loving wife

Before I met and married Ray, every man I had ever been with, boyfriends or husband, were all very jealous; they would get upset if I talked to a guy much less flirted! So you can imagine what a shock it was when the first time Ray and I were together he was trying to show me off!

He had flown down from Oklahoma to Austin to spend the weekend (after many weeks of long distance courting); I was living in a two bedroom apartment complex with my 18 year old son which did not allow for much privacy. After meeting Ray at the airport and smothering him with kisses, we went for a bite to eat, then back to my apartment for him to unpack and shower.

I think he wanted to impress me because he insisted we go out to a fine restaurant/club where we could get a good meal, drinks and enjoy some quiet conversation. I wore a pair of black slacks, heels and a not too low-cut blouse that was not very revealing though with the brassiere I was wearing it was easy to see my perpetually hard nipples through the material.

I knew of a nice quiet restaurant a few blocks off of Sixth and Congress that had a perfect ambiance. So we talked and we flirted, we dropped double entendres and sexual innuendos and we drank and we drank some more. Leaving, it was all we could do to get to my car in the parking lot before we were wrapped in each others arms. Holding each other tightly in a passionate embrace, pressed against my car, we made out like teenagers.

When I was married to Skip he would never allow me to dress in sexy clothes (though I did), much less have any public displays of affection! Now that was difficult because I have AWAYS been an exhibitionists and I have never had a boyfriend or husband that would allow me to flash or show myself. Indeed it was quite a surprise to have Ray publicly groping me and an even bigger shock when he unbuttoned my blouse and unfastened my front clip brassiere, exposing my titties right there in the lighted parking lot.

Oh My Gawd, I was in heaven!! We kissed, we fondled, we groped, he even sucked on my titties and unzipped my slacks, pushing his hand down to my crotch so he could touch my wet pussy. I reciprocated and unzipped his fly, reaching under the waist band of his briefs and pulling his hard cock out into the warm night air; I was hoping he would at least let me jack him off. It was extraordinary, here we were in a parking lot, on a Friday night, at nine in the evening and there were people walking by. I was sure at least one couple saw us, my blouse was pulled openly displaying my bare chest, and I was tightly gripping his exposed, hard penis.

I squatted down, my back leaning against my car as I tried to pull his cock to my lips. I was almost expecting to be rebuffed but instead he grabbed my head and pulled me forward to his dick and let me suck him, IN PUBLIC! I tugged down his pants, his underwear and pulled his cock and balls out of his shorts and then pulled his slacks down past his ass, baring him.

I sucked him. I let him stroke his stiff dick in and out of my mouth, I held his shaft, I examined it, I admired it, I licked and sucked his hairy balls, even taking one in my mouth, I reached between his legs and encouraged him to widen his stance as I tried to work my finger in his sweaty ass. He moved his legs apart as I buried my finger to the knuckle, fucking him. I could feel his cock head throbbing in my mouth as I worked my finger in and out of his asshole.

It was right about then, as Ray was punishing my lips, slamming into my face, that a couple approached. Chirp! Chirp! The sound of a car alarm. It seems the black Camry parked next to us belonged to them; the dude had let his date in on her side of the car and had been standing patiently, watching, waiting for us to finish. How polite is that? I cut my eyes to the guy as he stood just a few feet from us, staring.

Believe me, it is hard to flirt with another man when there is a big dick pummeling your mouth but I did attempt to wink at the young dude. He smiled as Ray grabbed the top of my head, and grasping a big handful of my beautifully fixed hair, pulled me back off of his cock and jerking his meat with his other hand, he let his CUM violently spurt across my face, into my open mouth. Big thick clumps, landing in ribbons, as he smeared his jizz with the swollen head of his dick, then back inside my mouth, grunting, groaning as he continued to spasm out his cum, oblivious to any watching.

Pulling me to my feet, while simultaneously pulling up his slacks, he kissed me; my bruised lips smarted as he pressed his own lips hard against mine. Unlocking the car and opening the door, he helped me inside the car as he walked around to the other side. I opened the glove box, found a couple of napkins as I flipped down the visor to use the mirror to attempt to clean Ray’s nasty spunk off my face and chest. Yes, my blouse was still open and my titties also had Ray’s thick residue smeared across them. I looked to my right and and of course the couple in the Camry was watching me, sitting there smiling as I cleaned up, reapplying my make-up, picking clumps of semen out of my hair.

Good Gawd! I needed a cigarette! I asked Ray if he minded if I stepped back out of the car and had a smoke. He shook his head no as he turned on the radio and rolled down both windows. Buttoning my blouse as I started to get out, Ray stopped me and asked to me to leave it open. Sure, I would love to. I was still raging HORNY and loved it that he wanted to look at my breast and show me off.

I stepped out onto the pavement and lit my Marlboro, sucking in a deep drag as the nicotine helped to curb some of my anxieties. I love to smoke and I have no desire to quit, thinking to myself how good it felt as I walked around the front of the car, of course I was trying to look my sexiest as I pulled my shirt back away from my breast, thrusting my chest out as I glanced down at my nipples. WOW! They looked huge, hard and erect as I reached down to tweak them and cup my breast for Ray.

I walked to his side and stood about a foot from his door as he seemed to take me in, his eyes running slowly up and down my body, a sly smile hinting at his lips as he said it. “Show me your cunt.”

Excuse me I thought as he said it again, “Show me your cunt.”

Again, “Show me your CUNT.”

Not demanding, but softly, almost like there was a question mark at the end. Such a nasty word, CUNT. I wanted him to see my CUNT. I wanted him to touch my CUNT, finger my CUNT, lick my CUNT. I wanted him to FUCK MY CUNT.

My slacks were still unzipped as I pushed them down, past my hips. His blue eyes were staring deeply at my eyes, unblinking as I continued to push my pants down past my thighs. I slipped out of my shoes and let my slacks fall to my ankles as I slipped one shoe off and stepped out of one leg of my pants; then slipping the other shoe off, I stepped out of the other leg and neatly folded my slacks and reached in Ray’s window and placed them on the back seat.

I slipped my heels back on and stood back with my feet a little past shoulder width apart, pulling my blouse back, letting him see me, my breast, my belly , my hips, my thighs, my legs, my CUNT. I reached down with both hands and pinching my labia between the thumb and forefinger of each hand I pulled my pussy lips open, subtly thrusting my hips forward as I offered my CUNT to Ray.

He continued to look me directly in the eye as I slid one hand to my wet hole and used two fingers to collect some of my wetness to smear over my clitoris. I put my finger inside my pussy. I put two fingers inside and finger-fucked my CUNT. Slowly at first, then picking up the pace, I knew I would CUM.

There was a pick-up truck parked next to us so I could not bend over very far, but I turned my back to Ray and stood a bit sideways between the vehicles as I leaned forward and let him see my ass as I reached between my legs and used my index moisten finger to play with my asshole, spreading my pussy juice on my anus as I pushed my finger up inside my shithole. I dug deeply into my ass, fucking my bung hole.

Of course it was while I was bent over, masturbating my cunt and asshole that the owner of the pick-up truck walked up, well actually it was a couple of young guys that must have worked at the restaurant. I was looking over my shoulder at Ray when I saw him look away, then I again heard the familiar Chirp! Chirp! of a car alarm. I did not stop but continued with the Slap! Slap! Slap! of my pussy as I fucked myself, spanking my swollen clitoris as I felt my cunt spraying my pussy juice and piss as I started to shiver and quiver from the orgasm coursing through me.

I knew there were strangers watching me, I did not care and apparently neither did Ray as he watched me trembling from my GIANT CUM. Bent over like I was, my ass and pussy were totally exposed and vulnerable and ACCESSIBLE, I was fantasizing that someone would slide a big thick cock in my fuck hole and finish off my orgasm with some nasty doggie-style fucking.

I am not sure if it was a sense of protection or a touch of nervousness from being in an unknown area, but whatever it was, Ray got out of the car and assisted me to my side of the car, my legs were so wobbly from the overwhelming climax that I could barely walk as he helped me in the car. Walking back to the driver’s side I saw him talking to my two spectators, laughing, then shaking hands with them as he got in the car and started the engine.

He said they were going on about how HOT I am and they even asked him if they could come home with us and fuck me! Hmmmmm. I did not want to appear to be a slut and smile real big or act excited at the prospect of a gang bang with two young HOT dudes plus my new lover, so I acted a little shocked when I asked what he told them.

He said he gave them my address and they were going to stop and get some beer then come over to my apartment. I was doing mental back flips inside my head!! I had NEVER had a foursome and as HORNY as I was right then I could probably fuck the entire Texas Longhorn football team and still want more! So to say I was a little anxious would be an understatement. Then I remembered my son, James was at home, CRAP. I was trying to think of all of his friends that he could spend the night with when I blurted out that maybe we could get a motel room for a few hours.

Now I really did not know Ray that well, even though we had gone to school together since we were five years old, it had been twenty years since we had been together and this was actually the first time we had ever been sexual with each other. I did not know his quirks and kinks, nor what a tease he could be, so I did not realize he was pulling my leg. Luckily I did not clap my hands and scream, “Goody, Goody” at the prospect of a HOT night of satisfying three men, so maybe he was still a bit in the dark as to what a cum whore I am.

We drove down Congress, to the Capitol building then back down to Sixth street, where Ray slowly cruised the street, windows still down and me pant less and blouse open. Ray was intent on showing me off, he was too obvious as he drove through the busiest parts of downtown Austin making sure to stop at every light and driving side by side to any truck he could find. Of course I accommodated him by spreading my legs and playing with myself while he drove. It was pretty HOT. The most outrageous was when he pulled up right outside the entrance to Stubbs and there was a steady stream of people going in and coming out. He double-parked under the street light, (he even turned on the dome light) while I finger-fucked my wet pussy, arching my back so much that my pelvis was almost as high as the window. I was going to CUM again as I spanked my clitoris, stopping to pinch it then back to slapping, then two fingers in and out, then grinding three in and out of my CUNT.

A small crowd had gathered around my car as I tried to put on the nastiest show I could. It was perfect, I was so turned on having so many people watching me, and to have Ray sitting there proudly indulging me in one of my many perverted fantasies, it was too much as a thick stream shot out of my pussy up in the air. OMG! I was squirting a MAJOR stream as I pissed and CUM all over my upholstered seats. I did not stop, I leaned back to the console and put my feet up, one on the dash the other on the door, as I opened my legs wide for an unobstructed view of my nasty gash.

Ray drove off just as one of the onlookers reached in and started to finger fuck me. The dude actually stuck his fingers in my pussy and started finger fucking me!

We drove to my apartment and as Ray gathered up my purse, slacks and shoes, I got out of the car, naked, well almost naked as I did have on my open blouse! Ray came around to help me. He was too much, he did not ‘make’ me get dressed, he did not try to hide me in the darkness of the trees or bushes, but instead walked me, arm in arm, to my apartment.

Fumbling with the keys he found the front door key and unlocked the door. I guess Ray had not even thought about my son James being at home and I am sure he did not expect James to have a couple of friends over while his Mom was out on a date. Guess what? James was home, as well as two friends who also live in the apartment complex, playing video games in the living room when I walked in. At least I did attempt to pull my blouse closed as I walked past James and his open-mouthed, gawking friends, slacks in hand, but with my swollen pussy lips, matted pubic hair and my red bare-ass I was sure James would be a hit with his friends.

Now let us jump ahead about three months, Ray and I had a whirlwind courtship and got married in June of ’89, only a couple of months after his trip to Austin.


We had only been married a couple of weeks when a classmate of ours (Ray and I had gone to public school together) spent the weekend with us. Mark lived out of town and had come to help organize a high school reunion. He and I were both on the planning committee and Ray offered to let him stay at our house rather than spend money on a hotel. That evening, after dinner, as we sat in the living room talking and watching television, drinking Margaritas, Mark pulled out a joint and asked if we wanted to get high. Of course I did but Ray did not smoke and so Mark and I went out on the back porch to indulge.

After we came back inside my ‘new’ husband Ray ‘suggested’ I put on something comfortable since I was still wearing my ‘good’ clothes from our earlier alumni meeting. By this time I was feeling pretty good, pretty loose, and the Xanax I had taken had really leveled me out, so I went to the bedroom to change. I had this thin white linen dress that I just loved to wear around the house so I had planned to slip it on, when Ray walked in as I was pulling it over my head and chided me, called me a prude because I still had on my brassiere and panties. This little thin white linen dress is soooo sheer you can easily see right through it, but what the hell if my husband likes to expose his wife who am I to argue?

Mark was more like an acquaintance rather than a friend, someone we had attended school with but we never hung out together. I thought I knew Ray well enough to know he was just going to tease Mark, torture him, knowing full well how HOT it makes me when I get to let people to look at me. Keep in mind, Ray and I had only been married about two weeks and up till then all we had done was flash some strangers, showing a lot of titties and some pussy.

Mark was a nerd, a really smart and nice guy, but not a stud or someone that woman would fantasize about, so when I came back in the living room I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head, especially when I sat down on the couch and pulled my feet under me and sat with my legs crossed. My dress was hiked up on my thighs and from where he was sitting not only could he clearly see my nipples through the thin material of the dress but my bare pussy was openly exposed! Then my dear, helpful husband Ray acted like he was looking for the remote control and turned on the track lights lights which was like turning a spot light on me.

The look on Mark’s face was hilarious and it was all I could do to stifle a giggle as Mark stared, wide-eyed, first at my breast then at my pussy, back and forth, up and down!! It was so funny that I wanted to torture him even more as I casually opened my legs wider as I talked to Ray, I was even sensually hunching my cunt very slowly, trying not to be too obvious, but enough that I could feel my pussy lips pull apart as my clitoris swelled out from between my wet lips.

I maneuvered my dress even higher by scooting my ass to the edge of the sofa. I could not believe Ray was letting me be this extreme in front of a schoolmate, a home town boy. The scene was so HOT, and the really funny thing was how the three of us were carrying on a normal conversation like nothing out of the ordinary was happening, talking about school, politics, nervous small talk.

Finally Mark excused himself to use the bathroom and when he stood up I could see he had a VERY distinct bulge, the ‘package’ in his pants was really sticking out! Now I was the one staring as I got to enjoy his reaction to my indecent exposure! As he walked past me on his way to the rest room, he stopped to talk to me as I almost nervously put one hand on my lap.

Holy Crap! Instead of my hand resting on the material of my dress I felt my naked and wet pussy! I had NEVER flashed like this, well at least not someone I knew, someone that knew me, I mean sure when I was much younger, but as I got older I always made sure it was a stranger, not someone that knew everyone in my family!

I tried to not let him know how freaked out I was so I kind of casually began to gently touch my naked cunt, circling my index finger softly around my clitoris, sliding between the fat puffy folds of my labia, rubbing my wetness over me. The hilarious part about this whole surreal scene was that he was still making small talk, telling me about when his dead uncle Claude was a Guthrie postmaster! We were having a ‘normal’ coffee shop type conversation while the whole room ‘dripped’ with SEX.

The whole time Ray was sitting across from me watching, smiling, adding very little to our conversation, but amused at both Mark and me and our stilted, nervous attempt at ignoring the obvious. It was his very subtle nod and equally subtle raising of his hand to his lips and a quick lick of two fingers that I took as a signal. Then to make sure I was clear on what I was ‘supposed’ to do he made a circle with his thumb and index finger and with the other hand slowly inserted his two middle fingers, in and out.

Mark was still standing next to the arm of the sofa, and had not yet made it to the bathroom, no doubt because his eyes were riveted to my crotch as I absent mindedly used my fingers to massage my genitalia. But now Ray wanted more, so still making small talk and not taking my eyes off Mark, I used two fingers to spread my sex open and pinch my throbbing purple love knob while my geeky schoolmate stood next to me, with his own tool throbbing hard in his pants.

I hunched my pelvis forward, arching my back as I moved my hands, my fingers to my wet, wet hole as I slowly worked two fingers inside and began to slowly finger-fuck myself. The small talk ceased and Mark was now speechless, no more trivial BS as I am sure the look on my face, the heavy-lidded, half closed eyes, my lips partially open as I ran the tip of my tongue across them, even my breathing became deeper, heavier as I was now seducing my nervous friend. I knew the look I was giving him was one of pure SEX and desire as I leaned slightly towards him, licking the pussy juice off my fingers.

T continued her story.

“I wanted to have sex with Jeff again – I wanted to sleep with him after having sex together, but I didn’t know how. I did a little exploring on the internet and had an idea. I went to Jeff and said, ‘Would you enjoy sex together if I fucked you in the ass with a strap-on?’ Jeff thought about it and said that might work, but it would have a better chance if I tied him up first. I remembered how excited he got when I had tied him up on the boat. I went back to the internet and ordered all kinds of stuff.

“I found I was getting excited by the idea. I got everything prepared to surprise him.

“I dressed in a dominatrix outfit I had bought. He was doing something on the computer. I snuck up behind him and took him firmly by the arm. I gave him his safe word and then led him to the bedroom. I took his shirt off and handcuffed him before finishing undressing him. I laid him on the bed and tied his wrists to the top corners of the bed. Then I put restraints on his ankles and tied them to the center of the headboard so his ass was fully exposed. He was hard already.

“I was running blind here but I gave him a whack on the ass with a paddle and I could tell he liked it. I gave him a few more and made a mental note to buy a flogger like you used today as well as some other pain toys.

“I lubed him up and slipped on the strap-on and penetrated his ass. His cock only got harder. The strap-on was double ended with vibrators. I turned the vibrators on and felt the pulsing in my vagina. I began to fuck him like I thought a guy would, stroking his balls the underside of his cock occasionally. He came quickly, shooting a line of cum up his chest that reached his chin. I slid my hand up and down his cock to finish milking him.

“After that I released his ankles and attached clips connected by a light chain to his nipples. Then I climbed up and sat on this collar bone, my thighs straddling his head. ‘Lick my pussy’. He clamped his mouth shut. I wasn’t sure if he was playing or serious but he had his safe word so I began to pull on the chain. He held out for a few seconds before crying out in pain which allowed me to jam my pussy against his mouth. He began to lick me and I loosened my grip on the chain. I was patient with him and eventually I had an orgasm.

“A couple nights later I was in my study when I got a text on my cell.’Go to our bathroom.’ I tried the bedroom door but it was locked. The adjoining bathroom has a door to the hall. I went in there and found a new dominatrix outfit laid out along with a bigger strap-on and my toys. We had a fun time. His pussy licking had much improved – he must have done some research.

“A couple of days later some workmen showed up. Jeff said he was having the basement remodeled. We continued to have our play dates every few nights. Jeff would go out about once a week or have someone else in to fulfill his other needs. I wasn’t in the mood at that time. We never really thought about doing a threesome again – I think we didn’t want an intruder into our marriage.

“One day he told me that Randy had called in sick and the assistant manager was sick and asked if I could watch the club that day. Rick had never called in sick before and the club didn’t really need one of the managers there, but I hadn’t been there as much as I should have since I wasn’t actively trolling so I agreed. I could get in a full work out. The worst part was having to wear the club t-shirt and sweat pants.

On the way home that evening Jeff texted me that the basement was finished and I should join him down there. When I got to the bottom of the stairs he showed me everything he had done including the bar and a workout room. Then he said he had one final surprise for me and opened the door for me. I stepped into a dark room. He put his hands on my shoulder and then slid them down my arms, slowly pulling my wrists together behind my back and securing them together. Even though it was dark he put a blindfold on me and whispered my safe word into my ear.

“I was led over to another part of the room and secured in an X position against some kind of solid frame. When he removed my mask the lights were on dimly and he was standing in front of me with a mask on, holding a pair of scissors. I looked around the room and saw he had built a dungeon with all kinds of equipment and toys. I was wet again.

“He stepped towards me and snipped my clothes off. He loved looking at my body. It was one of the sexiest feelings I had had. He had tied me up before but I had never been a sub – I didn’t have the trust. But I knew I could trust Jeff.

When he was done he blindfolded me again and then touched me all over with his fingers, feathers, ice cubes, and other things. He pinched my nipples and invaded my pussy. He attached some suction device to my nipples that began to vibrate.

“He stopped for a moment and then I felt the whole frame moving. I realized I was going to a horizontal position. When the rotation halted I felt movement between my legs and then Jeff’s tongue on my wet pussy. I came in record time. Then Jeff revealed his big surprise. He pulled my blindfold off there he was kneeling above me with a giant hard-on sticking out. It was a strap-on, but I didn’t care. He fucked me and fucked me until I was exhausted. It was fantastic having sex with him where we were facing each other.

“The next day he found me and told me about his great new website plan. It was going to be a domination website focused on couples play with all the usual things that are on our other sites. He was going to call it Blaisingskin.com, and he wanted me to be the first Dominatrix. ‘You can wear a mask so no one will recognize you.’ I agreed as long as my subs were good looking.

“It was fun. He found both men and women. It was all light compared to some of those sites – we were trying to attract relatively normal couples who wouldn’t be scared away by the home page or the first few pages. But I got to use the strap-on and some light discipline and there was plenty of bondage involved.

“One time Jeff got a phone call shortly before we were to do a shoot. He said he would be back later and asked me to take care of everything. The photographer arrived a little later and told me the model was running late but should be here any moment. When I came out of the dressing room a man wearing a leather hood was strapped face down on what we called the table, his stomach with his ass hanging off the end.

“The director told me to beat him and flog him and then take him in the ass. It was only when he started to orgasm that I realized it was Jeff. I took over from there, teasing him mercilessly, making him eat me out, finally jerking him off and making him eat it. He loved it.

“Shortly after that he started going downhill very quickly. He became weak and wouldn’t eat. He refused to go in the hospital. He said he wanted to die at home with me. One night I crawled in bed next to him. I confessed to him that I had tried to get pregnant that first night. He smiled at me and told me he knew. He said he had some of his sperm frozen if I ever wanted to have his baby. He thanked me for giving up so much of my life for him. I thanked him for sharing his life with me. I never went to sleep, I just held him. He died later that night.

“Even though I had had all that time to prepare it was still a shock. I almost went down to get fertilized right away to get a little piece of him back. But after a couple of days I realized I wasn’t ready to be a mother yet.

“I wanted to preserve his fantastic genes and to honor him by making his parents happy. I placed a discreet ad on-line. I found a young couple who wanted kids but were having problems and couldn’t afford to go the medical route. The wife was smart, athletic, and good-looking. I thought about using my egg but I didn’t trust myself not to try to take the child later on through some legal maneuver. I also thought she would take care of her ‘own’ child better.

“I told them I would cover all the costs including paying the mom’s salary for the first five years so he or she wouldn’t have to be in daycare until they were at school. I would also pay for some fertility visits if they decided they wanted another child. In return I had to be able to tell Mike’s parents it was our child. They were both in poor health and couldn’t travel.

“I’ve already told them the news. Just to hear the joy in his mom’s voice I knew I had done the right thing. The mother is about four months along. I know I will have to take the child for a visit if they live that long. I haven’t figured that out yet.

“Anyway, I was a mess for a while after Jeff’s death. I let myself go. After several months I looked in the mirror one day and asked myself what Jeff would think. I was too embarrassed to go to the club so I worked out here for a couple of months until I was back in shape.

“I never thought about dating anybody. Except for Jeff being gone I liked my life. But I did need sex and I like the domination play so I began having friends over for play dates once I didn’t look too disgusting.

“Once I looked presentable I started going to the club regularly to start being a fitness coach again. You were one of my first customers.”

We had finished our dinners and the wine bottle. T opened another bottle and refilled our glasses. I realized I wouldn’t be driving anywhere tonight. At least T had plenty of room in her house. I made a mental note to call R. I had felt my cell vibrate in my pocket earlier and knew it was probably a message from him. He could stand to wait a little while. T interrupted my thoughts.

“So what’s your story?”

“Mine’s pretty boring, especially compared to yours.”

“Well, I know you’re married. Any children?

“Two, Tim and Emily. Tim’s just starting as a manager at FedEx. Emily’s a senior at the college on the coast.”

“Any pictures?”

I had left my purse in the car. I remembered that I had a couple on my cell phone that showed up when they called. I went to my pictures and pulled up the picture of Tim and passed the phone to T.

“He’s a handsome young man.”

“He takes after his father. Emily is the next picture.”

T played with the phone. I saw a funny look on her face. It dawned on me I had fucked up as she handed the phone back to me with the picture of R’s study I had taken this morning, the strap-on clearly in sight. She looked at me with amusement. I scrolled back through the other pictures I had taken to Emily’s picture and handed the phone back to T.

“She’s beautiful.”

“Thank you,” I said as I took the phone back.

There was silence for once. T finally broke it.

“I’ll forget I ever saw that if you don’t want to talk about it.”

I’m not sure what came over me but I just broke down crying. T came over and held me until I calmed down enough to talk. I poured the rest of the shaker into my glass and drank it down and then spilled it all out.

I had given her an overview earlier but this time I told her the whole history of my marriage including our sex life. I told her that I wasn’t sure I loved R anymore, that I didn’t know who he was, and I acknowledged being a bitch. I told her how he had become more secretive and all the time he spent in front of the computer, and then I told her about this morning and showed her the rest of the pictures on my phone.

T thought for a while.

“If he wants a Dominatrix, I could help him out,” T joked.

“Sometimes I feel like I could use one.”

T looked at me thoughtfully.

“So what do you plan to do?”

“I don’t know. I would like to have some more information.”

She thought a little more.

“Can you get into his office?”


“I can help you out if you want. Is there a time when he definitely won’t be home that you can be?”

“I only work three days a week. Tuesday or Thursday works.”

We agreed on Tuesday. We decided to go over together after my morning workout. I had a nice buzz going on.

“More wine or another drink?”

“How about another drink. Too much wine makes me nauseas.”

“Let’s go downstairs.”

We took our glasses and shaker down to the bar and T mixed up another batch. I was going to be fucked up in the morning but I didn’t care right now. We sat at the bar and sipped our drinks. I had a sudden impulse.

“Do you still have your dungeon?”


“Could I see it?”

T smiled and nodded. She set her drink down and stood up. I put my drink down and followed her. She opened the door to a dark room and signaled me to go in first. When I stepped inside I felt her hands linger on my shoulders. A shiver went through me. Her hands slid slowly, almost questioningly down my arms. I didn’t resist. Instead I brought my wrists together. With that she slid her hands down to my wrists and tied them together with some soft cloth. She slid a blindfold over my eyes. I felt the wetness in my panties.

She put her hands on my shoulder once more but this time she spun me around slowly. I felt her lips on mine and then we were kissing passionately, her tongue probing my mouth. My nipples stiffened. She released me and whispered in my ear “Your safeword is Karl.”

I nodded my head both to acknowledge the safeword and give her the go ahead.

She marched me across the room. She released my wrists. She kissed me passionately again and started to unbutton my new blouse. She slipped her hands up inside my sleeves and then down my arms so the blouse fell off of me. She ran her hands greedily over my bra. Her hands ran up my arms to my wrists and forced them up and to the sides. I felt her secure them to something behind me. I was helpless. And very wet.

She removed my blindfold.

“You wanted to see my dungeon?”

The lights were low just as they had been for T the first time but coming out of total darkness I could see quite well. There were several structures spread on the sides that I assumed must be bondage furniture. There were paddles and floggers and other accessories hanging on the walls. There were several closets. Some dressers and some chests. I looked back at T.

She stepped up and kissed me again while her hands unfastened my pants. She gave them a little shove and they fell around my ankles. I had taken my shoes off upstairs. Her hands snaked behind my back then and I felt my bra loosen. She stepped back and let it fall and admired her handiwork and my physique. My nipples were rock hard and the front of my panties was soaked. She smiled at all that.

She moved in and ravished my breasts with her hands before attacking them with her mouth, licking, sucking, and biting. She slipped a hand inside my panties and gently played with my wet lips. I moaned and sighed with pleasure.

Her hands stayed inside my panties as she slid down my body, taking them down to my ankles. She held her hands there while I stepped out of my pants and panties. As soon as I was done she secured my ankles so my legs were spread.

She stepped back once more and admired my body.

“God you’re beautiful. R is a very lucky man.”

“I think so but I don’t think he does.”

“Then he doesn’t deserve you.”

I realized I hadn’t called R to tell him I wouldn’t be home tonight. I half wished I could tell him I wasn’t going to be home for a while because I was all tied up. I made a mental note to deal with that later.

My thoughts were interrupted by a mechanical sound. I felt my body reclining backwards as I was held tight to the flat surface I was bound to. I couldn’t see T anywhere.

After a minute I felt wetness on my inner ankle. It slid itself slowly up my leg. I realized it was T’s tongue before she began to nibble and lick up my thigh until her cheek was pressed against my damp pussy. She stopped and went to my left leg and started over again. This time when she went up to my crotch and gave my pussy a few teasing licks. She trapped my pussy lips in her mouth and sucked on them as she stretched them out. I shuddered with pleasure.

Her hands crept up to my breasts and began to play with them, focusing on gently pinching and twisting my nipples until suddenly she attacked my pussy with her mouth. I melted into the table. I closed my eyes and felt every touch of every atom on her fingers and every taste bud in her tongue. It was nothing I ever felt before. I felt the orgasm long before it peaked. I tracked it all the way up until it wracked my body in pleasure, making me spasm wildly against my bonds as it sent my vocal chords into paroxysms of joy. There was something liberating about being able to thrash my limbs as hard as I wanted against their bonds.

As I was recovering from the fantastic orgasm I knew my pussy was ready to be fucked. But R wasn’t there. I felt something against my thigh and heard a buzzing noise and opened my eyes to see T on her knees between my legs, a vibrating, rotating, rabbit style strap-on vibrator sticking straight out from her crotch.

She fell on to her extended arms and looked me in the eyes as she guided her cock into my pussy. I flinched as she entered me and in that moment she lay on me, our breasts mashing together, our mouths interlocking. She moved inside me like an experienced lover, bringing me to countless orgasms. By the time she was done I was a dead woman.

T released me and helped me to the bed where she joined me after undressing. She snuggled up next to me and I felt safe and sated as I quickly fell into sleep.

When I awoke the next morning T was waiting for me with a cup of coffee. We smiled at each other as she handed the cup to me.

“I hope last night wasn’t too much for you.”

“Not at all. It was fantastic.”

“I’ve wanted to do that from the first day I met you. I’ve been seducing you for a long time.

“In case you had any doubts, this doesn’t mean you are gay. It just means you are bi-sexual. You may end up deciding you like women more, but if you are like me, you probably will end up preferring both sexes. Strap-ons are fun, but there is nothing like a great cock.”

I resisted the urge to vocalize what I was thinking, ‘I wouldn’t know’, but my eyes might have communicated that.

“Take a shower and come on up for breakfast.”

When I walked into the kitchen in the velour bathrobe T had left out for me breakfast was waiting.

“What time is it? I should call R.”

“It’s about 10:30. Why don’t you wait until after breakfast?”

While we were eating T asked me what I was going to tell R.

“I don’t know. I have to apologize and tell him where I was.”

“You could do that. This is what I would do.”

T then laid out her game plan to me. I thought about the suggestion she gave me. The more I thought about it the more I liked it.

“Since we have a little more time, would you like to take a swim?”

“That sounds nice. I don’t have a bathing suit.”

T just smiled at me and I realized what a ridiculous thing I had just said.

“Actually, I do kind of like a little mystery even though I’ve seen you once. I’ll dig something out for you.”

The bikini I ended up with looked like one of those ridiculous things that I saw in R’s Sports Illustrated swim suit issue. Once I got in on it was kind of cool. T was sitting in a lounge chair by the pool when I came out. She gave her best impression of a wolf whistle.

We swam around for about half an hour. I swam the length of the pool underwater and ended up coming up next to T. She looked at me and I kissed her. At first I thought I was doing it because I wanted to tell her everything she had done was OK, but I realized I did it because I wanted to.

She smiled at me.

“Follow me.”

She led me to a wooden building and opened the door. Heat rushed out to meet us. She led me into the sauna and we sat down next to each other. We chatted for a few minutes before our hands were all over each other.

“I want a chance to lick your pussy,” I said when we came up for air.

I pulled into the garage and took the Red latex suit out of the box T had given me. It was a little easier to put on the second time. I grab the handled bag containing the cock rings, flogger, handcuffs, Velcro ties, special condom, and paddle that T had loaned me. I tossed my panties in.

I didn’t know what to expect when I opened the door. I hadn’t given R a chance to respond when I called him, but the fact that he didn’t call back was a good sign. It didn’t occur to me at the time that R’s reaction to my call would shape the rest of our marriage. I just hoped my strategy had worked.

As the door opened I saw him kneeling on the floor, naked, head bowed, a scarf tied around his head through his open mouth, waiting for me just like I had told him. His cock was half erect. It all turned me on.

R looked up at me and his eyes did a Steve Buscemi. His cock went up another notch. I wanted to stay on the offensive before he could get his bearings.

“Did I say you could look at me?”

“No,” he said in a muffled voice. He still looks at me with disbelieving eyes.

I reached down and nudged his head down until he was staring at the floor.

“No Ma’am?”

“No Ma’am.”

“Hands behind your back. Together.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

He complied. His cock was fully hard now. I walked around behind him and snapped the handcuffs around his wrists. He turned his head and looked up at me again. I think he was wondering if this was a dream come true of a nightmare.

“You need to learn obedience.”

I lifted my right foot and placed my red fuck-me shoe on his back and pushed down. He fell to the floor on his forehead like he was praying to Allah.

“Stay there.”

There was no reply.

“Yes, Ma’am?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he gargled through his gag.

I checked to make sure he was not sneaking a peek at me. I decided on the paddle. I wound up and slapped him on his ass as hard as I could, putting all the frustrations of the last twenty years of our marriage in that one blow. R bellowed more in shock and surprise than agony. Before he could recover and protest I hit the other cheek almost as hard. His yell this time was entirerly from pain.

I give him eight more strokes. His ass was already burning red.

“What do you say?”

“Tank you, ma’am”

I got the blindfold. I pulled on his shoulders to help him back in to a kneeling position and then covered his eyes. I grabbed a wooden chair from the dining room and sat it down facing him. I undid the snaps covering my crotch and exposed my pussy. I removed R’s gag and then put my hand on the back of R’s head and pulled him to my pussy.


R dined on my pussy like a man breaking his hunger strike. R was an excellent pussy eater. I taught him well early on and he was an eager and able student. It helped make up for his below average fucking prowess.

I lolled my head back and lost myself in R’s tongue. His tongue was bigger and stronger than T’s as well as being more practiced, but T had the intuition and knowledge of woman’s body that R would never have.

Things had changed for me in 20 years. Having R kneeling on the floor in front of me, naked and bound with a red ass, mine to do with as I please, excited me to no end. Knowing I could have him this way whenever I want was the ice cream on top of my brownie. I wallowed in the ministrations of his tongue and lips while I massaged my own nipples through my latex suit, rising to my orgasm like a cherry pie in the oven. I rode the waves to the crest and came crashing down over the top in waves of orgasm, pulling R’s head tight to my cunt until I couldn’t take it anymore.

After I had recovered I ordered R to stand up, helping him to his feet. I took the cock ring and snapped over the base of his cock and balls. His already raging cock struggled against the constricting rubber. I marched him to the bedroom and lay him down on the bed. I secured his ankles to the corners of the base board. Then I freed his hands and spread his wrists, securing them to the opposite ends of the head board.

“You will not come until I give you permission!”

R was silent. I took the flogger and whipped his chest several times. My pussy moistened even more.

“Do you understand?”


I wondered if he left the Ma’am off intentionally. It didn’t matter. I was glad either way. I flogged his inner thighs several times and then caped it off by hitting his dick twice. A shudder ran through my body as R groaned in pain.

“Yes Ma’am!”

“Yes Ma’am.”

“If you fuck up, so to speak, you will pay.”

I striped off my latex suit. I wanted to be naked. I pulled out the super thick condom that T had given me and rolled it onto R’s raging cock. I climbed onto R’s throbbing unit. I rode him mercilessly, coming again and again, trying my best to make him come too. I turned around and rode him reverse cow girl. I could feel R’s excitement building but knew it wouldn’t take him over the top. I wanted to punish him.

I dismounted and ripped the condom off and then rode him again. As he started to build again I pulled his blindfold off, letting him see my naked body, my swaying bouncing breast, the ecstasy on my face, knowing he would not be able to control himself. He started to explode inside of me.

“Come inside of me. I’ll make you pay for it later so you might as well enjoy it now.”

R climaxed harder than I can remember, either from the much delayed gratification or the promise of future pain or both. I slipped his blindfold back on.

I climbed up his chest and made him lick my cum-soaked pussy. He loved it. He supped from my cunt, lapping the milk inside of me, sending me over the top one more time. After I recovered I let him up from air.

His cock was still hard. I slapped it hard with my hands several times. I stuffed my used panties in his mouth and then went to take a shower and clean myself up.

I executed the next part of the plan T and I had come up with. I removed R’s blindfold. I lied to him as I loosened his bonds.

“In case you were wondering, I was with T last night. I had too much to drink but by the time I realized it was too late to call. Instead of apologizing, I thought what I just gave you would mean more to you. T was throwing out some old sex stuff she hadn’t used in several years so I asked if I could have it to use once.

I hope you enjoyed it, because I am throwing all this stuff out now. This was a one-time thing.”

I saw the look of disappointment appear on his face and sink in though he tries to hide it. I smiled inside to myself. The hook was caught deep in his mouth. I made a show of getting a black garbage bag and throwing everything in it. I took it out to the garbage can outside.


R never brought up my Saturday night absence again. He was solicitous to me while I played the ice queen bitch to him.

Monday at work I arranged to take Tuesday off. I told the receptionist to tell any callers I was in a meeting all day. When I came home I lied to R again, telling him I had a business trip the coming weekend and would be leaving Friday morning. I told him it would be my last one for a couple of months.

I asked him if he wanted to work out with me and then take me out to dinner. Being his new subservient self he agreed.

At the club we were next to each other on cross trainers. T walked over and greeted us. After a little chatting R piped up.

“I hear you and M had a good time Saturday night.”

T played it perfectly. She looked uncomprehending. I said my line.

“You know — Saturday night when you had me over for dinner and I stayed over.”

“Oh — right,” she said and turned from me to R, “M and I had a nice evening together.”

I kept looking straight ahead. Later when I was taking my shower T came in and told me how R’s head jerked towards me and how he looked both suspicious and panicked. I arranged for T to come over the next morning.

Tuesday ‘I left for work’. I drove around the block and then parked where I could see our driveway. Five minutes after R pulled out I called T and drove back home. She arrived a few minutes later as I was retrieving the suit and bondage gear from the garbage.

After we got our cups of coffee I led her to R’s study. His computer was password protected, but T said it didn’t matter. She sat down in front of it. It took her five minutes before she was able to break into it. She began to scour it thoroughly.

T found many of the sites R had been to. There were several BDSM sites as we had expected, but he had also visited several cuckolding sites. He had downloaded movies, pictures, and stories. T went into his financial program and found all the money he had spent on toys while I watched over her shoulder. She found something called ‘The Basement Fund’ with over $9000 in it that R had been hiding from me. She also found a payment of $100 to Mistress Annika. A quick Google search found a couple dominatrixes with that moniker. I was in a minor state of shock even though I was somewhat prepared. T told me to refill my coffee and reassured me that she would be out in about fifteen minutes.

I refilled my cup of coffee and get a fresh cup for T. She collected it just about a quarter of an hour later.

“I’ve put a key stroke logger on R’s computer. It has a wireless transmitter that will relay everything to your laptop which you can set to post it securely to me. There is a chance he may discover it, but it is small and on the back of his case, and judging from the amount of dust that was back there he doesn’t go there often.”

She handed me a flash drive.

“This was a sample of some of the things he has downloaded, links to his favorite web pages, and some of his financial records that you may be interested in. I suggest you take the rest of the day to look it all over. Give yourself plenty of time to digest this all before he comes home so you don’t make him suspicious.

“Would you like me to look into this Mistress Annika?”

I nodded.

“I need to take care of one more thing and then I’ll leave you to look things over for yourself.”

T headed back to R’s study while I fetched the laptop R gave me at Christmas and that I hardly used. Another one of his ‘romantic gifts’. I plugged the flash drive in and began my research. The pictures and movies were shocking. I watched one that involved a husband and wife. The wife ties the husband up and beats him and puts clamps on his nipples and balls. She then makes him service her. Finally she brings him to the edge of orgasm. He begs her to make him come. She says she will if he promises to be her slave forever.

T came back in the room and showed me a key.

“I found this hidden in his study. It fits a padlock on a tool chest in your basement. The tool chest is full of ‘toys’. I will run make a copy of the key for you.”

“Thank you.”

After T leaves I watch more of the movie. The next scene sees the man ball-gagged, naked, and bound to a chair. A couples voices are heard outside the bedroom. The wife comes in and asks the man if he is sure he wants her to do this, that this will be his final decision either way. He nods yes, his cock hardening. She opens the door and a handsome well-built man enters. They ignore the husband, embracing each other, kissing passionately while slowly undressing each other while the camera cuts to the anguished husband. The wife drops to her knees and pulls the man’s large hard cock out of his pants and begins to suck on it…

I couldn’t watch anymore. I looked over his financial records. There were a lot of credit card payments to companies I didn’t recognize. When I Googled them, most of them came up blank, but a few came up with links to sex toy shops. Two of them were fairly ordinary, but the third was called “Chained Melody”. The home page had a picture of a woman hog tied and ball gagged with clips on her nipples and a man standing over her with a flogger.

I steeled myself and explored the site. There were thousands of toys inside, some ordinary but most related to bondage or pain. There were not only hundreds of things that I never knew existed but hundreds of items I would never have even ever dreamed of in a hundred years.

T knocked on the door and then opened it. She tossed me the copy of the key and then walked to R’s study to replace the original. When she came back in the room I could tell she knew I was digesting everything.

“I’ll talk to you later. Call me if you need anything.”

I thanked her and she left. I returned to my laptop.

Another site was called Phemdom Phantasy Phone. It had pictures of women dominating men and pay-per-minute phone numbers.

The pictures were similar to the movies. The websites were femdom sites, dominatrix’s, and some story sites. I didn’t see Mistress Annika among those sites. The other sites were BDSM stories. I saved those for later.

I want back to look at his finances. I saw he had been diverting $125 a month to his ‘basement project’ for the last six and a half years. R had been trying to convince me for the last ten years to borrow money to finish the basement for entertaining. I had held the line, telling him he needed to keep putting that money in his 401k. Apparently he had decided to take things into his own hands. There were also some major credit card payments to PPP.

At that point I wanted to take control of him when he got home and beat the hell out of his ass with the paddle, and that would just be for starters. But that wasn’t part of the plan. It is only 2:30 but it was my day off so I opened a bottle of wine and poured myself a glass and ventured down to the basement.

I opened the tool chest and looked in. I didn’t touch anything just in case he had things in a special order, but I could see enough without digging. There was a ball gag, bondage gear, butt plugs, a flogger, a riding crop, cock rings and more. I locked the chest and returned to the living room and read some of the stories.

The eighth story I looked at had something familiar about it. It was about a married couple where the husband is submissive. He is scared to tell his wife so he goes on-line to find a woman to dominate him. He finds a match and they arrange to meet. When he gets to the bar wearing the outfit she instructed, it turns out to be his wife who answered the ad

She takes control of the marriage. He serves her while she takes other lovers. She comes home and describes the sex in detail to her bound husband and then they have great sex.

The story wasn’t familiar but something about the writing style was. I found the author was named Romeo, certainly a pseudonym. I thought a little more and then realized that R was the author. R had always been a little interested in writing. He had written some short stories in college and one or two after that he had showed me. Once he had told me that the first girl friend he slept with was named Julie. She introduced him to bondage and teasing. She had nicknamed him Romeo.

I found a couple more stories by him and found myself strangely wet. When I described these stories to T later she told me they were called cuckolding stories. I ran myself a hot bath and took care of myself.

It was almost 4:30 when I was done. I made sure all my tracks were covered and then went to workout. T was there and came over to me when I was alone.

“I tracked down Mistress Annika. She is based out of Dallas. Her minimum fee is $350 with a $100 non-refundable deposit due when the appointment is made.”

Typical R I thought. Too scared to go through with anything. I remembered he had a business trip to Texas around then.


“I have some more ideas for this weekend. Tell me what you think.”

I called R and told him I won’t be home for another hour and that I would bring Chinese. I wanted to give him time to use his computer. When I got home he was very solicitous to me. I felt like I could get used to that. I was horny from all the day’s activities, but resisted the temptation to let R have me. I needed him to be frustrated.

Wednesday morning I told him that T and I were meeting for drinks and dinner that night and not to wait for me. As soon as I got to work I told T to go ahead with her plan.

I left work early and drove over to her house. I told her I wasn’t sure I could hold out. I told her that while R’s stories repulsed my on one hand, they also made me wet.

“I have the perfect solution to your problem.”

She marched me down to the basement. She told me to strip off my clothes and lay down on a platform. Once I was in position she secured my arms and my whole upper body. She attached my thighs and calves to metal arms and then bent them so they were at a 45° angle and spread wide. I lost sight of her. I heard a commotion down at the bottom of the bed. I lifted my head as much as I was able and saw her setting up a large machine that looked like it had a dildo on the end.

After she finished she put some lube on my already wet pussy she moved back to the machine and rolled it up to my pussy and slowly put it in.

“Let me know when this is at the right depth.”

After I gave her the OK she sat down next to me and set a remote down next to me. She put some suction cups on my nipples that had wires attached to them. They began to vibrate. Then she began to read one of Romeo’s stories. She pressed a button on the remote and the dildo slowly withdrew from my pussy and then entered again. It was a fucking machine and it felt fantastic.

As she got into the story of a wife who started to dominate her husband and explore her sexuality, I felt myself getting more and more excited. She increased the tempo on the machine. As I felt the first stirrings of the orgasm inside me I relaxed knowing this machine would not tire out, would not soften, and would not come early. It didn’t feel like a real cock, but that was not what I needed today.

I started to pay less and less attention to the story and more and more to what my body was feeling until I felt myself reaching the point of no return when the orgasm just blew up inside me like an inflating balloon and I was coming and coming and coming and thrashing against my restraints and yelling and yelling and finally begging T to stop but she had already started to decelerate the machine and turn off the nipple vibrators.

My body was boneless. I lay there like Jell-O, my eyes closed, while T undid all my bindings. She finished and then I felt a thump land on my belly.

“Take your time. You know where the shower is. I’m going to make dinner.”

When I was done I came upstairs in a bathrobe she had left for me, the towel she had thrown on my chest wrapped around my hair. I handed her the Martini glass she had left for me that now only held a toothpick-skewered olive. Dinner was on the table with a large glass of wine.

“Oh my God T, that was fantastic — just what I needed. How did you know?”

T just gave me a knowing smile. She turned the laptop she had been looking at towards me.

“Do you want to see what your husband is up to?”

I looked at the computer. I saw a cursor moving by itself over a website with the banner, “Mistress Danielle’s Dungeon.”

“Is that really his?”

“Yes, the key-stroke program is working perfectly. This is a virtual replication of everything he is doing on his computer. It is all being logged so you can pull up anything later you want to check in to.”

I watched in fascination as he navigated about the site. He spent a while looking at the pictures. He checked out her contact page and her rates — $300 an hour — and then went back and watched the free demo film for non-members.

“Dinner’s getting cold.”

I turned the laptop back to face T. We ate our dinner as we chatted. My cell phone rang. It was R. He made up some story asking where the grater was but I knew he was checking on me. I was as rude as possible without going overboard.

It’s a scene that won’t soon be forgotten. Through the trees and looking out through the mountain peaks is a glorious sunset. Their faces turn a beautiful shade of orange and pink as the sunset reflects on them. The sun shines through the clouds sending rays of light bursting into the sky above them. The Aspens have turned lovely shades of yellow and orange. They provide a beautiful complement to the shades of the sky. Hand in hand they walk the rest of the way up the trail toward their log cabin. They stop periodically to watch the sunset progress. From further up they can see the reflection of the sun on the lake. There is no way that there could be anything more beautiful in all the world than this.

Trent and Amber are enjoying their first anniversary together. The fast-paced life of the west coast prompted them to take their vacation in the solace of the Rocky Mountains. This trip had been all they imagined it would be. Everything from gorgeous scenery, tourist shops and time together. If they weren’t careful, they could get used to this kind of life. Trent would be able to retire from the military in about twenty-five years. Amber was enjoying the benefits of military life by staying home.

Trent stood behind Amber staring at the last few glimpses of the sunset. Soon, it would be dark. Nothing to look at but the stars in the black, mountain sky. He wrapped his arms around her waist and squeezed her gently. He rested his head over her shoulder. Their cheeks touching as they watched the sun set. The sun seemed to be applauding itself by giving them one, big finale. The sky was bright with blues, pinks and oranges. As the colors slowly turned to black, Trent and Amber shared a romantic kiss under the stars.

They turned back up the trail. Right behind them was their magical get-a-way. A huge log cabin all to themselves. This was no ordinary one bedroom cabin, it was a luxury suite in the mountains of Colorado. Celebrities would kill to be here. A huge wrap around porch gave them a near 360 degree view of the mountains around them. A beautiful walkway connected the porch to a deck. On the deck was a huge hot tub, with water sitting at a sultry 100 degrees. They held hands as they walked into the house. Ceilings vaulted into the air more than 20 feet. Huge beams of wood held the home together. The most modern decorations in the kitchen; stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. A fire place with a stone face, stretches to the ceiling. Leather furniture and a huge bear skin rug on the floor. Every single room in the house, Trent and Amber had made good use of.

Trent flipped on their favorite Pandora station. The house had such a great vibe. Amber started preparing some wine as Trent slipped upstairs. He threw on his swim trunks and headed back down stairs. As he came back into the kitchen he began to ask Amber a question, but she interrupted him.

“Wow! Look at you, sexy.”

His military lifestyle had given him a very nice body for Amber to look at. His pecs were large enough for Amber to enjoy, but not too large. His abs rippled down his torso. He had that great “V” shape leading toward his crotch. Everything about him in those swim trunks looked good.

“Thanks,” he said with a sly grin. “How about you run upstairs and throw on your bikini. Let’s hang on the deck for a little while.”

“Great idea.”

Amber made her way upstairs to get in to her bikini. Trent moved quickly. He had stashed over 100 candles in a small cabinet in the kitchen. He grabbed all of them in one swoop. With wine, candles and a lighter in hand, he headed out the door. The cool, night air made his hair stand on end. It was just cold enough that the hot water in the hot tub would feel extra good. He quickly set the candles out all over the deck and around the hot tub. He began lighting them all like a giant birthday cake. Hundreds of candles were lit under the dark, Colorado night. Looking up, you could see nothing but the tops of evergreens and the stars. It was a perfect night and no one within miles of them.

After a few minutes of waiting in the hot tub, Amber appeared through the french doors. She came walking across the platform deck. Her face lit up when she saw the beautiful scene.

“Trent, it’s absolutely perfect. This is amazing.”

“Yes, it is. Only perfection for the perfect.”

Oh, he was such a charmer.

“So, what do you have under that robe?”

Amber’s eyes closed slightly. She stared at him with such a sexy look on her face. Her long, blonde hair was straight and hung down over her chest. She raised her arms and began to pull back the robe. Slipping it off over her shoulders, she let it fall down slowly off her body. Each inch was like torture to Trent. Watching her body appear as if by magic from under that robe held him in a trance. A bright pink and white, floral bikini appeared. Her triangle tops did little to hold in her perfect D breasts. They had turned out to be a rather useful birthday gift. Her thong bottoms did very little to cover her bare pussy and allowed anyone in view to see all of her ass. In the light, she stood for Trent, allowing him to soak in her tanned, beautiful body.

She slowly stepped down into the water. Trent held her hand for balance. As she slipped into the water, she found herself on top of Trent. Their lips found a way to stay busy without talking. Their lips caught in a lover’s wrestling match. Trent bit Amber’s lower lip and sucked on it. Their tongues found their way to each other. Each one straining to kiss the other one more and more. Amber sat to the side of Trent and leaned back against the hot tub. She laid her head back, looking up at the stars. Trent grabbed a glass of wine and took a sip. He and Amber shared a small drink of wine together.

Amber looked up at the stars again and her chest shimmered in the moon light. Trent was very turned on by this point. He allowed a small drip of wine to fall out of his glass onto her chest. She jumped in surprise, but Trent was there to quickly lick it off. The taste was electrifying. He set his glass down and started kissing her neck. Her throat was so tempting to him. Amber’s hands made their way onto the back of Trent’s head. She rubbed his hair as he moved down her body. Trent kissed her on her shoulders working his way out to both. He came back to the middle and started kissing down her chest. Soon he was between her breasts. He looked up to see if she was reacting to his advances. She was looking right at him. She squeezed her arms together a little and squeezed his face in between her breasts. She began rubbing her neck with her own hand. She slid her hand under the strap of her bikini top and moved it down toward her breast. Trent had moved just below the line of her bikini top and was working his way down. His chin was now in the water. Amber was squeezing both of her tits together with her hands. She was visibly excited. That’s when she looked down at Trent and said

“Let’s make love. I never want to forget what tonight feels like.”

Trent put his arms under her back and lifted her out of the water. He set her on the edge of the hot tub and deck. Amber leaned back and rested her weight on one arm. With the other she slipped her bikini top off and around her tits. Her nipples pierced the cool air. They stood erect at the temperature. Her tits looked like two perfect mountain peaks. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her chest. As he continued to stare at her breasts, he kissed his way down her stomach. Her lean stomach was fun to kiss. His hands worked their way up to her tits. He began rubbing them together and massaging her nipples in his hands. His mouth was right on top of her bikini bottom. The pink and white fabric was soft against his face, but he wanted to feel something different against his face.

Amber spread her legs for him. He pulled away, only long enough to move his hands down her dripping, wet body. She was a shimmering treasure on the deck. Trent felt he had to earn the right to be with someone so gorgeous. His hands moved down her waist and to the tie on the side of her bikini bottom. He untied it and slid her bottoms off. He threw them into the hot tub. Amber then untied her top and flung it into the water as well. Amber placed her heels on the edge of the hot tub with her legs spread. Trent bent over in front of her, only his top half showing above the water. He kissed his way down her right thigh and to her pussy. He kissed and licked across her pussy long enough to make Amber moan. She lifted herself up off her bracing arm and began massaging her tits. Her other hand stroked Trent’s hair and pressed him closer to her pussy. Trent teased her and began kissing up her left thigh. Amber let out a gasp of air. She looked up to the sky. The stars twinkled as if they were the unseen, third party peeking in on their most intimate moment.

Trent moved back down her thigh and toward her pussy. His tongue separated her pussy lips with precision and skill. She was only twenty-three years old and her pussy was so tight. Trent massaged her pussy with his fingers while masterfully licking her clit. Her bare pussy left her open to so many sensations and thrills. There was nothing better than feeling his tongue in between her legs. Trent pushed her left leg closed. Then he tucked her up on the deck so that her knees were close to her chest. Her pussy and ass were peeking out between her legs. Trent began licking her pussy again. The angle on her pussy sent new chills all through Amber’s body. Her left hand moved to her ass and she grabbed her ass cheek. She pulled it up, revealing a little more of herself to Trent. He began licking all the way to her ass. His tongue, perfectly placed, was driving Amber wild. She began to spread her legs again. Trent’s tongue was a little longer than average. He slipped it inside her pussy. Her juices began flowing out of her. If Trent didn’t know better, he would think she was cumming. He continued poking his tongue into her pussy. His fingers flicked across her clit. Her breath was now in a fast rhythm. Trent knew she was getting close. He turned his head so that his tongue could work her entire pussy. His fingers continued to work her clit. His tongue massaged her pussy.

Amber was on the edge of orgasm. This was the best oral sex she had ever had. She reached down with her left arm and began rubbing his hair again. She pushed his head into place to give her the best feelings possible. Her curled up position gave her new opportunities as well. She looked down and saw her tits shaking with delight. She pulled her breasts up to her mouth and began to suck her own nipples. She flicked her tongue across them. Her nipples were extremely sensitive. She sucked them hard and flicked her tongue across them. Trent’s tongue was driving her crazy. She couldn’t contain herself any longer. Her legs slowly spread further apart. She rolled over to her back. Her arms stretched out straight, pressed her tits together. Her hands pressing Trent’s face into her pussy and clit. She spread her legs around his head and placed her feet on his back. Her pelvis began rocking up and down. She was pressing herself into him now. She wasn’t being a passive participant, she was fucking him back. The thrill was too much. She arched her back, hands moving up to her tits. She squeezed them and let go.

“Oh god. I’m cumming. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Suck me, Trent. Suck me. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

Her clit hardened and her pussy released more juice. Her entire body was rocked with an intense orgasm. Amber rocked her body against Trent’s tongue for what seemed like an eternity. Her feet had braced him in between her legs. There was no escape. He just kept licking. Her juices ran down his mouth and chin. Her grip slowly began to release. Foot prints left in Trent’s back would go away eventually. The nail marks on the back of his head would be gone soon as well. Her arms relaxed to her sides. Her legs slipped into the water. Trent lovingly let her take it all in. Her body enjoying the last few waves of pleasure.

“Damn, Trent. You are amazing. I just came on your face.”

“You’re welcome. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, baby. Now, what can I do for you to return the favor?”

Trent was standing in the water. Amber noticed his dick. It was clearly fighting to get out of his swim trunks. She began to untie them. The smile on Trent’s face said it all. Slowly she slid them down his legs. She flung them into the water, joining her bikini floating on the top of the water. Amber positioned herself in front of Trent. His 7-inch dick penetrated the cold, Colorado air.

“Let me help you with that.”

Amber leaned forward and took his dick into her mouth. She could taste that he wasn’t going to need a lot of foreplay. His dick had already started to cum a little. She looked up at him. The moon light bounced off of his chiseled body. She rubbed up and down his torso. Her mouth massaged the little bit of cum right out of his dick. She began stroking the length of his dick with her tongue. When she got to the top, she started to pull away. A string of cum swayed in the wind, attached to her tongue and the head of his dick. She slurped it up for him. But she didn’t want to leave out his balls.

She laid down with her back on the deck. Her head hung out over the water and under Trent’s balls. With her right hand she fondled her clit. Her legs rocked back and forth. With her left hand, she rubbed up and down Trent’s legs. Trent reached down and massaged her tits. He brought his right leg up onto the deck beside her. Amber opened her mouth wide and took his balls into her mouth. She massaged both balls with her tongue. Trent was so turned on he began to stroke his cock. Amber was masturbating and sucking his balls. He was so turned on he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He dipped his balls into Amber’s mouth one more time before slowly pulling out.

“I don’t want to ruin this perfect evening in any way, Amber. But to be honest, I’m really ready to fuck you.”

“I’m ready for you to fuck me too. How do you want me? You can have me any way you want.”

By this time, Amber was sitting up on the deck. Her legs crossed underneath her. She was looking at Trent with her sexy eyes. Her blonde hair flowing down over her body. She was slowly massaging one of her tits just to keep the tension up.

“I want you on top of me in the water.”

“You got it.”

They slipped back into the water. The ripples from the jets bouncing the water up onto their bodies. Trent sat on a seat in the hot tub. Amber positioned herself on top of him. She spread her legs over him and helped guide his dick into her pussy. As he was going in, Amber’s eyes rolled back and closed. Her mouth opened and her head dropped back. Her tits were right in his face. The moon light was giving him just the right amount of light to see his bride. She began going up and down on his dick. Her pussy aching for sex. His dick throbbing for action. His hands grabbed onto her ass. He helped her move up and down in the water. Her tits bounced up and down in his face with the rhythm of their love making. Amber leaned toward Trent, bracing herself on the deck behind Trent’s head. She twisted herself and pressed her tits into his face. He sucked her tits and nipples willingly. Her nipples were so hard. The combination of sex and the cool air was keeping them very perky.

Amber threw her head from side to side. Trent simply enjoyed the view and ride. Trent’s hands began making their way all around Amber’s body. He was rubbing her back and thighs. He tugged at her tits and even gave her hair a little tug. It was the tug that brought out Amber’s wild side.

“Oh yeah. Fuck. If that’s how you want it, give it to me that way. You’re the boss.”

In one smooth motion, Trent picked her up and set her again on the edge of the hot tub. He turned her around and got behind her. Her legs naturally spread a little and he could see her wide open pussy. He slid his dick right back into her. Her arms braced herself on the edge of the deck. Trent grabbed the back of her hair and pulled a little.

“Oh, Trent. I like it like that. Ooh yeah.”

Trent wasn’t in the water anymore. He was free to really thrust into her. He fucked her from behind mercilessly. His balls slapped up on to Amber’s clit from behind. He was so deep inside of her. He was starting to touch magical places inside of Amber’s pussy. She was getting more and more wet. She was also getting more and more wild. With almost every breath, she was screaming his name or screaming something.

“Oh, Trent. You’re such a good fuck. Right there baby. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right there. Keep fucking me right there.”

Without warning, Amber’s body exploded in another orgasm. She braced herself against his thrusting. Her pussy began to ooze with cum. Her body was riding the waves of ecstasy. Her tits were swaying with each thrust of Trent’s dick against her G-spot.

“Oh, fuck! Oh god! Shit.”

Trent had done something that had eluded him in their previous year of marriage. He made her cum while inside of her. From the doggy style position, Amber turned to look at him.

“Shit you’re a good fuck. I feel so fucking good right now. You have made me the happiest woman on the planet. Fuck me any way you want. I just want you to have the best orgasm of your life.”

“Can I please fuck you in the ass?”

“Fuck yeah. Let’s give it a try.”

Trent flipped her over and let her lay down with her back on the deck. She grabbed underneath her knees and pulled them up toward her chest. Trent slipped his fingers into her pussy. He got them nice and wet.

“Want a taste?”

“Hell yeah.”

Trent took some of Amber’s juices to her and she licked them off of his fingers. She was so wet, her pussy was dripping all over her ass. It was simple for Trent to massage her ass with some of her own cum. Trent slowly stuck the head of his cock onto the edge of her ass. He could see her pussy pounding from her orgasm when he looked down. Nice and easy, one baby step at a time, Trent inched his way into her ass. Amber started to finger herself. Her juices came rushing out when she opened her pussy. Juices rolled down over Trent’s cock and helped him slip in further. Then, he pulled out. Then, back in. Out, then back in. Out, then back in. Pretty soon, he had a rhythm. He looked down and watched Amber finger fuck herself while his cock disappeared into her tight, little ass hole. He started thrusting in and out. Amber’s breath quickened. Her moans let him know she was doing good. Better than good, she was great.

Amber sat up on her elbows and started to thrust herself onto Trent’s cock. By now, Trent was really fucking her hard. His cock pounding into her ass and his groin slamming into her clit. Soon, Amber was up on both of her hands. Her knees were up under her elbows. Her tits were once again in Trent’s face. He started sucking on her tits. He reached behind and grabbed the small of her back. Her pressed her down onto his cock even further. She began to let go again.

“Oh fuck yeah, Trent. Fuck my ass. Oh god you feel so good to me tonight. Fuck me. Fuck me good. Don’t be a pussy. Fuck me.”

Trent couldn’t contain himself anymore. Every military muscle in his body was being used. He was going in and out of her ass as fast as he could. His abs strained to keep up with his pace. His breath made it sound like he was running a marathon. He looked down one more time. Amber was finger fucking her pussy. He could feel her fingers inside of her. He thrust as fast he could. His muscles aching. Amber cried out to him, giving him the confidence in his love making abilities that he needed.

“Shit, Trent. I’m never going to forget tonight. Fuck, fuck, fuck……”

Her words trailed off as she barely had any breath left. Her head fell back and she looked up into the sky. Trent sucked her tits one more time and released them. He watched them bounce in his face. His body ached. His cock was throbbing. He couldn’t hold it in any longer.

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