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After Jessica and her sister Katie’s little masturbation lesson, and threesome with Jessica’s husband Dave, Katie and Jessica didn’t have much contact for a few days. Both women were too busy with work and other things. It wasn’t until the end of the week that Katie called to see how Jessica was doing. Jessica laughed saying,

“I’m doing just fine. No feelings of guilt or anything like that. I’ve been too busy to worry about it. How have you been doing Sis?”

“Great! I went to a sex shop, and purchased a dildo, and some other sex toys. I’m really enjoying myself and getting off as well. I really have to thank you for all your help.”

“Not a problem…I was happy to help.”

“So is Dave still cool with it and all?”

“Ya he loved it, and he’s hinting around that we all get together again.”

“Well to tell you the truth I was wondering if we were going to do it again myself. I mean even if it’s just you and me. You know I love Dave and all, but the more I thought about it I’d really rather be doing it with just you. Until I find someone to have a relationship with on a more permanent basis. Does that make any sense?”

“Of course it does Katie, I totally understand where you’re coming from. By the way, Dave is out of town for at least a week so I’m alone until he gets back. If you feel like it, and would like to spend some time together without Dave around now would be the perfect time.”

“Really Sis? My pussy is tingling just thinking about it. What if I came over now? We can spend the weekend together if you like, unless you have plans or something.”

“Mmmm, that does sound good. Come on over….I’ll be waiting for you.”

Jessica hung up, and jumped in the shower knowing it would take Katie about thirty minutes to get there. Once she was finished with her shower, Jessica put on her sexiest lingerie, and slipped on a silky robe. She went into the kitchen, and got out of bottle of wine, and a couple of glass just as Katie knocked on the door.

Jessica opened the door, and invited Katie inside. Katie stood there for a moment just looked at how beautiful her sister looked in her lingerie, and that sheer, see through silk robe she was wearing. Finally Jessica ask,

“Are you gonna come in Sis or are you just gonna stand there and gawk?”

“Sorry Jess. It’s just that you look so fucking hot. Did you do that for me?”

“Well seeing as Dave isn’t hear, and I’m not expecting anyone else I guess I did.”

Katie stepped inside, and took her sister in her arms kissing her as she closed the door. Jessica kissed Katie back saying,

“Chill out Sis. We’ve got plenty of time. Let’s have a glass of wine and relax.”

When Jessica returned with the wine, and two glasses she stopped dead in her tracks. Sitting on the couch was Katie with her dress off, and clad in a black lace, half cup push up bra, black lace thigh highs, and a matching thong.

Jessica smiled as she set the wine and glasses down, and took off her robe while Katie watched and all while rubbed her pussy. Jessica walked over, and sat down next to her sister on the couch saying,

“You look beautiful Sis, and I see you have no problem making your pussy all nice and wet.”

“Thanks to you Jess.”

Then Katie spread her legs slightly, and slid her fingers between her moist lips running her fingers between her folds. After a couple of minutes she held her wet fingers up to her sister saying,

“See how wet I am. That’s all because of you showing me how to do it the right way.”

Jessica took Katie’s hand, and held her fingers just under her nose so she could take in the aroma of her sister’s sex. Once she had savored her feminine aroma Jessica placed Katie’s fingers in her mouth, and licked her fingers clean.

She heard Katie moan as she moved closer, and placed her hand on Katie’s leg forgetting all about the wine for now. Jessica started slowly moving her hand up her sister’s leg inching ever closer to her thong.

Katie was becoming more and more aroused as Jessica’s finger moved closer and closer to her pussy. She could feel her lips pulsating in anticipation of her sister’s touch when she suddenly gasp as Jessica’s fingers moved over her pussy through the outside of her thong.

Jessica leaned forward, and started kissing her sister lightly at first while she continued moving her fingers over Katie’s thong with a light feathery touch. The feel of Jessica’s finger touching her pussy made Katie start to squirm as Jessica slipped her tongue past Katie’s lips.

Jessica started applying more pressure to her sister’s pussy with her fingers, pushing against her lips, and then squeezing them all while applying more and more pressure as she rubbed Katie’s pussy lips together.

As she pleasured her sister Jessica kissed her way down Katie’s neck to her breasts where she started running her tongue over her aureole’s and nipples as Katie whispered is a raspy voice,

“Oh Fuck Sis…Oh FUCK! “Oh you’re making me so fucking hot I can’t stand it…Oh fuck yes…squeeze my pussy, pinch it…squeeze it….oh FUCK YES!”

Jessica was almost as aroused as her sister as she continued squeezing and tugging at her pussy. She slipped her fingers into Katie’s thong yanking it down, and then pulling it past her knees exposing her wet pussy. Once her panties were off she quickly removed Katie’s bra off giving it a toss.

Jessica started sucking her nipples again while moving her hand down between Katie’s legs where she resumed caressing and squeezing Katie’s bare pussy. With her hand soaked with Katie’s juices, Jessica spread Katie’s juices over her breasts.

Once that was done, Jessica started sucking Katie’s nipples again, while placing her hand back between Katie’s legs. Still sucking Katie’s nipples, Jessica eased her fingers into Katie’s pussy causing her to squeal, and raise her hips off the couch as she took Katie closer and closer to a powerful orgasm.

Jessica began massaging Katie’s clit with her thumb making her even more aroused if that where possible. After several minutes of this Katie started cumming, her body shaking as she gasped and squealed.

Not waiting for Katie to finish her orgasm Jessica moved from the couch, and pushed Katie’s legs apart so she could move between them, and bury her face in her sister’s hot, wet pussy. Jessica grabbed her sister’s hips, and pulled her forward giving her better access to Katie’s pussy.

Jessica’s tongue was soon exploring Katie’s pussy, licking, probing, all while Katie continued squealing and moaning. Jessica lifted her face from between her sister’s legs, and looked at Katie, and smiling as she eased her finger between Katie’s ass cheeks. Then Jessica slowly pushed her middle finger into Katie’s ass, and her thumb into her pussy. Katie gasp even louder saying,


Jessica lowered her head taking her sister’s clit into her mouth, and began sucking her clit while she continued working her asshole and pussy. Jessica started to wonder if the neighbors would hear Katie’s screams of passion, but at this point she didn’t really care.

She loved the taste of her sister’s pussy, and making her cum hard and often was more important. Jessica continued sucking Katie’s clit, and finger fucking her ass when Katie suddenly lost all control yet again, and began began thrusting her hips upward as she screamed out in passion.

Her entire being shook, and shuddered as one powerful orgasm after another coursed through her body until she collapsed onto the couch barely able to speak. Jessica moved up onto the couch, and sat next to her sister, petting her and stroking her breasts as Katie cooed softly. Katie looked up at Jessica saying,

“Oh Sis…that was just fucking awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever come that hard…ever! I need a little more wine.”

Jessica smiled, “Take your time Sis…take you time. We’ve got all weekend you know.”

Jessica poured each of them some more wine when Jessica asked,

“Are you going to show me the dildo you bought Sis?”

“Sure, let me get it.”

Katie got up, and returned with a large dildo about eight inches long and really thick. Katie held it up proudly saying,

“See….isn’t this nice?”

“Wow Katie, that is really big.”

“Ya, and not only is it big, it feels just like the real thing, but that’s not the best part.”

“Well what is it then?” Jessica ask.

Katie got a twinkle in her eyes and said,

“It’s better if I show you. Now lie back, and spread those sexy legs.”

Jessica leaned back, and spread her legs while Katie poured some lubricant onto the head of the dildo, and then laid it on the coffee table as she moved between her sister’s legs. She looked up at Jessica saying,

“First I’ve got to make you all nice and wet.”

Katie lowered her head, and started running her tongue up, and down Jessica’s already wet pussy as Jessica tilted her head back, and moaned as Katie continued licking her pussy, and parting her folds with her tongue.

Katie was soon lost in her sister’s pussy, licking and sucking as Jessica moaned squeezed her breast, and tugged at her nipples. She was already nearing an orgasm when the erotic sensations suddenly stopped. She looked down, and saw Katie had stopped licking her pussy and said,

“Hey…I was just getting ready to cum. Why did you stop?”

“Because now it’s time to show you the best feature of this dildo. Now watch what it does when I turned this switch on.”

Jessica’s eyes grew big as she watched the dildo started making circular motions as Katie held it up.

“Isn’t that cool? And let me tell you Sis…it feels even better than it looks. Let me show you.”

Katie added a little more lubricant to the head of the dildo, and then placed it against Jessica’s pussy. Just the vibrations coming from the thing felt wonderful on her pussy, but as Katie slowly eased the dildo into her pussy all she could do was gasp and moan.

Every inch felt incredible as the dildo worked it’s way deep into her pussy, vibrating, and swirling around inside her. The feeling was absolutely incredible. Once it was in as far as it would go Katie started working it in and out of her sister’s pussy listening to her moan, and gasp as she started fucking her with it.

The harder she fucked Jessica’s pussy with the vibrating, swirling dildo the more aroused Jessica became. If that weren’t enough Katie took a vibrator, and slowly eased it between Jessica’s cheeks, and carefully penetrating her sister’s ass.

Katie was now fucking Jessica’s pussy with the dildo, and her ass with the vibrator. Jessica was beside herself with lust, as Katie fucked her relentlessly. Harder and harder she fucked her sister’s pussy, and ass until she screamed out, her body shaking and shuddering as one orgasm after another enveloped her.

Katie moved up, and started kissing, and sucking Jessica’s nipples as Jessica enjoyed her orgasm. Jessica reached down, and grabbed the dildo, and started fucking herself with it as Katie sat up, and smiled as she watched her sister fucking herself.

She loved watching Jessica working the dildo in and out of her pussy as she stared out into space. She got so aroused that she started fingering herself as she watched. After taking herself to yet another orgasm Jessica removed the dildo form her pussy, and started running her tongue over it as if it were a real cock.

She even started deep throating it as Katie watched. Jessica looked over at Katie, and reached down pulling Katie’s fingers from her pussy, and started running the dildo over her sister’s pussy instead. She worked the dildo inside her, and like Katie had done to her she started fucking her with it.

It didn’t take long for Katie to start moaning as Jessica picked up the pace with the dildo. Soon she was slamming the dildo into Katie’s pussy, working her into a frenzy taking her to the point of no return. Before Katie could start cumming Jessica pulled the dildo from Katie’s pussy, and started licking her juices from it.

Then she grabbed Katie’s hand, and the two of them got down on the living room floor where they entwined their legs, and started rubbing their pussies together, squealing and moaning until they were both cumming one last time. The two of them took a break agreeing that it was going to be one hell of a weekend as they sat on the couch kissing and caressing one another.

Their kisses, and caressing were becoming a little more intense, to the point that neither of them heard the knock at the backdoor. Jessica’s and Dave’s new neighbor had dropped over too see Jessica which wasn’t unusual. Jessica had told Shelia that if she didn’t answer it was probably because she was either on phone or couldn’t get away, and told just come on it.

When there was no answer Shelia decided to go ahead, walk inside. She looked around the kitchen, but didn’t see her, so rather than call out Shelia walked into the living room and froze in her tracks. Sitting there on the couch was Jessica and another woman, naked and making out.

She thought about leaving, but seeing Jessica and her sister kissing and caressing one another was making Shelia wet. At that moment Katie opened her eyes, and saw this strange woman standing there watching them.

“Oh Shit Jessica….there’s someone watching us!”

Jessica turned and looked to see a red faced Shelia standing there trying to think of something to say. Jessica got up, and…

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