NOTE: Different perspectives (Third Person, and switching off of characters). This is my first time posting my work on an erotic space, please be kind. Enjoy!

*Third Person*

It was a breezy spring day and the family was planning to go for a little road trip. To visit some family. Lacey and Ryan were sitting at the back of the car, windows all the way down, both lost in their own worlds. Driving was Lacey’s stepfather and beside him, Lacey’s mother.

Lacey’s full attention was on as the car passed some lands, she snapped a couple pictures from her phone. A present from her stepbrother. Little did Lacey know, he was tapped to her phone. Lacey wasn’t the goody two shoes she was seen as. Ryan took this to his advantage yet he didn’t anything with anyone. Lacey was his. And his only.


(still third person)

The family was already in Colorado. Their hometown was Manhattan, New York and they were heading to Los Angeles, California. They were a stop at a relative’s house for picking up some cousins. The family’s car was small, and the back seat was designed for four, maybe five. Three relatives were coming in. Problem was Lacey wasn’t thin. Lacey had wide hips and just a body any man would never want to keep his hands off. Meaning, Lacey ended up sitting up on Ryan’s lap.

* Lacey *

Through the door pushed some cousins of Ryan. I kept scooting over till the point Ryan and I were pressed together tightly. I was a bit uncomfortable as my hips were pinched by their boney hips. I tapped Ryan’s shoulder, hoping he’d wake up. His head turned towards me and our lips brushed.

“Yes, Lace?” His nickname for me made my thoughts run. Now I was unsure whether I should ask him. He seemed pretty annoyed that I awoke him.

“Can I sit on your lap? My hips hurt.” I said quietly, not trying to offend the girls beside me. He smirked and pushed his bag off his lap.

“Hop on.” I slipped onto his lap and sighed in relief. I was no longer pinched. Besides, Ryan is really comfortable. He was currently wearing a pair of black sweats and a college sweater. His black curls reached the top of his forehead and his green eyes twinkle. His lush pink lips were puckered. I had always had a crush on him. He was well, still is my dream boy. Even if he were my older stepbrother, I would love to get him to bed me.

I shook the thoughts away as I began to feel myself get moist. I hope he didn’t feel it.

It was night time and we had to take a stop at a motel. Mom and Dad ordered a room, and so did the identical triplets. As I watched them go out the door, I was amazed. They were babes. Wild curly red hair stumbled down their backs and their blue eyes were dull. They were slim yet their breasts were their biggest feature. They wore low cut shirts, which let their cleveage show and their large pink nipple be seen. I could feel myself throbbing now. I quickly hopped off Ryan’s lap and sat beside him.

“Are you two sure you want to stay here? We can share the room. Honey?” My mom asked again.

“I’ll be fine, mom. I promise. And Ryan will be here and he’ll protect me.” I looked over to the already sleeping boy. Dammit.

“Okay Hun.” Her lips pursed. “I’ll be only a couple feet away. Call me if you need me.” She tossed me the keys and soon disappeared into the dim lighted house.

I placed the keys in my pockets and soon settled into my spot by Ryan.

“You know I could feel you.” His raspy voice suddenly spoke. Making me jump. I looked at him, in the dim light. Unsure what he meant.

“When you were sitting on my lap. When you had a little daydream, and then when the girls were leaving.” My mouth was gaped and thank goodness the car was dark. My cheeks were burning from embarassment.

“What did you feel?” I dared to ask. I bit down on my lip.

“You were wet.” He answered simply.

“How could you know? Maybe it was -” I began to defend myself but he interrupted.

“Oh please.” He grapped my hand and placed it over the spot I sat. It was moist. I closed my eyes and held back a moan as my hand also fell over his member.

“Well I can feel you too.” I gripped it in my hand and gave it a little squeeze then pulled my hand away. Surprised with myself. He chuckled and pulled me on top of him. He grounded his hips into my parted legs and the moan slipped.

“Can you still feel me now?” He grinded harder. Holding my hips in place.

“Yes,” I coughed up. “Stop it. I don’t like it.” I tried to wiggle away, only causing more friction.

“Oh really?” His big hands gripped my breasts tightly. He pulled upon their tips until they became tightened – hard. “Your nipples say otherwise.”

I took this advantage and sat by the window.

“Leave me alone.” I said crossing my arms. He laughed and began to grope me again.

“You see I can’t do that. And I wouldn’t be feisty because I know all your secrets and could easily uncover you.” I gasped and slapped his hands away.

“No you don’t. You’re making that up. Shut up. Leave me alone.” He sighed, finally giving up and I released the breath I was holding. Unexpectedly he grabbed me tight.

“I’ll show you tomorrow. It’s the big day, anyways.” His raspy voice whispered into my ear. His lips then pressed against my collarbone and he passes his tongue over it. His pierced tongue. I swallowed trying to ignore him, but he was such a turn on.


We finally reached Los Angeles. As soon as we landed on the park, I left the car, pushing Natalie off my lap. Her rack was best to watch when passing bumpy roads but her ass would jab into me harshly too.

The air was warm and I couldn’t wait to go to the beach.

We walked to our hotel, registered and went to our rooms. We all changed. And, met again in the lobby.

“Okay guys, we all have our cellphones. It’ll be dark soon but let’s enjoy what we get.” Lacey’s mom cheerfully announced.

Everyone else made their way out the door to explore and still no sign of Lacey. Where did she -

She walked in wearing a pair of high waisted shorts, a sweetheart neckline designed sleeveless shirt and stripped flats. Her lips were a red and her black hair was in wild curls. She stopped before me.

“I am ready.” Her whitened, with a tiny gaped, perfect teeth smiled up to me. Her square glasses rimmed her big brown eyes.

I nearly took her right here. In that outfit her hispanic curves were quite evident and her golden skin glowed.

She rolled her eyes and started walking towards the door. Her bubble butt swayed to the sides and I caught up to her before anyone else enjoyed the view of her.

– People passed by, gaping at the scene. In broad daylight.

Her little mouth was wrapped around my dick. Those full round lips rubbed against my shaft as she tried to take me deeper without gagging. Her small hands held my sides as her hear bobbed up and down. Her throat gripped me tight.

She moaned, purposely sending vibrations through my member and my knees went weak. I held onto the railing.

She sucked me harder as she nibbled her way to my too sensitive head. She flicked with the tip of her small tongue, my head and my orgasm quickly shook through me. I tangled my hands through her hair, held it tight and fucked her face hard. I grinded my hips deep against her lips as my cum shot deep.


He held me tighter as his cum flooded my throat. The tangy taste filled my tongue.

This was the first blowjob i had given him voluntarily.

His hands loosened and i looked up at him. He seemed even taller now. He glared down at me. His lush lips a dark pink and eyes dark with lust.

I took a risk and nibbled on his head softly before pulling away.

“You’re a slut.” His voice deep and raspy. I placed my hands against his chest and was on my tippy toes. I barely reached his chin.

“And you love me that way.” I giggled. His hands gripped my butt and slammed me against him. His still hard penis slipping into the small gap between the top of my thighs. Right against my pussy.

“You’re a very bad girl and need to be finally taught a lesson. This time not with my tongue or hands or belt. But with my Dick and everything you could imagine.” He smirked.

I suddenly snapped out of it. What was i doing! I just gave him a blowjob in public.

I pulled away from him and began running. I can’t have sex, I’m a virgin. And he’s my brother and -

I couldn’t think straight. It was late and now I just walked into an ally. Fuck.

I ran to the end and cringed at who entered it.

One thing to know, never leave Ryan unpleased or he will come after you, till he gets what he wants. I think he wanted to fuck me nicely before, but now. Now he’s going to tear me in half.

“Ryan, I can explain.” He threw my apology to the side and gripped me tight, throwing me on the floor. Goosebumps rose on my arms and I tried to escape but once he was on me, I couldn’t even breathe.

He pulled his dick out again and the head looked mean and pink. Even bigger and wider – I had made it swollen.

“I’m going to tear you in half and I know from how much a slut you are, you will enjoy it.” He growled. My lips trembled as he yanked my shorts along with my panties off. The chilling air blew against my exposed bare skin. His hands clasped on my wrist and held me down. I loved the sight of his muscles flexing as he sucked his way down till reaching my pussy.

He ran the hot piercing along my length and I shivered. He licked his lips and swirled around my pussy with those lush lips of his and that fucking tongue piercing. My pussy is throbbing and I could feel my hips buck as he plunges in two fingers and sucks hard on my cilt.

“Please, stop.” I whispered, biting my lower lip. Wincing at the tightened tips of my breasts. They peeked my shirt.

He pulled out completely and ripped off my shirt.

I layed naked in an alley , during sunset in Los Angeles.

“What’d you say?” He growled.

“Daddy , please stop teasing. Give me more.” I whimpered.

He gropes the swell of my breasts and twists my carmel tips hard.

Unexpectedly he plunges in. I gasp for air.

His breath his heavy and some sweat is drooling down him. I wrap my legs around his hips pushing him deeper. He slams repeatedly into me and i feel myself tearing – stretching me out.

“So fucking tight.” He plunges in and out harder and faster. My boobs are now bouncing meeting his rhythm. Before I almost lose it, above me is another penis. This one is thicker and pale. It’s long , longer than Ryan’s. His rough hands lift me from my back and starts poking me.

The man is searching for my asshole.

“Thanks son. I’d love to fuck this slut. Been waiting since I saw her.”

Ryan’s Dad?

Before i could protest he found the opening and slid in.

I clung to Ryan. Nails deep in his lower back and our tongues fightiglng for dominance.

His father holds my hair into a bun and picks up his speed. His fingertips were cool and pressed against my button. He was fast and I lost my breath.

“Daddy” I moaned.

“Yes Sweetheart?” He replied

“Daddy Daddy oh Daddy. That feels nice. Daddy Daddy ugh. Oh Daddy Mphm. Daddies fuck me so hard I won’t walk tomorrow.”

They followed my order and fucked me at a speed I couldn’t even feel them anymore.

I let loud moan escape. They pulled out quickly and ran their hands quickly over their dicks.

“Open your mouth, Lace.” There came that nickname.

My mouth was then flooded with a mixture of tangy and sweet cum.

I happily moaned and I swallowed it all down.

Before I could do a thing, Stepfather pushed Ryan out of the way and thrusted so deep into me, I shook violently from another vaginal orgasm.

What I didn’t expect was seeing Ryan slip into his father’s ass and fuck him to the point he cried for him to stop.

“She’s my slut only.” He pulled his dad off me.

He slid himself in and our hips met in rhythm, another climax coming.


Chapter 02

An amazing lesson

[With help from volunteer editor LaRacasse. His suggestions are always right on track and very useful.]

It was the summer after High School graduation so long ago. I had just turned 18 and I had my college acceptance and a nice scholarship in my pocket. The girl I dated all senior year had tearfully told me she was going to a college hundreds of miles away. We had sadly agreed we couldn’t hope to make a long distance relationship work and had given each other freedom. I planned to take advantage of mine this last hot Missouri summer before I left for college in California.

Things got off to a good start, as I told in Chapter One. I made a date with Karen, who had a reputation as the biggest cockteaser in our class, and it really turned out to be true. When she finally let me come after teasing me all evening, it was an experience to remember. She rarely dated the same guy twice, so I figured I needed to look for another idea.

My buddy Gary called me and said, “Hey, want to double date with Linda and me next Saturday?” They had been going steady our whole senior year and I knew Linda well. She was the girl with the biggest tits in the whole senior class, and Gary frequently regaled us by saying, “She hardly gets in the car before I have her bra off. I love knocking those big boobs around and it really turns her on.” I figured that double dating with them I might be able to count on Linda to set an example for my girl.

After some thought, I made a date with Kathy. She had actually been my debate partner when we won the county championship. I had often been so distracted gazing at her ass while she spoke that I lost the train of the argument. She had been dating some college guy and I had been going steady with Mary so we never had a chance to go out. Her guy had dumped her and she told every girl in the class about it. Naturally the guys heard it too, so I figured she was available. She really didn’t have a reputation with the seniors, and I didn’t quite know what to expect.

On Saturday, Gary picked me up in his 57 Chevy convertible with the top down. We both had our shades on and we really thought we looked cool. First we picked up Linda. Like all the girls that summer she was wearing a buttoned cotton top and a miniskirt. I thought that her tits were going to pop a few buttons off that top. She slid into the car and right over against Gary. I saw her big knockers rub his chest as she gave him a welcoming kiss. We drove off and right away Gary’s arm went around her shoulders and his hand dropped casually to her boob.

Then we arrived at Kathy’s house, and I hopped out of the car to go to her door. She opened the door and I took a good look. She was short, with short cut black hair, a cute smile and bright red lipstick that really brought attention to her lips. Like Linda she had on a button top and a miniskirt. Her boobs were nowhere near as big as Linda’s but they were nicely shaped under her blouse. Like a gentleman I opened the back seat door for her and she slid in, keeping her knees carefully together so I didn’t get any show.

I went around the car and got in. Kathy slid over to sit right next to me, and I felt her hip and thigh press against mine. This was a good start to the evening. I put my arm around her and pulled her in to me a little. We headed off to Smitty’s Drive In where the crowd all hung out.

As Gary’s convertible pulled into the parking lot, everybody recognized it right away. We got a lot of waves, and a couple of inquisitive looks at me in the back seat with Kathy instead of Mary. Even as we sipped our sodas, I could see Gary’s hand roving over Linda’s tits. I knew Kathy could see it too.

When we finished the sodas and waved to all the gang, Gary started the car and Kathy asked, “Where are we going?”

Linda chuckled and said, “Have you ever been to The Cave, Kathy?”

Again Kathy looked puzzled and said, “No, what is that?”

Linda said, “I thought all the girls had heard about Gary’s Cave! His parents let him make over the basement into his own private spot and he has really fixed it up. All kinds of things go on there.” She gave that throaty chuckle again at that.

So we drove to Gary’s house, and he pulled the convertible to the end of the driveway and we went down some concrete steps to the outside door of the basement. We stepped in and Gary waved his hand around. Of course I had been here many times and heard many stories from Gary about its usefulness. He had a couple of couches and a couple of easy chairs, a small refrigerator, and some lamps that had blue bulbs in them. It really was a cozy place and I hoped Kathy got the idea.

Linda and Gary went right to one of the couches, and Linda motioned to the other one and said, “Make yourselves comfortable.” Then she turned and gave Gary a deep kiss. The couches faced each other, so I could see their tongues working and was already starting to get turned on. I looked at Kathy, hoping she was too.

Kathy and I sat down on the couch and I put my arm around her shoulders. She did not lean into me, but didn’t pull away either. Linda and Gary were already making out hard and I knew Kathy was watching them. I leaned over and gave her a kiss, and after a second felt her respond. I took her other shoulder and pulled her in to me until her boobs were just barely rubbing my chest. After a few minutes of kissing I tried a little tongue action. She let me part her lips a bit but didn’t respond in kind.

I thought I heard that low throaty chuckle from the other couch and stole a look over there. I caught Linda’s eye but she quickly turned all her attention to Gary again. His hand was roaming on one of those big melons and her head was thrown back while he kissed her neck.

I moved my hand to Kathy’s back and pulled her in closer to me. Her tits pressed up against my chest and I rubbed back and forth lightly, while I got my tongue inside her mouth. This time she responded, so we did some deep kissing. On the other couch I could see Gary’s hands working on Linda’s big boobs. I figured it was worth a try so I let my hand slide down over Kathy’s blouse to her boob and just lightly stroked it. She moved slightly under my touch and I could see that she was enjoying this. Of course, me, I was getting as hard as a rock.

I moved my hand over and stroked the other tit for a while, while still working my tongue in her mouth. I kept rubbing that soft round tit. Even through two layers of cloth I could feel the nipple harden. She threw her head back and moaned slightly. Looking over to the other couple I could see that Linda’s eyes were on us now. Gary had opened her blouse and her deep cleavage was showing over her bra, that is when I could see it without Gary’s hand on it.

I could feel Kathy turn her head and look over that way too. Mentally I thought, “OK, Gary, lead the way.” I moved my hand to the buttons of her blouse, maneuvering so my arm was still across her tit and rubbing it. At the same time I made a deep assault on her mouth. I got three buttons unbuttoned and then moved my hand to her other tit. Sneaking a glance across the room I saw my friend kissing Linda’s neck and chest down to her bra. That looked like a good idea so I followed suit. Kathy threw her head back again and moaned, and again I thought I heard Linda chuckle lightly.

So I went ahead and let my hand move inside her blouse to caress the silky fabric of her bra and the nipple through it. Again she moved against my hand a bit and her hand on my thigh crept upward toward my crotch. I was extremely hard and straining against my pants. This was about as far as I had ever gotten with my steady girl, and I was beginning to enter unknown territory. In my adventurous date with Karen the cockteaser she had taken care of it all. I looked over to my friend to see how he was doing.

Gary had Linda’s bra unhooked now, and I saw his hand roaming over her knocker in circles under the loose bra. She was obviously reacting as her hips jerked upward toward him. Their lips were locked and I knew there was some deep kissing going on. Once again I thought, “Master Gary, show me how!” One night in this very Cave he taught me to unhook a bra fastened around a chair back. Would I remember the skill now?

I pushed my tongue deep into Kathy’s mouth and put one hand on her tit and squeezed the nipple. At the same time I let the other hand go under her blouse to her back, and felt for the clasp of her bra. I wrapped my fingers around it and tried to open it with one flip, but couldn’t work the clasp. Kathy felt that, and pulled back from me and grabbed my hand. She sat there looking at me, and holding that hand by the wrist. It was a bit awkward, but not as awkward as it became when we both heard Linda’s throaty chuckle again. This time I glanced over there and saw that both she and Gary were sitting up on the couch looking at Kathy and me. They had big grins on their faces.

Kathy had noticed them too. She pulled away from me and looked over at the pair on the other couch. “What,” she said, “are you two laughing at?”

Linda looked at Gary and brushed his blonde hair back. Gary looked at Linda and put his hand on her thigh. Then Linda said, “It is just that this is our summer to enjoy, and you two kids are so good for each other, and you are so bad at showing it. You look like a couple of eighth graders over there!”

Kathy tossed her head and said, “So what makes you two the experts?”

Gary and Linda both laughed at that. They looked at each other and seemed to come to a meeting of the minds. Linda gave Gary a push off the couch and said, “Come over here, Kathy. I need to have a private talk with you.” She buttoned up a couple of buttons on her blouse as she said that.

Kathy looked at me. I was not quite sure what was going on, but I shrugged my shoulders. It didn’t seem to me that I could lose what ever direction things went from here. Kathy shrugged back, removed my arm from her shoulder, buttoned her blouse and went over to sit by Linda.

Gary gave me a wink and jerked his head toward the far corner of the room. I went over there with him, and started off, “What the heck is going on here? I just about had her bra off and you two laughed at us!”

Gary nudged me in the ribs and said, “Calm down, friend. Linda is going to try to explain about this long hot summer to Kathy, and I am going to try to give you a few hints. What did you do with Mary all last year?”

I sort of blushed. All through senior year the guys had told stories about their sexual adventures, and I had mostly kept quiet, only referring now and then to “watching the submarine races” with Mary, or taking her to the Drive In Theater. Now I told Gary, “That was different. Mary was a good girl and I respected her.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Gary said, “And all us guys respected you for doing that, even if we snickered behind your back. But now things are different. You only have a little bit of the summer left. And that is exactly what Linda is telling Kathy. If she gets talked into it, Linda and I can really help you guys learn. But you have to agree that I know more than you do and that you will listen to me.”

“OK,” I said, “I know you aren’t called Joe Cocksman for nothing. So tell me what I should do.”

Gary laughed and said, “Ah, no, my friend, not now. I mean once things get started. Linda and I will not only give instructions, we plan to demonstrate as we go along.”

I looked at him in stunned silence for a moment. I didn’t believe what I heard. But then, slowly, it began to percolate around in my mind and I started to see the brilliance of this suggestion. The few times I had doubled dated with Gary before had usually ended with me looking sideways at him making out hard with Linda while I was getting nothing but closed lip kisses. I had tried to figure out his technique but without much luck. Now I had the chance for first hand training from the expert. All that was required was for Linda to convince Kathy.

Gary and I got sodas out of the fridge and tried to pretend we were not watching the two girls, huddled together on the couch. There were occasional giggles, and also occasional gasps, and I was not sure what that meant. Finally, Linda got up and came over to whisper to Gary. He gave a big grin and said, “OK, it is all set then.”

We went back to the couches. Gary sat down next to Linda, and for once didn’t put his hands on her knockers right away. Instead both of them looked at Kathy and me with serious expressions. Kathy came and sat on the couch next to me, but with a space of about two inches between us. She really didn’t look at me, but fixed her gaze on the other couple.

Linda started it. “You know, this summer is coming to an end, and it is time for us to have all the fun we can. I think that Gary and I have the right to say that we have a lot to teach you on that subject. You both agree to let us do that, and to follow our directions to the letter?”

I said, “Absolutely!” Then I looked over at Kathy for her reaction. She stared right at Linda, and then gave a little nod. My hopes for this evening were really looking up, even if I was going to have to be a student.

“Now I want both of you to know,” Linda said, “that we don’t think the time is right for you to go all the way. We are going to show you how to enjoy the evening and get satisfaction anyhow. Is that all right?”

Kathy said, “Yes, that is what I agreed to.” I nodded my head figuring anything I got was worth while.

“OK,” Linda said. “Do you guys remember where you were?”

I laughed and said, “Of course.”

“Then assume the position,” Linda directed. I took Kathy in my arms again, gave her a deep kiss, and unbuttoned the three buttons she had buttoned up. I put my hand on her boob and squeezed enough to feel the nipple start to harden. Gary did the same with Linda.

“About here, I think,” I said to Gary out of the side of my mouth.

“Very good,” he said. “Work on that a little bit. Feel the nipple and rub it.”

“And pay attention to what your tits feel, Kathy,” was Linda’s advice. I continued rubbing her tit through the bra,and let my hand roll over the nipple. We were deep kissing all the time and I felt her beginning to press her tit up to my hand and work her hips just a little.

“Now let your tongue probe deep, and your hand goes around her back again,” was the next command from Gary. “Remember you found the bra clasp. I know I taught you how to undo those with one hand right here in this Cave. So go to it.” With great skill he quickly popped Linda’s clasp and I could see the fabric over her tits loosen as it was released. Far less adeptly I groped under Kathy’s blouse,found the clasp and after three tries got it open.

Linda giggled and said, “Kathy, now you know things are serious. Lots of girls would stop it here. But remember this is our summer for fun. You should be getting excited, just thinking that his hand is coming to your naked boob.”

Kathy had her tongue deep in my mouth as my hand caressed her naked back. But she nodded slightly and made a little sound of assent to Linda’s remarks. I really wanted to grab her tits but waited for my mentor’s instructions.

“Don’t get grabby now, Mike,” he said, “go slowly and you will both enjoy the anticipation. Let your hand creep around her side.” I did that. “Now slowly bring it UNDER her breast. Just cup it lightly.” I saw his hand just caress the bottom of Linda’s boob gently. I tried to maintain self control as I did that, and I felt Kathy react as her soft mound entered my hand. “Go on up the boob. Spread out your thumb and fingers so they surround the nipple but don’t touch it.” This was so hard. And I was so hard. The nipple was just up there and I was anxious to grab it. But Gary knew what he was doing and I felt the anticipation building.

“Oh my gosh,” said Linda. “It is tantalizing now. Resist the urge to pull his hand up right to that stiff nip, Kathy. Let it build.” Kathy was probing deep in my mouth now and without instruction letting her hand on my thigh reach up to right below my balls. I knew she was being as turned on as I was. Our instructors really were good!

“Now,” said Gary, “tease her, tease her. Take your hand off her tit and let your palm brush the nipple, lightly, ever so lightly.” His hand flicked over Linda’s nipples and she gave a little gasp. I followed suit, and felt the nipple delightfully hard under the light brush of my palm. Kathy tensed as she felt it.

“Your turn to let him know how much you like it,” Linda said. She arched her back and pressed her big boob into Gary’s rubbing hand. “Feel the pressure on your nipple and let it excite you.” Kathy did as she was told. I felt her nipple press into my palm, and cupped my hand around her boob and rotated it to rub the nipple under it. She put her head back and moaned again. “Now your other nip is crying for attention,” Linda went on. She turned toward Gary and his hand moved to that other beautiful big boob. Linda moaned for a moment and then went on to Kathy, “Do this carefully. You have to take your hand off his thigh so you can turn to face him more, and pull his other hand up to your other tit. Then put your other hand back on his thigh, only higher.”

Kathy tried to focus and slowly followed those directions. She turned until both her naked boobs were just in my reach, and pulled my hand up so I was rubbing both tits. The nipples were reacting to my touch and were very hard. She threw her head back and closed her eyes as I nibbled on her neck.

Then Kathy’s hand went back, not to my thigh but right into my crotch, over the zipper on my jeans. She had anticipated Linda’s next instruction. “By now your guy has to be hard as a rock. Try rubbing it a little bit.” Her hand was working hard on Gary’s stiff cock through his pants. Kathy started to move her hand and my cock throbbed as I thrust my hips up to meet it. Now I was the one to give a little groan. “I know your nipples are hungry for his lips. Pull his head down just a little and he will get the idea.” She only had to touch Gary’s head before he started sucking her nipple avidly. Linda moaned again and threw back her head to enjoy it.

Kathy put her hand on the back of my head, and I needed no more encouragement. Eagerly my lips sought her nipples and lightly kissed each one in turn. Gary raised his head from his work long enough to say, “Remember to keep your lips over your teeth. Biting is not for now. Take the nipple in your mouth and roll it on your tongue.” He returned to Linda’s nipples and her closed eyes and low murmurs showed how he was doing it well. I let Kathy’s nipple slip into my mouth, and tried rotating it with my tongue. I certainly was enjoying that, and Kathy wiggled her tit into my mouth further to show that she was too.

“Now the other one is crying for attention,” said Linda. Gary switched nipples on her boobs, and I did the same. Kathy shifted her chest so that I could pull her nipple into my mouth and suck hard, then roll it around my tongue. It tasted so good, and my cock was throbbing now.

“OK, she is liking that on her tits,” Gary said. “Now while you keep that up, let your hand slide up her thigh under her skirt.” I put my hand on Kathy’s thigh and felt her tense just a bit.

Even though Gary’s hand was now working under her skirt and making her hips wiggle, Linda saw it too. “Relax and feel his hand on your smooth skin, Kathy. Let the feeling flow over you.”

Kathy did as she was told. She spread her legs a bit so my hand could work more freely, and I stroked that soft flesh gently while still nibbling on her tits. Linda’s big ones were well displayed on the other couch, but even though Kathy’s were smaller they were delicious and tantalizing. Gary and I had laughed many times when he said, “All of it over a mouthful is wasted anyhow.” Now I was learning what that truly meant.

Many people have been emailing and asking me about the “Fire with Ice” story, and whether or not I am going to involve the sister… I… I’m not sure, because that is not the way I write.

When I write a story, I talk from what would turn me on, I like to focus my sexual passion on one person.

I find it hot that people masturbate to my stories, and I’m happy that I can make your pussy wet (and to the guys, I’m happy to make your dick hard). Unfortunately I am not there to help you come, but I believe you, when you email me :)

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I can’t resist the girl in front of me in yoga class. She is wearing the tightest, ass and pussy hugging yoga pants in the world (thank you so much Victoria Secret). She is in the downward facing dog position… and I want to bury my face in her pussy. Her bright green tank top has slid down so I can now see her tan stomach in contrast with the underside of her white sports bra, in the front of the room was all mirrors so I could see down her shirt to the top of her tits, and her dirty blond hair is up in a messy bun.

There are about 10 people in our yoga class, and this girl Laura and I are in the back near the corner, she is always in front of me, and I always get so wet and frustrated, it pisses me off, so today I decide to do something about it.

While she in downward facing dog, I stand up, walk over to her, grasp her round hips, and move her slightly back, so her ass is hovering right near my pussy heat. I hear a startled gasp from her, I see her body stiffen a little, and she tilts her head to the side, wide startled hazel eyes are looking back at me.

I smile slightly, “I saw you were a little bit forward on your position, and you don’t want to be there because you are putting unnecessary weight on your arms” I say to her, “I also noticed some other moves you were a little off while doing, wanna stay after class and we can ask the instructor if we can have the room to practice for a couple of hours?”

“Sure! That will be great; I can feel less strain on my arms now, thanks!” Laura says enthusiastically.

I tap her butt lightly and go back to my yoga mat; my pussy is contracting and fill with liquid anticipation.

After class the teacher allows us an hour and a half to use the room, now I am standing alone in the room with the object of my desire… this is gonna be fun.

Laura is a couple of inches shorter than my 5’6″ and we are staring there looking at each other, she is biting the corner of her lip looking awkward, and I want to bite that lip, and suck it into my mouth…. But come to think about it, that’s not the only lip I want to nibble on, I want to take her juicy pussy lips into my mouth, and make her cry from pleasure, and may be a little but of pain. My nipples tighten just thinking about it.

I see her eyes move to my tits and to my pointy nipples, I take the palm of my hands and start rubbing my nipples “oh sorry, my nipples always get hard after yoga, I think it’s because my body starts cooling down, ya know?”

She chuckles nervously, and nods her head, she is staring at my face with wide doe eyes… I smile to myself, oh this is gonna be fun.

“Now let’s get down to business, I noticed on the Reverse Warrior position that you are a little off, now get into that position so I can correct you”

She starts getting into the Reverse Warrior position. Her legs go wide into a lunch, giving me a clear outline of her pussy lips. She puts her left hand on her straightened back leg, and lifts her other hand up in the air.

Her body is amazing, her shirt lifted up slightly so I can see some of her delicate tan stomach, her head is tilted back so her neck is stretched long, I just want to go over to her and plop my pussy on her face, and make her suffocate on my cunty lips.

I close the 1 foot distance and I place my hands on her sides, “I like your lines, this is the best I’ve ever seen you do this” I run my hands down her stomach, “your mid section is nice and tights, just remember to keep breathing deeply Laura,” My hands slide from her stomach, between her breasts, and up her neck, “good, nice position Laura, good girl”

I notice that Laura’s nipples are getting hard, and that her breathing is slightly off. “Laura, stand up straight for me” She whips up out of her position and her breathing is ragged, I am only 6 inches away from her, and I notice that her eyes are dilated.

“Laura, are you cold? I notice that your nipples are hard, are you okay?”

“n-no” she stutters, her cheeks flushed

“‘no’, what Laura? Are you cold?” I say with a smirk on my face

“n-n-no, I-I-I”

“Laura, I told you what to do when you are cold right, just rub your nipples, and you will feel better.”


I close the distance between us, and I start rubbing her nipples through her shirt, “I guess if you can’t rub your own nipples I’ll rub them for you, you should be feeling better in no time”

I say gruffly Laura’s eyes are closed, and she is biting her damned lip again.

I give her nipples one final rub with my hands, and I start backing away, but she lifts up her hands and places them over mine.

“More,” she thrusts her breasts into my hands more.

“Well, aren’t we a little pushy slut? What makes you think I wanna touch your tits? Are they even worth my time?” while I am saying this my body is moving closer to hers, my knee is in between her legs, so I can feel her heat, and wetness on my knee through her yoga pants… she is humping me leg a little.

“You are humping my leg like a bitch in heat” she moans in response, I say in her ear softly, “well if you want to act like a little slut, then I’m gonna treat you like a little slut”

I grip the bottom hem of her shirt and rip it up over her head taking her sports bra with it. Her tan skin is pink with irritation from how roughly I take off her shirt and bra. She is around a C-cup, her tits are slightly sagging without the sports bra. Her nipples are a dark pink, and long, it turns me on so fucking much.

I take off my shirt and as soon as my tits are free, I take the back of her head and pull her towards my tits “Suck them, bitch” I say roughly, and I feel her mouth start sucking on my nipples.

Her boobs are swaying down between us, and I take my hands and start tugging and squeezing her nipples, like she is a fucking cow, and I am a farmer desperate for milk. The more roughly I pull on her nipples, the more she moans. I lightly start tapping her tits, slapping the nipple.

I take my hands from her tits, and rub them down her body, Laura’s back is facing Yoga rooms mirrors, and I can look at her ass in the reflection of the mirror. My hands run over her round ass, which is surprising because she is a thin girl.

“You don’t have any underwear on Laura? You dirty slut hmmmm?”

“thong” is her muffled reply because she is saying it around sucking on my tits.

“ahh, I see, do you think it’s nice wearing a thong to Yoga, and teasing me with your ass and pussy?” as I say ass and pussy, my hands run over her ass and pussy clad in the yoga pants, I feel that her yoga pants are wet.

“Your cunty is wet Laura, you’ve been a naughty girl, getting all wet for me, your pussy must be creamy hmmm?” I rub her ass “take down your pants do it quickly Laura, before I lose my patience”

Laura jerks up and pulls down her pants “now get back to sucking on my tits, little slut” which she eagerly does.

I am watching her ass in the mirror, and I see that her pussy lips are swollen, I take her thong, and start pulling it up her back, giving so the thong piece will go more up her ass, and be between her pussy more, giving her a sexual wedgie

“hurts good doesn’t it baby?” I tug her thong up and down, so the thong is in her pussy tapping on her pussy, and my other hand gives her as a firm slaps, leaving red. I slap her ass, and then rub it, and then I do it to the other cheek. And then

I hear the most glorious sound, the sound of her cumming, and I watch from the mirrors, her cunt juice running down her leg onto the floor.

My tongue goes out and wets my now dry lips… I can’t wait to have a taste of her pussy…



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