8:48 PM. Just about closing time. In only 12 more minutes, Violet could officially lock up the library and head on home. It was her first night working alone, and she wanted to make sure she did as good a job as possible. Not many 24 year olds got to run a fairly large library all by themselves. “Damn girl, you’re going straight to the top of the librarian game.” she told herself sarcastically. Of course, it was just for a while, until something better came along. It wasn’t that Violet didn’t like the library; she’d always been a bit of a bookworm ever since middle school. A librarian, however, wasn’t exactly a rewarding career in her mind. Doing this for the next 30 years until she ended up like her shriveled old coworkers was not the way she wanted her life to pan out.

She was still young and good looking. Violet was especially proud of her ass, which had a way of turning men’s heads when she walked down the street. Of course, that wasn’t her only asset. She also had some nice D-cups, which, paired with her straight, dark brown hair and pretty face, made for a fantastic picture. Her friends frequently told her she was way too hot to spend so much time in the library. But to Violet, there had always been something relaxing and inviting about being surrounded by books. She didn’t mind her job at all. But right now, it was almost closing time, and she was getting ready to go home and take a hot bath.

8:52 PM. Out of nowhere, it began to rain. Not a light drizzle, not a soft relaxing rain, a violent shower, complete with thunder and lightning. Violet swore quietly to herself, since her car was all the way across the parking lot and she had neglected to bring an umbrella. She briefly debated waiting out the storm, but decided against it. Closing time was 9 PM, and that was when she would leave. Just as she sat down behind the counter again, the door opened and a man half walked, half ran in. He was of medium height, rather small and wiry. Not exactly a Hercules type. He ran his hand across his stubbly beard before he spoke.

“Hey, you guys close soon?” he asked, almost apologetically.

“About 5 minutes.” responded Violet.

“Damn, it’s raining cats and dogs out there. Should I go find somewhere else to wait it out?”

Violet hesitated. “Well… I guess you can stay until it clears up. There’s nobody else here, though, like I said, we’re officially closed already.”

The man grinned. “Thanks a lot, love. I appreciate it.”

His grin was infectious, and Violet found herself smiling right back.

“Do you want any books, DVDs, or anything?”

The man was still grinning.

“Nah, that’s okay love. I know exactly what I want.”

With that, he hopped over the counter, facing Violet, who was still sitting down.

“Um, you’re not supposed to be back here, this is for employee…”

“Do us a favor, love, and shut up. What, are you gonna make me leave?”

Violet was shocked, and, understandably, a little afraid. The man took a step towards her, still grinning. The smile was no longer infectious. It looked downright sinister. Violet’s hand slipped under the desk.

“I’m warning you sir, if you don’t leave now, I’m pushing the alarm and the police will…”

The man’s smile widened, and he shook his head.

“Come on, love, you really expect me to believe that you wouldn’t have pushed that button already? There’s no alarm here, this ain’t no fuckin bank.”

He stepped forward again, standing right in front of Violet now. Without warning, his right hand shot out and grabbed a nice handful of Violet’s hair, as he yanked her to her feet.

“No, please sir, what are you doing, let go…”

The man backhanded Violet hard across the face with his left. The girl yelped sharply in pain and struggled in the man’s grip, which was far stronger than his lean appearance gave him credit for.

“Shut the fuck up, girl. Don’t say a damn word, get on your knees and open your mouth.”

“No sir, please don’t make me do that…”

He roughly shoved Violet down on her knees, while his other hand unzipped his pants.

“Now, I’m gonna slip this into your pretty little mouth. You’re gonna suck on it until I’m done, and then you’ll swallow what I give you to swallow. If you try to bite or fight, or try anything, I swear I’m going to make you sorry.”

Violet barely had time to get out a “Please sir…” before he roughly shoved his dick into her mouth. Violet’s dark brown eyes widened as the stranger started to fuck her mouth. She had never given anyone head, now this guy wasn’t giving her much of a choice. His dick made her gag every time he thrust forward. Violet was on all fours now. The man’s hand in her hair was painfully forcing her head up. Now he was grunting as well as he got closer and closer. Violet’s mind was racing. It was hard to breathe through the cock in the back of her throat. She was gagging painfully as her assailant kept her face buried in his crotch. Suddenly, she glanced to the side and spotted a thumbtack on the ground, a rather big and sturdy looking one.

She squealed through the dick in her mouth as the man jerked her head back up to look at him, and fucked her mouth a little faster. It was starting to hurt now, and Violet’s moans were getting more frequent and desperate. Crying by now, she reached out as fast as she could towards the thumbtack and stabbed it into the hand holding her hair. The man yelped and immediately let go. Violet pulled away and turned to run, but with no luck. The man reached out and grabbed her ass, cursing all the while. He threw her back down, this time flat on her stomach, and got on top, pinning her down. His hands unzipped her skirt in the back and ripped it down off her hips. Violet was struggling hard the whole time, but two quick punches two the ribs took the fight out of her. One of his hands was on her face, pressing it into the floor. His grip was as strong as iron. There was no escape from this position.

“Didn’t I tell you not to try anything, you stupid little bitch? Didn’t I fuckin tell you? I told you I’d hurt you, now take this!”

Violet’s eyes grew huge as he shoved his dick, still wet with her saliva, into her tight little asshole. She had never had anything put up her ass, and the pain was excruciating. She squealed loudly, and tried to struggle as he fucked her raw in the ass.

“Shut the fuck up, ain’t no one gonna hear you.”

“Oh god, please let me go, please. Ow! Oooowwww! Stop, please! Ouch that hurts, owww!”

Violet’s asshole was burning. This was the worst pain she’d ever been in, as she struggled helplessly and begged him to stop, neither of which he took the slightest notice of. He pumped harder as he began to climax. His hips bucked as he reached orgasm. Violet stopped struggling and moaned loudly as hot cum filled her ass.

“Oh god oh god oh god…” she whimpered as he pulled his dick out of her ass.

“Now you lie right there and count to 100, nice and slow, before you even think about getting up. If you don’t, I’ll know and trust me, bitch, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

“Owww. Yes sir…”

The man ran out of the library, leaving Violet behind, still face down on the floor. She was panting hard, and whimpered as she began to count.


As soon as she reached 100, Violet shakily stood up, and gasped as fire shot through her ass. Cum dripped down the back of her leg as she whimpered in pain. Gingerly, she pulled her panties back up, put her skirt on, and walked, or rather, limped out of the library. The rain had stopped, and she got into her car. Violet took a deep breath and tried to calm her shaking hands. She hesitated for a second. It was wrong, she told herself. It was definitely wrong. “Fuck it, who cares?” she said in a whisper. Violet’s right hand reached underneath her skirt.

The End.

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