At 49 and in the Midwest I just had an unbelievable sexual experience. What I didn’t know at that moment was that another was to follow very quickly.

I stood up from my kneeling position on Mike’s living room carpet and asked where his bathroom was located. Mike, had just fallen back into his chair still naked as I looked him over. He had a wonderful calmness about him as he smiled at me and said “thanks”.

Mike had what was most likely the most wonderful cock that I would ever see (at least for today). Even as it softened it showed off its great shape and thick shaft. Its purple head didn’t look nearly as menacing and angry as it did just before he shot his load a short time before.

It did however look every bit as good now as when I first got to see it just an hour or so ago.

The head was still leaking a bit of fluid that I gladly bent back down to lick and suck up with my tongue.

I had just finished my first blowjob and needed to clean off the sticky prize from my cheeks. I was sure that I would not need to walk to the bathroom, I was on cloud 9. I would float into the bathroom, I could not have been more excited.

When we met at Mikes Michigan home he was just moving to this fixer upper. The home was in a state of disrepair, but home improvements had clearly begun. In his living room where we met he had paint cans, and a ladder, but the couch was neatly trimmed with a nice blanket and a small stereo played soothing music.

Nice touch by Mike I thought.

I was very nervous and really appreciated that “elevator music”, it was soothing and calming.

I wondered for a moment if Mike was really the homeowner or just a worker who knew he would have the home to himself for a few hours! It didn’t much matter at that point I guess.

As I stood Mike looked at my face and smiled, “you should have seen the look on your face when I shot all over you, the bathroom is just on the right” he said.

“What did I look like”, I asked.

“You were smiling and looked very peaceful, I loved how you put your tongue out to catch my cum, it made a great picture”

Mike said, “I hope the bathroom is clean I had some guys here today doing finishing work and I haven’t checked it yet”

The bathroom was clean but this was clearly a home going through a renovation of sorts. I looked in his bathroom mirror as I waited for his tap water to warm up. I was a mess, my hair was everywhere and my lips were more red and puffy than usual. I smiled and I ran my tongue over them thinking about what just transpired.

For a moment it appeared as if I was wearing lipstick. Of course that was not the case, they were red and puffy from sucking on his very thick shaft for the last 40 minutes. Just the thought of it made my own member tingle.

The goo that was smeared all over my cheeks and even on my nose was like a badge of honor, I beamed with pride.

The faucet squeaked as I turned the water off. “Squeaky faucet” I said to Mike as I came out of the bathroom.

Mike looked at me and said, “thanks for the best blow job ever, I have never cum so hard.” We walked into the kitchen via the hallway, heading towards the garage door entrance.

I guessed my report on the faucet could wait. I was so taken by his comment that I followed him through the hallway without thinking.

“Was it really that good I asked in a whisper?”

Mike stopped walking, turned and looked at me and smiled. “In my 50 plus years I’ve never had my cock serviced so well, and the facial was icing on the cake, no pun intended.”

I dropped to my knees in his kitchen and unbuttoned his pants. His kitchen window did not have any curtains yet and it directly faced the neighbors home, I wondered if they could see us?

I had a difficult time undoing his pants button, this was my first time opening one from this position and it was tough to do.

Once the button on his pants was open he looked down at me and smiled as I unzipped him. I lowered his pants to his ankles and took his softened cock in my hand and rubbed it on my cheeks than on my eyelids. Without opening my eyes I guided his soft cock to my appreciative mouth and ran his cock head over my lips, I kissed it! I still had my eyes shut tightly.

I opened my eyes to see his mushroom head staring right back at me. I smiled and made my tongue come out and dance on his cock head with soft licks. I very quickly licked his cum slit and completely bathed his cock head with my tongue. I loved the soft spongy head and took a moment to just surround it with my very wet lips.

Not being able to fight it any longer I opened my tired mouth again and inhaled his semi-hard cock, god it was thick. The feeling of his thick shaft-slowing running over my sensitive lips is almost indescribable. I just savored the taste and texture of his large endowment as it nicely filled my open and wet mouth.

I know that I let out a large, “mmmmmm” as I could still taste cum from the last round.

I wondered if his wife knew how lucky that she was??

Mike put his hand to the back of my head and said, “Damn this is unbelievable. I’m not sure that I can get hard again this quickly, but PLEASE don’t stop trying”.

I answered him by putting my hands on his ass cheeks and pulling him deeper into my mouth. Even flaccid his shaft had wonderful thickness, which I rolled my tongue around over and over. I was determined not to let any of this glorious shaft out of my mouth until I had to catch my breath again.

I vividly remember moving my head from side to side and I slid him all the way to the back of my throat until my lips were flush against his hairy belly. My lips were stretched and they pulled back as I slowly milked his thick shaft.

I can still feel my very soft lips almost unrolling, or pulling out from the inside on to the back of his shaft as I milked his cock. This was pure bliss!

Mike now had one hand behind my head and the other hand under my chin and s l o w l y moved my head just the smallest bit back and forth. We clearly understood what made each other tick at this exact moment. I did not want his shaft out of my mouth, nor did he.

“This is so damn hot he said, your lips feel like silk on my cock. I can’t believe it but I’m going to cum again, can I stay in your mouth this time?”

I squeezed his ass cheek to signify a big YES!

Ah, Ah, Ohh, oh god, here it comes he said as he softly held my head.

I felt his cock head swell and squirt in my mouth, again and again. Not a large amount of liquid but an amount that allowed me to keep his shaft in my mouth the entire time.

His cum was different that I expected it wasn’t thick at all but more watery with a stinging taste. I stretched the flat side of my tongue out to cover the length of the bottom of his thick cock. My tongue could feel his spurts one after the other; this made me cum in my pants.

Stretching my tongue out also allowed me to open my throat a bit wider, his cum just ran right down my throat.

Only than after I came, and still had his shaft in my mouth did I notice that his kitchen floor was tough on my knees. I looked up at Mike as his cock fell from my open mouth tickling my lips as it past.

Mike smiled as he looked at me he chuckled and said “I didn’t think the kitchen would get this much use so soon.

Great comment I thought.

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