Zoe was working second shift at the coffee shop that was inside the local book store, and was excited to see Tristan coming in that day, hoping that he was there mostly to see her. They had chatted a few times, and Zoë thought he was cute but didn’t know if he was into her. Tristan came in and saw Zoë making mocha for the only customer that was in the coffee shop. He walked over to her and asked for her to make him one as well. Zoë smiled and said “sure thing.”

Tristan asked her when she was going to go on break. She said

“In about 10 minutes, why do you ask?” He said “well if you’re up for it come sit with me for a bit.” Zoë smiled as she got goose bumps all over her body.

Zoë was wearing a button up purple blouse that showed just how perky her breasts were and a black mini skirt that showed the curve of her ass. Her hair was brown with red high lights, and it came to her mid back. Tristan thought she had the prettiest blue eye he had ever seen, thinking they were like the deep blue ocean. As she walked over he could feel his cock getting hard. She sat down across from him, sipping on her coffee.

“So how has work been Tristan?” She asked him.

“Well you know same old same old.” Tristan said. “How have things been with you?” Tristan asked.

“Just been working and hanging out at home. Been pretty bored lately.” Zoë replied.

“Maybe I can help you with that.” Said Tristan

Zoë smiled and softly licked her lips and said “maybe I will take you up on that.”

They sat there and chatted for a few more minutes, and soon after that Kim came in to start her shift, though Zoë still had two more hours before she would get off work. So she stayed sitting there with Tristan while Kim got clocked in and put away her bag. Soon enough, Zoë had to go to the bathroom from all the coffee she had drank since her shift started. She told Tristan she would be back, to which he gave her a little grin and said

“If you need some help let me know.” He smiled at her as she got up and walked to the restroom, making sure she put a little extra wiggle in her walk, knowing that his eyes were glued to her ass.

She stopped after a few steps and turned around and said “you know the way!”

Zoë went into the restroom and took care of her business, and as she was washing her hands, the door opened up and Tristan walked in. He walked up to Zoë from behind and started to kiss her neck, slipping his hands around her waist and sliding them up, caressing and rubbing her breasts, feeling her nipples get hard under his hands. She could feel his cock growing harder and harder against her ass as Tristan slowly moved his hand down to her thighs, sliding her little black shirt up to expose her perfect round ass. She was wearing lacy black thongs that made her ass looks so good, and Tristan kept his eyes glued to her ass as he moved his hands up to undo her blouse, reveling her breasts, so firm and perky. He was so turned on that she was not wearing a bra. He dropped her blouse to the floor and turned her around kissing her lips so softly, while she began to rub his hard cock through his pants as he kissed her down to her breasts, taking first one nipple, then the other into his mouth. He slowly moved his hand up her skirt and pulled down her thong, taking a moment to admire her shaved pussy and getting even harder from looking at her juices dripping from her. He picked her up and sat her on the counter and moved his hands up her inner thighs and rubbed her clit softly at first, then slightly harder, letting her body language guide him, while she moaned softly.

He got down on his knees and started to lick her pussy, moving his tongue all around her clit, sucking and licking. Zoë moaned louder, as she could feel her juices coming out and into his mouth. He slid one finger in slowly and then a second one, while he continued sucking and nibbling on her clit. Moving his fingers down, he started to rub her asshole, slowly sliding a finger in. She wanted to feel him inside of her so badly. She grabs his head and pulls him up to her and kisses him, tasting her own juices on his tongue. She reached down and unbuttoned his pants, and pulled his fully erect cock out. She got down from the counter, pushing him against the wall, and sliding to her knees, and wraps her soft lips around his cock, massaging his balls as she slid her mouth up and down his shaft. Using her tongue she traced the head of his cock, moving slowly and then fast, making him want to explode in her mouth.

He pulls her to her feet and kisses her passionately. She melts in his arm. She whispers in his ear

“I want to feel you inside of me.”

Tristan picks her up holding, and holds her between him and the wall. He slides his big hard cock into her tight, hot, wet pussy. She moaned with excitement, as he moved slowly while he his holding her up with his big strong arms, taking turns kissing her neck and her lips as he slides his cock deep inside her. He takes his cock out and puts her down, then guides her over to the sink and bends her over the counter. Tristan rubs her ass checks and says

“God your ass is perfect, so soft and round.”

He then slides his cock back into her pussy, moving faster. She could feel his balls hitting her clit and it felt so good to her. He kept fucking her from behind and soon began to take his finger and play with her asshole again. Zoë know he is going to make her cum, and cum hard. No man has ever made her feel this good. As he slid a finger in her ass, she moaned loudly. She does not care at this point if someone walks in.

“Tristan, god your cock feels so damn good.” She moans again as he’s fingering her ass and fucking her hot pussy.

“I want to feel you cum all over my hard cock!”

He began to fuck her pussy harder and faster, still playing in her asshole, and soon he could feel her pussy getting tighter around his cock. He knows she is going to explode her hot juices all over him.

“Fuck me harder, Oh god yes, that’s it baby!”

He keeps pounding away not sure if he can hold out much longer. She yells out with pleasure as she cums all over his cock, trembling with the best orgasm she’s ever had. Smiling at her in the mirror, Tristan said

“I want to cum in your ass”

“It’s ready for you.” she replied.

Tristan takes his hard, wet cock out of her pussy and rubs the head of it on her asshole, slowly spreading her own juices on her ass to lube the way. He slowly starts to slide it in her asshole, an inch at a time, giving her time to get used to the feel of his big cock, and it feels so good. He had in half way in when she starts to rub her pussy, and she can already feel herself about to cum again. He keeps moving in and out until she has all of him in her ass. He begins to move faster as she plays with her pussy.

“Damn girl you feel so good.” he says to her.

“You’re going to make me cum!” He says.

“Oh god yes, please cum in my ass!!” she moaned.

As he moves faster and harder, she can feel his cock about to explode in her, swelling to an ever greater size tan it already was. She is so turned on, and she desperately wants to cum with him.

“Oh god Tristan you’re going to make me cum again.” She cried.

He is pounding away and his balls are hitting her pussy, adding even more stimulation to her clit.

“Tell me when Zoë, I want to cum with you.”

They both moan loudly together.

“Oh god, cum in my ass!”

They both came at the same time. As they stand there his cock still in her ass, trying to catch their breath. Someone knocks on the bathroom door.

“Hey Zoë are you almost done in there?” Kim asked from the other side of the door.

“Um yeah, is everything OK?” She said to Kim.

“Yeah but we can hear you two out here.”

Both Tristan and Zoë laughed as they cleaned themselves up and got dressed. Tristan grabbed Zoë and kissed her long and soft. She loved the feeling of his lips on hers. He looked at her and said “I would really like to see you again, can I take you out for dinner, let’s say Thursday night?”

“Sorry Tristan I have to work, but I’m free Sunday.”

He looked into her beautiful eyes and said “It’s a date.” Good how about I meet you here, say about 7 pm?” He kissed her again just as they walked out the bathroom, and said “I will see you then.”

I want to make love to you in a red room. In a field, in a thunderstorm, in the underbelly of a clock- I want to make love to you. You are here, though- in my own room. There’s something really hot about you having me in my own bed, rather than a hotel room or the middle of a field.

You sneak through the window so my housemates don’t know you’re here- It’s been a year since I’ve seen you- for we have no chances. You live thousands of miles away from me. But you are here now! You smile at me, gently- the smile of a lover. Your eyes shine and your lips beg me to kiss them. I burst into tears at the sight of you. Here you are in my own room. I breathe your name, over and over.

“Hello, dear,” you say.

I can whisper nothing except:

“I love you.”

Your face blushes in a way that gives me immense pleasure. “And I love you, I love you so much.”

You take me by the arms, pull me against your body- the only body I love more than my own- and kiss me. Your lips are hot and needy- the lips of someone who hasn’t been kissed in a year. You kiss me badly, but remember quickly. Even though I am the only person home, I lock the door. Soon your lips recall all of what they did a year ago, and they awaken mine. Your tongue seeks refuge between my lips and I allow it- our tongues dance, sliding against each other, caressing- you suck on my tongue and I groan. I’ve been hot all day thinking about this.

Your arms encircle me and clutch me to you. I can feel the beginning of your arousal-the one which gave you such shame the last time. Your mouth latches onto my neck, suckling, marking my pallid skin. I whisper your name like a prayer and you gaze at me with the eyes that capture the emotion of love better than all others.

I hold you close; I run my fingers through your hair and begin to unbutton your shirt. It falls from your form effortlessly. I run my hands across the smooth skin of your chest and my lips kiss you tenderly behind the ears and along your jaw. Sighs escape you, and I feel your hands on my hips. I am wearing my pajamas- some shorts and a tank top. I’m not in any sexy lingerie- I’m not wearing underwear. This is me as I normally am and you love me. I remove my tank top and press myself against you with passion, loving your naked skin and mine together. I can feel my nipples hardening against your chest. You hold my breasts in your hands and give me this look asking for permission. You don’t need to ask.

My breasts are small and they fit in the palm of your hands. You kiss one of the nipples with the innocent curiosity I find so damn arousing. You kneel before me as if you’re to propose to me- and suck on my little bud, your eyes peering at me from below, begging for my acceptance. You’re so easy to please.

“The other one,” I manage to gasp, and your hand plays with one breast while your mouth teases another. I love how your tongue flicks my nipple right before you start sucking again. You bite me slightly, and I moan. I’m so wet; my juices are building up inside of me. I need you to touch me there. I need you. I pull your pants down. You still have your boxers on, stifling and enflaming my need to see you. I need to see your naked arousal- the arousal that I gave you.

You push me down on the bed, and you do something you’ve never done to me before, right there on the bed I sleep on every night- my parent’s room right down the hall. The bed I masturbate in, thinking of you. You whisper the words “I love you” into my skin, and I know that you mean them. I whisper them back, little moans and gasps as you tease my body- all of it- except for where I want you to. You trail kisses and moans down my lithe little body, helpless in your arms. I spread my legs for you. Someone has told you this dirty little secret since I last met you. You curious child, you want to try it out. I feel air as my legs spread farther, separating the hot wetness of my lips. I see your head in my curls, your curious eyes shining back at me, making me weak. You stare at me scandalously as you let your tongue touch my sex for the first time. I bite my lip, watching you go down on me- now lapping at me like a cat laps at milk. I want you to consume me.

You suck on my cunt and I moan, I moan your name and a bunch of scandalous things like “please” and “don’t stop”. I feel the texture of your tongue as it probes my wetness, teases it. I go to pieces when you find my clit and suck on it. You roll it around in your teeth, guessing as you always do at what to do. I feel my orgasm lurking behind me. Every motion you make, your long arms coming up and playing with my breasts as you eat me out, your eyes fixed on me and the faces I must be making- everything about it makes me that much closer. I don’t realize that I’m grinding against your face, until the moment right before I come, and seeing my juices all over you- your questioning, innocent eyes- drives me there.

After I’ve calmed down, I kiss you and pull off your boxers. You lay against me tenderly, just feeling my nakedness against yours. I lay before you and before you can protest about how degrading it is to me, I take your cock, hard and throbbing into my mouth. Oh it tastes good I love it. I bob my head down and hear your groans deep in your being- your moans of pleasure as they call my name, you make the most scandalous faces in pleasure. You say the most scandalous things. You elicit the most scandalous noises. You are very much like a woman.

I tease the tip of your length with my tongue, loving those sounds you try to stifle with your hands. You shudder when I take as much of you as I can in my mouth, I tease you with my tongue, just loving your taste, loving your moans, loving you and wanting to make you feel good. You’re sobbing something I can’t quite make out until one final cry reaches my ears.

“Stop, love! Stop or I’ll come!”

I let go of your cock and watch it bounce before me out of my mouth. I pump you just to hear your moans, and then I stop.

I climb on top of you and watch as your eyes go wide. I slide your cock slowly into me, and relax myself, loving the feeling of your being inside me. I cry at it, because it’s you- just like the first time. I start rocking myself on your cock, plunging up and down, impaling myself. I need you. You watch with fixation as my breasts bob up and down. You move to meet my thrusts. I bend over to kiss you and I feel you thrust inside me before tackling me and forcing me beneath you. You’re making love to me, crying my name, tears of pleasure running down your face- (so sensitive) and your hands envelop me and hold me against you as you give a couple of the last slow thrusts. Accidentally, you slip out of me, and when you put yourself back in, I can’t stand anymore and we come at the same time, exhausted, our juices mingling. We have made love to each other again, the second time. I see your semen on my bedspread and I feel such pleasure it makes me weak. We are in each other’s arms until morning.

A few months ago, I dated a girl who was everything I could have asked for sexually. She was raw, she was passionate, and she liked sex even more than I did. We had planned a weekend getaway together. It wasn’t really a vacation but just a couple of days where we had no obligations, and we were going to use every minute of it in bed. We had booked a hotel room in a nearby city which was close enough so that we didn’t have to drive very far, but far enough to feel like we “got away.”

I was already excited when we got there. I sat on a couch, trying to find something in one of my bags, and watched her as she checked in. My eyes traveled down her body. Her jeans were very tight, so tight I could almost imagine she had nothing on. It showed every curve of her ass and I found myself fantasizing about kissing those butt cheeks. I just wanted to put my mouth on every part of her body, whether it be kissing or licking or sucking.

She turned around and caught me staring at her ass. I couldn’t help but linger on it for a second before I met her eyes and gave her a smile. I couldn’t say it out loud in the hotel lobby, but in my head I told her, “You are going to get fucked.” I think she knew what I was thinking, though, since she returned my smile with a smile of her own that suggested that she was waiting for me to do just that.

We made our way to the hotel room and went inside. There was a sitting area with a TV and a mini-bar, and a door that led to the bedroom. We dropped our bags down on the floor, and while she settled down in an overstuffed seat I continued to look through my bag for whatever it was that I was looking for. After a few minutes I gave up and sat next to our stuff on the floor. She was watching me from her chair, and as our eyes met I couldn’t wait any longer. I crawled over on my hands and knees to where she was sitting, spread her legs so I could get up closer, and knelt until we were eye level.

I caressed her waist. “This is going to be so fun,” I murmured into her mouth, smiling.

“Mmm,” she agreed, and we kissed passionately. Unfortunately, right then there was a knock on the door. It was a maid bringing up some extra towels we had requested. We thanked her and shut the door behind her. We left the towels in the sitting room, and I took her by the hand and led her into the bedroom, looking over my shoulder and devouring her with my eyes. Without breaking stride, she pushed me onto the queen sized bed and I pulled her on top of me. There was a slight pause, that moment right before you kiss, and then her mouth was on mine and all I could feel was her tongue inside my mouth, warm and wet as she caressed my tongue with her own.

We kissed each other hungrily while our hands ran over each other’s bodies. Soon I was out of breath and moaning into her mouth. I spread my legs wider and rubbed my aching pussy up into her hip, desperate for some kind of contact with my clit. She slipped her thigh between my legs and pressed it in hard. I gasped and threw my head back. She took the opportunity to start making out with the side of my neck. I started shivering as her tongue hit those sensitive spots over and over again. She flipped me over on my belly and resumed kissing me on the back of my neck. “You’ve got goose bumps,” she said, running her fingers down my arm.

“Don’t stop,” I begged. “It feels so good.”

She continued kissing and licking my neck while I shook and gasped. I turned over on my back and kissed her with double the passion, our mouths opened wide against each others’ and our tongues as far into each others’ mouths as they could go. She broke the kiss and pulled my shirt up until my bra was exposed. It was turquoise, lacy, and very small, and she pulled it down to let my breasts hang out freely. She took one of my nipples into her mouth and sucked on it gently while she flicked the tip of her tongue over it. I hissed as a sharp wave of pleasure went through my body. I pulled my shirt the rest of the way off, and took the moment to unfasten my bra and throw it on the ground beside the bed.

She resumed licking and sucking on my nipples while she pinched the other one roughly. I pushed down on her shoulders to try to get her to go down lower, and she seemed about to but she wasn’t done with my breasts yet. She sat and straddled my hips so she could massage my boobs in both hands. I pulled her shirt off and squeezed her tits through her bra. They fit so perfectly in my hands, just the right size for me to squeeze. She lowered her head and kissed her way down my stomach, where she paused to pull off my pants before she settled down in between my legs. She licked and sucked first on my left hip bone and then on my right, which caused me to moan like she was going down on me. She pulled my thong down just enough so she could lick my mound, then kissed her way along my inner thighs. I begged her with my eyes to lick my pussy, but she continued to torture me like that for what felt like an hour but in reality was probably only a few minutes.

Finally she pulled my panties off and I spread my legs wide in anticipation. I could feel how wet I was, so wet that my juices were running all the way down into my crack. She mouth latched onto my clit and she flicked her tongue over it, giving me what I had been waiting for. I looked down and saw her watching me as she ate me out. Putting her hands underneath my ass, she pulled my pussy into her face and tongue-thrashed my clit. My fingers threaded through her hair as I ground my pussy into her face.

“Close your mouth,” I said, and she complied. I held her head and rubbed my clit against her closed mouth. Her face soon got wet with all my juices, and I pulled her up roughly and kissed her. Our mouths stuck together slightly from the wetness, and I licked it all off my lips and hers. It made me hungry for her taste. I pushed her over so she was on her back and hurriedly pulled off the rest of her clothes except for her bra. I leaned down and inhaled her scent. She was so wet. I held her pussy lips open and ran my tongue along her slit from back to front, then back again. It was so erotic I lost control of any technique. I dug my tongue in deeper into her slit, licking and sucking whatever flesh my mouth came in contact with. When I pulled my head back to catch my breath, there was a string of pussy juice connecting her pussy to my right cheek.

I ran my tongue in soft circles around her clit. I didn’t even need to pull any of the skin back, her clit was so hard that it was sticking out and easy to lick. I dipped my tongue in the pool of wetness around her hole and resumed my attention on her clit. I played with her for a little while, flicking my tongue over the sides of her clit instead of the top just to see what kind of a reaction I would get. Then I took her clit into my mouth and flicked her clit in earnest, alternating between sucking and licking. I felt her pussy gushing wetness onto my chin. She moaned louder and louder until she started convulsing, screaming something in Spanish while she maintained a death grip on my head.

She then pushed my head away, breathing heavily. I looked down at her pussy. I swear to God, I have never seen anyone get so wet. It was all over the bed beneath her, juices were spread thickly over her entire pussy and a good portion of her inner thighs. It was like an explosion had happened. I moved my way up her body and kissed her. She sucked the juice off my tongue.

We kissed heavily for a few minutes, sucking each others’ tongues, until she rolled over so that she was on top of me again. She placed her pussy on top of mine so that she was sitting on my hips and immediately started grinding. I gripped her by the hips and rubbed my pussy against hers so that we created a rhythm together. Her bra had come off at some point when I hadn’t noticed and I reached up and squeezed her breasts as they bounced up and down. Soon we both could hear the sound of wetness coming from our pussies grinding against each other. She reached down and opened her pussy lips as she rubbed her clit almost frantically against my pussy. I could feel how hard her clit was again. I looked up at her face and saw that she had already been watching me, her face contorted in pleasure and excitement and her breath coming in short pants. She was rubbing my chest in between my breasts. I readjusted the angle I was grinding her with, which put even more friction onto our clits. She moaned loudly, almost a scream, and stopped moving. She hunched over so her face was up against my neck while I held her hips and rubbed my pussy as hard as I could onto hers. “Don’t stop,” she begged me, and her body quivered before she screamed and let loose with her second orgasm that just went on and on. I fucked her through it, moaning myself at the intensity of her orgasm that she was having.

Eventually her body relaxed and she fell onto the bed beside me, completely wiped out. I still hadn’t gotten off yet, but I knew there was going to be plenty of time later. And that is something I will save for another story.

She woke. Looking into the angry red glare of the alarm clock she wondered why she was awake at 4:13 am. The bed moved. And again… She lay still with her eyes open trying to keep from disturbing her mate. The bed moved again and a groan was heard. She smile acknowledging the rhythm that the bed had began moving with and the gasps of her lover.

Being turned away from her partner, hearing and feeling the motion of the bed she clenched her thighs around her body pillow. As the momentum from the other side of the bed built she ground her now throbbing clit against the seam of the pillow. Slowly at first then faster as she felt her partner work towards climax. She knew now that if her partner wasn’t lost in the throws of pleasure that they’d notice her humping her pillow.

“Uhhng.” She let slip as she ground hard against her stuffed partner.

She slid a hand between her thighs as she bit a finger from her opposing hand to keep silent. What the hell was she doing? If she just turned over she could touch a real live, warm, delicious, body hers for the taking.But to listen… oh to listen to her lover fucking themselves was so arousing she couldn’t help but enjoy the near voyeurism of it.

She slid her tongue across the ridge her teeth had left as she worked two digits between her slick folds, toying with her tingling edges. She stilled just at the brink of her tight eager pit as she felt the bed next to her convulse under the ecstasy of her partner. She let go an exasperated gasp knowing it was all over before it began for her.

To ease her aching nethers she clenched and unclenched her thighs around her fingers and pillow moving as little as possible in hopes of cooling down without experiencing the hard ache that a sudden stop left. She felt her bed mate roll over.

If only they would fall asleep fast, she too could find her bliss. Again this was all crazy! She should just roll over and take them. Demand it, taste them, feel them, breath them, become one with them. But no… It seemed wrong, like she’d discovered a secret they wanted to keep.

Sucking on the finger she had chosen to keep her quiet, she began to slip the hand between her thighs away letting her hopes of self indulgence leave her. In her motion a warmth engulfed her hand causing her to yelp in surprise. A hand covered her mouth pulling her head back firmly as the warmth over her hand forced it back between her thighs diligently working her own fingers between the folds of her slick satin warmth.

Startled, she calmed herself knowing that this was her beloved. She drew in a breath behind the hand that covered her mouth flexing against the dual thickness of the fingers inside her. Her two accompanied by her partners atop them while her sweet tormentor ground themselves hotly against her cool ass, thrilled her.

Laying in the dark seeing only the red glow of the clock she lost herself in the forced flicks of her fingers via her lovers, nay, takers. At this point it was clear that she wasn’t being loved, she was being conquered and forcefully as her partner worked her faster and harder sliding her hand away to unroll a third finger and force it along with their own inside her. It was almost too much but to feel the demanding wetness grinding against her backside spurred her wanton pussy into a frenzy.

She bucked, working her ass against the wet hot desire behind her and against the hands that worked inside her. The instigator of her pleasure groaned, moaned and bit her sharply. In a moment of overwhelm the hand over her mouth slid to bind itself with her now sex wild hair, pulling her roughly against them. She cried out only to have her conqueror jerk her tighter still, forcing more than she thought she could take inside her. Grinding and stuffing and pulling and biting, she’d only dreamed of such abuse in such a sweet way.

Easing down the back of her body, she felt her tormentor slide forcing her beneath them as they still manipulated her own fingers like enchanted puppets. Spread open to the cool air she felt the magmatic heat of lips and tongue pulling at her clit, spilling her head against the pillows with a gasp ridden cry. The mouth worked her, the hand that held hers captive forced her open to make room for tongue. The fight was over. Her toes curled, her body no longer her own as she lifted her hips grinding against the efforts below begging for more.

It came. The orgasm came so fast that there was no holding it back. Her heat filled juices rinsed her takers mouth while her inner ridges gripped at both fingers and tongue. Her hips worked hard, smearing against both her hand, her lovers and their face tightly against her tremoring pussy.

Waves of heat and desire rolled through her body. She gripped her pillow, while her lover worked her slowly to the end. At last the last bits of sexual frustration were pulled from her via her own fingertips. It was as if forever and seconds passed simultaneously before she felt her partner move gently behind her and pull her into a warm embrace.

“Goodnight baby” came the feminine voice behind her.

She smiled.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is my first attempt at writing anything of any possible note for those that browse this site, it may eventually become part of a larger work if people think it is of an acceptable standard. Please enjoy.

With a degree of anticipation the door whispers open at her touch, glad to be home after the long day but also eager to be, knowing who is waiting for her, and after the previous nights exertions looking forward to so much more.

The swing of the door disturbs the end of a trail of rose petals leading further into the apartment, with a smile chasing across her lips as she discards her jacket on the nearby hook and her bag alongside before following the petals with eager curiosity.

The trail first weaving through the lounge and up over a small table there where glass of rose colored wine sits amid a scattering of petals, with a flash of a smile she plucks the glass free and takes a small sip of its sweetness, before continuing.

The petals leading on towards the kitchen, and there besides the door she spies a small box upon the side table, nestled in a petal bed and containing small pieces of some candied fruit, selecting one and while absently nibbling a piece from it nudges the kitchen door open.

Beyond she finds the trail leads around and up to the breakfast counter where upon a silken cushion lies a single fresh cut rose with a small slip of card beneath, moving towards them she first picks up and smells the rose, breathing in its gentle scent then putting it aside the glass reaches for the card.

Turning it over she finds just three words written upon it ‘I love you’.

Suddenly she feels hands sliding about her waist, his hands, then the heat of him pressed tight against her, his head pressing up over her shoulder to provide tender kisses along the nape of her neck and eliciting a moan from her at the caress, just what she has been so eager to feel all day.

Continuing the caress he lets his kisses deepen as her soft scent fills his senses, teeth gently scraping over her skin and his hands slowly caressing upwards from her waist to cup her ample bosom through her silken blouse, enjoying the eager squirm of her against him as her hands slide up over his and the rose tumbles to the floor.

His eager kisses move up to explore up close against her ear making her almost dizzy with the pleasure of it, she drops her hands and reaches back to caress him in turn, aiming to grasp his ass, and her hands meet bare skin… and with eager delight she realizes he is naked behind her.

Now the rigid bulge of him pressed against her firm behind feels more pronounced and much more intriguing, she lets her long nails scrape gently over his bare skin as her nipples begin to harden and rise beneath his touch, eager for everything he has to offer.

Releasing one of her breasts he lets one hand trace delicately down her body to press gently but eagerly at the mound of her pussy through the fabric of her short skirt, arching her back against him she groans with desire pressing that rigid member of his harder against her firm ass and letting her nails bite slightly into his thighs.

With a delicate curl of his tongue he flicks the lobe of her ear and then with a half step back lets his hands slide across her body to grasp the hem of her skirt and raise it at each side to her waist, exposing her shapely ass and her black silken underwear to his view and eager attentions.

His closeness and hands return to caressing her tingling skin, his right sliding delicately up the inside of her blouse and again teasing over her sensitive breast and lacy bra while his other traces the fabric of her underwear down and between her thighs, his fingers stroking along the lace until she can feel them pressed directly over her hot and willing pussy.

His hot breath returns to her neck as with one hand he gently traces over her bosom making her nipples tingle as they become extremely aroused, whilst with the other he lets his fingers stroke delicately back and forth over the fabric concealing her delicate pussy, sending delicious shivers through her body, her hands uncertain whether to grab him tightly or the counter for support as she squirms in eagerness.

Closing her eyes she rides the delicious sensations, the heat and the joy of him as his fingertips tease over her clit then stroke down the length of her sensitive lips again and again, the gentle squeezing caress over her breast and almost too hard nipples, the dizzying nibble of his kisses deep in her neck, loving every moment, never wanting it to end.

‘Bend over’ he whispers softly and she is more than eager to do so, knowing what will follow and so ready for it, almost desperate for it now. He slackens his hold on her as she grasps the counter top, his hands return to her hips and he gently grasps the lacy sides of her underwear and slowly draws them down until they fall freely to her ankles.

His hand caresses the firm cheek of her perfect ass as she steps free of the garment before he moves up tight to her. Ready and eager to please her he takes his rigid length in one hand and holding it low slips it between her thighs to rest against the mound of her hot bare pussy.

Gently he moves back and forth letting the shaft of him trace over her delicious opening, letting his thickness slide against those tender wet lips of hers and the head of his shaft tickle over that sensitive clit, her eagerness to feel him inside increasing and she responds with a soft moan and arches her back more letting that shaft tease over her pussy more fully.

The juice of her coating his rigid member as it teases between those soft lips, her desire to feel him inside almost too much to bare and just when she is about to grasp his shaft and push it inside to relieve the torment he allows the tip of his thick length to slip between those delicious folds, sending a thrill tingling along her skin and gasp in satisfaction.

Slowly he starts to ease his length into her, moving in slow thrusts and working deeper and deeper with each, she bends lower over the counter and steps slightly wider, both loving that soft warm caress of her wet tender lips stroking along his shaft and his thickness sliding hot and deep into the heart of her.

The gentle grind of her hips matching his slow but penetrating thrusts, the full length of his shaft slipping in and out of that delicious tight wet opening of hers, the thickness of him stroking gently against those caressing walls of her, his rough hands softly roving the cheeks of her ass as his length spears into her again and again.

With the speed of his thrusts slowly increasing he takes hold of her hips and she bends fully to the counter, now realizing why the cushion was there, his firm and juice covered length sliding full and deep into her time and again, feeling his thickness strike so deep into her as that delicious sensation of orgasm starts its build.

Still grinding back to meet him, wanting every part of him inside her, loosing herself to the waves of pleasure resounding from that glorious sensation of him filling her so completely, head spinning as she feels that orgasm getting closer and closer and unable to stop herself from moaning in time with each delicious thrust.

The gentle slap of their bodies coming together, the soft squeeze of her juicy pussy around that hard length of him as it dives into her, the delicious sensations at each long stroke exquisite, his rough hands teasing over her skin all pushing them both further and further towards release.

His thrusting gaining more and more urgency, his hands now firm upon her hips, her moaning getting louder in turn, bodies quivering together as they strive for that superb release. She feels that edge approaching, and grinds harder against his thrusts, eager for every part of him to fill her, wanting all of him to be part of that explosion of ecstasy, wanting to feel every part of him twitch and pump inside her as he releases.

One deep thrust, then another and she feels it rolling over her, that glorious cascade of orgasm, with legs quivering and skin tingling that rhythmic explosion overtakes her senses and her well teased pussy grips down on that thrusting length of him again and again as it continues to dive deep inside her, an aching moan escaping her as she looses all sense but for the joy of it all.

His continued thrusting sending wave after wave of dizzying joy through her as her orgasm rolls on and on, just as one set of convulsions starts to wane another follows behind, every eager part of her gripping and caressing his thick length time and again, loving what he is doing to her, loving the feel of his length slamming deep into her and wanting him to release inside of her.

Then with a shuddering moan of his own she feels him thrust two, three times more into her and that rigid shaft begin to pulse hard inside her, a hot jet of him splashing deep inside her convulsing pussy, sending her to new heights as she squeezes it all the tighter, milking his exquisite shaft for every drop he has to give.

Releasing her hips he trails his hands languidly over the small of her back as she straightens to meet his enfolding embrace, his shaft still firm inside her pussy as they both ride the after shocks still rippling through her, twisting slightly she reaches up and runs her fingers though his hair before breathing in a deep sensual kiss.

As the kiss deepens she turns fully to him and lets her nails gently rake over his bare chest as his fingers stroke into her hair, his still hard shaft prominent between them, but before they get too lost in that he takes her by the hips again he motions ‘up’ to her and she climbs to sit upon the counter top before him, and with a final tongue twisting kiss prompts her to lay back.

As he half crouches before her he takes her long legs and slides them over his shoulders then tenderly starts to kiss his way along the inside of her silky thighs, letting his warm breath tickle over her skin and the playful scrape of his teeth start to tease her, working his way towards her still hot and wet pussy.

An almost agonizing tease running through her body as his kisses quickly reach the top of her thighs, his breath now caressing over her soft pussy, and with her straining to see and nails trying to grip the counter-top he lets his tongue curl out and gently tickle along the edge of her sensitive lips sending her almost dizzy with sensation of it.

Gently he licks along first one soft fold and then the other, tasting the juice of her then lets the tip dart up to flick over the mound of her clit before drawing himself fully down upon her and wrapping his arms about her hips, as she shudders and moans he probes into her delicious opening with the twisting curl of his eager tongue.

A taught shudder running through her body as the length of his tongue dives deeper into her, the tip curling to stroke softly inside of her making her gasp involuntarily, her hands needing at her own breasts as she squirms within his caressing embrace and a cascade of her juices flowing for him to devour.

Then closing his mouth about one of her tender lips he alternately licks, sucks and nibbles along it, with her eyes rolling and sharp quivers running through her she cannot help but moan in contentment, one hand knotting itself in his hair as she seeks some sense of control in the dizzying enjoyment.

Letting his tongue press up to the bud of her clit, the tip uncovering it with its gentle but insistent probing and then roving back and forth over it in small but eager flicks, making her moan all the more before suddenly gasping in surprise as he breathes in deeply, sending a sudden cool chill rushing over her clit before again being wrapped in his warm caressing twisting tongue.

Her fingers working back and forth through his hair as his exquisite attentions slowly drive her crazy, the glorious feel of his tongue darting in deep and eager as he tastes every part of her, squirming and bucking as it curls around inside of her tight wet opening, pushing her towards a very desirable and intense release.

Two, three times more he breathes in sharply, making her jump and a delicious ripple run through her pussy producing more of her delicious juice which he eagerly devours, pushing her harder and faster toward that glorious release, her legs wrapping around him, drawing him to her wanting to cum so badly.

So close now, ready to explode under his intense caress as it drives her towards ecstasy, and just as she starts that wonderful fall into convulsing joy he presses his mouth hot and firm over her clit and gently squeezes it between his teeth.

An almost mind bending wave washing though her as her very teased pussy convulses hard and fast making her curl up and grip him tightly, every part of her tingling as she explodes in a ripple of total ecstasy, eyes rolling back and a long breathless moan escaping her as her hands lock fast into his hair.

Slowly she collapses back as intense shudders start to subside to at least a point where she can catch a breath, un-knotting herself from his hair and instead gently stroking through it as he gently licks eagerly into her pussy once again, wanting all that taste of her and to pleasure her further as the after ripples of such an intense release continue make her tremble.

Standing he lets his hands play across her trembling thighs and then on up her waist, then slowly one by one, as her breath begins to slow, he unbuttons her blouse revealing her ample bosom barely contained by its lacey black bra.

His hands caress over her breasts and hard sensitive nipples a moment before gently tracing down her hot skin to again take her hips firmly, with his rigid length prominent and clearly eager for her he drapes one leg over his arm and lets the other wrap around his waist as he eases his hard length up against her flushed pink opening.

With a delicious wave of pleasure she moans and arches as that eager shaft of him penetrates her for the second time, the thickness of him slipping smoothly between her soft delicate lips, the stiff curve of him pressing wonderfully along her soft wet inner walls as he slowly slides that full length deep inside.

Gently at first he grinds himself into her, both of them loving the glorious feel of her wrapped around him, the sight of her tender lips as they slide along his thick rigid shaft, letting one hand slide up her hot body to again caress over one of her breasts and tease that hard straining nipple.

Her hands hanging loose over her head as she lets that gentle grind of his slowly deepen, the delicious waves pleasure slowly spreading from her pussy to make her skin tingle and her breath slowly start to quicken again as she rides the waves of pleasure.

The rough touch of his hands exquisite upon her as his hard length probes hot and deep inside, feeling every part of him fill her, thrusting firm and eager as it slips almost fully out of her to dive deep and hot back inside time and again.

His rhythmic thrust increasing, her juices coating his shaft and letting his length slip easily into her, the heat building between them, the desire to feel that glorious mutual explosion together, and for a moment he bends low over her and she reaches out and pulls them together in quick but intense kiss.

Wrapping both legs over his arms now he starts to thrust harder, driving his shaft eagerly into her wet and willing pussy, a gentle moan escaping her as the full length of him strokes deep and hot into her again and again, her squeezing and caressing her own breasts as she squirms beneath him.

The glorious rush as she feels those first stirrings of her orgasm, his hard length teasing her beautifully towards that amazing release, the gentle squeeze of her as she grips that shaft of him, loving the feel of his tick firm length as it slips so wonderfully and eagerly into her again and again.

Trying to grind against his rapid thrusts, her breath as well as his becoming ragged as the intensity builds, moaning louder and letting her fingers trail along his arms as he drives himself deep into her, pushing them both towards that delicious moment, both knowing it is close.

With the sensation of him wrapped firm inside her, the sight of him as he drives wildly into her, thrusting eagerly into her and sensing her release building rapidly, the subtle grind of her hips and the feel of her soft lips stroking along his shaft are clearly too much for him, as he thrusts deep into her again and again he hits that edge and starts to erupt into her.

He thrusts hard inside her as his shaft stats to quiver and pump its own warm juice deep into her, the sensation making her head spin as her own body responds and she falls into her own orgasm, her tight pussy gripping around his quivering length as splash after splash of him fills her, and wondrous shivers running through both of them.

Holding her tight he continues his thrusting once his shaft ceases its twitching, teasing her still quivering pussy wonderfully, setting off a second lighter orgasm within her as his length almost fully leaves her and then plunges in deep, squeezing his length wonderfully as he eases himself in and out of her.

Slowly he comes to a stop and lets her legs fall, then leaning over her he kisses her gently before helping her roll upright, still with his length buried inside her, gently he squeezes her breast as her hands rake across his chest.

Finally he withdraws from her and with slightly shaking legs she stands, gently she wraps her hand around his still somewhat erect length and grasps it determinedly, slowly she leads him across the room by her hold, determined to show him a new way to make showers interesting……

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