lesbian spank

(I have much respect for the lesbian community and have and had several lesbian and bisexual women friends who became experimental lovers. It Is agreed that there are people at the extremes and those who chose to have a sexual moment with the opposite sex even though they identify themselves as lesbians. I am not generalizing in this story but using my real experiences of over 30 years as a male submissive.)


When I was 38, after a five year unsuccessful relationship came crashing down I bumped into my lesbian friend Shara at the swim club. Sensing that I was down she invited me to the beach to meet some people and possibly make some new friends so I won’t be so lonely. Shara was a 5ft 6in. tall longhaired blonde blue eyed surfer chick with an all over tan wearing tight clothing showing her buff body with all the curves in the right places. Shara a sworn lesbian long ago gave up sex with men trading her tastes for pussy. Knowing her back ground after many intimate conversations I didn’t blame her one bit. We always teased each other about dating because Shara knew I had a crush on her which made her flirt with me all the more. Knowing I was a sensitive man with a kind generous heart with a love for women, Shara knew I could easily be taken advantage of. We had some long conversations about my breakup and after gaining trust in each other Shara became my mentor about women.

I told Shara all about my past relationships and she noticed a trend that I always chose dominant women who disliked intercourse preferring only oral sex. All the women saw that pleasuring me was just a chore preferring me to masturbate alone. Shara said she was sorry to say but to a real hardcore lesbian the sight, smell, and feel of semen is a real turn off making her think the women in my past had lesbian tendencies. When I told her about my last relationship my girlfriend’s goal was to make me her personal “male lesbian”. A term she personally coined; a submissive male who wore women’s lingerie in the bedroom using only his mouth her oral pleasures and voluntarily bending over for her to screw me with a strapon. I also told her that my girlfriend loved spanking me for any reason. Keeping a straight face Shara told me that some dominant lesbian women enjoy giving a spanking, which is a way to assert her authority. Spanking is a very intimate way of communication as well as a good method of seduction, adding that a well given spanking produces the willingness of a submissive to do the dominants will. Shara told me she wasn’t at all surprised about my submission into these activities telling me that my girlfriend probably has a latent closet desire to be lesbian and was acting out with me which was probably the reason why we split up.

Shara then asked me about my failed marriage. I admit that my wife was another woman that preferred oral sex over intercourse. Early in her life she got turned off men after working successfully as a hooker in New York for several years. Latching onto me she took advantage of my submissive nature almost spending me into bankruptcy. I told her the best gift she gave me was schooling me for hours in bed teaching me to pleasure her pussy with my tongue. Shara wanted to know if this woman was local and what was her name. When I told Shara that her name was Judi she wanted to know her last name and when I told her much to both of our surprise Shara not only knew her but has slept with her many times and they were good friends. Shara told me you’re right about her knowledge of oral sex Judi has a reputation of being the girl with the golden tongue. Shara told me if I’m as half as good as my ex-wife she could see why my last girlfriend wanted me to be her lesbian lover. Wanting to know why Judi and I split up I told Shara it was partially over money and that she was seeing several women behind my back. I didn’t find out about the hooking or lesbianism until after we divorced. Judi got a taste for pussy in New York and it never left her mouth. I told Shara that the last time I saw Judi was after she gave me a bare handed butt whipping slamming the bedroom door as I was still wiggling on the bed from the spanking.

Shara told me that she didn’t want to psycho analyze me but my being drawn to dominant lesbian women was not a sickness or was it wrong being possibly a subconscious desire for healing in that area. Shara told me my biggest mistakes were marrying them or thinking I could have a long-term relationship. She told me if I look back over the time I spent with these women I actually enjoyed being with them for the most part until the breakups. I learned valuable information about the insides of these women and how they tick making me the person that I am today. I told Shara that I grew up with women preferring to be around women more than men. I was always accepted in their circles and welcomed into their conversations. At parties I would always vacillate towards the women circles for companionship rather than hit on them. It seemed that the dominant dyke types who sensed where I was coming from initiated relationships. Shara told me that I need to get over the guilt that I’ve done things wrong in the past and pursue my “male lesbian self” with the women who fully understand where I’m coming from. Communication and my actions are most important if I wish to continue pursuing these types of women.

One day we ended up sharing a bench at the beach talking and watching the ocean Shara could see that I was beginning to cry so she scooted next to me holding me in her arms. Stroking my hair she moved her lips over mine kissing me with a closed mouth until I responded increasing the passion by pushing her tongue into my mouth licking the insides of my lips. Shara broke the kiss and looked directly into my eyes telling me I accept your male lesbianism but I think you still have a lot of guilt to get over. I’m going to follow you to your place and the first thing I’m going to do is to punish you for all the guilt your feeling. I’m a lot like your girlfriend who loves giving a good whipping but this time I’m your close friend and will not leave you afterwards. After the spanking I’m going to give you a few lessons myself in lesbian etiquette and if you’re good boy I may see how gold your tongue is. We quickly left the beach excitedly driving to my place. I watched Shara walking in front of me wearing her sexy cut off jeans with the bare curves of her sexy ass showing wiggling her hips showing off her body telling me she was interested. I saw a pink handkerchief in her back pocket but nothing connected so I didn’t bother asking.

In the car we discussed discipline which was the perfect place because there was no way to escape. I told Shara I had been spanked by my parents as a child and in my teens I often fantasized about being spanked by dominant women wearing garters and stockings. Shara inquired if I enjoyed getting spanked. I told her the fantasy was more exciting than reality. I enjoyed thinking about being dominated and spanked yet when I knew I was actually going to be disciplined I got butterflies in my stomach just like when I was a kid. I admitted that I willingly took the whippings never fighting the blows and accepting my fate. I also confessed that whenever I felt the need I would ask my girlfriend for a whipping and she would gladly do it with full intensity showing no mercy. Shara told me that the women in the past punished me because they were angry because they were not allowed to share their lesbianism with them even though I was being groomed to be there lesbian lover. Shara told me that the whipping she’s going to give me today will be the beginning of erasing all of those old feelings and accepting the fact that I am a “male lesbian”.

When we arrived at my place we embraced and kissed passionately before we got out of the car then walked arm and arm to my front door. Stepping inside the door Shara locked it tightly telling me the next time I went outside I was coming out as a true “male lesbian”. Shara told me she usually likes to perform ritual whippings sky clad to honor the goddess suggesting that we both shower together ridding both of our bodies of the nervousness of being naked together making it easier for a cleansing whipping for healing. Shara warned me that being with a lesbian has nothing to do with intercourse or semen instructing me to go into the bathroom alone masturbate into the toilet and clean myself thoroughly. She told me she would be waiting for me meditating about the ritual. Shara told me that masturbation was nothing dirty or sinfully wrong and that I was to think about eating her pussy while I came enjoy only the orgasm and not the fact that I was eliminate useless semen. Shara kissed me reminding me that I was still a man and I had biological needs and that coming on a regular basis kept my genitals working properly. Shara helped me get undressed pulling off my shirt and jeans finding out I was still wearing women’s panties which turned her on because she wore the same brand.

As soon as she removed her halter top showing off her beautiful breasts I started getting an erection and when she remove her panties showing off her shaved pussy I was rock hard. My face turned red and Shara quickly schooled me that there was nothing wrong with responding to a woman’s naked body having an erection is the male lesbian’s way of showing that he is attracted to her admitting that when lesbian women see attractive women their nipples get hard, their clits get erect like your cock, pussies get wet just like my cock dribbling pre-come which is like women’s come and the pupils in our eyes were already beginning to dilate getting sexually turned on.Giving my cock a few strokes Shara told me that she is an agreement with the women in my past because she too has no use for a hard cock other than to watch me get excited looking at her. Honestly telling me it’s not at all about cock teasing it’s about a way of life for a lesbian. Shara told me that her lips were for kissing, her pussy was for licking and sometimes her asshole was for worshipping with a willing mouth. The very thought of a male phallus entering any of her orifices was out of the question and taboo because there would be no pleasure in it at all. Knowing I was a little confused Shara kissed me fully on the lips then told me I may not understand the concept today but soon I will? Shara motioned me with a smile to take care of myself and then call her into the bathroom when I was ready.

I gave Shara a warm hug thanking her for the needed lecture promising her I didn’t bring her home for sex admitting that I was attracted to her magical lesbianism. Shara thanked me telling me and that I was a good candidate to explore the lesbian mystique giving me a swat on the butt sternly ordering me to get going. With Shara I didn’t feel like I had to hide but I closed the door knowing she preferred not watching me come. Grabbing my favorite hand cream pouring a judicious amount along the shaft I started masturbating thinking of licking Shara’s pussy. I thought about how much pleasure I could give her sending my good vibes her way almost like a sex magic technique. I was mentally sending her my positive sexual energy thinking about pleasuring her entire body connected to her clitoris. As I stroked my cock it no longer was a fantasy and it was becoming true as my heart started racing, my tongue began licking my lips as if I was already performing oral sex. Suddenly I could actually feel my lips kissing her labia lips opening them up to get my tongue deep inside of her. When I envisioned sucking her clitoris my fingers were busy massaging the head of my cock. The feelings were so intense I pointed my cock into the toilet and began spewing my worthless seed into the bowl. I was crying shamelessly out loudl as I came envisioning coming with Shara with my lips pursed around her clitoris. I lost track of how many times I squirted but my balls ached when I finally stopped. My heart was pounding and I could hardly stand up but I quickly washed off my cock as Shara ordered.

In a soft voice I called Shara who slowly walked into the bathroom still fingering her pussy. Admitting that she was lying on her back meditating and masturbating thinking of my well trained tongue swirling inside of her pussy knowing that my ex-wife tasted her many times. Shana confessed to having a bit of a magical orgasm getting a sign from the goddess that she was to take me into her group giving me a place where I belong. Under the warm water of the shower we kissed, touched, and caressed each other soaping our bodies completely until we were squeaky clean. Walking into the bedroom with warm towels wrapped around us we sat down next to each other so that Shara could give me another lesson. Shara told me that the women in my past had the right idea about whipping me except they were doing it for all the wrong reasons punishing me for not accepting their lesbianism. This time Shara said in a soft sexy voice to begin my healing she wanted me to experience a different kind of whipping with an even more intense pain but for very specific reason rather than for another woman’s selfish disappointments. Pulling a thin and red strap from her shorts Shara held it up to my face saying with this strap I can take you all the way to the top of your pain threshold and hold it there as you cry out letting go of the past. I can sense that you’re ready and I just need to have your consent.

I told Shara that she has shown me my inner feelings opening new doors to places I would love to go. I told her I understood for the first time the importance of masturbating alone because there’s no place for useless sperm with a lesbian. I told her that I also sensed that the timing is right for healing and that I trusted in her to give me the strapping. Placing me in the center of the bed face down Shara told me she was going to be continuously lashing me first into a lustful state, second into a painful state, and thirdly to hell and back where I’d be begging for mercy. Shara said that people that have withstood these whippings changed forever. Shara warned me that this was only going to be the first of several depending upon how much healing I needed. Shara told me that she needed to at least tie your wrists to the headboard because the feeling of helplessness will bring me farther down. I actually had a pair of handcuffs so I handed them to Shara who smiled asking me how many times these have been used. Honestly I told her I had suffered plenty of whippings being cuffed.

Once I was secured to the headboard Shara knelt in front of my face so my eyes had a good look at her excited pussy telling me to keep my thoughts off of my cock and only on serving her pleasure with my tongue promising me that if I withstood the terrors of the whipping I would be drinking from her goddess cup within the hour. Standing proudly naked on the left side of the bed so that she could swing the strap freely with her right arm Shara told me that she was ready to perform the ritual whipping. Ordering me to keep my eyes closed concentrating only on me pleasuring her pussy with my tongue. Without saying a word Shara began slowly whipping my body from the top of my shoulders all the way down to my calves. Starting with stinging flicks Shara started snapping the end of the strap expertly on my bare flesh slowly exciting every nerve ending in my body. I have been whipped many times on this bed but this was nothing like the whipping I was experiencing putting my concentration on licking her pussy and taking the licks for healing.

Shara slowly had my entire body crying out. It was all I could do to concentrate on the visual of her open waiting pussy she had just given me. My body was heaving and writhing to the lash as my heart rate increased and my breathing became shallow fighting to take a breath as fast as I could between lashes. As I was getting lashed I was slowly wiggling like a snake and my hips were moving as if something was entering my asshole. Shara started lashing my bare cheeks across my crack so hard I felt the strap was actually fucking me making me respond by rising up and down with each lustful lash. Whipping me faster and faster I responded as if I was getting fucked in the ass. I actually felt like a giant dildo was spreading my asshole and fucking me. I actually heard Shara during the whipping in a very soft seductive voice inviting me to give in to the feelings and allow her to fuck me. Crying out with every blow and pounding the bed up and down with my hips and I suddenly had an orgasm that was nothing like having an orgasm with my cock because my entire body was writhing and climaxing still moving up and down on the bed as she continued strapping my ass.

Ordering me to get on all fours Shara grabbed my ponytail of with her left hand and started wailing on my sensitive lower cheeks with the full brunt of the leather strap. Each time she struck me of my entire body lounged forward then she would yank me back by my ponytail so that I would be in place for the next blow. I felt like a seesaw as she rhythmically striped my bare ass back and forth. I was struggling with the handcuffs because Shara was right the intense whipping made me want to escape. I tried wiggling my ass but after several hard snaps on my balls taking my breath away Shara warned me to and keep my legs closed and stay still because she wouldn’t mind whipping my balls off. Hearing that I quickly closed my legs bit my tongue and took my medicinal licks. Crying out with every lick of the strap Shara began cursing me screaming that my ex-wife Judi should have enslaved me at the beginning of our relationship enjoying her lesbian lovers with blessings from the goddess. Shara told me that she often talked about being married to a submissive male but she didn’t think he would accept her lesbianism. Shara said little does Judi know that her ex-husband is a full fledge pussy licker. Shara promised as she lashed away to plan a reunion so that both of us could meet and share feelings.

Shara asked me if I was ready to go to hell. Without waiting she began to painfully whip my back beating me into the sheets. Whipping my shoulder muscles until my arms could barely lift my body on all fours I collapsed on the bed sobbing uncontrollably. Since I couldn’t hold still Shara jumped up on the bed and sat on my thighs continuing whipping my bare flesh until it was entirely streaked with welts. I could feel Shara spitting on my asshole and pushing her two middle fingers inside up to the second knuckle pulling nastily backwards to open me up and hold me still. Shara was determined to whip the pains of the past out of me. As promised my entire body felt like it was on fire and I was burning in hell causing me to cry out of control. Looping the belt around my neck Shara squeeze until she took my breath away placing her mouth next to my right ear telling me to never forget the power of the feminine and that I owe my very breath to the goddess; once I realized this truth practicing it every day I would be set free. Shara loosened a belt as I gulped down precious oxygen from the goddess repeating the choke several times as she continued fingering my asshole. On the last cinch of the belt cutting off my air, Shara told me that I would never be free if I didn’t give it up. Totally shaken and sobbing Shara finally removed the handcuffs leaving the belt around my neck as a reminder that she wasn’t finished removing my demons.

Shara took me in her arms urging me to keep crying and let all of my past flow out of my body through my tears. Holding my head between her beautiful breasts Shara stroked my hair and helped wash the tears from my eyes telling me in a sexy voice everything’s going to be OK. After the whipping I felt that Shara and I had a new connection because of her understanding of the women in my past and dealing with the hidden lifestyle I desired. Slowly Shara eased me on my striped back pinning me to the bed. Looking deeply in my eyes without saying a word Shara placed her lips around mine slowly tickling my lips with the tip of her tongue then gently easing it inside urging me to suck it. Feeling my lips pursing around her tongue she slowly began fucking my mouth surprising me how long her tongue really was. I could feel Shara pushing her right knee into my crotch lifting my balls and finding the sensitive area between slowly massaging my prostate gland externally. Luring my tongue out of my mouth I decided to use a technique that Judi taught me by making love to Shara’s mouth as if it was her pussy.

When you think of it a woman’s mouth is a lot like her pussy. I began lightly kissing, sucking, and licking all around her lips as my right hand started caressing her left breast and my left hand slowly explored the curves of her beautiful ass. I couldn’t believe that this beautiful woman who just whipped me to hell and back was in my arms allowing me to make love to her with my mouth. I forgot all about the stripes on my back getting scratched by the quilt beneath me inflaming the nerve endings to cry out. All my fantasies about Shara were smashed like glass from the whipping and I was in the process of tenderly making love to her as a true “male lesbian”.

When I pushed my tongue into Shara’s mouth she started moaning when she found out how long it was. I’m sure she couldn’t wait to have it inside her vagina. Judi and I went to a Yoga seminar on “How to lengthen your tongue” which greatly increased our oral lovemaking techniques as we practiced this technique. Every morning we sat cross-legged facing each other we methodically pulled out our tongues kneading and massaging them loosening the tight muscles and then taking a washcloth we began pulling and twisting visualizing it slowly lengthening. When we kissed we exercised our tongues by sucking and pulling them like a vacuum cleaner. Judi had one set of powerful lungs sucking so hard I thought she would suck my tongue out of my mouth completely. After several months of daily exercises we noticed a change in the length and the strength of our tongues as well as the different ways we could move them especially during oral sex. After we split up I continued the exercises surprising many lady friends with my tongue.

After giving Shara’s mouth a powerful tongue fucking convincing her what it would feel like when I finally got it inside her pussy, I withdrew my tongue and started sucking Shara’s tongue gently just like I would be sucking her clit. Shara was moaning in my mouth enjoying all the sensations. Shara was getting so turned on she told me that was enough teasing it’s time for the real thing. Straddling my head she lowered her crotch to my mouth. I could tell she was already soaking wet as my tongue began exploring her labia lips already engorged with blood swollen from excitement. Forcefully pushing my head into the sheets Shara began grinding her labia lips on my own lips squealing for me to stick to my long tongue deep in her pussy. Making my tongue as thick as possible imitating the size of a real cock I started deeply tongue fucking Shara driving her crazy with a lust. I think that’s why I like lesbians and bisexuals women because they appreciate the fine art of cunnlinigus.

I tried to pleasure Shara with as many techniques as I could sucking and biting her labia lips, licking the bridge between her pussy and anus back and forth teasing her until she forcible made me tongue fuck her pussy. Sensing she was just about ready to come I slowly started licking her clit which surprisingly was quite large fully erect and sticking its head outside her hood. I tried not to lick hard but she demanded more making me think that all the years of oral sex reduce the sensitivity of her clitoris. Pursing my lips and sucking quite hard sent Shara over the top causing her to claw the sides of my face and my ears as she began to squirt my face with female come and pee. Unashamed I licked and drank all I could with Shara shaking in climax heaven on top of my face. I pushed my tongue back into her pussy which she seemed to enjoy because her clitoris was now too sensitive to lick.

Stroking my hair Shara in a soft sexy voice told me to remove my tongue and open my mouth wide. When she felt my lips opening Shara in her sexy voice exclaimed she never lets a mouth that has pleasured her pussy escape without celebrating with a drink of her golden champagne. My nasty wife Judi gave me my first taste of urine during a wild 69 pissing down my throat after an out of control orgasm. This was more of a domination thing for Judi, which she gave me no choice, but to swallow or drown. With Shara on top once again I had no choice. With her experienced PC muscles Shara filled my mouth stopping the flow waiting until I swallowed. When I finished Shara told me to keep drinking or she would piss all over my bed. I continued sucking and swallowing until her bladder was totally empty. But I didn’t even think about the taste but I figured I’d swallowed the equivalent of a several glasses of tangy golden champagne.

Shara told me that she had one more mouthful but I was to save it. Carefully pissing her last drops she climbed off of my face wrapped her lips around mine and started sucking the contents from my mouth. After she swallowed we started passionately French kissing. My cock was rock hard once again. Shara broke the kiss seeing my erection. With a nasty glimmer in her eyes she asked me if I could keep a secret. I told her after everything we shared today I would keep any kind of a secret. Shara told me that she wasn’t always a lesbian and actually trained herself to suck off guys to avoid intercourse. Shara said she will show me a technique she learned as a skilled fellatrix to keep the boys cocks out her pussy. She told me if she could handcuff me to the headboard she would treat me to a technique she learned that would guarantee an orgasm without ever having the taste of come on her lips.

Placing my hands over my head Shara quickly handcuffed me to the headboard. Shara grabbed the head of my cock with her left hand pulling it down over my belly. With her right hand she grabbed my balls stretching them away from my body. Shara looked at me and giggled asking if I ever had my “harmonica” played? Bending down she placed her lips over my shaft slowly moving her mouth from my balls to my cockhead licking with her tongue and sucking with her powerful mouth. Her long silky blond hair was tied in a ponytail so I could watch everything staring at my cockhead which was already throbbing. The pleasure was intensifying as I began struggling instinctively to place my hands on her head quickly realizing I was cuffed which was probably the main reason why she bound my wrists. Shara stopped momentarily and looked up asking me if I was enjoying the licking admitting that this definitely was a rare occasion for her. I told her that her tongue feels like a feather licking up and down. Shara just smiled and continued licking squeezing my balls and pinching the head of my cock with her long fingernails until I started shooting come all over me. Right before I started coming Shara released my cockhead and my balls but kept pressure on my shaft making sure that my cock pointed directly at me. As I began to squirt Shara kept her lips and tongue squeezing my shaft making sure that I excreted every last drop as I excitedly watched myself squirting at my face. Out of breath and completely spent I apologize to Shara about making a mess but she reprimanded me saying I should never be ashamed of my body fluids. Uncuffing me, Shara encouraged me to rub my semen all over my chest because it was good for my skin. Giggling she watched me slowly with embarrassment rub my come all over my chest and belly.

Leaving the room I heard Shara fumbling in the kitchen clanking glasses and opening a bottle of wine. Returning to the room Shara only poured one glass sitting next to me on the bed still glowing. Taking several sips of wine telling me now is the perfect time to have a little chat Shara kissed me fully on the lips passing me a mouthful of wine. As we shared drinking mouth to mouth Shara said I definitely was a unique and exciting person. After taking the whipping she gave me without begging for mercy or complaints told her that I am definitely a hardened submissive. Shara promised she was going to massage some aloe ointment that will help heal my welts before she leaves. Shara said ex-wife Judi certainly trained you well in the art of orally pleasuring a woman smiling saying before she leaves today she is certainly going to take advantage of my tongue again. Shara added that she wanted me to know that she was in a relationship with a woman named Gina who is her submissive lesbian lover but added that she has the advantage of being able to experiment outside the relationship on rare occasions. Shara said she has a handful of women which includes my ex-wife Judi that party and play together. Bringing me into their private circle may add some spice to the party. Shara laughed Same Judi will be totally surprise that her ex-husband just made love to lesbian. Shara said that if she was unattached she would take me home today making me her slave.

Shara told me that they have a girlfriend name Brenda in the group who is bisexual. They want to keep her in the group but she always has her eyes out after the guys. Shara said I think you two may make a good match because Brenda loves to share preferring multiple “Ffm” couplings. My ears perked up when Shara said that Brenda was the strapon queen of the group and expert at fucking pussies and even assholes. Shara said that her main bitch about finding a stud is there unwillingness to bend over for her. With a serious look on her face Shara wondered when the last time I was fucked in the ass with a strapon. I told her I had a massage therapist friend about a month ago fuck me over her massage table. Then you still desire to be penetrated Shara said in a lower dominant voice. I know you still have a harness and dildo in this room somewhere and if you tell me where it is I’ll give you a real treat. Before I left my last boyfriend and turned lesbian I gave him a surprise buttfucking in this same position tied to the bedpost. He didn’t enjoy the experience but I know that you will and I want to make you come like my girlfriend. I told Shara to go in my small dresser drawer and pull out the harness and dildo. I also told her there was some lubrication right next to the bed. Shara cuffed me again to the headboard telling me the pleasure will be hers. I’m going to fuck your ass in honor of your x-wife Judi and make sure I fuck and tell her about it.

Finding the harness Shara quickly strapped it on telling me that she wasn’t going to ask me if she could fuck me because being handcuffed I didn’t have a choice. Shara said I think Brenda will want to know all the details on how well I can take a good buttfucking before I introduce you. Opening the drawer with the dildos Shara picked the largest one a black dildo 9in. long and one 3/4in. wide with a bullet vibe she can place in her pussy. Smiling Shara admired the dildo saying Brenda is going to love me if I can accommodate this. Lubing up the bullet Shara inserted in her pussy and then pushed the dildo in place. Stroking the dildo Shara asked me if I would mind getting fucked from behind because she can do a lot more with my ass and not have to worry about lifting my legs. Shara uncuffed my left hand leaving my right hand connected to the headboard. Innocently I asked her what she was going to do looking up into her face with a nasty grin on it.

Grabbing me by the ponytail saying this I can’t resist rubbing the head of the dildo over my lips pushing it into my mouth. Shara said let’s see how good of a cocksucker you are. Slowly she began guiding my head up and down on the dildo until I was freely sucking her “cock” without any encouragement. Every time my mouth sucked forward Shara pushed more and more dildo down my throat until she finally got it all the way down. Grabbing the back of my head Shara slid all 9in. down my throat pushing her hips and holding the back of my head at the same time cutting off my breath so there was no escape telling me with a throat like mine I’m going to make an exceptional sub for their group.

Pulling back just far enough so I could take several breaths she wiggled the dildo up against my lips reminding me of who she was with the power she had over me pushing the dildo back down my throat and holding it forcibly there for a good 90 seconds slapping my face scolding me saying I bet none of your other bitches did this to you. I know you can eat pussy but now I want you to start sucking my cock and give me a good show sucking me off until your mouth and jaws are sore. Finally she pulled the dildo back far enough so I could breathe allowing me to get my breath. For the next fifteen minutes Shara fucked my mouth moaning loudly, mocking like a stud getting a blowjob telling me all sorts of nasty things to do to her cock slapping my face whenever she wasn’t pleased which was quite often. As promised by the time she finished I had a sore throat, my jaws ached, my cheeks were stinging from getting slapped and my lips were chafed from sliding up and down the shaft. Pulling the dildo out of my mouth with a “POP” Shara slapped my mouth back and forth with the head of the dildo with saliva drooling down the sides of my mouth promising me that I would get a lot more time to practice sucking “her cock”.

Re-cuffing me so that I was butt up over a pile of pillows Shara gave my striped ass several slaps forcing me to open my legs wide. Asking me when the last time was that I had my asshole licked. I told her truthfully I learned how to lick ass from my ex-wife Judi. Slapping my ass again Shara said we have the same teacher but I’m going to treat you to a good buttlicking anyway after taking such a whipping from my belt. Shara said now you’re going to find out why I spent so much time cleaning your crack and asshole. Starting at the top of my crack I could feel her tongue “snailing”, sliming its way down my crack and into my asshole. With the tip of her tongue she began licking around and around awakening all the sensitive nerves on my outer anus. Slowly up I could feel her tongue worming its way inside. She had a tight hold on my balls squeezing so hard it would be impossible to get another erection. I could feel her manipulating the muscles in her tongue changing shapes treating me to all sorts of sensations. Settling on making her tongue round Shara started giving me a tongue fucking just like I treated her to making me wiggle and push back against her tongue causing me to call out her name groaning in pleasure. This woman definitely had to have a lot of practice eating an asshole by the way she was tongue fucking me. She was the second woman I ever met that actually enjoyed “analictus” getting me so worked up I was begging for her to fuck me.

Pouring oil into my asshole she began working me with her fingers until I was relaxed enough for the head of the dildo. I could hear her turning on the magic bullet buzzing inside her pussy placing the large head of the dildo against my back door. Kiddingly Shara said once I get fucked by an expert butch I’ll never want regular intercourse again. Shara said that I bet you didn’t even recognize the pink hanky hanging from her left back pocket. Suddenly I remembered telling here at the beach when I was watching her walk to the car noticing her beautiful body I did see the pink handkerchief hanging from left pocket but I figured it was just something to tie her hair up with. Giving my ass another slap saying I knew you were watching my bottom jiggling but that turns me on. Grabbing the pink bandanna from her left pocket from her discarded shorts on the floor Shara dangled in front of my eyes telling me to never forget that when I see her with a pink hanky hanging from her left pocket I’m going to get my ass fucked. Taking the bandanna she pulled it between my lips tying it behind my head telling me they also make great gags.

I moaned into the gag as Shara pushed the huge bulbous head of the dildo past my sphincter muscle. The dildo that Shara picked was the hardest one to get inside and I was so glad she took her sweet time adding extra lubricant before she started fucking me. She kept telling me I had a tight butthole promising she would take care of that after a few weeks. Finally she got the dildo completely inside pushing her pubic bone tightly against my tail bone slowly rotating her hips getting me “acclimated” as she called it. Shara told me that she was going to fuck me until she comes and that I was to concentrate on having what she called an “anal orgasm”. Shara stressed that getting fucked in the ass is nothing about my cock and balls but it is about being psychologically taken by a woman who wants to give me pleasure. As soon as she felt my asshole relax Shara started slowly fucking me. Telling me not to be ashamed about moaning which actually turns her on because she knows she’s doing a good job which is why she put the gag on to muffled my cries so the neighbors wouldn’t hear. I couldn’t believe I was actually gagged and handcuffed to my own bed getting fucked by a beautiful blonde lesbian who loved strapon play. The lady I had poured my heart out to many times has conquered my fears, has allowed me to pleasure her pussy with my tongue, whipped my body with her own belt, and is now fucking my asshole.

This woman had stamina because I looked at the clock when she started and 40 minutes later both of us were hot and sweaty Shara squealing and enjoying herself having had several orgasms was still pounding my asshole with full powerful strokes that shook my whole body. Shara never said a word but just kept fucking me like a wild woman sometimes crying out with the waves of orgasm and calling out to the goddess of lesbianism, Diana to empower her. I was actually quite turned on when several times she took me over the edge as my limp cock and my receded balls uselessly swung under my crotch but the rest of my body responded with hormones that caused a rush of pleasure. One thing I did learn bending over for dominant women, they disliked a man having erections and coming during anal intercourse preferring the man to put his mind on his asshole instead of his genitals. I did learn the way of the 21st century superior woman was to enjoy a good buttfucking from a skilled dominant. I cried out as Shara continued fucking me for another ten minutes until she pushed the dildo all the way inside my asshole and started shuddering through another explosive climax.

Slowly pulling the dildo out of my ass Shara gave me several sharp butt slaps thanking me for the wonderful fuck, inquiring how I liked her style. Untying her pink handkerchief so I could answer quite shaken and out of breath I told her that I’d never been fucked in the ass so hard yet the fucking took my entire body to another plane. She giggled noticing that my cock was rock hard dripping pre-come with nowhere to go. Shara tied the handkerchief around the base of my cock saying that I won’t have any more eruptions from this today making sure the kerchief was nice and tight. Shara removed the harness and the bullet from her pussy leaving me handcuffed. Finding some paper towels she carefully cleaned my asshole. Both of us were quite sweaty and Shara said let’s take a break and finish off the bottle of wine.

Lying down next to me with a full glass of wine we played “sip and kiss” where she fed me wine in an open kiss. We played twenty questions with Shara inquiring about my past relationships especially with Judi. I confess that if I would have allowed her to fully enslave me instead of bucking her dominant nature our relationship might have worked. I didn’t realize that I believed in female superiority until after she left spending most of my time afterwards searching for the perfect Mistress. I told her I met a dominatrix who instructed me in the art of goddess worship. I also told her all about living with a massage therapist and became her naked house boy. Shara said that with all my experience she wondered why I hadn’t found a fulltime mistress. Reaching into her purse Shara pulled out some aloe Vera of lotion that she usually uses on sunburned flesh but told me it will work perfectly on my stripes. Carefully and she began rubbing the lotion into my back which immediately began to soothe the mark’s she made from the strap. Rubbing my bottom which was covered by several dozen stripes Shara told me she would still like to fill in the stripes with her hairbrush telling me that I have the perfect spankable ass.

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