Having a steady girlfriend through most of my high school days never stopped me from cheating with a number of girls who caught my attention, so when I went to university it was more of the same, till I met Karima.

Karima was older than most of the girls in my class, she was 30, long brown hair, soft skin, mixed as she was half arab and half white, with bright brown eyes and a stunning body….thin legs, nice juicy ass and the perfect boobs.

She was shy, reserved and a virgin. She was saving herself for marraige apparently and had turned several guys down. Her friends said she had not found the right guy so as the years went by, she began to believe she would always be single, and that added to her shyness around men.

I was facinated by this girl, sometimes things just click for no reason, and thats exactly what happened with Karima. I saw her for the very first time in my Maths class and couldnt take my eyes off her. I could sense she was aware of my attention because she kept glancing at me after every few minutes and met my gaze for a few moments before she lowered her eyes and turned away.

Once I saw her at a beach party, all the other girls were in their bikinis except her. She was sitting on the patio wearing a white top and a transparent white skirt which showed off her pink panties underneath. I remember going out to grab a drink from the patio cooler and getting a good look at her crotch as she sat with her legs slightly parted. That alone turned me on, because it was Karima!

Another time we were squeezed in an elevator together and as it turned out she was squeezed just ahead of me. I deliberately pressed myself against her ass and revelled in her smell as I let my cock harden against her behind. She could feel it yet to my surprise and delight – she did not make any effort to move away.

As the doors opened on the elevator she quickly glanced at me as she walked away with her face flushed bright red.

That was the moment I told myself that whatever it takes,I will end up fucking this girl one way or the other. I had to have her, something about her just drove me wild.

A day later, I was at the mall with my girlfriend Natalie, and saw Karima. Natalie was busy browsing Victoria’s Secret, and I tagged along to pay the bills when I saw her passing by. We locked eyes as she passed by went into the store right across.

This was my chance I thought to myself as I hurriedly told Natalie I’d be right back, and made my way to the store Karima walked into.

As I entered, I saw her by the door she was pretending to go through a stack of shirts, but in reality she was by the window and once she saw me walk in, she looked up at me and smiled.

I walked across to her and tried to hold my voice steady “Hey! We’ve never met but we’re in Maths together and I’ve seen you around quite a bit..I’m Brian”.

She continued to smile and held out her hand “Karima”.

I took her hand and looking into her big bright eyes, began to smile and said “I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a while but….” I shrugged and she gave me a knowing look.

She laughed and said “is that the reason why you keep staring at me”?

I laughed and replied “That and a couple of other reasons”!

“Such as” she asked?

“How about we talk about it over dinner” I replied.

She laughed again. “Wont your girlfriend be upset”?

“Maybe. But something tells me I don’t really care” I smiled.

Thats when she realized I wasnt just flirting with her, she could see this was real, and I wasnt messing around.

She began to blush and shyly looked away then back at me. “I don’t really date but…I want too with you” she replied.

I smiled. “So friday night”?

“Okay”, she replied. “Do you want my number”?

“I already have it” I grinned back. “I looked you up in the student directory and on facebook”.

“Oh God” she laughed. She looked away shyly “I’ve never gone on a proper date before, thats just not me. I cant believe Im doing this”.

“Im glad you are” I replied “So I’ll call you soon”.

“Okay” she smiled as I walked away.

As I walked back to Natalie, all I could think about was how attracted I was to this busty little woman, and how badly I wanted to undress her, lick her all over and fuck her as hard as I could over and over again.

I went home and called her the same night. We chatted for over an hour about all kinds of stuff, and we hit it of so well it seemed as if we knew each for years.

Friday couldnt come soon enough but it finally came and I drove across to her apartment to pick her up, armed with roses and chocklates.

I walked to her doorstep to pick her up having made reservations at a fancy Italian restaurant, and knocked on her door.

She opened the door and my jaw dropped, she was wearing a stunning black dress, with straps around her shoulders showing off her neckline, the dress was tightly wrapped around her body showing off all her curves, ending just above her knees, flashing her soft legs.

“Wow”. “Im totally speechless” I smiled, handing her the flowers.

She blushed “Thanks Brian..come on in”.

“Do you want to head out instead, we can go for dinner and I can come inside later instead” I said.

She smiled “Actually, its a bit of a surprise so come in” she said and held my hand and led me inside.

She led me into her apartment, the lights had all been dimmed, and sitting in the middle of her dining room was a table set for two, with candles and soft music playing in the background.

I looked at her with a surprised look…

She said “I thought I’d cook for you at home instead..hope you dont mind”.

I smiled “Dont mind at all, but you shouldnt have done all the work…I couldve helped”.

She laughed “You can help me clean up how’s that”?

“Deal” I replied.

“But first…may I have this dance” I asked, as the music played in the back.

I didnt give her a chance to respond as I grabbed her and pulled her close to me and began to dance with her.

She wrapped her arms around my waist and gazed into my eyes as we moved to the music, and with my right hand I began stroking her arms and her waist.

She rested her head on my shoulder and I began kissing her earlobe, slowly moving to the music enjoying her smell, and her body next to mine for the very first time.

“Mmmmm” she murmured….

I ran my hands down her back and across her ass, tightly bound in her black dress and squeezed her ass cheeks.

She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and I couldnt hold back any longer. I kissed her lips with passion,pulling her even closer and pressing my cock against her crotch.

Her lips opened to meet mine and she darted her tongue out tentatively, I met her tongue with mine and began unzipping her dress…

She pulled away a touch and whispered “Brian..we shouldnt be doing this…not till marraige”

I pulled her back and said “Hush…I want you feel how bad”, and held her hand and pushed it down to my cock…I unbuttoned my pants and pushed her hands down to hold my hard cock…

Surprised by how fast things were moving, she began pulling away until she felt my cock.

She gasped as she felt my cock in her hands…and she began stroking it with her fingers instinctively, and once again began kissing me hard with her tongue all the way inside my mouth.

I knew then she was mine and quickly unzipped her dress all the way and pushed the straps over her shoulders, kissing her shoulders and her neck as the dress dropped to the floor.

She shyly looked down as she stood before with me with her black bra and panties. I couldnt stop admiring her body, and I slowly unhooked her bra so I could finally see those amazing breasts that I had dreamt of kissing and licking since I first laid eyes on Karima.

As her bra fell off, I took a moment to admire Karima’s breasts…they were stunning just as I had imagined, big brown nipples erect just waiting for me to take them in my mouth.

“Oh baby this is wrong…we shouldnt…” she murmured as I squeezed her breasts.

“Oh God…Mmmm…..” she groaned as I took her nipples in my mouth and began licking and biting them softly.

She began to rub her hands all over my hair and my neck as I licked her big brown juicy tits, pausing for a moment to plant another wet kiss on her lips.

“Ohh Brian….oh baby” she groaned.

I pushed her slowly back towards the sofa, sitting her down as I unbuckled my belt and dropped my trousers.

She nervously looked up at me unsure what was about to happen next…clearly she was not only a virgin but also very inexperienced with anything sexual.

This will be fun I thought to myself as I guided her hands to my cock and had her push down my boxers exposing my rigid throbbing cock right in front of her face.

Her eyes sprang open in surprise as she looked at the size of my cock with nervous anticipation.

“Oh Brian…it’s so big baby….” she purred.

“Its all yours baby…suck it Karima…take me in your mouth babe” I replied

She went to her knees and I guided my prick to her face.

She opened her lips and I slipped my dick in. I clutched her head and slid my prick into her warm wet silky mouth.

“Oh yes…ahh,” I groaned at the sensation of her lips and tongue on my cock. I drove my dick on in, and then began sliding it back and forth. “Oh yeah, that’s the way, baby,” I huffed. “That’s the way to suck it. Baby but you’ve got a wet hot mouth. Oh baby, suck my dick, suck every inch of it.”

I hunched my crotch on her face, humping my prick down to her throat. “I’m fucking your mouth, baby,” i panted, “I’m fucking your throat.”

She sucked voraciously on my cock, using her palate, gums, tongue and lips. “Not so bad for a virgin” I thought to myself!

I felt my balls swelling and the cum churning and swirling in my bag. I didnt want to cum just yet. I slid my dick out of her mouth and went down on my knees and pulled her down on her back.

I slid her black lace panties down, raised her legs and drew them back, and went down on her. I buried my face on her pussy, rubbing it up and down and around.

“Yummy” I thought to myself as I tasted Karima for the very first time. I clasped her hips and went to town on her cunt. I slid my tongue in and licked and sucked her clit, and then began jamming and flicking and jabbing my tongue in her pussy.

She clutched my head and lurched her cunt up, mashing and grinding it on my face as she lost control of her body. “Oh, ah, your tongue,” she panted. “Oh, it’s so long and thick–ahh–Oh Brian baby I’m so wet.”

I tongue-fucked Karima, zipping my tongue up and down her pussy.

“Oh god, eat me,!” she gasped. “Eat my cunt. Fuck me with your tongue. Goddamn, it feels so fucking good!”

I smiled to myself as I thought about this virgin who I was eating with my tongue in all her glory begging me to fuck her.

She reached down and pushed my head hard into her pussy, as she humped her body wildly off the bed at me.

“Unggh! Uggghh! Ohhhh!” Karima’s body felt like it was on fire, she couldn’t stop herself from moaning and she couldn’t hold out any longer, her pussy felt like it was about to explode.

“Oh god, oh god! I’m Cumming! I’mmmm CUUUMMMINNNG!”

Karima felt her body shudder as her pussy spasmed uncontrollably around my tongue. She arched her back as the ripples of pleasure rode through her whole body, lifting her lower body right off the floor.I licked her cunt, taking in her pussy juices as they flooded out. Karima couldn’t control her herself, she thrashed her legs about – she was having another orgasm, then another shot through her, she’d never experience anything like it in her life, the fact that this was so wrong in her mind, being a virgin and wanting to save herself for marraige, made it even more intense.

“Ungghh … YES! Ohhh … Guuuhhhh!” Her cries of passion echoed round the room as at last the pulses of sexual electricity slowed to a stop.

Karima just lay there breathing hard, trying to catch her breath. She brushed her sweaty long black hair away from her face, her whole body was dripping with sweat now.

She looked down to see me still lapping at her cunt with my tongue, teasing her clit. My lips were filled with her juices and she kept thrusting her pussy up towards my face.

“Come here” she huskily whispered. I let go of her clit and moved back up planting quick kisses along the way until I finally reached her lips and stuck my tongue into her mouth, letting her taste her sweet juices from my mouth.

She hungrily sucked in her juices from my mouth and turned me over so she could climb on top of me, rubbing her pussy against my cock and planting kissing along my chest. I rested my head back and let her do what she wanted.

Sure enough I guessed where she was heading, down to my balls – she buried her lips by my sack and started sucking my balls wildly making loud slurping noises as she sucked me like a pro.

I felt myself getting hard once again as Karima continued sucking my balls and stroking my cock with her fingers. I pulled her off my balls and turned her over, spreading her legs and placing her on all fours, her ass staring right at my face.

I thought about what I was about to do and smiled to myself, knowing I had never done anything like this for anyone else but finding myself filled with a desire to lick Karima’s ass for the very first time.

I slid my hands under her ass and lifted her higher and just below her dripping pussy tucked between the firm globes of her ass was her cute puckered hole. Clean, pinkish tan, clenching as she tightened her ass to thrust her pussy up into the air.

I stuck my tongue out as far as possible and lowered my head. The tip of my tongue flicked against her tight anus.

Karima gasped with surprise as I flicked the tight ring again.

“No, baby. Not there, not there.” she whimpered.

My tongue flicked her butt again and she quivered as though she had touched an electric wire. I raised my head and looked once again at the clenching ring, took a deep breath, dropped my head again as my rigid tongue pierced Karima’s ass and drove into her.

Karima whimpered again. She gasped as her lungs demanded air.She spread her legs giving me room…arched her back again, all her thoughts forgotten she pushed her ass back towards my face.

“Suck me, baby. Eat me. Oh my god, my god. Brian baby….I’m going to cum, going to cum, I’m cumming. Oh great god. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. Goddddddd. Your tongue’s in my ass, in my ass. Oh, god, so dirty, so nasty. Tongue me, baby. Can’t stop cumming. Ohhhhhh, again, I’m cumming again. Ohhhhhhhhhh. Your tongue, Oh god, your tongue is in my butt”.

Karima shuddered as she felt her orgasm all over her body, her legs gave way and she fell back into my arms. Breathing heavily she looked up at my lips covered with her cum and kissed me hard, her tongue diving into my mouth tasting her own cum.

“That was amazing…I cant believe you did that baby” she whispered.

“Mmmmm I replied”:. ” My cock was aching with desire. I had to be inside her. She could tell I wanted to fuck her brains out.

“When you put your tongue in my pussy, that was the best feeling ever”! “But then you tongued my ass and that was even better//Oh God baby..I cant believe we did this”.

“We arent done yet babe…” I smiled stroking my cock as it sprang up. “Your pussy is next…I want my cock inside your little pussy babe”.

She looked into my eyes and then down to my cock. With a smile, she moved towards me and began kissing me hungrily, her tongue now freely playing with mine, while her fingers began stroking my cock – getting ready to feel my cock inside her for the first time.

To be continued!

After my first sex I was feeling as if I were on top of the world. I nearly fell asleep but I heard his noise. Sir Jareh stood up and looked at me.

-We should put on clothes. I have to go. They will notice that I am not at the table. In addition, you may also have problems with your boss.

I started dressing. At that moment, I didn’t care about regular problems. Despite usually being too cautious, I stopped thinking and just enjoyed myself. We dressed up. Jareh looked at me and gave me a big kiss.

-This is it? – I asked.

-No … Not yet – He looked at me with a grin – I will meet you tomorrow.


-I know your job. It’ll be easy for me to find you.

He left the room and left many questions unanswered. That man amazed me once more. Although I didn’t mention who I was and what I was doing, I was absolutely assured that he knew much more about me. Yeah, that man knew how to scare people. Going out of the room, I looked around the room and exciting flashbacks came up to my mind. I smiled and slowly walked through the hall.


Next day, I went to the castle to take bullock cart and jugs. I hoped to see Jareh and I was secretly looking for him, however, I couldn’t find him and that made me a bit frustrated. I took everything I needed and went to the river. Everything was beautiful. Sun was shining and gorge was just stunning. Birds’ pipe and sound of water created a perfect combination which helped me relax.

I was filling the jug, when I heard a familiar voice.

-I knew I could find you easily.

I turned around and looked at him with happy smile on my face. I ran and hugged him. Jareh seemed even more attractive than before. His deep blue eyes perfectly matched gorge’s greenery. I tried to kiss him but he stopped me.

-Actually, I came here to bathe. However, I would not mind the company.

-Oh I see. – I laughed.

He looked at the river and started undressing. Jareh took off his blue shirt and showed his haired chest, delicious abs and scarves.

-How did you get them? – I asked and ran my fingers through his scarves.

-24 years of fighting against variety of enemies leaves signs, including scarves. – He answered in a low voice.

-24 years?! How old are you then? – I was extremely surprised.

-38. – He answered and I understood that it was quite a depressing topic for him.

-You must have been a 14-year-old boy when it all started. – I wanted to hug him. This was the first time he seemed desperate or sad. Both of us stopped talking, but it was him who broke the silence.

-Anyway, I thought we were going to bathe and have fun … not to talk about my unhappy childhood. – He smiled, but I understood that smile was totally fake. He did not want me to see him in that condition. Like every other warrior, he was used to bury his own feelings and emotions. One the other hand, I appreciated and even liked his masculinity.

He took off everything and suddenly asked me:

-Can someone see us here?

-Actually, this place is very quiet, because no one comes here. I usually prefer being alone. Thus, I always come here.

-That’s good. We won’t have to hide. – He laughed.

I looked at his body and immediately felt strange feeling in my body. I l saw his glorious semi-erect manhood and I realized how much I wanted to suck it or stick it in my ass. I looked at Jareh’s hard pink nipples and beautifully shaped butt. He was extremely satisfied with me having a hard-on. He asked me to undress and ran to the river. He jumped in the water and turned around to tease me with his amazing body. Having undressed, I jumped as well, but water was too freezing and I started trembling with cold. He gave me a warm hug and I started to get accustomed to coldness. Soon we started playing. We were swimming, splashing water at each other, laughing and just enjoying ourselves.

When I got too tired, I sat on the bank and tried to relax. He must have gotten too bored without me, because soon he sat next to me.

-You don’t even realize how much I like you. You are the sweetest and cutest person I have ever seen. – He looked at me.

-Do you say that to every boy you sleep with? – I blushed but asked curiously.

-It is bad that you do not appreciate me. – He whispered.

-I am not trying to offend you. It’s just too obvious that I was not your first and won’t be your last.

He did not say anything. We sat for several minutes and then he said:

-Are you too tired?

-Depends on what I’ll have to do. – I answered.

-Yesterday my cock enjoyed your mouth very much and would like to do that again.

-I thought he’d never ask – I grinned and kissed Jerah.

That time he kissed me back. I put my arms around him and slowly opened my mouth. He started moving his tongue inside my mouth and touching mine. After several minutes of kissing, he took his tongue out of my mouth and made me lie on my back. He lowered his head and suddenly I felt his wet tongue licking my nipple. He took it in his mouth and started sucking it while with the hand he started playing with my other one. This made me moan with excitement.

Then he stood up, grabbed back of my head and slowly moved it to his cock. At first, he was teasing me and did not let me put it in my mouth, but then I started slowly stroking it and it made him horny. I licked the head of his dick. Jareh started begging for more. Now it was me who started teasing. Finally, I put it in my mouth. Jareh slowly started moving it in and out of my mouth. I managed to fully take 9-inch cock in me and I did not even choke. Soon he was already ready to come but he did not want to. He took his cock out and forced me to turn around. He was breathing heavily and his sweat was slowly soaking my back. I could not see him but I knew that he was checking my ass out. He wanted to repeat what we had done the day before.

I felt big pink head popping into me. I moaned and grunted and that must have made him more confident because he suddenly entered me fully. I cried out with surprise and pain. He started moving slowly but gradually increased the speed. He let out loud moan and continued pushing as hard as he could. I was biting my lips from pleasure and was groaning his name loudly. That made him even crazier. I could not hold it up any longer. I screamed and came. I shot my first load on the grass. Seeing my sperm, Jareh could not wait any longer and I felt his trembling cock swell and unload his sperm in my ass. He moaned and immediately fell forward unable to move. I crawled next to him and kissed his forehead. I looked at him and felt unusual warmth in his eyes. I held his hand and placed my head on his sweaty chest. Soon I fell asleep. That was the most extraordinary moment of my life. But it did not last long enough.

Strange liquid touched my face and that made me wake up. I looked at my chest and it was full of blood. Firstly, I was unable to breathe. My hands were shaking and I looked around with extreme fear and shock. I looked at Jareh. He was lying in his own blood. His throat was cut with a small knife which was left next to him. I could not breathe. I wanted to scream and ask for help but nothing came out of my mouth. I was afraid to look at him. I realized how stupid I was to think that everything would be alright. At that moment, I was so miserable that I could easily commit a suicide. I burst into tears and started nervously whispering his name. Minutes earlier, I would do anything to be his last lover, but now seeing him dead and realizing how badly the dream came true, only thing that I could do was to curse my own tongue.

I heard a noise coming from valley and I became even more frightened. I took knife to defend myself against the murderer. I had strange foreboding that murderer would return. I had never used knife as a weapon and because of my tears I could hardly see. Nevertheless, I was standing there ready to defend myself. Noise was increasing and I understood that he was coming closer. I strained every nerve. Someone came running up to me, but he was far from being a killer. He was just a small child. He looked at me, at a dead body and at a knife in my hand. I could see fear filling him as he started shivering. Suddenly, He screamed “Murderer!” and ran back to the village.

I realized that I was holding a knife and my hands were full of blood. I realized with horror that I would become a number-one suspect. No one would believe me. I was just a poor servant. No one cared enough to defend me. No one would care if I was killed despite being innocent. One of the most important people in the country died and someone had to pay. I understood that I was only one related to this crime. I could hardly breathe. My hands were trembling and I was unable to move, but instinct of survival finally made me move. I dropped my knife, wiped my tears, kneeled down to kiss my lover and quickly swimmed across the river. River was surrounded by big valley and the village on the one side and big forest on the other. I could not return to my home so I quickly decided to run away from everything. I entered the dark forest and only looked back for once.

To be Continued …

To understand this story you must read Lovers X Two. Thanks!

“Honey what are we going to do? Obviously were in love, but we could get arrested.”

“I don’t care about that, I would still have had the chance to be with you and I love you.”

“I love you so much; I don’t deserve a man like you.” Mom said starting to weep. We kissed passionately and made love again.

The rest of the day went as planned and we pretended to be a couple. We’d make out in the theater while it would show pre-views, I’d rub her pussy while we ate our picnic and we fucked in the bathroom and Magianos. So it was pretty awesome.

When we got home we took a shower together and then lay on the couch. We cuddled while watching TV; I was the luckiest son of a bitch on the planet. After about an hour we both went up to her room and fell asleep.

The next morning mom was watching me sleep, plus she was naked. “Want to have a go?” she asked.

“Oh yea.” I replied. She looked as giddy as a teenager. She lay down on her back while I threw off my clothes. When I was naked she said

“I want to suck your cock, and then I want you to fuck my ass.” I was astounded, so I nodded my head yes.

I lay down on the bed and she asked if I was ready and I nodded, then she put it in her mouth. It felt amazing; I pulled her over to me and started to lick her vagina. We were in a 69, she tasted so sweet.

After about fifteen minutes I said “Oh baby I’m Cumming!” When I came she drank it all, then about a minute later she came and I drank all her sweet juice.

“Are you ready to fuck my ass?” she asked looking at my still hard cock. “You look ready.” She said with a giggle. After she said that she went into a doggy style position so I lined my dick up with her ass hole.

“Are you ready for me to take your black cherry?” I asked.

“Oh yea, I want you to take my ass virginity. I want you to be the first in there since I was your first.”

I whispered I loved you and then I stuck it in. She was so tight; it was hard getting it in there. But when I was fully in mom said “Leave it, I want to get used to it up there.” I waited about a minute until she nodded. I pulled it out and gently pushed back in; I did this a few more times until I was pounding her like a machine gun. I felt like I would cum within seconds but I fought it for about ten minutes until I came in her ass. “Thank you baby, that was awesome.” Mom told me.

“Want to take a shower with me?” with that she nodded and we took a shower.

When we were done there was a knock on the door, it was my mom’s friend Susan. I opened the door and she came in. When mom was done getting ready she came down to see her. They hugged and mom gestured her to the kitchen.

After a couple minutes mom called for me to come to the kitchen. When I walked in Susan eyed me with what looked to me like desire. “I told Sue here about our encounters. Don’t worry she won’t tell, she has a special relationship like ours, but with her brother and now they’re unofficially married.” I knew Susan married young, and a guy from her home town. I also knew she had three kids.

“So you and Joe are siblings?” I asked.

“Oh yes, we’ve been in love since we were children. When it all started he caught your mom and I masturbating together. We were what eighteen?”

“Oh yes I remember that day, he went to you and started to lick your ass hole and you didn’t notice until you came.” My mom said with a laugh.

“Wait you and my mom were lovers?”

“Oh yes, we loved to lick each other. The reason I was here for a week after your father passed was to make your mom feel good if you know what im saying.”

“That’s hot.”

“Oh yes it is. Why don’t we show him what we do next time I visit, because I have to go pick up Josh from school?” She waved us goodbye and left.

My mom looked at me and asked “Want to fuck?” all I did was nod and we were fucking on the kitchen table.

After a while we moved it up to the bedroom, where we continued our love making. After I came for the third time, mom said “I think you should move your stuff in here, so we can make this our room.” I replied with a nod and said we’d do it tomorrow. The night ended with mom falling asleep on my chest, for about an hour I just watched her sleep then I followed her and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up with my dick poking my mom in the ass. Obviously she was awake because she said “You’re going to have to kiss me first before you want to fuck me in the ass.”

“Is that a possibility?” I asked.

“Most definitely, but first I want to move you in here then you can ram my tight ass with that big hard cock of yours.”

“I’ll move in here right now.” When I said it I jumped out of the bed and ran for my room I grabbed my pillow, clothes, and my lap top. When I came back mom was on top of the cover, still naked for our love making.

“Are you ready to ram your cock into you mommy’s tight ass hole?”

I replied with “Are you ready to take you son’s rock hard cock into your tight ass hole?” she replied with a nod and gestured me forward with her right index finger.

When I got onto the bed mom and I kissed passionately, she then lay on her back and took her beautiful ass cheeks into the air. We kissed again when I put my dick to the opening. I looked in her eyes and nodded she nodded back and I pushed. After about three minutes she screamed,

“Oh yes son! Fuck your momma’s tight ass. Fuck your mommy… fuck her hard.” With that I slipped two fingers into my mom’s pussy she moaned with ecstasy. “Oh baby don’t stop im Cumming, im Cumming so hard.”

“Oh mom I’m Cumming too!” I exclaimed.

“Cum in your mommy’s ass hole. I want your spunk dripping out of my ass hole.” With that I came a huge load all into her ass.

For the rest of the day we stayed at home. We did everything together; when we took our shower I licked her pussy, when she did the laundry I fucked her in the cunt, when we watched TV I licked her pussy because I didn’t like Dr, Phil. The funny part was it was talking about children having sex with their parents so I said “Ironic isn’t it.” She laughed. It was the greatest day of my life.

After I mouth fucked mom for more than an hour we went to the bedroom to go to sleep, before we went to sleep mom and I did a 69 and it was awesome. When we were done she came up to me and we made out for close to half an hour then she fell asleep on top of me as I pummeled her pussy.


When I woke up the next morning, I found mom still asleep so I went down to her pussy and started to lick. She woke up moaning and screaming my name in ecstasy. I then moved down to her puckered ass hole and began to probe it with my tongue. “Oh yea baby lick mommy’s ass hole!” she screamed.

When we were done I said “Mom do you want to have breakfast with me?”

“I would love too.”

We went to this little breakfast place that has the best apple pancake you would ever taste, when we were done I brought her to blockbuster to get a movie to watch, and she picked Sleepless in Seattle because it is her favorite movie. I bought it instead of renting it so she wouldn’t have to rent it all the time; she has rent Sleepless in Seattle eight times. When we got home we cuddled up on the couch and watched her movie, I didn’t’ really watch the movie I only watched mom and basked in her beauty.

I knew that I was in love.

A ride with my sister

All persons involved in this story are over the age of 18.

This is a work of fiction, with some true memories sprinkled in.


It all started with a motorcycle ride, that is, the end result was caused by the ride.

Before going into the details of the ride I will give a brief history of the relationship my older sister and I had.

First, she is actually my step sister, my mom married her dad when we were both younger, there was a 2 year age gap between us, she being the older of us.

A little about the beauty that became my sister, she is tall, 5’9″, long dark brown hair, beautiful light brown eyes, somewhat on the slim side with a beautifully developed tight ass. So, yes as a teen-aged boy seeing her made my fantasies fly.

The first few months of our new found kinship was somewhat turbulent, both of us being used to being an only child of a single parent. She, Kathleen, I always called her Kat, was closing in on adulthood and was not overly fond of having a punk little brother around. Unfortunately she was given the task of showing me around and introducing me to her friends, Mom and I moved from Arizona to her Dad’s house in California and I was well out of my comfort zone.

Kat let me meet her friends, but being 2 years younger than most of them, I was not exactly welcomed to hang. So I would go off to the park or down by the lake often, to stay out of their way.

The lake was a favorite hangout for Kath and her friends, most times they would be out swimming or sunning on the shore, this was my first visual of her beauty, Kat loved to tan, and she usually would be wearing a bikini to get the most exposure from the sun. This is when my first exposure to the joyous site of a woman’s body happened. Kat was on her stomach tanning when I wandered near, god what a site, her magnificent, barely covered ass was the only focus I had. She glanced up at me and asked if I was ok, I could only mumble something about being a bit bored.

Kat rolled over and sat up, turning her back to me she asked if I would put some lotion on her back, I all but jumped on her trying to get down to grab the lotion.

So, that is the back story, I spent my early teen years in a constant state of lust for Kath, with many a night time fantasy devoted to thoughts of her.

Fast forward a few years, our parents divorced, we were both in our 20′s by this time. We had actually become closer by this time, and had a pretty good friendship going, I had moved back to my home state of Arizona, Kat and I would call each other every week or so just to catch up on our lives. During one of these calls she informed me that she was thinking of moving to Arizona soon, she asked me to help her find a place to live. I was more than happy to help, I started checking apartment in the area, I finally found a small house about 20 miles from town that she was interested in, she hates apartment living, to many nosey neighbors she always said.

Kat tells me she is planning on moving within two weeks, so I went to the realtor and put down a deposit for her and covered the first month of rent, then started getting the place ready for her. I was bartending at a small neighborhood bar during this time, so my days were pretty open for getting the little house cleaned up for her.

Kat called me one Friday and said she was driving from California to head out to the new house, she would hopefully be in town by late Saturday night, I gave her the number and address to the bar I worked at in case she got in town before I got off work. I got a call from her around midnight Saturday, she said she found the house without problem, loved the work I had done on it for her, but she was pretty tired from the drive and was going to just go to sleep.

I arranged to take a few days off from work and told her I would stop by in the morning to help unload her car.

I got up around 10am on Sunday, got on my little Honda 350 and headed to her place. When I pulled up the drive she was just kind of staring at me, as I got close enough for her to recognize she smile big and ran toward me. “Damn little brother, when did you become a biker?” she asked. I explained that living in Arizona was great bike weather, and made for a much easier commute. I parked my bike and we gave each other a big hug then started unloading her car. “Not much stuff,” I commented.

“No,” she said, “I decided to travel light and get new stuff, didn’t really want the old furniture.”

I told her I would help her get new stuff when she was ready. The place I had found for her did have a couch and a couple chairs already there.

It only took about two hours to get all of her car unloaded, we sat on the small sofa and drank some iced tea and talked about our lives, she had recently broke up with her long time boyfriend, he had made some moves on a friend of hers and when word got back to Kath she broke off the relationship and decided to move. I told her that being a bartender and the late hours I worked didn’t exactly blend well with dating, so I stayed single and dated now and then. We sat and talked for about an hour, then she asked if I would take her for a ride on my bike, saying “I have never been on a motorcycle before.”

I stood up, reached for her hand and off we went to take a little ride. At the bike I cautioned her the rules of the passenger on a motorcycle, explaining the need to hold on to me and lean as I lean to avoid any over balance and accidental tip over. I got on and started the bike, handed her a helmet and reached for her hand to help her climb on. As I put the bike into gear and we started moving I felt her arms doing a death grip around me, after a couple miles her grip relaxed and she started to enjoy the freedom associated with being on a bike, her beautiful brown hair flying in the wind. The turns still made her uneasy, and she would always tightened her hold as we would lean in to the turn, but she was getting good at the leans. After about 15 miles we pulled into a small store for some soda, when she removed her helmet and shook out her hair her smile was as bright as the sky. “God I love the feeling,” she said.

“I can tell,” I said. “you look like you just had the best sex of your life.”

“Ya, I am still tingling,” she said with a wink, then kissed my cheek, then turned and headed for the store, as I watched her walk all I could think of was what a fantastic ass that woman has.

We finished our sodas and got on the bike to head back to her place. About half way there I felt her scoot up a bit closer to me, I could feel her breasts pressing into my back and her hands came up and were more caressing my chest then holding on. A sensation that was very nice, as we rode her hands slid down and came to rest in my lap, she then started to rub on my dick thru my jeans, giving a light squeeze now and then. By the time we pulled into her driveway my dick was begging for release from the confines of my jeans.

Kat jumped off the bike, took off her helmet and headed toward the house, when she reached the door she turned and asked if I was just going to sit on the bike, or come in. I smiled and said I had to “unwind” a bit from the ride.

With a smirk she said, “a shower is the best for unwinding,” and headed in the door. A couple minutes later I climbed off my bike and headed inside, Kath handed me some iced tea and said she was going to take a quick shower and do a little unwinding of her own. I sat on the sofa, day dreaming of the ride, her actions and the absolute beauty of her. Needless to say, this was not helping the dick to relax, more so it was causing it to try to break thru the denim of my jeans.

After a few minutes, lost in my fantasy world I heard Kat calling my name, walking toward the bathroom door I asked what she wanted. “I forgot my shampoo in the other room,” she said, “would you please go grab it for me.”

I brought in the shampoo, reaching in behind the curtain to hand it to her, causing the curtain to open slightly giving me a first look at the beautiful ass I have fantasized about for so many years. As I stood there staring, she reached for the shampoo, the bottle slipped from her hand onto the shower floor, without thinking I reached for it and fell into the tub, this caused Kat to lose balance and fall on top of me, with our fast movements and trying to avoid getting hurt we somehow ended up with her ass on my face and the shower curtain on the floor. Kat started to giggle a bit, then as she turned to look at me, she noticed where my face was, at this point I have lost all control of my actions, the years of wanting to see her naked ass had my mind in over drive, and here I was with this beautiful woman who had been the vision of my youthful jerk-off sessions sitting on my face.

I reached my hands up to her hips and held her there as I began to tongue and lick her ass. Kat rose up a little, adjusting herself so that her pussy was now receiving my tongue, I continue my licking and sliding my tongue inside her sweet moistness. After just a few minutes she was moaning and pushing her pussy down on my tongue, I felt her body tense and heard a sigh just as her creamy cum filled my mouth, the sweetest flavor I have ever tasted. As Kat began to resume her normal breathing she looked at my face between her legs and said, “Bro, I have wanted that for so long, thank you.”

At this point, we stood up, I fixed the curtain, and removed my clothes to join Kat in the shower. As we washed each other’s bodies, neither of us speaking, only caressing, she looked up into my eyes, we kissed.

We exited the shower, toweling off, my clothes were soaked on the floor, so I wrapped the towel around my waist and headed out to the living room. Kat came out a bit later wearing a short robe and sat next to me on the sofa, leaned into my arms and said that she had something for me that I had always longed for and she made herself a promise to save it for me. With that she removed my towel and laid her head into my lap taking my dick into her mouth. It took less than 2 minutes for my dick to start shooting into her throat, she continued sucking me, making my dick hard once again, then she stood, dropped her robe to the ground turned and presented her gorgeous ass to me saying, “I know how much you have always loved my ass, I have saved it for you and only you.” With that she slowly sat down on my lap, guiding the head of my dick to her sweet virgin ass, I watched in amazement as the head of my dick disappeared into her tiny hole, she eased slowly, holding her breath as she lowered herself.

The tightness was incredible, when she had taken in about half of my meager size, she stopped, allowing her body to adjust to the invasion, I reached around her and began to run my fingers in her slit, she was still very wet, as I began to rub on her clit she started her decent once more, lowering herself down completely onto my lap, the feeling was incredible. I started to move my hips but she said, “no, this is my present to you little brother, sit still and enjoy.” With that she slowly lifted and lowered her beautiful ass on my dick, moaning with each downward thrust, I started to slip my fingers into her pussy and rub my thumb on her clit, as her next orgasm was building I could feel mine as well. When her orgasm hit, her ass tightened around my dick, causing me to shoot my seed deep inside her bowels.

We stayed in this position for a while, letting both of our bodies regain composure, Kat then rose from my lap, turned to face me, sat down once more and we kissed, deep long and passionate kissing. When we broke our kiss, she spoke first, “I love you,” she said, “Kat,” I said, “there is not a more beautiful woman in the world, I have loved you since our first meet 7 years ago.”

Kat and I now live together, we are very much in love and she still loves riding on the back of my bike, almost as much as she enjoys riding me.

J. has the back of her right hand pinned to her cheek, palm arched upwards, attempting to obscure her face. The coquettish act initially strikes R., not the most perceptive of creatures, as redundant, seeing he is roughly fucking her mouth. Then he realises it is the porn stylisation, her relegation to a corporeal prop, and that she possesses a keen sense of aesthetics and knows that she looks like shit that has engendered her coyness . They both look like shit. J. is lying on her left hand side on the double bed, in basque, black stocking, suspenders and red satin knickers, the mound of a sanitary towel clearly discernible under the latter, blue veined tits like bananas and gagging on his cock. R. is tall and skinny and hairy with a countenance of feral aspect topped by a mop of brown hair. He is on his knees prodding her mouth with his dick. Her mouth is small and though the mouth fucking looks good he doesn’t feel much and the whole scene has a bathetic quality.

The set up was subliminally influenced by a scene in Insatiable where the gardener fucks Sandra Chase but she isn’t no Marilyn Chambers type cock hungry Hera and he’s certainly no super schlong stud like David Morris. He is twenty and will soon to run to fat and she is forty but comes across as older. Growing bored and afraid he will lose tumescence, he grabs an handful of her long black hair flecked with white and twists it; shock and fear makes her relinquish his cock, eyes stark and imploring, and he is rock hard again. The big turn on with her is that she is submissive and easy to bully; where a lot of women would have bit his cock and told him to go fuck himself she merely cowers in the manner of a scalded domestic animal. He pins her shoulders to the bed with his knees and kneads his cock over her face. The temptation to jerk off and cum all over her grey face punctuated by sweet brown eyes that conveyed inner truths is resisted. However, this was the first time they had been alone together properly in her flat, with her alcoholic husband now sectioned on a psychiatric ward, and he wanted to string things out a bit.

“Suck my balls.”

He lowers his scrotum onto her face. Obediently she tongues his balls and then pops one in her mouth and sucks hard but clumsily, making him inhale sharply and wince with pain. He sees the flicker of a smile on her colourless thin straight lips and thinks maybe she has claws after all. The abrupt withdrawal of his cock and the twisting of her left nipple reaffirm the mechanics of control in their congress. Did this shit turn her on? What to do now? He needs to be inside her, but she has informed him that she is menstruating heavily. J. has given him a few outdoors blow jobs, kindly swallowing, and he’d finger fucked her in return but he couldn’t even stick his fingers in her pussy to see if she was wet because of the blood.

R. is tempted to spread his buttocks and get her to lick his arsehole, just to set the boundaries of how pliant she really was, but is not sure if his arsehole is too shitty and it seems a bit too faggoty. He thinks of Eddie Nash, the gangster who instigated the Wonderland murders, who used to take a dump and then get his coke whores to earn their blow by licking his arsehole nice and clean. Oh well.

“I want to fuck you. I need to fuck you. “

“I really can’t. I’m bleeding really…it would be too messy.”

“Jesus, we’ve waited so long for me to be inside you.”

“There’ll be other times dear heart.”

“Will there?”

His cock is softening. R. is sat on the edge of the bed with his back to her. She is stroking his back.

“We could do anal?”

J. laughs derisively, her open contempt surprising him. So her limits were set pretty close.

“It was only a suggestion. It was only because I want to be inside you, be with you properly.”

“You can cum in my mouth.”

“It’s not the same. I just want to be inside you.”

“I’m frightened it would hurt. I’ve never done it before…”

“Maybe I should go…” R. stands up and reaches for his boxer shorts.

“No don’t…” J. reaches out to touch his thigh. His studied display of petulance has worked.

“I’ve never done it like that before. I’ll be gentle,” liked R., staring abstractedly through net curtains guarding the bedroom window. An old woman was dragging a tartan shopping trolley down the street, while outside the Chinese take away two drunks toked super strength lager.

“Promise you’ll be gentle.”

R. turned and smiled at her, trying to resist the urge to beat her face to an unrecognisable pulp.

“Of course.”

“I love you,” says J. climbing off the bed. “There’s some Vaseline in the bathroom.”

J. leaves the bedroom. As she rummages about in the bathroom R. puffs up a pillow and places it on the middle of the bed. She returns with a large pot of petroleum jelly and without her knickers. R. finds the sight of her disorderly bush unsettling. He takes the pot off her and she gets on the bed, lying flat on her stomach on top of the pillow, her buttocks offered to R., who lubes his cock and anoints her anus. He pokes a finger into her anus and she flinches. Spreading her buttocks with his hands, the tip of his cock is nudging her glory hole.

Balls deep. R. had tried to ease his cock in slowly; frightened of ripping her open, but he’d just kind of fell into the void. As he went in up to the hilt, J. arched her back violently and shrieked, like she’d been tasered or something. He starts to thrust purposefully, fascinated by the spectacle of the old in out, while J. digs her fingers into the mattress and grimaces, making low groans face buried in the bed. R. is surprised by her discomfort and a little disappointed; he thought it would be a tight dirty fuck but her arsehole is roomy and he doesn’t feel much, and he wonders if she’s hamming it up. For the first time he notices the full length mirror propped up next to the bedroom window and he watches himself fuck her in it, offering a few Harry Reems puzzled reaction shots. R. laughs and J. looks up at him with a mixture of bafflement and anger. They get back to the smooth fucking rhythm. She is now mewling, her facial expression relaxing and becoming dreamy.

“Is it alright…not hurting too much…”

“It hurt at first but it’s quite once you get used to it…”

He’s getting bored again so he slaps her arse hard, making the flesh go blue. Time to shoot his load, but orgasm seems far away. He just isn’t feeling much so he really starts to grind his prostate against her buttocks. R is balls deep again, awakening J. from her reverie. Her discomfort excites him and with some relief he feels the burn of imminent orgasm. Whoosh. His orgasm is magnificent and he makes sure he empties the lot up her rectum. R. withdraws his cock and her arsehole makes a gassy hiss. She quickly climbs to her feet and runs to the bathroom which is adjacent to the bedroom. J. turns both taps on full and he hears the toilet lid slam down and the door crunch shut.

The sound of rushing water hitting the sink is not enough to obscure the sound of her loudly evacuating her bowels. I’ve fucked the shit out of her, thinks R. as he ponders the mucus like substance collected on his deflating cock. He wipes his cock on the curtains and peers onto the street scene. It is now going dark and the Chinese is a neon glow. The drunks are now goading the staff of the takeaway to the amusement of a middle aged smack-head on a mountain bike. Everyone has a fucking cigarette in their hand. Such a cliché of North West England urban gothic. They dress in separate rooms. R. is satiated and listless. He joins J. in the living room. She looks nice in the little black dress and black woollen tights. They smoke cigarettes and drink tea and listen to Danse Macabre. He is nervous and visibly shrunken after orgasm. J., book of Rilke poems in her hand, is serene and chatty. R. finishes off the bottle of scotch he brought with him and smokes his last cigarette.

Note: This is a work of FICTION! Although the areas this story takes place in are real; all of the landscapes depicted, the people described, and everything else this story uses to make it enjoyable reading for you are NOT REAL. As you read this story, try to remember:


38. Pain-ting

The building was not fully cleared, but the service elevators were full with polystyrene to cover the desks, chairs, cabinets, lamps, and anything else could not be moved from the ravages of splattering paint. The best it could be called was controlled confusion, because more men were bringing up the covering, then were covering the furniture. The deadline was midnight, and the contractor stood to lose tens of thousands of dollars per hour if he went over. The big job started in the morning. Thousands of cans of paint were being shaken outside to make the color consistent, and then they were loaded onto pallets, numbered, and readied for the morning.

There were two men that had a special job ahead of them. They had to get into the Attorney General’s office, open the safe, find the package, destroy it, and slip back out, without being seen. They knew the chances of this operation going off, without a hitch, were highly improbable. However, the amount of money they were offered, to attempt this job was $10 million, and they could not turn it down, one way or the other. They had worked out two scenarios and if they did not have a chance at the first one, they could try the second. Either way, they were not to leave the building, without destroying that package. As long as that part of their job was successful, their families would get the money.

Painting began on time, and the work crews went to their assigned areas. Computer alarms in the basement of the building started going off immediately. Something had gone wrong with the identification implants in the painter’s vests. Every one of them malfunctioned. When they were tested everything was fine. All work had to stop. Every painter had to stay exactly where they stood so they could be identified by the guards through their identification badges. It was a long and tedious process. The problem was not with the vests, the problem was in the protocol of the computers. Everyone went back to work, but three precious hours were lost.

The painters lived up to their reputations. They were professionals; they were meticulous, and they did their job extremely well. However, there was a trade-off, “time.” You cannot paint the Mona Lisa haphazardly; nor can you paint an important office building and leave drips on the walls and areas uncovered. It has to be done right, and these people did it right the first time. Thankfully, they did not have to do the ceilings. The non-smoking rule in federal buildings kept the ceilings from turning yellow. Painting the ceilings would have added three days to the job. Rooms would have had to been evacuated, scaffolding brought in and the ceilings spray-painted. The mess would have been abominable.

During the first hour break, the painters ate their food quickly and then lie down to get some rest. When the second seven-hour shift started, they continued working well for the first three or four hours but then they started to lag until they barely could move, towards the end of their second seven-hour shift. The contractor knew that he had bit off more than he could chew. He decided to change the work schedule. He told his crew, as they were leaving the building, not to show up until 9 o’clock the next morning. There were cheers among the rank and file. There was no way they could work 15 hours, eat, cleanup, sleep six hours, and come back to work refreshed at 6 o’clock the next morning. They needed more time to recharge their batteries, and he gave them that time.

Their performance the next day showed it worked. They completed the third floor and moved up to the fourth floor. The two men strategically put themselves close to Fred’s office door. While doing the trim around the doors, one of them cut the seal around his door, with a thin surgical blade that barely left a noticeable mark, picked the door lock, and moved slowly on to the side of the frame. The other man was on a ladder, doing the area above the door, and looked around to see if any of the guards had been looking in their direction. No one was, so he continued painting. He walked down the ladder to refill his bucket with paint, when he returned, he nodded to his compatriot. They slipped through Fred’s door, and locked it. They took off their vests and kept them by the door to try to fool the computers that they were painting on the other side.

They checked the Attorney General’s door for an alarm, and found none. One of them took out a device that looked like a cell phone. It was the listening device that could hear the tumblers of a safe clicking into place. They already knew what the combination of the safe was, but they had to attach this to the safe to protect the informant, whose name they did not know.

Clark Atwater insisted that Fred, Sharon and the girls spend the weekend at his mansion. He wanted to get to know Sharon and her daughters much better, find out how he could help the girls get in to college, and if they had any preferences. He also found out that he could not keep any secrets from them.

“Fred, these children of yours are dangerous. They are dangerous to themselves and to others. I am not saying this lightly. They could hear something they are not supposed to hear, and wind up in trouble because of it. We have to find a way to protect them.”

“Sir, I have been their father for one week. I am just getting used to them. I have not even thought about the ramifications of their being telepathic. If you have any ideas on that subject, I am all ears.”

“Annapolis, “The Naval Academy,” not as midshipmen, unless they want to be, but at least someplace where they can be guarded at all times.”

Sandy said “Sir, with all due respect and thanks for the offer, but there is no way I am going to the Naval Academy. Cindy and I can keep a secret. I am sure that you have agents that are young enough or look young enough that could guard us as we go through college. They could even play our boyfriends if you want. I would rather go to Georgetown, or the University of Maryland in College Park. If there is a College closer to where Fred and Mom are going to live we would not mind that either.”

“Where are you going to live, Fred?”

“We have not gotten that far, Sir. It has only been one week, and we are still working on the divorce. I will work on the Nevada end this week, and also Virginia’s marriage laws. If we can work both simultaneously, that will save us some time also. Sharon will start house shopping, but we do not know if we should look for a five bedroom, a four bedroom, a three-bedroom, or an efficiency apartment. Depending on where the girls are going to go to school, we will either have a house full of children, or be empty-nesters, before we know it.”

“Fred, take my advice; if you can afford it, buy the biggest house you can find. Children have a habit of always coming home.”

“Sir, do you remember what you told me about not spending all my money spoiling the ones I love?”

“Yes Fred, I take it back. I know there goes your nest egg.”

“A new car, and a big house, thank you sir, your advice has led to my downfall.”

“I did not tell you to go to Philadelphia to look at all the historical sites, and fall in love.”

“I thought it was going to be a cheap weekend, sir. It was supposed to cost me $337.27.”

“You wanted the director of the FBI to shoot you. Should I tell him to do it?”

One day Fred will remember to be out of arm’s reach from Sharon hears something he says like that. The pain he felt in his left arm made his hand numb for several minutes as his friend and mentor laughed.

Sharon yelled, “You chased me. I wanted no part of you. I thought you were a stalker, do you remember. You had to show me your identification for me to even talk to you.”

“Yes dear, I remember, but do you have to hit me so hard.”

“I told you Fred, it is all the fury I have left over from my husband. If I had hit him, he would have killed me.”

Julia Atwater walked into the room with a telephone in her hand. She said, “Clark, it is the President’s office.”

“This is Clark Atwater. Yes, I will hold for the President.”

“Good afternoon Mister President, how might I be a service?”

“Yes Sir, it is completed, and it is in my vault. I can have it on your desk tomorrow morning if that is convenient, or I can have it on your desk this afternoon.”

“Yes Sir, I will have it couriered over this afternoon.”

“Fred, the opinion on the CIA’s overseas camps, we did finish it.”

“Yes Sir, but is not in your vault it’s in mine, awaiting your signature.”

“Well, you will never guess where we are going this afternoon?”

“Sir, I cannot go in. I am not allowed to work on weekends, and I will exceed my 55 hour workweek.”

“Get your ass in my limousine, before I shoot you.”

“Can I take Sharon with me, so I can show her where you keep me prisoner?”

“Of course you can, I will take Julia, and we will go out to dinner. The girls can eat here.”

“Sandy and her sisters walked into the room and said, “Why do we have to miss all the fun?”

“Sir, we are going to have to learn sign language when they are around. Is there a college at Norfolk, on the naval base?”

“No, but I can ask the President to build one. Come on girls, you can come too. Our Secret Service guys are going on a field trip.”

The entourage drove to the Justice Department building and parked in the underground parking lot, much to the surprise of the guards stationed there. The General never worked on Sunday, unless it was an emergency.

The General told them ‘No’, he was just showing his guest around, and the guards reminded him that the building was being painted.

They took the elevator to the fourth floor and when they got out, it looked like a typhoon had hit the place. Painters were everywhere. Paint, plastic, forklifts, and everything needed to get the job done were on this floor.

Fred turned and said, “Sir, everything looks just the same as we left on Friday.”

“Fred, let us get this done, before the fumes knock me over.”

They started the long walk towards the General’s door.

The two men took off their white painters clothing in Fred’s office, and exposed their opalescent blue garments. They covered their heads so only their eyes showed, and put on their matching gloves and booties. These items have proven to fool many black and white, and most color cameras. However, they knew once they moved the picture they had less than 90 seconds to do their job, redress and get out of the room.

They opened the door just enough to slip through and walked very slowly to the painting. So far the tiny black-and-white cameras had not picked them up.


Fred did not notice that the seal had been tampered with, as he sliced it open. He walked into his office, went to his vault, dialed in the combination, and opened it. He took out the file in question, and handed it to the Attorney General.

Clark Atwater read the document, and signed the original. He handed it back to Fred, who put it into a manila envelope, and into a courier bag, and placed it on his desk. He put the copy back into the folder; put it into his vault closed it, spun the dial, and made sure it was locked.


As soon as the picture moved, all hell broke loose in the computer room. Agents ran to the elevators, and cursed that it was so slow. They wanted to catch these people, in the act.


The vault was opened in 14 seconds. They pulled out the file, ignited it, and threw it back into the vault. They ran back towards the door to exit the room.


Clark said, “I may as well show you my office.” He turned and started walking towards it.

Sandy yelled, “Dad, someone’s in there.”

Fred grabbed his boss by the neck and threw him to the ground. He turned and yelled, “Girls, get down.” Before he could react himself, the door to the Attorney General’s office opened, and he was face to face with the two men. One of them had a Glock 17, which is nearly undetectable by metal detectors, because it is made of space age polymers and plastics. He shot Fred in the head and chest. The bullets lifted him off the floor, and he fell backwards, hitting his desk, before landing on the floor.

The outer door to Fred’s office burst open, the FBI agents opened fire, and killed both men.

The girls were crying. Sharon was hysterical as she climbed over Fred and saw his wounds. She saw the blood flowing from his body. The Attorney General got up from where Fred threw him. When he saw Fred’s bloody body, he screamed, “Get Help Now!”

He pulled Sharon away from Fred so the agents could check him.

An agent put his cheek by Fred’s mouth and yelled, “He is still breathing. We have to get him to a hospital, now.”

They put Fred on a pallet, and as carefully as they could, ran to an elevator and down to a waiting SUV. They rushed him to George Washington University Medical Center to see if they could save him. Sharon and the girls went to the hospital with the Secret Service.

The Attorney General went in his limousine, because he wanted to be alone. He thought he had just lost his son.

Michael Free, and all the FBI agents involved wanted to know who broke in to the Attorney General’s safe. None of them worried about what happened to Fred Hastings. They wanted to know who else was close enough to the Attorney General to wipe his ass. Fred was no longer a suspect. He took two bullets to protect his boss, but as far as they were concerned that was “in the line of duty” and was expected of him. The people, who broke in, would have known better than to shoot a high profile mole.

When the criminalists uncovered the faces of the two men, they instantly recognized one of the two men: Lewis Montrose, the number two man in the US Attorney’s office in New York. They thought he was still in Columbia. How the hell did he get back here, without the embassy notifying them? Stephano’s words did not fit. Lewis was never in the Attorney General’s office. Lewis could be the right person, because he saw everything that came into the New York office concerning the mob. The Director still had serious doubts, and there was only one way to find out if someone was piggybacking his computers. As much as Michael Free hated to use this word, he needed help from Patricia, and her merry band of computer security specialist. He had two ulcers, what was two more. She could even see his wife face-to-face and maybe that could help her with her problem. He had to make a phone call, and his hands shook, while he dialed her number.

She answered, “Michael did you do something illegal?”

“I guess I deserved that Patty. I need you and some of your friends here in Washington as soon as possible. I have a problem that my people can’t help me with, and one of them may be the problem. We may have a mole in our computer room. We thought it was one of the people working for the Attorney General, but we just ruled that out. I can’t use my own people, to rule out one my own people. I want you guys to give us a hand.”

“How many of us would you like Michael?”

“Two exactly like you Patty. If not, you, plus 99 of your most talented friends. We want to find out if someone is using a carrier on our computer lines and stealing everything we know.”

“I will want my usual fee, per day.”

“Yes Patty, we will pay usual fee; $1.4 million a day.”

“I am going to spread it around to my friends. I will call them and get them ready to go.

“I knew you were going to do that Patty. You can stay with me, and you can talk with my wife all you want, while you’re here.

“I would really like that Michael, I would like that a lot. Michael, I will have my friends ready. Most are still in the Boston area, some are in New York, and others are scattered around the country. It might be easier if they flew in and you reimburse them.”

“Patty, just get me their names and where they are; I will make a decision on the traveling arrangement.”

“I will get on a private jet tonight and fly in tonight.”

“You stay put; I will send someone to get you.”

“Michael, are you telling me what to do?”

“Patty, I almost lost a friend today, I may still lose him. It is touch and go, and I want to get to the hospital to see if there is anything I can do. Please stay put, I will send an aircraft for you. I need you safe.”

“I will pray for him Michael. I will pray for you also. I will wait to hear about the aircraft coming to get me.”

“It will be soon Patty, it will be very soon.”

“Goodbye Michael, I will see you soon.

Joe Lombardo screamed, “How stupid was Montrose? He shot Fred in the head. He may never be of any use to us again. Shit, he may not live according to the last report. Do we have anyone in the pipeline to replace him?”

Jim Calabrese said, “Calm down Joe, he is not dead yet. Let’s wait and see what happens. The report is gone, that is the big thing. They cannot use it against us, so they have nothing new in their arsenal.”

“Thank God for small favors. We were just getting ready to start dropping hints about Atwater running for president. It’s only three years away, and it would have been nice to have Fred sitting on his shoulder.”

Nick said, “Yeah, even Chicago in their heyday did not have anyone sitting that close to the president. We would have had the president’s ear every minute of the day.”

The hospital tried to make the Attorney General and his guests as comfortable as possible, but tension was so high, the slightest thing started an argument or crying. Sharon had both arms full with her girls.

The General wanted to know why they were not informed someone was in his office, before anything happened. With all the agents on the fourth floor, why did the group from the basement have to come up to make the arrest? He promised Michael Free that heads would roll over this.

After 11 hours of surgery, the chief surgeon came to speak to everyone. He said, “We will know in 72 hours. He lost a tremendous amount of blood before he got here, and his heart stopped four times, while he was on the table. He must have wanted to live very much, because he fought for life desperately. We were very lucky with the head wound. Either that or he has an extremely hard head. The bullet hit him 2 inches above and slightly left of his left eyebrow, on the frontal bone. It went under his skin, caused a groove in the bone, and came out above his left ear, without penetrating the cranium. He has a severe concussion, his brain is swollen, and is in a coma, but his brain is intact. We will know more about the brain injury as time as goes by.

His big problem was the chest wound. The bullet entered through the chest wall, threw his lung, and pierced the Inferior Vena Cava. How he made it here, without bleeding out, is a miracle. We gave him 14 units of blood, until we ran out of his type and then we gave him plasma and platelets until more arrived. The man is a medical marvel. If he lives, and it is a big if, it may take him six months to a year, or more to rehabilitate. He has none of his own blood left in him, and as I said, we will not know if he is going to make it for three days. If I was a betting man, and I am not, the way he fought to live on that table, I would say he has better than a 50-50 chance, because he has someone, or something to live for.”

The Attorney General thanked the Doctor, as Sharon sank into the chair and cried, with the girls at her side. “When can we see him?”

The doctor replied, “At the absolute earliest, tomorrow afternoon, 2 PM in the intensive care unit. He will not be responsive, but I will leave instructions for two people to be allowed in. No more than two at one time.”

“There will be guards on him 24 hours a day Doctor. No one gets near him, without proper ID.”

“Sir, we work that way every day of the week.”

The Attorney General turned to the Director of the FBI and said, “Michael, I want a report on my desk about this fiasco by noon tomorrow. I want names of everyone that was downstairs in the computer room. I want the name of the supervisor who made the decision not to have the guards upstairs make the arrest. I want you to put him on suspension immediately. If he is not, I am going to the president, and ask him to your resignation.”

“Clark, I am as upset about this as you are. Heads are going to roll, and I am the one that is going to cut them off. They did not follow procedure. They had people 50 feet away that could have done this job and avoided this tragedy. They will pay, and they will pay dearly.”

“On my desk by noon tomorrow Michael; you know how angry I am. If anything happens to that boy, only God will be able to control my wrath.”

He turned to his niece and said, “Sharon, you and the girls are going to be spending more time at my place. If you need more clothing for the girls and yourself, my wife or my staff will take you shopping. They are all on me. I do not want you to be alone at a time like this. I will not take no for an answer, so don’t even try it. That boy saved my life, and there is nothing I can do to repay him.”

A member of his protection detail handed him a secure cell phone and said, “Sir, it is the President.”

“Atwater here Mister President, how can I help you.”

“No Clark, I am calling to find out how I can help you. Are you sure this was not an attempt on your life?”

“Absolutely Sir; if you had not asked for that ‘Finding’ today, I would not have been in the office. Those men were this looking to destroy a specific file. They did not know it was a decoy. We had taken the original out of my office months ago, and put it in the care of the FBI.”

“How is your assistant doing? I understand he took very brave action, and got between you, his family, and the gunmen, as they came out of your office.”

“The doctors do not know. He is very critical condition and the next 72 hours will tell us if he will make it or not. If you need me Sir, my office will be in this hospital.”

“I received your ‘Finding,’ and that is all I needed. I am sorry this happened. If there is anything this office can do for you, it will be done.”

“Thank you Mister President, I appreciate your kind words and your support.”

Clark Atwater looked at Sharon and the girls, “The President has offered any support his office could give us; and believe me when I say it is unlimited support. We are all going home now. There is nothing else we can do for Fred here tonight. He is getting the best of care, and we cannot see him until tomorrow afternoon. We have to eat and get some sleep. If necessary, I will have a Doctor administer a sedative to each of us so we can sleep. I promise I will keep you all informed if there is any change. ‘Gentleman,’ please escort a young woman to my car. Sharon you come with me.”

The teenagers looked like he had aged 20 years in the last 13 hours. Their eyes were dim, and their skin had lost its luster. The agents nearly carried them to the limousine. When they arrived at Clark’s mansion, the staff had to assist them to their rooms, remove their clothing, and put them into their beds. They were little more than zombies. The girls may have looked like they were asleep, but their minds replayed the horror show they had witnessed over and over again. Cindy crawled into bed with Sandy, and held her tight. Debbie did the same with Danni. They hugged each other and cried themselves to sleep.

Although Sharon required a sleeping pill, she was up early the next morning, and went to check on her babies. She did not find it at all strange that they had paired up during the night, like they had in her womb. They were her treasures, and they would survive this devastation, one way, or the other. She was not so sure she would. She found a man, who loved her from the second he saw her. He loved her unconditionally. What would she do without him?”

39. Found Money/Lost Love

Sergeant and Cassandra went to see Susan, while Patricia and Stephano continued down the hall, to the intensive care unit, to check on Alan.

Room 426 was filled with flowers, and congratulatory notes from Susan’s friends. Susan was sitting in a chair, waiting to take her first walk, when she saw Sergeant walk into the room she said, “You better watch out you son of a bitch, I am almost ambulatory. When I am able to get to my rifle, you had better be in the Grand Canyon, otherwise you are in trouble.”

Cassandra replied, “Sarge, I think that is a hint for us to go on her honeymoon, sooner rather than later.”

“I knew one of you had a working brain.”

“How are you feeling Susan that is all I want to know?”

“I miss my husband you asshole. How do you think I feel? I can’t hold my baby, and I haven’t seen my husband, because you broke his head. I hope a donkey kicks you in the ass and sends you flying into a boulder. It may knock some sense into you.”

Cassandra laughed at her husband. “You see Sarge; your cousin does love you. She doesn’t want you to die; she wants you to wise up.”

Sergeant replied, “You’re right Cassie, but if she had a gun, she would wise me up with bullet holes in my ass.”

“You still haven’t kissed me hello, you wimp.”

“It is a defensive reaction cousin. I want to make it to my first weeks wedding anniversary.”

“Cassandra, I swear if I had not seen them, when we were youngsters, I would swear he had no balls.”

“He has them where it counts, Susan, but between his ears, they get lost in the paperwork.”

Sergeant said, “I should never have gotten out of the Marines. If a woman was going to bust my chops, she would have had bars, or leafs’ on her shoulders. It would not be my cousin or my wife.”

Cassandra elbowed him in his ribs. “If you are going to say something nasty about women, your wife comes first, and your cousin comes second. Do you understand Sergeant?”

“Yes ma’am, I understand perfectly. I’m going to go check on Alan. Then I’m going to have my ribs x-rayed to see if any of them are broken.” He kissed Susan and then Cassandra, before he left the room.

As soon as he was in the hallway, he could hear laughter in his cousin’s room. He could not help but smile also. Now if he could only get Alan back to health, everyone would begin to laugh.

Patricia and Stephano were standing at the end of Alan’s bed, listening to the machines beeping and looking at him. He had an IV in one arm; his head was bandaged, but otherwise he looked like he was sleeping peacefully. Sergeant asked if they had spoken with a nurse about his condition, but Stephano said no one had been to speak to them yet.

Suddenly, Callaway burst through the door and said in a very loud voice, “Patricia what did you do?”

Stephano said into her ear, “Take it away kid, I’m leaving.”

She responded, “Chicken Shit!”

“What happened nurse; what could possibly be wrong?”

“Look at this; it was just verified, in writing, from my bank.”

Patricia read the email and said, “Congratulations nurse, now you can get married anytime you want.”

“Don’t you give me that shit, Patricia. Look at it.”

“Callaway, you should not go around showing everyone your bank account figures. I could be one of those people who can remember numbers and withdraw money from your account anytime I want.”

“I had less than $1000 in my checking account yesterday, Patricia. A friend of mine in the bank calls me this morning and tells me it’s not safe to keep that much money in one account because it’s only insured up to $500,000. I laughed at her and said when my account reaches $500,000, she can fuck me. She told me I had $3 million in my savings and checking accounts. I peed in my pants because I could not stop laughing. I told her to stop playing tricks on me and asked her what this was all about. She asked me if I won the lottery or anything. I realized she was not joking, and asked if there was any mistake. She assured me that the bank had checked and rechecked that the deposits were correct before they were issued to my accounts. The money is there for me to use any time I want. I got to work this morning and my brother-in-law kissed me. He showed me the check that was delivered to him this morning for $18,000.00. The note said it was payment in full for my student loans, and anything extra was for him to send his wife to cooking school. So I want to know right now what you did.”

Alan said softly, “Callaway would you shut the fuck up. A man is trying to get some sleep here.”

“Die please, Alan. I have finally found another person to argue with. She is more intelligent then you are, definitely better looking and nearly as much fun to yell at.”

“It’s funny Callaway; the only voice I heard was yours. Are you arguing with yourself over your newfound wealth? If so, write a check to my newborn son, and give it to Susan. She will take care of it for him, until he is big enough to fuck you in the ass.”

“The nurses in the prenatal section tell me that may not be too far off, Alan. When he was born he weighed 2 pounds. His nurse swore that 4 ounces of it was between his thighs.”

“What did you expect from my son; a pig in a blanket, or an all-day sucker?”

Callaway growled, “Alan, go back to sleep. I don’t want to have to hit you again.”

“It’s funny Callaway; it didn’t feel like you that hit me. It felt like this big jerk to my left. Did my face break his hand?

Sergeant replied, “I had to put a little powder on my knuckles, because you didn’t shave, but otherwise my hand was fine.”

“I’m sorry Sergeant; I’ll be more considerate the next time.”

“How do you feel Alan?”

“Has anyone pressed charges against the truck that hit me?”

“No, but if you want to press charges, I know where he lives.”

“Oh no, not at all, I want a rematch.”

Susan was wheeled into the room, by Cassandra, and she said, “There will be no rematch. One has no brains, and the other one just had his brains scrambled. All they can think about is doing it again. Are all men this stupid?”

Patricia raised her hand and said, “Can I answer that question?”

Susan said, “Girl, you are not in class. If you want to take a man apart, you just do it and let the pieces fall where they may.”

Patricia turned and looked at Stephano. He dropped his head as if he knew his body was going to be taken apart, piece by piece.

“No, they are not all that stupid.”

Stephano’s head popped up in surprise.

“Some men have even been known to turn their lives around, and become better people. I know one. He has acknowledged he has a long way to go, but he watched a lot of good people, here in Cottonwood. He has found a way to help a lot of people succeed in business. He has even found a way to make himself better. Maybe those two can take a lesson from him.”

Sergeant said, “I will not become an Italian.”

Susan said, “Cassandra if you don’t hit him, I will get out of this chair and do it for you.”

Callaway interrupted, “This is my hospital. If anyone is going to hit him, it is me. Besides that, I can afford to be fired now. I am rich and when I find out who did it, I’m taking her out to lunch find out how she did it and why?”

Callaway left the group, and went to the ICU nurses’ station to inform them that Alan was conscious and talking. While she was there her mother called and gave her the information she had received from her bank and the business brokers, who advised her of her new holdings in the Houston area.

Callaway walked back to Alan’s bedside, took Patricia by the arm, and told everyone that she was taking her to the linen closet to beat the shit out of her, until she got the truth.

Innocently Patricia said, “Why what did I do now?”

“You have ever heard of truth serum, Patricia, haven’t you?”

“Yes I have.”

“There are several types, and we have all the medications we need in this hospital to mix a batch together to get you to talk. Tell me what you did, before I make you a babbling idiot.”

“What you are proposing would be illegal.”

“What you did last night wasn’t illegal?”

“I made a bad man pay his family back what they should’ve had in the first place.”

“Patricia, don’t make me smack you.”

“Okay, I found your father. I found he did very well for himself. He owned 14 McDonald’s restaurants, which he was using as cash cows for himself. I found out that he cheated the government on taxes and hid the money in the Cayman Islands. I found out that he had a huge house, with a modest mortgage, which I purchased. So I did the following: From the $8 million he had in the Cayman’s, I put a total of $3.5 in your checking, savings, and IRA accounts, and I paid off your student loans. I split the $4.5 million between your mother and sister. Your mother owns all the businesses in Houston. My father will help your mom adjust to her new wealth and manage her money, until she picks out her own money manager. I own the mortgage on his mansion. He will default in 90 days, or so; then I will own that house. If you were nice to me I was going to give it to you as a wedding present, but you were not nice, so I am going to keep it for myself. I also arranged to have your father arrested this morning, when he got to work, on an Arizona warrant. He should be in jail now.”

“He is in jail. Elmore told my mother, and she told me when she called me.”

“So why are you angry with me?”

“We have been looking for my father for 17 years, and you did all this overnight. How do you expect me to feel?”

“Be grateful that this thing is finally over. You should be happy that your mother would never have to worry about another bill for the rest of her life.”

“How did you do this overnight?”

Stephano moved in behind her and said, “Don’t be shy now Patty, be a good girl, and tell her how long it really took you. Come on, out with it, the real truth. How long did it take you to find her father?”

“Stephano, when did you want to get between my thighs?”

“Patty, this will be so worth it. This is Callaway’s hospital, and you may become part of it.”

“It took me seven minutes to find your father.”

Every alarm in ICU went off when Callaway screamed, “W H A T!”

Stephano intercepted her as she went for Patricia’s throat. Sergeant, Cassandra, and Stephano were all needed to hold nurse Callaway back from Patricia. Doctor Vincennes had just arrived to do his rounds, when he heard the screaming and rushed to see what was going on. When he saw his sister-in-law being restrained, he laughed. He looked at Callalily and said, “Your sister’s cooking has finally done it. You have gone over the edge.”

“Frank, do you know how long it took her to find my father; seven minutes. Call that private detective of yours and get your money back. Seven minutes Frank, do you know what she did in the other 33 minutes she was online; I don’t want to know, because it was probably all illegal except for putting the bastard in jail.”

Doctor Frank Vincennes looked at Patricia and asked, “Seven minutes, what did you use, a Ouija Board?”

Patricia replied, “No doctor, I used a computer.”

“Ask a stupid question… Seven minutes to find him and in the other 33 minutes you took his assets, divided them between his wife, his daughters, and had him arrested by 9 o’clock Central time. Is that everything?”

“No, not everything; I own the mortgage on his house.”

“How much of a mortgage does he have on that house?”

“The mortgage is for $960,000.”

“That is a good size mortgage. What is the value of the house?”

“The original sale price was $4.2 million, but this is a down market, so I think it would sell for about $3.5 million. It is on 17 acres of land, and has a small river running through it. He also made sure that he owned all the mineral rights, below that property. He had a very good lawyer when he bought that property.”

“He is going to try to use the property to make bail.”

“Yes, I know, and I will be there for him. He will sign the title over to me as a surety against his fleeing the jurisdiction. That is the reason I bought the mortgage. I am very tough to get a hold of, and I believe he is a flight risk. I have not allowed any liens to be placed against the house or property.”

“A $1 million mortgage on a $4 million home and he made sure that he owned the mineral rights below that land. Patricia, there is something underneath that land and that man knows it. Do whatever you can to make sure he defaults.”

“I will make sure his bail terms require him not to leave Cottonwood. He will and he will forfeit his bond. Poor man will lose his house, because he strayed over a county line.”

Doctor Vincennes said, “Patricia, please remind me not to get you angry at me. You have an evil streak a mile wide; and when someone pisses you off, you get even in a big way.”

Stephano looked at the doctor and said, “Doctor you do not know the half of it. If any man hurts any woman and Patricia has a computer nearby, you may as well have “The Death Penalty Cocktail Mixed,” because as sure as I am standing here, that man is going down.”

“OW” STOP THAT PATRICIA. I can hardly walk on that ankle as it is. I will not wait until we are married take you over my knee and spank you.”

The Doctor asked, “Your marriage is back on again?”


Doctor Vincennes laughed. “Well, that answers that question.”

“You threatened to spank me, Stephano; that is never going to happen.”

He leaned over and whispered into her ear, “You told me to put it on my wish list. After getting married and fucking you silly; spanking that delicious backside of yours is next on my list.”

Patricia blushed. He had done it to her again. He won and she hated him, when he did it by using her own words against her. Then she smiled brightly and said, “You have to pass Go, before you can collect your $200 and continue your next turn around the board.”

He recognized the Monopoly reference but did not immediately understand what she meant by, “You have to pass Go.” As she was walking back to Alan’s bedside, it hit him and he yelled out, “BITCH!”

Patricia did not turn around; she continued walking with a big smile on her face, which confused everyone else.

Callaway looked at her and said, “That must have been fun.”

“It was as much fun for me, as it was putting your father in jail for you.”

“If your smile gets any wider, your face is going to crack.”

“If you think my smile is wide now, wait until I tell him I am going to Washington for a while, and he is not coming with me.”

“I have to ask this question, Patricia. Why are you still considering marrying him?”

“There is a place in my brain that keeps telling me I love him. When I wake up in the morning I wonder what he is doing. I can’t wait to see him during the day, and I fall asleep thinking of him. I fought that feeling for months. I told him on more than one location that I could not and would not marry him, because of what his father did to my mother and my friends. He would not take no for an answer. He kept coming after me, and he will not take no for an answer. He loves me, even though I left him at the altar. He is trying to change the things I have a problem with, and he is doing a good job. How can you not love a person who is trying to better himself for you? I should kill myself, or kill him to avoid the pain we are going to cause each other, during our marriage, because there is going to be a war. However, the good parts are going to be so wonderful. I hope they make up for all the bad.”

“Patricia, if you’re going into a marriage with that attitude, it is doomed to failure. Don’t get married; live together, have children together, but be able to leave each other without going through the hassle of the divorce. They always tear you apart, and instead of being friends with children. The children get hurt and the both of you wind up being enemies. I could not believe what my father did to my mother. It broke her spirit and she was still a young woman, in the prime of her life. He destroyed her, and she was never the same. I don’t want that to happen to you.”

“I have fought that feeling, while I lived with my mother. She and I talked about marriage and sex in that order, since the day I got my period. I have lived my life by that creed, and I promised my mother and myself that I would not have sex before I got married. I’m coming up on 23 years old soon, and I am going to be seeing a psychologist and talk to her about it. I would rather have talked to my mother, but she was killed several years ago, by Stephano’s father. I need to talk to someone, who does not know me, and can give me impartial advice about my life; what I should do with it, and about sex?”

“What are you doing tonight Patricia?”

“I was going to stay at the hospital to keep everyone company.”

“No you are not; you are going out with me. We are going to get wasted, and talk about sex. I am an expert in both categories. You cannot juggle three men at the same time, keep all of them happy, and still have two men want to marry you.”

“Callaway, you are Irish Catholic, you are not supposed to do that before marriage.”

“Patricia, you are so naïve. The church made those little boxes on either side of the Isles called, “Confessionals.” The priests cannot wait until I go there to get their weekly fix. When the old women see me on line, they go to a different confessional, because they know I am going to be in there for a long time. It is not that I have a lot of sins to confess. It is the priests that keep asking me for details of what I did, and how I did it. They want me to get very specific.”

Patricia blushed again. “What time should I be ready? Where should we meet, and how should I dress?”

“Be ready at 8 o’clock, and I will pick you up at Susan’s. Dress as slutty as you know how.”

“I guess I will be going shopping, because I don’t have anything that fits that description.”

“What size are you?”

“My body is a four; my chest has other ideas.”

“Don’t go shopping for one night, come to my place instead. I will be able to give you something that will get you through the night.”

“I do not want to look like someone who is going to dance on a pole.”

“I don’t go that far either. Trust me Patricia, you will look slutty. However, you will be covered. Let me give you my address; be at my house at seven.”

“I haven’t been drunk in so long I have forgotten what it feels like.”

Callaway laughed. “When you are really drunk, you are not supposed to remember what it feels like. You just feel sick the next morning.”

“In that case, I have to send out a bunch of emails now. I will tell Stephano about my trip to Washington just before we leave. The explosion should be felt in Las Vegas.”

As Callaway was briefing her relief, Patricia said her goodbyes to Susan and Alan. They were as happy as two people could be, now that he was awake again. Tomorrow they would go together, and see their son for the first time. They would finally be able to give him a name.

Stephano asked Patricia if she was ready to go.

She replied, “I am not going to Susan’s tonight. I am going out with Callalily. We are going for a girl’s night out. She thinks I need to loosen up a little, because I had been under too much stress. One of the reasons is because I have to tell you something and I know you are going to explode when I do.”

“What did I do now?”

“You did not do anything. I received a call from the Director of the FBI. Michael wants me to come to Washington to do some computer work for the Bureau. It seems to be very important, because he cannot have his own people do it. I will be staying at his house for the duration of my time there. You are to stay undercover out here, so the families do not know where you are.”

“How long have you known about this trip?”

“I found out about it this morning.”

“How long are you going to be away?”


“You expect me to accept that answer from you?”

“You have to Stephano. I am not tied to you. We are not pledged, engaged, or married to one another. At this moment the best way we could phrase our arrangement is that we are good friends. What used to be is gone. You said it yourself, ‘You have a lot of work to do.’ You do not need me here to do it. You can call me, if the spirit moves you, or not. I will be busy working on my project, and you will be busy on yours. One day we will meet again, and we can hope that the change in you will be enough to satisfy me.”

Up to this point Stephano had been able to control his temper, but her last statement did him in. He raised his voice so loud the walls in intensive care reverberated. “Patricia Parent, you and I are done. I want no part of you. Take your life wherever it wants to go. Jump off a building, jump off a bridge, jump off a cliff, I will not mourn you. You expect everything from me and you are not willing to do anything yourself. You said this would be a 50/50 proposition, and all you do is cut me to the quick. From this point forward, find a tree and fuck yourself with it, because I don’t want you. Tell Michael I am not going to testify against the families. I am going to disappear. You brought this on yourself, and I hope and pray that you can’t live with it. Maybe my father should have killed you, instead of your mother. It would have saved me a lot of pain. Go fuck yourself Patty; I hope no man or woman ever does.” He stormed out of the hospital, without looking back.

Patricia stood there stunned. Tears were flowing from her eyes, but she was not sobbing. She did not think she went too far, but apparently he did, and he was the one that counted.

Callaway came up behind her, took her by the shoulders, and said, “Let him go. You said it; a marriage to him was going to be very painful. Look at how much pain you are in now, and you are not married.”

“You’re right Callaway, but I never gave marriage a chance.”

“Patty, we are going to get hammered tonight. You do not have a choice in the matter, because I am not giving you any.”

“I really don’t feel like going out. Can I just go home?”

“You want to go home and feel sorry for yourself. I am not going to let that happen. You are coming with me and I am going to anesthetize you.”


39. Protection Detail

“I can’t wear this, I am falling out everywhere.”

“Patty, the problem is your chest. I don’t have a strapless bra big enough to hold you in. Loose those puppies pick the dress up 3 inches. Instead of being mid-thigh, the dress is aaaa ummm, very high.”

“In other words, if I bend down everyone is going to see everything.”

“If I were you, tonight I would been at the knees.”

“Can I wear a sweater to cover the lack of the top to this dress?”

“Come on Patty, you are completely covered. You show a lot of skin, but there is nothing indecent about that top.”

“Do you wear this when you go to confession?”

“No, but it would give the women in line, food for thought about my line of work.”

“Callalily, I cannot go out looking like this. My mother would disown me, and my father would kill me.”

“Let’s find out what he thinks.”

“Are you out of your mind, put my phone down.”

“Stand still Patricia, I am going to take a picture, send it to your father, and ask for his opinion.”

Patricia was not happy but she struck a pose and Callaway took her picture. She handed the phone to Patty, who wrote a short email to her father requesting his opinion of how she looked. She explained to him she was going out for the evening with a girlfriend, and did he think she would be okay in it. When she was finished she hit send.

When she turned around, Callaway was not there. She called out and Callaway yelled, “Bathroom!” Callalily was on her cell phone calling William. She was good with numbers and had memorized his phone number while Patty emailed him. He did not answer the phone, Jemma did. Callalily explained the situation quickly to her: Stephano’s sudden departure, the mean-spirited words, and Patty absolute devastation over it. Then she told Jemma what her prescription for this ailment was, and Jemma agreed, hesitantly.

Jemma said, “I hold you personally responsible for her honor. If anything happens to her or to it, I can guarantee you, you have no future. Her father will move heaven and earth to get to you. Hold on one moment, your email just got here.”

Jemma looked at the picture and said, “Holy Crap! William would not let a man within 60 feet of her in that outfit. Ms. Callaway, her father would not let her out of the house in that outfit. I will send her a text and tell her she looks beautiful, but be careful because she is not accustomed to looking so stunning. Keep your wits about you, and keep her safe. Where are you taking her?”

Callaway gave her a list of three places they would probably hit during the evening, in order. She was not used to dealing with Italian families, but just the tone of Jemma’s voice sent chills up her spine. Maybe this idea of hers wasn’t one of her best, but it was the best for Patricia, and she needed this night out. She hung up the phone and went to see what Patricia was doing.

“Did you hear from your dad yet, sexy?”

“Yes, he told me to be careful and told me to have a good time. He said he never saw me dressed like this before, and to be very careful of my surroundings. It sounded more like a reply from Jemma than from him.”

“Are they always close together?”

Patricia laughed, “Jemma is all over him like a wet rag. I don’t know where he gets his stamina, but she always walks around with a smile on her face.”

“They must’ve been together when your email got there and discussed what we were going to be doing tonight.”

“That is probably it. Before she met my father, she was a wild child and she loved the clubbing scene.”

“Now that this is settled, make sure you have everything you need in your bag. Then leave everything you don’t need here, and we are on our way to forget our worries.”

“Call a taxi, because I am not going with you if you are driving.”

“I work in the hospital; I know better. I have a standing appointment with a taxi company, for my night off. They have a taxi in front of this apartment at 8 PM, or I scream into dispatcher’s ear. He is one of my former boyfriends, and he does not like hearing from me.”

“Callaway, you are too much. You work from 6 AM to 6 PM. You get home, shower, eat, change, and go out for the evening. How the hell do you do it?”

“I only get one day off a week, because we are so short of nurses out here. If I did not have a chance to blow off steam on that one night, I would burn out.”

A car horn beeped outside and Callaway said, “Our chariot is awaiting, let’s go party!”

Jemma could not get rid of the feeling she had made a mistake, and had put Patricia in an untenable position. She had to get her help, but she had to tell William what she had done first. She knew it was the right thing to do. She walked into the bedroom, and he was lying on the bed reading his novel.

When she did not lie down next to him, as she always did, William knew something was amiss. He joked with her say, “How bad is that damage to the car?”

“William, I may have made an error in judgment. It concerns Patricia, and now I am worried.”

William motioned for her to sit by him, and to explain what was happening. She started by showing him the picture.

“You let her go out looking like a tramp?”

“She does not look like a tramp. Young women go out looking like that every evening, when they go dancing or to a club. Just because you are senile does not mean the rest of the men in the world do not like looking at a little flesh.”

“I like looking at your flesh. I just don’t like looking at my daughter’s flesh.”

Jemma gave William the abridged version of what went on that day, between Stephano and Patricia and realized what Callaway was trying to do. It was age-old remedy that he himself had used on friends, who had gone through divorces and had lost children. However, this was his daughter, and in the state she was going to be, anything could happen. If it did happen he did not believe she would be able to handle it mentally. She could close down into herself, and be lost to everyone, forever.

William picked up his cell and called Alan for help. No one answered his phone at home so he called his cell, and Susan answered.

“Hello Susan, this is William Zabo, Patricia’s father, how are you?”

“I am much better William, thank you for asking. Alan and I had a little boy yesterday. He came a little premature, but he is doing very well.”

“Patricia did not tell me the baby came early. My heartiest congratulations, Alan must be thrilled.”

“When he came out of his coma he was.”

“All right Susan, Patricia has kept me in the dark about a lot of things apparently. You can give me the long version, or the short version, whichever you have time for, but I think I should be allowed to know what’s going on.”

“Okay William, here is the short version. After everything settled down from the Sedona incident, Sergeant married a long time sweetheart named Cassandra. Stephano and Patricia had a long talk about their relationship and decided to try to make it work if he would change his ways. He agreed as you know because you spoke with his mother. While they were here, I started bleeding. They helped rush me to the hospital. The baby was born by C-section but they could not stop my bleeding. Sergeant arrived at the hospital, and thought I was going to die. He picked Alan up and hit him on the side of his head cracking his skull, put him into a coma. They put him in ICU. Moments later, they stopped my bleeding and I was fine. So I could not see my husband because he was in ICU, and I could not see my baby because he was in the neonatal unit. The following day Alan came out of his coma, and Patricia got a phone call from the director of the FBI. They need her in Washington to do some computer work, with a bunch of her classmates. They wanted Stephano to stay undercover out here so the families could not get to him. Something went terribly wrong when the two of them were talking about it, and Stephano said he wished his father had killed her, instead of her mother, as well as other ways she could die. He hopes that no man will ever touch her because of the kind of person she is. He left the hospital in a hurry. She was crushed by his words.”

“When does the movie come out?”

“I don’t know William, but there were enough twists and turns this past few days, to make a thriller.”

“Is Alan able to speak to me for a moment?”

“He has not shut up since he regained consciousness.”

“Hello Beta how is everything?”

“I need your help, and you are lying down on the job again.”

“What is going on William?”

“Your nurse Callaway took my daughter out wearing a safety pin and a handkerchief. You know how Patricia is about morality, and if they both get drunk and something gets out of hand because of what she’s wearing, no judge would find the man guilty. I am not saying that I will not find him guilty, but legally he will not be. I need someone; no I need a lot of someone’s protecting her tonight, and I don’t know who I can get at such short notice.”

“Hang up William, I am on the job.”

“Susan, call ‘Stone Hands’, I need a favor.”

Sergeant picked up the phone and said, “This had better be good Susan.”

“Aw, are you dick deep in my friends’ pussy, or does she have it down her throat? Am I interrupting your playtime you poor, poor man. The man that put my husband into the hospital on the day of his sons’ birth is having fun and something important came up, that wasn’t you. Is that what happened, you idiot?”

“I get the message Susan, what can I do for you?”

“I don’t want anything from you. Alan wants to talk to you.”

“Okay, put him on.”

“Hi Sergeant, it’s me Alan, do you remember me?”

“Yes Alan I remember you. How may I help you?”

“I am not as vindictive as your cousin, so I will get to the point. William Zabo called. Patricia is out with Callalily getting drunk. This is not a good thing with the way Callalily dressed her. If anything were to happen to his precious daughter’s virtue tonight, we would have another murder on our hands, within the next few days. Neither one of us wants that to happen. How many plainclothes people can you get to go to those clubs and make nice to two beautiful ladies all night, and keep the rest of the jerks away from them?”

“Where are they going to be Alan?”

“The first place they were going was Mustang Sally’s. ‘ BullRideIn’ was the second. If we don’t catch them by there, it is going to be too late.”

“‘BullRideIn’ is not the kind of place I would think Callalily would go. It has kind of a rough crowd there.”

“I am just telling you what I was told Sergeant. I need you to send in the Calvary.”

“I am not a horse soldier sonny, I am a Marine. I will get the boys ashore as soon as possible.”


“Sergeant, I am going to put call block on your number. I shit every time I see your name pop up on it.”

“Aw come on Felix, it’s not all that bad is it? What I have for you tonight, you are going to love.”

“Which way is the knife coming from Sergeant? I’ll put another vest on.”

“The only vest you will need is the one under your suit jacket.”

“Okay, what do you have up your sleeve now?”

“Do you remember the young lady that you kissed to get her boyfriend jealous?”

“Of course, I can do that again if you want.”

“Get dressed because you’re going to do it now. The boyfriend cut her to pieces this afternoon and left. One of our nurses is taking her out to get her drunk, which by itself is not a problem. The problem is the way she dressed her, or didn’t dress her. The father wants bodyguards around her because she is still a virgin and wants to remain that way until she gets married. The father is a very powerful man, with contacts on both sides of the law. Can you and your men be of any help tonight?”

“I have four card players that would be willing to help. We will be on our way in 15 minutes.”

“Great, get moving, do you remember what she looks like?”

“How could I ever forget Sergeant?”

“Well, just picture her three quarters naked with the same face, and keep the pigs away from her and the nurse that’s with her.”

“Send pictures of the two of them to my car, along with the places they are going to be. We are on our way.”

“Thanks Felix, don’t spare the horsepower.”

41. First Response.

The Attorney General arrived at his office at 8:30 AM and walked straight through the area marked off as a crime scene. The FBI agents did not say anything about it to him. Their supervisor had been suspended without pay, pending dismissal from the service. All the agents that were with him in the control room had been suspended for one month without pay. They would go back to Quantico Virginia for retraining on procedures, after their return. The Ax had fallen. It had fallen swiftly and hard on those involved in Saturdays’ incident. Fear ran through every man and woman working on this case. They moved slowly and meticulously, not wishing to make the tiniest error that could bring the wrath of the Attorney General, and the Director of the FBI down around their necks. The case was cut and dry and all of the criminalists knew it. They found the initial cut on the seal of Fred’s door. They tested the material used by the two men to fool the cameras and found that it worked well. The Glock 17 had been hidden in a paint can, with an insignificant mark on the side of it. No one would have noticed the mark, except someone who was looking for it. Lewis Montrose was flown out of Bogotá, Columbia, on a private jet. It was a Thursday evening, and no court is scheduled for Friday’s in Columbia. He was flown to Atlantic City, New Jersey on a gambling junket for high rollers. With casino executives and limousines waiting for their guests, immigration agents barely looked at the Columbian passports and waved the ‘Whales’ through the line, and on to the waiting executives’ arms. Montrose took a jet helicopter to a location, on Staten Island, where he was briefed by the members of the team. He was shown pictures of the Attorney General’s office. They showed him the picture the safe was hidden behind. He memorized the six-digit combination for it. They practiced in a mockup of the room. They could take their time to prepare properly, when they were in Fred’s office, however, once they were in the Attorney General’s room their best practice time was 75 seconds. Considering the pressure they would be under that day, they figured that it would take 90 seconds to get it all done. They had to get to the safe, open it, use the incendiary device, get out of the room, into their white painters uniform and re-join the painters. Everything would have to go off perfectly, but they knew it rarely did. The criminalists knew there was a third man involved, because on the day of the break-in, Montrose and one of the painters switched. Montrose was wearing the painters ID card. The men and women worked hard to complete the third floor of the building. They moved everything up to the fourth floor, and continued painting. They were running behind schedule, and they were tired. Every so often a painter would sit down and take a breather, go to the john or get a drink. This was when the guards lost track of the two painters, for the short period of time. Unfortunately, the timing was perfect for the run-in with the Attorney General, his guests, and the disastrous meeting that occurred. The criminalists had been over the room four times. They saw no reason to waste any more of their talents or time on it. If anyone was going to criticize their work, or thought they could do it better, let them. This room was clean, their work was done. They picked up their cones, removed the tape from the floor, and told the guard standing at the Attorney General’s door that they were done.

42. 2 P.M.

Sharon and the girls kept checking the time. It was always 1 PM. The time never changed. Sharon took out her cell phone to verify the clock was not broken. Her cell phone it was 1 PM. She almost threw it against the wall. Why did time stand still when you wanted it to run.

Julia Atwater did everything she could to try to keep their spirits up, but she knew she was fighting a losing battle. The guards at Fred’s bedside called her every 30 minutes, if there was a change in his condition or not. No news may be good news, but in this case Julia knew that keeping everyone informed was imperative.

She saw them checking the clocks in the house, their watches, and their cell phones, and knew they want to be at the hospital, and not at her home. They would rather sit on nails, then on feather cushions at this moment. She called a member of her staff and told him to bring a limousine around front, because they were leaving.

She went over to Sharon and said, “We are going to be very early, but we are leaving now.”

Sharon nearly crushed Julia, when she hugged her, and thanked her for being so kind. When Sharon turned to tell the girls to get ready, they had disappeared. She turned to Julia and said, “I believe they wanted to leave too.”

Julia laughed, “I didn’t even have to be a telepath to realize that.”

They arrived at the hospital at 1:30 PM, only to find Clark sitting in the VIP waiting room, working on his computer.

Julia walked over to him, kissed him on his head, and said, “He is worse than a child. He would sleep here if he could.”

“I can’t even talk to the fucking doctor. He is surgery and they don’t know when he will be out.”

Julia looked at Sharon and said, “Don’t you just love brilliant men. They are smart, beyond belief in their areas of expertise; but when it comes to something outside that area, they are blind as bats. Clark you don’t need to talk to the surgeon anymore. His job is done. He may check in, to see how Fred is doing, but now the specialists are in charge. You have to speak to the nurses. You ask them who has taken over Fred’s case. Contact those doctors individually, or line them up against a wall, and fire questions at them. You have to remember, ‘Nurses run hospitals, not Doctors.’”

Clark looked at his wife and asked, “Why are you never around when I need you?”

“You leave me at home, because you like playing political games with the big boys.”

“Okay caboose, go find me a nurse that knows something about Fred.”

“It may be the last part of the train that leaves the station, but your nose still follows it around.” Julia sashayed out of the room just to put a little emphasis on her statement. She returned a few moments later and said, “You can go in and see Fred now.”

Clark said, “It’s not 2 o’clock yet.”

“Sharon, would you like to go see Fred?”

Sharon was out of her chair instantly, so was the Attorney General.

Julia said to her husband, “Clark, it’s not 2 o’clock yet.”

“I know dear, nurses run the hospital.”

“Girls, you can go also, but you must be very quiet.”

The four twins hugged Julia, and thanked her for getting them in.

They had Fred isolated on both sides, with him in a center unit. As they looked at him, the first thing they all noticed was that he was as pale as a ghost. His skin was nearly translucent but he was breathing on his own, even though he was receiving oxygen. The pole holding the IV fluids looked like it would bend at any moment, because of the amount of bags that were on it.

However, the seven people surrounding the bed were not sad. Fred was alive and it looked like he was holding his own. Sharon leaned over the bed rail and kissed the entrance and exit wounds on his head. Things would have been so much worse if the bullet had penetrated his skull.

Clark held his hand, just to let him know that he was with him in this fight.

The girls touched any part of his body that was available to add their strength to his.

His nurse came over and said, “He has been here for 17 hours, and his condition has not worsened. I know that is not what you want to hear but believe me that is good news. It means no post-operative infection has set in. In Mister Hastings case, that would have been disastrous. Due to the amount of blood he received, he is getting massive amounts of antibiotics and even an anti-rejection drug as a just in case. The Hematologist does not want his blood coagulating in his veins, so he is also receiving a blood thinner. If you see bruising on his skin, we are not beating him up, it is normal. The cardiologist is watching him closely, and he is on a heart monitor 24/7. The neurologist is very hopeful there is no brain damage. They did an MRI and CAT scan early this morning, and both results came back good. They showed no internal damage to the head’s bone structure or soft tissue of the brain. His cranial pressure is down, even though it is still higher than normal. His pupils react to light, although he does not react to pain stimulus yet.”

Sharon said, “That will come, I guarantee it.”

The women, Clark, and the nurse laughed at that statement.”

The nurse told them they could stand where they were until 4 o’clock, when visiting hours ended, but nothing would happen between now and then. They can also come back this evening at 8 o’clock for the evening visiting hours, which end at 10 PM.”

Sharon said she had to take the girl shopping for clothes, with Julia, so they would leave now and come back for this evening’s visiting hours. Clark opted to stay for a while longer before returning to his office. He had to find another assistant, until Fred was able to return to work. He refused to think of any other possibility, except Fred returning to his side.

He stood there holding Fred’s hand talking to him quietly, about the things they had done together, since they met while he was at Harvard. The little things that made him stand out from the other volunteers for his campaigns for Connecticut State Attorney and Governor. How he helped him through the dark days of his divorce. How he helped him during his courtship of Julia, and finally, his victory as Governor of the state of Connecticut. He said, “Fred, there is so much more I want to do. I want you to be there at my side. Keep fighting my boy, keep fighting.”

He did not know if it was a wish, or if it was for real, but he thought he felt Fred squeeze his hand. He said, “Do that again Fred, squeeze my hand again.”

Almost imperceptibly, Clark felt his hand being squeezed.

“Good Fred, very good, we are all here for you. Sharon, Sandy, Cindy, Debbie, Danni, and Julia, we are all here. When you are ready we will be here by your side. Rest and get better my son; we will be here for you.”

He turned to one of the guards and said, “Get his nurse now. He opened his cell phone, and called his wife. As soon as she said hello, he said, “Tell Sharon he squeezed my hand.”

When the nurse arrived she said the Attorney General, “Do not make too much of this, it could just be a muscle twitch.”

Clark responded, “I thought so too, the first time, until I asked him to do it again, and he did.”

This changed the nurse’s opinion. She replaced his hand with her own, and asked the Attorney General to speak to Fred again. Ask him to squeeze your hand. It is very important he squeeze your hand again.

Clark begged Fred to squeeze his hand one more time and told him how very important it was to do it.

The nurse waited, and a few seconds later her eyes opened wide. “He did! He heard you. He squeezed my hand. You have no idea how important that was. I am going to call the doctor and tell him. Tell Fred to go back to sleep, he must be exhausted. Whenever he wants to let us know he is awake, tell him someone will be holding his hand.”

He spoke into his cell phone, “Sharon, he understood what I said to him. When I told him to squeeze my hand he did. When the nurse asked me to have him do it again, with her hand in his, he did it again. Sharon he is going to be fine. Our man is going to be fine. We will sit with him in shifts, and hold his hand. We will never leave him alone. We are going to get him back, Sharon. I am going to have one of our lawyers get you that divorce. The days he opens his eyes, I would like you to be able to tell him that you are free woman, and when he is ready both of you can get married.”

Sharon was already crying over the good news of Fred being able to hear, understand, and respond, to a command. When Clark told her what he wanted to be able to do for her and Fred, the tears flowed continuously.

“Thank you Uncle Clark, you have been so kind to someone you don’t know. It is no wonder that Fred adores you.”

“Sharon, you and your family haven’t seen anything yet. I am very wealthy man, and Julia and I have no one to leave our estate to. We do now. You, Fred, and your daughters will become our heirs. Our largess will not wait until after we are dead. Your family will never have to worry about money again. Fred will be able to take his time, before he returns to work. I know him; as soon as he is able to sit up in bed, he is going to want to sit at his desk and work. If we have to tie him down, he will rest and recuperate properly. We will not lose him, because he is so stubborn.”

Sharon laughed. “In his condition, I can’t even threaten him by withholding blow jobs.”

Clark laughed uproariously over her joke. “Young lovers without sex would be a problem.” He said, “Fred had been celibate so long, his libido will drive him up a wall.”

“Uncle, you have no idea how right you are. Once he started, he did not know day from night. The girls were never sure what time we were leaving because of his problem; if you can call it “A Problem.”

“Come back to the hospital Sharon. He can hear my side of this conversation. He is squeezing my hand continuously. As usual he will not listen to me, when I tell him to rest. He has to rush things, do them perfectly, and return to the next job. If he does not stop this nonsense, and rest, I am not going to get him the raise I promised. I will see you when you get here Sharon. Goodbye.”

“Fred stop squeezing my hand; I have to ask you some questions. Squeeze my hand once for no, and twice for yes. Do you understand?

Fred squeezed his hand twice.

“Are you in pain?”

Fred squeezed his hand twice.

“Do you want more pain medication?”

Fred squeezed his hand twice.

“Do you know who shot you?”

Fred squeezed his hand once.

“Did you know anyone was going to be in our offices Sunday?”

Fred squeezed his hand once.

“Were you involved, in any way, with the break-in in our offices Sunday?”

Fred squeezed his hand once.

The Attorney General breathed a sigh of relief, when Fred answered his questions the way he had. He knew the questioning was illegal, because Fred was under heavy sedation and could not be held responsible for what he was saying, but responding the way he did, he was sure Fred was exactly who he knew he was: His trusted friend, colleague, and advisor.

The Secret Service agents listened to the conversation and recorded it, indicating the answers Fred had given.

The nurse arrived with Fred’s pain medication, inserted the needle into the intravenous line, and watched the monitors as Fred drifted off to sleep. She repeated the words of the surgeon, “That young man has something to live for. I have never seen anyone, who has had such extensive surgery, recover consciousness and cognitive function so quickly.”

The Attorney General looked at her and said, “There are very few men in this world like Fred Hastings.”

Clark met the limousine at the front of the hospital. Before anyone got out he asked if they had had lunch. Everyone answered, “No.” He got in with them and said, “They just gave Fred pain medication, and he will be asleep for several hours. We will get something to eat and then returned to the hospital before he wakes up. While we are eating I will tell you everything that went on, while I was with him.”

The driver said, “Sir, at this time of day every place is going to be crowded. Where would you like to go?”

“Take us to the Senate dining room, Steven.”

“That will cause quite an uproar Sir.”

“I will tell them to take it up with the President.”

43. An Ethical Lesson

Bruno Valentino was walking on a path on the Fort Polk army base, when he was informed that he had a guest waiting for him in his bungalow. He smiled because he thought it was his wife, Victoria. He was very surprised when he walked through the door and saw Stephano standing there. He did not look happy, as he approached him to say hello.

“What happened, Stephano, you do not look so good.”

“I broke up with Patricia. I could not stand the barbs she kept hitting me with. Sunday was the last straw. She told me she was going to Washington to do some computer work for the FBI, and did not know when she would be back. I had to stay out West and continue to hide. We had agreed that I had to change some of my attitudes towards women, before our relationship could continue. We were supposed to meet at a 50-50 point, but I felt she kept pushing me past that line. The final straw was when she told me that our relationship was at best, “Good Friends.” Then she said, when she got back she would see if the changes I made in myself were good enough for her. I could not take it anymore. I told her to go fuck herself, and I wished you had killed her, instead of her mother. I told her I was not going to testify at the trial of the four families, because of her. I said many other remarks that I hope hurt her as much as she hurt me, but most of all I told her I hope she died a virgin, because I wanted no man or woman to ever touch her, because of what she was.”

Bruno looked at his son and asked, “And what is she Stephano? What brought out all this anger in you? I have never seen a woman have this type of effect on you. You normally use women as toys, and toss them aside, when you got bored or tired of them. Why does this one get under your skin?”

“Pop, don’t you start with me?”

“I am not starting anything, I just asked a question, if you don’t want to answer it, just say so. Just be honest with yourself.”

“She is different. Okay, are you happy now?”

“I am not the one that has to be happy; you are. If you are happy you left her, that’s fine. This world is full of beautiful women, and you can have many of them at the drop of a hat. You are very handsome young man, with a lot of money at your disposal. Fly down to Brazil, or Argentina, and live like a king for the rest of your life. Pick out a harem, and fuck a different woman, every morning, noon, and night, seven days a week. Make sure they are all virgins, and of legal age. When you get bored with them, throw them away, and start over. You never have to get married, and you never have to worry about children.”

“Thanks dad, I need advice like this right now.”

“What would you like me to say, Stephano? I know you talked to your mother, because she and I speak frequently now. I realize now what I did to her, because she told me what she told you. If you want to be like me, go ahead, be like me. If you want to be the man your mother asked you to try to be, then you have work to do, just as Patricia told you. You may not have liked the way she put it, but you must admit she was honest with you. She did not promise you anything she was not willing to give up freely. There is a price to be paid for everything. I am paying the price for my past life. I may not look like I am in jail, but I am. I can walk for miles in every direction, but eyes are on the every second. I can’t go to the bathroom without a camera on me. I made hundreds of millions of dollars. I owned Congressman, governors, mayors, judges, important people up and down the line, but I have to pay for that now and for the rest of my life. What are you willing to pay for your freedom? If your conscience is clear, the price is low. If you are not completely innocent, the price gets higher. If you are guilty, the cost becomes much higher, and much more painful to bear. You and you alone have to make that decision.”

“I have to admit dad, this conversation is not going in the direction I thought it would. I was looking for some moral support; instead I get a lecture on the ethics. I was the one that went to college and graduate school, and you are the one that is teaching me. There is something wrong with this equation.”

“No Stephano, you are wrong. You learned from books, you have yet to learn from life. I am 40 years older than you are. I have learned many ethical lessons, and until now, I have disobeyed them all. If I had learned this lesson one crime sooner, I would not have had Laura Garrett, or those 40 schoolchildren killed. You would never have met Patricia Garrett Parent. Your life would not have been this complicated, and you would not be learning these lessons. You would be a completely different man. Which would you choose to be Stephano? Which man do you want to be?”

“Thanks dad, I came here looking for answers, and I am leaving here with more questions.”

“Why don’t you stay with me for a while? These woods have many paths and they are great for meditating. Maybe you can clear your mind of some of those questions.”

“Okay, I’ll stick around for a while, and see how things go. I hope you don’t mind the company.”

“You will be not staying with me. You will be getting your own bungalow. Your mother is due here any day now, and we want our privacy.”

44. The Kissing Amigo’s

“You do this every week?”

“If I had two days off a week I would do it on both days. Isn’t this great?”

“How can you hear anything at work?”

“The band isn’t warmed up yet; wait until the walls start bouncing.”

“At least I can see what you meant about my dress fitting in. Several of the girls are wearing things that I can’t even call dresses.”

“Those are called ‘Micros’, they have panties sewn in them.”

“In other words, they are short cheerleader outfits, with no tops.”

“Come on Patricia, there wearing tops. They are just very small, very, very small.”

“Are we going to be able to get a table? I feel very conspicuous standing here.”

“Patricia, with your white hair, and your fair skin and that red outfit, every man in the place has already staked you out. Standing, sitting, flying on the trapeze, you are fair game for the dance floor.”

“I thought we came here to get me drunk.”

“You will be, trust me. There’s a table, let’s go get it.”

Just as they got there, too handsome young men arrived also. Patricia was ready to run, but Callaway said, “We will share our table with you, as long as you keep your hands to yourself.”

The older of the two men with the dark hair, and the piercing dark eyes said, “We were here first. We will share our table as long as you keep your hands on your side of the table.”

“Agreed; my name’s Callaway, this is Patricia.”

“Hi, I’m Jason and this is Hamilton, or Ham.”

Everyone sat down, except Patricia. Callaway pulled on her arm and said, “Patricia, sit.”

Obediently, Patricia sat down.

Ham said, “That is a very cute puppy you have there.”

Callaway laughed. “You must be blind; she has two very cute puppies.”

Patricia smacked her on the arm and turned as red as her dress.

Jason laughed. He said to Patricia, “We know you can react to commands, but can you speak?

“Yes, I can speak. I just have not done this in a very long time, and I am very nervous. Then my friend gives me this postage stamp to wear.”

Ham said, “I am a philatelist.”

“You know a four syllable word! Congratulations.

Callaway looked at her and said, “Time for her anesthesia.”

The server came over to take their order and Callaway asked for two AMF’s.

Jason and Ham laughed over her choice. They ordered two beers.

Patricia asked, “What is an AMF?”

“It is in honor of your dearly departed boyfriend, Stephano. It means ‘Adios Mother Fucker.’”

Instead of laughing, Patricia’s eyes started to water.

Callaway reacted immediately. “You stop that this instant. You didn’t leave him, he left you. It was his choice. He knew the rules and did not want to play by them. 50/50 Patty; that was all you wanted. He thought you wanted more and you didn’t. He just did not want to work for his portion. He wanted the easy way out. He wanted you to cave in to his demands. Think of all the vile things he said about your mother and your friends. No man, who truly loves you, could say those things. Let it go, let’s get drunk, and forget about him.”

The drinks arrived moments later, and Callaway said, “Here’s mud in your eye.”

Patricia put the glass to her mouth closed her eyes, tipped it back, and swallowed its contents. The liquid burned everything from her lips to her intestines.

When she opened her eyes Callaway was looking at her. “Are you out of your fucking mind? You are supposed to sip that drink, not swallow it like a shot.”

“When you said ‘Here’s mud in your eye,’ so I thought I was supposed down it.”

“You just drank shots of vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, and blue Curacao. You didn’t cough, sneeze, gag, or throw up. You are amazing”

“I got drunk with my mother once. We wound up naked on the living room floor, with our pony unconscious next to us.”

Hamilton laughed, “What did you give the poor pony to drink?”

“I don’t remember what it was, I was too drunk.”

“Within 35 minutes, theirs was the happiest table in the place. The men were on their third beers, while the women had finished their AMF’s, ‘Sex on the Beach’s', and ‘Between the Sheets.’ They were currently working on their ‘Orgasms’, when Felix tapped Patricia on the shoulder, and said, “Hello sexy lady, would you like to dance?”

Callaway was getting ready to tell him to fuck off, when Patricia yelled, “Felix, what a wonderful surprise. Are you alone?”

He said, “No, I came with numbers 1, 2, and 4.”

“Are we having a contest?”

“No, we are here to keep an eye on you, and to see the dress that you are nearly out of.”

Jason and Hamilton were not thrilled that Felix and his friends showed up. Jason said, “Guys, they are with us.”

Felix moved his jacket aside and showed his police shield. The two men got up from the table and left.

Patricia turned and said, “Callalily, this is my friend Felix, he is number three. I will let him introduces friends.”

“Ms. Callalily, this handsome devil is Anton, he is number four. This is Mark, he is number two. This is Pedro, the leader of our group, and number one.”

Callalily was well on her way to feeling no pain, when she asked, “Why are you all numbered?”

Pedro asked her if she had ever been to Prescott during the week of May 8.

Callalily said, “Yes, you always have that big fair that entire week.”

Pedro asked if she knew what the biggest part of that week was.

Callalily said, “Everyone knows that; The Kissing Contest. It is absolutely hysterical. The women fall all over the place, because the men are supposed to be such good kissers.”

Pedro smiled at her and said, “That is correct. That’s why I am number one, Mark is two, Felix is three, and Anton is four.”

Callalily said, “Oh Shit, ‘The 4 Kissing Amigos.’ I stuck my foot into it, didn’t I?”

Patricia said, “Right up to your knee, because I had the pleasure of kissing Felix.”

“You slut; you were engaged to Stephano, and you kissed number three?”

“I kissed number three in front of Stephano.”

“You double slut. You did that to piss him off.”

“Yes, and it worked.”

Felix said, “Patricia shall we dance?”

“Absolutely, show me the way.”

Pedro asked, “Ms. Callalily, do you dance?”

“I will dance, until you are 2 feet tall.”

“I hope you are wearing sneakers, because I have been dancing since I was a baby.”

“Let the games begin, Ole’.”

Mark called Alan’s cell, told him that they had the girls, and they were fine.”

Alan called William and relayed the message. He slept much easier that night. He would send gifts to four new friends.

Patricia had not let loose like this since she started college. She knew she was in a very safe environment. She didn’t have to watch her back because of the mob, she didn’t have to hide her identity, she was free to be herself, and while she was on the dance floor with Felix, and it showed. The alcohol may have helped, but she was totally in control of her faculties. Her body was loose and she danced with the liquid grace of the ice-skating queen she once was. Felix was hard-pressed to keep up with her. After the third dance was over, he begged for mercy. He called Mark over to take his place, while he sat down and ordered a drink.

Callalily was all over Pedro like a bitch in heat. Every dance was a simulated sex act, and neither one of them would back away. It became so bad that when their sixth dance was over, Pedro took her in his arms, and kissed her for all he was worth. Callalily returned the kiss with equal fervor. The crowd began applauding as the two held their kiss longer and longer. When they finally broke apart, neither one of them could walk straight. Patricia grabbed Callalily, and took her straight to the ladies’ room. Pedro was escorted to the men’s room.

“Callaway, are you in there?” Patricia received no reply. Callaway’s head was between her knees. She was emotionally redlined, and her brain was nonfunctional.

In the men’s room, Pedro had his head soaking in a sink of cold water, and his friends were laughing at him. He never reacted to a woman this way. He was a Don Juan. He never formed a long lasting attachment. Two months was his maximum commitment range. Two weeks was closer to the norm. He rarely stayed more than one night at any woman’s apartment. No woman ever stepped foot into his. He never broke that rule, ever. He told women upfront, that there was no chance of a long-lasting relationship, and don’t even think of the ‘M’ word. If they even mentioned it, he was gone. Suddenly, after dancing with Callaway, he tried to suck her head down his throat, like a female Praying Mantis feasting on her partner after mating. This was not like him at all. Women ran after him. He did not chase them.

Patricia wadded up paper towels, wet them with cold water, and put them on Callalily’s neck in an attempt to cool her down.

Callalily said, “Patty that is not where I am overheated. If that man was willing, I would fuck him on the dance floor.”

“I thought you said the kissing contest was bullshit?”

“A girl can change her mind. I don’t know how many women those lips have kissed, but he can kiss all four of mine anytime he wants.”

“Aren’t you the one that told me to always be charge of my destiny? Never give more than 50%. All of a sudden you kiss a man for the first time, and you are giving him carte blanche with your body. Do you want me to go tell him that your body is available anytime he wants you?”

“God dammit Patricia, I am supposed to be lecturing you.”

“I got all the lecturing I needed, while I was on the dance floor watching you fucking him. I still don’t know how to do what I want to do with a man. I don’t know how to please a man in bed. I am so afraid that when the time comes I am going to freeze up. I think that’s why I am so hard on Stephano. The closer we came to getting married, the harder I made it for him to get close to me. I know that A goes into B, but my mind goes blank at that point. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do for him; what I am supposed to feel, or what I am supposed to feel from him. I do not want to fail as a woman. I have succeeded at everything else I’ve done in my life. The one thing I fear the most is the thing that is supposed to come naturally to me. Teenagers fuck just to have fun, I am almost twenty-three years old, and even though I want to make love with Stephano desperately, I freeze up just at the thought of it. Why am I so fucked up about sex?”

“You don’t need to talk to an experienced woman Patricia; you have to speak to an experienced man.”

“Yes Callaway and want am I supposed to do. Walk up to him and say, ‘Hi, I am a virgin, exactly what do you want from an inexperienced woman, when you climb into bed with her?’”

“You hit it right on the button kiddo. Go straight to the heart of the matter, and let him tell you what he expects. Just remember, his opinion is just that, ‘his opinion.’ You have to keep asking that same question, over and over again, until you get a consensus of what a man may want from you. I know what they want from me. I give it to some, and I withhold it from others. It depends on how I feel about the man.”

“You are some piece of work Callaway!”

“We’ve been over that point already, haven’t we?

“Yes, I believe we have. However, you want me to go out there, and ask those four men what they would want from a woman, when they climb into bed with me.”

“There is no time like the present, and they are your friends. They will not hurt you. They will not steer you wrong.”

“What about Pedro and you. Are you going to fuck him on the dance floor?”

“No, I’ll be good, at least for now. I will not promise you what will happen, later this evening, because he is a very good dancer.”

“You are not too bad yourself, Callalily.”

“When is the wedding, Pedro? I have never seen you fall so hard, and fast, for a woman as you have this one.”

“Have you ever seen anyone like her, Anton? She dances like the devil herself. Her mouth tastes like liquid fire, and her breasts, oh my God her breasts are magnificent.”

“I didn’t see her breasts, Mark; did you get to see her breasts?”

“No I didn’t Anton, and I was looking. He did not undress her. He must have used the braille method to assess them.”

Felix, Anton, and Mark laughed as Pedro dunked his head back into the cold water, again.

As his head emerged Mark said, “Pedro, it is the other head that needs a cold bath.”

Pedro said, “If anything touches that head, it will explode.”

All four men laughed loudly and long.

Felix reminded the other three that they were here to protect Patricia and Callaway from the other pigs, not to take the place of the other pigs.

“My friends, we have done many things together, but tonight I must break our tradition. I am going to cut that ‘Filly’ out of the herd, and claim her as my own. Do not worry about me getting home, I will find a way. However, before the sun rises that blonde goddess is going to belong to me, forever.”

Mark said, “What do you mean, ‘forever?’ You do not know anything about her. You have never had a relationship that has lasted for more than a few months, now you are talking about forever. You would not know what to do if you woke up in the morning and a woman was by your side.”

Felix jumped in. “We have been in here a long time. The girls are probably wondering if we have run out on them. Let’s return to our seats, and act like gentlemen. We will see how the evening progresses. Pedro, please go slowly. See how Miss Callaway responses to you; not only on the dance floor, but while you are seated at the table, talking. Communicate with her through your brain, and not only through your balls. If you need ice to keep you cool, we will pour it inside your slacks. There will be no weddings tonight. Is that understood?”


The FBI’s advance scouting team was 4 miles from the concrete bunker, which was only partially visible above ground. It was a former government weapons storage facility that was purchased by a private company, repurchased by a conglomerate, and whose current ownership was lost in paperwork. In other words, they knew it belonged to a company that was a front for the mob. They watched trucks roll up to the facility, backup, unload, and drive away. After six days of scouting, the trucks stopped coming. 10 days after the last truck was unloaded, the staff stopped showing up for work.

Heeding Patricia’s warning, when the strike team showed up with a search warrant, they brought the bomb-sniffing dogs with them. The dogs alerted immediately upon approaching the cavernous delivery bay doors. The dogs alerted before they approached the office entry doors. Everyone except the bomb squad was ordered away from the building. After 30 minutes of checking the front, sides and back of the building, and with the dogs constantly alerting, everyone was ordered back 1 mile from the building. It was time to use the robot.

The search warrant gave them the right to enter the building forcibly. They put a 1-pound charge of C4 into the grip of the robot arm and sent it toward the center delivery bay door. They watched the small tract vehicle climb the steps and approach its target. The controller rotated the arm holding the C4, so the sticky substance on the surface would adhere to the concrete structure which supported the door, when contact was made. They watched as the explosive was pressed against the exterior of the concrete structure.

The next second everyone was on the floor. The entire building blew up, with the force of 10 tons of TNT. After the initial blast, conditions were chaotic. Some people were knocked unconscious, while others could not hear. The dogs were howling and running around in circles. Car alarms were blaring and testing equipment was damaged. A large mushroom cloud was forming in the air above the building. Whatever was hidden in that building was surely destroyed beyond recognition? However they would check it out carefully. The bomb squad would want to know what type of material was used to set off the blast anyway. The first reaction of the agents was to check on everyone who was still on the ground. Thankfully, no one had died, because of their distance from the building. Nothing else mattered at this moment, but the blast did not make any sense. No ingress part of the building had been touched. The explosive was on an exterior concrete beam. Someone either timed this explosion, or set it off remotely, knowing that no one would be killed. Even in this rubble they would be able to find a part of the explosive device.

The volunteer fire department from the city of Sloan raced to the scene of the explosion, as well as many citizens of the city itself. Many store and home windows had been broken by the force of the explosion and they wanted to see for themselves what had happened in the desert not too far from their homes. When they got there all that was left was a deep hole in the ground and the blackened subterranean sidewalls of the storage facility.

The initial message sent back to FBI headquarters in Washington was, “Robot dead, warehouse dead, agents alive! Send explosives division help. Q. Reed, SAIC”

Bruno Valentino’s ‘crime family’ did not disappear because of the Don’s decision to turn state’s evidence. There was an internal battle for ultimate control between the old guard and the new, who wanted their chance to take family into the future.

Many of the older men started dying of “Age Related Diseases, at an alarming rate. Some of the younger members had “Disappeared At Sea” or become “Cornerstones” of new buildings. The Commission could not stand idly by, and let an all-out war spill out, onto the front pages of the news, and televisions. There was a call for a meeting, by the General Counsel of the Commission, to be held in upstate New York. The so-called, “Second Appalachian Barbecue,” was arranged, but this time, the location was a well-kept secret. It had all the advantages of the 21st century: Cell phones, computers, helicopters, and every other modern convenience would be called into service. It was also agreed to have only one person know the exact location of the meeting, until one day before the event. Everyone agreed that his credentials were impeccable. He had no competing interest, or agenda of his own to carry out at this meeting. 67-year-old, Sicilian born, Cardinal Angelo Arrcadio was flown in from Rome to arrange a settlement within the former Valentino family, before it was broken up, or divided, between the other four families. This last option would be the most contested, and bloody decision the Commission would take. Anything short of this would be preferable.

There were several problems within the Valentino organization itself. The top of the organization was fractured. There was no ruler, only groups that ruled because they were “Capo’s” in the former regime. Now that the head of the snake was cut off, and those who were supposed to replace him had died, leadership was floundering. Money was not flowing from the bottom to the top, as it was supposed to. It was circulating around the ‘Earners,’ with nowhere to go, except “under the mattresses.” They were able to keep money coming in, only until supplies started running out. They were not the executives that could broker deals to bring the cocaine, heroin, marijuana and every other illicit drug into the city. They did not control the judges and the politicians that made moving contracts for cement and plumbing services through the right companies. Just like every other middle manager, they took orders from the top and made sure those orders were carried out by those people below them. If they did not receive an order, everything stopped.

Nic Oliveto sent his attorney to Don Valentino’s home, with a letter to be disseminated among the interested parties. They were to pick two slates of candidates, within 30 days, to take control of the Valentino family assets. The winning slate of candidates would pick a member to take a seat on the commission. The new member would have his name attached to the fifth family. If within the 30-day period they were unable to agree on these two slates of members, the Valentino family would be split up between the remaining four families and all current employees would be reassigned to other areas.

The people from both sides of the debate, vying for the top spots in the Valentino family did not like being threatened. They were the second largest family in New York, behind Brooklyn. They controlled the island of Manhattan. It was the jewel in the crown that was New York. Who the fuck was ‘Little Nic-cy’ from the Bronx to tell them what to do. They would send him a message. Their message would not be on paper, but it would be delivered to him, personally.

At a truck stop West of Cleveland, several long-haul produce truckers were taken aside in the dining hall and spoken to buy a well-dressed man. They were shown pictures of their families. their children at school, their wives shopping, their parents at home or at work and all the things that make family life enjoyable. These meetings were anything but enjoyable for the truckers. They were then shown a picture of a man; Dominic Oliveto. They were told he would be at the HuntsPoint Market between 2 AM and 4 AM on Wednesday morning. They were to drive by him, slowly; yelling his name like he was a baseball star, so he would stop and wave back at them.

When the driver asked, “That’s all I have to do? Drive by slowly, yell his name, and get his attention. Why are you showing me pictures of my family, and threatening me, if that’s all you want me to do?”

“If you do exactly what we tell you to do, the rear wheels of your trailer are going to have an accident. We never had this conversation. There is no way for you to know what happened to the trailer. Your trip was absolutely normal. During your next few trips here, you will receive an extra few thousand dollars each time to compensate you for your expenses, and the time you will lose on the road. As long as you keep your part of the bargain, nothing happens to your daughters, your wife, your parents, or yourself.”

The trucker stuck out his right hand, and shook the hand of the man he was speaking with. His answer said, “I have no problem keeping my family safe. Should I be on the early side of 2 AM or on the early side of 4 AM?”

“Anything after 2:15 A.M., and you’re safe. It’s been nice doing business with you.” The attorney stood up and handed him $2000 in cash as a show of good faith.

Wednesday morning, at 2:42 AM there was a very small explosion at the HuntsPoint Produce Market, in the Bronx, New York. The police investigators said it was caused by a malfunction in the high-pressure braking system on the rear wheels of the new tractor-trailer assembly. They had never seen a failure quite like it and were sending it back to the manufacturer for study.

Unfortunately seven people were killed; one of them was Dominic Oliveto.

While in transit to the manufacturer, the freight truck that was carrying the part was highjacked, and never seen again.

The lead investigator for the bomb squad was due to retire in seven months. He was retiring with an extra $500,000 in savings.

The funeral was large but understated by mob standards. There were no large flower laden limousines, or ostentatious shows of wealth. There was a large turnout at the Immaculate Conception Church, where ‘Little Nicky’ was baptized, confirmed, married, and now had his Requiem mass. His youngest son, Niccolo sat in the front row by his grieving mother’s right side. Dominic’s eldest son Dominic Jr., blind since birth, sat on her left side. All their daughters and their daughter’s husbands and children sat behind them. They could not believe such a wonderful man had been taken away from them by such a freak accident.

46. Sex and the Single Girl & Boy!

Patricia and Felix bumped into each other in the hallway leading back towards the main room. They laughed at each other.

Patricia said, “Was Pedro having technical problems?”

“He had technical and mechanical problems, Patricia. How was it on your side of the wall?”

“We had technical problems. We had a freeze in one area and the meltdown in another.”

Felix laughed. “Yeah, that sounds about right. We better keep those to in neutral corners for a while, and keep the important parts away from one another.”

“When we get to the table, I want to talk about the important parts.”

“I understand you and Stephano had a big falling out today. If you want to talk, I will be glad to listen.”

“By the end of this evening Felix, you may wish you were still in Glens Falls.”

“Do you still own that property?”

“I will never sell that property. All my memories are wrapped up in it. I have caretakers taking care of the land. People have removed the debris from the house. I rent space in the barn for horses. One day I will go back and see what looks like.”

Felix said with a smile, “Your mind already knows what looks like.”

“Yes, I know. However, a house is missing.”

“Maybe you should build a new one.”

“One day, Felix, when my troubles are behind me, but not now. I wanted it to be a happy house, not one filled with fears, doubts, and recriminations.”

As they started gathering around the table Pedro tried to grab a seat next to Callalily. Mark and Anton immediately bracketed her leaving him frustrated enough to scream.

Callaway was none too happy, either. After thinking for a while, she turned in her seat, as if she was going to order a drink, but she continued moving, behind Anton, and wound up sitting on Pedro’s lap.

With Pedro’s arms tightly wrapped around her, and a shocked look on her face she said, “Gee whiz, how did I get here?”

Patricia shook her head, and smiled. She said, “Callalily, give up the act. Go get a room. I will be fine.”

“Really, you don’t mind?”

“Just remember, safe sex is the best sex. It is on all the hospital walls. You will be too if you forget.”

Patricia grinned at Pedro. “Ask her what I did to her father, before you break her heart. Then ask her how long it took me to do it. Let your conscience be your guide, after that.”

Pedro took out his cell phone and called for a taxi to pick them up in front of the club. They waved good night, and started walking, hand in hand, towards the exit. Patricia, Felix, Anton, and Mark were laughing about the two sex fiends that had left them for an evening of debauchery. Several moments later, Pedro walked back into the club and yelled at the top of his lungs, “Seven Minutes!”

Patricia nodded her head, and smiled.

Felix said, “Do we want to know what that was all about?”

“Pedro now knows he cannot hide from Callaway, if he stays on this planet.”

“Patricia, you said you wanted to talk to us about something important.”

“Guys, this is as embarrassing as anything I have ever had to do, but Callalily said it was my best chance to get over my fear. Please try not to laugh at me, although I will understand if you do. I will be 23 years old in seven weeks. I am a virgin. I have never had any sort of sexual contact with anyone, male or female. I was engaged once the Stephano Valentino and we got as far as him suckling on my breasts. I have never seen or touched a male penis. I am scared to death of sex. My mother and I discussed sex from the time I had my first period. I grew up with the knowledge that at the mention of a single word, my entire life would change. I heard that word two days after I received a triple master’s degree from the University of Massachusetts. On that day my world ended, and this my new life began. My mother called and said the last word she would ever say to me, “Swordfish!”

Bruno Valentino’s men tortured my mother, and blew her up, along with the house we lived in. He also killed my best friend as she drove on the Massachusetts Turnpike in my old car. He killed 39 of my friends and colleagues, in the dormitory where my room was. Since that day I have been in hiding, and lived in fear. I am under the watchful eyes of the FBI, police agencies, and other friends. During this time I had the misfortune of falling deeply, passionately, and hopelessly in love with the wrong man: Stephano Valentino. I think I also used this misfortune to my benefit. Every time Stephano got too close to me, I used the relationship with his father to put a wall between us, so he could not get any closer. I kept finding excuses to keep from becoming intimate with him. However, he kept overcoming them. I really think he loves me, more than I love him. He has tried so hard and for so long to get me to marry him and all I have done is put him off and aggravated him. I should consider myself lucky he did not lose his temper and rape me, because many times, I believe I deserved it.

So that is Patricia speaking from the confessional. Now I am going to ask the questions as it relates to getting me to live as a live, functioning woman. As I said to Callalily, I know that A goes into B, and if you are not careful in nine months outcomes ‘C.’ My problems are my mind stops, when I think of getting into bed with a man. I don’t know what to do for a man once I lie down. I don’t know what to do, or how to please him. What am I supposed to do for him to make him feel good? What is he supposed to do to me that would make me anticipate what comes next, and how I should react to his motivation? The thing I fear the most is the thing that is supposed to come so naturally to me. Teenagers fuck just for the fun of it. I freeze up at the thought of it. Give me hint guys, what do men expect from an inexperienced woman the first time or the first few times she goes to bed with them?”

Felix laughed at her and smiled. “Is that all; that’s your entire problem in a nutshell? You have been ruining your entire adult life, because you’re worried about being inexperienced the first time you go to bed.”

“Felix, I expected more from you. You’re making fun of me because of my lack of experience. I hoped you would make me feel better. Please take me home.”

“I will not take you home. I am going to explain to you that you have made a mountain out of an anthill. We all start out as inexperienced. Our first steps, our first words, our first time on the bicycle, our first kiss. None of us starts as experts. Not many of us become experts. We learn every day of our lives. That thing with ‘Seven Minutes’, how many minutes did it take you to get there? How many years did it take you to get you to your masters degrees. When you crawl into bed the first time, remember it is your first time. You are supposed to be anxious, frightened, and even ambivalent about wanting to be there. The fight or flight mechanism may be ready to kick in, and whether you stay or not is up to you. There is no set pattern for when a woman gets into bed with a man. If there were one, you would get a syllabus, when you enter high school, and there would be a written, technical, and physical examination, at the end of the senior year, given by your 65-year-old gym teacher. Sex and dancing have a lot in common. Both have many different positions, and variations. There are different speeds, attitudes, combinations, sensations, smells and touches. No one person knows them all. All you need to know are the ones that you like, and the ones the person you are with likes. If you don’t know what he likes, ‘ask him.’ If he doesn’t know what you like, ‘tell him.’ Sex is not supposed to be a guessing game. It is a world of knowledge and pleasure. The more knowledge you have of your partner, the more pleasure you can impart to him or her. Making love is loving and tender, and fun and adventurous and delightful and romantic, and playful. Did I say loving?

“Yes Felix, you said loving.”

Anton said, “Would you like to dance, Patricia. I’m horny.”

“So am I, but why don’t you look around and find someone that might help you take edge off, and not someone who is going to be an anchor around your neck for the rest of the evening.”

He took her out onto the dance floor, and said, “Patricia, you have to start thinking like a man. I am dancing with the most beautiful woman in the room, and her eyes are only for me. Any woman in this room would die to take your place at this moment. Why, because they are wondering what this scrawny guy has that would make you pick me over the 15 to 18 extremely handsome, athletic looking men, currently on this dance floor. They are dancing with woman that cannot compare to you. I am 5 feet 11, 170 pounds. Why are they looking at me and not the tall, athletic, handsome men? They are looking at me, because I have you. What do I have that drew you to me; that’s what they want to know? Shortly, I am going to leave you here, stranded on the dance floor and walk away. Look stunned, and then walk towards the bathroom. By the time you reach the bar area, I bet you three women will have come over to me, and asked me to dance.”

“I’ll bet you a Blow Job that you’re wrong.”

Anton’s eyes opened wide and said, “What did you say?”

“I said I’ll bet you a Blow Job you’re wrong. You know the drink, “A Blow Job?”

“You teasing bitch; now I know why you said Stephano almost had the right to rape you.”

“Well, according to an American President, a Blow Job is not sex. Weren’t you the one that was walking away?”

“My father has a tanning bench that he used for hides to make saddles. I’m thinking of it for a totally new use right now.”

“The music is about to end, Sir.”

“I am leaving temptress!”

Patricia stood there with her arms still in dance position, watching him leave the dance floor. Slowly her arms lowered to her side, she dropped her head, turned, and walked towards the ladies room. Anton was right. As he reached the table several young women were standing by him, talking, and motioning towards the dance floor. He took the hand of a lanky dark-haired beauty, and led her on a circuitous route, by Patricia, and onto the floor.

The young woman gave Patricia a haughty look, as she passed her by. Patricia grinned as she made her way back to Felix and Mark and told them the story of what occurred. They were hysterical, and could not wait for Anton to come back, with the young woman.

Patricia picked up the conversation where it was left off. “Felix, I want Mark to answer this. When a girl is in the back seat of the car for the first time, or in a hayloft, or in a bed, is it the same thing? Do you start the same way or use the braille method? If you think he’s rushing you, what is a girl supposed to do; close legs tighter so he has to slow down? Poke a finger in his eye? Is it expected that each of you bring each other pleasure every time. I have heard so many stories that conflict with each other; it has helped my confusion fuel my fears.”

Mark replied, “If a man is getting too rough with you, because he is anxious and it’s his first time, or he is really new at sex also, there are many ways to slow him down. The first one naturally is to tell the slowdown. If he doesn’t listen, and continues to try and force the issue, make him think you’re helping by placing your hand near his cock as he is trying to enter you, and squeezes balls hard. Not only will his ego deflate, but his penis will also. When his brains return to his head, and he sees that you are fully clothed, he will know he did something wrong. When he asks what he did, smack him, and tell him to take you home. Let him figure it out later.

“With two neophyte sexual partners, confusion will always reign. Noses will get in the way, hands will get in the way, and hair will get in the way. The way around all this confusion is communication. Stop means stop. Don’t means do not continue what you are doing. Do not fall into the trap of saying things like, “Don’t, stop that.” To a man, in the heat of passion, it does not mean what you meant it to mean. If he is playing with your ear lobe which you find ticklish, and want him to discontinue say, “Stop, it tickles.” If you say, “Please don’t, stop that” he is going to think that you want him to continue what he is doing, because he did not put a comma were you did. He thought you said, “Don’t stop that.” Or “Stop, Don’t, Stop, Don’t, Stop, Don’t, Stop, Don’t, Stop, Don’t. What did you want the guy to do? If you are not sure, he definitely is not sure, and he is going to think with the little brain and not with the big brain. Tell him what you want, ask him what he wants; it makes lovemaking a win-win situation for both partners.”

Patricia went silent. “Please don’t tell me it is that easy. Please don’t tell me that I have overworked a problem that did not need to be overworked. I worried over each line of code on a computer program for seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months. Then I would go back and check it again and again to make sure it was perfect. Have I done this while thinking about sex? Have I overworked a problem that wasn’t a problem? Is it possible to do that? Am I that stupid? When Susan calls Alan, ‘Dumb as a Post’ did she know I was the ‘POST!’ How do I fix this? What do I do? Where is he? Will he even talk to me if I call him? Callaway said he couldn’t possibly love me and say the things he said to me. I will give him the opportunity to say no. I owe him that much, at least I think I do.”

Anton returned to the table with the leggy dark-haired beauty, and Patricia asked her if she would like to join them.

Somewhat surprised by the invitation Bernice said, “Yes, she would love to join them.”

Patricia said to Bernice, “We have been having a discussion about initial sexual contact; first from the female perspective, and then from the male perspective. As you can see, I have been totally outnumbered being the only female to offer an opinion on having a first contact with a man. Mark was just about to tell us his initial contact with a woman, and then if you would not mind, give us your story about the initial sexual contact you had with a man. Mark you were saying.”

If Mark had his gun on his belt, instead of down by his ankle, Patricia would have had an extra hole in her head. She had caught him totally by surprise and stared at her until Anton kicked him to get him to start speaking.

“I was living in Mesa Arizona, an 18-year-old senior in high school. I was not very popular. I was not athletic, neither was I a nerd. I was a middle of the road student, living a middle-of-the-road life. I was in the library one day, doing a research paper for my science class on Charles Darwin’s, “On the Origins of the Species.” As luck would have it, a classmate of mine, Jan Brewer had been given the same topic, but on a narrower range. She had to discuss the Galapagos penguins. However, we both needed to use the same book, the only one the library had. We agreed to set up study dates at both her house and mine, at a time when our parents would be at home, because her family was a devout Christian household, and they wanted to be sure nothing untoward would happen to their daughter. I offered to come to their house only, if it would make them feel easier about our study arrangements, but that would have interfered with their going to church on Thursday evenings. So our arrangement for Tuesday evening at their house, and Thursday evening at my house stood firm.

Jan, much to my chagrin, was up for valedictorian of the class, and nothing but a straight A paper would do for her. All I wanted was an hour of study and an hour of goof off time, but she would have none of it. The more I wanted to goof off the more she bribed me to study.

“If you agree to come to my house next Tuesday and really want to study hard, I will make you an apple pie, and put vanilla ice cream on top of it”

“No human male could say no to an offer like that, so I agreed, under protest. For one hour and 45 minutes, I studied through one eye, and looked at the apple pie through the other. She caught me looking at it with both eyes enough times to smack me. It became a game and when she went to smack me, I grabbed her hand and kissed it. She was shocked and pulled it away. I kept looking at her to see if she was angry with me, but when I caught her looking back, she smiled. I looked at the apple pie again, and she hit me. This time I did not catch her hand. I took her hand from her side brought it to my lips, kissed it and replaced it at her side. She blushed.

At 9:45 PM, we closed our books and cleared the table. She called out to her parents that we were about to cut the apple pie, and would they like to join us. Her parents and her two younger siblings came to the table, as Jan and I placed the settings. Jan cut the pie, and I scooped the ice cream onto each slice. As we sat down to enjoy the desert, Jan and I were grilled by Mister Brewer on what we had accomplished that evening. Actually, I was grilled. He wanted to make sure I was not there just to be with his daughter. I explained to him how Mister Darwin went about cataloging each new species he found and the plethora of notes he took over the five separate years he spent there on the Galapagos Islands. I also mentioned the one glaring error I had read about that evening that he missed while he was there. Even Mister Brewer did not know that Charles Darwin failed to recognize the importance of the giant tortoises that roamed the islands. Thoroughly impressed by my studying, Mister Brewer never questioned me about Jan and my arrangement for the remainder of our 11 study dates.

Jan and I finished our papers five weeks later. We proofread each other’s, she made corrections on mine, and hers’ was perfect. We put the papers into both of our computers and printed out two copies of each for safekeeping.

Now Jan was in a quandary. We had six study dates remaining, and she did not want to cancel them. We had a very good time together, and my kissing her hand had progressed to kissing her cheek. She glowed every time we did that and our feelings for each other were growing more intense especially when we saw each other at school. I would press her into a corner by the lockers, and nuzzle her neck. I asked her if she thought her father would allow me to take her to a movie. She had never been to a movie in her life. There was a remake of a Disney fairytale that had just been re-released and if anything would be allowed I thought that might be a way to break the ice with him. On the next Tuesday night I broached the subject. “Mister Brewer, with your permission, I would like to take Jan to see the remake of Walt Disney’s Cinderella. The movie starts at 7:10 PM and ends at 8:50 PM. I would have her home by 9:30 PM.”

He replied, “Mark, you have shown yourself to be a highly respectable young man. You have comported yourself well while you have been in my home and have been respectful to both myself and my wife. If I allow you to take my daughter to the movie, I expect you to see that movie and none other; is that clear.”

“Thank you Mister Brewer. When I return your daughter home, I will hand you both the receipt and the ticket stubs to prove that the movie we saw was Cinderella. I am not in the habit of telling my parents lies, and Jan is too important to me to start telling her parents’ lies. We have too many study assignments left to go for me to cause any breakdown in our arrangement. I will pick Jan up at 5 PM, so I can take her for something to eat, before the movie.”

“That is very considerate of you, Mark; Jan will be ready for you at 5 PM on Saturday.”

If there was anyone in the world higher than Jan it was me. When we met in school on Friday, it was impossible for either of us to stop laughing. She was going to a movie theater for the first time, and I was going to the movies with her. Neither of us knew what to expect from the other. I knew what I was hoping for. I had no idea what she was hoping for.

Saturday afternoon I showed up at the Brewer household in my casual finest. My mother looked at me when I left the house wondering whose child that was. She asked me if I had ironed my shorts. I said “Mom, I am not wearing shorts.” As I checked over my shoulder, while closing the front door, my mother’s mouth still had not closed.

I pick Jan up in my moms’ SUV and took her to a nice Spanish restaurant for dinner. She had never had Spanish food, so I introduced her to it by ordering a mild chicken dish with rice, which she loved.

I took her for a ride along the banks of the Salt River and she told me that she had received three full scholarship offers starting in the fall semester. I could not have been happier for her. I asked her where she wanted to go and her answer did not surprise me at all.

“As far from home as I can get.”

“They are suffocating you in more ways than one.”

“You can just say that they are suffocating me in every way, and be correct. What 18-year-old girl has never been to a movie? What 18-year-old girl has to get permission from her father to go to a ‘G’ rated movie? You are the first boy I have been allowed to go out of the house without a chaperon. If my parents knew that I was on a birth control pill they would kill me. I have not had sex yet, because I have not had the opportunity to have it. They watch me every moment of every day. I would not be surprised if someone is following us at this moment, and will report our movements back to my father. If you are asked what we did tonight, tell him exactly what we did, and leave nothing out. He will never let you see me again if you do.”

We went to the movie, where we cuddled, kissed, and I felt her bare breast for the first time. She shuddered when I played with her nipple. I believe she came at my hands that day. She was very affectionate for the rest of the movie and had to go to the bathroom to fix her clothing, before we returned home; five minutes early. Mister Brewer was very pleased with me. I said good night at the door and returned home.

On Tuesday we went to the school library, returned the book by Charles Darwin, and took out a book on human physiology. It showed everything in graphic detail. It explained human reproduction in astonishing detail. Only pornography and its graphic detail give a more in-depth insight of sexual conduct. In other words, this book was Hot. How it was allowed on an Arizona high school library bookshelf was beyond my comprehension, but this book was about to disappear from the library records. It was staying with me. Jan emailed me from the University of Chicago telling me she had stolen it the night before she left. I sent her a stream of unhappy faces, followed by a stream of cherries, thanking her for the gift she could give only one time, and she had given it to me.

We studied that book for hours on Tuesday and Thursdays, as we closed in on our final meeting date, wondering if we would ever get another free night together. The good Lord gave it to us. At 6:30 PM on Tuesday evening, as the Brewer’s finished eating dinner, their pastor called and said there was an emergency meeting at the church and he needed as many church members there as possible. Mister Brewer was a deacon of the church and naturally he had to attend. Jan said, “Dad, I can’t go. Mark and I have only two more study sessions before our papers are due. I can’t blow this exam. I don’t want to lose my scholarships. It could cost you $100,000 to send me to college if I lose them.”

Mister Brewer was a pragmatist. In this case he could serve God by going to church, and he could serve himself by leaving his daughter at home and save his wallet a ton of money. His decision was made; money wins. Jan was staying home.

Mister and Mrs. Brewer and the two younger children were out the door in 10 minutes, as Mark was turning into the driveway. Mister Brewer went over to him and said, “I expect you to be on your best behavior. I have been called away to the church on a matter of great importance. We will probably be home late. I expect you to care for my daughter.”

Noticing Jan was not with them made Mark realize the decision to leave them alone had already been made. So, he said, “Mister Brewer, if you would feel more comfortable, I will return home and come back next week.”

Thinking about money he could lose, Mister Brewer said, “No Mark you have proven yourself trustworthy. I expect you to remain that way. Take care of my daughter in the best way you know how, and plug in to your assignments, so you can come out well at the end of the year.”

Mark replied, “I will do everything in my power to fill your wish, sir.” He stood in the driveway and watched as their car drove away. He threw his books back into the car locked the door and ran into Jan’s home.

Jan opened the door and was about to say hello, when Mark crushed her with a kiss.

Jan’s hands flailed in the air for a few seconds, until they stopped and wrapped themselves around his neck. Mark used his foot to close the front door, turned her body, and pressed her against it. “Your father told me to take care of you the best way I know how. I have wanted to do this for about two months, and unless you say ‘No’ this second, I am going to take you up to your room and make love with you.” He bent down and put his hands under her dress, cupped the cheeks of her ass, and lifted her up. Automatically, her legs wrapped around his hips. He said, “I did not hear the word “No,” but I really would like to hear the word ‘Yes’.”

“Yes Mark, oh my God yes. I knew those pills would come in handy one day, and I am so happy that it is with you.”

“I have carried a condom with me since I have been 13.”

Jan laughed. “Do you think it has passed its useable date by now?”

“I don’t know. It is the only thing holding my wallet together.”

“Stop fooling around Mark and take me upstairs.”

“If you opened your eyes, you would see we are upstairs. I just don’t know which bedroom is yours. I don’t believe your parents would like us to use their bedroom for this experiment in human reproduction.”

“Put me down, please. I have to take some precautionary items into my bedroom.”

Jan went into a storage closet and looked for a box marked in red lettering. She found it, pulled it out, and opened it. She unloaded the box until she came to the item she wanted. It was a bright red Christmas tablecloth. She smiled and brought it into her bedroom. She said to Mark, “Help me set up my bed, and then let’s get undressed and make love.”

The tablecloth was large enough to cover a table for 12. They folded it into thirds and placed it on the center portion of the bed, covering the lightly starched white sheets. They tucked it in under the mattress on both sides and made sure it was secure. They looked at each other smiled and began removing their clothes. Jan said, “I do this all the time. You do me, and I’ll do you. It will be a new beginning for both of us.” It took a little bit longer, because there was touching, feeling, kissing and looking along the way, but eventually they both stood there looking at each other, naked. Mark decided to begin at the beginning. He took her hand and kissed it. Jan smiled and moved closer to him. He was much taller than she was. She licked his nipple and bit it lightly. She kissed across his chest to his other nipple and did the same thing to it. She moved back to the center of his chest and kissed down the middle of his body until she reached an area that made him say, “Oh God!”

She was holding it in her hand, surveying the bumps, the veins, the mushroom head, and the dangling scrotum that contained his two balls. She grasped the sack in her left hand and she felt him stiffen. She released some pressure from that hand and felt him relax. His penis was standing straight and tall, while pointing at the ceiling. She wondered if that hurt him. She rubbed her hand up and down it a few times and saw the cloudy fluid escape from the slit on the top. Using her tongue she cleared the liquid and cleaned the top of his prick. Mark warned her if she did that again she would get a mouthful of semen, without any warning. She giggled at him, thinking it was not possible. She pulled his prick away from his body, and moved her mouth over the top of it. Mark warned her again to be careful, but she ignored him. She thought it would take more than a simple lick of her tongue to get him to climax. She closed her mouth over the mushroom head of his cock and licked it with her tongue. Mark screamed and exploded into her mouth like a machine gun on automatic. Jan was in shock. Her mouth seemed to be locked closed around his cock, as he was firing semen into it. It felt as if he was trying to fill a swimming pool. Her eyes crossed, and her esophagus rose up. She breathed in through her nose, and she swallowed everything that was in her mouth. She thought he was done, but she was wrong, because Mark was not done. He was still firing shots of semen into her mouth, and she still had not opened it. She had to swallow again. Finally, she pulled him out of her mouth. She screamed at him, “How could you do that to me?”

He replied, “I kept warning you not to do it, do you remember?”

“I thought you were joking.”

“I never joke about something as important as that. This is our first time; both yours and mine. The book told us that neither you nor I would have control over our bodily functions, when the time came to orgasm. I warned you, you should have listened to me. Do you want me to go home now?”

“Why would I want you to go home, if it was my fault? I didn’t listen, and it wasn’t all that bad. I didn’t know there would be so much of it, and that it would keep coming for so long. I never made a decision on what I would do with that stuff when I gave my first blowjob. Was I going to spit it out, was I going to jerk the guy off at the last minute, or was I going to swallow it? I didn’t know, but you made that decision for me this time, and it does not mean that the next time I will not make it different decision.”

“Would you like to lie down so I can return the favor?”

“Can we fool around first?”

“We can do anything that you want.”

She held his prick and said, “Let’s get into bed, and see what pops up.”

So that is what we did, we lay down on the bed and instead of playing 20 questions we played 20 kisses. She kissed a spot, and then I kissed a spot. She kissed another spot, and I kissed another spot.

My 20th kiss made her scream, because I cheated. I opened the petals to her vagina, and licked from her virgin opening up to her clit, and when I reached it, I sucked it into my mouth and hummed. I swear I never heard a sweeter sound in my life and when she grabbed my head and screamed my name. It was a good thing we had tripled that tablecloth because her love juices were flowing out of her like a spring. I lifted her hips to my mouth and drank from it like Ponce de Leon, at the Fountain of Youth. All during this time I heard, “Oh Mark, oh Mark” a continuous stream of, “Oh Mark’s.” Jan’s hips were constantly moving and when she screamed again she gushed and other stream of honey at me, she lost all the strength in her body, except for the muscles that controlled the smile on her face. I moved up to her face, kissed her, and asked, “How do you feel?”

She said, “If this is not what heaven is like, I don’t want to go. You were fantastic Mark, just fantastic.”

She opened her eyes and asked, “What happened to your face?” I replied, “You did! All those wonderful sensations you felt explode, had to come out somewhere. They came out through your vagina, and that was where my face happened to be. Would you like a taste?”

She ran two fingers along my face and put them into her mouth. She grinned at me and said, “Yes, that’s me. I do masturbate you know. They can’t keep me from doing that.”

I put my knees between her thighs and said, “I did not think you were totally innocent, but now is the time for us to play the mating game. I want to make sure, before we proceed that you want to do this as much as I do. It is the one thing I can never give you back.”

“Yes Mark, I want to do this. Don’t tease me, don’t be gentle trying to go through my hymen. Breakthrough it in one thrust, don’t tear it little bit by little bit. Okay!”

“Jan, it is yours, I will take it the way you want me to.”

I played at the entrance to her pussy until I felt her getting wet again. I slipped the head of my penis inside her, and I heard her gasp as it entered. She grabbed my arms in anticipation of the pain, but I was not ready to pierce through her maidenhead yet. I had not even touched the little piece of skin that blocked the entrance to her depths; I was just at the very entrance to her furnace. When I felt her hands relax, I slowly started to move in and out by fractions of an inch, hoping to help her relax, and get her to feel more comfortable. It was working, until I touched her hymen, and she received a jolt of pain. She froze. I backed off, waited for a moment, and started again. I kept looking in her eyes hoping that she would trust me, and all I saw was fear. So I waited longer, and continued stroking in that short 2-inch safe area I had found. If it was not for that massive orgasm I had earlier I could not have lasted this long, but I stayed with it, waiting for permission to continue. Finally, her eyes softened, Jan nodded her head, and she said, “Do it Mark, complete me.” I smiled at her and as I readied to power through her maidenhead I said, “I love you Jan.” She smiled and screamed. She was a woman, and I felt like a heel. I was completely inside her, pubic bone to pubic bone. Stopped, unmoving, holding her in my arms. I was waiting for the sobbing to stop. It seemed to take forever, until she said, “Mark, you are crushing me.”

Dr. Clearwater stood against the rail, knees knocking, obviously terrified. I held the rifle pointed at him. “You took my sister,” I screamed this. “I should kill you now.”

“Wait.” It was Logan’s voice. My finger, which had been on the trigger, relaxed just a little.

“He’s mine.”

I shook my head in frustration but backed down. “If you so much as move, Doc. If you even flinch…”

Logan came forward. He was bloody and beaten and obviously having trouble moving. We were on the bottom floor of the oil rig, and we were almost done. With this place, with Omni, with everything.

Behind me I could hear Rick, Leo and Marketa holding off the attackers. They didn’t seem inclined to come down, especially since we had given Rick all of our grenades, and he tossed one every now and then. Out of the corner of my eye I could see the Andromeda making her way to us, maneuvering around the other two rigs.

“Now, Dr. Clearwater. Do you remember me? You thought I was dead, didn’t you?” Logan advanced on him, holding out a hand.

Dr. Clearwater looked at me in terror. “Please help!”

Logan only chuckled. “My friend, here, see, he’s a good man. It would have been good if he’d finished you before I found you. He would have just put a few bullets in your head and you’d have been dead.”

He walked until he was only a few feet away from the doctor.

“But me, I’m not like that. I’m what you made me.”

“You’re wrong, Logan.”

“Oh?” His head turned slightly to me.

“I’m not such a good man. If I was, I’d shoot him now and spare him – whatever you are going to do to him.”

Logan smiled darkly. “You see? Everyone can learn.” He placed his hands on Dr. Clearwater, and the back of my head tingled as I felt Logan’s psychic powers surge. Dr. Clearwater screamed and the color drained from his skin. He collapsed into a heap.

“Now you’re probably wondering what I did. All I did is ruin your nervous system. So you can’t do anything but lie there and feel pain. What should I do with you?”

“You could leave him,” was my suggestion. “This whole place will be going up in ten minutes.”

“That’s a thought.” Logan faltered and nearly fell and I realized how weak he was. I slung my rifle and went to his side. He leaned on me heavily, and smiled into my eyes. “That was the last one. I found the other two doctors.”

I nodded. “Good. Now what?”

“Take me to the panel. Put me in front of it.”

I half-dragged, half-carried him to it and laid him in front of it and knelt by him. “And now?”

“Turn that wheel.” I began to do so, and I felt him sag a little.

I looked at his bloody, beaten face. He smiled weakly at me, and I returned the smile. “So, do you have room for a bitter, jaded British man on that ship of yours?” and my eyes widened. I hadn’t been sure I would be able to convince him to leave this place. He had seriously considered dying here. And I had promised him I would let him make his choice.

“Always,” and just then I heard a shot ring out. Blood welled up on his chest and his body jerked. “Logan!”

I turned my head. It was Downing, the son-of-a-bitch who had been chasing us for months. Twice he had come upon us, unexpectedly, and both times it had been a hard fight to get clear of him. The second time we had shot him several times and he still survived.

The third time he came upon us we had been in a highly populated area and neither of us were able to draw our guns. It was this time that he told us about Logan’s dead wife and child. “Your boy cried for you, Logan,” was what he had said. “And he was told you were disappointed in him.”

I hated the man.

“I found you, Logan,” he yelled gleefully. He leapt down the stairs and I desperately covered Logan’s body even as Downing fired again. Indeed this time the bullet hit me. My armor took it, though – it was only a pistol round.

“Tasha! Now!” And my friend didn’t hesitate. She drew the alien gun and shot him through. Downing staggered back, eyes wide. She shot him again.

I turned back to Logan. Working fast, I got his armor opened and got the wound staunched. He was bleeding a great deal, and needed proper care. Our eyes met.

I had tears in mine. “It’s not fair.”

He smiled at me ruefully. “It never is.”

“Hold this. Keep your hands here.” I said, putting his hands to the wound. I picked up my rifle, my beloved G36, and turned and went after Downing. Tasha had used all three shots from the gun on him. Amazingly, he was still trying to rally himself, despite having three holes right through him.

“That was my friend!” I fired a burst at him. He wasn’t wearing armor and holes opened up in him, bleeding through. That was the thing with the alien weapon – it instantly cauterized the wound. A regular gun was better in some ways, but Downing had been shown to be able to protect himself from regular bullets, and the stunning power of the alien weapon could not be argued with.

“And you took my sister.” I was in tears now. All this way, all this time, Logan helping me get Jeanne out, and in the end Logan had finally agreed to come with us and not die here – and now look what had transpired. And it was this fucker’s fault.

In a rage I emptied my entire clip in him. He was hanging halfway over the railing now and as I said, he wasn’t wearing any armor. Without any of his powerful abilities to protect him, he was nearly cut in half by the rounds. As I watched, his body slipped into the water, into the waves.

And in that moment I made my decision. I was not Downing. I’d been working very hard on being a good leader, and I’d gotten my group this far. I turned back and went back to Logan and bodily picked him up.

“You’re getting out of here,” I said. “I’m not leaving you behind.”

“You’re a bloody fool,” he responded.

“I know.” I replied.

“The bomb…” he said. Logan was the only one who could trigger the psionic bomb.

“Rick has alternatives.” Rick had C4 and explosives, just in case Logan hadn’t made it this far.

“My way…is the best. Once I trigger it, we’ll only have minutes to get away.”

“I know that.” I shouted to my group. “Get to the boat! Now!” They all began to disengage and headed for the boat. I half-carried, half-dragged Logan with me, running as fast as I could. I was a big guy, and Logan was slim and lithe, but I was tall and lanky rather than overly built, and I still struggled with his weight.

He looked at me, his blue eyes troubled. Putting his hand to his head, he concentrated and I felt the power swell around me. “Done.”

I nodded, and drew on the last of my strength. I made it to the edge of the rig and climbed onto the edge. “Leo! Get ready to catch us!”

The huge Samoan stood up in the boat. “Come on, assholes!” I tensed my legs, and together, we sprang. With Logan in my arms, I barely made the boat, but it was enough for both of us to go crashing into Leo’s arms.

I put Logan down on the bottom of the boat and began trying to stabilize him as our other friends made it onto the boat. He was bleeding his life out.

Everyone got on the boat and we began to flee as the psychic bomb set off the regular bombs, as planned. But even as I struggled, I felt Logan breathe his last. He went limp in my arms.

“Tasha!” I shouted. “He’s dying. Get the paddles!” I began to give him CPR, compressing his chest, and breathing for him. It was an agonizing minute before Tasha came running up with the shock paddles. I cleared the area and shocked him. Once was enough, and Logan came back to me. To us. He coughed and sputtered and weakly threw up. I cleared his airway. I knew he couldn’t sit up to throw up properly. He lay back, panting.

“You’re a bloody…” and then half-smiled, perhaps remembering he’d already called me a bloody fool. I laughed.

“What am I, Logan? What am I?” But he didn’t answer. I looked up to watch the last of the explosions as we sailed away. Putting my arms around Logan I lifted him up so he could see.

“Look, asshole. There’s Omni, burning. That’s the last of it.” And he watched, and I watched, as the company who had taken my sister, and who had killed his wife and his baby boy, burned, with nothing remaining.

My sister Jeanne met us when we got back to Edinburgh. She took one look at me and burst into tears, throwing her arms around me. I knew I looked bad, but by then I had stabilized Logan, and with mine and Tasha’s care, both of us were looking better.

At Edinburgh most of us parted. Rick took Jeanne home with him to our parents. Their relationship had started on the road, and I hoped things worked out well for him and my sister. I knew he would take care of her.

Leo took his little girl home, and Marketa went with him. In the end it was just me and Logan left together.

I don’t know if Logan had had other plans or had even thought about what he would do if he survived taking down Omni. I just overrode everything he had to say and took him with me on the Kingfish. On the journey we’d acquired sponsors, and one of the sponsors had provided us with a yacht. It had been our home and our primary method of transportation for a long time. I imagined six months or so sailing around the Caribbean would make anyone feel better. After that, we would see. He could decide to go on his way.

Logan was badly hurt. I thought he would recover, due to his psychic abilities, but it still took a while. I took him to a doctor in Miami who no doubt thought the wound was due to gang warfare.

After they patched him up, I came into the hospital room to see him. He was awake, and smiled weakly at me. I sat on the edge of the bed.

“Hey asshole, you should learn to duck.”

“Thanks a lot. Prick.” This was how we went back and forth, affectionately.

“Doc says it was an inch below your heart. I guess Downing was slipping.”

“He probably got excited when he saw me.”

I laughed. “He was probably so excited he came in his pants. He’s wanted to see you for a while.”

We both chuckled, and then, “Can’t you get me out of here? I think they’re all done.”

“They want you to stay for a few days.”

“I don’t care. I’ll get better on the yacht.”

“All right. I’ll get the doctor. You’ll have to sign yourself out.”

We did so, and the doctor, while clearly not happy about it, signed Logan out. “He’ll need help. He’s still very weak.”

“I can take care of him.” The doctor looked at us dubiously but shook his head. “Fine. Sign this. And this.” And they took us to the door with a wheelchair and made sure he got in the cab safe and sound. I took him back to the yacht.

Three weeks went by. I helped Logan when he really needed it, though I could see it hurt his pride to accept too much help. Thankfully he could stagger about by himself, so he could at least use the bathroom on his own, but he needed help getting in and out of his clothes. Being in the Caribbean, though, in the summer no less, we managed to get by with no shirts most of the time. Both of us grew brown and happy in the sunshine.

One night I went in to see Logan. I’d given him the second largest cabin, the VIP cabin, and I had the main cabin. They were across the hall from each other.

The Kingfish was quite a large vessel. She had three decks. The upper deck, or flydeck, contained a wheel and an open dining area, as well as two deck chairs. The second deck, or main deck, contained a tidy kitchen, the main dining room, another wheel, and a back deck to easily slip in and out of the water. I managed to swim in the blue ocean almost every day.

The lower deck was the deck with the bedrooms. I had my own bathroom, and he would have shared the guest bathroom, if we had any guests. When our ship was full we had held ten people with ease, so it was enormous for the two of us.

It was late evening when I knocked, and when he responded, went in to see how he was doing. He was stretched out in his bed, not asleep, looking at the ceiling. Behind him his pillows were propped up so he was half-sitting up, his hands folded across his belly. His eyes flicked to me immediately when I came in and stayed on my face. He was clearly tired, but I checked on his wounds every morning and evening.

I sat down on the chair in his room, close to his bed. “How are you feeling?”

“Really, really good, surprisingly, despite being shot.”

“Ah, well I think that’s your natural healing proclivity.”

“Yeah, well, it’s got to have some advantages.”

“Let me look at your chest.” Without really waiting for him to respond, I opened his bandages. We’d sort of gotten used to this now, and he was accustomed to my bossiness.

The wound was dramatically healed, far more than three weeks’ worth. I shook my head, ruefully. “I wish I had that kind of healing.”

He was watching me, and as I examined him, his hand came up and gripped my wrist. I blinked, surprised. He rarely touched people voluntarily, did our Logan.

“I’ve been meaning to say thank you, Jared.”

“Thank you? For pulling you out against your will?”

He chuckled. “Yeah, that. And everything else. Jeanne says you saved my life in more than just that.”

“Oh?” We hadn’t talked too much about that day.

“Yes. She says you gave me CPR? And you’re the one who gave me the shock paddles?”

I nodded. “It would have been stupidly ironic for you to die after I worked so hard to get you off the ship, under fire no less.”

“Speaking of which, when did you decide I was getting off the ship? I thought you said you were going to respect my wishes.”

I couldn’t help but notice he still had ahold of my wrist. As he held it, he moved his fingers to gently rest on the pulse point. His fingers were long and slender and graceful.

I smiled. “If you would believe it, it was when I was killing Downing.”

“Oh?” His fingers moved gently on my skin again, and I felt something stirring in my soul, something unexpected. Suddenly my skin felt hot and tight under his gaze.

“Yes…I mean, here I was, killing this guy, less than human, he was an animal at best. Naw, that’s an insult to animals. And it was at that moment that I realized truly who I was. I wasn’t leaving any of my group behind. I know we said we would respect your wishes, and we always did, so…” here I reached across and put my other hand over his, sandwiching it between mine.

“I decided it was time for you to respect mine.”

We sat like that for a long moment, and I felt the air slowly changing between us. Suddenly the already small room felt even smaller, devoid of air almost.

He lowered his eyes before he spoke again. “Jeanne says that you breathed for me. I mean, that you gave me mouth-to-mouth.”

I nodded. “Only about a minute.”

His eyes came up to meet mine for a second, and then darted away, like slippery little blue fish. “Did you mind?” His voice was barely over a whisper.

“Mind? No…I didn’t really have time to think about it.”

“Was it unpleasant?”

“Uh, you didn’t throw up in my mouth or anything horrible, but it wasn’t the greatest, no.”

Now he closed his eyes as he laughed. “Thanks for doing that, too.” His voice was a murmur, and I realized he was falling asleep. I watched him, as he sank into peaceful slumber, his hand still lightly looped around my wrist.

Are you wondering why I would do such a thing? Why I would stay with him and not disturb him? It’s obvious, isn’t it? Why else would I take such good care of him? I knew he had had a wife and a son, thus clearly he liked women, so I never made a move. But somewhere along the line, I’d fallen in love with him. I don’t know when it happened. He was just so cool, and calm, and put together all the time. It started out with respect, then admiration, and somewhere along the line I caught myself thinking how much I’d like to kiss him, or slip his cock in my mouth, or even just hold him in his bed as we slept together.

It hurts, when you’re a gay man in love with a straight one.

I listened to his breathing become smooth and steady, and his face relaxed. When he was fully asleep, I gently extricated my hand and went upstairs to the flydeck. I took my seat at the wheel and took us out into the blue, blue waters, thinking of my situation.

Note: This is a work of FICTION! Although the areas this story takes place in are real, all of the landscapes depicted, the people described, and everything else this story uses to make it enjoyable reading for you are NOT REAL. As you read this story, try to remember:


65. Sex and the Single Girl

After Stephano and Patty discussed what she had in mind for Sunday, he asked her if she would let him take care of it for her.

Patty’s eyes glazed over at the thought of giving him control over something that was very important to her.

He said, “You have to start trusting me, or we are going to have a very difficult time being married for 80 years.”

“80 years, I was hoping for two.”

“My dear, are you hoping for octuplets, like that woman in California?”

“You must think you are very good in bed, Stephano, because I believe in one child at a time.”

“Neither you, nor I have control over that situation. Now, are you going to give me control over Sunday or not?”

“You promised you would never hurt me again. Please do not do it on Sunday, or I will be devastated.”

“Patty, these people are going to be our friends and neighbors for many years to come. I would no more hurt them, than I would hurt you. Trust me; this will be a Sunday our fire department will never forget.”

Stephano returned his rental car, went to a dealership, and purchased two used vehicles. One was a heavy duty Dodge Ram to use on the ranch, which they delivered. The other was a Mercury Grand Marquis for him to use. He had never driven a truck with a standard transmission before, but he knew that would not stop Patty from using it. She learned how to drive a motorhome in five lessons. She could learn how to drive a truck, with a standard transmission, in five minutes.

It did not take her that long. As soon as her left leg understood where the clutch engaged, she was off and running around the ranch. She put more feeding stations around the fenced areas of the property for the horses. She could not part with them. For some reason or another, every time she called to find a place to board them, she hung up the phone as soon as it was answered. She decided she would keep them here, until it got cold. She needed to put up a temporary shelter for the input in the call to the Grain and Feed Store to see if they knew anyone that could put up a large canvas structure for them. The owner told her it would be about a week, but it should be no problem.

Patty rested easier knowing her horses would be close by her, until the cold of winter settled in.

Then early Saturday morning, the roar of semi’s driving onto her property woke her up. She tried to scramble out of bed to see what was happening, but Stephano would not let her go.

“Go back to sleep Patricia, everything is under control.”

“Why can’t I see what is going on out there, Steph?”

“Do you realize that is the first time you shortened my name.”

“I will shorten it more if you don’t let me see what is going on outside.”

“We are not married, and you are threatening me? You gave me control over tomorrow, and you promised to trust me. Are you going back on your word?”

“No, I just want to see what they are doing.”

“When it is done, I will take you outside and we will see it together.”

“Why can’t I see it now?”

“The trucks haven’t started to unload, yet.”

“You have me on a technicality. I will let you go this time.”

As much as she tried to go back to sleep, she couldn’t. Sledgehammers kept pounding steel spikes into the ground. Saws were cutting wood to size, and nails were being pounded into beams. She put her head under her pillow to keep the noises out, but it did not work. She turned to find Stephano smiling at her.

“30 minutes, that is amazing, Patty. I never thought you would make 10. I will let you out of bed, but you cannot leave the motorhome. Agreed?”

As soon as she said, “Agreed,” she shot out of bed to see what was going on outside. She screamed, “You son of a bitch, you did this to me on purpose. I can’t see a thing. They have canvas blocking my view of everything.”

Stephano was lying in bed, with his hands behind his head, looking innocent. “Why would I do something like that to you, babe? I know it would drive you crazy, and I would not want to be around you, if something like that happened. You might take your gun out of the drawer, and shoot me.”

Patty jumped back on the bed, straddled his waist, and said, “I could always strangle you, instead.”

“Madam, if you stay exactly where you are, you are going to feel another type of gun, and it is fully loaded.”

“I have felt that gun before, and I felt it explode. It seems friendly enough to me. Does it need to explode, again?”

“Again is the wrong word; still is the proper word, and yes is the answer.”

“Would you like a little help with that? I have never seen or touched one of those before, and I think I had better start getting used to it.”

“Patty, thank you, but I do not want you to cross any line you have set for yourself. We are so close to getting married, I can wait until it is legal for us to do everything you have ever waited for, and wanted to do.”

“I promise Steph, when I want to stop, I will, but right now I want to start moving forward and stop being afraid. If I start going too far, you stop me, okay.”

“I promised you before, Patty, you will go to bridal bed a virgin. I meant it then, and I certainly mean it now.”

Patty got off the bed and began to undress. She took off her pajama top, and then the pants. She stood there before him, and much to her own surprise and confusion, she put her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, pulled them down, and kicked them off her feet. For the first time in her life, Patty stood completely naked before a man.

Stephano was up, leaning on an elbow, looking at her. He did not speak and he could not breathe. She was magnificent. Her hair was as white as snow, above and below her waistline. There was so little hair around her vagina he could see every pore on her skin. Her eyes were as blue as the morning sky. She stared at him, waiting for him to say something. Her lips were so pink, so soft, and pouty; he could not wait to kiss them. He finally moved, took her into his arms, and held her to his body. “I love you, Patty. I will kill any man who sees you like this. You are mine forever; I will never let you down.”

He pulled her up onto the bed and laid her down. He stood up, removed his sleeping shorts, and stood there, so she could inspect his body. She had never seen that part of a man which was pointing skyward, in the flesh, prior to this moment. She was unsure if she was intrigued or amazed that something so large and robust could fit into a small female opening. Her technically oriented mind went into overdrive, as she thought about the overpopulation of the earth. It meant things that size did fit inside a woman’s body, and probably did so very often. She felt the tension building between them, and thought it was time for one of them to break it. Stephano was much too serious, not wanting to scare her away, so she asked him, “Are all of them that small, Steph?”

His brow line went into a frown, as if he had heard her wrong. She had a very serious look on her face as he looked down and verified he was fully erect. He looked up at her and saw her lip quiver. “You, madam, are about to be tickled.”

“Don’t you dare tickle me.”

He lay down by her side, and put his hand below the restricted zone. “What should I do to you to get even for that remark?”

He lay down beside her and placed his hand below her belly button, but not touching her pubic hair.

Patty’s eyes opened wide, she took a deep breath, and held it in.

Stephano kissed her nose. “Should I return to the safe zone, or do you want me to continue exploring?”

“I never imagined myself in this position, Steph. I am frightened, but I don’t want to be afraid anymore. Teach me how to become a woman, so I can learn how to please my husband.”

“Patty, this is not an assignment, this is an act of love. Let yourself go with the feelings your body gives you. Don’t analyze them, don’t think about them, just enjoy them. If it becomes too intense, tell me to stop. I don’t want to frighten.”

Stephano’s mouth started at the top of her head, while his hand roamed around her smooth belly just above the hair of her Mons. As he kissed, licked, and nibbled on her earlobes, his fingertips brushed against the hairs on top of her pubic ridge, and he felt her stiffen.

He whispered, “Don’t think, feel the sensations; only good things are going to happen to you today, tomorrow, and forever.”

He feather kissed her around her lower jaw, cheeks, and eyes, but when he got to her mouth, his attack was full of desire. Furiously, his tongue entered her mouth and battled with hers. She was so engrossed with his onslaught, she did not realize his fingers slid between the lips of her vagina, and were rubbing against her clitoris.

When his mouth left hers, and moved to her neck, she exploded into an orgasm, of unexpected intensity. She finally realized what he was doing to her.

Patty looked into his eyes, and said, “No, please, no!”

Stephano smiled, kissed her, and said, “Yes. Your pleasure training has begun. Your virginity will remain intact, until our wedding night. Do not be afraid of me, my love, I will never harm you again.”

His head moved to her breasts, where he suckled and licked each one equally. His hand tormented her clit and the walls of her vagina, until her hips could no longer stay still. She tried to increase the pressure his hand was putting on her tender tissues, and to bring her to another searing orgasm. He kept her very close; but would not allow her jump over that ledge. His mouth moved lower, over her belly button, and the roundness of her tummy; but when he pulled on the hairs above her mound with his teeth, her head, and shoulders jumped off the bed.

“He wasn’t going to do THAT; was he?”

She couldn’t possibly allow him to do THAT; could she?

While she was thinking about it, ‘HE DID!’

Stephano’s tongue entered her slit and touched her magic button.

Patty felt lightning pass through her body. She was thrown back onto the bed, and she screamed at “High C.” She woke up to the feeling of ice cubes being pressed against her forehead.

“Welcome back baby, how are you feeling?”

“Where is your Taser? It felt like I was being electrocuted, and you are the only other person in this bed.”

“Once upon a time I warned you I was very good in bed. Do you believe me now?”

“Even the Constitution of the United States has a preamble, Steph. If you read it, it is more evocative than the entire document.”

“The remainder of the document may be tedious to read, but that is what holds this country together. You are an exceptionally fast learner, and one day I will be learning from you.”

“Steph, is today’s lesson over?”

“No Patricia that was just the preface. Are you ready for page 1?”

“How long is this book Steph, and how long do I have to learn it?”

“The book has no ending, Patricia, and we have the rest of our lives to learn it together.”

“Good morning, my love; begin chapter 1, page 1 please.”

Stephano did not answer her. They talked too much already. He slid his body down between her thighs. He watched her eyes open wider as he slid lower. When he reached the apex of her thighs he opened his mouth, and stuck out his tongue. He saw her mimic his motions. As his head descended, hers rose up to see what he was going to do. She made the same mistake as the last time. When his tongue flicked against her clit, she screamed, and fell back on the bed. This time she crossed her thighs around his head to keep him where he was. She knew the name, “Cunnilingus,” but it did not give justice to what he was doing to her body. She felt like a $20 whore. Her hips did not stay still. Words were coming out of her mouth she had never spoken before. She trapped him against her pussy, and she came three times before she realized she was beginning to hyperventilate. She wished he would never stop, but she did not know how much more she could take.

Stephano rose up onto his knees, spread her thighs, and kneeled between them. He placed his dick between the lips of her pussy. He began sliding his dick between her silken folds and over her distended button.

“Stephano, you promised you wouldn’t.”

“I always keep my promises, Patty. Hang on, and enjoy the ride.”

She believed him, even though she had doubts in her mind. She did what he asked her to do: She stopped thinking. She closed her eyes and let her body float through the myriad of sensations it had never experienced before. A man was at the entrance to her body, and her body was enjoying every second of it. Copious amounts of her fluids were wetting her ass, thighs, and their bed. After today, nothing would be the same between them. Every barrier had been broken, except one, and because of the wonderful feelings he was giving her, she was beginning to wonder if it was worthwhile to wait any longer.

She had promised her mother, and herself, she would remain a virgin, until she was married. Her mother did not wait to have sex, until she was married, and when she did, she had it with a married man. She wondered if she should wait any longer. Why should she make Stephano wait any longer? Why should I wait any longer mom? She screamed, “Mom, it’s not fair.”

She was sobbing when her mind re-entered her body

Stephano was rocking and hugging her, while asking, “Patty, are you okay?”

“Oh Steph, I’m sorry, I ruined it for you.” She started crying inconsolably.

He picked her up onto his lap, and tried to reassure her that everything was fine. He told her nothing was lost between them. He wanted to know what happened, while they were making love.

It took her a while to get her emotions under control, and to try to explain to him what had transpired.

He tried to make light of it, when he said to her, “I’ve never been in bed with two women at the same time before. Did your mother enjoy it?” He grabbed her hand before she could hit him.

“Patty, do you remember what you said before we started making love today. You told me if you went too far, I was to stop you. I would have, even if I had to put you into a cold shower. I keep telling you that you will go to your bridal bed as a virgin, and no other way. You may have my child, nine months after our wedding day, but one day before. There will be no whispering behind your back, about you being pregnant before you were married.”

“How long am I going to have my mother inside my head, Steph?”

“Would you like to trade your mother for mine? Your mother only talks to you. My mother hits hard, and she yells at me when she’s angry.”

“Your mother put you where you are today. If it wasn’t for her, your body would not have been, where it was moments ago.”

Stephano thought about his position, and liked it. His legs were between hers. His chest was pressing against her breasts, and his hands were holding hers. They were nearly as connected as two human beings could be, and there was nothing at all wrong with that.

“We should get dressed and see what is going on outside. Then we have to go to New York City, and meet your father at Imperiali’s at 2 PM, for lunch.”

Patty screamed at him. “When we you going to tell me this. It is a 3-hour drive to the city, and it is nearly 10 o’clock. You are looking for a quick way to die, Stephano.”

“Patty, are you ever going to trust me? Are you ever going to let me take care of you the way I want to? You have plenty of time to pamper yourself and get ready. We do not have to leave until 1 o’clock, and we will be there in plenty of time.”

“1 o’clock, my ass.”

“I have spanked it once already, would you like me to do it again?”

“No, I think the handprints are still there from the last time.”

“Would you like me to check to see if they’re still there?”

Patty grinned at him and said, “Only if you kiss them and make it better.”

Stephano replied, “I can live with that; turn over.”

Patty rolled over onto her tummy, as Stephano ran his hand up and down her flanks, and over the mound of her buttocks. Patty moaned as Stephano started kissing and nipping every inch of flesh on her delectable derrière. He slipped his hand between her thighs and rubbed his fingers between her silken folds. This double pleasure caused her to have an orgasm seconds afterwards. Her fluids flowed into the palm of his hand, and he spread them around her thighs and casually back up, until he touched the little flower between the cheeks of her ass. Her glutes closed like steel against magnets, and Stephano smacked her ass hard enough to get her to shriek. She relaxed, and his hand returned with more fluids and played with that tiny flower again. He kept kissing the cheeks of her ass, all the while playing between her pussy and her anus. The animal like sounds coming from her throat, and the movement of her hips, were a dead giveaway that she was about to cum again. He moved his fingers to her clit, which both relaxed her and caused heightened sensations throughout her body. He moved his head into position, and when she was within seconds of cuming again, he stuck his tongue into her ass hole.

Patty’s eyes sprung open, when she realized what he had done, but her body betrayed her. It exploded into a supernova of erotic stimulation, and caused her to have orgasm after orgasm, until she was depleted of energy. She collapsed, in a heap, on the bed.

Stephano kissed her behind, several more times, before he got out of bed. He took a shower, shaved, and made breakfast for both of them. Then he went to wake up sleeping beauty.

“Patty, naptime is over, it’s time to get up and prepare for our day.”

“Fuck you, and the horse you rode in on. I have no energy left, leave me alone.”

“Do I have to get a bucket of ice water to get you out of this bed, or should I get three or four of the workmen to put you into the shower.”

“Get three or four of the workmen to put me into the shower. I want to see what your reaction is, when they see me naked. Now, leave me alone so I can go back to sleep.”

“Breakfast is on the table; my belt is a few feet away, and your ass is sticking in the air. Which shall it be?”

“You have already kissed my ass, so why don’t you eat my breakfast and go away.”

“I tried to be nice Patty, but you have taken my patience to its end. In 30 seconds, it is going to be a pitcher full of ice water, or you in the shower. The choice is always yours.”

“Would you bring me my gun, and draw a circle around your heart, if you have one left. After what you did to me this morning, I am not sure you do. Stand at the end of the bed, and say fire.”

Stephano grinned, “30, 29, 28, 27, 26…

“Steph you are never going to get laid, if you keep that up.”

“I will take my chances, Patty. Your dad, Gemma, and Michael, will be very disappointed if you are not there this afternoon.”

“You don’t play fair Stephano. You take a babe in the woods and sap all the energy out of her. Then you expect her to function like a normal human being, for the rest of the day. It is just not possible, neither physically or mentally. There is too much information to process, and neither my body, nor my mind is ready for it.”

“What did I tell you not to do, Patty? I told you not to think. I told you to let it happen naturally, and to feel what was going on inside you. You broke down a lot of barriers today. I am sure there are 1 million more to break down, before you are free of all of them. Today was a great start. I had a wonderful time, and I think you did too.”

Patty sat straight up and said, “Stephano, I forgot all about you. You did everything for me, and I did nothing for you. You must be ready to explode.”

“I will be fine Patty. I have waited a long time to be with you, and I can wait a lot longer. Now get out of bed and start getting ready for the day.”

“Absolutely not Stephano; get in bed, and I will not take no for an answer, if you want the announcements to go out this week.”

“You want to talk about a person not playing fair Patty? What do you think you are doing now?”

“I am fighting fire with fire. You said we don’t have to leave until 1 o’clock. I will take your word for it. I will be dressed and ready to go at 12:45. I will trust you to have everything ready for tomorrow morning. Whatever is going on outside is your responsibility. I know you will not disappoint me. Now get your ass into this bed, before I spank you.”

Stephano smiled, “Is that a promise?”

Patty smiled back. “You bet your ass it is.”

Stephano lay down, and Patty straddled him, while leaning down to kiss him. She asked, “What happened to him?”

“He goes to sleep while people are talking. Slide back and forth for a few minutes and he will wake up.”

“Is there another way to wake him up,” she grinned.

“Oh yes, there are a couple of other ways. You could shake hands with him, and express your gratitude that way. Or, if you are feeling like a linguist, you could speak to him on a one-to-one basis.”

“What happens if you don’t know his language?”

“I have been told he knows more than 154 languages. He is always ready to learn one more to quench his thirst for knowledge.”

“How does he quench a person’s thirst for knowledge?”

“He has been known to spray the person’s oral cavity, with thick copious fluids, which some say are a little salty, but tasty to the palate.”

“If a person was not familiar with such an oral cavity spray, how would that person test such a fluid?”

“The fluid could be placed on an object, like a gentleman’s stomach. The unfamiliar person could use a finger or a tongue to taste of the fluid. If it is to that persons liking, she could consume mass quantities of the remaining fluid, and by making sure there was none it left on the inside of the object it emanated from.”

“It sounds like there is too much work involved, and too little benefit received for the person waking up the tiny object.”

“Madam, if you are not very careful with your language, the tiny object may spit at you, of its own accord.”

“Has it been known to do that before?”

“Yes, many times, while he has been dreaming about you, and listening to one of your demeaning arguments. He has spit, and hit you right between your eyes. His aim is unparalleled, in this universe.”

“I haven’t read the manual about this tiny person, but I think I will take this ‘little guy’ out for a test drive.”

“You must remember one thing, while you are driving him around. The ‘little guy’ is attached to the big guy, and they must be returned safely, while still attached to one another.”

“I will see what I can do, Steph!”

Patty moved her hands over his stomach, and down to a region she had never had her hands before: ‘Skin on Skin,’ below his belt line. Her hands and lips were moving, still lower, kissing him, and pulling the hairs above his penis. When had she becomes so brazen? She was not sure, but she would not back down now. She could name you every part of that thing she was looking at: Every blood vessel; vein, artery, capillary system, and tube. You name it, she knew it; but she had never seen a real one, In the Flesh. She was within a few inches of one now, and it did not frighten her any longer. It was attached to the man she loved. Somewhere inside of him were his part of their children, but that was not for today. Today was for exploration and fun. She was the explorer, and they would have fun.

Her right hand reached him first, and she did not understand why he groaned. She released him, and looked to see if she hurt him. He was smiling at her, so she continued. As she reached for him again, he had already grown substantially. Miracle-Gro had nothing over her right hand. She moved his erect penis from side to side, up and down, looking at it from every angle. Her left hand felt his testicles, and she wondered how he could walk with those things hanging between his thighs. They felt like and were about the size of walnuts encased in a tiny sac, with no room to move. That had to be uncomfortable, but she would ask him about that later. For some reason or another, she kissed both ‘walnuts,’ and she heard Stephano exclaim, “Oh fuck!”

“I must’ve done something right; let’s continue up towards the top of this obelisk, and see what happens.”

From his wal-nuts, she continued upwards, kissing and licking the back of his penis, until she reached the junction of the Glans, where her tongue (accidentally) slipped over the ridge and into the slit on top. She watched for Stephano’s reaction, but what she got was more than she expected. He fell off his elbows, and onto his back, and in order to stifle his scream, he put the side of his hand in his mouth and bit down on it.

When he heard her laugh, he picked up his head and said, “You Bitch, you did that on purpose.”

Coyly, she responded, “I guess you’re used to paying a professional to do this service. I can stop, if I am not doing it very well.”

Angrily, he responded, “Patty, I have never paid…; your ass is going to be bright red when you go to sleep tonight.”

She batted her eyelashes at him. “I guess that means your balls are going to be blue.”

He reached down, pulled her up to him, and gave her a kiss that lasted forever. “Patty, if you are not the smartest woman on this planet, I don’t want to meet her. You are magnificent in everything you do. You are intelligent, funny, quick witted, and stronger than most men I know. Don’t ever let me go; I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“I just got you back Steph. I am not going anywhere, without you. I know we met, under very strange circumstances, and our route to this point has not been easy, on either of us. Here we are, so let’s not fuck this thing up again. When the house is built, let’s make a room for us called, “The Arbitrarium.” We will make it sound proof, so the children will not hear us argue. Once we go in there, we do not come out, until everything that has to be said, is said, and we are okay with one another, again. The rest of the house has to be filled with love and happiness, for both us and the children. The other room is the only room we can argue in. Are you okay with that?”

“I will go along with that proposal, as long as you go back to doing what you were doing before.”

“Are you sure you don’t want a professional?”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to go out and buy a punishment paddle?”

“I have never heard of one of those; it sounds like fun.”

“Fun my ass; those things hurt like hell.”

“As long as it is your ass this time, it is fine by me.”

“Woman, resume your position and get back to what you were doing. You are running out of time, and I am running out of patience with you.”

“Picky, picky, picky.” She looked down and said, “Again! Doesn’t that thing ever stay up?”

Stephano laughed. “One day you are going to regret that remark.”

Patty retorted. “I hope it’s before my 90th birthday.”

She took her place between his thighs, and started with his wal-nuts, again. His prick stood at attention within seconds. Her tongue wrapped around the sides of his prick, making Stephano more and more vocal, with each passing stroke. She knew what he was waiting for, and she was deliberately holding back. Every time she passed her tongue around the tip of the glans, his moans got louder, and his legs became like steel beams. She decided to surprise him. She licked up the right side, the front, the left side, and then the back. She did this three times in a row, without deviation. He seemed to relax and enjoy what she was doing, and on the fourth go around, as she was coming up the back, her mouth enveloped the head, and she moved down, until her chin hit the hand that was holding his penis straight.

At this point, everything went right, or wrong, depending on whose point of view you took.

Stephano was enjoying Patty’s ministrations, and did not believe he was near having an orgasm, until her mouth descended onto his dick. Suddenly three things happened: 1. He felt her mouth descend onto his penis and his nerve endings went into sensory overload. 2. The nerve endings covering his manhood combusted and sent an urgent message to the brain for immediate relief. 3. His brain acknowledged the message, and ordered the muscles surrounding his Prostate gland and the Vas tubes, to open, allowing the pressure that had built behind those structures, allowed the fluid to move forward at the approximate speed of a city bus, 32mph (Quote from Playboy Inc.). Combining 1, 2, and 3 instantaneously; Stephano grabbed her head, forced it down, until her mouth touched his stomach, and screamed, “I’m cumminnnng!” His words were seconds too late to warn her of the explosion that had already occurred. It really did not matter, because his dick was so far down her throat, there was nothing she could have do about it anyway. His semen gushed down her throat, unimpeded, as the thought processes of his ‘BIG’ brain had just crossed the interstellar boundary of our solar system and entered, “OUTER SPACE!”

From Patty’s point of view, this incident went somewhat differently. 1. As soon as her mouth touched the relatively comfortable position of her hand, Stephano’s hips bucked wildly upward, knocking the protective hand away. 2. He forced his dick deep into her throat, passing her uvula, as if it was not there. 3. She heard the scream, “I’m cumming,” but the first load of his hot semen was already in the bottom of her throat, and she was trying to swallow it. 4. His hands had her head in a death grip. They were pressing it down hard against his stomach with all the energy he had in him. Glob after glob of his thick ‘Oral Cavity Spray’ splash against the bottom of her throat, so far beyond her taste buds, she did not know if they were salty or not. She knew Stephano had not been with any women, in a very long time, because he kept firing his semen into her esophagus, for nearly a minute, as she continued swallowing it. She only wished he would stop, because she was nearly out of air. Stephano kept screaming, “Patty, you are wonderful. Patty, you are fantastic, Patty, you are the best, and other platitudes, while all this time she was pounding her arms against his arms and chest, trying to tell him to let her go, because she could not breathe.”

Finally Stephano’s brain returned from its sojourn to the “OUTER LIMITS,” and returned to his big head. Then he realized someone was pounding on his body. “My God, Patty is pounding on his body, and I am still pressing her head against his stomach. She needs air, when I release her, she is going to kill me.”

“Oh My God, Patty; What Have I Done!”

Patty’ head popped up like a Jack-in-the-Box, and gulped in deep breaths of air.

Stephano was ready to have both his ‘heads’ ripped off for what he had done. He was stupefied, when she said, “Was it good for you?”

He looked at her like she was crazy. “Patty, it was an accident, I didn’t mean to do it to you. Are you alright?”

“I may not be Marilyn Chambers, but I now know I can ‘Deep Throat’ you.”

“Who the hell is Marilyn Chambers?”

“You poor disadvantaged child; don’t you keep up with the porn stars? Haven’t you ever heard of John C. Holmes; all 13 3/4 inches of him? She gobbled him up, on screen, for everyone to see. In that film, “Deep Throat,” she was diagnosed with a disorder for her fans. Her clit was deep inside her throat, and in order for her to have an orgasm, she had to have a prick long enough to tickle it. He was man enough, and long enough to tickle her fancy.

“Patty, for a prude, how do you know all this stuff about porn?”

“It’s very easy, Steph. I did independent study for a college psychology class, when I was 14 years old.”

“14 years old, and you did a study on pornographic material. Your mother and your professor allowed you do it?”

“My mother and I sat in the den, and watched 14 assorted movies together. Then we discussed them, for their technical merit, their lack of acting acumen, morality, and everything else the Supreme Court had to take into consideration, when the First Amendment trials reached them. Since the cases had already been decided many years before I was born, it was easy for me to defend that aspect of the movies. But there were several other sections, which I was able to tear apart. My professor and I went at it for days, until he finally admitted he was wrong.”

“I want to see every report card you have from pre-K through graduate school. I want to make sure I don’t argue with you on any subject you may have taken or a subject, you may have been interested in a previous life.”

“Do you believe in previous lives’ Steph? Do you believe my mother could be going to another plain of existence, and I could look for her, when I get there?”

“Patty, you are giving me a headache. Take a shower and get ready to go meet your father.”

“How are we going to get there in an hour?”

“I am going to put you into the basket of a catapult and pulled the cord myself.”

“That’s not funny, Stephano.”

“Would you believe I am going to drive very fast?”

“No, that sounds as bad as the catapult story.”

“Well, you will just have to wait to see how we get there, won’t you?”

“I hope you enjoyed the services I just rendered. I am a union member, and I just went on strike.”

“It figures! One day on the job, and there is a work stoppage due to a rules violation. Get dressed before I turn into a non-union shop.

“Our home is going to be so much fun, Steph. Can’t you just imagine how many arguments you are going to lose?”

“Where are the aspirin? I better take two now, because I know this headache is going to be a bitch. I am going to be sitting next to one for an hour.”

Patty hit him with a pillow, as she raced to the shower, giggling.

66. Lunch With Daddy

Stephano was outside surveying what workers had accomplished, when he heard Patty

scream, “Okay smartass, it’s 12:40 PM and I am ready to leave. I want to see how we get to

the Bronx in under an hour.”

“Come here Patty and stand on the stage with me.”

“What stage, Stephano?”

“How can you possibly have a party, without a band?”

“You hired a band?”

“I told you to leave it to me, and our new friends would have a great time, didn’t I?”

“Yes, I did, but I didn’t think about a band.”

“How are people supposed the dance, without music?”

“Don’t start with me, Stephano, you will lose. I could say we could play the radio.”

“I hate you Patty.” He reached around and kissed her, before she knew what happened.

There were whistles and ‘Cat Calls’ from the workers, and yells for them to get a room.

Stephano yelled back, “We already did that, we are waiting for our ride to the city.”

On cue, the roar of a helicopter passed overhead. Patty said, “You didn’t, did you?”

“Do you know what traffic is like going into the city on a Saturday?”

“Yes, I do. I did it many times, with my mom. It is very light and traffic moves above the speed limit.”

“Well, we are going to be far above the speed limit, and go in a straight line to the Bronx. Come with me, woman, I bought us a new toy. We are going to learn how to fly it soon. A friend of yours called Michael Free to see if you were available for a drink. It appears she was an Air Force Major, and she flew you to Washington. In a year or so, I want you to return the favor and fly her here to see our new home.”

“You are out of your fucking mind, if you think I am going to learn how to fly something that has to beat the air into submission to stay aloft.”

“Colonel Markham believed, you may say something to that effect. So she wanted to know two things before she came up here and planted you into the ground. First. Very few people knew she got passed over for promotion, because she accused a General of improper sexual advances. You were one of them. Second. Why was her case settled so quickly in her favor, and her promotion backdated to the date she was supposed to get that promotion. She said it was very coincidental that it happened a few weeks after she flew you to Washington from Sedona. She wants to know what you did.”

“Aurora is a very nice person. I wondered why her case was still in limbo after all this time. I looked it up on the computer, and it seemed the General had friends in high places that kept shuffling her case to the bottom of the pile. It turns out my computer has friends in higher places. General Griswold was due for a promotion review soon. The Congress will ask for his retirement papers instead.

Aurora’s promotion came from the Air Force Chief of Staff’s Office. It is on his letterhead, with his signature, with a glowing recommendation for her continued advancement. No one will dare, get in her way again. She threatened to fly me back to Sedona, upside down, the next time she gave me a ride. I could not let that happen. I wanted to keep her happy.

I also wanted to keep that bastard from harassing any more women, who wants to serve this country, in uniform or out. His file was littered with complaints from women, and no one above his rank did anything about it, until I did.”

“Patty, all I ask of you is not wind up in jail. I don’t want our children to visit you once a month.”

“I could always get you conjugal visits, as long as they let me near a computer.”

“Patty, stop it. Let’s get it our new helicopter, and meet your father for lunch.”

“Steph, we should buy the five properties surrounding us, so we don’t annoy the neighbors, with the noise. We will have to build a hanger for the helicopter also.”

“Let’s contact a realtor Monday, about the land. We will see what Bradley can do about building us a hanger.”

They walked to the helicopter, where they were greeted by their pilot and hostess. Well, she was more than a hostess, she was gorgeous.

“You are looking to die early, aren’t you, Stephano?”

“You do not trust me at all, do you Patty.


“Patty, let me introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Rita Stevenson, our pilot and hostess.”

Patty looked at Rita and did not know what to say.

Rita said, “Ms. Parent, don’t worry about it. It happens to me all the time. I am very happy to be working for a woman. It is like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Paul smiled. “Ms. Parent, if a weight has been lifted off my wife’s shoulders, think what it means to me, knowing that every man who gets on this aircraft is not going to be trying to put his hands all over her.”

Patty smiled at the pair. “If this man does it, raise his hands above his head and start the engines. Don’t stop, until his head comes off.”

Stephano looked hurt. He said, “I am standing here being mister good guy. I bring you a beautiful helicopter, and a married couple that is no threat to you. The first thing you do is threaten me with my life. Where is the justice? Where is the honor in being good?”

“I will let you know in 50 years, Steph. You should have paid off all your sins against me by then.”

“Paul, how high are we going to be flying today?”

“1500 feet above ground level, Mister Valentino.”

“Will she bounce when she hits the ground?”

“No Sir, the human body flattens out upon impact.”

“That’s good to know Paul. Do we fly with the doors open, or closed?”

“Stephano, do you remember the strike that started a few hours ago? How long would you like it to continue?”

“Paul take the two of us to lunch please. If only one of us gets there, please express our apologies to the other diners.”

Paul looked at Rita and said, “I think this is going to be the funniest job we have ever had.”

The Augusta 109 helicopter landed at the Manhattan College Heliport, they walked the short distance to Imperiali’s restaurant. The Closed for a Private Party sign on the door, apologized to the restaurants regular customers for this inconvenience, and said the restaurant would re-open at 6 PM.

Patricia knocked on the entrance door. Michael Imperiali opened it and let them in. He hugged Patty as he did the first time he saw her. It was not until William tapped him on his shoulder, and asked if it would be all right for him to kiss his daughter, did he let her go.

He kissed her, and when he looked at her face, he said, “Patricia, you are glowing. Have you done something you promised not to do?”

“No papa, I am still a virgin. Mother and I have been discussing it, among other things, since I returned to Glens Falls.”

“I told Stephano that’s why you went home.”

“What you will find amusing, papa, is Stephano met mama, and talked with her. He was even able to verify what she was wearing that evening, while they were talking.”

Jemma said, “Will you two stop talking, so I can say hello?”

Jemma and Patty hugged each other, and because of their height difference, Patty noticed that Jemma’s breasts seemed to be larger, and harder than usual. With wonder in her eyes, she looked at Jemma, and said, “You are, aren’t you?”

Jemma said, “Bitch!”



“Cock sucker!”

“If I was, I wouldn’t be in this condition!”

The women hugged each other tightly, and laughed.

Patty said, “God bless you, Jemma, you have made my dad very happy.”

“How do you feel about having a brother, who is going to be 24 years younger than you are?”

“It’s a boy! What did he do when he found out he was having a son?”

“He was blasé about it. He took me out to the finest restaurant in town. He brought the best bottle of wine they had, and when I asked to have some of it, he said “No. You are pregnant. You are not to have any alcoholic beverages, until after my son was born.” He proceeded to drink the entire bottle himself. I had to drive home, because he was as drunk as a skunk.”

Patty laughed as she looked at her father.

He said, “I finally have someone to carry on my family name. I have five wonderful, beautiful daughters. Jemma is giving me a son. I had a right and a duty to get drunk.”

Stephano asked, “Is anyone going to say hello to me?”

As one they all said, “Hello Stephano,” and returned to their discussions.”

Stephano saw a cute woman standing behind the bar, and decided to go over and speak with her. He also decided to get a drink.

He sat down at the bar and said, “Hello, my name is Stephano Valentino. Can I have Vodka on rocks please?”

She replied, “I’m sorry sir, the bar’s close.”

“When does the bar open, miss?”

“The bar opens, when you leave.”

“Have I done something to upset you?”

“Yes, you sat down at my bar.”

“What was I supposed to do, stand up?”

“No, you were supposed to be a gentleman, and not hurt Patty.”

“Am I going to pay for that for the rest of my life?”

“From what her father told us about you and things you did to Patricia, one lifetime would not be enough to assuage your guilt.”

“I have apologized to her. I admitted that I was a bastard and a fool. I have asked for her forgiveness and she has given it to me. I have proposed to her again, she has accepted and I have given her a ring as a symbol of my love. The invitations to our wedding will go out this week. Can I have vodka on rocks now?”

“You were supposed to be married once before. It did not happen. When you have the marriage license in your hand, and Patty is on your arm wearing a white dress, with a gold ring on her finger, you can have your vodka on rocks, on the house.”

Stephano yelled, “Patty, help me; I found another woman I cannot win an argument with.”

Patricia sat next to him and laughed. “Didn’t they teach you anything at that fancy graduate school of yours? What will happen if you were to go into negotiations, against a large corporation, and they put a woman across the desk from you? Are you going to fold and run home to mommy?”

“Business is totally different than dealing with a barmaid, Patty.”

Lucinda shouted, “Did you just call me a barmaid? I own half this business.”

Stephano dropped his head into his hands. “God, am I ever going to catch a break.”

Lucinda slammed a glass in front of him, with ice in the clear liquid.

Stephano thought she had finally given him his vodka on the rocks. He said, “Thank you,” put a $10 bill on the bar, and proceeded to take a big gulp of the drink. He spit it out.

He yelled, “This is water.”

“You are going to have to keep yourself hydrated. If you keep talking to me the way you have been, you could have an accident. There are many sharp knives in this restaurant, and the hospital is 15 blocks away. You could bleed out on the way there.”

“Patty, I am going to Wendy’s, I think I will be safer there.”

“Stephano, with all the women you fucked, from high school through graduate school, weren’t any of them Italian? You seem to have a problem dealing with women, from your own ethnic background.”

“Leave me alone Patty, so I can drown in my own self-pity.”

“You seemed to be doing well enough this morning.”

“Yes, but I am getting used to being beaten up by you. My mother beat me up first, and then it was you. Now it is Lucinda. Who is next?”

Jemma raised her hand and shouted, “Me!”

Stephano stood up and said, “Oh shit!”

Patty smiled, and reminded Stephano that Jemma was half Irish and half Italian, so he stood half a chance with her.

Stephano reminded Patricia that Jemma was married to her dad. If she can keep him in line, how does he stand a chance against her?

Jemma told him he was correct. “I fuck William, until he can’t breathe. I tell him what to do and he does it. If he doesn’t, I fuck him again, and tell him if he doesn’t do it this time, he will die in bed. He does it, because he knows I am not kidding.”

“Do you see Patty, women have all the power. They just don’t know it.”

“Do you remember what you told me this morning Steph; about me, teaching you soon enough.”

“Yes, I do.”

“Jemma is going to start giving me lessons.”

“Oh God, I’m dead.”

Michael Imperali yelled, “Lunch is ready everyone; please take your seat, by your place cards, and enjoy.”

Michael’s entire staff brought out serving platters of every delectable dish he personally prepared for their feast. Everything was made of the finest foods available. It took nearly 4 hours of eating, talking, laughing, drinking, and crying to make this the finest reunion any family ever had. At the end of the afternoon, every sensation was sapped. Everyone was out of energy. It was hard to stand up and say goodbye.

Michael and William were as close as brothers could be, without sharing the same blood. Patricia, Jemma, and Lucinda formed a bond that would never be broken.

The only one who felt left out was Stephano, until William walked over to him and hugged him. He handed him a document, and said, “This is not a bribe. This is an engagement present from Jemma and me, for my daughter, and you. Put it to good use, but let me warn you; if you ever, and I mean ever hurt her again, you will be fish food.”

Stephano did not look inside the envelope, and he did not look frightened. He said, “William, I don’t know what my word of honor means to you. I know what it means to my mother, my father, and to me. I will never hurt Patricia again. I know what I did to her was the dumbest thing I had ever done. I will never do anything so horrible, again.”

“As long as you keep that promise, you can call me dad, again.”

Stephano hugged him. “Thank you, dad.”

“Are you two ever going to stop hugging?”

“No one else hugged me, until your dad came over and hugged me; not even you, Patty.”

“I did my share this morning. Are you complaining already?”

“I told you I would have a problem sharing you with anyone. I guess today should prove it to you.”

“Dad, if you and Jemma have nothing planned for the rest of the day, would you two like to come up and see the ranch? We have a very big party planned for tomorrow, for the people who saved my life, when the barn went on fire.”

“No Patty, it’s a long drive up there, and I have been drinking. I do not want to chance it.”

“No Papa, it will only take an hour in our new toy to get there. If you want, you can spend the night in a hotel, or you can be back here, before 9 o’clock.”

“You bought an airplane?”

“Not quite, but it is very plush inside.”

William shouted, “Jemma, we are leaving.”

Paul and Rita had the helicopter ready to go, when the four of them arrived.

Williams looked at Rita, and said “Verrry niiice,” which earned him a slap from Jemma.

“I was talking about the helicopter.”

“Yes, and I thought you were talking about the pilot.”

Patty and Stephano laughed, as they introduced Paul and Rita as husband and wife.

When William heard that, he said, “Dammit,” which earned him a punch in the ribs from Jemma.

She said, “I may be pregnant, but you could still die in bed. I could be a very merry widow.”

“Yes dear, but I do not want to die before my son is born. I will be good, or at least, I will try to be good.” He kissed her to make amends for his roving eyes.

When they arrived at the ranch and saw all the preparations for the following day, they decided to spend the night.

67. The NSA v. The Glens Falls Volunteer Fire Department


Guns and Hoses

The Department of Homeland Security intercepted a threat message they could not decode. They forwarded it to the FBI. Two hours later it was decoded.

Michael Free was called at 9 AM, Sunday morning, and told to get to the office immediately. The director of the FBI was never ORDERED to get into the office, unless it was something of the highest priority. This situation called for his personal attention.

33 minutes later, he was in the computer section reading the intercept. He could not believe his eyes when he saw it, and he started issuing orders.

“Call Albany get everyone moving to the Glens Falls. Protect her at all costs. No one gets near her; I don’t care if they have to put her in jail to do it.”

The FBI, Special Agent in Charge called back within moments. “Sir, we have no one available. Everyone is investigating the shooting at New York State University at Oneonta. We are out of position, and it would take us at least six hours to get four or five men to Glens Falls.”

Michael slammed down the phone and asked, “What is the closest field office to Glens Falls?”

A computer technician brought up a map and said, “Westchester County, Sir.”

“Get them on the line, now. Get me Glens Falls Police Department and Patricia Parent on the line.”

Within a few moments, Westchester called back with a similar problem. They were working on a murder, kidnapping situation. A divorced father, with no visitation rights, shot and killed his wife, and kidnapped the seven-year-old girl, 16 hours ago. They have no one available to go to Glens Falls.

Michael screamed in rage. “Find me a station that is not busy, and do it now.”

Several moments later, Michael heard, “Sir, the closest facilities, with any manpower available, are Boston, or New York.”

“Send eight men from both facilities. Advise them they are up against a hit squad, and tell them to move it. They are authorized to shoot first, and ask questions later. I will put that in writing for them, and send it by computer to their cars. Tell them I am on my way.”

The Glens Falls Police Department accepted the alert notice, and the instructions. They told the Director they would get the information to their Chief immediately.

Patty and Stephano were eating breakfast, in bed, when her cell phone rang. They ignored it. When the phone continued to ringing, Patricia got out of bed, and said, “Daddy, this had better be very important.”

“Patricia, this is not your father, but I am going to talk to you like him. This is Michael, and you are in trouble.”

“Michael, every time I talk to you, you tell me I am in trouble. I have not done anything illegal in a very long time. Can I go back to bed now; Stephano has been keeping me warm.”

“I don’t want to get into that with you right now. The NSA is sending a squad up to Glens Falls. We received an intercept from the Department of Homeland Security. The intercept is quite clear Patty, they are coming to steal your programs, and to kidnap or kill you. It is going to happen today, Patty. The intercept is quite clear about that. I have people on the way, but they are more than four hours away. Trust no one you do not know personally. Do not stay alone if you can help it; and keep your gun handy. I will be in my jet shortly and on my way up to you. I hope I get there in time. Stay safe honey, and dammit, get dressed.”

“Michael, how did you know I was naked?”

“You just told me.”

“You cops a very sneaky.”

“I will be there soon, Patty. Please stay safe.”

He hung up the phone, and yelled, “Get the plane ready, and have seven agents meet me there ready to go.”

Patty turned and jumped onto the bed. “Stephano, get your ass up, and out of bed. We have a problem coming our way.”

Stephano reached out to kiss her, but she said, “If you don’t stop that, you will be kissing a dead woman soon.”

Stephano’s eyes opened wide. “What are you talking about Patty?”

“Michael just called from Washington. The NSA is sending people to take me and my programs. Let’s set up a greeting committee for them, before they can do any harm here.”

Patty called the fire department. She told Chief Buck his people were welcomed to come over any time they wanted, and start the work of clearing the debris of the barn. This way they could enjoy the afternoon’s festivities, with their families. She would start paying them from the moment they arrived, as long as they had their identification available.

Within the hour, firefighters started showing up. At $500 an hour, they signed in and began loading the dumpsters, with the charred remains of the barn. Word spread among the fire department community, and soon, the entire contingent was there working to clear the debris field. They also stacked the bags of feed for the horses, as soon as they were uncovered.

Patty and Stephano greeted each one of them as they arrived. After an hour of their labor, in the muggy morning sun, they brought out cases of water, soft drinks, and beer for the men and women to cool off. While the firefighters were resting, Patty explained the problem, which was going to arise sometime that day, and asked for their help, and intervention, if possible. She warned them that these people would be armed and dangerous. She wanted none of them to be injured. If they captured her, let them take her, so no one else would be harmed. This was not their fight, but if there were a way to help her safely, she would appreciate it.

Patty and Stephano left the fire fighters to discuss this unexpected problem on their own. It was up to them to make this decision. Within minutes, the firefighters went back to work.

Patty called her father at the hotel, and asked him not to come to the party.

“Patricia, you would never ask me to do this, unless you were in trouble. What is going on and what can I do to help.”

“Dad, Jemma is going to have your son. I don’t want you to be anyplace near me today. I don’t want either of you to be hurt. Please just leave it at that. Do this for me, and don’t ask any more questions.”

“No, I did that to your mother. I will not abandon you, like I did her. You tell me what is going on right now. One way or the other, I will be there, and I will find out.”

“Papa, when was the last time I told you that you were a pain in the ass?”

“Patricia, if I remember correctly, it was yesterday.”

“Papa, you are a pain in the ass, and I love you for it. Michael Free called this morning. He told me the NSA is sending a squad here today to find my programs and if possible, to kidnap, or kill me. You know them better than I do. If they can’t have me, they don’t want anyone else to have me. They will use whatever means necessary to make that happen. That’s why I don’t want you here. It is very important to me to keep Jemma, and you safe. Please don’t come here today.”

“Patricia, you are as hardheaded as your mother was, and believe me that is not a compliment. I love you very much, but as usual I am not going to listen to you. Jemma and I will talk about it, but she will not listen to me either. We will be there in an hour. Would you make me some espresso please? I will bring the pastry. We will see you soon baby.”

“I love you Papa, but… why the heck should I say it! It wouldn’t make any difference to you, anyhow. You wouldn’t happen to have a gun on you, would you?”

“I never carry around a gun Patricia. I carry two guns with me. They are both around my ankles, so they don’t ruin my suits.”

“Papa, you are incorrigible. I will see you soon.”

As promised, they were there, and Patty told them everything that the firefighters and police had planned for their unwelcomed guests. She even made a welcoming video on the computer for them.

Her father left them for a little while, and spoke with the Chief of the Fire Department. Shortly after the discussion was over, the motorhome was taken off its mounts, and was standing on its own eight wheels. The chief made a phone call to bring in a very special vehicle to add to the list of surprises for the agents of the NSA.

William returned to drink his espresso and have a piece of the pastry he brought. Stephano asked what he had done, while he was outside with the chief.

He said, “I added one more surprise to your list, and I think it may catch the spies off-balance.”

At 10 AM, the contractors arrived, and started erecting three large tents for the afternoon’s festivities. The tents, to the left and to the right, were for tables and chairs. The tent in the center was for hot and cold food to be served buffet style.

Stephano arranged everything, with the caterers, who arrived at noon. They had macaroni and cheese, chicken tenders, hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries and tater tots for the children. They had roast beef, spareribs, tacos, chicken, and other assorted meals too numerous to mention for the adults. They added vegetarian dishes for those who did not like or desire meat, for the over 200 guests that were expected.

A 30′ x 50′ wide wooden dance floor was erected in front of the stage, for those who wanted to dance or stand and watch the band as they played.

Two large, natural gas powered, generators supplied the electricity for the event.

The entertainment area for the children was set up behind the tents, and it was close enough for the parents to watch their children. Waterslides of varying heights, bounce houses, swings, Teeter-totters, a petting zoo, ring toss, and other games of various skill levels were set up for children of all ages, including the adult children. A small merry-go-round was there for the littlest of children.

The horses was saddled for those children or adults who wanted to ride.

The helicopter would give parents and children alike, a 15- minute ride around the local area.

Four local fire departments would face off against each other in a tug of war, with a 3-foot deep/6-foot wide/8 foot across mud pit waiting for the losers. They would also have a fire hose showdown, to see who could stand up against the intense water pressure of the hoses, before every one of the competing company was knocked down.

The band was not local kids, but a well-known band that played up and down the entire East Coast.

Stephano had gone all out to make sure Patty would be proud of what he had done for the firefighters who saved her life.

If the NSA was coming to take Patty and her programs today, they picked the worst day of the week, month, and year to do it. The six-man NSA squad looking over the property thought the exact opposite. They believed they could get lost in the crowd of men and women, who were working on the various projects, and the guests, who were mingling around with each other, and chasing after their children.

They believed they could slip into the motorhome and within six or seven minutes, do a fingertip search of the entire area, slip away with the programs; and with her, hopefully alive, but if not, their boss would be just as happy.

They did not know their plan had been compromised. They would find out soon enough, and do some ‘Wet Work,’ in the process.

They had the plans of the Motorhome memorized, and had practiced on a duplicate model of it. A digital analyzer would defeat the security system protecting the front door. It would take less than 15 seconds to open it, get inside, and close it. There was an escape hatch on the roof of the vehicle, in case they had to beat a hasty, unplanned retreat.

They did not know part of the day’s festivities included washing and waxing the Motorhome, from bumper to bumper. Plans had been changed for that day, and the six NSA operatives would be caught with their pants around their ankles, because of a female computer geek, and the volunteer firefighters who saved her life.

As they watched from the tree line separating the properties, they saw several opportunities to sneak onto the property, and enter the vehicle. However, as soon as they started to move in, someone would walk by, and they had to retreat.

Finally, the leader said, “We are never going to be able to do this from here. Let’s separate into pairs, and walk up the driveway like everyone else is. When the music starts, and everyone’s attention is focused there, that’s when we will make our move.”

By 12:30 PM, the firefighters had cleaned up the debris from the barn, and put the burnt lumber into the bright green dumpsters to be hauled away to the recycling facility, just in time to see the four large Fire Department Pumper Trucks arrive, and take up their positions for their events, later in the day. One truck filled the empty pit with water, and made sure it was as muddy as it could be. By forcing some of the dirt that was extracted back into the hole, the mud was as thick as molasses.

The men placed 50 yards of heavy knotted rope, alongside the pit, for the tug-of-war.

The last item to arrive was a huge tow truck. It took up a position behind the stage, and 50 feet in front of Patty’s motorhome. Few people knew why, and many others could not have cared any less.

The men from the NSA thought this was a gift from God. Not only did the canvas from the stage, block most of the motorhome from view, but now this humongous tow truck blocked the remainder of it. They would have no trouble gaining entrance to it, without being seen.

By 12:45, all the churchgoers, and police, in plain clothes, arrived for the festivities. Music started playing, as people lined up for their food, and children started playing in the area assigned for them.

Patty and Stephano circulated among their new neighbors and friends. They thanked them for the heroism of their husbands, wives, and sweethearts, for saving her life. She told all of them if they ever needed her help, not be afraid to ask her. She would be more than happy to do anything she could to return that favor.

Her guests from were thoroughly impressed by her heartfelt thanks, and her offer of help. They were also impressed by the size of the party she was throwing for them. No one had ever done anything like this before. There were many extremely wealthy people in this area. The fire department had done more for them, in the past, than they had done for Patricia Parent. None of them had shown any appreciation for their sacrifices, except pay their taxes. It was nice to know that someone appreciated what the volunteer fire department did for this community.

The NSA agents ate, mingled, talked with the guests, and enjoyed the music, as they gravitated towards the edge of the crowd. If they had not been wearing identical clothing, they may not have been so obvious to the firefighters, who were using their radios to keep track of them.

When the band took the stage, and started playing, nearly everyone’s attention zeroed in on them. The six NSA agents moved surreptitiously away from the crowd, and moving in three separate directions, wound up in the same place; the front door of Patty’s motorhome. Within seconds, they were inside, and the door was closed.

The firefighters and police ‘walked’ into action. They put rubber plugs into the exterior edges of the door to keep it from opening. Three 80-pound bags were already in place over the emergency exit on top of the vehicle. If the agents wanted to escape, they would be forced to shoot their way out, through the windows, and soon they would realize this was problematic, also.

The signal was given for the tow truck to move. The driver and his aid, slipped out of the cab, ran the cables under the front of the motorhome, and silently, attached the hooks to the bolts. They moved back to the wrecker, put tension on the cables, and waited for the signal from the fire chief.

When the chief gave the signal, 25 men stepped away from the two sides and front of the vehicle, so they could be clearly seen. The tow truck started backing up and reeling in the cables, lifting the front of the bus to a dizzying 30°.

The men inside were trained professionals, and they did not panic. They drew their weapons and looked for the threat they were facing. One pulled down the escape ladder and tried to push open the emergency hatch on top. It would not budge. He pushed with every muscle in his body, and it still would not move.

He yelled down to his boss, “They sealed us in.”

“Who the fuck are these people?”

“It looks like the Fire Department chief.”

“I see that you idiot, but how did they know we were in here? It was probably that bitch and her computer again. We should have shot her first. Use the computer on that desk, send a message, and tell them this operation is blown.”

The agent booted up the computer, and saw Patty’s face. She said, “Hello gentlemen; did you like our little surprise? This computer is set up for local access only. It has no Internet capability. You have several choices. 1. As good, loyal NSA agents you could kill each other and save the agency the embarrassment of being captured. Don’t forget to write your love ones a goodbye letter; there is paper and pens in the drawer to your right. 2. You could disable your weapons; all of them, and you could leave my home, one at a time. You will surrender to the local police. They will hand you over to the FBI, who will be here shortly. We do not expect you to talk, because that would be against your rules. Normally, you do not carry identification on you for this type of operation, but we know kidnapping and killing me was part of your plan. The intercepted communication was very clear on that matter. However, we have two hours of film and voiceprints of you, and the Bureau should be able to do something with that, as they parade you on television before the United States Congress and public. 3. However, even if you surrender, you will be subjected to a trial by fire, because the fire department is the one who set up this little adventure for you. You are known for your harsh treatment of prisoners, including waterboarding, burning people with cigarettes, putting electrodes on their genitals, and other nasty things. However, what we have planned for you is not that harsh. We will have fun at your expense. You have one minute from the time you hear the sheriff on his bullhorn, telling you to surrender, to make up your mind. Tata.”

The six agents looked at one another, and wondered what the hell went wrong. Option number one was a no go. It was option number two and three that they were going to have to live with.

Before the sheriff called out on his bullhorn, the lead agent called out, “We would like to discuss the terms for our surrender.”

The sheriff replied, “Here are your terms: Open the door 6 inches, throw out your empty weapons, followed by all your cartridges. If you have any knives, or other devices to harm my men, throw those out, also. If you have any needles or pills, those come out next. I have nine men out here, with guns pointing at you. There are enough firefighters here, with axes and chainsaws to cut you to pieces. Don’t do anything stupid. After you throw out your weapons close the door and stay inside until I tell you to come out. Do you understand?”

“Yes sheriff, your instructions are as clear as day.”

Shortly afterwards, the front door opened, and weapons flew to the ground, followed by enough cartridges to start a small war. The door closed, and a deputy, with gloved hands picked up everything and put them into individual plastic bags. There were so many cartridges on the ground; he put them into one large bag.

The sheriff had the tow truck driver lower the bus to ground level, and ordered one man out at a time. As each agent stepped out, they were frisked and handcuffed. Patty was called over after they were secured, to see if she recognized any of them.

She looked at the six men and recognized two of them. She said “I remember you. You came into the FBI building on the first day I was there. I walked right by you, with my lawyer, talking about moonshine.”

The lead agent said, “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Patty said, “If you tell one more lie like that, I swear, as God is my witness, I will put you on a table, and cut your balls off in front of each of these witnesses. You would have killed me, without thinking about it, because someone told you to do it. Now make up your mind, and do it quickly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Patty told the sheriff, “You only captured five agents today.”

The sheriff said, “Yes ma’am.”

Patty looked at the firefighters, and asked for a sharp knife.

Before she could blink, nearly everyone had a knife ready for her use. She took one, grabbed the agent by the handcuffs, and dragged him towards the stage. She asked one of the stagehands for a hammer and four long nails.

She turned and asked the sheriff for his bullhorn. “Ladies, if you don’t want your children to see blood or hear screaming, please take them to the entertainment area. This person was either going to kidnapped me, or kill me. I am not going to kill him, but I think it is only appropriate that he not be able to bring a child into this world, who would be a carbon copy of himself.”

A funny thing happened at that point. The women told their husbands to take their children to the entertainment area. They wanted to witness the castration of a man who would do such a thing to a woman for no reason.

The stagehand returned with a hammer and four 5-inch spikes.

Patty asked the sheriff to remove his handcuffs, and the firefighters to strip the agent and hold him down. Her eyes were red, and filled with fury. The agent’s eyes were filled with loathing.

William stepped in front of his daughter. “Patty, don’t do this. You will live with it forever.”

“So will he, dad. He will never touch a woman again in the same way. The next time he looks at one, he will see me staring back at him. He will wonder why he is still alive. He will no longer be a man. He will be a eunuch. A man killed my mother, but I am not a murderer. I am going to let him continue to walk this earth, and wonder why he couldn’t answer a simple question. He had to lie because he was trained to lie. He was going to kill me because they told him to kill me. I didn’t do anything wrong, and he didn’t care. Step aside, dad, please. “

Jemma looked at her husband. “William, what would you have me do if he had tried to kill or kidnapped me? What would you have done if it was me?”

William saw the pleading in Jemma’s eyes, nodded his head, and stepped aside.

Stephano held the agent’s right hand against the stage. Patty, put the spike in the center of his palm, and said, “You could have saved yourself the ignominy of this punishment by telling the truth about a simple meeting of the two of us. You couldn’t do that because you are so brainwashed by a fucking agency, which is becoming worse than the CIA. I hope you are married. I hope you are in love with your wife, and she is in love with you. I hope that your sex life was absolutely wonderful, because in a few minutes, it will be gone forever. I hope it hurts you mentally, more than this hurts physically. Close your eyes, you son of a bitch, unless you want to get blood in them.”

Patty pressed the spike deep into his palm. She raised the hammer above her head, and…

“Patty, put that hammer down; don’t make me kill you”

“I am going to Michael, right after I put this spike through his hand.”

“Patty, please, I am not kidding; I will kill you.”

“What difference does it make Michael? Do you think this is going to be the last time they are going to try to kill me? Do you think they are ever going to leave me alone? I finally have a life I want to live, and these bastards show up, and ruin it for me, again. Kill me, and get it over with, Michael.”

“Patty, I can guarantee you it will never happen again. I give you my word no one will ever harm you.”

“What are you going to do Michael? Are you going to put a fence of men around me 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the rest of my life? They will kill Stephano and that would kill me. If we have a child, they will kill it, and that would kill me. I have no chance at a normal life again, because of these people. Just kill me, and get it over with.”

Stephano released the man he was holding and grabbed Patty, as she fell to the ground. William and Jemma rushed to her also. She was unconscious and the EMT’s rushed to her aid.

The agent lying on the stage was not moving. He was crying. He had been shot and wounded on the job before. He had been in countries where his life was in danger every second of the day, and come home unscathed. Today, on an assignment that should have been a piece of cake, a tiny woman had scared him to death, using a hammer and a nail. Most devastating of all, were her words. She was correct. His agency had crossed a very visible line. They had authorized the killing of an innocent American citizen, without a trial by jury, as guaranteed by the Constitution, and he was the point man. He wondered where he had lost his moral compass. How had he convinced himself that this would be the right thing to do, because his superior gave him the order to do it? If he testified against the agency he worked for he would be labeled a traitor by his peers. If he didn’t, the agency would continue down a path that would trample on the civil liberties of the American people. Where would it end? It would take more than his testimony to stop an agency as large as the NSA from going rogue. It had to start somewhere; it might as well start with him. He sat up, and while he was putting his clothes back on, he asked to speak to the Director.

While the EMTs were preparing Patty to move to an ambulance, Michael walked over to him and said, “I am in no mood to play your games. What do you want?”

“I want my wife and children to be put into the witness protection program. I want nothing for myself. I will testify about everything I know about the NSA, including who put the contract out on Patricia Parent. As soon as you give me your word, about my family. I will tell you who gave that order.”

“You don’t want it in writing, in triplicate with your lawyer’s approval?”

“No, I looked into that young woman eyes today, and saw my daughter in a few years. I was willing to kill her, because someone told me to do it. They turned me into a monster, and I didn’t realize that until today. I was going to kill an US citizen on his say-so, because he was pissed off about her article in the paper. I probably would have gotten a promotion out of it, and a pat on the back for a job well done.”

Michael handed him his cell phone. “Call your wife and tell her to start packing clothes for herself and the children. My people will be there within two hours.”

As soon as he handed Michael back the phone, he said, “My orders came straight from the top. Director Richard Stengel told me to get both computer programs and get her back to a safe house in Connecticut, or leave her dead, where we found her.”

“Will you testify to that in court?”

“If you can get me into court, while I am still breathing, yes sir, I will.”

Many things started happening at one time, and thankfully, the people who were given the authority to do it were experts at crisis management.

The sheriff, his men, and four FBI agents took the five NSA agents to jail, after reading them their rights. Each of them was put into an individual cell, and guarded by a separate guard. They were not allowed to talk to each other. They were each allowed one phone call, which was monitored and recorded.

The Fire Chief was put in charge of the afternoon’s entertainment. Stephano asked him to keep it going until everything was eaten or everyone departed of their own volition. He wanted everyone to remember today, not for what had happened badly, but for what the day was supposed to be; a day of happiness, and celebration for the firefighters and their families. If everything went well, they hoped to make this a yearly event for the community

Patty was placed in an ambulance and taken to the hospital.

Michael Free said to a subordinate, “Steve, get me Alan Robbins on the line.”

“Yes sir, right away.”

“Hello Alan, this is Michael Free. How are you, Susan, and, Callum doing?”

“We are fine, Michael, how are things back East. It sounds like you did a wonderful job in New York, with those three mobsters.”

“Yes, with the three of those guys in jail, all we have to do is keep an eye on the Colombians and the war they are about to start. We are ready for them, and they don’t know it. We are going to slap them down very hard.”

“That sounds excellent, Michael. Are you going to come out to visit us soon?”

“It’s funny you should ask that Alan. I’m not coming, but I am going to be sending someone in my place.”

“Michael, I don’t like the tone of your voice. Why does it sound like I am going caving again?”

“Alan, all of the mobsters are in jail. What could you possibly have to go caving for?”

“I don’t know Michael, but you are about to spring something on me. I am sweating, and my palms are itchy. My palms are never wrong.”

“I am sending you a good guy Alan. He works for the government, and he is going to testify for us. What could possibly be wrong with that?”

“Who is he going to testify against Michael?”

“Some guy by the name of Richard Stengel.”

“Richard Stengel, are you out of your fucking mind Michael? Richard Stengel, the head of the NSA, Richard Stengel! You want me to hide a government witness from him?”


“Why don’t you send him up to North Dakota, and let him live with the Indians?”

“He doesn’t speak the language Alan. I trust you more than I do the entire Sioux nation to protect him.”

“You do know that Susan is going to kill me when I tell her about this?”

“Tell her he is doing it to protect Patty Parent from being murdered by the NSA. It may help you with her.”

“Do you want to tell me what is going on Michael, or do you want to keep me in the dark?”

“Alan, stay in the dark. You and your family are safer there. I hope to end this quickly, but just in case I can’t, don’t go asking him questions about what he knows. Let him live in the house, if you want; or in the barn. We will not be sending him to you directly. We are going to try to lose him in the shuffle, before he gets to you.”

“Okay Michael, I will prepare a couple of nests for him to lose himself in. Send me something so I will know what he looks like when he gets here.”

“Snail mail.”

“You have it Michael, see you soon.”

Alan put his head into his hands and said, “How the hell am I supposed to break this news to Susan?”

“You don’t have to you pussy. I was listening to the whole thing on the other phone. I picked it up so Callum would not wake up. When I heard Michael’s voice I knew it was trouble. He never calls to pass the time of day. How do you want to handle was Alan?”

“First I have to clear my mind by getting laid by the most wonderful woman west of the Mississippi. Then I have to get laid by the most wonderful woman east of the Pacific Ocean. Then I have to get laid by the …”

“I get the message Alan, you want to get laid. Come to bed.”

“You have to be quiet Susan; we don’t want to wake Callum.”

“One more word out of you and you will be sleeping in the barn for a month.”

“Yes dear.”

When Patricia arrived at the hospital, she was still unconscious. Her vital signs were good but she was in a coma. She did not react to pain induced stimulation and her eyes did not react to light. They did an MRI of the brain, and they found a small area of blood in her right temporal lobe. She had suffered a stroke that would affect the left side of her body, and if they could not seal the blood vessel in time, she could die. The small hospital in Glens Falls was not equipped to handle this delicate operation. She would have to be transported to Albany or Westchester County for the delicate surgery.

William demanded that she be airlifted to the New York Presbyterian Hospital Columbia Medical Center in New York City. The director of medicine at the hospital said that they did not have a medical helicopter available to take her there.

Stephano said, “Her vital signs are good. All we need to do is keep her lying down, and on the intravenous and oxygen lines she is hooked up to. I have a helicopter capable of carrying her there, so it is not a problem. Can one of your doctors come with us to make sure she remains in good condition, while we go to New York City? Once we are there, our helicopter can bring the physician back.”

“One of our experienced nurses can do that. We will prepare Ms. Parent for transport, while you get your helicopter here. However, Northern Westchester Hospital is equipped for this type surgery and has a well-qualified staff. It is also 40 miles closer to New York City. I would recommend going there, instead of wasting the extra time. I can call them and tell them you’re coming. They will have everything ready for you when you get there.”

William shouted, “No, I am taking my daughter to the best hospital there is, and that is Columbia.”

Stephano stood there thinking and wondering what to do as they prepared Patty for transport. He didn’t want to fight with William, but he did not want to lose Patty. Finally, he made his decision and was willing to fight for her life.

As they were putting Patty into the helicopter, he said, “William, I don’t want to fight with you, but I am taking Patty to North Westchester County Hospital. She is going to be my wife and I will not lose her. You can get into the helicopter with us or you can stay here. The choice is yours.”

“She is still my daughter; I don’t want to lose her.”

“You are going to have a son, and a new life. Patty is my future. Let me take her William, please.”

William looked into, Stephano’s eyes, and saw a man pleading for his life. “Take her Stephano; we will meet you at the hospital.”

“Thank you, dad, I will see you later.”

Paul started the helicopters engines and within moments, they were in the air, and heading south to Mount Kisco, New York. 42 minutes later they landed on the helipad and an emergency team rushed to take Patty off the aircraft, put her onto a gurney.

The surgeons had the MRI films on televisions, in the operating theater. The nurses had the sterile trays of instruments ready to be used. Now, all they needed was their patient.

She was being pushed towards the OR by four people, running at top speed. The magic hour was running out, and time was of the essence.

As soon as the door closed, a nurse put an electric razor to Patty’s head. She removed the gorgeous white hair from the right front side of her head, without blinking an eyelash. She had done this 1000 times, and she would do it 1000 more times, in an attempt to save lives.

They put Patty parallel to the operating table and shifted her on to it. The surgeon took one last look at the MRI, and marked a spot on her head. The OR staff started the process of placing her head into a device, which would hold her head in exactly the right position for the doctor to drill into her cranium. He would begin the delicate process of finding the bleeding vessel, and sealing it, without damaging the delicate brain tissue surrounding it. It would take days before they knew how badly the stroke affected her. It could take years of physical therapy for her to get back onto her feet, and into as normal a life as she could possibly have, if the stroke was severe, as it appeared on the monitors.

Stephano, Paul, and Rita were in the waiting room, when William, Gemma, and Michael arrived. He had no news for them, and William was about to explode.

He stood up; he looked at Michael, shook a finger at him, but the words would not come out of his mouth. Finally, he said, “I will be right back.”

Jemma said, “I better go with him, and calm him down. Otherwise he will have a stroke.”

Jemma caught up with William, just as he stepped outside the hospital door.

“William, stop, I need to talk to you. I need to tell you how much your son, and I need you to be strong. I know how bad you feel right now. Patricia is not my daughter, but she is my best friend. I would give my life for her. Whatever you are thinking of doing, make sure you, your son, and I can live with it for the rest of our lives. I know what I said to you when that man was on the stage, and what I am saying to you now is contradictory. However, somehow I feel it is the right thing to say. If we are going to go after the man at the top of that agency, let’s do it right. Let’s parade him in front of the people of this country and disgrace not only him, but every person who wants to drag this country down to the level of our enemies. We are better than they are, William. We have to be; otherwise, we are nothing. We go around yelling at other countries, “Human Rights, Human Rights,” and then this man has someone try to kill your daughter, my best friend. You could walk right up to him and put a bullet in his head, but that solves nothing. Do it the right way, William; do it for Patty, do it for me, but most of all do it for yourself.”

Jemma kissed him, turned, walked back into the hospital, and returned to the surgical waiting area.

William stood there for a few moments, before taking out his phone and calling an old friend at his home in Virginia. He told him what had happened, and where his daughter was at this time. He wanted the director of the NSA, Richard Stengel in jail for attempted murder, attempted kidnapping, and attempted robbery. He told his friend, there were 25 witnesses to the break-in, and 1 witness who was given the order directly from his lips to kill or kidnap Patricia. The witness was in FBI custody, and his family was in the process of being buried in the witness protection program. He told his friend, if Richard Stengel was not in jail by tomorrow evening, he would not be able to guarantee his safety, if Patricia died.

Clark Atwater asked William to remain calm and not to do anything he would regret. “William, we have been friends for many years, and I have never lied to you. I will put my best people on it, and if I can substantiate what you told me tonight, I will have him in jail tomorrow. Let me call Michael and get the name and location of the witness. I will get a deposition from him and take it from there. You know the wheels of justice grind slowly, but they do get results, and I promise you I will take care of this man.”

“Clark, I know you are going to run for President. I am going to give you his name, and only four people know it, outside of the people at the NSA. Michael Free, Stephano Valentino, Alan Robbins, and myself. You will be the fifth person. Keep this name in a very tight circle, because Richard will stop at nothing to kill him before he can testify in open court. I am going to sue Richard Stengel, personally, in the name of my daughter starting in the morning. My lawyers are going to have his name in every paper in the United States. I have as much money as God, and I am going to drag him through so much mud the President is going to fire him. When he is out from under political cover, I am going to grind him down, until he is nothing but sand. If my daughter has the slightest limp, I swear to you, that man will not have a penny to his name for the rest of his life. I will keep him alive until he is 100 years old to make sure he lives in abject misery.”

“Clark the man he told personally to kill or kidnap my daughter is Frank Turin. He has been with the NSA for 17 years, and that is all he has told us so far. He won’t tell us everything, until he is sure his family is safely tucked away in the witness protection program. After that, I am sure he will speak to your people. I want to get back inside to see if they heard anything about Patricia. Don’t let me down, Clark, we have been friends for a long time, and you can count on my money to back you in your coming campaign.”

“William, I will pray for Patricia, and I will pray for you. Do not do anything illegal, because he will turn it around against you. Remember to watch your back. If he went after your daughter, he might be brazen enough to go after you; or even worse, he could go after Jemma, to make you do something stupid. Keep in touch with me, every day if you have to, and I will have my people checking up on Stengel. I don’t know if Fred is ready for this yet, but I know he would die to get his teeth into Stengel. I think I will ask him just to see what his reaction to this is.”

“Clark, the boy nearly died for you. What are you try to do; kill him again?”

“You don’t know this young man like I do, William. This is the type of bone he would pay me to give him.”

“All right Clark, I’m going inside. I will talk to you tomorrow.”

“Goodbye, William.”

Clark went on the intercom and asked, “Does anyone know where that lazy former assistant of mine is?”

Four young girls yelled, “Yes, Uncle Clark, he is by the pool, doing push-ups on top of mother.”

“How many push-ups has he done so far?”

Danni replied, “I don’t know, Uncle Clark, I lost count at 500.”

“Are you sure that’s Fred?”

“Do you want me to take a closer look?”

“Are they dressed?”

“Of course they are, he’s doing push-ups, I think? I just don’t understand why my mother is moaning. I better go help her, he is probably too heavy.”

“Danni, stay where you are; leave Fred and your mother alone.”

Fred and Sharon were standing at the entrance to Clark’s office listening to his banter with Danni. Sharon walked in, sat across from her uncle, and said, “How often does the Attorney General of the United States get taken in by a 17-year-old girl?”

Clark said into the intercom, “Danni, no ice cream for you tonight.”

“Uncle Clark, that’s Debbie, I am the cookie monster.”

“Danni, there will be no cookies for you tonight.”

“Thank you Uncle Clark.”

“Sharon, I love you girls. You did a fantastic job raising them. You should be extremely proud of yourself.”

“Thank you uncle, I am very proud of my girls.”

“You bellowed, O mighty one!”

“Listen you insolent pup, I have a question for you. First, how are you feeling?”

“I am feeling very well, thank you very much for asking.”

“Sharon, how is he feeling?”

“On a scale of 1 to 10, he is about a 6.5.”

Fred said, “I am not. I am at least an eight probably closer to a nine.”

Sharon replied, “Would you like to go down to the gym and prove that?”

“I’m a little tired today. We can possibly do it a week from Thursday, or so.”

“I rest my case uncle.”

“Can you sit in a chair for eight hours a day?”

“Why sir, what did you have in mind?”

“There is a case coming to us shortly. It may be worth your talents, but I’m not sure you are ready for it yet. You’ve been putting on weight and you’re not as sharp as you used to be. I will let Elizabeth handle it.”

“Okay, was that it?”

“You’re not going to ask me what it is about.”

“No, you’re giving it to Elizabeth, why would I care? I’m not as sharp as I used to be, and I’m getting fat. I should go to my room and try on my suits.”

“Sit down, before I get your cane and beat you with it.”

“I told you Sharon; if I teach the girls a few easy lessons on how to control the Attorney General, he would fall for it every time. He can’t stand having someone agree with him. That’s why when he becomes president, the Congress will love him. He will say something; they will disagree with him, and he will be as happy as a pig in shit.”

“Fred, watch your language.”

“Sorry dad. What is on your mind, sir?”

“What would you do if I gave you a case of attempted kidnapping, attempted murder, breaking and entering, and robbery?”

“I would bump it down to a local assistant US attorney, who would probably plead it down to a minimum of 20 years, in a maximum-security prison. Why do you ask?”

“What would you do if I asked you to handle it, and put the words Richard Stengel as the defendant?”

“Who do I have to kill to get the case?”

“You don’t have to kill anyone. You almost died for me, and I owe you this one. I hate to say this, but this is almost unworthy of your talents. The B and E has over 25 unimpeachable witnesses. The tip that broke the case came from the Department of Homeland Security and was given to the FBI to decode. They have five NSA agents are under arrest in Glens Falls, New York. The NSA is not getting them back, because two of these charges are capital crimes committed on US soil. One NSA agent is going to testify against the Stengel, because he was given the order directly from him. He was ordered to steal two computer programs, and kidnap or kill Patricia Parent in the process. Stengel has become a loose cannon, and I am going to talk to the President about it tomorrow at the morning security briefing. The young woman who was the intended target had a stroke caused by the tension focused on her. The father is going to sue him, personally, and I would expect the government in general. I don’t blame him. I know the man personally, and he is my friend. If he Patricia Parent dies, because of Mister Stengel, all hell is going to break loose. If you take this case Fred, you are going to have to work your ass off, and put this Stengel into a SuperMax for a very long time. William Zabo will accept nothing less than that.”

“Sir, if I remember correctly, the President declared Patricia Parent a National Treasure. It was early in his first term, before we came on board, but I’m sure it was her. If Stengel put a hit out on her, he is looking at a firing squad.”

“Okay Fred that will be your first priority on this case. What is next?”

“What is the name of the informant, or don’t I need to know right now?”

“The agents name is Frank Turin, Fred. He is one of the agents that were captured. If the name leaks, it will not be a problem, but if it doesn’t, it’s better for us. The wife and family are being put into the witness protection program as we speak, and he is being sent underground also, with an experienced caver.”

“Okay, sir, I’ll report to the office first thing tomorrow morning.”

“No you won’t Fred. You will work out of this house. You still need people to keep you in check. I will have the staff set up an office for you in the library. Sharon, do you type?”

“Certainly uncle; I type 5 maybe 6 words a minute, with 100% inaccuracy.”

Fred laughed, “Maybe she can bring in lunch, sir?”

“Yes Fred, just make sure she is not it.”

“Uncle, watch your language.”

90 minutes after the operation started, the surgeon opened the doors, and walked towards Stephano and William. They were wearing a whole in the linoleum, where they were pacing the hall.

“Doctor Heath, how is she?”

“She is stable, and that is about all I can tell you, until she wakes up. The bleed was not significant, and I was able to seal it with very little trouble. She had two other weak areas in the vessel that I sealed. Now it is a wait and see proposition. It could be 12 to 48 hours before she wakes up. From what Doctor Belmont told me from Glens Falls, she had a very traumatic experience just prior to the stroke. It could have been causative. If I were you, and I’m not saying this, I’m talking to the wall, I would sue the bastards for every penny they have. That young woman in there was perfectly healthy, until they pulled this game on her. If it was my wife or daughter, they would never hear the end of it; but then again, I’m talking to the wall.”

Stephano asked, “When can I see her, and I want to stay with her around the clock.

“You are the husband?”

“No, she is my fiancé.”

“I will arrange with the nurses to have a bed put in the room for you. She will be on a monitor 24 hours a day, if she moves, one of our nurses will know it.”

“Thank you, Doctor; who will be in charge of her case now? “

“I believe Doctor Nall, our chief neurologist, will be Patricia’s physician from this point on. She will call in whoever else she wants to assist her with the case.”

“Thank you again, Doctor, for saving Patty’s life.”

One hour later, they stood peering down at Patty, as she lay resting in the intensive care unit. Her head was bandaged; she was receiving oxygen and intravenous fluids. Most troubling of all was she was sleeping and she did not wake up from the anesthesia. Stephano kept thinking she didn’t want to wake up; he believed she never wanted to wake up again.

After a while he looked at the William and with tears in his eyes, he said, “Dad, I don’t think she wants to come back to us. I think she’s had enough. With everything she lost in her young life, I think now all she wants to do is die and be at peace. She was not joking today when she said it to Michael. As much as she may love you, Jemma and I, I think she loves the thought of being at peace more.”

“Don’t give up on her, Stephano. She was glowing yesterday, when I saw her, and you were the one that put that glow on her face. I have never seen her so happy. She was looking forward to a life with you. Don’t write her off.”

Michael Free said to them, “I want to stay here more than anything in this world, but I have to go to Washington and prepare to arrest the man that did this to her. You have my number, if anything at all happens, please call me.”

Everyone said their goodbyes, and Michael was the first to leave. Stephano had Paul and Rita fly William and Jemma to New York City. He told Paul to use the corporate account to stay in the city and do whatever flying he asked them to do.

When he was alone with Patty, he sat down, took her hand, and began telling her about the things they were going to do for the rest of their lives. He did not use broad brush strokes. He spoke in minute detail. He told her how he wanted to decorate their first baby’s room. He said, “In the corner, just past the bay window, is your rocking chair, Patty. It is pale yellow, and has a thick cushion on the bottom and a thinner one for your back so you can sit comfortably as you hold our baby in your lap and nurse her at your breast. When you are cold, there is a comforter, over the arm of the rocker. All you have to do is slide it over the both of you, and let it slip down, over your legs to keep you both toasty warm. On the other side of the bay window is the bassinet. It is made in Italy, and it is a work of art. It is the purest of white and it glows when the light hits it. A tiny string attached to a brass rod holds yards of gauze fabric that covers our tiny creature’s habitat, keeping her the center of attention in the room… Stephano talked for hours as Patty lay there unresponsive. His heart was heavy with despair. He thought he had talked his last talk, had his last argument, and had his last loving moment, with the love of his life. He fell asleep holding her hand, leaning over her bed.

68. Monday, Monday (It’s Not a Great Day)

Stephano was awakened Monday morning, when the nurses were going through shift change. Patty was in the same position she was the evening before. There was no change. He told the nurse he was going to do a quick milk run and he would be back soon. He went downstairs and checked with the guard to find out where the closest 24-hour store was, where he could get clothes and shaving gear. In less than an hour, he was there and back, with a suitcase, three days’ worth of clothing, and personal care items. He used a shower in an empty room to make himself presentable and returned to Patty’s side.

Doctor Nall did her rounds at 9:30 A.M., and Stephano met her at Patty’s bedside. It was instant dislike. Doctor Nall spent 30 seconds looking over Patty’s chart and moved towards her next patient.

Stephano yelled, “That’s it! That’s all you’re going to do for my fiancé. What kind of doctor are you? You don’t even know if she’s alive. You don’t know if she’s cold or hot. You didn’t bother to touch her. Who the fuck do you think you are?”

“I am Doctor Nall. I am the chief neurologist in this hospital. Your fiancé has a temperature of 97.9°. It says so on the chart. Her blood pressure is 110/65. It says so on her chart. Her breathing rate is 64. It says so on the chart. Her oxygen absorption rate is 98%. It says so on the chart. I don’t have to touch her because the nurses have done it for me. My job begins when your fiancé wakes up. The internists are taking care of her now. Do you have any further questions, sir?”

“Yes, why isn’t she awake?”

“I don’t know. Everything says she should be awake, but she’s not Mister Valentino. All of her vital signs are within normal range. Her blood work says she is fine. Her urine output is fine. Her liver, kidney, and thyroid are functioning normally. Everything says to me, she should sit up, and say good morning, but she isn’t, and I don’t know why. She is not reacting to pain. She is not reacting to light, and I don’t know why. If you think you’re frustrated Mister Valentino, think how I feel right now, because I am supposed to know the answers to those questions, and I don’t have them. I graduated in the top 5% of my class, and I feel like the village idiot. I am as frustrated as you are Mister Valentino, and I can’t find out what is wrong with her.”

Stephano backed down, and said “I’m sorry Doctor; I should not have lost my temper with you. I apologize.”

“Who else are you supposed to lose your temper with Mister Valentino, one of my nurses? No, I don’t think so. I would have another patient to deal with, because they fight back.”

“That’s good to know Doctor, thank you for that warning.”

“I will be by later this afternoon to check on her again. I guess you will still be here.”

“You can count on it Doctor.”

The President walked into the Meeting Room and the security advisers of his administration remained standing until he sat down. They all took their seats, except Clark Atwater. The president looked at his friend and said, “Clark is there water on your seat?”

“Sir, I have something that is not on the agenda, but is of the utmost importance to you and to the nation as a whole. I would like to move it to the top of the agenda with your approval.”

“Is this a National Security Issue, Clark?”

“It is Sir, of the highest order.”

“Go ahead, Clark, I’m listening.”

“Yesterday afternoon, at approximately 2:30, six men attempted to steal two highly classified computer programs, and kidnap or kill a US citizen inside the continental United States. It was a plan devised by the administrator of the National Security Agency and carried out by six members of that agency. The order was given by the director of the agency, Richard Stengel.”

The director of the NSA stood up and yelled, “I did no such thing.”

The President said, “Sit down, Richard. Please continue Clark; and you’d better have proof of this accusation.”

“Mister President, I would not say it, if I could not prove it. Early yesterday morning, Homeland Security intercepted a coded transmission that they could not unscramble. As per procedure, they forwarded it to the FBI, where it was decoded and shown to the director. The transmission ordered six men to carry out the mission in Glens Falls, New York, at the home of Patricia Parent with all due haste. It repeated what I have just said to you in this room. Retrieve the top-secret programs, and kidnap or eliminate Patricia Parent. Sir, I believe, and we are in the process of verifying this; that you declared Ms. Parent, a national treasure at the beginning of your first term. It is my opinion, and the opinion of my staff that Richard Stengel is not only a traitor to this country, but is guilty of attempted murder, attempted kidnapping, and attempted robbery.”

The president said, “Richard, now you can speak.”

“This is all a bunch of conjecture, Mister President. A coded intercept from whom? Who got hurt? Who did the robbery? Who? Who? Who?”

The President said, “Clark?

“With your permission, Sir?


The Attorney General signaled to the guard, who opened the door he was standing by. Michael Free and six FBI agents walked in carrying six large poster boards.

Michael said, “Mister President, these were the men captured inside Ms. Patricia Parent’s motorhome yesterday afternoon. They are all in FBI custody. One of these men has agreed to testify against Mister Stengel, without benefit of a plea deal. When we informed the other five men that Miss Parent was a “National Treasure” three others, under the advice of their counsel have asked for negotiated deals. We have not decided what to do with them yet. It all depends if Ms. Parent lives or dies.”

The president said, “Clark, you didn’t tell me she was injured.”

“Mister President, while all of these things were happening around her, she suffered a stroke due to the strain of the situation. She underwent surgery yesterday, and is still in a coma. She is unresponsive, and the doctors don’t have any idea when she will come out of it, if ever.”

The President, in a severe and strained voice said, “Richard, stand up.”

“Yes, Mister President.”

“I can’t ask you if you did these things, or not because the Attorney General is here. It would be an admission of guilt, which would be admissible in court. What I can do is this. Richard you are fired. I want you out of your office by mid-day. You are only allowed to take your personal effects with you. You will be escorted home, and your home will be searched for any items pertaining to your former employment. Dismissed.”

Richard Stengel left the meeting room guarded by two Secret Service agents who would follow him for the rest of the day.

“Clark, how soon is that bastard going to be in jail?”

“The moment he steps out of the NSA administrative building, sir. The guards will turn him over to the FBI, who will bring him to the Federal Courthouse for arraignment.”

“Did you have to do this to me on a Monday morning, Clark?”

“Sir, he did it to me on a Sunday afternoon. I had no choice. Besides, this was going to be a slow news week. Now you can show everyone in this country how ‘Human Rights’ begins at home.”

“Keep me advised on the status of that young woman. If there is anything we can do; let me know. Now, if it’s all right with you, can we begin the regular meeting? I will remind you of this day three years from now, when you are sitting up here.”

” From your lips to God’s ears, Mister President.”

On the way to his office, Richard Stengel called his personal attorney, and told him what had happened. He asked him to arrange for $10 million in bail money, and to meet him at the Federal Courthouse, as soon as possible. He did not want to spend a moment in jail.

As Michael was leaving the White House, a thought struck him. “Holy shit, where are the programs?”

He opened his cell phone and called Stephano. “Hello, Stephano how is she?”

“She is the same Michael. She is unresponsive, and the neurologist does not know why. Everything is working properly, except her. I told William what she said to you yesterday is what she really wants. She wants to die Michael. She wants to be at peace, and there is nothing I can do to bring her back.”

“Stephano, she does not want to die, she just needs a reason to live. That reason is you. Stay with her, hold her, talk to her, and love her. She hears you, she hears every word, don’t give up on her. Do you hear me, son, don’t give up. I will send you help, I promise. Help is on the way. A lot of people are going to be praying for you and for Patty. Do not allow her to leave you. Put her on a guilt trip, if you have to, but do not allow her to leave.”

“I am doing all those things, Michael. I don’t leave her side; I talked to her, until my voice is hoarse. I am going to continue to try. I will be here as long as she is here.”

“Good man Stephano, now I have to ask you an important question. Do you know where Patty hid the programs? Are they in the motorhome?”

“I don’t know Michael, she never told me, but they are of no use to anyone, without the queues. She knows the queues, and never told anyone what they were.”

“It’s okay Stephano. I will have the Glens Falls police impound the motorhome and seal it tight, until we can get back up there. If the programs are hidden inside we will find them, but we will not look for them until after Patty gives us permission.”

“What happens, Michael, if she doesn’t wake up?”

“We will take this one step at a time, Stephano; baby steps, if we have to.”

“Thank you Michael, I will keep you advised of what’s going on here.”

Clark Atwater updated William on the status of the director of the NSA. Even though William was pleased Richard Stengel had been fired from his position, and would be arraigned that afternoon at the federal courthouse, he still had an uneasy feeling that Stengel had something up his sleeve. He made a call to a private investigator he knew, in Washington, D.C., and asked him to perform a special task. Also, he wanted him to set up surveillance on Richard Stengel, to make sure he did not attempt to flee the country. When he finished, he told Jemma he was going to have Paul fly him to Washington for a meeting. He would be back before 10 o’clock this evening.

Jemma looked him in the eye and said, “Remember what I told you yesterday. Whatever you do effects me, and your son. Know that we love you. We know what you are going through. Whatever happens, and wherever it happens we will always be there with you.”

William and Jemma kissed passionately as he headed for the door to their apartment. As he started to close the door, Jemma yelled, “William!”

Exasperated, William stuck his head back in his hotel room and said, “What?”

Jemma smiled at him, “We need milk.”

Williams’ eyes looked up into the sky. He shook his head, looked back at his loving wife, and closed the door. He adored her, and she adored him. He wanted to write United Airlines a thank you note for having her as his stewardess on his flight to Phoenix.

He did not like using guns, because he was not good with them, but on the trip to Washington, William checked each one to make sure they were operating correctly. For him to be assured of accuracy, he had to get up close and personal with his intended target. If he were going to get that close to someone, he would rather use a garrote. It was silent, and there was no blood to ruin his clothes.

He liked Stephano’s new plaything. He wondered why he never thought about buying a helicopter. From downtown New York, to Washington, DC, in one hour and 15 minutes. You could not get through security at LaGuardia in that amount of time.

The Private Investigator had a car ready to take William to a prearranged area, near the Federal Courthouse; Stengel would have to pass here to get to a car or taxi, due to the traffic flow restrictions. William would be waiting, impatiently, for him. To quote a very old movie, “He was going to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse.”

Inside the courthouse, and Assistant US attorney, Fred Hastings, stood before the judge and listed the crimes Richard Stengel was accused of, and asked that he be held without bond.

Stengel’s attorney pointed out to the judge his client was an outstanding citizen and had served his country, both as a soldier and as a citizen for over 35 years. The charges against him had yet to be proven in a court of law. He offered to relinquish his client’s passport, and to accept high bail in exchange for his client’s release, on his own recognizance.

Fred Hastings reminded the judge that Mister Stengel was worth in excess $150 million, and because of his affiliation, with the NSA, one passport was not a guarantee he did not have access to dozens of others. He requested he be held without bond.

Judge Miniver said to both parties that she was conflicted by her decision, but because this was Mister Stengel’s first offense, in good conscience she could recommend he be put in jail without bond. He was to surrender his passport, be fitted with an ankle monitor, report weekly, in person, to his parole officer, and bail was set in the amount of $5 million.

Fred was unhappy, but he knew he was fighting a losing battle, from the very beginning. No judge would put a war hero and a high public figure in jail, on a first offense, unless the charges were so egregious, they were splashed all over the print and electronic media.

Stengel and his attorney shook hands, went through the process of having his monitor attached to his leg, signed the appropriate forms, and paid the bond by a bank check. He walked out of the courthouse, a free man at 5:30 PM, and proceeded to walk across the park to get a taxi to his suburban home. He was no longer entitled to his government vehicle.

He was planning his escape to Belize, for himself and his family, when he recognized William Zabo standing 20 feet in front of him. He stopped, turned, and looked for an escape route. He saw men pinning him in on every side. He realized he could not escape, so he walked up to William, and asked, “What can I do for you, Mister Zabo?”

“You can give me my daughter back, you son of a bitch. You wanted to kill her, so you could take what she made possible, to use on another country. Now I want you to watch this, because I am going to take something precious away from you.”

William opened his computer, and handed it to him. It showed a picture of the day’s newspaper, and then a live television feed of his wife and three children, bound and gagged. They were standing in front of a large hole in the ground. A man stepped forward and threw each one of them into it, one at a time. He walked to a front loader, and started it.

Stengel’s eyes grew wide as he looked at William. “Please don’t do it. I will do anything you ask, but don’t kill my family.”

“You wanted to kill my family. I want you to live knowing that your family died, because of you. Watch, as they suffocate, and think of my daughter, as she lies in a coma. They say she may never recover from it. I hope you live forever, with this sight in your mind. I will send you a letter, in a week or so, telling you where their bodies are, so you can give them a decent burial. I want you to look at their faces. I want you to look at the horror in their eyes as they suffocated under all that dirt. I want you to look at the maggots as they eat your children’s skin.”

William turned to one of the men standing beside him. “Philip call him, and get this done.”

“Zabo, please don’t do this. They are innocent. Take your vengeance out on me, not on them.”

“My daughter was an innocent; why did you have to kill her?”

“I was angry that she exposed me and my agency to ridicule. She threatened to shut down our computers, which would have put our country at risk. I could not let that happen, William. I went too far. I should never have done it. I can’t take it back, but please don’t kill my family, kill me.”

“I am not a murderer. If I kill you, it makes me as low as you are. However, you do have to cross Pennsylvania Avenue. If you don’t reach the other side, I will spare your family.”

“Do I have your word, William? You will take my family out of that hole, and leave them alone, regardless of what happens to your daughter.”

“You have my word, Richard. Your family had nothing to do with this affair. They will live, as long as you don’t reach the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Richard looked at the computer, and saw a ladder being placed in the hole.

“It is up to you now, Richard; in three minutes that hole closes.”

Richard Stengel walked towards Pennsylvania Avenue. He stood by the curb waiting. He looked back at William, and the man standing next to him was holding a cell phone to his ear wait for William’s instructions. Stengel spotted what he was looking for. As it closed to within 20 feet of him, he stepped into the street, and stopped. The bus driver hit his brakes instantly, but it was too late. The bus hit Richard Stengel, throwing him 25 feet forward, where he hit the pavement headfirst. He died instantly.

William looked at his friend Philip and said, “You did a great job doctoring that film. He saw those people just long enough to believe they were his family. A courier will bring you your cash tomorrow morning. You earned every penny of it.”

Philip said, “I will pray for your daughter’s recovery. It is always a pleasure working with you William.”

The accident was front-page news the following day. Witnesses said they saw the man purposely walk in front of the bus, which coincided with what the bus driver said in his statement to the police.

Clark Atwater said to his protégé, “You must have scared the shit out of him in court, to have him walk in front of the bus. I am going to have to give you more jobs like this.”

“It is my pleasure to serve you, O Mighty One!”

“Fred, I have to get you married. Your sense of humor is getting out of hand. My niece is going to have to start to slap you down a little harder.”

“Sir, if she slaps me down any harder, I am going to wind up back in the hospital.”

Sharon yelled, “I heard that Fred. You are officially cut off.”

“Do you see what you’ve done to me now, sir; not only do you have me working again, but I’m back to being gay.”

The Attorney General could not stop laughing.

69. Same Shit/Different Day.

“Alan, you are not going to get a guest. We are sending him to be with his family. You have probably read the paper and seen Richard Stengel spread all over the pavement on Pennsylvania Avenue. We think our friend is safe, but just in case, you are his emergency contact. Okay?”

“That is fine with me, Michael. I had two holes in the wall, ready for him, just in case he arrived sooner, rather than later. Should I have something ready for his family, just in case?”

“That’s not a bad idea, Alan. The NSA is going to be scrambling for cover, for a while, and there’s no telling what they are going to do until the president nominates a new head. There is no telling what Congress will do now. They could go ballistic or they could say it was a national security issue. The president will have to lead them on this.”

“Okay Michael, I will have everything ready in a few days. Keep me informed.”

Stephano was showing signs of wear. He would not leave Patty’s side no matter what the doctor said about his own health. He slept in chairs in the intensive care area. He talked Patty ceaselessly. He told her how much he loved her, and begged her to come back to him.

In the afternoon, William, and Jemma returned to find Patricia lying where they had left her. Doctor Nall had no answers. Physically, Patty was fine. Every test came back normal, she was just not awake. The EEG showed good brain function. The MRI showed a very small area of damage to the right side of her brain in an area that should not cause any paralysis. They sent their findings to colleagues in New York City for their examination, an opinion, and they agreed. This patient should be awake and functioning close to, if not normal. They did not know why she was still in a coma.

This is a direct follow-on from Part 2, so it would probably help to read that and Part 1 before ploughing through this segment. As before, I would like to point out that while this story takes place in what purports to be the real world, it isn’t, it’s my version, and while there are simiarities between the two, they’re not the same place. Any weight or credence the reader wishes to give to this version of reality exists solely in the mind of the reader, and any realism or reality the reader wishes to invest it with is similarly the reader’s own responsibility; or perhaps this is the real world, and you are all just living in the dream….

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Jack is gone; it has been so many months now since my Jack was gunned-down, but it still feels like it happened only yesterday, I remember it like it was only yesterday. I cannot stop the nightmares and the remembering; I hear that loud noise, and Jack looks at me, his eyes fade and darken, then all the blood, my Jack’s blood, all over his lovely face, my hands, his life pouring out of his head and soaking into the station floor.

I scream and scream, but no-one helps me, no-one wants to get involved; instead they stand back to give him air, and stare, and take pictures on their mobile phones and to send to their friends; the death of my life and hope is just another bad thing that happened today, in a city where bad things happen all the time, but it is the end of all for me. I wake up crying, knowing it is no dream, there is no warm hand on my hip, no soft breath against my cheek, no-one to break and banish my loneliness, no Jack, just remembering, and loss, and tears.

Jack is gone, and I still see their blank faces; don’t they know this is my world pouring away in crimson rivulets on the concrete floor? I ask and beg and plead for help, and blank stares and shuffling feet are the only answer until at last policemen come, and with them ambulance men in green jumpsuits, they try to take Jack away, but I can’t let him go, they are supposed to make him wake, and smile, and breathe again, but he is not breathing, he is not moving, his blood is all over me, the floor, his face, in his eyes, but he doesn’t blink, he does not flinch, how can he be alive, when his lifeblood is all over me, and the floor, and still more is pouring out of his head?

The police are kind and gentle, not like the police back home, they try to make me go with them but I will only go with him, I promise whoever will listen that I will give him my heart if it will make him live, I can see he is not breathing, I can feel no heart beat, that man took my Jack away from me for no reason, and now he has no heart left to beat for me, his chest is still and silent, and no breath escapes from his mouth; I hold my Jack closely and my world has stopped; so much blood, all of his heart’s blood is here, how can he live when there is none left for him?

Jack is gone, he is already in the dark, he has made no preparations for the ancestors, has sent no word ahead for them to prepare the way, how will they know he is looking for them? If I could take my heart out of my chest and put it in with his so he can live again I would do it, but now I see him with tubes in his head, and in his nose, in his arms, a mask on his face, his eyes closed, not moving, the only sound is the sound of the machines, machines to breathe for him, machines to give him blood, machines to feed him, machines to make his heart beat.

But Jack is gone; he is not there, his soul has passed through the gates into the darkness, it is all machines mimicking him, trying to convince me he is still here, to give me false hope.

Jack is gone and there is only a shell left, soulless flesh fading away day by day until there is nothing left; he is lost, and I cry every night when I sleep, I hear the shot again and I wake up, and I cry again for the life together that will never happen, for the children who will never be, for the loss of my love.

Jack is gone, and when I wake in the morning and see that he is still not here, I know and understand that he is gone, finally, beyond all hope of recall. I have prayed daily and made offering to Daigan Jizo-Bosatsu to force open the gates and bring him back from Hell, to Amida-nyorai to give him protection while he is in the land of the dead, and grant him forgiveness for anything he may have done to deserve this (but he found room in his heart for me, he brought me here to keep me safe, and gave me his family, what could he have done to deserve this?) and to Emmah-Oh, to grant me my revenge on the man who did this, to let him stand before me so I can tear out his heart, and take his head, and gnaw on his entrails, to take blood for blood, as is my right…

Jack is gone, and the gods of my people have not answered me, they have abandoned and shunned me for what I have done with my brother; but how can that be wrong? The world was made when Izanagi and Izanami, brother and sister, took their pleasure of each other and made all that is in the world, me, Jack, everything. But they have allowed my Jack to fall into the eternal darkness; how can this be right? I scream out for revenge, but they give me none, and no way to exact justice and punishment for what has been done to my world, so I must follow him instead, to atone for my guilt for making him love me, for condemning him to the darkness when he is innocent. Jack is gone, there is nothing of him here now, my tears have not swayed the gods to help me find him and bring him back, they are not listening, and they will not allow him to return, and when the people who think they are helping him understand this, and switch off the machines, and take away the tubes, I will follow him; I will choose an eternity of death if I am joined with my beloved jack, not an empty lifetime without him…


I could hear voices. Loud, bellowing, frightening voices, disturbing me as they spoke, meaningless conversations in echoing, thundering vowel sounds, no sense or order, just sounds to disturb and terrify me, rumbling basso-profundo, piercing contralto voices, everything in between, bellowing, barking, trilling and shrieking at me, the symphony of the damned and forgotten, light-blurred faces softly bellowing into mine, hands touching me and leaving pain traces a million years long, making me scream at them to stop, they were hurting me, but they kept doing it. I had no defence against their violation of me as they scraped and wore away my skin and raked sharp fingernails through my nerve endings to scrape along my bones in an agony so complete I had no way to vocalise it.

Someone is talking, the words seem real, but they mean nothing in my muddled state;

“He’s waking up, Mrs. Cameron; I think, on some level at least, he’s already aware of us. His pupillary response is good in both eyes, and all his EEG’s show a steadily increasing EP in response to various stimuli; he can hear us, and he’s beginning to respond; in layman’s terms, he’s at a stage something like a very deep sleep, with the added benefit that he seems to have begun dreaming again; all his monitoring team have been reporting a dramatic ramping-up of normal REM sleep, and extended bursts of Delta-rhythm, and have also noted that he’s transitioning from Stage 4 to Stage 5 sleep for longer and longer periods. He’s no longer in complete somatosensory lockout, instead he’s experiencing longer and longer periods of deep-dreaming REM sleep interspersed with more even Alpha rhythm; sometimes, it’s almost as though he’s lying awake with his eyes closed, then he transitions rapidly into Stage 4 then Stage 5 sleep again with the associated rapid eye movements of dreaming sleep.”

“He’s definitely more asleep than comatose, which is a very hopeful sign. He’s exhibiting ERP’s, telling us that he’s responding internally in more varied and complex ways to complex external stimuli; it’s another indicator of increasing cognitive ability and a start of normalisation of frontal lobe and cerebral cortex activity. The short story is: he’s almost back, hopefully in a few days we’ll be able to tell with more certainty what’s going on in his head. It’s been a while but I think there’s a distinct possibility that he may well regain full consciousness. When he does, however, there remains the possibility of him entering a fugue state, given the type of physical trauma he’s undergone, along with dissociative amnesia, which is something we may have to watch out for. If this is the case, we have to go carefully, as there may be partial or complete systemic amnesia for the entire period, and perhaps even temporary personality changes. To be on the safe side, I’m going to have him lightly restrained; one of the characteristics of Fugue is the uncontrollable urge to go wandering, usually with no destination in mind, so we will need to keep him as locked-down as we can to prevent that happening, until he’s at least aware of what’s happening with him, anyway.”


My eyes were open for a while before I thought to remark on it to myself. I was awake, and I was in a white room. Why? Surely I should be…where? Where was I supposed to be? My head was full of that feeling, the one you get where you want to respond to a statement but the opportunity is gone, and yet you know that what you were going to say would change the world forever, but now the opportunity to say it was gone forever. Something significant had happened, but what? I lifted my arm to pull away something resting on my top lip, discovering it was an oxygen cannula looped around my ears as well. Oxygen! Was I sick? What happened, I didn’t remember getting sick…wait, a pain in my head, darkness, dreams about…something, as I tried to hold onto it, it drained away, leaving me empty again as I realised I didn’t know who I was, I knew there was an ‘I’, but who was I? As I began to panic, I saw an IV cannula taped to my arm. Just what the hell had happened to me?

I sensed movement behind me, and turning my head to look, jags of pain briefly shooting up my neck and into my jawbone and making me whimper. I saw a figure silhouetted against the window, my pupils contracting painfully at the sudden influx of light and tears squeezing out of my abused eyes. A soft hand gently wiped the moisture from my cheeks, followed by a pair of soft lips brushing my cheek gently.

“Husband come back to me! I wait for him, always wait, I not think he come back, now he here, with me, again. I am so happy!” said a soft voice, the merest hint of tears in it as she spoke.

Husband? I had a wife? Who?

I opened my eyes properly to look at this ‘wife’ of mine. She really was exquisite, Japanese, maybe, with long straight dark golden hair, floating around her like spider-silk, big dark eyes, very fair skin and the deepest ruby lips. This beautiful creature was my wife? She couldn’t be more than eighteen or nineteen, but wait; how old was I, why didn’t I know, why didn’t I know her, what had happened to me?

I was starting to panic, but I couldn’t move, my legs were immobilised, and there seemed to be some sort of restrain around my midriff, but I couldn’t find out how to release it; I was spooked now, I just wanted to run out of that scary white room, from that ‘wife’ of mine, whoever she was, just run until I found something I knew for certain, something that would give me something to cling to while I tried to figure out who I was, what was happening to me, and why.

“No, Jakku-san, not to do that, you not well, please to lie down, stay still, please!” begged that beautiful girl (my…wife?), her soft cool hands on my face, and she did calm me; I felt an instant connection with her, an almost-memory, I had been here before, with her hands on my face like that, I was certain, but the memory was too elusive, and I gave it up as a fantasy. But she had the loveliest, softest hands, and she was beautiful; perhaps she really was my wife? I could do worse, a small part of me prompted from deep down inside.

As I looked more closely at her, I saw the tear tracks on her cheeks, the quivering of her bottom lip; she was crying, and smiling, and she had lovely soft little hands, three things I now knew for certain out of a whole world that was a complete mystery to me.

“Who…what…my name, what’s my name?” I finally managed to croak out, my voice sounding rusty and querulous. The girl looked quizzically at me, as if she hadn’t heard me correctly.

“My name, please what’s my name?” I asked her again, and now I saw a look of alarm on her face as she backed away from my side, retreating all the way to the door, to tug it open and start screaming for a doctor. A man in a dark suit came almost immediately, pausing to have a quick word with the girl, my…wife, then came up to my bedside, a smile on his face.

“Hello Jack, how are you feeling?” he asked me as he took my wrist and looked at his watch

Jack, my name was Jack, so far so good. My turn.

“I feel alright, except…I don’t know why I’m here, or where this is, or my name, or …anything. Who am I, what am I doing here, why can’t I remember anything?” I was beginning to panic, and he reached down and patted my arm, then pulled down my lower eyelid and flashed a tiny torch in it, doing the same with the other eye.

“In answer to your question earlier, your name is John Cameron, but everyone you know calls you “Jack”; does that ring any bells?”

I shook my head, feeling the panic start to rise up faster now, and he put his hand on my chest, gently but firmly pushing me back down again.

“That doesn’t matter right now, Jack, just relax, you had a serious head injury, and things are a little jumbled right now, but I hope your memories will begin to return as your recovery progresses. How do you feel, any pain or headaches, or anything else you want to tell me about?”

I shook my head as I asked him; “Who are you, where am I, what is this place?”

He began to examine my eyes, shining a tiny torch in each one as he pulled down the lower lids.

“My name is Michael Hunter, I’m Head of Neurology and Neurovascular Medicine here at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, in London. You were brought here after a head trauma, and have been here ever since. You’ve actually been progressing remarkably well; you’ve been slowly waking up for several weeks now, but this is the first time you’ve actually been lucid.”

Several weeks?

“How long have I been here?” I asked, almost afraid to ask, but I had to know.

He looked at me levelly.

“You were brought in here on Friday 22nd June. Today is the 10th of December, a day your young lady’s going to mark in her calendar! She’s been here every day, waiting for you to wake up again, and now here you are. Welcome back!”

I wasn’t listening. Six months, I’d been here six months! What the hell had happened to me, and why couldn’t I remember it, or her, or me, or anything?

Dr. Hunter leaned over me.

“Listen, Jack, I know this feels strange and upsetting, but we’re going to do our best to straighten this out and have you back on your feet, but I can’t make you any promises. You had a serious injury to the temporal lobe, and it seems to have disrupted your long-term memories; hopefully that will begin to resolve itself; Retrograde Amnesia such as yours is often temporary, and your injury doesn’t seem to have damaged the basic functioning of how you process memory storage; you can still remember how to speak, understand English, move, feel curiosity, basic functions, but encouraging.”

He tapped his teeth pensively with his pen as he wrote notes on a clipboard hanging on the foot of the bead.

“Your emotional responses seem to be at optimal, so none of the things that make you “you” have been severely disrupted; what seems to be inaccessible to you right now is your long-term memory. This may well be a temporary traumatic reaction and may dissipate as memory begins to reassert itself. Right now, though, your semantic, procedural and episodic memory seem to have been impaired, which is why you have no recall at present, but memory is a funny thing; not much is known about how it works, but current thinking is that it’s distributed throughout the entire brain, so there may well be a slow return to an almost complete recall; we don’t know for certain, but the fact that so much else of your memory encoding seems to be unimpaired is a good sign; you still remember how to talk and so on. Click your fingers for me, please, both hands.”

I did so, and he smiled.

“Good, now close your eyes and point at your ears.”

Again I did so, and he patted my shoulder.

“Okay, Jack, that’s good, open your eyes now. Your procedural and sensory memory seems to be functional, as is your spatial awareness; you remembered how to carry out a simple action without hesitation; It’s a crude test, but always a good sign, but what it means is, if for instance you could ride a bike before, or play the guitar, or paint, you probably still can. We’ll see if we can work out a way to get you back the rest of what you’ve apparently lost, but, and this is a big but, there are no guarantees; there may be lasting short-term memory retention or formation issues, we just don’t know; if you can remember this conversation tomorrow, we’ll know for sure. One of my professors used to say that if the brain was simple enough for us to understand it, we’d be so simple we wouldn’t be able to!”

He smiled encouragingly.

“There are no physical effects of your injury, other than you’ll probably feel a little wobbly for a few days until you get used to walking again; your motor skills are fine, just rusty, and you have inevitably lost a certain amount of muscle mass and tone through being immobile for so long, but after we’ve run a few tests, I see no reason why you can’t go home in a few days. However, I would like you back here as soon as you’re up to it so we can continue our investigations. And now there’s someone here who’s been waiting to see you again for quite a while now!”

He leaned forward and whispered “her name’s Teruko!”

As he made to leave I plucked at his sleeve.

“What happened to me? What kind of trauma? Was it an accident?”

He looked grave, his lips pursed as he thought.

“You were mugged; you tried to fight back, but the mugger had a gun, he…shot you, and the bullet struck you low in the left Temporal Lobe, before lodging in the cerebral cortex, traumatising the Reticular Activating System, which regulates sleep, arousal and the sleep-waking transition mechanism; a traumatic injury such as the one you suffered is what triggered the coma; in effect, it flicked a switch and shut off the lights. Luckily for you it was probably a defective round; if it had hit any harder we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I was the one who removed it and closed, but the resultant trauma was what kept you comatose. However, the brain is a remarkably resilient organ, and as we monitored you we were able to track changes and improvements along the way as the RAS gradually reasserted itself. I know it sounds trite, but, given the circumstances, you were remarkably lucky, or maybe there is a God, I’ll have to let you work that out for yourself!”

Lucky? Six months in a coma, and who the hell was I and what did I do now?

He patted my shoulder again.

“Rest now, your young lady wants to see you. Don’t go away now!”

He left the room, and the girl (Teruko?) shyly approached the bed, to take my hand and press it to her cheek.

“Husband come back to me, now I happy again!” she smiled, tears rolling down her cheeks. She really was stunning, and I could feel a powerful attraction to her; obviously somewhere deep inside I had some kind of a connection with this beautiful girl; God, if only I could remember her! She leaned over me to once again stroke my face, and I could tell there was a great deal of pent-up emotion there, she was almost memorising my face with her fingertips. I reached up to take her hand and felt her small slender fingers, but no ring.

“Are you really my wife?” I asked her, and she smiled at me, a really beautiful, dawn-is-breaking kind of smile.

“Jakku-san ask me marry him, we not yet have chance to get ring, he say he want special ring for me; I have this until then!”

She showed me a pendant, a milky, pearlescent jade carving no bigger than the end of my thumb, of two rats rolling an egg, the detail truly incredible, and I felt a small but powerful shock of recognition; I knew this piece, I’d seen it before!

I held it in my hand, knowing it was more than just a déjà vu illusion, willing myself to know more, but it was gone, but I felt unaccountably closer to her now; she really had been with me, now I had to work out how.

Teruko leaned closer to hug me, her arms cradling my head as she trembled, and I realised she was crying. I automatically curled my arm around her, my forearm circling her buttocks as my hand clamped hold of her hip, pulling her closer to me, again feeling that connection, utterly without foundation as it was, but deep and powerfully felt all the same. I stroked her hair as she wept, her sobs silent but powerful, shaking her whole frame as she surrendered to the emotions I’d sensed earlier.

“Jakku-san, I wait, I wait so long for this, every day I kiss you and call you back, now you came back, but you not come back yet! I help you, I make you well, mummy help, we bring you back home, Jakku san, my husband! Mummy, grandad, all you friend want you back, we all help you!”

I had a mother, a grandfather, I had family, there were people who could help me put myself back together again, that was something at least. The panic that had been bubbling in the background subsided a little as I realised this beautiful girl in my arms was even more frightened than I was, that she’d been wearing herself out waiting and hoping for me to come back, and I felt a little humbled at the devotion that implied. That I could feel like that also puzzled me; obviously I knew this girl in a special way, the feeling bearing out in some small way what she was telling me. She looked up into my eyes, her huge, beautiful eyes clouded with tears.

“I know Jakku-san not remember me, it not matter, I love him, and he love me once, he will love me again!”

She said it with utter conviction, belief ringing in her voice. I had to admit, it would be easy to love a girl like her, shapely, beautiful, devoted, and possessed of the deepest kind of love and belief.

She dragged her hand across her glorious eyes, and smiled brightly at me.

“Every day I make offering and ask Daigan Bosatsu-Kami to rescue you and show you way home, he is God of travellers and all who lost, and he bring you back! I make offering to ask for help, now I ask again, ask him help you find way back to me! I call mummy, she coming soon, be here few hours time, you must rest now, I will stay with you, I want see your eyes, it been too long since I see them look at me, and now you can see me again!”

She sat on the bed, and without thinking I moved over as much as I could to make room for her. She swung her legs up and stretched out next to me, her eyes fixed on mine as she put her arm across my chest. It felt normal, uncomplicated, to have her here with me like this, and on impulse I put my arm around her. Teruko smiled as she wriggled contentedly.

“So long, my husband, it been so long, I miss you…” she whispered, pulling herself even closer to me, and snuggling her head down against me with a contented sigh. It felt good, and right, and familiar; somewhere a memory was chiming that we’d done this before, and it was good to do it again. After a while I realised she’d fallen asleep, poor thing, she must have been worn out. I felt protective and caring toward her, and a part of me wondered; was I reacting like that because she was so beautiful, and so obviously into me, or was my hidden inner self trying to tell me something about her, and me, about us?

I felt like I was in free fall, there was no-one or nothing to hold onto, perhaps I could start with her, maybe she could help me rebuild the part of me that was missing (which was most of me, I realised. I had my sense of self; I knew there was a “me” to rebuild, I knew my language, I knew I wanted to get out of this hospital soon, and I briefly wondered how I knew what a “hospital” was, when I didn’t know jack-shit about anything else…)

I shifted slightly, and Teruko’s eyes fluttered open.

“Please to rest, Jakku-san, mummy be here soon, must rest so not fall asleep when she here, she wait and cry for you so much, she want see and talk to you very much!”

Teruko pulled the covers up over me, then sat up next to me, her arm through mine as she stroked my hair. I looked at her and was surprised to see tears trembling on her eyelashes, and without thinking, I reached up and wiped them away with my thumb.

“Why are you crying? I asked her, and she smiled brightly, but more tears gathered in her eyes, brimming and trembling on the brink of running down her soft cheeks.

“I so happy to hear Jakku-san talk, I thought I never hear husband voice again, for so long he still and silent, now he talking to me, eyes still beautiful, still have same smile, so I happy!”

I smiled at her happiness at something so mundane, and again, and even more powerfully, I felt that connection, that sense that we were part of something, sure that this was more than just common or garden attraction and horniness on my part; I knew this girl, I knew her well, I was sure of it! All I had to do was recapture her, maybe if I could, I could find enough of me to recognise myself.

Teruko slid back down the bed to lie against me, her arm warm and comforting around me, the peach scent of her hair suddenly familiar, evoking blurred images of her smiling, standing with wet hair in a shower cubicle, and making me think of…a hotel. Why would I associate the smell of her hair with a hotel room? Was it a real sense-memory, or just random associations triggered by a random stimulus? Whatever it was, there was no escaping the fact that she was soft and warm against me, and another reflex kicked in, obviously so. My body may have been tired-out, but a certain part of me didn’t care. Teruko felt it prodding her in her stomach, and she looked up at me and smiled.

“Husband better already! Must rest now, sleep, Jakku-san, mummy come soon, be ready for her, she very happy now, so sad for so long, now she happy again!”

As she spoke her warm little hand stroked my face, smoothed my hair, and rubbed my back between my shoulder-blades, the feeling restful and relaxing, easing me into sleep.

I woke refreshed, Teruko’s eyes fluttering open as mine did, and a ghostly half-memory of seeing this before flitted across my mind for a second before it was gone, but once again that sense of connection persisted, more than just déjà vu. I felt something on my wrist and looked, to see my battered old military watch strapped on my wrist, and out of habit I shook and twisted my wrist to seat it more comfortably, while Teruko looked strangely at me.

“Why you do that, my husband?” she asked, and I replied without thinking.

“I always do that when I put my watch on……” before I realised what I’d said. Teruko grinned at me, and lifted my wrist to kiss the watch and the palm of my hand.

“Husband always say this his lucky watch, now I know it true!”

I looked at the watch, at my wrist and replayed what I’d said and done. I’d done it because it was second nature to me; did that mean more would follow? What other habitual quirks and behaviours would resurface? I was excited, in a low-level way. Maybe what Mr. Hunter had said about recovery was already happening; the amnesia really was only temporary, maybe it was already beginning to play itself out. I hoped like hell it was; I really wanted to remember my life, this girl, what had happened to me, everything that was missing before I’d woken up a few hours ago with an indelible blank stretching back in time where my life used to be.

My mother arrived about an hour later; it was a very strange meeting, for me, at least; here was this person I’d known my entire life, and I was struggling to make contact with her, because she was nowhere in my head or current experience. I could see how distraught she was, but there was nothing I could do to ease her distress; she was a complete stranger, and her distress only fed mine. What tipped me over was when she was leaving, she hugged me and stepped back to tip my head up to look into my eyes, her own eyes brimming with tears.

“Jack, my baby, my own little boy, what has he done to you? I thought we’d lost you forever, wherever you are, please come back, darling, please!”

The raw emotion in her voice was too much for me, and I began panicking again as I finally understood what my being in this room meant, how much harm had been done to everyone in my family, even if I didn’t know them at all. Teruko hit the alarm button, and a few seconds later a nurse was injecting something into the cannula on the back of my left hand, and very shortly after the room began to go dim as the sedative took effect.

I woke in the bright sunshine of early morning, the clanging of the breakfast trolleys jarring me awake. Teruko was stretched out next to me, her arm thrown across my chest and her head lodged in the crook of my neck. Once again, as my eyes opened, so did hers, and she smiled to see me awake.

“Good morning, Jakku-San!” she smiled, and I grinned back, wondering if they were going to give me any food. Sometime during the night, the feeding tube into my stomach had been removed, my navel sore and itchy where it had obviously been in place for a long time, and I felt ready for some solid food.

I was just drinking-in the sight of this beautiful girl next to me when the door opened and Mr. Hunter came in. After a few pleasantries and the obligatory prods and pokes, he took my pulse, temperature and blood-pressure, and shone a light in my eyes again, before making some notations in the file clipped to the foot of the bed. I asked him what came next, and he paused, tapping his pen on his teeth.

“Right, Jack, I’m sorry, no breakfast for you just yet, we have an MRI scheduled for you for this morning, you can have something after, I’ve left a note at the Care Station, and you have a CAT scan this afternoon before lunch, and barring any major mishaps or discoveries, I think we may be able to let you go in a few more days; so far, your MRI’s have shown no anomalous structures, lesions or anything except the expected scarring, and other than the amnesia and a little weakness from your long immobility, there’s really nothing wrong with you, but I want to keep an eye on you for a little while longer. Once you leave, the desk will give you a list of follow-up appointments, it’s essential you attend here for them.”

As he spoke, the orderlies came to take me down for the scan, Mr. Hunter telling Teruko she might as well go home and freshen-up, as I was going to be in Radiology and Imaging for most of the morning, and she couldn’t be in there with me. Teruko told me she’d go home, grab a quick shower and a change of clothes, and be back to wheel me down to the cafeteria for a late lunch.

And so it went; when I first woke up, they’d told me they didn’t know anything about what was going on with me; ten days later they told me they didn’t know anything about what was going on with me, at which point I decided that as I apparently had a home to go to, I was going there. Teruko had been a complete star the whole time, helping me to regain facility with walking and my balance, encouraging and supporting me, soothing me when the periodic bouts of self-pity almost crippled me, holding me tight when I raged at my inability to remember anything about anything, wheeling me around the hospital gardens, and just being there to be the only tether in my free-fall existence, a crutch for me to lean on, and a soothing presence to ease my fears.

I was no nearer resolving who I really was, no memories had returned except ghost flashes and meaningless images of people, places, and things, and increasing bouts of déjà vu, but I was collecting a whole new set, of Teruko, her loveliness, her calm stoic belief I would completely recover, her boundless patience, and, increasingly, thoughts and fantasies of what she would look like naked.

Apropos of which, one strange dream unsettled me, because I wasn’t certain it was a dream; it felt more like something that had actually happened, in fact I was certain it was a real memory; if it was, it was a corker, believe me!

In the dream, I was in a room (hotel room? Couldn’t be sure…) with Teruko, she was naked, and smelled of peaches. She was caressing me as I reached out for her and then my hand slipped over her back, my index fingers circling her lumbar dimples before sliding down to cup and squeeze and jiggle her shapely buttocks. As we kissed I gently jiggled and bounced her bum cheeks, concentrating on lifting and separating them, sliding my fingers deeper into the cleft between them, until my fingers were tracing over the taut, crinkled little hole concealed between those gorgeous, firm cheeks.

Teruko sighed and climbed onto my lap, straddling me, and slowly sliding down onto me, the tightness making me groan along with the feel of the wet heat enveloping me. She slid up and down a few times, then raised herself up, allowing my erection to slip out of her. She immediately took hold of me and began rubbing the slick head of my cock against her tight little anus, slowly working me into that hot, tight, moist little hole.

At last the head slid into her, her ring immediately clamping down on me, and she began to slowly slide herself further and further down onto me, until she was completely impaled, my cock buried to the hilt in her tight anus. I began thrusting into her, and she responded by pushing back against me, grinding her pussy against the base of my cock and gyrating her hips to work my cock in and out of her tight hot little hole. I lay back and reached out to hold and squeeze her beautiful, firm, protruding breasts, making her gasp and smile as she rode me.

Now she began to move faster, her face flushing, the squeezing of her rectum even more pronounced as she ground and slid up and down on my length until she came at last with a hissing scream, her head thrown back as her anus clamped down on me, her pussy squirting a spray of hot liquid over my lower belly as her pussy quivered against me. Her rectum squeezed and sucked at my cock in time to the fluttering of her convulsing cervix against the thin membrane separating it from her rectum as her orgasm rolled on and on. I came with a loud groan, spunk blasting out of me and into the tight depths of her hot bowels, the feel of my swollen cock wedging tight in her arse and the fluttering of her cervix wringing jet after jet of spunk out of me and into her. I saw stars, my eyesight dimming and my ears popping with the force of my climax as I poured myself into her, and she fared no better, sobbing and gasping with the seismic intensity of her thunderous orgasm.

I awoke from the dream gasping, my heart hammering with the realism of it, the vivid quality of it convincing me it was a memory, but when? Did this mean my memory was beginning to return? And had I done things like…that…with her? Why did I feel a trace of guilt when I thought of the dream, most of it already fading, but the memory of Teruko’s face in her sexual ecstasy remaining vivid and lasting.

I’d completely accepted her assertions, borne out by my mother, that she was my intended bride, and I was determined to find a way to remember why I’d chosen her (or if, as seemed more likely, she’d chosen me…), although I was already falling under her spell. What Teruko had stated as a fact when I first awoke was coming about; I was falling in love with her again (or for the first time, take your pick), and it was the only thing stopping me giving up and fading away.

Coming home was an anti-climax; I’d hoped that being surrounded by the familiar would somehow jog things into place, but nothing happened, no sudden flash of returned memories, no emotional reunion, nothing. When Teruko asked me what I wanted for lunch, I had to be truthful and ask her.

“I don’t know; what’s my favourite lunch?” and the sudden flash of loss in her eyes as I said it reminded me how much she was missing as well, that I had to ask her what my favourite foods were, where the toilet was, what was my favourite shirt, a million things I suppose other people take for granted. I realised that I was missing a lifetime of memories and associations that you don’t even consciously think of as memories, just the things that form that great big holographic image of your world in your head. I no longer had that image, or maybe I still did, but it was locked away; either way it made no difference, I couldn’t access it anymore.

We sat and ate my favourite pizza, something I had no memory of ever eating before, but it was delicious, especially after the hospital food, which all tasted as though it had been boiled in a sock, and chatted about the hospital, my treatment, how I felt, because we had nothing else to talk about; I had no experiences, no day to talk about, no common experiences to talk and laugh over, something I’d seen people doing during the car journey across London. Young couples with their arms linked, laughing and talking, looking into each other’s eyes, a world of shared experience, of a life lived, between them, and all I could do was reflect on my loss of that. I had no single thing in common with Teruko yet, and the barren landscape of my world frightened me.

Teruko sensed that I was becoming morose and self-pitying again, and put down her plate to snuggle up against me.

“I not want you come home to empty house, so you friend Harry and fiancée come to see you later. Harry come to hospital nearly every day, he at school with you, he play sport with you, he is your best friend!”

I was interested to hear that one of my friends would be coming over to see me, maybe he could help fill in some of the blanks for me. As I was thinking about this impending visit the doorbell rang. Teruko jumped up and took the plates into the kitchen, then answered the door, the sound of a male voice and another girl’s voice sounding in the hallway. I started to stand up as they came into the sitting room, but the man who came in, a young man about my age, seriously good looking, with chestnut hair falling over one eye, made a patting motion with his hand, instead walking over to shake my hand. The stunningly beautiful young girl with him was obviously of mixed Chinese/European parentage; Harry and I obviously shared a taste for the same kind of girls!

“God, Jack, it’s so good to see you up and about!” he grinned, and the girl hugged me, which caught me off-guard a little, patting my back as she hugged me.

“We were so worried! Poor Teruko’s been wearing herself to a frazzle, sleeping in that awful chair next to your bed every night for the last six months in case you woke up and she wasn’t there! How do you feel, Jack? Honestly?”

I looked at both of them as they waited for my answer.

“Physically, I feel fine; a little wobbly now and then, but the hospital assures me that’s purely due to being immobile for so long, and should pass. As for the other thing; I have to be honest, you both seem like really nice people, and you obviously know me well, and I don’t want to offend you, but I can’t remember either of you at all; hell, I can’t remember anything prior to ten days ago!”

The girl, who’d introduced herself as Sai Fong, looked at me sympathetically.

“It’s okay, Jack, we’re not offended. Harry and I were so worried for you, and for Teruko, she’s been almost out of her mind; the only way we could get her to leave and get something to eat, or get some proper rest, was for one of us to wait there at your bedside. We saw you like that, so now that you’re back with us, we’ll take you as you are; we’re your friends, always remember that, and you can’t offend us!”

I was almost overcome; tears seemed to come easily these days, had I always been such a cry-baby?

Harry sat down next to me and put his arm around me, hugging my shoulder briskly.

“What Sai says is true, Jackie-boy, we’ll be there, and maybe we can find a way to get this fixed together; all your friends are worried sick about you; we’re just the tip of the iceberg, don’t forget that! If I have to take you every place you’ve ever been, I’ll do that if there’s a chance it’ll help you regain your memory. I’ve spoken with Doctor Hunter, and he believes that your amnesia is temporary, and perhaps it only needs one trigger to unlock your memories, we’ll look and try anything until we find one, if that’s what it takes; you’re not alone, old boy!”

Harry spent the rest of the afternoon talking to me about school and rugby, escapades we’d had (which sounded fun, I really wished I’d been there!) mutual friends, general conversation which did a lot to flesh out my world-picture, showing me pictures of us together, I presume in school, pictures of me in a rugby strip, one picture of me holding up a large trophy with him. Harry was good company, and he genuinely seemed to like me, which disposed me well toward him as well.

Sai Fong was a delight; warm, funny, witty, acerbic, a perfect foil for Harry’s serious-minded attitude; the fact that she was also a complete knockout didn’t escape my notice either! I was sorry when they had to leave, but Sai Fong said they’d be back in the morning; she had a free day from university, and Harry had to be at somewhere called Woolwich Arsenal, which sounded vaguely familiar, which was not far from the flat, so he’d drop Sai Fong off to spend the morning with Teruko and me, and he’d be along later.

Bedtime was a little embarrassing. Teruko had shown me my room, and after showering and drying-off in the bathroom, I walked into my room in just my shorts, with a bathrobe over, to find her in my bed.

“I’m sorry, I…I thought this was my room…?” I faltered, but she just smiled.

“It our room, Jakku-san, this our bed. Come to bed now, you must rest, you still not strong. I want to rest next to husband again, it has been too long since husband sleep in own bed!”

I gingerly slipped off my robe, conscious of the fact that I only had shorts on under the robe; I’d not expected company, and I was a little flustered, not to say a little embarrassed too. Teruko looked at me, her eyes sad as she slipped out of bed and held her hand out to me. She was wearing ‘Hello Kitty’ pyjamas that were slightly too big for her, and she looked absolutely adorable, as well as sexy, a hidden, deeper part of me noted, a definite stirring inside me at the thought.

“Jakku-san, you are so thin, you must eat, be fit again, I help you, my husband. Now husband come to bed, you look so tired, please come, sleep now!”

Somewhat hesitantly, I slid under the covers, lying back and pulling them up around me. Teruko fussed with them a little, tucking me in properly, and then surprising me with a small kiss on the side of my mouth.

“Sleep well, my husband!” she murmured, her fingers tracing my jawline for a second, her eyes clouded as she lay on her side, her eyes fixed on mine. On impulse, I took her hand and squeezed it gently to thank her for looking after me so kindly, and she slid herself up against me, her head fitting into the hollow of my neck as she hugged me gently.

“It okay to put arm around me, Jakku-san, you not hurt me!” she murmured, and I could hear the sadness in her voice; almost without thinking I slid my arm around her, holding her properly for the first time. It felt good, actually, it felt great; she was soft and warm, and she fitted against me as though she was a part of me, and once again that sense of déjà vu permeated me; I’d definitely done this before, with her, it felt so right. I felt her warm little hand on my back as she gently rubbed between my shoulder-blades, relaxing and calming me as she lovingly rubbed and caressed me. She looked up at me, a bright, happy smile on her face.

“Sleep now, my husband, in morning we will talk, you ask, I will tell, but now you must rest, please to go to sleep!”

I smiled at her expression, and lay back, unconsciously pulling her closer to me, but enjoying the warmth and feel of her as she curled up inside my arm.

I awoke in the dead of night, wide awake from a confused dream of faces and places, the images already fading, but one image remained clear; Teruko, much younger than she was now, sitting on a bed with me with a large black dog sitting up at her feet; she’d called the dog “Sinai” or “Sensei”, something like that; it was vivid and unfading, and I knew that I was remembering her as a young girl, which raised yet another question; how long had I known this girl? Were we childhood sweethearts? Where did I meet her, and when?

As I pondered, I slowly became aware of where my hand was; somehow, while I slept, my hand had found itself inside the back of her pyjama pants and was clutching her firm, warm, rounded buttock. I was stunned; what was I doing? I had no business touching her so intimately, and I tried to stealthily slide my hand away from the forbidden territory, but even that was enough to wake her.

I tried to take my hand away, spluttering apologies, but she stopped my hand by putting her hand on mine, and touched my lips with her fingertip.

“Sshhh, Jakku-san, it okay, you my husband, you allowed to hold me like that! It nice, please do not stop! Husband can hold me closer if he wish, he not hurt me, I would like him to hold me close again!”

All the while, she’d been gently undulating against me, and now that involuntary reaction was happening again; I looked at her in ashamed embarrassment, but she just smiled at me and ground herself against me a little harder, her hand going around the back of my neck to gently pull my head down so she could kiss me lightly on the lips.

“Husband and wife do lot of things together, all good; it part of love, Jakku-san want me show him how again?” she breathed, and I could only nod, my mouth suddenly too dry to speak.

Teruko knelt up on the bed, switched on the bedside lamp, and began slowly unbuttoning her pyjama top, smiling gently all the while. I watched half in anticipation, half in trepidation, wondering what she was going to show me, or if I was even capable of understanding what she wanted us to do, a strange, not uncomfortable tightness beginning to make itself felt in the base of my scrotum as my erect penis suddenly throbbed insistently. She undid the last of the buttons and pulled off the top, her breasts spilling out into the lamplight, perfectly formed, opulent without being excessive, with beautiful, pale brownish-pink nipples, solidly erect in the lamplight.

Suddenly, unaccountably, I had the urge to suck and squeeze those delicious looking nubs, and Teruko smiled as I reached out, almost mesmerised, to hold and feel those magnificent orbs. I suddenly looked into her eyes, realising what I was doing, and made to pull away, but she took my wrists and pulled my hands back onto her fabulous breasts.

“It is allowed; you are my husband!” she grinned, her eyes twinkling as she smiled, and so I once again took those beautiful breasts in my hands, feeling the stiff firmness of the nipples against my palms, hearing her soft sigh as I gently rubbed them as I slid my hands all over those alluring breasts. I hadn’t realised I’d moved closer to her, close enough to lean down and gently suck one of her nipples into my mouth, feeling the texture of the firm rubbery flesh against my lips as I nibbled, sucked and licked it, instinct filling in where knowledge lacked, my erection growing even harder and more insistent as sense-memories awakened, the almost cellular awareness that this was something I had done before, many times.

Without even realising it, my other hand took hold of her other breast, and began twirling and lightly pinching the nipple in time to my sucking and nibbling of the one in my mouth. Absently I felt her hands on my head as she twined her fingers in my hair, holding me against her as I suckled and teased, her sighs and soft rippling murmurs letting me know that I was doing it just right.

I felt her hand under my chin, and I looked up at her, to see her deep ruby lips smile invitingly, and instinctively, impulsively, I leaned in to kiss those curving red lips. As my lips brushed against hers, the sudden urge to kiss her rose up inside me, and I pulled her closer, her lips suddenly irresistible, my need to kiss her deeply suddenly almost overpowering.

Teruko wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me back just as enthusiastically, her tongue slipping between my lips to brush and wriggle against mine, the feeling hot, and clean, and very, very sexy!

I broke off for air, to see her smiling happily at me.

“Now I know Jakku-san not forget how to kiss me!” she grinned, and I had to grin back; with the golden lamplight bathing her skin in soft light, and her nipples glowing like dark coral jewels, she was beautiful and desirable, and something deep inside me was clamouring for her, a voice I could almost hear…

Teruko slid of the bed, and turned slightly away from me to pull down the pyjama pants, wriggling the tight waistband over her shapely hips, her naked, beautifully firm buttocks jiggling delightfully and her breasts tolling like bells with her motion. She turned to face me again, her grin still very much in evidence, and her spectacular breasts now revealed in a their naked glory as she posed in front of me, her long, lithe legs and flat stomach a poem of symmetry and grace and feminine beauty. Her firm, protuberant breasts crowned with two stiff nipples atop delicious coral caps, her tiny waist and smoothly flaring hips curving round to her tight buttocks and inviting lumbar dimples, all formed an image in my mind that edged tantalisingly close to memory and recall.

Her flat, taut belly rounded down to a crease of folded flesh between her slim thighs, a glistening mystery that made my heart slam and pound in my chest, but why I couldn’t say. She was everything, and more, that I had imagined, and to now have her here, with me, ready to take me wherever I wanted to go, that thought was almost too much; how could I deserve something as gorgeous, as beautiful, as innocent as this?

My penis was now almost unbearably hard; my scrotum, normally so loose and flaccid, was a tight saddle under the root of my cock, the pressure on both of them urgently needing to be released, to be relieved somehow.

Teruko held out her hand to me, inviting me to join her, and I wordlessly slid off the bed, taking her hands as she gently teased me closer, finally curling her hand around my neck to gently, sweetly, but oh! so erotically, kiss and nibble my bottom lip, my nose full of the peach scent of her, and another, musky, tangy-sweet scent hovering just on the edge of perception, the smell of her own arousal.

As she kissed me gently but firmly, her free hand brushed against my rigid cock in my shorts, my cock twitching and jumping as her hand brushed it again, this time the fingertips lingering for a second, feeling out the shape and texture of my erection. Teruko broke our kiss to look up at me and smile gently.

“Husband excited, can I see please? I not hurt you, if you not like, I stop, I promise! “

I swallowed again; I wanted her to hold me like that, to help me relieve the pressure inside me, to make this feeling, this sweet agony dissipate somehow, but I was scared and embarrassed too. Her gentle question helped to quell that, and I found myself nodding apprehensively, although a part of me wanted that very much indeed.

She slid her hands down to my hips, and without taking her eyes from mine, began inching my shorts down, waiting for me to say ‘stop’, but I didn’t; she was all I knew in the world, right now she was all I had, and I trusted her.

At last my waistband slid over my hips and my shorts dropped to the floor. I looked away, biting my lip, in a fury of embarrassment at being naked in front of this beautiful girl, but Teruko gently turned my head back to her, her sweet smile still in place.

“It is all right, Jakku-san, not look away! There is nothing to feel shame for, look, I am naked too! This normal, it proper for you and me. One day, you will be my husband, I will be your wife, so there can be no wrong thing between us.”

I looked into her eyes and saw the truth of what she was saying. My erection, meanwhile, had paid no attention to my inner turmoil, and stayed stubbornly, resolutely firm and unflagging, and now her warm little hand wrapped around the base, to give a gentle squeeze. I nearly fainted with the sensation; it felt strange, wonderful, and intense, plus a welter of other things I had no name for, all of them pleasurable, all of them centring on this girl who held me so intimately.

Her hand began to pump gently, the sensation almost making me pass-out, it felt so good. She looked deeply into my eyes, and once again I was compelled to kiss her.

While we kissed, and as she pumped my cock, her other hand began gently stroking and caressing my balls, making my eyes widen as the sensations inside me ramped-up, the need inside me growing huge and unmanageable any longer. I cried out as something inside me reached a crescendo, white hot waves of pleasure radiating out from my groin as my cock suddenly spurted on her, long jets bursting out of me to splash on her belly and between her breasts in a fury of release. Teruko continued to pump and squeeze my cock, urging more and more out of me, the thick, translucent spray splashing and running down her torso in thick, viscous rivulets.

I stopped ejaculating, my cock still hard, still twitching, but that feeling of tension, of unbearable pressure had been relieved, and now I just felt relaxed; too relaxed, in fact; I was swaying with weariness, my knees feeling weak and my body almost overcome with fatigue. Teruko urged me onto the bed, where I flopped down, suddenly realising my heart was beating like a trip-hammer.

I tried to catch my breath, and Teruko slowly inched me back onto the pillow, to lie prone while she wiped her torso with her pyjama top before climbing into bed with me and pulling the covers over both of us. I was tired, true, but I had some questions, and now, as I had her full attention, it seemed like a good time to ask her.

“Teruko, what just happened? What was all…that…just now?”

She looked at me calmly, and began to explain, as well as I could understand, the facts of life, or some of them, anyway…

“So that stuff makes babies, yes?” I asked her, “So, are you going to have a baby then?”

She grinned at me.

“It need to be inside me for that, Jakku-san! I show you that soon. I not have baby yet, not until you ready for me have baby, but it nice to practice! In morning, if you ready, I can show you how, you like?”

I nodded, and she smiled, her face lighting up.

“Jakku-san not forget everything, I think! In morning will be better, must rest now, husband very tired, we have visitor tomorrow, so wake up early, yes?”

Again I nodded, and she smiled.

“Good, sleep now, my husband, dream of me, I dream of you every night, now dream come true, and I am so very happy! Goodnight Jakku-san, love you very much!”

I hugged her close as she moulded her lovely naked body against mine, her lips brushing mine before she nestled her head into the hollow of my neck and closed her eyes with a happy sigh.

When I awoke, I was surprised, and gratified, to discover I had a rigid, and rather impressively erect, penis poking solidly into Teruko’s rear as she spooned against me. As I woke, her eyes fluttered open as she turned her head and gently stroked the side of my face with her fingertips.

“I see Jakku-san truly not forget everything!” she giggled softly, her voice soft and melodic, musical and sweet. On impulse I nibbled her earlobe, and she giggled again.

“That nice, I like that, do some more, please!” so I did, listening to her sighing as I gently licked and nibbled her earlobe. I could see her nipples erecting as I licked, and again, responding to some inner prompting, I slid my hand over her ribcage to cup and squeeze her breast, feeling the nipple firm and rubbery between my fingertips as I teased it to a solid rigidity.

Teruko sighed, pushing her soft, yielding backside against my hard cock, the sensation awakening other promptings, urges that made me kiss and nibble her neck, her shoulder, and finally, as she turned to face me, her soft, invitingly red lips. As we kissed, the sensation feeling clean and safe, and exciting, her hands drifted down my now rigidly erect cock, taking hold of me as she had done the previous night, and rubbing the head of it as she squeezed the shaft.

Her hands were sending electric jolts though my body, the pleasure mounting up my spine until it grounded in my brain, and a light went on as I realised what she wanted to do with me. Almost without thought I moved between her wide-spread thighs, supporting myself on my knees and elbows as she kissed me hard and urgently, at the same time gripping my now painfully rigid cock.

As I thrust forward slowly, I felt the tip of my cock encounter a soft, warm heat, and a sensation almost like moist lips caressing me, and I realised I was almost inside her, something she wanted, by the look of encouragement, love and sheer need she gave me. As I dithered at the entrance, she slid down, her action causing my cock to slip inside her all the way. Teruko groaned, as did I at the tight, hot sensation of being so deep inside her, at the feel of her heat enclosing me, the firm, moist clasp of her pussy around me almost making me go off again like I had the previous night.

Teruko smiled and pulled me gently down to her, kissing me softly, and I kissed her back, her lips and the feel of her skin awakening things inside me that wanted her this way. I began to move, instinct awakening again and showing me what to do, and she encouraging me, gently thrusting back against me, her pussy squeezing me in time to my thrusts into her. She smiled at me, and tears ran from the corners of her eyes. I stopped, panicked, thinking I was somehow hurting her, but she thrust back at me and urged me on, smiling and wiping the tears away.

“Husband remember, Jakku-san remember how to make love, I so happy, I never think I make love to husband again, now he is here, he make love to me again, I am happy again!”

The sight of her here, under me, her breasts pale and firm with her stiff nipples pressing into my chest, her sleek thighs wrapped around me, and her soft, inviting lips parted as her face slowly flushed, all these were awakening memories, other times we had done this.

Images of her smiling, her big dark eyes wide open as she laughed delightedly, her eyes closed in ecstasy as she held me close, her head back and the tendons in her throat corded, the remembered feel of her body pressed against mine as she shook and shuddered against me, all these flashed through my mind as we made love.

I began to increase the pace of my thrusting, and she did likewise, both of us pumping and pounding at each other as we strove to reach that place I instinctively knew was the purpose of this coupling.

The end came as Teruko, her eyes tight closed and head thrown back, groaned out loud and held me tight, her arms locking about my neck. Her pussy pulsed against my cock, tightening around it like her hand last night. I lost all restraint as that feeling rose up again in me, that unbearable tightness looking for release. Suddenly it was too much, and like last night, my sperm blasted out of me and into her in long, satisfying, jets, spurt after spurt giving me blessed relief from that almost indescribable tension between my thighs and deep inside me.

I cried out in release, my eyesight dimming at the intensity of the feeling, and Teruko responded, tightening around me as she shuddered and shook, the waves of shuddering culminating in a scream of release as she too sprayed warm fluid over me as she orgasmed, her pussy clamping down tightly on me, making me groan and even more sperm shoot out of me and into her, her hands holding tight to the bunched-up bed covers as she shook and shuddered under me.

At last I stopped jetting into her, and her death grip around my waist relaxed, allowing me to collapse next to her, my heart pounding as I gasped for breath. Teruko lay back, her eyes tightly closed as her chest rose and fell as rapidly as mine, and I could see her pulse fluttering in the hollow of her throat. Gradually my racing heart slowed, and my breathing became more normal, as did hers. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, her eyes sparkling with unshed tears.

“Jakku-san ask me last night to show him how to make baby with me; this is how, and when he is ready, when he has remember enough of me, we will make many babies together!”

She gently pulled me closer, and kissed me softly on the lips, blinking away the tears that had gathered in her eyes and smiling brightly.

“And now we must get up, visitor come soon, friend Harry bringing Sai Fong, we go for short walk, show you around, you like?”

I nodded, so she led me to the bathroom where we shared a quick but satisfying shower, then Teruko helped me towel off while I dried her, a very rewarding experience!

She was just drying her hair when the door-bell rang, but she dropped the dryer and went to answer it, and I heard Sai Fong’s voice as she greeted Teruko. The two of them disappeared into the sitting room while I finished dressing, taking my time as I was still a little wobbly on my feet. At last, dressed and brushed, I went to walk into the sitting-room, when something made me stop and listen to the low-voiced conversation between Teruko and Sai Fong as they made breakfast in the tiny kitchenette.

Teruko was talking, and I could hear the tears in her voice as she lamented the fact that so much of me wasn’t there anymore, that a stranger who looked like me was in her home, and my heart wrenched inside me; why couldn’t I at least be allowed to remember and feel for her what she was feeling for me? She sounded heartbroken, all her bravado in the bedroom, when she was alone with me, was for my benefit; in reality, she was still alone; the Jack she knew was gone, maybe permanently, and there was a stranger left in his place.

I guessed I was slowly falling in love with her all over again, but right now, all I had for certain was attraction, God was I attracted to her, but there was no ‘Teruko, my girlfriend’ file in my head, and she knew there was no trace of her in my mind, nothing of the life we’d had before except my fragmentary dream images and quick unexpected flash images of her in different outfits, or naked, her eyes on mine, or smiling at me, or asleep against me…

“Ssshh, baby, don’t, it will be alright, I promise you!” soothed Sai Fong. “Jack is still Jack; I remember him from when I was younger, and there’s still an awful lot of him there, things he does or says, the way he moves or sits that tell me “That’s Jack Cameron!” Don’t try so hard; he’ll come around eventually, when he stops being so scared!”

“Jakku-san is frightened?” I heard Teruko say, her voice sharp and wondering.

“Teruko, think about it,” said Sai Fong, “He’s only a couple of weeks old, all he knows is what you’ve told him; he tries to hide it, but he’s probably petrified, I know I would be!”

Teruko sobbed.

“Taoists say be careful what you wish for, I wish too hard, and now the gods punish me!”

Sai Fong laughed, a silvery tinkling laugh.

“Don’t be so silly; no-one’s punishing you! Take it easy with him, and give him a chance; Jack was crazy about you, eventually he’ll remember that; you don’t easily forget something that’s so much a part of who you are; it will all come back to him, just give him a chance!”

Teruko sighed.

“I never think it be so hard to love older brother so much, is it same for you?”

What? Did she say ‘Brother’? I was her brother? Oh my God…

“Teruko, I fell in love the first day I saw Harry, the day he and dad picked me up from Birmingham Airport. I was only ten years old, but as soon as I saw him, I knew. I never cared he was my older brother, it never occurred to me to give a tinker’s damn about it, all I knew was that Harry was big, and sweet, and gorgeous, and he was going to be mine one day, and I made it happen. I couldn’t bear to lose him, and I don’t know how I’d cope in your place, but I do know I wouldn’t give up; I love him too much. Listen to me; under all that amnesia and fear and stumbling and fumbling around, Jack’s still in there, and we’ll all dig, and poke, and prod until we can winkle him out again, I promise you!”

I stopped listening, feeling like a voyeur, but also because my head was whirling; Teruko was my sister? How could this be? I had asked her to marry me, but she was my sister! I must have made a noise, because next thing the door swung open and Sai Fong was standing here, and Teruko in the background, just getting up from her seat.

“Jack, how are you?” she beamed, and I nodded, still stunned, confused and bemused by what I’d heard.

“I’m okay, thank you. Umm…”

“Sit down Jack; would you like a bacon sandwich?”

I nodded, and Teruko quickly pulled some bacon off the gill and buttered two slices of bread, slapped the bacon between them and cut it in half on a plate. She brought it to me and smiled down at me.

“Jakku-san, please to eat, you are very thin, sick for long time, now you need strength, please, eat!”

She trailed her fingers over my face and I flinched slightly, a minute movement, but she noticed it, and a small frown creased her smooth forehead. I schooled my features with a weak smile as I stared at her, examining her face for any trace of resemblance to me. This girl was my sister? How could that be?

I bit down into my sandwich, more for something to do than because I was still hungry. Teruko looked at me quizzically, aware that something was on my mind, then spoke to me.

“Jakku-san, what is matter, why you jump? Not be afraid, I not bite you, I promise!”

I looked up at her, and decided to take the bull by the horns.

“Teruko, Sai Fong, I overheard what you were saying just now, both of you; is it true, you’re Harry’s sister, and Teruko is …is my…sister?”

Sai Fong looked at Teruko and then back at me. “Jack, I think we all need to talk; don’t say anything, just listen, please.”

I nodded, so she continued.

“Jack,” she began, “Teruko and you…fell in love, it was unforced, it was natural, you were both happy. It was the same for Harry and me; you say you heard what I said, then you must have heard everything else as well. Jack, Harry and I are in love, I’ve always loved him, our father knows, and he knows that Harry and I will get married when I finish university; it was the same for you and Teruko. I know only a part of the story, why don’t you let Teruko tell you the rest? Jack?”

I was looking at the expression on Teruko’s face, seeing the longing and the sadness, and to be honest, I was feeling that as well, and something else; something or someone deep inside me was still desperately clamouring for her, but…my sister?

I rubbed my head, my finger absently rubbing over the faint indentation where the bullet had invaded my head and changed my life forever. I looked over at Teruko.

“How did…you and me…how…?” I stumbled, unable to ask her the question, feeling repelled, but also, strangely attracted and taken with that one fact in the middle of my confusion right now; that this beautiful Japanese girl was my sister, and that we’d been…romantically involved, lovers, prospective husband and wife.

Teruko leaned toward me, her expression serious.

“Jakku-san, you save me long time ago, you save me and bring me home, I grow in your family, your mother become my mother; but I am still your sister; that all change six month ago, we discover what we feel, we make love many time, it good, it feel right, it was right. Jakku-san say he love me, ask me marry him, I say yes, I mean it; I want to marry my Jakku-san, he the man I love, he is you, but now you not remember, I help you remember. I will stay with you, I not understand before, I very sad you not know me, Sai Fong show me what is wrong, we fix, everyone help fix this, but I will not go, Jakku-san still lost, I will help find him again!”

My head was spinning with all this, and I was in no fit state to try and make sense out of it; my world picture was still too small, consisting solely of what I’d gleaned from conversations with Harry, Teruko, and Doctor Hunter at the hospital; watching the television was incomprehensible, the news was meaningless, the programmes I watched had no points of reference for me, I didn’t know what they were talking about, the entire cultural reference library I needed to slot into this world was missing.

My head was aching now, and Teruko being so near was making it worse; I wanted her, badly, and the thought of wanting her that way repelled me, yet the thought of losing her frightened me deeply, a deep fissure of desperate need opening up in me at the thought of not having her with me; was that Jack talking to me, was it my own feelings and buried memories trying to communicate with me?

I stood up, rubbing that small indentation above my left ear again, as though it would somehow help me regain what I’d lost.

“What we did, last night, this morning? Brothers don’t do that with their sisters; why did you make me do that? It was wrong, it had to be, it feels so wrong now, I feel so…so…I don’t know what I feel, but I think I did something bad, and I don’t know why you let me do it!”

Teruko stared at me, her expression lost, shocked, horrified, but I didn’t know how to take it back, or if I should; my sister! Oh, this was bad, this was very bad! She tried to reach out to me, but I leaned back, away from her; I didn’t think her touching me was such a good idea…

“Jakku-san, please…!” she started,

“Teruko, please, my head hurts, I need some fresh air. I’m going out for a walk.” I paused, seeing Teruko’s stricken expression, and again that conflicted feeling swirled through me.

“Will you come with me? Please? I don’t know where anything is…” I asked her, not really knowing why I did; maybe I was trying to make up for the hurt I’d seen in her eyes just now…

She smiled tremulously, blinking rapidly to dissipate the tears in her eyes.

“Yes, I come with you, Jakku-san, please to put on jacket, it very cold.”

She rummaged in a closet and pulled out a green waxed jacket with a padded green tartan lining and a label inside that said ‘Barbour’.

“This Jakku-san favourite jacket, wear it all time!” she smiled, and I did feel a small shock of recognition as she helped me put it on. It felt loose, too big, and Teruko smiled, her lip trembling.

“Jakku-san lose so much weight, very thin, coat so big now, but always wear this before, it part of him!”

There was a pair of gloves in the pocket, and something bulky in the inner breast pocket. I took it out, it was my wallet. As I opened it, little bits started to come back. I saw Teruko giving me this, she was younger then, and there was a small picture of the two of usinside the front cover, her face pressed cheek to cheek with me to get both of us in the frame. Her face was the same, but mine was fuller, smiling, the eyes alive and sharp.

I riffled through the wallet, pulling out business cards and pieces of paper with cryptic notes and reminders scribbled on them, identity cards for somewhere or something called ‘DSG’, another one for someplace called ‘DES Abbey Wood’, and a Ministry of Defence ID card giving my place of work as ‘Woolwich Arsenal’. As I looked at it, at my strained expression in the ID picture, an image of tank treads and turrets, gun barrels and a large work space with overhead cranes and bright, harsh arc-lights, and a square office with a desk and a screen, the bare blockwork walls painted white, flashed through my mind.

I looked questioningly at Teruko, and she gently took the cards and papers away from me.

“This all to do with work, you not need to worry, you on sick leave, when you better, you go back to work. Doctor at work want to see you when National Hospital finish with you, until then, this not important, ok?”

I took her hand, trying to apologise for my outburst, making her pause and smile uncertainly, tiny droplets still trembling on her eyelashes.

“Teruko, where do I work?” I asked her. She looked uncertain, looking at Sai Fong in mute appeal.

“You work for the Government, Jack,” she said, “for something called DSG; you’re based at Woolwich Arsenal, you’re a Project Manager in the Re-Engineering Section, rebuilding tanks, personnel carriers, Warriors, Bloodhounds, that kind of thing; Harry works for them too, indirectly, designing helicopter airframes. When you were injured, you were given indefinite Sick Leave; you’re a Civil Servant, so you’d probably have to blow up Parliament and ravish the Queen before they’d have grounds to sack you, so you don’t need to worry too much about work just now! If they think it’s necessary, they’ll keep on extending your Sick-Leave indefinitely; you’re a very important part of the war effort, they need you, and they’ll do everything they can to keep you on-side!”

I remembered that Harry was down at this ‘Woolwich Arsenal’ place this morning, he’d said it wasn’t far from where we were, and suddenly I needed to see my workplace.

“Take me there, please, take me to where I work, I want to see it!”

Teruko and Sai Fong exchanged glances, and began pulling on jackets, and Sai Fong picked up some car keys from the dresser.

“I’ll drive, Teruko doesn’t know the way.”

We climbed into a big silver 4×4 (mine, I was told, although it didn’t seem familiar at all) and drove the short distance, by London standards, to the Woolwich Arsenal, driving though the grounds until we came to a series of low brick structures. The guard at the gate took my ID and made a call, then waved us through into the car park, just as a burly man in a dark suit came out of the entrance of one of the buildings.

“Jack, good to see you back on your feet, how are you feeling?” he boomed, shaking hands vigorously with me, then engulfing Teruko and Sai Fong’s little hands in his large mitt.

He looked at me closely, and I looked back, not a glimmer of recognition to give me a hint as to who this was.

“It’s true, then,” he murmured, shaking his head, “you don’t have a clue who I am…”

He indicated that we follow him into the building and into what looked like a conference room, where he asked all of us to be seated. Once we were settled, he started talking.

“Jack, as you’re still on Sick-Leave, I can’t discuss your job or the projects you were involved in when this all happened. I’m not sure why you’re here, and I think that, until the National signs you off and over to Whittington, our conversations need to be about your progress, not the work you were involved in. As of right now, you are on Indefinite Sick Leave, and will have to remain there until this has all been cleared up. On a purely personal note, you are very much missed here; I have all your colleagues coming up to me every day asking about you, and the National has been very good in keeping us updated on your progress.”

I was a little confused, and a little concerned; why had the hospital been giving details about me to my employer? I asked him as much, and he looked serious.

“Jack, you work…worked, I should say, on one of the most important range of projects currently occupying the Ministry; being assaulted the way you were raised fears that it may have had a terrorist connection, seeing as you were a specialist Project Manager working on some of our most secure projects. Your attack rang alarm bells in all sorts of places, and it fell to us to investigate every possible connection, no matter how seemingly innocent or outlandish.”

“And did you find anything?” I asked, dreading what I might hear.

He shook his head.

“As far as the Security Branch, MI6, The Metropolitan Police, SOCA and SO15 Counter-Terrorism Command could determine, it was what it seemed, a mugging gone wrong, a gang-wannabe trying to make his name as part of a gang initiation. We recovered the gun, a Glock nine-millimetre that went missing from an ISAF armoury in Iraq six years ago. It was recovered after a shooting in Hackney; the boy carrying the pistol attempted to kill a police officer, fortunately the officer involved was able to call in the Firearms Unit, and the perpetrator died in the ensuing shoot-out. He was 15 years old, but he chose to carry a gun, and use it against defenceless people; there’s an old saying, Jack; ‘He who lives by the sword, shall die by the sword’; as soon as he picked up that gun, he sealed his own fate, always remember that.”

I felt sick; a kid had died because he’d wanted to join a gang, he’d failed with me and gone on to try again, and now he was was dead; he was a potential killer, but he was still only a kid.

His voice jerked me back to attention.

“Don’t feel bad about it Jack, his death was brought about by his own actions; the gang he wanted to join has a particularly nasty initiation rule; newbies have to kill someone at random to be considered for membership, he was attempting to kill a police officer and that’s what brought about his own death; you had no part in that, you were part of his initiation, but he didn’t kill either of you, so he went on to try again. Your young lady had a lucky escape. Remember this; that gun had been used in three unsolved killings, all similar to what nearly happened to you; don’t shed any tears over him, Jack, he picked up that gun willingly, and signed his own death warrant.”

Teruko was huddling close to me, and my arm was around her, holding her tight, although I had no memory of holding her, her eyes showing her shock.

He looked gravely at me as he stood up.

“Go home, Jack, you don’t need to be here, take your convalescence, and come back when you’re ready. Right now, you’re no use to me, nor to yourself; I suggest you spend your time resting and following doctor’s orders. Spend some time with your young lady, go home and see your mother, Defence Support Group will still be there when you’re ready to come back to work.”

We all stood up, and as we made for the door, I turned to him.

“You didn’t tell me your name…”

This is a consolidated and re-posted version of my original ‘In Love With Lori’ series, just in case anyone reads it and thinks, ‘hmmm, I’ve read this before, PLAGIARISM!!! It’s not, it’s me, the original writer, re-posting my own work to make it more readable and less…bitty. I’ve also taken the opportunity to clean up all the spelling errors I could spot and some annoying errors and outright mistakes, so please, read if you wish, comment if you like, but here’s the original story as it should have been, and the only reason I’m doing it this way is so those who like it can have it available to read again if they so wish. This is not meant to be a real-world, ‘this was my life’ kind of story, there’s no message, no parable to be taken to heart, just good, clean, smutty fun (I hope!), read and enjoy!



My father died in the summer of 1992. I was five at the time, and could not understand what had happened; no-one explained what had happened, I had no brothers or sisters, and mother was like a dead thing herself, almost sleep-walking; father’s friend Charlie, an American pilot at Greenham Common, was constantly at the house, and he and mother would sit, silently, staring at each other, while I sat and wondered what had happened, and why, and what happened next.

Father and Charlie were the best of friends; Father was a surgeon at a hospital in Oxford, Charlie a pilot, each apparently had nothing in common with the other, but they spent all their spare time together, tuning their motorbikes, tinkering with father’s collection of old cars, or just sitting and smoking together over a bottle of beer. Charlie was almost a constant feature in the house; if father was delayed at the hospital for any reason, mother would send Charlie on errands, or make him take her shopping, or paint the garage wall, whatever; having Charlie around was almost like having father there, he and father liked the same music, the same kind of films, they even smoked the same brand of cigarette.

But something was wrong with my father.

Charlie and father stopped playing with their cars and motorbikes, and spent more time huddled together, playing swing and jazz records and talking in low voices, father covered in a blanket, looking thinner, smiling less, not smoking.

Charlie became the main support for the family. When he was over, he stayed in the guest bedroom, dropped me off and collected me from school while mother and father stayed in their room,; he cooked me meals, played with me, read to me, watched TV with me, and kept me from disturbing my parents. Other things were happening as well, things I couldn’t understand; mother and Charlie talking together softly in the kitchen, stopping when I walked in, hugging each other in front of the TV at night when they thought I was asleep, and then something really strange, something that made no sense at all.

It was a Sunday afternoon, I had been playing outside, and eventually wandered into the house to ask my mother if I could have a cold drink, but she was nowhere to be found. I heard a strange rhythmic gasping sound from upstairs, from my parents’ room. I went upstairs, following the strange sounds, curiosity leading me on, to my parents’ bedroom, and the door was standing ajar. When I looked inside, I saw something that puzzled me, because it made no sense to my five year-old brain.

My mother was spread-eagled, naked and face-down on the bed, with a couple of pillows under her midriff, and Charlie was lying on top of her, squeezing her breasts while he shoved his huge thing into her. I was completely baffled as to what they were doing, and why, when I suddenly realised he was pumping his thing into her bum hole, and she was panting and repeating his name in time to his thrusts. I watched, dumbstruck, trying to work out what they were doing, as his thrusts became even faster, my mother moaning and threshing around under him, until suddenly Charlie stiffened, gave a long, drawn-out groan, and collapsed on his elbows as my mother gave a strangled moan, saying “Charlie, Charlie, Oh God, Charlie!” Eventually, Charlie pulled his thing out of my mother’s bottom, and a thick rope of white stuff oozed out of her, attached to the end of his thing, and slid down her thigh. I turned to leave, feeling strange, disquieted even, a little ashamed that I’d seen something I wasn’t supposed to see, even though it made no sense to me, like I was spying on them or something, and saw my father sitting in the armchair by the window, with a blanket over him, smiling gently at the two of them.

A few days later, father was taken to hospital. Mother told me he was going to stay there until he got better, and that everything would soon be better. Charlie still used to come to our house nearly every day, watching TV with me and helping mother with dinner, having strange non-conversations with mother, their mouths saying one thing, but their eyes meaning something else. It was a very confusing time for me; I was trying to work out what was happening with my family, and now father was gone, and Charlie was there virtually all the time, all evening. I would be packed off to bed, mother or Charlie reading to me until I fell asleep, but sometimes, during the night I would hear moaning and panting, groaning and strange wet sounds coming from my parents’ bedroom, and Charlie would be there again at breakfast.

Father died soon after he went into hospital, and mother explained that he had asked Charlie, to look after us, and that he would be living with us from now on.

All I knew for certain was that it felt strange, seeing him every day without my father sitting and talking with him, or the two of them smoking together in the garden, or letting me help when they tinkered about with their motorcycles. I missed Charlie saying to me “Davey-boy, when you get old enough, we’ll get you a hog of your own!” which always made my father chuckle, before swinging me onto the seat of his own motorbike, letting me twist things and push buttons, pretending I was piloting my own big bike, just like him.

Then one day, mother took me to the zoo in London; it was a big day for me, and I spent the whole day running from enclosure to cage to enclosure again, thrilled to see the elephants, and chimpanzee, rhino’s, lions; all the big beasts I had seen in the picture books at home, and now they were real! After a while, mother sat me down, telling me she wanted to talk to me, about her and Charlie, and me. She told me that she and Charlie were getting married, that they had all talked it over before father died, and that Charlie would be my new father, if I would let him. Charlie was a tall, handsome man; an ex-college footballer, tall, square-jawed, and I was in love with him anyway, so I agreed; for all I knew, getting married was what grown-ups did all the time, and I really wanted my new dad to be Charlie. They were married a few months after the funeral, me acting as page-boy at their wedding. A few weeks later mother announced that she was having a baby, and that Charlie was being transferred back to America, so we would all be going with him, as his family. I was in a haze; America! Where there were Cowboys and Indians, and superheroes!

We settled in Iowa. Charlie had taken a posting in the Air National Guard, and life soon settled into a kind of normal for me, going to a new school, where I was a novelty with my English accent, becoming part of a new family. Charlie and mother went to great lengths to make sure I never felt apart from them, that I was their son, and that they loved me. They didn’t have to; I had always been comfortable around Charlie; actually, I knew him a lot better than father, if only because father was working so often at the hospital, and Charlie was the only other adult male I had any regular contact with. Charlie, too, loved me, and treated me like a son, but also constantly reinforced my memories of my father, making sure I didn’t forget him; there were photographs of Father and Charlie together all over the house, drinking together at a country pub, posing beside their motorcycles, or posing with Mother, father in his favourite leather jacket and Charlie in his air force uniform, arms draped around each other’s shoulders, mother with her head on my father’s other shoulder

Eventually mother had the baby, a little girl named Loretta, who quickly became just ‘Lori’. Mother introduced me to my new sister, and I promised her faithfully that I would always protect my baby sister. Charlie also asked mother if he could adopt me as his son, and she talked to me about it. Because Charlie was mother’s husband, and treated me like his own son, and I loved him dearly, I went along with it, even though I was a little unsure about giving up my name, all that I had left of my father.

Life in Iowa was quiet and simple. Charlie eventually left the air force to work as a pilot for a small airline. Lori and I grew up as a typical older brother/little sister duo, until I reached 16. This was a watershed year for me. I had become increasingly restless in Iowa. I still remembered my life in England, and I was beginning to feel alienated from my family. This is probably normal in a teenager, but I felt the gulf between us widening on almost a daily basis. I was growing away from them, Iowa was making me feel cramped and hemmed-in, and I could feel the conviction growing that I had to go back to England, to study in England, be a doctor, a surgeon like my father. I had always known I wanted to be a surgeon, I just couldn’t see how to achieve it in Iowa, not with the cost of medical school being what it was.

I had tried to broach the subject with mother several times, but she had brushed me off, refusing to even consider the idea. Eventually, I had had enough of stalling and brush-offs, and sat her down, intending to have my say.

“Mother,” I began, “you and I both know I can’t stay here any longer. I can’t stay, I can’t live here, it’s…not where I should be.”

Mother looked at me, silently, for a long, uncomfortable moment, before replying.

“Where are you planning on going, David?” she asked me, using my given name, always a bad sign. I took a deep breath.

“I want to attend medical school in England,and qualify like father did. Please let me do this, it was always what I wanted to do, you know that, you always have.”

Again mother gave me that long look, so I plunged on.

“To attend medical school in England, I need to pass my A-Levels, and the only place I can do that is in a secondary school or 6th Form college. If you let me go, all I ask is that you give me enough money to live in a hostel until I pass my A-Levels, then I qualify for the Student Loan programme, and you’ll have no more expenses on that score. You know we can’t afford medical school here, this is the only way I think I can become a doctor; I just want to be like my father, this is how I can do.”

I paused, waiting for a response, anything from her. At last she spoke.

“At least you’ve thought about how you’re going to support yourself. Are you certain this is how you want to go forward? Because I know Charlie is going to want to talk to you about this as well, you need to convince him as well. I think you’re being foolish, you have time, and you have us, your family.”

I snorted, “I knew you’d say that, thanks for the support!” I didn’t mean to sound so abrupt, so rude, but that’s how it came out. Mother’s lips tightened into a thin line, and she got up and left the room. I was just saying to myself “nice going, well done, that went well” when she stalked back into the room, and threw a thick folder on the table between us.

“I think you should read this before you make any rash decisions, David.” she stated, and watched as I opened the folder and thumbed through the thick sheaf of papers inside.

“Mid-Carib Equity…Trust & Fidelity Investments…Windward Island Equity Management…Mother, what are all these papers? Who are these people, and why should I read through this, what does it mean?” I asked her, completely at sea.

“Those are the trust and investment accounts you father set up for you when you were born,” she replied, “it’s your trust fund, it matures on your 18th birthday, so you see, when the time comes, you’ll have all the money you need to study medicine here, near your family.”

But I wanted to study in England, not here.

Mother looked at me, already aware of my answer, and leaned back, away from me, her body language showing avoidance, anger, distance, and a large amount of hope.

“Very well, I will contact your trustees and discuss with them your request that they provide you with the means to attend a good boarding school; thatshould at least give you a chance to prep for the A-Levels.”

She stood up and left the room, stiff and angry.

Now I had to talk to Charlie, a prospect I was not relishing; not because I was scared of him, but because I loved and respected him, and I knew my request would hurt him.

As it turned out, Charlie came looking for me. I trailed him into the den, more than a little apprehensively. He waved me into a chair, and looked gravely at me.

“So Davey, your mom’s upstairs crying; she told me what happened, what’s been going on. Do you want to tell me your side of it?”

I walked through the conversation I’d had with mother, giving all my reasons, my feelings of being lost, displaced, here in Iowa, my need to follow after my father, Charlie nodding as I spoke, seeming to understand. At last he spoke.

“DD, now that you know about your trust, that you’ll have all the money you’ll ever need once you hit 18, does that make a difference to you, or do you still want to go back to England? This is your home, you know that. When your mom lost your father, all she had left of him was you, now you want to go as well. This is tearing her up, but she’s still willing to let you go. She can see your daddy in you, all over you, just like I can, and I promised him faithfully that I’d look after you. So if that means I have to let you go, well okay, if that’s the way it has to be. All I want is your word you’ll come back one day.”

I promised him faithfully that I would, as soon as I qualified, if I got that far. There was just one last thing, and it was a big deal, for me as well as mother and Charlie.

“Charlie, there was one more thing, and it’s a big ask.” He cocked an eyebrow at me, waiting for me to go on.

“I want to go back to my own name; I want to be David Denham again. I don’t mean to throw anything back at you, but I so very much want to qualify under my own name…..” I trailed off as I realised Charlie was smiling.

“Davey, you always were David Denham. Your name was never changed when I adopted you; we just registered you under my name in the school system so there’d be no complications if I had to sign something, or pick you up or take you to the ER or anything like that. I promised your daddy I’d look after you, not steal your name away. I loved your daddy like a brother, closer than a brother, and I wanted to keep his boy safe, and keep his name alive a little longer. So, you’re not hurting me if you call yourself by your name, it’s your daddy’s name too, and I’m proud of you for wanting to keep it. So you go, you go be a doctor, like your daddy, just remember where your home is. Now I got to see your mom, I think she needs me. You come and see her in a while, OK? I think you got some apologising to do, and a couple of fences to mend.”

With that he left the room, squeezing my shoulder just once, and ruffling my hair as he passed, his only physical expressions of affection.

Three weeks later, I was waiting for my flight to be called at Des Moines Airport, all four of us, Charlie, Mother, Lori and me, standing in silence. Enough had been said already, and I was going anyway, because I wanted to, leaving my family behind, because I thought I needed to. Lori was avoiding me, glaring at me, her face streaked with angry tears, mother was stiff, unbending, anger in every line of her body, and Charlie was silent, probably tired of being the peacemaker.

The silence was becoming oppressive, and finally, to my relief, I heard my flight being called. I trudged to the departure gate, even now wondering if I was doing the right thing, but still convinced that Iowa was not the place for me, and barely registered when someone called my name and again.

I heard running footsteps behind me, and as I turned, Mother ran full tilt into me, nearly knocking me over, hugging me, crying, telling me to behave, telling me to call, clinging on to me. I looked back over her shoulder, Charlie had his back to me, his shoulders shaking, and little Lori was still glaring daggers at me, her eyes like little blue coals, hot anger burning in them. Eventually I managed to disengage mother, my flight was boarding, and walked through the gates.

I soon settled into boarding-school life. My fees were paid on the nail by my trustees, and very soon the scholastic life engulfed me. I would spend coach-weekends with one or other of my friends, Christmas, Easter and summer holidays with those same friends and their families, usually studying to catch up with the rest of my classmates, who had spent their entire lives in the British school system, working feverishly to pass my A-Level examinations.

I would call mother religiously every Sunday evening, tell her about my week, ask about Lori, and have few words with Charlie, who never failed ask if I needed anything, and when was I going to come home and see them, and to tell me he loved me. I always promised him I would come home as soon as I could, time and studies permitting. I never managed it; there was always too much to do, and never enough hours in the day to do it all.

Eventually I was accepted at one of the major teaching hospitals in London, and worked steadily towards my medical goals; I wanted to be a Cardio-Thoracic surgeon like my father, and gradually worked my way through the clinical, medical and surgical phases of my training. I was in the middle of my junior surgical rotation when I got a terse call from Lori;

“Davey, Dad died this morning, you need to come home, now, Mom is in pieces, and I don’t know what to do.”

She hung up, and I stood numbly, all the promises I had made to Charlie now less than worthless, he had gone, and I had lost another father.

I got the first available flight home, and there was Lori, waiting for me at Des Moines, but not the Lori I remembered; when I left she was a gangly 11-year old, 8 years later she was a full-blown stunner, a regular pin-up girl. Gone were the scrunchies, straggly black hair and dowdy tracksuit/sneaker combinations she seemed to live in; now she was wearing skin-tight black leather jeans, accentuating her superb rump, silver-tipped patent cowboy boots with silver heels, and a low-cut top outlining her killer breasts, probably a 36B cup, full, firm and enticingly feminine; nothing flat-chested or boyish about my kid sister, that was for sure!

With her long glossy black curls tumbled over her shoulder, setting off her cornflower-blue eyes, she looked like a vision, a total head-turner, and not just to me, judging by the stares of the other men walking through the Arrivals Lounge, their eyes fixed on her tight arse jumping and switching under those skin tight jeans a she walked. In so many ways, she was a snapshot of how mother must have looked 30 years ago. I just stood there, mouth agape, dazzled by my baby sister.

“Seen enough yet? Close your mouth, David, you’re causing a draught.”

Her comment was sharp, acerbic, her deep blue eyes glittering like arctic stars, sharp, brilliant, and cold. That was enough to jerk me back to my senses, and hold out my arms to hug her in commiseration and mutual loss. As I hugged her, I realised how much I had missed my little sister. But, she had called me “David”, not ‘Davey’, my family and fireside name, and she had been stiff and unyielding when I hugged her.

“She’s still angry with me” I thought, apprehensively.

Lori led me out to Charlie’s old Saturn, with ‘Ouch’ still painted on the ding on the rear bumper, another powerful reminder of our loss, and all I managed was some inane comment about the old bus still going strong, which she pointedly ignored.

On the way back to the house Lori and I talked in a desultory manner about Charlie, I reminisced about his patient coaching of me when I played Little League, teaching me to slide in for a base, the way he took pains to make sure I remembered as much as possible about my father, his fund of really funny clean jokes, his fondness for terrible puns, and his complete inability to cook even a frozen meal without burning it. Mother used to ask him how he could possibly fly and land a multi-million-dollar fighter jet with one hand, and yet be incapable of understanding a simple stove. We went on in this vein for a while, exchanging happy memories about good times, and then Lori dropped the bombshell.

“Davey, there’s more, I couldn’t tell you over the phone, I don’t know how to tell you now, but here goes. Mom had a malignant tumour removed from her liver two years ago. She had the chemo, and it looked like it was gone, she came up all-clear just a few months ago.”

She paused, her mouth working as she fought to keep her voice level.

“The cancer’s back, metastatic tumours on her lungs, kidneys; it’s bad, and she’s pretty far gone. I’m sorry, she wouldn’t let me tell you, she didn’t want to disrupt your studies, and she knew what being a doctor meant to you. Dad waited for you to come home, he tried to hold on, he missed you so, now it’s too late, it’s too late for everything, why did you have to go away, why did you stay away so long, we needed you…!”

She had started crying while she was telling me, and her driving was getting erratic, so I asked her to pull it over, while a knot of cold fear and hot shame and guilt built up in my stomach. Charlie, now mother, God, how do we get through this?

I took the wheel of the Saturn and drove back to the old place on full auto-pilot, parked the car and ran inside to my mother. She looked shockingly old, thin and drawn, and one look at her told me she was nearly done; I had seen it too many times before to not recognise the signs. I lost it at that point, the years I had been away a huge gulf between us, time and togetherness I would never recapture, and no time left to try and make it up to her…

The guilt tore at me as I realised Lori was right; she’d been right, I should never have gone away, now it was too late…

After the tears, mother said she had some plans for all of us, and gave us the gist of it. She and Charlie had planned to retire to Maine, we had holidayed there in the past, and it reminded her so much of the coastal woodlands and fields around where she had grown up, outside Barnstaple in Devon. She wanted to sell up and go there, see and smell the sea one last time. I agreed, of course, what else was I going to do?

We held the funeral the following week. Charlie’s remains were cremated and scattered over the gently rolling hills, just as he had wanted, by one of his air force friends from the cockpit of an old Curtiss biplane.

I had located and purchased through an agent a nice house just outside Bar Harbor, Maine, with superb views of the majestic coastline for mother to enjoy. The cost wasn’t an issue, as my trust-fund had yielded an amazing amount of money, enough to keep us all in comfort for the rest of our lives, plus I had made additional financial arrangements to care for my family, as if I had known, even then, that they would need me someday.

It still tore at me, though, that I had left them behind to start a new life, but they had never let me go…

I guess the stress of the funeral, and the upheaval and prospect of moving to Maine was too much for her, because mother passed-away in her sleep two days after the funeral.

Now we had to organise another funeral. Lori was nearly out of her mind with grief, and I was too paralysed with guilt to function rationally, but we somehow stumbled through the whole circus all over again, then I was left with the problem of what to do next.

I contemplated taking Lori back to London with me, but she flatly refused, instead she insisted we make a clean break from Iowa, as had been originally planned, get rid of the old place, and move to the house in Maine, at least for now. Lori wouldn’t live in the old place; there were just too many associations with mother and Charlie.

It seemed a logical move, so we left instructions with a realtor to dispose of the house, and upped-stakes and moved to Bar Harbor, and got down to getting to know each other all over again.

At first it was strange, just the two of us, but we adjusted; I did most of the cooking, shopping and cleaning; Lori was too listlessly uninterested in anything, and had taken to sitting silently, draped in bathrobes and sweatpants, in mother’s old green recliner, feet tucked under, only shuffling in to meals when I called her, and then retreating to her room, to cry, I supposed.

I would hear her sobbing at night, but I hadn’t the courage to go and comfort her; what would I say, without sounding like a complete hypocrite? My own guilt kept me from even making the attempt, though I spent more than a few evenings sitting by myself looking through old family pictures and snuffling.

And so it went on, the silences growing louder and more oppressive, the gulf between us widening with every passing day. The house had an almost palpable air of gloom and sadness, our loss hanging in the air, unspoken, heavy, and stifling.

Gradually, though, slowly, she began to re-emerge, to talk to me about Charlie and Mother, their life without me being there (but not digging at me for leaving), High School and Community College, but thankfully she didn’t reproach me any further, at least not verbally; I think she knew how guilty I was feeling, and she was too sweet-natured to belabour the point, but I would occasionally catch her looking at me reproachfully, and then look away. But she had said her piece, on the way back from the airport, so that was the end of it.

But she was still hurting, and sometimes the least thing, one of mother’s hair barrette’s falling out of a box, or finding one of Charlie’s old combs in a drawer, would set her off into a fit of the blues, and she would end up back in that recliner chair, sobbing. I would leave her there, incapable of comforting her, and too guilty to try.

I had tried to apply subtle pressure on her to find some interests, or to perhaps go to college in New York or California; I could afford her tuition, and fully support her while she studied, but she said she would rather find a local job; the academic life was not for her. It was her decision, but at least she would always have me if things got desperate, and she would have this house, I had made sure of that.

Eventually, she began to come further out of her shell, smile briefly at some of the things I would say to try and cheer her up, at my ‘English’ way of expressing myself, and to pick up her life and take an interest in things again. She stopped moping around in slippers and old bathrobes, and I even saw her one evening wearing jeans and a plaid shirt instead of her usual black sweats.

I had brought my laptop, and would work in the evenings, writing up or commenting on the case notes the departmental secretary would email me, and sometimes Lori would sit and watch me work, very occasionally bringing me a coffee, and slowly re-connecting with me, as I was trying so hard to do with her. She would read some of the notes over my shoulder, and ask questions about the surgeries I had performed, sharp, intelligent, insightful questions, and talk with me about how much I loved it, her lively natural curiosity slowly returning.

Finally, one fateful evening, while we were watching TV and having a maudlin conversation about Charlie and Mother’s favourite TV programmes, she grimaced and threw the remote onto the chair.

“OK, Fuck this moping around indoors, we need to go out, let’s go get hammered, I’m ready to cause trouble!” she blurted out.

I had guessed she had something on her mind; all day she had been looking at me enigmatically, and would start to say something, then break off and go quiet again. I would ask her “What’s up Lori?” and get a muttered “Nothing….”

I could tell that something had been on her mind for a couple of days now, and several times I had caught her looking at me speculatively, but this sudden impulsive decision to cut loose was unexpected, to say the least. As a doctor, however, I felt it was probably healthier than the overwhelming darkness and gloom of late, so I agreed, and we decided to find a local bar, get some drinks, do some dancing, and celebrate Mother and Charlie’s lives a little.

Lori ducked upstairs to get changed while I went looking for some shoes and the car keys, and when I came back into the room, a vision stood before me. She had changed into a white, clinging jersey micro-minidress with a high neckline, but plunging almost to the floor at the back, complete with 4-inch heels and smoky eye-shadow.

“You like?” she asked, pirouetting like a dancer. “Er….wow”, was all I could say, especially as I could see every curve and outline of her wonderful body, which led me to conclude that she had ‘gone commando’ as the phrase puts it.

“You do know where you are, don’t you?” I asked, “The local constable will probably arrest you for being indecently dressed if he sees you in that get-up, not to say giving the Boston expatriates a heart attack!” I said, adding “Besides, you look absolutely naked under that thing”, to which Lori gave me a sly grin and slid the skirt up.

Holy Christ, she was naked…

“Lori, what in the name of all fuckery do you think you’re doing, you’ll get arrested!” I gasped, shocked that my (not so little) little sister was showing me the goods, (and turning-up the heat under me as well, if I’m completely honest!)

“Fuck it, I’m a party girl out on the town, what can they do to me?” she flipped back at me, and cheekily thrust out her bottom to display her magnificent backside even more prominently. She really was her mother’s daughter, I realized, as hazy memories of seeing my mother’s naked arsehole being fucked hard suddenly gelled into full remembrance.

“Oh, I don’t know, get raped in some bar, get banged-up on a prostitution charge, or worse!” I replied.

“I like the getting banged-up bit, you English have such apt expressions sometimes!” she threw back at me with a louche, wicked grin. “Anyway, do you like what you see?” she asked, once again pulling her skirt up to her waist and turning a complete circle once again. She looked like she had just stepped off the set of a porn movie, and by now I was struggling to manage an increasingly unruly erection, sister or not!

“Lori, stop it, get something a little more decent on, for Chrissake!” I managed to choke out, older-brother protectiveness finally losing out to increasing horniness, enjoying the sight of her magnificent globular buttocks jiggling slightly with every movement, and the equally alluring sight of her recently waxed pudenda, the lips innocent of a single hair or blemish. She grinned at me again, her eyes travelling to my groin, where I knew my arousal was plain to her, even from across the room

“You were checking me out at Des Moines International, you’re a blonde, and as I have a thing for blonde men, you can have a good look for free; in fact, now you’ve seen the rest, you can see the best!”

With that, she whipped her minidress over her head and turned to face me, arms crossed behind her head. My eyes were riveted on the most magnificent pair of jutting breasts, crowned with coral-pink nipples and areolae, and compounded by her tiny waist, which made them seem much larger than they were, which was saying something, believe me! Her pose had the effect of thrusting those beauties out even further, and with her glorious buttocks thrust out and her flat stomach rounding down to the mystery between her legs, she looked like every man’s perfect porn fantasy, mine included!

“I’ve got a pair of .38′s, and by the look of your pants, you’ve got a real gun in there, you gonna prove me wrong? Fair’s fair, I showed you mine, you have to show me yours!” she ginned at me.

“Come on Davey, I need some fun, and you need to unload, why not combine the two, fun and unloading, maybe all over my face?”

I was rendered absolutely speechless by her cheerful lack of inhibition, but also ready to take her up on her offer. But, a small insistent part of my brain kept repeating ‘This is your sister, this is your sister, this is your sister’. Another, darker part intruded with ‘Half-sister, only half-sister, go for it! With hindsight, it’s obvious now that whichever head I was thinking with at that moment, it almost certainly wasn’t the one at the top of my neck…

“Lori”, I spluttered,” this is so wrong, you’re my sister…”

“HALF-sister” she countered, emphasising the ‘Half-’, “and I’ve been hot for you since I saw that photo of you in the rowing team when you were 18, so are you gonna come over here and grab these while they’re on offer or not? C’mon Doctor Davey, let’s play Doctors and Nurses, you can suck on these, and then I’ll suck on yours… ”

That did it for me, and I moved in, hands outstretched. Lori arched her back and thrust her gorgeous breasts into my outspread hands. Her nipples were hard as jellybeans, and a pink flush was spreading across her chest, as I moulded and kneaded those magnificent tits, rubbing her nipples with my thumbs to make her groan with excitement.

I pulled her close and turned her sideways on to me, sliding my left hand down to her excitingly bare pussy, while my right hand drifted down to the crevice of her buttocks. I caressed her pussy lips while rubbing my right index finger up and down her buttock crevice, pausing only when I brushed across her tight little anus in a slow circling caress.

“Oh, so you’re an ass-man, I might have guessed, most men are. Did you know Dad was a dedicated ass-man, and that Mom loved it in her ass?”

I paused in slight shock at this revelation, as Lori continued.

“I sometimes used to watch through the door when Dad fucked Mom in the ass, she was a moaner, and she loved him to fuck her ass hard and dump his load up her ass! Sometimes he’d pull out and spew his stuff all over her face, then stuff his cock up her pussy and start fucking her again — man, he had stamina and staying power, they used to be at it all night, it used to keep me awake!”

This revelation caused my cock to stiffen to almost unbearable hardness, so it came as a blessed relief when I felt Lori undoing my belt, unzipping my jeans, and freeing my cock so she could rub and squeeze the length of it. All through this I kept up stroking her pussy and feeling-up her bumhole, gradually sliding some of the dew from her pussy into the crack of her buttocks and onto her anus, until I was able to slide my finger into her tight little rear entrance. Lori shuddered, and closed her eyes, pulled my head around to kiss me hard on the lips.

“Now that you’ve joined-in, are you going to follow through?” she whispered through gritted teeth.

For answer I inserted another finger into her tight bum-hole, and slid them both back and forth.

“You don’t have to do that, I have lube, and I’ve done this before, believe me”, then paused, “but maybe not with something so thick or so long — we shall have to try it and see, yes? Just one more thing; do this properly, because I need it, and so do you, OK?”

I nodded mutely and turned her away from me, to lube up her arsehole and fuck her, the way I had seen her father fuck my mother so long ago, but she had other ideas.

“Oh no you don’t, I want to face you when you assfuck me, I want you to bite my nipples and pull my ass-cheeks apart, I want you to hammer that big cock of yours into my ass until you hit bottom, and I want to see your eyes when you come in my ass.

Nothing would have given me greater pleasure. Lori had a truly magnificent backside, globular buttocks larger and more feminine and shapely than the boyish backsides currently in vogue, opulent, but not excessive, taut, firm and slightly gelid, quivering slightly with her movements, with no sag or stretch. The thought of holding those spectacular globes was almost too exciting to contemplate, with the added bonus that I could suck those awesome teats while ramming my cock into her bum as hard as I could.

Lori squeezed a spurt of lube onto my finger and said “sit, on the couch, and lube my ass up properly”.

I duly obliged, but continued rubbing her clitoris with my other hand, making her shudder as she goaded me.

“Go on, you fucker, make me come, rub my pussy juice in my ass as well!”

I kept rubbing and lubricating, while her hands moved to her breasts and began to pinch and pull on her nipples. Suddenly she gasped, her knees sagged and she would have fallen if I hadn’t had half my hand in her bum, holding her up.

“Oh,that felt so good, you’ve done this before!But that was just a teaser for the main event!” she smiled at me, “Now lie down, I need to do this slowly.”

I lay back, pulling off my tee-shirt and sliding my jeans and briefs off, and my cock sprang up like a flagpole, achingly ready for this ravishing creature, my little sister.

“Mmm, looks like someone needs a fuck” she murmured, straddling me and rubbing the tip of my cock up and down the crack of her backside. She squirted a fingertip of lube on her index finger and rubbed the tip of my cock, almost making me shoot there and then. She must have felt the throb, because she dug her fingernail into the sensitive area between my scrotum and anus, the perineum, the small sharp pain causing me to instantly back away from the brink.

“Oh no you don’t, not just yet, I need this full and ready!” she grinned, squeezing me some more as she rubbed and fondled me.

With that, she leaned towards me, allowing me to snag her bottom lip with my teeth in a gentle nip, and whispered into my face “now, pull my ass cheeks apart, I need your help to get this thing inside of me.”

I happily complied, any chance to get my hands on her magnificent bum again. Lori leaned back slowly, gingerly engulfing my cock in her backside. I felt the resistance as my cock pushed against her sphincter, listening to her gasp as I slid inexorably into her quivering anus.

“so big, so big, Oh God, slowly, please…” she muttered, and then suddenly, with almost an audible ‘pop’, my cock slid into her backside, and her eyes widened momentarily as I slid all the way home.

“Now you can pump me, lover boy, just go slow, OK?” she gritted at me, and, happy to comply, I started pulling apart and squeezing together her bum cheeks while she slid up and down on me.

Lori started a long, slow rhythm, rising and falling, while I enjoyed the fantastic sensation of her tight anus clamping hold of my cock and dragging up and down on it. I was desperate to come, but I wanted to see what she was going to do next, so I kept meeting her rhythm while reciting sections from ‘Materia Medica’ in my head to divert myself from what I wanted to do most, which was let go and fill up her bum with my hot spunk.

All the while, as she was grinding herself up and down on me, Lori kept pumping and rubbing her clitoris with her left hand, supporting herself with her right hand in the middle of my chest. Her breathing became more ragged as she began to speed-up.

Her orgasm hit her with piledriver force, her body quivering and shuddering, as she groaned out loud, her sphincter clamping around my cock so tightly it felt like a vice.

I couldn’t hold on any longer as my cock head swelled up to what felt like impossible size in the tight confines of her anal canal, and I just started blowing long ropes of spunk into her hot bum, filling her up to the brim, as I came more strongly than I had ever come in my life – I swear I felt my eyes bulge with the release of pressure!

I gasped out “Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors are a class of compounds typically used as antidepressants…!” which just popped out as the tail-end of my efforts to not come before she did.

Eventually I stopped spraying spunk into her, and Lori slumped onto my chest, murmuring softly as she grazed on my neck, her body still shuddering and quivering as aftershocks rocked and trembled through her. Eventually she stilled, raising up to lick my chin and grin at me.

“So Doctor Man, how do you like my therapy session, then?”

For answer I lifted her head, and kissed her long and passionately, squeezing and kneading her bum while she slowly rubbed up and down against me. After a while, we had to break for air, and Lori leaned up on her elbows and smiled at me.

“I’ve waited 6 years for that, since I was 13 and saw that picture of you. It felt so good to finally get you to fuck me, Davey, it was definitely worth the wait. What do you want to do now?”

I lay back, savouring the afterglow, but also feeling guilty that the girl I had just sodomised was my sister, but as I lay there, admiring her fabulous figure, with her tumbled black hair, and her swaying breasts as she loomed over me, I only had one thing on my mind; to fuck her again, as many times as possible this wonderful night!

“Let’s go find a bedroom, I want to play with you tonight, you dirty-minded little temptress!”

I grinned at her, and her eyes lit up with mischief as she disengaged from my still hard cock, giving a small gasp as my hardness slid out of her, mini orgasms chasing through her body as she quivered above me.

As she rose, she tweaked the end of my cock, a naughty grin on her face.

“So, what the hell was that you just shouted out?”

I blushed and said “I was trying to think of something to stop me coming too quickly — it was either a medical text or an image of Margaret Thatcher, the Materia Medica won…” I trailed off as she smiled the dirtiest smile I have ever seen grace a female face.

“It worries me that you can quotes stuff like that off the bat, Davey. You have obviously been studying far too hard for far too long, young man!” she stated seriously, “but Nurse Lori has just the cure for that. How about we climb into that nice big bed upstairs and you can fuck the shit out of me. You can shove your cock anywhere you like, as many times as you can manage — if you want, I’ll even dress-up for you, I have some very sexy, very slutty outfits, you can road test them for me!”

I wanted!

I stood up, my cock still at half mast, and grabbed her to me, kissing her passionately while squeezing her firm buttocks and rubbing my semi-erect cock against her pussy lips. Lori kissed me back just as fiercely, grinding her pudenda against my cock, hoisting it up to somewhere near full stretch. Deep-down, I was still trying to process that the girl I had just fucked, and was gearing-up to fuck again, was my little sister, but I had already broken the taboo, so it was a little late to be worrying about that, but I still felt a residual guilt. Right now, though, my cock was in charge, and it knew what it wanted to do!

Lori broke our kiss to look me in the eyes and say, in all seriousness “You are OK with this whole situation aren’t you, you know, us fucking together and all? Because this is not a one-night thing for me — I’ve wanted you since I don’t know when, and now I’ve got you I want this to go somewhere real, not just become a casual fuck-buddy thing.”

I stared back at her, and realised that, under the sheer animal lust, I loved her more than I could articulate, and I knew that I wanted her so hard it hurt, that she was definitely the one for me. The revelation that she had wanted me for so long was a bit of an earth-shaker for me; I had never thought of myself as particularly desirable, and certainly not the stuff that dreams are made of…

I looked her in her eyes and said “Lori, I want only you, now and for always. I want to spend my life with you, I want to wake up next to you for the rest of my life, and I want to be the only man for you, forever. A man like me can only dream of a peach like you, and I never want to let you go, do you hear me?”

Lori’s eyes brimmed, and two big tears overflowed and ran down her cheeks as she grinned at me.

“You smooth-talking English bastards are all the same, anything to get in a girl’s pants! You had me the first time you kissed me, you silly ass, but it’s nice to hear you say it! Now, take me upstairs, I need to freshen-up for round two!”

We adjourned upstairs, where I took the opportunity to grab a quick shower and run a shaver over my face. I had just finished drying-off when Lori stepped into the room, fresh from her own ablutions. She had changed into a low-cut blouse, figure-hugging leggings, and had piled her hair up with one errant curl hanging down onto her face. With her raven hair and glowing white skin she looked innocent and wholesome, and truly fuckable, and I just wanted to grab her, yank her legs apart, and stick my tongue in her pussy.

Lori had other ideas; it seemed she was in the mood for a little teasing, to which end she kept dancing out of reach every time I made a grab for her, until I managed to connect and drag her close.

Her mouth was so inviting I had to kiss her, gently and lightly, and she responded in like manner, our kisses gradually becoming more serious as our mutual arousal began to make itself felt. I slipped my hands to her hips, and felt the outline of panties under the leggings, which made her giggle. I looked at her quizzically, wondering why she’d gone to all the trouble to get dressed again, seeing as we were up here for only one reason!

In answer to my raised eyebrow, she smiled sweetly at me as she said “If you want to fuck me, you’re gonna have to strip me, Doctor Dearest!”

Taking her at her word, I tugged at the waist of her leggings, sliding them down past her buttocks, and she wriggled as she slid them down the rest of the way, I continued to fondle and jiggle her buttocks, and slid my finger under the waistband of her tiny, satiny panties, preparatory to sliding them off. “Why are you wearing panties?” I asked her curiously.

She looked at me pityingly.

“Because I know that men like to peel them off slowly, apparently it’s a big turn-on for them. Is it the same for you?” she asked, giving my erection a playful tweak.

“I think we’ll have these off” I responded, sliding my hands down the sides of her panties and pushing them down. She was right; I found the act of sliding off her panties extremely stimulating. Lori stepped out of her panties and stood before me, wearing her blouse and high-heels, and stark naked below the waist.

“Oh Doctor, are you going to give me an examination?” she asked in a little-girl voice.

“Oh yes” I replied, “I may have to give you a couple of injections as well.”

She turned away from me, bent forward slightly, thrusting out her beautiful rump, and reached behind her to pull her cheeks open, making her puckered anus gape.

“Could you do it in there, please, I think I need to have an injection now, the last one seems to have worn off!”

I needed no further prompting, and closed in for the kill. I helped her pull her top off, and eased her down onto the bed, stroking and rubbing her pussy, nibbling her erect nipples, and getting her ready for my cock, because I was going to fuck this beauty rigid tonight!

Lori lay back, pulling me down with her, into a tight and breathless embrace, our lips clamped together and tongues entwined.

“Do me now, I want you to stretch my pussy for me, make this real for me, Davey, now!” she pleaded, and I was happy to oblige.

I shuffled on my knees between her smooth pale thighs, and moved forward to position my cock at her entrance. I was conscious of the way her breasts didn’t flatten out, but remained firmly pointing skywards as I gently inched forward.

“Do it now, Davey” she pleaded, and I slowly but firmly thrust my cock home.

She yelped, and locked her arms around my neck, drawing me down to her lips, as I began a slow, in-out motion, sliding my cock deeper with every thrust, Lori meeting me thrust for thrust. I kept this motion up as she ground herself against me with every thrust, and I could feel her pulse racing as she approached orgasm. When she came, it was with a power and energy that startled me, her long legs locking around my waist as she pulled me tight against her, while her pussy throbbed and rippled around my straining cock, squeezing me delightfully as orgasm after orgasm raced through her. When she eventually fell back, momentarily sated, she kissed me hungrily and blearily asked me “What about you?”

“Don’t you worry my dear,” I said in the same calming tone an anaesthetist uses to calm worried housewives, “Doctor Davey has an injection for you to cure you of this temporary attack of nymphomania.”

She looked at me blankly for a second or so, understanding dawning on her face as she grinned as she said “I think I’m ready for my injection now, Doctor!”

I knew what I wanted to do, rolling her onto her front and plumping two pillows under her stomach, to raise her rump in the air. I moved behind her, to lie back down on top of her, reaching under her to cup and squeeze her fabulous breasts. I felt Lori’s hand between us, guiding my erection into her back passage, and for the second time that evening, I slid my cock into my her willing bumhole. I tried to resist the urge to pound away, but the memory of what I had witnessed when I was a child, of my mother being fucked in this way, took over, and all I wanted to do was re-enact what I had seen. Then it had been my mother and her lover, now it was my turn, with my mother’s daughter, heating me to frenzy as I fulfilled her demand of earlier in the evening, that I pound her ass until I hit bottom.

I rammed away as hard as I could, Lori alternately squealing and urging me on, as she orgasmed again and again. Eventually, the sensations in my cock from her rippling anus, and the feel of her beautiful firm breasts, was enough to bring me to climax again, and once again I filled her arse with what felt like gallons of spunk.

“Oh God, Davey, that was sensational” she slurred, “you fucked my ass like a madman, it was fucking amazing, thank you!”

I rolled onto my side as my cock softened and reluctantly popped out of her spasming bumhole, kissing her on her ears and neck, and pulling her close to me. Lori wriggled around to face me, so I began kissing her lightly on her lips, nose, and eyelids.

“I couldn’t wait to do that” I confessed, “I once saw Charlie do it to mother before my father died, and I remembered it, and I just wanted to do it too.”

Lori looked at me in surprise. “I knew that my dad was your father’s friend, but I never knew that he and mom were getting it on while your father was still around,” she said.

“Oh yes,” I told her, “when I saw them do that, my father was in the room, watching, and after father went into hospital, Charlie moved into mother’s bedroom, I used to hear them at night, I suppose they were doing more of the same. I think now that father, because he was dying, wanted his best friend to have his wife, because father knew that Charlie would be a good husband to her and a good father to me.”

Lori rested her head on my shoulder, her glorious eyes glittering.

“We did alright with our parents, didn’t we? After all, if your dad hadn’t thrown our mom and my dad together, I wouldn’t be here now, banging the man of my dreams, my handsome big brother!”

I grabbed her by her buttocks and pulled her close to me, pressing her glorious breasts against me.

“And I wouldn’t be lying here, with the love of my life, my kid sister, pumping spunk into all her holes as hard as I could!

“I haven’t had all my holes filled up, at least not yet, you pervert!” she giggled, “I still have a few treats in store for you!” she smirked, gently cupping and squeezing my scrotum.

Even after all our strenuous fucking, my cock was inching up again. I was incredulous, this woman was amazing, she was sex personified! We had been banging away like a pair of rabid raccoons, and now here I was, rearing up for another round, definitely a new experience for me!

Lori winked at me, said “back in a second!” and disappeared into her room.

A few seconds later she came back in, this time wearing a white garter belt and white stockings. “Like it?” asked Lori, posing for me with her arms behind her neck, breasts and sculpted rear end thrust out, glossy black curls cascading down her back, pouting a kiss at me, looking for all the world like a 50′s pin-up centrefold .

“Oh God yes, come here!” I responded, and Lori responded by climing onto the bed on all fours, her beautiful breats swaying as she smiled at me.

“Now you get to fill my pussy, are you man enough?”

I leapt to the challenge, moving behind her to pull her into a kneeling position, her sculpted hindquarters offering a view guaranteed to tempt a saint into sinning with gusto and imagination.

I closed in right behind her, and she reached back and linked her hands behind my neck, which had the effect of thrusting out her breasts, giving me a double handful of warm girl-flesh to hold on to. I eased her knees apart with my knees, took a firm hold, and managed to hit her pussy dead on first time, with no fumbling around.

Lori gasped at my rapid entry, and let go of my neck to grab hold of the bed head. I kept a firm hold of her incredible breasts, to give me enough leverage to keep thrusting as hard as I could. I was extremely stimulated by this position, as I had a perfect view of my cock powering in and out between her fabulous buttocks.

Her smooth back arching inwards to keep her breasts jutting out, the firmness of her breasts in my clutching hands, and her nipples hard as cherry stones against my palms, and most of all the rippling,squeezing wet warmth that was her pussy as it squeezed and massaged my surging cock, all combined into an expoerience so erotic I was gasping with the impact of it even as I pounded into her. I couldn’t last for long like this, but I remembered to ask her if she had protection.

“Don’t worry; I’ve been on the pill for years, so you can top up my tank if you’ve got the stuff, Lover Boy!” she gasped back at me.

At that, I shot my third load into this beautiful girl, and once again I came so hard it astonished me. Lori had obviously been having a string of orgasms, and when I finally withdrew she rolled over, put her arms around my neck, and clamped her lips on mine.

“Thank you David, that was amazing, you fuck good for an Englishman!” she grinned. “Maybe you should get some sleep now, you’re going to need your rest for later! However, darling boy, if you do get the urge during the night, please feel free to just climb on and prod away, I shan’t mind, honestly!”

I grinned happily at her. “You are a very rude young woman; I may just take you up on that!”

It was all bravado, though; for the moment, I was sated. However, I was more than happy to have this ravishing creature, my beautiful sexpot sister, naked and available in my bed, so I kissed her while sliding a finger into her accommodating anus.

“If you’re going to keep doing that, I’d better keep the lube close by, just in case” she whispered, squeezing my cock and licking my lips. I pulled her close, with her head in the angle of my shoulder and my arms around her, relaxed, happy, and content for the first time in what felt like forever.

I awoke with a definite pleasurable sensation in my groin and cock; a warm soft suctioning, gentle and urgent. I opened my eyes fully, to see a pair of blue eyes twinkling at me, as Lori suckled my cock and gently squeezed my balls.

“That’s a hell of a wake-up call, you know” I croaked at her, as she removed her mouth from my now rampant cock and grinned at me.

“I wanted to do this last night, but you passed-out, Doctor Sleepy-head”, so, as I put your ass to sleep, I am the boss of the bedroom!”

“Come here and we’ll see who’s the boss of the bedroom” I growled, and she obliged by kneeling upright, giving me the full panoramic viewing experience of her magnificent body.

“There’s something I want you to do for me” she said, and scooted up the bed to me, planted a big, soulful kiss on my lips, and turned away from me to straddle me so she was sitting on my chest, facing my cock

“You know what I want, off you go, you English horn dog!” she grinned back over her shoulder, leaning down to resume sucking my cock, presenting her beautiful backside and pussy for my delectation. I needed no further urging, pulling her by her hips into position and grabbing a double handful of firm, bouncy girl-flesh. I peered at every inch of the view before me, taking my time to wonder at the marvellous scenery, pulling her buttocks apart to examine every crevice and pucker.

“Get on with it, Davey!” she murmured, gently scraping my cock head with her a teeth as a playful warning and reminder of what she had in her mouth.

I grinned to myself and pulled her scenic bum down to face level, to slowly begin licking and gently rimming her anus. Lori squealed in delight as I probed her rosebud further, quivering in time to my tongue-thrusts into her secret place, and her hand snaked down to start rubbing her clitoris and penetrating her pussy.

I licked away happily as Lori frigged herself, until I could sense her orgasm building, so I slid my thumb into her damp and slightly looser bum-hole, and flicked my tongue over her bean-hard clitoris.

That did it. Lori clamped hold of my cock with her lips, and sucked like a madwoman as she came, rasping her tongue over the sensitive slit in the tip of my cock. That tipped me over, I couldn’t hold back any longer and I came like cannon, bucking my hips, my cock pulsing and jerking as I unloaded jet after jet of hot spunk into her willing mouth, giving her a Spunk-Shake, extra creamy.

Once gain I astonished myself with how hard I came; I had been sucked-off before, by some very hot girls, but none as gorgeous as Lori and none of them had ever had the effect on me that she was having.

We both came down from the euphoria, Lori slumping down to lay her head on my groin, while I was content to keep viewing her exquisite, scenic little pucker and bare pussy.

Eventually, and far too soon for my liking, shereared up and looked back over her shoulder at me, with a satisfied smile, which metamorphosed into a cheeky grin, her bottom lip caught between her teeth, and her warm little hand rubbing my still semi-hard cock.

“So, Stud, what do you want to do now?” she smiled, flicking my cock lightly with a fingertip, making it plain what SHE wanted to do now!

“I want to fuck you ’til you scream, you minxy little sexpot!” I smiled “but first, I want to talk, then I want a shower, then I need some breakfast; you dragged me into bed last night without letting me have any dinner, now the inner man is crying out for nourishment. I definitely feel the need to feed.”

“So talk, Doctor Man, what’s so important that it has to get in the way of more nookie with a side-order of ass-fucking?”

I pulled Lori down beside me on the bed, noting once again how her spectacular body seemed to fit my image of the ideal woman in every way; my cock took notice as well, hardening even more as this beautiful naked girl, the little girl I had grown up with, my sister, wriggled wantonly against me. I had to resist mightily the urge to suckle greedily on her nipples while I groped her sexy body, as I had something hugely important I needed to say to her.

“This is important, Lori” I started “not just pillow-talk, this is about where we go from here.”

She looked at me with slight apprehension in her eyes, so I decided to head that one off before she got the wrong idea. I slipped both hands under and cupped her buttocks, dragging her into full-skin-on-skin contact with me, my cock lying between us.

“Lori,” I began, “I know we are family, but that’s immaterial. What’s happened has happened, and I can’t unmake it happen, nor would I ever want that, not in a million years. I realised last night that you are more, so much more than just my half-sister. I’ve fallen in love with you, and I love the feeling. I lay awake half the night thinking about how I feel about you, about what you mean to me, and I know there’s no-one else for me. When I came home, I was coming home for the worst reason in the world, not to fall in love. You changed all that, in just one night. Now I know I can never walk away from you. I mean to have you and keep you with me for the rest of my life, as my lover…and my wife, if you’ll have me.”

Lori gasped, and grabbed my face to look deep into my eyes. Whatever she saw there, she knew it was the pure, unalloyed truth, and her glorious eyes brimmed over as she slid her arms around my neck, pulling me in tight for a kiss that lasted forever.

At last we surfaced, and Lori looked at me with a straight and serious expression on her face.

“David Denham,” she said, something she only called me when she was being completely serious, “I want to be everything to you, surely you must know that, but how can we do that, I’m your sister!”

“No, half-sister, and yes, we’re related, but we have different fathers, that might make a big difference. I thought long and hard about this very issue last night, while you were snoring”, I replied; she punched me in the arm, so I continued, “and I don’t really see that there is an issue. We have different surnames, we have different parents (well, mostly!), and we’re from different countries, so there’s really nothing to connect us. I’m already a qualified doctor, trained at one of the world’s most prestigious teaching hospitals, so getting licensed to practice in the state of Maine should be a doddle. This house is in your name, so you’ll always have a home and security here, if that’s what you want. I love you, and I intend to be with you forever, wherever. I want you to believe that, because I know I’m in love with you, and I want you to be perfectly happy every day of your life.”

Lori said nothing, just stared at me with her eyes getting wider as I laid-out my arguments for staying together.

“Why did you buy this house in my name?” she eventually asked. I reminded her that when I had asked to come to England, she had refused, had insisted that her place was with her parents. With both her parents gone, I was the only family, and I felt it was my duty to make sure she was well provided for.

“I couldn’t think of a way to persuade you to come with me, as you had made it clear you wanted to stay here, and yesterday I had decided to stay here, and practice in Maine, rather than be separated half a world away from you, my little sister. The deeds for the house are with my solicitor’s in London, to be certain no-one could ever take it from you. As a fallback for you, there’s also $500,000 in your name in an account in a bank in Boston, it’s been there since I was 18 and gained control of my trust-fund, because you’re the most important person in my world, and you always have been; even when you were an annoying, scraggy brat!”

Lori looked away, then stared back up into my eyes, her own glorious blue eyes brimming with unshed tears.

“David, I want to be your wife, I want to live with you and grow old together, and most of all I want to make babies with you, which should be a lot of fun! I want to go wherever you will be happiest, because if you’re happy, then I’ll be happy, plus I think London would be interesting. I know I said before that I didn’t want to go to England, but that was before I snared you with my womanly wiles, and I definitely don’t want you to quit your training, not after you’ve come so far!

I want you to become the surgeon you want to be, and I only want to be wherever you are, holding you up when you need it, and holding your hand when it gets tough. We’ll be fine, trust me. Your generosity is astonishing, but I can’t accept your money; your father intended that to be used to ease your life.”

“Nonsense” I retorted,” it was intended to better my life and I can’t think of a better way of living my life than with you in it. Just think of all the fun we’ll have spending it! Maybe on some floozy outfits like those you promised me!”

“Thank you, Davey” she replied, “I want to be your own personal floozy, so you’ll have to help me pick out the outfits that make you hot! Oh, and one more thing, ‘Scraggy Brat’, eh?” she grinned as she nipped my scrotum with the nails on her thumb and forefinger, nearly making me jump out of my skin, then kissed me again, harder, and whispered in my ear, “Will you marry me, Doctor Man?”

“Oh yes” I replied” and now I want to seal the deal before you change your mind!”

“Why Doctor Denham, whatever do you mean?” she flirted, giving my rapidly erecting cock a squeeze and rubbing her thumb over the swelling end, which was all it needed to jump up to full stretch.

Lori began nibbling my lips, my tongue, my ears, while simultaneously sliding her hand up and down my cock. My hands were busy with their own exploration of this beautiful young temptress’s nubile body, pinching her nipples, lightly squeezing and moulding her large, jutting breasts, feeling-up her taut, springy buttocks and tight, puckered anus, and lightly rubbing her pussy lips and hooded clitoris.

At last she pulled away from me to lie on her back, invitation in her eyes, and I accepted, leaning over her to kiss her full lips while I groped and plundered her pussy.

“Come here, husband-to-be, and show me how you make babies!” she invited me in a throaty stage-whisper, and once again, I hovered over her while she manoeuvred my cock into position. Once she signalled she was ready, I pushed myself into her tight pussy in one long, slow glide, watching. My cock felt more engorged than ever before, perhaps because I was so turned-on, and I began the old, old rhythm, with Lori meeting me thrust for thrust, lifting her pelvis off the bed to meet each of my thrusts.

I was savouring the whole experience, the sight of her stunning breasts quivering with each thrust, the feel of her hands rubbing and clenching my back, the sheen of sweat on her forehead and between her breasts, the sight of her biting her lip as her orgasms fluttered through her, when she suddenly stopped thrusting back at me and clamped her vaginal constrictor muscles around my cock, stopping me dead in my tracks.

“Whoa, there, Tex, this ain’t no rodeo, slow down, I have a surprise for you” she said, smiling mischievously at me. With that she released the pressure on my cock, causing me to slip out of her, and raised her pelvis off the bed.

She took hold of my cock, and, with her midsection raised off the bed, guided my cock to her pink puckered bum hole.

“Now, Davey” she urged me, and I didn’t need any further encouragement, as I speared my cock into her tight hole, causing her to groan, and gasp out “OH MY GOD!”

As I continued to plow into her backside, she began threshing and bucking, alternating between gasping “Oh yes, Oh YES!” with “fuck me Davey, harder, HARDER, oh my God, this is so fucking good!”

I loved fucking her backside this way, I had all the benefits of her tightness, plus I could bite and lick her nipples, kiss her lips and neck, and watch her eyes as she orgasmed. Lori spread her legs wide, lifting them with her hands behind her knees, enabling me to penetrate her even deeper.

Alas, I am just a weak and feeble human being, and there’s only so much a man can take. I had been holding back while orgasm after orgasm chased through now, now she reached under and grabbed my scrotum, squeezing just enough to dissolve my self control, and again I blasted my spunk into her tight, hot anal tube. Her rapidly contracting and rippling anal canal milked every drop of spunk from my cock while she let out a scream they must have heard in Portland, before collapsing under me with her hands fluttering up and down my back.

I watched as her orgasmic aftershocks rippled and died away, her breathing eventually slowing and becoming even again. At last her eyes fluttered open as she smiled at me.

“Now I don’t know how those country girls do it in England, but THAT is a good old-fashioned Iowa Ass-Fuck!” she giggled.

I could only nod in approval, but once I got my strength back, I was going to applaud. Then I was going to do it again…

I slumped down, for the moment, completely sated.

“NOW may I have some breakfast, you wicked woman?” I teased her, “so far you’ve had all the protein today, unfortunately most of it has been injected up inside your backside. I am really feeling the need to feed, so how about helping me get some sustenance, you scandalous little trollop?”

Lori grinned back “Why Doctor D, I thought you enjoyed fucking naughty little trollops in the ass, I know you certainly gave me an ass-full this morning! How about we make a deal; I make you breakfast, and, when the inner man is satisfied, we play dress-up so you can jungle-fuck me in whichever hole you get to first. Whoever passes out first buys dinner, OK?”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied, at which she sat up and swung around to get off the bed. Even the way she did that made my cock twitch; the sight of her exquisitely sculpted pneumatic buttocks moulding themselves as she sat was almost more than mortal man could bear, and I had to revert to more mental gymnastics to prevent another erection; at this precise moment, I was in no condition for another strenuous fuck with this gorgeous girl! She slipped on one of my shirts and padded from the room to go off and make breakfast, while I staggered into the shower to try and re-energise for what was to follow after breakfast.

All freshened-up and wearing only clean CK’s I followed the scent of bacon crisping and warm pancakes to the breakfast kitchen and Lori.

“You know what a man likes for breakfast, don’t you, Darling Girl” I commented, sliding my arms around her and giving her boobs a quick rub.

Lori flashed me a quick grin and a blown kiss. “I also know what goes well with breakfast” she retorted, turning to the breakfast table and leaning on it, sticking out her rump and arching her back, causing her shirt to slide up to flash her awesome backside at me, reminding me that she had plans for later. I decided I had better fortify myself while I had the chance; it looked like I was in for a long morning!

We sat and chatted over breakfast like any ordinary couple, lingering over coffee while the morning brightened up. It was the kind of summer morning they can only manage in Maine, and I found myself wishing I had come back more often. Still, I was here now, and I was going to make the most of it. Lori helped me clear up after we had finished, with just the occasional playful tweak of my crotch and flash of her nakedness under the shirt, and I made a fresh pot of coffee.

We took our coffees into the sitting room, and lounged around for a while, Lori sitting cross-legged on the sofa, with me posted on the old rocker recliner chair. I found myself staring at the juncture of her legs, barely covered by my shirt, which was much too big for her — it was a bespoke shirt, cut to fit me, and I was surprised she had room for her gorgeous tits in there, although she had wisely refrained from buttoning it up all the way; the buttons would probably have popped across the room if she taken a deep breath…

We continued chatting, about her life while I was gone, life for me at boarding school, small-talk, and as she relaxed, she moved to lie down on her stomach, resting on her elbows with her hands supporting her face, and with her feet up in the air behind her, crossed at the ankles. She looked innocent, young, and furiously sexy in this pose, all the more so because she was completely unconscious of it.

It was having an effect on me, though, and eventually Lori raised one eyebrow and said “I think you’ve recovered enough, English-boy, let’s go, I feel like some contact sport!”

I needed no further urging; with the fire in my belly put out, another one had kindled lower down, and she could plainly see my arousal, so I headed over to the couch to squeeze and caress my beautiful pin-up girl of a sister.

Lori reached up and hooked my neck, pulling me down to her lips, while I slid my hand up the back of her shirt to run my hand up and down her back, from the nape of her neck to the top of her buttock crevice.

She then turned her back on me, and slowly slid her shirt off her shoulders and down, giving me the maximum amount of viewing time of her fuck-muffin body. It would be true to say that at this point my world centered on the ache in my groin as my cock limbered-up for another point-and-shoot session!

I moved in behind her, placing my hands on her shoulders, kneading gently. “Mmmmm,” she luxuriated,” feels good, you have good hands, Doctor Man,” reaching behind her to slip her hands down my briefs, pushing them down to free my cock so she could and squeeze it, “and a lovely stiff dick, what do you plan on doing with it?”

For answer, I pulled her in close, letting my cock lie in the cleft of her warm bum-cheeks. “Oh THAT!” breathed Lori, “you should have said so, works for me…”

She leaned forward, resting her forearms on the back of the couch, sticking-out her lovely rump with an inviting wriggle, a target too inviting to pass up. I let my hand drift down and around, to gently caress her pussy, slowly becoming more insistent, more invasive as I worked my index finger into her warm wetness.

“You’re a naughty, dirty-minded young man” whispered Lori, “whatever are you doing to me? Are you trying to fuck me? If you do, I’ll tell my big brother, he’ll soon settle your nonsense…Ooooh” as I flicked my finger against her clitoris, making her jump, and causing her buttocks to jiggle invitingly around my cock.

She reached behind, to hold her cheeks open, and I guided my raging erection into her warm wet pussy, sliding my cock in and out, slipping my hands up to her lovely firm breasts, squeezing, rubbing, pinching her nipples, making her pant and buck.

Lori reached behind me to hold on to the back of my neck with her left hand, to support herself while she frigged away at her pussy with her right, and the combination of her rubbing and my thrusting soon had her in the throes of orgasm, the sensations of which, plus my hands clamped around her mind-blowing breasts and her warm globular buttocks bouncing against my lower belly, caused me to come again, as forcefully as before, pumping my man-fat into her as hard as my body could pump, leaving me weak-kneed and breathless, the blood thundering in my ears.

“Take me upstairs” she breathed; “I have some outfits I want to show you”, and so, holding hands, we headed back upstairs, Lori deliberately ahead of me on the stairs so I could watch her phenomenal bare backside bounce and jiggle as she climbed the stairs. When we got to the top of the stairs, she squeezed my still semi-erect cock.

“Go in the bedroom and wait for me, Davey, I’ll be a couple of minutes.”

I went into my bedroom and lay down on the bed, wondering what she was going to do next. A few minutes later in she walked, wearing a black PVC minidress, seamed stockings and stiletto heels, with her hair tumbled over one shoulder and a black velvet choker. I nearly came there and then. Gone was the playful girl I had just had breakfast with, in her place was this stunning seductress, a full-on Hollywood vamp, sleek, cool, overpoweringly sexy. I made a move to grab her and she shimmied out of reach.

“Uh-Uh, naughty, naughty, no touching; Just enjoy the show, the main event comes later, so lay back and enjoy!” she ordered me.

There followed, in quick succession, a blizzard of naughty costumes, beginning with a very suggestive, slutty Candy-Striper, with ponytail and hair ribbons, a Naughty Secretary with glasses, thigh-split pencil skirt and sprayed-on white blouse with a black lace bra, very sexy, a demure schoolgirl with plaid miniskirt and very questionable lingerie, and a Boardwalk Poseur, in a golden tankini, looking like gold-dipped dental floss, complete with stilettos, sunhat and Police sunglasses, very Copacabana Beach!

The last outfit was what did it for me. Lori posed in a black, figure-hugging 1940′s Veronica Lake-style night-club singer’s dress, with a plunging neckline and the back cut away low enough to leave both her lumbar dimples plainly visible, the whole outfit topped off with elbow-length black gloves, costume diamond rings, and black platform stilettos, with her hair piled high. She looked like Jessica Rabbit’s debauched brunette sister, an opinion my cock agreed with, judging by the way it jumped to attention.

“So, what’s the verdict, Hot-shot?” she breathed at me.

I, of course, was completely bowled over by this look, and could only grab her and kiss her neck and throat while running my hands up and down her back and buttocks, squeezing my hands into the cleft of her buttocks to rub her anal pucker and lift and separate her glorious bum-cheeks. I could tell by the warmth and looseness of her backside that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, not even a thong, and this excited me even more. When I was a boy, I had adored Carolyn Jones, in her ‘Morticia Addams’ role in ‘The Addams Family’ TV series, the clinging black evening dress with the cutaway back, and now here was a real-life beauty dressed like that, in my arms, waiting for me to strip and fuck her.

Lori gently pushed me away from her, and began a slow, burlesque-style strip, giving me the maximum exposure of her body as she shrugged herself out of the slinky dress to stand in front of me spread-legged, her lovely long legs encased in sheer seamed black hold-up stockings, her platform shoes making her legs look impossibly long. She posed like that for a minute or so, slowly turning to give me a view of her lovely backside.

The sight of her gloved hands sliding all over her pneumatic buttocks was almost too much for me. As the climax to the show, Lori slipped off her gloves, and, bending forward and arching her back to make her tits and buttocks protrude, she licked her right index finger and slid it into her anus, while looking at me over her shoulder, her left hand over her smiling mouth, like a little girl caught doing something naughty.

That was it! All restraint gone, I closed in on her, spinning her round to kiss her fiercely, sliding my hands up and down her back and buttocks, to jam my finger into her anus as she had done. Lori’s eyes shot wide open; she yanked my briefs down, snagging my painfully erect cock before finally freeing it, and slid to her knees, sliding her lips over my cock and bobbing her head up and down as she sucked.

Much as I liked this, I was in the mood for more physical contact, so I pulled her to her feet and guided her backwards onto the edge of the bed. Once accomplished, I grabbed her ankles and, in one rapid move, pulled her legs up and over as far as I could, until her crotch was almost pointing at the ceiling, her anus stretched open. She guessed what I was up to, and lay back and stretched her arms out, ready to enjoy the ride.

Now that I had unrestricted access to her pussy and bumhole, I wasted no time in lapping at them, tasting her soft juices and sucking at her clitoris in its little hood. Lori began to make small mewing noises, indicating to me that I was doing something right, and I in turn began to make more serious stabs with my tongue at her exposed woman flesh; the more I stabbed and lapped, the more she mewed, until I gently scraped her clitoris with my teeth, which caused her to writhe around on the bed, whimpering. I then licked all the way from her clitoris to her anus, stabbing my tongue into her anus, which was enough to set her off, and when I rubbed her clitoris with my thumb while sticking my tongue in her arse she began to come, in waves and ripples that seemed to go on and on.

When her orgasm had subsided, Lori scooted herself further up the bed and pulled me to her, putting my hand on her pussy to let me know she wanted me to fuck her. Again, I grabbed her ankles, and pulled her into my favourite position, ‘The Pile driver’, and rammed my cock into her pussy, enjoying the leverage and angle of penetration this position offered, while she draped her legs over my shoulders. I don’t know how long we kept this up, but eventually Lori, who had been orgasming almost continually through all this, asked me to ease-up, she wanted to do something else. I obliged, and she got on all fours, saying “Now, Lover-boy, fuck me properly!”

I shuffled on my knees up behind her, and squeezed my cock into her pussy.

Lori dropped her face onto the pillow, which made her rump stick straight up in the air, and gave me her hips to hang on to. I was enjoying the sight of her completely exposed pussy, with her bum hole winking at me, when she reared up on all fours, and said “stop a second, there’s something we need to do”. So saying she pulled my cock out of her pussy and jammed it straight into her bumhole!

I was now so hot that all I wanted to do was blow my load inside her, and Lori helped me by reaching under and rubbing her clitoris until she began to come, again, and, as the ripples and fluttering of her uterus drummed against her anal tube, she squeezed my scrotum, making me lose all restraint and shooting my load into her hot and willing anus.

I collapsed on top of her, the pair of us too fucked-out to do more than nibble-kiss each other as the ripples died away.

Eventually I recovered enough to roll off this perfect creature, making her moan in satisfaction. Her stockings were in tatters, so I slid off her platforms and pulled off her stockings, undid her velvet choker, and rolled her into my arms. I kissed her on her nose, and she made a little whickering sound before snuggling down into my arm, completely worn out.

I was satisfied, but I suppose I had more stamina, as I wasn’t tired, just basking in the afterglow, so I let her sleep while I thought about how we would live our lives together, and where we should do it.

After about 2 hours Lori woke, to see me freshly showered, shaved, and smelling attractively spicy (or so the aftershave claimed; I thought it smelled like mouthwash).

“What happened, Davey?” she asked in a slightly disoriented way.

“I put your ass to sleep, you little sexpot you, so now…you…owe… me …dinner!” I sing-song’d at her.

Lori turned on her stomach, pulling a pillow under her midriff to raise her lovely bum in the air, and opened her legs wide.

“There you are, pervert-boy, diner’s open, come and get it while it’s hot!” she leered, looking hot as all fuck!

“Oh no, you don’t get out of it that easily, sister of mine!” I admonished, “You lost a bet, so I want a lobster dinner, compete with all the trimmings, at the very least. But, I think I will have your pie for dessert!”

Lori grinned at that, her splayed open thighs and sticky, spunky anus making a very tempting sight.

“Are all English boys as corrupt and perverted as you, or did I just get lucky?” she asked in a voice dripping with salacious curiosity.

I grinned back, still enthralled by the deliciously panoramic view in front of me.

“Seems I was the lucky one, to catch an angel like you, complete with a mind like a dredger bucket!”

Lori rolled onto her back, laughing, and once again I marvelled at how her perfect breasts seemed to be unaffected by gravity, her coral pink nipples pointing proudly at the ceiling. Lori caught the direction of my look and said “You’re a doctor, you should know the name of this condition”, flicking her nipples idly, “It’s called Biggus Titticus Maximus, only affects girls with minds like mine.”

I struggled to keep a straight face, but couldn’t help myself; she looked so adorable with that look of mock solemnity on her face.

“Get dressed, you evil trollop, we have plans to make, and shopping to do, and don’t worry, dinner’s on me; unless you would rather I ate it off you, I understand that’s quite popular in Japan…”

“Get lost, you deviant” she retorted, grinning impishly at me, then knelt up on the bed with an angelic expression on her face, pressing her hands together as though she was praying, intoning “Dear God, please protect me from this awful pervert, he keeps sticking his big pee-pee in my wee-wee and my pooper-hole, I’m afraid if he stays around too long, he might try and have sex with me…Amen.”

I grinned at this.

“You’re a very bad girl, wife of mine, remind me later to jam something into you, but for now, please, get your panties and put some clothes on, something decent, for goodness’ sake, there are oldies around, I’d like to have lunch somewhere where we don’t get asked to leave.”

“Wife” said Lori, musingly, “I like the sound of that, sounds better than ‘sister’, remind me to hold you to it…Oh, OK, I’ll let you buy me lunch, and dinner, if you feel you can stretch that far, Captain Moneybags, but you still owe me a long, hard Jungle-Fuck, with extra gorilla-humping!”

“It will be my pleasure,” I retorted, “and if you want to talk about ‘stretching’, well, I think I managed that pretty well last night and this morning! Anyway, I’m not going to argue, I have a surprise for you, and you need to get dressed to see it, because it’s in town, so get a wriggle and a jiggle on, you naughty little strumpet!”

Lori stretched and yawned, looking for all the world like one of those big-breasted 1940′s Varga or Petty pin-up girls, with her jet-black hair piled up on her head, a couple of errant strands tumbling down to frame her beautiful face, and her large, perfect breasts jutting out, her tiny waist accentuating the jut of her breasts and the curve of her rump, at once sweet and wholesome, and yet also indescribably wanton and immensely fuckable. God, I wanted her, and the sight of her kneeling on the bed was doing things to me….”Margaret Thatcher, Margaret Thatcher…” I mumbled to myself, struggling to prevent the picture in front of me from causing the inevitable arousal.

“What did you say, Davey?” she asked.

“Oh, nothing” I said, “just going over what I wanted to do this afternoon.”

“Does that include me?” she enquired with a grin, sliding gracefully off the bed and pressing her magnificent mammaries against me as she pecked me on the cheek , sliding her hands down and around to clench my buttocks, hard… Damn, MARGARET THATCHER, MARGARET THATCHER, MARGARET THATCHER…..

“Get dressed, darling, we have places to be and things to do, so get a move on” I chided her, my voice catching just a little. Lori responded by grabbing my crotch playfully and blowing me a kiss.

“But I still want to play” she breathed sexily, her mouth making an adorable pout.


“Look Lori, the lions are roaring, I want something solid to eat! Besides, we can’t go into town smelling of sex, what would the neighbours say?”

Lori grinned back at me “Well, at least the smell of sex is a good natural perfume; after all, you must be giving off pheromones in clouds right now. And, while we’re on the subject of smells, why do you smell like you showered in mouthwash?”

I smacked her on her rump. “Get moving you, I told you, I have a surprise for you.”

Lori pulled me down to her and planted a hot, sexy kiss on my lips, and started to wriggle against me most fetchingly. It took all my will-power (or won’t-power) to gently disengage her and send her on her way with a gentle pinch in that adorable crease where the female Gluteus Maximus curves down to meet the top of the thigh.

20 minutes later, a freshly showered and made-up Lori reappeared, in a deceptively modest pair of black leggings, white shirt tied off to leave her midriff bare, just a hint of lacy bra showing at the neckline, and kitten heels. I looked closely at her leggings, as I now knew she was perfectly capable of wearing something that looked modest and demure indoors, but would probably become semi-transparent in full sunlight, to perfectly outline the lips of her pussy; what we in England call ‘mutterers’ – you can see the lips moving, but you can’t quite make out the words…

“Relax, Davey, there’s 11-year olds wearing this around town, and I’m wearing a thong!” she commented, cheekily pulling down the back of her leggings to show me the thong disappearing into the shadowed cleft between her lovely buttocks – Oh God, if I had had the time, I would have gone around with her again, and she knew it!

We drove into town, to a small Bistro famous for its lobster and oysters with Guinness, and had a very satisfying seafood lunch, then we walked hand-in-hand through town, ’til we came to my intended destination.

“Kane’s Jewellery?” queried Lori. I smiled at her and led her inside, and asked for Mrs. Kane, the proprietor.

“Doctor Denham” Mrs. Kane greeted me, “I have the selection you requested, and I take it this is the young lady?”

“Yes indeed Mrs. Kane” I replied. “Lori?”

Lori looked at me in slight puzzlement, understanding dawning as Mrs. Kane brought out a tray of diamond engagement rings.

“Darling, please pick out the ring you want, the sky’s the limit, so don’t be bashful!”

Lori again looked at me, and whispered “Why am I looking at these rings?”

“Because I can hardly marry you without getting engaged first, you silly arse” I grinned back at her, “I’m old-fashioned that way.”

Lori stood still, gazing at the tray of sparkling stones, transfixed by so much light and glitter, probably more wealth in one place than she had seen in her entire life, then pointed to a simple platinum band with a dense diamond cluster.

“I like that one” she whispered.

Mrs Kane looked at me enquiringly, then removed the ring from the tray, and passed it to Lori for her to hold up to the light and inspect.

“Is this the one you want, darling?” I asked her, she just nodded and squeezed my hand in hers.

“Thank you, Mrs. Kane, this is the one we want” I said, and handed her my credit card. We waited while she went through the whole transaction business and brought my card back to me.

“Thank you Doctor Denham, your young lady has exceedingly good taste, if I may be so bold, almost 5-carats of flawless white diamonds, no inclusions, I guarantee; a real heirloom piece.”

“Lori has excellent taste,” I replied, “she comes from the very best of families!”

Lori squeezed my hand again, and smiled tremulously as I slipped the ring on her ring finger, kneeling down to ask her the time honoured question.

“Lori, will you marry me?” The store went silent.

“Yes, I will marry you Davey” she replied, blushing prettily, and all the other customers and staff applauded.

“Davey, how much did that ring cost?” asked a wide-eyed Lori as we walked away.

“None of your business,” I replied, “I wanted to give you something that means forever, diamonds fit the bill, so you got diamonds. Just thank your lucky stars we don’t feel the same way about cow-pats!”

Once again she punched me on the arm, more of a playful dunt than a regular slap.

“Be serious, David, this is more than anyone has ever done for me, ever!”

“That’s because I love you” I replied simply, letting her see the truth in my eyes.

Lori looked at me with slightly blurry eyes.

“She called me your ‘young lady’; I was just wondering what she would have called me if she knew that three hours ago your ‘young lady’ was pumping your cock in and out of her ass!”

“Maybe she would have said something like “I remember how that used to be!’” I replied with a broad grin, “you are a devil woman, Lori Keene, with a mouth like a well-digger’s shovel; fortunately, you also fuck like a champion, so, on balance, I think I’ll keep you! Let’s go home, now that my inner-man has been satisfied, his brother lower down wants to play with your jiggly bits!”

We returned to the car and drove back to the house in happy silence, Lori leaning back in her seat and looking at me speculatively, occasionally nibbling her lower lip. I knew that gesture by now, it meant some new sexual misbehaviour was brewing in that dirty little mind of hers, and I felt a delicious tightening in my groin in anticipation of what was to come.

We got in, and sat down on the couch, Lori on my lap, straddling me, pecking small kisses on my face and neck. I could feel my cock hardening, and began untying her shirt, beginning the pleasurable task of stripping her for playtime. Lori, while she went along with it, obviously had something on her mind, and eventually grabbed my wandering hands, saying “Stop it, you pervert, I want to talk to you for a minute!”

“It had better be a minute; I want to get down to things, all your lovely jiggly things, as a matter of fact!” I leered.

“Stop it Davey, I’m trying to be serious! I want us to go to England!” she blurted out.

I looked at her in surprise.

“That was a quick decision, Kitten, what brought this on?”

Lori looked at me levelly, her gaze open and frank.

“David, I know you always wanted to be surgeon, like your father, and that’s what I want for you as well, but you have to finish your training. Don’t throw away all your years of study just because of me! I want you to finish your surgical training in England, you were almost there, and you left it to come here and take care of us. Now there’s only me, and I’ll be at home wherever you are. Marry me and take me home with you, finish your training and be the kind of surgeon your father would have been proud of. Over here, what are you going to do? Be a country doctor in rural Maine? You were meant for more than that…”

I was so overwhelmed by this girl’s simple trust in me that I could barely speak.

At last I managed to croak out “Are you sure you know what you’re saying? I’ll be gone a lot, and I mean a lot. Surgical residency in a teaching hospital in England means tight schedules and full calendars, we’d have precious little time together for the first couple of years, and I won’t be able to set my own case-load until I get to be a consultant, at least 2 years after qualifying, probably more; are you sure you want that, that you can handle that?”

Lori simply looked at me, her eyes telling me she’d already decided.

“I’ll make myself handle it; it’s what I want for you and us; I just want to be your wife.”

I looked at her in wonder, humbled by her trust, and love, hardly able to believe my luck that someone so ravishing could love and trust me so completely.

“Lori,” I said, “I promise you faithfully that your life with me will hold all the things you ever wanted, I promise you will never go without, and that you will also never have cause to doubt me. I love you more than anything on this planet, and I only want to spend my life making you happy, contented, safe and secure, Oh, and pregnant!”

Lori welled up, and, as I kissed her tears away, she grinned at me.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; you smooth-talking English fuckers will say anything to get in a country girl’s pants!”

I laughed out loud, and kissed her, she responded with abandon, flicking her tongue around my lips as I kissed and nuzzled her. My wandering hands had resumed, and they roamed over her lovely backside and up her blouse, trying to find her bra-snap.

“It unsnaps at the front” she whispered, “didn’t you ever sneak a peek at any of Mom’s lingerie catalogues?”

Actually, I hadn’t, so I followed her lead and freed her lovely, firm breasts, squeezing and lightly pinching her nipples, kneading the firm girl-flesh as our tongues explored more ardently.

Lori was squirming on my lap, frigging herself against my by-now bone-hard erection, as I slid my hand down the back of her leggings to cup her firm buttocks and pull her in closer to me.

“Upstairs, Davey…need more room…” she panted, so with one last nibble of her bottom lip, I helped her to stand and she pulled me upright. We looked at each other, and bolted for the stairs, Lori beating me to the top, which suited me fine, as I again got to watch her superb bum jiggle as she ran up the stairs. I took them two at a time, a couple of seconds behind her, and hustled her into what had become our bedroom, yanking at her leggings with one hand while I tugged my polo-shirt over my head and fumbled with my Dockers. I levered off my loafers and turned to finish stripping Lori, but she had just qualified for the Olympic Freestyle Stripping For a Fuck team, standing there naked and swinging her thong around her index finger, grinning, with her lower lip caught between her teeth.

“What kept you?” she asked, one eyebrow raised in query.

I moved in to grab her, but Lori held up her finger.

“Just got to get some more lube!” she said, popping out and then back in. I had climbed onto the bed, naked except for a big grin and an even bigger hard on, something Lori noted as she opened the tube of lubricant gel and squeezed some onto my fingertip.

“Glad to see you’re recovered, you know the drill, Doctor Man, lube me up!”

So saying, she lay down next to me, with her legs open and spectacular arse raised-up, and I applied the lube to her pink pucker, noting her little shivers every time I slid my finger into her, and looking forward to a hot, sweaty, spunk-filled interlude. If someone had looked in at this moment, they would probably have seen me drooling and grinning happily to myself, tongue hanging out like Pluto.

By now Lori was showing every sign of being ready, but I wanted some tactile stimulation, so I turned her round to face me, kissing her while I ran my hands up and down her back, cupping and squeezing her buttocks, stroking and teasing her clitoris, sliding a finger into her pussy, nibbling, sucking and gently biting her nipples, and sliding alternate fingers into her tight, crinkled little rosebud.

After 20 minutes of this, she was at a peak of arousal, as evidenced by the way she pulled me down to her.

“For God’s sake, stick your cock in me somewhere, I’m going out my mind here, fucking get on with it!” she gritted, her blue eyes flashing.

I had other plans, however, and intended to keep my promise of earlier in the day; Lori had a lovely ‘pie’, and I was going to eat it!

I rolled her over so she was face-down, provoking a comment along the lines of “what are you up to now, you pervert?” and pulled her legs apart, simultaneously bending her knees under so her rump was raised up off the bed. Now I could reach my target, and I began kissing her up the insides of her thighs, making her quiver and moan softly. Eventually, I kissed all the way up to her crotch, and flicked my tongue over her pussy, making her quiver some more, as I gradually increased the frequency and pressure of my licking, her moans intensifying. When I finally prised her firm sculpted buttocks apart and stuck my tongue in her tight, puckered hole, hard, she nearly shot off the bed!

I kept on licking, alternating between her pussy and her arsehole, watching the juices flow out of her pussy and her tight little anus gradually open and wink at me as I stabbed my tongue into it, all the while enjoying the feel of her smooth, firm, toned, utterly feminine backside and the sweet, musky tang of her excitement.

“Davey, you’re such a pervert, I love it, keep going…” she murmured, her hand by now wrapped tightly around my cock and squeezing in a slow rhythm. Now to change pace, I thought, sliding back up to her and pulling her around to face me.

Lori looked up at me with eyes filled with love, and trust, and a large amount of devilment, as she whispered into my ear, “Isn’t it about time you fucked me, stud-boy? Make it good!”

I was more than happy to oblige, mounting her and letting her guide me in, and, as before, I pumped and thrust, with Lori again meeting my every thrust in perfect unison, shudders running through her in waves as she orgasmed again and again. I was transfixed by the sight of her beautifully perfect breasts quivering and jiggling in concert with my thrusts. Lori grabbed her knees and spread her legs wide, then draped them over my shoulders, encouraging me to lean further forward, so we were almost nose to nose, with me hammering into her like a piston.