For the next half an hour Mistress Jenny continued to read her book, noticing Patrick’s movements only when he passed her to go into her parlor, probably to go check on Simon. She was almost through he book, so she decided that she needed to go shopping for some new ones, and whatever else took her fancy. She reached for the phone to call for a Chauffeur Slave.

Mistress Jenny dialed Dexter’s number from speed dial. Dexter was fun at shopping trips as he ways tried to buy her little surprises. After a few rings he answered the phone, “Hey Jen, what’s up?” Damn! When calling a slave having him call her Jen was the acceptable way of him telling her he wasn’t able to talk freely. That meant that he wouldn’t be able to chauffeur for her today either. Any slave that answered a call from here where anyone else could hear her though deserved everything that happened.

“I was planning a shopping trip, but I take it you are about to let me down?” Mistress Jenny phrased it as a question, giving Dexter a chance to put himself in even more trouble.

“Probably, when did you have in mind?”

“Right now.”

“I am sorry Jen, but I am about to go into a meeting and won’t be free for the rest of the day. I will send you a message when I get back to the office. Best I can do.” She could tell he was trying to apologize while in straight company.

“That’s alright, I will have to find someone else to look after me. I will expect a nice present from you next time we meet as an apology.”

“Of course Jen, always the best for you.”

Mistress Jenny hung up the phone. She was disappointed that Dexter wasn’t available, but her slaves had to make a living, otherwise they would not be very useful. She did not want slaves she had to keep, she wanted slaves who would look after her. She thought for a minute and then dialed Neil’s number. He answered almost immediately.

“Hello Mistress Jenny, thanks for calling.” Neil was a new slave, and always sounded eagre.

“Neil, I am wanting to go on a little shopping trip and I am looking for someone to drive me and carry it all for me. You’re not going to let me down are you?” Another loaded question, obviously she was feeling playful.

“When will you need me Mistress?”

“As soon as you can get here.” Neil started to explain he just had to finish up what he was doing so Mistress Jenny cut him off. “I don’t care about that, when can you get here?”

“About 20 minutes.”

“Perfect. Bring the pink suit.”

There was a slight pause before he answered, and she suspected he was grimacing to himself. “Yes Mistress Jenny.” She hung up the phone.

Just then Mistress Jenny heard the bathrooms fans turn on to help in the cleaning, so as she had suspected, Simon had not been able to resist abusing the permission to masturbate that she had given him and Patrick had been forced to wait until Simon could get an errection to release him. Simon would still be a while cleaning the bathroom, but she knew that Patrick would be back soon. Mistress Jenny was looking at him as soon as he entered the dining room.

“Come over here Patrick. I need to thank you for a wonderful breakfast.” Mistress Jenny smiled was smiling knowingly to Patrick as she said this, both of them knew exactly what it meant. Patrick had a particular love he hoped was about to be fulfilled, and Mistress Jenny was smiling knowing she was going to give him exactly what he wanted. Patrick walked over to her and stood next to her, he was making an assumption, but it was the right one. Mistress Jenny leaned over and used her left hand to grab Patrick’s scrotum, making a loop with her thumb and forfinger to pull Patrick’s balls out away from his body. Patrick closed his eyes knowing what was coming, he was trying not to smile, and failing.

“Thank!” “You!” Mistress Jenny punctuated each word with a firm punch right onto Patrick’s balls. Patrick grunted and started to double over, a natural reflex that even his deep love for this particular pain was not enough to overcome. Patrick quickly recovered and as he was getting his legs back under his control Mistress Jenny started to release his balls. Then just as she noticed him start to relax, she tightened her grip on his scrotum again and placed a solid punch into his already sore testicles, exclaiming “Patrick!” as she did so. Patrick’s knees buckled, and Mistress Jenny released her grip on him just as he started to fall to his knees. He hit the ground and doubled over in pain. “Thank you Patrick” Mistress Jenny said quietly. Patrick was an excellent cook, and it was worth throwing a few punches now and then to keep him in her service. She gave Patrick a few minutes to recover and then as he was rising to a kneeling position, she leaned forward and kissed him. “It really was a wonderful breakfast.”

“Thank you Mistress Jenny”, Patrick was still breathing deeply from the pain, but she could see he was happy.

Mistress Jenny returned to her parlor, glancing over at the equipment and toys that got so much use at the party the night before, and would almost certainly get used again today. Everything had been cleaned up and put away, probably by Simon while waiting for her call this morning. She thought to herself how lucky she was to have such excellent slaves as she entered her dressing room to dress for her shopping trip.


A shopping trip with one slave did not warrant putting too much effort into looking fabulous, but some care had to be taken anyway. Mistress Jenny took off the towel she still had wrapped around her hair and dropped it with her robe into the laundry hamper, then she used a dryer to get the last remnants of moisture from her hair. Once her hair was dry she picked up her hairbrush and turned to face the full length mirror as she brushed out her hair. This done she applied only makeup that would help protect her skin, and dressed casually. Plain knickers, a sports bra, a pair of jeans and a purple button up blouse took care of most of her needs, comfortable open shoes completed the simple outfit she would need for this expedition. She picked up a plain handbag, and dropped her wallet into it. As she went back into the parlor she could see that Neil was just pulling up into the driveway, right on time. She walked over to one of the toy chests and collected the one item she planned to use on Neil, dropping it into her handbag as well.

Mistress Jenny put on her sunglasses as she stepped out into the yard, the day was clear and bright, but not as bright as the tracksuit that Neil was wearing. She looked at him waiting beside the car and giggled. This was going to be fun. Neil was a new slave to her, and he was completely unlike any slave she had had before. Neil was only average looking and didn’t look after himself as well as he should, he was not into pain, and had a very low punishment threshold. What Neil did have was one of the most beautiful cocks that Mistress Jenny had ever seen. It was his one special feature, and she enjoyed putting him into situations where he would embarrassed by what many men would have considered to be a blessing. Hence the hot pink tracksuit that she and told him to wear.

Neil’s cock really was incredible. When erect it was nearly 10 inches long, and thick enough that when she wrapped her hand around it she could only just make her fingertips meet her thumb. The head of his penis was huge, even compared to the cock it was attached to, and if that head had been put onto a dildo it would have looked silly, on his living cock though it looked simply beautiful. Of course she had never let him put his cock in her, that is something only slaves who have served her well and long could do, but she did look forward to when she would. Today however she just wanted him to drive her to the shops and carry her bags, but she intended to make him feel owned while doing it.

She walked over and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Good morning Neil.”

“Good morning Mistress Jenny.”

“Now don’t you look special?” She phrased it as a question, but he knew she was not expecting an answer. “You know how important it is for me to be able to control what people think of you, so today while you are serving me you are going to be wearing this.” She held up a medium sized butt plug, which for Neil however was probably one of the largest things he had inserted into him. “This plug you will be wearing vibrates, and I will be holding the remote control. I expect you to enjoy it, because I will be using it to control the state of your erection. Understood?”

“Yes Mistress Jenny”. Neil knew he was going to be embarrassed this way, it seemed to be what Mistress Jenny liked doing most to him, but the butt plug did look large to him. He watched carefully as Mistress Jenny licked her hand and used her saliva to lightly lubricate the plug.

“Turn around, bend over and drop your pants.” Neil did so and with a quick push Mistress Jenny inserted the plug into him. He tensed as soon as it was in place, but did not make a sound. “Good boy. Now pull your pants up and lets get going.”

Neil pulled up his pants and tried to make the tracksuit look at neat as he could, a real effort considering the hot pink made it look silly no matter what he tried to do. Then he went to the car and opened the back passenger door for her. Mistress Jenny looked into the back seat and then turned and raised an eyebrow to Neil. “There is not enough room for me in there Neil. Do you think I am a child?” Neil realized his mistake and quickly opened the passenger door and adjusted the front seat so it was as far forward as it would go, then he again held the back door and offered Mistress Jenny a seat. He helped her into the car and then walked around the car and took the drivers seat. Neil’s car, a Audi, was nothing special but it was nice enough, and the ride was comfortable as she watched the world go past the windows.


Neil was lucky and found a parking spot on the shopping strip itself, preventing him having to drive around one of the carparks looking for a free spot. As he got out of the car Mistress Jenny immediately saw that people stared in surprise at the tracksuit he was wearing. He walked around the car and opened the door for her, helped her out of the car, and as she started walking off in the direction of her favorite coffee shop, he closed the door and locked the car she he rushed to keep his proper place two steps behind and one step to the right of her.

Arriving at the coffee shop Mistress Jenny immediately sat down at a table inside where she had good visibility of both the street and the counter. “Go get me a latté and a chocolate chip buscuit.”

“Yes Mistress Jenny,” Neil answered quietly so as not to have this heard by the bistanders. He then moved off to the counter and waited in the queue for service. As he was waiting Mistress Jenny reached into her bag and grabbed the remote for the plug he was wearing. She turned the vibration down to low, and switched it on. Watching Neil she saw him jump slightly as he noticed the vibration in his arse, but he maintained he composure and just looked over her and nodded. Soon the vibration started to have the desired effect, and the front of his tracksuit pants started to bulge. By the time he was asked if he wanted service, the bulge was very noticable, but not where near as noticable as she intended to make it before she finished her coffee.

When he returned with her coffee the bulge in the front of his pants was probably 5 inches long, no where near what he was capable of. As he was putting down her snack she told him what she wanted. “Go stand at the front of the store, with your back to the window and wait for me.” Neil nodded to her, walked out of the store and took up his position, making she she could see him clearly. Once he was in place, before she took her first mouthful of her latté, she turned the vibration on his butt plug up to maximum. Then sat back to take in the show while enjoying her coffee and biscuit.

Neil walked outside and stood with his back to the window as instructed, and over the next couple of minutes the vibration in his ass caused him to become fully erect. The result of which was a man standing in the street wearing a hot pink tracksuit with a 10 inch bulge pushing out the front, which caused the elastic of the suit pants to lift away from his waist slightly. Mistress Jenny enjoyed her coffee as she saw people giving Neil very strange looks as they went past. Some people even bumped his erection before seeing it as they walked past, and generally when they turned and saw what they had knocked they looked shocked. Throughout all of this he stood there staring forward and not reacting to anything the passers by said or did.

It took about 15 minutes for Mistress Jenny to finish her repast, at which time she left the coffee shop and told Neil to follow her to the bookshop. She walked at a brisk pace, knowing that it would cause the bulge in the front of Neil’s pants to bounce, but she seemed to show no interest at all in what was going on, even though she tried to catch every reaction she could. Upon arrival at the bookstore she wanted to be able to focus on what she was buying so again she told Neil to stand out front, however this time she could not see him so she turned off the vibration in the butt plug to conserve the batteries. “I will turn the vibrator on again when I am nearly ready, then you will come in to carry my bag.” He nodded to her and took up his post outside the door to the bookstore.

She took her time selecting what she wanted, checking for new books, new CDs and even to see if they had any DVDs she wanted. It was nearly half an hour before she reached into her bag and turned the butt plug back on to summon Neil into the store. He arrived at the counter just as she started to queue, so she handed him her purchases and left him to take care of it all. As he was waiting his cock was getting hard again, and she was astounded how he didn’t look in any way embarrased by this, even though she knew he found this very embarrasing. He was trying very hard to be what she wanted, and it struck her that he really learning to be a better slave. Maybe next time she called him, it would be for some real action and to work on increasing his pain threshold.

As they were leaving the bookstore Mistress Jenny turned to Neil. “Just one more stop, and this time I will want you to come in with me to carry things I want to buy. The person who runs this store knows me, so you will respect her and her store. Understand?”

“I understand Mistress Jenny.” She lead him off in the direction of Kim’s Kandles, her favourite candle shop.


Kim’s Kandles supplied all of Mistress Jenny’s candles, and she went through an awful lot of them. Kim herself was a friendly open woman who tried to be friendly to everyone. She had been invited to a few of Mistress Jenny’s parties, and she said she had a lot of fun at them, but she really didn’t get involved, even when asked to. She really didn’t have what it took to be a Mistress, and she definately was not submissive. Still, she was a great person to have a chat with, and she liked hearing stories about everything Mistress Jenny did to her slaves.

Kim’s Kandles was always kept illuminated as if my candle light, and it took Mistress Jenny’s eyes a few seconds to adjust to the lower light conditions. Kim used electric candles to keep her store illuminated, as it was not practical to light her whole store constantly by candles, but she kept a couple of candles lit on the counter, and the clever lighting and the flickering from those gave the illusion that the whole store was illuminated only by candles. This atmosphere was what made Kim’s Kandles one of Mistress Jenny’s favourite stores.

Neil walked in behind her and because his eyes had not adjusted to the light he didn’t realize that Mistress Jenny had stopped and he walked into her, or to be more accurate his errection gave her a firm nudge. Mistress Jenny turned and was about to slap his cock when she realized that as friendly as Kim was, her patrons might not appreciate this sort of action, so she just said quietly “Bad boy.” Neil backed away so as not to continue poking her with his cock and waiter for her to move further into the store, giving him room to follow. She turned and walked directly to the counter to greet Kim.

“Hello Kim.” Mistress Jenny tried to let other people control any banter.

“Hi Jenny.” Kim paused and looked around the store to ensure it was empty of other patrons. Seeing that it was she grinned and added “I mean Mistress Jenny of course.” Kim really didn’t understand everything that the title represented, but she was trying to be friendly and respectful, so Mistress Jenny appreciated it.

“Seeing as we are currently alone…” Mistress Jenny turned to Neil and slapped his cock through his tracksuit pants as hard as she could, “Don’t walk into me with your dirty cock, be more careful next time.” Neil hung his head and didn’t respond, not sure exactly how he should act in a public place even if it did belong to a friend of his Mistress.

“Ouch.” The comment came from Kim, not Neil. “It is surprising how often people bump into each other coming in here, and he really does have a bit of a head start in the distance department doesn’t he?” Mistress Jenny turned and grinned at Kim, but didn’t feel any need to add anything. “So Jenny, what can I help you with today?” It took a minute for Jenny to realize that another customer had entered the store, and that was why Kim had altered her form of address. She hoped that Neil noticed as well, though if he kept quiet he would be fine.

“I used up a lot of candles at my party last night Kim, and I need some replacements.”

Kim giggled, “Well I hope it was fun. What do you need?”

Jenny started to ask for the candles she wanted, but Kim quickly interrupted her. “I expect this will be a big order, so to speed things up I think someone should carry them for us don’t you think?” Kim reached under the counter and pulled out a large basket which she handed directly to Neil, causing Mistress Jenny to give her a smile. “OK, where were we?” Kim stepped out from behind the counter so that she could load up the basket herself.

Jenny then led Kim and Neil through the store selecting candles and announcing quantities, which Kim then collected and loaded into the basket that Neil was carrying. Firstly she knew she had to restock the candles she used for wax play. There were four different candles she liked to use, each with wax that melted at a different temperature. The darker the candle, the hotter the wax would be, so the yellow candles were only warm, then the red were hotter, the green hotter again, and the black candles the hottest of all. She only used the black candles on slaves with a high pain threshold, or that had been sufficiently prepared to deal with the heat, as they could easily scald the skin almost to the point of scarring. Jenny asked for a dozen of the yellow candles, a dozen of the green, two dozen of the red and half a dozen of the black.

Kim looked at her knowing what Mistress Jenny used these particular candles for. “Six black candles? Someone must have had a rough night last night.” Jenny confirmed her suspicions.

After the wax play candles Mistress Jenny then led them around the store, choosing candles for both illumination and perfume. She was looking at a new decorative candle with a mint perfume when she heard a shocked exclamation from nearby.

“Oh my god. Is that real?”

Mistress Jenny turned to the speaker and saw it was a young woman who was staring wide eyed at the bulge in Neil’s pants. She was in her early twenties and dressed in bright coloured clothing that actually suited her quite well. She was wearing makeup, but only to highlight her features, and her straight dark hair was cut into a bob. Mistress Jenny looked around the store to confirm there were no other customers before answering.

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