love slave

I had met two friends at the bar that hot summer night. It was about midnight when we left and started driving to my secluded cabin out in the woods far away from any spying eyes. Both of them were very attractive black men with beautiful, bulging muscles all over their bodies—including the ones between their thighs. Those muscles would be the focus of our activity for the next few days.

My hottest fantasy that I had been dreaming about for years was about to come to reality. My heart was racing and my cock was throbbing as I sat in the back seat, stroking a massive cock- and it wasn’t mine. My mouth was quivering and my body shivering with delight, anxiously awaiting the events about to unfold. I needed this more than anything now—to have these two men to please and pander with everything I had in me. There was no turning back now.

The man in the back seat with me was Tony. He was now shirtless and I was kissing his chest and licking and sucking his firm nipples while my fingers stroked his cock. John was driving us to our destination while Tony and I were getting hotter by the second. By the time we had arrived at the cabin I had my face buried in Tony’s lap desperately trying to bury his sword in my throat. He groaned loudly as he thrust his cock deeper with every stroke. His hand rested on the back of my head, expressing his complete control over the situation. That’s what this was all about. I was to be their love slave—and I was going to love every second of it!

The car rolled to a stop, but I wasn’t about to stop. I couldn’t stop now no matter what power was about to try. John got out of the car and opened the back seat door and watched us for a few moments before pulling my jeans over my horny ass. I managed to position myself to allow access for John’s cock to slide deep into my ass. Right there in the driveway his big black cock plowed into me, pushing my head down into Tony’s lap. My scream was muffled, but my pleasure was magnified as I was stuffed in both ends at the same time.

It was the most intense pleasure I had ever experienced in my life, but after a few minutes of fucking in the back seat it became most uncomfortable so we managed to stop and we quickly moved the party inside. John sat on the couch and accepted my lips around his cock. I bent over, begging Tony for his cock in my ass. There was no argument. They both knew they would have plenty of chances to switch back and forth between my mouth and my ass.

Tony spread my cheeks and fingered my hole with his forefinger. I strongly encouraged him with moans only muffled by John’s cock throbbing in my mouth. Then I felt his tongue sliding inside me, his hot saliva dripping all over my anxious hole. I pressed back against his tongue, begging for his cock all the while licking and sucking John’s head. His tasty pre-cum had surfaced as I licked up and down his long, thick shaft. When my tongue reached the base of his cock I couldn’t resist those lovely big balls.

Tony played with my saliva soaked hole for a few more minutes while I gently sucked John balls, but I couldn’t stand it any longer than that. John picked himself up to his knees and Tony poised himself behind me with the head of his cock at the brink between my cheeks. He grabbed my thighs just as John wrapped his fingers around my neck and both men penetrated me deeply and slowly at first. John’s balls banged my chin, fucking my mouth while Tony started pounding away.

I loved hearing them cry out in pleasure, using my body as they saw fit. They began taunting me, spanking me with their bare hands and slapping me with their cocks. John would stuff his cock in my throat down my throat roughly three or four times then let me come for air. My saliva was dripping like a flood all over his cock and my chin. Then he would stuff his hairy balls in my mouth so I could suck them like a slave.

I wanted to feel every inch deep inside me. I felt like a whore and I loved it! They had me whipped and they knew it—and they knew I loved pleasing them. There was (almost) nothing I wouldn’t do for them.

Then they switched places and I rolled onto the floor, lying on my back with my knees bent upward. Tony kneeled over my face and I watched him stroke his cock as he looked down at me.

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” I begged desperately as John and Tony taunted me again and again. I screamed as John wasted no time, slamming his cock into my ass. With my mouth wide open Tony slid his cock towards my throat. I reached up and grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper still. Tightening my lip grip around his shaft, I loved the way he moaned, loving the way my hot mouth grabbed him. After a few more minutes he pulled out and he plastered my face with hot sticky cum.

John continued to groan louder and more intensely as he fucked me harder and harder. I pushed my ass toward him, forcing his cock as deep as it could go. His tight, lovely body buckled a few times and he pulled out quickly. I sat up and opened my mouth as shot his load all over me. I closed my eyes and licked their cocks as they went limp, but completely satisfied. I couldn’t see through all the cum sticking to my eyes. I loved the way dripped off my chin onto my chest.

Then each of them sucked my cock, making me cum within minutes. I was satisfied, but I was also sad it was over…. But the weekend had only just begun…….

July 2018
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