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The sweet smell of afternoon Bar-B-Q wafts into the pool where I’m fucking beautiful Miss White from behind. The sun puts beads of sweat onto her back as her knees rest on the second step underwater. She claws the ground with every rough moan.

I scan the hustle and bustle of neighbors moving about the apartment complex. A gentleman holding a cigar up on the balcony catches my eye just as she squeals. He offers me a quick salute and a smirk.

I smile back and then smack her rear, then I come. I feel the gentleman watching us still and the air feels fresh with life.

This was pretty good, I had to admit. I’d have had her squealing in the coffee bar where I met her, if only I’d liked coffee bars. I hate coffee bars. I liked having the sun at my back and the sound of dogs in the neighborhood. I liked the smell of water from a garden hose, and nothing beat the feel of fresh cut grass to rest my naked bum on. God, I was getting hard again just thinking about it!

Miss White sat across from me and pulled a cigarette from her purse. Her actual name escaped me, and I only just now wondered what it was. I called her Miss White because she ordered a White Chocolate Cappuccino.

“Leave your towel off,” I told her. “Let me look at you.” Smiling, she lay down on her back in the poolside recliner, and I watched her naked body. She put her hands behind her head for support and bathed in the sun.

Then I saw Pigtails.

She was standing in her window as usual, which sadly cut off at her belly. She had the curtains parted, and was looking down at me from her second story apartment.

Dark red hair. Freckles peppering her soft white cheeks. And those dark-rimmed glasses of hers — thank God for those! She was wearing them now.

She was watching me, and I was getting hard letting her watch me.

I got up to sit by Miss White. Still looking at Pigtails, I put my hand on her crotch and began to rub it. She giggled and acted pleasantly surprised, but didn’t open her eyes.

I imagined she was Pigtails, who kept looking down at me from above. I could see her smiling. I saw her hand disappear below the windowsill where it probably went up her probably short skirt.

That damn window.

“What are you… uhh… looking at?” I rubbed quicker and she went back to moaning. I was making her scream when I shifted positions and brought my penis to her mouth. Pigtails looked jealous, and I almost came at that thought alone.

It serves her right. I’ve been to her door before, and every time she ignores me. She watches me and makes herself come, but then denies me entry. I could give her all she wants, but she’s the only girl who won’t let me. So she’ll have to watch me give it to Miss Whatsername instead.

Ooh… and she’s getting it now. I’m still making her crazy with the one hand while Pigtails watches. She has a hand on the window now, and I can tell she’s close.

Just then, an old lady carrying groceries walks by her window and stops, breaking her concentration. I can faintly hear the old lady comment on her technique, then I see Pigtails freak out and throw the curtains closed.

And I laugh hysterically.


“What is it you’re trying to do to me,” I had written on the last note. What a game she has me playing. She had me begging, like a kid that just wants to play a little dodgeball with his older brother’s friends. And now she has a grown ass man with skills writing little notes to a woman who won’t speak to him.

Fine. I’ll keep taunting her.

Who’s it going to be today? The pre-med student who’s looking for a break in the Fiction section. She’s wearing a very short white-trimmed baby blue dress made of cotton. She only has one pony tail, but she’s got glasses and she’s wearing flip flops.

She just gave me the look. I can see Pigtails watching from her desk at the checkout counter.

It drives her crazy when I do this: Come to the library where she works and take her customers in front of her. We are looking at each other when I walk up behind Miss Baby Blue and slip my hand with ease around her hips, down to her thigh and up her skirt. She is not wearing underwear. She is soft and shaven, and I feel her getting wet in my hand. She is gleeful and takes me into the back where there is a soft chair waiting for us.

She can’t wait to get my pants off, and she hops onto me smiling. There is no skipping a beat when I enter her. “Who needs books,” she says and starts to ride me.

A figure appears out of the corner of my eye. It is her, standing behind a short bookshelf. Always standing behind something — God! It is agonizing. How awful it is that I can’t have her. Oh the humanity!

But Baby Blue’s movements are graceful, and she has a look of gratitude with me inside her. I feel her muscles tighten, and she wants to scream. “Don’t,” I tell her with a grin, “You must whisper — we are in a library.” She laughs and slaps me in the chest playfully, then runs it up to grab my neck.

An older woman walks by, and when we exchange glances, she says, “Oh, don’t mind me, young man. You enjoy yourself.” She smiles and pats me on the shoulder, then disappears down another aisle.

Baby Blue leans into me, and steadies her movements, now slow but deep. She’s about to come, so I turn to look at Pigtails.

She is gone.

“Where on Earth did you come from?” I hear Baby Blue say to me. She’s already come but knows that I haven’t.

I could feel my drive waning with the absence of my Pigtails, and I was going to tell her to stop. But then I saw Pigtails again. She was at the end of the long aisle right behind Baby Blue, who was now sliding off me and getting on her knees. I was looking right at Pigtails when I felt the warmth of Baby Blue’s mouth on my penis.

Just the sight of her had me hot and ready to come, and she was looking to see if I would.

Pigtails had her legs pressed tight together as she watched me come. She was looking me in the eyes as my come poured into Baby Blue. She looked pleased as she turned and went back toward her desk.

“I’ve got to come to the library more often!” I heard Baby Blue say.


I had never wanted to eat meat off of a bone more after that.

Baby Blue was an object lesson: Pigtails was getting to me. I could have come with her. Should have come with her. Pigtails would have gone nuts to see it. I would have gone nuts even, because Baby Blue felt pretty damn good.

Pigtails was becoming an obsession. I sat there in my favorite steakhouse and felt the juicy steak between my teeth. It was my favorite place not just because of the beef, but because of the eye candy. So many girls to choose from.

Today, it’s a mid-twenties beauty with pink hair in an aquamarine tank top and black jeans. I can see the straps of a lime green bra underneath.

But she didn’t have glasses, like my Pigtails. She didn’t have freckles. And she most definitely did not have pigtails.

She lingered at my table and eventually sat down. She ran her hand up my leg under the table and felt my crotch, but did not find a bulge there. She looked hurt.

“I’m sorry, but I have a lot on my mind.” What could be happening, for me to say this to someone like Pink? Pink was sexy as hell, and nothing would have stopped me before from enjoying some of that right here and now.

“I wish there was something I could do,” she said. She had a thumb resting with its nail on her bottom teeth, and she was looking me up and down.

“Ok, I have an idea, but you can say no if you want to.” She sat up instantly, with excitement in her eyes. “I want to make my girlfriend really mad. So mad that she’ll break up with me.”

“Ahuh…” she said, nodding.

I was going to continue, but I could see it was settled in her eyes.

“I’m off in half an hour.”


I was sipping on Brandy when I told her to take her clothes off for me. She had a look of I-Thought-You-Would-Never-Ask on her face. I was going to add the word “slowly,” but she did this anyway.

The tank top came off, and I got to see the lime green bra in all its glory. She knew it was cute, so she let me look at it while she unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down. Her underwear was the color of vanilla, and it made me want to pull her to me.

Ok, now she’s going too slow. I couldn’t take it.

She unclipped her bra and let it fall, revealing small but perky breasts with pierced nipples. She ran a quick hand through her long pink hair and then sat down next to me. Normally I would have told her to take the panties off, but I let her unfasten my belt instead.

I held the drink to my chest and closed my eyes. I thought about whether or not I would see Pigtails tonight. It wouldn’t matter how long it had to take, I would be here with Pink. We would be waiting. I thought of the look she would have on her face this time. How she would react to Pink and if she would finally get jealous enough to want me in her bed at long last…

I felt the warmth of Pink’s mouth on my penis. I was only thinking about Pigtails when she did it, and so I almost came immediately.

I sat up, almost spilling my drink. She looked up at me, surprised. “You ok?” she asked.

“Yes, of course. I just… I’d like to go for a swim first. Care to join me?”

She bought it. I jumped in and immediately felt the cold water hit my skin. I don’t normally swim at night, but I needed to delay the night until Pigtails got home.

“Oh my God, it’s freezing,” she said, dipping her foot in.

“Ahh…it’ssss…ssnot…bbbaaaddd!” I’m sure I was convincing.

“My ass it’s not.”

“I’ll take that bet,” I said with a smirk.

She sat down with her legs dangling in the pool and said, “this is about as far as I’ll go, sir. If you want me, you’ll have to have me out here.”

Just then, to the left and behind her, I could see a familiar green pickup pulling into the parking lot. I was getting hard immediately, and I said, “Here she comes!”

“Where?” I pointed to her as she got out of the truck. She saw us immediately. I swam to Pink and immediately put my hands to her hips and started to take her panties off. She giggled with excitement and propped herself up to let me pull them down. I spread her legs and slid my tongue into her. She moaned instantly.

She was already wet, so it didn’t take long before she was breathing heavily and saying my name. She leaned back and put her legs over my shoulders and her moans turned into screams. She tightened her legs around me as she came, and I heard a very familiar door opening and closing as she did.

In the time it took Pigtails to go from her truck to her room, I brought Pink to climax. Pigtails would be disappointed. This was her favorite part.

“Jesus, I think that’s the fastest anyone’s ever made me come.” I was looking up at her apartment when she said it, and I could see the light on.

“She wouldn’t let me do that to her. Can you believe it?”

“You mean she won’t let you go down on her?”

“Nope. I’ve tried.”

“Then she’s batshit, I’m afraid to say.”

“You don’t know the half of it.” I got out of the pool and threw a towel on. I grabbed my drink and sat back down.

Then she appeared in the window. She was wearing an orange T-shirt, but not her glasses. I would have thought she was asking me to come upstairs, but I’ve had that thought before and it always ended with blue balls.

No, she’s gonna have to watch, and she’s gonna watch all night long.

As if by clockwork, Pink sat down and played with my penis. She kissed me and jerked me off quickly. I liked that most of my body was exposed for Pigtails to see, and that another naked woman was about to make me come. And I felt it, too. I lay there looking into Pigtails’ eyes, waiting for it to come.

Pink pulled back from me and grinned as I came into her hand. She kissed me again, then leaned over me to get a towel. I put my arms behind my head and kept looking up at Pigtails as Pink cleaned me off. I was smiling, because I think she was frustrated.

I was winning, and so I got hard. This time, I was hard for Pink.

She wasn’t even finished cleaning when I pulled her to me and said, “I want you now.” She was ecstatic to hear it. She wanted it more than ever, and she didn’t waste any time. I was inside her instantly, and it felt truly amazing. I was in total control, and I was focused on her. It was great. She was gripping me tight with each thrust and I felt every nerve tickle with pleasure. But I contained it, probably better than anyone she’d ever had — judging by her expression.

“This way,” I said, turning her into a reverse cowgirl position. I spread my legs and she laid with her elbows on the end of the recliner so her chest was parallel with mine, but facing the other direction. She knew what to do, because her bottom moved up and down with my hand to guide her, and she gripped my shaft with every stroke.

Even the whole Pigtails thing aside, she was one of the best fucks I’d ever had. So perfect. I’d be keeping her number for sure. I might even want to remember her name.

What a great time that was. The gentleman from before happened to be walking to his car, but stopped to look at us. “Good going, chap! Very good form… I’ll have to try that one. Keep it up!” He gave me another salute, and I laid back down to take it all in.

I’m not sure how many orgasms she had, but I didn’t have mine until I looked up to see her in the window one last time.

She was naked.

As soon as she saw that I saw her, Pigtails closed the curtains.

Not. Fair.

I felt myself going limp inside her, and she felt it too. She turned back around and kissed me, then moved up and down slowly. It worked to get my mind focused on her, and then I wanted to come inside her. When I felt it, she smiled and wrapped her arms around me to hold me close. I felt the cold steel of her nipple rings on my chest as I came.

Then I felt her sweaty body slide off. She sat next to me and said, “I’m gonna remember this night, that’s for sure.”

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

She looked down at me with a sly grin, like she thought I was trying to get one over on her. I was, and I was just starting to see that she knew it.

“That’s not your girlfriend, is it?”


“So who is she?”

“Do you want me to be candid?”

“Of course.” She seemed genuinely curious, and not at all offended.

“She’s someone I’ve wanted for a long time.”

“And you wanted to make her jealous by bringing me here?”

“It’s more complicated than that.”

“Do tell.” She rested her wrist under her chin, with her elbow on her knee. She looked adorable.

“I’m surprised by your curiosity.”

“How could I not be? I wanna know all the details!”

“Ok, but you asked. I like to have sex by the pool. And whenever I do, I notice her watching. Except, I kind of like it when she watches. Sometimes, she even plays with herself. I think I know what she likes, too, based on when she plays with herself.”

She was rapt in awe. “So what does she like?”

“Having her nipples played with. Kissing her neck. And definitely likes receiving. I’m not sure about giving.”

“Oh no, she’s not a giver?”

“I can’t be sure, but I would guess not. It’s probably why she always refuses me when I knock on her door.”

“Have you ever spoken to her?”


“Not even in passing?”

“Nope. She always clams up and freaks out. She wants me badly, I can tell, but she’s scared. I don’t know why.”

“Maybe she’s afraid of letting you down?”

“Maybe. I don’t think so. Something tells me it’s something that has nothing to do with me. All I know is that it makes me hot as hell for her. No offense.”

“Not at all. You’ve, uh… you’ve done good by me,” she said, with a laugh. She touched my penis one more time and said, “you just be sure not to lose my number, ok?”

I got my clothes on and walked Pink to her car. I kissed her goodbye and she drove off. Then, like a lighthouse in a harbor, I noticed the light was still on in the apartment.

Now, I will make my last case for the woman who has been toying with me for months. I will plead for the last time. Then, it will be no more sex by the pool. I will have sex by pools and by beaches and by lakes, but not this pool. No more will I give her that pleasure.

Knock knock.


My heart was beating in my chest as time seemed to speed up. Would she answer? And would she be wearing anything when she answered? What would I have to say to get through the door? I didn’t want to blow it. I prayed to the merciful gods in heaven to let me just have this one woman, just this once. It was killing me.

Then, the door opened. She stepped out, looking down, and then closed the door behind her. She was wearing a peach sorbet lady’s T and white knit short shorts.

She was leaning against the door with her hands still on the knob behind her, and after a moment, she said, “Hi.” She wasn’t looking at me.

“Hi,” I said back.

My heart was going crazy, and I could barely contain my joy. She finally said Hi to me. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt this happy to hear a girl speak to me!

This was the longest she’s ever been in my presence, and I was worried that it might come to an end if I didn’t say something quick.

“I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I would just like to talk to you.”

She turned and looked at me. For the first time.

Her face turned slowly from anxious to calm, and then she looked down again. I could see something of a smile form on her face.

“What would you like to talk about?”

Hadn’t thought about that. I didn’t want to just talk to her. The way she kept her left leg bent slightly and had both of her pigtails resting comfortably on each breast meant talking was the last thing on my mind.

I would do anything she asked. I would wait for her, for a week, for a year. I would kiss her feet in front of strangers, just to touch her. Just to touch her once.

“What is your name?”


I’ve never asked this question of a girl before.

“I’m Rick. It’s nice to finally meet you, Christine.”

She blushed, and said, “Thank you. I’m sorry about… well, about… avoiding you. I just… I’m not really a people person, you know?”

She was lying. She is a librarian, after all.

“I understand.” I thought about something else to say, and the first thing that came out was, “May I come in?”

It was too much, I could see immediately, because I could see her face get anxious once again as she looked around again subtly, trying to hide her panic.

“I’m sorry,” I said quickly. “I don’t mean… That’s not what I meant. Look, I’ll go. I’m sorry if I’ve upset you.”


I didn’t know what she was saying yes to until I saw her turn, open the door, then stand by it. “Come in.” She was still anxious — as if she might be making a mistake — but I could see that at least some of the excitement was anticipation.

She took some clothes off of a chair by the window. I sat down in the chair while she went to the bathroom and I heard the sink turn on and off briefly.

It felt wonderful to be on the other side of the window that was much too high up. I felt like I’d conquered it.

She returned wiping her face with a towel, then tossed it by the bed and sat down in a chair opposite me. There was a small table about knee height between us.

She seemed much more calm, but still nervous. She straightened a napkin that had a drink sitting on it and she sat up straight. She was looking every which way but at me. She straightened the napkin again. Then she straightened the cup on the napkin, again.

“So here’s the thing…” she began. She was grinding her nails into the palm of her other hand as she spoke. “I don’t want to give you the wrong idea or anything. I… don’t like to be touched.” The words hung in the air between us, and I didn’t know what to say. “I like to watch you,” she continued. “I like it because… I can. It turns me on, and… that’s not easy for me. I like someone… and then they kiss me and start putting their hands on me, and… I freak out. I don’t know why. I’ve never known, but it kills me. It makes me sad to think about it. I like the person so much, and I want to feel them, but I just can’t. But when I see you looking at me, I can feel you. But its ok. Its ok because of the distance. I’m sorry…”

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