In a way, I suppose you could say that it all began when I first met my friend Amy. To be honest though, there were signs even before that. A few times when I’d been hanging out with a cute girl, or when I’d been watching television, I’d find myself paying attention to the sway of their hips or the warmth of their smile. It must have started when I was a teen, and grown closer and closer toward the surface of my consciousness as I aged. None of this would have been abnormal at all, were it not for the fact that I’m a girl.

All through high school, I was a bit shy. I had a few friends who were really close, and I knew some others. Still, I mostly kept to myself and didn’t go out much. One of my few regular social experiences was hanging out with my friends at my house or theirs, and the occasional birthday party or special event.

If I had to choose a best friend, it wouldn’t be very hard to decide. Amy and I met in high school and we hit it off right away. She and I share a sense of humour, and we’re both really easy-going, which matters a lot in long-term friendships. We’ve been through all sorts of stuff, from the time that we snuck out at night, to sharing all of our secret crushes, to going on vacation together. We really are the definition of best friends.

One of the few differences between us was that she had had sex, and I hadn’t. All through high school, I had never had a boyfriend. I had dated a guy for quite a while after I graduated, but it had fallen apart when I realized that I mostly dated him just so I’d be dating someone – which isn’t the best way to start something long-term.

A lot of people would assume from my appearance that not having a boyfriend was a conscious choice. Surprisingly, I never really got any interest from guys. I always wondered a little about why that was, since most people said I was pretty and I had what people in popular culture seemed to imply was an ideal body: I was always slender but not skinny, an average height of about 5’7″, and puberty had brought me a pair of perky C breasts and a shapely bum. I didn’t have any odd features, just deep brown eyes to match my long brown hair and olive skin.

In the end, I figured that it was because I was a bit weird and – even more so – that I was shy. Not going to any parties during high school has been known to reduce your chances of getting a boyfriend.

Amy, on the other hand, was a lot more outgoing. Although she didn’t have the ‘ideal body’ according to society, I found her quite beautiful. She had medium-length blonde her, a broad forehead, and a small nose. Her face was well proportioned, and her green eyes matched her face nicely. Her breasts were a little bigger than mine, to be fair, but not by much. She was also a little shorter than me, perhaps 5’5″.

Regardless, I was pretty happy with my life – even if I didn’t have much success with boys. I had a good family, some nice friends, and I did well in school.

That day, like many others, I was spending with Amy. She and I had planned to hang out at my place, go out for a walk in the forest, and than have a sleepover. The day began just as we had intended, with Amy coming over just after lunch. Then, something unfortunate happened.

“What are you guys planning today?” my mom asked us.

“Why?” I asked, suspicious of her intentions.

“Well you better not be planning anything outside; it’s supposed to rain all day and night.”

“Well we’ll just do whatever works” I said dismissively.

As we made plans for the day, however, my mother’s predictions became unavoidable.

“It’s raining…a lot” Amy stated, ignoring the fact that it was obvious.

“Yeah, it sucks” I replied just as dryly. “Want to play Jenga?”

Amy giggled “sure.”

The game got old pretty fast, and so we found other things to pass the time indoors. We ended up entertaining ourselves with the cat, and talking about random things that were going on in our lives.

It was getting really late, so we decided to get ready for bed. We brushed our teeth and then went to the bathroom one at a time, each getting changed into our bedtime clothes.

As always, I went to bed in a pair of loose-fitting short-shorts and a tank-top. I noticed that Amy was wearing a baggy t-shirt and a pair of exercise shorts with a pull-string, which showed off her smooth legs – but I tried not to think about it too much.

I jumped onto the bed, and Amy plopped onto the air mattress.

“Time for girly-talk!” I exclaimed. “What was the strangest place you’ve had sex?”

“I would have to say in the school stairwell” she replied, blushing.

I laughed, a bit surprised.

“Really?! I always wanted to have sex in the forest…”

“Oh, we had sex in the forest too” she added.

“Where haven’t you had sex? On a roof?”

She chuckled. “Yeah.”

“How long does it usually last?”

“Pretty long…about thirty minutes on average. The longest was fifty minutes, and the shortest time was only 5 minutes, but that was only because we were afraid of being caught.”

I had no idea how long sex was supposed to last. Now I had an idea of a timeframe.

“Woah” I replied, trying to imagine it. “How was your first time?”

She shrugged, “It was okay I guess. It hurt a little bit but we used lube.”

My thoughts suddenly shifted.

“I wonder how lesbians have sex. Is it possible for a girl to lose her virginity to another girl?”

“You know, I’m not really sure” Amy responded, her brow furrowing. “Virginity is the hymen breaking, so I guess they could if there is some sort of penetration?”

Thinking about it, she continued.

“Though, that wouldn’t make much sense because that’s not how men lose their virginity and women can break their hymen while horseback riding or while using a tampon.”

“Maybe it’s their vaginas rubbing together?” I countered, awkwardly making a scissoring motion with my hands.

Amy laughed.

Suddenly there was a loud crack of thunder followed by the roaring of a downpour.

“Holy shit” Amy exclaimed.

“Come in under the warmth of my sheets and lick my vagina” I responded.

We both chuckled at my ridiculous statement.

“But in all seriousness, I don’t understand why people act as if sharing a bed with someone you know is taboo” I said, covering up my desire.

“Yeah, really. You’re both friends, it’s not as though you’re going to be unwittingly fondled if you share a bed with someone.” Amy agreed, “Men are way more afraid of sharing a bed than girls are, I find.”

I took the chance to throw in an anecdote. “I know what you mean. For the last band trip, four of the guys had to share a room that had two double beds. To avoid sleeping in the same bed as one of the guys, one of them slept in the tub with blankets and another slept on the floor.”

There was another, even louder burst of thunder followed by a continuing deep rumble. We both gave a surprised shout, and Amy seemed a bit shaken.

“Maybe I will take you up on your offer after all” she said, while moving off of the air mattress and towards my bed.

As Amy slipped under the sheets of my bed, I wasn’t even thinking about weirdness. It actually felt pretty normal to be in the same bed as one of my close friends. Bed sharing wasn’t something that had bothered me in the past, although that might be a bit of my European coming out; I had grown up in a family where my parents would walk around naked a lot, so very few things bothered me.

It wasn’t until I felt the soft skin of her arm brush against my torso that I realized how intimate it was. She wrapped an arm around me and squeezed, unknowingly grazing the rounded bottom of my breast.

“Let’s cuddle for warmth,” she said sarcastically.

“Kay ” I reassured her with the same tone, unable to stop thinking about the soft milky flesh of her breasts, which were pressed against my side. The feeling of her smooth legs brushing my left thigh was almost unbearable. I realized that my heartbeat was speeding up, and I felt flush. Just as I thought I was about to explode, I felt her arm withdraw from the embrace, pulling away to leave me and my personal space.

In a moment of reaction, I moved to grab hold of her arm. Just in time, I stopped myself and feigned shifting my position slightly instead.

For a second, the room flashed alive with a bright stroke of light, and I could see Amy’s sweet face smiling at me.

Just as suddenly, the room shook with the crash of thunder and she grabbed me, pulling me close. Accidentally, she pulled me too close and pressed our lips together.

Her lips felt like soft velvet pressed against mine. For a moment we held completely still, feeling like an eternity. I couldn’t remember the number of times I’d wondered what it would feel like to kiss her, and it was finally happening, yet I was frozen.

As if to allay my fears, her lips began to move and mine followed hers. My nose brushed against her soft cheek as our tender kiss became more passionate, more desirous. Without thinking, I began to suckle and nip her warm lips, gently placing my hand on the back of her head so I could pull her against me.

I could feel her hand wandering up and down my side, brushing the side of my breast as she debated with herself about whether she should touch it. She was still shy, despite what was happening.

Knowing that I would have to be the one to urge her on, I pulled my arm back and placed it on hers, gently easing it toward my breast. As it came close, she began moving it herself. I let go of her arm and moved my hand onto her cheek, stroking it as her hand began carefully caressing my breast.

I could feel lubrication dripping across my thighs as I felt her skilled hands working my tender globes and brushing past my pert nipples. My mind raced with images of her moist lips sucking on my breasts, driving me crazy.

I couldn’t hold myself back anymore.

I pressed my tongue forward, parting our lips and slipping it into her, exploring the warm depths of my friend’s mouth for the first time. She responded eagerly, her own tongue stroking against mine in a dance of pure erotic bliss. I could feel jolts of pleasure surging from my breasts and down my spine, building between my legs.

As our mouths writhed in the exchange of fiery passion, I slid my hand slowly down her body, down to where the bottom of her shirt hung loosely on her stomach. Inch by inch, I guided my hand up and under her shirt. Moment by moment, I came closer to feeling the breasts that I had dreamt about for years.

A crash of thunder came just as I reached her breast, causing her to pull tight to me. My hand was pushed up and cupped the perfect globe of her breast, her skin feeling silky to the touch. I edged my fingers up the soft sphere until I felt the nub of her nipple, which was pert and erect. As I explored her breasts and imagined them in my minds eye, I felt myself breathing harder. They were so soft, so malleable, yet it seemed that gravity didn’t affect them at all. They were better than I had ever imagined them.

Even as we ran our hands along each others breasts and passionately kissed, I knew that it wouldn’t be enough. I pulled myself away from the kiss and moved my mouth slowly down the side of her neck, leaving a trail of tender but passionate kisses as I went.

“I’ve wanted this for so long” she softly moaned.

With that, I had heard what I needed. The last doubt in my mind disappeared. She wanted me as much as I wanted her.

She began pulling her shirt up, so I helped her take it off and then quickly discarded my own.

A flash of lightning poured through the window, illuminating the room in a surge of light. For a moment I could see Amy laying there under me, her beautiful blonde hair strewn about, her gentle face smiling up at me, the tender flesh of her round breasts flushed red with excitement.

My hands found her breasts as hers found mine, rubbing, touching, kneading, until I couldn’t take any more waiting. I lowered my mouth to her and kissed her once, then pulled away, then trailed my tongue down her neck, lower, lower, and up onto the mount of her right breast, encircling the nub of pink flesh that crowned it. I slowly drew circles around her nipple with my tongue, massaging her breast with firm pressure from my hand as I teased the other nipple with my fingertips.

Her arms gave up and fell to her sides in surrender, soft moans escaping her mouth, barely drowned out by the steady pouring rain. She twisted and writhed under me, a jolt of excitement filling me at the realization of what I was doing to my friend.

Slowly, hesitantly, I let go of her breast with my right hand and glided it down her body. It skimmed her skin, headed down, and eased its way to the top of her shorts. I gently ran my fingers along the string of her shorts, silently asking permission.

“Please” she begged.

I found the tie that held up her last piece of clothing and pulled one end, leaving the cord loose. The string slowly retracted as the band loosened, allowing my hand to slip down between the shorts and her hot skin. My hand drew along the surface of her pelvis and down further, along the single line of soft, sparse hair. Following the line like a path, I felt the tips of my fingers slip onto the hot, tender flesh of her lips. I ran my fingertips along them, then pulled them together and glided them over her inner folds, the flood of lubrication coating them in her need.

I only teased her for a moment before I dipped my finger into the searing heat of her pussy. It went in so easily that I slipped in a second, amazed by how wet she was. I brought myself back up to her face and began French kissing her as I explored her tight opening with my fingers. I could hear her moan into my mouth each time I slipped my fingers between her wet folds, the sounds of her pleasure framed by the crashes of thunder.

As the rain picked up, I increased the intensity of my ministrations, rubbing her clitoris while I slipped a third finger into her passage.

“Wait” she protested.

I stopped, not sure what I’d done.

“I always wanted to…” she trailed off.

“Yeah?” I encouraged.

“To taste you…. Is that okay?”

“Yeah” I said, not sure what to do now.

“Just lay down. I can do it” she supplied.

I carefully rolled onto my back and relaxed as she crawled down the bed and positioned herself between my legs. Making sure to be gentle, she untied my shorts and pulled them off of me.

“Let me know if you want me to stop” she said, then lowered her face between my legs.

From the moment her tongue touched my lower lips, I was in heaven. Maybe it was because she was a girl, or because I trusted her so much, or because I was wetter than I’d ever been in my life, but everything she did felt perfect. Her tongue felt like velvet as she dipped it into me, ran it up and down my lips, and teased my clitoris. She suckled on my lips and fingered me as she licked my nub, driving me to heights that I’d never imagined. My fantasies about Amy never even come close to imagining what she could do to me, or envisioning the sensations that flowed through my body with every lick, every touch, and every nip. I tried to stay quiet at first, but gave up and began moaning loudly, hoping that the storm would cover up the sound.

I knew that I needed to make her feel what I was feeling.

“Turn around” I said to her. There was a crash of thunder.

“What?” she said, pulling her mouth from my drenched lips.

“Turn around so I can taste you too” I repeated.

“Are you sure?” She asked.

“Yeah” I assured her.

Slowly, she swivelled around on top of me, bringing her dripping wet pussy into position right above my face. I lifted my head a little and came even closer to her engorged lips, admiring the beauty that I had only imagined until now. It looked just as well-proportioned as mine, only the thin hairs trailing up from it were blonde to my black.

I slowly touched the small nub with the tip of my tongue, working it gently. Amy gave a moan as I licked up between her folds. A sweet flavour filled my mouth as her pleasure juices ran down my tongue. She tasted incredible. Losing all shred of restraint, I began hungrily sucking and licking her soft folds as she pleasured mine.

None of my dreams, none of my fantasies, none of my expectations could have prepared me for what happened next.

I could feel something building between my thighs, deep inside my pussy. It was like a fire that was stoked with every moment that Amy pleasured me. It felt like a warm pressure that built, and built, until it reached an explosive crescendo and poured out through my body. I licked Amy’s nub furiously as I realize that I was going to cum, wanting her to cum with me.

I could feel Amy speeding up as well, knowing that she was getting closer. I tried desperately not to cum before her, but I couldn’t stop myself any more. I felt my orgasm wash over me, my lower body shaking in orgasmic bliss as my pussy clamped down on Amy’s tongue.

I reached down and started massaging her nipple even as a shook from my orgasm, and was rewarded as I felt her pussy twitch and her mouth pull away from my thighs.

“Oh god…I’m cumming…” she managed through her moans of pleasure.

I loved the feeling of her passage as it tensed, trying to grip my tongue.

“Uhh…” she whimpered, as her orgasm finally settled down.

“What are you guys doing in there?” I heard my mom question from the other side of the door.

“Trying to sleep!” I called back, irritated.

For a few moments, everything was completely still. Then, without a word, she turned back around and rested down next to me, cuddling against my side. Wrapping our arms around each other, we took a few deep breaths, gently caressing each other as we fell asleep.

I love stormy days…


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