A sexual massage should only be given between two consenting adults willing to have their entire body caressed with their orifices sensuously violated. The lucky lady during the massage relaxes losing all her inhibitions as her partner opens her up to every avenue of pleasure. This is the time to allow yourself to give in to you and your partner’s lustful desires dropping your guard and emotional taboos. Behind closed doors with no one judging, you and your partner together can openly explore your erogenous zones fulfilling all of your dark secret sexual desires and fantasies. The object of receiving a sexual massage from your lover is a allowing him to explore the possibilities of orgasmic pleasure in ways you have never imagined.

As a suggestion 2 to 3 days prior to your massage give your lover a preview of how you are going to reward him for giving you a sexual massage. Suck his cock almost to orgasm then ordered him to finish himself off as you watch. Promise him if he gives you an orgasmic massage the next time he comes for you will be in your mouth. Push him on his back straddle his face forcing him to lick you to orgasm. Also promise him that if he does not satisfy you with his own mouth several times his cock will never feel the insides of your mouth. Note; it is important to keep your promises!

Depending upon your partner’s age and virility the woman must do her part seductively teasing your partner keeping him very interested but denying him any form of orgasmic relief. Pushing his sexual buttons, keeping him constantly erect thinking only of pleasuring you. Whether it is wearing sexy clothing, exposing your breasts, walking around naked, touching yourself in front of him, or even sharing a long sensual kiss, he needs to know that you desire him to pleasure you. He also needs to know that you are going to allow him to pleasure you as long as he retains his semen and treat you like a lady before you invite him into the bedroom. Grab him by the balls, look into his eyes, promise him if he is a good boy refraining from masturbation, constantly worshiping you as his goddess, you will allow him to touch your entire body for your pleasure. Give him a specific time and date to look forward to.

Continue to tease your lover giving him subliminal messages in which you are looking forward to your time in the bedroom. Remind him with kisses and subtle rubs to his crotch to continue his temporary celibacy as promised. By cock teasing will definitely build the crescendo of expected excitement for the special evening. All women practice some form of dominance. This is the time to take charge of your lover using his weakness for sexual relief to control your own pleasure. His balls must be full and his libido should be at a fever pitch prior to the massage.

Couples that are unafraid of light bondage and discipline can surely incorporate it during the massage. If a woman wishes to be spanked or bound she can intimately share her thoughts during the seductive wait being as specific as possible letting your lover specifically know what you desire. There is nothing bad or sinful to ask your lover to fulfill your fantasies or desires. Communication is important to the eroticism for the evening. This is a perfect time to describe all of your sexual details in how you wish to be turned on or even disciplined.

If you enjoy playing with toys let your lover know which ones you want to be used on your orifices making sure they are clean and ready for the massage. Women that enjoy toys should have already familiarized their lover of how to use them for her pleasure. This is not the time for him to be experimenting because the flow of the massage will be detrimental. I suggest that your orifices should be gently massaged digitally first before the use of any toys. There’s nothing like having an orgasm getting fingered by your lover.

Sometimes more dominant women prefer to reward their lover afterwards with a whipping or even strapon play. This can be quite exciting but warn your lover ahead of time of an impending whipping and role reversal. This will give him time to think about it to prepare himself mentally for the whipping and physically giving himself a enema so that he will be clean for the dildo screwing. The 21st century woman should never be afraid to subject her male partner to any form of kink as long as he is willing to stay behind her locked door and endured your wrath. Your lover needs to know that he belongs to you existing only to give you deserving pleasure. When you decide that it would be pleasurable watching him suffer by your own hand he is not a real man unless he submits.

On the date of your massage collect enough money from your lover for a shopping trip as well as a manicure and pedicure. Telling him you want to look your sexiest. Buy some lingerie to wear into the room before the massage. Invite your lover will stay home and clean the house and bedroom. The music, scented candles, the massage oils, and especially the toys all have to be ready and in place. While you are pampering yourself your lovers mind is busy fantasizing all about the evening as he sets of the room.

For the more dominant women imagine his thoughts after you told him that even though he was going to give you an orgasmic sexual massage he was still going to have to earn your mouth by enduring punishment and a possible humiliating strapon screwing. While you are enjoying having your nails done up he is cleaning the very same dildo that will be sliding in and out of his ass tonight. I’m thinking after reading this some of you dominant curious women will want to go out and purchase your own whips, paddles, harness, and dildo.

It’s probably not a good idea to get your hair done other than possibly a trim. If you have long hair pin it up in a bun so that it will not get full of oil from the massage. Afterwards your hair will also not get in the way if you wish to suck your lovers cock. You should require your lover to look his best and if you are going to finger or lick his ass as well as screwing him with a strapon, it is a must that he takes an enema. This goes for the woman as well if she enjoys anal intercourse, fingers, and her lover’s tongue. I also suggest it is easier for both lovers to shower separately for overpowering sexual emotions to avoid premature sexual contact and ejaculation.

More advanced lovers where the woman can control her lover’s libido can shower together using this time to start off the massage rubbing your soapy bodies together exchanging sexual energy. For those that are open to water sports the shower is a perfect place for water play. Giving your lover a golden shower should not be done disrespectfully without their consent unless they are being dominated. Washing each other’s sexual organs is very erotic and can be quite playful. Allowing your lovers fingers in your most intimate places shows them that you are uninhibited and ready for the massage. Together you can participate in giving each other intimate enemas. Rubbing your lover’s pussy or stroking his cock during the enema can be quite erotic taking their mind off the cramps.

With both lovers squeaky clean they finally meet together at the end of the bed. The candles are lit, romantic music fills the warm heated room, cellphones are on lock, and the bedroom door is locked. Wine or champagne can be poured as the toast and to be enjoyed during the massage. The bedroom should be an absolute haven for sexual freedom. What happens behind the bedroom door is between the couple only. Both of you have promised each other to dedicate your time and bodies to giving your lady lover the ultimate orgasmic sexual massage.

If it was already discussed that your lover will be disciplined and screwed like a woman he needs to be verbally told that there is no backing off. You still expect of him to administer ultimate pleasure to you and in return he will receive ultimate pain. He must also know that before you allow him to leave the bedroom you are going to pleasure him with your mouth for being obedient. Even by giving your lover a beating and violating his ass with a strapon he will respect you for keeping your word knowing that whatever you say he will definitely suffer the consequences of your words.

Stand facing each other at the end of the bed you both hold hands dedicating your love for each other. Promising respect and that you will carry out the massage dedicated to your lover’s pleasure using all of your sexual energies. Both of you have agreed that behind the closed doors of the bedroom you have submitted to each other’s wants, needs, and desires for orgasmic pleasure. No orifice is sacred enough not to be violated and pleasured. Each other’s entire bodies are sexual organs to pleasure each other including your fingers, mouths, and sexual organs. No sexual act will be taboo and when called upon you will perform for your lover without reservation. Accepting each other as one flesh licking orifices or swallowing bodily fluids increases the magic between you both.

Warmly embracing each other, rubbing as much skin contact together as possible, kiss your lover passionately exchanging tongues in a French kiss starting the sexual massage. The way both of you kiss each other back we’ll give you a good sexual temperature reading of your anticipation of the excitement. I suggest you keep kissing until both of you want to screw each other’s brains out right there on the floor. Once you reach that desired sexual tempo it is time to start the massage. Pick up your glasses and gave each other a toast.

Depending upon what was discussed ahead of time determines how everything starts. The sexual massage must first start with your lady lover on her belly bottoms up. If a woman wishes to be bound then her lover must comply in every possible way. I recommend binding the wrists to the headboard so they are out of the way for any type of requested discipline. Both ankles should be bound pulling the legs wide apart making her ass and vagina very vulnerable. Several pillows should be placed under her belly forcing her to arch her back placing her buttocks in a perfect position for spanking. If your lover does not wish to be tied it still is best to place several pillows under her belly making it easier to access her vagina.

The massage starts the same way bound or not. Standing at the bottom of the bed you start by massaging all away from her ankles, up her calves, thighs, and buttocks. This helps her circulation start flowing towards her heart and her genital region. Blood flow is very important for orgasms. Even though she innocently thinks you are massaging her legs you are preparing her for multiple orgasms. Make sure all the knots in her muscles are completely melted away because how she responds sexually has a lot to do with how well her legs have relaxed. Spending much time on her legs you should already be able to tell if she is getting turned on. Having a full view of her vagina it should already be getting wet and slowly opening. Even her asshole may already be twitching wondering if you’re going to pleasure her with your tongue or even your cock.

Get up on the bed and perhaps give her a few sharp swats on the ass testing her receptiveness to pain. If there is no pleadings to stop give her a light five minutes spanking constantly listening to her responses. I believe that many women subconsciously desire their lovers to dominate and spank them. This does not mean to be abusive but having her bare bottom spanked until it is pink is definitely a turn on for her. If she does not objecting during the spanking and is actually meeting the swats pushing upwards she is subliminally messaging you heard real inward desires to be spanked. If In my own experience I found that even dominant women behind closed doors wanted to be spanked.

After your lover’s bottom is tingling it is time for the next phase of the massage. Start massaging her tingling cheeks because the spanking actually got the blood flowing into her sexy ass so that she will enjoy having them massaged. Push the palm of your hand deeply into her flesh pushing towards her hip bone in a circular manner massaging the entire muscle. Concentrate on her lower back, buttocks, and thighs making sure she is completely relaxed. This will also help her to forgive for the spanking. Once she is completely relaxed it is time to get a little more intimate.

Start by massaging all around her labia lips using your fingertips to press into the sensitive flesh behind her labia where her leg connects. You are massaging her entire sex not leaving any part out. You’ll be surprised how much she enjoys having the outside of her labia massaged. You will immediately be able to see are responding with her hips rotating and even pushing back on your hand desiring more.

To turn the massage up a notch, start lightly massaging the outside of her labia lips. Your middle finger should be slowly separating her labia while the fingers on each side are massaging the outside of her labia lips called her “labia majora” working your finger between her lit concentrating on separating her lips and slowly sliding your finger inside her vagina and at the same time your other fingers are busy squeezing her labia together around your middle finger. Once she is open and wet, you can take the middle finger of your other hand pushing it into her vagina slowly finding her G-spot. Rubbing the pad of your middle finger in circular motions you have now discovered the place on her body to trigger the sexual massage.

By continuing massaging and squeezing her labia and massaging her G-spot depending upon her excitement level use your thumb on the hand that you are massaging her G-spot and begin to slowly to massage her clitoral region. Knowing her body you may even want to give her direct clitoral stimulation when she is close to orgasm. Keep the massaging her all the way through her orgasm. Most women want me to stop touching their clit afterwards but enjoy having their pussies deeply fingered making them psychologically think they are still being taken. Giving your lover this first orgasm will pave the way for all of your lovemaking following. She has allowed you to meet her vulnerable giving her sexual relief. This increases her love and trust for you during the rest of the massage. I like to show my love by a licking my fingers afterwards tasting her precious juices.

Moving from the side of the bed, climb up on top of your lover slowly straddling her body. She needs to know she can feel safe with you being on top of her. Reassure her by loving thoughts telling her how much you enjoyed touching her body and making her come. Let your erect cock lay in the crack of her ass. Your erection will be close to both of her orifices perhaps even touching them reminding her that it will eventually be inside her. She needs to know that this is your time having already verbally submitted knowing that you’re going to violate her with your fingers, tongue, and cock. Start oiling your entire body including your legs. Keep reassure her with loving comments about her body and especially how much you’re going to pleasure her.

Lower your body on her pressing your lubricated chest, belly, and legs pushing her into the bed. She will feel completely dominated yet lying under you she knows she has no choice but to submit to pleasure. By rubbing your cock up and down between her crack your thighs at the same time are massaging her cheeks. Your hands are also massaging her shoulders and back at the same time. She feels lots of pressure as your entire body is massaging her into the sheets. She completely feels dominated but not abused. She knows that being in this vulnerable position she is being taken by her lover leaving her innocent of any of his wantonness leaving her sinlessly off the hook. Getting the spanking makes her think you are going to go all the way violating all of her orifices. Feeling his cock rubbing against her anus secretly she is actually begging to be penetrated by lewdly undulating her hips, as if she has already having anal intercourse?

Slowly tease her pussy with the head of your cock. Finding her receptive, push all the way inside her pussy balls deep slowly grinding your pubic bone against the back of her ass and tail bone. Using your trained ability to keep from coming, go back to massaging her back, shoulders, and neck. The massage will help relieve the tension she now has with a cock in her pussy. Slowly grinding your cock inside her in a circular manner she needs to know that she is now sexually possessed. By now she should be so excited her hips are rotating with yours. Once her upper body is relaxed slowly pull out of her vagina. This act of “coitus interruptus” tells her that you’re not interested in using her for your own sexual relief.

If you sense that she wants more finish her orgasm by massaging her G-spot and labia lips especially on the outsides tickling and teasing them. When she gets close pay attention to her clitoral region making sure she gets lots of stimulation until she comes. Fingering her to another orgasm definitely leaves a message that you are only interested in her pleasure.

Now that her vaginal region is sensitive start fingering her asshole with the same finger that you wipe your ass with, getting her nice and hot. Once she can accommodate three fingers, and is not objecting to the intrusion, slide a condom over your cock. Remember you have talked about this beforehand and she has not objecting to anal penetration. Forcibly taking any woman’s ass is definitely offensive and is not part of the sexual massage. Having her consent, slowly push the head of your cock into her ass past her sphincter muscle. When she stops grimacing, skewer her with your cock balls deep. Even a mature dominant woman sometimes enjoys anal penetration when done correctly. Remember that your lady may be screwing you after the massage so show respect and sensuality even with her asshole.

Staying completely inside go back to massaging her body slowly grinding away. A woman does not have a prostate so are the pleasure that she gets from anal sex can be the feeling of being completely dominated or the fact that she is giving her lover the ultimate gift of her ass. By concentrating pushing and pulling your cock against the outer ring of her anus which has all the pleasurable nerve endings will stimulate her towards orgasm. Being inward push can cause discomfort but most people enjoy the feeling of a cock slowly pulling out. Screwing your partner slow enough she can add to the pleasure by pushing with her anal muscles every time you’re pulling out. She then relaxes them as you push forward. The anal muscles are actually stronger then pussy muscles which are only used for childbirth unless a woman has trained them. The anal muscles are used every day so they can literally make a cock feel like it has being cut off when she squeezes down. By keeping a man balls deep inside her ass she has the power to milk him dry squeezing down with her anal muscles.

Once she begins to relax give her a nice slow screw. She may protest at first but you know that ahead of time she has already given her OK. Knowing how to read her body will tell you how fast or slow you can fuck. If you’re cock is less than 8 inches long deep there will be no problem for her to accommodate all of it. Smacking your thighs against her cheeks will definitely turn her on if she wants to be dominated. Depending upon your virility the male lover can ejaculate as long as he can screw his lover again when he massages the most important side. When tells you to pull free be obedient there should already be consequences decided beforehand.

Otherwise instead of using your cock she may enjoy your middle finger slowly massaging her anus. I never met a woman who didn’t like having her anus licked. Go down on her starting at the top of her crack licking downward into her anus. Lap her anus with the flat of your tongue and slowly make a “U” with your tongue sinking it in as deep as you can, use it like a cock fucking her ass. She’ll be clawing the sheets begging for more coming all over. A woman needs to know that you to are willing to make love to her entire body even if it means licking her ass. Placing your tongue in her most taboo area definitely tells her he will submit to pleasuring her in every way.

The best oral sex I’ve ever had went something like this:

1. Set the mood. Candles, music, clean bedding, fluffy pillows, maybe some restraints (if you’re into that kind of stuff), and make sure you’re both clean and ready for fun.

2. Start out slow. There should be no rush. Take your time touching each other, running your hands up and down bodies (torsos, arms, legs, face, through the hair, avoid errogenous zones for now and build the tension elsewhere). Make good use of your mouths- wet open kisses, caressing tongues, soft lips. Kiss your partner’s mouth, her cheeks, eyelids, neck, shoulder blades, collar bones, down her throat, etc.

3. Listen for cues- moans and panting, breathy whispers are all good. No noise, throat grumbing, sharp intake of breath… those are bad. Move on and try something else

4. Slowly increase the pleasure. start skimming your hands over her breasts, put more pressure on spots you know she likes, work to get her turned on. At this point, if you skim your hand between her legs, you should be able to feel heat, and depending on what she’s wearing, wetness.

5. Unwrap the prize. Maybe she’s wearing lingerie for you, maybe she’s still dressed. What ever it is, as you slide off her clothes, trace the path with your hands and mouth. Keep touching, make her moan and squirm (trust me, its a good thing).

6. Zero in on the target. When you’re both so turned on you can’t wait anymore, use your hands to let her know you’re starving for the taste of her. Rub gently over her belly, glide your fingers across her thighs, slowly part them. Dip a finger into her slit and GENTLY brush her clit….. I’m sure you get the picture. The key is to go slow and gentle, it will torment her more and its just more fun.

7. GET COMFORTABLE! Girls take longer than men, you should know this by now. I recommend splurging for a Liberator Esse, it is a big girls best friend, and its FANTASTIC for oral…. Anyway. Get comfortable. If you’re laying between her knees, make sure you have support for yourself, maybe put a pillow under her butt to tilt her up for you. You want your hands free, so don’t restrict those to your braces.

8. Tease your girl. Lick up the insides of her thighs, skim across her pussy WITHOUT touching it to do the other leg. Gently flick your tongue against her skin. Slowly slide a finger into her (She’ll most likely LOVE that). By now she should be panting, maybe scratching at your shoulders or grabbing your hair, maybe even begging you to taste her. Smile, (she’ll feel it if you do it against her) and nuzzle her cleft with your nose or cheeks, and drive her just a little bit more wild.

9. Taste test. You know neither of you can wait anymore, so go ahead. Take a little taste. Keep your tongue soft, and use the flat part of it to skim between her lips. Short, shallow strokes the entire length her her cleft. Suck those plump lips into your mouth, nibble at them, if you’ve got a big mouth, try to close it over both at once. Increase the pressure with your tongue, lapping up and down, licking up the juices. Flick it GENTLY over her clit depending on how sensitive she is.

10. USE BOTH HANDS! It’s like little league- coaches are always telling you to use both hands, so USE THEM. My personal favorite is when the giver takes both hands, and spreads the lips far apart with their thumbs, opening the delicate flower to their own pleasure. If makes me feel wide open and extremely submissive. Do that, and you can do what ever the hell you want to. It also makes the clit a very easy target. Lick it, flick it with your tongue, suck it into the mouth, whatever you can to make your girl scream.

11. Don’t for get the Gspot. When you’re girl is getting close, and your tongue starts to fail you (we know it gets exhausted….), don’t forget about the inside. Slide a finger (or 2 or 3) inside, hook it in a come her fashion (like when your mom was mad at you when you were a kid in trouble) and find the spongy, odd feeling clump in the roof of your girls vagina. Stroke your fingers against it, put a good amount of pressure behind it, and suck on her clit at the same time. You’ll be lucky to get your fingers back when she comes, because she’s going to clamp down on those and not let go till she’s all tuckered out.

12. Post Game. Whatever you do, don’t just pull away when you’re done. keep working her till she tells you to stop, and when she lets you go, kiss the OUTSIDE of her mound (the inside is going to be extremely sensitive), up her thighs, belly, chest, and give your girl a kiss. Don’t push for yours right away, because she’s gonna need some recovery, but don’t worry. She’ll be more than willing to return the favor….

Trying a little something different. A little oral (aural) stimulation for the ladies ;) ~

* * * * *

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Thanks again to GentwithHandcuffs for editing.

This is a continuation of our Outback Fantasy story, to understand where we are and what has happened, please read Chapter 1.

The story so far — travelling deep into the remote areas of Australia outback in their 4wd camper truck, my wife and I come across a stranded vehicle. The driver, Richard, is glad to see us as he had been stuck in the river for over a week.

After extracting the vehicle, a rain storm soaks the three of us and we dry off in the camper truck whist the storm rages outside.

We talk whist the storm rages, the three of us wearing just towels. We look at the photos Trish has taken just prior to the storm on the truck computer screen, when naked photos of her appear on the screen, left on the card from previous photo shoots, turning us all on, Trish decides to act and initiates a wild threesome. This story continues just after the climax.


Richard left our truck a few minutes later, returning to his tent for the night, the bed being a bit small for the three of us. We shower together, I wash Trish, tenderly removing the last trace of our cum from her body, gently massaging her strained muscles. I carry her back to bed, where we lie naked in each other’s arms.

“Thank you my love,” she said, “That was wonderful, I could not believe I was actually sucking a strange man, and being fucked in my ass and my mouth. Then getting fucked in my ass and pussy at the same time, I can’t describe the waves of pleasure.”

“I love this new found lust of yours; a threesome has always been one of your fantasies, hasn’t it?”

“I’ve always wanted to try one, but was too afraid and we have never really had the opportunity. It must be the magic of this place, the solitude of the Outback, and then coming across Richard like that; it was just meant to be.”

“I agree,” I reply, amazed at what has come over my wife, “I don’t know what it is, but let’s make the most of it, feel free to try anything you want; opportunities like this don’t come around often.”

“I am yours, do whatever you want with me, to me, or have me do, explore your fantasies, let’s make this really special, I want to try everything possible with three people over the next few days, I love you, always.”

We drifted off to sleep lying in each other’s arms, our imaginations running wild with the possibilities.

The rain continued for most of the night, providing a pleasant relief from the heat of the previous weeks. We were woken up by the sounds of the Outback just before sunrise as we do most days. The crazy call of the kookaburra, squawking of the cockatoos and the numerous cheeps and chirps of the birdlife, providing the soundtrack of the Outback as it wakens from the utter silence of the night. Our truck has large windows on three sides of the bed, and the mattress is only a few inches below the sill of the window. We can see in all directions, I noticed through the open windows of Richard’s tent that he has not stirred; he is a few metres away, still asleep on his camp bed.

Opening the windows completely, we look out over the bush, watching the sun rise. We can see the results of all the rain the previous evening from where we are parked up on the little hill. The river were Richard’s Land Cruiser was stuck had come down in flood last night, judging by the debris on the side of the road, it looks like it had risen a good two metres, his car would have disappeared had we not come along. Looking back up the road where we came from, it looks like a series of pools. The little hill we are on is cut off from the west as water covers the road as far as the eye can see.

My wife looks at me with a sweet smile on her face. “Thanks for last night, it was wonderful” she sighs as she rolls over towards me, “I owe you big time” She turns around and moves down, her tongue reaching out to my rapidly hardening cock.

“It looks like we are not going back that way, at least for a few days.” I say, pointing to the pools of water that used to be the road.

“That’s OK, I think I know how to keep myself occupied” she says with a smile.

Trish slowly licks the full length of my shaft, her tongue wrapping around the tip of my cock. It feels electric as her warm tongue flicks it and the blood pumps hardening it as the pleasure multiplies. She moves further down, opening her legs wide to give me a view of her glistening pussy and tight ass. I recall the pounding it got the previous evening with a hard throbbing cock in each of her holes and pleasure at the fulfilment of her fantasy. I reach over and slide my fingers back and forth gently slipping a finger into her wetness. Trish moans in appreciation and moves herself further down, sucking one of my balls into her mouth.

I lie flat on my back and she straddles my face backwards, moving lower, her tongue flicks my ass and I moan in pleasure. I raise my head to her wet slit, licking the full length.

We lay there giving and receiving pleasure as the sun comes up, flooding our truck with a golden glow. With the windows fully open on all sides, the light enters as we make love, bathing us in the warm light of the sun. Trish moves across to the rear window, right up to the side of the window. She is bathed in a golden glow and looks gorgeous as she looks out into the vast wilderness.

I slide my finger into her tight ass hole. “Gently”, she says. “It is still a bit tender from last night”

I lubricate my other finger in her juices and slide it in next to the first one. She gasps at the invasion of her ass again and I slide both my thumbs into her pussy, gently massaging the thin membrane between my fingers, she moans in appreciation. She leans back into my probing, pushing them deep inside her and I find the fleshy spot deep in her pussy and her wetness increases. I continue to massage her pleasure centre, gently rubbing it between my thumbs inside her pussy and my fingers inside her ass. She shudders in pleasure as I continue my gentle internal massage.

“Gently, it’s still a bit too tender for that.” She says.

I withdraw my fingers and thumbs, afraid to continue too long in her tender area, especially after the pounding her holes had received the previous evening.

“On your back,” she says with a smile.

I lie down next to the window and she straddles my face as she did earlier, her mouth finding my engorged member. She leans forward, pulling my legs up to gain access.

“Wrap your legs around me,” she commands.

Taking some of her own wetness from her pussy, she lubricates her fingers and gently penetrates my own hole, placing two fingers, slowly stretching it and penetrating deeper inside me, massaging my prostate. Her probing multiplies the pleasure deep within me, I shudder in anticipation as my excitement grows. I lean forward and suck her pierced clit deep into my mouth, my tongue alternating between flicking her clit ring and sucking her engorged clit deep into my mouth. The exquisite taste of her love juice slightly different than normal from the traces of cum from last night arouses me further.

Continuing to finger fuck my ass, she returns her mouth to my cock, she increases her pace, her head bobbing fanatically whilst her pussy writhes on my face, and I can feel her orgasm building just as quickly as mine. She takes me deep into her mouth, somehow restraining from gagging as she takes my full length. She starts to shudder in orgasm, I can no longer hold on, and I explode, my jizz erupting down her throat. She swallows hard, the muscles of her throat gripping my cock as she continues swallowing my hot cum and pushes her pussy hard into my face as she cums with me, her pussy gushing out her own liquid pleasure and I eagerly lap up her nectar in return. As our combined pleasure subsides, she continues to lick and suck my softening cock, licking all the cum off me and I do likewise, cleaning every last drop of her love essence from her, until finally she looks up out of the window.

“Don’t you two ever get enough?” comes a voice from outside.

I look up as well, Richard is sitting outside his tent, his hand on his hard cock as he sits naked on a chair, making it obvious he has been watching our lovemaking. The wet patch on the ground in front of him making it more obvious how much he enjoyed the show. From her vantage point on top of me, it is obvious that she had been watching him the whole time.

Trish smiles at him, “Never, not when it feels so good.”

Laughing, she rolls on her back. I look deep into her gorgeous green eyes, reflecting the satisfaction we have both shared. I kiss her deeply, tasting the remnants of the cum I just poured down her throat.

We lay there content and excited about this new chapter in our sex lives we have started. Trish drifts off to sleep and I can’t help but stare at the wonderful women sleeping next to me and wonder how on earth I managed to deserve her. After a while I get up, Richard is also awake and moving around. He has not bothered to put any clothes on, so still naked I step out the truck. The grass is wet and cool beneath my feet.

“Morning Richard.”

“Morning, hope you don’t mind, my pants are still wet, and I don’t have much choice.”

“Let me guess, when you heard our truck you had to run and find some pants?” I laughed.

“Correct, he says, “In fact these are the only clothes I have left, my clothes bag fell off the roof rack when I was getting the tent off, it must be somewhere down the river. I looked for it, but couldn’t find it. I’m down to a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and a jacket.”

“No worries,” I reply, “Trish and I seldom wear clothes when we are alone out here, it’s more comfortable and you don’t need to wash them, and being nude saves water. If you’re comfortable, we can stay that way, otherwise I can lend you some dry ones.”

“No need” he says with a smile, “Not many secrets after last night, I’m happy to let mine dry out”

I start making a camp fire; the wood is wet but we use our secret fire starting weapon: letting a bit of diesel soak into the wood before lighting it. In a minute or two we have a decent, if a little smoky, fire going. I get out the pots and pans to start breakfast and soon have the kettle going and bacon frying. The smell of breakfast wakes Trish and she comes out of the truck.

“Morning Trish,” says Richard with a big smile on his face as he sees she is naked. His eyes run over Trish’s body, “God, you are so beautiful” as he stares at my naked wife.

“I agree, come over here you gorgeous thing!” I laugh and she wiggles suggestively in front of us.

“Sleep well?” he asks.

“Wonderful” Trish grins, “Nothing like an orgasm or two to make you sleep well” I laugh.

“How did you sleep?” She continues, walking towards us.

“Fantastic thanks to you two,” he replies, “I agree with Trish, nothing like an orgasm to make you sleep well” as his eyes continue to roam over her body, drinking in every curve, her luscious breasts, and the flash of her gold and diamond clit piercing just visible.

Trish walks over to the fire; the cool air has hardened her nipples. I give them a playful tweak and she yelps.

“Now now, not to rough” she says with a smile, and gives me a hug, her hands wander down, playfully pulling my cock.

I laugh and return to cooking. She walks over to Richard and gives him a big hug as well and her hands wander over his backside. I’m excited that Trish is so open, and Richard seems relieved that Trish has no regrets about what happened the previous evening. We get out chairs and a table and sit around the campfire, cooking then eating breakfast whilst the sun warms us.

“Glad we don’t have to be anywhere soon,” I tell Trish, “The road is impassable going west. If it is the same the other way, we could be here for a week or more. We have plenty of food, and can have the proper water filters, so water won’t be a problem. We can sit it out for a few weeks if necessary, and we are not in a hurry.”

“Since we might be here for a while,” says Trish, “After breakfast, let’s have a look up the road for a better campsite, I think there is a nice one about a kilometre up the road, I passed it yesterday when I was looking for a decent place to take photos.”

“Good idea, it will be a bit too hot to start fixing the car out here in the open, so we need a better site. We might as well get comfortable, it could be a long and boring wait.”

“Well, I’m not so sure about the boring bit” says Trish with a naughty smile,” I think I know how I can keep myself busy.”

We finish up breakfast and pack up our camp whilst Richard packs up his tent and stows all his gear on the roof rack. We hook up the Land Cruiser to the back of the truck and head of down the road. In a few minutes we get to the area Trish found the day before.

“This is great,” I say, “Nice and flat, and some good shade over there. Let’s get set up”

It takes us a few minutes to get the Land Cruiser next to the trees so we can work on it in the shade. We park up amongst the trees and start making camp. Richard gets his tent down and starts to put it up. Before he is finished, we have our set-up like we do every night, putting out all our awnings and ground sheets, setting up our rosewood chairs and table, our recliners and finally the outside kitchen.

“You guys travel in style” says Richard, the look on his face is priceless.

“Only way to go” Trish and I say simultaneously and laugh.

We tidy up a few things, clearing away the fallen branches from the previous evening’s storm. We have a nice little woodpile drying in the sun and a fire pit lined with rocks in the centre. The three of us working naked in the early morning sun, and soon our campsite is set-up for what looks like a long stay.

“Why don’t we explore a bit before it gets too hot?” suggests Trish.

“Great idea,” I replied, “Grab some walking shoes, we are going for a walk up the road.

“Are we going to get dressed?” she asks with a naughty smile. “I’d rather stay naked, it’s nice and warm, and if we are cut off, then no one can get here.”

” Fine with me, I love it when you are naked” I say with a smile. “There are some nice rock formations further up the road.”

We all get shoes on and head off. Chatting as we go, we wander up the muddy road, listening to the sounds of the outback. We see a few kangaroos and wallabies, but they hop away before we get close. After about 5 minutes we come to the rock outcrops Trish was talking about.

“Let’s have a look further down the road and explore these on the way back” I say.

“Good idea, let’s see what the other river crossing is like.” says Richard, “I made it through that one pretty easily a week or so ago, but it was fairly muddy.”

We continue down the road or another kilometre or so, the three of us naked in the outback, I’m just happy to be with my gorgeous wife, naked and free in the bush. What more could a man want? We come over a rise, we see that the river has burst out of the normal little channel and flooded about 500m of the road. It looks more like a swamp than a road now.

“Wow, looks like we are not going out that way either.” I say with amazement, “We will have to wait a quite a few days until that dries out,”

“No way I’ll get through that again,” says Richard. “That’s if we can get my car going again.”

“We’ll should be able to get it going, it’s only a bit water logged. We will be here for a while, maybe a week or so. That’s all black soil, even with the tyre chains on we won’t get through until it dries. Looks like it will be hot today, and if we don’t get any more rain, it will be OK in a few days.”

“I don’t mind,” she replies with a smile. “I can think of plenty of ways we can keep occupied.”

“Really, and what might that be?” I reply with a big grin.

We turn around and head back towards the campsite, the sun increasing in strength and we are starting to sweat a bit by the time we make it back.

“Going to be hot again today,” says Trish, “I think I’ll work on my tan” she says as she heads to the truck to get some sun tan lotion.

“Let’s get your car mobile again.” I say, opening up the tool compartment on the side of our truck. Richard is amazed as I pull out spanner, hose and filters, engine and diff oils. Everything we need to fix his drowned vehicle.

We turn to his car and start draining the fuel from the tank into our spare jerry cans. Working naked and together, it takes a bit of getting used to having a nude man working closely next to me. We change the fuel filters, dry the air cleaner, checking everything and finally taking the glow plugs out turning the motor over by hand to get the water out of the cylinders. Then taking one of our spare batteries out of the truck, we connect some jump leads to the Land Cruiser and turn it over, getting the remnants of the water spraying out the cylinders. Finally we drain the engine oil, putting it carefully into an empty jerry can so as not to spoil this magical place.

With everything looking good, we start to put it all back together, and after another hour or so, Richard is pouring in some fresh diesel, getting ready to bleed the fuel system as I finish replacing the diff oil. The sun is high in the sky, and even though we are in the shade, we both glisten with sweat.

“You sure made a good job of drowning it,” I say, pouring the last bit of watery diff oil out into our Jerry can.

Richard finishes tightening up the fuel filters. “OK, what’s next?”

“Just need to get the air out the fuel pump and we should be able to get your truck going again” I say.

“Not that I’m in a hurry” says Richard, looking over at my wife’s naked body lying on her recliner under the awning a few feet away from us.

Trish turns over on her side, “How’s it going guys?”

“Just finished cleaning up the fuel system, let’s see if it starts.” I reply.

Richard jumps in and turns the key. The engine cranks and cranks and slowly it catches stumbling a bit, dirty black water coming out of the exhaust before it settles down to steady tick over.

“You were lucky; no damage done” I said and Richard climbs out with a big smile.

“Now we just have to wait for the water to go down and the roads to dry out – what are we going to do to pass the time?” he asks, with an even bigger smile.

“I’ve got a few ideas.” says Trish, “Come over here” a very suggestive smirk on her face.

“I bet you do” I say, a smile on my face as well.

We move over to the shade, standing in front of Trish. She is staring at Richard’s cock as she sits up on the bed, her face level with our now rapidly stiffening dicks.

“Looks like you are both getting a bit burnt,” She slowly slides her hands up and down our hardening members. “I think you need some sun tan lotion.” Trish leans over and gets out the coconut suntan oil.

She pours some into her hands and rubs them together, “Come closer, I’ll have to rub it in.” she says with a smile, and we move closer as she sits on the edge of the recliner, and then starts to stroke us. Her expert handiwork soon begins to give the desired result on both of us.

“Let’s move to the blanket”, she says, holding our cocks in her hands, she leads us over to the blanket where she kneels down. Her hands move rapidly, rubbing our shafts, with the tips inches away from her face.

“Take over” she says, and we start to work engorged members as she sits back, gently massaging our balls, rubbing her hands up and down our legs, she turns to me and smiles.

“You OK with this?” she asks me.

“Sure my love, I think it’s great you getting in touch with the nature out here”. I reply with a smile.

Gently massaging our balls, she smooths the suntan lotion over us. She lifts her head, moving closer to Richard.

“Open your legs wide Richard” she orders, and he complies.

“Keep yourself busy whist I help our guest” she says, turning to me with a smile.

Josh was standing naked in the shower, one hand against the wall, the other stroking his penis. He had stopped the water as he had finished showering, and the bathroom was silent apart from his heavy breathing.

“Oh… Jennifer… Yes…” he whispered as his pleasure grew. He could think of no one except his ex girlfriend when he relieved himself. She had been the world to him, and now that she had left the state with her family, he still couldn’t think of any other girl. It had been three months already, a short time compared to the two years they had spent together, but it felt like an eternity.

Being alone in the house, he didn’t bother to lock the door. He hadn’t heard his mother coming home from work when the water was still running. Deborah was 36, she lived alone with her son. The father had left long ago, not wanting to look after a child he had gotten too soon. So Deborah had had to raise him alone. They lived far from town and she didn’t get out a lot, thus her good looks weren’t of much use and she didn’t have a boyfriend. It was the middle of July and first thing she wanted to do was take a shower. She went to her bedroom and dropped all her clothes. She had a nice body with firm breasts. She liked to keep her sex shaven even though she wasn’t seeing anyone. She untied her brown hair, letting them fall on her shoulders and back. She knew Josh was home as she had heard the shower when she came in. But the water had stopped for about five minutes now, so she guessed he was in his bedroom already.

She grabbed a towel, wrapped it around herself, and went upstairs to the bathroom. Just as she opened the door, she saw Josh masturbating. The shower’s curtain wasn’t closed, there was nothing between them. He instinctively turned to her in surprise, his twitching member still in his hand. Deborah opened her eyes wide and stood still as her son stroked his penis a few more times in front of her before his brain processed what was happening.

After a second, he tried to hide his erect member with his hands and said urgently, his face red with embarrassment :

“I’m sorry mom! Sorry!”

She smiled.

“It’s okay Josh, there’s nothing to apologize for. What you’re doing is only natural. I’m the one who should be sorry for walking in on you. But, er, maybe you’d like to finish what you were doing? I can come back later…”

“What? No, no! Just give me my towel, please.”

She grabbed his towel which was hanging next to her, and handed it to him.

Josh quickly wrapped the towel around his waist without looking at his mother. The bulge was very visible through the towel, and he walked out without saying another word. He left his mother thinking. She had had fantasies about him for a while now. He was twenty and already a fine looking man. She had fantasized about catching him in the act of masturbating, but this was the first time she actually saw him. Sometimes, in the silence of the night, she could hear him panting, whispering the name of his ex girlfriend. She would masturbate silently, trying to picture her son doing the same. What she had just seen had fueled her fantasy, but also left her wanting more. She wished she had seen him come.

Back in his room, Josh was still very embarrassed. He wished he had locked the damned door. Then he heard the shower running. In the safety of his room, his thoughts went back to his still hard penis. He dropped the towel and sat on the edge of his bed. With a tissue in his left hand, he stroke his penis again. But this time it was different. For the first time in months, he wasn’t thinking about Jennifer. His mind was filled with the picture of his mother, standing before him wrapped in her towel. Naked underneath…

He quickly reached climax and caught his sperm in his tissue. “Oh my god,” he thought as he got back to his senses, “did I just masturbate to my mother?”

Deborah was rubbing her body with soapy hands. The image of her son with his cock in his hands still imprinted in her mind, she let one slippery finger move down between her thighs…

Chapter 2

The dinner this evening was rather quiet, until Deborah broke the silence.

“Do you want to talk about what happened earlier?”

“Umm, no… It’s fine.”

“I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable! On the contrary, actually. I don’t want you to feel bad about this. I bet it’s not the first time a mother walks in on her son masturbating.”


Deborah laughed at her son’s embarrassment.

“Is it the word “masturbate” that troubles you? I know people your age get easily embarrassed by this subject. But you’re okay with me. I’m very opened about it.”

Josh raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at his mother.


“Yes, of course. We all do it, you know. Come to think of it, it’s silly we lock ourselves up and try to hide it, even though it’s something natural that everybody does.”

“If you say so…”

Josh really didn’t feel comfortable about this whole conversation, but his mother didn’t seem to mind. She continued :

“We should break the ice, you know. I know you had sex very often with Jennifer, so now I can only guess it’s hard for you, on your own. Do you masturbate often?”

“Mom! Come on. You can’t ask me this!”

“You really don’t need to get defensive. I’m only trying to get you to open up a bit. I’m your mother, not a stranger. Besides, we live together, just the two of us. Why have this kind of barrier?”

She was determined to get him to talk. Her words were driven by her desire, she wanted more than what she had seen earlier. Also, she knew he was feeling lonely, and wished she could do something about it. She kept the pressure on.

“Besides, I often hear you, you know.”

“You what?”

Josh’s eyes were now opened wide.

“I hear you when you masturbate. Not every time I guess, but at least twice or three times a week.”

“You can’t… I mean, I don’t…”

She had him cornered and they both knew it. She was playing all her cards and he had to give in. He just couldn’t avoid the subject. She knew the thing to say to finally make him enter the conversation.

“I do it too, you know,” she said with a smile.


From the way he replied, she knew she had gotten his interest. And she could tell from his look that he was trying to picture her fingering herself. She had him right where she wanted him.

“Well yeah! I may be your mom, but I’m a woman too. I also have needs.”

“But you…” He hesitated before finishing his sentence. “You do it often?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” she said with a smile. “Actually, yes, pretty often. Usually every other day. I did it today, too.”

Josh blushed. Did she do it before of after walking in on him? He wondered. At first he was embarrassed, but now he was getting a bit turned on by the conversation. She was, after all, a very attractive woman. Suddenly he was getting curious about his mother’s sexual life. Maybe it was also his way of defending himself against the earlier invasion of privacy.

“But, like, when do you do it? I mean, you do it when I’m at home?”

“Sometimes. Sometimes I do it after you leave and before I go to work. Sometimes when you’re already sleeping. Sometimes under the shower.”

“She definitely did it when she was in the shower after she caught me”, Josh thought.

She wanted to ask him why he was so curious all of a sudden, but she refrained, fearing it would discourage him from talking and bring an early end to the conversation. Instead, she asked him :

“Do you always think of Jennifer when you do it?”

“Er… Yeah.”

Deep down, some part of her wished he had said otherwise. She knew it was impossible, but she had this crazy hope, that he would have said he sometimes fantasized about his mother.

“And who do you think about, mom?”

She sure as hell wasn’t going to tell him that lately, most of her fantasies involved him. She lied :

“Well, no one in particular. Usually just actors I see on TV, or people I see at work.”

The conversation didn’t go further that night. After dinner, Deborah stayed in the living room and watched a movie, and Josh went to his bedroom and played on his computer. They both had a lot to think about. When Josh had left for his room, his mother had told him “it was nice to have this talk with you.” He wondered if she had something in mind.

Chapter 3

A few days later, Josh and his mom were watching a movie together in the living room. It ended rather late in the evening. It was a great fantasy movie about a magical ring.

“That’s how it ends? What a let down,” Deborah said, taking the remote in her hand.

“Well that’s just the first movie. There are two sequels after this one. I think they’re on next week.”

“Oh,” she replied, browsing through the channels. She stayed a few seconds on each one before changing for the next. She eventually landed on a softcore erotic film. She didn’t skip it.

On the screen were two naked women making love. The pictures were explicit enough without showing close-ups of their genitals. They were kissing passionately on a sofa, pressing their breasts and vaginas against each other’s. Deborah, with a smile, looked at her son who had his eyes glued to the screen. As he remembered his mother was right next to him, he looked away, blushing slightly, and asked :

“Would you mind putting something else?”

She noticed a bulge was growing in his pants. Even though he wasn’t looking at the screen, the volume was up and moans of pleasure from the two girls were filling the room.

“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you never watch porn? I bet you’ve watched things far worse than this,” she added, amused.

“Well… Certainly not when you’re around.”

“I suppose so.” She put the remote down on the table. “But I told you already. You don’t need to be ashamed with me. Let’s just watch this together, I’m sure you’ll get comfortable.”

Josh reluctantly moved his eyes back to the screen. He asked :

“You watch this kind of films?”

“Occasionally, yes.”

They watched silently for a few minutes. They were both getting really turned on by the scene with the two women. Deborah couldn’t help but glance at her son’s hard-on through his pants. She said eventually :

“This must hurt, Josh.”

“Huh?” he said, before looking at her and seeing what she was referring to. He blushed again. “It’s… It’s okay.”

“No it’s not. You should just let it free.”

“What? You mean, with you right here?”

“I know it feels weird, but I’m your mother. Don’t forget where you came out from! And I’ve already seen you naked, just a few days ago, remember? Go on. Please.”

Josh nodded, then slowly unbuckled his belt, and unbuttoned his jeans. He pulled them down to his knees. The bulge was now much more visible through his boxers. He turned hesitantly to his mother, and seeing her benevolent smile, he pulled them down as well. His hard sex sprang. She could see the tip glistening with preseminal fluid. His penis twitched slightly with every heartbeat. They carried on watching the film for a few more minutes. Josh felt the air in the room softly brushing against the glistening tip of his member, making him very conscious that he was naked, with a full erection, right next to him mom.

There was now a different scene on screen, with to couples making love right next to each other. Deborah softly put her right hand on her son’s naked thigh as the screams of pleasure from the actors filled the room. He twitched at the unexpected but pleasant touch. Her hand… His mother’s hand, it was so close to his cock, to his balls… It made him even harder.

“You can stroke it if you feel like it,” she said, still smiling to him. He hadn’t noticed, but for the past few minutes, she hadn’t seen a single picture from the film, her eyes had been glued to his erection.

Josh obeyed and slowly brought his right hand to his manhood. He wrapped his fingers around it and began masturbating, slowly. His mother’s hand was still on his thigh, but she was now caressing it softly, sending him shivers. She asked him to remove the rest of his clothes completely and he did so, dropping them on the floor. As the action on screen got more intense and his own arousal grew, Josh began stroking faster and faster. Deborah left her seat and sat on her knees right before her son, her face close to his sex. Josh had a moment of hesitation, and slowed down. His mother said kindly :

“Come on son, do it. Don’t be ashamed. I want to see you come. I want to see you ejaculate. Do it for mommy.”

Her words sounded so wrong, but so arousing, he felt his pleasure grow very fast. He was already on the edge of orgasm. He kept a slow but steady pace, strengthening his grip, making each stroke more intense until he came. His whole body twitched, and ropes of sperm erupted from his shaft. Deborah watched with passion, inches away from his sex, as the white fluid flew before her and landed on the carpet.

She had never been so turned on, as far as she could recall. The wetness between her legs was becoming very uncomfortable. Time seemed to slow down as her son’s hard sex twitched, and his semen erupted from it inches from her eyes. She watched as the juice of his pleasure landed next to her, sullying the carpet. Finally his orgasm ended. Seeing his mother’s face so close to his sex, looking at it so passionately as he ejaculated with abandon, almost drove him crazy as endorphin filled his body.

“This was beautiful Josh. I love you. Don’t worry about the mess, I’ll clean it up.”

Spent, Josh put his boxers back on, grabbed the rest of his clothes in his hands, and walked upstairs to his bedroom after kissing his mother goodnight. “This was nice, mom,” was all he said as he left timidly.

He got to bed and didn’t hear his mother masturbate on the couch, her hand buried inside her panties. She was so excited she didn’t even take the time to remove her clothes. “I wish you were here to see me,” she thought just before she came.

Chapter 4

The next day was Saturday and Josh and his mom both stayed at home. She woke him up at 10 in the morning with a swift kiss on the forehead. She was wearing a bathrobe and had obviously just come out of the shower. Once josh came to his senses, Deborah spoke :

“Hi, son. I hope you don’t feel bad about last night.”

“No, mom… It’s okay. It was good… Great, even. But I still feel uncomfortable about all this. You’re my mother, you shouldn’t see me do this.”

“But I love you, son. And right now, all we have is each other. I don’t want you to keep anything from me, nor do I wish to keep anything from you. That is why I wish to be fair with you. I have seen you naked, twice since you’re a man, but you haven’t seen me.”

Before he could say anything, she untied the belt of her bathrobe, opened it and let it fall to the floor, displaying her naked body to her son. Josh was stunned as the beauty of his mother was revealed to him. She was so much better than Jennifer! Deborah sat on his bed. Josh slept naked, and already she could see a bulge forming underneath the quilt.

“There is something else I need to do to be perfectly even with you…”

She stood on her knees, right above his face, her knees placed on both sides of her son’s head. He could see his mother’s vulva very clearly as she brought her right hand to it and circled her clitoris with her index, looking at Josh in the eyes. He remained motionless, apart from the still growing bulge beneath the sheets. She finally inserted a finger inside her vagina, accompanying the penetration with a long, soft moan.

She started rocking her hips, making her gorgeous breasts bounce in rhythm. Josh had never watched a woman masturbate before. He could see her vagina clearly as her fingers penetrated it. She almost touched his face every time she pulled her glistening fingers out. Her movements were getting quicker and quicker and her moans of pleasure filled her son’s bedroom along with her scent. She could feel it coming now.

“Yes, Josh… watch me! Watch your mommy as she comes for you! Ooh!”

Josh was in awe as he watched his mother bring herself to orgasm inches from his face. From where he was, he had a perfect view of her orgasmic contractions. She had removed her finger, and he could see as her vagina opened slowly, giving him a glimpse of its depth, before suddenly contracting, making Deborah’s whole body twitch with pleasure every time. When she was done, she let herself fall on the bed next to him. With her hand, she reached for her son’s erection and caressed it through the sheets.

“Did you like what you saw?”

“Yeah… That was amazing.”

“It’s your turn now.”

She pulled the sheets down in one quick move, then grabbed her son’s sex and began masturbating him. Just as she did the evening before, she brought her face close to his sex, staring at it with lust and passion. She placed her free arm under Josh’s thigh, and reached for his testicles with her hand. She caressed them as she kept pumping his erect shaft faster and faster.

“I love to think that I’m making you so hard, Josh.”

He blushed, and could already feel the pleasure building inside him. With the show she had just put on for him, and the way she was handling his manhood, he couldn’t hold it for very long. When she felt he was close to coming, Deborah moved closer and placed her face directly above her son’s penis, still masturbating him eagerly. She saw the expression on his face change as his orgasm was building up, and said :

“Come on now, come for mommy. I want to make my son have an orgasm. I want your cum all over me. Show me you love me. Ejaculate all over my face, cover you mother with your sperm!”

This dirty talk was way more than Josh could take, and he burst into the most powerful orgasm he had ever felt, moaning loudly as his semen erupted from his sex and gushed all over his mother’s face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth opened, and he watched as each shot of his sperm landed on her cheeks, her chin, her nose, her eyelids, and inside her mouth. When his orgasm was over, Deborah kept pumping him slowly, drawing out the last drops of white fluid from his still twitching member. She opened her eyes, his sperm dripping down her face.

“You taste wonderful, my son. This was great. I love you.”

She swallowed some of the liquid that had landed in her mouth between each sentence. When she was done, she licked her lips. Finally, she sat up, and said, smiling :

“I have to go wash my face now. You made a mess of your mother, Josh.”

As he heard the shower, Josh took a moment to come to his senses. He still didn’t fully realize his situation, but he sure was enjoying it. He was trying to fight away the feelings of guilt. They both wanted to do this, they were both adults, nothing was wrong. Sure, they were breaking some cultural rules, but they weren’t hurting anyone. Deborah had the same thoughts, as the water pouring on her face washed off her son’s semen. She watched as the white drops fell at her feet, and swirled down the drain.

Once she finished her shower, she dried herself and went back to Josh’s room. She didn’t bother to wear anything, she just walked in completely naked. Josh himself was just standing up, still not wearing anything either. Deborah spoke :

“It was nice to put on a little show for you. If you enjoyed it, you can watch me anytime. My door will always be open, you’re welcome to walk in on me anytime and watch me as I masturbate.”

He took a few seconds to process her words.

“Also, whenever you want to masturbate, I’ll be glad to do it for you. I don’t want you to be lonely when I’m right here. Just ask and I’ll give you a hand.”

They both laughed at the unintended pun.

“But seriously, though. I’m your mother and all I want is to see you happy.”

She walked to him and embraced him, pressing her naked body against his. Already she could feel his erection growing against her thigh.

I couldn’t let my faithful readers wait any longer for the “full version” of Wednesday night’s BDSM, m2m session…so, here’s the full accounting of that incredible scene!!!

I honestly didn’t know if I would be in the best frame of mind for my Wednesday night session…with everything that has been going on at the office, I just simply haven’t been myself…much less, I haven’t been able to allow my naughty, nasty thoughts to develop into full blown scenes…however, my dear subbie, the submissive male that I truly treasure, revealed his penchant for dabbling in m2m activity.

I do get sexually turned on thinking about two men doing sexual things to each other, sucking each others cocks…one fucking the other…yes, the thought of a man penetrating another man’s asshole as though it were a pussy (manpussy, if you will) just sends me over-the-top excitement wise!!! The excitement factor goes up even more when I’m directing this m2m activity!!!! So, with dear subbie having revealed to his diabolical Mistress that he has sucked cock and is planning on doing so again…I thought, hey, I’m sessioning my least favorite male submissive on Wednesday night…and the least favorite loves to be humiliated and forced to do nasty things…why not take my least favorite further than I’ve ever pushed him?

My least favorite male submissive has a limp cock…he has health issues that prevent a full and proper erection…this is tiring as this guy craves and loves cock and ball torture…all fine if the guy could get hard and stay hard…putting a cock ring on a limp cock that remains limp…well, just looses the appeal and effect. Not to mention all the cock and ball torture devices this guy has bought and given to me, they simply don’t work on a limp piece of man-meat!!! So, what to do with a “limp dick?”

Humiliation…more humiliation than I’ve ever given him before…what better way than to make him suck my favorite male submissive’s hard cock!!!! And so, the plot of my Wednesday night scene began to unfold.

I contacted dear subbie and asked for his assistance in this scene. He agreed. I gave him his instructions and appointed time of arrival. Next, I would make sure my least favorite submissive got a full dose of humiliation, keeping him at a distance…this guy craves constant attention and since he’s my least favorite, I simply have no desire to baby and caudle him…I sent his instructions to arrive on time, his manpussy be clean so that he doesn’t dirty my toys, though I use condoms, I really don’t like ANY fecal matter on the condom when I remove it…of course, this is cause and reason to apply a few more whacks of the riding crop…

My least favorite submissive, sub j., arrived on time at 7:30 p.m. I had him strip naked on the patio, which it is still plenty light out, anyone walking by on the street might be able to see him should they look up my driveway…the first set of instructions were taped to the garage door leading from the patio into the garage…as I said, sub j was directed to strip naked and enter the garage…the next set of instructions were taped to one of the two plastic lawn chairs placed in the middle of the garage. sub j was to neatly fold his clothes and place in one of the chairs, then take the flowered-black panties and put them on, along with the black thigh high hose I had for him to wear…then, after he put on the panties and thigh high hose, he was to bring his tribute to the garage door that leads into my house, put on the full bondage hood and knock on the door. sub j was given explicit instructions to NOT lock the garage door leading out to the patio…that door was to remain unlocked. I wondered how long it would take sub j to wonder why I had given him that instruction…

sub j knocked on the garage door leading into the kitchen…it was time to get this show underway!!! I lead the big goon dressed in the flowered-black panties and thigh high hose, full bondage hood on, into my kitchen. I placed his hands on the kitchen counter where he placed the tribute envelope and waited for me to instruct him further.

I went out and made sure he had followed my instructions about not locking the door…he had…then I returned and led sub j into the living room. I ran my fingers around the elastic of the panties and laughed at his silly he looked…sub j is a big man, 6’5″ tall and large in stature…he’s not fat but just a big guy…his cock was a little harder than it had been previously…I pulled his panties down just enough for me to grab his cock and balls…he sucked in a breath and I laughed as I handled him roughly…I made fun of how he looked in the panties and I could tell this turned him on…I commented on his semi-erect cockmeat…and proceeded to yank on his cock, which made sub j moan and groan with pleasure…then I pushed him forward and told him to hold onto the massage table and bend over…

I proceeded to pull his panties down further, slow, very deliberately…I slapped each ass cheek with my hand leaving a fine red hand print on each cheek…then put on my sterile gloves and pulled his ass checks apart to examine his “manpussy.” I love how the submissive cringes when I pull his ass cheeks apart…so humiliating…so humbling!!!! I lubed up a gloved finer and proceeded to finger fuck sub j…he started moving and grinding as this felt so good for him.

“You’re nothing but a nasty little whore…look at you, you love how I’m finger fucking you!!!”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, I can hardly wait to fuck you with my toys…I hope you cleaned that nasty manpussy of yours, I sure don’t want to find any nasty stuff on the condom when I pull it out…I’ll have to whip the shit out of you if I do!!” I told him and put a condom on the attachment of my Hitachi wand. Oh, yes, I love to put a little “turbo” action into the scene…I stuck that attachment into sub j’s manpussy and turned on the Hitachi on low…sub j started moving his ass back onto the attachment and I laughed and turned the power up to high…I fucked sub j’s manpussy with that Hitachi wand, laughing and telling him what a site he was…oh, that’s a picture of sub j with the Hitachi Wand sticking out of his manpussy!!!

I took a couple of pics with my iphone and yanked on sub j’s semi-erect cockmeat while I fucked his manpussy…he was moaning and groaning…carrying on something fierce, really getting into his Hitachi fucking…I was so tickled that it was about time for the next part of the scene…

I take pride in my scenes being perfectly timed and dear subbie was right on time at 8:00 p.m. He let himself into the garage since the door was unlocked. I had put his set of instructions out on the empty white lawn chair in the garage when I checked to make sure sub j had followed my instructions about not locking the door. dear subbie found his set of instructions and followed them to the letter…I had left him the red, leather blindfold to put on when he was ready to knock on the inside garage door.

When I saw dear subbie’s headlights pulling into the driveway, I backed off of sub j, hoping he would hear the garage door shut…he did stiffen a bit and then there was the knock on the kitchen garage door…he froze when he heard the knock…

“Mistress, who is…”

“You are not to speak unless spoken to…(whack with the riding crop) did you forget??? Good grief, be quiet. Let me see who is at the door!!” I told him…sub j began to quiver…oh yes, this was going to be such fun!!!

I showed dear subbie into the living room…his cockmeat was already so hard and ready.

“That’s my dear subbie…oh, look, you’re so happy to see your Mistress!!! I just love how hard your cock gets when you come to see me!!!”

“Yes, Mistress,” dear subbie replied. sub j was quivering and shaking…I took him off of all fours on the coffee table and had him sit back in the red leather chair. I made sure I talked loudly so sub j could hear…sub j is hard of hearing so I have to remember to talk loudly unless I’m close to him so he can hear…it definitely takes away from the scene having to talk so loud…I sometimes wonder if folks can hear me on the street, though my house sits back quite far from the street…it is funny to think of how loud I’m talking, what I’m saying…I can only imagine some poor unsuspecting hearing and wondering what in the world is going on in that house!!!

I rubbed my hands all over dear subbie and cooed and praised him where sub j could hear. sub j was sitting rather stiffly in the chair…I could tell he had no idea how to react to this turn of events…there was only one direction this scene could go…I had shared with sub j how much I get turned on by setting two males together…sub j sends me stories he’s written about other women joining us and I have had a gal join us to observe one of sub j’s sessions, but it really didn’t do anything for me…sub j loved it but it wasn’t my favorite scene…now, I was doing one of MY favorite scenes that I had shared with sub j…now was the moment of truth for both submissives…I was curious to see just how badly both subbies wanted to please me…

I had dear subbie sit on the massage table while I talked to them both…and then I decided to have dear subbie sit on the coffee table, on the yoga mat I place on the coffee table to prevent my submissives from slipping off…I placed dear subbie on the edge of the coffee table, spreading his legs where his cockmeat would be completely available…

Next, I had sub j get down on the living room carpet on all fours and crawl up to dear subbie and suck dear subbie’s cock.

“sub j, you are to suck dear subbie’s cock…you better do a good job, no teeth…make love to dear subbie’s cock with your mouth…do you understand?” I asked as I pulled sub j out of his chair and down onto the floor. “If you don’t do a good job, I will whip the shit out of you, understand?”

“Yes, Mistress,” sub j whimpered as he crawled up to dear subbie…my pussy was dripping wet…this was so fucking hot!!!

“Lean back, dear subbie…you tell me if sub j doesn’t do a good job, you hear me?”

“Yes, Mistress,” dear subbie replied…sub j used his hands to find dear subbie’s erect cock…and then slowly he took dear subbie’s uncut cock…dear subbie sucked in a breath of air as sub j took dear subbie’s cock into his mouth…I leaned over and sucked on dear subbie’s erect little nipples…dear subbie moaned and groaned…then I got down and talked loudly to sub j…

“That’s it, you little cock-sucker, suck that cock, make love to it!” I instructed him…sub j’s body was all shaking as he sucked the cock before him…dear subbie was leaning back…I loved the fact that neither man could see the other…that added to the over-all humiliation…but yet, kept their identities safe…

“Feel my pussy, dear subbie…see how hot and wet your Mistress is?” I took dear subbie’s hand and put it between my legs…

“Oh, Mistress, you’re so hot…I don’t think I’ve ever felt you so wet!” dear subbie exclaimed.

“I told you how turned on I get seeing two men playing with each other…now, there’s your proof!” I laughed as I had dear subbie finger my pussy.

“sub j, get back in your chair…put your cockmeat to the edge of the chair…dear subbie, it’s your turn to suck some cock for your diabolical Mistress!!!” I commanded. sub j struggled to get back up in the red leather chair…then placing his limp cock on the edge of the chair where dear subbie could crawl up to him took a little doing, but he managed.

dear subbie got down on the carpet and crawled up to sub j…I pushed sub j back into the chair so his cock jutted out more…dear subbie took sub j’s limp cock in his mouth and began to work it in his mouth…sub j’s hips began to thrust up as though he was trying to fuck dear subbie’s mouth…gawd, it was such a hot scene…so nasty, so fantastic…I then took sub j’s hand and put it between my legs…

“See sub j, Mistress told you how hot this kind of scene makes her…feel how hot and wet I am!!”

“Oh, Mistress, you’re dripping wet,” sub j gasped…dear subbie was doing a good job on sub j’s cock…it was quite a fabulous site…

I couldn’t stand it any longer, my pussy needed attention!!!

“That’s enough, I want you to lick and eat my pussy, dear subbie!! sub j, you sit in the chair and yank on yourself while dear subbie licks Mistress’ pussy!!!” I ordered the two submissives.

dear subbie took right to his task and I had him get down on the carpet in front of me while I laid back on the coffee table, spreading my legs…I made sure I was especially loud in my moans and groans…my throes of passion…gawd, I was hot and needed some good pussy licking…dear subbie always does such a great job at licking my pussy…I was afraid he might drown from my juices as I was so damned wet.

I had another idea as I was getting tired of holding my legs up and apart…so, I commanded sub j to stand up to the edge of the coffee table while dear subbie straddled me on the coffee table…I had sub j hold my ankles up so dear subbie had full use of my pussy…I then had a hold of sub j’s limp cock as it was right there over my face…I rubbed sub j’s limp cock on dear subbie’s asshole as dear subbie and I were in a 69 position of sorts…let’s just say, I was thoroughly enjoying all the sexual attention I was getting and moving the subs around to accommodate my every whim and fancy!!!

I came at least, twice if not three times before noticing it was time for dear subbie to be on his way. As much as I would have loved to have dear subbie fuck me and empty a load of cum into my pussy, time is of the essence in my scenes and it was time for dear subbie to be on his way…I had sub j sit back in the red leather chair while I commanded dear subbie to be on his way…poor dear subbie, I received a note from dear subbie telling me it had been quite a while since he had suffered blue balls…ahhh, if I had had my way, I would have had that boiling load of cum, but the plan was laid and the scene moved on…nothing would have pleased me more than to have sub j clean up dear subbie’s cum mess…but maybe another time!!!

After dear subbie left…I placed the red leather ottoman in front of sub j’s chair and proceeded to grab hold of his limp cock and work it with my hands…sub j kept begging me to pull harder…which I did…I yanked on his cock and balls so hard, sub j was in total and complete ecstasy…I then commanded sub j to finish this Mistress off with his mouth and tongue…I ordered him between my legs, with riding crop in hand, I whacked him if he applied his tongue too hard to my hard little clit…it didn’t take me long to achieve the full body orgasm I had been building with the little cums till this point…off I went into a full, body writhing spasms of joy…the complete and total release was awesome…I really needed that stress relief…I knew right then and there I would sleep like a log…the orgasm released so much stress…I was spent, I was done.

Once I regained my composure. I pulled sub j up out of his chair and led him to the door in the kitchen leading into the garage…I then pushed him out the door…

“I’m done with you, get out of here,” I told him and shut the door behind him. I could hardly contain myself waiting at the door to hear him dress and leave out the other garage door. Once I heard the garage door to the patio close. I let go of my laugh…mission accomplished. How’s that for a humiliating scene!!!!!

sub j sent me a note on Wednesday night stating I had achieved an ultimate humiliation for him. he loved it!!!

I just realized that I haven’t posted about my session last night with my “dear subbie.” I can honestly say, I truly enjoy sessioning this particular submissive…he’s taken to his submissive role in a most fabulous way.

Last night, I placed dear subbie’s initial session instructions on the door leading into my garage. I knew it would catch him by surprise, though I’ve threatened to make him undress on my patio before…I made good on it this time. He was to strip naked on my patio, neatly fold his clothes and ring the door bell. I could see dear subbie come to the door, read the instructions and then slowly begin to undress. He looked around and then quickly got right to getting totally naked. I went to the garage door and waited until he rang the bell.

dear subbie entered my garage and immediately went down on his knees. What a delightful submissive!!! I told him to get up and permission was granted for him to look me directly in the eye…I then escorted him into the house and we got right to our scene. I had dear subbie put on the full bondage hood and then I put the leather hand mitts and leather ankle restraints.

Next, I had dear subbie bend over and put his hands on my leather ottoman while I put on my surgical gloves to give his man pussy (asshole) a good look…I had instructed him to give himself an enema so that he would be clean should I decide to subject him to some anal training. dear subbie gasped as I spread his ass cheeks…gawd, I love to see how sensitive dear subbie is when we session. He’s so responsive to my every touch, my every swat with the riding crop…I fingered his man pussy before having him get on the coffee table, on display. I love to stroke dear subbie’s cock, which is always fully erect when he comes to me!!

I played with dear subbie while he was on display on my coffee table, rubbing my fingers on his erect nipples, stroking his cock-meat…then it was time to move on to more serious play…I led him by the cock to the playroom where I had him bed over the bed while I inserted my smallest butt plug. dear subbie gasped and whimpered as I pushed the plug all the way in…then I had him get up on the bed on his hands and knees while I milked his cock and balls a bit…I told him to hold that butt plug inside of his man pussy…oh, how humiliating for dear subbie…

I then, told dear subbie to get on his back while I snapped the chains onto his wrists and ankles. I didn’t waste any time…I took my Fuku massaging gloves and began to run them all over dear subbie’s body…I took my time when I grasped his cock-meat with the gloves…he begged Mistress to stop, that I was driving him crazy…I love it when dear subbie calls Mistress a Bitch!!! Oh yes, Mistress is, indeed, a Bitch with a capital “B!”

I continued my sensual, sexual torture of dear subbie…I put the vibrating cock-ring around his hard cock and would turn it up and down, making dear subbie beg me to stop…then I took one of my vibrating butt plugs and took the small butt plug out of dear subbie before inserting the vibrating butt plug…turning both the cock ring and butt plug up and full force at the same time…dear subbie began to tell me how much he wanted to be my little bitch, my little slut…oh yes, I knew he would come around…he would see how degrading but how exciting it was to be taken and done without any power to stop me…I took one of my strap-on dildos and held it to his lips.

“Lick and suck this rubber cock…this is what I’m going to eventually fuck you with, dear subbie!” I laughed at dear subbie’s reactions…it was so delightful to see him twist and turn, thrashing about trying to get away but then wanting me to do more…how delicious to say the least.

I continued to torture dear subbie in this manner for about 15-minutes before I decided it was time for dear subbie to service this Mistress the way I love for him to do so…I undid dear subbie’s chains, took the leather hand mitts off of him…then led him by the cock-meat to my bedroom. I then took the leather ankle cuffs off of him and the full bondage hood. I got on my king-sized bed and ordered dear subbie to worship my pussy like I like it!!! dear subbie wasted no time getting on the bed between my legs…my hot, swollen, wet pussy waited for those first feathery licks from dear subbie…and lick dear subbie did!!! I could feel my juices flowing freely, dear subbie had learned well how to lick and suck Mistress’ pussy.

dear subbie pleasured and pleased this Mistress until I could stand it no more and ordered dear subbie to get up and fuck me, fuck me with his hard cock…and he did just that…I ordered him to give me the full measure of his hard cock, give me that load you’ve got boiling in your balls!!!

It didn’t take long until dear subbie and this Mistress were covered in the waves of our orgasm…cum we did…it was fabulous!! I just love the way dear subbie delivers when Mistress commands!!!

Another delightful session with MY dear subbie!!!!

~Faceless pall bearers carry a maple casket to an already dug grave.~

Bethany showed idle on her instant messenger. I knew she was there that day, but she could have been in a meeting. All morning I waited for a chance to invite her to the storage room, thinking about Judy’s orders to force Bethany to give me head. I knew Bethany would do it, since she had hinted more than enough times that she would be an eager party.

But with her messenger idle, there was no guarantee that she and not somebody else would see my message. I leaned back in my chair and my hard dick hit my desk underneath, when a window popped up on my screen. It was from Bethany.

“Hey handsome, miss me?”

“Hell yea. Hey, meet me in storage.”

“LOL, waiting for you.”

It took me a minute or too to calm down enough to get up and not have a tent in my pants. I strolled down the hall to storage. Our storage room was rather large, with rows of metal scaffolding and shelves that held anything from books to computers. Only one door lead into the room, so we only had to worry about people entering that one door. Bethany was already inside.

“What can I do for you, sir?” Bethany’s smile was brilliant. She wore a black mini skirt, which she had already pulled up to reveal a white lace thong, and a white semi-sheer blouse already unbuttoned to show a matching white lace bra.

“I have some briefs that I need you to look at.” She smiled at me and dropped to her knees, her hands already pulling my zipper down. She reached inside and pulled my boxer briefs down.

“I think the briefs are unimportant, but this…” She pulled my dick out, it already getting hard from seeing her lacey lingerie. The six inches stood right out at her and she shoved all of it in without warming up at all. No gag either. She kept my dick down her throat for about 30 seconds, and then pulled it out, her lips wrapped around my shaft, squeegieing the saliva off. Then she plunged it in again and held it. It was great. I could feel her vocal chords wrapped around me, and didn’t have to pull out quickly.

After a few more of those, Bethany pulled me out and began to stroke me hard, trying to get my juices into her. I had to lean back against the wall, her hand working fast up and down my hard prick. A few pumps with just her hand were followed with a few pumps all the way down her throat. Nothing could stop her, she was hungry for a geyser.

I tried to keep quiet, but a few moans escaped me. I had thought that it was going to be more forcing on my part, but Bethany was all gung ho.

Bethany started pumping with her hands in double time, her mouth in an “o”, ready to catch my seed on her face. I couldn’t resist, and I pumped my jiz. It flew through the three inches of air and landed on her face, running down her brow and cheek. She wiped the head of my dick on her chin. Then she let go of me and, as I put myself back in my pants and zipped up my zipper, Bethany licked her face. Where her tongue couldn’t reach, her fingers wiped my cum off and then she licked her fingers clean. Soon her face was clear, her clothes arranged, and I was staring at her swaying ass as she walked back to her desk.

I grinned, feeling exhilarated, striding to my car after work. I had to see Judy to tell her about my weekend with the sisters, although she probably already knew, and about completing my mission with Bethany. I drove to The Pit, replaying each encounter and, of course my hard on came along.

I walked in and the place was empty, as everyone getting ready for tonight.

“Knock, knock…”

“In here.” I heard Judy yell from the back. I walked passed the bar and into the double doors that lead to the kitchen. Judy was moving boxes of produce in her cut off jean shorts, a white tank, and a layer of sweat. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail and her lacy black bra showed through the tank top, and I couldn’t take my eyes away, nor did I want to. Judy put the last box on top of the stack and stood up straight to smile at me, her arm wiping her brow, her chest heaving from exertion.

“Hey sexy,” I said, leaning against a prep table.

“I’m so glad you are here. I need a break. How was your weekend?” She talked fast when she was in a fluster. She took me by the hand and led me to the back of the kitchen, and around a couple of corners. I never really went back here at all, even on nights that I helped out here. I glanced this way and that, looking for people or new areas.

“You mean you haven’t heard from the sisters?”

“Haha, no, but it sounds good, tell me.” She let go of my hand and moved a couple more boxes. We were near the back dock and I was surprised this place was big enough to have a back dock.

I told her about my weekend with Melanie and Stephanie, and then about Bethany and the storage room. All the while helping Judy with her boxes. She had to stop at certain points to stare at me and lick her lips. The stories and the box moving ended at about the same time.

“Wow, sounds like you’ve been busy.” Judy took my hand again and continued on through the maze of her establishment, finally reaching a locked door.

“Mindy working tonight?” I asked, as Judy unlocked the door. I had remembered her comment about popping Mindy on Friday, and wanted to let Judy know I was interested.

Judy smiled, “Yea, she’s here. Why? Finally figured out that you would love to bone her?” She laughed and opened the door. It was a very short hallway, 5 feet long, maybe, with another locked door at the end.

“I suppose. Hey, where are you taking me anyway?” Double doors were strange for an internal room like this.

“I have a surprise for you, in fact, here, you open the door.” Having unlocked it, she moved out of the way and locked the door behind us. I opened the door before us and saw stairs leading down to a cellar with the light on.

“This place has a basement?” I started down the stairs and heard Judy lock the second door. Once I reached the bottom I looked around to see a large room with a cement floor, its drain off to the left, and heavy black curtain hiding three of the walls. In the middle of the floor, right underneath the hanging light, was a large 5X10 ft. table covered with a white tablecloth, its metal legs showing underneath.

Judy came up behind me and undid my belt and pants before I could investigate the room further. My pants dropped to the floor as she spun me around like a top, and pushed me back against the table. I caught myself while she yanked my boxer-briefs to my ankles and kneeled down to take my dick into her mouth, still fully clothed. I instantly got hard, her hands and lips groping and massaging my shaft and balls with a ferocity. I gasped as she clearly showed more ability and creativity than Bethany earlier, and Judy knew it. She worked up and down my fully erect 6 inches, making me pant and heave, still in shock at the suddenness of her attack. Her tongue paid attention to the crevice on the underside of my dick head. That sensitive spot couldn’t take much before I was squirting into her mouth.

I leaned back on to the table, which felt like it had a smooth surface under the cloth. Judy wouldn’t stop. Her continual sucking after my orgasm wasn’t letting me recover, and my legs almost buckled. Her hands worked up and down, never slowing down. Her hot mouth still slathering over my rod. She was hungry for more seed, and I was eager to give it to her, but this soon after an orgasm I knew this was going to drive me crazy.

I tried to move up onto the table, with Judy still sucking on my dick. I finally got my ass up over the edge, and just laid back, my legs dangling over, not reaching the ground. She continued to pump me, now making groans and moans from her throat. My harsh breathing was the only thing coming from me, and I closed my eyes to try and concentrate on cumming again, knowing that she wouldn’t stop until I did.

Judy started to push me up the table, and she crawled up as well, my dick still in her mouth. Once up she would push me further between pumps on my shaft. I tried crawling up, but the table cloth slid in the opposite direction. After much fumbling and many pumps from Judy still trying to milk me, my head reached the head of the table, the edge of the table cloth somewhere down by my waist. I noticed that the table was made of plexiglass, and that it was actually a box on legs. Just above my head was a mechanism that seemed to lift the lid off the box.

This was intriguing, but Judy’s blowjob was starting to get my juices flowing again, and I dropped the desire to figure out what I was laying on. The blowjob was reaching a rawness that was new to me, and I so wanted to cum again, to end this journey of pleasure and pain that Judy was committed to. My balls got tight, and I started to moan audibly. My orgasm was building again, and longed for it. I got louder, and Judy moaned louder with me, her mouth vibrating lightly on my prick as she continued to pump with her hands and tongue and throat. I shifted my pelvis upward, wanting more and more, my dick hitting the back of her throat. Finally, Judy gave out this loud moan that I was sure would alert every employee in the bar getting ready for tonight. I moaned louder with her, because my body felt electrified as it was preparing to shoot another load.

At that moment another noise joined ours, coming from underneath me, muffled and female. It sounded more like a muffled scream than a muffled moan, but the surprise made me cum hard in Judy’s mouth as I twisted to see who was under me.

Judy managed to hit me over the head with something hard, but before I blacked out I saw a scared and naked Mindy, bound and gagged, trapped in the plexiglass box that I slumped down on.

Charli is confident in herself without being bossy; she knows what she wants and how to ask for it. Could it be her 5’9 tall average build frame that exuded self-control and poised or could it be that she’s the atypical black woman self-assured and self-aware? Charlie knows how to dress to attract the opposite sex too. Always dress in dangerously high heel pumps with the most conservative business suits; however, underneath she wears the sexiest lingerie. Charli believes that a woman should be a lady in public and a whore in bedroom. She loved men and knows how to please them but she won’t tolerate a man disrespecting her. That’s why she set her sights on Owen.

Owen is typical white boy next door. He’s the strong silent type. Owen didn’t move fast or make sudden decisions. He’s the nice guy and believes that the nice guys always finish last. Could it be his 6’0 average build which makes him think that girls never notice him? Owen had accepted the fact that his Ms. Right was married to the bad boy down the street. What he didn’t realize was that someone had him in her sights.

Charli lives around the corner from Owen. They met one day in the corner grocery when they both reached for the same bottle of wine which happened to be the last bottle of that brand. Owen being the nice guy that he was told Charli that she could have it that he would check back in a week. However, Charli wasn’t having any of that she told him. “I’ll buy it and you can stop by my place and we can share a glass or two together.”

Owen attempted to brush it off but Charli wasn’t having any of that and insisted on sharing a glass or two with him. She finally broke through his protests. And he agreed, Charli give him her address and that how their friendship started.

What Owen didn’t know is that Charlie had been watching him for months as he shopped for grocery. She wanted get to know him and the wine incident was the perfect ice breaker she needed. Charli remembered the first time she saw Owen at the local grocery store. They were shopping but she was sure it wasn’t for the same thing. She was looking for a lover; however, it appeared that Owen was actually shopping. Charli observed how methodical he was, he took his time looked at each item, read the label, and checked the price then placed it careful in his shopping cart. She loved watching men shop it told her a lot about a guy. What Charli gathered from watching Owen was that he was patient, thorough, and didn’t make sudden moves. Charli was very attracted to guys like Owen. The silent introverts, who appeared quiet and reserved on the outside but, had a strong animal magnetism on the inside. Owen fascinated Charlie as she continued watch her prey. And, he was her prey at that time, she had determined that she was going to meet this silent, sexy man and get him in her bed if not for a life time then for a season at least.

Meanwhile, he didn’t notice or he did a good job pretending that he didn’t notice the black woman intently watching him shop. Charli thought he caught her stalking him because as he turn the corner to head down another aisle he looked back over his shoulder, making direct eye contact. She looked him directly in the eye, smiled and nodded in his direction. Owen smiled back and continued to shop. At that time, Charli blew a sigh of relief then waited about three or four minutes before she continued to follow him. She paced him so well that she was three people behind him in the line went he checked out. From that point forward, Charli went shopping every day for about two weeks to learn the times Owen went shopping to align her shopping times with his.

Charli noticed on the third week that Owen noticed her but she felt that he was just being polite. She engaged him in the usual stranger small talk. He’d speak and respond back. But, Charli was patient and waited for the perfect opportunity to make her move to get to know him better and the wine incident was it.

In the meantime, Owen seemed to be totally oblivious to Charlie’s subtle hits and invitations. Always the gentleman he never crossed the line. Which drove Charlie crazy, she was trying not to be the aggressor in their relationship but she wanted that sexy white boy and he wasn’t getting the hint.

Owen wanted Charli but just didn’t think he was her type. So, typical nice guy, he was content just be her friend. He thought she was so very sexy and would love to show her his real feelings but he just didn’t want to be rejected down if he expressed them.

Charli was so frustrated with Owen. She would invite him over and dress in some of her sexiest outfits. She created romantic candle light dinners, music the works, sometimes she would trick him into dancing with her. But, Owen would always thank her for a lovely dinner and evening then leave. Charli would go to bed and masturbate wishing it was his hands satisfying her instead of her own. What she didn’t know was that Owen would go home kicking himself for not making a move on her and wanting to still be there with Charli in the morning making slow passionate love to her.

So it goes when a good guy and aggressive woman become friends. Charlie knew something had to give so she decided that it was either now or never with Owen. He just didn’t know how hot a guy he was and she wanted to be the woman to show him. She wanted to let him know that she desired and wanted a relationship with him. So, she decided to pick up the pace on her seduction of Owen.

Owen was surprised when Charli called him one Friday and invited him to dinner at her place. She said that she wanted her best grill guy to grill streaks for her and she would make trimmings. Owen wanted to tell her no because it was getting harder and harder being around Charli not grabbing her having his way with her and to hell with being the nice guy. But, he enjoyed her company so much that he agreed.

Charlie was excited and knew that tonight was the night that Owen would never forget. She took a long luxurious bubble bath so that her skin was soft as silk and shaved her pussy because she remembered Owen saying that he loved hairless women. He said that it made it nice when a guy when down on a girl. Charlie picked out one of her sexy sundresses. It was strapless with a slit up the right thigh. She completed her outfit with silver jewelry and pair of high heel wedge slides. She placed dabs of her favor perfume on key pulse points. Charli set the mood in her apartment as well. She had candles and incense burning, with soft music playing in the background. Tonight that white boy wasn’t getting out of the apartment.

Owen dressed nice for the occasion a well. He knew Charlie like to see guys in button fly jeans with a dress shirt. He decided he give her some eye candy hoping that it would tempt her to unwrapping the package. He knocked on her apartment at 6:00pm sharp. He sucked in a breath at the sight of the beautiful black goodness in front of him.

Charlie smiled at Owen’s reaction to her outfit. She devoured him with her eyes and thought “Oh, my God, I can wait to open all of those buttons with my teeth.” However, she said out loud with a laugh and wink, “Hello, Owen, don’t you look handsome and sexy tonight come in here before some girl attacks you where you stand.”

Owen smiled back step inside and replied, “Yeah, right. I’m coming inside quickly so no guys see YOU and I have to fight them off.”

Charlie laughed and said, “Give me a hug handsome.”

Owen complied and pulled her into his arms and thinking to himself, “this is where she should be in my arms.”

She reluctantly pulled way but Owen doesn’t seem to notice the lingering caress of her hand down his arm. He followed her inside house and out to the patio where the grill was ready with everything laid out waiting for him to prepare the steaks.

Owen rolled up his shirt sleeves and started preparing dinner while Charli sat down next to grill to entertain him with conversation. He loved to hear her talk she was so animated and bubbly. Charlie made small talk with the best of them and she had the ability to talk on almost any subject which was one reason why Owen found her so attractive. He loved sexy, intelligent women and Charlie fit the build perfectly.

Charlie loved watching Owen work; he didn’t move fast his movements were precise, methodical as if he had all the time in the world. She loved watching his hands. There’s was something about a man’s hand. Charlie wanted to feel those hands on her naked flesh caressing and loving her and tonight was the night. She shifted in her seat because her pussy was throbbing in anticipation and moistening at the thought of making Owen her lover.

Owen tried not to stare at her long dark brown leg exposed up to the thigh. He wondered if she was aware of his eyes on her body. He wanted to run his hand from her ankle to hip and spread those legs wide as he planted feather light kisses up length to her cunt and devour her love canal.

Charli continued to talk to Owen as he prepared the steaks. He said, “The steaks are ready.”

Jumping up, she said, “Ok, just bring them in and I will get the salad, warm the bread and bring everything to the table.”

She walked inside as Owen watched her backside sashay through the door at sight his cock made a tall tent in his pants. He was glad that he was seated and she wouldn’t notice his reaction to her body. He sat at the table and poured wine into his glass then hers just as she returned carrying the salad and bread. She sat the items on the table and said, “Ok, it’s self-serve. The salad had a light vignette dressing on it. I hope you like it. I found the recipe on a website and tried it. I really like it.”

Owen replied, “You know I’m not picky and I’m willing to try anything once.”

Charli laughed and said, “Ok, I’m going to hold you to that big fella.”

Owen smiled and started eating. They sat and eat in a comfortable silent enjoying each other’s company. Once, they’d finish dinner, Charlie decided to put her plan of seduction into action. “Okay, I’ll do the dishes if you handle cleaning the grill?”

Owen replied, “Sure” He got up but forgot about his erection which sadly had not gone down. Charli noticed the bugle in his pants but pretended not to notice. Her pussy got wet anticipation because her cunt knew that tonight was her night see and feel that bulge inside her hotbox.

They finished cleaning at the same time by then Owen trouser trot was under control. While Charlie wasn’t going sit down because she knew her wet pussy would leave stain. She suggested a dance hoping that her pussy would dry with some turns around the room but she doubted it. Owen protested but Charli wasn’t having any of it and coax him into dancing with her. She was in heaven in his arms. Owen loved the feel of this woman in his arms. They moved slowly in time to music enjoying each other company.

Charli laid her head on his shoulder and said, “A girl could get lost in your arm.”

Owen smiled and said, “Why thank you ma’am. We nice guys aim to please.”

Charli raised her head and looked deep into Owen’s eyes and said, “Owen, you don’t get it do you?”

Owen replied, “Get what?”

Charlie said, “I want you so bad I ache. I’ve wanted you for months now. I tried to be subtle but you didn’t the hints. I love the fact that you are such a gentleman. But, I want you as my lover and not just a friend. I hope I’m haven’t turned you away. But baby, you are so sexy and sweet all rolled into one. It is the most erotic thing and the biggest turn for me. I want to show you how much you’ve aroused me and how much I want you.”

Owen was shocked this was his fantasy becoming a reality what’s a guy to do except let nature take its course. He didn’t say a word as he ran one hand up her back to the nape of her neck while the other hand pull her close for a deep lingering kiss. Owen lightly brushed his lips over Charli’s sipping at them as she attempted to capture his lips between hers but he wasn’t having any of that. He changed position and repeated this torture several times causing Charli to moan deeply with desire and frustration. He smiled; she felt it. Then he parted her lips as let his tongue slip inside rubbing his tongue against hers. Her hands tighten around his waist. The room was silent except for their breathing while they kiss passionately. Their tongues engaged in a mating dance thrusting and rubbing against each other exploring all the areas inside each other’s mouth.

Charlie broke the kiss and came up for air. She said, “You are a great kisser.”

Owen smiled and replied, “So are you.”

Charli took a deep breath looked at Owen who was letting her take the lead. She stepped out of his embrace took his hand and led him behind her to her bedroom. The bedroom had candles that provided soft lighting and the room was filled with scent of spice pumpkin incense. He followed her to the bed turning her in his arms as he pulled her close for another passionate kiss. Owen took his time kissing her softly, slowly, as his hands removed her clothes just as methodically. Charli was in heaven this man knew how to make love to a woman. She loved the feel of his hands as they lingered over each exposed piece of flesh and his lips followed the path of his hands. Owen hands slid over her breasts exposing first one then the other removing her bra and continued down her body to her waist and hipster underwear he slid his fingers inside the edges to pull them off. Charli was enjoying the slow torture but wanted to get in on the action too.

She ran her hands through his hair down the nape of his neck inside the collar of his shirt around to his throat as she leaned forward to capture the first button. Charli’s teeth and tongue slowly worked each button loose as she planted feather light kisses on each piece of exposed flesh. She licked one male nipple running her tongue around engorged bud while her other hand she caressed and stroked his other male nipple. Owen’s head was thrown back his Adams apple worked as he enjoyed Charli’s caresses. His hands grasp her waist as he eased her underwear down pass her hips. He released them because she was continuing to lick, suck, and kiss a path down his chest to buttons the jean. She paused to shimmy out of her underwear then she kneeled down and unbuttoned the first jean button with her teeth while she ran her hands back up his chest to caress and stroke his male nipples.

Charlie looked directly in his eyes as her teeth and tongue worked each button loose her lips brushing over his ejection underneath his briefs. She loved the feel of bugle rubbing against her lips as she continued to underdress the object of her desire, Owen. She slowly pulled down his jeans as she rubbed her face and lips over his think Johnson. Charli love dicks and she loved making love to cocks. She grabbed the edge of his underwear with her teeth pulling them down as his trouser trout popped out. Charli hands grabbed his blood engorged meat and stoked from tip to base as her tongue licked and sucked at the base of his cock. Her talented tongue found the pea size prostate at bas of cock just above his cum filled ball sacs. She swirled her tongue firmly against it in a slow steady circular motion as her hand continued to stoke up and down the swollen length of his shaft.

Owen pressed firmly on the back of Charlie head as she continued giving his prostate a through tongue massage pressing that pea firmly between his balls and pulsating sausage. Her hands rubbed up and down his dick, stoking the head in long firm circular motions as she licked and sucked his balls then underneath the base of his cock. Owen could fell his cock sac tighten and knew that he was getting close to climax. Charli must have sense it too because she licked up his shaft to the blood filled head then slowly slid her mouth down the length of his pulsing Johnson swallowing and relaxing as it glided down her throat just as his body exploded in orgasm. He moaned and clasped her head as he unloaded into her mouth. Charli swallowed the first shot quickly and continued to slow each shot of his male nectar She love the taste of cum and her cunt spasmed with mini orgasms as she tasted his cream sliding down her throat. Charli continued to suck and swallow his love juice as he came down for his climax. She let his semi erect cock slide out her mouth while Owen pulled her up and gently pushed her back on to the bed.

Charli knew what Owen wanted and her pussy throbbed in anticipation of feeling his mouth on her hot wet cherrypie. She had feeling that this white boy knew how to eat pussy. Owen bent down and pulled her hips down closer to the edge of the bed no words were spoken as he lower his head between her legs. He loved sight her love juices coating her bare pussy. His fingers parted her lips then found her blood filled bean as he flicked his fingers over it. Her whole body arched at his caress. Owen’s lips followed his fingers. He licked her clit swirling his tongue around the hard erect nub as he pulled it into his mouth. Charli’s legs tighten around his head while her body arched up off the bed. He sucked and stroked the rock hard mini erection as he inserted a finger inside her wet throbbing hole. Owen working the finger in and out, then, he slid in another finger as his tongue continued torture her clit. She was bucking up and down on his lips as he finger fucked her pussy. Charli was riding his finger and enjoying the feel of his mouth on her little cock. Her body was shaking with mini orgasms as he continued his oral homage to her pussy. She grabbed her nipples pulling and pinching mating the rhythm his loving. Her body bucking up and down on his face as Owen held on her hips sensing that she as getting close to her climax. At that moment, Charli’s body arched up, she pressed hard against his lips her pussy exploded with vaginal juices all over his hand. The walls of her pussy spasm and she moan deeply her breasts heaving up and down, her nipples grew larger, and the areoles wrinkled as blood flooded the veins. Owen lean back to watch Charli as she climaxed because it was one of the sexiest thing to watch a woman in the throes of an orgasm and know that he was the trigger that got her to that point was even hotter. His cock reacted to the sight by returning to full mast rock hard and throbbing.

Owen climbed in the bed beside Charli pulled her into his arms. She turned feeling his erection rubbing against her Mons of Venus. She slid one leg over his thigh positioning her wet pussy over his hard meat. He slowly slid his cock inside velvet cunt as her muscles squeezed and pulled his dick inside. The feeling of her pussy encircling his cock was incredible. The feeling of his cock sliding into her pussy sent shivers through her body. His dick fit her cherrypie like a latex glove. Charli close her eyes arched her back and pressed their bodies closer together as he rocked up to meet her down thrust. They began to move together in perfect rhythm Owen grasping her hips as she placed her hand on his shoulders. They rocked together they didn’t say word only making deep throaty moans as their bodies continued with a steady long firm in and out, out and in rhythm. Owen rocked her hips back and forward as she rotated her hips. He watched her breast bounce in time with the movements. Charli loved the feel of his cock in her pussy, the thick veins rubbing against the walls of her throbbing creampie sent electric pulses through her body. Owen loved the feel of her tightening her vaginal muscles on his cock when his pulled out it made his cock feel like it was in a vice and the feeling was unbelievable. Soon their pace quicken as they both came close to their climax. Owen felt his balls tighten while Charli felt her nipples get harder and knew that her orgasm was close. She fell on top of him, her head pressed against his neck and grasped, “Oh, God I’m cumming.”

Sam was at his desk at work, reading a very sexy story on Literotica. He hadn’t masturbated for a couple days so his cock was rock hard. He couldn’t resist unzipping his pants and freeing his erection from its confines. As he read on, he stroked himself slowly. His mind was deep in the story when his office door flew open. Melinda.

“Ummm, Melinda, you should really knock,” Sam said, as he slid forward, trying to hide his exposed cock under his desk while clicking the screens on his computer closed.

“Yes, I suppose I could have, but you see… we have a problem that needs some immediate attention.”

As she spoke, Melinda walked quickly toward his desk. Sam was struck by the way her large breasts pressed against the thin white blouse she wore, clearly showing the lace print of her bra. Her long legs, covered in sheer black stockings, stretched from her very short grey skirt to her black pumps. A silky scarf of crimson, midnight blue and gold draped around her neck. As she walked, Sam couldn’t help but notice her sensuous curves, those long sexy legs, her long black hair cascading over her shoulders, her ruby red lips and her dark blue eyes that always held a special little sparkle.

“Have a seat,” he said.

“Oh, not today Sam, not today.” She walked around his desk. His eyes met hers and she looked down at his hard cock.

“I knew you were being a bad boy Sam, but I had no idea just how bad.” She reached down and trailed her scarlet polished fingernail from the tip of his cock to his balls then gave his throbbing member a squeeze.

“Don’t move,” she commanded. She walked back to the door and shut it, locking it.

“There, now we won’t be disturbed. You see Sam, one of my duties here is to monitor computer usage. I know exactly what you’ve been doing on there.”

Shit! “Um, I can explain.”

She walked back around behind his desk, moving behind him, grabbed his chair and slid it back a few inches then leaned over so her lips were near his ear and her hair brushed his chest. He inhaled her almond scent.

“What am I going to do with you? I could tell our boss or… ” She reached down and gave his cock yet another delicious squeeze. “Perhaps we can come to some agreement?”

“What do you mean?” he asked. She couldn’t possibly mean what it seemed like.

“I have something in mind.”

Sam started to turn to look back at her but Melinda’s hands reached up and held his head facing forward. “Stay facing forward Sam.”

He heard her doing something but wasn’t sure what. Then, Sam felt her large breasts press into his back, above his chair, and her arms wrap around his body. He felt something soft and silky touch his cock. Looking down, he saw a pair of satiny red panties. Her hand slipped them around his cock and she began to stroke him with them.

“Oh… Melinda.”

“Shhh, just listen and answer my questions.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“You want me, don’t you?”

“Oh yes,” Sam groaned. Her soft panties and hand firmly squeezed and stroked him.

“You would do anything to keep this our little secret, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Do you like the feel of my panties on your hard cock, Sam?”

“Very much so.” Her speed was increasing, the soft material causing unbelievable sensations up and down his cock. She was using her fingertips to tickle the underside of his cock. Both of her hands wrapped around his cock, stroking it faster. His balls were ready to explode.

“If you agree Sam, we will do much more than this together. Would you like that?”

“Oh, yes, Melinda. Yes! I would love it.” His body trembled, his heart raced and his breathing increased.

“Would you willingly lick my pussy and kiss my ass?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Her stroking brought him nearer and nearer to orgasm.

“Will you wear pretty silky little panties for me?”

“Anything you wish Melinda.”

“Does my naughty little man want to cum?” she asked as her tongue slipped into his ear.

“Oh God, yes, Melinda!” His hips were bucking slightly, his precum visible on her panties.

“If I let you cum will you do anything I ask?”

“Oh yes, Melinda. Please let me cum!”

“Will you be my little sex toy to do with as I see fit?”

“Yessssssss, please, may I cum?” Sam was holding back desperately. He wanted her to say it but an overpowering feeling was shooting through his loins.

Melinda moved her head around and their lips met. Her tongue slipped between his lips, swirling around his tongue. She pulled back and her mouth went to his ear.

Biting his earlobe, her hands stroking quickly, she said, “cum for me baby. Shoot that hot cum into my panties NOW!!!”

His body convulsed as cum shot from his cock. Stream after stream of cum shot up out. Finally, it dribbled down onto the panties she had wrapped around the length of him and her fingers.

“That’s it baby! Fill my panties. Oh yesssssss, you naughty little fuck.”

She squeezed and stroked his cock, milking it of every last drop. As his body quit shaking, she mopped up his cock with her panties. “Any ideas what I should do with these Sam?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“I have an idea… put them on for me.”


She turned his chair with one hand until she was standing directly in front of him and dangled the red panties on one finger right in front of his nose.

He inhaled deeply. He could smell his own cum combined with the smell from the panties being worn against her sweet pussy.

“Put them on now, or I am going to tell the boss what I found.”

Sam stood and slipped his pants and briefs off then pulled the wet panties up his legs. He couldn’t believe it. The feel of them was making him hard again already. She stepped closer and cupped his balls, leaning in to slide her tongue into his mouth again. They kissed deeply for a minute before she pulled back.

“Wear those the rest of the day to remind you of me.”

She walked away but stopped at the door and looked back over her shoulder at Sam. “Now, get back to work.”

As he sat at his desk wearing Melinda’s wet panties, Sam wondered what he had gotten himself into. He knew that having sex with a co-worker, particularly in the office, was a really bad idea. But his cock had a different view.

As he started working again on some paperwork, an instant message popped up on his screen. It was from Melinda. Sam read it slowly, “Hi Naughty Boy. You will never believe what I found.” Oh God, what was she up to now?

He sent a note back, “What is it?”

Another message with an attachment on it arrived. “Hope you like it, Naughty Boy.”

He opened the attachment. There was his rock hard cock, surrounded by Melinda’s red panties. Her pretty nails and fingers wrapped around it were a blur, suggesting motion. His mouth curved up as he thought about how it had felt. He decided he couldn’t wait to see what she had planned next.

Sam continued going about his duties but couldn’t get Melinda off his mind. Her soft panties wrapped around his body, holding his cock in place. Every time he moved, the material would caress his ass. What did she have planned? Were her breasts as glorious as he imagined? Would he get to touch her? Fuck her? All these naughty thoughts raced continually through his mind.

At lunch, he had to pass by her desk. As soon as he left his office Sam felt her eyes on him, staring. He met her gaze and a naughty grin appeared on her lips. As he walked by her desk, she held out her hand. There was a note in it. Looking down at her, he could clearly see her hard nipples pressed against her blouse. Sam took the note and kept walking.

As Sam made his way into the elevator, he opened the note. “Are those panty lines? How does it feel Naughty Boy? ” He flushed red, feeling the heat rise. Good thing no one else was in the elevator. He reached down and rubbed his hand over his cock to feel the fabric of the panties move on it. Why had he never thought of trying women’s underwear? It was sooo delicious.

When he was finished with lunch, Sam went back to his office. Melinda was not at her desk so he got back to work. After an hour or so of making and returning calls and working on a project, he needed to make some copies from a file. Sam glanced out the door and saw she wasn’t at her desk again. He headed for the copy room.

As he rounded the corner of the copy room doorway, there she was. She was just leaning over to pick something up off the floor. As she bent over, her legs spread slightly. Instead of bending her knees, she bent at the waist. Sam’s eyes were transfixed on her heels. His eyes traveled up her shapely legs and locked onto the back of her thighs. Just as he thought she was done bending over, her skirt rode further up her full round ass. GULP.

That’s when he saw it. There was the most beautiful shaved pussy he had ever seen glistening with wetness. But even more, Sam saw something dangling from her ass. At first his brain didn’t comprehend the end of the string of beads that seemed to protrude from Melinda’s anus. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. Sam could feel his cock hardening again. She turned her torso and smiled at him.

“Hello Naughty Boy. Go ahead, pull it.”

He stood, transfixed and getting harder by the second.

“It’s okay baby, you can breath again,” she said, giggling at him. “Come on, come pull these beads out of my sexy ass.”

Sam walked forward, his eyes fixed on the beads. He reached out and took a hold of the string and pulled slowly until one marble sized bead popped out.

“OH!” she gasped. “Mmmm… keeping going baby. That feels sooo good.”

Sam pulled slowly, amazed as a second bead popped out of her ass, then a third, a fourth and finally a fifth. He held the string in his hand, just looking at it for a minute until Melinda reached back, took the beads from him and flung them to the side. She reached out and fondled the bulge in Sam’s pants.

“Now that you’ve taken my beads out, you got something there to replace them with?”

Sam’s desire warred with the possibility of being caught with something other than his hand in the cookie jar. Melinda stood up and turned around.

“Problem?” she asked, coolly.

“I don’t really want to lose my job if somebody finds us in here,” he said regretfully. A grin spread across Melinda’s lips.

“Didn’t you remember? It’s Nathan’s farewell lunch today. I stayed behind to mind the office but nobody else will be back for at least an hour.” Melinda grinned mischievously. “Or maybe I forgot to put that reminder message in your mailbox.”

She reached out and undid Sam’s belt as he smiled back at her. Unbuttoning and unzipping the pants over his bulge, she licked her lips in anticipation. Slowly, she lowered his pants and then eased the red panties down over his erection, allowing it to spring free.

“Oh my! Look what I found. He looks swollen and dry. Maybe I can soothe him.” Melinda knelt down and slid her mouth over Sam’s twitching erection as he sucked in his breath. Her mouth felt so wet and hot as she took several inches of his cock in and starting sucking, as if he were a big sausage. Sam slid his hands into Melinda’s mane of silky dark hair and softly massaged here scalp.

“Ohhh,” he moaned. It felt so good. He had to resist the urge to grab her head and fuck her mouth.

Melinda pulled back and blew lightly on the wet portion of his cock then licked her way down to gently suck on Sam’s balls. She leaned back and nodded approvingly.

“I think you’re ready for someplace a little tighter.”

She stood and backed up to the table in the room, sitting on the edge and hiking her skirt up over her hips. Spreading her legs, she laid back on the table and put her feet up on the corners of the table.

“Come fuck me, baby,” she commanded softly. Sam reached down and eased his pants off but left the red panties just below his balls and moved over to her, savoring the view of her shaved pussy. He took hold of her hips and positioned himself at the entrance of her hole and ever so slowly pushed in.

Melinda groaned softly. It felt so good to be filled.

Sam pulled out slowly until he was almost all the way out then rammed his cock back into her pussy. Melinda grunted, enjoying it. Sam continued fucking her as he reached down and pushed her legs further apart. He reached down under Melinda until he found her still stretched anus and slid a finger up her well lubed hole. Melinda writhed under his forceful fucking, groaning as he inserted a second finger into her ass.

“Oh Sam! Yes! That feels so fucking good, fuck me hard!”

Sam swirled his fingers around in her ass as he started thrusting faster and harder into her pussy. His balls felt ready to explode as Melinda’s pussy clenched around his cock and squeezed his erection. God, this was so good! He thought about how long he’d been missing out on this horny fucking when she had been so near by. He was going to make up for it now though. He slammed his cock into her pussy again.

Melinda was cumming, arching her back and grunting as Sam let loose with his load, shooting it into her pussy. He thrust until he was spent then withdrew his fingers from her anus and pulled slowly out of her pussy.

Melinda smiled up at him. She reached down and slid a finger into her pussy, twirling it around then pulled it out and brought the cream to her lips and sucked it clean.

“Mmmm… I can’t go back to work like this. You’ll have to clean me up… with your tongue… Naughty Boy.”

Sam looked down at her swollen pussy, where the cream of their combined juices was beginning to trickle out of her. He’d never thought of doing this before but he found himself salivating as he knelt down until he faced her lovely pussy and reached out with his tongue to give a tentative lick. Mmmm, so fucking good. He dove in, licking and lapping up their combined juice.

Melinda giggled at how eagerly he was going down on her. She’d definitely picked the right guy for this. They were going to have some marvelously kinky times together. Work seemed a little less boring than it had the day before.

Melinda let her mind go and just enjoyed the sensation of Sam licking her pussy so thoroughly. His eagerness was bringing her close to cumming again. She arched a little and thrust her pussy into his excited licking, his tongue slid into her and back out. She felt her contractions starting again and pushed with one to squirt her cum onto his tongue as he continued to lap at her sensitive flesh. She shuddered as she finished and waited for Sam to lick her flesh clean.

When he was satisfied that he’d gotten every last drop, Sam stood back and Melinda sat up to look at him. She enjoyed the way the red panties looked just under his balls and his breathless lust-hazed look.

“You’ve had a very busy day,” she said. “I think you should go back to your desk and have a bit of a nap. Wear those panties home tonight and hand wash them for me. Wear them back tomorrow.”

Without another word, Melinda got up, pulled her skirt down, retrieved the anal beads from the corner of the room and left. Sam went back to his office, closed the door and reclined his chair. He drifted off, thinking of his exhausting day. He woke to the phone ringing and glanced at the clock. It was just going on 4:30.


“Hi, Naughty Boy, time to go home. Make sure you get a good night’s rest. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Melinda said and hung up without waiting for a reply.

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