2: The Next Day

NOTE: A special thanks goes to estragon for his copy edit. His time and suggestions are invaluable.

RECAP: I highly suggest you read part one if you want to know how I seduced my sweet prim and proper Mother. If you don’t want to or already have and can’t remember the plot, here is a brief recap:

I am a college student who is addicted to MILF’s. When I came home for the summer, I spied my Mother fucking some slob who was blackmailing her and decided to save her. After saving her, I decided I had to make Mommy mine.

This story takes place the following day, after I had fucked my Mother, Elaine, for the first time.



I woke up after a long sleep alone. I lay in bed for a few minutes as I replayed last night’s events in my head. I had fucked my Mother. It was amazing, the ultimate conquest for any man. As I rubbed my eyes, I remembered falling asleep together and noticed she was no longer in bed.

I looked at the clock it was 12:30 in the afternoon. I wondered how she would react the day after. I assumed she would say it was a big mistake and s forth, but I was determined to make sure this new relationship continued in full force. I got up, still naked, walked to my room, grabbed a robe and went downstairs.

When I reached the kitchen, I was surprised to see my Mom at the kitchen table visiting with Hannah. Hannah, Mom’s best friend, and the sexy MILF who I was fucking in the ass just two days ago, in the livingroom when my Mom walked in catching us. I was slightly worried I had ended a lifelong friendship. Apparently, I needed not to worry. My Mom greeted, “Good afternoon sweetie.” She got up and gave me a peck on the cheek.

I looked slightly confused as she explained, “I invited Hannah over to apologize. I overreacted and did not want to lose one of my dearest friends.”

Hannah, who I instantly noticed was wearing black stockings and a sundress, said, “Yes, we have kissed and made up.”

The innuendo didn’t go unnoticed as my Mom added, “I need to go to the washroom, you guys can visit or whatever.”

She left and I poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down still trying to figure out what the Hell was going on. Hannah stated matter-of-factly, “So you fucked your mother last night?”

Coffee sprayed out of my mouth and I began choking. Hannah got up and patted me on the back like I was a baby. I asked in a state of shock, “Mom told you about last night?”

Hannah began to massage my shoulders as she said softly, “Do you know how long I have wanted to fuck your Mom?”

Her hands slid down my chest as I processed this stunning revelation; my cock already as hard as a rock. She moved around and dropped to her knees in front of me. I sat memorized a mixture of eager anticipation and slight bewilderment. As she opened my robe, she saw my bulging erection contained in my underwear and teased, “My, my, my, what do we have here?” She unleashed my stiff erection and it instantly stood at attention in front of this beautiful MILF, and my mother’s best friend. As she grabbed it with her left hand, she asked mischievously, “Is this erection because of me on my knees ready to swallow you whole or because of the thought of your prim and proper Mommy between my legs?”

I looked at her and before I could respond she deep throated my firm cock. I instantly let out a moan as this hot MILF slut devoured my dick. She continued the fast paced assault with impressive consistency and within only a couple minutes I could feel my cum beginning to bubble. I grunted, “I’m coming, slut.” Hannah continued bobbing up and down seemingly desperate to swallow my load, which followed. Like a good MILF cocksucker, she kept up the pace making sure to swallow every last drop of my cum.

Once done, she got off her knees, smiled at and said, “So can I use your Mother as my little lez slut?”

I answered, surprised by the question, “I doubt she would be into that.”

Hannah smiled, ” Oh, I don’ t know about that. She just fucked her son.”

“Touché,” I responded, trying to figure out a way to make this hot, but unrealistic, request to happen.

“So do you want to watch your Mom become my little duke?” my sexy MILF slut purred naughtily.

My cock already beginning to rise again, I supported, honestly and curiously, “I would love to see that.”

Hannah stood up, “Well then watch this. Your Mother is as submissive as they come and trust me she won’t say no.” She kissed me hard, shoving her tongue in my mouth. As she stroked my cock again, she broke the kissed and called, “Elaine get down here.”

A few seconds later, my Mother came downstairs and returned to the kitchen. “Did you two have time to talk?”

Hannah shrugged, her words dripping with innuendo, “Not really, but I did get a mouthful.”

My Mom blushed but said nothing.

Hannah grabbed my Mom’s hand gently, “You really hurt me the other day.”

My Mom quickly replied apologetically, “I know, I told you I was sorry. I would never do anything to hurt you.”

Hannah, in a firm and dominant voice I had never heard from her, explained, “You need to be punished for what you did.”

“What?” my Mom said clearly confused and unaware where this was leading.

“Come with me,” Hannah instructed, pulling my Mother into the living room.

Mom blindly followed still completely oblivious to what was about to transpire.

Hannah sat on the couch, pulled up her dress, opened her legs and ordered, “Elaine, starting right now our relationship is going to change. I have wanted to fuck you for years but thought you were way to prim and proper for such sexual deviance. But now that I know you are willing to fuck your son like a whore, well you obviously aren’t as goody-goody as you portray yourself to be.”

“Hannah,” my Mother began to say, I assume with some sort of defensive explanation, before being cut off by her best friend.

“Shut up, slut!” Hannah roared. “Don’t you ever interrupt your Mistress again!”

“Mistress?” my Mom repeated, in stunned confusion.

“Yes, Mistress!” Hannah confirmed, her voice losing the anger, but not the dominant, don’t fuck with me attitude. She continued, me watching in fascinated awe, my cock already fully at mass, “I own you. You will do what I say, when I say, with who I say. Is that understood?”

My Mother, tears running down her cheeks, tried to be logical with her best friend. “Hannah, be reasonable. I am not a lesbian.”

“Yesterday you weren’t a son-fucker either,” Hannah replied obscenely.

“Hannah!” my Mom said mortified.

“Son-fucker!” Hannah sarcastically mocked.

My Mom began to turn around to leave when Hannah said, “Stop right there, my slut.”

To my surprise my Mother stopped and with pleading eyes and tone, begged, “Hannah, please stop. You are my best friend.”

“Yes Elaine, you are my best friend too. And now we will be even better friends, friends with benefits. Plus you will also be my little lez slave,” Hannah explained. Hannah stared at my Mom, as after years of equality between the two, the balance of power shifted right in front of my eyes.

I watched amused as I began to believe my Mom would break, just as Hannah predicted, just as she had with me the night before. It was obvious that deep down my Mother was submissive and it was unlikely she would stand-up to Hannah when Hannah gave the sexual order that was soon to come. The staring match and the long silence that came with it were finally broken when Hannah went for the sexual kill. “Elaine, crawl between my legs and beg to lick your new Mistress’s pussy.”

Mom looked at me, seemingly begging for support; instead she got the opposite. I added to the humiliation as I agreed, “Mom you allowed some fat fuck to dominate you forever and you gave only a lame-ass resistance to submitting to me. I think Hannah is right. You are a submissive little,” I paused, unsure if I could call my Mom such a demeaning and derogatory word. Finally after a bit of thought, I went for the juggler, “slut.”

I could see my Mom’s facial expression change from pleading to shock at my harsh words. She looked away from me and back to Hannah. She seemed to really be considering her options. I would have loved to be able to get inside her head and see what she was thinking and feeling.

Hannah, clearly confident she was going to win, explained, “Elaine don’t pretend you don’t want to submit. You know you do. I know you do. Even Jeremy knows you do.”

Tears dripped down my Mom’s cheeks as she whispered, her tone portraying her defeat, “Please, Hannah….”

Hannah showing no signs of mercy ordered, “Hurry up Elaine, I don’t have all day. Plus I really want to see Jeremy fuck his Mother.”

My Mom quickly looked back at me. I gave her a knowing smirk and a subtle head nod, which suggested she should do as she was told. She just as quickly looked away and much to my, and Hannah’s glee, fell to her knees and head down, avoiding eye contact, crawled to her best friend. Once between Hannah’s legs, she froze unsure what to do next. It was entertaining to watch my Mother in such forbidden and uncharted territory.

Hannah looked at me triumphantly first before looking down at my Mother. She asked absurdly politely, “Do you want to eat my pussy, Elaine?”

My mother did not look up and said something so quietly I could not make it out.

Hannah ordered, “I can’t hear you, my slut. Speak louder.”

In a slightly louder squeak, through tears of humiliation, she answered, “Yes.”

“Yes what,” Hannah tested.

My Mother looked up for the first time, a look of utter confusion displayed on her face. She sputtered in a question like tone, “Um, yes please?”

Hannah looked at me and said dismissively, “Jeremy, your Mother seems a little slow on the uptake. Care to help her out?”

I walked over and sat down on the couch beside Hannah and very close to my obedient Mother as I explained, “The correct answer Mommy Dearest is yes, Mistress.”

My Mom glanced at me with a look that showed a mixture of fear, embarrassment, shyness and lust before finally returning her gaze to Hannah and repeated my words, “Yes, Mistress.”

Hannah playing the game extremely well teased her soon to be sub. “Yes, Mistress, what?”

I could tell my Mom’s anger was burning inside her as she had always hated to be corrected even in the slightest. But although I knew she was furious, her words that came out of her mouth were gentle and submissive. “Yes, Mistress, can I please you?”

“And how do you suggest to do that?” Hannah asked, pushing every button my Mother possibly had.

My Mom’s cheeks went dark red as she said, surprising me even, and clearly frustrated by the game her best friend was playing, “Any fucking thing you want.”

Not even remotely surprised by my Mom’s declaration, Hannah approved, “That’s much better, Elaine. I think you are going to make a very good sub.”

Hannah attempting to control and humiliate my Mom even more, lifted up her right foot and moved it to her best friend’s mouth. She ordered, “Suck my toes through my stockings, Elaine.”

I watched as my Mother obeyed the order and began taking her friend’s toes into her mouth. My cock was eager to get involved, but I resisted as I watched the submission of my Mother. Like last night, once my Mother submitted and allowed herself to have the sexual joy she desperately wanted and needed, she really got into the submission. She seemed to saviour each toe individually, treating each one like a tiny cock. The scene was incredibly hot and lasted over five minutes as my Mom individually pleased all ten toes.

Once done, Hannah now flushed and horny asked, “Have you ever eaten pussy before?”

My Mom shook her head no.

Hannah smiled, “Well this really is a weekend of firsts then.” After a slight pause to let that verbal shot simmer, she asked, “Do you want to eat my pussy, Elaine.”

My mom was clearly mortified by the humiliation, but I could tell from yesterday also horny, as she responded, almost in a whisper, “Yes.” Just as Hannah opened her mouth to correct her, Mom corrected herself, “Yes, Mistress, I want to eat your pussy.”

“Good girl,” Hannah purred, reached forward, and pulled my Mother into further sin.

I watched in voyeuristic fascination. Even after seducing her last night, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this.

I pulled my cock out and Hannah reached for it and began to give me a gentle hand job. She also began to moan from my Mother’s tongue. Hannah then began to get animated. “That’s it Elaine, you are a natural little cunt- licker,” and “Keep licking slut,” and “Faster lez, faster.” After a few minutes of this naughty scene, Hannah asked, “Slut, are you horny?”

My Mom, face shiny, looked up and saw Hannah still stroking my cock. “Yes, Mistress, I am really fucking horny.”

Hannah asked, “So you want to get fucked?”

“Yes, Mistress, desperately.”

“By your son?”

“Yes, Mistress. I want my son to fuck me.”

“You understand that I own you for now on?”

“Yes, Mistress,” my Mother reluctantly accepted.

“Jeremy, do you want to fuck your Mommy while she eats my pussy?”

“What do you think?” I asked.

Hannah instructed, “Get naked, slut.”

My Mom, horny enough that her inhibitions were gone, stood up and unbuckled her belt and pulled off her jeans. She hastily tossed off her t-shirt, bra and underwear and stood before Hannah and me naked.

“Get on all fours, my slave,” Hannah ordered.

My Mother obeyed like a good slut and without further instructions began licking Hannah’s pussy again. When I didn’t immediately fuck my Mom, Hannah suggested, “Jeremy, your Mommy desperately needa a good hard fucking. Now get behind her and fuck our slut.”

I stood up; my nine iron ready for t-off. I got behind my Mom, slapped her ass and asked, “Mommy, ready to be fucked by your son again?”

I expected at least a little resistance or reluctance, but instead got full compliance. “Yes, Jeremy, fuck your Mommy. Fuck her hard.”

Not one to disobey, I slid my cock easily into my Mom’s wet, but still tight, pussy. She instantly moaned and began to say something, but her words were muffled by Hannah’s pussy, Hannah having pulled her best friend deep between her legs. Hannah smiled at me as she rubbed her pussy all over my Mom’s face. I pounded my Mom hard and deep, pushing my Mother’s face deeper into my other MILF slut’s cunt. I never slowed down as I drilled into my Mother’s cunt hard and fast. My Mother quit licking her best friend and bellowed, “Oh fuck, Jeremy, I’m coming, harder Jeremy, make Mommy come, make her come, yes, yes, yes….”

The scene was so erotically sinful, so morally disgusting, that I knew I would not last long. Hannah pulled my Mother back into her cunt and Mom began to lick feverously as I continued fucking my Mother like the whore she was. Within a couple more minutes of hardcore licking by my Mother I heard Hannah scream, “I’m coming.” My Mom squeezed my dick with her cunt muscles in a way no woman ever has smiling my cock so smoothly that I exploded my cum in her a few seconds after Hannah came on my Mom’s face. I kept pumping until every last drop filled her before pulling out.

My Mom, finally got up off her knees and apparently having come to her senses after her orgasm, apologized profusely, “I’m sorry, Jeremy. This shouldn’t have happened.”

Hannah laughed and said, “Oh Elaine, this is just the beginning. Go and get Jeremy hard again. I am not leaving here until I get his cock in me.”

My Mom looked like she was about to say something but instead fell back to her knees and took my slightly limp cock in my mouth. Unlike most cocksuckers, she took her time. Using her tongue with teasing expertise, she had me stiff in a couple of minutes.

Hannah broke the incestuous debauchery as she ordered, “Elaine get on the ground and on your back.”

My Mother took my cock out of her mouth gave me a look I could not even begin to read. Was she mad? Sorry? Horny? As I attempted to read her thoughts, she let go off my hard cock and obeyed the instructions.

Hannah got out of the rest of her clothes and straddled my Mother’s face. I watched my Mom awkwardly eat her best friend’s pussy for a couple of minutes until Hannah stood back up and returned to the couch. She spread her legs wide and said, “Jeremy, come fuck me.”

Not one to ever refuse pussy, I walked over my Mother and between the legs of the sexy MILF. Ignoring any sort of foreplay, I thrust my cock into her. Having already come twice, I knew this would be a lengthy fuck session. I started slow, but soon picked up my rhythm as Hannah begged to be fucked harder.

After a few minutes of hard fucking, Hannah ordered, “Slut, get over here and lick my clit as your son fucks me.”

My Mom who had still been on the ground the whole time, seemingly watching, crawled up on the couch and began licking Hannah’s clit as I continued fucking the sexy MILF. Having my Mother’s face so close and doing such naughty things had my mind spinning and I decided to take control. I pulled out of Hannah’s warm cunt and shoved my cock into my Mom’s mouth. I fucked her face for a few strokes before burying my cock back into Hannah. I repeated fucking Hannah and then my Mother’s face for the next few minutes, keeping both myself and Hannah on the brink of complete sexual bliss, but never over it.

I no longer saw my Mother as a Mother, but rather as just one more hot MILF to please me. With such a philosophy in my head, a naughty thought popped in my mind, one final way to humiliate and dominate my Mom. I pulled my cock out and face fucked my Mom for a good minute, holding her head as I pumped in and out. I pulled out and ordered, “Mommy, lick Hannah’s asshole for me, get it ready for my big cock.”

My Mom looked at me with a look of disgust. I sternly explained, “Mommy, Hannah thinks she owns you now and she is welcome to use you as she sees fit. But when I am home, I am the man of the house for you, Hannah and every other slut I decide to bring home. Is that understood?”

My Mom, tears welling in her eyes, whispered, “Jeremy, I…”

“Do you ever want this cock again?” I asked, slapping her face with my stiff dick.

“Yes,” she whispered, clearly humiliated by her wanton desires.

“Good, then don’t ever hesitate when I give you an order, understood?”

“Yes,” she repeated.

“Now, pull Hannah’s ass cheeks apart and lick it.”

My Mom reluctantly obeyed as she repositioned herself between her best friend. Hannah looked back making eye contact with me. Her smile said it all. My Mother awkwardly licked Hannah’s ass cheeks for a couple of minutes while I stood back and enjoyed the show. Deciding it was time to make it more extreme, I went behind my Mom and without any warning, slid my cock into her wet pussy. I grabbed her hips and began to thrust as deep as I could into her, shoving her face deeper into her best friend’s ass. Her whimpers of pleasure were muffled by Hannah’s ass cheeks. The scene was fucking hot and I had to slow down to not shoot another wad up my Mom’s cunt.

I pulled out of my Mom who whimpered, “No, Jeremy, put it back in.”

I slapped her ass hard and said, “I am the one who gives the orders around here. Move your ass, I am going to fuck Hannah’s ass now. While I do, you may sit on the floor like a good girl and watch.”

My Mom obeyed, clearly horny, humiliated and disappointed. I went behind Hannah and rubbed my cock up and down her ass crack. Hannah, used to my cock in her tight ass, pushed back trying to get my cock in her. I continued teasing her until she begged, “Fuck Jeremy, please just fuck my ass.”

“You can do better than that, my slut.”

Hannah, clearly horny, quickly got on her knees and gobbled my cock. She bobbed on my cock with such desperate desire I had to stop her before I came too early. She got back on the couch and begged, “Now fuck my ass. Hammer me with that big hard cock. Show your Mommy who your first love really was.”

My face dripping wet, I gently rolled Michelle off me.

“Oh, God Joe,” she sighed as she lay on her back enjoying the afterglow. Kara, somewhat recovered now, curled up next to me as the three of us laid there motionless, simply enjoying our mutual bliss.

I’m not sure at what point or for how long we fell asleep for, but I awoke to the low humming sound of a vibrator. I looked at Kara still lying next to me, but she was sound asleep. I rolled onto my side and saw Michelle sitting up with her back against the headboard. She held a half-empty glass of wine in one hand and was gently rubbing the shaft of the vibrator up and down her upper thigh.

“Well, I guess somebody is getting back into the mood,” I said smiling.

Michelle laughed a sexy laugh and smiled back at me.

“That girl has a drive that’s insatiable,” I heard Kara say as she propped herself up on her elbows.

“And she finished off that bottle of wine. I’ll open another one. Maybe that will get me back in the mood as well,” she said as she left the room to retrieve another bottle.

On her way out she paused next to Michelle and whispered, “I’ll grab that present you bought me as well.”

Michelle giggled and handed her glass to me. I swallowed the last of the wine and placed the glass on the night table. Michelle lay down and curled herself next to me in a spooning position. I wrapped an arm around her and she pushed her ass up against my cock. A low growl escaped my mouth and Michelle pushed back harder against me.

Kara had reentered the room, glass full of wine in one hand and a twin shaped dildo in the other. She took a gulp of chardonnay and lay next to Michelle on the bed. Michelle’s hand traced a circle around Kara’s tan stomach and then ran it down to her pussy. Kara moaned and took another sip from her glass. Michelle pushed back harder against my cock and I reached my fingers toward her moist slit.

“Oh, Joe,” she moaned as my cock rested in the crack of her tight little ass.

Kara had now inserted one end of her dildo into her pussy. Michelle reached her arm behind me and onto the small of my back. Rising up from the bed, but making sure I stayed behind her, she slid between Kara’s legs and allowed the other end of the dildo to slip into her now dripping wet slit. A slight moan escaped both of their lips and Michelle placed her hand on my hip gently guiding me into position behind her.

My chest rested on Michelle’s back as my cock pushed up against her tan ass. I reached for a tube of K-Y laying on the nightstand and drained it over the crack of her ass. With one hand I smeared it over my shaft and gently began pushing my cock into her ass. Michelle moved her hips forward.

“Oh God yes!” Kara moaned as Michelle pushed up against her, their shared dildo penetrating each other’s pussy. Michelle slowly pushed back against me and I allowed the head of my cock to enter her ass.

“Ohhhh,” Michelle moaned. It wasn’t a moan of pure ecstasy, but more of a mix of pleasure and curiosity. She pushed back a little more and my cock slowly disappeared inside her.

“Mmmm,” she sighed and I understood that she was okay.

Her ass was so tight; I slowly pushed myself deeper into her.

“Oh God,” I grunted and Michelle pushed deeper into Kara.

I pumped my cock slowly and gently into Michelle’s waiting ass, each push from me creating a chain reaction of pleasure as the girls’ penetrated each other. Kara raised her hips to take the dildo deeper into her and push the other end further into Michelle.

“Oh yes, fuck me Kara,” Michelle moaned as she moved her hips rapidly up and down the shaft of the plastic cock, each motion sending my cock deeper into her ass.

“Fuck yes!” she screamed as my dick and her dildo penetrated her from both sides.

Kara met our pleasure with pleasure of her own – every one of my pumps sending both women further toward ecstasy.

I grabbed Michelle by the hips and pumped my cock into her one last time, emptying it in her ass. She leaned forward to take all of Kara’s dildo into her, filling the two of them up with it.

“Oh, yes!” Michelle yelled as her ecstasy peaked and trailed off into moans.

“God!” Kara exhaled and pulled Michelle against her chest, holding her there for a moment, her eyes closed, her lips parted.

I rolled onto my side, once again not believing what we had just done. I placed my arm under my wife’s head and held her close as the three of us drifted off into a dazed euphoria.

By patty parker_65 (buxom_lesbian_slutmom)

At the end of CHAPTER 4:

Shelly grasps Eileen’s hips and levers her monster dingus the rest of the way into her busty mom’s wrecked butt-hole. The whimpering mother’s rectum finally stretches enough to accommodate the full length and girth of the invading latex wang, and her sigh of relief is half sob, half sigh. After the briefest of pauses, Shelly starts to pump her slim hips slowly and deliberately, her pace steady for the first two dozen or so thrusts. A warm glow begins to spread through-out her wide-open rear hole, and despite herself she is soon rocking-backward to meet the speeded-up, the machine-like thrusts of her teen daughter; Where in the world had Shelly learned to fuck a woman this way? Eileen wonders absently, deep in the back of her over-heated mind.

Without missing a stroke, Shelly reaches underneath her panting, wriggling mom, to squeeze and maul Eileen’s heavy, dangling tits, eliciting additional squeals of delight from her dildo-impaled slave/mother. Each hard, deep thrust brings a fresh groan or whimper from Eileen. The giant prick is now sliding easily in the huge-titted rape victim’s dilated, distended anal chute, and the sounds she is making are combinations of pleasure and pain, instead of just pain…

Shelly’s thighs are contacting her mother’s lush, round butt-cheeks hard with each pounding thrust, making them shake and wobble like big bowls of pale white jello. Almost at the same instant, the climax that has been building in both women culminates in a simultaneous, ear-splitting wail of joy as they both explode in a mind- shattering orgasm that leaves the incestuous pair breathless and almost too stunned to move.

Eileen collapses onto her front, and Shelly, her cock still buried in her mother’s ass, lies atop her sweaty back. The two women lay there, too drained to do anymore then try to catch their breath…


Life in the Warren house goes on as usual; Jack Warren, a successful lawyer of 50, is blissfully unaware of the new relationship that now exists between Eileen and their daughter. 98% of the time, he is focused on his lobbying activities for local coal plants, as well as expanding the family’s personal net worth. In his way, he loves his family, however he sees them more as expenses on a balance sheet than as people who need his love and attention. He still finds the time to couple with Eileen at least once per week, when he is home; when he’s away, he finds solace in $5000/night call girls and the companionship of his wealthy cronies. His business trips now average two per week, which results in his spending less and less time at home.

Eileen’s loneliness and isolation is even more crushing now then it ever was. She drops Jack off at the airport at 700 am this morning, and though she aches to confide in someone, ANYONE, he quickly and with finality shoots-down her timid inquiry about her possibly seeking a psychiatrist’s help. Having built her life around her family and their needs, she never made any close friends, and if Jack ever sensed her getting close to someone, he made sure to quash the budding friendship in the bud: ‘ ” You don’t have time or need for friends, Hon: you have quite enough on your plate seeing to your family’s needs” ‘ … In his world only weaklings need to pour out their hearts and money to “voodoo scientists”; a strong will and drive to succeed are all one needs to achieve personal and public greatness (he, whose wealthy and powerful father greased his way into the most prestigious pre-schools and then into Yale, and whose law firm he now heads, has nothing but contempt for the poor and disenfranchised..) When they first began dating, it was Jack who decided when and where they spent their time; HE decided that nursing school would demand too much time and effort and that Eileen would be better suited for a History or Home Economics discipline:

(“After all, babe, I’ll be the primary bread-winner when we get married; and, let’s face it, nursing’s probably a little high for you to reach, don’t you think?”)

Not exactly stating outright that he didn’t think she had the intelligence to master a more demanding curriculum, but saying it none the less, so that Eileen got the message, loud and clear. Her father, dead now, had belittled and dominated her mother in much the same fashion, so that by the time she and Jack got together, she is mentally conditioned to relinquish all control to the those who “knew best”. Her dad and Jack had been fast friends; their world view is so similar that it was no wonder that John Sr, her father had begun pushing the 19 year old Eileen to set a wedding date less than a month after meeting the tall and handsome tennis letterman.

During a fitting for her wedding gown, Eileen had confided to her mother that she wasn’t sure that she even loved Jack. Her mom, so sweet and in her typical non-confrontational fashion, had simply said, “Your dad and Jack know best, dear. Best to leave such decisions to them”.

Her responses to what her thoughts were on where to eat, what movie to see, or any other issue were, as now, “Yes, Jack”, “As you say Jack”; “No, of course we can see that action movie instead of ‘When Harry Met Sally’; I don’t mind”…from the beginning Jack decided when they ate, where, which family they would spend holidays with, all the MAN decisions, as he put it. HE’D decided that one child was all that the two of them needed, though Eileen had always dreamed of a large brood. He chose their first house, their vehicles, what television shows they watched, their cellular provider, even lingerie (he favors suspender belts and stockings, in red or black, that’s a good girl…)

Shelly is her father’s daughter. No doubt shecarefully studies the way her Dad runs their home, controlling nearly every aspect of their lives, and her Mother’s complete quiescence to him.

Her daughter has made it very clear that there should be no hint of their secret relationship; in public, or when Jack or other family members are about, they are to act like a typical mother and daughter. Once they are alone, Shelly assumes the dominant role and Eileen is forced to submit to the perverted young woman’s every sexual whim.

10am, in Eileen’s bedroom

After arriving home from the airport, Eileen is ordered to her bedroom. There, Shelly instructs her to put-on the bra, garter-belt, stockings, and heels ensemble she chose while her mother was away. Eileen strips and dresses in the purple underwear as instructed, then lays on her bed, face down, her hands behind her, spreading the luscious cheeks of her buttocks so that Shelly can drag her tongue up, down, and around the deep crack, occasionally dipping lower to strum against the lush-bodied mother’s erecting clitty. Eventually, as always, Shelly’s lips browse upwards to suckle and nibble at Eileen’s now veteran anus. She spends some time feasting on that delectable morsel, until both she and her mother are freely dribbling female cuntal fluids from each of their shaven, pink clams.

Finally, Shelly can wait no longer. Her lips remain clamped to her mother’s delectable brownie even as her hands, resting on Eileen’s flanks, guide the voluptuous mother up from her prone position onto all fours. After a last, lingering lick, the horny young offspring straightens her back and Rosie who is kneeling nearby, grasps her jutting ding-dong with a KY-slickened hand and guides it to the opening of her mother’s sweet pussy. Slowly and deliberately, the horny young female stud slides deep into her mom, not stopping until her groin is resting tightly against the older woman’s sweet round bum. Shelly’s hands rest lightly on her mother’s soft, fleshy hips as her own hips begin to pump slowly, rhythmically Her face wet with tears and her whole body trembling, Eileen is aware of a warm, undeniable sensation of pleasure beginning to stir in the juncture of her loins as she is expertly fucked by her own offspring. As she leisurely slides in and out of Eileen’s wet, clutching fanny, she rubs her thumb over the nub of her mom’s clitoris, forcing it into stiff erection, pushing and pulling it back and forth, teasing it, until she moans as the fire between her legs grows hotter and hotter. Eileen is dizzy with lust; the initial shame of cheating on her husband with their own daughter is swept away by the gnawing hunger that is avalanching through her loins, in her belly, her breasts.

As her daughter starts to fuck her more vigorously, Eileen swings her hips skillfully as Shelly drives back and forth in her, the strokes are faster and harder, plunging mightily in and out of her sopping gash. Eileen’s full, heavy bounce and jiggle in their lace bar cups with each deep stroke of Shelly’s big cock.

“I’m cumming… cumming; oh my darling!”, the voluptuous mother breathes heavily. “That’s it, do it to me I’m cumming!”

Shelly rides her hard until her orgasm crests, then, even as Eileen is still wriggling in the throes of that explosion, Shelly withdraws her cunt-juice and KY-slick ding-dong and centers the tip of it on her mom’s brownish-pink pucker. Eileen tenses; she takes a deep breath and holds it as her daughter’s slim hips push the long, fat wanger into the expanding sphincter, while Eileen moans and groans. She keeps as still as possible, letting Shelly have her way. At last, the big mushroom cap is completely swallowed by the tight anal mouth. Once she is half-way in, Shelly braces herself and pushes harder; after that, the journey into Eileen’s soft, pliant rectum is a piece of cake. She doesn’t stop until she is completely buried in her mom’s delightful bottom. Her fingers dig into the soft flesh of the older woman’s buttocks, charging into her with new fury, plunging into her throbbing, damp passage easily now that it is sufficiently loose enough to accommodate all 12″ of the monster dick. The pain has dulled to an uncomfortable, though pleasurable fullness, and Eileen begins moving her buttocks in a slow, circular pattern, while her daughter’s ensconced cock, a prisoner inside her, obediently follows. Shelly, from time to time, alters the speed and depth of her thrusting, but her movements are cease-less, like the ocean tides. Now that she herself can sense the beginning of a coming explosion, Shelly’s pistoning thrusts increase until her slim young hips are a blur as they crash into Eileen’s pillowy buttocks powerfully and deeply. To Eileen, it feels like the cock pile driving her ass goes deeper and deeper with each forceful thrust.

Her bladder feels like it is being poked with each plunge and the urge to piss rocks her body, along with the burning pain of having such a thick obstacle rooting inside her ass. The pleasure that Eileen knows is coming finally crashes through her body as Shelly literally fucks the breath right out of her.

Just as Eileen opens her mouth to scream, her sweaty back tenses and she begins to shudder all over; at that moment Shelly applies a wrenching, milking squeeze to her “balls”, and jet-like spurts of cum are released into Eileen’s sizzling bowels. The big sac of “balls” holds a lot of “jizz”, it floods Eileen’s lower intestine as her own muffled cry marks the sparking to life her own orgasm. Shelly’s own orgasm rushes over her and she yells-out her passion as her thrusts become erratic, then slow to a stop.


“You’ve never masturbated?” My cousin, Lisa, shook her head in disbelief. “Oh, honey, you’re missing so much.”

“It’s just not something I ever think about.” I replied. It was true. I only ever touched myself “down there” when washing. I knew Lisa had sex, she would tell me stories about her encounters with boys (and sometimes girls) that made me blush. But I was a virgin. And I wanted that to change. “Will you show me how you do it?”

“You want me to teach to how to cum?” she grinned, coyly twirling her dark brown hair, licking her full, red lips.

“Yes…and how to get boys…” I suddenly felt self-conscious. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea. My apprehension grew as Lisa pulled out a large box from her closet. “What’s in there?”

“This box contains pure pleasure, Katie. And today you’re going to discover it. But first, I want you to strip.” She pulled off her dress, revealing no bra and lacy panties, and a pale, toned body. I took off my dress and unclasped my bra to reveal my own lacy panties, a slim, yet not a firm body as Lisa’s, and noticeably smaller boobs.

“Mine are so much smaller than yours,” I moaned, stroking the side of a tit.

“Yours are still sexy. Now pull off my panties.”

I was put off a bit by her abruptness, but did as I was told. Her pussy was waxed, like mine. I had prepared myself to explore that area, but didn’t expect my cousin would see it. She then spread her pussy lips.

“See this?” She flicked a small knob. “This is your clit. Rubbing it feels so good. No wait -” I had started to pull down my panties. “Let me.” She clenched the top with her teeth and slid the thin material down my legs. I found my clit and stroked it as it got bigger.

“Wow,” I gasped. “I’m getting wet.”

“That’s good. Now pinch your nipples. That’s it.”

I felt warmth spread across my pussy as I rubbed faster. Tension was building inside, and Lisa noticed.

“Now take your other hand a put a finger inside your pussy…that’s it, slide it in deep. Move it around. Find that bit getting harder? That’s your g-spot. Stroke it.”

I pushed my body down up and down on my hand, as if my finger was a tiny penis, and added another finger. It was a bit tougher to get in, but it felt great as I got fuller. They made wet noises as I hammered them in. Lisa reached over and twisted my nipples, taking one in her mouth, slowly licking round, and sucking. She then reached behind me and ran her finger down my ass crack and over my anus.

“What are you doing?” I gasped as she pushed a finger through my tight sphincter. I squeezed it.

“Trust me, it’s amazing.” She twisted it and put another finger in. They twisted round, stretching my tiny hole, feeling the ridges. For the first time in my life I was rubbing my clit as someone sucked on my tits, and two fingers were up my pussy and ass each.

My lower body twitched as my pussy walls tightened round my fingers. Lisa and I were pounding our fingers in as I furiously rubbed my clit. Suddenly my pussy was shaking and I cried out as pleasure rocked my body.

“Oh, baby, you’re cumming! Cum for me, Katie,” moaned Lisa as she bit down on a nipple. Waves of heaven washed over me as my pussy shook uncontrollably round my soaking fingers. I squeezed my legs round our hands as I recovered. Lisa licked our fingers then kissed me, letting me taste myself.

“And I have so much more to teach you…”

After our parents got home from their dinner, I asked if I could stay at Lisa’s. My aunt and uncle agreed, so I changed into one of her flimsy nighties and we lay in her bed, waiting for her parents to go to sleep. Half an hour later, Lisa told me to close my eyes and pick three things out of her box. I dipped my hand in and brought out a piece of rope and two strange objects. One was bullet shaped, and the other was a conical plug.

“This is a vibrator,” Lisa explained, holding up the bullet, “and this is a butt plug.”

“That will never fit in my ass!” I cried.

“Of course it will, with lube. Now I’m going to pick something for you.” She pulled out a ball with two straps attached. “This is a ball gag. Now lie on your stomach with your ass in the air.”

I did as I was told, and she tied my wrists and ankles to the bed posts. She inserted the ball gag into my mouth.

“Now no one can hear you scream,” she whispered into my ear, as she stroked my anus. I felt her stiff tongue lick round it, then go in deep, feeling round. After licking up my crack, she poured a cold liquid into my asshole and rubbed it in and around, preparing for the butt plug.

The tip pushed against my tight hole, stretching my sphincter wider than ever before. She kept pushing until I cried out in pain.

“Don’t worry, baby, just relax. It’ll feel better soon.” She hit the base hard so the rest popped into my stuffed ass. After twisting it around a few times, she switched on the bullet and taped to my clit. I moaned hard into the gag. Lisa spanked me.

“Quiet, you want to wake everyone up?” She spanked my ass until it stung. Then she pulled out the plug half way and rammed it back in. She kept doing this until I moaned louder. She shoved the plug back in deep, and pulled the tape off the bullet. I was so close to cumming.

“Why did you do that?” I moaned when she removed the ball gag.

“Make me cum first, and I’ll finish you off,” she smirked.

“But I don’t know how.”

“Well you better learn, or I’m leaving you tied like this all night.”

I stuck my tongue out to meet Lisa’s glistening pussy. I gently swirled my tongue round her swollen clit.

“Good girl, now suck my clit…ahhhh…yes baby…God, yes. Bite it, bite it…..oh, yes! Put your tongue up my cunt, faster…I’ll make a good slut out of you, fuck me with your mouth…” She bounced her pussy on my face as her juices coated my lips. I took my tongue out a licked round her asshole as I grazed her clit with my teeth. “Ohhhhh, yes. Katie…keep doing that…fuck, YES!” Her asshole spasmed on my tongue, and her cum poured into my mouth. “Now for your reward.”

She climbed behind me and taped the bullet back on my clit. She shoved three fingers up my pussy and began pounding my ass hard with the butt plug. She pulled it round, widening my ass, spitting down my crack to keep it wet.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, Lisa! I’m going to cum…keep fucking that ass!”

“You’ve got a potty mouth all of a sudden…you can cum when you tell me what a slut you are.”

“I’m a big slut.”

She spanked my ass. “Not good enough. Tell me how much you like this.”

“I’m a dirty slut, and I love having your fingers in my pussy, and a huge butt plug ramming my tight ass. I love being tied up and under your control.”

“Better. Cum for me, cousin, cum as I fuck you.”

I shook and cried out as I orgasmed. “Oh, my God, yes! Lisa, you’re making me cum! Oh God, ohhhhhhh. Ooh, spank me more!” Lisa laughed as she whacked my ass as I came.

When she untied me, she licked my ass clean of lube. “Tomorrow, you’re going to meet my friend. Then you’ll do whatever we want.”

“Yes, cousin.” I murmured, as we fell asleep.

Did Andrea die in a hate crime, killed by 2 Rapists?

If Andrea did die how can she write the story?

The answers to these questions and more will now be revealed…..

“Unexplained events in our lives have led many of us to the conclusion that there are some events which clearly fall into the realm of what might be called paranormal or supernatural.

Many people claim to have had near death experiences and there are even people who swear that people have managed to communicate with them from beyond the grave.

History shows numerous accounts of people appearing to be in possession of information that could only have been provided by people who are now deceased. Sometimes these communications appeared in the form of long texts which certain people felt compelled to write, and yet appeared to be outside their understanding.

These strange examples of unearthly communications bring a new meaning to the term ‘Ghost Writer’ and in this program we are going looking at a specific example from 18th Century England……”

At this point my attention wandered from the television to think about my own circumstances. I had apparently been in a coma for several days before I awoke, and in that time I was sure I had a near death experience.

I had watched myself rising out of my body and had been looking towards a tunnel of white light, and suddenly a ghostly person with a long white beard and a staff appeared next to me. Trust my comical mind to conjure up the image I felt least appropriate for my higher power.

The old man said, “I am giving you the opportunity to see that there is something beyond normal experience which is actually with you all the time, but your time has not yet come, there is still much that you must do.”

Suddenly I felt like I was being sucked back into my body and then there was a feeling like I was fighting my way out of deep water. My eyes popped open and I was bombarded by bright lights, and then as my eyes adjusted I suddenly began to realize that I was in a hospital bed.

Suddenly Jenny was by my side holding my hand and saying, “Thank God.”

So how was it that I ended up in a hospital bed and being in danger of losing my life?

Well let me start by going back to when my story begins.

I was a guy who was just finishing his PhD, with one hell of a crush on my best friend, a bisexual woman called Jane. Jane was a girl I could share anything with and was closer to me than anybody had ever been in my life. The problem is that on my side I was forming a romantic attachment to her which she was not reciprocating because basically I wasn’t her type.

After watching a porn video with a shemale in it I got the idea into my head that Jane would find me attractive if I was a beautiful shemale, so I set about transforming myself into one.

After transforming myself into a shemale and returning to claim the love of my life Jane, I was adjusting well to a life living with Jane’s lesbian lovers, now also my lovers. On a combined business trip and visit to my friends, Jane and I went to California where we ended up having fun with my employer Liz as well as Trish and Sandy, ending up with me sucking Trish’s dick. And later, despite my initial reservations, I took her dick inside me.

Later my sister Jill, who I had not seen for almost 2 years, came over in advance of the wedding along with her lesbian lover Ashley, and I ended up fucking and getting fucked by both of them. Just before the wedding I met Jane’s brother John and his girlfriend Ally and had my first experience with a man, as I did not consider Trish to be a man.

The wedding was the best day of my life, where I was finally married to the four beautiful women I had come to love so much Jane, Jenny, Chris and Ann, and they all loved me, we all loved each other. On the wedding night as we lay together I really felt that this was where I belonged, the bride of four beautiful brides.

The honeymoon was wonderful, but when it was over all of us were looking forward to establishing some sort of normal routine as a legally joined family.

On my return home from the honeymoon, I ended up helping a shy guy discover his feminine side, and become intimate in a way he or should I say she, had up to that point never thought possible, with my friend Kate.

And it was at this point, the high point of my life being newly married and having just helped a guy find ‘her’ self, that I was attacked by two rapists at knife point.

The rapists, when they discovered I was a shemale, had shoved a broken baseball bat up my ass causing me to bleed profusely, the idea being that I would bleed to death.

One of my lovely brides, Jenny, had come to my aid, injuring both my assailants and attending to me giving me first aid just before I blacked out.

Apparently Jenny had torn up her cotton top pushing the material up my ass to try to reduce my bleeding, she had also told me to maintain a lying down position so I didn’t lose blood flow to my brain.

Jenny had insisted on going with me in the ambulance which came for me and I was rushed into hospital for an emergency blood transfusion.

Apparently if it had not been for Jenny’s first aid and the fact that my heart rhythms could be monitored remotely through my cell phone, allowing the paramedics to devise a plan before they arrived then certainly I would have died. In fact nobody expected that I would survive and it was regarded as a bit of a miracle that I did.

In the hospital Jenny had wanted to be by my bed side all the time, then Jane had come to join her and one of them was always with me. Then the other two members of our communal family Chris and Ann had come to join Jenny and Jane, so that 2 of them were always with me 24 hours a day.

Looking back on what happened my heart brimmed over with love for Jenny, I felt so grateful and would never forget the way she courageously fought my assailants and then gave me first aid. Apparently once Jenny got in the ambulance to take me to the hospital she had become distraught and broke down crying, apparently for some reason she considered herself somehow responsible for me being attacked.

She had never wanted to leave my side until I had come out of my coma, and it had been she who was by my side when I came out of it.

Jane had also been there much of the time watching over me, as well as Chris and Ann. It was listening to the nurses talking about my family’s concern for me that reinforced my understanding of just how much they cared for me.

For a long period I had to be on pain killers for the wounds that had been inflicted on me with that broken baseball being rammed up my ass, and I was continually replaying the events of that evening in my mind. Sometimes I think that the only thing that kept me sane was my recalling of the way Jenny had come in to save me.

Apparently what had alerted Jenny to my peril was the Psynphone application I had developed. It had detected I was in peril through the heart monitor taped to my body and alerted my contacts giving my GPS position and also automatically called the police and ambulance and given them my position.

Jenny who was out driving arrived in 5 minutes and the ambulance and police had arrived 3 minutes later, the information from my heart monitor had also been relayed to the paramedics allowing them to react quickly, apparently my blood pressure was a critically low levels when the ambulance had arrived due to the massive loss of blood I had suffered.

As for the rapists, they had been caught by the police, hobbling on their fractured legs thanks to Jenny, and attempting to flee the scene.

Through DNA evidence the police were able to connect my two assailants to the 5 violent rapes and they were to be charged with the 5 particularly brutal rapes, aggravated assault of me and attempted murder. The attack on me was also considered to be a hate crime.

Jenny was acclaimed as a heroine by the media, both for playing a critical role in saving my life, and in helping the police apprehend the rapists, by injuring them, and hence not allowing them to flee the scene quickly. And as a result of this Jenny, quite rightly in my opinion, was now considered to be an important role model for empowered women.

Then one day my mother came to visit me unexpectedly, she had taken the first flight out, when she had heard what had happened to me. My mother was in tears when she saw me laying on the bed, bruised and still hooked up to equipment.

She accused, “Why did you decide to return home alone when you knew there was a rapist about.”

Surprisingly, Jenny who had been the one who had been most concerned for our safety, said, “I was very angry at Andrea at first for putting herself in danger, but then I saw the CCTV footage they will be using in the case.”

Jenny continued, “It was only a short walk back to the apartment and Andrea had had self defense training at my insistence. When she was confronted she kicked the knife out of her assailants’ hand, she wasn’t to know that her assailant had an accomplice. If it had been a lone attacker Andrea would have been a heroine rather than a victim.”

Jane then came in, “The main thing is that Andrea is ok now, she almost died you know. I am just so glad that she is still with us, and of course very grateful to Jenny for saving her.”

“Yes,” replied my mother, “I am so grateful to you Jenny.” And she embraced the tall woman throwing her arms around her.

“One thing I know for sure,” said my mother, “is that your new partners are very good for you, as well as all being stunners.”

As my condition began to improve I was allowed to have visitors apart from my family.

First my sister Jill came to see me with her partner Ally, they had flown in especially. Then I found out that Trish, Sandy and Liz had also flown over especially to see me.

When Liz came to see me she had news for me.

“It turns out that the Psynphone and the package with the application you are working on got a lot of publicity from that horrible incident,” said Liz, “the automated system was credited with alerting the police and ambulance when you were attacked as well as allowing paramedics to remotely monitor your condition.”

Liz continued, “We have put forward the release date for the new package in order to capitalize on the recent publicity. All the competitors are scrambling to get a similar product on the market but Psynphone with our application is many months ahead in this technology.”

Suddenly I had a thought, “What about completing the beta test and analyzing the data, how have you been coping while I have been in hospital?”

“Well Jenny has been continuing to administer the test, and doing a very good job by the way, but we had to bring in a young software engineer to work on the product doing bug fixes and the like. He is a good applications programmer but obviously does not have your experience in application design.”

Liz continued, “I believe you know him, Allen James?”

I thought for a moment and then suddenly remembered, Kate’s transgender boyfriend, or maybe I should say girlfriend lol, now I thought of him or should I say her, more as Alice than as Allen.

“Anyway,” Liz said, “he is very good for a young student and will be invaluable until you are back up to full speed. Probably I will keep him on the team to assist you even after you are fully recovered, and even bring in further people because I can see that this product is really going to take off.

By the way I think he looks really cute, his face is quite feminine, he almost looks too pretty to be a guy, I think he would have looked better as a girl.”

I quietly laughed to myself, but decided not to say anything about Alice at this time.

“Look,” Liz said, “I know you are still in hospital, and you will be still recovering when you get out of here, but could you spend some time analyzing the data for the test, and make any software design changes for product enhancements you might want to add as a result of your analysis? Allen can do the coding.”

“To be honest, I am getting a bit bored with just sitting here in hospital,” I replied, “So I would be glad to.”

During the time that I was in hospital I was seen by a psychologist as a matter of course because of the trauma I had perceived.

The psychologist, called Carol, was not surprised to hear about my nightmares following the incident. She said it was to be expected in especially in the case of sexual violation or a hate crime, and both applied in my case.

After talking with me a while, Carol concluded that I was in a surprisingly good state mentally considering what had happened to me, and she put my resilience down to three things:

1.The process of accepting my transgender identity had precipitated a profound process of self acceptance in me that stood me in good stead for handling any setbacks or traumas in life.

2.As well as feeling secure in myself, I also felt secure in the great love my family, meaning; Jane, Jenny, Chris and Ann, had for me.

3.Before I blacked out I had seen Jenny strike out against my attackers and she had been there to comfort me.

Finally Carol finished up, “However it is still clear that you have suffered massive trauma which will continue to affect you, so I recommend 6 months for therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).”

Carol continued, “I also have another suggestion, and you can decide whether you want to do this, but the rape victims of the 5 rapes perpetrated by these two rapists, formed a support group where they meet each week and talk about what happened to them, they have invited you to join them and are prepared to have their next meeting here in your hospital room.”

I liked the idea but also felt a little wary of talking to strangers about such things so I asked, “Is it ok is I have a very close friend with me, when we meet?”

“I guess that depends on whether the person you want to be there is accepted by the five women in question.” Carol replied. “Who do you have in mind?”

“Jenny, the woman who came to my aid,” I replied.

“Oh I am sure she will be acceptable to them.” Carol said.

The following day the five rape victims came to my hospital room where I was waiting for them with Jenny. They introduced themselves as Evelyn, Marion, Lisa, Betty and Jean, and when I introduced them to Jenny, they were all full of praise for the woman who had helped bring our attackers to justice.

Jenny was now seen as a role model for many women, but for these women it was much more than this. They had been living in fear that someday the rapists might return and rape them again. Jenny was not normally one to blush, but she did at that time, seeing these women so grateful to her.

Then Lisa started describing her fate at the hands of the rapists, she told of not just the violation but the violence involved in it, and the hate in the men’s voices. She had feared for her life, and it seemed like it was never ending. Then she told of the nightmares that followed and the feelings of insecurity she had trying to relate with people, even with people she had known for a long time, but particularly people she had just met.

Lisa said that it had been with this support group, talking with the other rape victims that she felt most safe, because each was sensitive of her feelings and identified what she had been through.

As each of the women spoke, each had a harrowing tale and each had details which made that case different. Marion for example as well as being raped and beaten had had her skin cut with a knife and then the two guys had peed onto her wounds.

Betty after being raped had been abused by having the end of the baseball bat pushed into her. And Evelyn told of how she had had a one of the rapists dicks placed in her mouth while she was held at knife point and the guy had peed in her mouth, this of course in addition to being beaten and raped.

Then Lisa talked about how her assailants had made cuts in her breasts and made her lick the blood off her own breasts. And finally Jean told of how after raping her they had attached the lines of a taser gun to her breasts and discharged the gun repeatedly.

As these brave women told their stories both Jenny and I were crying, and then I told my own story.

About the way the rapists had held a knife to my throat. How the guy had broken a base ball bat and pushed the splintered shaft into my ass, and joking as he did it saying that I was probably enjoying it because I was a faggot.

I talked about the excruciating pain of having the inside of my ass perforated by the splintered shaft and seeing my own blood flowing profusely from me. And I talked about how one of the rapists had said he wanted to see me bleed to death with a sadistic tone to his voice.

Then, surprisingly, after hearing the accounts of our treatment at the hands of the rapists, Jenny went on to tell the story of how she was sexually abused repeatedly by her father. This had continued until the age of 13, when she finally had the courage to tell her mother. After that her mother divorced her father and he was charged with child sexual abuse for which he was required to serve a 15 year jail term.

To ensure that Jenny would never have to see her father again, she and her mother had relocated to another state and taken on a new identity. And from this point onwards Jenny had always been wary of men and worked to become a black belt in Taekwondo, and had made weight training a daily routine. She never wanted to ever feel at the mercy of another person again.

After each of us had talked, we all hugged each other and for me it was like a load had been taken off me. I had had a great deal of identification with each of these women and Jenny, leaving me with at the feeling that I was not alone and that there were people who could truly understand what I had been through.

Then each of us gave Jenny a long hug. Each of us knew that while our ordeals had been horrific in the extreme, in my own case I was lucky to be alive, for Jenny her abuse had gone on for years.

Later when the other women finally left after promising we would meet up in a week’s time, Jenny and I were left alone in my hospital room.

She said to me, “You know, that’s the first time I have told that story to anyone since I relocated, I saw a therapist for a while at that time but I just wanted to put the experience behind me when I left the state.

In truth however, that experience played an important part in shaping my life. That is why I took up Taekwondo and why I work out every day, it is why I ‘m so security conscious.”

Jenny continued, “Oh God, I must have been so hard on Jane about all those random guys she used to bring home.”

“Don’t beat yourself up about it.” I said, “Jane knew you only said that stuff because you cared about her like you care about all of us.”

“I know,” Jenny said.

“Besides,” I continued, “if it wasn’t for you telling her that you were so worried about her going off with random guys she might not have wanted to replace all those potential cocks with mine.”

“NO,” Jenny said, suddenly very serious, “Jane wanted you to be part of our family because she loves you! Whether she got to have a cock in her or not was very secondary to that.”

“I know,” I said, “Jane loves me very much, and I love her, but guess what I am just beginning to realize that now I love you just as much Jenny.”

Jenny looked steadily at me for a while and then she said, “I feel the same way.” And at that we fell into a long sensuous kiss.

At that point Jane suddenly walked into the room and Jenny and I broke apart, knowing that Jane had been listening to what we had just said and looked at her like robbers who had just been caught trying to steal the crown jewels.

But Jane just smiled reassuringly at us and said, “If you are worried that I heard that you both love each other as much as you both love me, don’t be. What I have always wanted is that the two women that I love more than anything else in this world, would love each other just as much as they love me.”

Chapter one gives the background of this hot family. The other chapters get hotter as they progress. It will be easier to follow if you start at the beginning.

I took a step back and looked at my sister. She had closed her eyes and sat there with her head tilted back and my cum dripping off her face and on to her tits. It was the sexiest thing that i had ever seen, and i have seen a lot lately. As I watched she started to rub her delicate fingers into my cum. She touched her face and played with her tits, using my cum as lube. There was so much of it. I had never cum so much in my life.

She collected some of my cum with her fingers and my eyes followed her hands as she placed them into her mouth and licked them clean. Her eyes were locked on mine as I followed her every move. Soon, she reached down and removed her thong. I watched my naked sister as she moved back to the center of the bed and spread her legs for me.

I was frozen as I stared at the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Her outer lips were swollen and red. Her inner lips protruded slightly and were thin like a delicate flower. Her clit pointed to the sky and glistened from her moisture. That’s when Leslie placed her finger in her cunt and started to stroke her pussy while I watched. First one finger then two as her hips rose to met her pulsing hand. She pulled her fingers from her cunt and held them up for me to see as she separated them to show me the slim that covered her fingers causing strings of liquid pearls to run from one to the other.

Using her wet index finger she motioned for me to come to her. I crawled up the bed and straddled her body. She inserted her wet fingers into my mouth and I fed on my sister’s cunt juice like I had’nt eaten in years. Leslie then grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her as she kissed me deeply and passionately. I marveled at the feel of her tongue in my mouth. As I realized that I was now the last family member to cross over into a world of taboo and forbidden desires. Everyone in my family had done so and now here I was about to take my sister, in my own bed while our parents were downstairs watching a movie.

I made eye contact with Leslie and it was as though we could read each other’s minds. She was asking me if I were ready for this and I mentally answered YES, HELL YES. Then I felt her hand reaching down between us as she found my hard cock. She pointed it down toward her pussy and made an adjustment to her hips and just like that, I was inside my sister. Her body went stiff as I slid all the way in. I just lay there and felt the warmth of our bodies and did not move for a while.

That’s when I felt Leslie rock her hips and I realized that I should be fucking her now. Slowly and unsurely I began to extract and re-enter her. She started to moan and run her hands over my back. As my confidence grew, so did my rhythm as I began to fuck my sister in earnest. She encouraged me with her dirty talk and before long I began to feel like a king. Here I was fucking the sexiest girl in town. The one all of my buddies have wanted to fuck for years. She was not fucking them She was fucking me, her brother.


This was all so crazy and ohh so hot. I watched as dad had his enormous cock in Mom’s cunt and she rode him like a pony, the whole time she kept her eyes on Paula and me. Before long Mom stopped moving and she just sat in Dad’s lap and watched. Dad looked like he was ready to pass out as he slumped in the chair with his eyes closed. Paula began to slide down my body with her tongue tracing a path that I hoped would end at my pussy. Mom tilted her head to get a better view of the action when I got a nasty thought. I motioned for Mom to come over to the sofa. She did not need a second invitation. Mom rose from the chair as I watched dad’s limp, wet cock slide out of her and landing on his thigh.

By the time my mother had sauntered over to the sofa, Paula had made her way to her prize and was lapping the juices that were flowing freely from my pussy. Mom was about to sit on the edge of the sofa when something exciting caught my eye. I reached my hand out to her and led her closer to me. She stood right in front of my face as i watched my father’s sperm traced a line down her thigh. I place my hand between her legs suggesting that she should open them and she immediately took the hint and spread her legs for me. I looked up and saw Dad’s load running out of her cunt. A small drop was about to hit the floor when I extended my finger and caught it just as it fell from her lips. I held the drop up so the she could see it on my finger then seductively placed it on my tongue and sucked on my finger like it was a cock.

Paula seemed like a distant thought, as I was only partially aware that she was licking my clit. My focus was on my mother and her wet pussy. I pulled my mother’s hips to my face and she extended her leg to straddle me as I lay on the sofa. She stopped with her cunt just inches above my mouth. I saw her kneel as she pushed a glob of Dad’s cum out of her pussy. I opened my mouth in anticipation and was rewarded with his sweet nectar. It tasted different than it did last night as I figured it was now mixed with Mom’s cream. I delighted in the flavor as I raised my head to drink it from the source. Holding my mother by the hips I sucked at her cunt while extending my tongue as far into her as I could. Mom held on to my head as she settled down and faced fucked me while I consumed as many fluids as she could produce. I could not see anything as mom smothered me with her cunt.

I remember reaching around Mom’s ass and feeling the bud of her asshole. It was wet with her juices and felt so inviting. I was not sure how she would feel about this but I could not resist the urge, as I pushed my finger into her ass up to my ring. I found out soon enough how she would respond as she fucked my face even harder and screamed out my name.

“Lisa, Lisa! Yes that’s it my sweet. Fuck my ass! Fuck Mommy’s ass while you lick my pussy,”

I thought she was going to go crazy, I added another finger and she seemed to love it all the more. I started to really work those two fingers into her ass, spinning them around as I penetrated her. Then Mom let out a very load scream and her whole body went stiff. She started to shake like she was having a seizure and that’s when it happened. My face was flooded with fluid. At first I thought she was peeing on me, then I remembered what I had read about female ejaculation. My mom as a squirter. How cool is that? I sucked down as much as I could but most of it got away from me and ran out all over the sofa.

When Mom recovered she slid down on me and we kissed. She cleaned up my face with her tongue and we held each other passionately. I had never felt so close to my mother than i did in this moment. I felt truly loved. At some point I became aware that Paula was not eating my pussy anymore but I was not sure where she was. The only thing that I was aware of was the weight of my mother and the tenderness of her kiss.


From my position between Lisa’s legs, I could see her mother riding her face, while Lisa had two fingers in her mother’s ass. It was not long before Mrs. B had the most violent orgasm that I had ever seen. Lisa looked like she would drown as she stayed under her mother while Mrs. B let loose a flood of pussy juice in her daughter’s face. I had long stooped eating Lisa’s cunt, all I could do was watch, until I saw Mrs. B lay on top of Lisa as they kissed. The moment looked so beautiful and intimate that I felt like an intruder. I walked out of the room going to the rest room. As I stopped at the stairs I looked back to see mother and daughter enjoying a post coitus embrace while Mr. B lay back in his chair slowly stroking the biggest cock that I had ever seen. I remember thinking that Lisa was so lucky to have such a loving family. But before the jealousy could sink in I thought that I was pretty damn lucky myself to share this moment with them.

I went into the restroom and took a quick shower. It was hard but I made the extra effort not to play with my pussy while I was in there. The night was young and I did not want to miss out on anything. I dried my hair and wrapped it with a towel before leaving the room just as nude as I had entered. I thought about putting on some clothes then i had an even naughtier thought. I went down the hall to Robert’s room to see what he and Leslie had been up to all this time. I knocked on the door and asked, “Can I come in?” Not waiting for a response I opened the door and saw Leslie and Robert intertwined on the bed. They were in each other’s arms with their legs wrapped together. They were just as naked as I was. They appeared to be waking up from sleep and not fully aware that I was there. Then Leslie rubbed her eyes and looked at me.

“Paula? Wha, What are you doing here?” She asked realizing that i was nude in Robert’s room.

“That’s the question I should be asking you, although it’s painfully obvious. Is their anybody in this family not fucking each other?”

Just then Robert looked around the room and realized that there were two naked girls in there with him. He looked back and forth from me to his sister as if comparing our bodies. I hoped that he saw something in me that he liked because his sister was so damn fine that it was intimidating. I watched as Robert’s cock rose to full hardness and he climbed off the bed and walked over to me.

“Well, well what do we have here? Look Leslie, have you ever seen a naked dyke up close?”

I didn’t appreciate being called a dyke and I turned to walk out when Robert grabbed my arm.

“Not so fast, you came in here all naked. You knew this was my room so you must have been looking for something. Maybe you’re not all dyke. Maybe you came in here to get some of this dick.” He said slapping my thigh with his hard cock.

I looked at his body. It looked perfect. He was lean and muscled, not all swollen like his father but hot and sexy like D’Angelo in that video a few years back. My eyes traced a line down his body looking at every muscle until I reached the muscle I wanted to try. I had never been fucked before. But in the last few days I had seen so many cocks and seen so many wild sex acts that I was game for anything. My tongue told on me as I stood there watching his cock sway I inadvertently licked my lips.

“AAAHHH, so that’s what you want huh?” Robert said while proudly stroking his cock. Does my sister’s little dyke friend want to suck my cock?

I did not like the arrogance of his tone. Why is it when a guy feels like he has an advantage he has to act like an asshole? That’s why I stay away from guys. It’s not that I don’t like them. I just don’t like how they get. I couldn’t believe that I thought about doing it with this asshole. I turned to leave again when the shock of my life came.

“If you go now, you will lose out on this.” I spun around to see Lisa on the bed with her legs spread and her hands pulling her lips apart. Shit, not Lisa that was Leslie, right? Hell they are identical no one can tell them apart. Her pussy looked so inviting as she started to play with herself for my amusement.

“What are you suggesting? ” I asked not trusting the situation.

“I am suggesting that it is time I discover what my sister has already found to be true.” Leslie said as she walked over to the door I had just opened. I watched her tits sway as she came closer. Her hands squeezed her tits together as she walked. She came over and rubbed her hand against my face and gave me a tender kiss. “You see brother dear, a lady likes to be treated like a lady.” She kissed me again, this time our bodies melted one into the other. It was strange, so familiar yet so very different. She led me to the bed and we continued to kiss as we lay down. This was the second time today that I was having sex before an audience and I LOVED IT!

The kissing went on for a very long time. I think we were both scared to take it to the next level. Then suddenly Leslie inverted her body and presented me with her pussy. I wasted no time. I sucked at her pussy before she could change her mind.


I am not sure what came over me but when Paula came into the room nude I knew that I wanted to try her. Not so much for Paula’s sake but after hearing about Mom and Aunt Gina I wanted to try it with Lisa and I was afraid. I figured if I could do it with Paula I could use her as practice so that I would be better when I tried it with Lisa. Besides, having Robert there made it seem less gay. (Well it made sense in my head) But now Robert was about to ruin it all. I had to think fast.

Taking control of the situation I led Paula back to the bed where we made out. I couldn’t believe I was lying in bed with a girl. I kept looking for Robert to make sure that he was still there. I don’t know what I was thinking; no guy is about to leave the room with two hot girls lying naked in the bed. The kissing felt so wonderful and tender. It was not like kissing a boy. Not better or worse just…different. I was terrified and didn’t know what to do next. I kept waiting for Paula to take the lead. She was the one with experience after all.

I realized that if something was going to happen that I would have to make it happen. I spun around in the sixty-nine position and presented her with my wet pussy. Paula knew instantly what to do next and began to eat my pussy. I was not so confident. I looked up to see Robert stroking his cock. I wanted to try Paula’s pussy but I was afraid. Instead I reached for my brother’s cock and began to suck it while Paula pleasured me.

It was like I was in a trance as I sucked on Robert while Paula was eating my cunt. Her tongue felt so good. Her pussy was only inches from my mouth as I sucked on my brother’s cock. I wanted so badly to taste her but I was afraid. Instead I pulled Robert’s cock out of my mouth and aimed it at Paula’s pussy. In the same motion as he had been fucking my mouth he slipped his cock into Paula before either of them knew what had happened.

Paula started to squirm has I locked my legs around her head and held her down with my arms. Before long she gave into the new sensation and continued to work on my clit. The sight of his cock sliding in and out of her was driving me crazy. I began to lick his balls as he fucked her. My tongue came closer and closer to her pussy as I continued to lick and suck on my brother’s balls. I could smell her and my nostrils flared as I enjoyed the scent of her. How bad could it be? I thought, as I tried to talk myself into licking my first pussy. That’s when she started to chew on my clit. I screamed out loud and shifted my attention from my brother to the woman that was causing me so much pleasure I licked her clit as my brother continued to fuck her. And she instantly began to encourage me to do more.

“Yes that’s it Leslie. Keep sucking my clit. I love it. I have never felt like this before. Your tongue on my clit while your brother’s cock is in my cunt. I love this family”

“I love this family too.” I thought as my brother and I brought my sister’s girlfriend to a rousing orgasm.

“Do you recall me promising to claim your entire body, slut?” Lady Miriam asked.

Sarah’s hands paused as she polished one of her mistress’s wooden phalluses, then quickly resumed her work. “Yes, mistress.”

“I’ve fucked your mouth and your sloppy cunt, but that ass of yours is still as unused as the day I bought you. Have you ever had anything up your ass, Sarah?”

Sarah’s anus puckered at the thought. It sounded painful. “No, Lady Miriam.”

“Would you like me to fuck your ass, slave? Be honest.”

“No, mistress,” she said meekly.

“Too bad. I’ll do whatever I like to your body.”

Sarah knew that to be the truth.

Lady Miriam sat on the edge of the bed. “Come here and lie across my lap.”

It was useless to resist. Sarah lay facedown across her mistress’s lap. Lady Miriam lifted her skirt up, baring her raised buttocks and covering her head. Lady Miriam traced delicate patterns over Sarah’s smooth buttocks. The sensation was heightened by Sarah’s collar. She couldn’t keep her hips still.

Lady Miriam spread Sarah’s cheeks and regarded her tight asshole. Gently, she dripped oil into Sarah’s crack and massaged it into the slave’s anus. Sliding one hand under Sarah, she laid a finger along each side of Sarah’s clit. The slight undulations of Sarah’s hips slid her clit between her mistress’s fingers.

Chuckling evilly, Lady Miriam spread a little ki-on extract over Sarah’s anus, pushing a little inside with her fingertip. The effect was immediate. As soon as the burning liquid touched her, Sarah began to squirm and writhe. Her anus clenched and loosened involuntarily, working the substance deeper inside her. The sensation was so intense, Sarah couldn’t decide if it was pain or pleasure. Not that it mattered; Lady Miriam would enjoy both.

“This really does hurt less if you relax,” Lady Miriam said. “Though I do like to fuck a tight, resisting hole, too.” She warmed one of her bronze buttplugs in her hand, then spread oil and more ki-on down its length.

Sarah squeaked and flailed at the pressure of the plug at her sphincter. Lady Miriam smacked her hard on the buttock, leaving a red handprint. “Lie still. I’m just going to open you up a bit. I’m not going to stick a cock in you just yet.” She stroked Sarah’s clitoris as she worked the plug into the girl’s ass. Sarah screamed as the plug invaded her rectum. It got wider and wider, stretching and filling her helpless ass. Then the widest part was past, and her muscles snapped tight around the narrower neck of the plug, pulling it even deeper into her ass. The flared base pressed against her anus.

“Good girl,” Lady Miriam said, stroking Sarah’s clit. In addition to the unaccustomed fullness, Sarah could feel the increasing burning of the ki-on on her tender membranes. She was so distracted by this that she didn’t notice Lady Miriam putting the stimulation belt on her until it was fastened around her waist. “No, please, I’ll let you do anything to my ass. Please don’t put me in that thing,” she said.

“Your ass is already mine. You don’t ‘let’ me do anything,” Lady Miriam said. “And I want you properly warmed up for tonight.” She fastened the second strap between Sarah’s legs, positioning the open slot so that Sarah’s swollen clitoris poked through. A drop of ki-on on that sensitive organ, and Sarah was propelled beyond rational thought. Her entire being focused on the throbbing of her clit, and the way her spasming muscles fucked her subtlety on the plug in her ass.

After what felt like hours, Revka came to retrieve Sarah. The burning in her clit and ass had finally eased. As long as she stayed still, Sarah was fine. The slightest movement, however, shifted the plug in her ass and rubbed her clit against the strap. Sarah moaned as Revka stripped her, washed her with cool water, and dressed her again. The dress was much more revealing than her everyday clothing: a short skirt and a low, tightly-laced bodice that threatened to spill her breasts out over the top. *Oh, well,* Sarah thought. *All the slaves and Lady Miriam have seen me naked already.*

Revka took her to the large formal dining room. Every step increased Sarah’s arousal, until she was moaning slightly as she walked. Revka opened the door and pushed her inside. Sarah froze. The room was full of people, over a dozen, eating dessert. They were dressed formally for dinner. She was dressed in the skimpiest outfit she’d ever worn.

Lady Miriam looked up and beckoned her over. Sarah went to her. “Kneel,” Lady Miriam ordered. Sarah gasped at the movement of the strap against her clit as she complied. “You’re mine to lend out as I like,” Lady Miriam said. Sarah flushed at the thought of being offered up to a stranger’s pleasure. Was her mistress going to let one of the guests use her? Lady Miriam continued. “I know you desperately need to orgasm, slut, but you can’t yet. You’re going to crawl on your hands and knees under this table and orally pleasure any of my guests who want to come in your mouth.”

That was worse than being sent to a guest’s room to be raped after supper. Sarah felt tears prickling at her eyes, but she knew she had to obey. Slowly, tormented by the stimulation belt, she crawled under the heavy table.

She was surrounded by knees. Men’s in black trousers, women’s in gowns. She looked around for an indication of whom she was to serve. There, off to her left. A woman had rucked her skirts up and spread her legs. Sarah crawled over and buried her head in the woman’s crotch. She used her trained mouth skillfully, teasing the woman’s clit until she came with a soft sigh. Sarah wondered if the woman’s conversation partners knew what was being done to her beneath the table.

Wiping her mouth on her hand, she looked for her next task. A man on the other side of the table had unbuttoned his trousers and freed his cock. It bobbed up towards the underside of the table, red and almost fully erect. Sarah approached hesitantly. Despite Revka’s lessons, she had never sucked a real cock.

He sucked in his breath when she closed her lips around the head. Running her tongue around the head of his penis, she felt him grow harder. He was almost as hard as one of the wooden dildos she was used to, but his smooth skin slipped over the hardness in an intriguing way. He wasn’t as big as most of Lady Miriam’s toys; she could do this. She closed her eyes and swallowed him. When she felt him hit the soft back of her throat, she opened farther and took him all the way in, as she’d been trained. She was startled when his hand grabbed her hair at the nape of her neck, forcing her to bob up and down on his shaft. Fortunately, it only took a few thrusts to finish him. The cock twitched and swelled in her mouth. His hips jerked as he came, and she hit her head on the underside of the table, falling back hard on the plug in her ass. He had been so deep down her throat when he came that she had no option but to swallow most of his semen.

Sarah had serviced about half of the guests when dinner finished. Her stomach felt full of come, and she was glad she hadn’t had any dinner of her own.

Lady Miriam drew her out from under the table and gave her a napkin to wipe her face. The party moved to the parlor. “I want you all to get a good look at my newest acquisition, Sarah, since so many of you have made use of her talented mouth this evening,” she said. Sarah couldn’t help wondering which of the guests had come in her mouth. Probably not that blonde man with the bulging erection, unless he was very quick to recover. Did she remember the lace trim on that prim-looking woman’s dress?

Lady Miriam ordered Sarah to strip. Then she unlocked Sarah’s belt with her ring and peeled it out from between the slave’s soaking lips, which had puffed up around it. “Bend, over, Sarah, and show everyone what you’ve got in your ass.” Sarah wished she could die of embarrassment as she bent over and spread her ass cheeks, exposing the base of the bronze plug to all of Lady Miriam’s guests. She almost lost her balance as Lady Miriam pushed on the plug.

Lady Miriam guided her to a raised dais at one end of the room. “Get down on all fours with your ass towards the room,” she commanded. Raising her voice, she addressed her guests. “Before today, this little slutslave had never had anything in her ass.

She grasped the base of the butt plug, pulling the wide part against the inside of Sarah’s sphincter. Sarah knew what was coming. She tried to relax, but she still cried out in pain as her mistress ripped the plug from her inexperienced hole. The guests murmured as they watched her anus tighten and release uncontrollably. “I’d like to feel that clenched around my cock,” one of the men said. Sarah hoped his wish wasn’t going to come true.

“Since she’s mine, I think it’s only fair that I should be the one to rape her virgin ass for the first time,” Lady Miriam said. She strapped on a cock and sat in a wide armchair on the dais. She handed a bottle to Sarah. “Lube me up good, because this is going in your ass whether you like it or not.” Sarah’s hands shook as she obeyed. This was one of Lady Miriam’s smaller cocks, but it was still fairly large, with a bulbous head and ridges along the shaft.

“That’s right, slut. I’m going to fuck your ass with this in front of everyone, so they can see how much you love it.” The guests stood or sat according to their preferences, choosing vantage points from which they could all see the entertainment.

Lady Miriam’s cock jutted out lewdly from her hips, glistening with lube. Sarah’s cunt ached at the sight. *Why doesn’t she just fuck my pussy? It would feel so good….* But she knew the answer as soon as she thought the question. *Because this is more degrading for me, and she loves that.*

“Come here, slave,” Lady Miriam ordered. “Stand in front of me and face my guests.” Lady Miriam pushed Sarah’s feet apart so that her own legs were between Sarah’s, spreading them. “Put your hands behind you on the armrests.” Sarah was breathing fast and shallow now, afraid of the pain that she could do nothing to avoid.

Lady Miriam took hold of Sarah’s hips and pulled her down until the head of her cock was pressing against the girl’s anus. Slowly, ignoring Sarah’s whimpers, she worked the head into the tight hole. It hurt. Sarah had never felt so full, and she knew this was only the tip of the cock. She squeezed her eyes shut.

Lady Miriam pulled her hair sharply. “Open your eyes, slut. Look at everyone who’s here to watch me fuck you.” Everyone’s eyes were devouring Sarah’s naked flesh. The blond man had taken out his cock and was thrusting into his hand with deep, slow movements. He met Sarah’s eyes, and she knew he was imagining it was her ass gripping him, not his hand. On a wall behind the guests was a large mirror, the largest Sarah had ever seen. She could see herself reflected there, naked except for the slave collar, poised over her mistress’s cock.

Without warning, Lady Miriam spread her knees wider, knocking Sarah’s feet out from under her. Sarah caught herself on her arms, but she could feel the cock slowly sinking deeper into her ass. Her arms began to tremble under her weight. They gave out suddenly, and she fell fully back into Lady Miriam’s lap, impaling herself on the cock all the way to its wide base. Sarah screamed as she stretched painfully around the thick intruder. The pain was so bad she felt sure something had split open inside her. She could see Lady Miriam’s face in the mirror looking over her own shoulder. Her mistress had never looked so triumphant.

Lady Miriam reached up to tweak Sarah’s left nipple, pulling and rolling the hard nub in a way she knew would arouse her slave. After allowing Sarah a few seconds to adjust to having a cock in her ass for the first time, Lady Miriam began to move in and out a little at a time. Sarah could see it all in the mirror, her glistening pussy pink and exposed between her spread legs, the flush of arousal across the tops of her breasts. And, oh, the cock sliding in and out of her ass, dragging her tight ring of muscles down on each outward stroke and dimpling it in with each inward stroke.

Lady Miriam moved more and more vigorously, until she was pulling the cock almost all the way out of her slave’s ass and then slamming it back in again. The pain had long since faded, and Sarah was cooperating in her ravishment, fucking herself up and down on Lady’ Miriam’s big tool, enjoying the pressure and fullness. Her fingers dug hard into the armrests, and she gave a low moan every time her mistress speared into her.

She knew everyone in the room could tell she was enjoying this violation, but she couldn’t stop herself. Lady Miriam increased the pace of her thrusts, and her thighs tensed under Sarah. Sarah ground herself hard on the cock, rocking the base against her mistress’s clit. Lady Miriam came in her ass, biting down hard on Sarah’s shoulder to contain her cries. Her hips thrust brutally up into her slave’s flesh until the climax passed.

Sarah was still fucking up and down on the hard shaft. Lady Miriam stroked Sarah’s hard clit firmly between her fingers. Once, twice, and Sarah was coming, shaking and moaning. The pressure in her ass held her open even as her muscles tried futilely to close, and it prolonged her orgasm for unbearable minutes. As soon as her orgasm started to ebb, Lady Miriam milked another one out of her clit. Sarah came and came until she begged to be allowed to rest, and still her mistress made her come one more time.

Sarah was exhausted by the time she was lifted off her mistress’s cock and laid on the floor.

“That was a beautiful display,” one of the female guests said. Sarah didn’t she who it was; her eyes were closed, and it seemed she might never catch her breath.

“Thank you,” said Lady Miriam.

“You really ought to bring her to my little party week after next. Between her and my Ruth, we could have quite a lot of fun.”

“What an excellent idea,” Lady Miriam said. “In the meantime, though, anyone who wants to fuck this slave tonight can do whatever they want with her. She won’t come unless I’m touching her, but I think she’s had enough of that for one night, don’t you?”

Sarah groaned weakly as she was picked up and transfixed with a cock in her cunt. When another cock pushed itself into her tenderized ass, she nearly passed out. It was a long, long night.

“That’s her. Check it out. Wow,” whispered Billy Sherman’s buddy. They were at the town bar that they had been going to since before they were legally allowed to drink. And there, at the end of the long bar, not far from the door, sat Sue Lockhart, the middle school gym teacher.

“I dare you to go talk to her. I dare you to have a drink with ‘Lesbo Lockhart’. What do you say? Are you afraid of the ‘Dragon Dyke’?” he challenged.

Billy looked down the bar at the middle-aged woman. She was alone, nursing a drink, half-watching the TV above the bar. He thought she looked kind of plain and maybe a little sad. He really didn’t feel like making her the object of a stupid dare. At 22, wasn’t he beyond that sort of thing?

“Forget it. Let’s just leave her alone. OK? She looks like she doesn’t need the aggravation,” Billy replied.

“Aggravation? You’re just afraid she’ll bite your dick off! Here’s five bucks. It won’t even cost you anything. I dare you.” Billy’s drinking buddy slid a five dollar bill to him and got up to stand by the pool table where he would have a clear view if Billy should take his dare.

Billy sighed. He didn’t want to annoy a woman who had never done anything to him. But he was bored. Maybe he would do it. As he thought about what he would say to her, he actually began to think of things he wanted to know that she could tell him. Not crazy stuff, but about what she thought of the town and the hundreds of kids she had taught and seen grown up. Of course he couldn’t ask about the rumors of her being a lesbian. Rumors? Hadn’t he and his buddies seen her at it?

It was a year or so before. Billy and two of his buddies had gone out to the parking lot to smoke a joint. The bar had the use of a large parking garage of the office building next door. From the smoke-filled car, Billy and his friends had spied some movement in a little sports car a row in front of them. Under the garage lights they had discerned Miss Lockhart and a much younger woman locked in an embrace in the little car. They had opened mouths pressed tightly together and were going at it pretty hot and heavy. He couldn’t see their hands, but when Miss Lockhart finally got out, she had to tuck her blouse back into her neat slacks.

No, Billy couldn’t ask about that. The guys had thought the woman she was with looked like the high school’s Homecoming Queen from several years back, but they couldn’t be sure. Can you imagine if Miss Lockhart was doing it with one of her old students? That was hot.

Before he knew exactly what he was going to say, Billy found himself trying to stroll nonchalantly toward the lone woman. He sat down next to her. Miss Lockhart looked up, wondering what this young man wanted.

“Yes?” she asked. Billy could hear tried irritation in her voice and immediately regretted this.

“Hi, Miss Lockhart. I’m Bill Sherman. Can I buy you a drink?” Billy tried to sound relaxed and grown up.

Sue Lockhart chuckled to herself.

“Hi, Bill. It’s Sue. And yes you may buy me a drink. But I’ve got to go after that, OK?”

Sue waved to the bartender. Billy raised his empty beer mug to indicate that he needed another. He paid for the drinks.

“So, Bill, what do you do?” Sue asked.

“Not much. That is, I’m looking for a job. I graduated from State in May. Not many jobs around right now, so I’m doing what I can and enjoying the summer. I know what you do.”

“Oh, did I teach you?” she asked.

“Yeah. It was a few years ago. I’m not surprised that you don’t remember,” Bill was crushed that she didn’t remember him. He had hoped to talk about that.

“Bill, why did you want to buy me a drink? I saw you with your friend. If this is a bet, or a dare, let’s just call it a night, ok?”

She sees right through me, Bill thought. What now? If all else fails, maybe honesty would work.

“Miss Lockhart, I mean Sue, you are a very good-looking lady,” he started. That much was true. Sue was about 5’7″ with not an ounce of fat on her toned frame. Years of teaching gym had left her body unchanged from her days as a three-sport star in high school and college. “And I was hoping…”

“Hoping what, Bill?” Sue tried to drag it out of him. “What were you hoping?”

“Well, I’d like to get to know you,” Bill finally managed.

“What do you want to know, Bill? Are you curious about what they say?” Sue challenged.

Bill was trapped now. She had really seen through him. There had been talk about the lady gym teacher for years in the small town. Was she or wasn’t she gay? He had seen her kissing a woman, but maybe there was some other explanation. There was no escaping this.

“Are you gay?” Bill whispered.

“Well, I admire you actually having the guts to ask,” Sue said evenly. “Yes, I am gay, Bill. That should save us a lot of time tonight. Shouldn’t it? If you want to go back and report to your friend, go right ahead.”

“No, I don’t want to go. I want to talk to you.” Bill was taken by Sue’s frankness and unapologetic air. He didn’t want her to think he was a creep. “What’s it like, being a lesbian in this town?”

“Well, Bill, it’s not a lot of fun. I try to be very discrete because my job is dependent on the school board’s ongoing approval of how I conduct myself. And they aren’t the most open-minded bunch. This isn’t New York. There are no gay bars or clubs where I could openly approach other women. So, I try to stay under the radar.”

“Are there many others in town?” Bill was surprised and excited to be having this conversation but was wrapped up in it now.

“Other lesbians? Sure. You might be surprised. Shocked even. Yes, even a little town like this has lesbians. I’ve heard people talk about the couple down by the country club. They are a sweet old pair. And there are a few single gals around. And Bill, there are a number of married ladies in town, mothers and grandmothers, who…let’s say they dabble a bit, shall we?” She was half-trying to shock the younger man, but it felt good to talk openly, if quietly about the local scene.

“And speaking of dabblers, every year there are quite a few younger ladies who come back from college on break who have discovered a little something about themselves. I try not to get involved with too many of them because they generally aren’t gay. They just enjoy something different for a little while and then go off and get married.” Sue sighed, remembering.

“Wow,” Bill heard himself say.

Sue smiled at his amazement. She was mostly done with her drink. She reached for her keys.

“Don’t go, Sue. Please. I want to talk more,” Bill said earnestly.

Sue felt a twinge. She had assumed she would shock the young man and he would go back to his friend and spread some more gossip. She hadn’t counted on him caring.

“Bill, I’m tired. I want to go home. But if you want to talk a little more, you can come back to my place for a drink or a coffee and then we’ll call it a night, OK?” she offered.

Bill’s friend was shocked to see his buddy and ‘Lesbo Lockhart’ leave the bar together. They weren’t exactly arm-in-arm, but he watched them go to their respective cars and drive off, Bill following close behind the older woman.

At Sue’s small, tidy apartment, Bill became bolder. He had begun to really like Sue’s openness and willingness to share about her life and lifestyle. Besides which, Bill could not help noticing Sue’s toned, sexy body and generally youthful appearance. Her arms and legs were shapely and muscular, but far from manly. As she made him a cup of coffee he watched her tight ass through her pants. Sue excused herself to change into a little shirt and sleep pants. It wasn’t quite a belly shirt, but Bill enjoyed the glimpses of her flat, tight abs. She had small, firm breasts that Bill glimpsed through the nearly sheer top. Miss Lockhart was a hottie. He could see how she would attract every lesbian in town. The subject turned to sex.

Sue feigned shock at Bill’s question about what women did together. “Bill, come on. You’ve been on the internet. I know you’ve seen videos. I have a toy box that I keep for when I have a lady here. We use vibrators and dildoes and massage oil. Do you need me to draw you a picture?”

They laughed together. Sue liked Bill. And Bill was attracted to his former teacher, although he knew he was out-of-bounds for her. Or was he?

“What about men, Sue? As attractive as you are, they must hit on you all the time.”

“Well, thank you, Bill. But most men in town have heard I am the ‘town dyke’ and stay away. I guess the short hair and no skirts or ribbons keeps them away. But some sometimes guys hit on me. And sometimes I say yes.”

“Really?” Bill swallowed audibly. “That is, I didn’t know you…”

“Went both ways? Bill, I prefer women. I always have. But I don’t hate men. And frankly, while making love to a woman is my primary desire, there are some things that I can’t get from a woman. As good as her fingers or mouth may be, sometimes I need to feel someone inside me. A toy is not the same as a warm, hard cock.” Sue heard herself use the word. “Oops, did I say too much?”

“Oh, no, Sue. I find it…” Bill stammered. “I can see where you would want what you want. Everybody does.”

Sue looked him in the eye. “What do you want, Bill?”

Bill moved to her and kissed her. Sue responded by kissing him back much more deeply. Bill was emboldened. He ran his hand up her body under the small shirt. Her breasts were small, but very firm. Her nipples were like tiny spikes. He rubbed his palm against each one, and then began to pull at her loose sleep pants. She raised her hips and pushed them off. His hands moved to her hips and one hand cupped her mound. A finger pushed inside her. Sue moaned. Bill was not being gentle, but Sue was not complaining. She raked her nails down his back over his shirt. He quickly pulled it off. Sue grabbed his hand and pulled him into the bedroom. She knelt in front of him to undo his pants and push down his underwear. She took his cock in her hand and stroked it, looking up at him. Her mouth attacked it. Bill held her head in his hands and pushed it into his crotch. She rubbed her face on his hardening cock and then took it into her mouth. She loved the feel of it growing stiffer. It lengthened to the point where she had to back off to keep from gagging. Her hand stroked the stiff rod.

Bill lay back on the bed and let her suck his cock. She cupped his balls and pumped the shaft. She licked it and slobbered on it to lube the stroking. Bill had never seen a woman so into it. He reached down to touch Sue and tried to swing around to sixty-nine with her. She was having none of it. She sucked his cock and seemed to savor its feeling, its warmth, and its taste. She moaned as she sucked it and Bill could feel the vibrations. He felt his balls tighten. His passion was rising to match hers.

Finally, he could take no more and he pushed her back roughly. He grabbed her hips and held her down, positioning himself between her legs. He took his cock in one hand and rubbed his cockhead against her warm slit. He found the opening and pushed in with a powerful thrust. Sue screamed in animal delight. She held the younger man tightly against her. She bucked her hips up to meet his thrusts. She twisted and ground her pelvis into his. She wanted to feel his hard cock rubbing every part of her hot, wet pussy. Bill was amazed by the aggressive way this woman fucked back at him. It was so unlike the passive younger women he had been with before. They were always telling him to slow down and to be gentler. This woman was hungry for all he could give her as hard as he could give it.

He tightened his muscles to fight back a too-early climax. As he did, he felt Sue spasm and erupt on his cock. She was coming and all he could do was hold on and maintain the thrusting rhythm that had brought on this eruption of pleasure. She twitched and jerked and made sounds like that were alternately sweet coos and loud, almost painful yelps. Her hands were all over his body, stroking his chest, then pounding at it. Her nails scratched his back up and down. Her hands gripped and squeezed his ass tightly. She lost track of the number of times she came. It was all one long orgasm for Sue.

Finally, her moans subsided and she languidly rolled over.

“You know what I need now?” she asked, not waiting for his answer. She raised her hips and pulled apart her cheeks, inviting his violation.

Bill knew what she wanted and was not afraid to oblige, although he was hardly a veteran of anal sex. He spat on his hand, rubbed his cockhead and her asshole, but Sue stopped him. She reached into the nightstand drawer and retrieved a bottle of lube. Bill glanced at the array of dildoes and vibrators in the drawer, but quickly opened the bottle, lubed his cock and her hole and positioned his mushroom head against the tight, pulsating circle of muscle. He pressed steadily against it and it yielded to the force. Sue grunted between gritted teeth. It was a grunt of pain, but she did not want him to stop. She wriggled and undulated her hips and Bill thrust in more deeply.

He felt the heat of her insides and the tight ring of her sphincter gripping his cock. He pumped in and out more deliberately than he had her pussy. He did not want to rip her apart. Besides, the realization of what he was doing and the sensations he was feeling was rapidly bringing him to the point of no return.

“Oh, yes. Oh, fuck my ass hard. Give it all to me, Billy,” she almost shrieked at him. She reached down between his legs and cupped his heavy balls. She squeezed them firmly.

Bill looked at the reflection in the mirror across the room of the lithe woman bend over, coupled to him. Her athletic body seemed to ripple with energy. Her head tossed up and down the short hair glistening in the low light. Sue Lockhart was a gorgeous fucking woman and he was banging her tight asshole. It was too much. He felt an eruption of his own. His balls exploded and he gave one final thrust. He was balls deep in the older woman and she twitched and spasmed with her ultimate climax. They groaned as one and collapsed on the bed.

After a long pause to recover, the two lay together. Before Bill could ask for another date, Sue told him that she might call him again, when she needed another change of pace. Later, as Bill drove home, he wondered if she would call him. The sex had been amazing, but he knew Sue was really just using him. It wasn’t a romance, but it was better than anything he had ever felt before. Now he needed a story to tell his drinking buddies.

This story is almost fiction, and any resemblance to events, places, persons living or dead, is not coincidence. The characters are real with fictitious names and the events are factual, or almost, to tell the truth, they have been altered a little, very little. Enjoy.


They had been banished to their rooms and late into the night, they could hear Dad arguing with Mom, repeatedly stating that she was a whore, a slut and that “This damned marriage doesn’t make anymore sense at all and it is finished, you dammed dyke.” They were very afraid, were afraid of what their father could do to Mom and ached to talk to her, wandering what would happen next, if anything was going to. It happened.

Elisa, whom later in life, without her mother knowing it, would be called Sandy, then four years old, took her little brother Jonathan, aged two, in her arms and with her hands in her brother’s ears tried to protect him from the shouting, yells and uproar coming from her parents bedroom across the carpeted corridor in the second floor of their beautiful home in that ill fated evening for all of them and theirs lives,

Chapter 1: Broken lives

To that day, the Sanderson, Annabelle, née Van Cruiff aged 26, and her husband William, 31, both from very affluent families, not to say very rich families, parents of Elisa and Jonathan had been a kind of high-school sweethearts first, and when the time came and their parents thought they were ripe, both clans pushed them hard toward marriage. Both were lawyers, William working in the family business and Annabelle, normally called by everybody Anna, just out of Law College.

It was impossible that such a marriage could ever be happy or endure, because Annabelle in a very important aspect of her individuality didn’t know what she or her sexual identity was. Since the first moment of the awakening of her sexuality Annabelle had been drawn, was attracted, in a way she didn’t understand, to her own gender. Unlike what used to happen to the rest of her classmates and friends she felt an instinctive rejection of all manifestations of intimacy made by the boys, on the contrary, from her earliest years she had been attracted to her same sex, at first unconsciously, and later with horror and fear of what might happen if her family and friends should ever learn of her sensual and later sexual inclinations. She felt so different, how could she explain to her rigid catholic family about the crushes she’d get on her women teachers, and how girl’s bodies really turned her on, in ways that boys simply didn’t and left her cold. She couldn’t imagine having sex with any one of them. So, with no knowledge or experience with men at all, she went to the hymeneal bed. It was, to her psyche a disastrous nightmare.

She was a very beautiful girl, with classic greek features, long blonde hair and a body to die for. In her early twenties she was 5 ” 6 in height, 110 pounds and carried her clothes like a top fashion model with measurements of 30—22—32 inches; her almost nubile body was flawless. She had budding apple sized breasts which were topped with pointy pink nipples, to her continuous shame and chagrin they were unusually puffy and stood out. So, it was almost a “must” that everybody, boys and girls alike, were fond of her, most boys and some of the girls lusted after her, and nobody could blame William for falling in love with her.


When Anna was nineteen years old and just beginning life as a law student at Uni, giving her first steps as an independent adult person, she met the woman who would change her life, Marie D’Aflecourt. She was french, of medium age, around forty-five, a very beautiful professor who being very femme and dressing in accordance, however had a little male mannerism, which was not mannish at all. Since the first day she took Anna under her wing, academically and in other ways, she had encouraged Anna at every turn and had helped her get an appointment as a student-teacher. It was no surprise that they’d become quite close despite the difference in their ages; as the relationship blossomed it went from teacher-alumni, to casual friends; from casual friends to intimate friends, and the next step made them lovers. For Anna becoming lovers with Marie was discovering a whole new world, for the first time in her life, caresses, kisses, and body fondling had a new meaning.

Marie was a very experienced and consummate lover, she knew that the inexperienced Anna would be like tender putty in her hands if only she played her cards right. So she was very careful in all her manifestations of empathy and friendship toward Annabelle before colleagues and students as well. Her attitude in public was always exquisitely professional. At first she took a respectful interest in Anna studies, and little by little the young woman started confiding in her professor and friend her personal troubles. It was like if a ray of light had opened the tenebrous darkness of the night. Marie learned of her pupil’s confusion in regard of her sexual tendencies and identity, her discomfort at being in intimate bodily contact with boys or young men and her preferences to be with girls and women.

One day, they’d both sat down at the table in Marie’s den and went down to study. A couple of hours later as they had covered a big part and Annabelle seemed to be back on the right track they had taken a short break for tea in between poring over the books again with Marie, and the conversation had turned from books to more mundane things when Marie skilfully turned it to sex, their preferences and experiences. At first Annabelle was upset about the personal confidences, then little by little the conversation got more fluid and hot, the words and sentences more explicit and raw, then their excited minds got the better of them and they started slowly having sex in the den’s couch seat. Neither had ever told how much they loved the other. Anna could only imagine how gorgeous Marie had been back when she was her age since she was still so beautiful now. And Marie being older and more experienced had started the erotic playing game.

“I’ve seen you looking at my body so I’m going to show all of it to you honey.”

Anna sat there wide eyed as the older woman started peeling off her shirt and showed her the tits in the plain white bra. She turned her back around on Anna to tease her a little more and undid the bra clasp and, holding the cups against her body, turned again around and let them drop exposing her bare breasts with the tumescent nipples to Anna’s ardent gaze.

“Oh my God! They’re so lovely!” exclaimed a dazzled Anna.

“So you like them?” asked Marie cupping each one of the beautiful orbs and displaying them to her, soon to be, lover like prize little puppies. In a few moments, the nipples were fully erect and very hard as the young and innocent pupil stared at them.

“Well, aren’t you going to touch them?” exclaimed Marie.

Awkwardly Anna jumped at the chance to touch another woman for the first time.

She then proceeded to Marie’s tits and gently massaged her luscious, full breasts. Anna fingers circled, twirled and twisted the nipples with her fingers the same way she did to herself. There was a smile of pleasure and contentment on Marie’s face. She seemed to be enjoying this fully, the conquest and conversion of a pure and un-soiled heart. Marie could now see excitement in the girls’ eyes as she watched her pleasure.

“Now it is your turn, mon petit cochon, now you must let me see you” said the excited french university professor with croaked voice. “I’ve wanted to see your naked body since the first day I laid eyes upon you”

Then she proceeded to slowly remove Anna’s blouse and bra, jeans and panties touching feather-like her breast and inner thighs and accidentally brushing her crotch with every movement. Anna’s excitement was perceptible, as a soft and musky odor wafted up from her loins. They slowly started to fondle each other’s, Anna tentatively at first but with increasing passion; Marie, expertly and knowing what she wanted. dove her head over Anna’s breasts and started licking, sucking and suckling, she couldn’t contain the excitement of the day, and soon the inexpert but tender ministrations of her pupil brought her to a shuddering and earth shattering climax. Her whole body quivered. She dropped back down into the coach, her body limp.

Anna was mesmerized, she couldn’t believe or understand what had happened, she was looking to a mature woman who was unconscious because of her, and in a few moments Marie came back from wherever the “little death” had carried her.

“Oh mon cherie, merci, merci beaucoup, thanks, so many thanks, I love you so much.

Now is my turn. Come here my love “

They both fondled their breasts and let the hands roam between their legs. Soon, moans of ecstasy could be heard, now was Anna the first to climax, her body shuddering in the throes of her orgasm, after she finished climaxing, Marie turned her around and embraced Anna possessively from behind, fondling her from neck to loins.

Marie gently kissed the back of Anna’s neck, and at the same time stroked her thighs. It wasn’t long before she came again, they both dropped back down into the coach, sat side by side of the other and embraced putting their hands around each other shoulders..

“Well, what do you think?” Marie asked.

“That was so great, so incredible I have no words!” said Anna

“Why don’t we go upstairs have a shower, and adjourn to somewhere more comfortable?”

“Sounds like a very good idea,” said Anna “I could do with a shower!”"Who gets to shower first?”

“I believe in conserving water, so I think we should shower together,” said. Marie.

“Well, you’re the teacher” said Anna

Once in the shower Marie gave Anna a bar of exotic soap and asked her if she could wash her back, in the meanwhile she with another bar of soap would return the favour to Anna’s back in an erotic dance. This position made the two women rub their fronts from head to feet, tits to tits, tummy to tummy, legs to legs, clit to clit, with soap all over their bodies caressing all the folds and crannies with their hands. They were obviously enjoying themselves exploring, touching, kissing, licking, caressing backs and butt asses and it was feeling fantastic.


Anna drew her hands from the behind and started to fondle Marie breasts as her hands moved down to slowly massage Anna’s pussy who put her hands around Marie’s head and slowly tongue kissed her. Marie’s left hand fingers were soon probing the inside of Anna’s pussy and with the right hand reached down and started to stroke the ass, she slowly moved her fingers up the crack of Anna’s ass and tickled the rim of her butt -hole. She then inserted a finger and the cry of pleasure that escaped from Anna’s mouth made the house tremble.

They were about to make each other explode. Two beautiful women, each with a finger in the other’s pussy, and another finger in their asses. They continued to tongue kiss in such a frenzy of passion that soon were kissing and biting necks and shoulders, at the same time. They continued to finger fuck themselves; it was just a sea of hands and tongues as they caressed, kissed and finger fucked each other. It wasn’t long before they came again to an explosive orgasm.


Since that first lesbian tryst Marie and Anna tried to maintain the relationship at a low level, but the experience had made Anna a little more daring, and the pleasure she got from the caresses of her lover made her reckless in their pursuit. She craved the taste of the lips and secretions of a vagina, but not any vagina, she craved Marie’s mouth in her pussy, and hers in Marie’s, Marie’s tongue fucking her asshole, and sixty nining with Marie was bliss, she craved, and craved, and craved…. a woman’s body. At that moment was Marie’s. Not any other.

After a couple years with no official boy friend, sweet heart or any date with members of the opposite gender known to Anna’s family, her parents, first insinuated and then told her with all the letters it was time to be thinking about marriage, sons and a happy life for ever after, and they had, in view she was incapable of getting it herself, the perfect candidate, her former high school friend, William Sorenson, a successful young lawyer, five years her senior, junior partner in the law firm of both families.

The first reaction of Annabelle was to say no. No, absolutely no. She was not prepared to marry because she was too young, and she was in the middle of her career. Her parents were adamant. She was the perfect age to get married and breed sons or daughters; the more the better.

Desperate she went to take refuge in Marie’s arms, and take counsel of what to do.

“I don’t want to marry, him, or any other man, I love you and would like only to marry and live with you”, said a disconsolate Anna.

Marie took her lover’s face with her hands kissing tenderly her lips, “But you must my dear, you must marry and William is the perfect choice. You know him and his family, and after your marriage we could arrange to see each other, even in your new home.

I love you so much, I’ll always be beside you and as your good friend and professor, and nobody would ever suspect we are lovers when we pass time together. Nobody suspects the friendship between two women, overall when one of them is married, and husbands… less than anybody.”

So it was done, Annabelle married William and the first night was a nightmare, when William entered her for the first time he found, to his everlasting pleasure and pride, his bride was a virgin, her hymen was intact, but it was so hard to deflower her and he so inept, that the next morning her body was a mass of pain. Nothing had prepared her to the hurt of a night of “lovemaking”. William rough body and manners, him mauling her breasts and other parts of her body had nothing to do with the experiences she had have with Marie. The honeymoon was a time of suffering and permanently regretting her decision.

The first thing Anna did after the honey-moon voyage and her return to her new home was to get in contact with Marie. Her professor couldn’t help but be concerned about the abrupt change in Anna following her marriage. She told her lover how she had cried all the time, couldn’t eat or sleep and as she was incapable to take a book, her studies were showing the results; it was obvious she had loss so much weight in the last month. Her beautiful blonde hair was severally tied back in a pony tail instead of flowing free as she always liked it. Her eyes were red, it was clear she had been crying again.

With that, Anna once again burst into tears. Marie quickly moved to her feet and eased the young woman to the large padded sofa on the side of the room. She let her cry on her shoulder, happy that Anna was finally letting her go. Marie’s arms, as always, comforted her and through her sobs she unburdened herself. Anna went on and on for almost an hour, revealing every hurt and emptiness within her. Marie listened patiently, caressing and assuring her that everything was going to be better.

“I’ll help you ease the pain, my love” She told Anna

For some reason, it made perfect sense, this seemed a sensible solution. She simply needed to be in bed with someone, not just for sex; right now she needed something more. The friendship and caring she craved already existed between Marie and her.

Without another word, she rose and began taking off her clothes, Marie checked the door and when she turned around Anna could see the point of her hard nipples in her


“Just relax my darling love, I’ll take care of everything” Marie said in a voice just a bit husky.

By that time Anna was down to her underclothes and Marie had taken over. She kissed her mouth lightly and then worked her way down to her neck. Reaching behind her she unhooked Anna’s bra and pulled it off her shoulders, freeing her small breasts. Her hands covered them and she made little circles with her tongue around her mounds, squeezing the nipples up into her mouth. In spite of Anna’s nervousness and distress, she responded quickly to Marie’s ministrations and her pussy felt delightfully moist as she moaned softly.

“See, my dear” Marie whispered as she took the other nipple into her mouth. “I told you it would all be all right now.”

Marie slid her hands inside Anna’s panties and cupped her mound; her middle finger worked it way between the moist lips and was immediately covered with juices. Anna found again Marie’s hands and mouth were in a very special way not only thrilling but healing as had ever been. Marie seemed to know exactly what she needed, and moaning loudly, Anna felt her body pulling desperately at the exploring fingers. Kneeling on the floor at her feet, the mature woman pulled her lover’s panties down her legs slowly. She kissed her belly, dipping her tongue into the navel and then swirled it into the fine bush beneath.

“Oh my god, you smell lovely,” She said as she inhaled deeply.

Anna’s legs were weak and trembling, her nipples ached for her hands again and she thrust her pelvis toward her, with a knowing smile, the professor coaxed her thighs apart.

“I can’t wait to taste you.” Marie murmured as her fingers spread the young bride nether lips. She gazed at the pink and wet opening, licking her own lips hungrily, Anna could feel her clit erect and throbbing as Marie lowered her face to her pussy, and then Marie stuck her tongue out and she barely felt it at first as the point moved up and down her opening, tasting her nectar. As Marie grew more and more excited, she drove her tongue deep inside, pulled it out again and wrapped it around the clit, again and again she repeated the process until Anna was on the brink of ecstasy and suddenly with the orgasm the skies seemed to crash down on Anna’s head.

Finally when Anna was coming down Marie brought her hands into play, stroking the clit with her thumb and teasing her anus with fingertips from her other hand. In seconds, Anna was grinding her body against her face, shuddering through her second orgasm in mere minutes. The professor brought her down as slowly as she had taken her up. When the newlywed opened her eyes, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, here was her lovely lover, still wearing a three piece suit. As usual, not a hair was out place but her face was covered with her juices.

“I think one of us is overdressed.” Anna said with a satisfied smile.

The professor returned the smile and unbuttoned her suit. Her sweater quickly joined her jacket on the floor and as she unhooked her bra, Anna was again amazed at their beauty. The heavy bra and multiple layers of clothing Marie always wore in class and at official functions concealed her 38dd chest. Kneading her breasts with both hands, she squeezed the large nipples and smiled; her hands slid downward and off came the skirt and slip. Finally only the panties remained and in a quick motion they too were gone. To Anna’s astonishment she saw, Marie’s pussy was now as bare as a teenager.

“I could touch up and produce the grey in my hair, give another colour” Marie said as she noticed Anna’s gaze. “But down there it easier just to keep it bare. Besides, I’ve always loved the way it feels and I’ve wanted to surprise you”

Kicking the pile of clothes behind her, Marie stuck a pose before the couch Anna was still sited on. And trying to comfort and cheer her up she said:

“What do you think, eh, not bad for an old lady?”

In response, Anna rose and hugged her with all the passion she could muster, she kissed Marie, her tongue slipping past her lips as she ran her hands down the back of her body and cupped the mounds of her ass..

“I think you are beautiful.” She said as she broke the kiss. “I wish I had a body half as beautiful as yours.”

“Ok, now that we have you back on track, we’ll have to spend a lot of time together to get your grades and everything, most of all your life, back up.” Marie said as she brushed Anna’s long blonde hair out of the pony-tail.

“If being with you and loving and making love with you is the incentive, then I’ll be getting on” Anna said beaming and smiling for the first time since her wedding,

“Well we can worry about that tomorrow, right now I think you’re ready for a second lesson in women’s love”

Anna’s face expression showed she didn’t understand what Marie was talking about;

“Yes my dear, you are sore, all around your pussy and the pussy as well are red, and chaffed, and hurting, that’s the way with men, they push into you and without consideration smash any resistance they found in the way, but women are different”

“What are you talking about?”

“Well, let me explain first and then I’ll show you, my love” “The ultimate in women lovemaking takes place down the body, in between our legs. It is called tribadism, and basically consists as the act of rubbing your pussy against that of another woman such that one or both achieve orgasm”

The bewildered expression on Anna’s face spoke volumes, and Marie couldn’t let escape a giggle.

“Yes my love, as you will found in a few minutes, tribadism is the most sincere and natural form of lesbian intercourse. You may have your lover rubbing your pussy with her thigh or her nipple and will get you off, but I believe true tribadism is a different sex act. Come here my love and let me show you”.

With that Marie took Anna in her arms and started caressing, fondling and kissing the newlywed. She put her on her back and slowly started kissing down her body, first the breasts, her swollen breasts, then her hard nipples; after a few minutes Marie pushed herself over her waiting lover and started to rub, first her breasts against Anna’s, then large nipples rubbing over strung nipples, more kisses, and they embraced again with whispered “I love you so much”

“Oh yes, I do too, my love” Then Marie put herself in the missionary position over Anna’s body and let her body descend slowly until flesh touched flesh, from brow to toes. And then pussy to pussy, soft tendrils of pure gold against shaved mound.

Slowly, very slowly, Marie started rubbing and meshing her cuntal lips and clitoris against Anna’s trying to provoke labial penetration or clitoral penetration. Oh, what a complete and satisfactory sexual experience. It seemed so natural, the sense of closeness and oneness, vagina to vagina, clit to clit, and the kissing during the intercourse, tongue fighting tongue, saliva dropping from Marie’s mouth to Anna’s in a complete interchange of bodily fluids.

After a few minutes of frenzied lovemaking the french professor made spread the legs to her young paramour while she kept hers together and slipped in between her lover’s thighs. In that position Marie’s pubis, which pubic bone was sufficiently pronounced, penetrated Anna’s opened labia providing more effective contact and providing maxim penetration, this position served to splay more efficiently open her lover’s inner labia and keeping her open, allowing for greater penetration and greater stimulation for her..

Anna, on the bottom wrapped her legs around her lover, and bended her knees to provide a better angle of attack and maximize pussy to pussy contact. Then began a slow rhythmic humping to work the juices out and coat all of their vulvas, they were so soaked it was just a matter of getting the sticky juices out from between the slits and covering both vulvas and surrounding inner thighs. Once they were sufficiently lubricated things got really out of hand.

Anna, as her breath came in short, laboured and spasmodic shallow gasps, looking silently into her girlfriend’s eyes as they fucked, held firmly to Marie’s hips and yanked her forward and back in a rapid movement so that her pussy never broke contact with Marie’s, but simply slid fore and daft along its length. The motion, along with her legs being spread, did cause her labia to open like a flower allowing her lover’s vulva to work its way inside of hers. As the arousal of both women increased, Marie’s engorged clit did actually penetrate Anna slit. And at the top of the stroke that clit was nuzzled between the bottom edge of the open vagina, then when the young woman hips slid back, Marie’s clit did slid along between her labia until her clit came mashing into hers.

As they draw closer to orgasm their motion became frenzied and Anna pulled Marie down harder against her increasing the pressure, to the point that they felt a friction burn in their pubis that just brought the orgasmic release they were looking for, a flood of her hot cum poured out and coated their meshing vulvas, immediately soothing both pussies and reducing friction, the wet sloshing sound of their meshing pussies together with the feel of hot cream flowing into Anna’s vagina did it for her and again orgasmed several times; hardly missing a beat, so did Marie, after multiple orgasms sometimes they fucked continuously for nearly an hour..

After, with Anna riding on top, they kissed passionately and maintained a slow humping rhythm, such that breasts and pussies continued to rub together. They made love like this for a half an hour or longer and experienced many more small orgasms as they did so.

That’s when Anna did feel a change in her, and maybe William did too. Maybe that was why he tried to go further than he ever had before in their sexual life, he even tried for the first time with her, cunnilingus and analingus, and she made no motion to stop him, what for? And because she didn’t want the same things he did, she didn’t cooperate, she never knew pleasure in that acts or feeling him moving inside of her like he did, only bringing her intense dislike before he ended. Afterwards she was almost sure that was the day that she accepted completely inside her head her lesbianism, her husband could never bring her to orgasm, like Marie did, which didn’t prevent her to get pregnant twice, and she loved her children, but abhorred her husband.


A couple months later of that wondrous day with Marie, one morning at breakfast, suddenly Anna was nauseous, felt light-headed and dizzy, and her stomach was in an up-roar, it was very sudden, and she passed out. Anna was unsure of the length of time she had been out of this world. Little by little consciousness was returning but still her eyes weren’t able to focus on anything in the kitchen. When she recovered she noticed the room had filled with shadows, so it must have been several hours she were unconscious. Fear to the unknown was present in her mind as the objects around her started to became clearer, and then she noticed the white gown she was wearing was stained. by her own vomit; as her senses returned she was aware of a pain different of any kind she had suffered until now, panic seized her, and sharp abdominal pains made her wrap both arms about her waist and gasp for air as the ache took her breath away. Anna felt then the numbness in her lower abdomen, grazing carefully her hand across the un-feeling she felt a strange hardness but not additional sensitivity to her touch. She allowed her hand to travel to the center of her stomach where she felt a hard button. Her first thought was of pregnancy, and to the air she questioned, “Can it be true?” Yes, it was true.


A few months later. Anna knew from the way she walked that she waddled like a duck, her tummy looked like if she has swallowed a watermelon, and her back, oh ¡¡¡ how her back hurt. And William, William seemed to have lost any kind of interest in her, sexual or any other.

“After he has scraped, torn and ripped my insides, the no good bastard hadn’t touched me in months after I started to show my pregnancy, not that I want his attentions, if you know what I mean, but at least he could show some interest how everything is going with my pregnancy” Anna was rambling, nagging, whining and complaining, all in one, about being pregnant “and being my family staunch Catholics as they are I wasn’t able to even consider an abortion”.

As she settled into Marie’s bedroom, and she drew the curtains for privacy, she started

telling her how her back was aching, and how nobody seemed to care if she was well or not. After the long tirade Marie suggested that “if you don’t mind” she could give her a back massage, to which Anna readily agreed, so she had the pregnant girl sit sideways on the bed and moved directly behind her.

Feeling Marie’s beautiful hands rubbing her shoulders Anna went in a dreamy state, and as Marie’s face got closer to her neck she could feel Marie’s hot breath, which ignited again feelings of sexual passion, Marie suggested it might feel better if she put her hands under her top which brought a little murmur and a yes from Anna.

Marie hands on her back made her wonder, not for the first time, the power the older woman had over her and the way she always turned her on, she knew she was capable of turning on Marie too, but sometimes she doubted she had the same power over her old professor; the thought disappeared as she felt Marie’s fingers creep to the sides of her breasts, and she melted back into her arms.

Feeling her hands cup her now full breasts and her index finger making little circles over her nipples, brought a little “yes” to Anna’s lips, Marie unhooked Anna’s maternal bra and lifted the top, as she kissed and licked her ear.

“Oh my darling, oh my darling love” whispered Marie as she played with Anna’s rock hard nipples, pulling and twisting them, and making her hotter than she had ever been in her entire life.

Turning her softly around a little bit, Marie looked at her face smiling before she dropped her head to Anna’s breast, licking in a little circle around the nipple before she drew it into her mouth, pulling and sucking on it while her fingers played with the other breast. As she aroused one nipple with her fingernail, Anna put her hand on the Marie’s head and with her fingers combed through her luscious hair.

Anna was getting so hot from Marie playing with her breasts that she could feel her pussy juices running down to the crack of her ass and soaking the granny cotton panties she now used, she wanted her lover to fuck her or to do anything she wanted to her, as to give her a hint of what she wanted, with some difficulty she separated her legs, and with her hand raised the hem of her maternal dress to her thighs.

Without stopping nursing on Anna’s breasts, with one hand, Marie felt the soaking wet old-fashioned panties, pushing them aside her fingers started exploring the sopping wet pussy and started to finger fuck her. She couldn’t see her hand because of the big tummy but Anna could feel her lover fingers plunging in and out of her throbbing pussy, at the same time one thumb rubbed her swollen clit she tried to lift her heavy hips to match the finger rhythm. She could feel the tingle starting to build, and then it hit her like a punch from deep inside. The wonderful electric feeling of her pussy cumming. As she pressed her thighs together, Marie removed her hand and slumped to the floor, a few minutes latter kneeling in front of Anna; she lifted Anna legs to her own shoulders, and put her hands on those inner thighs.

Sniffing in the womanly scent for a minute before she lowered her head to the pussy, Anna could feel Marie’s tongue exploring delicately her folds, and as she took control of her head directing it where she wanted it; she could feel her pussy lips parted by a pair of thumbs and her inner lips were licked before the tongue plunged in deep.

Marie, once again, probing the pussy walls with her tongue and sucking on the swollen clit like a straw, knew it wouldn’t be long or takes much more time before Anna came in her mouth, and she would make cumm herself with her own fingers. Her tongue was working its magic on Anna’s pussy and then it hit them both. A massive, mind blowing orgasm, which kept coming in waves. One after one, another after the other, and others after them, as they gushed sweet pussy honey, Anna’s into Marie’s mouth.


Annabelle gave birth to her first born, a daughter named Elisa Sanderson (whom later in the story became Sandy) with mixed feelings. The delivery was through out a painful labor of several hours, which by association, made her remember her wedding night, with the insides of her vagina ripped, and pain, pain and more pain. Only Marie’s presence after the child birth gave her a semblance of normalcy, the older woman and lover continuous presence made her post-partum depression less agonizing, which made her parents and husband William, even not knowing the motives, yet, grateful of her.

Two months after, Annabelle desiring the company and love of Marie, started visiting her on the afternoons with any excuse, most of the time carrying with her the little girl.

The first times the hour of suckling was due, Annabelle just opened her blouse and taking off the maternal bra put the baby’s mouth to her puffy and distended nipples.

Marie’s reaction to this display of her young lover augmented and lactating breasts was ambiguous, dual; sometimes she got very excited and knew of dampness in her labia running down to her knickers, in other moments she felt repulse with repugnance.

One of those days Marie was getting excited and very wet seeing the little girl sucking her mother’s breast, she told Anna to lay with her baby in the big bed and slowly got Anna naked taking off her clothes and then she removed her own and laid beside Anna softly kissing her. Her hands moved to the full breasts and pulled at the sensitive nipples, rolling them, as she knew how well to do.

Anna arched her back toward her lover’s talented fingers. It had been so long. They were lying side by side with the infant in between them and Marie’s hot thigh slid between hers and pressed against the wet pussy.

“You know just how to do that to me, don’t you, my hot french lover.” Anna said pulling back a little and smiling into her dark and expressive eyes.

Marie eyes sparkled. “Do what, baby-girl?” she asked mischievously, grinding her thigh skilfully against her mound. She knew full well what she meant; they had been lovers now for well over three years and they knew each body intimately – inside and out – and just how she wanted her to make love to every inch of it.

“Make love to me! Suck my nipples. Drink my milk! Suck them ¡¡¡ nowwwwww¡¡¡.” Anna pleaded. “They are so full. Little Elisa doesn’t drink all I produce. I have so much milk. I enjoy nursing her but particularly would love to have you, dear Marie, suck my breasts, take my milk from them too. Having a woman suck my breast milk is so damn wicked and sexy! “

Marie smiled a little naughtily, then kissed Anna softly, caught her and carefully, not to hurt the baby, rolled her on top of her own hot naked body. Her large and mature breasts pressed against Anna’s, and they hugged and kissed for a long delicious moment, then Anna moved up over Marie on arms and legs, as she knew just what she wanted, she spread her legs on either side of her lover, straddled her body and slid upward a little and she felt her full, milk-heavy breasts sway as she moved. She leaned back and with both hands took Marie’s head to her breast and guided it to her nipple. The older woman kissed first one then the other nipple and sucked softly on it, pulling it with her lips, but not hard enough to make the milk flow into her waiting mouth.

Anna remembered the first time she had made love to her and sucked her breast without milk from them. Marie had gone down on her then, the first woman ever to make love to her. Now her hands cupped one breast squeezed it and her lips teased the nipple, pulling her sensuous lips around it, and then kissing the sensitive areola

She spent long minutes kissing and licking Anna large bulging areola before Anna reached down caught her breast and moved the nipple to her lips. Marie laughed softly then her hot lips surrounded Anna nipple and her tongue flicked the tip, teasing her, still not sucking. Anna moaned in frustration and her head bowed back, she wanted the older woman’s lips to suck her aching nipple, and suck it hard!

“Marie, ohhhh please my Love ¡¡! Please suck my nipple. I need you to suck it! ¡¡ ¡¡You’re killing me!! Ohhhh, suck it, suck it, you bitch! ¡” she groaned in anguish.

Then she gave a long loud sigh as the other’s soft lips pulled at her nipple and slid along it, sucking it softly. She teased it, making it harder, making it longer and firmer, but not sucking hard enough to draw any milk into her mouth. Anna’s hips thrust down against her body, her very hot and wet pussy pressing against Marie’s stomach, conveying her need.

An eternity later Marie sucked harder and Anna felt the fantastic relief as the milk flowed from her swollen breast into her lover’s hot mouth. Marie put both hands at the base of her breast, squeezed inward and pulled downward, milking the breast.

“God, how wonderful feels to have her suck and milk my tit with her hands till the milk spray out inside her sweet mouth” Anna thought.

And lowering her chest, pushed hard against the soft face; meanwhile the Maris’s lips were sucking again and again drawing the hot mother’s milk into her mouth. She knew just how to do it so sensually.

Nursing her baby-girl was erotic, her little mouth sucking gluttony, giving her pleasure, but when Marie suckled, it was a whole new feeling, a feeling of one woman making love to another.

“Oh dear, my pussy is hotter than ever and I’m feeling very wet.” Anna was thinking “She had that effect on me before and now it multiplies by eons. Soon she would empty my breasts and then we would make love. I want her hands, her lips, her tongue slipping into my pussy, driving me to a fantastic climax as I made love to her at the same time”.

Anna felt one hand leave her breast and slide sensuously down her body, over her now rounded tummy, to stroke her thighs. Marie was teasing her again while her lips sucked and her mouth made love to Anna’s swollen breast. Her lips were never still, she moved her head up and down pulling on the nipple with her white little teeth, giving fantastic sensations with her soft lips pulling, making the nipples harder and at the same time making them longer while she drew out the milk. Her hand cupped Anna’s bare mound caressing it for a while, and then moving slowly downward. Anna gasped as Marie’s long finger inched along her slit, and then, tantalizingly, pressed inward into the core of her sopping pussy. She was wet and slick from the sucking on her breasts and it slipped into the wet soft sex cave easily. Anna groaned, moaned and whimpered and threw her head back in a movement of sheer pleasure.

Marie’s finger probed gently inward and Anna felt first one, then two fingers press deep inside her. “Oh my god she’s finger fucking me, oh my, but she’s a bitch, she is twisting her wrist fucking my vaginal entrance.” Long minutes later she felt the fingers curve inside her, and she cried out as they found her g-spot and began to massage it with a touch they had developed together. Anna hunched her hips against the hand, feeling the fingers slide deeper inside her, playing over the small sensitive pad and making her feel as if she needed to pee, yet she wanted more of her touch rubbing against her clit.

Marie’s skilful fingers rubbed and stroked Anna’s pudendum, from long experience she knew just how to stroke her g-spot and. she had been surprised the first time Anna had spurted her pussy juice, something William, her husband, could never achieve, and now her fingers rubbed and stroked bringing it on again.

“Ohhhh, god, sweet Marie, mother of god, you are killing me. Your fingers are making me so damn hot. I can feel them deep inside me. Make me cum please; I want to spurt around your fingers. Suck my nipples hard, pull on them, bite them, make me cum. Ohhhh, I need YOU to make me cum. Make me cum hard! HARD”" Anna cried out. Little Elisa was asleep now in the room floor over a duvet, but she didn’t care if someone heard the screams in the next block.

Marie moved her fingers inside her lover’s vagina, stroking the g-spot again and again, her hand thrusting deep, she nipped Anna’s long erect nipples with her teeth bringing a welcome pain to them, she sucked hard and Anna could feel her milk flow into her mouth, Anna leaned to one side and put her weight on one arm and reached across and caught her other breast and squeezed and pulled hard on the nipple; she was in a orgasmic frenzy; multiple streams of hot milk spurted from her erect nipples in tiny white jets, Marie was sucking her milk for all it was worth and at the same time being hit in the face with more of it from the other breast; Anna didn’t care if she was making a mess; she needed the rough stimulation on both nipples and she squeezed and pulled hard, drawing the milk out to arc in long white streams over Marie’s face. She closed her eyes and her brain continued to spiral up and up, while Marie’s fingers stroked her insides.

Marie’s magic fingers continue playing over her g-spot and her slim hand was fisting and writhing inside Anna’s pussy setting off a massive and explosive climax. Anna screamed again and again in ecstasy as she came for umpteenth time; she was on fire with need and her hand came off her own breast to hold her body erect as she climaxed hard and explosively, head back, back arched. It was as if jolts of wonderful electricity shot through her body and a short circuit went off inside her head as she climaxed.

Finally spent, she fell atop the bed and rolled a little as they lay holding each other. They kissed and caressed and Anna slid her own hand down to find her lover’s sopping wet pussy, she slid a finger along Marie’s slit, teasing her firm clit which was swollen and pebble hard, she rubbed it gently with her slick finger. When they had recovered a little it was Anna’s time to give pleasure to her lover and she moved down and began to kiss her soft firm breasts, then sucked her nipples till they stuck out and became harder and long. She longed to suckle on them and would have liked milk flowing into her mouth, she licked the large brown areola, and pushed the breast against her mouth, went desperately from one breast to the other fondling them till they were firmer, harder with passion, her hot blood swelling them.

“Oh, if only she could suck milk from them!”

Anna kissed her way downward over the smooth satiny stomach; Marie spread her legs wide for her and she moved between them and licked her velvet thighs from her soft pubic hair to her sweet opened pussy. 69 had become one of their favourite love positions; both loved the delicious taste and scent of an excited pussy while their own pussy was being sexually stimulated. The wantonness intimacy of a 69 is beyond describing, it is so wonderfully erotic and satisfying, when it is done with a lover who cherishes and wants only to satisfy you in the most intimate of lovemaking techniques. Eating and being eaten at the same time, is one of life’s most erotic sensations, transcending all others. As many authors have written, only a woman truly knows how to make love to another woman.

Anna slid her tongue out and ran it down into Marie’s groove, spreading her wet flesh, opening her up like a flower and slipping her tongue inside her, then plunging it deep inside, her lips sucking the sweet nectar out. She pushed her tongue in and out and suddenly had an inspiration; she pulled back as Marie groaned in protest, grabbed a pillow and put it against her delectable ass and lifted her hips up so she could slip the pillow under her, but didn’t do what the other thought she would do, go back to eating her. Instead Anna wiggled upward and put her breast against Marie spread and very wet pussy. She leaned forward and put her nipple against the hot wet flesh and pushed, the nipple found the opening and she pressed downward.

“Ohhhh Marie It feels so wonderful having your hot, wet, intimate flesh around my nipple” exclaimed a driven mad Anna, pressing downward, and then pulling back slightly making her nipple fuck the pussy.

Marie smiled at her, as her hand came down and her finger found her own turgid clit and rolled it around in circles. Then she took another pillow and put it under her head so she could watch Anna who winked at her and pulled back a little, took one hand and pulled at her nipple provoking that an small streams of hot milk spurted out over Marie’s pussy. She moaned hotly her approval.

Anna pressed her nipple down against Marie’s spread flesh and then put a hand on either side of her pussy and pressed inward trapping the nipple between her pussy lips, then pulled backward and Marie’s pussy actually milked her nipple, her hot mother’s milk was flowing out against the hot gash. Anna’s own pussy pulsed, her clit throbbing at the idea of what she was doing, she opened the pussy again, pulled the labia wide open slid her nipple back between the spread lips, closed them hard around her nipple, and felt her milk flowing from her breast. Into the pussy.

Marie watched, her dark eyes glowing with lust as she witnessed Anna doing something to her she had never done, or even imagined doing; the milk flowed out her pussy running along her slit and over her delicious brown star. Anna’s long hard, ejaculating nipple became a small cock fucking her pussy, and her pouting pussy lips seemed to suck on the hard cock-like nipple.

“Oh, yes, yes fuck my pussy with your nipple and make it suck your hot milk out. Yes, yes! That is so sexy, so hot Mrs Sanderson. Fuck me, fuck my pussy. Yesss, Yesssss” moaned Marie, as her fingers became a blur against her clit.

Anna pressed her nipple down, taking it with her fingers and rubbing it around and around against the sides of her pussy, pulling at it at the same time, spurting milk into her open sex like a cock cumming. Marie screamed out her ecstasy and Anna felt the pussy sphincter contract around her nipple and then a gush of her juices spurted out over the breast as she climaxed. Her hips thrusted upward and pressed the breast down hard against her body.

Marie head was thrown back, her face distorted by passion. And Anna almost came again it was so exciting. With a long sigh, she fell backward and lay gasping for breath. Anna moved up to kiss and caress her. Their lips were covered with the juices of both of them and they sucked and licked them clean of each other faces with relish. Their hands roamed and soon they were both on fire. They turned in the rumpled bed and kissed each one way downward till their faces were buried between hot thighs, tongues and lips sucking on wet velvet flesh.

Marie pussy was delicious, a mixture of Anna milk and her own pussy juices. Anna sucked and licked with complete abandon and then they became frantic lovers, not being able to kiss or lick the other partner pussy hard or fast enough. Quickly they brought each other to a series of moaning, writhing climaxes, faces buried into steaming intimate flesh and tasting each other’s sweet juices. They both spurted out their juices to be devoured in an orgy of ecstasy.

Finally they became satiated, turned, hugged and pressed their bodies together. Their breathing became regular; and they pulled back a little, lying side by side, began to laugh. They were both a mess. Anna’s milk had spurted over her upper and lower body and their gyrations had spread it all over them. After taking a long and cosy shower Anna remembered forgotten little Alisa, who was still sleeping on the floor of the room over a duvet.


William was an un-suspecting husband, (as most of them, by the way), he never would have considered an adulterous affair of his wife, and less of all a lesbian adulterous affair. But Annabelle was in love and infatuated with her professor-lover, her married sexual life had been traumatic to her since the wedding night, and her disappearing several afternoons a week, every week, several months after child-birth, with little Elisa, and not to go to Uni either, was getting suspicious, first to her parents, who couldn’t find her home and with their comments to William.

William tried to be more careful with Annabelle the scarce moments they had sexual contact, intercourse was unsatisfactory for both of them, to Anna because she hated to be intimate with a man, and penetration was the ultimate in intimacy, and in the conjugal bed her attitude was as passive as that of a corpse; to William it was unsatisfactory because with a wife with the response of one like Anna, ¿what can a body do or say?. However, a woman to get pregnant only needs a spermatozoid getting first in the race to her womb and the egg in it, and because nature is like that, intercourse being good or bad, doesn’t matter. So it was that in one of Anna and William infrequent get together to have intercourse, nobody could call that making love, Anna got pregnant again.

It was the beginning of the end to a situation should have never started. Anna was adamant she wanted to abort, said she could not and would not suffer giving birth as she had suffered with her first born. She loved her girl very much but no more birth-giving, if William or her parents wanted a baby let anyone of them have it. But her family was staunch catholic and with the passing of the weeks she was convinced to have a caesarean, provided that she had her tubes tied at the same time.

. .

Anna’s second pregnancy, above all the three first months, was a nightmare for everybody concerned, for her, for her husband, for her family, for Marie, friends and acquaintances. She was depressed and her bouts of depression and despair made her fearful to die in childbirth. As in her first pregnancy her only secure port of call was Marie’s house, in that place she felt herself welcome, loved, and secure and got all the sexual release she needed. Marie on the contrary was getting weary of Anna’s constant complains and demands and was waiting the best moment to end their relationship.

At seven months, Anna’s second pregnancy was a veritable carbon-copy of her first one. She was very heavy now, her back, back-bone and back-side hurt permanently and she went to Marie to get consolation and a back rubbing, or a general massage. Later she went alone letting little Elisa in charge of a baby-sitter.

Marie had let her set her own pace; she refused to be trapped by Anna’s pregnant whims. Some people, mostly her family, eventually grew impatient with her and started telling her she needed to pull herself and carry on like an adult. Marie had smiled at this advice kept her mouth shut and just gave Anna space with the attentions and emotions she demanded. For some time she allowed herself to feel some of her grief, and when her tantrums came, if they were together and alone, calmly went and sat next to Anna and talked to her through it, allowing her to give in herself to Marie’s voice and caresses. Always Anna’s hyperventilating was controlled thanks to their very close relationship, and that moments were almost therapeutic.

But Marie was a little tired of being now more of a husband to Anna than a lesbian lover and decided to start changing the relationship; holding her hand and, never one to do things in half measure, she thought “fuck the hand” and the next thing she did was hold the shuddering, sobbing, swollen frame to her chest.

“Ok baby, listen to me…we’ll get through this together…just let me make love to you and stop crying…just like that…. yes baby, yes.”

She helped Anna to the bedroom and into bed, Anna was reluctant this time to show her deformed pregnant body to her lover, but Marie told her not to be shay with her at all and to get started her naked. Next was Marie’s turn to disrobe and get on the bed.

“Ok my love, today I’m going to make love to you as never before, you just let mommy do the giving, and you just let your body receive all I have for you”

Anna was in heaven, Marie still loved her, and she was going to get release from her sexual tensions. Her back was hurting, so she put herself on her side and her voluminous belly rested in the sheet giving her some comfort while awaiting Marie’s loving after her odd words.

¿What kind of new loving was it?

“Come Marie, I want to kiss you.” purred now an excited Anna as she flashed a smile.

Marie leaned over towards her. Their mouths met with little baby kisses, tips of tongue touching, and kisses escalating to achingly desperate open mouth kisses, tongues exploring mouths, the others mouth, and rubbing together mixing saliva.

Marie slowly lay in her left side on the bed to be face to face with Anna, they looked at each other profoundly in the eyes, rubbing tenderly the tip of their noses; slowly Marie started kissing down Anna’s body and sucked, chewed, and flicked each nipple. She went back and forth from full breast to full breast, having the time of her life. Anna loved it, getting aroused again after a long time; her body was on fire and was over sensitive. She supported Marie’s head with her hand being careful of her big tummy. The two of them kept like this for a while. After a few minutes Marie laid her head back on the pillow, and looked at her lover; Anna was on fire as never before waiting the love promised.

Anna’s arms were trapped and she couldn’t get free –didn’t want to, and it excited her. She could see that Marie wanted to do her something it was forceful, and it turned her on even more. Marie put herself behind Anna in the spoon position and reached around and played with Anna’s pussy and clit from behind, getting her wetter than wet, with the middle finger of her other hand she took a copious glob of cream from Anna’s pussy and placed it on the rim of the pregnant woman’s rectum. It was a first because Anna wasn’t partial to anal play, in fact she didn’t like it, she thought it was gross and disgusting and had never had nothing passing her asshole muscle and into her bowels, not even her own little finger. However, this time she soon cried out with pleasure. The finger tip went inside her ass a bit, and Anna, with her clit being rolled back and forth across vigorously went berserk, as the deep full finger penetration of her ass to her bowels soon made her felt an incredible orgasm. It was a first. She thought this was the new kind of love Marie was talking about. She was wrong, oh, my, she was so wrong.

She rested her head on Marie’s shoulder, and Marie hugged Anna tightly circling the big belly with both arms. Then Marie went back to feeling and handling Anna’s pussy and licked and nipped on her ear, meanwhile put her hand to tickle her clit. Then they kissed again with animal passion driving them, and soon, they felt the new rising tide of their lust Anna had back slipped her hand inside Marie’s thighs and found her clit. They couldn’t hold back, natural feelings pulled them along, and a flood of love juices came with a huge orgasm. Moaning and crying loudly, both women were momentarily satisfied.

A few minutes later with Anna in a post-coital lassitude, Marie got out of bed and went to her cupboard to get out some toy she needed to satisfy an old and kinky craving of hers, she wanted to fuck Anna anally, and she thought this was the perfect moment to do so. It took but a few minutes strapping on her favourite toy, the dildo, she went back to bed with some lube and the big black strap on dildo obscenely swinging between her legs in sharp contrast with her fair milky skin. Anna’s eyes opened like big saucers at the strange vision

Before Anna could speak, Marie took her mouth in another hot kiss and cupped her face in her hands; it was so soft. Marie licked and kissed her way down Anna’s chin and neck to her breasts where she snatched one nipple into her mouth and suckled her; Anna could feel her nipple swelling and on the verge of popping in the warmth and wetness of her gifted mouth. Sensually then Marie drug her tongue in a long, sensual lick from the nipple, down the breast slope, through the valley and up the big belly.

Continuing her descent she spread as widely as possible Anna’s legs to accommodate her body as she slid down on the mattress, suckling and savouring the skin of her belly, then. Marie’s powerful hands cupped the backs of Anna thighs, spreading her legs wider, bending them carefully at the knees and pushing them into a v-shape as she kissed the creamy flesh of the inner thighs, slowly working down to her hot sex. Marie exhaled a deep breath of warm air directly onto the pulsing pussy and inhaled deeply of the murky scent.

“It is so beautiful.” She whispered.,

“Oh Anna, you have such a beautiful pussy.” Marie hissed. “So ripe and full of life, And so fucking wet too.”

Marie gave her a long, lavish lick with the full flat of her tongue all the way from her pussy to the sphincter and back to the hood of her clit and Anna nearly bucked off the bed as the erotic stimulation coursed like electricity all through her. With that, Marie made Anna turn a little over her belly and she dove into her, slurping, licking and sucking on her most delicate flesh. Positioning herself directly behind Anna and spreading her legs, Marie jammed a finger deep inside her and began pumping furiously at the same moment her tongue plunged deep into the crack of her ass.

Anna felt Marie’s tongue press through her puckered rosebud as she was tongue-fucking her ass and at the same time she was finger-fucking her pussy.

Marie’s tongue seemed to sink deeper and deeper into the bowels with every tongue stroke and her feral growls only seemed to become more wanton; Anna could barely hear them over her orgasmic screams. Finally the orgasm smashed over her like a ton of bricks and her body literally seized, her belly contracted and almost started to be in labour; her heart pounded so hard she was gasping desperately for air.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh baby!” she moaned into the pillow.

Marie relented and let her tongue out of Anna’s ass, rimming the border a few more minutes before she extricated her head from Anna’s thighs and prepared herself to consummate her long and deepest guarded desire, the fucking of Anna’s virgin ass.

Anna was in a daze and her ass was on fire, the old feeling of touching an ass as abhorrent and gross had ceased to be to her now she had tasted the pleasures of this sexual activity.

“And now baby, let me give you a new pleasure” said Marie in a soft whisper.

She was behind Anna again, and she could feel a hard object trying to get between her buttocks. Anna tried to turn around but Marie kept her firmly down.

“Please baby relax and let mommy take care of you, I promise it wont hurt you”

As she talked she backed away from Anna a little, and the pregnant woman let herself believe that maybe Marie was done with her, until she felt the movement, and saw Marie was hand lubing the big girl-cock running the grease over it, and then she squeezed more lube into her hand, and started spreading a generous squirt around Anna ass. Anna’s breath caught at her touch, she was on fire; she had conflicting emotions. She hated her ass touched and at that moment wanted it. She wanted to go away, she was afraid to die. And she wanted that big dildo to slide inside of her.

“What are you going to do with that thing” Anna was frantic “you are not going to put that thing up my ass”, “You know how I hate penetration”.

“Shuuush, my dear, don’t be afraid, I have waited to do it for a long time”

“But why, why me, why my butt”, asked a now terrified Anna

“Because other people can have your cunt, but your ass is for me alone, that is why”

“Mommy, please don’t.”

“Oh dear. I was afraid you weren’t going to call me mommy again. You liked my tongue up your ass, you’ll like my boy”

Marie brought her arms around in front of Anna, where she could see them. She had a small bottle of lube in one hand, and she unscrewed the top and poured a generous helping into her other hand.

“Oh mommy please don’t, I’m afraid. very afraid, don’t do that to me”

“Please baby, please, let me lube it up, so I won’t tear you apart and leave you bleeding as William did”

“No, Mommy!No!” cried Anna hysterically

Marie put one hand back on Anna’s hip, and the other on the back of her neck, pushing her over at the waist; she spread open her legs further until she had them far apart. Then what Anna dreaded, one finger slowly slid inside her to the hilt; it gradually pumped a little, then was joined by one other, and finally by a third. Anna had never felt that pressure, that painful pressure, for four years, it had been tender and passionate loving, now the rudeness of the act and Marie’s behavior was taking her breath away.

Anna bent her knees in an attempt to lighten the penetration and the pain of it, lowering her head to the pillow in order to suppress the cries she was sure the agony was going to provoke. She couldn’t help herself.

“Please, mommy” But she knew perfectly well that Marie knew it meant, “Please don’t.”

“I always loved you in a position like this. Puts you at just the right height I need”

Then the tip of Marie’s strap-on was pressing against Anna’s anal opening, the pressure very slowly increasing in tiny steps.

“Please what, baby girl? Please stop? You want me to stop? “

Anna loved and hated her at that moment, she was always so slow and gentle about her loving, and now?

“What it is then, baby girl?”

And as they spoke, the tip slowly, ever so slowly, pushed, Anna’s eyes widened at the pressure. The head of this fake cock was clearly much thicker than her fingers, she grunted feeling the forced compression onto her clenched sphincter, but she tried to calm and relax her tensed muscles.

It wasn’t easy to get it in. The strap-on dick did not slide in like the fingers. It was more difficult than Anna had thought it would be. However, the wise older woman took her time. To her it was like a dream made true, she would push just a bit, then pause, then push again a bit harder, make a bit of progress, then pull back. It was just a matter of getting Anna’s sphincter muscles, particularly the inner one, to get used to the pressure, to relax, and to allow entry. Suddenly, the butt hole opened up and the head of Marie cocked strap-on thrust all the way in, disappearing from sight into her rectum.

“Arrrgggggnnnnnng, oh, oh, oh ay, ay” Yelled Anna, pain was excruciating. She felt so distended, so bloated, so stuffed.

“Wait, wait a second, Marie.” Marie pushed again.

“Oh my god, it HURTS” cried Anna, tears running down her face “Please stop, mammy. Please…take it off me, It HURTSSSSSSSSS.”

Anna grunted. “Oh, Marie, it hurts, it’s so big in there.” Her breathing was sharp and erratic; she instinctively wanted to push it out now, like a giant baby that demanded to be released in birth-giving. It was the same sensation


Marie, spooned behind, reached over her, careful to use only the fingers of his left hand and started to stroke and fondle Anna’s clit and her pussy lips. She was happy to see that Anna was very wet. It was clear that in spite of her cries of pain and her protesting she was actually enjoying being fucked up the ass. Anna sighed when Marie’s fingers made contact with her clit..

Marie pumped her fake cock in and out, but not too rapidly, she was sensually fucking Anna’s butt in tune with her own pleasure, all the time, fondly caressing the wet, slippery lips of her cunt and massaging the hard little button of her clit. Suddenly everything changed.

Anna half closed her eyes. “Marie” she whispered, ever so quietly. “This is feeling good”

She now wondered why she was so terrified; maybe she was perhaps wrong to be so resistant, it was indeed as if she had been saving herself, her flower, her rosebud.

She reached down between her legs and tried to finger fuck Marie squeezing softly her pussy lips and, being unable because of the strap-on going in her rosebud; it was now Marie’s turn to gasp. Anna fondled, tickled, and gently inserted a finger-tip in her ass rim as Marie began to stroke short rapid thrusts with her hips. She was now giving Anna’s asshole a good quick fucking, not too deep but very animalistic, like a dog mounted on its bitch lover, plunging rapidly to give and get a quick release, at the same time squeezing and rubbing her cunt with more force and pressure against the dildo.

Anna responded by trying and pushing down hard on Marie’s sphincter with her own finger trying to meet her rapid thrusts with her bottom, but recognizing that she could not keep up for the baby inside her. She then just held her butt still and let Marie fuck her big derriere with her big, manly like cock. She remained passive, giving her butt to her, but still holding tight on her sphincter with her digit so she couldn’t escape. Rather than escaping Marie, now she didn’t want to let her go.

“Harder, harder, deeper, deeper,” she moaned as she fingered Marie’s back hole..

“Oh yes! ¡¡ Oh god ¡! ¡¡Oh Marie! ¡ Oh mother of god¡¡ Oh yes, baby! Fuck me with that big cock! Oh yes! More baby, give me more, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

“I’m, I’m, I’m cumming, cummmming, cummmmmmmmming”, that was the reluctant Anna of before as Marie fucked her ass.

Marie’s plunges quickened in pace, lost in the sensation of Anna rectum wrapped tightly around the head of the rubber cock grasped by her sphincter and reverberating in her own clit. She wanted to cum now, wanted to release her pent up passions. And, then, she felt her legs stiffen with the inevitability sweeping through her core to her head.

She stopped thrusting and let it come, the first wave of her organs up from pussy to her nipples to her brain. In that moment she would have liked to be a man bursting out from his cock its fluid deep into her ass.

Anna felt the pulsation through her sphincter muscles, closing her eyes to enjoy the sensation into her ass. She could feel the hard shaft jump with each push, she thought she could even feel humidity in her rectum, like she was getting an enema. It was wonderful; she repeatedly squeezed the strap-on with her sphincter, trying the impossible, to get milk out of the rubber cock with her ass.

Anna had convinced herself long ago that she wasn’t imagining the orgasms Marie gave her. And she definitely gave it to her; she could feel it flowing from Marie to her. It was like she had some kind of valve, and could control the intensity of whatever it was that flowed from her.

“It started very deep inside me, and slowly grew until it was everywhere, until nothing existed but her, my mind, and my orgasm” Thought Anna. ” It is as if I were in two places at once. I was falling off a cliff, accelerating as if propelled by a rocket, and yet I was completely aware of my surroundings, and of her. I felt her controlling my orgasm, turning it up in measured doses, up and down at will, I felt absolute abandon. Her eyes were speaking to me as clearly as though they were carving her thoughts in stone, but I couldn’t tell what the words meant; they were in another language.”


The nest two years in the Sanderson house had been like living in a limbo for the whole family of four, Annabelle having gave birth to a little boy, the house was a place to live, but not a home, Annabelle and William were barely civil with each other and the little kids, Elisa four and Jonathan two were disquiet as if catching their parents animosity to each other; due to the social conventionalisms of her family class, partners and friends, they maintained a façade of familiar contentedness to the outside world. But the situation was ripe to explode at any moment.

Many things had changed in that house, there was no further intercourse after giving birth between the couple, they had separate bedrooms and were barely civil to each other. There was a permanent nanny for the children which let Annabelle most of the days free. What had not changed was Anna’s infatuation with the older french professor. She went to Marie’s almost every day making herself a nuisance and coaxing her to have sex permanently.

Marie was tired of the relationship and wanted out. Anna wasn’t anymore to Marie the fresh, sweet and innocent nineteen years old girl she had met at class in Uni as her pupil, she was not now the inexperienced girlie woman of four years before. She was the mother of two and hardly the pleasant sex toy and partner of sexual games she used to be not so long before. And being married and she having intercourse with a man, even her husband, however sporadic, was distasteful to her. And so Marie had searched for and found, greener pastures. Without Anna knowledge she has found a new, fresh and younger sexual plaything. Then William contacted her.

William was very busy in his law practice and thought everything home was controlled by his wife, but the day the nanny called him because the little boy has became sick, was feverish, must call the doctor and didn’t know what to do; and after asking her the whereabouts of his wife, and was told she wasn’t home and couldn’t be reached because the nanny didn’t know how to in case of an emergency, he blew up. Went home got the doctor and decided once and for all to get rid of her wife, marriage and start a new life.

William discussed with himself the opportunity to hire or no, a private investigator to follow his wife and see where she went, with whom, and eventually what was she doing, or do it himself, in order to prevent any escape of information that could shame her and his family and of course himself. After a couple weeks he decided to take the task and do it himself. He took a leave of absence and from that day on he followed his wife wherever she went; after a few days he knew without any doubt his wife only left her house to go visiting her old professor, who had been her constant companion, he had thought as a good friend, when she was in labor to give birth. He was astounded one afternoon he saw them kissing and caressing passionately when she arrived, lover like, and after waiting several hours near the house, late in the evening he saw them again parting like lovers of long standing do.

He was shattered, tore to pieces, he couldn’t believe Anna was a lesbian, but in a moment of clarity he understood with out doubt why her reluctance to marriage and sex with him.

He went home to think carefully the way to act, and how to get proof of his wife, in his mind, deviant behavior to have legal ground and silently divorce her. He started to make careful inquiries of who Marie was, her legal status in the country and at University. He did obtain information showing Marie was single, with no legal attachment and her legal situation was precarious, she was a visiting professor, with renewable contract with the University and removable the immigration visa in between other motives inappropriate behavior. With this data she went to see Marie.

Marie was, to say the less, surprised when opening her house door she saw it was William who called; when William asked to enter she moved lo the side and silently let him in.

He asked without preamble or ceremony, and she confirmed his assumptions that she and her wife were lesbian lovers.

“Yes we are” she answered.

“Well, thank you to confirm my suspicions”, “Now let see, you are in a very delicate personal situation”, “You know I have the muscle to make you loose your work here and to make cancel your visa by the immigration authorities if I propose so”

“Yes I know” responded Marie not blinking an eye. “What do you want me to do? Let your wife? Ok Done. I was tiring of her anyway, this is as good an opportunity as any other, you may keep her”.

“Wrong, no, that’s not what I want, that’s an easy way out for both of you ” told her an ice cold William.

“Then what do you want?” asked the disconcerted woman.

“I want proof, solid proof”

“Don’t understand” said a disconcerted Marie.

“I want solid proof to divorce her, then you may keep her yourself if you so wish”

“What kind of proof do you want; I don’t know what to do about”

“Well, let me explain to you”, said William. “I want to video both of you in sexual activities, Making love or whatever the hell you call it”

“I… I… I can’t do that” said her with a tremulous voice.

“Well you better can or you are history in this community and country” he was as cold as an ice block

Silence, then “Ho… ho… how do you want to do it”

“This is my plan, I want to be in your bedroom or the place you have your tryst, must be a place where I can film the scene without her being aware of my presence, you call her, make a date, and then call me, I come half an hour before, prepare every thing and when she comes you start your play and I mine (no pun intended), you must make it, hot, very, very hot. Do I make myself crystal clear? If you do as I say I won’t molest you in any way in the future, the video will serve me so you don’t get crazy ideas in the future. Do you understand my reasoning? “

“yes” answered a subdued Marie.

And that was it, Marie called Anna with faked enthusiasm, and then called William, he arrived with everything prepared and hided in the big french wardrobe in Marie’s bedroom behind the clothes; When Anna arrived her actions did confirm William the liaison was long time. Then the video had everything two women can do in bed, kisses, caresses, licking of breasts and sucking of nipples, tasting of pussies, sixty-nine, mouth to ass, and then the grand finale, Marie fucking Annabelle in the ass with a big eight inches long and two inches in girth black strap-on, and a frenzied Anna yelling:

“More please more, deep, deeper, hard, harder please Marie make me cummm, cummmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggg, arrrhhhhgggggggg”


It cost William several weeks to get over and overcame his filming experience; in the meantime he prepared the documents to be filed for divorce by a lawyer friend. Then, one night, when every document was exactly as he needed them, told Anna he wanted to talk to her. He had prepared in his bedroom the video camera connected to the big TV; Anna was reluctant to enter William’s bedroom not imagining what was in it for her, maybe ¿reconciliation?

Once in the bedroom William closed the door making Anna very nervous, but her husband didn’t even look at her, he simply prepared the TV and video and let then be on stand-by.

Calmly in a soft voice “Anna I’m going to divorce you, and I want you to leave this house tonight, and don’t go near the children”

“Are you crazy, what are you talking about” replied an astounded Annabelle.

“Anna you have not a choice, this are my conditions, I have the documents ready for you to sign and I’ll file: you won’t contest the divorce, you won’t have access to the children until they are twenty one, you’ll leave this house tonight and disappear from our lives, if you don’t do what I say I’ll destroy you, do you understand?”



William pressed the play button in the video and the TV screen came to life and in it appeared a hardcore lesbian film starred by Anna and Marie.

An horrified Anna could not believe her eyes, there she was suckling Marie nipples, fast forward……Marie licking her asshole, fast forward again……she licking and eating Marie’s pussy, forwarded……she being sodomized by Marie with a big black strap-on and she asking for more, harder and deeper.

She felt the world madly spinning and the roar in her ears not permitting her hear William yelling to her with hate and loathing in his words

“This damned marriage doesn’t make anymore sense at all and it is finished, you dammed dyke, you’ll never ever see the children again, you bitch, you filthy…… .”

Not ten metros away Elisa tried to protect her little brother.

So, that night a disheveled and hysteric Annabelle appeared at Marie’s door, crying and sobbing incoherently of divorce, not seeing her children anymore, and not having any other place to go, and asking for a place to pass the night, when a young almost naked woman appeared behind Marie asking what were the matter, a terrified Annabelle, couldn’t believe her eyes, Marie and another woman together, anger at Marie, anger at herself, anger at the world. The woman rolling her eyes as if to say, listen, who invited you here, why don’t you go home? And she did turn around and left the house with anger and sorrow, passing out of sight in the darkness of the night.


That same night William searched the house like mad looking for and destroying every picture of Anna, not leaving even one of her, in the following days he told everybody including his children that her mother had gone away for good, leaving them to never come back. No other explanation. Some months later he sent his children to boarding-school, where he kept them, except summers, until they were of age; when packing, little Elisa, her father not knowing about, kept like a treasure a ten by eight recent picture of her mother with both of them, Jonathan and her, She was four and Jonathan two


She, like so many others, had lived through a very bad marriage after realizing she was a lesbian. With that experience at her back and her silent divorce, her broken world and life, the disappointment over Marie sordid treason and indifference, she took the meager proceeds from her divorce and disappearing tried to buy her a new life, to no avail. She went down, first were the seedy, shady bars, club rats, drunk by the end of every night but not disorderly, the, until a few months before, shy femme mom and socialite, alone now in life and the city, became easy pray to every kind of hard boiled lesbian partners; next was the rough sex, double dildoes penetration, sado, and every other perversion; she was so derelict, the abysm border was just there, and then, the end, the nothing.

One day she woke-up on a dirty bed beside a sleeping and snoring woman, in a strange bed and no less strange and dirty room, and the hang over she had was head-splitting. She went to the seedy bathroom and when peeing the pain was so intense she almost fainted, when she could get-up from the bowl took a look at herself in the lavatory mirror, she couldn’t believe her reflection; her once beautiful face looked puffy with red tinted eyes, her hair, in disarray was dirty and unkempt, her body hurt and the genital area was bleeding; she went to the room to get her clothes and fly away, in between the bed clothes she found the cause of her bleeding, a huge dildo of no less than 10 inches long smeared with blood, her blood. What had happened to her? ¿To her life? ¿To her dreams?

After a long and hard year of therapy, and detox, and a lot of hard physical work to recuperate and tone her body and mind and get out of her personal swamp, penniless, with borrowed money from parents anxious she got out their lives for good, she went west to San Francisco to try and start a new life

Chapter 2: A new life……….a new love?

The first thing Annabelle did after arriving in San Francisco was to legalize her situation; she passed the Californian Bar to be able to practice as an attorney or lawyer in that state.; next was the intimate necessity to change legally her name as a means to effectively start a new life with the only ties with the past of those of her mind and the presence unavoidable in her memory of her small children, and next she got a new drivers license and for the first time in her life a number of the Social Security.

As a new legal identity she opted to use the second half or her original name changing the last letter, so she became Bella instead of Annabelle, and as surname she used the maiden name of her maternal granny Belle Holbeig, that way, from Annabelle Sanderson Van Cruiff she became Bella Holbeig, single. She modified her appearance, cut her long beautiful blonde hair short, cropped and dyed it a dark honey blonde; as she couldn’t change her voluptuous body she hid it from both, male and female, and started to use, when working, severe dark suited pants and jacket, tailored loose, with white starched shirts. Her beautiful face devoid of any make-up was totally ascetic, and anyway stunning.

Her first years in Frisco as a lawyer were very difficult, with little money at first, it was not easy to start a career in a hostile and competitive environment and, moreover, she was yet not hard or callous enough. She started by taking any case offered to her, most of them, those nobody else wanted to get their hands on, life wasn’t easy.

Her practice was full of cases defending women victims of domestic violence, sordid and / or squalid divorces and the fight for as fair alimonies as she could get. After several years on this path with some ups but mostly downs, the breaking point came the day she, by chance, represented in court the wife of a philandering multimillionaire nobody else wanted to stand for, due mostly to his personal influence as a chairman of a big multinational corporation and the influence of his lawyers company.

After that first winning prize, and the millionaire fees she got, her name became famous overnight. At the passing of the years, her sometimes humiliating job, the jokes about her from her colleagues in court and out, and the scarcity of money had hardened her spirit like steel, she was not callous with the pauper people, but could not tolerate the fatuous persons now surrounding her and begging her company or counseling.

She changed little of her diary life after her legal triumph and the new cases pouring money and fame her way, she kept dressing to work in stylish but somber clothing, bought a new conservative car, and got herself a new huge house with all the commodities, pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, etc, hoping against all odds that maybe, sometime, her now teenaged children, she had not forgotten, would enjoy them with her.

Sex hadn’t been a priority in former Annabelle, now Bella’s life; in fact in almost fifteen years she had been living in California she had had no more than a dozen sexual encounters, all with women, and all very unsatisfactory, so much so, she had determined to stop any physical relationship until she found a truly new love. It had probed a task almost impossible. When she stopped to think about, and not being in the dating circus, Bella discovered her tastes in women had been eventually changing, going from mature women when she was young, to thirtish when she was in the thirties, to younger women now she was about forty.

Bella’s social life was almost nil, she preferred going home after work, take a bath, listen to classic music, get dinner and read a good romantic book, maybe a little TV, mostly news, before going to sleep.

That wondrous evening, was a changing life evening, she went after work to a trendy cocktail lounge and restaurant to meet some colleagues from out State. The very dignified, very proper, very disciplined attorney at law was still completely dressed in her conservative skirt, prim and proper blouse and severe jacket with elegant taupe stockings; her three inch pumps made her trim legs look even more elegant with her feet perfectly manicured, but it was her hair, as lately, wound up in a bun letting her beautiful face and swan neck free in all her splendour.

They were having cocktails before dinner when she saw HER. The vision of the young and beautiful waitress coming towards them was like a hard blow at her sternum, dizziness exploded in her head and she began hyperventilating and started to loose consciousness. With sheer will power she got dominion of herself and with excuses to her guests she went to the powder room to get hold of herself. After a few minutes she was her usual self and she went back to the table, but the night from that moment on, to the end was a blur, she couldn’t remember afterwards anything about.


Nineteen years old Sandy was working as a waitress in a kind of pleasure job vacation, let me explain. She had not a shortage of monies; she had her own money in the bank if necessary, but after ending the scholar year at College she had decided she didn’t want to spend the summer, not again, in her father and brother’s company at the family summer house by the beach. She and her brother had been drifting apart, with the pass of time, living at different schools, junior and high, and with her father bonding with her brother Jonathan in their manly ways, she felt left out.

She has another problem; in her mind she had a foggy recollection of a traumatic night fifteen years ago, and the following disappearance, for ever, the next day, of her mother.

The only memory she had of her was the old and worn-out picture of a young and very beautiful blond woman of long and silky hair, with her brother and her. After that night, the following day in her family house there had been not even one picture of her mother left. Whenever she asked her father something about her mother he went raving mad, and little by little she stopped asking about her, and emotionally moved away from him. As affectionate her father was with her brother as cold he was with her.

Sandy name was really Elisa Sanderson, Sandy being the name given her by her school mates and players in the school soccer team where she was leader and captain. She preferred being called, and adopted, Sandy to the pompous Elisa Sanderson Van Cruiff.

Job vacationing and seeing and knowing the real world was an excuse she gave herself as she went to San Francisco. In reality she had an ulterior motive; as her mother fifteen years earlier she, at nineteen, in this liberal time and epoch, was still a virgin and not sure of her sexual identity. In truth she wasn’t inclined yet, one way or the other, but she was very curious of gay life in general and liberal San Francisco was a good place to sate her curiosity. Her father would disinherit her first and then kill her if he had known of Sandy interest in the gay world and life. Emotionally she was just in a nebulous world, as any human being is, in a word she was waiting for that special person to appear and lighten her life.

She had waited the table Bella and her guests had been drinking cocktails and dinning the night Belle felt indisposed and had not taken notice of the lady after some time later when she returned to the table; solicitously she asked her if she could be of help and the lady had thanked her and asked only for a glass of fresh water and some head painkiller.

Then Sandy took account of the lady’s beauty, she had a face clean of make-up with only a tenuous trace of lip-stick to give some colour to her beautiful face; Sandy took notice in a rapid look of her sombre and conservative although elegant and tailored clothes, while appreciating the sad and melancholic expression on her face when she though nobody was looking at her.

Sandy was mesmerized by such beautiful but sad face expression on a so successful woman and could not help thinking that something very tragic must have happened in life to her. A few minutes later she was asked for the check and the lady signed the bill letting a generous tip for her service. When they were up to departing the lady called her apart and asked softly, what was her name? She answered with a quivering voice just as softly, it was Sandy,

“Oh, thank you, mine is Bella”

From that day on Bella was on Sandy mind permanently even she didn’t know why, she felt captivated by her.


Bella, in a very unusual attitude of mind for her, could not forget Sandy and could not concentrate on her work. Her beauty or…What? she didn’t know what is was, the girl was pretty of course, in a coltish way, she was very young, maybe too young for her to try seducing if she was of a mind, and she was not so sure she wanted to start again the merry-go-round of dating. The girl had long legs, perky medium size breasts, beautiful whitish blonde hair and suddenly she realized what it was, she had fallen in love, just like that, just love at first sight like a teenager, and she was love-sick. Incredible.

It was several weeks later on a Friday; she had not been her usual self, she was irritable, she barked to her associates at work, a very unusual think for her to do, and even worse, she almost botched a case, and not a very difficult one at that. She just couldn’t wait anymore; after work, Bella decided she had to see Sandy again. She called the restaurant to reserve a table and asked if Sandy was working that night. She was. Bella went home to prepare for a night out, this time alone; something she seldom did, something very unusual for her; but, she thought, its worth doing today; she took an invigorating shower, looked at her other wardrobe, the very feminine one nobody had ever seen her using, the one she kept to herself, to see how she wanted to look that evening and to dress accordingly for. She picked a pale ivory silk shirt with a crushed grey silk skirt and matching blazer, very ladylike. Put on a matching lace bra and panty set of delicate grey tone and covered it with a soft satin chemise that went down of her garter belt and over the tops of her stockings. She sprayed a puff of her favourite perfume into the air and walked through it before putting on the skirt and blazer, and went for an un-conspicuous eye liner to mask the tired look of her eyes that reflected back to her from the vanity mirror, without make-up she put again a tenuous pale lip-stick and out she went to the restaurant Sandy worked.

The no-nonsense lawyer, the cougar of the court-rooms was nervous, very nervous, to the perspective of seeing and talking again to a young woman she scarcely knew and of course was not acquainted with. The valet took the keys to park her car, and getting inside the maitre’de took her to the table she has reserved, helped her to take sit and clasped his hands to call the service. That was one of Sandy’s tables to wait that night.

That’s when Sandy saw her again, the lady, Bella, wasn’t it? Who had bewitched her a few weeks before, and all her life came to a stand still. She could not part her eyes from her, she stirred Sandy beyond all reason since the first time she saw her come at this same restaurant a few weeks ago. Maybe it was because she looked a lot like her first real, if you could call it that, crush, one of the nuns who were a volley-ball instructor back when she was thirteen at the catholic college she was a pupil, or maybe it was because not having known her mother she had always been fond of, for the most part of her life, to older women. Whatever it was, this lady struck a chord in her. She was in her forties and more than pretty, she was beautiful, sad, but beautiful, extremely so.

Dinner developed strangely quiet, with Sandy waiting the table and permanently asking Bella if she was in need of something else; Bella subdued and tongue –tied eating like a bird, picking little bits of food at a time and taking her time with each course wanting to say something to Sandy and not knowing how to start.

¿How do you tell a girl, you have seen twice and who can be your daughter that you have fallen madly in love with her? And you are a woman. What if she felt repulsed by your words?

Sandy instinctively knew something was amiss, she could feel it in the air around Bella’s table. Bella seemed to be waiting, maybe something or someone. Maybe, her husband? She had noticed she wasn’t wearing neither an engagement or wedding ring but that didn’t necessarily signify she was single or not attached, after all, even if she was married, that didn’t meant she had to wear a ring. So she threw caution to the wind and nervously asked her,

“Excuse me Madame. Are you waiting someone, your husband perhaps? May I retire the service? Do you need anything else?”

Bella seemed to wake from a dream.

“What?, eh, oh, no, no I’m not married and I’m not expecting anybody, thanks Sandy, and no, I don’t want anything else; please bring me the check, will you?”

” Of course Madame”

When Sandy went to get the check Bella berated herself for her stupidity and shyness. As the girl brought the voucher to sign and she was doing so, without bringing up her face she asked Sandy very softly if she could see her outside her working place. A surprised Sandy didn’t know what to say and kept her silence for a few seconds, a mortified Bella without looking up murmured

“it is okay, and excuse me if I’m out of order, I’m sorry, It wasn’t my intention to offend you”.

Sandy recovered her wits and softly answered it was all right, and gave Bella her phone number in a slip of paper telling her the next day, Saturday, was her day out.


That night Bella’s sleep was restless and full of dark dreams, and Saturday morning, instead of sleeping very late, take a leisurely breakfast in bed while reading the morning papers and planning the, doing nothing, of every Saturday, she was up and as restless as a caged animal by seven thirty a.m waiting for an appropriate hour to call Sandy.

Sandy had had a similar night albeit for different reasons, she wasn’t sure what it was, but the presence of Bella made her body tingle all over, and the single touch of her finger put goose-bumps on her skin. She was not in love with Bella, in truth she didn’t know what the meaning of, being in love, was. She had loved her dog, once she had loved her father and brother, she still loved her long lost mother, she knew that kind of love, not any other kind; so what was happening to her in the presence of Bella? The sound of the phone ringing sent a shiver thorough her body.

“Yes, hello”

“Sandy?” a tremulous voice asked.

“Yes, who is it?”

“Sandy, Bella Holbeig here, how are you this morning?”

“Oh hi, fine, and you?”.

“Sandy I hope I’m not bothering you, I was wondering if you are free, could I invite you to have lunch with me? If not today, tomorrow maybe?”

“Oh, yes. I’ll be delighted, and no, no, today is fine, where do you want we met?”

“Oh Sandy how good, well if you give me your address I’ll pick you up at your convenience, let’s see, half past noon ok with you? And Sandy, it’s my treat.”

Bella was feeling like a teenager on her first date. She took a long hot bath, and for the first time in what seemed to be centuries, she produced herself. Make-up, finger and toe-nails painted, eye-liner, french perfume, the works. Then she went to dress. Sandy just took a shower, dressed in beautiful high priced jeans and a modest, but expensive, cut silk shirt, she wore no make-up, only her lips were touched with pink lip-stick, and a puff of fresh cologne; her shoulder-length ash blonde hair, done up with exquisite care, framed her pretty face in a slightly but carefully dishevelled way, making her look like a woman being stylish and comfortable. She was slim, but with the voluptuous slimness of a young woman, she was blessed with firm, ample breasts, and her jeans showed a full, well-shaped ass.

At half past noon, sharp, Bella rang the doorbell at Sandy’s condo, when she opened the door to welcome the older woman with an open smile, she was astounded, and the vision before her was breathtaking. Where was the sad, sombre, conservatively dressed executive of not so long?

It was not that Bella was elaborately dressed; she was only wearing a simple neck to knee red sheath dress which moulded her mature body and she looked absolutely stunning. A slow blushing tone of pink was cowering from head to painted toes Bella’s body at the incredulous expression of Sandy’s face.

“Something wrong with my attire, Sandy”

“Bella, my god, you are beautiful, incredible beautiful, I almost didn’t recognize you. That’s all”


Several hours later, by the lake at the park, the two women had bonded and were becoming fast friends, but the day was coming to and end. It had been a very exciting day, both had enjoyed each others company, and had confided in the other a few items of their respective lives; nothing important, mind you, but necessary to get knowing each other better. Bella was taking Sandy back home from the park:

“It was really nice just sitting there talking with you by the water, Sandy. I loved it”

“It was for me too, Bella, it has been an amazing day, Thank you.”

“You are very wise, I would say beyond your years. It’s like there is no age difference at all when we’re talking the way we are right now.”

“I agree with you. It is really nice being with you and I love talking to you”

“Sandy, I need to confess something to you but I’m tongue tied, I’m afraid of what you may think of me”

“Its Ok Bella, you can tell me anything, you may trust and confide in me”

The silence in the car was deafening, both women so voluble and talkative since high noon were now, several hours later, silent, Sandy bewildered and Bella suddenly afraid of the girls reaction. Suddenly Sandy was aware of the fact that Bella’s dress had slithered up while driving and she was able to see up to the top of her stockinged legs. She was mesmerized and could not apart her gaze from the hypnotic view. For the first time in her life she felt a strange feeling between her legs, and she felt her body hot, flushed and tingling all over.

Bella, unaware of what was happening inside Sandy’s mind and body, and also unaware of the cause, the motive, was trying to break the dense silence and trying to get her mouth speaking the words of her confession. Not hearing even Sandy’s breath beside her, in a confused estate of mind Bella turned her face to look at Sandy and saw her looking down with a rapturous expression on her face, not knowing the cause of such expression, she followed Sandy’s look to see her own naked legs fully displayed, for the first time in eons she felt a moistening from excitement in her panties.

They arrived at Sandy’s condo and with the car idling they turned their faces toward each other:

“Sandy I wanted…….”

“Bella I’m so, so…” both had started at the same time.

“Sorry to interrupt you, keep…” again both at the same time.

Bella put her hand forward in a stopping way,

“Sorry my dear, what do you want to say “

“You were going to tell me something and I don’t think a car with its motor idling in the street is the best place to talk, won’t you come inside so we can talk with a cup of tea in our hands?” proposed Sandy

Bella was surprised and elated, “…yes my dear I think it is a wonderful idea”

A few minutes later, both sited, nursing a cup of tea in their hands were in silence, Sandy waiting Bella’s words, Bella wanting to talk and not knowing how to start.

“Ok. Sandy, please don’t think the less of me after you hear what I have to tell you”

“Don’t worry Bella, be assured I wont”

“Well, here we go. Sandy I’m a lesbian”

No Ohhhhs, no ahhhhhs, in fact no exclamation revealing shock or revulsion, just a respectful and loving interest.

“You mean you love women, is that right? Are you attached? I mean have you problems with your lady lover and that is why you are always so sad? “

“Yes I like women, and no I don’t have a lover, I haven’t in a long, long time, several years back for a fact, that’s a story that if you are disposed to hear I’ll tell you someday, Is another thing I must tell you, and it is driving me crazy, because I fear what your reaction will be”

“You said to me a few minutes ago I am very mature and… I quote you …. It’s like there is no age difference at all when we’re talking, If that is so, then won’t you tell me what’s in your mind”

Bella put her tea-cup in the small table at her side and wringing her hands looked Sandy’s eyes and……

“Sandy, I’m a lesbian, and I have fallen madly in love with you, I love you so much it hurts, please don’t say anything now, I don’t pretend you to be in love with me, but at least let’s be friends “.

“Bella, yes, we are friends, good friends, and I’m very fond of you. I don’t love you, yet, I need time to think and understand everything has happened today. It is right with you?”

“Yes my love take all the time you need, and decide with your heart”

They talked about the day, the beauty of the park and lake, and then Bella said good bye and took her leave from Sandy’s home.


The next several weeks Sandy and Bella, Bella and Sandy phoned the other everyday, the conversations getting more and more intimate from one day to the other, opening to the other about what pleased or displeased them. As the days went on Bella got even crazier about Sandy, she loved her, lusted about her, and wanted her in her bed. And to her amazement she started, for the first time in her life, at forty one years old, to have wet dreams and to masturbate with thoughts of a young woman she hadn’t even saw naked.

Bella was continuously in Sandy’s mind. She didn’t consider herself a lesbian, she liked only Bella, other women let her cold, she was attracted to the older woman in a way she didn’t understand, nothing similar had ever occurred to her, not with men, boys, girls or women. She thought she was in love with Bella and that had nothing to do at all with gender, at that moment.

It was irremediable, again one Friday, Bella took the initiative and asked Sandy to enjoy the week-end with her at her house, as her guest of course, and if she was available she was most welcome. Bella knew Sandy’s summer vacation was at and end and her plans were to go back to college in the east and finish her education. Sandy answer was a euphoric yessssssssssss. Without knowing it, one of Bella’s most cherished dreams was going to be made true, one of her children was going to enjoy her house and the pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and the other commodities.

Sandy was so excited to be going to spend the week-end with Bella she could not wait; she was restless looking her wrist- watch every few minutes, she put on her usual informal attire of jeans and cowboy boots with a chequered shirt. Finally Bella arrived in time, as usual, and everything was perfect again to Sandy. She took her small flight bag with the few necessary things for a week-end, a change of lingerie, bikini, and few personal things more and went to Bella’s car and sat on the passenger side with a big and contagious smile. Bella then pulled away from the curb and started the drive to her house.

“Good evening, my love, ready to enjoy a sunny week-end by the pool side”

“Oh Bella I’m so happy and excited. I love being with you. I’ve waited for ever to go with you and……”

“Me too my love, I thank the fairies for meeting you and now get the chance of knowing directly more of you, and in an undertone, if possible in the biblical sense”"

The rest of the ride was uneventful, except for a little small talk, Bella said very little. Sandy’s demeanor was obviously quite ebullient and masked her nervousness, so Bella decided to give her some time to relax; when they got to the house, Bella parked the car and brought in the bag. After a while Sandy went to freshen up. There was something so beautiful, so thrilling, about having with her a fresh, lovely, nineteen-year old young woman even if it was for a short stay in her house. She loved her lightness and brightness, the vitality and feminine presence she brought with her.

Bella’s house; was a beautiful, spacious home on a secluded, wooded lot near the beach. At forty one and financially secure, she tried to enjoy a quiet life, after so many years of sacrifice and hard labor. Now, however, to Bella it was the end of the week, and in other aspect it could be the end of a long searching journey, time to relax and let the hair down, meaning, trying to forget work and drink a glass of wine leisurely in the company of her new found love. But a doubt marred in part the happiness of the moment. She was in love with Sandy with all her heart, ¿ Did Sandy love her?

Later that evening, under a deep dark blue sky full of stars, and after a romantic dinner in the patio, compounded of cold meats and salad and a very good, very cold white chardonnay, both a little tipsy, Bella asked Sandy if she wanted to dance, the astonished young woman only nodded her fuzzy head assenting and Bella put on some romantic slow music, then she walked slowly up to Sandy, whom she had been lavishing with affection for weeks, and tenderly taking the girl into her arms she began slow-dancing with her, both of them looking profoundly into the others eyes.

Delicious, forbidden excitement coursed through Sandy’s body; as a young woman just learning about sex, she had never thought being in Bella’s arms could feel this way. Sex, shrouded always in shame and hushed whispers was never discussed back in her father or grand-parents home, not to mention the nunnery where sex was a heinous sin, When ……she had explored herself, her desires had always been drowned out by that other voice, the voice of her subconscious, the voice instilled in her by the nuns. Sinner, sinner, sinner.

“You’re so pretty,” Bella breathed against Sandy’s silky-smooth neck as she gently rocked together with her as the music surrounded them.

Bella’s hands gently stroked the girl, as though she were a little girl in need of the calming hands of her mother. She pulled her close and let her face come into contact with Sandy’s; cheek-to-cheek she could feel the younger woman trembling in her arms and a little soft cry of pleasure escaped the beautiful teenager lips.

Bella proposed Sandy go up to the house terrace and letting the sound of music flowing, she took Sandy’ hands and pulled her to a tiny elevator. Opening the door Bella flipped open the top button of Sandy shirt as she backed her toward the little car. And as she nudged her inside the car she said

“I love this job”, then brought her mouth down to Sandy’s.

And she is good at it, Sandy though, as the older woman hands got busy with her clothes and her pulse jumped to a gallop as she felt the kiss take her under, and was already sunk deep when the elevator doors reopened and her shirt hit the floor. As the cool air whisked over her naked skin; her eyes blinked open.

Bella backed her toward the roof terrace where the glass dome was open to let the night air in.


Then the expert mouth took hers again, and she could feel her brain dissolving, void of any thought, registering only the sensual passion of that mouth.

“We had a walk outside, dinner under the stars” Bella pressed Sandy back into the stone rail. “We’ll consider this a hat trick”.

This night was about kindness, tenderness and subtle caresses of love; this was a night of full conquest.

With a laugh she flipped open Sandy’s bra -–the simple white cotton she preferred and that in the future will never fail to allure her—and toyed with a cameo she wore on a chain and for a moment she thought she remembered it.

“Now I feel I should come up with something very clever to say about your puck, but everything that occurs to me sounds very crude”

Bella skimmed her hands over Sandy’s breasts; small and firm with, in-between, the cameo she was sure had seen sometime before but couldn’t remember where or when. She felt the thumping of Sandy’s heart under the soft and smooth skin, and the warmth of the girl spread under her hands. However clear her eyes, however much humour in then, Bella knew she was as aroused as her. Then she turned her, eased her down on the edge of a wide, padded chaise.

“Boots” she said, and lifted one of her feet. Sandy leaned bask on her elbows, watching as the mature woman stood in front of her pulling off, first one boot then the other.

Bella’s hands moved to her breasts and massaged them gently, then still staring into Sandy’s blue eyes, Bella moved her hands over Sandy’s belly, caressing her hot skin and drawing gasps from the willingly young woman beneath her.

“That feels really good…..” Sandy mumbled.

Bella straddled Sandy and for the briefest of moments, she pressed herself into Sandy’s mound, drawing a gasp from her mouth, before slipping over to her other side. Sandy opened her mouth to object when Bella slithered down next to her and covered her mouth with her own, effectively smothering any objections. The reason for the shift became clear when Bella started moving her left hand slowly down Sandy’s brown stomach to the top of her jeans.

“Left-handed, huh?” Sandy smiled up at her.

The only answer she got was a quick “Uh-huh…” before the hand busied itself undoing the jean top button then yanking at the side so that the other buttons all popped open. Still looking Sandy in the eyes, Bella slid her hand underneath the cotton of Sandy’s panties, hesitated slightly when her hand came into contact with the small patch of soft fuzz she found there, and then slid her hand over the mound, cupping her sex. Sandy breathed heavily, then feeling a strong desire to watch that beautiful hand with its long, slim fingers, she finally broke eye contact with Bella and gazed down, transfixed by the sight of Bella’s hand tucked into her jeans, under her panties. Everything started to take on a slightly surreal quality for Sandy.

Almost imperceptibly, Bella’s hand began to caress, her fingers slowly opening her labia, then the index finger dipped, finding the top of Sandy’s vulva and making her way down between the swollen cuntal lips; Sandy gasped loudly, her breath starting to get rough. So slowly were Bella’s fingers touching Sandy vagina she thought she might be imagining it, the finger made inexorable progress down, down, down until… Bella’s eyes widened.


Sandy smiling sheepishly commented, “I think I may be a little wet…”

The statement moved Bella like nothing ever had and was suddenly caught between two emotions, she wanted to smile and at the same time she wanted to cry, both from happiness. But before anything could be said, Bella took Sandy’s mouth in another hot sensuous kiss as she cupped her face in her hands; it was so soft, Bella slowly licked and kissed her way down Sandy’s chin and neck them to the breasts where she snatched the right nipple into her mouth. Sandy sucked in a deep, hissing gasp as Bella suckled her for the first time, the first time anyone had; her head was spinning and spinning madly, she could feel her nipple distending and on the verge of popping in the warmth and wetness of Bella’s gifted mouth.

Sensually Bella moulded the left breast with her left hand as she pleasured the right with her mouth, then she drug her tongue in a long sensual lick from the right nipple, down the slope, through the valley and up the left where she sucked the other nipple just as hungrily as she had the first, while changing hands the right went to the right breast to twist and twirl the nipple.

Continuing her descent, licking and nibbling down Sandy’s body, she found herself stopped by the last vestiges of Sandy’s clothes, her opened jeans and the modest white cotton panties, looking up to Sandy’s face and pulling her by the hand she told her:

“Ok baby, stand up, we have to remove something that stop me in the way to paradise”

In her knees Bella teasingly pulled down, first Sandy’s jeans and then the panties, something delicious wafted up to her nostrils that made her lust go mad with frenzy. When she looked up, she suppressed a gasp when she saw the patch of soft silky blond almost white pubic hair. Her salivary glands started working overtime.

Once again down in the wide padded chaise, Sandy, at Bella’s request lifted her widely spread legs to accommodate Bella’s still fully clothed body as she slid down on the mattress, suckling and savouring the skin of her belly. Those beautiful hands cupped the backs of her thighs, spreading the legs wider, bending them at the knees and pushing them into a v-shape as she kissed the creamy flesh of the inner thighs, Bella slowly worked down Sandy body to her sex and exhaled a deep breath of warm air directly onto the pulsing sex and then inhaled deeply of her exotic scent..

Her hand moved down once more over Sandy’s tummy, rubbing it with loving care, the girl moaned again when she felt the soft caress on her blonde fur and Bella said as she touched the wetness, already seeping out of her vagina:

“I love you so much, baby” and immediately Bella’s finger entered her.

Sandy could hardly keep still when Bella penetrated her with her finger. All her pent up and suppressed emotions exploded when Bella’s finger began to move in a fucking motion inside her slippery channel; it was a first time for her and she lost control of her body, her knees coming down as her vagina squirted a stream of her juices onto Bella’s hand.

“Oh god, oh god, oh mother …of god” she groaned in complete submission.

Bella’s hand held her firmly by her waist and with her finger still inside her; she slid down her body. Pulling out, she laid Sandy completely down on her back over the chaise-long and lifted Sandy’s legs onto her shoulders. She then spread her legs wide open again and her mouth descended onto her mound intoxicated by the sweet odour of Sandy’s secretions, she kissed her opened cuntal lips like the lips of her mouth. She made love to the softness of her vaginal lips, occasionally taking her clitoris between her lips, suckling and nipping it as she inserted her tongue deep inside her.

Sandy bit her lips, and was unable to contain herself as waves of multiple orgasms coursed through her body,

“Yessssssssssss, Yyyyeesssssssssssss, more please more, Oh Bella, Bella, Bella I loooove you” and tears of pleasure run down her cheeks.

Quivering in need and desire, she moaned out, “Fuck me….please, please, please fuck me.”

Bella, unable to stop suckling and fingering Sandy’s clitoris and cunt, inserted a second finger in the tight pussy and pistoned them faster making her ejaculate more and more squirts upon her wondrous ravishment of her womanly opening.

Tired, Sandy let her head fall down on the cushions and Bella slithered to the floor, the stars having witnessed the hot and amorous scene through the crystal dome of the terrace. Bella pulled herself up and lay next to Sandy, holding her in her arms as the two lovers lay in post-orgasmic bliss. Content, but tired, they drifted off to sleep.


Later in the night both women awoke from the deep sleep in which they had fallen after their long lovemaking session. First Bella, the discomfort of her position on the floor had cramped her muscles; after, she shook Sandy slightly and whispered her to wake.

“What….what happens?” asked a disconcerted and half sleepy Sandy.

“Nothing my love lets go to bed”

And with that Bella took the naked girl by the hand and carried her to her bedroom, where, after getting herself naked laid down on the bed with Sandy where she took her in her arms in the spoon position. When Bella woke the nest morning, she was in bed with Sandy lying next to her; for a brief moment she thought if she was at home and if everything that had happened with Sandy had been an erotic dream. After letting her head clear for a few minutes, she full realized she was in her house lying in her main bedroom, with her dearest love at her side.

Bella got out of bed and padded quietly her way to the bathroom to relieve her bladder and freshen up, she was naked, but managed to find a nightdress to slip on before she headed off to the bathroom. Sandy was still asleep. After having made her natural morning ritual, she brushed her teeth and combed her hair and then she heard her come up behind her.

Sandy saw with astonishment in the morning light that Bella was almost completely naked, her beautiful naked body was half covered with a transparent, skimpy garment, she was mature and stylish at the same time with turgid and full breasts, pointed nipples and long legs, that turned her on, and discovered with surprise that her pubic hair was a light blonde color, so much like her own, and made it clear that the color of her head hair was not natural. Sandy pulled Bella into her arms and gave her a kiss on the cheek. It was only then that she realized she too was still naked.

“Morning my dear, sleep well”

“Oh yes Bella, I slept divinely, and last night was incredible…,…but I’m deeply in debt with you”

“How so, baby, who says you owe me anything “

“Well, I do, last night you gave me all your love and passion, I didn’t give you anything at all”. Sandy said.

“You are wrong again my dear, last night was all about you, not me, and I got lots out of you, we make love with out brain, our feelings and sensations are in the brain, and I did enjoy fully making love to you”.

“Really?”, asked Sandy softly. “That sounds so nice.”

“Yes baby, that’s what I think, now, first lets go and get some breakfast, then if you are of a mind we can adjourn to the bedroom again and talk about has happened last night”

They wore a couple of robes and went to prepare a hearty breakfast; while they ate they talked at length about what had happened the night before. Sandy argued that she was in debt with Bella, while the latter said no, but if she wanted to make love to her she would not be opposed. Bella was afraid that in the light of day Sandy saw the things differently and that touching intimately another woman’s body would be repugnant to her, one thing is to receive pleasure and another one to give it. After breakfast they returned to the bedroom

“Well my love what do you want do today?” asked a suddenly timorous Bella.

Sandy looked her directly in the eyes “I want to make love to you, now, unless you don’t want me to”.

“Are you sure my love, you have no obligation”

“I know, but I want to”

“What do you want to do, what do I do”

“You do nothing, just let me love you, I would like to caress and suck your tits”

“Would you like to do that to me, honey? Do you want me to be your Mommy? “

Bella didn’t know what made her said that, what subconscious feelings made her offer up Sandy to be her mommy. Was Sandy a substitute of her long lost daughter? But daughters and mothers weren’t lovers, were they. They don’t have sex. They don’t make love. Was she sick? Was she so lonely?, so needy of company and love

They lay down on the bed and Bella gently lifted the girl’s head and opened her robe just enough to reveal her creamy round breast, her nipple standing nicely at attention. She cupped it and offered it to the girl in bed with her. When Sandy just stared, transfixed, at her nipple, Bella took her other hand and put it behind Sandy’s head and guided the girl to her breast.

With an adorable cry of pleasure and surrender, Sandy took Bella’s nipple into her mouth and began sucking on it. Bella gasped with pleasure and tilted her head back, her head falling against the pillow that was propped behind her back.

“Oh yesss,” she purred in ecstasy. “Oh yesss, Sandy, my baby girl, suck Mommy’s sweet breast. You’re such a good girl, such a perfect girl, ohhhh yessssssssssss.” She didn’t know how close she was to the truth

Sandy’s cheeks hollowed as she sucked hungrily at the older woman’s breast. She was making little sounds of helpless pleasure.

“Does that feel good, honey, do you like doing it to me?”

Sandy simply moaned and whimpered her total pleasure and kept sucking.

Bella laughed gently and told Sandy,”Don’t forget the other one, my dear…go ahead, sweetheart, open my robe and get what you want.”

Sandy got up, took off her robe and then could hardly undress Bella fast enough, she was so eager to suckle the other breast


“God Bella, you have the most incredible breasts, Jesus, god how would I give anything to have breasts like yours”

“Well thank you honey I appreciate the compliment but from what I have seen of you naked and or in a bathing suit you have great breasts so I’m not sure you need to give anything”.

“Oh, Sandy you’re making me feel sooo good. So…so… sooooo good!”

As she was suckled, Bella could feel the familiar feelings welling up between her legs and even though she tried not to move she was squirming just a bit and Sandy noticed it.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes honey I’m fine… it’s… it’s just that… well not having sex in a long time and the feeling of your mouth suckling is… is… it’s wonderful, and well it excites me, that’s all.”

“You don’t know how I love getting you all excited”

Soon Bella found she had to relief herself as Sandy suckled her nipples. Sandy felt Bella’s hand going down to her vagina and she stopped the hand and her fingers went flying to Bella’s pussy; Sandy fingers were brushing up against, caressing and fondling Bella’s labia and clitoris and it felt absolutely wonderful; She was pulling the labia out and Bella knew Sandy could see how wet she was and she could smell her own sexual arousal wafting up from between her legs. Bella was lying there with her eyes closed enjoying her vulva being touched when she felt fingers, first one, and then another slide up in between her labia and barely touched her clit, her eyes flew open and she looked down at Sandy’s smiling face.

“Do you want me to stop?” Sandy asked.

Bella shook her head no and didn’t care what she did to her as long as she made her cum. She felt Sandy’s fingers slide inside her and when she started rubbing on her ‘G’ spot Bella lifted her hips to meet her thrusts and just let herself go.

“Oh God, Sandy that… that feels so damned good.”

Her whole body was feeling like it was on fire, a fire of lust.

“I… I… didn’t remember being with a woman could feel this way.”

Sandy had three fingers inside her now and was busy thrusting them in and out of Bella’s pussy who then felt the tongue on her clit. Her whole body shook and she shoved her pussy forward into Sandy’s face and grabbed her hair and held her head tightly against her as she came in a seizure of pleasure and madness.

“Oh Sandy, yessssssssssss. Oh god yeasssss!! Fuck me! ¡ Fuck me, fuck, I’ve… never… never had an orgasm as good as that.”"

Sandy loved Bella orgasming beneath her as she suckled her clit and finger fucked her cunt. It was so beautiful, to be nursing a loving woman clit who was having an orgasm. Sandy was delirious with pleasure

After that –one- big and explosive orgasm Bella pulled Sandy up towards her until she could kiss her face and taste herself on the young woman lips. Their tongues entangled in her mouth and she ran her fingers through the blonde almost white hair, so like hers before her estrangement and exile, then pulled back a little, kissed her cheek and thanked her.

“Thank you honey, this has been wonderful.”

Sandy kissed her back and this time she took the initiative and her tongue slipped inside Bella’s mouth and she was in seventh heaven. Sandy started kissing her again and caressing her all over her body; moving down, she began licking and sucking Bella’s breasts whose nipples were extremely sensitive and it wasn’t long before she was moaning her pleasure at Sandy’s action.

As she continued making love to Bella’s tits, she slid her hand down between Bella’s legs and began running her fingers up and down Bella’s pussy. Finally, Sandy moved down on the bed and spread Bella’s legs apart and knelt between her legs. Lowering her face, she began to smell and to lick up and down Bella’s cunt.

“Oh God yes, your tongue feels so great on my pussy. Lick it baby, yes, just like that,” Bella moaned.

“Mmmmmm, your cunt tastes so good honey” Sandy said and went back to licking her and tongue fucking her cunt.

Then, without warning and without knowing what drove her, Sandy slid a finger, wet with the juices from Bella’s vagina, down Bella’s perineum to her ass, and gently started caressing the rim and pushing the finger tip up her clenched asshole, then her tongue followed the same path and licked and rimmed the tight muscle of the ass.

” oh shit, Yes, right there, yes, suck my ass baby, suck it hard.”

“Cum for me baby, cum and feed me your pussy juices.”

All at once, Bella grabbed a handful of the covers. “Yes, just like that. Right there. Oh god, oh my goddess, shit, I’m cumming…I’m Cumming” she screamed as tears of joy and gratitude went streaming down her cheeks.

As she kept cumming, Sandy gently went back and licked her pussy letting Bella come down gently from her orgasm.

“Why did you that to me, I mean going down me in my…..” asked bewildered Bella

“I don’t know, didn’t you liked it?” asked a confused Sandy

“Oh yes my love, only it’s not usual for a first timer to do that, because you are a first timer, aren’t you? “said a happy and chirpy Bella knowing Sandy was a virgin.

Bella went to the bathroom to freshen up and let her heart take back its normal rhythm while Sandy waited her on the bed not knowing what to do of Bella’s last words. Bella finally came back and naked climbed in the bed with Sandy and the young woman immediately took her in her arms. Bella needing first to talk to her and explain some of her compulsions, sexual habits, and needs took carefully her arms away .from her.

“Please baby let me tell you something, I need to”

Not understanding Sandy nodded her head.

“As a to turn-on, probably my biggest thing is that the other gal needs to be very feminine, as I am. I like to wear sexy and frilly lingerie and soft clear feminine clothes.

You have known me wearing dark and somber executive tailored pants and jacquet, however I’m not butch. Butch dykes are just a big turn-off to me. I kind of hate that they need to appear or act more masculine than men. Still, I have to confess that one of my greatest desires is to, some time, use a strap-on and fuck my partner senseless”

Sandy was speechless, looking her with wide opened eyes, this was a Bella she didn’t recognize for the solicitous, loving mature woman that had made sensual, yet very tender, love to her and she had loved so much, What tragic incident had destroyed her life?

“Let me follow my dear, I haven’t yet, but when the right gal comes along, I will like for my girlfriend to let me do her, though, I have an aversion to vibrators and dildoes. They just seem too quick and too impersonal. I just love the thought of cuddling, kissing, stroking and the penetration of my partner and, especially, seeing her orgasm thanks to my loving.”

The silence following Bella’s words was deafening. Sandy didn’t know what to think, or to say, what to make of Bella words. Bella’s acute intelligence made her realize that she had been to much hasty confessing Sandy some of her inner demons or the reason she felt that way. She was very young and inexperienced as it was to understand her, or to carry harmful experiences that were not hers. Bella became concerned about the impact her confessional words could have on her relationship with the young woman she so loved, and tried to assure her.

“Don’t worry my love, I’m not going to do you anything you are not prepared or want to do, you know I love you too much”.

None the less, from then on, something very tenuous, very delicate was broken, Sandy’s confidence. The rest of their day wasn’t the same; it was as if a cold, very cold air current had freezed a hot relationship. The weekend was lost, the two women barely talked each other during the afternoon and early evening, and when they did the conversation was strained and almost monosyllabic; at last Sandy asked Bella to take her to her condo adducing she had things to do , a hot, lustful saturday night of loving was in the past. Bella complied in silence.


The summer was coming to and end, just a few more days to go, and Sandy was irresolute, she had fallen in love with Bella, but the last days of their relationship had been very strained, and anyway before meeting her, she had plans to go back East and finish her College studies, and couldn’t have imagined the complete turnover of her sentimental, not to say sexual, life. Bella had tried, not being, nor seeming imposing in anyway to convince Sandy to stay with her, living with her and going to a good California college she would pay. At the end with Bella’s desolate acquiescence she had decided go back to her former college.

Following Sandy’s departure, Bella realized she knew nothing of her lover past or of her family and did not even know where she came from. The ardor and passion she had felt for her had made Bella think that their unity was forever she had never tried to coax her to talk about her origin, family or city from where she came, she didn’t even know where she had gone to finish her studies, which college to go or to call if one day in the near future, today, she wanted to contact her; she had no information at all that could help find her. Then she thought maybe it was for the best, Sandy’s best.

“She is too young for me and then suffering would come my way”,

And Bella didn’t want to suffer anymore by love. She didn’t want more disappointments, she didn’t want more betrayals, and she didn’t want more sufferance. She would return at what had been her normal life before this love interlude. And she would try to forget about Sandy, her youth, her overwhelming love-making, the pleasure she had again received and had had forgotten, the love she was feeling right now and was consuming her.

“Good bye my love, I wish you a good trip my love, and for you to be happy in your life.”

Bella’s tears would come later. When and where nobody could see her.

Chapter 3: Together again….. Until death part us.

Bella knew now, with the passage of time, several weeks later, more than a month and with lack of news from Sandy, that the moment elected had not been the best to confess her sexual pulsing, or the deep cravings she had; surely she had frightened her, and perhaps that was one of the principal reasons that had tipped the scales for her to return to the East and her former life. Those dark feelings that had now surfaced in her mind had rooted and were the psychological consequence of the anal abuse her former teacher, Marie, had exercised over her when she was very young and innocent girl, only nineteen years old; plus, it has also to be of account all the memories hidden deep within her soul of the abuse she had suffered at the hands of so many butch dyke lesbians, she being so femme, in that fateful year of her almost total breakdown, degradation and the destruction of her personality, from which she had gotten away with so much sacrifice. In Bella’s mind Sandy had forgotten her.

That was not so in Sandy’ mind, she hadn’t forgotten Bella at all, on the contrary every day, every new experience made her long for Bella, her presence, her love, her company, the way she talked to her, like equals, the long silences holding hands and looking with love in each other eyes. She remembered Bella’s soul confession in confidence, how had she confided in her, in her understanding, in her maturity. And she? Was she mature enough to understand? Not that day. Perhaps now she would be able.

Back in College Sandy had experienced her first amorous liaison with a man, a Senior, the young man had been very pushing until she gave him her yes; she was determined to have intercourse and get to know what sex with a man was like, but to her, his loving was disappointing, a disaster, he was inexperienced, rough, and had mauled her body believing he was making love, after a few minutes of this hard preliminaries he had penetrated her, she wasn’t even wet, less than less lubricated, his penis had entered her vagina as an ice-breaker ship in the artic, breaking everything. The aftermath was callous; he took out his penis, said it had been wonderful, and got dressed and left. After a time, thinking it had been her fault, she accepted a second session of, they called it, lovemaking, with another student that resulted in an outcome as disastrous as with her first. If that was simile to marriage bliss, she was out. Bella was incomparable.

So at the end of the term Sandy decided go back to California and Bella, she was going to start and make work a new life with her love, she went to the rectory and asked for her grades to be legalized and asked for a transfer to the California University in San Francisco. It was the fifteen of december and she let her dorm, cleaned everything, and put in storage to dispose later, whatever thing she wasn’t carrying to her new life. She wanted to be in San Francisco by Christmas day.

Bella was depressed that december twenty three, a new Christmas to be alone again; not a call, not a Christmas card from Sandy, it seemed a space black hole had swallowed her. It was late in the evening, twilight low, blue and purple twilight, and she was returning

¿home? No, not home, she was going to her house from her law firm where everyone was happy, was drinking and toasting and singing Carols. The sky was darkening fast as Bella drove into the driveway and she saw a shadow with what seemed like a valise and a couple of bags near the gates of her house. She stopped the car and got down to open the gates when the shadow moved and she saw it was ……

“Sandy”, Bella’s cry of happiness resounded in the darkness of the night.

It was very late in the night when, after having dined and tried to out do the other telling what had happened in their lives the last months, they looked each other not knowing how to proceed.

“Well love, time to be in bed, you must be tired after your trip, we’ll talk tomorrow and discuss the future” Said Bella, with care.

“Yes, let’s go to bed, where do I sleep, with you, don’t I? “Asked Sandy tentatively..

Bella’s heart skipped a beat.

“Do you want to?”

“Of course I want to sleep with you, why wouldn’t I, don’t you want me sleeping with you?” asked a concerned Sandy

“Yes my love, of course I do, with all my heart”

And so, they went to Bella’s bedroom, both a little nervous wondering if they might feel a little awkward being naked in front of each other again, but after a few minutes those fears had been put to rest. On the contrary, they undressed the other and walked back to bed together smiling with the assurance of a woman and woman who enjoyed being together this way, like Eve and Eve; something Bella never felt with anyone else; it all felt so very sexy.

Once laying on the bed they started fondling, caressing and kissing, then Bella straddled Sandy waist and began touching her breasts and twisting and tweaking her nipples, keeping her outstretched arms down with her knees and not letting her move them. So

retained she couldn’t touch Bella’s body.

“I have had a fantasy for a long time, and I think this is just the moment, as you are tired let me do all the work, I want to trib you”

“Trib me?” asked a surprised Sandy. “What is that?”

“Don’t be afraid my love, I’ll never, ever, do anything harmful to you”

“I know, and I want to tell you I trust you with totality, with all my trust”

Bella was imagining herself tenderly positioning so that she was on top, looking down at her love, being in charge again, after so long, of pleasing that pretty face, and happy she was sure feeling her love. And my breasts, thought Bella, Sandy kissing them, sucking them. I’m so happy she loves my tits, so happy I have these tits for her to make love to.

“Well two women may trib in several ways, but today I will rub our legs and our pussies against each other until we cum, tribbing lets you do it all, is the best. Mouth to mouth, breasts on breasts, nipples rubbing nipples, pussy scissoring on pussy. That’s why it’s so very good” explained Bella.

Saying that, she began to slither down Sandy’s body, freeing her arms and exposing her young beautiful body, her firm, tanned, beautiful tits, her great ass and long legs, her bald pussy, everything. She looked at her and saw the girl lying there, for her to execute the tribbing as she had told her, Bella stood up, letting her large, soft, mature milky tits, drop slightly toward the girl’s breasts and rubbing the tips of their nipples together.

Bella spread Sandy’s legs and leaned her body completely over her, their bodies touching and their pussies pressing on each other. They were in the missionary position, Sandy had her legs spread wide apart while trying to receive Bella who had slipped in between her lover’s thighs straddling her, Bella had kept her legs together as her pubic bone is sufficiently pronounced and could provide more effective contact between both sex areas and maximize penetration.

She started moving slowly up and down so that their pussies and especially their clits would rub on each other. She then simulated the fucking movement just like if she were a man, except that she was using her pussy to press onto her now pupil’s pussy. Today she was the teacher.

“You see my love, It is maddening me, I want to do everything to you, all at once, kiss your beautiful mouth, your face, and neck, suck your breasts, worship them over and over; and your pussy, oh my God, your pussy. This is why tribbing is unique; because it neglects nothing, and tribbing lets you pleasure everything at once”

“That feels sooo….good… love when you rub your body with mine” said a gasping Sandy

“You… just…. wait…. till I penetrate you” panted Bella

“How …I mean ….what with, you going to penetrate me? Puffed an excited Sandy

With that Bella started to push herself up from Sandy’s body kneeling above her, and then proceeded to open with her fingers the lips of Sandy’s vagina, with her labia widely opened Bella’s vulva would more easily slip inside hers; when she had them open, she began slowly leaning forward trying that her closed vagina entered and stayed inside Sandy’s vagina. When Bella’s vulva had slipped inside Sandy’s pussy, the young woman could feel herself the wetness friction of her lover’s vulva pressing down into her pussy, inside her.

Sandy’s legs went up to wrap them around her lover’s back, bending her knees to provide a better angle of attack and maximize pussy to pussy contact; then they began a slow rhythmic humping so their sticky juices came out and coated their vulvas and surrounding inner thighs.

Sandy held firmly to Bella’s hips with her calves and yanked her forward and back in a frenzied movement so that her pussy never broke contact with Bella’s, simply sliding fore and aft along its length. This motion, along with her legs being so spread, did cause Sandy’s labia to open like a flower, allowing Bella’s vulva to work its way inside of hers. The arousal of both women increased exponentially; Bella’s engorged clit did actually penetrate Sandy’s lips. At the top of each stroke her clit was nuzzled between the bottom edge of Sandy slit, then as her hips slid back, Bella’s clit did slide along between Sandy’s labia until her clit came mashing into the other’s.

Just then in unison they cried out, “I love you so much.”

And then they came.

“Oh yes, oh, ohhhh, ohhhhhhh, I’m Cumminnngggg. Please Bella, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me more, more, more oh please much more” A whimpering Sandy asked for.

Bella kissed her while she gasped for breath. But not for long just enough for her to calm down, because the most incredible sexual being soon resumes her mission, the ultimate fuck, one woman fucking another, in the missionary position, with their legs scissoring each others in a way that lets the pussies merge. One pussy fucking the other as many times as they like. There’s nothing like it, there is nothing shrinking inside..

After a while they changed positions, Bella crossing her legs with Sandy’s, thus being able to touch their pussies much better. She held her left foot in the air, and she started to move her body just like she was riding. She gradually increased her movements and the effort made both of them to moan. Their pussies were rubbing faster and faster, harder and harder with each movement; taking more effort from Bella and making them moan and breathe heavily. Sandy was enjoying it very much and was putting all her efforts into the tribbing. Bella wanted to cum again, and she wanted to cum onto Sandy’s pussy. The girl was being ridded like crazy and soon they would cumm. It was the –teacher- that cummed first, for the second time in that night, and only a few seconds later, Sandy exploded in a powerful orgasm. Cumming together with her -teacher- was always a dream, and it proved to be so good that ended with such a powerful orgasms.

They cried out again “I love you so much.”

Bella collapsed into Sandy’s arms and they spent the next couple of minutes restoring their breaths. It was the-teacher- that eventually broke the silence saying,

“Oh my dear, this was wonderful. Something that I never imaged I would do again”

“Yes, I never enjoyed fucking so much. You are so wonderful.” Sandy said while resting her head on Bella’s chest.

As an after thought Bella asked herself “isn’t it a little frustrating being on top in the missionary position, fucking your love, but not having a cock?”

With that they slipped into their dreams


The next morning when Sandy awoke found she was alone in bed, stretching, got up, went to the toilet, peed like a mare, brushed her teeth and washed her face to remove the last vestiges of sleep, then, naked, walked to the kitchen in search for Bella and breakfast. In the kitchen there was no one but she found a note on the refrigerator where Bella said that she had gone to the mall to buy everything needed for Christmas Eve dinner, because having thought she’d be alone had not bought anything, this night was going to be a night of love and hope for the both of them.

Sandy was radiant with happiness. This Christmas would be different from those of the last fifteen years; she was going to be with her love and it was going to be the beginning of a life of happiness. It was like a fairy tale. After breakfast she went into the bedroom to fix her clothes and other personal effects in the dresser. She put her suitcase on the bed and after opening it started to pull out her stuff. One of the first objects to take out of the suitcase was an old photo of eight by ten framed in cast silver and showing a beautiful young blonde woman (her mother), and two small children (she and her little brother Jonathan).

“Good morning Mom” she whispered before kissing her framed, faded eight by-ten colour photo on the lips, just like she did every morning upon awakening since she was four years old.

She sure was beautiful, although the photo was already discolored by the handling and the passage of the years, with a pretty face framed by shoulder-length white blonde hair and those amazing green eyes. Sandy still hated her father for the pain he caused her and the whole family.

She loved that photograph more than anything else she owned, even more than her laptop computer or her video gaming system. She loved her more than her own life. After kissing the photograph again she placed it on the nightstand on her side of the king sized bed. Bella had never seen this picture, because when they had made love before Sandy returned to college, it had always been in Sandy’s condo.

That morning Bella was happy, very happy, Sandy was with her again and she would take care now it would be forever, she wanted Sandy in her life for eternity. She made Christmas shopping as soon as possible fighting the crowds of people who were making last minute shopping, she tried not to forget anything, bought gifts for her love and when she had purchased everything necessary took her car and returned home..

“Sandy, love, I’m home, where are you, will you help with the bags, please?”

“In here Bella, in the bedroom, I’ll be right down, let me put something on first”

At Sandy’s words Bella’s pussy started tingling and getting wet imagining Sandy body naked. Sandy put on a T-shirt and panties and went down.

“Hello Bell, where are the bags and where do you want them?”

“Hummm yummy” said an ogling Bella.

After a kiss they put things away and went to the bedroom so Bella could change the street clothes for something more comfortable. Bella took off her clothes and when she was down to bra and panties took Sandy’s T-shirt off and she led her to the bed and shoved the open suitcase out of the way. She drew her onto to the sheets and kissed her again, massaging her prodigious breasts as she moaned into her mouth. Her nipples were full and rigid, and Bella loved the sound of her, whimpering when she tweezed them.

Then, in a second, Bella’s world and happiness went crashing down, it was the instant she lifted her head from Sandy ‘s mouth to take a breath and her eyes saw the picture on the bedside table and her body stiffened, her excitement and passion disappeared suddenly, and a strange moan of pain escaped her lips as she abruptly broke off from the arms of Sandy to get off the bed in a jump and wide-eyed, and as she covered her mouth with her hands looked at the picture with horror, as one who sees a ghost emerge from the darkness of the past.

“Please, baby…don’t” she whimpered, shaking her head, her eyes brimming with tears and weeping with profound grief as Sandy tried to pull her on the bed.

“……we can’t now, we…can’t, oh my god, oh my god, no, no please no, no, please no, it can’t be truth”.

Sandy did not know what was happening and looked at Bella without understanding but with evident concern. What was going on?

“Bella, please, tell me what’s going on, what happens to you, please dear, talk to me”

With great effort, and with a lot of anguish in her voice Bella: asked Sandy

“Who are these people in the photo on your bedside table?”

“Oh, the blonde woman is my mom and the others are my little brother and myself.” said a relieved Sandy that had believed there had been a serious problem.

In a voice almost inaudible and to the disbelief of Sandy who could not believe what she was hearing:

“That woman in the photo is me, and if you’re the girl, then I am your mother and you are my daughter” said Bella

Bella was totally shocked, she looked at the picture and her tears fell down her cheeks incessantly. She had found her daughter after so many years and it caused her a great joy, but in turn she had lost something that, at that moment, was crucial in her life, she was losing love again, in this case her great love. She was enamored, in love with her daughter, how could that be?

“You my mother, how could that be? She left us and went away a long time ago” Sandy was astonished.

“No, no, that’s not truth, I…I…I didn’t leave you, I was, I mean, I could not …” stuttered a broken Bella.

It was at this time of crisis that could have been definitive in the life of both women, that Sandy’s maturity, so praised by her mother (Bella), took over, she seized the bull by the horns to confront it, took Bella by the shoulders shaking her gently to get her out of the morass in which she was, and cried:

“Well, Bella stop it, damm it, stop it I say, right now nothing has changed, today is mid morning in Christmas day, we are going to celebrate, but first lets talk and try to straighten out this story, ok, Bella, ok?

Bella seemed to wake up slowly as if from a bad dream, dried her tears, eyes still red, took Sandy hands, sat with her on the edge of the bed and began to tell her story, perhaps for the first time in so many years. It was catharsis, it was confession, it was downloading her soul, the terrors and pains of a life of suffering, physical, but most of all sicological.

“You see my love I was just nineteen years old…….inexperienced……unsure of my sexual orientation ……………….went to college………………from a very repressive family…. ……..met a woman………loved her………………..then they forced me to marry……………had two children I loved them very much………………..then your father found out about my lover………..she betrayed me………………your father made me sign the divorce papers……………. then he cast me from my home…………I was destroyed………………became a drunkard…………….was badly abused, sexually and otherwise, by hard type lesbians……………….then went into detox…………….and, .after… San Francisco to try to start a new life”

Now it was Sandy who was crying silently hearing her mother, and her love for her went soaring up to the sky. She could have never imagined her long lost mother sufferings. But now it was time for healing, from now on she would never abandon her; she have now a double motive for living with her, she was her mother but also her lover and she wasn’t going to renounce to any. She took Bella in her arms and hugged her.

“Nothing has changed mother, you are Bella, the woman I’m in love with, not that blonde woman in the picture, and I’m Sandy, the girl you love, because you DO love me don’t you? I’m not that little girl in the picture, so you see, nothing has really changed. I love the people in the picture, but they are the past, something that could have been but was not, the now will be the future and only depends on us”

“But…..” Bella tried

“No buts my love, lets prepare our Christmas dinner and in the meantime will talk about our joint future”

And so they did.


Christmas dinner was a success, good food, well prepared; in the kitchen Bella and Sandy handled things as two friends would do, as if they had known each all of theirs lives, Sandy was gradually smoothing Bella’s resistance, was making her to accept that their relationship had not changed and everything was going to be fine. Bella touched the theme of incest and its unlawfulness, to Sandy that was an unimportant issue in any way, she was not morally conditioned; no one in San Francisco knew them as being blood related, she was going to change her name legally, and then they would be two women in love living together. Period. Out of the two of them, who would know? Nobody. Nothing really had changed, and if there had been changes they had been for the best, now in addition to being lovers, they were bonding as mother and daughter as well, and had been very happy together.

Bella wasn’t convinced, wanted to be convinced, but wasn’t, yet, her lawyers rational mind was opposed to such a relationship, but Sandy’s reasoning was very convincing, and was eroding little by little her resistance, ultimately, they were consenting adults, so nobody had the right to tell them what to do in the privacy of their home.

After dinning and while they waited for Christmas Eve, Bella opened a bottle of champagne and slowly mother and daughter started getting mellow fuzz. Sandy turned on the radio on a F.M station with soft romantic music and asked Bella to dance; Bella was surprised by her daring daughter and didn’t know what to do. Sandy took her hand, pulled her up from the divan

Bella looked up at the mistletoe, hanging there innocently from the ceiling fan, the red berries, deadly poisonous if eaten, glowed softly with the reflected firelight, and then she thought, Why not?

Bella said slowly “daughters aren’t supposed to want to fuck their mothers, Sandy”

They started moving to the soft music rhythm, they both took sips from their flutes. Sandy moved closer, close enough that Bella could smell the sweet perfume she was wearing.

“Mommy?” she whispered.

“Yes, honey?” Bella tried to swallow the champagne but her throat was so tight she thought she would choke instead.

Sandy reached out and caressed her shoulder; her hand then moved up and lingered on her mother’s neck.

“Don’t you want me?” Sandy asked, staring down at her mother with her large blue eyes.

Bella looked up at her daughter, her mind screaming not to do what she was thinking of doing. Instead, she felt her arms reaching out and encircling Sandy’s slender waist. Bella pulled her daughter towards her and nestled her face between her breasts.

“Oh yes, oh yes, baby. I want you. I want you so much.”

And with that, feeling her head whirling by the dancing and the champagne she seated again. Sandy smiled at her, and then moved around the divan to ease herself into her mother’s lap. Slipping her arms around Bella’s neck, Sandy leaned down and gently captured her mother’s mouth with her own. Bella groaned, sliding her arms around her daughter’s warm back. Their lips pressed urgently against each other, and Sandy felt her mother’s long agile tongue pushing into her mouth, sending her tongue deep into her daughter’s mouth, they sharing the wet heat of their forbidden kiss.

They broke the kiss gasping for air. Bella looked up at the girl’s face and at her swollen lips. The desire smouldered in her beautiful sparkling eyes. At that moment, the lawyer woman willingly gave herself up to whatever repercussions she would have to suffer for what they were about to do; she was going to make love to her beautiful girl and she didn’t care anymore that she was her parent. She wanted her with every fibre of her being. Bella lowered her head in-between Sandy’s breast and moved her hands down her daughter’s waist and onto her taut buttocks, rubbing them slowly. Sandy fisted her hands in Bella’s hair; her eyes blissfully closed as her mother slowly rubbed her face between her breasts and gently explored the pinkish peaks of her young mounds, her mouth sliding wetly over the nipples. They hardened quickly under the attention, and Bella revelled in how firm they were. She drew one of Sandy’s pink tips into her mouth, sucking it hard as she rubbed it against the roof of her mouth.

With a little push Sandy unfastened her nipples from her mothers avaricious mouth and

at the same time moved her lips against her mother’s neck, her breath warm and heavy. Bella closed her eyes, trying to will herself not to desire her own daughter. To no avail..

“You taste so good mother, today better than ever” the girl whispered, her voice throbbing with passion.

“Can’t stop … and, I don’t want to, you’re so beautiful, Mom. So beautiful.”

Bella couldn’t swallow as she felt Sandy’s kisses moving along her collarbone, over her shoulder and down her chest; her mind almost screaming to push her off; she knew she should push her away … but she didn’t. She couldn’t.

Instead, she slowly closed her eyes as the girl rubbed her lips over her hardened nipples. Bella sighed as the girl pulled the nubs into her mouth and went from one aching tip to the other, gently licking and kissing them.

“What else do you want me to do you, Mommy?” Sandy cooed. “I know you have something in mind.”

“Oh Sand, honey, we should stop here …”

Sandy put one of her slender fingers against her mother’s lips.

“Please mom, I want you to tell me. I want this so badly….”

Bella looked into her daughter’s glittering blue eyes and struggled to catch her breath.

“Please? Please do whatever you want to me.”.

“I want to make you feel good. That’s all I want, Mommy. I just want to make you feel good.”

“You do, honey. You’ve made me feel SO good. But we’ve got to stop this before … before we go too far”

“But mom, we have been going as far as possible, it doesn’t matter we didn’t know at the time we were family, we went as far as we could. Now, a question: don’t you love me anymore? Don’t you love your little girl anymore” Sandy whimpered.”"

Bella stared at her daughter, surprised at her wantonness, full of truth words, “Of course I love you, sweetheart. But this …” and she looked down at the girl’s scantily dressed sweat-glistened body “This is so wrong for a mother and daughter….”

Sandy tilted her head. “Don’t you want to do something else to me?” she asked, her voice suddenly low and sultry..

“Yes baby, I do … but …”Bella was rapidly losing her capacity for coherent words

Sandy reached out and moved her mother’s face to hers. She looked at her mother and noticed her face was twisted with a cross between anticipation and guilt.

“I love you, Mom.”

Bella cupped the girl’s face, lovingly stroking her cheek. “And I love you too, so much. But we can’t —”

Sandy was becoming a little impatient with her mothers continuous back pedalling.

“I know, I know we shouldn’t be doing this. I KNOW it’s wrong. But I can’t help it. It’s what I want, what we want. That first time … when you thought I was only a waitress… It was like, it was …, oh shit, I had never feel anything like that”

“But you didn’t know at the time we were mother daughter”

Sandy looked down and lowered her head, cheeks hot “I know. But I think I wanted to explore it, I was inexperienced…. It feels so good being with you, and… I just feel safe with you. I know you won’t hurt me.”

“Of course I wouldn’t hurt you, Baby. But we can’t do this anymore. We can’t. This has to stop.”

Sandy sighed, with a silent “Oh my god, not that again” Then eased herself up behind her mother, her smooth taut thighs rubbing against the older woman’s buttocks. She slides her arms around the woman’s neck. Bella’s defences against her daughter’s persistent attack were tumbling down, the champagne, the mistletoe, the subtle caresses, but overall her own desire for her daughter, raw, crude desire.

“You’re right mom. You’re right. But please … keep making love to me. Do what you want to do … do what you’ve been thinking … what you’ve been desiring. What you need to do to the … right gal when she comes along “

Then, licking her own dry lips, the girl wriggled her hips lasciviously against her mother behind. “You know, I’ve never been fucked in the butt.” She said mischievously.

Bella’s eyes widened. “¡¡¡¡ SANDY¡¡¡¡ “

The girl pressed her young breasts against her mother’s back. “I know, I know. But you know, before returning East to college, I loved you, but was unsure of my own sexuality, so, I let two students to fuck me, one broke my virginity, was brutal and disgusting and left me aching all over without giving me any pleasure, the second was no better than the first, only that as I had no cherry it was not as painful, but neither gave me pleasure. Only you have made me go to heaven. Now, I am not sure if I’m a lesbian or not, but I’m sure I love you and want to make love with you, anytime, anyway you want me.”

Bella was speechless, so Sandy followed

“And I want to know what it feels like to have someone inside of me there, and I want it to be you … because I know you want it, you crave it and you won’t hurt me.”

Bella laid in stunned silence for a moment. Sandy waiting patiently, her heart beating hard, she knew her mother was right. This was incest, she knew they had to stop but she couldn’t let this go … not yet, not forever. She wanted her mother to make her come again, again, and again she wanted her mother to let go of whatever was haunting her. She wanted to feel her mother make love to her in all the exciting ways that had been probably denied her. Then she moaned softly, getting wet just thinking about it.

“OK, my dear shall we go to the bedroom?” Bella finally accepted.

Sandy could hear the barely suppressed lust in her mother’s voice.

“But, after that … no more, honey, after this last time it stops”

“Sure, mother” Sandy said smiling. “After this, if you still want, we’ll stop”

She hugged her mother’s neck and then leapt off the divan. Bella stood and sighed for a moment as she watched her daughter run off stark naked down the hall. Bella allowed herself a smile and followed the girl’s lead.


Bella laid stark naked on her back on the king size bed as she waited for Sandy to come out of the bathroom, the girl had always been fastidious when it came to being fresh and clean … and this time it was for a romp in the sack. Thinking of this again, the woman closed her eyes and groaned.

Bella stared at her daughter for a time, she was a beautiful sight standing as naked as Bella, her long blonde hair flowing across her slender shoulders, her young breasts peeking though the silken golden strands showing that her nipples were already perking. Bella’s mouth watered at the though of giving the nubs a long, hard flick of her tongue to make them stand completely at attention, and watched as her daughter walked over to the bed, her blue eyes gazing sultrily into hers.

She couldn’t’ believe her baby daughter had such gorgeous full breasts, they weren’t hers, who knows, maybe she took them after her mother in law, her grandmother by her father’s side

“Mom, before we do anything else, would you lick my pussy like you did that time?”

The young woman crawled onto the bed and over to her mother, moving into Bella’s waiting arms and rubbing her eager body lustfully against her mother’s, then covered her mother’s mouth with hers, stopping the words. Sandy kissed her mother, and kissed her wantonly. Her long nimble tongue probed Bella’s mouth, her moist, full lips moving feverishly, Bella groaned and returned her daughter’s kiss, her arms holding the girl tight as their tongues mated fiercely.

As they continued to kiss, Bella slowly moved her hands down Sandy’s body and eased it between her warm, firm thighs, she slid her hand over the girl’s sex and fingered her slit. Sandy broke their kiss and moved her mouth over to her mother’s ear.

“Mmmmmmmmmm yes, Mommy darling, Yes” she hissed. “I like that, yes, fuck me. Fuck me with your hand.”

Bella moved two of her fingers down to the girl’s slit causing her to buck her hips, and she continued sliding her fingers against her daughter’s burning vagina lips, closing her eyes and feeling the heat of her daughter’s tight, wondrous pussy.

“Yes, Bella yes, faster, faster, deeper ” Sandy gasped.

The girl’s cunt pulsed hard around her mother’s fingers as she orgasmed, her pelvis shuddering, the older woman continued to rub Sandy with her hand until the girl collapsed against the mattress. Bella watched as her girl drew in deep, long gasps of air, her beautiful chest rising and falling as she did.

Bella pulled her hand away from her daughter’s pussy, then she rubbed her pussy-moistened palm over her own taut belly as she leaned down and took one of Sandy’s nipples in her mouth and licked it slowly, delighting in the feel of the stiff, long, enticingly erect nub against her tongue.

Sandy rubbed her mother’s back, lightly scrapping her nails against the smooth skin. “I love it when you suck my breasts, Mom.” she murmured. “I just love it.”

“I love them too.” Bella thought as she moved to her daughter’s other young breast, nipping the tip with her teeth and them pulling it deep inside her mouth. She feasted on Sandy’s breasts for a time and then pulled away, looking down on at the girl. The girl’s hair was spread all across the bed; her blue eyes were staring hotly up at her, and then moved her hands up her mother’s chest, along her shoulders, and around Bella’s neck.

Pulling her down she said seductively “Lick my pussy, Mom.”

“Sandy…..” Bella started to scold her about her language.

“What don’t you like it when I talk like that? “

“I …well, no … yes, oh I don’t know”

Sandy tilted her head. “Why not?”

“Why not? Because you’re my daughter. That’s why”

“But mom, I’m not a kid anymore, and I’m your lover”

Bella looked down at her daughter’s naked, full young body and nodded. “That’s the absolute truth, you are my lover and aren’t a kid anymore”

Sandy smiled up at her mother. “Don’t be so scared, Mother, you weren’t a few months ago. It’s just you and me. I want this, you want this. No one has to know. Come on, mom”

Bella stared down at Sandy, trying to determine when her sweet, innocent, young waitress of not so long ago had turned into such a raving sex maniac, not taking into account that it was she herself who had, once and for all, converted this innocent woman into a sex maniac, as had happened twenty years ago with her, when another adult woman, Marie, had seduced her. She shook her head as she continued to gaze down at her daughter; it was as if she was nothing but raw, animal sexuality, coupled with sweet girlish innocence. It was an intoxicating combination.

“Ok, sweetie. Let’s give it a try” Bella said as she slid down the girl’s body and pushed apart Sandy’s legs; she moved her head between the girl’s thighs and looked up at her for a few seconds before going completely down.

“Oooohhh yes, YESSSS. Lick my pussy. Lick that little pussy; it’s yours, only yours” Sandy whispered lustfully, her blue eyes gazing lasciviously at her mother.

Bella grabbed Sandy’s hips and pulled her daughter’s cunt hard against her face; she shoved her tongue inside her daughter and licked at her pussy until her cheeks and jaw were soaked with sweet stickiness. She tongued and sucked until Sandy had climaxed, again and again and again; then, finally, the truth knocked her like a ton if bricks, she was no longer able to get the image of Sandy’s firm, pale ass cheeks out of her mind and she pulled away from her daughter’s cunt

“Lay on you stomach, Baby” She almost growled.

Sandy flipped around and eagerly lifted her buttocks. “Mmmmmmmmmm, yes, what are you going to do mommy, fuck your little girls ass? Mommy”

Bella swallowed hard, finding herself both aroused and disturbed by her daughter’s crude words, but, when she looked down at Sandy on the bed, the girl’s hips rose in the air and her perfect ass waiting for her, the mother set aside her misgivings and. reaching over to her nightstand, pulled out a strap-on harness and a lube bottle.

The girl watched over her shoulder as Bella attached the apparatus around her waist, its pink shaft was small enough for a beginner but still large enough to send the girl’s mind racing into orbit.

Bella gripped Sandy’s firm round buttocks with both hands, squeezing and kneading the flesh. Then, with her heart pounding in her chest, blood rushing through her veins, she slowly spread apart the smooth cheeks and stared down at the puckered rosy anus. She leaned down and put her mouth on the cleft of her daughter’s ass and jabbed the opening with the tip of her tongue.

“MOOOMMMM” Sandy screamed.

Sandy twisted her torso as her mother licked and probed her anus with her tongue; the young woman had never felt anything like it. It was so nasty, but it felt so good and, she definitely liked it. A sharp but pleasurable sensation moved from her buttocks to her pussy as her mother continued to tongue fuck the cleft of her ass, bathing it in saliva. Then she felt as her mother moved a finger inside of her. Sandy clenched her hands, feeling some pain at first but then only pleasure as her mother eased her finger in and out of her ass.

“Oh … Oh Mom, that feels so good.” Sandy murmured.

Bella worked a second finger inside her daughter ass and she loosened up where at first she had been too tense. The daughter felt her mother take the fingers out of her and move away.

“You see, Bella, you can do anything to me. I want you to do too. I do want what you want do to me”

Sandy wasn’t entirely sure how something like that fake penis wouldn’t hurt her terribly, but she trusted her mother. She loved and adored Bella and knew she wouldn’t be hurt by anything she did to her; the girl watched as her mother leaned over and griped the small bottle of lube.

“What’s that, Mom?”

Bella looked over at her daughter. “Oh don’t worry sweetie its … just some lube oil”


Her mother nodded as she poured some of the clear liquid onto her hand, then she lathered it on the pink dildo attached to her crotch. “It going to make it less painful for you”

Bella leaned over and rubbed some of the lube on the cleft of Sandy’s anus. The girl shivered at the sensation of the cool, slick liquid on her skin; once she was done, Bella put the bottle back in the nightstand, and then she turned and grabbed Sandy by the waist and turned her on her back.

“Mom, what are you going to do? I thought we were going to. ..”

“We are, Sweetie.” Her mother cooed as if she were a toddle “But I want to see your pretty face when I do it.”

Sandy stared up at her mother and smiled. Bella looked down at her, and for a moment she felt uneasy. The mother’s eyes seemed to be looking through Sandy … and the girl noticed that her mother seemed to be gazing off somewhere.

“Mom, mom, what happens? Are you okay?”

Bella’s eyes refocused on the girl, she was remembering a similar scene twenty years ago, only she wasn’t the daughter. “This is the last time, honey” She said, her voice firm. “and I mean it, we won’t fuck again.”

“Mmmhhmmm, yes of course, you said it before.” Sandy sighed.

Bella grabbed her daughter’s legs and pushed them up against her shoulders. Sandy felt the plastic shaft press against her ass-hole… and then slowly, very slowly … Bella pushed it inside her anus

Sandy stared up at her mother’s eyes as she felt the dildo enter her ass, going deeper and deeper into her bowels. At first it felt like something was invading her body and then, there was a moment of pain; the girl winced and Bella stopped.

“You want me to pull out, sweetie?”

“No, no.” She quickly shook her head. “I just need for you to stop a second. I’m good”

Sandy closed her eyes and used all her concentration to try and ease the tight, stressed muscles around her anus. Slowly, they softened and Bella felt herself slide inside the girl further until she was completely embedded.

“Oh my god, you’re so good Sandy, I have craved this for so long “

Sandy smiled up at her mother, Bella returned the smile and then slowly proceeded to buck her hips; she began to move faster and faster, looking directly at her daughter’s eyes. Sandy gasped, struggling for breath. It felt good, very good, different from getting her pussy licked but no less pleasurable, and definitively better than the boy’s cocks at College.

The girl licked her lips and reaching down, rubbed her clit. The nub was hard and erect and aching. Bella nodded her head approvingly and kept thrusting into her daughter.

“That’s it, baby girl. Do what makes you feel good. I’ll help you.”

Bella buried the plastic cock deeper into Sandy’s firm ass, always looking in her face and eyes. She was so tight and the movement caused beads of sweat to begin popping out of her body. The mother prayed she wasn’t hurting her daughter, but she was out of control now. Nothing she had ever imagined was as hot as fucking her beautiful, sexy daughter in the ass.

Sandy rubbed her clit faster, feeling the plastic shaft humping wildly at her ass. “Mom was right, is incredible with the right gal.” She thought seconds before and unexpected violent orgasm exploded inside her.

Bella’s mind suddenly went blank, still thrusting within the tight walls of Sandy’s ass as she pressed on deeper and deeper; then, when she felt her daughter climaxing, her young buttocks shuddering against the bed, Bella let out an earth-shattering scream … orgasming from the friction against her pussy.

Sandy stiffened when she felt the hard, deep animal thrust of her mother’s loins and screamed as well. Her body shook with still another shattering orgasm and the two of them bucked wildly and savagely against each other in a wild, passionate frenzy of sexual release. Both crying out slurred words of satiated lust.

With a deep, chest throbbing groan, Bella collapsed on top of Sandy; both bodies were drenched with perspiration, the two slid wetly against each other as they struggled for breath and for sanity. Bella slowly pulled the pink shaft out of the girl’s ass and fell next to her on the bed.

Sandy pulled in a lungful of humid, sex-sweat scented air as her heart laboured in her chest. She swallowed hard, and then turned to look at her mother. Bella’s eyes were closed and her breasts rose and fell rapidly. Sandy let her gaze travel to the plastic dildo still strapped to her mother.

“What are we going to do Mommy? I don’t want for us never to stop” Sandy said

Bella opened her eyes and looked over at her daughter. “I don’t know, I don’t think I can stop either”. And with that they fell in a profound dreamless sleep


The day after Christmas Eve, Sunday, was one of the happier days, if not the happiest in the lives of them both. Bella’s guilt was a lot lesser in the day-light, her moral dilemma about her incestuous relationship with her, now, new found daughter diminishing rapidly, second by second. Sandy on the contrary, was guiltless, she had no moral prejudices with incest with her new found mother, they were lovers way before yesterday morning, and if she hadn’t keep the small photograph nobody would have been the wiser, and she was happy she had made true her mother sex cravings. The day was warm, not too hot, just but a little fresh and they decided to take a stroll to the near beach.

They prepared a basket with food and soft drinks for a picnic on the beach, put on bathing suits, got in Bella’s car and headed to the beach. The day was ripe for it, there were few vehicles on the highway because most people were in their houses getting off the hangover from the festivities and beverage of the night before, they reached the beach, found it empty, only the occasional hiker who had taken the dog to run around the golden sand. Mother and daughter looked up to find a small cove between the rocks where they were covered from prying eyes and could sunbathe, spread the towels applied sun protection and prepared to enjoy the day, eating, bathing and celebrating their new life without being disturbed. The hours passed quickly and darkness covered the sky.

Naked to the waist, her skin glowing a little in the pale light of the beach moon, the faint smirk on her face, Sandy was irresistible. Bella sat beside her new found daughter to take off her own beach sandals, shifting to meet her mouth again when Sandy went to work on the bottoms of Bella’s floral bikini. As she angled, Sandy straddled her and pressed herself tightly against her mother, dived now rather than sank, into the heat, the need, the wonder they brought to each other. Now, as ever, it was a shock in the system, a stunning, breathless rightness she’d never expected to know. Here she was hers. Bella’s gorgeous mouth seduced and demanded at the same time, and those mature and knowing hands, so skilled, possessed her, just the feel of her mother against her, skin to skin, so familiar now could still dazzle her senses.

Bella loved her, wanted her, needed her, just as impossible as Sandy loved, wanted, needed her mother. It was miraculous. She murmured to her, first her name. Just Sandy. Only Sandy. Then in Spanish- Mi amor, mi amor, my love, my love. Her love. And the rest was lost as her hands guided her, as in a dance, and she bowed back for her. Those lips skimmed up her torso, a warm, gentle line, the mouth took her breast with a quick, stunning hunger. Her sigh became a gasp that shuddered to a moan. Sandy’s fingers raked into her mother’s short hair when Bella went to draw those nipples into her mouth. She sucked them deeply, rolling her tongue around the pliant nubs while she kneaded the smooth spheres

“Yes please, yes, Oh mother, please love me, make love to me” cried Sandy with the moon and stars as only witness lf their insatiable lust.


Everything and all things, lover, soul-mate, wife, husband that was now Sandy for Bella. Mother –daughter in other times, in another, different, world. Nothing she’d ever dreamed of, even in the days of lust, passion and lesbian debauchery following her divorce, approached the reality of this. Nothing she had ever possessed until now, with the exception of her long lost children, could ever be so precious, and now she has recuperated one, in ways that no wild dream could had ever fathomed. The taste of Sandy’s body in the cool night, in the pale moon light, stirred a deep craving she now understood would never be fully sated.

She rose, lifting Sandy with her, feeling that crave spike and tear deep in her soul when her mouth went wild on her daughter’s. Once again she pressed her back to the rock bed, as she yanked Sandy’s bikini bottoms down, and a growl escaped her throat

“Mine” Bella cried to the beach moon as a wolf in heat, clamping her lips in the shaved lips of Sandy’s vagina, who had thrust it into her mouth.

“Yes yours, only yours” shouted her daughter, at the same time she darted her tongue deep inside Sandy’s core, licking and tasting the pungent but tasteful rivers or molten lava.

“Yes, god yes, yes, yes”; the first orgasm burst through Sandy body and mind, a reeling blow to her senses that left her dizzy, drunk, and in some place in outer space where she floated and floated, before slowly coming down to earth again desperate for more.

She uttered a soft cry when her mother’s fingers slipped against her nectar coated slit. Her full, warm thighs opened as she stroked her lips. Her clit felt so rigid, engorged with pleasure, slick for her agile fingers. Her smooth pussy flushed like a piece of overripe fruit while she massaged the knotted flesh.

Bella smeared Sandy’s cream everywhere, over her hairless mound and ripe upper thighs, massaging her with her own froth. Then she fingered open her wet petals and slid her middle and ring fingers inside her. Bella pushed them all the way in and rolled the pad of her thumb over the hot clit. Sandy hooked her legs around Bella’s shoulders, opening them so she would fill her, and her hips pistoned, matching her mother, stroke for frantic stroke.

The cool stone of the cove at her back, the heat of her mother against her, in her, drew her up again as she took and took. When the need built again, when Sandy felt herself about to fall into those wild eyes, she clamped around her. “Come with me mother, come with me mom, come with me mommy darling”.

“Ohhhh … ohhhhhhh … moooooooooommy…” she groaned deeply.

Bella kissed her again, fucking her tongue into her mouth while she grounded her hand against her hot vagina. The pleasure flashed, bright as a sizzling diamond, as they took the down together.


It had been fifteen wonderful days after the passage of New Year, and now, in mid January, both women had to face the reality of everyday life, work, their social life, their personal relationship as a couple, the future together or separated. What of Sandy’s life, future and studies? To clarify all these issues they needed a long, deep conversation, a sincere conversation. How was to be their relationship henceforth?; what would they actually be?, how would they entail?, would they be mother and daughter lovers?; would they be two women in love, partners and equal?; Their commitment was a commitment to total and permanent love?; it was a commitment to life and for life? Or was it just a sexual relationship with only lust and no projection of future? Was love or lust what bound them together?.

It was a time for communication, and as it is usual in the first moments of any couple, it was a difficult moment to start talking and planning any future. It was Sandy the first to bring forward and raise her concerns one night after dinner.

“Mother, I’ve been thinking, what is going to become of us?”

“What do you mean, and please, for now, just call me Bella, you don’t mind, do you baby?”

“No I don’t mind, and what I mean is, what about our future?, I’m not forcing you to anything, but ours is a bit peculiar situation”.

“I agree baby, I want to fix things with you forever. I want you with me forever, not as mother-daughter, well we will still be mother and daughter, but I want you as my life companion, permanently, I love you, I’m in love with you”.

“Ok Bella, before we take a decision, I must go east again to tie some loose ends”

“But my……”

“I promise you, if everything is as it should be, I’ll come back”


Sandy wanted to go back East to see and verify if the story her mother had told her was true, and if it was the truth, cut once and forever the few familiar bonds that even now she had with her father, because affective were none. Not that she distrusted the story her mother had told her, but fifteen years of suffering, of unanswered questions from her father, her mourning nights of crying and of silently asking for her mother, days and nights of anguish and suffering, needed a proven and credible response to start her new life with Bella, her mother, yes, but most of all, her lover, free from any suspicion of deception, so, she could be able to blindly trust her again, and be sure that she would not be abandoned again.

First thing first, Sandy went to the college where the story had begun more than twenty years ago. She has to found out first if Marie d’Aflecourt was still a professor at the university, and if not, whether they could provide her address and phone number. After several comings and goings, and her justifying whom she was, she managed to get the professor address and phone number. Once she got the address and phone, she called her to request an interview with the former teacher, focusing specifically on her identity and whom she and her mother were. The voice answering the phone, was a quivering one, and confirmed to be the old teacher, who kept expressing surprise at the contact of someone who was so far back in time and memory, however, she accepted to see the girl, pointing to the right time she could receive her.

When Sandy arrived to the house at the appointed time her surprise was tremendous as she saw a white-haired old woman opening the door. Marie d’Aflecourt was not the beautiful and gorgeous woman in her mother’s story. That lady who seemed to be more than seventy years old, was only around sixty, her face was worn and wrinkled, and showed no trace of the beauty her mother had gone mad, with love and passion, this was not the woman who had enamouraded her mother and then had abandoned and betrayed her. The white haired woman opened the door and asked:

“Won’t you come in, please” after a pause. “I’m Marie d’Aflecourt, and you would be….”

“My name is Elisa Sanderson Van Cruiff, and I’m the daughter of Annabelle Van Cruiff, your former, ejem………pupil? May I take a few minutes of your time?”

“Yes of course, I’m in retirement and had seldom any visitors these days, please take a seat. Would you like some tea, coffee, a soft drink?”

“Well, no thank you, if you don’t mind I need for you to give me some answers and after, I won’t bother you again”

The older woman looked Sandy in the eyes and asked “Ok my dear girl, what do you want to know?”

“I just want for you to tell me exactly what happened with my mother twenty years ago. Why did she disappear so suddenly leaving us, her family, for ever?”

“Well, this is what happened”

“I was a professor at Uni when Annabelle came that first year…..she was so shy and beautiful …….we fell un love, I’m a lesbian…………we were so enamored ……then after a time……….her family made her get married…………….she was so……. unhappy, except giving birth to the both of you……………..then your father did suspect….. something, he came to this house…………….and did blackmail me…….”

“But I don’t understand, how could he…………..”Said an stupefied Sandy

“Very simple, your father carried then and carry today a lot of muscle in this city, ………….I was working with a precarious visa and could be extradited……….he forced me to betray your mother…………..it was very disgraceful………I had to call your mother, made a date…………we had sex and he, he……………..video-taped everything, as a premium he wouldn’t denounce me to the authorities……………and I had to be with another woman when your mother came to me,…… ……he wanted her totally destroyed.”

Sandy couldn’t believe what she was hearing, the story was almost a carbon copy of what her mother had told her, of course her mother could never had known the importance of the role and the part her father had played in this story, in this family drama, his sinister role in the destruction of an entire family but above all the destruction and damage in the lives of his children. Sandy was livid with anger; not so much to this woman who had been a selfish puppet with no self-esteem, but to her father, she would never be able forgive him. Now she understood the destruction of photos and every memories of her mother.

“Well I thank-you very much for your time, now I must be going, thanks again”

“Elisa, if you ever find your mother, please tell her I did love her very much and I’m sorry, very sorry, I could never forget her, or forgive myself”


The next day she went to see her father and have a long and cleansing conversation with him. Around ten o’clock in the morning, the hour she knew her father would be working, she went to the building where were based the offices of her father’s law firm and going to a secretary asked point blank to see Mr. Sanderson.

“Have you an appointment ” asked the secretary, knowing too well Sandy was her boss’s daughter.

“No I have not, you just go inside and tell him Elisa wants to see him”

A few minutes later the secretary came back, and smirking told Sandy he was very busy and would see her in a little while.

Sandy was nonplused, and with a vehement “What the fuck”, she went to her father’s office and without knocking opened the door.

The secretary was terrified and just able to stammer “Sir, I didn’t…..”

“It’s ok miss Farrell, just close the door and don’t pass any calls”.

“Ok Elisa, to what do I owe the favor of your visit “

“Good morning to you too father”

“Lets slip the pleasantries and go to the point; I’m very occupied, what brings you here”.

“Ok, as usual you are much occupied to attend your children, at least me. Well I want to know what happened fifteen years ago with my mother. I want to know your version of the story”

Dr William Sanderson’s face went beet red, the veins in his neck and fore head swelled disproportionately and it seemed that he was about to suffer a heart attack. He started stuttering and then a cry shook the walls,

“I’m not talking about that damned bitch, I do not want ever to hear her name in my presence, to me is well and truly dead and if you do not want to take a kicking in the ass you never, ever, are going to ask me again anything about that woman”

“Well fuck you, dear daddy; I want to know your part in me loosing my mother when I was a baby”

Sanderson in a state of demented fury took her daughter’s shoulders and tried to get her out of his office.

“Don’t push me and don’t touch me again, I’ m not going till you tell me about my mother”

By now the shouting was heard, not only in Sanderson’ offices, but in the whole floor.

“You want to know about your dear fucking mother, ok, go and speak to her damm french professor at the University if you find her, and ask her about your dear sainted mother”

“Don’t worry, daddy dear, (sarcasm) I just did. Yesterday. I only wanted for you to deny or confirm her story, I see with your attitude you confirm her”

“Don’t talk to me in that tone young girl, and don’t talk to me again of your mother, if you do it again I will have to disavow and disinherit you,”

“First, dear daddy, I’m not a young girl anymore, I’m a woman, Respecting your avow and money you may shove them up your……..with all my respect, I have the money grandma left me, and ….surprise, surprise, I have a photograph of my mother, my brother and me from when I was four, bye for ever,… dear daddy”

And she left her home town for good. But once in the airport, before taking the plane she called Bella to wait for her.


Bella was in the airport waiting the landing of Sandy’s plane. She was extremely nervous, the call had surprised her in the middle of an important meeting and immediately she let her assistant take her place so she could go home to change clothes. Sandy had only informed her, the name of the company, the flight number and the prospective arrival hour, and of course, that she was coming for good.

Bella looked spectacular, she had changed her dark and somber work clothes of pants and jacquet for a vaporous light green silk dress that fitted sinuously her breasts, girded her waist and hips like a glove, and fell down with a large bell-shaped form to her knees, her long legs were sheathed in thin, delicate and almost transparent silk stockings reaching up to the garter belt; and her feet were clad in heels three inches high that made her legs slender. Her lingerie was the sexiest french style a woman can get, very femme, in a tone of pale green, all lace, with a surprise inside. A faint makeup in her face completed her attire with her lips highlighted a deep red. She looked like a goddess, and everybody, men and women alike, looked at her.

The flight landed and fifteen minutes later Sandy crossed the doors carrying her suitcase and looking for Bella. Her mother was in the crowd and she yelled with joy calling her name and ran to hug her dropping the bag; the two women hugged each other tightly, the mature elegantly dressed lady and her young paramour attired in jeans and red chequered shirt. They french kissed as lovers departing for ever. After a while they calmed down and returning to the real world, went to the parking lot got in Bella’s car and returned home.

Once inside the house, they went into the kitchen, pouring a glass of wine for each. Bella knew they had to talk, not everything was about sex, there were big steps to take for their future lives if they thought themselves worthy of the love they had for the other. With their ups and downs they had been together for more than six months, not always living in the same physical place, but emotionally depending on each other.

Bella had purposely made of their relationship a slow race, letting Sandy take her own pace, she did not want for Sandy to get lost in her, to not being able to identify herself anymore, something she knew had to be the norm for her in their relationships for awhile; she wanted a committed relationship, not a plaything relationship; she wanted to have her in her bed every night, but not only on her bed, she was a perfect girlfriend and lover but she had found that she didn’t know what was happening inside her mind and heart. Bella was wary.

“Shall we go to the couch to talk my love” Said Bella cautiously.

“Yes of course, I have lots of stuff I want to tell you”

“Ok, shall we start with your trip East. How it went?” asked Bella

“Well mother let me tell you; I went to see Madame Marie d’Aflecourt and….”

Hearing that name Bella’s mind started spinning and her new hard erected world seemed to go crashing down. The horrors of fifteen years back returned to her mind with all its strength and she saw herself again impoverished, beaten, intoxicated, sexually abused and betrayed by those she loved most. Her face went distorted with a deathly pallor. Her daughter excitedly telling her what she had learned and the steps she has taken didn’t seem to realize what was happening to her mother until the glass that Bella was holding in her hand hit the floor and brought Sandy back to reality, then she realized what was happening with her mother.

“Oh mother, mother I’m sorry, so sorry, what happening to you mother….”

Bella tried to compose herself, she poured more wine in a new glass and taking a sip made Sandy tell her tale; when her daughter was finished she took several deep calming breaths and asked:

“Tell me my dear, what are your plans for your life from now onward? “

Sandy seemed not to understand the question, she looked her mother straight in the eyes and said:

“Well, unless you don’t want me to, I was thinking about living with you and for you forever, whatever the terms you want to be”

“My love, nothing has changed, I’m desperately in love with you, and I love you more every day, I want for us to be a couple, to be wife and wife, we are equals, partners in life, I want, if you want, to legally marry you, and if you are game, some day to have a baby with you, I want that and much more”

Sandy was astonished, now, knowing the past of her mother and her suffering , she could understand her, and her love for her became a real thing, she loved her as a human being, not only as her mother, she loved her as a woman with whom live theirs lives together.

“Yes mother, I want you, I desire you, and I want us to live together forever, I’ll be your wife and you mine”

“Ok baby, I don’t want anybody from our earlier lives to found us, we will create our own cosy world to live, and promise me as I promise you, will try to be happy and never fight”

Sandy was pensive, she went back to the seat she had been occupying and Bella looked over at her, chewing on the inside of her lip.

“Are you okay?” she asked her daughter, finishing the rest of the vine in her glass.

“Yes” Sandy said softly.

Bella met her eyes and she blinked at her, realizing that her breathing had changed.

“What’s wrong baby?” Bella asked, turning slightly towards her.

Sandy shook her head, “I want to go to bed.”

Bella studied her flushed cheeks and her eyes. She nodded and stood, Sandy standing with her.

They went to the bedroom and Sandy slid her hands down Bella body in a sensual caress and with surprise found her hard.

“My, my, well, I see you have with you your hockey stick, were you planning to play some game today or….tonight”

Bella’s face went crimson “No, no, not with you my love, at least not today, I …I don’t know what came into me, what happened today to me, I think I just needed to carry on”

And with a subtle and rapid movement under her dress she tried to took-off the harness with the strap-on.

“Oh no, no, no, not so fast” said and excited Sandy, “”I want to see it on you in all your glory”, And with that she took Bella’s hands in her own to impede her taking the strap-on off her.

“Now you’ll let me undress you, slowly, very slowly, I want to see what is underneath this precious dress, dear mother”

And with that, Sandy let her mother’s hands go and very slowly started undressing her.

She unbuttoned the back and let the dress slither down Bella’s body to the floor. The vision presented to her eyes was amazing, a beautiful, sculpted body, with a set of pale green silk lingerie, perky breasts with large nipples swollen by passion, which were in full erection and standing out prominently pushed against the soft thin fabric of her partly transparent bra. Her legs encased in beautiful transparent nylon stockings keeping tight up by a sexy garter belt, and her feet encased in high heel shoes that delineated her legs in all its glory, but the more exciting thing for Sandy was the vision of the crotch of her mother; she was granted an enchanting view of her small, tiny, translucent pale green lace panties at the triangular junction of her thighs, thorough the bikini panties she could see displayed the obscenity sight of a big strap-on. It was the vision of a goddess with a huge package in between her legs and under the panties.

They hugged each other tightly and their mouths joined in a frenzied series of deep kisses, their tongues searching every corner of their mouths and intertwined in a fierce war, saliva dropped out the corner of their mouths as they couldn’t swallow so much, meanwhile they were trying to undress each other, well Bella was trying to undress. Sandy as she was in her underwear, but the latter felt the pressure of something hard in her crotch above her jeans, it was Bella’s strap-on, who was trying desperately to get Sandy’s shirt out her pants to slide her hands up her torso so she would be able to get her hands on Sandy’s swollen nipples.

Sandy reached out, cupping Bella’s face and rested her cheek against her palm, her eyes closing. Then, the girl literally swept her off of her feet and walked to the bedroom.. Bella thought

“All my life I had waited to meet someone like her, and I gave birth to her, it was meant to be. Someone that wasn’t on a different level, but on the exact same plane; an equal, my equal. I don’t care if outsiders look at us and think Sandy is the lesser or the weaker person between the two of us, because she is so young, I know what this meant for both of us. Sandy is not weaker, and she isn’t beneath me. She had just as much power as I have”

Sandy took off her clothes slowly, her lungs filling with air as she taught herself how to breathe again. Bella’s face was more flushed, her nostrils flaring lightly as she watched her, the air shifting between them. She was nude; they stood in front of one another. Sandy reached out and with one decisive snap, took off her bra. Bella inhaled surprised, her eyes widening; Sandy let it drop between them.

“I love you” Bella whispered.

Sandy’s mouth parted and she closed her eyes as though trying to wake herself up from a dream. She opened them again, her blue eyes big in understanding.

She didn’t reach for her, didn’t move. Saying the final words that both of them needed to hear out loud. “I’m yours.” The moment she said it, she felt her heart rise out of her chest and Bella was in her arms, their mouths meeting. Need, Want, Longing, Desire, Lust, Care. The words circling around them, they slid onto the bed together.

Bella held her, their arms tight around one another. “I love you too”,

“I know” whispered Sandy, kissing her soft lips.

They embraced, looking deep into each others eyes, Bella was lying on her back and Sandy at her side caressing her breasts and nipples with her right hand, then she was slowly lowering her hand down Bella’s body massaging her tummy, navel and the top of her panties whilst her mouth licked and sucked her breasts and nipples, she then moved her hand slowly down inside Bella’s panties and as if caressing a man, with her hand grabbed and began slowly to masturbate the big dildo. After a few minutes of this play Sandy took off Bella the panties and the harnessed dildo.

Sandy dipped her head and softly kissed Bella’s vulva, the thick folds of labial flesh reddish pink, with bright beads of moisture standing out like dew in the curly coils hair. She swiped her tongue into the turgid crevice, tasting the salt, she was absolutely slick now. And as she licked deeper, her mom stiffened, exhaling a single deep gasp as she rose up almost on her toes. Sandy found her mother’s clitoris, flicked the bud one time, two times, several times, Bella’s hands grasping the head of her daughter but not pushing it away. Sandy sank her tongue deeper, over the entire length of her slit, twirling it into her, flicking her clit again, fast, pressing onto it.

“Tell me, where you want me to begin” Sandy said.

Bella bit her lip and smiled. She rolled over onto her stomach, and then slid a pillow under her pelvis. She turned her face to Sandy expectantly.

“Taste me everywhere” she said “I’ll show you where to start and where to stop”

Reaching behind her back, she traced a line with her finger from the middle of her back down to the crack of her ass. Tugging her cheeks aside, she laid her fingertip at the dark rim of her asshole. Sandy grinned, then slid beside her mother, and kissed her shoulder, moving her tongue over her delectable flesh. Bella sighed with contentment and slid her other hand down between her legs.

The stories I submit are based on actual experiences that have changed my life. Of course names are changed to protect all involved.


Who would have thought that when a good friend of mine invited me and my wife to his retirement party we would fuck the night away. I have known Mike for more than 20 years having worked for the same company for several years before he retired from an injury.

Mike was married to a very beautiful young woman, Becky, who I had known since she was about 15 years old. Mike and I were several years older than she but he ended up married to Becky. Over the years we kept in touch but didn’t spend a lot of time together. When Mike retired Becky threw a big party which my wife and I were invited to attend. Of course we wanted to celebrate the occasion and agreed to go.

The night started off innocently enough with lots of people we worked with telling stories, laughing, re-living the good old days, and drinking. I always thought Becky was hot and often fantasized fucking her. As the night went on we all got drunk and the party got crazy. As I staggered out of the restroom I found Becky standing outside waiting to use it next. She asked me to wait to help her walk back to the dance floor. I waited a few minutes and Becky opened the door and asked if I knew where the paper towels were. I walked in and she closed the door behind me and locked it.

I looked at her and we immediately began kissing. The kissing quickly turned to grabbing each other. I spun Becky around and pressed her against the wall. As I kissed her neck I slowly unzipped her dress while she reached back and unzipped my pants reaching for my cock. Now Becky was only 24 years old, 5’7″, Long Brown hair, 34 C tits, and a 24″ waist, with intoxicating green eyes. Once her dressed was unzipped I pulled it down to reveal the most perfect tits and ass in a white G string. I reached between her legs and found that she was soaking wet and knew she was horny as hell by the way she moaned in my ear. She turned to face me and immediately dropped to her knees and wrapped her beautiful mouth around my 8″ cock and swallowed me balls deep. Her tongue felt like velvet as she sucked and licked my cock. I wanted to explode but she stopped me short my squeezing my balls and saying, “not yet, inside me.”

As she stood up we again began kissing deeply and passionately. She turned her back to me and said that she has wanted me to fuck her ever since we first met but that she married Mike and I married Sue. With that I confessed my fantasies of her and began fucking her from behind. In less than two minutes she began to orgasm and was doing all she could not to scream. I continued to fuck her and with her third orgasm I exploded inside her filling her with my cum.

As soon as we finished she began sucking my cock clean of any cum I had left and of all of her sweet juices. With cum dripping from her pussy she stood up and put four fingers inside herself and pulled them out like a cup filled cum. She looked at her hand then me and began licking it up like a cat before putting it all in her mouth and swallowing.

Lucky for us there were two doors to the bathroom and each of us left through separate doors. Outside each door was a line of unsuspecting people waiting. Becky and I met back on the dance floor where Mike and Sue were engaged in a slow dance. Perfect I thought and asked Becky to dance. What a rush dancing next to my friend and wife with the woman I just fucked. As we danced close to Mike and Sue, Becky reached out and grabbed Sue’s ass telling her she had a nice ass and wanted to spank it. Sue laughed and told her she was drunk and thanked her for the compliment. She returned the favor by grabbing Becky’s ass and asked if her tits were as firm as her tight ass. Becky grabbed Sue’s hand, placed it inside her dress and on her bare tits, and asked, “Are they?” To my surprise Sue squeezed Becky’s tits several times before telling her that her ass and tits were both firm enough to bounce a quarter off of.

After the dancing the four of us sat and talked for a while before Mike asked us to look at the new car he bought Becky. We walked outside and the cold mountain air caused Sue and Becky’s nipples to instantly harden. Since neither wore a bra the effect was obvious and I quickly pointed it out Mike. Mike bought Becky a new Porsche and on the front seat was a box he had placed without Becky knowing. Becky looked puzzled and Mike told her to open it. When she opened her eyes widened. She then took out a very sexy white lace teddy. This was unusual for Mike because he was very reserved especially in intimacy. While holding the teddy up for us to see Becky floored us all when she said that tonight had lots of surprises and asked if that meant she gets to have two men or a woman or both?

I about chocked when Sue, who was always very reserved, told Becky and Mike to come over to our house after the party for a Jacuzzi and we would see where the night takes us. Becky immediately agreed but Mike hesitated and began making excuses about having to pick up their daughter. Becky told Mike that she wanted to go and that the daughter was spending the night with her grandparents.

The party ended with a slow dance and again we had switched partners, Mike with sue and me with Becky. I looked over and was delighted to see Mike kissing Sue’s neck and feeling her ass. I was shocked to see Sue’s right hand rubbing Mike’s cock between them thinking no one could see. I told Becky who laughed and said this will be a night to remember. With that she asked Mike if she could cut in. He said sure and Sue began backing up to allow them to dance. She was caught off guard when Beck grabbed her to dance with.

As they playfully danced Becky made their way to dark corner. Very few guests were left and most were sitting at tables. I watched as they danced and saw Becky talking with Sue and Sue laughing. The laughter turned to a longing stare which lead to a quick kiss from Becky then back to dancing. As the song neared the end I saw Becky pull Sue into her and the two hold each other tight. When the song ended Becky grabbed Sue’s ass and kissed her hard and Sue allowed Becky’s tongue to snake into her mouth for a long French kiss.

They returned to where Mike and I were standing not knowing we watched them. Sue said we had to go and again asked Mike and Becky to come over. As Sue and Becky parted they held hands until Sue was in the truck. Sue and I didn’t talk about what happened at the dance but rather about getting home and getting the Jacuzzi heated and wondering if Mike and Becky would really show up. I broached the subject and asked what she plans to do if they do show up? Sue said she wasn’t sure but that she was extremely horny and that maybe one of my fantasies would come true. I couldn’t let that go and asked which one? She said I would have to wait.

Mike and Becky arrived less than thirty minutes after we got home. The Jacuzzi wasn’t quite ready so I poured everyone a drink not wanting the mood to soften. As we laughed and talked Sue said she was cold and wanted to get in the spa. She had already changed into a sexy bikini and asked Becky if she need to borrow a suit. Sue and Becky are very close to the same size in every way and looks also. Becky grabbed Sue by the face and said, “Honey, I’m not shy” and with that she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. There she was the same naked body I fucked earlier standing before her husband and my wife wearing that white G String.

Becky giggled and grabbed Sue’s hand and began running toward the spa. Once at the spa Becky and Sue jumped in. Mike and I quickly joined them. After a few minutes Becky took off her G String and held it up for us to see. She then walked over to Sue and said, “Okay Baby, I’m naked, now your turn.” With that Becky untied Sue’s top which Sue did not resist. There they were, our wives topless and Mike and I staring. I broke the ice and told them that I loved their tits and couldn’t wait to see the rest of their beautiful bodies. Sue laughed a sultry laugh and didn’t give Becky the chance to take her bottoms. She reached beneath the water and immediately held up her bikini bottoms.

Not to be out done I took off my suit and Mike the one I loaned him. We sat nude in the bubbling water with very little to be seen. I turned the spa up to 102 degrees and it was getting out. I said the hot water was making me light headed and got out exposing my hardened cock. Sue said, “Brad, oh my God” and everyone laughed. I quickly said, “What! Two gorgeous naked women in my spa gets my dick hard.” Mike said he agreed and also got out with a raging hard on. Sue again said Oh my God and we laughed.

With Mike and me out of the spa Becky made her way over to Sue and asked if she too was light headed. Without giving her a chance to answer Becky moved in and began kissing Sue and feeling her naked body. Mike and I watched as the kiss turned into making out and hands feeling each other’s body above and below the water. After a minute or two Sue grabbed Becky by the hand and escorted her out of the water, into the house, and into the living room in front of the fire pace where I had a very warm fire burning. As they lay down Sue told Becky, “Brad has always wanted to see me fuck another girl and you said give you two guys or a girl. I’ve never fucked a girl but want to fuck you right here right now.” Becky told Sue, “I haven’t fucked a girl either but have fantasied about it and lick my own fingers after I fuck myself pretending it is another girl’s pussy. I want a woman tonight”

With that Becky and sue began kissing and petting each other. Timidly Sue worked her way down to suck Becky’s tits one then the other. Becky moaned loudly as she played with and pulled Sue’s long hair. Both women had shaved pussies and complimented each other on the grooming. Simultaneously each reached for the others pussy and began fingering. The moans grew louder and Becky growled for Sue to fuck her and fuck her hard. Sue began pumping two then three fingers in and out of Becky’s pussy that was wet and she was about to cum. She screamed as her orgasm hit, a sound I had heard earlier, and pumped her hips to meet Sue’s hand. As the orgasm subsided Becky pushed Sue onto her back and without hesitation spread Sue’s legs and planted her face on Sue’s naked mound. Sue screamed Oh Shit as she felt Becky’s tongue lap at her juices that were flowing.

Knowing what she likes Becky inserted two fingers into Sue’s pussy as she licked sending Sue into spasms as she had multiple orgasms. Becky put Sue over the top and made her squirm when just as Sue’s orgasm slowed she stuck a finger into Sue’s ass that was well lubed with all of the pussy juices that were flowing. Sue tried to squirm away but Becky kept her close and turned her over onto her stomach with her as in the air. Becky smacked Sue’s ass telling her it was nice and tight and needed to be fucked. Sue protested slightly as Becky began licking her ass and the protest stopped when Becky began slowly inserting her well lubed finger into her ass again and again. Soon Sue was fucking Becky’s hand asking for more and allowing Becky to place two fingers into her virgin ass.

As Sue and Becky fucked Sue yelled “honey get my toys please.” I quickly ran to our bedroom and retrieved Sue’s rabbit and her 8″ dildo. When I returned Sue told Becky “my turn” and pushed her ass backward causing Becky to fall onto her back. Sue slid up Becky’s naked body and sat on her face in a 69 position and demanded Becky eat her pussy. Sue then bent down and licked Becky’s wet pussy while motioning for her toys. I handed them to her and Becky screamed and giggled as Sue turned on the rabbit and stuck inside her and used every combination of motion it has to offer. After Becky had multiple orgasms herself Sue moistened the dildo with Becky’s juices and told Becky to turn over. Becky hesitated and Sue told her turnabout is fair play bitch now turn over.

Becky did as she was told and Sue smacked her as several times on each cheek asking her if she wants to be fucked my two men or a woman. Becky’s answer of she didn’t know lead to more smacks and a more stern asking of the same question. After three or four smacks Becky screamed “A woman, I want a woman to fuck me.” Sue smiled and began licking Becky’s ass and lubing it with the juices she sucked from Becky’s pussy. Sue pressed on Becky’s ass with a finger which made Becky jump as it went inside. Becky moaned and asked for more which Sue gladly gave her. When Sue had three fingers pumping in and out of Becky’s tight ass she knew she was ready. Sue pushed Becky’s head down and pulled her ass up. Slowly Sue licked the dildo and pushed it into Becky’s soaking wet pussy. When it was nice and wet she began teasing Becky’s ass and gently worked the dildo around until the head popped into her ass and then the shaft little by little. The more Sue fucked Becky’s ass with the dildo the more Becky wanted to be fucked. Sue eventually had the dildo inside Becky’s tight ass and was pumping Becky to yet more orgasms. After several orgasms Becky begged Sue to stop and just fuck her pussy and face.

Sue obliged Becky’s request and the two lay side by side fondling, fingering, and fucking each other’s pussy followed by licking of juices from their fingers. They passionately kissed and Sue asked Becky if she did okay for her first time fucking another girl. Becky laughed and told her she had never been fucked that good by a man and that for her first fucking by a woman it was fantastic. Becky asked Sue if she did okay for her first time with a woman and Sue kissed her passionately then told her she loved it and wants more.

As the talked about each other’s performance Mike and I made our way down beside them. The four of us lay naked in front of the fire talking about how hot they looked with each other and how much it turned us on to watch them. Sue really shocked me when she reached for Mike’s cock instead of mine and asked if he really liked it. Feeling Mike’s hard cock in her hand she said I guess you did. Becky asked Sue if she could suck my cock, not that she hadn’t already but wanted to play it safe, and Sue said absolutely.

The night continued but that is another story.

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