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My work for Congresswoman Dollarhyde, or DH as she was called, was progressing on two fronts. I was becoming indispensable to her as an aide and was also servicing her regularly with my hand. She constantly complimented me on my work as her aide; especially on my ability to “get things done quickly and correctly” as she put it. I had also become very good at getting her off, easing her stress when she felt overwhelmed. I had learned in no time how to get that done quickly and correctly as well.

My only problem was that I was becoming more and more engrossed in my relationship with her. The fact that she was twice my age didn’t bother me. The slight sag of her 47 year-old body actually turned me on. Her body wasn’t perfect, but it was beautifully proportioned and incredibly responsive to my touch. What did bother me was that we were stuck on me servicing her with my hand. I longed to feel her breasts, to suck on her stiff nipples. I wanted to hold her, to feel her pressed naked against me, and most of all, I desperately wanted to fuck her. The relationship was all one way, with me giving all the pleasure and receiving none. I wanted to ravish and devour her middle-aged body with my young manhood. I wanted to bring her to a crashing orgasm while I pumped my youthful seed into her menopausal cunt.

Whether it was in her office or in the back of the limo, I had taken to pulling her skirt completely up and her panties off, and watching her pussy while I manipulated it with my hand. She kept it perfectly shaved, except for a small patch of hair at the top. The patch was dark and curly, but lightly speckled with a gray hair here or there. Her lips were light pink, and her clit stood out proudly when she got aroused. As I teased her with my fingers, I could not only feel her getting wetter, I could see the first drops of fluid forming on the outside lips of her vagina until I smeared them against her puffy lips as I gave her the digital pleasure she needed.

I decided that the next time she called me in to her office I would make a move and try to push our relationship along a little bit. She had rebuffed me at every turn, changing the subject if I spoke about it, guiding my wandering hand back to her pussy, or just flat-out telling me to concentrate on bringing her off, not on the rest of her body. I had my plan, and I got my opportunity a couple of days later.

I was on a landline with another Congressman’s aide when I heard a notification from my cell phone. I picked it up and saw that DH was asking to see me in her office. I had learned that if she buzzed me on the intercom, or called me through an open door, it meant that she needed to see me on a business matter. If she texted me, it meant to come right away and lock the door when I entered.

I ended my call and went directly to her office, entering without knocking. I closed the door behind me and locked it. DH was already prone on the couch, her head resting lightly on a pillow propped against the arm. She smiled when I entered the room and said, “Oh good. I was hoping you’d get here in a hurry.” I made my way across to her and sat on the edge of the couch at about her waist.

“What can I do for you, Ms. Congresswoman?” I asked jokingly.

“I have an itch and I need it scratched,” she answered, looking coyly at me. I put my hand on her shin and gave a little scratch.

“Right here?” I asked.

“No, a little higher.” I moved my hand up a few inches, still well below her knee.

“Then it must be here,” I said.

“No, still higher.” I moved my hand up to her knee and lightly scratched. More of a tickle, really.

“Here?” I inquired.

“No. Higher.” Her breathing was becoming more rapid. I moved my hand about a third of the way up her thigh and she wriggled her toes.

“Then it must be right here,” I said as I moved my hand to the inside of her thigh and gave a light scratch.

“Mmmmmmm, no but you’re getting closer,” she sighed and spread her legs a little wider.

Moving my hand to within inches of her pussy, I scratched and rubbed gently. “Here?” I whispered.

She reached down and pulled my hand up to her unclad cunt and told me, “No, right here. This is where my itch is. Please scratch it for me.” I began to lightly rake my nails over her naked lips. With no effort, my fingertips dipped into her wet, open cleft each time I went across it. She began her low, guttural moaning.

“Yes, that’s it,” she moaned. “Right there.” I lightly flicked a fingernail over her clit, and she gasped. “Oh, yeah. Right there.” With my other hand I pulled upward on her skirt and she raised her hips off the couch so I could pull it up, exposing her pelvis and cunt to my greedy eyes. As always, she had laid a towel below her butt and thighs. I dipped a finger in her hole and immediately pulled it out and ran it up to her clit, which I massaged gently. “Mmmmmmm,” was the response I got.

I knew that she liked me to rub small circles around her clit, and that it excited her tremendously when I did. I knew that before I made my move, I had to have her at maximum feverish pitch. I worked steadily, her excitement increasing with each circle of my thumb around her clit. I began lightly running my index and middle finger in and out of her now soaking cunt as I continued to circle and tease her clit with my thumb.

Without stopping, I moved myself down towards the bottom of the couch. I knew the time was nearing. She couldn’t make much noise in the office, but I knew when her orgasm was approaching, her pitch changed from a low groan to a higher mewling sound. I knew that when that started, she’d be minutes from her orgasm, and it was my time to make my move.

Sure enough, as soon as she started her mewling sound, I lifted her outside leg, moved forward, and planted my face on her cunt. Her body immediately tensed, and she grabbed my head as if to pull it away, but I held it forcefully steady and began to lick up and down her wet slit, stopping each time at the top to suck her clit into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. Little by little her pressure to remove my head from between her legs got weaker and weaker until she was just holding my head in her hands as I licked and sucked on her 47 year-old pussy.

She began to mewl again, and I knew that I hadn’t lost any ground. I moved my right hand up to her pussy and inserted two fingers. She pushed back against my fingers as I slowly slid them all the way into her, as deep as I could get them. All the while I was still swirling my tongue around her clit and occasionally give it a suck. I withdrew my fingers as slowly as I had buried them, and moved my tongue and face down until I could stick my tongue up her cunt. I stuck it in as far as I could and tongue-fucked her while I wiggled my fingers, still at her wet opening. Evidently this excited her, because I could feel her get wetter, and her mewling more desperate.

She was fast approaching her orgasm now, and I moved my wet face back up and started sucking on her clit, flicking my tongue back and forth across it while I sucked it in and out of my mouth. I slid my fingers back inside her and moved them in and out slightly, still buried deep within her. The deep finger-fucking I was giving her combined with the sucking and licking of her clit was driving her mad, and she was thrusting her hips wildly in a vain attempt to get my fingers buried even more deeply inside her.

When she came, she held her butt up off the couch, grabbed my head and pushed my face into her cunt. With my fingers buried deep inside her, she let out a loud cry and let go a gush of cum against my face as I felt the walls of her pussy twitch with each wave of her orgasm. She just kept coming and coming, and I was afraid I’d run out of breath, my face clamped hard against her pulsating cunt. Oddly, I also wondered at that moment if she had gotten any of her cum on my collar or tie.

Slowly she stopped pulsating, rested her butt back down on the couch, and let go my head so I could take a breath. I moved only inches from her and inhaled deeply through my nose, smelling her lady-smell. She smelled musky and salty, perfectly matching the exquisite taste of her pussy. She was old enough to be my mother, but her cunt, her pussy, her twat, her vagina tasted and smelled like a virginal 20-year-old.

She took a few deep breaths, then said, “God, do you think anybody heard that?” Even though I was pretty sure somebody must have, and I was pretty sure a couple of people in the office suspected that my long trips into her office behind a locked door were more monkey-business than Congressional business, I told her, no, I didn’t think anybody had heard it and that she hadn’t been as loud as she thought. Although she was, and they did.

As she pulled her skirt down, I stood up and went for the box of tissues on her desk. My face was completely coated in her juices. I started to wipe my face, and she told me, “Go in and use my bathroom and clean yourself up. You’re a mess!!” I could only laugh.

I went in to her private bathroom and ran some warm water over a washrag. As I washed my face, chin, and neck, I realized that even though I would still have to go home tonight and pleasure myself, I had gotten one step further along with the Congresswoman. Tonight I would have to fantasize about fucking her while I rubbed my cock myself, but I had moved the game one step closer. One step at a time.


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