lesbians eating out

Chapter 4

The Redhead, the Brunette and Me makes three

Eve. She looked tall but was only five six, five seven. She was a cliché; long hair—breast length, dirty blond, streaked with different shades but different carpet color, which I learned later, so dyed to achieve the effect. She dressed with class but when I followed her to the jewelry store, she was dressed in clothes which were two years out of style, one sleeve had a thread, tell tale signs of decay.

She was a middle daughter of the nation’s royalty. Lost in the mix, she retreated to Holdingsfield. She seemed to rule that little pond for she organized and directed and established precedents. It was she who ousted my sister Sharon with a overtly casual campaign. I could not decide if she was one of my true targets or not but she appeared to be a worthy target, regardless.

She possessed the class and sophistication she was raised with . . . and with the secrecy. She fled her family, their purposes, their intentions for her, their encumbrances soon after graduation from college, a legacy of the family name with all its expectations, predictions and Calvinist determinism. Because she was not critical to their purposes her disappearance from their world was not missed or violently opposed. It was tolerated with a complacent conviction that she would eventually see the error of her ways and return to the fold, the cove of the Covingtons a she was wont to express it.

Eve appeared with them socially on occasion but they did not deign to pay any attention to her life. So they missed or ignored the fact of her husband slowly going broke, a descent which my team was intent on hurrying. Ignored with a true indifference which must have cut her in much the same way that her assault on Sharon her my sister. Life seemed curiously balanced before I intervened and I hoped my introduction into her karmic equation would not aim me at a nasty, brutish and short life as a rat when I was next reincarnated.

We steered tenants away from their properties with inducements, got their staff pregnant, exposed their gay members in the closet and hired those out of the closet away to work for us for they were routinely excellent. We robbed them of their talent along with their clients. Eve’s husband had a real estate business which would have been under pressure in any case because of the economy but we made perfectly legal, though I admit costly, moves to move it along, accelerate it which I also confess was because I came to want her in the sexual way. Also, because if any of the women of Holdingsfield possessed the bearing and the comportment of a board member or even the Chairwoman herself, it was Eve Covington Sawyer. We moved on them soon after the slide began. I happened to know that they were rapidly approaching the bottom though I had not sent them the notice of eviction yet. Eve deserved a different tack, she deserved tact in fact. Nonetheless, when she asked the clerk to show her the diamond necklace, I knew she was window shopping as the surprised and eager clerk did not.

The clerk turned away and I eased in behind Eve. I placed my hands on her hips. I leaned forward and spoke in a normal voice, “That would look beautiful on your neck. Would you allow me to buy it for you?” To her credit, she did not flinch at my touch or show fright when I spoke nor was she enticed by my honest offer, false as it was.

She turned her head and said in a quiet voice, “I am married.”

I chuckled deep in my chest. “So am I. You are Eve Covington. I recognize you.” The clerk returned with a ruby and sapphire creation.

“That will be all. Let me look at it.” Eve dismissed the woman with a voice at once gentle and uncompromising.” The woman turned away and found something to occupy her attention. Eve picked it up and held each end of the strand up to me. From behind her, I reached around each side of her, took it and merely held it in front of her, not touching her at any point. My cock, however, stirred, standing this close to her. She gathered her long, blond hair and pulled out to the side, out of the way exposing the graceful line of her august neck. I fastened the stunning necklace and stepped back. She turned around.

“What do you want?” She said, any pretense of tolerance, gone.

“I am your neighbor.” I said. She gave the merest acknowledgement. “I am not really married.” That did get a flicker, a subtle change in the eyes.

“What are you doing here? Why are you bothering me?

“Am I bothering you? I apologize.” I waited without movement, without expression.

Finally Eve nodded.

“I know about you. You ARE famous after all. I have been trying to figure out how to introduce myself without being creepy.”

She nodded again and with that small motion her shield thinned a bit. “Well, I am Eve Covington.” She said in a voice flush with reservation and the pleasure at being recognized. She could not hide or help it. Covington was her family name; she did not give me her married name which was Sawyer. That was encouraging.

“Can I buy you a lemonade?” I asked.

“Are you always this rude?”

“Rude?” I did not understand.

“Are you going to introduce yourself?”

I actually blushed. I presumed she knew my name but then again I knew hers and she introduced herself. “Joshua.” I said. “My name is Joshua Gale.”

“Yes.” She responded. “Pleased to meet our new neighbor.” Her voice was cold enough to belie any pleasure at our meeting.

I turned around and walked towards the food court. It was a Tuesday morning, early and the mall was sparsely populated. I heard the click clack of her heels on the linoleum floor as she followed. She caught me as I found the table and put down my back pack. I was dressed in shorts, T and carried a small back pack with nothing interesting in it except a brand new vibrator specially designed for clitoral stimulation. I headed for the ‘Lemons Into Lemonade’ shop and waited in line, not turning around. When I returned to the table the pack was adjusted. She had surely looked. It was possible she found the brand new vibrator but she had certainly thought about trying to look—likely checking for recorders or cameras which would have identified me as paparazzi parasite. I sat down and looked into her perfectly clear blue eyes. She made a swipe at her hair with her graceful lightly, tanned hand. Her nails, like nearly everything, were perfect.

Eve put hers lip to the straw and pursed a bit, drawing the cold lemonade into her mouth. Her crystalline blue eyes were down, showing the prefect eye shadow, the long lashes and the liner that gave her the effect every hooker in the world tried but always failed to attain: royal sensuality—both the promise and impossibility of sex in every detail of her presentiment. “So, Mr. Gale. I understand you are fucking a couple of our mutual neighbors.” Eyes fixed on me as she spoke. I did not flinch or deny anything immediately, she stirred the drink with the straw and drank some more though watching me with her huge eyes.

I stared into her eyes for a moment and then let mine slip down to the limp labels of her blouse, a sort of avocado green mixed with a shimmering silver that, though out of date, was stunning on her. Finally I nodded. “For money, actually.” I said casually. “Not everyone is as lucky as you are to have sufficient financial backing in this harsh economy. I am making it possible for Liza, Ted and Val to stay in their houses. I am not fucking Ted, incidentally. I hope this will help support our collective real estate valuations. Why didn’t you offer to loan them money? I would have thought you of all people would be in a position to help your friends and neighbors out?” I pivoted to the offensive without a pause.

She did the same. “Charity at this level of society is like a weight, it drags one down into the gutter, both parties really. Hard times are a test of one’s poise and grace under pressure. If you loan to your friends you lose both friendship and your money which is not a good combination and almost always a bad transaction.” She drank again.

My throat was dry and so I drank as well, taking the pause as time to think. I nodded. “I get it, they have no collateral so there was no basis to help them. They really had nothing to offer you. That makes sense.”

“No need to be nasty, Mr. Gale.”

“I am sorry, I am not trying to be nasty. Really. I had hoped that this sort of thing would remain, shall we say, discreetly out of sight? I am a little off guard that you are so well acquainted with the, ah, situation.”

“I think you will find that there are no secrets in our community. We know each other quite thoroughly and appreciated a sort of, shall we say, frankness when it comes to sex, or money for that matter. But, regardless, I do want to thank you for helping my friends. Even if you are forcing yourself on defenseless women, it is a gesture I will not forget.”

“I am doing what you, yourself could not do. Are you going to refuse to do what you can do and then have distaste for me when I fill the breech?”

“Is that what you call it? Filling the breech?” She smiled.

There is no wonder why the woman had been famous as a model. That smile was ethereal, perhaps divine, certainly beguiling. “I call it fucking.” I said. “And I think either would be insulted that you characterize them as defenseless. Now tiny Ted, he is defenseless.”

Eve smiled, a sort of flick of her lips which seemed so casual, so insincere as to be almost indiscreet and made me feel embarrassed for her and ashamed of my success.

The careful dialogue skirting the facts and redecorating them to please her was a game I would never win. “I like women but I like them best on their backs with their legs spread. They both seemed willing to participate in the arrangement. Do you mean everyone knows about this arrangement in the neighborhood?”

“No. Why? Do you have your eye on someone else?”

“Just you, Ms. Covington. I want to know what it takes to get a Covington into bed.”

“I would not know. I am no longer a Covington.” She blushed a bit, the pinkish scarlet filling in behind the perfect makeup.

“Then I am confused because I was sure you introduced yourself that way.”

The color increased and her eyes crinkled the smallest bit. “Well, yes, I did. My married name is Sawyer but I usually introduce myself as Covington . . . to avoid confusion.”

“Don’t you mean embarrassment? His business is failing, I have reason to believe. How long before he becomes Covington too?” This was just cruel and I regretted it almost the moment it was past of my lips.

But Eve merely nodded, finishing her drink. “You have pointed out my hypocrisy. I am Eve Sawyer. The Covington’s will never provide me or my husband financial help in our time of need.” She sat the cup down. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Gale. And no, your little transactions are not general knowledge and you can count on me to be discrete, for my friend’s sake. Not yours. ” She rose and was gone.

Before she was out of sight, the phone rang and my situation changed. Completely.

On the way back to the Strasbourg House, I called both Liza and Val and asked that they come to my house by noon the next day. I had some preparations and some business to follow up on and spent the rest of the day doing so.

Liza arrived first the next day and I opened the door for her. It was Wednesday and I had her money but was waiting to deliver it as expected on Thursday.

Liza stood at the door with an expectant look on her face. I was on the phone and she looked disappointed when I gestured her in and closed the door behind her and walked into the kitchen without her. I ended the call, preliminary travel arrangements and asked if she wanted tea or coffee. She took a cup of coffee and sat down.

In that moment, I felt nervous. I owned her body and she was there to give herself to me. I walked over and tipped her head back and kissed her hard on the lips. Hers remained closed though I touched them with my tongue a time or two. She appeared pleased when her eyes opened again, when I stepped away. I still had not thought of anything to say to her when the bell chimed again. That rescued me. What I had to say I wanted to say to both women so they could both be nervous and give me an immediate answer.

I answered the door and Val was there in a tube dress that left her shoulders bare and nothing to the imagination, cinching her full breasts out before her like a wave perfect for surfing. She presented me with her lips and I ran a hand up her leg to see if there were panties under the mini dress. She was bare. And wet. The walk over must have excited her as she imagined what was about to happen to her. Then she squeaked and jerked out of my arms as Liza appeared over my shoulder. Liza had cleared her throat. Val stepped away looking guiltily at the floor. I leaned into her. “I am fucking her, too, dear.”

Val smiled a wan, almost sickly smile and stood waiting for me to move. I walked into the kitchen and she followed. Tension followed her and not the good, crackling sexual tension but just the tension you get when you stretch a rubber band, like when two women meet who are the current and former lover of the man in the room; that kind of tension. Liza sat down at the kitchen bar and I walked over to her and pulled her to her feet. I casually unbuttoned her blouse.

Liza wore a plain white—though see-through—blouse with a long skirt, ankle length that swished with the twitch of her hips when she walked. Her hands grasped and then caressed mine as I unbuttoned her blouse, revealing the white bra underneath. With a couple buttons still fastened at the bottom, I slipped my hands inside the blouse and unhooked the bra. I took loose the arm straps and removed the whole thing, leaving Liza sagging against the bar with her breasts exposed to the cool air framed in the open V of the white blouse.

Val stared, still standing at the entrance to the kitchen. I scooped one of Liza’s breasts out of the blouse and sucked the nipple hard into my mouth. When I bit down, Liza cried out, arching her back against the bar, pressing her breast against my mouth. I immediately withdrew from her and went over to Val and pulled her into my arms and kissed her hard on the lips again. This time her lips were open and her tongue greeted me when I touched her lips and her mouth opened completely when my tongue entered her. Meanwhile, my hands found the hem of her skirt and when Val began to inhale, I broke the kiss and pulled up on the tube skirt. Her arms went over her head and it was off of her before she finished her breath. She wore no bra, so, except for the heels she wore, Val was completely naked.

“Would you like some coffee, Val?” I asked.

Flustered, aroused and naked, Val nodded because, I suspected, I had taken away her voice. She walked over to the kitchen table and sat down. Her heels clicked on the floor and the chair scraped in the silence. I handed her the coffee and returned to the sink, leaned against the counter and crossed my arms on my. Val had crossed her legs and hunched over her breasts. Liza had surreptitiously pulled her blouse together to cover her hers.

“Val, Liza. I got a call yesterday morning which might be of interest to you. You may not know but my business connections have given me very good access to very important, powerful and famous people throughout the world and many who are one or two but not all three which is sometimes inconvenient for them. One of them called me this morning and asked if I knew two women, white women, which is important since he is African—black as coal and chauvinist to the core. He wants a matching pair of white women, who would be willing to spend seven days on their backs with him. He suggested twins or at least sisters, but was willing to accept a Mother-daughter combination but I took that to just be complications to help him in our negotiations for your services.”

I stopped, looking back and forth between the naked brown-haired woman and the redhead with her breasts showing. “I have met this gentleman once but I have never shared a woman with him though he has invited me several times. I asked him about the boundaries and he insisted that they should be willing to follow his imagination. I told him I would check and he gave me till one o’clock today. I thought of you. I think we can negotiate a very good deal for the pair of you which I would split with you and apply the remainder to your respective debts. Make no mistake, this man will challenge you. I have heard he likes fear and once he finds what you fear, he will demand that you go there, just to get you scared so he can fuck you in the midst of your terror. It is not the terror for your life, but just things that you are uncomfortable with. Like pain, for example or spiders or stripes and plaids together. I do not think he is a danger to either of you but he will be a challenge, perhaps a risk. What do you say?”

“What do you mean, ‘what do you say’?” Val spat out. “You are telling me that two fucks and I am going to be handed off to some stranger like a rented car?”

I was going to get angry with her and scare her but Liza laughed so completely that Val smiled over at her, a bit irritated but more than a lot curious. “What?” She said.

“Reminds me of a joke, two really. A little kid and his mother is at the grocery store, in line behind a fat woman in the line. The fat ladies’ phone begins to ring and the boy pushes back against his mother. ‘Look out, Mom, she’s backing up!” Liza stifled a laugh. “Another fat woman dressed in yellow dropped something while standing at the curb at the airport in the line for a taxi. When she bent over to pick it up, someone thought it was a cab and hopped in.” Liza continued to laugh but finally stopped and wiped her eyes leaving her breasts free of the blouse. I stared at them and when she felt my eyes on her chest, she stopped chuckling altogether.

I looked at Valerie and we both shrugged at the same time. I guess you had to be there, wherever ‘there’ was, wherever Liza had gone.

Liza looked at Valerie. “Val. He owns us. I watched him fuck you last week. He fucked me like I have never been fucked Monday morning after I blew the collector who has you and Ted in a jam. Unless you are going to welch on the deal with Josh, this is an opportunity to put a dent in our bill. Let me tell you, Val, watching you made me so fucking hot. When Josh pled no contest and threw me out because you fucked him to death, I was pissed at him. I wanted his cock if not right then, then certainly later when he recovered but he refused till the contract was signed. Trust comes from doing what you say you will do or asking for exceptions when you can’t . . . .” Whatever else Liza was going to say, something stopped her. She turned to me and her mouth was open wider than her eyes but just barely.

“You knew you were going to own us before we even signed, didn’t you? Why else would someone call you for two white women to fuck their away across the country unless they already knew? He called because you have let it be known that you would have pussy for sale! You son of a bitch . . .!”

“I knew I was going to own someone.” I said but that darkened the red rising in Liza’s cheeks so, not knowing what to say, I said nothing.

I could see the anger rising in Liza and fought the urge to try to stem it. Surprisingly, Val stood up, completely naked and walked over to where Liza was a standing by the bar and put her hands on Liza’s breasts and pinched the nipples. That stopped Liza; the flush vanished immediately to be replaced by a pasty paleness. Liza did not speak and stopped moving and stopped breathing. Val still had hold of her nipples. For a solid minute, the two women stared at each other then abruptly, Valerie squeezed harder and when Liza winced and closed her eyes, Val said softly, “You watched him fuck me? I think I should have the same opportunity, don’t you?”

Liza did not respond.

Val kissed Liza full on the mouth. Liza’s eyes opened and for a moment she was goggle-eyed but then she quit looking at me and turned her attention to the beautiful woman kissing her. Her eyes closed, a hand came up to clasp Val’s head and then the kiss matured and Liza opened her mouth. I could tell by the way Val moved her head that they were tasting each other deeply and thoroughly.

Val raised a hand and placed it fully over one of Liza’s boobs. Liza shivered, shaking at Val’s commanding touch and then, when she regained control of herself, she ran her free hand which had dangled at her side while she was being kissed, up Val’s leg to her hip. Liza turned her palm up and pressed it against Val’s pubis and pressed her hand into Val’s pussy, stroking the other woman with palm and fingers. Val broke the kiss and tried to step away but Liza moved both hands to her breasts and pinched them both, hard. Val screamed and stopped moving, her head falling back on her neck as though she were going to faint.

I stepped in behind Val, ran my hands up to her breasts and freed them from Liza’s pinching fingers. My cock was hard so when Val pressed her bare ass against me, she felt the prong against her cheeks. She immediately bent forward, placing her head on Liza’s shoulder and her arms around the redhead’s waist. “Fuck me.” Val hissed.

Usually I do not take orders but I made an exception. I dropped my pants, freed my cock and snuggled it into the crease of her ass. She went up on tip toes and I crouched a bit. Val used one of her hands to catch the tip of my cock and press it into the folds of her pussy which by then wept with joy. She pressed backwards and my cock slide into her body part way. She arched her back, unable to arch it as extremely as Liza but enough to let her fuck me standing up. Arching her ass pulled it off my cock and when she straightened her spine, her cunt slammed down onto my cock with such force that it penetrated her completely to the root. I locked an arm around her waist and held her in that position. Val had her hands on Liza’s waist as Liza leaned in to kiss her lips.

“Wait.” I said, gritting my teeth around the word. “I need to know if I can sell your cunts to this guy or not.” I wheezed as I spoke because all the rest of my body wanted to pull my cock from Val’s body and slam it hard back into her. Then I did, just once; self-denial in such a situation is just silly. Val groaned and dropped her head. “I need to fuck you girls, together, today, so you can get used to each other. I should likely take your asses as well because I suspect this African lion is going to have your both on your knees a lot of the time for all manner of purposes. But I have to call him . . . ” I glanced at the clock, “in twenty minutes. You can say no or yes. It makes no difference to me. I have to be gone the next two weeks anyway so it will not change anything here.” I pulled out and fucked my cock back into Val again. She took a step forward and I felt Liza’s breasts on my arm. With my other free arm, I reached up and pulled Liza’s blouse off her shoulders but since the bottom buttons were still fastened, it simply fell off her shoulders and hung about her waist.

I pulled out and slammed my cock into Val once more and stopped. “I have to know what you two want to do.” I panted. I wanted to fuck so badly, I almost eschewed the whole deal but it had long term implications for my commitment to my sister so I forced myself to hold still while Val’s cunt gently seethed and writhed around my cock. I pulled my arms free and grasped her waist and pulled her back hard onto my cock. She was on tippy toes and then she relaxed her feet and the weight of her body fell on my cock. That two inches made so much sensual difference! Val shrieked and fell completely into Liza’s arms, head turned and laying on Liza’s bare shoulder. I crouched to release the pressure of the angle on my cock. I pulled at her hips sealing us together. Her cunt bit down on me and I thought I would come right then.

Smack! Liza slapped the side of my face, hard. I saw stars for a moment. “I said, pull out of her or we will never get this settled. Go stand over there by the fucking sink. Then, when we get this settled, you have to put that cock in my pussy!” Liza spoke with a high, strained voice, but her eyes were on Val’s head laying on her shoulder.

Again I took orders, though I was not subservient in doing so. I backed away from Val’s perfect ass and let me cock drip free. I staggered back, shuffling with my pants about my ankles and leaned against the cold sink counter. For a moment, I stared at Val’s distended pussy, clearly visible between the parted cheeks of her ass. Then she straightened and like that, they were gone. She straightened with Liza’s help. Liza’s hands turned her so she faced me. Liza pulled Val back against her own bare breasts. Val turned her head and Liza found her lips in a very awkward kiss because she was shorter than Val by six inches. Val sort of sagged against her while Liza stood on tiptoes to kiss her.

“Okay, that is enough, you two. Break it up for a minute.” After a hesitation, their lips parted. Liza tweaked Val’s tits and then she gave her a shove towards one of the bar stools. Liza, herself, took a seat on a kitchen chair. She still wore her dress, draped about the cliff of her round hips and ass.

“Val, Liza, are you two willing to have sex with each other while someone watches? Are you willing to fuck a stranger?”

“Isn’t that what we have been doing?” Val asked in a dazed voice. Then she slowly shook her head. “I did not know that sex could be like this!” She muttered.

“Hey, listen!” I clapped my hands, then felt stupid standing at the sink with my pants around my ankles and took them off. “We have to decide. And understand, if you fuck it up, you may never get another chance. You’ll be stuck fucking for hundred bucks a crack whenever I get the urge. Fuck this up and no one else will want you. Do it right and you could be in easy demand.”

“Do you really think this is going to be worth less than five hundred a pop, particularly with both of us?” Val asked, finally beginning to get her eyes to focus on me.

“He is not going to be fucking us,” Liza said softly. “The contract is with him but he is going to sell us to his other clients.” Liza looked at me with steady, unreadable eye. “He has a lot of money backing him up and he is going to use it to fuck all of us, the whole community. Isn’t that right, Mr. Gale? You are starting a hooker club and you came here to recruit all of us. I bet you know the position that everyone of us is in with their mortgage. Somehow you know how the covenant is designed and that Holdingsfield is in real serious danger. Mr. Gale, here, is simply taking advantage of our stupidity and giving us a way out besides losing everything and having to crawl back to our respective families.” Liza nodded. “Isn’t that right, Mr. Gale?”

I stared at her. The idea that I wanted them for hookers had not occurred to me but it had some rational sense to it. A smoke screen which would allow me to use them all while I worked on the main issue. Having a plausible reason to do what you do which disguises or obscures a true intention possessed some value for me, for us.

I shrugged. “Well, yes. Sort of. I would like to tell you that I have an ongoing operation and that you would be just a couple options but in fact this whole idea just occurred to me after I moved here. ” Only a small lie; I should have said ‘came’ here but the difference was unimportant. “Look, when I scouted this place, I investigated the people here and nearly went someplace else because all of you are on the edge of losing everything. I hatched this plot to buy your bodies as part of an idea I got listening to a bunch of couples talking at a dinner party. The women were saying that they wanted to have women they could give to their men so they could relax about losing them to the sex piranhas out there. But not hookers, they wanted women of means and standing that would seem natural and right to be found on their knees sucking on their husband’s cock. That way they would not be embarrassed or humiliated because their husband had no standards. They were drunk. They told their husbands they would let them fuck another man’s wife if he promised to keep it to just other married women. That reduced the risk of losing them, the wives said.” I was scatting, and felt like a jazzman lost in the midst of a concerto.

“We would be hookers, then.” Val said with distaste.

“Christ, Val, would you have been nude sitting in this kitchen if you did not owe this guy money?”

Val shrugged.

I had to say something. I actually had not considered the ‘hooker’ angle and the call about them from the Prince was happenstance and off-hand. He was telling me he was in the country and wondering if I wanted to ‘share’. The thing about the ‘two white women’ arose by accident and my potential interest in providing him just such a diversion arose naturally. I did not want Val and Liza to know that, though. The deeper the conspiracy to sell their pussy on the market, the less likely they or the others would douse my actual purpose.

“The life you both have known to this point is over. That is true for most of the women in this little community. Either their businesses are failing or the concerns they work for are in the process of figuring out how to dismiss them as cheaply as possible. In a year, none of you will have the means to keep the life you have known till now the way you have known it, unless something changes. I can change it, some, enough perhaps to give you and your friends some time, time to find a way out of the mess that has flooded into your lives. I offer this as an alternative. If you want to proceed, I will make the call. If not, you need to decide what the rest of your life is going to look like.”

Val nodded, listening. “We are out of time.” She glanced at Liza. “Liza, we have been friends a long time and I presume you never fucked my husband and I never laid down for whasisname. I would you be willing to go on a sex trip with you. I would never go alone but it might be sort of fun with the two of us. But no pain.” He glanced at me.

Liza nodded. “No marks, Val. I think you are going to get spanked tonight again. I know I am. They will want to do the same, particularly you once I tell them how much you love to be fucked after you are spanked.”

Val stared at Liza for a moment then half smiled and nodded. “No marks. Everything else? Tied up and fucked? Ass? Mouth? Air tight? Doing each other? What about dildos and vibrators?”

“Yes. All of it.” Liza said. She looked at me. “Tell your African friend you have two very good candidates to take care of his salacious needs while he is in the US.”

I looked at Val and she nodded, though she was sweating and her eyes were bright. “Fine.” I dialed the phone and got Prince Myuea Entarrea. I told him that I could set him up. “Friday. You pay the tickets. Right, I’ll email the names in a moment.” I hung up. “Sold.” I said softly.

For a moment, no one spoke. Liza stood up and unbuttoned the last buttons on her dangling blouse and let it drop to the floor. She unfastened the long dress and let it fall down her white, white legs. Then she was like Val, naked but for high heels. She looked at Val. “We need to be clear, the three of us. Our long term objective is to see every woman in this community fuck for money. Right?” As she spoke, she stepped out of the dress and then struck a pose with legs open and hands on her enormous hips. She looked pointedly at Val. “That means that we are going to lie to our friends till Joshua here can manage to get their legs pried open and his very healthy cock firmly in place in our collective cunts. We are going to help and as he initiates each one, they will become willing and active conspirators in ensnaring everyone else. Right?” She looked around the room, that is to say, at Val and I, defiantly.

“You are shitting me.” Val said. She looked over at me. “Is that what you have in mind? Turn this place into community of hookers?” She seemed aghast.

“Very well paid hookers?” I said, making it a question. I felt an odd elation, the sense that something right was happening but I could have no pride in it because I sincerely had not thought of it. I started down this road with the, now obvious, delusion that I would be able to ensnare each woman and keep that entrapment totally secret from the others. Curious how such an obvious idiocy could be so easily overlooked but I could plead pussy intoxication and familial revenge. Either should be sufficient to impose that sort of ‘invisible gorilla’ blindness. Very human of me, but I was not comforted. What else had I missed in my rush to help my sister? Such a humanitarian I was, staring at the two sexual women waiting to be sexually used and then passed off to a mere acquaintance. I shook my head, nonplussed in the most complex, ironic of ways.

Liza walked over to where Val was perched on the bar stool, took Val’s face between her hands and kissed her on the lips. Liza held the kiss till Val opened her mouth and their tongues touched, which was when one of Val’s hand rose up and cupped Liza’s very large breast. Liza backed off. “We are all pretenders of one sort or another. Each of us has some connection to high society but this is not high society. We are not high society. We skirt the edges and play act for those too poor, busy or ignorant to tell the difference. Eve is about the only one but she would rather fuck a camel than go crawling back to her family. She is nearly as desperate right now as we are. And the husbands? The husbands are all philandering pricks or gay, open or repressed it makes little difference. Ted sold you without a second thought, do you think anyone else who wears a cock in their trousers would be any different?”

“John Sawyer would.”

“Yes, John Sawyer is a great guy. So look at it the other way, would you fuck him? I would and this way I can do it while Eve watches. I want to be fucked with you watching so bad my pussy is melting right now. But if I understand our prick in the corner over there, his claim to fame with his peers in the world of professional pussy will be our kisses. We are going to be the real thing, the genuine article, women who fuck for money, kiss and cum. Right now Evie is so scared I bet they have not fucked in months. This prick will help that. And Val, you cannot think that anyone has had the sex you had the other day? At least what I saw made me not merely wet but jealous. You are lucky you did not have a cunt stuck to your face.”

They both looked at me. I shrugged and grinned. “Truthfully, I want to find the most interesting sexual dream you each have and match you with the man—or men—who would make that dream come true. This is a shitty situation for everyone here. I am taking the long view, that real estate values will recover. I want to own as much as I can but if the covenant gets violated, this place will not be worth a tenth of what it is today and I lose everything. I want both, to make a profit and make you and all your friends while fulfilling your sexual dreams. Not fantasies, mind you; dreams. The dreams of what sex would be like if the world was perfect. Give me that opportunity and I will keep you in a place to live till this crisis passes and then I will profit from owning both you and your property. But to do this, I have to satisfy each of you as you sign the contracts or eventually, the others will have no immediate inducement to join you on your knees. The demand for pussy of your caliber is there, but filling the demand will increase the demand. And it will demand quality and clear representation. We are not an S&M club.”

“And yet, we will need to obey you.” Liza said.

“Sounds like S&M to me. Or, I guess, Submission and Domination, really.” She shivered. “I am not sure I like this.”

“I need to understand your sexual needs so I can pair you with the correct people but I also need to be able to extend your concept of your own sexuality, always with the idea that I will be extending your pleasure, increasing your capacity for sexual gratification.”

Val shook her head. “It still seems . . . . ” She shook her head again, more violently.

“But Val, we have to obey him.” Liza said. “When we bring the others in, they will watch us. We have to learn to be the prefect woman . . . I am avoiding the word but what I mean is that we need to be the perfect slaves, obedient in all things and not merely eager but excited and eager, wet and eager to do as we are told but with the provision that we obey the spirit of this agreement and not the letter only. When we have the opportunity to extend our definition of our sexuality, we do so. Are you getting what I am saying?”

Val nodded. “You are saying that since we are selling our asses on the open market, everyone should. Then no one will look down on us.”

Liza shrugged. “And we get to keep our houses.”

Valerie squinted at Liza. “You are thinking something else. I can tell when you get all hyper-reasonable, you are hiding the thing that makes it work for you. Spit it out.”

Lisa blushed hard. “Well, come on, Val! Haven’t you ever wondered what anyone else looks or sounds like when they have an orgasm? We are going to help this man fuck all of our friends which will lessen our own degradation and make us all equally fucked.” Liza smiled but then sobered. “If we do not help him, if we are not successful, then we will all lose everything and end up crawling back to our families and asking for help like street people, which we would be. We’d never live that down and you know it!”

Valeried nodded. “Do we have to call it ‘hooking’ though?”

“How but investment?” I suggested. “A fucking investement?” The two women looked at each other, smiled nodded and then looked back at me.

Sounds too good to be true, I thought. They have talked themselves into doing what I wanted them to do for perfectly plausible reasons, or at least fig leaf good reasons. I pointed at Liza. “My dear, is there something you would like to have in your mouth right now or do you want to keep talking?”

Liza did not hesitate but walked over, knelt and took my cock deep into her mouth. She sucked till it had resumed its erect status, talking had wilted it. Liza stood up. She extended a hand to Val. “Come along. We need to practice for Friday.” Liza led Val back to the master bedroom. I sent a couple emails and joined them. When I arrived, Liza had Val lying on the side of the bed, legs over the side. Liza was bent at the waist and had her mouth firmly planted on Val’s pussy. While I watched, Val lifted her legs and with each hand, pulled them broader, wider to accommodate the woman eating her out. My cock sprang to attention at the sight and I walked behind Liza and began to caress her hips. My fingers descended into her pussy from front and behind. I put fingers from each hand and each direction into her pussy. Liza widened her stance but did not lift her head. Val groaned for the first time and I watched her head flap to one side, her eyes clinched tightly closed. I crouched behind Liza and guided my hard cock to the entrance of her cunt.

Liza lifted her head, “Yes! Fuck me! Put your hard cock into me!” Val’s head came up and she put a hand to the back of Liza’s head and forced it back to the lips of her pussy, either for the contact or so she could see what I was doing. She held her head up as I began to press my cock into Liza’s pussy. Liza arched her back and then quickly straightened it, slamming her cunt back onto my cock. I grabbed her hips and pulled free, found her kissing cunt again and pressed through the resistance once more. She was tenderly tight!

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