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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is the first erotic series I ever wrote, back in 2005-7, long before posting my first story. I have revised and edited (hopefully well) the chapters, but they are pretty much as they were when I wrote them. It is the story of a married couple in love and exploring a new version of their relationship. It is a fairly long series, although some of the chapters are quite short.

You may want to read Chapter One to get the premise, although the story has progressed quite a bit from its beginnings. Thanks to all the readers who have stuck with the tale, and voted.

Civil comments always welcome.

“You’re already the most beautiful woman there. The dress will only make sure that everyone knows it.”



“It’s a gown, hon. Not a dress.” Despite his fashion gaffe, she knew he was sincere, and that he loved her, and she loved him.

That was an hour ago. They’d driven to the hotel early, gotten a room, and dressed in the room. They were staying over, and didn’t have to watch what they drank. Despite the fact that the party was a stuffy affair (some sort of ancillary industry function that they didn’t know anyone at), it was a swanky affair, and they planned to enjoy it. Now dressed, they walked into the room to see a throng of similarly well-dressed people milling and wait staff mingling with trays of food and champagne.

She had to admit that he was right about the gown. Black, full length and flowing, it was off the shoulder with a low neckline, just short of seductive. The waist pinched and the hips flowed, and it moved on her like a living thing. She almost felt as beautiful as she knew he saw her. John never tired of seeing her, looking at her, admiring her. She loved his attention, and she loved him. And she loved looking at him, too. After all these years of marriage they were still infatuated like a first date. Tonight John was handsome and sexy in a black tuxedo, dignified with a quiet understated style. As they strode together into the room, more than a few heads turned. She wondered who was looking at whom. She took his arm, marking her man, and held her head high.

Two hours later dinner was being served. She took his arm and pulled him to their table. They were sitting with people they didn’t know, and after introductions she knew they would not spend much time with them. As she spread her napkin in her lap, she decided that this would be a good time to tell him. He sat, and in a dignified manner she put her hand on his arm and leaned to his ear.

“Darling,” she whispered in his ear, watching to see if anyone was listening, “I’ve had a vibrating egg in my pussy all night. In the last hour I starting turning it up higher. I may need to cum very soon.”

He turned to her, trying not to be flustered and surprised. A large grin split his face.

For the next hour they made small talk, dragged into polite conversation with the forgettable people at the table. She took every opportunity to work words like ‘vibrate’, ‘wet’ and ‘stimulate’ into the conversation, and use phrases like ‘turning it higher’ and ‘losing control’, and once even ‘spurting geyser’. She would always throw surreptitious glances at him, knowing that he was thinking about the vibrating egg humming in her pussy. Fortunately it blocked the juices from flowing out of her, and she’d had the foresight to actually wear panties tonight. Still, they were probably soaked.

The champagne kept coming, and they kept sipping. She could see that John couldn’t concentrate on the conversation; he kept asking everyone to repeat questions they had asked him. Of course, every time he tried to answer, she would run her foot up his leg, or announce that she found the subject ‘stimulating’, or something else to distract him.

One woman, a proper and well-mannered (stuck up and stiff?) youngish brunette named Muriel kept looking at her, even when she wasn’t dropping subtle sexual innuendos. Lena wondered if Muriel was pissed off, confused, shocked, interested or turned on. But she really didn’t care. Lena was turned on, and by now was so turned on that she could give a shit about what anyone else thought. She needed to cum.

She reached to the controller tucked into her stocking top, and pushed the switch a little higher. She could swear that she could hear the humming, but she knew it was just her imagination. She turned to John, who was mid-sentence about some meaningless subject or other. “John, dear, I need to get up and stretch a bit. Would you mind?” She batted her eyes at him, and he excused himself and stood to pull her chair out. She stood, excused herself, and linked her arm in John’s as they went to the door.

“John, dear, I am a little tipsy, from all the champagne,” she said, inclining her head to him as they slowly walked. “And of course I am a little over-stimulated from the egg humming in my box.” She smiled, politely. Anyone seeing them talk would think they were discussing some meaningless society topic. “But mostly dear,” she said as they went through the door into the mostly empty entrance hallway, “I am dying to cum. My orgasm is fairly close.” She looked to see no one within earshot. “I would really love it if you could find us a nice quiet place around here so I could pull up my gown and watch you lick my sweet pussy until I cum into your mouth!”

They took a side exit, walking around the corner of the hotel, finding a secluded outdoor seating area on the hotel grounds, near some foliage. Lena gave him a huge smile, found a convenient table, and reached into her small purse to remove a cloth napkin she had taken from the table. She laid it flat on the edge of the table, turned back to face him, then bent to grab the bottom of her gown. Cautiously she bunched it, careful not to wrinkle it, until she had exposed her stockinged legs and panties. Lifting the back up over her ass, she rested her firm ass cheeks on the edge of the table. She took the controller out of her stocking top, turned it off. Then she lifted her ass a little, pulling her panties down off her hips, letting them slide down to her feet and stepping out of them. John picked them up, fingered the damp crotch with a lascivious grin, and placed them next to her on the table. Then he watched as she spread her legs and slowly, slowly, pulled a two-inch long and almost as wide smooth white egg vibe out of her pussy. He watched the lips part, stretch, and spread to allow the object to pass out. His eyes came to hers, and he heard her say, “Lick my wet pussy. Lick me till I cum.”

He squatted down and brought his face up to her smooth shaved pussy, relishing the scent of her excitement, smelling her musk. She pushed her hips forward and spread her legs, then raised one leg up to the table top, giving him full access to her sex. “Lick my hole, John, suck my wet pussy, suck my clit. Make me cum!” she insisted. She knew he loved the dirty talk, and it turned her on to turn him on. And frankly, it made her hot! So nasty! “Taste my pussy, eat me!”

He dove in, not trying to seduce or arouse, he stuck his fat tongue right up her wet slit, and burrowed into her hole, rubbing his whole face in her dripping snatch, his nose bumping her clit. “Oh, yeah, that’s it, baby, lick my sweet pussy, yeah, like that!” He used his fingers to spread her lips, and stuck his tongue further up into her; she felt it wiggling inside her, then licking her sweet juices, lapping at her, up, from hole to clit, swiftly, over and over. “Oh, yeah – oh! – oh, yeah, there, right there, oh!” she exclaimed every time his tongue touched her clit, “Oh! M-mm, yeah lick my –oh! – my fucking cunt, lick –oh! – lick my hole, I want your – oh! – tongue in me – oooowwweeeEEEEOOOOO!”

John took two fingers and jammed them into her pussy full in to his knuckles, curling them up to stimulate her g-spot, and started licking her clit, nibbling at it, sucking it like a little cock. “Oh, fuck me, suck my clit, make me cum, I want to wash your face in my cum!” He sucked her labia, tongue wrestling with them. “Yeah, baby, suck the juice out of me, you like the way my pussy tastes, don’t you?” He kept his fingers in her, pumping her, rubbing her g-spot, as he moved his tongue behind his hand and wriggled it into her puckered ass. “Oh, god yeah stick your tongue in my ass, lick my fucking asshole!” She was pushing on the back of his head now, jamming her pussy against his face, humping his mouth.

John brought his tongue back to her clit and started seriously working it, licking harder, pulling the hood back and pushing the button with the tip of his sleek pink muscle. “Come on, make me cum, that’s it, that’s the spot, o-oo, I feel it coming, yeah, right there, that’s the spot, that’s the spot, OO-OOO-OOOAAA-AAA!” She was yelling, her voice echoing off the dark and distant buildings, splitting the silent night in cries of passion. Her pussy gushed, flooding her juices out in a spasm of fluid, and she felt an urge to pee, strong, and her body tensed and froze, locked in spasm; her body shook involuntarily, and her hips crammed her cunt into John’s mouth, her cum flowing freely into his mouth, onto his chin and nose.

She released his head as her orgasm subsided, and he pulled his face away, looking up at her. His lips were a little swollen from being crushed into her, but his smiling face was glistening with her juice, he was soaking, wet all the way to his ears, up to his eyes, and it had run down his neck; his collar was a little wet. God damn he looked hot!

He stood, he kissed her, and their tongues swirled, heated in her juices. He stepped back from her, expecting her to drop her dress and cover herself. Instead she reached behind herself, took the napkin from under her ass, and blotted at least some of the wetness between her legs. Done, she let her dress drop, and handed the mostly damp napkin to him. “Sorry,” she said, softly, “I didn’t want to ruin the gown.” Then, suddenly loud, she called out, “Did you like that, Muriel?”

She saw John was confused, looking around. And she called out again. “Come out here, now.” From behind some bushes stepped the proper young woman from their table. Her head was lowered in shame and embarrassment, and she walked timidly towards them.

John was stammering, finally asking, “How long -? How did you-? You knew she was there?”

“Easy honey,” she said, a hand on John’s chest. “I’ll handle it.” She turned to Muriel.

“So, perv, you like to watch people having sex, huh? That turns you on? Huh?” Her voice was accusatory, insistent. “Is this how you get off, Muriel? You watch other people from behind a bush? Huh?” Muriel was standing in front of Lena now, her head down, looking at her feet, hands clasped in front of her. “It’s not the looking that makes you a dirty little perv, you know, Muriel. Everybody likes to look. But you’re ashamed of looking aren’t you? I bet you’re all hot and wet from looking aren’t you? You probably got all moist from watching John make me cum, didn’t you?”

“Y-Yes,” she squeaked out.

“Yes what?” Lena was getting into the act now, but that’s all it was really, an act.

“Yes, I got wet watching John make you cum.”

“Yeah, I bet you did. It was a spectacular orgasm, Muriel. Did you see it all from back there? Did you see my pussy cum in his mouth? Did you see me gush? Hmm?”


“I’ll bet you would love to cum like that, wouldn’t you?” Lena was standing in front of Muriel now. Face to face. Almost touching.


“Yes, what. Say it.” Her hand went to Muriel’s chin, lifting her face up. “Look into my face and say it out loud.”

“I want to cum like you. I want to cum and gush into your husband’s mouth.”

Lena was stunned for a second, and looked at John. She hadn’t really expected to hear the woman say it! She regained her composure, and turned back to Muriel. “Oh, really? You want John to lick your pussy until you cum?” She glanced over at John, he was staring dumbfounded, but his pants were bulging wildly. “Maybe I’ll let him lick you. Maybe not. Let’s see it. Show us your pussy.”

Slowly, Muriel pulled up her simple dignified dress, exposing her plain panties. She hooked a thumb in the front, pulling them down. Suddenly Lena mover to her, grabbed the sides of her panties, and pulled them down to her feet. Muriel had a full bush, trimmed a little on the sides.

“What the fuck, Muriel? You want your pussy licked by my husband, and all you can offer is this hairy thing? If you want some tongue, honey, you gotta do better than this. If you want head, you have to make it nice, like this.” And Lena pulled up her own gown, and showed her smooth shaved pussy to the stunned woman. Shocked, Muriel’s eyes dropped to Lena’s crotch, and her dress slipped from her grasp.

“I – I never – Oh, my – I’ve never seen anything like – it – it’s,” she looked up at Lena. “It’s beautiful.”

“It feels good, too. Try it sometime.” Muriel looked back down. On impulse, Lena took the woman’s hand, and brought it between her legs, allowing Muriel to feel the smooth shaves lips and slit.

“Feels good, right? Well, you are not getting your pussy licked tonight, honey. But maybe we can do something. You’ve come all the way out here to sneak up and watch us, after all,” she teased. She looked at John who appeared still stunned by the pussy rubbing thing. Lena snapped her fingers dramatically. “I know!” She turned to Muriel, and spoke into her face. “How about if you suck John’s dick?”

“Huh?” John suddenly broke from his stunned silence.

“Huh?” Muriel echoed.

“Sure, you can suck John’s dick. Blow him. You know, a blow job. A hummer.” She looked at John and waved him over. “John, take out your cock so Muriel can suck you.” She turned to the woman as John opened his pants. “Here, dear, sit here on this bench, and John will feed his hard cock into your mouth.” O-oo, she DID love the dirty talk!

Amazingly, Muriel allowed herself to be led to the bench, and sat. John stepped to her, his exposed hard shaft sticking straight out level with her face. He walked near her, then Lena’s hand in his back pushed him until his cock was in Muriel’s face. They watched as she opened her mouth accepting the head of the stiff rod inside, her tongue licking the underside. Lena sat down next to her, put her arm around her, and her face to her ear. She talked to her as Muriel began to suck enthusiastically. “Yeah, baby, that’s the way, suck my husband’s dick, you slut, get that whole cock in your mouth, that’s it; yeah, suck it good.” Muriel was pushing her head back and forth, sliding her mouth up and down the entire length. “Yeah, you’re a good cocksucker, aren’t you? You must like sucking cock. I know I do. I like John’s cock , don’t you? It feels so good sliding into my mouth. Get your hand on his shaft now, slut, and pump his cock into your mouth.” Lena’s face was touching Muriel’s, she could feel the heat from the woman’s skin, heard her breathing through her nose, and the wet sucking sounds as John’s stiff cock slipped in on out.

John looked down to see Lena’s face next to Muriel’s, listening to her talk to Muriel as the woman sucked. Lena looked up at him. “I want to you swallow all his cum, slut,” she continued, looking into her husband’s eyes, “you make him cum and you get it all in your mouth, and you hold it all there and show us your slut mouth all full of cum, and then you swallow it all.” John’s eyes opened wide. She dropped his gaze, and whispered softly into Muriel’s ear as her husband watched. She had an arm snaked around the other woman, and cupped her breasts as she sucked her husband’s cock. Her face was pressed close to Muriel’s their mouths almost touching, and impulsively she leaned forward and licked John’s cock where it met Muriel’s lips. She pinched the woman’s nipples then, hearing a muffled squeal from her.

Before she realized it her hand was inside Muriel’s dress, and she was feeling her breasts, pulling and pinching the nipple, Oh damn, this was too hot, she thought, I’m feeling up another woman who is sucking John’s dick, she thought. Suddenly Muriel pulled of John’s cock and turned her head, and kissed Lena full on the lips, her lips soaked with saliva from sucking, her tongue inside Lena’s mouth, and they were making out, Lena’s hand still on the woman’s breast. Then Muriel broke the kiss, and she was sucking again harder, more insistent, with longer hand strokes, and Lena heard John grunt and call out, and she felt the jets shooting, her face was side-to-side with Muriel and she could feel the spasms in John’s cock through her; it was so sensuous, so fucking hot, she could feel her husband shooting his cum into this woman’s mouth, and she took it all. He came and came, and Muriel jerked his shaft until he stopped twitching, and then pulled off, pulling her head back.

And she opened her mouth to show them the pool of cum, her tongue swimming in the slimy goo, before closing it and swallowing hard. She licked her lips.


The three of them walked back to the party together. They talked and laughed. Lena told Muriel how hot she was, and confessed to her first girl kiss. And feeling her up! Muriel said she been with women ‘more than once’, and loved it, but not as much as sucking and fucking. She told them how lucky they were to have each other, since her husband was such a straight and boring type. John said that if she needed to, she could suck his dick whenever she wanted. And Lena hit him on the arm playfully. Lena told Muriel about shaving. When they re-entered, dessert was being served.

“I don’t know what dessert they served in here, but I bet the cream sauce I had was better!” Muriel joked as they grabbed champagne from the table.

“So was the treat I had!” John added.

Lena fished into her purse as they laughed. She handed the phone to Muriel.

“Put your number in,” she said, “I’ll call you tomorrow.”

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