure before closing the door behind us.

I removed my gag and let it hang around my neck. T made fresh drinks for both of us. She flipped open her laptop and played the feed off of one of the video cameras from when the session first started.

“What do you think?”

“I love it,” I said, looking up.

“That’s good, because it is going to get a lot more intense. Are you ready for that?”

I nodded.

“I can’t give you a safe word but you should have a ‘safe signal’. Scrunch your eyes closed at least three times in a row if you want something to stop. If I’m not looking at you scream through the gag to get my attention.”

“All right.”

I began to wonder where she was going to go with all this. I stopped my mind from wandering and decided to keep trusting her. We watched the video for about 15 minutes. It was really making me horny.

T closed up the computer and headed for the basement door. I put my gag back in and followed her. She put a finger to her lips as she quietly opened the door and turned the lights on low. The wax earplugs would hinder R’s hearing but not block it completely. We took up positions on either side of R.

His cock had subsided so it was semi-turgid. T opened a box. She began by gently blowing on R’s cock and balls, enough to cause a physical reaction but not enough to confirm our presence. She pulled out a feather and ran it over his nipples, his inner thighs, and then his balls and cock. R’s cock bloomed like one of those time-lapse films of a flower in the morning.

T turned the anal plug back on very low. She pulled out a set of small suction cups with small bulbs and wires attached to them. She put them over R’s nipples and then turned on a switch that made them vibrate. She pulled out another pair and attached them to either side of R’s swollen balls, pulling on his sac, and then turning the vibrator on.

T removed his earplugs.

“You will remain silent this time?”

R nodded.

T removed the ball gag.

“Would you like to suck my nipples?”

“Yes please, Mistress.”


“Please Mistress, may I suck on your nipples and lick your breasts? I want to serve you and give you pleasure.”

T unzipped the upper part of her outfit and pulled her breasts out. A little pang went through me even though T and I had talked this all over before. R had already had sex with a women he thought wasn’t me but now he was going to have sexual activity with a woman who wasn’t me.

I realized I could stop it but I didn’t want to. The thrill that was going though me was stronger. Seeing R naked, bound, and begging while T bent over him and guided her stiff nipples towards his mouth. R looked like a baby bird waiting to be fed. When he felt T’s nipple touch his lip he latched on to it and began to suck it like he was sucking his own cock.

T put her hand on the back of mine and guided it to R’s cock. She moved my hand up and down like my hand was her puppet. She kept me slow to tease R better. After about half a minute she let go. She watched me while she switched nipples in R’s mouth. I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt a cock this hard. It was like one of the dildos we used in the strap-on.

After a minute T reached over and slowed me down. I hadn’t realized I had sped up. I loosened my grip and teased some more. T withdrew her tit.

“Would you like to come?”

“Yes, please Mistress.”

This is part II of my latest story (a non-illustrated version of an illustrated story). It is about a husband that encourages his wife to take lovers. If you read part I and didn’t like it, then don’t bother with this one. Fair warning!

Chapter 1

I had a restless nights sleep. In the morning I was lying awake when I heard the door open. Amy glided into the room and crawled into bed.

“He’s gone,” she said with a long sigh.

“Did you have fun?” I said as I pulled her to me.

“It was incredible. I don’t know how many times we fucked. He could go on forever I think. I don’t even know how many times I climaxed … maybe a thousand.”

I reached over and ran my hand up her thigh. “Oh wow,” I said when I felt how wet her thighs were.

“He cums in buckets,” she said. “He came in me five times.”

I kissed her passionately as I began to finger fuck her.

“I’m a little sore down there,” she said.

“So I guess you are not going to let me fuck you now?” Which I said for two reasons. I did want to fuck her, but I also wanted to see how she was going to react since I had already gotten off twice earlier in the week. Incredible as it seems I hoped she would say no. As much as I wanted to fuck her, I also wanted her to stay strong. I wanted to see if she was going to give in.

“Well, I guess I could let you because I am sure you would climax very quickly, but you know the rules. Tomorrow is a new week. If you climax today you lose your second climax later in the week.”

That sent a chill down my spine. “I lose one of my climaxes because I decide to fuck you one day early?”

“Yes, there has to be consequences if you want to bend the rules,” she said with a sweet but sympathetic smile on her face.

Of course my cock was already hard. I thought for a moment as if I was trying to decide. Incredibly it was I actually wanted to hear. “Okay, I’ll wait until tomorrow.”

She smiled and kissed me. “Now I need to get a little sleep.”

“Aren’t you going to shower?” I asked.

“No, I will when I get up.”

I was surprised and excited that she was going to go to sleep with Ryan’s sperm running from her pussy.

“Alright, but I am not sleeping in the wet spot tonight.”

Amy laughed and said, “I’ll change the sheets when I get up.”

“Okay. I’ll fix lunch and bring it up about noon,” I said.

“Thanks,” she said before she turned over and went to sleep.

Later that evening Amy and I were chatting over dinner. She told me more about her session with Ryan … the things I had not seen or heard. She told me something that totally surprised me. She said that she thought Ryan knew that I was aware that he and she were going to have sex.

“How could he know that?” I asked.

“He is a smart guy. He knows that you think he is a ladies man and because of his big ego he believes that no sane husband would let his wife to go out with him, unless they wanted their wife to get fucked. I think he is correct there.”

“What did he actually say that makes you think that he knows?” I asked.

“He asked me if you and I have an open relationship,” she said.

“How did you answer that?”

Amy said, “I wasn’t prepared for that question so I started stuttering. I said something like, ‘That is our business’. My face turned red too. He just smiled.”

“Interesting. I am going to have to be more careful in the future,” I said.

“It is probably not bad if he knows because it gives us more freedom with him.”

“I suppose that is true.”

“He asked if he could see me when he comes back in a month. I said yes,” Amy said.

“Okay,” I said a bit hesitantly. I’m not sure why I was hesitant. Maybe it was the size of his cock I was worried about. “So what did you think of his huge cock? I have never seen one that large.”

“Me either. After I got used to it I liked it a lot,” she said. “But in truth, I like one I can get into my mouth. It wasn’t that easy to even get it in my pussy. He is really too big. It is fun to fuck him, but I would not want a steady diet.”

Interesting, I thought, but did not say.

Then Amy changed the subject. She said that Lisa, her intern, was coming over on Monday. They had work to do first and then would retire to the bedroom. The interesting thing was that she said that Amy was excited that I knew about the two of them.

“Really?” I said.

“Yes. She even said that she wouldn’t mind if you watched us. She is quite an exhibitionist.”

My eyes opened wide and a broad smile crossed my face. “Would that be okay with you?”

“I have to think about it, but maybe.”

I smiled again.

“It’s almost 10. Amy should be here soon,” I said to Amy who was getting dressed.

“Yes,” she answered from inside the bathroom.

When she came out she was dressed in a slinky dress that revealed more than it covered.

“Wow,” I said, “That is really sexy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before.”

“I’ve been saving it for a special occasion.”

“So this is special?” I asked.

“Of course. It will be the first time you have watched me have sex with someone while you are right there, in person.”

“That is special,” I answered.

“Okay, here are the rules for today. You are to be naked and will sit in the side chair in our bedroom. You can look, but you can’t touch … at least Lisa. I don’t want you jerking off either. You can play with your dick if you want, but you cannot climax. I’m going to want that cock in me,” she said.

“I can live with that.” It seemed like a very good deal to me. But then again I would have agreed to anything at that point.

The doorbell rang.

“There she is. You get naked and in the chair. I will bring her up here after we have a drink. Lisa and I decided we are going to play first and work later.”

I felt a chill of excitement rushing through me. This was going to be fun, I thought.

It was about twenty minutes later when Amy came into the bedroom with Lisa close behind. I could see that they had started already as both of their faces were flush. Amy was wearing a short white summer dress that hugged her curves to the point that I could see her pieced nipples under the bodice. My cock, which was already hard, throbbed and a bubble of juice appeared at the slit.

“Lisa, this is my husband, James,” Amy said.

“Hello, Mr. Trainer,” Lisa said.

Amy laughed and said, “You can call him James.”

It was kind of strange, me sitting on a chair, totally naked and she was calling me Mr. Trainer like I was her father. I said a very self-conscious, “Hi.”

I watched as Amy pulled Lisa into her arms and they kissed passionately. It wasn’t their first kiss of the day for sure. Then Amy began to play with Lisa’s breasts. After a long period of kissing Lisa pushed Amy onto the bed. There she pulled off her outfit and placed pillows under her hips. She stepped back and took off all her clothes. I was amazed again when I saw the rings in her tits and pussy. They fit what I knew about her. I took my now throbbing cock in my hand and stroked it slowly. I remembered Amy’s warning and did not want to climax prematurely. I watched Lisa began to kiss down Amy’s chest to her stomach. When she reached her pussy Amy began to moan in excitement.

She was finger fucking her as she licked her pussy. Amy was moaning and I knew that she would climax pretty quickly. She had been waiting for days to have her pussy eaten again by Lisa again.

“Mmmm, yes, yes, Lisa, eat my pussy,” she gasped. She began lifting her hips. Her face showed pure pleasure. Then she started shaking all over and I knew she was climaxing.

Amy came hard but Lisa did not stop when her climax ended. She continued to suck her until she had climaxed three more times. I could only imagine what it felt like to have the stud in her tongue lapping her clit. It obviously felt very good.

My cock was throbbing like crazy as I sat stroking myself and watching. I wanted to get off badly, yet the agony of waiting was incredible as well. When Amy had recovered she switched places with Lisa, only this time Lisa straddled Amy’s face. She turned and smiled at me as Amy began to eat her. Then she threw her head back in pleasure.

Amy was obviously a fast learner when it came to lesbian sex. She took to it like a duck to water. My cock throbbed as I watched my wife lick her pussy. She ran her tongue from the opening to the clit. Every time she touched the clit, Lisa moaned. She bucked her hips across my wife’s face and I could see the juices she was leaving behind. Then she threw her head back and screamed as she climaxed strongly. Lisa climaxed several times before she dismounted Amy’s face. They both collapsed on the bed and began kissing lovingly again.

They lay face to face whispering to each other for some minutes before Amy turned to me. She scooted over in the bed and crooked her finger at me. I stood up and walked almost shakily to the bed.

“I need a cock now,” she said and opened her arms. Lisa smiled and arose from the bed. She took my place on the chair. I was surprisingly nervous at the prospect of performing in front of another woman. Yet it was also very exciting. I crawled onto the bed and between Amy’s legs where she guided my cock into her very wet pussy. I moaned loudly as I slipped into her pussy until I was balls deep.

I saw Lisa spread her legs and drape them over the arms of the chair. She began to play with her pussy.

“Fuck me,” Amy gasped.

I did. I tried to put on my best show. I pounded into my wife for some time, bringing Amy to multiple climaxes, before my crisis arrived. “I’m going to cum,” I gasped.

“Yes, yes, cum in me.”

I did, pumping a huge load into my wife’s wonderful pussy. I collapsed onto the bed and closed my eyes as I caught my breath. Then before I realized it Lisa was kneeling on the bed between Amy’s legs.

“Can’t let a juicy pussy go to waste,” she said as she bent her head and began to lick up our combined juices.

I felt my cock twitch with excitement, but it was too soon for me to get another erection. I watched as Lisa licked and sucked Amy’s cum filled pussy.

Chapter 2

Amy and I were sitting on the deck watching the sun slowly drop from the sky. I had on my swim trunks and she was topless, with an ultra-tiny bikini bottom on, which did little to cover her fat pussy lips. I pulled her over to me and had her sit on my lap. “I love you,” I whispered. She kissed me and said, “I love you too.”

Amy said, “I had a meeting the other day with a young man who has a trust fund that his grandmother set up for him and his twin brother. He had to sign some papers in my office.”

“And?” I said when Amy paused and gazed out over the water.

“Well, he is cute, young, and he made a pass at me.”

“Interesting. Do you want to fuck him?” I asked.

“Maybe,” she answered. “He is coming back to finalize the trust agreement on Wednesday. I might just fuck him in the office,” she said and laughed.

“Wherever it is convenient,” I answered jokingly. My cock had started to harden.

“Hmmm, I think you like the idea,” Amy said as she squirmed her ass on my cock, making me fully hard.

“I do,” I said, and then remembered that I had to fly out of town for the day on Wednesday morning. “I just remembered that I have to go out of town Wednesday.”

“Oh,” she said. “I supposed I could postpone it until Thursday.”

I thought for a few moments and said, “No. Go ahead and meet with him.”

“But you won’t be there,” she said with her prettiest pout.

“That’s okay. I have been thinking about that. I do not always have to be there and, in fact, sooner or later I will not be able to be around to watch you with a lover.”

Amy kissed me and held my cheeks in her hands. “I want you to participate in all this.”

“I know. I have been thinking about the participation thing. I love it, but I think it might be fun if you did some things alone and told me about it later. For example, it would be fun if I took you to a hotel to meet a lover and then picked you up later.”

“Really? That would excite you?”

“Yes, it would, as long as you told me everything in detail. I think sitting at home waiting for you would be incredibly exciting.”

“If that is what you really want,” she said as if she was making a great sacrifice. There was a broad smile on her face.

“It is.”

“That deserves a little pleasure for you,” she said as she slid from my lap and began to open my shorts.

“Will this be my second climax for the week?”

“Yes, of course. Therefore it will be your last. It is your choice, so if I get fucked on Wednesday you still cannot get off,” she said as she had my cock out of pants and was licking it.

I thought for a moment and then said, “Okay.”

With a smile Amy took my cock into her mouth and began to suck the head. It only took me a few minutes before I climaxed into her incredible mouth.

I looked at my watch for the tenth time. I couldn’t believe I was on an airplane while my wife was home with a 19 year old young man who she was most likely going to fuck. Yet, I was excited as much as I would have been if I had been there, maybe more. I called Amy from the airplane before we took off and wished her luck. She said she loved me and I told her to have fun. It was one of the longest days of my life. I called her from the airport later after we landed and asked how things how things had gone and she said wonderfully. But she said I would have to wait until I got home to hear about it.

When I finally got home later that night she still made me wait until bedtime. We were in bed and naked when she told me about her afternoon with Jason. I was already hard, but I knew I was not allowed to climax, which was exciting, if very frustrating.

“Well he arrived at about ten, right after we hung up. I led him into my office and sat behind my desk and he sat in one of the chairs in front of my desk. We talked about the trust-fund documents I had prepared. After a while I got up and came around the desk and sat in the side chair in front of him, handing him the documents package. He thanked me and acted as if he were looking at the document. However, I knew that he was staring between my legs, which were spread in a very un-lady like fashion. Then we started talking a little more personal. I said something about him being very handsome and he actually blushed.”

“What were you wearing,” I asked.

“You remember that gray business suit with the really short skirt? It has a white blouse with no sleeves and is excessively low cut. I would never wear that outfit to an important business meeting, but I thought it was perfect for my meeting with Jason. I, of course, had forgotten to wear panties, so his eyes were as wide as saucers when he saw that.”

“Then I boldly lifted my leg and placed it on the chair an inch from his crotch. I slowly slid it forward and began to rub his crotch with my foot.”

“You are such a slut,” I said with a smile.

“But a very sweet one,” she returned.

“Always,” I answered.

“I rubbed my foot over the bulge in his jeans for several minutes. Finally I took the folder from him and dropped to my knees. His eyes were still wide as I found his zipper and pulled it down. I tugged his cock from his pants. It was gorgeous. Not near as big as Ryan’s, but it was long and smooth with a large crimson head. I licked the drooling head and then took it into my mouth. He moaned loudly. I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth so I only sucked him for a few minutes. Then I opened my top and let my breasts fall out. I crawled onto his lap and pulled his head to my tit. He moaned again and sucked it like a baby. I had to have his cock inside me. I looked into his eyes and said, ‘I want your cock in me’. I leaned over and kissed him passionately. I could feel his cock throbbing between us and I wanted it in me so much. With our lips still locked together I lifted up and placed his cock at my opening. It felt incredible as it slid into to me, all the way to the bottom. I felt the big head pressing on my cervix and knew I had him all. God, it felt so good. I pulled his head to my tit again and he sucked me as I began to move slowly up and down.

I fucked him hard for a long time. I was surprised at how long he held out. It lasted through three or four of my climaxes before he moaned that he was going to cum. He shot a huge load into my pussy and I collapsed onto him.

The poor kid was in a daze when he left the office. I told him to call me so we could follow up on the trust agreement. He reminded me that his twin brother was due to come in and pick up his agreement. I smiled and kissed him goodbye. Then like the slut I am I sat in my chair and put my feet up on the desk and masturbated, using his hot cream as a lubricant.

“Wow,” I said. “You are an amazing woman.”

“You are an amazing husband. But now it is time for you to eat my pussy,” she said.

I shook my head and smiled as I wondered if she could ever get enough. I didn’t think so.

Chapter 3

The sun streaming into our bedroom awakened me the following morning. I had a morning hard-on, which seemed to be a normal occurrence now. I rolled over and saw that Amy was still sleeping beside me. The light reflecting on her face gave her an almost angelic appearance. She was my angel, I thought as I stared at her for a long time. I reached over and moved a lock of hair from her face. She stirred but did not awaken. She was as beautiful in the morning as she was at night, maybe more.

I lay there thinking of how our lives and our relationship had changed in a few short weeks. I only had a tiny bit of doubt about the path we were on now. My fears always seem to manifest themselves in the morning hours. But then I thought about how our relationship had stalled and why we were doing this. We were heading in separate directions before and although Amy still denies that she would have strayed, I know it was a real possibility. There are too many marriages in which that happens. The fear of losing her before was far greater than now. To be sure, I knew there were still a lot of dangers in front of us, but based on how I felt about her right then, it more than compensated for those worries. I didn’t think I could love her more than I did when we got married, but I now know that I can and do.

“What are you staring at,” Amy said as she slowly opened her eyes and saw me staring at her.

“You, and how beautiful you are in the morning and how much I love you,” I said as I removed another lock of hair from her face.

“I don’t feel all that beautiful in the morning,” she said.

“You just don’t see yourself the way I do.”

“If you say so,” she said with a smile. Then she noticed that there was a tent in the sheet. “Is that a pistol under the sheet or are you just glad to see me?”

“Just glad to see you,” I said and fell silent for a few moments.

“What are you thinking?” she asked reaching out, placing her hand on my face.

“About us.”

“Is that a good thing?” she asked.

“It is a wonderful thing. I was thinking about how much I like the new you.”

“I am glad. And I like the new you,” she said and reached over and grasped my cock under the sheet. “This gets hard a lot more than it used to and sometimes seemingly for no reason.

“Mmmm,” I moaned as she squeezed me. “Be careful or the pistol might fire.”

“That would be a shame because you would lose two climaxes.”


“It would be like you masturbating without permission. Plus you have to learn to control your impulses. Those are the rules.”

She tried to look stern but I could see the slight uplift at the corners of her mouth. “You are a tough task master,” I said.

“Just keeping you in line. I like it when you are excited and in need.”

“Funny thing is that I like it too.” A ripple of excitement when through me as she stroked my cock through the sheet. I sighed and grabbed her hand to stop her. “What if I ate you again, would that give me an extra climax.”

“Nope. Eating me is standing operating procedure.”

“Then how do I get extra climaxes?” I asked.

“I’m not sure you can,” she said and giggled, stroking me again. “So you liked me being home alone and fucking Jason while you were on a business trip?” she said, changing the subject.

“I did. But I was a basket case all day. Several times I started to get hard and tried to stop thinking about you. But it was impossible,” I said.

“Ahhh, poor baby, but I like you thinking about me all the time.”

“I like it too, but not when I am in a meeting with a bunch of suits. If they only knew what I was thinking about …” I said and trailed off.

“Maybe you should tell them,” she said and laughed.

“I was thinking about that.”

She looked at me with shock. “You were thinking about telling them about me at home fucking someone?”

“No, not telling THEM. I was thinking about the various guys you are going to be with knowing about me. We kind of discussed this before.”

“I know, but do you want me to tell the twins?” she asked with a little shock.

“I’m not sure. It would make it easier if some of them knew, like Ryan, or any that you pick to have sex with on a regular basis.”

“Gee, what would people think?” she asked, half in jest.

“I’m not sure I care. I mean, there is no real risk to us. We don’t have family in the area and we both are independent in our careers. It’s not like we could get fired. Hell, I could sell the business for a fortune and never have to work again. So there would never be a concern about money.”

“That is true,” she replied. “But you don’t want to do that, right? I mean sell the business?”

“No, not now. I was just thinking about the risk of our new lifestyle to my business or yours. There isn’t really any to speak of.”

“That does give us a lot of freedom that others do not have.” Then she added, “You are quite a philosopher this morning … albeit one with an erection.” She stroked me again and then leaned over and pushed the sheet down until my hard cock was free. Then she bent and began to gently lick me.

“Oh, shit,” I gasped and she giggled.

She jerked on my cock and sucked me, but when I indicated that I was getting close to a climax she backed off. She did that for about ten or fifteen minutes until I was mad with desire. She said, “Are you sure you don’t want to give up two climaxes for one right now … you know a bird in the hand, if you pardon the expression,” she said with devilish smile on her face.

“I … I … damn, this is driving me mad,” I said.

“Yes or no.”

I summonsed all my strength and said, “No.”

“All right,” she said and pulled the sheet back over my throbbing cock. Then she said, “I think I want my morning pussy eating now.”

“It seems that I always lose in our debates. I knew I should never have married an attorney,” I said and as I crawled under the sheets she laughed. She opened her legs as I moved onto my stomach between her thighs. I began to gently lick her surprisingly wet pussy. I suppose our discussion had an effect on her. She moaned as I worked my tongue into her opening. I felt her hands on my head directing me. She always tasted wonderful, even in the morning. But maybe that was just me.

“That’s it, suck me, lick my pussy, sweetie. Suck your slut wife’s pussy for her … my little pussy slave.”

I had to keep from rubbing my cock on the bed or risk climaxing as I licked her and listened to her words of encouragement. It didn’t take her long to climax, but as usual, that was not enough. I kept at it until she had climaxed three or four times and pushed my head away. I came from under the sheets with a wet and smiling face.

“That was nice. We will have to do this every morning.”

I knew she meant it.

Chapter 4

On Friday morning I was sitting at the breakfast table when Amy informed me that Jason and his brother Shawn were coming over together to pick up Shawn’s trust package. I was a little surprised that she had not said anything about it the day before. I did notice that when I ate her pussy earlier that morning that it seemed to be even more wet than normal.

“So with Jason coming with his brother, does that mean you are going to fuck both of them?” I asked hopefully.

“Maybe. I am not entirely sure. I suspect that Jason has something like that in mind.”

“How do you feel about fucking two guys at once?” I asked, feeling the excitement building already.

“How do you think I feel … it would be quite a unique experience I think. How do you feel about me fucking two guys at once?”

“Nervous and excited,” I answered and then said, “Are you going to let them fuck you in the ass and pussy at the same time if they want to?”

“I’ve never had it in the ass, so I am a virgin there. Would you mind if I gave my ass virginity to a stranger?” she said, looking at me with those gorgeous eyes over her cup of coffee.

“Will I get to fuck your ass at some point afterward?”

“If you are a good boy, yes,” she said with a smile.

“Then I say, have fun.”

Amy got up and came around the table and sat on my lap. My cock was already hard.

“You are one wonderful husband,” she said.

“I know,” I answered with a smile.

“I think I want to do something a little different today. When they arrive, I want you to be here and answer the door. Introduce yourself and then bring them to my office.”

“Okay,” I said excitedly.

“Then you can go to work. I will call you when they leave.” I paused for a few moments thinking about the enormity of what she was suggesting. On one hand I desperately wanted to watch, but on the other I knew it would be just as exciting to be at work knowing that my wife was entertaining two men. Even if I didn’t like it I knew I couldn’t protest since I was the one who brought up allowing her to fuck men without me being home. Then I thought about the boys knowing I was letting my wife fuck them. What would they think when I invited them in? Would they suspect that I knew, or would they just think I was heading off to work? I decided that they would probably think I was just an innocent man and knew nothing of what they were doing.

Finally after a long pause I said, “Okay.”

“All right I have to get ready,” Amy said and kissed me quickly and got off my lap and headed upstairs.

I was still in the kitchen having my third cup of coffee when Amy came back down. “Oh my God,” I said when I saw how she was dressed. “You are going to greet them wearing that,” I said stupidly.

“Too conservative,” she said with a big smile.

“You will get raped,” I answered.

“Well I don’t want to be raped, but I do want to be fucked,” she said.

“You will definitely get fucked,” I said as I got up and took her in my arms. I pulled her to me and kissed her. My hands slipped down her back and grabbed her ass, pulling her to my already hard cock. She reached down and squeezed it. “I suppose I can give you a bonus fuck when you get home … free of charge.”

I smiled. “Really?”

“Yeah, you have earned it. But only if I am not worn out. Which of course I hope I am, but again I always have enough left for your cock,” she said. When I shook my head in wonder she added, “Remember you are the one that created this monster.”

“And a gorgeous monster she is.”

Amy hugged me again and said, “I was thinking, why don’t we … just the two of us … go up to the lake for the weekend.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“No restrictions on sex or climaxes for you. We need some time together once in a while. Maybe we make it a once a month thing.”

I smiled. “I like that. Now I know why I married you.”

“For my money?” she asked.

“Nope, it has nothing to do with money. I have plenty of that. It has everything to do with a wonderful and sexy woman.”

“I’m flattered,” she answered with a smile and then kissed me passionately again.

I grabbed her ass again but suddenly the doorbell rang.

“They’re here. Greet them and bring them to my office. Give me five minutes to fix my lipstick and such if you can,” Amy said and hurried toward her office.

I looked at my watch nervously and waited until the bell rang a second time. I went to the door and saw two handsome young men standing there. “Hi. I’m James Trainer,” I said and shook both hands before leading them into the living room. The two boys looked identical except Shawn had blonde hair which was long and wavy and Jason had dark hair. I assume one or the other colored their hair in order to be different.

“Would either of you care for a coffee.” Both of them declined. I saw a disappointed glance between them and knew they were thinking that if I were home there was going to be no fun with Amy.

“I’m just leaving for work,” I said. “Amy told me to bring you to her office.” The frowns on their faces changed to smiles when they heard I was leaving.

I led them down the hall and to Amy’s office. I tapped on the door and opened it, sticking my head in. “The McNeil boys are here.” I held the door open so they could pass. “Have fun,” I said and received a very strange look. I was still smiling as I pulled out of the garage, thinking, I wondered who was going to be raped. My money was on the boys.

It was a long day at work as I waited for Amy’s call. As the hours ticked by I kept wondering what was happening. She had obviously been successful in her seduction or she would have called. I tried to busy myself by making phone calls to clients, but I gave that up when my mind kept wondering back to Amy and the boys. I was about ready to climb the walls when my cell rang. It was almost 4 P.M.

“Hi, Sweetie,” Amy said.

“Hi. How did it go?” I asked without any preliminary chit chat.

“Wonderfully. It was amazing, come on home and I will tell you all about it.”

“On my way,” I said and hurried out of the office and drove home, trying not to get a speeding ticket. I almost ran into the house. I went to Amy’s office but it was empty. I paused and saw something on the desk. I went over and picked it up and it was the panties she had been wearing when I left. The crotch was still soaked. I hurried upstairs and checked the guest bedroom, but she was not there. Finally I went to our bedroom. I stopped at the door and took a deep breath. When I opened it I stopped in my tracks.

Amy was lying on the bed, totally naked. The bed was a mess and the covers in disarray. Her hair was messed up and her face and body were flush. Her legs were spread and her pussy was a sloppy mess. The room smelled of sex. I was surprised that she brought the boys into our bed.

“Hi,” she said, crooking her finger at me to join her on the bed.

I wasted no time and went over to the bed and sat down near her. Then I bent over and kissed her passionately, my tongue slipping into her willing mouth. I was breathless when I pulled away.

“Sorry about using our bed, but the guest room is a queen bed and this is a king. Three people need more room,” she said.

“I don’t mind. It is your decision. Tell me what happened.”

“Get undressed first.”

I hurried to comply. When I was naked I sat back down. My cock had been hard most of the day and was throbbing. Amy reached over and grabbed it.

“We are going to suspend the rule on how many times you can climax. I want you to fuck me after I tell you what happened. But let’s not waste all of your climaxes today, we have the entire weekend.”

I had a broad smile on my face. She could always surprise me. She seemed to know what I wanted and needed almost better than I knew myself. She opened her arms to me and I crawled into her embrace. I took her into the crook of my arm. I could feel her warm face on my chest and her breath tickled my nipple.

“I was sitting behind my desk, as you know, when you brought the boys to my office. As soon as the door was closed Jason said, “See I told you she was hot.”

Shawn said, “Yeah, but not this hot … she is smokin’ man.”

I smiled and invited the boys to sit down. “Now Shawn, we have some business to transact and after that … well, after that we will see what comes up,” I said, staring at Shawn’s crotch. “It appeared he was already erect.”

“I spent about a half hour going over the forms and had him sign them. I am pretty sure that he didn’t hear a word I said, however. When I was finished I gave him his copy of the agreement and put mine away. I then walked around the desk and sat against it, between the two of them. I slowly unbuttoned my top and watched their eyes grow wide. ‘I suppose Jason told you what happened the other day,’ I said.” I put my foot onto the chair between Shawn’s legs.

He nodded and had a big smile on his face.

“And I bet you didn’t believe him.”

“He shook his head, but the smile did not leave his face. As I stood there, I reached under my skirt and pulled down my panties and tossed them to Shawn. He caught them and immediately bought them to his nose. ‘Let’s get the action started,’ I said and slowly stripped off my blouse. When I was topless both Shawn and Jason stood up. Almost immediately I was a sandwich between them, with Shawn behind me and Jason in front. I suddenly had his cock in my hand and I could feel Shawn’s cock pressing against my ass. Jason began to play with my tits.”

I felt Jason pushing on my shoulders and I dropped to my knees. I took Jason’s cock in my mouth and sucked him for a moment. Then I turned to Shawn and took his cock out. It was almost identical to Jason’s but had a slight curve to it at the end. I sucked Shawn’s cock and then went back to Jason’s, still holding onto Shawn. James, I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it was to have two cocks, one in my hand and the other in my mouth. And they were all mine.”

Amy was running her hand up and down my cock. I had to reach down and stop her. I was way too excited for that.

“Anyway I told them to get naked and then I watched them strip. I was suddenly staring at two gorgeous naked boys/men. They were really beautiful. I struggled not to fuck them right there. I got hold of myself and had them follow me upstairs. With every step I felt either Shawn or Jason’s hand on my ass. At one point Shawn stopped and we kissed, followed by a kiss from Jason. It took ten minutes to get upstairs. I paused at the guest room but then decided to use our bed because the bed is larger.

As soon as we were in the room I was sandwiched between the two men again. They stripped the few clothes I had on in record time. Naked now, both men were pressing their cocks to me … one touching my pussy and the other in the crack of my ass. My knees almost buckled.”

“Mmmm,” I said as Amy began to stroke me slowly again and continued her story.

“Then we were all on the bed and I was on my knees. Jason’s cock was in my face and Shawn’s was touching my ass. I opened my mouth and took his gorgeous cock inside. I moaned as I felt Shawn slowly sliding his cock into me.”

“It was amazing. Then sensation of having a cock sliding into my pussy as another slid into my mouth is almost indescribable. I think Shawn’s cock is a little larger than Jason’s, but it was hard to tell. They stared to fuck me hard. I swear I could almost feel their cock touching in my belly. I started climaxing almost immediately. They were incredible and fucked me through at least six climaxes before one of them said he was going to cum. I was in such a state that I didn’t know which one it was until I felt cum gushing into my mouth. Then Shawn said he was going to cum and he added his juices to my pussy. I was filled at both ends.”

“Oh fuck,” I moaned, getting close to climax myself. But Amy slowed down the stroking. I moaned again in frustration.

Amy giggled and said, “Be patient I have more to tell you.”

I sighed and tried to calm down.

“We rested for a while and I got us all a drink. Then the boys switched with Shawn laying on his back and me on my stomach with his cock inches from my hungry mouth. Shawn got over me from behind and slipped his cock into my more than ready pussy.”

“This time it lasted a lot longer because the boys could hold out after climaxing so recently. I, on the other hand, was free to climax over and over … and I did.” Amy paused in her story and began to stroke me again.

“Be careful,” I warned.

Amy laughed. “After they had climaxed again and I took Shawn’s cum down my throat and Jason’s cum in my pussy we rested for a while. Then when they had recovered, each of them fucked my pussy, one after the other. They obviously had no problem sharing a pussy and I think they had done it before, maybe more than once. And that is the whole story.”

I looked at her with a funny look.

“What?” she asked.

“You didn’t let them fuck you in the ass,” I said.

She smiled. “No. I decided to save that for you. It will be special for us. I will give you my anal virginity this weekend. But the next time with Shawn and Jason I want one cock in my pussy and one in my ass.”

“Is it because you wanted to give me your anal virginity or so that you could take a smaller cock the first time?”

She was quiet for a few moments and her face turned a little red. “Well … I suppose that is part of the reason.”

I laughed and hugged her. Now can I have my share of that pussy?” I asked, ready to explode.

“Yes. It might be a bit stretched, but it is all yours,” she said, as she lay back on the bed and spread her legs.

“I won’t last long,” I warned.

She smiled. “That’s okay, I just want to feel you squirt your cum into my pussy.”

I moved between her legs and she placed my cock at her opening. I moaned as my cock slipped easily into her. I kissed her passionately as I began to move my hips. Predictably I didn’t last long. As I pumped my cum into her stretched pussy she climaxed again. She is one amazing woman.

Chapter 5

Later that night, we traveled by car the 150 miles to a house we have on a lake. It is rustic on the outside, but we had modernized it on the inside and it is quite comfortable. We bought it for a great price and spent some money to get it into shape. We arrived late and stowed our supplies and went to bed. I don’t know if Amy wanted to have sex, but I could have as I had been reliving her day with the boys. It became a moot point as she fell asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.

The following morning I awoke to the smell of bacon, eggs, and hot coffee. We sat at the table and chatted for a while before we went down to the lake and went out on our small boat. We fished for a few hours without catching much before we motored over to a small island and had a picnic lunch. As we lay on a blanket on the secluded beach Amy stripped off her suit and straddled me. We fucked out in the open with the golden sun and sea birds the only witnesses.

The following day, after I had sucked Amy to several climaxes, she flipped over onto her hands and knees. “Eat my ass and get it ready for your cock.”

“Really? You are going to let me fuck your ass now?”

“Well, if you don’t want too …” she said as her voice trailed off.

“No, I want to. It is so exciting that I might not last long, however.”

“That’s okay. We can rest and you can fuck it again when you can hold out longer.”

My cock, which was already hard, pulsed with excitement. I buried my face between her soft ass cheeks and found her puckered asshole with my tongue. Strangely I had never eaten her ass before. I am not sure why as I think back about it.

It is a very intimate act and more than a little exciting. I pushed my tongue into her tight hole and felt it pulse, almost as if it were trying to pull me into her. Her hole was tight and soft. I could feel her opening it for me, allowing me free access to her neither region. I knew she was getting her ass ready for what was to come. I wondered why we had never done this before. It was definitely going to be on our list from now on. I felt Amy trembling and I actually think she climaxed from having my tongue in her ass.

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