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All characters involved are over 18. This part involves male to male sex, so if this is not your thing, please don’t read.


It had been six months since I had taken the job at the swimming pool. I was now living in the provided apartment, and was having sex at least twice a day. I had developed a strong relationship with kiera, who was now six months pregnant with my child, and was no longer being controlled by anyone.

I woke up one morning, lying next to kiera. We had had sex the previous night, and she was still fast asleep. Naked, I stood up, and opened the door. It was six o’clock, and time to get to work. I opened a cereal bar on the way out the door, and snacked on it, as I walked downstairs.

I recently started working naked. The other lifeguard had been doing so since day 1, and recently he had been suggesting that I should do the same. The week before, I had done it for the first time, and found it much better than having to wear clothes.

As I entered the gym area, I saw Amy, the receptionist, in her signature G-string, and free breasts, swinging from side to side on the running machine. I waved to her, and walked over.

“hey, john. Nice hard on.” She puffed, breathing heavily. I looked down and saw my fully erect 12″ dick swaying slightly.

“hard for you, Amy,” and I grabbed her, throwing her to the floor. “now suck it, bitch!”

I had realised in my second month that Amy was a submissive, and would do anything, with a little bit of suggestion. You see, I still get those white flashes from time- time, and I found out that I could use them to make things happen. Kiera said that it might be a side effect of the drugs they put into the pool, and that it may stop, but it could stay forever.

Amy put my meat into her mouth, and sucked hard, she was clearly trying to make me cum, but my newfound stamina was too much, and she couldn’t do it. I closed my eyes and commanded her to orgasm, but through her mind. I found that if I did this, I could feel her orgasm too. She cried out, and I felt a wave of pleasure rush through us. She collapsed on the floor, drenched in sweat, her juices flowing out her pussy.

I looked down on her, and was about to leave, when a thought crossed my mind. I was going to have a little more fun. I picked Amy up, and walked to the staff rest area. In the corner was a metal pole, about six feet tall, and attached to it were handcuffs. I pushed Amy against it, ripping her G-string off, before rolling it up and stuffing it into her mouth. Then I locked the handcuffs around her. She began to wake up murmuring a little about being tired. I walked over to a desk, and pulled a metal seat from under it. The seat had been modified, so that a long vibrating dildo protruded from the top. I moved the seat to under Amy, and pushed her down onto the dildo. She didn’t acknowledge the protrusion, until I flicked the switch, causing her bare mound to gyrate out of control. I connected with her mind, telling her you are not allowed to cum. Cum and I will not fuck you for a week. By this point, I had forced her into having sex with only me or toys. This had at first driven her insane, but she had now adapted. When working at the front desk, there would almost always be a dildo up her cunt.

“See you in an hour,” I chuckled, as her muffled screams of pleasure cried out. I was still hard, and would stay that way for another hour.


I was 30 minutes into my shift. I had already fucked two women in their thirties, not having to use my mind control powers over them, but the thought of Amy tied up kept me hard. It was then that Brad walked in. he was the other lifeguard at the centre, and was around about 20. He was well tanned, with good muscle definition, and a cock that was 6″ long when it was flaccid. He came and sat next to me, also naked, and we began to talk.

Before coming to work at the pool, I had never been interested in men. It was just something I would never do, but since working there, I had become interested in brad. He was bisexual, and I would often watch him go from fucking a male patron in the ass, to going down on the same man’s wife. He had a sort of power over people, even though I knew he did not possess the same gift as me.

“How you doing, john?”

“Good, I guess. Can’t really complain. You?”

“Same. You hard for some reason?” I looked down at my meat, standing up straight. So I told him what I had done to Amy. By the end of the story, he was erect and masturbating himself. Then, he moved his other hand to my dick, and stroked me at the same time as him. I didn’t know what to do, but didn’t want to stop. So I casually moved my hand to his 15″ cock, much thicker than mine. We started into each other’s eyes, and he bent forward and kissed me. I opened my mouth, and he slid his powerful tongue down my throat, licking his way round my mouth. I suddenly jolted upright, and a thick, long squirt of my cum shot up onto our faces, surprising both of us. We continued to kiss, and before I knew it we were doggy style, him pushing his thick cock into my asshole, using my cum as a lubricant. I was enjoying the moment so much, that I began to spurt out onto the poolside, screaming out in pleasure.

20 minutes passed by, and with a final yelp, he released himself into my bowels. I fell over, exhausted, not realising I was lying in my semen. When my breathing slowed down, I asked him one question.

“wanna go fuck Amy?”


We walked into the room, and could smell Amy instantly, she had not cum, but she was covered in sweat, still screaming out in pure pleasure. I connected with her mind, and told her she could come. Amy made a yelp, and squirted 3 feet into the air, all her juices spraying Brad. He licked it off his face, as I unstrapped Amy. She hugged me, and I pushed her away.

“Lick your juices off Brad, slut.” She moved over to Brad, and licked him from top to bottom, making sure she got it all. Then I pulled her away, and told her she was to continuously fuck Brad for the next two hours, or until he told her to stop, whichever came last. She pushed him to the floor, and mounted him, thrusting up and down.

I left the room, expecting it to last a few hours. Little did I know, they would keep going for 6 hours! Luckily, there was a camera in the room, and it recorded the whole thing. By the end of it, Amy had actually fallen asleep, while Brad continued to fuck her. She didn’t wake up for two days, worn out by the events of the day.

After that day, I have continued to fuck Brad, and have often been involved with threesomes between him, a patron, and myself, which would often go on for hours at a time. Things seemed great, except for one thing. The baby was just three months away, and my parents insisted they visit when the baby was born. How would the react to the pool?


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