This is part 2 into my exploration into my bisexuality. The first part was an opening of the door and then I ended up just jumping right in…

After my experiences with camming for guys, I started to want the experience for real. I started searching craigslist for someone that would match my desires. After chatting with different men, I finally chose one. I met him at his house and we took it from there.

We awkwardly talked for a little and then we made it to his bedroom. I brought some lingerie of my wife’s along so he asked me to put one on. I was nervous at first because I had never done this in front of a real person yet but once I got it on I felt sexy dressed like that. It turned me on to be exposed to a man like this. He started to caress me and was really touchy and light. What I needed was a man like the guy I cammed with the first time. I needed someone to be dominating over me. I told the guy that this wasn’t going to work out so I put my clothes back on and left. The search was back on!

I was back on craigslist digging through ads looking for the perfect match. One particular ad really caught my attention! The ad was for a gay clothing optional party that is held twice a month held at a private home. I thought this could work because it could be like my camming experience where someone there would fit the person that I wanted. I would have different guys to choose from. An email was sent and the man gave me the address for the parties as well as a description for what they are like:

“The parties are held at a private home with the entry being open to anyone over the age of 21 unless they had been previously banned. The biggest rule to follow is that no means no. That is the biggest reason someone would be banned. The set up is welcoming. The living room on the main floor is set up to play a non porn gay film, so that should be comforting to newcomers. On the main level there is a hot tub that fits about 6 men that would have a gay porn film being projected where clothing is usually not worn. In the basement the same porn is being projected onto the wall but the room is dividing in half by a curtain. On one side a set of couches and chairs for viewing are laid out, and on the other side a large werstling mat with pads strung about along with condoms and lubes. Come over and see what fits you! Around 40 to 50 guys show up on any given night so there should be at least one for you!”

With that setting I thought it would be kind of easy and with that many men there, there had to be at least one that would fit what I was looking for. I chatted for a bit with the guy that runs it and asked as many questions as I could. Now I just needed a free night to actually let it happen. A night came by where my wife would be spending a weekend with her sister (a story which I wish I could tell about, she is hot!) So I had a weekend to myself! It was perfect that it was on the same weekend that these movie parties happen. Friday night and Saturday went by so slow but finally Saturday evening was here! The party started at 8pm so I came a little later to make sure there would be enough guys there to choose from. I put on the same set of lingerie on that I had before in the past for the guys on cam and the guy that I met. I put my street clothes over top and headed to the party!

I pulled my car up a few blocks from the house. As I walked toward the house I could feel the tension in my body. Was I really going to go through with this? I finally came to the house and I could tell there was a lot of people there. A lot of cars were on the street. I walked to the door and knocked and the guy that runs the party opened the door and let me in. “Make yourself at home” he said. I made my way to the living room and sat down next to the men that were there. I instantly noticed that I was going to be the youngest guy in the building. A few of the men looked like they were in their 30s but most of them were in their 40′s or older. Most of the men were either naked or in their briefs so I was a bit embarrassed knowing that I had women’s lingerie on underneath. I eventually made my way downstairs and then it happened.

An older man, in his early 50′s, approached “your first time here?”

“yes, how did you know?”

“I am here almost every weekend and you are not quite the typical guy that shows up!” he said as he smiled, referring to my age.

“Well I am Bill, I would love to show you around”

“Thanks Bill, I am Trevor.”

“Why don’t we start with getting you on the other side of this here curtain” he said as he pulled down his boxers and he’s semi rigid cock was exposed to me! And he slid the curtain slightly open!

“I am not exactly naked under my clothes here” I said embarrassingly knowing I was wearing women’s lingerie!

With a smile he answered, “Whatever you are wearing underneath there will eventually come off so why don’t you show me what you have on.”I took off my shoes and he could see my feet wrapped in nylons. As I slide my t-shirt off the top of the mesh lingerie top was exposed. He reached for my jeans and unsnapped and unzipped them and slide them down to my ankles as I stepped out of them.

“MMMMMMM, what a sexy slut we have here, step in!” as he held the curtain to the side.

As I stepped onto the mat I noticed that there was about 20 guys in there. This was the most popular room of the party. Many of them men looked up and were eyeing me up. I could tell that a lot of them were aroused at me wearing my wife’s lingerie! Bill walked behind me and we found an empty spot with a cushion. We both sat down and were watching the porn that was being projected onto the wall. The scene at the time was a guy on his knees sucking off two guys. Stroking one and sucking the other switching back and forth.

“What do you think of that scene there Trevor?” Bill asked. I could see that his cock was getting harder and harder and it was growing into a fairly decent sized cock. With how nervous I was, my cock wasn’t starting to grow…yet!

Whispering, “To be honest, I really haven’t done any of this before.”

“I know, I could tell when you walked downstairs that this whole thing was new to you. Why don’t we make your fantasies become reality” Bill said as he stood up with his cock facing toward me. His cock was now fully hard and was even bigger than my 7″. He stepped closer and whispered, “come on, just go for it Trevor, they’re watching you.” As I looked around the room, most of the action had stopped and there were many guys watching me. I slowly moved to my knees positioning myself in front of his rigid cock. I reached up and grabbed the base of his cock, the first cock I have touched!

Not forceful but more coaching firm hands, Bill grabbed the back of my head and lightly started pushing my face toward his cock. “Trevor, they want to watch you take your first cock!” He whispered as my mouth was moving closer and closer to his cock. My mouth parted as the tip of his cock slide past my lips and he let out a moan.

He was just what I needed, someone firm, dominant and knowing what he wanted. It was perfect! He grabbed the back of my head a little harder as he slide his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. Most of the men started going back to what they were doing as I tried to give the best blowjob I could. From watching many porn movies and knowing what feels good to me, I started to suck this man’s cock as best I could while he moaned louder and louder.

Bill let go of the back of my head and to my surprise I continued to devour his cock! Without hesitation I grabbed the base of his cock and worked it deeper and deeper into my mouth. My fantasy was slowly being fulfilled.

“What a good slut you are” Bill said. My cock started to get hard inside my wife’s panties as he became more dominant. He grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth, making me gag on his cock! “Wow, you suck cock like a champ.” He let go with one hand and singled to a friend to come over. As the man came closer I slowly started to recognize him. It was the older guy I first met up with that ended up doing nothing with. “I thought that lingerie looked familiar” the man said with his cock fully in view in front of my face. “Hey slut, why don’t you suck his cock for a while” Bill commanded.

I slipped his cock from my mouth and took the next guys cock in my mouth. I kept one hand stroking Bill’s hard cock and I was getting hard knowing that I was sucking 2 cocks now! The man was moaning and after a little bit Bill grabbed my head and guided back to his cock. While I was sucking Bill’s cock, the other guy laid down on the floor next to me. I grabbed his cock and started stroking it while I continued to suck Bill’s cock. Bill released the back of my head and I bent down to suck on the other man’s cock again.

I felt fairly exposed as I was bent over sucking this man’s cock. Bill stepped away and I had a feeling I knew what was coming next. As I was sucking this other man’s cock, I never found out his name, I felt Bill grab unsnap my garter and slide the panties I was wearing down to my mid thighs. Then the most amazing thing happened, Bill started to lick my asshole. I had never been rimmed before and that started to get my cock some attention.

With the feeling of my ass being tongued, coupled with being used like a slut by these 2 older men in front of all the other men in the basement, my cock was completely hard now. Then Bill stopped licking my asshole but I couldn’t look around to see what was going on because the this other man grabbed the back of my head and started to slide his whole cock into my throat. What I didn’t know was that, while I was gagging on this cock, Bill was gathering an audience.

I found out later that most of the time when I younger guy shows up to one of these events, they don’t really play along to well with the older men. They seem to scare them off, but for me it was a huge turn on. Here I was letting this older man do what he wants with me. He told me to suck this man’s cock, so I was. He wanted more guys to watch him use me, so I let him. The basement already had around 20 men there and Bill brought 5 others. He wanted them to watch as he took my anal virginity! I was still sucking off this other guy when Bill slapped my ass upon his return.

“I’m back you little slut!” he said as he knelt down behind me, “And I brought with me a little audience for this” as I felt lube being spread onto my asshole.

“I’m not sure I want it to go this far Bill” I said nervously.

“Well you do know the rules here about no meaning no and I can’t do this unless you want it,” he said in his husky voice as I felt his finger spreading the lube over my tight little asshole. The lube and pressure from his finger sent shivers down my spine and my cock was reacting to that as well.

I was stilling sucking this other man’s cock while Bill was spreading the lube on his cock. “I need to hear that you want this” he said, as he rubbed my asshole with his finger again. The feeling was so intense! “I need to hear my slut say, ‘Bill, please fuck my ass.’”

This was what I was looking for and I didn’t want to waste this opportunity. I grabbed the cock I was sucking, squeezed it while licking the head and peered over my shoulder straight at Bill’s face, “Bill, please fuck my ass!” I turned back and continued to suck this man’s cock.

Bill slapped my ass and said, “That’s it my little slut wearing his wife’s lingerie in front of all these men. Tell me that your Bill’s little slut, tell me that I’m all yours.”

“Bill, you’re pushing it, just fuck my ass!” I told him.

The feeling of the head of Bill’s cock touching my asshole was insane. I was pretty sure he didn’t have a condom on and at that point I didn’t care. I was really glad I had practiced toying on cam and all because he didn’t even use his fingers first, he went straight with his cock. I felt the head of his cock slowly enter into my ass! As I let out a moan, I think it was too much for the other guy because he exploded into my mouth as Bill was just starting to fuck me. The other guy started to moan and Bill pushed the back of my head down on his cock to make sure I didn’t let up as he came in my mouth!

“Swallow it!” Bill commanded and I did as he told me. I swallowed as much of that cum that was in my mouth. It was partly because I was commanded and partly because I didn’t enjoy the texture all that much. Bill let go of my head and I released the man’s cock. He got up and thanked me as I walked away.

“This slut needs another cock!” Bill said, and it wasn’t too hard for one of the 5 guys Bill brought down to lay down in front of me. He was another man that was much older and his cock was already hard. I wasted no time and took his cock just like I did with the other guy, the only difference was that I currently had the head of Bill’s cock inside my asshole.

As I started to suck this cock, Bill was sliding his cock further into my ass, stretching me out! In all honesty it was hurting. The toys I had used before were nowhere near as thick as his cock was. I was groaning while trying to suck this cock as good as the one I had before. I think Bill was halfway in and I had to stop sucking to take some deep breaths. He was taking his time but it was still hard for me to take it. I was stroking the guys cock and he was smiling as he watched my face taking my first cock.

Bill started to fuck me slowly even though I hadn’t taken the full length of his cock. I started to moan more as I picked back the cock that I was currently sucking on. It started to feel slightly better but I had a feeling I was going to feel funny afterwards. He started to use slow full length thrusts and he slide out at one point. I reached between my legs to grab his cock and guide it back in and that is when I found out for sure that he didn’t have a condom on. I couldn’t blame him. I started out with a condom on the first time I fucked my wife’s ass and half way through I ripped it off and it felt way better. Haven’t gone back since!

Bill’s cock went in much easier the second time and I was giving the cock I was sucking on much more attention. Everything started to feel much better. Bill was able to start picking up his pace as well as me picking up my pace with the cock in my mouth. These guys must have been watching porn for too long because in no time he was cumming in my mouth as well. The feeling of a cock throbbing in your mouth is pretty wild and it was only intensified more with the cock in my ass!

After the man moved away Bill slipped his cock out of my ass and brought it to my mouth. I had seen women in porn’s do the ass-to-mouth thing before and it always turned me on but never thought I would be doing it myself. I shook my head no but Bill grabbed the back of my head and said, “suck my cock you little slut, you’re doing such a good job so don’t stop now!”

Before opening my mouth I noticed that there was a small bit of blood from me on his cock and then I opened up wide and took his cock deep into my mouth. He fucked my mouth and made me gag for a little bit before returning to my ass!

“I wanna hear you moan little slut, while I fuck your ass” Bill said as he returned to fucking my ass. Almost everyone in the room was watching at this point! As I started to moan, he started to moan also. His pace was picking up but no where near as fast as he could go because I don’t think I could take a full on pounding. As his pace picked up I could tell he was going to cum. The greatest feeling was when I felt his thighs hit the back of my ass, knowing he was all the way in me! With a few more hard thrusts, Bill was cumming deep inside my ass! I was moaning and groaning as he seeded me!

After he slide out of my ass he made one of the other guys lick my tender asshole. It felt really good to finally have someone lick my asshole and not have a cock inside of me. After a little bit Bill said to the guy, “It’s your turn!”

“Bill, I think one is enough for tonight. That was enough for me!” I suggested.

“Don’t worry, he is a little smaller than me so I think it will be fine. Flip over on your back for us you little slut.”

I flipped over onto my back and the guy lifted my legs up off the ground a little. He positioned his cock at my asshole and luckily Bill was telling the truth. The guy was a bit smaller than Bill so he started to slide in much, much easier. He started to fuck me a lot sooner than Bill could have done. Bill also made one of his friends bend down and start sucking my cock! That was an intense feeling! Having my ass fucked while getting my cock sucked.

Now this guy started to fuck my ass hard and some of the guys were meandering over and were stroking their cocks above me. I couldn’t help it, but I was moaning like a slut! After a little but, a few guys were cumming on my chest and face. And then sure enough I could feel it cumming myself!

I was starting to moan louder and the guys could tell I was going to cum soon so the one started to suck my cock harder and the other started to fuck me harder! Soon enough I was exploding in this guys mouth while getting fucked and it was insane! I had never cummed so hard in my entire life! Then the guy slide his mouth off my cock and brought his mouth to mine. He made me open my mouth and he spit my own cum into my mouth! Before I could even swallow my own cum, the guy fucking my ass pulled out and brought his cock to my face and told me to open up. I opened my mouth as the guy came all over my face and in my mouth. After that I was spent! I slide my wife’s panties back on and whipped some of the cum off of me. I put my clothes on and in my pockets were phone numbers from many of the guys that were there.

There was cum all over my wife’s lingerie so I knew I would be taking it home and cleaning it right away. When I got home and was cleaning them off, the only question in my mind was, how can I get my wife into this?

Edited by freakcutout Girl (Get Well Soon, my friend)

[ALL CHARACTERS ARE OVER 18. All characters are fictional and any resemblance to real or other fictional characters is coincidence and unintentional.]


“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned,” I confessed. I was in a dark confessional booth, wearily kneeling upon the padded kneeler. My tired elbows rested on the ledge of the confessional window, my hands crossed in supplication. Although I was the only one in the confessional booth, I felt confined as my tortured soul pressed down on me. I could hear the priest’s labored, raspy breathing coming from across the brass grille.

“It’s ok my child. Confess what burdens your heart and God will forgive you,” the priest struggled to say in an even tone as he sat deep in his chair. He presented only his side profile to me and I gratefully couldn’t make out his features.

“Father, I have committed many horrible sins. I have broken the Seven Deadly sins, the sin of lust. I have violated the Ten Commandments, the one of honoring your mother and father. I have disobeyed the Church’s teachings by having sex for reasons other than procreation. I have done wicked things that were immoral, depraved and debasing.” I confessed and made the sign of the Cross. My debaucheries crowded into the confessional booth with me.

“Son, there is forgiveness for all of us. We have all fallen short. You must confess your wrongdoings to me and God will forgive you…” he paused, “…Remember that to receive absolution, you must confess all of your wickedness to me in the fullest detail. I am required to hear it all. God will only forgive you if you shine a light upon all of your darkness,” in a husky, guttural breath, the voice hiding in darkness instructed me.

I awoke to the sight of a heavenly angel standing before me. Her body glowed with a shine of its own and it was an image of perfection. She was standing next to the bed, and I drank in her beautification. The image I beheld was miraculous, one of unbridled purity.

My mother wore white patent leather boots that extended all the way up her legs to end at the top of her thighs. Looking at her feet, I saw her boots started in a sharp point that stimulated me on a primal level. I could see her boots had tall thin spiked heels that must’ve been five inches tall! Gracefully gliding up her tall, thin gams the supple white leather flowed ever upwards. On the outside of them, I saw the white lacing that held the leather and conformed it to her legs; starting just over her ankle the lacing continuously crisscrossed as they climbed up her flesh to end at the top of her boot, only inches below her hips; yet with wicked pleasure I saw her golden skin underneath the lacing.

Above those boots of desirous wonder were her bare hips that had that same golden hued glow that showed through the side of her boots. Her hips had a slight swell to them that only hinted at the treasure she hid in back. Between her hips was a tiny white patch that just barely hid her Heaven from my sight. I spotted that a thin rope of cloth, thinner than her pinkie finger, suspended it.

As my eyes travelled further up, my ability to perceive sensations overloaded in awe. My angelic mother was wearing a white, lace-over-satin waist corset! It molded to her body was miraculous effect. With awe, I counted the buttons that ran up the front. Thirteen there were and I thought 13 was my new lucky number. I revered the vertical boning strips that traversed around her incredible body. As my mouth hung open, I thought that this might be the greatest creation ever. The white was so pure it had a radiance all its own, only complimented by the golden glow my mother’s body.

Resting proudly above her waist corset was the ample bosom of an angel. My mom stood there immodestly with her glorious breasts filling my sight. It was as if a topless Aphrodite stood before me. Her tits were miracles of their own. They were big, full and succulent, with a delicious pear shape to them. Her breasts stood proudly on her chest. Her nipples were a soft pink, about the size of a half dollar coin. Centered were her buds, jutting forward; a slightly darker pink, I thought they were strawberry gumdrops.

With the greatest of efforts I was able to pull my eyes away from her tits to take in the thin, smooth roundness of bare shoulders that lead to long, graceful arms capable of (as I’ve discovered) great wonders. With reverence, I saw that my angel had dawned white satin gloves that rapturously covered those wonderful arms; those long silky smooth looking gloves slithered up past her elbows to end midway on her thin, yet firm upper arms.

I took in her smooth, swan-like neck before gazing into the face of a goddess. My goddess has a heart-shaped face with a petite chin and jaw that perfectly frames her yummy lips. She has lovely cheekbones that lead to those bright, seemingly all-seeing brown eyes that appear even more vivid in contrast to her short spiky golden blonde hair. Peering into those eyes, she smiled back at me.

“So my little angel is up finally,” she spoke. Her beauty called to me. It summoned me. I craved it. I made to greet such a beautiful angel by getting up off our bed. It was then that I discovered my movements were restricted. Quickly, I grasped that my wrists were handcuffed. Yet these were not ordinary handcuffs, at the end of my wrists was a 12-inch chain that ended in another handcuff attached to the bedposts.

“What’s wrong John? Can’t get up?” the goddess laughingly wondered as she glided with the grace of a ballerina around the side of the bed to stand in front of me at the foot of the bed. A few hours earlier, after getting home from the gym — since my mom likes her boyfriend to be in shape — and showering, I had simply thrown on a pair of sweatpants and then crashed upon our bed for a nap.

“Oh, I see you are up.” She quipped as she yanked off my sweatpants and my boxers that had followed with my sweats. Seeing such a beatific angel had given me a raging hard-on and now she admired it with good humor. Then she turned around and took a step forward to her dresser. In the huge mirror that stretches the length of her dresser, I could see she was folding my boxers and sweatpants.

However, that wasn’t what held my attention. No, I was blessed with the sight of my angel’s awe-inspiring backside. In my humble opinion, my mom has an ass so divine that to me it was proof of the existence of God. Her ass is small and tight and looked like two halves of a small cantaloupe sculpted into her and then blessed with fleshly soft malleableness. As hard as I tried, I could not see the tiny strip of cloth that constituted her thong. The thin strip was hidden in the valley between her butt-cheeks. The back of her waist corset obscured the waistband, which was mesmerizing by itself. Back and forth, the white lacing rose up her back in astounding fashion. Bedazzled, I counted the number of times the laces crossed and discovered it was my lucky number: 13 Speechless, I admired how the back of her corset showed her golden skin in the space beneath it, and I adored how that space varied as it climbed her body. At her hips, the gap was about three inches before narrowing to two inches at her waist before expanding to about four inches as it towered up towards the swell of her chest.

Finished folding my clothes she placed them on her dresser and then continued to glide with ballerina grace around to the other side of our bed. I hungered to touch her, to taste her, to fuck her. She sat on the edge of the bed, with her ass tantalizingly close to my hip and her knee near my armpit.

“I thought we could have some fun. Huh, John? What do you think?” she temptingly solicited. Before I could answer, she leaned down and kissed me with her wickedly luscious lips. Lust sizzled through my body as the succubus kissed me and my body burned for her. When her tongue entered my mouth, my cock throbbed with need.

Lifting her head from mine, I hungered for more of her kisses. Raising my head to reach out to her, she placed her gloved hand on my forehead and pushed me back down.

“You are gonna have to earn that,” she seductively taunted. With her other gloved hand, she drew down my charged body. Down my throat, the satin caressed; between my chest, she glazed; over my abs, her hand drifted. Finally, her sheathed hand took possession of my cock and I was in Nirvana. With her soft, smooth gloved hand, my angel stroked my enraged cock. I could feel my cock throb with want. The succubus had turned her body to watch her own motions and was unaware that one of her breathtaking globes hovered before my face. With depraved need, I tried to reach out with my mouth to suck my mother’s tit. Although a young adult, I hungered for her breast like a starving infant.

“Oh no you don’t,” my gorgeous angel warned and twisted away from my hunger. “You have to earn the right to touch me. Do you think you can suck on your mother’s tits whenever you want to?” she asked as if this hadn’t been the case before I awoke to her restraints. The succubus rose from the bed and sashayed back over to her dresser. I watched her backside dance to a sinful rhythm. There she picked up a huge, long feather that must’ve come from an ostrich — colored a brilliant, shocking neon pink.

She sauntered over to the left side of the bed. There, she teasingly touched me with her feather. Starting at my ankle, she just barely touched my flesh as her feather floated up towards my groin. It was as if her feather were charged with passion, because as it worked its way up my leg that’s what it infused me with. She stopped before my groin and my body begged for more. I was so excited that the hairs on my leg stood erect. My body tried to twist but the handcuffs prevented me.

“Oh god,” I involuntary groaned as she repeated her motion on my left leg. My body quivered and the chains sang as they rattled.

“Do you like that?” she probed. With the tip of her feather, she drew circles around my groin yet deftly avoided my cock and testicles. Wanton desire surged through my body. When the succubus traced her Feather of Delicious Torture up my stomach and chest, I yearned for her to return to my pelvis. My cock ached with need, my balls screamed for gratification. My arms battled against the manacles that held me.

“Oh god, Oh god yes! Oh god yes,” I quivered as her Feather of Delicious Torture danced down my body and then the barest of the edges of her feather touched my supercharged cockhead. It was enough to cause me to buck my hips upwards seeking more. My arms struggled against the chains that bound me.

“What’s wrong, John?” she playfully teased in the voice of an angel. Then to add to my suffering, she climbed onto the bed. Crawling between my outstretched legs, she stood on her shins, facing me. Placing her hands on her hips, her body called to me. My arms yanked at my restraints, vainly seeking freedom. God, I burned for her. My body throbbed with a consuming lust.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” she taunted as she brought her white gloved hands up to her tits. Using the tip of her fingers, my angel began to licentiously trace tiny circles on her nipples. I wrestled with the handcuffs as I watched her enjoy the pleasure she was giving to herself. Her eyes closed, her head lolled back; her mouth hung open and soft sighs of satisfaction escaped her. As she cupped her ample bosom and began to rub them, her sighs became louder and I could see how flush her body was becoming. My body twisted and turned, fighting its confinement. My cock was so hard it felt as if it was going to burst through its thin skin. To see my mother pleasuring herself by playing with her boobs was phenomenal, the fact they were bigger than her hands added to the wicked thrill.

My hips involuntarily bucked up into air in a vain attempt to achieve sexual release. The succubus’ eyes opened and with amused indulgence watched my struggles. Her tongue wormed out of her mouth and sensually licked her lips in an over-exaggerated carnal manner.

“Oh god, Oh god,” I plaintively moaned as I feared that at 19 years old, I was going to die of a heart attack. My entire body begged for release. My need for sexual release was all-consuming.

“Oh, does my man likes that, huh?” my angel flirtatiously solicited. Panting, I just nodded my head in affirmation. She rewarded me by touching me with her feather on the tender, most sensitive parts of my inner thighs and as she did a stray hair from her Feather of Delicious Torture would touch my sac. When it did, it was like lightening shooting through my body. I was that consumed with a depraved need.

“Do you like when your mother does this to you?” the succubus mischievously queried as she lightly flicked her feather on my sac. I panted some incoherent affirmation. I bucked my hips in the air trying to dry-hump the air. I clashed with the shackles that denied me my longed-for gratification. I was filled with an immoral and ungodly need for my mother.

“Is this what you want?” my wicked angel bade as she drew her Feather of Delicious Torture from the base of the underside of my cock to the rim of my helmet. There she held her feather still. I thought another stroke might be enough to make me cum. My balls ached with the need for release.

“Yes,” I pleaded. I needed to cum more than I needed my next breath.

“So then, what kind of mother does it make me that I would do this to my own son?” she provocatively questioned.

“It makes you a wonderful and loving mother…” and the succubus slapped me hard on my thigh.

“Really? To dress this way before her own son?” my radiant angel dressed in white demanded.

“You’re the best mom ever…” and the crazy fucking bitch slapped my enflamed cock with a painful fury.

“Then maybe I should call the neighbors and invite them over to watch? Maybe I’ll call your sister too…”

“Are you fuckin’ crazy?” I screamed in fear, and the psycho bitch responded by gently stroking my cock with the tip of a finger. I could just barely feel the touch of her satin, but it soothed my stinging cock.

“You’re a crazy fuckin’ bitch, you know that?” I accused and she seemed strangely pleased.

“You’re a fuckin’ psycho cunt.” I was awarded with her brushing her Feather of Delicious Torture along my cock and it soothed the pain of her slap. “Is that what you truly think of your mother?” she asked in a wounded tone. Yet the succubus stroked my cockhead with her feather and immoral desire surged through me.

“You’re a dirty fuckin’ whore,” I accused and my sinful angel smiled with pleasure at my compliment. “What kind of woman fucks her son? Only a filthy slut would do that!” and she took my cock into her hand and began to stroke me with the cool, smooth satin glove. Crawling over my leg, she sat down next me in an angelic motherly pose. She gently, tenderly stroked my cock and I worried that I had hurt her feelings. She answered my worries by kissing me with loving desire.

“And what do you want to do to me?” she softly invited. Her hand had left my throbbing cock and touched my abs. “What do you wanna do to your mother?”

“I want to fuck you,” I bluntly stated. My balls were vibrating with the need to cum.

“That’s it? No foreplay? You just want to slam that cock into me?” my fallen angel coyly solicited. She kissed me again. When she ended our kiss, she teasingly dangled her body and those miraculous tits over me.

“I wanna suck your tits,” and while she seemed pleased, she also seemed to want more. “I want to lick your pussy…” the succubus still needed more, “and make you cum before I get to fuck you.”

“I luv you so much,” mom proclaimed and then proved it by kissing me with immodest longing. As we kissed, she ran her hands through my hair and sparks of electricity danced across my scalp. I moaned my impure lust into her mouth. Removing her sinning lips from mine, she offered me her breast. Opening my mouth wide, I tried to suck her tit into my mouth and succeed with only getting about half of her boob in. My angel wrapped her arms around my head and held me tight to her breast.

“Oh John, you are my everything,” she confessed as my tongue made love to her tit. I licked her nipple with both my slightly rough bumpy tongue and also the smooth, slick underside. From past experience, I knew she loved when I did this. She liked the contrast between the smooth and roughness. Holding me tight to her breast, she affirmed, “Oh John, I love you so much.”

“I love you, too!” I earnestly stated as she withdrew her tit from my mouth and stood up. I watched with fervent wonder as she removed her thong. I felt as if this was the first time I was seeing my mother’s pussy, even though I was so familiar with I had it memorized. As she pulled her thong down over her white thigh-high boots, I was indulged to see the sight of her Pearly Gates. She is clean-shaven across her puffy pubic mound (actually she waxes, I’ve learned.) and has a prominent vulva that even at her age gives her a beautiful and ultra-sexy camel toe; I found it so desirous and enticing. Her pussy mount was a slightly darker golden hue then the rest of her skin. To me that only announced a richer treasure existed there.

“Make me cum, make me happy,” she both ordered and begged. My sinful fallen angel climbed on to the bed and straddled my body with her knees against my pinned, outward stretched arms. Her beautiful pussy hovered over my face and I gazed at Heaven. Arching my chest, I was able to lift my mouth to her Paradise. My tongue reached out and touched her puffy pussy lips and I could taste her nectar. It was so sweet and succulent that my tongue sought out the source of her ambrosia. My tongue penetrated with mischievous intent.

“Oh god, sweetie, oh god yes,” she hailed as she wrapped my head in her arms and pressed my head tight to her pussy. My tongue penetrated her pussy lips and I savored the smooth wetness of her inner folds. With my face buried in her crotch, I inhaled her scent and my nostrils flared with want.

“Oh that’s it! Oh fuck, Oh fuck me,” my angelic mother praised as I sucked her pussy into my mouth. With powerful suction, I pulled at her yearning flesh. My wrists fought with the handcuffs as my hands wanted in on the action. My mind sent orders to my hands to reach up and take hold of my angel’s tits. When denied, it summoned my hands to take possession of my mother’s glorious ass. My hands battled with the handcuffs, and between her moans, I heard the succubus laugh at my struggles.

“Oh god, oh god yes,” she purred. Using her body, the succubus pressed my head down upon the pillow and rubbed her pussy on my face. Extending my tongue to a painful maximum extension, my corrupted angel danced on my face. Soon she found a sweet spot, where my tongue tickled her pussy while my nose rubbed on her clit. She shamelessly grinded on my face.

“Oooh, Ooh, Oh, Oh fuck,” she coo’ed as she reached out and grabbing the headboard, smothered me with her pussy. The nymph was in full control of my mother’s body as she used my body for own pleasures. I squirmed beneath her body, my arms fought their restraints, my mind feared I would drown, my lust demanded more.

“Oh god John, Oh god baby that’s it, that’s it, fuck my cunt,” the nymph sang as she bounced up and down on my tongue. It was the most incredible feeling ever to be pummeled by my mother’s pussy.

“Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh gaaaa…” my loving angel groaned as she pressed herself upon my face with a wicked impunity. Her orgasm came and swept her up in its rapture. She came with force and her juices flowed out of her in a torrent. I was flooded with so much, I inhaled her liquid manna. My nasal passages wondered what this nectar of the gods was but loved it all the same.

In the months since Curtis had started his “employment” with Mama and moved into the rambling old Victorian mansion his life had changed considerably. HE had changed considerably… His hair, always full, and still dark thank goodness, had started growing out. The first time Mama had taken him to her salon to get his hair cut and styled was both hideously embarrassing…and in an odd way, wildly stimulating. Mama had dressed him “special” for the outing in a pearl gray satin bustier. The snug satin held him firmly, while at the same time stimulating him with its rich texture. Regulation pantyhose held “him” in place below wool slacks and a sweater. It was the first time he’d ever appeared in public in “dress” clothes.

Mama had chatted quietly with the attendants for several minutes before bending over him as he sat quietly waiting in the chair. Reaching under the capacious black styling cape, she fondled him to quick arousal while murmuring -

“Mama is going shopping now. If you’re a good little slut maybe Mama will bring you a surprise when she comes back,” her fingernails caressed his sack. “In the meantime you behave yourself and mind the girls!”

It had been an…”interesting” day. The girls had stripped him naked, chattering softly among themselves in their native language – he thought it might be Viet Namese or perhaps Thai. They oohed and aahed appreciatively over the size of his cock, enhanced by the some of the multiple rings and bands he was getting used to wearing. The ridged silver ring worn just below the crown increased the size and swelling of the head itself, while the ridging on the ring provided added stimulus to those on the receiving end of his attentions. Additionally he wore one snug latex band at the base of his cock itself, and another, larger band, around both cock and balls. Once banded he was able to stay erect for long periods of time without cumming, but without danger of totally losing circulation to his genitals. For ‘special events’ other rings would be added that would be tighter and some had special protuberances designed to particularly excite and please a partner.

Being stroked and fondled by so many women, although exciting in itself, was merely the start of his adventures that day. He had been pampered, massaged, oiled and loofahed. Manicure and pedicure along with the style and cut of his hair were next. Finally, after intense discussion and some forceful argument among themselves, he had been led into the back of the salon his robe removed again and told quite firmly to “sit” and “don’t move”. At the end of a sharply painful period of time that had brought tears to his eyes more than once, his glowing pink body was as smoothly hairless as Fleur’s.

Admiring himself afterward in the mirrors, seeing his gleaming enameled nails stroking the ridged purple head of his cock and the baby smooth bag between his legs, he nearly cried in thankfulness. The women all smiled and applauded at his obvious pleasure – then gathering once more they began stroking oil into his freshly waxed skin, seeming to pay special attention to the crack of his ass, his scrotum and rod. He knew he wasn’t imagining their focus when the first tongue tip reached out boldly to rim his anus. Another mouth hotly engulfed his balls, sucking first one, then the other into the woman’s mouth as she tongued them wetly throughout.

Thankfully Mama had returned before their little debauch could gather too much momentum and he nearly cried again at how pleased Mama was with his appearance. She had praised him for cooperating with the suggestions of the women, and praised and generously tipped the young women themselves for their work. Stroking and fondling him from shoulder to asshole she had exclaimed over and over again about how silky and flawless his skin was for ‘a mature man’.

As he began to get dressed again Mama had presented him with the first of many ‘surprises’ he was to receive that day and in the many days to come. The double-ring ‘trailer hitch’ style cock ring was beautifully light-weight, wrought in titanium and he was duly flattered that Mama had thought so highly of him that she had spent so much on what was essentially a sex-toy for him. The ring portion was tightly snug and even with a liberal coating of oil on his prick, took a little effort to settle into place. Once that was done, the women had him bend over a chair, ass in the air and several of them ‘helped’ his Mistress to oil and lubricate his anus and the ball hitch before inserting it in its proper location. The ball portion was somewhat larger than he usually took in a butt plug and he felt a little stretched before it finally popped into place, the neck of the hitch being long enough to allow it to nestle against his prostate providing continual stimulation. The feeling was amazing when he stood and moved around again.

That day they had returned to the house in time for one of ‘The Monsignor’s’ periodic visits, allowing him to meet the man. He didn’t know who the man really was, whether he was a priest in fact or only in fantasy. Whenever he appeared at the house he was wearing a clerical collar and cassock, and Mama had first introduced Curtis to him as ‘Monsignor’. He was an older man with short gray hair and if he wasn’t a real priest Curtis never knew it – in his clerical garb the older man looked the part. He certainly played the part well.

As was apparent from the nature of some of the rooms themselves, illusion and role-playing were major drives in the lives of many of the guests who came to ‘The House’. Mama kept out most of the ‘riffraff’ – those whose goals truly revolved more around pain and injury than around pleasure and its prolongation, or perhaps at times withholding overt pleasure as a means of intensifying the end result. Mama ruled everything and everyone who served The House with a velvet fist and there was nothing that any one of them wouldn’t have done for her. Some, like the lovely Fleur, never left The House and its environs, while others like the driver, some of the gardeners and Curtis himself, came and went at Mama’s discretion. He had his own set of keys now and his truck had it’s own reserved space in the barn-like garage.

Curtis had helped solidify many of the plans and designs for rooms of the house, redesigning a bath in one of the ‘harem’ rooms to appear as if it was a small, community pool built of stone. Shower heads and handheld units were artfully concealed in the faux stonework of the walls, along with growing mosses, hanging plants and vines. Several of the gardeners were promoted to handle ‘in-house plants’ and a number of clandestine ‘rewards’ of various types were meted out among various household members. The bath had proved to be quite a challenge, from providing sufficient light and circulation for growing plants through recessed lighting, a glass-block wall and antique Moroccan ceiling fans – to re-bracing floor joists to ensure sufficient support for the weight of the over-sized tub. Eventually it was accomplished by joining rooms on two levels. The added supports and braces in the cellar were used in a number of interesting designs.

Mama was more than pleased with the final result and had hosted a lively weekend party. The first truly “open” house event Curtis had experienced since moving in. He found himself, at one point, overwhelmed by both the sheer number of people in the house, and by the overwhelming eroticism of everything he was seeing and experiencing. In one harem room upstairs a naked ‘sheik’ was surrounded by half a dozen lovely odalesques in all shapes, sizes and colors. In another lounge a tearful slave, shackled to a wall, her backside already showing a crisscross pattern of red welts, begged for ‘mercy’, although her hips were thrust backwards for the teasing touches of her Mistress’ hand-held vibrator.

The community bath held a bevy of exotic beauties lounging in the water or on the plush benches. At one time his Mistress held court in the room and he’d watched, hard as a rock, while two, and then three other women had stroked her with their soft, manicured hands, drizzling warm scented oils over her skin. Mama had stroked and kissed them in return until it became difficult to tell whose flesh was whose and he had longed to join in, to suckle from Mama’s abundant teats and to nestle between her thighs – licking and sucking until she came against his mouth and face.

Through it all, the Monsignor had stalked like a dark-winged bird of ill omen – impossible to tell what he was thinking or feeling, Curtis only knew that the stern, disapproving man made him extremely uncomfortable.

The house reeked of rut and cum despite scented candles and bowls of of pot pourri scattered through the rooms. Maids in abbreviated French-style uniforms moved from room to room with trays of hot scented towels, clean sheets or refreshments, while ‘butlers’ wearing only leather chaps and hoods greeted guests, took coats and maintained the buffet tables, both providing other services as demanded. Curtis didn’t realize until much later that many of these apparent servants were, in fact, guest subs, either brought by their Dom/mes for the event – or known to Mama in some way and seeking their own Master or Mistress to serve.

Curtis was nervous and anxious – not simply because he had no idea who might or might not show up, whether or not it might be someone from his previous life, but also because he was not used to being around so many people. In many ways he felt quite at a loss how to behave, and his cock, as always with a mind of its own, wouldn’t have altered its proud throbbing stance if he COULD have taught it better manners. The simple fact was, he wasn’t sure, under these circumstances, just what DID constitute good manners, although everyone else seemed to feel quite comfortable in their roles. He still hadn’t been a member of the household long enough to meet all the guests and felt vaguely guilty and humiliated in the tobacco brown and gold, satin and lace teddy and tap pants he wore with the lace-top stockings and low heels. He had not yet mastered wearing higher heels, and despite his growing comfort wearing lingerie ‘at home among family’ it was the fact that so many strangers (at least he fervently hoped they were all strangers) were here today that made him so uneasy.

Additionally, he was ‘free’ today, under no constraint from Mama to withhold his orgasm, he might cum when, how and with whomever he pleased. But in some ways it was like sending a starving man to a banquet – EVERYTHING looked delicious and he had no idea what to sample first.

Looking into some of the other rooms he located Fleur, legs up in the stirrups, while a ‘doctor’ examined her closely – apparently testing her ability to orgasm. Seeing Curtis peering in around the door she winked at him solemnly when the man with her bent to insert a speculum into her dripping cunt. Assured that she was fine and enjoying herself, at least as much as their Mistress was, he moved on. Peeking into the ‘classroom’ he enjoyed watching what appeared to be a pubescent school girl (judging solely by the size of her small breasts, and the hairlessness of her snatch…and her pigtails of course), with panties around her ankles and a rosy-red bottom fresh from spanking, as she sucked her ‘teacher’s’ cock.

Feeling much as though there was no place in the crowded house where he belonged or ‘fit in’ he ducked into the library room. There at least it was quiet, and he could work on his plans for the ornate gazebo with its designs for the sex swing, the free swinging ‘bed’ and several heavily framed ‘trellises’ that would serve to not only screen the interior and its occupants, but would also support the heavy brackets and chains he had planned for restraints. Mama’s birthday was coming up in a few months and he’d been working on the plans in secret for weeks.

Bent over the desk and lost in his work he didn’t hear the door opening quietly behind him. He was startled when the cultured, slightly British sounding voice behind him said -

“I’m sorry Miss, I didn’t realize this room would be occupied…”

As Curtis stood upright and turned, the Monsignor’s face altered swiftly from a look of solicitous apology to one of venomous outrage.

“YOU!” he spat. “You filth! Abomination!”

“Monsignor?” he stammered. “What…”

“You disgust me and you disgust God you Man-Whore!”

The priest’s lean, ascetic face was flushed with his rage, his piercing blue eyes taking in everything, from the carefully styled hair and manicured nails to Curtis’ silky smooth hairlessness and still-straining erection, tenting the satin and lace tap pants. His hands appeared to Curtis to tremble slightly as he began to remove his cincture, doubling it in his hands. Shoving Curtis back, face down and sprawled across the top of the desk he began whipping him mercilessly, alternately cursing him and praying over him.

Curtis didn’t know specifically what had set the old priest off, but the braided cord was not the worst thing he had ever been spanked with. Laying face down he was in a good position to stroke himself against the satin of his lingerie, at least until an excess of religious zeal caused the Monsignor to rip the pants down and away, exposing his buttocks and the titanium ‘hitch’ linking the ball inside him to the coils around his cock. The sight seemed to inflame the priest even further and his arm was tireless as it rose and fell. He beat Curtis indiscriminately, blows landing on his thighs, back, and buttocks.

The repeated blows from the cincture began to have an affect. Curtis could feel his ass and thighs becoming more sensitive, increasing his stimulation and arousal. He pressed forward, rubbing against the desktop, barely stifling his lustful moan. The whipping stopped abruptly, and he barely heard the hoarse whisper behind him -

“You slut! You WHORE! You DARE to use this for your pleasure?”

He heard the man fumbling at his clothes and the sonorous whisper of a zipper, then a sharp pain as the large titanium ball in his ass was abruptly removed.

“Is THIS what you want then, cock-whore?”

Curtis felt the massive head and hot steely shaft of the priest’s cock pressing into him mercilessly. Without benefit of any form of lubrication he felt like he was being torn in half and tears sprang to his eyes as he pleaded -

“No, please, Monsignor, not yet….I’m not ready….please….let me…..”

“Let you what?” the older man demanded.

Half turning Curtis reached behind him, grasping the man’s girth firmly. Looking him directly in the eye at first, he then lowered his gaze to the meat in his hand, before looking back up into the piercing blue eyes again, and licking his lips -

“Let me….please?”

The Monsignor didn’t say a word, but he took a half step back, his eyes narrowing. Curtis took that for assent, standing and moving around to the other side of the desk, never removing his hand from the cleric’s prick. The older man followed him, taking a seat in the upholstered leather executive chair when Curtis nodded toward it. His eyes never left Curtis, as though he was a snake about to strike. Curtis parted the man’s knees, thankful for the roominess of the cassock that allowed him to nestle between his thighs. Licking his lips again he looked at the large, uncut cock, straining toward him. Skinning back the foreskin his mouth began to water at the appearance of the swollen, red head. Engulfing the helmet his tongue swirled around and over it, bathing it with his saliva.

From the corner of his eye he could see the priest’s hands tighten on the arms of the chair and he heard a barely muffled groan, tasting the first salty drops of pre-cum against his lips. Straining his mouth and his abilities to their utmost he bobbed on the cock he held, his hand working the loose skin further down. It was, by far, the biggest prick he’d ever had the pleasure of….pleasing, he thought. His goal not to make the older man cum in his mouth, but simply to coat him with sufficient saliva to hopefully ease his access. As his drool began to cover his fist and even drip into the thickly matted pubic hairs exposed around the man’s groin and balls, Curtis hoped it would be sufficient. His own cock was steel hard with excitement now too and freely dripping pre-cum. Wiping his hand across its tip he gathered as much as possible, reaching back to coat his anus with the slippery substance.

Rising again he bent across the desk, spreading his legs wide and reaching back with both hands to spread his ass cheeks as far apart as possible. With a whisper of cloth and a barely contained hiss of renewed fury at the sight the Monsignor pierced him to the core, driving into him in one hard push, only then pausing a bare half second to allow himself to adapt to the sensation. Even with the benefit of saliva and their now mingled pre-cum Curtis felt like he was being split in two, especially when the cleric began to pound against him in earnest.

The older man’s constantly muttered litany of prayers continued as he hammered into Curtis from behind and Curtis could feel the man’s heavy sack, swinging forward to slap against his thighs and his own scrotum with each thrust forward. His own balls were drawn up tight and hard as golf balls with his excitement now and there was a nearly steady stream of pre-cum oozing from his pee-hole. The priest fell forward heavily, propped now with his hands on either side of Curtis rib cage and he had returned to muttered curses and name calling. Curtis could feel the sweat from the man’s face dripping between his shoulder blades, wetting the satin teddy. He rolled slightly, just far enough to ease one arm below him to stroke the rigid length of his own cock, his hips flexing uncontrollably as the Monsignor continued to drive into him.

The older man paused then -

“You ARE a slut – a cock-whore!”

Standing he pulled his cock free, eliciting a moan of disappointment from Curtis. Reaching down he grabbed Curtis hair and pulled him around, pushing him down on his back on the desk, hips and legs dangling over the edge of the desk.

“Pull up your legs you….filth!” he expostulated, eyes once again narrowed and face flushed with apparent rage.

Curtis obeyed eagerly if it was going to mean the Monsignor was going to fuck him some more.

“Now hold your legs open to me slut….and keep your filthy hands off your….prick!”

Curtis obediently pulled his knees up and back, effectively lifting and spreading his ass as the priest leaned forward, thrusting into him again. Now that his anus seemed to have stretched the sensation was much more pleasurable and the length and thickness of the Monsignor’s shaft reached places inside him no living person had ever explored before. He leaned forward again, his blue eyes locked with Curtis’ own as he began to fuck with a skill no celibate should be able to demonstrate. Thrusting and rotating his hips the fat mushroom head of his cock stroked and massaged Curtis’ prostate without mercy, seeming to know exactly what he was doing and exactly what Curtis was feeling.

Finally, biting his lip to keep from shouting out loud with his pleasure, Curtis felt the boiling spasms as his hot spunk shot out over his own, face, chest and belly. Closing his eyes briefly he felt for a moment that he might never stop cumming, and as he did he felt the shaft inside him swelling as the priest gained his own release. It seemed briefly that he could feel gallons of the man’s jism spurting into his bowels, filling him to overflowing.

The gray-haired Monsignor collapsed onto the floor, face in his hands, weeping and Curtis clambered to his feet, feeling the man’s cum draining from his widely gaping asshole.

“Monsignor?” he began.

“Oh what have I done? What have I done? What have I done?”

“Sir, are you alright?”

“Oh, I’ve sinned…..I’ve sinned. I’ve hurt you and I’ve sinned.”

“No, Monsignor, you didn’t….”

“You must punish me!” the man exclaimed frantically, scrabbling on the floor for his cincture cord and thrusting it into Curtis’ hands when he found it.

NO, Monsignor, I can’t….” Curtis protested, appalled.

“You MUST punish me! I have sinned and YOU must punish ME!” the older man begged tearfully.

Stepping away from the priest he watched in disbelief as the other man crawled across the floor toward him, bending to kiss and lick his shoes and feet.

“Please, I have sinned….I MUST be punished.”

It was with enormous relief that he heard Mama’s voice from the doorway.

“Are you insane? What have you done to MY sweet boy?”

Hurrying to Curtis side she asked, “Are you alright child? You’re bleeding, did you know?”

Curtis felt his head swim then, realizing that it was not just the priest’s hot cum he felt continuing to slide down his thighs. That in fact his first impression of feeling split in two was likely more accurate than he had thought. Mama wrapped an arm around him tightly, using her considerable strength to hold him up while moving him to the Executive Chair to sit.

“Still feeling faint? No? Good…if you should start to again put your head down between your knees.”

Going to the door she summoned a passing ‘butler’. “Go to the Medical Room – see if Fleur and Dr. Morrisette are still there and bring them both here immediately.”

Coming back into the room she opened a drawer of the desk, groping in the back for the bottle of bourbon and glasses stashed there. “Tea might be better for you in the long run Curtis, but this may be more restorative.” She poured a healthy two fingers in both glasses handing one to him and draining the other. The old priest continued to grovel on the floor but she had ignored him since her first expostulation.

“I’m sorry, Mistress. I had no idea this would happen, that he would react this way, it all happened so fast….”

“Curtis, sweetheart, you have no need to apologize. YOU have done nothing to be ashamed of and you have certainly never abused MY trust or the rules of this house!”

Fleur and the ‘doctor’ entered at this point. Curtis wasn’t sure of the doctor’s actual credentials, any more than he was of the Monsignor’s, but Mama had referred to him as ‘Doctor’ so he would give him the benefit of the doubt. Fleur had dropped to her knees at Mama’s feet on entering the room, but her Mistress had simply petted her briefly and sent her to sit by Curtis. She was now nestled between Curtis knees, watching the proceedings with her green eyes wide with curiosity. Mama murmured briefly to the Doctor who had promptly come to Curtis side, checking his pulse and color. Having him stand and lean over the desk briefly he announced -

“A small fissure only. The bleeding has nearly stopped now and there should be no permanent damage.”

Then speaking more directly to Curtis, “I’d advise a soft diet, high in fiber for the next few days to allow the tear to heal completely. No heavy lifting. I’ll prescribe some stool softeners and whatever you do don’t strain with movements or you’ll break it open again.”

“Thank you Glenn” Mama said. “I trust you’ll keep this…”

“Under my hat, Madam, as always!” Nodding toward the sniveling cleric he asked, “Do you want something to help calm him?”

“Only temporarily, Glenn. He wants punishment…he should be fully conscious during it.”

“I’ll send someone back with something for him then.” Pausing briefly to stroke Fleur’s hair back and away from her face he bent and kissed her lightly on the forehead, “Thank you for your assistance with my research, child. It’s always such a joy to see you and work with you…”

Picking the cincture cord up from where it lay on the floor Mama doubled it thoughtfully in her hands, walking around the desk to an upholstered wing chair in the corner, carefully avoiding the grasping hands of the priest, still weeping and muttering prayers. She was dressed all in burgundy red today a lace up the front corset with built in shelf bra that supported and exposed her coffee brown nipples, burgundy lace, finger-less gloves and dark red lace-topped stockings made to stay up without garters with burgundy mules completed her ensemble. Unlike so many of her staff she had a neatly trimmed and groomed thatch of pubic hair. Her nail and lip color matched the rich burgundy red of her corset today and the cane she carried was topped with a large, dragon head carved of red soapstone.

Settling back in the wing chair she snapped her fingers once -

“Fleur, another bourbon please.”

Curtis reflected that she was always unfailingly polite, saying please and thank you – as though, he thought, any of them would dare to deny her a demand. Wondering momentarily what might happen to anyone foolish enough to do so, remembering with a thrill his first meeting and interview when she had spanked and fucked him so thoroughly and thinking perhaps he needed to risk saying no again at some point. No, he decided – no point risking what he’d found, and it wasn’t, he thought, as though he hadn’t had plenty of rewarding spankings and fuckings since moving in. No, he’d grown to love this job and the people – Mama and Fleur were his family now, in ways his own father never had been.

Fleur had moved from between his feet to the desk, accurately pouring another two fingers into Mama’s glass and taking it to her. Mama, meanwhile had draped one leg over the arm of the chair and was absently fingering herself, staring thoughtfully at the Monsignor’s grovelling form. Fleur slid between her Mistress’ silk and lace clad thighs, her face pressed to the older woman’s crotch. In the quiet of the room, Curtis could hear the wet sounds of her lapping at Mama’s cunt, even over the sound of the priest’s continued tears and prayers.

Watching her curiously, Curtis was surprised to note that his Mistress, still thoughtfully staring into space, seemed as indifferent to Fleur’s attentions as she was to the sniveling priest, crouched abjectly in the middle of the floor. A quiet knock on the door announced a butler carrying a tray, and a rather stern looking woman dressed in a two sizes too small, old fashioned nurses’ uniform with white, button down shirt, skirt and white nursing cap. Her breasts seemed ready to explode from the tightly buttoned top and the skirt barely covered the garter tabs holding her white stockings in place. She seemed, however, to know the basic mechanics, lifting the back of the Monsignor’s cassock and summarily yanking his trousers down. She swabbed his ass with something before sticking him with the needle and depressing the plunger end. That done she handed the syringe back to the butler who left without a word, while she stopped by Curtis side to check his pulse again. Apparently satisfied she patted his shoulder warmly, paused to whisper something in Mama’s ear and left. Fleur never stopped tonguing her Mistress’ pussy.

As the priests’ broken sobbing and prayers dropped to occasional snuffling hiccups and murmurs, Mama patted Fleur on the head -

“Thank you child, that will do for now.”

Looking at Curtis she inquired, “How are you feeling now, son? Better?”

In some distress, feeling that perhaps he had failed in expected courtesy to a guest in some way, Curtis went to the side of Mama’s chair, his eyes filled with tears. Putting her hand under his chin Mama forced his head up so that she could look him in the eye -

“What’s wrong Curtis, my dear?”

Waving in the general direction of the priest, now curled in fetal position on the floor, Curtis said, “I’m so sorry, Mistress. I never meant for THAT to happen. I thought….”

“Yes child, what did you think?”

“I don’t know,” he exhaled gustily, dropping his head against the arm of the chair. “I guess I thought it was a role play, like all the others I’ve seen today. I just….feel responsible somehow.”

Cupping his chin and forcing his head up again, Mama shook her head firmly, the silver lock of hair at her brow catching the light and flashing around her head. “You are NOT to blame for any of this Curtis. For some, RP…role play, is more serious than others – more a part of the framework of their lives. If anyone is to blame, then I am to blame for misunderstanding how deeply the Monsignor’s ‘quirks’ lie within his psyche.”

At that both he and Fleur shook their heads vehemently, their Mistress finally smiling at their disagreement.

Tsk-ing at them both she said, “No arguments now, or Mama will have to spank.”

Seeing the glimmer in Curtis’ eye she stroked his cheek, “Not tonight sweet boy. My sweet sissy has to heal a little before Mama can ‘punish’ him for arguing. But let’s see if we can’t find some other way of enjoying ourselves, shall we? First though, Mama has to take care of that.” She waved expressively toward the priest – usually so coolly immaculate and stern – now tousled and torn, his blood and cum smeared dick still hanging from the front of his robes and his red face liberally smeared with tears and snot.

Rising from the chair she took the cincture cord she still held, loosely knotting it around the Monsignor’s thin wrists. Nudging him with the toe of her shoe she commanded -

“Get up!”

He tried to obey, stumbling once or twice on the hem of his cassock before finally attaining his feet. As he stood there swaying, his fumbling hands reached to stuff himself back into his pants and Mama slapped him so hard it rocked him on his feet, the imprint of her hand bright on the pale skin of his cheek.

“Did I TELL you to cover yourself?”

“N-n-n-no!” he stammered.

She hit him again, back-handing him across the other cheek.

“Did I give you permission to SPEAK?”

He shook his head dumbly this time, a thin line of blood trickling from the corner of his mouth where he’d apparently bitten his cheek or tongue when she hit him.

Glancing at Curtis and Fleur where they stood together holding hands, Mama gave the rope in her hands a sharp tug, “All right then, children, come along…”

She marched out the door, the disheveled cleric stumbling behind her with his dick flopping at every step, Curtis and Fleur bringing up the rear. Curtis was quite self-conscious of his appearance. Pantiless with cum and apparently blood smeared around his backside and possibly down his thighs he felt as though everyone must be pointing and whispering about him. He was unsurprised at one point to look back and discover a small crowd trailing them as they descended the winding staircase into the basement areas of the house. Fleur, naked as always, tossed her hair back over her shoulders and took his hand again. In that moment, her courage covering him like a blanket, Curtis fell quite helplessly in love with the petite red-head. Submissive or not, Curtis realized, in her own way she was as strong, spirited and courageous as Mama and he wondered again if they were really mother and daughter, or like he and his Mistress, no blood relation at all.

Arriving at last in the “grandstand” area of the main cellar, Mama let the cord fall from her hands, a one word command whipping through the air, as people silently filled the bleacher-type seats -


Curtis felt confused for a moment, but Fleur gave him a miniscule shake of her head, following the older woman to the deep sink area, where she already had water running. Following the two women Curtis realized they were preparing an enema bag. Warm water with a heavy concentration of castile soap filled the sink and Mama filled the heavy bag, clamping off the hose end before hoisting it from the sink. Curtis moved to take it from her but she said quietly -

“Not this time, sweet boy. No heavy lifting remember?”

He shook his head and flushed, chagrined, but Mama ran a finger lightly over his lips, then down to his groin to cup and fondle his balls briefly. She muscled the heavy bag onto the wheeled stand and Fleur took it to where the priest was still standing, hands cupped over his genitals. Looking at the priest in some disgust she shook her head.

“Are you deaf now too? I said STRIP! I won’t tell you again…”

He lifted his hands to his mouth to work the knots loose and the braided rope fell at his feet. He began unbuttoning his robe with shaking hands. Mama meanwhile turned her back on him to prepare other aspects of his forthcoming punishment. Opening the cabinet holding the various whips, paddles and crops authorized for use in the house, she fingered several items lightly before finally settling on a light, wicked looking riding crop. She’d used the wider crop on him once and he had to admit it was quite effective – the metal core giving it quite a bit of spring. But while it had stung and reddened his ass, this little thing looked like it could cut and hurt and he wondered if that was her true intent.

Another cabinet held various dildos, vibrators, harnesses, as well as an assortment of cock-cages. Those members of the audience who knew the contents of the various cabinets and dressers in the room sighed in appreciation of the implements she took. The cock-cage was built to hold both cock and balls, tightly compressed, with no allowance for erection, and in fact had some painful spines built into the interior of the cage which would make an erection quite excruciating. Additionally, his Mistress held a harness, built to hold various interchangeable dildos – although he would guess it had never been intended to hold the thing that Mama handed him.

The artificial horse-cock in every way resembled the stallions it was patterned after, as long and big around as his forearm it was made of firm, black silicon. Curtis noticed several women, and a few men watching who were so aroused by the sight that they were playing with themselves or each other. He wasn’t sure what Mama had in mind, but he was glad he wasn’t the one being punished. He knew for a fact the damn thing would have torn his ass apart under the present circumstances.

Spinning the older man around and shoving him toward the wall, Mama gestured to Curtis to handcuff him with the manacles hanging above his head. Fleur appeared, as if by magic, with a spreader bar and the two of them shackled the priest’s ankles into it. Mama, stepped up to face him -

“So priest,” her voice dripped with contempt, “you think you have the right to come into my house and abuse my staff?”

He shook his head, tears starting to fall again.

“Speak. You think you have the right to abuse MY people?”

“N-n-noo!” he wailed.

Gripping his balls and cock in one hand she twisted hard. The priest screamed. A high-pitched scream as much from terror as from pain at this point but his knees went weak and he hung limply from the wrist manacles.

“No WHAT?” Her voice cracked through the room.

“N-n-noo M-m-mistress!”

She nodded thoughtfully, “But you have the right to beat, verbally abuse and RAPE my sweet son?”

The priest’s only answer was to piss himself from fear. Mama nodded sharply to two of the heavily muscled, hooded “butlers” standing by the doorway, and although Curtis didn’t understand how they knew what she wanted from them the two went to a back room, bringing out a well padded pommel horse – just like those seen in any gymnasium in the world. They muscled the heavy piece over the brick and tile rim Curtis had built up around the drain areas. At another nod from his Mistress they loosened the Monsignor’s hands from the manacles, bending him over the end of the ‘horse’ and cuffing his hands round the pommel. The old priest’s lean white ass clenched and flexed with shame and fear but Curtis noticed with some fascination that his cock was starting to grow again. A murmured command from Mama sent Fleur scurrying to lock the cock and ball cage on and the cleric seemed to flinch away, as much from Fleur’s feminine touch, as from the pain of the cage itself.

The snap of latex gloves being pulled on drew Curtis attention back to where Mama stood next to the pole holding the heavy enema bag. Her heels clicking sharply on the cement floor, and the squeak of the wheels as she moved the pole closer to the old man were the only sounds in the room. The horse had been positioned in such a way that the ‘audience’ of party-goers all had a clear view of the proceedings, as Mama bent and pried his ass cheeks apart with one hand. A collective sigh seemed to be exhaled from the on-lookers when his puckered brown anus came into view. Snapping the fingers of her free hand resulted in Fleur placing the nozzle and a generous loop of hose in her hand, the clamp within reach of her fingers.

As casually as if she did it every day Mama slid the nozzle into the older man’s rectum, thumb compressing the clamp to release the flow of warm, soapy liquid into his bowels. Fleur stood by, ready to compress the bag with her hands, forcing the fluid out faster if desired. Mama strolled back to the cabinet, pulling out a large sized anal plug, bulb shaped with a large flange and loop. Walking back to the priest she stuck it in his face commanding -

“Suck this!”

The old man was pale faced and sweating profusely now from the cramping pain of his bowels. He sucked the butt plug like an over large pacifier, but when Mama pulled it from his mouth she sneered disdainfully -

“One way or another, this IS going in your ass – you might want to put a little more saliva on it.”

Curtis wondered if she knew how hard it was to manufacture saliva when you were scared – how true the old saying about being “scared spit-less” was – then realized she most likely did and her torture of the old priest was likely to be as intensely psychological as it was physical. He still thought she was over-reacting though and didn’t understand why. He wasn’t that badly hurt. He’d be fine in a few days, the doctor had said so. He’d even enjoyed it at the last – that old man knew how to fuck, priest or not.

While he stood pondering, Mama had removed the nozzle, still flowing, from the priest’s ass. Soapy water squirted from the tip over his ass and down his legs but nothing leaked from the tight pucker of his anus. Pulling the plug from between his lips again Mama leisurely, but steadily and with some force pushed it into his anus. It was a large plug, bigger than those Curtis normally took and he was somewhat surprised when the tissues parted and the bulb disappeared, leaving only the flange and loop in evidence. The Monsignor was making faces and noises like a fish out of water now, alternately gulping, swallowing and panting heavily, and his skin looked greasy under the overhead lights.

“Now then,” Mama’s strident tones echoed through the cement halls of the old house’s cellars, the tap of the riding crop against her leg, punctuating her sentences.

“We’re going to have a ‘little chat’.” She announced, and the Monsignor groaned, the muscles of his ass working against his discomfort. “Those of you in this room who know me well understand why the rules of this house – MY HOUSE,” and she lashed out with the crop against the back of the Monsignor’s thighs, raising a tight red welt in the tender skin.

“Why these rules are the way the are – why they have been so as long as there has been a ‘Mama’s House’, and why they WILL be enforced!”

Again she lashed out, fast as a striking snake, and a thin bloody line appeared along the crease of the old man’s buttocks. If not for the spreader bar he’d have danced in pain, but he howled loud and long until Mama slapped the riding crop on the leather of the ‘horse’ mere inches from his nose. He went nearly cross-eyed at that but shut his mouth with a sharp click of his teeth. His skin was shuddering now – like a horse in fly-time Curtis thought absently – and you could smell the fear-stink on him.

My wife’s control over me insures that I have no secrets from her no matter how depraved my hidden desires. As part of my training, she has ordered me to confess my prior deviant acts to the world. This is the second part of a series in which I obey her command that I confess my past experiences as a panty thieving college cross dresser. I have changed some of the names, but the rest of the confessions are, sadly, true.

Once I was home from SMU and working my summer job, the black tights and heavenly body suit that I pilfered from Lauren and her roommate kept me satisfied for a few weeks of regular dress up sessions before I needed some variety for my feminine fix.

My friend Evan was also home from school for the summer. Evan’s father was a very successful physician, and his parents spent most weekends at their vacation home, leaving their beautiful home to us as our private party house. We got away with this because we did not abuse it and kept the crowd to about 8 or 10, mostly couples (no more than one for each bedroom).

Evan had three older sisters, two out of college and married and one, Carla, who had just graduated from USC and was spending her summer working on Capital Hill. Carla was the prototypical spoiled American princess. She was also smoking hot. She was about 5’6″with tan Mediterranean skin and a tight body, small high breasts, and a great ass that perfectly filled her small bikini bottom when she tanned by their pool. She was very much the bitchy, prissy older sister. She was also well aware of her gifts and delighted in teasing her brother’s friends. Carla was a fixture in my jack off fantasies.

We were spending another weekend hanging out at Evan’s house. After a blow out Friday night, I was spending Saturday night sitting around watching movies with Evan, his girlfriend, and a couple of other friends. The other friends left to go home early to sleep off the previous night. Evan’s girlfriend had her head on his lap, and he soon got up saying they were going to turn in early, I assume after a spirited fuck session. Evan suggested I just crash at his house since my parents were away. “You can just sleep in Carla’s room.” I accepted the invitation, trying not to look too excited. In the past, Carla’s room had been off limits because she was usually home from school when we were.

Carla’s room was at the other end of the house from Evan’s room, which was off of the rec room his parents had added to the back of the house. Telling them good night, I walked down the hall and into Carla’s room. I carefully locked the door behind me, and began to explore my opportunities.

Since I had the door safely locked, I tried to take my time, but my heart raced as I opened her panty drawer. I trembled as I fondled her tiny string bikini panties. I hurriedly removed my clothes and tried on several pairs of panties. I felt so good and girly as I posed in front of the mirror in her panties. Pretty pink, naughty black lace, and pure white satin string bikinis all looked and felt so great covering my maleness in Carla’s femininity. I selected a white satin pair that covered my cock and balls in silky pleasure for later use.

I moved to the second drawer. It was more than half empty, but was the drawer where Carla kept her workout clothes. She had obviously packed several workout outfits to wear in Washington. I felt that familiar feeing in the pit of my stomach as I pulled out a pair of white Danskin shimmer stirrup tights and a blouson top leotard. I had found my first outfit. I pulled the tights on stretching up my waist, and fixed the stirrups so they were straight over my feet. The tights were small for me, but stretched enough for me to wear them when I pulled them high up my waist. The smallness actually made them hug my balls and cock even tighter with delightful shiny lycra. I pulled on the leotard, which was light pastel purple with a loose cotton top, which was perfect for fitting my broader upper body, and a tight stretchy panty with high cut legs. It was very similar to the leotard that Olivia Newton John wore in one of her videos. I pulled the leotard up my body and put my arms through the armholes. It barely fit, but felt great, tightly squeezing my cock and balls so they flattened into a mound.

Lying down on the bed, I stretched my legs up and admired how feminine they looked in the white opaque shimmer tights. I felt like a feminine modern dancer with my bare toes pointing through the stirrups. Taking my time, I rubbed my hands up my shiny white legs soaking in the warm sensations and imagining how sexy Carla looked working out in this outfit. Knowing that these were her leotard and tights and thinking about her smoking hot ass and beautiful body filling them out as she stretched and strained her way through a workout made wearing them even naughtier. I also found a pair of big, slouchy aerobics socks in the drawer and pulled those over my feet enjoying the sensation the socks sliding over the satiny tights. I felt like an 80′s aerobics queen. I moved her mirror so I could see myself on the bed. I stretched and posed in the mirror.

It felt so sexy being in Carla’s leotard and tights, like I was sharing a part of her femininity. I had to come. I reached down to the leotard panty and pulled the tights down on one side and pulled my cock out from it spandex nesting place. I reached up to her bedside table and opened the drawer to investigate my lotion options. I grabbed some lotion out of the drawer and filled my hand with lotion before spreading it on my now hard cock. As I stroked myself, I lifted my legs up and again imagined Carla’s legs as she worked hard in her aerobics classes. It did not take me long before I came, spurting into my cupped hand.

I cleaned myself up and pulled up the tights and leotard and sat on the bed reading her woman’s magazines until my interest in some more searching in her drawer grew again. Looking at the great clothes and smelling the perfume samples in the magazines soon reawakened my feminine longings. I got up, still enjoying the leotard and tights cupping my reviving cock, and pulled open her bottom drawer. This was her sock drawer. At first I found the usual cotton ankle socks and preppy knee socks since Carla was definitely a preppy little cock tease. Then, much to my surprise, I found a pair of what appeared to be silky white ribbed thigh high stockings. While common today, these were very rare in the late 1980′s and not something a “nice sorority girl” like Carla would normally wear. Carla had apparently developed a bit of a naughty side at college, and I was eager to share in her naughtiness.

I hurriedly pulled off the leotard and tights. Sitting on Carla’s bed, I pulled the deliciously soft thigh high stockings up my leg stretching each of them as far up my thigh as they would go. I reached up on the wall and pulled a framed mirror off the wall and leaned it against the head board of Carla’s bed so I could watch myself from another angle. I leaned back on the bed, stretched my legs high in the air, and pointed my toes to show off my girly legs. The white thigh high’s looked very feminine contrasted with my tanned legs. They were opaque, but had a shiny hue. I imagined how sexy they would look on Carla’s darkly tanned legs. I continued to pose in the mirror, incredibly turned on by the white stockings.

I reached into Carla’s bedside table drawer and noticed a large fat novelty writing pen with her Delta Delta Delta sorority letters printed down its length sitting in the drawer. Ever the anal slut, I spread some lotion on the pen and pressed the end of it against my puckered asshole. My sphincter gave way and I eased the pen into my ass enjoying the full feeling of penetration. I pumped the lotion into my other hand and began stroking my cock. At the same time, I started to push the pen in and out of my asshole, gently fucking myself while I admired the view like my own porno movie in the mirror. Picking up my pace on my cock and my ass, I imagined Carla being fucked by her boyfriend wearing these same stockings. I pulled my legs over my head and imagined that his dick was fucking me just as he fucked her while she placed her legs over his shoulder- the soft white innocence of the cute ribbed stockings beautifully corrupted by her primitive lust as she pulled her ass toward him to meet each thrust of his cock.

With my two pronged efforts, fucking my ass with the Tri-Delt pen and stroking my cock, it did not take long before my orgasm began to rise deep within my bowels. I pushed the fat pen deeper into my ass. I enjoyed a naughty laugh in the midst of my pleasure as the last Delta disappeared into my asshole and only the tip remained visible, tightly gripped by my fingers. With the pen stretching my asshole and pushing against my prostate, my entire lower body was enveloped in waves of pleasure as my sphincter began to contracting around the hard plastic of the pen in quickening spasms. I straightened out my legs to maximize the rushing orgasm as it overcame me. My cock began shooting thick ropes of come onto my stomach and chest as I continued to fuck myself with the pen driving the intense anal pleasure through the end of my orgasm.

As my cock gradually softened in my hand, I slipped the pen from my ass, carefully removed the thigh high’s, cleaned up my mess. I put the leotard and tights carefully back in Carla’s drawer, but slipped the thigh highs into my bag along with the pair of cute panties I had collected earlier to add to my collection.

I showered, pulled on pair of Carla’s pink bikini panties, and climbed into Carla’s bed, enjoying the warm contentment of our feminine connection under her soft girly sheets.

Several weeks later, after I had milked my existing girly tights, panties and stockings to their limits, I had an urge for new stuff. Still stuck in my parents’ house for two weeks before school started, I had to be creative. I have always had a fetish for garter belts and stockings, but had not come across anything remotely close in my search through the drawers of my fellow coeds or friends’ sisters. I hatched a plan. I went to our local department store to see what I could find.

I arrived at the store shortly after it opened. Thankfully it was not crowded. I headed to the lingerie department. I made up a story that I was trying a joke gift for my sister’s wedding and asked whether they had a garter belt or something I could give her for a laugh just between us (looking back on it, that may be creepier than my cross dressing fetish)

The cute sales girl was about 25. She smirked when I told her my story about a gift for my sister. “I can help you find something, um, for your sister” she giggled. You would not believe how many men come in here looking for pretty girly things for their sisters or girlfriends. What color would you like, I mean do you think your sister would like?”

“I think she would like black, anyway it is just a joke gift,” I responded, failing to conceal my nervousness.

She smiled and nodded her head “Sure, I understand.” She went over to the corner the department and pulled a black satin garter belt out from the rack. “This one is on sale and comes with black stockings and cute matching panties, if you want to wear panties with it, I mean if you think your sister would,” she said with a knowing smile. Sensing my fear, she played with me. “Do you think your sister would like these cute matching panties,” she teased holding up the black satin string bikini panties.

“Yes, I think she would,” I managed to say while trying to maintain my composure.

She rang up the sale, smiling mischievously the entire time, and handed me the package, saying “my name is Heather. If you need any other sexy lingerie for your sister, come back and see me. I will be glad to help you pick something out.”

I raced home, turned on beyond belief by imagining what the sales girl was thinking and what she would tell her friends about the college boy who bought the garter belt, stockings, and panties. From her smile, it was clear that she knew the truth. I knew that that possibility would fuel numerous fantasies in the future.

My parents were out of town, so, when I arrived home, I immediately stripped off my clothes. I hurriedly stretched the garter belt around my waist and fastened the hook and eye closures. I tore open the package containing the stockings and rolled them slowly up my legs, clipping them to the metal garters, and then pulled the panties up over the garters. I stood up and paraded in front of the mirror, enjoying the girly results of my successful mission. I grabbed some baby oil off of the counter and pulled my cock and balls through the leg of the panties. Leaning on the bed in front of my sister’s full length mirror, I squirted the baby oil into my cupped hand and began furiously pumping my cock. I stretched out my legs to tighten my ass around my prostate and admired myself in the mirror, thinking about Heather, the cute the sales girl, forcing me to try on naughty lingerie as she laughed at my sissy need to be girly. Triggered by this fantasy, I came violently trying in vain to collect the squirts of cum in my hand.

I cleaned up and folded my new lingerie away with my collection, so I could take it to school when I left the following week. I felt a little guilty about my fetish, especially taking things from girls, but knew that I could never stop.

I was in my mid 40′s and divorced and living a great life. I ran my own successful from home and lived in a large house in it’s own grounds at least 5 miles from my nearest neighbour.

Whilst I was single I had an active sex life having been lucky enough to know 3 ladies who were unattached and had no need for a long term relationships but were happy to meet up for sex or go away for a break all no strings attached. They all knew of each other and I was aware they saw other men or ladies if they wished.

Debi was 50 a successful lawyer and very dirty. Helen was 60 a retired business woman sexy and great in bed and Sarah was my age a nurse who loved sex and could use me all night.

What I kept quiet and has since I was young was that I cross dressed. I now had a locked closet full of ladies, clothes, lingerie, shoes and wigs and make up. I would indulge myself and dress as my alter ego Paula at least once a month and enjoy time being a sexy lady. The dressing relaxed me and I had never really seen myself as gay or bi it was just my bit of fun.

I had only ever been seen twice in ladies clothes. Once, shortly after my divorce, when I visited a dressing service as I knew I would be dressing more often and the other time I visited an escort and wore panties and stockings when we had sex.

He dressing service helped me look quite passable. I was only 5 feet 7 and slim and fairly hair free. I now kept myself completely waxed which I explained was due to the fact I did a lot of cycling (no lie).

I had found myself drawn more to cross dresser porn and often fantasised about sex with men but apart from dressing cam sessions I had never had a sexual encounter with a man and saw myself as curious only.

It was a December day and I had decided to be Paula for the day. I had put on white lace lingerie including lacy boy shorts. I had put on suspenders and cream stockings with black seams. I slipped on a short little black dress which showed off my slim legs and some black stilettos. I applied some discreet make up and my block bob wig. I was not worried about surprise visitors as the only way on to my property was through security gates and I has a sophisticated alarm system which would warn of intruders.

I did some work during the day enjoying the thought of clients and my broker talking to me unaware that I was dressed up as (even though I say so myself) a sexy milf. By the afternoon I had done my work and logged onto my computer and started looking at some of my favourite porn sites and enjoyed the films of some hot cross dressers I stroked myself through my panties but held off cumming as I planned a long night of porn and cum as I was not expecting to see anyone that evening. Pre-cum oozed through the lace panties and I decided to stop for a while and get a drink and watch the news. Due to my location I rarely closed the curtains and I could see outside that snow was falling so I decided to pop out and get some logs for my wood burner. I slipped of my shoes and put on my trainers but otherwise I went out as Paula. I got some wood from my store I went back into the house. I slipped off my trainers and padded in my stocking feet to my wood burner and began to put wood in the stove. As I closed the door a hand was clasped over my face. I went rigid with shock.

“Surprise!” rasped a husky voice. “I bet you thought all that security was fool proof didn’t you you sissy fag?”

“Well it isn’t. I’ve been watching you online and through you stupidly big windows for weeks, Nice of you to give me those shows,”

“I’m going to take my hand away. No point in screaming no one will hear.” He laughed as he turned me around.

I saw a man in his 30′s about5 feet 11. Muscular, hairy and dressed in a blue overall with the logo of my alarm systems installers on them/

“I haven’t any cash in the house but take any valuables you want,” I whispered.

“I’m not here to rob you I’m here to have you,” he leered.

I gasped and tried to break free nut he was far stronger than me.

“You’ll go to prison,” I said.

“Not when people see the videos I have of you dressed up and camming for men asking them to fuck you.. Your whole house is wired and some of your cam games were for me Tommyboy1245.”

My head was reeling I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I thought I had been so discreet. Scandal would ruin me.

He moved over to my sofa and undid his overalls revealing a very hairy naked hard muscular body with a cock already hardening. It wasn’t huge but for the first hard cock I’d seen in real life it was scary.

“On your knees Paula I need a warm mouth around me,” His hands forced me down and he sat on my sofa legs spread. He pulled me towards him and my head moved towards his glistening circumcised cock.

“Start sucking baby or your world gets blown apart,”

I slowly lowered my mouth and put my lips on his cock. I tasted salty muskiness and began to take more into my mouth, I wanted to gag but somehow kept it in, I remembered the films I’d seen and began wanking and sucking the cock,

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah baby I have wanted this for weeks. I knew you were a sissy cock sucking bitch” he moaned.

Despite myself my cock was rigid in my lace panties. After a few minutes he groaned and I felt him go rigid and a gush of hot spunk hit my mouth. I tried to pull away but he held me tight and made me swallow. The salty seed slid down making me feel sick but smutty and horny. I had often had this fantasy the reality was scarier and more exciting.

“Nice work Paula you suck cock like a pro. Now lets have scotch and you the you can take that dress off.”

I fixed his drink and then slowly took off my dress revealing my sexy lingerie and hard cock.

“Your a big gurl for a sissy. “Tommy said looking at my 7 inch cock, It’s size surprised all my partners.

“Come over here and sit on the sofa.” he said and patted the seat. As I walked over he removed all of his clothing and sat down next to me completely naked, He took me in his arms and pulled me to his mouth and began to kiss me his tongue sliding into my mouth. I had never kissed a man and found myself responding to him and began using my tongue. His rough hands ran over my body and I found my hand on his hard again cock. I stroked him and he moaned and kissed me harder. His hand slid into my panties and a finger found my ass and slid inside me. He worked my ass and I found I was moving myself on his now 3 fingers, He pulled away and lay pushed me down on to my back and he reached into his overalls and brought out a tube of lube. He pulled my panties aside and began putting lots of lube in my ass.

“Time to lose your cherry Paula.”

He took his time entering me until I could feel him fully in me, At first it was painful but the more he worked me the better it felt. After 20 minutes my legs were around his back as he fucked me. Eventually he stiffened and shouted out my name as a gush of cum filled my ass. He collapsed on me and we kissed again. I could not believe I had enjoyed it so much.

The rest of the evening was spent with him using me in every position. He must have cum 5 times and I had cum in my own panties.

We feel asleep on the rug in my lounge with Tommy caressing my cock.

I heard a bleep and woke with a start. I was covered in a blanket and alone, I was wearing cum covered lingerie and the room smelt of sex. I had no idea where Tommy was,

In heard the bleep again and looked at my computer. I saw Debi’s smiling face.

“Hi darling didn’t I tell you a £1000 spent at Fantasies Cum True was worth it. Thanks for telling me about Paula and putting the cam on. I frigged my cunt so hard last night watching your deflowering. I will be over tonight to meet Paula” She stood up showing her fit naked body wand the 8 inch strap on dildo she was wearing.

I smiled “looking forward to it sexy.”

“Maybe we could book them for some joint fun,” she said.

“That would be great “I sighed,

I drifted off to sleep again dreaming of last night.

Please read the introduction to Chapters 1 and 2. Some caveats before you start reading.

There is ANAL in this story. It forms a theme throughout so be warned. If you don’t like reading about ANAL [written, I hope, in a way that may make it more acceptable] then please don’t read this. There is no sexual violence in my stories. Lastly, it is FANTASY! In the fantasy world there are no STD’s, no AIDS, and no consequences and things tend to move on quicker than in the real world! Lastly I thank my lovely wife [Annafaye] for the editing. Chapters 5 and 6 will follow tomorrow.

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Making Love to Dana for the Second Time:

In which I explore Dana with my tongue, we make love again, and anal sex is discussed and offered:

She held me. “Make love to me again,” she asked softly, “I want you again!” I slipped off the couch and knelt at her feet. My hands caressed her ankles then calves and finally, slipping the robe aside, her knees.

Moving into her I whispered, “Open Dana love, open for me!” She looked shocked but my smile brought one to her face as she completely uncovered herself and eased her legs apart. I moved closer.

“Slide forward,” I said, helping her until her bottom rested on the edge of the couch. Then I lifted her feet to the couch. She was completely open to me now. Her gorgeous pussy atop her tight anus. She looked puzzled but that look disappeared as my mouth found her cunt and covered her clit.

“Ohmygod!” she exclaimed as I sucked, “oh, god, don’t stop!” I wasn’t about to. She tasted wonderful, fresh and fruity. I sucked some more, tongue flicking her clit. Dana continued to moan, her hands finding my head. I licked, sucked and bit gently, then moved my mouth to her sex, sucking her cunt lips and biting gently, my tongue pushing deep into her vagina. Dana writhed as my tongue and mouth pleasured her. “Oh, fuck, yesssssss! Harder. Please!” she cried over and over as I continued to eat her delectable pussy. I enjoyed her for what seemed like an age, and then I pushed deeper and tasted her liquid flow as she shuddered.

Looking up as her orgasm receded, I could see her mouth slightly open, eyes closed. Bending back, I continued my ‘assault’ on her pussy, sucking her nether lips before I drew my tongue down across her perineum to the tight little star of her anus.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried as I began to lick her tiny rosebud. I lapped back and forth across it, pushing a little harder each time, sometimes returning to suck her clit. Finally, I concentrated on the backdoor to pleasure itself. I rimmed her arsehole, coating it with saliva, then pushed the tip of my tongue against the tight muscle. Dana groaned and muttered a subdued, “Yes, yes, yes! Do it!” I did! I licked round and round the tiny muscle, my tongue finally pushing past the natural resistance of her sphincter and slipping inside. She was so tight! Not surprising for an anal virgin, I suppose. I enjoyed the sensation of my tongue tip gripped in the vice of her sphincter, my nose pressed to her cunt. I could taste her, soap, freshness, the essence of her. I slipped out of her backdoor and continued coating her anus with saliva to ease entry. A little harder, a little deeper each time, until I was tongue-fucking her arse. It was fantastic – especially as I heard her loud cry of, “Oh, fuck, yes!”, felt her anus contract seeming to try to trap my tongue, and had my face covered in her liquid for the second time.

Quickly standing, I slipped off my robe and gripped my cock: a cock, rock hard from my ministrations to Dana’s cunt and arsehole. She looked at me, then at my cock, and smiled. “Fuck me!” she mouthed. Hands around her ankles, I lifted her legs up and apart, pulling her almost on to her shoulders. Leaning forward my cock found her wet vagina and slipped inside. I was hot for her, the lingering taste and smell of her acting like an animal aphrodisiac. With little finesse, I drove inside her filling her depths with my cock. I felt my balls slapping her arse as my own passion rose.

Dana was moaning a constant, “Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me!” as I drove back and forth into her. Such passion couldn’t last for too long and, as I felt yet another shudder across Dana’s body, I began to cum inside her. Only two or three pulses, but intense. I drove deep, held, and coated her insides with my warm spunk. She must have felt it, for she mumbled, “Oh yes! Cum inside me!”

As we both came down from our respective highs, I eased Dana back down on the sofa and, sitting beside her, took her into my arms. She turned her head and we kissed.

“Oh Mike,” she whispered, “that was wonderful. I never felt like that.”

“I’m glad,” I said with a smile, “glad I could please you.”

“I want to please you,” she said softly.

“You do, exquisitely.”

“No! I want to do it!”

“Do it?” I repeated quizzically.

“There,” she said, “in my arse!” I must have looked surprised. “When you licked . . . Your tongue . . . It was heaven. You made me cum there! I want to . . . See if that,” smiling, she nodded towards my slowly awakening cock, “feels as good. But you need to be gentle” she added quickly.

I smiled, “Well, Dana, you angel, I would love to do that, but,” she looked concerned, “but I am a bit ‘worn out’ just now and, whilst the spirit is exceedingly willing, the flesh is, unfortunately, weak.” Dana looked disappointed.

“You are staying tomorrow night,” I said with a smile, “so plenty of time for recovery!”

“Yes,” she said brightly, “I want to do it.” My cock, spent after two glorious cums, stiffened slightly. She noticed. “See,” she giggled, “he is interested!” and she reached down and began to masturbate my soft cock.

“Dana, Dana love! Please!” There was no way I could manage another round and my cock head was so, so tender after my last orgasm. “Tomorrow,” I laughed, “tomorrow I will do anything you want!”

“Mmm, I like the idea of that. Promise?”

“I promise,” I laughed, “wild horses couldn’t stop me!” With that she let go of my cock and kissed me.

“I will hold you to that!” she whispered as we hugged each other.

“Bed I think,” I whispered then added laughing, “I need my rest if I am going to keep up with a young filly like you!” Dana laughed in return and poked out her tongue.

“OK, if you have had enough, let’s go to bed,” and she finished with a big yawn.

I laughed, “I reckon YOU have had enough, young woman!” I stood and pulled her gently to her feet, then led her into the bedroom. Dana quickly visited the bathroom and was back in a couple of minutes. The enormous bed looked exceedingly inviting, and she quickly joined me and we snuggled under the covers.

It’s not often now that I go straight to sleep, but holding this beautiful young woman in my arms seemed to settle me completely, and I was off to sleep in a trice.

The Morning After:

In which I explore Dana’s arse and we make love again:

I hadn’t set the alarm or anything, so light shining in the window woke me sometime the next morning. As is normal, we had drifted apart during the night and Dana was still asleep. I shifted onto one elbow and looked down at her. God, she was lovely! Her blonde hair framed her face. Her lips were slightly open as she lay almost on her back. If I am not sleeping alone I almost always awake with a pretty solid erection, despite any previous exercise, and this morning was the same. It’s part desire and part ‘piss-proud’. Doesn’t matter really, it’s still fun!

I shifted the sheet just a bit to reveal her pert breasts and, bending my head, ran my tongue over her nipple. This elicited a soft groan from Dana and a movement onto her back. I continued to lick first one nipple then the other as they hardened. Dana squirmed her bottom into the bed, still apparently asleep. It was very warm in the room so she didn’t seem to notice as I pulled the covers right back revealing her nakedness. Leaving her lovely breasts, my tongue travelled across her stomach to the soft hair of her mound, then to her pussy. A pussy slightly wet already! My tongue delved into her wetness and must have found her clit immediately for she groaned, shuddered, and muttered, “Oh, yes!!!”

I raised my head and smiled down at her. She was awake. “Don’t stop,” she said with a smile, “it’s nice!” I continued, moving down the bed and between her legs. I licked up and down her sex, delving into her vagina before concentrating on her clit. I rolled my tongue around, then used my lips to bite the swollen pleasure centre. More moans from Dana as I continued to pleasure her. After a while, she shuddered and liquid flowed. I used my tongue on the end of her clit right through her orgasm then moved down to lick and suck her pussy lips. I could taste her freshness, taste the night, on her. Then to her anus. I lifted, parted her legs then probed her tight muscle with my tongue, pushing hard to see what happened.

“Oh, yes, yes! Do that! I want you to. Please!” I pushed harder at the muscle and she relaxed, letting my tongue inside. I could feel her gripping tightly and had a minor crisis as I imagined her sphincter griping my cock. I used my thumb to tease her clit again as I tongue fucked her tight arsehole. Dana was moaning a soft litany of, “Yes, yes, yes,” over and over again. I was enjoying this invasion of her most private place and thought it was time to probe some more so I replaced my tongue with my middle finger after coating it with saliva and pussy juice.

“Oh, god! What . . . .?”

“My finger,” I whispered smiling. “Tell me to stop if it is too much.” I pushed my finger tip inside her. It slipped into her saliva lubricated arsehole with surprising ease.



“It feels so big,” Dana said breathlessly. “And that’s only your finger?”

I laughed softly as I pushed more inside. “More?”

“I don’t know!”

I stopped and pulled my finger back. “OK, stop now.”

“No, no! I want to try it. Well,” she continued with a shy laugh, “your finger anyway!”

“Relax then, Dana love,” I said as I pushed against the muscle again and my finger slipped back inside to the first joint. “OK?” I asked, as I moved it back and forth, gently fucking her tight arsehole.

“YES!” Dana responded breathlessly, “Yes! I like that. Ooooohhhhh!” I had pushed almost all of my middle finger into her arse and now began to fuck her slowly with the whole length. “Oh, dear! Oh, Fuck! Yes!” Raising my head, I looked into her eyes. She smiled, “You are a devil! Ohhhhhhh!” She was taking my finger deep in her arse and seemed to be enjoying it. I bent my head and, continuing to finger fuck her, nipped her clit with my lips.

“YES!” Dana cried, as another orgasm washed over her body. Her anus gripped my finger tightly as she came, and her liquid flowed. Time for me, now. I withdrew my finger from her arse and knelt, gripped my cock and slipped the head into her sopping pussy. My eyes locked on hers. She smiled and nodded. I thrust forward and filled her with one drive, causing a loud gasp of pleasure to escape from her lips.

Piss-proud means lasting just a bit longer; so I began to pound her pussy long and hard. I was hot with the idea of her tight arse around my cock, so I must admit, I did go to town. Dana didn’t seem to mind, her legs coming up and gripping me around the waist. I bent my head and kissed her, our tongues dancing together as my cock drove in and out of her willing body. I was varying my pace now, bringing her on and controlling my own orgasm. Time to experiment! How long? 10, 15, 20 minutes I suppose.

“Turn over,” I said wanting a change then pulling back and kneeling, “and kneel.” Dana looked apprehensive. I smiled, “No, not that — not yet anyway — just some variety,” I said raising my eyebrows.

Dana smiled, turned over and stuck her gorgeous arse in the air. I quite like doggy, for obvious reasons and I just stroked my cock gently as I gazed at the wonderful sight before me. Dana knew of course, and looked back over her shoulder with a smile.

“Come on then, Mike, do your worst! OH NO!” she exclaimed as she realised what she had just said — and intimated.

“I won’t do anything like that Dana, love, not ’til later anyway,” and I moved slightly, planting my cockhead at her pussy.

“MMMMMMM, I like that,” she whispered as I drove home. I fucked for a little while, then she turned her head again. “Touch me!” she said with a smile, “touch me there!” ‘Mmm’ I thought, she likes it! I wetted my thumb and collected some juice from the rear of her wet pussy and stroked it over her anus. This brought a soft sigh and a shudder. I pushed harder, not entering her anus, but just teasing. I was close now, the idea of filling her arse with my cock causing increased tension. I fucked her harder and harder: one hand on her hip pulling her on, the other with thumb stroking her sphincter.

It didn’t take long! “Oh, yes, Mike! Please! Please!” Dana’s body shuddered and her pussy gripped my cock. I felt the usual tension in my lower back, my balls tightened, and my load — pretty small unfortunately — left my body and jetted deep into Dana. Three, then four, pulses as her body reacted to my swelling and spurting cock.

I was spent pretty quickly and rocked back on my heels, my softening cock slipping from the heaven of her vagina. Dana fell forward on the bed sighing. As she rolled onto her back, I lay on one elbow beside her. I smiled, “Well?”

“Mmm, that was nice,” she murmured and pulled my lips to hers. We kissed, then lay holding each other. After a while she lifted herself up and went to the bathroom. I watched her gorgeous naked figure stroll across the room. Her hips were so delightful, and her bottom a dream. She stopped at the door and looked back over her shoulder. “Well? Like what you see?” she smiled coquettishly, standing on one leg and leaning against the door frame.

“Oh yes!” I laughed, “didn’t I just show that?”

She laughed back, “Come on you — shower. I want you to wash me!”

“Always a pleasure,” I said then, “I’ll order breakfast.”

“Mmm, I’m starving!”

Amy and Laura had made a habit of lingerie shopping together, it was just so much more fun that way. Grad school was fairly tedious, lots of study and research all holed up in your room, so they enjoyed getting out and having a break. They got a kick out of picking out the silliest things they could find to try on and make the other laugh. And, of course, it was exciting. Hot. Sure, a leopard print nipple-less bra is funny, but when it’s on a fit 24 year old, well, who knows what might happen…

Mid-February is the dreariest time of year, and the shortest month seems to stretch on forever. It’s mid-way into the semester, and spring feels like an empty promise. Also? Valentine’s Day. What are two single gals to do?

Laura looked up from her laptop, “Screw this. My brain is turning to mush. Amy, let’s go to the mall.”

Amy hit save and closed her computer, “You are ON, sister.”

They went straight to the Victoria’s Secret. It was mobbed, due to the impending lingerie-intensive holiday. But this was also the time of year with the silliest flimsies to try.

They squeezed around the shopping boyfriends and girlfriends and gathered up interesting lingerie — satin bras, lacy teddies, filmy nighties trimmed in marabou — all stuff they’d never buy, never REALLY wear, even if they weren’t on student budgets. Or at least they liked to think they’d never wear it. Once they had their selections, they looked for a sales woman to let them into dressing rooms. They finally found a harried looking girl who told them there was only one room open, “One of you will have to wait.”

Amy and Laura exchanged glances, “They’re big rooms,” Amy said.

“We’ll share,” Laura added.

The sales girl, a little relieved, closed the door behind them.

They hung up the stuff and began to undress, facing away from one another. Amy chose to model a black lace teddy with a thong back. She wriggled into it and wondered why anyone would want that piece of elastic in their butt crack all day. She checked herself out in the mirror — the fit was amusingly ridiculous. She said,”Ready?”

“Yep,” said Laura and they turned to face each other.

Laura had put on a see-through shortie nightgown in a corally pink. It had feathers along the hem. They started to giggle.

Amy brushed her fingertip along the feathers, tickling Laura’s leg. “No,” she said, “I’m afraid that isn’t quite right. You appear to have pink feathery pubes.”

“Oh, I know, what you like,” Laura said, “I’m just saving it. Gotta tell you, though, that crotch hanging down too low on you is just a little unappealing.” She hooked a finger in the dangling fabric and tugged, causing the elastic to slip between Amy’s ass cheeks. She let go and it lightly thwapped Amy’s pussy lips. Amy smiled.

Laura’s eyes blazed up a bit, but she just said “Next!” and they turned around to put on the next outfit.

This time, Laura picked a push up bra with matching panties; they could be connected by dangly chains. When she turned around, she saw that Amy had put on a flannel nightshirt.

“Oh, really funny,”she said. “hell, I’d wear that, what’s that supposed to do?”

Amy laughed, “Thought maybe you’d find it kinky.” She stroked the mound of Laura’s right breast. “Look at you, you’ve just got boob all over the place in this thing. Nice. But I’m not loving the chains. Tacky. Let’s move on.”

The little caress of her breast had Laura getting worked up. She knew what would come next, with that third and final ensemble.

Amy put on a white lace corset and no underwear. She gently pulled up stockings to complete the look. As she fastened the final garter she said, “Ready?”

When they turned around, Amy gasped a little. Laura definitely knew what she liked by this point, although by her expression, Amy could see that she had chosen well also. Laura wore a satin bra and matching undies, a shimmery pink color with teal flowers. It made her look very tan, even in the dead of winter. The cups were cut low, and had some lift. The panties were cut high, with little pearls at the hips. Laura’s generous breasts were in danger of spilling out of the demi-cups, and the dark circles of her areolae peeped above the edge.

Amy approached Laura and kissed her, cupping one firm, perfect breast in her hand. Laura returned the kiss with passion, pressing her breast into Amy’s hand. They didn’t really have a lot of time before the sales people got suspicious.

Laura pushed Amy back and she sat down on the little stool, legs wide. She knelt in front of her and lowered her face to Amy’s soaking wet pussy. Stroking the insides of her thighs, Laura used her tongue to part Amy’s lips, seeking out her clit, wasting no time. She sucked on it, tickling with the tip of her tongue at the same time. Amy rocked against her face, clutching the edges of the stool.

“How’s everything in there?” the sales girl knocked on the door.

Amy struggled to sound normal, “Oh, great, um could you get me the Taylor bra, in green, in a 38 D?”

“Sure,” she said and off she went.

Laura slid her two forefingers into Amy’s pussy while she continued to knead her clit with her tongue — hard, flickering licks followed by soft, lapping strokes. Amy’s hands moved to Laura’s hair, grabbing handfuls and pulling Laura into her throbbing wetness. With a final hip thrust, Amy came, silent and shuddering, thighs gripping the sides of her roommate’s head.

Laura ran her hands up Amy’s body, pulling the both of them to a standing kiss and embrace. Amy thrust her mound against Laura’s, grinding. Amy kissed her way down Laura’s long neck, down to that rise of breast that she found irresistible. She kissed one and then the other, and returned to kissing Amy’s mouth while running her hand down the front of the flowered panties. “Mmm…” she moaned, seeking out Amy’s soaking and swollen clit with her fingertips, “these are going to be kind of gross to the next person.” She could feel Amy’s smile in her kiss. It turned them both on to think of someone coming to clean out the dressing room and realizing what had gone on.

Laura gently rubbed Amy’s clit, watching her breasts rise in response. Amy pressed down into Laura’s hand, intensifying the feeling. Laura used her other hand to pull each of Amy’s breasts up just slightly, so that the dark pink nipples popped over the edge of the bra cups. She leaned down to suck hard on one and then the other, all the while working Amy’s pussy — rubbing her clit, dipping her fingers into her slick hole.

Amy reached her hand down to Laura’s still-swollen clit and began to caress it with her whole hand. Firm, steady pressure. Laura leaned into it, feeling a second orgasm begin to build. They found a rhythm together, each stroking, each rocking, each building to ecstasy. Laura felt Amy’s pussy begin to clench around her fingers, to pulse as she reached her climax. Amy’s body went rigid as she surrendered to the feeling. The look on Amy’s face was just enough to send Laura over the falls as well, collapsing forward to lean on her roommate.

A green bra flopped over the dressing room door. “Here you go!”, said the sales girl, oblivious.

Laura grabbed it and said a weak “Thank you.”

As they relaxed, passion spent, they kissed again — a warm, tongueless kiss. Amy ran her hands through Laura’s hair. They smiled at one another and turned to get dressed again. Amy unrolled her stockings and carefully hung everything up, putting back on her sweater and jeans. Laura, likewise, returned her selections to their hangers and put back on her tights, skirt, and sweater. They hung the lingerie on the hook and left the dressing room.

“How was everything?” asked the salesgirl, who didn’t really care.

“Eh, the fit wasn’t quite right,” said Amy.

“Nah,” said Laura, “I don’t think our boyfriends would like it.

And they left, giggling like schoolgirls.

They were at their son’s wedding. The day was turning into a memorable one. Their son and his bride were happy. So were they.

At first glance no one would suspect, but Tom turns to mush at weddings. He saw the bride, but he always thought of Valerie, remembering their wedding night and praising God again for how fortunate he was to have her as his wife.

Valerie loved this about Tom.

Tom treasured Valerie as a gift from God and Valerie counted this among the many blessings that she and Tom shared. They had five children of their own, an income that provided a sound house, and a church family who cared and shared with them both the good times and the bad.

But, Tom and Valerie had a sweet secret. From the day they married until this very day they were red hot lovers.

Yes, their style had changed over the years. The almost nightly sessions before the first baby came, to the well planned and executed brief hours of intensity for the last twenty plus years, and now, less planned sessions that lasted as long as they could hold on.

Tonight would be one of those nights.

Weddings made Tom passionate and Valerie knew it. She began preparing weeks in advance. She got out the little black dress that Tom liked so. She made sure he saw it go out to the cleaners and when it came back.

If Tom had a short coming, it was his desire to see Valerie in classic lingerie. She made sure he saw her black panty with garters, complementing bra, and stockings laid out on the bed with her other things. For a woman of her age with five children she had a fine figure and a pair of control top pantyhose would have given her an excellent shape, but panty and stockings were extremely sexy on her, and she knew it. Valerie guessed he was just a man of his generation and took full advantage of Tom’s desire.

Valerie had a few secrets of her own. She made sure that the “the scarf” was out where Tom would see it.

Saturday morning came and Tom saw all the clues and made sure he was ready too. Valerie had a passion for something special, but Tom had to be just right for her to fully enjoy it. All of this subtle communication stirred their passions.

This was the truth of their red hot passion—communicating. Tom and Valerie had learned early on that they were such good lovers because they told each other their likes and dislikes. It was how they stayed passionate through the years with children. Today, the fact that the two had communicated with each other for thirty-two years was clearly evident.

The wedding was perfect. The reception at the country club would be remembered for years. Tom danced with Valerie many more times than normal. They both felt those special feelings as they danced on the last slow dance. Soon they knew it was time to move the evening to a different setting.

The newlyweds left to commence their wedding night soon after Tom and Valerie finished their last dance. Tom and Valerie said their good-byes to the wedding guests and drove to their hotel where they and some other guests were staying. Once at the hotel Tom helped Valerie out of the car and opened the door for her. Rather quickly both were in their room.

Although they had been sharing glances and smiles for hours now, Valerie got things rolling. “Tom will you come here and unzip me”, Valerie asked.

Tom obliged Valerie and finally saw what he had been waiting all week to see: her lacy black bra above the gartered panty, holding up silk stockings. Valerie was not large busted. She was blessed with what Tom referred to as “a perfect handful of full, womanly curvaceous breasts”; breasts that Tom seemed to worship. To keep him interested she quickly went into the bath and closed the door. Tom wasted no time in getting down to the pair of boxer briefs Valerie liked him in best. He checked the night stand drawer again to make sure everything they enjoyed was there.

Valerie soon reappeared down to her bra, panty and stockings with a strand of brilliant white pearls around her neck and accenting her cleavage. She strode to Tom sitting on the edge of the bed. He stood up, wrapped his arms around her and looking deep into her eyes slowly kissed her. They gripped each other tightly as the stood and kissed. They stroked each other’s body with perfect finger pressure.

Tom suddenly spun Valerie around and began to stroke her cupped breasts and her firm hourglass torso. Valerie relished the feel of Tom’s strong hands stroking her body. Tom kissed and tenderly gnawed at Valerie’s neck. Although their actions were almost scripted after all these years, they took pleasure in the process.

The combination of Tom’s fingers fondling and the lining of the cups caused Valerie’s nipples to harden. She began to let out gentle moans of pleasure as she pressed her hips backwards against Tom’s bulging penis. Tom picked up the scarf Valerie had left out and blindfolded her.

Valerie was excited more when she could only feel Tom’s touch, but not see what he was doing. It gave her a delicious sense of abandon.

He guided her to the bed and made her comfortable. Valerie relaxed; she knew that whatever was to come would feel good. Tom leaned down and kissed her long and slow. She reached up and held his head. Tom eased away, kissing her hands. He kissed up her arm to her shoulders and down the other arm. He came back and kissed her chest and nuzzled into her cleavage.

Valerie was soon lost in Tom’s attentions. He rolled her over and slowly massaged her shoulders and back. Valerie was floating away when she felt Tom unhooking her bra. He rolled her back over and lifted the bra away.

Valerie’s breasts had changed over the years, but they were still full and sprightly and Tom’s touch could almost send her over the edge. He leaned down and fondled one while kissing the other. Breastfeeding had been a joy for Valerie. Valerie’s nipples had become bigger from breastfeeding their five children and Tom enjoyed the size and texture of Valerie’s nipples even more after the children had changed them. When Tom’s lips touched her nipples, it sent waves running through her body. As Tom suckled her, his fingers stroked her nylon and satin encased belly, hips, and thighs. Finally, his finger began to stroke the satin crotch of her panties.

Valerie was already intensely aroused as Tom tenderly stroked the lips of her sex within the slippery satiny fabric. Within moments she was moaning and unconsciously thrusting her hips upward. Tom spread the edges of satin apart and kissed Valerie’s womanhood through the damp cloth. He felt Valerie tugging at his legs, wanting him to straddle her. He resisted. Instead, Tom continued to kiss, suck, and lick Valerie’s sex; her panties becoming more wet, inside and outside, with his loving. Tom gently hooked his finger into the side of her wet panties, moving them aside. His lips and tongue were now stroking, kissing, licking, and sucking the full, engorged, and bright red lips of her labia. Tom sighed in erotic pleasure as he savored his wife’s flavor. His tongue alternated between pointed and firm and wide and soft as he directed it to her clitoris. Her nub responded by growing large as his lips surrounded it. After just a few moments, Valerie began to feel a wave of pleasure emanating from within her clitoris and spreading outward to envelope her labia, her vagina, and her now incredibly sensitive breasts. With total abandon, she moved one hand to her breast and massaged and squeezed her nipples. Her other hand moved to replace Tom’s finger that was holding her panties. “Finger my pussy and lick my clit, now!” she said huskily. Valerie only spoke with such words and tone when engulfed with sexual passion. Tom quickly obliged. In a short minute or so of Tom’s fingers playing within the inner lips of her labia and his tongue gently and wetly stroking her hard, engorged clit, that wave of pleasure crashed over Valerie. Her moans were long and throaty. Her legs tensed. The muscles in her hips, thighs, and even her inner sex and vagina clasped at Tom’s hand, fingers, and tongue. Her orgasm seemed as if it would not end.

After a long minute of climaxing, Valerie realized that this love-making was truly special. She knew that Tom’s love for her was not only spiritual and emotional and pure, but that he also desired to pleasure her in the most intimate ways that he could. He loved her.

And while these thoughts were making their way through her consciousness, she also began to realize that she was enjoying this loving sex like never before. She was still hot and horny! She wanted this sexual fervor to continue! She wanted to be done by Tom and to do Tom! Valerie released Tom from the grip of her lower muscles and with a trembling voice cried out, “Tom, please, I need you in me.” Tom eased up and took the lube from their bedside table and tenderly lubricated Valerie. They had learned that lubricant really made for more pleasurable and longer play and intercourse. And though still very sensitive from her intense orgasm, Valerie enjoyed Tom’s touch as he spread the lubricant over her labia and into her vagina.

Tom then looked at his wife and asked, “How do you want it?” Sometimes Valerie wanted on top taking his penis while other times she wanted receive his penis from underneath. Valerie seemed to growl, “You on top!”

Tom slid up on Valerie kissing her as he did. Once again, Valerie moved her hand to hold her now drenched panties to the side, this time reaching under her hip and thigh to do so. Her other hand tugging Tom’s briefs down just far enough to allow his now deep red and enlarged penis and testicles to escape their former confines. Tom tenderly opened Valerie’s lips and vagina with the head of his penis and slipped into her. She felt him press deep into her. She was always thrilled beyond description when she and Tom connected so deeply. Tom came to his knees, withdrawing his manhood nearly out of Valerie’s sex and lifted Valerie by hips, sliding a pillow under her. He remained kneeling as he slowly thrust through Valerie’s labial lips into the deep warmth of her flesh that now surrounded his penis.

Valerie actually liked wearing panties during intercourse. The nice hug of the materials felt good on her skin and the touch of the cloth upon her lips and clitoris seemed to enhance her climax. Tom rocked slowly since it was more about the journey than the destination for the two of them now. Valerie reached up in a dream like fashion and began slowly to play with her breasts. Not only did she enjoy the feel, she knew that Tom would be invigorated by the sight.

Valerie began raise and lower her hips letting the satin stroke her clitoris. That along with Tom’s penis stroking her G spot were lifting her ever higher. They drifted into a dream like eternality. They were in no hurry to finish. Being connected was the main point of their physical love.

After what seems hours, Valerie began to constrict on Tom’s shaft. His pace did not change; it remained slow, steady, and deep. He knew what Valerie liked. He heard her sweet blissful moans and released himself with a great pulsating beat. Time may have diminished his output, but he still delivered it with gusto.

After a few moments, Tom reclined on Valerie. He could hear her heart pounding as he laid his head on her warm breasts and she stroked his head and back.

If they had fallen asleep like this it would have been a good night for Tom and Valerie, but she wanted, no she desired and needed more. Her passion had become even more intense with Tom’s penis filling and stroking her sex! Her sex needed more attention to abate a lust that was consuming her. She had to have more!

Removing the blindfolded, Valerie rolled Tom to one side and began kissing down his body. She pulled his boxer briefs from his hips and legs, tossing them aside. She reached for his penis taking its semi-erect form in one hand and moving the other hand to Tom’s chest. She began to gently stroke his penis while caressing and pinching his nipple that was closest to her. Tom opened his eyes to look at her face. This was different and unusual, but in a good way. No a great way. They usually rested for a few seconds and then cleaned each other up before drifting off to sleep after loving each other as they had just done. Valerie’s touching him as she was now doing was not only very enjoyable and erotic, but was new and different!

Valerie saw and sensed Tom’s bewilderment. She looked straight into his eyes and asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

“No, please continue.”

This was what Valerie wanted to hear. She acknowledged Tom’s acceptance of her pleasing him by leaning forward to begin kissing, licking, and nibbling upon his nipple. Valerie new that Tom’s nipples were very sensitive and that he enjoyed her tongue and lips upon them but that it was her gently nibbling just to the point of just a bit of pain that his nipples liked most and responded to with a hardness made Valerie to want to nibble even more. It was her nibbling combined with her gentle stroking of his penis that quickly brought his penis back to a state of complete firmness. It was Tom’s realization and thoughts that his wife still desired more sex that caused a hardness that seemed to even exceed his previous erection.

Valerie had now moved her attention to Tom’s other nipple; her breasts gently brushing the skin of Tom’s chest; his chest hair teasing her nipples. The hand on his penis was now also gently massaging his testicles; her fingers tracing and teasing the area directly beneath his scrotum and massaging the flesh of his inner thighs. She ever so slowly drew a fingernail gently from this most sensitive area upwards along the seam of his sac up the underside of his penis to the now bulging head. Her fingers played with its tip. A drop of clear lubricant appeared at the tip’s opening. Her fingers and his penis head became slick with the moisture.

After a minute of her pleasuring Tom, Valerie stopped and moved to stand beside the bed. She placed one foot on the side of the bed. She then unhooked the garters from one of her stockings. Tom was entranced by her actions and the sight of his sexually charged wife; her inviting breasts and piercing nipples so near, the curves of her inviting hips within reach, the sex between her hips so close. She then changed her position so the other foot was now perched near Tom. She detached the other two garters. She then stood facing Tom and so very slowly removed the panty; doing so with a very sensual and enticing dance and undulating of her hips. Her impromptu display of eroticism was transfixing as Tom could only stare at his wife’s erogenous movements. As the neat and shortly trimmed hair of her mons became visible, Tom inhaled audibly.

“You like this, don’t you?” Valerie smiled wickedly.

Tom could only moan his surrender.

Valerie continued to remove the panty letting it drop to the floor where she delicately stepped out of it. She then did something else that caught Tom by surprise. Both of her hands slowly moved forward and down toward her sex coming to a rest where her index fingers and thumbs framed her labia. Tom had never seen a more erotic image than this one of his wife displaying herself to him, her smile and eyes revealing a side of her that he had rarely seen. Tom became mesmerized as Valerie gently used her fingers to touch and caress and to open her labia. The slow movements of her fingers and the now shine of wetness on her labial lips and fingers were captivating and brought his level of erotic desire higher than he could ever remember. To add to her hypnotizing effect, Valerie’s hips began a slow, swaying, circular path as she closed her eyes while slightly opening her mouth and wetting her lips with a slow, sensuous movement of her moistened tongue. Tom, reaching down to grasp his penis was shocked by its incredible hardness. Valerie then took one of her fingers and dipped its tip between the folds of her sex, gathering some of the wetness. Bending at her knees, Valerie the dropped her head to where Tom’s hand was still grasping his erection. She then gently kissed the swollen head with her red lipsticked lips. Her finger with the moisture from her sex she brought to Tom’s lips where he allowed the finger to gently enter, depositing the flavorful juice onto his tongue. Valerie slowly withdrew her finger and brought it up to her lips which she erotically and gently sucked into her mouth for a long moment. Leaning farther forward, Valerie then brought her lips to Tom’s and not-so-gently deeply kissed him. Her tongue quickly found his tongue. Their tongues and lips crushing each other in a passion that neither Tom nor Valerie had often felt or experienced. The kiss was long and pure sexual and full of lust. After a timeless epoch in which Valerie and Tom allowed their lust and passion to transcend their kiss, Valerie stood up. She took each of Tom’s hands into one of hers and then pinned his hands above his head with one hand. She indicated that he should not move his hands. Finding the previously discarded scarf, Valerie gently tied Tom’s hands. Her tying was easy and meant to be symbolic. Tom was not to use his hands any more. “Would you like to climb on top of me?” Tom quietly asked Valerie. He knew that she often experienced orgasm while riding him with his penis filling her and her clitoris rubbing against him.

“Yes” was her answer. However, rather than straddling his hips, she moved up his body. Her knees came to rest on either side of his head. She straightened her back. Her sex was now directly above Tom’s face, the lips of her labia just a small breadth from his lips. He could smell the muskiness of her sex and desire. He could feel the warm wetness emanating from the folds of her flesh. The feel of her stockings against his cheeks was sensual. Who was this woman that was having her way with him?

Once again Valerie brought her hands to her mons and then down to her sex. Once again, she used delicate fingers to open delicate lips. She gently moved her sex down until her lips met his lips; her sex had found a place that she knew would sate her hunger.

Tom’s lips and tongue wasted no time in beginning their ministrations. Much like before, he enveloped the whole of her sex within his lips. He licked and kissed from one puffy outer lip to the other. He sucked upon her inner labia and allowed his tongue to explore her savory vagina, from the inner creases of which poured Valerie’s nectar. Not pressing down with too much pressure, Valerie allowed Tom to completely have all of her sex. She enjoyed the feel of his tongue and lips as they discovered all of her loving flesh. It was not long until Valerie began to feel another orgasm building within her loins, this time beginning from within her now pulsating and contracting vagina.

Now increasing the pressure of her flesh against Tom’s lips, Valerie tilted her hips to a point where her clitoris was within easy reach of Tom’s lips and tongue. Recognizing what Valerie wanted, what she needed, Tom began to concentrate upon this large, soft, but firm nub. The tip of his tongue stroked and massaged the core of her pleasure. The flat of his tongue stroked her clit from base to tip and the surrounding soft, wet, flesh from which it reared. Tom could feel the wet slick which was literally pouring from his wife’s vagina as it drenched his face, running down his cheeks and chin. Opening his mouth wide he allowed the oil from his wife’s sex to fill his mouth, relishing the savor has he drank. Valerie was now beyond simple passion and lust. The intensity of her building orgasm was building to a crescendo that was nearing an uncontrollable level. Her fingers separated her lips so that her clitoris was totally bare and open to Tom’s tongue. She moved and pressed down so that all of his oral attention was now concentrated only upon that point of extreme pleasure. As Tom encased her clitoris with his lips while stroking it with the tip of his tongue at the same time, Valerie arched her back and threw back her head. Her hands pawed for her breasts, pinching her nipples. A loud, orgasmic moan emanated from her lips as she felt every muscle in her sex contract over and over and over. The most passionate, forceful, penetrating climax of her life completely shrouded her being. Nothing existed except for this sheer overpowering pleasure that now encased her. The orgasm of her life seemed to last for minutes as wave after wave after wave of indescribable pleasure swept through her.

The directory just inside the door of the mall was partially obscured by my sister’s form as she searched the store listings. Her finger pinned to the map, she turned around and gave me a huge smile, her ponytail flopping back over her shoulder.

“Here it is,” she said. “219. Let’s go.” I looked at where her finger was pointing to a large yellow square on the mall diagram and quickly noted its placement compared to our current location. Stacy apparently had more confidence that we would find it because she quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me away before settling into a leisurely stroll toward the escalator, holding my hand. Occasionally she would stop at a window to point something out to me, even once stopping at the tattoo/piercing studio to watch someone get some ink colored in on his back.

Without looking at me, she mumbled to herself, “Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to get my hood or nipples pierced. Just imagining the sexual pleasure of your touch and the sight of your arousal at seeing my body pierced with jewelry. I sometimes think about you grabbing a ring with your teeth before pulling it away, watching my nipple extend.” She sighed and closed her eyes. After a moment, she snapped her eyes open and quickly shook her head as she blurted out, “But then I’m afraid a piercing would hurt too much.” She looked at me sideways, arching her eyebrow afterward and laughed a little at my expression. Just the image of Stacy having pierced nipples or a pierced clitoral hood sent my brain into overdrive. “Okay,” she said, “Keep it moving,” as she pulled on my hand and continued on toward 219.

We rounded a corner toward one of the large department stores that anchored the mall and my sister craned her neck to find the store she was looking for.

“Ah,” she said, “There it is.” She squeezed my hand and gave me a big smile. She looked back toward the store and I craned my neck to see it. Above the wide entrance was a sign in red letters in a classically styled font that read, “Back to Eden.” The store was large enough that it took the space of one of the other larger specialty stores, or two to three spaces of smaller stores that surrounded it. In the front windows on either side of the wide entrance were about six plain white mannequins, headless, wearing more conservative lingerie in various styles and colors. I could not see into the store because there was a large black center wall a few feet inside that was covered with current offerings and sales displays. They were already gearing up for Christmas, so most of the posters were black and white with only the red Santa-themed lingerie colored, or the gold trim of the angel-themed lingerie highlighted. It was very classy, but I couldn’t help but wonder what was behind that wall. I wouldn’t get a chance to find out.

“Give me your wallet,” Stacy said.


“Your wallet. Give it to me. This is your treat, remember?” She held her hand out flat and when I just stood there for a few seconds, she snapped her fingers and made the “come on, give it to me” motion with her fingers, all the while standing there with a smirk.

I sighed and shook my head while I dug my wallet out of my front pocket and slapped it into her palm.

“Thank you,” she chirped, her voice raising a full octave on “you”. She flipped open the money clip and gave the cash back to me and said, “Wait here.” She turned and walked into the entrance, turning right to go around the large wall. A couple of minutes later, she came back to the front, accompanied by a beautiful blonde dressed in a dark skirt and red satin shirt, a gold name tag on her left breast.

“See?” Stacy said, “That’s Thomas Hunter,” and she showed the woman my driver’s license and credit card. “He knows I have his wallet and he is treating me to a few gifts.” She raised her voice to be sure I heard. “Right, T? This is yours and you’re paying for this?”

“Yes,” I waved awkwardly. “She’s with me.”

“Okay, thank you,” said the blonde. “Any limit?”

I looked at Stacy and she shook her head no and called out, “Trust me.”

“No,” I called back. “Whatever she wants.” Stacy smiled and waved.

“Okay,” the blonde smiled, “If that’s what you want.” She made it sound like this was going to cost me. But I trusted Stacy and knew that she would be reasonable. The blonde waved and touched Stacy’s arm, saying something and they both giggled. The blonde turned to go back into the store. Stacy turned to follow her, but shouted as she walked.

“Okay, babe,” she called, “Go get yourself some pretzel bites. One hour. I love you.” She blew me a kiss, which I returned, before she disappeared behind the display window.

There I was in the mall, all alone. I quickly decided that some pretzel bites would be good, so I walked down the stairs and stopped at the closest pretzel stand, choosing a cup of the classic salted bites and a coke before wandering around the mall for a few minutes. I loved to watch people. Not being much of a shopper, I mostly just looked around, dipping into the video game store and the “adult humor and novelty” shop that every mall seemed to have. Oh, and I also had to politely, yet firmly, turn away salesmen at the center kiosks, asking about my cell phone service and trying to sell me skin cream made with Dead Sea salts.

A few minutes into my stroll my phone chimed and I saw a message saying I had a media file. I opened it and it was Stacy, videoing herself with a dark purple curtain behind her. “Hey, sweetie. Just wanted to thank you and let you know I’m having a blast. I’ve picked a few sets to try on, but wanted to tide you over. With that, the image was shaky for a second before I saw my sister naked reflected in a full-length mirror, her phone extended out in front of her. She smiled into the mirror and ran her hands over her tits, pinching each nipple as she closed her eyes, then she ran her free hand down to her pussy and stroked it a couple of times as she said, “Shopping for you is turning me on. I’m so wet right now.” With that the image shook again and again I had a close up of my sister’s face. She sucked her finger and closed her eyes, letting out a soft moan. She whispered, “I taste delicious. I can’t wait for you to taste me later.” With that the image died.

It hadn’t taken me long to swell. I was standing in the middle of the mall watching a video of my naked sister tasting her own pussy while she shopped for lingerie. I quickly typed in a text and sent it to her.


Her reply was quick and simple.

“No ; )”

Dammit! I looked at the time and had about 25 minutes to kill. I decided to replay the video, but these fucking malls don’t have any place to sit with your back against the wall. I walked on and found a space that advertised a store coming soon, so there was no window. I leaned against it and replayed the video. And played it again. Then I started pausing it at certain points and just looked at my incredible sister as she stood naked, or zoomed in on her smile, or closed her eyes, pinched her nipple, stroked her cunt, or sucked her finger. I would like to think she had no idea what she was doing, but she did. I know she did.

After about ten minutes I strolled casually back to the other end of the mall to the store and waited on a bench up against the rail, checking every couple of minutes to see if Stacy was out yet. She said an hour, but she took a little longer.

“Thomas!” she called. I looked up and walked over to her. She had two large black paper bags with red rope handles and red tissue sticking up out of the top. The store logo was printed on the bags with red foil lettering. Stacy was accompanied again by the blonde as they stood at the door. When I arrived, Stacy had a huge smile on her face.

“Have a good time?” I asked, smiling. Okay, I was excited, not just happy.

“Of course.” She handed me the bags and I took them from her as the blonde spoke.

“You’re a lucky man,” she said, giving Stacy a wink.

“You have no idea,” I replied.

“Thank you, Ms. King for your business. I hope to see you again.”

Stacy shook her hand as she said, “Thank you so much for your help, Rebecca. I’ll definitely be back.” Rebecca waved and turned back to the store and Stacy took my arm, leaning against me as she turned me back toward the center of the mall. When she saw me lifting a bag to try to get a hint of what lay under the tissue, she slapped my arm lightly and pointed a finger at my face. “No peeking!” She touched her lips to my ear, whispering, “Soon enough, T. Soon enough.” She licked my ear briefly before backing away and continued to hug my arm as we walked. I transferred the second bag to my left hand and put my arm on Stacy’s lower back as we walked.

The drive home was quiet. We had brief chats and then long periods of silence. I wasn’t upset and neither was Stacy. Quite simply we were on our way home and were about to get back to “normal” life. It had been a good weekend, and last night and this morning in particular had been amazing. A lot of the silence revolved around my not knowing what to say.

Stacy turned in her seat a little to face me. I looked over at her and smiled before turning my attention back to the road ahead.

“I love you, T,” she said.

“I love you, too, Stace.”

“How much?”

“More than anything.”

“What are you going to do to show me how much you love me?” She had a sexiness in her voice now. It was subtle, but I picked up on it.

“You mean besides burying my face in your pussy?”

“Oh, god” she shuddered, her eyes closed.

“Well, it’s kind of a toss up. After that I can’t decide if I want to lick your ass or just fuck your mouth. Which do you think I should do?” I looked over at her with a straight face.

Her eyes were smoldering, but she spoke with control as if she wasn’t turned on. “I don’t know. Neither one of those sounds like anything that nice girls do, and I would hate for you not to respect me. Maybe we should just do blind lovemaking in the dark with the covers all the way up. Missionary style, of course.”

“Oh, of course. But first I would have to ask you to remove your big cotton underwear.”

“Not until you remove your tighty whities.” At that she couldn’t hide the smile anymore and she started laughing, which caused me to laugh.

“I have to be honest, here, Stace,” I said. “I can’t wait to see what you look like in your new…whatever it is you bought. I’ve been thinking about it all the way home.”

“Good,” she replied. “That’s what I was hoping for. Did you like my video?” As if she had to ask. She had a huge smile as she asked.

“What the hell were you doing?” I smiled. “Were you trying to get me arrested for carrying a concealed weapon at the mall?” That got a laugh out of her and she reached over to rub my crotch. I moaned and shifted at her touch.

“Mm, still hard?” She sounded like she couldn’t believe it.

“I’ve got a serious case of blue balls going here.”

“Well, I would help you out, but I want a nice big load from you later on.” I moaned and she leaned over to lick my ear before whispering, “I might even let you fuck me in the ass.”

I just smiled and shook my head. She was such a temptress. She knew exactly what I wanted to hear. The other side of that, however, was that she always followed through. She wouldn’t change her mind and deny me what she had offered. She had always been that way, keeping her word. She was very careful not to lie to others. If she didn’t want to answer a question, she wouldn’t; she didn’t just make up an answer. Even in conveying our relationship, she simply introduced me as her boyfriend, which was true. At home I would be introduced as her brother, which was also true.

“Of course,” she said, settling back into her seat and looking out the windshield, “You would have to satisfy me in other ways first.” She mumbled almost to herself, but loud enough for me to hear, as her finger tapped at her bottom lip, her eyes squinting in thought. “I wonder if I could work three big orgasms out of him tonight.”

“Damn, Stacy.”

Her head turned to me and her eyebrows arched. “I’m sorry, did you say something?”

“I heard what you said, that’s all.”

“Oh.” She acted embarrassed. “You heard that?” She made a pouty face. “You don’t think I’m a whore now, do you? I don’t think I could handle it if my brother thought of me as a cum-slut.”

“Cum-slut?” I asked.

“I’m sorry. Do you like fuckhound better?”


She cut me off and looked back toward the road again. “I just don’t want you to view me as just some whore who wants her brother to pound her in the ass with his big cock, or would be okay with him grabbing her hair and fucking her mouth. I mean, what kind of girl does that? It’s one thing to want a man to be buried balls deep in my snatch, but buying trashy lingerie, talking about cumloads and asking for a good ass fucking…well, that’s just crossing a line.” She turned her head back to me. “Don’t you think?”

My mouth was dry and my balls hurt. My dick was pinned up and to the left by my pants and seatbelt, but it was fighting hard to break through. I decided to play along.

“You know, Stacy, that kind of talk really isn’t appropriate. Look at it from my angle. I mean how would you like it if I told you that I wanted to bend my sister over and drill into her cunt until she was bowlegged? What kind of man would I have to be to talk about taking a woman’s head and pushing it down onto my dick until it was buried in her throat? Think about it. What would you think of a man who talked about those kinds of things?”

“That’s one sick fuck,” she said. “Especially if I were to find out his sister would probably be the one being skull-fucked. And it would be even worse if I were to find out that she got off on it, probably fingering herself while he rammed himself into her throat.” She made a face of disgust.

“Well, we wouldn’t necessarily have to blame the sister for what the brother does. I mean, let’s say that she was…I don’t know…lying on the floor masturbating, and he just came up and licked her ass while he oiled himself up before sliding his dick into her while she was still playing with herself. Wouldn’t he really be the one at fault?”

“True. BUT, not if she were dressed in sexy lingerie and was just generally hot as hell. In a case like that, I would think he would have a hard time resisting. ESPECIALLY if she were doing that to seduce him.”

I made a face like I was thinking for moment before surrendering the argument. “I think at best it’s shared blame. He SHOULD be able to control himself, but if his sister is as sexy and seductive as you say she would be, then he doesn’t stand a chance. A man with a sister as hot as that can hardly be blamed for his behavior.”

“I would agree with that. But, man, what kind of family would that be?”



We both looked at each other with disgust and shook our heads. Stacy let out a full-body shudder. I only held out for a few seconds before I lost it, joined by Stacy laughing with me.

It wasn’t long afterward that we arrived home. Stacy admitted to being hungry and I had to confess that I was, too. “But as far as I’m concerned, dinner can wait,” I said, embracing my sister from behind as she reached into the backseat to retrieve her two shopping bags.

“I don’t think so,” she smirked, turning around and handing me the bags. “Believe me, I want this as much as you do, babe, but I think I’m going to need my strength.” She slung her purse over her shoulder as she walked past me, and then turned to look over her shoulder at me, saying, “And I have a feeling you will, too.” She winked and I heard the car alarm chirp.

I just shook my head and followed her up the stairs, again watching her gorgeous round ass as she ascended the stairs ahead of me. If she wanted her three orgasms out of me, I could probably do that right now, just walking behind her, watching as she climbed those stairs. God, I loved that ass.

Digging the keys out of my pocket as I approached the door, I heard Stacy’s phone ring. She dug it out of her purse and said, “It’s mom.” She winked at me as she answered it and I let her into the apartment, the cool air hitting us like a wall as we entered.

“Hey, mom.” Stacy took the bags from me and smiled as she walked to her room and rounded the corner. “No, we’re just walking in from doing a little shopping…Yeah, it’s Sunday… I had a great time and T. said he enjoyed it, too.” Her voice got a little louder as she reappeared in the hallway, empty-handed. She snapped her fingers and I turned around and saw her make a motion like she was taking a drink from an invisible glass. I gave her the thumbs up and made us both a drink while popping some ground turkey into the microwave to thaw.

In the background Stacy was still talking to mom on the phone, laughing occasionally and displaying her consistent jovial Stacy demeanor. I carried her glass into her room and set it on her dresser on a folded paper towel. She had her back to me, but she dropped something back into the bag, rustling the tissue paper, and turned around, her phone still sandwiched between her shoulder and her ear. Her fist was balled up and she extended her hand to me. “No. Midterms are right before fall break.” She never missed a beat in her conversation with mom.

I looked at her and just guessed, so I extended my hand out and she dropped two red capsules into my palm. “What is this?” I whispered.

“Take them,” she mouthed.

I just shrugged my shoulders, looking confused.

“Mom, can you hang on for just a second, please?” I heard mom mutter a single word before Stacy put her phone behind her back, her palm over the speaker. “Just take them. Let’s see if they help you out tonight.”

“What are they for?” I asked, still unsure.

“If they work, you won’t have to ask.” She smiled at me and kissed me on the lips before pushing on my chest to back me out of her room. She closed her door and I stood in the hall, confused. After a few seconds I shrugged my shoulders, thinking Stacy wouldn’t do anything to hurt me, so I went to the kitchen and took a sip of my soda before taking each capsule individually.

I spent the next few minutes shredding lettuce and cheese as I waited for the meat to finish thawing, before throwing it in a skillet and starting to brown it. I heard Stacy’s door open and she came in. I heard her bare feet pad on the kitchen floor and turned to see her in a tank and shorts, her uniform for home. She had her drink in one hand and picked up a small fingerful of cheese off the pile before resting her hip against the counter. “Mom said to tell you hey and she hoped you had a good time at the trade show.”

“Did you tell her I had a better time after the trade show?” I smiled, getting a return smile from my sister.

“No, I most certainly did not.”

“How is she doing? I mean, did you guys talk about…you know?”

“Us?” Her eyebrows raised, furrowing her forehead.


“A little. I was kind of surprised she called since we had just spent three days with her, but Sunday is our phone call day and I don’t know, maybe she thought it would be weird if she didn’t. So, she didn’t call to talk about it, but it did come up.”

“Who brought it up,” I wondered.

“I did?” She sounded like she was asking me.

“Uh huh. Why?”

“I wanted to make sure she was okay with us. I mean, not okay with ‘us’,” she pointed her finger rapidly between herself and me. “But okay with you and okay with me.”

“And is she?” The meat was starting to sizzle so I kept stirring it and breaking it into smaller chunks with the slotted wooden spoon as we talked. I reached up to turn on the overhead vent, making us speak more loudly to be heard over it.

“She said it’s still weird for her and she really doesn’t want to know about it. Again she reiterated that if we could find someone else she really wants that, but again she would rather not lose either of us over it. She sounded more accepting today. Like she said, though, she’s had a few years to see it coming, so it’s not really a blindside.”

“So…” I cleared my throat. “How are you feeling about us now? I mean, after talking to mom.” I kept my head down and kept stirring the meat. Again, my insecurity flared up. I probably shouldn’t have said anything. It just kind of came out.

I caught her movement out of the corner of my eye and looked up to see Stacy putting her drink on the counter. She took two steps toward me and wrapped her arms around my neck, smothering me in a kiss. My mouth opened to invite her tongue which had already started tracing my upper lip lightly. With one hand I continued to hold the spoon and my other arm gripped her around her waist. The kiss lasted only briefly before she pulled away and took my chin in her hand, her fingers and thumb gripping me firmly, but not harshly on either side of my jaw.

“Look at me,” she said sternly. I looked into her pools of green and saw firmness but not anger. “Don’t you ever question my love or my loyalty or my passion for you ever again. Do you understand me?”

“I’m sorry. I just…”

“NEVER…again. Do you understand?” Her eyes softened and her head tilted a little to the side. Her fingers released my jaw and softened to stroke my neck and down to my shoulder. “Never,” she whispered.

After a moment I sighed and nodded. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I know how much you love me. You continue to show me more and more every day.” I put my hand on her cheek and looked into her eyes. “I promise,” I said softly, taking her hand off my shoulder and kissing her palm. “No more doubts.” I smiled softly at her and she returned my smile.

“Good.” She kissed me once more, a peck on the lips. “Now, what can I do to help?” She looked at what I was doing and threw some tortillas in the warmer and placed it in the microwave wrapped in a wet paper towel to steam them. I drained and rinsed the meat and poured it back into the skillet, adding the seasoning as she set the table and waited for the meat to simmer. I turned the vent off so we could hear each other better.

“So about those pills…” I said.

“Nope.” She didn’t even look at me.

Dinner was great and it was still pretty early. Neither of us had much work to do for school, which was a good thing because Stacy had been flirting with me all afternoon and wouldn’t even give me a hint as to what she had planned for tonight. I don’t know if I was extra excited about tonight or what, but everything Stacy did just turned me on to no end. The way she cleared the table, the way she moved when washing the dishes… It’s like everything she did was just a big tease. I mean, she was sexy all the time, but damn!

I placed the tortilla bowl on the counter and put my hands on her hips as she leaned over to put the leftovers into the fridge. I pressed against her ass with my groin, just wanting to feel it and to let her know I was there.

“OH!” She squealed, falling into the fridge a little before catching herself on the frame. “Somebody’s anxious,” she laughed. She backed out a little and stood up, looking over her shoulder at me. Her hand made its way to my crotch. As soon as she touched my raging erection, she said, “Yes, you are. Okay,” she turned me around and patted my butt. “Go get ready. I’ll be in, in just a few minutes.”

I walked into our bedroom and lying on the bed was a new pair of underwear. They were black with silver flames wrapping around from the hips to the front. The front had a pocket and I turned it around to see the back and the center seam was puckered up. I’d never seen anything like it before. “What the hell is this?” I called out.

“They’re called Brazilian trunks. Clean up, put them on and light the candle. I’ll be right in. I have to get ready,” she called back.

“I’m not wearing these!”

“The hell you’re not! I got us both a few things today and if you want to see what I’m wearing, you’ll put those on!”

I juggled my options for just a second. I lit the pumpkin spice candle, walked into the bathroom and quickly ran a warm soapy washcloth over the important areas, reapplying deodorant, and brushing my teeth. As I was finishing the mouth rinse, Stacy came in carrying a towel, which she quickly adjusted to cover whatever was underneath it. “Come on. Out.” She smiled at me and I spit and rinsed out the sink before making my way back to our room. The bathroom door slammed behind me.

Again I picked up the…what were they? Brazilian trunks? Okay. I picked up the Brazilian trunks and shook my head. I had no options here. None. As much as I wanted to preserve my pride, my boner told me to shut the fuck up and put on the damned panties! When I undressed I realized why I was so willing to do what my penis told me. He looked pissed! He was all purple and angry looking, veins popping out all over the place and his head was flared out like a kaiser’s helmet.

Dammit, prick! Calm down! I’ll put on the fucking underwear!

Why was I so hot? My heart was racing and my stomach was in knots. I didn’t feel bad, per se. Just anxious like I was getting ready to make an important speech or run a race. All with the added dimension of being hard as steel.

Giving one last look at the black, silver-flamed underwear, I stepped in and pulled them all the way…HELLO! I had a wedgie. But the trunks were more comfortable than I had expected. It was almost like wearing nothing at all. Wanting to see what all the fuss was about, I walked a few steps until I was in front of the dresser and looked in the mirror. Most of me was still me. Still the same average build, short hair and everything, but there was a part of me that was a different man.

“Holy hell,” I thought, laughing a little and shaking my head. The pouch in the front of the trunks had gathered my junk into a nice little package and then forced it out onto the front porch. I looked huge (at least compared to how I usually looked). Turning to the side and then around until I could kind of see my ass, I realized it had been given a little extra help as well. Now I understood what Stacy wanted these for. Okay, I thought, I can deal with this. It’s not like anyone else is going to see me in these, except…

“Oooh, I like that,” came my sister’s voice from behind me. I jerked a little since she startled me, and quickly turned, my reaction apparently deflating any chance I had of being perceived as collected and in control.

“Ho. Ly. Shit… Stace?”

“You like it?” She put one hand on the door frame above her head and the other hand on her hip, which she cocked out to the side. She had on a red satin robe, loosely tied around the waist with a matching sash. The robe came to mid thigh and her exposed legs were covered in black stockings with black high heels, straps on the ankles. Her hair had been styled, long and wavy; and she had added a little green eye shadow, mascara and eye liner, a light tint of blush and her lips had a dark red sheen, which matched her robe.

“Uhh….I….you look….”

“Mm-hmm. I thought you might.” She stood up straight, adjusted her sash slightly, making sure it was tight enough to keep her robe from opening, and crossed her arms in front of her, deepening her cleavage. Taking one step forward she made a twirling motion with her hand and said, “Turn around.”

I just stared at her for a second. It was weird, her intentionally checking me out. Is this how she felt when I ogled her? My mind raced back to that first time I asked her to drop her towel so I could look at her. Why did I feel uncomfortable? She had seen me naked, up close. I had been inside her and just yesterday she had stuck her finger in my ass as she sucked me off. But this was different. Somehow.

“Come on, T,” she repeated. “Let me see how they look.”

I snapped back to the present and realized that it was okay. She got these because she wanted to see me in them, and to take them off of me. Suddenly I relaxed and smiled a little. I turned the rest of the way, starting with my back to her so she could scan at her leisure. I turned slowly and, frankly, just enjoyed her comments.

“I like what I’m seeing, there, T. Your ass looks great!” Again, I was a little uncomfortable, but reminded myself, and continued to turn. As soon as I was a facing her a little, she let out a gasp. “Oh, my god! Your cock looks huge!” She giggled a little as I continued to turn toward her and she rested her finger on her lips as she said softly, “Oh the things I want to do with that huge cock.”

If it were possible to be any more aroused, any harder at that moment, I would have been. But as I had mentioned before, my dick was as big and hard and angry as I could ever remember it being. I was on edge already. The room was warm and I was getting warmer.

My sister slowly closed the distance between us, the satin robe waving from her hips, brushing against her thighs with each step. I stopped turning and just stood there, mesmerized by what I was seeing. When she got close enough, I slowly reached up with both hands, about to touch her arms. I wanted to feel the satin, and to touch her through it. Her hands quickly but smoothly intercepted mine, lightly grabbing my wrists. As she looked into my eyes, she gently shook her head while pushing my hands back down to my sides.

Letting go of my hands, she placed a finger on my lips. I kissed it instinctively, my gaze never leaving hers. She traced that finger down over my chin, my neck, lightly grazing down the center of my chest all the way to the waistband of my trunks. She hooked her finger into the waistband and pulled it back briefly, letting it snap back into place as she stepped to the side. Her other finger found my shoulder and she traced it around to my back as she began to speak.

“You know, T,” she spoke softly. “I think about you all the time. I have trouble concentrating in class sometimes. I think about your eyes and your smile, your chest and shoulders. I think about the sweet and the sexy things you have said to me.” By now she had made her way around to my front, her finger still tracing across my other shoulder and around to my chest. “I think about your touch,” she sighed. She leaned in close as her finger traced down my chest again.

“And I think about this,” she whispered, her hand grazing downward over the swollen, throbbing, purple-headed beast in the shorts she bought me. The feeling of her hand lightly caressing me through the thin satin-like material gave me a chill, although I was still unreasonably warm.

“Thomas,” she whispered, her touch moving off my erection, sliding along the waistband to my hip, “Do you know what a lipstick show is?”

I shook my head quickly, feeling dizzy, but also answering impatiently.

“Aww. That’s too bad,” she pouted. Taking one small step back, she continued to look into my eyes as she smoothly lowered herself to her knees. Her hands slid around my waist, stroking the waistband, and hooked into the back of it, one hand over each cheek. Pulling them down over my ass, she brought her hands around front, lowering the trunks as she went. Unsurprisingly at the front they caught on my steely erection and her eyes followed her hands to the front. With one hand she pulled the elastic band out and with the other, she reached in and grasped my raging hard-on around the base.

“Oh!” she exclaimed quietly, looking back up at me. “It’s so hot.” Her hand was cool by comparison. She pulled the trunks down over the head and her eyes got big as soon as she saw it. “Oh, my god, T. It’s bigger than ever, and harder than I’ve ever seen it.” Her eyes glazed over with lust and her breathing picked up. “I’m going to enjoy this,” she said.

I don’t know how I was still standing. All the blood in my body had to have been either in my prick or up against my skin, because I was hot all over and starting to sweat a little. I looked down at my sister and she looked sexy as fuck. Her breasts pushed the front of her satin robe out and I could see straight down into her cleavage. The robe had ridden up when she dropped to her knees and I saw the lacy top band of her black thigh-highs. I loved thigh-highs. Did she know or was it a guess?

With a loose grip, she gently slid her hand from the base to the frenulum, apparently being careful not to touch the head. Her moan was barely audible and she looked up at me with that…god, that incredibly sexy look. The left side of her mouth curled up into that half-smile I’ve always loved and she bit her bottom lip. She knew what she was doing. Her hand was very slow in its movement and her grip was very, very light. I felt her other hand on the outside of my right knee, lightly stroking a few inches up my thigh and back.

“Okay, Thomas, keep your hands behind your back, okay?” Again, that smile.

“Okay,” I breathed. Whatever she wanted. I looked at her face and the creamy fair skin of her small feminine hand against my purple shaft and the engorged head at the end of it. The contrast turned me on for some reason.

Still resting on her heels, she leaned forward and closed her eyes as she stroked her cheek slowly from my sac all the way up the underside of my rod, which she still held in her hand, lightly pinning it against my stomach. She repeated it with her other cheek, alternating between closing her eyes, gazing at my erection, and looking me in the eye. She was loving me, adoring me. She rubbed me across her face, bumping over her nose and across her forehead before kissing up the shaft.

I was throbbing almost painfully as her passion for me began to overtake her. With one hand she gripped my shaft and with the other she grabbed my ass, squeezing it before blindly sliding her hand around to find my fingers. She gripped my hand and I returned her grasp before she quickly released my hand and stroked my shaft with both hands, interlocking her fingers like a praying child and sliding them up and down my shaft gently.

Finally, she spoke. “Do you have anything for me yet, Thomas?” I looked down and made eye contact before I felt her grip around the base tighten. My sister pulled the skin forward and as she got just past the halfway point, she looked down at the head and we both watched an increasingly large dollop of clear ejaculate overflow and roll down the tip of my head and onto the web between her thumb and forefinger. She smiled up at me and said, “Let the show begin.”

Letting go of my cock, she dipped her middle finger into the pool of pre-cum on her hand and traced it onto her lips like lip balm. She repeated the process until her lips were covered. She then wiped the web of her thumb onto the head of my cock before rotating her hand around to smear the still-leaking juices around the head. Looking into my eyes again, she used the enlarged purple head to trace across her lips. I was amazed at how smoothly it glided across her deep red lips. Pulling more fluid from the base up through the shaft, she reapplied more gloss to her lips.

Without ever breaking contact, she puckered and separated her lips, sliding them down the underside of my shaft, leaving a slick trail all the way to my sac. I shuddered and tightened my grip on my own ass. Her eyes smiled, but she didn’t stop. I felt her mouth open a little and one of my balls was pulled into her mouth, popping past her lips. Her tongue twirled around it, tracing a circle around it like a piece of hard candy. Letting it pop free of her lips she repeated the process with the other nut. The pleasure was unlike anything I had ever felt. It wasn’t the most intense I’d ever felt, but it was certainly pleasurable, and almost soothing.

Coming back to center, Stacy craned her neck back, looking straight up at me, my shaft covering her nose and forehead. She looked up at me from around my shaft and I felt her tongue tickle the skin just behind my scrotum.

“Shit,” I exhaled, clinching at her touch.

“I take it you like that?” she asked with a smile.

“God, Stace, you’re incredible.”

“Why, thank you.” Again she pulled a single stroke with the tip of her tongue, from behind my ball sac to the base of my shaft. I responded the same way again. My sister dragged her flattened tongue all the way up the underside of my shaft, curling her head straight up and taking me into her mouth in one long, slow, singular motion. It was about the sexiest thing I’d ever seen her do.

Between the teasing, the underwear, her lingerie, her long gentle touches, the looks she had been giving me, and my already heightened state of arousal, I was on edge before she even really began the blowjob. Removing one hand, she gripped my base again with her other and steadily took me into her mouth until her lips bumped into her hand. Because I’m not especially big this was not difficult for her, I imagine, but she seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. And she felt amazing! Her tongue never stopped moving, even when she had her nose against my pubic mound and her forefinger and thumb encircling my base while the rest of her hand was splayed out flat in my thatch of trimmed pubic hair.

Withdrawing me from her mouth, she left a sheen and her bright red, glossy lips held a tight seal as she pulled back. As she pulled her mouth off of me, she opened her mouth a little and the ridge of my head barely brushed past her lips. Her head was tilted back a little and she looked up at me as her tongue came out and flattened itself against the underside of my head, the pink muscle wrapping up along the sides of the flared purple head. Dragging it up to the tip, when she pulled her tongue back there was a string of pre-cum that joined my cock and her tongue.

Before she was far enough away for it to snap, she leaned her head back a little and pushed forward again, causing the head of my dick to slide along the roof of her mouth, pressing against the hard palate until the palate softened and she pushed me to the entrance of her throat. Smoothly she tilted her head forward again and pulled back, pressing her tongue against the underside of my shaft and head.

Again I squeezed my own ass as my hands clinched, but I was denied the opportunity to touch the object of my desire. Every nerve was firing. As she drew my orgasm from me, my toes began to curl on their own, gripping the cheap apartment carpet. My eyes pinched shut and I saw blue and purple and red flashes of light as the pleasure intensified at her effort. She never increased her pace, but she started moaning around me. I opened my eyes to look down at the goddess on her knees, offering me pleasure of her own making and what I saw spurred me forward even more quickly toward release.

Her eyes were squeezed shut and her breasts swayed as her right arm disappeared between her legs, working herself over in a quick steady pace.

“Oh, fuck, Stace,” I breathed out before I could stop myself. Her eyes opened and looked up at me again, her mouth never changing pace, and her other hand maintaining its grasp at the base. Her fingers alternated between scratching at my hair and curling around to caress my balls.

As we made eye contact, the hand between her legs stopped and she got this wicked glint in her eye before closing them again in pleasure as she continued to work me over. She withdrew her hand and extended it up toward my chest until her arm was outstretched only inches from my face. It was wet with her own arousal and I knew what she wanted. It was what we both wanted. I dipped my head and took her fingers into my mouth, licking each one clean, working my tongue between them, refusing to leave anything behind.

“MMmmmm,” she moaned as she withdrew her hand and withdrew from sucking me. She nodded desperately, her breath short. “It’s time, T,” she demanded, looking me in the eye. Letting go of my cock, she placed both hands on my ass and pulled my hands away before replacing them with her own. “It’s time to skull-fuck your sister.” She opened her mouth just wide enough to take my girth, and extended her tongue over her bottom lip.

I grasped the sides of her head and a smile crossed her still-open mouth. I entered her smoothly to make sure we were both ready. She closed her eyes again and laved me with her tongue. I gently pressed into her, measuring the depth and ease of entry. I didn’t want to go too far and cause her discomfort, but as I said before, she has taken all of me without a problem and again I realized this would be the case tonight.

She squeezed my ass and when I withdrew, it was her that pulled me in. Or pulled herself onto me. I began a slow steady rhythm, pressing into her until I was completely buried, the head of my prick just entering her throat. On occasion her eyes would squeeze shut for a moment as I bumped in the back, but she never backed off and never pushed me away. Her lips formed a loose wet seal around my shaft and I would withdraw until just the head remained before pushing back in again.

I could feel her hands squeeze at my ass, but as I gained a little speed she stopped pulling me forward or moving. She just let me use her. I knew I wasn’t going to last long and she wasn’t going to want me to. I remembered our conversation in the car and again felt my surge bump to the next level. I picked up speed again, this time quickly and steadily thrusting into her. She quickly moved her right hand off my ass and planted it back between her legs. Just as she had said, she fingered herself while her brother skull-fucked her.

That was it. There was barely time to react as my orgasm finally leapt from my balls like a jack-in-the-box after being wound slowly for a time. I had to let go of her head with one hand just to brace myself on the corner of the dresser, grabbing it like I was falling from a high perch. I stood silently as my whole body contracted, preventing me from making a noise. I felt the blaze of my climax burst out the angry head, feeling it pinch the underside of my shaft as it forced stream after stream into my sister’s mouth.

Stacy lurched a little at the first blast, but immediately recovered after a quick “Mm!” She worked to swallow all I was giving her, but she must have underestimated herself because she had worked out far more than she had ever pulled from me before, and with more force. Each stream was long and forceful, bursting out as from a rifle. She did well, swallowing as much as she could, but she just couldn’t keep up. After a few shots, I saw some trickle out the corner of her mouth before being forced out by another blast, this time rolling down her chin to splatter on her black stockings.

When she had pulled the last of it from me, she rested back on her heels, panting heavily, and looked up at me with a smile. “Wow,” she breathed. “That…” she emphasized “was a lot of cum.”

I collapsed against the dresser at my hip and nodded emphatically, still unable to speak as I tried to catch my breath. Not surprisingly I was still erect, as often happened after a long time of teasing and powerful orgasm. It just took a little longer to go down, is all.

My sister reached up for me and I extended my free hand, taking hers in mine as she helped herself up with minimal effort from me. “Why don’t you rest?” she giggled, patting me on the chest. “I’ll be right back.” I watched as she sashayed out the door, her hips still exaggerating her movement, swinging the hem of her robe side to side. As soon as she turned the corner I gathered enough strength to make it to the bed, which was nearly four feet away. I crawled onto the bed and propped myself against a couple of pillows against the headboard.

In the distance I heard the refrigerator door close and a few seconds later, Stacy re-entered our room carrying two cold bottles of water. “Drink this,” she said, tossing me one. “We’re going to want to stay hydrated.” She winked at me as she took a sip from her own bottle, leaving a pink tinted ring around the mouth of the bottle when she withdrew it. I opened my own and drank about half the bottle before replacing the cap and letting my arm flop down onto the bed beside me.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, stepping onto the bed on her knees.

“You wore me out,” I replied with a snicker.

“The hell I did,” she smiled. “That’s one. I said I wanted three.” She took my bottle away as I stared at her in disbelief and she placed it on the nightstand next to hers. “Make sure you keep track of which bottle is yours,” she said. “I don’t want to get any of your germs.”

I just smiled and let out a single puff of air as an effort to laugh.

“So, T, it looks like you’re ready to go again.” She nodded at my crotch and continued to smile.

I looked down and noticed that I was still as hard as I had been before the blowjob. “What the hell?” I asked. Looking up at my sister I shook my head. “What the fuck did you do to me?”

“Well, it could be that I’m a fucking goddess. Or it could be the lingerie. But most likely it’s the pills. How do you feel?”

“I guess I feel fine. A little flush, and a little hornier than usual, but otherwise, fine.”

“Good. I’m still test driving, so let me know if you feel funny at all.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“But it looks incredible, even better than usual, and you know how much I’ve always loved it,” she confirmed.

“Good, because as far as I’m concerned, it’s going to be the one you’re stuck with for the rest of your life.” I was serious about that, by the way.

“And you,” she said, getting to her feet to stand on the bed, “will be stuck with this for the rest of your life.” At that, she untied her robe and let it slide down her back to puddle at her heels.

“Fuck me,” I muttered. She had her same incredible smile and her makeup was still almost perfect, with the exception of the lipstick that had been mostly rubbed off and was currently staining my dick. As great as she looked in the robe, she looked even better out of it. Her voluptuous figure was accented now by a black satin corset with black laces criss-crossing down the front across a wide red vertical stripe. Her breasts were pushed up and together, covered by demi-cups to hide the nipples, and the bottom edge had minimal frills, maybe an inch wide, encircling all the way around.

The matching panties were…wait, there were no panties. My hot-as-hell sister was wearing a red and black corset, black thigh highs and sandals. Her pussy still had a small tuft of brown hair above her clitoris, but was otherwise bare, and she stood there above me, wet and glistening, her hands on her hips in super-hero pose.

“Hey, babe?” I said, looking her up and down.

“Yeah?” she giggled.

“When you wear stuff like that, you don’t have to get me pills to help out. I can GIVE you three loads.”

“You’re sweet.” She looked down at me, lifting her chin to peer down at me suspiciously. “But don’t think that means you get out of the other two. Now,” she continued as she stepped over me and placed her feet on either side of my ribs. “Let’s see about evening the score.”

I smiled up at her as she placed her hands on the top of the headboard, bracing herself. I sat up and ran my hands along the backs of her thighs. I loved the feel of the nylon against her skin and felt the elasticized lace at the top before touching bare skin. “Oh, god, T,” she whimpered.

“Now, about that score,” I said. I licked up the inside of her thigh, starting at the lace band of her stocking, bringing a shudder. I could smell her arousal and feel the heat of her pussy in the air around my face. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of her scent. I continued to run my tongue in an arch from her inner thigh to the outside of her pussy and sideways through her tuft of hair before continuing in a reverse pattern on the other side. She let out small moans and let out puffs of breath as I traveled around her groin with my tongue, my fingers grazing simultaneously over her ass and thighs.

My tongue worked randomly, closing the circle to her cunt and my grip on her ass tightened, preventing her escape, even though she wasn’t even trying to get away. At least not yet. Pulling her onto my face, my arms embraced her thighs, pinning her to my ribs as my fingers worked closer to her asshole. Quite simply, I was locking onto my targets. She continued to shudder and moan and rotate her hips or thrust into my mouth in little seemingly random movements.

Finally I kissed her little tuft of hair before opening my mouth and letting my lower lip glide across her hood as I brought it back forward to my unmoving upper lip. I kissed her patch again and then extended my tongue while tilting my head back, looking up at her face. I reached as far back beneath her as my tongue would reach and placed enough pressure on her to work my tongue between her lips, tasting her from the inside. “Oh, fu…” she gasped, her eyes opening wide for just a second before relaxing again. As soon as I worked my tongue between her lips, I pulled it forward, keeping the tip curled and swiping it across her clit, causing another gasp, followed by a moan.

I repeated the process, picking up speed in rapid progression and she began to get wetter and wetter. Hunching her hips forward, she allowed me more access to her most private and sensitive area. She looked down at me, her hair draped over to one side, creating a shadow on her face, but making her look even more sultry. As I looked into her eyes, I was captivated by the mounds of her breast, the look on her face, the curl of her lip, the lust in her eyes and the furrow on her brow. We were both impassioned right then and we knew how much love was here between us.

Just seeing her like that aroused me even more and I gripped her more tightly, eliciting a gasp, and buried my face into her crotch. My tongue, lips and even nose were fully integrated into bringing her pleasure. I couldn’t get enough of her taste, her smell, the feel of her soft flesh against my face and hands. Her knees were trembling and her thumb was white from pressing hard into the headboard, her hands in a death grip on the dark cherry sleigh bed frame. She was breathing heavier and harder than before. Her hips rotated and ground against me. Her overflowing breasts jiggled as she flinched at my touch. She was getting close. I knew the signs.

To push her over the edge, I curled my hands under and pulled her apart, opening her up to me even more. She jumped toward the edge, but it wasn’t enough. Dipping a finger into her and quickly pulling it back out, I moved it back a couple of inches and pressed against a small patch of soft skin. She yelped and flinched but closed her eyes and bit her lip. My finger sank into her ass to the first knuckle, but I continued to push to the second. With my finger firmly seated I refocused my efforts on her clitoris. It didn’t take more than a few seconds of stimulation before she sucked in a series of wheezing gasps before letting out a long deep grunt while my face was flooded with a torrent of tangy juice. One hand released the headboard and latched onto my scalp, grabbing at my hair in a futile attempt to grip my hair. Instead, she stroked my skull, sending shivers through me. Her nails scraped against my scalp, but not painfully. Instead it turned me on even more, which was a surprise. I let her ride my face to completion, but when the heel of her hand pushed against my forehead and she backed her hips away, I didn’t follow.

She smiled at me and shook her head. “One,” she breathed, looking down between her legs at my ever-hard dick. Taking a step back and keeping her feet planted on the bed, she squatted over me. With one hand she rubbed my erection against her flooding pussy and with the other she steadied herself on my chest. Not gently, she dropped onto my groin, impaling herself on me.

“OOOhhhffff” she said, biting her lip and pinching her eyes closed. Looking me in the eye before she even moved, she said, “You feel so good in me, Thomas. Can I ride you for a little while?”

“You can ride me for as long as you’d like.” She leaned forward and kissed me as I pushed myself up to meet her halfway. She felt so good embracing my shaft with her walls as her tongue invaded my mouth. Pulling me forward, she wrapped her arms around my neck and lifted her feet off the bed to wrap them around my waist. Her breasts pressed against me and my hands went to her ass. Rather than pouncing on me, she simply ground her hips in circles, allowing us both to feel every ridge and texture of the other, her the ridges and veins and hardness of my cock; me the wet velvet embrace of her soft smooth walls and the rolling cervix at my head.

Stacy held me tight, her arms encircling my shoulders and her chin resting on one shoulder. I felt more than heard her breath in my ear and on my neck. It was harsh, coming in puffs rather than regular cycles. She kept me buried in her and it amazed me that she was constantly stimulating me without ever lifting up. We had never done this before and I filed it away in my mind as something to add to our ever-growing stock of techniques to bring pleasure.

My sister’s nails pressed into my back as she gripped me, though not painfully so. Continuing to grind on my lap, Stacy kept me buried to the hilt inside her. I don’t know what she felt, but I felt the roll of her cervix licking around the underside rim of my head as she curled her hips, and giving me a momentary break from the stimulation before coming around again. Over and over the tickle bolted from the head back down to my anus, causing it to clinch on occasion.

One of Stacy’s hands quickly traveled up to my scalp again and she cradled the back of my head against her shoulder, still forcing her breath deeper into my neck, the wind of her pleasure reaching to my very soul. How could I be even more in love with this goddess? And she continued to find new ways to increase my love for her. I moved one hand off her ass, tracing it along her spine rapidly and mirroring her grasp on me, I gripped a handful of tresses at the base of her skull, bringing another gasp from her, her hips flinching once. Turning my face toward her, I kissed her neck and she pulled back, receiving a second kiss on her cheek and then one on her lips. Her tongue received mine in a gentle dance before I pulled my face back and looked into the most beautiful eyes I had still ever seen.

“Stacy,” I said, “I love you.”

“I love you, too, T,” she breathed and quickly moved in for another kiss. I backed away, gripping her hair to keep her from following.

“No,” I said, catching her off guard. I let go of her hair and slid my hand around to her cheek. “I really love you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I want to love you forever. I don’t have any doubts about that.”

Her eyes welled up with tears. She had stopped grinding on me when I pulled away. “I’m so glad. I don’t have any doubts, either, T. I want to love you forever, too. Promise you’ll never leave me, that you’ll never love anyone else the way you love me.” She smiled as she said it, a tear rolling down her cheek.

“I promise. I could never love anyone the way I love you. And I don’t think anyone could ever love me the way you do.”

“You only say that because no one ever has,” she smiled, stroking my cheek. “But,” she gripped me tighter with her pussy, “I will always love you like this.” Again she pulsed, gripping and releasing me. I threw my head back and moaned as she began to grind again, her cervix rolling over my head. She laughed at my response, but quickly returned to gasps and moans of pleasure.

Stacy unwrapped her legs from my waist and pushed on my chest, prompting me to lie back against the pillows again. Pulling her feet behind her, she rested on her knees and glided forward and back on my shaft. Leaning down for a kiss, she whispered, “Do you think I can pull another load out of you if I do this?” She raised up, pulling herself almost all the way off of me. Her walls brushed the ridge of my helmet, causing another jolt to my system.

“God, yeah,” I whispered into her mouth. My hands quickly found her ass again and I thrust up into her.

“OH!” She jumped when I bumped her ass with my groin, then she followed me back down to the mattress. Sitting up, her hands resting on my stomach, she began to quickly slide up and down on me, drawing another orgasm forward. She continued to look me in the eyes, her mouth slightly open and she looked incredibly sexy. Her sex face is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

She continued to roll her hips as she raised and lowered on me. I brought my hands forward and grabbed her tits, pinching and pulling on her nipples. “Oh, god!” Stacy picked up the pace and squeezed her eyes shut. She gritted her teeth and hunched over, keeping herself impaled on me. I felt the warmth of her orgasm flood me. “Get up, Stace! I’m cumming!” I tried to warn her and push her up, but she planted herself against me.

“Go ahead, T. It’s safe. Cum in me. I want to feel you cum inside me.” She nodded quickly as she said it and began raising and lowering more quickly than before.

I was in no position to argue. She was panting and working me over and my climax hit me like a train. The thought of being able to finally shoot into Stacy’s pussy called that first shot forward. I grunted as the first blast escaped into her.

In response, her eyes whipped open. “Shhhhii…god, you’re…huge,” she gasped, her words escaping between breaths. She started laughing as she felt me continue to pump into her. “You’re twitching.” As she laughed, her tits bounced.

I was out of breath, but she made me smile and I started laughing a little, too. I shook my head. She lay down on top of me and I wrapped my arms around her. We just lay there and rested for a while, catching our breath. I don’t know why there was such joy in my heart at that moment. I think I had finally let go of my hesitation. I had realized how deeply in love we were and that it could, should, and would last forever. Not only had I confessed my undying love to my sister, but she had returned it. Our love was sealed by those confessions, but I think Stacy asked me to cum inside her as another statement, one of commitment. My seed was the only one to be in her and as far as I was concerned it would be the only seed that would ever be in her. She had now given herself to me completely.

“Stace,” I mumbled as I stroked her back.


“Are, uh, are you sure it was okay for me to cum inside?” I was uncertain about the consequences.

Stacy lifted herself off me a little and looked at me with that crooked smile. “Of course. I’ve been tracking this month and right now I’m fine. But I’ll go to the campus clinic in the morning and get a morning-after pill just in case. How’s that?”


She lay back down and her breath was on my neck. She ground her hips around once and laughed. “Oh, my god…You’re still hard.”

“Don’t blame me. You’re the one who’s hot AND you drugged me.”

“Well,” she said, sitting up on me again. “We did say three and we’ve only had two each.” She reached for our waters, and I felt her insides stimulate me again as she leaned out to the side and then straightened back up with the waters. She handed one to me and then opened hers to take a drink as I opened mine and finished it off. I threw the empty bottle at the small trash can in the corner, banking it off the walls before Stacy announced that I missed.

“I’ll get it later,” I shrugged. “But for now,” I grabbed her bottle and put the cap back on it, “I need to get this third load out of me.” She squealed as I quickly rolled her over while I dropped her bottle on the floor. I was still buried to the hilt and our mixture kept her wet enough for me to move freely inside her. I ground my hips against her and then pulled out until the head popped free.

Stacy just laughed a little, especially when she saw that I was still completely hard. There was a clear sheen all over me, but a white ring around the base. “I like what I see, there, Thomas. You look incredible like that.” She grabbed her ankles, her elbows in the crooks of her knees, keeping herself spread open for me.

“You should see what I see, Stace. You’re open and pink and dripping wet. Fuck, you’re beautiful.” Then an idea hit me. “Stay just like that. Keep yourself warmed up.” I put her hand on her mound and she immediately started circling her clit while she looked me in the eye. I just shook my head and let out a puff of air as I watched her stroke herself.

Getting up off the bed I went to the bathroom and grabbed her hand mirror, the one she used to check the back of her hair in the mirror, and brought it back in. Returning to my original position I held the mirror upside down near my lower stomach, guessing at the angle that would allow her to see herself. “Take a look, babe.” The hand she had been using to touch herself grabbed the edge of the mirror and adjusted the angle.

“Oh, my god, that’s hot. I’ve never seen myself before. This is what you get to see every time you eat my pussy or fuck me?”

“Every time. And I love it. Look.” With that I reached out and stroked her, bringing a moan from her as she peered over her breasts at the mirror. “Watch.” I took two fingers and slid them along her opening before slowly inserting them inside her and stroking them in and out.

“Oooh, that feels good. I can’t believe how hot it is watching you finger fuck me.”

“Look how you grip my fingers, Stace.” I pulled them out slowly and watched as her insides unfolded a little, her lips flaying out a little more before I pressed back in drawing everything back toward the center.

“Mmmm, T,” she sighed.

“So that’s what I see when I finger fuck you.” I pulled my fingers out with a groan from Stacy, and wiped the juices on my shaft before pushing down at the base, pointing my cock downward a little to rest on her open pussy. “This,” I said as I pressed into her, drawing a gasp and moan as she continued to look into the mirror, “Is what I see when I fuck you.” I pressed as far in as I could, her grip on me even tighter as a result of her legs being so far apart. I was surprised at the feeling, but with her being so open to my view, it’s almost like she pushed together inside, allowing me to feel her walls grip me all along my shaft and head. She moaned and muttered something unintelligible as I pressed forward, and as I withdrew she simply let out a long slow moan. She kept her eyes glued to the reflection of our union.

Again I pressed forward and my left hand held the mirror as my right hand rested on her upper thigh. I was pushing forward more insistently now and withdrew as soon as I felt my balls on her ass. I was getting shinier as she got more excited. She was beginning to breathe more heavily and she let go of the mirror after a few strokes, once again grabbing her ankle. Her eyes were closed as she no doubt thought of what it looked like when I plowed into her. The top ridge of my cock head maintained steady contact with her front wall from this angle, constantly running across her g-spot as was evidenced by the increasing wetness, even occasionally splashing on each out stroke.

I quickly tossed the mirror onto the bed beside us, within reach if she wanted it, and began to work into her at full strength and speed. With her elbows in her knees, her breasts were pushed forward and together, causing deep cleavage. Her nipples were poking straight up and her breasts bounced each time my balls met her ass. She seemed to have trouble knowing where to look. She alternated between closing her eyes, looking me in the eye, and lifting her head to watch me sliding into her.

After a minute, she let go of her right leg and rested it on my thigh, her heel pressed into my ass. Her hand began working her clit again, occasionally dipping down to run along her pussy, my prick being sandwiched between her middle and ring fingers before she returned to stroking her clit. It wasn’t long before her abs started contracting and her grip on my shaft increased. With her being splayed open like this, I could see her vagina clenching and even being forced out a little with each contraction. “MMMMMmmm,” she grunted, her eyes pinched closed and biting her lips, the lips being trapped in her teeth, causing her mouth to turn into a fine line for a few seconds before her mouth dropped open and she released a gush of breath, her arms and legs collapsing onto the bed.

“Well,” she breathed heavily, “that’s three for me. What do you say we finish you off now?” Stacy rolled to her side, sliding me out of her, and she reached over to the drawer of my night stand to open the top drawer. Pulling out the container of coconut oil, she closed the drawer back and twisted her shoulders toward me, leaving her rear end facing me.

“Here you go,” she said with a smile, handing me the oil. “Get me ready.”

I smiled as I took the container from her and I unscrewed the lid before scooping my hand in to scoop out a small amount, which instantly began melting on my fingers. Stacy put the lid back on as I smeared the oil around on my fingers so it wouldn’t drip onto the sheets. Lying on her side facing away from me, she peeked at me over her shoulder and winked. Her top leg was bent at the hip and knee and her bottom leg was mostly straight. With my clean hand I lifted her top ass cheek a little and with the other I smeared some oil around and directly onto her asshole. She moaned a little and ground her hips as I did. Putting a little pressure on her sphincter, I pressed one finger in and probed, withdrawing and repeating to moans and giggles from my sister. After a couple of minutes I added a second finger and repeated the process. She continued to giggle.

Looking at me, she crooked her finger, calling me over and I stood up on my knees and got closer to her hips. As I knee-walked over, she unscrewed the lid again and scooped some more oil. “Now let me get you ready.” With that, she slowly ran her hands along my shaft, spreading the lubricant around, covering me completely. She even ran her hand down and caressed my sac. I moaned at her touch just as she had moaned at mine. “There,” she said, rubbing the excess oil on her tits while screwing the lid closed with the other hand. “That should do it. Now, T, come fuck your sister in the ass.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I settled in behind her and straddled her bottom leg, curling her top leg up a little more so I could scoot in close. As I pressed the head forward, she let out a gasp and bit her bottom lip as she looked at me and nodded. I pressed in a little more and Stacy moaned as I felt myself sink in past the ring of muscle that I knew would grip me relentlessly as I worked her over. I couldn’t believe I was still hard after everything I had been through. And still horny.

My sister’s hand rested behind her thigh and she pulled it up a little more, inviting me deeper. I continued to push ahead and was soon buried completely, my balls rested against the soft skin of her ass. I leaned forward and rested on hand in front of her waist and one behind her back as I reached for a kiss. I felt her hand on the back of my neck as our lips met. For a few moments I simply enjoyed our kiss. I was buried in the snug warmth of her backdoor, but my focus for a little while was enjoying the intimate kiss of the woman I loved, and who loved me.

After a short time she started to rotate her hips slightly and the hand that was on the back of my neck moved to press lightly on my chest as she spoke.



“As much as I’m enjoying your kiss, I can’t forget about your hard cock in my ass. I’m ready. I need you to fuck me.” She had that sexy crooked smile again as she said it, and she lifted her top leg a little and began to stroke herself in small circles.

“I can do that,” I smiled.

“Oh, I know you can. And I’ve already had my three orgasms, although I might get another one. But I want you to do what you need to blow that third load. Use my ass, Thomas. Use me to cum again.” Her eyes never left mine as she spoke. I smiled and nodded, stroking her cheek. She kissed my palm before my hand left her face. I planted one hand on her silk-covered knee and the other on her bare hip, and I withdrew myself from her completely, drawing a gasp from her and a popping sound from her ass. I looked at her slightly opened asshole for just a second as her fingers moved in circles over her clit just inches away. I quickly pushed back into her again, burying myself completely as I had been just a moment ago, eliciting another moan from Stacy’s ruby lips.

Again I withdrew until only the head was gripped by the sphincter and smoothly reversed direction to push back in. Over and over I repeated the process until our movements synchronized, me thrusting into her, her rotating her hips and circling her clit. On occasion Stacy would dip her hand into the oil and smear it around us, refreshing the lubricant before returning to pleasure herself. Her moans and the cuss words she muttered to encourage me and express her own pleasure were seemingly random, coming in strings between periods of heavy breathing.

Naturally seeing my sister in such ecstasy increased my own pleasure and I began to increase my pace and the length of my stroke to gain maximum return on my investment. My heart rate increased and the room continued to get warmer. Both of us were flushed and had a sheen of sweat on us. My sister’s hair had a few strands matted to the side of her neck and her forehead. Her lips were in a constant wide-mouthed pucker and her throat was pulling whatever air was nearby, into her lungs.

Stacy lifted her top leg a little higher and I wrapped my forearm around it, bringing it to my left shoulder. She looked at me with a look of gratitude and passion and brought her fingers to her lips to taste herself. “Let’s finish together, T,” she said. She quickly buried two fingers into herself with a grunt, “Oh, god, I’m so full!” Her palm covered her mound as her fingers slid in and out, each stroke stimulating the front wall of her vagina, her clitoris, and the top of my own dick as I felt her thrust into herself as she also caressed me from the inside.

“Damn, Stace! I can feel you fucking your own hand!” It was more pleasure than I would have thought. She had never done this before, even though we had had anal sex on a few occasions. As she stimulated herself, she was also stimulating me and again my orgasm picked up speed.

“Go ahead, T,” she rasped. “Fuck my ass. Cum in me big. I want to feel you fill my ass with your cum!” Her own hand picked up speed and she began to moan and breathe hard as another orgasm overtook her. White-knuckling my sheets, she arched her back and pushed her own fingers out of her pussy, splashing my hip and thigh with her release.

I lost all control. I gripped her thigh with both hands and held her in place as I drilled into her. She began to wail and curse as I pounded into her with blinding speed and piercing depth “YEAH!” she screamed, “Do it, T! Fuck my ass! Fuck it!” She had a look of sheer determination on her face as she looked into my eyes. She wanted what I had for her. And she was going to get it.

“Dammit! I’m gonna cum in your ass!” My whole body was focused on the pleasure on my head and shaft and my eyes lost focus. My muscle control was dramatically reduced and my hips stuttered as I tried to keep a steady rhythm. Finally they came to rest as they were pressed hard against my sister’s lush ass and my arms pulled her tightly against me. I was again completely buried, maybe even more than before

“MMMMMmm,” she covered her mouth and squeezed her eyes shut as her free hand pulled the bedspread toward her, her hand keeping a death grip on it. Again I was sprayed as my balls finally expelled their cargo into her. Again and again I felt the pressure being released in hot sprays of joy and fire as I twitched into her bowels. I grunted at every twitch, unable to control my reaction to the pleasure I was feeling.

One of my biggest regrets was that of having to leave her anus after my orgasm. She relaxed and giggled as I collapsed and released her leg, allowing her to roll to her side. She looked so sexy lying there in her black corset and stockings, her hair a mess and her flared hips. The skin on her ass was pink where my hips had slapped into her repeatedly, creating a contrast against her otherwise fair skin.

I curled up behind her and draped my hand over her waist, cupping her breast in my hand and squeezing, bringing another giggle from her. My somehow-still-erect dick was pressing at her cheek and she wiggled her ass against it a little as she continued to laugh lightly.

“Well,” I rasped, trying to catch my breath, “that’s three. Satisfied?”

“More than satisfied.” She turned toward me a little so she could look me in the eye. “I had five.” She pouted. “Are you mad that I had more than you?”

I had to laugh at that, bringing a smile to her face. “Very. But I guess I can get over it. You know, being the gentleman that I am.” I leaned in and gave her a rather chaste kiss on the lips. “Besides,” I grunted, trying to sit up, “It seems like every time I try to get an orgasm, I bring at least one out of you. How do I compete with that?”

“You can’t. You just do that to me, I guess.” She sat up a little, resting on one hip, her legs curled to the side. “I guess you’ll just have to be okay with second place.”

“I can live with that.”

“What can I say? It’s good to be queen.” She laughed a little as she turned to plant her feet on the floor. “Come on,” she said, extending her hand, “Let’s get cleaned up.” I took her hand and worked over to stand beside her at the edge of the bed. She encircled my waist with her arms and reached up to kiss me. I returned the embrace and the kiss, running my hands down to her stroke her ass.

She backed away and smacked my chest lightly. “God,” she said, disgusted, “Don’t you ever get enough?”

“Of you? Never. Come here!” I hunched down and made grabbing motions with my hands toward her ass. She squealed and ran away, laughing, me chasing her all the way to the bathroom with a maniacal laugh.

When we got to the bathroom she quickly dropped onto the toilet. “Toilet’s base. No touching,” she laughed.

I laughed and winked at her, turning on the sink. I ran a washcloth under the hot water and cleaned myself off, head to toe, and reapplied deodorant before brushing my teeth. As I cleaned up, Stacy tried to force out whatever semen was inside her, a habit she had gotten into as part of her after-sex routine, which included peeing every time to prevent any kind of bladder infection. After I brushed my teeth I went to the kitchen to get us a couple of bottles of water and returned to our room to straighten up the bed.

I heard Stacy brushing her teeth and she came in while she did, planted one foot on the bed and pointed at her leg.

“What?” I asked.

With a mouthful of toothpaste, she tilted her head back a little and muttered “ftokee”.

I rolled the top of her stocking down, getting a nod of approval from her and continued to roll it all the way off her foot. When that leg was bare, she stepped down and replaced it with the other one, on which I repeated the process. She then stood before me and pointed at the lace on the front of her corset. I untied the bow at the bottom and when the lace hung low, Stacy let go of her toothbrush and pulled the corset apart a little, loosening all the string in the eyelets. She then slid the corset down, shimmying her hips as she did so, working the corset down to her legs. I held it as she stepped out of it, and she winked at me as she stood before me completely naked.

“Now THAT’s a good look for you,” I said. I leaned forward and kissed each nipple before she turned around and left, giving me a perfect view of her body, her ass moving from side to side as she walked. A few minutes later she returned to the bedroom and blew the candle out before climbing into bed. I climbed in beside her. It was just after ten o’clock and I was exhausted. But I’d never been happier. I had confessed my undying love and commitment to my sister and she had confessed hers to me. While the sex was great, really great, it was that confession of love that held my heart.

“Good night, T. Thanks for a great weekend. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Stace. I should be thanking you.”

“You’re right,” she laughed. “You should.” I laughed a little at that and she turned out the lamp on her nightstand, darkening the room. The only sound was the fan overhead.

My erection had finally gone down. I’m glad. I was getting worried. It wasn’t long before we were asleep. It was the best sleep I had had in a long time. She truly wore me out, but there was also a lot of pressure off of me now. Mom knew about us and Stacy and I knew about each other’s feelings. A lot of doubt and fear was gone. I could finally rest.


A lot has happened in our time together. Stacy and I have fallen more in love over the years. Mom is still the only one that knows about us and we have done well to keep the agreement we had all made that first night she discovered our relationship. She seems to be more at ease with us and doesn’t talk about how she wishes we would find someone else. I don’t think she approves per se, but just knows that it’s not going to happen, and I think she can tell how truly in love we are.

Over the next few weeks, Stacy showed me more of her purchases from Back to Eden. She has excellent taste. Stacy even bought a couple of sets of body jewelry: nipple clips and clitoral hood clips to accentuate her beauty. She and Rebecca have built a strong professional relationship over the years and on occasion I have even gone in to get something for Stacy, trusting Rebecca’s judgment, which has always been spot on. I was surprised to find that Back to Eden had a back room that had a variety of sex toys and accessories, which we have come to enjoy together. On occasion we have shopped that back room as a couple, but more often, Stacy surprises me with a purchase of her own. I have come to enjoy her solo performances and she has come to enjoy it when I use her toys on her. We have such freedom in the bedroom now and neither of us have ever crinkled our nose at the other’s request, wanting passion and freedom to mark our relationship.

One of my biggest surprises from Stacy came the following year during fall break. She took me to a local Oktoberfest at a nearby German town. I didn’t know she still had this before then, but the second day we were there, Stacy wore her German barmaid outfit, the one that I had seen her in while she was in Germany. The one I had set as my computer background. She did it up right with her hair in pigtails, the high socks and everything. She got looks all day while at the Brauhaus and in the streets. When we got back to our hotel room, however, she told me to call her Olga and spoke with a German accent, pretending we had just met that day.

For graduation the following spring, her gift to me was a nice watch, which she had engraved on the back, “Time stands still when I’m with you.” She didn’t advertise it. My parents saw the watch when she gave it to me, but they didn’t know about the engraving. She showed me that later. When I took the watch out of the box at her request, she told me that there was something else in there. I lifted the bottom panel of in the watch box and there was an SD card. She took it from me and put it in the SD slot on her laptop and opened the picture folder, scrolling through it with me. It was a variety of pictures of Stacy, pictures only I could see: naked, lingerie, sexy outfits, masturbating, using toys. There were two video files. The first was her doing a strip and masturbating with a double dildo, including a double-penetration as she stroked her clit and pinched her nipples. She skipped over that one first, saying I could watch it later, which is when I found out what it was. The second one, however, she said was her real gift. She wanted to fulfill a fantasy of mine, she said, and told me she hoped I wouldn’t be mad.

My name is Ryan I am 33 years old. I am 6’1 #200 with auburn hair and brown eyes. I am not in the best shape anymore but I wouldn’t call myself fat either. I have been cross-dressing since the age of eleven. It started with just panties but has evolved to full dress over the years. I work as an electrician and take on side jobs when I can.

With the recent state of the economy I was forced to look for other ways to increase cash flow, so I placed an add on craigslist for handyman work. I got a couple of responses but not enough to really help. Frustrated I tried again only I posted my ad in the personal section for a handyman who was willing to work nude for a price. Being that I am a cross dresser I also offered an option of doing it wearing lingerie. I had a few replies right away from guys who wanted me to do general handyman work in the nude. It was great cuz they were easy jobs and I got to charge double my usual fee. Then one day I got a response from a guy named Dillan who was interested in having me do some cleaning.

He liked the idea of me cleaning around his place wearing lingerie. I told him that I didn’t have much lingerie at the time but if he wanted I would clean the first time for free in exchange for him buying the lingerie for me to wear. He happily agreed and I gave him my sizes. A couple of days later he had gone to Victoria’s Secret and purchased a really hot French maid outfit complete with stockings and a feather duster. And I began my new job as his maid.

I cleaned his place with him watching me a jerking off for a couple of weeks before we began having sex, and every time he bought me something new to wear for him.

After a few months of this I had more lingerie than most women. He even gave me a drawer in his dresser and some room in the closet. This carried on for some time, i’d clean he pay me, we’d have sex and then repeat the next week. Then one day I am doing my usual routine wearing the maids out fit when the doorbell rang. I was a little scared and started for the bedroom.

“Get back here and clean.” Dillan ordered.

I was really nervous about it but I went back to my dusting. Dillan opened the door and I could see that it was a pizza guy. He was about 20 years old 5’10″ with shoulder length blond hair and very good looking. Dillan asked him to step in. while he was getting his money I noticed the delivery guy checking me out, when I heard.

“Now I can give you a five dollar tip, or I can have my maid give you a blow job. “

I was in shock did he just say that? What now? Dillan waved me over to them; I walked up close to the delivery boy and whispered in his ear while rubbing his cock through his jeans.

“Don’t worry I don’t bite.”

he didn’t say a word but I could tell from his growing bulge that he was interested. I took him by the hand and led him to the couch. I reached out and undid his jeans letting them drop to the floor exposing his very nice seven inches. I began stroking his cock.

“Sit back and relax.”

I said and I dropped to my knees and started sucking him. After a few mins he was really getting into it. I looked at Dillan who was watching us.

“You want to give me a hand with this? “

and with that Dillan was on his knees next to me taking over. I got up and sat on the couch and began kissing our hot delivery guy, and he started rubbing my cock through my lace panties. A few mins later the guy let out a deep moan and shot rope after rope of his hot sticky cum down Dillan’s throat.

“Wow, that was great. “he said.

“But I have to get back to work.”

Dillan and I helped him clean up and walked him out. As he was leaving Dillan told that if he wanted to come back by after he was done working that he was welcome. I hoped he would but I didn’t think it would happen.

Later that night Dillan and I were relaxing on the couch watching a movie. I was wearing my satin garter slip with matching thong and sheer stockings, Dillan in just his boxer briefs, when there was a knock on the door. Dillan got up and opened the door.

“Hi, my name is Nick. “

he said as he walked in the door. I was instantly excited that my delivery guy came back.

“Have a seat, I’ll get you a drink.”

Dillan said as Nick made his way to the couch. He sat down next to me and I put my hand on his thigh.

“So Nick,”

Dillan said from the kitchen.

“I’m curious, have you ever worn women’s clothes before?”

Nick instantly started blushing.

“Actually I have tried on my sister thong a couple of times. ”


Dillan said.

“Would you like to wear some now?”

he just smiled and nodded yes, so I took his hand a led him to the master bedroom. I showed him were I kept my lingerie and he picked out a pink fly-away baby doll with matching boyshort. I pick out a pair of white thigh highs to go with and show him into the master bath to get ready. We got into the shower and I helped him clean and shave.

After drying off I helped him into the babydoll and thigh highs, and I put his hair into pig tails. He waited in the bedroom as I went into the living room.

“Introducing the new Nikki”

To be continued.

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