They all looked up and watched the helicopter turn out over the ocean and approach the house getting lower and lower. Everyone stood up to watch. The red Bell Ranger came in slow and landed on the grass just past the garden.

“What is going on?” Dawn asked.

“I believe that is our ride,” I said.

The girls turned and looked at me as the helicopter cut its engine.

“What do you mean our ride?” Dawn asked.

“You all wanted to tour the island. I thought this would be the best way to see everything.”

“You’re kidding,” Amy said.

“I hope no one is afraid of flying,” I told them.

“Lieke, did you know about this?” Dawn asked.

Lieke just looked at her and smiled.

The blades on the helicopter had stopped and I saw the pilot get out. I watched as this gorgeous blonde walked from the helicopter to the garden.

“Lieke, I thought you said it was your cousin?”

“Cousin’s wife, she is retired from the Army.”

Lieke walked toward our beautiful pilot and hugged her.

“Everyone, this is my cousin’s wife Susan.”

Susan looked to be about 40, tall and very nice looking. She had on a pair of shorts and a flowered Hawaiian shirt. Lieke walked her over to meet everyone. We all said hello, Sam wanted to know how long she had been a pilot.

“Is everyone ready to go,” she asked. “We have a full day ahead of us.”

Everyone said they were ready and went in the house to grab their bags and our cooler. When I came back out I saw Dawn talking to Susan with a big smile. We walked out to the grass between the garden and the beach and Susan told us about the helicopter and some safety information. It was a 6 passenger Bell Ranger that was nicely upholstered inside. Dawn, Amy, Sam and I got in the back, Lieke sat upfront in the co-pilots seat even though there was room for her in the back.

“Lieke says you would like to fly around the island and see everything first. I’ll fly over the volcano and then we will fly over the rain forest and the rest of the island. That should take a couple of hours and then we will stop and have lunch.”

“That sounds good, how high up will we be?” I asked.

“Anywhere from a few hundred feet to 5 or 6 thousand feet or higher at the mountains. There are headphones with microphones in the back if you need them but you shouldn’t, my helicopter is well insulated. My headset always me to talk to you through the speakers in the back and if you say something I can hear you. If you need anything please tell me.”

“Sounds like we will have a good time then,” I said.

“You all have as much fun as you want. Are we ready to go?”

Everyone said yes, Susan closed the doors. I watched as she climbed in the pilot’s seat and put on her headphones and then she had Lieke put on a pair of headphones. Susan started the engines and we sat for a few minutes as she checked everything out.

“Are we ready?”

“Yes,” came from Amy and Sam.

Susan throttled up and we lifted off and turned to go back out over the ocean.

“Wow!” Came from Sam.

We skimmed along the beach for several miles just a few hundred feet up.

“I wanted to take a helicopter ride but I didn’t think we would get one like this!” Dawn said.

“Susan, how did you get away with landing at the house?” Amy asked.

“I am a private charter, I can get away with a lot of things the tourist flights can’t,” came through the speakers.

The sound inside was a little noisy but we could hear each other talk. As we flew down the beach and then headed inland Susan began to tell us about everything we were seeing. She pointed out several huge mansions and then some of the crops we were flying over as she climbed to altitude.

“We will be over the mountains in about 30 minutes, then I have a surprise for you,” Susan announced.

We all peered out the windows as we flew along. Once we reached the mountains Susan flew in and among the canyons and valleys. We flew in next to some waterfalls while she turned the helicopter around so we could all see them. She went down real low and hovered over a big pool at the base of a huge water fall. I was taking plenty of pictures through a sliding window on the door.

“This is great!” Dawn said as she watched out the windows.

We flew out from the mountains and turned back in climbing as we went. We were rather high up as we approached the top of the highest point we had seen. Susan circled around for a minute and then began an approach to a small spot of grass on top of the mountain. Within a minute we were landing on top of the mountain.

As we settled Susan announced, “Everyone want to get out for a look?”


“Please stay in the aircraft until I open the doors for you.”

She shut the engine down and once the rotors stopped she got out and opened the doors for all of us to get out. The view was spectacular. We could see almost the entire island.

“How high up are we?” I asked.

“A little over 8,000 feet. You can get some pictures from up here that very few people have.”

I got everyone together, including Susan, and made pictures with the different views in the background. The sun was hot at that altitude. Dawn pulled her shirt off revealing her naked breasts.

“James, take some pictures now, we’ll never get another chance like this.”

Amy and Sam were laughing as Dawn posed for me to take some pictures.

“Amy and Sam, come join me?”

They looked around at Susan and Lieke standing and watching, Lieke told them to go ahead. Sam and Amy pulled off their baggy t-shirts revealing that they had no top on under them and joined Dawn as I took some more pictures. The three of them were having a great time.

I had the three of them sit in the door of the helicopter while I took some more pictures, Susan and Lieke walked up behind me.

“They seem to be having fun,” Susan said.

“You don’t mind do you Susan?” I asked her.

“Hell no, please, I like people that have fun, if you all are that adventuresome, I’ll have some more surprises for you.”

“We may have some more surprises for you too Susan,” I said.

“I doubt it,” she replied.

Susan began unbuttoning her flowered shirt and when she removed it she was left wearing a very sexy and small bikini top. She had a beautiful tan and nice sized breasts that looked nice and firm. Lieke removed her t-shirt revealing one of her tiny bikini tops.

“This is the way I like to fly, keeps me cool with the sun shining in.”

Dawn and Amy were playing around when they saw that Susan had taken off her shirt. The two of them immediately pushed their shorts down and took them off letting us see the tiny thong bikinis they had on. When Sam came around the helicopter and saw them she removed her shorts exposing her tiny bikini. After several more pictures Susan suggested we continue on.

“Susan, can we fly this way?” Dawn asked.

“You can fly naked if you want to! It will take us about 45 minutes to get to the other side of the island to the volcano, unless you want it to take longer,” Susan said to us with a smile as we started to get back in.

Sam got in first then Dawn jumped in to sit beside her. That left me and Amy sitting in the same seat. Susan closed the doors and Lieke got in and we took off again. Susan flew around the mountain some more and then headed out toward the other side of the island.

I switched my camera lenses to a wide angle and took some pictures of the girls cutting up as we flew. Sam reached over and took the camera from me and took some pictures of me and Amy. Amy was laughing as she reached up and grabbed me around the neck and pulled my head down between her breasts as Dawn took pictures.

Amy was still laughing when she released her hold on my head but stopped when I leaned forward and kissed her deeply on the mouth for a minute.

When I released her she asked, “What was that for?”

“Just for being you,” I said.

Amy pulled me back to her and kissed me again. She let me go and looked at me and smiled.

“You know Amy, we are well over a mile-high,” I said with a big smile.

Amy looked out the window and then looked at me.

“You are kidding, here?”

“You wanted to be in the mile-high club didn’t you?” I said as she looked over at Dawn.

“You might not get another chance Amy,” Dawn said.

“You are crazy!” Amy said as she laughed.

“Well maybe Dawn would like to go again.”

“What about me!” Sam said.

“Wait a minute, I didn’t say no, I just said you were crazy!” Amy replied.

Amy leaned back against the wall and pulled my head down to her breasts again. I placed my mouth over one of her large nipples and began to gently caress it with my tongue. I heard Dawn taking pictures as I sucked and nibbled on each of Amy’s breasts.

I slid back on the seat and pulled Amy from the wall so she was lying across the seat. I grabbed each side of her thong and pulled it down slowly and off her legs. There was my beautiful Amy lying completely naked thousands of feet up in the back of a helicopter. I slipped down on the carpeted floor and pulled one of Amy’s legs to the side and leaned forward and placed my lips on her pussy.

“Oh god yes!” Amy let out.

Amy was already wet, I think the sudden prospects of getting fucked in this situation had turned her on. I drove my tongue into her pussy and licked around as Amy squirmed on the seat. I pushed her legs as far apart as I could and used my tongue to circle and tease her clit. After several minutes of tonguing her clit along with the thump of the helicopter blades Amy was beginning to cry out.

“Oh god James this is so hot, I can’t believe you are doing this!”

I pushed Amy’s legs up to her chest and ground my mouth into her pussy as I sucked and licked. Amy’s pussy was dripping juices.

“Oh yes James, eat me!”

I licked and sucked on Amy’s pussy as she moaned over and over. I felt Amy’s pussy tighten around my tongue.

“Oh yes! This is so fucking hot!”

Amy jerked and I felt her muscles contract.

“Oh god I’m coming already!”

I tasted her juices oozing from her pussy. I licked all of them up as she jerked several more times and cried out in loud moans.

“Oh god that was great James!”

“I’m not finished with you.”

Amy looked up as I let her legs fall back down. I turned her so she was sitting on the seat and sat down beside her and pulled my shorts and underwear off. My raging hard-on bounced out and as soon as it did Amy leaned over and took it in her mouth.

Amy wrapped her lips around my cock and began lowering her mouth down until I felt the head of my cock slip down her throat. I looked up about the time Dawn took a picture while Amy had my entire cock deep in her throat. She slid her mouth all the way back up and off and looked at me.

“Now fuck me!”

I sat back in the seat while Amy moved so she could lean back against me and slide her pussy down on my cock. She reached between her legs and guided my cock into her wet pussy and gently and slowly slid all the way down onto me.

“Oh that feels so good!”

Amy leaned forward slightly and wiggled her way down a little further. I wrapped my arms around her waist to hold her while she wiggled and gyrated her hips.

“Mmmmm!” I heard over the noise of the engine.

“James this is so much fun! I never thought I would be fucking in a helicopter flying over the mountains of Maui!”

Amy had her feet planted on the floor as she began to raise and lower her pussy on my cock. She was extremely hot and wet as she slipped up and down.

“Mmmmmmm!” Kept coming from Amy.

She was taking it slow, Amy wanted this to last.

Susan made some announcement about a pineapple plantation we were flying over but I only saw Dawn and Sam look out the window. The seat we were in had our backs to the front.

Amy sped up her movements after several more minutes. I raised my hands up and began playing with her nipples, Amy just moaned more and louder. She leaned forward and placed her hands next to my legs on the seat and began to really thrust her hips up and down. As her tempo increased so did her moaning.

“Oh yes James, this feels great!”

Amy began to really thrust her pussy up and down, all the way up then slamming it down on my cock. Faster and faster she went until I could tell she was building to an orgasm.

“Oh god James, I’m going to come!”

I slipped my hands back up to twist and pinch her nipples as she moaned over and over.

“Oh yes, yes, yes!!”

Amy’s tempo became unsteady as her orgasm approached. I felt her pussy tightening up around my cock as she shoved herself down onto me.

“Ahhhh!!” Amy screamed over and over.

She thrust up and down real hard several times and then her body shook as she slammed her tight pussy down on my cock and let wave after wave of her orgasms pass though her body.

“Oh my god!!” Amy screamed several times.

Amy went a little limp while she leaned forward. I wrapped my arms around her and leaned her back against me. As I looked over Amy’s shoulder I saw Dawn and Sam both looking at my cock disappearing up into Amy’s pussy. Dawn lifted the camera to take another picture. I reached around Amy and lifted one leg over mine and then the other so that her legs were spread apart and Dawn could get a good picture.

Amy had her head lying back against me and was moaning. I rubbed her breasts while she was lying back. Slowly Amy began to wiggle her hips, slowly grinding her pussy down onto my still rock hard cock. I moved my hips forward to the edge of the seat so Amy could ride me hard.

“Oh James, now I’m going to get you off!”

Amy began gyrating her hips faster and thrusting her pussy down onto me. It wasn’t going to take much to get me off, the whole experience was pretty damn hot. I held Amy by the waist as she thrust her hips, grinding her pussy down onto my cock.

“Oh yes, push in me deeper!!”

I pushed up into Amy as best I could. I could feel the head of my cock pressing against the top of her pussy. I just laid my head back and let Amy work her magic as I slowly began to build to my own orgasm. As Amy was grinding away I felt her lean back against me so that the angle of my cock was rubbing her G-spot hard.

“Oh god James, that feels so good, you are going to make me come again!!”

I held on as Amy rubbed my cock against her G-spot.

“Mmmmmm! That feels wonderful!”

Amy laid her head back against me and continued to work at getting us both off.

“Oh my god!!!” Amy screamed as I felt her lift her head.

She even startled me she screamed so loud.

Amy had stopped gyrating her hips.

“Amy are you okay?!” I asked.

“Oh god I can’t take that!! Dawn please stop!!”

I suddenly felt a hand around my balls and a tongue lick up the base of my cock. Undoubtedly Dawn had gotten down in the floor and between Amy’s legs while she had her head back and her eyes closed and was licking Amy’s clit. Amy tried to sit up; I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her back tight.

“Oh my god Dawn!!” Amy screamed.

I kept feeling Dawn’s tongue slip over the base of my cock just where it entered Amy’s pussy.

“Oh Dawn!!”

Amy began trying to grind herself down further on my cock as Dawn licked her clit. Amy was whimpering now. I felt Dawn’s mouth up against Amy and mine’s union, she must have been sucking on Amy’s clit. Amy tried to reach for Dawn’s head but when I wrapped my arms around her I had her arms too.


Amy began to jerk over and over as she screamed at Dawn. Dawn was rubbing my balls the way she knew it would make me come hard. Amy’s pussy muscles contracted hard around my cock once then again as Amy screamed she was coming.

As I held Amy I felt the muscle contractions run through her body over and over. She jerked several more times real hard against my cock. My own orgasm was building.

“Dawn I can’t take anymore!! Please stop!!”

I felt Dawn remove her lips from Amy’s pussy, Amy jerked again. I released my hold on her and she set up just enough so I could grab her hips and began to shove her forward and back on my cock.

“Oh jeez, I…I’m coming again!!”

I felt Amy’s muscle contract around my cock one more time and I jammed all of it up into her and began pumping her full of cum.

“Oh, oh, oh…,” was all Amy could whimper as she shook over and over.

I thrust up into her with each spasm and unloaded a gush of cum into her. My cock finally finished trying to empty more cum into Amy as I held onto to her hips. Amy’s pussy was twitching with little spasms as she sat on my cock. I wrapped my arms around Amy’s waist and pulled her back to lean against me and rest.

Amy was breathing hard, the thin air had gotten to her and to me. It was a little warm inside the helicopter so we were both sweating a lot. We sat for a few minutes until we could both breathe easier.

“Just for your information, we are flying at a little over 6,000 feet…so I guess that makes you official members of the mile-high club!” Susan announced.

Amy giggled a little, I heard Sam and Dawn laughing. Amy slowly lifted herself up off my cock and sat down next to me. Lieke had a bottle of juice opened for her, she took it gratefully. Dawn pulled a towel from her bag and wiped up the cum from the seats and off me and Amy.

“Was that what you wanted?”


Amy wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss.

“That was crazy! Fun, but crazy!” Amy exclaimed.

“We will be coming up on the lava fields soon then we will fly around Haleakala and down inside, after that we will fly over to the airport near Hana so I can refuel,” Susan announced.

Amy settled down and we were all looking out the windows as we flew low over the approaching moonscape of the lava fields. We began to climb as we finally approached Haleakala. The view of the area was incredible. Susan flew down into the valley and the remains of the craters so we could take some pictures.

“Hey this is where we started the downhill bike ride,” Dawn said as we flew over the summit.

“I can’t land here, but we I will fly over to the other mountain so you can get out.”

Susan buzzed the mountain some more and then flew off toward another volcano. As we approached we flew over desert looking areas that were all different colors. One area we flew over was all red.

“Why is it red down there?” I asked Susan.

“That is a cinder field, it is red instead of the black and gray you see.”

“That would make some pretty pictures,” I told her.

“Would you like to land there, I can, it will be a little hot.”


Susan began descending in big wide turns until we set down in the middle of the red landscape. Once we landed she shutdown the engine and we all got out. It was a little on the warm side.

“Sam and Amy, you might want to slip your t-shirts on if we are here very long,” Lieke told them.

Amy had her shoes on and was walking around naked with Sam still being topless with a tiny bikini bottom. The landscape was dramatic. I got everyone together and took plenty of pictures. My ladies being naked in this backdrop made some surreal pictures. We stayed about 20 minutes until the heat got to us and then got back in the helicopter and took off.

“I like you guys,” Susan said over the speakers.

“We try to have plenty of fun,” I told her.

“It appears that way. We’ll fly around this other volcano awhile then I need to go refuel, after that I am going to fly you down the coast to Hana, you will enjoy the beaches, the colors go from red to black.”

We spent about 30 minutes flying in and out of the mountains before Susan headed off to the small airport near the coast. While we were flying Sam moved over and sat between Amy and me.

“What about me?” She said.

“What about you?

“James, when are you going to fuck me while we are flying?”

“I’m sure we will have time, can’t you wait?” I teased her.

“Not very long!”

Amy moved next to Dawn and sat with her so Sam could sit with me.

“We will be coming up on the airport in about 15 minutes, you guys might want to put some clothes on. It will take a few minutes to refuel so you can go inside and grab some sodas.”

I watched as everyone slipped bottoms back on then their shirts and shorts. We could see the coast coming up in the distance before Susan set us down at the small airport.

“I will be refueling, you all please be careful around the area,” Susan told us before she got out and opened the doors.

She let us all out before they began refueling and we went into a small building and grabbed some sodas. Most of the people working there were locals and very friendly. They seemed to know Susan very well and were all talking to us and her. I followed Susan back outside as she went to check on things.

“Susan thanks for letting us have some fun.”

“No problem, you all have all the fun you want.”

“What’s on the agenda next?”

“I thought you all would like to fly down the coast and see the beaches and the cliffs then we are going to fly to Lieke’s grandfather’s farm.”

“Where is it at?”

“It is actually in part of the forest reserve but the land has been in her family for centuries so it is still private land.”

“Is that where she said her family was having a picnic?”

“Yes, it will take about 30 minutes to get there from the coast, you all will have a great time there.”

“Then where to?”

“I thought we could fly up the northern coast, there is a private beach that can only be accessed by helicopter or boat and we can land there. I doubt there will be any other people there the surf is too high.”

“That sounds like fun.”

“It will be. I think you all will be pleased.”

I talked to Susan some more while she checked everything after the refueling was finished.

“You think everyone is ready to go?” She asked.

“I’ll go round them up.”

I went back inside and rounded up the girls.

“Everyone watch your step please,” Susan said as they climbed back into the helicopter.

We got back onboard and took off, Susan headed out toward the coast. The flight down the coast was great, many different colored beaches. Susan pointed out the tiny road that everyone traveled to get to Hana and told us that the best way to see the Hana area was by air. She flew low along the beaches and the little town of Hana.

We flew along the southwest coast looking at the ocean and the beaches. It was interesting to see the ocean on one side and the mountains and forest on the other side. Susan was taking her time flying along the coastline, occasionally hovering over something so we could see. Once we got around to the south shore she turned inland toward the forest.

“Everyone ready for lunch?” Susan asked.

It was about 1:30, we had all forgotten we hadn’t eaten all morning.

“Yes we are,” Dawn said.

We eventually began flying over lush farmland and then a lush forest. We saw several waterfalls cascading down through the forest from the mountain side. We came to a beautiful spot on a farm near a waterfall. Susan made a wide turn and approached a grassy area near some houses.

“We’re here. What until I open the doors please,” Susan said as she set down near one of the houses.

There were a bunch of people outside and they all waved at us. As we were getting out they approached the helicopter. Once we were out several of the women placed leis of beautiful flowers around our necks.

When Lieke got out she ran up to an old man and grabbed him and hugged him then she walked him over to us.

“This is my grandfather,” Lieke said and introduced all of us.

“You have a very beautiful place here,” I told him.

“Yes, it has been in my family for centuries and I hope it stays that way. Please come and join us for lunch, we were just about to eat.”

“Thank you very much for letting us join you,” Dawn said.

“You are very welcome, my granddaughter has told me you have been very nice to her.”

“Lieke is very sweet and has been very nice to us showing us around the island while we have been here,” I told him.

Lieke took us around and introduced us to dozens of people, the younger guys couldn’t keep their eyes off Amy and Sam. Lieke had been right, there seemed to be over a hundred people here. I found out that it was their annual family reunion. We were escorted to several very long tables that were covered in all kinds of food. Once we sat down people kept bringing us different foods to try.

Lieke was sitting across from me talking to I guessed some more of her cousins.

Lieke, you said this would all be yours someday?” I asked.

“Yes, my father is an only child and if we don’t keep the land in our family the government will take it for the park. We can’t sell it because it is part of the reserve and we can’t use it for anything commercial but the farm because of the state.”

“Then I guess you are planning on having plenty of kids.”

“As soon as I get out of college I’ll settle down and help my grandfather and father run the farm and then see what happens.”

“I wish you the best of luck then,” I told her.

“This land will stay in my family for centuries to come if I have my way.”

“Have you ever had lawyers fight the state?”

“We tried, but they told us we couldn’t afford it because the state would drag it out for years.”

“That sucks.”

“Yes it does.”

Food and drinks kept coming as we talked, Amy and Sam were sitting between some of Lieke’s young cousins. The two of them were flirting with the young men as they fawned over them. Dawn was sitting next to Lieke’s father talking to him. We all sat and talked and ate for several hours. All of the young kids had finished eating and were playing around the helicopter.

“James, this is my husband Kale,” Susan said as she introduced him.

“Hello Kale,” I introduced him to Dawn, Sam and Amy.

“Susan is showing us a lot of beautiful places,” Dawn said.

“She knows her way around, are you enjoying the flight?”

“Oh yes, it has been a lot of fun so far,” I told him.

“I am glad to hear that, you make sure you recommend us to your friends and come see us again when you come back.”

“I will do that. We have a lot of friends that will probably want to come stay here after we tell them about it,” I told Kale.

“Good, you enjoy the rest of the day!”

Kale and Susan walked off to go check on the children playing in the helicopter.

“Are you enjoying lunch?” Lieke said as she walked up behind us.

“Lieke, thank you for letting us visit with your family,” Dawn said.

“They all like you. When I told my grandfather how nice you were being to me he said to bring you.”

“Make sure you tell him we said we appreciate it. You have such a great family.”

“We are all very close, they will all party the rest of the day.”

“Is this the only time everyone gets together?”

“No, we see each other all the time, it is just a tradition and an excuse to have a big party.”

“How big is the farm?” I asked.

“Very big, we support it by growing all the crops you saw when we flew in. Besides my family, there are several hundred people that work here.”

“Too bad you can’t make a place for tourist to come.”

“Government won’t let us, they really hope we won’t be able to support the farm so they can take it, we don’t have the money to fight them…it’s just not right.”

“That really sucks,” Dawn said.

“Yes, but they will never get it, the farm covers its expenses and makes a little money each year after the taxes, but when I graduate with my business degree I am going to help expand who we sell to around the world.”

“Good for you!” I said.

“If you think everyone is finished eating, I have some place special to show you.”

“If we can pull Sam and Amy away from your cousins, we can go,” I told her.

Lieke went to Sam and Amy and got them separated from the two guys and came back to us.

“Come with me,” she said.

We followed Lieke to one of the barns where she loaded us onto a big four wheel drive cart. She drove out and stopped at the helicopter so we could get our bags and then drove off toward the edge of the forest. She drove for what seemed like at least a mile until we came upon a large stream that was coming from a pool at the base of the waterfall we had seen. We stopped and got out.

“This is my favorite place on the farm,” Lieke said.

“This is beautiful!” Sam said.

“When I get married, this is where the ceremony will be,” Lieke said.

“I can’t think of anyplace that would be better,” Dawn told her.

“It is a tradition in our family, the day I get married I inherit the farm.”

“Why doesn’t your father inherit it?” I asked.

“They want me to have it because I am the only child of my father so it would go to me anyway. The land is setup in a trust so we don’t lose it because of inheritance taxes, so I take over the trust the day I get married.”

“Lieke, we wish you the best of luck in finding someone that is perfect for you,” Dawn said.

“Thank you, but until I find that person I am going to have some fun!”

Lieke began taking her clothes off as she walked toward the crystal clear pool of water. It didn’t take long for the girls to figure it out. They were naked within seconds and right behind Lieke.

“Come on James!” Sam yelled at me.

I had to grab my camera first and then take off my clothes to join them. The sun was shining through the trees and down on the pool of water. I sat on a big rock on the edge and took pictures of the beauties as they played and swam in the water. After several rolls of film I joined them in the cool water.

Lieke had taken Amy and Sam up on the hillside and behind the waterfall. It was no more than 30 feet high but it was wide and cascaded down on the rocks below in a loud crash.

“Lieke said the stream goes off through the forest down to a big orchard they have,” Dawn told me as she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck for me to hold her.

“Do you know what this land must be worth?” I asked Dawn.

“A lot I guess.”

“Dawn this land would be worth hundreds of millions if it could be sold.”

“Why do you think Lieke works as a housekeeper during her breaks?” Dawn asked.

“It sounds like it takes all they make from the farm to support it.”

“I hope she can make a big success of it,” Dawn told me.

“From what I have seen from her I believe she will.”

“Where did they go?” Dawn asked.

“I think the three of them are behind the waterfall having some fun,” I told Dawn.

“Good, can we have some fun?”

“Anything you want honey.”

Dawn unwrapped herself from me while we stood in water that was almost up to her neck. She slowly began stroking my cock trying to get me hard in the cool water.

“I think Amy really enjoyed her fuck in the helicopter, we will have to get her a ‘mile-high’ pin like mine.

“Already taken care of.”

“What, you planned all this?”

“I thought it would be fun and they were bugging the shit out of me wanting me to have sex with them on the flight home.”

Dawn took both her hands and wrapped them around my growing erection.

“I can’t believe you, I guess you can’t wait to fuck Sam’s tight little pussy can you? I don’t know if I want to fuck you now or wait and have you fuck me in the helicopter.”

Dawn was teasing me as she continued to stroke my cock.

“I already did you while we were flying!”

“I think I will fuck you now and if you have anything left after Sam, I’ll let you fuck me again!”

Dawn had my cock good and hard now so she reached around my neck and pulled herself up and wrapped her legs around my hips. I reached under the water and grabbed my cock and slipped it slowly into to her while she held on. The heat of Dawn’s pussy quickly added to the hardness of my erection as it slid into her.

“Oh that feels good,” Dawn said.

“You are so hot inside.”

“Your cock feels cool, it feels different.”

“It will be hot soon enough.”

Dawn squeezed me tight with her legs as she pulled herself all the way down on to me.

“James will you just hold me?”

“Anything you want my love.”

Dawn laid her head on my shoulder while I walked out to a little deeper water to help hold her up. The cool water was now up to about Dawn’s breasts as I held her tight.

“This has been a lot of fun,” Dawn said.

“I am glad you are enjoying it, would you like to travel more now?”

“Yes I would, we don’t have to go away for this long. I would like for the two of us to travel to some more romantic places for just a week or so.”

“Do you think Amy will feel left out?”

“No, she understands, besides she can go with us sometimes.”

“Okay, we can make some plans when we get home, where would you like to go?”

“I want to go to Europe or some other places out of the country.”

“You pick a place and a time.”

“Mmmmmm! That sounds good. You feel so good inside me.”

Dawn was gyrating her hips just slightly as she pulled me tighter. She held onto me quietly for about ten minutes as I walked slowly around the pool.

“Hey, you know what I want to do,” Dawn said as she lifted her head and looked at me.


“This summer I want to go back to the B&B and see Beth, we haven’t been there in a long time!”

“Sounds good, maybe we can get some more lottery tickets.”

Dawn laughed and laid her head back on my shoulder then began moving her hips around under the water. I stopped walking and began to thrust my hips up against her. Dawn matched my thrust with her own.

“Oh that feels so good!”

“Do you want to move over to the grass?”

“No this is fun and the water feels good.”

I moved my hands down and held Dawn up by her ass. She relaxed her grip slightly with her legs so I could grab her ass and thrust her up and down on my cock.

“Oh yes, keep doing that!”

Each time I would pull Dawn’s ass forward I would thrust into her deep.


Dawn held me tighter around my neck as she loosened the hold with her legs more so I could move her ass back and forth more and faster.

“Oh my god, that feels so good!” Dawn said.

Sliding my cock in and out of Dawn’s hot pussy each time with the cool water hitting my cock was an incredible sensation. We had fucked plenty of times in the pool and the hot tub back home but this was just different. I began to groan as I struggled to grab Dawn’s ass and slam her up and down on my cock.

“Oh yes, fuck me hard!”

Dawn was gripping my neck tight as she began to moan and groan with each thrust. I could feel my own muscles beginning to contract. Dawn was trying harder to slam her pussy down on my cock.

“Oh my god James, yes, yes, yes!!”

Dawn was breathing harder, I could feel her pussy muscles begin to tighten around my cock.

“I’m going to come soon!” I told Dawn.

Dawn began to us her legs to pull herself down on me with each thrust.

“Me too, just keep going!!”

I was holding on waiting for Dawn to come.

“Ahhhhh!” Came from Dawn as she tried to fuck me faster.

“Oh my god Dawn you are so hot inside!!”

“Oh James, I’m about to come!!”

I felt Dawn’s muscles contracting and squeezing on my cock as she thrust.

“Oh yes, I’m coming!!!” Dawn screamed.

I felt Dawn’s pussy contract around my cock. She wrapped her legs around me tighter and pulled me in as far as I would go as she jerked against me.

“Oh god James, now!”

I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her tight and with her next jerk I released the load of cum I was holding for her.

“I’m coming Dawn!! Ahhhhh!!”

I jerked my hips trying to push further into to Dawn as she squeezed me tight. I could feel my hot cum rushing into her as she jerked against me.

“Oh yes!! God your cum is so hot!!” Dawn screamed.

I felt like I just kept shooting more and more cum into Dawn. She held onto me as another orgasm shot through her body.

“Mmmmmm! Oh yes!!” Dawn was shouting as she pulled me to her tightly with her arms.

I felt my cock stop trying to shot anything else into her, she held me and jerked slightly every few seconds.

“That was great!” Dawn said.

“Yes it was wasn’t it.”

“My legs are exhausted, can you hold me,” Dawn asked.

“Yes, just hold on I am going to walk over to a rock you can sit on.”

I walked slowly through the water and carried Dawn out and to a large flat stone on the water’s edge. I sat her ass down on the edge and she relaxed her legs and released the tight grip she had on my neck.

“Oh thanks,” Dawn said as she lay back on the hot stone. “The heat off the rock feels good, can you get up here beside me?”

I stepped up and lay down beside her in the sun. The rock was warm and the heat felt great.

“That was different, I wonder why?” Dawn asked.

“I think it is because we are out here in this incredible scenery. It is very relaxing and peaceful. Today has been pretty incredible.”


When I heard the camera I looked to my side and saw Sam standing there taking our picture.

“You two look very comfortable,” she said and took several more pictures.

“Where did you come from?”

“We were behind the waterfall having some fun.”

“I hope you had as much fun as we did,” Dawn said.

“We did and I took pictures to prove it. Will you put more film in the camera?”

Sam handed me the camera and film and a towel to dry off with. I loaded another roll of film in the camera and she headed back to the waterfall.

“Don’t you get that camera wet!” I yelled after Sam.

“Don’t you wear your cock out, you still owe me!” She said without turning back.

“I think we created a monster,” Dawn said.

“I want to ask you something,” I said to Dawn.


“How did Sam do when she worked with you at the hospital over the holidays?” I asked.

“She loves the work, I think she will make a good surgical nurse.”

“She seems real smart, have you heard if she is struggling financially at school?”

“I heard her talking to Amy, and don’t you tell her this, she is getting a partial scholarship and is using student loans,” Dawn told me.

“I know, but how is she doing even with the money we gave her. She can’t be getting by on just that and I know she isn’t working part-time because she wants to finish school fast and with good grades.”

“If I tell you something, you cannot let her or Amy know I told you,” Dawn said.


“Amy is sending her money to live on, that is why she works extra shifts sometimes.”

“I don’t like that, she will be in debt forever from the student loans. Is she getting a good education at the community college she is going to?

“It is okay, it’s nothing like the university at the hospital but that is all she can afford.”

“Do her parents help at all?”

“No, I don’t think there is a good relationship there, she is struggling with them while she goes to school. Amy tells me it is a bad situation and that is why she was so happy to go live with her friend. She wants to get away from them as soon as she graduates. I think Amy is really all she has and that is why they are so close,” Dawn told me.

“I want to suggest something but you have to tell me how you feel about it.”

“Okay honey.”

“When she comes to spend the summer with Amy and work at the hospital, I want you to decide if she has the potential you have,” I told Dawn.

“I can do that, she is also going to take some classes with me that I need for my CEU’s.”

“Here is my suggestion. If you think she has the potential to be a good surgical nurse, what would you think about her moving here and us paying for her tuition so she gets a good education?”

“You mean it?” Dawn asked.

“Yes, we have all this money what could we better use it for?”

“I think that would be wonderful!”

“But how would you feel with her living with us; is that one too many women in the house?”

“Let me ask you something then and you give me an honest answer.”


“Do you want to help her out or do you want to fuck her all the time?”

“I really want to help her out, she is smart and it is unfortunate that she comes from a broken home.”

“What if I told her she could no longer have sex with you or me?” Dawn said.

“If that is the condition, I would be okay with it, you might drive her crazy but I can live with it,” I told Dawn.

“You do know she wants to go all the way through graduate school like I did.”

“She told me that, maybe you can make a good nurse out of her so she can replace you.”

“James, I got lucky. John took me under his wing and taught me everything I know.”

“Dawn, John took you under his wing because he needed someone with your skills, and it didn’t hurt that you were hot.”


“Just kidding, but you are very smart and good at what you do. Couldn’t you help Sam find an opportunity like that?”

“I am sure I could, good nurses are hard to find, especially one’s with graduate degrees.”

“Well, you make good money at what you do and it would provide Sam with a great career that would make up for a lot,” I told Dawn.

“If you can live with the conditions I said then I think it would be wonderful.”

“Then it is done. Don’t say anything to her until after she has been here this summer and you can make sure that this is what she wants to do.”

“Deal. Now, can I ask you something since you are being in such a generous mood?”


“Amy wants to go back to graduate school.”

“Good for her.”

“She is tired of being low on the pecking order and she wants to get her Master of Science in Nursing degree or do what I do.”

“So what is the question?”

“Can we pay for her to go to graduate school?” Dawn asked.

“Why not, she deserves it?”

“The only way she can go through school and get the best education is if she goes full-time James.”

“She can do that can’t she?”

“James she wouldn’t be working except maybe part-time, she wouldn’t have the money to live on.”

“Dawn that is not a problem. If Sam is going to come here to go to school we are going to have to support her so why not Amy?”

“Amy has become a very independent and self supporting person, I don’t know if she would let us do that,” Dawn told me.

“Since you and her have gotten a lot closer, tell me, does she think we just let her live with us for the sex?”

“No she doesn’t, we have talked about that, she really enjoys being with us and she knows she is free to see anyone she chooses.” Dawn Said.

“If we agree to put her through graduate school, would you agree for her to stop having sex with us so she wouldn’t feel obligated?”

“I guess, I would miss it but I want the best thing for her.”

“Then we will do it if you think it is okay,” I told Dawn.

“James you are wonderful!” Dawn rolled over and kissed me and then curled up next to me.

“Don’t say anything, I want you to think through it real well,” I told her.

“Okay, I will.”

“You two ready to go?” Lieke said standing behind us.

“I guess so,” Dawn said.

“Lieke?” I asked.


“Did you hear what we were talking about?” I asked.

“Some of it, I wasn’t eavesdropping I just didn’t want to interrupt.”

“Please don’t say anything,” I asked her.

“I want, but can I say something to you two guys?”


“I think you two are wonderful, now put some clothes on and lets go.”

“Thanks Lieke,” Dawn said.

“No problem, now get dressed.”

“As soon as you do girl!” Dawn said.

We got up and found all of our clothes and got dressed. Amy and Sam were over at the cart putting their clothes on when we got there.

“Lieke, this was great!” Amy said.

“Yes it was,” Dawn added.

Sam handed me the camera.

“You need more film,” she said.

“What were you all doing back there?” I asked.

“You will just have to wait and see the pictures,” Sam said with a giggle.

“That brings something up Lieke, you don’t mind all the pictures do you?” I asked.

“No, just as long as they are for you and don’t end up on the internet or something.”

“Don’t worry,” I told her.

“You will send me some copies won’t you?”

“You bet I will.”

“We better be getting back.”

Lieke started up the cart and we rode back to the house. It appeared almost everyone was still there. We all walked over to say goodbye to everyone, Susan walked us to the helicopter. “Everyone ready to go?” Susan asked.

“I believe we are,” Dawn said

“Everyone back onboard please.”

It was about 3:30 when we took off again.

“It will take us about 30 minutes to get to the beach on the north shore, you’ll like the beach for sunbathing, the waves are a little big to go swimming.”

Susan headed north and we watched the scenery as she flew low over the island. Dawn was taking pictures as we flew.

Sam leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“I can’t what for you to fuck me, my pussy is all wet and ready for you.”

“What were you doing to get all wet?” I asked.

“Lieke has gotten pretty good at eating pussy but I need your huge cock in me.”

“Then you better tell Susan to take the long way home.”

Sam giggled in my ear.

“Are you ready to come spend the summer with us and work at the hospital?”

“Yes, I can’t wait.”

“Are you looking forward to working at the hospital or having sex all the time?”

“Some of both,” Sam said with another giggle.

I was going to miss having sex with her and Amy.

Susan seemed to speed up as we headed toward the other side of the island. It wasn’t long before she swept out over the ocean. I looked down and saw a dark red beach scattered with large rocks. I didn’t see it until suddenly because she flew over the top of a tall rock cliff face before she went out over the ocean. She flew on out over the ocean several miles before she turned around and headed back.

“No boats!” She said over the speakers.

Susan came in low over the waves and set the helicopter down on a small clearing on the beach. The space looked tight to me but she maneuvered right in. Once the blades stopped she got out and opened the doors for us.

“Oh wow, this is magnificent!” Dawn said as she stepped down.

The large waves were breaking over the rocks and the beach was a dark red from the crushed lava rock. Once everyone was out they couldn’t believe how gorgeous everything was. Susan walked around to a compartment on the back of the helicopter and opened it and pulled out a big stack of beach towels and a cooler. I helped her carry the cooler over to a place we could spread out the towels.

“I can’t believe this place Susan,” Dawn said.

“I know, I love it too. We will get direct sun for another few hours so Amy and Sam need to make sure they have plenty of sunscreen on.”

“That’s Lieke’s job,” I told her.

The towels had no sooner gotten spread out than Dawn was taking off her clothes, soon followed by Amy and Sam. As soon as they were naked they walked up to the edge of the waves and stood and looked around.

“Your wife sure knows how to enjoy herself,” Susan said.

“So do Amy and Sam.”

“They don’t look like they get out in the sun much.”

“They don’t, they don’t like it making their freckles come out, but they run around the house naked most of the time with Dawn.”

“May I ask what kind of living arrangement you all have?”

“Amy lives with Dawn and I, she is a good friend of Dawn’s and works at the hospital with her. We have a very large house and it is just Dawn and I there.”

“What about Sam?”

“She is going to college in another town and she comes and visits Amy when she can, we brought her with us for her spring break vacation.”

“She is pretty young.”

“Eighteen going on thirty.”

Susan laughed.

“They seem pretty comfortable being naked.”

“They both have a pretty healthy opinion about their bodies and expressing themselves.”

Lieke sat down next to Susan and me and opened the cooler. It had several bottles of wine in it and other things to drink.

“That looks good, thanks.”

“Would you like a glass of wine James?” Lieke asked.

“Yes, pour me a glass please, I am going to take some pictures of the girls for a minute.”

I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of my naked ladies as they looked out over the breaking waves. When I returned Lieke handed me my cool glass of wine.

“James, why don’t you take your clothes off and join them,” Lieke said.

“I think I will.”

I took my clothes off and walked out to the edge of the water and joined the girls. Dawn took a sip of my wine.

“I could stay here forever,” Dawn said.

“It is nice.”

Dawn reached up and pulled my head down and gave me a kiss, when Amy saw her she came over and did the same thing, then Sam.

“Why don’t we go get some wine,” I told them.

We all returned to the blankets and sat down. I got out the wine and glasses and poured everyone a glass.


“No thanks, can’t while flying.”

“How about a soda?”


“Lieke, aren’t you going to join us?” Sam asked.

Lieke looked over at Susan for a second.

“Go ahead, I’m not going to say anything,” Susan said.

Lieke pulled her bikini off and lay down next to Sam.

“Dawn, you and Lieke better get some sunscreen on those two,” I said.

Bottles of sunscreen were produced and Dawn began rubbing it all over Amy’s body while Lieke took care of Sam. Susan watched as the two of them ran their hands all over Amy and Sam’s bodies.

I turned back to Susan sitting next to me on the towel.

“Susan, this has been a really fun trip, how many charters do you do?”

“At least one or two a week but I don’t usually spend the whole day out, this is a special trip for Lieke and you all.”

“How often do you get to sunbathe nude with your guest?” I asked.

Susan turned to look at me with a smile.

“I don’t.”

“Go ahead, I’m not going to say anything,” I said sarcastically.

Susan looked at me then looked over at the girls.


Susan reached behind her and untied the top of her bikini and took it off, then she stood up and pushed her shorts down revealing skimpy thong underwear. She had no tan lines so she spent a lot of time out in the sun nude. When she pushed her thong down I saw a tiny patch of blonde hair trimmed neatly above her pussy. Susan had a very athletic body and looked excellent.

“Susan!” Lieke said.

“What! You’re not going to tell anyone.”

Dawn, Amy and Sam turned to see what was going on.

“Well finally,” Dawn said and went back to rubbing sunscreen on Amy’s breasts.

Amy and Sam lay back down while Dawn and Lieke finished their front side.

“One condition you guys,” Susan said. “No pictures please!”

“Okay, though I would like to have one,” I said.

Susan smiled at me and sat back down. She didn’t mind that I checked out her firm breasts and the rest of her body. While I looked at her Susan stared at my semi-hard cock.

“Your wife is lucky,” she said.


“That huge cock of yours, she must really enjoy it,” Susan said as she looked up at me.

“Yes she does, and so does Amy and Sam.”

“I heard you doing Amy in the back.”

“Yes, she wanted to be in the mile-high club.”

“What about your wife?”

“She is already a member.”

“No, I mean what does she think about you screwing another woman?”

“It’s okay with her, by the way, Sam wants you to take the long way home, she wants to be a member also.”

Susan laughed as she sipped her soda.

“Are you a member Susan?”

“Platinum member.”

“You and your husband must have fun.”

“I didn’t say it was my husband, he hates flying in helicopters.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Earned mine while in the service before we got married, it was a regular thing when we were out accumulating hours.”

“You sound like a lot of fun.”

“I have some fun from time to time.”

“Would you like to have some fun, we want tell?” I asked Susan.

“It is tempting but probably not a good idea with Lieke here, but it sure is tempting.”

I smiled at Susan and sipped the rest of my wine. I looked over to see Dawn and Lieke finishing up rubbing sunscreen all over Amy and Sam’s asses and back side. They turned back over so they could sit and drink their wine.

“That should hold them until we leave,” Dawn said as she turned to talk to me and Susan.

Dawn looked Susan over as she drank her wine.

“Susan, you have a very beautiful body,” Dawn said.

“Thank you, so do you.”

“James would you rub some oil on me, the sun is hot,” Dawn asked.

Dawn handed me a bottle of oil then rolled over so I cold rub it on her backside. I took my time rubbing the coconut smelling oil all over Dawn’s backside and ass, then she rolled over on her back. I started at her feet and worked my way up each leg to her waist. I squirted some oil on her mound and smeared it around. I rubbed the oil into Dawn’s tanned pussy lips and slowly drug a finger between them.

“Don’t start,” was all Dawn said.

I continued and rubbed oil all over her stomach and breast and then covered her arms. When I finished I used the tips of my fingers to work oil into her face and ears.

“James…,” Dawn said.

“Be quiet,” I told her as I finished.

When I finished I turned to see that Susan was watching me. I took a quick glance and could see Susan’s pussy glistening in the sun.

“Would you like me to rub some oil on you Susan?”

“It is hot out here, maybe on my back please.”

“James…,” Dawn mumbled quietly.

Susan rolled over face down on the towel next to me. I turned to look at Dawn knowing she had heard Susan. She looked at me, smiled then shook her head and closed her eyes so she could soak up the sun.

I leaned forward and squirted the oil on the back of one of Susan’s legs. I was planning on oiling Susan up the way I had oiled Dawn up, very slowly and very sensuously. I moved down toward Susan’s feet and smeared the oil on her calve between my hands then I slowly began rubbing the oil onto Susan’s foot as I slowly massaged it. I took plenty of time rubbing Susan’s foot then her ankle and then slowly worked my way up the calves of her leg, giving her more of a special massage then a rub down.

I heard an “mmmmm.” Dawn opened an eye and looked over at me.

When I got to the knee on one leg I started over at the foot on the other leg, massaging the oil in and gently and lightly rubbing my slick fingers into the muscles on her calve. When I reached the back of her knee I held the bottle of oil up and let the oil slowly drip on the back of her knee and then up her thigh to the bottom of her ass. I gently caressed the soft skin on the back of her knee as I rubbed the sweet smelling oil into her leg. Once I was finished I ran my hands over her thigh smearing the oil around. Once she was oiled up well I started massaging the oil in slowly at her knee and began working my way up to the bottom of her ass cheek.

I teased her with my massaging when I got to the edge of her ass cheek then ran my hands back down the sides of her thighs covering them with oil and working it in. When I ran my hands up her inner thigh, I massaged and rubbed the oil in up to about and inch from her pussy. I slowly dripped the oil on the back of her other leg and did the same thing. I heard Susan moan softly a few times as I neared her ass and pussy.

I took the bottle of oil and squirted some out on her waist then began to rub it around her waist and sides of her hips not yet placing my hands on the cheeks of her ass. Once the small of her back was covered and thoroughly massaged I squirted more oil up her spine to the base of her neck, pulling her long blonde hair out of the way.

I thought I would see what I could get away with so I moved and straddled her thighs so I could massage her back. Susan turned and looked over her shoulder as I sat down on her thighs. I leaned forward and began rubbing the oil into her lower back and around her sides. I worked the muscles of her back deeply as I leaned forward applying pressure to the small of her back as I went. When I got to the large muscles that ran next to her spine I kneaded them gently, I heard Susan moan again.

While I leaned forward I made sure my erect cock was lying between the cheeks of Susan’s ass. As I rub up and down her back I knew she felt my cock sliding up and down the crack of her ass. I moved forward and sat lightly on top of Susan’s ass so I could reach her shoulders.

I squirted a handful of oil into my hands and then rubbed it into Susan’s shoulder blades. I worked my fingers gently into the pressure points around her shoulder blades on each side relaxing her shoulders. I applied more oil to my hands and rubbed up to the top of her shoulders and down her arms. Once I had her arms covered I ran my hands back up to the tops of her shoulders and massaged the oil into her muscles around her neck, slowly rubbing and kneading her neck muscles.

Susan had melted under me, her eyes were closed with her head turned. I squirted more oil onto my hands and applied it to her sides next to her shoulder blades I slowly rubbed the oil up and down over her ribs as far as I could reach around the to the front. Then with some more oil I ran my hands over the sides of her breasts softly, feeling the softness of the side of each of her breast. Susan moaned softly, giving me permission to fondle the side of her breasts.

Once I worked as much oil into her breasts as I could and oiled my hands up and worked around the side of her neck then I began to work the sensitive pressure points of her ears. Susan moaned as I worked on her ears for a few more minutes. I sat up and moved back down to sit on the tops of her thighs. I held the bottle of oil up real high and let it drip all over the cheeks of her ass until they were covered. Then I held the bottle so that each drop landed in the crack of her ass, starting at the top and working down slowly. I looked at her pussy lips and they were glistening with moisture. Once the oil was dripping near her asshole I held it there and made sure that she had plenty of oil running down the crack of her ass and over her pussy.

I took my hands and slowly rubbed the oil into the cheeks of Susan’s ass. Once they were covered I used both hands to massage each side of her ass for a long time. As I moved toward the crack of her ass Susan would moan.

I saw Dawn sit up so she could turn over, she looked at me and smiled and then lay down. As I used both hands to rub Susan’s ass cheeks up and down I slipped my thumbs into the top of the crack of her ass and worked the oil in slowly. I felt Susan squirm under me. I worked my way down letting my thumbs spread more and more oil deeper into the crack of her ass. When my thumbs first brushed across Susan’s asshole she gasped slightly and clenched the cheeks of her ass together.

I used one thumb to smear the oil onto her asshole as my other hand began rubbing the oil dripping down the crack of her ass and to the bottom of her pussy. I only lightly ran the tips of my fingers across the beginnings of her pussy lips. Susan didn’t say or do anything so I continued.

Susan’s crack was full of the slick oil as I used the tip of my index fingers to rub from her pussy lips up and slowly over her asshole and then on up to the top of her crack. Susan moaned as I did. I turned my hand around and ran my index finger slowly from the top of her crack down until it was resting on her asshole. I used the tip of my finger to work the oil into the edges of her asshole. Susan gasped slightly again but didn’t tighten the cheeks of her ass. With the slick tip of my finger I pushed it in her ass about an inch.

“Ohhh,” came out of Susan softly.

I slowly pushed my index finger all the way into Susan’s slick asshole and probed around.

“Oh yes,” Came out softly again.

I worked my finger in and out of Susan’s ass as I listened to her. She squirmed beneath my weight as I probed her insides, she moaned occasionally. I slowly pulled my index finger out of here asshole as Susan moaned. I took my slick thumb and put it up next to her relaxed asshole and slowly pushed it in all the way.

“Oh my god,” came from Susan.

I forced my thumb all the way into her ass as she moaned. I pressed my thumb down against the thin flesh between her ass and her vagina and rubbed her G-spot.

“Ohhhhhh,” came out as Susan squirmed.

I gently lifted one leg and moved it to spread Susan’s legs apart, she instantly moved her legs to give me better access. I pushed my thumb in as far as I could and rubbed her G-spot with more force.

“Ahhhh,” came out a little louder.

Susan’s asshole began to tighten around my thumb, she began breathing harder as she moaned softly. I slipped my thumb in and out of her asshole slowly. I watched Susan bite down on her lower lip as her ass began to jerk. Susan lifted her ass up some from the towel as I worked my thumb in and out faster.

Susan began to stifle a whimper, her asshole was clamping my thumb. I took advantage of her ass sticking up a little I pulled my thumb from Susan’s ass as she gasped then used my other hand to shove two fingers into her pussy then used my thumb to squeeze her clit. I quickly found the lump that was her G-spot and rubbed it as I drove my fingers in and out of her oily pussy quickly while rubbing her clit with my thumb.

“Oh my god!” Susan screamed as her hips began jerking and thrusting against my fingers. I saw Dawn roll sideways first to see what was happening, then Amy and Sam. On the end Lieke sat up with her mouth hanging open.

Susan screamed again then I felt her orgasm shoot through her body as she jerked her hips.

“Oh my god, please, you have to stop!!”

I removed my fingers from Susan’s insides and she collapsed on the towel. I moved my leg from between hers and sat on my towel and rubbed her slick ass. Susan eventually rolled on her side to face me.

“Damn you!” Susan said. “You got me all horny with that massage!”

“I should have warned you Susan, sorry,” Dawn said.

“Does he always do that?” Susan asked.

“Yes!” Came from Sam.

“Susan are you okay?” Dawn asked.

“More than okay.”

“James has that affect on women,” Dawn told her.

“Lieke, we need to talk.”

“No we don’t,” Lieke said smiling at Susan.

Susan smiled back at her when she realized that Lieke wasn’t going to say anything.

“James move, I think it would be safer if I finished putting the oil on Susan.”

Dawn stood up and made me move over to her towel next to Amy while she sat down next to Susan. I wasn’t sure just how safe Susan was going to be.

“Susan lie down and let me finish you,” Dawn said.

“Oh god Dawn, I don’t think I could take anymore of the way he puts oil on.”

“I know what you mean.”

Susan lay on her back with her breasts sticking up in the air. Dawn leaned over and rubbed oil down the front of Susan’s legs then up her thighs and then onto her stomach. Once she got to her stomach Dawn took her time slowly rubbing the oil in. I lay on my side on the towel and watched.

I felt Amy place her head up next to mine.

“You think she will do it?” She whispered.

“Uh huh,” I said without opening my mouth.

I heard Amy giggle softly as she returned to her towel.

I watched Dawn sit and rub oil all over Susan’s stomach and deep into her skin as she worked her way to her breasts. When Dawn reached the underside of Susan’s tanned breasts she moved her hands and rubbed the oil into Susan’s upper chest and then her shoulders and down each of her arms.

Susan was lying there with her eyes closed while Dawn massaged the palms of Susan’s hands. Then Dawn squirted the oil on one of her breasts. Dawn took the tips of her fingers and began to work the oil into Susan’s already swollen breasts. I watched carefully as she covered her entire breast in oil and then began to run her finger tips around Susan’s nipple. Dawn used her fingers to rub and squeeze Susan’s entire areola, I watched as it swelled.

Dawn turned her attention to Susan’s other breast and performed the same ritual. Once she had both breast oiled up she took the fingers on each hand and began to massage and work both of Susan’s nipples. She slowly twisted Susan’s nipples between her finger tips working them around until I heard her moan softly again.

Once Dawn had Susan moaning again she slowly slid her hands down to Susan’s stomach, then she squirted a lot of oil out on her mound. Dawn used her hand to spread the oil around on Susan’s nearly bare mound then down the tops of her thighs. Dawn had all of Susan oiled up except her pussy when she moved and placed her knees between Susan’s thighs spreading her legs.

Dawn slowly spread more oil onto one of Susan’s inner thighs working it slowly around as she inched here way toward her pussy. I watched as Dawn gently brushed her fingers near the edge of Susan’s pussy lips. I looked at Susan and she had her eyes closed. Dawn moved her attention to Susan’s other thigh and slowly worked her way up to the edge of Susan’s lips again. As Dawn’s finger tips brushed Susan’s pussy she inhaled sharply.

Dawn picked up the bottle of oil and held it up and let the oil drip directly on Susan’s pussy lips. Susan breathed in sharply again. Once Dawn had a liberal amount of oil running down between Susan’s legs she took her fingers and rubbed the oil slowly into Susan’s pussy lips. Susan was moaning again when Dawn pulled Susan’s knees up and let her legs fall to the sides as she rubbed the oil thoroughly between her legs and all around her pussy.

I watched Dawn slowly and carefully slide two fingers into Susan’s pussy. Susan looked down as if to protest then Dawn placed her thumb on Susan’s clit and began rubbing.

“Oh my god,” came from Susan.

Dawn slowly slipped her fingers in and out of Susan’s pussy as she began to moan again. Since Susan had just had one orgasm I didn’t think it would take much to get her to another one. Dawn placed her thumb squarely on Susan’s clit and began to work it around and around as she began to squirm and moan. Dawn moved so she was sitting on her legs and leaning forward so she could slip her fingers in Susan and rub her clit with her thumb.

“Oh yes!”

I watched Dawn as she slowly worked her fingers in and out of Susan causing her to moan and squirm. I also watched Dawn and waited.

“Oh that feels so good!”

Dawn then pulled her fingers out and used them to spread Susan’s pussy lips apart exposing her clit. Then Dawn leaned forward and licked her clit several times.

“Oh my god!” Susan screamed.

Susan raised her head to watch Dawn lick on her clit then fell back on the towel moaning. Dawn continued to lick around Susan’s clit as Susan’s was moaning loudly. Once Susan pushed her pussy up to meet Dawn’s tongue Dawn placed her mouth over Susan’s now sensitive clit and began to suck on it.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe you are doing that!!”

The harder Dawn sucked and tongued her the more Susan began thrusting her pussy up against Dawn’s mouth. As Susan began to squirm and cry out louder Dawn slipped two fingers back inside her and began thrusting them in and out. It wasn’t long before Susan was screaming.

“Ahhhh!!! I’m coming!!!”

Susan humped her pussy up as Dawn worked her fingers faster.

“Oh god yes!!!”

Susan jerked her ass up and held it as Dawn sucked her clit then she jerked several times as her body was rocked with waves of pleasure.

“Oh I’m coming, I’m coming!!”

Susan screamed several more times then her ass fell back to the towel as she reached for Dawn’s head to pull her off her clit.

“Oh my god, please stop,” Susan told Dawn.

Susan lay there breathing hard for a minute as Dawn stroked her stomach.

“Oh my, I can’t believe you did that! You and your husband are terrible!”

I heard Lieke and Sam laughing behind me.

“Oh Dawn, I haven’t had another women do that in a long time, thank you.”

“You are welcome,” Dawn said. “Susan, would you like more?”

“What else could you do?”

“Would you like for James to fuck you?”

“Oh that would be great but I better not.”

“You would enjoy it, why don’t you think about it.”


We all had a few laughs and some more wine. Amy, Sam and Lieke went exploring the rocks and the beach while Dawn and I soaked up some sun with Susan.

“Dawn, where you serious about letting James fuck me?”

“Yes Susan,” Dawn said.

“I would enjoy your big cock James. Dawn do you two do this often?”

“Not that often, just with people that like to have fun.”

“What about Lieke, I can’t risk her saying anything.”

“Susan, I wouldn’t worry about her, she has been having a lot of fun with us for the last three weeks.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, she has enjoyed being with Sam and Amy?”

“I can’t believe that, what about with your husband?”

“Like I said, she has been having a lot of fun.”

“I can’t believe that, she has always been so laid back,” Susan said.

“Well, I wouldn’t bring it up with her unless she does,” Dawn told her.

“I won’t.”

“Susan, have you reconsidered my offer?”

“Let me think about it some more.”

Dawn and I got up and went and played in the edge of the water as the waves crashed. We turned to check on Susan and she had picked up my camera and was taking pictures of Dawn and me. We waved back at her then we went out in the water some more.

“Do you think Susan will change her mind and let me do her?” I asked Dawn.

“I don’t know but she seems like she wants to.”

“I wish she could spend the night with us instead of doing it out here on the beach,” I told Dawn.

“Let her think about it, she may come up with something.”

It was growing late in the day, the sun had gone down behind the high cliffs and the area was in the shade. Dawn and I walked along the beach for some time and then headed back. When we got back I saw Susan checking on the helicopter, still in the nude. Sam and the girls were back and sipping on some wine.

“Susan should we be heading back?” I asked her as I walked up behind her.

“Probably, since Sam wants to take the long way home. It’s getting late and I am sure you all want to get back so you can eat dinner.”

“Can you stay and join us?” I asked.

“Let’s see what time we get back, my husband doesn’t like me flying at night because of all the tourist choppers.”

“I’ll round everyone up and we can go then,” Dawn told her.

Dawn and I went to get the girls and gather up everything. When we carried everything back to the helicopter Amy asked Susan if we needed to put any clothes on since we were flying to the house.

“Not if you don’t want to, I’m going to fly this way, I have always wanted to do that.”

We loaded up our bags and stored the towels and cooler in the rear compartment of the helicopter. We all got in while Susan finished checking a few things before she got in. Susan started the engines and soon we were taking off out over the ocean.

“It would normally take about 30 minutes to get back to the house but I am going to cut across the island and come back around the coast, it should take us about an hour or so,” Susan announced over the speakers.

“Oh goody!” Sam said as she looked across at me and smiled.

“Sam are you ever satisfied?” I asked with a smile.

“Not when I am with you guys!” She said with a laugh.

Susan turned back toward the island and began to climb as she flew back over the island. She was climbing high so we could see everything as we went along. We had been flying for about 15 minutes when Sam looked at me and then got down on her knees in the floor and worked her way between my legs.

Sam began playing with my cock and licking and sucking on it to get it hard. Dawn was sitting beside me so she moved next to Amy. Sam placed her mouth over the head of my swelling cock and began to run her tongue around it until I was hard. Once I was fully erect she began to slide her mouth up and down the length of my cock. She seemed to be enjoying herself so I let her suck my cock for about 10 minutes. Then I reached down and lifted Sam up so she could sit then I got on my knees and worked on her pussy until it was good and wet.

“Sam are you ready?”

“I’m always ready.”

I moved back to sit on the seat and spread my legs so Sam could turn her back to me and lower herself down. I placed my hands on her sides to hold her while she grabbed my cock and worked the head around on her wet pussy lips. I looked up and Dawn was taking pictures of us.

Sam slipped the head of my cock into her opening and then began to slowly work her way down. She moved up and down, slipping a little further down each time she moved. After several minutes she was sitting down with all her weight on me and my cock buried deep inside her. I reached around and began rubbing her full breasts.

“That is what I have been waiting for all day!” Sam said.

Sam leaned back onto me while she just sat and enjoyed my cock stuck deep in her pussy for a while. Once I started squeezing her nipples she slowly began to work her hips around. Sam leaned her head back on my shoulder and placed a hand on my head and pulled my head next to hers.

“This is so hot!” She said to me.

“I’m glad you are enjoying it, take your time.”

Sam held my face to hers as she wiggled her hips around. She had really changed from the first time we had sex, she had learned quickly how to enjoy making love. Sam took her time and then leaned forward so she could raise and lower her pussy on my cock.

“Oh yes, this feels great!”

Sam sped up her movements some and kept sliding up and down. I could feel the tightness of her pussy as she slid all the way up and then pushed back down, not too fast and not too slow. I grabbed her hips and helped her push up and down as she continued.

“Oh yes, this is perfect! You feel so good inside me!”

Sam sped up more and began moaning with each stroke. She leaned back against me again and began thrusting her hips fast.

“Finger my clit!”

I gladly reached around and found her swollen clit and began to finger it.

“Oh yes, yes!”

Sam kept her steady pace up for 10 or 15 minutes. I could feel her pussy growing wetter as she moved. The faster Sam moved the more vigorously I fingered her clit. Sam was moaning constantly now as she ground down on to me.

“Oh James I’m coming!”

Sam began to hump my cock real hard as she moaned louder and louder. I ran my finger around her clit in hard fast circles. Sam placed a hand over mine and pushed my fingers down harder on her clit.

“Ahhhhh! I’m going to come!!” Sam screamed out.

Sam began to jerk as I felt her pussy muscles constrict around my cock. I felt juices squirt from Sam’s pussy as I fingered her clit while she pushed down very hard and jerked against my cock. It seemed every time I fucked Sam she always got wetter and wetter, her juices were now running down over my balls and onto my legs.

Sam grabbed my hand so I would stop rubbing her clit and jerked several times as her orgasm went though her body.

“Oh my god!!”

Sam sat on me and twitched and jerked for several minutes.

“Was that what you wanted?” I whispered in Sam’s ear.

“Almost,” she replied.

“What else do you want?”

“I want some more.”

Sam leaned forward and lifted her pussy up off my cock and slipped the head against her asshole. She moved it around a few times, I could feel the slickness of her juices lubricating her opening. She held the head against her asshole and began to push down. I felt the head of my cock slipping into her ass, Sam was nice and relaxed.

“Oh yes!”

I looked over Sam’s shoulder at Dawn and Amy, they were both watching intently. I hadn’t said anything to either of them about Sam letting me fuck her in the ass. Sam worked her ass around and then pushed down some more, I felt the head of cock push past her rectum and deeper into her ass.

“Oh god I love this!”

Sam slipped her ass up pulling my cock out a little and then pushed back down taking about half my length into her.

“Oh that feels so good!”

Sam began working her ass up and down slipping another inch inside her as she pushed back down each time. The warmth of her insides felt wonderful as she worked up and down. Sam continued to work up and down until she pushed down one last time and I felt the cheeks of her ass resting on my thighs.

“Oh god yes!! Fuck my ass!!”

Sam sat and wiggled her hips around as she let my cock rest inside her deep bowels. I looked at Dawn and she was smiling real big as she looked at my cock shoved into Sam’s ass. Sam took her time gyrating her hips and moving up and down on my cock. I didn’t push up into her as she moved, I just let her take her time.

Amy was sitting across from us watching when she grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. She leaned over and got real close so I grabbed Sam’s legs and pulled them further apart. Sam moaned real loud and wiggled her hips some more.

“Can we stay this way until we get back?” Sam asked.

Dawn and Amy laughed then Sam laughed. I was hoping that she would stay there for the next 30 minutes or so.

I watched Amy take a few more close ups then she turned and handed the camera to Dawn. Amy repositioned herself on the floor and then leaned forward and began licking Sam’s pussy.

“Oh my god sis, you don’t know what that is doing to me!!”

Sam began to hump her ass forward as Amy licked then sucked on her pussy.

“Ohhh! I can’t stand that!!”

Sam was having trouble trying to fuck my cock and let Amy eat her pussy at the same time as she moaned and groaned.

“Sam, lean back against me and let me hold you,” I told her.

Sam lowered her weight down on my cock and leaned back. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her tight. Sam’s breathing was getting hard.

“I have you, now lift your legs up and put your feet on my knees and let Amy eat your pussy.”

Sam got one leg up and then the other and placed her feet on my knees. Amy spread her legs apart and then buried her head into Sam’s crotch. Dawn was taking pictures of this as Sam struggled to maintain control.

“Oh my god this is incredible!!” Sam screamed.

I looked over Sam’s shoulders and could just see that Amy had spread Sam’s lips apart and was licking and sucking on her clit.

“Ahhhh!!!” Sam screamed in a gasp for air.

I felt Amy lick my balls a few times, something I didn’t need at this point. Then she sucked one of balls into her mouth. I felt my muscles begin to contract as the cum began building. Amy finally stopped sucking and licking my balls and returned to Sam’s pussy.

“Oh sis you are going to make me come!!!”

Sam’s asshole began to clench around my cock as she approached her orgasm.

“Oh my god!!!” Sam screamed

I felt Amy slip several fingers up into Sam’s pussy. Amy turned her fingers so that she was rubbing my cock through the thin skin between Sam’s pussy and her asshole. Amy took her other hand and began playing with my balls again.

Sam screamed again when Amy placed her mouth back on her clit and began sucking hard. Amy was using the two fingers she had inside Sam to massage my cock. My orgasm was building and there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

“I’m coming!!!” Sam screamed as I felt her muscles contract around my cock

Sam begin to try and thrust her hips against Amy’s mouth as her body tensed as the first wave of muscle contractions shot through her body.

“Oh god!!!”

Sam was screaming now as she struggled to hold on. I grabbed her tighter and could feel her stomach muscles contracting over and over. Sam was humping my cock as Amy sucked her clit and rubbed my cock from the inside. Sam tensed up again and pushed back against me hard.


Amy slipped her tongue down and began licking my cock at the edge of Sam asshole. I felt my muscles tighten up as I tried to hold on.

“Oh god James come in my ass now please!!!”

Amy licked my balls several times and then sucked one back into her mouth while she played with the other. I couldn’t take anymore. I began jamming my cock up into Sam’s ass as best I could. Sam began screaming as she tensed up again and I fired my first load deep inside her. As Amy continued playing with my balls I shot load after load into Sam’s ass.

I was sitting at a coffee shop at a local shopping mall. My home base is the Pacific Northwest (at least during the pleasant summers.) Today I had staked out one of the shopping malls so that I could pursue my hobby of having sex with women that would not normally even think about giving their bodies to a stranger.

You wouldn’t have thought twice if you saw me sitting at the cafe. I am late middle aged. I was a working stiff until a few years ago when I won one of the Super Ball lotteries. The few hundred million I won has grown through wise investments to well over a Billion dollars. That’s a Billion with a capital b. Put simply I offer housewives, baristas, clerks, basically anyone woman that strikes my fancy $50,000 to spend two hours with me, doing whatever I am in the mood for. You would be amazed, well over ninety percent go for it.

I had conferred with my assistant, Catherine about what I was in the mood for today. Catherine was basically the propositioner. After I had spotted the woman, Catherine would approach and use a variation of a story that I was a philanthropic eccentric that wanted to help out women. Catherine had an amazing ability to convince these women to follow her to the car where she would further convince them to basically do anything I wanted them to do.

I called her Catherine even though Catherine wasn’t her real name. She bore a stunning resemblance to Catherine Zeta Jones. She had the same dark looks with long brunette hair. Her breasts were not very large but well-shaped along with a great looking ass. She really looked like Catherine Zeta Jones so much that I called her that from the first time I saw her. Besides her persuasive abilities, she also could change her appearance to fit the role she should play for bringing the women to me. She could be a early middle aged house wife, a regal grandmother, an account executive, a teacher, etc. I found a great assistant for my hobby and on top of that, I got to fuck her too whenever I wanted.

Back to my pick of the day, she had gotten out of a SUV with the family stick figures on the back. You probably have seen them before – dad, mom, kid stick figures with a dog or a cat. She had the dad, mom, a boy, a girl and a dog. She had blond, shoulder length hair parted just off to one side. I guessed her age to be early thirties. Her figure was exactly what I was in the mood for that particular day. Large, long breasts which stretched out the dark, sort of leopard print pullover shirt she wore. She had a dark light jacket and gray Capri style pants. She carried a little belly but not large with a well round ass that looked like two large cantaloupes squeezed together.

I headed back to the extended limousine we had for the adventure today. I got in the back and waited for Catherine to bring the woman to the limo to go through the pitch. The back of the limousine had a large leather chair that I would sit in with compartments along the side for whatever I might need. The rest was carpeted with a few footstools for the women to sit on…at least at the beginning.

After I got settled, Catherine brought the woman to the front of the limo. I could watch either through the one way glass that divided the driver’s section from the back or through a closed circuit camera and microphone that was in the front. The rest of the glass was also one way. It is quite a trip to be banging a woman hard inside the limo with crowds walking by on the outside. By the way, the rest of the limo is wired with cameras and mics too.

Catherine went through the pitch. She asked the woman her name and a little about her family and job status. The woman’s name was Angie and as her car displayed, she was married with two children. She worked part time at a local bank branch. Her take home pay as about $24,000 a year.

“Well Angie, you have attracted the attention of a very wealthy man. He would like to spend a little bit of time with you.”

“What do I have to do?” she asked.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” Catherine soothingly replied. “If you spend the full two hours with him and he is happy, you get the full $50,000. If you want to leave at any time, you get $500 for your time.” That’s fair isn’t it?”

Catherine gently led her through the objections Angie brought up always going back to what $50,000 would mean to her husband and children. After a short time, Angie swallowed and agreed. Catherine had her sign a contract that while looking innocuous really allowed me to do anything I wanted and said that she agreed to it. There was a very clear provision about being allowed to video tape her. Whenever the woman objected to it, Catherine just explained it was to record her signing the contract. She just didn’t mention, we also taped all of the action about to happen in the back. I knew several other very wealthy men who are too scared to do what I do, but love to watch it.

Contract signed, Catherine guided Angie to the doors to the back of the limo and had her enter. I was seated in the chair in the back. I had a drink in my hand with a friendly smile. I wanted her to be put at ease. She couldn’t quite stand up straight and walked/crawled up to a footstool that I motioned to her to sit on.

“Hello, you are a very beautiful woman.” I told her. “I am very happy you decided to spend some time with me.”

She looked very nervous. “What do you want me to do.”

“Nothing you don’t want to do. Do you understand the arrangement?”

“Yes, she replied. ” I get $50,000 for spending two hours with you.”

“…and if you want to go or I want you to leave early, you get $500. Right?” I reminded her.

She nodded.

I offered her a drink. She shook her head no. I liked the way her breasts swayed in her blouse. Might as well get started.

“Take off your shirt,” I told her.

“What are you going to do,” she asked again.

“Listen, this is really simple. You do what I say and at the end you get $50,000 or you can leave now and I give you $500.”

To accentuate my point, I reached into a side compartment and pulled out the five stacks of $10,000 in twenties. Then very slowly, I reached into the same compartment and pulled out five $100 bills and laid them in a pile next to the $50,000.

Her greed took over. She pulled the leopard print shirt over her head. She was wearing a black bra that held her very large breasts.

“Nice, raise your hands behind your head so I can enjoy this a bit.”

She put her hands behind her head and I had her twist to the right and to the left. You have ease into what you have planned and get them used to obeying commands. Her barriers were slowly breaking down.

“Now, take the bra off.”

She hesitated. I didn’t say anything. I just looked her in the eye and then slowly looked over at the pile of $50,000 and pile of $500 off to the side. Her gaze followed mine and her eyes became fixed on the money.

“Take your bra off,” I said with more command in my voice.

This startled her and broke her fixation on the money. She looked down as she reached behind her back and unclasped the bra. I took it out of her hand and threw it off to one side. I mentioned her to move closer so that she was kneeling almost between my legs.

She had absolutely excellent large, long breasts. They hung down to her little belly. The areolas were probably three inches round and her nipples were hard poking out almost a half inch.

I took her chin in my hand and raised her head so that her blue eyes looked into my face. I wanted to see her eyes.

“You have great breasts. That is one reason I chose you,” I told her as I looked into her eyes.

She blushed. I reached down and traced the outline of the breasts with my fingertips. I could feel her shudder.

“I think you are enjoying this. Your nipples are hard.”

She gave me a brave smile and nodded, “A little.”

I picked them up in my hands gently squeezing them. I motioned her back a bit and pushed the back of her head down so that she was on her hands and knees. Her tits just brushed the floor, they were that long. With her still on her hands and knees facing me, I slid my shoes and socks off and then my pants and underwear. I saw her eyes get wide.

“Angie, don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” I reminded her. “I really love the look of your breasts, just come closer and slide your breasts up and down on my cock.’

I saw her calculating in her head. This didn’t seem too bad. Just tit fuck the dude and be done. I smiled quietly to myself. The greed always gets them.

She positioned herself between my legs and wrapped her breasts around my dick. I guess she expected me to start thrusting, but I grabbed her hands and moved them up and down showing her what to do.

My dick was rock hard. She bounced off her knees, moving her breasts up and down. I leaned back and watched this with satisfaction. Here was someone’s wife, a young MILF that I had taken off the street and was already half naked, serving my cock.

I can last as long as I want and wanted her to work a bit at it. After a few minutes of vigorous tit fucking me, the sweat was running down her face. Her blond hair was damp and I could tell she was tiring out. I decided to give her some help.

I grabbed a nipple with the fingers in each hand. She stopped.

“Don’t stop. Keep going,” I told her.

She started again. Her hand pressed her breasts against my cock. Each time she raised up on her knees her breasts would be fully stretched out by my holding her nipples. It was a great feeling – fucking her huge tits and seeing them stretch out under my control. I could tell it was painful for her, but also saw that look of determination, just finish the guy off, get the money and get out. At least that was what she thought.

Finally I decided that she had had enough. I let my cum start to bubble inside of me. When I knew it was almost there, I grabbed the back of her head and held her face as I unloaded. The first ropey stream caught her in the eye. The second went up her nose as I moved her head slightly. Finally my last shot caught her right above the mouth and then dribbled over her lips.

“Nice.” I said.

She gave me a look and scooted back and reached over to her bra that was laying on the side.

“Where do you think you are going? We aren’t done yet.” I said as I took the bra from her hand.

“What do you mean? I did what you wanted.”

“Angie, do you think I would give you $50,000 for just a tit fuck? We have only been together for about twenty minutes.”

“You can leave now, but you get only $500.”

She was sitting on her knees, resting back on her feet. My cum was still running down her face and dripping onto her jutting tits. I could see her nipples were very red from my pinching. She looked at me weighing what to do.

I took one $10,000 stack, bent toward her, and slowly scrapped the cum off her face with the short end. Then very slowly I raised the goo on the edge to her lips. Her eyes blinked twice and then she flicked her tongue out until she had cleaned off the bills.

“Take of the rest of your clothes,” I told her as I pulled off my shirt.

I had her lay down on her back and knelt over her face. By this time her resistance had crumpled.

“Lick under my balls.”

Her tongue started licking the space between my ball and my ass. I rested my dick on her forehead while it slowly got hard again. Every once in awhile I would slide a lit forward so her tongue would go over my ass. After a couple minutes, I stayed with her mouth under my ass and let her tongue fuck my asshole. My dick very quickly got rock hard and I moved off to the side.

Angie was completely broken. She lay on the floor and waited for my next command. Her makeup had completed smeared, my cum had dried over her face. She licked her lips to get the taste of my ass off of them.

I ordered her on hands and knees. I got between her legs, kicked them apart and pulled her hips down a bit so that I had easy access. That cantaloupe shaped ass that I had seen at the coffee shop was right before me. I reached out grabbed a cheek in each hand and pulled them apart.

“Angie, this looks like a virgin asshole. Doesn’t your husband ever fuck you in the ass?’

She answered with a quiet, “No, he wanted to, but I wouldn’t let him.”

“Well, if you tell him about this, I hope he doesn’t get jealous.” I chuckled.

“She jumped and started to get up. “I am not going to tell him about this,” she almost cried.

I pushed her back down.

“Up to you.”

At that, I spit on my hand, rubbed it on my dick and put it at the entrance to her ass.

“What’s your husband’s name?”

“Bill,” she answered.

“Every time I push in, call me Bill and tell me how much you like it.”

With that I jammed my cock deep in her ass.

She screamed. I slapped her ass hard. I didn’t hear “Bill, I love you fucking my ass.”

“Bill, I love you fucking my ass,” she blurted out.

I made slow thrusts up her ass, only having to remind her a couple more times with well-placed smacks to tell Bill how much she liked it. Pretty soon I started to speed up, until she was almost constantly thanking Bill for fucking her ass.

Now was the time to put the little twist that I always ended the session with. While still fucking her ass, I reached under her and started rubbing her clit.

“You can stop thanking Bill. Just enjoy it,” I told her.

My work on her clit was having results. Instead of grunts, when I thrust in her ass, she started moaning. I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. I sped up the clit rubbing until I knew she was close to the edge.

The idea is after dominating these women for close to two hours to bring them to sexual release. By doing this, it so confuses most of them they really don’t know what to think about our session. In fact, many even call my assistant again and again asking for a repeat session, even for free.

Her moans got deeper and deeper and I could feel even in her ass, the contractions beginning. When she came, her pussy gushed over my hand. I let myself go, pumping, my seed deep into her bowels.

She collapsed flat on the floor of the limo. I moved up and wiped my dick off with her hair while she twitched and still spasmed with her continuing orgasm.

I pulled on my clothes and poured myself a drink and watched her as she slowly came back to her senses. She sat up. Her spermy face, matted, sweat soaked hair and dazed look gave her a totally different look than the suburban soccer mom who had walked into the mall almost two hours ago.

“Go ahead and get dressed,” I told her.

She looked at me with a questioning look.

“That’s it. You were a good girl.”

She smiled a little pleading smile.

“Yes, you earned the money.”

As she was getting out of the limo clutching the stacks of cash, I let myself have a smile. Her gray pants had a large stain on the ass and her crotch where my cum and her juices were still leaking out.

What made it even better was when she told me, “Thank you.”

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