The prep platform’s micro grabbers had deftly stripped Jana of her clothes and an array of tiny nozzles whirred around her to spray a thin film of pink latex in geometrical patterns on her stomach, back, arms and legs. A second set of nozzles laid down fine lines of gold on top of this, overlaying circuits with terminals near her nerve centers. She stood perfectly still, arms out and legs apart with her hair held up by a tie.

She was familiar with this part of the process from past experience and winked at me as the nozzles retracted. A large ring descended around her with its own set of nozzles that sprayed her down with a thin slick of shiny gel so that her skin appeared wet and glistening. Next, three thick rubber phalluses emerged on robotic arms, one sunk deep into her vagina, one into her ass and the other jammed into her throat and the tubes connecting them to hidden tanks began to flex as they pumped. Her body writhed gently as thick, clear glistening gel dripped between her legs, eventually there was sudden rush of fluid signaling that her cavities were full and the lower phalluses withdrew. She sucked deep on the remaining one in her mouth, drinking the preparatory elixir which would help her prevent vertigo. With a “schloop” it withdrew, and she gazed down at me with a rather intense look and licked her lips, her transformation even more apparent.

She stepped off of the platform as I stepped on. My clothes were stripped and neatly folded and I was patterned with black latex and gold lines by the printer nozzles. I received the ‘baster’ (as we called it) in my mouth and a hollow cylinder lined with soft rubber sucked my cock into it and coated it with clear gel. When it withdrew, we were ready for action.

The simcraft door raised and I spoke to the computer inside. “Configuration Delta, please.” With an instantaneous buzzing of servos, the interior latex cushions rearranged themselves with a large hump in the middle. Jana laid on top of it, face down, ass up, her naked skin glistening in the amber light of the pod. In an instant, rubber-wrapped cables had encircled her wrists and ankles, pulling her arms forward and spreading her legs slightly. From these cables, intricate wires tipped with small discs unfolded and snapped to the golden contact points on her skin like magnets. With her in position, I stepped in behind her and lowered myself down. The sight of her bright pink wet pussy, literally dripping with lubricating gel, made me fully erect and I rested the shaft of my cock in the valley between her raised ass-cheeks. She wriggled about a little, settling in and it took some restraint on my part not to slide into her warm waiting slit, but not yet.

The environment lit up around us. The cockpit was big enough for perhaps three people, the slick rubbery acceleration cushions had formed around us and we floated cozily on the surface. The transparent control surfaces at Jana’s fingertips seemed to hover over the lower hull display. The front and top halves of the capsule were a panoramic holo display which showed a drifting starscape overlaid with all sorts of colorful graph plots and readouts as the software initialized and went through pre-flights.

Two curved cushions mounted on armatures lowered to rest on each of my shoulders, they were attenuated to move with me but maintain contact and keep me in place when we inverted. Jana’s calves were encircled by two reinforced rubber manacles that rotated from a gap in the cushions underneath her, and a larger one encircled her torso. They were attached to bungie-like cables that could contract or expand like muscles depending on the positions we required for a particular maneuver.

A metallic, feminine voice emerged from the sound system. “All systems go. Awaiting departure.” The displays flashed and went blank except for a crystal clear hologram of outer space. We were hovering over an aquamarine planet of some sort and a red giant sun loomed before us with a belt of asteroids silhouetted in front of it.

“Oooh,” I heard Jana exclaim. “It’s so beautiful! This is quite the sim rig! It’s like we’re floating in outer space… naked…”

“Only the best for you, ensign Yasmin,” I said. Her long, lithe form stretched out before me in the glow of the cockpit, her perfect tight ass a pedestal for my erection. Lubricating gel permeated from the semi-porous cushions and soaked our skins, reflecting red and blue from the displays. I admired her body once more, the delicately chiseled muscles in her back and shoulders, her slender arms and legs. Her body bobbed lazily on the gel filled cockpit cushions and the backs of her thighs rubbed softly against my quadriceps.

Satisfied that we were ready, I landed a playful smack on her bare ass. I slid my hands to catch her hip bones and pressed the engorged tip of my cock to her labia, forcing the lips wide as I slid my length into her. Her head tilted back and she made an “uunhh” sound while her muscles twitched here and there. The control surfaces flashed and we were off like a shot, blazing through space towards the asteroids.

I tested her responses a little bit, my cock half inside of her rubbing against the top, then bottom, then each side of her vaginal walls. Her response in the controls was instant and graceful as we curved up, down, then side to side. There was artistry in the way she transitioned between trajectories. Placing my hands on the top of her ass, I pushed it down into the cushion and bent over her, ramming deep. We nosedived outside of the asteroid plane and I gave her a few quick thrusts and the gee forces multiplied as we careened headlong through space.

With my hands on each of her shoulder blades, I pushed down slightly on one side and then the other as the craft rocked gently side to side. After a minute, I flung myself down on top of her with a wet smack, reaching under her shoulders and pulling up while rapidly drilling her with my rock hard shaft. We leveled out and the secondary thrust kicked in, the inertia threatened to tear me off of her as she moaned and squirmed under me. Holding tight, I clasped my hands together over her neck, her back arched and I wrenched her shoulders to the left. The ship corkscrewed in perfect synchronization with our movements, her body fluidly channeling all physical motion to the controls, her mind intuitively transforming pleasure and other sensations into a dance through the galaxy.

We entered the asteroid field and the displays began to highlight nav hazards as they appeared. We writhed together in our warm lube-soaked cushions, the craft darted between the large spinning planetoids and smaller debris fields. The red star shine rotated in the cockpit at all angles as we arced in large spirals. I pulled all the hotshot maneuvers I could think of and my mount’s tight young body responded perfectly. The ride was exhilarating, and and her firm little ass was taking a pounding yet kept bouncing back for more. I jackhammered into her tight, dripping pussy and drove our craft toward maximum velocity. “Yes!” she hissed. “Take me… faster!”

A swarm of incoming enemy craft appeared on the holos. We arced our ship upwards into a corkscrew and came at them from behind a large drifting planetoid. Jana and I started firing our phaser arrays as the triangles popped up all over the displays. Her aim was good as she took on the lower hemisphere and I the upper, our lines of sight shown as crosshairs gently snapping to targets as they passed over and a twitch of our muscles triggered the destructive beams. After a few evasive maneuvers and one protracted dogfight, we had reduced the sortie to virtual space debris.

With a flex of my wrist the bungies connected to her torso contracted and inclined her up into my arms. She angled her head back and we kissed deep and wetly while I manhandled her tits and drilled into her gushing slit, our bodies bouncing on the springy cushions. She squirmed in my arms as my fingers played with her nipples and squeezed her body close to mine. I let loose a massive load of my supplemented jizz which hit her nerve centers and caused her to go limp for moment, overwhelming her with a surge of ecstasy, yet I continued to pound into her and she flopped in my arms like a rag doll.

We drifted still in space, the simulation had ended and we drifted on the edge of a fantastical rainbow nebula with countless comets blazing overhead. I let my unbridled lust surge forth in the adrenaline rush of our sim battle victory. In response to my gesture, a rubbery vibrating spheroid emerged from the puddle of lube beneath her and as I ground her clit into the ball her body came to life as if jolted by electricity. I could feel her pussy walls begin to flex on my cock-head as it slipped deep inside of her. A long, low guttural moan welled up within her, I moved a hand up to her throat and she bent her head to vigorously suck my fingers, her moan became a muffled hum, getting louder and louder.

I let go and the bungies pulled her down hard, her face and breasts smacking into the cushions as she cried out in surprise. I moved up on her, my weight pinning her clit to the vibrating sphere. I clamped her long legs together with mine. She began to buck under me, her muscles going rigid all over. The sensation of her tightened slippery cunt traveling up and down the length of my shaft took me over the edge and my body seized as I shot forth a river of cum, my cock throbbing like a heavy heartbeat with each spurt for what seemed like an eternity. I collapsed onto her back and buried my length into her as far as it could go as she went stiff and then began to shake violently… she cried out in staccato, “Oh…m-my fuuucking gaawd-d…” Her mouth remained open as if she was about to scream but no sound came out as her hips jerked violently, her twitching pussy pulling my cock with it. After a time, her spasms slowed in frequency and the vibrating nub retracted. Eventually her clenching muscles relaxed while she gasped softly. We lay together, floating in a timeless sea, our bodies undulating slowly together while I continued to slowly pump a trickle of semen into her flexing pussy.

In the shower afterward, I lathered her up while she did likewise, running her fingers over the rippled muscles of my chest. She looked into my eyes, “That was really intense… The adrenaline… I’ve never just wanted a cock in me so bad. And the way you control your jizz… that’s simply incredible.” She smiled slyly as her hand went down to stroke the tip of my hanging member. “So much of it, too!” I felt myself stiffen once again. “I think I’m going to like being your instrument, Captain.” Clouds of steam enveloped us. She pulled me close, her soapy fist around my hard upright cock. She began to stroke it slowly in her tight, slippery grip. “And I want you to play me, use me…master me,” she continued. “I want to make beautiful music for you.” With that, I knelt, pulling my organ down out of her grip to thrust it up into her pink little twat, lifting her feet off the ground and pinning her back against the shower wall. She let out a long high-pitched, “Oh!” and threw her head back.

I fucked her there against the warm slippery tiles. I had her again in the jacuzzi. I banged her doggy-style under the rain shower, and I held her up and fucked her in the circular stall while the massage streams blasted us from all angles. As my cum gushed forth, she moaned and squealed with pleasure and it was music to my ears.

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